Story: Bed Sheet Season 3

Written by BabyNaa


    One thing that puts me off totally about the woman I call my mom is that
     she easily trusts and over trust everybody and anybody who wins her trust with the little things they do.... For me I don't trust any flesh and blood that makes human...... That was just by the way
        We all had our eyes fixed on the two. Deemah walked towards us and my "supposed father" followed. I was smiling in my mind because I knew something big was about to happen but to my biggest utter dismay , Deemah walked past us and said nothing neither did she even look at us in the face... (Gosh! This girl has grown metal wings!) What surprised me the most was the fact that my mom didn't question her... Lizzy and I looked at each other in the eye... We entered the room and left my mom and her husband outside... I don't know what ensued between the two but am sure he defended himself  again as usual. That night was hell for me . I felt like a sword was being pieced through my heart. I avoided Creamy's calls for two days even though it was difficult, my mind was made up....
          A hard bang on my door woke me up from a deep sleep. I checked the time and it was 5:45am.. Who could be banging on my door at this time. I got out of my bed and opened my door.. I was shocked to see my cousin at that time of the morning because its quite unusual of her..
    NAA DROMOR! Isn't it too early?
    LIZZY: there's a gentleman at the door he wants to see you..
       Now that got the sleep off my face ( who could that be) I asked myself ..
    NAA DROMOR: OK let me get morning coat..
        I reached for the door and couldn't believe my eyes
    NAA DROMOR: what are you doing here.. my mom is around.. She might get furious seeing you around me .
    CREAMY: why are you avoiding me?
    NAA DROMOR: Creamy you know you shouldn't be here?
    CREAMY: You pushed me Naa.. Why are you avoiding me? I want to know
    NAA DROMOR: You should go home creamy.. Before my mom does anything nasty..
    CREAMY: she will only have to kill me so I know I 've ended it all..... Please forgive me.. Am sorry
      The next thing I could see was tears rolling down his cheeks... This is what breaks me down I hate to see his tear. I moved close to him and held his hand and whispered slowly.
    NAA DROMOR: please go home I will come around soon..
       I wiped his tear, he looked at me in the eye.. His lips were trembling. I could see love written in his eyes and I can feel his heart beating for me but the question is what's keeping him from saying it?
    CREAMY: I will be waiting for you..
        I was stacked at my pace, watching him walk slowly out of the compound.. My eyes met with Lizzy's as I turned to enter the house...
    LIZZY: He truly loves you...
       I didn't know which one to choose, either to smile or frown.. But all I felt within was sorrow so all I could do was to drop a tear... She walked towards me and gave me a warm hug...
    LIZZY: I know you love him too... He's a good guy, give him the chance for him to love you...
        I said nothing than enjoy the security in my cousins bosom...
    LIZZY: am very sorry for what happened last night... I promise it won't happen again. She looked at me in the eye, wiped my tears and smiled at me..
         Later that day when everybody had left, I left for Creamy's house.. He was happy to see me, he hugged me and held my hand.. He apologized again and again.. We had a conversation... We went into the kitchen to prepare lunch, looking at myself in his big yellow lacoste that almost touched my knee only placed a smile on my face.. He carried me and placed me on the counter like a baby and served me with a glass of juice, then asked me to watch him as he prepared the stew.. I did nothing all I had to do was watch him cook.... When the food was ready he fed me and  after he cleared the plates and washed them... He joined me in the living room.. As we watched American pie together we begun kissing, it was so deep and sensual that I started feeling a rush in my body.. He robbed his hands around me that got me more warm. I couldn't help it than to touch his muscular body and down to his cock were I realised he was fully erected ... At that point I knew anything could happen and I was ready because its been a long time ..
    Suddenly his phone rung.. He reaches for his phone and spoke for a while.. He enters the his bedroom and comes back with a shirt..
    CREAMY: I have to meet a friend for a business deal . I will be with you in less than 30 minutes..
        I was disappointed but I didn't want to show it..
    CREAMY: A friend of mine is on his way here, he Alex by name.. Please ask him to wait for me...
        He planted a kiss on my lips and rushed out.. Not long after he left a knock came on the door, I reached for it
    ALEX: hi, am Alex , Creamy's friend .
    NAA DROMOR: yes, he said you should wait for him
        He entered and made himself comfortable.. I laid in the three in one sofa watching a movie... I caught the boy watching me but I didn't want to pay attention..
        He moved close to me and started playing with my feet.. From the onset I resisted but he didn't give up, he robbed his hands around my thighs.. I couldn't resist it anymore so I gave up.. He pushed my panty to the left side and started playing with my clitoris... As he realised I was enjoying it he put his hands under my big T shirt and grabs my breast, he folds it and that got me more wet...
    ALEX: do you want me...
        I didn't know what to say.. As the saying goes "silence means concern" he continued... He unzipped his flap, brought down his jean and mine oh mine... (Does it mean all black guys have BBC?) I asked in my mind... You all know Big Black Cocks turn me on.. I was all wet for him and all I wanted was a quick penetration... He raised my T shirt and pulled down my panty.. He slowly penetrated his BBC into my wet kitty and begun winding his small waist just then the door was pushed wide open... Creamy entered..! The saddest day of my life...


