Story: Aunty Clara


     In my semi-conscious state I could hear heavy Noises, which sounded like Gun shots but I wasn’t bordered cus for me the gift of sleep was the best gift mankind ever had, so I continued in my long siesta, the noise became unbearable as people started screaming ferociously, it was then I opened my eyes and to my greatest consternation it was already dark ,wow I had slept for over five hours, from the ensuing circumstances I could Apprehend an unrest, the first thing that came to my mind was that der was a clash between vengeful cultist, but at the other side I could hear incantation by students ‘We no go gree o, we no go gree’ . Stepping outside I saw students packing books, boxes running helter skelter, some holding Guns others shooting sporadically in the air, turning cars upside down like they had acquired some kind of supernatural power , setting shops and items ablaze, for some reason I felt I was still sleeping because it felt like a dream, or better still a scene in a war movie. Okay there was a riot in my school that day (evening ) and I was lucky to make it out alive from the hostel, but thanks to this unfortunate event I had an experience of a life time. School was subsequently closed for 6 full months, so I had a lot of free time on my hands and I had no idea what to use my time for, I thought of working but my dad wouldn’t let me, he said I shouldn’t think of making money so early in life so I wouldn’t be distracted from studies, I was so bored that I felt I was a magician after watching so many videos of Criss Angel but as Criss himself I had to make my boring predicament disappear, I thought to myself. So I went to my dad and gave him reasons why I needed to travel, and he surprisingly obliged and before I knew it I was on a flight to Abuja, where I was to stay with my Aunty, an Aunty which I had come across only once, she was the sexiest Aunty I ever saw, Tall, Dark, Busty, yes she had so much curves that you could use her to draw a graph, as I said I only met her once and I was about to meet her again. I landed in Abuja 25 minutes after I left calabar, it’s funny how fast a plane can transport some1. Landing in the Abuja airport I entered a bus which took me to the Main airport reception, I was starting to feel uncomfortable not until I saw her…MISS Clara was her name and being s*xy** was her game. I saw her from a distance and I started moving closer towards her, I could feel my heart beating because I wasn’t sure of what I would say to her, but before I could ponder some more she completed the distance between us and gave me a big hug, the aura around her was magnificent maybe it was because of her expensive perfume I don’t know, her looks, her eyes, her outfit only dripped with radiance…she was what I would call ‘fine Girl no pimples’, miss Clara was a tall lady who stood at about 5 foot 4, she was light in complexion or what I would call chocolate, she had lovely brown hair, light make up on, dark long eye lashes which were by the way not fixed but natural, I noticed her aquiline nose which I probably reasoned was an interplay of Genes from my father’s side, whose mother was a Lebanese, miss Clara had this deep red lipstick on, with luscious lips which made Angelina Jolie look bad, she was clad in a short red gown, which was a V- neck, for me it exposed a little too much, as I cud see here big mammary glands, popping out for recognition. Looking at her I realised I knew little or nothing about this young lady who was probably in her early 30’s but I was sure I would find out sooner or later. My face was virtually buried in between her booobs while the hug lasted, this was because of her height which was buttressed by her brown high heel Louis Vuitton shoes, after the hug she took a brief glance at me, and exclaimed how fast I had grown considering the last time she saw me, she held me in the hand as we proceeded to her 406 Peugeot car, to say the least I was impressed, but even more when I arrived at her apartment. On my way to her house I did get a glaring view of the city of Abuja, the federal capital territory, from the plane the city looked like a village to me, with a lot of dust and untarred roads, the height must have impaired my visual abilities because looking at the city from the car, Abuja looked like a vast uncompleted building, structures being constructed everywhere, new roads on the verge of completion, skyscrapers made up of all sort of bricks and precious materials, companies and industries at every nook and cranny, luxurious cars, sit outs etc. and all the roads looked to me like a high way because it was devoid of go slow or any form of congestion, I also noticed the absence of obnoxious police and road safety officers asking for every car particular, license, insurance, fire extinguisher even a Waec result…lol… In a nutshell the city was lovely and if I didn’t know better I would say that all of the countries resources were deposited in this place. So we reached her apartment, she lived in an area called wuye and, from our conversation in the car she said she rented the self- contained with 3 rooms for a whooping sum of 950 thousand per annum. On entering Clara’s abode I was greeted by this scintillating odour in her vast parlour, it was so pleasant that I had to inquire where the refreshing smell came from, and she pointed at some bouquet of flowers, which she said she bought during her trip to Dubai with her Boyfriend, boyfriend?! I muttered to myself, her boyfriend was probably one of this young oil moguls, or better still a very successful entrepreneur I muttered some more, anyway beside me was her 21 inch flat screen tv hanging on her white wall, it was painted white and designed with this lovely brown patches that looked like stars, beneath the tv was her home theatre with vertical speakers by the sides to support it, she had this lovely leather chairs , a Dining table on an elevated floor behind them, which was made possible by just a step, and Gorgeous floor tiles which gave the house an illuminating background, all this Engulfed in her unbelievably chilled parlour, Equipped with heavy horse powered LG air conditioner, still basking in the splendour of this aesthetic home, Clara beckoned on me not to worry that she will Give me a tour of the house later on, but for now I should follow her to my room where I would keep my travelling bags and take a bath to freshen up. She led me straight to my room and I followed religiously, I was so caught in the moment that I almost forgot how beautiful my host was, this made me wonder which was more beautiful Herself or the house, Clara led me to my room, which was equally impressive, a bed with nice bed covers, an air conditioner on the wall, a wardrobe and a rest room which I later discovered, it seemed like the room had not been occupied before, because it was very vacant, well it was just how I liked it, with her soft hands placed on my chicks and a stare like a woman looking into her lovers eye she asked me ‘swidy I hope you like your room’ and I exclaimed ‘who wouldn’t‘ and she gave me a bright smile, she told me to freshen up because she was about to do same and meet her in her room so I can remind her to make me launch, her room was just opposite mine, the rooms were situated in a corridor which was an extension of the parlour, by the way this was just 2 o’clock in the afternoon. She detached her hand from my chick, licks her thumb in a most seductive way and wipes through my eyelashes in a bid to straighten them…on her way out she turns her face back to me and asks if I want to come in to the Jacuzzi with her, Like a congested Hard disk my brain found it hard to process her question, when she saw the troubled look on my face she smiled mischievously at me and said ‘see you in a jiffy’ and she headed to her room…, I stood there clueless, with mixed feelings, feelings of sexual excitement on one hand and a craving for un limitless adventure on the other, but the mere thought of her being my blood relation extinguished this Nutty fantasies. I dropped my bags unpacked a few clothes and items, took a bath and laid down on my bed trying to get acquainted with my new environment, in the midst of my retrospection, my phone rang I picked it up and saw a strange number , on answering it I heard a female voice, ‘Swidy it’s me Clara, come to my room, I need your help with something’ I was surprised that she had my number, but on second thought I reasoned that my dad must have given it to her, but that aside, what was paramount on my mind at that moment was what she wanted my help for, so I stood up and headed to her door, and knocked nervously and in less than 5 seconds the door opened, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I stood there for a moment completely overwhelmed with my mouth Agape, staring directly at my so called Aunty who was now… Wearing a different outfit, to tell the truth I thought I would open the door to see a very Unclad Clara, but instead she had changed into a white body hug top and a blue jean, I could see her pink Bra through her top, which held in place her voluptuous bosoms, she said I should help put her chain around her neck because she can’t seem to do it herself, so I took it from her and put the chain around her, she used her hand to shift her hair to the side, to give room for me to hook the chain together, as she waved her hair aside i was immediately drawn to the tantalising smell of her hair, it smelt like the fresh air in the beginning of rainy season, all this while, I had never really noticed it, her hair was 100% natural she hadn’t fixed any attachment, a little longer than the average Nigerians woman’s hair, smooth and soft at least that’s how it looked, probably she must had been treating it with some expensive cream, I thought, it was brown in colour but there was nothing to suggest that it was due for relaxing or perming, I suddenly gained consciousness when she said ‘are you done?’, I hurriedly hooked the chain and said yes, she turned to me, told me to escort her to the car so that she can drop me off at a fast food just some miles from the house, so I can buy myself launch, she told me that she was in a hurry to meet up with some one, she dropped me at the place, I ate there and I paid my way back home, she had a dstv, dvd, and an Ipad just lying around the house, so I had no reason to get bored. I played around with this things till I slept of, if I can recall correctly I think she came back around 9pm, when she came back she simply covered me with a blanket, while I was sleeping on the most comfy chair in the world, her parlour chair. I slept like a baby that night.


