Story: AnnaRose

    Episode 1

    I am nineteen. And yet to F**K a girl.
    can begin screaming ‘WTF!’ all youwant.
    that wouldn’t change a thing.Or would it?
    Let’s get back to the real storynow again,
    shall we? Fine. So…I startedseeing X-rated
    the age of thirteen. I was inHigh school
    and always asked myfriends for their dirty
    magazines. I lovedwomen (…and still do of
    course. Wonderhow I shouldn’t when I
    gay) and wasalways attracted to more
    matured ones(MILFs mostly). Even though I
    craved to fuckone day, I always never had
    courage toapproach any girl who was
    my agebracket to ask her out. This meant I
    wouldcontinue with endless fantasies (…
    likeGenevieve Nnaji giving me a boob job.
    Howsilly though!), X-rated and
    Bynineteen, I had developed what
    wasbecoming one of the largest dicks
    forsomeone my age. My friends had
    alwaystalked about how large it was and
    evennever minded telling their girl friends.
    wasnever bothered too as I only found
    itpleasing and largely a source of man
    pride.They claimed the pecker had only
    gottenthat big because I started Bleeping
    froma very tender age. I knew better but I
    nevertold them how wrong they were (they
    wereduns after all). Whenever we talked
    aboutsex, my experiences with X-rated
    alwayslooked to substitute for me and over
    time,most of them began asking me for a
    coupletips on how they could please their
    girls. Itwas quite hilarious! (…and you can
    whyI called them d*ns. Haha)The closest I
    gotten to having s*x waswith a visiting
    to a neighbor. As aresult of my area of
    training I somehowbecame of help to the
    neighbor in question.He always gave me
    tasks to carry outon his behalf of which he
    pays me for. I hadjust gotten into my third
    year in theuniversity and I had a fair idea of
    what healways gave me to do. It was on
    of suchassignments that I got to meet Mary
    (now,not the mother of that guy who died
    thecross. This one is quite not as innocent)
    .She was far older than myself. At least
    shewas fifteen or seventeen years ahead,
    andmarried. I had gone to my neighbor’s
    placeto carry out one of the usual tasks
    wholeaves me with only to meet her at
    home.After introducing myself, she allowed
    inand soon we became friends and
    Our conversation was so vast thatwe soon
    began talking about theconsequences of
    having lots of weight ashuman. It propped
    an argument as towhich, men preferred
    The fat or theslim. I said it was the later of
    which she didnot totally agree to and I
    why. Shewas a bit plump but was
    nonethelessmarried although without kids.
    triedpresenting all her argue-facts and in
    theattempt asked me if I knew what it was
    likehaving a woman with lots of flesh in
    Ianswered like I had tried both of the
    before but that could not convinceher.
    Subsequently, she raised her flowingskirt
    almost entirely up to her waist,revealing
    fleshy thighs. While she didso, she held
    one of the thighs andasked me if I knew
    that succulentthigh meant to most men.
    triedemphasizing it by grabbing onto the
    fleshthere and bringing herself closer to
    Isat. All along I was smiling but not
    anyway. And I still assume she wasequally
    aroused in any way what soever. However,
    after she got as close as shecould manage,
    she urged me to feel theflesh. Her skirt
    still held to her hip byone hand while the
    other grabbed theunderneath of the thigh in
    question. Weboth were still joking and
    about itat the same time. I still had
    ofcontinuing with the task for which I
    visitedand all I planned to do was settle
    theargument and return to the work. When
    sherepeated the request, I laughed and
    she had too much flesh and how I
    it. To this, she further asked me tofeel her
    thighs and that I never knewanything about
    plump women. I respondedby placing a
    on it, telling her it madeno difference on
    I felt and removed myhand. She rejected
    attempt and insistedI would do so again.
    even said I wouldhave to try to grab the
    with bothhands. I laughed and said it was
    notnecessary. She made a face and said
    shenever liked what I was doing. In
    Isuccumbed and made to grab her laps
    assuggested. However, mistakenly, as I
    I unintentionally dipped my right
    fingersthrough the cut of her panties
    therebyfinding her crotch (and how I liked
    themiracle!). She was partly damp there
    whichI felt was from sweat. But equally full
    ofcurly hair. My other hand had held onto
    theother side of her laps and was
    alreadymaking a move to lift the enormous
    thing.But with the right one right inside
    herpanties, everything paused. She did
    notutter a word and even when I said I
    wassorry and tried taking my hand away,
    sheshut up her thighs and caught my
    inbetween both legs. I remained stuck.
    Shepulled me towards her and that brought
    myhands straight to her wet Kittycat
    Ionly made little additional effort and
    twofinger found their way into her
    yearningpussy! Unfortunately for her, we
    onlyabout to get anything going when
    wesuddenly heard a knock on the door.
    Thiswas followed by her sister’s return. We
    hadbeen alone all along. My
    subsequentattempt to get this completed
    wascompletely futile as I was told she left
    thenext day. Poor Danny! Really poor,
    Now I only use that for my fantasies.
    imagine myself completing theprocess.
    Locating her Kittycat with the samefingers,
    fingering them and getting to pulloff her
    panties. This would be followed byeither
    sucking of her Kittycat; which I seeas my
    coveted desires; or giving heran instant
    Nonetheless, all this willkeep being
    and nothing more.Well, that was about my
    closest attemptand as you can see, if failed
    woefully. Nowcan we talk about more
    important issues oflife? Good.I am the only
    son. And in a family of twoissues, it simply
    means I have just onesister.