       I was totally taken away by the pleasure as I enjoyed his strong bangs in the sofa. I didn't notice Creamy's presence because Alex had blocked my view. Suddenly he pulled out his cock with force . I got frightened upon seeing Creamy. He landed a blow on Alex's face, he fell heavily into the sofa holding and covered his nose at the same time groaning in pain. That sweet feeling I had a few minutes ago vanished within a twinkle of an eye . And all I had left within was fear and shame. As if that wasn't enough Creamy gripped him by his well ironed T-shirt off the sofa and landed another blow on his face.. He fell on the wall, he followed with series of blows, my heart begun beating fast, my feet turned cold. The groaning of the young man got me shivering out of fear. I moved close to him and held him trying to stop him from hurting Alex. He pushed me away and ended up on the sofa too..
    NAA DROMOR: Creamy...
    CREAMY:  Hold it!
       He yelled at me. For the first time he yelled at me.. He walked around the living room looking confused with tears running down his cheeks. Alex crawled on the floor with blood dripping from his nostrils with his hand covered to his nose. My heart started racing faster, I felt like holding him but not now...
    NAA DROMOR:Am sorry..
        I said in a trembling voice. He was sweating all over, and looked very scary so I didn't want to go close to him. I leaned against the wall watching him rub his hands through his hair in shame and regret.
    CREAMY: No its my fault.  I trusted him as a friend . If I knew he was going to take advantage of your weakness I wouldn't have discussed you with him.
          I was a bit confused about what he was trying to say.
    NAA DROMOR: What are you saying.
      He looked at me. I got frightened because all I saw on his face was vengeance.
    CREAMY: I invited him here so he can assist me tell you how sorry I was for what happened the other time and to also meet you for the first time, He's my best friend, we don't hide anything from each other.  We discussed you sometime ago and he even advised me to let you go because you will surely cheat on me but I wasn't ready to let you go. I told him severally that I believe you are going to change. I've always trusted him...
       Before he could finish talking tears rolled down my cheeks. (Why me?) I asked myself. I felt sorry for my poor and promiscuous life . I watched him and his injured friend on the floor but said nothing still leaning against the wall. Finally Alex spoke.
    Alex: Am sorry.  It wasn't intentional .
        I just couldn't control myself watching him. Creamy watched us and said nothing.  I moved close to him and went on my knees , he watched me in the eye .
    CREAMY: You've disappointed me Naa.. I've been silently watching you. Giving you room to change . What is it wrong with you . Tell me.. Couldn't you have controlled yourself . That's my friend for God's sake.
       His words pierced through my heart like as if pieces of broken bottle were being thrown to my heart.  I broke down into uncontrollable tears.. He watched me
    NAA DROMOR: Am sorry.  Am sorry.. This is what I've been for the past years. An addict. I've slept with so many men and boys that I can't even count. You don't deserve me . But please don't let go off me.  He watched me but said nothing. I was so sad and disappointed in myself. I thought it will be right to tell him about my past..
       I was too little to understand why my mom didn't like me.. As little as I was at age 6 she will lock me up in the room and go out for hours.. I will be gripped with fear and sometimes sleep off... She did this to me for years so I became used to it . I could stay indoors for a very long time provided I have everything within the house. When I turned 10 I saw her come home with different men.. All kind of colors, looks and stature . She will lock me up in my room and warn me to stay there till she asks me to come out. My mom was like an enemy.. We hardly talk. We don't even see eye to eye . Until one night I mastered the courage to ask her why she hated me .
    MOM: I had you when I was 17. My parent sent me out of the house when they found out I was pregnant and I wasn't ready to tell them who was responsible. I was protecting him because he was a student.  My father is a retired soldier and I know what he can do to him. I stayed with my friend till I gave birth to you. Since then I have never set eyes on your father.
    NAA DROMOR:Is that why you treat me like an adopted child?
    She was ashamed by my question. Since that evening she begun caring for me and putting smile on my face. But I was waiting for that day when I will ask her why she brings different men to the house . I was too young to understand..
        One sunny afternoon when I returned from school , I heard voices murmuring .It followed with loud groans and moans. So I decided to check what was happening... I followed the sound and noticed it was coming from my mom's room.. I walked to the door and stood for a while, I opened the door and that was it....


    As thick as my mom was the man carried her like a baby banging her so hard and making her scream on top of her voice.. My mom's rear was facing the door so she didn't see me. The thick tall dark man threw my mom on the bed upon setting his eyes on me. His big black cock (BBC) was looking at me in the face looking all wet and shiny. It was my first time in my life time setting my eyes on  cock and I wondered what and how this thing can make my mom scream so loud? (Is it painful or sweet) I asked my self..
    MOM: get out!
       She yelled..
    MOM: and stay in your room till I ask you to come out
       Now that was her usual anthem anytime she brings a man home. I shut the door, pulled the coffee chair around the dinning table and sat still reflecting on what I saw. Not long after, both of them came out. I stared at them , my mom shamefully introduced me to the man
    MOM:  that's my daughter.
    JAMES: beautiful girl! What's your name?
    NAA DROMOR: my name is Naa DROMOR
       Naa Dromor  was given to me by mom because my dad vanished after my birth. My mom is a Ga hailing from Teshie in the greater Accra region. Dromor  in our language means "Grace". If Grace was a name given to me by my mom why does she hate me so much?
    JAMES: your daughter is very beautiful... How old are you
    NAA DROMOR : am 10 years..
    MOM: She will turn 11 in two days
        She cut in.. The man looked at me smiling so wide and I wondered why, he promised me a present on my birthday. My mom asked me to take care of the house she will return soon..
      I was totally lost in thought thinking about what I saw. I entered her room because I wanted to find out more and guess what I saw. Phonographic books, aphrodisiacs and tapes. I quickly moved to the living room and inserted the tape . I made myself comfortable in the sofa watching the video. Exactly what I saw my mom and her partner doing was what I saw in the video..  The screams and the moans . I begun sweating in my pants and feeling uneasy, I was totally new to this and I didn't know what to do but honestly I enjoyed every bit of it . After that day I was a happy person at home, my mom can leave the house for all I care I have a company after all.. On my 11th birthday something happened....
          My mom woke me up that morning from my sleep.. She handed over a wrapped box to me and wished me a happy birthday..
    MOM: your breakfast is on the table, I have a few things to take care off in town.. I may keep long in town today . Lizzy will come and take care of you after classes..
       It was supper happy, because I will have time to watch all my videos and seeing my favorite cousin again was another source of my happiness. After breakfast I threw my self in the sofa as usual and begun watching my video , enjoying the usual feeling, I hear  a knock coming from the door. I wasnt expecting any body till 3pm when I knew that was the usual time my cousin closes from her weekend classes .I rushed out to check who was at the door . I was shocked to see James because my mom wasn't at home. He smiled at me but I didn't smile back..
    NAA DROMOR: my mom is not home!
    JAMES: I came because of you not your mom.... Happy birthday...
        I just stared but said nothing. He brought a big rubber from behind and showed it to me..
    JAMES: happy birthday... I promised you a present the other time remember..  Can I come in..
         From nowhere I begun smiling. Every kid likes presents, I made him in, we went straight into the living room.. I was smart to turn off the video.. He sat in the sofa and I sat too, he asked me to check the bag, I was eager so I picked the bag and opened it.. It was full of new cloths and shoes, brand new cloths smelling like the waves from the state.. I was extremely happy whiles I checked the cloths in turns to see which will fit and which was colourful .
    JAMES: you can try them on..
       I stripped naked only left in my pants, my breast wasn't big so I wasn't shy anyway, but he kept looking at me as I tried the cloths on .
    JAMES: you look good in that.. Are you sure you are 11? Because you look thicker than 11
       I just smiled... I tried another one on, couldn't close the zip from behind so I went close to him so he could help me zip it...