    I heard a whisper it said ‘Don’t be scared it’s me’, this was followed by a soft bite on my ear which sent shivers down my spine, the smell from the hair was very familiar I immediately recognised it as Clara’s, I wanted to resist but I just couldn’t, I wanted to say something but the words wouldn’t just come out, I knew for sure it was Clara even with the dim light in the room, the air was so chilled mixed with the lovely aroma from every angle perforating my sense of smell, the aura around me was one of utmost seductiveness, coupled with a pinch of fear of the unknown, with her hands into my Pyjamas she explored my chest graciously, and in a surge of sexual anxiety she ripped my pyjama top apart causing the buttons to fly recklessly into the air, squatting on top of me in the cowgirl position she bends to my ear and whispers sentences of sweet nothingness, raises her head up with her hand on my chest she says to me in a fairly loud tone ‘Bleep me till I can Pour no more’ I was shocked at her Explicit language, but like a genie I was about to grant her wish, I reached immediately for her boosoms squeezed it through her night gown which was loose at the bust, I took down the spaghetti sleeves and s----d on her sensitive Tips meticulously, she moaned in pleasure, and in a state of blissful unconsciousness she said ‘suck my puusy baby’, before I could reply she made her way up to my face, with her legs still apart she sat on my mouth, leaving my lips and tongue to French kiss her clean shaven m---d, which was already dripping wet, she jerked her legs forward and backward while screaming Yes! Yes!, the warmth of her juice together with the sweet smell of her lady orifice made my instrument rock hard, and like a preview of an unreleased movie I knew that i would be Approaching/ coming soon, she jerked so fast that my tongue could barely keep up with the pace, having enough of that episode, she went back to her previous position and bends over and kisses me passionately with her spittle all over my mouth, while savoring this orgasmic kiss, my eyes stayed completely shut, we continued in the act for what seemed to be eternity, it lasted so long that I started to feel myself drift away, it was as if I was not in control of myself anymore, in what seemed to be a trance i opened my eyes, to an array of light in the room, feeling my eye leads very heavy and my gaze fuggy, I noticed that it was already morning, having adjusted my eyes to the brightness of the room, i began to feel a certain unusual weight on top of me, on a closer look I realized that right in front of my face was a creature staring at me, in a surge of adrenalin I jumped up and flung whatever was on top of me to the ground, standing up with my feet on my bed, trying to focus on what was now on the floor…I noticed it was just a dog, miss Clara apparently disturbed by the noise ran to my room and apologized for the disturbance of her pet which she referred to as ‘huddy’, she greeted me good morning while giving me a shy look as she stared down at my rod which was very alert to my embarrassment, leaving with huddy she said ‘brush your teeth and come to the table food is ready’ . Devastated, embarrassed and disappointed all at once I rushed to the bathroom sink, opened the tap and washed the dog’s spittle out of my face, and taking a moment to recap my dream I exclaimed ‘D--n!! what a dream’


    They say time goes by when you’re having fun, my time definitely went by while having a heartwarming conversation with my model shaped Aunty, saying that Clara was fun-to-be with was an understatement, we sat at the dining table gisting all day, it was a Saturday and I needed to use the weekend to get to know Clara more, at that point I had gotten over the whole episode which took place earlier that morning, although I could sense that she didn’t quite get over hers, probably the thought of what she saw poking out of my pyjama trousers, must have been the reason she laughed uncontrollably to my jokes which didn’t warrant that much laughter. Clara gave me her full profile, it was from this I got to know that she was just 29 years of age, she referred to herself as a civil servant albeit a business woman; she also owned a boutique which I also meted out from the conversation. She narrated her family history, but funny enough I couldn’t pin point the part where she came to relate with my family, to become my Aunty, on asking her to explain her relationship with my dad and larger family, she smiled and said that the name ‘Aunty’ accorded to her was just ceremonial that she is just a close friend of the family, her mother was a close friend of my Aunty (My Dad’s sister), who was from Akpabuyo just like my Aunty; she then smiled some more and asked me if she was too young to be my real Aunty and I replied ‘yes, but not too young to be my Sugar mummy, she chuckled at the same time giving me a stern glance as if considering whether I was eligible enough to end up on her bed, she smiled some more, right after the glance and bite her lower lip sensuously as she looked away.I was starting to flirt with my new found family friend, and though I was a little bit perturbed by her response after my flirtatious act, I loved her all the same. We were still on the dining table when her friends came and broke our addictive conversation, huddy made sure he gave them a warm welcome by barking noisily with its squeaky voice, huddy was a foreign breed dog popularly known as a Chihuahua, its breed originated in faraway Mexico but had since spread to the rest of the world, and purchased by anyone crazy enough to buy it. The dog was interestingly tiny, it stood at 6-10 inches (15-23cm) light brown in complexion, I was quite shocked when I learnt that this breed of dogs was sold by a dog vendor there in Abuja at a price of 120 thousand Naira, no wonder Clara cherished it like it was a child, feeding it with dog food that looked like corn flakes, which she bought and stocked in cartons, sometimes she even dressed it with colourful long sleeve tops, I often watched this sought of behaviour in movies, nonetheless it was funny to look at in reality. Clara and her colleagues stayed for a considerable amount of time before they all went out, all the while I was busy talking to my folks at home about Abuja and how I was ferrying so far, and my dad being a leisure caller talked with me on the phone for what seemed to be forever, after we hung up my friends from Calabar almost immediately engaged my line and we spoke unending while I told them about my s*xy** Aunty, who I just discovered was nothing but a family friend, they jeered me on excitedly. It was after the call that I started to feel lonely and I realised that Clara didn’t really take me out of the house to the happening places in Abuja, for one I would have liked to club in the biggest night clubs there and if possible socialise and flirt with her high class friends, there was still possible time for that, after all this was just my second day in ABJ I consoled myself. Clara’s friends were equally as eye catching as she was or even better; it was just that Clara had this sensuousness about her that made her beauty stand out.