    Episode 2

    Your daft head can’t just be tellingyou
    otherwise! Cannot remember the lasttime
    anyone had a transsexual for a sibling.At
    least not in Nigeria. That aside anyway.So…as
    I said, the other of my sibling is agirl. A very
    pretty girl to say the least.Unfortunately for
    everyone, this pretty girlhardly stays home.
    She just graduated fromthe university and got
    enlisted with aRunway outfit (for those of you
    who havelooked up these last two words
    endlesslywithout having a clue of what it
    means;simply think of a super slim girl, on a
    superslim outfit, cat walking down a ‘super
    slim’alley. That should do). She has
    alwayswanted to be a model and how I was
    sureshe fits in. She has a body to die for. As
    forme, I will be getting out of school as a
    freshgraduate by the end of the current
    calendaryear. I am studying Physics in
    Thesame course dad studied. Well…I am
    stillsome way from being what he has
    becomein this field. In fact, he is currently a
    visitingprofessor at Nottingham Trent
    University inthe united Kingdom and has been
    made amember of many professional bodies.
    Thiswas good for the family but I seriously
    misshis parenting although am
    aintcomplaining. I had not chosen the
    coursebecause of him or his success like it is
    thecase with most Nigerian teenagers
    (Dadsells used bottles, so I wana be a
    bottledealer. Pheew!!). I love physics and
    hadlong developed a big interest in it. Now
    Iwill soon be getting out of school with
    adegree in it. And trust me, I have
    neversorted. At least not yet.Now over to
    Mum. She is just great. Ihaven’t said yours
    aint equally great. ButI’m like; mine is just
    great!! She is currentlythe caretaker dad if you
    get what mean.She works with a Finance
    Solutionscompany. Studied Banking in a
    school inthe U.S back in the days and
    hasmaintained almost a single job line for
    overtwo decades now. Her coming from
    awealthy family meant that she wouldvirtually
    achieve all she ever aspired forexcept for
    having another male kid. That,she could not
    get. Too bad. But I know I doserve up in the
    absence of two. Like I said, Iaint asking for
    the assist of a transsexualyet. She has been a
    wonderful mother andhardly complains about
    my dad’sreoccurring absence. Most times,
    when itappeared like she was going to feel
    hisabsence, she would look for her
    femalefriends to spend time with. I pitied her
    atsuch times. I was not getting enough
    Kittycat;yea, true. But everyone knows for
    thatthe case of someone who has gotten
    soused to Bleeping every day really
    lookslargely different. Now do not ask me how
    Iknew they always had it every day when
    hewas in. Wonder how many times you
    wouldrather have it if you were dad or
    mum.Spend the next half-hour finding
    ananswer.Mum has a sister. Annarose by
    name. Andjust like yourself, I have spent most
    part ofmy miserable life thinking of what
    meaningthe name possibly had. yet, just
    likeyourself too, I haven’t figured out. I
    havenever come to understand what
    reasonsgrandpa and grandma had for giving
    hersuch a name. Those were meant to be
    twodifferent name. Type the names on MS
    wordand you would know how
    different.Unfortunately for me, she still bears
    thename and she is by far, my most
    favouriteaunt from both dad and mum’s sides.
    She isjust sassy! A closest definition of a bag
    offun even though she is currently in herearly
    thirties. She has never lost thatimpertinence
    we have known her for andeach time she
    visited, I never got tired ofher. She only just
    recently got married toUncle Dee Dee; another
    character of a guyand they stay in Abuja. This
    has meant thatI only get to meet her fewer
    times a year.However, Dee Dee currently
    completed abusiness trip to France which
    meantAnnarose came close to suffering
    mum’skinda predicament. What gladdened
    myheart though, was that, she made up
    hermind to stay with us until her
    husbandmade it back. Each time I remember
    this, Iget so electrified!It is a pity I have been
    telling you this storywithout saying what day
    it is. Well, I amkinda sorry about that. Today
    is a Mondayhere. Do not know what date it is
    as youread this story but, just try to think
    today isa Monday. And yea, I also have not
    said whoI am. Well, I said a little about myself
    backthere but, let me kinda say more. I
    amDaniel by name. I don’t think my surname
    isthat important. I don’t think. So I amDaniel.
    You should call me Danny though.Just a way
    of being benevolent and savingyou the trauma
    of stressfully calling out thereal thing
    continuously. Guess you usuallyend up very
    aggravated whenever you optfor the later.
    (Smiles). Well, I have justmade up so feel
    better. That said. So…I aman undergraduate of
    Physics from theUniversity of Nigeria. I am
    although mymum is an Efik. I am tall. Just a
    little shy ofsix feet. Handsome. Good-looking.
    AlthoughI don’t know how these two are
    different.Rather athletic. Cannot remember the
    lasttime I jogged around my dad’s parking
    lotthough, so I assume the fitness is more
    likehereditary than developed. I am
    lightskinned but not fully fair. So kinda in a
    fixon that one. I don’t have a girl. Now,
    don’task me why. Just flow with the story.
    Afterall, that is why you are reading it. You
    canmake the first move, if you are a
    girlthough. That aside. Thank you. I
    assumethat says it all for me. Or, am I
    forgettingsomething? Oh! Okay, Just
    remembered; myfavourite colour is torques
    blue. How absurdanyway. But that’s that. I
    also prefer girlsthat are older than myself.
    Most especiallywhen they are in their late
    twenties orthirties. Well, if you just stopped
    loving mebecause of this last one, you can
    move one.Have never complained about
    beingdisliked. No hard feelings.Having defined
    myself for you, guess wecan now return to the
    story. I know all thosewere still part of the
    story but I mean let’sreturn to the real story.
    Yea, the real story.It all began exactly two
    weeks ago.

