Story: 10 Days With Bella

    By Mercyblaze

    Chapter 1

    Day 1 (Arrogant Bastard)
    Bella and sam sat down on the bed, watching their grandmother who lay looking so pale, it broke Bella's heart to know that if she doesn't find money soon her mother will die.
    She had been the only hope she and her younger brother sam had ever since their parents died in a fire, Bella returned home after picking sam up from school only to discover their house was on fire, she had tried to go in but the police had showed the dead bodies of her family to her, Bella wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out, sam was just 7 then and she was 15, their grandmother was their only means of survival, the one who put a roof over their heads , it's been 9 years since that incident happened, and it was just like yesterday.
    Sitting and staring at her grandmother broke her heart to the core, where she was working as a waiter her boss try to hit on her, and she quited the job after kneeling her boss, in where the sun doesn't shine .
    She had been trying to get a job ever since then but the old men whom could be her father wanted sex with her, all the grumpy fools, the idiots .they disgust her .
    After the doctor had demanded a huge sum of money , Bella didn't know what to do or where to start from, she had no where to go, who will borrow her money ? And where will she get the money to pay back.
    "Bella I think it's best I drop out of school " sam said , her 16 year old brother who's in his last year in high school to graduate, even his fees is also an issue, but she couldn't let her brother not complete school just like her, she dropped out of mid high school working to make sure sam complete his school, but there's no way she's letting him drop out.
    "Sam, it will be better you stop saying that, I don't know for how long you will understand that you will never drop out, I won't let you turn out like me forget it" Bella said angrily.
    Sam knew his sister was going through alot, and she was helping him to complete school, and providing for the family necessity since their parents died, but Bella is suffering so much and he wished he could help her, but Bella will never let him and will get mad at him each time he talks about dropping out.
    "Bella" sam called and went closer to his sister.
    "You can't keep all this responsibilities on your head, my school , grandmother's health and our needs , Bella it's best I drop out" sam said .
    "I told you you aint dropping out" she yelled , " I will try to get money okay , grandmother will be treated and you will graduate" Bella said .
    "How will you get such money ? We don't even have a penny Bella , what and where or how will you get the damn money ? Sam yelled.
    "Don't you dare raise your voice at me, I will do my best , but forget about dropping out of school, cause that's not happening" Bella hissed .
    Sam couldn't watch her go through all of this alone
    "Bella" he held her hand " am just concerned about you " sam whispered.
    A tear drop from her eyes as she touched he brothers cheek.
    "I know, am sorry for yelling" she said kissing his forehead.
    Sam was her biggest hope, and she couldn't stand him being out of school , she didn't want him to surfer the way she had, she will do all she can to get a job .

    Bella left to the grocery store to get some food items with the little money she had, she drove her old wagger , infact she will sale the damn Rustin car soon and find money to add to pay her grandmother's treatment, parking it along the other cars she went into the store, and almost 20 minutes later she came out and wanted to enter her car .
    She discovered a blue Mercedes Benz behind her car, blocking her path , she tried to see if she could manage any space to pass through but damn, there was non, she gently walked to the car and try to see if anyone was in it , she knocked at the window glass , she piped in and saw a man and woman making out, it was so gross she hit the glass harder to get their attention, it was pulled down .
    "What the hell do you want? A very deep male voice said , when Bella looked into his eyes her mouth dropped open, she started drooling immediately not caring if his girlfriend or wife was looking at her.
    The guy is beyond handsome, he looked so gorgeous and his blue eyes so appealing, she had never seen such a handsome man in her whole life, but his tone was Rude towards her.
    "Who the hell are you ? He half yelled making Bella come back from her little trans of thought, Bella face flashed with anger as she stared at him.
    "I need you to move your damn car so I can get going" she said not bothering looking at the woman , she was not even beautiful and her breast is times 3 of hers , yuk she wonders why some women pop their breast, cause it's unattractive to her .
    "Am sure my car isn't blocking your path " he said .
    "Are you kidding me mr, you need to move it or I will move it myself" she said angrily, now this arrogant jerk was pissing her off.
    "Let me see you try " he smirked at her .
    It seems this arrogant jerk didn't know who his messing with , after all his car will be damaged, hers already has stretch marks , so hers isn't a problem, she angrily got into her car and started the engine then try to reverse back to the road , it all happened quickly she heard a loud sound and she stopped moving, she sees as the man came out of his car looking so angry and going to check the mess she had done , well maybe not on purpose.
    She came out and went to look it, the ugly lady also came out.
    "What the hell" Knight cursed seeing the scratch Bella had done to his car, it was big,Knight faced her.
    "Why did you do that ? He yelled.
    "I told you I needed to get going and your stupid car was blocking my path but you said I should go ahead " Bella said looking at Angry Knight.
    "Do you have any idea of who your dealing with , I could lock you up for this " knight yelled.
    Bella's eyes widen, could he be serious.
    "You can't be serious Mr, I told you to move your damn stupid car but you didn't, does it make sense to arrest me for this stupid car of yours ? She yelled back .
    "It seems you really don't know me, I could make you pay for this act young lady" Knight looked at her angrily.
    "Okay , sorry, is that okay ? Bella asked.
    "Sorry ? Knight scoffed .
    "What will sorry do you bitch " he yelled .
    Bella didn't know how it happened but her fist landed on his cheek loudly, and Knight was shocked.
    "You arrogant bastard, I should have known I was wasting my time speaking to you " Bella said and turned enter her wagger and drove off .
    Knight was shocked, no woman had dared slap him before, and this lady did?
    But he couldn't stop thinking about her face , she looked so beautiful, beautiful than any woman he had ever set eyes on, something made him want her and he will get her .
    "Baby you've been staring at the dust so long , and you didn't react when she slapped you , why did you let her go? The lady his with asked .
    Knight turned to glare at the artificial lady , her face boobs , bum everything artificial, but that girl was natural even without make up she's drop dead gorgeous.
    "Yes , why do you care ? He asked the whore .
    "Knight you never let a woman talk to you like that " she said .
    "Well, so you want to give it a try ? I asked she smiled .
    "Of course not , why don't we get going? She asked.
    He didn't want her around him so he ducked his hand in his pocket and gave her some money.
    "I will be driving back alone , you should go home " Knight said and went into his car drove off and left the lady there fuming.
    "You bastard" she muttered under her breath .

    Chapter 2

    (You’re so evil )
    Bella sat at the restaurant looking into the arrogant bastards eyes how she wish she could plug out his eyes and feed them to the vultures.
    It's been five days since she crushed his car,and one way or the other she bumped into him in a hotel were her friend work that she needed some money , he had threatened her and told her she will pay for crossing her boundary, Bella was really scared because mere looking at the handsome monster inside of him lay a beast , she didn't know how he got her number and address, he had told her to meet him here as early as possible, when she refused she was forced into the car by one of his guards name Josh.and now here she is looking at him angrily, what does he want from her, she wonders.
    After Knight bumped into her at the hotel he had threatened to deal with her for the damage she cursed his car, after Bella quickly left he met with the lady who's Name is Rosa and asked her why Bella was in the hotel, she had told him Bella needed Money, he asked of her name and Rosa told him Bella Kinston, after that Knight left the hotel pulled out his phone and called max, his private investigator, telling him he needed all information about the name Bella Kinston.
    Max got all the whole information and arrived at his office early the next day .
    "So tell me, what did you find ? Knight asked .
    "Here are the information's, I'd like to read it if permitted" max said and Knight nodded for him to go on.
    "Bella Kinston is a 24 year old girl born October 13, who lives in Boston before relocating to this place a year ago,she has a younger brother whom is 16 born February 12,still in the final year of highschool and they both stay with the grandmother Susan, her mother is sick at the moment,and her brother is having some financial school problem, Bella at the moment needs money for the treatment to save her grandmother's life "max said as Knight sat with his hand pressing his lips.
    "Any history about her parents? He asked .
    "No sir, not really, this is all I found" he said .
    "Any history of boyfriend's and where she goes alot ? He asked.
    "No sir, to what I see about this Bella girl , she's not really a popular freak like the others , she mostly try to find things to do" max replied, Knight nodded .
    "Do you know the address of her house or phone number? He asked .
    "Yes boss, both " max said and hand him the address and number.
    "Thanks so much max, your bank is already credited" Knight said max smiled and left the information document with him .
    Knight smiled as he looked into the information and her name was bodly written at the top, it's time to get what he wants with what he has .
    So now he had succeeded getting her , Bella continued looking at him angrily, the waiter come with their orders but she wasn't Interested in the food, she just wanted to get out of here .
    "Why ain't you eating Bella ? He asked .
    "Because I don't want to be here with you " she replied scornfully.
    Knight watched her closely and smirked.
    "Well you have no choice but to sweetheart" he replied .
    Bella looked at him angrily.
    "What do you want? She asked .
    "You " he replied, Bella gasped.
    "You must be damn crazy to say such a thing" she spat.
    "I mean it, I want you " he said .
    "Am sorry but that's not happening, am leaving" she said got up to go but knight stopped her.
    "I know you have a problem and I will love to help out, how about you seat and we discuss it sweetheart" he said , Bella gently sat down .
    "What are you talking about Mr? She asked.
    "I need you to agree with me with what am about to tell you " he said .
    "Well go on cause I really want to be out of here " she said Knight smirked and brought his hand forward on the table and enter twin his hands.
    "I need you to pleasure me for 10 days " he said .
    Bella didn't understand what the BASTARD was referring to.
    "What do you mean? She asked .
    "Exactly what I mean love , 10 days of pleasure and you will become damn rich " Knight said .
    Bella try to put his words together cause she was lost , what was he ranting about ?
    "Mr Houston or what ever you say your name is , can you just make it clear " she said .
    Knight couldn't believe she wants to hear the dirty word.
    "Alright then , I want to you to have sex with me for 10 days "
    The moment he said it Bella's purse dropped she stared at him with wide eyes .
    "NEVER" she shouted .
    "Stop shouting, am not done , if you agree to do it, I will pay you 3 million dollars at the last day , and remember it could turn you into a rich woman and your grandmother's treatment and Brothers graduation fee wont be a problem" he said staring at her she nearly wanted to cry .
    That big money, she can't sell Herself she won't , no matter how tempting the money was ,what if his tricking her , she can't do it .
    "I won't do such a disgusting thing , I will not I don't need your bloody money you two face bastard" Bella yelled got up to leave but knight grabbed her hand .
    He wonders why a lady could say no to such big amount of money just like that , but no matter what he must have her either by hook or by crook.
    "Remember you cursed my car damage, and I would had put you into a long stay in the prison world, and remember when I say I will do something I will do it, your house will be gone and I will blacklist your name and family all around the countries, you won't be given any job to do,i will make sure your family suffer, your grandmother will die and after that you and your brother will be homeless, then you will beg on the street , my men will be keeping an eye on your whereabout and trust me Bella no single soul will be at your mercy , so you better seat your fuckin ass down and let's talk business" he said everything softly so no one will hear , by now Bella was already in tears.
    His voice is so dangerous, and she knew he will do everything he had said , fear grip her heart thinking of how they will be left with nothing if he does everything he has said , her life will become useless, with shaking legs she gently sat down .
    Knight knew he crossed a line, he really scared her, like hell he was never going to hurt her like that , he just wants her and that's how to get her .
    "Good, so here is the contract" he said pulling a paper for her to look in , with shaking hands she picked it and started reading it .
    "You will have to follow all the rules there and after 10days you will be given the money, so sign it" he said handing her a pen.
    "Why should I live with you , can't I be coming over ? She asked .
    "No love, your going to be living with me for 10 days , so I can have you anytime I want,after that your free, but of course you have to hurry and sign it, the hours you work is the hours your grandmother's life tick , and am sure you wouldn't want to loss her " he said .
    Bella swallowed the lump in her throat and with shaking hands took the pen, she's doing this because of her mother and brother, knight gave her no option but to mend to his terms, she sighed it with shaking hands and cleaned her tears .
    Knight took it and looked at it, finally his gotten her he smirked, Bella gave him a bad look.
    "Your so evil " she whispered.
    "That's my other name " he replied " now take of your pant " he ordered.
    Bella's eyes widen .
    "No way , I can't do that , we are in public" Bella said looking around.
    "Don't try me Bella , you have signed it do what I ask you to do " he said with a killer voice .
    "This is not fair " Bella try to hold her tears as she gently put her hand under her skirt and began pulling her pant, she felt disgusted with herself.
    "It is, it's your job , pace it over to me " he said his eyes on her .
    "That's gross" she remarked.
    "Rule number 6 no complaining, pace it over now " he demanded.
    Bella looked around and no one was looking she placed her pant on the table and gently paced it to him, he took it and smiled.
    "Oh it's black , nice one " he said , Bella felt so embarrassed as she closed her eyes tears about to jump out , she watched as Knight put her pant into his suit pocket.
    "I thought your giving it back " she cried.
    "No darling am not, now I want you to pleasure yourself" he said .
    "What ? She couldn't believe her ear.
    "Do as I say , no complaining" Knight barked and Bella quickly put her finger in her core.
    "Are you doing it? He asked looking at her .
    "Yes" she whispered.
    "I want to hear you moan when you pleasure yourself, do it " he said Bella began pleasuring herself her eyes closed as she used her finger on herself, Knight watched her face., She was moaning and he was getting turned on, how he would love to be inside her that moment pleasuring her himself, but he will do that tomorrow, not here .
    "That's enough" he said and Bella stopped and looked down at the table with embarrassment.
    "You will move to my house tomorrow, your day1 starts tomorrow, let's go " he said getting up, but Bella couldn't move .
    "Why aren't you standing? He asked .
    "I don't feel comfortable when am wearing nothing under " she said Knight smirked.
    "You will have to get used to it love, because you wouldn't be wearing any panties once you move in with me that's rule number 5, so don't forget " he pulled her up and and they left the restaurant, he asked josh to drive her home.
    Bella hand never felt so embarrassed like she had today .
    Her life is messed up.

    Chapter 3

    (You disgust me)
    Arranging her cloths in her tiny bag was really hard for Bella, very soon josh will arrive to pick her, only if she has a way to stop this drama, how can her life just turn around in just days of meeting that beast ? She couldn't come tell her brother the nasty job she was going to do. Of course it was fealty and she can't let her brother know she will be Houston Knights whore for 10 days, so she found a suitable lie and told sam she will see him some time since her job they will pay well, she had refused to tell him who she's working for or where or the kind of job she was going to do.
    Sam knew he wouldn't be able to bring out word from his sister but just nodded and watched as the car came to pick her.
    Bella had never felt this bad in her entire life as she sat at the back of the B.M.W, she looked out the window, still thinking how she will turn out to be a whore in 10 days, her tears flow freely and she wiped it with shaking hands, one thing was for sure, She's doing this because of her grandmother and brother.
    Not realizing when the car came to am halt, josh opened the door for her and with shaking legs came out , and she came face to face with paradise, she couldn't help the *wow* that left her mouth , josh chuckled and helped her with her bag , the out layer of the frontage is indeed beautiful, never had she come across such gorgeous mansion in the whole of her life.
    "I can see you indeed like the house " josh said looking at Bella who looked at him .
    "It's beautiful, but I guess people live here too" she said .
    Josh chuckled.
    " one except boss and the guards including me as the driver" josh said as they went Infront of the house door, he pushed it open and gestured for bella to go in first , she was memorised at what she saw, she thought the outside was more beautiful, but damn the inside is one in a million gorgeous, how can a living room could be so large , josh seeing how she was gawking at the room let out a chuckled.
    "Can you still breath ? Josh asked .
    Bella didn't know what to say but stare at josh quietly , she couldn't believe this house belongs to one person.
    "I will take it that you can't" josh replied to his question,bella chuckled, she kind of found josh funny.
    "I really can't believe knight stays here all alone " she said .
    "Well he does, but of course that includes us, their about 10 body guards at this building, wait till you see his other mansion, you might have to crawl with your tongue" josh said .
    "I find that disgusting" she replied looking over the place, but she wonders why thiers no pictures of him at all.
    "What of his families? She asked.
    "Am not in the right place to tell you ms Kinston, I will just take your bag to the room and of course grace had made a meal before she left " josh said .
    "Who is grace? She asked .
    "The house help, she goes and come , she doesn't live here, at least that's want boss wants, the rest of us are living in the head quarters, the maids just clean and go " josh replied.
    Bella couldn't understand why Knight don't keep anyone with him, why would only him live in such a big house doesn't he get bord or something.
    "I really can't believe your boss will live all by himself in this large building, doesn't he get bord ? Bella asked.
    "He hardly gets bored, because he normally spends his time in his hotel suite, but am just surprised he ask me to drive you here, and he asked me to put your bag in his room which am still surprised" josh answered looking at Bella who didn't know what to say.
    Maybe he doesn't even know why Knight had brought her here to stay , only if he knew why , he will understand, being his boss whore for 10 days he will be disgusted by her.
    "Please ms Kinston just make yourself comfortable, I will go drop this , you can go to the kitchen, you can heat up the meal and eat " he said turning to go Bella quickly stopped him.
    ," What?, I can't go there, he will get mad" Bella said .
    "Ms Kinston, I don't think so, because that was his oder which am still surprised" josh said and left Bella standing their with her mouth wide open, she's seriously confused,why would he let a stranger into his kitchen?
    Some Few minutes later Bella was already eating the sweet homemade when she felt someone behind her, turning she saw josh.
    "Oh my gosh you scared me" she said josh chuckled.
    "Am sorry , I was just checking up on you , I'd like you to relax boss will soon be back " he said .
    "Where has he been since I came ? Bella asked .
    "Business meeting at his company, but he will be back soon, so enjoy while it last " he said Bella didn't understand why he said that her heart beat increased does that mean josh knows everything and her main reason for staying here , she wanted to ask but he already left .
    Josh took her round the building later telling her it was his boss instructions, she got to see how beautiful the building was from the inside to the outside, she even got to see the pool, which she already want to jump inside , but she didn't bring her bathing suit .
    Later she sat down in the living, she wonders why Knight hasn't returned, but her thought got Indy when the door opened and he walked in , she looked up at him and quickly got up, damn she couldn't stop staring at his perfectly male body , and she knew inside that shirt of his is a man with great abs and six pack.
    Knight couldn't help but stare at her as she stood looking so beautiful in his eyes, he took gently steps towards her, he would had been back since but his business was indeed important so he had to finish up .
    Bella's heart was Beating so fast as Knight drew closer to her, once he was in her front , he leaned over to her ear and whispered.
    "Why aint you naked ?
    Bella felt disgusted, she gasped and pushed him from her as her eyes blaze at him with fury.
    "You disgust me" she said .
    Knight smirked and sat on the couch watching Bella giving him that death look , their was something different about her he just couldn't place his fingers on, but he knew Bella belongs to him for 10days so let it begin.
    "Take of your pant " he ordered.
    Bella couldn't believe he would ask her to do it again.
    "Why are you so evil ? She asked , Knight raised an eyebrow at her .
    "Do what I asked you to do , take it off" he ordered with a hard voce , with shaking hands and disgrace mode she slipped her pant down , looking at him all through as his eyes followed her every move.
    "Hand it over" he said , Bella knew it was stupid mending words with him so she threw it at him, not wanting to go close to him , Knight caught it in his hand and smirked.
    "Pink , I love it" he said , he smelled it, and Bella's cheek became so red.
    "Now strip " he said .
    Bella was taking aback , did he just tell her to strip ?.
    "What ? She asked .
    " Rule number 6 , no complaining, strip now" be ordered.
    Bella's eyes was wide open as she and Knight stare at each other