    I was really starting to get bored that evening when I heard a knock on the parlour door, Clara had warned me not to open the door to anybody all I needed to do was to get a verbal message, or letter if any, slipped by the visitor through the somewhat postal port on the door, it’s funny the kind of apertures affixed on bullet proof doors now a days , on attempt to waive the curtain aside and have a glance of who it was through the glass of the door, I saw a very pretty young lady, tall dark and lovely, I tried to ask her what she wanted, but she seemed to have difficulty hearing from the thick door, pacified by her looks I let the door open, she was tall dark and lovely indeed, surprisingly she breezed in as if that was her house, feeling so comfortable and at home, I was quite stunned not at her conduct but at her eye popping physique and I spluttered absentmindedly ‘is it that every girl in Abuja is beautiful’ she looked at me and laughed Her name was Tiffany Utsu, surprisingly she was from the northern part of Cross River, Obudu to be precise. Tiffany looked very much like a Hausa girl, except she had no tribal marks on her face. I observed that all around me were people from my locality excepting Adamu Umuazu the gate man, who was a full-fledged Hausa man with a distorted English diction and parallel tribal marks on both his chicks emphasising his Hausa roots, I often kept him at arms-length because he looked like the kind of person that could strap a bomb to himself and detonate it inside the building, besides he often bared his disgust about how unfair the government was treating him, and how minimal his pay was. Tiffany having already sat comfortably on the chair, asked about Clara, but I told her Clara was not around, she then inquired about little Huddy, and I said I didn’t know, besides I was glad that it was nowhere in sight because little huddy can cause big problems I told her, and she gave a brief smile, it seemed that Tiffany and Clara were very close pals because she seemed too comfortable in the house. Having now sat down on the chair beside Tiffany, Tiffany said ‘‘you must be the Enitsua I’ve been hearing about’’ and I replied ‘You must be the girl I’ve been dreaming about, you look much better in person though’’ and she asked smiling ‘What?’ and I said ‘You’re the girl of my dreams’ her smile turned into laughter as she said between laughs ‘Your actually as funny as Clara described you’. Tiffany struck me as a very cheerful and outgoing person, bubbling with teenage life, this I noticed as she combed the house frantically to see if there was anything new to catch her fancy, well she did see something, keeping up with kardashians was being aired on E Channel and she watched on excitedly, we had pockets of conversations in between commercial breaks, she seemed to be engrossed in the reality show because she hardly looked at my face, any time our eyes met she looked away shyly, well I wasn’t surprised at this behaviour, I often elicited such response from girls, mostly due to my looks and am sure Tiffany liked what she saw, I thought. Tiffany stayed for almost an hour before she headed out the door, this was around 8 o’clock, my thoughts were confirmed when she said standing out the door ‘You have nice eyelashes’ and I said with a tint of blush on my chick ‘’Thank you’’ I usually reply such compliments with sweet words but I guess she just took me unawares. I stared at her curvy behind as she went in her house, which was directly opposite mine.


    The rest of the weekend was okay I guess, at least Clara stayed with me all Sunday, we talked as usual and bonded even more than ever, but my attraction and enthusiasm towards her had quenched, and am sure she must have sensed it, I mean dreaming of having sexx with her was futile and childish. The sight of her that morning kept on flashing through my mind, I was awake in the parlour when she walked in languidly, her hair was all messy owing to the excessive pounding she had gotten that night, her short purple night gown made little effort to conceal her braless booobs which were swaying from left to right at her every step, most of her thighs were also left out, her buttockss was equally swaying to the rhythm of her movement, this made me wonder if she wore a pantyy underneath. She had a spark of excitement on her face as she greeted me Good morning with a guilty disposition, mystery guy must have ffucked her real good I said to myself and how was I to compete with him?, where would I get the muscles to subdue this Amazon of a woman in bed?, can I handle all the thrusting and wiping? I shrugged at these questions. Clara apparently lost for words asked me ” so em…I hope you slept well?” and I replied indifferently “I would have if you and your boyfriend had let me” and she gave me a remorseful smile and replied “am so sorry” her apologies meant nothing to me because I was already tired of her niceness and sexx tease. As for mystery guy he had left very early that morning, I didn’t even get a chance to see him not until Monday evening when we all went out for a candle light dinner, Clara, Williams (mystery guy), Myself and Wilma Clara’s friend. Williams I learnt was a doctor and I must admit he was a piece of cake, not as a weakling or a pushover but a piece of cake from which every woman would like to have a slice. I did enjoy those two days, most memorable was the shopping and the trip to the Cinema were Clara and I watched Titanic in 3D, it was my first time experiencing a 3D film and it was delightful. In the midst of my outings and escapades someone often came into my mind Tiffany it was kind of strange that I didn’t not set my eyes on her since that night, not even in the hall way, this was a perfect case of so close but yet so far away.


