Story: Adventures Of Yejide

    Episode 1

    It was about 11:00pm and Yejide still hadn’t
    found a customer. She looked around and
    saw that the other prostitutes were already
    getting picked up in fancy cars. She began to
    get really pissed until a car drove up to her.
    She looked at the car and squeezed her face
    even more because according to her, she
    could tell what a man already had to offer her
    by his ride. She looked away and acted like
    she didn’t see the car. The man in the car
    opened the window and called out to her with
    a strong Igbo accent;
    “Hey betiful gal, omalicha, kedu? How are
    At this point, Yejide who was still looking
    away moved away from the car even though
    she knew he was trying to get her attention.
    “Betiful gal, I’m talking to you na. Business
    don close?”
    When she heard this, she got irritated, moved
    closer to the car and said her mind;
    “Omo Igbo. I no gree now. You dey chase all
    my customers. Abeg waka.”
    “Ahn ahn! Why you dey talk like dis na. I be
    new customer be dat. I get money na.”
    Yejide saw how persistent the man was and
    not angry even after she spoke rudely to him
    so she asked him a question;
    “How much you get?”
    “Beautiful girl, enter car fest na.”
    She finally agreed and entered the car. As she
    got in, he brought out some money from a
    bag he had kept at the back seat and handed
    it over to her. It was a stack of money. She
    looked at it and was very surprised to see the
    lot but she pretended to the man like it was a
    small portion compared to what she normally
    got from her other customers. Then, the man
    brought out some money out of the bag
    again and handed it to her, letting her know
    that, it was all he had. She accepted it and
    after a little discussion, they drove to a hotel
    The next day, Yejide got back home to her
    one-bedroom, self-contained house that she
    shared with her friend by around past two in
    the afternoon. She entered the house to find it
    empty as she had left it the previous night.
    She yelled her friend’s name but nobody
    answered so she locked the door behind
    before heading for the bed. As she sat, she
    took off her heels and brought out the money
    she had obtained from the previous night. She
    looked at the stack of money and smiled
    boldly but then the smile suddenly turned
    into a frown. She became sad and a little
    depressed. She had been thinking about the
    life she was living and confessed to herself
    that she hated it. She knew what it all meant
    as a prostitute but according to her and her
    friends, it was what put food on the table.
    She wasn’t a graduate from the university
    neither did she finish her secondary school.
    She had wished back then that she would
    complete her senior secondary school and
    attend a university but life wasn’t as it
    seemed. Every time she had this thought, she
    only gave herself excuses in order to avoid
    the truth or guilt that she felt. So as usual,
    she made yet another excuse and shook off
    the sadness. It wasn’t long when she saw the
    door open and in came Dupe, her roommate.
    She put the money back into her bag as a
    conversation sprang up between them.
    “Ahn ahn ashewo, you don come back?” Dupe
    said to Yejide.
    “Dupe, ah don tell you make you no dey call
    me dat name.”
    “Bet no be ashewo you be”
    “ah don tell you make you no dey call me dah
    name Dupe.” She said to Dupe angrily.
    “Oya I’m sorry. No be play ah dey play. You
    sef ehn. Yeji baby! Oya I’m just joking. I’m
    sorry now.”
    “I’ve heard.”
    Dupe looked at Yejide with a funny face and
    they both burst into laughter.
    “Yejide, you funny sha oo” Dupe said.
    “No start again oo” Yejide replied and Dupe
    immediately put her hands in the air in
    surrender. They smiled again before Dupe
    asked Yejide about their landlord. She asked
    if he had come around again to talk about his
    rent and Yejide replied that she just got back
    home. They talked about their day and
    previous night since they were both into the
    same business. After talking about their
    encounters and night, they both brought out
    money to contribute for their house rent and
    not long after, their landlord came knocking
    on their door. As they opened the door, they
    greeted their landlord who immediately asked
    for his rent. After giving him his rent, they
    shut their door as he left the premises. They
    continued talking until they were exhausted.
    Yejide decided to prepare some food while
    Dupe decided to go take a bath.
    While Yejide was preparing food at the
    kitchen outside her flat that she shared with
    some of her neighbors, she heard a man’s
    voice. It was the voice of oga Lucas as they
    normally call him. He was one of Yejide’s
    neighbors in his thirties who was not married
    and always had something to say whenever
    he came in contact with Yejide.
    “My wife! How are you?” he said as he
    entered the kitchen.
    “Oga Lucas, wetin you dey find?”
    “My wife, I was, I mean I am looking at….I
    mean I am looking for you.”
    “Oga Lucas, I know sey English hard but
    please I’m not your wife. Stop looking for me
    “My wife, don’t say that now. Hmm, dis tin
    wey you dey cook, na for me and you abi?”
    Yejide rolled her eyes at him before laughing.
    He was very annoying but he was also a
    funny man. He always looked and acted drunk
    even though he wasn’t a drunkard. It was just
    his nature to act stupid some times. He
    started singing when he saw that Yejide was
    trying not to pay attention to him again.
    “My wife Yeji Yeji dey make me kolo eh, kolo
    When he started singing, Yejide got really
    annoyed and frustrated so she told him to
    leave the kitchen. On his way out, Dupe was
    just coming out from the bathroom when she
    met oga Lucas coming out from the kitchen
    so she greeted him;
    “Ahn ahn oga Lucas. Good afternoon oo.”
    “Ahh Dupe, good afternoon oo. I just went to
    see my wife and she chased me away. Can
    you imagine?”
    “Oga Lucas! You sef, you’re not tired? Yejide
    no gree now.”
    “You be Yejide’s mind. No annoy me oo. Ah
    don dey go sef.” Oga Lucas said angrily while
    leaving Dupe behind. Dupe just smiled and
    retired to her room.
    After Yejide was done preparing food for both
    of them, they ate together and rested. By
    night time, they were already dressed in their
    business outfit heading for their spot. They,
    that is, Yejide, Dupe and all the others used
    to lurk around one area in Lagos. That spot
    was very populated with prostitutes and even
    though several incidents had occurred there,
    they never seemed to reduce in size. This
    faithful night, Yejide met a young man who
    she thought was very good looking. In the
    essence that, he looked rich and he was
    handsome. She had been given a huge sum
    that night by the man and she had happily
    followed the man to the hotel as usual. After
    a night of fulfilling this man’s desires, they
    slept until the following morning. That
    morning, she got up early and was dressing
    up when he woke up and spoke out;
    “Where do you think you’re going?” Yejide
    looked at him in a confused state before
    speaking up;
    “I’m going home.”
    “Not until you give me back my money”
    “Ahn ahn, see me see wahala oo”
    “Why should I give you my money?”
    “I will not ask you after this. Give me my
    “Shuoo, Oga which one be dis. Abeg no even
    start oo” she said before ignoring him,
    putting on her shoes and picking up her bag.
    As she was done dressing up and was about
    heading out the door, she received a hot slap
    on her face that made her fall to the ground.
    When she recovered from the slap, she looked
    up and found a gun pointing at her.
    “Now! Give me my money!” the man said,
    leaving Yejide in shock.
    She paused for a while, still in shock before
    opening the zip of her handbag to bring out
    the money he had given her the night before.