    This dress really fits, it tight and short I said to myself looking at my thick body in the dress. He looked at me and smiled , I smiled back. Its been a while my mom got me new clothes . She only thinks about herself, she always comes back home with either new shoes, cloths, bags, jewelries and others. James sat back into the sofa stilling gazing at me. I checked in the rubber again and there was my favorite white chocolate. I smiled wider. I love white chocolate its been ages I ate one..
    JAMES: do you like it?
    NAA DROMOR: yes..
    JAMES: Your mom told me its your favorite so I decided to surprise you with one.
    NAA DROMOR: thank you...
       He smiled at me and asked me to come close . He carried me and placed me on his lap, I was busily enjoying my chocolate and he stared at me, he put his hands into my dress and held my breast. I was a bit confused because I had no idea of what he was doing...
    JAMES: You have beautiful breast. Very fresh and hard..
       I was confused so I said nothing. He started playing with my nipples. I was ignorant to this so I tried to stop him .
    NAA DROMOR:  please its painful..
    JAMES: relax you will enjoy it.. Don't you have a boyfriend?
        I just stared because I didn't understand.. He pulled down my pants and started playing with my genital . He held my clitoris and robbed it, I begun feeling awkward . He brought out his Big Black Cock and asked me to hold it . That got me very scared, my heart started beating very fast, I was sweating all over..
    JAMES: Just play with it..
        How on earth do I do that?  He held my hands and begun robbing it on his cock. I was so scared that I removed my hands and got off his lap. He unbuttoned his shirt , held my hands and placed it on his chest..
    JAMES: Play with my nipples..
       I declined, he commanded me again, again and again . Finally I agreed because he promised me more presents.  He begun robbing his cock faster and faster I looked at him rolling his eyes and biting his lips..
    JAMES: do it faster
       He yelled! He begun robbing it faster and harder groaning harder. Suddenly he started jerking his head back and forth while licking his lips . From nowhere a white fluid started gushing out . That was the first time I saw a man ejaculate . I quickly removed my hand and stepped back in fear watching him ejaculate . This was my first time, it didn't only happen once but it continued . Every now and then, he warned me not to tell my mom.. Even though I had wanted to she never gave me the opportunity , its either she's busy or will ask tell me "we will talk at the "right time"  so I kept my troubles and worries and begun showing interest in James and his playboy moments with me.
         When I turned 14 Brian and I became friends, he was one spoilt rich kid who knew everything about sex at that young age and I didn't understand . He broke my virginity . And since then I became a whole new person. I became addicted to phonographic books and videos. This made me have sex with three of my class mates in school, my maths teacher and even my head master.. I slept with so many men I can't even mention because I woke up everyday thinking about sex. My mom never got to know because I was always indoors, and she always left me at home . She never cared about me.. All she cared about was herself..
          Creamy and Alex watched me as I told my little dirty story . Creamy jumped off the sofa to enter his room.  He came back with my cloths and threw them at me .
    CREAMY: Put on your cloths .
       He said yelling at me, I watched him in fear and quickly jumped into my cloths .
    CREAMY: follow me! And you go home
        He yelled... I followed like a fool in suit not knowing where we destined to .


    He opened the car and commanded me .
    CREAMY: Sit down!
       I quickly entered the car and closed the door . Before I could finish fixing my seat belt he sped off . The car jerked after an abrupt stop , he halted the car with the engine still on and put his head on the steer in worry . I was more scared than ever, I had wanted to hold him but I was weak inside . After a while he pulled the gear and sped out of the house. He drove like a mad person. I was full of fear and panic .
    NAA DROMOR:  Creamy please slow...
    CREAMY: shut up!
        He yelled so loud, He was sweating all over his body , I could feel pain and disappointment in his voice, my conscience started fighting me. I started crying , sobbing like a baby. No one said nothing. I sat still in the car not knowing the destination and I couldn't ask because I didn't want to provoke him the more.
       Finally we entered a clinic. It is a private clinic down town and it took twenty minutes drive from his house to get there, only few people patronised the clinic because services offered there was quite dear . That made the clinic not so busy . Only the rich could go there to assess and seek medical attention . He stepped out of the car and banged the door close , I was still sitting wondering what we were here for , he looked at me through the wind screen, (I know that body language) I quickly jumped out of the car. He moved on and I followed in suite. We entered to the Out Patient Department lounge, he spoke to the nurse in charge and she asked offered me seat, she took my temperature after writing my name on the card and folder, she checked my weight then handed over the folder to him. After the payment we were directed to the laboratory. (What's happening? What's going on? Why are we here?) These were the thoughts running through my mind as we walked down the corridor to the laboratory. He placed my folder and card into the box and sat on the well arranged seat at the hall. He buried his face in his palm, not long after one guy dressed in a sea blue long sleeves and a black trouser neatly tucked in came for the card. In less that 5 minutes he mentioned my name, we both entered, he slipped into a big white laboratory coat and covered his nose with a nose guard , he offered me seat . I stretched out my arm upon request . He examined it . He wrapped a band around my upper arm and took a syringe and pierced a vein to withdraw blood sample.. He pulled out the syringe containing blood afterwards and poured it into jar for careful test . I watched on in pain. He cleaned the place with cotton
     and placed a piece of plasta over there then asked me to wait outside. I went out . I didn't know what ensued between the two. All I heard when both of them came out was ( it will be ready by Monday) said the technician .Creamy looked at me and walked towards me to join me . We quickly turned to leave.
         We drove out of the clinic and again there was absolute silence as he drove back home. Finally we got to my house, he got out and opened the gate, got back into the car and drove into the house, I had wanted to stop him from entering  the house but didn't know how because I knew my mom will be home by then. She came out from the house upon hearing the sound of the car . (She's been looking for me) I said that in my mind because I had ignored her calls all day. I stepped out of the car, he stepped out too and approached my mom..
    MOM: where are you coming from and what are you doing with this young man again?
        She yelled. Just as Creamy was about explaining she lands her first slap on his face...
    CREAMY: Am sorry mom ...
        Before he could say another word she  landed another slap across his face.
    NAA DROMOR: mom! What are you...
        Before I could finish she landed the third one on my face. Creamy walked to his car and drove out leaving the gate opened. She threw insults at me reminding me of how my father left me when i was little and how she had toiled to take care of me. That has been her anthem throughout my 18years if living. I looked deeply at her reminding of my past, I felt like telling her my peace of mind but something kept holding me back.
    I entered my room and locked myself up. I  skipped dinner that night because I had lost appetite due to the incident that happened a couple of hours ago. I laid supine on my bed still reflecting on our visit to the clinic and wondering what my blood sample was going to be used for? Why he took me to the hospital in the first place.. All these thought ran through my mind, tears rolled down my cheeks in pain and regret (what is happening?  Am I loosing Creamy?) I asked myself (God please have mercy on me) I have never been to church, and I don't know how to pray but I have heard people in trouble say that and from nowhere I said that too..
         It was 12 minutes past 1am, the atmosphere was very quiet, everybody had gone to bed but my eyes were still wide open . I watched the clock tick every second hoping Creamy will call but no! My eyes were blood shot red but sleep but sleep had fled from them. Suddenly I heard a knock on my door. I knew that would be my mom so I decided not to mind. The knock came again, again and again but this time very soft, now that got me suspicious.. (Who could that be?) Now a soft voice called
    LIZZY: Naa..Naa.. Open the door..
        Her trembling voice got me off my bed and quickly  I turned my door open... Just as I turned my door opened she fell flat on the floor..


