Story: Adventures Of JohnySky Season 1

    By JohnySky

    Episode 1

    I was just lying down in my house watching sonymax channel on our gotv. smoking gun world dumbest was blaring in the television set, i was not concetrating but yet my eyes were glued to the television set, i had someone call my name but didn’t even bother answering.
    Within a short while our door opened and my friend Nze walked in, he lives in my yard too but was much older than me at almost 27 and just graduated from d university, he was short from my own perspective standing at 5?5 in contrast to my 6?9ft freaky tall height.
    “John how far na” he blurted out.
    “bros am fine oo, how your girl na wetin deh?” i replied
    “i came here bcus of her oo i wan make u help me write waec for am she has tried it like 4times now which u know she didn’t make it, please john i need you to help her out” he said almost pleadingly.
    “guy so you love that girl too much reach like this?” i teased.
    we laughed it off as we normally do other stupid teases we indulge in.
    H knew i would do it, i was barely 21 but he saw me as his best friend not minding the age gap between us.
    everything was arranged i even got my own uniform and all that. lied to my dad that i was going to my uncle’s house for a while, but i told mum the truth cus i knew she would oblige.
    the day to travel arrived and i got my things ready and went down to the lesson center where we registered for the waec exam cus the owner of the lesson center was to provide transportation and accommodation for every student that registered with them.
    “See girls choi!!! ” i almost said out loud as i got to the lesson center, girls littered everywhere, some gisting while others were eating snacks , guys were there too but the ratio of girls to guys was 4:1.. its gonna be enjoyment ooo’ i mischievously smiled to myself, bundled myself to a corner and sat down while we all waited for the bus to arrive.

    Episode 2

    It took like what seemed like forever for the stupid bus drivers to arrive with 12 toyota hiace buses. i was tired already and my face looked dull from the tormenting hours of waiting. it was already 3pm and we had a long journey ahead.
    I tiredly dragged myself into d bus, the front seat to be precise cus of my height i cant stay comfortably at the back. a gul sat at the middle chair on the front seat, i climbed on the bus, threw a weak greeting at her which she just waved in reply. i no even mind i was too weak to send anybody at that time and i seriously needed this stupid bus to start moving already.
    I relaxed on my seat and closed my eyes i needed to rest, i was hungry like mad but wasn’t in the mood for any snack.
    after what seemed like an eternity to me, the whole students were all sorted into the buses and the journey started.
    The atmosphere was filled with much anticipation and anxiety, i could make out
    most of these girls were going away
    from home for the first time, i smiled at myself
    its all better shaa.
    the journey was smooth traffic-wise cus we didn’t encounter even one traffic
    jam on our way except for the girl that led the prayers in my own bus, she went on and on for more than one hour until i lost
    interest in the prayer.
    i covered my ears with my ear-phone as Shania twain song
    filled my ears, i closed my eyes “if this yeye girl want make she pray till Jesus come again e no even concern me again”…
    I stayed like this for like 30 mins when someone tapped me on
    my shoulder, i turned and it was the girl, sitting beside me at the front seat. i did a very quick scan of her ; she was fair, her bossom was quite
    large, looking down to her waist line i could see how her huge a-s rested on the soft seat, she had a beautiful face but was not the slim type neither
    was she fat.
    Could make out her massive laps from the tight leggings she wore. wow those lustful glances almost gave me a hard on down inside my trousers.
    I managed to look squarely on her face “What is it” i blurted out. part of me angry cus i was hungry, some cus of the rude way she responded to my greeting.
    “Tallest please can u give me one ear-phone, this girl is still praying o” she said almost laughing… i look surprisingly at her, shrugged, didn’t utter a word just removed one ear-phone and gave her, Senorita by don williams was playing through the ear-phone, she came a bit closer so the wire would be enough.
    Her boobs was crashing against my left arm but i tried my best not to think about it. the journey continued till 8 in the night we were still on the road, the exciting chats and songs students were making have now gone down most of them were now just sitting wearily, wearing hungry gloomy faces looking out of the window, you could tell they were all tired and needed this journey to end quickly. me on my own part was just resting my head on the seat with my eyes closed and the girl beside me now had her head resting on my shoulders as she slept or so i thought. and by the way she already told me her name it was chinwe.

    Episode 3

    The journey finally came to an end at exactly
    10pm after so many lost minutes driving
    around the remote village trying to locate
    our supposedly accommodation.
    I was so tired and so was the other students,
    i noticed it was a huge compound with two buildings
    one was a duplex and the other a bungalow
    and all of us are supposed to be shared evenly in the rooms
    but it was too late for that, they were students from awka
    who were already there before us and just as usual
    the girls were more than guys. ‘wow more girls!!! i heard
    my self say. nawa ooo i don deh fear oo.
    i took my backpack and headed to one room just to
    get some sleep my body needed it more
    than anything now.
    The next morning, the rooms were shared out
    5persons in one room, nze and i already paid
    the owner of the lesson center who by the way
    was named o-mpa to give me one room all to
    myself cus it was part of the conditions i gave
    him on accepting the task of writing the exam.
    after the shuffling and sorting out students to their assigned rooms, we were only 11 guys that didn’t get a room cus the rooms were not enough.
    so o-mpa had to hire an isolated bungalow
    just a stone throw from the main compound.
    he shared the rooms among the boys and gave me
    one room. woow this is sure gonna be the best days
    of my life.
    we named our little isolated lodge THE NEW YORK LODGE
    i took time to arrange my room well, washed, cleaned,
    bot a carpet, a little mattress dat culd accomodate
    two comfortably, got pillows, plates and pots. after all
    said and done i made sure i pimped it to my taste
    obviously the best among the rest tho.
    the next day exams started in Ernest, it was
    practical chemistry, we went to school for the first time,
    it was a mixed school but girls too were obviously
    more. the day’s paper went by uneventful and the day ended.
    The next exam was on thursday, physics. i woke up
    by 8am hurriedly took my bath and skipped breakfast
    hitched a bike and rushed down to school,
    names were already been called out as i entered
    luckily enough they havent called me yet, UZOMMA EZE
    the invigilator rang, “present sir” i shouted raising my hands as i
    scrambled thru the maze of studens eagerly waiting for their names
    to be called. the invigilator took a questioning
    look at me and re-adjusted his specs, he probably knw
    i was impersonating someone, a gul for that
    matter but who cares.
    the exam kicked off, i hurriedly went thru my
    paper i needed to finish up so i can help
    write for more people inside the hall to get
    more money, nobody should blame me
    am an igbo guy…lol.
    i did my thing wrote for a couple of guys and got ready
    to go home. someone tapped me on my back
    i turned sharply only to see chinwe looking
    squarely into my eyes with a pinch of sadness
    “tallest pls help me out” she managed to say with her
    answer sheet on her hand, i didnt need any soothsayer to
    tell me she was desperate. i said nothing, collected her
    books sat down and started writing for her, she just stood there
    looking as i wrote as fast as i could. within a short while i wrote
    everything down for her , handed it back to her with a smile and
    headed out of the exam hall, av had enof of thr books
    for one day.
    the exam ended and i waited for my lodeg-mates
    to come out from the hall when i saw chinwe walking towards
    me with a broad smile accross her face.
    “Tallest thank u very much” i smiled and tapped her .
    she offered we walk home together and i obliged.
    we talked abt many things, told her abt me n she told me abt her
    in getting to the main lodge i was about diverting to
    my own lodge wen she called me back.
    “I want to cook for u today to thank u” she said blushing.
    “hahaha noo u dont have to thank u ” i heard masef say.
    u deh madt?? my hrt countered common shut up and
    invite her.
    “Just tell me anything u want i will bring it to u” she cintinued
    “ok just get me anything u like ” i said just to close the talk.
    alright i will be at ur place this evening, sheey na im be dat house over there? she asked pointing at my lodge which was clearly visible from d main lodge. i nodded and we said our goodbyes with radiant smiles across our faces…

    Episode 4

    I got home tired and hungry, was too
    tired to cook but i needed to eat something.
    i went straight to my cupboard took some
    cornflakes and milk. hurriedly took a cold
    shower and slept off.
    i woke up by 4pm still feeling more hungry
    than ever, i was still on my bed was too
    weak to get up, i went straight for my phone,
    logged on to 2go and chatted for a while with
    some friends who were like asking me where
    i have been. i heard a knock on my door, i stopped
    what i was doing and took a sharp long gaze at
    the door not getting up to open. “who is dat” i asked
    in a commanding tone. the door slightly opened
    and a female face popped in with a smile. “chinwe”
    i blurted out standing up immediately to wear a
    trouser cus i was wearing just a little boxer. she
    stepped into the room while i was struggling Wit
    the trouser, her eyes broadened as i noticed a
    naughty smirk on her face. i managed to slip into
    the trouser and faced her wif a smile. “how are u na”
    i managed to say. “am good, can see you were
    sleeping before? she replied with a question. i smiled
    glancing my eyes all over her; she was wearing a little
    knicker that can easily pass for a bum-short with
    a pink top. her bossoms were resting on the top heavily,
    her a-s was round as i brought my eyes down on them,
    it was round and firm. wow her face was radiant with
    her pink lip gloss and a beautiful smile adorning her lips.
    i was a bit speechless as i sub-consciously rested my
    eyes on her. “tallest! here take” she said jolting me off
    my state of oblivion. i smiled as i took a polythene bag
    from her, hurriedly opened it to reveal a stainless food
    flask which i opened, my mouth watered as i was faced
    with a plate of well prepared egusi soup with enough meat
    and fish with yellow eba. chai where this girl take get money
    to cook this kind delicacy na’ i thought.. anyway na girl she be
    na for her pocket.
    I dove into the food with much gusto, no time
    to form jaree i was very hungry. she was sitting beside me
    on the bed smiling as she watched me devour the food
    with relish.