    Episode 2

    When Yejide gave the man the money, she
    begged for her life to be spared and
    fortunately for her, he let her go. She wasn’t
    still herself even after she left the hotel that
    day. She couldn’t wait to get back home to
    tell Dupe about her encounter. As she arrived
    at her compound later that morning, she
    quietly walked into her flat, shutting the
    doors behind. She sat on her bed, sighing in
    relief but almost in tears. In a period of
    twenty-four hours, she had given herself to a
    man who cheated her and almost sent her
    early to grave. All through her reign as a
    prostitute, she had never had such encounter.
    She stayed awake, just sitting up in bed until
    she heard Dupe open the door from outside.
    “Dis one wey na me dey always meet you for
    house. Wetin dey happen?” Dupe said as she
    walked in but Yejide didn’t respond.
    “Yejide! This one that you’re looking like they
    stole your money. What happened?” Dupe
    said again as she walked over to Yejide and
    sat on the bed beside her.
    “Dupe! You no go believe wetin happen. They
    did not only steal my money oo. You for don
    dey mourn me.”
    “Ahn ahn Yejide! Wetin happen now?”
    Yejide sighs as she tells Dupe about her
    encounter with the young man she met the
    previous night. When she was done narrating,
    she paused and waited for Dupe’s response;
    Dupe burst out into laughter before talking.
    “Na so you keep your face like s--t? Cheer up
    now. Wetin don happen don happen. But
    thank God you’re okay sha.”
    ‘I know….” Yejide was about to say something
    before she was cut short by Dupe.
    “Bet come oo. So you still no collect the
    money? You messed up oo”
    Yejide looked at Dupe who said it with all
    “Dupe! I’m saying I was about to die and
    you’re talking about money. If I die, who go
    use the money?”
    Dupe just laughed and stood up from where
    she was seated.
    “You’re funny oo” Yejide said, while watching
    Dupe who didn’t even look like she was a bit
    affected by the story or even scared that it
    may have happened to her.
    “Ahn ahn, wetin now. No be true I talk. Okay
    if you live without the money wey dey buy
    your food, pay your bills, explain how you
    wan survive.”
    “Ahn ahn, you’re acting like you haven’t seen
    worse. God go provide now.”
    Dupe laughed as she continued, “Ashewo, God
    know you?”
    But as she saw the look on Yejide’s face, she
    kept a straight face and apologized.
    “Sorry, I don dey go.”
    Dupe who had taken off her clothes with a
    towel wrapped around her body left the room
    for the bathroom with Yejide still sitting down
    on the bed. Yejide kept thinking about the
    situation she had found herself in earlier that
    morning. She didn’t even report to the hotel
    management nor did she say a word to any
    other person because she was scared and
    thought it would also be embarrassing if
    people found out that she was the cause of
    the incident since she was a prostitute.
    After about a few hours, around the hour of
    their normal departure time for the streets,
    Yejide still hadn’t gotten dressed. Dupe was
    almost done dressing up and Yejide hadn’t
    put on her outfit yet. She sat on her bed
    feeling very worried. Dupe saw this and sat
    down close to her before saying;
    “Yejide, C’mon girl. All because of what
    happened yesterday night. It has only
    happened once now. Don’t worry, nothing will
    happen okay? Na dis small tin dey make you
    tink like dis. Nor worry.”
    Yejide only looked up and smiled at her
    friend. She knew she was trying to cheer her
    up but she couldn’t stop thinking about it.
    She later opened up and told Dupe that she
    wouldn’t be going out with her that night.
    Nobody stressed it, so Dupe got dressed and
    left the house without Yejide.
    Into the night, around 11:00pm, Yejide who
    had been sleeping woke up panting really
    hard. She had a worried look on her face with
    her palm resting on her chest. She had been
    sweating in the darkness and hotness of the
    room since there was power outage and she
    and her roommate couldn’t afford to maintain
    a generator. She relaxed back on the bed and
    whispered to herself that it was just a terrible
    dream. She had just dreamt about Dupe
    getting into some sort of trouble. She almost
    called Dupe but refused to let what she called
    her anxiety spoil everything for Dupe. She
    managed to fall back to sleep and had a less
    disturbing sleep throughout the night.
    The next day, Yejide woke up at around
    10:00am and decided to do the house chores.
    Dupe wasn’t back yet and Yejide didn’t
    expect her to be back at that time either since
    she normally returned home past midday. She
    finished her house chores and even met oga
    Lucas when she was on her way to the
    bathroom. They both greeted each other and
    oga Lucas made his funny remarks as usual
    before waving her bye as he said he was on
    his way to work. After Yejide was done with
    taking a bath, she went into her flat, put on
    some clothes and took the leftover food from
    yesterday to go warm it up in the kitchen. She
    put the food on the stove and went back into
    her room to do a few things before siting
    down on the bed to use her phone. After a
    few minutes when she had completely forgot
    that she put something on the stove, one of
    her neighbors from outside her flat which was
    coming from the kitchen shouted;
    “Na who dey cook oo? Your food don burn
    At the point, Yejide jumped when she got
    back to her senses and realized that she had
    just allowed the only cooked food they had to
    burn. She dashed out of her room and into
    the kitchen to meet mama ejima (a nickname
    usually given to a mother of twins).
    “Mama ejima. Thank you oo. I don forget
    finish.” Yejide said as she entered the kitchen.
    “No worry. I don commot am. Pele.”
    Yejide thanked her again and left for her
    room with a kitchen towel tied around the hot
    pot of rice in her hands. As she got into the
    room and dropped the pot, a call immediately
    came in. She looked at the caller id and saw
    Rita, one of she and dupe’s friends who were
    into the same business with them. She picked
    it up and greeted themselves. Their
    conversation was as thus;
    “Yejide! You never hear?”
    “Rita wetin happun?” Confused Yejide asked.
    “They have arrested our girls oo. Just
    yesterday night for prostitution they say.”
    “What? Including Dupe?”
    “Ahn ahn Dupe no be the same? She dey
    there na.”
    “Oh my……so how you con escape?”
    “Me I no go yesterday. I heard from a
    “Do you know what police station?”
    “Yes I have the address. I’ll text it to you.”
    “Okay thank you.”
    “Wetin you wan do?”
    “I want to try to get her out of there now.”
    “Ahh okay good luck sha.”
    “Yes please don’t forget to send me the
    “Okay no problem. I go send am now. Bye
    “Yeah bye”

    Episode 3

    As Yejide got the address of the police
    station, she dashed out of the house carrying
    her small handbag along. She got to the bus
    stop, asked a motorcycle rider for a ride to
    the police station, mentioning the address to
    him. She sat at the back of the motorcycle,
    gripping the rider’s waist for support as he
    drove off. On the way to the station, she kept
    quiet hoping that there wouldn’t be so much
    to deal with when she got there. She glanced
    at her phone, checking the time but as soon
    as she was about to drop it back into her
    handbag, the rider spoke out;
    “Aunty, if you like your phone, abeg no bring
    am out. Dem dey steal for here.”
    “Oh okay, thank you,” Yejide replied.
    A few minutes later, the rider stopped at the
    green and yellow gate, letting Yejide know
    that they had reached her destination. She
    brought out a two hundred naira note and
    handed it to him before going in through the
    gate. As she walked past the security post
    and into the building, she got to the front
    desk and asked about her friend, Dupe. One of
    the policemen who sat at the desk looking
    like a frustrated man stood up and tried to
    get some information from Yejide before
    going out of sight, keeping Yejide on hold.
    She looked around the building and only one
    thing crossed her mind. I hope Dupe is fine.
    After about five minutes, the same policeman
    came out from somewhere and asked Yejide
    to follow him. She nodded and walked behind
    him all the way to the front of a door. The
    policeman knocked, opening the door for
    Yejide to go in. He told her that she was
    going to meet the inspector general. Yeijde
    walked into the small office with wall
    paintings and decorations on the wall. To her
    left was the Nigerian flag and to her right
    were the pictures of Nigerian leaders. The
    office was neatly arranged unlike the entrance
    and reception area that looked like the
    building was many years old. She looked at
    the man who looked like he was in his late
    forties and greeted him before she was asked
    to take a seat. As she sat, the man asked
    Yejide a few questions about Dupe and how
    she came to know her. She explained to him
    that Dupe was her long time friend and
    pleaded for her freedom. Surprisingly, the
    man didn’t argue or give a bony face like he
    wasn’t ready to hear Yejide out, instead, he
    said she was going to be free but she had to
    pay for her freedom. He said that Dupe and
    the rest who were arrested were charged for
    prostitution as they were referred to as public
    nuisance according to the people who lived in
    the area they got arrested. He let her know
    that it wasn’t the first time and even though
    they had previously been warned, they
    stubbornly headed back to that area causing
    chaos for the locals there. Yejide couldn’t say
    anything but plead on behalf of her friend.
    She said she was struggling and didn’t have
    enough money to bond her out. The inspector
    general told Yejide that there was nothing he
    could do than for her to bond her friend out
    of jail or let her stay in jail for twelve weeks
    as the judgment had been passed down. She
    asked for the amount and the inspector
    general handed her a note with thirty
    thousand naira written on it. She looked at
    the note and couldn’t help but gulp. Where
    was she going to get thirty thousand naira?
    The only money she had left was about ten
    thousand naira after she had paid her rent
    and got robbed by the same person that paid
    to sleep with her. She looked at the note
    frustrated because she knew that the money
    would not even be a problem for some people
    but here she was struggling to produce thirty
    thousand naira. The man looked at Yejide
    and told her that she could come back for her
    friend when she had the complete money to
    bond her out. She asked if she could at least
    see her friend and when she was given the
    permission to, her lips formed a little smile.
    The inspector general dialed a number on his
    landline and asked for one of the policemen.
    Not long after the call, one came into the
    office and was instructed to show Yejide her
    friend. She stood up and left the office with
    the policeman who took her to an empty
    room that had just a bench, where she was
    asked to wait. She told the policeman the
    name of her friend before he left the room
    with Yejide staring at the note that had the
    amount of money printed out. In less than
    two minutes, Dupe walked in with the
    policeman who signaled to Yejide that she
    had five minutes to talk to her friend. The two
    friends hugged each other as they sat down
    to talk.
    “I was hoping you were okay. I hope say dey
    no beat you sha. Wetin happun Dupe?” Yejide
    asked, with worry written all over her face.
    “I dey okay. Yejide, you no go believe wetin
    happun oo….” Dupe replied but glanced at the
    policeman who stood at the door staring at
    both of them before continuing in a whisper.
    “I was just at our usual spot oo and this car
    drove up in front of me. As I was negotiating
    with the man who was going to be one of my
    clients that night, I heard people shouting
    ‘police’. The man in the car didn’t even
    consider letting me into his car. He just drove
    off leaving me in confusion. I say okay na. I
    started running when I saw some girls
    running in my direction. Some of them sef
    had already removed their heels. But many of
    us were not fast enough because the
    policemen caught up with us. That’s why I’m
    here today oo Yeji.”
    Immediately, Dupe finished narrating, the
    policeman called out to both of them saying;
    “Your five minutes don pass oo.”
    “Abeg oga, another five minutes.”
    “Make una do joor.”
    Yejide looked back at her friend as they
    continued their conversation. She told Dupe
    about the sum of money needed to bond her
    out. Dupe could do nothing but exclaim at
    the price. She apologized to Yejide for making
    her go through all the stress but that wasn’t
    Yejide’s problem as she was willing to help
    get her friend out of jail. They both discussed
    how they would come about the total sum.
    Yejide told Dupe about the money she had
    with her and how she planned on getting the
    rest. She had mentioned in a very low tone
    that she would go out for business, that night
    but in a different area in order to find a client
    that she could get the rest of the money from.
    Even though Dupe had also told her about
    the money she possessed, it wasn’t enough to
    complete the remaining amount needed. Dupe
    thanked her friend as they both hugged each
    other before the policeman told Dupe that it
    was time to get back into her cell. Yejide had
    also apologized to Dupe for not bringing food
    because she had left the house in a hurry
    upon hearing her arrest. Dupe smiled and
    said it was okay that she wasn’t hungry even
    though deep down her tummy grumbled like
    someone that hadn’t eaten in a month. As
    Yejide was about leaving, the policeman
    called her back and said; “You no fit settle
    pesin. Shaybi I give una extra five minutes.
    You no fit ask oga, you don chop today?”
    Yejide heard this and instantly got irritated
    but she tried hiding it since her friend was
    still in their custody. She only told the
    policeman that she had no money except the
    one for her transportation. The policeman got
    angry and dismissed Yejide in a very irritated
    mood. Yejide could only wonder how much he
    was also suffering that he could stoop so low
    to ask for bribe from someone like her. She
    left the police station and took a motorcycle
    back home.

