Story: Abused, Broken, Redeemed


    We are beginning our Christian short stories today. It is going to be a series themed ”Finding God!”

    Here is our first story titled ”Abused, Broken, Redeemed”.

    It is going to be four chapters, once every Sunday, Yes it is a Sunday Sunday Tonic kinda, have your faith gears on..

    Enjoy …see your next Sunday.

    And during the week? Don’t fret, Itchyfingers is back..and i would pick up an old story to complete or a new one, who knows. Watch this space.


    I was about eleven years old when I first came face to face with evil.
    It had a face, it had a name, and he was my father.

    You see, my father wasn’t the typical fathers who when you think violence you think man. He was nice to my mother, and I believed he even loved her, that he even loved me. I was the oldest amongst three kids, I had a brother and a sister, while I was fair skinned like my mother, my twin siblings were a mixture of dark chocolate.

    Father used to play and care for us, made sure we went to school, had all that we wanted, within his means, you see, he worked as a clergy man in a firm, while mother tended to her shop in the market and when no one was home, I took care of my siblings.
    We were okay, we were happy, as every normal family should be.
    But one day, my perfect little happiness turned into a nightmare.

    When I turned eleven, I used to hear mother’s friends telling her that I looked bigger than my age and I was developing fast, and eyes should be kept on me, I didn’t understand what they met until one day, father had looked at me strangely and from that day, he seemed to pay more attention to me.
    But it was the following month I realized why.

    We were to travel to the village to see mother’s parents and father had offered to take me in his car since I had exams and I would be rounding up but later than the twins, he told mother to go ahead. He was my father, there was nothing to be scared about, but that is where we were wrong, a little cautiousness never hurt nobody.

    I was asleep, when I felt his hands over my mouth, when I opened them and saw father, his eyes bloodshot, his breathing heavy and his hands on my body.. then I felt fear, pain that I have never felt before ..and my tears and screams didn’t stop.
    Father told me he was sorry, that it wouldn’t happen again. But he lied, he lied.
    I couldn’t tell mother, father made me promise not to, father threatened to beat me if I did, father seized being the father I knew, and every day since then, while mother and the twins slept, father visited..and my pain, mixed with sadness, changed me forever.


    I am fifteen years old now, and that night never stopped happening, I was used to it by now, but something else had replaced fear, it was Hate.

    Mother had asked me a thousand times why I speak rudely to father, I couldn’t tell her the reason, how could i? the one she called friend, lover, husband has been molesting her daughter since she was eleven.

    And because I couldn’t do anything to stop it, I lashed out..i had so much hate for the man that I felt like causing him harm. But my little heart didn’t have the mind.

    But there was something this experience changed me, it exposed me to the vices and pleasures of the Sin.

    One day I asked mother, as we came back from church “Mama, if the person you love and trust had done something bad to the ones you love , what would you do?”

    “I would make sure the person doesn’t ever do it again “

    “What would you do mama if the person harms the ones you love?’

    “I would make sure they never do it again’’ she had repeated. I nodded, I wanted to be sure, because I was tired of it, I was tired of it and I needed it to stop.

    One day, he came again, this time I was ready, I bite his hand, I hit his head and I screamed for mama..and I cried and told her everything when she came running into the room.

    “She is lying Rebecca, that daughter of yours is lying” he says.

    I dragged Mama and I told her, I showed her the marks on my body, but father, his words were sweeter and his tone convincing, mother looks at me and then she calls me a witch, that I wanted to destroy her home by seducing her husband, that she should have known that I was a bad omen right from the start.

    “What are you saying mama” I wanted to know as I broke down. Mama told me that, I wasn’t her child, that they had adopted me when they thought they were never going to have kids but God heard their prayers and blessed them, didn’t I see that I didn’t look like any of them, didn’t I see why it was easy for me to bewitch her husband and lure him into sin.

    “Mama I swear it!!’’ I begged, but Mama wouldn’t listen. Mama was the first to hold my hands and push me out of the door, tears in her eyes, she said she loved and cared for me, like her own and yet this I did, Father had a smile on his face, my siblings had confusion.

    “Mama!!’’ I cried but she wouldn’t listen.

    Abused, rejected and homeless I roamed the streets because no one wanted to take me in, then I realized that the streets had its own evil, and that evil embraced me.

    You see, being a young girl alone, my misery did find company.

    So I made friends with them who were in tune with the flesh, remember, father had already exposed me to all the pleasures of the flesh, I hated it, I cursed him, but now..i needed the flesh to survive and I did. For a while I did.

