Story: The Bad Girls Boy

The Bad Girls Boy
By Goddy ( Bae Wondha )

    Chapter 1

    I sit at the back seat of dad's car humming to the music on my headset. Dad was driving slowly, cause he hates fast driving. We were moving out again as usual, from South Africa to NYC ( New York City).
      I was so annoyed. Dad's new job was trash. Always moving from one county to another and now he's moving from one continent to another. I was always running college transfer exams. I was really tired, transferring from one college to another cause of dad's new job. I hum to the new music as dad begin a conversation.
     " Aaliyah, believe me new york is gonna be fun" Dad said . I pretended to not hear him.
    " Aaliyah" He called.
      I was really paranoid. I removed my headset and looked at him.
    " What was that for?" He asked and I sighed.
    " Nothing, I didn't hear you" I lied.
    " Look i understand the fact that you don't like the idea of we always moving, but you just need to try and understand. Everything I'm doing is because of you and you know it" He said.
    " Here he goes again with his tuitor" I  whispered slowly.
    " What was that?" He asked.
    " Nothing, I'm fine" I lied.
    " Liyah please be cool with me. You will love NYC" He said and I nodded about placing my headset again.
    " And again you have violet. Thank God you're resuming her college. I helped you with the transfer examination, so it's gonna be easier for you" He said and I smiled faintly.
      Yeah violet was my child hood friend. We kinda attend same highschool. We went to the same college, at first year her parents moved from cape Town to New York. And now I'm about to resume in her school.
      Dad phone rang as he picked the call and place it on loud speaker.
    " Hey momma" Dad said. Guess it was granny.
      I lowered my music as I pay attention to their discussion.
    " Hey son, how's Aaliyah?" She asked.
    " She's fine. She's okay" Dad replied.
    " Well, I know she isn't happy with your relocation again" Granny said on the phone.
    " Well, she is. She's only nervous as usual" Dad said chuckling as he turned to look at me, I quickly focused on my phone.
    " Hmm. Son Aaliyah has gone through a lot lately. Your migration is always affecting her. Always moving from one college to another. I hope this one is final" Granny said
    " Well, I think yeah" Dad replied.
    " And also, please try and get a wife. I need you to be happy again. Since you lost Skyler you've been really stressed out" granny said as dad sighed. He refused to say a word.
    " I'll talk to you later, just be careful and please call me when you get to your new apartment" Granny said.
    " Alright mom" Dad replied and she ended the call.
    " I'm really stressed out" Dad said as he made a turn. I guess we where arriving at our new apartment.
      Skyler was my mom. She died few years ago, I was so hurt. But dad has been the best dad ever. He was always reliable and most times I see him as my big brother. After mom's death Dad has tried several relationship but it didn't work. There's always one problem or the other.
      Dad packed at the garrage as we come down unpacking our luggage. Well our new house was cool just as NYC. Dad opened the door as we staggered in, I was exhausted. I located my room and arranged myself on the bed. I was really tired.
    " Liyah, don't you wanna eat?" That was dad.
    " I'm fine" I said.
      I didn't get a reply. My phone popped up, it was VI calling .
    " Sup vi" I said.
    " Liyah, guess you've arrived?" Violet said.
    " Yeah. New york is stressed out" I said as she laughed.
    " You gonna love it. Including your school" She said.
    "Yeah, looking like a high school student amidst a bunch of American kids" I said as I sighed.
    " Liyah chill" Violet said.
    " Piedmont is different. It's the best college in school. " She said as I nodded.
    " Sounds like a used high school" I said as violet laughed.
    " How's your dad?" She asked.
    " He's fine and your parents?" I asked.
    " They are fine. How's home?" Violet asked.
    " Home is great" I replied.
    " There's no place like home " She added.
    " We'll talk later." I said as vi ended the call.
      I yawned and fall on my bed. First day at every new college is worst than high school.
    " Liyah you wanna take a tour" Dad chorused.
    " Dad I'm fine. I'm really tired" I said.
    " Okay. Have a nice nap" He said.
    I took off my clothes to shower and returned to relax.

    Chapter 2

    The following day was Monday morning. I hanged by bag pack as I stood in front of Piedmont. Well it was great, a school for the rich i guess. I walked into the hall way, it was busy as high school. Different students busy with one or two stuffs. I stood at the hall way as I sighed looking around. I called Violet, her number wasn't going through.
    " Okay where do I start from." I said to myself.
      Just then a girl hit me with her shoulders. I sighed and looked at her.
    " Hey bitch!" She called looking at me weirdly, including her friends.
    " What!" I chorused.
    " Seriously you are a peasant. She looks broke" She said as she walked away hitting me with her shoulders. I guess almost everyone laughed at something and i think that something was me.
      I sighed and cleaned my shoulders.
    " Shit" I said .
      Another girl hit me with her shoulders and my books fell.
    " Goodness I hate this high school" I chorused but I didn't get a reply. I bent to pick my books only to find someone picking them for me.
    " Woah" I said looking at him.
      He looked at me and handed me my books.
    " Take, I'm not always nice. Don't take it personal" He said and walked away. I looked at him and I guess I got distracted by violet.
    " Aaliyah" She said and I turned to look at her.
    " Seriously, I saw you staring at Piedmont's hottie" She said giggling.
    " Seriously, I don't know what you're talking about" I said.
    " No way, I saw him picking your books" She said and I shake my head.
    " Violet, he said he is not always like that" I said as we begin our walk.
    " Yeah you're right. Jayden is crazy. He is the school's bad boy. Every single bitch in school wants him. He's so hot." She emphasize.
      I refused to say a word.
    " Why were you not picking your calls?" I asked.
    " Sorry, I was busy with something" She replied.
    " Hmm" I finally said.
     " Well welcome to class" Violet said as we entered our department.
      It was crazy just like my formal college. I saw bad boy Jay. He wasn't smiling. I guess he was addicted to frowning.
    " Welcome to your new school" Violet said sitting close to me . I sighed and looked around.
    " I'm nervous" I whispered.
    " You're funny, chill" She whispered back.

      Few hours later we were at the hall, lecture ended.
    " Look it's not like I'm complaining, but I'm not just cool with Piedmont's. It's not like my formal college. The kids here are insane so proud and arrogant" I said opening my locker dropping my text book.
    " Your adventures just started. There's a VIP bathroom for VIP students. You don't party with the VIPs , damn you dare not eat on their tables" Violet said.
    " What, goodness this is insane" I said closing my locker.
    " Yeah, but it's cool. Just stick to your shadows" Violet said.
      Two months after
      Well Piedmont is cool. I loved my two months here. Jayden was truly the schools bad boy. He is so cute and and barely smile. He's really addicted to frowning. He's among the school's VIPs. We were always fighting and arguing. I think he hates me cause we were always arguing. Nicki was his girlfriend, she was the school's choice . The face of Piedmont and also a model. She was fancy and classy.
      Nicki's wears was real dollars, so expensive and from the top fashion house in NY. Nicki was the girl who hit me with her shoulders the very first day I resumed school.
      And me my dad's damn rich but i hate bragging about trying to prove I'm living fine . One day after lectures I was hurring home when I bumped into someone.
    " You really need to get glasses" Jayden said frowning at me.
    " Damn you bumped into me. You're the one who needed glasses" I fired back.
    " Weirdo" He said proceeding to leave when he stopped
    " You really need to improve your dress sense, it's wack" He said walking away.
    " God. I'm tired of fighting" I said turning to leave when violet stopped me.
    " Sup liyah" She said smiling at me.
    " I saw you with Jay, you fought again" She said and I sighed.
    " He's an asshole" I said.
    " Where were you?" I asked.
    " I was with Ace. " She said.
    " Again" I Said.
    " Yeah he's my crush and we talked a lot . He is so sweet" She giggles.
    " Hmm" I managed to say.
    " Liyah you need a boyfriend, you're stressed out" Violet Said.
    " Do you think I need to improve my dress sense?" I asked ignoring her comment.
    " Did Jay tell you that?" She asked.
    " Kinda" I replied.
    " You shouldn't believe that ass hole. I need to catch up with Ace" She said. We were standing at the gate.
    " You're insane. I'm asking you about my dress sense and you're telling me about your love life. Fuck" I said as I stormed away.
    " I'm sorry" I hear her say.
    " Silly" I whispered.
    " I just love him" She added and walked away.

    Chapter 3

      I went home and pressed the door bell. Dad opened as I walked in, I was really tired and exhausted. I fell on the chair and sighed.
    " Liyah are you alright?" Dad asked.
    " Definitely I'm not fine" I replied.
    " I hope it's not about a boy" He said
     I Looked at him and frowned.
    " Of course no" I replied at once.
    " It better not be. You should always remember the 7 B's." He said
    " That's nice. I'm glad you  remembered" He said.
    " You've been repeating that phrase since I was 14" I said.
    " That's because I care . I don't want you to.." I interrupted.
    " Get pregnant and dropped out of college." I said.
    " Seriously, I'm not planning to get pregnant, i have my future plans" I said.
    " That means you have a boyfriend" Dad said and I sighed deeply.
    " Dad, chill I'm fine. I still remember the 7 B's" I said standing up leaving for my room.
      Dad hates the idea of me getting a boyfriend. He wants a husband and not a boyfriend. I shower and then came downstairs, dad was more than a mom. He already prepared lunch. We sit down together as we ate in silence.
    " Liyah, I'm planning on getting a wife" He said. I stopped eating and looked at him.
    " A girlfriend, and then get married to her?" I asked.
    " Yeah,is that a wrong idea?" He asked.
    " Dad, you've dated about five women and all your relationships don't work. I think you're fine being single"
    " What, no way" Dad said.
    " I think you need motherly love and I need a wifey love" Dad said.
    " Dad, I'm fine . I'm old enough to take care of myself. I'm no longer a kid" I said.
    " Hmm" He said deeply.
    " Moreover I still need a wife. Your dad needs a hot massage" He said as I laughed.
    " A hot massage, that's not cool. You should be careful, I don't want you to feel bad again after this one. You don't deserve it" I said as I continued eating.
    " Thanks liyah." Dad said.
     Next day at school❤️
      I was at the hall with violet. I open my locker picking my stuffs. Violet was smiling endlessly at her phone.
    " Vi" I called.
    " Vi" I called again snapping her from her thoughts.
    " Sup liyah" She said smiling mischievously.
    " What are you smiling at?" I asked.
    " Ace is texting me" She said giggling.
    " What!" I chorused and hissed at her.
    " You keep acting like some one who's been dumped several times"  Violet added.
    " My dad needs a girlfriend" I said ignoring Violet's compliment . Violet smiled.
    " Wow, amazing" She chorused.
    " That's cool" She said.
    " What's cool?" I asked.
    " It's not right at all, I mean.." I said
    " What's not right, the fact that your dad wants to get married again or the fact that you want him to be single just like you" Violet said. I frowned at her.
    " Okay, I think it's a wrong idea telling you" I said.
     " Ace wants me to watch him play at  the field" Violet said.
    " Again?" I asked.
    " What, you gotta come with me" She added.
    " No way, I can't. Ace is Jayden's bestie" I said.
    " I don't see reasons you're falling for a bad nerd" I said.
    " Look the fact that Jay is a bad ass doesn't make Ace a bad ass too." She lectured.
    " Yeah, I know. Just be careful" I said.
    " Will you come?" She asked smiling.
      I nodded at once.
      Yeah we went to the field only to see Jay playing too. Violet was just cheering Ace up ,Ace always return a smile and a wink. Ace was cool, I kinda liked him cause he was free. Nicki was present. She was also cheering her boyfriend. Jayden didn't return a smile, he frowned and turned to look at me. The stare didn't last a second cause it expired.
     " Goal!!" Jay and CO screamed.
     They just scored a goal.
      I smiled faintly, I was tired. Damian walked to me. He was one horrible student with stand by glasses. Always professing love to me. I frowned and looked at him. I knew what he was here for.
    " Hey liyah" He called.
      Violet winked at me as she giggled.
    " What? Damian look I'm not interested in you. I don't love you stop pestering me" I said.
    " Liyah you're hurting me" he said giving me a baby face.
    " Woah, you look ugly when you do that" I said as I grinned.
    " Really?" He asked.
    " Just leave me alone" I said.
    " Liyah.."
    " Leave" I yelled.
      He hurriedly stormed out.

      Nicki and her dare devils burst out laughing loudly.
    " She's insane" they said loudly.
    " You need to get your eyes out of my man" she added.
      I frowned and refused to say a word.
    " Well, I think she hates you" Violet said.
    " Who even cares" I said.
    " Who give a fuck about her." I said as I turned to leave. Violet hugged me and went to meet Ace. She was really addicted.
      I sighed and walked to class.

       Later that evening, school was throwing a party at THE SPOT. It was the best selling clubs in NY. And VIPs owned that club. I got prepared as violet helped me with my dress . It was her idea we stormed the party since Ace was coming. I wasn't cool with the idea. We got dressed and walked to the living room to leave when dad saw us. Of course he went wild.
    " Aaliyah, where to?" He asked looking at both of us.
    " Oh, prom dance" I replied.
    " Prom dance?" Dad asked.
    " Yeah. College is throwing a prom dance in school tonight and all our school mates will be there" I explained.
    " Vi?" He called looking at violet.
    " Yes, Aaliyah is right. We are all invited" she added.
    " I hope it's not about a boy?" He asked looking at us . He was being too insecure.
    " Dad it's just a prom dance" I said as I hugged him.
    " I'll be fine" I said.
    " Alright be careful but be home before 10" He said and I nodded.
    " Thanks Dad" I Said as we left.
    " Now I know why you don't wanna date. Your dad Is scared" violet said on our way to THE SPOT.
    " Vi, that's not the reason. I can date if I want to. I'm not in high school. Vi this is college. I haven't find Mr Right" I said and vi laughed.
    " Keep searching." She said and i shake my head.

    Chapter 4

    We walked into THE SPOT as the gate guard stopped us.
    " You're not VIPs" He said looking at violet and I
    " You didn't tell me that prom dance was all about being a VIP" I said looking at violet.
    " I have no idea. They have changed everything" She whispered .
    " Please. The spot's prom dance is meant for VIPs. You don't look like one, you look like peasants" he said. I felt embarrassed.
    " What! Seriously the shit I hate most is racism and favouritism. This is college and everyone has every right to be any where" I yelled.
    " Yeah you're right but not THE SPOT. Please leave" He said.
    " No way, we ain't going anywhere" I said.
    " I don't wanna push you please leave." He said.
    " I think you gotta call your so called Ace" I said looking at violet who made me come out.
    " I'm sorry" She said.
    " Oh shut up" I said. I was really stressed out. I couldn't believe I came out just for waste. I turned to talk to the guard when Jayden Walked out making a phone call.
      He stood at a corner talking endlessly, I was busy quarrelling with with the guard non stop. I was really offended.
    " Fred what's going on?" Jayden asked walking to where we were standing.
    " Don't mind this peasants trying to pave way into the spot" He said, I got paranoid at once.
    " I'm not a peasant bitch. Seriously you think it's by bragging about your income that makes you a big name in school. Fuck off, if you were better you won't be standing here guarding this place for college students" I said. He was touched cause he was raving.
    " Liyah, calm down"  Jay said. I turned to look at him. I didn't tell the ass hole my name.
    " Don't try to act nice , you're an ass hole" I fired.
    " What! I'm just being nice, you're just insane with your broke attitude" He yelled at me.
      I looked at him and continued.
    " Lemme tell you something, you can go to hell with your broke ass girlfriend. You think you own this school because of your ignorant character. I'm better than you, stop trying to catch attention by acting bad and proud. Fuck off . Violet I'm out of here" I said walking away angrily.
    " I'm sorry, she is just paranoid" Violet said trying to apologise.
    " Violet!" I called.
      She ran to where I was as she took a deep breath .
    " You shouldn't go wild, it wasn't necessary" She said .
    " Tonight's is supposed to be prom night. And where was it written that prom night is for VIP students alone. For student who drive porche, Lamborghini and other fancy cars, fuck" I said
    " Aaliyah, it isn't necessary. Jay was trying to help and you just blow it loud on him. It's not fair, let's go back" Violet said. I sighed and look at her .
    " I'm fine, I don't wanna go back. I'm going to puke in there" I said.
    " You dare not stay back, let's go" She said as she wanted to hold my hands.
    " No, we are peasants" I said . Violet frowned and then laughed.
    " Maybe we are, but Jay asked us to come in" She said I looked at her in doubts.
    " I know you wanna doubt me but I'm serious" She said.
      She held my hands and dragged me like a puppy into the spot.
      Well that was the first time of me going inside, cause I don't have any business there. College VIP students filled the club. We looked around and sat down . I was looking everywhere aimlessly.
    " This place is epic" Violet said.
    I saw Jay with his girlfriend. She was sitting close to him resting her head on his shoulders. Jay was Nicki's achievement because she was always talking about him on regular basis. You dare not stare at him, or else you're in for war.
      Ace was also there too, he was Jay's pal. Chloe was there too, she was Nicki's bestie. Ace waved at us and asked us to join them. I stayed back. I hate being embarrassed. Violet looked at me weirdly as she forcefully made me got up. We walked to where they were seated. Nicki looked at us weirdly, violet sat down including me. I was close to violet who sat close to Ace.
    " What are you doing here?" Nicki asked.
    " To party of course" I replied her.
    " Broke asses inside the spot and on my table" Nicki thundered. Jay calmed her down at once.
    " I gave them a pass" Jayden said.
    " What! Why?" She asked.
    " Because they wanna come in" Jayden added.
    " No way I'll never eat on the same table with peasants like her" She said looking at me.
    " I need to leave" I said as I walked out.
    " And what are you waiting for?" Nicki asked turning to violet.
    " Nicki you don't own the spot. Okay, so chill. You need to teach your girl some morals" Ace said getting up. He took Violet's hand and they left.
      Well Jay was speechless I guess.

    Chapter 5

    The next day I was at the living room with dad. We were talking about college again. I was so frustrated.
    " Liyah hope you're enjoying Piedmont's" He said tuning the TV to another channel.
    " Well, maybe. It's just that racism is too much. VIP toilets and VIPs tables, God it's so annoying" I explained.
    " Wow VIPs. I guess they are the rich kids?" He asked.
    " Yeah, but who cares" I said stretching myself on the sofa.
    " You just have to be careful. College boys are way too.." I interrupted dad.
    " It's okay. Nothing is gonna happen" I said. I know where he was driving to.
    " I trust you, I just want.." I interrupted him again.
    " You to complete school and come out with good results so that I can travel to any country of my choice." I said as I sighed.
    " How come you're always completing my sentence?" Dad asked.
    " Because you've been repeating those phrase since I was 14." I said.
    " I dont even remember" Dad said focusing on channels television.
       Violet called and I picked her call.
    " Vi, what's up" I said.
    " I'm at your door, please open up" She said on the phone. I hissed and got up to open the door.
      She was standing smiling at me.
    " You should learn to use the door bell. Moreover you can also knock if you don't know how to press" I said walking into the living room.
    " Well I'll take that as a compliment" She said. We walked in. Dad was glancing on the TV.
    " Good afternoon" Violet greeted dad.
    " Afternoon vi. How are you doing?" Dad asked.
    " I'm fine" She replied.
    " Liyah let's use your room" Violet said turning to me.
      I sighed and got up and walked to my room, violet followed.
    " Liyah I'm so sorry" Violet said closing my door.
    " What is it vi?" I asked sitting on my bed.
    " Look last night prom dance was legit. I enjoyed myself. We danced and danced" She emphasize.
    " So?"
    " Hmm, Nicki and Jay quarrelled over Nicki's last night behavior. It was horrible to watch this two fight. She even accused Jay of having an affair with you" Violet said.
    " Weirdo" I said.
    " Yeah I understand. And I'm sorry for not going home with you. " Violet said. I look at her and smiled.
    " It's fine, i understand" I said.
    " Thanks. Guess what?" She asked giggling.
    " What?" I asked.
    " Ace asked me to be his girlfriend" She chorused.
    " Wow, congrats" I said and smiled.
    " Thanks. We are going out on a date today" She added.
    " Wow. That's cool. A VIP going out with a peasant" I said. Violet frowned at me.
    " What?" I asked looking at her.
    " Liyah I'm not a peasant. We are rich even if we choose not to be recognized in school" Violet said.
    " Yeah I know." I said lieing down.
    " Just tell me you're jealous" Violet said laughing.
    " I'm not" I said sitting up.
    " Oh yeah. " She said.
    ❤️  Next day at school ❤️
      I was at the hall as usual with violet. She's been smiling like forever since Ace proposed .
    " Have you seen the school new transfer student?" Violet asked.
    " No" I replied.
    " Her name's Jenner. she is so hot" Violet said.
    " Oh yeah, hot enough to boil water right?" I asked.
    " No way. Jenner is cool and she is winning almost every VIPs in school. Every VIPs wants her number, she's about winning Nicki" Violet said.
    " Good for them" I said.
    " It's okay, i understand you" Violet said as we walked back to class.
       Later that same day in school, I decided to visit mr Jonah. He was owing me a textbook. I wanted to knock when I saw him talking to Jayden. I stood at a corner as I watched them.
    " Seriously Jay, you need to be serious with school" He said.
    " But I'm serious" Jay talked back.
    " But I'm not sure. I Know you're brilliant but you're busy with this stupid VIP club madness. You need to recite the phrase now or you'll be in detention" He said.
    " Look this shit is Insane . I submitted the report which you needed. I don't have to recite a phrase again" Jay said.
    " Jay I'm waiting." Jonah said.
      Jay sighed as he began reciting the poet. He was good. I brought out my  phone and recorded him .I looked for a while and walk out. About closing hour, I decided to use the bathroom only for me to see Jayden coming out of our bathroom. Like they refer it as peasants bathroom.
    " What the hell are you doing here?" I Asked.
    " Using the peasants bathroom" I added.
    " Seriously, are you my mom?" He asked.
    " Well you have no right to be here. You're a VIP student, you should be using your VIP bathroom"I said.
    " You're a just a gossip. " He said wanting to walk out.
    " Yeah more better than an ass hole in a skinny jeans" I said with my hands crossed.
     He turned to look at me and smiled.
    " You look good in that" He said pointing to my clothes.
    " Really?" I asked wanting to blush.
    " Nope, you look horrible. You really need to improve your style in school. You are among the wack girls in school" He said. I was hurt.
    " Thanks. You're just abnormal just like the rest of you" I said.
    " Yeah but you're dieing to talk and hang out with them. Shit" Jay said Walking away.
    " He's a bastard" I said as I sighed entering the rest room. I rounded up and went back to violet who was with Ace. I smiled at Ace who smiled back.
    " Sup liyah" He said and I smiled again.
    " I'm fine" I replied.
    " You look good" he said to me.
    " Oh thanks" I replied.
    " I'll talk to you later babe"  he said placing a kiss on Violet's cheek and he Left.
    " See you later liyah" He said and left.
      Violet turned to me and smiled.
    " You guys are really fast, you need to take things slow" I said and she nodded.
    " Yeah thanks dear. I understand your plight" She said as she hugged me.
    " Let's go home"  Violet said as we walked out of school premises.
    " I saw Jayden" I said on our way home.
    " Really?" Violet asked gazing at me.
    " Yeah . He was using our bathroom" I replied.
    " Woah that's new. I think he's sick" Violet said.
    " Really?" I asked.
    " Yeah. Ace told me" Violet said and I sighed.
    " He's just too annoying" I said.
    " Funny and yet you're going bananas over Jay" violet giggled.
    " What? No way. It's not possible. He has Nicki. I'm not his type" I said.
    " Aaliyah. Type you say. Chill you can still be a side chic" violet said as she laughed.
    " A side chic? You're insane. I don't love him" I yelled.
    " But you like him" she thundered.
    " Silly" I said silently.
    " Liyah" violet said tickling me.
    " Okay . Jay is cool. Almost every student in school likes him. I saw him at Jonah's office, he was reciting a poet and he recited it well like a pro" I said.
    " Aww" violet blushed.
    " I kinda liked him too you know. But i love my Ace" Violet said. I looked at her and shake my head.
    " Let's go please" I said.

    Chapter 6

    Maybe Jayden was really sick cause he has been absent for days now. I barely see him in class, like what violet Said, I think he travelled.  One evening, I was at Violet's home. She offered me coffee and sit close to me.
    " Ace is throwing a party tonight, you just gotta come" Violet said.
    " A party?" I asked.
    " Yeah, I'm invited and I want my best friend to come" Vi said.
      I sighed and looked at the wall like some one who's thinking.
    " What is it? Oh I understand cause Jay would be absent" She said mockingly.
    " Vi!" I called looking at her without smiling.
    " Okay I'm sorry. But I was being serious when I said you can be a side chic" She said as she laughed.
    " You're tryna mock me because you're the main chic of college VIP. But how are we so sure you're not a side chic" I said as I grinned looking at her.
    " What!"
    " Well it's definitely cool, I might graduate from being a side chic to main chic. You and I know I'm Ace's main chic, you know that" Violet and I laughed.
    " You've finally turn a chicken" I said laughing.
    " That isn't funny" Violet said.
    " What!"
    " Yeah. You need a boyfriend seriously. It can reduce few of your mental issues" Violet said as she laughed.
    " Bitch" I said hitting her with her pillow.
    " Look vi I'm fine" I said as I sighed.
    " Stop acting like you're cool and deep down in you, you need a man, jay to be precise" Violet said smiling broadly.
    " I'm cool" I said lying down.
    " Aaliyah, has your dad finally find his bride?"
    " Nope not really. I'm not really cool with that idea anyways" i replied.
    " You have to, I know you want your dad's happiness" Violet said.
    " Yeah, but getting a bride, I don't support such ideas" I said.
    " Hmm, it's not compulsory your dad remains single like you" She said.
    " You're being too serious about my single issue. I'm cool with it" I said.
    " And deep down in you, you need Jay" Violet said. I was getting pissed about this Jay .
    " Please stop" I yelled.
    " Yeah" She replied laughing.

     Violet was a party pooper. She loves parties, I'm a party freak. I suck at parties. She got me dressed and braided my upwards. Finally we were through. Ace actually drove to Violet's house to come pick us up. He has his own car in school. Violet's parents weren't like my dad. Her mom was aware she was dating ace. Her dad was also cool with the idea but he barely stays at home. He is always in one business trip or another.
      When mom was alife, she wasn't like dad though. She was really careful with me to be careful with boy's. She was among the 7bs gang.
      Ace opened his front door for violet has she entered. I sat at the back watching the love birds. Most times I actually think I needed a boyfriend. At the same time I felt I wasn't ready for a relationship. Getting ready is like getting ready for dad too. We arrived at the party, it was at THE SPOT. VIPs favorite club.
      It was was legit, I felt alife again, as hip hop music pop out of the loud speaker. Seriously I felt like a VIP.
    " Ladies sit" Ace said drawing a chair for us. He was a perfect gentle man and I guess violet is lucky.
    " What are you drinking?" He asked turning to me . I smiled.
    " Anything" I replied.
    " Vi" He called turning to violet.
    " Well I'll take anything, since that's the new foreign drink" Violet said as we laughed.
    " Seriously"
    " Yeah, since you're fund of always drinking anything" Violet said.
      Ace smiled and left to get what we can eat and drink.
    " Seriously, that was crazy, where you trying to make a joke out of me" I asked her laughing.
    " No, you're always like that. Always ordering for anything as if it's a brand  new drink" She said and I smiled at her.
    " Well it's because I'm not cool with drinks" I said and violet laughed.
    " Seriously there's no place like THE SPOT. It's amazing" She said.
      And violet is right. THE SPOT was just different from every other clubs in NY. I saw Jenner the school's hottie who's trying to ruin Nicki's Fame in school. But Nicki is already at the peak, quite difficult to bring down. But she was charming not like us, we are the unpopular VIPs in school. And we are always attracted to nerds like Damian. I smiled and looked at Jenner who was dancing with Todd. He was Jayden's rival.
      Jayden hates him for real, they are always competing with either paying bills in clubs or having the best girls in school. He was jayden's competition. Todd was really a big name in school, since he was dating the two twerk sisters in school. They were the biggest in starlight's. It was also another best selling clubs in NY , but it was also a strip club. They were always storming parties, Todd's twin girlfriends.
      Ace returned carrying a wine with three glasses, he dropped them on the table and sat down. A waitress walked in bringing a dessert. We adjusted to eat, it was nice.
    " Wow I'm really happy for the both of you" I said.
    " Thanks liyah. But have you thought about having a date in school?" Ace asked me.
      God he was about acting like violet.
    " Maybe I'm not just ready" I said.
    " You're sure? Or you are just scared of falling in love, you don't wanna get a heartbreak" Ace said smiling at me.
    " No I'm good" I said chuckling.
    " I think I support Ace. Aaliyah you are scared" violet said abd i sighed.
    " There are cool boys in school. I can hook you up with a VIP if you don't mind" Ace said.
    " No" I said at once.
    " What! Liyah that's a goal" violet said giggling.
    " No Ace" I said.
    " Why?" He asked.
    " Look VIP students are scammers" I said.
    " Woah. Hold on, even me?" Ace asked staring at me.
    " Ace you're different. You don't expect every VIPs students to be like you. You're nice and not proud. Look it's not like I'm trying to act awkward but VIP students are not what I want" I said. Violet looked at me and smirked. I know what she wanted to say.
    " Alright liyah. It's fine to make choices. But I wanna tell you that most VIP students are cool when it comes to love" Ace said.
      I didn't say anything. I kept quiet and ate slowly. Violet was just smiling at me. Nicki walked in with her bestie Chloe. I guess she's surprised to see us the second time inside the spot with a VIP student.
    " What" she said looking at us and finally turned to Ace.
    " Did you have to bring them here. Even if you're having flings for any of them, why don't you take them some where else" Nicki said.
    " Most times you sound like some one who owns the spot. I have every right to be here with anyone I like. Why are you here?" Ace questioned.
    " Well I wanted to ask about Jayden. It's been two weeks since he left for home. I'm worried" Nicki said.
    " Well he'll be resuming tomorrow" Ace replied without looking at her. She looked at me and left.
      We kept quiet has we finished our eating. Ace took Violet's hands as they fell on the dance floor. I felt stranded for real, for once I thought about having a date. They danced and Ace asked me to join them. I smiled and waved it off. I excused them to use the bathroom. I entered and I could hear a girl moaning. I looked around, only for me to see Nicki and Todd , Jayden's rival having sex In the bathroom, they didn't see me I didn't bother to make a noise. I left the bathroom without even using the rest room anymore.

