Story: Angels Do Weep

    By Horluwa ~ Season 1

    Episode 1

    {As it is in heaven }
    Doing what I know how to do most inside the garden of life, I heard the trumpet sound, “why could the supreme one be calling us now ” I asked myself rhetorically bringing out my white feathers from my back , walking to the magnificent hall from the garden of life is not far but I am just too lazy to walk, I prefer flying than walking, I’m always awed when I look down to earth and see the little ones walking, ” don’t they get tired of it ” I’ll always ask myself with a feeling of sympathy for them.
    I flew up and head to the magnificent hall.
    The magnificent hall is the building where the supreme one holds all his meeting with his angels, it was built with golds and is the most beautiful building in heaven after the supreme one and the greater one’s house.
    It devoured mass vast of lands, and it’s divided into four part,
    The first part was where the supreme one, mother Creator and the greater one stay, it’s consist of three thrones made of gold.
    The greater one is the son of the supreme one, that he cherish so much.
    The supreme being’s affection was divided into two before, one for the greater one and the other for brother Luci.
    Brother Luci was an angel like us but the supreme one cherished him like the greater one,
    Brother Luci was really fun to be with, his voice was super awesome, whenever he sings, all the angels always want to hear it, but he serves only the supreme and can only sing for him.
    After brother Luci ignited a rebel and was banished from heaven, the greater one only, enjoy the full affection of the supreme one.
    Another area was for we the angels to sit, it was made up of golden chairs and another part was where the glorious singers are, this aspect consist of beautiful ladies with feathers too who use their voice in glorifying the supreme one,they always classify themselves as angel but i don’t count them as one of us,
    this faction was formed when brother Luci was banished.
    And the last segment, well I don’t know what it’s for, because nobody stays there, only the supreme one knows what he plans to do with it.
    { to know more about the magnificent hall, I’ll show you around personally when you get to heaven #wink }
    On my way to the magnificent hall I had to fly over brother Luci building which has been deserted for over a millennium years.
    Passing over this building always makes me remember about brother Luci,
    I was the last angel created, and I heard it was mother creator that asked that I should be made.
    I was the youngest and the most cherished of the angels by mother creator like how the supreme
    cherished brother Luci .
    Every angels has a specific duty post they’re assigned to.
    Like brother Gabriel and some other angels are in charge of delivering the supreme messages, brother Michael and his angel warriors are in charge of waging war against any oppressor and they were also in charge of being guardian angels, brother Luci then was in charge of glorifying the Supreme and many more like that.
    Their are some angels in charge of creating the little ones.
    But reverse is the case for me,because I was the youngest of all the angels and believe me, I am also the cutest of them, mother Creator always have me in her bossom, and when it was time for me to join a department, mother Creator was against it, she insisted that I should be left alone, and do anything I wish to do.
    When I clocked a millennium, the Supreme chased me away from mother creator bossom, the Supreme is a jealous type and when He sees that I was the only one mother Creator was devoting all her time into, he used the excused that I’m now of age to be free from mother Creator’s bossom.
    Tho all the angels still refer to me as the little one, i doubt if they even remember my real name,
    Getting a building of my own and having nothing to do, I decided to pick which angel I will be staying with most.
    I decided to go for the son of the supreme, the greater one but decided against it because he is the boring type.
    He is always serious and don’t joke with people, that was what I thought without knowing that I was wrong.
    So I settled for brother Luci.
    every day was always filled with fun with brother Luci, after he’s free from the supreme, he will teach me how to play different types of instrument and also how to train my voice to be like his own.
    He was a very good and jovial angel, he liked me so much and I also liked him, we play like we’re of the same age where as he’s older than me with 9 millenniums and the same goes to other angels, the angel using the least age to senior me is 5 millenniums. So they always refer to me as the little one and refuse to play with me.
    I was almost at the same standard with brother Luci in terms of singing and playing of different sorts of instruments before he rebelled against the supreme one with some angels from the warrior squad, brother Luci is not good in fighting so he had to convinced some angels from the warrior squad to help him and brought some demons from hades too to assist him.
    But with all his support, he lost to brother Michael.
    I wave of the thought in my head as I flew to the magnificent hall, everyone had already settled down, and I was the last to enter. I quickly tiptoed inside in order not to be seen by the supreme that I was late but he’s already caught me.
    ” always late “the Supreme directed at me as he looked into the mother Creator who was sitting on the throne at his left hand side face.
    Mother Creator quickly took her gaze away from him and looked into mine with smile which I reciprocated with mine.
    But something was different in the setting that day, their was a human in front of the throne, and it was a female, she has magnificent beauty and she was shining in glory.
    ” oops” i said knocking my head when I remembered that that day was the tenth day after the creation of the last perfect being.
    Every ten days, a perfect being is been created, and the creation of perfect beings is always monitored by the supreme and mother creator themselves.
    A single day in heaven equivalent to ten years on earth, so a perfect being is always sent down to earth every 100 years.
    I knew the meeting was for the purpose of selecting a guardian angel for the perfect being.
    It has being my desire to go down to earth and stay with the little being, but I have never been selected as a guardian angel before because I wasn’t among the angel warriors and I wasn’t ready to be.
    The perfect beings are always posed to face different types of persecutions and evil on earth because of how they are, they can be created in form of male or female.
    They are blessed with divine beauty which cannot been seen on earth, everything about them is always perfect and they always shine brighter among their colleagues, even beyond their colleagues.
    Because of their nature, they are always threading on dangerous road, so a guardian angel is always sent with them to earth to wade off evil from their path.
    And the main reason a guardian angel is needed most and must be from the warrior angels is because of brother Luci.
    The water running inside the perfect beings is from the water of life, normal little beings are created with water of creation, but the perfect being are created with water of life which runs in their blood.
    A drop of Mixture of their blood with Hakintolite water in to the middle of the earth will wipe out all little beings from the surface of the earth.
    Tho brother luci can’t lay his hand on Hakintolite water but there’s nothing impossible when he’s able to get the perfect one’s blood.
    The supreme one announced the reason for the meeting which we all know, selecting of the perfect one’s guardian.
    Brother Lucien was called forward, he’s the assistant of brother Michael, and when the supreme wanted to give him the responsibility of being the guardian angel, the greater one spoke for me.
    Ever since brother Luci has been cast down, I started getting closer to the greater one, I didn’t know he was also fun to be with until I got closer to him.
    He so much love the little ones and he shared the love to me.
    Being with him for a long time made me also cherish the little ones.
    He knows that I wish to stay among the little ones but I can’t be given the chance because of my status.
    It got to a time when the greater one was sent to live among the little ones as a human for three days, I cried everyday just to make him take me along but he couldn’t because it was a mission meant for him only.
    When he came back, he promised me that he was going to find a way for me to stay among the little ones.
    Even if it is as a shadow i.e guardian angel.
    Ever since the day he promised me, I have gotten closer to brother Michael so that I could learn how to fight and the reason was unknown to brother Michael only the greater one knew of my plan.
    After some training from brother Michael, I have been training alone inside my garden.
    ” father, I wish you allow Benmanna to be the guardian angel of the perfect being ” he said to the surprise of everyone inside the hall,
    They all know me to be an immature angel and living the fate of the perfect one to my hand was a something they didn’t saw coming,
    Everyone inside the hall including mother Creator and the supreme being looked into the eye of the greater one with disbelief, they didn’t expect him to bring forth such an opinion,
    ” who did you say should be the guardian angel of the perfect being ” the supreme one asked the greater one with a serious tone.
    ” Benmanna ” the greater one replied confidently, “and why do you propose him ” the supreme one asked again
    “Because he’s fit for the task ” the greater replied which led to everyone inside the hall to burst into laughter excluding mother Creator and I
    “I don’t believe am hearing this from you when you know how delicate this mission is ” the supreme one retorted with anger ”
    ” I’m sure he’s capable of the mission father, just give him a chance ” the greater one replied trying to influence the supreme one’s decision
    ” Benmanna ” the supreme one called with a harsh tone, ” yes your Highness ” I replied standing up
    “Move to the middle ” the supreme one commanded and I obeyed moving to the middle
    ” mention some of the guidelines of being a guardian angel ” the supreme asked knowing well that I will not know it.
    Everything pertaining to being a guardian angel is only known by the angel warriors because it is their duty, but the greater one also knew about it and he had devoted some of his time to taught me.
    I stood transfixed at the spot with a blank expression, everyone already thought I didn’t know it and when the supreme made to speak, I quickly voiced out.
    ” hurt not the innocent little ones, ye must be ready and prepare every time for war that may be posed by the wicked little ones, guarding the perfect one is your main duty, never get distracted in the course of discharging your duty, blablablabla ” I listed out all the guidelines without omitting any,
    Everyone inside the magnificent hall were surprised excluding the greater one who was busy smiling and winking at me.
    I could tell that the supreme one was also surprised,
    ” well, someone has been learning ” the supreme one later voiced out thinking of what more he could use to take me off from being the guardian angel
    ” in order to show us that you’re capable of being the guardian angel, you must defeat Lucien who was supposed to be the one doing the job ” he spoke to the surprise of everyone inside the hall,
    Brother Lucien was the next in command to Brother Michael, he’s very powerful and strong and a valour in battle.
    Everyone inside the hall thought I don’t stand a chance against him,
    ” the immature one against fierce Lucien, it’s already a lost fight ” I heard someone spoke among the angels, but I didn’t do as if I heard it.
    ” Lucien, step forward ” the supreme one commanded and brother Lucien stood up walking towards me
    ” you’ll spar with Benmanna and the winner will be the guardian angel ” the supreme one said which forced a smile out of brother Lucien lip.
    I was smiling deep inside me too because I was sure of myself, no one knows the hidden power I’ve inside of me,
    When I was made neutral and immune to the code guarding the angels of being a participant in a post, mother creator bestowed on me the ability to exceed excellently in everything I wish to learn.
    Not going into details of how the fight went, I won it tho it was very hard, many people couldn’t believe this and I saw the rage in brother Lucien eye but I am just a type who isn’t bothered by anything.
    I was granted the permission to follow the perfect one.
    The supreme one snapped his finger and I was clothed with a golden armour and a golden sword.
    After the necessary procedures ,we were set to go.
    When the perfect one and I were going to the earth.
    I asked the perfect being where she choosed to be conceived.
    ” Africa, precisely in Nigeria ” she replied boastfully.
    ” what! ” I exclaimed shockingly
    I almost ran back to forsake the task but it was already too late

    Episode 2

    {About to be born}
    With heavy heart, Ranking opened his car door and entered it, his mind was filled with guilt, he couldn’t believe he did it, the bright expression that always follow him around was no longer there, his mind was filled with guilt and he felt like he should vanish with the car into the ground,
    He rested his head on the steering of the car with dejected mood,
    He raised his head up abruptly following the tap on his car window.
    He looked at the person and remembered he came in company of someone to BAMO EXCLUSIVE HOTEL situated in Ikoyi.
    It was Yemi, his secretary,
    He looked at her and felt like speeding off leaving her there.
    He couldn’t just imagine that he later fell for her tricks.
    Yemi was the secretary of Ranking in his head company situated in Obalende. Merely looking at her will make some men drool, she has a round small face, light in completion, cute set of white teeth that could heal a lunatic when flashed at him,slightly curved leg.
    Apart from being bestowed with a beautiful face, her figure is the killer type, her bossom was a bit above average and a little below excess, her backside can cause accident on the highway because she had it in excess. She’s the type of girl you can’t classify as being slim or fat, she’s just normal.
    Ranking almost decided against her appointment a year ago when she applied for the post of secretary in his company, and the reason was not far fetched, it was because he wanted to avoid what just occurred between him and her in BAMO EXCLUSIVE HOTEL right now.
    He knew temptation will always be lurking around if he have such an hot girl as his secretary, but her qualifications was the perfect among all the candidates they got their C.V, and he just couldn’t decipher the main reason he accepted her.
    Just got to office one day and asked his manager to give her a call that she has being employed, the reason he did it,
    he couldn’t tell till date.
    He has spent a year avoiding being tempted to do anything intimate with her, but here he is with his secretary looking at him from his car window expecting him to open the door after series of hardcore sex in one of the vvip room of BAMO EXCLUSIVE HOTEL.
    Slowly his hand moved to the unlock key on one of the car board beside him.
    She entered the car smiling seductively at him, the urge to slap her filled Ranking but he controlled it and started the car as he wheeled out of the magnificent gate of the hotel opened by one of the securities.
    The journey was done in a silent mood, tho Yemi tried to lift the atmosphere but Ranking didn’t gave her a chance to do so, all the topics she tried to brought up were all being met by a blank expression from Ranking who focused on the driving as if a seer has told him that if he will soon die by road accident.
    It’s was normal for Ranking to feel how he’s feeling, he has been married for more than 6 & ½ years and he hasn’t seen the nakedness of another woman talk less of committing adultery.
    He’s faithful to his wife and loved her so much, even tho she was barren, six years + of being in marriage and she hasn’t even have a miscarriage talk less of conceiving a child, they’ve done a lot and different types of checkup and test but all the doctors they’ve come in contact with always have the same tone in their mouth which was
    ” with all the tests carried out on you and your wife sir, there’s nothing wrong with the two of you, all you just have to do is wait for God’s time, and am sure your wife will conceive, but take this prescription to our pharmacist down there, get these drugs from there to draw God’s time nearer ”
    Lolz, what concerns God’s time and drug.
    Ranking’s mind was filled up, he has broken the code of conduct of business, how will her boss employee relationship with Yemi be now that he has tasted out of her honey pot.
    After dropping Yemi in her bus stop, he sped off not even hearing or bidding her bye.
    The main problem lies in his house, he knew he couldn’t keep the fact that he has hurt his wife out of his mind and that will portray in his characters and behaviour at home, his wife (Precious ) is the sensitive type,just a micro change in the behavior of her husband, she is sure to notice it
    He horned when he got to the gate of his beautiful 5 bedroom flat , his gateman peeped through the hole made on the gate in order to decipher who it was.
    ” fool, only God knows when you’ll be able to know the sound of my car horn ” Ranking said with low voice as he drove inside his large compound to the parking space
    ” oga, I don come back “? Dandy the gateman asked with his deep hausa dialect,smiling as soon as Ranking came out came out of the car
    ” no, it’s my ghost, stupid ” Ranking replied irritated by his gate man’s stupid question
    ” is madam in ” ? He asked heading inside with his heart heavy as if a rock was placed on it
    ” yes, she I just come back now ” Dandy replied Ranking who didn’t even made a step to listen to his answer.
    Precious was sitting on one of the couch in the sitting room watching zee world channel on their 45 inches plasma television. She was deeply engrossed in it that she didn’t noticed when her husband entered.
    She got startled when she heard the door of her bedroom suddenly sounded due to the impact it was shut by anyone that shut it.
    She was scared and picked the dstv remote on the table to use as a weapon as she headed to the bedroom shaking,
    She sighed a sigh of relief when she got in and saw her husband sitting on their king size bed, his chin embedded in between his two palm, he was lost in his thought and didn’t know when his wife entered.
    “What’s wrong darling ” she said as she sat beside her husband ,tapping him on his back in order to bring him out of his thought.
    ” nothing dear ” he replied startled.
    ” don’t give me that dear,I’m not going to take that for an answer ” she replied him persisting to know what’s really wrong with him
    ” nothing dear, just a hectic day at work, that’s all ” he replied her trying to change his mood
    ” did mom call you again ” she asked again.
    Yeah, Ranking’s mom has being a bone in the throat for the couple, tho her son had banned her from coming to his house because of her constant coming to his house to embarrass Precious because she hasn’t conceive yet in her son house.
    After the ban, she didn’t relent on calling her son telling him to get a new wife and leave Precious . But that would be the last thing Ranking will do on earth before not until today when he took the step to doing it.
    ” mom didn’t call me but something else happened ” Ranking replied her with a stern look
    ” then what’s it honey ” precious asked him changing her sitting posture in order to look straight into his eye while he talks
    ” please forgive me, I’ve really sinned against you ” he said with tears visible in his sclera part of his eye ,he wanted to go on his kneel but was stopped by his wife,
    ” it’s okay my honey pie, just tell me what it is and I will forgive you ” she said raising him back to the bed.
    ” okay, I will tell you ” he said scratching his head, tho the room was highly ventilated with the high power AC installed in it, still the cloth he was wearing was already filled with sweat.
    ” I, I, I, I did ,I, ehn, ehn, I ” he started stammering
    ” you what, honey, just tell me, I promise not to get mad at you ” she said wrapping Ranking hands in hers in other to give him confidence to say what’s on his mind.
    ” I slept with Yemi ” he said swiftly closing his eye
    ” you meant Yemi your secretary “?she asked him covering her mouth with her hand in order not to scream
    ” I’m sorry dear, it was the devil ” Ranking pleaded now going on his knees without seeing anyone to stop him now.
    Precious stood up with slow motion and headed to the guest room, she locked the door as she fell down beside it weeping,
    She knew she was the cause of her husband committing adultery, if only She had conceived, her forever darling and faithful husband wouldn’t have had the cause to have sex with his secretary.
    ” why God, what have I done to deserve this?, haven’t I served you well, haven’t I suffered enough to receive a gift from you,
    even after praying, fasting for countless days ,you didn’t answer my prayer, even when I faced persecution from my husband families, I haven’t for once spoken negatively unto you, I know you’re going to answer me at your right time, but the right time is already getting late, please lord, grant me my heart desire ” she poured out weeping ceaselessly on the floor.
     In The Cloud
    ” did you saw how I defeated one of the greatest warrior in heaven ” I asked the perfect one as we were walking down the earth, tho I would have loved to fly but their are some steps we must thread downward before we get ito the earth, before I would be table to fly, the journey was becoming boring as the little girl beside me as refused to opened here mouth ever since we left the magnificent hall.
    She didn’t answered me as She kept on going without even doing like She heard me.
    ” what a beautiful little devil ” I thought in my mind as she refused to answer me,
    ” or did they forgot to give her sound and hearing abilities ” I asked myself when I tried to start another chat with her but she just kept quiet as we kept walking.
    After thinking for sometime, I thought of asking her things about her instead of asking about mine.
    ” where exactly did you chose to be conceived when you’re give the chance to choose “?
    ” Africa, precisely in Nigeria ” she replied boastfully.
    ” okay Nigeria ”
    ” what! ” I exclaimed shockingly
    I almost ran back to forsake the task but it was already too late
    ” how could you choose that awful place ” I asked her with anger in my tone
    ” because I felt pity on her ” she answered without slowing down her pace
    ” who “? I aasked surprised
    ” the lady crying beside the door ” she answered
    ” do you see any lady in heaven ” I asked her perplexed at her answers
    ” looks like you’re every dumb ” she replied
    ” what! ” I exclaimed, no one has ever told me that I was dumb before and hearing it from a little one for the first time, brought a kind of sensation that I can’t explain into me.
    ” when the Supreme one showed me the accepted candidates they can allow me to stay with on earth, there was a single candidate from Nigeria, and she felt very depressed and was weeping profusely because She doesn’t have a child yet ” she answered pitifully
    ” what of my own tears, can’t you see it, because you felt pity on someone, you
    denied me the chance to live
    in Asia, where I would really love to be ,precisely in Israel, and if you can’t go with that, you should have chosen Europe most countries there
    are awesome,
    but all you could do
    is select a country with highly confused set of little ones, the second version of tower of Babel
    Have I offended you before ” I asked changing my voice to sound like a bird’s own and she laughed
    Seeing her laughed, hit a place inside if me, I think the place was somewhere situated in my chest.
    ” but do you know you’re kinda late ” I informed her and she seemed surprised about what I said
    ” late as how ” she asked with a surprised expression
    ” if am to deduce the time you saw the lady and when we’ll get to earth, all should approximate to 4 hours and that should approximate to a year and half on earth ” I informed her and she looked surprised again.
    ” then we’ve to move fast ” she retorted increasing her pace.
    I shook my head with disbelief as I also fastened my steps

    When we got to earth, I told her to picture the lady in her head and focus more on her, she did and we teleport into a dark room but we could see the occupants clearly,
    a guy was atop a lady and the lady was busy screaming while the guy at the top kept on banging her, he was slamming her with his waist on the bed.
    Me and the perfect one just stood there looking at them.
    ” what are they doing ” the perfect one asked with with a confused expression
    ” they’re having sex ” I replied her
    ” sex! ” I suddenly exclaimed covering the perfect one’s eye with my feather and we teleport outside.
    The place we teleport to was the compound of the house we just entered.
    ” that was close ” I said breathing heavily as I dropped the perfect one
    ” what was close and what were those people doing inside that place ” the perfect one asked with curiosity filled eye
    ” they almost breached my holy place and what they were doing inside there ” I smirked before continuing
    ” they’re on the verge of making you ” I answered her smiling sheepishly
    ” good, our timing is right ” she answered happily
    ” but how did you know that, that was what they were doing ” she asked looking at me like a guilty one, but I couldn’t answer her because I also didn’t know how I know, my brain just received the signal all of a sudden and I knew everything about sex.
    She punched me playfully when I didn’t answer her and I did mine back.
    Everyday was always filled with fun,
    I and the perfect one always play around, joking around, she was really a good company,
    Even after she had made appearance in the stomach of Precious ( her mother to be ) and the doctor confirmed her pregnant,
    she vacated her stomach the same day doctor confirmed her pregnant.
    She only goes back into it when Precious wants to go and do check up, sometimes, Precious always thinks that she isn’t pregnant, because she doesn’t feel how other pregnant lady use to feel and her stomach isn’t getting larger,
    unknown to her that her child wasn’t ready to be inside her, flexing outside.
    The perfect one always like me to take her and fly in the atmosphere and to sing for her.
    Our playing doesn’t know day and night,,
    We played so much that we got very acquainted with ourselves, she liked me so much that I had to beg her to return to her mom’s womb when it was time for her to be conceived,
    She didn’t wish to go and I also didn’t want her to go,
    because when she’s conceived, she will forget everything about me, and we won’t be able to see, communicate and feel ourselves again.
    I will be lonely and all I will have to do is protect her from dangers.
    The day she departed from me was a very sad day, she wept her heart out,
    That was when she opened up to me that she love me, she learnt about the meaning of love through our process of watching zee world channel with her mother, all they do everyday in that is channel is about love.
    ” I love you Ben, I’ve being loving you for long, but I think I should tell you now because I’m going to forget and it will be rude for me to put you in the dark ” she said to my utmost surprise that day, the words just kept on resounding in my head, tho I don’t love her but I liked her as my friend,that was what I thought, she pecked me as we bade ourselves bye and she returned to her mom’s womb
    which led to Precious entering the labour pain stage.
    She was rushed to the hospital and taking to the labour room by some nurses.
    I followed them flying above their car.
    The day the perfect being was to be born was among the day I fought most on earth.
    I was inside the labour room with them when Precious was screaming in pain as she was grunting hard to bring the child to life.
    Suddenly, the weather changed and thunder started clasping, darkness started hovering everywhere.
    ” am gonna have one hell of a night ” I said unsheathing my golden sword from its sheath which was on my back as different t
    ypes of evil spirits and demon started strolling in

    Episode 3

    {Appetizer Break}
    10 Years Later
    ” I’m miss Efe Ifedolapo Mobolaji, but you can simply call me miss Efe ” Efe said facing the new sets of Js1 students that were just being enrolled in Ruler Of Sky Model College.
    It was the best school in Aja, it’s building is a magnificent one, filled with qualified teachers only,
    Standard equipment for learning and extra curricular activities.
    It was shielded round with a magnificent wall filled with barb wire at its top, this was done to ensure adequate security in the school, and because the school isn’t for day students only, it also consists of boarders, whose hostel is situated in the school compound.
    The real owner of the school Mr Wisdom Shanu was said to be one of most wretched person in the country, before he suddenly got rich and build the school, it was rumoured that he built the school mainly for his family members to attend but he later changed his mind and made it a school for the elite and wealthy people’s children.
    ” okay, miss Efe ” only a girl answered among the 9 students inside the class.
    Efe smiled and continued her introduction, that was not the first time she was experiencing such from students of RSMC, it has became an activity she has gotten used to.
    But something was odd to her, the cute little girl that answered her bashed her thought, when she first entered the class, she had already scanned through the students and deduced the ones that will give her problem most out of all of them, the little cute girl that answered her was the one topping her chart in her mind, because she was extremely beautiful and cute,
    ” she must be from a very wealthy family that would have pampered her to ruin” she elucidated in her mind as she was mesmerized by her beauty.
    ” I will be the one taking you civic education till God’s know, so will you all please do me the favour of telling me your names ” she said almost pleading to them but none of the students stood up, all of them were just looking at her as if she spoke Latin or Arabic to them.
    She smiled as she open the little cover on the temporary marker in her hand and backed the class to start writing on the white board
    ” I’m Tabitha, Olugbaye Tabitha ” the cute girl answered again surprising the hell out of miss Efe,
    that was the first time a students will reply her question since her two years of teaching in the school.
    She closed the marker back and turned to face the the one who broke the record of mentioning her name in her first day as a jss1 students.
    She was surprised to see the pretty girl standing and smiling at her.
    She couldn’t believe it, she moved closer to her and hugged her deeply like a long lost child that was just found.
    ” what a cute name you have dear, can I be your friend ” Efe asked the little girl nicely stretching her hands towards her
    ” yes you can ” Tabitha replied receiving the handshake.
    She headed back to the board and wrote on the board, civic education at the upper part of the board,
    After that, she wrote, what is civic education below the subject.
    ” I know some of you must have been taught in your primary school the meaning of civic education, so can any of you please stand up and give me any definition of civic education you know “? She asked them in the most humble manner she could muster but still, the kids were unyielding.
    She had already trained herself to have full patience when dealing with her rotten kids,after an incident occurred when she got angry and was almost sacked.
    ” friend, can you give it a try ” she asked facing Tabitha
    ” Civics education according to Wikipedia is the study of the theoretical, political and practical aspects of citizenship, as well as its rights and duties; the duties of citizens to each other as members of a political body and to the government ” she replied swiftly,
    Efe just stood there looking at her with her mouth wide open, she felt like she was dreaming, a ten year old kid defining civic from Wikipedia is something she hasn’t seen before.
    I just stood where I was beside the perfect one smiling, that wasn’t her first time of doing such, when she was in basic four, her teacher then, fainted when she answered a question which a university graduate will have to make some research about it before being able to answer it.
    I accolade the teacher because she didn’t faint, she just stood looking at the perfect one with her mouth opened.
    She taught them some things about civic and got out of the class when her period was over.
    Only a single teacher entered the class after the departure of the civic teacher.
    The perfect one was the ffirst person he asked of when he entered the class, I knew it was the civic teacher that has gisted him about the perfect one.
    ” who is Olugbaye Tabitha among you all ” Mansir asked as he entered the js1 class,
    ” I’m the one ” Tabitha said standing up smiling.
    Apart from Tabitha being beautiful and very smart, there’s something people don’t know, things that only we in heaven knows, she is the type that wherever she is, she must be cherished, and whatever the circumstances, she must shine among her colleague, i just always pity the students in the same class as her,
    the teachers may think that it’s because
    the kids had been spoilt by their parents,
    but even if they weren’t, that’s how they will be looking like dummy anytime they’re asked of anything,
    Even if they know, some force will just let them keep their mouth shut and they will just see theirselves not talking.
    Only children with strong star can be free from this,
    Like when she was in primary school, there were two students with strong star among her classmates, but the fact that she has to shine will not go away.
    Like we the angels, we’ve the abilities to know things out of the blue, it’s just like saying that our brain was designed to know things by itself, I don’t know this before but as I kept on passing my time on earth, I got to know it, like the day I suddenly know everything about sex out of the blue.
    The supreme one also bestowed this kind of brain on the perfect ones he’s created, tho, I will say it’s half of our own cause it isn’t effective as mine, but it’s above normal human own.
    She has the ability to answer any questions even if that was the first time she comes across it.
    I just stood beside her as the male teachers that entered kept on showering praises on the perfect one.
    all he did through out his teaching was staring at the perfect one.
    After his teaching, the bell was jingled and the message passed by whoever rang the bell was that it was time for appetizing break.
    I was kind of surprised hearing such, not less than a minute, a teacher came inside and ushered the students up and asked them to follow him.
    They did and he led to a big hall, it looked like a restaurant but it was a cafeteria, the chairs and table inside it were arranged in a restaurant setting and some students were already there.
    They’re mostly seniors who already know there way around.
    RSMC was graced with beautiful ladies and handsome guys, they’re very smart in their uniform, the juniors uniform was the mixture of pink and cream, while the senior students own was the mixture of wine and sky blue.
    And I must accolade the person who made the combo of their uniform, because it’s very beautiful.
    Inside the hall some students were already sitted ,some sitting in pair while some were sitting single.
    ” get yourself somewhere to sit ” the teacher who led the js1 students said to them humbly before he got out of sight.
    Every student inside the cafeteria all got their gaze on the perfect one, I knew they were all mesmerized by her beauty.
    Some that were just making their way to their seat even collided with themselves which made the other students to burst into tush laughter.
    Something wasn’t right about the cafeteria, darkness filled everywhere but no one could see it except me, and that means only one thing, diabolical power was present in their, but I couldn’t decipher where.
    On each table inside the cafeteria was a small menu which consisted of every snacks the students can order and a small paper beside it depicting a number, and also a segment for them to write what they would like to order.
    Every chairs inside the cafeteria were numbered and it’s the same number that’s on the paper that the students can use to order.
    The number was to recognize the table an order was made from .
    After everyone had settled down,
    Some girls dressed smartly started going round each table to pick the paper.
    All the students of js1 inside the hall except Tabitha didn’t fill theirs.
    So the girls which I presume to be the waiters explained to them what the paper is for and they all filled theirs.
    After taking the paper away, not up to a minute, the girls started returning with trays containing different types of snack on it.
    That was when I knew what was wrong, to human, the tray consisted of meat pie, doughnut, ice cream etc but what was really in it was animal’s heart.
    I shook my head pitifully as I saw students munching on this poison happily, then I saw a girl coming towards where the perfect one was sitting with her orders.
    As she got closer, I clogged her leg and she lost balance and fell down pouring all that was in her hand.
    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry ” she said repeatedly as she swiftly cleared the ground of what she smeared it with.
    After she disappeared out of sight, another girl appeared with another tray consisting of the perfect one’s order.
    Truth was that I didn’t wanted to ignite a fight because I was very tired, I fought throughout the night and it has made me tired,
    I knew if I reveal to everyone what they were eating, it will cause a fight with the dark men doing the deed, but when I saw another girl with a tray headed towards our direction, I unsheathed my sword from my back, I pointed it towards the sky as I snapped my fingers and the cafeteria changed, it transformed to an old house which was filled with different sorts of diabolical things, skulls of human, charms and the like, the snacks in front of every students transformed to hearts of animal immensely smeared with blood.
    The cafeteria became rowdy as the students that were doing as if they couldn’t run before started running helter skelter screaming.
    The perfect one also ran and I tried to follow her but two evil spirits appeared at once , I smile as I pointed the sword I raised up at them and they turned to ashes.
    I wanted to follow after Tabitha again and was stopped by five people, they were all clothed in red and all has staff depicting the head of a serpent on it handle.
    Mr wisdom shanu was among them, and I knew the person in the middle was their leader.
    I knew they’re already in spiritual realm that’s how they could see me.
    They looked like kids in front of me, I’m a giant and they were ordinary humans trying to fight me, that was the first day human will dare to cross my path, ever since I’ve started my mission, all I did was fight evil spirits and demons, and for humans to be challenging me was kind of funny,
    They were fool to think they can defeat an angel.
    That was what I thought until the five of them joined their staff together and a big serpent twice my size with a red crystal on its head emanated from it.
    They shifted back and worship it, the serpent roared loudly,it brought out flame from its mouth directing it at me,but i dodged it, seeing this, it charge at me with full speed, but as I held my sword towards it stopped abruptly and shifted back,
    I saw the confused look on wisdom and his partner’s face.
    I charged at the serpent with full speed and I saw as it break through the wall and ran away.
    As it ran away, wisdom and his colleagues were drawn out of the spiritual realm and they couldn’t see me again.
    They started begging for their life turning to all direction at once.
    I didn’t do anything to them, it occurred to me that the serpent might go after the perfect one since it was scared of me and smiting the perfect will be the same thing as smiting me.
    I bound the five of them with an invisible rope and connected with the perfect one in order to know where she was.
    I saw her clearly hiding behind one of the school bus.
    I teleport at once to where she was and like I presumed, the serpent appeared once.
    On seeing me it screeched and tried to run away again but this time I chased after it, it was very fast so I had to brought out my feathers in order to be able to beat it speed, I was flying while it was running, when I was directly over it, I jumped on it and I used my sword to destroy the crystal on its head and its died at once.
    After killing it ,the darkness hovering around cleared at once.
    I returned to where the perfect one was and was surprised not to see her.
    I connected with her again in spirit and I saw her in her dad’s car.
    Parents of students were already present in the school when they heard the news, news really travel fast ,I said to myself as I took my position near the perfect one.
    Following the incident, Mr Shanu Wisdom the owner of the school loose it at once, by losing it, I meant he became mad, as he tore the cloth on his body , he was naked as he began to confess his crimes to all the parents present in the school.
    He told them how he has been diverting the student’s fortune to his through the snacks they always eat during the appetizer break and many more of his evil deeds.
    Before finally running out to the street, he mentioned how one of the students who has a guardian angel ruin everything.
    I was laughing when some parents were claiming it was their child that has the guardian angel because they have been seeing the signs for a long time.
    The incident led to the withdrawal of Tabitha from the school, she was enrolled in another one and that was how everything started, the good, happy, sad, bad and above it all, my foolishness started.