    Episode 4

    As Yejide got home, she went into her flat
    and sat on her bed thinking of what to do
    next. She remembered that Dupe had
    mentioned that she kept some money inside a
    small purse that she keeps in her wardrobe.
    So Yejide stood up and went to check for the
    purse in Dupe’s wardrobe. She opened the
    bag that Dupe had told her to check in and
    looked for the small black purse. It wasn’t
    long when she found it so she brought it out,
    opened the zip and removed all the money
    that had been kept there before putting the
    purse back where she had found it. As she
    kept everything back in order, she opened her
    purse to bring out all the money she
    possessed as well. Seating up on the bed, she
    counted the money she had gotten from
    Dupe’s purse and saw that it was up to nine
    thousand naira as Dupe had said while she
    recounted her ten thousand naira before
    adding both together. All she needed was
    eleven thousand naira and she had told
    herself that she would try to get it that night.
    Later in the evening, she left her house
    around the same time she usually departed
    for her late night business, dressed in a short
    dress and small inch heels. She took a bus to
    a totally different area where many other
    prostitutes lurked around but this place was
    much more isolated. There were not much
    buildings or houses around except a brothel
    that she had one time promised she would
    never step her foot on. She believed that the
    area wasn’t as safe as where she usually
    went to because the brothel was exclusively
    for prostitutes and their clients. There were
    usually drunks, scary looking people who
    manage to come around every night and she
    didn’t want to face any consequence. She had
    been there before and the last time, some
    men fought over one of the prostitutes. She
    just didn’t want to get involved but she
    believed that if it was the only chance of
    helping her friend out of jail, then she would
    try her luck.
    She got into the brothel and headed to the
    bar where many men gathered to choose their
    ladies for the night. It wasn’t even long when
    Yejide found a customer. He took her to a
    room where she gave herself completely to
    the man. He looked much older but that
    never even crossed her mind, as according to
    her, she was there for business. When the
    man was done with her, she got paid and left
    the room going back to the bar in order to
    find another customer. They were fewer at the
    bar now because it was about 2:30am but
    she still found a customer. He took her to a
    room and completely gave herself to the man
    as well. She spent longer hours with him than
    the first man but that only increased her
    money as she changed her strategy that
    night. She got paid and left the brothel
    immediately, believing that she had come up
    with the sum needed to bond her friend out of
    jail. She actually told herself that she had
    thought it would be hard for her to come up
    with the money but it was certainly easier
    than she had thought. She made about
    twenty-five thousand naira that night.
    However, the thoughts of what she did to
    obtain the money crossed her mind she could
    only sigh. She managed to get to the house
    by about 6:00am where she went to take a
    bath before going to sleep. She had wanted to
    go to the police station but she believed it to
    be too early so she rested for about two
    hours before setting out for the police station.
    She got to the police station and went up to
    the front desk, asking to see the inspector
    general but she was told that he hadn’t been
    to work yet so she was asked to wait for him
    to resume. After about thirty minutes of
    waiting, the inspector general, the man who
    she had spoken to the day before, came into
    the building and all around him were
    policemen saluting him. When he saw her,
    she stood up, escorting him to his office. She
    sat down when she got into his office,
    apprising him of the money that she had
    brought to bond her friend out. He looked
    surprised because he didn’t expect the girl
    who was pleading and saying how penniless
    she was to appear the next day with the
    complete sum of money required for her
    friend’s release. She was asked to meet the
    cashier at the reception area to cash the
    money but meanwhile she was given a few
    forms to sign. After all the necessary
    procedure and signature needed, she left the
    inspector general’s office for the cashier’s
    desk. She got there and paid the money so
    after all was done, a phone call was made to
    let Dupe a free lady. Yejide couldn’t help but
    express her joy. As she saw her friend who
    still wore the same clothes as the previous
    day with hair and face looking very untidy,
    she hugged her happily regardless. “I don dey
    tink say I no go fit help the matter but I thank
    God sha.” She said to her friend Dupe. Dupe
    was given the rest of her property and told to
    leave, never to break the laws again. She
    could only thank her friend Yejide who had
    helped her.

    Episode 5

    On their way home, not much was said
    because they sat inside a tricycle with
    another stranger. They rode quietly until they
    were dropped at the bus stop close to their
    home. As they got to the front of the gate,
    they bumped into mama ejima who greeted
    them with a smile but worry written all over
    her face. She asked the ladies if they were
    okay, after looking at Dupe’s condition.
    Mama ejima stared at Dupe for a while who
    held her shoes in her hands. Her scattered
    hair, floating in the air due to the wind that
    suddenly gusted around the neighborhood.
    When it became a little awkward, Yejide broke
    the silence and told mama ejima that they
    were fine. The woman looked at them one
    more time before leaving their sight. Yejide
    sighed and got into the compound with Dupe
    following behind. As they entered, they saw
    oga Lucas who was just walking towards the
    bathroom with a bucket of water in his hand.
    They tried as much as they could to not be
    seen by him because they were trying to
    avoid his tireless and endless conversations.
    They were not in the mood for his hyper
    behavior so they gently and quietly entered
    into their flat without being seen.
    Yejide sat on her bed thinking of what to do
    next while Dupe looked around for what she
    could possibly eat. She opened the pots that
    lay on the table in their room to see if she
    would find anything but they were as dry as
    she predicted. She finally opened the fridge to
    fetch a bowl of stew she had made the
    afternoon before she got arrested. Even
    though it was very little, she thought it to be
    enough for a small meal for her and Yejide so
    she took some raw rice in a bowl and left for
    the kitchen. Yejide who had been sitting and
    thinking on the bed rubbed her eyes that were
    heavy with sleep. She thought she could fight
    it but she yawned and lay on the bed before
    drifting into a deep sleep. While she slept, she
    had a dream. A strange dream of a guy
    whose face she could not see. In the dream,
    she had been walking when she tripped over
    something which made her fall flat on the
    ground. Dupe hadn’t been around except for
    a guy who stretched out his hands towards
    her in order to help her back on her feet. She
    stared at the man with no face and hesitated
    to reach for his hand but when he saw this,
    he bent down close to her and still insisted
    that she grabbed his hand. She could only
    look at his face with fear and puzzlement,
    trying to figure out who he was but everything
    became even blurrier. She finally woke to
    Dupe eating beside her. She hadn’t been
    woken up but she had felt like something
    made her get up. Dupe asked if she was okay
    and Yejide told her about her dream. Dupe
    only laughed and said;
    “Na african magic you dey watch for dream. I
    was even thinking you would say something
    better. Nor dey worry yourself joor. If hunger
    dey catch you. Food dey for pot. And your
    husband, oga Lucas sey make I greet you.”
    Yejide didn’t expect less from her friend so
    she just hissed and laid back on the bed. In
    an instance, the dream was long forgotten
    just like the rest. So Yejide and her friend
    talked for a while before planning on how
    they would go about their business in the
    same brothel Yejide had gone to the previous
    night. As much as that was the last thing
    Yejide wanted to do, Dupe was always up to
    stimulate her. That night, when they got to
    the brothel, Yejide saw that there were more
    men at the bar than the night she was there.
    The two friends stared at each other before
    going to sit down amongst some other girls
    that were seated at a corner. Yejide was the
    first amongst them to get approached by a
    man who took her to one of the rooms. He
    was a younger man than the men she came
    across. He looked like he was just in his late
    twenties. The man did not immediately ask
    for s-x when they went up to the room.
    Instead, he told Yejide to relax on the bed
    while he fetched her a glass of wine. Yejide
    who saw all these was surprised but didn’t
    want to object because she didn’t want to
    spoil her business so she did as she was told.
    She looked at the young man with confusion
    and a little fear in her eyes because this was
    the first time she had actually been treated
    that way by a man or rather a young guy.
    Yejide couldn’t help but wonder what was on
    his mind as he sat down close to her.
    “So tell me about yourself?”
    When Yejide heard this, she didn’t know if to
    laugh or cry at his question. She thought that
    it was some kind of a joke or he was drunk.
    He brought her to room for a reason but yet
    he was beating about the bush. She coughed
    out before telling him how uncomfortable she
    was with his question. He noticed this and so
    he moved closer to her, took the glass of wine
    and dropped aside before taking off her
    clothes. Yejide couldn’t help but feel very
    awkward with his behavior. He was
    particularly slow with everything. The other
    men would have jumped on her and done all
    they could with her body but it wasn’t like
    that for this young man. In order not to get
    confused, he wasn’t younger than Yejide, he
    was just younger than the other men she had
    been with.