    Episode 3

    A Monday. Therefore exactly a week
    today.Mum had told me that Annarose was
    goingto visit us. And she was coming
    thefollowing day, Tuesday. She was to
    spendnot less than three weeks with us and
    howpleasant that looked from the start. I
    knowthat the more reason why I was
    happyabout the coming of Anna is that fact
    thatshe is my favourite but I must still
    confessthat before then, I had gradually
    startedhaving certain inexplicable feelings for
    her.I have not said I was interested in
    fuckingher (guess, your very corrupt thoughts
    hadalready said so to you) but I cannot
    denythat I was not increasingly finding her
    veryattractive. She is a very similar type
    ofwoman to my mum. Far from large in
    sizebut with this body that just
    appearssufficient in places you would want
    andexpect. She usually wears braids that
    arenormally bold on her face. Her neck
    isslender, even and tall, and meets her
    nicelystreamlined shoulder blades just at
    themiddle of the frame. Her arms are
    slendertoo and smoothly round all the way to
    herelbow. You wouldn’t find lots of flesh
    therethough. Her B---m are just
    simplyindispensible! They look so so so
    andcurvy that I most times usually fail
    toexplain just how they are connected to
    herchest judging from the fact that
    theyendlessly seem like they are both
    standingon their own accords. Her Tips are
    thenozzles to the two balls and appear
    evererect! She is just breathtaking up
    there.However, her hip and her Buttocks are
    just themain reasons for my existence! They
    areabsolute show-stoppers! She has a hip to
    beenslaved for! The two ends must bevirtually
    a mile apart if measured but lookfar from
    disproportionate to her entire bodysize. When
    she walks, it takes a calendaryear for her
    entire back side to complete afull swing to
    fro. Mehn! Now that is justwhere the problem
    is. Her Buttocks! I don’t knowhow much of X-
    rated you watch but I haveseen; on very few
    occasions though; assesthat appear rather
    closer to the bearer’supper hip than to her
    thighs. Annarose’sass just looks like that.
    Simply hanging onnothing while equally so
    pointed to the rearand boldly round! She just
    was a directroute to sin! Mum had told me
    that UncleDee Dee only dated her for a month
    and gotsettled with her. Wonder who wouldn’t
    dothat with an Buttocks like that! Well, mum
    lookedquite similar if not for the Buttocks and
    I guessyou now understand why she is
    increasinglybecoming attractive to me in spite
    of thefact that she is an aunt. I am an
    Buttocks man!And there is little I can do
    about it.It suddenly became Tuesday. Sorry
    Ihaven’t narrated to you how I spent
    theremainder of Monday. I am too busy to.
    Butjust know that I had a pretty decent
    nightrest. I didn’t think of Aunt
    Annarosethough. I just didn’t do any foolish
    thinglike that. I just prayed to God and
    slept.And yea, I go to church dumbass! So
    herewe are now on Tuesday. We spent the
    firsteleven hours of the new day in
    preparationfor Anna. Mum had called to ask
    her if shewished to be picked from the Akanu
    Ibiaminternational airport but she said no.
    Sheclaimed to have made her plan so we had
    tokeep waiting. I wanted to wait all shewished
    but…well, not like wait withoutdoing anything.
    So I got busy. I resumedgaming! I had just
    won the UEFA Super Cupwith Levante on
    Football Manager Soccersimulator that
    morning (how impossible itwill be in real life
    situation though. But youjust had the name:
    Soccer Simulator!). NowI was up for the next
    challenge. However, itwas while I had
    embroiled myself again inthis that we heard a
    knock on the door.Well, it was just me who
    heard. Mum wasindoors, so I walked to the
    door to open itand alas! there she was! Aunt
    Annarose inall her elegance and radiance. She
    wassimply gorgeous that very morning!!
    Shewas wearing an elastic looking carton-
    browngown with a beaded neck. It was very
    lowcut and did little to conceal her very
    largeboobs. I saw myself tracing the inner
    sidesdown to the area around the undersides.
    Ihad an instant hard on!”Come here Little D!”,
    she called out as Iyelled my excitement. That
    is what she callsme. Now if your dumb head
    cannot still getwhy; her husband is Dee while
    am D(anny). Guess you through? Cool. So,
    Ilaughed and embrace her when she did!And
    she pulled me firmly into her bosomcausing
    my entire chest to press into hervoluptuously
    looking soft B---m! I remainedthere for what
    seemed like decades as shekept asking me
    about myself. Now, I cannotsay if I was the
    one who never wanted toget off the soft
    balloons or if she was justkeeping the
    embrace longer than normal.Because I recall
    it was not until mum walkedinto the living
    room that we had a reason tobreak the
    embrace! She must have heardAnna’s
    laughter.”Here she is!”, she started.
    allover her eyes. “You made us wait so
    long””Hahahaha. As though we would be
    goingfor a function together this morning?.
    Goodmorning Paula. You didn’t go to the
    officetoday?”. I had just collected her bags
    fromher but I still noticed she had her left
    handon my right buttocks as I made to go
    dropthe bags. It wasn’t a grab; just a
    slighttouch. Think straight man!”No. Have
    some days off. How was yourtrip?”, mum
    started again”Was fine. I left home late””Who
    drove you to this place from
    theairport?””Obinna”. (He is Dee Dee’s
    brother,don’t forget that). “I was aware he is
    inEnugu so I asked him to come pick me.
    Justa way of seeing him again after a
    longwhile”. I was heading to the
    guestroomnow, so barely heard what they
    weretalking about. While I walked, I
    searchedher bags. Cannot really explain what
    it was Iwas searching for but I remember
    seeingthe shocker of my life while doing so.
    Justinside the smaller inner pocket of the
    mainhandbag, I found a pink electric vibrator!
    Ifyou watch X-rated as much as myself,
    youshould know that there are vibrators
    thatlook a lot like dildos. Well, that was
    exactlythe kind I found in there. I was just
    tooscared to feel the thoroughly ribbed toy.
    Ionly examined it right from inside the bagand
    then set her things aside after that.But, the
    images of the bead-like designsthat formed
    the mid section of the toy wasnever going to
    leave my head. I nonethelessjoined the others
    in the living room.