    Chapter 7

    It was Monday morning at school, tests was approaching. I was at the canteen with violet.
    " Wow, last night was amazing, I felt like a queen. Seriously I've never been loved that way before" Violet said. I was a little bit sick and tired as well.
    " Yeah, you're lucky" I said.
    " Of course I am" She said gigling.
    " Before I forgot, guess what I saw last night"
    " What did you see?" Violet asked.
    " I saw Todd and Nicki making out inside the rest room" I said. Violet was baffled.
    " For real?" She asked.
    " Yeah, so groose" I said.
    " That is hell. How would Jayden react if he finds out?"
    " Of course he's never gonna find out. " I said.
    " Aww, I think you should tell him" Violet said. I look at her and frowned.
    " Seriously, I'm not a leak. I would never do that" I said.
    " Why?" Violet asked.
    " Because I don't wanna look like a wreck. Chill there's nothing wrong with his girlfriend sleeping with Todd. I mean it's normal" I said.
    " Really? But I see it has payback. Todd is Jay's rival. Nicki should have thought twice" violet said.
    " No VIP thinks once. They act before they think" I said sipping my coffee.
    " You might be right but Ace is different" Violet said.
    " Sorry, miss VIP" I said as she laughed.
    " This shit you said is gonna cause trouble in school and I can't wait to watch" Violet said.
    " Why?" I asked.
    " Well, it's a VIP fight and it's going to be epic" She said.
    " I can't pray for such disasters. Come to think of it. Todd is dating two hotties, twin sisters to be precise. I think maybe you're right he's trying to pay jay back" I said.
    " That's none of my business. I should be thinking about test" I added.
    " Talking about test, you're getting ready right?" Violet asked.
    " Yeah I'm trying." I said.
    " And you?" I asked violet.
    " Ace has been on my head for weeks, he's killing me. We even had sex in his house last night after dropping you off" Violet said giggling.
    " What!"
    " Yeah, i truly liked it. He is my everything" Violet said smiling.
    " You just gotta be careful. And that's too much information" I said.
    " Come on, you're my bestie. So I gotta tell you" she said.
    " Groose"  I said looking around canteen.
    " Whatever" Violet said without looking at me.
     Jay was with his mom that same day outside the school park. She had to follow Jayden to school because of few reasons unknown to anyone.
    " Jayden you gotta be careful" His mom said.
    " I know" He said.
    " What do you know? You've been acting like an asshole in college. You do drugs , you smoke what the fuck is wrong with you?" She yelled.
    " Mom!" Jayden called.
    " Shut up I'm still talking." His mother said as he crossed his arms.
    " That's how your father left us. Lemme warn you if you continue this wayward attitude of yours I'll be sending you to Canada to leave with your grandma" She yelled.
    " You not gonna do that right?"
    " Watch me. I'm being serious. Look at you. Stupid tattoos and a good for nothing girlfriend"
    " Mom, leave Nicki out of it. I only have an arm tattoo, and that's about my life you know it. " Jayden fired.
    " What about the one on your neck?" She asked.
    " Mom, I'm cool. I just came out of an illness and i need to study" He said smiling at his mom.
    " Alright, be careful" His mom said as she left with a cab since she came with Jayden's car.
        Jayden Walked into school premises, it seems everything was new to him. His phone popped up as a text came up from an unknown number. He checked on it only to find a video of Nicki having sex in the bathroom with Todd his sworn enemy. He was baffled and Angry.
      We were still at the canteen when Jay Walked in. Nicki was happy to see her boyfriend. She ran to him and hugged him.
    " Can I see you for a sec?" He said to Nicki.
    " Yeah" She responded as she followed Jayden out of the canteen.
    " You're just a stupid bitch" He yelled.
    " What! Jayden you shouldn't talk to me like that" She fired back.
    " How could you think of sleeping with Todd?" He quaried.
      Nicki was speechless.
    " Excuse me. Who fed you with such lie?" She asked.
    " You know it's not a lie" Jayden said showing her the video.
    " Oh my God" She said as she looked at Jay speechless.
    " You have any thing to say now?" Jay said.
    " I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I was drunk" She lied.
    " Shut up. You were not drunk. You were concious. How could you even think of fucking my rival, you think you can disgrace me. Fuck, I'm done with you" Jayden yelled.
    " What! Jay you can't dump me" She said
    " Are you being serious. Nicki you dumped yourself. You don't expect me to have anything to do with you after being laid by that bastard. You know what he did to me at first year and yet you choose to have sexual pleasures with him. You're just a dirty bitch" Jayden said.
    " Jay please I'm sorry" Nicki pleaded.
    " You're screwed" Jayden said and walked out. He was really offended.

      Nicki was really disappointed.
    " What the hell does he think he is? He's definitely gonna come back. I can't believe I have to beg Jay. He's screwed and not me" Nicki said as she walked out too.

    Chapter 8

    " Aaliyah" Violet called running to me that afternoon at school.
    " What is it?" I asked. She was giggling and chuckling at the same time.
    " What the fuck is wrong with you?" I asked her.
    " You haven't heard?" She said.
    " Heard what?" I asked. Seriously I haven't heard anything.
    " Okay. Jay broke up with Nicki Minaj" She said laughing.
    " Who's Nicki Minaj?" I asked confused.
    " Nicki Hudson, the proud peacock. Piedmont's favourite student. The girl with the sauce" She said.
      I looked at violet, I wasn't ready to believe her.
    " Are you being serious?" I asked her.
    " Of course I am serious" Violet replied.
    " Woah, what happened?" I asked.
    " Guess someone send Jay Nicki's sex video. The tribbing at the bathroom as been released" She said.
    " What! Who must have done that?" I asked.
    " Don't tell me you don't know. Of course it's Todd himself. He's an ass hole just like Nicki " Violet said.
    " That's bad news" I said.
    " Big time bad news. Let's go to class" Violet said giving me a hand.
      Jayden was with Ace, they saw Todd with his friend and his girlfriends. He was smiling mischievously at Jayden.
    " Hey looser" He said to jayden who was pissed.
    " Todd I'm not a looser" He said.
    " Yeah true. I fucked your girlfriend and you whooped. Look at you lover boy. Who's gonna believe you will definitely get hurt" Todd said as his girlfriends laughed.
    " I'm just gonna walk away from you but that doesn't make me a coward." Jayden said proceeding to leave.
    " Yeah, walk pussy" Todd said as his gang laughed.
      Jayden turned to look Todd he was going wild .
    " I'm not hurt, she doesn't even worth being a girlfriend. She cheated on you with your worst enemy. So bad" Todd continued.
    " Jay let's go, Nicki isn't worth fighting for" Ace said.
    " Yeah I'm not fighting for Nicki, I would never do that. You got two bitches that doesn't make you a boss" Jayden fired.
    " Of course, two hot bitches better than your cheap whore. I laid her in a bathroom and not even a hotel or even my house. But a bathroom inside a pub. You're a looser jay just admit it" Todd said walking away.
    " Chill Jay. Everything is fine, you just have to move on" Ace confronted Jayden.
    " Thanks" He said as Ace Pat him on his shoulders.
       Well the quarrel didn't end there. It seems the news was all over school that Nicki was laid in a bathroom. She felt cheap as she watched her ego fall down.
    " Todd how could you?" Nicki fired at Todd that same day.
    " Excuse me" Todd said.
    " I'm not gonna excuse you. You're a bastard. A real bastard, what the fuck do you think you're?" Nicki quaried.
    " Oh I'm Todd, the most famous boy in school" He said.
    " Fuck you and fuck your publicity. You're a fool. " Nicki cried.
    " Yeah I laid you. Get on with that" Todd said as he left.
      Nicki was hurt, She had to beg Jayden the next day at school. He was at the school field when she walked in, she regretted her reactions.
    " Jay I'm sorry" She pleaded kneeling down.
      College students couldn't look away. Almost every student brought out their smart phone as they videoed the scenario. I was dumb founded too that day, violet smiled at me and brought out her smart phone to record too, I had to stop her.
    " You're not gonna do that" I said.
    " Why? Of course I will" Violet said
    " Vi, it's not right" I said.
    " What! No way. My Instagram is weak as fuck, my recent pictures with Ace brought it alive and adding Nicki's videos of she trying to beg college hottie to take her back might make me popular like Kylie Jenner" She said as she begin recording.
    " Vi, recording people's social life won't make you popular on IG. You can't ruin people's image, just stop" I said.
    " Shh,  you're distracting my video" Violet said as she concentrated on the   scenario.
       I watched them and sighed.
    " Jay please don't leave me. I'm sorry" She said still kneeling.
    " Nicki I was serious when I said I was done with you. Just stand up and leave college students are recording you live" Jayden said.
      Nicki got up as she looked around. She was baffled seeing everyone with a smartphone.
    " I'm done. Nicki you have done enough, alright. There are other VIPs in school who's ready to spin around for you" Jayden said and walked out including Ace. He waved at his sweetheart violet and passed with jay.
    " Yes" violet said saving the video.
    " I would never do that stuff to Ace, no matter what. I mean Ace is enough for me" She said.
    " Yeah, perfect girlfriend" I said laughing.
    " Yeah. I'm lucky that's all. And special people deserve to be loved. Jayden might be an asshole but he has a heart. You're not gonna believe it if I tell you Nicki was jayden's  first girlfriend" Violet said.
       Violet is right I doubted her.
    " Are you serious?" I asked.
    " I think his kind of being bad is different from every other VIP students in school. The shit I know is that Jay flirts a lot, always with different chics in pubs and hotels. But true girlfriend I guess he finds it at Nicki. I saw them at first year, but it wasn't easy for Nicki, always battling with different pretty girls over jay. Shit that guy is a headache"  Violet explained.
    " Woah that's weird" I said as I sighed.
    " Let's go home. School dismissed" Violet said as we walked out of school premises.
    " Chloe I'm really distressed" Nicki said to Chloe at her residence.
    " You cost everything and you know that" Chloe replied.
    " I'm missing him. Right now I feel like dropping out of school." Nicki cried.
    " You're not gonna do that" Chloe said.
    " Of course it's not worth it. Nicki just forget about him. I guess that's why you're Piedmont's favourite girl" Chloe said.
    " Chloe not anymore. I'm ruined. I didn't expect Todd to do that to me" Nicki cried.
    " Seriously, you didn't even tell me about it too. It was the video and the rumours that made me know that Todd laid you in a rest room. What made you spread your legs for Todd?" Chloe questioned.
    " I don't even know. I missed being touched by Jay. I missed his kisses and that was how I met Todd at the spot. He seduced me I guess. I wanted to use the rest room when he walked in telling me I look hot and he wanted a night out with me. I refused but he was being persistent, I had no choice" Nicki explained.
    " You're screwed. If you missed being touched why didn't you go for other guys outside college. There are cool guys in NY who's going to make you weep in bed and yet you choose Todd your VIP boyfriend's worst enemy." Chloe said.
    " I don't know" Nicki cried.
    " What about Fred. Your gangster bed mate?" Chloe asked.
    " I paid him off. He was trying to make me his bank. I don't have money to throw away" Nicki said.
    " Sorry. Just move on. College is large with different types of guys way better than Jay. So chill, bad girls don't cry" Chloe said and winked at Nicki.
    " For real? I thought I've found love. Despite the fact that Jay was always messing around" Nicki said.
    " Chill girl. Don't be a fool for love. Forget about Jay" Chloe said.
    Nicki was speechless.

    Chapter 9

    Jayden was truly hurt. He started acting weird to girls. Nicki left Piedmont's and Jenner became the best girl in school. She was worse than Nicki for real. Proud and arrogant.
      After class that day, I was really tired. I opened my locker to drop my textbook when Damian walked in . The weird boy with spectacles.
    " Liyah" He called smiling.
    " What do you want?" I asked him.
    " You look good " He said
       If I'm being serious, Damian is the only one who is always telling me I look good and Ace too. Just the both of them.
         I smiled and look at Damian who was addicted to smiling.
    " Thanks Damian. What do you want?" I asked.
    " Look I'm really serious about what i said. I truly liked you for real" He said.
    " Thanks I appreciate. You just gotta leave"
    " Aaliyah please be nice to me" Damian whimped.
    " Of course I'm being nice to you. What part of 'I don't like you' you don't understand" I asked.
    " Come on"
    " Get out. Just fuck off" I yelled.
       Damian walked out he was hurt.
    " Wow, love" Someone said behind me. I turned to look it was jayden
    " What do you want?" I asked him.
      That was the first time he was talking normal. We were always quarrelling.
    " Nothing your boyfriend is dope"  He said and I hissed.
    " He's not my boyfriend, you shouldn't play nice now. You will always remain a jerk" I said
    " Thanks but I'm better than you . You barely attract VIPs at school, you should ask yourself why. It's because you're a weirdo" He said and walked out.
      Okay I was hurt. I felt like crying. He was right though, no VIP male student has ever ask me out or even check on me. I have no idea. I dressed cool and yet weirdo like Damian was always coming around. Seriously I thought it's because I barely focus on school guys.
       Violet walked in smiling at me. She hugged me and smiled again.
    " What's up" She said.
      I was still feeling bitter about what jay said.
    " I'm not good" I replied as i took a deep breath.
    " Yeah I know. I saw you with bad boy Jay" She said.
    " Yeah and we quarreled. He called me a weirdo again" I said.
    " What, no way. I think he likes you" Violet said as he chuckled.
    " You're in sane" I said.
    " What I'm being serious" Violet said.
    " That's impossible. We always quarrel" I said looking at violet.
    " You know what my mom always tell me. She says when a boy always abuse you it means they like you" Violet said and I laughed.
    " Oh my God. You're unbelievable. Did you quarrel with Ace?" I asked.
    " No"
    " Did he abuse you?" I asked
    " No way" She replied.
    " Good then let's go home. I think you need medical checkup. You're not alright" I said walking out of school premises heading to the school gate.
    " Aaliyah I'm serious" violet said.
      She stopped by the gate as she frowned.
    " What? Why did you stop" I asked.
    " Sorry Lee, I'm meeting up with Ace . He said he wants to drop me off." She said.
    " Oh"
    " Yeah I'm so sorry" Violet said.
    " VI, when was the last time we walked together?" I asked.
    " Lee I understand. I'm sorry try and understand" She said.
    " Stop telling me sorry. You're making me feel bad" I said.
        She hugged me and smiled.
    " I'm sorry I just had to say sorry" Violet said and I laughed.
    " You're Ace_ache" I said as I proceed to go home.
    " Becareful Lee, you've been trekking too much lately. I think you need to tell your dad you need a car" Violet chorused.
      " You're crazy" i said without looking at her.
       I arrived home . Dad opened up as I entered. I was exhausted.
    " You're early"  dad said
    " Yeah that's because we are writing test" I said sitting on the couch.
    " Oh dear, how are you then?" Dad asked.
    " Dad I'm fine." I said.
    " I've got a girlfriend" Dad said at once.
    " What?" I asked baffled.
    " What is what?" He asked
    " Yeah. Her name's Anna. You're going to love her" Dad added.
       I looked at him baffled.
    " You've already find a woman?" I asked.
    " Yes liyah."
    " Dad that's too quick"
    " Come on. Anna is a nice woman. I met at a supermarket and she's so beautiful. She is divorced" Dad said.
    " Dad you need to be careful. What if she turns out to be like every other woman" I said.
    " Anna is different" dad said smiling at me.
      I stood up and excused dad. I walked to my room and fell on my bed. I was devastated. It's not like I don't want dad to date again. It's just that dad has really gone through relationship stress. Always getting a heartbreak. I was tired of consoling dad over and over again.
       Violet called and I picked up.
    " Sup liyah" She said giggling.
    " Hi vi" I said.
    " How are you, I hope you're at home" She asked.
    " Yeah vi. You're with Ace right?" 
    " Not really. He dropped me off at home and I'm running some home stuffs" She said.
    " Well I'm just tired" 
    " Why?" I asked.
    " Dad has got a girlfriend" I said.
    " Wow that's good news" Violet said.
    " What?"
    " Lee, you should give this one a trial" violet said.
    " Can you do me a favour tonight?" I asked her.
    " What favor?"
    " I need to hook up. I just want to feel something original" I said looking at my reflection on the mirror.
    " Are you serious?"
    " Yeah. Let's party tonight" I said.
    " Yeah, that's the spirit" Violet said on the phone.
       She was happy I could sense it, she loves parties a lot
    " Party at 9" violet said.
    " Deal" I said as violet hang up.
      Tonight was going to be a different night. I looked at my mirror smiling at my reflection, I knew I was good looking. I lie down as I fell asleep. I woke up really early. It was 8:30. Dad will definitely yell out the nerves in me.
       I shower and got dressed. I combed my hair, without doubts I was wow.  I climbed downstairs to the living room dad was watching TV. He was shocked to see me.
    " Liyah where are you going?"  Dad asked baffled.
    " Erm out" I said.
    " Out to where?" Dad asked.
    " Look at the way you're dressed like someone who's going on a date. Aaliyah where are you going?" Dad asked.
    " Dad I'm going out with Vi. She wants me to go out with her. School is having a party" I lied.
    " Aaliyah school is always having a party. Just be straight you're going out on a date" Dad roared.
    " Dad I'm not going out on date. School is having a party and I was invited" I said.
    " You're becoming a party freak since you resumed Piedmont. Is that why I sent you to school, I want you to graduate and become something useful" he tuitored.
    " But dad most times we need fun. College is not about studying and studying, I just wanna go out with my best friend" I said.
    " Oh really. Just go back to your room and study for tomorrow's test" Dad said.
    " Dad" i called.
    " Liyah, tonight you're grounded" Dad said. I was offended.
       I frowned and returned to my room to inform vi I wasn't going anymore. I was frustrated, dad was being too overprotected.

    Chapter 10

    I woke up really tired the following morning since I was angry the previous night. I rushed and shower and rushed downstairs to eat. Dad was already eating when I entered.
    " Good morning" I greeted dad without smiling.
    " Morning liyah, how was your night?" He asked me as I sit down to eat.
    " It was horrible" I replied.
    " Why?" He asked.
    " Dad you know why, you refused me to party last night" I said.
    " Oh I understand. You know why I'm doing all this. I don't want you to end up wayward " Dad said.
    " I'm not ending wayward, I'm just trying to have fun" I said.
    " Liyah books before fun. When you graduate you can have as much fun you want" Dad said.
        I didn't bother to reply. I ate hurriedly since I was running late.
    " And one more thing, you have to be home early"
    " Why?" I asked.
    " Because Anna will be coming today" Dad said giggling like a baby.
    " Anna?" I asked.
    " Yes the woman who finally stole my heart. She's coming with her son" Dad said.
    " A son? Dad you didn't tell me she has a son" I said.
    " Sorry, but I'm telling you now. You'll love them both" Dad said as he hugged me.
    " I hope so" I said heading for the door.
    " So be early. We have to prepare" Dad said as I smiled faintly walking out of the house.
      I arrived at school, I wasn't smiling that much. I met violet at the hall she was going through her text book.
    " Hi Lee, good morning" She greeted.
    " Morning"
    " You look roast" Violet said.
    " What!"
    " Seriously, you look like someone who lost a husband" Violet said.
    " I'm fine. I'm only tired. My dad's new girlfriend will be coming today." I said.
    " Wow, that's great" Violet said.
    " Vi she has a son" I said.
    " Oh, I wasn't expecting that. He must be hot I guess?" Violet asked
    " What the hell Is wrong with you?" I asked her.
    " Let's please go to class, we have test to write" i said leading the match.
    " Talking about test, hope you studied?" Violet asked.
    " I'm not sure. I was frustrated when dad said I can't go out last night" I said.
    " Sorry, last night was fab. You missed a lot. Jay was there, he was hanging with Jenner" Violet said.
    " Really?"
    " Yeah, it was so obvious Jenner is into Jay" Violet said.
    " Yeah almost all college girls are into him" I said.
      We walked into class. Class was occupied. It seems everyone was actually ready. Jay was sitting close to Ace. I guess he was thinking to an unknown thought. Mrs prudence walked in. She gave her questions and left.
      After test, violet and I decide we have lunch. Violet suggest I sit and wait while she bring our lunch. Jenner walked in with her best friend who was also a school VIP.
    " Hey" Jenner called
     I looked at her without replying.
    " I've been seeing you around Jay lately, what the hell are you doing around him?" She asked.
    " Who's Jay?" I asked pretending not to know him.
    " Don't play the innocence with me. Every single VIP knows Jayden in Piedmont's. Including Wacko's like you" Jenner said, she was beginning to act like Nicki.
    " So what do you want?" I asked.
    " I want you stay out of my part. He's my boyfriend" Jenner yelled
    " Boyfriend? Alright I hear you" I said.
    " I like you, you don't like troubles and it's nice" Jenner said and winked. She smiled and walked out.
      Violet entered with a tray. She dropped the tray on the table and sit down.
    " What did she tell you?" Violet asked.
    " Who?" I asked.
    " Jenner"
    " Oh her, that i should stay away from Jay" I replied.
    " Seriously. Wait up, is she trying to say you are asking Jay out?"
    " I've no idea. But who cares. He's not my business and will never be" I said.
    " And you're sure?" Violet ask raising her brows at me.
    " What?" I asked.
    " Never mind." She said as she laughed.
    " But let's be sincere, you want Jay" Violet said Chuckling.
    " No, he's full of troubles. We are always fighting" I defended.
    " You're not serious. Fight or no fight, Everytime you wished you guys can get along well. " Violet said.
      I ignored her and began eating.
    " Let's go to the field" Violet said.
    " You wanna watch Ace play today again?" I asked her and she nodded.
    " Alright. But I need to leave school early to await my father's girlfriend and son." I said standing up.
    " Yeah I know. " Violet said as she stood up and we left for the field.
       Most times I'm not comfortable on that field. Jayden's ugly stare was always piercing at me.
       Violet was always cheering her boyfriend Ace. While half of college girls was already cheering bad ass Jay. I sighed and looked away. The boys rounded up their match as they entered the rest room to change.  Violet stayed back to wait for Ace. I waved at her and left for home.
      Dad was already cleaning the house when I arrived. I changed to a casual ware amd assisted him.
    " She must be important" I said to dad.
    " Very important. Anna is a nice woman. " Sad said and I nodded.
        After few hours we rounded up.  I left for my room to take a nap. Not quite long dad entered my room telling me our long awaited guest where here. I got up yawning continuously as I staggered into my bathroom. I made sure I looked good. I hurried downstairs but was surprised to what I saw.
    " Hey Anna meet my daughter Aaliyah" Dad introduce us.
      Her bad ass son was just standing and staring at the scenario.
    " You look familiar, I guess I've seen you at Piedmont's" Anna said gigling.
    " Yeah I school there" I replied.
    " Just like my son. His name is Jayden" Anna said.
      We stare at each and smiled.
    " Yeah I know her" Jayden said.
    " Really" both couple's asked at the same time.
    " Yes, he's my course mate" i replied.
    " Wow, that means you guys have been getting along . I'm glad" Anna giggled.
      I wasn't sure I could cope with their relationship. Dad made us sit as we have lunch together.
    " Bill tell me you didn't prepared this food and Aaliyah did" Anna said to dad.
    " Seriously we both did the cooking" Dad replied.
    " Wow, I love it" Anna said.
      Jayden and I was mute since they started their conversation. He was always looking at me with grievance.
      We finished eating and I cleared the plates.
    " Liyah why don't you give Jay a tour around our house" Dad said smiling at me.
    " No dad that's a bad idea" I said at once.
    " Why?" Anna asked. Jay looked at me and smiled.
    " Of course it's not a bad idea. Please give me a tour"  That was from Jayden.
    " What?" I asked.
    " Yeah. I don't mind" He said.
    " Guys please have fun" Anna said
      I looked at Jayden and led the match. I wasn't too sure of what I was doing. We were out of sight from our parents.
    " Why are you acting nice all of a sudden?" I asked him.
    " Because I'm nice" he said as he frowned.
    " Take me to your room"  He said.
    " What?" I asked baffled.
    " Yeah your room. Or are you ashamed to take me to your room?" He asked and grinned .
    " Fuck" I said and left for my room. He followed me.
       Jayden was just observing every corner of my room.
    " Who could believe a weirdo like you can come from a wealthy family. " He said without looking at me.
    " You should stop calling me a weirdo" I said.
    " Oh yeah." He said as he laid on my bed. He got up immediately.
    " That's the worst bed ever. So strong" He said.
    " Are you trying to make me look bad?" I asked him.
    " Seriously, liyah you're already looking bad" He said and I ignored him.
      He stood at the picture of my mom hanging on the wall of my room.
    " I guess that's your mom?" He asked.
    " Yeah" I replied.
    " She's beautiful. I guess you resembled your grandma" He said turning to me.
    " What?" I asked.
      I was hurt I knew where he was driving at.
    " I think you should leave my room" I said.
    " Yeah I will. But let me get this straight. The fact that our parents are dating doesn't mean we are going to be friends. You should try and understand, I don't like you and I'll never like you." He said proceeding to leave.
    " Silly, who would love to be friends with an ass hole like you?" I asked looking at him.
    " The hottest chics in NY not wackos like you." He said and walked out closing the door.
    I wasn't sure Anna was the perfect lady for dad. Her son is trouble. I sighed and returned to the living room.

    Chapter 11

    I went downstairs to meet them. it seems Anna was preparing to leave.
    " Thanks liyah" Anna said as she hugged me.
    " I hope you guys have good time?" Anna asked.
    " Yes we did" Jayden replied.
    " Alright. Bill I'll call you once I get home" Anna said hugging dad.
       We saw them off. Anna entered her car and they left . Dad was just smiling at me. I frowned at him, I wasn't pleased with his choice at all.
    We entered the house and I fell on the couch.
    " So liyah what do you think?" Dad asked sitting close to me.
    " I think you should look for someone else" I said.
    " Liyah why?" Dad asked.
      I kept quiet and looked at dad.
    " Anna is a nice person Including her son. You just met her don't judge her yet" Dad said.
      I sighed and remained mute.
    " You'll like her" Dad said.
      I smiled and got up leaving for my room.
    " Oh God" I thought as I closed my door.
       Dating Anna was a bad idea, her son is just a bad ass. An asshole, Jay is trouble. I can't believe it.
       Next day at school...
    " Liyah tell me it's a lie" Violet said. I actually told her the incident that occurred in my house the previous day
    " Of course I'm serious. My dad is already dating Jay's mom" I said.
    " And that's a good news" Violet said
    " What!"
    " Yeah." She replied.
    " Jay doesn't like me at all. We quarreled yesterday. He's just a bastard " I said.
    " Liyah I already told you. When someone always abuse you it means they love you. He liked you, Jay is a good guy" Violet said.
    " That means ace doesn't like you" I said as she frowned.
    " No, my love life is different from yours. Ace doesn't pretend. Jay is only pretending because he's a VIP student with very high esteem" Violet said.
      She wasn't making sense at all.
    " Do you even remember what he did yesterday?" I asked her.
    " No" Violet answered.
    " He said to the entire class yesterday that I was having a huge crush on him. I was embarrassed" I said.
    " God, where was I?" Violet asked.
    " With Ace of course" I said.
    " Oh, now I understand. Jay's trying to make fun of you. I like where this is going" Violet said.
    " I got an idea" Violet said clicking her finger.
    " What?" I asked.
    " Why don't you pay him back" Violet said grinning.
    " Pay him back. How?" I asked.
    " Have you deleted the video of him reciting a poet at Jonah's office?" Violet asked.
    " No, I'm still keeping it" I replied.
    " Then I think you should send it to all contacts in school using our school website" Violet said as she giggled.
    " No way, I can't" I said.
    " Why? He deserves it. I think he deserves the fun too" Violet said.
    " Jay warned me not to send that video to anyone or even tell anyone about it the very day I confronted him about the video. He hates to look like a school jerk" I said.
    " And that's the reason you are sending the video" View smiled .
      I thought about it, I don't why i was doing it but I had to. I sent the video to all the school contacts. Within 10 minutes I was already seeing 100 views.
     After test that day. Violet was smiling at the video. We were standing at the hall.
    " Vi" I called.
    " Who could believe he is so brilliant" violet said.
    " Wow 10, 000 views. This dude is really popular" Violet said.
      I was speechless. I guess almost all college students must have seen the video. My conscience was already pricking me. Jay walked into the hall with Ace. Violet rushed to meet Ace and they both hug.
    " Love" I thought.
       Jay wasn't smiling as usual. I guess he saw the video.
    " Eh Jay, that's a nice poet" A student say mockingly. He looked at me and walked to where I was standing. Ace was with violet.
    " Are you such a leak?" He fired.
    " Excuse me"
    " Liyah you sent the video" He said. I looked at him and refused to speak.
    " Why would you think of recording me? Look I'm not your boyfriend and will never be. Why can't you deal with that?" He yelled.
    " What the fuck is wrong with you? What makes you think that I sent the video?" I yelled. I was paranoid now.
    " Shit! You're the only weirdo I know in school. You're just so annoying. Try and stay out of my path. The fact that our parents are dating now doesn't change anything. I was serious about what i said. I know it's kinda difficult for you but you need to stay out of my path. I can't like you, never will I." He said and walked away.
      Alright I felt bad. I regretted what I did. Cause his words were so annoying. I frowned and looked at violet who was with Ace. She excused ace and move over to where I was. Ace left with Jayden.
    " I'm screwed" I said
    " How?" Violet asked looking at me
    " You cost everything. I shouldn't have listened to you" I said.
    " Chill. We were having fun" She said.
    " I wasn't expecting he was going to take it personal" Violet said.
    " And that is because it is his personal life" I said.
    " I shouldn't have listened to you" I said pretending to be angry.
    " I'm sorry, I hope we are still friends" Violet said looking at me weirdly.
    " Of course" I said.
    " Hey liyah"  A voice called. I know it was Damian.
      I turned to look at him. Violet was already Chuckling.
    " Damian please not now" I said.
    " Yeah I just wanted to ask if we can go out on a date?" He asked.
    " A date?" I asked.
    " Yes, I would be glad" Damian said.
    " But I don't like you" I said.
    " Aaliyah please" He pleaded.
    " I think I need to drop out of college because of you. I don't know why you don't want to leave me alone. Damian I'm sick please let me be okay" I Said. I was really getting pissed at Damian's frequent pestering.
    " Fine I will . Just go out on a date with me" he said giving me his regular baby face.
    " Fuck you're toast. You look really ugly each time you do that. I'll think about it" I said.
      Damian smiled and walked out.
    " Alright that's true love" Violet said laughing.
    " Seriously" I said .
    " Oh my. He's funny and brilliant" Violet said.
    " Yeah you're right . But I can't love him" I said.
    " Why? Is it because he's not a VIP?" Violet asked.
    " Chill. I'm not looking for a VIP lover. I need someone who would really love me for me. And not VIPs" I said.
    " Hmm I understand. But I think Damian is willing to love you, I mean love you for who you really are" violet said mockingly.
    " You're trying to mock me" I said
      Just then mrs prudence walked in. She was a strict lecturer.
    " Miss bill, my office immediately" she said to me and left.
    " Alright, I'm really screwed" I said to violet.
    " Go and find out first before you panic" violet said.
      I smiled faintly and left for her office. I knocked and her voice ushered me. I walked in and greeted her.
    " Miss bill did you use the school's website today to send a video of Jayden reciting a poet?" She asked.
    " I'm doomed" I said to myself.
    " Yes" I replied.
    " Why?" She asked.
    " Sorry ma'am, the schools website was last updated in 2002 and I thought it would be nice if I make it come alive" I explained.
    " Who asked you?" She asked.
    " I'm sorry. I thought school needed the change" I said.
    " Next time take permission before you do such or I'll place you in detention" she said looking at me with her big balls stretching out of her socket.
    I nodded and prostrated.
    " You can leave" She said and I left.
    I was really annoyed, I shouldn't have listened to violet I wished I had known.

