Story: Adventure With The Slay Queen’s

by Aderibigbe Ayomide

    Episode 1

    There once a time, when true beauty used to be on the inside,
    but the arrival of the slay Queen’s propanded a new theory.
    The magic behind real beauty.
    My name is Ayo, and these are my experience with the slay
    queen’s. During my university days, I was neither a good, non
    a bad dude. I will say, am both, but I enjoyed being the bad
    boy. I have a good heart, but that doesn’t make me good. Its
    make me the baddest person you could ever think of.
    My first year at school, make me understand how life really is.
    At that very point, I began making plans for my future.
    Everyone is born with a talent. I got so many, but I have a very
    unique one that’s not always common. I have two eye. The
    right sees the real things everyone else see. But the left see
    things which could be very scary. Things beyond the spirits
    When I was ten, my parent took me to a church. But Before I
    was ten, I do see things with my both eyes . it came to some
    time, my parent were afraid of me,so I was taken to a church.
    Some prayers were made and I lost the vision. Everything
    became normal. I began seeing things as normal people does.
    On my 20th birthday, the vision returned, but only the left eye,
    the right sees normal. I was in my 2nd year when this
    happened. No one believes me, even when I show them what
    I see, they still don’t. They say seeing is believing, how can
    they believe what they didn’t see? So I live my crazy life all
    I have friends, close friends, friends with benefit and best
    friend. Everyone needs a friend, its part of life.
    Agatha was my best friend, a female, as crazy as I am, but
    she’s good. My male friends are the craziest. Mayor an
    accounting student, Ben a political scientists and Ope, a
    phycologists , he claims to have a master mind. Claiming he
    read minds . who is deceiving who?
    Am not a book worm, neither am I a guru. But I understand
    things, I was not the best in my department, let me say,I do
    leave 2 or 3 marks behind for the best student. Who cares
    about the 2nd best anyway. And besides I hate popularity,
    when you are the first, everyone get to know you. And I love it
    being silent.
    Her name is joy, the best in my department, you should know
    the battalion of dudes that will be after her, not only in my
    department but in others too.
    My department was dominated with slay queen’s, if you
    Google search for the biggest girls in campus,its will redirect
    you to my department. Beautiful creatures with extra ordinary
    beauty, you can’t say who is ugly, No one is, unless you take
    them on a swimming.
    I lived in a self-contained apartment in school. Mostly on
    Saturday, my friends will come over to my place to play PS,
    its always interesting spelling each others name with the
    numbers of score . we don’t have girlfriends, we are all play
    boys,specialized on p---y f-----g . its a burden having a
    girlfriend, we have fuckers not girlfriend. Non of us is ready to
    Fall in love. We are all in the same tariff, f--k boys.
    ” ay, you gonna rape me one day with the way you are
    bleeping girls up and down” my best friend Agatha will say
    sometimes. Well that’s the least thing I would do, rape a lady
    ,let alone my best friend. Have seen her naked countless of
    time, and my mamber never trigger. Its because of the way I
    put her, nothing in her can arouse my kongi . its all a matter of
    the mind.
    Every play dudes know how important clubbing is, its hardly a
    time that, I won’t be found clubbing, and there is where I get
    to meet the 21st century slay Queen’s. They called themselves
    the slay queen’s, some are called the slay mama’s. They are
    characterized with a lot of attribute, heavy makes up,
    extraordinary packages, mountainous a-s and boobs, non stop
    everlasting chin gum, latest mobile, lastet cloth,latest shoes
    and designers, that’s what they are made of. They deals with
    high class dudes, not low keys.
    My major aim,at every clubs is just to have fun and drink, and
    if am opportune to come across any girl, then the night will be
    great .
    We were clubbing at a popular club house on a Friday night,
    I,Ben,mayor and Ope were all having some drinks when this
    ‘buttacious’ girl rode pass beside us , she fixed her gaze on
    me,but mine was on her reverberating butt.
    ” what the hell?, could this butt be real on something is being
    added” I soliloquizes loudly.
    I later caught her starring at me non stop, she will give me a
    sexy inviting smile whenever my eye came in contact with
    hers .
    ” I think she’s into you” Mayor said. ” I would suggest you go
    meet her” Ope added. Very well then, I stand up and head
    towards her.
    ” hello pretty, I caught you starring at me” I said will a
    seduceive tune.
    ” no I wasn’t looking at you, I’m looking at the guy behind you,
    he is so cute ” she said without even looking at me.
    (AYE MI)
    I was speechless, I didn’t see it coming, I followed her gaze
    and I see that she was looking at the monkey-like creature
    who was sitting at the next table from the one, my guys are .
    When I saw him,I couldn’t help myself from laughing.
    ” you mean that monkey ? ” I said pointing my fingers at his
    direction .
    ” you called that handsome dude a monkey, don’t be daft ,
    you are no match for him” she retorted.
    That got me amused as I take another look at him, that was
    when I realized something, looking at him with my left eye. He
    is more like a monkey, but with my right eyes, he is a very
    handsome person.
    ” hey look at me, he is not good for you ” I said trying to draw
    her attention.
    ” really? Watch me ” she said,then she head to him. I
    watched as she speak silently into his ear and they both
    walked hand to hand away from the club. I returned back to
    my friends, and they were all like ” ay, how far, wetin
    happened ” .
    ” someone will get f--k by a monkey tonight ” I said. They
    didn’t understand me cos I sound weird.
    The drinking continues, we were at the edge of getting drunk
    when a slim girl clad on a tight gown erupted from no where
    and dragged me up.
    ” can I have this dance” she said while trying to drag me to
    the dance floor, I looked at my friends and they all gave me
    go ahead look. Before I knew it, am already on the dance fall,
    she dance so well, she began rocking her a-s on my d--k,
    which slowly gain momentum by every twists.
    ” can I buy you a drink ” I said when I realized the visibility of
    my d--k.
    “Sure you can” she said.
    I brought her a drink and we get talking.
    ” you dance so well” I said focusing my eye on her.
    “Yeah thanks, you dance quite good too just that, you lost
    control of your d--k ” she said with a naughty smile. I laughed
    cos she got me.
    “I’m Ayo” I said stretching my hand forward.
    “Sera” she replied, receiving the hand shake.
    ” its quite noisey here,you don’t mind if we go to some quite
    place, perhaps my place ” I said. She look at me for a
    moment, then she nodded.
    ” sure, whatever you say” she said.
    I know the night is going to be an interesting one for me, no
    for us both. I signalled to my friends showing that am leaving
    and the signalled back saying that they are still fishing, well
    my own net as caught a fish already.
    We arrived at my place in less than 5 minutes. I offered her a
    cold drinks from my mini freezer and she collected it . I head
    to the bathroom to have a cool shower ,leaving her behind in
    the room, no sooner had I stepped in the shower that she
    joined in with me. I wasn’t expecting to see her, but its seems
    the battle has began.
    I quickly take a quick survey of her naked body . her b-----s are
    quite okay for her stature, and her butt were moderately big.
    She grabbed my d--k interrupting the eyes survey am doing .
    and slowly like a wounded Bear, she knelt before me and
    entwined my d--k into her mouth. I let out a gasp, she was so
    f-----g good at it . perhaps she attended a special class for
    blow job.
    After sucking my erected for some time, she swallowed my
    two balls in her mouth. Licking it up and down like a lolly pop.
    I admitted she’s talented. I removed my d--k from her mouth
    before she drain me dead while standing. I carried her up and
    balanced my mouth on her b----t. I reciprocated the damages
    she done on my two balls on her b-----s. I press, squeeze,
    fumble, bite and suck the hell out of her b----t . she directed
    my head underneath after she realized the harms have
    impacted on her boobs. I guess we have advanced into
    another section. I gave her the head she had ever receive
    from a guy. I placed my tongue in between her p---y lips and
    began doing what I know Best. At this point, she began
    screaming uncontrollable.
    ( guys wey dey lick p---y dey try ooo)
    Her screaming refused to ceased, and I also refused to stop
    what am doing. Suddenly, just like a super woman ,she
    pushed me on the floor and climbed swiftly on my erected
    rod. The feeling was great, I felt my d--k in her warm tonton.
    “Wao” I said as she began riding me like a horse. She was
    taking in my long 11 inches d--k all at a time. I wonder how
    deep her p---y will be . i wouldn’t want my hand to be idle, so
    I engaged them both on her b-----s.
    “Let go into the room” I said to her after I realized her
    potentials . I carried her up and laid her on the bed, spreading
    her leg as wide as it can. Then I penetrated slowly into her
    tonton, I engulfed all my d--k into her honey pot,them I began
    rotating my hips like the nine planets. And swiftly without
    notice, I gain momentum. My f-----g rate will be equivalent to
    240 km of a speeding car speedometer. She hung tightly on
    me and began shouting “sweet Jesus!, oh my God!!” . I wonder
    what Jesus and God have to do with what we are having.
    I turned her over and positioned her for the unbeatable doggy
    style. And once again I entered her tonton from behind. Her a-
    s and my laps began making some pleasant laps sounds .
    that’s one thing I love about doggy. Its always making the laps
    sound. I f--k her till p---y run dry, why will her p---y be
    dry,when am just getting started. I applied olive oil on her p---
    y and the f-----g continues.
    ( abeg no apply greez oil ooo abi na engine oil. Abeg Na p---y
    no be engine or machine)
    After a lot of hard banged I cummed . but that was just the
    first half, am still going for the 2nd half , extra time and even
    penalty, cos it’s a knockout match .
    Monday the following week, immediately after the day lecture,
    I was in the relaxation center relaxing my brain, when I Agatha
    my best friend punched me playfully from behind.
    ” hi friend, how was your weekend? ” she said as she sit on
    my legs .
    ” awesome, how was yours?” I asked.
    ” I went on a date, but it was a washout ” she said throwing
    her eyes off me.
    ” what happened? He didn’t show up or what goes wrong? I
    asked curiously.
    ” I paid the godamn bills!!! The son of a b---h ran away” she
    shouted .
    I was laughing controllably, when Ope arrived with the
    university magazine.
    ” hey lover birds. ” he said, trowing the magazine at me.
    ” any latest news?” I asked, feeling too lazy to read the
    ” check for yourself ” he said while helping himself with a
    coca-cola drinks.
    I took a look at the magazine front page and a news was
    written there saying
    I checked the picture countless of time,to be sure of what am
    thinking. But Ope interrupted my thought along the way.
    ” don’t stare too much dude, its her. The ‘buttacious’ girl you
    met at the club on Friday night . thank your star she choose to
    follow the handsome dude, you would have been in the police
    station answering some questions by now”.
    I was mute, I knew who she went with, I warned her but she
    wouldn’t listen.
    ” why so silent dude” Ope said.
    ” if you will ever see her again, it will be her dead ” I didn’t
    know when those words escaped from my mouth .
    “Ayo!!” Agatha shouted. ” why being pessimistic? ”
    The both of them stared at me, as if am a phyco patient.
    ” dude, don’t tell me you’ve been drinking today” Ope said.
    I looked at them both, how I wish they could understand me,
    but they just can’t.
    ” am just saying what I feel, but let just forget about it , am
    going home, catch you guys later ” I said then I made to
    ” can I ask your best friend out” Ope cried ,after me.
    ” of cos, just don’t let her pay the bills or else—you are a dead
    man” I screamed back.
    Tuesday happens to be the following day, mostly on Tuesday,
    I do have a 6am lecture. But unfortunately, I woke up at
    exactly 6:15. Due to some meres I had during the night .
    ” am finished today, 5 units course, Aye mi” I said as I
    hurriedly prepare myself for the lecture.
    I got to the lecture room around 6:30.
    Mr’s Oni, a very strict lecturer ,that wouldn’t mind adding an
    extra year to your university year. If you arrived late for her
    The lecture has already taken off when I entered.
    ” why are you just coming by this time?” She asked
    immediately I stepped into the lecture room. I know am in for
    it. I’m not very good at lying, mostly I prefer saying the truth. I
    was about saying rubbish when joy, the glass guru speak up
    for me.
    ” he was at the health center ma, he helped my roommate
    who was sick to the school health center, I left him there for
    this class. But he said he will only leave after he confirm that
    the sick girl is okay. I think that’s the reason for his lateness
    ma” she said.
    I stood there looking at how she beautifully make up the lies.
    And why will she have to do that. Someone have never
    spoken to before.
    ” you can go and have your seat” Mrs oni said .
    Immediately after the lecture, I was sitting silently alone ,
    thinking of how to thank joy for what she did. I felt a tap on
    my shoulder and I looked back only to see joy standing behind
    ” I saved your a-s today, you owe me one” she said and she
    made to move.
    ” you should I least let me say the words” I said after her.
    She looked at me with a puzzled face.
    ” thank you” I said.
    ” keep your thanks, I don’t need it”
    (Aye mi)
    I watched her, as she walk briskly away from me.
    ” why am I receiving, stuffs like this from ladies” i muttered.
    ” hey ! The Samaritan boy, why are you talking to my lady”
    I looked at the direction the voice came from. I saw a huge
    guy, david, accompanied with two of his friends Franklin and
    tomide. Everyone knows them for their pugnacious act.
    I smiled before replying to his absurd question.
    ” are you that daft? Can’t you just for once use that brain of
    yours ” I said.
    I can see his friends trying to make an attack but he quickly
    stopped them.
    ” not now guys, be calm. And besides he wouldn’t pass his
    boundaries, let go, am not in mood for trouble today ” he said
    and they both disappeared from my view.
    ” morons ” I cursed .
    Around 2pm in the afternoon, i was gisting my friends about
    the narrow escaped I had in the morning, when a new Toyota
    corolla, parked in front of us. We are went silent as we await
    the owner to exit from the car. The car was titled, so we
    couldn’t see the inside.
    A fair beautiful lady,came out of the car, she was moderately
    tall, with perfect set of Boobs and butt.sincerely speaking
    she’s outstanding.
    ” excuse me please, can you show my the way to the science
    faculty ” she said in the sweetest way that could make a guy
    stumble over.
    We all sat there admiring her beauty with our mouth wide
    ” sure , its not far from here. Just take the first turning by the
    left. Then you are where you are” I said with a smile.
    ” oh thank you” she said and she made to move. I looked at
    my friends and they gave me the go ahead signal, whispering
    silently into my ear.
    ” ayo, see fresh fish. What are you waiting for, common go
    get her” Ben said.
    She was about entering her car when I stopped her.
    ” sorry ,you wouldn’t mind if I quickly have some minutes with
    you. No problem if you are in a hurry ” I said , trying to be a
    ” hope no problem ?” She asked.
    ” not that i know of… I’m Ayo” I said politely.
    ” Ayokemi ” she replied.
    “Wao, now we have one thing in common ” i said trying to
    cast my charms on her.
    ” perhaps ” she blench
    ” I wouldn’t want to ask this,but I wouldn’t want to delay you
    any further ” I said looking into her eyes.
    She looked at me with an expression of “What?”
    ” you are exceptionally beautiful, This might not be the first
    time you are hearing this from a dude.but believe me, you are
    beautiful. I–i will want to be a friend of yours. I love being
    seen with beauty, can I have your mobile number please? ” I
    ” and why will I give you my number? ” she asked looking
    kneeling at me.
    “Cos i want to see you again” I said.
    ” hmmm, okay then, you can have it, just don’t freak out when
    you see me again ” she said.
    I collected her digit and she zoomed off.
    ” guys another p---y on the list ooo” I said happily to my
    ” baba ooo. I trust you na” mayor said.
    ” guys we go see later na, I get lecture for 2:30 later things
    na” I said, then I departed from then.
    I entered the lecture room minding my own business, I
    wouldn’t want to be late again. Have heard enough of the
    Samaritan name.
    I waited patiently for the lecturer to come in ,but the
    unexpected happened. Ayokemi came in instead.
    ” hello students, my name is Miss Akindele Ayokemi, and I
    will be taking you , this course from now on. Your formal
    lecturer is out of country, so I will be your new lecturer, can
    you introduce yourself to me one by one ” she said .
    ” what the hell? She’s a lecturer? ”

    Episode 2

    I sat down quietly, staring straightly at her. I couldn’t think
    straight, I just fixed my eyes on her. Thinking about the
    unthinkable. I was brought back to life, by the person sitting next
    to me.
    ” hey dude, its your turn to introduce yourself ”
    “Do I still need that” I muttered silently.
    I can see everyone looking at me, I wonder why they won’t just
    face the front and mind their businesses.
    I stood up to say my name when David and his friend interrupted
    my speech.
    ” The Samaritan boy” they barked.
    The room echoed with tremendous laughs. I felt embarrassed,
    cos I was more like a laughing stock.
    And finally, I felt there’s no need for me to say my name.
    ” bamboos ” I cursed.
    At the end of the lecture , I was appointed as the new course
    Rep, by Ayokemi. She mentioned me closer,and requested my
    help with her books. I packed her books and I followed her
    behind. And once in an oscillation, my eye will met with her
    jingling butt. Sincerely speaking, the butt are great.
    ” why are you called the Samaritan boy” she asked suprisely .
    ” never mind the old fools, they refused to learn. ” I muttered .
    She smiled as she entered her supposed office.
    ” Miss Ayokemi, I think you will need my help here, this place is
    in a huge mess ” I said while surveying my eyes around.
    ” I think I know the reason why you are Called the Samaritan boy”
    she said with a smile.
    ” you know?” I asked curiously.
    ” yea… Never mind, I really appreciate it, it’s nice of you ” she
    I fetched for a broom and a piece of rag alongside with a bowl
    of water , and I set to work. Her eyes were on me as I worked
    professionally like a drycleaner. A lot of questions were running
    through my mind, but I couldn’t ask. Perhaps am a little bit
    scared. When I first met her, she was a fish and now she’s my
    lecturer. She looks too young to be a lecturer, if she will be older
    than I, it will be with two or three years.
    I broke the silence when I couldn’t hold it anymore.
    ” it’s seems, you are new here and also in this town” I said with
    a borrowed confidence. And its seems,she’s been expecting a
    conversation from me, but have been foolishly silent.
    ” yea, how do you know ” she asked with a glimpse of joy.
    ” we’ve met, even before you became my lecturer ” I said jokily.
    ” I got you surprised right? ” she said as she smiled at me.
    ” yea, I almost–I freaked out, I hope that won’t affect our
    friendship ” I quickly take my eyes away after finishing the
    statement. I expected an answer but non came, I guessed am
    pushing too hard.
    ” you wouldn’t mind if I show you around the town and school,
    perhaps we will get to know each other better ” I said, pushing
    more harder .
    ” I wouldn’t say no” she answered.
    And that was the greatest reply, I certainly need from her.
    ” I will give you a call” I said as I exit from the office room.
    ” this will be great” I thought loudly.
    I walked back into the lecture to pick my things, but I found my
    bag gone.
    ” are this guys playing pranks with me ” I soliloquized .
    ” which guys ?” I heard a female voice behind me and I quickly
    recognized the voice.
    ” Agatha are you with my bag?” I asked without turning my back.
    ” who could have taken your bag if not me, or what have you
    been up to?” I turned to see her placing my bag on her head. I
    laughed at her appearance, cos she look more like a petty trader .
    ” come, I will tell you all about it when we get home” I said as I
    drag her out with me.
    Evening arrived sooner than I thought, after eating the delicious
    spaghetti Agatha prepared for me, I lied on the bed for a quick
    nap, but its turned out to be a long sleep, I woke up around 7pm
    in the evening.
    I saw a note written by Agatha for me, calling me a sleeping bull.
    I guessed she left, after she realized the kind of sleep am
    engaged with.
    I helped myself with the remaining spaghetti left in the pot.
    Mama thought me how to Cook, but I failed miserably. Even to
    Cook ordinary rice is a problem for me. The day hunger forced
    me to prepare a concoction rice. Believe me, it was a burnt
    I was enjoying the spaghetti am eating and at the same time
    chatting with some fish on WhatsApp. I remembered I collected
    Ayokemi number earlier in the day, I wasted no time in running a
    call to her.
    Me: hello?
    Ayokemi: hello ay.
    Me: (surprise) how did you know its me.
    Ayokemi: I have true caller, and beside I knew you will call.
    Me: oh. How was your day ma?
    Ayokemi: stressful.
    Me: stressful?
    Ayokemi: yea kind of, where I moved in… I did some cleaning
    and arrangement.
    Me: oh, you could have inform me.
    Ayokemi: you called late.
    Me: am sorry, I never knew.
    Ayokemi: thanks for today anyway.
    Me: its nothing ma, around which area are you ma?
    Ayokemi: G.R.A
    Me: just as I thought.
    Ayokemi: you wouldn’t think otherwise.
    Me: can you still go out tonight ma?
    Ayokemi: I would love to, but am tired.
    Me: Another day I guess?
    Ayokemi: yea.
    Me: have a happy night rest ma.
    Ayokemi: and you too.
    The door opened and my friends bounced in. I can tell from their
    dressing that they are up to somewhere. Probably an occasion or
    ” Ay baba, na here you dey?”
    ” No na togo.where are you guys up to, dressed like a president
    escorts ” I asked curiously.
    They first pounced on the spaghetti am eating. At least they still
    got few spoons left to fight for.
    ” Ay, you cooked this?” Mayor asked suprisely after he
    discovered the sweetness of the food.
    ” hell will lose if it’s me, my bestie did ” I said.
    ” I thought as much, oya go change your cloth fast, fast, we got a
    party to attend” Ope said.
    I didn’t plan going anyway, but staying at home doing absolutely
    nothing will absolutely be boring.
    In less than 2 minute,Am all done, and we all head out.its quite
    unfortunate that non of us have a ride. Well, we thanked God for
    the Geo–leg.
    We board a bike which conveyed us to the party. At the entrance,
    we were stopped by the security officials.
    ” where are your partners ?” One of them threw the question at
    ” partners? ” we echoed together.
    ” you guys must have a female partner before you can enter in
    here, that’s the gate entry password”
    That came as a surprise to all of us. We stood there looking like
    ” so should we all turn and go back?” I asked the demoralised
    ” I would suggest we stay here and fish” Ben suggested.
    We agreed to the suggestion and we all positioned ourselves like
    a high way Police men.
    Seconds turned minutes, minutes turned to hours . not a single
    fish come our path. We are at the edge of giving up when we
    sighted the slay Queen’s . They were like the children of Israelite
    crossing the red sea. I tried counting them with my eye, but I lost
    counting. They were all moving like a herds of cattle, dressed in
    ” who is in for threesomes?” I asked.
    ” foursomes are better ” Ope replied.
    ” fivesomes ain’t bad” mayor quickly added.
    ” I will go for sixsomes” Ben completed.
    We all laughed at Ben when he said sixsomes.
    ” death is calling on you bro” Ope let out loudly.
    ” can’t wait to eat your burial Akara” I added .
    ” whatever, see you guys in the building, am off to fishing ” Ben
    said and he moved away from us.
    He approached the ladies and we followed behind. We are some
    feets to catching up, when the unexpected happened. We heard a
    gun shot. Immediately, we stopped on our track. With our very
    eyes, we saw as fish turned into predators. We thought they are
    slay Queen’s, of cos they are. But slay queens with loaded AK 47.
    Running was far too an option cos they are very close to us. Right
    there in front of us, the security men were shot dead. They all
    advanced inside leaving two behind to watch the door.
    We were all trembling from head to toe, although they didn’t
    seem to have our time, but I know they got us in mind. Any silly
    move and we are all dead .
    We heard a distant gun shot, followed by some huge screaming.
    Probably from some terrified ladies. My heart began racing fast,
    we had no idea of what’s happening and the fear of getting shot
    by some bloody slay mama’s paralyzed the four of us.
    Alot of things began running through my mind, perhaps we could
    talk to the two ladies outside, maybe they could let us go.
    Perhaps I should try another way. After thinking for some time, I
    summoned up courage then speak softly to Ben, but loud enough
    for the ladies to hear.
    ” Ben, do you still planed having a sixsomes with these ladies? ”
    I asked, fixing my eyes on the two ladies, I observed their
    reaction when they heard my voice. Its quite unexplainable.
    ” are you kidding me?, this is no time to joke, I would give up
    anything just to have my a-s safe.” Ben replied.
    Just as he finished the statement, the door was opened and the
    rest of the ladies bounced out.
    ” Why are these guys still alive ?” Says the one whom I supposed
    to be the leader .
    ” they are just bunch of fools, imagine one of them thinking about
    having sixsomes” one of the ladies retorted.
    “Fools indeed, let’s go” she commanded and takes the lead,
    while others followed behind.
    After they’ve vanished from our sight, we took to our kneels.
    Have never have a close call like that in my life, i ran like a hen
    being chased by a c--k. I got home, locked myself in, and began
    saying some prayers. Ben and the rest must also have find their
    way to their respective abode. They ran as if they are in for a
    temple run.
    No one have idea about what happened in the building, but
    whatever it is, I know it’s not a good one.
    The following day, I couldn’t go out for lecture, probably still
    terrified by the blood thirsty incidence. I locked myself in,
    switched off my mobiles and hide beneath a blanket. Cowardice
    isn’t for the brave, but I lost the braveness when am a foot away
    from death. I heard numerous knocks on my door, but I wouldn’t
    open. Who knows if the devil is still after us.
    I heard another knock on my door, but I remained silent.
    ” ay I know you are in there, open this door now before I break it
    down.” That came from Agatha.I know her capability, if I delay
    any seconds, she might break the door down. I least, if I can’t
    trust anyone, I got to trust my Beastie. I opened the door and
    she entered.
    ” what’s the problem? Are you sick? Why locking yourself in?”
    She threw the questions immediately she stepped in. I don’t
    fancy lies, so I told her everything even if I want to lie to
    someone, it wouldn’t be her, she will easily detect that am lying.
    So saying the truth is all I got.
    ” its okay baby boo, I heard about it also, the news is everywhere.
    I thanked God that you are alive, that’s what really matters, what
    about your friends, have you hear from them?” She asked.
    ” no, but they will be fine. ” I replied.
    I felt some slight pains in my stomach, I knew its Mr hunger way
    of saying ” hello dude, no food yet?”.
    Thanked God Agatha is around, I begged het to prepare me a
    breakfast. After a lot of excuses, she agreed.
    The following day at school, I was heading to the library when
    am being summoned up by Ayokemi. I changed my direction and
    head to her office.
    ” you weren’t in school yesterday, I searched all over for you and
    your lines are also off.” She asked.
    An electric of joy ran through my veins, if that is coming out from
    her,that means she cares. I stood there, smiling at her, not
    knowing what to say. I can’t possibly tell her the truth and am
    having bad lucks with lies .
    ” I was… Something came up and… I…its gone. You look great
    today ma’am. ” I said trying to evade her questions. And I think
    that works, cos I caught her with a blushing smile. One thing I
    discovered about ladies, if you appreciate them, they will
    appreciate it. Derived from some laws in physics.
    ” can I take you out tonight ma’am ” I asked with charming voice.
    ” if its fine by your girlfriends, then I will be waiting for you by
    6pm” she replied.
    ” funny, see you at 6 ma’am. ” I said then i head for the exile. I
    bumped into joy(the class guru) on my way out. Accidentally and
    unintentionally, my hand pressed her b----t, she had no bra on, so
    i was able to feel, the texture and the succulent softness of her
    ” wao!!!” I exclaimed. She wore a surprise angry face, hissed then
    pushed her way through me.
    “Am sorry, emmm… nice b----t ” I said immediately after her. I
    think that got her more suprise. I can see her burning with anger.
    ” son of a b---h ” she cursed .
    I wouldn’t want to hear another so I turned and find my way out.
    I met with Ope and Agatha at the relaxation center. I guessed
    he’s still trying his luck with her.
    ” am I interrupting a date?” I asked jokily.
    ” you just did” Ope replied rapidly.
    We laughed then I sat in between them.
    ” Ayo I think its high time we start believing you ” Ope said.
    I looked at the both of them with uncertainty. Wondering about
    what may bring about the statement.
    ” A news reached me today, which I later confirmed by myself to
    be true… A body was found in the wood. A dead body, I will say…
    Its came just as you predicted… She was found dead in the
    Forest today by a hunter.” Ope said with his head bent down.
    ” the question in answer is that, how did you know she’s going to
    die?” Agatha asked.
    I looked at the two of them, thinking of what to tell them. Am not
    sure if they will believe me and am not ready to risk saying it out.
    ” am I being interrogated or what?” I asked with a little anger.
    ” calm bro its not what you think, ain’t we friends?” Ope said
    ” am sorry ay, its not just your first time saying something like
    this, its wired and am worried”. She said.
    I took my time before answering them, have been living my crazy
    life all alone, I didn’t know how it’s feels to share one of my
    greatest secret with them.
    ” I do see things, far beyond the human world. Not everyone out
    there are human. Some are creatures from the underworld. When
    I was a child, I lived in their world. Some are very powerful, some
    are friendly, some are evil, some are victims, some are
    casualties… The girl whose body was found in the wood, She was
    lured by a creature , a creature of the wild Forest. I know she
    won’t survive it…no one has”.
    I watched as they both listen with their mouth opened in
    ” its okay if you don’t believe me” I said then I made to move.
    ” sincerely speaking, I believe you. If you are lying, I would have
    known ” Agatha said.
    I observed as Ope survey his eyes around.
    ” so do you see anything now?” He asked. I didn’t answer him,
    but after a lot of persuasion from both of them, I opened up.
    ” right here in front of us…is a dead man”
    come see race

    Episode 3

    Fear is inevitable, it came to the bravest but lived with the
    I had hardly finished my statement before they both took to their
    kneels. I watched as they both ran in opposite direction. I don’t
    even know which one to follow. Ope ran like an athletic
    champion and Agatha on the other side is out of sight . I waited
    for them to return, but they didn’t, so I head all the way home
    alone. I remembered I have an outing with Ayokemi, so on
    getting home, I made preparation for it. I wouldn’t want to ruin
    the outing, so I make a schedule plan for it. I dressed in the very
    best outfit that could make a lady take a second look on a guy.
    Well am astonishing, I don’t need anyone to tell me that .
    Exactly 5:40 I head to her residence. I wasn’t allowed in, into the
    G.R.A so I ran a call through to her, she spoke with one of the
    security personnel on phone and he allowed me in. Locating her
    apartment wasn’t hard, every building have a recognition number.
    So with that, am right in front of her door. I knocked, but I
    shouldn’t have. There’s an alarm button by the door I should
    have press, but the blood of locality runs in me… I hit the door
    She opened the door, but I stood there gasping for breath.
    Perhaps her beauty took away my breath.
    ” do you wanna come in first or are we good to go like this” she
    asked after she realized my immobility.
    ” you are beautiful” I let out, and she gave a blushing smile.
    ” so where are you taking me to?” She asked after she recovered
    from her blushing smile.
    ” beautiful places for beautiful people like you” I said.
    ” can you drive? ” she asked while swinging her car keys.
    ” sure I can” I said. I remembered when papa was teaching me
    how to drive, well he didn’t make a good driver out of me, but at
    least, I can still maintain the first and second gear. I collected
    the key from her, then we drove out. I showed her around the
    town first then I took her to my regular club house. But before
    then, she told me all I needed to know about her. Some came as
    a suprise to me, and some don’t.
    She happens to be born with a golden spoon Her father is a judge
    and he was once a state commissioner. Her education was fast,
    immediately she graduated she got a job as a lecturer through
    her father connection. She didn’t say anything about her
    relationship status, but I know how to get everything from her
    mouth. So I took her to the club house, I met Ben and others and
    I gave them a signal greeting. They signalled back saying “well
    done ooo”
    ” what will you like to take ma’am ” I asked her. She looked at
    me with a wired face but later speak up.
    ” call me by my name, I love wines, but i don’t know if they will
    have my taste ” she said .
    ” and what’s your taste if I may ask” I said with a lustful smile.
    ” wines like cheval blanc, château Lafite, château margus,
    penfolds” I didn’t let her finish before I cut it.
    ” quite an expensive taste, sincerely speaking i have never heard
    of those wines before, I don’t know if you will manage
    Hennessey” I said. She shrugged her shoulder and I ordered for
    it, with a plate of pepper soup each .
    She’s one b-----d of a drinker. While Am still battling with a cup
    of Hennessey, she has ordered for another bottle of Hennessey. I
    know its a matter of time before she start seeing stars. I seized
    the opportunity to ask about her status, and she gave me what I
    needed, single, I wouldn’t have think otherwise anyway.
    Everything was going smoothly, until they arrived, the “slay’s “.
    Immediately I slighted them, the Hennessey am drinking started
    tasting like alomo bitters. I can see Ben and the rest shifting
    uncontrollably on their seat. Ayokemi on the other hand is
    enjoying herself, she’s at the edge of getting drunk but no totally
    drunk. Perhaps her experience with drinking has rigid her
    hormones from getting easily drunk. If am to drink what she has
    drank, I would I been singing song of praises. i don’t want to spoil
    her fun, but I can’t stay any minute longer, considering what have
    seen about those Queen’s and what they are capable of. No one
    will want to wait.
    ” Ayokemi, its getting late, I need to take you back home” I said
    with some little fear.
    ” the fun is yet to begin” she said drunkenly, then she emptied
    the Hennessey she’s holding. I looked back to check on my
    friends, but I found their seat empty.
    ” bunch of Coward’s ” I muttered.
    Ayokemi is not ready to go and forcing a drunk lady is not my
    way, so I let her stay and have all the fun she desire.
    Am still battling with fear when the DJ played one of chinko ekun
    music track ” shayo”
    ( shayo no dey disappoint, shayo na correct b-----d)
    I ordered for a “red label” wine, then I enter into the ‘shayo
    mode’. All fear gone, it seems am on top of the world, everything
    started getting smaller. I carried the red label bottle and began
    reading the ingredients.
    ( when achol hits the right spot, you start reading the ingredients)
    I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned back only to see two of the
    Queen’s behind me.
    ” The boss want you at her table ” one of them said, and they
    both leave.
    I took an excuse from Ayokemi, then I stood up confidently and
    head to her table.
    ” hi handsome, have been watching you since, is that your
    girlfriend?” She asked pointing her finger at Ayokemi.
    ” no she’s not, she’s my lecturer ” I replied.
    ” wao, you must be a bad boy” she said while putting one of her
    fingers in her mouth.
    ” I am” I replied confidently.
    Its seems she didn’t recognize my face, so I play along with her.
    ” I’m yemi by name ”
    ” ayo” I replied.
    She pushed her phone to me, I understood what she meant so I
    entered my mobile number. I returned her phone to her then
    returned back to my seat.
    ” Ayokemi, its time to go home” I said to her immediately i sat
    down, and surprisely she obliged without hesitating.
    I drove her back home and I’m about turning to take my leave
    when she held my hand back.
    ” Ayo..why don’t you spend the night here with me…am kinder
    lonely ” she said. It came as the utmost suprise to me, I wasn’t
    expecting something like that, I must be mad if I say no. I didn’t
    give her a straight answer, I did some beating around the bushes
    before saying the f-----g yes.
    She undressed herself and entered the bathroom. I sat in her
    living room, thinking of the strategy to use and how to start the
    f-----g match .
    ” care to join” she cried out from the bathroom.
    “That’s it!!! ” I exclaimed.
    I didn’t answer her, instead I answered her with my appearance. I
    found her naked under the shower with her back facing the wall ,
    ‘mehn’ my d--k sprang up immediately. her b-----s are perfectly
    made for her body and her butt are goddam great. I fixed my eye
    on her then I moved slowly to her. I starred into her eyes, hers
    are also on mine, something gave and I found my lips collapsing
    with hers, which later turned to be a hot shower kiss, I grabbed
    her a-s then pin her against the wall, i walked my hand down to
    her b----t then squeeze them up like a pure water. Some moan
    escaped her mouth as she felt the warm touching of my tongue
    on her b----t. I began sucking her b----t with accurate curiosity,
    and her moaning kept gaining momentum with accurate pleasure.
    After a while of non stop sucking, i inserted a finger in her p---
    y,to check how far I’ve worked and the level of her wetness,
    mehn, the p---y is tight. I doubled the finger, in other to make it
    wide enough for my ebonite rod. I moved my head downward for
    a head but she stopped me surprisely, I guessed she has never
    be licked before, so I made her first.
    ” you might need to hold on something tightly, cos what am
    about to do might make you lose total control of yourself ” I said
    ,then I began giving her the very best of a head. When she felt my
    lips on her p---y, she jacked up like an asthmatic patient.
    When she felt the effect of pleasure am impacting on her, she
    began wailing. I didn’t stop and neither did she stop her extreme
    pleasure scream. My member felt it’s time to enter a glory
    hole,so I carried her in, then position her in a missionary entry. I
    was about thrusting my d--k in when she stopped me.
    ” Ay, please am sorry i–i have never have sex before, please
    ( AYE MI, laduru wahala ti mo ti se lataroo)
    At first I didn’t want to stop, but secondly I can’t force a lady
    against her will, I respected her choice and I let go.
    I put on my cloth then head out, she tried stopping me but I
    turned deaf to her, she has awoken the devil in me and I need to
    find a way to satisfy the devil. Staying there with her wouldn’t in
    any way help me. I board a bike home then I send a text to Sera ,
    telling her how desperately am in need of a p---y. I waited for her
    reply but non came, so I ran a call to her, and unfortunately for
    me, her number was off.
    ” s--t !!! What the f--k!!!” I muttered.
    I checked the time and its almost 12: 30, and one thing about
    me, I don’t go out once it’s 12 mid night, not just because of my
    sight but have been warn severely by my parent not to go out in
    the night.
    Some of my side-chicks lives not too far from me, I can easily go
    meet them but the fear of going out pinned me down. After a
    while I made up my mind then I head out in the dark, one thing
    about student area, it always like market even if its 2 in the night,
    students will still be found around.
    I walked gently alone in the dark, without speaking to anyone
    and minding the very business of mine. I see things but I
    pretended I didn’t, even when they stared at me eyes to eyes, I
    pretended as if I don’t.
    I was about crossing the road to the other side when a dangote
    trailer came rushing with full speed. There was a lady standing
    not too far from me ,but I didn’t look too much at her. Still
    minding my business I supposed. The trailer was advancing with
    full speed, and surprisely I see the lady making a cross along the
    road with a walk. I froze immediately I saw her, cos I knew the
    coming trailer will run her over.
    ” is she drunk?” I questioned myself.
    ” hey!!! You gonna get yourself killed, there’s a trailer coming by
    your right watch out ” I shouted at her.
    And the unexpected happened, I expected the trailer to run her
    over but the trailer penetrated through her. After the trailer is
    gone, she turned them faced me.
    ” s--t!!! She’s f-----g not a human” I muttered.
    Her face is as white as a snow with her eyes red as a hot coal. I
    pretended as if I didn’t see her but it was too late. She came
    advancing towards me.
    ” d--n it!!! She got me” I said to myself.
    I began wondering why she look so human from afar. I stood my
    ground and pretended as if I didn’t see her coming. I would have
    cross to the other side but vehicles are moving, so I have no
    choice than to wait.
    She stood in front of me with her red terrifying eyes on me. I
    tried pretending but its seems not to work.
    She starred directly into my eyes for several minutes without
    taking it off.
    ” am in for it today” I thought loudly.
    I crossed to the other side, but surprisely she followed me.
    “I need to get rid of this thing following me” I said then I board a
    bike back home.
    I got home only to find her in front of my door.
    I stood there starring at the door not knowing what to do. And
    finally she speak up. Her voice came as a echo.
    ” you can see me?” She asked. I didn’t want to reply her, but
    when she kept asking the same question, I guessed she needs a
    reply .
    ” yea, I do. Now get the f--k out of my door ” I said angrily to her.
    Surprisely she gave way for me to enter. I entered then locked
    myself in.
    I closed my eyes then lied on the bed, I opened it back only to
    see her sitting on my reading chair.
    ” what the hell!!! What are you doing in here ” I shouted .
    ” just wondering why my powers ain’t working on you, I tried to
    blind you, but you still can see. I tried to kill you ,but you still
    live. There’s a lot you don’t know about yourself, you have a
    guest at the door” she said then she disappeared.
    I heard a knock on my door and I opened the door only for Sera
    to enter.
    ” I saw your message, can it still work” she said with a wink.
    Well the devil has already died down, but its takes a devil to
    arose a devil.
    The woke up the following day to see numerous messages and
    calls from Ayokemi. I prepared myself and head to the school.
    After the morning lecture, I was reading silently on my own when
    joy came from nowhere and threw a hard copy at me.
    ” Dr Ale requested me to give you that…he said there will be a
    debate test in his next class, he said you will be representing the
    boys, so prepare yourself with that” She said and he turned to
    leave .
    ” who’s representing the ladies? ” I asked after her. Knowing fully
    well it will be no one but her.
    She stopped on her track then turned and face me.
    ” bloody fallacy, argumentum elechi ” she said with a rolling eye.
    ” which supposed to be?” I asked.
    ” irrelevant question ” she muttered.
    ( AYE MI !!!)
    I watched as she walk away briskly from me. I felt like causing
    trouble so I stood up and went to her.
    ” joy…am sorry about what happened the other day, I didn’t
    intentionally press that boobs of yours, it was a coincidence, but
    sincerely speaking those boobs are great, so succulent and soft,
    I can’t wait to have another coincidence like that, I will press and
    squeeze it like an Orange ” I said .
    ” you b-----d!!!” She retorted.
    ” now we are even” I said then I disappeared from her view.
    I went back to my seat, pretending to be reading but am not
    actually reading , am surveying my eyes around to see if David
    and his crew are not nearby. I returned my eyes back to joy but
    only to see two women beside her, clad on a white wrapper. No
    one see the women but me.
    ” what the hell !! She’s a witch!!!”

