Story: Adventures of Johnysky Season 2

    By JohnySky
    This Season brings to life the challenges of an average Nigerian Child faced with choices that are vital in life.
    It features a young man caught up unready in a world filled with choices with dire consequences and reward at every end.
    Story of Crime, lust, greed, peer pressure, effects of choices in the life of every young youth in every works of life..
    Misused opportunities and pain and suffering in the guise of enjoyment and fun.


    “Sky your daddy is back” Vincent announced blankly to me, wearing an abandoning look with those dark pair of eyes peering directly into mine as if expecting a feed back from me any moment.
    My eyes was flown back to the play station potable on my hand within a milli-second as i was about to complete the Contra final stage and needed all the concentration i could muster.
    “Sky, you didn’t hear me?” Vincent sang again as he could see his news seemed not to have any effect on me. I looked up in a flash again, disbelief was written all over his face seeing the slight drop of his mouth as he mopped at me this time around.
    “Am coming abeg” i blurted out my gaze already dragged back to the game on my hand.
    “What are you even playing self” He went on, shifting the topic seeing how uninterested i seem to be.
    “Let me see” He was drawing my hands near so his short neck could make out what i was playing, a tiny grunt flickered out of the speakers, an end game tone followed immediately and i looked on with horror as my game character lay dead just moments before i could complete killing the boss seeing the boss life was almost spent.
    “Jesus Ooooooooooooooh!!!” I yelled out in dismay casting a deadly glare at Vincent who had an almost laughing look.
    “See now i have to start this game all over again, see i don’t like it oo” I barked out near cry, the game in my hand pointing at Vincent with a crisp shade of unsure threat.
    Just when i thought nothing could hurt me more at this moment seeing that my last attempt on the final level just came to a futile end on the last seconds but then Vincent sudden outburst did the trick. His large stomach vibrated and bounced up and down as his body vibrated, cracking sounds of an uncalled laughter.
    Vincent was sprawled on the floor laughing his stomachs out, maybe i didn’t get the joke but it had something to do with my face seeing as his finger was pointing at my face while a tear escaped his left eye, the laugh seemed unending and did more to Triple the raging anger that surged within me.
    It’s not bad a enough that he just spoiled my chance of winning this game, he is finding it funny and laughing the Be-jesus out of me.
    Vincent; a partly big fat boy, he is comfortably bigger and fatter than any of us in our age group, his chubby porky body always seem too soft and flappy.
    His uncanny nosiness in dabbling into your business is legendary.
    The day he will see anything you are eating and pretend he didn’t is exactly the day Jesus will come. if there is anything i have learnt, it should be to get anything am eating as far away from him as possible. His lust for food is unmatched and his greediness when dealing with food was out of the world.
    He is always seen eating one thing or the other.
    The day he almost ruined my life is still very vivid in my mind. Had returned home tired, worn out and hungry after a severe bout of football game that extended well pass twilight.
    Mama had made egusi soup which left me mouth watered as i rushed out of the bathroom wearing my clothes without wiping my body dry with a towel. I was too hungry for ceremonies.
    A decent plate of Garri with the egusi soup letting out hot steams was passed to me with mama warning me that the garri was finished so no need asking for another around. I didn’t have to, what am seeing on my plate can be managed.
    Just when the first lump of garri coated richly in soup slid down my throat in a slow journey giving me time to savor the heavenly taste. I heard my name ringing from outside, before i could say “who” Vincent was already in front of me wearing an evil grin beaming down at the food.
    Had to look on in near tears as he sat comfortably opposite me, washed his hands and dove into the food without invitation.
    Looking at him now laughing after disrupting my chance of winning the game, my torment was was doubled. “why is this guy always around to torment my life” i cursed under my breathe.
    “Johny, your father is calling you!!” Mama called out, i cast a hard glare at Vincent- who didn’t even mind seeing how his body still quaked with laughter- walked in to answer daddy.
    Papa sat tiredly in our small sitting room, our outdated large t.v taking even more severe toll on the available space than the sofas with strategic holes here and there from our co-tenants; Rats.
    A bag lay in front of him basking in the rays thrown by the electric bulb.
    Mama sat across the side looking down on me with an almost gloomy eyes.
    “Good evening sir” I said making papa open his eyes a bit, groaned as he rose slowly to seat up and heaved a hard sigh. He was tired, you didn’t need a soothsayer to tell you that.
    “Nwam (my child), here are the materials for your school” He said in his heavy Igbo dialect pushing the bag a little towards me.
    My name is John but my friends seeing the priest did a terrible job during my baptism took it upon themselves to rebaptize me and gave me the name Johnysky mostly sky , a 17 year old teen who have been introduced into the jungle of life in the ghetto i was born in.
    Slender body built into a tall frame, dark complexioned and innocent-look face.
    The first out of three children born to my parents. Ugo is the second, 13years old just entered secondary school, Miracle was the third and last and the only girl, 5years old. She came when everyone thought mama was contented with the two children she had, i too had been surprised cus it was unexpected but yet a welcomed development.
    Papa was a mason and mama was a trader. Was born into a typical low class Nigerian world.
    A brain that can be classified to be decent as i have never failed any subject before in my primary and junior secondary school days.
    Now i will be in senior secondary school 2 when the academic year starts in September.
    Being from a poor background had not made education an easy one for me.
    I had to finish my primary school days with only 2 pairs of uniforms. I used the first from my primary 1 to 3, and it was changed when the short was a little more than a pantie due to growth. i managed the new one from 4 to 6, and the number of shoes i used too wouldn’t fill an average polythene bag still. It was the community government school where most of us kpakos were packed.
    Comfortably pass my entrance exams and was admitted to the a government secondary school a bit far from home, having to go with a bus #50 every day and sometimes have to trek home.
    It’s not that bad, its just exercise.
    Paying the little school fees required was still a problem to us, as papa’s work wasn’t the money flow type and mama’s trading business was just an attached stall.
    An unexpected turn of event had taken me to the world of the elites and introduced me into a whole new universe that would change my life forever.
    It was the last term of my s.s.1 class, the usual noisy typical class ladened with baseless noises that can be classified as chatters.
    The back benchers are huddled together, singing and using the lockers as instrument.
    The principal walked in, an air of authority swayed accompanied by the English teacher with a large poster.
    The whole class went as mute and quiet as a grave yard. The principal announced that a scholarship exam was to take place before the term runs out and anybody interested should submit their names to the English teacher.
    As usual the front row geeks were over excited, submitting their names almost immediately the principal finished his speech gaining a weak smile as a reward from the principal.
    The back benchers as expected were not even perturbed by the information, some already were looking out through the window while some whistled music mildly to themselves.
    I submitted my name with an indifferent attitude. “Na try i go try, them no go kill me if i do so”
    The exams was held within the term, it was held by McGonals collage. one of the, if not the best secondary schools east of the Niger. No wonder only the rich men enroll their children, the goliath-like school fees was absolutely impossible for any David to kill.
    Believing my eyes was impossible for me, watching the notice board with my name on it. I unleashed some slaps on my face to be sure i was not hallucinating.
    had to drag Collins down to the notice board, He blew up pointing frantically at my name boldly written in gold letters on the notice sheet, i had come second right after Victor Eke of course, he was the brightest mind in our class, his intelligence can only be matched by his arrogance which has made him my number one enemy in class.
    I didn’t mind, my name towered above other students seen to be intelligent in the class. That’s something to be proud of, unexpected as it seemed but here it was ‘I had gained a scholarship to study at McGonals collage’
    I watched on at the polythene bag containing the things papa had bought, it was the personal provisions for my use in school, the school will be responsible for my feeding as generally done in the school and my educational materials.
    “Thank you sir, Thank you ma” i said picking up the polythene to arrange it alongside other bags i was going with.
    I was happy i was finally going to the first good school in my life, happy about the turns my life was taking and happy my father didn’t have to worry about my school fees anymore.
    I whistled outside inter changing between hums and whistles wearing a heavy smile and met Vincent still seating on the floor where i left him but was no longer laughing.
    “Ehee sky you i wanted to tell you something before you left angrily” He said giving me a light punch which usually would be annoying if not for my present mood.
    I grinned hard my eyes feasting on his bulged cheeks and the way his teeth worked on something in his mouth.
    “What is it Vin” I asked still smiling fidgeting with the game to get it back on so i can give the level another shot.
    “You know my father is the Uncle of McGonals collage principal, i told him you got admitted to it and he talked to his nephew who added my name to the total list of 15students awarded the scholarship, I have been admitted too” He said taking a rather wild bite at a large chunk of bread he tore out of his pocket.
    “Hhmmmm that’s nice” I said again with smiles still on my face still trying to get the game back on.
    But wait, i think Vincent just said something now, something about McGonals collage.
    “Wait, You what?…McGonals!!?” I blurted out with dropped mouth and bulged eyes. He nodded feverishly excitedly still stuffing bread into his mouth.
    “Oh Jesus, Please not him!!!”


    Johny, nna ngwa wake up” Mama’s voice woke me up from a very far trip beyond. I rubbed my eyes hard still feeling heavily sleepy feeling as if my eyes were filled up with sand.
    Mama had forced me to go to bed the night before so i would wake up early because i would be taken to school the next day.
    I laid awake most part of the night imagining what life would be at McGonals, if i would match up the academic brilliance of the rich students there, schemes on how to make sure i successfully avoided Vincent and his nosy – “into you business attitude”.
    Had a welcomed dream within the few hours i caught some sleep.
    Vincent had just decided not to go to the school anymore just as he was about to be taken to the school.
    Taking a quick look at the old western wall clock that hung loosely on the wall making quak quak sounds like a young duck as the seconds hand made it’s trips round it.
    It was just 5:30am, mama’s face beamed down on me, an amber light flickering out from the hurricane lantern she was carrying.
    “I wish this dream was true” I hissed yawning hard.
    “Mama let me sleep small na” I begged making to lie back down.
    “Tawaaaaaai” mama’s hand smacked through my buttocks sending me springing up within a millisecond.
    “Anumpama go and take your bath osiso, your father is already getting ready” She said flushing to the kitchen at the same time still holding on to the lantern.
    I hurried over a cold bath, jumping each time the water touched my body because of the stinging cold sensation it induced. The weather was cold and environment still foggy. Barely touching the garri and okro soup mama served -early morning swallow was a common practise but this time i was over excited and consumed by the thought of my new school that my appetite for the food was history, i slipped into my school uniform.
    A crisp cream coloured shirt in a black trouser and a black long tie, shoes and belt. I felt smart seeing the hard lines mama made sure she gave them when ironing them.
    Sat quietly beside mama in the parlour, Ugo held my huge ecolac luggage waiting for papa to finish up so he would follow us to the motor park, Miracle clutched around mama looking on with scanty attention as if she could deduct what exactly was going on, she had looked like that from the very first time mama woke me up, i wonder how this little girl wakes up earlier than i.
    Walking to the car park was a very pleasant one for me, i enjoyed the glances people cast at me, the whispers and smiles.
    “I heard he is going to McGonals on scholarship” “He is brilliant” I couldn’t help but notice papa’s proud look he wore when these whispers somehow flew into our ears in the cold calm morning.
    His advises and suggestions ladened with examples which himself always was the center subject.
    “When i was in secondary school back in the 1970’s, i used to stay awake reading all through the night” He said. Most times these parents have no idea we already catch the joke, would i tell my kids i carry the last position during my own time? of course i would be the most intelligent.
    Since everybody’s father claims to own the first position in school, who exactly took the last positions?
    “John, stay away from bad friends, bad company and secret societies” He sang on into my ears with mama chipping in her own suggestions every now and then.
    “Please stay away from girls” She said with a pleading look.
    “Remember where you came from, study hard and make us proud”
    “I will papa, thank you sir, thank you ma” i intoned making sure my tone made it clear i heard and i will do all they said.
    The bus moved minutes after i and papa boarded it, Ugo kept on waving beaming with a broad grin until we were out of sight. I knew he was eager for me to leave so he would take possession of my Play station Potable.
    The Ugo i know won’t be in a hurry to help anybody carry anything not even a cup, the grin he was wearing and the hard waves of his hand made it almost obvious he was happy to see me go, he is now the oga in the house and i pray, i just pray i will still have a play station when i get home even one button of it would be a surprise find knowing ugo real well and his careless nature.
    The school was huge, a gigantic black gate with uniformed men as watchmen. A gigantic gold lettered board with the name McGonals international Collage towered above the gate.
    A man-sized sculptures of students; A boy and a girl stood just after the gate clutching large pile of books with mean looking faces.
    Exotic cars taxied in line into the school shimmering in the morning sun. It was the first day of the school year the compound buzzed with activities as cars kept trooping into the school park, students slipping down from the cars dragging their luggage as they trooped inside.
    Being among the few that came to school on foot, papa’s face still wore a smile. his face tilting to the sides nodding slightly obviously appreciating the beautiful edifices of the school.
    Dragging my luggage to the assembly ground just as i watched others do, i noticed my luggage was comfortably the smallest of all the luggage others came with, and i can swear the dirty weak naira notes papa squeezed into my hand before he went home after we had seen the principal and cleared out everything- was a change to what these students i see here came with.
    “Oh no, i know this voice. i thought this guy changed his mind” i muttered turning slightly as a figure of Vincent seeming more porky in his new school uniform, his mouth appeared to be chewing something.
    His luggage was quite big and am sure half of it would be filled with snacks and sweets.
    “Aaaah sky see this girl” He said pointing at a girl with a round protruding bum that gracefully assaulted her skirt which was very tight around the line. From the waves and greetings she got around it was clear that she is an old student and a popular one at that.
    “Bia Vincent hapum aka (leave me alone)”I blurted out glaringly wheeling my bag further to escape Vincent.
    Mama’s warning sipped into my ears again “Stay away from girls” But i still found my eyes going back to look at the bums again, haven’t seen her face yet seeing she was ahead pushing her pink luggage before her offering only her posterior views to the hawks behind who was more than happy to feast their eyes on it of which unfortunately Vincent just added me to.
    The hall was noisy, screeching sounds of moving bunks and boards.
    Students scampering aimlessly up and down, some busy, some chatting laughing like they didn’t care.
    I walked in slowly tracing my steps as if expecting to fall any moment, lots of strange faces that seemed not to care that a new comer just entered.
    After the long beginning of the academic year orientation in the assembly hall, the students were sorted to their various dormitories. The girls were directed to the opposite direction, white buildings with large windows separated from the male dormitory by a gauze fence with another batch of uniformed security men.
    I was assigned to the hall ‘B’ of the Andromeda House. it was for Grade 11 students in the boys dormitory.
    A huge hall with large width, white lights perched into the ceiling beaming down bright white rays making the hall glow.
    Mirror-like ceramic tiles covered the whole floor sparklingly reflecting the lights..
    Single beds with sparkling white bed spreads bordering each flank of the hall, 10 single beds on each side making it a total of 20. Transparent flimsy curtains enclosed each bed separating them from each other.
    Dragging my luggage behind me as i walked through the middle looking at the bed posts counting the numbers on them, the dormitory card in my hands read Number 19. I arranged my luggage in a space provided just beside the bed where a miniature ward rope stood with the number 19 boldly on it and keys dangling on the key hole.
    “Hey, how far?” A voice said from behind me as i arranged my bed spread. Turning round; He was a fair complexioned boy, legs spread across his bed with the number 18 on it.
    A mummy-pikin face and a sharp scar ran across his right eye down the cheek, it seemed to like a knife cut.
    “New comer right?” He sang out again.
    “Yes” I replied casting a glowing look at the bags beside his bed, my own provisions made me a little bit ashamed of myself comparing them with the surplus supplies i see there.
    “Am David, but they know me with Dave here” He said standing up to offer a hand shake. He stood at almost 6ft tall.
    “Am Johnysky” I replied shaking him noticing how soft his hand seemed. “This guy never suffer shaa”
    The dinner was another strange experience to me, staying in line and moving from this buffet to this pointing at what you need.
    The rice was unlike any i have ever eaten, rich coloured and large chunk of meat.
    A large dinning hall with 3long tables and many chairs around them served as the refectory for House A, B and C. . “Thank Goodness Vincent is in House E” I prayed still casting a suspicious look to be sure or detect that piggy form of gluttony.
    It was a whole new world, I talked and asked a lot about the school which Dave who did well to orientate me into the various locations of the dormitory. Filled me in on some of the rules and workings of the school.
    The dormitory was sparkling, very rich looking and a temperature that had been constant since i arrived.
    Now i know why their school fees is way up there, if there was a school paradise, this was it.
    I Muttered a quick prayer that i am not quite sure i finished before drifting off to sleep in a weirdly fast manner.


    My vision was blur, a bright white light registered into my semi-open eyes. The ceiling sparkled brightly, the bed was soft and i can’t feel Ugo’s body tangled into mine, i was alone and it’s not a mat.
    The bright white wall complimenting the lights seemed to smile down at me, rubbing my eyes hard i opened them wider, rows of beds on either side but nobody lay on them. This definitely was not home, it seems so strange and new not to mention; looked rich.
    “Guy na so you deh sleep?”
    I looked up and saw Dave clad in his school uniform knotting a black tie, his back pack on his bed and a hand mirror lay beside it.
    “Even the school alarm couldn’t wake you up” He said laughing.
    “Aaaah ewooo!!!” I blurted seeing the large electronic digital clock reading 06:01. “Dave you did not even wake me up” I said jolting out of bed.
    “Wake you up as your mum or what, even the alarm clock no fit wake you up, na me go fit?” He said still struggling with his tie. i wonder why such ajebota (rich) boy should be vomiting pidgin English all the time.
    The bathroom was yet another new one for me. a long row of bathrooms with glass clear doors, running showers, each cubicle barely enough to hold 4 persons but the notice on the door clearly read “ONE PERSON PER TIME IN ONE BATHROOM”
    The breakfast of chocolate drink and bread was still very different from the coloured water i use to have at home, one sachet of cowbell chocolate and milk will only colour the water and nothing more, you will have to make it up with more sugars. But this was many scoops of chocolate and equal milk to make a real chocolate drink not a chocolate coloured water.
    “Sky, check out that Aunty’s backyard” Dave whispered to me nodding towards the board.
    Dave had taken me to the Grade 11B class being in the class himself, it was a fortunate turn of things that i fell into the same class as him.
    He was an expert in giving me a full biography of every girl in the class, how they behaved, the easy ones and hard to get ones, the churchious ones, the naughty ones and the ones he called the ‘Mary league category’ “those ones na go area, na so chaplet and block rosary them go make you begin pray” He said amidst laughter.
    His seat was just beside mine, we sat in the second to the last row in class.
    “You see this one?” He said pointing in front of him.
    I broadened my eyes and look intently at him.
    “eehn this one seating in front of me with a pink sweater over her uniform” He went on still on the ritual of giving me full descriptions of the class girls..
    “Yes what about her?” I asked naively.
    “She is an ambassador’s daughter, no near am unless prison deh hungry you” He whispered directly to me.
    “Yeye boy” I laughed out taking another eyeing look at the girl who was just seating in front of Dave minding her own business.
    “Dave na aunty waist you deh look?” I whispered back in disbelief my eyes still smeared all over the figure that was writing with a black marker on the white board.
    She was clad in a white tight T-shirt with long sleeves, a female suit trouser that was very huggy around the waist.
    Every contour of her bumz was clear and sharp.
    “Guy you never see anything, the teachers here are h---y goddesses, wait till you see the Biology teacher, na mamiwater that one be” He continued….
    “The day she taught us Reproduction i nearly faint imagining things i could do with her. They say the white man that owns the school insists on fine young teachers fresh out of the university for more effective learning for the students.” He smirked naughtily licking his lips.
    “Hhmmm the white man is a wise man” I said starting to appreciate the wonder back that jiggled anytime the English teacher made a sudden movement.
    “Don’t worry sky you will fit in here well, i will teach you wetin deh” Dave said still wearing that naughty smirk.
    “Hi, don’t listen to this guy” It was the girl Dave called the ambassador’s daughter, She wore a pink lip gloss complimenting the pink sweater. Her face was calm and radiant betraying a lot of beauty bolted in the young body.
    Wait, she was the girl Vincent showed me yesterday. Yeah her hair style and even the tiny white band that held the plaited hair together in one pony tail.
    “Uuhm… Yeah…” I gulped hard trying to maintain a steady wit while talking to her.
    “This guy here should not be taken serious, don’t take his words for anything” She smiled out, winking at Dave who looked paler than i may appear but trying to force out a steady face.
    “Two of you should face the board and copy the note or i will report you both” She said sounding a little serious.
    “And welcome to you…….Uuuuuhm”
    “sky” i said.
    “Yes sky, welcome” She turned and faced the board again.
    Dave gave her a middle finger when her face was turned towards the board, gave a sharp wink to me and i chuckled hard.
    The lessons were still more different from what i was used to. The teachers were professional like bankers in their dealings with the students not the usual teacher and student relationship where they will teach you 1+1=2 and then ask you 12.4×5000 and expect you to get it right and each mistake earns you one slap.
    The sun was pale, a misty fog was all over the place making the sun look more like a pale yellow disc in the sky.
    I Stepped out of the class with dave, feeling a warm gush of hot air on me. the air conditioners in the class made the air outside seem hot to me.
    I and Dave turned round sharply at the voice, we were heading to the dormitory to change our clothes and head for lunch.
    “Sky, why is this girl on you like this” Dave muttered to my hearing giving me a nudge with his elbow as we watched the girl on pink sweater coming towards us, walking slowly as if it wasn’t two hungry guys she kept stalled a few yards away waiting for her.
    Her front view was outstanding, a medium sized boobs, a stomach that is nearly flat, her legs were flawless.
    “Hi, how far” Dave said to her as she approached us.
    “Am fine” she said.
    “Ok na, sky make i begin deh go lunch now, i deh H bad” Dave winked at me and headed out to the dormitory.
    ‘This guy don abandon me here with this girl’ I tried to conceal my unstable wits to avoid being busted.
    “Hi sky, am princess” she said dragging my eyes back to her from looking at Dave’s figure going farther away to the dormitory.
    “Hi princess” I smiled at her.
    “I heard you are here on scholarship” She said wearing a rather unsure look.
    “Yes” I said feeling high like a sky scraper, My head swelling up like am on top of the world. This exactly was something to be proud of, making it into the McGonals out of thousands in the state that sat for the scholarly exam.
    “Well don’t feel too good about that” She blurted out, the unsure look turning serious.
    “What is she saying” My mind shouted as i mopped at her in disbelief.
    “Eeeeehn!!” Was the only sound that escaped my mouth.
    “Yes you heard me well, you shouldn’t be so proud about that because with the way i see you, you don’t want to maintain that scholarship” Her voice was blunt filtering into my ears.
    “How do you mean ‘i don’t want to maintain my scholarship” i asked, still in doubt if exactly this was what she meant to be saying to me.
    “Yes, from the things i see you pick interest in now, i doubt if you can maintain your scholarship, Use your tongue and count your teeth. Good day!” She turned and left.
    I stood transfixed at the spot watching her go farther and farther until she crossed the gauze fence gate into the girl’s wing.
    “Hiaaaan, wetin person no go see for this world kwa” I muttered.
    “Anyway shaa na for her pocket”………..


    It has been 2weeks since my arrival to the school, i have been a little accustomed to the life at the school at least i wake up with the alarm now after having to stay 2 extra hours after classes mopping the floors of the class cus i was late.
    The teacher wouldn’t take “i overslept” as an excuse, in fact it seemed that excuse made matters worse and he gave me 2hours instead of 1 hour like Dave said was the usual duration.
    Nothing much interesting had happened through out this couple of weeks except that i finally met the Biology teacher, Miss Anita. many times of course during her sessions on biology.
    She was obviously fresh out of the university, rocks a foreign accent, flawless face and body, her figure was typical hour glass shape and i enjoyed looking at her more than what she wrote on the board.
    A couple of times though, the second and third teachers that also taught biology had our class instead. I nearly fainted, having been waiting for biology class since morning with much anticipation to have a fat black complexioned lady walk in instead.
    Spent half of the class duration hissing after Dave explained it was the second biology teacher and they were like 5teachers covering biology for all senior classes.
    Princess still haven’t mentioned my name or tried talking to me since the day she said that nonsense to me.
    She avoids looking at my direction, or so i thought or maybe she is now minding her own business and leave her nose out of people’s business.
    Today, biology class was the last session and the biology teacher had given us an assignment on Hereditary, I wouldn’t miss doing this assignment for anything in the world.
    I had hurried back to the dormitory after several attempts to establish eye contact with princess who seemed eye proof, her eyes never drifted to where i was.
    I couldn’t talk to her. Maybe it was fear or maybe i still haven’t gotten over the blunt way she talked to me. I mean, who does she think she is to talk to me like that? My mum?.
    Dave was already in his corner, wearing a white short and t-shirt. He sat on his bed with his legs spread wide across it, his note open in between and he flipped the pages in fast succession.
    I have never seen Dave read anything, even when we go to the General Reading Room he’d rather play throwing the crumbled book pages with others or his usual meander with Angela than spend the greater part of the night reading.
    The alarm blew at 9:00pm, it was time for general study. Any student that choose to can freely go to the general reading room to read every 9pm- 10:30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
    It was the only time girls and boys were allowed to interact together after 6pm.
    The general reading hall was huge and shelves filled with books bordered it all around.
    Dave never missed a session of it, it was the only time he freely talked with Angela and many a times i had seen his hand stray naughtily disappearing under her skirt while his eyes peeled sharply checking the hall to be sure he wasn’t noticed.
    I packed my biology text book and Assignment exercise books and headed to the General Reading Hall with Dave who kept a smirking face all through.
    The hall was humming with buzzing whispers and little chuckles.
    It was not as filled up as it use to be because today was Champions league game between Real-Madrid and Barcelona, no sane guy would leave their house dormitory where there is a t.v for soccer games and movies and go waste time in the reading hall.
    I wasn’t much of a soccer fan, i’d rather give this Aunty Anita a flawless work on hereditary than watch soccer and Dave who even though was a die hard football fan, am sure would rather miss all the soccer matches in the world than miss out a night to see Angela.
    As we headed into the hall, it wasn’t hard to spot Angela who was exactly on the same spot she usually sits with Dave, dimly lit from the bright white light of the florescent bulbs being in the far corner of the west side.
    She threw an excited wave at Dave and I grinning hard, Dave grinned back and nudged me hard and made to rush on to her before stopping abruptly.
    In the center of the hall where the lights are most intense sat Princess, she was clad in the usual sweater though it was a yellow one this time thrown over a tank top and three quarter white trouser.
    Seating beside her was Victor Eke, the same rude intelligent guy that toppled me in the scholarly exam in our school.
    They were both focused on the pile of books spread on the desk, it seems Victor was teaching her something but he had his left hand over her shoulder.
    My face twitched as i looked on at them, princess scribing busily on her books while Victor ushered her a lot of instructions and corrections obviously very proud of himself now.
    My heart sank hard, anger and another untold feeling surged through me. Could see Dave shrug and get on his way to Angela who already was getting impatient.
    “So sky you decided to come and read today” I heard Victor’s voice sip into my ears as i made to pass and head to a corner to work on my assignment.
    “Victor i come here a lot” I said, My twitched face was almost a full glare.
    “Sky we all know you are among the un-serious students who are here on scholarship, i even wonder how you managed to pass that exam and earn a spot” He said again smirking at me and tightening his grip on her shoulder.
    Princess looked up a bit then looked back down again and continued what she was doing. It was a sum in mathematics ‘Pythagoras theorem’ from what i see, and from the way Victor instructed and corrected her, am sure he was feeling like Pythagoras himself.
    “Idiot” I cursed under my breathe.
    “Sky you better start reading now if you want to pass any subject this first term at least with a ‘P’, you know am always the ‘A’ guy” He intoned again chuckling mischievously and throwing me a sharp wink.
    I wonder how anybody could cope with this guy’s rude attitude and the way he always blows his own trumpets.
    It took a lot of restraint to stop myself from throwing a nose breaking punch on his smirking face and nothing in the world could have made me happier.
    “I hate this guy with passion” I cursed on moving to a fairly lit corner to get on with my assignment.
    Could see Dave and Angela fixed on one open book on their desk. Dave’s left hand was missing while Angela’s right hand was also missing.
    My eyes drifted towards Victor and Princess, He still had his hand over her shoulder and still pointing at the exercise book.
    “How did he even make friends with her this fast sef, we have both only being in this school just 2weeks”
    am sure all those ‘i too know’ stunts he pulls in class was in a bid to impress her and it seems it was working really well.
    Princess tilted her eyes suddenly towards my corner unexpectedly. I quickly removed my eyes from them but i could swear she saw me looking.
    Hissing hard, i tried to focus on my assignment and wipe that stupid smirk on Victor’s face off my memory.
    It was way past 10pm before i headed back to the dormitory. Angela had retired for the night so Dave already rushed out to catch up with at least a little part of the football match.
    I had finished my assignment many minutes before 10pm but somehow was glued to my seat peering at Victor and Princess hacking through series and series of works and his hand now behind her back this time. I left 5minutes after Princess, something in me always gets angry seeing Victor’s smirking face and his hand resting on Princess.
    The night wore a cold gloomy look, the skies were starless and a misty stillness in the air.
    I entered the house still cursing and swearing at Vincent, was met with an image of Dave sitting on his bed in his usual position, Ebuka- a tall fair complexioned boy who always visited the school barber every week – also sat with him several cans of beer lying on the bed.
    Dave was holding a shiny white android phone observing it keenly.
    “So you went over the fence last night” He asked Ebuka dreamily who nodded and took a wild sip from his beer.
    “How come you went over the fence and i didn’t know and we are both in this hall eeeehn?” The always curious Dave insisted on Ebuka peering suspiciously at the proud elegant guy that passed for Ebuka.
    “Taaah sharrap you weh deh sleep like dead meat, you were even still sleeping when i got back sef” Ebuka aired out.
    “Abiola of Hall A went over the fence last week and his mummy gave him 100k” Ebuka went on still gulping down beers.
    “Sky, you are back, How did it go?” Dave asked still fidgeting with the phone.
    “That Victor is a b-----d” I cursed out with clenched fist.
    “Dave where did you guys get those?” I pointed at the beers on the bed looking at the door suspiciously.
    “Oh, i have some inside my luggage and Ebuka went over the fence today and also bought some” Dave said getting me even more confused than i initially was.
    “what if someone or one of the hall supervisors comes in now and see you and what exactly is over the fence” my eyes were popped with questions still peering deeply at the door expecting it to open any moment and a supervisor stepping in.
    “Relax joooor, Hall supervisors don’t visit Halls after 10:30pm and don’t worry about the boys here, whatever happens in Hall B stays in hall B” He smiled mischievously opening another can of beer.
    “Ok, what is over the fence?” I went on still tensed at what was going on.
    “Aaaaah sky you too deh ask questions. See, over the fence is what we students from poor families do to meet up to needs, if you roll with us you will be leaving school every term far more richer than you ever dreamt of” Dave’s voice was bold and loud, his eyes sparkled.
    “What did he mean ‘we poor students’. . does it mean Dave is not from a rich family like i thought?, how was i supposed to get rich with this over the fence thing and what exactly is over the fence still???”
    I mulled in my mind seeing that Dave only told me the benefits of over the fence and not what over the fence really is.
    “Dave i don’t understand” I intoned
    “Sky don’t worry we will fill you in later, shak beer jaree” Ebuka said throwing me a lone can of Heineken that lay on the bed.