    The rest of the week was all work for Clara, she had to do her civil duty at the Cross River liaison office where she worked at the same time tend to the needs of her fast growing boutique, she was so busy that her friend Wilma had to come to the house to tidy and keep things in order, Wilma was her closest friend among her other friends. it would seem that Wilma didn’t have much to do, she was one of this rich girls who having gotten a degree, bluntly refused to work, living off her family wealth at least until one ready-made guy comes along, marries her and whisks her abroad, that was the thing with the rich, no matter what happened along the way there was always a ‘happy ever after’ at the end of the tale. Wilma had a soft spot for me she fondly called me ‘Mr s*xy**’, when I intimated her on my life ambitions, my love for writing together with my ‘very soon to be lawyer status’ she liked me even more. Wilma was quite handy, she was an excellent cook too, she knew how to prepare all sort of Meals, Delicacies, beverages etc. her specialty was her fruit juice which she called ‘9 Alive’, she often boasted that it was far more tastier than the popular 5 Alive drink. She was not a spoilt rich kid after all. Wilma was a 28 year old woman, which was shocking because she looked much younger, she was a tall girl, but not as tall as Clara, she had a little mole on her face, which gave her a distinct personality and s*x appeal, she was light in complexion, really endowed with Barca (Buttocks) and Manchester (bosoms), she was hippy too. She often gave me a Situation any time she laughed at my stories and fell jokingly on my body, when she noticed my bulge she would look at me and say with a smirk ‘Bad boy’ as if it was my fault, considering her vulgar topics, not to talk of her ridiculously skimpy cloths. I arrived the gate of the house from the nearby shopping plaza, where Wilma sent me to buy fresh tomatoes and grapes two of her many secret ingredients, i found Adamu (gate man) and another haggard looking Hausa man exchanging words loudly, the Hausa man in a deft move gave Adamu a hard blow to the jaw, Adamu instantly enraged jumped into his quarters beside the gate drew out his matchet and chased this man, giving him a sharp lash to his back causing blood to spill out like a choked fountain, the man weakened by the impact fell to the ground while Adamu kept on mumbling curses in Hausa ‘Damburubaka… wetereba container’ which I later interpreted as ‘I will cut your genitals and put in a container’. I cleverly left the scene and headed upstairs to my door, altercations like that most times extended to the onlookers, it would be so silly for me to die not of a stray bullet, but of a stray matchet. I came into the house to hear Wilma screaming my name ‘’Enitsua!’’, she probably wanted me to get a towel for her because she was fond of leaving it behind before she entered the bathroom, after cooking she usually freshened up with a bath. I answered ‘’Yes am coming!’’ so she knew I was coming to her aid, I ran to the guest room where her voice came from to help give her the towel, on opening the door Wilma jumped out of the bathroom stark nakedd, with water dripping out of her body unto the floor, her pubicc hair was glittering from the pockets of water entrapped on it, the hairs were meticulously carved, assuming the shape of an inverted triangle, her whole body was glowing, the aromatic smell of her soap together with the graphical image of her Unclothedness hit me hard and for a moment I froze, Wilma too for a moment stared at me absent-mindedly as if I was the one that was nakedd, and then playfully she hopped to the bed to pick her towel, I watched with my mouth open in what seemed to be slow motion, her full perky breastss hopping with her, swinging carelessly, making clapping sounds, as it hit against her wet soapy body. I suddenly came to my senses when she said to me ‘’baby attend to the knock’’ it was then I heard someone knocking the door, even with this unlikely encounter Wilma made little attempt to cover her nakednesss instead she wrapped her towel round her waste and gave me a recap of her swinging breastt when she turned and said again ‘’come on s*xy**, go open the door, i would go but am nakedd’’ she said it as if it was completely normal for her to pose nakedd in front of me. Still trying to get the sight of Wilma’s moist breastt off my mind I ran to the door and swung it open and there she was, Beautiful Tiffany, there was this childish excitement between us like a 11 year old kids who just met themselves in school for the first time after a long vacation, she held in her hand a plate and a glass, and said with an insecure expression ‘’Hi…I was wondering if you would like a glass of milk and some cookies?’’ I replied ‘’sure… just come in first’’ and she did smiling.


    While having a fill of her delicious snacks, we talked passionately, this surprised me because the last time she came my conversation didn’t seem to interest her at all, Wilma having prepared launch and freshened up came out of the room, she hailed Tiffany, and told me ‘’goodbye’’, on-going out she said ‘ O Enitsua I won’t be around this weekend, so I’ll see you when I get back’’ she said it so passively with no emotion, it made me wonder if she was the same woman that generously showed me her unclothedness seconds ago or was it just a figment of my imagination. It wasn’t up to minutes when Clara came into the house looking tired and weary, she must have been overworked at the office, she gave me a bright ‘’Hi’’ gave Tiffany a peck and headed straight to her room, the next time I saw her was the next morning. I didn’t see much of Clara during the weekends, and I cared less because Tiffany was there to keep me company, her visit became a daily routine and each time we would talk for hours unending. Tiffany was not my usual traffic stopping beauty or the object of every guy’s wet dream, but there were many things about her that intrigued me, Tiffany was my age mate, she was 22 years old, she had these short black hair which gave her a Keri Hilson look, dark complexion, small nice eyes, I liked the way she looked at me playfully when I lied or exaggerated about something, Tiffany stood at 5 foot 3 almost Clara’s height, she was a slim person with small perky bosoms but buoyant from the waist down, she was really endowed, something like an hour glass figure, her big Buttocks fitted perfectly well with her slim frame. I got to know a lot about her during this period, she was a medicine student, who just finished her 1st MB exams and was on vacation. she had real passion for literature, when I asked her why she studied medicine she said it was to save people from their Ailments, which most times were inflicted on them by nature or circumstances beyond their control, she then looked up to me and said ‘’I will find the cure for Aids one day, and when I do I’ll give it to every sufferer for free’’ and i said jokingly ‘’The condom factory will despise you, because you’ll put them out of business’’ and she laughed heartily. Tiffany was passionate about everything, and we shared a lot in common, Music, politics, Religion, writing etc. Her face lighted up when we talked about love or any romantic movie or novel, she could talk about the movie Titanic for hours while quoting the lyrics of the different casts verbatim, titanic was her favourite movie. I sometimes wondered why she never had a boyfriend, anytime I asked why she was single; she simply waived it aside saying boys were too much trouble. As the days went by my likeness for Tiffany became deeper, and I know she felt the same way it’s just that she was the hard to get type, she would always strive to avoid any form of body contact I tried to establish. Tiffany was the type of girl you could take to the aisle, she was sweet, intelligent and charming but looking closely at her I could see a girl with so much rage and agony bottled deep inside, Tiffany lived with her grandmother, when I inquired about her parents she said her Dad lived in the U.S, she said this with disgust in her tone, she spoke very lowly of her father calling him ‘’A good for nothing Dog’’ she blamed the death of her mother on him, saying that due to his cheating ways, her diabetic mum went into a state of depression and later died of Heart failure, as a result of hypertension caused majorly by her Diabetes, as she said this she started to cry and I comforted her, she made me promise her that I would not discuss this with any other person.


