Story: The billionaire's girl

    Chapter 1

    IYNA'S P.O.V

    I walked down the stairs of my apartment with my laptop in my hand .

    I know you must be wondering what am doing.hmm well am looking for a job, I've been looking for job for months now ...but all the stupid looking old fools want something from me...

    Any first day of new work the bosses Try to hit on me, arggn they make me sick.

    I reached my little sitting room and starts uprating and browsing hoping to at least see a better job again.

    Sorry my manners , my name is Iyna hayes 22, I was living In California but moved here 5 months ago, well my family lived in California, well my mom.....

    My mom is actually a prostitute who gave birth to me I don't even know my father if you ask me .

    Mom hates me so much , she says am her worse mistake,but my grandma is a very lovly woman...her name is Puma ,when ever my mom hit me she will be there to save me.

    My grandma puma told me my mom wanted to abort me but she had told her not to try it.

    She said she mostly took care of me as a kid , well yes that's true cause am close to my grandma and I love her so much.

     Well I also have a elder brother whom is 5 years older than me , well mom got pregnant for a man she dearly loved and gave birth to my brother Raymon...but the man ran away and never showed up to take responsibility..,so mom went back into prostitution....along the way I came into the picture after 5 years .

    My life isn't as good as you might think tho , cause am from a very poor background, and I really hate men, yes I do hate men alot ....

    Ask me why....why? Good .... because I've seen what happened to my mom, it's really bad ... imagine the first man she loved ran away and didn't love her back...and then I came into the picture and the same thing happened to my mom dad ran away ....

    Now tell me , if your the one would you blame me? Mom has been on my neck to go into her kind of lifestyle but am not a fool trust me that I can be giving birth like chicken for different men... NEVER.

    Well enough about me, right now am searching for an online job ok....

    The front door open and my bestfriend Tobi walked in ...if your wondering she's a female..full name is Tobia ...I've known her for 5 months now and we live together,shes been the best friend ever you can imagine.

    "Tobi...where have you been? I asked .
     it's been since morning she left and now it's 4 .

    "Out ... my boyfriend was just giving me headache he says I don't spend time with him like before so he asked me to stay with him....infact am planning to break up with him..." She said

    I looked at her with wide eyes.

    "Why ...what happened"? I asked .

    "Ummm...maybe I fell out of love, ...I mean girl...the guy is just asking for one thing I can never give him even in my dreams...which is sex" she said removing her heels.

    "Oops!!! I Chuckled she glared at me.

    "That's why I told you I will never make a mistake having a boyfriend" I said .

    She rolled her eyes at me.

    "Iyna your so crazy sure your just blabbing, you haven't seen a guy who will steal that pretty little heart of yours yet ...." She said and I scoffed.

    "It can't happen cause I don't let guys into me , you know how I hate them" I said and faced by laptop back.

    "Yeah, but if you keep living in the dark just because of your mother's story am afraid you will chase away a good guy once he comes , and trust me will get tired of claiming virgin Mary ..,you will definitely need a hot sexy Greek god in your life " she cheered .

    I just rolled my eyes .

    "It won't happen, trust me ...I don't have time for them" I said and continue uprating my laptop.

    "Tell me Iyna ...,what are you doing? She asked coming to seat beside me.

    "Am doing job hunting on line "I said and she smiled .

    "Let me help you , there's this company I heard about trust me you will try to get a job there,umm what's the name again .....

    She started thinking.
     "Yessss.....I remember it's called ...N.H CO-OPERATION...." She said .

    I frowned.
     "What's N.H CO-OPERATION? I asked .

    "Silly girl's a name of the most largest and wealthiest company here in America" she said ....

    "And trust me girl, it will take brilliant people to work there ...and your so brilliant am sure they will hire you ...look the interview is tomorrow, so you better be ready to go " she said .

    Ummm I think I'd like this company tho.
     "okay ...but when will it start? I asked .

    "Anything 10 so you better hurry up and be there on time " she said happily i just smiled .

    " Okay .... thanks" I said .

    "Yeah...I will only accept your thanks if you go with me to the club " she said winking at me .

    "Tobi...I don't .....

    "No Iyna your going, there's no to it ... period, get ready we'll be going once it's 6" Tobi said standing up and leaving.

    I just rolled my eyes, well Tobi won't allow me , and this is the only way to tell her thank you for Saving me from the stress of that job thing.

    God thank you for giving me Tobia.

    Nicholas p.o.v

    "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? I shouted at Ravis one of my employees, he moved back scared at my outburst as I looked at him angrily.

    "S_s_sir....I really don't know...."he said slutter.

    I gave him the *are you crazy look*

    "You don't know, explain to me this fuckin shit in this laptop" I said turning the laptop to him .

    "Mr hensmith, it was a mistake believe me , the other companies entrusted more of the ships into there allies hands , the time I checked all the emails sent ...they stole half a million from the account....and they ........

    "Just shut up ....I thought you could do this job better, how could you be so careless leaving the bank loan on desert and explaining rubbish to me ,....half a million is been stolen and now my company has suffered another loss ...did I put you as my fuckin accountant so my money can keep Missing? I yelled at him .

    He looked down avoiding my eyes.

    "You know what your fired " I said angrily sitting back on my chair he looked at me shocked.

    "Please Mr Hensmith...I assure you I will get to the bottom of this,... please don't fire me ..." He pleaded.