    Episode 4

    {Coincidental enemy’s love}
    In heaven where I came to earth, we all love ourselves, we were thought to love all creation of the supreme, either wild or calm, ranging from beast of the earth to the human inhabiting it.
    The supreme one really love his creatures and he always endure us to like them too.
    But our commitment is greater than one another,
    I love the creation more than other angels because of the time I spent with the greater one who also share the same love the supreme has for the little ones.
    I knew I was loving the perfect one more than other little ones, but I thought it’s just the normal pure brotherly love I have for other little ones, ” it’s because I’m with her most, that’s why I love her most ” I always assure myself in order not to admit it that the love I have towards the perfect is more than a mere brotherhood love.
    Having to follow her around everyday became my source of joy, but not being able to communicate with her always makes me sad.
    I always miss the nine months we spent together, I could say those moments were the best of my life that I could trade with the years I spent with brother Luci and the greater one.
    I admit that I really wish we could go back to the days we can communicate.
    Tho my mission on earth was to protect her and it was made mandatory to stay with her 24/7, but even if it was not made mandatory to stay with her everyday, I would still be staying with her without leaving her for a second.
    I was always ready to protect her from any harm, and it brings me joy knowing that it’s because of me that she was safe from every harm.
    When she sleeps at night, I was always on guard wading off every danger coming her way including mosquitoes.
    She’s always terrified of rat so I made sure none ever locate its way to anywhere close to her.
    Her smile was always my own source of happiness and I always make sure I cover for any mistake she did so that she won’t get disciplined by her mom who’s a strict person.
    She never spare the rod when correcting her when she’s wrong.
    I started covering for her mistakes at age 8 when her tears made me to also weep.
    Her mom really dealth with her so much that day because she disobeyed her.
    After the birth of Tabitha, Ranking’s business bloom beyond what he could ever imagined, his company became a global one with branches in four countries in different continent in just a year. One in U.S.A in America, another in China in Asia, another one in Australia in Australia and the last one was in France in Europe.
    He became extremely rich and bought the house next to his, he demolished his own house and the one on the one he bought and merged the two land together to erect a magnificent structure.
    He built a big supermarket for his wife and started investing in new businesses and he sure succeeded in all.
    He was ready to give to his child good and quality education, he has already sent her to England to study when she was age five, but the little girl who couldn’t stay away from her mom couldn’t adapt there, she didn’t use up to six months before the administration of the school she was in, in England advised her parents that, it’s either her mom comes to England to stay with her or she should return to her bossom back in Nigeria.
    The first option would have been easy to choose if not for the phobia and flight trauma Precious has.
    It happened when she was traveling by air within local route, it was from lagos to Abuja, the flight she was in collided with a bad weather and only those who has been in that situation would know how she really felt.
    It was due to God’s and the experience pilots intervention that made them all to avoid a crash.
    She even fainted during the course, and ever since then, she couldn’t enter an aeroplane talk less of making a journey with it.
    After the little girl was brought back home, Ranking had made sure she was sent to only the best school.
    After she finished her primary school education, he enrolled him in a school called RSMC, a reputable school that is of high standard in his local government.
    He had to withdraw her from there on her first day in school following the confession of the owner of the school Mr Wisdom Shanu that he was using the school to extort the fortunes of the kids to make himself rich.
    The only school he could enrol her again that met his taste was the one his first daughter was going to.
    Before her wife gave birth to Tabitha, he committed adultery with his secretary and it led to the secretary being pregnant .
    Tho he told his wife about it and she just accepted her fate not until she too was graced with her own kid.
    His plan was to enrol Tabitha in the same school Yemi’s daughter ( his first daughter ) was attending .He knew that they wouldn’t know each other, because his first child was already in js2 while Tabitha was just to be In js1, and he would make sure not to go to the school, the registration of the child would be done by Precious and he employed an hausa guy who’s good in driving as a driver that will be taking her to school.
    He knew that when they coincidentally meet ( his two daughters ) they will think it’s just a mere coincidence that they were bearing the same surname.
    ” please make sure you help me to take good care of her and please don’t hesitate to discipline her when she do anything wrong, don’t mind this school law or code that doesn’t allow you to beat in my child’s case” I smiled as I listened to Precious telling the class teacher of Tabitha’s class all what I expected her to say,
    instead of going home after completing the registration of the perfect one at the principal’s office, she still searched for the class teacher of the class Tabitha was placed in, handling over the discipline of the kid to her.
    I was surprised to see miss Efe as the class teacher, the perfect one only use a week at home before she was later enrolled in the school.
    ” how could she have quickly gotten job here ” I asked myself when I saw her.
    While Precious was busy adhering miss Efe not to be taken aback when she wants to discipline her kid, miss Efe was just busy smiling at the perfect and the perfect one too was also doing the same.
    After Precious finished what she came to the school to do, she adhere her daughter to be of good character in the school and make sure she continues making her proud.
    She left and miss Efe took the perfect one to her class.
    Prestigious Pearls Dynamic College is a school that can be weigh together with RSMC, the structure looks similar and its also comprises of day and boarding students.
    High power AC were installed in every class, teaching in the school was carried out by oversea teachers.
    A projector was mounted in every class, every of the teachings carried out in the school was based on live streaming teaching from teachers in abroad.
    Even as the projector always do most of the teaching, they still recruited qualified teachers to oversee the teaching made by the foreign teachers.
    They’re also in charge of marking of assignment given by the foreign teachers and the teachers always work hand in hand with the foreign teachers to set the assessment exam of the students.
    The school unlike RSMC was jointly owned by five people.
    And a board was set up to ensure efficient administration of the school.
    On getting inside the school, I had surveyed everywhere in order to see if it’s building was based on evil foundation but the school was clean.
    But I knew Tabitha was going to have some little problem when I entered her class, their were nineteen students inside the class and all of them were with strong stars.
    I was amazed at this, strong star children are not that easy to come by and seeing a class filled with them was something that shocked me, and in the same class, they now have the perfect one.
    I knew it will be a battle of the fittest.
    All the students sat down in pair unlike RSMC where it’s single there.
    Only a boy was sitting single in the class and I knew at once that, that would be the sit the perfect one will be assigned to.
    ” make sure you all get along well ” miss Efe remarked last as she introduced Tabitha to the students who were already sitted on their sit.
    ” we will miss Efe ” all the students chorused brightly as miss Efe asked Tabitha to sit with the only boy sitting without a partner in the class and she obeyed.
    All the students inside the class shone brightly spiritually and physically, But the perfect one shone more brightly than them.
    I was even kind of happy that the perfect one was among them, I knew it will shape her well because it will be a challenge between them unlike RSMC where all the students in her class were all with weak and fair star.
    ” I’ll come back soon to select a class captain for the class, teachers will soon start coming to teach you, make sure you all pay maximum attention and be of good character to them ” miss Efe said before she got out of the class,while the students echoed ” we will, miss Efe ”
    ” I’m Gabriel, Okunsanya Gabriel ” the boy sitting next to Tabitha said startling Tabitha.
    ” I’m Tabitha ” she replied him smiling
    ” can we be friends ” Gabriel asked Tabitha stretching forth his hand in a manner of requesting for a handshake
    ” sure ” she replied him accepting the handshake.
    Ever since I had graced the earth with my presence for the past 11 years, I became angry for the first time the day the perfect one started PPDC, I was very angry seeing her getting along with a guy, I didn’t know why I was angry with it then,
    After their short introduction, they started talking, I was extremely angry where I stood beside the perfect one, I felt like giving the boy a knock so that he will pass away, “how dare him get acquainted with my special perfect one like that ” I said to myself as I stare at them in rage, ”
    The teachers helped cooled me down as they started trooping in to teach them with the projector mounted in the front,the teachers only made little contribution to the teaching.
    And one thing was sure with them than death and tax, that’s the teachers staring at the perfect one not minding if it’s a male or female teacher.
    After three teachers has finished monitoring the teaching of their subject, the bell was jingled and the message the person that jingled it passed was refreshing break.
    It was a break for the students to settle their brain for twenty minutes before teaching will commence again.
    The boy sitting beside the perfect one didn’t ceased to annoyed me throughout the twenty minutes.
    As he kept on chitchatting with my precious perfect one.
    I heaved a sigh of relief when the bell was jingled again to signify the end of refreshing break and teachers started coming in to monitor their teaching.
    After an hour or so, the bell was jingled again to signify the lunch break.
    ” do you know where the cafeteria is situated “? Gabriel asked Tabitha who didn’t made a move to get out of the class as other students were already doing so.
    ” no I don’t and I don’t wish to ” she replied him placing her head on their desk
    ” why ” Gabriel asked surprised at her response
    ” it isn’t something much, just that the last one I went to didn’t go well ” she replied him with a look that depict fear.
    ” but you haven’t gone to any in here and I promise you it isn’t going to be like the one you’re talking about ” Gabriel said trying to change her mind.
    As Tabitha wanted to decline again her stomach grumbled and Gabriel smiled standing up and held her hand insisting she follows him, Tabitha only resisted weakly before she later gave in and they both head out of the empty class.
    Saying that I wanted to kill the little boy will means I’m lying,
    What I wanted to do was separate all his body parts then pack everything and fly back to heaven to deliver it to the supreme one, and ask him to punish all the creation team for creating someone who has the gut to give me headache.
    As if he hasn’t cross over his boundary, he still had the gut to over cross it by holding my precious perfect one’s hand with his filthy hand.
    He was the first human I didn’t like except for the ones involved in diabolical practice.
    I was making all sorts of angry gestures as I followed the perfect one and the boy as they made their way to the cafeteria.
    The cafeteria building was seperate from the class blocks.
    It was situated lonely beside the school block.
    It was just in a simple setting, like how a cafeteria should be unlike RSMC own that looked like where the president of a country always dine.
    When the perfect one and her new friend entered the cafeteria, as usual, all eye was on her.
    I knew she has already gotten used to it as that was not the first or second time such will be happening.
    ” get your orders from the front ” Gabriel said as he pointed to the place where the students were getting their food unlike RSMC where students are being served.
    I was happy as the boy pathed from her and the perfect made her way to the place where she will get her food.
    List of foods that were available was pasted on a board beside the spot to get the order,
    It was big enough so that new students like Tabitha will quickly notice it.
    When she saw it, she moved closer to it and ran her finger through to know what she was going to order.
    ” order fried rice and chicken, that’s the best thing they know how to prepare here ” a girl said smiling, Tabitha turned to look at the girl, the girl was smiling at her like she’d known her before,
    truth be told, the girl was also an epitome of beauty, she was very beautiful but Tabitha was more beautiful than her, she’s almost the same height with Tabitha and they both look alike a little.
    ” thank you ” Tabitha replied her staring at the girl
    ” I’m Nina, Olugbaye Nina, I’m in js2, can we be friends “? the girl asked Tabitha smiling while Tabitha just stood there looking at her in awe.

    Episode 5

    Coincidence they say is inevitable in life, but the one I witnessed the day the two daughters of Ranking met was kind of shocking to me,
    I didn’t think it was just out of the ordinary, I think the supreme one must have a hand in it.
    And what amazed me most was that Nina too, has a strong star. And it is the strongest I’ve ever seen, the perfect one was just a bit above her.
    How could the supreme one allow the two girls to be with a single person,tho their mother is different but it’s too much for a man to have the two extraordinary kid when some doesn’t even have any among all the children they have.
    I knew a battle was going to brew up but there was nothing I could do about it.
    When fate is at work all I could do was just maintain my station doing what I was sent to do while fate also do what it was sent to do.
    Tho the kids doesn’t know they were siblings but I knew it would be for a short time before everything get revealed.
    ” I’m Nina, Olugbaye Nina, I’m in js2, can we be friends “? the girl asked Tabitha smiling while Tabitha just stood there looking at her in awe ,she couldn’t believe that someone else was also bearing the same surname as hers, that was the first she would be seeing someone sharing her surname, throughout her primary school, none had it.
    ” I’m Tabitha ” she replied Nina not revealing her surname.
    ” wow, looks like my two cuties are getting along here ” miss Efe said smiling as she walked up to the two girls.
    ” the two pearls of Pearl Dynamic ” she added when she got to them massaging their hair, While the two girls just stood their smiling.
    ” I already had it in mind to introduce my two friends to themselves before the two of you first me to it, but I’m still going to do it irrespective if you’ve already done it before, Tabitha, meet my loving,jovial, brilliant and cute friend Nina Olugbaye and Nina meet my beautiful, cute,loving and brilliant friend, Tabitha Olugbaye ” she said squatting a bit in order to be of the same height with the two girls
    ” you don’t mean it miss Efe ” Nina suddenly screamed drawing the attention of other students to them but she doesn’t seem to care about it
    ” why didn’t you tell me that we’re bearing the same surname before ” she asked Tabitha smiling, she seems to be very happy that they’re bearing the same surname.
    ” well, let me live my two lovely friends to enjoy their break time ” miss Efe said leaving the two girls.
    Being from the same father doesn’t warrant that their characters will be the same, Nina was a talkative, she talks so much that I began to wonder if angel Uriel doesn’t know his work again, angel Uriel is the captain of the creation team, seeing how the girl talks too nuch, I thought maybe he forgot to add something or over added something to her speech box.
    But Tabitha is the quiet type, she doesn’t talk much.
    But they still had some things in common, fried rice and chicken was their best food.
    After they both got their order, they both sat down on two couple chair with table in there front.
    They introduced themselves more but Nina did almost all the talking.
    Later Gabriel joined them, also introducing himself again to details to them.
    The three of them got along well.
    After that day, they became best of friends.
    Nina not minding that she was a class above Tabitha and Gabriel always make sure they’re always together, she will come down during the refreshment break to play with her two junior friends.
    After some time with Nina, Tabitha too started changing, her words weren’t at the minimum again, she now talk freely but not up to Nina’s standard.
    Many people wanted to become Tabitha friend, but she didn’t allow them.
    Nina was also brilliant, I could say that her brilliance was just ¼ below Tabitha’s own,and Gabriel was the next after them
    Many teachers especially miss Efe really love the trio being friends.
    But I don’t like their friendship, the reason I don’t like the friendship between Nina and Tabitha was that I knew it wasn’t going to end well. Friends turning to enemy isn’t always cool. There’s no way they won’t later know they’re step sisters and I was sure it wasn’t going to end well.
    And Nina’s mother ( Yemi ) has already being trying to attack Tabitha spiritually, if not because of me,Tabitha would have been long dead.
    And the reason I don’t approve of her friendship with Gabriel, that I don’t know, all I know was that I don’t like Gabriel being around her.
    After the first term session ended with Tabitha taking the first position in the whole if js1 and Gabriel coming second.
    Tabitha broke the school record by having 99.9% as her overall percentage.
    Gabriel took second position with 91% and other follows.
    Parting for three weeks became problem for the three of them especially Nina and Tabitha, they’ve grown fond of themselves like they were siblings which they were really are but just in a complicated manner.
    ” let go to your house ” Tabitha said after a long embrace between them.
    ” yeah, let go ” Nina replied shouting joyously
    ” what of me ” ? Gabriel suddenly appeared out of nowhere asking the question that made me felt like slapping him, why wouldn’t him just leave the girls to do their stuff while he does his, he’s been tag woman wrapper in their class because he’s always in the company of the two girls and he seemed to care less about the nickname as that didn’t make him back off.
    If only that I couldn’t harm innocent little ones, I would have long harmed him.
    He made my three months in the school filled with disgust for him, I was forced to watch another guy put smile on the perfect one’s face, I knew he love Tabitha but I think it was because of their age he could only tag along as a friend.
    ” yeah, let go together ” Tabitha replied making me sad.
    Nina rode in her own car driven by her driver while Tabitha’s car driven by her driver ( aliyu ) followed from behind.
    Gabriel rode with us, normally, when Tabitha is riding inside a car, I always fly above it clearing the road of any possible danger, but because Gabriel was inside the car with the perfect one, I had to stay inside the car with them in order to protect the perfect one from Gabriel who I saw as a threat to her
    ” oga madam go talk ooo ” Aliyu spoke warning Tabitha about going somewhere else without going home or informing her mom about it first.
    ” you don’t need to worry about her ” Tabitha replied politely.
    I love something about the atmosphere inside the car, that was the silent in it, I knew Gabriel was dying to speak but I made it hard for him to do so.
    I was only messing with his head, making him to feel insecure about speaking, like if he spoke, Tabitha was going to get mad at him.
    After the warning from Aliyu and Tabitha’s reply, the remaining journey was done in silent.
    On getting closer to Nina’s house, I started feeling Ranking’s present around the vicinity.
    I knew what that means, Ranking was in Yemi’s place and I imagined what would happen if Tabitha saw hin there.
    Suddenly Nina’s car came to an halt in front of a big black gate, it horned thrice and the gate was opened, we followed Nina’s car inside the compound,After Nina said some words to the gate man.
    The house was beautiful ,just a storey building with an awesome structure.
    ” welcome to my humble home ” Nina said smiling as Tabitha and Gabriel alighted from the car that conveyed them there.
    ” that looks like my dad’s car ” Tabitha said pointing to one of the cars parked inside the compound
    ” it just looks like it ,that my dad’s car, let go in ” Nina said heading inside,
    As she entered, she saw her dad sitting down on the couch inside the sitting room, she ran to him ,Ranking quickly stood up to receive her daughter’s hug
    ” dad ” Tabitha exclaimed with a shaky tone standing close to them.
    Ranking was very shocked as he dropped Nina.
    ” it’s not what you’re thinking, my little cupcake ” Ranking said trying to move closer to Tabitha in a sorry state but Tabitha suddenly ran out of the house, opening the pedestrian gate and ran outside while Ranking, Gabriel and I followed behind her.
    But before we got outside, a car had already hit her, we only saw the car speeding away as Ranking quickly ran towards Tabitha who was soaked in her own blood.
    Before he could get her to his car, she gave up ghost.
    ” angel Ben ” I suddenly heard someone called my name where I stood in disbelief.
    I turned to look at the person and was surprised to see ny lovely perfect one clothed in white smiling in front of me.
    I couldn’t believe my eye as I moved closer to feel her and she was real.
    I embraced her deeply
    ” I’ve really missed your company ” I whispered into her ear
    ” I’ve missed you too, I couldn’t bare watching you being lonely everyday, that’s why I quickly find a way to come back to you ” she replied me smiling and tears of joy started dripping down my face,
    I never knew that we angels too can weep, but it was real, I was an angel and I was weeping just because my long lost love came back to me.
    She’s already back to her normal size, I brought out my wing and took her into my hands as I started flying above back to the sky.
    When I got back to heaven,
    I asked the supreme one to allow me marry the perfect one, but he didn’t accept, but with the aid of mother Creator and the greater one, the supreme one later agreed to allow me marry the perfect one.
    Our wedding was a great one, the first ever wedding in heaven.
    After nine months, the perfect one conceived a baby girl that looked exactly like her, three years later, she gave birth to a boy that looked exactly like me.
    Two years later, she went into labor again but as she was about to conceive,I started hearing the trumpet sound, on turning back to look who is blowing the trumpet
    I snapped back into reality and I heard Nina’s car honking in front of a big brown gate
    We were already in front of the gate of Nina’s house and the worst thing was that I was still feeling Ranking’s present around.
    I could have done something about it in order not to make us meet him there but due to my foolishness, I was lost in an imaginary world.
    There was nothing I could do about it.
    After the gate was opened, Nina spoke to the gate man and he motioned to us to enter.
    The gate was different from the one I imagined about and the house was also different.
    The house was two storey building, and it looked beautiful.
    ” here’s my house ,let go in, my mum and dad should be inside ” Nina said holding Tabitha’s hand as they made their way inside while I and Gabriel followed behind them .

    Episode 6

    {Disruption in heaven}
    ?Life they say will help in covering your deeds for some period of time letting you think you’ve already won or you’ve successfully gotten away from it , but when everything you’ve done comes running back at you, then you will wish everything has long being in the open.
    And some doesn’t want to cover their deeds, they’re only looking for the right time to uncover it, some always get lucky to have the right time to unveil it while some are unlucky not to have the right time till all burst open.
    Among the lucky ones, I will classify Ranking into, why did I say that, you will know as I continue with this story of my life.
    Another aspect of people are the one who always have unrealistic pathetic dreams or imagination.
    Dreams which is glaring that it can’t come to pass, but people or divine creations like me always have some tinglings of hope that it can come to pass.
    In this case too, some are lucky to have their pathetic unrealistic dream coming to pass, it always feels like a miracle to them, or should I term it as a miracle.
    While some are always unlucky not to have their dream come to pass, all they will do is continue dreaming till the earth start rotating backward and still, nothing would happen.
    Where do I fall into among the lucky and unlucky ones, you’ll all know as the story goes on.
    ” here’s my house ,let go in, my mum and dad should be inside ” Nina said holding Tabitha’s hand as they made their way inside while I and Gabriel followed behind them.
    When we got into the house, we met Nina’s mom sitting on a divan,
    Nina ran to her and embraced her,
    ” where’s dad “? Nina asked her using her hand to motion to Tabitha and Gabriel to move closer which they did slowly
    ” he’s gone somewhere,just left not too long ” Yemi replied Nina but suddenly stopped when she saw Tabitha.
    ” who’re they “? She asked asked her daughter with a stern look
    ” they are my friend from school mom ” she replied her mom smiling
    ” and what’s your name ” she asked turning to Tabitha with a curious look
    ” good afternoon ma, my name is Olugbaye Tabitha ” Tabitha replied Yemi, whose eye suddenly turned red but no one noticed it
    ” that’s the funniest thing mom, we’re bearing the same surname ” Nina suddenly cut in smiling
    ” okay, all of you make yourself feel at home, while
    I get something for you all to eat ” Yemi said heading out of the room in order to hide her anger
    ” but you didn’t ask of his name mom ” Nina motioned to her mom who was already heading out of the room,pointing at Gabriel
    ” oops, my mistake, what’s your name handsome ” Yemi asked turning to Gabriel forcing a smile out of her lip.
    ” I’m Gabriel Okunsanya ma ” Gabriel replied her politely,smiling.
    ” nice name kid, now, if you will please excuse me, I will like to get you all something to eat because I know you’ll all be hungry ”
    ” we’re okay ma, we’ll soon be on the way back home, we’re just here to know where our friend is staying ” Tabitha said in order to turn down the food offer
    ” am not taking that, first time my daughter will bring her friends home ,you must eat something, even if it’s a dessert ” Yemi replied heading out of the room in order not to allow Tabitha reject the offer again.
    ” let me get you one one of my photo album, you will see my dad inside it ” Nina said heading to where I presumed should be her room or her mom’s own .
    I followed her, it was her room she headed to, a big room with pink background just like Tabitha’s own.
    It was very beautiful and everything inside the room were neatly arranged.
    I quickly locate all the photo albums inside the room and made them invisible.
    After fruitless effort in looking for it, she retired bqck into the sitting room
    ” don’t know where all the album is, I’ll ask mom when she’s through ” Nina said as she got to the sitting room, she took one of the remote on the table hit some key on it then the TV started displaying cartoon.
    ” she even gat the gut to enter my house ” Yemi said inside the kitchen as she drop her phone which depict the picture of Tabitha on it .
    She dusted some substance into one of the three plate of fried rice and chicken in front of her.
    She placed the two pure food on a tray and took them to the sitting room first, she gave one to Gabriel and the other to her daughter, Nina.
    When she went back to get Tabitha’s own,
    I made her movement very slow, I made it that she was very slow but to her, she was normal.
    Before she got outside with Tabitha’s food, the three kid had already eaten the two plates of foods she brought earlier together and were already set to leave.
    The shock on Yemi’s face could electrocute a rat.
    The kid only bade her bye as they left.
    I smiled to myself as I followed after them.
    Being born from a tyrant doesn’t mean that you’ll also be one. Yemi and Nina’s case made me to understand that very well.
    When the mother is cruel, wicked and lack humanity trying to kill an innocent kid who doesn’t have anything against her, Nina was totally different, her aura was filled with happiness, she has a big heart and loves everyone but Tabitha most .
    I even wondered why God had to allow her to choose Yemi as her mother when she was coming to earth. They just don’t fit. But
    I don’t know what might happen later when she discover that Tabitha is her stepsister .
    ” run, bomb I dey come,run,all of you run ” Aliyu said swiftly as Tabitha woke him up when we got to Tabitha’s car and everyone bursted into laughter, he has already slept inside the car when we got there, he was even drooling, Tabitha had to hit him hard in order to wake him up after many feeble attempt which didn’t yield any result.
    I know he was dreaming, maybe one that involves those heartless terrorist ( boko haram ) in it.
    ” you I don finish, small madam ” he finally said gathering his wit
    ” oga madam I don vex quataquata ,she have call me, she I con ask of you but I tell say you I go your friend’s place ” he added with his hausa pidgin English which only Tabitha and I understand but others couldn’t as they wear that kind of curiosity face like ” what the hell is he saying “?
    Tabitha couldn’t laugh because she knew that she’s already in trouble, her mom calling aliyu meant only one thing, she’s back from the supermarket and her (Tabitha ) going to a friend’s place after school without informing her of it before will lead to some trashing, she prays her dad’s home, so that he will help stop her mom from beating her.
    After some moment of embracing and all ,she entered her car with Gabriel and they left the compound. Yemi was watching them through the window inside her room with rage.
    We dropped Gabriel in a bus stop where his driver was already waiting for him, he had earlier called him to wait for him there.
    And I returned to my normal post,flying above the car.
    When we got home in front of our gate, Aliyu hit the horn repeatedly in a pattern he’s been taught to do it so that Dandy will recognize them without having to look at the spy hole made to the gate.
    But Dandy still had to look through the hole before he opened the gate.
    Luckily for Tabitha, Ranking was home and all precious could did was only make some invalid threat because Ranking didn’t allow her to touch Tabitha.
    She was asked to change her school uniform so that she can have her lunch, she wanted to tell them that she’d already have eaten where she went to but decided against it because she knew that her dad’s influence would not be able to save her.
    She headed to her room and I followed behind her.
    My head was busy replaying what I imagined on our way to Nina’s house,
    I was smiling to myself as my head was replaying the event. Some part of me wished it should happen for real.
    ” what’s this ” I suddenly exclaimed to myself, ” how stupid of me to have such an impure thing in my mind ” I said to myself finally having a grip of my stupidity.
    But what could be happening to me, could it be that I’m now having thought contradicting my main purpose on earth, I’ve never fell in love before, so I don’t know it symptoms.
    But could it really be that I was falling for the perfect one, I don’t know But I think it could smear my mission because the two of us are in different world, her in the physical realm while I was in the spiritual one, so we aren’t a perfect match.
    But even if we aren’t a perfect match or that we couldn’t see, it’s really wrong against my principle as an angel to fall in love with a human being, we’re not even allowed in heaven to fall in love with the females ( choirs ) there .
    When we got to her room, she first sat on her bed, her room was almost the same as Nina’s own .
    I squatted in front of her as I fed myself of her beautiful face before I will shred all the abominable feelings I’ve succeeded in gathering into my heart.
    Then suddenly, I heard thunderclap, it was different from earthly thunder, it’s a form of thunder that can only be heard by divine ones like me, and the only reason the thunder can occur was if there’s any form of disruption in heaven, and disruption in heaven can be caused by many factors, like if someone breached the boundary of heaven and earth without formal procedure, or if there’s a brawl in heaven or the taking of the water of life by an impure angel and other factors.
    But whenever there’s a disruption in heaven, I’ve heard from the greater one that angels on earth are prone to exposure.
    Their invisibility wears off and humans will be able to see them.
    The problem was that I was directly in front of Tabitha and before I could run or take a step from there,
    I already felt myself being dragged out of the spiritual realm,
    Tabitha on suddenly seeing a strange giant in her room with a wing protruding from his back and to worsening it, the strange being was directly in front of her.
    She screamed loudly and passed out on her bed.
    Immediately I heard footsteps running towards the room and there was nowhere that I could hide inside the room or escape through.