    Episode 6

    After the night was gone and at dawn, Yejide
    who had been sleeping beside the man whose
    hand was wrapped around her waist stood up
    to leave for home. It was still very early but
    Yejide didn’t want to take stay as an excuse.
    She got up and immediately got dressed. She
    had been putting on her shoes when the
    young man woke up and stared at her for a
    while before speaking out. He had asked
    Yejide to stay a little longer but she let him
    know that it wasn’t part of their deal. She had
    done her job and was ready to leave. He
    didn’t argue further but instead asked for
    Yejide’s name and phone number. Yejide
    almost didn’t agree until she thought it to be
    an opportunity for a great business. She was
    used to doing a one-time business with the
    men she met so this was definitely new to
    her. She finally told him her name and gave
    him her number before leaving the room. She
    couldn’t believe what just happened. She
    thought she could be putting herself at risk
    for giving an unknown man her name and
    number. She wished she hadn’t but all she
    could think about was the business she would
    enjoy if everything worked out as she was
    imagining. She couldn’t wait to tell Dupe
    about the man.
    As she stepped out of the brothel and looked
    at her phone to call Dupe, she remembered
    that she didn’t ask for the man’s name. She
    had given information to a complete stranger
    whose name she didn’t know. She snapped
    out of her thought when she saw a few girls
    coming out the brothel. She remembered she
    wanted to call Dupe so she dialed her number
    and waited for her response. On the third
    ring, Dupe picked up the call. Yejide asked if
    she was ready to go since they were both at
    the same place so they could go back home
    together. Yejide who had been waiting for
    Dupe’s response didn’t know when she snuck
    up behind her and touched her shoulder.
    Yejide jumped when she felt it and turned to
    see her friend standing beside her. Yejide
    rolled her eyes at Dupe because she knew she
    did it intentionally. Dupe didn’t care if it was
    very early in the morning or very late at night,
    she acted silly at any time of the day. The two
    ladies later left for their house.
    When Yejide and Dupe got home, it was
    already half past seven so they both took a
    shower before settling down on their bed.
    Yejide finally brought up the young man she
    had met when she saw that they couldn’t
    sleep. She told Dupe about what she had
    done by giving him her name and number.
    She also explained what had happened when
    she had been brought up to the room and his
    weird behavior but as usual, Dupe laughed at
    how serious Yejide was explaining her
    encounter with the man. Yejide saw this and
    got angry at Dupe who now begged her and
    said she was only joking. She told Dupe how
    very annoyed she was with her for the fact
    that she had to take everything as a joke
    whenever she was being serious and when
    Dupe saw that Yejide wasn’t smiling, she
    apologized again. Yejide who was no longer
    in an angry mood explained even further to
    Dupe who now sat up on the bed with
    listening ears.
    “Maybe he is just really interested in you,
    after all that you would have given him
    yesterday night,” Dupe said, winking at her.
    “Yes but I don’t know…..he was acting
    strange even before anything happened
    between us and I think he would be around
    this night again. Okay, you know I told you
    that the night I went to hustle for that your
    prison money. I slept with three guys all in
    one night. After we were done and I was
    about to leave, he paid again for another
    round because he didn’t want me to leave. I
    mean we didn’t do anything. He just wanted
    me around the second time.”
    “Na today? You, of all people, should know
    how these guys are now. Ehnn maybe this is
    just your lucky chance to find a maga. Just
    be careful sha. All these guys can be up to
    something or maybe it isn’t actually as bad
    as we are here imagining.”
    They talked some more about the situation
    until Dupe said she was really tired and
    sleepy. It wasn’t long when Dupe fell into a
    deep sleep but Yejide remained awake
    thinking about a lot of things. Just as she
    was about joining Dupe in sleep, she got a
    message from an unknown number and it
    “Hey beautiful, I can’t wait to see you tonight.
    It’s the guy you met last night. Eric is my
    name by the way, just in case you’re
    When Yejide read the message, she knew who
    it came from.

    Episode 7

    Later that evening, Yejide and Dupe left the
    house for the brothel. Immediately they
    arrived, they took their seats at the same spot
    they did the previous day. Yejide looked
    around in search of Eric. She froze when she
    saw he was the one approaching them. As he
    got to where they were seated, he greeted the
    other ladies before seeking Yejide’s attention.
    He took Yejide to a room, acting almost the
    same way he did the other night except he
    tried getting Yejide to actually have a
    conversation with him. She was later more at
    ease and got into a long conversation with
    him when she saw that he was very
    persistent. She had never spoken to a man
    like the way she did with this Eric. He didn’t
    look so much like a decent guy but she
    thought he was charming, regardless. He has
    the looks and the money, so she thought.
    They talked for a while and the rest was
    history. The next day, Yejide left the brothel
    later than usual. Eric had insisted that she
    stayed and since she was going to be getting
    extra cash, she didn’t mind. They didn’t
    really say much that morning before she left.
    Two weeks later, life continued with Yejide
    seeing Eric even though he wasn’t at the
    brothel every night. This very afternoon,
    Yejide had been cooking in the kitchen when
    her neighbor, mama ejima came in and
    greeted her. Yejide responded and a
    conversation sprang up between them. They
    talked for a while about random things. From
    the issue they had with their landlord to the
    situation of Nigeria. After a few minutes of
    chatting, mama ejima remembered that she
    wanted to give Yejide something. She reached
    for her bag, brought out a flyer and handed it
    to Yejide. She told Yejide that her church was
    having a youth gathering and would really
    love it if she and her friend could attend.
    Yejide looked at the flyer and in her mind, she
    already told herself that she wasn’t going to
    attend but just as mama ejima was about to
    leave, she said;
    “I would really like it if you and Dupe can
    come. It’s going to be amazing, trust me. You
    no say ah be part of the coordinators. I go
    dey expect una. Okay. Ah don dey go. Make I
    do go market before night reach. Bye bye.”
    Yejide waved her bye and looked at the flyer
    one more time before heading for her flat. She
    got in and surprisingly met Dupe dressing up.
    She asked what the occasion was and Dupe
    said she was going out with someone, not
    disclosing a name. Yejide looked at Dupe
    with suspecting eyes and Dupe burst into
    “E don do. No dey look me like dat. I’m going
    out with Ij and Nife oo. They wanted me to
    come with them to an event. I no say you go
    miss me.”
    “Look at this girl, how special you tink say
    you be sef. Go for your party joor, you think
    me I don’t know. Sha no go prison again oo.”
    The two friends smile at each other until Dupe
    noticed the flyer Yejide had been holding and
    asked about it. She told Dupe that mama
    ejima had invited them to her church for a
    youth gathering but she didn’t think she
    would go. Dupe didn’t even hesitate to tell
    Yejide that she wasn’t going to attend and so
    she put on her shoes and left the house.
    Yejide dropped the flyer on the table, leaving
    to go check the food she left on the fire. On
    her way to the kitchen, a call came in. She
    looked at the caller id and when she saw that
    it was Eric, she picked the call. They spoke
    for a while and then Eric asked Yejide if he
    could take her out. She was going to say no
    but she decided to go out with him since she
    was less busy. They spoke for a while until he
    had to drop the call. Eric had told Yejide to
    expect him in an hour so she decided to get
    dressed and wait for him. Exactly in an hour,
    she got a call from Eric saying he was
    waiting outside for her. Locking the door, she
    went out the gate to join Eric in his car.
    As she entered, she greeted Eric who was
    smiling at her. “Where are we going?” Yejide
    asked. Eric only smiled as a response and
    told her that it was a surprise. He drove up
    until they got to the parking lot beside a
    fancy restaurant. They got out and Eric led
    the way to the entrance of the restaurant.
    After Eric spoke to one of the employees, they
    were taken to a table at the fancier spot of
    the restaurant. Yejide who was quiet all along
    was indeed surprised at Eric’s actions. She
    just couldn’t believe she met Eric who
    suddenly burst out from nowhere, trying to be
    a gentleman. They sat at their table and
    conversed for a while before being served
    their meal. During the course of their meal,
    Yejide asked with a subtle look on her face;
    “Why all this, Eric? You know I don’t have
    much to offer. ”
    “Isn’t it obvious Yejide? That I like you.
    That’s why I brought you here.”
    “You like me….” Yejide said almost like she
    was mocking him. “…..You that go to a
    brothel almost every night.”
    “Why do you always think I’m lying when I
    tell you? I am very serious. If I didn’t, I
    wouldn’t be here with you. Didn’t you notice
    that I used to go there because I wanted to
    see you.”
    “Hmm, men with their words. I’ve seen how
    you all are.”
    “C’mon Yejide, don’t say that. You know all
    men are not the same. Life may have been
    tough on you but I’m here because I really
    want to be with you. I know we got to know
    each other in a very awkward situation but
    let’s not judge from the past. I really like you
    When Eric finished his statement, Yejide
    smiled shyly before standing up to leave for
    the washroom.