    Episode 5

    i devoured the food in less than 10mins, took a full glass of water then laid down on my bed to rest. man need rest after that kind big work na ?? .
    she was all the while patiently seated beside me wearing a dreamy look.
    I turned and faced her with an appreciative smile on my face, she blushed as i looked at her n tilted her face to the left. “thank you dear, you just saved my life hunger nearly wound me here today” i confessed. “eehyaa, You should h told me na and i would have been coming to help you often, don’t worry i will be bringing u something from time to time” she said with concern written all over here beautiful face.
    I patted her on d back then i lied fully well on the bed, shifted against the wall and motioned her to come and lie beside me. she didn’t argue or say anything, she just gave me a questioning look then quietly laid her body beside mine on the bed.
    we talked about many things; religion, love, relationship, science and many others… it was like i got a sudden impulse to check the time as i realized we have talked for a long time, i quickly took a glance on my watch and it was 10pm. “s--t!!” i blurted out rising from the bed with fluid reflex.
    “what is it” she asked. “Its late already chinwe, you have to start going let me take you home”… she turned and looked at me. “whats the time” she asked again. “its 10:26” i answered. she smiled picked her phone and dialed a number. “hello Cynthia pls i won’t come back today i will sleep at tallest room” i listened carefully to her, could hear the girl from the other side of the phone say something i couldn’t make out then gave a long laugh.
    She just smiled and ended the call. what dah bleep? This girlwan sleep here tonight…choi nawao”. My mind raced hard.
    Just as if she read my mind she turned and said “i will sleep here tonight, tomorrow i will go its already late”.
    she took her bath, then changed into my basketball short and my jersey both of them hanging loosely oversized on her body.
    She resumed her previous position on my bed, my blanket was big enough to cover even 4 people comfortably, so we used it together, i played a film on my laptop and we started watching.
    she was so engrossed in the film, was laughing and making sassy comments on John Okoafor’s stupidity.
    1am i told her i wanted to sleep that she should shut it down when she’s done, she nodded and i went to sleep.
    “johny! johny!! i was hearing a mild angelic voice from beyond, i opened my eyes sluggishly everything was blur and i could make out someone standing in front of me.
    my eyes adjusted to the environment as i rubbed sleep off my eyes, “am sorry for waking you but am very cold its been raining since” chinwe’s voice rang. i was still very sleepy, i just took her by the hand and dragged her towards me, she understood and slipped her body into mine as i wrapped my arms warmly around her and covered her well with the blanket.
    she shifted even closer crushing her body tightly against mine and her hand clasped around mine. her a-s was brutally assaulting my d--k as it involuntarily rose to life and was throbbing inside my pants.
    i closed my eyes and tried to sleep but she kept on tilting her body every now and then, i could tell she was feeling my d--k on her a-s. how was a guy supposed to sleep in this kind of situation na.
    After abt 30 min of frequent shifting and adjusting, she slowly turned and faced me. she took a long look into my eyes, i could feel her breathing tempo has changed and was feeling the warmth of her breath on my face, our faces was very close together.
    I lost it, i slowly took her face in my arms could feel her shivering slightly. then tilted her face a bit forward as our lips locked into a very passionate and long kiss.
    she was breathing heavily and her hand was at the back of my neck pushing my mouth deeper into hers. i slowly got up and she relaxed on the bed with her face facing up, i kissed her from her mouth up to her ear lobes then down to her neck, she shut her eyes with her mouth open.
    “omo make i cure conji ooo!!! my mind shouted. her hands were now on my back caressing it recklessly. i took ma face down to her bossom as i gently removed the Jersey she was wearing and of course she didn’t sleep with her bra on, i didn’t waste time in attacking the bossoms as hungry as i attacked the egusi soup.
    i s----d and slurped, teased with my hands squeezing it hard but gently. she was now letting out slight moans into my ears, body slightly letting out shivers.
    I took my right hand down to her crotch and smooched her p**sy thru the short she was wearing. she was throwing her head back gasping. i smiled to myself, i pulled out d short to reveal a white netty pantie she was putting on.
    Then i rubbed her p**$y thru her pantie and her juices was already all over. she was now yanking subconsciously on my shirt in a bid to take it off. i took it off as she attacked with her mouth, kissing, sucking my n-----s and running her tongue all over.
    i kept on fingering her p---y thru her panties as she pulled down my trouser and started rubbing my d--k furiously. i got up removed my trouser entirely. looked down as i saw her gazing at my d--k which was quite big standing at almost 8inches.
    her p**sy juice made her p**sy to glisten under the light of the electric bulb and it got me going crazy. i hurriedly searched thru my bag with the speed of light retrieved a condom and slipped it on like flash.
    I got down in between her legs as she slowly parted them her eyes gazed lustfully on my face judging from the sparkling dreamy look she wore.
    i positioned my condomized d--k at the entrance of her p**sy and rubbed it against her c--t furiously. she moaned a bit loudly this time around.
    i grabbed her two bossoms with my hands as i rammed my d--k into her soaking wet slit with fluid movement. she moaned, her face and mouth wearing a look that made it seem she was gasping for air, as she grabbed my back and wrapped her legs behind me.
    i kissed her more as i began going in and out of her in a gentle way. her hands were all over me as she was now looking straight into my eyes and i went in and out of her. i slowly increased my tempo as i drilled her in missionary for more than 12minutes till i felt her legs tighten more against my body and nails digging into my body as her whole body quaked.
    More p**sy juices spilled on my shimmering d--k and i knew she already had and o----m and that sent me on a quest to achieve mine. the walls of her p**$y gripped tight against my d--k as i increased my tempo to full speed.
    pounding her furiously with that energy used in pounding yam, her moans were becoming louder as i took my lips down into her to bring down d moans of ecstasy. i could feel my o----m building as i kept ramming into her sweet love canal.
    In about 3 or 4mins i blew my load , waves after waves of orgasmic pleasure running down thru my spine to my whole body as my d--k spurted wads of c-m into the condom. i was satisfied and tired. i removed the condom wrapped it with a paper and dropped it somewhere in my room.
    she took me in her arms again and gave me a long appreciative kiss. i smiled that kind evil smile. come feel like James bond.
    slid into my trouser as she wore her panties and my basketball jersey only cus i threw the short out of reach. she retired into my waiting arms and held me as if am running away. i had a feeling thiswas just a tip of d iceberg. she closed her eyes as we both drifted to dream land.

    Episode 6

    i woke up the 8am the next morning to find out i was alone in bed, looked around and saw she must have left while i was still asleep.
    memories of the night invaded my mind as i saw all that we did
    in my mind’s eye, i had that evil smile on my face and for my mind i be like “o boy u be baaaaaaadt boy” i sluggishly got up from bed and
    met ma lodge mates outside playing whot.
    They were all beaming with smiles near to laugh. “tallest so na you weh no gree person sleep last night sheey” stone teased. Stone a hard looking guy with a stout nature and rocks the most beard out of everyone of us.
    “yes come deh bleep p**sy on top person ear last night, omo that
    girl sound track make sense die.. i almost faint for ma bed” nonso
    intoned supporting stone.
    We all laughed. “idiots that day stone wan use bleep kill that Nkiru
    una talk? mtcheeew make una go seat down for gutter jaree”
    i defended with laughter. they all wreaked of laughter as i left
    them to bath and make breakfast for myself.
    the days dragged by lazily, i visited chinwe a couple of times, we went out sometimes, went for walks together. then on Friday the students in the main lodge organized a party to cool off steam during the weekend.
    9pm on friday i took a cold bath and rocked my black pencil jeans, black all stars shoes and gucci t-shirt. exactly 10pm i arrived to the main lodge with my lodge mates. “fine baby girl” by sim19 was blaring thru the speakers that surrounded the floor as we approached. “where da f--k did this guys manage to conquer a speaker” i muttered to myself.
    The dance floor was already busy with guys and girls rocking their bodies to the tune of the music, some guys don even take style deh give them proper romance self. **hiss** guys shaa SMH.
    i scanned thru faces as i hoped to see Chinwe, After some minutes i abandoned my quest, sat down at a semi-lit corner and kept myself busy with a bottle of HEINEKEN.
    “These guys sabi throw bash ” i muttered under breathe to myself as i sipped thru my 4th bottle of beer watching a slim tall girl rocking a relatively shot dude, her a-s rocked his chest instead of his crotch region even though she tried bending her knees.
    At another corner, there was a slight scuffle as a girl have dished out a platter of slaps to a guy who she was dancing with, i think he squeezed her b----t in the name of dance.
    “Tallest come and dance” i heard someone say, i lifted my head to see who it was. i saw a pretty sharp figure, dark complexioned nice boobs and a-s, in fact she was in uche jumbo’s category when it comes to looks.
    “I don’t know how to dance” i said running my eyes all over her. she let out a loud laugh. am sure i have seen this girl before around here but its normal shaa. i see a lot of the girls living in main lodge but i don’t talk to dem i just keep my cool and pass.
    she came and sat beside me collecting d bottle of beer from me as she sipped from it, my eyes were drawn to her cleavages clearly visible to me as she sat beside me. I was having an alcohol induced hard on which intensified at the sight of her cleavage visible under the dim shadowy lights that sipped into the corner i sat.
    she introduced herself to me and i to her. her name was Doris she was from imo and bla bla bla ish.
    I and Doris talked as we gulped down more bottles of alcohol together. 1am i was tipsy h---y and tired of the party i wanted to go home. i can see the population of the party has already gone down, probably all of them were already digging s--t. the thought of that got me even more h---y as i announced my retirement to Doris.
    I jokingly added. to my utmost surprise she obliged, got up and readjusted her clothes and off we were to my house. my lodge was just a stone throw from the main lodge.
    On our way she was going on and on about exam things ish, i was not even interested in that, all my mind was bent on jumping into her pants. as i planned my move i gathered morale. “common jaree this girl want you joor na im make she accept follow you go house” i reassured myself.
    i slowly took ma hands to her butt as we walked. she paused but said nothing. i gave her a-s a little squeeze as my other hand wondered into her face to grab it. she read the message as she dove her lips into mine hungrily. “wow this girl was even more h---y than i was” i reasoned.
    she jumped on me with her legs crossing behind me as she kissed away like her life depended on it. a h---y girl was exactly wat i needed tonight. both of us were obviously tipsy. she kept on moaning into my ears as i gave her soft kisses every now and then on her neck as i carried her to my room.

    Episode 7

    On getting to my room i didnt even know when i opened the door like say na fast forward. i dropped her on the bed like just a bag of cement and she chuckled as we started kissing like tomorrow no deh. her hands were already helping me remove my shirt and at the same time i was almost tearing her top. who said alcohol is not good hehehehe. i flew her top away and dove head on at her bossom sucking and squeezing harder than i have ever done before. she was moaning slightly and her hand was on my head pushing me harder into her bossom which left me gasping for breath later… nibbled at her n-----s and threw off her shorts. she turned me round as she made her way down to my belt removing it with alien-like speed. she took off my trousers all together then took my boxer down to my knee level before she started doing hand justice to my d--k which was already harder than rock. she stroked my d--k furiously, choi e feeling was great i closed my eyes as i savored the feeling. i felt somefin wet and warm engulf my d--k **wow she has already sat on my d--k** i tot. i opend my eyes and saw her hungrily sucking my d--k as if it was food. wow so it was not p---y after all. the waves after waves of pleasure running down my spine left me shuddering as i clenched my teeth and curled my toes as she blew me like a p--n star. omo if u see as d gul take deh look me in d eye as she blew me eehn i nearly faint, she knew she was doing me strong finx and dat i wuld c-m soonish and dat made her devour my d--k even more hungrily asvi felt my o----m building faster than pure water machine. in a little more than two minutes i tapped her hard on d back and she knew i was cuming she removed her mouth and stroked me till my thick fluids spurted on my bed and laps. wow the feeling was beautiful. i hissed got up and went straigh to clean my laps. my d--k was still as hard as rock and i was still strangely h---y. i got a condom and condomized my d--k as i looked down on her with her legs open looking at me with keen interest.
    i rushed to her side as i roughly pushed her back on the bed, used same momentum to part her legs wide. i couldnt understand the roughness i was exhbiting but by d looks of finx i culd see she was loving it.
    i position my d--k in front of her p---y and in one fluid movement i jammed into her hard. she gasped and clenched her hand around my bed sheet as i started ramming her hard and merciless. she was wriggling, moaning almost shouting, was occassionaly grabbing my back or my head or my a-s. i digged her wit utmost speed and hardness dat within a short while her juices was all over my d--k spewing down onto my sheet. D--n it am so gonna wash this bed sheet before sleeping on it again” i cursed under my breath. i continued ramming her hard even when i noticed her legs were now very weaked i just held dem uo with my hands as i ploughed her p---y. after about 19mins of hard f-----g i came hard inside d condom and it was still yet as powerful as d first o----m. my whole body quaked as wands of semen spewed into the condom.
    i smiled to mysef as i collasped onto her and she held me tight like a baby. we joyously went into a beautiful sleep. who said its not good to cure conji. not until i heard a soft knock on the door and saw my phone light dimming i checked my phone and saw 3missed calls from chinwe.