    Today is the day, i would be going for my first Over the fence mission, Dave and Ebuka had been sure i would be earning more than 50k if i played my game well.
    Its been a week since Ebuka came back with a new Samsung galaxy phone. Of course it was illegal for a student to have a phone in the school but that wasn’t my problem. i too will like to have my own phone and not to mention the cash involved, imagine what i could do with that.
    It would be good rolling with the big boys and having new trendy clothes not the almost washed out plain trousers i came with.
    Ebuka and Dave hadn’t told me categorically what ‘over the fence’ entails but as long as it was as pleasurable and easy as they have said it was and not to talk of cashful and doesn’t involve robbing a bank then am all for it.
    Class was dull all through, even Biology teacher couldn’t steer my mind off the thought of having a lot of cash to count after tonight, The geography teacher’s busty boobs didn’t do the trick.
    Or the strick baritone croaky bark of the Maths teacher- whose attitude towards me had always being very hostile since he first caught me whispering with Dave in his class and wouldn’t waste anytime to met out some punishments on me at the slightest provocation – even his strong roar couldn’t move me or take my mind off my prize.
    Princess gave a slight wave at me after classes, her lips forming a mild smile. Ignoring the wave i made for my dormitory for lunch and possibly get ready for the night.
    “sky i hope you are ready?” Ebuka whispered to me on the refectory during dinner, could see his hair neatly carved and i was sure he had been to the barber for the second time in one week.
    I nodded at him feeling a bit nervous and reluctant to carry on with the plan.
    A cool still version of papa’s voice ringing in my mind all over “sky stay away from bad company”
    The night was starry and the moonlight was bright, no clouds where visible and no trees moved, the air was still and a gloomy doom hung in the air.
    “Sky, we are moving out in 10minutes” Dave said from his corner, he was clad in a black jean trouser and black snickers and a black T-shirt, Ebuka came over too clad in the same all black outfit.
    I sheepishly wore the only jean in my luggage, a black T-shirt Dave gave me and my school shoes, the digital clock showed 11:30pm and the night-out bell for fridays already sounded since 11pm for the seniors and 10pm for juniors.
    We walked pass the rows of beds in the hall, the guys giving us some whispering goodbyes and demands.
    “abeg no forget to bring beer o” Emmanuel said as we walked pass his corner where he was playing Whot with Desmond.
    “seems everyone here goes over the fence?” i asked Dave, who laughed at my naivete.
    “No but many of them do and the ones who don’t won’t say anything, like i told you what ever happens in Hall B stays in Hall B”
    The hall door creaked open with a groan, the passage way to all the halls were extremely quiet and deserted. We slowly walked through the passage making sure nobody made a noise with his feet. The refectory lay like one lonely parlour, the huge dinning in a stale stillness and piercing silence haunted my heart.
    “Go back, go back it’s the hall supervisor” Ebuka whispered with urgency to the hearing of Dave and i who turned round immediately to head back towards the passage.
    “wait, there is a footstep coming from the passage” i said in dismay, frenzy and frightened to the marrow.
    “Jesus, am dead” my heart lamented, i had a bad feeling about this why didn’t i back down. Now the hall supervisors are heading to the refectory from both sides.
    “Follow me” Dave called out yanking me through my shirt and we headed directly into the refectory and slipped under the gigantic table, Ebuka’s legs slightly moving a dinning chair which let out a screeching groan.
    We went as dead as real dead bodies under the table, my breathing was heavy and i tried hard enough to make sure it didn’t make any noise.
    The first footstep became clearer and clearer stopping just beside the dinning table. A pair of black boots worn by the hall supervisors, i held my breathe as i watched his boots pace two steps forward and backward.
    In a jiffy another pair of shoes appeared from the direction of the passage way, it was walking briskly and the hard thumping sounds it made with the hard tiles seemed to thunder louder inside my ears. Dave’s whole body was numb and his eyes were glued to the two pairs of shoes pacing around the refectory but he seemed more composed than i who was already shaking with heavy fear.
    “Sheey you heard something now” A first voice with a squeaky baritone shade addressed the other.
    That must be BullDog, a stern looking man who was in charge of supervising the Halls in the left wing of the Dormitory from hall E to H. He was nicknamed bulldog after he had boasted he was more ferocious than a bulldog when dealing with stray Students.
    “hear something?, noo wetin you hear” a second voice came this time in a throaty tilt like he had cough blocking his throat.
    “Yeah i heard something like a shifted furniture around here” said bulldog his legs still pacing around.
    “okeeeeey maybe na the time weh i shift that chair weh deh that passage” Came the second voice now more casual than the first time.
    “Are you sure, you know say this students no deh sleep for night abi no be make we search here small” Bulldog came again still maintaining his intimidating voice.
    I could feel myself almost wetting my pants, i couldn’t breathe, my hands were dry but sweat ran down my face.
    “what if we are caught, i will enter the school’s Black book within weeks of my admission”
    “Leave that thing, no need need searching na me shift the chair” the second voice replied.
    “Come make we go drink the orijin i buy this afternoon” he came again making towards the door.
    Bulldog’s boot lingered on for seconds then in hard long strides he walked off towards the door and shut the door.
    “Bulldog na b-----d” ebuka laughed out as we all crept out from under the dinning table, stretched our creased shirts and trousers, my breathing was still heavy, body still shaking and sweats still tickling down my face but i tried to maintain a steady posture and appear tough since Dave and Ebuka already were making a joke out of it.
    We slipped out of the dormitory through the kitchen door which somehow Ebuka had a key that opened the door easily. I looked at him suspiciously as he slipped an obviously locally smithed key back into his pocket.
    The moonlight bathed around the still night, the silvery rays gave us a shadowy look in our black outfits.
    Running through the flower gardens at squatting levels hiding at any slightest noise. We came to the east wing of the school, the gigantic fence towering high at nearly 10ft.
    I looked questioningly at Ebuka and Dave, seem they read my mind and they started clearing the grass at the base of the fence.
    Looks like the grasses were placed there intentionally and was used to cover a rusted metal board which was covering the lower part of the fence, Ebuka yanked off the metal board to reveal a large hole in the wall, it was jaggadly circular and was large enough for a full grown man to crawl through.
    We slid out of the hole and Dave covered it with another wooden lid from the other side.
    Ebuka took out his phone and dailed a number.
    “Mummy, am on my way now” He sang on first word.
    “aaaah yes i also brought with me the guy Madam diamond asked for, he is extremely cute tell her we will be there in a few minutes time” The line went dead and Ebuka smiled at Dave who was licking his lips. I think am catching the joke now but still need to see how this night will play out.
    We walked to the bus stop beside the school gate still looking out for the school security guards, we hitched a taxi for #5000 and ebuka paid without breaking an eyelid.
    The taxi dropped us at a magnificent gate somewhere i don’t recall ever being to before but it was surely a very rich vicinity. Ebuka and Dave exchanged pleasantries with the gateman who seemed to know them so well, they introduced me and he greeted me with even an ‘oga’ on top of it.
    The building was a double storied edifice with sparkling foreign lighting system making the whole house shimmer in a shade of white lights, gold and red. Ebuka led the way as we walked deeper inside many thoughts running through my mind in river speed succession.
    “You sure say these guys never wan sell me for rituals?”
    Faint bass thumping music sipped out from inside the building, it kept getting louder and clearer as we got nearer. Dave pushing the door open in a jiffy and a partying scenario was revealed.
    A glowy red light bathed the room in a dim shade, Figures of women perching at different angles of the scene, young boys clutching bottles of alcohol, bikini clad girls dancing at the center of the floor, their body twisting plainly to the music.
    “Sky play your game well, if you give it to this woman well you won’t regret ever coming here” Ebuka whispered into my ears as an averagely thick woman approached us with a relatively thick grin on her face.
    “Baby you are finally here” she intoned throwing her hands around Ebuka’s neck and a loud kiss.
    “Dave how are you, she’s over there” the woman addressed Dave who nodded and headed towards the direction still wearing that naughty smirk.
    ‘Is this the one? ” She asked Ebuka running her eyes all over me.
    “Yes” Ebuka said smiling at me. “Sky meet my pie, Lola”
    “Good evening ma” i said sheepishly trying to appear bold.
    “Please just call me Miss Lola. Hhmmm such a handsome one, how are you” she asked me, her eyes still running all over my body with keen emphasis on my crotch region.
    “Am fine ma”
    “Welcome young man, am sure you will enjoy yourself well” she patted my hair fluidly.
    “Baby take him to Diamond, she has being dying to meet him since you called, then come over and meet me inside” She walked away in graceful strides.
    “Sky see, if you bang that Mrs Diamond well, your life will change for good” Ebuka whispered to me.
    “Ebuka but…… ”
    “Guy chill, enjoy yourself and make your money. By the way throw this into your mouth before you start anything” He said slipping a tiny white pill into my hand.
    I followed him into a passage then we turned into another passage to the left, climbed the stairs to the first floor and another left turn. A woman stood beside the door of one of the rooms beaming down on us naughtily.
    “Ebus, is that him? ” she asked.
    “Yes na, trust me wella naa i don’t mingle with ugly dudes” ebuka winked at her edging me on.
    “Hhmmmm, welcome dear lets go in” She said opening the door wider to let me in then closed it shut behind her.


    The room was brightly lit in glowy wisps of golden lights beaming from 4 fancy bulbs at the 4 walls of the room.
    A gigantic bed with bright white sheet spread over it slimly. The room was large enough to accommodate a miniature living room and the king sized bed with a massive glass door ward rope.
    She motioned me towards the mini sitting room and headed towards the bed herself.
    I rested my eyes all over her as she moved towards the bed. She was clad in a mini night gown which is semi-see through, a rope-like sleeve showing some heavy boobs that rested wearily heavy at the gown hitting off some n----e shapes sharply on the material.
    She was tall and barely bigger than Uche Jumbo in weight, an oval face beautifully worked into a bright glowing one with an expertise touch of make-ups, guessing her age i comfortably placed her at her 40’s.
    The only big part of her was her waist that lay hugely behind her shaking fluidly as she walks, my d--k throbbed in between my trouser making me tangle my leg up to conceal it.
    “So my dear what’s your name?” She said grabbing a champagne bottle from a mini-fridge beside the bed.
    “Am sky”
    “Hhmmm sky, that’s quite a handsome name as handsome as you” she winked at me now grabbing two champagne flutes before shutting the fridge.
    She sat on a mini sofa opposite mine, crossed her legs and i had a pretty clear view of the blue pantie she wore infuriating my d--k more.
    “Here, have some drink sky” She handed a filled champaign flute to me stretching her hand to reach me to the extent of her already skimpy gown going higher up to her inner thighs.
    “I have heard so much about you, i must say you are far more handsome than Ebuka made you out to be” She winked at me taking another sip from her flute.
    My d--k head was throbbing hard at the blue underneath show i was getting in full 3D in front of me, it was showing slightly through my trouser. I gently placed my hand on top and stylishly tried pushing it downwards to conceal it, could see her smirking naughtily and her eyes glued towards my crotch no doubt fully aware of what i was doing her champagne flute still slightly below her smirking lips.
    I downed my champagne feverishly, each bubbling liquor melting down my throat in soothing succession.
    “Sky, do you like what you see?” She asked walking up to me, dumped her frame heavily beside mine and refilled my champagne flute.
    “Yes ma” I nodded apprehensively pouring more drinks down my throat.
    “Relax sky, call me Diamond” She intoned running her fingers across on my ears tickling them slightly.
    “If you stick with me sky, you will not regret it, i will take extra care of you baby” Her fingers ran down to my neck line gliding lightly on my skin.
    The wine was already carrying an alcoholic toll on me as i felt a woozy confidence surging through me.
    I grabbed the champagne bottle from the mini glass table in front of me, poured more on my flute and downed it in one single long gulp.
    Could feel her hand now rubbing furiously on my chest and her lips twirling round my ears and warm breathe grazing my side cheeks.
    I turned slowly towards her face which has her lips still kissing my ear lobes, tilting my face towards hers brought my lips as close as 2inches to hers, her breathe now smearing all over my nose. Her breathe smelt more like a banana flavoured cake and the anticipation her breathe induced on my skin battered my d--k hard with huge rush of blood supply making it throb harder inside my trouser.
    Her lips brushed past mine making a gushing tingle spark up on my finger tips, i grabbed her a little roughly round the neck and pushed her face into mine. My lips jammed into hers, her tongue delving flawlessly into mine exploring every point of my mouth and twirling round my tongue.
    Her hands were roughly behind me pulling hard on my shirt at the same furiously giving assaulting caressing all over me- Hope she knows i borrowed this shirt so she would refrain from tearing it.
    My hand strayed down to her thighs pulling the already short skimpy dress up towards her stomach which shows a little rump and stretch marks that looks strategically placed.
    My fingers brushed through her panties feeling the damp wet spot on it smear a little of my fingers and could feel her jerk a bit.
    Her lip work on mine intensified buttered into a whiff of heavy breathing, my shirt was already up towards my shoulder seeing her hands were still working tirelessly to lift shirt off i lifted my hands up for easy offing of my shirt, wouldn’t want what happened during one of my escapades with Ada my yard girl friend where she ripped the new shirt mama bought for me in pieces in the heat of the actions to repeat itself and worse of all not when i am wearing a borrowed shirt.
    My singlet wasn’t so lucky though, she ripped it off with a tearing yank and attacked my nips hurriedly. I kept pulling her gown up to her stomach caressing her a-s which was still clad in the blue panties. This woman being as beautiful as this makes me wonder how she looked at her prime, she definitely would be a goddess.
    My d--k was already almost as hard as rock ready to break anytime, i squeezed her a-s furiously as my sanity has evaded me completely.
    “Yes i remember” my mind yelled as i threw the little white pill Ebuka gave me into my mouth.
    I could feel her hands on my belt and her lips kissing through my stomach and chest.
    My hands slipped between her thighs, more juices smearing on it making me push my fingers harder against the fabrics of the pantie grazing her moist m---d hard.
    Gasping sounds escaped her mouth and my fly flew open as a rock hard 8inches d--k and it seemed harder than i have ever seen before. “What exactly did Ebuka gave me?” I muttered looking down at my rock hard s---t with her hands grazing through the pubic region.
    “Hhmmmm sky i love what i see” She moaned into my ears resuming her nibbles of my lobes and neck.
    I hastily offed my already half offed trouser, dragged myself up hearing my knee bones make cracking noise as i stretched in full frame. She looked up hornily at me then stood up, grabbed my neck and pulled my lips back into hers forcefully.
    Our tongues jammed again my hands running all over her boobs which lay heavily undisturbed by an bra. Moving slowly towards the king sized bed our lips still locked in a hard kiss, i slipped the tiny spaghetti sleeve off her shoulders and watched the skimpy gown slip down to her belly bringing two smooth ivy towers to view, it looked full with a large patch of dark areolas.
    I yanked the dress further downwards, pulling it down through her bumby hips and then watched it slip down her legs to the floor, the pantie gazing staringly at me in all blue glory a lot of mould showing.
    She slowly lay on the bed shifting her weight upwards towards the bed post, i lay on her and our lips met again slurping and twirling harder.
    I dove into her lumpy neck kissing and nibbling hard on it hands running through her inner thighs still avoiding her m---d. Her head was thrown backwards revealing more neck space to kiss, her eyes closed and mouth clenched tight.
    My lips worked towards her collar bone kissing down towards the ivy towers, my fingers slide up and i engulfed the boobs fully with my palms squeezing in a soft-hard mode watching the fluid movement of the soft m---d of flesh.
    I took her nips into my mouth, grazing them with my teeth and tongue while my hand still caressed the boobs independently.
    “Oooh” She sang out making me look up to see her eyes wide open looking down at me, I smiled and dove back to the meal.
    The slurping sound my mouth made on the n-----s got a shuddering quake in return, her hands caressed all over my back scratching and rubbing in a random manner.
    My hands slipped downwards again rubbing the p---y through her panties getting harder scratches on my back, slowly pulled the panties downwards and watched as she kicked it entirely off.
    Could feel her hand hard on my head as she grabbed my head with both hands and pushed my face downwards, I went with the movement and went with the hand command travelling down through her belly and then felt her hand push my head downwards into her p---y in a jiffy moment of surprise.
    I had only s----d one p---y before which was Ada’s after we watched p--n together in Ada’s house, she had insisted we practised everything we watched and the h---y side of me couldn’t say “No” ended up bleeping her on her dad’s bed which was cut short when her mum surprisingly returned from work unusually early, i had to slip out through the back door while she welcomed her mum through the front.
    The surprise contact my face made with her p---y resulted to a p---y juice filled face, i pulled away and wiped my face off with her panties that lay beside me, she grabbed my head again and slowly this time pushed me downwards again into her.
    Felt a quake and rush of blood as my tongue made contact with her slit, clean shaven barely dark and mouldy labias.
    I s----d on her c--t and twirled around it in a circular motion then vertical lick.
    “Jeeeeeeeeeeez sky, baby ooooh sky wooow i love………” She moaned out louder and musically her hand still pressing down on my head.
    Mouth open and eyes clenched tight and her toes curling sub-consciously below me.
    There was no more clue i needed to know i was doing something right and probably this may increase my chances of a better wallet, i dove headlong into her k---y with more rush of enthusiasm and slurped away with reckless abandon.
    A more hard quake, hands pushing down my head harder than ever making my whole face seem buried into her and breathing was like mission impossible, her whole body pulsated and shivered and howling sounds pouring out from her in an unbearably loud manner only words like “yes, love, sky” could be made out.
    After almost a minute of hard shivering i pulled my face up and looked down as she wriggled around with her eyes still closed.
    My d--k was at almost breaking point and needed urgent attention, i reached down on the floor for my trouser, fetched two condoms from the back pocket, threw away the trouser carelessly and crawled back to her.
    Her eyes had a dreamy sparkle as she smiled at me, i went down again for a kiss getting a likewise enthusiastic reply. My fingers hastily worked on the condom packs cus the situation on my thighs was an emergency.
    I managed to liberate one condom, rolled it into my d--k and position in front of her using my hands to spread her legs further apart her glistening k---y lay with innate anticipation before me.
    Taking my d--k in my hand i positioned in front of my k---y and tried pushing in.
    she grabbed my d--k suddenly “Stop!!!”
    “Chisooos wetin na, this woman wan kill me?” I shouted in my mind as i peered into her face with a questioning look.
    “Baby why do you have on a condom” She asked looking down at my d--k which was shimmering as the well lubed condom shimmered under the light.
    “Nothing, i just felt like” I answered sheepishly trying to conceal my disappointment at being stopped just when i was almost in paradise.
    “No baby, i don’t enjoy condoms and am sure you will love it better without it” She sang on running her fingers on my ears as she looked at my face this time.
    “Uuh but….”
    “Sky just do what i said, i like you my boy and i will treat you specially so no condom for you baby” she retorted
    “Alright” I reluctantly slipped the condom off my d--k which kept jerking up at every movement of the rolling condom on it.
    She plunged her lips into mine again pulling herself up to rub into mine, her boobs grazing my chest soothingly and her hands working up and down my s---t which still has some of the condom lub on it.
    I pushed her downwards again, she parted her legs again keeping both half way in the air.
    Wasting no time, i plunged in immediately. A gush of lustful wave swayed around me feeling her k---y wrapped around my d--k and every wall of it tucking it.
    She was not as tight as Ada but she was averagely tight from my own perception.
    “Oh baby” She clenched back her eyes and gripped hard my back again digging her nails deep into my back.
    Grabbing her hands i pinned them down on the bed, spread my legs a little bit apart and then starting plunging in and out going down for a kiss every now and then.
    Her legs danced high above my waist line and random sound tracks flew out of her mouth.
    After 7minutes of constant rhythmized pounding in missionary she pushed me up gently, got up and turned round grabbing the bed post and pushing her a-s towards me.
    Wasting no time i dug back in again from behind, a slight groan escaping my mouth as the warm fluid feeling engulfed me.
    I rammed her from behind for almost 10minutes , watching her a-s jiggled bouncily at every up and slam movement of my s---t.
    The view was out of the world and it pushed me to the edge, my breathing became hard, constant groans subconsciously sipping out, i slammed hard in long hard pounds grabbing her a-s roughly as i felt my d--k erupt deep inside her love canal.
    She howled again falling down into the bed shivering harder than the first time, i kept on pounding savoring the ecstatic feeling induced by the orgasmic surge on me.
    After 1minute of hard bout of o----m, i fell down on the bed beside her smiling hard at myself, beads of sweat was visible on her back giving out soft sparkles as the lights bathed them.
    She looked up, her face glowing and a hard smile written on it, she kissed me hard wrapping her arms around my body and her head resting on my chest.
    “Wow this was wonderful, sky where have you been all my life” She breathed out making me laugh out shyly.


    The orange-gold lights from the towering street lights flickered into the taxi as our taxi tore the road sending an endless stream of tall standing street lights behind us.
    The shadows casted by the light smeared through my face sweeping past us at the same speed with the car.
    My face was stuck out of the car window, my breathe deep and heavy, and the wind bathed my face making my eyes blink faster.
    I still can’t believe what i did just a few hours ago. her voice still echoed through my mind, the way she moaned my name, her gasping grips and my raging lustful energy while on the business.
    “Baby, my baby your friends are here” I was having a good dream when those mild voice woke me up, She was still stark naked and her body glowed under the light.
    “Ebuka and Dave are waiting for you in front of the door” She announced getting up to tie the bed spread around her body while i still struggled to clear sleep off my eyes.
    “What time is it ma” I yawned out.
    “Its 4:30am, you know you guys have to go so as to get to school and slip back inside before activities resume in your school”
    she said looking at her phone.
    Couldn’t believe my ears, she knew we were just secondary school students and yet?
    I sluggishly dragged myself out of bed slipping into my trouser and shoes, hands a bit weak and shaky, eyes heavy and body still yearning for sleep.
    “Sky do quick na, you be girl? – aaaah!!!” Thats was Dave’s voice from the other side of the door sounding as impatient as always.
    I spent almost 10minutes fixing my shoes all the while contemplating how to tell her i expect payment or anything. it was total conflict of confusion and desire.
    “Emmmmh ma, am going now” I announced keeping my eyes fixed on myself.
    “Hhhmmm baby you were wonderful, i hope i will be expecting you next time” She smiled out.
    “Yes ma, definitely” My heart was racing; what if this woman doesn’t give me anything now, that one go be serious gobe oooo.
    “Dave!!!” She called out to the door and dave’s face popped in almost immediately, his eyes as white and as bright as a baby refusing to sleep in a bid to keep it’s mother awake.
    “Please make sure you bring my baby here next week” She winked at him waving a passive hand and a childish laugh.
    Dave forced out a laugh “Yes na, na my boy im be na” he sang back.
    She dragged her frame out of the bed, Grabbed me again and pulled me into her taking my lips on into a morning kiss crushing me deeper into her.
    “You will never regret knowing me if you stick to me alone” She whispered into my ears.
    Slipped her hand into the bed post and threw two neat crisp bundles of 1000naira notes into my hands with a smiling kiss.
    “I will see you again baby” She said falling back down into the bed.
    “Jesus!!! Sky she gave you 100k!” Dave intoned in a whispery shout as i closed the door behind me.
    “Wooow sky not bad for a start” Ebuka said in his usual ‘always in charge’ tone.
    My face lit up on realizing the amount of naira i had on my hand, I had only seen this amount of money in nollywood movies and it looked so unreal to me even when its real.
    I kept gazing at the money in my hand and the two figure on the naira note gazed back in all seriousness, this has turned out to be the best night of my life.
    The journey back to school was as soothing as it was nerve wreaking, i was feeling good of myself, i was happy i mustered up courage to go with them and it has paid off.
    My right hand rested on my lap pocket feeling the bulged texture of the material due to the bundle of minty cash on it, i had to be sure the money doesn’t just disappear when i look away.
    “Sky that your mummy na badt oo, she deh settle wella” Dave said excitedly in the taxi.
    “Don’t you know who her husband is?” Ebuka chipped in.
    “And she is wickedly pretty” I sang out naughtily. . They both burst into laughter, could make out the taxi driver taking a slight peep at us through the rear view mirror.
    We slipped into the school through the hole which we covered untraceably well by the expertise hand of Dave, we tip toed to the back door having to crawl one after the other past Bulldog who was dozzing noisily on a chair with the huge sweater he wore giving him a more threatening and ferocious figure.
    We slipped into the hall way leading to our hostel after having to dodge the Kitchen staffs as they went to get the breakfast running.
    Laying motionlessly on my bed my mind lay bleak and a feel of terror engulfed me at the thought of what would have happened if the night turned out unsuccessful, yet again the mints i had made within the hours formatted my mind for good.
    The day lay gloomy cold, an untold anxiety hung in the air and the classrooms had less noise than usual. I was restless on my seat my mind glued to my wealth like super glue every little thought provoked a fear that i might not find it again when i get back to my dormitory, the chair felt like a burning charcoal and i needed to head back and make sure i was still 100k rich as i was last night.
    Princess looks kept falling towards me but i ignored them and fixed my eyes on the blank white board, no teacher was in class so everyone was busy with whatever that rocked their boat.
    I watched Victor drag himself up from his desk, grabbed a huge further mathematics text book and headed towards princess’ desk while his face took an evil smirk and an eyeing look. I could swear he winked at me but my mind was too occupied on my prize and everything else was history, he can teach her the whole world for all i care.
    My eyes scanned through the class through the class, Agatha as usual was singing dreamily not minding that some were trying to read, mary the catholic reverend sister was curled at a corner,eyes closed and her lips moving slightly it was obvious she was saying the rosary as usual, i shook my head and moved on jumping the direction that Victor sat with Princess.
    My eyes caught with Sharon, her eyes were fixed on me and those long lashes seemed artificial and the light mascara made her eyes seem like that of a p--n star.
    She smiled and threw a slight wave at me with a bold look, i looked behind to be sure i was really the person getting the gesture the only time Sharon ever spoke to me since i came to McGonals was the day the biology teacher instructed i collect the biology assignment from everyone and her words not even that friendly.
    I mopped back at Sharon who still was smiling while she looked at me, i kept a straight face and move on then i noticed Sharon stand from her seat and walked towards me adjusting her skirt up a bit.
    I swallowed hard and looked on at the figure drawing nearer and nearer, she was quite tall at almost 5’10, a busty chest and slightly decent hip and bum size.
    Two tribal marks ran at the two sides of her face blemishing an almost flawless face marked by a small perky mouth that she seem to always pout.
    “Sky, can i seat with you? ”
    I could only get myself to nod and shift a bit for her to seat beside me.
    Turns out she came to propose we read together this coming friday during general reading time, i still couldn’t audibly say “yes” kept nodding like a glorified agama lizard while my mind was on a goose chase wondering why the sudden friendliness and i could swear i saw princess looking at us.
    “Sky!!!” Dave rushed into the classroom looking all tensed up and sweating profusely, his school uniform had some patch of dirt and they looked ruffled.
    “Sky!!!” He yelled again heading straight towards me, his eyes flashed towards Princess and Victor who were pointing and solving whatever it is they were solving in the text book and victor’s left hand expectedly on her shoulder, he shrugged and moved on to where i was.
    “Dave ogini? (what is it)” I threw at him in Igbo peering into his face.
    “Sky we are in trouble” He washed out looking round the class then dragged me up and we headed out of the class.
    I was turned into a ghost. “What sort of trouble, let it not be that someone saw us last night” I was muttering some prayers to myself, Dave’s hands were visibly shaking and it betrayed the fear he harboured within.
    At the back of the block, it was secluded and was rarely used by anyone.
    “Dave stop this na, what is the matter?” I sang out sounding throaty the fear was already forming a lump on my throat.
    “Sky, we are in trouble, We are going to be expelled” He said sounding like he was pleading.
    “Expelled kwa? for what na” I asked still trying to maintain my feet on the ground.
    “Dave talk naaa, what happened?” My anxiety and fear was betrayed, sweats were already forming on my face and my feet was not steady the floor.
    “The school knows!!!” He blurted out, his voice shaky as always and eyes peering deeply around.
    “school know what na dave, talk naa” i was almost crying as reality was coldly but slowly dawning on me.
    “The school found out we went over the fence last night, i over heard some teachers discussing that the Bulldog saw some students last night sneaking into the school this morning and he identified them but didn’t bother stopping them” he paused for a while and looked into my face, my two hands already flew up to my head and my jaws dropped in a feverish pensiveness.
    “Sky didn’t you wonder why all the students were told to assemble at the general hall this afternoon? The principal wants to call the students out in front of everyone and possibly expulsion. Sky we are in trouble ”
    A tear dropped from my eye, hands still resting heavily on my head and mouth still agape.
    “Papa warned me, what will i tell my papa now? ”


    Hello guys please nepa has done the undoable to my light here so i have to manage else where before writing an episode . . Bear with me on the slow updates..
    The bell rang feverishly tearing through the air and my heart skipped a beat pounding furiously on my chest threatening to rip it open.
    “Now class the session is over so going by the principal’s instructions everyone should get ready and start matching to the general hall” the maths teacher barked in his usual croaky tone peering at the faces of the students who rather looked surprised.
    “One of you have being bursted in the wrong act and hopefully this will be their last day in this school as students” he smirked casting a rather cold look towards me.
    “Jesus i am finished today” my heart cried subconsciously taking my hands up to my head, fretting reddened eyes. Could see princess casting suspicious looks at me every now and then, it certainly doesn’t even bother me after all the whole school is about to know, papa will get to know and mama what will she say.
    I had more dire worries that burdened me than just a pretty girl here, Dave was slowly packing his books into his back pack still sweating like a rat that fell into a bucket of water. The maths teacher still held the FBI look glaring and smirking as if he knows for sure who the culprits were.
    The general hall was buzzing with students murmuring and hissing most of them ignorant of the reason why everyone were called to the hall and frankly all wished to be in the refectory having lunch now.
    In a little more than 30minutes the hall went strangely and suddenly quiet, soft footsteps were heard towards the podium. The vice principal- a short man with a pig snout look, bald like a vulture and pot bellied- walked in trailed by 3 black clad men easily recognized to be police men.
    The man wore a very angry face and so did the police men though that is a normal trade mark for Nigerian police men.
    “Good day students!!!” He sang out sounding clownish in his almost shrieky feminine voice which always seemed funny to me but today it wasn’t at all.
    “Good day sir” everyone sang back in an almost impatient manner.
    Dave drew near me as the vice principal’s voice filled the hall again. “Sky don’t worry they might just suspend us and not expulsion” He said is a shaky voice still all sweaty.
    He was visibly more scared than i am but still was trying to console me none the less, Ebuka sat next to Dave seeming more composed than the both of us but had his eyes fixed on the short stout figure addressing the students from the podium.
    “Where ever we find evil and bad qualities in this school, it must be quickly expunged so as not to destroy the good qualities we have worked so hard to maintain” He took one step down from the Podium going nearer towards the students who all held him in their eyes.
    “Last night, our security personnel’s caught three students sneaking back to the school as early as 4am from God’s knows where and unfortunately for them they have been identified and will be called out here right now before you to set examples for the rest of you on the consequences of bad deeds”
    The whole hall went into another quick bout of murmur a bit loud this time, questioning looks thrown at each other and “i don’t know” hand gestures here and there, the whole hall was bleak.
    Bulldog stood next to the police men, his hands spread wide like a WWE star wearing a slight grin with his head held up high.
    “This is it” i breathed out to Dave who held my hand tight. The air was bleak and slow, i couldn’t breathe, i couldn’t think everyone seemed to react in slow motion.
    “If you hear your name step out here right now” the Vice-principal barked.
    I held my breathe and shut my eyes with silent prayers pouring out of my heart smeared with a lot of promises to God if he got me out of my predicament in one piece.
    “Harrison Ibaka!!!”
    There was a loud shout of “eeeeeeh!!!” “aaaaaaah” “choi!!!” “jesus!!!” “Oh my god!!” resounding all over the hall as students caste searching looks around.
    Dave nudged my hard on the side and i opened my eyes. “Who is Harrison and he didn’t go over fence with us” my mind asked looking around as a tall, fair complexion guy with a pastor Chris hair style stood up and moved towards the podium.
    “Tunde Ola and Ngozi Ibe” the Vice principal called out again getting a similar feedback of awe struck shouts.
    I looked at Dave he was all smiles but still had sweats all over, Ebuka winked at me bearing a smile too, i forced out a sharp grin though my limbs were visibly shaking and my heart beat were irregular in pattern.
    “Chai Dave that could have been us!” I blurted out to the over joyous dave who was busy jumping like a new born lizard.
    “Seriously sky we were three lucky bad boys” Ebuka chipped in growing more colourful but still maintained his cool.
    “I can’t really believe those three has been expelled from this school just like that, the administration guys are just too wicked” I threw at Ebuka since Dave would rather enjoy the euphoria of his happiness and pay less mind to what the two imbeciles beside him were saying.
    “They are not wicked sky it is just the school rule. we would have been on our way home now if we were the ones caught but they were not as smart as us” The ever in charge boss replied with all boldness his words piecing my heart like a sword “we would have been on our way home” gave me chilly goose bumps to imagine.
    “Sky someone is calling you” Ebuka said rather dreamily nodding behind us.
    I turned and princess was walking briskly towards us singing my name continuously and victor walking just behind her clutching her pink sweater.
    “what is it again with this girl” i muttered to the hearing of Ebuka who simply smiled and chipped in a sassy remark “That little b-----d following her around is really annoying, abeg sky see you in the refectory” With that he was chasing after Dave towards our dormitory
    “Princess how far na” i addressed her trying to maintain a cool look despite Victor standing just a few meters away from us casting a very stupid smirk towards me.
    “Sky i am not here for formality, i am simply here to warn you”
    She retorted.
    “Warn me, over what?” i asked looking quite surprised.
    “Please cut the garbage, i noticed your behaviour at the general hall and someone reliable has relayed to me that you have joined the dumb idiots of house-B in their immoral over the fence escapades”
    Her face was tight, her pink lip gloss were almost faded and the sun made her face appear a bit darker to me as she rang on.
    “What are you talking about Princess” i mopped out like a programmed robot looking towards Victor who was now wearing a very mischievous grin still looking towards us catching my eyes..
    “Just hold it there sky, i am well aware you went over the fence the same night as the ones who were expelled today, let me sing this into your head. If you do not retrace your steps and focus on what you came to this school for, your greed and stupendous idiocy in making stupid choices will be your end. i assure you, just like today you will be next!”
    I could swear Victor heard those rantings, it was a bit loud and those foolish grin just widened.
    “Shut up princess, just shut up!!!” I cut her short.
    “Who do you think you are, eeeeehn? who dah hell are you to be pouring such nonsense at me as if you are my mother”
    I didn’t care if Victor was hearing me now or not after all those evil grin of his helped tipped my adrenaline over.
    Princess’ face went blank, surprise and another unfamiliar feel smeared all over it and her eyes glued on me, her lips tried to move but could not.
    “See next time you listen to cheap gossips keep it to yourself because if you bring this kind of idiotic accusations and bossy attitude to me again, i swear you won’t like me. Good day”
    I blew out, turned and headed towards the dormitory l leaving her standing there like an unfinished statue.
    Cursing and swearing at myself as i angrily stormed towards the hostel.