    Episode 4

    I knew am in for a big trouble, I’ve wronged the wrong person.
    Only if I knew she belong to the spirit craft, I would have been
    gentle with her. She was communicating with them with her
    mind, looking at her with a normal eye, they will think she’s
    reading, but she’s far too gone from reading. no one can hear
    her but I do. She reported me to her fellow mate and they
    promised to deal with me. I know I have to do something, before
    it get too late , so I took the bold step and approach her.
    ” joy, am really sorry, you don’t have to report me to them, I was
    only kidding with you” I said.
    I observed as they both starred at me in disbelieve.
    ” I don’t understand you, what do you mean” she asked
    ” I can see them, I heard everything, they are right beside you” I
    said with a little fear.
    This time they were shocked to their feet, joy gave a signal and
    they disappeared. Then she hold my hand, and dragged me to a
    silent place.
    ” how possible is it that you see them? ” she asked furiously.
    ” just calm down, I see things others people don’t, I promise I
    won’t tell anyone about what I saw.” I said with a calm voice.
    She’s seems uncertain with her decision, as she began
    ruminating restlessly with doubt.
    ” why should I trust you?” She asked with a trembling voice.
    ” have been wanting to ask you this… will you like going out with
    me” I said with a lustful tune. She looked away shly and nodded
    in response. I don’t know the devil that came inside me, and
    pushed me to kiss her, and surprisely she responded to the kiss.
    “It’s seems you don’t hate me after all” I said after I disengage
    my lips for hers.
    She smiled,then we exchanged contact. I promised to call her
    and we both departed.
    I head to the relaxation center where I met my friends chilling
    with Puff Puff and zobo drinks.
    “Ben, mayor,Ope, so na here una dey. Wetin una dey chop like
    dis? ” I asked jokingly.
    ” wetin e resemble? Roasted yam?” Ope answered.
    We both laughed then we began gisting.
    “Ay baba, have told this nigga about your gift, well they believe
    me easily sha, dem talk say dey don dey suspect you self” ope
    said. I was still thinking about what to say when a call from an
    unknown number entered my phone.
    Me: hello?
    Unknown: hello Ay.
    Me: do I know you please?
    Unknown: of cos you do, I’m yemi.we met at the club last night .
    Me: oh… How you doing?
    Yemi: very bad.
    Me: why?
    Yemi: you stole away my happiness. Ever since I saw you, i have
    been thinking about you.
    Me:( AYE MI) oh.
    Yemi: I need to see you.
    Me: ehen.
    Yemi: I will send one of my girls to come pick you up this
    Me: emmn… What if am busy.
    Yemi: you can’t, I Will be expecting you.
    I ended the call and my friends began wailing like a hungry goat.
    ” of the baddest Ay. Who be that chick wey dey fall for you on
    phone” mayor said.
    I looked down devastated with numerous thought of problems
    am colliding with.
    ” you guys won’t believe who she is” I responded with a low
    ” who she be, p---y na p---y!!” Ope shouted.
    ” the godamn head of the girls we are running from!! She
    collected my number at the club yesterday” I retorted.
    ” odumodu!”
    ” AYE MI!!!”
    They all exclaimed one after the other.
    ” o boi you don enter am ooo” Ben said.
    ” yea, I know ” catch you guys latter” I said then I excused myself
    from them.
    I was on my way home when Ayokemi park besides me.
    ” Ay, get in let me drop you” she said, and I jumped in happily
    into the car.
    ” ay am sorry about yesterday I…” She hadn’t finish her speech
    when I caught in.
    ” I should be the one saying that, am sorry that I left you
    yesterday night” I said with a smile. She smiled back and we
    both began gisting . she drove me to her residence, I was carried
    away by the gist that I didn’t remember when she reached where
    am suppose to drop. Well since I found myself in her residence, I
    see no problem with that.
    I surveyed my eyes on her, and I felt a little hardness underneath
    She wore a tight mini skirt that reveal her curves along with a
    Gucci shirt. Her b-----s are wonderfully standing on her chest.
    And her a-s her officially tremendous.
    She dropped her bag then entered the kitchen to prepare a lunch.
    I stayed behind in the living room thinking about how to get her
    naked on the bed. When I couldn’t help it, I stood up and joined
    her in the kitchen. My d--k is now visibly hard, and I hate to hide
    it when hard. I moved slowly to her then i hug her from behind, I
    started by caressing her hair, then slowly I move my hand down
    to her b----t , I squeeze it hard and she let out a gasp. I continue
    pressing her boobs and she gradually lose focus on the cooking.
    She turned and lock her lips with mine. I was kissing her hungrily
    and at the same time pressing her boobs. I removed her top and
    bra , then I balance the equation on her naked b----t.
    I can feel her b----t standing rapidly on my grab. I Bent low then
    position my mouth on her pink n-----s, then I began sucking with
    alternate concentration. During this process, I walked my left
    hand down to her a-s and I gradually begin to draw her skirt up.
    Before she knew it, I’ve already drew her skirt up to her waist. My
    finger was denied of entry by a obstacle called tight.
    “d--n it!!, another wahala ” I muttered to myself.
    I moved my hand to her p---y curves then I began smoothing my
    hand around the region. I slowly pull down her tight, then I
    inserted my middle finger into her wet puna. She let out a
    pleasurable moan in appreciation to my handiwork.
    During this process, I systematically free my kongi and position it
    at her p---y entrance.
    ” should I?” I said slowly into her ear. I guessed she didn’t know
    what I meant by the statement, she nodded and I t----t in rapidly,
    my d--k as been in a anticipation mode for a very long time.
    At the arrival of my d--k in her p---y, she cried out loudly. She
    looked down surprisely to see the connected cables. Have
    already plugged in my d--k into her puna, the current are already
    flowing in a parallel resistor. R1+R2+R3=R.
    I positioned her very well on the kitchen sink then I spread her
    leg wide as her p---y sing a welcoming song to my restless d--k.
    I penetrated deeply into her and at the same covering her mouth
    with a kiss.I wouldn’t want to go deaf with a pleasurable pain
    Her p---y was f-----g tight, I can feel the tightness of her
    pussywall against my ebonite rod. I came in slowly at first but I
    began to gain momentum gradually, and within a short period of
    time, am on full speed.
    She was shouting and saying something that sounds like a iupac
    name to me.
    “Tetraoxosulphate(vi)acid ”
    After f-----g her this way for some time, I switched to doggy. Her
    big a-s won’t go without being appreciated. I attacked again from
    behind and this time she was just speaking in tongues.
    I enjoyed the sound track am receiving from her, they served as
    a catalyst. They accelerate the rate of chemical reaction. Well its
    d--k reaction this time around.
    Have been on for an hour and am yet to receive a pleading
    response from her. I felt challenged as I changed position to
    “prison break style” I moved her to the kitchen door, then I
    position her hand on the door handle, then I fired from behind. I
    raised one of her leg up after while then the firing continues. This
    go on for another 30 minutes before I release all I have inside
    ” you are really strong ” I said to her when we are having a
    shower in the bathroom. We had another round of sex again in
    the bathroom but this time, she was begging me to stop. Which I
    did after a lot of pleas.
    I head back home in the evening around 7 pm. I was chatting
    online whit my fishes when a message entered my phone. The
    message was from my mom so I quickly open it.
    ” Ayomide leave whatever you are doing and come home first
    thing tomorrow morning ”
    The content of the message were quite perplexing, I called her
    line , but i couldn’t reach her. I became worried as I began to
    wonder what might have been the reason for such a message. I
    called Agatha and inform her about the message. After a while I
    made up my mind to go home that night, waiting for tomorrow
    seems like forever to me. I sent a message to all my friends
    about going home so I head out to the garage.
    I got to the the around 8:30 , and after waiting for like a hour, the
    bus was full and we all embark on the night journey. I observed
    that the bus was dominated with ladies dressed in beautiful
    outfit, I guessed they are slay Queen’s going for a night party or
    so. There are only few guys there, about five of them in total. I
    sat in the front seat beside the driver and I said a little prayer as
    the bus attain speed. Around 11 pm. Most of the ladies have
    slept ,some are even snoring.
    The driver took a turning by the left, in which I know it a wrong
    way. Immediately I observed this, I question the driver.
    ” This is the fastest route to our destination, this road leads to
    my village, drivers don’t normally pass here because they don’t
    know the road very well, I grew up here in the village and I know
    this road very well, don’t worry before 11:30 we will be on the
    main road again ” he said. My spirit doesn’t go with it, but since
    the rest of the guys agreed to it. I got no choice than to concor .
    I observed something about the path, on both our right and left
    was dominated with thick Forest. And I kept hearing strange
    voice from within the Forest.
    All of a sudden, a two headed creature appeared from nowhere
    and stay right in the middle of the road. And before I could say a
    word , the driver lost control of the bus and we ran into a ditch .
    I went unconscious and By the time I open my eyes, the driver
    has died. All the passenger are alive except for the driver, and he
    is the only one that know the way out to the main road.
    The ladies present are already crying, I guessed they haven’t see
    a dead man before. The guys in the bus tried to fix the bus, but it
    seems too damage to work. I check my time and its exactly 12
    mid night. I sat on the floor thinking about what to do, when I
    remember that the accident isn’t a coincidence. I remembered
    seeing a monster just before the accident occurred. Then I
    glimpse of fear engulf me. I survey my eye around but I didn’t see
    anything. I looked by my right then I saw creature hiding behind a
    big iroko tree. Its eyes were like that of a snake , it has no hand
    but,only a pair of short legs. That’s when it occurred to me that
    we are not alone.

    Episode 5

    When the going gets though, the though get going.
    I can feel the presence of evil in the air, I knew something
    greater than just humans are up against us.
    An unknown fear floored me, I knew its a matter of time before
    the evil creatures lunch their attacks on us. I checked my phone
    and I found out that we are all out of service, no signal could
    reach us
    One of the guys suggested we should walk back the way we
    came, since no one know the way ahead. We all agreed to the
    suggestion and we all follow the route we came, after walking for
    a mile , something very strange happened, the road began getting
    narrow and before we knew it a wide road turned to a footpath
    right in front of our very eyes. When I observed this, I stopped on
    my track, this couldn’t have be the way we came, something
    strange is happening, very soon this path will end.
    I was still battling with my thought when an evil creature with
    just an eye silently crept inside our mist, no one sees him but I
    I raised an alarm immediately I saw him, others where alerted
    but they didn’t see anything. And right in front of my eyes. He
    killed one of us a disappeared with the corpse. The sudden
    disappearance caused a commotion among us, as the rest began
    wondering what might cause the sudden disappearance.
    Clouds of tears gathered in my eyes, it happened just right in
    front of my eyes and there’s nothing I could do. The rest were so
    confused, and I think it’s right time I let them know the evil they
    are against with.
    I didn’t know when tears began rolling down my eyes. The fear of
    death began running through my mind. I looked at everyone,
    ignorance is clearly written on their face, I think I have to
    enlighten them before it get too late.
    ” you guys don’t see what I saw, we are not alone in this forest!. I
    see evil creatures. I saw the beast that took one of us, I saw how
    he murdered him and vanish away with his corpse. The accident
    we had was not a natural, it was caused by an evil creature that
    stood right in the middle of the road, am afraid to announce this
    to everyone, the longer we stay in this forest, the more we are all
    going to die” I said and they all shrink with fear. Everyone
    believed me except for two guys which claims not to believe in
    ” what do you suggest we do?” One of the ladies asked me. I
    shake my head in response of I don’t know.
    ” I have a compass, am a geography student, and I think we can
    find our way out with this compass” a guy announced, then he
    brought out his compass.
    ” we are supposed to be heading south, but this compass shows
    that we are heading east…”
    “…that means we are heading the wrong direction” I added
    before he could finish his statement. And he nodded in response.
    ” you can call me Vincent ” he added.
    “Ayo” I replied.
    ” so do you all agree with me to follow the compass ” he said
    out loudly. Just has he finish talking, one of the guys that
    doubted me earlier stood up and opposed the idea of following
    the compass.
    ” how can you guys be so foolish and stupid to follow just a
    mare compass, we came through this way and I believe our way
    out is here, I will never follow the silly idea of following the
    compass, who is with me ” he said we boldness and confidence
    and surprisely some people raised their hands and agreed to
    what he said. I tried convincing them but some chose to agree
    with him. Since the situation refused to be compromised we
    splitted into two. We are 18 in total, but the disappearance of
    one makes us now 17. seven of us including me choose to follow
    Vincent and the rest follow the other guy. We wished ourselves
    goodluck and the two groups went in a various way.
    The road leads to no where, and our only way out is through the
    thick forest.
    ” how do you think they are going to survive without you ”
    Vincent asked along the way.
    ” without me” I asked perplexed.
    ” yes, you are the only one that can see the creatures, and
    without you, they will have no one to warn them against any
    danger that might befall them” Vincent said.
    “…and that’s the reason why I chose to follow you, not because I
    trust the compass” a lady suddenly cut in to our conversation. I
    and Vincent are the only guys in the group, the rest are ladies.
    ” I’m Tina” she later added.
    ” I thought you girls are all journeying to the same place, why
    such division? ” I asked.
    ” not all of us are together, we don’t know each other. Perhaps
    some do, but not all” she said.
    ” I guessed am wrong about you girls after all” I said.
    We walked for an hour and some of the ladies began
    complaining about being tired. Vincent suggested we find a
    conducive spot to rest for a while.
    We arrived at a big iroko tree and we all agreed to rest a while.
    But the ladies turned a rest to a sleep.
    ” someone should be on the lookout while others sleep, so who
    will? ” Tina said, and they all focused their eyes on me.
    I gave an expression of “why all the eyes on me”
    ” I think you should be on the lookout ” Tina said.
    ” why” I retorted, cus I was already feeling sleepy.
    ” because you are the only one that can see the creatures, non of
    us can, even if we stay on the lookout ” Vincent said.
    ” d--n it! Am going to be having a sleepless night ” I muttered.
    ” yea, its seems so” Tina said,and she rested her head on one of
    the iroko root.
    I moved away from the rest , and focus my eyes sharply around
    like a night watch. I plugged in an earphone and I began listening
    to some music when boredom striked me.
    Exactly 2 am, a very strong wind began, I was shaking from my
    head to toe, then all of a sudden, I began hearing some giant
    footsteps. I looked around but I didn’t see anything, I raised on
    my feet for a clearer view, and that was when I sighted the
    incoming creature. His head were twice as big as that of a
    buffalo. With eyes as red as a heating iron. Fear engulfed me, I
    ran back and wake the others.
    ” something is coming, something big, we need to leave right
    now” I said with a trembling voice.
    I took the lead, and the rest follow behind. But after running for a
    while I realized the creature can not be out run but it can be
    evade . I saw a giant termite mud and we all enter and hide
    inside it. Just as we entered, the creature came out visibly and
    began to look around. After looking around for a while, he
    ” is he gone ?” Vincent asked.
    ” yes, i cant see him but Something told me not go out yet” I said
    silently to him.
    ” perhaps you should look up at the trees” Tina said.
    I surveyed my eyes around the trees and I found to my greatest
    shock when I saw the creature on one of the tree , fixing his eyes
    on around. It’s seems to be very smart after all. He kept
    disappearing from one tree to the other until it he finally left .
    then we all move out from our hiding point .
    ” thank you ” I said to Tina. She smiled then she gave me a
    playful Punch.
    We continue our journey in the dark and we stopped to rest at
    certain places. We came across some wild fruit and we plucked
    some to eat. We also pluck some in our bag cos we don’t know
    how long we are going to spend in the forest.
    An hour to dawn, we all began hearing a fast approaching
    footsteps. Others wanted to run, but I stopped them.
    ” no don’t run, that’s a steps of a human, I would have see a sign
    if its not. Let stay and wait ” I said with some confidence.
    Just as I finished my statement the person reached us, its one of
    the girls that follow the other guy.
    She was breathing heavily and also terrified.
    ” what is it?” Tina asked her.
    She was able to speak up after catching her breath. Tears were
    coming from her eyes as she was talking.
    “Its coming, the evil snake, i saw it . the are all dead!!! We were
    attacked by different things . This forest is evil we are all going to
    die” she said bitterly.
    Just as she finished talking , an evil snake with a horn fell on her
    and swallowed her up.

    Episode 6

    The battle against evil are not just for the brave, it’s a battle of
    We kept runnig for hours without stopping. No one will
    experience such an horrible sight and wait a seconds before
    picking a race.
    After running for a while, we decided to rest. Dawn has already
    break and we are still trap in the evil forest. Due to the running
    we had, we all became fatigue and thirsty. We have no water
    drink and not a single stream is nearby.
    ” we need to find water, or else we will all die of thirst” I said
    after I discovered how urgently we need water, the ladies are
    lying flat on their stomach, too tired to walk or move.
    ” you guys should wait here, while I go search for water and
    food” I said, then I made to move.
    ” I will go with you” Vincent said. But I declined him.
    ” No, you wait here with the rest, I will be back soon” I said.
    ” please be careful ” Tina said. I nodded then I head deeper into
    the forest.
    After walking for about 10 minutes, I saw two dwarfs creature
    sleeping side by side beside each other. Beside them lied a
    freshly killed antelope. And not too far from the head is a big
    calabash which I knew must contain a liquid substance.
    I hide silently beside a tree for minutes studying the two of them.
    Then I began planning on how to steal the bush meat and also
    the whatever that might be inside the calabash.
    It’s seems impossible for me to do, but I have to risk it. I tiptoed
    silently to them, stopping at certain intervals in other not to make
    my move suspicious. I silently carried the antelope over my neck,
    well the animal seems heavy than I thought, I stretched my hand
    and reach for the calabash. I checked the content inside and I
    found out it’s a fresh palm wine. I wonder where the monsters
    tap a palm wine, no wonder they are sleeping like a log of wood.
    I turned then I began heading back, I was a mile away when I
    heard their scream. They must have discovered the missing
    items and they must have be search for it . I know am a dead
    man if am found by them so I increase my pace. They were
    closing up at me so I head beside a big tree and I began saying
    some prayers. They came right of the front of the tree am behind
    and they began sniffing their nose in the air. Within a second, I
    thought I was caught but I was surprised when I see them
    disappear into the tree. I took a deep breath then I head to back
    to the rest. The walk wasn’t easy cos the animal am carrying has
    an approximate weight of 70kg. And carrying such an animal over
    a long distance was quite exhausting.
    Tina was the first person to see me, she woke the rest and they
    all approach me with joy and happiness.
    I was too tired to talk, so I just lied down on the floor trying to
    catch my breath.
    A fire was made and we set the antelope on fire. We roasted the
    meat and we all ate and drink to our full. We couldn’t finish the
    whole meat so we roasted some dry for preservation. After we
    are done eating, we all lie down to sleep. No one will eat roasted
    bush meat with palm wine and won’t sleep.
    We woke up at noon then we continued our journey, the forest
    seems less evil during the day but very terrifying at night.
    After walking for some miles ,We got to a very big river, the
    water was white and clean, so we rush forward and drink our fill.
    Just as we stop drinking a very beautiful lady came out of the
    water, she look so human but I know she’s a river goodness.
    ” come and have a swim with me” she said. I was almost falling
    for her charm when something stopped me. anyone that enter
    the river will surely not come out. I looked beside me only to see
    the rest undressing and making ready to jump inside the river.
    Immediately I noticed this, I voiced out.
    ” guys stop, she is not a human, anyone that enter into the river
    with her will not come out!!!” I shouted. Immediately Tina put on
    her cloth, followed by Vincent and some of ladies. But one of
    them refused to put on back her cloth.
    ” I need a bath please, even if it just for a minute, am f-----g
    stinking and I need to clean up” she said . she didn’t wait for me
    to talk before she jumped into the river, and that was all we see
    of her, the moment she jumped into the river, the river
    swallowed her up and the water goddess changed to her real
    form, half fish and half human. When we saw what she became
    we all took to our kneels. We wept bitterly for her, cos that was
    the first time one of us will die. We summoned up courage and
    we continue on our journey.
    ” hey Ayo, I wanna say thank you. If not for you I would have
    been dead. Thank you. ” Tina said to me as we were walking.
    Evening arrived sooner than we expected, and the fear of the
    night creatures engulf us all.
    ” we need to find somewhere to spend the night, journeying
    through the night is quite dangerous, ayo and I will be on the
    lookout ” Vincent said. But Tina quickly cut in.
    “… You can go sleep, I will be on the lookout with Ay” she said.
    Vincent respected her choice and they began making preparation
    for where to sleep. After working together for hours, they were
    able to make a bed with bamboo leaves and they use their bags
    as a pillow.
    At 10 pm, tina came to join me on the look out.
    ” I think you should be sleeping ” I said immediately I noticed her
    ” I couldn’t sleep, and besides you are all alone here. Perhaps
    you might need a female company ” she said. I smiled at her,
    cos that was exactly what I need.
    ” so tell me about yourself ” I said.
    She took a long breath before answering.
    ” what do you wanna know about me?” she asked.
    ” anything that will make the night warm” I replied.
    ” am a student just as you are, traveling to meet my fiancé. He
    just returned from u.k after 10 years. I couldn’t Wait to see him
    so I planned surprising him with my unannounce visit. But its
    turned to be this. I never know if I will ever see him again. But if I
    do, it will be a miracle… Can you do something for me? ” she
    ” sure” I replied.
    ” If eventually I didn’t make it out alive… Please give this Parcel
    to him. His address and phone number are written on it” she
    said, then I collected the parcel from her.
    ” you know you should stop being pessimistic ” I said.
    ” am not being pessimistic, am only preparing for the end ” she
    replied. I wonder what she meant by that, but I got my mind off it
    Exactly 12 in the mid night. Something strange happened. Tina
    and the rest were far gone asleep. Just after a minute pass 12, I
    began hearing some strange voices all around, the voice were
    coming from different directions and angles. I looked around but
    I didn’t see anything. The evil wind began blowing and I knew
    there’s something up against us. I stand on my feet and began
    looking around but I see nothing. I was about taking a break
    when I caught a glimpse of something. I focused my eye on the
    direction and I saw a young girl of about 7 years. Looking at her I
    know she’s not an ordinary being. My eyes came in contact with
    her and she advance towards me. I wanted to run, but something
    struck my leg and I couldn’t move it.
    ” don’t be afraid of me, I won’t harm you, but there’s something
    bigger than I am that will hurt you. Pluck a leaf from this tree and
    put it in your mouth, hold your breath and she shall surely pass
    you by, avoid eye contact with her she’s a very powerful
    creature” she said.I got no time to doubt her, I wake the rest and
    I instructed them just as she told me. We all did as she said then
    the evil snake appeared.
    I watched as the snake began to move in our mist, I avoided eye
    contact with her but i never take my eye off her. one the ladies
    mistakely look into the snake her. She screamed out and the leaf
    in her mouth fell. The snake swallowed her up and disappeared
    into the dark.
    After the snake is long gone. Tina looked at me with a puzzled
    ” how do you know what you told us?” She asked. I turned and
    saw the little girl behind me.
    ” you might not be able to see her, but I can see her. She told
    me what I told you guys” I said pointing at her. But its seems am
    just pointing to the air.
    ” you mean, there’s something here with us?” Vincent asked. I
    nodded in response and the all shrink with fear.
    ” its a blessing you can see me, no one came into the forest and
    return out alive, you are heading the right way but there are
    dangers ahead. You will need to kill the evil snake before you can
    leave this forest… And killing the evil snake is impossible ” she

    Episode 7

    Impossible is just a word, there is a possible in impossible.
    Killing the evil snake was the craziest thing, we could possibly
    think of. We’ve seen how powerful and impossible the snake is,
    so going after it, is more like a suicide mission, not even with a
    bunch of girls.
    I sat down and i began thinking of how to overcome the evil
    snake when I remember the little girl referring to the snake as a
    she. I mentioned her closer and i asked her the mystery behind
    the evil snake. She took her time, then she began narrating the
    story to me.
    “According to what is told from mouth to mouth. Her name is kira
    She is one the oldest and the powerful creature in this forest.
    Many years ago, She was once the most beautiful creature in the
    forest, every other creature admired her beauty and some wishes
    to have her, but her mind are with the humans, she was created
    in human form but she’s a spirit of the forest, just like me. Her
    hassle was pride. In the east of the forest lies the kingdom of the
    snakes. There was a very powerful snake with the ability to
    transform into human, he transformed to a human and met with
    kira. She fell in love with the snake hoping it was a human. Love
    they say is blind. Love blinded her, until she was destroyed. She
    lost her beauty and human form, the day she slept with the
    snake. She turned into a snake, a snake with a horn. After she
    discovered the truth, she hate the human world and also the
    snake kingdom. Since she no longer have her beauty, she turned
    evil.” She narrated.
    ” then how do you suppose we kill her? ” I asked.
    ” i dont know. she’s two centuries older than I, she’s very
    powerful ” she replied.
    It’s seems all hope gone, non of us have a clue on how to get rid
    away with the snake.
    I lied down beside a tree and began reminiscing about my
    childhood days, I remembered how bold and confident I am then.
    I speak and even play occasionally with spirits and some
    harmless creature. I remembered having a monster friend then.
    He used to advise me whenever am in danger or state of
    confusion. But I don’t have him anymore, when I lost my sight at
    age 10, I lost him too. I remember the song I use to sing
    whenever I needed his help. Something told me to sing the song,
    so I began singing it. I sang the song repeatedly for over 30
    minutes, but nothing showed up and I began to lose hope. I was
    at the edge losing hope completely when I heard a faint voice
    close to my ears. Immediately, I looked around but I didn’t see
    ” are you that blind not to have see me since ?” the voice came
    more loudly.
    Immediately, I recognized the voice, it’s my little childhood
    monster friend.
    ” I can’t see you, show yourself!!! ” I shouted.
    ” am right in front of you, it’s seems you don’t have your vision
    fully back, you can only see me with your two eye, not with one ”
    he said.
    ” I need your help little friend, I’m in danger, read through my
    thought and tell me what to do” I said with my eyes fixed in the
    ” am not so little anymore, I have grown big. Only if you can see
    me…reading through your mind is a fight against the impossible.
    She’s a powerful snake, since you have no power to kill her the
    only thing you can do is to delude her, outsmart her and trick
    her. Firstly you need to know her weakness and secondly you
    need a plan.” He said.
    ” Roger that ” I replied just as I use to do when am still a little.
    ” I know of a creature that can help you with something to use
    against her” the little girl said. I shifted my attentions to her then
    I asked her of the creature.
    ” its the creature of light, she have a precious stone that can
    reflect evils. This stone can protect you, but you have to be
    smart ” she said.
    I felt relieved on hearing that from her.
    ” so where can we find her?” I asked.
    ” its a day journey from here, she live under the mountain of
    light. She has a lot of gold and silver, if you get carried away
    with it, you may never return. ” she said.
    I took a deep breath then I make up my mind to go alone to the
    creature of light. I know better than anyone that our survival
    depends on my return with the stone of light .
    I packed some dry meat then I head to the mountain of light. I
    can see the tip of the mountain from afar, but within it laid
    hundreds of miles with dangerous night creatures.
    My first encounter on the journey was a talking lizard. The lizard
    was as giant as a crocodile. Its looks less evil so I spoke to him.
    ” can you show me the quickest route to the mountain of light ” I
    ” take the path by your left, but I must warn you, its a dangerous
    path ” he said, then he went his way.
    I thanked him then I took the path, after walking for some
    minutes, I began to hear some strange footsteps, then followed
    by a howled . i sense the presence of evil, so i fasten my pace. I
    looked ahead only to see a blood thirsty creature. His whole body
    was covered with blood and his teeth where like that of a wolf .
    ” this isn’t good” I muttered to myself. I tried to hide but its
    seems he caught sight of me even before i do. He advanced
    towards me like a wild deer. I waited not, I didn’t wait a seconds
    before I pick a race, he was covering up and I know it’s a matter
    of time before he catch up with me. I saw a lake ahead , and
    without having a second thought, I jumped in. I expected him to
    jump in with me but to my suprise, he didn’t. I guessed he’s
    afraid of water. I splashed some of the water at him and I
    watched as he wail in pain. I splashed more at him and his skin
    began peeling. I sense the lake is like an acid on him. I splashed
    more water on him and right in front of me his flesh burned down
    and he died an awful death.
    “Gottach!!!” I exclaimed loudly. I filled my two bottles with the
    lake water then I drink my fill. The lake water served as my
    weapon against the evil creatures, no creature can stand a drop
    of it. Whenever am being attack by any evil creature, I use the
    water to defend myself.
    And finally I got to the mountain of light, its a very beautiful place
    to be . every stone and rock present were all shining brightly. I
    remember the warning giving to me so took my mind off away
    from the treasures
    ” anybody home?” I asked foolishly.
    ” why do you come to the mountain of light ?” Says a female
    voice within the rock.
    ” I seek the stone of light” I said confidently.
    ” you’ve passed the first test, the treasure test. for you to have
    the stone of light you must pass the second test and if you fail,
    you will for ever be my servant, are you ready for it” she said.
    Fear engulfed me, I knew the important of the stone, but the
    conditions attached seems very difficult, after a while I made up
    my mind to go for the second test, luck goes with the brave.
    ” am ready” I said bravely.
    ” you’ve passed the second test, its a test of the mind. You can
    only fail by giving up, but you didn’t so you passed, you can have
    the stone of light ” she said then the stone disappeare right in my
    hand. I thanked her then I find my way out.
    I got back to the others after two days, they were all suprise to
    see me, most of them thought I will never return except for Tina
    and Vincent which believe me strongly.
    ” I knew you will return ” Tina said.
    ” me too ” Vincent added.
    “Thanks for believing in me, now let get out of this evil forest” I

    Episode 8

    Combating against the impossible, requires impossible moves.
    ” oh little monster, where are you? I need your help ” I cried
    loudly into the air.
    ” I have told you, am not little anymore, it’s not your fault, you
    are as blind as a human ” he answered.
    A smile appeared on my face when I heard his voice, I knew he is
    not far away, but my inability to see him makes me call on him. I
    was about saying something when he quickly cut in
    ” I know what you are thinking, there’s no need to say anything
    just listen to me. The stone of light you have can only protect
    one person, and you are five in numbers. To survive, you must
    not stick together, you need to spread out. Like some meters
    away from each other, you need to be brave and strong. The lake
    water you brought cannot kill the snake but it can slow her down.
    When the snake see the stone of light ,she won’t near the person
    with it, she will go for another person without the stone, doing
    this period, the person with the stone will quickly run to the
    forest exit and trow the stone back to whoever might be the
    snake target… I must warn you, any mistake and you are gone. I
    wish you all luck ” he said , then he vanished.
    I explained it to the rest and we all draw a plan map. I have two
    bottles of lake water and I think that will be enough to slow her
    down for a while. I will go in first with the stone of light, while
    others will hide behind trees and bushes. I will attack the snake
    with the rain water and run quickly to the exit, then I will trow the
    stone back to Vincent, he will do the same still we are all out of
    the forest. We agreed to this plan and we head to the forest exit.
    Its took us three days to reach the exit, we encountered a lot of
    evil creatures, but the stone of light protected us all.
    At the forest exit, everywhere seems calm, but I know she must
    be somewhere around waiting for us. I advance forward slowly
    while the rest hide behind trees. Not so long, she came out of her
    eveil grace. She make a long hiss, that scare every Bird present
    away. I stopped on my track and I listen careful to the hissing, it
    was just not a hiss, she was actually saying something but it
    sound more like a hiss. After straining my ear carefully, I was
    able to process, the hissing into words.
    ” no one leaves the forest alive!!!” That was actually what she
    Fear engulfed me, but somehow an unknown courage and
    boldness bestowed me. I hide the stone of light and the lake
    water inside my back pocket. Then I shouted at her.
    ” hey you motherfucker !!!, come get me and see if I won’t break
    one of your teeth with my fist!!! ” I shouted. This angered her and
    she advance towards me with an unimaginable speed, I stood
    my ground calculating her moves , when she was about 3 feet
    away, I brought out the stone of light, on seeing the stone she
    applied a brake but its seems its doesn’t work effectively as she
    slide rushing at me, I made a deadly fist and I repel her with it,
    she collided back on the floor and she wailed in pain.
    Immediately, I attacked her with the lake water, she wail more
    loudly in pain, during this period I observed that one of her long
    evil teeth is missing.
    ” I told ya” I muttered .
    I trow the stone to Vincent and race with all the speed I have to
    the forest exit. She came after me, but the lake water slow her
    down, before she could reach me am already out.
    ” f--k you!!! ” I said after am out of the forest.
    Vincent followed my moves and he was out too, he threw the
    stone back to one of this ladies and she did the same. This go
    on until it reach the last person which happens to be Tina, the
    stone was thrown to her but it got blocked by a tree and the
    stone fell into a deep hole which was not far away from her. On
    seeing this, my heart skipped a beat, fear floored me completely
    down, I know that without the stone she won’t be able to make it
    to the exit. She tried running but the snake caught up with her, I
    wanted to help but Vincent and the rest hold me down. We
    watched as she struggle with the snake, after a while she lost to
    her but she was able to say something before the snake swallow
    her up.
    ” am sorry Ayo, i die with this snake” she said and the snake
    swallowed her up. It was an horrible sight to look, but I caught a
    glimpse of Tina holding a bottle of the lake water along in with
    her. Not too long, the snake began rolling badly on the floor, she
    vomited Tina out, but only her dead that came out. A minute
    after, the snake die to.
    I run to Tina hoping to find her alive, I found her still breathing,
    but it’s certain she’s going to die. She mentioned me closer and
    whispered closely to me.
    ” Ayo, the parcel i gave to you…please find him and deliver it to
    him,and one more thing,tell him that… I love him…forever.” She
    said then she gave up the ghost. I wept bitterly cos I never think I
    will lose her.
    ” she’s dead, but she died like a man” Vincent said.
    ” am not leaving her corpse behind, she deserved to be buried ” I
    ******* ********* *********** ******
    A week later, I was able to deliver her message, I gave him the
    parcel and also her last word, I couldn’t help but join him in
    crying. He wept bitterly, if only tears can bring her back from
    I got home and narrated my experienced to my parent, but I got
    the greatest shock from then. They were happy that I made it, but
    they got a bad news awaiting for me.
    My father was the first to talk, but my mother later cut in.
    ” this gift of eyes was passed, from me to you, only your father
    know about this. I never tell anyone. The reason why I called you
    to come home was that… I’ve been seeing your dead around… An
    omen that you will die” she said.

