Story: Anita

    ******readers discretion is advised*******

    Episode 1

    Going to a public school was my decision, i
    chose it cause of the free lifestyle compared to
    their counterparts in a private school , i spent
    the first four years of my secondary school life
    in a public school but as fate would have it i
    was changed from public to private cause of
    my notoriety and sturborness ‘The first two
    weeks of resumption i felt different , was in a
    different environment , no babes, no friends , i
    was on my own and kept to myself alone’
    On this faithful monday i was at the busstop
    waiting to board a bus but there was none, so
    i waited a little longer and i saw a bus and
    flagged it down, ‘oga you get luck na na just
    one space remain”the
    conductor said” oya na shey you get change #
    200 ‘i asked’ yes yes enter make we go. I
    entered and sat on the vacant seat which was
    close to the door, the bus was about to move
    but was stopped by a young lady she should
    be in her mid 20’s probably 24-25, chocolate
    in complexion with killer curves in the right
    places, she was well endowed with a fresh
    round B---m fitted in a top and a short jean
    skirt that hugged her quite large hips and
    revealing her enormous backside, guess she
    must have been looking for a bus for a very
    long time its obvious. ‘Is there any space left’
    she asked the conductor ‘no madam chance
    no dey oo na the last chance this bobo occupy
    now now’ the conductor replied pointing a
    finger at me ‘Oh am going to be late’ she said
    with a little frown ‘ hey, i felt a light tap on
    my leg, i turned to look at the person that
    touched me ‘lo and behold’ it was the s*xy**
    goddess, ‘please do you mind if i sit on your
    laps’ she asked, what!! I screamed in my
    mind, meanwhile my Joystick was already
    rejoicing, alright no problem i just hope you
    wont break my laps ‘i replied’ She laughed
    and thanked me and lowered her massive
    behind on my innocent laps ‘ am going to
    enjoy this moment while it lasts’ my Joystick
    rejoiced’ she kept bouncing on my crotch
    anytime the bus encounters any pothole, it
    was like my Joystick was ravaging her as she
    kept bouncing up and down like she is
    performing ‘girl on top style on my Joystick,
    she must have noticed my hard on cause she
    looked at me and smiled.
    The bus came to a halt right in front of my
    school and she got down, i wanted to go down
    but my hardon was visible so i made up my
    mind to stop at the next bus stop cause my
    hard on would have subsided. I got down from
    the bus and paid but was told that the lady
    that sat on my laps have paid my money
    already, i was suprised and happy the same
    time ‘when did she pay’ i asked myself’ maybe
    when i was battling with my erection ‘ i
    thought and continued my journey back to
    school and concluded in my mind to thank her
    anytime i see her.
    The following monday was a bad one for me ‘
    you are just coming ‘mr francis asked’ i went
    late to school late when i stepped into the
    school. ‘And you are a new student were you
    not given the handbook’ he asked’ yes i was
    given ‘i replied’ you better read it we don’t
    tolerate late comers in this school, pick and
    go to your class ‘ he said ‘ i did as he was
    told and got to my class to meet it rowdy
    thats how it used to be whenever a teacher
    misses his/her lesson period. I got to my seat
    and met a guy sitting on it ‘excuse me, you
    sitting on my chair ‘ i said to him ‘ and so
    what ‘he replied with fury and the whole class
    that was rowdy became silent and was
    watching what was happening between us’
    you have to leave ‘i said to him’ am not
    leaving this seat cause your name was not
    written on it ‘he replied’ i gave him a slap and
    a fight ensued between us , i am bigger than
    him him so he was no match for me ,i threw a
    jab at him and it landed on his nose and he
    started bleeding.