    Ravis is one of my best workers and that's why I put him to handle my money , but recently my money keep getting stolen ..the last time was 700 thousand and now it's half a million, it's really bad and I can't comprehend who is behind it.

    Well am the first twin son of my family, Jason and Vanessa hensmith, my dad is very handsome and my mom is an epitome of true beauty...did I forget my grandma Babianca she's already old but still look so take away ....and my grandpa Timmy ...his my best , he calls me his boy am his favorite actually while my twin sister Nichol is my granny's.

    Am 25 and my dad has handed this company to me when I turned 23 , well so I changed the name from J.H CO-OPERATION to N.H CO-OPERATION. Which is Nicholas Hensmith co-operation.

    My family are fuckin rich , starting from my grandma and grandpa Timmy and Babianca hensmith.

    I must say , our second name is wealth.

    My twin sister Nichol is a fashion designer, she makes cloths bags shoes and lots more ...her company is very big I must say , and she's the madam of her own,.

    Right from childhood we both fight alot I don't mean to the extent of me hitting her father will just kill me 😂..well but at least she gives me headache alot and I make sure to give her triple.

    My younger sister Althea ,is planning to be a model ,well shes working with Nichol tho, sometimes she goes for training and all.

    While me I took over my dad's business, I must say this company is one in a billion, our name is money .

    But that doesn't mean am bad , am good but women , they just can't stay away from me , some are coming cause of my good looks while some are after my money ...

    Well if you need my money then you have to follow me to my hotel and we can talk business there.

    I know you must be thinking am a playboy, but I don't believe in love , gosh when I heard my grandparents story how grandpa and grandma hurt each other ....I just can't think of it then coming to my mom and dad they got separated,and hurt each other and came back after 6yrs ..,it just make me sick.

    Love filled with all this problems,i can't just stand it,i don't even want to think of it not ready to love any woman who will hurt me or I will hurt in fact I love the way I am woman no stress....just living the way I want .

    So back to present.
     I listened as he apologized.
     "Ravis...I want you to get to the bottom of this " I said calmly and he nodded .

    "I promise Mr hensmith I will" he said and left .

    And just then my best friend, jack and kelvin walked in.

    "Hay...what's up bro " kelvin said coming to handshake me .

    I shook hands with them as they both sat on the two chairs facing my desk, jack put his both legs on my desk and cross them i gave him the *are you mad * look and he chuckled.

    "Did you buy anything here ....get your fealty legs from my desk" I said trying to hit him as he quickly removed it and they both chuckle.

     "Nick...Nick...your sounding upset today what's wrong? Jack asked .

     "Seriously...the ships has gone down again and half a million is missing" I said .

    They looked surprised.
     "Seriously man... someone is doing this on purpose..."kelvin said .

    "I think you should install a C.C TV camera everywhere around your building" jack said .

    "Of course there's c.c TV camera everywhere..." I replied.

    "Look man ...put it in all your workers offices will help you know who is cheating you "kelvin said .

    I reasoned, they might be correct.

    "I will do that "I replied.

    "Umm...we are here to tell you , we are going to the club Tonight" jack said rubbing his Pam together smirking.

    "Yeah ...and you need to com with us " kelvin said

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    "You know I can never say no ....I need a woman to warm my bed Tonight" I said smirking.

    "Sure then ...we are going for the party...can't wait to meet some hot cheeks " jack grinned as I and kelvin smirked.

    Well I really need to go to that club and get some drink into my system and a sexy woman to bed tonight.
    So hw was it???

    Chapter 2

    Iyna's p.o.v

    Right now am seated Infront of the mirror why Tobi is Making me up, even when I object to it she still says no.

    "I can't believe I'd have to look like a ghost In a shell this night " I said rolling my eyes.

    She scoffed.
     "Iyna why do you like saying rubbish,if you talk again I will apply this red lipstick on your forehead"she said teasingly .

    "Tobi...I think everyone in the club will have to run away by the time they see my face " I joke.

    "Yeah whatever...can you just keep quiet almost done with the make over " she did some things again and started clapping her hands.

    "You go Girl, look at how beautiful I've transformed you..,gosh if I were a boy ...I will toast you right now ...."she said happily.

    I looked at myself in the mirror and truly i kind of look different,but the make was light and I look pretty and nice.

    "Thanks babe" I said hugging.

    "Yeah anytime"she said .

    We finally dressed up and held a cab to the destination of the club house , am wearing an off shoulder slim fitted gown a blue one, you could see some part of my cleavages showing,and my long sexy leg also to the view, my hair has been packed up to reveal my beautiful neck, and I wore little earrings to make with my dress,

    While Tobi is putting on a pink dress infact it's shorter than mine , but hers has only one long hand while the other is armless.
     She left her hair down, and her make up is out of this world.

    We came down from the cab and we walked into the club with Tobi cat walking majestically like she own the place.

     One thing I love about my friend is, she doesn't care what they think about her ...but can you believe even at her unexplainable wayward life ...she's still a virgin....yes...she's still a virgin and same goes to me .

    But am not as bright as she tho, am a very calm person and am the indoor type.enough about we walked into the club and everyone is dancing.

    It's only the many colors light that was glowing on the dance floor, we walked to the bartender and filled some drink.

    "Iyna...let's rock this place baby " Tobi said and pulled me up as *shape of you * by Ed Sheeran.... started playing.

    Gosh this song is so wonderful,we joined the others In the dancefloor and I start whynning my waist, moving with the music rhythm....