    Episode 8

    my heart skipped a beat as i practically sprang up from bed, my heart was thumping hard against my chest threatening to reap it open. “which kind wahala be this na” i cursed under my breathe. i was breathing hard and tiny beads of sweat were beginning to run down my body even tho it was somehow cold. its not that am in love with any of these girls i just dont want anybody creating a scene in my room or receiving unwanted slap and curses, and as u know na it will means i will start looking for new pussys which i no even get time for now make i just deh manage d one i get. but seems both of them are about to be ripped from me now. i looked down at doris who was sleeping naked deeply on my bed with her whole body glowing under the light of the electric bulb. the view of her naked hot body gave me a hard on, i was jolted back to consciousness when i remembered my predicament and that was when i realized i too was naked. i hastily slipped into my boxer and covered doris naked body wif my bed spread as i shakily headed towards d door.
    i cracked d door open expecting the worse. GUY WETIN DEH DO U NA I BEEN DEH HIA DEH KNOCK SINCE i heard a loud barriton voice say. d--n it was ajebo. my friend staring at me… i couldnt speak i gave a loud sigh of relief as i smile. IDIOT NA BY THIS TIME DEM DEH COME PERSON HOUSE??? i defended. i noticed a gul behind him and knew he myt have hooked up wif a gul at d party and since he shares a room wif 5 other guys in the main lodge decided to come n f--k her in my room.
    ajebo gave me naughty look as he dragged me into d room, he saw doris on my bed sleeping and one kind evil smirk filled his face and at the same time a little pinch of disappointment. GUY I WAN COME ARRANGE THIS GUL FOR UR ROOM OO BUT I SEE SAY U DEH BUSY. he intoned wit a whisper. GUY U DON SEE AM NA, BUT WAIT MAKE I ARRANGE ANOTHER ROOM FOR U NOBODY DEH USE AM BUT NA MAT U GO USE OOO” i sed mockingly. NO PROBS GUY I WAN CURE CONJI JAREE he replied. just den doris turned in my bed and i noticed a change of expression on ajebo’s face as he looked stunned and surprise “JESUS, NA DORIS EWOO DIS GUL WEH DEH FORM SAY HER PARTS NO DEH FOR MARKET NA IM U DEH F--K??? … HAHA SHUT UP IDIOT COMOT HERE , GO THAT ROOM THERE GO CRASH THERE(pointing at d room just opposite mine) i said wif a evily smile eyeing d gul dat was patiently waiting for us outside.
    ajebo left but not before giving me a slap on my back. i went back to my bed locking the door behind me.
    i and doris had 2more rounds of hot sex before day break after which i collapsed on my bed exhausted and satisfied.

    Episode 9

    exams went on smoothly as i made my money without much stress just write and get paid. i only had two problems at school ; one was a student and the other was a corper. both of them females.. no wonder they say woman na witch lol.
    about the student she is one of the original students from d school, u know all dis kinda neat intelligent guls dat always wear small glasses deh form. she was actually the deputy senior prefect of the school and i think one of the most intelligent. her seat was just two seats away from mine in the exam hall and i winsh i could just change the seat cus the gul would always keep giving one evil look like that **look at dis fool type of look** she is pissed off at d fact dat many students actually relied on me for answers and that i collected money. small pikin wetin she know about waec and its troubles. this was her first time writing waec na. u know that kind secondary school feeling we all have na I GO PASS THIS WAEC ONE TIME. anyway things got so bad at a time that she even snap at anything i do or say. their was a day she flared up and was like WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ? WHAT DO YOU EVEN KNOW SEF. MTCHEEEW JUST FORMING NONSENSE HERE IDIOT… aah aah guys were like wetin tallest do this gul na. me on my own part just bone am na small pikin she be.
    mathematics day arrived. i got up by 7am and prepared for school. u go fear maths na. i enter school before 8am in readiness for the maths. i knew this was one of the main reasons i was here and shouldn’t take it lightly. students were hanging around some even deh read. smh reading mathematics for exam day, even devil sef deh laugh u.
    the exam started as always but with a new fear and anticipation. i just package my self managed to answer 6 out of 10 questions then cunningly manipulated the remaining 4 with the help of a key point text book. but i made sure i do am codedly ooo bcus this students weh deh see me like say i know everything i go just loose business if dem catch me key point. i finished my paper to my utmost relief i went over it like countless time den surveyed d hall. d whole scenario was wreaking of chaos. 90% of the students were running here and there copying answers anywhere they can find it. the invigilator was just seating unconcerned with a plate of fried rice and chicken on his table. a black fat looking man wearing an old pair of glasses. haaa u go fear niger na. my eyes went round d hall expecting business anytime until i was caught up by the most unlikely view. someone was just seated moping around without writing. it was d gul.. i took a closer look and saw that her answer sheet was near to empty she no even write anything. ” i think say dis winch no know everyfin, she go write maths today tire. *smh** her pride wont even let her get up and hussle for answers like d odas, she wan save face among her class mates” i muttered to myself. i got up nd slowly walked up to her and gently tapped her on the back “what??? she shouted at me. i boned pretend say no be me she tell am. “why are u not writing” i gently asked. “and what business of urs is that??? she hurles back to my utmost dismay. i was pissed off.. what da bleep does dis gul fink she is. i just left her there with anger clearly visible on my face. “if she want make she fail wetin concern me, na dis gul ego go soon kill am” i cursed under my breathe i walked away in anger. back to my seat i tried occupying my mind with other things so i can just ignore the idiot but my yeye eyes still deh carry me go deh look am. she was in dire need how could i seat here and watch this gul fail like that evn tho she is a big jerk. i couldn’t hold it any longer. i got up headed straight to her seat grabbed her paper and went straight back to my seat. she just sat their suprised but did not make a move. i went back to my seat and started writing for her to the detriment of one asaba guy that paid me 1k to write his. i copied down all my answers to her correct or not e no concern me. i finished returned her paper to her and went off. i rounded up for the day, passed my paper and went out of the hall. after the exams i was sitting in front of the school canteen eating buns and coke as i saw her heading towards the gate which was just beside the canteen. she was looking at me as she approached den rolled her eyes and passed went outside d gate n headed home wards.
    “this gul na pure arrogant idiot” i cursed. anyway no bad i just help her to satisfy my conscience; i assured my self
    the next day was geography day, i watched movies the previous night till 2am in the morning before i reluctantly shut down my system and went to sleep. it was a seasonal film called iris, i was so engrossed in the film that i forgot i had geography.
    day break, i could faintly hear hens quaking and the little chicks chipping merrily in reply. was hearing what sounded like my name as i sleepishly opened my eyes. nonso was tapping me furiously TALLEST WAKE UP YOU WONT GO TO EXAM TODAY??? i took another sleepish glance at him, he was already clad in the school uniform of red and white. i quickly checked d time on my phone it was 9:15.. chisoos i shouted as i sprang up from my bed and made to get my towel and brush. PLEASE LOCK THE WHOLE HOUSE WHEN YOU ARE THRU nonso instructed as he briskly walked to school. i managed to get ready before 9:35, hastily locked the whole house and flew out of the compound. i hitched a bike so as to get to school no later than possible. i knew the exam has already started and going in now the invigilator will certainly notice i was bearing a female name and that one na casting. i jumped down from the bike, squeezed a 50naira note into the bike’s man waving hand and dashed into the school compound with lightening speed.
    inside the school compound, the environment was serene, students were hanging here and there, some reading geography text book, while others were gisting. you could see couples here and there engrossed in what ever they were talking about. i scanned my eyes thru the compound and saw nonso. TALLEST NA NOW U DEH COME? U ARE LUCKY THE MUMU INVIGILATOR NEVER SHOW he blurted out. HAHAHA NA AFRICAN TIME THINX NA i laughed out. “God bless Africa” i muttered to myself as i made for the canteen to arrange eating stuff. i bot a bottle of pepsi from the canteen, sat down under an isolated mango tree at the left flank of the school and was sipping my pepsi as i chat on whatsapp.
    WHY DID YOU DO IT. i heard a female voice ring. i removed my gaze from my phone as i looked upon a female figure standing in front of me. it was that witch of a gul. my brain started taking her exquisite figures. she was tall, with a beautifully built Genevieve’s type of figure. her face was angelic, round a-s that crashed on the tight school skirt she was wearing, firm bossom that actually showed sign of uprightness. i could swear if you remove her bra those bossoms will still stand as it was. i took a sheepish glance at her, pretended she was not talking to me and continued with my chat acting as if i was chatting with bill gates. she dumped her self at my side seating on another root running beside the one i was seating on. AM SORRY she intoned. FOR WHAT??? i rudely asked. FOR MY ATTITUDE TOWARDS YOU she answered meekly.. ITS NOTHING, I HOLD NOTHING AGAINST YOU AND PLEASE DONT CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS ME BECAUSE I HELPED YOU, I JUST DID IT TO SATISFY MY CONSCIENCE i preached to her as i got up and left her there. as i was walking i can swear i could feel her gaze was on me even tho i was backing her. my head come deh swell as i begin deh feel like oga at the top?
    after the exam, she approached me again and apologized again, i didnt want to be rude again so i cooled down and we got talking. she told me her name was chidimma, last child in a family of 5 she was the only person still living with her parents and they were from that town and lived there too. that i could have guessed because when she wasn’t speaking english while we talked i could make out her igbo was a mixture of central Igbo and their local dialect. we talked for a while then i saw my lodge mates waving at me signalling its time to go. i bed her farewell and ran along to meet them.
    WETIN YOU AND THAT WITCH DEH TALK ABOUT? loco mocked . NOTHING O JUST GETTING FAMILIAR. i replied. CAREFUL O THAT GUL HATE YOU DIE SHE FIT POISON YOU. loco came again as we all laughed. NA YOU SHE GO POISON i defended as we made our way home.

    Episode 10

    The rest of the week went uneventfully. i had no paper for the rest of the week and just spent most of the days in my house. chinwe made sure i didnt lack food and p**$y, that girl is heaven sent she sometimes even wash my clothes. i kept my distance with Doris i didn’t want chinwe to find out i have ever had anything to do with her. i liked chinwe more so i kept her close.
    Sunday afternoon, we came back from church and started cooking stewed rice, we use to cook sunday lunch generally and so we all contribute for it.
    i was just lying down in my room as stone who was the best cook amongst us was arranging the stew. the Sunday was hot and the sun was harshly shinning as if its a competition between it and another star. TALLEST!!! i heard my name being yelled out. am sure it was nonso judging from the voice. YES WETIN BE THAT, FOOD DON DONE? i asked.. HAHAHAHA NA YOUR MAMA DONE IDIOT, COME COOK AM NA U DEH INSIDE ROOM DEH ASK WEDA E DON DONE… ABEG COME OUT HERE PERSON DEH LOOK FOR YOU. nonso teasingly mocked. THUNDER FIRE YOU THERE MUGU.. i fired back as i stood up to go see who is looking for me.
    my mind was wondering who that could be, it cannot be chinwe she would walk straight into room, or is it doris? no she too would knock on my door. my curiosity was taking the much as i hurriedly wore my trouser and t-shirt and went outside. i got to the extreme part of the compound where nonso mentioned she was waiting for me. as i approached, i could make out the girl was wearing a pink top and jean trouser. woow those long legs are killing, she was actually backing me as i approach, she turned round when i was still half way to the spot… What??? Is this….? No it cannot be…How did she..uhm??? my mind raced as i come faced with chidimma now beaming wit smiles as i approached.
    HOW DID YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE??? i asked immediately on getting to the spot. IS THIS WELCOME THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO TELL ME?? she asked wit smiles. ANYWAY HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT THIS IS MY VILLAGE she added.
    i shrugged and notioned her towards my room, she followed me as we both headed into my room.
    i bot malt for her and we talked till just a little after twilight.
    maybe this gul is not that bad as i made her out to be” i thought to myself as i headed home from seeing her off. anyway shaaa time will tell.