    I was immediately woken up by about 4am, by a loud cry, a cry of pain, someone was in trouble, and am sure most people were woken up too. The noise came from outside, it sounded like that of Adamu together with various other voices who were shouting in Hausa language which I didn’t understand, my ears immediately recognised the clanging of Machetes and I could hear someone being kicked and beaten, i could hear the slap on a bare body, with this, the moaning and shouting got louder, I was now convinced it was Adamu, when i tried to stand up from the parlour chair, I noticed someone was lying on my lap, it was Tiffany, we must have talked for so long that we slept off together, I thanked God her Granny was old, and if Tiffany was lucky Granny would not even notice that she had slept out that night. Clara came running to the parlour and held me close trembling with fear, before we knew it, Adamu’s shouting soared high as he was administered heavy matchet blows, he squalled like a dog being led to the abattoir, this were followed by deafening gun shots which brought Adamu’s outcry to an abrupt end, hearing this my mind quickly flashed back to the altercation that ensued some days back between Adamu and a Haggard looking fellow, though I didn’t know how it all ended but I reasoned the fellow must have brought re-enforcement to avenge the assault done to him, though I never liked Adamu but I prayed that he should survive the attack. Adamu died that night, in a pool of his own blood, he had been made a sport of, his body was full of deep cuts and his throat was slit open, he laid down there lifeless with his brown shirt which had turned to red. He was whisked away by the paramedics in an ambulance at about 6 am but Adamu was already long gone, there were many stories surrounding his death some said he killed himself, others said the police came and killed him because he was a member of the boko- haram, but the most convincing of them all, was that the guy he assaulted that day had come back with his gang for revenge which led to Adamu’s death. It was said that due to the fellows rugged appearance, Adamu had tried to barricade him from entering the compound, and had giving him a cut on the back with his machete when he punched him. Anyway that was how we lost Adamu that night, rumour later had it that the culprits were all arrested and were each giving life sentences. It amazed me however the alacrity with which this certain group of people were enraged and how a thing as murder could result from such minor provocation, I guess it is true what they say ‘A hungry man is an Angry man’. *JOURNEY BACK TO CALABAR* It was my third week in Abuja, and though I had enjoyed myself so far I really didn’t have the adventures I had hoped for, but all these didn’t matter anymore, because Clara was to travel out of the country on a seminar and I couldn’t be left alone in Abuja with strangers. On a Tuesday morning she came and relayed the sad news to me, to say the least it was disheartening. I was to take a flight back to calabar that afternoon. I didn’t achieve much, I didn’t get to lay s*xy** Clara, I didn’t get to feel Wilma’s bosoms, I saw it but I couldn’t touch, I didn’t even get to kiss Tiffany, highest I got was a hug which was given with much begging on my part, I was to go back home an unfulfilled man .

    EPISODE 10

    We arrived the airport around 2 o’clock that day, Wilma was back from her break so she accompanied us, Wilma wore a bump short and a yellow sleeveless top, all the men around stared lustfully like zombies, but as usual, Wilma didn’t give a rats Bottom. I had tried Tiffany’s number over a million times but her phone was switched off, I didn’t see her that morning because I was too busy mourning my untimely demise plus I had to pack my stuff’s, before I left I went to Tiffany’s place to inform her about the development but her house was locked, during my stay i noticed that the house was locked every week on Tuesday between 1 and 3 o’clock, I wondered why. The airport reminded me of the day I landed at the Abuja airport, the moment I set my eyes on Clara from a distance and the hug that followed, a clog of tear almost rolled down my eyes, of all the things I would miss, Tiffany would be missed the most, but I knew we would talk everyday on the phone. We had already purchased our Tickets earlier in the morning and were waiting for our flights which were to arrive at any moment; my flight was taking me back to calabar, while hers was to take her to Singapore where the seminar was to hold. I noticed Clara staring at me the whole time, she probably saw the grief written on my face and she asked me in a subtle voice ‘’ Enitsua do you really want to stay’’ i looked at her immediately trying to suppress my excitement and I answered ‘’Yes’’ and she paused for a moment as if thinking of what to write on an exam paper, she looked at me, then looked up to Wilma who was watching us the whole time and she asked Wilma if she could move to her house to take care of me while she was away and Wilma agreed and so it was settled, Wilma was to be with me till Clara came back in a week’s time, before Clara left she gave me a tight hug and to my surprise she kissed me, a kiss which felt like a French kiss but without the tongues, I was falling for Clara all over again. In Less than 10 minutes I was back home with Wilma, home sweet home. Wilma and I went back home to see it just as we had left it, the sun was low, the weather was temperate, the dust from the busy roads had settled, everything was perfect. I unpacked my bags in the room and came to the parlour, and Wilma beckoned on me to sit right next to her. Wilma had gone away to see her mother at Gwagalada district, it was about 7 miles from where we stayed, all the while she was away we talked on the phone on a daily basis, she would ask about how I was doing and tell me she loved me at the end of each call, she would send me romantic texts and append ‘P.S. I LOVE YOU’ at the end of each texts, if I didn’t know better I would say she was actually in love with me.

    EPISODE 11

    I sat next to Wilma as she required and we started talking, but I noticed she was restless, she wanted to do something more than just talk, she asked me ‘’Do you know my Nick name’’ and I said ‘’No’’ she said ‘’My friends call my Wili self-servicer, you know why?’’ I smiled and again I said ‘’No’’ she said ‘’It’s Because one of them caught me self- servicing, twice, she then nicknamed me willi as in Wilma and self-servicer as in wanking (self-servicing) and since then the name had come to stay’’ she laughed shyly as she said this, i laughed too because I was used to Wilma’s dirty talk. She complained that her thighs were itching her, and I should help her scratch, I did just that, I scratched lightly so i wouldn’t hurt her, but she ordered me to scratch harder like I man, I tried doing that, but each time she exclaimed ‘’A little higher’’, I went higher up to her inner thighs where her bum short covered but she still wasn’t satisfied, I was surprised when Wilma undid the buttons of her bump shorts leaned on the chair and raised her buttocks to enable her zip down giving me a peep of her white panty, in the midst of all this she acted as if nothing was really happening, but at that moment I knew what she wanted me to do, she wanted me to Bleep her, and so I played along. I scratched her tommy down to her lower abdomen, dipped my hand into her pant and manoeuvred my way to her k---y, I was immediately pricked by her vegetation which was already wet from her salivary fluid, I looked at her and she had her eyes fixed on me, blinking momentarily, trying to supress the tingling sensation now surging through her body, before I could bury my finger deep in her valley, there was a heavy knock on the door ‘’D--N!!!’’ it happened again, just in the nick of time, someone had come to obstruct an impending series of thunderous orgasms, with utter displeasure in her eyes Wilma reluctantly sent me to the door and like a rabid dog i rushed to check who it was, it was Tiffany, I hated her for coming at the wrong time, but at the same time I was glad she did, because I had missed her, she came to tell me that she had come back but was going to attend her little cousins party, she asked if I would come along but I declined, she left promising that she will be back before evening. Immediately Tiffany left I saw Wilma going into her room and so I lurked along, we entered the room and I held her waist from behind, she turned around looking startled, and without notice I planted a kiss on her while grabbing her Bottom firmly, to my greatest shock Wilma pushed me away, almost throwing me down, she said ‘’Enitsua what do you think you’re doing?’’ I stood there dumbfounded, completely amiss, what did Wilma really want from me? did Wilma want me to actually scratch her or did she want something else?, frustration engulfed me immediately, she said ‘’I told you to scratch me and you rushed and kissed me, why would you kiss me?’’ her haughty gaze suddenly turned into a smile, and she ordered me to come closer, before I could comprehend what was really going on she squared up to me and planted a kiss on my lips, which was more intense than the one I gave her earlier, in a second we erased our clothes, and fell on each other, kissing passionately, all the while she brushed against her femalecore, up and down, left and right, Immediately i noticed this I jumped to the floor and knelt down facing her and as if she read my mind she spread her legs wide apart before me, giving me a HD view of her triangular puny, I was determined to pleasure her, I wanted to impress her, so I buried my head into her K---y-Cat and ate it up like she served it on a plate, savouring its salty taste, she went Berserk with pleasure. I bleeped Wilma to a state of stupor and she mumbled all sort of languages, she begged me, she scratched me, she held me close, we explored all the positions ever known to mankind, after all the thrusting and bouncing, she told me to finger her Vagingogo, Wilma had the strength of a million Roman soldiers, but I had the strength of a trillion. I started to finger her vigorously and she came hard, her Pour spilled like a fountain onto my face, leaving my hands soiled, I put my index finger into my mouth and licked off her fluid to her admiration. When I was about to release from the intense Mouth Action she was administering to me, she s----d me even harder and I discharged a torrential load into her mouth, she gaggled my Fluid and swallowed it in one gulp, just like a Indecency star. That was my best s*x ever or better still the best s*x any human being can ever have. We laid there panting, trying to recuperate from the strenuous exercise.