    Episode 7

    {One day calamity}
    As the popular saying goes that the evil men do lives with them, but what should I call my own case, I was not a man, I was more superior than that.
    My evil deeds shouldn’t live with me, it should all be buried into the hole of forgotten bygones .
    The time I thought it was right to refrain from my unwise and stupid earthly feelings I was gathering, then a disruption occurred in heaven leaving me totally exposed to human.
    Or was the disruption a means of the supreme one reminding to focus on my duty and stop my immature behavior which has glue to my body like a plague from heaven down to earth.
    What was my fate as the disruption has wiped off my invisibility with nowhere for me to escape, found out as my story continues.
    Tabitha on suddenly seeing a strange giant in her room with a wing protruding from his back and to worsening it, the strange being was directly in front of her.
    She screamed loudly and passed out on her bed.
    Immediately I heard footsteps running towards the room and there was no where that I could hide inside the room or escape through.
    As the footsteps grew closer so do my heartbeats, tensions filled all of my body and I could felt all of my muscles twitching
    My wings were erected, as if ready to bust out any time sooner, because it would be dangerous for those that are coming if they saw me.
    Then I saw the door knob turned and the door opened, but at that same moment I felt myself drawn back into the spiritual realm, I was back to my invisible state.
    I heaved a sigh of relief as Ranking and Precious rushed to Tabitha who was laying stiff on the bed.
    After calling her name for some time and she didn’t respond, Ranking quickly carried her running outside and Precious too ran after them calling Tabitha’s name repeatedly in a wailing tone.
    Dandy and Aliyu were busy discussing or should I say arguing stupidly with each other when we got out, on seeing Tabitha in Ranking’s hand, her back on Ranking’s arm with her head and leg tilted downward, they quickly rushed towards him
    ” oga,wetin I do small madam,abi I they play am for play with small madam ni ” Dandy asked with his deep hausa english intonation
    ” go and open the gate now ” Ranking barked at him rushing towards his car, and Dandy ran helter-skelter towards the gate almost tripping as he quickly opened the gate.
    Ranking quickly unlocked the lock of the car with the car remote key in his hand, he dropped Tabitha in the back seat and quickly ran to the driver’s seat only to meet Aliyu already seated there
    ” oga, oya key, make me I carry her go ” he said to Ranking stretching his hand towards him to collect the car key
    ” fool ” Ranking screamed dragging Aliyu out of the car roughly ,he entered it and started the car, as he reversed it back a little so as to have enough space to speed out of the compound at a go , he heard a loud crash at the back of the car, he quickly got out of the car to see what was it he banged,
    ” no no no no no ” he screamed running to his wife who was already on the floor with blood oozing from her head.
    He quickly carried her too and put her inside his car and sped out of the compound.
    The journey to the hospital was a rough one as Ranking failed to obey all the road signs he saw, and almost hit a policeman who almost tried to intercept him to bring his car to an halt. But he didn’t stopped as he sped towards him and the stupid policeman had to jump into a nearby bush in order to save his life.
    If not for me, all three of them might even have end up under a big truck.
    Ranking drove into the big compound of Life First Memorial hospital like someone being chased by assassins.
    He parked at the parking spot ,he quickly brought out his wife,carried her and ran to the emergency room,the nurse seeing him brought out a stretcher and collected her from him, they rode her to one of the free ward , a doctor followed behind them.
    He brought out his stethoscope to listen to her heart beat
    ” she’s going into shock ” he suddenly screamed, “get me the M E D ” he added placing his two hand on her chest adding pressure to it
    and a nurse rushed out and in a minute she was back with the defiberator .
    The doctor collected and connected it to the heart rate monitor and connect the monitor to Precious arm.
    ??? outside the emergency room ???
    Ranking was pacing around, his mind filled up ,he was muttering some inaudible words,
    Whenever he sees a nurse come out of the ward, he will rush towards her like a mad man asking about the condition of his wife, but all he gets in return was that he should be patient, that the doctor is still with her.
    Then after some time, Ranking who had already completely forgotten about Tabitha who was also in the car remembered her.
    He ran outside like a thief and met her still unconscious inside the car.
    I’ve already tried to wake her up from her unconscious state, but she wasn’t waking up. I knew she wasn’t dead and I couldn’t decipher the reason she wasn’t waking up.
    I know divinity isn’t something to be revealed to a mere human, but the supreme one should understand that it wasn’t the little girl’s fault that she saw it likewise not mine also.
    I could even say it was the heaven’s fault that she saw it because if there wasn’t a disruption in heaven nothing of such would have happened.
    I’ve heard about such event that also happened many years ago when brother Basath was sent to earth as a guardian angel of the perfect one then. It happened 60 days ago before I got my own mission as a guardian angel. So it was approximately 600 years ago on earth.
    There was also a disruption in heaven then and brother Basath’s visibility wears off, and it occurred when he was in the midst of many people, all the people who saw him died at once except the perfect one who he was guarding who became unconscious .
    It took the perfect one then 10 years before he finally woke up.
    It is not that angels can’t be seen by human, but when the supreme one want one of his little one to see an angel, he would have already prepare the little one for it or would have taken something away from the angel he wanted the little one to see( am not going to tell you all what the thing is, I can’t reveal all the heaven’s secrets to you mere humans, so forgive me for that ) ( I would like to call the thing X )
    This thing that was removed from angel will make their power less effective and they can be easily overcome by demons or strong human.
    So the supreme always allow the messenger’s sector headed by brother Gabriel to be have the ability to be seen by human without anything happening to them.
    So all the messengers in heaven doesn’t have X in their body.
    That was the case of brother Hapaya who the supreme sent a message through to one of his beloved little thing on earth then called Haba in heaven but on earth his name was Jacob.
    He was able to fought with brother Hapaya then because brother Hapaya doesn’t have X inside his body.
    But because of the war we guardian angels have to fight on earth, X must be present in our body which made it a taboo for little ones to see us.
    After the case of brother Basath, none has happened again except mine that happened that day.
    Ranking quickly bundled Tabitha out of the car and rushed her to the emergency room.
    Another sets of nurse collected her on the stretcher and head to another empty ward and another doctor followed them.
    Life First Memorial Hospital was one of the biggest hospital in Lagos, its was said to be own by a foreign family who has been dwelling in Lagos for a very long time.
    The hospital was being managed by the family and it was said to be of the same standard with some hospitals in Europe.
    Everyday is always a busy day for the doctors and nurses working in the hospital.
    The hospital in order to have efficient administration of its patient has many doctors and nurses who are highly qualified.
    Many politicians and wealthy people whose illness is serious and doesn’t want to be fly out of the country for care are always being referred to Life First Memorial Hospital.
    The ward which Tabitha and Precious were, was a little bit far from themselves but on the same corridor.
    Ranking was seen pacing the corridor, he couldn’t stay at a single place.
    After an hour with some minutes passed, the two doctors in charge of the two wards came out of their ward the same time, Ranking was in the middle, he kept switching glance between the two doctors not knowing who he should approach first, because the two doctor’s face showed that they have bad news for him.
    The doctors met him at the middle when it seems to them that he was stagnant at the spot he was.
    “Let go to my office ” one of the doctor said and they all followed him.
    ” Mr Ranking am sorry to say this to you, but I think your daughter is in coma ” one of the doctor said with a sad tone after they’ve settled down.
    “What do you mean by that ” Ranking asked standing up almost screaming
    ” you need to calm down sir, she will wake up ” the doctor said trying to calm Ranking
    ” and when is that happening ” Ranking asked with a shaky voice
    ” soon ” I assure you sir
    ” okay, what about my wife ” Ranking said facing the second doctor
    ” I think it’ll be good if you can calm your nerve first before I tell you the news ” the doctor replied trying to get out of the office
    ” tell me, I’m man enough to handle whatever it is, or is she also in coma ” Ranking enunciated intercepting the doctor from going out.
    ” okay if you say so, due to the impact to which she hit her head, she’s developed an haemorrhage from it, we tried our best but we weren’t able to save her, I’m sorry but she’s dead ” the doctor said moving away from Ranking
    ” what do you meant by she’s dead ” Ranking screamed dragging the doctor back to him, he held the doctor by his collar screaming at him .
    ” what exactly are you trying to say ” he screamed at the doctor again .
    ” I’m sorry sir, but she’s dead ” the doctor replied him freeing himself of Ranking’s grip on his collar.
    The world became void and numb to Ranking, everything seems like a dream to him, he wished it was a dream.
    Tears wasn’t coming forth in order to comfort his heart a bit.
    He was walking absently minded out of the emergency room, he needed someone to soothe his soul.
    He couldn’t believe that everything happened just in a day, as he was about to get to his car, he saw an ambulance sped passed him and halt just a little distance from him.
    The medical officer inside it quickly wheeled out a stretcher out of the ambulance and someone who looked familiar followed the stretcher wailing.
    ” Yemi ” Ranking said inaudibly

    Episode 8

    {Sleeping Beauties}
    Sweetness is not always for long, it will get to a time when it will become bitter, even if not bitter, it will become tasteless.
    Life doesn’t offer good things for long without trying to introduce a little bit of bitterness.
    But millennium years worth of sweetness might not be able justify a day of bitterness, just like Banag known as Job on earth, he also lost all the sweetness he had to just a day bitterness.
    Like I heard someone said, “just a day can change a human’s life”.
    But all that happened to Ranking in a day, could it also be a way of preparing him for something greater like Job.
    Well, I don’t know, only the supreme knows what he’s thinking, and if another person will also know what the supreme one is thinking, then it would be the greater one.
    Seeing Ranking languishing in pain made me felt sad, I wished I could do something to help him but there was nothing I could do , like I said before, when FATE is working, I don’t have the ability to intercept its mission, all what I could intercept has already being recorded so by Fate.
    And I also knew it wasn’t going to be easy for me, Nina was in a indefinite coma and what do you all think will happen to me the guardian who is not allow to leave her side?
    I will also be trapped inside the hospital with her and I don’t think the experience is going to be a pleasant one.
    So, the calamity of that day caught everyone wrapped up in it ,not even excluding me.
    But I think Tabitha would be the one to feel the calamity most, she lost her mom, and I was sure that event will lead to the revelation of all that was placed in the dark.
    What does fate has in store by making all those events happen in just a single day?
    Well I don’t know but we’ll all know as my story goes on.
    Ranking couldn’t believe that everything happened just in a day, as he was about to get to his car, he saw an ambulance sped passed him and halt just a little distance from him.
    The medical officer inside it quickly wheeled out a stretcher out of the ambulance and someone who looked familiar followed the stretcher wailing.
    ” Yemi ” Ranking said inaudibly
    He ran towards them and intercepted the stretcher from moving forward
    He moved to the side of the stretcher and looked at the person on the stretcher with oxygen fixed to her mouth.
    On recognizing that the occupant of the stretcher was his daughter, he suddenly felt dizzy and staggered back a bit, I knew he was going to fall and him falling means he’s going to hit his head on the floor which can lead to concussion or at worse, his death, fate or no fate, I couldn’t watch the only person who Tabitha has to die, it was already a mess as it was, and I wasn’t going to stand and watch the mess compound bigger .
    I made the medical officer close to him lose his balance and he fell down and Ranking fell on top of him. It was all too fast for anyone to notice anything.
    He was quickly rushed to a ward and it wasn’t a big deal waking him by the doctor.
    On waking up, he rushed out of the ward removing all the intravenous drip attached to his wrist.
     1 hr+ ago in Yemi’s house
    Nina smiled as Tabitha’s car drove out of her house facade and the gate man locked the gate.
    When she got back inside, she was suddenly hungry again and couldn’t see her mom inside the sitting room, she went to the kitchen to see if the food was still remaining, she smile as she saw a plate filled with fried rice and chicken on a tray, she knew at once that it was Tabitha’s food that she didn’t eat .
    She took it happily and headed to the sitting room,she sat on a divan and started eating the food happily as she watched a cartoon series on their flat screen TV titled sofia the first.
    She didn’t eat up to half of the food in her plate when she felt that she was already full.
    She ate the meat and took the leftover to the kitchen, while she head back to the sitting room to continue watching the cartoon.
    After 15 minutes ,she felt a severe pain in her stomach and screamed, her mother rushed out of her room and met her on the floor groaning in pain.
    When she saw her in pain, that was when she remembered that she forgot to dispose the poisoned food she prepared for Tabitha.
    She quickly ran back to her room to get the antidote for the poison, tho she knew it was already late but she was still going to take her chance, the poison was very dangerous, it will take its time weakening all the body immunity and organs,it’s when it’s venom has gone beyond control in the body that the person who was poisoned with it will start feeling the pain.
    She quickly gave her the antidote and dialed the emergency number of Life First Memorial Hospital because she knew it was dangerous to drive in the state she was and she completely forgot that she has a driver.
    Ranking rushed out to look for Yemi, but couldn’t locate her.
    he asked a nurse describing how Yemi look to her and the patient she followed to the hospital with and she told him that she’s in front of the theater,
    He quickly ran there and saw Yemi pacing around in front of the theatre room,
    He walked slowly to her with all the strength remaining in his leg.
    ” where is Nina and what’s wrong with her ” he asked with rage in his eye as he got to her, but Yemi didn’t answer as she quickly embraced him sobbing more, Ranking couldn’t do anything but pat her on her back in order to console her.
    ” she’s inside the theatre room, they are operating on her ” she finally respond amidst tears
    ” calm down and tell me what happened ” Ranking asked hiding the fact that he is boiling up inside
    ” the doctor said she’s in critical condition ” she replied sobbing more again
    ” I know, but what really happened ” he asked again trying all in his power not to scream at her.
    ” the doctor said she ate something poisonous ” she replied still sobbing
    ” what was it she ate “? Ranking asked again still trying to keep his cool
    ” I, I, I don’t know, I just don’t, my God I ” she started sobbing more furiously in order to avoid any other questions from Ranking and also not to give the full answer of the one she was answering
    Ranking was angry with the way she kept on crying when he should be the one crying, as he wanted to scream at her to stop crying and give him reasonable answer , the door to the operating room opened and the an handsome young man with a green cloak on ,came out of it,
    Yemi was the first to run to him and Ranking followed.
    ” how’s my daughter ” Yemi asked wiping the tears on her face.
    ” are you her dad ” the doctor replied facing Ranking as if Yemi didn’t exist there
    ” yeah, she’s my girl ” Ranking replied him
    ” meet me in my office ” the doctor said leaving the place and Ranking followed him after succeeding in persuading Yemi not to follow him.
    Ranking had already made up his mind that if the doctor told him that Nina was also dead, he will commit suicide,
    With this mindset he entered the doctor’s office who offered him a seat.
    ” how’s the condition of my daughter “? Ranking asked immediately his butt came in contact with the chair.
    ” the poison has already eaten through her organs but she’s already passed critical stage now, the surgery was a success ”
    Ranking heaved a sigh of relief ” so she’s going to live ” he asked the doctor with a tingling of happiness in his mind
    ” yes, she is going to live, but she isn’t conscious yet but be rest assured that she’s already passed critical stage ” the doctor said making Ranking to feel numb again
    ” then when is she going to regain her consciousness ” he asked the doctor looking at the doctor’s face as if he wanted to remove laser from his eye
    ” I can’t say, it all depends on her now ” the doctor replied
    ” can you please just say it in a simple language I will be able to understand easily ” Ranking said with uneasiness, as if it was hard for him to breath.
    ” what I meant is that your daughter is the one anchoring, sorry, is the one in charge of her gaining her consciousness now, she will wake up when she want “the doctor replied him
    ” and it can take up to how many days before that happens ” Ranking asked again
    ” a day, many days, months even years, like I told you before, it all depends on her ” the doctor answered him professionally.
    After the burial of Precious, Ranking married Yemi legally two years after but they weren’t able to produce any kid, so all they could do, no, all Yemi could do was pray that her daughter wakes up and all Ranking could do was pray that his two daughters wake up.
    His business was doing well even more better than it was before, so relating his situation to job’s own was an error.
    Everyday was the same for me, repeating everything for a long period of day was very tiring even for an angel like me.
    All I did everyday was stood in the middle of the two sleeping beauty inside their ward defending them against any evil.
    Everyday was boring, it was like a punishment for me, since the day Ranking had ordered that the two girls be placed in the same VVIP Ward in the hospital I’ve never stepped outside of the ward.
    They were given first class treatment and taken care of like princess.
    While I was like their guard. And they were in coma for 9 years,
    So I will like to say we were in coma for 9 years
    Like I said earlier that fate always have it funny way of handling situations, the two girls woke up the same day, can you see that fate has a hidden trick in the incident, going into coma the same day and coming out from it the same day is more than a mere coincidence. The supreme one signature was clearly visible on the incident
    Ranking was at the airport going on a business trip to Shanghai when he received the call that his two girls has woken up, he
    abandoned the trip and picked his wife from their house and head to the hospital.
    It was a happy moment for Ranking to see his two daughters conscious after 9 years of sleeping but partially a happy one for Yemi because Tabitha also woke up.
    To be continue

    Episode 9

    {Unrequited Love}
    Can you try and put yourself in Tabitha’s shoe for just a minute, a minute is enough, just imagine losing 9 years of your life to oblivion ,but in this case ,a living oblivion.
    Not knowing how the world evolved, being oblivious of the introduction of new technologies, not having the knowledge you’ve supposed to have gained throughout the nine years, having to go through stages you supposed to have been through, not being able to point to any achievement when people you’re supposed to be of the same caliber has achieved many.
    And after all this, waking up to know that your mom is dead, your best friend has magically turned to your sister and her mother would be taking the mantle of being your mother, what more could be called tragedy more than that.
    Thank you for the minute.
    The Supreme really played It rough in the case of Tabitha, I thought the perfect one were supposed to be without any painful experience, their life filled with happiness everyday till they return to dust, I didn’t know that it wasn’t so. But I kept assuring myself that the Supreme one always has a reason for doing his things, maybe it was also to prepare for the future, to prepare for the greatness she was going to attain in life, well,I didn’t know if my presumption was right but I hoped it was because I didn’t think I could bare seeing her going through something like that again.
    What does fate has in store for Tabitha again, I don’t know but time will reveal it.
    After waking up from a coma lasting for 9 years, I hope you’re not expecting them to start talking, walking ,standing and the likes at once.
    Tabitha’s mind was in disarray as she couldn’t decipher what really happened or what was happening
    ” who is the woman that always come with dad everyday, who’s the girl staying opposite to me, why is dad using the term ” daughter ” to qualify her, where’s my mom , why does it seemed to me that my body has changed, why am I staying here, why can’t I move my body ” all sorts of rhetorical questions were bubbling in Tabitha’s mind as she stayed on her bed with her eye wide opened and not being able to do anything.
    Nina wasn’t also left out,watching her dad massaging another girl’s hair, calling her his daughter and even showing her more care than her was very perplexing to her. But all she could do was just stare, not being able to do anything.
    After a week the girls were already alright, they’re now able to talk and can also move their body part but they’re separated, placed in different wards. Tabitha’s memory was already updated, she knew who Nina was and and who the lady coming with her dad was, she knew it was Nina’ mom but what she couldn’t get grasp of was what she was doing with her dad.
    Ranking’s visit to the hospital was constant, he already asked the hospital to put the two girls in different ward when he noticed that their health was already improving, the day he heard Tabitha called him dad again was like a dream come through, tears of joy was streaming down his face as he embraced her, looking at her made him to remember Precious, she was just like the incarnate of precious but a better version of precious.
    But his heart was filled with guilt, he didn’t know how he was going to tell her that her mum is dead and that he has successfully replaced her with another woman and that she also has a step sister and that she has lost 9 years of her life to slumber.
    After two weeks in hospital, the two girls got perfectly healthy and were discharged, Ranking was planning to introduce the same girl to one another right there in the hospital, because if it result to any sort of complications, they will quickly be attended to.
    The ward Nina was placed was near the one Tabitha was , Ranking asked Yemi to get Nina while he went for Tabitha.
    The two girls came out of the ward at the same time, when they saw themselves, they were very happy and ran to meet in the middle spot of where they were and hugged themselves.
    They’re so happy as tears of joy streamed down their face.
    Ranking just stood where he was, he was in total shock, he was surprised that they knew their selves.
    After disengaging the hug, Nina ran to her dad and hugged him.
    You can imagine the look on Tabitha’s face as she stood where she was looking at Nina and her dad.
    Ranking used that opportunity to explain everything to Tabitha right there, he told the two of them how he was already planning to introduce them when they’re through with their secondary education but couldn’t because they were in coma for 9 years.
    The two girls were cool about them being sisters, but losing 9 years was something that made them numb, their minds kept on revolving round the things they’ve missed and they started tearing up.
    ” where is my mom ” Tabitha later asked amidst tears.
    Ranking’s mind separated into two part, one was against him telling her that she’s dead and the other was in support of it.
    He didn’t know what to do, he knelt down in front of her and put her into a tight hug as tears started trooping down his face.
    ” she’s dead ” he whispered to her hugging more tighter.
    Tabitha woke up with a blurry head, she recognised where she was, it was the hospital bed that she just vacated, on her wrist were some small pipe with pin at it end connected to it, water was dripping bit by bit through the pipe into her wrist.
    She made to sit straight on the bed but she was too weak to do so, in the means of her feeble attempt to sit, she noticed someone sleeping beside her bed, the person was sitting on a chair with its head directly on her bed, she couldn’t get a clear view of the person but she was sure it wasn’t her dad.
    She ignored the person and continued struggling to get up.
    When she couldn’t get up, she stayed still on the bed, her mind reminiscing back into what happened at the hospital corridor, could it be that she was dreaming or some sort of hallucination,t
    ears started forming in her eye, and the tears turned to sobbing, from sobbing to wailing.
    Suddenly, she saw the person sleeping beside her raising its head up, not wanting the person to find out she was crying she quickly use the back of her hand to wipe the tears off, but she succeeded a little because her hand didn’t wipe all off.
    Nina who had refused to go home since the day Tabitha passed out in the hospital, it has been five days now and everyone’s persuasion including her mom for her to go home and rest were all futile.
    She stayed in the same ward as Tabitha, reading stories to Tabitha’s subconscious self, chatting with her and telling her how she feel that they were real sisters.
    After finishing reading a story book which her father just brought to her in the hospital titled Diluted Bullet by Horluwa~p1, she started feeling sleepy because she read the story throughout the night to Tabitha, she really enjoyed the story and didn’t stop reading till she was through with it.
    She slept beside Tabitha and not up to an hour, she started hearing someone crying, slowly, she raised her head up to confirm who it was, her joy knew no bound as she saw that Tabitha was awake.
    She quickly stood up and embrace her, she was very happy that tears started trooping down her own face too, Tabitha seeing Nina tearing up also resumed her crying.
    ” thank you for waking up, thank you ” Nina said amidst tears
    ” and be rest assure that with me around, I won’t allow you feel the impact of losing your mom, I promise you sister ” she added still crying.
    The last words of Nina made the reality to dawn on Tabitha, as she her tears turned to wailing as it was now certain that her mom was really dead.
    Nina did a great job in consoling her and after some minutes, she calmed down and the two girls started chitchatting as if nothing happened.
    Tabitha noticed the three books arranged beside her and took them,
    ” I really love this stories ” she said as she looked at the cover of the three books
    ” have you read it before “? Nina asked her surprised at what she said, because her dad told her that they’re just new stories and she also knew that Tabitha and her had slept for nine years which made it impossible for her to have read it before.
    ” no, but I always hear you when you’re reading it to me ” she replied surprising Nina more.
    Nina couldn’t believe her and collected the three books from her
    ” I will raise each book up and you’ll tell me little things about it ” she said to Tabitha and Tabitha replied yes that she’s ready for her challenge.
    Nina first raised a book titled THE CHOSEN ONE ( BEAST OF GEVAUDAN )
    “a story written by horluwa~p1, it’s a story about a young boy named Ben who was a hybriolf, he was laced with a heavy burden to eradicate his father’s failure by killing Jovacik but another beast appeared again, someone he trusted, he was able to succeed with the help of his friends and his late father ” she answered Nina smiling and Nina couldn’t help to be amazed at her answer.
    She raised the second book up ,it was titled ISABELLA ( IN LOVE WITH A MERMAID )
    ” it’s a story written by sky~prince, a story about a young boy named Wisdom wealth who fell in love with a mermaid named Isabella ,she was like a guardian angel and would go any length in protecting wisdom. The story ended in a tragedy ” she answered again living Nina in awe
    ” wow ” Nina exclaimed ” I don’t even think I need to ask you about this one again ” Nina said raising the last book in her hand titled DILUTED BULLET
    ” but how come you were able to hear me read it to you, I thought you won’t be able to hear it since you were unconscious ” she asked with awe
    ” I don’t know, it was first like a dream, like you’re always coming into my dream to read it to me, then it started getting real and you’re always with me keeping me company, but still, I thought it was a dream not until I woke up to see that you were really with me ” she replied with unshed tears in her eye.
    The two girls hugged themselves again and shed some tears before Ranking later came to fill in the necessary paper and took them home.
    It was still the same location they were living before just that the former house had metamorphosed into a castle, it was more beautiful than the one there before, Ranking has succeeded in purchasing the houses near his house ,demolished the building then merged everything together to erect a castle.
    The old staffs were still there, Aliyu and Dandy ,just that three more staffs has being added to them and all were hausa.
    Dandy and Aliyu were very happy when Ranking drove the two girls in, tho they didn’t know Nina but they were very happy for their small madam.
    It’s surprising how people always have different personalities, even twins born the same day, by the same mother, always sharing their things together are not expected to exhibit the same behavior.
    Yemi’s behavior and Nina’s behavior was totally different even tho they had a mother daughter relationship existing between them.
    Yemi was the devil while Nina was the saint.
    Nina loved Tabitha so much while Yemi took Tabitha as her arch enemy.
    After the two girls came back ,Ranking told them of his plan to deduct five years from their age and make a new birth certificate for them. ( what’s not possible in Nigeria,a place without any record of its citizens )
    He also told them of his plan to place Nina in ss1 while Tabitha will stay in jss3, a class below Nina.
    Tho Nina and Tabitha were already 20 and 19 years of age respectively but they still looked younger than that, so it made it an easy task to to change the age.
    After hearing of her father’s plan, Nina declined it, she said she wished to be of the same age as Tabitha,she wanted them to have the same date of birth making them a twin.
    And she wanted them to be in jss3 together.
    Her mother didn’t support her but Nina was adamant on her decision so they didn’t have any choice than to follow through.
    They were both enrolled in Prestigious Pearls Dynamic College by their father.
    All their classmates has already passed out of the school and Ranking had made sure that all the teachers that were in the school when his daughters were attending there before to leave there, he provided them with better job which provided them with twice the salary they were receiving at the school.
    He did all this because the two girls were adamant on attending the school.
    All his effort to change their mind proved futile.
    He took them to the school personally to enrol them.
    He took them to the principal’s office to finalize their admission but on getting to the principal office, the two girls were shocked to their bone marrow on discovering who the principal was.