    “I swear to God, one day i will smack the grin off that idiot called victor” I raged out to Ebuka and Dave who wore rather amused looks.
    “I am sure he was the one who went to Princess fed her those nonsense she came yapping about” my fist was clenched into a blow and my teeth grinding into each other.
    “Sky forget Victor, he is not worth your troubles” Dave chipped in munching down his share of jollof rice and friend plantain in a severe manner.
    The rest of the school day was bleak and quiet, every activity seemed stale and pale and everyone moved with caution and suspicion of every school guard that lurked around.
    The fear and order the expulsion of the three students instilled hung on for quite sometime before wearing off and the loud carefree activities resumed.
    Friday morning Dave and i are supposed to be going over the fence later in the night.
    I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, a thudding headache, a severe strange feeling that i couldn’t explain and i had the strangest dream before waking up.
    Class was slow and cold, made worse by the cold look princess wore on seeing me.
    Dave’s constant reminder of the nights escapade which left chilly fear stuck in my mind.
    “Johnysky” The incredibly hot biology teacher called out after her session.
    “Yes ma!” i answered standing straight like an important member of the army, her presence in this class had straightened things up a bit and i would put up my best behaviour to impress anytime she has a session with our class.
    “Hmmm class please give Johnysky a round of applause, he scored 100% in our last quiz” she addressed beaming down white teethy smiles on me.
    The look on Victors face was the best part of the day, i could savor this victory forever i have scored above the almighty Victor in a quiz, nothing could better this day more than the huge grin that smeared all over my face.
    “Johnysky please after school session, bring this stack of books to my house in the teachers quarters” she laid out before leaving the class.
    “Alright ma!” I answered dreamily like a pro.
    My mind was stuck to the deal of the night, the though of grabbing those luscious bums and boobs of Mrs D, those outstanding shape and the cash i could be heading home with gave me both a hard on and a watery mouth.
    Dave reminded me of Biology teachers instructions just as we were finishing lunch and playing ludo on my bed.
    “Jesus christ!!!” i blurted out on remembering i was supposed to take the books to her immediately after school but it is already hours since school session closed for the day.
    I stormed out of our dormitory running through the hazzy golden rays of the afternoon sun pass the football field that is always filled with football addicts, i headed towards the classroom clad in a combat jean short and a whit t-shirt -my ward rope already got a testimony of my works.
    Grabbing the the stacked books on top of the table in the empty classroom, i dashed out immediately ignoring Victor who threw a cold greeting at me, dodged Vincent who passed on his way to the field stuffing some poor biscuits into his mouth.
    Walked past the library block, agricultural lab and farm, indoor sports gym building i headed towards the teachers quarters.
    The quarters was a white painted small flat buildings that stood side by side in a long graceful rows with one a short gauze fence demarcating them.
    This was my first time of ever coming to the teachers quarters, the farthest i ever gone was the indoor sports gym.
    I was counting the bold black numbers on the flats, she had dropped a note on top of the books that said “HOUSE 12”.
    I passed the wire gauze and moved towards the flat, the books in my hands growing heavier by the minute. Standing in front of the door which was slightly open at the edges, i could hear loud thumping hip hop music sipping out from inside the house drowning my knocks even though they were hard.
    Gently opening the door after growing tired of knocking, i went in with my head first looking round the immaculate clean lounge that seemed deserted except for the loud music that banged out of 4 towering home theater speakers.
    Opening the door a bit wider i stepped inside fully closing it behind me. A chilly dry air smeared all over me, fresh rose-like smell lingered in the air.
    Started hearing a singing female voice from inside the small rooms, made it out she was bathing and i needed to drop these books and head back to the dorm.
    Lowering the volume of the music i called out towards the singing voice.
    “Aunty! Aunty Anita” I called out peeping into the short hall way that led to the rooms.
    “Jesus!!!” Came a startled voice…
    “Who is that?” She threw at me, the water stopped running.
    “It’s Johnysky Ma” I threw back almost standing at attention like a parading soldier.
    “Oh Sky it is you, you startled me. Please give me a few minutes” she laughed out.
    I dropped the books on a miniature table at the center of the room, dropped my whole frame into a small cushion and waited in a very tensed mood. If not for one thing i hate associating with teachers they wouldn’t do much than remind you how bad you are and how you need to read your books more in the name of giving you advice, i simply need to hand these books over to her and be on my way.
    In a little less than 10minutes i heard gentle footsteps approaching the sitting room, my eyes tilted to the direction of the hall way and miss Anita was walking towards me in a white towel that barely stopped half way through her thighs, water still dropping down her body and she was wiping her face with the upper edge of the towel.
    Hairs packed into a transparent shower cap, her face looked flawless in this default state and i could make out a bit of the cleavage above the towel.
    “Jesus!!!” My mind rang! A hard member was already assaulting my shorts making twitch uncomfortably.
    “Sky i told you to bring this books immediately after school, what kept you this long” She asked standing at the ede of the hall way leaning a bit towards the wall.
    “Nothing ma, i was hungry so i went for lunch first” I employed the timid sky shenanigan.
    “Alright give me a few seconds, you have to take something then since this is your first time of coming to my flat” she said as she turned and returned back into the hall way, the luscious thighs showing more because the towel was a bit shorter at the backside, my eyes couldn’t unstick from the gravity of the bumz that bounced slowly away.
    My whole body went uncomfortable, my d**k pulsated within me and my head was hot. i could give anything to leave this building now at least to recover my fading wits.
    soon after she emerged wearing a U.S flagged Bum short that was a bit shorter than the towel level and a matching top that gave me quite a view of n-----s caressing the fabrics of the top as the boobs rested unrestricted on it, she handed a cold bottle of malt to me and sat in a similar sofa opposite.
    “So sky i noticed that you exceptionally good on biology, whats the secret?” She blew at me opening the pile of books that lay on the table fixing her gaze on them.
    I was clutching the bottle of malt with both my hands resting it right on top of my thighs make sure the guy in between refrains from castigating me here, am already tensed enough as it is.
    “Nothing ma, i just love biology” I replied
    “Really, you know it is said that when a student loves the subject it is because he loves the teacher, am i right sky?” She smiled to herself still looking at the books.
    “I don’t know ma”
    “Sky say the truth you are a christian oooh, who wouldn’t notice the way you fix your eyes on me instead of the board when i am teaching, i am still surprised you always still manage to top the class in biology regardless always been distracted in my class” she was laughing as she said this only looked up for a second to look at me and resumed what she looked through the books.
    I grew quite mopping at my malt, i had a feeling that whatever i say was going to be used against me in this court of law.
    “so sky tell me, which one do you like exactly. Is it the subject or the teacher” The mischief in her voice was clear.
    “Uuuhm i….” a loud thumping knock on the door interrupted immediately.
    “Who is it?” She questioned the door.
    “It’s me Segun” a croaky voice brayed out with impatience.
    I noticed her face grow from the naughty mischievous look she seemed to be enjoying to a dry indifferent one.
    “Come in the door is open” she said as a male figure sipped into the room.
    “Ewoo it’s the maths teacher” my heart raced.
    His face twitched and squeezed a bit filled with untold surprise and question. His face traveled from her to me looking brownish red.
    Dropping a fancy bag he came with beside her on the miniature table he ran his hands slightly on her shoulder as her made to seat at a double seater sofa at the left side.
    The glaring looks of the Maths teacher was piercing and clear not to notice. This awkward situation could not get any worse than this.
    “I am going ma” I announced standing up with my hands in my side pocket holding down the throbbing s---t in between my thighs that has grown restless from everything that my eyes saw and the ones i didn’t see but imagined in my mind.
    “Oh sky alright, thank you very much ok” she said smiling at me as i moved in tensed steps towards the door.
    “And sky, please don’t forget to come anytime you are free to help me with recordings and bring more books down here from the staff room” She added just as i was at the door.
    “Ok ma i will” i replied before dashing out immediately not to waste anymore time or see the face of the Maths teacher again.
    Outside was an intense relief, the air felt hot but it was better than the air conditioned room that bore a very stale feel to me.
    “What is the maths teacher doing there and why was he looking at me like that?” I queried my mind.
    Anyway what ever it was it wasn’t my business but i was glad am out of that room now but somehow i had a strange feel that i was in a long thing with this maths teacher.
    The way he looked at me said it all, he never liked me but i think my sins just doubled now.

    EPISODE 10

    Hey guys our transformer is faulty here and so i need to get to a power source before i write an episode please do bear with me …
    “Guy come here!” The ever commanding Ebuka called out from this bunk which were almost 7 beds away gesturing the call with his hand.
    I was seating on my bed sorting out what to wear for the night’s escapade over the fence having quite a decent ward rope now, have joined the cool guys in terms of fashion and Ebuka recommended something light like chinos instead of jean but should also be black, we had an errand to run for Miss Lola Ebuka’s pie as he put it.
    I still am yet to understand why Ebuka called her just mummy and to make matters worse use Miss for her name title, seriously i know she is not married but let us say the truth here that woman should be his ancestor.
    Left my clothes on the bed and headed towards Ebuka’s corner. “Ebus you called”
    “Yes sky i got a message for you” He was fidgeting with his phone in clear abandonment not even looking up to look at me that was standing right in front of him.
    “Is it about tonight’s run?” I asked
    “No sky we still have a few hours before go time” he said still not looking up
    “And beside we have some extra errands to run today like i told you both earlier, this will yield a lot of cash if it goes well”
    “Hhmm more money opportunities, McGonals is really the best thing that ever happened to me, Thank God for sending me here” i whispered to myself looking up in a prayer-like fashion.
    “So what’s the news then?” I asked growing a bit impatient and his bossy attitudes isn’t just what i need right now.
    “Eheee yes, Rose sent me a whatsapp message now” he looked at me for the first time.
    “Who is rose again?” i asked baffled.
    “Rose is a girl in the female dormitory hall E, she’s in the same dorm with Agatha and she asked me to tell you Agatha would be meeting you at the reading hall tonight” he hadn’t finished before he glued his gaze back to the phone.
    “Oh yes i remember setting a reading date with Agatha, this should be fun” Thanked him and went back to my cloth sorting with Agatha’s busty boobs invading every thought.
    9pm i packed my books and headed out to the General reading hall, the night was deep but the flood lights bathed crisp gold light on every angle.
    “Sky eheee sky here you are”
    “ewooo, what is Vincent doing here” i moaned in my mind having recognized the goofy voice.
    Turning around Vincent was already this close, before i could say “hi”
    A blow has landed right on my shoulder in a playful manner but utterly very painful.
    “Hahahahaha boy where have been” he laughed out grabbing my head under his flappy chubby arm and chest.
    “Haaaaa vincent did you bath at all, your armpit smells like an Armageddon” my voice was almost like a cry struggling to free my head, a surge of anger flowing through me. This guy has absolutely no idea how to play.
    My walk to the reading hall was torture as Vincent kept talking and talking all the while throwing biscuits into his mouth.
    “Sky what is this guy doing here with you?” Agatha whispered to me about Vincent who had stuck with me since he saw me to the extent of seating next to me on a desk i intended to share only with Agatha.
    I threw my hands open in an “i have no idea” gesture almost beaming down with tearful eyes on the chubby pile of meat beside me who seemed more concerned about stuffing biscuits in his mouth than reading the book in front of him.
    Wish i could just tell him to get out of here and leave alone but my voices fail me and Agatha’s face betrayed her disappointment and contempt at Vin who doesn’t even know notice how people around him feel.
    “Please i am going to bed now” I announced standing up and packing my books back into my pack throwing out long hisses.
    “Me too” Agatha threw in standing up to adjust herself.
    “Sky but we just got here na” Vincent intoned looking rather surprised at my sudden move to go home after being in the hall for just a few minutes.
    “Bia Vin i said am going to bed, i am feeling sleepy or should i sleep here?” I retorted rather coldly.
    I waved at Dave who was in his usual corner with Angela which he replied with a laugh knowing fully well Vincent just murdered my night of expectations.
    At least it better to leave Vincent and go to bed than stay there in a miserable state.
    “Lets hope the rest of the night goes better than this” i sighed out as i dumped my weight on my bed to wait for our go time.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    11:30pm came faster than i anticipated having worn my clothes in readiness already, a black chinos and a body-hug t-shirt.
    We crept out of the hall into the passage, the refectory was deserted and so was the kitchen back door.
    Slipping out of the the fence was seamlessly easy and we hitched a ride to our destination.
    “Now remember guys we are running some delivery errands for Miss Lola today” Ebuka addressed us as usual.
    “Delivery kwa?” I asked still skeptic about what exactly we need to deliver or to go through with it.
    “Isn’t it better i just meet Mrs Diamond as usual tonight” I added.
    “Sky Diamond travelled to Lisbon with her husband, don’t worry this one pays even better” Ebuka said in a plain face.
    The inside of the house as usual was dimly lit, crisp smokes hovered around the air.
    Miss lola approached us and led us through the lounge into a straight corridor that turns into another room, it was dark only a small LED bold cast a bit of a silvery shadow glow on the room and it was impossible to make out human faces.
    “I said it, these guys have finally decided to sell me to ritualists” I lamented in my mind hearing my own heart pound in overwhelming fear.
    “Skull, here are the boys” Mrs Lola spoke into the darkness.
    “Honey are you sure these boys will deliver?” A shadowy figure that lurked in the darkest side of room intoned in a croaky shade of deep baritone.
    I could make out a cowboy hat on the figure, wild puffs of smoke and a flickering red Ciga light.
    “Yes na, i trust them so well and you know too well that these kids will be less target for any body to suspect and this will lessen the chances that we will run into the same block as we did last time” She said edging us on to step further.
    “Yes sir we can deliver” Came Ebuka’s voice.
    I hate and love that guy’s gut.
    “Deliver what exactly?” I whispered to him
    “I don’t know sky miss lola told me we are not allowed to open or know what it is and this delivery pays much, now shut up and listen” He whispered back.
    “Ok boys i am ready to give you guys a chance, a car will be waiting outside to take you guys to the location. I require a neat job and report back here in less than 1hour with a feedback, the recipients will have a small bag for you to bring to me”
    We collected a pack of piled tied brown envelopes with puffy textures, packed them into a black pack and boarded a mini white bus with “BIBLE STUDENTS MINISTRY” written boldly at the sides.
    The journey was smooth, no traffic or humans strolling at the side of the road.
    “We don deh reach delivery point o” the driver of the bus announced after about 45minutes of driving.
    “Make una park there” Came thundering roars from a few feet away beaming blind torch lights at our bus.
    “Na police oo make una maintain well” The driver said in a pensive tone.
    “What exactly have i gotten my self into?” I kept asking myself, what if the police men take us in for questioning for driving at this lone hour in a lone road way.
    “The bus taxied to a slow halt and floods of torch lights beamed into the bus from both sides not minding the faces.
    “Where una deh go and who be una?” Came the voice again, it was a tall dark man will a long looking rifle, he was very huge and had a flowing kharki coloured leather jacket on.
    “Aaah officer i am taking this Student pastors to a quick distress prayer call” the driver said pointing at the three numb bodies that sat quietly on the bus running our eyes all over the torch directions.
    The police man flashed his light on the bus side and then opened the window to where we sat.
    “So you boys are from?” He asked bringing his face a bit into the bus oozing of cannabis smell breathe which was strong to my perception because i sat beside the window.
    “We are from the Bible Students Ministry, we just going to pray for a sick man. it will only take a few minutes before we head back to Church” Ebuka chipped in before i could go on with more “uuuhms” making sure he showed a bible he held which i still wonder where and how he got to know we would be needing kt.
    The police man scanned more of his light to the boot of the bus and then gestured us to move on which was appreciated deeply with a deep sigh from me once our bus was tarring away from them.
    We got down just in front of a gate, black and gigantic with the bus driver leading the way.
    “He knocked just once on the gate and a small pigeon hole opened almost immediately.
    “Yes?” a voice came from the other side of the gate.
    “DV” replied the driver.
    In a while the gate flew open and we walked into a fairly large compound with just a small house in it.
    We walked towards the house through the dark compound, was stopped just before the door and searched by 3 huge almost 7foot bouncers that could slap heaven into anybody if they so will.
    Walking into the house, we were greeted with a weird dry smokey smell that wasn’t cigarette or any smoke i was familiar with.
    “Seat here” One of the huge men motioned us to a sofa in a dirty looking lounge.
    In about 20minutes of waiting, seating blankly on the dirty sofa with a stale atmosphere around us, all the while i was muttering silent prayers to myself might have already completed more than 40decades of rosary since this journey started, it is really turning out to be a prayer mission for me literally.
    A shabby dirty looking old man in a 70s coat, a smoking pipe and a ridiculous looking hat, who ever advice these people to be wearing hats to feel like boss really deserves to be shot in the head because they end up just looking silly.
    “Ok young men skull sent you right?” He addressed in an almost faint voice.
    “Yes sir” Ebuka replied.
    “I see skull got some fresh smart hands this time” He nodded to himself.
    “Ok young man drop the delivery on the table”
    Ebuka reached towards me and i handed him the back pack i had been carrying since we got down from the car, he dropped it on an almost useless old table.
    The 7ft thug that entered with us reached towards the back, opened and tore out the brown envelopes revealing neatly packed white substances.
    He took out a pocket knife, drilled a little hole into one of the packs and tasted it then nodded to the Shabby old man.
    “Alright boys everything seem to be in order, FLYER get them the dough”
    In a while we have repacked the back pack with transparent stacks of dollars, boarded the bus and was on our way.
    I still can’t believe i was involved in this that i just found myself in, this wasn’t what i signed up for.

    EPISODE 11

    Hey guys am back, not fully 100% well but am fit enough to get about daily activities now.
    Thank you all for your wishes, care and those who called. Feel much loved. . . thank you all my friends.
    “I love you sky” Some silky slim voice found its way into my ears sending some blushing wave down my spine.
    The air was cold and i could hear slight humming of the air conditioner echoing in the large hall, the large hall was scanty as today was another champions league game.
    I could feel her hands on my shoulders and the warmth of her breathe smearing on my cheek skin sending chills through my body.
    It has been more than 3 weeks after our delivery errand which saw me open a bank account as our accounts were credited with 200,000 each, i somehow am starting to look forward to delivery deals now.
    Mrs Diamond has not been in town since she travelled to lisbon with her husband so didn’t go with Dave and Ebuka on the last over the fence escapade.
    The mid-term test a few days away and i had to update in order to make good grades on my text.
    The alarm rang for 9:00pm i got up from bed, grabbed my books and dashed out into the night towards the general reading hall. Windy air slapping on my face as i walked briskly towards the hall passing most students that who made their way to the hall.
    inside of the hall was shiny as usual as i made my way through the maze of scanty desks to find my usual reading spot.
    Just right in the middle of the hall on the usual spot sat Victor and princess.
    My heart froze a bit, the sight of victor infuriates me and it worsens anytime i see him around Princess with his hand usually seeking for a spot to rest on her body.
    “Aaaah our famous sky is here” Victor threw at me just as i made to pass.
    “Sky come naaa” he teased “Princess wants to talk to you”
    “Ok what is it Victor?” I asked hardening my face a bit.
    “Sky calm down na, you know i was just talking to princess here about your continuous stay in this school” He said wearing that smirk again.
    “What do you mean by that victor, you have started this again!!” I blurted out tightening the grip on my books.
    “Haba sky, even God knows it is impossible for you not to get an F this term. You are just not serious with yourself like Princess here affirmed”
    I cast a sharp look at princess who had her face tilted towards the floor.
    Felt like flashing her a very sharp slap at this moment, i simply cannot fathom what gives this girl the impetus to always discuss matters concerning me.
    “You were even caught the other time sleeping during class” Victor’s voice came again it was the night we went on the delivery errand, was too tired the next day that i had to catch some drift right there in class.
    “What exactly is your business with me Victor” i asked.
    “I want you to buckle up and start being a little more serious about your studies like me or do you think i always stay on top of the class by just being a sleeping dog?”
    “Hey please Victor it’s ok” Princess interrupted standing up, her eyes were dreamy and cold as she slowly made to look at me.
    “Sky i want to…………..”
    I heard my name being called out from the end of the hall, it was Agatha and the constant call of my name from her drowned what princess wanted to say.
    Princess turned and looked as Agatha kept calling and hissing at me waving to show where she was.
    “Sky you see what i mean, you only come here to frolic with girls and………”
    “Victor can you please let me talk” Princess interrupted him again like a mute button.
    “Sky about the other day i…..”
    “Please excuse me” I blurted out cutting her words short right there in her mouth and walked towards Agatha who was getting more and more impatient by the minute.
    I was already too angry as it is and spending any more minute there might make me worse than i was already.
    * * * * * * * * *
    “Sky kiss me” Agatha whispered again into my ears brushing my ears with her lips.
    I looked around the hall which was scanty as it is, the part of the hall we sat was poorly lit. The surge of cold lust swaying inside me has washed the anger i held on to in the first place.
    Tilting my face towards her my lips caught hers in one fluid movement.
    Her tongue delve deep into mine tangling up with mine and her breathe oozing into mine.
    I could feel her hand slipping down my lap causing a tingling sensation down my d--k.
    “What are we doing?” I breathed out to Agatha as her hands still caressed my laps moving towards my d--k in every passing second.
    “We are doing what i have always wanted to do with you from the very first day i saw you” She said in a breaking type of breathy words almost touching my d--k.
    “Agatha are you sure this is safe here” I asked looking around the hall which seemed like everyone was busy with their work.
    “Sky relax, nothing is happening.. it’s dark here and everyone in the hall are busy” She whispered before dragging my lips back into her mouth intensifying the assault her hands now carried on my d--k.
    “My toes curled as she unzipped my fly and buried her hand deep into my trousers and revealed the throbbing hard member beneath which struggled and hustled to get to work.
    I could feel a warm hand wrap around my s---t as her breathing intensified in my mouth, her tongue wrestling with mine in total abandon.
    Closing my eyes i stretched my frame and savored the heavenly treat i was getting.
    I could feel the warm hands caressing the length of my s---t up and down in fluid movements throwing me into a shivering utopia of my own.
    Could feel her lowing her weight as her lips kissed past my chest and slowly sank towards my s---t.
    In less than a second i felt her lips wrapping around my d--k slowly sinking every inch in, slippery transition of warm paradise. I was in another universe, my hands toes were creaking as they curled harder.
    Grabbing her by the head gently i slowly lowered her into me pouting my mouth in a subconscious manner.
    My hand gently glided slowly to her back pinching every inch of slowly could feel the friction caused by the warmth and texture of her skin on the soft fabrics.
    Going further my hands slipped to the front brushing the two outstanding boobs that stood within, in a little more than a second i had grabbed them like it was a competition squeezing hard in response to the toe curling treat she was giving me.
    Tingling sensations rose from my toes up towards my crotch region and journeyed up through my spine up my brain and down in a flash.
    The tempo of her lips and hands around my s---t had increased and i was feeling my self nearing the edge faster than light. Gripping her hard my whole muscles twitched and hardened in anticipation to the hard c----x that i was going to hit any moment.
    Right on the middle where princess and Victor sat, i saw her in the blurry vision of my half closed eyes.
    She packed up her books, adjusted her skirt and turned sharply towards where i sat with Agatha, could see her leaning forward a bit peering her eyes into the shadow and i knew she was having difficulties making out my figure in the shadow cast corner.
    “Ewoo this girl is coming here” I blew out tapping Agatha vigorously as i watched princess walking in her usual slow but graceful manner towards where i sat with Agatha.
    Victor now sat on the desk maybe waiting for her or something related to that, i have never seen a person take up a “body guard/ teacher” work so seriously even when he is unpaid for it.
    Agatha got up and adjusted her creased top trying to maintain a steady look.
    I watched with unset wit as princess drew nearer and nearer towards Agatha and i, twitched and shifted severally to make sure i seemed as normal as possible.
    She reached the spot i sat with Agatha standing just in front of the desk, felt someone’s hands go right on top of my shoulders and it was Agatha’s.
    “Sky!” Princess said calmly pretending not to notice the eyeing looks Agatha gave her.
    “Yea” i answered.
    “Am done, going to the hostel now” She said almost immediately.
    “Ok goodnight” i threw out.
    Watched as she walked in that usual slow strides pass Victor who got up and followed her until they were out of the hall.
    “Baby she interrupted us” Agatha said bringing back her lips into mine and hands on my chest and deflating s---t.
    “Agatha please its almost end of study session, i want to go now” I blew out getting up immediately to pack my unread books and walked out of the hall with Agatha trailing silently behind.
    Walking into the Hall the boys were all gisting and arguing over the football match huddled round Ebuka’s bunk.
    “Sky how was your reading session?” Ebuka said amidst the salad of voices arguing over the match.
    I knew his question was more like “How was your session with Agatha” moving past Ebuka without replying, i drew to my bed carelessly dumped my pack on the floor and fell into the bed.
    I don’t know what sudden sour feeling invaded my heart, my mind was tired but restless, blank but filled with bleak feelings of untold sadness.
    This good day couldn’t have gone worse ….

    EPISODE 12

    “Stop there right now if you move i blow your brains out!!!” A commanding thundering roar barked at us at the same time the clicking cluck sound of a corked gun.
    “Chimooo… !!!” my mind shouted as i froze sharply in my clutching posture.
    Ebuka and Dave whimpered and slowly made to move again and the voice came again
    “I said if you move one step mister man you are dead, i can see all of you now get up slowly with your hands in the air!!!” this time every drop of shivering seriousness was in the voice, the cold mean look of the gun was posted sharply on my mind.
    I imagined the sharp long muzzle of an AK-47 pointing at us now ready to blow out at any little mistake.
    We slowly but steadily lifted our weights to embrace the full image of the security guard who stood solidly like a few yards away pointing a double barrelled gun at us and even though i couldn’t make out his face in the darkness i was sure they wore a fierce and dark doom.
    * * * * * * * * *
    Today was a very bleak one, i slept through the night like a chicken having some nonsensical dreams and waking up at short intervals.
    I don’t know exactly but what happened the night before with Agatha and princess left me disturbed with an untold grip of an alien melancholy feeling and a sense of guilt i couldn’t place.
    “So your mummy don come back naaaa” Dave threw at me grinning hard as he raised his eye brow up high!!
    “Mummy kwa?” i retorted still maintaining a lazy eyes like someone just waking up, the morning was heavy and our hall was already buzzing and swimming with students going to take their morning baths.
    It was a saturday so i can stay in bed till Methuselah dies again nobody cares.
    “guy you mumu ooo” Dave said laughing.
    “Eeeeehn yes your mummy, mrs Diamond jooor ewu!!!” he blew out falling into his bed laughing at my not so funny facial expression..
    “Dave no deh joke with that kind thing, you know am not going over the fence tonight because she is still in lisbon. No deh pull that kind prank abeg” I warned.
    “Shut up biko!!! she is back” he insisted
    I got up and sat on the bed eyes now fully opened and sparkly..
    “Dave no joke give me oo who told you?” I asked
    “Miss Lola called Ebuka today and asked him not to fail coming with you today because Mrs D just touched down to Nigeria and is dying to meet you..
    I called at Ebuka who was busy snooping on his phone, still focused on the shiney white phone he strolled down to my bunk..
    “Guy is it true Mrs Diamond just got back from Lisbon?” I asked before he got to my bunk fully.
    He dropped his phone and looked towards me for the first time.
    “Oh sky, i even forgot. Yes Miss lola called to ask me to come with you tonight that Mrs Diamond is back and was asking for you”
    I jumped and landed on my bed giggling hard to myself, nothing beats the wonders and cash that is incoming for me tonight..
    The flush of unsure bleak feeling i had just vanished like a wave, my mind was set on the prize to be won tonight.
    Heading towards the football pitch to watch the evening training of the school team that trains every saturday evening, i wore a huge smile and a dreamy eyes looking forward tonights adventure.
    Not even Vincent chubby fat arms having my head tucked into it’s smelly underneath could snap me out of my jovial mood.
    Victors hard snare and where the hell did he get that eye glass. this guy is just a clown, does he think wearing small sparkly glasses makes him look smarter or intelligent.
    “Complete moron” I cursed under my breathe remarkably still wearing my smile.
    Princess’ innocent swollen eye looks wasn’t enough, she looked like she has been cutting some juicy onions all day with those red bulged eyes.
    Even Agathas pestering as she couldn’t just focus on the training that seemed exciting, but kept dragging me from one nonsensical talk to another.
    The evening went by swimmingly, a sumptuous dinner of egusi soup and garri with reasonable amount of meat.
    I ate and walked like in a dream, mind far away into the venture of the night. The cold night sipped in, starry and a blurry moon smeared thick hazy filter of dim scattering low lights.
    “Psssssssssst” I heard a hiss, that was Ebuka who was standing in front of his bed all kitted up.
    I looked at him and he pointed toward his wrist, i jolted up immediately and gave Dave two hard spanks on his buttock to tell him its time.
    The demands and wishful hopes of the boys sipped in, am sure i promised Lucky that i would be coming back with a lot of canned beer and eatable snacks.
    The hall way and refectory maneuver was as easy as it goes and so was the kitchen that saw us into the open back.
    Squatting to reasonable concealing sizes we crawled through the night towards the west wing fence.
    “Now three of you raise your hands up high in the air this second and take little steps forward” The thundering bark soared out again.
    The severity of our condition registered into my mind like a block staggering truth.
    I could still make out the blank sad faces and heavy eyes Harison, tunde and Ngozi Ibe wore the day they were expelled in the full glare of the entire school.
    Ngozi was already wiping streamy hot tears off her face as the police led the three out of the podium to get their stuffs and the soul piercing “Eeeeeeh!!!” “Aaaaaaah” and murmuring chatter of the scared excited students.
    Could picture myself, Dave and Ebuka taking our own walk of shame down the podium after our expulsion was announced to the school amidst the usual ceremonies.
    Papa’s face looked sad, bleak and pale. I could see raging tears within his soul that it quaked my very fabrics as i stood in front of him at home holding my luggage with a bowed face.
    Mama’s sobs tore my heart to shreds as she kept ringing constantly “I told you, i told you nwam”
    And princess? she would say she saw it coming and i deserved it.
    Victor? Oh God his smirking happy face was too clear and the secret mocking “bye” signs he threw at my retreating shamed figure.
    Vincent? That one would be my undoing, i could stale people back in the street about my sudden return, but once Vincent gets back i could swear he would tell and ruminate the news to more people than CNN would ever dream of and that would make “Sky” a house hold name in our area.
    “Sky move now” Dave’s panicking voice whisper-shout into my numb frame.
    My wits returned and the situation kept unfolding by the minute, the severity was overwhelming.
    “Now three of you stand there and keep your hands in the air”
    The now bossy voice commanded.
    We walked into his pointed out space, stood like three condemned criminals with our hands high up in the air.
    I watched with shivering lips and heavy eyes as he fiddled with the heavy sweater he wore, the darkness made it more of an audio show than a visual one.
    Only the shadowy figure move around as his hands searched inside of his sweater which made baggy crisp sounds.
    “Now let me see their faces, idiots that won’t face their studies busy snooping around like witches” He said to himself as a flash light went on.
    The blinding light bathed my face giving my eyes a tough time to adjust.
    “Oh my God! This quiet one too? Wonders will never end” He exclaimed as he peered into my face with the touch light.
    shook his head and proceeded to Dave who looked more like a trapped rat. My heart sank into my stomach and a bitter taste filled my mouth.
    “Eheee this idiot, i knew it was a matter of time before your mischievous and carefree self got you into trouble” He sang on ascertaining Dave’s identity.
    “Aaah Ebus, is this you?” He queried Ebuka who tilted his face forward a bit.
    “Yes na Mazi it is me oo” Ebuka blurted out excitedly.
    I looked at Dave and he looked at me, still hands stretched in a high manner.
    “Chai Ebus my man wetin you deh do na?” He asked Ebuka now replacing his torch into one of the labyrinth of pockets.
    “Mazi, na bread we wan go butter ooo, make we reason aside abeg” Ebuka intoned still pensive.
    They went towards a corner and after some short whispers ebuka started walking towards Dave and i.
    “Sky, Dave make una drop hands biko. How much una carry there?” He enquired.
    Slowly dropping my hands still wearing a lost guilty eyes i dipped my hands into my pocket.
    “Na only 10k i carry here o” I said
    “Na 8k deh my pocket now” Dave followed.
    “Oya both of you give me 5k each” Ebuka said bringing out some wad of cash from his pocket.
    Collecting the money together he went back to the tall dark figure who stood in the corner.
    In a little while i heard some slappy hand shake “Ebus you know say na only you be my paddy for this side” Mazi sang out at Ebuka who was grinning towards us.
    “Oya boys make una begin go, i get una back for base” He said merrily, peeked around a bit and motioned us to be on our way with a waving hand.
    “Choi Ebuka you be winch” I praised as we crept out of the fence.
    “I never knew it was even the funny security man mazi, his roars were out of the world” Dave said.
    “Yea me too, Mazi seem very jovial in this school but his commanding roars and professional English tonight was simply unexpected” I replied.
    “Those security guys are really scary as soon as it’s dark, ebus how you take manage that guy?” Dave asked.
    “I helped him with 20k sometime ago he lamented he needed to send something home to his family ever since but had nothing, we have been good friends ever since”
    Ebuka said moving on towards the road.
    “Na God save person today say you na im man” i said.
    we jumped into the night and into the night’s adventure…