    It’s been 6 years now, never went back home, no one looked for me nor cared. I had had too many drugs in my system, engaged in fleshy sins, I stole to survive, I fought, I did all manner of things, I was a scorn to my own self but I didn’t care, I was homeless, I was an orphan, I was nobody, nobody loved me, no one would ever love me, everyone just wanted to use me and I gave up all that I was just to be able to live another day and for awhile I was happy or thought I was, but one day..

    I met my water low, I was nothing to write home about, no one wanted what I had to offer, used cargo they say, expired goods they named me.

    I wanted to die, I should have died.
    I walked out from under the bridge, not had a decent meal for over two weeks, more bones than flesh, more dead than alive, I walked to the road, and I wanted to end it all.

    While the lights flashed, while I heard the screams, I stood there and welcome my death.

    But right there, I found something else instead.


    There was a boy seating close to the gutter, he must have been about five or six, he was staring at me, but while he stared, I was transfixed to the spot and it felt as though everything stopped.
    You see the car was coming towards me, and people were waving for me to get out of the way..but here I was staring at the little boy, wondering why I was drawn to him. He was just a boy, sitting by the gutter, unperturbed about the chaos around him. So i stood watching him, unsure why, yet glued. The car was coming, faster now..yet i wouldn’t budge.

    ”Leave the road!! Leave the road” The screams are more now”

    I do not move. I came here for a mission, to end it all, to die. Death was my only escape from this pain i feel, the suffering i had had to go through. Death would be mercy to me.

    I blank their shouts, i welcome my death as the vehicle is heading for me.
    Then, suddenly he looks up and then he spoke to me looking directly at me, he points to me. “Your life isn’t over yet, don’t end it before something good happens”

    His voice felt so close and yet so far.
    I could feel the heat of the coming vehicle, I could feel my death like claws pulling at me, but the boy speaks to me again ‘’ There is a greater love shared equally for everyone, come, as you are, He’ll love you still” he said “Don’t end it all right before something good happens Chika‘’

    Shock envelops me. He called my name, like he knew me. But how can this be. Maybe i was hearing things, seeing things..they say death makes you go crazy. Or maybe i was already dead.

    No, the car hadn’t hit me yet. I turn away from the boy. I close my eyes. Anytime now.. The honing of the impending truck didn’t deter my quest to end it all.

    ”Do not end it before something good happens Chika, listen to the voice that speaks to you..there is hope yet. There is hope yet Chika”
    I turn again to the sound, it was the boy, he was looking at me now, he had stood up pointing at me. Fear grips me.

    I didn’t understand what he was saying or why he was saying what he was saying, but I wanted to know how he knew my name, without thinking I jumped away from the impending vehicle as I heard people scream, I roll hitting the floor hard, bruising myself. The car didn’t stop, people rush to find out if I was okay, I was..but my heart was troubled, I get up bleeding looking for the boy, I never found him, and no one else saw him either.

    ”Did you see the boy, he was standing right here, he -he called my name and told me..did you see the boy?” I turn asking them, searching for him.

    ”She is crazy!” they said to me. ”No wonder she wanted to kill herself. There is no one there, no one”

    ”But i saw him, he called my name and…he–” I trail off.

    They shake their heads leaving me after making sure i wouldn’t run infront of another vehicle. I wasn’t.

    ‘Who was that boy?” I stood there, waiting and waiting for him. He never came back.
    I went to my corner, and went back to sleep, and maybe back to my life of sin.

    I couldn’t die that day, because whoever that was, prevented me, but I wouldn’t let that distraction happen again.

    I am 24 years old now, cold, tired, weak, doctor says I have a disease , some infection, and I had no money for treatments, no one I knew wanted to help, and if not treated, I would die. Ironic right?
    But you see, I have always wanted to die, right from when I was 11 years old.
    My life had turned from worse to twice that, and like always i strolled the streets, going through the markets begging for food, letting the cold earth be my bed, any day now, death should take me. i prayed for it. i did.

    One day, while i combed the streets in my rags, chased and cursed. After my rounds of abuse from the streets men and a few broken skin running away from stealing food, i looked across the streets, just a few steps away from me from the other side of the road.
    Then I saw him, guess who?
    Yes , Father, the man who made me who I am, who destroyed me, ruined my innocence and made sure i was abandoned. Maybe, maybe the reason i was still alive was because whoever kept me alive wanted me to see this day and take revenge on the man who has done so much damage to me. Before i die, maybe I should kill him first.

    ”Papa” I call out in my loud voice ”Papa Ejima” He looks up looking around.

    ”Papa Ejima!!” I call out again. He looks to my direction, he frowns. ”Papa Ejima?” i call again.