    Chapter 4

    (I hate you)
    "NOO" she shouted.
    Knights eyes turned red as he stare at her .
    " I don't want to do this anymore, your Making me feel like a whore I quit " she yelled .
    Knight smirked.
    " Then go, and face your miserable life by the time I blacklist your name, let's see who will help you, or by the time I make you homeless, and not only that , I will make sure your brother is kicked out of school, your grandmother's treatment non available, then I will lock you up In Jail for ruining my car and slapping me, so go ahead that's the door" he said with an evil glint .
    Bella knew he could do it, and once again she felt helpless,shes only doing this for her brother and grandmother, that's why she's doing this .
    " I hate you " she whispered in tears .
    " Good to know,now strip " he commanded.
    Bella knew it was stupid to not do what he wanted ,so with shaking hands and trembling lips she began to take off her shirt slowly while Knight watched her, she pulled it over her head and stood in only her skirt with bra, she was praying in her mind that Knight Should tell her to stop, but who was she kidding? He gave her a lustful look and licked his bottom lip, Bella felt like slaping him so hard on the cheek .
    She reluctantly began to pull her skirt down , damn if this skirt goes off, she will be naked, she tightly closed her eyes, and pulled it away , when Knight saw this he took In a deep breath as he felt himself becoming hard,his eyes on her every move till Bella reached for her bra and unhooked it letting it fall., Okay now she's completely naked and Knight stare at her glorious body .
    Bella is the most beautiful woman he had ever seen or look at the way he was now,h er curves were so Beautiful and shaped beautifully, Knight couldn't get enough of just mere looking at her and his shaft was already hard as a rock, his body got turned on just staring at her, she had some power over him he couldn't explain and since his never been this Edgar to have a woman as much as he wanted Bella this moment. he stare from her head to toe and saw how her chest was beating rapidly, he knew he shouldn't do this, but he needed her and he can't stop his sexual desires.
    "Go down on your knees " he ordered, Bella didn't say anything but did as he instructed, of course she's his sex slave so she will abide by the rule she had signed.
    "Crawl to me" he ordered, Bella let the tears flow down her eyes as she slowly began crawling to him, she felt like she was going to faint, as she was crawling to him, knight pulled his jacket and losses his tie unbuttoning his shirt but didn't take it off, once Bella reached him, he pulled her up to seat on his lab and his hand went to her breast giving it a light squeeze, Bella arched her back, as Knight played with her breast , he pulled her face down and kissed her lips , Making sure to taste every Conner of her juicy lips, Bella began Moaning, this was a new feeling for her.
    Never had a man touched her this way, she had always wanted the man she loves to do this to her, but here she is in a strangers lab and doing this wild things with him, after kissing her for so long, he got up with her in his arms and took her to his bedroom where he lay her gently on the bed, pulling all his clothes, Bella just lay there crying silently, just over night and she has turned into a whore .
    Once he was naked , Bella's eyes popped open at his size, he was so huge and she got scared, how will he fit into her she wonders, Knight saw her expression.
    "Are you scared? He asked .
    "Very scared" she whispered.
    Knight pulled her up and gave her a long kiss.
    "You don't need to be scared, cause I won't hurt you,i promise " he said laying her back down.
    He started kissing every inch of her body and Bella started Moaning, her body was so responsive and Knight liked it he took her pinky sexy nipple to his mouth and suck on it while squeezing the other , she moaned and bit her lower lip , Knight was pleasuring her and she liked it, he started sucking on the other and went to her lips kissing her again, thrusting his tongue inside her mouth so he could taste her ,he went to her ear and licked Bella moaned, this feeling was so good, but thinking it's a harlot job made her felt disgusted, he kissed down to her belly and in between her legs, bella didn't know what happened next but she screamed when she felt him licking her core, The feeling was so new ,she liked how he was touching her,and she couldn't want nothing else but more,she found herself giving him access to do want he wanted, she wasn't supposed to love this, she was supposed to hate him for this, but somewhere in her heart she couldn't help the feeling building up in her chest about Knight, and she started squiring under him, Knight held her in place and licked her his tongue going in and out , Bella looked like a wild cat under him as so many moans left her mouth, Knight put his finger into her and went to kiss her deep on the lips , she responded immediately kissing him back , and he smiled at least she was making it easy for him.
    He pulled his finger from her .
    "Are you on pills" he asked , she couldn't talk but nod.
    "Good, because I hate using condom " he said it and spread her legs apart being in the middle bella wanted to tell him she was so scared since it's her first time , but she couldn't say it anymore as she felt Knight surge into her at once, her head rode back and forth as she screamed in pain, knight knew what had happened but he couldn't believe she was a virgin, he stopped looking down at her,damn, what the hell,he doesn't do Virgins, she would had told him , seeing the pain that crossed her eyes and his own hard throbbing shaft he couldn't stop himself, he will take her slow first to let her ease of the pain , he was a man with wild sex, but since it's her first why not try to be little less gentle, he thought, when she calmed down he saw the tears in her eyes, but damn even if he didn't take it, one day her lover will and after all he was paying her a huge money for this, he started moving in and out.
    There was nothing he could do, he already got hard and he couldn't stop how badly he wanted her, he wanted to stop but he couldn't so instead he continued, Bella's moans fill the room as Knight kept moving in and out of her , she felt tears in her eyes rolled to the Conner of her ear, her eyes closed not wanting to look at his eyes as he kept thrusting inside her .
    When he began pounding harder than before bella grabbed the shits in her hand , the pleasure was too much and it was really over whelming, she wouldn't lie to herself but she enjoyed it , when Knight thrust became intensive, Bella screamed, she came but knight hasn't so he kept going untill he as well came and he stopped, their breathing so loud.
    He gave her a deep kiss and rolled on his back,. Still trying to hold their breathing, Bella lay quietly, her innocence is finally gone, she was no more a virgin, Knight stood up and left her there went to the bathroom.
    Bella cried silently, of course what was she expecting after the sex he wasn't going to hug her was he? She pulled the blanket on her self and lay there till she fell asleep.
    Knight went into the bathroom and washed his face looking at himself in the mirror, he never knew she was a virgin, but what would he had done, he wanted her badly and couldn't control his desires, he had never wanted a woman as much as he wanted Bella, just 9days and she will be gone, after showering he went back into the bedroom and found her asleep.
    He moved closer to see her beautiful face ,she was so pure and innocent, and he had taking it, he touched her long black hair that fell to her face leaned forward and kissed her lips then stood up got dress and left the room.

    Chapter 5

    Day 2 (Rule Number 7)
    The sunlight spread into the room and against Bella's face as she slowly opened her eyes but to be blinded by the sun again ,she closed her eyes and readjusted to the light pairing into the room, she discovered she was in a black room , ok now the walls is black but a little touch of white , you hardly could notice, she sat up on the bed and try to remember last-night, then it all dawned on her, she's in Houston's house and this is the bed she lost her virginity, tears refused to pull out, but her eyes were already getting red and painful, she slowly placed her feet onto the floor, she glanced at the room , how can someone paint his room this colour, is he a devils son? Bella questioned herself.
    Since she was still naked she wrapped the shits around her body and stood up, their she saw her blood,she couldn't help the tears that came jumping out, she thought the man she would love and marry will take it, but then a stranger from no where just took it, how can he be so crawl, blackmailing her for just a mistake, okey maybe it wasn't a mistake, if she had known this was her faith she wouldn't had done it she would had pleaded for him to move the car , but the bloody bastard wouldn't.
    She turned and went into the bathroom, she gasped , ok now now Bella this doesn't look like a bathroom at all, she thought, what the hell , it was glass make and when stepping in once you look to the floor it's a water leak, hr Cant's possibly pour water on the floor as big as this , and it seems like it's moving, fear grip, Knight want to kill her so she can fall into the water , she didn't know when she screamed.
    Knight and josh were talking beside his home office when they heard Bella's scream .
    "I will check on that , you carry on" knight told josh who nodded and left knight hurried up the stairs taking two at a time, why was she screaming once he reached the bedroom and heard another scream from the bathroom he burst it open but heard a loud cry as he saw Bella on the floor on her stomach, he was shocked.
    "Bella was right at the door when Knight burst it open and she fell due to the force he pushed it with, that was when she realized there was no water on the floor but how come , she let out a cry .
    "You son of a bitch, how dare you push me ? She yelled.
    "Oh my God! Ella am sorry "
    Knight rushed to her and bend to help her up.
    "You try to kill me,how can you make a River in your bathroom, you wanted me to die isn't it ?, She yelled Knight didn't know what to do or say cause he was confused to why she will say such a thing.
    "Ella common let me help you to the tub" he said pulling her over there.
    "How can you make river in your bathroom, what a man would do that ? She cried , Knight couldn't help but laugh that was when it dawned on him she thought it was a water not knowing it's a water floor , he laughed harder , Bella wondered why he was laughing.
    "What's funny? She eyed him , this time around she was in the tub already and Knight on the water pip,he bend to remove the bed shit from her body but she stopped him.
    "What are you planning on doing?she questioned.
    ",Am helping you get this off" he replied.
    "Am sure you know I can do that myself" she hissed at him.
    Knight got up, the smile still on his face , she looks so cute, and his already feeling hard down there, damn he hardly gets hard, but since he saw Bella his body had been having some weird things.
    "Well get out " Bella yelled and Knight left before he takes her in the tub again, she's angry so he will give her space but not long he has to satisfy his sexual desire, and that's why his paying her to stay here with him .
    Bella closed her eyes and relax in the tub, it's feels so good, Knight had bought women toiletries in the bathroom

    After dressing up wearing a light black gown there was a knock on the door and Bella said come in when a lady walked in.
    " Mr Knight asked you come down " she said to Bella who nodded and the lady left .
    She got dress and went down stairs seeing so many food on the dinning table , she wonders if there was a fest.
    Sitting across from him she tried her possible best to avoid his eyes just as it penetrates hers .
    " Well let's eat" Knight said as Bella completely ignored him and took her cutleries and started digging into her meal, oh it taste so nice, it's been long since she ever taste such delicious meal , Knight watched her with amazement forgetting he has to eat his meal too, her beauty was intoxicating him, never had he really admire a woman such as Bella .
    Bella felt his gaze on her and shift uncomfortable on her chair raising her sparkle eyes looked up at Knight who's eyes were digging hole into her chest .
    " Eyes up here Mr, don't you think your over staring? Bella asked feeling disgusted by the look of lust in his eyes it was clear that he was licking his lower lips looking at her breast , beast .
    " Why, you don't feel comfortable or no man has looked at you like that before? He questioned Making his voice like an object of insult Bella looked at him .
    " No,men do look infact they drool alot Mr Houston, but don't you think yours is a little disgusting? Bella remarked and Knight eyebrow raised in an amusing one he smirked.
    " I like it that your feisty, but then last-night i discovered you've never been touched, how about you share a little story with me ? He smirked.
    Bella knew he was trying to get into her private life, and that she doesn't want .
    " If you don't mind Mr Houston, I'd like it if you don't poke your nose in business" she said .
    Knight was getting irritated by her way of talking.
    " Rule number 7, stop being rude " he reminded her and Bella kept quiet wishing she could rip his neck off .
    " How come you never had a man in your life Ms kinston ? Knight asked and Bella couldn't help but loss her appetite since he was trying to get into her private life .
    " You don't expect me to discuss my private life with you Mr Houston, I suggest you drop it " she said angrily.
    Knight studied her for a while his hand on his jaw as he stare at her , but he wasn't going to drop it .
    " How can a 24 year old beautiful lady like you still be a virgin?sorry but am kinda of scared, is it that you chased men away or you have some personal problems that chased them away from coming unto you ? He asked .
    Bella was already pissed of she got up from the chair and shouted at him.
    "How the hell do you know my age, cause I remember I didn't tell you ?she yelled surprised.
    " Don't you think I have my way ? He asked
    She was very angry now.
    " You keep your self out of my business Mr Houston, and if your trying to say I have a problem then your wrong cause your the one who has the problem paying a woman to have sex with you for 10 days is disgusting, what selfish Bastard are you that you don't even feel for someone , or care about their own feelings,all you think about is your money and your stupid fame , your so rude and disgusting and I wished I never came across you In the first place, you self centered beast" Bella yelled and try to walk away but not so fast Knight grabbed her .
    And it all happened at once he send all the food on the dinning table crashing and breaking to the floor and placed her on it ,stood between her legs and tore her cloth Bella gasped , Knight was so angry for the way she spoke to him.
    " This is your punishment for having a sharp tongue" he whispered huskily in her ear making her shive, his hand went under her gown and tore her pant he grabbed her face and crushed his lips with hers all Bella's plea went to deaf ear as Knight was consumed with what he wanted.
    He unbuckled his trouser and at once entered her Bella gasped as he began moving in and out of her, his lips kissing her neck biting it lightly Making her moan , the feeling was good and she doesn't know why she liked it .
    Knight began to thrust harder, deeper harder and faster than before, Bella grip the table tightly as Knights thrust became so much faster the whole table was shaking and their moans was so loud that she's sure the house girl must I've Heard it or people from outside.
    When Knight finally stopped he kissed her long and hard on the lips before pulling his shaft from inside her , he started putting back his trouser as sweat covered all his body Bella felt disgusted with her self as she tries to get down from the table but her legs grew weak.
    " That was really amazing" Knight said pulling her to kiss her again but Bella pushed him and ran up the stairs to the room, Knight suddenly felt like he might have hurt her .
    He went to the wine bar and took a bottle of whiskey he needs to cool down his brain , she's only doing her job his going to pay her, no need to feel bad .

    Chapter 6

    (Cold hearted)
    Bella didn't come down after she went to the room that morning after what happened, she stayed inside knights bedroom and cried all day , when she realized Knight wasn't home she decided to go take a quick bath and maybe watch some T.V , after freshing up she wore another dress because Knight already tore the first one, she left her long Weaver hair down reaching her waist , once she opened the door grace the house help was about to knock she smiled at Bella who returned it.
    " Am sorry ms for disturbing, but sir asked me to give you this " grace said handing Bella a nylon she looked into it and it was a dress.
    " What is it for? She asked .
    " I don't know ms but I was asked to give it to you " she said and Bella nodded .
    " Also ms, you should get down for lunch , sir won't be at home early so he asked you eat your lunch " grace said.
    " Okay , please just call me Isabella or Bella okay " she told grace .
    " Am sorry but I can't , Mr Houston gave us strict orders to call you by ur surname or ma'am or ms , if am caught Calling you your name I will loss my job " grace said and Bella frowned.
    " I will go now ms, you should come down " she said and Bella nodded, grace turned and left .
    Bella went back inside and dropped the nylon on the bed, but why is Knight acting strange, something doesn't seem okay about him, his very handsome and looks good at the outside but inside lay a cold hearted man , and why would he instruct his workers to respect her as well and call her ma'am or ms Kinston? Bella couldn't help but wonder .
    Bella later went down to eat as she was served a fried chicken lasagna, and homemade tomato sauce, the food is so delicious and she couldn't help but moan , grace brought her juice and poured it in the glass for her, Bella wasn't used to people serving her.
    " Umm grace ... please, could you leave it I'd do it myself" Bella said grace smiled .
    ", You don't need to worry ms, am only doing my job " she said and Bella nodded .
    But yet her mind wasn't at rest , why would Knight tell his workers to treat her with respect?
    " Umm, ain't you hungry you should seat and eat with me " Bella said grace smiled again.
    " As much as I would love to ma'am I can't , Mr Houston will get mad at me ", she said, Bella couldn't help but feel so angry at Knight, why is the man so annoying? And heartless treating people like slaves , Bella didn't like it and once his back she will confront him.
    " Ms, Mr Houston had asked me to show you to the library if you want to have a private time " grace said to Bella who smiled .
    " That will be very nice , I love reading" Bella said got up to pick the plates but grace hurried to do it , Bella felt bad .
    " I wanted to do it" Bella said .
    "Please ms if you really care and pity me, just let me do this myself", grace said and Bella nodded, she watched as grace left to the kitchen and later return.
    " Please ms this way" she said and Bella followed her, they reached a door and grace opened it , they both walked in.
    " Wow!! This library is so beautiful" she said going to touch the books .
    Grace smiled .
    " Anyone you love you could pick , Mr Houston won't mind , but am really surprised he asked us to bring you here to have privacy, he doesn't let anyone in here " grace said and Bella frowned going back to her .
    ", But why, don't you love to read ? Bella asked.
    " I do, but we know our limits" grace said .
    " Umm, when we were coming here there was a door locked at the side can I take a look ? Bella asked and grace eyes widen.
    ", No, no, no, no ms, Mr Houston doesn't let any single soul in that room ,infact he didn't ask me to take you there , and besides it's locked ", grace said making Bella scared, what could Knight be hiding from the world , does the room got Anything to do with his cold heart ? She thought.
    ", Can I ask a question? Bella asked.
    ," Yes ms" grace replied.
    " Does Knight has family? She asked and grace grew quite.
    " Grace please tell me " Bella begged.
    " Am sorry ms, but you shouldn't ask me that , Mr Houston is In the best position to answer that " grace said .
    " But .....okay, never mind am sorry for asking", Bella apologize.
    Grace didn't say anything.
    Bella read for so many hours and night was already drawing nearer and nearer, Knight hasn't returned yet, so she went to the bedroom got into her teddy bear night gown and lay on the bed.
    Not quite long Knight returned and opened the bedroom door as he saw Bella sleeping on the bed, he losses his tie and took off his suit jacket , pulled his shoe and went into the bathroom after showering, he came back to the bedroom wearing short but shirtless, he stare at Bella who was sleeping soundly on the bed , he went closer to her and touched her gently on her hair .
    Bella felt someone touching her, so she gently opened her eyes and she came face to face looking at knights eyes , she quickly sprang up and moved far away from him.
    Knight didn't understand why she did that , but he saw the fear in her eyes .
    " Ella what's wrong, why did you move away like that ? He asked trying not to be upset , Bella took in a deep breath.
    " Am sorry , I didn't know it was you " she lied Knight raised an eyebrow, he knew she was lying.
    " Get back to bed ", he said and got up to go out but Bella stopped him.
    " Knight what happened to you ?, Why do you get angry easily? Bella asked before she could stop herself, Knight turned to look at her .
    " What do you mean by that ? He asked.
    " Am not blind, I see how you behave and it's not normal, today I asked grace if I could check the green door room , but ....
    " You did what ?? Knight yelled his eyes turned red, Bella got scared and moved back .
    " I didn't she explained" Bella quickly said as Knights eyes became so red , she knew he was trying his best to hold his anger .
    But why was he so angry .
    " You can go to any other place In this mansion, but don't you ever go close to that room do you get it ? He yelled, and she quickly nodded out of fear .
    Knights eyes soften, he didn't mean to scare her .
    " Am sorry , I didn't mean to scare you is just that I don't like anyone around there " he said .
    For the first time since Bella had set her eyes on knight, she saw sadness in his eyes , right this moment she couldn't hate him anymore, it seems something is wrong somewhere, all she felt for him now is trying to know why his so cold hearted.
    Knight moved ontop of the bed , Bella didn't move back , he pulled her to him and her heart beat widely against her chest , Knight only kissed her and pulled her on the bed and got onto of her .
    But this time around she wasn't angry at him that he wants sex , all that was in her mind was ,.
    Who made Knight this cold hearted?