    EPISODE 13

    We apologize for the difficulty you might experienced in assessing the site these few days, its due to server upgrade to ensure better service.
    The chilly night became heavier as we delve into the night, the bus stop was deserted and the golden light threw off more lights than needed.
    hitching up a taxi for 6000 we headed towards the house, ebuka answering short calls at similar intervals filled with just “Yes” “yea” “ok”.
    The taxi packed just in front of the gate and we washed down without waiting for a second inside the taxi after paying him.
    A feverish excitement swayed all around us making me jerk with anticipation and expectations of the nights turn out.
    As usual the huge compound lay still and a gloomy darkness covered it.
    Walking straight ahead into the house, the usual red dim shadowy light in the lounge was replaced by a sharp crisp golden wisp of lights around it, i like the look of this lounge better than when it rocks that sinister red glow specially during the weird parties Miss Lola organizes.
    “Oh my baby!!!” Came a voice from deep inside the lounge, peering into the position of the familiar voice was Mrs Diamond walking briskly towards with a lusty grin.
    She was clad in a tight black leggings that wrote out all her contours and outstanding hips to the very little detail, a shouty camel toe.
    A black white large circle spotted flowy shirt with a whole lot of gold chain running at the side of the shirt, a bold gold necklace with a shiny green eye sat on her neck with similar ear rings and a perfect touch of light make-up.
    I could swear “abroad” was written all over her body and the shimmering tone of her skin affirmed this.
    Getting to me she threw her hands around me and planted a sensual short kiss on me betraying a lot of bolted in lust and desire, her shaky breathe sent louder message that she could say out.
    I closed in my arms around her back allowing my imaginations run wild, seeing myself being bathed in some hard foreign currencies.
    “I missed you so much sky” She said pecking me this time.
    “I missed you too ma, sorry Diamond” I let out.
    “I know you did my boy, kept asking after how my baby is doing. maybe one of these days i will take you to have fun outside this country, anyway let me introduce you to some friends”
    she said.
    “Friends?” I asked in surprise.
    “Yes sky, friends. I want to dip you into societal connections, it may come in handy for you in the future.
    She took me by hand and took me deeper into the lounge, the table was over occupied with huge expensive wine bottles and like 9 women, richly dressed with an extra large proud aura was gossiping.
    “Hello girls, meet the young man i told you about. sky!!” She threw at them.
    The heavy expensive jewelries they had on said it all, could feel heavy lusty eyes resting on me as she introduced each one after the other.
    “Wife of chief this” “Commissioner of that” after the long introduction and assessment session where they all kept complimenting my looks at the same time throw in sassy jokes i quite don’t get but it makes them all laugh.
    She whispered something to Miss Lola who laughed and they had a Hi-five.
    “Sky, common follow me dear” She said opening out her hands towards me.
    I went forward and took her hands, she looked towards Ebuka and Dave.
    “Ebus, davo, sky will be staying at my house tonight. He will be back before dawn alright” she threw at Ebuka and Dave.
    The night got colder as the Mercedes G-wagon turned towards a huge gate after we have being on the road for no less than 20minutes.
    A shabby looking tall hausa man ran out, shakily opened the gate after taking a peek through the pigeon hole.
    A humongous palace lay before us, scattering lights gave it crisp sparkles of white and gold shades.
    we got down from the car and she took me by the hand again as we headed into the house with my head tilting all around taking it much of the outstanding edifice.
    Just as we got into the living room, a chilly cold air poured on me from the standing large air conditioner that you can barey hear it’s singing hums..
    Closing the door behind us she jumped on me delving her lips into mine in a surprised fashion, i fell down into one of the largest sofas in the living room subconsciously grabbing the two bums that rested behind.
    The amount of lustful energy she put into the kiss got enough blood gushing into my systems and i returned the kiss.
    Felt her tongue twirl from neck down my chest, she lifted my shirt gently off me almost tearing the singlet out as usual but i had to take it off myself to avoid tearing this one too.
    Her lips smacked on my chest, twirled round my tips and graduated downwards towards my stomach.
    My member beneath my trouser was already mad with unsaid lust and the intensity of her lustful passion set mine on fire.
    “Wait ma” I blurted out taking a peek round the house that had a huge silence resting heavily on it
    ”what it sky” she asked peering questioningly into my face.
    ”what about your husband is he not back ?” i asked trying to maintain a steady wit and not sound as suspicious and scared as i was.
    she tore a laugh sighed and looked at me with an amused face. ”baby my husband is setting up a new business in lisbon so he will be there for much longer ok”
    before i could acknowledge the affirmative she has delve back into my lips with full force, the impatience made her body shiver in unsteady quakes.
    my hands strayed and grabbed the luscious boobs that rested heavily assaulting the flowy fabrics of her shirt. a soft moan sipped out from her mouth as her twirling lips on my tongue intensified its twirls and turns.
    slowly undid her bold gold necklace throwing it out into an opposite sofa, grabbed her neck a bit roughly and sank my lips into them. laying tiny kisses and nibbles on her neck, could feel her raging mad with lust with an agape mouth and a shaky hand brushing on my d--k through my trousers.
    slowly lifted out the chainy shirt she wore, the two heavy twin towers lay graciously before me resting on a lacy white bra.
    i buried my face into them in a reflex of uncontrolled desire, my hands travelled to her back to find the hooks, i undid the bra in a jiffy and the free boobs stared heavily into me, huge dark aureole making a bold chocolate patch round her nips that stood out pointed and dark.
    i could swear this woman looked far younger than agatha in having a firm body. i took the dark n-----s into my mouth in a slurpy fashion, twirling my tongue all around it while my hands pinch and squeezed through the other.
    ”thats why i love you baby, you are the best” she moaned out grabbing my head and pushing it deeper into her boobs. my enthusiasm knocked over as a heavy lust bathed me.
    could feel her hand trying to undo my trousers to free an already impatient s---t, i took my hands down towards her waist, grabbed the hem of the tight leggings and drew downwards revealing a sparkly white thong.
    she got up and pushed the leggings out entirely all the while beaming down lustful smiles at me gleaming in a teary spark.
    She grabbed my trousers with both hands and slowly peeled it entirely off my body and my boxer too leaving the ever impatient s---t to the shimmering rays of the light bulbs.
    I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of her soft hands grasping my D sliding up and down the throbbing D getting it more furious than it already is.
    “Sky if you are asked to, which country will you like you visit” she whispered at me still mesmerizing my d--k furiously.
    “I love paris, i will like to go to france” I moaned out pouring out a groaning response to the sensational treat i was getting on my crotch.
    “Alright baby we will work on that, i told you if you stick with me there is nothing i cannot do for you” She breathed out dragging her body upwards to stride across my lap.
    Placing each leg at the side of mine, i was fully stretched in my seating position watching her seating on top of me and slowly lowered herself into the ever ready young member .
    My whole body quivered at the outstanding sensation it induced, warm gripping feel of a slippery soft P---y overtook me making me subconsciously in a rough manner grab her bumz as she went up and down on me with youthful power induced by an outrageous grip of lust.
    Within minutes i could feel myself nearing the edge faster than the speed of light, creaking bones and curling toes i shut my eyes shut and surrendered to be used.
    Could feel that warm tingling sensation travel up and down my spine is fast paces and then a gush of ecstatic feel into my D--k and i erupted deep in an out of the world orgasmic bout.
    She slowly lifted herself off me and took me by the hand.
    “Lets go up to the room baby” she said leading the way with her massive bumz jiggling as she walked up the stairs with me trailing behind like an obedient servant.
    We ended up going through 2more bouts of hard e----c laps before she collapsed under me, exhausted with a silly smile on her face.
    “Sky, are you awake?” She asked
    “Yes i am, i just woke up now” i lied but in the real sense i have been awake all through the night, lying down here on her matrimonial bed gave me a lot of untold stale feel of concern and disturbed me a lot, a bold family portrait of her and her husband with 2kids hung just opposite the bed, one of the girls i could guess was within my age bracket.
    “Ok good, its 4:00am and you know you have to go back to school baby” She said.
    “Yea i know”
    “I will miss my baby so much, cant wait for you to come again” she said kissing me hard.
    “me too” I faked a smile.
    “Alright let me get you what i got for you from lisbon so we can head back to Lola’s place”
    she slipped out of bed, rushed into the bathroom and had a fadt showed then came back still oozing of naughty mischief headed towards her wardrope and pulled out a small black travelling bag.
    She threw it at me and asked me to open it… It had a brand new samsung galaxy s5 on it, a simpack, shows and clothes with a little pack of gold chains.
    “Jesus!!” I blurted out in joy jumping up to grab her again in another round of happy kiss.
    “Thank you so much ma” i said laughing shyly.
    “I told you i will take care of you, baby i love you so i will change your life. I bought this phone so i wouldn’t have to call Lola to call Ebuka in order to get to you anymore”
    “Thank you so much ma”
    “Take this 20k, i have need for money this week so i should be crediting your account with some amount before the week runs out ok” She sang out.
    “Ok ma”
    She gave me two fancy bags with some clothes inside and i asked me to give them to Ebuka and Dave respectively as their own gifts.
    We got dressed and drove out again towards Miss Lola’s place where Ebuka and Dave were already kitted up waiting for me.
    “Jesus sky, oh my God!!!” Dave blurted out after i showed them what she gave me.
    “Ebuka this woman spent like 400K to buy these things and she even got sky an s5, that you phone is like toy compared to this machine… Guy, sky you are so d--n lucky” Dave rang on excitedly looking at the phone and other things in the bag..
    “Sky are you sure this is the only thing she gave us?” Ebuka said holding the small fancy bag like a piece of shabby rags.
    “No she gave you her car” i joked laughing..
    “Dave she even asked me to pick any country i will like to visit” j relayed excitedly at Dave.
    “Wow, guy you are luckiest of the three of us” Dave said .
    “Please lets go before the time passes, we need to get back immediately… ” ebuka said in his usual bossy tone leaving i and dave and making to the gate.
    Dave looked at me, i shrugged and we followed him clutching my bag tightly like a soul..

    EPISODE 14

    Going back to school felt like a cold drink to me, through out the taxi ride my mind kept ruminating over the fact that i am one of the biggest boys in hall B right now, in fact in terms of having a good phone i was on top of the chat.
    Washy feel of joy swayed all round me, a permanent feeling of abandon and smile glued on my face, Dave was ringing on and on how his Mummy only gave him 50k.
    Mrs Douglas, a tall woman or should or should i say lady, she was young probably got married not more than a decade ago and from what i heard had only one daughter.
    She was the youngest of the three but surely the poorest, Miss Lola gave Ebuka 70k last night and promised to go shopping for him during the weekends.
    Dave’s excitement over my phone and his 50k was almost out of the world, he got the least cash yet he seemed very carefree and happy while Ebuka maintained a silent mood through out the journey back to school.
    Hitting hall B was like the triumphant entry, many of the boys were awake and we had an easy slip in through the fence and kitchen door back into the ever huge and dull refectory through the chilly Hall way and into Hall B.
    Dave didn’t waste any time in breaking the news of my new phone that got almost everybody wowed as they took turns to touch it. the awed sounds sounded like music to my ears giving me an alien feeling on pride and happiness.
    “Now i am going to earn their respect”
    The cans of beer we bought was washed down with tales of the new phone as snack, stories of what it could do began washing out, many claiming one of their relatives from twice their fathers side and thrice their mothers side had it, Ayomide even said his dad had it and the phone had a feature that could make it read your mood and play a music to sooth you.
    He gave everybody a good laugh, who doesn’t know Ayo and his lies, he once claimed his Dad had two pet lions and a tiger. One day that guy is going to claim his dad is the president.
    The day was slipping by slowly and gracefully for me, my head has been held higher than ever before in hall B and the Mid-term break excited me more, was eager to show off my new found levels in the street.
    Tick Tock 4pm it was a football match between McGonalds and Stephen’s Collage right there in the football field, as usual McGonald’s students rarely miss out on a match against any school so the turn out was massive and the McGonald chants were deafening.
    Wearing a black track trouser with white stripes i just got new and a new original real madrid jersey, my hands in both my pocket i walked majestically to the field with Dave and Ebuka as Dave gave us a detailed prediction of how he was sure the match would turn out.
    “You see it will be tough for our defence to keep up to that huge forward from stephen’s collage but their midfield and defence is a joke, so our only weapon to assure victory is attack” He sang out excited demonstrating with his hands so vividly that i think i saw Ebuka role his eyes.
    It was understandable because for one so mad for football and can sing all the names of every player in the premier league and has an outstanding ability to analyse a match, its almost unbelievable that Dave can’t even play ball.
    “Sky you will see we will be beat them 3-1” He threw at me with that confident abandon that i began to almost think that is true.
    “Ooook Dave i don hear make we watch am finish first, no deh count your money before you get am” I said.
    Agatha was the first to see me from the field, she was there already jumping up and down with Veronica and lizzy beside her as they whispered and pointed at players on the pitch, wonder what they know about football.
    She left them immediately she saw me giving them shouty winks as she made her way towards me with a broad smile.
    Then came Vincent “Sky we are going on one week Mid-term break this weekend” He blurted out even before i knew he was there already choking my head under his chubby armpit again.
    “Eeeeh Vincent i know, i didnt go to jupiter when it was announced” I retorted pushing his arms off my head roughly in a bid to catch my breathe.
    “Vincent come lets go hold the McGonald’s flag behind our goal post, Coach bought snacks and drinks for people who will do that” Okwudili threw at Vincent who abandoned me without saying anymore word to me and ran after Okwidili, am not even sure he noticed my twisted angry look.
    “Thank God that leech is off my back” i said to Agatha’s hearing who laughed in reply.
    She was calm and serene, wearing a blank but yet radiant face. Princess sat just a few yards from where i, dave, ebuka and agatha stood.
    Her eyes were glued at me and the pink sweater spread creaslesly across her shoulder.
    I would have gone to greet her but yes Victor was seating right next to her glaring at me.
    His eyes running from Princess’ face to mine, she made it obvious she was looking at me and from the looks of it Victor doesn’t look happy about that.
    Agatha knew i seemed distracted and kept making unnecessary shouts and comments to catch my attention back to her or the game anyone that would work.
    In a while i saw Princess get up and started walking towards us Victor trailing right behind.
    Tensed up i nudged Ebuka who turned and saw the two of them walking at princess’ slow pace towards us, gave me a questioning look and i threw an “I have no idea” look back at him.
    Dave was not aware of it, his mind was so in the game that he was even shouting at the players on whom to pass the ball to.
    “Hey sky” Princess said
    “Princess how are you?” I asked. Could see she was avoiding looking towards Agatha who now had hands akimbo glaring at the obviously unwanted party.
    Victor’s look wasn’t too far from that but Ebuka’s presence gave me a sense of upper hand in my mind.
    “Have you checked your Mid-term test results, it was posted yesterday after school, you got 92% in biology” she said smiling with those dreamy eyes sparking up.
    “Wow really, i didn’t check them cus i was too hungry had to rush back for lunch” I said picking up a smile.
    “Don’t forget he got 46% in mathematics poorest mark in the class” Victor chipped in.
    “You know Victor i don’t recall every giving you any job to check my scores for me, why not mind your business and always check yours only” I poured out in a little less than angry tone.
    “Victor really nobody asked you here” Princess said calmly.
    “Yes i know but we have to remind him, he is not here to be watching matches but to learn. Block heads should spend more time in the reading room and not with people like Agatha” Victor said again with a smirking look making Agatha twitch a bit, could see she wanted to say something..
    “Alright thank you Victor can you please mind your business now, Princess am done with this” I said betraying a lot of surging anger and an almost squeezed face.
    “Hahaha little sky don’t want to hear the truth, keep failing you will soon fail out.. iti ” He chipped in.
    I couldn’t hold it anymore, could feel my whole body tighten up in an unwanted twitch, my teeth clenched and muscles in quick spinal spasms.
    “Jesus sky just punched Victor!!!” was the next thing that registered into my mind, didn’t even know when or how i did that. it was an outstanding quick knee jerk reaction to his unbearable idiocy.
    Looked on and saw Victor sprawled on the floor with blood tickling out of his nose.
    That felt good and i wanted more, Victor checked his nose and saw enough evidence of a bloody nose in his hands.
    He got up in a jiffy and charged towards me, thats what all the invitation i needed before taking it up.
    Serving more hot blows and slaps and punches anywhere it landed i didn’t care.
    The audience have now left the football game, the crowd was now on us with excited cheers and shouts.
    Make out Ebuka grabbing Oscar back as he wanted to separate the fight.
    ” If you enter this fight now eeeh e go be me and you” Ebuka threatened him.
    “Sky teach that guy some lessons, im own don too much abeg”
    My angry fatality on Victor became more fierce by the minute, his blows seemed nothing more than baby punches and it got me even more angry.
    “Sky please stop it”
    That was obviously Princess’ voice almost in a sobbing tone.
    Even arch angel Michael cannot tell me to stop this fight, my whole body was out for the kill.
    A roaring baritone voice and a forceful hand yanked me effortlessly off victor who was now on the ground.
    Before i could say “What” i thundering blinding slap followed it sending sparks up my eyes blinding momentarily.
    Recovered to see BullDog holding on to my shirt firmly and another security guard picking up Victor from the ground.
    “What in the world is this mess?” That was the Mathematics teacher in his coaching attire and not so happy face.
    “Oga these two idiots deh fight” BullDog replied in his broad croaky tone tightening his grip on my shirt, the students have mostly disappeared, many have slipped back to their dormitories at the sight of BullDog and other security personnels who looked like they were looking for people to add to the offenders.
    “This stupid boy right, well you hit the rock this time. Disrupting a school match and disturbing the peace of the whole school” The maths teacher barked directly at me as if i was the only one involved in the fight.
    My face was swollen from the hard slap BullDog landed on me but an unanswered anger still swayed round me, i kept a glaring stare at the maths teacher as he whinned and rang like a bell.
    “Take this idiot to the disciplinary room” he motioned Bulldog who yanked me away like a piece of cloth.
    “Take this one to the hospital wing and bring him to the disciplinary room afterwards” he said pointing at Victor..
    Had a feeling i was in a for a long thing right now…

    EPISODE 15

    “Hiaaan wonders no go end ooo” BullDog croaked dragging me by the hand as he strode strongly through the premise leading me to the disciplinary room.
    “Even you weh quiet like water deh even fight?” i wasn’t sure but that sounded like question to m.
    “No sir, he just pushed me to my limits, always putting his nose into my business and insulting me at the same time” I said without looking at the ferocious figure i was talking to, still felt his hands yanking on mine as he dragged me along.
    “Hhmmm Children of nawadays sef.. I bin deh notice say that boy deh do bizi body and i too know anyhow deh waka about, na only am sabi book fes?” He said a bit more lost-like this time.
    I kept mute, could still feel the tearing pain on my face from the blinding slap he tore on my face.
    “But shaa you ma no try, you wan use punch comot im mouth, i no sabi say you deh vex like this o. You weh quiet reach” He said this time minimizing his hard grip on me.
    “Am sorry sir, i won’t fight again” I sang out though wishing i had removed some of victor’s teeth at least going to this disciplinary room would be worth it.
    “No sorry me boy na the teacher you go sorry when im come Obey-room” He retorted in his usual croaky bass.
    The disciplinary room was quite old, dusty and chilly, An old dead air conditioner hung loosely on the wall, a white board with the word “Disciplinary word” spelled out boldly on it and other small words that could pass as jibberish.
    Only a lone table long enough for a full grown man to lie on stood at the far right of the room, a single no armed chair on top of it and a bucket and mop.
    Felt a dry chill and dusty smell on me as Bulldog led me inside, his huge self and a much larger ego he carries around filled the room like a fitted statue.
    “Oya wait here teacher go soon join you” He said moving two steps backwards to stay near the door while i stand in the middle of the room with sharp spark eyes confused over what am supposed to be doing here at the moment.
    A little look at myself and my eyes took in what remained of my clothes.
    The new white real-madrid jersey was torn almost clean through the middle, dirty hand prints everywhere buttered into bloody stains all over it.
    There is no two ways about it, i will have to throw away this shirt.
    I felt a sharp pain on my neck winced a bit and slowly ran my fingers on my neck awaking the already excruciating pain more.
    Saw some straight marked blood stains on my fingers, turns out Victor really gave my neck some tribal marks with his nails.
    The new black track trousers was almost ruined with dust and dirt, the Adidas slippers i had on was torn on the side.
    “If i get that guy again, he won’t survive it” I cursed under my breathe taking up the slippers to check.
    faint shouts from outside caught my attention, still holding the slippers in my hands i fixed my gaze at the door trying to figure out what the voice was saying.
    The door banged open with a banging sound and the math teacher rushed in, the Physics teacher was trailing behind him.
    “You this stubborn goat, how dare you disrupt the school’s football game?” He barked at me
    before i could say “i” a hard staggering slap has landed across my face.
    “You even had the guts to be standing while you should be kneeling!!!”
    Another thundering slap.
    “But sir………..”
    “Shut up!!!” he cut me shot lending a third slap across my face, BullDog winced a bit but still stood across the door carrying out his duties.
    “Now kneel down there and pray nothing happens to the student you man handled”
    “Sir we were fighting” I blurted out in my defence.
    “Are you deaf, i said shut up” And that earned me a fourth slap.
    I wouldn’t need a fortune teller to tell me i was supposed to be shutting up and now.
    I knelt down as commanded, told me to lift two of my hands up straight which i did still wearing that hardened face.
    I wasn’t going to give this teacher the impression that he really got me broken deep down.
    The physics teacher went outside and came back with a cement block and placed them on my erect hands.
    “Don’t you even think of letting that block fall off your hands or you get more than your bargained for this evening” That barky squeaky voice threatened.
    The block was heavy and my arms were shaky, struggled to keep my arms straight but each struggle made the pain more unbearable for me.
    There was a knock on the door and the second security guard walked in with Victor who was more or less like a comic book character.
    His lower lip were swollen and a red cut on it, the side of his face much swollen across the whole length and he had a little white bandage across his left hand.
    His face lit up immediately he saw me kneeling down with a block on my hands, those smirk returned to his face and i mumbled some threats to him with my lips only.
    “Oga this one loose one teeth oo” The second security guard threw at the math teacher pointing at Victor.
    “What?” He asked jolting up
    “Eeeehn one of im front teeth comot na” The guard threw back maintaining a casual tone.
    “Show me, open up” The math teacher said to Victor who reluctantly opened up while this time was glaring at me instead of smirking.
    I could feel an outburst forming in my stomach, nothing gave me more joy than to see just how ridiculous he looked with his mouth open and a fresh shouty gap in between.
    The block didn’t even feel heavy anymore, the stinging pains on my face from the slaps disappeared in an instant.
    Suddenly i felt all the punishments and slaps i have gotten so far plus the one i am yet to receive is very much worth it.
    “Young man, you are in a whole lot of trouble” the piercing eyes of the math teacher came back to me.
    “This was the student that was supposed to me representing the entire McGonal’s grade 11 in the upcoming state competition, something you can only dream of.” That sounded more like water crashing on stone the only thing my mind was glued on was the flashing and wonderfully hilarious image of Victor’s teeth flash and i struggled to hold back the overwhelming laugh that haunted me.
    A cracking sound and a whooshing cane landed on my back in a stinging crack.
    “Jesus!!!” I shouted trying to keep the already shaky block balanced in my almost numb hands as reality dawned back on me and my condition registered back.
    “Today i will cure you this your madness”
    Another cracking sting on my back as a second blow from the cane landed.
    This time Victor smiled instead of just smirking, i bet he is enjoying the show.
    There was a soft knock on the door and BullDog stepped aside to avoid being hit by another angry door bang but this time the door opened slowly and a female figure slipped into the room.
    The biology teacher.
    Her hair was packed behind in one pony tail, a small white shirt that had open top buttons and a little of her ever peeking cleavages were peeking out.
    A strong whiff of feminine cologne filled the room as she walked in gently beaming down surprised look at me who was still knelt on the floor with shaky hands almost ready to give in any moment.
    “What is going on here?” She asked directly to no one cus he eyes were still fixed on me.
    “This young man fought and nearly ruffed up a fellow student” The math teacher said pointing at me.
    “Alright but why is he the only one kneeling down, wasn’t it a fight between two students?” She asked now looking at him.
    “Take a look at the other party, this stubborn goat nearly killed him” He retorted raising his voice a bit.
    “It doesn’t matter, last i checked its still called two fighting” she said remarkably still calm.
    “and sky put down that block for crying out loud” She threw at me.
    I didn’t need to wait even a second before pushing out the block a bit further and it shattered right there on the floor pouring out cement debris everywhere.
    My hands were dead numb, could barely feel them and my shoulders ached like hell, Victor’s mouth went into an angry pout glaring at the Biology teacher whose air of authority surprised even me.
    “Segun how could you take such disciplinary actions without my knowledge of it?” she threw at the math teacher using his real name.
    “So offenders should wait until you consent for them to be punished?” He asked back betraying a lot of anger and disappointment.
    “Yes, i am the school’s disciplinary teacher. I decide what ever punishment is meted on any student that is charged to this disciplinary room” She threw back with much more authority and confidence.
    “And i say that this one sided disciplinary action has gone far enough, this fight case is dismissed. Victor you can go back to the hospital wing for proper treatment and you Sky follow me” she commanded walking out of the room as slowly as she came in.
    I got up amidst the angry look on the face of the Math teach, an indifferent look on the physics teacher’s and somehow i found Victor’s to be quite funny owing to the fact his mouth was slightly open and eyes bulged in an unbelieving manner and most of all the missing teeth gap was visible.
    The disappointment written on their faces as they followed me with their gaze walking majestically out of the door not sending anybody at the moment was something to gloat over.
    I followed her out of the old staff building where the Disciplinary room was located, she walked ahead of me her tight black suit skirt hugging her bumz as usual and almost giving me a hard-on if not for the pains that stung me all over.
    she led me towards the New staff office building and towards the first floor we entered a little office with pink painted walls and similar coloured curtains with teddy beer designs.
    A light desk stood in front of a chair beside the window with a Laptop sitting amidst dozens of books there.
    She drew out one chair from the front side of the table.
    “Seat down sky, this is my office” she said disappearing into a door behind into what i am sure was a bathroom, came out with a bowel of water and a neat small white towel.
    “Thank you ma” I said dropping my face towards the floor.
    “Sky you need not thank me, i only did my job and you already have been punished enough for one crime” She said drawing out another chair beside mine, dipped the towel into the water and wiped off my bloody neck.
    “But you shouldn’t fight again next time sky, such offenses are not taken lightly here in McGonal’s” she said though i was more focused on savoring the tingling feel of her fingers on my neck even though with a towel.
    “Sky did you hear me?”
    “Yes, yes i don’t fight but Victor pushed me to the wall i had no choice” I blurted out dryly.
    “I know Victor can be annoying most times and i too hate such stupidity but please promise me you will not fight again” she insisted.
    “Alright ma, i promise. Thank you”
    She covered the straight nail cuts with a white gauze bandage, gave me some panadol for my swollen face and a fruit juice from a miniature fridge beside her desk.
    On my way back to the dormitory was suddenly met with the math teacher who looked redder and angrier than i had bargained for but seriously who cares.
    “Come here!!!” he blurted out yanking me hard by the hand that i almost whimpered in pain from my already hard numb arms.
    “You think you walked free this time, well i am sure you will soon fall into another offence that nobody would be there to save you” He said pointing a stern shaky angry finger on my face before turning and walked to the staff office building.
    Shrugged and winced at the sharp pains i had on my body, this evening has been one of the most eventful one since i came to McGonal’s.
    The twilight was almost setting in and all i needed now was to rush through dinner and sleep this one out, i am almost happy we are going home for Mid-term break.

    EPISODE 16

    The whole of Hall B lit up immediately i walked in, the boys all rushed to me shouting in happiness, electric excitement and solidarity.
    “Sky you have done Hall B proud by hitting the blood out of that idiots mouth” Kingsley blurted throwing everyone into an excited laugh.
    “The way that guy carries himself about one would think he owns the school not knowing he just got admitted this term” Ebuka said in his bossy tone looking like a lion challenged by another in a battle of supremacy.
    “I even heard he was peddling some rumours about Hall B and stuffs” Dave threw in.
    “That guy is a b-----d” Kingsley said again. “sky i just wish you had done more damage”
    “Im teeth comot na” i aired out with pride throwing the hall into another bout of excited shout.
    “That guy won’t escape the wrath of Hall-B before he leaves this school, he openly called B-hallers bunch of hoodlums the other time in the reading room” Shrieky Hassan chipped in standing on top of his bunk.
    “if not for this ‘no fight’ nonsense in this school, but guy sky how you take manage escape suspension? Kingsley came again, he clearly seem most concerned and the look on his face suggests he wished he was the one that carried out the deed.
    “omo the maths teacher wan roast me oo, am sure he would have moved the case to disciplinary panel but the biology teacher came and dismissed the case, don’t know how she did it but am very lucky oo” i said on a more serious note.
    The reality that fighting could have gotten me suspended gave me chilly ghost bumps .
    Hall-B erupted in a feverish excitement, we drank beers many contributed from their bunks and laughed over tales of victor’s new looks.
    The pains disappear and the wounds felt like a worthy prize to me at this moment…. Saturday we were going home for Mid-term break.
    * * * * * * *
    It was an indifferent morning in the school, waking up was a matter of choice because not only was it saturday, we were going home for the Mid-term break.
    I had dreamt about mama seating in the kitchen frying the kpof-kpof she sold in front of her small stall, papa’s blank look each night he returns from work.
    The stubborn ugo and miracle being bullied by ugo, had it been not a dream i would have shown him how to bully.
    It has been a month and few weeks since i left home and many things have changed, i couldn’t wait to show off my new found levels in the street, couldn’t wait to show Ada i now have a samsung android.
    9am i hurried over a bath, packed few of my clothes from the mini ward-rope into a fancy adidas back pack Mrs diamond had gotten from lisbon.
    Had to painstakingly wait for Ebuka who more or less took more time than a girl when pampering his looks to his taste, before 11am we had signed our exit and strolled out of the school amidst streams of other students.
    “sky princess is coming here” Dave said out of the blur.
    “where? ” i asked in surprised turning towards the right side, she was clad in a white pencil jean that showed off all her curves like it was a drawing, a white flowy top.
    We stopped looking at her as she approached us in those usual graceful strides.
    Called me aside after exchanging pleasantries with Dave and Ebuka who moved a bit further to give us a better privacy.
    “so where is your body guard, he is not following you around today? ” i asked with a bit of a mean face.
    “sky stop it”
    “you sacked the self appointed body guard? ” i retorted betraying a lot of insecure jealousy and resentment.
    “sky stop being childish” she said still calm, those pink gloss beamed a wetty dreamy face, her eyes were not as bright as it usually would be.
    “sky just wanted to say am sorry for what happened” she said her eyes running through little white bandage on my neck and the small places i had swollen skin or a little bruise and my face that looked a bit swollen.
    “its fine but please when ever you are with your body guard don’t come to me, i might do worse” i said in a bleak warning.
    “sky am sorry hope you are not too injured” she maintained.
    ‘No i am fine”
    “sky are we going to see this holiday? ” she asked in a calm dreamy voice.
    “Hhmmm can you come to my place, wont it be too poor for you?” i teased but somehow i was very serious with the seeming tease.
    She didn’t reply that, just dipped her hands into her purse she was carrying and fetched a pen and paper.
    “write down number of anyone i can reach you with” she said handing me the paper.
    “don’t worry i have a phone” i said writing down my number on the piece of paper.
    Could see she was giving me that ‘where did he get the phone kind of look’ and ‘i said it this guy will soon get into trouble’
    “ok sky i will call you” she said without adding any other thing and walked off, i watched her retreating figure until she entered an ash-coloured lexus jeep packed a few yards away and it drove off.
    Dave and Ebuka still wore an awed look when i came back to where they were waiting for.
    “sky wetin that girl find on top your matter sef” Ebuka said resuming our walk towards the gate.
    “ask am oo abi you use jazz” dave threw in excitedly as usual.
    “na just my number she collect jooor nothing serious” i defended laughingly.
    We all laughed “no wonder victor be like im must bend your life for this school” ebuka joked out laughing.
    In front of the school gate Ebuka and Dave hitched a taxi heading the other way round while i got one going towards my place, didn’t bargain Vincent would appear from no where and insist on going with me.
    “This guy just don’t know when someone doesn’t need his leech self around” i mumbled to myself wearing a long face while vincent was busy blabbling all the tales he knew in the world.
    Gave a full transcript of my whole fight with victor and even details that I who was involved personally couldn’t remember happening.
    Can’t he see that i am not interested in this unwarranted news broadcast.
    “Only God knows how this guy would announce this to the whole street” i said to myself.
    “eeeehn sky did you say something? ” he asked all of a sudden.
    “Noo i didn’t ”
    Our yard lay lone and small as usual, can see mama okey repainted her shop.
    Vincent rushed into the yard immediately our taxi stopped in front of uncaring about how it was going to be paid for.
    He went into an uncalled parade of greetings, from person to person peeping into people’s rooms.
    “okey!!! Am back!!!” he shouted on getting to mama okey’s room.
    Announcing our arrival with a bang.
    Greeted a few elderly people in the front yard who were happy and complement my improved looks but still couldn’t help pointing out my bandage and swollen face which i dismissed as a mere accident claiming i fell down a stair case.
    “Haaa sorry oo”
    “ewooo nwam ndo ooo”
    “thank god it was not serious o” was poured on me as i thanked them and moved further in towards the inner yard for our room.
    “brother!!!” Miracle zoomed out from no where jumping on me, mama had neatly plaited her hair and from the looks of it she was eating cheese balls before seeing me, the signature of her hand already showed on my white t-shirt.
    “brother sky is back” ugo blurted out immediately after miracle heading towards me “mama sky is back” he threw towards the kitchen.
    “eeeehn johny, obatago (has returned)” i heard mama’s voice from the kitchen.
    Ugo took my bag as mama came out and hugged me tight.
    “Good afternoon ma” i greeted.
    “Goodafternoon nwam, you look good” she said casting a questioning look all over me.
    “Good afternoon mama johny” that was Vincent, where did he come from.
    “Vin nnoo oo (welcome o)” mama threw at him.
    “Johny you look taller and healthier, what do they feed you people there? ” she asked smiling.
    “aaaah mama Johny they feed us mostly continental dishes” Vincent said..
    “Vincent who asked you, no be only continental.. Mama you look good how is papa? ” i tried diverting the topic.
    “you father is at work he will be happy when he returns.. But sky what is this bandage and swollen face about, what happened? Her eyes were sparkly with concern and question.
    “Haaaa mama johny, he f………. ” i hit vincent hard on the chest to shut him up.
    “Vincent can you just keep quiet let me answer my own questions, mama i fell down the stairs but its nothing serious”
    I could swear Vincent’s looks were like “choi this guy can lie!!! ”
    “Ndo nwam (sorry my child) ” mama said “come i made egusi soup this morning.
    I smiled and walked into the house with mama and Miracle on my arms, am sure ugo is already searching my bag inside the house now.
    On getting to the door, i stopped and turned to face Vincent who was also following us in.
    “Bia vin, go to your house and greet your parents. I want to have a private chat with mama now ” i said with all seriousness.
    “but sky she said she made egusi soup, will you be eating and talking? ” he protested.
    “no am not eating yet, i am not hungry i will call you when i want to eat.” i said more serious than the first time turned and walked inside closing the curtains behind.
    For once go bother someone else. .