    We stare at each other, a few long minutes pass. Then i see his eyes grow big as recognition sets in.

    ”Papa, this is the day you die” I scream as i grab a rock and I chase him.

    CHAPTER FOUR (Final)

    I will tell you what was on my mind and what my body was screaming, it was screaming so loud without my mouth moving.

    ”Kill him”

    For all the pain he has put me through. For the suffering, for the trauma and for taking away my innocence.

    Kill Him!

    For taking away the love of my mother from me, from separating me from the siblings who looked up to me.

    ”Kill Him’‘

    For the years i have roamed the streets, the life i had had to live, the men who had used me, drugged me and had raped me countlessly.

    Kill Him

    For the pain i went though every night, the things i had to endure, going hungry for days, eating from the bin and and then being diagnosed with this disease.

    Kill Him!! Kill Him !! Kill Him

    For all the years lost, for all that i never got to enjoy for my pain and sorry, for everything papa you have done to me and me to me..

    ”Kill Him”

    With the rock held firmly in my hand, and my screams coming from the place if pain, i chased him, no matter how far his legs could carry him, no matter how narrow the road was..

    He ran , screaming for help, and i too ran after him, screaming for his head.

    He got to the road, he got to the end, and what separated us was just a drum, he was on the other side and the wall to his back.

    I saw him shake, i saw his eyes pool, i saw him go on his knees and i saw the tears fall.

    I felt them gather, i felt them stare and question my sanity, but i didn’t care, I walked towards him, my mouth moving but the pain my breaths came in short feats.

    ”You ruined me Papa” I spoke , my hands raised high before me. ”You killed the innocence of a little girl, you watched get her tossed away, you pushed her into the world of darkness and you never for once cared to know how she fared. Papa, today you die, having a little taste of your medicine”

    ”Chi-chika! Forgive , forgive me!! ”He begged.

    I shake my head ”You do not speak of forgiveness. Nights i cried and begged you to stop, days and years i pleaded that it medicine you stop, did you listen to the pain of the little girl who called you Papa?. Was it because i never bared your blood, was it because i was just an orphan with no real father to call my own hmmm? I was a child, you a man and yet you rammed into me like an animal, and when i couldn’t bare it anymore and told Mama. You lied, rolling it off your tongue and Mama believed. My mama, who love me, siblings who cared for me, you turned them against me, you took away my home, my life my everything. Look at me Papa!”

    He bends his head in shame ”Look at me” I screamed,

    He does, his eyes red, tears running down his face ”I please have mercy, i have done wrong, i know. I have realized the evil i have done, and i looked for you i did and-”

    ”Shut up!! Shut up!!” I scream

    ”Forgive me Chika!!”‘

    ”I am dying Papa, finally , after praying that death should come, finally, the streets have killed me, but i prayed that one day i may be able to repay you for all you have done if i had ever found you, the gods answered my parents today. I may go, but you will with me. ” I raise the stone, heading for his head.

    It was the screams that caused me to pause midair.

    I know that sound, i have heard it so many times growing up. Her voice cannot be missed.

    ”Mama!!” i turn calling out before seeing her . There she was, there she was.. she rushes past me and heads for her husband”

    ”Papa Ejima, what have you done, why is she about to stone you!!” she holds on to him but he is shaking his head ..

    ”I have sinned , i have done a grave sin and today, nemesis catches up with me” She looks at me and then at him.

    ”What do you mean, what do you mean?”

    ”Chika, Chika!!” came his words in tears

    She is taken aback ”Chika, why do you mention her name, did you see her, did you see her?”

    He raises up his hands and then points to me, i had been transfixed, staring at the woman i once called mother, she didn’t recognize me, she didn’t know me.. i stagger back.

    ”Chika, our Chika?” She touches her chest looking at him, and then at me ”Chika?” She turns to me

    ”Mama” i breathe.

    ”Chika, my Chika..?” She takes frightening steps towards me ”Chika?”

    ”Mama” i let the stone drop,

    ”My daughter Chika?”

    ”Mamaaaaa!!”‘ i drop to my knees. I never thought i would ever see the day she calls me daughter again, or ever dare to look unpon me as her own. ”Mama!!” i buried my hands in my face and cried.

    I felt her wrap her hands around me ”Chika, my daughter Chika!! All this years i have searched for you, thinking you are dead, but you stand here, right here,…my daughter Chika, chika, chika, chika!!!!!!” she cried rocking me in her arms.

    I cried slouched in hers, i raise up my head , pointing to him ”Papa, papa..”