    Well I know how to dance ok, when I was much younger I do dance with my neighbors children, so from there I became a very good dancer but not very like veryyyyy good .

     As I and Tobi kept dancing to the song, then my eyes caught a very handsome sexy looking man seated at one of the couch with another two guys but the guys were busy talking to the women beside them and then one of them stood up and went to the dance floor with the girl ....the sexy looking one his eyes was on me and I started feeling uncomfortable.,I really hate it when guys look at me like that ...but what can I do? very beautiful and it's not my fault.

    Nicholas p.o.v

     I and my friends were sitted on one of the club couches when I saw two ladies walked into the club, gosh they both look sexy but the one in blue dress caught my attention and she looks more beautiful,suddenly I desire to have her in my bed for tonight .

    I kept staring at her all the while as she and her friends smiled , drank some whiskey I guess then the friend pulled her to the dance floor as *shape of you by Ed Sheeran* started playing.

    They both started dancing,she began moving her hips in a sexy way , and I felt my Lion grow hard .

    What the fuck...I've not even touched her yet ...not even that close to her, then her eyes finally met mine and my heartbeat started to slow down.

    Gosh, she's so beautiful,shes looking so out of this world,the club light of different rainbow colors made her so much beautiful, kelvin and Jack stood up and left with there girls and only I sat looking at the beautiful goddess before my eyes.

    But she looked away, what the fuck ...I thought she was going to come to me, cause once anyone and I make eye contact,she will come to me but this girl looked away or didn't she see me ?she continued dancing with her friend till a guy came and said something to her and she shook her head then the guy turned to her friend and they both started dancing.

     Oh maybe he asked her to dance with him and she refused,hmmm...this girl seems different, why don't I try my luck, after all I hate girls who play's hard to get.

    Gosh Nicholas I can't believe your doing this, for the very first time in all your life , your approaching a woman.

    I walked gently like the gentle man I am to her but her back was turned so she didn't see me ...I reached for her arm and touched her she swiftly turned and our eyes locked .

    She blinked one two three times,and I smiled at her .

    "Mind if we dance together? I asked I know she can't resist me no women resist me.

    She stare at me for a while and shocked my ego.
     "Am sorry ...but I don't think I want to dance with you"she said and I suddenly was shocked.

    Damn no girl dare refuse the almighty Nicholas Hensmith, but this girl....
     Am not gonna let her off the hook easily, she turned and try to walk away but I grab her wrist.

    "What the hell is your problem?she shouted but the music was really loud but I could still hear her.

    "I want a dance with you ..,and I get what I want " I said sternly.

    How can she say no to me, no one dares it.

    "What do you mean you get what you want? She pulled her hand from mine .
     "Don't you dare ever in your life stop me again....go dance with other girls and leave me alone " she yelled and turned to go.but i grab her back, she dare not walk out on me , I could make her life miserable for this act of talking to me anyhow.

    But what she did next shocked me , she slapped me.

    What the fuck.

    Iyna's p.o.v

    The guy was disturbing me,and he doesn't want to let me go, I really hate people like this ...I don't know how it happened but before I could stop myself i slapped him, and all the people gasped with wide eyes as the music stopped.

    Oh my God, why did the music stop and everyone is looking at me like that ,God I hate when people look at me like that , the first thing that came to my mind was too run out which I did thank God no one stopped me.

    I ran out of the club with my heart in my hand and I felt someone running behind me calling my name to stop it was Tobi.

    "Tobi am going home now " I said and quickly stopped a cab I entered and she followed and we drove off to the house .

    God I dont know why am feeling this scared,but the look on his eyes that instant told me I was in a big trouble.

    We reached home and I quickly sat on the couch.
     Tobi was angry .

    "Why did you do it Iyna you know you have brought problem upon us? She said angrily.

    "But Tobi the guy wouldn't just mind his damn business, he was just hitting on me ...and I told him no but he still refused, you know how I am with guys " I said.

    "How can you reject to dance with a multi billionaire when other girls are dying to get his attention? " She asked and I looked up at her .

    "That Is the case tobi, am not other girls you know how this things are to me, I hate men trying to have their way with me what if he ask for sex" I told her , yes after what has happened to me I don't think I can trust men, who knows he might even want to have sex with me if I decide to dance with him , those hungry bastards, I know if I agree to dance bad things will happen, maybe he will get me drunk take me to his home and have sex with me , no I don't ......

    Tobia stared at me like I've grown five hundred horn's.

    " You really think so huh? do you realize who you just slapped Iyna ....? She asked .

    "Who ...isn't he a human just like us ?or is it the fact that his a billionaire? I asked .

    "I can't believe you this you want to tell me you don't know the hensmith's family? She asked .

    Well i think I've heard the name before but who cares .

    "Maybe, maybe not ...but what does that get to do with the club guy? I asked taking off my shoe .

    "That means just slapped the HENSMITH'S HEIR iynaama hayes" she shouted.

    And my eyes shoot out like Bob and my mouth hanged open in shock.

    I just slapped one of the hensmith.

    Am finished.

    Chapter 3

    Iyna's p.o.v

    I quickly got dressed the next morning, and Tobi met me.

    "I seriously wish you luck girl" she said kissing my cheek.

    "Thanks Tobi" I kissed her back and rushed out of the building.

     I quickly took a cab and told them N.H seems everyone knows that company.