    Episode 8

    When Yejide returned from the washroom, she
    and Eric continued with their conversation
    until it was time for them to retire for the
    day. Eric took Yejide back home though it
    was a quiet ride home. As he stopped by the
    gate, Yejide got out of his car and waved him
    goodnight. She was about entering the
    compound when she bumped into mama
    ejima who looked like she was dressed for
    church. Just seeing mama ejima reminded
    Yejide of the church program she had been
    invited to by her. They greeted each other but
    didn’t converse for long since mama ejima
    had to hurry for her weekly prayer meetings.
    “We go see later my dear, I’m off.” mama
    ejima said before leaving.
    Yejide got into her house and met no one at
    home. She settled down and her eyes went
    straight to the flyer that she had earlier left
    on the table. She couldn’t tell why she
    suddenly had strange feelings ever since she
    got the flyer from mama ejima. Although, she
    could tell that something was pushing her to
    attend the church program. She shook the
    thought out of her head anyway and got
    around to doing other things until hours later
    when Dupe was back. The friends talked
    about their day. From Dupe’s partying story
    to Yejide’s weird conversations with Eric.
    They talked about their whole day without
    leaving out any detail. When their eyes were
    heavy with sleep, they decided to retire for the
    night. They manage to take a shower before
    going to bed.
    The next morning, Yejide woke up very early,
    not that she wanted to but she was no longer
    feeling sleepy. As she laid on the bed, she
    picked up her phone and stared at the phone
    that read seven o’ clock, she looked at the
    side table right beside her where the flyer had
    been lying. She turned and face the other side
    while trying to force herself back to sleep but
    when she couldn’t, she stood up from the
    bed. Picking up her buckets, she left her room
    for the compound’s well to fetch some water
    to take a bath. As soon as the bathroom was
    vacant, she got in. On getting out, she met
    one of mama ejima’s children, a girl of about
    thirteen years old. She was holding a bucket
    of water and approaching the bathroom where
    Yejide stood at the entrance. Amara, mama
    ejima’s child greeted Yejide as she got out of
    the bathroom. Yejide must have guessed that
    she the water was fetched for her mother. She
    got back to her room and decided to go for
    the church program. After all, she couldn’t
    sleep and mama ejima had really insisted
    that she came. She knew Dupe wasn’t going
    to listen to her in situations like this so she
    didn’t bother waking her up. Instead, she did
    a little house cleaning and got dressed before
    going to knock on mama ejima’s door. When
    the door was opened to her, she saw mama
    ejima who was already dressed and seemed
    like she was about to leave the house. She
    told mama ejima that it would be better if she
    went with her so they both set out for the
    When they got to the church, Yejide entered
    the big hall and met just a few people there.
    She was indeed very early because some of
    them were still cleaning the seats and setting
    the stage. She went to a corner and sat down
    quietly, hoping that she would not be
    approached. Just after about six minutes,
    mama ejima came to her and told her that
    the program was going to start soon. Yejide
    only nodded her head as she watched her
    walking about and trying to get everything set
    since she was part of the coordinators. As
    soon as it was time for the program to start,
    a few others began to gush in. It was like
    someone told them exactly when to enter.
    They all settled down and Yejide was asked
    to move to a seat closer to the front of the
    small hall. She did as she was told and the
    program started. It was started off with a
    little prayer session headed by mama ejima,
    followed by praise and worship before the
    main host came on stage. Different topics
    were discussed, ranging from s-x,
    relationships, marriage, and what not. Topics
    relating to Yejide in so many ways, it was
    almost like the program was made for her. At
    first, Yejide had been texting during the
    session but something the speaker said
    caught her attention and that was when her
    ears surrendered and listened. After a brief
    discussion, they were all divided into groups
    for an activity. This part, Yejide did not really
    like. She hated meeting new people and
    having conversations with them. How she
    became really close with Dupe is still
    surprising because she wasn’t very friendly
    and opened either. The groups were told to
    discuss on certain issues and so when every
    other person was talking, Yejide was quiet.
    When the group leader, Kelechi noticed this,
    he asked Yejide if she was okay and wanted
    to contribute to what they were saying. She
    only shook her head and watched as they
    went on and on, talking and laughing. She felt
    like an outcast who didn’t belong there.
    These were ministers and people who kept
    sharing their wonderful experience about God
    when she had nothing to say. She didn’t know
    God neither did she think she had experienced
    his presence. She wanted to stand up and
    leave the church so bad but she didn’t want
    to be rude either so she sat and waited for
    the program to end.

    Episode 9

    When the program was getting to the end, the
    first timers were asked to be on their feet as
    they wanted to welcome and recognize them.
    Yejide tried as much as she could to remain
    seated but when she glanced at mama ejima
    who had been watching her, she stood up.
    With hands stretching towards her, she shook
    as many hands as she couldn’t count. They
    were all so happy and welcoming that it
    actually made her smile.
    The program finally came to an end and after
    the church had warmed Yejide with their
    hospitality, she sat at a corner waiting for
    mama ejima. Mama ejima on the other hand
    was with some of the members of the church
    who were at a corner, hands entwined to each
    other and praying. They prayed for a while
    and then got dismissed. Just as mama ejima
    was walking towards Yejide who was already
    standing up from where she sat, mama ejima
    was stopped by another woman who seemed
    to stir up a very important conversation with
    her. At this point, Yejide became a little
    impatient. She had started squeezing her face
    when Kelechi, the leader of her group
    discussion during the program walked up to
    “Hi, sister Yejide right?” he said, smiling
    widely at Yejide.
    “Yes” Yejide said, trying to fake a smile.
    “I’m Kelechi. Nice to meet you and you are
    welcome to our church.”
    “Thank you.”
    “I hope we will see you some other time. We
    are always happy to receive new members.”
    Yejide didn’t know what to say so she smiled
    and nodded in response. In her mind, she had
    hoped that the conversation would end there
    so she could go home with mama ejima but
    mama ejima didn’t seem to be done with her
    “So you live around here?”
    “Yes I do.”
    “Oh great! That’s nice. I live around here too.”
    Just when he said that, mama ejima was
    seen walking towards them.
    “Okay, it’s nice to meet you Yejide. Have a
    nice day. Have a nice day ma.” Kelechi said
    after bowing at mama ejima as a sign of
    “Have a nice day Kelechi. Greet your mum for
    Mama ejima looked at Yejide and smiled just
    after Kelechi left. She apologized for keeping
    her waiting and so they left the church
    together. When they were on their way home,
    they saw Kelechi again driving by, who called
    out and asked if they needed a lift home.
    Yejide had hesitated because she didn’t feel
    comfortable so mama ejima told him that
    they were fine before waving him off. Mama
    ejima didn’t bring it up because she felt it
    was normal when you didn’t know someone
    so they got into the bus after waiting a few
    minutes at the bus stop and headed home.
    During their ride home, mama ejima had
    asked Yejide if she enjoyed the service. She
    nodded her head and told her that it was
    When they got home, Yejide went into her flat
    and didn’t see Dupe as usual. Dupe wasn’t
    the stay at home type so it wasn’t surprising.
    Yejide looked at the time and saw that it was
    past two in the afternoon. She hadn’t spoken
    to Eric neither had he called her so she went
    over to her bed and laid down. Bringing out
    the food they had shared at the church, she
    grabbed one of the spoons that was inside
    the bowl just beside her and started eating.
    When she was done eating, she laid on her
    bed and immediately the electricity power
    came on . She smiled as she saw the ceiling
    fan rolling before getting comfortable in bed,
    then falling asleep.
    After two days, Yejide got a call from a
    number whose name was not saved on her
    phone. She picked it up and heard the sound
    of a familiar voice.
    “Good afternoon sister Yejide, this is Kelechi
    from faith sanctuary.”
    “Oh good afternoon.”
    “How are you doing today?”
    “I’m fine, thank you.”
    “Sorry to disturb you. I’m part of the follow up
    team so I just called to check up on you. I
    hope everything is fine.”
    “Yes everything is fine, thank you.”
    “Okay. We missed you in church on Sunday
    and wanted to know if everything is okay.”
    “Eh yes, I couldn’t come. Everything is fine”
    “Okay. We will be expecting you soon, sister
    Yejide. Thanks for your time. Do have a
    blessed week.”
    As the call ended, Dupe who had been staring
    at Yejide throughout the call broke out in
    laughter and said;
    “Let me guess, na your church people. You
    see why I don’t like accepting all these
    church invitations.”
    “No be my church people na. Abi oo. And I
    was trying to avoid all these.”
    “Stay there! This is just day one.”