    How do you see this chapter?
    Now you can reason with Bella, what do you think Knight might be hiding that made him so cold and heartless?
    We shall find out soon.

    Chapter 7

     Day3 (Ella Come Here)
    When Bella woke up the next morning she couldn't find Knight in bed, she gently got up and went to freshing up in the bathroom, later she put on a light pink skirt and a floral top, back long front a bit short, she tied her hair up in a ponytail and wore a normal pear of slippers, then went down stairs, she met grace about climbing the stairs.
    "Morning ms , I was about to come get you sir wants you at the Dinning" she said and Bella nodded.
    She walked to the dinning gently and once knight saw her he couldn't help but admire her beautiful figure, the woman is so beautiful and she's taking his breath away .
    Bella couldn't help but stare at Knight as she goes to seat, he was looking extremely handsome this morning and she couldn't help but admire him .
    "Um..good morning" she told him.
    "Morinng" he answered.
    Grace dished knights meal for him but Bella was already dishing hers Knight frowned.
    " Ella let grace do it" Knight said and gestured grace to put her meal for her which she did,bella didn't like it and she will have a talk with him about this .
    After grace poured drink in their glasses she left and it's left only them now , they started eating quietly, bella remembered what happened last-night and couldn't just forget it,knight is sure hiding something.
    " Umm, can I say something? She finally broke the silent .
    Knight looked up at her beautiful gorgeous eyes , picked his drink and took a sip then placed it back.
    " Yeah " he replied, he wants to be gentle with her and realizing he was treating her like a whore pained him so his doing all he can to make sure she's comfortable around him.
    " Why did you tell all your workers to respect me ? She aksed .
    Knight was quite for a while.
    " Because your not my worker " he replied.
    Bella was confused as she stare at him, how couldn't she be his worker ? Or doesn't he know her job means she's working too.
    "Are you sure am not your worker? She asked and Knight knew where she was pointing at , too him she's not maybe she felt so because of how he had treated, damn this wasn't how he was .
    " Am sure " he replied.
    "But isn't what I do a work ...I mean I render service to you being paid to have sex with you isn't it ? She asked her voice bitter thinking about the filthy job she's doing, with her body .
    Knight sniffed as he thought about her pain maybe he has taking it to far, but God help him, he just want Bella that's the whole truth.
    " Well, yeah it's really not kind of a job, but it's different because we both share the same room, workers don't share room with bosses" he replied
    Oh now she got it .
    "But please, do you mind I make some friends here like grace and your bodyguards I really feel boring having no one to talk too" she said .
    Knight didn't like it the moment she said she wants to be friends with his bodyguard's, something in him stir up, her laughing and playing with another man what he couldn't do no he won't let her .
    "Ella you could make friends with grace but not the bodyguard's" he replied.
    Bella didn't understand why he doesn't want her close to his bodyguard's, why is he acting Different?
    "Can grace call me my name, I really don't like it when am been called ms or ma'am" she said Hoping Knight will grant her .
    He was quite for a while before nodding, Bella smiled .
    At least Knight is being nice to her since last-night, maybe there's a possibility that if she becomes close to him he will open up to her and tell her why he is the person he is today , what made him so dangerous, she needed to know, and if it's to give him sex then why stopping after all shes no longer a virgin , she thought, she will only do this to get into his heart.
    But why is she even bothered about him, why would she want to act like a prostitute just to know his secrets wonds , yes everyone has secrets, so he must definitely has thats why his so cold hearted and she will try to get in and find out the truth.
    " Ella I want to let you know there would be a function tomorrow I need you to act as my fiance" he said and Bella was shocked.
    " Fiance not even girlfriend?she asked.
    "It's for my business allies, I want to win a prize and either I have a wife or fiance , they don't need girlfriend"he said and Bella became quite.
    Will it hurt to act along with him? Well she doesn't think so .
    " Umm, .... everyone will know about it you ...umm...
    " You don't need to worry about that , I will make sure nothing is published about us " he said and Bella nodded .
    " So it's a yes?he asked .
    " Umm...sure why not " she said and for the very first time knight smiled at her,like a very deep one a genuinely one.
    " I will introduce you to my brothers , actually their my friends but like brothers to me " he said and Bella smiled .
    Knight couldn't help but stare at the angel Infront of him , her smile is as sexy as fuck damn his suddenly getting hard .
    "Okay " Bella replied.
    " The dress grace gave you yesterday, wear it for tomorrow" he said and she nodded .
    Gosh Knight was getting hard damn, how can her smile alone make him hard, damn he wants her .
    Bella didn't understand why Knights eyes was turning darker as he stare at her, she felt maybe she did something wrong,but then fear grip her, did she do something wrong?
    " Ella come here " Knight said in a low tone, Bella reluctantly got up and walked closer to him , Knight gently pulled her closer in between his legs and use his hand to run down her body up and down , Bella try not to moan he pulled her on his lab and looked deep into her eyes , Bella knew he wanted sex, he pulled her head down and captured her lips with his kissing her deeply as his hand moved under her skirt , she moaned and wrapped her hand around his neck kissing him back.
    Knight was torn between his feelings, he just got up with her in his arms still kissing her , took gentle steps on the Stairs till he reached his bedroom, Bella helped open the door since he was carrying her , once they got in he closed the door with his foot and placed Bella on the bed gently, she lay looking at him as he started taking off his clothes.
    Bella began to wonder if Knight is having sex with another woman despite his having sex with her at home, the fact that he would be sexing another woman also got her mad and when Knight started kissing her neck she sniffed and that moment he knew she was thinking about something, so he looked at her .
    " What's wrong Ella ? He asked .
    Bella looked at him for a while contemplating if or not she should tell him .
    ", Umm...I ..well...I just wanted to know if....for this 10 days you will sex another woman too? She asked .
    Knight stare at her quietly, The truth is,he tried sleeping with one of his sluts at the hotel yesterday, but then he couldn't , suddenly he only wanted Bella and no one eals, damn how can she get a strong hold on him with the 3 days she has spent ? He wasn't like that before but now, his thinking of Bella even at the point of having sex with another woman.
    Bella decided to take it as a yes since he didn't answer and she felt bad that his sexing another woman, infact does it matter , she shouldn't care , after all shes being paid 7 more days and she get away .
    " During this 10 days it's going to be only you , after your gone , then I can " he replied and Bella felt bad all of a sudden, after she's gone Knight will be sleeping with another woman.
    He started kissing her again, and she moaned, knight pulled off her clothes, after pleasuring her he position himself between her legs and thrusted in making Bella gasped a bit , then he started moving in and out of her , as he does this he kissed her lips and Bella responded immediately, Knights thrust began intense and Bella's moans became so loud, finally they both came, after what seems like hours but frankly just some minutes, Knight kissed her Long and hard on the lips , which she responded, he got off her and lay on his back trying to hold his breath, then he got up .
    Bella wondered where he was going, he went into the bathroom and came back getting dressed.
    " I have to go to work , I need to run a meeting with board members at the company" he said and Bella Nodded.
    After getting dress he went towards her and kissed her lips which she responded quickly too, he pulled back smirking, Knight kind of looked at Bella suspiciously, she wasn't complaining about the sex anymore, and with the way she easily respond to his kisses, was confusing him, he knew she was up to something, and he wasn't a fool , he left the room with the thought of , Bella was UpTo something, and right that moment his conscience told him she's finding a way to get into his DARK HEART.
    Bella smiled got up and went into the bathroom to freshing up.
    She will do all she can to make Knight open up to her, that's her promise, before this 10 days is over, she must do all she can to make up open up. But she frowned, just 7 days left , she hope she could before it's over .

    Hmm, is there a chance Knight and Bella are becoming attached to each other ?
    Well we shall see .

    Chapter 8

    Day 4 (Who's Welter?)
    Bella wore the green lace,body hug gown Knight got for her , she curled her hair down and put on a light make up , with a green shoe Knight brought back last-night when he was coming back from work.
    She has to look her best today , she wonders if she looks beautiful enough, but why does she suddenly wants to look beautiful for Knight, now she's going crazy she chuckled at her self in the mirror now she's set to go, she picked up her green purse and head out of the room.
    Knight was already there waiting for her he was busy talking on the phone when he turned and saw the most beautiful woman in the whole universe walking gently down the stairs , he couldn't help but smile, she was looking so beautiful and Bella smiled back at him .
    Once she reached Knight, she blushed because of the way he was looking at her, right there she knew he liked the dress so he took her hand and kissed the back.
    " Your looking so gorgeous", he said and she whispered thank you , he leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips , then he pulled back and wrapped his hand around her waist .
    Once they got out , he threw his car keys to josh who opened the back limo for them , him too got in and started driving, all through out the ride he was kissing Bella .
    At a point she told him josh would hear but knight wasn't listening as he kept making her moan , among all his guards josh is the one he trusted more, josh exactly know a little of him but not all Because he isn't a man to discuss all his personal issues with people right from when he was a kid , expect his parents Mr and Mrs Houston.
    They finally arrived and they both got out of the limo, he wrapped his hand around her waist as they head into the function, slow music is playing once they entered Knight noticed all men's eyes on Bella and that got him pissed off, now the thing is if anyone try to mess around with him Tonight then they should get prepared to die .
    " Hay , you finally came"
    Knight turned to see his three friends who are like brothers to him, well they are actually,he smiled and they hugged each other after shaking hands.
    Bella couldn't help but feel happy that Knight was being so cool towards this guy's.
    " So Knight who is this pretty lady beside you ?, one asked.
    Knight wrapped his hand around Bella .
    " Bella I want you to meet my childhood friends and Brothers, Dustin, Luke, and Aaron, guys she's Bella " he introduced.
    Bella wondered why he didn't add fiance.
    " Oh she's the fiance right ? Dustin asked smirking while Aaron and Luke chuckled, Bella wondered how they knew .
    " Umm, it's nice meeting you guys " she said with a smile and looked at Knight who gave her the look that they knew .
    " Sorry Bella but knight here is our brother, his told us about you alot " Luke said and Bella nodded.
    " And to be sincere, you look more beautiful than he described" Aaron said and she blushed.
    " Thanks so much " she said with a smile .
    " Drink please" Dustin called on the waiter and they all picked a drink .
    " Knight do you know the welter is here ? Luke said and that Moment Knight eyes turned red as his jaw was clenched, Bella seeing his sudden change of face wonder who welter was .
    " Who's Welter ? She asked they all looked at her but said nothing.
    " Is it only him? Knight asked .
    " Probably came with his mistress " Dustin said with a smirk .
    " Bella stay right here I will be right back " Knight said and gestured for his brothers to follow him, Bella watched as they went away and she signed, well she can't be standing all alone so she found a place to seat.
    Soon, she saw a lady coming towards her and sat at the empty seat Infront of her , Bella was confused why the blonde was smiling at her , she was holding a drink too.
    " Having fun with Knight Houston? She asked and Bella got more confused, who was this lady and how does she know she's with Knight?
    " Who are you ? Bella asked the lady smirked.
    "Well, am Rose, Knights ex " she said with a smirk and Bella knew then that this Rose girl is knights ex girlfriend.
    " Oh,! That was all she said .
    " I can see he found another whore " Rose said and Bella felt like crying.
    " So tell me, how much is he paying you ? Rose asked .
    Bella wanted to answer her and tell her to get lost when she saw Knight behind Rose with a red face , his brothers too where looking the same , she got up and Rose try to stop her .
    ", You bitch answer me, oh can't you talk anymore? Rose asked , and Bella looked at Knight who still stood watching them but Rose didn't notice.
    " Um... please excuse me" Bella try to by pass her but Rose grabbed her hand .
    " When I ask a question I need you to answer me" Rose said in a hard tone.
    " You heard my fiance right , you should excuse her " Rose heard Knights voice from behind, and turned to look at him .
    " Oh, hello Knight, it's been a while" Rose said moving sexily towards him as Bella just looked at them .
    " You know you shouldn't be here Rose, your presence is sucking out the life in us" Dustin said in a Hard tone which made the others chuckled.
    " Well am not here for any of you I only want to have a word with Knight" Rose said going to touch him but knight pulled her hands off him , he passed her and went to Bella .
    " Let's go seat with the others , the prize prime is about to start " he said and Bella nodded, he wrapped his hand around her waist and they passed Rose who stood so angry .
    The brothers laughed.
    " You can find a guy who's ready to dig into your cheap hole whore" Dustin said to her and the rest laughed, Rose eyes turned red , they waved her bye and left .
    After the prize giving, they started to bid on items , and there is this beautiful gold necklace brought out to be bid on, Bella immediately likes it and wish she could have it , people start to bid from thousands to hundred thousands and her eyes widen , just for a necklace?
    Knight saw that Bella's eyes had been on the necklace for long so he asked her .
    " Do you want it?
    Bella looked at him wondering if she heard well, and why would he buy such an expensive necklace for her his sex slave?
    " Umm, it's beautiful but .....
    " 200 hundred thousand" he yelled and everyone turned to look at him .
    Bella was taking aback what, is he mad to bid that much ?
    " 300 Hundred thousand" a man shouted and everyone gasped, Knight turned to the voice and his eyes turned red when he saw the old fool which called himself Simon Welter smirking at him, his mistress Ragina Hanged sat beside him touching him , Knights eyes blazed with fury as he tries to control his self , Bella watched them as they exchanged looks .
    " Knight please let it go , you don't need to ...
    " 500 hundred thousand"Knight called and everyone cheered.bella gasped.
    "800 hundred thousand" welter shouted .
    Knight fist clenched.
    " Just hit it Knight, the old fool is just trying to piss you off " Luke said from behind.
    " 1 million " knight yelled
    "2 million " welter called.
    "3 million " Knight called .
    "5 million" welter called with a smirk, and the crowd was just cheering and gasping in shock, Knight was so angry Bella couldn't help but watch the two men fighting for a necklace.
    "5 hundred million dollars" knight yelled and all the crowd drop dead in silence, this time around welter was looking so furious, Bella thought she didn't hear well, 5 hundred million for the necklace, and his still going to pay her 3 million for her service with him once 10 days is over , and spent 5 hundred million just to get the necklace for her? Wow!! That is times maybe 10 of her payment.
    The necklace was announced that Knight won it, he was giving it and he smiled at Bella .
    " It's for you now love " he said and Bella smiled then turned her back as he placed it on her neck .
    Bella touched the beautiful necklace , She was wearing and smiled as Knight kissed her forehead his brothers cheered from behind.
    After the night is over , Bella and Knight got into his limo, Bella so badly wanted to ask him his relationship with the old man named welter , the way they looked at each other was really bad, and she feels there's something between the old man and Knight, Mr welter probably looked in his early 50ties and Knight in his late20s so how can they both hate each other so much .
    She badly wanted to ask .
    When they reach home Knight wasted no time in making love to Bella , and after that instead of him to leave her like he always does , he pulled her closer and cuddle her with her head on his chest .
    Bella was so surprised at Knights sudden attitude towards her, but she really liked it , but yet why does she feel his so lonely? Even when she's meet his brothers, if he has a family then why is he still lonely? She was so confused, untill she fell asleep in Knights arms .