    Episode 9

    ” Am not afraid to die” words from a brave. But deep inside, he
    wouldn’t want to die.
    ” My dead? How? Mom ! Dad!, this joke is too expensive ” I
    muttered out with fear. My mother buried her face down, with
    unspoken tears running down her face. My father cleared his
    thought and said slowly to me.
    “Son, I wish it’s a joke, but sooner or later, death will eventually
    ” …just stop dad!!! What are you saying? That am going to die?
    Forget it dad, I just escaped the death and mom stop crying,
    nothing is going to happen to me” I cut in.
    I watched as my mom wiped away her tears with the edge of her
    ” listen to me son, its an omen of something very terrible. You
    are walking towards your death son. You are engaged with death.
    What have you been doing? What have you gotten yourself into?
    Speak up !! Tell me the Truth!!! ” my mom shouted. And for the
    first time in my life, she raised her voice on me. I wasn’t a brat,
    but I have always receive something they called mother’s love.
    She brought me up with so much love, she has always been my
    guide and my second best friend.
    I felt like opening up to her, but I didn’t want to do it in front of
    my dad.
    ” can I have some minutes with you privately mom?” I requested.
    My dad looked into my mom eyes, then he excused us.
    ” mom… Am sorry, I went to a party with my friends, but things
    turned out bad, some bunched of girls led by someone I would
    call their leader, attacked the party before we could go in,
    fortunately we were spared. Few weeks ago, I met with leader at
    a club house, she has interest in me…and she collected my
    number, but it’s seems she doesn’t recognize me. The night you
    messaged… I was expecting to meet her, but I couldn’t due to
    the message I got from you, could that be death am walking
    into?” I asked.
    ” I don’t know son, but do all you can to stay away from her, I
    don’t want to lose you, I don’t want to bury you with my hand. So
    please do this for me ” she said with tears.
    ” you won’t lose me mom” I said then I embraced her.
    I returned back to school the following week, some students
    were shocked when they see me, well I later learnt that I have
    been declared missing. I narrated my stories to my friends and
    also the well wishers, that cared to know why.
    Whenever I remember my adventure in the evil forest, I always
    have this feeling of success and luck.
    After an hour of insipid tutorial, joy came running at me with
    some great speed. She threw herself on me in front of all the
    departmental mate, there was a humming, but she care less
    about it.
    ” I heard the story from your best friend Agatha, are you really
    okay? ” she asked.
    ” yes… I am. But my best friend wouldn’t have tell you that ” I
    said .
    ” yea, she won’t have, I actually lied that… I liked you and that…I
    really care about you ” she said shyly.
    ” hmmm, she told you because you said the true, not because
    you lied. She knows when someone is lying ” I said with a
    ” shut up … Whatever… So you think I like you?” She said trying to
    form an anger.
    ” I don’t think you like me, I know you like me. You said it
    yourself to my Beastie ” I replied with a smile.
    ” whatever ” she muttered.
    ” can we have lunch together? ” I asked. She replied by nodding
    her head happily.
    We walked hand to hand to the school canteen but we met David
    and his goons along the way, he seems uncomfortable seeing joy
    with me. I tried to ignore him but he wouldn’t let the sleeping
    dog lie. He and his friends organized themselves and they
    blocked our way.
    ” hey!!, what are you doing with my girlfriend? And why are you
    holding her hand as if she’s your wife” he shouted.
    ” David get out of my way” I retorted.
    ” and what if I don’t?” He said showing up his muscles. The
    easiest way to get rusticated in the university is through fighting.
    And am not ready to face the panel. But the son of a b---h in
    front of me is igniting the anger in me. I was about hitting him,
    when joy quickly get between us.
    ” Ay please stop! And you David, don’t you have any shame,
    instead of you to work on your GP. you are here fighting over a
    lady. Your GP is so low that even if it’s converted to MTN credit,
    its can’t flash another MTN number!!!. I want this to be the last
    time you will try this rubbish with me or Ay ” she said and walk
    angrily away from him dragging me along . after walking a mile
    away from them, i decide to speak up. The way she’s holding my
    hand is getting too awkward
    ” joy stay calm. Your adrenalin is high, you are dragging me ” I
    said with a low voice.
    ” am sorry ay, that idiot just got on my nerves” she said. I took
    my hand down to her hair then I caress them slowly.
    ” its okay, let go to my place ” I said then she agreed.
    We board a bike which conveyed us to my villa. One thing I love
    about my Villa, its always a very quite place to live and the
    neighbor’s there are understandable, although we are all
    She entered and she was like ” wao, nice place ”
    ” what will you like to eat?” I asked, knowing fully well that I can
    hardly boil an egg.
    ” whatever you cook, I will surely eat it” she said. I changed my
    cloth, then I head into the kitchen.
    ” Ay you can do this, yes you can, yes I can” I said to myself
    immediately I entered the kitchen. I remembered a cooking
    manual Agatha gave to me sometimes ago, I quickly fetch for it
    and place it on the table. I read through jollof rice preparation
    and I began following the steps, but it was kind of difficult. After
    some minutes joy joined me in the kitchen, she has removed her
    top leaving only her underwear, which reveals her pointed n-----s.
    A b----t like hers don’t need a bra to hold them up, they stand
    I tried hiding the cooking manual but she caught me.
    ” stop hiding the manual, I’ve seen it.” She said.
    “Hmm…I was just checking the…” I stammered.
    “…checking what? Four figure table? Logarithm of jollof rice?
    Common leave there let me do the cooking” she said, then she
    collected the spoon from me. I watched as she prepare a
    palatable delicious rice, we ate together after the food was done,
    I must admit, she’s really a good cook.
    After we are done eating, she rested her head on my legs and we
    began gisting.
    ” Ayo I wanna tell you something ” she said.
    ” if its about your craft members, am not ready to listen ” I said.
    ” it’s not that, its something special, its not right for me to say it
    but I just have to ” I said with a smile. I turned my ears to her,
    saying ” am all ears”
    ” you are a really good guy you know, and I have always wanted
    to tell you this, I like you a lot, and I sometimes wish you are
    mine, I tried to protect whenever you seems to be in trouble, its
    all because I admired you ” she said.
    ” joy… Sincerely speaking, I don’t know what to say am flattered ”
    I said.
    She moved her head up then engage her lips with mine, the kiss
    was so warm an intriguing. I felt her hand on my manhood and
    slowly i began getting erection . her b----t was against my chest
    and I can feel the rapid hardness of her b----t. I sensed she want
    me, so I took my time with her.
    I grabbed her two pointed balls and began messaging them
    softly, I removed her under wear revealing her beautiful sets of
    grapefruit. I moved my head down to her left b----t then I began
    sucking it, I shifted my head to the right b----t after I’ve softened
    the left b----t .
    I moved my hand down and shifted her skirt upward. She wore a
    pink tight that shows her p---y shape. I pull it down then I play
    with her p---y tips, she was enjoying it, so I insert in a finger, her
    p---y was quite tight so I couldn’t insert more than two fingers.
    She jumped on me after a while, then I guided my d--k into her
    p---y, the feeling was great , perhaps its been long that I have
    had sex. She was riding me slowly like a horse, and I was
    enjoying every bit of it. I turned her over and took over position. I
    spread her leg wide, then I plug in. I wasn’t in mood for a fast
    sex, so I go slowly on her, and I guessed she enjoy it being slow.
    After going like this for about 45 minutes, I c-m.
    ” can you still go for another round? ” I asked her.
    ” sure” she nodded.
    I know this time around it won’t be slow, I positioned her on the
    unbeaten doggy style and penetrated from behind. I was bleeping
    her with full speed and force. And all she could give was a good
    sound track. I removed my d--k from her p---y then placed it in
    between her two pointed b----t, the b----t are too good to be
    ignored .
    We later changed position to missionary style. Missionary style
    always give me the opportunity of a deep penetration. I inserted
    my long d--k deeply into her p---y, then I began banging her this
    way, till we both released.
    She cleaned up in the toilet and waited still around 5 pm in the
    evening before leaving. I really enjoyed her stay and am sure she
    enjoyed herself too.
    After seeing her off, I was heading back home when two ladies
    on a bum shorts standing by a range rover car, signalled for me
    to enter the car with a pistol pointed at me. I obliged without
    hesitation, I wouldn’t want to underestimate them.
    I was drove to a very beautiful big mansion. I began wondering
    who might own such a big house.
    I followed them in, and I saw yemi sitting majestically on the
    ” welcome home my baby” she said as made to hug me.
    ” do you really have to send for me with a gun?” I asked with
    some borrowed anger.
    ” am sorry dear, have missed you a lot and I think maybe you are
    avoiding me” she replied.
    ” something happened, that was why you didn’t see me” I said.
    She gave me an unexpected kiss then she dragged me along
    with her to the swimming pool.
    ” you are spending the night here with me, so don’t think of ever
    leaving me, go change your cloth and let swim” she said.
    I remembered how my mother warned me against her, but right
    now there’s nothing I can do.
    After swimming together for about 30 minutes, we left the pool
    for dinner, the table was already set, a full chicken was at the
    center of the table staring at me.
    I must admit that she’s living like a president .
    After eating, she brought out a black label wine and we began
    drinking, I wasn’t suprise when I saw her smoking.
    Around 10 pm she was already drunk and she began undressing
    herself in front of me.
    My spirit doesn’t go with her, so I began looking for excuses and
    ways to run away. An idea struck me so I followed it. I lied to her
    that I want to use the toilet, so with that, I was able to find my
    way out of the building, I met three ladies armed with Ak47 at the
    main gate.
    ” she wanted the three of you upstairs.” I said and the three of
    them ran upstairs to meet her. They actually fell for my trick. I
    opened the gate and I head out
    I saw a Benz car parked outside the gate, as I began moving, the
    car began following me, I noticed this so I increased my pace. I
    board a bike then I told the bike man to run very fast. I got home
    then I locked myself in. I don’t know why the car was following
    me but I know it has to be a reason, but am thankful for the bike
    Around 2 am in the night I heard a knock at my door.

    Episode 10

    The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of
    comfort & convenience but how he stands at times of
    controversy & challenges.
    “Who could be knocking by this time of the night” I wondered
    I wanted to ignore the person but the person kept on knocking.
    ” could it be yemi or any of her girls ” I wondered. After a while I
    summoned up courage.
    ” who is that?” I asked.
    ” please open the door, am stranded, I need a place to spend the
    night ” said by a female voice .
    I hesitated before opening the door. I saw a lady of about 26
    years of age dressed in a black suit. She looked more like a
    person that got a bank job.
    ” come in ” I said to her. She entered surveying her eyes around
    my room.
    ” am really sorry for disturbing you, my car broke down along the
    road, and its too dangerous to spend the night out there, am very
    sorry for the inconvenience ” she said.
    She’s quite a stranger but am relieved she isn’t yemi or any of
    her girls. I asked if she’s hungry and she said no, so I made the
    bed ready for her to sleep and I slept on the floor. My ways of
    I woke up around 5am, do some cleaning and I also prepare
    some noodles. I didn’t catch her face clearly yesterday night due
    to the darkness, but I was able to see her face very clearly in the
    morning. She’s quite a beauty, with a chocolate skin and a
    pointed nose. She woke up around 6 am in the morning, I have
    already made ready everything she will be needing.
    ” Good morning” I said as soon as my eyes came in contact with
    ” morning thanks for the help” she replied.
    ” its nothing, there’s is warm water in the bathroom and a towel
    by the door, you can go have your bath. Let me excuse you ” I
    said then I head out. I went outside the compound and I found
    the Benz car, that was following me yesterday night. I checked
    and looked around for the owner but I didn’t see anyone. I
    brought out a pen and write the car plate number. I was about
    leaving when I noticed something . my guest said her car broke
    down, how can she have possibly locate me if she hadn’t be
    following me.
    I head back into the compound, I was at the edge of entering
    inside when I heard her receiving a call, so I stayed behind and
    eavesdropped on her.
    ” I spent the night at his place, I need another car, park it along
    the highway and disconnect the battery connection, I told him
    my car broke up, so that’s the new plan ” she said then she
    ended the call. Now everything began getting weird to me, she’s
    definitely the person that followed me and she deliberately spend
    the night at my place. I need to know her plans, and the only way
    to know her plans is to play along.
    I knocked on the door before entering to meet her. I met her
    eating the noodles I prepared, I was shocked, I wondered how
    she know about the noodles. I stood there amazed .
    ” am sorry, am really hungry ” she said slowly.
    ” its okay, the noodles are for you, am just wondering how you
    could trust to eat a food prepared by a stranger, not even scared
    if there’s something else in it.” I said. She swallowed mouthful of
    noodles before replying me.
    ” you didn’t look like someone that will do that, I slept peacefully
    yesterday night, you didn’t touch me so why won’t I trust you
    with this food.” She said. She made me smile with her words, at
    least am not a bad person after all.
    ” I’m Janet and you are?” She asked.
    ” I’m Ayo ” I replied.
    She finished up the noodles and rested a while before leaving
    ” perhaps I could help with your broke down car” I said. She
    nodded and we both walked out. We walked passed the Benz car
    and began heading upward, she stopped beside a BMW car
    parked along the street.
    ” over here” she said. I asked her to open the car bonnet which
    she did . I found the car battery disconnected just as i heard, so I
    connect it back. She ignited the engine and its works .She
    thanked me and gave me a hug in appreciation. I knew she will
    be thinking that her plans are working not knowing that I heard all
    her conversation.
    She collected my digit and promised to check on me some other
    time. She left and I head back home, on my way back, I ran a
    call to one my friend friend studying criminology. His name is
    Desmond, he enjoyed solving criminal case, and he’s also a
    good computer hacker. I met him doing my first year in the
    university, I saved his a-s from getting kicked by some angry
    mob. So we became friends through that.
    Me: hello Desmond.
    Desmond: yea what’s up?
    Me: I need your brain
    Desmond: seriously? How may I help you bro?.
    Me: let meet at 14:00 outside the school library.
    Desmond: don’t be late.
    Me: not this time.
    I ended the call, head back home, had my bath then set to
    school. On my way to school I came across Ayokemi. I know I
    owned her an explanation of my sudden disappearance and why I
    never check on her.
    ” so they were right, all guys are the same after you had want you
    wanted you left without even a note or something ” she muttered
    ” Ayokemi am sorry, something very terrible came up, I barely
    escape alive, I arrived 2 days ago. I had you in mind…” She barely
    let me finish my words before she cut in.
    ” I don’t buy that kind of lie, ever since you left I have been
    searching all around for you. Your number wasn’t going, nothing
    was. So you think you can now cook up a lie for me now, I know
    you are with a lady that’s why your number wasn’t going ” she
    said angrily.
    I know the only way to calm her down to believe me is to go
    slowly on her.
    ” yea… I was wrong, I ought to have contacted you, but believe
    this or not, my life was in danger through out the passed weeks,
    perhaps you will be happy if am dead, cos me being alive seems
    not to please you… I have to go” I said then I made to move. But
    she quickly held me back.
    ” Am sorry, I was too quick about my decision… I felt lost, I
    thought you left me, I never knew your life…hey what happened? ”
    she asked in confusion.
    ” I will tell you all about it back in the evening ” I replied.
    ” till then, take care of yourself… For me, you were my first in
    everything ” she said then she head to her office.
    Through out the day, I noticed that my moves are being followed,
    By the same car, parked in front of my villa. I couldn’t see the
    inside cos the car was tinted. But I had the plate number all in
    my head.
    Few minutes to two o’clock, I head to the school library. I met
    Desmond sitting around a corner pressing his phone.
    ” you are late” he said. I checked my time before replying him
    ” I’m five seconds late” I said. He gave a weird chuckle .
    ” you are still late, so what did you want me to do for you? ” he
    ” am being followed. a benz car with plate number LND915BU. It
    has been following my moves since yesterday night. And with all
    I got so far, its a lady she came to my place around
    2am.claiming she was stranded and that her car broke down. So
    I let her spend the night with me. This morning I caught her
    telephoning someone. But before that, I saw the car that followed
    me yesterday night parked outside my compound, which I know
    it belong to her. She told the person she needs a car park along
    the street without a battery connection. And I met it just as she
    said. And through out today this same car have been around me.
    I need to know the kind of s--t am into.” I said.
    Desmond took a deep breath before answering me.
    ” with the way I see things… I don’t know or I can’t say who they
    are until i have my research . All you have to do right now is to
    outsmart them, do as if you know nothing, am very sure she will
    come back to you. We need to know their mission, so you need
    to play along with their plans. As soon as I receive information
    on who they are, I will let you know. ” he said . I thanked him and
    we both head a separate ways.
    I went to my regular spot, where my friends do stay after the day
    work. I met them, including my bestie chanting happily. I wished
    am as happy as they are but I got problems surrounding me.
    ” hi guys, its Thursday what do think about drinking some palm
    wine.” I said immediately I joined them.
    ” wao, that’s awesome its been long that I’ve drink a palm” Ben
    ” from where I come from, we are palm wine drinkers, I can drink
    seven calabash of palm wine as you dey see me so and I won’t
    feel anything” Ope said boastfully.
    “Shooooo!!!” We all exclaimed.
    ” oya let’s go to the Palm wine joint, thunder will fire you if you
    no drink seven calabash today ” mayor said.
    We are agreed and we all moved to a Palm wine joint. The place
    was quite crowded, so after revolving for some time, we were
    able to secure a seat.
    We ordered for a calabash of palm wine each except for Ope, we
    ordered he should be giving 3 calabash for a start. So we began
    drinking. Just as ope finished drinking the second calabash. He
    raised one of the empty calabash up and began looking at it.
    After a while He tried standing up, but he staggery shakes the
    table during this process, that all of us had to hold tight on our
    calabash of wine, to prevent it from pouring away.
    He cleared his throat then he prepared a speech.
    ” one house please, hello every one present in this place, can I
    have your attention please ” he said shouted.
    This draws the attention of all the people and they all focus on
    ” Please ooo, I don’t understand two things ooo, one, I have been
    studying this calabash for the past five minutes and I can’t see
    where they write the ingredients. Abi is it written in your own
    Number two ,i want to urinate, and I have been thinking since, I
    dont even know the location of my penis again” He said.
    “Ha !! Ope, tie ba e. Aye drinking career e ti baje patapata , it is
    located below your nose. Na only two calabash you drink ooo.
    You don dey talk rubbish. See that girl wey dey there .she finish
    10 calabash. Nothing do her. ” mayor said.
    During this period, three messages entered my phone, one was
    from joy and the 2nd was from Ayokemi and the last was from
    yemi. I opened joy message first.
    ” hi Ayo, I just want to let you know that am thinking about you
    right now, I really enjoyed what happened between us both
    yesterday, and am looking forward for more from you. I love you
    I smiled after reading the message then I proceed to the second
    message from Ayokemi.
    ” my love, am sorry about what happened this morning, I will be
    expecting you at my place tonight. Love you so much ”
    I wanted to ignore the 3rd message which was from yemi, but
    somehow I opened it.
    ” hi dear, you left me alone yesterday night. If not for the fact
    that I like you, I must have ordered for your head by now. But I
    can’t do that, you are so precious to me, give me a call when
    you see this message. Love ya”
    I excused myself from the rest then I went to a silent place. I was
    thinking about the s--t I got myself intop when I felt a tap by my
    shoulder, I looked up to see Janet standing in front of me. I was
    surprised to see her, but I quickly maintain my cool.
    ” hi Janet, what are you doing here” I asked surprisely, knowing
    fully well she’s been following me.
    ” thanks for yesterday, I came to buy palm wine ” she said.
    ” oh you drink palm wine?, that’s good I was also having some, I
    just come outside for some fresh air ” I said.
    She sat down beside me and throw a weird look at me.
    ” you seems devastated, is anything the problem ?” She asked.
    ” no am fine” I replied.
    ” are you going anywhere tonight, am just thinking maybe we
    could hang out together ” she said.
    ” am sorry… I got the night all occupied, maybe some other time
    ” I replied.
    After she’s out of sight I ran a call to Desmond.
    Me: hello.
    Desmond: am with you.
    Me: she just left me.
    Desmond: I told you she will come
    Me: anything?
    Desmond: yea, about the car, its a government registered car.
    Me: which means?
    Desmond: cultists don’t use such a car , only government
    officials .
    Me: so you are saying, she’s a police?
    Desmond: something like that, but am not sure, I will have to
    work more on that.
    Me: thank you .
    Desmond: don’t mention.
    I ended the call then ran another call to yemi.
    Me: hi
    Yemi: baby boo
    Me: how you doing?
    Yemi: what you did yesterday pained me a lot ooo, if its another
    guy that try such with me . He won’t live to see today ooo.
    Me: am sorry.
    Yemi: I’ve forgiven you, but you just have to make it up.
    Me: what did you want me to do.
    Yemi: you are spending the weekend with me.
    Me: what if I have place to go.
    Yemi: then we go together.
    Me: ha
    Yemi: common love. You are a lucky guy, I don’t give such a s--t
    for a guy.
    Me: have heard you.
    Yemi: so should I be expecting you tonight?
    Me: no
    Yemi: why?
    Me: I need to be somewhere. You have all the weekends .
    Yemi: hmmm okay dear love you.
    Me: bye bye.
    I ended the call then I went back inside. I drank one calabash of
    palm wine more before leaving with my friends.
    ” Ay are you coming to the club tonight? ” Ben asked.
    ” emmm… I can’t really say. I need to see someone tonight” I
    ” Ay, abeg help me tell your best friend Agatha that I love her die,
    I don dey toast her all this year, she no gree. Wetin be my
    offense? ” ope said drunkly .
    ” when was the last time you f--k a p---y?” I asked.
    ” yesterday night ” he replied.
    ” that’s it, he knows who we are, we are all bloody fuckers, she
    can’t date a guy like us, if you want to have her. You need to
    change your ways, then she can start considering you ” I said.
    Around 6 pm in the evening, I dressed up then head to Ayokemi
    place .
    I met her cooking when I entered after about 19 minutes of
    sitting alone, she finished the cooking and set the dining table.
    She prepared semo vital, which a melon soup mixed with
    vegetables, the encouragement on the food was quite big, a big
    cat fish and some diced meat. Even if I can’t cook, I can at least
    know the taste of a good meal. The food was awesome. I even
    requested for more.
    After we are done eating, I began narrating my experience at the
    evil forest to her. She felt sorry for me and blamed herself for
    judging me , without hearing me first .
    She moved her lips up and kissed me. I responded rapidly to the
    kiss, and it turned to a hot one.
    ” I want you” she said.
    I smiled then I set to work, I searched my hands for her bra
    hook, after locating it, I freed them. I cup her b----t with my
    hands then position my mouth on one of her boobs. After
    suckling for some time, I began kissing her neck down to her
    naval region, I proceed a little downward to her p---y region. I
    penetrated a finger through her pant into her honeypot, I felt the
    warmness of her tonton, boiling up my finger. I added another
    finger making it two, then I began , inserting it in and out of it.
    Her pussycream was all over my hands, that explains the rate of
    her wetness. My ebonite rod has became as hard as a rock and
    only a tonton can soften it. I carried her to the room then naked
    her on the bed. I spread her leg wide apart then t----t my hard
    member into her tonton. The warmness was like that of a
    microwave. I began banging her slowly, and gradually began
    gaining momentum.
    She was giving me a sweet sensation tune which boost up my
    As I was banging her, my mouth never leave her b----t, I was
    banging and suckling her at the same time. After about 45
    minutes, I released. We entered into the second half which lasted
    for another 45 minutes with 4 minutes extra time.
    I spent the night at her place and head back very early the
    following morning to my place, on my way back home, I observed
    that the same car is still following me , so I played smart on her.
    I saw an uncompleted building by the way, so I entered inside
    and hide in one of the rooms. After about 15 minutes, she came
    out of the car and head inside.
    ” who are you? And why are you following me? I asked her
    immediately she entered the building, she was shocked by the
    question and also by my sudden appearance.
    ” emmm…I…I..was..emm.. ” she stammered.
    ” there’s no point lying here, so just tell me the Truth. Who are
    you!!! ” I shouted.
    ” OK OK , you got me, I’m a detective, am working on a murder
    case you are somehow connected to” she said.
    ” what?” I retorted sharply.
    ” a month ago, a commissioner son was murdered at his birthday
    by some groups girls that called themselves the slay Queen’s.
    Their leader is my target. I have been working on this case since
    the past one month, but they seems very powerful and they leave
    no evidence behind. 2 days ago, I saw you coming out of the
    Queen’s residence, so I followed you, i did my research on you
    and I found out that there’s a connection between you and my
    target ” she said.
    ” so what the hell do you want from me” I muttered angrily.
    ” easy don’t get mad with me, all I want from you is simple, I
    want you to work with me and I want you to have an adventure
    with the slay Queen’s ”

    Episode 11

    Life may be sad but it’s always beautiful.
    ” an adventure with the slay Queen’s? Are you crazy or what? You
    want me to work with you, a cop? That’s not happening, I won’t
    get involve in this suicide mission, life is too beautiful for a wild
    goose chase. Excuse me and don’t ever follow me again ” I
    yelled at her. She was shocked by my response, I guessed she
    was expecting something quite cinch from me but she got it the
    other way round.
    ” ay, please listen to me, am sorry if I’ve been following you
    around.its just that you are my only hope of catching her. Without
    you am doom. Look am not requesting you, Am begging you,
    please help me, help me to bring her to justice ” she pleaded. I
    looked at her for a while, thinking of the kind of response to give
    ” stay out of my way, I don’t want a complicated life, I want a
    normal life has everyone does. Am sorry I can’t help you ” I said
    then I made to leave.
    ” he was my brother, it was my brother that she killed!!!. She
    killed my brother that night. I became a cop just because of her.
    Ever since our father became a commissioner, our life’s has been
    complicated. Do you know how it feels to lose a brother? Am not
    going to stop until I bring justice to whoever that have hands in
    my brother death. Now look at me and tell me you are not
    helping me” she said with tears running down her face.
    I admitted she caught me off guide, I felt sorry for her and I
    couldn’t help seeing a lady crying.
    ” am sorry about your brother, am really sorry about his death.
    Please accept my condolence. I…I am just afraid of death, am
    afraid if I get involve…that I might die… Well I believe what will
    be, will surely be… So is there anything I can do for you now” I
    said with utmost sincerity.
    ” thank you ” she said wiping away her tears.
    Back at home, I sat on my bed and began to reminisce about my
    moment with Janet. I remembered the warnings my mother gave
    me but its seems am going off her warnings.
    I picked up my phone and texted yemi, she replied immediately
    with a call after she got the message.
    Yemi: hello baby boo.
    Me: hi.
    Yemi: I saw your message, and I can’t stop reading it over and
    over again. Seriously you miss me?
    Me: yea, kind of.
    Yemi: should I send my girls to come take you.
    Me: no, I want you to come to my place.
    Yemi: can’t you come to mine?
    Me: you’ve never been to my place. I want you and I together
    alone here in my place.
    Yemi: that’s romantic but am the kind of person that don’t do
    such a thing, the street is dangerous you know. But since you
    said you want me alone am coming right away.
    Me: can’t wait to see you dear.
    Yemi: me too, love you plenty.
    She ended the call and I began to tidy up my room, I place a
    voice recorder somewhere around the room. Those are part of
    the evidence Janet wanted so bad, so I made an arrangement
    for it.
    She arrived in less than 10 minutes, I opened the door for her but
    I was shocked by what I saw. Standing behind her is a spirit
    guard, he was armed with a machete and a red ribbon was tied
    on his head and arms.
    ” my baby boo” she said, throwing me a hug.
    ” i—i thought I said you should come online ” I asked with an
    unspoken fear.
    ” yea, I came alone, I drive myself here ” she said with grin.
    I was at the edge of pointing to the spirit guard behind her when
    I realized the danger of revealing my gift to her, so I pretended
    as if I see nothing.
    I allowed her in, but I was surprised when the spirit guard
    followed her in too.
    ” what happened to the law of privacy ” I muttered out angrily.
    She looked at me with a weird expression.
    ” what do you mean?” She asked slowly.
    ” not you jare, I was talking to this… I mean, emmm, we should
    exercise some laws in physics. Like Newton’s law.” I said
    covering up foolishly.
    She smiled then she gave an unexpected kiss. She was about
    turning it to a long one when I stopped.
    ” it’s too early for that, let’s get to know each other better first, I
    barely know you ” I said with the hope of getting something vital
    from her. I never for once take my eyes off her spirit guard,
    occasionally my eye will met with his, but I will quickly take them
    away. He seems to be listening to our conversation which I
    certainly don’t like.
    ” so tell me about yourself, apart from being a student, what
    other things do you do, I will like to know everything ” I said with
    a cozy smile.
    It’s took her a while before she began talking, she felt suspicious
    but my charms are killing her. I never stop smiling at her and she
    fell for it.
    ” OK OK, my life history is quite not good, I lost my parent when I
    was 10, my aunt took me in and she took full responsibility of
    me. She thought me how to be strong, how to be desperate and
    how to protect myself. I worked for big people, even the police, if
    they want to do some s--t and they don’t want to get their hands
    dirty, they send for us. And we will do the s--t for them. I have
    girls all over the campus and outside beyond, working for me. I
    pay them all cos I’m their boss. And they obey every single
    command I made. Speaking about guys, I hate them a lot. I just
    don’t know why am attracted to you. Despite the various
    warning…I still just like you ” she said.
    Its took me 5 minute to digest what she said. The only thing am
    happy about was that she like me, and with this I can get all I
    want from her.
    She spent the weekend at my place, and I was able to record
    some vital information about her down. Her spirit guard was all
    around through out, due to that I couldn’t do anything silly . what
    if his d--k get erected seeing both of us having sex. I wouldn’t
    want to risk that.
    With the way I see things, she’s in love with Ay, the wrong guy.
    Unfortunately am not in for love am in for an adventure.
    On a beautiful Sunday morning I was coming back from church
    when someone covered my face from behind.
    ” guess who?” The person said.
    After mentioning all the person I know I decided to check who
    the person is, I turned back only to see a mad man behind me. I
    waited not. I threw away my Bible and began running like a
    Poland pig. After running for some minutes I decided to rest
    under a tree.
    While still resting, a little boy came up to me. He sat beside me
    and stared directly into my eyes.
    ” you should be thankful to the mad man, he covered your eye so
    you won’t be able to see the death passing, there’s a limitation
    to your gift, there are things you suppose not to see. No one see
    death and live to tell the story. I see the future and I can see the
    past. Your future lies so many unspoken things. But the death in
    your past is hurting your future. Don’t let him win. And if you will
    excuse me, you are sitting right in front of my house” he said. I
    stood up and I watched as he disappeared into the tree. He said
    a lot of things I couldn’t process clearly. I wondered what he
    meant by being hurt by a death from the past. I tried to walk it off
    but I couldn’t.
    I got back home very perplex, I met my room opened and I
    wondered who might be inside my room.
    I entered only to see the spirit guard standing comfortably beside
    my reading table. I pretended as if I didn’t see him. I called on
    yemi hoping she’s around but I got no response.
    ” what could he be doing here in my room” I thought loudly.
    All of a sudden, he shifted his attention to me. Looking directly
    into my eye balls. I was a bit scared, I tried to ignore him when I
    saw he walking around around my room. I began loosing my
    patience so I voiced out.
    ” hey you, stop right there. You can’t just be walking around as if
    this place belong to you. You are an intriguer for crying out loud. I
    think you’ve overstay your welcome. Please get the hell out of
    here right now!!!” I shouted. He didn’t reply me instead he
    continue walking around. He saw the recorder tape on top of my
    cabinet, he moved towards it but I quickly grab it before he do.
    He looked at me with great fury. He unsheathed is machete and
    faced me directly. I fetched for a very good cutlass under my
    bed and made ready for a counter attack. That’s if he attack me
    first. I was staring into his eye with confidence and braveness
    when a knock is heard on the door. The door opened and yemi
    hop in.
    ” Ayo what are you doing with a cutlass!!!” She shouted.
    ” tell this dog of yours, the hell is he doing in my house? ” I
    ” I don’t understand you… You mean you can see him” she
    replied slowly.
    ” Hell yes!!! I can see the godamn dog of yours ” I retorted
    “No it’s impossible !!!” she muttered.

    Episode 12

    Love is so strange. Sometimes it becomes reason to live life and
    sometimes to leave life.
    I hold tight on the cutlass, with my eye fixed directly on the spirit
    guard. He wasn’t in anyway showing cowardice. He stood strong
    against me with his eye burning like a red coal.
    ” ay back off, I will talk to him” yemi said. I took a step
    backward, without taking my eyes off him.
    ” I want you back home, right now!!!” Yemi command. And within
    a blink of an eye, he was gone.
    I took a deep breath, then fall lifeless pig on the bed. I wouldn’t
    have hesitate in combating with the spirit guard, if not for yemi
    interference. Well thank God she did, cos am no match for him.
    ” you know ay… I don’t know what to say, why’s everything about
    you so weird, you saw a thing meant for only me to see… For the
    past few weeks, I have been sacrificing a lot of things for you. I
    was warned that you will be my downfall, that you will betray me.
    But I turned deaf to those warnings. And for the first time in my
    life am feeling insecure, you let me send away my only guard, I
    still don’t understand why am doing all this for you. ” she
    muttered. I didn’t reply her immediately, instead I helped myself
    with a chilled water. I need to cool my head off her spirit guard.
    ” do I make you soft? Or do I weakens you? Let make one thing
    clear here, I lied to you being a bad boy. Am certainly not who
    you think I am. You are bad, a killer, a murderer, whenever things
    goes wrong, you must be the reason. Because of who you are,
    my whole life is in danger. Am cupped under your circumstances.
    If you can’t change for good and start doing what is right, I think
    its best we both go on separate ways. I can never be in love with
    a lady like you!!! ” i yelled angrily at her.
    She went mute for minutes without saying a word. She couldn’t
    look into my eyes, her face was buried down. After a while, she
    raised on her feet. She wanted to say something but she
    swallowed the words back in, then she left.
    I picked up my phone then run a call through to Janet.
    Janet: Ay what’s up?
    Me: am sorry to say this. Am not interested in this game
    Janet: why? What went wrong?
    Me: she has foreseen everything, she know I will betray her. She
    can change her mind and kill me anytime.
    Janet: so?
    Me: I told her the bitter truth, I said, I can’t be with a lady like
    her. And I know, that’s the end of the road. Cos she won’t of any
    reason be the person I want her to be. She can’t be the good girl
    I want her to be. She will always be a criminal.
    Janet: ay you shouldn’t have said that to her.
    Me: I can’t help being a betrayal neither. Even if she’s bad, the
    guilt of betrayal will always run in my vein till my last breath.
    Janet: so can I have the little evidence you have.
    Me: no problem, you know where to find me .
    I ended the call, then head to the bathroom for a cold shower.
    When evening arrived, I went to my best friend place, I need to
    fill her head with my recent activities, I’ve been hiding a lot of
    things from her, which is very unusual of me.
    I was surprised when I met ope at her place. Its seems both of
    them have been getting along quietly. He was eating rice when I
    “Ope!!! Papa God, see the life a fornicator. Upon how girls full
    campus, na my best friend you choose to fornicate with abi. Look
    at how he sitdown like tipper chairman, eating rice like person
    wey hunger swear for” I let out loudly.
    ” Ay take am easy na, you understand as e dey go between me
    and this girl na, no dey do me like this na. You no it’s not easy
    for a guy like me to change like that na, but believe me am
    trying, i have do away with all my side chicks. I love your friend
    daku, I love…”
    “Whatever” I cut in before he could finish his words.
    I was served my own plate of rice too, after am done eating, I
    called Agatha behind, and I fill her up with all my recent secret.
    One thing about best friend, they give the best advise.
    Weeks passed, I didn’t hear from yemi neither do I make any
    means of contacting her . life goes on except for some
    anomalous misery that do occur sometimes. Joy seems to be in
    love with Ay, and Ayokemi couldn’t sleep without having a
    thought about ay. I was playing my game so cool between the
    two of them and non of them never suspect anything.
    I hate attending vigils cos I do see things I wish I never have
    seen. Agatha invited me to a vigil one day. I didn’t want to go
    but after a lot of persuasion, I followed her. The vigil was
    scheduled to hold by 10 pm. We got there around 9:45. But
    before we entered I saw a big black eagle with only an eye sitting
    on the church roof. I drew Agatha attention to it. But she didn’t
    see anything, she thought that I was overstating about the black
    eagle. So I kept mute and entered in with her.
    The praise and worship was awesome, to be sincere I saw the
    pure spirit moving majestically in our mist . when the pastor
    came to the alter, four angels where beside him and every words
    he speak came with fire. One thing I noticed about the pastor, he
    was spirit gifted but he lack the gift of sight, which means he is
    not a seer. We got into the prayer section and also the
    deliverance section. It was a horrific sight, even when the pastor
    instructed us all to close our eyes. My eye was fully opened. I
    saw as he casted demon away from some possessed soul. He
    casted a powerful demon away from a lady. When the demon
    was out, he looked around then he began heading towards me.
    My intentions was to run, but somehow I didn’t. He was two
    steps away from where i am,when he turned and face the pastor.
    ” tonight their shall be tears in your household, you can only
    escape this if you didn’t sleep in your house. But if you do..
    Hahaha. No one sleep in that house and won’t be dead by dawn”
    the demon said, then he disappeared. No one heard him, not
    even the pastor. I wanted to mind my businesses but I realized I
    could save a life with my gift. So immediately after the end of the
    vigil , I ran to meet the pastor. I told him what I saw and what I
    ” does the holy spirit tells you that?” He asked. I knew it wasn’t
    from the pure spirit but from the demon himself.
    ” emmm… I heard it from a demon you casted away, not from
    the holy spirit ” I said with my head facing downward. The pastor
    didn’t believe me.he said he wouldn’t listen anything from the
    devil, indirectly he is tagging me a devil. I tried all my best to
    make him believe me but all my efforts were abortive. All
    because i said I heard it from a demon.
    He had a twin girls, and both of them are very beautiful.
    I went to Agatha and narrated everything to her.
    ” right now am less concern about the pastor, look at those two
    girls, they will die just because of their father foolishness ” I said
    ” maybe you should give it one more try, but this time try the
    weaker vessel, his wife” Agatha advised. And immediately, I run
    quickly to them. They were already inside the car and they Were
    about leaving.
    ” excuse me ma, is it really compulsory you go home tonight, I
    was thinking maybe you could stay back in the church till dawn.
    At least, this is the house of God, it is the safest place anyone
    could be. And beside I need some counseling from you and your
    husband ” i said. As God may have it. It worked. she convinced
    her husband and they both agreed to counsel me till dawn. Now I
    understand why the snake approached eve in the garden of eden.
    I couldn’t go home too, I had to wait for an importune
    counseling. I shared my experienced with them and also my gift.
    The counseling wasn’t as bored as I thought. Their two daughters
    contributed to the talk, and it was also a great pleasure taking to
    the twins. Apart from the fact that they are beautiful, their voice
    could melt a metal heart. Their names are Vanessa and Victoria.
    We exchanged contact during the counseling and to Frank and
    sincere, the talk was awesome we didn’t know when clock ticked
    7:00 .
    Exactly a minute after 7am. I call entered the pastor phone. And
    he received the greatest shock of his life. Their was an earth
    tremor which swallowed in his whole house.
    Immediately the news was passed to him. He shifted his gaze
    towards me. I can see tears gathering in his eyes. Everyone was
    in confusion of his sudden change of mood. He later break the
    news to us.
    “As am speaking to you right now, our house is a Vitim of an
    earth tremor. And God used this young man here to save our
    lives from a sudden death. if not for him we will all be dead by
    now, am sorry that i doubted you. I will be forever great full to
    you, please help me appreciate this young man” he said slowly. I
    couldn’t explain how I felt that day, the news travels fast across
    the church and before I knew it, I was the talk of the town.
    I felt really great doing something great, the pastor counseled me
    to use my gift in helping people so as from that day, I stopped
    minding my businesses.
    Examination was fast approaching, and every student know the
    important of having a good grade and the important of having a
    carry over, no one will want that.
    Some weeks to the exams, a night tutorial was arranged, which
    was schedule between 7pm to 9 pm. But due to some
    difficulties, the tutorial ended at 11:30 pm. I walked joy to where
    she will take a bike before I began heading back alone to my
    I was about getting home when I began to feel the presence of a
    ghost, my head began swelling up and my palm and feet were as
    cold as an ice.
    I knew the ghost will be somewhere close so I increased my
    pace. I got home only to see the ghost sitting right infront of my
    door, Whereas preventing me from entry. I knew he must be
    there for a reason. So I voiced out.
    ” hello young man, you are blocking my way, I need to enter in
    and sleep” I said assertively. He faced up and his face resemble
    someone I know but I couldn’t remember clearly.
    ” my name is Johnson, Janet brother. I need your help” he said. I
    wonder how he was able to discover my ability of sight. From the
    stories have heard from some elders , contact are not meant to
    be made with ghost let alone to be communicating with them.
    ” am sorry, you are dead, and am a living. There should not be
    any interaction between us. So I certainly can’t help you ” I
    ” I think you should reconsider my offer cos I can help you with
    the past death that’s is hurting you” he said. I never expected
    that from him. The death from the past was a great misery to
    me. The fact that I don’t have an idea of when, where and how
    the death operate has became an unsolved puzzle to me.
    Reconsidering the situation, I have to rethink my decision. I gave
    it some minutes thought then made up my mind to help
    him,since he got a help to offer in return.
    ” so—what is it you want from me?” I mumbled.
    ” I want you to reveal the misery behind my death, out for
    everyone to know ”
    I laughed at him, cos his death seems not to have a misery to
    me. All I know was that, he was shot dead on his birthday night
    by Yemi. That seems to be a cold blooded death, I wouldn’t
    imagine it having a misery.
    ” I don’t think you need my help here, your sister is actually
    taking a lead on the case, she knows the killer, and she’s working
    on getting justice for your death ” I said calmly to him. He stood
    up and walked up and down for a while. He seems uncertain
    about what to say but after a while he let loose of the cat.
    ” the main reason why I need your help is because of my sister
    Janet, I don’t want her to become the way I am. You might find
    this as suprise… I wasn’t killed by whom you thought I was. You
    were both wrong about my killer”
    That got me puzzled, I began to wonder about what he meant
    about being killed by someone else.
    ” I’m in darkness, what and where exactly are you driving at,
    what did you mean by that statement? ” I asked with a puzzled
    ” let start from the source and take it step by step, the first step
    is understanding the whole situation. And the second step is
    reconciling back with yemi. She’s the key to the truth …”
    I cut it along the way.
    ” reconcile back with yemi? Urggghh… That will be hell”
    I muttered.