    EPISODE 17

    Closing the curtain well i made sure i lingered within the door to hear Vincent’s footsteps fading away as he walked out towards the inner yard.
    “Oh my God mama, sky has a phone!” Ugo yelled out holding the shinny white device in his hands like a trophy.
    My back has already being emptied by Ugo where he sat in the sitting room and he must have opened the little pack behind because that’s where i kept the phone.
    Mama’s eyes popped and she looked at me. “Johny this school really changed you a lot” she said.
    “Sky can i play 2go?” Ugo blurted out excitedly still observing the phone keenly.
    “2go kwa? do they play 2go?” I asked a bit lost.
    “Yes na, Malachi has a nokia phone and he plays 2go with it, this one can do it okwaya?” He asked trying to get the phone off sleep mode.
    “Yes it can, but Ugochukwu you don’t play 2go you chat with it. Moreover i am too old to have that now, we only have whatsapp and bbm reigning in school” I answered with an air of pride growing within.
    “Wow oya can i play whatsapp and bbm too?” He asked again almost like yell.
    “Mumu you don’t play them you chat with them, in fact where is my Psp?”
    He dropped the phone on the chair and made to go out as fast as he could, i was sure my PSP game was history, in fact what ever is left of it should be fossils by now and belongs in a museum.
    One month was too big for Ugo to spoil anything…
    I packed my clothes back to my bag and took it in, the room looked a bit strange to me now, the fading blue colours of the wall, white ceiling with brown patches due to water leakage from the roof.
    The piles of clothes on the side where mama hung her dresses on a line with hangers, Ugos clothes lay carelessly around most of them unwashed.
    The mat i slept on with Ugo rolled up at a corner beside papa and mama’s bedpost.
    Dropped my bag, slipped out my neat white towel with a pokemon image on it tied around my waist then undid my clothes and walked out to get water for my bath.
    Mama was in the kitchen which was in the back of the yard with the bathroom a few meters from it.
    Mama served the egusi soup with a hot bowl of Garri, had to eat behind closed doors or Vincent might just show up now and ruin my whole life.
    “Papa is back!!” Miracle yelled running out..
    It was evening, the usual bleak pale evening fog were sipping in and the hood seemed cooler than normal to me, Ugo told me Abacha – One of the most notorious gang leaders within the area was shot few days back by the police.
    Papa walked in slowly as usual wearing that blank tired after work face.
    “Papa Nnoo!!!” I said standing up, i watched his face lit up in a smile as he took me in for a hug, his eyes glancing all through me like a police scanner.
    “Bobom you look good” He said running his hand through the thick foreign T-shirt i wore and a white track with one of those expensive new Slippers Diamond got from Lisbon.
    “Thank you papa”
    “Come tell me about the school, i can really see you are coping even more than us” he said taking a seat beside the chair on the left side of the television.
    Somehow that made me sad.
    “Papa it is a very rich school meant for rich people” I said sitting on another opposite.
    “I can see that and from the looks of it you are already blending it, I don’t remember buying you these clothes or do they have a boutique there?” He asked beaming down a “Please explain” look.
    “Johny came home almost like a new person, i barely recognized my son. all his clothes and everything he came back with are new and looked expensive” Mama chipped in standing at the corner.
    I can still see her eyes still wore that questioning void look.
    “Agu nna how did you manage to get these?” Papa came again.
    “Papa the school is filled with rich people and many of them are in my own dormitory, i have a lot of rich friends and they give me these things, many of them have no use of the clothes they have” I said sounding as casual as any other person.
    “Papa Johny has a new phone too?” Ugo threw in, i wonder when he walked in.
    “New phone kwa?” Papa asked in surprise.
    “Yes sir” I slipped my hand into my pocket and retrieved the white gracious phone, nobody needs a soothsayer to know papa’s expression was a mixture of doubt, surprise buttered into question.
    “How come?” he asked.
    “Princewill my best friend got a new phone from his parents on his birthday and he decided to give me this one he was using before” I answered.
    “I can tell you really have good friends in school, i am happy my son is in good hands” Papa said relaxing a bit.
    “Only God will bless them for us” Mama added.
    “Amen mama” I said.
    The evening drew near coldly, everything was slow and the atmosphere wore a stale tilt.
    The night threw it’s cover like a huge veil of dark-bluish cloth, moonless yet quite starry in the cloudless clear sky.
    I sat down on a lone corner just before the outside door imagining what we could have been doing now back at McGonals.
    We could have been having a pillow fight in hall-B now or shouting over Whot game or maybe Dave giving us analysis on how Chelsea could have won the match, but we all probably would be expecting Bell-ring for dinner call.
    “So you came back and didn’t let me know sky?” A voice whispered coldly into my ears.
    Turned sharply and Ada was squatted just beside me, in the euphoria of my thoughts i had failed to notice someone was there initially.
    “Ada how did you know i came back, more over i didn’t see you when i got home?” I said trying to sound surprised on seeing her.
    “Vin told me you also came back with him and told me you would be here?” She said drawing herself up to seat beside me.
    why am i not surprised.
    Ada was my yard girl friend, a fair complexioned, tall girl with slim frame worked into a little pair of boobs complimented by an out of the world a-s.
    Ada’s lustful effect on me since i clocked into adolescent-hood have been humongous, we have pulled many sexual escapades together including one her mum nearly caught on in her house.
    “Sky you are looking so nice now, you almost changed” She said throwing her hands around my should her jaw resting on my right shoulder.
    tilting my face to my right could see her wearing that naughty smirk, those radiant eyes beamed down lustful glances into mine, her lips shivered slightly under the caress of the evening chill.
    “I missed you Ada” I said looking deeply into her face.
    “I missed you more sky”
    Her lips delved deep into mine, noisy deep breathes complimented by heavy rising chest and down.
    I reached out my hands and grabbed her neck into me pulling her lips deeper, her lower lip were tucked in between my lips and my upper lip in between hers and our tongues twirled in a heavy lullaby that induced an enchanted feel.
    Could see tiny faint lights pass but i knew we were well covered in the deep shadow of the moonless night, my fingers traced from her neck down a missionary tickling journey down her spine, could feel her whole body quaking and her breathe getting heavier by the minutes, deep atmosphere of swirly lust.
    My hands now travelled upwards to her perky but yet soft boobs, giving the n-----s tiny pinches. Her mouth flew open and i could make out my name from the tiny groans she let out.
    “Ehhh here is sky”
    That was Vincent!!! “Christ!!!” I blurted in dismay letting Ada go immediately as she quickly uncreased her rumpled top, returned her face to normal but a lot of bolted in disappointment and anger couldn’t be denied.
    Before few minutes Vincent was right there stuffing Akara into his mouth.
    “Sky you guys are here?” He asked slapping my head in a playful gesture.
    It took a whole lot of restraint to withhold myself from landing a massive blow on his nose now for this painful slap he called play.
    Vin offered us some Akara from the black nylon he carried which we rejected in one breathe, Ada rolled her eyes and hissed a bit softly.
    “So Ada did you ask sky how he got these injuries?” Vincent asked out of the blur?
    “What injury?” Ada asked rather coldly but had a bit of a surprise.
    “These ones” Vin replied pointing out my swollen face which i am sure was impossible to make out in the dark, the white bandage on my neck, that am sure Ada saw.
    “Jesus sky how did that happen?” She intoned.
    “It was nothing, i…..”
    “He fought with one Victor over a girl!!!” Vincent cut in immediately.
    “What???” Came my voice and Ada’s voice almost at the same time..
    “Aaaah sky, was it not because of Princess that you both fought?” He asked pushing me a bit.
    Ada’s eyes were popped and her mouth open with her gaze fixed on me as if expecting me to say something right now.
    “No Vincent it was because he insulted me” I said not hiding the anger in my Voice.
    “But Victor told some of my Hall-mates that you punched him because Princess liked him and not you but some are saying you are the one she likes and not Victor” He sang on dreamily throwing another pitiable akara into his mouth.
    “That is untrue, i didn’t punch him because of Princess he insulted me” There was no jokes in my voice now.
    “Sky who is Princess?” Ada spoke for the first time in minutes.
    “Princess is sky’s classmate, she is an ambassadors daughter and some say she and sky have a crush on each other” Victor relayed out sharply.
    Sometimes i wonder if this guy ever notice what he say when he is saying them.
    “How can this idiot not notice i have a thing with Ada and he is talking this rubbish” I cursed under my breathe clenching my fist in anger.
    “Ugo even told me sky came home with a new phone which sky never cared to show me his friend when we were in school, maybe princess na im give am the phone” He chipped in more fluidly.
    Before i could say anything my phone rang loud in my pocket, dipped my hand in and brought it out, it was an unsaved number.
    Ada gazed at it and Vincent just let out a wow..
    “Oh my God, samsung galaxy!!” He intoned.
    Not saying another word, i picked the call knowing fully well the night already have gone too stale for me and Ada and what ever i say might complicate issue more, i will have to explain myself later without Vincent.
    “Hello” i said into the phone.
    “Hello” Came a silky familiar female voice”Sky it’s princess”
    “Princess!!!?” I blurted out in a subconscious reflex..
    “Oooooooh!! i no talk am?” Vincent said laughing..
    Ada got up cast a long cold look at me then Vincent who was still laughing that he was right about Princess, Then walked away without saying another word.
    “Sky give me phone let me talk with princess!!” Vincent said drawing a bit nearer..
    I withdrew the phone from my ear, covered the mouth piece with my hand.
    “Guy thunder fire you!!” I cursed on him with a hard waka gesture before walking angrily away to finish my call..

    EPISODE 18

    It has been 5 days now and Ada haven’t said anything to me, i in return has been avoiding Vincent like a plague.
    Got a message from Diamond that she has been missing me and wants to see me though Ebuka has said he is not going to Visit Miss Lola during the break, his family is very strict so he doesn’t go out much at home.
    Princess was coming today like she told me, we have talked severally and last night she said she finally was going to visit and i agreed.
    Mama was in her shop in front of the yard, the day seemed gloomy, cloudy and threatened a downpour.
    The air was damp and the temperature was a little like a cold one.
    “Mama good afternoon” I greeted as i headed into her small stall seating down a small bench in front mostly used by customers who came by to have a whiff of smoke or fellow women who needed a little bit of gossip.
    “Johny good afternoon nwam” She threw back without looking at me, she was preparing the floor for her buns.
    “Mama one of my classmates is coming here today”
    she looked up at me gazing intensely into face and i looked back hoping she asked who that was.
    “Who is she?” Mama finally asked.
    “Mama how did you know it was a she?” I asked in surprise mopping at mama like a strange alien.
    “johny you are my son, i weaned you and watched you grow” I could see shiny pride in mama’s face, she was happy to have proven to me i can barely hid things from her at least not the things i didn’t bolt down inside in a dark corner of my mind.
    I wish i could open up and tell mama every truth i hid within.
    “Ok yes mama it’s a girl, Princess she is an ambassador’s daughter and a good friend of mine in class” I said looking down at my shoes.
    “She is welcome, at least i will get to thank some of these your friends in school for taking care of my son” She smiled then resumed what she was doing- beating the floor.
    I got up to leave bringing out my phone to type the address to princess on my way out of the stall.
    “Johny remember to come and help me when i start frying these buns and call that brother of yours to come and stay here and look after things so i can get the fire and oil for my buns ready” Mama said after me.
    “Ok ma…. ”
    ” Ugo mama is calling you, she is in the shop” I threw at Ugo who was busy playing wrestling with a band of his partners in crime, sweats dripping down their body letting off a cracky look in the chilly misty air.
    He waved brushingly at me still engrossed in his present task- wrestling Desomond. Vincent’s little brother who was just the small version of Vincent in terms of a chubby fat body and nosy attitude.
    Mama said they inherited that signature trait from their mother who was more or less avoided by many women in the neighbourhood, nobody wants Mama Vincent’s trouble.
    “Ugo if i come there and catch you eeehn you will not like yourself, common go and answer mama before thunder blast you there…”
    He reluctantly abandoned his match and started walking towards mama with a tight frown and inaudible mumbles to himself.
    Clear cut sun rays were now penetrating the cloudy atmosphere sending bright straight beams of rays sandwiched between pale air.
    my phone pinged and it was an SMS from princess.
    [“Sky i just got here”]
    I jolted up immediately took another look at our small sitting room, it still looked poor but at least it was cleaner than Ugo would like.
    A heightened sense of the environment raped me, the old chair with strategic holes, the table and the large old t.v, the white washed blue interior paint.
    Closing the curtain that separates the Bedroom from the living to make sure she didn’t catch a glimpse of it, i dashed out to meet her.
    The lexus jeep that took her from school was parked just a few feet from mama’s stall in front of the yard, walking past mama’s stall ugo was seating inside still wearing a frown like a criminal who just received a life sentence.
    The back door of the jeep opened and she stepped down, a beautiful rose coloured chinos tight trouser revealing the flawless legs in all it’s straightness and glory, the hips that would make any man believe she was a high class university chick.
    A white top inside complimented by a rose coloured Jacket thrown over it and a tiny sparky chain around her neck.
    She wore light make up that made her face shine with painful beauty, hairs packed to the back into one pony-tail.
    “Sky” she smiled at me.
    “Wow you look beautiful” I said smiling back.
    “Thanks, its good to see you sky” she replied betraying some hidden shyness.
    “Amadi, i will be spending some time here please you can go home i will call you to come pick me when am through” she said to the driver through the front window and we watched as he drove away with trails of dust following him because of the untarred ghetto roads.
    “Follow me” i said, i introduced her to Ugo who was quick to ask for some tips.
    “Aunty buy buns for me” He blew out unexpectedly.
    “Jesus Ugo shut up and since when have you ever called me brother?” i intoned in a little grip of embarrassment.
    “Hahaha ugo don’t mind your brother, he is just jealous.. here take, buy enough buns as you want” She said laughing handing Ugo a #1000 naira not, could tell he would be richer than Bill Gates through out the week as he excitedly threw more than 10 ‘Thanks you” at her rushing back to mama’s shop joyously.
    “Thank you for that Princess, come lets go see mama. I told her you are coming” i said taking her by the hand and led the way into the house.
    “Sky your mum is around and you told her?”
    Obviously she wasn’t expecting that…
    We went straight to the backyard to the kitchen were mama was frying the buns, the bubbling oil turning the milk coloured flour mixtures into crisp reddish brown balls of ecstasy.
    “Mama she is here” I said Princess standing just beside me in the open kitchen.
    Mama looked up, dropped the large spoon full of little holes she was using, wiped her hands on her wrapper and stood up making towards us smiling.
    “Good afternoon ma” She greeted bending her knees slightly and he face tilted towards the floor.
    “Good afternoon my daughter, how are you?” Mama asked still beaming with smiles.
    “Am fine ma”
    “What about your parents kwanu, Ha dikwa mma? **(They are good?)**” Mama asked again.
    “Yes mama” She replied
    “God bless you my daughter, you are welcome” Mama said touching her chin slightly.
    “Thank you ma”
    “Oya sky take your guest inside and go buy drinks for her” Mama said opening the tied edge of her wrapper to get me money for it.
    “Mama don’t worry about the money” I said, princess eyed me and smiled almost like a little laugh, I winked at her.
    “Mama i thought you needed help to fry the buns” I asked mama..
    “No no i can manage, don’t worry. Go and entertain your guess thats the first thing you need to learn – entertain visitors ..” Mama threw back without looking at me, turning the boiling already reddish brown balls of buns.
    “Mama let me help you” Princess said.
    “What??” I asked looking at her like a ghost..
    “Yes i want to help mama” she said again.
    “No my daughter don’t worry, go and take something am already rounding up” Mama said.
    “Mama i will love to help you show me what i can do” She said without listening to mama, removing her Rose coloured Jacket thew it at me to hold “Sky go, i want to stay here with mama”
    she also handed me her phone to hold for her and oh my world! it was an Iphone, and i even thought i had a good phone but she doesn’t even come to school with it
    I shrugged and walked out with the coat, at least it will be the only cloth she have on that won’t have a little bit of charcoal stain on it, wonder why she was happy offering to stay in our kitchen that looks quite old from the black smoke stains on the wall, roasted cobwebs that threw out a shade of brown and not to talk of the stove used was not a kerosene stove but firewood.
    Princess stayed with mama in the kitchen not less than 50minutes, i could hear occasional hearty laughs from them sipping out from the kitchen.
    Afterwards mama brought her in to the sitting room and went out to her stall with newly fried buns.
    we sat down for a long talk, bought some fried chicken from a nearby Bar, a box of hollandia yoghurt which she barely touched before giving them to Miracle with Ugo rushing after her.
    5:30Pm she called Amadi to come pick her up and he arrived without wasting any precious minute am sure he has been hanging around somewhere close.
    “Sky i have to go now” She said wearing a bit of a white face.
    “I enjoyed every bit of today, thank you so much” I said holding her hands.
    “Me too, i don’t know if i can make it again but we will see in school right?” she asked.
    “Well of course we will”
    “And Agatha won’t be there right?” She asked which nearly threw me of balance.
    “Princess, i have nothing with Agatha” I said.
    “I didn’t imply that, just asked if she would be there” She said again.
    “No she won’t and your body guard too” I said..
    She smiled and got up straightened her jacket and we walked out together towards the front door so she can enter the already waiting car.
    Just as we got to the front yard Ada passed, paused for a while with a red-faced glare beaming on me and princess before hissing hard and walked into the yard.
    “Sky who is that, she doesn’t look too happy seeing you?” she asked looking into my face.
    “Naaah just our neighbour, she is never happy seeing anybody..”
    We went to mama’s shop to announce her departure.
    “My daughter thank you so much for helping me” Mama said..
    “No problem mama”
    Mama handed her a black nylon with some buns inside..
    “Thank you so much mama” she said taking the little nylon with a smile on her face.
    “Sky your friend told me you are a good boy in school” Mama said to me, i let out a weak smile.
    “Bye-bye ma” she said as she and mama hugged for a little while.
    “Greet your parents for me nwam” Mama replied and walked back into her shop while i walked princess to the car.
    she gave me a slight hug before jumping into the car wearing a bit of a long face with dreamy eyes.
    “We will see in school” I said getting to feel an untold sway of sadness knowing she was about to leave.
    “Yes we will see, Amadi lets go…” She said.
    As the car shuddered to a start, she looked at me with those dreamy eyes.
    “I wish what i told mama was true” She said..
    Watched on with an alien melancholy feeling building inside and a sense of guilt i couldn’t deny…

    EPISODE 19

    Abeg make una no vex for me. na my data finish…
    The melancholy feeling princess left in me lingered on like a haunting shadow, the teary feeling of guilt engulfed me as my whole thought revolved around her last words to me.
    “I wish what i told mama was true.”
    Worse of all i have this whole new life, new expensive clothes, A huge amount in a bank account but i can’t even help papa with it
    Papa had come home last night looking worn out, tired and his usual blankness.
    Dumping his weight on his usual chair in the sitting room he let out a huge sigh, a disturbing worry written all over his face.
    “Papa good evening” i greeted
    “Good evening nwam, how are you? ” he asked weakly leaning heavily against the chair trying to work his face into an indifferent one
    “am fine papa, you look worried what is wrong? ” i asked looking into his face as if to find my answers there.
    Mama came out from the bedroom, curiosity written all over her as her eyes beamed on papa. “Dim (my husband) welcome” mama threw at him and papa nodded in reply.
    “what is wrong dim, you don’t look well at all” mama came again sitting near papa on the chair.
    Papa sighed again, his eyes were unsure but they were sad..
    “It’s Agbo” He breathed out..
    “Agbo kwa?” mama quacked..
    My eyes flew up and i winced a bit because i know if it’s Agbo then it surely has to do with money. He was a known lender in the neighbourhood, known for his staunch “Always on date” habit.
    Agbo would not spare you a day more to the dead line he gave you or your collateral is gone for good and his interest is way up there. Only the truly desperate always ran to him for help.
    He had once had a dealing with papa when mama nnukwu (Grand ma) was critically ill,the hospital demanded for 80,000 before they could lay a finger on her.
    Could remember papa selling a new stereo CD player he bought back then but most of the things he sold didn’t do raising the money justice.
    He had to run to Agbo for help and had placed our Diesel engine mama used as a grinding machine as collateral.
    His voice still barked into my mind as he rang on and on about how he suffers to get his money that he lends to jobless people like papa.
    Yes that was how he put it “Do you know how i suffer to get the money i lend jobless people like you?”He rained at papa who was just looking on like a chick separated from it’s mother.
    That was the day our Diesel Engine became history, Mama had blamed papa why he didn’t sell the diesel engine in the first place but selling the diesel was a last option because mama’s grinding business then contributed immensely to the family’s sustenance.
    Papa had thought he could raise the money before the dead line but the rest is history..
    “Papa what did Agbo do this time?” I asked without wasting a second, an unsure anger growing deep within. I don’t know why but the mention of Agbo’s name in relation to papa’s present mood got me real angry.
    “Nwam by tomorrow my workshop will be his” Papa said closed his eyes and leaned back to the chair.
    ” What?” Mama and i said in unison.
    “Yes, when Johny was preparing for school i used the money to buy all the necessary things they said we should buy, i paid half but haven’t been able to come up with half” Papa said.
    “He came to my workshop today with some workers to measure how he was going to tear it down to erect something else on the spot” His sadness grew and mama’s face went long.
    “Papa how much is that?” I asked, Papa’s eyes were still closed in a lost manner but could see them twitching through the lid skin.
    “Dim you could have told me and we could have used that #7,000 we used for Miracles school registration fee to pay up” Mama said wearing a long face now.
    “Papa how much is the money?” I asked again with a growing anger, part of it against papa for ignoring the first and he never told me he had to borrow money for my school provisions.
    “Nnaa don’t worry yourself over it” He said.
    “Papa can you just tell me how much it is” I retorted in a naked voice that didn’t hide my feelings.
    “It’s was 20,000 and i paid 11,000” Papa said
    “So it’s remaining 9,000 now?” I came again
    “No nwam, the interest accumulated made it 14,000” papa replied looking at me with a rather surprised face as how i was showing a kind of keen interest on the amount.
    “So for just ordinary #14…. thousa…” I hissed cutting my self short half way through saying “Thousand” my emotions were taking the much of it more so because this money papa is been insulted for what was just so meager, even the taxi i used to come home was half that amount.
    “Ok papa i have heard” I turned to leave.
    “Johny i hope you won’t go fight with anybody, i can see you are angry” Mama said .
    I looked at her and then papa, smiled at them and shook my head in a “No” gesture.
    “No mama i won’t” i said then walked out.
    “Ebuka” I called into the phone immediately Ebuka picked up which was just after i walked out of the house.
    “Sky how far na” Ebuka said.
    “Ebus am not fine abeg i go gist you later, contact Dave please you guys should come to my place tomorrow” I sang into the phone impatiently.
    “Sky wetin deh sup?”
    “Nothing just make sure you are here please” I retorted almost in an angry tone.
    “Ok we go show though this people no give me chance oo but we go show no kwams..but you go pay our cab fare oo” He said.
    “Yes i will pay for to and fro just show abeg…” I ended the call.
    The night was a plain torture for me, i turned and sighed all through with an angry but yet hurting heart.
    I had all this huge amount of money in an account and papa was insulted for just 14,000 naira.
    I was awake until the last crow of the c---s in the wee dawn of the day.
    Chilly harmattan cold was slowly creeping as we were approaching the first quarter of November.
    Papa prepared for work with a gloomy face and a blank eyes, mama had to force him to eat before going.
    Am sure he knew the workshop would not be his by evening..
    “Papa please don’t worry about Agbo, he will not disturb you today..” I said as he was about heading out.
    Papa sighed and nodded then whispered to mama “Children, they don’t really understand” Am not sure he knew i heard that.
    I sat outside the yard all morning waiting for Dave and Ebuka impatiently, calling Ebuka every 10 seconds.
    “Ebus where una deh na” i would call into the mouth piece..
    “Bia sky free me, we are on our way naa” He would reply..
    “Sky your food is cold, it has been untouched since morning” Mama called out to me.
    I checked the time, it was 10am and breakfast has been ready since 8……
    “Mama am coming biko” I replied.
    10:36am, a yellow coal city taxi with black stripes parked in front of our yard, I jolted up knowing fully well it was Ebuka and Dave, you rarely see anyone coming to this neighbourhood on a taxi if i have ever seen that before.
    “Sky sheey you know you too deh disturb” Dave blurted out on getting down from the taxi..
    “Idiot shut up joor” I joked out smiling as we hugged ..
    Mama was happy seeing two more of my friends visit us, she had to cook yam pottage as fast as she could insisting they must eat something.
    We all ate and the business of the day was a go.
    In the golden crispy harmattan sunny afternoon we headed out with the taxi that Ebuka had asked to wait surely that was to his own advantage as his money would be much more ..
    “Sky abeg where we deh go?” Ebuka asked after i had directed the taxi man the direction of the destination.
    “One man like that insulted my dad for ordinary 14,000 naira, i have never seen papa as scared and as sad as he was like yesterday” I said waking up the anger i had since yesterday.
    “So we are going to pay him a visit?” Dave asked
    “Yes and teach him how to be polite in dealing with others, he is not the first person to make a few change..” I said ..
    Ebuka was quiet as usual his eyes were lost and am sure he was just taking everything in, in his usual manner. the taxi man’s eyes flew at us every now and then through the rear-view mirror.
    We went to the bank and i withdrew #80,000 and then headed towards Agbo’s place.
    We got down in front of his house, a haggard looking bungalow with brown roofs, old fashioned was a promotion.
    Mama had once said he was too stingy to even repair his house talk more build a new one.
    The brown gate squeaked open as we pushed it revealing an even colder atmosphere than a cemetery.
    The compound was silent and seemed nobody was there, the rumour that he left his wife and children in the village while he stayed in the township didn’t seem like a rumour to me anymore.
    “Who is there?” a squeaky voice barked from inside the house, the house had two doors- One was big and bold at the side with a corridor, the other was in what we could term the front also with a corridor . we didn’t know which exactly to go to or which the voice came from.
    “I said who is that gate?” He said again in thick Igbo dialect.
    “Its me sir” I replied
    “You, who?” He barked out as the same time the door of the side corridor slide open and a short tiny man with a long goatee stepped out tying only a wrapper and an old brown looking singlet- Am sure they had seen better days.
    “ehheee young man what is it, who are you?” He said looking at us with an unwanted look.
    We walked to the front of the corridor..
    “Good morning sir” We each greeted.
    “Eheee ehee enough of the good morning, i asked who are you?” He blared out with all alacrity like he wanted us to just say what we wanted and get the hell out.
    “Ok sir, i am the son of Mr Willaims” I said pointing at my chest.
    “Williams? . . Which williams biko?” He asked.
    “The one who owns a workshop in Omaba” I said pointing towards the direction of Omaba hoping he gets the drift.
    “Ooh ooh yes i remember, you call that a workshop?” He chuckled to himself.
    “well young man did he give you the money to bring for me because as you can see i am about getting ready to claim that workshop because your father is too jobless to pay me” He said grinning ..
    Dave and Ebuka looked at me ..
    “Sir he doesn’t know am here” I said..
    “Oooh then your father couldn’t get the money and you are here to beg for him, i don’t entertain beggars if that’s what you came here to do” He said again still wearing that grin.
    “Shut up” i blurted out unable to take it anymore.
    “What did you say?” He asked surprised looking from Dave on the right side to Ebuka on the left and me on the middle..
    “Young man what did you say?” He asked again.
    “I said shut up or you want me to add Old fool?” i said in all seriousness looking directly into his face.
    “I can see you are a mannerless boy, i don’t have time for idiots this morning” He said making to go back into his house.
    “Now listen to me you witless old man, i came here to pay you every dime you lend papa” i said opening my hands and Dave put a wad of #1000 naira notes in 20 crispy pieces into my palm..
    “You see, this is 20,000 naira and am sure papa is only owing 14,000. but i am sure you need the remaining money to at least change your singlet. Here take this rubbish” I extended my hand with the money.
    “what?” He blurted out eyes peeled in disbelief.
    I threw the money down on his feet ” Now listen to me you old fool, if i ever see your legs in that workshop be it today or any day i will make your life miserable for you and the little kobos you think you have” My fingers were pointing shakily at him with a total adrenaline sway battering my whole self.
    “Thats not all, if you ever say ‘Jobless man’ again with your mouth in reference to papa, we will make sure you get a full lesson on that branch of human existence” Dave chipped in lending a waka into the speech.
    “And this is what you call a house? I think you are the jobless one” Ebuka said in his usual calm bossy way.
    We turned and went out of the compound with him standing in the background, unmoving and mouth agape like the statue of liberty and the pieces of naira notes spread through his corridor.

    EPISODE 20

    “Johny!!!” Papa’s voice came from outside, his footsteps getting closer and closer.
    I was seated inside the sitting room my phone in my hands and was chatting with Princess on whatsapp, Ugo sat on the floor legs crossed like a native doctor, Miracle sat beside ugo on the floor and their eyes were glued to the T.v where NTA was showing Spongebob square pants which was miraculously surprising cus they rarely showed anything more than boring news and extra-boring discussions.
    Papa’s voice blared through the twilight, his footsteps approaching faster and faster.
    “Sky papa is calling you” Ugo said looking back at me.
    “Yes i know lets wait for him to come inside” I said still typing a message to Princess.
    Papa walked in almost immediately with mama trailing behind, he must have passed her stall and she followed him inside.
    His face lost that blank after work face this time it was a mixture of excitement and curiosity and a little bit of fear and a pinch of happiness.
    He went straight to his chair and sat down without the usual sigh of exhaustion after work.
    “Papa Nnoo” I greeted, Miracle already ran and jumped into his body seating on his laps and expecting her biscuit or cheeseballs as her tradition demands.
    Papa slipped his hands inside his b----t pocket and gave her two biscuits which she took and ran out happily out of the sitting room with Ugo chasing after her immediately wearing a grin.
    Mama stood just after the door looking from Papa to me.
    “Please get me water nne” Papa said to mama who went into the room to get a cup of water for papa in his usual large stainless cup, in one attempt papa downed contents of the cup as one who has been thirsty for years.
    “How did you do it Johny?” He asked in the same breathe as the cup going off from his lips and little trails of water running down the side which he wiped out.
    “Do what papa?” I asked looking into his face..
    “Eeeeeh Dim what did he do?” Mama followed grabbing a plastic chair beside the door.
    Papa looked at her, ” Nne you won’t believe what happened today” He said letting out a frightening smile.
    “Gwam okwu (tell me something)”Mama replied looking into papa’s face impatiently.
    “Agbo came to my shop again today” Papa said
    “Agbo again!!! Dim did he take your workshop?” Mama asked in a frightened tone still impatient and pale.
    “No he didn’t, he came to my workshop like a frightened dog. Told me to thank my son that he saved me by paying him and warned me never to come to him again to borrow” Papa said to mama then turned his face towards me.
    “Gini (what)?” Mama blurted out.
    “Yes oo, i have never seen Agbo as scared as he was today, Johny what did you do, i hope you didn’t go to threaten the man, i hope my son has not been following cult groups” Papa intoned gazing straight into my face, mama now was throwing a confused question stare at me.
    “No papa i have not and i didn’t go to threaten anybody to leave the money” I said calmly, greater part of me very happy the over confident Agbo could even entertain fears.
    “Then tell me what you did, how did you get the money?” Papa retorted, he was scared and i could tell.
    “Papa after what happened yesterday i called two of my best friends and told them of my the problems, they came here this morning, Mama knows” i said pointing at mama.
    “Eheee what then happened?” Mama asked, Papa nodded and i continued.
    “They insisted on going to pay the money with me to the man personally, mama you remember the time i told you we were going to buy something?”
    Mama nodded.
    “We went to Agbo’s place and they paid him in full, we didn’t threaten him we only asked him not to ever step foot on your workshop” i looked from mama to papa.
    Papa’s face was lost, he was looking but am not sure he was seeing anything.
    “Dim” Mama called out to papa excitedly. “Can you imagine these small boys, God really works in mysterious ways” She sang out smiling.
    “Johny i can’t really thank you and your friends enough, God bless you my children” Papa said joining mama in wearing a smile.
    I got up from the seat and went inside, opened the little pack at the side of my back pack and fetched a bundle of notes #50,000 to be exact.
    “Papa, here they both contributed and asked me to give you this” I said handing papa the cash.
    Papa’s face lit up, mama started dancing and praising God singing a song in Igbo dialect.
    “Johny how did small boys like that get such huge amount?” Papa still asked.
    “Haaa papa i told you they are from rich families, My school is mostly for the rich, one of them is even the son of a senator. Mama saw them na she can confirm” i laid out bluntly throwing in dramatic seriousness to demonstrate the truthfulness in my words.
    “Haaa God will bless them for me and bless their family” Papa said.
    “Amen ooooo” Mama chipped in.
    I looked on as mama and papa went into an exciting discussion on how to use the money, Papa gave me 6,000 from it after some nod and whisper deliberation with his wife which i decline assuring them i have mine.
    The twilight passed faster than a blinking eyes, the chilly cold drew nearer. I stepped out and left papa and mama to finished their conversations in private, went to mama’s shop and sat to attend to her customers Ugo was no where to be found.
    I was particularly happy that papa and mama had something to smile over, wish i could do more but that may brew suspicion.
    The local home made hand lamp mama keeps in her shop at night flickered and danced, little yellow amber flame twisting and bending to the tune of the breeze.
    “Who is here ooo?” A voice came from the side of the shop and the figure appeared fully in front of me.
    Tall and large, chubby face and arms and a deep voice that almost sounded masculine.
    “Good evening mama Vin” I blurted standing up.
    “Good evening Johny, where is your mummy?” She asked peering into the shop.
    “I am the one in the shop today” I replied looking like a cornered rat.
    “Oh good Vincent told me you now have a girl friend is it true?” She said opening mama’s bucket of Buns, took 3 and took a wild bite out of one of them. Poor buns.
    “Why not ask the person who told you” I replied.
    “Hmm you children of nawa days, having girl friends anyhow. Oya wrap 3more buns for me and come and take your money in my house later” She said still stuffing the half eaten buns into her mouth.
    “Mama Vin i can’t sell anything on credit, this is mama’s shop not mine” I said glaring at her like some kind of unwanted virus, which she was not far from.
    “You think you are wise abi, oya nu i don’t have money here you have to come and take the money for the three i already took later” She said and went on her way still munching the buns in total abandonment.
    I sighed hard, brought out #60 naira from my pocket and threw into mama’s money box. God knows am not ready of either Vincent or his mother, i’d rather pay for the buns.
    I sat down again mopping at the amber light, checking my phone every now then for Princess’ message.
    I turned and saw Ada walking slowly towards mama’s shop, she was wearing a red bum short, a white tank top.
    “So sky this is what you do?” She asked placing both her hands on her waist looking down at me with a kind of “Explain yourself look”
    “I don’t understand what you mean Ada” I said casually
    “So you don’t understand that you have a girl friend in school who visited you here okwaya?” she blurted out squeezing her face a bit more.
    “I think next time you should listen more to me than Vincent, you know Vin is a run mouth idiot” i said still maintaining a casual tone.
    “so what are you saying?” She asked
    “I am saying i have nothing with her, she is just my classmate and my friend ”
    “But Vincent said…..”
    “Yes Vincent said, you have forgotten how Vincent once said the Barber down the road touched your b----t but you said it was a lie” I chipped in without giving her time to gather ground.
    “But that was a lie” she retorted.
    “Exactly, but you think he is telling the truth when he said am dating my classmate” I knew i had her pinned down now and there was no escape.
    “Ok sky am sorry for getting angry” she said reluctantly, seating next to me.
    “Am sorry naaaa” she said again touching my ear and lending a perk on my cheek.
    I slowly worked my face into a smile and my hands travelled to her open thighs running them through the exposed piece of soft skin.
    Just before i could kiss Ada Vincent walked to mama’s shop seeking to buy buns.
    “Ada you are here and your mum is looking for you” He threw at Ada immediately on arrival “And sky please wrap #50 buns for me.
    “Like mother like son” i cursed under my breathe getting up to wrap the buns in a black nylon.
    “Ada didn’t you hear your mum was calling you?” He said again in that usual oblivic effect the sight of anything eatable has on him, he was mopping at the buns i was wrapping at the same time addressing Ada whose squeezed disappointed face could kill a baby.
    “I have heard Vincent aah aaah” Ada blurted out angrily..
    “Ok oo if she asks i will tell her you are here with sky” Vincent threw back.
    Ada got up, hissed hard and walked out of mama’s shop in a hurry.
    “Eheee sky so how are we going back to school” Vincent asked me as he collected the buns from me one already journeying towards his mouth, handed me a dirty #100 naira note wrapped into a ball.
    This guy just don’t always know when to appear.
    “Vincent i am not going back to school with you, better find a means” I said bluntly betraying my anger at the sweet anticipation he just turned sour by coming out of no where.
    “Why na?” he asked.
    “Nothing abeg Vin goodnight, Ugo come and stay in this shop” I yelled at Ugo who have re-appear playing night game with his friends.
    Ugo reluctantly left his play and came to stay in the shop while i left Vincent standing there with his buns stuffed mouth and headed out towards the house.