    I was astonished by her heavy fall, I quickly switched on my bedroom light, her face was wet with sweat and tears, I didn't really get it, her face looked quiet pale and sick. The upper part of her body was in my room and the lower part of her body was outside the dark corridor.  I quickly raised her head in fear
    NAA DROMOR: Lizzy.. What's wrong with you.. Talk to me
         She was trying to speak but her voice was faint, couldn't hear anything ..
    NAA DROMOR:  let me take you to the hospital..
       She nod several times..
    NAA DROMOR: let me call my mum
        She shook her head and in a small voice she said..
    LIZZY: No!
        I was shocked, but this is not the time to ask questions, I didn't know what was happening to her but from what I see she's in a terrible condition
    NAA DROMOR: OK hang on, let me call Dee to come stay with you whiles I get a taxi..
    LIZZY: hurry up please
       She said in a small voice . I slowly passed by her . Her thick body had covered the door way so I had to force my way through the little space just to call Deemah.. I didn't bother to turn on the light in the corridor cos I didn't want to wake my mom up .
        I knocked severally on Dees door, I thought she will be fast asleep due to her daily chores , I slowly entered her room and turned on the light only to find her room empty. It was past 1am (could she be in "that" man's room?) I asked myself.. Like I said earlier there was no time to demand questions and answers . Lizzy's life needs to be saved.. As I was returning to my room, I slipped and feel heavily on the ground causing a lot of noise...   (Gosh! I hope this does not wake my mom up) I said in my mind.  I quickly got up from the ground, but I noticed my feet and elbow was wet . That prompted me to turn on the light..
       My heart skipped a beat upon setting my eyes on the blood that had stained my night gown from her door way to mine. I quickly dashed out of the room to the tenant's since he owned a car he can assist in conveying us to the hospital..
         I know that man to be someone who doesn't lock his door no matter what only God can explain his reasons . I stormed into his living room and there was Deemah totally naked on top of my "supposed step father" and the father of Lizzy's baby winding and grinding him so hard.. 
    NAA DROMOR: Deemah!
        I shouted.. They both looked at my direction and ignored me totally still enjoying themselves, there was no sign of regret in their eyes.
         I dashed out, raced through the quiet street to the main junction to get a taxi..I stood at the junction for close to 10 minutes and not a single taxi passed by . None of the private cars passing by was ready to stop either.. I looked like a mad little girl standing by the road in the middle of the night .  So many things were running through my mind. I had wanted to call Creamy but No, my mom will hold him responsible...
        I decided to race back to the house and call my mom. As I run through the quite street a car gave me a high light from behind.  I didn't stop to look because fear had gripped me from my head down to my toe . I was just mastering courage to save my cousin.
         The car finally stopped side me .
    BRIAN: what are you doing on the street alone at this time?
         I didn't want to mind but the voice made me look his direction
    NAA DROMOR: Brian! Thank Goodness...
        He was with his best friend Ray.. We all attended the same school.. I was Ray's crush back in school but he never told me and we never spoke to each other through our three years in school. He is a shy guy and I am the quiet type. The first time he spoke to me was when the news was broken about Brian and I . He felt disappointed that was when he told me about his feelings towards me but it was too late..
    NAA DROMOR:  Lizzy is in a terrible condition right now . I went down to get a taxi...
    BRIAN: Damn! Get in let's go
          In less than 1 minutes we were in my house . The two boys entered the room and carried my cousin out.. I doubted they could carry her but they did it as easy swallowing a pill. I sat at the back seat with her head on my lap... She wouldn't talk, all she did was roll her head from left to right and right to left snapping her finger in pain and regret...
          The street was very quiet cos it was dawn.  I never knew Brian could drive not to talk of drive as fast as this.
        We finally arrived at the hospital, the two boys brought her out of the car..  Ray carried her on his shoulder. The nurses on duty approached us with a stretcher, she was placed on it and pushed away into the emergency ward.
        I was allowed into the ward but the two boys were made to stay behind . The doctor in charge rushed into the ward as the two nurses assisted him by first administering drip and a bag of blood on her..  I stood in a distances watching the health personnel's do their work.. The doctor turned to me .
    Dr: Who is she to you?
    NAA DROMOR: My cousin
    Dr: who do you live with?
    NAA DROMOR: My mom
    Dr: where's she?
    NAA DROMOR: at home?
    Dr: why didn't you come with her
    NAA DROMOR: she asked me not to wake her up. 
    Dr: who are the boys?
    NAA DROMOR: our neighbors .
    Dr: I see.. Go home and bring your mother.. Right now.
        That frightened me.. I quickly dashed out, the two boys quickly followed in suit as I told them what was happening...
          We got to the house and the door was opened just the way we left it. Brian asked me to call my mom and change my bloody night outfit .
       I entered my mom's room and slowly woke her up. I couldn't narrate anything because I didn't want to get her frightened. She wanted to know more I only told her we took her to the hospital because she wasn't well . She quickly changed her cloths, we met the boys at the gate and we drove off..
       No one said anything to my mom even though she kept asking questions .
        We arrived at the hospital and before we stepped out of the car ,  she was already at the Out Patient Department Lounge asking which of the wards Lizzy lay .
       We where directed to the emergency ward..
         We entered the room, there Lizzy lay on the bed, her body was covered with a big white Bed sheet..


    Her eyes were closed looking fast asleep . My mom rushed to her bed, the nurse on duty stopped us from getting close to her, from a distance I watched the other nurse standing next to her bed discount the IV tubules from her hand, the drip and the blood that was given to her earlier was still at same level , she lay still facing up with her eyes closed... My mom didn't take it easy with the nurse who was blocking us from getting close to my cousin .The Dr. approached us..
    Dr: Excuse me, are you Elizabeth Lamptey's mother?
         Lizzy was a short name given to her by her late mother.. She's Elizabeth Naa Koshie Lamptey.. She was the apple of her parents eye because she was the only child her parents had after their marriage. Due to that my mom had shared that love her parents would have given her if they were alive .
         My mom nodded to the Dr.
    Dr: are you aware your daughter had an abortion?
         Lord have mercy! My mom exclaimed.  I was shocked by the news...
    MOM; No Dr, I don't have the slightest idea about it.
    Dr: as at now we can't tell what and how she did it but she has lost a lot of blood . And we had already lost her before they arrived.
           What the hell does this mean by lost her? My mom shouted so loud slowly going down on her to the floor. The Dr held her. I didn't believe my ears till the nurse finally covered her face with the white bed sheet...
            Yes! She's gone. Gone and gone
            Forever! The cold hands of death
            Has finally arrived at our door step
            Who ever thought? Who ever knew?
            Who ever dreamt? Who ever saw?
           The approach of pain, sorrows and
           Agony that had grip our heart  today .

    She has decided to join her parents.. I've never felt death this close. Tears run down my cheeks watching my cousin lay lifeless on the bed and my mom screaming ,crying and wailing on top of her voice . Brian and the Dr. tried to console my mother. I broke down too .Ray hugged me and all I did was to cry on his shoulders...
      In my moms wailing, I heard her shout Andrews' name
    MOM: Andrew where are you!
         She repeated that severally. That clicked me to call Andrew. His number rung several times without answer .Just as I was giving up on the last call he picked up. I told him to come to the clinic but didn't break the news to him. He insisted on knowing what was happening but I tried to keep the news till I see him.
    The nurses were moving up and down giving her her last service. My mom was answering questions from the Dr. while he prepared her documents so she will be sent to the mortuary. Brian was man enough to do all these ups and downs for us since we were both weak to do anything. He knows much about our family because my mom and his mom are best friends and he use to spend his whole day in our house.. Finally the documents were ready . The nurses pushed the stretcher on which her body lay through the corridor when the ambulance arrived. I spotted a taxi enter the hospital, he quickly ran to us.  His presence worsened our pain. As he kept asking questions
    ANDREW: what is it? Where's Lizzy? What's happening?
      Nobody answered him. I pointed to the stretcher as the words couldn't follow . he went to the stretch and pulled off the Bed Sheet.... Indeed! A sorrowful moment it was....