    When I reached the building and came down after paying the cab man, my mouth fell open in a big "WOW" this place is out of the universe its totally made of glass , this is what I call glass company.

    Taking a deep breath i walked into the building praying in my mind that I reach the standard they want .

    I met the receptionist.

    "Hey my name is Miranda ..and you are ? She asked .

    I smiled.
     "Iynaama hayes please" I said .
     She took her record book and search inside .
     "Oh so your here for the interview? She asked .

    "Umm..yeah" i said .

     "Alright, you will go to the 18th floor and seat with the other interviewers"she said I nodded and head up.

    I took The elevator and finally reached 18th floor .
     I see about 10 people seated both guys and ladies , I should say am a little younger than some .

    I smiled brightly at them ,argnnn I can't believe am the last person that came .

    I sat down and checked my time , it's already 11 and interview is still going on?I was busy memorising the building company am in when a guy holding a tray of coffee came to me.

    "Ms" he called smiling.
     "Umm..yes" I replied.

    "Coffee for you "he said .

    I frowned,but I didn't ask for coffee

    "I didn't ask for coffee sorry "I said.

    "No's for everyone ...look over there everyone is drinking coffee "he said I looked and truly they are I smiled .

    So this company is a generous one,they even make coffee for visitors.

    "Ummm..okay thanks"I said picking the coffee.

    "Hi am shisha "a lady said beside me.

    "Umm iynaama"I replied.

    Yes I know your might be wondering how my name sounds that's the full name .*Iyna...ama* so that's it.

    But I mostly tell people am Iyna since it's more short and easy to pronounce.

    "That's a nice name you've got Iyna ..."she said and I smiled.
     "So your also hear for the interview?she asked .

    " totally feeling nervous already"I said and she chuckled.

     "I heard that the boss is very ruthless and heartless, they said he doesn't think twice before before snapping his finger which indicates...your fired " shisha said and I laughed.

    "Really....I really didn't know that "I said smoothing my long curly hair behind my back.

    "Yeah that's all I heard so far, but I guess it's true ...his a very rich someone and he doesn't do relationship infact he just uses women any how " she said .

    You know if you ask me I will just say , I don't know why she's telling me ,does she want me to get up and leave so I won't get the job?well she seems cool maybe she's just trying to lighten the place since it's moody .

    Soon she was called inside , I don't know how long it took maybe 15...God am so tired already I feel like eating,am so hungry .

    Just then she comes out with a sad face .

    "Shisha did you get the job? I asked .

    "His being arrogant...he said am not qualified for it , that guy ...argnnn" she said.

    I felt sorry for her, maybe I myself will end up not having this job my heart is Beating fast , shisha left .

    "Ms Iynaama hayes" a woman called and I quickly stood up

    "Yes"I answered.

    "Your next " she said and I modded.

    This is it, am going now me lord.

    I knocked on the door and i heard a very sweet sexy deep male voice said *come in* I gently opened the door and walked in.

    The guy was busy typing on his laptop, I gently made my way to stand in front of his desk, his office is so big and beautiful.

     The interior is one in a million,i was looking around untill I finally turned to meet the dark blue eyes I met last-night...whom I slapped..

    My heart beat stopped.

    He was smirking at me.

    "Hello Ms iynaama hayes" he said still smirking.

    My eyes shoot out like bomb.

    How did he know my full name ?what the fuck.

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    I have never been humiliated the way I was at the club that night , I was really furious and clenched my fist ready to punch someone.

    No woman has ever tried to do such to me , I know your Wondering how I knew her full name , after she ran out I grabbed her friend and threatened to ruin her life if she doesn't tell me the girls name ,she out of fear gave me the name "iynaama hayes" I left her and she hurried after the girl.

    I actually took her name cause I want to make some investigation on her so I can deal with her for slapping Nicholas dare her ?

    She has gotten into my hand and she will regret ever slapping me.

     But then when my office door opened I wàs still busy uprating my computer,then I looked up to see her...she's the one,...well well seems my prayers has been answered she came for the I need to think before giving her the job?I don't think so...she looks brilliant to me, I will make sure she works here, it's time for her punishment.

    She looked shocked at me when I called her full name .

    "Hello Ms iynaama hayes"

    "H_how dis y_you know m_my n_name ?she stammered.

    I smirked.
     "It's easy to know people like you dear, seems God did well bringing you here my lady ...."I mocked .

    She looks so surprised.
     "Look really sorry for what happened last-night....I was only upset and took it out on you so......

    "Hold on"I stopped her with my hand.

    "Are you apologizing cause you've found out who I am?I asked .

    She stayed quiet then took a deep breath.
     "Look am really wasn't my intention...I'd go now I don't need the job anymore" she said turning to go.

    What the fuck, she can't just walk into my office and just go without being punished.

    "Wait right there"I said and she stopped.

    Iyna's p.o.v

    God am so scared right now, how I wish I knew it's his company i wouldn't had come,what do I do?.

    I gently turned around to face him.

    "Come back here "he commanded pointing at the front of his desk.

    Who the hell is he to command me.

    "Look Mr hensmith or what ever have no right to command me to come there am leaving your office now so you can have a good day "I said turning to grab the knob of the door.

     "If you dare take another step , I will make your life miserable...mark my words ms hayes "he said in a hard tone and my heart beat stopped.

    I turned back to face him.
     "What do you want huh?....why won't you let me go?I asked suddenly upset now.