    Episode 4 n 5

    Now,keeping the entire episode just in my
    mindwas never going to be easy doing. I
    wonderhow you yourself feel at this
    moment,reading this!Dad soon knew about
    Aunt Annarose’sarrival. Mum made the call. I
    even had tocall Chimma too. That is my
    sister’s name.Well, as always, she was not
    going to makeit back soon. Her coy were on a
    toursomewhere around Ghana and wouldn’t
    bethrough anytime soon. Well, I still had totell
    her. Not like I was not aware shewouldn’t be
    making it back for aunt. Aunttoo joined in the
    calls and soon all ourrelatives in the whole
    wide world (…well,not exactly world. Just
    Enugu and Abuja)knew she was in town. As
    for me, mythought strictly refused to be
    distractedfrom the images of the vibrator I had
    seen!It even kept looking like I had only seen
    it asecond ago. I was soon taking a decision
    tocontinuously begin inspecting the
    vibratorwith the hope that I will catch it
    wetsomeday! Yep, wet from Aunt
    Annarose’ssloppy Kittycat! Wonder who else’s
    Kittycat youwere thinking it would be. In fact,
    thinkingabout this fact, only got me harder
    downthere! No one was aware of what
    wasplaying through my head, not even mum.
    Idoubted I was ever going to see Anna in
    thesame light. I mean, she was my
    favouriteAunt, yea. No doubt. But she has
    beensome kinda moral influence on me.
    Thetimes she used to stay with us back
    then,she would always warn me against lots
    ofthings. s*x, bad girls, pornography,alcohol,
    hard drugs, just name them. Somost times I
    found myself trying to pleaseher more than
    own parents. You cannow imagine what I felt
    like when I foundthe fat pink d---o vibrator in
    her bag. I wasnever going to remain the
    I wasalready perceiving her as some kind of
    sexfigure! Now I ain’t saying that owing a
    dildoaround here was some kind of big
    thing.Not at all. Of course I have heard
    thingsabout how s*x toys were becoming
    veryrampant in places like Abuja and
    Lagos.Even though Enugu should be the last
    onthat queue, I wouldn’t say that was
    mycause for the sweet shock I
    Rather it was totally becauseof the
    explanation I had given earlier. AuntAnna
    appeared too right to me to own adildo.
    Pointblank!As the day went by, mum kept
    engagingaunt in lots and lots of chit chat. I
    wasgradually being isolated. Aunt had
    nowchanged into a new cloth. It was
    basicallyknickers but was designed like the
    olddungaree. In other words, it continued upto
    the neck so that you have an option oftying
    the slings around your neck. However,it did
    not cover her back. So just her lowerhalf
    to her thigh, chest, belly andbreast were
    covered. Well….if at this point,you still haven’t
    got the explanation…youcan assume anything
    you want as the damncloth. After all, house
    cloths are housecloths. Now, back to the
    story. So as I said, Iwas continuously being
    slightly ignored. Ihad resumed my gaming
    while takingeverything I have got to ogle
    aunt’s body.Since she was on knickers, her
    sittingmeant her entire thighs were bare for all
    tosee. Of course mum should find this
    normalas she is a lady but lord knows that I
    wasbeing aroused seeing them. Her
    thighswere so fleshy and round. And each
    timeshe adjusted in her seat, my eyes
    werecaught in the undulating circular folds
    ofthe perfectly light skin! I was mesmerized!
    This was never going to happen to me
    ago since I never thought of Anna as asource
    of S#xual pleasure.”So how has study been
    Little D?” herquestion jolted me out of my seat
    as I neverexpected it. I was staring right at
    sideof her hip that had been pushed out as
    aresult of her sitting. She must have
    caughtme doing so although I wouldn’t say
    samefor mum as she had engaged her
    attentionby flicking through various TV
    channels.”It’s….been fine”, I was stuttering.
    “We areon vacation””Really? Should be your
    final year now,right?””Yea. Exactly”, obviously
    proud of being so”Wow! That’s big! You are
    now a grown manLittle D! You should be
    called Big D now”she was looking at mum
    while saying so byway of emphasisI only
    grinned endlessly. Flashing my eyesat her and
    mum doing so.”Come here let me carry you a
    little! Youain’t the Little D I know anymore”
    she wasgrinning widely and spreading her
    inanticipation of my coming.Now don’t ask
    if I accepted to be lapped.And don’t ask me
    how shy I was acceptingso as well. Believe
    me, if you were in myshoes too you would
    definitely be grabbingthe offer with both
    hands. Wonder how I amexpected not to take
    the privilege ofentirely soothing my hard done
    self withthe soft skins of the b---m of such
    agorgeous woman. So…I was sitting on
    herlaps in barely a second later; beaming
    fromear to ear. I am nineteen years old. Yes.
    Butthat isn’t going to count on this one! As
    shecontinued talking about how I had
    gainedweight and stuff, I let my eyes linger on
    herpartly exposed B---m. They looked like
    theywere going to spill from the cloth she
    waswearing. I can’t still tell if mum saw
    medoing this back then. That matters little.
    During dinner later that night, aunt toldmum
    about some materials she had boughtduring
    her last trip to Dubai. She had comewith
    of them and would want mum topick any
    she liked. I had noticed a bagwhile taking her
    things in which I now feltcontained the said
    materials. The baglooked big and quite
    stuffed. They weregoing to look at them once
    we finishedeating. As for me, I was seeing the
    wholething as another chance to go look at
    thedildo again. I had only looked at it
    againonce, after that initial encounter. Aunt
    hadhardly left the living room since she
    arrivedexcept for the times she had to change
    andfix other things. So I was still not
    expectingher to have used the d---o in our
    house yet.But I just wanted to have another
    look atthe pink toy! So, just as they made it
    tomum’s bedroom upstairs with the bag
    ofcloths after our dinner, I diverted into
    theguestroom. The vibrator was still in
    thesame handbag so I picked it out and
    beganobserving it. It maintained the
    samediameter from the head down
    untilsomewhere around the tip. There, it