         We arrived home safely, the boys didn't leave us because it was a hard time for my family . The house was still quiet.. As we entered the house my mom went straight to the tenant's room . The boys entered our house with us trying to calm me and Andrew down. The sight of her blood stains  made me break down the more.  Andrew went for the mob and started mobbing the floor. Just then we heard voices.  We quickly dashed out. I was shocked at the scene. I don't really know what happened but what I saw was my mom landing a slap on Deemah's face even in grief state and she didn't hesitate to slap my mom back...
    DEEMAH: Don't ever raise your hands on me ever again
        She strongly warned my mom. My mom went mute suddenly . The house was quiet . No one uttered a word . I went to my mom and held her .
    NAA DROMOR: please come with me
    MOM: She's sleeping with my husband and she has the guts to talk back at me.

          Oh finally! This is the day I've always been praying for..
          We kept vigil all night . None of us could sleep and none of the boys went home, my "supposed" father was drenched in shame. Lizzy's death came as a shock to us all. I was shocked how her death had spread like bushfire before morning. The neighbours trooped in and out of our house sharing their condolence. Some stood still in awe and shock at the news . The boys left for their various houses and came back to help our family mourn . Dee walked about the house unconcerned. She didn't ask what happened neither did she care about the death.
         Brian, Ray and Asantewaa were with me in my room while my mom was with some family members and some visitors who have heard of Lizzy's sudden death in the living room. My aunty called me to go check who was at the door.. I slowly went to the door and opened it only to see Andrew with uncle Ato.
    NAA DROMOR: uncle Ato
        We smiled at each other..
    UNCLE ATO: you never called as you promised..
    ANDREW: you two know each other?
    UNCLE ATO: she was the lady I told you you was rapped by some three guys some time ago... Naa that's my son
          I was torn between happiness and shock. I quickly made them in . I gave them seat around the dinning table since the living room was full. I went to call my mom and she hastily followed me . Just as she set her eyes on uncle Ato my mom fainted....


      Her heavy fall came unexpected, no one saw it coming. The sound of her heavy fall attracted the attention of everybody present , I started shouting her name .
    NAA DROMOR: Mom, mom..
        Andrew held her shouting .
    ANDREW:  Bring water!
        Just then Deemah came out of her room, dressed in a very hot mini skirt and a sleeveless top exposing almost all her breast . She wasn't in a black outfit like we were all clothed in . Like I said she cared less about what had befallen my family.
    NAA DROMOR: Dee please bring water..
         I yelled! She looked at me for a while
    DEEMAH: you need water? Don't you know your way to the kitchen? Oh wait! Have you lost your legs? Or your arms?
        Her words shocked me, just then Asantewaa pushed her out of the way and handed over the bowl of water to Andrew . She walked away unconcerned. My mom didn't wake up after several wash with the water on her face. Some suggested we smear garlic and grounded onion on her face. That wasn't enough to revive my mom from her stupor. Everybody watched on looking disturbed. But what shocked me the most was the fact that Uncle Ato and my "supposed" step father stood still gazing at each other .
    BRIAN: Let's take her to the hospital.
    NAA DROMOR: mom please don't do this to me, this is too much for me to bear.
        I broke down in tears . Ray and Asantewaa held me trying to calm me down while the guys carried my mom into Uncle Ato's car . Andrew took the keys from his father and turned on the ignition . Uncle Ato took the front seat whiles I took the rear seat with my mom . Ray, Asantewaa and Brian followed in Brian's car.

         These three friends have shown me love and support from day one when my problems started but there was something missing. Creamy! . I gave my phone to Asantewaa and asked her to call Creamy. I couldn't help myself watch my mom lie helpless on the bed with her eyes still closed not having the slightest idea of what was happening to her. Uncle Ato watched us from a distance with hopes that my mom will come back from her unconsciousness.

        In no time Creamy rushed in . He met Uncle Ato at the entrance . They exchanged pleasantries and he pointed to my direction as they spoke at the entrance. He looked at me from his track . I couldn't help myself than run into his arms sobbing like a baby..
    CREAMY: What happened to her? And why are you in black? Why is everyone in black? .
    NAA DROMOR: Lizzy... Lizzy is dead...
         I broke down again.
    CREAMY: you are joking Naa .
           He said in a trembling voice. He started acting strange walking up and down the ward as if he was looking for a lost item . We all watched him . Suddenly he shouted so loud and that attracted the attention of the nurses on duty and some of the patients who had come for appointment .  He hit the door, threw himself on the floor wailing out so loud . Now that was a hard time for all of us.. The only person who didn't know Lizzy at that time was Uncle Ato but the scene was heartbreaking enough to make him cry too. Andrew didn't take it lightly at all. His eyes looked bloodshot red with tears . For me it was unbearable. No one could console his friend . It was like a crying spree.
        Who said men don't cry? I've heard that adage several times but Lizzy's demise refuted that saying . Everyone stared at us and some onlookers who were touched watched on wondering what was happening.
           The day was over and my mom was still in her unconscious state . None of us was able to take the drinks and food Uncle Ato ordered for us . Visiting time was over and none of us was willing to go home until they saw my mom open her eyes . A nurse suggested that two of us  stay behind to monitor her condition . Just as we were deliberating over who leaves and who stays. My "supposed" father entered the ward. He gazed at Uncle Ato and he gazed back at him . We all looked at the two men who have been acting strange since morning. None of them uttered a word to each other but the look on their faces said a lot and am yet to find out.