    He got up from his seat and took slow steps to me.his both hands in his pocket.

    "I want you to work for me...don't worry your already hired....cause I have no choice"he said .

    I frowned.
     "I don't want the job you can now let me go please"I said.

     "Not until you pay for slapping me you think I'd let you go score free...?...hell no....your going no where"he said .

    My heart beat began to race.

    "You don't tell me what to do you douchebag"I yelled.

    "Don't try me ms hayes....and that's not the way to speak to your boss...."he said .

    "Your not my boss...cause I've not agreed to work for you ...I don't want to anymore so you can keep your offer" I shouted.

    He smirked.

    "Who told you am offering you the commanding you to work for me....and don't bother saying no...cause it's useless...try me and see how miserable i will make you Become"he said in a hard tone.

     Gosh I feel like slaping him so hard on the face, but how can he be so handsome and sexy like a Greek god and at the same time..wicked and a devil in human clothing?.that's a wrong combination right ..?I thought too.

    "I don't want to" I said moving back

    "Okay there's another condition" he said his eyes suddenly turned dark as he use his eyes to roam my body , I gulp nervously.

    "W...what?" I slutter

    "Have one night with me and I'd let you go" he said and my eyes widen as shock filled my system, I moved back out of fear .

    "Never , I will never sleep with you " I yelled .

    "Then you must work for me" he said sternly.

    "I don't want to work for you "I yelled again quickly turning to leave his office but he grabbed me at once and He pushed me against the wall caging me with his big manly body,and looked at me so hard on the eyes I feel my Pam sweating from fear,God why didn't you show me the way ....I just came in to meet this sexy beast .

    "Listen ms hayes...I get what I want ...and I mean it anything, if you don't want to have a night with me then your working for me and that's final...try to opt out and try me will see the real side of me...I won't have my self to repeat this anymore but am sure you won't want to taste my patience..."he said hardly we look into each other eyes.

    Gosh his eyes are so beautiful like the diamonds in the sky...but why is he the devil him self .

    He let go off me and went back to his seat as I stood motionless in my spot looking at him, no, I can't have sex with him , I can't oh my am so confused.

    "Your to start work tomorrow,be here 7 on the dot ....that's when the company opens , make sure your not fuckin late...cause I hate late Comers"he suddenly said and i glared at him.

    "How about I come late and you fire me?I asked cause I really want to go.

    He stare at me angrily and soon smirked.
     " ..try it and I will make you homeless"he said.

    My eyes popped open.,did he just say he will make me homeless,he seem serious, what have I gotten myself into.

    I wish I didn't come here .

    "Yes good you came may now leave ..."he said did i say that out loud and I gave him one last look before.Leaving his office,i just feel like blowing him so hard on the face ,but if I dare it then I will face double problem... maybe even so helpless.

    What will become of me now?

    Chapter 4

    Iyna's p.o.v

    I rushed into my apartment really fuming with anger I throw my hand bag on the couch and grumble...gosh .

     "How dare that bastard... arggn...I feel like hitting him so hard on the face that he will forget his one of the hensmith' dare him " I yelled no one .

    Suddenly Tobi came rushing from the kitchen door, looking at me like ice grown four heads.

    "Iyna...tell me ...why are you so upset? She asked .

    "You won't believe who the fuck the boss was....."I groaned.

    Tobi shook her head and came towards me and touch my arm.

     "Did you see a ghost .....umm...maybe the one in fear files....I know you Really hate that movie"she said.

    Oh my god ...what is she even saying.

     "Tobia ...your so annoying....who told you i saw a ghost ...the fuckin boss of that company is no one else but that club stupid arrogant jackass of a guy " I yelled and fell on the couch burring my face in my hand .

    Tobi came towards me.

    "Oh my world...Iyna. . this is really you didn't get the job....asshhh I knew it ....I know you won't get the job ..."she says and I looked at her confused.

    "Tobi..tell me ...what do you mean you knew I won't have the job? I asked glaring at her.

     "Iynaama.....the thing is see, it was someone who told me about the interview in the N.H CO-OPERATION...I didn't even know he will be the boss I thought his father was the boss ... that's why I didn't stop you from going there "she said .

    I looked at her shocked.

     "So you knew the company belongs to the Hensmith's...and you didn't even tell me so I won't bother myself going? I asked .

    " sorry Iyna...I thought you knew it....oh oh oh....wait a minute...why didn't I think about this from the start...."she asks

    I stare at her confused.

     "Iyna ...what am trying to say is....the N... stands for Ni....Cho....las.... while the H...stands for just realizing it now ... because the last time I heard of that company it was J.H which is Jason hensmith....I didn't take notice that the name changed"she explained with wide eyes

    Yeah , if she would had knew she wouldn't had let me go.

    "Now I seriously have a problem...I feel like crying...but I don't know what to do...I don't even know how to start the tears" I said burring my head in my hand again.

    "Oh no don't need to worry sure I could help you out...let me get the rub...once you apply it on your eyes ... uncontrollable tears will start coming out ...."Tobi said .

    I looked at her angrily,shes making mockery of me.

    "Stop it's not funny, am being caged here...the BASTARD threatened to make my life miserable if I don't work for him or sleep with so helpless"I said her eyes widen.

    "He wants to sleep with you ?" She asked.

    "Yeah but I was against it, his a jerk to think I'd sleep with him" I said disgusting the thought.

    Tobi suddenly smile.