    Chapter 12

    " I truly regretted everything" I said to violet.
    " Chill. I know I'm the brain box behind this. I'm really sorry" Violet pleaded.
    " It's okay, I understand." I said.
    " Why don't we go out for coffee" Violet said and i smiled.
       We left school to the coffee shop opposite Piedmont's. The place wasn't that rowded. We saw Jayden he was sitting opposite us taking a coffee. He looked at me with his ugly looks and finally look away.
    " Okay. I truly hurt him" I said to violet.
    " Chill, it's normal. What about you are you not hurt? Why would he announce to the entire school that you're into him. That's blasphemy" Violet said.
    " Still, I'm just feeling guilty" i said sipping my coffee.
    " Well I'll talk to him" Violet said.
    " You don't have to, I'll be fine" I said and sighed.
      Jayden was still there when Jenner walked. She sat close to Jayden as they exchange greetings. She was smiling continuously.
    " Alright school is crazy" I said without looking at them.
    " Are you jealous? Violet asked.
    " I'm not jealous. I just.." I said and violet interrupted me.
    " Chill they are not dating" Violet said
        Jenner got up and kissed Jay on his cheek and walked out. I hissed and look away. Jayden got up and left.
    " You should stop killing yourself over Jay. He likes you for real" Violet said. She barely make sense as long as Jayden is concerned.
    " Let's go please" Violet said standing up. I got up and followed her.
      We left for school. Ace was with Jayden as usual. Ace walked to where we were standing and hugged violet. I thought their love life was just for fun but it was extraordinary. I wished I could see some one like Ace too. They boy who hates favouritism . He smiled at me and I greeted.
    " How are you girls?" He asked.
    " Well I'm fine but liyah isn't" Violet said.
    " Vi" I called.
    " Look liyah if it's about Jay, he's fine. He might be truly hurt but he's absolutely fine" Ace said.
    " I know. But I'm fine as well" I said.
      Ace looked at me, I was forced to grin.
    " There's a party tonight and I want you girls to come" Ace said.
    " I'm not sure I can come" I said at once.
      I remembered dad, he hates parties. Always thinking I'm going out on a date.
    " Liyah your dad?" Violet asked.
    " Yeah, he hates parties" I replied.
    " I'll come get you myself" Violet said.
      I kept quiet staring at Ace.
    " Chill we will come get you" Ace said.
    " No Ace don't come please. My dad hates boys" I said.
    " Woah, you'll definitely get married right?" Ace asked.
    " Yeah. That's a husband and not a boyfriend" I said and Ace laughed.
    " I understand. Violet make sure I see her tonight" Ace said kissing violet on her cheek.
    " She will be present" violet said and ace left.
    " I'm not sure I can come" I said.
    " Aaliyah you dare not stay back. Today is Friday, the last day of our test. We gotta celebrate" Violet said.
    " It's test not exam"
    " Lee I know we deserve it. I'll talk to your dad" Violet said.
       I smiled only to find Jay looking at me , he was talking to Ace. His stare barely last though.
    " Do you have to invite her?" Jayden asked Ace.
    " Yeah, I wanna party with her." Ace Said.
    " Fuck you know that I don't like her" Jayden said.
    " Yeah I know. You should stop transferring aggressions" Ace said.
    " I need a smoke" Jayden said and walked away. Ace followed too.
       That evening
       I was preparing dinner when violet called me to inform me about the party that she was coming to pick me up. I thought about a way to tell dad.
    " Liyah, please be fast I'm starving" Dad called
       I served him dinner and place it on the dinning table.
    " You're not eating ?" Dad asked.
    " No" I replied
    " Why?" He asked.
    " I'm not yet hungry" I replied.
    " Alright"  He said as he proceed to eat.
    " Dad" I called.
    " Yes"
    " Can I party with violet tonight?" I asked.
    " Again" Dad said frowning at me.
    " The only reason I allowed you that night it's because it's prom night. Is today prom night too?" He asked.
    " No, Violet's cousin is throwing a party tonight and I'm invited" I said.
    " Violet has a cousin now?" Dad asked.
    " Yeah . He just returned from the country" I lied.
    " He?" Dad asked as he stopped eating.
    " Dad, look I'll be fine. You're over protecting me again" I said. I was really offended.
    " Liyah your room now" Dad ordered.
      I hissed and went upstairs.
    " I'm no longer a kid. Why can't you behave like an American man, I'm tired of this your African attitude" I yelled standing upstairs.
    " That's the main reason most if this American kids are wayward. You better go to your room" He said.
    " Then look for an African woman because Anna is American" I said angrily.
       Well that word really got dad cause he went wild.
    " Liyah go to your room. Don't talk about Anna like that" Dad yelled.
      I hissed and entered my room.
    Dad will never change. He's always like that. Violet called immediately.
    " Sup vi"
    " Liyah I'm outside your house" she Said.
    " My dad won't allow me" I said.
    " Chill just come and open up. He might asked you who's throwing the party, I said it's your cousin" I said.
    " Liyah that's a huge lie" Violet said on the phone.
    " I know, just be cool" I said .
    " Alright come and open up" Violet said and ended the call.
      I got up and went downstairs to open the door . Dad was just looking at me. Violet entered and greeted dad.
    " How are you vi?" He asked.
    " I'm fine" violet replied turning to look at me.
    " Liyah you're not ready" She said looking at me.
    " Where are you girls going?" Dad asked.
    " My cousin is throwing a party tonight , liyah is invited" violet said.
    " Really?" Dad asked.
    " Yes" Violet replied. I kept quiet looking at both of them.
    " Alright I'll let her go but she must be home before 9" Dad said.
    " One hour party. Dad it's 8 already" I said.
    " Liyah you shouldn't spend more than two hours." Dad said and I smiled.
    " But I hope it's not about a boy?" He asked and I Frowned.
    " No sir it's just a party" Violet replied.
    " Alright, you can go" dad said.
       I rushed upstairs including Violet. At last I was allowed to party.
    " Jeez that was hilarious" violet said laughing.
    " Seriously" I said.
    " Lemme help you get ready" Violet said opening my closet.
      She brought out a gown I just ordered from Beverly's
    " Tonight's gonna be different. Top fashion models are storming the party, you need to look like a VIP" violet said.
    " Are you serious?" I asked.
    " Yeah. Danny Rand will be present too. The hottest male model in NY. It's a special night" she added.
    " Oh my God. The spot will be crazy" I said.
       Violet helped me with my hair and we walked outside. You need to see dad's face.
    " Violet, I thought you said it's just a family party?" Dad asked.
    " Yeah" she replied.
    " That dress liyah is wearing is too attractive" dad said.
    " Dad please just this night" I said pleading. Violet pleaded too.
    " Alright go and have fun" Dad said as we stormed out.
       The spot was rowdy as usual. I was so shy because of the VIPs at the spot. We walked in, almost every body's eyes were fixed on my dress.
    " Wow now that's a dress" Ace said. I smiled at him. Violet hugged him and ended up with a kiss on her cheek.
    " You look amazing" Ace added.
    " I know. I purposely picked that dress for her" Violet said chuckling.
    " Let's go" Ace said as he leads us to a table. Jayden was with Jenner. They were sitting on the table as well. I stood still and sighed. Jayden didn't bother to look at me he was busy flirting with Jenner.
    " Sit " Ace said to us. We sat down opposite Jayden and Jenner.
    " Nice outfit" Jenner said to me.
    " Thanks" I replied.
      Ace came back with drinks. We booze and chat. Jayden wasn't talking. I dare not talk when he's talking cause it's going to be war.
    " Is that Danny?" Jenner asked.
      Of course it was him. The popular model in NY.
    " I want a selfie with him. I would love to dance with him" Jenner said standing up rushing into the crowd.
    " Girls" Ace said referring to Jenner.
    " Vi let's dance" Ace said giving violet a hand and they left for the the dance floor. I was left with Jayden.
      We remained mute for a while without saying a word to each other. I felt stranded.
    " Look I'm sorry" I said looking at him.
    " Why?" He managed to ask.
    " For leaking your poet video" I said.
    " Cool, thank God you apologize" He said.
    " But that doesn't change the fact that you're still an asshole" I said frowning at him.
    " Who cares" He said sipping his drink.
     Danny Rand walked to where I was sitting with Jayden and smiled at me.
    " You want a dance?" He asked me.
       Jayden turned to look at me.
     I smiled at Danny and got up giving him my hand. He took it and we fell on the dance floor . Jayden's look made me understand the true meaning of stranded.
    " You look beautiful" Danny whispered to my ears.
    " Thanks" I replied.
    " I saw you when you walked in, my eyes was staring at you, I couldn't help but find you" he said and I smiled.
    " Is he your boyfriend?" He asked referring to Jayden.
    " No" I replied.
    " Good you wanna watch me model live at Jacqueline's life show?" Danny asked.
    " Yeah" i said
    " Thanks, I'm giving you a free ticket" Danny said and I smiled.
    Well that night was really a special night, really different from every other night.

    Chapter 13

    Story by, Goddy ( Bae Wondha )
    The next day was Saturday. I was at Violet's, she was gigling like a baby when I told her about danny.
    "Seriously that was epic" Violet said.
    "Yeah" I said.
    " You really need to look good at Jacqueline's live show." Violet said.
    " I'm not planning to watch Danny model" I said.
    " What!"
    " Yeah" I replied.
    " But you promised him" Violet said .
    " The reason I danced with him was to avoid Jay's annoying look. Danny is a Casanova" I said.
    " So, look I wasn't there to record Jayden's face but I'm sure it was sour because you danced with someone way better than him" Violet said and I sighed.
    " Lee you're falling for Jayden" Violet said looking at me and I look away.
    " Vi I'm not falling. My dad will never allow me to go out anymore. I'm tired of telling lies over and over and over again " I said.
    " I get your point. But if I were you I would risk it, I'd make sure Jay come begging with his knees down. You have to watch Danny at Jacqueline's. Liyah it's a free ticket. At least that shows you're special" Violet said and I smiled.
    She wasn't understanding.
    " Vi but I don't like Danny" I said.
    " You don't have to like him. You just have to go out with him" Violet said.
    " I'll think about it" I said.
    " Liyah you don't have to" Violet said shaking me side to side.
    " Vi"
    " Danny is popular . New York's best boy. I'm being serious when I say Jay is never gonna mess with you" Violet said.
    " Chill, I don't wanna watch him model alright"
    " Fine I won't force you" Violet said lying down.
        That evening Anna and Jayden visited. I was in my room when Dad called me downstairs.
    " Hi Anna " I greeted her.
    " Hi liyah how are you doing?" She asked.
    " I'm fine" I said smiling at her.
    " Hey" I said to Jayden who didn't bother to reply.
    " Why don't you guys excuse us please" Anna said.
    " Not again" I said to myself.
    " I think I wanna go home" Jayden said to his mom.
    " Why? Aaliyah is here to keep you company" Anna said.
    " Go on" Dad said
    I looked at him and frowned. I turned to leave and proceed to our garden.
    " I hate this idea" He said.
    " You don't have to, cause I hate it more than you" I said sitting on the swing.
         He looked at me and crossed his arms, he barely smile I just don't know why.
    " Last night made you feel like a queen right?" Jayden asked.
    " Yeah cause I danced with NY's hot boy. I thought I was going to be stranded with rat head like you" I said.
    " What, you'll only end up warming his bed and that's the only reason he proceed to talk to you because you're a weirdo" Jayden said. I was pissed again.
    " Your presence is always irritating. I think you should start telling your mom you don't want to follow her to my house anymore" I said.
    " What! What makes you think I'd told her I wanna come along to your house" He defended.
    I looked at him and ignored him
    " Seriously, you're unbelievable" He said.
    " Thanks, better than your stripper girlfriend" I said.
    " Stripper? Are you trying to get back at me because you danced with a model?" He asked.
    " You are a jerk , a weirdo and a badass. You are never interesting, always annoying and ungrateful" I said.
      He looked at me , he was going wild. I sighed and looked away.
     " You know the painful part you're still going loco for that bad ass" He said.
    " What makes you think I'm falling for you?" I asked.
    " You wanna deny that now. You just can't deny the fact. Just stop talking to me, don't tryna please me with your weird life and your arrogant speach. I don't like you. I'm still wondering how your dad have to fall for my mom forgetting the fact that his daughter his a wild cat. God" Jayden said and walked away.
      I frowned and sighed. What the hell is wrong with me?
    I can't cope with him, a boy who is a true definition of trouble.
    Not too long Anna left with Jayden.
    " Dad can't you look for someone else?" I asked dad.
    " Why?"
    " Because Anna isn't right for you" I said.
    " Why don't you like her family?" Dad asked and I refuse to reply.
    " Jay and you are even course mates that means you two should be close. Anna is nice , you just have to learn to like her" Dad tuitored.
       He is right, Anna is truly nice but her son isn't. If they eventually get married it would be bad. Real bad.
      I smiled at dad and left. The next day dad entered my room, he wasn't smiling as usual. I sit up as dad sit close to me.
    " Dad is everything alright?" I asked.
    " Well I have two news for you. "Dad said.
    " Two news?" I asked.
    " Yeah , a bad one and a good one. So choose one first" He said smiling faintly.
    " Alright I'll go for bad first" I said.
    " Alright your gogo is sick" Dad said.
    " What! Grandma is sick what happened?" I asked.
    " Well it's a minor illness and I'll be traveling back home to take care of her" Dad said
    " Lemme come with you" I said at once.
    " Liyah no, I'll be fine. You just have to be a good girl and take care of yourself. Joannesburg is really far, I don't want you to miss class because of gogo. Alright" Dad said.
    " Alright Dad. So what's the good news?" I asked.
    " Well you'll be leaving with Anna before I return" Dad said.
    I couldn't believe my ears.
    " What! Why?" I asked.
    " Because I can't leave you alone in this house. You'll be more safe at Anna's" Dad said.
    " What, no way I can't" I said.
    " Of course you can" Dad said.
    " But dad I'll be fine. I can take care of myself. You can't leave me under the security of your girlfriend" I said.
    " Well you're right. I don't want you to bring your college boyfriends into my house. You'll definitely rock all the parties in NY before I return. I'm staying two weeks so get ready, pick few of your clothes you'll need and get ready I'll be dropping you at Anna's" Dad said standing up.
    " Dad" I called looking at dad who was leaving for my door
    " Mom, you'll be fine. At least you will get to know Anna and her family really well okay" Dad said closing my door.
     I couldn't believe my ears. Two weeks with Jay will be war, real war.

    Chapter 14

    I called vi that same day to give her the bad news.
    " Lee how are you?" She asked on the phone.
    " Man, I think I'm doomed, seriously" I said.
    " How?" Violet asked.
    " I'm about to spend two weeks with Jay" I said
    " Wow, what a date" Violet said as she chuckled on the phone.
    " What?" I asked.
    " You'll be leaving with Jay's mom for two weeks. That's dream come true for you" Violets said.
    She was fund of doing that.
    " Vi, please be serious" I said.
    " What happened? How come you wanna stay with Jay for two weeks?" Violet asked.
    " And that's because, my gogo is sick, my dad will be traveling home to take care of her. Dad don't want me to stay alone, he said I was going to bring college boys to his house" I explained.
    " Wow, but that's cool. You'll get to know yourselves better. I'm sure that will eventually ease your battles." Violet said. I sighed and hissed.
    " Seriously you barely help matters" I said.
    " Lee what do you want me to do? To call your dad and plead with him to let you stay in your house. Of course you know that's impossible" Violet said.
    " So chill. I bet you'll love it" Violet added.
    I sighed deeply and fell on my bed.
    " Thanks, I understand" I said.
    " Cool. When are you leaving?" Violet asked.
    " Tomorrow morning I guess" I said.
    " Alright, call me as soon as you get there" Violet said and I smiled to myself.
    " Alright" I said and Violet ended the call.
    I was really stressed out
    I fell on my bed and slept off. Dad woke me up that night to have dinner. I yawned and went downstairs.
    " Dad, have you changed your mind?" I asked as we began eating.
    " About what?" Dad asked.
    " Living with Anna" I said.
    " Aaliyah you no that's impossible, I can't change my mind" Dad said.
    " But why? Don't you trust me?" I asked.
    " Liyah I do. But I don't trust NY alright" Dad said.
    " You said I was bringing in boys, you know I won't do that" I protested.
    " I know, but you will rock all the parties in NY before I returned, you know I'm not trying to abuse you" Dad said.
    I frowned and look at dad who was busy eating.
    " What makes you think I will be fine at Anna's?" I asked.
    " And that's because she's my girlfriend and she likes you alot. She has an adopted daughter by name Regina, you'll love her too. She will keep you company when you get tired of Jay's company" Dad said.
    I hissed within myself, dad wasn't helping matters.
    " Why can't I stay with Vi?" I asked.
    " Lee you know I won't allow that. Staying with Vi won't make you concentrate. You'll eventually rock all the parties in NY. Follow her to her boyfriend's house and precisely you can have one from there" Dad said
    " Dad, what makes you think violet has a boyfriend?" I asked.
    " I'm not a kid Lee, I know Violet has a man, I'm not against it though but i want you to graduate before thinking about relationship" Dad said
       I wish he can understand it's never possible. I sighed and looked at dad .
       The following morning..
    I stretched myself as I yawned continuously.
    " Here awaits my Doom" I said to myself.
    " Liyah, are you ready? I don't wanna be late for my flight" Dad said.
    I hissed and refused to reply. I entered my bathroom and washed myself. I picked few of my things I would need at Anna's. I rolled my box downstairs only to find dad ready. We entered his car and left. Anna's place wasn't that far from ours. It's about an hour journey.
      Dad knocked on Anna's door as she opened. She flung herself on Dad and kissed him on his cheek.
    " Hey liyah, come in" Anna said helping me with my luggage.
    " Thanks" I said as I walked in.
    Well Anna's house was really beautiful. I entered looking at every corner.
    " Aaliyah you're welcome to my house. I'm so grateful to have you. You'll enjoy your stay here" Anna said smiling at me and I smiled back.
    " Well Anna I'll leave you now. Lee just be careful" Dad said and hugged me. He hugged Anna and left .
    Anna turned to me and smiled
    " Come with me lemme take you to your room" She said leading the match.
    I followed her and we finally arrived at this room that looks exactly like my room at Dad's house.
    " Wow it's fab" I said smiling at my new room.
    " I'm glad you like it" Anna said.
    " I'm about going out. Regina is in her room I guess. She's my adopted daughter, she will like you very much. Jay's not around, he must be at Ace. I want you to feel at home. If you're hungry, go to the kitchen and serve yourself alright" Anna said and I end up nodding.
    " Thanks alot, I'm grateful" I said.
    Anna hugged me and left I sighed and sit on my bed.
    " Well it looks like home" I said looking around. I got up to take a tour around the house. I entered the living room, I saw a girl with brown hair going through her phone, she was sitting on a chair inside the living room. I walked in and smiled at her, she must be Regina.
    " Hey" I called.
    She raised her head and smiled at me.
    " Hi" She said standing up.
    " You must be Regina right?" I asked.
    " Yeah . Who told you about me?" She asked me.
    " Well your mom did" I replied.
    " Wow, you're beautiful. You're Aaliyah right?" She asked.
    " Yes. Did Anna told you about me?" I asked.
    " Nah, my crazy brother did" She replied.
    " Which brother?" I asked.
    " Oh Jay . He's been talking about you lately" She said and laughed.
    " Wow, who could believe a bad ass like Jay has been talking about me." I thought.
    " I hope it's good stuffs?" I inquired.
    "Yeah, jay is nice but most times he's really annoying." She said.
    " Wow, even his family also know him as bad ass" I thought.
    " Well I don't want to look like an informat, it seems I've been giving you alot of information already" Regina said and smiled at me.
    " Well it's nothing" I said.
    " You're hungry?" She asked.
    " No I'm fine" I replied.
    "You attend Piedmont's too?" I asked.
    " Yeah" She replied.
    " But I haven't seen you before" I said and she laughed.
    " Piedmont's is big. I know Nicki , maybe cause she's a little bit popular" Regina said and I smiled.
    " Yeah" I said.
    " Okay, I should leave you now" Regina said and left.
    " It's left for me now" I said.
    I called vi.
    " Hi vi" I said.
    " You're there?" She asked.
    " Yeah" I replied.
    " Oh my God. Guess you've seen your favourite enemy?" Violet asked.
    " No he's not around" I replied.
    " Well stay calm, I'll be visiting you as usual" Violet said.
    " That means you'll be watching Danny model?" Violet asked.
    " Vi I can't" I said.
    " Why?" She asked.
    " Liyah Anna is not like your dad who hates parties, so what's your excuse?" She asked.
    " Well I just don't wanna hang out with Danny too much" I Said.
    " Oh because of Jay?"
    " No, it's not what you think. Flirting isn't my thing. Hanging around Danny is just for fun, he might end up asking me out" I said.
    " Oh, then you have to accept if he eventually asks you out" Violet said.
    " Violet you don't understand. Relationship involves true love. I guess you love Ace and that's the reason you decide to settle for him. Or is it because he's a VIP student and he's rich?" I asked.
    " Well I get your point. You can love who you choose to love but just be careful" Violet said.
    " Thanks" I said
    " Why don't I call you later" Violet said.
    " Alright" I responded and ended the call. I sighed and looked at the living room again.
    " What are you doing here?" A voice asked. Of course it was Jayden. I turned to look at the bad ass.
    " I'm living here now" I replied.
    " What?" He asked.
    " You heard me well. You're not having ear problems" I said.
    " What happened to your house?" He asked.
    " I guess you care to know. Well my dad travelled to look after my sick grandma and I'll be staying with you guys" I said.
    " Why didn't you choose to stay with vi? Why my house?" He asked.
    I know where he was driving at.
    " You can phone my dad and ask him" I said.
    " I understand, you choose to be here. Well just stay your path. Don't cross my path." He said walking away
    " Well we'll see who's gonna cross each other's path weirdo" I said slowly. I guess he heard me.
    " Silly and annoying" I hear him answer.
    " Rat head" I thought.
    I hissed and left for my room.
    That evening...
      Anna prepared dinner for us. We sit down to eat as discussion began.
    " Liyah I hope you're having a nice time here?" Anna asked and I smiled.
       Jay looked at me and frowned.
    " Yes Anna, I'm glad to be here" I said and Regina smiled at me.
    " I really like her too. She's fun to be with" Regina said.
    " Wow, I think it would be nice if Jay and liyah go to school together. " Anna said.
       That was a bad idea. Jay frowned at once.
    " Mom, it's not right if we go to class together. I mean we can continue our normal school routine by going to school at our different hour" Jayden said.
    " Yeah I support Jay. We can go to class at our separate time" I said.
    " Are you Sure? Because it would be nice to get along well" Anna said.
    " Yeah mom, we are getting along" Jayden said. I smiled and nodded at Anna.
    " Alright dear" Anna replied.
    " I'm going to work guys. Jay be nice to our guest" Anna said standing up and left.
      Regina told me she's a night worker. Jay got up and left for his room.
    " He's not always like that" Regina said to me.
    " I know" I said and smiled at Gina. I helped her arrange the plates and dropped them at the kitchen.
    Well here begins my adventures at Anna's.

    Chapter 15

    The next morning, I was really late to school. Regina was just talking endlessly the previous night.
    " Lee, what's up" Violet said and she hugged me.
    " I'm great, I'm just tired" I said.
    " You really look toast" She said and I smiled.
    " Class awaits us" Violet said and we proceed to class.
    " Man I can't believe your favorite enemy now stays with you" Ace said to Jayden at school field.
    " I wasn't expecting that too" Jayden said.
    " Well you gotta be nice to her" Ace said to Jay.
    " Nice. Jay doesn't know the meaning of nice" Jay said and ace chuckled.
    " Well you need to check Oxford dictionary, the word nice is located there" Ace said and Jayden laughed.
    " You know what jay, I think you need to give liyah a chance" Ace said.
      Jay took a deep breath and sighed.
    " I can't and you know that" Jay said.
    " I understand but she's nice" Ace said
    " That's the point, nice people don't deserve bad ass like me. I can't love her, I might end up making her cry" Jay said.
    " Bad boy deserves a bad girl right?" Ace asked Jayden.
    " Maybe" Jay replied.
    " That's one of the reasons you ended up with another bad ass like you who end up sleeping with your worst enemy" Ace said.
    " I hate that girl" Jay said.
    " You don't have to. I heard she's coming back to Piedmont's"
    " Why?" Jay asked.
    " I've no idea" Ace replied .
    " Fuck" That was Jay saying.
    " I planned throwing a party tonight at my house" Jayden said.
    " Wow, it's gonna be fun" Ace said.
    "Yeah"  Jayden replied.
       Later that day at the hall...
      " Hey liyah" Damian called smiling at me.
    " Oh yeah, your lover is here" Violet gigled.
    " Damian" I called staring at him.
    " You failed me. I really want to go out on a date with you" Damian said.
    " I know, but it's not possible and you know that" I said .
    " Liyah you promised" Damian said.
    " I'm sorry, but I'm still thinking about it" I said .
    " This weekend right?"
    " I'm not that sure" I replied.
    " Aaliyah" Damian called.
    " Okay fine I'll think about it, okay stop reminding me" I said.
      Damian was becoming a pest, and  i was getting tired of him. Jayden walked into the hall with Ace. That boy is really Bieber, he is always drawing attention from fellow students. Every one turned to look at him, including me.
    " Hello everyone, I'm throwing a party tonight and you all are invited" Jay said and everyone cheered him.
    " I dare not miss this one" Violet said.
    " I almost forgot you're a party freak" I said to her.
      Violet excused me and move over to Ace, Jay walked to where I was standing, he frowned at me and I frowned back.
    " Is your mom aware that you're throwing a party in her house?" I asked him.
    " And what's your business?" He asked.
      His annoying speech is about to explode.
    " I just wanna inform you that you're not invited, I don't wanna see you at my party" He said. I looked at him with anger .
    " Alright" I said and he stormed out.
      Violet walked to where I was standing.
    " Ooh your mood , Jay must have said something wrong. What did he say?" Violet asked.
      I sighed and looked at Violet.
    " Can I crash at your place tonight?" I asked violet.
    " Why?" She asked.
    " Well I'm not invited, Jay said I shouldn't come" I said.
    " What!, What is really wrong with him?" Violet asked and I have no idea.
    " Jay doesn't like me at all and I'm sure I can deal with that." I said .
    " It's awkward, staying on the same roof with your enemy, it's weird. Something in me tells me he likes you" Violet said.
      I was getting pissed , I was tired of that phrase.
    " Violet can I crash at your place?" I asked.
    " Of course" She replied.
      School dismissed and I followed violet home. I was really paranoid, jay was getting out of hand.
    " I'm really sorry, ace invited me to party with him at Jay's party"  violet said.
    " What! I'm supposed to sleep here alone?"
    " I think yes" Violet said.
    " Oh God" .
    " Lee you can come along too. I mean Jay has no right to stop you from coming into that house, his house his yours too. You live there and you have every right to be there" Violet said..
    " Vi, no that house is his" I said.
    " His? Or Anna's" Violet said.
    " I think Jay has intimidated you enough" violet said.
       I smiled at her, I was ready to party.
    " So get up and let's storm that party" Violet said.
    " I didn't bring any clothes to your house" I said and violet smiled.
    " As a party freak we are always prepared" Violet said opening her closet. She brought out a temptation called gown and handed it to me.
    " I just bought that at Beverly's, your favourite collection you can probably keep it" Violet said.
    " Thank you" I said and hugged violet.
    " Now let's rock some party" Violet said and I giggled .
    That night at Jay's house was wow, it was a replica of a club. Piedmont's students crowded the house. Violet and I walked in observing every where. Pop music was blaring out of the speakers.
    " Lemme look for Ace" Violet said to me.
    " Alright, I'll wait behind" I said and watched violet walked in to the crowds.
    " What are you doing here?" Jay asked me.
    " Am I supposed to answer that?" I asked him.
    " I didn't remember inviting you" He said and I laughed.
    " I have every right to be here, I live here too." I said.
    " I know you were gonna come, you barely stay to instructions" He said.
    " Just be careful around my party" Jayden said just then Damian walked in.
    " Babe" Damian said to me. I felt a little bit embarrassed.
    " What!" I said.
      Jay stood still watching our conversation.
    " Damian not now please" I said.
      I felt like falling on the ground, I just wished the ground could swallow me.
    " Hey who invited you?" Jayden asked Damian who became scared.
    " I guess I didn't" Jay continued.
    " Now get out" He yelled and Damian raced out .
    " Thanks but that was rude" I said to Jay.
    " Not needed, you should learn your solve your relationship problems rather than bringing them to my parties" Jayden said.
    " He's not my boyfriend" I said.
    " So I should call him back " Jayden said and I declined at once.
    " Confuse soul" He said and left.
    " Stupid" I said to myself.
        Violet came back to me.
    " I'm sorry , ace kept me stranded we had to dance " Violet said  and I nodded.
    " Let's dance" She said and I probably danced to the music.
      Not quite long Ace snatched violet from me and I became stranded.
      I walked outside, it was really cold. I stood outside staring at the realm, I was really bored. I felt someone's presence, I turned to look it was Jay.
    " What are you doing here?" He asked.
    " It's none of your business" I said.
    " It's cold outside you need to come inside" He said.
    " Stop being nice, you're a jerk Jay" I said. He nodded and smiled.
    " Maybe you're right" He said and walked to where I was standing.
    " What do you want?" I asked .
    " You are acting as if you don't enjoy our quarrels" He said looking into my eyes.
    " You know I don't enjoy our fights,you're annoying" I said about walking away when he held me back.
    " You're just being stubborn" He said as he got closer to me, damn I could feel his breath he was smelling so nice.
    " Jay what do you want?" I asked .
    " You" He replied.
    " What?"
    " Shhhh" He said and looked into my eyes.
     He gently kissed me on my lips, he held me so close and continued kissing, I couldn't resist. I find myself kissing him back desperately, he was touching my every part and I was responding to his touch, jay was something else. I kissed him back as he carresed my body. I was obeying to his touch and that was when I realized I was falling for The Bad Girls Boy.