    Episode 13

    We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are.
    Reconciling back with yemi was quite a tedious task. The fact
    that I was the one that break up the friendship makes it more
    difficult for me reconcile back with her. Well there is nothing bad
    in trying, no one know what holds ahead.
    Visiting the Queen’s Villa is like going to the white house on a
    visit to the Mr president. After calling yemi severely for days
    without no response, I decided to meet her in person, since she
    decided to ignore my calls, I have to try the alternative way.
    The first time I went to the Queen’s villa, after waiting for hours
    outside the hot sun, I was later told to come back another day.
    No amount of words could express how angry I was that day,
    since I got no choice, I had to make it another day visit. This go
    on for a week. I felt like giving up, but something always kept me
    going. I send several text to her but I receive no reply from her.
    During an evening lecture, a lady dressed on a black suit entered
    in and whisper something into the lecturer hearing. The lecturer
    faced me, and I was being mentioned out . I was instructed to
    follow the lady, I obliged and i follow her out. She took me to a
    private car, pack outside the school perimeter, I entered in and I
    found Janet sitting at the back seat. The other Lady entered in
    and sat at the driver seat .
    ” is she your new driver?” I asked immediately I entered in.
    ” emmm… No she’s not, she’s my friend and also a specialist at
    decoding a lot of things, meet Elizabeth my friend from UK ”
    Janet said as she directed her view to her. I shifted my gaze to
    Elizabeth and stretch my hand forward for a handshake.
    ” wao, Elizabeth, as beautiful as the name sound. its a pleasure
    meeting such a beautiful lady like you, I wouldn’t mind holding
    your hand all day, its so soft and smooth and just exactly is your
    face, you won’t be busy tonight will you?” I said trying out my
    charm on her. She gave a blushy smile reveling her beautiful set
    of teeth.
    ” absolutely, I will be romantically busy with my husband.
    Anyway, It’s nice meeting you.” she answered. I guessed that
    says it all, I won’t be reminded to back off, before I do. Who
    knows who her husband might be .
    ” you might be wondering why I called you here…” Janet said, but
    I cut in her speech.
    ” cus you’ve been seeing me around the Queen’s villa, I got it,
    am back into the game ,but—i wouldn’t want you to be involve,
    I’m doing this my own way…”
    ” will you just shut up! You are asking me to get me a-s off my
    case, that’s so ridiculous. You are going to tell me your plans or I
    get it forcefully out of you” she yelled. That was quite rude, but
    she wouldn’t want to know who got me involved. I wouldn’t want
    to tell her either. I couldn’t get angry, because of the beautiful
    eyes starring at me, so I maintained my calm and slowly find my
    way out of the car for a pee. Elizabeth came rushing after me.
    After calling my name twice, I stopped on my track.
    ” Ayo am sorry for all what she said, she let her emotions took
    over her, I know she’s not like that. Please don’t be annoyed ”
    she said.
    I wasn’t angry at the first place, I just went out to have a pee,
    since she think of me being angry, I need to act like I am.
    ” actually, that was not assertive, well that’s gone, by the way I
    hate missing lectures, I got to return my to where you called me.
    Talk to you some other time ” I said, then I head back to the
    lecture room.
    I returned home from lecture around 5pm, only to find my room
    opened. I entered in hoping to find Agatha cos she’s the only
    one that have my extra room key. But to my surprise, I found
    Janet sitting comfortably on my bed. I flitched, cos I wasn’t
    expecting her.
    ” how do you get it here?” I asked perplexed.
    ” where are your keys?” She asked, and immediately, I began
    checking my pocket for my key, but i found it not .
    ” looking for this?” She said swinging the keys in the air. She
    stood up and walk briskly towards me.
    ” you left it in my car…”
    She moved closer to me pushing me slowly against the wall, with
    her b----t pressing tightly against my chest. Least I forgot, Janet
    is also a beauty, but due to what she got me involve, got her
    interest totally out of me.
    She starred at me with a lustful eyes, biting her lips sexily like
    Alicia keys .
    ” Ayo am sorry about the way I talk to you in the morning…”
    ” you don’t have to, I understand” I cut in. She shifted her eyes
    slowly down to my lips, and slowly, her lips met with mine.
    Believe me I wasn’t expecting it. She disengaged her lips and
    look into my eye. Her mind is unreadable, but desire could be
    sketch out from her face, An unexplainable desire, something
    gave and we found ourselves kissing again. Our eyes were both
    closed, only our imagination were opened. I felt her hand moving
    slowly to my member region, I open my closed eye only to see
    Johnson ghost sitting on my reading chair .
    “S--t!” I mumbled.
    Janet was at the edge of zipping down my trouser, but I quickly
    held back her hand.She was shocked by my sudden reaction, she
    gave a second try, but she got the same reaction from me. She
    looked into my eye pleadingly. I know am hurting her, but I
    couldn’t help the situation. Telling her that her brother is
    watching will be totally out of it, totally crazy.
    ” emm… am sorry Janet, I—have somewhere I need to be by
    now… Am sorry ” I said, then I hurriedly dash out, but I gave an
    eye signal to Johnson before heading out . I walked to a silent
    spot, where people rarely pass. In less than a minute Johnson
    appeared beside me .
    ” I guessed I came in at the wrong time ” he said. I didn’t know
    how to reply him cos the person am about to get involve with is
    his sister, so it’s best I diverted the talk to something else.
    ” I’ve been trying to reach yemi, but all my effort to reach her
    proves abortive ” I said with my head bent low.
    ” she’s been listening to her spirit guard. That’s what makes it
    impossible” he said.
    ” so what now ?” I asked immediately.
    ” she will be meeting with someone today by 6pm at model hotel
    . Do I still need to tell you what to do? ” he said, putting on a
    questioned look.
    “No-no I got it, thanks for the information I will be there” I said
    then I made to leave.
    ” you sure you don’t wanna talk about what happened in the
    room back then?… ” he said facing me like a chief judge.
    I looked at him not knowing what to say .
    “You know what, my sister might be kinder foolish sometimes,
    but she’s always right about whom and who she let herself for ”
    he said and within a second, he was gone.
    At 5:30 pm I was already at model hotel, its an hotel ment for
    high class people, well I didn’t dressed bad, I was on a great
    outfit, you won’t argue with me, if I said I’m an accountant at the
    I was at the hotel bar, having some drinks when four luxurious
    car entered. An aged man of about 60 years was escorted in by
    four bodyguard and two uniform men armed with short guns,
    stayed outside behind. Something was a bit queer about the
    man, my vision got blurred the moment I looked at him, He must
    have got some defensive shield that prevented me from seeing
    through him. I wouldn’t underestimate him.
    Not long, another two vehicles entered In with a customized
    plate number ” The Queen’s ” . I need no one to tell me who they
    are. 3 ladies got out from the car, armed with an Ak47 rifle then
    followed by another two which accompanied yemi, they weren’t
    carrying a rifle but am sure both of them must be armed with a
    pistol gun. I also saw Yemi spirit guard, as fierce as ever. I hide
    my face from him as, am still anticipating on the day I will break
    his head. But now, I need to hide my face from him in other to
    prevent a story that touch . I systematic watch as he followed
    yemi in. I raised my head up, only to see one of the ladies armed
    with an Ak 47 looking in my direction, before I knew it, she began
    heading towards me.
    “I’d rather be in a Lion den than where I am” I mumbled
    In a seconds she was right in front of me.
    ” hey what are you doing here?” She asked pointing her gun at
    I know the risk of showing fear, so I swallowed in my fear and
    put on a charming smile, she might be armed with a gun but one
    fact still remain, she’s a lady.
    ” I’m just having some drinks, you wouldn’t mind joining in with
    me?” I said offering her the wine am drinking. She stared at me,
    not saying a word, I guessed I got her by suprise.
    ” or you prefer smoking ” I added and then I dip my hand into my
    suit pocket pretending to be searching for a cigarette pack.
    Believe me, I have nothing in there . she seems uncomfortable
    with my offers so I change tactics immediately.
    “OK OK… I’m Ayo and seriously i haven’t seen a beautiful lady
    like you for the past months, permit me to say this, you are very
    charming. Can I have your contact, so that we may talk more
    some other time ” I said pushing my phone forward to her. She
    took it then she entered in her mobile number. She gave me a
    wink then she return back my phone.
    ” Lydia ” she said then she head back to the others.
    I stood up then I head in to the reception. I saw the bodyguard
    walking around like psychologists in search of a hide bomb. I
    guessed both of them must be alone in one of the hotel room.
    ” any available room?” I asked the female receptionist.
    ” yes sir, we have various types of room, which… ”
    ” I want the room next to the one just collected ” I cut in.
    “that’s quite expensive, its…”
    ” are you giving me the key or not” I cut in aggressively.
    Sometimes, going hard work things out faster.
    She gave me the key and I walked comfortably into the inner
    building, using the key number as a map guild.
    I haven’t walk a minute, when I saw yemi spirit guard standing
    like a soldier next to the room am heading to.
    ” so you are also not allowed in” I muttered to myself but loud
    enough for him to hear.
    I whistled as I walked pass him to my room not minding his
    facial expression or thought, who cares anyway.
    Immediately I got inside, I quickly observed the room, and luckily
    for me I saw a hidden security camera, placed under a light bulb.
    Experience as a ballers in hotels has made me discover some
    hotels secret, I know definitely there will be a security camera in
    every hotel room, especially expensive hotels, majorly for security
    I need to get the security video of the room next to me in which
    yemi and the man are in. and the only to get it is to go naughty .
    I telephoned the female receptionist I spoke with the other time,
    and order for a red wine, and within a minute she came in into
    my room with the red wine.
    ” here is the wine sir”
    She said as she drop the wine of the table. I took a quick survey
    at her during this process, she wore a small sexy mini skirt that
    reveals part of her chocolate sexy laps, and at her upper region is
    a moderately big boobs. She wouldn’t be a bad f--k anyway.
    ” Any other thing you need Sir ?” she asked.
    “Hell yes”
    I said as I move closely to her, never taking my eyes off her till I
    get close to her. Too close to comfort I guessed.
    ” I need something from you, I don’t know if you will be able to
    give me” I said then I pinch her on the wall.
    ” I want you, you are driving me crazy with your irresistible body,
    you won’t say no will you”
    I didn’t wait for her to reply back before I descend a neck kissing
    on her. Her pulse gear up and she respond rapidly by holding my
    unerected member.
    ” yea, let the game begin ” I muttered.
    I carried and throw her on the bed like a teddy bear. I removed
    my shirt then pounce on her like a furious cat. I tore away her bra
    with an unimaginable speed, just like Barry in the flash.
    I settled my hand on her naked b----t then fondle them expertly
    like a p--n star. She let out a soft sexual sound, that shows that
    her b----t are sensitive to her.
    Time wasn’t on my side, so I need to rationalize my move. I head
    for her tonton without wasting of time. I pull down her skirt, then
    draw her G-string pant side way, then I penetrated through her.
    Well, I wasn’t expecting the p---y to be tight, it was quite large,
    but due to the mighty, turbidity and longitudinal of my d--k, she
    felt an impact, she knows something is hitting her.
    Her pant began to stand as an obstacle, so I used a triangular
    survey ( survey student will relate).
    I removed her pant and throw it to a god’s know where. Then I
    balance a very deep penetration on her. I inserted all my 15
    inches long d--k into her, I can even feel my d--k touching some
    certain point in her, who cares anyway.
    Her screaming could resurrecte Lazarus back from death. I
    banged her as if I’m on drugs, I will stop at certain intervals, to
    check how far, I’ve gone with the pleasurable damage I’ve been
    impacting. Well, her p---y seems not to run out of cream, so
    there won’t be need to search for oil or lubricant.
    I was surprised when she turned me over and began riding me
    like a horse. I was like “shuuu !!! See person wey dey scream like
    impregnated pig, now come dey ride me like a polo man, thunder
    fire your p---y today”
    I hate being challenge, so I turned her over for a doggy style. I
    entered from behind then bang her hard with a great speed for 30
    minutes without reducing the speed. I was expecting her to start
    begging me but I got the opposite response from her, she was
    even jambing her a-s with my d--k.
    ” lobatan , this girl na machine ”
    After a lot of hard in and out, I released.
    I lied tirelessly on the bed, trying to catch my breath, she is really
    a bad motherfucker.
    ” opelope ori iya Ayo, she for don kill person ”
    Some minutes after we are done battling, I began to caress her
    hair and at thesame time saying some soft words into her ear.
    ” I need another thing from you, will you be able to give me?” I
    said softly to her.
    ” what is it?” She asked.
    ” I know there is a security camera here in this room, and I know
    you will delete the video, cos you won’t want your boss to see it.
    All I need is the security video of the room next to us. Can I get it
    or not?”
    I asked, and to my suprise, she made no objection, she just
    nodded and went out of the room, she came in back with a fash
    drive, then she hand it over to me. I collected it then I thanked
    her, I collected her mobile number then I head out to pay my
    bills, but I found out that they are all gone except for yemi spirit
    guard. Immediately our eyes met, he change his direction and
    began heading towards me like a warlord. I stood my ground, not
    minding his fierce terrifying eyes.
    ” you have something that suppose not to be in your possession,
    give it to me now!!!” He shouted.
    I brought out the flash drive from my pocket, then wave it in the
    “You mean this?” I said as I wave the flash right and left.
    ” Give it to me now!!!” He shouted.
    I inserted it back into my pocket then I reply him back with a
    ” that’s not happening” I said.

    Episode 14

    There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes, whats wrong is
    letting a mistake stay a mistake.
    Yemi spirit guard wouldn’t think of getting the flash drive so
    easily from me.
    ” to get the flash drive, you have to go through me first ” I said
    with boldness.
    The spirit guard is a creature created for violence, within a blink
    of an eyes, he raised his machete high in the air and made to
    attack me with it.
    I saw his move, so I quickly move backward in self defense. It
    was during this period that an idea struck me.
    ” why don’t you call on your little monster friend, I’m sure he will
    be glad to help you” says my mind.
    And without wasting a seconds, I called on my little monster
    friend, I couldn’t see him, but I felt his presence.
    I was surprised when yemi spirit guard dropped his machete on
    the floor and began to move slowly backward. his eyes were
    facing up and he was trembling from head to toe. I knew the
    appearance of my little monster friend was the reason for his
    trembling. And just like a dust, he was gone, he disappeared
    away into the air. I guessed he’s no match for my little monster
    ” I’m grateful little monster!!! ” I shouted and fixed my eye
    around like blind man.
    ” still blind ?,I told you I’m not little anymore, I’m now big, and
    beside, what was that thing?” He asked.
    ” oh, you mean that coward. He’s been on my neck for months,
    terrorising me here and there with his fierce face and machete. I
    need you to kick his a-s for me. Will you do that for me? ”
    I replied back with a question.
    ” definitely. But you need to tell me what you are up to this time
    around ” he replied.
    ” sure. I will tell you all about it on the way home” I said, then I
    made to move.
    Back at home, I quickly inserted the flash drive inside my laptop.
    I wanted to open the video files on it, but something told me to
    copy in the files first. I was copying the files on my system when
    I heard a knock on the door.
    I look back on my laptop and I found that the file has been
    copied, so I removed the flash from my laptop, then I hide my
    laptop under my bed before I head for the door.
    I opened the door only to see Yemi with four of her girls armed
    with a rifle. My heart skip a beat, as I was unsure of their
    ” hi Yemi, what a peasants surprise” I said, trying to put my anger
    beneath my feet. I wonder what is peasant in a rifle.
    She made her way in, not minding if I’m talking or not.
    Her attitude begin to make me shiver.
    ” What will you like to take” I asked drastically.
    ” your life” she replied swiftly.
    This time my heart skip a million beats.
    ” why—why? ” I stammered.
    ” because, you’ve been a problem to me. Do you have any last
    wish to say” she said, pointing a pistol at me.
    I was scared to my feet. If she pulls the trigger, I’m done. So I
    made my move.
    ” did you get my message? Let me say my plans worked. For the
    past few weeks, I’ve been grazing around your house looking for
    you. I sent several messages with calls but you didn’t pick up. So
    I thought of how to get you back to me. I went through extra
    miles just because I wanna see your face again. Yemi I’m sorry if
    I’ve wrong you in the past, please forgive me. I love you. It’s
    crazy but I do. And I know you still love me as well. You can pull
    the trigger if you don’t love me”
    I said then I move closer to her.
    I watched as she slowly put away her gun.
    I moved more closer to her, then I kissed her lips.
    ” I love you. And I won’t let a single fly near you. I promise” she
    said then we both kiss each other again.
    ” so can I get the flash, it contains…”
    ” sure, you can ” I cut in then I hand her over the flash. She
    collected it and keep it inside her purse.
    ” I will see you in the evening”
    She said then she head out.
    An hour after she has gone, I brought out my laptop to check the
    video files i copied from the flash drive. Before I do, something
    told me to burn an incense. Since I wasn’t sure if I’m capable of
    seeing all the things around me with just an eye. So it’s better I
    send them all away with an incense. I smoke some weeds as
    I opened the video files and I was shocked by the content it
    In the video, I saw the man talking about needing a 3 virgin girls
    for some sort of rituals, I have no idea of. Further more he talked
    on some political issues, whereby revealing the names and
    picture of some opponents he want dead and silence.
    And lastly away from politics he showed the last picture of the
    person he want dead and it’s no one but Janet, at that very point,
    I lost focus. I can’t believe Janet life is in danger. And the
    question pop up my mind. Who the hell is that man?
    I lied down totally confused on what to do. Whoever that man
    may be, he must be a sort of devil.
    I remembered my vision got blurred when I saw him at the hotel.
    Then the need to get back my full eye vision struck me.
    I summoned on my little monster friend to see if he can be of
    ” all you have to do is simple, but it’s dangerous. You might not
    return or you may go blind forever. Are you sure about your
    decision, ” he said.
    I nodded my head in response, then he proceed.
    ” at midnight today, take a small mirror and a dagger with you,
    walk bare foot to the large river behind the king palace, a spirit
    shall attack you. You won’t be able to see him, but only inside
    the mirror with you. Be brave, and stab him with the dagger
    before he take your life or blind you forever ” he said then i felt
    his presence gone.
    At 12 mid night, I took a mirror and a dagger, I brought during
    the day then I head to the large river, following my little monster
    instruction. On getting there, a cold breeze swept pass my face. I
    look around, thinking I will see a strange creature or being. But all
    of a sudden, I felt a strange hand across my neck. Then the hand
    began to drag me into the river. I tried to free myself, but the grip
    was strong, struggling will just be a waste of time, and beside, i
    can’t see the creature. so I speak up.
    ” you coward… Why attacking from behind, if you are really brave
    as they said. Show me what you got and not attacking like a
    coward!!!” I challenged.
    I felt a loose on my neck, and immediately I quickly brought out
    the mirror and the dagger.
    I look into the mirror and I saw a water spirit with just a single
    eye. His physical appearance sent a cold shiver through my veins.
    I wonder if i could possibly have a chance to stab him down.
    All of a sudden, I felt like I’m being hit by a base bat, which send
    me rolling repeatedly on the floor. The hit was hard and strong, I
    wonder if I could receive another, if I do, then I kiss my a-s a
    goodbye. So I played dead on the floor. I held the dagger so
    tightly, nothing could make me lose that. I felt his approaching
    steps, I remain quite and not moving any part of my body. I felt
    some breathing air blowing slowly on my face, then I sense he
    must be peeping through my eyes to see if I’m dead or not. I
    follow the air with my mind and I know his head must be very
    close to me. I knew that was my only chance of stabbing him.
    Within a blink of an eyes, I made an attack move, thrusting in the
    dagger beneath his jaw.
    I heard a loud awful cry, then he became visible to me. I watched
    as he whine painfully to death. His body later disappear into the
    I summoned on my little monster friend, and I was surprise when
    his appearance became visible to me. I could see how mighty he
    is. Just like a hong Kong .
    ” now that you can see me, did you still think that I’m little? ” he
    Well actually, judging from what I saw. Describing him as little is
    an understatement.
    When the day break, I sat in my room thinking of how to help
    Janet and some people that are being tagged death.
    But firstly I need to know all about that man.
    It was during this time that Janet knocked on my door. I let her
    in, and i offered her a seat.
    The last time she came to my abode, I remember how I f----d up.
    It wasn’t my fault though. Her brother interrupted the show.
    ” I… Was actually going to see my dad, when I felt I should check
    on you, to see how you are feeling ” she said with a smile.
    I looked at her pretty innocent face, she have no idea, the danger
    her life is and telling her, that her life is in danger was something
    I couldn’t say out to her.
    ” Janet I want you to know that I really care about you. And I
    wouldn’t want any danger to happen to you. In case anything
    unusual come up. Please quickly contact me” I said remorseful.
    Well, actually I caught her blushing, I guessed she processed it to
    be another thing.
    ” why are you saying this Ay? OK I get you I will be very careful ”
    she said with a wink.
    I left for school to see one of my friend Desmond, he’s a
    computer hacker and he can access any database depending on
    how strong it is. I was able to capture the man face while talking
    to Yemi in the video, so I gave the capturing to Desmond. Then I
    left him to do his job. Within 25 minutes, he provided me with the
    full details about the man.
    I asked him to summarize the details to me, which he did by
    reading it loud to my hearing.
    “He’s an honourable, calling him by his title, he’s named Hon
    Ogunseye lawal. He have two children, which must have been an
    adult. A male and a female, unfortunately one of them is late.
    Which is the male one. The names of his children are johnso…”
    ” skip the names and tell me other important stuff” I cut in.
    Desmond made a no objection has he proceed forward.
    ” okay, his wife is late as well, he have numerous property, if I
    should start listing then, we won’t leave here. OK… He have 3
    houses here in this state. And a safe house at the outskirt of the
    town. He’s politically feared and respected. Intimidating him will
    be suicide if my opinion is being questioned. You can read the
    rest when you get home ” he said, while giving me the flash drive
    that contains all his profile.
    Immediately I left Desmond, I head to Agatha place my Beastie.
    I met Ope at her place, I wasn’t expecting to meet someone else
    Agatha was able to read me up, cos worries was all written over
    ” Ay what up. You seems edgy. Hope nothing is the problem” she
    ” three unknown virgin girls are to be kidnap and killed, along
    side with someone I know and cherished as well, even if I’m able
    to protect the the one I know, how will I even protect the
    unknown girls” I replied.
    I know I sound too forward to her. she put on a puzzled face,
    which I know it’s pregnant with numerous question. And I wasn’t
    in mood of explaining and also answering question. So I wave
    her away as I made my way out.
    I returned back home with a troubled mind. I met Johnson ghost
    waiting patiently for me at home.
    ” I thought you don’t wanna see me again, cos the incense you
    burnt prevented me from accessing you. You looked worried
    what’s the problem?” He asked.
    ” your sister life is in danger, her life is being after” I muttered.
    ” I knew it!!! I know he will go after my her too. Please you need
    to help me. Don’t let him have her” he said with a trembling
    ” I promise I will look after her”
    I said confidently.
    A call entered my phone it was from Desmond. So I picked up.
    Me: hello Desmond.
    Desmond: two girls are missing in the campus. And by the info
    reaching me. They are virgins .
    Me: s--t. I gotta go.
    Just as I ended the call, another call came in form Elizabeth
    Janet friend.
    Me: hello ?
    Elizabeth: Ay, Janet has been kidnapped on her way to her father
    Me: what!!!
    During this process, a call from Ope came in.
    Me: hello Ope what is it?.
    Ope: some armed girls just kidnapped Agatha.
    Me: oh no… These are not happening.

    Episode 15

    Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;
    working together is success.
    It’s seems like I’ve lost it all. Johnson stared at me with a
    puzzled face.
    I felt a lost in balance,but I quickly grab on something which held
    me on.
    Johnson was in darkness of the horrific situation, so I brought
    him into the blazing light.
    ” your sister I’ve been kidnapped ”
    I broke it to him silently.
    Even has a ghost, I felt his pain and fear. He opened his mouth to
    talk but nothing came out.
    I felt weak and defeated, I had a feeling of a failure. But I know I
    need to rise and be strong again.
    “Johnson, I’m going to do all I can to ensure that your sister is
    recuse from the blood thirsty humans, that’s a promise ” I said
    then I pick my phone and ran a call to Desmond.
    Me: hello Desmond
    Desmond :yea?
    Me: I got a job for you
    Desmond : go on. I’m with you.
    Me: those two kidnapped girls, I want you to track down their
    Desmond : that’s seems quite impossible for now.
    Me: make the goddam thing possible!!!
    Desmond : I said that because we don’t have a satellite here in
    this country, tracking their location can only be possible through
    Me: so what else can we do?
    Desmond : they can be trackable if one of them have a tracking
    device on, or if they are with their cell phones. Wait why are you
    so mean about tracking their location ?
    Me: because another two were kidnapped along. One of them is
    my best friend and the other is a close one.
    Desmond : oh I’m sorry bro… I didn’t know…
    Me : I know, and that’s why I need your help.
    Desmond: you got it bro.
    Me: I will send the cell number of those two to you now. There’s
    a possibility that one of them might have a tracking device on.
    But I will have to confirm that first. I will also want you to work
    on the other two kidnapped girls. Try to get their full profile.
    Desmond: send it and let me get to work.
    Me: right away.
    I quickly texted Agatha and Janet number to Desmond then I ran
    another call to Elizabeth.
    Me: Hello Lizzy.
    Elizabeth : hi…
    Me: where are you?
    Elizabeth : I’m at the crime scene
    Me: Ok, I wanna know if Janet have a tracking device on?
    Elizabeth : No, the tracking device was fixed on her car.
    Unfortunately,the kidnappers didn’t take her car along.
    Me: s--t!!! What about her cell phone, is it with her?
    Elizabeth : It was smashed into pieces. It’s quite a professional
    Me: so what are your moves now?
    Elizabeth : I’m with the police, but they seems quite unreliable
    here. Concerning the kidnapping, it was done by some ladies.
    And I think it’s the Queen girls. Yemi have something to do with
    Me: Lizzy, listen to me. We need to link up. We need to have a
    lead on this case. We need to find and get our friends back. If we
    rely on the police, they we all be dead before we know. So I need
    you to link up with me at bebo lounge, I will be there in 10
    minutes time. Come with all the information and gadget you
    have. I also have someone working with me, so are we meeting
    Elizabeth : hell yes, let me pack some things then I will be there.
    Me: OK then.
    I ended the call then ran another call to ope.
    Me: hello
    Ope: yes yes yes
    Me: calm down, how did it happen.
    Ope:I was inside when she went to get an airtime, I heard her
    screaming and before I could reach out, she was dragged
    forcefully by some girls into a car, and they zoom off before I
    could raise an alarm.
    Me: OK, do you know if her cell phone was with her?
    Ope: no, they pieces the phone on the floor. Ay I’m so scared.
    Me: now I want you to be a man. If you really care and love
    Agatha as you said, then it’s time she needs a help.
    Ope: I’m ready to do anything for her.
    Me : good, I want you to contact mayor and Ben. You guys got
    work to do.
    Ope: I will do that right away.
    Me: await my call. I will tell you what to do.
    Ope: OK OK.
    I ended the call, then shift my attention towards Johnson ghost, I
    can feel his pain, even as a ghost, I can read clearly his fear. He’s
    just a mere ghost with no but a little power of possessing.
    ” I understand how you feel Johnson, but I need you to help me
    find your sister too, now go and search where ever you know she
    might be or held captive ”
    I said confidently to him, he nodded then he disappeared.
    I entered my room and pack some little stuff in my bag,
    including my laptop and a soft copy of honourable lawal profile,
    then I head to bebo lounge. On my way to bebo lounge I ran a
    call to Desmond.
    Me: hello Desmond.
    Desmond: yes bro
    Me: Anything?
    Desmond: not really, the number you sent to me, didn’t work out.
    So does any of the two have a tracking device?
    Me: no, what do you have ?
    Desmond: the profile of the other two virgin girls .
    Me: okay, good. I want you to meet me at bebo lounge .
    Desmond: on my way bro.
    I ended the call, then I board a bike which conveyed me to bebo
    lounge. I paid for a room then I waited for the rest to arrive.
    After we are all settled in the room, I brought out my lapto then I
    show then the secret video of hon lawal and yemi.
    They were both shocked after they finished watching the video, I
    can sence from their facial expression. Elizabeth was the first to
    speak up.
    ” this is all we need to free the girls. If we can get this video to
    the police, then we can use this as an evidence to get yemi and
    that man arrest. Since he was requesting for 3 virgin girls in the
    video… This is all we need. ”
    She said. I look at Desmond for his own point of view.
    ” I wouldn’t agree to that, I will say it’s because you didn’t know
    the man in that video, view days ago, Ay brought me the picture
    of that man, whom I figured out to be Honourable Ogunseye
    lawal, by name, he’s a very powerful politician, going up against
    him with the police will be a waste of time, cos the police also
    work with him. Don’t forget he’s still in power, the D. P. O will
    never give an arrest warrant. I think we should fight this war
    without involving the police For now.”
    Desmond said. They both spoke well, but considering the person
    we are going up with, involving the police will be equivalent to
    killing our friends. So we all agreed to Desmond decisions.
    ” so Ay, what are we to do now?” Elizabeth asked.
    ” yes, right now we know who the kidnappers are. And we know
    who they are working for. The kidnappers are the slay queens.
    Under the leadership of yemi. They are working for Hon lawal. I
    have all his profile on my laptop. Now we need to start with the
    slay queens …”
    ” how are we suppose to do that?
    Desmond cut in with a question.
    ” leave that to me, I got some friends who will help me with it. ”
    I said then I pick up my phone, I ran a conference call to ope,
    Ben and mayor. Putting the phone on speaker for Elizabeth and
    Desmond to hear.
    Me: hello guys, I got a work for you to do.
    Ope: yea.
    Ben : all ears
    Mayor: go on.
    Me: we know the kidnappers, they are the Queen’s girls. Right
    now, I want you 3 to go out there and create one or two groups
    each. I need a searching squad. I also needs sleeper cells all
    around the campus and beyond, I need them to bring me all
    information they can get about the where about of the missing
    girls. And I also need a very good spy.
    Ope: ok
    Me: after this call, I will send the profile of the missing girls to
    you. 3 of them are virgins including Agatha. And the fourth one is
    Janet. I will send you guys all the information you need to carry
    out the task.
    Ben: OK, speaking about the searching squad. Let me handle it.
    Ope: and about the sleeper cells. I will take that.
    Mayor: I will work on the last one.
    Me: now get to work, we don’t have much time. I need a report
    from you all in the next 3 hours.
    Ope: am off.
    Ben: 2 hours 59 minutes left.
    Mayor : Roger that.
    I ended the call then I face the rest.
    ” Desmond can you track someone location through calling ?” I
    ” yes, if the phone location is on” he said.
    ” very well then. I’m going to call yemi right now, and I want you
    to track her location ” I said.
    ” let’s do this ” he replied then he entered the hacking site.
    I picked up my phone then dial yemi number. She picked up after
    the second ring.
    Me: hello dear.
    Yemi: how are you.
    Me: I’m not fine.
    Yemi : what’s wrong?
    Me: some girls are kidnapped…and my friend is among. You
    didn’t know anything about the kidnapping did you?
    Yemi: what if I do?. I know what you are capable of, but I will
    advice you to stay away from this particular one . You might lose
    your life and I won’t be there to help you bye.
    She ended the call before I could make further statement.
    I look sadly at Desmond and Elizabeth, then I shifted back my
    gaze to Desmond.
    ” do you? ” I asked anxiously.
    ” hmm… I couldn’t track down her full location, due to the fact
    that she didn’t stay too long on phone. But I’m able to know
    where she is. She’s not in the school vicinity. She’s at the
    outskirts of the town. But I don’t know her exact location and
    place” Desmond said. I looked up only to see Johnson spirit at
    the door way.
    ” I got something to tell you guys, it may sound weird but it’s
    actually happening to me. I do see things normal people can’t.
    Things like ghost and some spirit creature. I’ve met with Janet
    brother, Johnson ” I stopped to see their reaction, which is
    exactly what I expected. Telling them he’s here with us my send
    them both shaking.
    ” so you do see ghosts? ” Desmond asked. And I nodded in
    ” I don’t believe in superstition ” Elizabeth added. I smiled then I
    “you should be, cos right now Johnson ghost is here with us” I
    It’s like I trow a bomb, they both ran towards one angle with their
    head under their pants.
    “tell him to go away!!! ” Elizabeth screamed.
    ” I thought you said you don’t believe in superstition ?” I asked
    ” just tell him to go please ” she pleaded.
    I stood up and move to Johnson, but it seems he got something
    to say, so I hear him out.
    ” you found a trace of your sister? ” I asked.
    “no, but I know that lady. She’s Janet friend and also my
    girlfriend when I was still alive. She can help us. She’s an
    undercover agent with alot of experience. She’s a good
    specialist, don’t underestimate her ability. She’s good. ” he said
    then he disappeared.
    ******* ****** ***** ***** **** **** ****
    It’s been 5 hours since the kidnapped of those girls and we are
    yet to receive any update from the police concerning the case.
    That shows that we are on our own.
    Exactly 6 pm. I picked up my phone and call ope, Ben and mayor
    putting them in a conference call.
    Me: so guys, what do you got?
    Ope: My works are on the sleeper cells. Now I have up to 50
    people working with me. They are out there monitoring and giving
    me every detail and movement on the slay queens girls.
    According to the information I’ve received so far. The kidnapping
    happens at exactly the same time. By some girls armed with AKs.
    4 different government car ware used for this act, with the plate
    number LND956Hj, AK368JJ, OSN211BU, and ON653LZZ
    respectively. I still got my people out there working for me.
    Me: thank you, Ben what do you got.
    Ben: yea, I organized a searching squad. With the information we
    obtained from the sleeper cells. We raided and search all the
    queens hide out. But we found nothing there. We couldn’t bang in
    into the queen’s villa due to high security on guards, but I got my
    boys monitoring every in and out movement in the Queens villa.
    But it’s seems they’ve been keeping their heads low. There are no
    car movement either in or out since the past hours.
    Me: good job. Mayor what got you?
    Mayor : well, I tried having a spy in the queens villa. But it seems
    quite difficult, so I work on the crime scene searching for
    witnesses. And here I met with one person who recognized one
    of the kidnappers. Whose name is Lydia…
    Me: wait did you just say Lydia?
    Mayor : yea, you know her?
    Me: kind of, I met with her at a hotel. You got her profile there?
    Mayor : yea I do, her full name is Igoni Lydia, a 300 level student
    in the department of Economics. Her parent lives in this town,
    and she have 2 other siblings…
    Me: I’ve gotten what I needed you can send her full profile to me
    after the call, now I will work on getting a spy myself.
    Mayor : OK.
    Me: good work friends. I’m proud to have you guys as a friend.
    Remember we are not just rescuing our friend here, but we are
    also saving life’s. Now let get back to our duty.
    Ope: yea
    Me: mayor are you still there.
    Mayor : yes.
    Me: someone will be meeting with you at the school gate. Her
    name is Elizabeth, There’s a task you will be carrying out
    together, you will know it when you meet with her
    Mayor : OK.
    I ended the call then I shifted my attention to Elizabeth .
    ” right now, we need to be cruel. They have pushed us against
    the wall and we need to fight them with what we got, Elizabeth I
    need you to meet with my friend mayor at the varsity gate. You
    are going to kidnap Lydia family, that’s the only way to make her
    comply with us. That’s the only way Lydia can corporate and be
    our spy.” I said.
    ” why giving a lady a man job?” Desmond asked.
    ” she’s not just a lady, she’s an agent. She has Been an
    undercover agent for many Years. She’s a specialist in criminal
    case. I’m sure I’m sending the right person. Isn’t it? ” I asked
    looking at Elizabeth.
    ” how did you know all this? ” she asked surprisely.
    “someone closed to you told me” I replied with a wink.
    “I’m off ” she said, then she head out.
    I waited till I got a confirmation response from Elizabeth and
    mayor before calling Lydia. After I’ve confirmed that her parents
    are being held captive and also a video is being sent to me which
    includes Elizabeth pointing a pistol gun at the forehead of one of
    the family member. After this I picked my phone and search for
    Lydia number, I remembered collecting it from her at the hotel.
    I ran a call to her which she picked on the first ring.
    Me: hello pretty.
    Lydia : yea, who are you?
    Me: I’m Ayo. We met at an hotel some days ago.
    Lydia : what is it?
    Me: I was thinking if we can see today at evening.
    Lydia : get lost, I don’t need you again.
    Me: not so fast, if you ever want to see your parent and siblings
    again .meet me at global restaurant today at 9 pm. It will be
    advisable to come alone.
    I didn’t wait for her to reply back before I hang up the call.
    Immediately I ran another call to Ben.
    Me: hello Ben.
    Ben: yes bro.
    Me : I want you and your boys to be on a lookout for me at global
    restaurant. I got a mission there.
    Ben: Consider it done.
    Me: thank you.
    Exactly 9:30pm I head out to the global restaurant. I saw Lydia
    sitting impatiently on a seat, so I approached her.
    ” what will you like to take? ” I asked assertively.
    ” you fool!!! I want to see my family!!! ” she shouted.
    I maintained my calm as I ordered for a cold malt drinks, then I
    brought out my phone and show her the video Elizabeth send to
    me . The video melted her anger as she reduced her voice.
    ” what did you want? ” she asked slowly.
    ” it’s simple, I know you work for yemi and I know you are
    among the kidnappers that kidnapped the missing girls. I want
    you to tell me where you guys kept them” I said slowly studying
    her reaction .
    ” we are responsible for kidnapping the girls but I don’t know
    where the girls are” She said .
    “Lier” I muttered.
    ” I swear, the orders giving to us by yemi is to kidnap the girls,
    then we brought them to the Queen’s villa were we held them
    captive before yemi drove the girls out alone by herself, she
    didn’t tell any of us where she’s taking them to. I swear that’s all
    I know please ” she said with a remorse.
    ” why should I believe you? ” I asked looking at her with a rage.
    “you got to believe me, please ” she replied.
    “I’m sorry, you won’t see your parents if I don’t see those girls.
    So are you in to help me find them or not? ” I asked pointedly.
    ” I will. just don’t hurt my family” she said with a tears on. I stood
    up them made to leave.
    “go back into the queen’s villa and get me all I need to find
    them” I said then I head out.
    I couldn’t sleep the whole night the fear of unknown kept moving
    to and fro in my head.
    Exactly 7am at dawn Lydia call came in into my phone.
    Lydia : hello?
    Me: yes.
    Lydia : I found from one of the girls that yemi is hiding the girls at
    the outskirt of the town.
    Me: address?
    Lydia : unfortunately known of them know the address. I got to
    hang up. Someone is coming.
    I lied down back on the bed with my thoughts wide open.
    Outskirts of the town could be anywhere ranging from North,
    east, west, and south. Searching the four cardinals point will take
    days. Just as I was thinking, something struck me and I
    remember something, immediately I shifted my gaze towards
    ” Desmond, in the list of Hon lawal property, does it say that he
    have a house at the outskirts of the town?” I asked eagerly. He
    seems unsure as he quickly Scan through the List. His expression
    changed after a while, as he screamed out.
    ” Hell yes!!! He have a safe house at the outskirts of the town ”
    he let out loudly.
    “yes!!! That’s it!. That’s where they are. I want you to fetch me
    the address now” I said then I quickly pick my phone and dial
    Elizabeth line.
    Me: hello Lizzy.
    Elizabeth : yes Ay.
    Me: we’ve know where they are.
    Elizabeth : for real?
    Me: yes. I want you to rush down here with all the ammunition
    you have. Please be quick
    Elizabeth : I’m on my way.
    Immediately I ended the call, Desmond presented me with the
    house address.
    Few minutes after Elizabeth arrived with some High sophisticated
    Guns, alongside with a bullet proof and some tracking device and
    I opened my mouth widely when I saw the guns she brought out,
    four beretta M9 pistol, one M16A4 rifle and an auto short gun,
    With 5 smoke grenade. I’ve never use a gun in my life, but
    there’s always a first time for everything.
    I kit myself up with the bullet proof and 3 smoke grenade, then
    help myself with two M9 pistol. I wouldn’t want to go for the big
    guns. After we are fully dressed up. I look quite terrified cos it’s
    my first time doing such a thing.
    “Ayo are you sure you can do this? ” Elizabeth asked. I looked
    her with a straight face.
    “yes…do you have any hard drugs there” I asked back.
    “No, except morphine ” she answered.
    ” I got one bro” Desmond said as he gave me the drugs. I
    wasted no time in using the drugs, then I feel a little more
    We put on the tracking device in which Desmond connected to
    his laptop.
    “Desmond I want you to contact the police, 45 minutes after our
    departure, give them all the evidence we got, also contact Ben,
    ope and mayor too. Tell them about our moves. ” I said then I
    shifted my attention to Elizabeth.
    “let’s go get our friends back” I said confidently.