    Episode 10

    Later in the afternoon the next Sunday, Yejide
    got another call from the same number
    (Kelechi’s) in which she ignored. According to
    her, she wasn’t ready to have a long
    conversation of her explaining why she
    couldn’t come to church. She also didn’t want
    to seem rude so she thought that it was the
    best thing to do. When the call ended, Kelechi
    who had been calling Yejide dialed her
    number again but he received no response so
    he quit calling and went on to do other things.
    He only hoped Yejide was okay. Kelechi was
    to go see mama ejima the next day so
    because he knew she lived in the same area
    as Yejide, he decided to use the opportunity to
    ask about her when he got there.
    The next evening, Kelechi went over to see
    mama ejima and as planned used the medium
    to ask about Yejide a few minutes into their
    conversation. Mama ejima said she hadn’t
    seen Yejide in two days but she was sure she
    was fine. They discussed a few other things
    concerning their church before it was time for
    Kelechi to leave. Mama ejima had gone back
    in after following him to his car when another
    car pulled up in front of where his was parked.
    Kelechi was still standing outside but beside
    his car when he saw Yejide step out of the car
    in a very short revealing dress. Kelechi quickly
    got into his car hoping that he hadn’t been
    seen by Yejide. He watched as Eric, the guy
    Yejide had been going out on dates with went
    around to hug her. But before their hugging
    session ended, Eric tapped Yejide on the butt
    and Kelechi who was watching this raised an
    eyebrow in surprise especially when she
    smiled back at Eric. Kelechi couldn’t help but
    feel hurt within him. It was after Eric had
    driven off that Kelechi decided to step out. He
    was going to leave before but he thought to
    say something to Yejide before leaving. He got
    out and called out to her before she could go
    in through the gates. Yejide heard her name
    and turned around to find Kelechi standing
    beside her. She jolted back in shock because
    she wasn’t expecting to see him.
    “Are you following me?” she asked with her
    face revealing anger and embarrassment.
    “No I’m not Ye…sister Yejide. I came to see
    mama ejima.”
    “Oh okay. Once you enter, you will see her
    house by the right. The second to the last
    place is where she stays. Just knock, if she no
    dey, Abigail go answer.”
    “I have actually seen her. I just wanted to
    greet you. I asked about you because I
    couldn’t reach you yesterday.”
    “Sir I’m fine. Something was wrong with my
    phone yesterday.”
    “Okay, I understand. Was that your…..” Kelechi
    who was referring to Eric said without
    completing his statement expecting her to
    complete it.
    “My what?” Yejide replied even though she
    understood what he was trying to say.
    “Never mind.” Kelechi said.
    Kelechi who didn’t know what else to say to
    Yejide bade her goodnight and watched as
    she walked in through the gates. He prayed in
    silence and asked God to give him the wisdom
    to speak to her. He had felt in his heart that
    Yejide needed to be introduced to God.
    Something unusual was pulling him to her.
    The first time he had seen her, he had
    immediately found an interest in her. He felt
    she needed help and wanted to do as much as
    he could to help her. Kelechi went back home
    that night with a heavy heart but as he got
    home, he went on his knees and prayed to God
    about it. He pleaded God to give him
    understanding and the grace to be used to
    reach out to Yejide.
    After about two months since the last day
    Yejide and Kelechi came in contact, Kelechi
    picked up his phone and dialed Yejide’s
    number. He hadn’t contacted her because he
    believed that God knew why he told him not to
    contact her until the last day of that month.
    Yejide’s phone rang as she was just coming in
    from her outing. She looked at the caller ID
    and saw that the number wasn’t saved on her
    phone neither did she recall a number like
    that. She answered the call on the third ring
    and found out that it was Kelechi. She rolled
    her eyes immediately he introduced himself.
    Kelechi went on to ask about her well being
    and if she was okay. He also told Yeijde that
    he wasn’t calling as a church worker but only
    to greet her and know if she had been okay.
    Yejide got angry and told him that she was
    fine and didn’t need him to check up on her
    but he responded by telling her that he only
    wanted to be a friend even though Yejide
    interpreted it as more than a friend. She yelled
    at him to leave her alone because she was not
    interested in him and already had a boyfriend
    (Yejide had gotten into a relationship with
    Eric a month before even though she was still
    a prostitute). Kelechi who didn’t expect
    Yejide’s rage or statement tried to get her to
    understand that he was not looking for a
    relationship because he already had a fiancé
    was cut short when Yejide ended the call. He
    tried calling her back but as expected she
    ignored his calls. He sent her a text message
    and apologized for getting her angry. In his
    text message, he indicated that he was in a
    relationship as well as he had a fiancé but
    that he only wanted to be a friend and nothing
    more. Of course Yejide didn’t think guys really
    meant friends whenever they said so. She
    thought that just like the other men she had
    met, he meant more than just friends. She
    didn’t reply the messages after she read them.
    A week later, Kelechi called Yejide again and
    this time Dupe was around her. When Yejide
    saw the call and frowned her face, Dupe who
    was seated beside her asked why she was
    frowning. She showed her who was calling and
    immediately Dupe collected the phone from
    her and answered the call.
    “Oga Kelechi abi na Kilishi, my friend say e no
    want. She no like you. Make you leave am
    alone. Wetin sef. Leave Yejide alone na.” And
    with this, Dupe ended the call. Yejide smiled
    and thanked Dupe when he didn’t call back
    even though she felt a little guilty. Meanwhile
    Kelechi back at home was becoming
    frustrated. He knew that God had given him an
    assignment concerning Yejide but he was
    finding it hard to even have a conversation
    with her. He prayed and asked God for his
    help. The next day, something drastic
    happened to Yejide. She got hit by a speeding
    car when she was about to cross the road.

    Episode 11

    Yejide woke up on the hospital bed beside
    Kelechi who had witnessed the accident and
    helped rushed Yejide and the man who was
    driving to the hospital. She looked at Kelechi
    in confusion and asked what had happened.
    After Kelechi narrated what he had witnessed,
    Dupe walked into the ward, rushed to Yejide’s
    side and hugged her. Kelechi who watched
    this didn’t say a word until Dupe looked at
    him and thanked him. Dupe hadn’t realized
    that it was the Kelechi, ‘the church boy’ as
    they had been referring to him that she was
    thanking until Yejide introduced them. Dupe
    put a hand to her cover her mouth when she
    found out and apologized. Kelechi did
    nothing else than to smile and say it was
    fine. Not too long after, he stood up and told
    the ladies that it was time for him to leave.
    “Your friend is here so I will check up on you
    later sister Yejide. Take care and God bless
    you. Goodnight!”
    Before he left, Yejide thanked him and
    apologized for how she had been treating
    him. She thanked him for saving him even
    though he told her that it was God and not
    him who saved her. She and Dupe couldn’t
    help but feel bad and embarrassed knowing
    that the man who she had been trying to
    avoid and pushing away was the same man
    who selflessly helped her. The next day when
    she got discharged, She and Dupe found out
    that her bill was paid by Kelechi. Again, she
    couldn’t help but feel bad upon finding out so
    she called him and thanked him.
    Yejide had to leave the hospital in bandages
    and crutches because her leg was broken.
    She was told she would get better but that it
    would take a while. Yejide obviously felt
    horrible hearing this because she knew she
    couldn’t continue her night walk with Dupe.
    The ladies both went home in a taxi that
    Kelechi had sent for them. When they got
    home, mama ejima who had heard about the
    incident went to see Yejide, bringing along
    some home made food for her since they
    hadn’t been around to cook. Mama ejima
    talked with Yejide and Dupe for a while before
    leaving for her home. All through this time,
    Yejide hadn’t even received a call or text from
    Eric, her boyfriend. He hadn’t sent a message
    through anyone or hadn’t come to look for
    her. This was two days after her incident even
    though she had previously asked Dupe to help
    her call him whose call was not returned
    when he didn’t answer. Dupe decided to stay
    the night again and help her friend so she
    didn’t go out that night as usual.
    In the afternoon the next day, Kelechi went
    over to see Yejide. He had called to know if it
    was okay for him to come so when she said
    yes, he left his house as soon as he could.
    Kelechi branched at a restaurant to get food
    for Yejide and Dupe just before he got to her
    house. Dupe had been leaving the house
    when she met him at the gate who she
    greeted and showed the way to their house.
    As soon as he got inside and met Yejide
    sitting on the bed, he couldn’t help but smile
    warmly at her. She looked up and greeted him
    returning the smile. Yejide told Kelechi to
    take a seat before he stretched his hands and
    handed the food he had bought for them. She
    thanked him and both started talking. They
    talked for a while, with their conversation
    including questions from Yejide like why do
    you call me? Why are you helping me?
    Kelechi replied in his subtle voice as usual
    that it was God who had sent him to her.
    Yejide sighed upon hearing his replies and
    asked some more questions. She was tempted
    to ask if he was just trying to get her
    attention for something more than he was
    explaining but she bit her tongue. Kelechi
    asked about her boyfriend and Yejide lied
    about him. She said he had come visiting not
    too long before he came even though Kelechi
    could sense that she was not saying the
    truth. A few minutes later, there was a knock
    on the door and Yejide was about to go check
    who it was when Kelechi offered to help. He
    went over and opened to the door to find an
    older man asking for Yejide and Dupe. When
    the man told Kelechi who he was, he was
    about going over to tell Yejide that her
    landlord was asking for her when he saw her
    coming out with her crutches assisting her.
    On getting outside, Kelechi excused them by
    waiting for Yejide inside.
    “Good afternoon sir” Yejide greeted as she
    saw her landlord.
    “Yejide good afternoon, Na wetin do your
    “Oga na motor jam me oo”
    “Ayah pele. Ehen you no say I come ask una
    for the remaining money. Ah don give una
    two weeks.”
    “Oga, I know. These past weeks have been
    very rough for us and this accident con join
    am. You no say we dey always pay our house
    rent on time.”
    “Eh but ẹ mo-kpe mo ni ẹbi (you know I have
    a family). If I allow all my tenants to pay me
    any time they like, then that will be bad for
    me now. You should understand.”
    They spoke some more in their native
    language (Yoruba) before he agreed and gave
    Yejide and Dupe one more week to pay the
    complete house rent. As sad as Yejide was,
    she went back inside acting like everything
    was alright. On the other hand, Kelechi had
    been able to hear a part of their conversation
    except for the time they switched into their
    native language. He was able to understand
    that Yejide and Dupe had been late for
    payment so he asked even though he knew
    what was up. Again, Yejide lied and gave
    Kelechi another reason for her landlord
    paying them a visit.