    EPISODE 21

    School is resuming on monday and it’s already Saturday. I really wish this holiday lasted a little while longer.
    We have been eating a little bit of rich food lately and papa’s entire outlook now wore a rather bright and lively one, He had insisted on buying my provisions for school.
    “Ugo oya follow me lets go and carry those planks to papa’s workshop” I called towards Ugo who protested and insisted he won’t go.
    “I will slap you ooo” I yelled at him taking a couple of steps forward.
    “I don’t want to go, mama said i should stay in the shop” He insisted.
    Ugo would only prefer staying in mama’s shop now that it has been paralleled by a much tedious task.
    Vincent came over and offered to go with me, he was sweaty and was assaulting some bread he pulled out of his pocket.
    I shrugged and agreed, as long as he was going to help with the planks then am ok with it.
    I set out with Vincent carrying the long planks on our hands, he kept tearing out bread and stuffing into his mouth as we walked down towards papa’s workshop.
    As we got to papa’s workshop papa was already waiting for us in front of his workshop, he wanted to use the planks for some major repairs around the workshop.
    Papa gave us some coke and buns of which Vincent ate both mine and his all the while goofing about grinning out loud all the while pouring down the coke and buns.
    “Johny did you see the provisions i bought?” Papa asked as he placed one of the planks on the sawing table.
    “No papa”
    “But i told your mother to show them to you, it’s behind the bedroom door, i got you an extra-milk” Papa said smiling .
    Vincent dropped the coke he was drinking
    “Sky they bought more provisions for you” He sang out taking my head under his arm again which was unbearably sweaty.
    “Vincent can you just leave me alone?” I blurted out pushing out his arms to catch my breathe.
    “But what are you doing with cheap provisions na” Vincent said again .
    papa looked at us shook his head and continued his sawing
    “Vincent do you even know how to shut up in your life” i glared at vin who was reaching to grab the coke again.
    “But you na big boy na, you don’t need it”
    “And why doesn’t he need it? ” papa asked dropping his saw and looking deeply at both of us.
    “Papa Johny, sky is a big boy na. He roles with the G’s of great Hall-B Ebuka and…..”
    “Vin you deh mad” i chipped in immediately cutting his gossip before it gets out of hand.. “so having friends means i don’t need provisions anymore abi? ” i smeared at him.
    “eeeehn naa Hall-B na happening place na” he maintained..
    “in fact we are going, papa don’t mind this idiot he is high on cocacola” i threw at papa yanking vincent by the hand.
    “but i have not finished the drink” he protested
    I snatched the drink from his hand, poured the remaining content -which was not even enough to fill the mouth-on the ground and the yanked him out of the workshop literally.
    Vincent complained all the way as we walked back home, he kept on ringing about the coke i poured away.
    “sky where is my coke? “he would ask..
    “Vincent there was nothing in that bottle after all it was my own bottle of coke you were drinking” i would reply quickening my pace to get me home faster.
    “sky!!! ” he kept calling
    “In God’s name Vincent leave me alone!” i blared out in untamed anger.
    “Is that not Victor?” He said pointing towards a road that ran into a lone street..
    “Vincent enough of your nonsense jokes” i replied looking at the figure he was pointing out to be Victor.
    He was clad in a brown shirt that looked quit cold and had a wheel barrow of yams he was selling to some women near a saloon.
    A woman had one of the yams in her hands as they haggled over the price.
    “Sky look well na, that’s Victor” Vincent insisted.
    “It looks like him but that’s not him” i said again peering harder to make out more features from the Victor-suspect.
    Vincent took me by the hand and we walked towards the Yam seller.
    The image registered fully into my head and it was definitely Victor looking innocent and dirty.
    “That’s Victor oo” I blared at Vincent who now wore a grin of pride with that ‘sheey i tell you’ kind of look.
    But how could this possibly not be a dream, the Victor i knew came from a well to do family or at least as he told us.
    When we still schooled in Community secondary school, he was among the few that came to school with large amount for lunch and always had new stuffs.
    He once said his father was a professor of mathematics and that was why he was exceptionally good and better than every other person in class at mathematics.
    Still in McGonals the way he carried himself, the pride and outright arrogance he maintained still sold him off to me to come from a well to do family, can’t imagine this guy has been living under my nose and i didn’t even see it.
    Omaba was just #20 ride on a bus back home if you decide to take a bus but if you walked it was less than 30minutes.
    Victor looked up i could swear he saw us and he looked away immediately facing the woman who i made out to be unbearably a staunch haggler.
    I looked at the cloth he wore, it has lost the usual richness that he depicted in his clothing and general life-style in school, i on my own had a white track trouser on and a new real-madrid jersey i bought to replace the one he tore and also a white Adidas slippers.
    “Sky lets go and meet him” Vincent blew out trying to yank me towards Victoe again.
    “No, lets go home” i replied making to go the other way..
    “Lets go and see him joooor” Vincent insisted holding my hand tight as he tried to make me go towards Victor with him.
    I could see Victor’s eyes peeking at us through the corners of his eyes and then goes back to the woman he was haggling with.
    “Vincent can’t you see he is busy and probably needs no side chats?” i pointed out to vincent but as always Vincent will always do what Vincent wants and not what every other person thinks is right.
    “That one na im problem” He blurted out and made towards Victor who went pale on seeing Vincent was approaching and me trailing slowly behind.
    “Aaaah Vicki so na here you deh?” Vincent sang out on getting to Victor’s position, he didn’t carry that air of arrogance with him this time and his eyes have lost that sure spark but had a dim dreamy look.
    I came to the spot and stood behind Vincent, Victor’s face grew into an unwanted glare as he saw me.
    “Aaaah Vin am fine oo” He said forcing out a smile, the gap in his dental formula showing so fully that i twitched on sighting it.
    “Chai victor na this thing you deh sell?” Vincent intoned excitedly as usual, i was slightly pinching his back so he could drop the useless questions, Vincent will never learn how to talk to people.
    “Aaaaah No ooo i went to my cousin’s place and they sell this things so i decided to help them a bit and see how it is to sell them” Victor retorted still forcing out grins and avoiding looking at my side.
    “Vin am going now” i said to Vincent and walked out towards home, both of them should finish what they have and i know Victor would have the mind that i will say what i saw in school but with Victor right there it could have been better for him if CNN and BCC were there instead.
    The image of Victor in the old shirt kept re-occurring in my mind, the arrogance and wealth he always claim was just to in a bid to intimidate others or shield him from such intimidations or give him a psychological escape from his background.
    My phone rang out immediately jolting me out of my thoughts about Victor.
    A call from an unsaved number, picked it and spoke into the mouth piece.
    “Hello sky” a feminine voice addressed from the other end.
    “please who is this?” i asked in surprise at how the person got to know my name all the while trying to place who it might be.
    “This is Anita” the voice blared out from the ear piece into my ear sending in more spark of confusion into me..
    “Anita? please i don’t really know anyone called Anita” i replied ..
    “Sky it is your biology teacher, Aunty Anita” she retorted.
    “Aunty, am sorry ma i didn’t know. how did you get my number?” i asked in excitement.
    “I got it from Ebuka your friend, why did you leave school without informing me sky?” She asked bluntly.
    “Am so sorry ma i looked for you but couldn’t find you so i left with my friends am sorry” i said .
    “Alright have you missed me?” She blurted out from no where, took me off guard and my volition was in chaos over what to answer.
    “Yes ma i do” i finally said feeling really awkward with myself.
    “Well i missed my best student too, don’t waste anytime in coming to see me when you get back to school” she said more like an order.
    “I won’t ma” i used that naive tone this time.
    I was surprised and happy at the call, i wondered what she wants to see me for immediately i get back to school, either way any time spent with that goddess in front of me is worth it.
    Should be heading back to school on sunday and not monday like i have initially planned.

    EPISODE 22

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    “Johny are you sure you should be going today, i thought you said it was tomorrow” Mama said a little pinch of sadness and dimming eyes, miracle clutching her tightly by the shoulder.
    “Yes mama, i just remembered i left my most important holiday assignment in school and so i really need to go get it and finish up before tomorrow, its important” i replied still packing my clothes into my back pack at least what is remaining of my clothes after Ugo has taken half of the clothes i came back with.
    “what about Vincent is he going with you?” Papa asked calmly seated in his usual seat..
    “Aaah papa No, not Vincent he shouldn’t even know i have left” i retorted.
    Papa peered into my face looking into my eyes “Johny are you sure this can’t wait till tomorrow?” Papa said again..
    “No sir it can’t its very important. Papa don’t worry i will be alright the school must have been packed already” I replied packing my personal effects into the pack.
    I sneaked to the bathroom making sure i avoided Vincent’s searching poke-nosing eyes, hurried over the Sunday rice and tomato sauce mama made for the sunday then took my back pack and made to leave by 3pm.
    Miracle started crying mama carried her off into the bedroom, papa slipped a wad of #5000 into my hands for my transport and pocket money which i secretly gave Ugo and asked him to take #1000 and make sure he give mama the remaining #4000.
    Ada was in front of the yard waiting when i got outside having told her i was leaving that day, just as we were about leaving the yard for the roads where i can find a taxi my named was blaring through the air in quick succession like i was in a battle field.
    “Jesus please let it not be Vincent” i prayed even though i knew it was pointless being quite sure that was unmistakably Vincent.
    “Sky where are you going?”
    “you are going back to school?”
    “why didn’t you tell me?”
    “Wait let me go and get ready so we can go together” He blared out in an outstandingly quick succession. Ada’s mouth was twisted to a pout and she was rolling her eyes continuously hissing lightly.
    “Vin i am not going back to school” I replied ..
    “Then where are you going all packed up when school is resuming tomorrow” He blurted out stepping a bit closer.
    “I am going to Ebuka’s house, his parents invited me so we will be heading back to school from there” I said again getting a little more impatient to leave the spot.
    “What about me?” He came again.
    “Seriously Vincent am not your twin, we must not go everywhere together find your way to school tomorrow” I blared out impatiently might have revealed a bit of blurry anger.
    Ada took me by the hand and we walked out towards the main road to get a taxi.
    The taxi dropped me inside the school compound a little more than 4pm, the evening was slowly approaching, the environment was calm and could see few students alighting from few cars that brought some back to school.
    I looked around as i walked towards my dormitory, the compound especially the field was a bit breezy and only few students was around most are not yet back.
    The security guards were seen here and there seated in their posts mostly chatting away the time enjoying the serenity less students provided.
    Greeting and waving past some students i met i headed into the Andromeda house and into hall-B.
    Hall-B was more or less like a deserted house, only 4 students were inside and Somto was still unpacking showing he was just arriving.
    Mensa and Felix were playing whot on Mensa’s bed, they seemed casual cus they were the only B-hallers who didn’t go back for the holiday having being from Ghana.
    “Sky you are back!!” Felix threw at me leaning as he got up for a greeting hand shake.
    “Una deh enjoy na” I replied as he held me in a slight hug, i left some cans of soft drinks i bought on the way for them as they devoured it while going back to their whot playing
    I sank deeply into my bed looking at Dave’s bed that was just right beside me, it lay still and undisturbed..
    I picked my phone and went straight to the sms ..
    i typed and sent to Miss Anita’s number holding my breathe as i equally held my phone tightly. Anxious at why she wants to see me and even more so to the fact that i have been meaning to see her too even though i have no idea why.
    I shut my eyes tightly, my heart was beating heavily and the phone in my eyes seemed colder than usual.
    My phone beeped and it was an Sms, with an unsteady hands even more unsteady wit i clicked to check the content of the message maybe it contains the reason why she asked to see me.
    [Text health to 6983 to get tips on how to stay healthy…………….]
    from Mtn stared back at me on the screen.. “Habaa” i sighed out throwing my phone down on the bed as i slumped back into the bed.
    “God punish mtn” i moaned ..
    Another beeped came almost 14 seconds after and i picked up my phone almost immediately opening the sms at the same time.
    [Welcome dear, come to my office now am over there]
    “I hope they have not unburied my fight with Victor” I said to myself getting up immediately to pack my back pack into my ward rope, grabbed a biology text book and exercise book and headed out into the mist.
    “Sky where are you going with your books, you just got back?” somto asked in a surprised tone looking at me in unbelief.
    “The biology teacher asked me to see her immediately i get back” i replied, could see he still bad a lot of questions bolted inside but he just shrugged and resumed his unpacking business.
    I stepped into the mist taking long strides but a pensive and stale air lingered on, i walked towards the office block the main door to the complex was open, it was usually locked on sundays as i recall.
    i walked in making towards Miss Anita’s office, could feel my palms sweating and my breathing heavy as i approached the door, just before i could knock the door swung open.
    “I saw you coming and heard as your foot steps approached”she smiled at me motioning me in as she locked the door behind her.
    She was clad on a white plain trouser that was tight around the waist as usual, a white singlet with a tiny strap serving as a spaghetti sleeve, a white packet shirt hung on her chair behind her table.
    “Good evening ma” I greeted dropping the books on my lap.
    She brought an orange juice from the mini fridge, poured some on a glass and handed into me seating right next to me.
    “Sky i always knew you did but never knew it was this intense” She said touching my hair.
    “I don’t understand ma, did what?” I asked looking at her, the only make up i could point out from her face was a shiny eye shadow and lip gloss.
    “Sky stop the pretense i always knew you liked me but no this much” She said in a much more blunt way, i tiled my face down to the glass in my hand, i couldn’t breathe and i have lost the ability to speak.
    “You rushed back to school on sunday instead of monday just because i told you i wanted to see you” she chuckled running her hand from my hair towards my neck making me shiver.
    Her boobs were held only by the flimsy singlet and the signature of her hard Nip on the fabrics was outstanding, my eyes kept beaming down to her heavy boobs held only such a flimsy a material.
    “Do you like what you see sky?” She asked beaming her gaze down her chest. I nodded feverishly swallowing hard.
    “I don’t know why but i have never felt so strongly about anybody like i do for you even in my university days” she whispered biting her lips.
    My member beneath couldn’t conceal it’s situation as my trouser was thrown into a huge tenty bulge.
    Her hands were holding the sides of my face. “You caught me apparently” i said smiling coldly into her face.
    “You were so transparent” she whispered back as her lips hit mine and both locked in an electrifying kiss.
    My whole body seemed dead to me, my mind couldn’t believe the dawn of this unthinkable reality.
    She grabbed me by my shirt collar and dragged me up while standing too, our lips still locked together and her warm breathe smearing all over my face.
    My hands travelled towards the back grabbing those two stupendous a-s i have tormented me all these while, she twitched and whimpered as i squeezed her bumz as much as my hands could grab..
    She undid my shirt in one breathe running her hands all over my back, i delve into her neck with my lips, her breathe became heavier and a pinch of uncalled moans.
    “Sky the bell will ring anytime soon, students are not allowed out after 5pm during this holiday period” she moaned into my ears yanking hard at my belt..
    I pushed her towards the table my hands now grabbing the boobs that have gazed at me for a long while now.
    “Sky do it” the moan was getting heavier and her eyes were shut tight.
    I undid the button to the trouser and peeled the trouser off like i was fighting with the piece of cotton material.
    there was only a piece of see-through white panties and a huge wet smear on the tiny fabrics.
    Shifting the tiny piece of pantie aside i delve into her p---y with all ferocity, she pulsated and quaked on the table with my head buried deep into her p---y and tongue assaulting the c--t.
    Her legs were thrown in the air then clasped around my neck choking me a bit, the books on the table were all pushed to the floor by the uncontrollable waves of her hands.
    The digital clock on the wall read 04:32pm on a bright red LED lights. I undid my belt and pushed down both my trouser and the belt down in one swing.
    Resumed the kissing duel and my fingers pinching her nips a bit caressing the boobs in quick succession.
    With a little bit of guidance, i slowly slid into her an uncontrollable groan escaping from the back of my throat as the tight feel of warmth engulfed me.
    I couln’t help it, she was far tighter than even Ada. My whole body was shivering slightly as i slowly raised my waist up and then went in again.
    she wrapped her legs around my waist and held me back the neck pushing me deeper into her, the tempo and length of my t----t increased with the count of the minute.
    The smell of sweat and lust filled the air with a butter of unorganized meaningless moans from her and sudden groans from me every now and then.
    My name flew around the room unchecked as my tempo increased all the more faster and the intensity of my t----t became harder.
    Her legs quaked and shivered so badly and the walls of her p---y gripped me tighter than ever, suddenly my loads were erupting without caution managing to pull out in a jiffy, crazily thrown into a dizzy dance of an outstanding orgasmic bout.
    I slumped hard on one of the seats, she lay a bit on the table gasping for breathe. she stood up smiled at me and walked into the mini-bathroom inside her office, a little run of water and she came back on her panties and singlet.
    Sat heavily on my laps which was rather painful but i didn’t mind, she kissed my forehead and held my head on her chest.
    “sky this was the first time i have done this since after my youth service” she said in a whisper..
    I looked up into her face not hiding my surprise “what about the Maths teacher?” i asked bluntly yet in a whisper “he visits you and looks like you too are…..!”
    she laughed hard.. “what? Segun?” she laughed again “Segun is just living in fantasy since the first day i was employed here”
    the school bell blared out immediately jolting me out of my ecstatic euphoria.
    “Jesus, its 5pm” i blurted out as she got up and i tied my belt again and made to dash out.
    “sky come back she called after me” Grabbing me again into her for a kiss. “don’t forget your books” she said smiling.
    “Oh my god i almost forgot i said grabbing my books and unlocked the door.
    “Hurry before the dorm masters get you slipping in after 5pm” she called after me who was already making it out of the door.

    EPISODE 23

    Monday came with a bang, a total in flux of students coming back to school, the usual line of flashy cars that beamed back sun rays.
    Ebuka and Dave arrived just a little before 10am alongside many other B-hallers. The school was feverish, excited and the air was clear.
    I didnt waste time in regaling them the thrilling details of what happened between me and Miss Anita on sunday, the more i talked about it the more it dawned on me how humongous an achievement that was going by the looks on their faces which prompted me to garnish the story with more ingredients and what could be called dramatic effects.
    “Jesus, sky are you serious?” ebuka blurted out in an overly surprised tone for the first time in history he sounded more like Dave who was just looking at me like some kind of ghost without saying anything unlike the Dave i know.
    “Sky you are a lucky b-----d” Ebuka rang out casting that ‘i dont believe it’ look..
    “Guy am telling i still cant believe it happened” i said excitedly showing them the text she sent after the deed to substantiate my story.
    [Hey tiger, that was the best of it’s kind i cant wait to see you again] Dave read the message out loud as i was nodding to the sound of his voice which sounded like music to my ears wearing an ear to ear grin.
    “o boy your luck deh over flow o, you don chop the golden egg weh person never chop here” Ebuka came again hitting me on my shoulder.
    “what do you mean golden egg?” i asked in a lost tone.
    “the biology teacher of course” said Dave who still had my phone in his palms looking at the screen.
    “How do you mean she is a golden egg” i asked again looking from dave to ebuka who wore a bright mischievous naughty smirk.
    “See sky, most of the teachers here are h---y goddesses, and they all have students to meander with” Ebuka started still wearing that smirk.
    “I have been involved with that our English teacher, and Igbo teacher sometime in the past, i heard Lawrence of Hall- E is the one bleeping the english teacher now, even Dave have managed the geography teacher” he was blunt and clear.
    “Choi see badness in excess!!!” I shout out jokingly tapping Dave..
    “Guy serious, but they have been one that always seemed out of reach, she has been the object of fantasy for most guys here but she always seemed way up her game and intimidating, And you lucky b-----d got what others can only dream of in a golden platter ” Ebuka was laughing now..
    The pride in my eyes could only be matched by the idiotic grin i wore, i broke a record no doubt.
    School activities didn’t need any more than 3 days to resume to normal mode with full force, activities intensified as the exams lurked around the corner making teachers to get more strict, bossy and full of them selves.
    Victor suddenly is playing Mr Nice guy, cannot believe Victor of all people covered for my quiz on physics.
    it was on Friday we just finished having mathematics session which inevitably the maths teacher saw me copying the board while he was explaining boring Pythagoras theorem.
    he had said that i must mow the grass lawn tennis court as punishment for breaking his class rule of no copy until after explanations.
    Had pleaded and pointed out to him we had a physics quiz just after that i would mow the lawn after but he gave me a choice of either the lawn or disciplinary room, God knows i am never going back to that room.
    reluctantly i went out to complete the task, the harsh sun of the harmattan afternoon meting out its own dose on me. with trail of running sweat down my face and most of my shirt i headed back to class 2hours later after completing the lawn mowing.
    “Physics quiz” was clearly written on the board as i arrived but the physics teacher was no where to be found suggesting he already had his session and left means i missed the test.
    Victor threw some calm waves at me trying to smile but i could see him trying hard to conceal the gap in his teeth.
    “Sky don’t worry you didn’t miss the quiz” he said in a little more than a shouty whisper.
    “what do you mean i didn’t miss the quiz” i retorted going to offensive mode knowing Victor real well, i didn’t hide the surging resentment i nursed within.
    “You didn’t, i wrote yours for you” He said this time quite calm and wasn’t trying to smile anymore.
    I didn’t know how to react to that but the look on my face sold it all, Dave who sat right next to me and caught all the yarn even looked more surprised than me.
    “Thanks Victor” i heard myself say shifting my attention back to Princess who now have a simple straight hair plait on, she smiled and winked at me before tilting her eyes back to the text book in front of her.
    “So students i will like you all to write a 2 page quiz and discuss the similarities and differences between plant and animal cell and provide a full labeled diagram of a Euglena, paramecium… to be submitted on monday” The biology Miss Anita rang out as she concluded her session which was also the last session of the day.
    “Yes ma” we chorused.
    “And i will not collect late entries” she warned, packing her notes and wiping her washed hands with a clean pink towel.
    “Sky please these books” She threw at me pointing at a pile of Biology holiday assignments that have been submitted since two days now “Please bring them to my place in a few minutes time”
    Ebuka eyed me, Dave twitched winked at me and swallowed hard clutching his crotch through his trouser under the desk..
    “Yes ma!” i said standing up like a soldier newly deployed to Bornu.
    She walked out just as the bell rang signaling the end of today’s class sessions.
    I agreed to meet with Princess during the General reading time in the reading Hall before she walked slowly in her graceful manner out of the class towards the girl’s wing.
    “Jesus sky she wan see you!” Dave pounced on me excitedly immediately Princess walked out of the class.
    “Sky na your get this Miss Anita for your palms now i swear” Ebuka said but the looks in his eyes betrayed the lingering unbelief he held within.
    “Abeg make i go take the books to her, i go gist una wetin happen later” i whispered to them with a wink as i grabbed the huge pile of books on the desk and headed out towards the teacher’s lodge.
    walked into the chilly sitting room with ‘melo melo’ by Olamide sipping out mildly from the speakers, i walked in fully looking around the silent room couldn’t hear a sound around, wonder if she was around yet.
    The door closed behind me hard with a bang i turned immediately and she was standing right there behind holding the door knob.
    My eyes popped and mouth dropped as the image in front of me cleared. She was clad on a see through night dress, the night dress had a short that was transparent enough to reveal a yellow lacy pantie and the flimsy transparent shirt of the dress blared everything above, she had no bra on and the two boobs beamed at me from the see through dress.
    An alien lone sweat tickled down my face, i gulped hard as the member between my thighs reacted to the sight in front of me.
    “Sky how do i look” she said eyeing me pouting her mouth to mimic a slight kiss in the air, looking the bolt of the door in one fluid flick of the hand.
    “You look outstanding” i breathed out feeling my d--k hitting the wall of my trousers hard.
    she walked towards me slowly savoring each step, her eyes beaming down a ray of lust and untamed need.
    Grabbing my hands which still held the books, she planted a kiss on my lips rubbing her hands on my stomach and nearing my crotch.
    “sky drop those books” she whispered into my ears recalling me back from my visit to oblivion as i have stood thee mopping like a statue.
    I dropped the books on the small glass table in the middle of the room and reached immediately towards her back grabbing her roughly on the a-s.
    She delve deep into me, our lips locked and tongues twirled into each other, heavy breathes and shaky limbs as the hold of lust intensified.
    she pushed me down into the couch this time climbing on top of me in a cowboy position, her lips delve back into mine and my hand assaulted the twin towers on the chest.
    My mind was shut off from my body and my d--k did thr thinking for me this time.
    Her moans became bolder and bolder by the minute and the roughness of her hands on my body intensified.
    “Anita open the door” A voice came from the door and a banging knock following up immediately.
    “Oh jeez what does Segun want from me” She hissed in total dismay turning her facial look into a huge frown.
    I was thrown into a feverish panic, my eyes googled out in a frantic mode.
    “What should we do?” i asked her betraying the fear that battered me.
    “Oh please sky relax abeg” she said in an incredibly bold tone throwing more confusion to my already fearful mind, the maths teacher was in front of the door banging to walk in here any moment.
    She slowly slipped down from my body, hissed hard and walked into her room in very slow steps. I can’t imagine someone was actually waiting in front of the door and she was acting so uncaring she is obviously angry and disappointed.
    She walked out wearing a jean trouser and a blue t- shirt and walked to the door and opened it.
    “Segun what are you doing here?” She asked in a very casual tone, i twitched and winced on my seat trying to appear as normal as possible.
    The maths teacher walked in without answering the question, his eyes caught mine immediately and a pricking pinch of fear gripped me again.
    “Good afternoon sir” I greeted
    “Yes you what are you doing here?” He asked looking squarely into my face.. “Is this your dormitory you should be right now like other students?”
    “No sir, i brought our biology quiz books here on Aunty’s request” i said pointing at the pile of books seating on the table.
    “Eheee and you have what are you still doing here?” He blurted out.
    “Uuuhm eeeehm i…”
    “Segun i asked him to stay behind and help me, why did you come here” Miss anita chipped in saving me from my stammering streak.
    “Please ma i will be going now” i said standing up, the maths teacher sat on a sofa on the left side without answering the question for the second time..
    The glaring angry eyes he beamed down at me was too obvious to skip.
    “Please get me some soft drink Anita” he said to Miss Anita who walked into her room.
    Just as i was about going out of the door, the maths teacher made an ‘i am watching you’ hand gesture at me as i left and closed the door behind me.
    Somehow i knew i was in for it and this maths teacher is watching my every move..

    EPISODE 24

    “John Williams!” the maths teacher yelled my name after the mathematic session was over and he shared the assignment booklets out to everyone.
    “Yes sir!” i said taking a peek into my booklet and 35% was staring back at me.
    “Come out here” he commanded.
    I walked out towards him amidst unsure stares from the students, the glare from the maths teacher was skin piercing.
    “Class our famous John got 35% in mathematics, the poorest in my class as always” He sang out with a look of pride and a washy feel of scorn.
    The class poured out a soft laugh, princess twitched on her seat and i could see Dave angrily looking at the maths teacher.
    I was commanded to kneel down in front of the class while he summarizes the corrections for the test.
    “Sky that maths teacher is really out to always embarrass you all the time” Dave said as we walked back to the dormitory after the class sessions were over.
    “I don’t know what i did to him ooo, he marks me down and embarrass me on top” i replied looking lost.
    “the worst of it all was telling you to solve ‘surd’ when we have not being taught anything about it yet” Ebuka chipped in.
    “Yeah he wanted to embarrass me further and he got what he wanted” i retorted, the silly smirky grin the maths teacher wore as i sweated in front of the board looking at the Surd problem he gave me played out again on my mind.
    The day went by slower than Nigerian train, the harmattan air was becoming stronger each cracky wind blowing the exam day closer and closer, i dread what will be my fate this term if this trend with mathematics continues.
    After dinner, i hurried over a bath made sure i had a good perfume on, wore a black combat chinos shorts and white shirt rehearsing how to start a conversation with princess today at the general reading hall where we have agreed to meet.
    Barely finishing my rice and meat source i hurried back to Hall-B to get my books ready and wait for the bell.
    “Ehhn” i answered Ebuka who had his face buried into his phone as his fingers ran over it.
    “Rose sent a message for me to tell you Agatha would be waiting at the reading hall tonight” He said winking slightly at me with a smile.
    “What??” I blurted out..
    “You heard me” he threw back still fixed on the phone.
    “No no no please tell Rose to tell Agatha i won’t be meeting her tonight” i retorted looking ruffled like a rat being chased by a cat.
    “what do you mean sky?” Ebuka asked surprised.
    “See am supposed to be with Princess in the reading room tonight so i can’t have Agatha on my back there” I said still looking ruffled up.
    Ebuka’s look was a mixture of awe and surprise as he fixed his gaze on me.
    “Sky seriously i wonder why you are always this lucky, who could imagine Princess of all people doting on you” he blared out still looking blankly surprised.
    “Please Ebuka message Rose to tell Agatha that i wont be spending tonight with her in the reading hall” i threw at ebuka pleadingly.
    “Aaah Rose have gone offline sky” he intoned.
    The bell tore through the night piercing the thick cover of darkness jolting me up from my lost thoughts and a pinch of fear dropping on my wits.
    I was considering whether to stay back and avoid any unwanted saga that might play out with Agatha tonight but i already told Princess that i’d be there.
    Going out into the night with Dave who was excitedly chattering about his plans with Angela tonight, i clutch tightly the books i had with me lost in the oblivion of my own thoughts, possible play outs of the night scaring me to the marrows.
    The hall was bright and cold and the air conditioners hummed into the night, the hall was buzzing with murmurings chats and talks here and there.
    Princess waved at me from the right side of the long rectangular hall boarded with books in shelves. She sat on the far side of the corner that got decent light from the floody lights of the ball.
    I walked towards her with the beaming smiles from her face throwing more glows to her look. the rosy pink tight T-shirt she wore complimented by a black jean trousers got me self conscious of my looks making me take little peeks at myself to make sure i didn’t look too bad.
    “You made it sky” she said getting up just as i arrived.
    “I told you i will be here, you look great” i said smiling at her.
    “Thanks sky, but we are not here to compliment looks we are here to read” She said teasingly..
    “Read??” I burst out like i have not heard that word before ..
    “Yes Read, or do you have some other things planned out for us?” She asked looking into my face.
    “Uuhm eeehm… no no i was just making sure” I said choking slightly.
    We sat down on the desk, my face wore a gloomy doom of disappointment. I really didnt know what i was expecting but reading was not one of it.
    “Aahhaaa here you are sky”
    “Vincent what are you doing here” I blurted out in total dismay as Vincent forced himself into the long fancy bench i sat with princess.
    “I came to read like everyone else na” He goofed
    “Ok go and read, you can see am busy Vincent”
    “Biko slow down… Ehee sky i know Ada will be missing you now” Vincent said looking at me with a smiley look.
    “Vincent ok get out of here!!” I yelled pushing him out of the bench.
    “Sky let him be na” Princess intoned holding me back.
    “No!!!, Vincent don’t ever come where i am next time. Mind your own business” I added pointing angrily at him. Vincent turned and walked out obviously seeing i was not in the mood for more unwanted gossip.
    Slumping back into the bench i sighed hard “I just don’t know why that guy won’t leave me alone”
    “Ada is the girl that was glaring at us when i visited right?” Princess asked.
    “Alright please let’s get back to the business of the day” she intoned surfing through the piles of books she came with.
    Victor walked into the door bearing a huge pile of book too, he looked around the hall checking some desks.
    “Your body guard is here” i whispered to Princess nodding towards Victor who was still looking around..
    Princess looked up and then chuckled just then Agatha walked in also looking around.
    “And your twin sis is here also” she laughed out.
    “Oh jesus Christ” i breathed out to myself, this night is about to get real.
    We watched as Victor walked towards us after he searched for a while, in the background Agatha was walking towards Dave and Agatha at the dimly lit corner they usually stay.
    Victor’s face grew from a mild smile to a totally un-expecting one as he approached i and princess.
    “Hi princess” He said without looking at me.
    “Hi Victor” She replied looking straight at him.
    The corner of my eyes were fixed on monitoring Agatha’s movements within the hall, i saw as she talked with Dave for a while and Dave pointed towards the direction i sat with Princess..
    My heart melted into my stomach as i watched Agatha walk towards i and Princess.
    “I thought we were reading partners?” Victor’s voice blared out looking from me to Princess.
    “Yea Victor but i want to read on my own for now” She said calmly still surfing the books to find God knows what.
    ” You mean reading with Sky?” Victor’s voice was betraying a lot of unravelling emotions.
    “Eheen sky, baby here you are!”
    Agatha’s voice rang out as she approached the corner i sat with Princess joining the party.
    “Oh she is here” Agatha added on seeing Princess seating beside me.
    Agatha’s looks beamed towards Victor and then Princess, could see the look of abject resentment she had on her face glaring down at Princess.
    “Please Agatha i am busy here” I said trying hard to maintain a straight face and not freak out.
    “Busy with her right?” She cut in sharply.
    “Yes busy reading with her, is there anything wrong in that?” I blared out squeezing my face into a tight one, i could make out Princess looking at me with open mouth.
    “Ok i am here now tell her to leave” Agatha came again hands on her waist and the angry look she had for princess intensified.
    “Agatha i suggest you leave” I said sternly
    “What, me sky?”
    “Yes you, i am reading so you better leave and come back when am not” I said again standing up.
    “Since when did you start reading sky?” Victor intoned from no where, i didn’t even know he was still standing right there just beside Agatha.
    “Shut the hell up Victor ” i washed out feeling my anger getting the better of me.
    “sky i can’t believe you are asking me to leave because of her” Agatha came again looking straight into my face.
    “Agatha he is reading and you are disturbing that. Can’t both of you just find something else doing tonight” Princess said calmly.
    “You!!” Agatha yelled pointing at Princess then turned and walked out of the hall angrily.
    “So princess are we no longer going to read together?” Victor asked more like a plea.
    “Victor please, we will talk later excuse us for now please..” She said to him.
    Victor turned and walked out slowly but not after giving a kind of cold look that i have seen many times.
    “Sky i can’t believe you did that to Agatha because of me” Princess said touching my shoulders slightly.
    “Ok so what are we reading?” I said sighing..
    She grabs one of the books she came with, MATHEMATICS 2 was clearly written on it.
    she opened it to the page where SURD was written as the topic..
    I laughed hard immediately i saw it, she laughed too then hugged me from the side.
    “Lets start from here” she whispered into my ears.