    Episode 11

    “HAHAHAHAHA OLODO NA U GO FIRST CHOP THE POISON” i said laughing… this guys shaa dem no go kill me.
    On our agric day i refused to contribute the #300 they collect every exam day to settle the invigilators. how i go still pay for common agric ni if i don write maths finish. na only english and chem i go pay for again” i decided within myself.
    when the corpers found out i refused to pay they flared up like knock out, especially the female one weh no deh take eye see me. wetin concern me kwa i just bone.
    the female corper made sure she did everything possible to frustrate me during the exam. she made sure i wrote for nobody and that nothing like expo came my way. i just ignore am *agric ko even native doctor fit write am na mtcheeeeeew*
    the female corper kept on eyeing me wickedly..u go fear angry woman na… she kept on monitoring my movements and making unpleasant remarks the most frequent being WOMAN WRAPPER. hahahahaha i wonder y dis gul just brand me woman wrapper like that, maybe she has noticed the flirty eyeing i use to eye her… hehehehe naughty me.
    after the exam i waited for the after exam commotion to quiet down before i approached the corper.
    CORPER EXCUSS ME i said walking briskly towards her. YES WHAT IS IT she said with a cold look. she was a yoruba girl, by my guess she must be in no older than 22. i guess she must be one of those lucky ones that get admission immediately after school. she was dark complexioned like taribo west kinda black buh her face was too beautiful and her shape was surely mercy Johnson’s category from both the front and back perspective. d--n this Yoruba guls shaa de make sense.
    I JUST WANTED TO ASK Y U ALWAYS SNAP AT ME, HAVE I DONE ANYTHING WRONG TO U? i asked wif all seriousnes. NO JUST THAT YOU ARE TOO STURBORN AND BELA BLA BLA… i took time to engage her in a full time conversation and we introduced ourselves.. her name was bisi from ondo state.. i told her i was an engineering student at the university of Nigeria nsukka that i was in my level 300 and that i sponsor myself thru school by doing exam runs. that i write waec and gce for people to get enof school to pay for my stuffs. i could see she now have a different kind of respect for me. i wasn’t actually a student like she thought, i was an under graduate struggling to see myself thru school.. hehehehe nice lie .
    I SHOULD GET GOING I NEED TO GO AND COOK i announced. SO U CAN COOK??? she asked amusingly. OFCUS NA UNLESS NA YORUBA DISHES i joked. HAHAHAHA MAYBE ONE OF THESE DAYS I WILL COME AND MAKE SOME YORUBA FOOD FOR U she added… LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT DAY i replied… i left her and returned home. i announced to my lodge brothers that i was going to screw corper bisi. dey all laughed. idiot fink bisi na all doz small small guls u deh f--k anyhow. dey mocked. i just bone dem.
    the thought of bisi just kept on popping into my head sometimes invaded by chidinma’s or chinwe. i took another glance at my fone displaying bisi’s number boldly saved as BISI. i nodded and smiled to myself. with the kind respect this gul now has for me i think am actually gonna get somewhere. only time!!!

    Episode 12

    Saturday morning, i woke up from the wrong side of the bed, having gone out with the guys the night before we killed ourselves wit booze and beer and i had gone to bed very tipsy and h---y with an unbearable headache. i woke up in the morning after a sleep that felt like working all thru the night. i was having terrible hangover and their is nothing we all hate about booze if not the hangover in the morning.
    i sluggishly got up from bed with my head terribly knocking in a bid to rip open. i hissed as i groaned in pain. i hurriedly made some very hot cocoa drink to see it can help make me feel better, it actually helped a little.
    this is weekend and i have many things to do, wash my clothes, clean my room, wash pots and still have no idea wat i was going to eat for breakfast talk more of lunch.
    i just laid on my bed tired over nothing with an annoyingly persistent headache. “thunder fire alcohol” i cursed under my breath. “am Neva gonna drink that s--t again” we all know thats a lie, i mean all of us make that promise all th time. am i right???
    my phone rang and i lazily picked it. chidinma school was boldly written on the screen of my tecno phantom A. i hissed and answered.
    chidinma: WAS OK… ARE U AT HOME?
    me: YES
    chidinma : OK AM ON MY WAY
    the line went dad and it dawned on me chidinma is coming here. i took a tired look around my room, it was unkept. clothes littered the floor and my dishes were dirty. i was too tired to muster any emergency clean. i lay there weak and angry at myself for drinking.
    according to my estimation, it wasn’t up to 30minutes before chidinma got to my house. knocked on my door and pushed d door open at the same time. i looked up with a weak smile on my face which she replied with a look of surprise on hers.
    JOHN WATS WRONG, Y IS UR ROOM SO UNKEPT? she asked with concern. I AM NOT FEELING WELL i said. she moved closer and touched my fore head asking WHATS WRONG WITH U?…AM JUST NOT FEELING WELL. i said closing my eyes and resting my head down on the bed. she got up and started arranging my room, packing the clothes and washed the dishes. HAVE U EATN ANYTHING. i hard her ask again… NO NOT YET i said wit my eyes still closed. i could hear her scampering stuffs in my cupboard and i knew she wanted to cook something for me.
    what exactly is this gul playing at??? my mind kept acting.. isn’t this the same girl that despised me.??? why is she now coming to close. this girl is really turning out to be a blessing to me… y am i even thinking like this. no matter how good she turns out now, she is a bleeping b---h.. dats all i said to dismiss my invading thoughts of her

    Episode 13

    chidinma made me a delicious indomie garnished with egg, tomatoes, sardine. i ate with much gusto after which i took panadol.
    THANK YOU FOR UR KINDNESS DEAR i said eyeing her..she just smiled and tapped my back. i felt better… we washed my clothes together, she tidied my room and pots… i was so happy, this girl just saved me a whole lot of house work.
    we went out for a walk. she took me around d village, the village hall, the village stream where we had a little swim there, from there we went to other places, she even showed me her house and other stuffs. we had fun walking round the village, stopping one or two places to visit her friend or something.
    we entered a bar where we ate pepper soup and agidi with malt, then she went home and i went to mine.
    i got home exactly by 6pm, hungry and tired. my guys were just looking at me with much surprise written all over their faces.
    WHO COULD TELL THAT TALLEST AND THIS GIRL WILL ACTUALLY BE CLOSE LIKE THIS nonso intoned..LEAVE JOHN, HE GO SOON SEE WIII gozie added. IDIOTS!!! I yelled as i walked past them heading straight to my room to crash, i was tired and happy.
    crashing down on my bed, my brain started playing a replay of everything that happened during the day. i smiled as i remembered swimming with her. i actually had a hard on but the river couldn’t let her see it cus i my waist down was under the water, but my hard d**k clearly bulged in my pants as we swam…who go blame me na, swimming with a sexy gul nawa o am not a catholic priest na.
    i was still lost in the oblivion of my sweet thoughts wen i heard my fone ringing from a distance dat sounded like jupiter. i jolted out of my ecstatic thought and picked up my phone. it was chinwe she wanted me to come over to the main lodge. i tiredly got up and left for the main lodge. “y exactly is this b---h disturbing me nw na” i mumbled as i went down there. i got to the main lodge, sat down at a isolated part of the corridor which served as an abode for couples. some of which with raging hormones would make out there.
    chinwe was looking hot, adorning a beautiful jean short and white top. we talked and laffed, she would steal kisses from me sometimes. lol.
    my phone rang again, i looked at it CHIDINMA SCHOOL was boldly written on the screen. i could tell chinwe saw it judging from the changed expression on her face. how is that my business???
    i talked with chidinma for barely 30seconds she just wanted to know if i was home already.
    i continued my talk wit chinwe who was talking as if tomorrow no deh, telling stories aftee stories. my phone beeped and i hastily looked at my phone screen. it was chidinma… hmmmm wat culd be dis guls problem, if na call me sms eehn na thunder go fire am* my heart cursed i opened the message.. it read:
    JOHN I CANNOT CONTROL THE YEARNINGS OF MY HRT, MY HRT YEARNS FOR YOU AND YOU ALONE, I LOVE YOU JOHN…..dagaaan !!! the message rang in my mind as i re-read it like countless times. this gul has fallen in love with me?? choi thats really a big deal. i closed the message and tried to get back to my discussion with chinwe but i couldn’t. the message kept on ringing on my mind, chinwe noticed how distracted i was and tried to put me back online with a sudden kiss.
    after a while i excused myself as i made to go home. i will reply this message when i get home, but am not really sure what my reply would be….

    Episode 14

    i entered my room, it was pitch dark “nepa don do dia own”. i switched on my electonic LED lamp, slipped out of my clothes and slumped on the bed shutting my eyes for a while. then something occurred to me, i haven’t replied the message. i reached for my phone and opened the message again. read it like 10 more times..
    “there is no doubt this gul is really in love with me. but LOVE!!! that’s huge am not here to fall in love, I’m here to bleep and not to enter into anything serious with anybody”. but chidinma is beautifully sexy, i have fantasized many times about having her beautiful slim figure naked in my arms with me thrusting ruggedly. i have jerked off at this thought… the light from my phone glowed on my face giving it a silvery whitish spark. i read thru d message again then i typed a reply.
    ITS AMAZING HOW THE WORLD WORKS, AMAZING HOW STRANGERS BECOME DEAR TO US, AMAZING IS THE NEEDS OF OUR HEART. MY HEART NEEDS YOU… I LOVE YOU…… i hesitated before pressing the send button… what dah f--k are u doing john, love is a big deal… nooo this gul done enter ur hand fully just play ur game well and enjoy… these thoughts filled my heart until i heard my phone beep again.. i knew it was chidinma… the messgae read FROM TODAY I PLEDGE MY HEART TO YOU…I LOVE U JOHN… i smiled as i read thru it.. hehehehe this small pikin don fall totally in love ooo… very good.
    i called her, she picked my call but i could tell she was happy and shy… hahaha it was so obvious. we talked extensively before saying good night with the normal I LOVE U weh supoz follow am and she promised to come the next day.
    i couldn’t sleep thru out the night, i had many thoughts surging thru my mind like waves of water on a beach. she is coming tomorrow i was both happy and optimistic about it. the next morning i excitedly woke up, brushed my teeth and did some chores… i was singing as i
    washed plates and tidied my room, i knew the guys knew somefin was up cus they all had that kind amused look on their faces. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME TALLEST WOKE UP AND START DOING CLEAN UP josh asked with silly smiles on his face. AM SURE HE IS EXPECTING A GUL loco chipped in… i looked up wif smiles.. IDIOTS UNA NO GO MIND UNA BUSINESS??? HAHAHAHAHA MUMU DEM i caused teasingly… we all laughed. i arranged my room carefully and slowly had a hot bath cus the morning was cold. i was whistling as i bathed picturing all i had in mind.
    9am i had a sumptuous breakfast of rice and stew i made that morning.
    i put on a black pencil jean that would be easy to pull off, spread perfume all over my room and made my bed well.. then i laid on my bed awaiting her coming.
    10am she was here yet,
    12pm i called and she said she would be coming by 1pm. i needed to while away time. i played games on my phone, read some forgotten books but none could save me from the boredom. after what seemed like eternity i checked my phone and it was 1:30pm, ok maybe she will he here before 2pm i assured myself.
    3pm she wasn’t there yet but i knew she would come.. 4pm i was already fuming with small anger. this gul is not coming gan after all i prepared.
    wait is that a knock on my door? noo maybe… come i think someone is knocking… haaa its already obvious someone was at the door. i hurried up and went straight to the door. usain bolt cant beat the speed, i pulled the door open with reckless reflex wit a broad smile all over my face. GUY THIS ONE U DEH SMILE LIKE THIS i heard a male voice… haaaa it was ajebo… why would ajebo always do this kind thing na.. mtcheeew i hissed loudly with the look on my face changing from broad smile to obvio frown. HAHAHAHAHA THE GUL DON DISAPPOINT YOU ajebo shouted cracking his ribs open with laughter. his laughs tore my heart into shreds, i walked into my room banging my door behind as he laughed away wif his stomach in his hands.
    my face turned red as i fell on the bed.. causing under my breathe. i continued checking the time. 5:46pm haaa she is not coming anymore.. if dis yeye girl call me again eeehn mtcheeeeeew i hissed as i went into an angry sleep.