    lookednarrowed and slightly curved. I could
    alsosee the little addition made which I
    thinkserves the c------s. The d---o was big
    Igot really heightened thinking about howaunt
    uses it in her Kittycat. As I thought this,a
    thought occurred to me. I needed to smellit. I
    assumed she usually cleaned it aftereach use
    but I was hopeful I would get theslightest sniff
    of her Kittycat if I tried. I knowyou are
    thinking I had played dumb, butwell, I would
    still repeat same if I am to getinto the same
    position hundred more times!It is as bad as
    that.I brought the rubbery plastic to my
    noseand inhaled hard. It was so difficult
    gettingany smell from the toy but when
    Ieventually did, I was rather shocked by
    theoutcome. I had an idea of what Kittycat
    smeltlike. My closest encounter with s*x
    hadthought me that. So I quite had
    anexpectation of what the d---o should
    smelllike, but instead, I got an entirely
    differentexperience. The d---o had a metallic
    smell.Now if you have done some naughty
    things,you should know that that is the smell
    of awashed clean a-----e. The d---o smelt
    itwas being used in the Buttocks or at least it
    wasrecently used in the Buttocks. I was both
    excitedand baffled at the same time.
    AuntAnnarose was doing dildos and
    vibrators.And not just that. She was equally
    shoving’them’ big things up her fat round
    Buttocks!!Mehn!! I was seriously in need to
    W@nk my8inch steel! I returned the d---o
    ran outof the room. Made it into the toilet,
    droppedmy shorts, got onto the porcelain
    sitter andin four minutes, jetted the entire
    toilet wallwith endless projectiles of thick
    white Pour!I was insane with lust!I was called
    upon minutes after this. Theywere stuck in
    deciding; between a couple ofcloths; which
    mum was to take. So, I brieflyjoined them
    upstairs. Of course with mynow limp Joystick,
    rightly concealed in myboxer shorts. Aunt
    Anna was standing infront of the mirror when I
    walked in. Shehad changed into a night dress.
    It lookedmore like a night robe as it had no
    buttons(it is tied up with ropes) but was
    definitelytoo short to be called that as it
    barelycovered her thighs. I doubted she
    wouldwear this around me if it were two
    yearsago. I must be looking like an adult to
    hernow.”Little D, which would you rather
    shebegan as I made for mum’s bed. She
    hadtwo sari materials of distinct
    colourshanging from both
    hands.”Ughhhhmmmm…I think the blue one.”
    Ipointed to the one on her left.
    Sheimmediately turned to the mirror with
    theindicated one while asking mum if she
    nowsees that she had made the right
    Iwas just staring at her exposed thick
    she said those and I soon brought myeyes to
    her round Buttocks cheeks. Her nightdress
    looked so tight against them andimages of
    how she looked anytime shefucked herself
    her big pink d---o,crowded my mind.”So
    should pick this one?” she hadcaught me
    starring again. And when I mether eyes, they
    boldly had that look of ‘Iknow what you were
    doing’.”Yea. This one is fine”, I was
    withmy confidence. Well, I hadn’t seen
    anythingyet. It was only going to get
    worseinstantly. Because, just then, she
    swungthe cloths to mum who began
    inspectingthem and she walked straight to
    where Iwas seated on mum’s bed and sat
    right in-between my slightly spread legs! Her
    thickass caught my crotch slightly and I
    gotsome pain from it. But hey!! who cares!!!
    Iwas in heaven! An aunt I had lately thoughta
    lot about sexually, was now sitting righton my
    crotch (..well, almost on my crotch).And
    what? Because of the shortlength of the robe
    she was wearing, it wasas though her entire
    thigh and lowerbuttocks were resting on me. I
    did not trychecking if this was so as I was
    scared mumwould catch me watching so I
    only assumedit was. In response, Anna acted
    like whatshe just did was one of the most
    normalthings to do in the world. She
    continued herchat with mum and I was left
    dumbstruck! Iwas meant to leave now since I
    had no otherbusiness there but tell me if you
    would darestand if you were to be me! So,
    instead Istayed put!”You are hurting me”, was
    aunt’s suddencomplain as I tried to regain my
    composure.”Adjust your knee, it is hurting my
    back”I didn’t understand her. My legs
    werespread meaning that my knees were
    farapart and nowhere around her back
    letalone in a position to hurt her. So when
    Ileaned closer to ask her how, I wassurprised
    to see her lean forward in anattempt to nudge
    my legs even furtherapart. This left my crotch
    fully open to herbackside and in one jerk, she
    pushed herentire bum deeper into me! Mum
    was busywith the many cloths she had in her
    handsso obviously wasn’t seeing us. I
    couldn’t saya word anymore. I was sweating
    furiously.”This is better”, came a beaming
    Annaroseas she leaned towards mum to pick
    one ofthe material she had. Now I didn’t know
    ifshe was referring to her new position or
    thecloth she was picking. I just had to
    lookdown towards her butt as she did. Her
    robehad ridden up now and I clearly saw
    howher white lacey panties as they cut into
    theskin of her fat succulent Buttocks cheeks!
    Shewas making me suffer. However, when
    shereturned straight up, her Buttocks crack
    foundmy very stiff Joystick, and I still believe
    shenoticed because she pressed the
    entireweight of her Buttocks into me as
    shesought for a response. I hissed.”Any
    problems, Danny?” mum asked. Shewas
    looking up at me, obviously attractedby my
    hiss.”Problems? Nope” I tried hard to
    lookoblivious “I was just admiring that one
    youhave with you. It is beautiful” I pointed to
    amaterial on her lap.”Really? I like it too.
    Might take it.” She wasspreading it to have a
    better look. AuntAnnarose kept totally
    calm.When mum appeared to have gotten
    drawnto her task again, I sought to return
    aunt’sfavour. So slightly pushed my hip a
    littleforward. This got my crotch further into
    herback side causing my buried Joystick to
    evendrill deeper into her Buttocks crack! I
    swear Iheard what seemed like a purr escape
    herlips! Then, she nudged her waist back.
    Thispressed into me like before.