    She nods her head ”I know, i know. Forgive me forgive me. He confessed, years later he did. He had found another to ruin, a girl your age we had brought back from the village. She had taken the courage you didn’t have and bathed him with acid.. look at him, look at him ”

    I raise up my head and then my eyes finally cleared to realize that, Papa was disfigured, beyond recognition. But i knew him, i saw him and recognized him. My pain recognized the evil that his was and wanted to end him.

    ”My God!!!” I breathed covering my eyes .

    She nods. ”barely recognizable Chika. On his hospital bed, barely alive after she had sliced his stomach and that which had used to ruin her, he cried, pleading for mercy. He told me the truth, and he told God the truth. ”


    ”Yes. He did. He found God on his death bed, he was supposed to die but somehow, God spared his life, maybe because he wanted you to forgive him for the sins he has committed towards you.

    ”I cannot Mama, i cannot!!”

    She rocks me in her arms ”When he was discharged, he was sent to prison. He had turned himself in, he had gone for counselling and has been rehabilitated. Today, today i was meant to go pick him up because he had been prison, but he commotion caused me to come and see what was happening and i see him, about to be stoned, now i find you, my Chika. Forgive a mother, a mother who believed the her husband and not listen to the pains of the child. ”She takes my hand and then with force slaps her face

    ”Mama!!” I exclaim pulling my hand s away. She takes it back and slaps her face

    I scream ”Stop it Mama!!’

    She shakes her head pulling my hand and slapping her face again, i hug her to restrain her ”Stop it Mama, please stop it” I begged.

    ”No, i am as guilty as he is, i did not pay attention, i did not listen and i sent you away..only God knows how you survived all this years. I searched for you, i prayed to God to bring you back to us. The Twins were devastated. No day goes by when they do not pray to God for your safely and to grant you peace if you were no more. Chika, Chika, forgive me, forgive me , forgive me. Shame washes over me. Pain grips me within..for what i , we have done to you. Forgive me a mother who erred, forgive me, forgive me”

    She held me as i held her tight, we cry in each other’s hands.

    I look up to see him, the man that i called father, the pain in my heart still evident, the urge to end him still there, he was barely a man, barely living. barely alive. He was slouched and crying.

    ”He has wronged you Chika, he has wronged all of us..but, he is a man, a repentant man now, a man who knows his sins and has acknowledged them, A man who even sent out a search party for you. A man who declared his sin openly to be punished. A man redeemed.”

    I shake my head ”Mama, he..he..”

    ”I know. i know. The pains they have caused us, but we err on a daily and by God i made sure he served his crimes, and that he be rehabilitated . Now, in the juvenile before his release, he has put on measures in place to make sure that the youths within the four walls of the cell do not follow in his steps and do thesame thing that got them arrested. He preaches truth now, he preaches truth.”

    ”It is painful, i cannot forgive, i cannot forgive. I want to kill himself, end him!” I tell her.

    ”I cannot change your mind Chika, i cannot even imagine that which you went through, i can only pray that you forgive”

    ”I cannot forgive” i cried ”It is hard, Mama it is hard. he has to die, he has to”

    ”Get rid of all bitterness, passion, and anger. No more shouting or insults, no more hateful feelings of any sort. Instead, be kind and tender-hearted to one another, and forgive one another, as God has forgiven you through Christ. (Ephesians 4:31-32)

    I cried shaking my head and blocking it out.”Mama no, Mama no”

    Forgive us the wrongs we have done, as we forgive the wrongs that others have done to us. (Matthew 6:12)

    ”Stop it Mama!!” i close my ears.

    Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.(Collosians 3 : 13)

    ”Stop it Mamaa, !!”‘ i scream

    ”Stop what Chika!!” fear grips her as she holds on to me. I look up and around, then i see him, standing there, beside him, beside Papa.. he had bent , picking up the bible i didn’t realize Papa had been holding and crying. he spoke.

    ”Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy (Proverbs 28:13)

    ”What does that mean?” I ask

    In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace. (Ephesians 1: 7)”

    ”But he …he ruined my life, he ruined my life. I am dying, i am dying because of him!!”‘ i point to him..

    Let the wicked forsake their ways and the unrighteous their thoughts. Let them turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on them, and to our God, for he will freely pardon (Isaiah 55:7)

    ”So God forgave him of his grievous sins?” I choke

    ”For the Lord your God is gracious and compassionate. He will not turn his face from you if you return to him. (2 Chronicles 13: 9b)

    ”But my pain, mu sorry, my end?” I cried shaking my head. ”It is too much to let go ”

    “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” ~ Palm 147-3

    I opened my mouth to speak but i hear him say..