    Episode 10

    {Tampering with Fate}
    One thing I’m yet to understand about the supreme one is how he always feel when playing his game, yeah all little ones are just pawn on his game board, we the angels are the novice of the game, the greater one and mother Creator are the veteran, so they know more about it while the Supreme one is the master at it.
    The game is always complicated no matter the pawn on the board. He always like to make his move unpredictable but at the end the result always yield greatly.
    Sometimes, he will twist some pawn in order to complicate the board and the viewers.
    But the game is always played according to some of the characters the pawn exhibit.
    Some pawn are always ruthless, lack composure and careless that they’re easily overthrown on the board while some are careful, calm and always with good composure, so at the end of the game, when the careless pawn as being cleared from the board, it will only remain the calm one which the Supreme one will surprise we the viewers of the game with the way he will care for them. And some pawn has to depend on another for survival if it doesn’t want to be eliminated from the board.
    Sorry for speaking in much riddle, and I congratulate those who are able to decipher the meaning behind it.
    Some people are just the main character of your life that no matter what happen to you in your life, they will always keep on making appearance in it.
    Sometimes, you’ll start having some unstable thought about them, because you aren’t able to decipher their significance in your life, if they will be of positive or negative value to your life.
    Tho my stay on earth can’t be said to be a blissful one with all that happened to me and the kind of people I met.
    But someone who still gat my respect and love apart from the perfect one was Nina, she was really great, a pawn like her on the game board is a rare one, she acted beyond my expectations with all her act towards Tabitha.
    With her act, I had to choose to protect the two of them ,an act which I don’t know if I should say I regret or not.
    But all the same, she was awesome, if I have the chance to visit earth again, I will make sure I drop a flower to where she is.
    Where is she???
    You’ll all know as the story goes on.
    When we got to Prestigious Pearls Dynamic College, I started feeling the presence of two people, I don’t know who but the feelings was surging through me, I can only feel someone I knew or in some way got attracted to, attracted to in the sense that I felt something for them, either hate, love, disgust or awe by their act.
    So it meant that, their are two people still remaining in the school after Ranking’s effort to get all the people the kids were acquainted to or teachers that were in the school 9 years ago when the kids were attending the school.
    I could sense anxiety in Tabitha’s body as they alighted from her dad’s car, I don’t know if it was the same for Nina because I couldn’t feel what she was feeling because we were not connected.
    The school has changed ,the structures has been renovated and the colour that was used as it painting then has been changed.
    As if Ranking already knew his way around,he motioned to the girls who were neatly dressed in their school uniform to follow him.
    The principal’s office was situated on the third floor of the school,
    The girls were a little bit exhausted from climbing the stairs as it has been long since they climbed one.
    Ranking’s house has elevator,so the girls ever since their arrival home, hasn’t taken a step on a stair case.
    On getting to the third floor, they were already gasping for breath.
    Ranking looked at them and laugh, mocking them of being lazy ,accusing the two of being birds of a feather.
    When we got into the principal’s office, I was shocked as I saw who the principal was, it was miss Efe,
    I couldn’t decipher how she was able to make it to the post, I knew something was odd about her but I just couldn’t what it was, I’ve had that feeling from the day I saw her as a teacher in RSMC, at her young age, I was amused she could be a teacher in such a prestigious school, then a week later after the school was closed down, she has also secure employment in PPDC.
    I knew she must have a solid backup behind her.
    I looked at the two girls and I saw that they were terrified and ashamed of her.
    Their heads were down, they couldn’t raise their head up to face her, Ranking noticing the change in his children asked if anything was wrong.
    ” nothing is wrong sir, they’re just surprised to see me ” miss Efe replied smiling as she stood up from her seat, went round her table in order to get to the girls.
    She put the two of the in tight embrace
    ” thank you for not giving up, thank you for coming back, thank you for waking up ” she said amidst tears as the two girls also found themselves crying.
    ” you’re that lady,their class teacher, that always frequent the hospital to check on the girls ” Ranking said grasping the situation at hand
    ” yes, you’re right ” miss Efe replied disengaging the hug between her and the girls.
    ” wow, I’m sorry for not recognizing you quickly, but how come, how did it happen, how are you ” Ranking was finding the appropriate word to ask what he wanted to ask but was interrupted by miss Efe
    ” you mean why am I still here, when you’ve got everyone out ” she interrupted him smiling
    ” ye, yeah ” Ranking replied her stuttering a bit.
    ” there are two reasons why your tricks and influence couldn’t get me outta here ,one is that, I couldn’t leave because of the girls, especially when I heard they were coming back, it was something I’ve been anticipating for a long time ” she replied massaging the girls hair lovingly
    ” and the second reason ” Ranking asked when she didn’t seem to be answering it
    ” I will leave you to figure that out yourself ” she replied Ranking taking the two girls to seat on the two visitor’s chairs facing hers inside the office, she smirked at Ranking as he didn’t have any choice than to stand throughout the whole registration.
    When the registration was over, miss Efe asked Ranking to go, that she will make sure the girls are placed inside their class.
    It took the girls persuasion before he obliged but not without collecting the contact of miss Efe.
    After Ranking left, miss Efe made the two girls to be free with her, they chat like age mate.
    After an hour of chitchatting, she stood up and motioned to the girls to follow her, as she got to her door and was about to open it, she suddenly stopped, it was as if she remembered something and it was kind of hard for her to say to the girls.
    After some minutes of thinking, she drew the two girls closer and hugged them again, after disengaging the hug, she looked into their eye, then sighed deeply
    ” Gabriel is here ” she said swiftly like if she didn’t say it fast, she might end up not able to say it.
    ” what “! The two girls exclaimed together
    ” how’s that possible, he should have graduated from here ” Nina said looking at miss Efe and Tabitha shook her head to motioned that she supported what Nina said.
    ” well, he isn’t here as a student ” miss Efe said calmly
    ” then what is he doing here ” Tabitha asked
    ” he’s a teacher and he’s teaching the js1 to js3 students business studies ” miss Efe answered with a somber tone.
    The girls were taken aback with this. There face said it all, all kind of feelings were ramming through their mind.
    Especially Tabitha who I was connected to, her spirit was down and their was reluctance spirit shadowing her
    ” its alright, we’re already prepare for a.scenario like that ” Nina replied replenishing Tabitha’s courage as they held hand and went down with miss Efe to their class.

    Episode 11

    Tabitha and Nina were met with another shock as they got to their class with miss Efe.
    Gabriel was the one taking the class,
    They’ve already entered before miss Efe noticed that he was the one, the girls didn’t quickly recognise him as the little boy they knew then was now a grown boy with mustache and beard.
    Miss Efe on seeing him, quickly stopped the girls .
    ” can I help you ma ” Gabriel said stopping his teaching when he noticed miss Efe and the two girls which he recognised at once
    ” no brother Gabriel, we will come back later ” miss Efe said heading out of the class.
    The two girls on hearing miss Efe pronounced Gabriel recognised Gabriel at once, they told miss Efe that they’ll stay and miss Efe introduced them to the students and left them.
    The two girls sat together and Gabriel couldn’t help but stare at them throughout his teaching which made the girls uncomfortable.
    After his class was over, he asked the two girls to meet him in his office but Nina declined his command informing him that they can’t leave the class until break time or refreshing break, the students inside the class were amazed that the new student knew about their refreshing break.
    Gabriel didn’t have any choice than to leave the girls because they’re right, he doesn’t have any right to call them out of the class until they’re in break time.
    After the bell for the refreshment break was jingled, Gabriel didn’t appear till the bell was jingled again to signify the end of the break, the girls felt at ease with this because they thought he was going to come and they were filled with tension.
    After an hour of teaching by teachers, the bell signifying break time was jingled again.
    All the students left for break except for Tabitha and Nina who were deeply engrossed with notes they’ve successfully lend from their classmates.
    ” what are you doing ” Gabriel said as he got to the girls startling them because they didn’t know when he came inside
    ” do you want to give us heart attack “? Tabitha asked angrily
    ” am sorry ” Gabriel pleaded smiling
    ” and why are you smiling ” Nina asked irritably
    ” nothing, just that am very happy to see you girls again ” he said smiling again and the two girls smirked
    ” and how come you’re a teacher here, why are you not in school ” Tabitha asked curiously
    ” I’m through with my university education ” he replied proudly
    ” what ” the two girls exclaimed together
    ” how is that possible ” Nina asked with a wow tone
    ” when the two of you went into coma, I became the best student in the whole school, I started challenging the seniors to quiz and other educational competition when I was in jss2, when I got to ss2, our principal then, advised my parents to allow me sit for WAEC, and they did, I smashed my result getting A parallel ” he paused for a moment in a proud manner
    ” wow, that’s good, but I thought you’ll be fourteen years of age then and you can’t be admitted into university at that young age ” Nina said and Tabitha shook her head reasoning with Nina’s talk
    ” yeah you’re right, I was young then, but the owner of Bowen university is my dad’s best friend, so it was easy for me to secure an admission there without any concern for my age” he replied with the pompous act again
    ” so that was how it was, but I can’t seem to understand something ” Tabitha said
    ” and what’s that ” Gabriel asked
    ” why you’re here teaching when you can get a good job with your dad’s connection ” Tabitha asked with curiosity look
    ” I came here to wait for my angel ” he replied smiling
    ” angel “! Tabitha exclaimed and she suddenly started trembling, Nina quickly put her into a deep hug and held her trembling hands,
    Tabitha has already told Nina what led her to be in coma, so Nina understand the reason why she was trembling when Gabriel mentioned angel
    ” what’s wrong with her ” Gabriel asked surprised at the sudden trembling of Tabitha
    ” nothing, but please refrain from saying the word angel,whenever we’re talking ” Nina replied with harsh tone
    ” okay, I will make sure I do that ” Gabriel replied with a low spirit
    ” see you later, we’re going for break ” Nina said supporting Tabitha to get up and they exit the class living Gabriel there.
    ???After 1½ years ???
    The girls were already in ss2, Gabriel always tagged along with them every time, he always visit them at home and as being recognised by Ranking and Yemi that he was the only friend of Nina and Tabitha.
    Yemi was always filled with rage everyday because she couldn’t do anything to Tabitha, Ranking installed cctv inside every corners of the house except his bedroom and the girls room, he also warned Yemi that if she dare lay a finger on Tabitha, he will make sure she’s deported back to her parent’s house, so she couldn’t maltreat Tabitha physically, she also tried some spiritual steps to eliminate Tabitha but I was always on guard. So she didn’t have any choice than to just keep looking at Tabitha.
    I knew Gabriel has feelings for Nina but I think he was waiting for the right time to propose to her.
    I had stopped nurturing my stupid feelings for Tabitha and focused on what I was sent to do so I didn’t have any problem with him dating Tabitha but the problem was that I noticed that Tabitha doesn’t have feelings for him but Nina does and Tabitha also knew that her sister has feelings for Gabriel because she told Tabitha.
    Ranking registered the girls for waec when they were in ss2, tho it was miss Efe that asked him to but he also has such plan before.
    I knew something was brewing between Ranking and miss Efe but the kids doesn’t know.
    And I was in support of it because Yemi is a great mistake for Ranking to use in replacing Precious and miss Efe wasn’t married yet and she was extremely kind and loved the kids so much.
    The girls started their exam and after a month it ended.
    Gabriel proposed to take the two girls out in order to celebrate them finally finishing their exam and secondary school. Little did they know that Gabriel was planning on asking Tabitha out.
    Gabriel took them to a reputable restaurant in his car.
    They ordered for what they wanted, Gabriel was surfing through his mind the best way he would ask Tabitha out, he doesn’t have much courage when it comes to wooing girls and Nina’s presence there made it hard.
    After some minutes, Nina said she felt pressed and excused herself to go to the restroom.
    Gabriel saw it as a chance to ask Tabitha out
    ” are you enjoying yourself ” Gabriel asked trying to breed up a conversation between them
    ” yes ” Tabitha replied
    ” good, do you remember that I wasn’t able to tell you the main reason I was working as a.teacher in the PPDC because I mentioned the A word in our conversation then ” Gabriel asked with a serious look
    ” yeah, I remembered and why are you getting so serious ” Tabitha asked smiling
    ” the reason I was in that school to start teaching was because my mind told me that you’re going to come back, so I was using the excuse of teaching there as an excuse to wait for you ” he replied with a look that was serious
    ” I can’t seem to understand you ” Tabitha replied him with a look that depicted that she’s confused with what he was uttering.
    ” I really love you Tabitha, I’ve been waiting all my life to tell you this, I’ve loved you from the time we were still a kid, but I was waiting for the right time to tell you, please accept my ”
    He was suddenly interrupted by the sound of something that fell down, they turned to look at what it was and was surprised to see Nina standing in front of them with her phone on the floor.
    She suddenly ran out and Tabitha and Gabriel ran after her calling her name, I also followed them.
    Nina in her disturbed state of mind ran to the middle of the road, I saw a car coming towards her with high speed.
    I knew their was no escaping point for her as the car was about to get her, I really liked Nina so much and I couldn’t just stood there and watch her die.
    I used my power to change the direction of the car making it swerve swiftly off the road to the pedestrian walking spot, the car hit 5 people before it later collided with an electric pole.
    The two occupants of the car and the five people that were hit all died instantly, I knew it was the result of tampering with fate. I was suddenly terrified because I knew I’ve gone against one of the laws guiding me as a guardian angel which stated that ” hurt not my innocent little ones ”
    I’ve already hurt innocent little ones and it wasn’t just one, I killed seven people and it wasn’t to save the perfect one, I did it to save someone I cherished, I let my emotion cloud my reason, I didn’t know the punishment designated for my sin because no guardian angel has ever committed it before.
    I stood transfixed at the spot I was as people were running helter-skelter to try and save the people involved in the accident but I knew they were already dead.
    Suddenly I felt myself shrinking and I shrinked to the height of normal humans, I was feeling the heat emanating from the sun, something that has never happened to me ever since I have being created even when I was in heaven, I always go into the sun to play and I don’t use to feel the heat.
    But now here I am feeling myself burning up because because of the sun, then someone ran passed me and suddenly collided into me, the person told me sorry and continue with his running.
    ” what could be happening to me ” I screamed out attracting the attention of people

    Episode 12

    {Starting my life as a human}
    Emotions can be describe as one of the weaknesses of man, and it can also be the factor that strengthen a man, but it all depends on how it’s been utilized,
    I thought it was the weakness of only human being, but little did I know that we the divine creatures aren’t left out of it.
    I choosed my emotion to my mission and the Supreme one punished me at once, he made me what I never wished to become, if I was transformed into a human in countries like Israel, England or Canada, I might have been happy a little bit, but I was turned into a human in an hell incarnate country.
    My Supreme Lord, this isn’t good enough.
    I pray my punishment not be for eternity so that I will be able to return to my home.
    But I was amazed with the supreme one judgement, I didn’t think it was possible to send another guardian angel over to look over the perfect one which means that she’s prone to danger.
    What did the supreme one has in mind for doing what he did, you all are going to know as the stories moves on
    someone ran passed me and suddenly collided into me, the person told me sorry and continue with his running.
    ” what could be happening to me ” I screamed out attracting the attention of people nearby, they were all looking at me with a weird look, I didn’t understand why, I looked at where Nina was before but she wasn’t there again, I looked at the spot where Gabriel and Tabitha were standing before and they were also not there again, it was like the three vanished without a trace.
    I was aware what would become of me if I don’t locate them, but what will I even tell them if I locate them, ” that I was once a goddamned f-----g angel who has lost his invisisibility because I was trying to save Nina”
    Who will even believe my story , how will I survive here without any means of survival, how will I get shelter, clothes and so on
    Then suddenly my stomach grumbled, my stomach has never grumbled before and I thought within me what it could mean.
    I looked around me and saw people staring at me, I started walking to nowhere in particular, and it was still the same, all the people that saw me were staring at me, I checked my back to see if my feather wasn’t out and it wasn’t.
    Then I looked at my body and I saw that I still had the golden armour on with my sword still sheathed in my back and I was also bare footed.
    I knew at once that that was the reason people were staring at me but their was nothing I could do about it.
    I was curious to know if I still got my wings, so when I saw a secluded open space with no one there,
    I quickly head there and tried to bring forth my feathers, I was happy when it emanated from my back but it was not as big as before, I shut it back in and as I wanted to get out of the place and continue my journey, I saw a little girl looking at me,
    I guessed she must have seen me when I brought out my feathers, I moved closer to her and massage her hair, I smirked as I felt the girl’s gaze at my back, she was looking at me as I was going.
    Knowing that I still got my feathers made me very happy because it also means I still have my power, talking of my power, I tried to connect with Tabitha and it worked, my connection with her made me knew that she was feeling guilty, but I didn’t know the reason she was feeling so.
    Walking under the scorching sun was very hard for me , I have never that kind of feeling before, I praised The little ones walking under it without showing any sign of being affected by it like I was.
    As I was going, I heard my stomach grumbled again followed by a sharp pain .
    Then it occurred to me that I was hungry, I was very terrified by this, it’s really hard being a human, I thought within me as the pain kept on increasing by seconds.
    I’ve never felt hungry or eaten ever since I’ve been on earth, tho we eat in heaven but we do so not because we’re hungry.
    We’ve never felt the pain of hunger before in heaven.
    I kept on moving with all the strength in me, I was sweating profusely understand the sun, I’ve never also sweat before ever since I was created.
    Then suddenly, one beautiful car passed by my side, I saw the driver of the car who happened to be a female staring at me, then it halted few distance from me and started reversing, when the car got to where I was, it stopped
    ” hello handsome ” the lady inside the car said to get my attention, tho I knew I was the one she was talking to but I did as if I wasn’t the one and continue walking, the lady drove to where I was again and hit her horn button in order to get my attention, I stopped this time and the lady stepped out of the car and came to me
    ” hello handsome ” she greeted me again
    ” I’m fine ” I replied her and made to continue my journey, she suddenly intercepted me.
    She should be in her late forty tho she’s still pretty, I guess result of being wealthy, she was dressed gorgeously and the fragrance coming out from her was cool.
    ” where are you going, let me give you a ride ” she said smiling
    ” I don’t need it, am cool, thank you ” I replied her making attempt to continue with my journey and she stopped me again
    ” you look exhausted and famished,let me help you ” she said smiling
    ” I’m really okay, thanks for offering to help and am not hungry ” I said but my stomach grumbled again giving me out. The lady held me by my hand smiling and opened the car door for me to enter.
    I thought about it and entered when I saw that I didn’t have a choice it’s either I kept on walking and pass out on the street because of my aching stomach.
    And maybe it was the supreme one that sent her to help me ,I deduced in my mind as the lady entered the car and started it and we zoomed off.
    ” what’s your name handsome ” she asked looking at my face as if she’d seen a jewel.
    ” Benmanna ” I replied her
    ” you mean Manna as the surname and Ben as the name ” she asked surprised at my name.
    How she broke it was really nice to me I found it cool
    ” yes ” I replied her and she looked at like she was expecting me to ask her something
    ” are you not going to ask about my own name ” she asked me smiling and I replied her ” no, I don’t need to know ” she was awe at my response but only smiled, I guessed my beauty can do and undo.
    ” well, it’s Briana Joyce ” she said waiting for me to reply but I didn’t
    ” why are you wearing this “? She said pointing at my armour but I didn’t answer
    ” are you acting movie around here and you look like you’re not from Nigeria, which country are you from “? She added but I just kept mute concentrating on the road like I was the one behind the steering .
    ” looks like you don’t talk much, but we will be going to a boutique so that you can change that cloth and from there we head to my house ” she said concentrating on her driving
    ” what are we going to do at your place ” i asked shocked with what she said
    ” you look like you aren’t from this place and seeing you on the road ,my mind told me you don’t have a place to stay, and you’re just too handsome for me to abandon, I’ve never seen anyone as handsome as you before, even in movie ” she replied looking at my face in a awe manner again.
    I was surprised how she knew I was without a place to live but I kept mute.
    ” it must surely be the supreme one’s work ” I uttered in my mind
    After some minutes on the road ,the car stopped in front of a boutique, she quickly came out and came to my side and open the door for me.
    I stepped out and as I was to put my leg on the floor, the started getting farther in my eye, it felt like the ground was a pit and I was about to fall in it, I knew it was the hunger so I quickly shook my head in order to get my wit back, and everything went back to normal.
    We walked into the boutique together like a couple, and everyone’s gaze inside the boutique was on us, it was a large boutique and many people was present there.
    It was like the president and his first lady were the one that entered the boutique, because we got everyone’s attention, I didn’t know if it was because of the armour I was wearing and I was bare footed or because I was very handsome just like Joyce claimed earlier or could it be that I was looking much younger than Joyce, many types of rhetoric questions were bubbling in my mind.
    ” come here Ben ” Joyce said with a jean trouser in her hand,
    I moved closer to her and she handed the Jean trouser to me
    ” this should be your size ” she said as she moved to the session where shirts were hung.
    I looked around and still saw people glaring at me,I smiled at them as I moved closer to Joyce, I saw one girl blowing me kiss at one end but I did like I didn’t see her.
    When Joyce was through with surfing out a shirt that was very fine.
    She handed it to me and took me to a place with a small door with the inscription ” MALE ” on it
    ” go inside and try it ” she said as she pushed me inside when I just stood there looking at her.
    I entered the room and took off my golden armour,the first time that happened since twenty years plus that have been living on earth .
    I looked at the dressing mirror inside the room and I saw that my white cloth under the armour had some blemishes on it .
    Particles of tears formed in my eye as I saw it, because it means that I’ve lost my glory as an angel.
    I took the white off and put on the shirt and trouser in my hand.
    As I came out of the cloth testing room, Joyce eye almost popped out with the way she was staring at me, then I noticed that it was everyone inside the boutique that were looking at me, even guys, some girls left their guys and came to me that they would love to take a selfie with me, but Joyce shoved all of them.
    She held me like her darling and told me that we should get more clothes before we continue our journey.
    I saw some girls with the back of their phone pointed at me, it was when I saw the flash of the phone on that I knew they were taking pics of me.
    I smiled as Joyce kept on picking clothes and shoes ,she saw a fine FILA cover slippers, and gave it to me to wear.
    I already wrapped my armour inside my white clothes and held it with one hand.
    After we were done with picking everything I needed,
    We went to the cashier,
    The lady couldn’t help but stare at me as she calculated all we bought.
    ” please can I take a pics with you ” she asked as we paid her and made to leave.
    Joyce wanted to decline but I quickly told the lady that it’s okay.
    She was very happy as she brought out her smart phone and left her desk ,she moved closer to me and clinged to me in order to take the selfie.
    Her boobs was directly on my chest as she took the selfie but I didn’t see anything wrong with it because I didn’t have any negative thought in my mind. My mind was pure like a snow.
    The look on Joyce face towards the lady wasn’t a pleasant one but the lady didn’t care as she was very happy and was smiling as she head back to her seat.
    ” please can I get your number ” the girl suddenly ran towards us again and asked me.
    I saw that every lady inside the boutique brought out their phones at once and placed their finger on it waiting for me to call my number so that they will also save it on their phone
    ” he doesn’t have one ” Joyce replied the lady rudely and dragged me out of boutique.
    Our journey to her house was chatty, as she was happy to share with me about her, she told me she has two daughters and a son, the two girls are in Nigeria while the boy is in Malaysia.
    She’s a widow but her husband left her and her children with substantial amount of fortune.
    I was able to confirm her story when we got to her house, it was a magnificient building almost like Ranking’s own.
    She opened the gate with a remote and after we’ve entered she pressed the remote again and the gate closed by itself .
    She took her phone and dialled a number
    ” come down now, I’ve somethings in my car ” she said to the recipient of the call and hunged the call.
    ” my maid will come and help you take your stuffs inside ” she said to me smiling.
    After some seconds the maid came outside, the appearance of the girl doesn’t look like a maid, she was dress in fine and expensive cloth and she was also glowing and fresh.
    She’s also beautiful.
    I looked at Joyce with a doubtful eye and she smiled when she saw me staring at her .”
    The maid couldn’t help but stare at me, it was kinda getting uncomfortable as everyone kept staring at me, she even banged her head on the car when she kept on staring at me without facing where she was going.
    When we got inside the building,I was awed at the interior design of the building
    “Take those into the guest room and get the guest snack before you prepare what he will eat ” she ordered the maid and the maid took everything we brought out of sight.
    I sat on one of the chair in the sitting room to relax and she sat opposite to me, then I heard footsteps of someone coming to where we were,
    ” meet my oldest daughter ” Joyce said as the person got closer to us
    I turned to look at the daughter and I almost screamed when I saw her