    Episode 15

    waking up, my vision was a little bit blurred, my head hurting, and twitching. i was tired and thirsty, the electric bulb was shining brightly giving my room a yellowish glow. is someone sitting beside me??? i opened my eyes wide and chidinma was seated calmly on my bed.. my hurting head vanished immediately as she threw her arms warmly around me.. my face beamed with smiles, but wait what da bleep am i doing? i am supposed to be angry at this girl, why dah bleep am i smiling like a christmas goat na.. JOHN PLEASE AM SO SORRY, MY MUM TOOK ME ALONG TO MY AUNTY’S PLACE, AM SO SORRY FOR KEEPING YOU WAITING her soft angelic voice rang into my ear. my heart sank immediately, was i even angry??? lol…
    chidinma held me tight for another 2minutes before leaving me. i looked out of the window and it was pitch black, my gazed at my phone and it was 8:45pm… wait which day be this exactly i asked myself again…i checked the date again, hahahahaha so i take vex sleep for almost 3hours.
    DINMA YOU KNOW ITS LATE, AREN’T YOU GOING TODAY??? i asked praying silently for her to say she will sleep over. NO AM NOT GOING TODAY, I TOLD MUM I WILL SLEEP AT MY GIRL FRIENDS HOUSE she said mildly… haaa i nearly do that kind football celebration weh dem deh slide for field. i took her face in my hands and smiled looking directly into her eyes.. our eyes met and i could feel her heart was beating fast, her eyes glowed, i could see a lot of love in these eyes. this girl is seriously in love with, i have never seen this type of affection in doris or even chinwe. i slowly brought my lips to her with my right on her cheeks and my left hold her left hand tightly, she was shivering as our face came close. our lips locked in an angelic kiss, the passion in the kiss was much, our tongues met as she s----d on my upper lip then my lower lip.. i slowly laid her on the bed. our lips still locked together. her hands were recklessly caressing my back. i took my kiss to her ear lobes and s----d gently on it and her eyes shut tight. i slowly brought my lips down to her neck, kissing, suckling and nibbling away at it. he shivers were becoming more noticeable and her mouth slightly open letting out little moans. i lifted her top and she was left with a white lacy bra which barely covered her b----t. i attacked the bossom as i undid the strap of her bra. i think i have feelings for this girl, no maybe not that I’m in love with her but i could tell she was special and is starting to occupy a special place in my heart as well which i hated.
    the bra came off and i could see those n-----s i have fantasized about many times. her bossom was firm as i imagined. wow what a beauty. i went to work on her bossoms, sucking and squeezing simultaneously. i nibbled at her n-----s giving her soft bites and sucking. i slowly traced my way down to her waste as i pulled off her black pencil jean trouser which she adorned. she had a white flimsy pant on which wasn’t enough to cover everything. i rubbed her p**sy thru the pant and she jerked and a little moan escaped her mouth. i removed the pant entirely and then started kissing down from her bossoms to her stomach and belly button then down to her thighs. i kissed her inner thighs almost touching her labia majora with my tongue, i could see her eyes were shut tight, i slowly took my lips to the promise land, licking and kissing her k---y-kat as vigorous as possible. she was sqimming and whimpering. i slurped and licked at the c--t channeling my energy towards it. moans of ecstasy were escaping freely from her vocal cavity.
    i teased the c--t with my tongue lick in an up and down motion and side ways motion. she grabbed my head and pushed down into her k---y as her thighs came crashing together against my heading, her hips bucked and her teeth clenched. i knew she was cuming and i licked her c--t more to give her all that beautiful feelings that comes with it. she removed my head as she recovered from her o----m. i brought my lips up to mouth and our lips locked again in a kiss more explosive than others. **advice to guys: if a gul cant kiss u after sucking her then she doesn’t even trust her own p**sy neva try it again** her tongue explored my tongue as i sub consciously yanked off my polo t-shirt i had on. i stood up and freed myself my my trousers and boxer. grabbed one condom from my bag. she took my d--k in her hands and started stroking furiously, then brought her mouth and engulfed my d--k with it. it felt warm and wet. she s----d with much vigor, could tell she was a novice, maybe am even the first she sucking cus probably the first to give her head. she was a novice but yet it was pleasurable. my hormones couldn’t let me wait for her to finish her novice sucking. i slowly laid her on the bed, spread her legs and took my now condomized d--k to the beautiful land. she was incredibly tight, maybe too tight, but her k---y was dripping wet as my d--k stretched her k---y. she gasped and held my a-s inching me deeper. i started thrusting slowly at first then slowly increased my tempo just as i had fantasized. ” i fink am in love with this girl” i hissed under my breathe as the pleasure her k---y gave my d--k engulfed my body. taaaa u are in love with her k---y! my wicked mind corrected. i beckoned her up as i had her turn with her a-s facing me perfectly and i entered from behind. “s--t!!! i caused under my breathe as i began thrusting wildly and hard. d--n k---y too good. i could feel my o----m building and it gave me new desires. my thrusts became long and hard, she was the while calling my name in a most beautiful way. my whole body quaked, shook
    and melted as my d--k erupted. my spine went numb as i experience one of the best orgasms of my life.
    i removed the condom and she fell on the bed, i could tell her legs were weak. i smiled as i took her in my arms. we lay there naked in each others arms.
    I LOVE YOU she said looking directly into my eyes.
    I LOVE YOU TOO i heard myself say. i kissed her fore head as we slipped under my blanket and went to sleep stark naked in each others arms.

    Episode 16

    GOOD MORNING MY LOVE a beautiful voice woke me up, i opened my eyes slowly adjusting to the bright golden sunlight that filled the room. chidinma was smiling down at me, she was wearing just my big polo t-shirt which barely covered pass her a-s, i could see under the shirt from my lying position and my eyes fed on the pink panties she now wore.. she was prepared oo even carry personal effects come … chai this girl is beautiful’ my heart rang. BABY YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL THIS MORNING i said with a smile.. she bent low and rewarded me with a kiss. i slipped out from under the blanket and was still on my birthday suit. i wore a basketball short and made to brush my teeth.
    BABY CORPER BISI CALLED chidinma’s voice met me as i entered my room after brushin my teeth. “what dah bleep? corper bisi chisooos ooo dis yeye yoruba corper wan spoil my show for me ooo” i was clearly alarmed but i kept my cool. WHAT DID SHE SAY SHE WANTED i asked trying to act as normal as possible so she wont decode anything.
    NOTHING O I JUST TOLD HER YOU ARE NOT AROUND AND THE LINE WENT DEAD she replied with a questioning look on her face. OKAY MAYBE ITS BECAUSE OF HER CHEMISTRY BOOK I BORROWED i said with a shaky voice.
    chidinma carried on with what she was doing, preparing breakfast. i sat on my bed thinking whether to call bisi back or not.
    what if she asked me who picked my call what will i say?
    but i have nothing going on with bisi she cant ask me that, i assured myself.
    but why exactly is bisi calling me this early morning???
    question for the gods.
    chidinma prepared custad and beans, we ate happily, chatting and joking over the food. i totally forgot all the other girls bisi, doris and chinwe.
    what am i doing with this girl? if i dont cut this when its still young it might escalate into something too serious. but no this girl is an angel, no i mean she was a b---h before but this one in front of me is totally different and loveable, i cant fall inlove na am here to enjoy myself i kept on reminding myself but looking directly at this angel in front of me i might have to rethink that.
    later in the day, my lodge mates filled my room as we played whot and ludo. making noises and cracking jokes. chidinma just clicked with the boys as she played and laughed with them. i for one was happy but yet couldnt help a pinch of jealousy when i notice how the boys would steal small glances at her body and smile evily. i knew they think am a lucky son of a b---h to be bleeping this beauty in a girl.
    my phone beeped and it turned out to be a whatsapp message from bisi. it clearly read: JOHN I CALLED YOU THIS MORNING AND A GIRL PICKED UR CALL WHO WAS THAT??? nawa oooo what is this girl thinking, which kind jamb question be this na. i could detect a lot of jealousy from the message and it made me smile.
    SHE IS JUST A FRIEND OF MINE i replied via whatsapp.
    WHAT WAS SHE DOING IN UR HOUSE THIS EARLY MORNING? came another message almost immediately.
    hiaaaaa nawa ooo see me see interogations ooo.
    me >>> YOU BLAME ME???
    bisi>>> YOU FOR CALL ME NA
    me>>> aaah amu sorry i will next time.
    i talked intensively with bisi and managed to set a date with her on tuesday.
    what exactly am i doing, going on a date with bisi, what if chidinma finds out, what about chinwe, doris.. i knew i was entangling myself in a web of problems consorting with all these girls and the consequencies scared the s--t out of me, i knew one day i would be caught in my own game, but not this day moreover the p**sys were worth it so enjoy it while it lasts. my evil side preached as that same evil smile filled my face.