    Episode 16

    It was a 30 minutes drive to the supposed address. We park our
    car, a yard away from the building then we sat carefully to survey
    the building. The building was guided With some men dressed in
    black suit. they look unarmed, but everyone of them have a pistol
    gun, beneath his suit.
    ” how are we to attack a building we no nothing about? ” I asked
    ” I guessed you forgot to ask Desmond for the building plan,
    anyway I asked him and I have it here” Elizabeth answered. She
    brought out her tab, then she place it in between us.
    ” here’s the building plan. The building have one entry and also
    one exit at the back door. Inside the building is an underground
    chamber. That’s where the girls will probably be. Once you are in
    the building, you head straight to the lobby, cos that’s where you
    will find the entrance to the underground building… ”
    “wait are you not coming in with me?” I cut in with a question.
    “no, I’m going to create a distraction, while you will silently creep
    in from behind…”
    “that’s suicide, you gonna get yourself killed ” I cut in rapidly.
    “I’m sorry, that’s the only way in” she replied slowly.
    It was a hard decision for me to accept, but she had made her
    ” please I want to see you back alive ” I said with a trembling
    “I can’t promise that, now give my those grenade. ” she said. i
    stretched forward the smoke grenade to her.
    “what are you going to do with the smoke grenade? ” I asked
    curiously. she smiled a little before replying me back.
    “those are real grenade, only one of them is smoke grenade, the
    rest are explosive, you may have the smoke grenade, you will
    need it when you are in. I’m taking the bad grenade ” she replied.
    That got me by a surprise cos I never knew I’m armed with an
    explosive device.
    “Holy s--t!!!, how are you going to use them? ” I asked curiously.
    ” Simple, A bullet may have your name on it, but a grenade is
    addressed to… Whomsoever it may concern. Now let go kick
    some a-s ” She said as we head out together.
    ” wait for my signal” she said as we both head in various
    direction. I took the route to the back door, the building was
    fenced so I have to climb over the fence. I peeped my eyes in
    and I saw three men on suit, they are strong and huge like a
    wrestler. I waited patiently for Elizabeth to give her signal. Doing
    this period I quickly say some prayers , I was holding two pistol
    so I hide one and hold on the other.
    All of a sudden, I heard an explosive sound followed by
    tremedious heavy gun shots. I guessed that was the signal. I
    peeped in the second time, I found out that all the guards are
    gone. Without wasting any time, I jumped in. Immediately I’m in,
    I head for the back door, To my dismay I found the door locked,
    So I have to use what I got . Holding a loaded Beretta M9 pistol,
    to hell with the door. I gave it one shot and the door sprang
    I advanced in directly heading straight to the lobby, I can still
    hear the distant gun shots coming from the front side. That’s
    shows that Elizabeth is still combating with them.
    I got to the Lobby in no time but I found two guards waiting for
    me, it’s a matter of shoot or you get shot. Without a second
    thought, I pull the trigger, and one of them fell dead. It was a
    surprise shot, Before the other could realize the reality, I took him
    down also.
    I was about entering the underground cave when Lydia call came
    Lydia : Ay, we just received a call from yemi now.
    Me: so what?
    Lydia :She’s calling for reinforcement. she’s sending us in.
    Me : what?
    Lydia : yes, you have to do whatever you are doing
    and leave before its too late.
    Me: how many much do we got?
    Lydia : 20 minutes.
    Me: good thank you.
    Immediately I ended the call, I contacted Elizabeth through the
    wiresely Bluetooth device.
    Me: Elizabeth we got incoming reinforcement.
    Elizabeth : seriously it’s quiet fun out here.
    Me: I need you to listen to me!!! Those girls got AKs.
    Elizabeth : and I got M16A4 repeating a-s kicking weapon.
    Alongside with 3 unused grenade. Let them come. The party is
    yet to begin.
    Me: holy s--t!!!
    Elizabeth : get in that hole and free those girls. I got some a-s to
    kick. See ya.
    I climbed down into the underground, the place was dark hereby
    preventing me from seeing clearing, so I began walking slowly
    and minding every steps I take, all of a sudden I felt a hit on my
    back Which sent me rolling on the floor. i stood up immediately
    only to see yemi spirit guard.
    ” you son of a b---h!!! ” I yelled angrily. Without even thinking I
    advanced towards him with full force, pushing him hardly
    backward on the floor. I caught him looking quite surprise,i
    guessed He isn’t expecting such a move.
    ” How is it possible for you to possess such a strength and
    power ” he said with a puzzled face. That was when I remember
    that my full sight has been restored, which gave me some
    immortal strength against spirit and some creatures.
    ” Surprise? Don’t worry I won’t tell you, I will let you die still
    wondering ” I said then I shoot at him repeatedly. And to my
    dismay he didn’t die.
    ” you can’t kill me with a gun” he said boldly.
    “Well I guess I will have to use my hand” I said as I threw the
    first blow at him, but he saw it coming and he quickly dodge it.
    He threw back ,which got me off-guard. The blow was massive
    as it got my nose bleeding.
    ” not so strong after all ” he said roughly as he drag me up and
    pin me down to the wall.
    I looked down and saw his unsheathed machete tied across his
    ” do you know the mistake you made? ” I asked with a smile.
    “what! ” he retorted.
    “underestimating me” I said then I quickly remove his machete
    and piece it into him. He made a loud painful cry as he stumbled
    over the floor.
    “If not for yemi, I should have killed you when I have the chance
    ” he said as he fell dead.
    ” Yes, but next time keep your machete away” I said to his
    I put on my phone flash light and began using it to see in the
    dark. The place looks more like a shrine as a began to see
    various evil items, scattered all over floor. I saw a door by my
    right, and also another by my left. I entered the right one and I
    found Janet tied down to a chair. I rushed towards her and
    untied her.
    “Janet are you okay ” I asked immediately I set her free.
    “yes… I am” she replied slowly.
    “where are the others ” I added.
    “the opposite door ” she said demonstrating with her finger.
    ” I want you to stay here while I go get the rest” I said trying to
    clam her down.
    I Banged in to the other room forcefully. I saw Agatha and two
    other girls tied together. The room was more like an abode made
    for rituals. Down beside them are two body caskets. One is
    empty and the other contained Johnson dead body. The walls are
    stained with splashes of human blood and there’s a big calabash
    which contain some human part. An image idol was positioned at
    the corner of the room, painted black with only the eye being red.
    I was about advancing towards Agatha when I observed that the
    image idol is a living one. It’s heart was beating and at the same
    time, it’s eye were moving. Fear engulfed me as the idol began
    transforming to something I couldn’t describe. No one have to
    tell me the kind of trouble I’m in for. But I show no fear.
    ” I can consider letting you live, if you allow me to go peacefully
    with these girls” I said with boldness. I wasn’t expecting a
    response, but I know I’m gonna receive one.
    ” no one comes in here and go out alive” came a voice from the
    transformed idol.
    I can see Agatha and the rest of the girls crying, They were
    probably afraid of death.
    ” I’ve combated with a creature far powerful than you are, I killed
    the one eye river demon that looks even more scarier than you
    are, I faced with the evil snake with a power far greater than you
    could ever imagine and I’ve kill numerous powerful creatures that
    will crush you with just a finger, let me go peacefully and this will
    be settled without a bloodshed. ” I said not even minding
    whether it have a blood or not.
    ” I don’t listen to an ordinary human like you” came another
    voice from the image idol.
    “perhaps you think I’m here alone ” I said then I quickly summon
    on my little monster friend which appeared immediately.
    ” do we have any problem here? ” he asked just as he appeared.
    ” I think that question is for you, do we?” I asked looking directly
    at the image idol. And slowly I watched as he transform back to
    his normal form.
    I quickly untie Agatha and the other two, then we head out all
    together. I entered the other room and call Janet which jump
    happily on her feet seeing me again.
    We have exited the underground when we met with yemi and the
    real Hon lawal. Yemi was armed with a pistol in which she
    pointed at us. Hon lawal on the other, sent me shivering with the
    demons surrounded by him. Each of them were as big as my
    monster friend.
    “Ayo drop your gun or one of these girls die” yemi said pointing
    her gun at Agatha.
    I obliged without arguing. And all of a sudden I heard Janet
    shouting the word ‘dad’. I looked around hoping not to be hon
    lawal she’s referring to.
    “pardon? ” I asked perplexed.
    “he’s my dad” she said pointing at hon lawal.
    ” what the hell? How can he be your dad? He’s the one
    responsible for all this we are into…”
    “dad, tell me this is not true? ” she cut in.
    ” it is” he answered with a baritone voice.
    Tears came running down Janet eyes like a rain.
    ” I saw Johnson corpse in that room, so you killed your son
    Johnson?” I asked straightly.
    ” yes I did” I answered immediately.
    “so you are the murderer I’ve been searching for all my life? ”
    Janet yelled angrily.
    ” yes, I guess it’s time you know the truth, some years ago before
    you and your brother were born. I did a money ritual using my
    manhood as a sacrifice. I met your mother a year after and we
    got married. 3 years after our marriage, she got pregnant and
    gave birth to your brother, and you after two years. I didn’t know
    how it happened but I know I can never have a child in my life,
    so where did your mother got you from?. I killed and use her as a
    ritual of fame. That’s why I’m so popular today. When my money
    ritual needed renewing. I used your brother to renew my money.
    What’s good in having two b------s children. And I’m going to use
    you too to increase my money. And for those 3 virgins. I’m
    offering them to the god of ogun, for success in the up coming
    election. ” he said.
    ” that won’t happen ” I said just has he finished talking talking.
    “it’s seems you got some nerve, yemi kill him now” he
    I watched in fear as yemi pointed her gun at me, I didn’t know
    what to say, so I just remain mute in fear. A minute passed and
    yemi is yet to pull the trigger, I observed her and I saw that are
    hand were shaking, she’s probably holding herself back.
    “what’s taking you so long, shoot him now!!! ” he shouted out. I
    can see tears forming in yemi eyes. It was a difficult decision for
    her to make.
    “shoot him now!!! ” hon lawal said angry . But I was shocked by
    yemi response.
    “I can’t… I can’t kill him. I can’t ” she said slowly.
    “what? ” he retorted angrily .
    “yes, I can’t. I can’t kill the man I love. Never! You might not have
    a heart, but he gave me one. I’m not killing him” she said then
    she shifted the gun towards hon lawal, pointing the gun directly
    at him.
    ” yemi are you ready to die for this man ” he said looking
    pointedly at yemi.
    ” I don’t care, but I’m won’t let anyone to touch him, not even
    you!!! ” she said spitting on the floor.
    ” so be it” he said, then something like lightening came out of his
    hand and hit yemi by the chest. She lost balance and she fell on
    the floor. Immediately I rushed towards her looking directly into
    her eye with fear of losing her.
    ” I’m sorry ay. It has to be like this…i love you ” she said then she
    gave up the ghost.
    I lost control of myself as anger took me on, I remembered I hide
    a pistol at the back of my trouser.i brought it all then I fire angrily
    at hon lawal. I wasted all the bullet on him but I found him still
    standing after I’m done shooting.
    ” you can’t kill me with that toy young man ” he said as he laugh
    A voice came from behind which I recognized to be Elizabeth
    ” But this can” she said as she dig in a grenade into his Agbada
    then push him rapidly back into the underground, locking the
    underground cover before the grenade bombed out. And all was
    over after a loud explosion.
    ” I told you, a bullet may have your name on it, but a grenade is
    addressed to… Whomsoever it may concern.” she said as she fell
    backward. I noticed that she has been shot so I quickly rush
    forward to her.
    ” you are shot” I said slowly.
    “yes, twice on the ammo and one on my arm” she said with a
    cracking voice.
    ” I’m not gonna die, how’s the party in here? ” she asked jokingly.
    I smiled as a look into her beautiful eye. She reminded me of a
    friend I lost in the evil forest, Brave and strong.
    “let get out of here” I said as I lift her up. Janet sat on the floor
    staring at the burning underground chamber. All of a sudden, she
    spit into it then rose to her feet.
    ” I’m sorry about your father ” I said slowly.
    “he is not my father ” she replied back sharply.
    We headed out to see yemi girls outside with a loaded AK 47.
    They were all aiming all at us with their guns. Except for Lydia
    which joined in with us and face her rifle back at the other girls.
    “I die with them” she said as she aim back at them.
    “Ay get me my M16A4, the party is not over” she said stretching
    out her hand for her gun. I looked around and I found out that
    we’ve been surrounded by the police. I smiled then look back at
    “No, it’s over. The party is over” I said with a smile.
    The police men rush in and the slay girls surrender their weapons.
    Desmond rushed out of a police van and head directly to
    Elizabeth helping her into the ambulance vehicle.
    ” how did she get shot?” he asked curiously.
    ” I don’t know, but she will survive ” I replied.
    I looked back at Janet and Agatha. I can’t help but to smile.
    ” I won’t forgive myself if something has happened to any of you
    ” I said with a smile.
    ” I will do the same for you, you know I will” Agatha said as she
    gave me a tight hug.
    “so it’s all over now” Janet said slowly from behind.
    “for me it’s not. I got a death destiny to deal with ”
    I said.

    Episode 17

    What hurts us is what heals us
    And so I wait. I wait for time to heal the pain and raise me to me
    feet once again, so that I can start a new path, my own path, the
    one that will make me whole again.
    Even though I never care about yemi, but she always did silently.
    I thought she was a bad person, but she got a good heart I never
    for once imagined . I wouldn’t believe she will die protecting me.
    For days I wept for her, she died in my arms after confessing
    sincerely from her heart to me. She made me realize love is
    worth fighting and also dying for.
    I attended her funeral, to pay my last respect and I was surprised
    by the numbers of student that showed up. Even Janet was there
    with Elizabeth and the rest.
    Janet approached me immediately she set her eye on mine.
    ” I’m sorry about her death, I never knew she love you ” she said.
    I looked away, trying to hold back my tears.
    ” I got to know after she’s dead, excuse me please ” I said then I
    quickly move away from her.
    I saw Johnson sitting on one of the tombs so I mentioned him
    ” may her soul be in peace ” he said immediately he got to me.
    ” Amen, How do I battle with the death from the past ?” I asked
    ” I promised to help you , but it’s seems my time as a ghost is
    over, My body has been found and I only got few hours before I
    will be drop down in the ground .” he said slowly.
    “so what now? ” I asked sadly.
    “I will tell you all I know, and all you got to do” he replied sharply.
    ” when I was still Wandering about as a ghost, I saw you talking
    to a tree spirit, I listened to your conversation and I heard him
    telling you about the death from the past, he didn’t tell you
    everything you need to know, but he only gave you a warning.
    After you are long gone, I approached the spirit in his abode, and
    he told me this.
    Long before you were born, your ancestors from the mother’s
    side was born with the gift of sight. But only the female child
    have this gift. It is a taboo for a male child to be born with this
    gift. Your great grand mother had a male child with this gift. And
    the child was killed because the child was a taboo and an
    abomination. Ever since then, there has been only a female child
    in the family, and one out of ten or twenty have this gift. Your
    mother happened to be born with this gift… Unfortunately she
    gave birth to a male child which is you and you have the gift. She
    knew the risk involve, so she ran away with you. You are born
    with a death destiny and your mother wouldn’t want that to
    happen to you. Knowing fully well the pain she went through
    before giving birth to you.
    Your father and her took you to many places just to destroy the
    gift. They were successful at some point but the gift can never be
    suppress, it’s returned after you clocked 20, now that you have
    the full sight, the agent of death will surely find you.
    You have three moons left to Change the death destiny.
    Firstly you need to know that it’s impossible to fight away death,
    it will surely come one day. But you can send away the
    commissioned one.
    It’s a dangerous path, but you have to risk it, you might die in
    process or you can wait till death come, so make a choice. ” he
    I took a deep breath before replying him, even though I’ve
    survived alot of things. I still want to live life the fullest.
    ” proceed ” I muttered confidently.
    ” travel far through the sea, till you reach the world of the
    mermaids, I must warn you, you have zero chance of returning. If
    they welcome you, make peace with them and seek for a
    mermaid tears…”
    “wait… wait.. wait… My mission to the mermaids world is just to
    get their tears? ” I cut in rapidly.
    ” yes, it’s the tears you need” he replied.
    ” then I will have to do it my own way, anything more? ” I asked.
    “after you’ve gotten the tears. You will need the company of a
    great hunter to get you mojala. Mojala is a female dear with the
    ability to transform into human being. At the sight of the mermaid
    tears, she will transform into a human. She will give you a pot of
    the forest water which you will take to the grave of the first male
    child with the same gift as yours. Place both the mermaid tears
    and the forest water at his grave, he will appear to you with fury,
    cos his death came with a great pain. He will attempt to kill you,
    but make sure he doesn’t. Offer him the tears and the water and
    his soul will vanish forever. Cos his spirit is the death hurting you
    around. When he’s gone, the war is over. ” he said then he
    disappeared before I could say a word.
    ” thank you ” I muttered slowly into the air.
    ******* ********* ********* ******** ****** *******
    Back in school, When Ayokemi saw me, she flew at me as if it’s
    been decades since we’ve seen.
    Publicly, she gave me a kiss and not minding what the students
    passing by might be thinking. I’m grateful joy wasn’t around.
    She threw different questions at me which I couldn’t answer all.
    She later dragged me into her car and drove me to her
    She prepared pounded yam with egusi soup mixed with different
    encouragement that could make someone go mad salivating.
    After we are done eating, we began talking and I narrated some
    part of my few adventures to her. I knew what her next move will
    be, So I made myself ready for any sexual move.
    I will say the move came faster than I thought, she threw herself
    on me flooring me with her boobs along side with an
    uncontrollable kiss, a kiss I tried keeping up with, but I couldn’t. It
    was fast and rough. No one need to tell me how hungry she is to
    eat me up.
    She dipped her hand into my trouser and she began robbing her
    hand to and fro On my yet erected d--k. Well, no dude can stand
    that, it arose in seconds.
    I guessed she transferred the spirit into me, as I hurriedly torn
    apart her top. unhooking her bra will take a while, so I just drag
    the bra up and access her full b----t. I grabbed on the B----t, the
    bigger one. Woman b----t are always not the same. So I head for
    the bigger One which I know to be Very sensitive, I brought my
    head down and began sucking on the pair of b----t.
    She was losing it as she began to say different sort of things.
    Suddenly she pushed me away and rushed forward to my
    prisioned d--k, I watched kneeling as she expertly handled my d--
    k like a car gear. I guessed she drag in at gear five cos she
    hurriedly entwine my d--k in her mouth. She gave me a long
    lasting blow job which made me almost cumming in her mouth,
    but thanks to the experience control, I didn’t. I balanced her in a
    missionary position then set her p---y on a locomotive fire. She
    appreciated in return by giving me a loud sexy soundtracks,
    meaning I’m doing a great job.
    I bleep her this way for several minutes before proceeding to
    another f-----g level. She took charge of the situation and gave
    me a new f-----g style which I’ve never had before, But I do see it
    in a Crazy p--n video.
    She walked briksy to the door, positioning her leg straightly on
    the door handle with her p---y widen for any kind of penetration. I
    felt a little more hardness on my d--k as I attack hungrily from
    behind. I t----t in deeply into her honey pot, not minding whether
    it’s hurt or not, I care less anyway, all I know is that, it goes a
    long way in. Cumming at this moment is an understatement, I
    wondered where went my c-m as I continue to bang her non stop
    for hours. Sometimes I love to see the champion begging. When
    she discovered my f-----g goals and potential. She began begging
    for an end, which I failed to approve, instead I positioned her for
    the unbeaten doggy style and entered in from behind. I guessed
    she didn’t see that coming. Her soundtrack began changing to
    yelling, a pleasurable yelling I will say. My d--k can withstand the
    yelling but my ears can’t. I wouldn’t want to go deaf just on f-----
    g a p---y, so I summoned out my c-m before she transform me
    to a deaf man. We both lie tiredly on the bed trying to catch our
    ” you are a hell of a bull” she whispered.
    ” I will take that as a compliment ” I replied giving her a kiss.
    I helped her to the bathroom and we both shower together. When
    night falls we hang out to a popular club house before heading
    back to her place to have a respectable night.
    At 12 mid night, I found myself in an unknown wild Forest, in all
    directions came different voices and they were all echoing one
    word, which is death. I felt a tap on my hand which brought me
    back to reality, it’s a dream.
    I woke up terrified, every used minute draws me closer to my
    death. I couldn’t sleep the whole night, my thoughts were on how
    to overcome the death from the past. Going to the mermaids
    world seems like a suicide mission to me, let alone have their
    tears. Doing this period an idea truck me. Perhaps I could get a
    help from joy, she belongs to the white witchcraft and might
    know a way I can get a mermaid tears.
    When dawn arrived, I made myself ready then head to joy place.
    She demanded for a sex which I couldn’t resist, so I let her have
    it. After we are done, then I moved to my priority.
    ” do you know anything about mermaids? ” I asked.
    ” little I will say” she replied back with a gesture.
    ” you know how to get their tears? ” I threw back again.
    “hell no, you can only get that from a mermaid itself, why are you
    suddenly asking about mermaids? ” she asked curiously.
    I wanted to ignore the question, but I felt the need for her know
    the highlight, I wouldn’t get any help if I keep it all to myself, so I
    quickly summarise some part of the story to her.
    ” I don’t know how you can get a mermaid tears, but I know
    where you can find a mermaid without going to their world, On
    every market day, some creatures will leave their abode and
    transform into human and set to the market to buy things they
    need, part of this creatures are the mermaids. Tomorrow is
    another market day, an opportunity for you to see one, you can
    hide at the sea and wait for one to come out. ” she said.
    I took a deep breath before saying my fear.
    ” the mermaids are they scary creatures? are they evil? ” I asked
    slowly. She took her eyes away not knowing how to reply me
    ” I don’t know, but don’t tag them friendly ” she let out. I thanked
    her and we both gisted till noon before I head back to my place.
    I got home and I found Janet waiting for me at my door way.
    ” hi janet, you didn’t inform me that you are coming ” I said
    ” I tried your line, it’s off. So I decide to wait ” she said with a
    smile. I checked my phone and I found out that it’s off.
    ” I’m sorry Janet I didn’t know that it’s off, probably the battery is
    down. You shouldn’t be waiting here alone for a big head like me
    ” I said with gentleness.
    ” big head that is worth waiting for, are you going to open the
    door or keep on talking right there? ” she said with a wink. I
    quickly open the door and let her in before she throw another
    one .
    “what should I offer you?” I asked when she’s relaxed. She stood
    up, head to the kitchen and survey my food stuffs, then she
    returned back to me with a grin on.
    ” I want you to cook for me” she said. At first I thought I heard
    the wrong thing, I didn’t know when I began laughing
    ” I’m a horrible Cook” I said still laughing.
    ” that’s why you need someone like me to help you with the thing
    you are bad at” she said then she walk into the kitchen. I sense
    some things but I remain quiet. She prepared fried rice with
    chicken and we both ate in the same dish. The food was
    delicious that I wish to eat more but I couldn’t, I was trying not
    to be a glutton before her. So I planned to devour the remaining
    rice in the pot once she exit, but unfortunately Ben, mayor and
    ope arrived. Without even asking the three of them head into the
    kitchen and finish up the remaining fried rice. I felt like tearing
    them apart, but there’s nothing I could do in front of Janet, so I
    waited till she leaves before descending hell on the three of
    Dawn arrived sooner than I expected, I remembered my
    conversation with joy, so I made myself ready and head to one
    of the biggest Ocean in town. I sat quietly by the Ocean for hours
    observing and watching the ocean currents, with the hope of
    seeing a mermaid coming out of the water. This went on for
    several hours, but to my greatest dismay, I didn’t even see a
    glimpse of fish let alone a mermaid. When I’m tired waiting, I
    retired and head back home.
    The following day, I changed location and head to a popular
    river, but I found a mermaid not. This go on for weeks, but not a
    single mermaid came in contact. I was losing hope, I even
    thought of reconsidering the option of going deep into the
    mermaids world. I was sitting by the river one evening when I felt
    a tap on my shoulder. I looked back but only to see a very
    beautiful lady standing behind me. Her beauty are of no match to
    all the ladies I’ve ever see in my life. I felt lost in her beauty, as I
    began to stare into her eyes speechlessly. And for the first time
    in my life, I felt shy in front of a lady. I was dumb, I don’t even
    know how to start the conversation. She kept staring back at me
    with a lustful eyes that could drive a man totally crazy.
    ” Are you here for a sea watching or you are here to fish? ” she
    let out after the prolonged eye silence. I quickly think of an
    answer to give her. I can’t tell her my mission but somehow I
    found myself saying the truth.
    ” I’m just sitting hoping I will see a mermaid coming out of the
    water ” It was out before I realized what I said.
    “really? So you believe they are real? ” she asked curiously.
    ” not until I see one, I only hear stories about them, anyway I’m
    Ayo ” I said with a smile
    ” I’m Erica, it’s nice meeting you ”
    “the pleasure is mine ” I replied.
    She took a sitting position beside me and she began staring at
    the ocean, and at every fast wave, she will smile ”
    ” I guess you are here for a picnic or something? ” I asked after I
    realized how lost she was with the ocean.
    ” tell me what you know about mermaids ” she asked.
    ” I don’t know much, just that they are beautiful and charming, I
    also heard that they are dangerous, perhaps they don’t like we
    humans ” I said with a shoulder gesture.
    She stared at me for a while before taking her focus swiftly back.
    ” so what do you know about mermaids? ” I asked with a
    charming smile. But I got it ignored.( silent AGBELE)
    I noticed some slight changes in her mood, all her beautiful smile
    are gone. She now focus her eye at the ocean with rage.
    ” you seems not comfortable with me ” I said assertively. She
    turned her eye at me and began staring directly into my eye as if
    she is reading something in my eye.
    ” if mermaids are dangerous as you said you should be dead by
    now ” she said calmly. I felt an electricity of fear running through
    my veins, I quickly look around and I found out that the shore is
    ” you see down deep there ” she said pointing her finger at the
    ocean. I responded by a fear node.
    ” that’s where my home is” she said.
    “you are a mermaid? ” I asked curiously.
    “yes, but you won’t live to tell anyone ” she said and all of a
    sudden I saw her fingers growing long and sharp.
    ” I should have see this coming, how on hell did I not know… ”
    “because you are a human ” she let out interrupting my speech.
    ” I’m not just not an ordinary human, I have the gift of sight, I see
    things, I should have see who you are when I set my eye on you ”
    I said with a shrinking fear. She let out a smile then she returned
    her fingers back in.
    ” I casted a spell on you, it a strong spell that blinds human, now
    I know why you can still see, perhaps I should pluck out your eye
    for dinner?” She yelled out. Her words sent a cold shiver through
    my veins, I could have try my luck challenging her but I knew the
    situation can’t be solve with violence, so I go calm and speak
    softly to her.
    “What do you want from me ” I asked slowly. She turned her
    head and look at me with a lust glance.
    “you are worthless to me, I should just take your life right now ”
    she said trowing her eyes sorrowfully away. I sense some pain in
    her words, I moved closer to her then hug my hand around her
    neck. She was surprised by my reaction as she looked puzzled.
    ” you ain’t scared of me are you? ” she said slowly.
    “No, I’ve seen more creatures that you could ever imagine and
    also, not all mermaids are dangerous ” I let out slowly.
    ” you are just a mortal, you know nothing about supernatural
    world, let alone a mermaid ” she retorted. I took a deep breath
    and walk some steps away from her.
    ” I know more than I’m saying ” I said convincedly.
    ” I need help, I’m struck outside, I can’t go back to my world. I
    lost my power to an evil being, I can’t breathe underwater ,I don’t
    have the entry password, am lost ” she said sorrowfully . I move
    closer to her then pet her shoulder softly.
    ” how can I help you? ” I said warmly to her.
    “I need the password, the longer I stay on ground the closer am I
    to death, please I need the password ” she said pleadingly.
    ” I don’t quite get it, how is the password like, is it an
    agglomeration of digit or patterns… ”
    “it’s a diamond shell, it worth billions to you mortals of the
    world, but it a life to we the mermaids. I can repay you with
    riches if you help me get it” she cut in.
    ” coincidentally, we happens to have the same faith… I don’t want
    your riches, I want something else ” I muttered. She looked
    surprised as she began to wonder what I may possibly want from
    ” No mortal could refuse such a great offer of richness, what else
    could you desire? ” she let out loudly.
    ” what’s good in riches without a life, my days are numbered,very
    soon I will be no more, except if I get a mermaid tears, and
    that’s the reason why I’m here. If you promise to give me your
    tears, I promise to get you the life shell back. Do we have a deal
    or not? ” I said swiftly. It took her some minutes before nodding
    in agreement to my proposal.
    “so where can I find the diamond shell” I asked. She dipped her
    hand inside her gown pocket and drew out a leather map which
    contains so many places and location , down in the map is a
    shiny spot, I wonder what the shiny spot is about, so I helped
    myself with a question.
    “What’s that shiny Spot about? ” I asked with perplexity.
    ” that’s where the shell is, whenever the shell is moved, the
    location will change ” She replied.
    ” very well then, let me go get the shell for you ” I said then I
    made to move.
    “wait, I forgot to tell you something, it’s not as easy as you think.
    It’s a dangerous path you might not return…”
    ” I’ve always been in paths full of dangers all my life, but I always
    survive, that’s one thing I know ” I said then I move away from
    When I was some kilometers away from the beach, something
    changed in the map. I sat down and began studying the map, for
    hours I was there calculating directions and bearing. Then a
    mysterious thing began to happen, whenever I look at some
    certain place in the map, the region will be clear off away from
    the map, this continues till there’s nothing left in the map, the
    map was null and there’s nothing left in there. I became
    confused as I turned to search for Erica, but I found her standing
    right behind me. I wonder how long she’s been standing behind
    ” are you following me? ” I threw directly at her.
    “No.. Yes… No.. Yes… I…I… have… No…where to go”
    She said with her head facing down.
    “thank God you are here, the map is empty? ” I let out loudly.
    “really? ” she rushed towards me and snatch the map away from
    me. She look at it for minutes but she didn’t see anything.
    “How possible!” she muttered to herself.
    She looks back and she began staring at me, I wonder what
    she’s looking at as I began to move back slowly.
    ” you have the map in your head, all the map has been
    transferred to your head” she said slowly.
    “what ?” I retorted.
    ” yes, I don’t know how you did it, but all the map is in your
    head. You have a world compass in your head ” she said with a
    glimpse of joy.
    ” what do you mean, my head is completely empty right now.
    There’s nothing in there ” I said rather jokingly.
    ” close your eyes, and imagine that you are lost ” she said.
    “No, I’m not doing that. That’s madness, how can I imagine that
    I’m lost in an area I know fully well. ” I replied.
    ” just do it big head!!! ” she let out angrily.
    ” ok..ok ” I said then I closed my eyes, I imagined that I’m in a
    lost place then I opened back the eyes. I didn’t know when I
    exclaimed the word wow.
    “Erica are you seeing this, or am I the only one seeing it” I said
    with excitement.
    ” I’m not seeing anything, what are you seeing? ” she asked.
    ” more than I could possibly say, I see navigations, short cuts,
    possibly route I never knew it’s existed, and there’s something
    showing me a direction, this is awesome!!! ” I shouted with an
    unspoken joy. I was expecting Erica to be happy as well, but her
    appearance seams troubled.
    ” don’t be too happy, I have a good news and a bad news for you
    ” she let out slowly. That got me perplexed as I wonder what the
    news Could possibly be.
    “news?let me hear the bad one first” I said with a glimpse of
    ” you are now a wanted being by all creatures in this world, either
    good or evil, but evil mostly ”
    “and the good news? ” I cut in her speech.
    ” you are the only one that know the where about of the shell,
    which makes you a priority to me” she muttered.
    ” non of them are good, you just added to my life problem!!!” I
    yelled out angrily.
    ” Yea, it seems so, but we made a deal and there’s no going
    back” she echoed pointedly. I felt loose like an orphan, with a
    little hope of survival.
    ” I’m homeless, can you please take me in,you are all I got” she
    said with a pitifully voice. I wanted to decline her request but her
    reaction melted my heart.
    “follow me” I said and she obliged happily. I was sure be ready to
    answer all various questions from my neighbors and friends, even
    with the fact that she’s a beauty.
    When we got home, I prepared some noodles for her Which she
    ate hungrily like an ape.
    “so what happens if you couldn’t get back the diamond shell
    within the time limit? ” I asked immediately she finished eating.
    ” I Will lose everything, I will be completely human ” she said
    “I thought you said you will die” I rumbled.
    “I will be if I’m human ” she retorted.
    ” it’s better we go search for it by tomorrow morning ” I said,then
    I helped myself with a rough sleep on the rug.
    I woke up the following day at 7 am in the morning, Erica was
    still lost in a snoring sleep, I wonder if that’s how the mermaids
    sleep. I woke her up with a tap, but I was surprised when she
    anomalously burst into a Chuckling.
    ” Do you know you snore alot” she said immediately my eyes
    met hers.
    “No, you are the one snoring!” I retorted.
    “says who? I was mimicking you. That’s how you were the whole
    night ” She rumbled back.
    “Sweet Jesus!! have you been keeping tab on me? ” are yelled
    ” No! You humans are found of raping, I was scared you might
    want to, so I stayed awake all night. ” she said with an increased
    high voice . Her words cooled down my nerves, I guessed she
    have a trust issue with some humans she has encountered it.
    ” OK I understand you, I’m sorry. I’m not that kind of human, so
    can we go look for the shell.? I said calmly, and she nodded with
    a smile. We had a snacks for breakfast then we head out.
    I activated the mind map, then I began following the direction
    being shown in my head. After walking for an hour I was stopped
    all of a sudden by Erica.
    “Do you see where you are going into!!!? ” she screamed out
    ” I think it’s time you open your eyes and see the real world and
    not just a mental map!!! ” She added more aggressively.
    “where are we? ” I asked with a little confusion.
    “at the entrance of a forbidden forest, no one go in there and
    come out ” She said with some hand demonstration.
    I take a quick survey of the forest, I can see evil aroma moving
    dangerously in the air. Saying I wasn’t scared will be an
    ” so what do you suggest we do? ” I asked trying to hide my fear.
    “I suggest we turn back and leave!! ” she retorted. I agreed to her
    suggestion then we both turn to leave. All of a sudden, I heard a
    distant voice calling my name. We both stopped on our track and
    face each other surprisely.
    “could that be coming from the forest? ” I thought out loudly.
    Slowly, Erica turned back her head, and with a trembling gasp,
    she let out.
    “Ay, there’s something behind us…Run!!! ”