    Episode 13

    {Temptation knocking}
    The supreme one was indeed merciful onto me, tho I lost my glory because of my disobedience but he was still kind enough to send an helper to me, I knew if I hadn’t come in contact with Joyce, I might have died, tho I didn’t know if it was possible for me to die, but even if I was
    immortal, the pain that would be acquainted to me will know no bound.
    But it seems the supreme one send Joyce to me for a reason because of who I saw in her house, maybe it was just a way to reconnect me back with Tabitha even in my human form, but I’m done guessing what’s on the supreme one’s mind.
    He is the anchor of the boat, so anywhere he wish to sail towards, he should sail towards it but he should not abandon me or push me into the sea.
    I sat on one of the chair in the sitting room to relax and she sat opposite to me, then I heard footsteps of someone coming to where we were,
    ” meet my oldest daughter ” Joyce said as the person got closer to us
    I turned to look at the daughter and I almost screamed when I saw her .
    She was none other than miss Efe, I looked at her face and looked at Joyce’s own and the resemblance was striking . They looked alike, but how was that possible, I remembered that miss Efe full name was Efe Ifedolapo Mobolaji and I was sure Mobolaji was her surname.
    ” Efe, meet Ben, Ben meet Efe ” Joyce did the introduction for us when I wasn’t talking and Efe too wasn’t saying anything as she just stood where she was staring at me.
    ” let me see you mom ” Efe finally uttered leaving the scene .
    ” I’ll be back soon ” Joyce said smiling as she followed Efe.
    I knew it was because of me that Efe called Joyce, I was very curious to hear what she wanted to tell her but I knew I couldn’t hear, then I tried a trick which always work for me when I was still an angel, it just like sending a duplicate of me to find something out while the real me will be accessing the duplicate to know what I want to know.
    The duplicate will serve as a spying camera connected to me, and I will be able to see and hear what it’s seeing and hearing.
    I focused my energy in order to bring the duplicate out and it worked, I controlled it to where Joyce and Efe was and I started eavesdropping on their conversation.
    ” who’s that thing ” Efe asked Joyce with a curious look
    ” what do you mean, are you referring a human as a thing ” Joyce replied in the normal Nigeria custom ( using question to reply a question )
    ” how can you call that thing a human being, do you think your prank can work today? , that must be a robot and you want to fool peace and I into thinking it’s a human ” she replied smiling.
    ” why do you think he’s a robot ” Joyce asked again smiling
    ” have you ever seen a human being look like that, the people that created him must have gone through many stress of creating the skin that was pasted on him ” Efe replied Joyce with a tone that depict victory, like I got your prank
    ” he’s a human, a normal guy not a robot ” Joyce said with a serious tone
    ” are you serious mom ” Efe asked with surprised tone
    ” yeah, I’m 100% serious, it isn’t a prank ” Joyce replied her releasing the serious look
    ” jeez, I can’t believe you yet mom, how can a human look like that, even tho am American series freak, still I haven’t seen someone look like that before in any of their movie ” Efe said with disbelief tone
    ” that was what I also said when I met him, he’s just too handsome beyond human level, I can’t believe such a person exist on earth, I’m still surprised till now even tho I’ve been with him more than an hour so I understand how you’re feeling ” Joyce enunciated with smile
    ” wow, but with his blonde hair, crystal coloured eyeball and his completion, I know he isn’t from Nigeria and he can’t be an half cast, not with all that characteristics, so mom, which country is he from ” Efe asked with awe
    ” he refused to tell me, but his intonation when I was speaking with him was that of Nigeria, so I don’t know what to believe ” Joyce replied her with uncertainty voice
    ” did you not know him before “? Efe asked her raising her voice a bit
    ” no, I don’t, I just met him today, I gave him a ride when I saw him walking on the road and looked like someone who really needed the ride ” Joyce replied her almost in a whisper as if she thought someone would hear her say what she just said
    ” you’re unbelievable mom, you met him on the road and brought him home, so what’s your reason for bringing him home ” Efe asked with a.serious tone.
    I was happy with Efe’s question, I was also curious to the reason she was helping me, as Joyce wanted to answer her, I felt someone tap me, I opened my eyes startled and my connection with my duplicate self was lost at once.
    It was the maid that tapped me ,she had a tray in her hand which consisted of meat pie, doughnut and Hollandia youghourt .
    ” I’ve been trying to wake you up since but you didn’t wake up until I tapped you ” she said dropping what was in her hand on the table
    ” I’m sorry, I’m just a little bit tired ” I said and she brought out a small glass table which looked like a cushion but it wasn’t a cushion, she placed it in front of me and placed the tray on it.
    ” here’s the snack madam asked me to give you ” she said staring at me, it was like she wanted to bore hole into my face with her look.
    I started eating what she gave and I noticed she was still there looking at me but I didn’t say anything.
    She left when she heard footsteps of Joyce and Efe coming to the sitting room.
    ” hope you’re enjoying yourself handsome ” Joyce asked me as they got to the sitting room and I replied yes.
    ” I’m Efe ” Efe said moving closer to me stretching her hands towards me
    ” I’m Ben ” I said shaking hands with her
    ” yeah, she’s my first daughter,she’s now 28 and still single, I knew it’s her look and stature that’s deceiving her ” Joyce added smiling
    ” seriously mom ” Efe screamed irritably leaving the sitting room and I smiled.
    That was when I understand what Joyce was trying to do, her mission was to matchmake me for Efe .
    Joyce engaged me in some discussion about Efe, she told me how her heart was broken by her fiance four years ago, it was two month to their wedding as they’ve already gone through the introduction stage.
    But the guy cheated on Efe with Efe’s best friend, so the wedding was called off and ever since then, she refused to give any guy a chance.
    She told me that Efe finished schooling at the tender age of sixteen and instead of her to work in one of her father’s company ,she refused to do so and went to secure a job as a teacher in one of the reputable school in Aja,
    We were surprised that she was able to secure a job there at that age and without using the connection of her father.
    After two years of teaching there, it was discovered that the owner of the school was a ritualist, so she had to resign from the school.
    Her dad because of that incident told her that he won’t allow her to work outside his wing again but the girl wanted to be a teacher because of her love for children.
    She told me that her husband jointly own a school but her husband owns the highest shares of the school so she started teaching there, and now with her
    own effort, she’s made it to the post of the principal of the school while she’s also part of the owner of the school.
    Her story helped me to confirm all my unanswered questions about miss Efe.
    I pretended as if I was grossly interested in her stories.
    ” but is Briana your surname ” I asked her when she was through with her story, and the reason I asked her was to know what’s wrong, because Efe’s surname was Mobolaji, so I wanted to know if their surname was different
    ” hell no, Briana Joyce is my name, I just love being called by the two because my surname is not English ” she answered negatively,
    ” what’s really wrong with Nigerians, I asked her if her surname is Briana but here she’s answering what I didn’t ask her ” I said to myself as I forced out a smile.
    ” so, what’s your surname ” I asked Her again smiling
    ” it’s Mobolaji, Mobolaji Briana Joyce ” she answered sophisticatedly.
    Then I started hearing someone running ,it was like the person was running down a stair case .
    ” that must be my second daughter, Peace, her sister must have told her about you ” Joyce said smiling.
    It wasn’t up to 20 seconds that Joyce said it that a young beautiful girl appeared, she should be of the same age with the real age of Tabitha, she was so beautiful and gorgeous, she stood in front of me and was staring at me like she has seen a precious jewel.
    Joyce cleared her throat a bit in order to gain the attention of her daughter, and it worked as she stopped staring at me and went to her mother
    ” who’s that ” she asked her mother pointing at me
    Joyce smile and hit her on her forehead playfully
    ” how can you be rude to my guest, go and greet him, that’s Ben ” she replied her smiling.
    The girl did something that surprised me, she left her mom and came to sit by my side, she brought her face closer to mine as if she wanted to kiss me ,she was looking directly into my eyeball and was smiling, suddenly she brought her palm to my face to feel it
    ” wow, so smooth and soft ” that was the last thing I heard her say and what happened next was her lip was already on mine, I quickly close my mouth in order not to allow her tongue inside my mouth.
    I didn’t know what to do next as I felt her trying to penetrate her tongue into my mouth.
    I shove her off me when it seems she isn’t going to stop.
    I looked at Joyce and saw her smiling and I looked at Peace and she was also smiling, she had the expression that says that she was happy and proud of what she did.
    ” I don’t blame her Ben, for what she did, it took me all my strength and will not to have done the same thing since we’ve been inside the car together ” Joyce said not rebuking her daughter for what she did .
    ” Peace, go and ask Sophia if the food is done ” she said to peace, who stood up but gave me a seductive eye before she left to deliver her mom’s message.
    I was treated like a king by Joyce throughout the day, tho I ate at some minutes pass 4 in the evening, when it was dinner time, she still served me like I haven’t eaten throughout the day, but the only threat I was dealing with is Peace, she didn’t allow me rest, always sitting close to me, even at the dinner table, she sat close to me and was using her hand to massage my thigh. Tho Efe and Joyce were also staring at me but no physical contact occur between us unlike Peace who was gluing unto me like a plague.
    After dinner, I retired to the guest room at once.
    I connected to Tabitha to know how she was feeling and I felt that she was cool, she was normal, not happy and not sad, but it kinda felt like she was empty.
    I wish I was their with her to know what’s going on through her mind that made her felt empty.
    I yawned as I lay on the bed, I was very tired, and I felt my eye getting blurry, I knew it was sleep knocking on my door, the first time such will be happening since twenty years ago that have being on earth.
    I slept off.
    I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night when I felt a hand massaging my body.
    ” What “! I exclaimed when I saw the person doing it.

    Episode 14

    {And she’s in danger}
    Do you know?
    You can only be tempted with what you like, the probability of falling for temptation when what you like or love is used as the bait is very high,
    But when you’re tempted with what you gat no interest for or you don’t like, the probability of falling for the temptation is very low.
    I heard that brother Luci always like to use temptation to divert people from their way of glory, but the one I witness that happened to me, I knew it wasn’t fostered by brother Luci, it was just someone trying to fulfil her unholy desire.
    Did I overcome the temptation or did I fell for it, get your answer as the story of my life continues.
    I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night when I felt a hand massaging my body.
    ” what “! I exclaimed when I saw the person doing it.
    ” Sophia ” I tried to scream her name but she quickly use her hand to cover my mouth and I was only able to muffle her name.
    ” shoosh, don’t scream,, you will wake everyone up ” she said removing her hand from my mouth
    ” what are you doing “? I asked getting up from the bed.
    I saw that she wearing only pant and bra.
    ” why are you doing as if you don’t know what I’m doing ” she said coming to where I was, as she was moving closer to me, I was taking steps back, until I got to the wall and their was no place to go again.
    She moved closer to me and placed her hand on my chest in a seductive way, that was when I knew that I didn’t have my shirt on again, I didn’t know how it got off.
    ” please make love to me ” she said rubbing my chest with her hand and taking it downward to my trouser area, I knew the destination where her hand was headed to.
    ” what do you mean by me making love to you, you just met me today ” I said grabbing her hand midway to stop it from going to the danger zone it was headed to.
    ” please just do it, I’m still a virgin and I’ve promised myself that I am going to make sure I get disvirgin by the cutest person I meet on earth ” she said almost pleading
    ” please stop it, I can’t do it, my body is the holy vessel of the supreme one and I can’t smear it and I’m not what you’re thinking I am ” I replied her moving back to the bed, I took my shirt and wore it and sat on the bed.
    Then she did something that amazed me.
    She took off her bra releasing her boobs, it was of normal size and it is fair like her completion.
    I just sat where I was sitting looking at her like a dummy, I didn’t know what to do and I saw as she started moving closer to me again, when she got to me she use her hand to push me to lay flat on the bed, then she layed on top of me, I didn’t know what to do exactly, her boobs was directly on my chest and I felt her hand slid into my trouser, that was when my head rebooted.
    I pushed her off me at once and she fell on another side of the bed and i stood up from the bed.
    ” please go now before I get the attention of others ” I said angrily and she stood up from the bed and picked her bra ,wore it and head out disappointed.
    I heaved a sigh of relief as I lay back on the bed.
    ” I’ve not even used up to 24 hours as a human and I’m already going through this “I said to myself as I tried to sleep back.
    I woke up to the sound of melody, someone was playing keyboard and it felt like it was near the room I was.
    I stretched as I got off the bed and head outside,
    I was surprised to see Peace ,she was the one playing the keyboard ,the keyboard was placed beside the guest room ,I wondered how I didn’t see it when I passed there yesterday night.
    She stopped playing when she saw me, then she started smiling, she stood up and came closer to me, placed her hand on my cheek again
    ” good morning uncle Ben ” she greeted me not removing her hand on my cheek, she was staring at me again like she did yesterday.
    ” how can you be so pretty like this “?she asked rhetorically not waiting for me to answer her greeting.
    She was looking at me with awe, then she started bringing her face closer to mine, I knew she was about to kiss me again,so I quickly freed myself from her.
    ” is this yours “? I asked moving towards the keyboard in order to change the topic
    ” yeah ” she said happily as she sat on the seat in front of the keyboard
    ” it was my dad’s own but he handed it over to me before he died since I was the only who showed interest in learning it and he thought me how to play it, all what my mom and sister like to do is always listen to it being played, they must be in their room listening to it before you interrupted me ” she enunciated smiling
    ” did I asked about all this you’re telling me ” I only asked it in my mind and forced out a smile.
    ” do you know how to play it ” she asked focusing her gaze on me
    ” yeah, no one can compete with me in the whole of this earth in playing it ” I answered her proudly
    ” what “! I exclaimed when my answer dawn on me, how could I tell her that I knew how to play it, tho their was no one on earth except brother Luci who can be compare to me in playing any musical instruments or singing, but I knew if I play it and she was awe by my performance, her next mission won’t be kissing me but having sex with me
    ” brother Ben, you can lie o ” she said laughing mockingly
    ” what you meant is that you’re the best in playing it all over the world, your lie has impregnated me ” she added laughing mockingly, she placed her hand on her back and pushed her tommy out in a pregnant woman posture in order to mock me, what she did hit the nail on my head with her words,
    I suddenly wish to show to her that I’m not lying, and make her regret mocking me.
    ” get up “I said to her in a serious tone and she did while I occupied the seat.
    I started playing the tone of my best song, it was an heavenly song and I don’t know the translation in English, I could only sing it in heaven language.
    As I was playing it, I lost myself in the tone and closed my eye as I started singing the song.
    I didn’t know how long I closed my eye and sang but when I was finally through with it and hit the last key and opened my eye, I saw the three ladies and they started clapping and shouting
    ” wow, I can’t believe I just heard the most beautiful voice on earth and the grand master of keyboardist playing keyboard now,I don’t think I will be able to get enough of this voice ” Joyce said in awe, her behavior said it all, she really enjoyed it
    ” are you sure you’re a human being ” Efe said looking at me with a suspicious eye and I smiled.
    I looked at Peace and saw that her mouth was opened and her eye was widely opened without blinking, she looked like she had turned to a statue, when Joyce also noticed her ,she tapped her and she startling respond to her.
    ” oh my God, I’m sorry for underrating you bro Ben, this is the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard and I don’t think anyone can challenge your skill in playing the keyboard ” Peace said looking at me with the eye that depicted that she wished to kiss me.
    ” but is that your country’s language you were using to sing the song you sang ” Joyce asked me and I replied yes.
    ” okay, which country do you hail from and you must answer me now, that cute face of yours can’t stop me from getting my answer from you now ” she asked with a serious tone.
    I was placed in a tight spot, she looked serious and I can’t tell them that I was from heaven, they won’t believe me and I can’t lie to them. It’s a sin
    When I ran out of idea of what I could do, I smiled cutely displaying my teeth in the process
    ” mom, I must kiss bro Ben, I can’t withstand this again ” Peace said moving closer to me and quickly ran away and she followed me while Joyce and Efe bursted into laughter.
    The day was filled with fun, after Joyce gave me a new toothbrush ,I brushed my teeth, took my bath and wore one out of the clothes we got from the boutique.
    We ate slice bread and egg coupled with hot tea as breakfast.
    Sophia couldn’t make direct eye contact with me because of what transpired between us.
    Joyce totally forgot the about her question after Peace chased after me, Peace was really keen on kissing me but I restrained her from doing so, she only agreed not to by making me promise to go out with her and pretend to be her boyfriend.
    That was still okay than me kissing her so I concurred.
    Efe was the hardest among them, she was acting like she wasn’t swayed by my beauty but I caught her many times stealing a glance at me and every time I caught her she will quickly pretend like she wasn’t looking at me.
    After breakfast, Joyce went out, I didn’t know where because I didn’t bother to ask .
    I spent most of the day on the keyboard, Peace wouldn’t just leave me alone, she threatened to kiss me if I stop playing it, she said she loved it so much so all I did was just follow her order.
    I also thought her some skills on how to play it.
    But she was really cool and jovial and loved to play ,apart from her threatening to kiss me, she is good.
    I asked her why Efe didn’t go to her working place and she told me dat she’s on leave.
    She asked me if I have eye for her and I told her no, her reply after that really sacred me.
    ” God save you ,I’ll just rape you and make sure I get pregnant before I free you, then you won’t have any choice than to marry me ” she said in a mixed tone, I couldn’t tell if she was serious or joking with her reply, so I just smirked.
    After she released me from playing the keyboard, we played and watch movie, she made me forgot about my present travail and I really enjoyed her company.
    When it was 5 in the evening, she changed her dress and asked me to change mine I asked her why I should and she told me to remember what I promised her.
    That was when I remembered about her threatening me to promise to go out with her and pretend to be her boyfriend.
    I told her I don’t need to change my cloth and she said she’s okay with it.
    She was very happy walking by my side, even tho she showed me her two awesome cars but she still forced me to trek with her , I knew it was part of her plan to show me off to the people.
    We started walking from their house, it was situated deep inside the estate, I don’t know the estate but I know we’re walking inside an estate because of how everything was silent and how every house was fenced and all of them are beautiful.
    We were chatting as we walked through the silent road.
    When we were about to get out of the estate, she locked arms with me, I looked at her and she smiled naughtily at me.
    She was getting what she wanted as everyone was staring at us.
    I knew I was the one gaining all the attention but she was the one enjoying it.
    After walking for like 1 & ½ hours she got completely exhausted.
    She saw a restaurant and she asked us to rest there before we take a cab home.
    I agreed and we went there, we sat near the place where we could see what’s going on outside clearly, it was already getting dark and she doesn’t seem to be standing up soon as we munched on the meat pie and ice cream she ordered for us.
    Suddenly I saw an evil spirit walking outside looking for someone to possess, it was scrutinizing through the people passing beside it looking for a conducive abode to enter.
    I was surprised because I didn’t know I could still see through the spiritual realm.
    Then I suddenly remembered Tabitha, I couldn’t believe I completely forgot about her.
    I excused myself from Peace to the restroom in order to check on Tabitha.
    When I got to the restaurant’s restroom, I connected with Tabitha, and I was surprised with what I was feeling from her.
    I could sense fear in her, she was very scared and frightened.
    I knew at once that she was in danger but I did not know how I was going to save her

    Episode 15

    {Angel turn Criminal}
    Some things are just meant to happen in order to favour you, but those things sometimes don’t happen for free, a price must be paid in order to show how committed you are.
    These price might sometimes come in a temptation mode, and if you fall for the unwisely idea the dark part of your mind is offering, you easily lose the favour and if you’re wise to rebuke the idea.
    Then the favour is yours.
    I excused myself from Peace to the restroom in order to check on Tabitha.
    When I got to the restaurant’s restroom, I connected with Tabitha, and I was surprised with what I was feeling from her.
    I could sense fear in her, she was very scared and frightened.
    I knew at once that she was in danger but I did not know how I was going to save her.
    But something seemed odd,
    I’ve been with the supreme one for a long period of time to know some of his test I knew he was giving me a test, maybe Tabitha wasn’t in any form of trouble and He wants to see if I’ve finally forsaken my mission because he punished me for my sin or if I was now cool with what I was enjoying as a human, being able to interact with people and many others that I forgot about my main mission on earth.
    ” But what of if it wasn’t a test “, I said to myself leaning on the wall inside the restroom, my mind was in disarray, I was short of opinion, even if it wasn’t a test and she’s in trouble, there was no way of me getting to her, I’ve tested earlier if my teleporting power was working and it wasn’t working the only option of me getting to her fast was through the use of my wing which is impossible because many people will see me.
    ” not if you fly higher,it’s already getting dark and they won’t be able to see you ” someone suddenly whispered into my ear, I looked around but didn’t see anyone.
    I smiled as I took the content of the voice as my only solution,but how to get outside without Peace knowing was another problem.
    I knew I will have to handle that by telling her to go home because if I don’t tell her and escape without her seeing me, she will be worried.
    I knew she will want to pester me to know where I was going so I deduced a perfect plan to avoid it before heading out of the restroom.
    ” I’ve somewhere to go, go home, I’ll soon be back ” I said to peace as I got to her and ran out of the restaurant, I heard her screaming my name as I ran out but I didn’t answer her.
    I quickly search for a place where there was no one, when I saw one, I quickly head there, brought out my wing and flew high into the sky, I connected with Tabitha to know where she was and flew towards there with all the speed I could muster.
    Less than three minutes of flying, I was already feeling her close by,
    Then finally, I felt her directly under me, I started descending with speed and when I was about to reach the ground, I shut in my wing and landed on the ground.
    I landed right in front if Tabitha, her hands were up and she was shivering, before I knew what was happening I heard gunshot from my back and I felt something sharp penetrate into my back, and it came out from my chest and was heading towards Tabitha, but I quickly caught it with my hand, it was very hot, so I drop it on the floor.
    I felt severe pain body but I didn’t show it
    ” who be this one “? I heard someone said from my back with a huge voice.
    ” I think say he fall from sky and he no get luck at all cos e look say na im the bullet hit ” I heard another voice replied the first voice.
    I moved closer to Tabitha who was trembling
    ” are you okay ” I asked wrapping her trembling hands in mine and she shook her head and calmed down
    I release her and turned to face the assassins, I knew they’re assassin because I was sure they were trying to kill Tabitha and I knew the person that must have sent them.
    They were five, all with dread lock hair, rough looking face and red eye. They all had guns in their hand.
    ” the guy no die sha, and he be oyinbo ” I heard one of the guy said mockingly.
    ” I think say he get luck, the bullet no meet am, oya uncle oyinbo, go make we do wetin we dey do before you carry your bad leg come here ” I heard another guy talked among the five guys.
    ” na because you fine o, no think say if to say na another person, we go spare am, so waka in piece before we pieces you ” another guy said to me in their pidgin English and the rest bursted into laughter.
    I didn’t took a step from where I was standing, I was calculating how I would take all of them without letting anyone of them to be able to shoot his gun, because it might be dangerous with Tabitha there.
    ” this guy deaf ni ” one of the guy said moving closer to me with his gun pointed to me, as he got closer to me, I quickly took him out, collecting his gun, I shot the four them on their right arm in a flash, even before anyone of them could raise his gun.
    The reason I shot them on their arm was to prevent killing them and because I guessed they s
    were all right handed, so shooting them on their right arm will prevent anyone of them from being able to shoot.
    They all fell down groaning in pain,
    after falling down they stood up, using their left hand to support the right and tried to escape, I stopped them and knocked them all out.
    I prevented them from escaping so that they will be apprehended and will reveal the real perpetrator of the act to the police.
    I moved back to Tabitha and asked her if she has her cellphone with her .
    ” I didn’t know where I dropped it when they were chasing me ” she replied pointing to the assassins.
    ” but what the hell happened just now ” she said putting her hand where I was shot and I felt tingling of pain ran through my body
    ” I saw you being shot ” she added looking at me with a curious face
    ” it missed ” I replied her and she didn’t seem to believe me.
    ” but did you fell from the sky, because I only closed my eye and was praying that an angel appear and save me because I knew no human can save me because no person in his right mind will be inside a forest like this and boom, you appeared ” she said with a calm body, she was no longer trembling again
    ” I just happened to pass here coincidentally and saw them trying to kill you, so I decided to help and do you mean I’m not in my right mind ” I asked smiling and she just smiled back not answering me , the day was already going into the abyss of shadow giving way for the darkeness which has been looming around, crickets were doing their job of disturbing the ear with their chirping sound as bush filled everywhere.
    I didn’t see any building around or anyone passing by, I wondered how they were able to bring her there.
    I knew I’ve to do something in order to make sure that she get home safely and make sure the criminals are being handed to the law enforcement before they bleed to death or their wound get infected which might kill them.
    Then I got an idea, I moved closer to their unconscious body and searched it, I found an handset on one of them.
    I gave it to Tabitha and asked her to call anyone she has his or her number saved in her brain, I knew it will be Ranking but I didn’t want to make her have an impression that I knew her before.
    She collected the phone and called Ranking, she explained the situation to him, he asked her where she’s but we didn’t know because it was inside a forest.
    He asked her to make sure that she make sure the phone is on, that he will let the police trace it because he’s already with them.
    After she hung up the call ,we sat down on the ground and we started chitchatting.
    ” are you a Nigerian ” she asked with a curious tone
    ” why are you asking ” I replied imbibing the normal Nigeria custom of using question to answer question
    ” because even as it is already dark, I can see that you’re white but your intonation is saying the opposite ” she said looking at me
    ” opposite as how ” I asked moving my face closer to hers
    ” you sound like a confirm naija pikin ” she replied in a pidgin English and I laughed, I knew it was the handiwork of Aliyu and Dandy, because of their constant pidgin speaking, Tabitha too has loved speaking pidgin English but it was at minimum.
    ” why are you laughing ” she asked looking at me with a curious eye
    ” nothing, but am not from here and how did you came in contact with this devilish people “I asked her with the purpose of changing the topic.
    ” I was just strolling in my neighborhood and they just parked beside me in their car, I tried to run away, but I wasn’t able to get to a long distance before they caught up with me, and my place is inside an estate, so there was no place for me to hide or escape into because every house has fence and gate which are always locked ” she said rubbing her eye in order to see clearly, it was already dark and I knew it will be hard for her to see, but I was seeing everything clearly like we’re in broad
    daylight, it was one of my
    gift as an angel and I didn’t lost it when I turned to a human.
    ” why were you doing such dangerous thing, you shouldn’t be walking alone in a place like that ” I said in order to make her tell me the reason she was strolling alone, strolling in their neighborhood was one of the once in a blue activities of Tabitha that she always do whenever the house is boring, but she always do so with Nina, so I wanted to know the
    reason she wasn’t with Nina when she was kidnapped and my plan worked.
    ” actually, I always go out with my twin sister but she wasn’t feeling well today and I really felt like strolling because without my healthy sister, the house was getting kind of stuffy to me ,so I decided to take a walk in the neighborhood and this happened ” she said operating the phone in her hand.
    ” so they drove you all the way here when they captured you ” I asked her and she only shook her head to answer me as she was deeply engrossed in whatever it is she was doing on the phone.
    ” what the hell “! She suddenly exclaimed still looking at the phone with a disbelieving look which gat me wondering what she could have seen on it
    ” what is it ” I asked girraffing my neck to look at the phone and saw that she was in the call log of phone.
    ” this is my mom’s phone number in this phone call log and it has been dialed today ” she said pointing to the phone with her finger which was already shaking
    ” you meant your step mom, yemi’s number right ” I asked stupidly and I’ve already voiced it before I detected my foolishness
    ” yeah ” she replied absent minded
    ” what “! She suddenly exclaimed
    ” how do you know that I don’t have my mom again and how did you know that my step mom’s name is yemi ” she asked accusingly and all I could do was stammered some unreasonable words,scratching my head to look for a perfect reason but couldn’t find any.
    ” I knew it, there is something strange about you, I thought you said it was a mere coincidence that you appeared here “? she asked standing up and started moving further from me.
    ” I can explain ” I said moving closer to her but she was moving further from me , I could sense fear in her
    ” yeah, you can explain that you’re also here to harm me maybe you want to kidnap me and ask for ransom from my dad ” she said moving more further away from me.
    It was already fully dark and I knew it will be dangerous for her if she continue moving back or try to run away from me.
    ” I’m not here to harm you, I came to save you ” I said moving closer to her with my hands up in order to show to her that I meant no harm.
    ” no, you’re here to to harm me, if you’re neutral, you can’t have that great skill in shooting, like how you took down those guys who were in your way not to be able to get ransom off me, because it won’t be possible if they kill me ” she said and ran away.
    I first thought of not following her because of her stupidity,
    ” how can she accused me wrongly like that when I save her ” I said to myself angrily and stood where I was.
    ” what if there’s a trap where she’s headed and she mistakenly got caught in it, that will be very bad, and I’m her guardian angel and I shouldn’t be wavered by what ever it is she does ” I said trying to give myself a reason to protect her.
    I started chasing after her, I was very fast and within seconds, I was already seeing her in my front, I stopped and smile because I knew it wouldn’t take me up to 30 seconds to get her,
    but I suddenly look further to where she was headed to and saw a big trap,
    it was covered with some grass but I was able to see it clearly and with the way I was seeing it,
    it was set there for bigger animals, and I knew if she dare or mistakenly put her leg into it, she wont be able to use the leg till she die.
    She was just a little distance from putting her leg into it.
    I didn’t know how but I saw myself moved in the speed of flash and grab her and we fell towards another direction, and I saw that where we fell to was a path
    as if it was planned, four cars, three with sirens and one a range rover 2017 model, parked in our front, police started trooping out of the three cars, and Ranking got out of the range Rover, Tabitha quickly freed herself from me and ran to him .
    ” He wants to harm me dad ” I heard her said to Ranking with a shaky voice, pointing to me and I saw all the police point their guns towards me.
    I quickly raised my hands up to show to them that I’m harmless.
    Three policemen came towards me with their guns pointed towards me, one of them grabbed my hand and cuffed it at my back.
    ” I’m innocent, I only came here to protect her ” that was the last words I was able to utter before I was pushed like a criminal into one of the police car.