    Chapter 9

     Day 5 (Promise Me)
    When Bella woke up , she didn't find knight In bed with her, she was still naked under the shit so she wrapped herself with the shit and went into the Bathroom to freshing up, once she was done, she put on a blue short and a white armless top, as usual wore her slippers.
    She gently walked down the stairs as she heard some sounds from the kitchen, probably that should be grace so she went into the kitchen and there grace was making breakfast.
    Bella smiled .
    " Morinng grace " she said and grace turned to see her smiling too.
    " Ms , morinng" she said .
    " Please you can call me bella " Bella said sitting on a stool beside her, grace wasn't feeling cool about it Because if Knight sees Bella with her she might loss her job.
    " , you know I...
    " I know, you don't have to be scared, I already spoke to him, he gave me the permission to be friends with you , and that includes you calling me directly by my name" Bella said with a smile .
    Grace smiled .
    "Alright ms...umm..sorry , Bella " she said and Bella Chuckled.
    " So tell me, what are you making? Bella asked trying to look into the pot.
    " Am making some bacons and muffins" she replied and Bella nodded .
    " Do you know where Knight is, today is Saturday i don't think he went to work , or doesn't he rest ? Bella asked.
    ", Umm, his home but his in his office at the third door to the library", grace replied and Bella nodded, just then there was a knock on the door .
    Grace was going to get it.
    ", No don't worry, you just carry on I will check myself" Bella said and grace Nodded.
    Bella went to the door and opened it she came face to face with a very beautiful woman, once the woman saw Bella she smiled.
    " You must be Bella ? She asked , Bella wondered how the woman knew her she only nodded.
    " Oh my guess is right darling, am Floren Houston, knights mother " she introduced and Bella's eyes widen .
    " Am so sorry ma'am I didn't know, please come in" Bella moved and floren entered.
    " Oh come give me a hug sweetheart, my boys told me about you" she said and Bella got Confused, as floren hugged her so tight
    " Oh , what I mean to say is my son's, Aaron , luck and Dustin " she said and Bella remembered and smiled .
    ", My dear your so beautiful than does boys described, common lets have a seat " floren pulled Bella to the couch and they sat together, Bella was so confused, the woman was acting so friendly towards her which is surprising.
    " Please what's the surname? She asked .
    ", Kinston " Bella replied.
    " Wow, my son sure has a good eyes , you look so beautiful and I know you will Tre.......
    " Mother"
    The two ladies looked up to see Knight standing there , once floren saw him she quickly got up and pulled him in a hug .
    " Oh my dear son, how are you ? She asked .
    " Fine mother, I didn't know you were coming" Knight said with a smile.
    " Oh son, I couldn't wait more to see the beautiful angel you have with you once the boys told me " she said happily going to hold Bella's hand .
    Knight knew that his mother was very friendly but not like this, how can she be so attached to Bella just the first time of seeing her, she had always hated other girls his with so why Bella ?
    " My dear , you look beautiful, I can't wait for my husband to see you, so beautiful", floren said and Bella smiled she already liked the woman .
    Knight was happy that at least his mother didn't dislike Bella but instead acting strange towards her .
    They later sat eating breakfast, and floren couldn't stop talking to Bella .
    " So dear tell me about you " floren said smiling at Bella as she ate from her muffins.
    Bella wasn't prepared to talk about herself but finding it that she's being nice to her why not talk?
    " Let's start from the age precisely dear , yeah that will be good" floren caught in taking a mouth full of muffins and bacon .
    Knight stare at Bella and their eyes met , Bella looked away .
    ", Umm, am 24" she said .
    Floren smiled happily.
    " Wow, you look so younger than your age , I thought you were around 20 " she said and Bella smiled Knight smirked he thought as much, Bella looks small .
    " So any families? She asked .
    Bella sniffed, and swallowed, Knight and his mother watched her intensively.
    " Umm, well I, well my mom and dad is no more " she said and floren's face turned sad .
    " Oh my dear, but what happened to them ? She asked .
    Bella try not to cry .
    " Umm...they were involved in a fire accident" she said and floren gasped, Knight sat still couldn't believe Bella's parents are dead .
    " Oh my goodness this is horrible dear " floren said as she reached Bella's hand on the table and placed her hand on hers comforting her , Bella felt tears but blinked it back and forced a smile .
    " So who do you have now ? She asked .
    " I have a younger brother and we both stay with my grandmother" Bella replied and Knight felt so horrible for forcing her into this , only if he knew her grandmother was her only means of hope maybe just maybe he wouldn't had treat her that way , but the good thing is , her grandmother's life is no more in danger and, her brother's fee is already settled.
    " Oh , it must be so hard for you to coupe with all of this , sorry dear " she said and Bella nodded.
    " I believe my son will take good care of you " floren smiled and looked at Knight who's eyes is on Bella , floren smiled , she knew her son so well, but she knows why she's saying all of this , the truth is she really likes Bella and she will try to make sure Knight ends up with only Bella and not any slut like Rose e.g.
    " Son , you know Alli's birthday is just tomorrow, please make sure to bring my sweetheart here " floren said referring to knights younger sister Alli who is clocking 20 .
    " Of course mother ", Knight replied.
    " My dear , if you meet my husband, you will enjoy him more , I can't wait to introduce you to him " floren said happily and Knight shook his head, why does his mother like Bella so much , Bella nodded .
    " Mother will you be going soon ? Knight asked as they finished breakfast.
    " Oh son, I want to have a word with Bella first then I'd go" she replied.
    " Okay mother , am in my study room " Knight said and left .
    Bella and floren grew more closer, talking about random things.
    " So is my son treating you well ? Floren asked and Bella smiled and nodded .
    ", You know, Knights childhood is so rough, please don't look at him as a bad person, his far from it, whatever he is today there's a big reason behind it, I would have shared it with you but I prefer he does that himself, all I just want you to do is help him out, try all you can to make him open up to you , I don't know but I already see you as my daughter the moment I laid my eyes on you" floren said and took Bella's hand in hers.
    Bella was so quiet listening to floren as she continued talking.
    " I still believe that somewhere in his heart he can still be a better man , all he needs is someone to lay on the shoulder, if you can get him to pull out of his misery i will be so greatful to you , please Bella , treat my son right " she said .
    " Promise me that you will try " floren said .
    Bella Thought carefully, she has only 5, more days left , could she be able to do it?yes she could , she will have to , she has to .
    So she nodded and floren smiled happily and hugged her .
    " Am so glad you will Bella , your the right lady for my son , thank you so much sweetheart" floren said and kissed her both cheek Bella smiled as they hugged again.
    Soon floren left and Bella's mind went to her promise, will she be able to do it ? She has to think of something, yes because she doesn't want Knight to suffer anymore and she Knows just what to do .

    Chapter 10

     Day 6 (How Dare You?)
    Bella stayed home getting her self occupied by reading books and all knowing more about grace , today's is Alli's birthday well she had not met the girl yet but she feels she will be very beautiful, knight has gotten her a beautiful pink gown to put on and she knows by the time she wears it he won't get his eyes off her .
    He has gone to work since the party is stroke evening, the time was drawing nearer so she went up into the room after freshing up , she wore the dress and put on some little ear rings , she wore the golden necklace knight won for her at the auction, as she does this she smiled happily.
    She began arranging her long hair Making sure to curl the under , she brought out her nude heels and wore it , then attached a wrist watch , she reached for the perfume Knight already arranged for her before she came, and spread a little on her self , she smiled, she really doesn't know why she's doing all this , but one thing is for sure , she wants Knight to get attached to her, she has a plan later tonight, and in her heart she hopes she could find some clues if she does what she wants to do , she knows Knight might get mad at her but she has to try, she's doing this to get to the root of his misery.
    She really didn't do much makeup, she put on a light lipstick and touched her curly hair and smiled at herself she smooth her dress and just then she got a knock on the door .
    She opened the door and grace was smiling at her .
    " Wow Bella, you look so beautiful in this dress " grace said and Bella smiled.
    "Do you think Knight will like it ? She aksed.
    "Of course, he will not only like it but love it " grace said smiling at her ,she gave Bella a secret look and Bella knew what she was thinking immediately.
    "Oh common grace , it's not what you think" Bella said and chuckled.
    " Am not saying anything, but I know once Mr Houston sees you he will love you more " grace said and Bella blushed.
    "By the way his outside waiting for you " grace said and Bella nodded as she walked gently down the Stairs.
    She went out of the mansion and Knight stood talking on phone, she wonders what he always says on phone , when she walked closer to him she finally stood waiting for him to notice her he did.
    Once he turned, his eyes looked shocking as he stare at her beautiful face down to her leg then up ward again, he forgot he was talking on phone and stare like a hawk , his huge cock was growing so hard like a rock , fuck what the hell .
    " Umm....yeah...yeah....o... ok, yeah bye ", he stammered into the phone and Bella smiled she knew Knight liked what he was seeing she couldn't help but blush.
    " Wow!! You look sweet, " Knight said pulling her to him by the waist", I wish I could have you right now " Knight whispered in her ear making her shive.
    Bella closed her eyes enjoying the feel of his lips against the soft flesh of her neck, Knight pulled her head and kissed her lips which she quickly responded too, Bella couldn't help but get turned on .
    Knight pulled back .
    " Let's go, they must be waiting", he said and Bella nodded , this time around he opened the car door for her and Knight drove off .
    They arrived at a beautiful looking mansion, and Knight wrapped his hands around her slim waist, as they walked in Bella could see the party already began. .
    ", Hello handsome brother " a lady about 20 came kissing knights cheek , Bella knew then that it must be Alli.
    "Alli happy birthday " he said giving her a wrapped gift from his pocket, Alli smiled and collected it .
    " Thank you Knight" she said as they both hugged.
    " I want you to meet Bella, Bella Alli" knight introduced.
    " Oh, I thought as much , she looks more Beautiful than mom described" Alli said pulling Bella into a bowl crushing hug kissing her both cheek .
    ", Am Aliyah but you can call me Alli just like my brother called " Alli said smiling .
    ", Your name is beautiful and same to your beautiful face ", Bella said and Alli grabbed Bella's hand .
    ", Knight she needs to meet dad " Alli said without waiting for Knights reply drag Bella to meet Mr Houston., Knight Smirked and followed them behind.
    Bella watched as Alli drag her to where Knights mother floren was and a man probably her husband.
    " Oh honey Bella is here " floren said happily, hugging Bella once Jacob , knights father saw Bella he smiled .
    " Oh you look so beautiful my dear Bella " he said .
    Bella smiled .
    " Thanks Mr Houston", Bella replied.
    " Oh enough of the formality, just call me Jacob,mr Houston makes me look old" he said and they chuckled.
    " Hello sweet sister in-law"
    Bella turned to see Dustin Aaron and luck smirking, knight gave them a killer look as they chuckled.
    They all hug Bella one after the other, and she was very glad the family liked her .
    " My dear , you look more beautiful than my wife described", Jacob said earning a glare from floren as they chuckled.
    ", So what your trying to say is I didn't describe her well? Floren pout like a kid and Jacob pulled her closer .
    ", Oh sweetheart of course you did", he kissed her lips lightly.
    ", Awwwn dad please" they all said together making Jacob and floren chuckled.
    " Alright time to start the birthday" Dustin announced and the rest of his brother followed.
    Soon they started singing HAPPY to you for Alli, so many people brought her gifts, and she was so happy, Bella felt bad that she didn't give Alli anything but she doesn't seem to mind .
    Later everyone started dancing and Knight couldn't stop looking at Bella as she was standing talking with his sister and mother and she was smiling , her back was turned to him and he could see her Long sexy legs , damn he suddenly got hard .
    As he drank his wine his eyes didn't leave Bella she seems to be enjoying herself, hmm, it also seems his family liked her alot , Knight couldn't stop staring at her .
    He got distracted by a man who started talking to him, it's his father's business associates, so his father too joined them and they talk more , Jacob and Knight went to greet some of the associates that came , and Jacob introduced him to some of his clients, when Knight turned he saw Bella and a guy talking .
    And a deep frown came upon his face , he became so furious, because she was enjoying the guys presence, he took excuse and went over to Bella and the guy .
    " Mind if I take my lady ? Knight asked and the guy smiled and left .
    " Knight, are you okay ? Bella asked as she saw the look of anger in Knights eyes, he didn't say anything but pulled her, she was asking where he was taking her to but knight wasn't saying anything.
    He opened a door and they both walked in , he locked the door and Bella became scared she tries to talk but knight pulled her to him and crushed his lips with hers .
    " I've been having a hell of hard on since I saw you in this dress Bella, why is your body so fuckin tempting,? He asked huskily and kissed her neck , Bella moaned .
    Knight kissed her hard and took her to the sink his hand going under her dress, as he kissed her his hands went into her pant putting his finger into her and she moaned, after a while of pleasure he turned Bella around so her back will be facing him , he raised her gown up and made her put her hands on the sink for support, he unbuckled his belt and pulled his trouser below and moved her panties aside , he hugged her to him as Bella's breathing became intense, and she stare at Knight threw the mirror .
    "Hold on tight okay " he whispered and Bella only nodded as she felt him enter her from behind, she gasped, Knight began moving in and out and she was gasping, as they both looked at them selves in the mirror, her mouth open as Knight moves inside of her , her moaning filled the washroom and once increased his tempo, she grip the sink hard and bite her lower lip, trying not to scream.
    Once knight was through, he was still inside her and he pulled her head back to kiss her lips which she responded to quickly, he pulled out of her and started buckling his belt back , Bella really didn't like it to think Knight just had sex with her in his family washroom, but she said nothing.
    She arranged herself and Knight pulled her to him kissing her deeply again before they left the washroom.
    Bella directly went to talk to floren who told her she's been looking for her, once her eyes meet knight he will look at her sexily and she will blush .
    Finally they left home but knight told her he needed to go somewhere but will be back soon , Bella nodded and went into the mansion, now is her opportunity.
    She gently walked to the green door , her chest beating widly, she looked around if anyone could see her, she shook the handle but it wasn't opening, damn it's locked she has to find a way to unlock the door , she quickly went into the kitchen and found a nail , no it won't be able to open it she thought and her eyes came across a little metal she took it and rushed back to the door, as she tries it on it she was looking around so no one should see her, not like anyone will , grace doesn't live here she goes and comes and his guards stay at the headquarters, she just felt like to look in case.
    She kept trying to open the door but it wasn't , she was about to give up when the lock twisted, she gasped, that means it has opened.
    She gently pulled it open and walked in with gently steps, her heartbeat increasing as the time passes , the room was dark how will she see the switch? She thought and then she started touching the wall her hand mistakenly touched something and the lights came on and she gasped in fear as she looked up , She looked away and her breath caught in her throat when she saw different paintings on the wall , the stand board, the whole room is covered with drawings, and all has a woman on it, the same woman, Bella gasped and moved closer to see well.
    She saw that in the drawing, the woman wasn't happy, beside the other one was the same woman in tears , she looked another one and in that one she held her wrist and blood was pulling down as tears was in her eyes, then her eyes moved to another picture, it was of a little boy who's hands were tied and he was crying, tears fell from Bella's eyes , in another drawing was of a man strangling the same woman and the boy was crying, she couldn't understand what she was seeing, but it looks so horrible., Another drawing was of thesame woman laying covered with blood and the little boy crying beside the woman,bella silently shared tears .
    She tries to see if she could find another picture, and she saw where the woman was holding the boy hugging him as they both were crying.
    Bella's lips began to tremble, why does this drawing look so sad? The woman in the drawing wasn't happy at all, and the little boy too what is this picture all about?
    She saw a stand that a cloth is covering so she walked closer to it to check what was in it and just as she was to pull the clothe ....
    Bella quickly turned around to see Knight standing looking at her with so much anger in his eyes , his jaw clenched and he was breathing so hard, fear grip Bella as her eyes widen .
    That moment she knew she had crossed a line .
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    Chapter 11