     Just as I was about breaking the suspicious silence, Dr Anderson and his assisted nurses came in. They did their usual check on her, my mom was still not up from her slumber.
    Dr. Anderson: Naa excuse me let me have a word with you.
        I quickly followed him outside. Dr. Anderson has been my mom's personal Dr. for many years which I never knew because she never made me know her ups and downs..
    Dr. Anderson : Do you know your mother is very sick?
    NAA DROMOR: yes! Is that why she's still not waking up from her sleep?
    Dr. Anderson: she's not asleep, she's in coma. But that not what am talking about. Did she ever mention to you that she was sick?
    NAA DROMOR: not at all, she was always looking healthy and strong . I've never seen her fall sick.
        He smiled at me..
    Dr. Anderson : I see . I would want you to go home and check through her bags . She has a couple of laboratory reports I need to make reference to .
    NAA DROMOR: sure, will do that right away.
          Creamy, Asantewaa and Ray decided to go home with me whiles the others stay back. 
        It was past 8pm and the house was quiet as usual . I quickly rushed into my mom's room only to find Deemah on her bed, comfortably sleeping. I slapped her thighs so hard .
    NAA DROMOR: what are you doing in my mom's room, on her bed.
    DEEMAH: who are you to question me?
        I ignored her totally, started rummaging through my mom's bags that was the most important thing at that time and I was surely going to deal with her later. Finally I found a brown envelope with the hospital logo on it . I knew that was what Dr. Anderson wanted . I found some drugs and took them along . I rushed out of the room to meet them outside just as I got to Lizzy's door I heard her phone ringing.
        Her door has been closed since her demise . None of us has been able to enter, her ring tone sent chills down my spine . I had wanted to ignore but I was wondering who could be calling her phone . I entered her room only to find her bed sheet soaked in blood, sanitary towels soaked in blood and scattered on the floor.  I was drenched in pain and sadness, fear gripped me . I quickly grabbed her phone as it rung again , there I saw the drugs she administered scattered in front of the dressing mirror . I dashed out of her room because the whole place smell bad , just as I stepped out I started throwing up. They all ran to me . Creamy held me . They put me back into the car and off to the hospital he drove.
           I handed over the envelope to the Dr.
    Dr. Anderson: I will join you soon..
    CREAMY: Who is Edward Nortey?
        He asked in a commanding voice as I entered the ward. I was quite shocked at his question . I noticed he had Lizzy's phone. (Oh no, I might have dropped it in the car as I alighted) . I said that in my mind.
    CREAMY: Who is Edward Nortey?
        He yelled !! I noticed he was having Lizzy's phone. ( gosh! I might have dropped it in a car as i alighted) Everybody stared at him, I wasn't ready to talk because I knew he had found something on the phone. (What could that be anyway) I tried to take the phone from him but he held my hand and asked softly.
    CREAMY: Do you know who Edward Nortey is?
         I looked him in the eye then pointed at at my "supposed" step father. He dropped the phone on the floor disassembling it . He dragged and hooked him by his shirt looking like a wild beast . Asantewaa reached for the phone and fixed it . Everyone present was wondering what he saw . Andrew and Brian quickly moved towards him to disengage them .
    CREAMY: How dare you, how dare you..
         He yelled,  he refused to talk either, all he did was stare at him in an angry mood sweating all over. Andrew snatched the phone from Asantewaa as she read the messages displayed on the phone. Uncle Ato seem unconcerned about the whole issue, he just stood his distance and watched the drama. Andrew slowly dropped the phone on the table, he walked about the ward quiet and confused as if he was looking for a lost item. Before we all realized he has landed a big blow on Edward's face,  ready to land the second one Ray held him from behind and pulled him away
    RAY: What is going on . You boys should calm yourselves down . The reason why we are is not accomplished .
    CREAMY: and the other reason that made this very reason happen is that this man right here killed Lizzy.
          And that was the biggest news of the night..It wasn't as if I didn't know, but the sound of that statement pieced my heart.
    ANDREW: he was sleeping with my wife to be. He got her pregnant forced to abort it .
    ASANTEWAA: what kind of father are you? Sleeping with your step daughter?
            Now that statement sent guilt to my conscience . (He has slept with me and my entire family . Now one is dead, another is on her sick bed with no hope of her waking up. How will mine be like?) I asked myself. From my distance I watched him wipe the blood from his nose.  The Dr. entered again .
    Dr. Anderson : I heard voices. What happened to him ?
         He asked as he looked at Edward.  None of us uttered a word . He ordered the nurse to give him immediate treatment. He invited me again.
    Dr. Anderson: your mother has hidden something from you. I think its about time you know that your mother is HIV positive so you can also take caution.
         God! That hit me like a cannon ball .
    Dr. Anderson: She has been battling the disease for 5 years and has been coming for check ups regularly and taking her drugs that is why she looks healthy..
         I was totally lost in thought as he spoke to me and explained the details of her ailment to me.. ( if my mom has been a HIV patient for 5 years and am sharing the same man with her what shows I haven't contracted the disease too)

    EPISODE 10

    I thought deeper and deeper as Dr. Anderson narrated my mum's escapade . I know he was thinking I was sad for my mom but little did he know that I had endangered my poor little life and that had got me thinking .
    Dr. Anderson: I know this is a hard time for you but you need to know so you can put your mom on check.
         It was good after all, to me it was a highlight on my ignorance.  I entered the ward only to find Andrew holding on tight to his father crying on his shoulder whiles the others watched them. I walked slowly back to take my seat . I watched my mom closely as she lay straight on the bed with her eyes closed . The Dr.'s words kept resounding in my mind, from nowhere tears trickled down my cheek .
    ASANTEWAA : you really have to put yourself together Naa.. Your mom will surely wake up.
    RAY: Baby you are breaking my heart with those tears, every drop of your tears causes nothing but pain in my heart.. Please pull yourself together.
         Brian and Creamy stared at me, my "supposed" step father sat in a distance still robbing his nose with the ice, while Andrew still sobbed on his father's shoulders...
    ANDREW: She's gone father. My wife to be is gone. Why me Lizzy why ?
         Creamy held Andrew, he hugged him and tried to calm him down. Finally Uncle Ato spoke.
    UNCLE ATO: are you happy now? You've cause me and my family so much pain and sorrow.
         That ridiculous line got us all suspicious as he looked straight at Edward.
    ANDREW: What do you mean by you and your family?
    NAA DROMOR: You two know each other
         He nods several times
    TENANT: Ato, you don't  have to do this, this is not the right time.
        The two men got us wondering and more suspicious .
    NAA DROMOR: Uncle Ato please is there something we need to know?
    UNCLE ATO: yes there's a lot you two should know...
         He pointed at Andrew and I, that got me scared, for a minute I forgot about my mother's plight and with rapt attention got poised to listen to what Uncle Ato had to spill. All of us watched Uncle Ato as tears run down his cheeks .
    UNCLE ATO: This man right here was my very good friend. We were friends from child hood, we attended the same school and gradually grew from being friends to brothers. During my second year in the university I impregnated my girlfriend who refused to abort the baby. She gave birth to a young boy who happens to be Andrew right here.
            He pointed at Andrew. The ward was quiet, everybody seem to have growing interest in what Uncle Ato was saying... He continued
    UNCLE ATO:  Two year later we were both posted to Accra for our national service. We rented an apartment in your grandfather's house..
         He pointed at me. Wait a minute, this is getting more interesting ..
    UNCLE ATO: Your grand father was a retired soldier, he was popularly known as "Sergeant Pepper", he was a very strict man and was feared by many because of his guiding principles.. He had two daughters, Lizzy's mother Peggy and your mother who was the youngest. Your grandfather became my friend, he always advised me . He took me as a son because he liked the way I carried myself . You are a principled man just like me. That's what he usually said about me to all who came to him when I happen to be at home . Simple and gentle because of his strictness everybody feared to go near his two daughters even me who was close to him.. Your mother was just 17 by then, very beautiful, humble, respectful and innocent. You are a true replica of your mom when she was your age.
          He said looking deep into my eyes... He continued
    UNCLE ATO: anytime your mother passes by us when your grand father and I were having conversation he will pause and smile . The next thing he will say is " that is your future wife" that always made me smile. My friend right here was picking on the soldier's two daughters, his aim was to simply get into their pants. Your grand father never liked him, he was very cute, let me say he was the ladies man, "the playboy of our time" . Changing ladies almost everyday, perhaps that was what put the old man off about him.  I had a lot of respect for the old man and his two daughters because they were the apple of his eye and since he took me as a son I never wanted to put my finger in his eye.
           One fine afternoon, I returned from work very tired . I rushed home just to have a cold shower and a good rest after a stressful day at work, I got home only to find my three years old little boy seated in my porch all alone with his school bag....