    EPISODE 25

    “Sky run!!!” Ebuka’s voice tore through the thick bush as rustling sounds of parting bushes washed out in all hastiness.
    I was running at the highest speed i could muster, tall grasses and short tree branches slapping hard all over my body as i ran through them in the thick darkness not minding what lay ahead.
    One narrowly missed my eyes as the hard twist slapped hard just below my eye lid leaving a sharp piercing pain that i didn’t even pay mind to or dared to touch but had to keep my legs running.
    I was panting hard and hard, bright lights struggled to pierce through the bush gaining ground by the minute and averagely loud gun shots tearing through the night with bright sparks.
    My breathe was getting heavier and limbs becoming lighter, i had to keep breathing that was all i could do, keep breathing and keep running wishing i never got myself into this tonight.
    * * * *
    The day started with a heavy air, the morning was gloomy but a ray of bountiful expectations shun in my mind.
    The hall supervisors nearly caught me with my phone last night which was quite a scary play for me.
    I was walking back to the Hall after dinner when my phone vibrated in my pocket signaling a newly received message, i looked around a bit making sure the hall way was without both students and supervisors alike, i could rarely trust any other student except one from Hall B.
    It was from Miss Anita asking how i was doing, just as i was about typing a quick reply, loud footsteps sipped into my ears signaling a hall supervisor was approaching and from the sound of the thumping footstep it was unmistakably obvious to be very close.
    I pensively but in a very fast manner slipped my hand back into my pocket with my phone on it.
    “Stop right there!!!” He barked emerging from the hall-way that turned towards A and B.
    I froze immediately watching as the dark figure approached me mustering every ferocity he could spare.
    “Good evening sir” I greeted rocking a very shaky voice.
    “Eheee.. what are you doing here by now, dinner is not over yet?” He queried looking straight to the hand inside my right side pocket.
    “I don’t like Beans and plantain sir, so i have eaten as much as i want” I replied still trying hard to get my wits together and stop this shaky voice.
    “Eheeen so what is that you are hiding in your pocket?” he blew out pointing at the hand inside my pocket.
    “Nothing sir!” Came an even more shaky voice than before, beads of sweat were already forming on my fore-head.
    “Don’t lie now before i slap thunder enter your eyes” He roared moving a couple of steps towards me with an even sterner look than he wore before.
    “Uuuhm .. eehn it is…”
    “Comot your hand from your pocket before i do it myself” He interrupted my stammer with another bark sending more chills down my spine as i felt the cold sleek phone resting heavily on my palms. Finding out a student had a phone is a big trouble, with the type of phone i had in my possession i’d literally kiss my scholarship good bye.
    I slowly removed my hands from pocket clenching my fist tightly together.
    “Oya open your fist, let me see what you are hiding” He commanded looking intently into my fist now.
    I opened them and an unfinished small packet of cracker biscuit stared back at both of us. I was eating the cracker before bell for dinner so i slipped it into my pocket before heading to the refectory. Now i felt it in my pocket and decided to bring it out instead of the phone that was in the same pocket as the packet.
    “Chai this children, so you left better food for refectory come deh chop biscuit” he blared out looking from my face to the cracker in my hand.
    I looked towards the ground trying to feign an innocent naivete.
    “Oya waka go your Hall and finish your biscuit” He commanded before walking right past me down the hall.
    Ebuka told i and Dave that we had another delivery job tonight, showed us Miss Lola’s message to him about the deal.
    “She said this deal will pay more than any we have done before, the package is bigger than the first one we delivered” He intoned smiling.
    “I will get a samsung s6 or an iphone6 after this one” Dave aired out licking his lips in happy anticipation of the gold nuggets to come after tonight.
    The school session seamed boring to me, Princess kept looking and smiling while i mopped at the board without really seeing anything.
    Agatha rarely turned to look at me and the biology teacher couldn’t stop eyeing me through out her session.
    Just after my little drama with the hall supervisor right after dinner, i went into my dormitory breathing heavily to relieve myself of the fear and tense air that battered me moments ago in the hall way.
    Ebuka and Dave walked in several minutes later chattering like over-fed babies.
    I wore my black chinos and a black shirt throwing a jacket over it in readiness for tonight, then lay on my bed with the blanket covering my whole frame to wait for the ‘Go time’
    Dave tapped me hard trice to signal it was time to go, the whether was quite chilly and crickets sang into the thick night just as we came out through the kitchen back door.
    We crawled through the night dodging Bulldog just before the fence where he was peeing.
    We crawled out through the fence and hitched a taxi to Miss Lola’s place, Ebuka as always on the phone making calls that you can regard to be very unnecessary.
    The house wore are eerie cold look this time, the crisp lights that bathed many parts of it were all off leaving only the red lights throwing off some ominous bloody cast over the surrounding.
    We walked straight to the lounge where we were met by Lola just before we got past the door, heavy stench of cigarette and weed plus alcohol filled the air.
    Men on flowing Agbada and heavy pregnant potbellies were all carrying one or two girls clad only bikinis puffing out heavy smokes and downing large quantity of alcohol.
    Miss Lola took us through the corridor and into the room we met with skull the first time and we passed it to enter another room inside it.
    Yet again the room was dark and shadowy, the ominous figure who was wearing an all white suit with an all white hat had a large ciga dangling at the side of his mouth and a girl seating on one of his lap with her hands around his shoulder.
    “Ahaaa my good boys are here again” He croaked making a clapping gesture.
    “You boys have been exceptionally wonderful in the last two deals after the first one, am impressed and i will get you a raise this time” He said .
    “Thank you sir” we sang out eyeing each other through the corners of our eyes and smiling.
    A new pack pack was dropped on the table by a midget who was barely 3ft tall wearing a dirty smirk.
    Ebuka grabbed the pack and handed it over to me and i strapped it over my back as we went through the routine for the delivery.
    The usual driver of the missionary Bus stood outside with a stone cold looking man with bald sparkling head standing next to him.
    We all boarded the bus and it roared into the silent night in full speed.
    Shiny flash lights where seen up ahead and we could make out some figures in the darkness.
    “Ehee police deh there oo make una maintain and hol una side tight tight” the driver threw at us making everybody adjust their clothes, straightened faces and made the bibles in our hands visible.
    The car slowly shuddered to a halt as the light of the police touch danced up and down.
    We weren’t expecting a police check point this far into the journey, the police check points were always near the Oscar junction 15minutes driver from where we are now.
    “Oya where una deh go” A stout man in mobile police uniform spoke into the bus through the drivers side with the muzzle of his rifle pointing out.
    “Oga we are going to a sick call, na student pastors i carry” the driver replied pointing backwards at us seating on the second row where i and dave sat and third row seat where ebuka sat.
    We adjusted again and held our bible tightly shifting it into the light to ensure it’s visibility.
    “Aaaah una deh go pray for somebody weh sick?” He spoke calmly into my own window to which i nodded in affirmative smiling at him.
    He went around the bus flashing his touch all around it including the hatch and our faces.
    “Oya make una paas” he waved his light forward gesturing us to move on.
    The bus started again and slowly taxied through the check point of police men in duos standing few yards from each other.
    The last duo in the line of police men stopped us again..
    “Oya make una come down, here na stop and search” One of them blurted.
    “Search kwa?” I whispered into Dave’s ears who already froze.
    “Officer these are student pastors going for a sick call” the man with bald head said from the passengers side of the front seat.
    “Eheen them no deh search pastors?” The dark figure came again.
    “Sir they are almost late we need to hurry” he replied looking at us.
    “Shut up joor, the commissioner said anybody passing through here must be searched and that includes even the pope” He yelled as the other police man peeled the side door of the bus open for us to step down, i still had the back pack on my back and the bible held tight steadily.
    “oya you come down” the police man commanded the bald man and the driver.
    “Raise your hands!!!” the command came again as the bald man raised his hands his eyes bulged like a fearful rat, looking at every corner of the night.
    “What is this?” The police man queried bringing out a small transparent pack of white powder from his pocket beaming his touch into the packet ..
    “Hey stop there!!!” The police men roared as the bald man broke and ran with gun shots thundering out towards him.
    Ebuka yanked my hand and we delve into the nearby bush immediately with dave right behind us and the driver too running and tearing through the bush.
    More gun shots are heard and a shout that i was sure came from the bald man.
    “We have shut this one down, These are drug dealers. now all of you go after the ones that ran into the bush, they must be caught dead or alive!!!” came a commanding voice that sounded faint through the night and a sense of horror gripped us.
    It has become a race for life and death knowing fully well we had many police men ready to kill at sight chasing after us.

    EPISODE 26

    We have been running for more than 2 hours now and the gun shots have died down, the rustling bushes have thickened into a howling forest.
    Slight chills from the gloomy darkness battered me making my eye lids twitch every now and then in fearful expectations, Dave was breathing heavily with his mouth open like a dog but he was still running though slowly this time.
    Ebuka and the driver were a few steps ahead of Dave and i there too had hands resting heavily on their head but the legs had to keep moving.
    The cold air thicken, stench of trees filled the air and untold cries of the owl pierced through the night.
    “Make una stop here make we rest here” The driver turned peering his eyes back into the forest, he still had that normal look like we were in Miss Lola’s lounge right now.
    I dropped my whole weight on the ground, my legs ached hard and my shoulders threatened to ripped off my body.
    the twigs and roots on the ground poked through my body making me very uncomfortable. I slipped the back pack off my shoulder appreciating the relieve of the weight off my shoulder with a sigh.
    “You carry the consignment run? ” the driver yelled in surprise grabbing the bag and throwing a ghostly look both at me and the black bag that blended into the night.
    “At least this mission won’t be a total fail” Ebuka chipped in seating down beside the driver who still clutched the bag like a baby.
    “what do you mean total fail Ebuka, are we even going to get out of it alive?” i blurted out getting worked up over how calm ebuka seemed in our situation.
    “Of course sky we will” he replied still with that confidence i hated.
    A snap of a dried tree branch sent all of sprawling like pinched babies scampering mindlessly to get up and continue the run.
    “Make una seat down abeg, na bush rat e just pass now” the driver said seating back down from his Standing-seating position.
    “am hungry” Dave sang in just as we all struggled to regain our shaken wits from the scare.
    “Guy you never serious na hunger be your problem now when this situation is hopeless” i threw at the black figure in the darkness serving as Dave only from the sound of his voice.
    “sky you are still alive thank God for that first” He replied in a cold tone.
    “What about the bald man?” i blew out to no one in particular, the shaky tune of my voice was un-concealable and my eyes hurt bad.
    “Them kill am na” The driver blurted out.
    “Haaa Jesus, am dead!!!” I cried out trying to hold back actual cry building deep within my chest.
    Ebuka lay down flat on his back hissing slightly, the driver followed suit letting off a heavy grunt as he rustled dried leafs on the ground while he lay down.
    “I am very hungry o” Dave came again throwing out an even more obvious hiss.
    “All of us deh H so shut up make person here word” the drivers voice rose is a hushy blur, he paused and sighed and continued “make we deh here tomorrow morning we go find way comot thus bush and find food chop”
    Dave replied with a hiss and made to lie down ..
    The driver offered to be on the look out while we slept. i couldn’t sleep. every whisper of wind sounded like a bang in my ears, every dance of trees was like a huge squad of police men closing in on me.
    “what will papa and mama think if they find out?” i tasked my mind still trying to hold back tears.
    warm stream of tears slid down the corner of my eyes into the dry ground, i sniffed hard trying to hold them back and appear to be as indifferent as the others.
    * *
    “Sky welcome back” Princess’ voice whispered into my ears as i rolled into the school with my bag, the air was fresher and McGonals structures were newer.
    Just as i strolled into Hall-B dave and Ebuka were seating right on Ebuka’s bed playing whot.
    “Ebuka, Dave, when did you guys arrive here how did you escape?” I asked still can’t even place how i myself escaped.
    “Escaped from where?” Ebuka asked in a surprised tone.
    “From the forest” i replied without wasting time…
    “Sky go and rest, i don’t know what you are talking about” He said and took his gaze back to the whot he was playing.
    I mopped at both of them lost at what exactly is happening here, how can they seem so relaxed and not only that they don’t even seem to remember but we were trapped in a thick dark forest with dozens of armed police men chasing to kill us just a few hours back.
    I shrugged and moved on towards my seat the bag in my hand getting heavier by the minute. I slumped on my bed looking out into the hall, every one seemed busy doing one thing or the other and nobody seemed to even notice me.
    I grabbed the bag i came back with, slowly unzipped it and opened it. white package substances stared back and me pricking the very depth of my soul like a sharp uncalled shock.
    I threw the bag down on the bed like i was just stung by a scorpion on it mopping at it like it was a bag of unwanted evil.
    “Johng, what are you doing with your bag?”
    That was mama, how did mama get here. i opened my eyes and i was seated right in our sitting room on papa’s usual couch.
    “Nothing mama”
    I was looking around the house trying to find out what brought me here, how i got here and what exactly is happening to me.
    Ugo looked gloomy and the pale taint of his face was haunting, Miracle was curled up on mama’s chest sniffing soft sobs .
    “Where is papa?” I yelled frantically looking from mama to ugo a tingly sensation of anxiety and abject fear gripping me mercilessly.
    Papa walked in looking scared and disappointed, his looks crushed the very fabrics of my soul.
    “Nwam what happened?” He asked letting his hand roll freely in the air making to touch my head.
    “Nothing papa”
    “Nwam why did you do it?” He asked again coldly, chilly feels of a melancholy nemesis surged from his voice.
    “Am sorry papa” I said looking down at my foot..
    “Nwam wake up, wake up right now” Papa’s voice rang like a tolling bell echoing deep into my mind slowly and slightly tuning into a different tone.
    “Sky wake up, wake up!!!” I could make out an anxious fearful voice calling me yanking on my arms hard.
    The tree roots that poked on my back were registering back, the mucky smell and that of dry leafs filled my nostrils.
    the picture was blurry but an ash-fainty environment filled the twilight-like sky.
    I slowly regained my wits in response to Dave’s calling and yanking. I was dreaming …
    “Sky get up its morning” Dave said again tapping my back to get the remaining trace of sleepiness off my eyes.
    “Dave i was dreaming about school and then papa and mama” i said immediately rubbing my eyes as the present situation began to register fully back into my mind.
    The trees stared back at me and bone breaking cold slapped hard on me..
    “Sky we have no time, the driver said he noticed the forest rustling not too far from here meaning the police men are not far behind” Ebuka blurted out as he and Dave pulled me off the ground.
    My mouth was bitter, my head was hurting badly and the stinging pain below my eyes had intensified, i was badly hungry and my legs threatened to cave in below me.
    The bush behind began to rustle and the dried leafs complimented the rustling bush, we turned sharply as we saw the driver running towards us yelling.
    “They are coming!!”
    there was no other call for run as we all broke into an frantic run deeper into the forest, the gun shots had resumed resounding randomly at us.
    I had my hands clutched around my head in a bid to protect my head from thd gun shot..
    “Jesus!!” Came a shrieking voice right behind me..
    I turned immediately and the driver was sprawling on the floor with bloody stains all over groaning in pains trying to gasp in breathe.
    “Ebus, driver has been shot oo” I yelled out rushing back towards him trying to drag him up which he groaned hard and fell back down, me along with him. My body was stained in blood and he stopped moving.
    “Bros! Bros abeg na open eyes” I pleaded at the immobile body yanking at it hard.
    Ebuka ran back towards us where i was still kneeling in besidr the driver begging him in tears to wake up. He grabbed the back pack from the drivers hands and the peeled me up in one forceful attempt.
    “Sky lets get out of here, he is dead unless you want to join him” He prayed into me delving back into the thickness of the forest, i could make out the sun creeping out through the hazy morning..
    I ran alongside ebuka looking back at the lifeless body that withdrew into the distance as we ran further away.

    EPISODE 27

    I dropped on the floor crying, my arms were bleeding and it stung like it has been slashed off by a sharp knife but it was a sharp dry small tree branch piercing my arms as we ran through the forest.
    Ebuka and Dave sat down behind me, dave was crying too and Ebuka had his hands under his face.
    The sun has crossed the sky and heading towards the western horizon.
    “I can’t believe the driver is dead just like that” i moaned wiping out my face with the back of my hands sniffing.
    “That is life for you” ebuka replied wiping his face with both of his hands.
    Dave kept to himself, his eyes were beaming red and the looks on his face shows he was overwhelmed by fear. I have never seen Dave be shaken out like that.
    “Sky get Dave up, lets get out of here” Ebuka threw at me standing up beating out dirt from his clothes.
    “And go where?” I asked
    “We will go down that hill walk down towards the right for a while and turn back towards the direction we came from to see if we can find the main road” He said demonstrating his plan by pointing towards the directions.
    “Are you sure that will work?” I said again betraying the fear that gripped me.
    “I don’t know we just have to try, we don’t know if the police are still coming behind us or not so we need to get out of here”
    I nodded in agreement, helped Dave up and we walked towards a hill valley.
    Just hill was a bit slippery and trees got thicker and taller as we went deeper down the hill, we could see a running water down the base of the hill providing a little ray of hope to our already battered hope.
    I was visibly shaking and it was no news that dave might slump anytime soon, his face looked like one who hasn’t eaten for decades and the cover of darkness was slowly creeping in with dry chilly cold building up.
    Ebuka and i went a bit to look around the forest to see if we can find anything edible to eat, i came back with two paw-paw i saw on a lone small paw-paw tree not too far from where we left dave. One was ripe, the other was not only a total green peel, i didn’t care anything was ok now.
    Ebuka came back later with some strange looking fruits, rough and brownish red. said he used to eat them during christmas holidays in his home town.
    There was no time to choose what you want to eat or not, dave delve into the strange fruits almost immediately taking large wild bites rushing it like he was eating his last.
    The fruits didn’t stop the hunger but we felt a lot better than we were before, drank water from the dirty looking flowing stream and started off following the direction of the stream flow.
    The sound of the running water kept filtering into our ears, crickets smearing the night with shrieky songs, frogs complimented around the bushy border of the stream croaking away into the night and a crescent moon beamed down.
    “Ebuka i thought you came here with your phone?” Dave blurted out immediately..
    “Yes yes” Ebuka sang out excitedly reaching into his pockets ..
    “Its no longer here oo” He intoned feverishly still searching the already searched pockets over and over again.
    “Jesus christ!!!” came dave who placed his hands above his head.
    “If this people find that phone we are dead” Ebuka said looking like a whipped dog.
    remembering i also came with my phone i collected the back pack from Ebuka and reached into the small pocket i remember putting it.
    Drew out my phone but it was no longer in one piece, the many parts of the screen were badly cracked and the battery was running at 21%.
    “My phone is broken but at least there is still some battery left though we don’t have service here” I said to Ebuka and Dave…
    We moved on more with the stream, climbed a small ridge in the stark darkness that i had to crawl on both my hands and legs to maintain my balance.
    There was a rustling and then thudding sound, Dave’s voice groaned into the night sending chilly sparks down my spine.
    “What happened?” I blew out.
    “Dave just fell” Ebuka replied making to go down the ridge again i followed him with a heart thumping hard threatening to rip open my chest.
    Dave was sprawled on the floor clutching his right ankle groaning out in pain.
    “Dave what happened?” Ebuka asked as he made to where Dave was.
    “I slipped and fell i think i just broke my ankle” He said in a groan wincing in excruciating expression.
    I grabbed the ankle and stretched it a bit, Dave let out a piercing cry into the night making me drop the ankle again.
    A look from Ebuka was enough to show me he knew the ankle was messed up really bad, i removed the black jacket i wore and we tied it around Dave’s ankle.
    Helped him up and placed each of his hands on our shoulders as we made to leave again with dave limping in between Ebuka and i.
    We walked on for hours with darkness covering every side of the direction, Dave was getting heavier and from his face it was obvious the pain was getting worse.
    My shoulders were almost torn off and Ebuka’s was not any better.
    “Sky did you hear that?” Ebuka said stopping.
    “Hear what?”
    “I think i just heard the sound of a car running past, i think we are near a main road” He blew out excitedly ..
    “I didn’t hear it” i said stretching my ears to catch even the faintest sound.
    “Lets go” Ebuka said as we quickened our pace trying to keep Dave from falling off.
    We arrived at a main road, it was tarred but small can only have two cars running side by side at the same time, but the whole distance smeared in pitch black didn’t have any promise of a vehicle approaching.
    We set Dave down beside a tree on the road and waiting to see if a car will run through..
    “Sky look, there is a light coming from there” Dave said weakly pointing towards the right direction of the road.
    “Yes, its a car” An excitement grew within me and a smile appeared on my face “Ebuka quickly grab Dave” i said to Ebuka as i started waving at the approaching vehicle.
    The speed didn’t reduced as it got nearer and nearer by the seconds, rushed past us at neck breaking speed shattering the little glow of hope that already grew inside me.
    We waited for another 1 hour for another car to rush past again without stopping even though we waved and shouted at it, the next and the next cars didn’t stop either.
    the time on my phone was clocking 4:30am showing it will be morning anytime soon and we cannot stay out in the open main road like this in the morning.
    The next car that approached slowed down as i waved and gestured my hands in a pleading manner.
    “Its an early morning taxi” I blew out at Dave and Ebuka happily as i made out the paint and look of the small Nissan altima.
    Ebuka dragged dave up and we rushed into the taxi without even talking to the driver..
    He drove off immediately looking back at us with a questioning eyes.
    “Wetin una deh do here by this time?” He asked …
    “Oga na armed robbers chase us oo, we lost since and our brother don break leg” Ebuka replied ..
    “Chai this boys no go allow person rest for this side eeehn, sorry oo” he came again looking at us through the rear-view mirror it was pity this time.
    “abeg where we deh?” I asked having noticed we have not passed any house just bushes.
    “This place na road that pass through Umueje” he blew out fixing his gaze at the windscreen.
    “Ewoo that’s far from the city o” Ebuka intoned.
    “Yes na, i just go village deh rush back town now to start work early” he replied.
    “Ok abeg take us to No 8B Melview independence layout when we reach the city” Ebuka said.
    “Una fit pay me?” He asked in a blunt voice.
    “Yes yes we will pay you anything please just be quick” i replied reaching into my pocket to be sure i still had the money i went out with.
    Dave’s groans the car bumped into gallops intensified our haste to get to Miss Lola’s apartment faster, the taxi maintained a steady speed until after some time we started seeing house clusters with lights.
    “we don enter town” he said beating the steering like a drum.
    In about 20 minutes more we arrived Miss Lola’s gate, dawn has not broke out yet but from the looks of it that wouldn’t take long now.
    The taxi man asked that i give him any amount i want as his own way of helping us as victims of armed robbers, i gave him 3,000 and he drove away in a hurry.
    Carrying Dave in our shoulders we banged and banged the gate impatiently.
    “Who be that?”
    “Agaba na me Ebus abeg hurry open gate” Ebuka replied sounding even more impatient.
    “Aaaah ebus, jesus una deh alive?” Agaba blew out as the gate creaked and squeaked open.
    He grabbed Dave and lifted him off the ground as we made it more inside the compound towards the house.
    The pains in my arms and below the eyes returned, could see Ebuka was limping but not too noticeably.
    Almost banging the door down, it finally opened and we were met by Miss Lola who looked like he just saw a ghost.
    Her eyes ran from Ebuka to me and Dave being carried on Agaba’s shoulder.
    “You are alive?” She intoned dabbling into a smile..
    “You are alive, they are alive” she broke into a shout all over the house. Skull who was now seating in the lounge stood up immediately looking at us with a very un-expecting look.
    “We got a call from an informant that things went bad and the anti-drug squad gunned down you guys” He addressed us still looking shocked.
    “We escaped, the driver was killed” I said falling down on the floor to regain my sanity and rest my bones.
    “What about razor, the bald one that went with you?” He asked to no one in particular.
    “Dead too” came Ebuka who went to the couch to seat and Agaba gently dropped Dave on one of the sofas.
    I still can’t believe we made it out alive ..

    EPISODE 28

    In a little while a mean looking young doctor arrived Miss Lola’s house wearing a short sewn white lab coat, a long goatee and a very strange look with a dirty looking silvery white bag.
    I had a long hot bath wincing anytime water touches the open wounds on my arm and below the eyes. Flashes of the forest escapade kept reoccurring in my mind giving me Goosy chills.
    Had a change of cloth Miss Lola dropped in the same room i first got to meet Mrs Diamond, a blue jean and a new black trouser.
    Down in the lounge, the dinning was set and ready for us and the doctor was with skull one side of the lounge whispering while he slid rubber gloves down his wrists nodding to Skull’s whispers.
    The doctor had my arm cleaned and bandaged in no time, gave i and Ebuka some very bitter white pilss drink and then sends Dave through series of moans and groans as he massaged the severed ankle and then applies a bandage on it.
    We delved into the food like people who have been in a desert for more than 1 week without food and water, the different varieties we were served all got wiped out in no time.
    the drinks were washed down with so much gusto that Miss Lola’s girls who did the chores in the house giggled to themselves as the watched us eat.
    After the meal we went back into the lounge to seat and relax and then plan our next move back to school. we risk expulsion if our absence has been noticed without permission which i am very sure i must have been.
    Skull gestured on Lola to come to him, he whispered some inaudible words into her ears and she gestured with i don’t know reply opening both her arms and blanking her face.
    His eyes glistened in the dawn and his features revealed a more feeble looking character than i have imagined.
    we have always met Skull in the night and it’s always shadowy and smoke filled and i have always imagined him to wear a fearful face with maybe a large beard and fearful body.
    His voice; croaky broad was almost impossible to reconcile with the figure that has it.
    Contrary to what i imagined, he was shorter, leaner and an oldly looking innocent face with a trimmed beard. The bold voice didn’t match the figure it came with.
    I looked on as Skull started walking towards us in the lounge, worry and doubt was written on his facial look and a pinch of sadness was undeniable.
    He sat on a large sofa opposite us, sighed and leaned back into the sofa.
    “So my young friends, i welcome you all back am very happy you boys are back?” He said reaching out to grab a stick of long thick brown ciga from the three foot dwarf who walked in.
    A puff of smoke followed immediately ..
    “Miss lola was right you boys are quite good and i can see you boys are survivors” He said .
    “Thank you sir” We replied simultaneously.
    “So boys what happened to the goods you were supposed to deliver?”
    Ebuka got up, went in towards the room on the left flank after the stairs and came back carrying the dirty looking black pack dropped it on the glass table in front.
    “We save it sir” Ebuka said with an air of pride.
    Skull and Lola exchanged a surprised look at each other then a gleamy smile smeared on his face.
    “That is very good boys, very good” He smiled at us then another puff of smoke.
    “I need you guys to lie low for now, i will make sure i bury this case in the police to make sure none of you are implicated or any investigation carried out”
    “Thank you sir” I said
    “And i will credit your accounts with 200k each for everything you went through for us, just lie low and enjoy while the dusts settles ok?”
    “Yes sir” We sang out casting smiley glances at each other.
    My phone rang just as i was discussing with Ebuka and Dave on how to go back to school or what tale we were going to cook up for suddenly disappearing from school.
    ‘Aunty Anita’ was written on the broken screen of my phone, i looked from Ebuka to Dave and they gestured me to pick the call.
    “Hello ma”
    “where are you?” She barked out immediately..
    “I am… we are.. No i am ” I stammered into the receiver running my eyes all over the place like i was looking for somewhere with bold written words of the answer i was supposed to give.
    “Sky shut up and tell me where you are?” She came again very bluntly.
    “I am in my home” I intoned in a shaky tone.
    “On whose permission?”
    “It was an emergency ma” i replied.
    “Sky, a disciplinary file of unauthorized absence has just been moved to my office and i know for sure you did not go home, you are risking expulsion young man”. she said
    “I am Sor… i am .. what can we, No.. what can i do?” I asked
    “Come back to the school early morning tomorrow and report directly to my office on your school uniform before any other thing and tell Dave and Ebuka to come with you, yes tell them they also have UA files on them and i know you went with them where ever in the world you boys went to..”
    the line went dead in a beep and i was bombarded with questions from Ebuka and Dave impatiently.
    I told them everything Aunty Anita told me and watched as their eyes popped in a fearful plight.
    “Ewoo we are dead!!!” Dave exclaimed carrying his hands on his head.
    Ebuka was silent but his face betrayed far much fear than Dave had.
    We remained in Lola’s house till the next day after which we were dropped back in front of the school by one of Skull’s men in an infinity jeep quite early as Aunty Anita said.
    It was still 06.34am when we arrived school, the compound was still uneventful and empty since school activities were yet to start.
    We walked through the field and went into the class, i called Andrew to go to our bunks and retrieve our school uniforms that we hung on our bed posts and bring it to the class for us.
    “Guys where una deh since?” he enquired as he brought out our uniforms from the back pack he brought it with to conceal them.
    “Hall-B deh fear scatter since una no come back o” he intoned looking at the bandages on my hand, the scar on my eyes and Dave’s ankle.
    “Guy we go gist you later, just tell the B-hallers say we don land” Ebuka replied to dismiss him as he hurried back towards the dormitory.
    We went down towards the staff office block now clad in our creased school uniforms, and then up the office building turned towards Aunty Anita’s office.
    “Will she be around this early, school has not yet started today?” Dave whispered to me.
    “Ssssshhhhh” i replied gesturing with my finger over my lips.
    The door to Aunty Anita’s office slid open just as we were few meters away, then she popped out from inside and motioned us to walk faster into the office.
    Seating back in the chair behind the desk, we stood in front of the desk with our heads bowed and our hands behind our back.
    She looked from me to Ebuka and then Dave, sighed and then opened three files in front of her.
    “This is the three Unauthorized Absence file moved to my office this morning by your Hall Supervisors, from the looks of your three i am sure where ever you ventured to didn’t turn out too good.. Now where are you three coming from?” She asked looking directly at me this time.
    “We went to sky’s house ma” ebuka chipped in from no where.
    “Are you boys going to lie to my face or do you want me to help you?” she asked ..
    “No ma please help us” i pleaded..
    “Alright i can see you three need a little time, sky i need you in my apartment right after school session today to tell me everything without holding anything back..” she said to me.
    “Yes ma”
    she retrieved three cards from under her desk, handed them to us.
    It was an Absence authorization card dated exactly the supposed date we left school and stated we were excused to meet visit Mr Willaims, father of John Williams who is currently on admission in a hospital’
    We read the cards and our face lit up in a smile..
    “Thank you ma” we all intoned smiling.
    “Three of you might not be so lucky next time, i will tear these report files now since you actually went out with authorization cards” she winked and continued “but you three will have to clean face some minor disciplinary measures from your hall supervisors for not informing him before leaving, at least that is better than expulsion..”
    We all laughed and the door banged open immediately letting in the Mathematics teacher.
    “I heard some students have been absent and it has been filed including that your boy sky” he intoned loudly on getting into the office then he saw us and stopped for a brief time and walked in looking lost.
    He looked at me then dave then Ebuka, his face was twitched in a frown.
    “what is happening here Anita?”
    “As you can see, they have reported back and they went out with authorization, they only failed to notify their supervisors before leaving for which they will be punished” she said calmly at him.
    i flashed my card for him to see well enough making him twitch his eye lid.
    “There is cause for alarm please if you don’t mind i will like to finish up” she said to him.
    He turned and walked out still glaring at me which i returned with a mocking grin..