    (His Dark Heart)
    Bella's heart beat widly against her chest as she and Knight keep staring at each other , the room suddenly felt heated as Knight began taking gentle steps towards her, his eyes still looking so red like he was about to kill her, ok maybe he will kill her, she had crossed the limit, fear overwhelmed all her body as she stepped back with Every steps Knight took.
    Her back finally hit the wall,oh there was no place to go anymore, her breathing became even when Knight was almost closed to her, she was shaking with fear of what he was going to do to her, her eyes were wide open with fear untill Knight was right Infront of her, bodies almost touching, she saw as Knight raised his hand up and fear grip her she tightly closed her eyes waiting for him to strike her , she deserve it after all , she waited for him to hit her but Instead she felt him stroking her hair gently.
    Bella opened her eyes to look up at Knight and their eyes met, his eyes wasn't red anymore but sad, she looked confused, she thought he was going to hit her, Bella couldn't talk because Knight kept staring into her eyes and right there she knew he was in pain, she gently brought her hand up and touched his cheek.
    " What happened to you ? She whispered, as tears wheeled down Knight's eyes, he kept staring at Bella , who was already in tears too, she doesn't know what his problem was yet but she couldn't help but cry too seeing Knight in tears for the very first time .
    " I warned you not to come in here Bella , I thought you will just respect my privacy? Knight said softly looking into Bella's eyes, he was mad at her , but trying his best not to hit her .
    " Am sorry ", Bella whispered " I just wanted to know why your so cold hearted, your not the man you are , tell me please Knight, what happened to you ? Bella asked praying in her heart that Knight open up to her .
    Instead of answering her, he gently took Bella's hand and walked her closer to the painting on the wall, Bella looked at the painting and back at him, but his eyes was on the painting.
    " What do you see in the eyes of this woman? Knight asked softly.
    " Pain", Bella answered.
    " Is there anything familiar about the little boy ? He asked and Bella looked at the painting of the boy and she gasped.
    " He looks like you , the younger version of you ", she said .
    " What do you see in his eyes ? He asked his eyes never looked from the paint .
    " Pain , but why Knight, what happened? Bella asked .
    Knight was quite for a while and faced Bella .
    " Do you really want to know? He asked Bella Nodded .
    "Yes....I want to know, you look broken , and I know this paintings means alot to you , please share it with me ", Bella said .
    Knight moved closer to the painting of the woman and used his hand to trace the picture, he didn't want to discuss it, but somewhere in his heart he wants Bella to know about it .
    " I was only 8 years old ", he started.
    " When I lost my biological mother " he said and Bella gasped, she moved closer to Knight who continue talking but didn't look at her .
    ", I was sitted in the living room one day , when I over heard some shouting from up the stairs in my father's room " he said .
    " I hate you Simon , you are nothing but a pig " Jane Knights mother yelled as she cried
    Simon grabbed her by the hair.
    " I will teach you a bitter lesson you slut " Simon shouted pulling her out of the room into the spare room , Knight saw what his father was doing and quickly ran to stop him .
    " Mommy " he started crying.
    Simon looked at Knight with disgust he pushed Jane down on the floor, as she cried , he drag Knight into the room too and locked the door .
    " Let go off my son you beast " Jane yelled trying to hold her son who was already crying.
    " You and your hell of a son Should stay away from my territory, listen carefully Jane I will fuck which ever woman I want , I don't love you Neither do I believe your sluty lie that this boy is my son do you get it ? Simon yelled .
    " For goodness sake your his father you coward, you rapped me even when I told you to stop, and then what happens,i got pregnant, and you just decided to hate us like we are trash , your own blood " Jane yelled hugging crying Knight to herself.
    Simon walked towards her and bend Infront of her where she sat on the floor with Knight.
    " What happened that night shouldn't had happened, you were only finding a way to trap me and you succeeded showing me this bastard as my son after you've been away for 3, good years, I told you I don't love you , you don't expect me to believe you will bring him and show me that his my son and I will start catering for his needs when his slut of a mother is one hell of a bitch", he shouted.
    ", Your such a pig Simon I hate you for causing me so much pain, you rapped me and took away my virginity, for how long will you stop calling me a slut because you got me pregnant, and his your son and I will keep saying it to your face, and even at that, why marry me if you don't believe me, why locking me and my son in this godforsaken house if we aint needed , let us go ", Jane yelled .
    Simon grabbed her hair at once as she cried in pain .
    "I only married you because my father forced me into marrying you , yes you were just a worker in the mansion, but I found something interesting in-between your legs, and I have to get it because i get what I want, and also I could get freedom into having you as my sex slave and try to keep you in my life, after all women are available for me, but I want you to stop your fuckin jealousy, because I dont love you , I only rapped you for fun,but then you find something to hook me up with , so I considered i married you to be my sex slave and I told you am not through with you , at least i enjoy sex from you I paid so hard for it with my money and i can't dispose you just yet, when am done with you and I think my money is exhausted then I'd give you a divorce, and you can go anywhere with your bastard son " Simon said Evily.
    Jane spat on his face .
    "You devil of a man " Jane yelled .
    ", Fuck", Simon caused and back handed her immediately making jane to scream in pain , Knight quickly moved away seeing what his father was doing to his mother .
    Simon grabbed Jane and threw her on the bed .
    " I will teach you a lesson you slut" Simon spat going ontop of Jane who was kicking and screaming, Knight Ran to Simon and started beating him with his little hands crying.
    ", Leave my mommy alone " he kept repeating his word , Simon pushed him and he fell to the floor jane screamed.
    ", Leave my son alone I hate you Simon " she cried , Simon grabbed her hand and chain them to the bed as Knight went back into beating Simon , Jane kept kicking and screaming but he held her tight on the bed.
    Knight kept hitting Simon, Simon turned with anger and lifted Knight up drag a chair and put him on it and tied him on the chair then tight his hands , Jane seeing what he was doing started screaming for him to stop as sweat covered all her body , Knight kept crying.
    " You little thing, you will seat right here and watch me fuck your mother " Simon said to little Knight who was crying.
    " You can't do that you bastard, his just a kid , please let him go Simon " jane begged.she couldn't let him, he was going to do it when Knight is watching.
    As she watched Simon unbuckling his belt , she couldn't take it , Simon wants her Little son to watch this disgusting scene.
    ", No Simon don't do this please, please let him leave the room , his too young to watch this," Jane begged in tears .
    ", Mommy " Knight cried watching what Simon was Doing to his mother .
    Simon smirked Evily and tore janes dress, she screamed.
    " It will be more good to let him watch how he got into the world in the first place" Simon said Evily.
    "Noooo....noo, please Simon ... please No...NOooo" Jane cried.
    Right in Knights crying present he was sexing Jane who couldn't help but kept screaming and Simon will hit her hard on the face, untill her face became bruised with red everywhere, blood came out of her mouth .
    When he was done , he was covered in sweat he smirked.
    " How can I dispose you when your this sweet my beautiful Jane ? Even if I never accept this bastard as my son, it won't stop me from enjoying that sweet pussy of yours " Simon said .
    " I hate you so much Simon, you will regret this " jane yelled as Simon laughed Knight still sat on the chair looking at them .
    Simon moved to Knight smiling.
    ", Did you enjoy the show little boy, that's what you do to a woman ok" Simon said.
    ", Leave my son alone you bastard, his just a little boy for goodness sake", Jane screamed from the bed .
    " Did you see how I fucked your mother ?he asked Knight who started crying.
    " You shouldn't cry because she enjoyed it " Simon said and Knight spat on his face , Simon's eyes turned red and he slapped Knight so hard that his cry became so loud his little face was marked with Simon's five fingers so red , Jane screamed from the bed and try to pull her hand free from the chain, , blood was coming out from Knights mouth .
    ", That's what you get for spiting on me bastard" he said to Knight got up and went back to Jane who was crying and insulting him he released her hands and she covered herself with the shit and Ran to Knight and started untying him, once she does that she hugged him crying.
    Simon pulled her away .
    " Let go off me", she yelled .
    " Am taking you out of this room , and your son will be here do you understand? Simon yelled .
    " I want to stay with my son you devil,let go off me " Simon dragged her out .
    ", Mommy please don't leave me " Knight cried .
    " Knight " Jane yelled trying to reach for her son who was running after them , Simon pushed him back inside and closed the door , Jane was crying at the other side and Knight sat on the floor crying as he over heard what his father was telling his mother.
    ," I will report you to the police", Jane yelled
    " And your precious son will die", Simon had threatened.
    (Fallback over)
    Bella couldn't believe all Knight just told her Knight faced her and walked gently to Bella who has tears in her eyes .
    ," How could he be so crawl and evil, for goodness sake doesn't he have any conscience at all, his a disgusting man " Bella cried, thinking that as a child he watched his own father manhandled his mother even sexing her in his presence and told him to watch, his father is so evil .
    ", Of course, he hated us, and he wanted to destroy my mother using her as his sex slave for good 5 years , only if she didn't work as a maid in that house, everything that has happened is still vividly in my eyes, memories I can never forget." Knight continue. Looking at the painting on the wall.
    "He said my mother only trapped him into marrying her because of his money, he has forgotten he rapped her , he just accused her, and beat her up all the time and he makes me watch everything, not just once have I seen him sex her he almost did it everyday, and then he all of a sudden kept me away from my mom, " he said .
    " I was locked up in that room for 3 good days ,in totally darkness, and my mom always sneaked to feed me, Everytime I kept hearing her screams , which means he was either beating her up or forcing her into sex , so on the third day, my mother sneaked into the room and told me we are going to run away , I was so happy because we were going to leave the evil man , but we got caught, the moment my mom opened the door he was standing there with an evil smile, they started shouting at each other and he was trying to drag me back to the room, my mom didn't allow it , the process of both of them struggling, he pushed her " he stopped as he closed his eyes
    " he killed her , right that moment, my whole world changed Bella " Knight cried as he fell to the floor , Bella knelt Infront of him hugging him to her chest as he cried .
    " He killed her " he cried out as he gripped Bella holding her tight , Bella try to take the pain his fingers were digging into her soft flesh, he needed someone to hold and cry on and she will let him , Bella was so speechless she didn't know what to say but cry as she caressed his hair.
    " I hate him so much , he killed her , he locked me up again , untill one day his body guard named Tony released me,he took me to a place and left me there all he said to me was , find your way , at 8 just 8 I should find my way , Bella i didn't know where to go , and I couldn't stop thinking about my mother , I don't even know what he did with her dead body , at the process of getting a place and help , I was knocked down by a car , and that was when I met Mr Jacob Houston, him and his wife floren , they saved me and took me as their own child" knight said cleaning his eyes , as Bella listened quietly.
    " They asked me my name, I couldn't say a word , I remembered everything that happened, but it feels as if , my tongue was tied I wanted to tell them how my mother had suffered in the hands of that evil man for good 5 years , i couldn't tell them all I wanted to tell them , the only way they found out my name was with the necklace my mother made for me , it was written Knight on it , that's how they find out my name", he said .
    He said bringing out the necklace which was written"KNIGHT" on it , they both looked at the necklace.
    "It's the only memory I have of her, and I could never bare to lose it" he said kissing it, Bella cried as she looked at the necklace, no wonder he always wear it.
    Bella was too stoned , now she understood his reasons , he was in pain leaving in the pain him and his mom suffered from, he indeed has a dark HEART .
    " Do , they know about this ?, Have you told them ? She asked .
    Knight was quite for a while.
    " Mr and Mrs Houston and Alli doesn't know about it , I didn't tell them, but Dustin luck and Aaron knows about it , and now you " he said quietly.
    Bella felt so bad listening to his story .
    " So, tell me do you know where your father is now ? She asked .
    " His no longer my father his my enemy, and i will do all I can to crush him , because his right next to me ", he said in a hard tone, Bella wondered who the person is.
    " If his next to you , then where is he ? She asked and Knight looked at her, and looked at her neck .
    " The man who wanted this necklace your wearing" he answered and Bella gasped as she touched the new necklace she was wearing.
    What!!! The welter man at the function is Knight's biological father, holy Trinity.

    Chapter 12

     Day 6/Day 7 (I Will Help You)
    Bella and Knight sat on the floor holding each other as they looked at the paintings, Bella right that moment knew Knight really suffered, as a child he watched violence and that's why he was so cold hearted towards people, now she knows his true reasons behind his character,his just a man who is badly injured in the heart and wants others to feel his pain , Bella stroke his hair tenderly as Knights head rested on her chest his hands wrapped around her waist holding her as if she was going to run, Bella knew now why floren wanted her to make sure Knight open up to her, so long as he keeps this heaviness inside of him, it will keep eating him up and he will turn into a man no one could control , she was also happy that she had agreed to the 10 days to stay with him .
    Knight needs help, because by the look of things he really hate that welter man alot and he will do all he can to destroy the man, but now she want him to be served another punishment, they have to find some relating evidence first.
    "Does he know your his son? Bella asked.
    "Of course he knows" he replied.
    " But how did he know? Bella asked .
    ", His a co business partner of my father Jacob Houston, he one day saw me in his house when they celebrated the success of their companies, he was in the party and he try to take me away but mom floren saw what he was trying to do and pulled me from him, right then he knew the people I was staying with , because I couldn't talk after the accident, they thought I lost my voice and probably lost my memory, so she told him I was just a child they found and I've lost my voice and i don't know my name, the bastard was happy, Little did he know I still could remember everything but couldn't talk , ever since then he didn't come close to me " he said .
    ", So now that you've grown older, does he still come to you ? She asked .
    Knight shrugged.
    " Not really, because I don't really talk to him, we only do businesses together at my father's company, and the bastard thinks I still haven't remembered anything" he said .
    " But he knows You hate him right ? She asked
    " Yes, and he really doesn't know the reason behind my hatred towards him, he thought it's because I found out he wanted to steal from my father , and he hated me for telling my father his bad aura , so my father cut all ties with him , that's why we disgust each other, but my main reason he doesn't know, am planning to destroy him." Knight said .
    Bella signed, Knight Really suffered, he really did .
    " Do you have any evidence that could put him behind bars ? Bella asked .
    " No, I don't " he replied.
    Now this is where they should start finding evidence, Bella thought,she believes the man can also be involved in other things all they need is evidence.
    " There's no need for evidence, I and my brothers already made a plan to kill the bastard" Knight said and Bella gasped.
    " No, you won't kill him "she said and Knight left hold of her and looked into her eyes, he didn't understand why she was against him killing the fucker .
    "And why shouldn't I, this is my business just because I told you my story doesn't mean you poke your nose into what I do " he half yelled .
    Bella didn't like that he was angry already, she moved closer to him and touched him .
    " Please Knight,am not trying to make you angry okay , niether am I trying to jump into your business,am only saying that killing him won't be the best thing to do,just think about it, if you kill him ,what difference does he make you both ,he killed your mother and you killed him, there's no difference between you two then " she said trying to make him understand.
    " I don't care Bella , all I want is to end the Bastard" he said
    Bella shook her head and touched his face, Making him to look into her eyes,she knew deeply down that she was falling for Knight, but she knew he won't feel the same for her, but right now she needs to help him.
    "Knight your a broken man and you've been through alot as a child, all I ask is try to be calm , listen ,don't tell me you want to be a monster like Mr welter , that man is another figure of a devil, but your not , just try to find evidence and hand him to the police" Bella try to convince.
    Knight stare into her eyes for a while thinking about what she was saying, maybe it's true, but he really wants to end the Bastard himself.
    "I will help you knight, at least we could be able to bring him down before my 10 days is up ,if your confident enough then know that he will be down before you know it,look why don't you try to find an investigator , investigate him find out some things about him that could help us trick him , once we do that it's settled" Bella said .
    Knight listened to her carefully, he couldn't help but stare at her .
    " My brother's are already doing that " he replied.
    Bella smiled.
    " It's good then " she replied
    " Your going to help me ? He aksed surprised, that she will help him after all he has done to her?
    " Yes,i will help you " she said .
    " Why would you help me when all I've done is put you in pain ,I forced you into staying here and having sex with me am not even different from my Father, Bella i hurt your feelings, maybe it's best I let you go ", he said sadly turning away from her .
    Bella sudden don't want to go anymore, she wants to stay with Knight, she should be happy right that he finally released her but why isn't she ? Instead she's sad that Knight wants her to go she only has 4 more days , no way she wants to help him even if at the last minute she goes away .
    " I don't want to go because my days hasn't ended yet , I have 4 more days left " Bella said Knight looked at her .
    " If it's about the money don't worry, you will get it , so you can go " he said and Bella wondered why his suddenly pushing her away , but she's going no where.
    " I thought we are going to agree with the contract I signed?,10 days with Bella" she said Knight stare at her, he didn't want to hurt her anymore, he wants her to go, it's his cross and he has to carry it himself.
    He got up from the floor and Bella watched him.
    " I know what the contract said I made it, you don't need to worry Bella just go " he said and Bella stood up angrily now and walked towards him.
    " Why are you suddenly behaving different,did I do anything wrong Knight? Bella try not to yell.
    " Bella i cant force you into having sex with me anymore, when I do that I realize am a beast itself doing to you the same thing my Mr welter did to my mother , Bella i don't want you to feel the same way that bastard made my mom felt although I know you already felt like that , and am sorry , I will give you your money and you will go " Knight said trying to walk out of the painting room but Bella was deeply hurt.
    It wasn't her plan to fall for him, and now it's really hurting her , she reached to grab his hand .
    " Your not forcing me Knight, I really want to help you I promise once 4 days is up , I will go "she said looking up at Knight who did the same.
    He gently touched her cheek and looked deep into her eyes, he doesn't know what he feels towards this woman right in his front, but even him himself couldn't let go, he doesn't want her to go, but why ? She deserves to be free , he forced her into sleeping with him and lossing her virginity, his nothing but a beast, his no different from his father .
    Bella tiptoed and wrapped her hands around his neck , then kisses him , Knight didn't want to respond at first, but just her mere touch got him hard , he groaned and wrapped his hand Around her waist and pulled her to him tightly, kissing her lips like she was going to run away from him,bella moaned pressing herself on Knight, Knight picked her up and backed her on the wall with her legs wrapped around his waist.
    He kissed from her neck down to her breast ,and Bella's eyes closed as she moaned, knight gently brought her to the floor and removed his shirt , Bella did thesame.
    They were both consumed by the irresistable temptation, they wanted each other badly, they couldn't wait to devour each other not bothering going to the bedroom.
    Knight knew too that what they were about to do in this room would be a memory for him too, any time he comes to this painting room, he will remember Bella , when she goes away he will remember her .
    When he entered her, Bella pulled his head down and kissed him passionately this time around , not because she wants to please him but because she has falling for him, her emotions were in the kiss , she felt Knight moving in and out of her, she moaned as he filled her world.
    She knew Knight isn't bad at all, what he saw is what he was practicing, that man welter deserved to be burnt to hell for what he made Knight and his mother past through, and she will do all she can to help Knight put the bastard behind bars , not because she wants to do it , but because she was already inlove with him.
    The following day , Bella woke up not finding Knight in bed so as usual she went and freshing up, she wore a simple gown and her pear of slippers and went down the stairs, she heard some voices and it seems they were discussing business, she drew nearer untill she saw its knight and his brothers talking.
    " I want him to get bankrupt" Knight said in an angry tone.
    " Yes after that we will expose him with this evidence we already have " Dustin said .
    " But you know that man could be so smart what if he gets to figure out we are trying to get him bankrupt? Aaron asked , Knight signed .
    " His just an old pig am sure he will never find out , and also maybe it's best I confront him " Knight said .
    " Hell man you will do no such thing and besides he still doesn't know if you remember him, " luck said .
    " That man handles gun, due to the fact he moves from one woman to the other how about we pay one of his sluts to help us out here, we threaten him we got evidence his illegal activities with the money he keeps stealing from people and crushing ones business, we tell him we want his company and you know how much his business means go him , and boom , he would want to find a way to get the evidence and end us" Dustin said.
    Bella listened to them carefully and she agrees with Dustin's suggestion.
    " I agree with Dustin" she said from behind as they all turned to look at her, she gently walked towards them and sat at the empty chair, his brother's looked at Knight trying to understand why Bella is sitting with them.
    " I told her everything" Knight said and Bella smiled at his brothers who smiled back.
    " Oh! That's good then we have another partner" luck said cheering.
    " So , about what Dustin said, " Bella began as they looked at her .
    ", I suggest we follow that plan, lie to him that you want his company in other not to reveal his illegal activities, once he discovers you have evidence against him , he would be terrified and would want to talk with you , he might want to exchange with you , which means, you give him the evidence and you get his company, but it will all be a plan, once he ask to see you then it's opportunity for you to strike him." Bella said .
    ", Well I think she's completely right , but you know welter would have a gun if he calls up meeting with Knight" Aaron said.
    " But he wouldn't want to shoot unless his sure Knight is with the evidence right ? Bella asked .
    And they all nodded .
    ", Look, that shouldn't be a problem, fuck am a very good friend to my inspector friend, we need to show him this evidence first " Dustin said scrolling through the papers his holding which has all information about his illegal deeds and how he take over business and run down people's financial status, indeed he was a cleaver man .
    Bella reached for the paper's and looked into it , God the man is so disgusting.
    " So we should trick him right ?, Knight asked .
    They nodded.
    " As for your mother's death, bring it up when talking to him, then he will realize you never forgot him,and am sure he will talk about it, the police needs to hear him saying it him self" Bella said and the brothers looked at her amusingly.
    "Wow good suggestion, I can't wait to bring that Bastard down " Dustin said and they chuckled
    Knight couldn't help but smile at Bella , after all he did to her, yet she's being so kind to him, will she ever forgive him for forcing her into sex with him ?
    " Thanks Bella , your really a genius"he said and she smiled at him.
    " I promised to help , and I will help you till welter goes down " she said with a smile
    And all the brother's watched as Knight and Bella stare at each other , that moment they knew their brother is a goner, they smiled.
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    Chapter 13

     Day 8 (What??)
    "So that's all" Bella told floren who they both sat together at the restaurant, she had told Bella they should meet and discuss after Bella told her everything she felt bad, she took in a deep breath.
    "Thank you" she took in another deep breath" you know, since we found knight , he was a kid with a dark heart " she shook her head as she thought of something " he doesn't play with kids his age , he hardly moves from one spot , he prefers staying all by himself, we tried bella despite he couldn't talk we still tried" floren wipe her tears as Bella felt pity too, but she blinked back her tears .
    "He was a really sad boy , he suffered, how can a father treat a son that way, he was just a little boy how could he make him see such a disgusting act , it pained me, it pained" she cried as Bella quickly moved to hug her .
    "It's okay , everything will be fine , i will make sure to help Knight put that man into bars, he has hurt so many people, he has to pay " Bella said hugging floren .
    "Yes...your right , he needs to suffer , he deserve to die , his a cruel man. , The wage of his sins is death , I keep praying he rots in hell " floren said wiping her tears , Bella sat down as they looked at each other .
    "Isabella, your truly a blessing to my son, his really opened up to you, we really tried, but nothing happened but you , you did it so easily , thank you so much , I can't thank you enough" she said taking Bella's hand .
    "It's okay, I did nothing at all it was just his mood and maybe luck " Bella replied Making her chuckled.
    "Indeed it is " they both laughed " oh Bella there are some things I'd want you to have , I will send them over to knights house later today or maybe tomorrow" she said making Bella smile, she nodded , floren phone started ringing as she fetched it out of her handbag.
    "My husband is calling" she said smiling at Bella who smiled back " hello honey , oh! ...of course, am on my way , ah....that's good news ...just tell them to hold on, I will be fast ....of course, ...ah...I love you too " she hanged up .
    Bella could see how much they love each other .
    "Bella dear , my husband just said we have some business associates in the house , I need to catch up " she said.
    "Of course" Bella stood up with her.
    "Am so sorry I can't drive you back " she apologized.
    "It's okay , I will go " Bella said smiling floren kissed her cheek and left, bella went home herself.