    Episode 17

    chidinma stayed with me till the next morning before going, we had sex like 4more times, in fact this girl was nothing but perfect and was just my type. she was tall, beautiful, with great curves, wonderful a-s and boobs, i on my own part is freaky tall towering at 6’9 that’s why people call me tallest. with a broad shoulder and chest evidence of basketball, have a slim frame but ruggedly handsome as chinwe once told me..hehehehehe not bragging abeg ?? .
    chidinma was just perfect for me, wouldn’t it have been ok to forget all the other girls and concentrate on her?, but i have never been a one girl boy so why would i start now?
    noo i equally cannot fall in love like that!!!
    My date with bisi approached fast and i very much looked up to it, a night before the date i was gisting with my lodge mate, i announced to them that i was going to bleep corper bisi… come see laff.. they all laughed like i have said something funny. IDIOT I SEE SAY U DON CHOP WEED loco intoned amidst laughter. LEAVE AM HE THINK SAY CORPER NA THOSE GIRLS HE DEH BLEEP ANYHOW pascal supported. GUYS BELIEVE ME, I EVEN HAVE A DATE WITH HER TOMORROW i added pleadingly. the second round of laugh was even worse than the first round.. DATE KWA ?? IN UR DREAMS!!! loco chipped in…
    my heart sank i just wish they would believe me, we all were play guys most of them even bleep more p---y than me but they never thought about corper bisi, somehow they all thought she was high above us, but not me all i see was a young girl on khaki.
    i left them alone and closed the topic when i saw they would never believe me, the only that will change things now is when i bleep bisi…
    the next day( date day) i woke up and did some clean up on my room hoping maybe i would manage bring her home.
    i couldn’t wait for evening, was constantly checking the time. we had agreed to meet by 5pm.
    4pm i had a cold bath, brushed ma teeth and you know na pimped well. rocked my black pencil jean and all stat shoes with a nice versarc t-shirt..
    i went down to amaobodo center which was the center of commerce in the village and our agreed meeting point.
    i got there just almost immediately she called telling me she was there, she described her location and i found her.
    she was wearing a pink long gown, her bossoms were really struggling to escape thru d opening on d top, a lot of cleavage but you know na, we know na push up bra deh help guls package booby.
    i got her, took her face in my hands YOU LOOK STUNNING…
    WOW THANK YOU she replied visibly blushing.
    I JUST FEEL LIKE KISSING YOU NOW i teased… she laffed and slapped my chest. HAHAHA YOU KNOW WELL she fired FOR PUBLIC?
    I just love her cute queens english mixed with a little yoruba accent.
    we entered a bar and had a drink and pepper soup, talked extensively and a lot of flirting and almost kiss…lol
    we walked a bit around the village and then i took her home exactly 8pm.
    JOHN THANK YOU I REALLY ENJOYED MY DAY.. she said as we stood directly in front of her house.
    I ENJOYED IT TOO, THO I WOULD AV ENJOYED IT MORE IF I GOT TO KISS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I EVER SAW i teasingly intoned.. i could see her face beaming wif smile even wen d environment was peach black.
    she hugged me tight and held on for a long time, i brought ma face down immediately as she looked up and our lips found each other. it was a long energetic kiss and i slowly savored the wonderful feeling.
    i bid her good night and went home with a heart full of rejoicing and a sense of fulfillment but deep down a little fear of what i am into.
    just on getting to my door my phone beeped and it was a message from her I AM AT PEACE WHENEVER AM AROUND YOU, NEVER FELT THIS WAY BEFORE. I LOVE U SWEETHRT…
    i smiled at myself, shrugged and entered my room. fell flat on the bed, i managed to type a reply I LOVE YOU TOO. . . as i entered dream land happy and optimistic.
    My relationship with the girls continued, i stayed with bisi in the school after most exams, stopped chinwe from coming to my house, instead visited her. Chidinma would come my house often and stay a day or too, and Doris, i just kept my distance. . . This way everything went well and my relationships with them kept booming, and nobody suspected anybody.
    The party i planned with my lodge mates for the weekend quickly approached, we planned everything , contributed money and equally got a little help from guys in d main lodge. pascal managed to get sound speakers and amp.
    everything was set, tickets for the guys were a bottle of booze, be it wine or spirit, 5 guys collectively would bring a carton of beer, girls were free entry.
    my lodge mates were busy inviting their girls, while i had other plans. i didn’t want to invite chinwe though i feared she might come anyway, neither did i want to invite doris, i knew that one must surely come.
    i had other plans, i wanted to see if i can bleep a new girl at the party, the evil side manifesting.
    chidinma on her own part called and asked to come for the weekend but i lied and told her i would be going to Enugu that Saturday and will be back on Monday.
    The stage was set and the ball was in my court. the party night arrived.
    it was a serene evening, the weather was calm and peaceful, trees were calm. the colourful disco light spinning round the center stage gave the dance floor a colourful radiance over a black scene.
    students were entering in twos or sometimes in groups, most of them girls. the party kicked off by exactly 10pm. there were more drinks that people who were present. . u could see guys handing in some corners, some boozing, while others puffed out smoke from wraps of weed or sticks of cigar, so i thought. in some darker corners you would see some couples seating, some talking, others were busy making out and smooching while some were making movements that you would easily make them out as bleeping.
    i walked thru the crowd with a bottle of Heineken in my hand, wading thru d crowded dance floors as i received hails from the crowd. they were like TALLEST!!! THE TALLEST MAN!!! i come deh form formularity. who said its not good to be tall..hehehehe.
    i sat down as i sipped my drink and watched the dancers, nodding my head to the tune blaring from the speakers.
    SO TALLEST YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME RIGHT???… this voice sounds like, no no let it not be doris, i turned with fluid reflex and lo and behold doris was standing behind me with hands akimbo.
    OH NO GOD NOT HER!!!…….i lamented

    Episode 18

    God please why this girl na…. I gasped
    she came and sat beside me, collected my drink and started downing the content…
    i was not that happy to see her, but looking at her volumptous (is that a word??? lol) sitting inside a pink bum short and a white top that showed much cleavage.. it reminded me of how we met and my raging horniness got more intense.
    i apologized for not keeping in touch, gave her a flimsy excuse which am sure she didn’t buy.
    she stood up and started dancing, rocking her waist like it was twig. i just watched. d--n i need this p---y again” i confessed.
    she started rocking me, grinding her a-s hard on my g---n as she twisted and twirled her waist.
    my d--k got so hard that it threatened to cut, it was throbbing seriously inside my pants, i knew she knew she was doing me bad thing.
    her rocking got intense as she even caressed my laps with her hands as she twerked.
    i couldn’t control it anymore.. i grabbed her boobs in my hands and squeezed so tight that she jerked.. i realized we were still seating in public which brought back some sanity.
    i took her by the hand and led the way out of the party. i couldn’t take her to my room, Vincent a friend of mine was already bleeping someone there.
    my hormones raged as my d--k kept throbbing in my pants.
    i led her to the back of the house, i sat down on a lone back chair, she s-------d me and our lips found each other. our tongues twirled and caressed each other.. her hands were all over me. my lips found her neck as i kissed and squeezed her boobs like tomorrow no deh.
    i took her top off and revealed a pink bra holding the boobs tightly, could tell that bra worked so hard to hold those massive boobs, i freed the bra from its misery as the boobs dangled heavily as i free it. wow i took them in my mouth as i s----d and slurped around the n----e. my hands strayed down to the bum short as i unzipped it and she removed it. i pulled down her panties and took my fingers down to her p---y.. d--n this girl was already as wet as river Niger. i too on my own part was too h---y for any long thing.
    i took off a condom from my pocket, its a party so all guys gat that s--t in their pockets. i slipped it gently on my throbbing d--k which is now standing freely from the zipper space.
    she s-------d me again as my d--k slowly slid into her wet p---y, i closed my eyes and curled my feet as the p---y walls clasped my d--k and gave me utmost pleasure.
    i grabbed her boobs and caressed them while she rode and twirled her a-s as if she was dancing… there was no doubt my d--k was in heavenly bliss from the treatment this girl is giving me.. she kissed and s----d on my tongue with utmost seriousness.. i couldn’t wait any longer, i needed to get off quick. i grabbed her a-s with much force and grinded my d--k into her with speed and roughness. she jerked and moaned a little bit loud. i didn’t care i was close. i slammed hard and harder… my o----m was close and it gave me much enthusiasm to go for it. i rammed her with sweet speed and kept caressing her boobs.
    i could feel an intense wave of pleasure rise from my feet up to my head and down again, my toes curled hard as my eyes shut tight. . . my spine was filled with pleasure as i c-m hard.
    i gently pushed her up, i could tell she hasn’t c-m yet but i don’t care,my main objective has already being accomplished which was just to get off. i kissed her warmly on the lips and whispered. . . its a long night and the party is still young, let go back to the party and we can continue later… she nodded and kissed me again this time long and wet.
    i zipped up my fly with a sense of fulfillment, i went back to the party, could hear her wear back her clothes, and i smiled mischievously to myself… i knew i have ignited a fire in her which we would extinguish later in my room. it wasn’t what i planned for the night but this night have proven to the what we call. SO FAR SO GOOD.

    Episode 19

    i went back to the party, Doris came back some minutes later and resumed her dancing and rocking with guys.
    i on my own part tried to start up conversations with some random girls in the party. so far the party was rocking and thrilling.
    i watched girls dance and twerk, bouncing their huge assets like pros. i could also see some with flat a-s shaking an invisible a-s they think they have… chai smh.
    my ringing tone jolted me out of my state of surveillance. i turned my gaze to my phone as the name chinwe clearly displayed on my screen.
    what exactly is she calling me for.???
    chisoooos… chinwe in the party??? what dah f--k is she doing here…and the cold tone she was talking wit, am sure someone told her of my meandering with Doris at the party, or could it be she saw me go to the back yard with her?
    my mind was flooded by thoughts.
    i told chinwe my location with a shaky voice, doris was just a few meters away dancing and would look at from time to time and smile.. chai see gobe ooo…
    in a jiffy chinwe was with me, she was not smiling and th expression on her face wasn’t encouraging… “o boy i don enter one chance today be that na”
    CHINWE!! BABY COME AND SEAT DOWN ..i said, forcing out a weak smile.
    she sat down beside me still wearing that long face..
    JOHN WHY ARE U DOING DIS?? she intoned.. “chisooos am busted, my own be am today”
    DOING WHAT??? is said trying to sound confused as i looked at her.
    she asked, i could make out sadness from her voice and face.
    AND WHO WAS THAT GIRL U WENT INSIDE WITH??? daaaang!!! that one rang on my head.
    WHAT WHO TOLD U DAT, DID U SEE ME WITH ANY GIRL? my voice visibly shaking..
    JOHN PLEASE JUST ANSWER MY QUESTION, WHO WAS THAT AND WHAT WERE U DOING WITH HER??? “ewoooo this gul don catch me red handed.
    the expression on her face changed, i could see she has relaxed a bit, dat means she was buying d lie… hehehe d person weh give am info no give am well.
    i used the opportunity to fabricate more lies and flattery garnished with sweet talks.. the beautiful smile God blessed her with returned… my mind relaxed but i still gat that Doris problem…i can still see her glance at me one or two times but it was not a smile now but a look filled with obvio jealousy.
    i didnt even send… i knew she was still thinking i would take her in after the party but i knew it was impossible…
    doris started walking towards me, she left her twerking and rocking and started moving towards i and chinwe..
    “what??… where exactly is d gul going??.. ish she coming here?.. no to do what??? my mind was racing with questions..
    Doris came to where i was, sat on my laps. ” chisooos whats is dis idiot doing” before i could react she planted a hot kissed on my lips and smiled.. omg am dead… i looked at chinwe who was suprised, angy and wif teary eyes nw looking at me. i looked at doris, an evil smile filled her face… chineke m oooo….SEE GOBE!!! ??