    Episode 12

    The following day, Kelechi dropped by to see
    Yejide again but this time, he came with a
    check that he indicated to Yejide was for her
    upkeep. He mentioned things like using it for
    house rent, clothes and food even though he
    tried not to make it known that he already
    knew about their rent issues. It was a large
    sum of money enough to pay their house rent
    for three months. When Kelechi handed Yejide
    the check, she exclaimed and revealed the
    sum to Dupe who was also seated with them.
    Dupe who saw this immediately went on her
    knees to thank him on their behalf but to
    everyone’s surprise, Yejide handed the check
    back to Kelechi and told him that she could
    not accept it. This was because she felt that
    he had done enough for them. Dupe who was
    beside Yejide gestured for her to take back
    her words and action but she ignored and
    insisted that he take back his check. Kelechi
    only sighed and begged Yejide to accept it.
    “But why do you keep doing this? Where you
    dey work sef? How do you get all this
    “Don’t worry Yejide, I didn’t steal the money.
    God provided them for me so that I can give
    you…..” Kelechi talked some more and after
    some persuasion from him and Dupe, she
    accepted it.
    Kelechi kept dropping by to look after Yejide
    and soon enough they got pretty close. One
    Tuesday afternoon, they had gotten into some
    deep conversation and revealed some of their
    past experiences. Their conversation went
    from Yejide trying to explain to Kelechi how
    she could speak English so well to how she
    ended up on the streets and becoming a
    prostitute. Yejide had just turned seventeen
    when she was sent packing by her aunt who
    she lived with since she was born. Her mother
    had died at childbirth living her fatherless
    because her father was unknown. Yejide had
    suffered maltreatment while growing up from
    both her aunt and aunt’s husband who were
    supposed to cater for her. She was sometimes
    called names and even labeled an
    abomination because her mother had given
    birth to her out of wedlock and her father was
    unknown or sometimes called a witch
    because her mother died during delivery. Even
    with all of these, Yejide was still very brilliant
    in school. She would always come out top of
    her class and represent her school for so
    many competitions and expeditions. She was
    also like a big sister to her younger cousins
    who were both two and fours years younger
    than her. She would take responsibility for
    everything and would try to do everything that
    was right according to her aunt and uncle but
    that did not keep her from being maltreated.
    She would be beaten up for little things and
    deprived of food for no reason. She was
    eventually stopped from attending school
    after her senior secondary school two (SS2)
    even though from the beginning she worked
    her way into funding for her tuition by selling
    on the streets. Yejide was that type of girl
    who was maltreated out of envy and for being
    a good child. It wasn’t until she was almost
    raped by her aunt’s husband when she was
    sent packing. She had gone to report the
    incident to her aunt but her aunt who didn’t
    take her side thought she was trying to break
    her marriage so she sent her out of her home
    and told her never to return. That was the day
    Yejide left her aunt’s house and never
    thought to go back.
    Yejide had nowhere to go so she lived on the
    streets as a panhandler for about six months
    before she met Dupe. Dupe had been working
    in a small food joint when she came in
    contact with Yejide. Yejide’s purpose which
    was to beg that very day changed when Dupe
    offered to help her. Dupe helped Yejide to get
    a mini job in the same food joint and not
    long after they met, they became really close.
    Yejide managed to work at the food joint for
    three months until she was kicked out with
    Dupe after Dupe was accused of stealing. The
    duo went back to living on the streets after
    they couldn’t find jobs and soon turned to
    prostitution to earn a living.

    Episode 13

    When Kelechi heard Yejide’s story, he felt
    really sorry for her and tried to console her
    for her loss as well as
    the fact that she was abused while growing
    up. From that very moment, Kelechi opened
    up to Yejide and revealed to her about his
    past as well. He told Yejide about how he
    also grew up fatherless and how hard it was
    for him to cope with the stigma associated
    with having siblings (a step-brother and two
    step-sisters) who shared the same mother
    but different fathers. None of them shared the
    same father so their family used to get a lot
    of looks especially when he was younger. He
    mentioned some of the things he had to suffer
    due to his mother’s mistakes and how things
    changed once he found God. It was a very
    emotional moment for both Yejide and
    Kelechi. After Kelechi shared some of his past
    experiences, Yejide proceeded to ask how he
    was able to turn out well even with all of his
    circumstances. This is because according to
    her, she in the past had believed in faith and
    in God but stopped after she thought she had
    been abandoned by God. The two talked for a
    while and Kelechi encouraged and gave Yejide
    some advice that she even ended up agreeing
    to follow him to church the next Sunday.
    That night, after Kelechi left for his house and
    Dupe got back from her outing, Dupe and
    Yejide had a long conversation about the new
    path Yejide had decided to follow. Yejide also
    opened up to Dupe about her past after five
    years of meeting each other. She had never
    opened to Dupe like the way she did with
    Kelechi about her past because she believed
    it was the best and didn’t want to unlock the
    pain she went through those years. She cried
    while speaking with Dupe who was also very
    emotional at that moment. Both ladies went
    silent for a while before Yejide asked Dupe to
    join her in leaving the prostitution life. It
    definitely came as a surprise to Dupe because
    she didn’t expect it from Yejide even with all
    the emotions that were floating in the air. She
    asked Yejide to repeat herself just to be sure
    that she heard properly before going
    speechless. Yejide tried to get Dupe to
    understand her reasons and why they needed
    to come to a halt. She explained to Dupe that
    she confessed to Kelechi and told her about
    what they did for a living so he spoke to her
    and gave her some advice. She also told
    Dupe that he had mentioned that he would
    help them get better jobs so Dupe was happy
    when she heard this. Ever since they had
    known each other and lived together, nobody
    had ever offered to help them like the way
    Kelechi did. Not even their neighbors could
    help get them jobs because everyone was
    struggling and trying to make it as well. The
    ladies cried tears of joy and hugged each
    other that night before falling asleep.
    The following day, the least expected
    happened as Eric, Yejide’s supposed to be
    boyfriend finally showed up at Yejide’s house
    when Dupe wasn’t around. This was after a
    long time of his absence. She had gone to
    open the door to head for the kitchen when
    she saw Eric at the door. As surprised as she
    was, she frowned at his presence and asked
    him why he was there. He tried apologizing
    and hugging Yejide but she ignored his
    attempts. She was mad at him for many
    reasons and had already realized that Eric
    needed to be out of the picture so without
    even thinking twice she ended the
    relationship they supposedly had and told
    him never to get in touch with her again. Eric
    and Yejide’s relationship was more of a
    materialized relationship than a true
    relationship. At first, Yejide thought she
    would see more in Eric as she had pictured
    even though she knew he was a ladies’ man
    but things changed when she later noticed
    the routine she had with him. If it wasn’t
    going out to parties and outings with him just
    to serve as his girlfriend, she was pleasing
    him in bed. However, Yejide settled for Eric’s
    nonchalant spending and reckless attitude
    due to the money and material things she
    obtained from him while Eric was in for the
    sexual pleasures he obtained from Yejide.
    They both knew this individually but never
    openly admitted it. After that night with
    Kelechi and it was clear what she wanted and
    no longer wanted, she realized Eric was part
    of the people she needed to cut ties with. As
    she ended the relationship, Eric rained insults
    on her and called her names before exiting.
    She didn’t expect less so she hissed and
    watched as he left the premises in anger.