    Episode 18

    Death is inevitable so as much is fear, no one lives forever, no
    one lives fearless.
    Behind us, was an imaginary being. I can’t differentiate if it’s a he
    or a she, but all the creature body was covered with blood. I was
    floored down with fear, I couldn’t think of anything but to run,
    dying as a food to an evil creature would be the last thing I would
    ever dream of.
    I speed up like Usain Bolt leaving Erica far behind, I looked back
    and I found out that the creature is closing up on Erica, and
    within a seconds, the creature catch up with her and begin to
    drag her back into the forest.
    “s--t!!! ” I muttered loudly to myself. I felt hurt seeing the creature
    dragging Erica on the floor, then suddenly an unannounced
    bravery took hold of me.
    “Hey! you motherfucker!!! Why don’t you pick up on someone of
    your own size!!! ” I shouted out sillily.
    Surprisedly, the creature let go of Erica and began walking
    towards me. I stood there foolishly not knowing what to do, but I
    later develop a courage and advance bravely towards the
    ” show me what you got motherfucker” I said a mixture of
    bravely and fear. I got no response from the creature but it lays it
    eyes on me not even a single blink occur.
    ” what power do you have to talk to me like that ” that came
    from the creature and the voice sounds a little coarse, so I
    guessed it’s a he. Erica was already behind me
    ” gentleman, you have no idea ” I retorted back sharply adding up
    with a silly grin.
    ” I can turn you to a frog as you stand ” he said confidently, I
    guessed I didn’t see that coming. Even though I was engulfed
    with fear, I think I still have the freedom of speech.
    “oh really? You really can do that?. Wao that’s awesome. By the
    way I’m Ayo… ”
    “save your trash I know who you are ” he cut in rapidly. I looked
    back at Erica, giving her a eye signal to run. But she was just
    looking at me like a fool.
    ” I thought mermaids are suppose to have powers ” I said silently
    to her, and she replied back with a whisper.
    ” I’m weak without the shell ” . I took a deep breath then I moved
    closer to the creature. I knew escaping the creature will only
    takes logic, non of us are of a match to him. So I tried my tricks
    on him, hoping it will work.
    ” What about settling this man to man, maybe man to spirit. You
    let her walk freely from here and you have me to deal with. What
    did you think about that? ” I said hoping to receive a positive
    “she’s a fish, it’s been long I’ve tasted a fish. I’m not going to let
    her go not even for anything ” he roared loudly. At this point I
    knew escaping is impossible. I was about giving up when I
    realized something, we are yet to step in into the forbidden
    forest, and by my calculations we are more than hundred feets
    away from the entrance. Then I remember seeing the creature
    trying to drag Erica into the forest. Which means the creature
    power lies in the forest.every evil forest always have a rules. I
    learnt that from my little monster friend.I quickly made my mind
    up and took a brave step. I put on a smile and walk majestically
    around the creature, trying to be as calm as I can.
    ” you got 2 minutes to turn back and head into the forest, you
    think I’m not familiar with forest like this? I’ve been into one and
    I are standing on the ground that is forbidden to you.
    You came out just because you see her and you want to eat her.
    You have a minute left to turn back and leave. Don’t try me you
    got 40 seconds left… ” I haven’t finish my speech when I noticed
    that the creature has disappeared. That came as a surprise cos I
    wasn’t expecting it to be quick and easy as that.
    “how did you do it? ” Erica asked Surprisely.
    ” I just talk” . I said then I move away slowly, but I hold her hand
    like a primary school child along with me .
    We got home both tired and hungry, I head into kitchen and
    began preparing what I know is eatable even though it might
    taste horribly. I was cooking when I heard Erica talking from the
    “what does it feel like to be a human? ” she asked. I paused for a
    while not knowing what and how to reply her. After a while, I let
    something out.
    “it feels ordinary and free ” I said.
    “you have any regret being a human and not a spirit or mermaid
    like me ” she added immediately.
    ” well, I’m not the creator but I love it being a human. Why are
    you asking this question anyway? ” I asked.
    ” I’m a mermaid, I’m not suppose to stay too long on the floor…
    and I can’t return without the shell…”
    “what will happen if you don’t see the shell and return in time ?” I
    cut in with a question.
    ” I will lose everything, I will be completely human just like you ”
    she let out sadly. I remained mute, now I understand why she
    was asking about being a human, I can see that she’s losing
    I prepared a jollof rice maybe it’s a concoction rice I don’t know,
    all that I know is that the rice is red. Half burnt anyway.
    The rice didn’t taste good, but to my greatest surprise, Erica was
    eating it with so much joy. That was the first time someone will
    eat a food I prepare horribly without giving a complain. I smile as
    I watch her eat and it seems I’m getting to like her. I felt pity for
    her and I determine in my mind to help her get the shell back.
    “You ain’t that a bad cook…” she said, but I quickly cut in.
    “shut up” I said.
    ” did you just say I’m not a bad cook? ” I asked in expectancy of
    a good reply from her.
    “you said shut up, so what happened to the shutting up? ” She
    retorted, I guessed I’ve gotten my size, so I remain silent before
    she give me another one.
    Late in the night when she’s far gone asleep. I woke up then I
    head back into the forbidden forest. Just at the entrance, I heard
    my name being called again.
    “show yourself ” I said calmly. There came a flash of light, then
    all of a sudden a giant snake with a glowing eye appeared before
    “it’s me Tina, you remember me? ”
    I was shocked when I heard the voice.
    ” yes… I remember you. But not as a snake I thought you were
    dead. Killed by the evil snake back then ” I replied.
    ” yes alot happened, I thought I was dead, but when I opened my
    eyes, I found my body gone… All that is left of me is this, a
    snake. She’s so powerful she made me her successor. ” she
    ” oh… it’s good to hear from you again… I’m here looking for a
    shell, I… I… ”
    “I have it ” she cut in.
    I felt a glimpse of joy running through me.
    “really? please can you give it to me, it’s very important to
    someone I know ”
    I said happily.
    “I’m sorry, I can’t… I can’t give you. I brought it from a human
    with a thousand year of my age. The shell is my only hope of
    being a human, I’m tired of being a snake. I can’t give it to you. I
    hope you will understand me ay. ” she said.
    I felt sorry for her, but on the other hand, the shell is very
    important to Erica to be able to return back to her world. I head
    back home with an unsettled mind. Erica was already up when I
    “Ay where are you coming from? what’s up? You seems a little
    edgy ” she threw at me immediately I entered. At first I didn’t
    know how to lay the matter down to her but I know hiding it from
    her will be an issue.
    ” I went back to the forbidden forest in search of your…”
    ” are you nut!!! You go there alone without telling me, you could
    have get yourself killed ” she cut in with a high voice.
    ” if I’m dead or didn’t come back, does it mean anything to you?
    ” I asked trying to make myself less important, but she covered
    my mouth with her hand.
    ” it’s means something to me, you are the only human I can trust,
    even with my life, what you did back then today for me means a
    lot to me. I wasn’t expecting you will stop just because of me,
    but you did. I’m grateful. So you mean something to me and not
    just the shell ” she said. That cools me as I lay on the floor and
    doze off.
    The following day, I was woken by the continuous knock on my
    door, I opened the door and saw my friends Ben, ope and mayor.
    I know they have come with there troubles. I didn’t need to usher
    them in, they are no guest. Immediately they enter the room,
    they saw Erica lying on the bed. They look at each other faces
    then they began humming like 4matic Benz. Giving eye and hand
    gestures like a traffic policemen.
    I knew what they are thinking, so immediately I voiced out.
    ” No. It’s not what you guys are thinking, she’s just a friend” I
    said trying to make them believe me, but I know it won’t go easy
    that way.
    “Ekun… She’s just a friend and she’s sleeping on your bed?
    Woman warrior I respect you die, where you see this beautiful
    girl. She’s very beautiful ooo. Jawa si na. Tell us, no dey scope us
    ” ope said while giving me a playfun punch.
    ” you guys have to believe me, she’s not what you think ” I said
    with a serious face.
    ” when are you entering school, and hope you don’t forget that
    today is jersey day in school, so put on a jersey while coming.
    You know where to find us in school ” Ben said and they all
    moved out. I lock the door then face Erica, I knew she’s up both
    just pretending to still be sleeping.
    ” did I snore tonight? ” I asked while heading to the bathroom.
    “no you didn’t. I wanna follow you to school will you take me
    along ” she asked like a little child. At first I wanted to decline
    her request, but I understand how being alone will look like, so I
    considered it.
    ” no problem, today is jersey day, you will have to wear a jersey…”
    “but I don’t have a jersey” she cut in rapidly.
    “that won’t be a problem, I have two Madrid jersey, I will give you
    one ” I said.
    “thank you ” she screamed back.
    When we were both set, we wear the same jersey then we head
    to school, every guys we came across were all flabbergasted by
    her beauty. This make her scared as she hold my hand tightly.
    Too tight for comfort I will say.
    She entered the lecture room with me, I begged her to stay
    outside but she refused, so I let her follow me into the lecture
    room. I saw the expression on joy face when she saw her, I
    guessed she’s trying to see through her, but she couldn’t. I also
    was a victim. I couldn’t see through her when I first sas her too.
    Immediately after the lecture, she came running at me with fury.
    “who is she? ” she shouted angrily to the extent that Erica heard
    I was about calming her down when Erica replied her.
    ” I’m his sister, from village, I arrived yesterday ” she said with a
    Joy look at me in expectation of whether she’s right or not from
    me, and I nodded saying its true.
    She later introduce herself to Erica and she went her way, but not
    after telling me to call her when I got home.
    ” is that your girlfriend?” Erica asked after she has left.
    “I don’t have girlfriend orgirlfriends, I’m a bad boy. But we do f--k
    each other ” I said confidently.
    ” I like it when you say the truth.I hope you know she’s a witch? ”
    she said With her eyes surveying around to be sure that no one Is
    hearing her.
    ” Yea I do… Let go have lunch ” I said then I drag her to the
    school canteen.
    The day was lovely with her, we played, went to some certain
    places together, people even think maybe we are dating. We sat
    at the school water fountain water together enjoying the beautiful
    view of the water. She kept staring at my eyes, I couldn’t look
    back cos I was scared I won’t be able to resist the urge feelings
    that was pushing me to kiss her. I first thought maybe she’s using
    her charm on me, but it’s not her charm. I’m the one with the
    problem. Maybe I like her, I can’t possibly say. It doesn’t seems
    right to be in love with a mermaid. I don’t know what love is, so I
    can’t possibly say I love her. All I know is that I like her. When I
    finally attain the courage to look back into her eyes, I was close
    to kissing her when Agatha showed up.
    ” hi Ayo, it’s been a while, it’s seems you’ve got someone closer
    than your bestie with, introduce me to her or do you need me to
    break your head first ” she said, I knew that’s her style and I
    knew she has always been afraid of the day I will have someone
    closer to me than her. I quickly introduce her to Erica, and they
    both exchanged pleasantries.
    “Ayo I can’t believe you hide the beautiful lady away from me, is
    she a student here or from another school ?” she asked. I was
    still thinking of how to reply her when Erica suddenly reply her.
    ” I’m his sister, from the village ” she said with a big grin. Agatha
    looked puzzled cos she knew I got no sister. Before she start her
    inquisition, I quickly back her up.
    ” she meant to say a family sister, she came for a visit though,
    she will be returning soon” I said. She shrugged her shoulders
    and move some steps away from us.
    “big head, do you know that you can’t lie to me, I saw the way
    that you are looking at her and beside you were about kissing
    your sister, see you around big head ” she said then she moved
    away waving her hands. The rest of the day was eventful was
    eventful, we later head back home after she was tired of
    exploring around.
    When night falls, I head into the forbidden forest to plead again
    with Tina , but it seems She’ve got her mind made up.
    “Ayo I’m sorry, I’ve once save your life, can’t you do this for me
    too. I don’t like the way I’m turning you down. There’s an evil in
    me telling me to kill you right now but I can’t, I don’t want to be
    this way forever. Try to understand me please ” she said slowly.
    ” actually I do understand you,It’s just that I hate to break a
    promise,Just as I fulfill the promise you made me made for you.
    I promised her I will help her get the shell back. It’s means life to
    her. I don’t mind coming here everyday to see you, just to make
    you feel human. Please give me the shell, I don’t see you as a
    snake, but as the Tina I used to know please ” I said with a plea.
    ” you promise to always come see me? ”
    “yes, I will always come to see you. I promise” I said with much
    ” I’m giving you the shell not because of the promise, but
    because of the past and also because you deliver the parcel. It
    means so much to me, the shell is behind the tree beside you,
    cut a leave from the tree and use it to cover it. This will prevent
    some other higher spirit from seeing it, go, take it and answer no
    one till you get home ” she said then she disappeared. I do as
    she instructed, and head home with my eye in my pocket. I saw
    many creature staring at me but I didn’t give them a second look,
    I just increase my speed.
    I got home with so much joy in me.
    ” wake up Sleeping Beauty! ” I yelled happily.
    ” I’m not sleeping dumb head, you left me all alone here to meet
    your girlfriend, what if something happens to you on your way
    there or back home ? Do you think I’m gonna stop you from
    seeing your girlfriend ” she retorted angrily. Her reaction got me
    confused as I began thinking maybe she followed me to the
    forbidden forest and probably thinking Tina is my girlfriend.i
    couldn’t be so sure so I played smart.
    “girlfriend? ” I asked with a confuse mask.
    ” Yea, your girlfriend joy. The witch girl, is it not her place you are
    coming from or is it from Agatha place ? She replied rolling her
    eye at angle 90.
    I gave a sign of relief cos she got it all wrong, I wanted to tell her
    the good news, but for a moment I hesitated. I realized she will
    be gone after she have the shell, and for the first time, I forgot
    about collecting her tears in return, all I want is for her to stay a
    little bit more with me, and right there before me, I beginning to
    miss her, even when she’s yet to go. I couldn’t keep the shell
    from her, it’s hers so I have to let her know.
    ” What will you do to a friend that have once save your life but
    needed your help? ” I asked without even knowing .
    ” I’ll help the friend ” she replied swiftly. I took a deep breath
    before saying another word.
    ” well that doesn’t goes with me… I’ve found the shell ” I said
    then I give her the shell. The expression on her face said it all.
    She jumped up high, hug me severally, made some screaming
    then later start staring at it with alot a happy face.
    ” how did the you fInd it ?” she asked with a mouth full of
    “from a friend that needed help…well, never mind, what matter
    now is that you got want you wanted ” I said slowly then lay low
    on the ground. The fact that she will be living tommorow sadden
    ” I will miss you when you are gone” I said ,but I got no response
    from her.
    When dawn break, I opened my eyes to see the door opened, I
    quickly check the bed but I found Erica gone. I saw an envelope
    on my reading table, I opened it and I found a letter addressed to
    Dear friend
    I’m sorry to leave you without saying goodbye, but by the time
    you will be reading this, I would have been far gone away. I’m
    grateful for all your help, you made me believe in human. It’s hurt
    me to leave you but I got to return to where I come from.seeing
    my parents one more time will mean everything to me. I cried all
    night, I couldn’t sleep, the memories I had with you made me
    cry, I’m scared of missing you but I will always miss you …You
    are my first true friend.
    There’s a small bottle in your wardrobe, my tears are in there…
    And beside it, is what your friend seek for, the shell, I know what
    it’s capable of, use it well. Sometimes we made hard decision.
    Sometimes in life there’s no going back. I pray I receive a
    blessing from my parents, Cos I’m starting a journey with a new
    path. I pray we meet again and if we do, you will see me as a
    human and not as a mermaid.
    Yours sincerely
    “Thank you, I’m going to miss you too ” I said slowly.
    When I returned the shell back to Tina, she was overwhelmed
    with joy, she has lost hope but somehow grace found her back.
    She did the right thing by giving the shell to me, and someone
    else did a precious thing by returning it back to her. She owe her
    an appreciation.
    I followed Tina back to her parent house, everyone flee when
    they saw her except for her mom. Mothers are great vessel, she
    don’t even cares if she’s a ghost or not. She hugged her tightly
    and weep bitterly on her shoulder. Her Adventure in the forest
    will be her story, nothing will come out from my mouth to
    anyone. And if she choose to make it a secret, then it will remain
    a secret forever.
    True love exists not only in dreams but in reality. I was
    speechless when I saw the expression of love between Tina and
    her boyfriend. I remember Tina giving me a parcel to give to him
    back then in the forbidden forest. And he held on to the parcel,
    Even when I told him Tina didn’t make it out, he said he will wait
    all years for her to return back to him, there was no hope, but he
    will keep on loving her till his death. That was the aspect I didn’t
    tell Tina, but when I saw him, he made me believe In hope and
    never to lose it. He promised not to love anyone else but her.
    And he held to his promise. Now you know the reason why I was
    speechless when I saw them together. That kind of love only
    exist in my imagination. But they brought it out real for me.
    I have my own problem to face, I left the following day back to
    school, I exchange contact with Tina boyfriend, his name is Josh,
    sometimes I wish I’m like him, but a dog will always be a dog. It
    will take a miracle to turn me in.
    With the tears in my hand, finding a great hunter would be cinch.I
    travelled to a small village where I met with one, his name is
    Akanji. Everyone calls him the great hunter, I was even told he
    has take down an elephant before. That’s quite a story, I will take
    it down in a minute if I got a sniper rifle and not a double barrel.
    Anyway things are easier said than done.
    Akanji has 3 wives and 8 children,Only One of them is a male the
    rest are females, young enough to be tame. They are beautiful
    too, I wonder how a village p---y will taste like. His daughters got
    their eyes on me, but I got to keep off, wouldn’t want to get into
    trouble with a hunter.
    I explained my mission to him, When I told him I need to contact
    Mojala, a female spirit dear that could transform into human, He
    stood up then he went laughing at me. Maybe it’s sounds like a
    jokes to him, cos for about five minutes, I still found him
    ” this is no Joke, I’m serious here” I muttered angrily.
    ” please tell me more, I’m enjoying your bed time story ” he said
    then follows by another round of laughter. I knew he will need a
    prove that I’m serious so I think of one, I was still thinking when I
    saw a bush rodent moving freely around.
    ” isn’t this animal suppose to be in the forest, why is it moving In
    broad daylight? ” I asked with curiosity hoping to learn new things
    from a hunter. But his response shocked me.
    ” which animal? ” he asked Surprisely.
    “that rodent, there at the edge of the wall” I said pointing my
    hand at the direction where the rodent is. All of a sudden he
    stopped laughing, he went inside without saying a word then he
    came out back, clad on a cloth full of different charms, and on
    his right hand is his hunting gun. His appearance scared me as I
    began to wonder what I might have said to anger him.
    He brought out a powder substance and blow it at me, I wave it
    away with my hands and duster my top off the whitish particles.
    ” why are you doing this? ” I asked with confusion. He later drop
    his gun and ask me to seat down.
    ” I was only checking if you are a spirit from the forest, cos many
    of them do take human form and come into my house. That
    rodent over there is my pet, whenever a danger is coming, it will
    let me know before the danger get to me. if I may ask, how did
    you see that rodent, cos I know only a person with special power
    can see that rodent ” he said calmly, I can still see him keeping
    his distance. I smiled before I reply him.
    ” I see things other people don’t, so tell me about mojala” I said.
    He took a deep breath, then he mentioned the name mojala
    almost 3 times before he begins his speech.
    ” mojala is a white female dear, sometimes when I go deep into
    the forest, I do see her from a distance, but I’ve never get close
    to her before, she’s untrackable, her path can’t be seen.I’ve tried
    tracking her, but most of the time,i get lost in forest. There are
    alot of misery about her. I was told by my father that mojala is
    not just an ordinary dear, he said she can transform into human
    and with her is always a pot of water. That’s all I know about
    mojala ” he said .
    ” I need to get to mojala, I need your help, my life depends on
    the pot of water she’s carrying, I have only one moon left for me
    to live, but if I can get this done before then, it would be better
    for me, just tell me how much it will cost me, I will pay you ” I
    said remorseful.
    ” I don’t want your money, we live tonight ” he said then he stand
    up swiftly like a warlord then head inside. After he has gone
    inside, one of his daughter approached me and began showing
    me her b----t. It was very tempting but I remember a rodent got
    an eye on me so I quickly control myself before a village p---y
    land me into trouble.
    7 pm in the evening, he called me aside and give me some
    charms to put on. He said it will protect me from some dark
    Spirit in the forest. Only if he knows how I roll with the forest
    spirit, maybe he will know I don’t need such charm to protect
    myself, anyway I collected it , I never can say what await us. One
    of his daughter that was showing me her b----t the other time,
    approached me and systematically put something In my pocket, I
    was thinking maybe it’s a love latter or not. She move closer to
    me then whisper something to my ears.
    “Chew the stuff in your pocket when you get to the forest, it will
    protect you ” she said then she gave me a wink. Well she’s quiet
    charming, so it will be hard to turn her down.
    We head out by 8pm, we walked for an hour before we reach the
    forest, I wonder why we didn’t take a bike. Immediately we got to
    the forest, I began chewing the charm she gave me as a chewing
    gum. But I later swallowed it .
    forest is somewhere I’m familiar with, so I walk my way clearly
    with him. We walked for hours non stop, many animal came our
    path, but he didn’t shoot at any of them. I asked him why and he
    replied saying we won’t see mojala if we shoot any of them.
    ” so where are we going now? ” I asked after I realized our
    journey are of the Israelites.
    ” you can’t see mojala here, we will have to go deep into the
    forest, I hope you can handle what you will see when we got into
    the interior ” he said as he move along the bushes. I smiled in
    response, cos I’m sure he didn’t see what I’ve been seeing since
    we enter the forest.
    The forest began getting darker and thicker as we advance
    deeper. Around 1 am, the weather changed. with the ray of
    lightning I’m seeing, I knew it will rain. Not too long it began
    raining. We hide under a shade to prevent the rain from hitting
    us. It was during this time that we sighted Mojala.
    ” what should we do now? ” I asked immediately.
    ” I don’t know, I’ve never see her this close before, perhaps it’s
    you. Maybe she isn’t running away from you, there must be a
    connection between you and her” he replied.
    ” I know what to do” I said, then immediately I brought out the
    mermaid tears and advance towards her slowly, something told
    me to whistle so I began whistling, this drew her attention
    towards me as she began staring directly into my eye. I was
    scared cos she never for take off her gaze away. It was all
    focused on my. I did the same as well. I’m just some feet away
    from her when she transformed from a dear into a beautiful
    maiden .
    ” Follow me “she said and I obliged without saying a word. We
    got to a place which I will call her abode she offered me a seat
    then she began talking.
    ” you seek for the forest water which I have not ” she said swiftly.
    This got me scared as I beginning to wonder where else to find
    the forest water. I was about speaking up, when she stopped me.
    ” I’m mojala, the spirit of the forest, I see the future and I see the
    past, you are about to be betrayed, take that pot of water and
    leave ” she said then she turned back into a dear and speed
    away. I noticed something when she was turning back into a
    dear, the mermaid tears that I was holding disappeared then later
    reappeared back after she’s gone. I carried the pot of water and
    head back to where Akanji is happily.
    ” she gave you the forest water? ” he asked immediately he
    sighted me from afar.
    “yes she did ” I replied happily. I was about closing up with him
    when I saw him pointing his hunting gun at me. At first I thought
    maybe he was aiming at an animal behind me but when he told
    me to drop the Water pot and the mermaid tear, that was when I
    knew, I’m the one he’s aiming at.
    ” what are you doing? ” I asked with confusion.
    ” I’m getting rich idiot, don’t you know how precious those two
    things are, they can make me rich forever. Any last word before I
    send you to hell? ” he roared.
    I took a deep breath, I remember I will be dead if I didn’t have
    the forest water and the mermaid tears, I see no reason to beg
    for my life. And for once, I got fed up of the world.
    ” my mistake was trusting you, I never knew you will betray me,
    go ahead shoot me but if I ever see you again in this world or the
    next, I will make sure you die begging me ” I said, but he quickly
    cut in.
    ” there will be no next life for you ” he said then he fired.
    I remembered the gunshot, I remember going down, I remember
    the pain,slowly the images got blurred and everything went black
    and silent.

    Episode 19

    I woke…
    I saw the sun shining beautifully above, I look around and I
    realized that I’m inside a small hunt. How I got there was
    unknown to me. I was still battling with my thought when a lady
    on white rapper , entered in.
    ” Am I in heaven?” I asked immediately the lady entered.
    “No you are still in hell ” she replied. I look closely at the lady
    and I realized that it’s no one but mojala.
    ” how did you find me? ” I asked.
    ” half dead, If I weren’t there in time, you would have been chewed something that received 40 percent Of the
    shot, the substance didn’t let you die instantly, it’s buy me time
    for me to reach you. Or don’t you remember anything? ” She
    ” tell me something, so you knew that he’s going to shoot me
    and you let me go receive some random bullets, now he have
    both the tears and the forest water, so you think you are saving
    me? you should just have let me die, cos I’m dead without those
    two items ” I muttered out angrily.
    Mojala smiled, as if all I said was an infant cry.
    ” let me tell you what you don’t know, I’m mojala the spirit of the
    forest, I’ve seen this day long before you are born. I have eye that
    see the past and also eye that sees the future. I knew you will
    come to me one day, cos this gift of eye will be pass onto you.
    The moment you entered this village, I transformed into human
    cos I knew the hunter you will approach, I took the image of one
    of his daughters, I even tested you, but you pass the test. I was
    the one that gave you the charm that you chew. You would have
    been dead if not for the charm, cos he shot you with a very
    powerful gun that can kill any spirit in this forest. I knew he will
    betray you, but I want you to witness how cruel the earth is.
    Someone you trust can betray you for anything that will profit
    him. You think he have both the tears and the water, no way I will
    let that happen, he went home with just an ordinary water and
    also the tears, I exchange it with a sea water. All he have with
    him is nothing, do you know still blame me for saving your life ”
    she said. I slowly lay down flat on the bamboo I am sitting on
    then smile happily to myself. I always knew I have a great destiny
    and a life of adventure.
    She gave me some herbs to drink which gave me some strength,
    the gun actually made 3 holes in my stomach region but mojala
    was able to stitch the wounds together. She gave me the forest
    water and also the mermaid tears, she later give me two small
    calabash and ask me to wash my face from the water inside It.
    She said one contain the gift to see the past and the other
    contain the gift to see the future. I was washing my face from
    one of the calabash which contained the past gift when I heard a
    gun shot. I looked at mojala and I found out that she’s has been
    shot, I look at the direction the fire came from and I saw Akanji
    aiming back at me, I felt like attacking him that moment but
    mojala held my hand and ask me to run. She was hit at the chest
    by the bullet and I knew she won’t survive it cos she’s already
    bleeding from the mouth. I couldn’t wash my face with the
    second water which contained the future gift so I pour it down on
    the floor and I hurriedly pack the forest water and the mermaid
    tears and speed away from the hunt. I hate to leave mojala
    behind, but I can only make her happy if I didn’t let Akanji have
    both the items I’m carrying.
    Akanji came running at me, and shooting his gun at some
    intervals whenever he have a clear view of me. I knew I can’t
    outran a hunter that’s very familiar with the forest, so I remember
    I have a mind map in my head, so I activated the map and
    search for possible short cut out of the forest. I began moving
    fast following the short route being shown in my head, and I was
    out of the forest before I knew it. I saw a lorry heading to the
    city, so I quickly jumped in and hide myself among the people in
    the lorry . The lorry was miles away when Akanji erupt from the
    forest, he shouted at the lorry driver to stop but he couldn’t hear
    him because of the distance, he tried running after the lorry but
    he failed. I made a sigh of relief then thanked my star.
    There was this small boy that will be around age 10 or 12. He
    kept staring at me and I wondered what he might be looking for
    in my eye so playfully I stare back into his eyes, but something
    strange happened when I stared into his eyes. I began to see his
    past from the very first day that he was born to the recent. It was
    a strange sight, I did the same for the woman sitting next to me
    and I also see through her past, that was when I realized the gift
    to see the past has been bestowed on me.
    ” thank you mojala, I will make sure you don’t die in vain, I will
    avenge your death” I said to myself.
    I returned back to school quite late in the evening, I hurriedly
    move into my room and lock the door from behind. Some people
    might thinking I’m in for ritual because of the pot I carried in, but
    before they start saying rubbish I quickly shut the door at their
    faces. My final year exams is about two weeks to go and I’m yet
    to engage myself in reading. I sat down on my reading table and
    quickly digest in some books into my head. I planned traveling to
    my mother town tommorow to appeal to the death that is aiming
    for my head. I didn’t tell my parents about my movement,
    sometimes as a man you have to make some decisions alone.
    I woke up as early as 4 am in the morning, then I head to the bus
    stop. I went by the early bus and I arrived there at around 1pm. I
    head to the family house, where I was welcomed warmly. It’s
    seems they knew more about me than I do myself. Without
    wasting time I asked them to take me to where they buried the
    first male child in the family. No one could take me there, they
    said his body was not buried but was thrown inside a bush, I was
    shocked when I heard that, but when they added that his spirit
    lives within the bush and no one dare get near the bush.
    “I’m going near the bush tonight ” I said. They tried to stop me
    but I’ve reached a stage in life that I can’t be stopped.
    Around 9 pm in the evening, I carried the necessary things then
    head to the bush, on my way to the bush, I met a little girl which
    said some things to me.
    “you seek for death, surely you will find it, but only if your eyes
    are opened ” she said then she went her way. It sounds more
    than a parable to me, I realized she’s trying to pass a message
    to me, which I interpreted slowly.
    I was almost close to the bush when I remembered what the
    little girl said. For no reason I close my eyes and I began to work
    like a blind man. I felt the presence of someone, I wanted to
    open my eyes but something told me not to.
    ” open your eyes !!” came a voice from someone I can’t identify,
    but I refused, insted I closed my eyes more tightly. He repeated
    the same words continuously with more aggression but I went
    deaf to all of them. I was expecting the whoever that was
    speaking to attack me or force me to open my eyes but nothing
    happened, that was when I flashed back to when a mad man
    uses his hand to cover my eyes from seeing a passing death and
    also what the little girl told me. His powers lies on his gift, which
    is his eyes, he kills not by physical contact but by whoever that
    look into his eyes. talking to him is my only way out, cos he’s
    definitely blind to the world and the truth.
    ” I came in peace, I’m just like you, the difference is that I’m a
    living, I can feel your pain, I know how it feels to be killed and
    thrown into a bush as an abomination. It’s okay to be angry, I will
    be if I’m in your shoes. You want a revenge for what you they did
    to you… But you are blind not to see that you’ve made a curse on
    our bloodline. A curse was being made, that will wipe us all out,
    you were the first to be born male with the gift,then years after I
    was born. This curse Is on me, and on the male generation to
    come, you can’t just let them win, let them believe that they are
    wrong and we the male are not an abomination, I need you to
    see the truth, the curse was made not by you, but you are being
    use to manifest the curse. You are the only key that can end this
    curse. With the forest water and the mermaid tears this curse will
    be broken, and after when this has end, your soul will be in
    peace. Think it over, the decision you made now will speak for
    centuries. ” I said then I stretched out the forest water and the
    tears. After about some minutes, both the mermaid tears and the
    forest water dissappeard. A strong wind blew pass my face, then
    after some time it stopped. I opened my eyes slowly to see, But
    the first thing I saw was a person that looks so much like me. He
    took a little bow before waving his hand at me, and before I knew
    it, he was gone. I felt a tranquility, and I felt freedom, then I knew
    the worst is over.
    I head back to the family house, I saw alot of people crying, I
    guessed I’ve been presume dead since no one has ever near the
    bush and live to tell the story, but I did. I guessed bad news
    travels faster, they’ve already inform my parents and I met them
    there both crying but all of them were shocked to see me return.
    I live to tell the story cos I was born a legend to live the world of
    I returned back to school to prepare for my exams, with the help
    of Ayokemi my lecturer girlfriend and also with the help Joy, I
    was able to catch up and cover all the course outlines before the
    examination date. I did my final year exams and I came out with
    a good grade. I graduated from the University with an optimistic
    mind, I remember how many we are on our matriculation day, But
    on our convocational day, not everyone survive the journey, I lost
    friends too, but I’m glad to still have people that cares about me.
    My best friend and my friends.
    Before going for my youth service, I remember I have an
    unfinished business with someone, which is Akanji the great
    hunter. No way I’m going to let him go free. A month after my
    convocation, I packed all the necessary things I’m going to be
    needding for a revenge mission, after considering all these
    factors, I head to his village.
    Shooting him dead will be so easy, so I look for a good way to
    kill him slowly rather than just a rapid death by gun.
    When I got to the village, getting an apartment was quite easy, I
    rented a small mud house then I furnished it quite well for my
    comfort. And beside I’m not going to be in the village for just a
    revenge, I’m going to be bleeping some village p---y as well. I
    made a life destroying plans for Akanji, I started by taking away
    his joy. He had 8 daughters, and by the news reaching me, I was
    told they were all virgins. Fortunately for me his oldest daughter
    wedding is some weeks to go. I made an inquiry on her and I
    was being giving her name which is bimpe. I studied her
    movements for some days then I made my move, she was
    coming from the stream one evening when I approached her. I
    talked to her as every gentlemen will and she fell for me. I asked
    her to come see me the following day and she agreed.
    The following day, I placed a small camera at the edge of my
    room then I await her arrival. Few minutes after 2 pm, she
    knocked on my door. I ushered her in then I entertained her with
    what I got. We talk for some time then the talk began getting
    intimate. When I noticed this, I stood up and put on the camera,
    then I returned back to her. I made my first move which I know is
    very difficult to resist, let alone someone that’s yet to be tamed.
    My hands walks magically to her wrapper, then I slowly loosen it,
    hereby exposing her fresh ebony village laps outside for me to
    see. I rob and move my hand slowly on her laps given it some
    inches away from her p---y region. She closed her eyes as she
    dance to the tune of sensation. I wouldn’t want to go in fast cos
    she’s a virgin so I took certain note of some features she’s
    embedded with, her boobs are quite big and without wasting a
    seconds, I attacked them with force, they seems to be held with
    a local bra, which prevented me from having a succulent grabs. I
    removed the bra as fast as I can then I engaged my mouth
    directly on her n-----s. She let out a local voice that almost turn
    me off, but I reconnected back quickly. After working on her b----
    t for some minutes, I decided it’s time I left her have the full
    intake of my d--k.
    I removed her paint without looking down, then my d--k find it
    way into her p---y. I t----t in deeply into her honey pot, but I
    observed something, her p---y was quite wide and deep to be a
    virgin. I t----t in again and I found out that I’m f-----g a big hole
    and not a virgin hole.
    ” I thought you are a virgin? ” I asked with a surprise.
    ” just continue doing it, I’m not a virgin ” she said in the process,
    and also spreading her leg more widely apart for my d--k to enjoy
    a smooth ride.
    ” so who disvirgined you ” I asked again.
    “the village fisherman, Alao” she said swiftly.
    “very well then ” I said then I continue banging her, since she
    isn’t a virgin I expected, so I banged her like a slot, not minding
    whether she’s screaming or not. After everything is done, I gave
    her some few money then she left. I checked the camera and I
    found out that it captured all the sex scene, my face didn’t show
    there, but her’s did. I made some copies, and also process some
    into a disc.
    I waited for the wedding day before carrying out my moves, but
    before then, I’ve engaged myself monitoring Akanji movement,
    and luckily for me I discovered some new secret about him. In
    several occasions I’ve caught him talking secretly to the wife of
    village warlord. The village warlord is known as balogun. He’s a
    very powerful man and also a well respected man. According to
    the news I heard from the neighboring villagers, I was told that
    he don’t play with his wife and seeing Akanji gallivanting around
    his wife is a call for war. I followed him well, then I realized that
    he’s having an affair with the balogun wife. No one dare tell
    balogun cos they were all afraid of Akanji. Since there’s no one
    brave enough to tell balogun about Akanji mischief, I took the
    step but at first I need to have a strong evidence to convince
    balogun to believe me. I was able to plant my digital camera
    inside balogun room with the help of one of the balogun maid
    that I was bleeping. She agreed to help me on a condition that I
    will follow to the stream to fetch water, so that she can boast of
    me as her boyfriend in front of her friends, which I found very
    easy for me to do cos she will be introducing me to another new
    p---y doing the process.
    She returned the camera back to me the following day. I checked
    it and I watched a full sex video of Akanji and the balogun wife. I
    held on to my promise with her and I followed her to the stream
    as I promised. When we got there she introduced me to all of her
    friends who kept staring at me consistently with a green light. I
    smiled cos I know I’m about to bleep more p---y. I was about
    leaving when I saw a teenage girl sitting beside the river, she
    seems to be talking to something inside the river, so I
    approached her. I sat down beside her not saying a word, I
    looked at the direction she’s staring at in the water and I saw a
    very large fish that looks so familiar like a sea shark. the river
    was quite big but not big enough for a shark habitance. No one
    needs to tell me that it’s not an ordinary fish.
    ” is that your pet? ” I said pointing directly at the fish . She didn’t
    say a word, so I added more it.
    ” do you want me to call the fishermen to kill it for you? ” I said
    silly, I know that will hurt her to speak.
    ” You dare not do that, I will eat you up as you stand ” that came
    directly from the big fish inside the water. I wasn’t surprised
    when I heard the fish talking cos I knew there’s every possibility
    for it to talk.
    ” oh really? Why don’t you come here on land and challenge me?
    ” I said in Jessie J voice.
    ” you come inside water and see if I won’t tear you apart…”
    “you come here on land and see if I won’t turn you to pepper
    soup. ” I cut in abruptly. The fish uses it tail to splash water at
    me, and without giving it a second thought, I picked up a stone
    then made to trow it at the fish when I was being stopped by the
    “please don’t harm my friend ” she said. I looked directly into her
    eyes and without knowing I began to see her past. It was quite a
    sad view so I stopped myself from seeing further.
    ” I saw your past and it’s quit a sad one, I’m sorry about your
    parents death, anyway I’m Ayo” I said stretching out my hand
    forward to her.
    I’m Anike, are you a spirit? ” she asked with a puzzled face.
    “No, I’m not a spirit. I’m a human with gifts ” I said then I made
    to move.
    ” can I follow you? I have nowhere to stay ” she yelled after me. I
    couldn’t turn her down, so I let her follow me.
    When we got home, I gave her food to eat, after she’s done, she
    began talling me her life story. It was a sad one, unfortunately
    there’s only little I can do to help her.
    I explained my mission to her, and she promise to join hands
    with me.
    The wedding day arrived, I gave her a copy of the sex video I
    had with Akanji daughter to Anike, which she delivered to the
    groom and the grooms family exactly some minutes before the
    commencement of the marriage. The video came in as a bomb.
    A marriage turns to frighting ground between the grooms family
    and the bride family. They started by exchanging chronic insulting
    words then later advanced to exchanging blows with each other, I
    watched happily as Akanji joy turns to a battle ground. I knew my
    identity will soon be expose, but before that will happen, I made
    arrangements for my final move.

    Episode 20

    A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.
    Akanji has chewed more than he can swallow, unfortunately for
    him, he’s dealing with the wrong guy. After I’ve completed my
    first task, I head back home with Anike to plan for our next move.
    ” why is he even call the great hunter? ” I asked Anike just has
    we stepped inside the house.
    “because he always kill more animals than the other hunters here
    in this village ” Anike replied.
    ” nonsense! ” I muttered.
    ” what about we removing great from his name ” she added.
    ” removing great? What do you mean? ” I asked with curiosity.
    She stood up and then helped herself with a cup of water before
    giving me an answer.
    ” I have powers to communicate with animals, let say… the forest
    will just be a roaming ground for him, he won’t see a single
    animal to kill, what do you think about that? ” she said.
    ” that’s awesome, you don’t need my permission to carry on, just
    do what you can do ” I said with a surprised happiness.
    ” I’m doing all this not just because of you but because of my
    parents, they died by his hands. It’s something I don’t want to
    remember again… Let me go speak with the monkey” she said
    then she made to move.
    “I’m sorry about your parents death… Wait a minute, you wanna
    go speak with the monkey of all the animals? Haven’t you watch
    Ice Age 3? Monkeys are stupid. Why don’t you talk to animals like
    loin or an elephant. The last time I checked lion is the king of all
    animals” I said. I watched with my mouth wide open as she
    laughed at me as if I’m a comedian.
    ” you are very funny, you want me to go speak with a lion? That’s
    so funny. Okay let me tell you something about this monkey I
    wanna go talk with, the monkey are twins, very identical…”
    ” the one in Ice Age are also identical and stupid ” I cut in.
    ” this is not Ice Age bro, as I was saying these monkeys are twin,
    the Yoruba’s do call them Edun, they love swinging at trees close
    to the entrance of the forest, once they sighted a hunter they will
    raise an alarm very loud for the other animals to hear, that day
    will be a very unlucky day for whoever the hunter is, even if the
    hunter have a million charms, he won’t see a single animal to kill
    ” she said. I shrugged my shoulders and remain mute since she
    know more than I do. She went out then return back in the
    ” what took you so long, I’ve been worried since ” I said
    immediately I saw her.
    ” I’m sorry, I just branch my friend, the fish ” she said.
    And it happened just as Anike said, for 2 consecutive days Akanji
    came back home empty handed. This continues for another 4
    days and on the 7th day he loose his title. Since he have no
    animal to kill and sell, he began getting broke. I knew he will
    consult the Oracle to find solution to his predicament, and I knew
    he will get to know that I’m the source of his misfortune. And
    when he knows, he will be aiming for my head but before that
    will happen, I made myself ready for his finishing.
    Meeting with the balogun is quite not an easy task, cos he’s a
    man that’s not always available at home. Unfortunately for me,
    he travelled to the neighboring village. I knew the only thing that
    can bring him back home is through ‘Aroko’. It’s a Yoruba way of
    sending urgent message to people in the olden days. I know if I
    send him an ‘Aroko Ogun ‘ ( war letter) he will arrived back home
    quickly. Just as I finished sending the Aroko ogun to balogun, I
    caught Akanji secret rodent spying around in my room, I knew it
    was send by Akanji to spy on me which explains that my identity
    as been exposed out to Akanji. I systematically find a very strong
    fire wood then hit it on the rodent head, which fell dead on the
    spot. I carried it out, remove the intestines, spread it wide apart
    then began roasting it on fire. Anike made Eba to it, and our
    dinner was great.
    The following day, I was woken by Akanji voice. I asked Anike to
    stay inside then I head outside to meet him. His appearance
    shows that he’s ready for a war, he was clad in a charm armor,
    at his right hand was his gun then at his left hand was a cutlass,
    tied with a red cloth. It will be very foolish of me to
    underestimate him, but I need to buy myself some time for the
    balogun to arrive, the only person capable of facing him is the
    balogun. Which I knew will soon be at my house cos of the war
    letter that I send to him.
    ” So you this tiny thing is the reason why I’m facing alot of
    trouble, today will be your end ” he shouted at his very voice. I
    won’t just stand I watch him challenging me without saying
    something back at him.
    ” shut up!!! Who are you to kill me? A thousand of you can’t bring
    me down, maybe you don’t know who you are dealing with.
    Comparing you with the creatures I’ve dealt with, you are no
    match for them…”
    ” hold it!!! ” he cut in. ” I am Akanji, the bravest of all hunter, the
    son of ogungbero, I’m the man that bleeds with my blade, I crush
    and kill the mighty Agborin (buffalo ) with just my bare hands.
    I’ve sent 5 forest spirit to grave with my gun including mojala and
    who are you to stand before me ” he said. That was quite a
    challenge. I know I mustn’t show any sign of cowardice , so I
    smiled before saying something back to him.
    ” I hate to break this to you, your favorite and powerful rodent is
    what I had for dinner yesterday. It was so delicious with Eba, so
    tell me why a man that use your rodent for dinner can’t stand
    before you. You and your charms are nothing to me ” I said
    ” haaaaa!!! you kill Alao?” he muttered out with fury.
    “if that’s what you call the rodent, yes I did ” I replied.
    ” your end has come, today will be your last day on this earth !!”
    he screamed. I walk confidently round him like a lion rounding his
    ” I think you should fear me ” I said confidently.
    ” I don’t fear death so why should I fear you? ” he asked sharply.
    ” then drop dead before me ” I replied back immediately.
    ” don’t worry I will drop you dead before me ” he said. Just as he
    finished talking, balogun surfaced up with his cloth of war.
    ” who dare summon me to war? ” he asked in a voice that
    sounds like a thunder.
    I knew the time has come for me to carry out my moves,
    immediately I speak up.
    ” it is Akanji my lord, Akanji summoned you to war because of
    your wife, as you can see he’s already dressed ready to fight with
    you, he want to claim your wife as his own, this is a living proof
    to what I said ” . I said then I played the sex video of Akanji and
    the balogun wife to balogun then I head back inside and lock
    myself in with Anike.
    There’s a different between a hunter and a warlord. A hunter kills
    animal, while a warlord fight in war and kills people. Akanji was
    no match for balogun, all his charm didn’t work on him but before
    balogun do anything , he first beat him with one of his charm
    then stripped him naked. He drag him around the village and then
    to the market where he asked him to be confessing all what he
    has done. It was such an embarrassing moment as the crowd
    began throwing stones at him. His deeds are very evil, no one
    could spare him. Balogun left him to die by the furious market
    women that he has all done something evil to.
    ” mission accomplished!!! ” I said out loud to Anike.
    “yes, thank you. My parent can now rest in peace ” she said
    Since I’ve completed my task there in the village, I have no
    business there but to live, leaving Anike behind is something I
    couldn’t do cos she have no one to take care of her, I remember
    that she’s gifted and I remember my mother love for a female
    child. I took Anike with me to the city, it was her first time there
    and she loved it. I took her home to my mom and she welcomed
    her as her own daughter, and that’s everything she ever wanted,
    a mother love. My father enrolled her in a private school not too
    far from home and she began leaving with them.
    A month after my arrival in the city, My NYSC call-up letter came
    up and I was being posted to the east, Anambra to be precise.
    I’ve never been there before and going to the east for my youth
    service will be a very interesting and adventurous one.
    On getting to Anambra state, I found the place to be a beautiful
    and also a very endowed place, speaking of endowed I mean the
    ladies. I head straight to the camp and I found it even more
    fascinating than the town. The camp days was fun, With the
    battalion of ladies I saw at the camp, if I didn’t bleep anyone, that
    means my konji has stopped walking. I bleeped randomly every
    week. A bad boy will always be a bad boy. After the camp came
    a holiday which I enjoyed with my parents telling them alot about
    my escapade and how the soldiers will wake us up by 5am in the
    morning for jogging. After the holiday was over, I went back to
    Anambra to complete my PPA (place of primary assignment)
    registration which was quite stressful and annoying. I rented an
    apartment cos I couldn’t manage in with the small room being
    given to me which can barely contain me and my loads. I was
    first posted to one of the local government Office, in which all I
    will be doing is a desk work which I hated so much. I hate being
    cooped up in the office all day doing paperworks. I called my
    dad, and through his influence and connection I was being
    reposted to the State University. Luckily for me, I was being
    assigned as an assistant lecturer in the department of English
    language, sometimes it’s bad to underestimate the power of
    connection. Coppers ain’t met to be in that post but I was
    through my father connection.
    My first day at work was quite interesting, I was being assigned
    by the senior lecturer to take both the 100 levels and the 300
    level students. I went through the course outlines then I began
    making a lesson note for both the two classes that I will be
    I head to the departmental billboard to check the time table and
    to know when and where I will be taking my students. While I
    was checking the board, some female student kept staring at me,
    I knew what their thought will be, some were even confused, cos
    they were wondering how a copper like me will be writing down a
    time table. Some were even thinking maybe I just got admitted to
    the University. One of them was brave enough to talk to me.
    ” Mr copper… Are you sure that you are at the right post ” she
    said. It sounds absurd to me, so I smiled before replying her.
    ” yes I am. Any problem?” I said looking at each of them eye to
    eye. They all burst into laughter, which made me feel quite
    uneasy. I left there without saying a word to them, but I can still
    hear most of them humming silently as I move away. I careless
    about what they say, they will see me in black and white.
    I head back into my office to fix up my lecturing time and the
    free period. The office room was actually design for two, with the
    office desk facing each other. And since I arrived, I found the
    opposite desk empty but I’m sure it belongs to either a lecturer
    or an assistant lecturer like me. Some minutes after two in the
    noon, a female copper entered in with some textbooks. I wonder
    who she is as she made her way in without knocking. I was
    about greeting her when she speak up.
    ” I’m sorry who are you? ” she said. I guessed I didn’t see that
    coming and judging from her voice intonation, it probably clears
    that she’s from a rich family. But I always have a well prepared
    answer for questions like that.
    ” I’m about to ask you the same thing, who are you? You can’t
    just bang in here without an identity ” I said. I guessed she
    wasn’t expecting that. The looks on her face didn’t seems
    friendly and neither am I showing her my teeth.
    ” My name is Amaka and I’m an assistant lecturer for linguistic
    studies, so if you don’t mind you are sitting on my seat ” she
    said with a look of a spoilt brat.
    ” oh really… ”
    ” Yea. ain’t you suppose to be at the ICT sections?” she cut in. I
    finally let out my teeth since she seems ignorance.
    ” My name is Ayo, an assistant lecturer for English studies,
    welcome on board ” I said with a smile. She looked at me with
    full surprise not knowing what else to say to me.
    ” whatever, that’s my desk so move your a-s to the other one,
    how did you even got assigned here ” she muttered with a
    ” the same way you got your a-s here, so if you don’t mind you
    can shift your a-s over there cos I met no a-s here ” I said then I
    face my desk to continue what I’m doing. I observed as she
    move quietly to the other desk, maybe she do have her way with
    guys cos she’s kind of a beauty and her beauty may fall any guy
    who haven’t met prettier ladies.
    She packed her things to the other desk, she remain silent and
    occasionally I will caught her staring at me. I knew of so many
    way to tease and pull a lady legs. So I tried her patience.
    “Amaka do you have a dictionary there, if you have can I have it ”
    I said without even looking at her face. I didn’t even need a
    dictionary but her reaction is what I needed. She must be very
    shocked by what I said, she hesitated for a while before giving
    me the dictionary which I collected from her with a thank you.
    After some minutes of silence, I felt my stomach aching for food,
    so use nature on her again.
    ” Amaka you do know of a good canteen where we can both
    have lunch? ” I asked with my head facing up. I know she will be
    like ” haaaaa!!! ” but she got no Choice than to reply me.
    ” there’s one not too far from here their food are good ” she
    I stood up then pocket my wallet.
    ” shall we ” I said.
    ” excuse me who are the we? ” she replied back rapidly.
    ” you and I, are you turning me down, common it almost 3 pm
    and I know that you will be hungry by now ” I said.
    “so what? I don’t need your help to eat, so get lost ” well I
    actually get lost to the canteen cos I’m too hungry to converse
    with her.
    I got to the canteen and I’m being offered Akpu with ofaakun
    soup, the Akpu was as big and strong as a rock. I ordered for
    another one which was package inside a disposable take away. I
    couldn’t finish the Akpu, it was like a death sentence. I couldn’t
    stand up when I was done. I sat down there for almost 20
    minutes trying to catch my breath. After some time I was able to
    stand up and head back to the office. I dropped the package
    food on Amaka desk. She looks Surprise cos she wasn’t
    expecting something like that from me.
    ” what is this? ” she ask with a disgust.
    ” that’s your food, stop pretending that you ain’t hungry. If we
    really wanna get along here in this office we must learn to have
    each other back, eat up before it gets cold ” I said.
    And for the first time I saw her smiling, she looks quite beautiful
    when she smiles. I watched with my mouth wide open as she
    handle the Akpu with anexpertise hand.
    ” an Ibo girl will always be an Ibo girl ” I muttered silently to
    At 4 pm, we both close for work since non of us have an evening
    lecture. We head outside together and I was surprised when she
    open a Range Rover sport and ask me to get in. I stood there not
    knowing what to do, I wondered how she was able to have a
    Range Rover sport for herself.
    ” are you coming in or what? Common get in let me drop you off
    ” she said. I made no hesitation as I slowly move my a-s in. The
    inside was so neat and cool. I put on the seat belt, then she
    zoomed off. She dropped me at the gate of my apartment, where
    I got off.
    ” you don’t mind if you come in for a chill drinks before going
    your way ” I said politely. I wasn’t expecting her to say yes but
    she actually did. We both move in into my room and parlour self
    contain. I’m yet to furnish it well, but It’s quite okay to entertain a
    guest, but not a guest like her. I only have a small sofa in the
    living room and a plastic chair. I offered her a seat on the sofa
    then help her get a soft drinks from my mini fridge.
    ” do you have alcohol or any wine in there ” she asked
    immediately I hand her a malt drink .
    ” yes I do, I have vodka here but the liquor Is quite concentrated,
    I won’t want to give you that cos I still want to see your beautiful
    face tomorrow ” I said with a smile.
    ” oh really? That’s so thoughtful of you, why are you so different
    in all the guys that I’ve met. I guess I’m going to like you ” she
    said with a lustful grin.
    ” sure you will, if you stick long enough ” I said then I offer her a
    minimi chinchin. Which happens to be my favorite chinchin . She
    couldn’t eat it, I guessed because of the Akpu she ate at noon.
    But she took it along with her after talking randomly for a while.
    After she has gone, I helped myself with a good sleep which
    lasted for hours.
    I woke up at 6 am in the morning then prepare myself for my first
    lecturing class. I didn’t dress in my copper attire. I kit myself up
    with an expensive Russian suit.
    On my way to the lecture room, I bump in with the same set of
    girls I met while I was checking the time table.
    ” Mr copper, na you be this? You fine today oo, wetin dey for the
    girls na” their mouth piece voiced out in a local pidgin language.
    “nothing dey ooo” I replied back.
    “Nawa for you ooo, as you fine reach, you no get money for
    hand, so you broke as you dey so? at all, at all no fit drop for your
    body. Bros go die ” one of them said and they both walked away
    with a hiss. I didn’t say a word, I just watched them moving away
    like a herds of sheep.
    My first lecture was with the 100 level students. I entered the
    class just a minute after 8 am. The class was to commence by 8
    am. And I arrived just in time.
    The class was dominated mostly with girls, most of them are
    slaying judging from the facial appearance. I surveyed my eyes
    around and I saw the same set of girls that washed me some
    minutes ago sitting at the back of the lecture room, their
    appearance shows that they are very surprise to see me.
    “I told you that you will see me in black and white ” I said to
    myself then I cleared my throat to introduce myself.
    ” My name is Ayo, I will be your English lecturer from now on, I’m
    very fun to be with, and I can also be the opposite if depending
    on your choice, I don’t pass a failing student, so if you desire a
    good grade in my course you will have to work hard, I think that
    is clear enough ” I said then I began lecturing.
    Immediately after the lecture, the same set of girls approached
    me and began begging me on their knees. I pardon them, and
    beside I wasn’t mad at them. They introduced themselves one by
    one to me but I care less about their names.
    ” nice outfit ” came a voice directly behind me, I processed the
    voice to be Amaka voice.
    ” you really have a way you deals with girls, I saw those girls
    begging you on their kneels, only God knows what their offences
    are ” she added.
    ” you are looking good today, more beautiful than yesterday I will
    say ” I said, and it seems my charm didn’t work on her.
    ” what ever, any way thank you, I’m inviting you to a dinner party
    today, will you come? ” she said with a blushing smile.
    ” Hell yeah, who am I to refuse a lady as beautiful as you, text me
    the time and the venue, I will be there to make you smile ” I said
    trying to recast my charm on her.
    Evening arrived and so was night, I was busy dressing up for the
    dinner when I heard a faint knock on the door. I opened up and I
    was shocked by what I saw. There standing at my door was a
    copy of myself, but his body was cold, which shows that he’s
    ” who are you? and why do you look so much like me ” I asked
    with confusion.
    ” dangers lie ahead of you, you leave you die ” he said then he