    " that's amazing Iyna.... your so will be working 24/7 with him....his so handsome and every woman's dream....and this is your opportunity to grab it girl " she said happily.

    I looked at her surprised.

    "TOBIA" I shouted.

     "What ...I was only trying to be specific....the guy is one in a hell sexy ....I suddenly wish am the one who slapped him,if I knew his now the owner of the seriously envying you girl " Tobi says dreamily.

    Gosh this girl is so annoying,she doesn't even care what I will go through but busy praising the BASTARD.

    "Your so gross going to the room"I said getting up and taking my bag.

    "Hay wait least tell me ...did he touch you ? She yelled after me cause I was already close to my room door .

    "Yes...."I yelled back.

    "Where ? She yelled back happily.

    "On your stupid mouth "I yelled back.

    "Huh? Tobi says ..I turned back to see her touching her mouth and I Chuckled before going to my room and closing the door.

    Gosh I can't believe I'd work for that beast tomorrow.


    My alarm rang ,as i rolled on my bed still sleeping I fell on the floor with my butt.

    "Ouch"I cried out in pain.
     "Stupid can it ring now...I still wanna sle.....,.fuck it's 6:15 ...oh my God"

    I quickly jumped.up from bed and rushed into the bathroom,i set the alarm to 5:30 but the useless alarm rang 6:15 gosh I don't want to be homeless.

    After taking my bath, I hurried out to my room, cream my body,i wore cream body hug gown ,the length stopped at my upper thighs...I brush my hair and tie it up in a ponytail, I got on my 5inch black hill, took my bag put in everything i needed, I rushed out of my room.i quickly checked the time.

    It's fuckin 6:35 gosh I don't want this trouble please,i quickly got a cab and soon I was on the way .

    I checked the time over and over again, I seriously don't want that beast trouble,i don't want it.

     Soon we arrived at the large company i paid the cab man and rushed into the building,checking my time 5 minutes left .

    Holy Trinity, I rushed took the elevator to the 18th floor 2minutes remaining.i quickly made way to the second hall it was 7 on the dot when I reached his front office, gosh my breathing is so fast.

    I knocked on the door and a little voice said come in.

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    I was right In my office waiting for Iyna too come , I was so Edgar to see her face ,don't ask me why ,I myself don't know,i was checking the time but she's not here yet,that girl is trying my patience.

    I was really pissed but why was I angry , what if she doesn't come ,soon a knock interrupted me and I said a little come in and the door open to present the most beautiful girl I've ever seen...the one I was thinking won't come again.

    I took in her outfit,gosh she's looking so gorgeous and splendid,i just want to have her in my bed and do things to that soft glowing skin of hers, I've never desired a woman the way I desire her and I don't admire women too , but suddenly I started admiring her.

    She now stood Infront of my desk, and I looked at her quietly.

    Iyna's p.o.v

    The tension in this office is killing me, the moment I walked in he sat on his desk looking at me , I felt restless,but this guy is just too freaking good looking, but in his sleeve lay a deadly manly behavior.

    How can be be so handsome and the same time cruel...he just blackmailed me into working for him .

    I stood Infront of his desk.

    "Well morning...sir" I said .

    Well his my boss now so what do you expect I call him? Beast ? So that he can rip my neck off ...Never.

    "Your 3 seconds late" he said .

    I looked at him like his grown five horns or maybe 10 is he mad , 3 seconds late?

    "Huh? I asked

    "Your late ...I told you to be here 7 sharp ...any seconds shouldn't had passed it ..."he said leaning back in his seat, I feel like pulling out his eyes and feed them to the vultures.

    "You must be joking aint you Mr hensmith...I got here exactly 7,so what point are you trying to make ? Seriously this beast is making me upset , how dare him .

    "Or are you gonna fire me? I asked praying that he says yes.

    He smirked.
     "I know your plan ms hayes..but sorry your not leaving this company anytime soon , so take a seat ."he said and I sat down .

    I was looking at everywhere else but not him.

     "Am sure you already know your job as a just have to set meetings, running out some documents,making calls to business associates , giving me information about Clint and scheduling and rescheduling my meetings if necessary, and most importantly,going out with me in terms of business meetings and that includes driving out of America as well" he said looking at me.

    I looked at him angrily, I agree to everything but the traveling out with him is suddenly giving me headache, I can't even stand him for a day .

    "Do you have a complaint? He asked looking at me .

    I wanted to scream , yes you bastard,am not traveling with you but instead I said .

    "No problem sir" can you imagine, how did I get myself into this.

    I would had even danced with him to avoid this trouble, I didn't even know it will get to this extent.

    "So ...that's settle then..."he said picking up some papers for me and I collected them and our hands brushed each other .

    Suddenly I felt electric ride through my skin at his touch , I looked up and met his eyes on me But we were still holding the paper together, I pulled the paper out of his hand and avoid his eyes.

    Gosh my heart is beating,i don't like it at all.

    "Make a photocopy of all the can leave now ,your office is next to mine , and look for Rose she will explain some things to you may leave and get to work" he said sternly.

    "Yes sir" with my face down I stood up and hurried out of the office.

    And I realize the breath i didn't know I was holding since .

    Now where do I see that rose girl.

    "Hello ..are you Iyna ? A girl about my age maybe older with 1 or 2 met me .

    "Umm yes? I said more like a question.

    "Am Rose...and Mr hensmith has told me to tell you something's am sure he must have explained some part already"she said and I smiled.