    Chapter 16

    Well I woke up the following morning only to find myself in Jay's room and on his bed, I was actually lying on his chest. I got up quickly as I observed myself I was normal and intact just like yesterday.
    " Fuck, what did we do?" I asked Jayden who was yawning endlessly.
    " Jay" I called shaking him side to side.
    " Liyah we did nothing"  He said frowning at me.
    " What on Earth I'm I doing on your bed?" I asked.
      He gazed at me and smirked.
    " You don't expect me to answer that right?" He asked.
    " Well I expect you to answer that" I said.
    " We kissed last night, you were so desperate, you wanted more, I took you to my bedroom and we continued. Don't be scared I didn't penetrate, I'm not cheap" He said without looking at me.
    " We can't continue this" I said.
    " Continue what? Liyah we only kissed I'm not planning to continue anything alright" He said.
      Someone knocked on his door.
    " Jay" A voice said from outside.
    " Anna" I said.
      Jayden got up and ask me to hide in his closet. He opened the door and Anna walked in observing his room.
    " Good morning mom" He greeted.
    " Morning jay" Anna replied.
    " You're home so early" Jay said.
    " Yeah, And I saw some stuffs, did you throw a party last night in my house?" Anna asked.
    " I guess I did" He replied.
    " Jay this is my house and I control everything here. I warned you never to throw parties anymore but you're just like your father dumb head" Anna yelled.
    " Mom I'm old enough to throw parties, I'm not a child" Jayden said.
    " Yeah you're right, but that shit should not repeat itself in this house on less you're ready to travel back to Canada" Anna said.
    " Seriously mom, you're just being mean most times. You keep treating me like a baby. You make me feel I don't have a say in my life at all." Jayden said.
    " Well I gave birth to you and I decide what goes on in your life. Don't ever throw parties in my house again" Anna said and proceed to leave again. She stopped and looked at Jay as if something is wrong.
    " Where is liyah?" Anna asked looking around Jay's room.
    " You're asking as if she's supposed to be in my room. You can check her room" Jayden said.
    " I couldn't find her" Anna replied.
    " Well if you see her around tell her I asked about her and her dad extend his greetings" Anna said .
      Jay didn't bother to reply. Anna looked at Jay and left
      I came out of the closet breathing really fast, I was chocking.
    " Damn, your perfume is too hard" I said trying to catch my breath.
    " Yeah, that's because it's expensive" Jayden said falling on his bed.
    " Please it will be nice if you don't tell anyone about what happened between the two of us " I said.
    " Liyah I'm not a leak like you. You're the leak amongst us" He said and I hissed.
    " You truly can't change, ass hole" I said and left his room.
      I was late for class. I hurriedly took my bath and left for school. I met violet who was searching her locker effortlessly.
    " Vi" I called . She turned to look at me and smiled.
    " Hi Lee" She said closing her locker with full force.
    " Woa, what's up" I said.
    " I'm good I was searching for the necklace Ace bought for me" Violet said and sighed .
    " You've seen it?" I asked.
    " No I just can't find it" She replied.
    " Have you checked your bag?" I asked her.
    " Yeah, still can't find it"
    " Lemme help you" I said
      Violet reluctantly gave me her bag .
    " Lee it's not inside" She said.
      I ignored her and check all over, she was good at not finding stuffs properly. I brought out a silver necklace and raised it upwards.
    " Is it this one?" I asked her.
      She smiled broadly and collected it.
    " Yeah , thanks I valued it a lot" Violet said. I threw her bag at her and hissed.
    " Where did you go last night?" She asked.
    " Last night?" I asked.
    " Yeah. You and Jay disappeared. I couldn't find you and Jay" She said.
    " Well, I wasn't with Jay, I visited a pub down the street to take a drink. And Jay I have no idea" I lied.
      Is not that I don't want to tell violet but I felt it was too early, I wasn't sure about Jayden at all. He is something else, so unpredictable.
    " Oh, I thought you guys hang out together" Violet said giggling.
    " Vi"
    " Damn I said I thought" Violet said and I laughed.
      I got a text from a strange number.
     I was baffled, at once I knew it was jayden.
    " Can you go to class and keep a seat for me, I'm pressed" I said.
    " Yeah, be fast" violet said Walking away.
      Jay walked to where I was standing with his frequent ugly looks.
    " What took you so long?" He asked.
    " How did you get my number?" I asked ignoring his questions.
    " Liyah this is America and not Africa you don't answer questions with questions" he said.
    " Jay what do you want?" I asked.
    " I wanna talk about what happened last night" He said.
    " Say what you wanna say" I said.
    " Alright, I don't want you to start thinking that I'm having an affection over you. Whatever thing I did last night I wasn't aware. It was a mistake and I don't want it to get into your head " He said.
      I wasn't surprised though, that was just Jayden. I laughed and smiled broadly.
    " Yeah I know. Only an asshole would keep such memory, I won't try that shit. But what is that thing that pushed you to kiss me? What made you act nice? be sincere" I said.
    " I won't answer that question" He said.
      Jenner walked in smiling at Jayden. She didn't look at me or say hi.
    " Hey Jay you wanna hang out after class?" Jenner asked.
    " Yeah" He replied.
    " Alright, what are you doing with this ...? She asked staring at me from toe to head.
    " Maybe we were having a useful conversation" I said to Jenner. Jayden refused to say a word.
    " Well you better know your limit. Don't tryna eat my food, cause you don't worth it" She said and turned to look at Jay.
    " Time's five" Jenner said and left.
    " Gosh, your bitches are badass, dumb ass hole, ungrateful and mannerless, you just gotta upgrade" I said angrily.
    " To you? Jeez you're worse" Jayden said walking away.
    " God he's annoying" I said and left for class.
      That same day at school..
     I was at the field with violet, she was watching Ace play. Just then Todd walked to me and smiled.
    " Hey" He said.
    " Hi" I replied.
    " You're looking good, you wanna party tonight?" He asked.
    " With you?" I asked him.
    " Yeah. I'm the famous boy in school, you can't turn me down" Todd said.
    " But I'm already turning you down" I said.
    " What! Are you aware I'm a model?" He asked.
    " Yeah, a hair model" I replied.
    " I'm way better than your boyfriend" Todd said.
    " What boyfriend?" I asked.
    " Ooh you're denying jay already?" He asked.
    " Is that why you're trying to get back at him the second time?" I asked.
    " Not really, you're attractive and beautiful. You don't deserve to be with Jay he is a broke ass nigga" Todd said.
    " You're unbelievable. Please excuse me. You're covering my view" I said without looking at him.
    " Fuck you'll regret this" Todd said Walking away.
    " Okay that was bad" violet said.
    " Todd is a wrong soul. He might be dope and cute, who cares?" I said.
    " Well he's the second favorite boy after Jay. His rep in school is so high, the leader of baseball" Violet said.
    " Vi, then abandoned Ace and go with Todd " I said.
    " You know I won't do that" She said.
    " What makes him think I'm dating Jay?" I asked.
    " Because you're always with him." Violet replied. I sighed and hissed.
    " Talking about Jay, he's been staring at you since you were talking to Todd. I smell the chemistry"  Violet gigled.
    " You can also add physics" I said and violet laughed .
      School dismissed and I went home, violet escorted me half way and left for home. I was really tired. I fell on the chair, the house seem really empty. Anna wasn't around I guess and jay might be at school.
      The crazy dude just walked in with arms crossed and he was frowning as usual.
    " Why were you talking to Todd?" Jayden asked.
    " Why are you asking? It's none of your business" I said.
    " Yeah maybe you're right. I don't want to see you around him anymore" Jayden said.
    " Jay I'm not your girlfriend" I said.
    " And you can never be" Jayden said.
    " You know what, you're insane and you need medical treatment. Stop ordering me around like your wife. I can talk to who so ever I wanna talk with, you just gotta deal with that" I said and stormed out.
    " Oh yeah I know Nicki was quite better than you, you've always dreamt to be with VIPs in school" Jay said. I turned to look at him. I wasn't ready for another battle. I hissed and proceed for my room.

    Chapter 17

    The next day at school, violet was always laughing endlessly when I told her about my adventures with Jay.
    " Seriously, you guys are perfect for each other" She said laughing.
    " What!"
    " Yeah, and you know that" Violet said.
    " Look, we are not met for each other. Jay is something different, he's someone who is so unpredictable, he is.." I got interrupted by violet.
    " Lee be sincere to yourself, you just wished Jay can stop fighting with you" Violet said and I kept quiet.
    " Aaliyah, you like him" Violet said
    " Vi stop okay, Jay might be everybody's favorite yeah but he's not that kinda lover boy stuff. " I said.
    " I understand, but sincerely speaking you want him" Violet said.
      I looked at her and sighed.
    " It's enough okay" I said.
      Todd walked into our discussion, he was smiling at me. Violet winked and walked out.
    " What do you want now?" I asked.
    " I want you liyah" Todd replied.
    " Jesus, you want me, todd you know it's not possible, I'm not your type of girl just try and deal with that" I said and he chuckled.
    " You're beautiful, I just want a date with you" Todd said.
    " I'm not interested, just go away" I said.
    " Liyah come on" Todd persisted.
    " Come on Todd, you heard her, you just gotta leave her alone" Jay said .
      I guess he just walked in. I looked at him surprised, I have no idea why he was doing that.
    " Looser back off, she's not your girlfriend" Todd fired.
    " Yeah, she's my family too, just fuck off" Jayden said.
    " Well she just gotta choose who's leaving her alone, and not you" Todd said and both guys stare at me.
    " Todd I already said it, I'm not interested in you, just leave me alone" I said.
    " I won't give up, I will come back" Todd said looking at Jay and then walked out
      I turned to look at Jay , he was frowning as usual.
    " You're something else" I said and  he refused to say a word.
    " Why are you trying to be nice to me?" I asked.
    " I'm not trying to be nice to you. Our parents are dating, and eventually they might end up getting married. I don't want that douchebag coming around because he's trying to get back at me again through you. Don't tryna think I'm doing all this because of some weird feelings, you will be a failure if you think that" Jay said.
    " Seriously thanks for your security, I don't need it. You're just trying to be nice to me again, I'm done with you" I said.
    " I wasn't dating you, so I don't understand you at all" He said.
      He sighed and walked out.

      That same day , I was really stressed out, I was at the field watching the cheerleaders practicing. I was really pissed . I sighed and sighed as I thought about my first and last kiss with Jay. He was abnormal, I can't believe I was falling. We were not met for each other, but I can't help myself. We were always fighting, he hates me for real who knows, maybe I'm just trying think we would be perfect. I just wished I could home, I was getting sick, imagine living with your crush in the same house, a crush who always abuse you for no good reason.
       I sit there alone since violet was with Ace. I was truly happy for her, I smiled and look at the girls practicing when Todd walked in and sit close to me.
    " You know what liyah, we don't deserve to feel bad for ourselves. I once loved someone too, she was almost everything to me but she cheated , she made me feel like a fool. But I had to move on, love is really painful, if you're not strong enough to handle love, you might end up hurting yourself without you even knowing" Todd said smiling at me.
       Why is he telling me all this?
    " Todd why are you telling me this?" I asked.
    " Maybe because I like you alot" He said.
    " Todd you don't like me. You slept with Nicki just to make Jay look really bad in Front of other students" I said.
    " Well I didn't do that on purpose. We kind of had a fight at first year. The girl I truly loved Jay played with her." Todd said.
    " Really?" I asked baffled.
    " Yeah, he made me feel bad because he was hotter than me. She had to tripp for Jay and jay purposely slept with her knowing fully well I was dating her. I hated her till date and she left the school too just like Nicki. We've been rivals since first year even before stealing my girl." Todd explain.
    " Well sorry about that" I said.
    " It's nothing" He said smiling at me.
    " Why don't i take you out on a treat, you gonna love it" Todd said smiling. I chuckled and looked at him.
    " Seriously, you know that's not possible" I said.
    " Really, are you scared of Jay?" He asked.
    " No, not really, I just" I got distracted by Jay's presence.
    " Why are you being stubborn?" He asked me.
      I stood up and looked at him angrily.
    " Jay be a man and let her be" Todd said smiling at Jay.
    " She's my step sister and I have every right to look after her. Why can't you leave her alone. What is wrong with you? You've one of the best bitches in school, why can't you stick to your twins" Jay yelled .
    " Jay" I called.
    " Shut up and stay out of this" He said. He was really going wild.
    " I'm not gonna leave her alone, what will you do about that?" Todd asked pushing Jay on his chest.
    " I'm really getting scared, I think you valued your nose, don't try to push me again" Jay fired back.
    " What are you gonna do? Fight me?" Todd asked and pushed Jay on his chest again. This time Jay got angry and hit him hardly on his nose, Todd was already bleeding.
    " Jay, oh my God" I said looking at Jay who was really in a bad mood.
    " What the hell is going on here?" Mrs prudence walked in.
       We kept quiet and looked at her.
    " My office immediately, all of you" She said and left.
      We walked into her office. I was really scared, I don't really want to go on detention, that was hell.
    " What just happened there? Fighting in Piedmont. This isn't high school, you don't fight here" She said. Jay was barely concerned.
    " I'm putting you all in detention" She said.
    " What, you won't do that" Jay said
    " Really? I'm already doing that, detention" She yelled.
    " Ma we are sorry" I said.
    " Why?" She asked me and I kept quiet.
    " You can't put me in detention" Jay said.
    " Why?" She asked.
    " Maybe because i have foothball practice in less than two minutes, I can't skip practice" Jayden said.
    " Really, Jay you're not skipping detention either" Mrs prudence said .
    " Alright, but get ready to explain to Mr Rupert why we failed the up coming foothball competition" Jay said.
      I know where he was driving at. He was the best foothball player and the leader of the foothball team, now I get it.
    " Alright, you can go, the rest of you are still placed under detention, Jay is free to go" Mrs prudence said.
    " What" I said looking at Jay who was already smiling mischievously. He was lieing Jay doesn't have foothball practice that day.
    " I have cheer leader practice, I can't afford to miss it" I said . Jay looked at me weirdly, he knows I was telling a lie.
    " Liyah that was a cheap lie, you're not a cheerleader" Jay said.
    " Jay can't you get me out?" I whispered.
    " Why? You are staying here" Jay said and walked out.
    " Alright the rest of you, get ready for detention. I don't need further explanations" Mrs prudence said escorting us out of her office and leading us into the detention cell.
       Detention was shit, sitting in an empty room like a prisoner and wait till you're bailed by your lecturer who kept you there, high school attitudes. I hated Jay at once,I can't believe he didn't help me get out of detention. I sighed and looked at Todd who was kept in a separate room, not far from mine.
    " I'm sorry" I said.
    " It's nothing, I understand" Todd said smiling.
    " Jay's just an asshole" Todd said.
    " Yeah my favorite asshole" I said to myself.
    " What about the date?" Todd asked.
    " I'll think about it" I said to Todd who smiled at me.
    " What about your girlfriends?" I asked.
    " Well they are there" Todd said.
    " Really?" I asked.
    " Yeah, I just wanna explore true love" He said and I chuckled.
    " What makes you think I have true love?" I asked.
    " I don't know, it's written all over your eyes. Good girls like you deserve something better" Todd said.
    " And you're that better person?" I asked him. He chuckled and smiled.
    " Well, no. I'm not better, I'm not perfect as well. I don't mind being better and perfect for you" He said
    " Todd it's not possible. I don't feel for you, I can't love you" I said.
    " I know your heart is beating for Jay right?" He asked.
    "No I'm not sure" I said.
      He smiled and nodded.
      Later that day we were released, it was closed to evening. I was really exhausted, Todd dropped me off with his car and left. I entered the house, it looks dried. Regina barely stays at home. She was always at her audio boyfriend's house. I haven't seen him before, that's why I called him audio boyfriend. I left for my room and washed myself. I was really hungry, my phone was occupied with Violet's missed calls and text message.
    " Hey vi, I'm sorry" I said .
    " What Happened?" She asked on the phone.
    " I looked for you around school and I couldn't find you. I saw Jay and ask him about you, he said he has no idea" Violet said.
    " Jay" I said to myself.
    " Sorry vi, Mrs prudence kept me and Todd on detention" I said.
    " Why?" She asked.
    " Well he kinda fought with Todd today and I was the cause" I said.
    " Uhh, two love birds fighting for the peacock " Violet giggled.
    " Violet be serious for once" I said.
    " I'm sorry, hope you're okay?" She asked.
    " Yeah I'm fine thank you. I just gotta prepare something to eat" I said.
    " Alright, be careful" Violet said.
    " Thanks, I'll call you later" I said.
      I hear her chuckle and I ended the call.
      I proceed to the kitchen, I wanted to open the door when I heard a voice. A male and a female's voice. The other looked like Jay's.
    " I think we've done enough, let's talk about us" The female voice said. It sounded like Jenner's.
    " Us?" Jay asked.
    " Yeah, I was thinking we can be really intimate" Jenner said.
    " I'm not sure about that" Jay's voice said .
      I sighed and opened the door gently. I walked in only to find Jay and Jenner sitting on the chair inside the kitchen.
    " What is she doing here?" Jenner asked surprised.
    " Why is she wearing throngs in your house with short blouse" Jenner asked turning to Jay.
    " Well she stays here" Jay replied.
    " Stays here?" Jenner asked.
    " Yeah, I live here" I said.
    " What!"
    " Jenner our parents are dating, and her dad travel so he suggested liyah stays here for the now" Jay explained.
    " Still, she shouldn't dress like this all because she stays in your house" Jenner said.
    " Seriously, we should talk about you, why would you dress like that just to come and study. Jay you should have taken her to your room and not the kitchen. Any one can probably walk in." I said.
    " Well I thought you were gonna die in detention. Liyah you're not my girlfriend okay stop acting like one." Jay said. I looked at him and shake my head. I ignored them and switched on the gas to prepare something.
    " Jay I will see you later, maybe we would study in my house this time around"  Jenner said and kissed Jay on the cheek and left.
    " That was harsh" Jay said walking to where I was standing.
    " I don't wanna talk to you" I said.
    " Why?" He asked. I turned to look at him. I was really offended.
    " What do you think you're? I'm really getting pissed about your presence like right now" I said.
      He smiled and walked close to me.
    " You love me right?" He asked. I was surprised, I didn't expect that question.
    " What?"
    " Liyah you love me right?" He asks again.
    " I don't love you" I said.
    " And you can prove that?" He asked. I Frowned and turned to switch off the gas since my water was already boiling. He held me from behind, I was so close to him. My heart was beating again.
    " Jay stop" i said turning to look at him.
    " You act as if you dont want me. Deep down in you I know you like me a lot" He said.
    " I don't " I said.
      He smiled and move closer like some one who wanted to kiss me, I looked into his eyes, I could see myself giving in again. Jay has this seductive character, he was always making me fall for him. He looked at me and smiled.
    " You should stop all this, it's not funny" I said.
    " I wish I can" He said. This time he kissed me on my neck and Slowly moved to my lips. He kissed me deeply and gently carried me on top of the kitchen's table. We kissed passionately and I was wailing for more.

    Chapter 18

    Of course we continued kissing, I just had to stop him when I was being unaware.
    " Jay stop" I said.
      He looked into my eyes.
    " We should stop doing this" I said.
    " Yeah I know, I'm just being too much a bad ass I assume" He said.
    " Our parents are dating. My dad's gonna kill me if he finds out." I said.
    " Yeah bill"
    " Jay that's my dad"
    " I know, I didn't forget, my mom's boyfriend" He said and smiled at me
    " I'd noticed something" I said.
    " What?" He asked.
    " Each time you feel like kissing me you start acting nice. You always abuse me. I am really tired of fighting" I said and he laughs.
    " Aaliyah I'm not a good person" He said and looked at me.
    " What?"
    " Yeah, I'm not really into being nice. I'm just.." He stopped and sighed.
    " I'm really sorry for trying to play with you. You're beautiful and nice . You don't deserve jerks like me" Jay said and walk out.
      I looked at him and watch him untill he was out of sight .
    " Liyah, what the hell is wrong with me?" I asked myself.
      I was getting high.
      I looked at my water that was already cold, I even forgot I was hungry. I got up and switch the gas on and boiled the water again. I sit and eat thinking about Jay.
    " Dad hates boys" I thought.
     " I just need to try and get Jay out of my head, I was tired of feeling sad." I thought.
    " Jay, are you really sure of what you're doing?" Ace asked Jay the following day at school.
    " No" He said.
    " Liyah is nice" Ace said.
    " I know and I'm not nice. I'm just trying to move on" Jay said.
    " Yeah you have to . You should stop hurting her" Ace said.
    " Yeah I know. She taste so sweet and soft. More like a greeny" Jayden said and ace chuckled.
    " You're a bad man. You shouldn't hurt her" Ace said.
    " No I won't, I'm trying to let her be. Her dad hates boys but his daughter is an angel. So weird ." Jay said smiling at Ace.
    " Yeah I understand his reasons. My mom hates boys too. She's really scared of my kid sister she loves boys" Ace said as jayden laughed.
    " Seriously, Ariana is something else" Jayden said laughing.
    " Yeah . But really try and let liyah be" Ace said.
    " Yeah, Todd is trying to eat liyah and I don't want that to happen" Jayden said.
    " Yeah, you just have to warn liyah"
    " I have but she's trying to make me feel bad by trying to hang out with Todd. Can you believe that?" Jayden said.
    " I know. I'll tell her myself" Ace said and Jayden nodded.

     I was with violet that same day. I wasn't happy . I smiled at violet who noticed my face.
    " Lee what's wrong?" She asked.
    " Vi, I think I need to tell you this" I said.
    " Tell me what?" She asked.
    " I and jay have been having flings lately" I said and she smiled broadly.
    " You're funny, I know"
    " No vi not that kind of flings. We kinda kissed , twice now" I said.
      Her expression on her face made me understand she was baffled.
    " What!"
    " Yeah we kissed" I said.
      She smiled and giggles, she clapped her hands and hugged me.
    " That's cool" She said smiling.
    " You're not getting it. Jay is really difficult, most times he act like someone who likes me and afterwards, he acts like someone who's afraid" I said.
    " Afraid?" Violet asked.
      I looked at her and nodded.
    " Afraid about what?" Violet asked.
    " I don't know" I said.
      I just need to talk to him. Later that day, I looked for Jay around school but later find him at the table tennis court. He was playing with Ace. I walked in and waved at Ace who smiled at me.
    " Hey liyah" Ace greeted dropping the bat.
    " Hi Ace" I said.
      He smiled at Jay and walked out leaving us alone.
    " Okay" I said and sighed.
    " I never knew you play table tennis too" I said walking to where he was standing.
    " Well I'm learning" He said and sat down.
      I looked at him and sit close to him.
    " Jay I wanna talk to you about something" I said.
    " Shoot" He said.
    " I'm tired of you trying to make me feel really bad. What are you? Are you trying to play with me, I don't understand" I said.
      He looked at me and took a deep breath.
    " Liyah I said I was sorry. I'm not really nice, like nice.  Just try and forget everything that happened between the two of us. I'm really sorry" He said.
    " So?"
    " We should stop talking to each other. I know it's kinda hard but you gotta try. I don't wanna hurt you" He said.
    " Jay what are you afraid of?" I asked.
      He refused to reply.
    " Jay answer me what are you afraid of?" I asked again.
    " I don't love you, not at all" He said.
      I felt my heart sink.
    " Yeah I don't , and I can't" He said.
      I watch him got up and left the court.
    " Oh God I'm doomed" I said.
       I guess I was crying inside me.
     I looked around for a while and finally deserted the place. I walked to class, I saw violet, she was always happy not like me.
    " Hey Lee" She called as she made me sit. She noticed my face.
    " I'm fine" I said at once.
    " Yeah I know you are fine. What did he say to you?" Violet asked.
    " He doesn't love me" I said.
    " Lee he does" Violet said.
    " Vi no. He doesn't. He's just trying to use me" I said.
    " You're misinterpreting everything. Jay might be a jerk I know but I feel he loves you for real. I think he feels you're way better for him like he's not good enough" Violet said.
      I shake my head and smiled.
    " Who cares, I'm not really sure I was into him. Maybe I was trying to have fun because I don't have a boyfriend or maybe because I'm always bored" I said and laughed.
    " Lee you should stop, you have me liyah" Violet said placing her hand on my shoulders.
    " Vi, you have Ace, he understands you and he hates to see you sad . You know most times I normally like our quarrels. It's sometimes fun" I said and laughs.
    " Aaliyah you're killing me"  Violet said and smiled.
    " I think you guys can still be friends" violet said. I was mute and really tired.
    " I wanna go home" I said carrying my bag.
    " We have one class to go" Violet said.
    " Yeah I know. I'm kinda tired" I said smiling at violet.
    " Okay wait lemme walk you out" She said standing up.
    " No I'm fine. Just stay safe" I said and left school.
      I saw Todd who escorted me outside school premises. He insisted he dropped me off but I declined. I felt like walking. I trekked home and left for my room. I was really exhausted.
      I heard noises at the living room. It sounds like Jay brought friends. I didn't bother to check. I lay on my bed trying to catch my breath when Jay walked in without knocking.
    " Jay you should learn to knock, I might be naked" I said.
    " Yeah I know, I'm sorry" He said.
    " What do you want?" I asked.
    " Nothing much. I'm throwing a party tonight at this house" Jay said.
    " So I should help you with the cleaning?" I asked.
    " Not exactly, I just want you to do me a favour" He said.
    " Stay in your room, don't come downstairs" He said.
      I know where he was driving at.
    " Thanks I won't storm your party" I said.
    " Thank you, cause you're really good at pooping parties" He said and walked out.
    " Ass hole" I whispered to myself.
      That night as usual Anna has left for work, Jay and friend's were already ready for their party. I lay on my bed thinking about myself when violet walked in.
    " Oh God you're not ready?" Violet asked.
    " Ready?" I asked.
    " Yeah ready. Jay's throwing a party downstairs for friends only you gotta come" violet said.
    " I can't. Jay said I shouldn't storm his party" I said.
    " Liyah, this should stop. He has no right to place you on condition because he's harbouring weird feelings towards you, get up and let's party" violet said.
    " Vi just stop, he doesn't love me so stop all this weird feelings stuff I'm really tired" I said.
    " Alright, get dress and let's go" Violet said.
    " Vi I can't" I said.
    " I can't be downstairs and you are stock in your room" violet said.
    " I will be fine, I just needed space to breathe" I said.
    " Look, just assume you didn't have any flings towards Jay and flirt tonight. School hotties are down there, you gotta hook up and free your mind" Violet said.
      She was good at stuffs like this. I sighed continually. She visited my closet and got me a dress. I declined, I insisted I wear casuals .
       We climbed downstairs only to find Jenner and jay sitting really close. Ace was with the other guys. He smiled and hugged violet really tight. I walked in looking at everyone.
    Dave smiled at me, he was one of Jay's pals. But they are not really close like Jay and ace.
    " Hey" he called.
    I smiled and greeted back.
    " Wow, I've seen you in Piedmont's I guess. You look beautiful" He said and I smiled.
    " Thanks" I said.
      I wasn't in the mood for that.
      Jay walked in.
    " Dave you gotta let her be" Jay said.
    " Is she your girlfriend?" Dave asked.
    " Not really, she's my step sister" I said.
    " Come on she's hot. Where have you been hiding this one?" He asked and jay ignored him.
    " Liyah one minute please" He said holding my hands and made me follow him to the kitchen.
    " What are you doing!" I asked.
    " Lee I told you to stay indoors" 
    " Seriously, I'm not a child, you should stop ordering me around" I said.
    " Really?" He asked.
    " You need to stay away from college boys they are not who you think they are" He said.
    " You don't expect me to be single forever, do you?"
    " I'm being serious" He said.
    " Whatever" I said and walked out.
       Jay's party was really lit, violet danced with Ace, Jay was with Jenner. I was stuck, Dave moved over and ask me to dance with him. I agreed and we danced. Jayden held Jenner really close as they danced to the blues music.
    " You're beautiful you know" Dave said.
    " Thanks, don't tryna flirt with me alright" I said.
    " Ooh" He whimped.
      Jenner placed her head on his shoulder. She kissed Jay on his lips. He frowned and patted her hair.
       Dave smiled at me and wanted to kiss me, I pushed away slightly.
    " Seriously I'm not your girlfriend, don't see me as one" I said.
    " I'm sorry. "
    " It's fine. It's a pleasure dancing with you" I said and walked outside.
       I saw Todd's car outside Jay's compound. He came out and smiled at me.
    " Hey liyah" He called walking to me.
    " Todd what are you doing here? Jay's gonna go wild if he finds you here" I said.
    " I'm not here to fight. Just wanted to say hi and leave"  Todd said and smiled.
    " Thanks" I said. I watched him walk into his car and left.
      I sighed and yawn. I was really tired. I left for my room to catch a nap. That's one of the worst night of my life. Someone knocked on my door, I ordered the person in, obviously it was Jay.
    " What now?" I asked.
    " What was Todd here for?" He asked.
    " Jay it's none of your business. Just go back to your party" I said.
    " Really, then tell your Todd to stop coming to my house. Alright I don't wanna see him around my premises anymore" He fired
    " Oh yeah, few days to go and I'll be out of your house, that's gonna put a stop to your bossing. Just learn to remove your mouth out of my business" I said.
    " Are you sure about that?" He asked.
    " Yeah"  I answered.
    " Deal" He said about leaving.
    " Seriously you're behind almost every attitude Todd is throwing at you" I said.
    " Really, what's your reasons?" He asked.
    " He told me everything , how you collected his true love and slept with her" I said.
    " What!, Todd told you that. Fuck that bastard is a liar" He said.
    " Really, at least that same liar is better than your bad ass" I said.
    " Don't compare with me Todd alright . Whatever shit he told you is a lie. I didn't take his girlfriend. I can't explain anything to you, just don't bring Todd to my house" He said and left.
          I couldn't sleep, Jay's party was giving me headache. The noise was really annoying. I gently placed my pillow on my ear to make sure I fall asleep. Well it worked.