    Knight sat in the restaurant with Ragina Hanged, Mr Welters mistress , the woman sure looked a bit okay not really artificial,he had set up a meeting with her and it's really important since Knight had already spoken to welter whom was so angry that he has evidence that could put him into life in imprisonment, Ragina tapped her long nails on the table as Knight pulled out a papar for her , his brothers sat beside him.
    " How am I supposed to trust you guys that I won't get involved in this case? Ragina asked looking at them suspiciously.
    " You won't get involved if you tell us what we need to hear" Knight said trying to control his temper.
    Ragina picked up the papers and read all the illegal activities they got about welter , she looked at them and crossed her fingers after dropping the paper's.
    " I have one request" she said .
    Knight and his brothers looked at each other then back to her
    " Spill it out " Dustin said with a cold eyes .
    Ragina released her crossed hand and leans forward on the table.
    " I don't want him to know I sold this information to you people, I also want him dead, so we all have to work together, I am not on his side and believe me I hate that old beast for crushing his way into my young heart, it's so unfortunate that he happens to be your father , I must say his a gross man " Ragina said and Knight try to keep his boiling heart.
    " Ragina , I really don't know your relationship with him, just give us some more information, to get him down, if it's money we will pay you as much as you want " Aaron said in a hard tone.
    ", Do you think I need your fuckin dick of a money? Ragina yelled banging her fist on the table making them to wonder why shes acting strange.
    " Am only doing this for my own benefit and it's just so good you guys want cooperation, I will help you guys out , and we can end him up, he also made my life a living hell do you think I'd let him go " Ragina asked scoffing.
    " You don't seems like your sad, you look happy as fuck with him in the function " luke said sarcastically.
    " Just Because I was too clingy towards him doesn't mean I don't want the bastard gone ASAP", she said glaring at them.
    ", I know all the information about your mother Knight," knights eyes widen .
    " What do you mean ? They all asked .
    " I saw all that happened that day , I've been looking for a way to get welter down , so that day he killed your mom i was right below the stairs videoing everything that took place" she said and Knight and the rest looked shocked .
    " I made sure to keep does recordings very intact , so I had a countdown with his body guard Tony to find the room you were locked in and to release you , so there for I have all necessary information's about your heck of a father ", Ragina said with a smirk plastered on her face .
    Knight and his brothers looked beyond shock as they looked at Ragina .
    " So you knew all along? Knight asked .
    " Do you think i don't ? Welter killed my fiance in other to have me , all I could do is let the bastard rot himself, so I angrily Choose to be his mistress to lay my hands on his wealth and to destroy him, now that the opportunity is right before my eyes, you guys should be grateful you didn't meet with his other mistresses" she said .
    " So your going to help us ? Knight asked .
    " Of course i will, but recently welter has been targeting your girlfriend Knight", Ragina said their eyes widen .
    " I don't have a girlfriend, ? He asked .
    ", really, because I think you do , what of the one named Bella i guess, he is planning something terrible but don't worry he shares everything with me and I will make sure to let you guys know asap", she said with a smile .
    Knights chest began to beat so fast thinking about Bella being involved in the whole mess, he can't let welter over step him .it's a good thing they contacted Ragina , at least she's on their side now .

    Bella knew Helping Knight was the best way ,him and his brothers has been working since yesterday trying to get welter out and fuck it's left only two days to complete her 10 days , but she has to help Knight out, she stayed home all through feeling so board after she left Floren, she's been reading and she's tied.and Knight had gone to make a deal with his father's mistress, right now she's Waiting to hear if they got her to open some things to them
    Grace was in the kitchen writing some things on a paper when she met her
    " Grace , what are you doing? Bella asked .
    " Oh , am writing some food items down, Mr Knight gave me some money to get them " she explained.
    Well she could follow her since she's feeling board.
    " Let me go with you " she said and grace didn't like the idea .
    " But ...
    " Please grace , am feeling so board staying all alone in this house , I really want to go out " Bella said grace smiled and nodded.
    Soon they took a cab to the supermarket, and grace got everything she needed, they walked out about to stop a cab when grace quickly told her she forgot one item , she told Bella to wait while she get it quickly.
    Bella Nodded and grace left , Bella stood along the side way Infront of the supermarket waiting for grace , when all of a sudden a black car pulled Infront of her almost making her fall , two huge guys came out and grabbed her at once , she kicked and screamed for them to leave her , at this time grace was already coming out when she saw two men dragging Bella into the car , she screamed for them to stop but she was short on the arm and she fell down as she watched the car zoomed off .
    Fear grip her as she find a means to contact her boss immediately, all she knows is does men just kidnapped Bella .
    Once grace got home she told josh about it and josh quickly called Knight.
    " Hello boss " he said .
    " What happened josh ? Knight asked .
    " Bella just got kidnapped and grace got short " josh said panicking.
    " What ??? Knight yelled " how the fuck did that happen where are you now , were the hell is grace ? Knight asked .
    " She's right here sir we both are home " josh replied.
    " Am on my way , take her to the hospital" Knight bursted on the phone and hanged up.
    No , not Bella who the hell did this ? Fear grip him , he has to save Bella.

    Chapter 14

    (I Don't Trust You)
    Bella felt her both hands being tied behind the chair she sat on, her mouth was tied making it hard for her to talk both her eyes, she started struggling trying to free her hands of the rope , she was so scared, who could have kidnapped her, she has no enemy no one at all, but who would do this to her, or maybe they mistook her to be someone eals, she couldn't help the tears that whirl down her eyes, who did this to her ? She kept trying to free her hand untill she started hearing footsteps approaching her, she sat still and waited when she discovered the person was right Infront of her, she slowly heard voices.
    " Is She still sleeping? A lady asked .
    " I don't think so" a male replied.
    They said some things and Bella try to listen to their conversation, then she heard the woman telling the male to take of the blind fold, she couldn't wait to see her kidnapper.
    Once the blind fold is off, Bella opened her eyes gently due to the darkness, then try to open it again,her eyes were blurring as she saw a tall woman stood Infront of her, looking down at her, that moment she looked up to see the Ladies face and she gasped.
    She recognized the face Immediately, this lady was with Mr welter at the function, does that mean Knight and his brothers couldn't convince her because they were meeting her, this most be the Ragina Hanged, she's seen her and she's sure it's Ragina Hanged, she couldn't help but gasped, welter and his mistress kidnapped her, she removed the cloth covering Bella's mouth.
    "Hello Isabel" Ragina said smiling at Bella who's face still looked terrified, she swallowed hard.
    " I know you " Bella whispered, Ragina smirked.
    " And i know you too dear ," Ragina said with a cocky smile .
    " Why...why am i here ? Bella try to control her tears .
    " Probably for some business, your boyfriend wants " Ragina said and Bella knew it's Knight she was referring to.
    " I have nothing to do with this, am sure this is Mr Welters doing" Bella whispered Again, afraid that If she shouts then she will be hit .
    Ragina smirked.
    ", Your such a brave girl my darling, he did" Ragina replied opening her packet of cigarette , she light it and smoked.
    " I thought Knight came to see you " Bella said .
    " Yes Darling, and we talked business, I agreed to help him" Ragina said .
    Bella was confused, if she did then why doing this with welter ?
    " So you tricked him ? Bella asked but before Ragina could reply welter walked in with two body guards behind him.
    Bella looked at the man and felt irritated by mere looking at him , and the truth was clear , Knight looked like him, so why would he deny him that he wasn't his father?
    " I can see she's awake? Welter said as Ragina smirked then seductively rest her elbow on Welters shoulder busy smoking, Bella couldn't help but cry silently, Ragina tricked Knight and his brothers.
    " At least , she's the piss of cake I need to end that fuckin bastard who claimed to be my son, he was wrong to threaten me " welter said Evily.
    " Yes love, his a fool to think he can threaten you , he even wanted me on his side but little does he know am getting his information" Ragina said in an Evily tone looking at Bella intently.
    " His a fool to think he can outsmart me" welter said kissing Ragina , who smiled .
    " I can't believe you will do this to your own son, gosh your a disgusting man and a disgrace to fatherhood" Bella yelled since she couldn't keep it anymore.
    Welter smirked.
    " He sure got a feisty lady , but I don't see him as my son,i only see him as a slut son " he replied.
    " You should be ashamed rapping a woman Infront of her son, a child for that matter how could you be so wicked" Bella yelled as she cried, thinking of everything Knight have told her .
    " I can see he already told you everything, very nice , by the way , once he gets here I will make him think am giving out my company to him, it will be an opportunity to get the so called evidence and end him , your welcome to join him too " welter smirked .
    " You are such a pig , you disgust me" Bella yelled and welter slapped her hard on the face making her mouth bloody immediately, once Ragina saw what welter did she pulled him away .
    " Your not supposed to hit her , calm down " Ragina said .
    " Tie her mouth back , I need to get some things done , contact the bastard immediately and let him come here , I need to finish this and we can go fuck " he said to Ragina who smirked and kissed him gently on the lips .
    " Sure love", she whispered and watched as welter and his men left , but some were guiding out side .
    " Hay excuse me " Ragina told the guard who stood with her , he nodded and left leaving only Ragina and Bella , Bella looked at Ragina with a bad eyes .
    " I can't believe you will trick Knight" Bella said in a hard tone .
    " I know you won't believe me, but am not tricking anyone , I need to convince welter am on his side , I already made arrangements for what ever will happen here, all you need to do is co-operate with me and the plan will go smoothly" Ragina said crushing her cigarette with her shoe .
    Bella was confused, she doesn't understand this woman , she's acting some how corny .
    " How am I suppose to trust you ? Bella asked .
    " I don't want you to trust me , because i don't need your trust , but if you want to see your precious lover alive then you stick to anything I tell you , welter will stop at nothing but to kill Knight, and trust me Bella am one of those people who wants him dead , now the thing is , you will speak to Knight now so you will know am serous" Ragina said and dialed knights number.
    " Hello mr Houston, your girlfriend wants to speak to you ", Ragina said and put the phone on Bella's ear .
    " Knight", Bella cried out .
    " Ella are you okay ? He asked worriedly.
    " Am not please do something" Bella begged .
    " Trust me I will, Ragina is helping out, we already made a plan, all you have to do is listen to her instructions" Knight said and Bella looked up at Ragina who was looking at her , she really doesn't trust the woman .
    " But I don't trust her " Bella said into the phone .
    " Trust me baby , she's on our side , trust her okay " Knight said trying to convince Bella , yet she wasn't still convinced.
    " Time for me to talk to him " Ragina said and place the phone on her ear .
    " So Knight, where the hell are you now ? She asked .
    " I need you to hurry up here ASAP, remember you need to be careful if your bringing police,make sure you do it according to our plans" Ragina said .
    She listened to Knight for a while then smirked
    " I don't trust people Knight, all I just want is to end welter and am done" she said into the phone and hanged up she turned to Bella .
    " I like it that your tough dear, you shouldn't easily trust someone cause they will back stab you , but believe me when I say I want welter dead as Knight wants , anyways your precious boyfriend is already on his way ,and all this drama will end soon " Ragina said and tied Bella's mouth back.
    " Am sorry i have to tie you back , we wouldn't want to get welter suspicious would we ? She asked smirking and Bella shook her head .
    " Ms I think his here " one of the guards said to Ragina .
    " Oh , his here , let me go check out what's happening, just relax I will be back " Ragina said and walked away .
    Bella was so scared, Knight has already arrived, what will happen now, will welter succeed in killing him oh goodness she couldn't help but cry , she really doesn't want anything to happen to Knight, she loves him so much , God please" she prayed silently.

    After Knight got the news that Bella was kidnapped, Ragina told him welter already planned it , so she sent Knight the location and asked him to be there ASAP, their plan is if Knight is coming with the Police then they have to dress casual not to attract Welters men before they give information that he came with the police, Knight agreed .
    Him alone will meet with welter while his brothers and the police will hide in the inside building, so welter will think he came alone, he made sure that his with the evidence .
    He reached the place and stopped his car it was an old building, hmm welter thinks his smart , his planning to kill him and he knows, same goes to him .
    He has to co operate so he can take him down and get Bella, the only woman he has come to care so much for .
    Entering the building, with his brother's hiding behind the bushes to try and get inside , they watched from afar as Knight spoke to the body guards on the entrance door then he walked in .
    Welter sat on a chair with a table right Infront of him , another chair was beside him , and Ragina was sitting on his lab smirking, once welter saw Knight he smirked and Ragina got up from Welters lab as Knight approached them trying his possible best not to jump on the fucker and kill him immediately.
    " The king finally arrived, ready to do some business? Welter asked smirking.
    Knight smirked back .
    " Ready " he said
    And Ragina gave Knight a secret look as she smirked and wrapped her hands around welter .
    Let the business begin.

    Okay , what do you think is going to happen?
    Do you trust Ragina , who's side do you think she's really on, do you think she tricked Knight, hmm we will find out