    "Yeah he did..."I smiled .

     "Okay then...I will tell you everything, will have to attend meetings and make phone calls to must importantly any of his clients...and also you will cancel any meeting you know it's not healthy for the company...Mr hensmith will only follow the information's you give him please be careful not to make mistakes he might end up firing you ...he really doesn't take shit "she said .

    As if he will even fire me, that's what am even looking for , but the BASTARD doesn't want to fire me , I smiled at her .

    "Sure. there anything eals? I asked .

     " will be making coffee for him in between two hours and take it to his office" she said .

    My eyes popped open .


    So I'd be making coffee for that beast in every two hours ,is this girl kidding me, when did P.A job turned to a maid.

    What have I gotten myself into???

    Chapter 5

    Iyna's p.o.v

     Well my office is very beautiful and cozy but a little smaller then the beast own..duhhh....his a beast isn't he ? Well don't answer me I know he is.

    I worked on the photocopy in about 30 minutes and thank goodness I was fast enough.

    After I did the copying, I arranged the files all together and kept the old ones aside and the copied once aside too.

    I packed them on my hand and head to his office,i gently knocked on the door and i heard come in ,so I gently opened and walked in he was busy reading some papers, I walked towards his desk.

    "Am done with it sir"I said looking at him he looked up from his paper and looked at me .

    "Drop them on the desk and get me my coffee "he said .

    What a rude jerk,i dropped them and left .

    Such a stupid man,so authoritative and annoying I wish I could blow him hard on the jaw.

    Who does he think he is keeping me here to work for him just because I slapped him,how dare that bastard...I wish I.....

    What the fuck,i just hit something,but before I could fall I was caught,i looked up to see a very handsome looking guy ,but his not as handsome as the beast tho.

    "Are you OK"he asked .

    I tried to leave his arms,i really hate it when males touch me like that .

    "Yeah...sorry ,I wasn't looking well"I said.

    He smiled.
     "No problem,are you new here? He asked .

    "Yeah"I replied.

    "My name is Andy Williams"he introduced.

    "Iyna hayes"I said and we shook each other .

    "So tell me Iyna where are you going?he asked .

    "Too make coffee for my boss"I replied.

    "Mr hensmith?he asked
     "Who else is the boss here ? I asked him he chuckled.

     I mean his the only boss so why is this dude saying something different,asking me nasty question.

    "Your on fire girl... question for question"he said .

    I smiled even if it didn't reach my heart.

    "I need to start going,he must be waiting for me"I said trying to walk away.

    "But Iyna that's not the way,the kitchen is at the other side of the hall"he said .

    Oh,i actually forgot,this is embarrassing,i was thinking to much about him that I missed my way.

    "Oh thanks Andy I was a little off...I will go now"I said and turned to go.

    "Am also going there "he grinned at me ..I rolled my eyes and we walked together to the kitchen.

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    After Iyna left my office,i picked up the files I asked her to photocopy,and she did them well by arranging them separately, that's nice ...she's doing well.

    That girl ,I don't just know but I want her badly , I really want to have her on my bed and get her out of my system...but something is pulling me back.....

    I don't really care about women ,mine is to use you and leave you after all am paying the fuckin women ...

    I asked her to get me my coffee and see looked like she will murder me any minute,she really has attitude, women don't dare behave with me the way she does...but when ever she does it I feel amazed ,she's really got guts tho.

    Why isn't she back with the coffee yet.

    Just then my office door pulled open and she walked in with a coffee in her hand ,she dropped it on the desk .

    "Sir your coffee "she said .

    I don't like it that she calles me sir, at least not from her.

    "Just call me Nicholas when we are alone "I said .

    She didn't say anything but stood quietly.

    I took the coffee and took a sip that moment I spat everything out as my eyes turned red.

    What the fuck did she made for me ?.

    Iyna's p.o.v

    I watched as he spat out the coffee, what happened?

    "What the hell is this?he yelled.

    I frowned.
     "Coffee"I replied.

    "What do hell do you mean coffee...what nonsense coffee is this the way I drink my coffee didn't rose fuckin tell you I hate to much Suger ...this coffee is too sugary ...get it out of here"he yelled.

    But rose didn't tell me that , and he just yelled at me as if it's my fault, I just stood staring at him angrily.

    "What. ..? Don't you hear take it away ...get this rubbish out of my face and make a new one ...your so useless"he yelled.

    My eyes popped out as he called me useless,i wanted to mom do tell me am useless too, he seem shock of what he said ,my tears was trying to pull out but I managed to act cool...I gently picked the cup of coffee and walked out of the office not even looking back.

    Everyone thinks am useless, even today my boss called me useless,just because of coffee.

    Me useless.

    I quickly made another coffee and took it to him, I didn't say a word but just walked out .I reached my office and sat on my desk .

    That was when I realized I was crying,i rested my head on my desk and cried out.

    It was finally time to go home,gosh tired ,I stood up and knocked on his office he said come in and I walked in.

    His busy writing something in a file,or was he signing,who cares...I went up Infront of his desk and he didn't even bother looking up,this guy is so arrogant.

    I cleared my throat and he finally looked up,and our eyes met,his eye's are so beautiful like.....Iyna behave.,I shook my head and concentrated on why I came in

    "Rose told me , before i go home I need to tell you here I am telling you am going home" I said without looking at his eyes.

    He took in a deep breath,and closed the file he was holding.