    Episode 16

    {Angel turn fighter}
    Life is attached with many ironies, ironies that can literally make a normal man into an abnormal one.
    How suiting is it to ear that an angel slept behind the bar,
    It’s crazy right?
    My good and simple heart pushed me into this predicament, if only I had not rescued Nina, if only I’ve allowed Yemi’s assassins to be successful with
    their mission and not interrupted them, these oddly irony wouldn’t have taken place.
    But if I was given chance to redo all what have done, it would still be the same choices, irrespective if the result is still the same.
    I understand the supreme one logic of doing things a little to know that he surely has a hidden plan with all that was happening to me.
    I had some confident which I didn’t know it source that I was doing what was right and playing along with the supreme one game.
    So if I was asked if I was annoyed with what Tabitha did, my answer will be, yes, because I was partially annoyed and it will also be no, because I think
    it was really meant to happen.
    Either as one of my punishment or playing along with the supreme one game.
    But my pride was really trampled upon, an angel cuffed and treated like a criminal, I knew if other angels were watching from heaven, they would be laughing at me.
    Three policemen came towards me with their guns pointed at me, one of them grabbed my hand and cuffed it at my back.
    ” I’m innocent, I only came here to protect her ” that was the last words I was able to utter before I was pushed like a criminal into one of the police car.
    Two policemen sat beside me in order to make sure I am secure.
    I watched from the car with a pitiful eye how Ranking was consoling Tabitha and he opened the car door for her to enter and she did, I saw her eye clearly as she entered the car and I saw tears on her face, the tears melted all the angers brewing in my heart at once and I felt pity on her but as one of the officers inside the car with me saw my point of view and saw that it was Tabitha that I was looking at,
    What I heard next was the sound of thunder,
    I thought it was outside not until I felt the pain on my cheek, it was my face that the thunder ignited from,
    the officer slapped me like I’ve offended him before ,my view got blurry at once but got normal in a short time.
    ” see this yeye young guy wey no make me go house this night, he even get the audacity to they look the girl ” the officer that slapped me said to his partner in a pidgin English .
    ” no mind him, I go make sure say I break his leg when we reach station ” the other officer replied the officer that slapped me in a serious and harsh tone which doesn’t depict any form of mercy in it.
    I was very angry where I was because what they did was abusing my human right
    ” but am I even a human ” I asked myself rhetorically as I brought down my head in resignation mode.
    As we drove into the police station, I saw like 5 people with cameras on them and identification tag on them, I knew they’re reporters but how they got there waiting for us at that period of night surprised me.
    As I got down from the police car with handcuffs on my wrist, the two police officers that escorted me in the car held me by my arms and the reporters started flashing their camera’s flash at me, the flash emanating from the camera plus my high sight of view made it a torture on my eyes as it was real hard for me to see anything, I looked around expecting the policemen to bring out the real criminals but I didn’t see any ,
    ” could it be that Tabitha didn’t inform them of the assassins ” I asked myself rhetorically as the reporters in my front were busy throwing different kind of questions at me and flashing their camera’s flashlight at intervals while I diverted my eye from it in order not to turn into a blinded fallen angel.
    ” do you really kidnap her to demand for ransom or you wanted to eliminate her, how many of you were involved in the operation, who did you have in the inside who’s serving as your informant, how old are you, what’s your name, did you sexually abuse the girl “? All sorts of questions were being thrown at me by the reporters who has tripled their quantity unlike when I first got down from the police car, I wondered where they were trooping out from,
    When it seems like I wasn’t ready to answer any question been thrown at me,the two policemen holding me dragged me through the reporters, as they kept on ranting questions on me, they were all speaking at once like barbarians.
    As I was about to enter into the police station, an idea crept into my mind, I suddenly stopped abruptly and the two officers who were dragging looked at me with that kind of eye an hungry lion use in looking at an antelope.
    ” I have something to say ” I said at once and all the reporters rushed to me with their cameras and recorders pointed at me.
    They were calm and quiet this time and I was a bit perplexed why they were quiet, they were glaring at with a curious look expecting me to say something.
    ” the remaining criminals are still inside the forest they found us, and that girl “I said pointing towards Ranking’s car which Tabitha and Ranking were in it, I think the reporters didn’t know that they were the one inside it and I knew Ranking’s plan was to let all the reporters leave before they will come out of the car. But I foiled his plan with my own plan.
    ” knew where they’re right now, and if they don’t get there soon, they’re going to die because they’ve already procured bullet wound by me ” I added and stopped talking leaving them a mystery to unravel.
    ” shoot them as how, why did you shot your partners ” that was the only two questions I could decipher from their shouting as I motioned to the officers that I was ready to proceed with my journey.
    They dragged me ahead and I looked back and I saw that the reporters were already surrounding Ranking’s car, I smiled as the policemen dragged me out of the view of them.
    I was taken into the interrogation room which was litted with a fluorescent bulb unlike the rest of the station which was litted with a dimmed bulb which could hardly be used to read.
    My hands were uncuffed from my back and cuffed normally.
    I was made to sat on one of the seats inside the room and I was left alone.
    After some minutes, a beautiful young lady in police uniform came inside with a book in her hand , she sat opposite to me and drop the book on the table, then took a deep breath and looked at me.
    ” wow ” she exclaimed leaving her jaw farther from her upper lip.
    ” oh sorry ” she said gathering her wit together.
    ” firstly, what’s your name, she asked opening the book she brought, documenting some things inside it
    ” Ben Manna ” I answered her and she startling looked into my eye from the book,
    ” how can you have such a sweet voice ” she said not taking her gaze away from me.
    ” I don’t think I can do this ” she said and stood up and head out of the interrogation room.
    I smile because I knew what caused it was that caused it.
    After some minutes again, a subtle looking man came in, he was in police uniform but I could tell that the uniform has not pal with water for a long period of time because of the foul smell it was reeking of.
    He sat in the same spot the lady before sat in, he looked at me and smile displaying his yellowish scattered irregular set of teeth and opened the book.
    Odour of dry gin was emanating from his mouth.
    ” fine boy ” he later uttered not taking his gaze away from the book
    ” see as you fresh like oyinbo, na you con dey do criminally unstiriborogatious baddasilistic things ” he added with the mixture of pidgin English and unrecognized grammars that almost wiped off my memory, I coughed as I felt the grammar choking me
    ” so wetin be your name “? he asked when I finished coughing
    ” are you deaf ” he screamed at me when I didn’t answer him quickly but I was already about to answer him before he barked like a dog.
    I didn’t answer again but smile, I was thinking in my mind that if he tried rubbish with me, my own angel will promote from being a criminal to a wrestler, I knew he wouldn’t survive a punch from my weak hand.
    ” okay, brother finer boy, no make me shifu, before I disclampointed all the fines wey dey do you kinkin ” he said in his normal pidgin language and bad grammar he’s been using to communicate with me.
    ” Ben Manna ” I amswered him not wanting to get more provoked by him, I knew I might just add to my offence with the supreme one if he kept up with his act.
    ” Shey mana wey dem dey chop or mala, the hause wey they control cow “he asked irritating me and I angrily smashed my hands with the handcuffs on the table and the table cracked and the handcuffs on my wrist broke off, I only hit it normally without any force and I was sure the stupid officer knew it.
    ” oga, I sorry ” he said with a shaky voice and I smirked
    ” I hear, no, we hear, no they tell me you kidnap a girl wey small ” he asked still shaking.
    ” no, I didn’t kidnap her, I only went there to help her ” I answered him entwining my hands into each other.
    ” but the girl for her statement talk say you kidnap her ” he asked documenting somethings into the book which he placed on his lap.
    ” where is the girl ” I asked him and he replied me that she and some officers has gone on the errand I sent them.
    ” which errand “? I asked him confused
    ” na wetin you tell the cameraman say some of your criminal people,sorry, your friends still they for bush, so, them don go pack them ” he answered me smiling, revealing those sets of disgusting teeth.
    ” they are not my friend and I didn’t kidnap her, they’re the people that kidnapped her but I saved her from them and she misunderstood some things which led to me being here ” I enunciated to him clearly and he was looking at me with the ” this boy can lie o ” eye.
    ” why the police con see you forcefully dragging the girl away when they reach there ” he asked with a curious tone.
    ” I only save her from putting her leg into a trap that was in her front ” I answered him again and he asked me if I can prove it, I asked him how and he said he’s going to call one of the police that’s currently with Tabitha to check the place if there was really a trap.
    I told him to do it and he looked surprised, I knew he was expecting me to stop him from doing but I disappointed him.
    He took out a phone from his pocket, the looked like it has really gone through a painful ordeal on earth, as different kind of cello tape was used to bind it from falling apart. The cover was not in piece again but in pieces.
    He dialled a number from it and after telling the recipient of the call all he needed to in his usaul pidgin English, he disconnected the call.
    He brought out another handcuffs from his pocket and walked towards me shaking,
    ” can I put it “he asked trembling and I stretched forth my two hands towards him in order to motion to him to do it.
    He cuffed me and took me out of the interrogation room, I asked him where he’s taking me to but he didn’t answer.
    After walking for some time, we got to the cell where criminals were being locked.
    ” what are we doing here ” I asked as the foul smell emanating from the cell hit me
    ” wetin e look like, na for you to come get a better sleep ni ” he answered grinning, I knew he was able to get his confident back because of the handcuffs on my wrist.
    ” I’m not going inside there ” I said stopping abruptly and he turned back and he moved closer to me.
    ” if I woss you slap, e go affect your ancestors skeleton inside ground, you better move now before I move you “he said with a harsh tone that depict he meant what he said
    ” try it and see what happens to you ” I threatened him back.
    He grinned and view me with slow motion from my head to the earth beneath me.
    ” move now ” he barked at me but I only stood there looking at him
    He raised his hand to slap me, and before I could waive it, his palm were already glued on my face.
    I got angry and broke the handcuffs on my wrist, I jerked him up with a single hand, I started hearing people ranting ” kill him, kill him, kill him ” I looked around to see who the people were and I saw that it was the inmates occupying the cell .
    They were banging the steel of their cell in a violent manner which gat me wondering what it is the stupid officer might have done to them.
    I think their noise procured the attention of the other police inside the station as I saw four officer running to where we were with clubs in their hands, I threw the stupid office in my hand away and he hit one of the cell steel.
    I balanced myself ready to beat the four officers heading to where I was and anyone that might want to obstruct me from getting out of the police station.

    Episode 17

    “But chairmo, e no make like that” broken
    bottle was not able to finish his statement
    when i heard another thunder strike for the second time, when i looked at the direction which i heard the thunder strike from, broken bottle was already on the floor with his palm on his cheek
    ” you talk when i ask you to and also keep shut when i ask you to” the thug sitting on the floor said standing from where he was sitting, he raised a finger up and the thug fanning him stopped fanning, he moved closer to me , squat to be at my height because i was sitting down,
    he used his middle finger to raise my chin up and glared into my eye with a serious gaze then he suddenly hugged me, which left me perplexed.
    “see as you fresh, i don’t even need light to Know it but i think i must confirm my assumption” he said it in a loud whisper, he freed me from his hug and i thank God because he did that, the odour emanating from him had almost choked me and if he had not released me anytime sooner, i would have pushed him away,
    he snapped his finger and the guy fanning him moved closer to us and handed him something, he scraped his finger on the thing and a small light flashed out of the thing, i recognized the object emanating the light to be lighter that always have small flashlight at Its bottom.
    ” wow, are you a human” the thug exclaimed illuminating the light on my face
    “i no even think say girl fit fine reach this stage but what are doing here, i don’t think a guy as handsome as you can be a criminal” he asked still glaring at me with a disbelief view.
    I didn’t answer but was just looking at him like i was deaf and dumb.
    ” okay, don’t talk now, maybe you’re tired but we will continue this conversation tomorrow, and I’m only allowing your insolent act because I’ve never seen someone as handsome as you and it will be wrong if i start panel beating that your fine face” he said standing up and took the position he was before and the guy fanning him continued his job, broken bottle had already recovered from the thunder like slap and was already back on his feet, he also continued his job but his voice was not thick again like when i first heard him.
    I couldn’t sleep through out the night, my mind was occupied with different kinds of thought, plus the Yam size mosquitoes ruling the cell, a bite from those deadly mosquitoes can make one lose more than 5 pints of blood and the thugs weren’t helping matter, their snoring was capable of raising corpse that’s placed beside them.
    I was keeping watch expecting the police to bring in the other criminals but it didn’t happen till day break.
    As soon as the day broke, i was retrieve from the cell even before the thugs that were inside the cell woke with me woke up.
    The inmates inside the other cell that have already woken up couldn’t help but open their mouth as The two policemen that came to withdrew me from my cell took me pass in front of their cell
    ” is that a human” i heard someone asked inside one of the cell and i answered them NO in my mind.
    I was taken back to the interrogation room which i was placed yesterday.
    I was handcuffed as i was made to sat on the sit i sat on the day before.
    The two officer left me inside the room and left me.
    I spent more than thirty minutes inside the room before the door finally opened and i was surprised to see Joyce and Peace entered.
    I was ashamed of myself and brought my head down.
    Peace ran towards me and was crying
    ” how could they do this to my lovely and handsome uncle Ben” she said putting her hands on my cheek and viewing me while Joyce helped herself to the seat which the police officers were occupying yesterday.
    “what happened Ben” Joyce asked looking at me with the eye that made me felt guilty for no reason,
    “how did you get yourself in this s--t” she asked when i didn’t answer her first question but i couldn’t find my speech box
    “mummy stop with all your question and just get him out of here” peace said urging her mom to stop with her interview which i appreciated in my mind.
    “let me do my work here and stop disturbing me or i will kick you out of here” Joyce threatened peace and peace kept quiet.
    But what did Joyce meant by doing her work here, another mystery for me to solve.
    “we were expecting you yesterday night when u ditch peace in the restaurant but we later saw in the news that you’ve metamorphosed into an hardened criminal” she said not answering the real mystery in my mind .
    ” but i believe that you didn’t do it tho it’s hard to believe but I’ve handle many criminals to know a victim from a suspect and believe me, i trust that you’re innocent” she added again not clearing me of my mystery.
    “my mom is a SAN and just trust in her, she will liberate you” peace said in an assuring tone.
    Joyce asked me to narrate all that happened to me how i managed to find myself in the crime scene, i explained everything to her leaving some important details and i told her i didn’t know how i first myself their, i lied to her that i was psychic and can feel when someone is near death.
    My lie was able to sell with the help of Peace who was adding false testimony to it, like how i suddenly stood up and was moving like someone possessed,
    Joyce believed all my stories and assured me that i was not going to sleep inside the police station that night,
    she asked that the handcuffs be taken off my wrist and threatened to sue them for treating me like a criminal when i was still a suspect,
    I was told that all the criminals that i claimed to shot are dead except the one i knocked out but he hasn’t been interrogated yet.
    I was treated well by Joyce and peace, they bought different type of snacks for me and Sophia was called to prepare and bring meal for me.
    After some minutes pass 10 in the morning, Ranking came over with Tabitha and Nina.
    Tabitha really did a good job in painting me as the criminal using the sympathy key to support her claim.
    All this occurred inside the interrogation room where the DPO, Ranking, Tabitha, two police officer who i recognized to be the ones who were threating me inside the police car when i was arrested, Joyce and me were present there.
    The case was already turning to a disadvantage to me as every evidence were pointing to me.
    I tried to use Yemi’s number that we saw on one of the criminal’s phone as a loophole but i heard Yemi has already blocked that hole by claiming that the criminal called her but she thought it was a prank call.
    Ranking was the one defending her.
    Even without being told, i knew that my case was going to be charge to court , Joyce that peace was fumbling that she’s a SAN already sweating profusely, tho i knew she tried so much but every odd was just against me,
    After the long run , the DPO said my case will be charged to court where i will be prosecuted ,
    then suddenly , the interrogation room’s door opened and an officer entered ,he saluted the DPO and reported that the criminal that they apprehended has finally confessed,
    I didn’t know why but i suddenly got a bad feeling about it instead of being happy
    Episode 18
    {Mystic doorbell}
    You can never progress when you decide to stay at a spot. Quote by Angel Ben ~~~~~~~
    By the time i got to Ranking’s house, it was already late. My plan was to use the favor that he said he owed me to tell me to give accommodation in his house ,”but what if he didn’t grant it,what will happen to me” i contemplated within myself as i stood in front of the huge gate of the house thinking if i should knock it or not. “did i even need to contemplate about it, like I’d a choice, if he doesn’t accept me, that means my situation is going going to elevate from angel turn human to homeless angel” a forced smile forcefully graced my lip as the thought scraped into my mind. As i wanted to knock the gate ,i noticed a doorbell by the side of the gate,on the wall, ever since I’ve been staying in the house,that was the first time i noticed it, i moved closer to it and tried to press it but i felt a strange aura emanating from it, it was complete darkness. I shifted back a bit from it and shut my invisible eye and alas, the doorbell was no longer there. I understand what it meant at once. I knocked on the gate hard thrice before dandy opened it. ” who I they look for oyinbo pepper” he asked in his thick hausa intonation rubbing his eye with his hand. ” I’m asking of Ranking” I answered him immediately ” na night appointment my oga I give you or why I they look for him this night”? He asked in a suspicious tone. “yes he gave me an appointment, just tell Ben Manna is here to see him” i lied in order to allow him call him, i knew my fate lies on the call, if Ranking knew of my presence and refuse to attend to me,then it means that I’ve just begin my initiation into being a stray angel. Dandy viewed me from my head to toe before bringing out his small phone and dialed a number on it and placed it on his ear. ” oga ,one person i they ask for you down here, i talk say my names i be beans mama” he said spoiling the sweetness of my name ” Ben Manna” i interrupted him loudly and he corrected himself a bit tho not getting the correct pronunciation. After some discussion between them which i was unable to hear because i didn’t wish to, Dandy terminated the call and asked me to come inside. I heaved a sigh of relief as i heard that statement come forth from his lip. As i stepped inside and Dandy was busy locking the gate, i made my way inside the house as i already know my way around. I haven’t taken up to ten steps when Dandy suddenly dragged me forcefully by my cloth and i fell down on my butt because i wasn’t expecting it ” where I they go, i they craze, me i tell you say make i they go abi” he lamented on me with his thick hausa pidgin English and all i could uttered was ” I’m sorry” I knew Dandy a lot to know that he tends to get easily angry when you argue with him when you wrong him. He asked me to sit on a chair at the entrance of his room beside the gate to wait for Ranking. I knew at once that i didn’t have a cause to be happy yet, because if Dandy asked me to wait for Ranking outside ,that means Ranking instructed him to do so. After waiting for some minutes under the strict guard of Dandy, Ranking came out with a small purse in his hand. I stood upon at once and greeted him. “and I’m grateful for what you did for me, so why are you here”? Ranking asked immediately after the exchanging of pleasantry between us. ” I’ve been kicked out from where i was staying” i replied stupidly like it has something to do with him,but it really had something to do with him,because it was because i refused to press charge against him. “because you were labelled as a criminal right”? He presumed making me a little bit angry “no, it was because i refused to press charge against you” i replied with a tingling of pride in my voice ” how”? He asked surprised ” i was staying with Joyce ,the woman that acted as my legal counsel and she threatened to kick me out if i refuse to press charge against you but i couldn’t bring myself to do it, so she kicked me out” i enunciated looking extremely pitiful “ouch, am sorry for that, let me see how i can be of help” he said unzipping the purse in his hand and brought out many #1000 notes, he counted 50 notes and stretched it to me but i refused to collect it “is it small” he asked and wanted to take more from the remaining notes in his hand “no ,it isn’t that it’s small but this isn’t the kind of help i need” i said stopping him from adding to the notes in his hand. “so what exactly do you need”? He asked looking serious ” please i want you to let me stay here with you” i said wit swiftly as if, if i didn’t, i won’t be able to say it “what”! Ranking exclaimed looking at me with the “you can’t be serious look” ” that’s not possible, i would really like to help you but i can’t accommodate a stranger into my house” he said blankly”but if you need any other help different from that, feel free to contact me” he said taking his leave from there. I looked around and saw that Dandy was not in sight ” do you really that me saving tabitha was a coincidence” i said getting his attention ” what do you meant by that” he asked coming back to me ” the reason I was able to save Tabitha was because I am her . {Kicked Out} Life, they say is a two sided coin, when tossed up will favour one and will be against another ,but their are some cases whereby the two players are always favoured by the result of a coin tossed. Do you know that unlike movies where the evil one are always exposed or are quickly exposed, it doesn’t work like that in reality, some evil people in reality are sometimes lucky to eat their cake and still have it. Thereby having the chance to take their secrets to their grave But not all eat their cakes and still have it, but before those kind of people secret get exposed, things would have gone bad beyond repairing. I didn’t know how yemi case was going be but i knew if she wasn’t expose with the ongoing investigation ,she will not be getting expose anytime soon.
    After the long run , the DPO said my case will be charged to court where i will be prosecuted , then suddenly , the interrogation room’s door opened and an officer entered ,he saluted the DPO and reported that the criminal that they apprehended has finally confessed, I didn’t know why but i suddenly got a bad feeling about it instead of being happy “that’s good, so did he pinpoint this young man as one of his accomplice” the DPO asked pointing at me and my heartbeat skipped a beat. All eyes inside the room focused on the sergeant, he became the only vvip inside the room as we were all anticipating what he had stuck in his throat. “he said they received order from someone to kidnap and kill the girl but this young man, here” he said pointing at me “interrupted them and saved the girl killing three of them in the process i.e. the three corpse we retrieved from the forest, but” he said and paused for a bit ” but what” the DPO asked losing his patience, “as he wanted to tell us who gave the person who gave them the order, he started coughing out blood and died” the sergeant said with a sober tone. ” wonderful” i heard Joyce whispered but others didn’t hear. ” do you have a record of his confession” the DPO asked the sergeant after some minutes of pin drop silences and the sergeant replied yes. “looks like your client’s innocence has being proven ” the DPO said directing his gaze to Joyce who received the gaze with a victory smile. I looked at tabitha and Ranking with a bloodshot look and they brought their head down with shame. “i’m very sorry, i didn’t know what suddenly took over me that made me to falsely accuse you” tabitha said with a sober tone and all gaze except mine directed at her in surprise. “what do you mean by falsely accusing him”? Ranking asked her in a surprise tone ” the truth was that he was the one who saved me from the assassins but it was just like I’ve been brainwashed or spelled to forget it and see him as a threat ,but i suddenly seemed to remember everything now” she said with tears dripping from her eye and i felt sorry towards her, that was when i was sure that it was the supreme one’s handiwork and not the girl’s fault. “s--t” Ranking exclaimed using the handkerchief in his hand to wipe the sweat that started appearing on his face ” what are we going to do now” he asked no one in particular. “nothing much” Joyce replied ” all you just have to do is compensate my client for slander and accusing him wrongly ,and you’ll also inform the reporters that you’re sorry for falsely accusing him or else I’m going to sue you and your daughter to court” she added with a serious tone that doesn’t seem like her. “let them be” i told Joyce and she looked at me with “what tha hell” gaze. ” let just go home, it ain’t their fault” i added and i could see that Joyce was very angry with my decision. ” can you leave us for a bit, i think i need discuss somethings with my client in private” The DPO looked at Ranking and Ranking shook his head to signify to him that they should leave. When you’re guilty of something,their will always be a change in the way you do things unlike when you’re innocent of it. Ranking was very humble now, even his walking was saying it, the gaze that was sharp before like a sword was now dull. I knew he was afraid of facing the press, acknowledging that he and his daughter had accused and got me arrested wrongly, it will be a smear on his personality as it will derive criticizingfrom the public. He will be painted as a tyrant and i knew him well to Know that ,that’s one of the thing he feared most. “are you stupid” Joyce screamed at me as soon as they left the room. ” how can you decide to let them be after what they did to you, is it that you’re just stupid or you have something to do with the kidnapping” she added screaming at me ” what do you mean by me having something to do with the kidnapping” i screamed back at her angrily” ” what you’re doing is like telling them that you’re lucky to escape them, if not,you’ll even demand an apology from them” she added irritated ” okay, anything you like you say against me but I’m not pressing any charge against them and I’m not going to demand for any apology except if they give it willingly” i said to her and she stood up angrily. ” I’m not taking you back to my house if you are keen on letting them go without having to prove to the public that you were accused wrongly” she said in a serious tone and got out of the interrogation room slamming the door as i embedded my head into my palm, she placed me in a hard position, ” where would i stay if she kick me out”? I asked myself rhetorically as my mind was in disarray. But i couldn’t do what she wanted Me to do, not when i was now sure that it was the supreme one’s handiwork. ” maybe it was also the supreme one’s plan to have her kick me out of her house ” i assured myself blankly in order to give myself some false hope. After some minutes of deliberation by myself, i stood up and opened the door of the interrogation room to get out, i saw Joyce standing in front of the door, i thought she was also about to open it and come inside before i first her to it. We both stood their looking at ourselves waiting for the first person who is going to speak. ” why do you want me to press charge against them” i asked her in order to know her reason for insisting on it. ” I can’t bear to see them treat you this way and get away with it, my heart and mind was chattered when i saw you in the news, that you’re been accused of kidnapping, i can say it confidently that you’re the cutest and most handsome man on earth and that kind of treatment against you is uncalled for ,you’re supposed to be treated like a kind and not a criminal, and I can’t stand it to have my future son inlaw treated this way without clearing the s--t from the public mind” she enunciated and i was surprised with her last statement tho i shouldn’t be but i couldn’t help myself but be. ” and why did you think me as your future son inlaw”? I asked her stupidly when i didn’t find a soothing reply to give her ” i don’t think miss Efe is fond of me ” i added ” she’s very fond of you, i knew it but she didn’t want to show it because she hasn’t gotten over the betrayal she felt from her former guy and even if she doesn’t want you,a i knew Peace will prefer having you as her husband than all the properties her father left for her” she replied me with a tone and look that depict that she was serious with her reply. ” but i don’t have any feelings for her or miss Efe” i said in almost a whisper ” you don’t need to do now, when you stay with each other for some time, feelings will started growing automatically ” she replied holding my two hands ” but i am not going to press the charge and i don’t think any feeling is going to grow” ” is it because of that girl”? She asked with a serious tone and i didn’t reply her ” you’ve been charmed by her beauty, that was why you’re reluctant to press the charge you ingrate” she screamed at me releasing my hand. She stormed towards the door of the interrogation room and suddenly stopped when she was about to get out and turned to look at me ” but her beauty doesn’t deserve you, you’re too pretty for her, you can follow me in my car to get your belongings from my house, that i can do for you ” she said and stormed out of the room. The journey to her house was done in pin drop silence, Peace was also silent, she couldn’t say anything when her mom had screamed at her to keep shut when she was pestering her to tell her what happened. My mind reminisced into what happened in the police station after everything had been settled ” I’m very grateful for what you did for me and i owe you for this and I’m also sorry” Ranking said shaking my hand. Tabitha hugged me deeply and whispered into my ear that she was very sorry for what she did, i would trade that hug for all the days I’ve spent on earth, i was very happy and didn’t want it to end. The DPO also accolade me for my decision and apologized to me for the foul treatment i received from his officers. As Joyce car drove into the big gate of her house, i alighted and head straight to the guest room and got my armour and sword which i neatly wrapped with my white robe. ” what’s happening mom”? Peace asked Joyce as see saw me came out with my little belongings in my hand. “Ben is leaving” Joyce replied her ” no mom, ask him to stay” Peace pleaded with tears “he’s already made up his mind and there’s nothing i can do about it” she replied Peace and left the sitting room heading to her room “please don’t leave, if it’s because of my behavior towards you ,i promise that I’m going to change ,i won’t pester or threaten to kiss you again” Peace pleaded to me with tears smearing her beautiful face. I moved closer to her and embraced her “thank you and I’ll miss you” i whispered into her ear before disengaging the hug and left her and head out of the sitting room ,I heard Peace wailing and i pitied the girl but there was i could do, as i was about to open the gate, i heard peace called my name and i stopped, she ran towards me and hugged me “i think I’m entitled to this” she whispered to me as she stood on her toes in order to be able to be of the same height with me and looked deep into my eye before she covered the gap between us and locked her lip with mine. She kissed me deeply exploring my mouth with her tongue, i wanted to stop her but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I thought she was truly entitled to it. She took her time kissing me like her life depended on it and truth be told, i responded a little to it. After she’s kissed me to her satisfaction,ma ybe for 20 minutes or more, she disengaged the kiss, and bid me bye as she ran back inside. I felt weak after the kiss, it was like i lost some strength at that moment but i still had some left to trek. And during the course of the walking ,i felt the lost strength returning. By the time i got to Ranking’s house, it was already late. My plan was to use the favor that he said he owed me to tell me to give accommodation in his house ,”but what if he didn’t grant it,what will happen to me” i contemplated within myself as i stood in front of the huge gate of the house thinking if i should knock it or not.
    Episode 19
    {mystic doorbell}
    I looked around and saw that Dandy was not in sight ” do you really think that me saving tabitha was a coincidence” i said getting his attention ” what do you meant by that” he asked coming back to me ” the reason I was able to save Tabitha was because I am a psychic and can feel it when someone is near death” I said mustering all the seriousness i could mustered and channeled it into my voice “you’re lying right, you just want me to accommodate you” Ranking said with a shaky voice “no am not, and currently your two daughters life are in danger and I’ve to be around them in order to be able to avert it or they will die” i said looking more serious like a fortune teller ” no,you’re just trying to playing on my intelligence, Dandy” he screamed ” then the girls will just die like Precious did 11 years ago when you reversed your car and mistakenly hit her” I swiftly said before Dandy got to where we were. The purse in his hand suddenly fell down and Ranking’s mouth was opened looking at me like he’s already lost it. ” oga wetin I happen” Ranking said running to where we were standing. ” nothing, go back to your post” he said to Dandy with a shaky tone and Dandy returned at once. “how do you know about precious” he asked me with a sober tone ” that is not the right question, the right question should be, what is my connection with your family because I myself doesn’t know it, but I always feel and know everything happening to your family in my subconscious state” i said confusing him more He surveyed me from my head to toe before speaking again “and when are they going to be in danger” he asked glaring at me ” i don’t know but when i feel that someone is going to be in danger, it always happen within the period of two weeks” i lied blatantly. He became silent for sometime then after deliberating within him if he should accept me or not ,he came to a conclusion and spoke out. ” I can only take you in if you’re going to follow all the rules am going to give you ” he said with a disturbing look “okay i will follow everything” i replied him swiftly ” firstly, you will become my daughters personal bodyguard which am going to be paying you for it, and secondly, if after two weeks and nothing happen to my daughters,you’re going to be kicked out of the house and lastly, as i know you knew that you’re extremely handsome and I don’t trust that my wife and daughters will be able to resist you if you approach them, that’s the reason i was against giving you accommodation before, but it seems am left without a choice now. So you must never approach my wife or daughter and if by mistake, anyone of them approach you, especially my wife ,make sure you resist them” he ordered and i replied him that i will obey his rules “and if i remember another one ,i will inform you ,let go inside while we discuss your payment tomorrow” Ranking added going inside the house and i followed him. I met only Yemi inside the sitting room watching movie, the two girls were nowhere to be found. Ranking sat with Yemi and asked me to help myself to one of the seat inside the sitting room which I did. Yemi’s gaze was transfixed on me as soon as i sat on one of the chair in the sitting room “honey meet Ben, the savior of our daughter” Ranking said when he noticed Yemi “so ,this is the handsome fellow that save Tabitha, he looked more handsome in reality than on news” Yemi said with a tone that made me excited, because I knew she’s supposed to be angry with me for spoiling her plan but here she is looking at me like she adore me. “yeah” Ranking replied ” if you had followed us to the police station this morning, you’d have seen him ” Ranking added “but is he from here,because he doesn’t even look like a foreigner not to talk of being a Nigerian” Yemi said with a confused tone. I knew Ranking would have already being regretting his decision, I haven’t used up to an hour in his house and his wife is already hitting on me, “lets forget about that for now, we will discuss more about him tomorrow, get him something to eat” Ranking ordered Yemi jealously. “okay” yemi replied ” Mona Lisa”! Yemi screamed thrice and an ugly looking short girl ran to the sitting room. Even without being told, I already knew that she was the housemaid ,her appearance said it all unlike Sophia. “madam na me be this” Mona Lisa said as she entered the sitting room “where were you since that I was shouting your name” Yemi screamed at her angrily “I’M sorry madam, I am wash plate inside kitchen and did not hearing that you calling me” she replied Yemi with soured English, i almost laughed as she made me remember the stupid officer Victor their English were almost the same . But I was surprised with the maid, the last time I was in the house ,their was no maid and in just three days, an EnglishProfessor inside the house. I almost asked them when they brought in an housemaid but cautioned myself. Yemi hissed loudly at the maid and directed her attention to me ( what will you like to have daring”? Yemi asked in a seductive which made started fearing for my stay inside the house at once. I looked at Ranking’s face and saw that it still had “i will soon kick you out of this house” expression ” what will you like to have “? Yemi repeated the question when I seemed not to answer her the first time “i’m okay with anything” I answered her almost inaudible. ” okay, get him fried rice, plantain,chicken ,sauce beef, and salad ” Yemi ordered the maid and the maid disappeared from the sitting room. ” as per Tabitha recommendation that he’s skilled and can fight,and also good with disarming his opponent, I’m going to employ him as the girls personal bodyguard and he will be staying with us for the main time” Ranking said with regret lurking in his tone “you mean he is going to be living with us” Yemi screamed excitedly. That was when it occurred to me what Yemi was trying to do, she’s trying to use the jealousy key against me, she want Ranking to kick me out by making him jealous of me , and I might be wrong but I’m not sure yet, but out of all what Ranking said, how is it that it was “you mean he’s going to be living with us “that she was able to scream excitedly thereby cutting my lifeline short. Ranking brought out his phone and dialed a number on it without minding his wife question. “come downstairs with your sister, I’ve a surprise for you two” he said to the recipient before terminating the call. After some seconds ,the elevator inside the house dung and the two girls came out of it with only bum short and top bra on. Tabitha was very beautiful and cool, I felt all the feelings that I’ve locked when I was still an angel unlocking at once. She was surprised to see me likewise Nina too, Nina must have seen me in the TV and recognized me. ” meet your new bodyguard, Ben Manna” Ranking introduced me to the girl ” what”! The two girls exclaimed in unison. ” with what happened to you and your narration about how he saved you, I’ve scout and recruited him as your personal bodyguard. “thanks dad” Tabitha shouted and jumped on her dad “you’re the best dad, now i gat the chance to pay him properly for what I did to him” she added joyously while Nina just stood where she was not knowing if she should also be happy or sad, but she stood there glaring at me like she is seeing a ghost. Tabitha suddenly knelt in front of me “I’M sorry once again for last time, please protect my twinie and I very well” she pleaded folding her two hands together and I smirked . ” looks like I’ve seen you from somewhere , a long time ago ” she suddenly said looking into my eye scaring the s--t out of me. ” he saved you, so you’ve already seen him before” Ranking interrupted and I heaved a sigh of relief. “no dad, I think I saw him inside of this house many years ago” she said making my heart to skip a beat ” I think I remember “! She suddenly exclaimed making my face to become pale at once ” he is the person I saw the day I.