    EPISODE 12

    I sat in the parlour with a can of power horse when Tiffany came in, she was wearing purple leggings and a white top, she was looking particularly cute. She said the party was boring, so she cunningly escaped to see me for a while after which she will return to the venue, she said she was missing me. Tiffany had an iphone4 which I never had a chance to look at, so I picked it up to explore its content, she relented in giving it to me but after a little struggle I playfully snatched it out of her hand, I was surprised when i found a lot of pornn videos in it, spanning from black Indecency to Asian even Chinese, we watched critically how a black girl’s hole was drilled hard by a white rooster right inside a class room, on top of the teacher’s desk, she was on top of the guy in the reverse cow girl position bouncing on his notoriously, she screamed so loud as she poured her jizzm all over the black board. I had no idea Tiffany was into pornographyy. I was starting to get excited when Tiffany suggested that we go into her house which was at the moment vacant, i was excited because I had not entered her house before, and it seemed to me that something was about to go down. Her house was no different from mine only minor changes like the colour of the wall, the curtains etc. she took me straight to her room, which was surprisingly unkempt, I saw her brassier, thongs hanging on her cupboard and on the floor, but she hurriedly cleaned it up. She reached for her stereo and played a Marvin gay cd, for a while there was silence between us before we got talking. Meanwhile Wilma after draining the life out of me left to her house to pack the few things she needed, so she could move in for good, pending Clara’s return and so she was to come home anytime soon. I scolded Tiffany for switching off her phone when I needed her the most, and she apologised regrettably, in the serenity of her room Tiffany stared closely at me, she said nothing while I talked unending, it was just like the first day we met. I suddenly stopped talking and reached for her lips but she was quick to evade me. We were on the bed while all this was going on. After she dodged my kiss I got upset, I told her she always led me on and when I tried to make a move she left me hanging, I said this Angrily, but she stayed the same she didn’t utter a word, I sighed and reclined to the pillow on the bed. Tiffany looked at me mournfully and said ‘’you won’t understand’’ I told her to at least explain and she said ‘’it’s not that easy’’ her hard to get attitude was starting to piss me off, funny enough I didn’t really want anything from her, I just wanted to know how it felt to kiss her and hold her close, if she would accept me, I would dump every other girl Wilma inclusive, and be with her alone, even if it meant being in a distant relationship. Having had enough of the antics I made an attempt to get off the bed, but she held me back, she placed her hand on my chest and said to me ‘’I love you, but that’s the problem’’, I calmed myself down and asked her ‘’why?’’ I assured her that I would always love her and be there for her, I told her that I would never be unfaithful like her father was to her mother, I told her ‘’if you let go I would have to jump in there after you’’, this was her favourite quote in the movie titanic, on saying this she looked at me sternly with a sparkle in her eyes, she was starting to give in. I just wondered why she was doing all this, why she was having this fierce battle within herself, I concluded that she was a virgin and was scared of what would happen next. Tiffany had a will of steel but I was starting to bend it. I placed my hand on her face and reached for her lips once again, she made an attempt to look away, but i kept her face in position and finally I locked my lips with hers, before I could spell S-E-X we had already taken off our clothes, I analysed her body concisely, I fondled her small b---m and s----d her large black Tips, she was already wet and moaning, the smell of her orifice had overwhelmed the whole room, it was the smell of pleasure. I knelt before her and stared at her vaginaa, it was quite bushy, i could barely even sight her glory hole. When I decided to insert my tool she begged me to put on a condom, I said I don’t have one, then I recalled I had put a pack of condoms in my pocket before going to sit with Wilma at the parlour, condom I ended up not using. Wilma was so possessive on bed; she didn’t even give me a chance to wear it. Having put on the condom ready to ravish Tiffany she still stopped me, I saw confusion in her eyes, she was almost crying, she said ‘’please don’t let me do this’’ I almost stopped but i knew that, that was her last show of virtuousness before she opened her pride to me, so i Ignored her and went deep into her, it was a breadth taking moment, literarily. We remained in the missionary position through the whole ordeal, she wrapped her legs around my waste while I thrusted into her in a rhythmic pattern, she moaned right into my ear as if her moans were words or sentences, it was blissful. The pace of my thrusting started to increase, her moans got louder, and as if she just acquired the ability to speak English, she spluttered ‘’Yes, yes, I will always love you, oh yes’’ into my ear, my organ was completely soaked with her K---y- Cat oil, our bodies were covered in a pool of our own sweat. The sensation was starting to get to me, my waste was becoming numb, the pleasure had escalated in such a short time, so I tried to pull through, but in no time I precipitated and Tiffany arced her back in tandem, she was crying now while I was thrusting still, at a slow pace as if in rhythm with the ‘Sexual healing’ song which was now playing on the stereo. I disengaged from Tiffany, and to my surprise the bed sheet socked with blood, my ccondom had broken, and all the while we were doing it skin to skin. I had emptied my load into Tiffany’s virgin pusssy. I was however, surprised that she didn’t give out a scream while I pierced through her hymen unknowingly. That was the second to the last time I saw Tiffany while I was in Abuja, right after the incident she dressed up and went back to the party, and since then she stopped picking my calls and she didn’t call me either, anytime I went to her place I was told she was not around, she left my whole world cold.