    EPISODE 11

    The sight of my son whom I haven't set eyes on after he was born sent a sharp pain through my heart. I was a total stranger to him because the last time I set eyes on him,  he was only a day old. I buried my face in shame and disappointment for not playing a fatherly role to him. Your grandfather gave me a room full of advice , the dos and don'ts of being a single father as he has single handedly raised your mother and your aunty. I considered his advise gold nuggets . My only biggest challenge was who to take care of him whiles am away, your grandfather volunteered and appointed your mother to take full custody of Andrew as she was always home after school doing nothing. And that was how it all started..
         Everybody watched and listened to him with rapt attention .
    UNCLE ATO: Your mother became a mother to Andrew, she cared for him like her own even though she was ignorant about motherhood. Andrew did nothing without her, they were amazing pair.
         One beautiful night, I returned home to find your mother and my son fast asleep on my bed, it was already late and didn't want to wake her up. I joined them on the bed after shower . I couldn't resist watching her beautiful and innocent face whiles asleep. The ring tone of my phone woke her up, she wanted to leave because she was scared of her old man but I refused, we sat on my bed and had a long convo, out of the blues I started kissing her and we ended up making love. After that day sex became a regular activity for us , anywhere and anytime, in the shower, in the porch, in their living room when the house is quiet and even in the garden. It was always a sweet moment with her and my love for her grew bigger day by day. My intension towards her was positive and I was ready to own up every responsibility that came with it .
           Months elapsed ,I travelled to the village to visit my mom with my son for a week, the day before the day I will return home . I received a call from Edward during my visit . He broke the news to me that your mother was pregnant, he said a whole lot to me that your grandfather is sending soldiers to come for me . He has threatened to kill me and because of that he had run away from the house. I got scared and needed to secure my life and that of my son. I tried to reach your mother but I didn't get in touch . I changed my line and never returned to Accra . I couldn't complete my national service. My aunty who was living in the state immediately sent my son and I an invitation, we quickly processed our documents and flew out of the country. 
        My friend here whom I've always gotten in touch with told me your grandfather threw your mom out of the house when he found out she was pregnant. I sent him money to get her a house. I sent him money almost every month to keep up your mom till she gave birth to you . I asked him to take care of my family which is you and your mom because I know one day I will come for you two . I have always had you and your mother in mind and I knew that a day will come when your mother will understand me and why I fled . I knew she was angry with me because she thought I was irresponsible.
    NAA DROMOR: What are you trying to tell me .
    ANDREW: daddy, are you saying Naa is your daughter?
         He nodded several times.  We looked at each other in shock. (Abomination !! God, I've had sex with my blood)  I said in my mind. There was tension in the ward. Nobody knew the secret between my brother and I . Just then Edward spoke!
    TENANT: she is not your daughter. She is mine. I slept with her mom whiles you were away, it was after our intercourse that she got pregnant. I couldn't accept it because of her father .
           What is happening? What am I hearing? Mom wake up and tell me all that am hearing is a joke.. I cried out looking miserable...

    EPISODE 12

    The two men begun arguing..
    UNCLE ATO: what do you mean by she's your daughter? What do you mean ?
    EDWARD: she my daughter . I will not allow you take her away..
          We all looked at the two men face dropped.. I could no longer bear their "foolish" act
    NAA DROMOR: enough! Enough. The three of you have cost so much pain in my life. 
         I raised my voice and broke down again, I started waking my mom up..
    NAA DROMOR: Mom wake up... Wake up and tell me which among these two men is my father...
    UNCLE ATO: I am..
    TENANT: no I am...
    NAA DROMOR: you shut up..What kind of father will look into her daughter's face and have sex with her...
         Now everybody looked on surprisingly.. I was pushed to the wall this time and busted out the truth without a second thought .
    CREAMY: what are you saying Naa
    NAA DROMOR: this man claiming to be my father has had sex with my entire family.. My mom, my self, Lizzy and even the house help !!
          They all shouted at the news..
    ASANTEWAA : this is an abomination...
    RAY: Evil.. This is a nasty secret..
    UNCLE ATO:  Naa, he is not your father...
    ANDREW: you two are confusing us... What is going on here?
           I have never seen two men fighting over a child. This a big disgrace to my mom . I wish she was alright to witness all these . Uncle Ato dragged me from my seat angrily as if I had done something wrong. He unzipped my dress and pulled it down.  I was tried to cover my breast in the act but he stripped me leaving me with my bra and my underpants. He turned my body from left to right and right to left . He took off my bra, I quickly held the cap so I don't end up looking naked. He points at the side of my left breast... (My birth mark)
    UNCLE ATO: take a look at this..
         He pulled Andrew and pulled his shirt off, he lifts his singlet to his chest level and pointed to Andrew's left armpit. My heart skipped beat . Reflected on the first day we made love . I saw the black mark, but never took note of it . Uncle Ato quickly took off his T-shirt then his singlet then pointed at his left armpit...
    UNCLE ATO: Edward, tell me which side of your body we can find this mark?  This mark has been a mark in my family, we all have it and I knew I was surely going to find my daughter one day...
           Andrew and I looked at each other . I started weeping . Uncle ATO tried to hold me but I didn't let him . Andrew couldn't control his tears either, he looked miserable . He started fighting himself and hitting the wall . Brian and Creamy rushed to him and held him down. He was wailing more than I was and no one understood..
    CREAMY:Calm down Andy . Its a good thing you found your sister .
    ANDREW; I wish I didn't know about this secret . I wish this day never came.. I wish I never met my sister..
    ASANTEWAA: don't say that Andrew...
    ANDREW: you won't understand . You won't understand...
         His father tried to hold him but he refused and warned him to stay away from him.
    CREAMY: Andrew, you really have to pull yourself together, he might have hidden that from you for a reason, maybe he was waiting for the right time...
    ANDREW: that right time has caused me a lot . I have already had sex with my sister .
        Brian looked at me as tears rolled down his cheeks he's the only one who knew about Andrew and i. Asantewaa covered her mouth and Creamy looked away . That was the biggest blow for the night . Uncle Ato leaned against the wall shedding tears.. Nobody said anything . It was a sorrowful and a shameful moment.
      Just then the machines started beeping faster, that took everybody's attention... Suddenly my mom begun moving on the bed, we all watched her...