    Chapter 19

    " Liyah" A voice woke me up.
      I got up and yawned. I cleaned my eyes and staggered to open the door .
    " Liyah" She said . It was Regina.
    " Hey" I said and yawned.
    " Good morning" She greeted.
    " Morning" I replied and smiled at her. I was really tired, she could tell by my looks.
    " You over slept and you're late for class" Regina said.
    " Really, what's the time?" I asked
    " Well, 10:13 am. You gotta hurry" She said .
    " Thanks, it seems you didn't spend the night here" I said to Regina.
    " Yeah, I was at Cam's" She said.
    " Who's Cam?" I asked.
    " My boyfriend" She said.
    " Oh"
    " It's seems you guys party a lot. Jay is also tired, my mom's has been yelling since morning" Regina said.
    " Really?" I asked.
    " Yeah, but she's out" Regina said
    " Well thanks for waking me up" I said and smiled at her.
    " Alright, see you later, I'm going to school" She said and walked out.
    " Jeez, headache" I said touching my head .
    " I don't feel like going to class" I said
       I stretched myself and entered my bathroom. I shower and come downstairs only to find Jay cleaning the entire house. He was frustrated.
     I chuckled as I climbed down.
    " Oops you're really frustrated" I said and laughed
    " You need a helping hand?" I asked.
    " Thanks, not interested" He said.
      I laughed and left for school. Violet was in class already. I sit close to her and smiled.
    " You're okay?" She asked.
    " Yeah, I'm just stressed out" I replied.
    " Oh I understand. You left really early" Violet said.
    " Last night?" I asked.
    " Yeah. I was really tired" I replied.
    " It was kinda fun. Jay also left for his room too I guess. He was really mad over an unknown reason" Violet said.
    " Who cares" I said.
      Todd stood at the class door and waved at me. I smiled and waved back.
    " Okay Lee you're being really too close to Todd and I don't support that idea" Violet said.
    " Yeah I know, he's really nice lately" I said.
    " That's just Todd, always nice to every single food he wants to eat. He's like that" Violet explained.
    " Do you have any idea of what happened to Todd and jay at first year?" I asked.
    " No, only Todd and jay can tell you exactly what happened. I've no idea" Violet said.
    " Really, so Ace didn't mention it to you?"
    " No, Jay is a private man. Ace dare not tell me even if he has an idea of what happened. It's like he's invading Jay's privacy. His life and everything that revolves around it, is private, only his family and ace alone can actually tell" Violet explained.
    " Well he's really weird" I said.
    " Damn weird" Violet replied.
      Later that day I saw Todd and decide to confront him about what he told me. He was always smiling at me for no good reason at all.
    " Todd did you lie about what you told me?" I asked.
    " Not really" He said.
    " Todd you lied" I Said.
    " I didn't lie, but it was all about a girl" He said.
      I sighed and looked around.
    " It's fine , we'll talk later" I said and left.
      School was really boring and slow. I left for home. I was really exhausted. It seems Jay didn't go to class. I entered he was lying on the couch. He looked at me and looked away.
      I Frowned and entered my room. I can't wait for dad to return, I was really getting tired. I lay on my bed and slept off .
      We barely talk as normal, he doesn't abuse me anymore, he was always frowning at me . I had to leave with that. One day i was at home alone when Anna walked in. She was excited and happy. I got up and smiled at her. She hugged me and smiled broadly.
    " Anna is everything alright?" I asked.
    "  Yeah dear. I'm really happy" she said.
    " Woah, you won a lottery?'' I asked.
    " Not really. Observe" She said showing me her finger. Well I observed and saw a ring.
    " Wow, the ring it's beautiful" I said.
    " Yeah liyah, your dad proposed " She said as she gigled like a high school girl.
    " What?" I asked baffled
    " Yeah, your father asked me to marry him, I'm really happy. Of course I said yes" She said.
    " Oh no" I thought.
    " Wow, that's cool, I'm really happy. I never knew you guys were serious about your relationship" I said.
    " Of course we are. I hope you are happy?" She asked me and I smiled.
    " Thank you" She said.
    " I need to tell Jay" she said and danced to her room.
      I went to my room to call dad.
     I wasn't expecting that at all, I thought it wasn't that serious. I called dad and he picked up.
    " Dad" I called.
    " Liyah how are you?" He asked on the phone.
    " Dad so you're marrying Anna?" I asked.
    " Yeah, anything wrong with that?" He asked.
    " Not really. I thought you guys are just dating. I wasn't expecting a ring" I said.
    " Liyah, Anna is beautiful, she's nice. I needed a wife and not a girlfriend" Dad said.
    " Oh God" I said.
    " Are you alright?" Dad asked.
    " Yeah how's gogo?" I asked.
    " Your gogo is fine . She's Improving". Dad replied .
    " Oh then when are you coming back?"
    " Maybe this weekend". Dad replied.
    " Alright dear. Just be a good girl" Dad said.
    " I'm fine" I said.
    " I hope there's not a boy?" Dad asked.
    " Dad not now" I said.
    " I trust you"
    " Alright dad, take care" I said and ended the call.
    " Fuck, such a bad news" I thought.
    " You're really getting married to him?"
    " Yeah son." Anna replied.
    " That was quick. It's barely one month you guys started dating" Jay said to his mom.
    " Yeah bill is nice. He will be a good step dad"
    " I don't need a dad" Jay said standing up and moved to his balcony.
    " Jay your father isn't coming back. "
    Anna said walking to where he was standing.
    " Yeah I know. I don't even like him. Trench is really a bad father. But can't you stay without a husband" Jayden said.
    " Jay and be stranded like you?" Anna asked.
    " I'm not stranded" Jay said.
    " Really, you barely attract good girls because of your weird attitude" Anna said.
      Jay looked at his mom and sighed.
    "  Well the only girl that attracted me is just too good for me" Jay whispered slowly.
    " And who's that girl?" Anna asked.
    " It shouldn't be your head ache mom. I'm just joking" He said and smiled at Anna.
    " You just have to be careful, you're really one bad ass. Don't try to use your prison attitude towards your new crush or whatever" Anna said.
    " Mom you should stop reminding me that I was locked up before. I'm trying to move on" I said.
    " Yeah I understand, and Todd?, Your school rival?"Anna asked.
    " He's a bastard" Jay replied.
    " You just gotta be careful. I can't watch over you anymore, you're grow up now" Anna said.
    " Thanks Mom" Jay replied.
    "  Well you just have to like bill" Anna said.
    " He's nice" She added.
    " I don't hate bill. He's nice and I'm not against your marriage. That's good news" Jay said.
      Anna hugged her son and left.
    " Weird feelings" Jay said as he stare at the view opposite his room. He wasn't happy too I guess.

    Chapter 20

    " Seriously your parents are getting married?" Violet asked the following day at school.
    " Yes and it's really weird" I said.
    " How?" Violet asked.
      I ignored her and looked away.
    " Oh I understand, Jay" Violet said smiling.
    " Vi it's not about Jay. Maybe it's weird having someone like Jay as a step brother. It's complicated"  I said.
    " Well I understand" Violet said.
       Just then Jay walked in with Jenner into the school hall, Jenner waved at me and smiled. She was happy holding Jay hand to hand. Well they were perfect I guess.
    " Hey liyah" Jenner called Walking to us. Jay waited behind. Ace came over and stood there with Jay.
    " Hi" I said to Jenner.
    " Jay told me everything, that you're his step sister. I'm really happy" Jenner said. I crossed my arms and looked at her.
    " Why are you happy?" Violet asked.
    " It's none of your business VI. Look I'm truly happy to be part of your family too" She said.
    " Ohh, you guys are dating?" I asked.
    " Kinda, I hope you're happy for us?" She asked.
    " Yeah, why not" I said.
    " Thanks, talk to you later" Jenner said and left.
    " Okay, what was that?" Violet asked.
    " Well she's been acting really nice since morning after finding out I'm Jay's soon to be step sister" I explained.
    " Ooh" Violet said.
    " Yeah"
    " But they are not dating, she just kinda like Jay a lot" Violet said.
    " It's none of my business alright" I said to violet and dragged her to class.
    " Jay barely talks to you" Violet said as she sat down. I sit close to her looking around for the lecturer.
    " That shouldn't be my headache" I said adjusting on my chair.
    " Really, but you're wishing your dad should end the marriage" Violet said.
    " I'm not wishing. We are not met for each other it won't change anything alright" I said.
    " Lee if God ask you to make three wishes, what would that be?" She asked.
      I looked at her baffled.
    I know were she was driving at.
    " To make you shut up, make you keep quiet and make you to stop talking about Jay" I said.
    " What! For real?" She asked and I nodded.
    " Well I know that cannot be your three wishes. One, to make jay love you, two, to end your parents marriage and three, to give jay access to you" Violet said and chuckled.
    " You're being too amazed because you have Ace" I said.
    " Yeah, he's the best thing that has ever happened to me. You know it pains me more that I didn't give my virginity to Ace, bummer uh!" Violet said. I looked at her and shake my head.
    " Sorry about that. You should try and lower your volume, you're being high" I said.
    " Really?"
    " Yeah" I said.
    " Whatever, I'm really being serious." She said and I ignored her.
      After class, violet and I visited the canteen to have lunch. VIPs at school were always like high school students, always good at making childish noise.
    " When will you start eating on the vip table?" I asked violet laughing.
    " I won't do that" She replied.
    " Why? You're dating a VIP" I said.
    " What about you, you're having a crush on a VIP" She said as she winked.
    " You should stop alright, I'm not having a crush on anyone" I said.
    " Oh yeah.., tell me about your first kiss with Jay" She said gigling.
    " What! You're being serious?" I asked.
    " Yeah, jay is an almighty. You just gotta swallow a pill to make that shit out of your mind. He's so cool" Violet said.
    " Vi, you should stop alright. I don't remember anything" I said.
    " Are you sure, or you don't wanna share?" She asked me and I sighed.
    " It's fine, I understand." She said pretending to be angry.
    " Okay you got me" I said. Violet smiled broadly and gigled
    " I'm all ears" She said shining her eyes.
      I had no choice than to explain what happened at his party the first time. She was smiling endlessly.
    " That was romantic" violet said.
    " Aww, I would die if I ever forget such memories." Violet said.
    " Like Ace and I our first kiss was under the rain. It was falling helplessly that day and he choose to drop me off, unfortunately his car broke down and we had to walk. Rain started falling and I was cold, he had to give me his jacket and later on we found ourselves kissing" Violet explained smiling.
    " Oops, that was cool,  lucky you didn't get strucked by lightning" I said laughing.
    " You're insane" Violet said.
    " I should get something for us to eat" Violet said standing up and left for the waitress. Jenner walked to where I was and sit close to me. I looked at her wondering what she wanted this time.
    " Hi liyah" she said smiling at me.
    " Alright this is one of the worst feeling I have ever had" I said to myself.
    " Hey" I said to Jenner.
    " I want us to hangout this weekend" Jenner said.
    " Hang out?" I asked.
    " Yeah, the spot is throwing a party this weekend and I want us to hangout"
    " Thanks Jenner, I'm going out with violet this weekend" I lied.
    " Really?"
    " Yeah, sorry" I said.
    " Oh, I really want us to get along since you're his step sister. I really like Jay a lot, I've been waiting patiently for him to ask me out he's refusing. He barely noticed my body language" Jenner said.
    " Sorry about that" I said.
    " I'm willing to pay you any amount for you to talk to him"
    " What! I'm sorry I can't do that. If he really likes you he's definitely gonna come for you" I said.
    " But he's wasting too much time"
    " Yeah it happens" I said.
      Violet walked in with the food and Jenner got up immediately.
    " Thanks liyah for your time, and in case you change your mind about this weekend you can holla at me okay" Jenner said and I nodded. She smiled and walk away.
    " Okay , what was that?" Violet asked me.
    " Well she needs a pass to Jay, and she wants me to help her" I said.
    " A pass?" Violet asked.
    " Yeah, Jay isn't proposing" I said collecting the French fries from violet.
    " That's so sad" Violet said laughing.
    " Real sad" I said.
      School dismissed and I went home. Jay's home was already pissing me off. I sighed and switched on the TV in the living room to watch a movie. I couldn't concentrate I was thinking about Jay being a step brother when I fell asleep. A palm woke me up, I opened my eyes it was Jay.
    " You have a room right?" He asked and I ignored him. I cleaned my eyes and sit up.
    " You left the TV...." I interrupted him at once.
    " Yeah I know. Thanks for waking me up" I said and left for my room.
       That night I tried to catch a nap when a loud noise woke me up
     It was the sound of a guitar. Most times I wished to be sleeping out like Regina who was always at Cam's. I got up and find myself to Jay's room. I knocked loudly and he opened up.
    " What the hell is wrong with you?" I asked.
    " What do you want?" He asked.
    " I'm trying to catch a nap and your boring guitar is really pissing me off" I said.
    " So?"
    " So?, Just try and stop that noise, I really need to catch a nap" I said.
    " Alright" He said. I frowned and left for my room. I closed my door and was about lying down when I heard the noise again. This time the guitar was really loud. I walked to his room and slam his door really hard. He opened up and frowned. I was really used to that face since he was addicted to frowning.
    " You're disturbing my rehearsal" He said.
    " For real? And when did you become a musician?" I asked.
    " About 35 minutes ago" He said.
    " Look jay I'm really tired, I need to sleep"
    " I didn't stop you" He said.
    " But your boring music is invading. I need to catch a nap tomorrow is Saturday" I said.
    " I remembered, you can catch your nap, I didn't stop you" He said.
      I growled and proceed to walk away.
    " Nice throngs you've got" Jay said in a flirt manner.
    " Jay stop, our parents are getting married" I said walking back.
    " Yeah I know, I didn't forget. Bill and Anna" He said looking at me with his compromising looks.
    " You really need to work on your manners" I said.
    " Really, why don't we work on our last kiss" He said.
      I could feel my butterflies again.
    " What?"
    " Yeah, I think we should talk about it"  He said.
    " Look the fact that I gave in doesn't mean I'm into you" I protested.
    " Really, then you must be really weak to have give in" He said raising his eye brows.
      I frowned and looked at him.
    " You got a lot problems. I wished you can continue being nice" I said.
    " Being nice it's not my thing. I don't look good on that . It makes me look like Damian, your nerd boyfriend" He said.
    " What?"
    " Yeah, nice couples. You guys look good together" He said.
    " We are not dating" I said.
    " Nobody cares if you're dating him or not " Jay said holding his door handle.
    " Talk to you later, I need to continue my rehearsal" Jay said.
    " You're not gonna do that" I said at once.
    " Do what?" He asked.
    " You can't continue your rehearsal. I need a nap" I said.
    " Then go get it" He said and slammed his door.
    " Jay, stop please"
    " Goodnight" That was his last speech. The next thing I heard was his guitar noise. I can't believe some one would think of playing a guitar at such late hour. I frowned and went to my room. It was really hard falling asleep.
    The following morning..
       Anna was the one who woke me up. I yawned and smiled at her.
    " Good morning" I greeted.
    " Morning Lee, how was your night?" She asked.
    " Well, it was manageable" I said.
    " I hope jay didn't disturb you?"
    " Not really" I replied.
    " Alright, come downstairs and let's have breakfast" Anna said and left.
      I sighed and yawned continuously and located my bathroom to shower. I came downstairs only to find the family waiting for me. I smiled and greeted Regina.
    " Oh dear, you look like someone who didn't sleep well" Regina whispered.
    " Well I tried" I replied and smiled.
       Jay was wearing an earphone, he didn't bother to look up. Anna prayed and began eating.
    " Regina, you barely sleep at home? You are staying too much at Cam's place" Anna said.
    " I'm sorry Mom" She said.
    " You shouldn't be sorry, you should be careful" Anna said.
    " So liyah, do you have any boyfriend?" Anna asked.
      What! Such conversation wasn't meant to be discussed on a dining table.
    " No way, I've never dated before" I replied.
       Jay raised his eyebrows to look at me.
    " Wow, I know bill hates boys and that's fab. I wished Regina was just like you" Anna said and Regina frowned.
    " Mom" Regina called and I chuckled.
    " Gina you know it's true. You've been dating since you were 15 , and that's illegal" Anna said.
       Regina frowned and continued eating.
    " I hope you don't have a crush in college?"
    " No, not at all" I replied at once.
    " Well that's good. College boys are bad asses like my son Jay. They got nothing to offer" Anna said and I laughed. I guess Jay could hear our conversation despite the fact that he was wearing an earphone.
    " But Jay is pretty cool" Regina said.
    " No, you're only trying to defend your brother" Anna said.
    " He's changing lately. He barely do drugs as before" Regina said and jay looked at her, he was offended I guess.
    " Now that's too much information" He said.
    " Oh, so you could hear us?" Anna asked.
    " Mom, I'm not in the mood for that"  Jay said.
    " I understand. " Anna said as silence strolled by. We were quiet till we finally finished eating. Jay was really wild.

    Chapter 21

    Three days later...
    I was in my room when Anna entered she wasn't smiling as usual. She sit close to me and smiled faintly. I sat up and looked at her.
    " How are you liyah?" She asked.
    " Well I'm fine, are you alright?" She asked me.
    " Yeah I'm fine" She replied.
    " Well your dad will be coming later this evening to come take you home" Anna said
    " Oh, alright. Your face , is every thing alright?" She asked.
    " Your grandma didn't make it" Anna said.
      I was really shocked . Gogo has been my mom for long after mother's death.
    " It's fine, you shouldn't think about it" She said and i smiled.
    " I'll leave you alone" Anna said and walk out.
      That evening dad showed up and we left. I entered our living room observing every corner, two weeks was like forever. Dad was really sad, since his mother was dead.
    " Hope you enjoyed your stay at Anna's?" Dad asked.
    " Yeah, she's nice" I replied.
    " Well, thank God you loved it . And her kids, hope you guys get along really well?" Dad asked.
    " Yeah we did" I replied.
    " Okay liyah." Dad said and sat down close to me.
    " Your grandma's burial will be conducted few weeks from now."
    " Oh that's really fast"
    " Yeah, we have to." Dad said.
    " And your marriage to anna?" I asked.
    " We are planning a bachelorette's party after your grandma's burial" Dad said.
    " Wow, that's lovely" I said.
    " Yeah, you should continue being a good a girl" Dad said smiling at me.
     I nodded and smiled too.
    " You should always remember the 7bs" He added.
    " Yeah, BOOKS BEFORE BOYS BECAUSE BOYS BRING BABIES" I said nodding my head.
    " Good, I know you'll never fail me" Dad said.
    " Of course" I whispered slowly.
    " Lemme leave you" I said standing up.
    " Alright, take care" He said and I was off. I entered my room and slammed my door. I was really tired.
       I remembered Jay. He didn't bother to talk to me untill I left his house. He doesn't smile nor wave, we were just minding our business. Three days after, I was alone in my room. I truly missed him and his fights. I felt like going back to Anna's house but that was odd. At 9:16 pm I decide to sleep when something woke me up.
       I opened my eyes, only to see a pebble hitting my window. I got up to look who's throwing pebbles at my window only to see Jay downstairs. I was surprised, he smiled at me and waved me to open my window.
    " What are you doing here?" I asked him.
    " To say hi" He replied.
    " What?"
    " Just opened up lemme come in, I promise to tell you my reasons of visiting"  He said.
      I allowed him as I watched him climbed through into my room.
    " God, I'm getting old. I haven't done this for quite a long time now" He said as he entered my room. I looked at him really wondering why he was here.
    " Jay what are you doing here?" I asked.
    " You are acting as if you're not glad to see me" He said.
      I sighed and sat down.
    " Look I'm not here to cause troubles" He said.
    " Jay" I called looking at him.
    " Hmm, you gotta low your voice, your dad might hear us"  He said.
      I sighed deeply and look at him. For once he was right, if dad finds Jay here that would be Crisis. He sighed and sat close to me.
    " So?" I asked.
    " I was missing you" He said and looked at me.
    " What?" I asked baffled.
    " Yeah I'm serious, I might not make any sense to you but I'm really serious. I missed your fights and your face too. " He said.
    " Look you're not safe here" I said.
      He looked at me and chuckle.
    " What?" I asked
      He looked into my eyes and smiled.
    " Do you miss me?" He asked looking into my eyes.
      I never wanted to admit but I have to.
    " Guess I did" I said looking away.
    " I might be really mean to you but I'm really sorry. You're beautiful and really good looking too" He said.
    " Our parents are getting married" I said.
    " Yeah I know. " He said.
    " Aaliyah who are you talking to?" That was dad. I think he overheard me.
    " No body" I replied.
    " Are you sure?" He asked.
    " Yeah Dad I'm sure, I'm talking to no one" I replied.
    " I'm not sure. Have you started talking to a boy again?" He asked.
    " You need to hide in my bathroom" I whispered to Jay.  I got up to open for dad. He looked at me and looked into my room.
    " There's no one here" I said.
    " I thought I heard voices" He said.
    " You didn't. You're always doubting me that's why" I said.
    " Alright be careful" He said and left. I closed my door and sighed.
    " That was close" I said slowly.
      I walked to my bathroom to look for jay who was hiding.
    " You should be out he's gone" I said to him.
    " Yeah I know" He said.
    " When will your dad stop chasing boys away?" He asked.
    " I'm his only child" I said.
      He smirked and looked into my eyes.
    " You need to come out of my bathroom" I said.
      He ignored me and reached for my hand. He dragged me close to himself, I could feel his breath again.
    " You should stop" I said.
    " Do you miss me?" He asked.
      I couldn't reply, I got shut by a kiss. He held me so close and made me rest on my bathroom wall. He kissed me on my neck and reached for my bra. I watched him unhook my bra and removed my blouse, I became hot.

      He stare at my cleavage and smiled at me. I couldn't help myself and I kissed him. We kissed passionately, my butterflies were already high.
    " We should really stop doing this. Our parents are getting married soon" I said. He nodded and kissed me on my forehead. Slowly he moved to my noise and finally made a way to lips. Jay already knew my soft spot, because I was always falling.
      The next morning I woke up to find out he was already gone. We didn't sex, don't get me wrong. We only kissed and slept side to side. I got up and looked at my reflection on my mirror. I sighed and head for my bathroom to take a bath. I washed myself and left for school. I was always meeting violet at school's hall always smiling.
    " Hey" she greeted.
    " Hi vi, good morning" I greeted.
    " You look really tensed" She said.
    " I'm good" I replied.
    " Let's head to class" She said giving me a hand. I took it as she dragged me to class. I saw Jay, he smiled at me faintly and I smiled back. I knew things wasn't right.
      Class that day wasn't interesting. Few hours later, class dismissed. Violet and I went to the canteen to have lunch. She noticed my looks I wasn't happy.
    " What is it?" She asked.
      I sighed and refused to talk.
    " You've been acting weird since morning" She said.
    " I don't understand. I think Jay has mixed feelings" I said.
    " Ooh, your parents are getting married and that actually means, you guys should put a full stop to whatever romance you guys are making. I know it hurts but you gotta try" Violet said.
    " Yeah I know. I'm just too addicted" I said.
      Just then my phone popped up, it was a message from Jay. It reads...
      I looked at it and smiled. The smile was not genuine. Violet was always good at reading minds.
    " Liyah" she called. I stretched my phone at her. She read the message and smiled at me.
    " Okay, that's a good start. You gotta try" She said.
    " I know, I wasn't sure about mine too" I said and chuckle.
    " Really?" Violet asked.
    " Nah not sure" I said slowly.
      Jayden walked into the canteen with Jenner, they were holding hands and smiling.
    " They look good together" I said.
     Violet smiled at me  and waved her hair.
    " Alright, we got a lot of work to do" Violet said.
      She may not understand but I was hurt. I looked at Jay who looked at me and smiled. The smile wasn't normal. I looked away and continued my routine.

    Chapter 22

    About a week later, Jay don't even bother talking to me. I guess our quarrelling started again.
      Jay was with Ace they were playing cricket. He threw the bat on the floor and sat down, guess he was really tired.
     " So how's liyah?" Ace asked.
    " Ace she's not my girlfriend" He replied.
    " I know, she's your soon to be step sister". Ace said.
    " She's not my sister, I don't see her as one." Jay replied.
    " Then what is she to you?" Ace asked.
    " I've no idea"
    " Look I would advise you call of that plan". Ace said to Jay.
    " Well I will, in due course" Jay replied.
    " I thought you liked her?" Ace asked.
    " I'm having mixed feelings okay. I'm just not too sure" I said.
    " Jay, liyah is just too good for that" Ace said.
      Jay smiled and nodded.
       Dad and I visited Anna that weekend. She welcomed us warmly. She smiled and waved at me.
    " How are you liyah?" She asked.
    " I'm fine" I replied.
    " Bill, you're already loosing it. You shouldn't think about your mom too much" Anna said as we sat down.
    " Well, the burial will be conducted next week and we are traveling really early to joannesburg" Dad said.
    " We?" I said to myself.
    " Yeah, I already told Jay and Regina." Anna said.
    " Give me a sec, lemme get you something to eat" Anna said and left for the kitchen.
    " Dad, what is this we thing?" I asked.
    " Anna and are her kids" Dad said.
    " Are they coming along?" I asked baffled.
    " Yeah, we are family liyah."
    " Oh, cool" I said.
       Well it seems Jayden and Regina weren't around. Cause I didn't see any before we left. I went to Violet's. She was busy at her kitchen.
     " Wow, Jayden and family are going to your gogo's burial?" Violet asked.
    " Yeah, we just gotta mind our business". I said.
    " I wish I can come "
    " You're not coming?" I asked.
    " No, I'm really sorry. Mom will definitely not allow me travel to Africa that's quite a journey" She said
    " But your parents are coming?" I asked.
    " Yeah, every one loves gogo. I'll be spending the weekend at Ace" She said.
    " Then be careful, don't get pregnant" I said and she laughs.
    " I dare not" she said .
      The following day, dad and I got ready for grandma's burial. We drove to Anna's place, she was ready, including Jay and Regina . Jay's looks wasn't confronting, I know he hates the idea. I saw another guy who was flirting endlessly with Regina.
    " Regina is cam coming with us?" Anna asked.
    " Yes mom, I hope it's not a bad idea?" She asked.
    " It's okay. Since he is your boyfriend, he's allowed" Anna said .
    " Regina has a boyfriend?" Dad asked Anna.
      I was quite older than Regina .
    " Yes. She's been dating since she was 15" Anna replied.
      I looked at dad and whip my hair.
    " That's too early" Dad said.
    " Yeah, you can't stop her. The least I could do as a mom is to advise her never to bring a child into my house. I'm really strict about that aspect ." Anna said.
    " Weird, I want liyah to graduate before thinking about relationship" I hear dad say to Anna.
    " It's a nice idea. But the problem is, can you stop her from falling inlove?" Anna asked.
    " Well I can't. She can't fall inlove, she's barely too young" Dad said.
    " Bill, liyah is not a teenage girl"
    " Ann, she's my only child, I want her success and having a boyfriend will definitely get her pregnant" Dad said.
    " Bill, relationship is not about getting pregnant" Ann tuitored.
    " Ann, I know teenagers, they are always horny" Dad said.
    " Bill , she's not a teenager" Anna said. Dad smiled at Anna and she laughs.
    " Why does your son has a tattoo?" Dad asked.
    " Jay is ,I don't know how to explain it. He loves things like that. He's naturally traumatized" Anna said.
    " Traumatized?" Dad asked.
    " Not what you think" Anna said.
    " Yeah he's a nice gentle man" Dad said and Anna smiled and hugged dad.
       Jay was sitting alone with his earphone. Both of us were actually stranded. Dad and Anna kept their luggage on the boot.
    " Well we might need a cab" Anna said.
    " Why?" Jay asked.
    " The passengers are way too many. Since cam is coming too we just need another car"  Anna said.
    " Well I will use my car" Jay said.
    " Alright that's a nice idea, you'll have to take liyah with you. Bill and I will drive this two love birds" Anna said referring to Regina and her boyfriend.
      We watched them as they entered the car and drive to the airport. Jay opened his boot and helped me with my luggage. We entered his car and he began driving. We were silent for a while as he finally quenched the silence.
    " What are you thinking?" He asked me. I looked at him and sighed.
    " I have no idea" I said.
    " Really?"
    " Yeah really" I said.
      He nodded and as silence drove by again. We drove silently until we finally arrived at the airport. Dad already booked our flights. The journey was really long, it was like forever. We arrived at joannesburg. Our family house was really wow, it's been long since I saw it. It was really neat like a young woman's house. It has only three rooms. Dad and Anna took one, cam and Regina took the other. The remaining one was meant for jay and I to share .
      He looked at me as i cough silently. That was a bad idea. We entered the room, I opened the windows to allow the Ray of the lights. I fell on the bed and stretched myself.
    " I wasn't expecting this view" Jay said.
    " What where you expecting? Bushes? Or like a village?" I asked.
    " Yeah, your looks though, I was expecting exactly what you mentioned" Jay said.
      I sat up and looked at him.
    " Seriously, you can't mock me I know I look good" I said standing up.
    " Keeping you and I in one room is a dead idea" I said.
    " What are you scared of?" He asked looking into my eyes.
    " We are not dating" Jay said.
      I ignored him and hissed.
    " You may want to use outside because I want to shower" I said.
    " Hmm, lemme help you then" He said walking to where I was.
    " What, you should stop doing this" I said.
    " Doing what?" He asked.
    " Jay I'm your step sister" I said.
    " No you're not. I can't see you as my sister" He said as he gently removed my hair from my face.
      I looked at him and slowly looked down. He wanted to kiss me when dad entered.
    " Oh God" I said to myself.
    " Hi Bill" Jay said to my dad.
    " You forgot something?" Jayden asked.
    " Not really. Just wanted to give liyah her bag" Dad said stretching my bag at me.
    " Oh thanks Dad" I said.
    " Yeah, be careful" Dad said and left. Jay sighed and locked the door.
    " I think we shouldn't continue this" I said.
    " Yeah go and bathe, I won't bite" He smiled and winked. I watch him fall on the bed and gently placed his earphone on his ear.  I entered the bathroom and unclad myself. I looked at the mirror on the wall and sighed. I shower and got dressed, I came out of the bathroom. Jay was not in the room any longer. I cleaned my hair and came out only to find cam standing at my door post.
    " What are you doing here?" I asked him locking my door.
    " Nothing in particular. " He said.
    " Ohh" I said.
    " Well Regina isn't here" I said.
    " I know. I'm here to see you" He said smiling at me.
    " What do you want?" I asked.
    " Aaliyah you're really beautiful" He said.
    " I've been thinking of you since I saw you. I can't help but confess my feelings" He said.
    " What"
    " What about your girlfriend?" I asked.
    " Regina is fine, you are really beautiful" He said.
      I looked at him, he wasn't making any sense. He smirked and wanted to touch my hair when Jayden walked in. He quickly adjusted like someone who was normal.
    " What's going on?" Jay asked.
    " Nothing, I was actually looking for Regina, I will leave you guys alone" Cam said and left.
    " What was that?" Jay asked.
    " He said he likes me" I said.
    " What?" Jayden asked baffled.
    " Yeah but I think he was joking" I said.
    " Alright" Jay said and walked out.
      I sighed and looked around, I saw Regina and cam smiling at each other.
    " Oh poor Gina, what a badass boyfriend"  I said to myself and walked out.