    Episode 20

    {Mystic doorbell}
    Being a human can be said to be a difficult thing, temptation always lurking around ready to grip you and the flesh unable to resist it.
    When I was still an angel, I always thought the little one just naturally have disobedient spirit, that they just love rebelling against the supreme one’s laid down rules for them.
    Little did I know that being a human is a lifetime challenge.
    I haven’t stayed in human flesh up to a week and I could already be classified as a chronic sinner.
    I have really tried in breaking all the laid down regulations of the supreme one.
    I’ve lied, fought, even disdained my temple.
    I’ve come to know that the greatest challenge is being a human.
    ” I think I remember “! She suddenly exclaimed making my face to become pale at once
    ” he is the person I saw the day I ”
    “Oga ,the food don ready ooo” Mona Lisa the maid interrupted Tabitha with her pidgin English
    ” where is the dining”? I asked swiftly asked standing up. Tho I knew where the dining is but I didn’t want to make them to
    be suspicious of me.
    ” follow me” the maid replying going to the dining and I quickly followed suit.
    I was showering the maid appreciation in my mind, I felt like pecking her for saving me.
    I turned back and saw Tabitha’s gaze fixed on me and I quickly turned my head back to where I was going.
    The maid showed me the dining room and left me to devour the delicacy prepared for me.
    I ate to satisfaction trying to shut the little scenario that Tabitha almost caused outta my mind in order not to lose my appetite because of the fear it will attract.
    After I finished eating, I went back to the sitting room and saw that the two girls were no longer their.
    Only Ranking and Yemi were their, Yemi’s head rested on Ranking’s chest with glass cups filled with wine in their hands as they chat.
    I told them I was through and ready to sleep and Mona Lisa was called to show me to my room.(the guest room)
    After I got to my room, I shut the door and took my clothes off as I made my way into the bathroom inside the room and had a nice shower, my first for that day.
    After I was through with the shower.
    I tied towel around my waist and went on my kneel beside the bed
    ” supreme one, who made me, hallo be thy, for thou kingdom is at hand.
    Forgive me all my sins, tempt me no more for I’ve grown bored of it, return me to my position for I’ve learnt my lesson and will never disobey you again and if not grant me the power to execute my mission successfully on earth.
    Hearken unto my pleas.
    Yours in truth
    I sent my message to the supreme one and stamped it with my signature name in almost a whisper.
    I switched the light off and retired to the king size bed inside the room and slept off .
    I suddenly woke up to the dinging of a doorbell, it was very loud and I was kinda uncomfortable with.
    “Who could that be at this time of the night” I asked myself rhetorically as I switched the light inside my room on and sat on the bed trying to hear if Dandy will open the gate for whoever it was that was pressing the doorbell, then I suddenly remembered that the house doesn’t posses any doorbell and I remembered about the mystic one I saw outside earlier.
    I knew at once what was happening, the evil ones are coming and they placed the doorbell there to be alerting Yemi of their presence and she in spiritual form will open the door them and allow them passage into the house..
    I looked at the wall clock inside the room and saw that It was exactly 1 am .
    I knew that their main mission is Tabitha and I’ve to stop them but I didn’t know how.
    They are in the spiritual realm and I in the physical realm, which means that I’m visible to human while they aren’t.
    People will only see me battling nothing and think that I’m insane.
    I deliberated over it for a short time before an idea scraped my mind.
    I mustered my invisible self like I did on my first day in Joyce house.
    I didn’t know if it was going to work but I gat some faith that it would.
    I controlled my spiritual self to take my sword and controlled to the entrance of Tabitha’s room.
    Guarding it like a security with the sword in my hand.
    After some time I saw like 50 people in black and red on a long queue , an old man who still looked agile with a staff designed with cowries in his hand led them towards Tabitha’s room.
    I presumed the man was their leader as he kept hitting the floor at interval with the staff.
    I looked through them all and was surprised not to see Yemi.
    I raised my sword up glaring at them with a furious eye ready to attack them.
    They suddenly halt when they were about to get to me and a man clothed in another attire different from the others came forward to their leader.
    ” I think that security can see us” he said glaring at me
    ” I also think so but it is impossible for a mare mortal to see us ” the leader replied the man
    ” and why is he Even guarding the room naked ” the man with the different attire said and I looked at myself and saw that I was really naked, I stupidly used my hand to cover my thing.
    ” and he can see and hear us ” the man in different attire said and returned to where he was standing before .
    ” young man, is it true that you can see us ” the leader asked hitting the staff in his hand on the ground
    ” you don’t need to stress yourself with that, what you need to stress yourself with is how you’re all going to escape from without getting hurt ” I threatened with a stone face and they all bursted into laughter.
    ” I think you’re the one who need to run ,I don’t know how you managed to see us but I think we’ve the number advantage ” the leader said and all his crew bursted into mocking laughter
    ” I’m feeling good today, so am ready to spare you if you run now ” he said hitting the staff in his hand on the ground.
    I brought down my sword and did like I was contemplating on his offer, after some few seconds I left the entrance signifying to them to do what they they came there to do
    I fell down and my eye shut itself, I opened my eye and find myself inside my room on the bed, blood littering the bedsheet.
    ” I’ve to save her ” I managed to say stretching my hands towards the door inside my room before I passed out.
    But the worst thing about passing out was that my mind was still active, and I was fully aware that Tabitha was still in danger,I knew I had to do something but I was too powerless and helpless to do it.
    The instinct to go and save her was very high and burning through that I felt like my body was on fire.
    With force, managed to open my eye, I screamed silently as I used all the remaining strength in me to foster my healing, after all the injuries I procured from the first battle was gone, I quickly brought out my armour and wore it swiftly.
    I sat on the bed and conjured my spiritual self again, I ran out towards Tabitha’s room.
    When I got the entrance, I was surprised not to see anyone their again, even all the dead armies were nowhere to be found again,but my sword was on the ground their,I picked it up and entered into Tabitha’s room and I saw a beautiful event occurring, tho the event was a sought of violent one but I was deeply touched by it.
    I saw precious shielding Tabitha and the leader of the evil one was busy hitting her with his staff, her facial expression showed that she was very tired, but she refused to let go in order to buy time for me to
    come back for Tabitha.
    When They noticed my presence, the leader stopped and looked at me with terror visible in his eye.
    ” please save her” that was the last word from precious mouth before she fell down and scattered into ashes.
    She was a good one, she trade her everlasting rest for the safety of her daughter, the injury she sustained was too severe for her to continue being a ghost, her soul is now lost and won’t find rest till eternity.
    ” looks like you’re tough one who doesn’t give up easily, well, let me give you an honourable death ” he said moving towards me and his staff transformed to a long sword this time.
    He tried to strike me but I dodged it, he was very keened on killing me but all I did was guard all his attack.
    After attacking for some period of time and couldn’t get me, he transformed into a big monster and roared loudly, I also brought out my wing, I could tell from his facial expression that he was very surprised to see my wing
    ” angel Benmanna please spare me ” he pleaded going on his knee and transformed back.
    I was very surprised to how he knew my name
    ” how do you know my name ” I asked him tucking in my wings back.
    ” even tho we haven’t seen you before but everyone of us know the name of the guardian angel guarding the perfect one ” he replied me with a pitiful eye ”
    ” you knew that their was an Angel guarding her and yet you still have the gut to try and attack her ” I asked with a thunder like voice ”
    ” it wasn’t our fault ” he swiftly replied in his defense
    ” then whose fault is it ” I asked again
    ” the ruler’s fault, he told us that he’s made sure that you lose your position as an Angel and you can no longer guard the perfect one again ” he replied me stunning me with surprise
    ” made sure i lost my position as an Angel as how and who is this ruler you speak of ” I asked with surprise
    ” I can’t tell you who the ruler is, just strike me dead here because an I’ll fate wait for me if I tell you and the ruler is a man who knows his way around his scheme” he answered laughing mockingly
    ” then you die ” I said raising my sword to kill him but a thick fame suddenly erupted from the floor shielding me from getting to the man, a human figure also erupted with the flame and covered the man and they disappeared into the ground but I caught a glimpse of
    the figure that erupted from the floor, I was sure it was someone I’ve seen before.
    I moved closer to Tabitha who was sleeping peacefully on her bed, unaware of the great war that occurred.
    She looked more cute sleeping and very beautiful,
    I’ve been feeding my eye with that sight for a long time but it just seem I couldn’t get enough of it.
    I knew I was in love with her but I always deceive myself to believe that I wasn’t, that I was just devoted to protecting her.
    I stood guard beside her till black shadow illuminating the earth gave way for the morning light.
    I watched as she woke up and stretched yawning, she suddenly sat on the bed and looked like she was remembering something, before a bright smile forced it way out of her lip and she placed her hand on her lip , I knew what it meant, she must have dreamt about someone kissing her and she really love it because her facial expression said it.
    She stood up and went to stand in front of her dressing room.
    I was oblivious to what she was doing in front of it because my mind was trying to decipher who it was she could have dreamt of,
    I knew it couldn’t be Gabriel, or could it be that she has met a guy
    she love within the little time I was resting from my duty.
    I shook of that idea when her door opened and Nina entered also wearing that beautiful smile that made it obvious that she was also happy.
    ” how was your night love ” Nina said as she entered and sat on the bed
    ” it was very lovely and fine, the best I’ve had for a long time ” Tabitha answered her smiling
    ” looks like something so romantic happened in it “? Nina asked teasingly
    ” yeah, in dream ” Tabitha nodded her head shyly
    ” and who could be the guy that made you have a romantic dream, something I don’t think has happened before ” Nina asked her dragging Tabitha to seat beside her on the bed.
    ” it was ”
    I wasn’t able to hear her finish her statement before I had to reconnect with my main body when someone knocked on the door of my room
    I stood up and opened the door forgetting that I still had the armor on me and sword in my hand.
    “What’s the meaning of this in my house” Ranking asked with surprise as he stood at the entrance of my room looking shocked.
    ” How do I get myself out of this s--t now ” was the thought that ran through my mind as I stood in front of Ranking as the fear of been thrown out gripped me

    Episode 21

    { Enjoying the life }
     “What’s the meaning of this in my house” Ranking asked with surprise as he stood at the entrance of my room looking shocked.
    ” How do I get myself out of this s--t now ” was the thought that ran through my mind as I stood in front of Ranking as the fear of been thrown out gripped me.
    ” I, I , I am just, you know ” I stuttered thinking of an excuse to give
    ” I’m just practicing ” I said waving the sword in my hand in the process and Ranking shifted back a bit in fear
    ” I’m sorry ” I quickly apologized
    ” really “? Ranking asked looking at me with a mixed feeling gaze, one I couldn’t decipher the message it was sending.
    ” but how did you brought all these in ” he said pointing at the sword and armour I had on
    ” because I can’t remember seeing it with you yesterday when we were talking ” he added still looking at me with that same gaze.
    ” it was in my hand, maybe you didn’t notice it ” I replied him confidently.
    ” maybe ” he said entering my room.
    ” this looks like real gold ” he said touching my armour
    ” how did you get it ” he asked looking friendly now.
    ” I don’t know if it’s made up of real gold but it was gifted to me by a very rich and powerful man who wanted me to protect one of his cherished person ” I answered him grinning.
    ” very good, and were you now able to protect the person’s cherished one ” he asked taking keen interest in my reply
    ” I don’t know but currently I’m still doing fine concerning the person ” I answered him praying he doesn’t make more inquiry about the person.
    He suddenly did something that surprised me, he went on his kneels and held my hand
    ” for some days now, I’ve been having some weird and scary dreams about Tabitha, it always start with her been pursued by someone covered in black, then she will fall into a big hole filled with many people covered in black, then they, then they” he paused and I could see that tears waa strolling down his face, he wiped his face with an handkerchief
    ” they always cut her flesh bit by bit while she scream in pain as they do it , I’m not the Joseph type and I rarely dream and when I do, but I have been having the same dream since the day her sister almost died, you can see my reason for wishing to send you to prison when I heard you kidnapped her, I thought it was related to the dream •••{ same day I lost my place as an angel}••• I had the same dream again last night just a little different” he added and paused
    ” what difference ” I asked impatiently
    ” you were inside it, wearing this same armor and this sword in your hand ,you defended her with all the strength you got, it even got to a point that you were weakened by the people in black but you didn’t give up and protected my precious little girl, I was very happy when I woke up from the dream because taking you in was the right thing, I wanted to come and thank you this morning even tho I found it unreasonable but I just felt the urge to do it and you can see how surprised I was when you opened the door and I saw you in the same armour ” he said staring at me .
    ” it’s okay, it’s just a dream ” I said trying to lift him from the floor but he resisted.
    ” I knew it was a dream but I’m sure it holds a significant meaning, Tabitha as you see, is my life, if anything should happen to her, then I might not find any reason to continue gracing this earth. You’re still young, looking at you, you can’t be more than 22 but I’ve heard how strong you’re from Tabitha and the officer you knocked out, please protect my daughter, I haven’t been helpful towards her since she lost her mom with all I did but please help me to be helpful to her, this I plead of you ” he said with a sober voice.
    His voice and actions portrayed his sincerity towards all he said and I felt a great urge travelling inside me to protect Tabitha more.
    ” I swear to you that I will do all in my power to protect your girls, even if it will drain me of the last breath in me ” I said crossing my heart.
    ” I trust you, change and come down for breakfast ” he said leaving my room.
    “Okay, I will ” I screamed at his back.
    A faint smile which didn’t last grace my lip as fell down with my back on the bed.
    Then when the thought of what happened that night flashed my mind, the smile disappeared at once.
    Everything didn’t make sense, I didn’t think Yemi had a hand in it but why did they installed and press the doorbell before they came in, who’s the ruler, who was the one who came to rescue the leader, how did their sword managed to injured me.
    My mind was cramped as different sought of rhetoric questions passed through it.
    Then remembering about Precious solved the mystic doorbell for me, she might the one that installed the doorbell to alert me of the evil ones presence, maybe she knew I was no longer an angel and would find my way back to the house, so she created the bell to alert me.
    She must have placed the darkness I felt from it when I was near it in order to gain my attention to it.
    That was the best reasonable reason I could find for the mystic doorbell or why will the evil ones create awareness of their presence .
    After trying to get answers for the remaining puzzles but couldn’t, I stood up from the bed and took my armour off, i looked at my bedshit and saw it stained with blood, blood invisible to human.
    I ignored it and took a shower before wearing the clothes I’ve been wearing for more than three days because I don’t have any to change into.
    The clothe I had on and my slippers were the only things Joyce got for me and I didn’t leave behind.
    After I was through ,I moved downstairs to the dining room but it was just being set by Mona Lisa the maid.
    I grunt in disappointment because I was very hungry, courtesy of the war I fought that night.
    I head to the sitting room and saw Tabitha and Nina their, they were watching movie , no the right expression was that the movie watching them because they were deeply engrossed with their chitchat than they were with the movie the TV was displaying.
    ” good morning girls ” I greeted them so they could notice my presence as I helped myself to one of the fancy chair in the room.
    ” good morning uncle Ben ” they both greeted replied my greeting together ,but their reply was accompanied with a kind of look that depict that I might be the one they were discussing.
    ” Ben ” I said pretending to be interested in the movie the TV was displaying.
    ” what do you mean ” Tabitha asked looking at me
    ” call me Ben, spare me that uncle or usage of formal speech ” I replied not taking my gaze from the TV.
    ” okay , Ben ” Tabitha answered with a sweet voice that was beyond perfect, to my ear, it was like a beautiful tune was played.
    I didn’t say a word again, rather I pretended to be watching the movie, they were whispering now and giggling at interval, I was d--n sure then that I was their topic sentence.
    They were both stealing glances at me and smiling but I pretended not to notice.
    I thought my beauty as people always say was the reason.
    ” uncle Ben, sorry, Ben, have you ever had a plastic surgery before ” Tabitha asked diverting my attention from the movie which I didn’t even know what was going on in it.
    ” no ” I replied turning to face them
    ” ara you a Nigerian ” she asked again following my reply
    ” you can say that ” I replied smiling cutely and I could see vividly Tabitha’s cheek turning red.
    ” that’s very hard to believe ” Nina said contributing to the conversation for the first time.
    ” you’re not the first to say that ” I said smiling
    ” and I won’t be the last” she replied and the three of us bursted into laughter.
    ” looks like you’re all enjoying your time with Ben, sorry to kill the atmosphere, but it’s time to eat ” Ranking interrupted killing the atmosphere as he earlier stated and the girls grunt disappointed.
    They were booing their all the way to the dining room and all I could do was smile.
    When we got to the dining, Yemi wasn’t there, we sat down and I felt myself salivating as I saw stare at the different meals on the dining table.
    The dining table has a high length with a short breadth, that it made the arrangement to be a seat at each end and two seats at each breadth making the single seat at each length to face each other and the four seats at the breadth too.
    Tabitha and Nina occupied the two seats at one end of the breadth while I occupied the one at the other end which was facing Tabitha’s own.
    So I was simultaneously facing Tabitha.
    I was surprised that none of them made any attempt to eat, that was when it occurred to me that they were waiting for Yemi.
    It wasn’t long before Yemi came out
    ” wow ” she gasped as she saw me, and smiled at me but I didn’t reciprocate the smile because I haven’t made arrangement for where I would be staying if Ranking kick me out.
    She sat at the other end of the length thereby facing Ranking.
    A short prayer was offered by Ranking and everyone started serving what they wished to eat.
    The girls only took two slices of bread, placed an omelette inside of it and used a cup of warm tea to accompany it down.
    Ranking was battling a plate of rice but in front of him in another plate was different sorts of meat, carefully fried plantain and juice.
    Yemi was eating spaghetti, trust me, when I say spaghetti, it’s more than that, but am not ready to go into details.
    I tried to copied Tabitha and Nina and also took two slices of bread and omelette in between it ,but it wasn’t as if I ate anything, which gat me wondering how the two girls were satisfied.
    I didn’t know when I consumed 16 slices of bread but I wasn’t yet satisfied.
    I abandoned the bread and settled for yam and rich spice that was on the table.
    Throughout my eating, Tabitha never missed a chance to steal a glance at me likewise Yemi ,only Nina stole a few glances at me and I was sure Ranking was aware of it.
    After consuming 7 slices of yam, I was finally satisfied.
    I drank two cups of juice to escort the meal.
    After we were through,Mona Lisa the maid was summoned to clear the leftovers, many which we didn’t touch.
    ” How was the meal, hope you enjoyed it ” Ranking asked After the maid was through with the clearing of the table.
    ” yes thank you ” I replied him smiling
    ” I bet you did, and can you please do me the favour of not smiling again, or can’t you just be kind towards the ugly ones here, must you add salt to our injury” he said and we all bursted into laughter
    ” it’s ugly one not ones and my not our ” Yemi said and we all bursted into laughter including Ranking
    ” but dad you’re also handsome, just that when a truck stays beside a tricycle, its overshadows it ” Nina said teasingly
    ” and who’s the truck and who’s the tricycle ” Ranking asked feigning anger
    ” you know the answer yourself ” Tabitha answered and we all bursted into laughter again.
    ” the two of you are getting out of my today ” Ranking said to the girls jokingly
    ” as long as Ben follow us, it’s okay ” Tabitha replied Ranking jokingly but I sensed some sincerity in the sentence and was shocked a bit by it.
    ” I think, it was this cloth that was on you when you were in the police station and also the one you wore here yesterday ” Ranking asked me and I nodded to motion to him that he was right.
    ” I wasn’t able to change it due to my situation I told you about ” I answered him looking pitiful and I really hate looking that way.
    ” well,after you’ve rest, I will ask my driver to take to my friend’s boutique, you can any cloth you wish ” Ranking said looking at me with a pitiful eye.
    ” I will follow him ” Tabitha said surprising me and I could see that Yemi was displeased by it.
    ” do anything you wish, thank you Lord for the food ” Ranking said standing and head out of the dining room.
    Tabitha stood up and dragged me up from the table,
    ” let go to the boutique now” she said dragging me and I followed her.
    When we got outside, Aliyu and dandy were talking and when dandy saw me, he pointed at me and Aliyu looked at me and I heard he exclaimed opening his mouth wide
    ” that I no be human oo, I be baby ” Aliyu said almost in a shout
    ” shey I no tell you, I be baby wey I they use they sell cloth ” dandy replied Aliyu .I knew he was referring me to a mannequin.
    ” Aliyu ” Tabitha screamed when he seemed not to be leaving dandy to perform his duty.
    He ran to where we were standing
    ” small madam, I they go out ” he asked in pidgin English
    ” no, I they go in ” she replied him in pidgin English and I smiled.
    ” okay, bye bye ” Aliyu said going back to dandy
    ” Aliyu ” Tabitha screamed again and he ran back to us
    ” small madam ,I they call me again” he answered again
    ” when will you learn ” she paused hissing.
    ” go and get my the car, we’re going Mrs Cole’s shop ” she ordered him and he quickly obeyed it.
    Some minute later, we were already on the road.
    The drive their wasn’t up to 30 minutes and half of it was done amidst pin drop silence and gaze from Tabitha and glances from Aliyu who kept stealing a glance at me through the rear mirror.
    After some minutes, Tabitha raised up a topic and from that topic, different topics started unveiling, we started chit chatting about many things, she asked me if I have a girlfriend and I replied no, she has that expression that shows that she didn’t believe me but she was satisfied with my answer and didn’t question me further.
    When we got to where we were going, Tabitha held my hands like we were dating and we entered.
    The feeling I got inside the boutique was exactly the same as the one I got the time I went with Joyce to a boutique, just that this time, I wasn’t the only one getting gaze, people inside the boutique were also gazing at Tabitha.
    ” they are really a perfect match ” I heard someone said and I was sure Tabitha also heard it because a smile graced her lip at once making her more beautiful.
    She took me to the secretary of the boutique, she showed her a card and she gladly took us to another part of the boutique to do our shopping there.
    She left us and returned to her spot.
    The place she took us was filled with no soul except Tabitha and I but fully equipped with CCTV.
    Tabitha was the one who was doing the picking while I only did the testing.
    After I put the cloth on inside the small room meant for that purpose, I will come out and show it to her, then she will do the final screening and decides if we should take it or not.
    Then she gave me a cloth to go and test, the design of the cloth was different complex and almost impossible for me to wear, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it on properly,it even looked like a female cloth, after many trial I resigned to trying it and brought it to her that I couldn’t get it on, she laughed at me and jokingly call me a village boy.
    She explained to me how I was going to wear it and I returned to the room to try it.
    With her explanation, I was able to get the cloth on not until my two hands stuck inside it and I couldn’t get it out,
    I called Tabitha to come and help me out, she first laughed at me mockingly when she saw me before she started helping me.
    But when she was trying to get it off me, I lost balance and wanted to fall down backward but she quickly drew me to her and we both fell down together, my hands released from the cloth during the falling and I was able to place my palm behind her head in order to avoid save her from hitting her head on the tiled floor.
    I was directly on her and my head directly opposite her and a little bit from hers.
    I felt her breathing increased and mine .
    I wanted to get up but I didn’t know the invisible force holding me down on her.
    I couldn’t overpower the force as felt my head moving closer to hers and she was also raising hers towards mine.