    EPISODE 13

    With Tiffany virtually out of my life I drowned myself in a sexual Pancratuim. I had become Wilma’s dilldo; it was like we had Viagra flowing through our veins. We f----d all day every day, even at night I knew no rest, we did it in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen table even on the field at night, Wilma herself must have often been dehydrated because I made her Pour massively in every round, we utilized our bodies to optimum, by now I had explored all the holes in her body, excepting the hole in her ear lobe, but even with this she asked for more, Wilma was a chronic Nymphomaniac. On one occasion we played a sexx game and she filmed it on her camera, she loved sexx tapes she loved the thrill of the possibility that it might spread to the public accidentally, In this game i was an armed bandit and she was a police officer, I busted into the room and subdued her at gun point and we started bleeping all over again, she screamed loudly as if she was being raped by a ghost, she was a drama queen. Her hole was so very tight, it usually gave my Johnson the needed massage and in no time I would feel her up with my yoghurt, Wilma was on the pill, so she forbade me to use a condom. It was on a Thursday morning, we had barely eaten breakfast when Wilma pounced on me as usual in her room, we had been sleeping Unclad on the bed with just blankets to cover ourselves, in a split second I jumped to the floor and violently upturned her to the Canine position, with her head face down on the bed she turned to me and smiled with gratitude, Wilma had turned me into an animal so I was about to ffuck her dogggy style. Her Bottom was glowing, and her pusssy lips bulging from behind, without delay I plunged my peninsula into her Vagingogo and jerked against her in quick succession and her fluid came spawning down to the floor like olive oil, it was at that moment Tiffany barged into the room and we all froze for seconds, i could see that her eyes had already been swollen from endless crying, she looked at us absent- mindedly as if we weren’t even there and then she left and closed the door behind. Immediately after that my Libido vanished, to my greatest surprise Wilma was still asking for more, I looked at her angrily, put on my clothes and chased after my girl, but all avenues to see her failed. I went to her house to check on her but it was the same story, I tried to call but her phone remained switched off, if only I knew I would’ve just let her be and not try to kiss or touch her, she hadn’t even said yes to me and I had already started being unfaithful, I felt sorry for her and for myself, she was a happy girl and I came and took away her virginity and messed her life up.

    EPISODE 14

    I sat there listening to Clara going on and on about Singapore, my mind drifted to the Intimate dream I had about her weeks ago and then I smiled, Clara immediately noticed my absent-mindedness and said “You’re not listening are you” and I told her with the same smile on my face “I am”. It was already a week and Clara was back home. I had spent a month so far in Abuja, and though I talked to my folks at home every day on the phone, I missed them still, I missed my dog, I missed my room, I missed all my friends, most of all I missed school, the VC was very dull in his approach it was over 4 months and nothing had been said about resumption. Meanwhile Wilma had gone hay wire, after the incident I fell into a depression, I didn’t see Tiffany since that day and that made me very bitter. Even with my down trodden mood, Wilma still requested s*x, and every time she did I shoved her away with indignation. It came to a point where she wouldn’t let me sleep she would creep into my room at night and attempt to suck my dicki; I wasn’t finding it funny anymore. The day before Clara’s arrival she came to my room while I was reading a novel and beckoned on me to fix her light bulb which she said was faulty, on reaching there I noticed the bulb was just fine, Wilma was at it again, trying desperately to seduce me, she unbuckled her robe before me exposing her full banana shaped breastss which I had seen a thousand times, she came gently towards me put her hand on my chick and begged me to make love to her, she said she missed me and she wanted to feel me inside her even if it was for the last time before I went back to Calabar, she claimed that she had come to love me and she was willing to do anything to replace Tiffany, I was done with s------g Wilma and I would not go back on my word, she had caused enough damage already. Wilma put her hand on my crottch and started caressing it through my boxer shorts, immediately, I pushed her hand aside, she said ‘‘please baby, don’t do this’’ as she said this she quickly brought her face to kiss me but I dodged , she grabbed me on my T-shirt and forcefully tried to kiss me again, this time I pushed her to the bed, Wilma flared up like a bomb, she fought and clawed at me, at the same time raining down curses, then suddenly she stopped and with a sober look she said ‘’Baby Am so sorry, please forgive me’’, I always knew that Wilma was a s*x addict but at that moment I realised that she was also mentally unstable. When I remained resolute in avoiding her amorous advances, she reminded me of the sexx tape we shot together, then informed me that though we were acting, it would look like a Rrape to anyone ignorant of that fact, she threatened to deposit the Compromizing Video with the police if I don’t drop the act and lay her there and then. Though I was well aware that a convicted rapist could be punished with life imprisonment, I remained unflinched. Wilma packed her things out that day and I was left alone throughout the night. Clara’s arrival brought back joy into my heart not only because I had missed her, but because she came back with a brand new phone for me, a blackberry bold torch, it was the latest mobile sensation at that time and it cost close to a hundred thousand naira, my joy knew no bounds. I was starting to fall for Clara all over again, the kiss she gave me before boarding a plane to Singapore remained indelible in my mind, I didn’t tell her how Wilma left me all alone the previous day, instead I told her that Wilma had gone to see her mother that same morning she arrived Abuja. Clara brought back so many other things including a sleek looking Louis Vuitton perfume, I hadn’t perceived anything that good for a long time, maybe because for a while all I could perceive was a wet vaginaa thanks to Wiliwanker. Huddy was not left out in the merriment; Clara had brought it assorted dog food, which she was about to serve it and it wagged its tale in anticipation. Clara talked about Singapore for hours, she described the skyscrapers, their high level of technology and all the Asian people she had met, she said jokingly that their names sounded like the clanging of a spoon when it feel down. Clara was a very enthusiastic person, and very hardworking too, she was undoubtedly ‘Miss Independent’. Clara’s busy schedule the past weeks had robbed us the opportunity of spending quality time together. Funny enough Clara never talked about William after that outing. While we talked I realised that I had missed Clara without even knowing. It was becoming dark and Clara wanted to go and relax in the Jacuzzi.