    “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ~Isaiah 41: 10)

    ”I am sick and dying”.. i cried

    “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ~ Jeremiah 30 :13

    ”How, how..?” I call out.

    “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” ~ Matthew 11: 28;30

    ”Who are you?” I had to ask, because he knew so much.

    ” For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41 :13

    ”And you will help me?”

    ”If only you believe..if only your forgive..if only you let go..if only your learn to unheath the pains within you, if only you learn to take your pain and channel it into goodness. yes it would hurt, yes it is painful to see another who has hurt you so, but you will rise, you will be better and you will survive”

    I hear him speak, i look at the broken man in the corner, and then the arms of the woman who hugged me in her tears..

    ”Will you help me, teach my how to forgive because on my own i cannot”

    He smiles, then he walks to me, he places his hand on my shoulders .

    Proverbs 3:5-6
    “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”

    ”He will direct my paths, when will he?” i wipe my eyes..

    Matthew 7:7

    “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

    ”But the pain, the pain” I rub my chests.

    ”It will go away!”

    ”I want it to now, it hurts so much.” I sobbed.

    ”Forgive, forgive those who have wronged you, forgive..because it weighs you down. forgive Chika..there is broken man who have acknowledged his sins and redeemed himself, here is an abused and broken child holding onto the pain which has ruined her. Forgive, let He, take it up from there..” He touches my arm lightly

    I open my eyes to find Mama staring at me ”What is it Chika?” she shakes me ”Chika, Chika talk to me.

    ”Papa!” was the only thin i said, rising up, i walk to him ”I have cursed you, prayed for evil unpin you, wished death unpon you and today, today i wanted to end you knowing that i would not live for long. But for everything you have done to me, everything, Today..i forgive you. Not because i have no more pains, but because i realize that…my anger have held me bandaged. I refuse to be held down, i refuse to be held down anymore. I forgive you Papa, i forgive you. Now i can die in peace”

    I turn away to mama, back into her waiting arms where i blanked out in her embrace.


    ”Chika, Chika!!!”

    I hear the voice faintly, i open my eyes to see four pairs of eyes staring into mine. Those faces, those eyes, were familiar to me from birth. i held them in my arms, they were my family. My little angels i loved so much.

    ”Chika, can you hear me Chika” i see a tear drop, i see one wipe his eyes… i stare at the other..

    ”Chika, Mama, can she hear us?”

    I reach for one face, and then the other, choking back tears ”I know you, i ..know you!!” I choke again. They nod, touching my hands

    ”Your sister, your brother, you know us Chika, you know us” They wrap me in their hands, crying and hugging me.

    ”Chika, our sister. Chika! Chika!!” They cried.

    We stayed like that for as long as i can remember.

    I thought i would never see them again, or feel such love again. i never thought this day would ever come again.

    I close my eyes, tired..weak.

    i slip into nothingness.


    Breathe Chika, breathe, your time has not come yet, you still have much to do..

    I heard him above me, touching my hands, speaking silently to me,.

    ”Breathe Chika, the thoughts i have for you are good and not of evil to give you an expected end. Breathe”


    I open my eyes.. i heard them talking about me.

    ”She can be cured, if we begin the surgery, fly her out of the country, we can start a proper treatment” I heard them say.

    ”Do it, do it. We lost her once, we aren’t losing her again” He said, He was the older of the twins. he held my hands tight, his sister, she places kisses in my palm. Mama, by the foot of the bed and he, Papa, sat at the door, bible in his hands, prayer on his lips.

    It may not be an easy journey, but one step at a time.

    For now, i am thankful i have found my family and returned to them. I am thankful for the peace in my heart, and the healing on my way.

    And for the boy who stopped me, the one who spoke to me.

    I may not truly understand why he picked me, but i knew he had plans for me.

    I knew he was not ordinary, because no one saw him but me.

    It was God. God showed up, he showed up for me.

    And i have made up my mind to continue this journey with him, and help young girls like me who have been traumatized like me.

    If Papa could change, if he could find God, others like him can too. And i would be the one making sure that they do.

    God saved me for a reason, brought me back for a reason…and i intend to allow him lead me from here on out.

    I was Abused, i was broken, i found my way to God and i am redeemed. Life isn’t over just because we are tossed in the darkest place..when you find God, he would lift you up, heal you, restore you..and your life would just begin.

    There is no place you can’t come out from, no pain you cannot heal from…nothing.

    He would give you rest, God Will, if only you cast your case on him and then belief

    I believe, do you?…

    I hope this story brings you warmth and lead you to finding God.

    THE END.

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