    Episode 6

    My Joystick wasstill right in-between her
    clothed Buttocks crack!I returned the gesture
    and soon, we hadbegun a slight but steady
    grind! She wouldgrind into me while I
    responded by drillingmy Joystick further up
    her crack. Thiscontinued for quite a while and
    she did wellby keeping mum distracted with
    theconversation she was having with her.After
    what seemed a full twenty minutes,she told
    she wanted to use the toilet. Ihad expected
    to rise immediately butshe didn’t. And had
    done so, I wouldhave been exposed to mum.
    My 8inchraging boner was very pronounced
    thefabric of my boxer at that point and
    mumwould have seen it clearly. So aunt’s
    choiceto give me a while to adjust was well
    takenand I did well to hid the stiff pecker
    beforeshe stood and left for the toilet. When
    shereturned, she didn’t rush her
    she seemed to study the situationfirst. Mum
    had been sitting on her rug-covered floor. In
    fact, that was the morereason why she hadn’t
    seen any of thethings that have been going
    on. I wasgetting worried now that aunt won’t
    begetting back to sit like before. My Joystick
    hadgone limp slightly and I assume she
    musthave felt the frustration on my
    face.Because not long after, she returned to
    thesame exact position but this time,
    sheseemed to be particular about keeping
    herlegs closed together while doing so.
    Shecaught my crotch with her bum as
    usualand as my Joystick sprang to life again,
    it foundits way straight in-between her
    Buttocks crack.and alas! It appeared bare! She
    had goneout to remove her panties! The only
    thingseparating my blood-filled Joystick from
    AuntAnnarose’s luscious Buttocks was my
    boxershorts! I was in dream land!I was
    brought back to the present by athrust from
    aunt’s Buttocks. She obviouslywanted us to
    resume our little play thingand I easily
    obliged. I even respondedharder than before
    by making sure my dickgot ever closer to her
    Kittycat opening butstill very discreetly and
    she showed hergratitude by turning her head
    bit towardsme, giving me a slight smile. She
    was nothiding the fact anymore. She must
    bewanting me to F**K her or something!
    Werocked our hips back and forth in
    theslowest of ways but yet with so
    muchintensity. I was spotting the most erect
    dickin town, and when I observed her
    boobsfrom the side of her robe, I clearly saw
    hererect Tip sticking through! She wasequally
    aroused. Not long after, I blew myjizz into my
    boxer, for the second time thatday. I just
    couldn’t bear the arousalanymore. There was
    so much Pour that myentire crotch was
    drenched as it ran downmy thigh. Aunt must
    have felt the suddendampness in my short
    right on her barebuttocks because she
    responded byrubbing her Buttocks more and
    more into mycrotch, seeming to make the
    sticky thingsmear all over my pubic region.
    We bothwere obviously enjoying this.We had
    barely finished this when mumbegan packing
    all the cloths back in.Indicating to us that it
    was time for her togo to bed. This was meant
    to mean little tome but considering that my
    bedroom is justright across mum’s door,
    sticking with auntfor the night wasn’t just
    looking apossibility. I would have loved to
    take achance of Bleeping her that same night
    butthat does not mean I was not satisfied
    withwhat she had already given me. With
    theaid of one of the pillow’s on mum’s bed,
    Ihid my soaked shorts and made it out of
    herroom. I dint get to talk to aunt again
    thatnight and as I made to sleep later
    on,thoughts of all that had happened that
    veryday never left my head. I had just
    comeclose to Bleeping a favourite aunt who
    lovesrimming her a-----e with a big fat
    d---o.Fabulous!I earnestly anticipated a very
    apprehensive Wednesday morning after I had
    woken up. You cannot tell me you wouldn’t
    foresee same if you had just spent the past
    few hours poking your enormous 8inch
    into your aunt’s sprawling Buttocks! I may
    have thought about, fantasized and maybe
    wished that the earlier incident would happen
    but never did I think it was gonna happen the
    way it had. I felt pretty cool last night (…
    nobody will feel any less), and do swear that I
    thoroughly enjoyed every bit of our romp back
    then. However as the following morning
    unfolded, I began feeling quite like I was
    totally rushed. I suddenly started having that
    concern that comes just after you have been
    seduced into doing something cruel. I
    wouldn’t call it regret, but it looked much like
    it. Yes, I had once observed something you
    could call an attraction develop between
    myself and aunt and I had always wanted it to
    go beyond just that. But hey, this is still my
    mum’s younger sister we are talking about
    here (…in case you’ve forgotten) and doing
    anything S#xual with her should obviously be
    captioned incestuous. My being attracted to
    her was never going to be a justification to do
    any such things even though I was totally
    unaware of how she felt about the whole
    episode this present morning. Her
    countenance from last night do suggest that
    she thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it but that
    was already too ‘old school’ to draw inference
    from. After all, I was feeling exactly same last
    night. But I remember remaining in bed a
    couple more hours after waking up the
    following morning just to let my mind dilute
    more of what had happened. I kept letting the
    whole incident play out in my head while
    trying to take things as realistic as possible. I
    was now absorbing the full weight of my sins
    and was seriously realizing the taboo that
    formed part of our actions. I was feeling
    guilty. A natural scenario should mean that I
    would accept that what we did was wrong and
    against the society. This should then further
    lead to the gradual rise of a shamed self from
    within, totally unrecognizing of how and what
    aunt thought about it all. I should find it hard
    staring her in the face again; like most little
    kids would do. I was feeling rather mortified
    the moment. As I made it out of my bed later
    that morning, I had admitted that what
    happened was quite wrong and as well as a
    mistake that should never happen again.
    However, even fewer decisions are quite easier
    to keep! You do know better.Mum and
    Annarose were seated at the dining table
    when I walked into the living room. They were
    having breakfast; tea, fried eggs and yam.
    Both were still in their night dresses and this
    only appeared rather strange to me,
    considering that mum usually does not wear
    hers beyond her bedtime. I quickly brushed
    thoughts away, believing that she was only
    being influenced by her sister whose choice
    a night robe was still looking ridiculous if not
    ‘inappropriate’.”You are up at last, Little D?”,
    aunt began, hysterically; grinning quite
    profusely as she gazed at me. I couldn’t
    even the slightest of shame on her part. She
    obviously wasn’t thinking as myself. I was
    apparently alone on those decisions”Well…
    uhmmm…yea”, instant dumbness. I was taken
    aback by her unexpected poise, then my own
    self guilt”You must have slept happy last
    night? Obviously”, she was licking her upper
    lip with her tongue now. And I could see the
    ludicrous smirk on the side of her lipsI
    responded to this by giving away a weak
    smile. This was plain embarrassment.”He
    should.” Mum was trying to be part of the big
    talk now. “After all, his big aunt is in town to
    babysit him”We all laughed. Mine was more
    an exaggerated grin though. I was making it
    into the living room. Obviously seeking to
    avoid them.”Well…I am still around. He would
    be taken care of as much as he wants”, I
    wasn’t seeing her face now, but I sure can
    swear that she did know that I knew what she
    meant by all her lines and comments. This
    cannot be said about mum, as she was totally
    not into the handwriting on the wall. Her
    endless ear to ear grin said it all. Poor her!It
    was not long before they both joined me at
    the living room where I had already started
    gaming. I had taken my breakfast there too
    while still doing all I could to avoid Aunt
    Anna. She however, took a seat just across
    where I was seated on the floor while mum
    on the sofa directly behind me. My level
    meant that I had her bare thighs and legs to
    my face but at this point, I wasn’t finding
    them very striking anymore considering how
    bad I was feeling about the previous night.
    This had become a struggle between the mind
    and self.”I brought this movie while coming”,
    she suddenly cut in. They had been talking
    since they made for their seats but I wasn’t
    paying any attentionI turned towards her to
    see the movie she was referring to; and I
    guess mum must have done same too”Go get
    the DVD from my room Little D.”, she really
    dint have the movie with her there. “You will
    find it on my bed”.
    To Be Continued….....
    9/26/18, 02:27 - +234 803 051 1175: *Annarose*