    Chapter 23

    Regina and I helped Anna as we arranged the meal on the table. We all set to eat.
    " We didn't pray" Regina said at once.
    " Yeah true. Jay please pray for us" I said.
    " What!" He thundered.
    " I can't pray" He said.
    " Why Jay?" Cam asked.
    " It's none of your business okay" Jay said at once.
    " You should take it easy he's my boyfriend" Regina defended.
    " Jay please pray for us" Dad said.
    " Come on Jay" I said. He looked at me and frowned.
    " Alright." He said and sighed.
      It was obvious that this bad ass doesn't pray at all.
    " Let's close our eyes please" He said and we closed our eyes . I didn't, I was staring at him, he wasn't aware.
    " Father Lord, we thank you for the provision, we also thank you for this gathering. We pray you bless this food and bless us all, so I pray through Christ our Lord." He said.
    " Amen" we all chorused.
    " I guess that didn't choke you" Anna said and began eating.
    " Well he tried, I can't remember when last he went to church" Regina said and everyone laughs.
    " I do go to church" He defended.
    " When last did you visited God's presence?" Anna asked.
      He kept quiet and looked at me. I shake my head and looked away.
    " At least I'm better than Regina who always lied she's going to church and end up crashing at Cam's house" Jay said.
    " What!" Anna chorused .
    " Now that's too much information" Regina said.
    " Cam is that true?" Anna asked.
    " Not true" He replied.
    " It better not be" Anna said.
      Cam was always making ugly passes at me. I guess Jay noticed, he looked at me and smiled.
      Night approached...
      Dad and the entire family gathered beneath a tree. It was fun to be back home..
    " I can't wait for us to get married" Anna said lying her head on dad's shoulders.
    " Yeah me too" Dad replied.
      Cam and Regina walked out as they strolled around town. I decide to take a walk too. Jay accompanied me and we left for the beach not too far from home.
    " I missed this sight" I said.
     Jay was just quiet. I remained mute as I stare at the horizon.
    " Why did you ask me to pray?" He asked.
    " I just wanted to see your face in prayers. You're horrible" I said.
    " Fuck, it looks better than your pretty face" He said.
     We kept quiet for a while and I was forced to ask a question.
    " What happened to your dad?" I asked.
    " He moved out" Jay replied.
    " Moved out?" I asked.
    " Yeah they broke up. "
    " That's bad"
    " Not bad. He was a bad father" He said.
    " Sorry about that" I said.
    " It's fine. You, what happened to your mom?"
    " She died" I replied.
    " That's what I call bad" He said.
    " Yeah true. I missed her though"  I said.
    " You're a mommy's girl" He said
    " What, no way I'm not"
    " Yeah you're. I guess that's the reason behind your single status" He said and smiled.
    " Not really. " I replied.
    " Then why?" He asked.
    " I can't explain" I said.
    " Oh, alright" He said.
    " Let's talk about your relationship status. Why are you still single since Nicki left?" I asked.
      He looked at me and looked away.
    " I can't explain" He said.
    " Oh, alright" I added.
    " You know you're really weird" I said.
    " Yeah I know" he said.
    " Why do you hate Todd this much? What did he do to you at first year?" I asked.
    " I can't tell you" He replied.
    " Wow" I said silently.
       We remained mute for a while until I became really cold. The sea breeze has occupied my entire system. Jay noticed me and gave me his sweaters . I collected it and put it on. He was shirtless.
    " Nice body" I thought.
    " Thanks and sorry for leaving you like that without a dress" I said.
    " It's fine" He nodded.
    " I think we should go home. They don't make tea on the beach" Jay said.
    " Alright" I replied and we Departed. We saw Regina and cam at the living room, they were really happy.
    " Hey guys" Cam said.
    " Hi" I replied, Jay didn't.
     We head to our room as Jay closed the door behind him.
    " You didn't reply cam why?" I asked.
    " Nothing, I just don't like him at all" Jay said.
    " That's bad cause he doesn't like you too" I replied removing his sweaters.
     I handed it to him and left for the kitchen to make tea . I switched on the gas to boil water. Some one walked in it was Cam. I turned to look at him he was smiling mischievously.
    " Cam you scared me" I said.
    " Sorry about that" He said.
    " What do you want?" I asked.
    " Nothing, I just wanted to see your beautiful face again" He said.
    " Seriously you're a joker. You should stop doing this okay. Regina is a nice girl she doesn't deserve to be hurt" I said.
    " I'm not planning to hurt her" He said walking to where I was.
    " You're being too close" I said.
    " I'm sorry, I can't stop thinking about you" He said looking down at my lips.
    " Cam you're not alright, I need to make tea" I said turning to switch of the gas when he touched my waist. I turned to look at him in anger.
    " What the hell is wrong with you?" I yelled.
     Jay walked in immediately.
    " Cam what are you doing here?" Jay asked.
    " Nothing, I needed water and I met Aaliyah. We were kinda talking" He said.
    " I think you should leave now" Jay said. I watched cam walk out of the kitchen. I was really offended.
    " You should be careful with Cam" Jay said.
    " yeah, thanks" I replied.
    " What are you doing here in the first place?" Jay asked.
    " I wanted to make tea" I replied.
    " You know I'm cold" I said, he was staring at me again seductively.
    " Tea doesn't lessen cold" Jay said as he approached me.
    " Then what?" I asked.
      He smiled and touched my hair. He touched my shoulders gently and move to the hand of my blouse. He gently pulled it to my arms.
    " Jay anyone can walk in. It's the kitchen" I said.
    " Yeah but I can't stop" He said. His blue eyes stare at mine. I was falling again.
      He held my face and kisses me deeply. He gently carresed my back as he kissed me on the neck. The moment didn't last long cause cam walked into the kitchen. Jay stopped at once and stare at Cam in grief.
    " What the fuck are you doing here again?" He asked looking at cam angrily.
    " Sorry I just.." He stammered. I guess he was baffled at the scenario.
    " Get out" Jay yelled.
      Cam nodded and left. I frowned and shake my head. Jay looked at me and smiled.
    " Sorry about that" Jay said.
    " I hope he doesn't tell Regina" I said.
    " He won't" Jay replied.
    " I hope so" I said.
    " I need a nap" Jay said and left. I sighed and turned to my water that was already warm. I made the tea and drank it slowly.
    " You guys are dating?" A voice asked. It was Cam in the kitchen, the third time .
    " It's not what you think" I said.
    " Yeah I know. He's handsome" Cam replied.
    " You shouldn't tell regina okay" I pleaded.
    " Yeah I won't" He said.
    " What are you looking for in the kitchen? This is your third time" I asked.
    " I wanted to see you, I was missing you" He said.
    " I'm going to bed." I said standing up .
    " Thanks" I said and Walked out.
     I went to my room, the room I share with Jay. Jay was already sleeping . He was lying on the couch. I entered and looked at him. He opened his eyes and stare at me.
    " I thought you were asleep" I said.
    " Yeah I was. I heard footsteps" He said.
    " You're sure about the couch?" I asked.
    " Yeah. I don't wanna get you pregnant" He said.
    " What!"
    " Just joking. Good night" He said as gently closed his eyes and faced the wall. I glanced at him and arranged myself on the bed.
    " Yeah good night" I said slowly.
    I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

    Chapter 24

    The following Morning, I woke up really late. Jay was not in the room. I yawned continuously and entered the bathroom to wash my mouth. I came out only to find Jayden staring at me and smiling.
    " Good morning" He greeted.
    " Morning" I replied.
    " You were up so late" He said.
    " Yeah I'm really stressed out" I replied.
    " Breakfast is served. See you downstairs" He said and left.
      I left for the living room, the family was there except our parents. I sit close to Jay and greeted Regina.
    " Good morning Lee" She said .
    " Morning Gina" I said.
    " You are really tired" Cam said to me and I nodded.
    " Yeah" I replied.
    " Hey guys" Anna said and balanced on a chair close to dad.
    " Good morning" I greeted.
    " Liyah are you okay?" Anna asked.
    " Yeah I'm fine. I'm just tired" I replied.
    " Sorry" She said
      We began eating when dad told us , we we're visiting a mall close to our house.
    " Why?" I asked.
    " I choose to buy a dress for my bachelorette's party after your grandma's burial" Anna said.
    " But I thought you've bought one already" Regina said.
    " Not really, I haven't. " She replied.
    " Then why are we coming along?" Jay asked.
    " Because, it would be fun. We are family now Jay, you shouldn't try and exclude yourself" She said.
       I was really tired and I thought I was falling sick. Dad took us to the mall after breakfast. Cam was with Regina, they were holding hands to hands. There was a eatery inside the mall, dad bought dessert for us.
    "This foods are too much" I protested.
    " Yeah you have to eat. Tomorrow all this food will be gone" Anna said.
    " How?" I asked confused.
    " Well, by time you've cried your eyes out, they will be gone" She said and I chuckled.
    " She's old. We don't have to cry. She died well" Jay said .
    " But she's my mom" Dad said.
    " Yeah right"  Jay said.
    " I really wanna go home" I said.
    " Why?" Dad asked.
    " Because I think I'm sick and I needed rest" I said.
    " Okay , you can go but be careful" Dad said and I left.
      I arrived at home and staggered to my room, I was about opening my door when cam entered. He was a creep, so irritating and annoying.
    " What the hell are you doing here?" I asked. I was really pissed by his creepy attitude.
    " Well I wanted to use the bathroom" He said.
    " Cam the bathroom is not In my room" I said.
    " Liyah I'm sorry, I can't stand a chance without you in my side. I want to be seeing you every minute" He said.
    " I'm going to report you to Regina if you don't stay away from me" I said.
    " Why? Okay I'll break up with her if you can give me a chance" He said.
    " What! Cam are you okay?" I asked.
    " I'm not. I'm love sick for you" He said and walked to where I was.
    " Get out" I yelled.
    " Shhh, be calm, I promise I won't hurt" He said wanting to kiss me when Regina entered with jay.
    " What the hell is going on here?"Regina asked.
      She was hurt by the scenario.
    " I can explain, it's not what you think" I said.
    " Cam, again" Jay said turning to cam.
    " You've been pestering liyah about love since we arrived here." Jay quaried.
    " What, cam why?" Regina cried.
    " I'm really sorry. I was obsessed" He pleaded.
    " Get out, I'm done with you" Regina yelled as she cried.
    " I'm really sorry" I said to her.
    " You wanna go for a ride cam?" Jay asked smiling at him.
    " What.."
    " Don't worry I won't hurt" Jay said smiling.
      He took cam and they left.
    " Men are wicked" Regina cried on my shoulders.
    " It's fine. He doesn't deserve you at all" I said patting her hair.
      Jay took cam on his car and they begin their journey. Jay was mute , he wasn't staring and he wasn't talking.
    " I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your sister" Cam pleaded.
      Jay didn't bother to reply. He looked outside and drive really slow. About half way from our house he stopped.
    " Come down" He ordered.
    " What?" Cam was really frightened.
    " Down" he repeated.
      Cam came downstairs looking at Jay who was sitted on the driver's seat.
    " You can continue your journey from here. New york isn't far anymore" Jay said and drove off.
    " Jay" He called but didn't get any reply.
      He returned home and smiled at me.
    " Where's cam?" I asked.
    " He's gone" he replied.
    " Gone? To where?" I asked.
    " New York" Jay replied.
    " How?"
    " Don't worry he's fine" Jay said and sat down.
    " Where's Gina?"
    " She's in her room" I replied sitting close to her.
      He stare at me and smiled.
    " I hope he didn't touch you?" Jay asked.
    " No, I'm good" I replied.
    " Alright"
    " How come you showed up so early when I left the eatery?" I asked.
    " I don't trust cam. I know he would definitely do something like that" Jay said and I smiled.
    " You know it would be great if you continue being nice. I don't understand why you're always changing. Today you're an angel, tomorrow you are back to being Jay the bad ass" I said.
      He looked at me and sighed.
    " That's just me. You need to learn" He said.
    " Cool" I replied.
      Later that evening. Regina was still indoors. She truly loved cam a lot.
    " Where's is cam?" Anna asked Jay and I.
    " He has left" Jay replied.
    " To where?" Anna asked.
    " New York" Jay said.
    " What! Why?" She asked again.
    " He was sick" Jay said .
    " But it's quite impossible. New York is far. " Anna said.
      We looked at her smirked. She wave hair and left .
    " It would have been nice, if she knows the truth" I said.
    " It's not compulsory." Jay replied.
      The following day..
      Grandma's burial was lit. She has a lot of sympathisers. It was basically occupied with aged men. Dad was busy addressing the guests while I was with Jay. Regina was with Anna . She was back to normal.
    " I'm waiting to see you cry" Jay said" " I'm not sure you'll" I said .
    " I'll be back soon" I said and headed out.
      I saw an average old man murmuring and weeping slowly.
    " Hi are you okay?" I asked him.
     He looked at me and wiped his tears.
    " My name's Aaliyah, I'm gogo's grand daughter" I said.
    " Your grandma was a very nice woman. She was my girlfriend" He said. I looked at him really surprised.
    " What?"
    " Yeah, we were lovers . She was really soft and she make me feel so young and now she's gone. She is no more" he cried.
    " Oh sorry" I said.
    " Thank you liyah." He said.
      I walked out of him still thinking what this old man said when I met another old man. He was crying too.
    " Why are you crying?" I asked.
    " Margaret was a very nice woman" He said referring to my gogo.
    " Yeah I know" I said.
    " She was my girlfriend" He added.
    " Oh God not again" I said to myself.
    " I even stay with her most times. She was my true girlfriend" He said.
    " Sorry , I know you missed her a lot" I said.
    " Yeah I do" He said.
      I hurriedly left when I saw this man seated on a chair, he was wailing silently.
    " You're okay?" I asked him.
    " Thanks dear, I'm fine. Margaret is gone. " He said.
    " Is she your girlfriend?" I asked suspiciously.
    " Yes she was. She was my everything. I loved her very much" this man said.
    " I'm truly sorry" I said and went to meet Jay. He was standing alone just like the way I left him.
    " You're back" he said.
    " Yeah. I met three old men, they were all claiming to be my grandma's boyfriends" I said and jay laughs.
    " That's funny" He said.
    " And weird too. " I said.
    " She must have been a real badass" Jay said and I chuckled.
    " Yeah I think" I said.
    " So your grand dad was the only husband she ever had?" Jay asked.
    " Yeah. Since my granddad died, she refused to get married. I guess that's how the boyfriends emerged" I said.
      Few hours later grandma was buried. I looked at her coffin and cried. Dad was a man , of course he didn't cry. Jay held me and gently wiped my tears. He patted my hair and made me rest on his shoulders.

    Chapter 25

    Two days after we traveled back to NY. I visited violet that evening. She was really excited to see me.
    " So how was Ace?" I asked her sitting down.
    " He's fine . The weekend was ice with Ace" She said giggling.
    " Oh yeah" I said.
    " How's Jay? I hope he complimented home?" Violet asked.
    " Yeah, he truly changed you know. He was really a nice gentle man" I said.
    " Yeah Jay is truly cool, but most times he's crazy" Violet said.
    " Yeah I know. Regina broke up with Cam" I said.
    " What happened?" Violet asked.
    " Well he tried forcing himself into me." I said.
    " I don't understand"
    " Cam followed us to joannesburg. And they broke up in joannesburg. He tried being intimate" I said.
    " That's bad news. What a cheat" She said.
    " But I hope everything went smoothly with Jay?" Violet asked and winked.
    " Stop okay , he's my step brother" I said.
    " No hard feelings but, you guys really look perfect" She said. I frowned and shake it off.
    " Our parents wedding party is this weekend" I said.
    " Wow, that's fab. I dare not miss this one" She said.
    " You dare not . " I said and laughed.
      That night...
     I was in my room trying to catch a nap, when I received an SMS.
    " hey, are you in your room?" It was from Jay.
    " Yeah" I replied back.
    " Open your window" He texted back.
      I got up to open the window only to find Jay standing downstairs. He smiled and waved. I shake my head and pretended a fake smile. He climbed on my window and entered my room.
    " Jay what are you doing here?" I asked and closed the window.
    " Sorry" He said and smiled.
    " Jay.."
    " Can I use your bathroom?" He asked.
    " What?"
    " Yeah, please" He said.
    " What happened to yours?" I asked.
    " Well the drainage no longer works. But it will be fixed by tomorrow. I need to shower" He said.
      I knew he was lieing.
    " Jay, you're lieing"
    " I'm not" He said.
      I looked at him and frowned.
    " Okay fine, you got me. I wanted to see you and say hi. But I really need to use your bathroom" He said.
    " Alright, go ahead" I said sitting down on my bed.
    " Thanks" He replied.
      He entered my bathroom and i could hear my knob locked. Few seconds later it was my shower running down. I sighed and looked around. For over twenty minutes Jay was still in the bathroom. My shower was still running.
    " Jay." I called but he didn't reply.
    " Are you there?" I asked.
      He didn't reply either. I sighed and got up to knock.
    " Jay are you in there?" I asked.
    " Jay" I called and he refused to say a word.
      The only noise I could hear was my shower rushing down.
     I gently opened the door. I was scared and shy at the same time. I looked around, I saw Jay under the shower, his eyes were closed. He was just standing still naked.
    " Jay" I called.
      He raised his head to look at me.
    " Hey" He replied and smiled.
    " Close your eyes" He said.
     And I quickly closed them.
    " You shouldn't be here" He said.
      I could feel his presence, he was standing close to me.
    " I'm sorry, I thought something might have happened to you" I said.
    " Hmm" He said.
      I could feel his hands move through my hair.
    " Jay" I called.
    " Shhhh" He said.
    " I won't hurt" He said and kissed me on the lips.
      I could feel my butterflies again. He gently carresed my hair and kissed me deeply, I was moaning slowly. I opened my eyes to look at him, he wasn't smiling as normal.
    " Let's bathe" I said.
    " What!"
    " Yeah let's bathe" He said and gently removed my dress. I wasn't sure of what I was doing but I had to correspond. He removed my clothes and and i found myself under the shower with Jay.
    " I haven't done this before" I said looking at him.
    " I know" He replied.
      He collected my soap and scrub it against his palm . He rub it on my neck and move down to my nipples. I was falling again. I hold my breath and hold him really close . I found myself kissing him so passionately.

     ( Lemme end here)
    Jay left the following morning since we were having lectures that day at school. He left really early. Don't get me wrong we didn't sex. I got dressed and left for school that day. I was really shy to look at Jay. He was standing with Ace that morning while I was with Violet. Violet moved  over to where ace was and hugged him. Jay moved over to me and smiled.
    " Hi" I said.
    " Hi" He said.
    " You look tensed" He said.
    " Well I'm fine" I said.
      He chuckled and smiled.
    " Sorry about yesterday" He said slowly.
    " Oh"
    " What, I was really not .., you know" He said looking into my eyes.
    " Don't start to say sorry. I just want us to stop. My dad may freak out if he ever finds out" I said.
    " Yeah I know. Smooching your step sister uh?" He said.
    " Maybe" I said
    " But you're not my sister" Jay said.
    " You may be right but, I'll soon be one" I said amd Jay chuckle again.
    " Yeah , I hope it doesn't happen again" He said.
    " Yeah" I said crossing my arm.
    " Should I tell you a secret?" He asked.
    " Go on" I said .
    " Your body was nice. You truly made my night" He said.
      I looked at him and blushed. He smiled and left. Violet returned, she was fund of smiling.
    " Okay what were you guys talking about?" She asked.
    " Nothing. Our parents bachelorette's party this weekend" I lied
    " You're sure? Cause you were smiling?" She asked.
    " I'm sure. " I said.
    " Alright. Let's go to class" She said as we left.
      That same day, I was at the hall going through my locker when Jenner walked in.
    " Hi liyah" she called.
    " Hey" I said looking at her confused.
    " I wished you could make jay take me out" Jenner said.
    " I can't" I said.
    " Why he's your step brother" She said.
    " I Know, but it's weird" I said to her.
    " Are you guys gossiping about me?" Jay asked. He just walked in.
    " Well, liyah was just saying you should take me out" Jenner said at once. I was shocked.
    " Is that true?" Jay asked me. I looked at Jenner who in turn smiled broadly.
    " I didn't say that" I said
    " Come on liyah. You said it would be pretty nice if Jay take me out on a date" Jenner said.
     I looked at Jay and turned over to Jenner.
    " Alright I'll, since liyah ask me to take you out" He said looking at me and left.
    " Jenner why would you lie? I didn't say that?" I asked.
    " Sorry sweets you just made my evening"  Jenner said and hugged me . She smiled and left.
    " Fuck" I said to myself.
      I could feel jealousy.
    " Hi lee are you okay?" Violet asked.
    " Hi" I said to her.
    " You're okay?" She asked again.
    " No, Jay is taking Jenner out this weekend" I said.
    " Oh that's bad" She said.
    " It's fine. We are not even dating" I said.
    " Liyah I know. Forget it let's go home" Violet Said giving me a hand.
    " Thank God you walk with me today" I said.
    " Yeah I know. It's been centuries sice we last walked together" She said
    " What about Ace?" I asked.
    " He's staying back for practical I guess" violet said.
    " I know your feets may hurt, it's been long you trekked" I said and she laughs
    " You're crazy. But you're right you know" She said and I nodded.
      I got home that day. Dad was dancing to his ancient songs again. I entered and greeted him.
    " Hi Dad"
    " Welcome Lee" He said.
    " You seem happy" I said.
    " That's because I'm happy" He said.
    " My wedding to Ann is just in few days"
    " Oh, I understand the jubilation" I said.
    " Yeah, I'm back on track" Dad said.
    " You just gotta be careful" I said.
    " I'll , thanks" He said.
     I proceed to leave when I stopped.
    " Can I hang out with violet this evening?" I asked.
    " Sure you can, as long as you don't visit any boy" He said and I smiled.
    " Thanks" I replied and head to my room.
      I fell on my bed and thought about Jay and Jenner on a date . It would be nice I guess.
    " I can't believe liyah said I should take Jenner on a date" Jay said to Ace that same day.
    " It's weird. I thought she likes you" Ace said.
    " Yeah she does. But since she's cool with it, I'm fine with it" Jay said.
    " Be careful don't get laid" Ace said and jay chuckle.
    " Talking about getting laid, it's been  long I really get laid" Jay said.
    " I guess since Nicki left?" Ace asked.
    " Yeah" Jay replied.
    " Just be careful out there tonight" Ace said and jay nodded.
       That night I went out to a pub to have a drink. I was really tired of home. I was always thinking about Jay and Jenner on a date. I was at Violet's before visiting the pub, Ace was taking her out. I couldn't go back home and I decide to visit a pub. I was really tired and high.
       After few hours, I saw Jay with Jenner, he just escorted Jenner out of the pub. Todd walked to where I was and smiled.
    " Liyah"
    " Hi" I said.
    " You look drunk" Todd said.
    " I'm not I'm just tired" I replied.
    " Lemme drive you home" Todd said.
    " Don't worry I will" A voice said. I turned to look it was jayden.
    " Why? I thought you were with Jenner" Todd said
    " It's none of your business. Just get out" Jay yelled.
    " I won't I volunteered to drop her off" Todd fired back.
    " Liyah get into the car now" Jay ordered.
    " Jay" i said.
    " Now" Jay repeated.
      I got up and walked outside.
    " Stay away from her. You need to stick to your twins" Jay said.
    " I thought she's your step sister"
    " It's none of your business. Just stay away from my family" Jay said and left. I was standing close to his car. I was really exhausted.
      He opened the door and made me entered. I sat down and he entered too.
    " What was that?" He asked. I refused to reply.
    " I told you to stay away from todd" Jay said.
      I looked at him and frowned.
    " You don't expect me to be single forever right?" I said.
    " And what's the meaning of that?" He asked.
    " You took Jenner out on a date. I got bored and decide to visit the pub. I saw Todd who decides to give me a ride, you just came in and started ranting" I said.
    " I thought you said I should take her out" Jay said.
    " I didn't, she lied" I said
    " Sorry about that. I'm just trying to be nice" Jay said.
    " Please take me home" I said and fastened the seatbelt.
      He started the car and drove off. We parked outside my house. I wanted to come down when Jay stopped me
    " Goodnight" he said.
    " Thanks, you too" I said and come down from his car. I watched him as he drove away.
     I entered the house, dad was staring at me awkwardly.
    " Who owns that car?" Dad asked. It seems he saw the car.
    " Jay" I replied.
    " Are you sure?" Dad asked.
    " Dad I was at Anna's. It was late and jay decide to drop me off. You can call Anna and ask her" I said.
    " Okay I trust you" He said.
      I frowned and left for my room.
    I was really tired, I undressed to shower when Jay sent me a text.
    " Sorry about today, just wanted to say you look beautiful today. Don't mind your step brother, Jenner was really boring on the date"  I read and smiled.
    " Proud girls are really boring" I said to myself and entered my bathroom to shower.

    Chapter 26

    Our parents bachelorette's party was near and finally it came. Starlight's hotel was filled. Many of college students were present, including well wishers. Dad also threw a pool party. That night looks like bikini bottom. I was on my casuals with violet.
    " Wow, Jay is finally ending up as your brother" Violet said.
    " Yeah, good news I guess" I said.
    " You're sure about that?" She asked.
    " Maybe" I replied.
    " Well if you are cool, I'm fine with that. I can't wait to get wet on that water" Violet said.
    " Oh yeah, I'll stay behind" I said.
    " You dare not, go and change" Violet said.
      I saw Jay with this weird girl. I haven't seen her before, they were flirting and she was laughing really high. Jay turned to look at me and waved. I smiled and waved back.
    " Who's she?" The girl asked Jay.
    " My step sister" Jay replied.
    " Are you about that?" She asked.
    " Well I'm sure. We've been friends since childhood, and I don't see reasons hiding anything from you" Jay said to her.
    " You know I really missed you a lot. Our fights and games. Most especially our pool fights when you always wanna touch me" She said giggling.
    " Liliana I was barely 10" Jay said at once .
    " Yeah I know. But I was hurt when you traveled. Moving out of California to NY, I barely could cope since you were my best friend" Liliana said.
    " I understand" Jay said and smiled to her.
       I entered the rest room to change into my bikinis with violet, I was still wondering who that Strange girl was.
    " Lee, what are you thinking?" Violet asked.
    " Nothing" I replied.
    " Are you sure? Or you're thinking about the weird girl with Jay" Violet said. She was really good at reading minds.
    " Look, I think you know me too much" I said chuckling.
    " That's because we've been friends since we were 5" Violet said and I smiled.
    " You're right. She seems to be his girlfriend" I said.
    " Aaliyah, jay is your step brother. And it's really wrong to be falling. Your parents will never support such ideas" Violet said.
    " Yeah, and if I was in their shoes I'll never support such" I said.
    " Let's go for a swim, I wanna get wet" Violet said.
    " Alright, I'm not swimming" I said. Violet smiled and dragged me out of the rest room.
      Jay took Liliana for a stroll. She was holding Jay's hands.
    " What are we doing here?" Jay asked Liliana.
    " Nothing really, just wanted to show you something" Liliana said closing the hotel room door.
    " What are you showing me?" Jay said.
    " Close your eyes" She said and jay closed his eyes.
      Liliana removed her bras and gently touched Jay on his chest. He opened his eyes at once.
    " What are you doing?" He asked removing her hands.
    " I missed you Jay" She said wanting to kiss jay.
    " Please stop. I can't. You're my friend I can't do this" He said.
    " Jay don't turn me down. I missed you so much" Liliana said.
      Jay looked at Liliana and gently pushed her away.
    " Wear your clothes, I'm outside" Jay said and walked out .
      I saw Jay walked out of the hotel room, he smiled and approached me.
    " Nice bikinis" He said.
    " Thanks" I replied with my arms crossed.
    " Who's she?" I asked referring to Liliana who was already out.
    " My child hood friend" He replied.
    " What a long memory" I said.
    " Yeah" He replied looking at my cleavages.
    " You wanna make out for the last time?" Jay asked and looked down at my lips.
    " We can't continue doing this" I said.
    " I know. I'm already missing your lips. The bath was cool" He said and smiled.
    " Jay, it's not right" I said.
    " But you are In love with me right?" He asked looking into my eyes.
    " We can't continue kissing" I said.
    " Kissing?" Someone asked.
      We turned to look it was Anna.
    " Oh God" I said to myself.
    " Have you guys been kissing?" She asked us.
      I remained quiet and looked at Jay.
    " Jay, what is wrong with you? You've been digging on her silently?" Anna asked angrily.
    " Mom it's not what you think. We didn't sex" Jay said.
    " How long now?" Anna asked.
    " Since you and Billy started dating" Jay replied.
      I kept quiet, I was really scared.
    " Jay, what the hell is wrong with you?" Anna questioned.
    " Liyah" Anna called looking at me.
    " Mom let's talk privately" Jay said.
      Anna looked at me and left with Jay .
    " This is gonna be bad" I said and Walk out .