    ‘I don’t need your stupid explanation’ Mr
    francis shouted angrily at me as i tried to
    explain to him ‘ you came late to school today
    as if that is not enough you went to the class
    and want to kill our student because you have
    muscles right this is where you will stay till
    closing no class for you ‘he said and left ‘ i
    looked at the large plot of grasses allocated
    to me to cut. By the time the bell was rung for
    closing i have already cleared a considerable
    amount of grasses and decided to take some
    rest so as to continue when everybody has left
    the school. ‘Few minutes i was certain that
    everybody must have left, i was set to
    continue my work when i sighted a lady
    walking towards the gate , ‘she looks like the
    lady that sat on my laps in the bus, i decide
    to clear my curiosity so i whistled , she looked
    towards my direction and i waved at her to
    come, she was reluctant at first but she began
    walking towards me as she got closer i saw
    her clearly lo and behold it was her, i was a
    little bit ashamed that she met me that way
    ”good afternoon ma” i greeted smiling and she
    replied’ do you remember me ‘i asked’ i
    noticed she was trying to recall where she
    knew me , you paid my tfare last week’ i said
    to her’ oh i remember now ,the guy that
    lapped me in the bus right? ‘She asked ‘ yes
    am the one ‘i replied’ i just want to thank you
    for the other day ‘i said’ oh its nothing never
    mind ‘she replied’ by the way what are you
    doing here ‘i asked’ i work here ‘she replied’ i
    was shocked. You mean you teach here ‘i
    asked again suprised, yes am a staff ‘she
    replied trying to read my facial expression’ do
    you also work here, i mean a labourer? She
    asked’ no!! do i look like one ‘i asked’ yes now
    look at your muscles ‘she replied smiling’ am
    a student in this school ‘i said to her’ her
    countenance changed, for real where is your
    new uniform ‘she asked’ am a new student ma
    i have not been given ‘ are you on punishment
    ‘she asked’ what’s your name Dan ‘i replied’
    hmmm so its you hun its you that wanted to
    kill your fellow student cause you have
    muscles hun ‘ she said’ no ma ‘i defended’ i
    narrated all that happened and she felt pity
    for me
    Have you eaten ‘ she asked’ no i havent ‘i
    replied’ alright take this money and go home ,
    dont cut the grasses again she said as she
    handed a #200 to me, i collected it and
    thanked her , went to my class and picked my
    bag left for my house.
    The following day i got to school with the
    anger of what transpired the previous day i
    got to school late, i purposely did that ,’was
    given T-fare but reserved it and decide to trek
    and was late and saw latecomers being
    punished by the prefects , as i got closer i was
    ordered to kneel but i refused and gave them
    an excuse but they refused to listen and was
    reported me to mr francis when they knew am
    not kneeling anytime soon
    Dan what have you done today again, are you
    not tired of being punished’i heard someone
    say and looked up to see her , ‘i narrated
    everything to her , who gave you the
    punishment ‘she asked’ mr Francis ‘i replied’
    alright she said and walked away.
    ‘She came back few minutes and told me to
    go back to my class ‘what!!she pleaded on my
    behalf, this lady is Godsent, ‘i thought in my
    mind’ i was happy, thanked her and was
    about to leave , ‘wait what
    class are you again’ she asked’ SS2B ma ‘i
    answered ‘ alright i will send someone to
    come call you during break.

    Episode 3

    You have been trending in the staff room,
    teachers have been saying different negative
    things about you and i can also testify to that
    cause from the starting of this week you have
    been serving punishment miss anita said as i
    got to her office’ and its not a good record for
    a new student like you, it can affect your
    certificate , do you want that ‘she asked’ no
    ma ‘i replied’ then you have to be a good boy’
    she continued’ obey your seniors, do whatever
    you are asked to do okay’
    yes ma ‘ i replied’ . ‘That was how miss anita
    and i became friends or should i say friends
    with benefit, she gives me gift, money and
    sometimes food’.
    ‘on this faithful day i sat in miss anita’s office
    gawking at her partly exposed B---m and
    thighs, she made no effort to cover it as she
    was busy with her work. I raised my head and
    saw miss anita giving me the i-know what-
    you-were-doing smile, Dan go to your class,
    the break is over’ she said’ as i got up my
    Joystick sprang up and my hardon was very
    much visible, what!! ‘Screamed miss anita
    when she saw the tent my Joystick has
    created in my trouser’ are you going to the
    class with that’ she said as i made an effort to
    cover it, she kept looking at it as i stood there
    like a statue, the S#xual tension between us
    was obvious , i noticed a tiny drop of water
    dripping down from the chair miss anita sat
    on , miss anita has wet the chair with her
    Kittycat juice.
    ‘I dont know where the guts came from as i
    moved towards her and grabbed her B---m
    and was fondling them, put my hand in my
    skirt and touched her Kittycat it was a
    slippery, i shifted her pants and inserted my
    F**K-YOU finger and was finger-Bleeping her,
    her mouth was wide open but no sound came
    out, i finger-F***ed her for a few minute and
    brought out my finger, she collected it and
    licked her Kittycat juice off my finger i was
    about to start another round of finger-
    Bleeping when we heard footsteps
    approaching, i sprang up with the speed of
    light and my Joystick that was hard deflated
    immediately and became calm as the waters
    ‘that was when i realize that tension is the
    only thing capable of deflating a hard-
    Joystick in a second. I looked at miss anita
    and she was well seated and her rumpled
    dress have been straightened.
    ‘I got to class but was finding it hard to
    concentrate, memories of what happened in
    miss anita’s office few hours ago kept
    refreshing in my brain. ‘The school closed
    early and that was when i remembered it was
    a friday so the school tend to close early. I
    went to miss anita’s office and met her office
    locked ,was very sad miss anita has gone
    home. I left the school and made up my mind
    to visit miss anita tommorrow and probably
    spent the weekend with her.
    ‘Saturday finally came after a long night of
    fantasy about miss anita’ i got dressed and
    took an excuse from my parents that am
    spending the weekend with my cousin who
    just finished his youth service and was staying
    alone, i have already planned everything out
    with him so i got my tracks covered.
    To Be Continued…