    Episode 20

    what type of life be this one na, i came here to write this waec and enjoy myself buh i have now managed to complicate things. what type of thing is this na… i have succeeded in breaking chinwe’s heart and Doris’s too… what type of human being am i, breaking hrts anyhow.. but i never meant to hurt any of them, the crossroads of fate just crashed there last night.
    my thoughts disturbed me as rolled all over my bed, couldn’t sleep as the events of the night filled my mind..
    could still hear the resounding slap chinwe gave to doris, i could still remember the look in her eyes as she turned her gaze towards me, the tears in her eyes, the betrayed trust, the sadness and visible sorrow.. could still see as she left me and ran out of the party. i could see Doris as she pushed me out of the way making her way out of the party too with visible tears trailing down her eyes. . . could see d gaze of many eyes on me, some guys wif glee, some scorn and most pity. i couldnt party anymore, i went inside ma room, asked anoda guy and his girl friend dat nw used ma room as a charlet to vamoos.. i was angry, i was weak and tired of girls. who am i angry at??? was angry at chinwe for showing up at d party cus a bitct told her she saw me wif another girl, i was angry at doris for pulling that kind stupid stunt she pulled, most of all i blamed the bitched dat gossiped d info to chinwe… i wish i knew who she was i would av killed her wif ma bare hands, she caused all dis s--t. i was angry at myself.. y did i get myself involved in dis type of mess in d first place.
    i tried chinwe’s number and got no answer. i kept on trying but she switched her fone off.
    i felt like the ceiling of my room was crashing down on me.
    i was angry at everything and everyone around me.
    “what dah f--k, s--t dis idiots have soiled ma bed sheet wif sperm or p---y juice or any s--t” i sprang up as a wet spot in my bed spread visibly showed. i am never gonna let any stupid idiot wif raging hormones, bleep any girl in dis room” i cursed as i forcibly removed d bed spread from my head as if i was fighting with it.
    6am in the morning i was still sittin at a corner on ma bed, finking abt nothing in particular tho my present predicament made me pity myself…lol.
    my phone rang. maybe it was chinwe i rushed and picked it up… wait what is dis??? the name Doris registered in my mind as i watched it being displayed on ma screen.
    “what does dis b---h still want from me na??? i cursed.. after all d problems she has caused me.
    i cut d call and she called back, i cut it again… “idiot if u like call me 100times am neva gonna pick dis call… i yelled at my fone.
    after abt 30 minutes ma fone rang again.. oooohm dis idiot should just leave me alone na, i looked at my phone and a different name displayed visibly on it. it was bisi.. mtcheeeew i ignored d call, she called like 7more times i just ignored and hummed d song dat served as my ringing tone nodding ma head.
    my phone rang yet another time after bisi finished her own call disturbance, this time around it was chidinma. “why wont dis girls just leave me d f--k alone..” i yelled in my heart.. grabbed my phone and switched it off… i fell back in my bed and tried to force myself to d sleep i couldn’t get in d night.

    Episode 21

    for two days i kept to myself. . . no phone calls and didn’t answer any even tho calls kept on coming especially from chidinma and bisi and a few times from Doris.
    its not that am in love with chinwe, but somehow deep inside i blamed myself for hurting her, she didn’t deserve that. . .
    Monday morning, i rose early from bed, the golden ray of the sun filtered into my room casting a dusty gold beam in my room which had a bright yellow paint.
    i had a cold bath and prepared for school. it was Econs day. i picked my phone and called bisi for the first time in 2days, she snapped at me immediately demanding to know why i have not been picking her calls and never cared to call, i brainwashed her as usual and told her that i had been very sick and it was very serious. n m her angry voice changed to that of concern.
    WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME NA, BABY HOW ARE YOU NOW? she asked wif a lot of care and concern in her voice.
    AM OK NOW, I WILL BE IN SCHOOL SHORTLY . i said faking my voice to sound as sickly as possible.
    i called chidinma and tear her own portion of lie and gave her. i sent an apology text to chinwe and Doris, i fink i owe them that.
    i was feeling a little bit better with myself, what can i do what happened has happened, i will just move on. after all its a beautiful morning and two beautiful women are waiting for me in school.
    i walked to school with my lodge mates, chatting and laughing as we went. the whole world seemed to be new to me and i forgot what happened in the past. **actually it was just two days ago**….
    i met with chidinma in school and bisi later on in the day after exams. chinwe walked past me many times and in school eyeing me and i could swear i caught he rolling her eyes.. doris on her own part was sharp and jovile as always. one can never tell she just had a heartbreak, she obviously was d least affected between the three of us. . d--n i admire that girl’s strong heart. . .
    i needed to find a way and heal chinwe’s broken heart, but let me just free chinwe for now she is obviously still angry.
    i got home, had a sumptuous lunch of rice and beans. i was playing pes2012 on my phone. . . my phone rang, shine bright like a diamond by rihanna blaring thru its tiny speakers… who is dis idiot interrupting my match naaaah!!! now that i don use real madrid trash barca.. i looked at the screen, the name bisi looked back at me.
    BABY PLEASE CAN YOU COME TO AMAOBODOH CENTER NOW, I WANNA GIVE MY BABY A TREAT TODAY ” her voice rang excitedly as i picked the call. . . OK I AM ON MY WAY’ i replied..
    i reluctantly got up.. “everytime this girl will just be disturbing person” i hissed as i made my way to the bathroom.
    i had a quick bath and wore a blue jean with a black ankle shoe and white skin fitted polo. . i rushed down amaobodoh center to meet her.
    i met her in the midst of 3 other girls.. “this girl is mad gan, why she carry me enter in the midst of some bunch of girls na.
    i approached them, masking my contempt with a fake smile.
    HELLO LADIES” i greeted on getting to where they were.
    *so she now even tell friends about me…nawa o** i exchanged pleasantries with the ladies, young fine beautiful girls with big booties and boobies showing a lot of cleavage. *mehn see heaven**
    the girls took me out for a treat, to some eatries i never knee existed in that local government as a whole. bisi never let me out of her sight all thru… i guess she no wan take chances with any of these girls weh deh shine eyes like touch… we had mad fun and i totally forgot all my worries. who wouldnt???
    after everything, the girls went home and i took bisi to her home.
    getting to her house, she opened the door and insisted i must enter her house which i hastily agreed to. .
    the house was peach black, it was 7pm already. the room smelled of strawberry air freshener. she lit a candle and sat down beside me on her bed.
    THANK U FOR THE TREAT BABY, I ENJOYED MY DAY THANKS TO U” I said tilting my face towards her. she smiled shyly and looked me back into my face. i trailed my hands down at d side of her body, my left hand brushing her boobs slightly. my face moved down to hers as our lips locked, she kissed with much gusto and expertise. sucking on my upper and lower lips simultaneously. my hands found her full b----t as i gave it a gentle squeeze. she moaned inside my mouth and she gently lowered her body onto the bed. i kissed down to her neck line as i licked and nibbled on it still squeezing her boobs. her hands subconsciously caressed my back roughly.
    BABY I HAVE TO GET GOING NOW” i said as i broke d kiss and got up from the bed, i could see she was a bit disappointed… BABY ITS GETTING LATE I NEED TO GET GOING” i said again kneeling beside her giving her soft kisses on her lips.
    BABY SLEEP IN MY ROOM TONIGHT PLEASE” she pleadingly said.
    NO BABY I LEFT MY DOOR OPEN PLEASE I NEED TO RUSH HOME NOW.. i countered. OK BABY, BUT I JUST WISH YOU STAYED, I WILL MISS U.. she kissed me deeply one last time before i got up and headed for the door.
    i smiled that evil smile again **teasing thingx, am gonna make this girl run mad with anticipation** i thought to myself as i whistled home. i knew the volcano i have awoken in bisi must erupt soonish…hehehehe am gonna play this ludo till e finish.

    Episode 22

    my days flourished, my relationship with bisi exploded like a bomb.
    she now calls almost every hour, pings me almost everytime even in d mid nights.. chidinma who has been more of a wife figure to me, always advising and cooking for me, sleeping over when ever she is chanced, her company made my life bearable while bisi’s obsession and disturbance made my life unbearably terrible… **hehehehe na who i go blame, na me carry myself put dia**
    tuesday; commerce day, i was not in school cus i was a science student, i knew nothing about that s--t commerce.
    the day was chilly and foggy, dews made the ground and leaves wet and the environment had a humid look. everything was greener today, the bird chipped and sang in the trees. i was lying down in my room, most of my lodge mates were art students so they had all gone to school except for loco, i sometimes wonder how that guy chose
    today was the kind of day i called lazy day.. i am hungry but to get up from this bed na wahala. it made me remember chinwe, this was one of d days she would come over and cook for me and we would spend the whole of the day playing and bleeping. . am sure she was at home now, she is a science student. . . an alien sadness over came me, i felt like calling her but i knew it was futile she might even abuse me. “stupid Doris, unadulterated biatch” i ranted directed to nobody exactly, maybe doris or maybe the unknown girl that gave chinwe the information.
    10am, i was still in bed eating cabin biscuit that i had in my cupboard. shine bright like a diamond rang thru my fone, it was bisi… “ooohm wat is it again today kwa, wont this leave me alone for a while” i cursed under my breathe as i picked the call.
    me: HELLO BABY
    me: OK NA
    choi bisi wan come my house? chai this room dirty abeg.. i sprang up from bed, didn’t know where i take borrow energy, i swept my room, arranged my clothes and bed spread… mehn am very hungry but time no deh.. i sprayed perfume, my teeth deh smell.. i rushed outside ti brush my teeth, hurried over a cold shower tho i nearly died cus d weather was a few degrees centigrate away from freezing point.
    nobody cleans up like a guy expecting a girl. hehehehehhe.
    in less than a jiffy bisi called and announced she was at amaobodoh,
    i took a bike down to amaobodoh, saw her waiting by a kioske.. she was adorning a pink three quarter trouser and white top wif flat slippers..
    “wow baby u look stunning” i complimented on getting der.
    she rewarded me wif a smile and hug… we jumped back onto d bike and headed home…
    on getting to my house, i received a shocker… doris was seated in front of my house obviously waiting for me!!!

    Episode 23

    “God abeg not this witch again”… my heart lamented.
    “BABY PLEASE I WILL RIGHT BACK” i excused myself from bisi as i opened the door to my room and she made herself comfy on my bed.
    WHERE ARE U GOING NA? she asked, eyeing me suspiciously. am sure she knew i had something to do with the girl outside cus she noticed the look on my face as we met her.
    PLEASE AM COMING” i said again not in d mood to face any jamb questions.
    WHAT IS IT U WANT DORIS? i asked almost immediately on getting to where she was.
    JOHN WHAT IS IT WITH YOU AND THIS CORPER SELF, WHAT IS SHE DOING IN UR HOUSE? she countered my question with another, surprise and jealousy written all over her face.
    “DORIS I ASKED U A QUESTION, WHAT DO U WANT? i fired back, obviously displaying my anger.
    JOHN PLS I JUST WANT US TO TALK” she said, and she was surprisingly meek.
    “OK I WILL CALL U WHEN AM LESS BUSY, AS U CAN SEE I HAVE A VISITOR” i tried maintaining my angry voice but the couldn’t. . . she left soon afterwards and i returned to bisi who was expertly inspecting my room and nodding as if she is a waec zonal inspector.
    i was hungry, i cant believe i havent eaten since morning. i quickly arranged my stove and started making indomie.
    she watched me with keen interest.. “HMMMM I NEVER KNEW MY BABY IS A GOOD COOK OO” he commented.. “HAHAHAHA GOOD COOK FOR INDOMIE GAN? i replied trying to sound as yorubaish as possible.
    she got up from my bed and moved towards me just as i brought down the indomie and snuffed out the stove.
    she grabbed me by d waist with both her hands as she turned me a little bit roughly.. grabbed my neck and pulled down my head from my long frame as her lips found mine. “BABY AM HUNGRY” she whispered into my ears. “THE INDOMIE IS READY SWEETHRT” i whispered back.
    “NO, I WANT TO EAT U” came d over sweetly melodious voice.
    it was as if a sudden impulse overtook my joystick as it sprang up to life almost immediately.
    i roughly yanked her head into mine, her tongue twirled and caressed mine in an e----c bliss. we slowly made our way to the bed as she pushed me down onto the bed and jumped squarely on me wif both of her legs at each side and her a-s brutally laying a pleasurable siege on my d--k.
    she dragged off my shirt as her lips attacked my chest and neck with nibbling and shiver-filled kisses. the speed that she went about it was breath taking. she flew off her top and bra and i met her bossoms wif hard squeezing and sucking.. twirling on the n-----s with utmost care.
    her moans sent me head knocking over the bar, those soundtrack can make a man go numb.
    she slowly moved down to my hip region and my belt and trouser came off in a matter of minute, my boxers followed suit and my huge member sprang up to life hard and throbbing. i could see her eyes widen and her hands slowly pulling down her pink three quarter trousers revealing a white slim panties wif tiny pink flower designs and pink edging.. “WOW PINK LADY HUH” i moaned in the heat of the action and she chuckled in reply. her lips slowly engulfed my d--k, sucking on d tip and swallowing as many of its length as possible. my whole body went numb as toe curling pleasure surged thru my body. my fingers sub consciously went to work on her p**$y, teasing her c--t furiously as d wetness filled my fingers. i roughly turned her on her back with her a-s protruding in the air, i condomized my d--k almost immediately as i roughly t----t in with every energy in my body. she jerked hard and her sound tracks returned even more loudly now.
    my t----t became more wild and my hands squeezing her bossom thru d back squeezed even harder.
    her sound tracks were sending me over the edge. my t----t were becoming harder and longer with each passing minute. my o----m was long and intense surpassing what i anticipated.
    i slumped on the bed with her, weak and the hunger came with a thousand forces… “s--t my indomie, it must have gone cold by now”….!!!!!