    Episode 7

    She was feebly pointing towards the door as
    she said so and this caused the upper part of
    her robe to slightly open up. Her chest were
    now bare and one could trace the sides of her
    large B---m as they disappeared into the
    cloth she was putting on. Now don’t begin
    imagining too much. I am the one telling the
    story here. I am the one who saw it, not you.
    Anyway, I did noticed this early but I sincerely
    never made any attempt to look. However, as
    made it up from the floor where I had been,
    my eyes inevitably got caught in the depth of
    the sweaty, glistening cleavage. I let my eyes
    remain there (…and please, still do believe me
    that it was totally against my wish) until I
    made it up fully. And as I left the living room,
    my eyes met hers. She had been starring at
    me all this while. She did see me gaze into
    her obviously hot cleavage. Ops! Fortunately,
    a quick glance at mum told me she didn’t
    quite catch me too though. As she was busy
    diligently straightening out the edges of the
    leather sofa she was seating on. I was now
    trying not to give much interest to what I had
    seen, but the emerging stiffness in my shorts
    kept saying otherwise. Not really as easy. Or
    is it?When I got into aunt’s room, I met the
    DVD on top of her bed as she said. I quickly
    picked it up, glanced at the label, “lujuria” it
    read. Easily guessed it was of Spanish make.
    have always known aunt to like lots of
    European and South American movies. A lady
    and a guy were right in front of the case and I
    began having the impression that this was a
    romance movie even though I couldn’t
    interpret the movie title. I remember seeing a
    couple of decent romance movies with her in
    the past. But that was long ago. I quite
    cannot predict what mum’s gonna say about
    it this time. Having mum watch it with us will
    only make it a bit more awkward. As I quietly
    walked out of the bedroom while still looking
    at the DVD pack, my eyes suddenly got drawn
    to a rather bright colour at the far end of the
    room; right on the dresser just beside the
    wardrobe. I looked closely but couldn’t tell
    what it was since it was partly concealed by
    one of the cloths hanging from the window
    linen. This made me get even more curious
    but just before I could get to the dresser, I
    realized what it was; aunt’s pink d---o! What
    a wrong time to see it. I knew within me that
    if I were to stick to my recent resolution of
    having anything to do with aunt sexually, then
    I shouldn’t get any closer. I mustn’t open up
    to more ‘wrong’ fantasies about her having
    s*x. But I was dying slowly. I couldn’t just
    take my eyes off it now. It looked very
    inviting. In fact, it was literarily beckoning me
    to come. Well…you get what I mean for sure.
    So, imaginations of how she gets to slid this
    in and out of her Kittycat began returning into
    my head. But wait! Did I say Kittycat? How
    was I sure it was her Kittycat and not her
    anus? I couldn’t stop asking. I just needed to
    sniff it again to find out. So without spending
    more time, I saw myself step forward, pick the
    pink toy and bring it to my nose. It smelt
    strongly this time. It smelt strongly of
    steel! Aunt has been Bleeping her a-----e
    this! And no Jupiter could convince me
    otherwise. My hard on was almost now
    dropping from my shorts. Holy F**K!”Did you
    see the DVD?”, I was totally jolted out of my
    skin! Walking towards me from the door was
    Aunt Anna. She was now strangely spotting
    one of mum’s house wrappers around her
    waist. Up till today, I cannot still tell if she
    had been at that door watching me fondle
    with her d---o or if she was only walking in
    that moment I heard her.I practically froze!
    Even my lips couldn’t part to let words drop
    out.”I thought you haven’t seen it. I
    leaving it on my bed”, she was in front of me
    now taking the DVD from me. I still had her
    d---o in my right hand and it was plainly
    that she had seen it by then but I still can’t
    explain why she didn’t react like she was
    seeing anything.I still hadn’t said a word as I
    remained where I was, starring at her. She
    took the DVD from me, glanced at it, beamed
    me a smile and began walking out of the
    room, twirling her concealed butt at me while
    doing so.”Come see the movie with us Little
    D”, She was just only compounding my
    misery! Few hours ago, I had taken a sincere
    (…yea; very sincere) decision to avoid this
    of situation henceforth; few hours later, I have
    just found myself in another similar one. Her
    ‘supposed’ oblivion was only going to make
    things worse and I was now wondering what
    the hell I was meant to do next!The movie
    already playing when I returned into the living
    room. I had taken additional time to regain
    my composure as well as return the
    implicating d---o to the dresser top. Both
    mum and aunt were still seated on the same
    sofa leaving the couch at the left. My
    intention was just to assess the situation
    thoroughly and then make it to my bedroom
    spend most of my time there. There was just
    no way I could stand the embarrassment of
    being with aunt any longer. Not after this
    most current incident. I only wanted to make
    sure she wasn’t discussing anything close to
    what happened with mum even though I
    doubted she would ever want to do so.
    Unfortunately, just as I made to leave the
    living room, aunt called out as usual.”Wont
    you be seeing the movie with us young man?”
    Her question really amazed me a bit. She was
    totally proving that what had happened
    wasn’t really inhibiting her freedom towards
    me. This was the exact opposite for me. And
    the choice to address me as ‘young man’
    made everything a bit more ordinary. Well…I
    am still a young man in case you are
    forgetting”Uhhmm…” I was stuck for the
    second time that day”You can seat over
    she was pointing to the seat directly opposite
    her. Couldn’t explain why. But as I obliged
    and when for the seat, I tried looking at her
    and caught her starring at me again. She dint
    attempt removing her eyes. I could see a
    certain hunger in them but I couldn’t explain
    what it was for. As the movie continued
    playing, we both kept exchanging glances;
    catching each other on my occasions. My
    barely concealed B---m weren’t helping in
    anyway and mum was rightly not aware of all
    this.We were all soon enjoying the movie
    anyway. It was of a very interesting storyline.
    Romance as I predicted and was about a
    young man called Silvestre who fell in love
    with his cloth maker; Anita. Unfortunately for
    him, the lady was already engaged to another
    man and the question kept being how he was
    going to win her over. I was partly
    concentrated and also partly involved with
    trying to decipher the next line of action for
    me. I still occasionally flashed glances at
    Anna trying to see if I could tell what she was
    thinking within herself but at each attempt, I
    only ended up either ogling her robust bust or
    feasting my eyes on her succulent thighs
    instead. Despite the cloth she had tied around
    her waist, a decent part of her thighs was still
    very visible and I guess she did catch me
    or twice starring at them. I was fighting a lost
    battle.We were now about half-hour into the
    movie when she suddenly said she was
    weird and needed to make a little coffee. With
    this she stood and left for the kitchen.
    However, not long after, she called out to me.
    She wanted me to help her get some sugar. It
    is usually kept on top of the refrigerator. I
    wondered why she hadn’t seen it. I left the
    living room and went for the kitchen.
    on getting to the door, I was completely
    by what I saw! Right before me was a bent
    Aunt Annarose! Her wrapper was gone and
    was in a heap somewhere around the kitchen
    counter. Hence leaving her with just the night
    robe she has been wearing since last night.
    And given how brief the robe was, it was
    barely covering her upper buttocks now. Her
    Buttocks cheeks were so bare to me save for
    her undersized panties and I could clearly see
    how the light blue material held tightly onto
    her bare cheeks! The swell created by her
    Kittycat was also very visible and given how
    bent she was, I did notice the trace of her
    opening on it. I had an instant hard-on!”I am
    trying to check if the sugar pack is down
    here”, she began as soon as she found out
    that I had come into the kitchen. “Please
    the door.”She was groping aimlessly inside
    the lower kitchen cupboard; head and arm
    buried in there. A teacup which I assumed
    her unprepared coffee was placed on the
    counter. Goodness knows we never ever kept
    our sugar down that cabinet. Unfortunately, I
    was too cofounded to utter a word.