    EPISODE 29

    Sorry guys, power issues
    Back to the dormitory we were greeted by angry Hall supervisors glaring at us Bulldog most of all.
    they had to spare us the punishment for the time being owing to the fact we were not in good shape, Dave even more so and Ebuka’s limping was becoming more and more obvious by the minute.
    The whole Hall-B blew up as we stepped in, shouts rented the hall and questions fell from every angle which we promised to answer later in the night after school and rest.
    “sky what happened to you arm?”
    “ebuka why are you limping?”
    “Dave did you break your ankle?”
    “what exactly happened and where have you guys been?”
    Ambrose was at the fore-front of asking the questions while most nodded and chanted “yes” in support of his enquiries.
    We ate breakfast before heading to class but not after dave had gone to the school clinic to have his leg looked at again, revisions were on going as exams were just next week before the Christmas holiday sets in.
    Princess’ held on to a questioning look through out the class session battering me with questions with her eyes gestures which i did not reciprocate.
    After school i walked down to the teachers quarters carrying some books Miss Anita dropped on the table with the instructions that i should bring down to her.
    I knew i could not tell her the truth of what happened but what to tell her was still very far fetched.
    She was standing right in front of her door when i approached the house, wearing the American bum shot and tank top had a lustful smile beaming towards me.
    I went into the apartment but not after looking around for the maths teacher in case he sees me and comes barging in again.
    She locked the door behind me, went straight to seat on the long sofa and crossed her legs revealing as much thighs as can switch off anybody’s brains in a split second.
    I sat opposite with my eyes glued on the open glory of the soft skin, her lips were tilted in a lusty smirk and her eyes glistened with dreamy moist.
    “So sky can you tell me where you boys went to and what happened?” She asked leaning towards the right part of the sofa with her hand supporting her head and more skins flashed at me giving my D large impulse of uncontrollable desire.
    I gulped hard and tried refocusing my wits to the questions.
    “We, we went to………. ” I was lost again, both in the vacuum of what to say and in the euphoria of raging lust that now battered my mind.
    “Just spill it”
    “Ehhm we went to a night club, it was my first time but we didn’t know police will raid the club.. we all got lost in our attempt to escape police” I managed to conjure sighing slightly in full appreciation of myself in conjuring up such lie at the needed time.
    Her eyes grew wider, she stood up and smiled.
    “I hope you have had your party fun because i don’t ever want to hear you went out again” It was both a command and a plea.
    She walked straight to my seat her eyes glued on the bulging tent that was drawn on my trouser and a washy smile .. she sat beside me putting her hand on my hair and the next on my chest.
    “am sure you must have had a tough time escaping the police, let me ease that pain” she winked at me before lowering her lips into mine in a deep kiss.
    Her hand slid down to my crotch region massaging the bulge through the fabrics, breathing into my mouth heavily and the glistening skin of her thighs throwing off more glow.
    She jumped up with a jiggling bounce of her bums which made my d--k throb hard, she offered me her hand which i took and she walked ahead of me into the little passage way and no doubt into the bedroom with her bums bouncing heavily under the light fabrics of the bum shots.
    My eyes were glued to her bums as she led me into the bedroom like a hypnotized goat.
    I went back to the dormitory a little more than one hour in Miss Anita’s house.
    She was still lying on the bed naked tiredly while i peeled on my boxer, trouser and shirt hurriedly.
    Her skin glowed in the shady light of the room and the sight of the goddess-like body lying naked in front of me rekindled more fire of lust deep within me making me wish i could stay back a bit more but i had to get back to avoid getting into more troubles with the supervisors i already had enough on my bag as it is.
    I climbed on the bed and kissed her one last time before running out of the room with her resounding laugh trailing behind me..
    Made sure i buttoned my shirts and reshuffled my creased shirt and trouser before stepping out into the dryness of the hot but yet chilly harmattan.
    “Hey Sky what are you doing here?” A tiny female voice blared into my ears startling me from no where.
    I turned sharply towards the voice and Geography Aunty stood in front of the house 17 just one house after Miss Anita’s looking at me. Her thick body wrapped in a sweat shirt and a tight skirt.
    “Uuhm good afternoon Ma!” I greeted in a subconscious fearful reaction.
    “Eheee good afternoon sky, what are you doing in our quarters by this time?” She asked again.
    “I…. i brought down our class assignment for Aunty Anita” I said pointing back towards Anita’s door.
    “Is she In? i never knew Anita was in” She said ..
    “Yes but sleeping asked me to drop it on the table and go back” i said again getting a flow of lies coming in.
    “Ok i will check up on her later” she said before heading into her own apartment while i sped off to my dormitory to avoid meeting anymore teachers worse of all Mathematics.
    The day crept by dully and coldly as the night approached, my encounter with Miss Anita kept me ruminating over more fantasies and wishes if only i had more time, the bank Alert of 200,000 that came within the evening spiced things up more for me, Ebuka and Dave.
    At last there have been a silver lining in our worst escapade ever, the pains seemed to have lessened by the possibilities the money opened.
    Night came, dinner was noisy and exciting being a meal of dipped chicken and rice, the whole refectory was up in exciting chatter and smacking lips of appreciative souls.
    The bell tore into the night for the general reading time, i packed some of my books and headed out into the night leaving Dave behind, i have never seen Ebuka go to the reading hall so never bothered to ask.
    Princess was standing right in front of the door clutching her books in one arm while a pen dangled on the other and her eyes peeled sparkly reeling towards every end.
    She saw me coming and smiled walking a couple of steps to meet me.
    Her eyes were again drawn to my arms and the wound under my eyes, the questioning looks appeared again.
    “Sky what happened to you and where did you go for 3 days?” she asked just as we were about to seat down in a fairly lit corner of the hall.
    I pretended not to hear her and went on shuffling out the text books she came with.
    “Sky answer me right now, where did you go and what happened to you?” She said this time in a firm tone touching my shoulder hard.
    “I was given permission to go visit papa in the hospital, my bike had an accident when i was going home from the hospital” i said going back to reshuffling scooping over again the ones i have seen before.
    Her eyes were glued on me in disbelief but she still said nothing.
    I reached into my pocket and brought out the Exit authorization card and handed in to her, she skimmed through it in a jiffy and her looks turned from disbelief to concern and pity.
    “How is papa?” She asked holding my shoulders.
    “He is fine now” i smiled back patting her hands.
    “what about mama?”
    “mama is ok she even asked about you” i said
    She smiled and blushed a bit looking into my face in a searching manner.
    “Oh she is here!” Princess intoned making me look at her questioningly.
    “who is here?”
    “Agatha!!” She replied nodding towards the door. i held my breathe as i watched Agatha walk towards the corner i usually sat with her then turned back towards the center of the hall looking around and then saw us and started walking towards us.
    “Sky again today?” She washed out on coming to the spot.
    “Agatha please i have some important things to learn tonight” I replied.
    “Oh yes like disappearing for days and reappearing again” she blurted out getting more furious by the minute.
    “Please princess lets resume with the maths” i addressed princess making to ignore Agatha who was standing in front of us in the hope that she will go.
    “Am i not talking to somebody!!!” Agatha yelled yanking me by the shoulder.
    Princess stood up immediately still maintaining her calm facial expression.. “Agatha please we are about to read some thing now” She said to Agatha looking squarely into her face in a calm manner.
    Agatha looked up at Princess and a resounding slap followed her eyes and another on princess’ cheeks tearing through the hall jolting up curious students who scampered towards us to catch a glimpse of what was happening.
    Princess sat down immediately holding her cheeks and tears followed.
    “Agatha you are lucky we are in school” i yelled out at Agatha pointing frantically at her at the same time weighing my odds of getting into serious troubles if touch her, my cup was already over flowing.
    “Both of you, we shall see” she snapped her fingers and walked out of the reading hall with students murmuring in slight confusion all around us.
    I sat down “Am sorry princess, please don’t cry” i tried to console princess before another figure appeared in front of us.
    “Victor what are you doing here?” I asked looking at Victor with the face of the devil himself my hands on princess’ shoulders patting her.
    He laughed calmly and then whispered “this is just the beginning” and walked away chuckling.
    I ignored Victor’s remarks and turned towards Princess again who looked up into my face with streamy tears flowing down her cheeks then replaced her face back into her palms with me patting and begging her to stop crying.
    “Agatha just drew the line…” I cursed under my breathe.

    EPISODE 30

    “Hello ma!” i sang into the phone ..
    “Hello my boy, how are you?” the female voice asked from the other end.
    “Am fine Ma” i replied anticipating her next words, it has been up to a month i talked to Mrs Diamond last and from the information Ebuka got from Miss Lola her husband was in town.
    “I got info from Lola that you boys ran into some major mishap couple of weeks back are you alright?” she asked with a lot of concern in her tone.
    “yes ma we are very ok now” i replied.
    “Ok thank God, i miss you sky i want to see you before school vacates for this Christmas holidays”
    I paused for a while trying to figure out what next to say knowing fully well an invitation would follow anything i utter which i had decided to avoid for the remainder of the term.
    “Eeeeehm i miss you too ma” i replied coldly dreading every second that came with it.
    “I will like to see you this friday in my home sky” she retorted.
    “Your home? this Friday?” i asked in surprise..
    “i thought your husband is in town why not Miss Lola’s place” i added in defence feeling my palms turn sweaty in a jiffy.
    “My husband has gone on a trip to abuja and shouldn’t be back till sunday, so i need you in my house this friday and you will be going home with Christmas goodies” she chuckled into the phone.
    “Ok…ok ma i will try” i replied running my eyes through the room trying to figure out how i am going to cope going over the fence all on my own for the first time.
    Dave’s legs is almost better but he still can’t run well and he told me his mummy travelled to PH to stay with her husband over there will be back later so he is not in anyway going for another unless he agrees to Mrs Femilola’s advances.
    An expensive woman that picked interest in Dave the first time i went on over the fence though has been told by Miss Lola that dave was already taken with a promise to get a another for her.
    Ebuka’s legs worsened in a bit and he too is out of the question so i am supposed to be going on this one alone.
    It has been 2weeks since our escape from the police and exams had started in Ernest almost and we have only mathematics to write before the exams comes to an end.
    Friday came faster than expected and of course was also the day of the mathematics examination, two events i dreaded most were linked together on the same day.
    The mathematics exams started just 9am on Friday, he walked into the excitedly nervous class carrying a bulk of bundled white papers undoubtedly the question papers.
    The papers was shared and answer sheets with the instructions that nobody should start answering of the questions until told to start.
    The physics teacher and Igbo language teacher were also part of the Mathematics invigilators for the Grade 11B class.
    “Hey you, yes you johnysky. stand up!!!” the maths teacher barked at me out of the blur.
    I stood up mopping at him questioningly trying to mull out exactly why i was asked to stand.
    “i thought i said nobody should start until i say so!!!” he asked pointing his fingers angrily at me.
    “yes sir”
    “then what are you doing you idiot” he came again, the whole class was silent and feverish, many already have come to realize the bitter romance between i and the maths teacher.
    “I wasn’t answering sir just writing my name on the answer sheet” i replied bringing up my papers to show him.
    He had me removed from seat and asked to kneel in front of the whole class with a small table placed in front of me to write with.
    I managed to answer 6 out of the 10 questions correctly compliment of my study nights with Princess, totally cut off with the rest of the class there was no way i could ruffle up answers for the remaining 4 questions.
    I could see Princess trying to tell me something with eye signs but surely it was impossible to lay out maths sums with eye signs, i had to look on in total dismay as the clock ticked away shoving the 4 unanswered questions to my face.
    I walked out of the class immediately after the exams without waiting to talk or exchange pleasantries with anyone most of all escape Victor’s boasts as he took who ever cared to listen how he cleared the questions without a hitch.
    Lunch came and passed and dinner too, seemed like the day was in a hurry to end and each passing second brought me closer to my solo over the fence journey tonight.
    Ebuka reminded me of my ‘Go time’ immediately it was 11pm but not without giving me instructions to be back before 3am because dusts are high now in school and so nobody should ever be caught breaking the rules or there is no two ways about his or her fate.
    Clad in a black chinos and a blue shirt i walked out into the hall, past the gloomy silent refectory and into the kitchen, opened the door with the master keys ebuka gave me and then crawled into the night.
    “who is that?” came a voice suddenly behind me ..
    I jolted up from under the fence just as i was about removing the cover to reveal the hole beneath, my heart sank immediately into my stomach and hands went cold.
    i turned and a shady figure was standing right there before me but strangely lacked the size and ferocity of the school security guards.
    “sky?” the voice came again with the figure moving two more steps forward reducing the distance between us to a little more than 2more steps.
    “yes?” i answered still unsure.
    “Sky it’s me Chidi from Hall-G” the voice said making me stick my head a little closer to look into his face letting out heavy sighs of relief when i saw his face.
    Who could ever imagine Chidi also went on over the fence journeys, he always seemed innocent and was at the fore-front of the school scripture union and led the moral instructions sometimes.
    “where are you going?” i asked as we crept out of the hole covering it up from the other side.
    “there is a happening party at my friends house in GRA, can’t miss it .. chicks yappaa. his dad is a minister” he replied.” what about you?”
    “Oh me?, i am heading to my Cousin’s place to pick up few things” i said looking straight into the road.
    He looked at me in disbelief then made to go on his way “see you tomorrow sky, be careful” he said before setting out towards junction farther away, i went to the one i usually hitch night cab with dave and ebuka. got one and gave him the house address as sent to me by Mrs Diamond.
    She opened the gate just as i called her i was in front of it making me raise an eye brow.
    “what about you gate man?” i asked looking back at the gate as we walked through the compound towards the house.
    “I gave him the weekend off” she said winking at me…
    She had it all planned out, her husband was out of town and she sent her gate man on the weekend off so she could be alone through out.
    the night was already turning up in my mind and the thought of the promised goodies made it even more so.
    She walked me straight to the room touching me as we walked the stairs, her hands were all over my crotch region heightening my senses and waking my beastful lust helped by the pills i threw in my mouth given to me by Ebuka before i went out.
    We barely reached the room before she pushed me down hard into the bed jumping on me with her lips buried into mine, her hands assaulting every inch of my body and her heavy bums resting on my crotch region.
    In a little more than few minutes my shirt was off and same goes for my singlet and then she yanked my trouser off intensifying her kiss on me.
    “yes baby, i missed you so much..” she moaned into my ears as i rammed into her into total abandonment. My back has been turned into a play ground for subconscious scratches which gave me more tempo to my already intense t----t buried deep inside her letting out groans impossible to hold back every now and then.
    There was a thudding sound from downstairs i paused immediately listening.
    “what is sky, why did you stop?” she asked looking into my face.
    “did you hear that?” i asked.
    “No, what did you hear?” she replied with a question.
    “think i heard a sound from downstairs” i replied in an unsure tone.
    “Its nothing nobody is here” she replied …
    then came another, it sounded closer and was like the bang on an iron door not to far away.
    she jolted up immediately heading towards the door of the the room to check..
    “who is that?” she asked into the openness of the house.
    “its me honey” a strong baritone voice came from the lower floor and then sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.
    “sky its my husband, hurry get your clothes” she whispered to me in a frightened tone.
    I grabbed my clothes putting up my trouser in an unstable fast manner frightened down to my marrows, i could leave the room because the footsteps sounded to be getting very close and as such might be seen if i tried that.
    “Hide here” she said opening the thick curtains that covered the window which overlooked the back of the house, i could make out the white tall fence from where i hid behind the curtain, the sound of my chest sounding as if it was audible enough for another person to hear.
    The footsteps became nearer and louder until the door opened and it came inside.
    “Good evening darling” she greeted.
    “good evening honey” he replied, i looked through a tiny hole in the curtain as he moved towards the bed where she lay heavily covered under the sheets.
    He was tall but looked a bit frail and old, dark complexions and a pot belly.
    “Darling i thought you were coming home on sunday and you didn’t tell me you were coming in today” she queried ..
    “Honey i forgot the documents to the estate needed to seal the deal with Goldimoon Plc, i had to fly in tonight and get them i will be heading back first thing tomorrow morning to finalize my deal” he replied lifting his heavy flowy agbada.
    “alright darling, go and bath then come and rest hope you ate something” she said again.
    “Yes, please come and join me in the bathroom” he intoned tying a big towel around his waist and heading into the door on the right part of the room followed shortly by the sound of running water.
    Diamond got up from the bed, not to surprisingly still stark naked. she hurried to the curtain and tapped me gently . i walked out from behind the curtain looking like a confused fowl.
    “You need to go now, take the back door just behind the kitchen because his driver will be sitting right outside now am sure he didnt drive himself from the airport.” she said pushing me gently.
    “How did he pass the gate?” i whispered back, have heard stories of these rich men having preternatural powers and occultic affiliations, had to clear my fears.
    ” he has the spare keys to all the doors in this place, now go i will wire 300,000 to your account on monday. please be careful”
    i tip toed towards the door while she walked towards the bathroom door to join her husband.
    walking out of the room i hurried down the stairs still trying to make no noise, peeped through a window in the sitting room that overlooked the compound surely enough i saw a G-wagon jeep parked in the compound with driver leaning on the steering wheel.
    I tip toed back and into the kitchen behind the stairs, the door was open and i opened it as little as possible to drown the groaning noise that came with it.
    Getting out of the house was like i just escaped a life sentence from prison, scaling the tall white fence that bordered the compound on the west flank which rather led into the street i prayed not to be spotted by anybody or vigilante group.
    Just as i made it safely into the streets i hurried away towards the road to get a taxi back to school..

    EPISODE 31

    Johnysky is wishing all Miss contestants Goodluck in this semis and finals..
    My journey back to school was haunting, the fear of an almost slim bust lingered on as i ran through the night washed by the street lights bordering each side.
    Dogs barked here and there and i had only met 2 people on my way running through the street to get to the main road so as to get a taxi back to school.
    The bus stop was lonely and silence covered the night, lights seemed brighter to me and my heart kept pounding deep within me.
    I waited on the bus stop with shivering breathe and peeled eyes looking up and down for a taxi or even a bus anything i can find.
    30minutes into my wait a huge man with a black sweater with a face covering hoody walked into the brightly lit bus stop, his height was well above 6ft and his body structure was heavy and huge recalling flashes of the police men that chased us into the forest.
    “Good evening sir” I greeted looking at him from head to toe standing just a few paces away from me.
    No reply came from him, just light groans and and a bleak glare through the hoody which gave his face a dark shadowy look.
    My whole body went numb with freight, i could feel my phone vibrating inside my pocket but i couldn’t touch it. Kept looking at the huge black man standing right beside me, my whole body was up in a quaking freight and the silence was deafening.
    His hands were buried deep within the sweat shirt and he kept looking into the night tilting his left to right every now and then.
    Within 20minutes of feverish stale numb wait which seemed no less than eternity to me, the man in the hood left slightly groaning like he was in pain and his breathing made a light whistling sound.
    I looked on fixing my gaze on the figure making sure i kept my eyes on him as he walked deeper into the night until i couldn’t make out his figure anymore in the darkness.
    The bus stop went unbearably lonely again but i preferred it to having the fearful man there with me.
    “When am going to see you again” A voice came just behind the bus stop.
    I was startled by the familiarity of the voice, it cannot be true. That was if i am not drunk or mistaken the voice of the mathematics teacher unless i was certainly high on some cheap drugs.
    I squatted immediately and slipped out of the brightly lit bus stop to a relatively dark corner beside it and looking out into the direction the voice came from.
    The two figures walked from the poorly light corner upwards towards the bus stop and the bath of light revealed their identities.
    I covered my mouth with both my palms to avoid a letting out subconscious shout from my shocked vocal cord. The maths teacher unmistakably was the one standing with another shocking figure in the picture.
    Onobong!! Onobong was one of Miss Lola’s girls and one of her closest and favourite, she was beautiful with thick waist and stupendously thick boobs and a face that always looked like she was laughing.
    She only lacked in height but apart from that she was something of extreme beauty, once or twice had she flirted with both i, dave or Ebuka when we visit the mansion.
    “So i will see you after the Christmas when am back from lagos” The maths teacher said to her sliding his hands across her waist.
    I moved a bit backwards into the short wall that stood beside the dark corner i squatted.
    “Segun you know you gave me nothing the other day, and you of all people know i don’t deal that way” Obong threw at him making a face..
    “Bad girl too like money” he laughed dipped his hand into his back pocket and brought out a wad of notes handed it to her and she walked away sharply gesturing him to call her.
    He stood in front of the bus stop a while looking at her resigning figure grinning like an over fed baby, in a while he walked down towards the opposite direction past my hiding spot until he disappeared into the night.
    I came out of my hiding place still trying to swallow what i just saw, this is going to be the headline of my conversation with Dave and Ebuka when i get back to the dormitory, i don’t care if they are already asleep or not this is just too juicy to wait till morning.
    I spent another 30minutes before i found a taxi coming towards the bus stop, the driver who was a middle aged man was a pain in the a-s showing his sceptic tactics asking questions how a young man like me was out in the night by the time.
    It took a lot of lies and outstanding twists to convince him, by the time the taxi dropped me almost 10 yards before the school gate, the driver gave me another suspicious look as i gave him his money and walked away before more questions followed.
    I had to stand in front of the bush at the side of the road pretending i was easing myself as the taxi stayed almost 60 seconds more before driving off.
    I dove into the bush and walked few meters to get to the fence, the hole on the fence was wide open already suggesting someone else might have just finished using it, the approach of the school vacation saw an increase in the number of over the fence escapades since most school security guard had grown quite aloof since the school vacation was nigh.
    I slipped into the hole and covered it from behind, walked in a squatted position until i got to the kitchen back door then dodged one hall supervisor just before the refectory before running into Hall-B relieved at how the night have once again saw me safely back.
    I didn’t waste time waking Ebuka and Dave up to tell them tales of how the night played out, They were rather surprised i was back at that time which shortly turned into a laugh as i relayed to them how Mrs D’s husband almost caught me red handed.
    I told them about my Mathematics Teacher and who i saw him with.
    “Chineke!!! so that maga deh like ashi too” Dave blurted out carrying his hands on his head in surprise.
    “You deh mind the idiot weh deh come preach give us sometimes in class say woman bad” i said.
    “Chai i pity the guy o, Obong bad pass all Miss Lola’s girl” Ebuka said chuckling to himself.
    I no pity am at all joor” I retorted “Make she finish am i no send”.
    The night ended in a not too bad manner for me, the money from Miss D i expected to be reality by monday and i found a bit of a silvery ray in a sandwich of dark clouds.
    “Wake up!!! wake up!!!” i heard faint shouts from my sleep. I slowly opened my eyes to a blurry vision of hall supervisors clapping and shouting “wake up, to the orientation hall everybody” moving along the aisle of the hall
    This is not how we usually wake up. ” who is shouting that?” i questioned Dave who was putting on his shirt.
    “Sky get up lets go to the orientation hall, everybody is needed there” he said.
    “for what?” i asked seating up
    “I have no idea, some police men came to the school this morning and now we are being asked to the hall” He said .
    I hurriedly put on a trouser and shirt and we walked down to the hall with Ebuka and Andrew walking behind us.
    The hall was packed with murmuring students throwing unsure questions at each other, i sat with Dave on a loosely packed side, ebuka still sat behind us with andrew talking about God knows what.
    Princess was seating at the other side of my own chair discussing and i could swear if Agatha had a gun she would have shot me dead from the way she was glaring at me from where she sat.
    The Vice principal walked into the podium followed by one police man wearing a light blue shirt and black trouser. the whole hall went silent as the police man took the microphone offered by the vice-principal to address the student.
    “Good morning students”
    “Good morning sir” the whole hall thundered looking baffled at the police man who looked far more innocent and gentle than a police should look.
    “I know you must all be wondering why the police are here this morning, There have been a slight mix up somewhere, there was an incident the state police had a while ago and in the scene of this incident a phone bearing the name of one of the students of this school was found” the whole went into an excited chatter of questioning murmur.
    I froze immediately, Dave looked at me and we both turned and looked at Ebuka who now looked as pale as a ghost and was no longer discussing with andrew but had his gaze fixed at the police man, surely the pre-address caught his attention.
    “We don’t know how the phone got to be there in the first place and we know students hers are not allowed to have phone, so following police protocols we must follow the evidence where it leads and as such we will be taking one of you whose name and pictures appears on this phone in for some questioning” his voice rented the hall.
    Another bout of confused chatter came alive.
    “Don’t worry i can assure you nothing will happen if he is innocent, You students are the leaders of our country tomorrow”
    I held my breathe, my eyes were getting heavy strangely and Dave wasn’t anything better.
    “Please one Mr Chukwuebuka Iwuoha should step forward” He said bringing out the phone from his pocket..
    The hall erupted for the third and thunderous round this time, my fears were confirmed.
    Ebuka’s phone has been found by the police and this means i and Dave are not far from being implicated anytime now.
    Ebuka walked through the hall towards the podium after casting a knowing look at Dave and I.
    “we will be taking Master ebuka for questioning now, thank you all” the police man finished in the middle of the feverish chatter and shouts and utmost confusion entertained by the students.
    Two all black wearing police men walked towards the podium and escorted Ebuka out to their vehicle, Princess cast a long fearful look at me.
    I got up immediately and walked back to the dormitory without waiting to hear the Vice-Principal address the students.
    My worse nightmares are getting real before my eyes..
    Continued in this seasons finale episode.. s husband almost caught me red handed.
    I told them about my Mathematics Teacher and who i saw him with.

    EPISODE 32

    I walked in angrily into hall-b surprised at myself that I was feeling angry and not scared as one would expect.
    My anger was at what exactly, the phone that chose that moment to slip out of the pocket or the police just had to come here and take ebuka or the fact that we shouldn’t have gone on that mission in the first place if not for our greed for money.
    I brought out my phone and dialed Miss Lola’s number immediately coughing hard to catch my voice again.
    “Johnysky first time in history you ever called me” she blared through the ear piece into my ears chuckling.
    “Ebuka just got arrested ” I blew out without mincing words.
    “what? ” she shrieked from the other end.
    “yes the police found his phone where it fell out the night we escaped police arrest” I came again tightening my grip on my phone hard like it was an intruder.
    She was silent for sometime, then cleared her throat a bit..
    OK sky please don’t panic, it will be sorted out”
    I cut the call immediately dropping my phone the first place my hands could get.
    Sudden buzz of students jolted me out of lost wonderland of worry and thinking, alternatives of how to escape, all both possible and impossible, the thought of flying abroad even occurred to me even when I don’t yet know what an international passport looks like.
    The look princess gave me when Ebuka was taken reoccurred into my head again playing out like some dubbed video.
    I looked out into the compound from the window not too far from my bunk and I could see streams of students flowing out of the general hall needlessly more silent that they usually would be.
    No usual chatter
    No playful pranks and tags buttered with laughs and cracking sounds of smacking hands on skin.
    The whole picture seemed bleak and un-colourful to me, students walking in groups chewing over some nameless whispers and laughless questions..
    The rest of the day was slow and unbearably stale, whispers followed my back when ever I passed groups of students who wondered about the school freely owing to the fact we would be heading for the Christmas holidays the next day.
    “sky ooo” my name rang from what sounded like no where.
    Turned weakly and saw Vincent making towards me with a grin fixed on his face and his right hand travelling from his pocket to his mouth.
    my face was swollen and eyes were dreamily bleak. Vincent walked up towards me holding that always excited look.
    “Chai sky Ebuka don enter police cell” he said tapping my shoulder.
    “eheee and CNN probably should report that news abi?” i fired back bluntly cold looking squarely into his face with my facial expression miles away from a smile.
    “Bia i just deh tell you wetin happen na” Vincent replied noticing how the joke seemed to be rubbing off wrongly..
    “Yes cus i was in Congo not in McGonals when it happened” i hissed and walked on..
    “But im be your paddi na, people say you might have idea of what he did. sky pray that tomorrow comes quickly so we can get the hell out of this place” he called out behind me.
    i turned and looked at vincent one last time, his chubby frame seemed to be getting even chubbier to me, and his flappy arms and cheeks made him look more ridiculous that i could throw him a punch if i hadn’t stepped few steps ahead.
    i shook my head and went on my way aimlessly around the school exercising the un-lasting freedom of movement.
    I haven’t seen Dave since i left the hall neither have i seen Princess even though i met her Hall mates huddled up at the end of the soccer field gisting and giggling uncaring of people that passed.
    Saw Dave after dinner just as i finished having my bath and heading towards my bunk to get some rest, my luggage were packed and ready for tomorrow.
    i wouldn’t stay a minute in this school right after the holiday orientation address.
    Dave was visibly shaken to his bones, his eyes grew redder and his face lost its colours.
    He walked in without the usual Dave greeting rituals of almost greeting everything in hall and having a football analysis quickie with his fellow football coaches in the lodge.
    “I told you Man-U will loose that match!!!” No he didn’t say that to Chidi who was a die hard Man-U fan.. He just walked up to his bunk and sat at the right side of his unkept bed facing the left side of my own bed.
    “Sky we are in deep trouble” he said looking at me for the first time.
    I kept mute not knowing exactly what i could possibly say..
    “Ebuka will be sleeping over the police station tonight showing the case is a bit more serious than the police painted it to the principal” he said again.
    “Of course it is, what do you expect when you saw everything that happened that night..” i said with a pitiable sigh.
    “Haaaai, am dead” Dave blew out again lifting his hands to his head in total dismay.
    “I called Lola” i intoned looking at him.
    “Ehee what did she say?” He rented out leaving his bunk immediately to seat beside me on my bed.
    “Nothing. i just told her Ebuka was arrested and she told me it will be sorted out” I said ..
    “It will be sorted out and he isn’t back yet?” Dave retorted..
    “Guy i honestly do not know” i replied ..
    “Sky, we are in trouble..”
    The night was even more miserable for me than the day ever was, my imaginations were running wild over the situation we were into.
    they could be pressing Ebuka’s hands with a hot iron now to say the truth, or maybe mixing coke and pepper for him to drink now so as to get him to talk.
    I could picture vividly how a professionally trained police man is bringing in two live wires towards him to electrocute him.
    I was sure our name would have flown out of his mouth in such dire situations. Sleep was far from me, i could hear Dave hissing through out the night.
    Morning came slower than a snail going to the market and it came with a cold foggy harmattan signature blowing bone cracking breezes that creaked the trees.
    Breakfast was noisy and we headed towards the general Hall for holiday orientation.
    Everyone were kitted in their best cloth in the prospect of a last school hour birthing a sure home going any moment.
    I walked to the hall with Dave all the while we never said anything or discussed about anything ever since the morning came.
    The short Vice-Principal walked in again and then to the podium to get on with his address with the school staffs standing right behind him wearing black and white wears.
    Miss Anita’s gazes at me from where the staffs stood was met with a cold scared one.
    “Finally students the police are back” the last words from the vice principal registered into my mind which he announced few minutes after his speech.
    The whole hall erupted into an uproar of tension and confused murmurs.
    4 black clad police men stepped into the school Podium and called out loud..
    “John Williams and David Umeh please step out!!!”
    It has happened, the whole faces were turned towards were i sat with Dave. Dave took a fast look at me, the fear in his eyes were paralleled.
    Princess got up from her seat just immediately i and Dave slowly stood up and made one step to start walking towards the police men in the podium.
    She walked straight towards me, stood in front of me could see her eyes were filled up like a looming rain ready to pour any moment.
    After a little more than 20 seconds of looking into my face she walked away towards the back of the hall while i walked towards the podium with dave.
    Miss Anita’s face was a mixture of surprised and unhidden scare. Mathematics teacher was grinning at me and i can swear Victor waved a ‘bye bye’ gesture at me also grinning.
    Vincent’s eyes were popped and his mouth dropped in an unexpected knee jerk reaction to an event that he must have already guessed.
    I could feel the numerous pairs of eyes fixed on me, the mournful hisses.
    “Mr John and David are both Best friends of Master Ebuka and so both are needed for the investigation currently on going…” the police man who announced our names announced again to the students before leading the way out of the podium while the remaining police men escorted I and Dave as we all walked out the door towards their cars packed right in the middle of the football field.
    I didn’t know which was more degrading; Having to walk through the aisle of students looking at me with four police men escorting me, having to deal with the maths teacher and Victor’s grin or Vincent’s gleamy eyes i was sure everybody at home will know even before he drops.
    or having to seat at the back of white police van on the dirty floor that had a mucky smell.
    We got to the station, A one storied complex with numerous windows most of them not large enough to take human head in between.
    “oya come down!!!” one of the police men barked at us with huge hausa accent.
    I looked at his face that had no iota of laugh, sweats tricked down his face and the huge marks on his face showed vividly.
    As we stepped into the complex and eerie chill overtook me, random shouts rang out every now and then, sometimes shrieky sounds of pain tearing through my mind like a knife.
    We were taken to a room just after the counter, dark and cold with just one white table light. Ebuka was inside the room seating on a chair behind an old table, he got up too certainly surprised to see i and dave there.
    “Sky?” he called out towards the door where me and dave just came in through with the hausa police man behind.
    “Dave? what are you guys doing here?” he asked stepping out through the back of the table taking a couple of steps towards us.
    The surprise he wore for seeing us confused me even more.. “we were mentioned as your best friends and so brought here for questioning, we thought you did” i said in a whisper looking at the door to be sure the police man was not hearing us.
    “No o i never mentioned you guys or anything concerning best friends” he said getting me more baffled and confused.
    “then who must have done that?” Dave chipped in
    The door creaked open and the gentle police man walked in with two more, a lady and a fierce looking man in army camouflage.
    “young men how are you?” he addressed us.
    “we are fine sir”
    “good, listen if the three of you cooperate with us in this Investigation, i will make it doesn’t fall hard on you young boys” he said in his usual calm voice.
    We just mopped on at him not saying anything or wondered if we really knew anything we could say.
    Just then the door opened again and a man wearing an old looking brown coat with matching cowboy cap stepped in ..
    Went straight to the police man addressing us and whispered to him some inaudible words.
    “lets go to my office sir” the police man replied as they both walked out and the man eyed us before stepping through the door too.
    “that’s skull” ebuka whispered entertaining a smile.
    In about an hour later skull walked back into the room with a different police man with large pot belly and the gentle police man was behind them, the trio were laughing and making jokes as we watched on trying to figure out what exactly was funny.
    “Young man next time don’t ever give your cousin your phone because they might get robbed” the fat police man addressed Ebuka..
    Which cousin? who robbed who? i queried in my mind confused at where such stories just came out from..
    “You three can now go and be careful next time not to give people your phones, i will call your principal and tell him” he blew out pointing at us.
    “Come my boys lets go” Skull said opening his hands. we walked to him as he led us out of the station with a large grin on his face.
    “Did they beat you?” I whispered to Ebuka as we walked through the compound.
    “No they said i was still a minor so they could not use torture to get me to talk” he whispered back..
    “This car will take you three back to school and get your stuffs and then take you boys back to your various houses” Skull said opening the door of an Infiniti jeep while pointing at a toyota highlander to us.
    “thank you sir” Ebuka said.
    “You boys did well, especially you ” he said pointing at ebuka “you will hear from me” he smiled and jumped into the owners side of the car shut the door and it roared to a start heading out almost immediately.
    we entered the highlander jeep and the driver made for McGonals in a whim.
    The school surprisingly still had many students most bearing their luggage, we were met with a surprise look on their faces, many were already walking towards us with impending questions ready to rain.
    the vice principal walked towards us smiling with an air of pride in his aura.
    “The school was called that it was a misunderstanding and there was nothing linking you guys to the whole saga..” he said to us.
    “yes sir” Ebuka replied, his usual relaxed self almost fully back
    “The school is glad for that, Merry Christmas boys, be safe” he shook our hands and walked on.
    Princess came towards me, her eyes were red and swollen and her face still was gloomy..
    “Welcome sky, have a nice holiday” she said and walked away without looking back heading towards the lexus jeep that was waiting for her.
    Few boys were still inside hall B when we entered finalizing their packing, we helped Ebuka with his and rearranged.
    The hall supervisors handed us envelopes of our report sheets.
    I sat on my bed thinking about everything that happened within this eventful term, the brown envelopes holding the report sheet in my left while the handle of my luggage was on my right.
    who told the police of i and Dave’s involvement with Ebuka remains a mystery.
    my fate with princess
    Miss Anita
    and Diamond.
    And Vincent had already gone back to our yard, everybody must have heard about the police taking me..
    I got up, looked around the hall smiled and sighed hard looking on with a dreamy unsure eyes.
    “Let me go face What Vincent must have told everybody back at home” i muttered to myself as i walked out of the hall with Ebuka and dave..
    We are going home…
    The End

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