    Chapter 15

    (It's All Over)
    " I want to see the evidence first " welter said glaring at Knight who had asked of the company papers, they are both seated talking like their having a business meeting
    " Why not sign the company papers first" Knight said .
    " Why don't I see the evidence first?, to be sure you aint playing a fast one on me" Welter said giving Knight the most hardest look ever .
    Knight reached into the bag he brought and brought out some papers, he was smart enough not to bring the video Ragina had given to him.
    " Here are the evidence, but untill you sign the company papers,then I'd give it to you " Knight said.
    Welter was so pissed off he looked up at Ragina who whispered something in his ear .
    " Okay , I will sign it " welter said and took the company papers and Ragina gave him a pen as he sighed them all , Knight watched as he sighed them as if it was nothing to him, well they will see Who's smart today .
    Once welter finished, he looked up at Knight and held the papers up.
    " It's signed, now hand over the evidence" welter said .
    Knight drop the paper's on the little table in front of them but put his hand on it and gave welter a hard look.
    " I want the company papers in my hand , so give it " he said , welter scoffed and dropped them on the table, Knight smirked it seems their plan is working, Ragina winked Knight who smiled .
    "Fine, so I guess we settled the drama, I hope you don't come threaten me ever again , because I might kill you " welter said and Knight smirked.
    " But anyways, since the business went so well, how about we toast to success ? Welter asked smirking Evily , Knight smirked back Evily .
    " Why not I will love that " Knight replied.
    Welter looked over at Ragina .
    " Baby , get us drink " welter said giving Ragina a secret smile who winked him and turned seductively walking away , welter looked at Ragina's ass and licks his lips.
    " Can't wait to fuck that ass " he mumbled, and Knight cringed at his disgusting word , this old man sure doesn't have shame, he hasn't changed one bit.well today is his last day to fuck anybody as he says .
    " So Knight, are you going to keep pretending you don't know me ?that we haven't met before even before now , really, still pretending?" Welter asked smirking , Knight stared at the old pig which supposed to be his father and smirked, just want he wants.
    He looked around and his eyes caught Dustin who gave him thumbs, his holding a camera in his hand as planned, Knight looked back at welter and smirked.
    "So Surprising" Knight gave a short mockery laugh as welter gave him a scornful look " I thought you would be fooled for ever, it's a good thing you figured it out , but it seems it took you too long to figure it all out , am glad you do now, so tell me , who helped you to figure it out? " Knight asked with a smirk across his face as they both glared at each other .
    At the other side:
    Ragina walked into where Bella was kept, the moment Bella saw her she wants to badly ask her what happened, Ragina smiled and remove the cloth from her mouth , then started untying her hands .
    " So your Really on our side ? Bella asked .
    " I have no choice, we want the same thing, now you have to follow me we need to do something" Ragina said untying her legs .
    Once she was done , she told Bella to follow her up and she did, they got to another room and Ragina opened something like a fridge.
    " A fridge in this kind of place? Bella asked not understanding, Ragina smirked and brought out a bottle of wine and two glasses.
    " Who are does for? Bella asked looking at Ragina suspiciously.
    " For your boyfriend and his dear father of course" she answered.
    " But how is it possible, Knight doesn't even like that man, talk more of sitting and drinking together, this isn't proper" Bella said really confused to know what's happening.
    Ragina opened the wine and poured it into the glasses, then opened her front dress and brought out something wrapped in a little box .
    " What are you doing? Bella asked .
    " Planning to make it easy " Ragina said putting the white content into one of the glasses Bella watched her shocked.
    " Who are you trying to poison? Bella asked.
    Ragina smiled closed the box and put it back into her dress .
    " Should I say your boyfriend? She asked and Bella gasped.
    " I won't let him drink it" Bella said glaring at her Ragina smirked.
    " Oh darling, he won't drink it but his father will " Ragina gave her a wink.
    " Your trying to kill Mr welter , then you can blame it on Knight , how could you think that , I won't let you " Bella try not to yell.
    Ragina picked the two glasses in her hand and kissed Bella's cheek .
    " Now, I want you to know welter asked me to do this , but at end he will drink of this ,but I will give it to your boyfriend, you don't need to worry , he won't drink it but welter will" Ragina said .
    Bella still didn't trust her .
    "Am coming with you , I need to see for my self " Bella said.
    " Oh, you must really love your boyfriend so much , no problem you follow me out but hide behind when I go give them , make sure you don't jump out to raise suspicious" Ragina said and Bella. Nodded , Ragina smirked and walked out of the room as Bella followed behind to see what will happen.
    Welter was giving Knight a hard look and Knight was boiling with anger trying not to ripe the old man's neck already, Ragina came with the drinks , and as she dropped them, she gave the poison one too Knight and gave him a secret look to know what to do, she has to do it like that because welter is a very smart man who knows when something is wrong, so it's up to Knight to follow the plan smoothly.
    " Here is the drink , why don't we toast " welter picked up his glass after toasting he took a sip of his own , but knight did as if he sipped his using his long finger to cover the mouth of the glass making it look as if he drank, welter smirked.
    " So you remembered all this while but you pretended? Welter asked Knight didn't say anything but thinking of how to exchange the drink , if welter talks too much, he wouldn't know when he will exchange it, then when he picks it up he won't bother looking at the glass before drinking it.
    " I must really say, you've grown so big, but too bad you aint tough or smart" he said as he dropped his drink on the table, Knight did the Same , Ragina suddenly screamed from behind welter quickly turned to her .
    " Baby what happened? He asked .
    Ragina smiled .
    " I think the hills " she said and smirked as Knight already changed them .
    " Umm it's okay , am okay ", she stood straight and welter nodded and turned back to Knight who was glaring at him.
    "Yeah so, how has the business world transform you so fast Knight? Welter asked .
    " I wouldn't want to share my business life with you and you know it" Knight replied and welter picked his glass and took a big gulp making Knight smirked harder ,he took his and sip a little so welter doesn't get suspicious.
    " I thought the father has to know about the son?you know what I mean right ?, Father and son bonding" He smirked , and Knight raised an eyebrow.
    " Your not my father and will never be and bonding you say? " He laughed " so funny " Knight replied.
    " The fact still state it, even though it disgust me to think you are my son as claimed, now you think you can trick me into signing my company papers to you ,what evidence do you have now to put me in jail, I already took them ,and the Company papers your with is fake " welter said he smirked Evily.
    Knight got angry checking the papers.
    " Oh sorry , do you think you can out smart me, no one deals with me and go score free, am a man of my word and you will end up just like your slut of a mother, it was so easily putting a end to her life , so it's more easier putting an end to yours " welter said in a hard tone the evil in his eyes shining so bright, Knight clenched his fist and try to control himself.
    " Shouldn't you be saying that to your self, how your going to end yourself like my mother " Knight smirked and Welters eyes widen as he started feeling hot in his stomach.
    " What the hell...ddid you do ? Welter try to control his hot stomach as he was already struggling on the seat .
    " Should I say I kind of exchange the drinks ? was easy to kill my mother , but it's more easier killing yourself right ?" Knight asked smirking.
    Ragina went to stand beside Knight and smirked, Knight was busy smiling.
    " Ragina , hhow ccould yyou , you be-tray mme" welter said with a clenched teeth as he sends daggers to Ragina who was still smirking.
    By this time Bella ran out and Knight hugged her tightly.
    " Oh thank goodness nothing happened to you " Bella said as Knight held her to him and kissed her long on hard on the lips then faced his father who is on the floor already.
    "You killed my mother , and thought you could go score free, that is the most stupid thing you ever thought of father" he mocked .
    " His greatest mistake was not killing you knight, your father sure has a thing" Ragina said and Bella looked at her the woman is so hard to figure out .
    " I....I trusted you Ragina " welter said .
    " That's one thing you should never do easily, trust! Because your going to get stab ... before you realize it" Ragina said, welter was still struggling as he looked at Knight with so much hatred.
    " I killed your mother because she was such a bitch , lying to me that your my son when we did it only once " he yelled .
    " And you think once couldn't get a woman pregnant? Knight yelled "ahh..... he doesn't know" Knight chuckled unbelievably,Welter remained quite, he wonders where his bloody body guard are , why aint there any one ?
    " Are you looking for your bodyguards? Ragina smirked." I think the coups has already taken care of them , you don't need to worry much " she said and Welters eyes widen .
    " You both tricked me " he yelled " just remember that if I die, you two will be locked up " welter said as his eyes began blurring.
    Ragina walked towards him and bend down to look at his face.
    " Don't worry love, it's only a sleeping tablet,it will just burn you a little like you will die,but u won't, once you wake up , you will be in jail with your other friends" Ragina said touching his hair .
    " Get your hands of me bitch " welter yelled Ragina chuckled.
    Knight walked to welter and picked him up by the collar, he was already weak and about to close his eyes .
    " I've been wanting to do this " Knight said and punched him hard on the face .
    " That's for my mother "
    "For me" punch.
    "For everything" punch.
    Bella pulled him away as Welters faces was already bloody , this time around the police already came in with Knights brother's.
    Welter was already lossing consciousness as the police went to pick him up .
    " One more thing, I changed the company papers, so sorry welter you signed the original one " Ragina said looking at welter with a smile , he tries to say something but blacked out .
    Knight had a word with the police and Dustin handed the inspector the recording, they bide goodbye and left , the three body guards were already arrested .
    " Thank you so much Ragina,am really greatful, you should have the company papers,i don't need them " Knight said and Ragina smiled.
    " I don't need anything, and I didn't do this for you , I did it for myself, go ok keep the papers it's useless to me " Ragina said picking her jacket from the chair and wore it , they all looked at her .
    " But you need it " Knight said .
    " You can trow them away, I don't need it " she wore her dark sunglasses and kissed Knights cheek and blew them a kiss.
    " I will see you when next I see you " she winked and cat walk away , they all looked at each other confused untill Ragina was gone, the woman looked like a Mistry.
    " The woman is strange" Dustin murmured.
    " I thought I was the only one to observe" Bella said
    " Who wouldn't want to own a big company, she just tossed it away like that ? Luke asked confused.
    "Well she's really kind of acting corny at first I thought she was going to trick us, damn she's a good actress, she reminds me alot of Angelina Jolie" Aaron said Making them laughed.
    "That's true, maybe they are related, " Luke agreed Making them laugh.
    "You idiot's her surname is Hanged not Jolie " Dustin rolled his eyes at his brothers who chuckled.
    "Ah....she's too hard to figure out " Luke said
    "Am glad everything went well , All that matters now is its all over " Bella said with a smile .
    And they all turned to her she raised an eyebrow but knight pulled her and hugged her tight, She was taking by surprise.

    Chapter 16

     Day 9/Day 10 (Fun, Sex, Goodbye)
    After Bella and I Knight got back home, Knight explained everything to his family about what Really happened, Jacob was so angry that Knight didn't tell him on time if not he would have delt with welter himself .
    The following day Knight decided to take Bella out , right now they are seated having lunch and he couldn't stop staring at her .
    " Eyes up here Mr" Bella said to Knight who smiled , Bella has been trying to act cool since Because tomorrow she will be gone, the painful part is she's in love with Knight, but he isn't showing if he feels the same for her she was so broken.
    " I can't help but stare, your really beautiful Bella" he said and she blushed.
    " I want us to go out and have some fun, since tomorrow you will be gone " Knight said ands Bella chest felt hurt , he said it as if he doesn't feel a thing for her,she couldn't help but blink back her tears .
    " I would love that " she said .
    Knight smiled.
    They left and Knight took her to the Art gallery, she was so happy Knights arms wrapped around her , sometimes when she's busy playing with the animals In the water he will snap her .
    He later took her to the funfair, where Bella enjoyed herself smiling all through,at least it helped her to forget her hurting heart a bit .
    They also went to the park where they played and sketch together , him holding her hand as they turned around , being her first time she kept screaming.
    " Let's go for a horse ride" she said and they went for horse riding, she was so happy and Knight couldn't help but enjoy his self with her , after riding horses , he took her to the rollercoaster, and they got into the ride, since it was her first time knight held her hand as she kept screaming happily with the other people.
    He kissed her lips and she wrapped her hands around him hugging him, she will really miss him, thinking about going is killing her slowly, shes deeply In love with him and it's hurting her .He took her and they bought some ice cream,
    When they arrived home , Knight didn't waste time picking Bella up to the room, they kissed each other like wild cat's and Bella kept moaning as Knights hands were all over her body .
    He kissed every part of her body and she kept moaning, soon their clothes were discarded, Bella wrapped her legs around Knights torso , as he did wide things to her body , there was something different in the way Knight was touching her , only if he felt the same for her, this sex they are about to have now will be the only memory she will have off him, and she doesn't know if another man will make her feel the same way as Knight.
    Once knight entered her, she gasped trying her possible best not to cry ,he made love to her all night and Bella couldn't resist his hands .
    When morinng came Bella woke up but didn't see Knight, she has to get ready to go, her tears were already spilling out, she's leaving, she got up and went into the bathroom, she stood there Just letting the water drip over her body , she couldn't stop thinking if it was really the end for them , and Knight not caring at all, she felt tears but the water dripping on her was washing it away , she sobbed silently .
    She felt someone touched her and she knew that moment it was Knight, his hands went to her breast caressing it and she moaned , Knight started kissing her neck and he turned her to face him, he was also naked.
    He stare at Bella's eyes and his heart was breaking too, she was leaving today , but he couldn't stand it , he doesn't know what he feels for bella and that was the truth, his still confused.
    He kissed her deeply and she responded, wrapping her hands around his neck as he picked her up and placed her on the bathroom wall, she held him tight as he entered her .
    At first he was gentle but his thrust became harder and faster than before, Bella moaned loudly through out the bathroom, Knight kissed her hard but never stopped thrusting into her .
    When he finally stopped.
    He kissed her hard and dropped her to her feet .they bath together and left the bathroom, Knight went downstairs leaving Bella , she was acting strange and he doesn't know why.
    He doesn't know what he feels for her , but neither could he keep her , they already made the agreement, she has to go its best, and he knows she could never love someone like him, he was so cold towards her and treated her badly, she doesn't deserve someone like him, niether could he keep her and keep having sex with her, he feels Terrible for making feel like a slut , Bella needs someone better not someone like him, it's best she goes.
    Bella got dress and took her bag downstairs, Knight sat on the wine bar as he saw her with her bag, she gently dropped it and walked towards him.
    " Am set to go" she said and he nodded .
    " Um, I already payed the money into your account, and josh will drive you to the new house you will be staying with your parents " he said Bella looked up at him .
    " We didn't agree on you buying me a house" Bella said .
    " I know, I just wanted it to be a thank you for helping me"he said and she nodded .
    They were quite for a while .
    "Umm, you know after this we won't contact each other right? He asked and she nodded, it was part of the contract she signed that after the last day, they ain't communicating again niether to see each other .
    "Yes " she answered, trying to keep her shaking she smiled at Knight.
    They were quite again as Knight and her were looking at each other , Knight was having the urge to grab her and kiss her and tell her not to go , but the eyes Bella was giving him looks like she doesn't want to stay anymore, because she was smiling, and he felt bad , he can't keep her , it's best she goes and have her freedom.
    " Josh will drive you there " he said and Bella nodded , she turned walked back to her bag and carried it , she started walking out when Knight stopped her.
    " Bella " she turned to look him.
    " Thank you " he said and she forced a smile .
    " Goodbye Knight" she said trying to keep her tears .
    She walked out of his mansion and josh helped her with her bag .
    As she sat in the car , she couldn't help but cry , josh kept hearing her sniffing.
    " Your inlove with him Ain't you ? He asked Bella who cleaned her tears .
    " I never thought I will, but now it's me who's hurting" she responded.
    " Why didn't you tell him " he asked .
    " What's the use of telling him when he doesn't even want me " she said .
    " It's best that I will have to start my life again" she added and josh nodded understanding her pain .
    She closed her eyes and leaned back on the seat as her tears flow freely down her cheek .as she thought about her grandma and brother sam .
    Grandmother, Samuel, am coming back home .
    Knight sat down thinking about Bella , was it really the best thing to do , leaving her to go ? But his to cold too her, he doesn't deserve her, she needs someone better .
    Just then his phone rang and it was Dustin .
    " Hello ", Knight said .
    " Hay bro, Ragina wants to see us particularly you , she said it's important" Dustin said and Knight looked confused.
    " Then why didn't she call me directly? Knight asked .
    " I don't know, she said we should meet her at the airport ASAP" Dustin said and Knight was more than worried.
    " Ok am on my way , let's meet up " he said and hanged up.
    What does Ragina want, and why airport, what is going on ? He couldn't help but ask.

    Chapter 17

    Once Bella arrived at her home, she bide Goodbye to josh and watched as he drove away, so this is it, She's back home, she signed and walked to the door, she knocked and the door opened it was her grandmother Susan, the moment she saw Bella she was so happy, Bella was shocked to see her grandmother very healthy and looking smooth, she was confused.
    " Oh my Isabella your back ,how are you doing, come inside " Susan pulled her inside and she's still shocked.
    " Grandma, is this you,are you okay ? Bella asked ,Susan smiled as they both sat down
    ", Of course my dear, am very healthy, am well now" she said happily.
    Bella was still confused, how is that possible.
    " But grandmother you were sick " Bella said .
    " Yes, but sam brought a friend of his who paid for my treatment, his really a kind guy, he even paid for Sam's graduation fees " Susan said making Bella to gasp she was more shocked now.
    ", What...someone paid ? But who ,what did he say his name was ? Bella asked totally lost .
    " It's sam who knows his name, but he told us his a friend to you and you sent him" Susan said with a smile and Bella frowned.
    " Friend ? She whispered confused.
    The door open and sam walked in when he saw his sister he was so happy.
    "Bella your back" he hugged her , Bella looked at her brother who is dressed with his uniform, he looked so happy, and he just returned back from school.
    "Sam" Bella pulled him to seat down "hay did you continue school , did you go stealing didn't i tell you to just wait for 10 days, what did you involve yourself with , talk before i cut your ear " by now she was holding Sam's ear .
    "Ouch....sis... please stop, it hurts " sam pleaded Bella left him.
    "Start talking" she said giving her brother that elder sister command .
    "Hah, sis what's wrong with you , your acting weird , don't you know me, I don't involve myself in bad things all my friends are good " sam said giving his sister that puppy eyes .
    "Of course, you don't keep bad friends, start talking befor i hit you " Bella yelled making sam jump from his seat. , Their grandmother laughed from behind, bella and sam has always been like that ever since they were much younger especially when Bella is claiming that elder sister stuff .
    "Calm down , why are you so hurt tempered , anyways, it was a guy who paid it " he said causally adjusting his backpack .
    "Which guy , doesn't he have a name ?" She asked eyeing him.
    "I don't know, all i know is he was the one who came to pick you the day you went for work " sam said Making Bella rethink, it was josh who picked her up that day, is there a chance he paid ? No way , josh doesn't know about her family issue .
    "That guy?" She asked .
    "Yes,he said he was sent by you to bring it, why are you Suddenly asking so much questions, aint you the one who sent it ?" He asked .
    Bella gasped, josh said she sent the money ? What's going on.
    She will have to go back and discover this .
    "Look after the house , I will be right back " she said hurrying out of the house .
    "Sis, where are you going? You just came back " sam rushed out calling her But Bella had already left" ahh....why is she so weird?she's so full of drama , where is she going now , and why is she acting like she didn't pay the money , ahh.... my ear hurt because of to much pulling, she's back now , my skin will turn colorful" sam said going back inside .
    Knight and his brothers arrived quickly at the airport, once their eyes caught Ragina , she was seated with her airport bag standing beside her, when she turned and saw Knight she smiled and got up as they met her, she removed her sunglasses.
    " It's a good thing you came , I have less minute to go " she said Knight looked from her airport bag to her .
    " Why did you ask me to come here, and where are you going? Knight asked confused.
    " I just needed to pass a message to you before I go, and I know how important it is for you to see your mother " she said and Knights eyes widen, infact they all looked shocked.
    " My mother ? Knight asked and Ragina nodded.
    " She gave me a message to you " Ragina said and opened her purse then brought out a pendent .
    " She gave me this before she died, she asked me to find you and give it to you, it's a special pendent from her mother's mother , and she wants you to give it to the woman you love " she said as Knight collected it .
    " Also have this card , I need you to check this location, that's where shes buried , she said you should visit her someday " Ragina said and Knight looked so confused.
    " But, my mom died instantly when welter killed her " Knight said " how is it possible she was alive till she spoke to you ? Knight asked .
    " Am your mother's bestfriend Knight, and yes she actually was dead but not fully, welter made a mistake that night thinking she died instantly, but after he took her to dump her body I went along, Tony drove me there so we took her to the hospital, unfortunately she only gave me this pendant and asked me to tell you to visit her , I know how much you've been dying to know were she's kept , now it's the best time to go and see your mother " Ragina said smiling.
    Knight couldn't help but let a tear drop.
    " really , really " he whispered looking at the pendent"Thank you so much " he told her Ragina patted his back .
    " Your mom once saved me, the list I could do is help her son , after so much living in this country , I want to go back to dubai, just said I should hand this to you " Ragina said Knight nodded .
    The plane announcement was made .
    ", I have to go" she told Knight.
    " Will I see you again , I want to pay you for helping me get the chance to see my mother again " Knight said .
    " Am sorry Knight, but I don't think we will see soon, if there's anybody who need payback for good deeds , it's Isabella, that girl is very nice and loves you so much , make sure you take care of her" Ragina said and patted Knights cheek who looked confused.
    Ragina wore her glasses back which made her look like Angelina Jolie again took her airport bag and blew them a kiss before she cat walk and got into the plane , Knight stood quietly staring blankly at nothing.
    "Ahh....this woman is definitely Angelina Jolie reborn , they act the same " Luke said running his hand over his hair , Dustin looked at knight who still stood quite looking at the pendent .
    " Dude, what's wrong ? Dustin asked .
    " By the way , where is Bella ? Aaron asked .
    Knight didn't answer , they looked at each other and their eyes widen.
    " You let her go ??? Luke bursted.
    " How could you knight, you love that girl for crying out loud "Dustin said .
    ", Guys please, I want to be alone am not sure of how I feel about her, I need some space to think this through" he said and looked at the pendent.
    " I just hope by the time you realize your feelings for her it's not too late " Aaron said and that got to him real hard
    Knight wasted no time in going to his mother's grave, where her name is boldly written on it , he cried out his heart after placing flowers on it, it just seem as if it's now his mother died, for the next 2 weeks he kept going there to visit his mother and he told her alot about Bella , yes it's already two weeks and they haven't seen each other , he really missed her anywhere he entered in his house was Bella's memory's, the painting room where he had made love to her, the dinning table, his bedroom, the bathroom, even when he visited his parents house he remembered their love making in the washroom, he couldn't stop thinking about her he tried to go onto another girl but he ended up pushing them away , and then he realized his inlove with her, his madly in love with bella ,his going to get his girl back , he just hope his not late yet.
    Bella and her family moved into the house Knight bought for them, Bella couldn't help but keep crying all night for the past two weeks remembering everything that has happened between her and Knight, that day she had gone to see josh, josh had told her Knight had paid for the hospital bill and sam fees after she moved in with him , she decided to wait Hoping to see Knight and thanked him but he never showed up, she went back home sad, and days and weeks past without her seeing him and she missed him so much .
    recently she has been feeling sick trowing up all the time , she kept vomiting all the food she ate, and she detest some, her grandmother has asked her to see the doctor,.but she kept rejecting she said it's normal sickness .
    She was in the kitchen one day discussing with her grandmother when she suddenly felt dizzy and her eyes became blur and she fainted , sam and Susan rushed her to the hospital and they got the greatest news of their lives
    When Bella's eyes opened , she saw her mother and brother looking at her .
    " Mother , sam , what's wrong? She asked , what did the doctor said ?am I ok?" She asked .
    " Bella , are you in a relationship with anyone? Susan suddenly asked making her Confused, she shook her head saying no .
    ", Why such question mother, you know I will tell you if am in a relationship with anyone" Bella said Susan took a deep breath and held her daughter's hand.
    " Honey , the doctor said your 2 weeks pregnant" Susan said and Bella gasped.
    Her hand went to her stomach as a tear slide down her cheek .
    " Knight"
    She whispered.