    EPISODE 13

    We all stood still wondering what could possibly be the reason for the beeping and her movement, uncle ATO quickly rushed to call
    UNCLE ATO: call the Dr.. Call the Dr.
        He yelled holding on tight to my mom, Asantewaa run out out then came back with the nurse, Dr. Anderson followed with his assistant. Creamy held me tight as I watched my mom shake on her bed. The Dr. commanded the nurse, they kept running up and down the ward injecting her and checking on the machine, finally she stopped shaking while the Dr. did his check, we all watched. The Dr. shook his head looking at me in the eye . Uncle Ato busted out so loud wailing like a baby. There I knew the worse has happened.  The nurses begun disconnecting the machines, removing the oxygen mask. They all watched me, at that point I couldn't cry . I had already cried my lungs out I guess. Dr. Anderson held me by the hand
    Dr. Anderson : am sorry Naa
    NAA DROMOR: I know...
           It was a sad moment for me, lost my cousin and my mom in just two days, who is next? Is it me?  I asked myself ?
         The news spread like wild fire, the whole neighborhood came to sympathize with me because am the only one left in my small family.
       Days passed and preparation for their burial was ongoing . Asantewaa showed me the meaning of real friendship, she was with me throughout this hard times.
    Andrew, Brian, Ray and Creamy didn't leave my side either . I had lost appetite for weeks, I could hardly eat nor sleep , it was a hard time for me.
         I was taking a nap one afternoon when Creamy entered my room . He asked Asantewaa to excuse us, he brought me food and drink, he fed me and made sure I took enough so I don't fall sick.  He handed over the white envelope to me
    NAA DROMOR: what is this?
    CREAMY:  I went for your lab report a couple of days ago . I had wanted you to come out from this trauma before letting you have the result but on a second  thought I felt it was right for you to have it now.
    NAA DROMOR: I know am a carrier of the disease.
         I dropped a tear . He looked at me
    CREAMY: how did you know?
    NAA DROMOR: because my mother has been living with the virus for the past five years and  I was sharing her man with her...
          Creamy dropped a tear too..
    NAA DROMOR: am sorry to disappoint you Creamy.
          He looked at me but said nothing...
    NAA DROMOR: I know Lizzy, Edward, and Deemah are also carriers, even my brother Andrew .
    CREAMY: pull yourself together Naa
          I broke down into uncontrollable tears
    NAA DROMOR: soon am going to join my mom and my cousin . What more do I live for carrying this deadly disease..
          Creamy was mute as I spoke, suddenly he busted out so loud sobbing like a baby . At a point I thought he was crying because of me but I noticed something . He started coughing so loud, he held his chest and went down on his knees spitting out blood. I got scared then held him
    NAA DROMOR: Oh no ! What is wrong with you, let me take you to the hospital .
       He shook his head as he wiped his mouth with his white handkerchief..
    CREAMY: I've always wanted to tell you this but I think this is the right time to let you know. Am suffering from lung cancer .
         I opened my mouth wide watching him in total shock..
    CREAMY: Yes! I've been undergoing treatment for the past two years . I don't have the mean anymore to take care of my ailment. My days are being numbered .
          His words broke my heart but I couldn't say a word..
    NAA DROMOR: God, what is happening? I will talk to my father about it, He may be of help.
          That night I spoke to uncle Ato about Creamy, he felt disturbed about his health condition . He then called his Dr. friend and arranged an immediate appointment with the two..
    UNCLE ATO: will pick you up first thing in the morning so we go see the Dr.
         Creamy nodded
    UNCLE ATO: don't worry, you will be fine.
        As we spoke on the compound Deemah came out of the tenant's room shedding tears

    EPISODE 14 (Final)

    We looked at her, she entered the room and came out with her bags still shedding tears, no one said a word to her . She begun rebuking Edward .
    DEEMAH: God will punish you for telling me lies, after impregnating me you stand before me telling me to go abort the child. You want to kill me like you killed Lizzy, you think am a fool..
           That statement sent a sharp pain into my heart . I was happy anyway, we all watched her leave..
           Creamy commenced  treatment on his ailment.. Everything went on well, Andrew  and I commenced treatments too after he tested positive too . Two week after Lizzy and my mom's burial , my "supposed" father packed out of the house, my father gave the house out for rent . I relocated to his house. I started a new life with my new family, my brother and my father . He gave me love and attention, our sickness was a vital issue to him, he will quit anything he has doing just to take my brother and I to the clinic for treatment.
    My father flew Creamy out of the country for treatment . I entered tertiary and lived a good life by abstaining from sex and being responsible. Two years down the line Edward died and Deemah's child died out of HIV out of her ignorance of her being a carrier.
         Creamy came back to the country healthy and strong. That  night we had a family dinner, we kept looking at each other, you should see the smiles on my father's face.  Finally Creamy spoke
    CREAMY: I would want to show gratitude to you uncle Ato for giving me life, if not for you I would have been dead by now. I must say am very grateful and I owe this family a lot...
         We all smiled at him
    CREAMY: I have one more request Uncle ATO..
    UNCLE ATO: Go on....
          He got off his chair and came close to me, he knelt before me and brought a ring from his pocket
    CREAMY: I know Naa is still young and not ready for marriage but please permit me to love and cherish her, am ready to nurture her, ready to wait for her to grow into a full grown woman... Naa permit me.
        My dad and my brother smiled but I cried .
    NAA DROMOR: you can't marry me Creamy, am HIV positive you no, how can we get married..
         He smiled at me..
    CREAMY: I was dying two years ago, your father saved my life because of you, that is an enough reason to sacrifice mine for you . I have loved you from day one and till now my love is still remains the same for you . Please permit me
         I looked at my father and my brother, they smiled back to me, I gave him my promise ring finger and he placed the ring on it . He hugged me..
           That night as I came out from the shower Creamy stared at me as I dressed and smeared powder on my skin . He jumped off the bed and held me from behind..
    CREAMY: I love you
         I smiled at him . I turned to him and looked into his eyes, he planted a kiss on my lips, he kissed again and deeper it became, he dropped my towel and I took off his pyjamas he placed  me on the bed and rolled his thong on my nipples . It was a great moment for both of us, he slipped his thick cock into my kitty . I felt a sharp pain because its been years I had sex and even though I was in pain I felt the pleasure from within . He grabbed me so tight with his two hand and gave me very strong and hard thrust .I couldn't help myself than to enjoy every bit of his hot strokes.  We had sex all night and it was amazing. .
          Sex is always amazing when you have it with the right person genuinely.. 7years afterwards Creamy and I are happily married with two wonderful kids  even though I am a carrier of the HIV virus, my husband and my kids are not..
    I hope you all learnt your lessons from my family's secret? To my young ladies take safety precautions of your life, if you don't get a saviour like Uncle Ato and Creamy you may end up like my mom . Lizzy or for me it was just a miracle...  Don't be enticed by the looks of these men , they may be carriers . Same to you the men . After reading this you should all check your status... AIDS is real don't be a victim...
    CREAMY: honey am home...
    NAA DROMOR: my husband is back, I have to go now, but I hope to meet you all again sometime soon... Stay Blessed
    Rabbit Imagination

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