    Episode 14

    Immediately Eric left the premises and Yejide
    was on her way to the kitchen, she met oga
    Lucas who was just coming in from work. He
    had seen Yejide and stopped to greet her and
    also made his funny remarks as usual but
    while he was talking to Yejide, he suddenly
    paused and put on a serious face before
    “Na who be dat guy wey dey talk like say e
    head no correct?” he asked, giving Yejide a
    funny look while referring to Eric who left in
    an angry mood.
    “Oga Lucassss. See no mind dat one jare.”
    “No na. I just dey ask because e no fit say
    sorry sef wen in jam me for gate and in just
    dey talk to insef so na in I say make I ask
    “Woo make you no mind am jare. Pele.”
    “Anyway, Yeji, me ah don dey go. I get
    something wey ah won do for house. Take
    care oo.”
    “Okay oga Lucas, bye bye.” And with this,
    their conversation ended.
    Yejide received a call from Kelechi not too
    long after her conversation with oga Lucas.
    He informed her about a meeting he had set
    up for her, Dupe and a man who could give
    them jobs at the convenient store he owned.
    Yejide was definitely happy when she heard
    this and so was Dupe when the news got to
    her. These were bright days for all of them as
    a change could be seen. Later that Sunday,
    Yejide stepped into the church again for the
    second time, after a long time. She had been
    openly welcomed just as the first day she
    attended the church for a youth program.
    This time around, she didn’t go alone as
    Dupe followed her after many persuasions.
    Both ladies were welcomed and since they
    both knew mama ejima and Kelechi, they got
    more people coming up to them. Dupe told
    Yejide once they got back from church how
    surprised she was by the warmth of the
    people at the church.
    Monday, the next day, Dupe and Yejide went
    in for the meeting they had with the store
    owner who then offered them jobs as sales
    girls. They were to start work the following
    day so he gave them a tour of the store and
    told them some of the things they needed to
    know as employees. Yejide called Kelechi
    immediately after the meeting and told him
    about the news. He expressed his joy and
    told Yejide that he was happy they could now
    do something better for themselves. Yejide
    also expressed her gratitude and couldn’t
    thank him enough for all that he had helped
    them with.
    They started work as salesgirls the next day
    and in a twinkle of an eye, eight months went
    by so fast. At the time, Dupe had fallen ill and
    was weak to go to work. Yejide had also
    taken time off work for three days to take
    care of her friend who was bedridden at that
    point. Dupe was finding it hard to do many of
    her daily activities as she had been feeling
    very sick for over three weeks. Yejide advised
    her to go to the hospital after over-the-
    counter drugs didn’t work but she dropped
    the topic each time it was raised. It got to a
    point that Yejide wasn’t in to listen to Dupe
    so regardless, she took her to the hospital in
    a taxi. After they had both seen the doctor
    together and Dupe was advised to take a
    blood test for some sexually transmitted
    diseases, Dupe finally agreed to allow a blood
    sample obtained from her. Yejide had been
    surprised when the doctor mentioned the
    reasons for the blood test mostly because her
    friend mentioned that she had been sexually
    active. She didn’t think Dupe had been seeing
    anybody so she was stupefied. As scared as
    Yejide was for Dupe, Dupe was the least
    scared. She didn’t look or act surprised.
    Dupe’s blood sample was taken in for
    examination even though she was admitted to
    the hospital the evening of their visit. Yejide
    had also stayed the night with her so the
    next morning before noon when the result
    came out, Yejide was called out of the ward
    and given the results of the test. As Yejide
    opened the file, she fell to the ground in
    shock but the nurse who was with her
    grabbed her. Her heart was broken by what
    she had just found out. The result stated that
    after Dupe’s blood test was analyzed three
    times, the test results still came out as HIV/
    AIDS positive. Dupe had gotten the virus and
    she knew there was nothing they could do
    about it.
    As Yejide went through the results, reading
    the same thing over and over again, her eyes
    began to water as tears streamed down. She
    went back into Dupe’s ward where she had
    been sleeping and sat down looking at her
    friend. How couldn’t she have noticed? How
    couldn’t she have known something worse
    was up? She sat there thinking. Her friend
    had gotten this sick and not even a single
    thought of such disease crossed her mind.
    She wiped her tears once she saw Dupe wake
    up from sleep. Holding the results in her
    hand, she lifted it, signaling to Dupe that her
    results were out. Dupe’s statement surprised
    Yejide even more when she said;
    “I have it…”
    At first, Yejide wasn’t quite sure of what her
    statement meant until it occurred to her that
    she was referring to the results.
    “Ahh Dupe, so you know say you carry dis tin,
    you no con tell me. Wetin our friendship
    mean? I do you bad? Dupe why you do this
    kind tin?”
    “My friend, abeg, no be say I no wan teh you.
    I just no want make you worry.”
    “You mean say you still dey sleep around?
    Dupe, no be Kelechi help settle us. Why
    you…..” Yejide burst into tears at this moment
    who was also joined by Dupe.
    In tears and in a soft tone, Dupe said, “Yeji
    abeg, abeg no vex. No be say I still dey do
    ashawo business. Na Charles give me. Na
    only Charles ah dey see. He called me one
    day and told me that he just went to get his
    test results and that it came out positive. Me
    sef ah no no wetin make am do the test but
    when in say he get am, I dey surprised. You
    know sey me and Charles don dey. Ah no no
    wetin happen. You no say e no dey show for
    Both ladies went speechless for a minute
    even though they were still in tears when a
    nurse came in to change Dupe’s drip. After
    the nurse left, Yejide told Dupe that she
    thought she had stopped having sexual
    affairs after they started attending Church
    and after Kelechi had spoken to them about
    the issues/dangers relating to s-x and s-x
    outside marriage. They both talked for a while
    until Yejide asked what they were to do next.
    Dupe who was hopeless at that point told
    Yejide that it was left for her to bade her
    goodbye as she knew her time was up. Yejide
    got her angry when those words came out of
    her mouth and told her that she shouldn’t
    lose hope quickly. Dupe remained in the
    hospital throughout the remaining days of
    the month as Yejide went in and out of the
    hospital, bringing all sorts of things for Dupe.
    Dupe got worse each day, it was almost too
    fast to be true. Nothing was stabilizing or
    slowing down the pace at which her friend
    was ill. Throughout all of this, Yejide did not
    let Kelechi know Dupe was sick because she
    had contacted the virus. She only lied when
    he asked and said she had been admitted due
    to a minor illness. Kelechi didn’t suspect she
    was lying until he found out that Dupe had
    been bedridden for a longer period than he
    thought. He eventually got to know about
    Dupe’s illness and confronted Yejide who
    failed at trying to hide her distress. She told
    Kelechi that she didn’t want him to find out
    because she didn’t want to embarrass her
    friend after all that he had done for them.
    Kelechi comforted Yejide and told her that he
    understood but that she didn’t need to lie
    about it. After both talked for a while, Kelechi
    and Yejide prayed together for Dupe before he
    left the hospital where he had gone to see

    Episode 15 (Final)

    Two weeks later, Dupe eventually gave up the
    ghost, leaving Yejide and others in shock and
    grief. Everybody already found out that Dupe
    was sick but nobody suspected that she
    would be gone so soon. It had been another
    day with Yejide sleeping on the chair that
    was just by her bed when she woke up after a
    nightmare. Before she went back to sleep, she
    had decided to check Dupe who then had lost
    her breath. Yejide saw the signs and thought
    her friend was lifeless so she went out looking
    for a nurse. When Dupe was checked, she was
    announced dead by 5:00 that morning. Yejide
    had almost gone unconscious when she heard
    this as she fell to the ground and wept. She
    struggled with the workers who were trying to
    hold her at this point while Dupe was seen
    taken out of the ward. It was over. Her
    friend’s life was over. Kelechi had been
    contacted so when he heard the news, he
    came to get Yejide.
    Dupe was later buried at a general cemetery
    since not a trace of her family members could
    be found. Dupe had previously told Yejide
    that she was alone in the world and didn’t
    have any relatives as far as she knew. Oga
    Lucas, mama ejima and some of their
    neighbors and friends as well as Yejide and
    Kelechi, were gathered together before Dupe
    was laid to rest. It was a dark period for
    Yejide as she was never seen smiling or
    saying much. A week later, after’s Dupe’s
    burial, Yejide decided to go take her own test
    for any sexually transmitted disease. She
    hadn’t thought about herself ever since
    Dupe’s illness so this time, she went in to see
    a doctor. She gave her blood sample and
    after it was analyzed, she was called to come
    in for her test results the next day. She had
    been very nervous that morning upon been
    contacted but when she saw her results, she
    sighed in relief. She was free from any
    disease. The doctor had spoken to her before
    she left, advising her on various things as
    well as emphasizing on the need to stay safe
    as many illnesses don’t appear until it has
    probably reached its peak. She thanked the
    doctor and left for her house where she met
    Kelechi waiting outside for her. As usual, he
    had come to check up on her to be sure she
    was fine and didn’t need anything.
    Yejide and Kelechi became really good
    friends. They had a warm relationship but
    one day, Yejide thought to ask about his
    fiancé that she had only seen twice since she
    got to know Kelechi.
    “Kelechi? What about your fiancé? Doesn’t
    she talk when you come to see me or help
    “Yejide……I know I haven’t told you but we
    ended our relationship some time back. I
    didn’t bring this up because of what you were
    going through at the time and just because it
    didn’t matter.”
    “Ahn Ahn Kelechi why you just dey tell me?
    What happened? How come?”
    “You know, like I said, it’s because of what
    you were going through at the moment.
    Yejide……” he said sighing before continuing,
    “…I found out that she wasn’t the woman I
    was to marry. As crazy as it sounds and as
    painful as it hurts. I knew we couldn’t end up
    together if I didn’t want the worst. I spoke to
    God about us and I was led in a different
    direction. A direction I was not expecting……”
    A few months later, Kelechi helped and
    pushed Yejide into learning a trade after she
    said she didn’t want to go back to school
    and so she started her own little business
    that soon expanded. She eventually got to
    open her very own tailoring store where she
    had about three others workers. Yejide tried
    and worked really hard, putting God first in all
    that she did. She even became a recognized
    worker in the same church she gave her life
    to Christ, the same church she had been
    invited to by mama ejima. Hadn’t she picked
    up that invitation and decided to attend the
    program, perhaps things would have turned
    out differently. She couldn’t believe she had
    been able to break the walls that had been
    preventing her from seeing the fresh spring,
    her new life. She had in the previous months
    spoken to some of her friends and people who
    used to be in the same prostitution business
    as her, concerning the dangers and
    consequences of being involved. She had
    convinced them into giving their lives to
    Christ like she did but many of them, even
    after hearing this and the death of Dupe, did
    not concede neither did they decide to do
    something better for themselves. Some
    believed they had made it that way and didn’t
    need any other thing while the story was
    different for others. Everyone had their
    decisions. It was up to each of them to
    decide their faith.
    Three years later, Yejide was seen walking
    down the aisle to meet her soon to be
    husband. As she got to the altar, she looked
    up at the man whom God had used to save
    her from the hands of the devil. The one
    whom she previously ignored, thinking he was
    a nuisance and had nothing to offer. She
    cried knowing that she did not picture herself
    getting married to a wonderful man. She cried
    knowing that her friend was not alive to
    witness everything. She cried knowing that
    God had shown her mercy and made a way,
    even when her back was turned and even
    when everything seemed as though it was
    over. She cried knowing that even with all the
    circumstances, God put a smile back on her
    face. She couldn’t believe someone as God
    fearing, educated, and talented could end up
    with her. As tears dropped down from her
    eyes, Kelechi put a hand to her face and
    wiped it off with his thumb before the pastor
    began the ceremony. After the pastor had
    gotten them to say their wedding vows, the
    whole crowd watched as Yejide and Kelechi
    exchanged rings.
    “I do….” Yejide said as Kelechi placed a ring
    on her finger.
    “I do….” Kelechi said as Yejide placed a ring
    on his finger.
    “By the power invested………….I now pronounce
    you husband and wife…….” The pastor said in
    the declaration of their marriage before he
    introduced them as Mr. and Mrs. Iwuchukwu.
    After much celebration and singing praises to
    God, family and friends gathered together in a
    hall to celebrate the newlyweds. Yejide had
    forgiven and reunited with her relatives who
    kicked her out after many years. They all
    danced and rejoiced at her wedding.
    Everything had been put behind as Yejide
    thought about the wonderful future and plans
    God had for her and her husband, Kelechi.
    Hope had been like a heartbreaking torment
    but when God was involved, the story was
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    The End
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