    " Jay explain to me now" Anna yelled.
    " We are in love" Jay said.
    " What! Are you being serious?" Anna asked.
    " I'm serious, I love her" Jay said.
    " Oh no Jay. You're a bad influence. You're a badass son. You're too bad for liyah, you better stop this nonsense" Anna said.
    " Mom I'm a changed person"
    " Really"
    " I went to prison, yeah. I do drugs yeah, I almost stabbed dad yeah. You sent me to Canada because you're scared I was turning into a thug, I dropped out of high school, yeah and finally gain admission to Piedmont's. Fuck, all this are my past. I've found true love. She's the only girl who has finally changed me. I can't believe you want me to forget her like that" Jay said.
    " You'll. Or I'll report you to bill that you've been taking advantage of liyah for over four months" Anna said.
    " Mom"
    " Trust me. For crying out loud jay, I'm getting married to bill two days from now. You can't ruin my wedding" Anna said and stormed out.
      Jay was really mad. He returned to the party really tensed. He didn't bother to say hi. I saw him with another girl flirting.
    " Jay, we need to talk" I said to him.
      He looked at me and frowned.
    " I'm sorry liyah not now, I'm busy" Jay said turning to this different girl.
    " Jay!" I called.
    " Not now." He said.
    " I'll talk to when I'm less busy" Jay said.
      " Jay now" I said I was pissed.
    " Wait for me in my room" He said turning to the girl.
    " Alright" She said and walked out.
    " So what's that?" I asked him.
    " So what's what?" He asked.
    " I don't care about any girl you are making out with. I need an explanation to this weird attitude. You haven't spoken to me since you chatted with your mom" I said.
    " Well I have nothing to say to you. I need to leave now. There's a meal waiting for me in the room" He said and walked out.
    " What the fuck"  I said. I looked at him and walked out too.
    I went over to violet who was always good at reading minds.
    " What is wrong?" She asked.
    " I'm fine" i replied.
    " Let's visit the beach" Violet said giving me her hands. I took it and we left for the beach at the back of starlight's.
      Jay entered his room and saw the girl , she was sitting on his bed smiling.
    " What are you doing here?" He asked.
    " You ask me to wait for you in here" She said.
    " You need to leave" I said.
    " We've not even done anything" She said standing to meet Jay .
    " Get out" He yelled.
    " What"
    " Now, leave" He said.
    " You're weird" She said and left angrily.
    " Bitch" Jay said to himself.
           We saw Jay and Liliana. He looked at me and looked away.
    " Now that's weird" violet said.
    " Yeah, I guess his mother found out about us" i explained.
    " That's bad" violet said.
    " Yeah, but he refused to say a word to me since he talked to his mom privately" I said.
    " Sorry about that. I think we should just leave then" Violet said and we turned to leave. I left the beach with violet really sad.
    " You Know what jay, the beach is clear you wanna dip" Liliana said to Jay.
    " I'm not in the mood" Jay said.
    " You said she's your step sister and not your girlfriend" Liliana said.
    " Yeah and you're right" Jay said.
    " Let's skinny-dipping" Liliana said pulling off her bikinis. She was completely unclad.
    " Liliana not again" Jay said.
      I walked into the beach to confront Jay again when I saw Liliana naked. I was shocked beyond words. Jay turned to look at me. I cried and stormed out. He chase after me calling my name. I ignored him and ran away.

    Chapter 27

    " I can't believe Jay would do that" Violet said that day.
    " I was hurt, I thought he said she was his childhood friend" I said.
    " It's fine. I thought Jay was nice, but with what you told me, it's really weird" Violet said.
     I looked at her and frowned.
    " Chill it's okay, you gotta get ready for tonight" Violet said and I nodded.
      That night was the real deal. Jay has been calling my phone since the incident. I wasn't ready to listen. I smiled at me reflection and got dressed. Dad was already waiting for me downstairs. The bachelorette's party was something else. Anna was smiling, she was really beautiful on a white shirt gown. She hugged dad and took over from me.  I saw Jay, he was with Ace and friends. I looked at him and look away.
    " Aaliyah, you look beautiful" Violet said. I turn to look at her , she was also cute.
    " Thanks" I replied.
    " You really need to get this shit out of your mind. I confronted ace but he said it's not what you think. Liliana wanted skinny dipping." Violet said.
    " Who's Liliana?" I asked.
    " The girl with Jay on the beach earlier today" Violet said.
    " I don't care. We are not dating, I don't see reasons why I should be bothered" I said.
    " And that's because you love him" Violet said.
     I sighed and looked away.
    " I'll be back, lemme get us something to drink" Violet said and left. Liliana approached me and smiled.
    " Hey"
    " Hi" I replied.
    " Look, Jay is my boyfriend, we've been dating for long now" She said.
     I looked at her and sighed
    " So what's my business?" I asked her.
    " Well it's your business, because you're having inner feelings. Just stay away from him. We love each other, don't try to spoil things for us" She said and walked to where Jay was with friends.
    " What were you telling liyah?" Jay asked Liliana.
    " Well I was telling her about today on the beach." She lied.
    " So?"
    " I told her I was sorry" Liliana replied.
      Dad and Anna relax on the high table. I smiled at them, they truly made a perfect match. Anna raised a glass as everyone did the same.
    " Jay and liyah can you give us a speech please" Anna said.
    " Let liyah do the toast" Jay said and smiled at me.
      I sighed and looked at Anna who smiled back.
    " Alright" I begin.
    " If I was to make a wish in my next life, is having you as a dad again. Among ten thousand dad's you've been the best all the way and I'm forced to say, you'll always make the best husband and father. Thanks for having you as a father" I said and smiled raising my glass. Jay smiled at me as everyone applauded me.
    " Go Lee, you killed it" Violet said smiling at me.
      We sat down to eat, dad was really happy.
    " Liyah that was a nice speech" Anna said.
    " Thanks Anna" I replied.
    " I know my daughter would definitely give a good speech." Dad said.
      The dj tuned the music and violet got up with Ace to danced. I looked at dad because I wanted to dance too. Liliana took Jay and left for the dance floor, I was stranded with Anna and dad.
    " Dad I really need to dance" I said.
    " I didn't stop you. I just don't want you to dance with a boy" Dad said.
    " Bill you should stop. Trying to force her against her will his wrong, she might end up doing something wrong. Let her dance tonight with whosoever she wanna dance with" Anna said.
    " Anna, liyah is my only child" Dad said.
    " I know. Just this night" Anna said .
    " Okay, but make sure you don't give any boy your number" Dad said.
      I smiled and got up to dance.
     I saw Dave, Jay's friend. He gave me a hand and I danced with him.
    " You look really beautiful tonight" Dave said and smiled at me.
    " Thanks" He said.
      He smiled at me mischievously, I know he was high.
    " Dave you're drunk" I said to him.
    " I'm not" He said and wanting to kiss me. Jay interrupted at once .
    " Lemme continue from where you stop" Jay said to dave and dragged me out of the dance floor.
    " What the fuck do you want?" I asked.
    " You're really stressed" He said.
      We were outside the hotel.
    " Let's go to my car" Jay said.
    " Why?" I asked.
    " So that we can talk. I really need to tell you something important" He said.
      I looked at him and sighed.
    " Alright" I replied and followed him to his car. He whind up the side mirror and sighed smiling at me.
    " I'm really sorry" He said.
    " I'm really an asshole I Know, but it's really wrong to pick offense at that rate without hearing my own side of the story" He said.
    " I did nothing to her. She wanted to swim naked on the beach with me but I refused" He said.
    " Oh" I said.
    " Yes, and I'm really sorry for ignoring you . My mom hated the idea. I Know it's kinda weird. Family dating family" Jay said.
    " I'm really sorry about how I acted , I was really hurt" I said.
    " Do you love me that much?" He asked.
    " I don't know, I can't love my step brother" I said and he laughs.
    " I forget to tell you, nice speech you made out there. You really look beautiful tonight too" Jay said.
    " Thanks, I was shy" I said.
      He smiled and  looked into my eyes .
    " Liliana said she was your girlfriend" I said.
    " She's my childhood friend. We've been closed friends since we were little" Jay said.
    " She's been throwing green light for a while now" Jay said.
    " Wow, that's cool. It's so weird you are wanted by many" I said.
    " That's because I'm cute" He said and winked.
    " You're not. You're just good looking" I said.
    " Are you sure about that?" He asked.
      I smiled and nodded.
    " Well you too, you are wanted by many" Jay said.
    " I have no idea why, but I know I'm good looking" I said and smiled.
    "When I was 15, my dad got into a fight with my mom. I got really sad, he called me a waste, I got really annoyed and stabbed my dad. My mom was really annoyed, I got arrested and was later persecuted on dealing drugs. I went to jail, I spent two years. Mom wailed cause dad left her. I got released and I drop out of high school. I traveled to Canada to stay with my grandma, she died that month and mom came back for me. I went with her and i resumed Piedmont's the following year. That was how I met Todd, we threw a party challenge and I won, he hates me because he once rule Piedmont's before I came. He went back to my past high and collected my school file and paste it at school hall that day. I was actually dating Nicki then, he pasted my school file and that day was home coming. I was suspended from Piedmont's. I hated him since then. After a month I resumed school again and that was how our beef started. He was right I collected his girlfriend when I returned back to Piedmont's. He's really useless." Jay said .
    " Sorry about all that" I said.
    " I never knew he was really that evil" I added.
    " It's fine" Jay said.
    " My dad was always good at destroying my mom's relationship after their divorced. I mean he was always showing up when things was about going well. She has dated four men now, and my dad was always spoiling things for her, I just hated my dad." Jay said.
    " That's bad. My dad's case is different. The women were always ending things. Your mom will definitely make the third wife for my dad. " I explained.
    " Sorry about that" Jay said and I smiled at me.
    " Thanks" I replied.
    " Lemme take you to somewhere  private. Somewhere we can be together maybe for the last time" He said and I nodded.
      We drove down to his house. Since the entire family was at starlight's. Dad was planning to Lodge at the hotel with Anna till Dawn since it was their wedding Eve. Jay opened the door and led me to his room. It was dark. He switched on the light and smiled at me.
    " It's so quiet in here" I said looking around.
    " Yeah, you know why" He said and stare straight into my eyes.
      He got closed to me and touch my cheek gently looking into my eyes.
    " I wish we could be together" He said.
      I sighed and catch my breath.
      He kissed me and gently caress my body.
     He gently zipped down my gown and pulled it down. I was half naked remaining my bikinis. He removed his dress and kissed me again on the lips. I kissed him back as he unbuckle my bra. He gently rubbed on my nipples and kissed me.
    " Are you sure about this?" He asked.
    " Yeah" I replied.
      He gently pushed me on his bed and finally we did it.  I covered myself with his blanket, I was really shy. He kissed me and held my cheek.
    " Thanks" he said .
    " For what?" I asked.
    " For trusting me" Jay said.
      I looked at him and looked away.
     He kissed me and hold me close to himself.
    " You're a virgin" He said, I could feel his breath on my neck.  I couldn't reply.
    " It's okay." He said and pat my hair and slowly let his hands rest on my breast.
    " You know, I have never lived a good life. You made me realize what love is. I just wished we could be together" He said and gently grabbed on my breast. I turned to look at him. He held me close to himself and kissed me.

    Chapter 28

    I returned home really early the following morning. I was really tired. I saw dad in the living room. He wasn't happy as usual, I was expecting him to be happy since tomorrow was his wedding.
    " Good morning Dad" I greeted.
    " Where are you coming from?" He asked frowning.
    " Anna's" I replied.
    " Anna's? Dad asked.
    " Yeah, we went to party. The guys and I" I lied.
    " Which guys?" Dad asked.
    " Violet, Regina, ace and I and jay " I said.
    " You sure? cause I saw violet and Regina" Dad said.
    " Dad, you didn't see any of them" I said sitting close to dad.
    " You're okay?" I asked.
    " No I'm not" Dad replied.
    " What happened?" I asked.
    " Anna and I broke up" Dad said.
    " What!"
    " Yeah, I wanted a child from her, but she said she isn't ready to give birth again. She said Jayden and Regina are the only kids she wants" Dad said.
    " What, dad you should have discussed with her before making wedding plans, what about tomorrow" I asked.
    " We called off the wedding. I can't marry Anna If she isn't ready to give me a child" Dad said.
    " I'm truly sorry. This was exactly what I was talking about. And now you're sad" I said.
    " Yeah I'm truly hurt. I truly loved Anna " Dad said.
    " It's okay, lemme prepare something for you to eat" I said standing up.
    " Thanks Lee" Dad said and i left for the kitchen.
      It has finally happened exactly what I was avoiding. My phone vibrated, it was Jay calling.
    " Hi" I said.
    " Hi liyah" Jay said.
    " What is it this time? Your mom dumped my dad" i said.
    " Yeah, I heard too. My mom doesn't need a child. I'm really sorry about that" Jay said.
    " It won't change anything. My dad is hurt. And I hate to see him in such conditions" I said.
    " I'm sorry" He said.
    " It's fine" I said.
    " So what's their fate?" I asked.
    " I've no idea" Jay said.
    " Why don't we talk about us" Jay said and I sighed.
    " Us?" I asked.
    " Yeah, last night" He said.
    " I don't wanna think about that okay" I said pouring the already boiled water on a sauce pan to make tea for dad.
    " Why, I guess you liked it?" He asked and I ignored him.
    " Let's see tonight. I'm taking you out on a date" Jay said.
    " I can't" I said adding beverages into the sauce .
    " Why?" Jay asked.
    " My dad isn't happy at all. I can't go out, its more like I'm celebrating his defeat" I said.
    " I understand" Jay said.
    " Thanks, let's talk later" I said.
    " Alright, take care" Jay said and ended the call .
      I carried the tea and the toasted bread and took them to the dinning table. Dad looked like someone who just lost an admission.
    " Dad, you need to eat" I said to him .
    " Thanks liyah, I will" Dad replied, standing up to the dinning.
      I sighed and left for my room.
     Two days after, Anna didn't bother to call dad, if she has changed her mind. I was with violet, we decide to stroll down the street. I was really worried about dad.
    " It's really bad. Anna was really serious"  violet said.
    " Yeah she is." I said.
    " But I guess you're happy. Finally you can be with Jay" Violet said hitting me with her shoulders.
    " Woah, I'm still thinking" I said.
    " You don't have to. I mean there's nothing wrong" Violet said.
    " No violet. My dad's still going through a trauma. He's really sad, I can't go on and date the son of a woman who dumped my dad" I said.
    " Lee, you want Jay right?" Violet asked.
    " Vi, I'm not sure" I answered.
    " What, you guys already make out" Violet said.
      I didn't tell about her about that night I was with Jay. The night things change for me . I wasn't ready to tell her.
    " The fact that we kissed doesn't change anything" I said.
    " It does, Jay is cool" violet said and I sighed.
     " Is that Regina?" I asked looking at the image that caught my attention. She was with Todd and it seems they were in a romance relationship.
    " Oh my, she's dating Todd now?" Violet asked.
    " That's weird. I guess she knows who Todd is, her brother's worst enemy" I said.
    " Weird" Violet said.
      We watched Todd kissed Regina on the lips and drove away. I waved at her as she crossed over to where we were standing.
    " Hey Lee, hi vi" She greeted .
    " Hi Gina" I said.
    " What's up, it's been long I saw you. You're fine right?" She asked, she was really excited.
    " Yeah, you're dating Todd?" I asked.
    " Yeah, he's so sweet" she said.
    " What! He's Jay's worst enemy. Todd is not what you think he is" I said.
    " Thanks liyah but we kinda like each other. I don't really care if he's Jay's worst enemy. I just want you to promise me something" She said.
    " And what's that?" I asked.
    " Don't tell Jay about Todd and i. This should be a secret, Jay's definitely going to freak out. Don't tell him please" She said.
    " Regina, what if something bad happens to you?" I asked.
    " Nothing is gonna happen to me. I'll be fine" Regina said and I nodded.
    " Alright, I won't tell him" I said
    " Thanks" She said and left .
      Violet turned to look at me.
    " You're sure about this?" Violet asked.
    " Yeah, I don't have a choice" I said .
    " Alright, let's go then" Violet said and we left.
     " Aaliyah" Dad called one morning. That's about five day Anna broke up with dad.
    " Dad, are you alright?" I asked rushing downstairs.
    " Yes" Dad said.
      I rushed downstairs only to find Anna and dad together.
    " Woah" I said baffled.
    " Yeah, we are back Lee. I missed my baby" Anna said .
    " Wow, that's sudden" I said.
    " I missed you too" Dad said as Anna flung herself on dad.
    " We are planning the wedding next week. I'm so happy to have my Anna back" Dad said kissing Anna.
    " That's gross" I said looking away.
    " Yeah, this time the wedding will be really fab" Ann said.
    " Wow, thank God" I said as I left them.
      I hurriedly went back to my room. That was so sudden. Jay called immediately.
    " Hi Lee" He said.
    " Yeah your mom is here with my dad. It seems they are back" I said .
    " I'm surprised too. I was happy you were finally turning mine" Jay said and I shake my head.
    " You're silly. I can't be yours and you know that"
    " I was really sure" Jay said and gigles.
    " You believe in God right?" Jay asked.
    " Jay you don't go to church" I said. I hear him laugh on the phone.
    " I do now " He replied.
    " Look there's no hope anymore. They are back finally. It would be nice if we just move on" I said.
    " I won't. We can still hook up" Jay said.
    " Jay, it's not possible. You wanna kill my dad?" I asked.
    " I understand" He said.
     " Well, let's talk later then" He said.
    " Yeah" I replied and he ended the call.
         Four days after...
      Anna was busy planning her wedding ceremony with dad when Trent entered. He was smiling at Anna. Anna didn't notice Trent, he held her on her waist. Anna turned to look at Trent who was smiling at her.
    " Hi baby" He said.
    " Trent what are you doing here?" Anna asked baffled.
      She wasn't expecting to see Trent.
    " I missed you Anna. I have to come back" Trent said .
    " Jay won't take it likely with you and you know that" Anna said.
    " Is he at home?" Trent asked.
    " He's not" Ann replied.
    " Then come to daddy" Trent said giving her his favourite flirt face.
    " Trent!" Anna called slowly.
      Trent hold anna gently and kissed her on the lips.
    " I missed you baby. Do you?" He asked looking into Anna's eyes.
    " I do, you're always fund of running away. You left us, I hope you are back fully now" Anna said.
    " Yes , I truly missed you. I'm back and I'm not going again. I love you Anna" Trent said and kissed Anna on the lips. The scene didn't last long, Jay walked in.
    " Mom" Jay called looking at Anna.
    " Dad" He called turning to trent.
    " What the hell are you doing here?" Jay asked.
    " Jay he is your father" Ann cut him short.
    " I don't have a father" Jay said
    " Jay I'm truly sorry" Trent pleaded.
    " Why?" Jay asked.
    " I don't wanna see you anymore. My mom is getting married three days from now. You're always good at ruining her marriage. Then when her suitors are gone you'll be gone too" Jay yelled.
    " Come on, I'm here to stay. I love your mom very much. And I love you too, you're my son" Trent said .
    " You're not my father, I'm not your son. Just get out" Jay ordered.
    " Jay" Ann called.
    " Now, Trent get out. You don't belong here" Jay said.
    " I'm your father Jay" Trent said.
    " I'm going to my room, and I don't wanna see you here before I returned, I'm serious". Jay said and stormed out.
    " Oh my God. What the hell is wrong with Jay?" Anna weeped.
    " It will be okay. I'll be back soon. I truly still love you" Trent said and kissed Anna on the cheek and left.
    " Nice car, it seems you bought it from Barbie" Jay said to his father who was about driving out. He was standing outside waiting for Trent.
    " Jay, I'm truly sorry" Trent pleaded again.
    " Why are you pleading? You're Satan in disguise. Just leave mom alone. We don't need you in our family, I can't forgive you"  Jay said.
    " I know I've wronged you but I'm really a change person" Trent pleaded.
    " I know, leave" He said .
    " Jay" Trent called.
    " Get out" He said and proceed to leave .
    " And don't come back please" Jay said and left.
    " What a son" Trent said to himself and entered his car and drove off.

    Chapter 29

    " Jay what is the meaning of what you did?" Anna asked angrily that same day.
    " Mom, what are you doing? You stopped my relationship with liyah because of your marriage to bill and now you wanna dump him for dad again. Dad doesn't love you, he's only trying to ruin your marriage for the fourth time" Jay said.
    " Jay, your dad is a changed person" Anna said.
    " What makes you think so?" Jay asked.
    " Because he's Trent ." Anna replied.
    " You made me forget about Aaliyah mom" Jay said.
    " And now you wanna dump bill again, for the second time. What makes you think liyah would be happy to take me back" Jay said.
      He was really angry.
    " Look, I don't care what you think. Trent is my husband and your father. He might have caused us a lot but he's still my husband and I still love him. I would advise you forget liyah and look for some one else" Anna said and stormed out.
    " You're not going back to dad" Jay yelled but didn't get a response from Anna.
     Trent visited the following day. Anna welcome him as normal and made him sit down.
    " Anna I'm really sorry, I might have caused you and the kids a lot but I'm willing to mend my mistakes" Trent pleaded.
    " Trent Jay doesn't like you anymore, you've hurt him several times, I just wished he would accept you as dad again" Anna said.
    " Well I hope so, I need to apologise to him" Trent said.
      Jayden walked in immediately.
    " You're here? Again?" Jay asked.
    " Jay you need to calm down" Anna said.
    " Why? I don't know this man" He said.
    " Jay I truly love him" Anna cried.
    " Then why did you accept bill in the first place? Why did you ask me to forget liyah? And now you wanna break his heart and move on with dad just like that. What about liyah? What about me? You made me abandoned the only girl I truly loved because of your selfish character, mom what is your problem?" Jay yelled.
    " Jay I'm sorry, but you need to understand. We gave birth to you together. I want my husband back and now I have him already. Try and understand" Anna cried .
    " Jay I'm sorry. I still love you guys. I'm back for real, and I'm willing to play the role of a good dad" Trent pleaded.
    " I can't forgive you. You can continue your love life with mom if you want to but I can't see you as a dad" Jay said and walked out.
      He turned to look at Anna and frowned. He sat down looking on the floor, Anna sit close to Trent and pat him gently.
    " You know your son. In due time he will definitely take you back." Anna said.
    " I hope so Ann" Trent said and kissed Anna.
      That evening, Jay decide to see me. He asked me to wait for him at school park. I stood for a while until he drove in. I smiled at him when he come down.
    " Hey" He said.
    " Hi" I replied back.
    " I'm really sorry to have stayed long" Jay said.
    " It's fine, I'm kinda used to it" I said and jay laughs.
    " I wanted to tell you something" Jay said.
    " Go ahead, I'm listening" I said.
    " My dad's back" He said.
    " So?"
    " Look liyah I'm truly sorry but, he's back to my mom." Jay said.
    " What!"
    " Yeah, my mom has settled things with my dad and they are back together. I know it's painful but I wished I could mend things" Jay said.
    " Not again. What about my dad? Does your mom even think about others? If she doesn't love my dad, she shouldn't have played with his feelings twice" I said.
    " I know you're hurt but I'm really sorry" Jay said.
    " It's fine, it seems my dad isn't aware" I said.
    " I really wanna be with you" Jay said and sighed.
    " Jay, what about my dad? How I'm I gonna tell him?" I asked.
    " You don't have to, I'll tell him myself" Jay said bringing out his smart phone and called my dad, he placed it on speakers.
    " Jay you don't have to" I said wanting to stop him when dad picked the call.
    " Hi Bill" Jay said.
    " Jay?" Dad asked on the phone.
    " Yeah it's Jay. I really need to tell you this. My mom's cheating on you with my dad" Jay said.
    " Yeah I know. Anna called me to tell me it was over that her husband was back" Dad said on the phone.
    " Ooh, sorry " Jay said.
    " It's fine. Thanks for telling me anyways"
    " Alright" Jay said ending the call .
    " So you wanna hang out tonight?" Jay asked me.
    " Jay I can't. It's my dad We're talking about" I said.
    " Liyah what about us?" Jay asked.
    " Us can wait" I replied and walked out.
      I went home only to find dad drinking himself out.
    " Dad" I called sitting close to him. I collected the drink from his hand and dropped it on the table.
    " Dad, you don't have to do this" I said.
    " Liyah, I missed Anna" Dad said.
    " I know you missed Anna. But you have to move on. There are good women out there" I said.
    " But they keep failing me Lee" Dad said.
    " I know. You can still leave without a woman right?" I asked.
    " Yes, thanks liyah" Dad replied.
    " Lemme take you upstairs. You need to shower " I said giving dad a hand.
    " You know your mother has been the best woman on Earth . She was nice and loyal. Beautiful and intelligent. Each time I looked at you, I always remembered your mother and that's one of the reasons I don't want you to fall astray. Love isn't everything, your true love will definitely come when it's time. By the time you become a graduate, good men will definitely come around you. But if you get pregnant and dropped out of college it's gonna be bad. No educated man would want to settle for a single mom" Dad tuitored.
      I smiled as I watched him lie down.
    " Thanks Dad" I said.
    " Alright, always be a good girl" Dad said and fell asleep.
    " God" I said to myself and walked out .
      Violet visited the following day, I smiled at her and welcomed her.
    " You really look depressed" Violet said as she sat down.
    " Yeah, maybe because I'm depressed" I said and sighed.
    " That's really bad. Anna was too desperate with her actions. How's your dad?" Violet asked.
    " He's been fine. He has gone to work" I replied.
    " Oh, how are you then?" Violet asked.
    " I'm good. I'm just worried about my dad" I said.
    " You don't have to. What will happen to you and Jay?" Violet asked.
    " I have no idea." I said .
    " What do you mean by that?" Violet asked.
    " Well I can't imagine a relationship with Jay right now. What will I tell my dad . Anna broke his heart" I said.
    " I understand" She said .
    " What about Ace?" I asked.
    " He's fine" She replied.
    " Wow, that cool" I said.
    " My parents promised me a self contained apartment once my results are out" Violet said.
    " Really?" I asked.
    " Yeah really. I'm so happy. Living in my own house. I don't mind if you come and live with me" Violet said.
    " Violet!"
    " Yeah, I wish we could be roommates" Violet said gigling.
    " I can't live with you but that doesn't mean I won't visit on regular basis. I might even spend the weekend" I said and she laughs.
    " I can't wait" Violet said.
     Later that evening...
       I waited impatiently for dad, he hasn't returned since he left in the morning. I was totally worried. Jay called me, I sighed and looked at his call I wasn't ready for love talk. I picked the call and took a deep breath.
    " Hi Lee"
    " Jay"
    " Where are you?" He asked.
    " I'm at home, and I can't meet with you right now. My dad left for work since morning and he hasn't returned" I said.
    " That's why I called" He said.
    " Really, where is he?" I asked.
    " In Max strip club. He's on the pole dancing with the strippers, and he's about taking off his clothes" Jay said.
    " Oh my God"
    " You need to come fast he's high. I tried getting him out but he refused, you need to be here" Jay said.
    " Alright thanks I'm on my way" I said and ended the call.
      I hurriedly left the house and took a cab. In less than a minute I was at Max strip club. Dad was really dancing with the strippers. I looked at Jay, he was standing still.
    "Hey you were fast"
    " You need to help me" I said.
     I rushed to where dad was dancing, he was talking trash.
    " Ladies you wanna see me twerk" Dad said.
    " Oh my God" I said to myself.
    " Yes.." They screamed.
    " Dad we need to get outta here" I said holding his leg.
    " Hey who's there? Liyah" Dad called looking at me.
    " Dad we need to leave" I said.
    " I'm not going. Where is Anna?" Dad asked looking around.
    " She's at home waiting for you, she said she won't leave unless you come" I lied.
    " Really, please help me down" Dad said trying to climb down.
       Jay and I helped him down and gently took him out of the strip club. He was really high, Jay took us in his car and we left for home. Jay helped me lay dad on his bed as we watched him close his eyes and fall asleep.
    " Your mom truly hurt my dad" I said walking Jay out of our house .
    " Yeah I know and I'm truly sorry about that." He said and I nodded.
    " You can hola at me if you need any help" He said.
    " It's fine, thanks a lot" I said.
    " I really care about you. I missed you already" He said touching my cheek.
    " Thanks" I said.
     He kissed me on the lips and left. I stood as I watched him enter his car and and drove off.