    Episode 22

    {Finally in s--t}
    I was directly on her and my head directlyopposite her and a little bit from hers.I felt her breathing increased and mine .I wanted to get up but I didn’t know theinvisible force holding me down on her.I couldn’t overpower the force as felt myhead moving closer to hers and she wasalso raising hers towards mine.
    Before i could think clear and avoid the situation, our lips were already locked and we started kissing, she was kissing me as if her life depends on it, i flipped her over and she was on top of me, i drew her tighter to me by putting my hand on her waist, after some minutes i felt my pens stiffening, first time such would happen but i didn’t care, as i continued kissing her.
    Some part of me were telling me to stop it but another part was urging me to continue, i sided with the urging side and continued.
    After some minutes we finally disengaged the kiss and Tabitha was breathing like she just run 800m race up a hill.
    She looked into my eye with her innocent looking face, i knew that was her first, i was kind of angry that it wasn’t my own first, Peace was the first person to break the seal.
    ” i love you so much Ben, I’ve been doing so since the day you saved me from my kidnappers ” she said surprising me and the first question that came to my mind was ” why did you now accuse me of kidnapping you ”
    ” the reason i accused you then was because i felt betrayed, you’re the first guy I’ve Ever love and it was love at first sight, the feeling was very strong and i felt like I’ve loving you from a very long period of time, but when you started talking about my family ,things you’re not supposed to know, i thought you’re among them , i hated myself for loving you and wanted to get away from you,a but you chased me scaring me more not knowing you’re trying to save me. Especially from the trap, i saw it when we came back that night.
    Since then I’ve been blaming myself for my actions towards you, can you imagine how happy i was when dad informed us that you’ll be staying with us that i even dreamt about ” she suddenly stopped when she was aware of what she was about to say and smile at me,
    throughout her story , i didn’t interrupt her , i only listened with keen interest and she was still on top of me but i couldn’t feel her weight.
    Her facial expression suddenly changed and she looked into my eyeballs
    ” do you love me “? she asked with a serious tone catching me off guard.
    My memory suddenly went blank and i fear for the answer i should give her.
    Then i heard myself whispered ” i do ” to her surprising myself.
    I didn’t know how the sentence managed to escape my lip but something was certain, that statement made tabitha very happy as she smiled and lowered her head against mine and we started kissing again.
    The events that occurred between Tabitha and I just kept on replaying in my head as we sat inside the car on our way home.
    She didn’t mind spending all the day kissing me inside cloth testing room.
    I was the one who stopped her and packed all the cloth I tested and have Tabitha’s approval dropping the cloth that caused the scene. I also got some fancy slippers and shoes before we head out of the place.
    Tabitha paid the cashier with her credit card, the cashier couldn’t take her gaze off me, she was looking at me with a seductive eye and I could tell that Tabitha noticed it because of her sudden change of mood towards the cashier.
    As we were about to get out, a girl ran to me and introduced herself to me without me asking her.
    She told me she would like us to be friend but Tabitha turned her down rudely and dragged me by my hand to the car.
    I was a little bit angry with her because of what she did and refused to speak to her on the way home.
    After some minutes of silence inside the car, she pressed a button attached to the roof of the car and a black shield suddenly blocked the driver’s side from we sitting at the back.
    ” are you angry with me ” she asked me looking pitiful.
    ” no ” I sternly replied her
    ” yes, you are, but am sorry, I just got a bit jealous, you’re every lady’s first choice and I couldn’t bear seeing another lady trying to flirt with you ” she said with a sober voice
    ” it’s okay ” I replied her looking at her and smiled.
    ” thank you ” she said and tried to bring her lip closer to mine but I stopped her.
    ” why ” she asked looking surprised
    ” what if he tells your dad ” I said pointing to the driver seat.
    ” you mean Aliyu ” she asked smiling and I replied ” yes ” looking worried.
    ” don’t worry yourself about him, he can’t hear or see anything ” she said jumping on me and started kissing me furiously.
    She was kissing and massaging my body with her hand.
    Her hands were mostly wondering on my chest and I was disappointed with myself because I enjoyed every bit of it.
    After some minutes of intense kissing, I started getting a pricking feeling from my back, a feeling I always get only when my wings are coming out.
    I wanted to stop Tabitha at once but Aliyu helped me stopped her when pressed the horn signifying that we’ve gotten home.
    She disengaged the kiss and sat down adjusting her cloth and I adjusted mine too.
    Dandy opened the gate and we entered.
    She assisted me in getting some of my loads in while I carried the remaining.
    When we entered, I saw Gabriel and Nina in the sitting room laughing to their fill.
    They stopped laughing and stood up when they noticed the presence of Tabitha and I.
    ” and that’s Ben I told you about ” she said to Gabriel who was looking at me with his mouth widely opened.
    Surprise was thickly written over his face, Nina had to hit him slightly before he got hold of himself.
    ” and Ben meet Gabriel our best male friend ” she said to me and I waved my hand to him.
    ” wad up Tabitha ” she greeted Tabitha and she answered him casually.
    ” we will be back soon ” Tabitha said dragging me to my room
    ” are you sure he is human ” I heard Gabriel asked Nina and I smiled.
    I was surprised that they’ve quickly settled the incident that occurred the last time.
    When we got to the entrance of my room I asked her to give me the packs of clothes in her hand but she refused and insisted on taking it inside herself ,after much persuasion and she wasn’t yielding, I opened the door and allowed her in.
    She closed the locked as soon as we entered,drop what was in her hand and jumped on me kissing me intensely.
    We fell on my bed and continued the kissing, she clenched tight onto me and was kind of vibrating a little as we kissed.
    My hands were only on her waist, nothing else.
    She suddenly stopped kissing me and started unbuttoning my shirt, I quickly stopped her at once.
    ” I think we should go and meet Nina and Gabriel downstairs they must have been wondering what took us long ” I said standing up and the look of disappointment overshadowed her face.
    When we got downstairs, I met Gabriel singing a song and Nina was listening smiling.
    ” do you noticed that Gabriel’s voice is almost like a toad own ” Nina said to Tabitha and we all bursted into laugh.
    ” I don’t think so ” Tabitha said siding with Gabriel and Gabriel appreciated her mockingly for it.
    ” what of you Ben, can you sing better than this toad voice boy ” Nina asked pointing to Gabriel who exclaimed the word ” me ” in a boastful tone and I replied yes.
    ” okay , prove it ” Nina said and Tabitha backed her up.
    ” which song do you want me to sing ” I asked with pride.
    The two girls joined their heads together and whispered some things.
    ” sing TELL ME YOU LOVE ME by DEMI LOVATO ” Nina said smiling.
    ” I haven’t heard it before but if you have it on your phone, play it for me once and I promise to sing it ” I said with tingling of pride in my tone.
    The look on their face could be best described as that of disbelieve but Nina took her phone, played the song and gave it to while I listened to it with keen attention,memor
    ising every words of it and the tune being played to it.
    When I finished listening to it, I gave Nina her phone back she asked me if I was okay just listening to it once and I replied her yes.
    I asked if they have any musical instrument, I knew they have keyboard, violin and guitar, the girls pestered their dad to buy it for them insisting that they wished to learn it but after a week of practice they abandoned it and stopped practicing.
    Nina, Tabitha and Gabriel brought out the three Musial instruments and asked me to chose the one I wished to use.
    I picked the keyboard and connected it plugged it into one of the socket there.
    I stood it and sat on a stool comfortably in front of it.
    I clearled my throat then started singing the song
    ” o no hear we go again, fighting over what I said, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”
    I started singing playing the tune I heard being sang to the song to it, even more better.
    I closed my eye as I sang it.
    ” everything I need, is standing right in front of me, I know that we will be alright ” the last lines of the song escaped my lips and I heard clapping from different angles, I opened my eye and was surprised to see Yemi and Ranking also clapping, I didn’t know they were at home even Mona Lisa was clapping and the three friends, only that Nina and Tabitha’s clapping was accompanied with tears on their face, you know women always tend to get emotional in every thing.
    ” I can’t believe I just heard the most sweetest voice on earth, it’s just so wonderful ” Ranking remarked almost losing words to
    ” and you’re very good with that ” he added pointing to the keyboard.
    Everyone of them took turns to accolade me on my performance except Tabitha who was staring at me like a mute.
    They made me listen to different songs and I sang it all to them,
    Some of the songs I sand are
    { perfect and shape of you by Ed sheeran, mirror by Bruno mars and lil Wayne, river by eminem and Ed sheeran, mutual, stitches and mercy by Shawn mendes, pillowtalk by zayn , if I was your man by the vamps, sofa and 4days by kiss Daniel, I’m yours by Alessia Cara. Bodak yellow by cardi b, Havana by Camila cabello and young thug, hate sleeping alone by Drake and many more }.
    If it wasn’t for the calling of the dinner bell, I would have sang to the other day.
    They didn’t wish for me to stop singing, they it was very cool with the way I was singing and my voice than the real owner of the songs.
    Gabriel ate dinner with us before he later went home.
    Tabitha and Nina through out supper were blaming me that I made them skip lunch and eat dinner late.
    After dinner, Gabriel left for his house while Tabitha, Nina and I retired to our room.
    I asked for forgiveness for all my sins again and slept off.
    I woke up when I heard my door creaked gently signifying that someone was sneaking in.
    ” who’s that ” I asked almost in a whisper
    ” shush, I’m the one ” the person whose voice I recognized to be that of Tabitha said coming close to me.
    ” why are you here ” I asked switching the light in my room on.
    ” I’m having trouble sleeping and I think that will be helped if I sleep with you ” she said joining me on bed.
    ” no you can do that, what if your dad catch you here ” I said looking serious.
    ” he won’t ” she said feigning to be asleep.
    After trying to reason with her and she wasn’t yielding, I gave up and slept with my heart in my mouth.
    ” it would even be easy for me to protect her that way ” I assured myself as I slept off.
    When she saw that I have given up on sending her out and slept off she cuddled up with me and we slept like that.
    When I woke up in the morning, she wasn’t on bed with me again, I stood up and saw her leaning against a wall looking at me terrified,I couldn’t decipher why but her gaze was directly on my back.
    I looked at my back and I saw my wings Protruding from it.
    ” I can explain ” I said with fear as the reality dawn on me.
    ” you really have a lot to explain ” she replied me looking at me with a terror filled eye , just then we heard a knock on the door.
    Episode 23
    {The end is near} I looked at my back and I saw my wings Protruding from it. ” I can explain ” I said with fear as the reality dawn on me. ” you really have a lot to explain ” she replied me looking at me with a terror filled eye , just then we heard a knock on the door. My heart skipped a beat hearing the knock. ” please hide yourself inside the bathroom ” I whispered pleading to Tabitha but she stood where she was not moving. ” I promise to explain everything to you, please just do me this single favour of hiding yourself ” I whispered with rubbing my two palms together. ” I’m not doing this for you ” she whispered heading to the bathroom ” I’m coming ” I shouted as the person knocked the door again. I used more effort than I normally use to shut the wings in before I opened the door and met Mona Lisa standing in the entrance. ” oga talk say make I ask you if you help him see small madam Tabitha ” she said staring at me in a weird way which gat me to look at my back, scared that my wings must have being out again, I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw that it wasn’t out. ” you said what ” I asked her as the fear that flashed through my spine before kicked what she said out of my memory but she didn’t answer, but kept on staring at me. I knew the reason she was staring, that was not the first time such will be happening. I tapped her to return bring her back to world. ” oga talk say make I ask you if you help him see small madam Tabitha ” she said again stuttering in the process. ” no, I haven’t seen her ” I lied to her and close the door and locked it from behind. Tabitha came out of the bathroom at once and sat on the bed. I moved closer to her and knelt down. ” do you remember this ” I said bringing out my wings and she opened her mouth wide in awe. ” you, you ,you ” she stuttered without being able to Make a sentence ” yes , I’m the one ” I interrupted her when it seems she couldn’t make a complete sentence. I explained everything to her from the genesis, how she managed to see me then, how we always played before she was born, how she even love me then not sparing any detail out. I told her how I lost my position when I save Nina . I couldn’t tell what was going through her mind as I narrate everything to her because her expression and mood didn’t change. After I finished with my narration, she didn’t utter any word, just sat where she was looking at me with a look I couldn’t decipher its content and this made me a little bit scared. ” thanks for saving Nina and sorry for your circumstances because you choose to save my sister ” she finally utter making me feel a bit at peace. ” tho I’m a little angry because I lost my mom and lost 9 years of my life to oblivion because of the incident that occurred then ” she paused using her hand to clean the tears that has already escaped from her eye lid to her beautiful face. ” but it wasn’t your fault and from what you said, you’ve done more for me and it will be shameful of me to hold those two misfortunes that occurred to me on you , I still love you and believe me, your secret is safe with me” she said bringing her face closer to mine and kissed me deeply. The kiss this time was short unlike the other ones.. ” I’ve to go, dad must have turned every where upsidedown looking for ” she said after disengaging the kiss. And started heading to the door. ” promise me one thing ” she said stopping abruptly when she was about to get to the door. ” what’s that ” I asked her looking into her beautiful eye. ” promise me that you will never leave alone ” she said startling me and I was lost of words. What she asked me to promise her was impossible because I was just another pawn on the game board of the supreme one and he only knows his next move. ” I don’t know ” I answered her looking perplexed. ” okay, we will talk later ” she said looking disappointed and headed out. I sat down on my bed thinking about what she asked me to promise her, then suddenly a dark smoke started emitting from the floor of my room ,almost the same as the one that appeared in Tabitha room . I quickly grabbed my sword from where I placed it and stretch it at the flame ready for anything coming out of it. I watched as the flame started transforming and later moulded out a man , he was in black and backing me, but I could easily tell that it was the person that saved the leader last time and looking at his back, I could tell that I knew him from somewhere. ” brother Luci “! I exclaimed as the person turned to face me. ” long time my boy ” he said smiling devilishly. ” how could this happen, are you the ruler that that evil man spoke of yesterday ” I asked looking perplexed ” yes my boy ,I’m the ruler, the strongest, the powerful and the greatest man on earth ” he screamed in an awfully terrified voice and lightning started striking unceasingly. I wondered in my mind if people heard him. Truth be told ,I’ve been looking forward to the day I will meet brother Luci, rebellious or no rebellious, I like him, he’s the one who brought himself down to my level and became my friend in heaven when other angels refused to, thought me how to sing and play all kind of musical instruments. I liked him so much that some days after his rebellion, I’d to fought the thought of joining him on earth and here he is standing right in front of me. I felt like hugging him but restrained myself against it. ” why are you here ” I asked with a stern voice trying to hide what I really felt like asking behind it. He’s now the antagonist whom I have to protect Tabitha from. ” just here to see my boy it’s been long since I saw you, I missed you ” he said looking like he meant it. But what have learned in heaven and some things I’ve came to know about brother Luci is never to let your guard down when you’re with him,because brother is very manipulative ,cunning and very wise. ” thanks, but if you’ll please excuse me I have someone to protect ” I said pretending as if I was going out. I knew staying with him for a long time can be very harmful, he can easily get into my head if that is his mission. ” is this how you’re going to treat me, after many millenniums of years that we’ve seen ourselves ” he said looking pitiful ” I’m sorry , but you know am here on an assignment and I can’t anchor a get together party right now ” I said trying to hide all what I was really feeling like saying. ” do you think the supreme is going to let you off or have mercy on you after all you’ve done on earth, even if you jump in a lava just to show that you’re still doing what he sent you to, you’re merely wasting your time” he said moving closer to me as the reality of what he said dawn on me. I stood transfixed at the spot I was and I felt all my morale racing out of my body. ” I’ve missed you Benmanna and I would love to have you with me, no matter what you do, join my course and you’ll be free to do anything you wish, love anyone you wish to love without being scared of anyone ” he said placing his hand on my shoulder. It was an enticing offer but he has to do more than that if he want to tempt me. ” would I be able to live and love Tabitha happily ” I asked him removing his hand from my shoulder, I was fully aware that Tabitha had to be sacrificed in order for his course to fully kick start and I was sure that brother wouldn’t come here to ask me to sacrifice her in order to join his course. There must surely be an hidden agenda behind his visit,. Brother Luci is wiser than that, I thought within myself. ” no, no ” I suddenly scream ” what have you done ” I screamed loudly in a thunder like voice and quickly grabbed my sword. ” you’ve really grown, not that kid I always hangout with because of pity ” he said laughing wildly and brought out the immortal sword, it was not longer like it was before again, that was when I was able to solve another puzzle about the attack of the other day. Some part of the sword was melted into the sword the evil armies used that day, that was why it was able to make me bleed but lack potency as the real sword. ” yes, I’m here to distract you while your precious perfect one is being kidnapped ” he said pacing around the room slowly in a proud manner. ” no ,that can’t be possible,it’s daytime and it should be easy for me to sense any evil being around” I said looking worried. ” hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha, yes you should just that I had help from someone who isn’t evil in look but evil in thought” he said confusing me. I ran outside and everywhere was silent. I ran downstairs and I saw Mona Lisa, but she’s stiff, she wasn’t breathing and not moving, she looked like she was glued to the spot she was, I ransacked the whole house and it was the same for everybody, only that Tabitha was not among the everybody. I quickly connected to her and was successful with the connection, I brought out my wing and was about to fly when I saw a dagger flying towards me, I quickly dodged it. ” going somewhere ” brother luci said laughing wildly, attacked me at once with the immortal sword. It was a brutal fight between the two of us, we were of the same strength, if I was still an angel, I would have defeated him easily and the sword in his hand was giving him an upper hand over me. I was doing a great job blocking the sword from getting into my body. It got to a point that he finally knocked me down As he wanted to stab me I screamed out. ” killing me and killing Tabitha is only a waste, even if you extract the water of life from Tabitha’s body, you won’t be able to lay your hand on the hakintolite water ,you know it only spring in the chamber of the supreme one and you can get there ” I shouted at him. ” not if I have help from someone closer to the chamber ” he said laughing wildly again. ” help ” I muttered surprise ” yes, I gat help, all these should have ended long time ago if not that of you who interrupted the plan ” he said looking at me with disgust. ” brother Lucien ” I muttered slowly and lowly. ” you’ve really gotten wiser, I accolade you for that, but it’s too late for you now ” he said proudly. ” but brother Lucien can’t do that, no he won’t do that ” I muttered weakly. ” yes he can and will do that because he’s been with me from the beginning of time, he was my lifeline, that was why I left him in heaven during my rebellion in case things went south, we didn’t do anything the last time he came as a guardian angelbecauae I want him to earn the trust of the supreme one and earning it means that he will be sent down again when we will kick start our plan at once because he has already gotten the hakintolite water but you intercepted him and came in his stead, but now, he’s breached the heaven’s portal ,remember when a disruption occured in heaven, now he’s here with the hakintolite water” he said proudly looking at me with the eye of the victorious one. Suddenly, someone with wing flew over to where we were standing, I wasn’t a little bit bittered to confirmed all what brother Luci said when I saw the person to be brother Lucien. ” long time Ben ” he smirked at me and I stared at him with a bitter eye. ” go Lucifer, the girl is already in the coven , leave Ben to me, we both have an unfinished business to attend to ” he said with a wicked grin on his face. Brother Luci accepted his request and gave him the immortal sword . ” watch out to how I will destroy the earth which your father value most ” he said before he disappeared into the ground in flame. ” this will be more than an ordinary sparring ” brother Lucien said as he charged at me.

    Episode 24 (Final)

    {The end is now}
    Promise in my perspective isn’t something all human should make, because no one is sure what tomorrow or days to come hold.
    In heaven, the supreme one takes promise very importance, when done to another party, he expected it to be fulfilled or else it becomes a debt on you which you carry around till the day you fulfil it.
    That’s why I’m against the idea of promising.
    Only death can pay the debt of promise but if ones die before fulfilling his or her promise but already had the chance to fulfill the promise but didn’t, then death wouldn’t have enough dime to pay for that person’s promise.
    But what would be my fate when I return to heaven with a debt on me, a shame for eternity.
    I made promise to Ranking to protect Tabitha but the promise was already drifting away from my reach and I knew I’ve to fulfill it.
    Happy ending, a great phrase that humans so much believe in, tho many were compelled to believe that the phrase will always be the end of their life because of too much movie.
    But the real fact is that out of 100% little ones, only 40% always have that phrase while others end in tragedy.
    Before all people reading my story will fully indulge themselves to know what finally ended me, I can’t assure you that you might not be disappointed.
    As I’ve told you before, not everyone have the opportunity to swim in the river of happy ending.
    Brother Luci accepted his request and gave him the immortal sword .
    ” watch out to how I will destroy the earth which your father value most ” he said
    before he disappeared into the ground in flame.
    ” this will be more than an ordinary sparring ” brother Lucien said as he charged at me.
    My time with humans especially Tabitha took it toll on me.
    I wasn’t very strong, brother Lucien took the pleasure of beating me to pulp, he was much stronger than I was, he dealt with me like a kid, I tried my all to also fight him but I couldn’t land a single punch .
    The sword in his hand was burning through my flesh as it touches me because I didn’t have my armour on me.
    He was inflicting pain on me, I knew it was to make me the feel the pain he felt when I defeated and hurt his pride in the magnificent hall.
    I knew that the more time I spend with brother Lucien, the closer Tabitha get to death.
    I knew that brother Luci would have to take her to the middle of the earth, the water of creation inside Tabitha can’t survive more than a minute on earth before it lose it potency, so brother Luci would have to take her their before he drains her of her blood and miss it with the hakintolite water.
    I screamed in pain as the immortal sword cut through my left rib. The cut accompanied by burning pain sank deep into my body and I fell on my knee with no power or strength left inside me.
    ” where’s that strength you displayed in the magnificent hall when you fought me then ” he said with an angry voice,
    ” you disgraced me, embarrassed me and made me felt useless and worse of all, you made me lose my pride ” he barked in an angry tone.
    ” help me, I’m going to die, please save me, my love ” I heard this tunes which were portrayed in Tabitha’s voice coming to me in a tone that portrayed fear and helplessness.
    ” I’ve been looking forward to this day ever since the day I came to earth and now you’ve to pay for treating me that way ” he added but I wasn’t listening as the image of Tabitha suddenly appeared in front of me, tears was streaming down her beautiful face, and she looked helpless and pitiful.
    ” I know you’ll save me my love ” she said in a melancholy tone and was stretching her hand towards me, I tried to grab it but it disappeared when my hand was about to touch her.
    I screamed loudly in anger and lightening started striking in a fearsome manner.
    Brother Lucien raised his sword to strike me at once but my armor as if being attracted by a magnetic force, flew to where we were and wore itself on me at once shielding brother Lucien attack.
    I stood up at once with a new adrenaline of energy circulating inside me.
    He tried to attack again but I swiftly rolled on the ground to dodge his attack and picked my sword which was laying on the floor.
    I turned and strike him from behind with all my strength, he lost balance and felt down but quickly stood up.
    My sword unlike the immortal sword isn’t capable of killing an Angel but is capable of inflicting pain on an Angel when they’re struck with it.
    He groaned in pain as he stretched the immortal sword at me but wasn’t balanced well on the ground as he kept staggering little by little, I knew he was trying to steady himself, I made motion to attacked him again and he quickly raised his sword up to also attack me but I aimed at his hand, as he waved his sword at me, I swerved to my left and quickly struck his hand with my sword and he was disarmed by that move as his sword fell down from his hand.
    He quickly wanted to pick it back but I channelled all my strength into my right hand and gave him an uppercut, the force of the punch made him fly a bit before he landed on his back.
    I weaved my hand a bit in order to get rid of the pain I felt inside it.
    The uppercut had so much force that I heard some funny sound inside my wrist , i felt like it was broken.
    I picked the immortal sword and moved closer to him.
    Before he could say jack, the sword was already embedded in his chest.
    I watched as his body caught fire and bit by bit, it turned into ashes and the wind escorted it into the atmosphere.
    I tried to connect with Tabitha but all I could get was a faint connection, I knew it was because she was being travelled underground.
    I knew their destination and I knew I had a chance of getting there in time to save Tabitha.
    They were going to Kaba in Mecca, that’s where the middle of the earth is located.
    But what I wasn’t sure is if I could make it that far in my human, I wouldn’t have been worried if I was still an angel.
    I brought out my wing as I head out of the house.
    The weather has already change to qualify the impending danger, I can best describe how the weather looked to lunar eclipse.
    When I got out I flew up at once, and started flying to Mecca.
    All little ones are all stiff, everywhere was silent as cars ,lorry humans all were glued to the position they were before brother Luci did whatever he did that made them stiff.
    With all the speed I could muster, I flew to Mecca, it got to a point, I felt myself blacking out on flight, I knew it was because I overdid it, I was not suppose to be flying such long distance in my human form, but the thought that I have to save the little ones and Tabitha kept me going.
    It got to a point ,my feathers started coming off, I was still a little bit far from kaba when this started happening.
    And I knew if I didn’t make it to Kaba before all come off, then I will crash midway.
    With my sore hands and tired self, I increased my pace again and kept on flying.
    I was getting weaker and I felt myself dying internally and my feathers won’t stop tripping off.
    I was very thirsty and felt my oesophagus shutting down, I passed many rivers, sea, ocean and many water source but couldn’t have a drop of water because I felt like a second wasted will lead to the eradication of the earth.
    My wings were almost like that of a de-feathered chicken, when I saw the symbol in Kaba, tho I was still a little bit far from it.
    All the feathers were almost gone, my once glorious feather turned to something of the past.
    My eye sight was getting blurrier, and I wondered where I was going to get the strength to fight bro Luci and his agents even if I made it.
    And it happened that when I was about to get to Kaba, my wings stopped functioning and I crashed on the floor with a loud thud.
    I fainted at once, tho I tried hard not to but I couldn’t control it.
    I didn’t not know how long I was gone but when I woke up, I was hearing a loud murmuring from afar, it was like incantation.
    I knew it was coming from Kaba and by brother Luci and his agents,
    That means I got to Mecca before them.
    I stood up feeling alright, I was surprised to see my wings on my back again in it full glory.
    I flew at once and headed to Kaba.
    My sword at my back and the immortal sword sheathed beside my leg.
    I saw a great view when I got to Kaba, the agents of brother Luci all having a dark glasses worn on their face formed a big circle chanting, while brother Luci was inside the circle with Tabitha who was tied up like a sacrificial lamb, she looked like she’s sustained many bruises on her body.
    Brother Luci had a small black knife in his hand and a calabash that looked sacred which I presumed contains the hakintolite water.
    Brother Luci suddenly looked up and saw me hovering over them.
    He gave me a wicked grin which I didn’t know what it was but not for long.
    ” plan b ” he suddenly shouted and all his agents suddenly brought out an object which I didn’t know what it was, they all hit it on the floor at once and a great blinding smoke filled everywhere, that was when I knew what the work of the sunshade the agents of brother Luci had on .
    I was blinded temporarily by the smoke and couldn’t see anything, when the smoke weared off ,I saw all brother Luci’s agents with bow and arrows in their hand aiming at me. I was sure the arrow will also have the melted part of the immortal sword in it.
    Before I could escape, they all shot at me at a go, I quickly brought out my sword, I was able to use it to shield many arrows but many still find their way into my body and I fell down.
    I was directly falling into the circle but I didn’t know the force that pushed me away when I was about to land inside it and I fell outside of the circle groaning in a severe pain as the arrows were visibly on my head and my leg, only my chest was left out because of the armor I was having on.
    I laid on the ground in pain as I saw brother Luci dipped the knife into Tabitha’s rib.
    Just then a lightening struck and scattered all the agents of brother Luci.
    Then I saw as the heaven opened and the greater one with brother Michael by his side on flying horses and armies of angels from the warriors department at their back also with sword in their hands.
    Brother Luci on seeing this shivered in fear and tried to quickly finish what he started, seeing the backup coming to help me gave me a lot of strength, I stood up and I forced all the arrows playing chess in my body out at once, I ran with speed and with a flying kick ,I sent brother Luci away from Tabitha who was bleeding profusely from where she was stabbed.
    I held her in my hand and started weeping as she looked at me weakly.
    Her breathing was weak, she looked at me and smile and tear drop released from her eye.
    She weakly raised her hand up and placed it on my cheek which was already wet with tears.
    Brother Michael and the greater one were already down and captured brother Luci.
    ” Benmanna ” the greater one called my name as he placed his hand on my shoulder.
    ” please save her, she isn’t dead yet, it’s an easy task for you to save her ,please save her ” I cried to the greater one as I wept profusely.
    ” she’s going to live but you have to back out of this mission and agree that you’re going to allow another guardian angel take over ” the greater one said looking at me with pity
    ” I agree , please just save her ” I cried agreeing to his condition at once.
    He placed his hand on the injured part of Tabitha and she became healed at once and all her bruises disappeared.
    She hugged me at once and thanked the greater one for saving her.
    The greater one had to free brother Luci because killing him will foil the prophecy of the battle of Armageddon.
    After everything has been settled, I left Tabitha to discuss with the greater one.
    ” you made me proud boy, tho I believed in you but after seeing how everything took a sour turn, I didn’t know that you could still be devoted to your mission ” he said to me smiling at me and I felt a tingling of pride rose within me.
    ” does the supreme one feel that way too ” I asked the greater one with a countenance that showed that I was a little bit sad.
    ” because of all your sins right?” He asked and I shook my head shamefully
    ” I don’t know what the supreme one is thinking because he didn’t share it with me, but it’s either you’re been punished or rewarded but the percentage that you’ll be punished is high ” he replied me and I became scared, I felt like not returning to heaven again.
    ” okay, but who’s taking over from me ” I asked feeling sad.
    ” Michael ” the greater one answered shocking me ,fact is that brother Michael has never serve as a guardian Angel before because he’s greater than that, he is the fierce warrior of heaven and him taking the position of a guardian Angel is a little off.
    ” did the supreme one force him to do it ” I asked looking surprised
    ” no, he nominated himself ” the greater one replied stunning me with more shock.
    Brother Michael being a guardian Angel isn’t bad, but I feel for all the evil doers that might try to harm Tabitha especially Yemi.
    Brother Michael is ruthless unlike me that am still a bit merciful.
    I haven’t seen him smile once ever since have known him and I knew that any wrong move from Yemi towards Tabitha, she’s already gone.
    ” okay, it’s good but what will happen to Tabitha, will she be given the honour to live with the memory of seeing you and the angels ” I asked not going into full details of the question.
    ” the divinity has been exposed too much and we will have to eradicate all the memories from her head and your memories from this earth making all those who have your memories to forget about you ”
    ” including Tabitha too “? I asked interrupting the greater one.
    ” yes ” he replied me making me more sad.
    ” okay, but can I ask for a favour ” I asked the greater one with a pitiful eye.
    ” you’re free to ” he replied
    ” please, let me return Tabitha home so that I can have the chance of bidding her farewell before she forget everything about me.
    The greater one contemplated it for some seconds before agreeing to it.
    ” but you’ve to make it snappy because in the next one hour, you’ll regain your angelship back and all memories of you will be wiped away from this earth.” He warned me before he placed his hand on my wing and it became very big and stronger.
    I thanked him before I moved to where Tabitha was ,took her in my hand and started flying.
    The journey wasn’t stressful this time and fast.
    I knew it was the doing of the greater one.
    We spent only fifty minute before we got home where everyone were still glued to their spot.
    I took her to her room, she looked at me smiling and Happy but I was sad because it wasn’t going to last.
    ” do you remember the promise you asked me to make you this morning ” I asked glaring into her eye
    ” yes ” she replied.
    ” here is my reply ” I said and she changed her sitting posture glaring into my eye like if I speak the wrong word, she’s going to eat me raw.
    ” I can’t be with you forever, I’m going back to heaven soon and another angel will take charge of in guarding you ” I added using all my power to stop the tears lurking behind my pupil.
    ” no, I don’t want anyone except you, please don’t leave, I’m ready to follow back to heaven if need be, if you leave me alone, I won’t be able to forget you” she said with tears on her eye, I couldn’t hold my tears again as I also started weeping profusely.
    ” you will, you will be able to forget me ” I said amidst tears.
    ” no, no, no ” she started screaming loudly .
    ” you’ve to forget about me, you have to continue living your life happily, get married to a good man, have cute kids and have a pleasant career ” I said wiping the tears on her face off.
    ” will I be able to see you again ” she asked calming down a little.
    ” I’m not sure ” I answered her.
    ” then I think I have to do this for the last time ” she said as she brought her head closer to mine and kissed me passionately.
    We were still kissing when I felt myself flickering, I knew my time was up. I quickly disengaged the kiss.
    ” good bye Tabitha ” I said as I finally became invisible and I attained my normal height and stature back.
    ” good bye Ben ” she said surprising me.
    ” did she not lose the memory if me ” I asked myself rhetorically as I flew out of her room.
    I wanted that to be a form of mystery to me which I will be deliberating on when I get to heaven, whether if she still remember me or not.
    I was already on my way to heaven when I felt the urge that my story shouldn’t just be in dark like that, after all I went through, I feel like it’s some kind of compensation to me if people know my story.
    I flew to one the highest rock I saw around, sculpt out a part with my sword, and wrote my story on it, I threw it down to earth hoping it get into the hand of a story writer who will help portray the story of my life on earth to the people.
    I looked down to the earth again and started weeping as I knew I was going to miss it.
    I continued my journey back to heaven with my heart in my mouth because I know not what await me by the supreme one, but I thought he should still reward me because I was returning the immortal sword to him, that was when I remembered that it has been long since I felt the immortal sword on my leg, I touched the place I put it and that was when I knew that I’ve lost the sword.
    What now await me, reward or punishment?

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