    Episode 4

    ‘I got to miss anita’s house at 9:15am, i have
    been there before so it was easy for me
    locating her house. It was a one room self
    contain apartment with a kitchen,bathroom
    and toilet. The single room serves as a
    bedroom and also the sitting room with two
    small couchen chairs, a mattress and a make
    up table at the far end of the room though the
    room is big enough and there was still a lot of
    space left.
    ‘I knocked on her door and got no response, i
    knocked again ‘who is there’ a voice which i
    know belongs to miss anita asked from inside.
    But i said nothing cause it was a suprise visit,
    she needs to find out herself so i knocked
    again and the door was flung open’ miss
    anita stood at the doorway putting on a
    nightrobe she was suprised as she threw
    herself on me, i placed my palms under her
    Buttocks for her to sit on ‘lo and behold she
    wasnt putting any panty i got an instant hard-
    on. Am very suprised to see you Dan ‘she
    said’ while still on my body and her Buttocks
    was sitting on ma palms, i stepped in with her
    as she locked the door and bolted it, my
    Joystick was rock hard, i got inside the room
    with her and she wasted no time in taking my
    tongue in hers, the kiss was hot i thought she
    wanted to eat my lips, i dropped her and
    grabbed her Buttocks immediately and was
    spreading her Buttocks open revealing her
    a-----e, i grabbed and was squeezing her
    Buttocks with the intent of bursting them, she
    moaned and moved her hand to my hard
    Joystick and was squeezing it, i freed her
    Buttocks and brought my hand to her already
    wet Kittycat, i rubbed her Kittycat and c--t,
    inserted my F**K-YOU finger in her Kittycat,
    she gasped and threw her head backwards
    moaning out loud as i was finger-Bleeping her
    Kittycat, i brought out my hand, gave her to
    lick and her juice gushed down to the floor
    and some flowing down her legs, i bent down
    and buried my mouth in her Kittycat and was
    lapping away her juice from her honeypot, the
    pleasure was too much for her as she started
    screaming, i s----d her c--t and tongue-F***ed
    her after few minutes of tongue-Bleeping she
    splashed fresh Kittycat juice from her Kittycat
    to my face and mouth, i wasted no time as i
    s----d her clean.
    ‘I got up and was fondling her B---m,
    caressing them, held the two B---m and was
    rubbing them against each other, i put my
    mouth on them and was sucking her B---m,
    biting her Tips. She got a lot of o----m.
    ‘Dan please F**K me she said’ i wasted no
    time as i unleashed the dragon that was now
    rock hard, i took her to a small couch
    removed her nightrobe and positioned her in a
    doggy, i opened her pussylips, spread it open
    and plunged into her Kittycat and a scream
    escaped her mouth, i began to t----t slowly
    and increased my pace and it became fast, i
    held down her waist and pounded into her
    Kittycat as she kept moaning and was
    responded to my every t----t, she climaxed
    three times during the 30mins i F***ed her
    and i feel my c----x approaching, she must
    have noticed too as she withdrew herself from
    my hold and brought her mouth to my
    Joystick and i deposited my Pour in her
    mouth and my Joystick lost its rigidity, she
    held my Joystick and gave me Mouthaction
    but my Joystick was too huge for her to suck
    so she licked my Joystick cap and my balls
    few minutes my Joystick became hard and she
    told me to lie on the bed and she lowered her
    glistening Kittycat on my Joystick, i fondled
    with her B---m, held her waist as rode herself
    to o----m.

    Episode 5 (Final)

    ‘I noticed my c----x approaching, she got
    down from my Joystick moved her Buttocks
    backwards ,and wide her legs and my head in
    between it looking at her moist Kittycat i
    wasted no time as i start eating her out as
    she was doing same to me in a perfect 69, i
    poured in her mouth as my Pour went straight
    to her throat and she swallowed it, she
    squirted on my face and mouth too.
    ‘We got into another rotnd of F**K which
    lasted for another 35mins and we decided to
    rest a bit while she prepares us something to
    eat, i got up and wanted to wear my boxer
    ‘No way, none of us is wearing anything for
    the whole of today she said’ i agreed and kept
    the boxer and sat on the couch, she went into
    the kitchen unclad to prepare the meal she left
    the kitchen door open living me with a huge
    backside to entertain my view, i cant hold it
    any longer as my Joystick began to grow
    hard, i entered the kitchen, grabbed the
    Buttocks that has been tormenting my
    Joystick, i bent her a little and spanked her
    Buttocks, she moaned out loud as my thick
    palm came in contact with her Buttocks
    spanking her in the process, i inserted my
    Joystick into her Kittycat from behind and
    F***ed her in the kitchen for a few minutes
    though we were conscious of what was on fire.
    ‘The food was done and she dished our food
    in same plate and we ate right there in the
    kitchen, eating and caressing her Buttocks in
    the process.
    After we are done eating she suggested we
    take our bath, i bathed her while she did same
    vice-versa and we ended up Bleeping her
    ourselves in the bathroom.
    ‘It was a long day as we F***ed ourselves
    throughout the day and we slept Unclad and
    we continued our Bleeping, i lost number of
    times she climaxed but as soon as we stopped
    she passed out.
    ‘Me and miss anita continued our sexcapade
    till i left the school and gained admission into
    the university miss anita also left the school
    and she got another job in a big firm
    and that was how i lost contact with her but i
    heard from my classmates that she is now
    married with kids
    P.S: ‘Nobody knew about my sexcapade with
    miss anita in the school except you and its
    because i just told you now

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