    EPISODE 15

    It was becoming dark and Clara wanted to go and relax in the Jacuzzi, she beckoned on me to come along, as usual I was lost for words, when she saw the expression on my face she said ‘’Come on baby, it’s just a Jacuzzi, it’s not like we will be nakked’’ anytime she talked about the Jacuzzi i often taught it was like a bubble bath were you had to be unclad in the bath tub under the giant foam, how silly i was to think that way. She led me to her room and I sat nervously on the bed while she undressed right in front of me. She was wearing a short blue gown; it was tight on her so I could see the impression of her pant and her blue bra strap, which was left uncovered by the sleeve of the gown. Clara tried to undo the zip at her back, but it seemed stiff, so she called me to undo it for her, I went to her, breathing hard and undid her zip with surprising ease and she giggled while I went back to sit on the bed. Clara pulled down her gown to her mid section, swaying her backside from left to right bringing down the gown each time, and then she crouched to take it off from under her leg giving me a full glare of her voluptuous bosoms but with her Tips still covered by her bra. It was as if Clara was giving me a strip tease. We both went into the Jacuzzi, and sat at opposite ends, Clara on her pant and bra and me on my boxers. The water was heated so the steam gave us blissful warmth, it seemed to relax every nerve in my body except of course the nerves around my penile organ, the bubbling water gliding on our bodies gave us a tickling sensation and we smiled at each other like children. By now I had been fully excited, but the water was turbulent so she could not see the monster between my legs which was beneath it. The image of Tiffany would momentarily sip into my mind but I would immediately blur it out, I was determined to move on, I wanted to regain my happiness, my eating had become inconsistent and it was telling on my body, I had to put an end to the sadness. I watched as Clara shockingly took off her bra, exposing her large b---m, her bosoms were without blemish, full with Diary, her Tips stood erect staring directly at me and I desired to suck it in due time. Clara asked me “is this what you were afraid of?”,and after gathering the momentum to speak I replied “No” she dipped her hand beneath the water and brought forth her pant, she dropped it on the bathroom floor and again she asked “are you afraid now?” and I said “No” she asked me “Enitsua do you always say No to everything’’ I said “NO” and then she came to my side and knelt down in between my legs while I was still in a sitting position, she wrapped her hand around my neck and she asked one last question “Enitsua would you like to have sexx with me” and I said “yes” Clara smiled. We looked at each other at close proximity with steam surrounding us, at that moment it seemed Clara was the only person that mattered in the whole world. Clara brought her face towards mine in a slow motion and she kissed me, we locked our lips together and s----d at each other, exchanging tongues and mixing our spittle; she took of my boxers and flung it out on the floor of the bathroom, and at the push of a button all the water in the Jacuzzi drained out. Clara hastily saddled on my Dicki and rode me like I was her favourite horse; she bounced on me, swaying her girth in a rhythmic fashion like a dancer, her breastt bounced uncontrollably as she moaned, I intensified her o----m by putting my mouth on her left nippple and sucking it like sugary nuts, she came fiercely, and I could feel the warmth of her fluid on my dicki, on sensing this I released into her. We took the show to her bed even with our wet bodies. She layed on the bed and I knelt before her, with her legs astride she playe with her clitoriss, Clara’s ppubis was clean shaven and her vvulva stayed swollen as she used her other hand to handle her sensitive Tips which were conspicuously hard, we soon assumed the 69 position, while she engulfed my dicki with her salivary mouth, i nippled on her VG which was glued to my face like a mask, i s----d and kissed and gently chewed on her puuusy lips, the more i pleasured her the harder she swallowed my dicki, deep throatin it as much as she could, this was a perfect example of “A feeling being mutual” my tongue finally settled on her Cliit Hood, I licked the stringent flesh so deligently causing her to release her love juice right into my mouth and she screamed like a choir mistress, in a bid to revenge, she increased her pace on my pen, drowning it with her saliva, wearing my cap with her tongue letting out a slurping sound, as she extended to my contracted Jingle bells, i let all hell loose and as if she knew she deaftly engulfed my tool and i emptied my baggage into her mouth. Having enough of the mouth action i went straight into her in the missionary position, in and out at an unbelievable speed, in seconds we precipitated together while moaning at the top of our voices. We had about 3 consecutive rounds after that before we laid down to rest. After everything, it was ironical that having s*x with Clara wasn’t at all what I had expected, it wasn’t as mind blowing as the dream I had about her, and though i had felt it would erase the memory of Tiffany and make me feel better, it instead made me feel worse. Clara opened up to me that she had wanted me from the day she saw me at the Airport, she said I had grown into a dashing young man, we talked for several minutes then she asked me if I will forgive her and I asked her for what she replied “for lying to you” I looked at her waiting for her to say more and she said “for lying that I am just your family friend, Enitsua I am your Aunty” she said she knew that if she had told me the truth when I had asked her i wouldn’t have agreed to sleep with her. I was devastated at this revelation and I pulled away from her in confusion, I had just committed Inbreeding with my Aunty, I had thrown away all my teachings, I had discarded my religious values and ended up in bed with my own blood relation, I jumped up immediately to put on my clothes while Clara still Unclad stood up to console me, and then there was a message tone on my phone. It was a message from Tiffany, it read:

    EPISODE 16(Final)

    “Dear Enitsua, I fell for you the first day I saw you, I tried to stay away from you but I couldn’t, the truth is that I don’t regret loving you. Please don’t blame yourself for anything; just like I don’t blame you for sleeping with Wilma, after all we were not even in a relationship. I just hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me for all I have put you through. Don’t bother coming to look for me because you will only find my life less body hanging from a rope, I just couldn’t take all the Agony anymore, it was too much to bear. Although I keep fumbling for the right words all I want to say is that…I am H.I.V positive. I am sorry” Tiffany was a H.I.V carrier and both her parents had died from the disease. Every Tuesday between 1-3pm Tiffany escorted by her Grand mum would go to the hospital to cue for retroviral drugs. Her father never lived in the U.S nor did her mother die of heart failure, she got the disease from him owing to his strings of illicit affairs and so did Tiffany. That is why Tiffany wouldn’t even let me hold her for fear that I might end up contacting the virus, but in the end I did more than just hold her and now there was a 95% possibility that I had contacted the virus so did Clara and Wilma. With our clothes still on the floor, Clara ran up to me to apologise some more while I remained paralysed with my phone in my hand, reflecting on how I had ruined my life. While she came and spoke volumes to my deaf ear, the door swung wide open and it was my father, he had come to pay me a surprise visit in Abuja, but his excitement changed to disbelief as he saw his son Unclad with his equally unclad 29 year old Aunty, just then I started to hear voices ‘we no go gree o! we no go gree!’ and I woke up. I woke up in my hostel room, with my bed soaked with my sweat, to my greatest consternation it was already dark, wow I had slept for over five hours, from the ensuing circumstances I could Apprehend an unrest… It was all a dream I hadn’t gone to Abuja, I hadn’t committed inccest with my Aunty, I hadn’t contacted H.I.V, I wasn’t going to be charged or convicted for RRape and most of all Tiffany did not exist, it was all dreamt up. Life had given me a second chance, so to say, and I planned on reaching for the stars. Actually there was a riot in my hostel that day and I also made it out alive, I even travelled to Abuja during the holidays not to stay with any Aunty Clara but with my uncle. Funny enough I do have an Aunty named Clara who resides in Abuja, she is in her early 50’s, I sure hope she never gets to see this novel. This story could happen to you, it could happen to me, it could happen to anybody. Let us strive to make the right choices in life, let us play safe because aids does not only happen in dreams, aids is real. *****THE END*****

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