    Chapter 30

    Dad woke up the following Morning really late. I was in the kitchen when he entered.
    " Good morning Dad" I greeted.
    " Morning Lee" Dad said and sighed.
    " Why don't you shower lemme prepare something for you" I said.
    " Alright" Dad said and turned to leave.
    " You know I'm really sorry about how I reacted last night. I was really hurt" Dad said. I turned to look at him and smiled.
    " It's alright, you just have to move on. You shouldn't have have drink yourself to stupour" I said.
    " Yeah, thanks liyah" Dad said and left .
    " What a bad night" I thought and went back to my chores.
      I served dad breakfast as we set to eat.  Jay called my phone, i looked at it and look at dad. I sighed and picked the call .
    " Hi"
    " Hey liyah, how are you?" Jay asked on the phone.
    " I'm fine, how about you?" I asked.
    " I'm good, how's your dad?" He asked.
    " He's fine too" I replied.
    " Alright, was wondering if we could hang out tonight" I said.
    " I'll think about it" I said.
    " Liyah" He called.
    " I'm serious" I said.
    " Alright, it seems you're with your dad" Jay said.
    " Yeah" I replied.
    " Alright, take care"  He said and ended the call. I turned to look at dad.
    " You know it's nice you're still being friends with Anna's family" Dad said and I smiled faintly.
    " Just be careful anyways" Dad said and left. He was done eating.
     I sighed and cleared the table. I went to my room to shower when Jay called again.
    " Jay" I called.
    " Sorry was missing you" He said and I sighed.
    " I really want us to meet" He said.
    " I can't" I said.
    " Why?" He asked.
    " I have no idea, but not now" I said.
    " Liyah, you're acting weird. I just wanna talk to you" He said.
    " Alright"
    " Thanks, six in the evening" He said and ended the call .
      We meet up that evening, I was really depressed. He took me to THE SPOT, we sat down as Jay ask me what I care for.
    " I'm fine" I said.
    " At least take something" he persuaded.
    " Jay I'm okay" I said.
    " Alright" He replied and took a deep breath.
    " I'm truly sorry for the pains my family cost you, I'm truly sorry" He said.
    " It's fine" I said.
    " I.. I" He stammers .
    " What is it?" I asked looking at Jay.
    " I really love you" He said.
      I looked at him.
    " I'm serious. I wish we could be together for real. I love you liyah, I might have fought with you but I'm truly sorry. Just stay with me" Jay said.
    " Jay" I called.
      He looked into my eyes and kissed me . I was really shy cause people were at the spot.
    " I don't mind telling the whole world how I feel about you" He said and I smiled.
      I smiled and chuckle as I looked at him. Eventually we started dating. Dad wasn't aware, I dare not tell him. He was back to normal.
      " Jay are you dating liyah?" Anna asked Jay one day.
    " Of course I'm . You got any problems with that?" Jay asked .
    " Is something wrong with you?" She quaried.
    " Mom you're back to dad and I don't care about you. What is your sickness with my relationship" Jay asked.
    " Are you even thinking about your actions at all. You have to forget about bill and his daughter, what is so hard that you don't understand" She yelled.
    " I owe you no explanation" Jay said and walked out.
    " Jay, come back here Jay" Anna called.
    " Oh my God. What kind of a son  is that" Anna thought and walk out .
      That evening, Jay called me to meet him. I sit back at his car and sighed.
    " You're okay?" I asked.
    " Are you aware Regina has been dating Todd?" He asked.
    " Yeah" I replied.
    " Why didn't you tell me?" He asked. Jay was totally angry .
    " She ask me not to. She said you won't approve their relationship. She really likes Todd" I said.
    " Liyah you shouldn't keep secrets"
    " I'm sorry" I said.
    " God, I'm gonna kill him" He said.
    " You don't have to. Regina isn't a kid anymore"
    " Really? So i should allow her go on with Todd. She can date who so ever she wants but not Todd" Jay yelled.
    " Jay calm down. I'm really sorry for not telling you" I said.
    " Liyah I love you, and it hurts me if you keep lieing" He said.
    " I'm sorry" I said and kissed him on the cheeks.
      On Monday at school..
      I saw Jay and ace whispering at the field.
    " I regret ever betting" Jay said to Ace .
    " Jay I warned you about it you won't listen" Ace said.
    " Jay" I called walking in to the field. I over heard them discussing about betting.
    " Hey" he called looking at me frightened.
    " A minute please" I said and left the field. Jay followed me and we walked out .
    " What were you telling Ace?" I asked.
    " Nothing"
    " Jay don't lie to me. I overheard you talking about betting" I said. He kept quiet and sighed.
    " Jay if you don't talk I'm gonna walk out of here and I won't come back" I said.
    " Okay . I made a bet over you" He said.
    " I don't understand" I said.
    " Yes. I placed a bet that I was gonna make you fall in love with me. Well it kinda worked. The day i realized I was falling in love with you is at your grandma's burial. I really love you liyah" He said.
    " You placed a bet on me. All this while I thought you love me Jay" I cried.
    " Liyah I do" He said.
    " I'm a change person, liyah I really love you now" Jay said.
    " Fuck off. I'm done with you, don't ever call me again" I said and stormed out.
    " Liyah" He called after me and I ignored him.
      I went home and cried my eyes out. I was really hurt. Dad noticed my attitude and he confronted me."
     " Liyah are you okay?" Dad asked.
    " I'm fine" I said and smiled.
    " You're sure?" Dad asked.
    " Yeah I'm fine" I replied and hugged dad. I watch him walk out, a tear flow down my chin and I weeped more . Jay called and I ignored his calls. He dropped a message. I looked at it and cried.
    " Aaliyah I'm really sorry, I know I don't deserve you. I truly love you now. I might have regretted what I did but I love you. I'm sorry for hurting you" I read the message and threw my phone away.
       Violet visited that evening, she sit close to me and frowned.
    " Jay truly loves you" Violet said.
     I didn't reply, I kept quiet and focused on my wall.
    " He might have placed a bet on you. He might have lied and deceived you but I'm sure he likes you now. Ace said jay isn't happy and he wants you to pick his calls" Violet said.
    " Violet it's enough" I said.
    " I know, why don't you listen to him. I think you should hear him out" violet said and I remained mute.
      I wasn't ready to listen, how could he? I was played? How can I be so stupid? I thought and cried.
      Three days later, jay was always calling, I refused to pick his calls.
      " Jay, Regina we are relocating back to California. " Anna said to her kids.
    " What!" Jay asked.
    " Yeah Jay. We can't stay in NY anymore. " Trent said.
    " But why?" Regina asked.
    " Because your dad has a permanent job there" Anna said.
    " That's fucked up, I'm not going" Jay said standing up.
    " What, you're not staying back" Anna yelled.
    " I can't leave liyah" Jay said.
    " And who's this liyah" Trent asked.
    " Bill's daughter" Anna replied.
    " Jay you can't stay back. You can visit her every weekend if you like her" Trent said.
    Jay sighed and walked out.
    " There's no need in staying anyways. Liyah hates me already. She don't wanna see me, she don't wanna talk to me. What's the essence of staying" Jay though.
      He sighed and opened his closet preparing to pack.
       That same day he called and I managed to pick.
    " Hi liyah" he said.
    " Hi" I responded.
    " I'm really sorry" He said.
    " Jay be straight forward" I said.
    " Alright. My dad is moving us out of the country, we are relocating back to California. I really want to see you before I leave" He said.
    " I'm busy" I said.
    " Liyah please" He pleaded.
    " Talk to you later jay" I said and ended the call.
        I rushed to my room and weeped. I thought about Jay, I wanted to call back but I wasn't ready to. I lie on my bed and thought about our adventures. Our fights, our love and finally our love making. I smiled and looked at the pictures we took together. I sighed and ignored everything. It was time to move on. I got a message from Jay.
    " I'm really sorry, I'm already living just wanted to hear your voice before I leave. I wanted to stay back but I have no choice. You already hated me, but I'm sorry very sorry. I love you." I read and sighed.
      Violet was now living alone. I picked few of my clothes and moved to her house. It was the best place for me to move on. About a week Jay left I was really sick. I was at the kitchen with violet one day.
    " Do you miss Jay?" She asked.
     I refused to answer.
    " Aaliyah say something" she said smiling at me .
       I looked at her and ran to the bathroom to puke. Violet ran after me and touched my neck.
    " Are you alright?" Violet asked and I nodded.
    " Alright let's go. Sorry" She said giving me a hand. We went back to kitchen to continue when I ran back to the bathroom to puke again. This time it was really serious.
    " Oh my God, Aaliyah" violet called my name staring at me startled. I got up and looked at her.
    " You're pregnant?" Violet asked. I frowned and shake my head at once.
    " It can't be" I said.
    " Of course you're pregnant. This is your second time of puking. Did you make out with Jay?" Violet asked and I nodded.
    " Oh my God. Without protection, you're pregnant."

    Chapter 31

    " I can't be pregnant" I cried.
    " Of course you are not pregnant. The doctor will definitely confirm that. Dress up , I'm taking you to the hospital immediately" Violet commanded.
     I nodded and quickly rushed to the room to change into something. Violet drive me to the hospital since her parents bought her a car. Dad will never allow me ride my own car. I'm definitely too young, that's always his excuse. We got to the hospital and I was examined.
    " You'll have to come after three days for your result" The doctor said and we left.
      Well three days finally came. Violet was sitted with me inside the doctor's office. I was really nervous. He walked in and smiled at us.
    " Liyah right?" He asked and I nodded.
     He stretched an envelope to me . I looked at him and refused to collect it.
    " Please tell me if I'm pregnant or not" I said.
    " Oh, okay" He said opening the envelope.
    " You're six weeks pregnant" The doctor said. I couldn't believe my ears.
    " Six weeks ?" Violet asked.
    " Yeah that's about, one month two weeks." The doctor said. I sighed and cried within myself. Dad was definitely going to kill me.
    " You should calm down. it's a pregnancy, children are blessings. You just have to talk to your family and your partner to work it out. I'd advise you don't abort the child" The doctor said. I smiled faintly and nodded.
    " Thanks, we'll take our leave" Violet Said and give me a hand. We left for Violet's house. I couldn't help it but cry.
    " How can I be so blind?" I asked myself.
    " Where's your cellphone?" Violet asked.
     I stretched my phone at her as I watched her go through my contacts.
    " What are you doing?" I asked.
    " I'm calling Jayden" She said and I stood up.
    " You don't have to" I said.
    " If I were you I'll shut up and sit down. You shouldn't carry the responsibility yourself. You both are the parents of this child" She said as she phone Jay.
    " Hi Jay" Violet said.
    " Hi, liyah" Jay said.
    " No it's Violet"
    " Vi, where's liyah?" Jay asked on the phone.
    " Well, she's the reason I'm calling." Violet said .
    " Really, what happened?" He asked.
    " Something happened and I can't tell you on the phone, you need to be at NY before day dark" Violet said.
    " Alright, I'm on my way" Jay said and Violet ended the call.
     She frown at me and stretched my phone at me.
    " You shouldn't have" I said and she ignored me.
      I left the house without Violet knowing my whereabout. I wasn't ready to talk to Jay or see him. I went to the beach where me and Jay frequently meet in the evening. I looked at the Moon who was fast rising.
    " What a world. What on Earth I'm gonna tell Dad" I thought.
    " 7bs. Books before boys because boys bring babies. I broke it. Fuck I'm so stupid" I said to myself.
      Jay came that evening. He met Violet in the living room, she was fast asleep. He gently tap her on the leg , as she got up yawning.
    " Jay, you're here" Violet said adjusting on the chair.
       She was lying on.
    " Yeah, where's liyah?" He asked sitting close to Violet.
    " She must be in the room. I need to call her" Violet said standing up. She left for the room but couldn't find me. She rushed to the living room to meet Jay.
    " I can't find her" she said.
    " What!"
    " Yeah she was lying on the bed inside the room" Violet said.
    " What even happened?" Jay asked.
    " Liyah is pregnant for you" Violet said.
     Jay was surprised too.
    " Pregnant?" Jay asked.
    " Yeah, liyah is pregnant" Violet replied.
    " I need to see her" Jay said.
    " She must be at her father's house" Violet said as they rushed out of the house.
    They arrived at Dad's house and knocked . Dad was really baffled to see jay. He smiled at dad and greeted.
    " Good evening bill" Jay greeted.
    " Jay, what are you doing here? I hope all is well" Dad said and Jay nodded.
    " We wanted to see liyah" Violet said.
    " See liyah? I thought she's at your house vi. You know liyah has been living with you" Dad said.
    " Yeah but she left the house without telling me her whereabout. So i thought she might be at your house"  Violet explained.
    " Well, liyah isn't here. I hope she's fine?"
    " Yeah, she's fine. We'll take our leave now" Jay said as they rushed to leave when Dad called Violet.
    " Vi, are sure liyah is okay?" Dad asked.
    " Yes , she's fine" Violet said and smiled at dad. She rushed into Jay's car and they left.
    " Where will she be ?" Violet asked.
    " I know" Jay replied.
    " Where?" Violet asked.
    "Some where we frequently visit" Jay replied.
    " Oh, that's romantic" Violet replied.
     Finally they find me. I. Was standing at the beach, I was really cold. Jay walked in with Violet. I looked at Jay really nervous.
    '' Alright, I'm gonna sit on that rock while you guys sort things out" Violet said looking at me and walked out. I turned to look at Jay, it was obvious Violet already told him.
    " Hi" Jay said and I refused to reply.
    " I'm really sorry for all the harms I've caused you. I'm really sorry." Jay said.
    " We are gonna take care of this child together" Jay said and I looked at him.
    " Yeah, you're not dropping out of college alright. You'll continue your education and I promised to be best dad ever" He said looking at my eyes.
      I cried and looked at the ground.
    " Come here" Jay said and hugged me.
    " It seems you guys are done. Now let's go home" Violet said smiling.
      We went back to Violet's house. Vi prepared dinner and served us. Not too long Ace walked in. He smiled and gave Jay a handshake.
    " Man I thought you were never gonna come back"  Ace said smiling.
    " Why not, NY is my city and I belong here" Jay said.
    " Hey pretty, how's the little boy doing?" Ace asked me.
    " Woah, so who said it's a boy?"  I asked.
    " I said so. I like boys" Ace said.
    " No way, I like girls" Jay said.
    " Woah, what about me?" Violet cut in.
    " I want a girl. They are the best first born ever." Violet said.
    " Yeah, vi and I are on the same team" Jay said.
     " I think I support Ace. I like boys too. " I said.
    " You need to change your mind henceforth. I need a girl. Girls as first child are just the best. They are really assisting and dependent. And I'm sure she will be beautiful and strong as you " Jay said looking at me.
     I smiled and looked away.
    " You know it's weird, first time and a baby showed up" Ace said and I took a deep breath.
    " Well it's because she is fertile. I can remember the countless times Ace and sex without protection, I don't get pregnant. Is it because I'm not fertile?" Violet asked.
    " Vi, that's too much information" Ace said. Jay and I burst out laughing.
    " Whatever" Violet said and we laugh again.
      Jay looked at me and smiled.
    " Ace you wanna catch some cookies?" Violet asked winking at Ace.
    " Of course" Ace said standing.
    " We'll catch you guys later" Violet said and dragged Ace out of the house.
    " So it's just the two of us" Jay said and turned to look at me.
    " What are your plans?" I asked.
    " I wanna retain our former apartment. I'm going to take care of you. And I think we should tell your dad, tomorrow" Jay said.
    " I can't. I don't wanna kill my dad" I said.
    " He's going to freak out, he might end up having a heart attack. I betrayed him" I cried.
    " It's okay. I'm here now and I'm not leaving" Jay said as he hold me close to himself.
    " Thanks" I said.
    " It's okay. We just need to plan how to talk to your dad" He said.
    " It's not really nice keeping it from him" Jay said patting my hair.
    " I love you liyah"
    " And I promise to stand by you" Jay added.
     " I'll be going home today, I just need to be with my dad " I said.
    " And that's fine by me" Jay said and kissed me.
      He drove me home. We stood at my door post as we talked for a while. He held my waist and kissed me. Just then Anna walked in.
    " Jay" She called.
    " What the hell are you doing here? Jay asked turning to his mom.
    " You left California to meet liyah?" She asked.
    " Do you even care about others?" Jay asked angrily.
    " I'm telling bill right away that you've been smooching his daughter" Anna said proceeding to enter my house.
    " Anna you wouldn't do that" I said.
    " Anna, you should try and calm yourself down." I said.
      It seems dad overheard voices. He opened the door and was surprised to see Jay's family and me outside.
    " Hey Dad" I said.
    " What are you guys doing outside?" Dad asked.
    " Bill we need to talk" Anna said.
      I look at her in grief.
    " Dad let's go inside" I said holding my dad's hands.
    " Alright" Dad replied and we entered my house. I was really nervous, I wasn't ready to tell dad anything.
    " Bill" Anna said and jay cut her short.
    " Mom, that's enough. Allow me to run my stuffs myself" Jay said and turned to dad who's been waiting impatiently.
    " I'm sorry bill but I really need to let you know. Liyah and I are in a relationship. We are dating for a long time now"  Jay said.
      Dad looked at Jay and Then turned over to look at me. I couldn't look at his face, I was really ashamed.
    " Wow" Dad said smiling.
    " Liyah is that true?" Dad asked smiling at me.
      I frowned and nodded. He smiled and turned to look at Jayden.
    " How dare you? You've been dating my daughter secretly?"  Dad asked as he gave Jay a blow on his nose. He was going wild, I had to stop dad immediately. Anna held her son backwards.
    " You were dating my daughter?" Dad asked moving close to Jay.
    " Dad please" I cried as I hold dad.
    " I'm sorry bill" Jay pleaded. He was already bleeding on his nose.
    " Get out of my house" Dad yelled.
    " I can't leave without liyah" Jay said.
      I shake my head and ask him to leave.
    " Jay let's go" Anna said.
      Anna took Jay and they left. I hurriedly ran to my room and locked my door.
    " Aaliyah" Dad called my name and i ignored him.
    " I'm sorry dad" I chorused.
    " Liyah open this door" Dad said Knocking.
    I squart close to my door and cried. He knocked continuously and I ignored him. For a while the knocking stopped guess he was gone.

    Chapter 32

    I sit close to my door and cried. Jay called and I hurriedly pick the call.
    " Hi" He said.
    " Are you alright?" He asked and I wiped my tears.
    " Yeah I'm good. Where are you? Are you gone?" I asked.
    " I can't leave you and you know that. I'm still In Ny. Mom wants me to leave but I can't leave my woman and my child" He said.
    " Jay how I'm going to tell my dad about this?" I asked.
    " Chill, when everything is normal I'm gonna tell Him myself okay. You should stop crying. There's nothing wrong in falling in love" He said and I sighed.
    " I wish I can see you." He said and I sighed.
    " I'm not so sure" I said.
    " Liyah I need to talk to you" A voice said Knocking on my door.
    " Dad" I said to myself.
    " Liyah are you okay?" Jay asked on the phone.
    " Yeah I'm good. We just need to talk later" I said.
    " Is everything alright?" Jay asked.
    " Yeah, everything is fine" I quickly said.
    " Liyah I can hear your voice, open this door. We need to talk" Dad said again this time knocking really louder .
    " Jay talk to you later" I said standing up.
    " Liyah I'm coming alright" Jay said ending the call.
    " Jay" I said to myself.
      I took a deep breath and opened the door gently. Dad stood still staring at me . He walked In and looked at my room.
    " Sit" Dad said and I sat down.
     He sit close to me and sighed.
    " I don't hate you okay, whatever thing I did it's only to protect you. I wanted the best for you. Definitely I know I can't stop you from falling in love. Yeah you're in college and you have every right to date whosoever you want. The reasons I implemeted the 7bs it's because I want a better life for you. I don't want you to get pregnant and live a very undeniable life. Youths this days aren't responsible at all. And I'm sorry for going wild, I was shocked and disappointed. I'm really sorry, what i want from you is to be sincere with me. Apart from dating Jay did you get involved with him sexually?" Dad asked.

      I looked at him, I could feel my heart beat, it's about tearing my chest apart. I continued swallowing my saliva untill dad ask me again.
    " Aaliyah did you have sex with Jay?" Dad asked.
    " I won't yell, I promise you" Dad said.
     I wasn't a fool, when dad says ' I won't yell or I won't go wild' means going Wilder and yelling higher.
     At once I looked at him and shake my head.
    " We didn't" I lied.
    " Are you sure?" Dad asked looking at my eyes.
    " Yes I'm very sure" I replied.
    " Good. Do you love him?" Dad asked.
    " Yes" I replied.
    " Alright, and you are sure he loves you too?" Dad asked.
      I sighed and nodded.
    " Good. How long have you been dating Jay?" Dad asked.
    " When you and Anna went to your separate ways" I said.
    " And that's about two weeks I guess" He said and I frowned.
    " Alright, I'll talk to Jay myself. I don't want you to keep secrets from me. You're my daughter and I truly care about you, okay" Dad said and I nodded.
      Dad got up and walked to my door.
    " You're sure you didn't make out with Jay?" Dad asked and I shake my head, indicating no.
    " Good" Dad said as he walked away.
      I have no idea why I lied but I wasn't sure why. I was really scared. He might die if he finds out I'm pregnant, that was the worst news every parent hates to hear, especially when the child is still at school.

    Dad visited Anna's. She was busy fighting with Jay to return back to California. Dad knocked and entered.
    " Bill" Anna called turning to dad.
    " Hi, I'm here to talk to your son" Dad said looking at Jay.
    " I hope you're not here to fight?" Anna asked.
    " The fact that you're selfish will not make me exchange words with you. You're nice woman, a woman who lacks conscience" Dad said.
    " And he's right" Jay said looking at his mom.
      She kept quiet and turned to look at Jay.
    " Jay can we talk outside?" Dad asked.
    " Sure" Jay replied.
    " Can I come along?" Anna asked.
    " No mom I'll be fine" Jay said and followed dad outside.
      They stood at the garage as dad looked at Jay.
    " Aaliyah told me everything" Dad said.
       Jay kept quiet and looked at dad.
    " Yeah she said she truly loves you. Do you truly love her or you wanna play with her?" Dad asked Jay
    " I love liyah a lot. She changed me" Jay added.
    " Alright, did you have sex with her?" Dad asked Jay.
      He kept quiet and took a deep breath .
    " Not at all" Jay replied.
    " Don't lie to me alright. Aaliyah already told me everything" Dad said.
      Jay's phone vibrated, I just sent him a text.
    " Please a minute" Jay said and looked at the sms.
    ' Dad asked if we already have sex and I lied. Don't tell him the truth please' that was the message.
    " We didn't do anything, I think it's barely too early" Jay said.
    " Alright. The fact that you too are in love with each other, I want you to stick to her. Don't you dare break my daughter's heart. She's all I have got" Dad said to Jay.
    " Thanks" Jay said.
    " I'll take my leave" Dad said as he walked out. Jay called me immediately.
    " Your dad just left my house, and I think he approved our relationship. It's time to tell him the real deal" Jay said on the phone.
    " No. Don't tell him anything, it's not yet time" I said.
    " If you say so. Just be careful alright. I'd do anything to make you happy" He said and I laughed.
    " Thanks" I replied.
      Someone knocked on my door.
    " I'll talk to you later, some one is knocking" I said.
    " Alright, just be careful" He said.
    " Alright, thanks" I said and jay ended the call.
    " Lee" the voice came again.
    " Vi" I called as I got up to open the door.
    " Vi" I said and smiled at her.
      She walked in and sat down.
    " How are you?" She asked.
    " Yeah I'm fine" I said as I sit close to her.
    " Hope your dad didn't freak out?" Violet asked.
    " Of course he did. But I think things are settled for the now. " I said.
    " And about the pregnancy?" Violet asked.
    " Well he doesn't know yet" I said.
    " I just pray my dad won't freak out" I said.
    " I hope so too" Violet said and sighed.
     Three days later...
    " Hey Vi" I said on the phone.
    " Aaliyah something bad happened" Violet said. She was panthing on the phone.
    " What happened?" I asked.
    " Jay's in the hospital. He got an accident this morning on his way to your house" violet said.
    " What!" I exclaimed getting up from my bed.
    " Yeah. You just gotta be here . Georgia Heath clinic" She said.
    " I'm coming" I said.
      I didn't bother to change my wares, I rushed out of my room with my casuals as I quickly boarded a cab.

    Chapter 33 (Final)

    Well I rushed to the clinic. I saw violet sitting at the reception hall. I rushed to her and sat down.
    " Vi, is everything alright?" I asked .
    " Yeah everything is fine" she replied.
    " Where's he?" I asked.
    "  In his ward. Let's go" violet said as she led the match.
    She took me to his ward, Jay was lying really cold on his hospital bed. I couldn't help it but cry. Anna looked at me and frowned.
    " He's not dieing, you should stop crying. He was coming to your house, now look at him" Anna said.
    " Anna you need to take it easy on this poor girl. She did nothing to our son" Trent said.
    " I just hope nothing happens to my son" Anna said.
    " Nothing is going to happen to him . It's just an accident, and it's not even serious" Trent said.
    " For God sake Trent, Jay sprain his ankle" Anna cried.
    Trent looked away and ignored her.
    I held vi outside so that we could talk better.
    " What happened?" I asked.
    " I've no idea. Ace told me the news, and I have to rush down, that was when I called. The doctor says it's nothing serious. He only sprained his ankle" Violet said.
      I sighed and took a deep breath.
    " Thank God, I hope nothing happens to him" I said and sat down.
    " What about your dad?" Violet asked sitting close to Me.
    " He's fine"
    " Have you thought about telling him the news?" Violet asked.
    " No, I'm not just ready" I said.
    " I think it will be better if you tell him now . It might be too late" violet said.
    " I'm scared" I said.
    " You don't have to be scared . The deed has already been done. Jay isn't denying it"
    " Vi, you won't understand" I said standing up.
    " I totally regret my actions" I said.
    " You don't have to. You wanted to have fun." Violet said smiling.
    " Stupid fun, fun that ended me this way" I said and finally sat down.
    " Chill liyah. I'd say you're lucky to be with Jay, he's a nice guy." Violet said.
      I kept quiet and looked away.
    About two days later jay was a little bit conscious. I was not at the hospital that day. Anna never stopped gigling like a child.
    " Where's liyah?" Jay asked as Ace helped him up.
      Violet was not in the hospital too, just Ace , Trent and anna.
    " Why are you asking about her?" Anna asked.
    "Immediately you get better we are returning to California together, you're not staying back this time" Anna said.
    " Ace where's liyah?" He asked ignoring his mother's compliment.
    " Chill Jay, she's fine. She's at home. She needed good rest because of her condition" Ace said.
    " Call her" Jay said.
    " Alright" Ace said collecting Jay's cellphone.
    " Jay what is wrong with you?" Anna blurted.
    " Mom, you shouldn't get me angry alright. I'm not a baby, stop acting like one. Don't order me around and try to choose a woman for me. Dad you need to talk to your wife. I need space" Jay said.
    " Ann, he's right. Jay's in college, and this year is his third year at school. By next year Jay will be a graduate, he's not a child. Don't think you're tryna protect him or something. You're hurting him" Trent said.
    " Look I'm only worried. " Anna said.
    " Worried about what?" Jay asked.
    " And if I must tell you, liyah has my baby" Jay said.
      Trent and Anna was mute, it was obvious his speech drive cold into their spines.
    " You're being serious?" Anna asked looking at Ace.
    " What do you mean by, liyah has your child?" Trent asked.
    " She's pregnant for me" Jay said.
    " Pregnant! Jay are you insane? Bill is gonna kill you" Anna yelled.
    " I don't care. Stop yelling" Jay said. He was really tensed.
    " Ace tell her to come with her dad" Jay said and jay nodded.
    " Oh my God. What where you thinking?" Anna asked.
    " Anna calm down." Trent said.
    " Jay, are you inlove with her?" Trent asked.
    " Yes" He replied.
    " Then I give him my full support. We just need to plan with Bill, you're gonna get married to her" Trent said.
    " Yeah I will" Jay said.
    " Without going through college" Anna said.
    " I'm not planning to drop out of school" Jay defended.
    " What if her father rejects you?" Trent asked.
    " He won't" Jay said.
    Few minutes after, I showed up with dad. Dad greeted Trent and smiled at Anna.
    " How are you boy?" Dad asked Jay.
    " I'm good, thanks" Jay replied.
    " Thank God" Dad said.
    " Mr Bill why don't you sit" Trent said to dad.
    " Alright thanks" Dad replied and sat down.
      Ace smiled and walked outside. I stood close to jay. Anna was already nervous, including me, even if I have no idea of what's about to happen.
    " Bill we wanted to tell you something" Trent began.
    " What is it?" Dad asked.
    " Jay told me Aaliyah is pregnant" Trent said.
      I looked at dad as tears flow down my chin. Jay was also sad.
    " Pregnant?" Dad asked standing up. He turned to look at me.
    " Aaliyah are you pregnant?" Dad asked me.
      I couldn't speak. I could feel my foot trembling.
    " Oh my God" Dad said silently.
    " Bill You need to take things easy. My son Jay isn't denying it. We are ready to take full responsibility of her. Liyah is our daughter too. My son really loves your daughter." Trent said.
      Dad was speechless. He turned to look at me and looked at Jay.
    " How can you be so careless?" Dad asked.
    " What the hell is wrong with you. I asked you if you guys make out, both of you lied, why?" Dad asked.
    " I'm sorry, I didn't want to hurt your feelings" Jay said.
      That was how silence strolled by.  Dad went outside with Bill. Anna also followed too.
    " I'm sorry" He said.
    " I'm really sorry" Jay said again.
    " I really love you" Jay said.
    He stretched his palm at me.
    " Come" He said.
    I took his hands and sit close to him.
    " No matter the circumstances I'll always be here for you. Alright, don't try to blame yourself for anything, every single thing happened for a reason. I love you and I'll always Love you" Jay said using his hands to caress my hair.
    " Thanks" I managed to say.
    Jay got discharged and everything turned back to normal. He retain his apartment and moved in. Anna pretty went back to normal, dad wasn't that happy but he was cool. I was with dad one day at our house. We stood at the balcony staring at our garden.
    " I don't regret having you as a daughter alright. You will be best daughter I have ever had. At least I'll be a grandpa soon. Just be careful, try and Concentrate in school and come out with a good results. I'll always be proud of you" Dad said smiling at me. I hugged him as I cried.
      Jay and I visited the beach, we were holding hand to hand. He hold me and smiled broadly.
    " You're my world and my perfect match . I promise to be with you till the end of time" Jay said kissing me on the forehead.
    Well if I had talked about an happy ending, well it's my story. So many things happen to us for a reason. Yeah I've found love and love found me.
    Finding yourself in difficult situation doesn't mean you should stop chasing, no I didn't give up. With my belly I still became a graduate with Jay by my side.
      You wanna talk about Ace and violet, it went smoothly with them, Regina ended up with Todd as they ( Jay and Todd ) managed to settle things together.
    It's a girl!!!
    The doctor chorused.
    The End

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