    Chapter 18

    (Don't Hate Me)
    Bella couldn't believe she was pregnant, she lay on her bed as her hand touched her little stomach, she's pregnant for Knight, she's carrying his child , she couldn't help but cry, what will she do? Should she go and see him and tell him she's pregnant? What if he tells her she trapped him? What if he send her away ? What if something goes wrong? They were so many " IF's" in her head ,too Think she will be able to forget Knight, but she couldn't forget him , she thought her love for him will fade away once she goes away but they only grew stronger.
    She sat up on her bed, she's going to be having knights baby, but how will he react to hear she's pregnant? She couldn't help but cry .
    "Am I really screwed, how can I get pregnant, what do I do?"she thought uncomfortably.
    Her door opened and her grandmother came in, Bella looked up at her as she came closer to seat beside her, Bella wiped her tears .
    " My dear , you can't keep crying, it's been three days since you heard of this news , why can't you contact the baby's father ? Susan asked worried.
    Only if she knew how she got pregnant, she will understand why she couldn't show her face to Knight.
    " Mother I can't " Bella whispered.
    " But I thought you love this man,? Why can't you go to him ? She asked and Bella swallowed her shame to tell her grandmother she was a whore to a multi Billionaire for 10 days , gosh how will she react ?
    " Nothing, but I don't think the father wants the baby " Bella said nothing looking at her grandmother.
    "And why is that ?why won't he want his own child ? You never can predict Bella , go and tell him before it's too late " Susan said .
    It's already late, he must have found another girl to bed for 10 days , Bella Thought and the thought alone made her sick In her stomach.
    She imagine Knight kissing and touching another woman the way he does to her she closed her eyes tightly, it's hurting her already .
    " Bella , even if that young man doesn't come to you , then go to him " Susan said touching Bella's arm.
    " Grandma you don't understand, I can't go to him anymore, what happened between us was a 10 days contract" Bella said angrily making Susan confused but her voice was low.
    " What do you mean 10 days contract? Susan asked Bella knew she has to tell her grandmother.
    " Mother please don't hate me ,I only did it because i wanted to pay for your treatment and make sure sam graduate from highschool" Bella said in tears , Susan was still confused.
    " Just what are you saying, I don't understand" Susan said .
    Bella went down on her knees , she has to beg her as she's saying it .
    " Mother , I did something very terrible believe me I feel horrible about it myself" Bella said as she cried.
    " Bella tell me what you did " Susan said getting pissed already.
    " I.....I.... Mother....I ,
    " Bella just say it " Susan shook her
    " I agreed to have 10 days sex with a billionaire" Bella quickly said and Susan's jaw dropped.
    " You what ? She asked .
    ", Grandma am sorry , I really didn't want to do it, but I had no choice, he threatened to ruin our lives if I don't comply to his terms I was helpless, so he forced me into having 10 days with him, and offered to pay 3 million dollars" she said Susan's eyes widen .
    ", What?? 3 million dollars, wait ... does that mean you lied to me that this house we are in ....was not giving to you ordinary because you did some great job but because you hard sex with a stranger ? Bella Nodded .
    Susan couldn't believe what she was hearing, she stare at Bella .
    "Asshh....." Susan face palmed herself.
    " Mother am so sorry , I never wanted this to happen,i had no choice" Bella begged Susan stare at Bella for a while .
    " Is he a good man ?, Are you inlove with him ? She asked .
    Bella Nodded .
    " Then go back to him " Susan said .
    " Mother I can't , it was said that after the 10 days no more contacting each other " she said .
    " Well that rule will have to break now because your carrying his child and he needs to Know, your going to him Bella , if you like it or not , stand up and go " Susan said with a serious tone, Bella had never seen such behavior from her grandmother before.
    " What if he doesn't want the child mother ? Bella cried .
    " Then come back home and forget him " Susan said ..." We will take care of the child ourselves, but I just want you to go see him and tell him, he deserves to know" susan said and Bella nodded.
    Knight was in his painting room finishing the drawing of Bella on his bill board, yes his been working on it right before the day Bella walked in, that was the one she almost opened before he walked in on her , in the drawing she was smiling and Knight couldn't help but stare into her eyes .
    He has about three drawings of her , and the forth one was of them both kissing each other under the moon light that was second to the last day Bella left when they went to have fun.
    He traced his hand on the drawing, his planning to give her a surprise visit soon, and then he will try to win her , he would had gone three days ago , but his business was really making some progress and his father Jacob needed alot of his help , so he had to postpone seeing Bella to tomorrow.
    Although sometimes he will drive to the front of the house he gave them, just to look at Bella's face from the balcony then he goes away , he did that yesterday and almost went in, he saw Bella at the balcony looking up in the sky , and she was caressing her stomach, Knight couldn't help but wonder why she was doing that , he saw her brother come to tell her something and she went back inside ,he got a phone call from the company he signed and drove away away .
    He was so busy in his thoughts that he didn't hear the door open.
    " Knight"
    He heard a familiar voice and he quickly turned to see Bella standing there looking at him , he stood up from the stool he sat and they stare at each other .
    Knight couldn't believe she was really here with him, while Bella's eyes roam her paintings on the wall and on the bill board.
    Knight added her to his memory?
    "Bella" Knight whispered in surprised, he was surprised to see her , she really come back to him? She did.he smiled.
    And before bella could calculate what was happening, Knight was already in her front grabbed her and was kissing her.

    Chapter 19

    (I Love You)
    Bella couldn't help but kiss him back, how she missed him so much, they both kissed each other passionately and Knight wasted no time in placing her on the wall, with her legs wrapped around his torso , Knight kissed her deeply and she moaned, she missed this,his lips hands everything, and she has forgotten the reason why she came.
    Knight too was already hard, seeing Bella again brought his sexual Desires and he couldn't help but think the lady is a temptress, he reached for the hem of her blue gown and pulled it exposing her shoulder, the material cracked and he knew it will tear , still kissing her lips he reached for the zip instead and at once zipped it off, Bella clung to him tightly.
    Knight kissed Below her neck down to her chest and took her nipple into his mouth, Bella bit her lower lip and her hand was lost in his hair as Knight did the same to the other ,still holding her against the wall, he unbuckled his belt with one hand , and Bella try to pull his shirt to have access to caress his hard muscling chest which turns her on.
    Knight kissed her lips deeply and stare into her eyes.
    " I miss you so much Bella " he whispered.
    She touched his cheek .
    " I miss you too" she whispered.
    Knight smiled and entered her,Bella's eyes rolled back and forth, it seems his now bigger than before, Knight saw her face and smiled .
    " You are so tight, Ella " he whispered.
    " And your bigger " she said and he chuckled.
    He started moving in and out of her, and Bella clung to him , he was gentle at first but began thrusting harder into her, Bella gasped holding him so she won't fall, but of course she won't fall Knight was too big and hard a strong arm which could turn any woman on, when Knight held her tight , their moans filled the whole paint room, Bella kissed Knight hard on the lips as he continued his hard thrust .
    When he exploded in her, they were both breathing so hard, he kissed her long and hard before dropping her on her feet ,she was about to fall and he caught her .
    " Was I hard? He asked she just smiled and whispered no.
    Knight did his trouser back and she adjusted her gown, but it was torn a bit because of the force he was using.
    Knight helped her to do her zipper , and she whispered thank you , suddenly her mood changed.
    She came to tell him something very Important, and she had ended up in his arms again, what will happen if she tells him, what will he do ? She suddenly became scared, was it another mistake to let him sleep with her, should she had stopped him.
    He had said he missed her, but was he telling the truth , was he referring to her body? Was it the sex he missed because he could say " you" and all part of her body is " her" she couldn't help the tears that whirl down her cheek, but she quickly wiped it not wanting him to notice.
    Knight saw how she suddenly became quite and he didn't like it so he touched her arm .
    " Ella , are you ok? He asked in a concerned tone.
    " I need to tell you something" Bella said .
    Knight was suddenly scared, did she come to tell him she's going away for ever, is she leaving the country?he stare at her .
    " Forget it because i won't accept it" he said .
    And that Moment Bella's heart broke into million pieces, that means he knows she's pregnant ? He doesn't want the baby , she try not to break down and cry .
    " So you knew ? She whispered.
    " I figured it out, and forget it because i won't accept it" Knight replied and her heart broke into more and more pieces.
    She has to get out of here, she can't stand his sight anymore, she suddenly felt she might faint , her legs couldn't hold her anymore .
    " I shouldn't have come here" she whispered and ran out of the painting room, Knight quickly ran after her, before she could reach the living room door he grabbed her wrist.
    "What's up with you Bella? He asked
    " Let go of me you bastard, your so wicked , I should had Known coming here was a mistake, I thought you will be willing to accept it but all you want is sex and I foolishly gave it to you , infact am very stupid to think anything will work between us " Bella yelled in tears .
    Knight now was confused.
    " Ella , I dont only want sex from you , but you don't expect me to let you go away , I can't let you do that , you mean so much to me and I don't want to loss you " he said .
    " What is the essence of still wanting me when you don't even want your own blood ? She yelled .
    Knight was confused.
    " What blood are you talking about Bella ? He asked .
    " The one you said you don't want, if you don't want the baby then you don't need me either just let me go and I won't bother you anymore " she yelled .
    Knight moved a bit back, did she just say baby? Like a real baby or ...what ?? He stare at her shocked, is she???
    He grabbed her shoulder
    " What baby is that? He asked and now Bella too was confused.
    " Bella Answer me, what baby are you talking about? Knight asked trying to control his temper, because if it's someone else baby, he will murder the fucker who dare touched his Bella.
    " Your baby you idiot , am pregnant, two weeks pregnant " she yelled .
    Knight let go off her and stare at her with wide eyes.
    " Your pregnant?he asked as if not believing but was surprised.
    " Yes" she said .
    " It's mine right ? He couldn't help the joy that was building in his heart already , just to hear it's his.
    " Of course it's yours, your the only one I've been Sleeping with " she answered.
    Knight smiled .
    " Your pregnant, your carrying my baby ? Your really pregnant? He said happily Bella couldn't help but smile she whispered yes .
    Knight carried her and turn her round Bella laughed as he dropped her and kissed her long and hard .
    " Your carrying my baby " he said touching her stomach, she nodded, she was so surprised at Knights behavior, she thought he knew that's why he said he won't accept, but what was he saying then ?
    " Am going to be a father ...yes ...yes " he laughed and hugged her again .
    " Thank you so much Ella , I love you , thank you " Knight said and Bella became still like a statue, her smile faded as she stare at Knight disbelief, did she hear well, or she has started hearing double.
    " Knight" she called .
    " Yes love " he pulled her to him.
    " You just said ....
    " I love you " he completed, Bella nodded looking into his eyes .
    Knight cupped her face in his hand and stare into her eyes deeply.
    " Bella am sorry I didn't come to tell you this on time, but your the first girl I was so much attracted to, I was trying to deny my feelings for you but I was deceiving myself, Bella i really love you and I was coming to get you back, but then fate had to get you pregnant for me so we could start from where we left off, " he said and tears slide down her eyes , he wipped it with his thumb.
    " Don't cry Ella because I will never let you go again, I love you and only you " he said Bella hugged him .
    " Oh Knight, am so happy that you feel the same for me , I really love you too, I love you so much that it hurts me when I was leaving, I couldn't stand being away from you , i love you so much " she cried on his chest and he lift her face up and gave her a hard kiss .
    " Be my girlfriend Ella , will you? He asked she smiled .
    " I will " she replied and Knight kissed her again
    "Thank you " he whispered , they smiled at each other .
    He will date her for a while then ask her the big question, he smiled at his thought.
    " Come over here, have you eaten anything? He asked, Bella wrapped her hand around him and shook her head .
    " Do you have a doctor's appointment? He aksed as they both walked into the kitchen.
    " Yes " she whispered.
    Knight smiled at her as he gave her a stool to seat on.
    " You look thin Ella , have you really been eating? He asked and Bella ignore, the truth was she hasn't been eating well, crying all day because of him, and even when she found out she was pregnant.
    " Baby " Knight squat Infront of her and held her hand in his, looking up into her eyes .
    " you thought i wasn't going to accept the baby right ? He asked and she nodded .
    " Why did you think like that ? He asked touching her long hair.
    " I was scared because it was only a 10 days contract affair, with no feelings attached, I thought you won't accept it " she said .
    " Ella , why won't I accept it when I kept banging you all the time " he asked and Bella blushed.
    " Stop saying such words Knight, it's disgusting " she said he chuckled.
    " Well it's the fact Bella , and we both know it and we kept doing the disgusting thing all the time " he said .
    " I only let you because it was my job , and why did you ask me if it was yours if you actually know it's yours " she asked glaring at him.
    " Oh common Bella, you told me you were on pills, but then you got pregnant, so I was confused" he said .
    " Your such an asshole Knight, it was only on the first day I took pills , and since then you have sex with me without warning, have you forgotten how you sexed me on the dinning table, then your parents party and even in your painting room , infact everywhere, so how am I not supposed to get pregnant when you didn't even like using a.....
    Knight closed her mouth and chuckled.
    " Gosh woman you talk to much , am sorry okay , I should have thought of that , but am still happy you got pregnant" he said and Bella glared at him.
    " Common baby don't be mad at me, am sorry " Knight said kissing her which she responded quickly too .
    " Am I forgiven? He smirked Bella grinned and shook her head saying no .
    " But You kissed me back " Knight said like a child and Bella Chuckled.
    " Knight, what were you saying you won't accept when I told you I wanted to tell you something? She asked .
    " Well, I thought you wanted to tell me your going out of this country, I wasn't going to let that happen" he said in a serious tone and Bella Chuckled.
    " Oh your scared to loss me aint you " she teased.
    " Well I was planning to break any man's neck I see with you though" he said and Bella Chuckled.
    "Jealous" she teased
    "Much " Knight completed.
    Bella touched his face and smiled at him lovingly, they stare into each other's eyes, her mind went back to her pictures in his painting room, so she decided to ask.
    "You made so many paintings of me" she said not asking and he smiled .
    "Correction, of us" he said she chuckled.
    "Yes, I saw it" she said and Knight took her hand in his .
    "Bella, you are the most important part of my memory that I want to keep alive, and those pictures I drew are the only thing that makes me feel better " he said and she smiled , she blinked back her tears.
    "Am glad " she said.
    "Am glad u do" he Replied And he try to kiss her but she moved away he frowned.
    " Bella common, are you still mad at me ? He asked and she nodded
    Knight rubbed his temple frustrated.
    " Just one kiss " he begged she shook her head .
    " Bella please" he pout like a child making her laugh
    " On one condition" she said .
    " Anything baby I will do it " he said .
    " Make me a hot homemade lasagna , and a fried chicken curry, with the tomato sauce" Bella said and Knights eyes widen .
    How is he going to do that ??? he swallowed
    "Oh!...umm... Ok" he said slowly and got up to go pick Ingredients from the cupboard, Bella watched him with wide eyes .
    " Oh my God, you will burn down the house "
    She said and laughed at Knight who was looking at her with a dark eyes , she knew what his thinking when he looks at her like that .
    " I think I have Something better I know how to do than burning the house" he said smirking as he walked towards Bella , she stood from the stool about to run but knight caught her and threw her over his shoulders.
    " Put me down you asshole" Bella laughed as Knight took her to the bedroom and you know what happened next .

    Chapter 20 (Final)

    (Our 10day's Contract)
    (A month later)
    Right now Bella is dressed with a red long gown, Knight had said his taking her out tonight, she's so happy during this one month relationship of theirs , Knight has been the best boyfriend ever, he took her outing alot and to his business parties, infact he had officially announced to his business co workers that Bella was his girlfriend , lots of women envied Bella mostly Knights whores , but she was proud because Knight took her anywhere he goes apart from his office, his family are so happy to hear she's knights girlfriend but they haven't told them Bella was pregnant yet, it was knights decision for it to be kept first cause his been planning to propose to her so he wants to expose it after Bella officially becomes his fiance .
    Bella kissed her mother cheek and huged her brother Before she ran out with her heels when josh saw her he laughed Bella smiled.
    " Why aint you wearing your heels ? He asked.
    " Oh josh will you stop giving me that look,you Know I don't want to keep Knight waiting" she said and got into the passengers seat josh Chuckled got into the car too, he watched as Bella began putting on her shoe and he chuckled more, Bella spank him and he laughed .
    " Jerk" she muttered and josh Chuckled earning a glare from her , as he drove off .
    " I wonder why Knight will suggest we go out so late , it's so dark " she sighed.
    Josh looked at her.
    " Its not so dark, it's just late" he said getting another spank from Bella .
    " Ouch, that hurts " he rubbed his neck, and she smiled at him.
    They finally arrived at a big hall, and josh parked the car they got down.
    " Why are we here ? She asked.
    Music started playing inside the hall as josh went closer to Bella.
    " Please permit me to hold your hand " josh said and Bella frowned.
    " Knight will kill you " she said and josh Chuckled.
    " It was his instruction that I do so" josh Replied taking Bell
    The End

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