    Episode 8

    I only looked at the top of the refrigerator to
    check on our sugar and rightly so, it was up
    there. But I just couldn’t still say a word. She
    was gonna spend more time doing this,
    obviously.”Isn’t it down here?” she was
    bending even more, forcing her buttocks
    further up towards me. I could clearly see the
    tight band of the silky material bite into the
    luscious skin of her Buttocks. Oh my!I found
    myself starring instead of answering.”I think it
    should be at this other one” she just quickly
    switched to the next cupboard, avoiding the
    piled up pots in there as she did so. Wonder
    how the pots would share their corner with a
    packet of sugar. I cared less. Her robe had
    now completely ridden up into her hips,
    exposing her entire Buttocks and panties even
    more. I only realized how lost I was when I
    found my hand on my Joystick! I had been
    massaging the steel through my boxer
    shorts.”You are not making any attempt to
    assist me Little D” she had made it up
    suddenly, catching me in my naughtiness.
    However, all she did was cast a quick glance
    at my massaging hand then she looked away.
    We were yet to make eye contact since I
    walked in and her seeming busy impression
    only drove me even crazier. I wasn’t seeing
    enough to assume she was fully aware of all
    she was doing to me.”Help me check if it is
    there”, she added further. She was referring to
    the upper cabinetI began going for the
    suggested height even though I was fully
    aware the sought-after sugar wasn’t anywhere
    near there. The sugar was right on top of the
    refrigerator and I was conscious of that, if not
    both of us. Aunt Anna was standing closely to
    my right. I opened the first one on my left and
    checked but it wasn’t there.”Check this other
    one”, she was indicating to the next to my
    right.”Not here too”, I said on opening it”Try
    that one”, she was pointing to the next also to
    the right. I moved closer to her to get at it. I
    was even closer to her now than before”Nope.
    Not here””Next one Little D” she mysteriously
    stepped back a bit as though to block my
    obvious route to the said cupboard”I cannot
    reach it from here”, I needed to know what
    happening”C’mon Lil D, stretch your hand and
    get this done”, she rarely calls me that and
    only does so when she wishes to pet. So
    without saying another word, I came closer
    and this time, right behind her as I made to
    stretch for the next cupboard. I felt my
    Joystick rub into her partly exposed butt. Her
    robe was still as it were. But just then, mum
    screamed a question from the living room; we
    both must have forgotten that she was in the
    same house as ourselves :”Seems like
    Silvestre’s heartthrob died eventually?” she
    was obviously following the
    movie”Uhhhmmm…well, not sure” was aunt’s
    reply”Okay. We will see then.” Mum was
    satisfied”So…get this done Lil D”, Aunt
    Annarose wasn’t really moved by this
    realization. Still cannot explain till date how
    we managed to be in such a compromising
    position with mum at the living room. My
    Joystick had grown slightly limp now,
    got hold of the two doors to the cupboard in
    question and spread them wide. But when I
    did, I still couldn’t find our supposed missing
    sugar.”Not here either” I was trying to loosen
    up again when she quickly called out for the
    next one. I began going for that one as soon.
    And I noticed that as I did, she moved with
    me. She was now perfectly sandwiched
    between myself and the kitchen counter and I
    could tell that her Buttocks appeared rather
    stuck out because it kept humping into my
    crotch as we made our movements. My
    Joystick had now gone stiff again and had
    succeeded in gradually nestling itself right
    inside the incision created by the crack of
    aunt’s Buttocks on her panties. It was
    pressing hard into the fabric.”It isn’t here too”
    I wasn’t so interested in the search again, I
    was pressing into her even harder instead”The
    next one D”, she was grinding her bum
    my stiff rod. She supported herself by the
    of the countertop”Not here honey”, I dint even
    check. I had leaned into her now”Go to the
    next”, I felt her left hand behind my hard butt;
    she was pulling me in. She wanted me to
    even more”I cannot see it here”, we both were
    just at the same place not doing anything
    about any sugar. I unknowingly kissed her
    neck and she gasped slightly”Oh babe! Next”,
    Her hand found the band of my shorts. Was
    she gonna do that?!!”I still can’t see it here
    honey”, I was shocked when her hand slipped
    into my shorts and found my hard pecker! I
    just grabbed her whole hip and banged it into
    me! I was literally dying of lust!”Oh! Lil D.”
    She pulled my 8inch boner out and before I
    could get what was happening, she had
    already pulled her panties down to her thighs
    and began pulling my Joystick into her. I was
    not certain about this particular part. Mum
    was just few meters away from us!”Mum’s in
    there aunt?”, I was scared but never made any
    effort to stop her”Check the next one Little D”,
    she totally dint care!”It ain’t there”, I dint
    check up anything. Her hand pulled my
    Joystick into her Buttocks crack. I so much
    was now anticipating to slid into a very moist
    Kittycat.”The next”, she spread her legs a
    and bent over slightly, sticking her bum
    towards me”It is not….here”, I was trying to
    take control of the penetration process but
    refused! She instead took the burning steel
    and unexpectedly, pulled it into the crack of
    her Buttocks. I was thinking initially that she
    had mistaken the location of her Kittycat but I
    was rightly shocked when my 8inch Joystick
    seamlessly and easily slid into a smaller hole
    a bit less moist than anticipated. I had to look
    down to really understand what was

    Episode 9

    Well…I just met my entire Joystick (ehhm…not
    quite so. Something like it) right inside the
    Buttocks of my aunt! The way it had easily
    gone in hardly allowed me to notice it was not
    a Kittycat.”Oh Lil D”, she was now bouncing
    off my Joystick and the way she showed no
    signs of discomfort or pain tells that she
    usually had a lot of anal s*x. Now don’t ask
    me who’s been responsible. Ask the husband.
    Big Dee.I held her by the side of her hip and
    began pounding her a-----e with total
    abandon! She just kept shrilling as I did and I
    guess if not for the door I had closed earlier,
    mum might have heard her. The walls of her
    rectum held so firmly to my Joystick such
    I was finding it hard withdrawing the entire
    tool out at each slam! She was so tight, yet
    so free to penetrate.”Harder D”, she was
    almost sobbing. Her hand was right on my
    cheek with her nails almost buried in my skin.
    She was so passionate about this. I released
    one hand and located her free Kittycat. It was
    so moist and extremely hot. I was amazed by
    the level of warmth radiating from the
    c--t.”You want it harder Anna?” I felt so bold.
    My first two fingers were already buried right
    inside the soaking Kittycat and were fisting
    away!”Yeah honey. F**K my Buttocks harder!”
    her use of the F-word got me to the edge and
    before I could give her six more strokes, I felt
    my Joystick pulsate. However, her Kittycat
    walls reacted to the rush of hard poundings
    her a-----e was receiving and just then, she
    began pouring her juices unto my buried
    fingers. She was cumming hard! Convulsing
    like a volcano as she did. I couldn’t quite well
    take it any longer on my own end so in
    response, I exploded right inside her
    I sprayed loads and loads of Pour into her
    yearning rectum. This was just too much for
    her hole to take because the volume only
    forced my slightly limp Joystick out as
    streams and streams of Pour kept sipping out
    from her puckered hole.”Let me clean you up
    baby”, Aunt said. I was spellbound! Did she
    just say that? Well, she did. Because just then,
    she turned around, sliding her silk blue
    panties back to her bum. Then quickly got to
    her knees and right before my eyes brought
    my soggy Joystick to her mouth. It was full of
    my Pour and other s*x fluids but she happily
    received it with her tongue as she began
    sucking it up!! She was driving me madly
    crazy!When she had finished and we were all
    done with the love making, we both returned
    to the living room. Separated of course! Don’t
    tell me you thought otherwise. Mum was
    laughing so hysterically as I walked in as I
    was the last to join them. I didn’t quite know
    why initially, because aunt suddenly joined
    too after she seemed to have gotten her
    reason. I kept wondering what the laughter
    was all about and even went as far as
    thinking that she had been some kinda voyeur
    to my romp with aunt. But that changed when
    I traced their eyes. My Joystick was slightly
    pointing out through the open fly of my boxer
    shorts and that was their reason for laughing.
    WTF?! To this, I quickly returned the limp
    thing and began giving all manner of excuses
    could muster for what happened. Well, they
    weren’t quite interested in the excuses as
    continued with their laughter. I was finally
    glad this hadn’t been what I thought it was.
    Even the glossy skin of my Joystick wasn’t
    enough to give mum any hint of my anal play
    with her sister. Gracious goodness!Anyway…
    that rounds up my story. Aunt spent the
    remainder of the week with us even though
    never got to have time for s*x again, given
    that Chinma my sister returned two days later.
    Mum still hasn’t known of all this, even up till
    this point and it remains our little secret. Or
    just for us anyway, since you have heard it
    today. And I trust you ain’t gonna tell anyone.
    Well, I hope you enjoyed it after all? Now you
    can resume doing whatever I might have
    interrupted using this story. Cheers!
    ***THE END***

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