    Episode 21

    Hearing voices no one else can hear isn’t a good sign, even in
    the wizarding world.
    My mind became troubled, I thought I’ve gotten rid of the word
    death. But seeing a dead man that looks exactly the way I do
    was something that got my mind really heavy. I couldn’t sleep
    that night and Amaka kept hitting my phone up till around 11pm. I
    later switch off the phone when I couldn’t get my mind straight, I
    felt like going, but the fear of dying wouldn’t let me go, so I
    locked myself in all night.
    The following day, I head to school as usual and after taking my
    morning class, I head into the office to relax my brain. Teaching
    wasn’t quite as easy as I thought, but I will be collecting salary
    and not just the monthly Alawi.
    While I was still resting, Amaka came in, and with the expression
    on her face, Clearly reads a stubborn anger.
    “Amaka I’m sorry about yesterday evening, I wanted… ”
    “will you shut your trash!!! ” she cut in aloud.
    ” what do you even take me for? A slot or commoner? I invited
    you specially for an outing and you f----d up by not showing up, I
    even call your phone yet you refused to pick up or do you think
    I’m forcing myself on you? I have hundreds of guys that will
    happily jump at the offer I gave to you. ” she said then hissed
    ” I’m sorry, I’m really… ”
    “keep the sorry for yourself, I don’t need it ” she cut in, then she
    walks out angrily. Just as she stepped out, a female student in
    300 level stepped in, I got to know through the ID card she put
    ” Good morning sir ” she greeted.
    ” morning, how may I help you ?” I asked calmly.
    “I was told that you will be the lecturer to be taking us
    communication in English 301, my name is Ifeoma sir and we
    have your class right now sir ” she said.
    ” thank you Ifeoma, I will be there with you guys soon ” I said
    then I started preparing my books.
    ” OK sir, may I help with the books ” she said.
    ” no don’t worry, I will carry it. Thank you ” I said then she exit.
    When I entered the 300 levels lecture room, the numbers of
    student I found there were quite enormous. I studied each and
    every one of them for a while before teaching and I was able to
    view out the serious ones from the unserious ones. The the
    numbers of students that know what they are doing were quite
    much, so I made the class very interactive. I know they will try to
    test my brillancy but I’m quite intelligent than they are along side
    with a good IQ reasoning.
    While I was teaching a male student raised up his hand signifying
    that he have a question.
    ” fire away ” I said.
    ” sir what is the significance of Volta ?” that was way too far from
    what I’m teaching them but I know he’s trying to test me,
    unluckily for him, the question was a cinch one to me.
    “A volta is a poetry term that is found in sonnets. The word
    ‘volta’ was first used in English in the seventeenth century.The
    significance of a volta in a sonnet is to provide a turning point in
    tone or topic. The type of sonnet determines where the volta
    occurs in the poem.” I said, just as I finished answering the
    questions another male student raised up his hand for another
    question, I signalled for him to go on.
    ” can you give us an example sir ” he said.
    ” sure I can…For example, in a Shakespearean sonnet, the volta
    comes before the couplet (last two lines) of the poem. However,
    in a Petrarchan sonnet, the volta is found sandwiched between
    the octave and sestet.” I replied. He put on a puzzled face which
    explains to me that he didn’t understand what I said, but I’m not
    ready to make it understandable for him. My teaching with them
    was fun and most of them collected my contact just as I finished
    lecturing them. They said I’m the best accessible lecturer they
    have so far.
    Amaka didn’t say a word to me throughout our stay together in
    the office that day. But immediately we close for the day, I head
    straight to her car and waited for her to come outside.
    ” what are you doing beside my car?” she asked in a surprise
    way. I guessed she wasn’t expecting to see me.
    ” just because I acted foolishly doesn’t mean an end to our
    friendship, and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drop me by. ” I
    said with a smile.
    ” what makes you think so, what if you are wrong ?” she asked.
    ” Amaka look, I’m very sorry, I’m sorry about yesterday, see I can
    make it up back to you ” I said solely.
    ” so what will you do? ” she asked more calmly.
    ” will you come to a dinner with me, you and I against the world
    ” I said. Her anger was melted at the spot as she smile in return.
    ” whatever you say ” she replied with a smile.
    ” it will be at the same venue, ” I said then I head away alone to
    buy some stuffs from a big super market to my apartment.
    Things are quite expensive there, but that doesn’t stop me from
    buying things into my apartment. Designing it wasn’t a big
    problem, the problem was the stress. After I’m done buying the
    things, I was outside searching for a cab that will convey me and
    my loads to my apartment when I sighted Ifeoma. I was
    surprised when she stopped by and greeted me.
    ” it’s seems you have a problem getting a cab, I can help you
    arrange for one ” she said and she didn’t even wait for my
    response before she picked up her phone and contact a taxi
    man. In less than a minute, a cab arrived and my goods are
    being loaded inside the car, but the car couldn’t transport all the
    loads at one so Ifeoma stay behind with half of the loads and
    when the driver came for the other half, he pick her up along too.
    I was surprised when I saw her getting off from the taxi but I’m
    much happy she came.
    She helped me pack in my loads and when I was arranging it,
    she offered a helping hand. Our conversation through the
    arrangement period made me know more about her and
    speaking about her background and past, I saw that when I look
    into her eyes. She isn’t a bad lad, she was well trained and she
    stick to it.
    We finished everything very late in the evening, I got her
    something to eat and some few cash which she use as a
    transport fare. Even though she first rejected it. She left some
    minutes after 7pm,then I began dressing up for the dinner, I
    brought a flower at the supermarket which I inserted inside my
    suit jacket.
    ” is it a dinner or a date ” came a voice from someone directly
    from my back. I wondered who that might be cos I remember
    locking the door after Ifeoma left for her house. I turned back
    and I saw the same dead man that appeared to me the yesterday
    ” so you’ve lost your courtesy of knocking the door, I asked you a
    question yesterday which you refused to answer, I’m going to ask
    you again this time, who are you and why do you look so much
    like me? ” I asked.
    ” I will tell you everything when you are back from your date ” he
    said then he disappeared.
    ” I never said it’s a date ” I said after he has disappear, perhaps
    he didn’t wait to hear my response.
    ” thank God he didn’t bring a bad news” I muttered to myself.
    I got to the place at 8pm ,then I began waiting for Ifeoma whom
    showed up at some minutes before 9 pm.
    ” better late than never ” I said to myself when I saw her coming.
    She looks great I will say, astonishing I will added, she looks
    beautiful on the gown she wore, and every steps she took shows
    how exquisite and rich she is.
    I did just the way a French man will organise a dinner, but it
    seems the dinner turned out be to a date. We gets talking and
    she began telling me some things about herself that I did not
    know. She happens to the the daughter of one chief, a wealthy
    chief I will say. She have everything she wanted so that makes
    life more easy for her. I told her little about myself, cos I
    definitely don’t know everything about myself.after eating,I
    ordered for an alcoholic wine, which we drank to some degree
    Celsius upward.
    ” thanks for honouring my request, can I drive you home, it’s
    kinda late and you are a bit heavy ” I said after I realize how far
    we’ve gone into drinking.
    “sure ” she said, then she gave me her car key. Through the
    directions she gave to me, I was able to drive her home. Her
    father house was quite big maybe I should say very big.
    We both got off from the car and there comes the time for me to
    say goodbye.
    ” it was quite an interesting evening with you today, I wish for
    more to come someday and… I…” I was till scratching my head
    for how to end my speech when she move closer and gave me a
    French kiss. It was during the kiss that I heard some people
    humming silently behind us. I opened my eyes to see an
    averagely old man and a woman standing some feet away from
    ” Amaka why don’t you introduce him to us, this one that you are
    doing outside is childish, introduce him to me my daughter ”
    says the man which I quickly process to be her father.
    ” Papa, why are you still up by now, anyway his name is Ayo, Ayo
    meet my papa and mama ” she said. No one needs to tell me
    before I prostrated.
    ” you are welcome my son, stand up. Will you come inside for a
    while or are you in hurry? ” says her mother.
    ” actually I’m about leaving ” I said
    “No it’s too late to go, why don’t you spend the night here with us
    then you leave by dawn ” says her papa.
    I tried to turn them down but it seems they ain’t going to let me
    go, so I agree to stay.
    I’ve never been into an igbo man house before, and my first
    wasn’t that bad. Both her parents kept trowing questions at me,
    and for once I began wondering why their inquisition on me was
    so high. They have up to 15 maids working for them in the house
    cos I kept seeing one maids and another.
    “I hope you are okay my son, if you ever need anything just let
    me know…. And I know you will be wondering why we are asking
    you alot of question since you came in. You see that our
    daughter Amaka, you are the first person she will bring home to
    us. She detaste guys so much and when we saw both of you
    kissing each other we couldn’t help but to intervene. see I’m her
    mother if she offend you come and report her to me I will scold
    her for you ” says her mother. I smiled only if they know I have
    nothing to do with her and the kissing was just a normal thing to
    me. After talking for a while, one of the maids show me where to
    sleep and when I got to the room, I happily jumped on the bed
    cos a privacy far away from her parents was all I needed that
    time. I had a shower then I rest my body on the bed. An hour
    after, I heard a knock on the door, I opened the door and Amaka
    entered, she was clad in a short night gown which shows mostly
    of her laps.
    ” why ain’t you sleeping? ” I asked immediately she entered.
    ” I couldn’t sleep, maybe I will if you cuddle me ” she replied. I
    knew better than anyone where everything will land so wasting
    time and pretending I didn’t understand will be a foul play.
    Without giving it a second thought, I move closer to her then give
    her a kiss. She responded rapidly back by pushing me on the bed.
    She was quite a good kisser cos I was trying my best to keep up
    with her.
    I move my hand to one of her standing b----t then press it softly
    hereby sending some crazy signal through the motor neuron. I
    engaged both my hands on her two boobs then I professionally
    make her moan. I disconnected my lips from her mouth then
    walk them down to her erected n-----s. I s----d on her n-----s with
    an astonishing expertise and at certain interval I will switch to
    the other. I took my time working on the upper region before
    moving to the lower part.
    Before progressing downward, I ensured that are b----t are fully
    well dealt with. I slowly untie the robe that leads to her p---y
    region, after freeing it up, I found out that she’s pantless. I can
    see that she came fully prepared. Her p---y was clean shaven
    and neat, I moved my hand down to her p---y to feel the nature
    and state of her wetness. Without inserting my finger in, I locate
    her p---y tips then gave it some rollings. She Jerk forward as she
    began making some uncontrollable sounds. If any girl says
    nowhere weaks her, trying playing with her p---y tips.
    Going in directly into her will be too soon, so I took my time as I
    give her a head. Judging from what I experienced while giving her
    a head, it seems she has never be given a head before, cos she
    almost crempie in my mouth more than twice. I inserted in a
    finger to know how deep and wide her p---y is and I found It in a
    very good state. It’s not wide like an elongated rubber band
    which have no restraining capacity. After discovering this, I freed
    up my konji then made to enter into the glory hole, I was about
    going in when she stopped me, I watched as she kneel before
    me and engage her mouth with my d--k. The feeling was great, I
    thought I will be the master planner I never knew that there’s a
    room for a blow job. She was an amateur but well done is better
    than well said.
    After the blow job session, I position her on a doggy style cos are
    a-s was quite big and okay . I balanced the equation by inserting
    my d--k into her oily honey pot. She gasp when she felt the
    presence of my d--k inside her, which is quite big and long to be
    taken in at once. I didn’t bang her like a b---h but like the way
    she deserved. I didn’t go too fast and neither do I go too slow
    but at an average speed which was very pleasurable, I can only go
    fast only if I want to move down the whole building, cos even
    with the way I’m going, her voice was still very loud to wake the
    whole building up, and to avoid another party interference I have
    to break down my speed to the lowest then speed up back after
    she has cool down.
    We switched position, then she mount on top riding my d--k with
    carefulness to avoid it from going in too deep. I watched as her
    b----t bounce and collide with each other as she go up and down
    on my d--k. There’s only little I can do for the helpless boobs
    which kept dancing to the tune of my d--k. I rolled her over then
    spread her leg wide apart for a missionary kick off, before
    penetrating my d--k deep inside her p---y. She whined like a
    scolding cat as she felt the deep impact inside her honey pot, I
    went in deeply this time for about 20 minutes before she started
    begging me to c-m inside her. I ignored her and c-m directly on
    the floor. She was too weak to stand up but I help her to the
    bathroom where she took a shower, she then later return back to
    her room after she have regain back her strength.
    I left for my apartment the following day but not after dropping
    my phone contact and a promise to check on them again. Her
    father asked one of his driver to drop me home in one of his
    expensive Benz car. I felt like a king as I was being dropped at
    my residence. The day is Saturday so I engaged myself in some
    house chores, I have no friends to visit so I remain at home
    watching movies. At noon Ifeoma came to my place without an
    invitation but I have no choice but to usher her in.
    ” you didn’t tell me that you are coming ” I said.
    ” yes I’m sorry, my phone got lost yesterday and so was your
    contact, that’s why I couldn’t inform you before coming ” she
    ” I guessed today is your lucky day cos I think I have a new
    Iphone someone gave to me on my convocation day, let me go
    help you bring it ” I said then I entered in to search for the
    phone. I found it then I gave it to her, she jumped up happily and
    gave me an unexpected hug.
    ” thank you so much sir, I’m really grateful, my pocket money for
    5 months can’t buy this phone. ” she said.
    ” I will say you should start charging it now since there’s still
    light, and stop saying thank you as if I gave you a diamond
    chest. Nigeria nepa are not to be trusted ” I said, then I head into
    kitchen to cook noodles. She Left when evening arrived and I
    remain alone as I was before.
    I was preparing to sleep when I felt the presence of a ghost
    nearby, I checked my right and I saw the same ghost I’ve been
    seeing since I’ve arrived.
    ” you know you can’t just bang in as you like here, I rented this
    house you will need my permission to come inside and Also to
    go outside, understood? ” I shouted angrily at him. But he didn’t
    even blink an eye, he just kept staring at me.
    ” so can you now answer the question I’ve been asking you?” I
    said trying to calm myself down. He didn’t reply me, instead he
    walk away freely around the living room.
    ” you didn’t tell me about your date, I hope you enjoy it ” he said.
    I hissed so loudly to the extent that I got irritated myself.
    ” my date is non of your business, answer the question who are
    you and why are you so much like me? ” I asked with a little bit
    of anger.
    “My name is okafor James, I died 6 months ago while driving
    back from a night party. No one know about my death and my
    parents and sisters still think that I’m alive.I had an argument
    with my dad before leaving home for the party. They all think that
    I’m not back home probably because of the argument and they
    think maybe I’m still angry with my dad. I need your help, I tried
    possessing you but I couldn’t, I stopped when I realized you have
    the gift to see me ” he said.
    “you need my help and how am I suppose to help you? ” I asked.
    ” I need you to be me” he said.
    “hell No!!! That’s not happening ” .i replied.

    Episode 22

    A dead thing goes with the stream, but only a living thing can go
    against it.
    Pretending to be who I’m not is as fake as it sounds. I turned the
    offer off then send him away with an incense. No ghost could
    stand the smell and the smoke from it.
    Things continue on, but the ghost seems not to let me be, He
    kept appearing to me daily, and not only at home but at my
    working place as well. I trained myself to ignore him, so
    whenever he erupt, I pretend as if I didn’t see him.
    Amaka seems to be taking the little thing we had very
    seriously,and her parents on the other hand automatically made
    me one of their family, which explains one thing.
    The university has rules guiding but the lecturers and the
    students, having an affair with a student will be going against the
    rules which might make me kiss my a-s. But some students
    won’t let me be, they kept showing me green light which I ignored
    severally. The Slay queens among them are the worst. they
    advanced from the green light to approaching me physically and
    saying it directly to me. But all of them want something in return,
    which is a good grade, and that is something I can’t do.
    I was having an evening class with the 300 level students when
    some gang of boys banged in few minutes to the end of the
    class. Their appearance shows who they are, and their dressing
    speaks of their group. They were all in black along side with a
    black beret.
    ” get out ” I said as they banged in.
    “sir? ” they all echoed in surprise.
    “you heard me, I won’t repeat myself ” I muttered calmly.
    ” you don die for this school ooo” One of them said and they all
    moved out.
    Immediately after the lecture, Ifeoma came running at me with
    ” you should have let them go, they are cultist and they are
    known for trouble ” she said with a shaking voice.
    ” Yea, I know… Don’t worry I will be fine ” I said then I head
    On my way home, James the ghost appeared, I wanted to ignore
    him but somehow I found myself talking to him. He came up
    again with his offer which I decline before he could finish.
    “I have a life I’m living you can’t just expect me to leave
    everything behind and turn to who you want me to be, and beside
    it can’t work, you are an igbo I am a Yoruba. I can’t speak your
    language how will I even be able to communicate with your
    family. Let just forget it ” I said.
    “I know, but it’s only a matter of time before you walk into
    someone that know me and beside I’m very popular and ric…”
    ” I don’t care who you are before, and me being you will only be
    a dream” I cut in.
    Since he refused to go, I have no choice than to walk along side
    with him. I stopped to buy suya by the road side when I felt a
    hard grab on my neck. I looked up to see 5 guys armed with
    cutlass. They drag me forcefully into a car then they drive me to
    an uncompleted building. James followed me but non of them
    could see him.
    I was being brought to someone I will call their gang leader. He’s
    very huge and his eyes were red like someone with an Apollo
    ” I heard you misbehave to my boys today is that tthe? ” he
    asked in a baritone voice.
    ” is sending a student out of a class a misbehave to you? I threw
    directly at him. He chuckles before replying me.
    ” so you admit that you send them out ” he said.
    “absolutely, and I will continue to send them out if they
    continuing coming late ” I said.
    ” you talk so bravely, what gives you so much a confidence to
    talk to me that way ” he said calmly, then I replied back more
    ” I’m not scared of something greater than you, why should I be
    scared of you. ” I said.
    ” I can see your head being cut off by one of my boys” he
    muttered. I smiled then I shifted my gaze to James.
    ” but you are blind to see that I’m not alone, and I can see one
    of your boys cutting your hand off ” I said confidently, then I
    signal to James. immediately he possessed one of them holding
    a cutlass and under the influence of possession, he took his
    cutlass and aim for his leader hand but I quickly stop him from
    cutting the hand off.
    ” I see no reason to shed blood here, we could be friends, or we
    can be enemies, but non of you will leave here alive if you
    choose to be my enemy ” I said with a threating voice.
    “we are cool man, I’m Daniel nice to meet you ” he said
    stretching out his hand for a shake.
    “I’m Ayo and tell those boys not to come late to my class again ”
    I said then I find my way out.
    I returned back home quite late, but I took my time to say thank
    you to James.
    I was resting my brain when Ifeoma call came in.
    Ifeoma : hello sir
    Me: how are you?
    Ifeoma : I’m fine sir and you?
    Me : I’m okay.
    Ifeoma : I just want to say hi to you sir
    Me: OK thank you.
    Ifeoma : I wanted to ask you something.
    Me : go on
    Ifeoma : do you have a girlfriend
    Me : why do you ask ?
    Ifeoma : nothing… I just want to know maybe I can hook you up
    with someone .
    Me: thank you, I don’t want someone or anyone.
    Ifeoma : you didn’t look like a saint to me
    Me : I never said I am, I used to be a bad boy and I’m still. Only
    just on vacation.
    Ifeoma : oh… Don’t you like me.
    Me: you wanna push me to end the call?
    Ifeoma : no, I just want to know if you like me or not.
    Me : what do you expect me to say, I hate you?
    Ifeoma : No.
    Me : I have to go, bye.
    Just as I ended the call, Amaka came in with some groceries. I
    haven’t ask her out, but she has made me her fiance in front of
    her parents and only God knows what she will be cooking for
    them at my back .
    “hi boo, I got some things for you, I hope you will like it ” she
    said as she lock the door behind her.
    ” of cos I will, but I will like it more if you prepare us something
    to eat ” I said.
    She gave me a kiss they head to the kitchen to prepare dinner.
    Amaka hasn’t been a heck in the neck, having her around has
    been a blessing, apart from the fact that she cherish me with all
    she have, she has also prevented me from bleeping some
    butacious slay queens which I wouldn’t give a second thought
    before giving them a doggy. And for once, I determined to be
    serious with her.
    James didn’t give up and on me and one blessed day I bumped
    into one of his sister . I was eating at a local restaurant when I
    saw this person approaching me with an anomalous looks. I
    shifted my attention away and focus directly on the Akpu I’m
    eating mixed with oha soup.
    ” Brother!!! I can’t believe my eyes,so this is you, what are you
    doing in such a local canteen like this, oh my God! you are eating
    that revolting food ” came a voice from a lady, which will be in
    her early 20s.
    ” excuse me, do I know you? ” I asked with confusion.
    ” brother don’t play games with me, we’ve been searching all
    around for you since you left, you need to come back home,
    papa is sick, his blood pressure is rising just because you left,
    please brother. Come back home we need you ” she said then
    move closer to me and started crying on her knees with a
    pleading hand , I felt embarrassed as all the people focus their
    attention towards me. And the little b-----d down there refused to
    stop her cry.
    ” OK… Stop crying, you are creating a scene let go to somewhere
    else where we can talk ” I said, then I head outside, I hate to
    leave my Akpu behind but I got no choice than to say goodbye to
    I took her to Mr Big’s restaurant then order for an ice cream for
    the both of us. After she has gotten hold of herself, I began
    talking sense into her head.
    ” young woman, I’m not your brother okay? We just look alike
    your brother is dea… I mean I don’t know who your brother was…
    I mean is” I said trying to convince her, but it’s seems they all
    sounds like a barking dog to her.
    ” don’t you get it, I know that you are still mad at Papa, but
    please our father is dying. can you detaste him so much to the
    extent of his death, everyday and night he always mention your
    name, please don’t let papa die, if papa die mama will follow.
    Please come back home ” she pleaded. With all she said,
    convincing her will not go easily down. I thought of what to say
    to her but I found it difficult to put my head straight. After a
    while I decided to discard her.
    ” OK OK, I’ve heard you, I will see if I can come home ” I said.
    “No, we are going home together ” she replied. And that got me
    totally mad.
    ” No! you will do exactly as I say, you will go back home there
    and tell whoever that ask of me that I will come home when I
    want and no one is going to force me, understood ?” I shouted at
    her angrily.
    ” brother you haven’t change a bit, you are still heartless and
    ruthless as before ” she said then she head out with tears running
    down her face. I felt pity for her, but I couldn’t stop her, I just let
    her go.
    I got back home with a heavy heart, I didn’t want to get myself
    involve in a mess but somehow part of me felt like being
    attached to it. I was still thinking when James showed up.
    ” Are you okay, you looked worried? ” he asked immediately he
    noticed my mood.
    ” do you know that your father is sick and dying? ” I threw slowy
    at him. His mood changed all of a sudden as he sat slowly on the
    floor with his head buried beneath his toes.
    ” that’s why I needed your help ” he replied slowly.
    “it’s okay, tell me all I need to know ” I said.
    ” it all started some years ago, My father is one of the richest
    man in this town due to this I grew wings like an eagle, I’ve did
    alot of evil things, that I can’t mention. My fight with my father
    started 2 years ago, He swore to disown me cos I kept throwing
    his name In the dirt. the night before my disappearance, I
    successfully fruad 20 million out of my father account he got
    mad at me then he sent me out of his house I left and I never
    return ” he said.
    ” ok now I know what you did, tell me about your family and
    something about you, I can’t just go in there pretending to be you
    without knowing how you behave and talk ” I said.
    ” about my family, I have two sisters, I’m the first born and the
    only male in the family, speaking about how I behave, you don’t
    need to act the way I am. You are a better person compare to
    me, just be who you are, not everyone have the chance to make
    things right, I want you to correct all the wrongs I’ve done. You
    are my second chance of making things right ” he said.
    My life is a life of adventure, I knew James was part of the
    journey so I allowed him in. For a week he kept teaching me his
    language which is igbo, I was a slow leaner but he promised to
    be available by my side to interpret the language to me in case
    any of the family speak it to me.
    Amaka noticed some slight changes in me but I quickly cover it
    up with some lies.
    After two weeks I made myself ready to face my new family and
    to also get use of being call James.
    When the D-day arrived, James stood beside me like James
    Bond to help me out in times of confusion and response.
    When we got there, for more than a minute I stood In front of the
    house admiring and estimating the cost to build such a big
    mansion. I wondered why the igbo’s like building mansions.
    We entered in and his two sisters came running at me shouting
    and screaming the words “nwanna anyị bụ azụ ooo”. I quickly ask
    James for the interpretation and he replied saying ” Our brother
    is back ”
    He’s mother came forward, now my mother. Her eyes were filled
    with tears and also with joy. And for once I look like the prodigal
    son. Anyway I have to accepted whoever my new self is.
    “nabata nwa m, nna gị ga-enwe obi ụtọ ịhụ gị” she said. I smiled
    cos I definitely don’t understand what she said. But my
    interpreter quickly bail me out.
    “she welcomed you and she said father will be happy to see you
    ” James said.
    Without wasting time, I was ushered in, I saw the poor man lying
    sick on the bed. He smiled when he set his eyes on me.
    ” I’m sorry papa, I didn’t know where to start from but I’ve learnt
    my lesson, please forgive me. ” I muttered slowly to him.
    He smiled then he gave me a hug.
    ” forgive me too my son, I’m the one to be blame. Forgive me ”
    he said as he weep on my shoulder. I saw James crying, I felt I
    should too so I make some tears fall.
    He’s two sisters came forward and began checking my body as if
    they are looking for a zombie bite.
    ” brother you look quite different, as in your skin is glowing, what
    are you eating? ” one of the two asked, but the other quickly
    reply her.
    ” it’s Akpu and oha soup, I saw him swallowing it like a warder ”
    “What is the name of your sisters ” I asked James silently.
    “the first one that asked the question is nkechi and that parrot
    mouth is chioma ” he replied.
    Just as he finished talking, two pregnant lady came in rushing
    directly at me. I wondered who they are as they kept echoing the
    same words in igbo.
    “anyị na di bụ azụ ooo, nna nke nwa anyị bụ azụ” they both said. I
    asked for the meaning but he didn’t say a words. Since he didn’t
    reply me I began smiling at the two ladies.
    ” brother, two months after you left, this two ladies came and
    said that they are carrying your baby , brother is that true? ”
    nkechi asked. Immediately I heard that, I stopped smiling. I
    couldn’t give her a straight answer so I quickly look at James to
    confirm the truth. But he kept staring at me without saying a
    ” oh no, this is not a good way to start ” I muttered to myself.