    Episode 24

    when did i come to this, how did i get to this. turning around on my bed, sad, pitiable, dying, terrible and almost crying.
    i still could not believe what just happened, i still don’t understand how it all happened. the first i remember was chidinma yelling and slumping on the floor crying, bisi pushing me and hitting me on the chest as she wore her clothes and stormed off.
    how did it all come to this??? i knew i was in a tangled web of lust, that i would actually boomerang back to me.
    my mind was still blur over what happened but let me try and remember all i can.
    after my wonderful session with bisi, i hurriedly got up and ate the indomie i made even tho it has gone terribly cold.
    i drank a cup of hot chocolate after that and my strength came back, i took a quick survey of my provisions in the cupboard and it was already near to finishing. i gave a loud hiss, anyway it ok, i only have igbo to write and this exam is finished for good” i assured myself. igbo was only 3days away, my escapades and sexual adventures are about to come to an end and i was a bit happy and sad about it.
    meanwhile i crawled back to bed beside bisi who grabbed hold of me again and we went thru 2more hot sessions of brutal sex which left both of us exhausted and satisfied. i slumped my long 6’9in frame beside her on the bed naked and fully stretched as she moved in her beautiful body of frame of 5’8 into mine as i clasped my arms around her and we both transcended into dreamland happy and weak.
    i was running around in a dark field, a black ferocious dog was closely behind me with gnarling teeth and dripping tongues wreaked with wicked saliva. my legs were heavy and my strides useless as the dog kept gaining on me. i ran as fast as i could muster, trying to shout but i couldn’t. . . i could hear my name faintly from somewhere but where was it? who was calling me and didn’t that person see this dog chasing behind me threatening to rip me apart.
    the voice kept getting stronger as the environment changed, couldn’t see the dog again and the field now what seemed like a room with bright yellow paint. i rubbed sleep off my eyes, gave a loud hiss “thank God i was only dreaming” i felt my body and it was drenched in sweat. i could make out a figure standing just beside my door, with my sleep ridden eyes i turned my gaze towards it and chidinma was standing beside my door with tearful eyes gazing at me.
    with flash reflex i sprang up from bed only to bumped into bisi who was still lying on my bed naked.
    it came back to me that i was naked too as i rushed to wear my long basketball shorts while bisi weakly waked from sleep.
    “jesus, corper??” came a shrieking voice of chidinma who slumped on the floor with hot tears now streaming down her eyes. bisi who looked bewildered all that while couldn’t make out exactly what was happening. my lodge mates were already gathering one after the other in front of my room looking on with dismay and pity. i rushed down to where chidinma was sprawling on the floor with tears trying to get hold of her and explain. towaaaaaiiii came a cracking sound, followed by another and yet another. i stood like a statue as chidinma delivered packages of hot slaps on me.
    bisi on her own part now had a clear picture of what was going on, she has been caught bleeping a guy who was supposed to be her boy friend but turns out had many in the picture, and now she is the cheat and the w---e. what was worse is that it was her own student that caught her with her supposed man or should i say their shared man.
    bisi slowly and neatly wore her clothes and looked me squarely in the eyes. i could make out that “you b-----d” type of look in her eyes. i could hear her broken heart sobbing underneath her massive chest. she tried so hard to hold back the tears but it betrayed her as it ran down her cheeks like a stream, she pushed me as hard as she could muster giving it her best, i only moved a few steps backwards of course but i was sure she intended for me to tumble and fall probably land on my head judging from the kind of strength she used on the push. she walked briskly out of my house, still trying to hold her head high as she scampered thru my lodge mates.
    chidinma was still on the floor sobbing, i moved closer and held her again with “am sorry” escaping my shaking lips. i was met with another hot resounding slap, then she suddenly turned gentle as she took my face in her arms holding it gently, looking directly into my eyes. those looks i recognized filled with genuine affection and fierce love. tears were already threatening to form in my own eyes and chidinma slowly stood up and left my room without another word.
    my face turned pale even tho i was dark complexioned. i stood up as i watched her walk out of the door with my lodge mates moving aside for her to walk thru. i looked at my lodge mates again who didnt even know what to do at the moment, they were all as confused as i was.
    chidinma disappeared out of sight and the guys filled my room with concern written all over them. “johny how did dis haopen” “johny i cant believe u just bleeped corper” came yet another voice which i could swear was loco. that mad man after all that he just witnessed all he cared about was the fact that i just bleeped corper.
    numerous questions and words of encouragement kept pouring in from the guys who were worried about me.
    i weakly stood up, slumped back on my bed “its over” i moaned.

    Episode 25(Final)

    Remembering all the events of these few weeks that i have spent in amaobodo community, it has been both a lesson, experience, adventure and most importantly an event that will forever remain fresh in my memory.
    i woke up this morning with a new self into a new day. . . the beautiful greenish natural view of pure bright vegetation of amaobodo was booming with life and beauty. the birds enjoyed their lodges on the trees chipping and nodding to their tunes, the ever lazy agama lizards busy chasing the female lizards around. i smiled as i rose from bed with a new hope and life. after staying awake almost all thru the night, i have decided within myself that i would and must make peace with everybody and all the girls i have offended, i have decided to untangle myself from this web of lust. this igbo day was the perfect day for it, everything was looking up.
    i prepared for school but not as if i was in a hurry, i treated myself to a huge meal of egg and bread garnished with sadine and indomie washed down with a bottle of malt. i adorned my uniform and got ready to go before someone walked into my room, i turned sharply and saw doris smiling down at me also in her school uniform. i couldn’t smile or even talk, i could see her eyes sparking with concern and questions. “I AM SO SORRY FOR EVERYTHING, IN ANYWAY I HAVE OFFENDED U DORIS PLEASE I AM TRULY AND SINCERELY SORRY” i said taking hold of her shoulder and looking directly into her eyes. she was silent and i was wondering what was in her mind but i knew that she must know that my apology was sincere.
    Doris wrapped her arms around me as she took me in for a long and passionate hug, it was a forgiving hug and it was worth more than all the sex i have had all this while. “i forgive u john and i hold nothing against u” Doris said still clamping me in a hug. after a while Doris left and a long smile filled my face. some part of my heart was at peace but some wasn’t their were three more people i had to make my peace with.
    on getting to the school i walked straight to bisi, she was still forming mad and angry at me, but after several minutes of begging and even kneeling down she pulled me up, kissed me straight on the lips and said “JOHNY I WAS NEVER ANGRY AT U, ANYWAY I FORGIVE U AND I WISH U JOY IN EVERYTHING U DO IN LIFE” i could make out her voice was teary as she spoke. i thanked her and she went back to her duties.. today was turning out to be a good day and i prayed to have similar luck with the two remaining girls chinwe and chidinma.
    i met chinwe before we went in for the paper, i begged and she forgave me and we agreed to be best of friends. i knew in my heart that sooner or later she may turn out to seek we get back together again or maybe never but i was resolved in my heart that if that be the case i would do the right thing.
    finding chidinma was a heck of a challenge it seemed she was avoiding me like plague, in the exam hall i tried to establish eye contact with her but she avoided that too and seemed to mind her business and paper more than ever. . . * so na for igbo she wan form professor abi??*
    igbo went by easily as everybody wrote to their satisfaction, the invigilator, a rusty lean old looking lady did not even mind what went around the hall i dont even think she saw any importance in igbo language.
    after the exam i arranged myself and made to dash towards chidinma inside the hall i didnt even mind kneeling down for her inside this hall what ever that will make her forgive me, deep down my heart i knew i cared for this girl more than anyone else, my feelings for her was becoming more clearer in my heart but too bad i chose to realize that now we no longer in good terms. i was determined to make my peace with her whether she comes back to me or not i dont care all i care about is that she forgive me and that is enough to give me peace of mind.
    “chidinma” i called out walking toward her. . she turned and gazed upon me squarely then turned again and walked out of the hall increasing her steps on getting to the door and surprisingly culminated into a full blown run.
    what is the matter na?
    this girl hates me this much ?
    i walked out of the hall tilting my face right and left scanning thru students, excitement filled the air as students rejoiced and hugged each other snapping pics and all that.
    “mtcheeew if u see them now u will think they just passed Cambridge, some no go even pass waec but dem deh rejoice” i coldly exchanged pleasantries with many people as i walked past them heading towards the field still no sign of chidinma. i scanned the environment with my eyes almost penetrating classrooms with bare naked eyes…lol.
    i turned my view towards the mango tree at the extreme end of the field, i knew she wont find her there but i decided to check anyway.
    on getting to the mango i saw her sitting behind it with her face in both her hands, i almost ran to her as i hurled my self on my knees in front of her and place both of my hands on her laps.
    she looked up with surprise in her face and traces of tears in her eyes looking at me with that same face. my mouth was open but found no words, this was a girl that loved me more than i deserved but i was so much of a jerk not to realize how much she meant to me on time.
    i was ashamed of myself as my head sagged down looking down on the ground still trying to bring myself to apologize. . my face slightly tilted up once more as i muttered “chidinma please i am so…..” my apology was interrupted by the sudden invasion of her lips on mine. the kiss was so real and it left me bewildered.
    “chidinma please forgive me, i am so sorry” i managed to say in between the litany of kisses.
    “baby i love u” she said still delving her tongue and lips into mine.
    i was dumbfounded, how could this girl still love me this much? do i even deserve to be loved this way?
    “chidinma i love u too please come back to me” i found my voice.
    she kissed me one more time and said the words “i never left u johny”
    This was it, my chance to love and love better, my chance to make myself worthy of love and shed the useless folly not being a one girl guy.
    “baby u know i am going back to Enugu tomorrow” i reminded her that waec just finished.
    “i know and i will be coming to Enugu soon to stay with my uncle”
    i smiled as i kissd her evn more freely once more. she promisd to come spend my last night in amaobodo with me. . . i feared tomorrow, i feared to leave not knowing if she would actually come to enugu as promised, i knew i would wait and i was willing too, somehow deep down me i knew LOVE WOULD FIND A WAY.
    The End

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