    Episode 23

    Life always offers you a second chance it’s called tomorrow.
    It’s easy to man a stolen ship but that doesn’t goes with two
    pregnant women.
    I kept staring at James for minutes hoping he will say something
    but he didn’t. I was about claiming the full responsibility of the
    pregnancy when I heard him saying something.
    ” I don’t know them, they are probably lying. I had no encounter
    with them when I’m still living.”
    ” you mean to say they are scam? ” I muttered silently.
    ” yes, help me get rid of them ” he replied.
    I’ve never been in such a dilemma before, but there’s always a
    first time for everything. situation like this requires wisdom, so I
    applied one.
    “I can see that you two have successfully manipulate yourself
    into my father house, you both think I’m dead so you came with
    another man’s seed just because my father is rich. At least
    you’ve earn yourself well. You been under my parent care since
    I’ve gone and that’s quite impressive. nkechi, you of all people
    should know that I can’t impregnate a lady like this, they ain’t my
    type. You know I like a fair lady what am I to do with two black
    goat, can you do me a favor by sending them away. I don’t know
    them ” I said. And just like a nollywood super star, nkechi rose
    on her feet then land two hot slaps on both the two pregnant
    ” I talk am, but papa no go believe me, brother you won’t believe
    that papa made me work like slay for this two imbecile. Thunder
    fire you today ” she said then she ran inside, the next thing, I saw
    her with a cutlass. (come see race)
    ” I like your sister ” I said to James after she has sent the two
    ladies running.
    ” Yea we are much alike, I must admit that you are wise. Nkechi
    was my favorite too” he said.
    ” I hope there won’t be other pregnant woman or women to
    come? ” I said jokingly.
    ” I only love one woman, and beside I might be bad but I always
    play safe. Her name is Ada, when she comes I want you to have
    her ” he said. I found myself laughing like a kid being tinkling by
    ” No I can’t have your woman, I have mine ” I said after I’ve
    gotten hold of myself.
    ” let me remind you that you are now James, she will come to
    you and you won’t be able to deny her. Everyone in the family
    know us together, as a matter of fact I’ve given her an
    engagement ring, she’s lovely you will like her ” he said, I was
    about to reply him when nkechi and the rest of the family came
    inside with me hereby making me not alone. I was surprised to
    see his father on his feet walking, I guessed my presence healed
    him beyond my reasoning.
    ” my son can you tell me what you been up to all this while? ” he
    asked just as all the family settle down.
    ” this is your call ay, just tell them something convincing ” James
    said. I took a deep breath then clear my throat cos my voice
    didn’t macth with his.
    ” The best things in life… are not things, Alot of things has
    happened, but I was able to find my way up as a man, I don’t
    want to go into the past, but currently I’m working as an assistant
    lecturer at the State University I also rented an apartment not too
    far from the school everybody is welcome for a visit ” I said.
    They all looked into each other eyes with a smile, I guessed
    standing alone was the least thing they expected of James.
    ” that’s really a good thing, No one would ever believe you will
    turn a new leaf, but you got an apology to say to Ada, remember
    she has always been the one for you. We were all surprised when
    she said she know not of your whereabouts, she’s been
    miserable since you left, go make things right with her and let us
    know about your future plans ” papa said. I smiled then I shifted
    my attention to chioma whom has been dying to have my
    ” Brother, where’s your car? You came here on foot? ” she asked.
    ” Your parroted mouth won’t let you rest, I don’t have a car
    anymore. Are you okay now? ” I said with my eyes wide open like
    an elephant anus.
    ” common brother you can have my car, but you will promise me
    something… ”
    ” he’s not promising you anything, brother I’m giving you my own
    car without any promise” nkechi cut in which led to an argument
    . I kept smiling at both of them without knowing what to say, they
    ain’t kids but their behavior seems hilarious. Papa interfered and
    both of them went mute.
    ” James we have more than 11 cars in this compound, just pick
    anyone you like ” he said and that finalized everything. I thanked
    him then head outside to pick a car of my choice. I saw various
    big cars, ranging from Nissan to Toyota to BMW to Lexus to
    Benz, even G-Wagon. I got confused on the car to choose but I
    later choose the latest Lexus sport park separately from other
    ” that’s my car brother, but you can have it ” nkechi said. I smiled
    at her then give her a tumb up.
    ” so what now” I said silently to James.
    ” the next thing now is Ada, go apologize to her ” he said. I saw
    chioma and nkechi staring at me, I guessed they are wondering
    who I’m talking to so I quickly blend out.
    ” what’s up girls, anyone cares for a ride to Ada’s place ” I said
    and I was surprised when they both jump at the offer, they ran
    inside to change their clothes and before I knew it they are both
    out and ready to leave. Through the help of James instruction I
    was able to drive to Ada parent house without any of them
    suspecting that I’m not the real James.
    We got there and i opened my mouth to another big mansion
    with high level of security personnel patronizing the compound
    every minutes.
    After talking to her parents, they later directed me to where Ada
    is, nkechi and chioma refused to go with me but after persuading
    them, they agreed to escort me to her but they will wait behind
    while I do the talking.
    We saw her sitting by the pool with her back turned at us.
    “You got this brother, go talk to her ” nkechi said. I was a little bit
    scared but I know I need to face a borrowed faith. James
    disappeared, I guessed he can’t stand looking at his lover face.
    So I was all alone by myself.
    I advanced towards her slowly, with my head calculating how
    and what to say to her, but when She turned to face me, for
    more than a minute, I stood there on a spot floored by her
    beauty. She was surprised and happy to see me, but I on the
    other hand was being charm by her beauty. I stood speechless,
    the only thing that was moving in my body was my eye.
    ” you are so beautiful ” I didn’t know when that came from my
    mouth. She gave me a blushing smile then ask me to seat beside
    “Ada I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… ” I was saying when she placed
    a finger on my lips.
    “I’m not angry with you, I was… But not anymore. Your presence
    gives me happiness ” she said then she move closer to kiss me. I
    couldn’t respond to the kiss, my heart was beating too fast to
    respond back to such a sweet kiss. I kept staring into her
    beautiful face not knowing what to say next but I was lucky to
    have chioma and nkechi. They both rushed forward in a ladyish
    way shouting the word Aw and elongating it very long as
    Awwwww. I quickly compose myself during this period and at the
    same time examining her beauty. I saw the engagement ring
    James gave to her,it was shining brightly around her finger.
    “brother let go drink to this reunion ” chioma said and we all
    head inside.
    Back to my normal life, the relationship between Amaka and I
    kept growing, Even though she was surprised when she see me
    with a ride of my own. every night she will call and we will talk
    for hours before going to bed. And on the other hand, Ada has
    find her way into my heart. She was like an angel with a caring
    heart, I couldn’t help but to start nursing feelings for her,
    sometimes it came out of pity, and sometimes I just feel like I’m
    doing what James requested me to do.
    I was at my apartment watching night movies when I heard a
    knock on the door, I opened the door and I found Ifeoma
    standing with her arms resting on the woodwork. She was
    wearing a mini skirt and a crop top which made her body look
    ” Ifeoma what are you doing here by this time of the night? ” I
    asked immediately I saw her.
    ” will let me in first ” she said, then I allowed her in. I perceive
    alcohol from her body as she enters, I wanted to question her on
    it but I Just let it pass.
    ” so where are you going and where are you coming from ?” I
    “I’m coming from home and my destination is your place ” she
    said. That got me perplexed as I questioned her about her
    current state.
    ” Ifeoma have you been drinking? ” I asked with little urge of
    ” yes I’ve been drinking because of you, I don’t know how to say
    this but I’m madly in love with you. I’ve showed you all signs but
    you wouldn’t notice me. I couldn’t hold it anymore so I have to
    drink myself to tell you the truth and how I feel about you ” she
    said. I was totally speechless, I must confess I didn’t see it
    ” I’m sorry, but you can’t love me. I already have someone that I
    love. Just forget it…”
    “No!!! I can’t forget you, I’m going to win your heart no matter
    what ” she cut in, then she jumped on me, she pinned my hands
    down then forcefully move her mouth to mine, she tried forcing a
    kiss on me but I gave her no response. I was still trying to resist
    her when she suddenly grab my d--k. Controlling my d--k from
    gaining momentum was something I couldn’t do cos it have is
    own mind. I tried pushing her away but she seems too strong to
    be overcome. That was when I realized I’m dealing with an igbo
    girl. (person wey dey chop strong fufu)
    Just like superwoman, she freed my d--k then insert it in her
    mouth. Right on the spot, I lost the struggle but my mind still
    keeps fighting her off. She stopped, then she remove her crop
    top and bra, hereby exposing her soft fresh b----t. She buried her
    b----t on my face, and at the same time pushing her n-----s in my
    mouth, I was losing it. I couldn’t help the lust feelings that kept
    beating my spirit. Resisting became difficult, and before I knew it,
    the devil in me was waken.
    I grabbed her b----t so hard that she made a pleasurable scream.
    I positioned my mouth on her left b----t then I move my hand
    downward to pull up her mini skirt which is almost up with the
    way she sat on my laps. I grabbed her a-s then I massage it
    smoothly up and down and simultaneously I removed her pant. I
    erect my d--k, then she sat on it. The warmness of her p---y sent
    an excitement of lust through my veins. She locomoted her
    action setting my ebonite rod on fire. She was a good rider as
    she kept ridding my d--k like a polo champion. Her a-s was
    bouncing repeatedly on my laps, and the meeting began to make
    some lap sounds. I hold on tight to her b----t so as not to be
    overwhelm with pleasure. The way she ride my d--k was beyond
    my expectations, I felt challenged so I took over the control
    room, I unleashed the power of doggy on her p---y and I was
    surprised by her capability. She received my d--k back to back
    and yet she didn’t scream for help. I rearranged my strategy then
    position her on a chicken pie style, yet she didn’t scream instead
    she kept asking for more. I wanted to go for another style but my
    d--k denied me as I released deeply into her p---y. I fell back on
    the chair so used up and tired, then later I head to the bathroom
    for a cool shower. She spent the night at my place and we had
    two rounds of sex before day break.
    On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, I was teaching the 100 level
    students when James showed up, he sat among the students
    listening to my teaching and immediately I’m done, he came
    approaching me.
    ” what’s up dude anything? ” I asked cos he has been my ear and
    eyes giving me information every day on how far and what to do.
    ” nothing much, I did something wrong when I was alive and I
    want you to make amendment to it ” he said.
    “so what is it you did this time ?” I asked with a chuckle.
    ” there was this day that I was highly drunk, through this I rapped
    one of my father maids. her name is chinyere , I lied about her to
    father, and my father sent her away to her village. Can you please
    help me make amendment” he pleaded.
    “where can I find her ” I said then he took me to her village, it
    was a hour journey from the main city but we were enable to get
    there before dark.
    He directed me to her parent house unknown to me that hell
    await me. I knocked on the door and her mother surfaced up.
    ” good evening Ma, my name is James and I’m here to see your
    daughter chinyere ” I said politely. The woman smiled then
    entered inside telling me to wait for her. The next thing I saw
    was horrendous, she came out with dish water then she bath me
    from head to toe with it.
    I couldn’t believe what just happened, I stood there still trying to
    process the secenero into reality whereas the woman kept raining
    insult and curses on me. Before I knew it, people started
    gathering around me, I felt so embarrassed but I couldn’t say a
    word to fight back. Insted I went on my knees and began pleading
    with the woman. All my effort to calm her down with my pleas
    went off her ears. She shut her door at my face and left me
    outside to be mocked. I felt like going back home but somehow I
    felt the pain of the woman, so I waited outside her door till day
    break. When she woke up in the morning and saw me sleeping at
    her door step, she flinched cos she wasn’t expecting to see me.
    After some time she came out with a bucket of water, I was
    thinking she want to pour it on me, but I was surprised when she
    used it to wash my face. Then she allowed me to enter inside
    with her. I saw her daughter chinyere sleeping on the floor, she
    didn’t look well so I asked from her mother what the problem is.
    “she’s been sick for the past one month, the doctor said I should
    bring 50 thousands naira before they can operate her, I’ve search
    everywhere for the money but I couldn’t raise more than 10
    thousands naira, so I decided to bring her home for home care ”
    she said.
    ” she needs to go to the hospital, forget about the bills I will pay
    it, can we take her to the hospital now ” I said, then she agreed.
    Immediately arrangement was made, I carried her into my car
    then drove her to a hospital at the city. She was taken into the
    emergency section and she was being operated. The doctor
    came out to give us the news of her ware being which was
    critical but her chance of surviving was said to be sure.
    I went in to see her and I was able to apologize to her and her
    mother for the evil things James did to her in the past . I wrote
    her a check of 3 million from James father account and it was a
    life changing moment for them.I told James father which
    happens to be my father now what I used the 3 million for and he
    said I should add an additional 2 million to it. He was impressed
    by what I did even with the fact that James framed the girl up for
    him. He overlooked the past and encouraged me to remain
    Back to my normal life, Amaka and her parent are like my family,
    they kept raining me with joy and they also credit my account
    every week with money. After some time, I was able to ask
    Amaka out on a date and she replied saying she love me more
    than I imagined. The way she celebrated it was as if I took her to
    the alter. Nevertheless I love her.
    Loving two woman at the same time was something I think it’s
    impossible, but somehow unknowingly I got to feel something for
    Ada, and for some reason I don’t want to lose her.
    I took her on a outing one day and we both dressed on thesame
    clothes like a couple, everyone that passed us by all believed that
    we just got married. Cos we are more like a couple.
    We were both eating together in a big restaurant like a just
    wedded couple when I heard my real name from behind, I looked
    back and I saw Amaka standing some inches away from me, her
    eyes were filled with tears but she tried holding them back.
    “Ayo who is this lady? ” she said with a trembling voice. Ada got
    confused as she threw the same questions back to me.
    “who’s Ayo? James who is this lady? ”

    Episode 24

    Three things can’t be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the
    I dissapointed Amaka…
    The situation went over my control, being two different person to
    two different woman is like being in two different hell. Amaka
    thought that I was cheating on her, she didn’t wait for an
    explanation from me before she ran off with tears dripping down
    her face. By the way, I got nothing to explain to her. Ada on the
    other hand couldn’t believe her eyes. She tried to stand up, but
    she slipped and fell. She went faint but I quickly rush her to the
    At the hospital, I sat impatiently on the floor with my heart
    beating rapidly like a racing horse. Everything I ever loved are
    now about to be shattered but I still found myself in darkness of
    what to do.
    I summoned on James and he appeared immediately.
    ” My life is about getting ruin ” I said without looking at him.
    ” what happened? ” he asked in confusion.
    ” I can’t narrate anything, just go in my head and see everything
    yourself ” I said with a little higher voice.
    Just as I finished talking, the doctor came out and I advanced
    towards him with speed.
    ” doctor how is she?” I asked with a trembling voice.
    ” Rest your mind she will be fine, we ran some test on her and
    we found out that she’s pregnant…”
    ” preg—what? ” I cut in the doctor.
    “pregnant, she’s some months pregnant and she needs to be
    taken care of and also don’t let her stress herself and she
    shouldn’t be thinking. It’s for the health of the baby. ” the doctor
    I went back to my sitting position, then rested my back on the
    ” the doctor said Ada is pregnant, did you slept with her? ”
    James asked.
    “don’t ask me foolish question, if I slept with her won’t you know,
    or do you think I didn’t know that you are always watching the
    both of us together. The doctor said that she’s some months
    pregnant that explains one thing. She’s carrying your baby, didn’t
    you slept with her when you are still alive? ” I asked trying not to
    let loose of my anger.
    ” yes I did ” he replied slowly .
    ” now if you will excuse me, I need to go and see her ” I said
    then I made my way through him.
    Ada was later discharged in the evening but I got no words to
    say to her. I drove her to her father house then head back to my
    residence alone. On getting home, I met James waiting for me in
    the living room.
    ” what should we do now? ” he asked after some moment of
    ” are you using the word ‘we’ ? I’m the only person in this mess
    no one can see you, no one can hear you and no one can blame
    you. You got me into the mess I shouldn’t have, and that’s
    because I helped you. I was having a normal sweet life before
    you came in into the picture. And everything that is happening to
    me is because of you James!!! Just go I don’t want to see you ” I
    muttered out in anger.
    ” I’m not leaving you until everything is solved ” he said. Just as
    he finished talking, i heard a knock on the door. I went to open it
    and Ifeoma came in.
    ” Ay listen to me, we need to solve this problem together ” he
    added. But listening to him was the last thing I ever wanted at
    that moment.
    “chioma, what can you do to distract me from hearing
    someone?” I asked. Then she smiled and she began undressing
    “no not this way… ”
    “This is all I got ” she cut in then she lock her lips with mine. She
    wasn’t wearing a bra, cos I can feel the softness of her b----t
    through the tight fitted gown she wore. And just like a
    professional tailor she removed my d--k then began giving me a
    blow job which made me forget everything about James. She
    was so good at it that she made me almost c-m inside her
    mouth, but I was able to get a hold of myself. I pulled up her
    gown and her also found out that she’s pantless. No one needs
    to tell me that she came fully prepared.
    I entered in into her p---y without wasting a seconds, her p---y
    was already wet, so my entering was so smooth. I f----d her with
    her back facing the wall and her leg, balanced on my shoulders. I
    went deep into her, I can even feel my d--k touching some end
    region in her p---y. I was banging her as fast as I could just to
    clear my head off my worries. But she was screaming as my d--k
    became unbearable for her to hold. Every seconds, I t----t deep
    into her p---y then pull out and t----t in again with force and
    speed without giving her any seconds to catch her breath. I
    separated her leg widely apart so that my whole d--k can freely
    enter fully into her p---y without leaving any part of it out. She
    was screaming as her p---y cream came rushing on my d--k. That
    didn’t stopped me, insted I kept banging her with every intention
    of destroying her p---y. It got to some point, she began frighting
    back with all her strength. At first she tried preventing me from
    having a deep penetration by using her hand to hold back my
    waist whenever I’m about to t----t in deeply. I got a hold of her
    two hands then I lock them up above her head with my left hand.
    Once again her p---y baceme prone to a deep penetration. After
    she realized how helpless her p---y was, she began trying to
    close her laps together. I saw this coming so I immediately lift
    one of her leg across my shoulder, leaving the other behind, with
    this, she got nothing but to watch her p---y being fired with a
    long ebonite rod. She began begging me to stop after an hour of
    non stop push in push out. But I heard her not. Screaming was
    not enough, so she began crying. Her p---y was as hot as an oven
    yet I kept banging her. She was at the edge of fainting when I
    pulled out and release on her p---y face. She fell like a lifeless
    being on the floor but I felt like, I haven’t done anything. I was
    thinking about going into her again when I realized I didn’t touch
    her boobs. My d--k regain momentum instantly, then I advance
    towards her spreading her leg apart for another penetration. She
    had no strength to fight back so I went in easily without
    hesitation. Just as I buried my d--k into her p---y, I took my time
    to do Some judgment on her b----t, Which Only serves as a
    catalyst to my d--k. My d--k grew harder as I suck and bite her
    random succulent standing boobs. My d--k was called to full
    action after some time, then I began bleeping her even more than
    the first time. She fainted after 30 minutes of hard push in and
    out, but that still didn’t stop me, I woke her back up with my d--
    k, she woke and found out that I’m still bleeping her. That day
    was a hell to her. I can’t really remember what happened after.
    A lie can go for a thousand years, but one day, the truth will
    Saying the truth was all I have left, but the truth seems crazy to
    hear, no one will believe me, but I know I have to let them know
    the real truth about myself.
    Ever since then, Amaka haven’t been picking my calls and facing
    her parents seems like the worst thing to do. I couldn’t show my
    face in front of Ada again, neither could I go home to face
    James parents. I was alone in the living world but James was
    also besides me in the dead world.
    ” Ayo I’m sorry I dragged you into all this, I think it’s time we let
    the truth out, let start with Amaka, then we will move to my
    parents after you’ve settled in with Amaka ” James said.
    I nodded then I head to her parent house. I wasn’t welcomed,
    but after alot of pleas I was being allowed in. I wasn’t allowed to
    see Amaka, I knew I dissapointed her but telling her the truth was
    all I needed to. I met with her parents so I began narrating
    everything to them. Even though they look at me in disbelief.
    ” papa and mama, I’m sorry. I should have let you know this
    before now. Believe me, I loved your daughter and I planed going
    more further with her into marriage, just that some things
    happened that I can’t really help myself out. I got this gift of sight
    that I can see what no one can. A ghost that looked exactly the
    same way I am came to me for help. The person Amaka saw me
    with was actually his fiancee, not mine. I was only pretending to
    be him ” I said. But non of my words moved them. Her father
    later spoke up after a while of silence.
    ” I’m sorry it’s too late for that, when our daughter came running
    at us with tears, we both think of what to do, so we sent her
    abroad, just for her wounds to heal, we got a call from her
    yesterday saying she met another man who is ready to replace
    you in her life. I’m sorry to break it to you. She has moved on.
    And I expect you to do the same. You are still welcome here
    anytime ” he said. Then he head inside along with his wife
    leaving me behind in the living room.
    I never believed that Amaka has left me for good, I felt like some
    part of are being removed. I couldn’t eat for days. I knew she
    deserved better, but she didn’t wait to hear me out. I felt I lost a
    precious stone inside a big ocean. Getting it back will take more
    than a miracle.
    A week after the heart break, I prepared to meet my greatest
    fear. But before that, I called nkechi aside and narrated
    everything to her. It was alot for her to take in, especially when I
    said I’m not her brother and her brother is dead. At first she
    didn’t believe me but when she see that I’m telling the truth, she
    had no choice than to believe me. Facing James parents was the
    first move then followed by Ada parent.
    On the D—day, I dressed up then head to James parent house
    with James beside me. As I entered into the living room, I met
    an igbo priest sitting on the floor and making some incantations.
    I guessed he came for a visiting but it happened his visiting came
    in my favour. Immediately as I entered, I noticed some slight
    changes in him as he began to look at me non stop. He sense the
    presence of a ghost but he wasn’t sure cos he can’t see him. He
    fetched for a white substance from his sack, then he applied it
    on his eyes, then James became visible for him to see, he made
    a loud scream as he saw James standing beside me. He was
    shocked as he began to look at my face and James face.
    “taboo!!!, how can you be dead and be alive at the same time? ”
    he asked with a shock. I calmed him down, cos he has created a
    scene that got everybody confused except for nkechi. After
    everyone is calmed, I stood up to talk
    “My name is Ayo and not James, I’m not your son. Your son is
    dead, he’s right here beside me, the priest can testify to that” I
    said but, but his parents didn’t believe me. James father later
    voiced out after a long commotion.
    ” My son, have you been drinking? Don’t play with death like that,
    it’s not a good thing to say ”
    “father he’s telling the truth, our brother is dead. He just look like
    him, he’s not our brother… ” nkechi said.
    “nonsense!!! Will you all stop this joke!!! ” he muttered angrily.
    “I’m afraid it’s no joke my friend. They are telling the truth, cos I
    can see a dead man here with us that look so much like him ”
    the priest said.
    It was hard for him to believe, but when he did, he fainted and
    so was his wife. We rushed to them and they were being brought
    ” please tell me my son is not dead ooo, tell me he’s still alive ”
    that was what his mother was saying as she kept crying. He’s
    father on the other hand was still trying to control the shock.
    Chioma was wailing while nkechi kept consoling her mother with
    tears in her eyes.
    It took the family two weeks to finally accept that there son is
    dead. I had no good news to tell them than to let them know that
    Ada is carrying their grandchild.
    Due to the condition of the child inside Ada, I was told not to let
    her know the truth till she gave birth to the baby. It was a hard
    choice for me to do but I played being James till her time was
    up. She gave birth to a male child and he was welcomed with so
    much love into the world.
    Finally I let her know the truth, it was really a sad moment for her
    as she almost cry herself to death. She pleaded for me to stay
    with her, but I cannot live my life being who I’m not. It’s hurt me
    to leave her, even both the families want me to continue being
    her husband. But my destiny lies not in another.
    Immediately I finished my youth service, I was offered a job in
    the University I had my service but I declined the offer. My
    adventure in the east is over, it’s time I go back home.
    Home sweet home, nowhere like home. I was able to get a job
    after 3 months of my arrival back at home. I used my father
    connection and I passed the test. So that got me a well payed
    No matter how far we are into the desert, we must surely find a
    dwelling place when the winds come. No one can outrun the
    I’ve been Living a life of adventure all my life, I think it’s time I
    settle down and live a normal home life.
    A year after I got my job, I was able to have a car of my own, but
    securing a good wife came as a problem to me. I bleeped all the
    ladies in my working place and beyond. I thought a life of
    adventure was easy to stop, but I was wrong… Not until I met her

    Episode 25(Final)

    No one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can
    start from here and make a brand new end.
    A child can’t play for a 20 years, at some point, I got tired and
    began feeling lonely. I need someone more than just a
    companion, someone I could call my life partner, but insted I
    found bitches, whores, fuckers and d--k suckers. Non of them
    seems to worth the space. But there’s always a woman for every
    man, Mine just take long to locate me.
    In my working place, I used to be silent and laconic, but I’m as
    dangerous as a snake when it got to bleeping ladies. My first day
    at work, I bleeped one of the coworkers.
    Aduni was her name, she happens to be the first person I met
    when I resumed for work. She was quite a beauty, just that her
    butt and boobs were quite small. After the normal introduction,
    She showed me my office then gave me a dirty eye wink. I
    regarded it as nothing as I set to work.
    After the day work, I was outside the company trying to catch a
    bus, cos I was yet to get my own car then. A Toyota car parked
    in front of me and the mirror was being lowed down. I bend my
    head low and I saw Aduni inside.
    ” where are you going? Come inside let me drop you ” she said. I
    jumped in without hesitating, cos I was already tired of waiting.
    On the way we chit chatted and I found her company quite nasty
    and maybe intense.
    ” won’t you like to know my place ” she said, at first I wanted to
    say no, but since I have nothing important to do at home, I
    agreed and follow her.
    On getting to her place, she offered me a red wine and a light
    snacks. I helped myself with the wine, eating a flour snacks
    wasn’t my way. I was enjoying myself with the wine While Aduni
    went in to change her office cloth. She came back outside clad
    in a bum short and a tight singlet, which was quite transparent.
    She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her b----t were quite visible.
    She sat close to me resting her b----t on my right shoulder, I felt
    a little hardness down there on my d--k and without even
    thinking, I turned my head and kiss her. She didn’t reply the kiss
    and I guessed I hit it wrong. I was about apologizing when she
    mount on me and Remove her singlet here by exposing her small
    standing b----t to me.
    ” I can’t remember the last time I have sex, but can you f--k me
    hard ” she said. I looked at her surprised, I knew no words are
    necessary .
    I attacked her b----t with an unexpected action which let her
    made loose of a moan. Even though her b----t ain’t big, they
    seems to be her weaken point.
    Without wasting time, I removed her bum short and trow it away
    to somewhere I still can’t remember. I spread her leg wide as I
    penetrated into the hole slowly, it seems tight at first, so I went in
    slowly then I was able to have my d--k fully into her p---y after a
    Not f-----g her hard will be usual of me, so I gave her the best f--
    k of her life. She wasn’t able to stand after I ended up the first
    round of the sex, when I went in for second round, she was
    begging me to stop, when her pleading was too much, I stopped.
    I continued living my life the way it comes, every steps I took was
    always a step towards an adventurous event, and mostly I end
    up f-----g whoever that comes my way.
    I went home to visit my parents and also to say hi to my only
    sister Anike, I was enjoying my chat with Anike when my parent
    came up with their regular talk.
    ” Ayo, when will you get married? When will you settle down, you
    are not getting any younger ” they will say. It has even became a
    regular phase that I will even help them to complete the
    “mom, dad, I’m trying my best, I will come home with a woman
    one day ” I will said just for them to let go of me. I excused
    myself to meet Anike in her room, cos she has been keeping alot
    of gist for me and she can’t wait to explode.
    “so funny, so you mean mama wore a sexy gown just to impress
    papa ?” I said while listening to Anike gist.
    “so tell me, do you have a boyfriend? ” I asked after she was
    done gisting me.
    ” Yea, I have one, but I know we are both deceiving ourselves,
    not until he give me an assurance ” she said, then I gave her a
    playful punch.
    ” brother, I’ve been wanting to tell you this but I don’t know if you
    will like it or not ” she said.
    “fire away, I won’t flog you ” I said with a chuckling.
    ” there is this my class teacher, she’s tall and beautiful, as in very
    beautiful most of the time I do admire her beauty, and all those
    packages are… You know very awesome. She didn’t like men, so
    I was thinking if you can… You know have a date with her… You
    know maybe you two can figure something out… You know
    maybe you two end up together as a couple… You know maybe…
    ” I got it, didn’t you say she hate men? ” I cut in.
    ” Yea, and that’s why she’s still single ” she replied.
    “that’s it!! I’m a man. She will probably hate me too ” I retorted.
    ” no, that’s not it. Don’t tell me you can’t win a lady over? Say
    yes and I’m off to telling mom and dad ” she said with her eye
    wide open as a she goat.
    ” Yes.. I mean… No. I can win a lady heart ” I said with a
    stammering voice.
    “good, now I’m challenging you with this one ” she said rolling
    her eyes dextrorotatory.
    ” OK fine, tell me what I need to know ” I said, waving her away
    with my head.
    ” her name is Ayomide, don’t say anything, she’s your namesake,
    like I said earlier on, she’s my teacher, we are close and I’ve
    made the job easy for you cos I’ve been telling her about you,
    and believe me she would love to meet you, I have her number
    here with me, you can give her a call to confirm everything ” she
    “wait… In a nutshell… You want me to go on a blind date with this
    lady? ”
    “Exactly!!! “she cut in.
    “holy s--t!!! ” I exclaimed.
    ” I’m calling her right away ” she said then she ran a call to her
    using my phone.
    She picked on the second ring then Anike quickly pass the phone
    to me.
    Me : Hello, am I on to Miss Ayomide?
    Ayomide : yes, may I know you?
    Me : sure my name is Ayo and I got your number from my sister
    Ayomide : who’s your sister please?
    Me: her name is Anike, she said you are her teacher
    Ayomide : Yea I know her.
    Me : you have a sweet voice
    Ayomide : yours ain’t bad
    Me : oh, I was expecting a thank you, I guess I will be the one
    saying that now.
    Ayomide : maybe
    Me :ok… My sister told me alot about you and I was thinking
    maybe, we can meet in person.
    Ayomide : I’m the busy type and besides I don’t really like
    meeting guys.
    Me : Yea, she told me that, but she also told me that you won’t
    refuse the meeting.
    Ayomide : I never said that to her
    Me : are you saying my sister is lying?
    Ayomide : no, she don’t lie, perhaps you are the one lying.
    Me : Wao, you are intelligent, so how do we meet.
    Ayomide: I will have to think about it.
    Me : what about tomorrow evening at the British restaurant, 8pm
    Ayomide : you are funny, you are concluding already
    Me : cos I trust my sister and you won’t to let her down.
    Ayomide : OK… No problem then.
    Me: see ya
    Ayomide : bye
    I ended the call then turn to face Anike, which was impatiently
    waiting for response from me.
    ” I guessed she is as beautiful as you say ?” I said.
    ” hell yeah, so? ” she asked with curiosity.
    ” we are meeting tomorrow evening” I replied. I watched as she
    jumped up and dance to her imaginary song and beat.
    ” give me the venue and time, I must not miss the show ” she
    “maybe you should ask my phone ” I said as I speed out of her
    ******** *********** *********** ************ *********** ********
    The following day, I was driving to work in the morning when I
    saw a lady, trying to change her flat tyre, I had no intention of
    stopping, but I found her too beautiful to be doing a man job. So
    I parked my car beside the road and offered her a helping hand.I
    didn’t look much at her face, I just went ahead to changing the
    tyre. I was almost done fixing the tyre when I heard her calling
    my name, Immediately, I turned to face her directly, on
    recognizing who she is, I dropped the spanner I’m holding.
    ” Amaka!!! ” I shouted as soon as I recognize her. I moved closer
    to her then gave her a hug.
    ” Wao you look so beautiful, what are you doing here? When Did
    you return to Nigeria? ” I asked curiously , not forgotten to wear
    on a grin.
    “I came back to Nigeria last year and actually, I’m here to buy my
    wedding gown, for my wedding which will be holding in a month
    time” she said while trying to search for something in her bag, in
    which I assume to be an invitation card.
    ” Yea, this is my wedding invitation card, you are invited ” she
    said as she gave me the invitation card. She actually meant to
    make me feel bad, which she succeeded but I quickly cover it up
    with a smile.
    “it’s… It’s a good thing… I’m happy for you and… I want to say I’m
    sorry about the past and… ”
    ” it okay ay, they are all gone, we ain’t meant to be together, my
    number is in the card, you can give me a call ” she said with a
    look that seems less concerns.
    I fixed her tyre, and she went her way. I felt so bad and hurt that
    I have to turn and head back home.
    I got home and for some reason, I shed tears. I drink myself to
    sleep but I was woken by the call that came in my phone. I
    checked the caller and it was Agatha.
    Agatha : hello friend
    Me: hi dear
    Agatha : are you okay?
    Me: yes… I was sleeping when you called.
    Agatha : OK… Can you guess what
    Me: bad time to guess.
    Agatha : common big head, just try.
    Me: OK… You got promoted in your job?
    Agatha : No, one more try.
    Me : Ehen… You got demoted in your..
    Agatha: shut up! stupid boy.
    Me : so what it is?
    Agatha : your friend, ope just proposed to me. I’m getting
    married Ayo!!!
    Me : oh… Wao… Greatest news
    Agatha : ain’t you happy for me?
    Me : sure I am… I’m very happy for you… I will call you back dear.
    I said then I ended the call.
    ” is like they send this people to me ni ooo, which kind news I
    dey hear since morning na, the first one is Amaka now it’s
    Agatha, shey make I go die ni? Cos dem Don terrorize my life
    finish with marriage, maybe this is how God choose to punish me
    for the girls wey I Don dey bleep. ” I soliloquise, then fell back to
    Evening arrived sooner than I expected and I was woken up by a
    call from Anike reminding me of my blind date. I had lost interest
    in the date, but after alot of persuasion from her, I made up my
    mind to go.
    And for the Third times in a very long time, I dressed like a
    gentleman. I kit myself up in a Mexican suit and a Italian shoe to
    match it up.
    I drove to the British restaurant and I met Anike dressed in a
    Cinderella gown.
    ” are you here for a date or something? ” I asked immediately I
    saw her, cos I wasn’t expecting her.
    “No I’m just here to guide you, so that you won’t talk to the
    wrong person ” she said, then she dragged me inside .
    ” I’ve made arrangements for the table, I guessed you didn’t
    know you suppose to do that ” she said as she shown me the
    table. I found my name on a small triangular paper shape board
    and also Ayomide name was there , I guessed that was how they
    do in a blind date.
    I sat down and Anike sat at the other table but not too far from
    me. So I began waiting for my date.
    After waiting for 20 minutes, I saw a middle age woman Walking
    briskly towards me, with her eyes fixed directly on me.
    “odumodu!!! ” I exclaimed, cos she was as ugly as a bat.
    “Anike, a Goat is approaching me, I hope she’s not the one ” I
    said silently to her. She looked into my direction and…
    “holy s--t!!! This is more than a Goat, it’s a pig!!! ” she retorted.
    “are you saying… What the f--k? ” I mumbled with fear.
    ” relax bro, she’s not the one. ” she said calmly.
    ” she better not be” I replied with a relax voice.
    After waiting for another 20 minutes and also at the edge of
    giving up, she arrived.
    ” she here!! Brother ” Anike shouted as she sighted her. I
    watched with my mouth wide opened like a dog as she
    approached and sat down with me.
    ” excuse me? Are you the one I’m here to meet ” came a voice
    that sounds like that of an angel. I couldn’t reply, I just nodded in
    ” so… Why are you looking at me like that ” she said after she
    discovered my unblinking eye on her.
    ” I’m sorry Ayomide, you are just so beautiful ” I said in the
    sweetest voice I have.
    ” thank you” she replied softly.
    ” so what will you like to take? ” I asked just like a gentleman will
    “something liquid for a start ” she replied more softly.
    I mentioned the waiter closer and ordered for two glass of
    champagne, which was served to us some seconds after.
    I looked at Anike and she gave me a thumb up with the chicken
    lap, she was devouring.
    While drinking the champagne, I tried to start up some
    conversation with her.
    ” you look so much like someone I know in the past, she look
    just exactly as you ” I said with a little gentleness.
    “oh really? ” she replied with a smile.
    “Yea… Her name is Erica and… I hope to see her again one day ”
    I said slowly.
    ” Anyway, I’m not her and I’m just me ” she said then followed
    by some little laughter.
    ” so tell me about yourself? ” I asked with some charming voice.
    She looked at me for a while then smiled before answering me.
    ” I began this world late, but I was able to made a living out of it,
    I studied bio chemistry at the University and I got a teaching job
    at a private school that pays me well, I live alone with my
    adopted parents that sponsored me through out my stay in the
    University. Speaking about what I do for fun, I love swimming
    and my hobbies are dancing, singing, playing indoor games and
    also I like Travelling ” she said.
    ” Wao, fantastic… I really admire your style… Let try to eat
    something now, we will talk about the rest after we are done
    eating ” I said, then I mention the waiter closer for our order.
    The date went fine and after everything was over, I dropped her
    at her place.
    “I really enjoyed the moment I had with you today, they are
    awesome, I hope to see more of you soon” I said after I dropped
    her at her place.
    ” Yea, it was nice time with you today ” she said, then she began
    staring into my eyes, I didn’t know what to do, but the devil in
    me pushed me to kiss her, it was a light kiss and she replied
    “emmm… I will give you a call when I got home ” I said
    scratching my head with my fingers.
    I entered back into my car and I saw Anike hiding at the back
    ” so you are here all along ” I asked looking at her through the
    center mirror.
    “yes, I saw everything. It was awesome, wasn’t it? ” she asked
    trowing a punch at me.
    “hey !!!how many Chicken laps did you eat at the restaurant? ” I
    asked as I ignite the engine.
    “chicken laps? No, I ate two full chickens ” she replied which
    made me apply break suddenly.
    “what the hell !? Full chickens? Not just one but two!! ” I shouted
    in surprise.
    ” when I was lonely nko? ” she replied.
    “don’t worry, mama will hear of it, glutton, big head
    gormandizer.” I said as I drove her home
    ********** ************ ************ ************** ******** *********
    On a beautiful Monday morning, I was in my office doing what I
    know best, when my secretary informed me on the telephone
    about the arrival of some guest, I asked her to let them in and
    they entered, I saw Tina and her fiance looking extraordinary
    ” oh what a pleasant surprise!!! ” I shouted immediately I saw the
    both of them.
    “please make yourself comfortable , what should I offer you two
    ” I asked with a smile of joy.
    “actually I would say No, but I will appreciate a cup of coffee ”
    Josh said (Tina fiance)
    ” Ummm… You can drink coffee for Africa” Tina said as she
    punch him slowly.
    ” Ayo we came here to tell you something ” Tina said.
    “oh what is it?” I asked looking at the two of them, but they first
    look at each other faces but shouting the words together.
    ” we are getting married!!! ” they both screamed.
    ” oh my God! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you two. Wao…we
    need to drink to this ” I said happily.
    ” Yea, I’ve seen to that, come to my place tonight and let have
    some champagne, I’m trowing a little party today ” Josh said
    with a big grin.
    ” I trust you, Wao this year is just full of joy ” I muttered loudly.
    ” Yea, and one more thing” Tina said, ” can you best my Man for
    me, he have no friends ” she said.
    ” What am I doing that I won’t best my friend, common I will best
    and unbest him… Sorry I mean I will do it ” I said sarcastically.
    ” Yea, when coming to our place today, come with your own
    woman too, I don’t want to hear that you are still single ” Josh
    said jokingly.
    “Yea… Actually… I have someone I’m serious with, I met her
    some months ago”
    ” …oh really? What’s her name ?” Tina asked curiously.
    “Ayomide, she’s my namesake ” I replied.
    ” bring her along tonight, I will like to meet her ” Tina said. We
    talked for a while, then they took their leave.
    I ran a conference call to my three friends back in my university
    days. Ope, Ben and mayor.
    Me : hello to the three musketeers
    Ben: stupid boy
    Ope: woman worrier
    Mayor : my best buddy, how are you ? It’s been a while.
    Me : Yea I know, I hope everyone is good.
    Ope : Yea
    Mayor : Yea
    Ben : Yea
    Me : Ben, mayor have you guys heard that ope has proposed to
    Agatha sha
    Ben : na so I hear am ooo
    Mayor : the idiot wan marry your best friend last last sha.
    Me : anyway, it’s a good thing.
    Mayor : you remember Desmond?
    Ope : Yea I do
    Ben: our computer hacker dude
    Me: Yea, what about him?
    Mayor : he Don travel out ooo with Elizabeth , I heard that he’s
    engaged to her, that lady wey dey handle RPG like commando.
    Ben: talk true
    Ope : what are you guys still waiting for? Your mate Don marry
    Me : will you shut up.
    Ben : silly boy.
    Mayor : don’t mind him jare.
    Me: It’s been long since we guys drink together
    Ben: Yea, na so.
    Me: there’s a party today at my friend place, let we guys all meet
    there for a long time reunion.
    Ope : Yea, that’s a good idea.
    Me: each of you should not come alone, come with your spouse,
    I will send the address to you.
    Ope : I will come with my one and only love.
    Ben: Hmmm… The thunder that will strike this guy Still dey for
    gym center . So me wey no get love should goan jump for river
    Ope : Ogbeni shut up make I hear word.
    Me : I’m ending the call, if you like go jump for inside H2SO4.
    Just don’t come alone tonight.
    I ended the call, then I texted Ayomide about the party and she
    promised to show up. After the day work, I headed to my parent
    house to say hi to them. Unfortunately, they went on a visit so I
    met Only Anike at home talking to one of her cat.
    ” so you still talk to animals? ” I said as I made to sit down.
    ” Yea, it’s a gift. Just as you have the ability to see things, and
    beside I’m lonely and bored ” she replied.
    ” Oh… I would have take you along with me to a party tonight if
    you ain’t a glutton ” I said avoiding her eyes contact.
    ” brother it’s unfair ooo, you know it’s not good ooo” she said
    with a pitied face.
    ” unfair is when you finish two full chickens without giving me
    some to eat ” I replied still not looking at her.
    ” I’m speechless so you also want some, I could have order for
    3″ she retorted.
    ” Son of Malacca!!! Three what? ”
    ” three full chickens, anyway I know you will take me along
    tonight, I won’t eat much, but I can’t promise if I see chicken. ”
    she cut in with a smile.
    Since mama ayo have no other daughter, I agreed to take her
    with me, I branched at Ayomide place to pick her up since it’s
    seems like the right to do.
    We got there and the party was just about starting, even though
    it’s a living room party. I met my friends there, I knew they will
    ” who is that betrothed lady? ” Ayomide asked me with her sweet
    ” she’s a long old friend, her name is Tina, let me introduce you
    to her ” I said as I signalled to Tina to come.
    ” Tina, meet Ayomide, the lady I told you about ” I said and I
    watched as they both exchange pleasantries.
    I walk Ayomide to a comfortable place to sit then I search for
    Anike, who I’m sure will be sniffing around for chicken. While
    looking around for her, Tina stood at the center to make a
    speech before having the wine toast.
    “I appreciate everyone present here, I grateful. My topmost
    thanks goes to my true friend, Ayomide. Who brought me back to
    human with a mermaid tears he got from a friend whom I will be
    forever grateful to. Please a toast to Ayomide and to the
    upcoming blessings” she said the she raise up her glass for the
    I saw Anike, speaking with one of the chef, and before I knew it,
    she has been given a chicken. I was about collecting the chicken
    from her when Ayomide drag me aside.
    ” is she your friend you saved with my tears ” she asked. But the
    question came so perplexed to me.
    ” your tears? I don’t get you ” I asked confusedly
    ” it’s me Erica, I was the mermaid ” she slowly, but it’s seems
    Tina heard her as well.
    ” what the… ”
    ” you were the mermaid that saved me? ” Tina cut in.
    ” Yea, I was. My name is Erica ” she said slowly.
    ” how come you are now Ayomide? ” I asked with curiosity.
    ” actually, after I left, I couldn’t clean your memory away from my
    head. I took after your name so as to always remember you, I
    never thought I will see you again, not until your sister show me
    your picture, I love the name Ayomide, and now you are my joy
    that has come” she said.
    ” oh my God.. So you mean that big head eating chicken over
    there knew about it? ” I asked eagerly.
    “Yea she does know about everything, I told her not to tell you
    the truth ” she said with a smile.
    ” seriously… I didn’t see it coming ” I muttered slowly.
    “Yea… Remember I told you, that someday you will see me and
    not as a mermaid but as a human ” she said.
    ******** *********** ********** ********** *********** *******
    On Tina’s wedding day, I was the best man as I said and Erica on
    the hand was Tina best lady.
    It was a lovely ceremony and I planned to make it a
    rememberable one for myself and Erica. Just as the pastor said ‘
    You may kiss the bride’. I went on my kneels before Erica and
    hold her hand softly.
    ” Erica… I might not be the perfect guy for you, I might not be the
    best guy in the world for you. But one thing is sure that I know,
    and that is… Love. I promise to love you from now till forever and
    I will always be faithful and honest with every single breath that I
    take. I love you Erica… I have only one request from you, and I
    want everyone present here to be my witnesses.
    Erica… Will you marry me? ” I said slowly.
    ” oh My God!!! I will Marry you!!! ” she shouted out happily. I
    inserted in the ring and… We kissed.
    All is well that ends well…
    No one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can
    start from here and make a brand new end.
    Sometimes… The adventure have to to end.
    The End.

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