    "Take this file and set everything in order...and return it to the office tomorrow"he said stretching it so I could take it but I refused.

    Is this dude mad ,or has he been smoking weed,how dare him give me another work after my day is already over.

    "Mr hensmith..I seriously don't understand why I need to collect this file,i thought it's only for business? So why do I have to go home and work at home again..? I asked .

    He gave me a squeezed eyebrow and lean back on his chair as he drop the file Infront of me on the desk .

    "Do you know I hate your mouth? He asked and I rolled my eyes, I hate him completely too.

    "Look iynaama.....

    "Just call me Iyna..."I cut him off.

    He gave me a deadly stare and I ignored him.

    "Listen to me you this little woman,"he yelled and my eyes popped out ... did he just call me little woman .

    "I won't tolerate your nonsense,am your boss and you have to respect me and follow my orders , now take the file and stopped ranting"he said with his eyes red.

    I quickly picked up the file, gosh he looks so scary right now, and am so scared , thinking about this just reminded me how my mom will slap me hard and call me useless, his no different from my mother .

    "We will be having some clients here for a business meeting in the boardroom tomorrow,i would had gone alone but your my P.A so you have to follow me, your dismiss "he said and looked at his laptop.

    I didn't say anything but turned around and left,.

    His just like my mother .

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    I know you guys must be hating me for treating Iyna like that, I really don't know why but am feeling things I don't want to feel towards her, am not the type Ready for women .

    But since I saw her I can't understand myself anymore,yes she's attractive very attractive and to top it all shes beautiful with the nice curves and all...

    But I'd never try to go close to women the way am pulling into her, I don't like it, I thought shouting at her and giving her strict orders will help me feel shes nothing to me ,but when I called her useless this morning I felt a pain in my chest ...

    She's not useless, infact she's so brilliant,but the coffee really wasn't what I do drink ,I knew maybe Rose didn't tell her but I myself just shouted and now again I shouted at her .

    I could see how suddenly she was hurt by my outburst and i sensed she became scared and quickly took the file .

    But why was she so scared , I wasn't going to hit her ...I was just talking,but the fear was just too visible.

    After I dismiss her and she walked out without saying a word, I feel like something isn't right , I like it when she talks back at me .

    Infact why am I still sitting here, I need to take her home myself.

    I quickly got up took my suit jacket my phone and hurried out of the company.

    I quickly got into my car and told Diva my driver to drive .

    I don't know why am doing this but I can't stop myself, she was walking along the road am sure she's going to the bus_stop to get a cab,i told Diva to block her which he did .

    Iyna's p.o.v

    I was walking to the bus,_stop to get a cab home when a black S.U.V van pulled on my path .

    I looked confused,who is this and why was he blocking me.
     Then the window was winned down and there sat the beast,he was looking at me.

    "Get in" that's all he said .

    I frowned,who the hell is he to control me like that ?I refused and began walking again the car follow me ,when I saw him this time he was fuming.

    "I said GET IN" he said with a hard tone,gosh what's this guy's problem?.

    I reluctantly opened the car door and got in sitting by his side , I refused to say a word .

    I don't just know what's wrong with this guy his acting psycho, after about 30 minutes drive the car stopped Infront of my house.

    How did he know my house, infact does he know me this much?
     "Thank you "I said .

    Opened my door and got out he didn't even bother to answer ,he zoomed off immediately,i stare at the car .

    This guy is something eals ,why did he take the stress to even drive me home?

    Chapter 6

    Iyna's p.o.v

    I got home so exhausted, Tobi met me from the kitchen holding a plate of pancake in her hand eating.

    "She's finally the work is 14 hours "She said sitting down.

    "Obviously, and am so tired , gosh that guy is really crazy ,he let me do everything, am so exhausted as if it's not enough the bastard gave me a file to work on again"I said .

    Tobi chuckled and I stare at her .

    "Your boss is really nice....I didn't know he was this charming"she said smiling.

    I stare at her angrily.

    "Tobi this isn't Fair , each time i complain to you you just laugh and say something different,did you even heard what I said ? I asked eyeing her.

    "Yes...I did....but you know,i think it's your level of job,besides your his P.A be expecting to do so many works ....this is just the beginning girl " she said .

    And i look at her with wide mouth , I feel like slaping her.

    "Your so stupid Tobi...your not even the Tobi of before again...your siding the idiot instead of me ...I just feel like slaping you "I said .

    But am just joking,am I mad slap my best friend?

    She looked at me with wide eyes.
     "Oops...sorry girlfriend, but before you slap Me...I need to go back to the kitchen, as you can see the pancake is finished from the plate...I need it to have strength"she said and got up .

    Jezz Tobi has finally gone mad.

    I Chuckled and stood up to my room,.

    After I showered,ate I got ontop of my bed took my laptop and the file and start working on it , my phone rang and I looked at the caller ID,it was my brother Raymon calling.

    "Hay Ray" I said happily.
     "Beauty are you ?he asked .

    "Am so good ,how is everyone over there ? I asked .

    "Everyone is cool, I was Missing you terribly so I called , grandma wants to talk to you "he says .

    "Please give her "I said .

    Waiting to hear my grandma's voice .

    "Iynaama" my grandma said cheerfully in the phone i smiled widely .

    "Grandma are you ?I asked happily.

    Suddenly wishing to see her.
     "Am okay are you doing there ...I hope you aint stress my dear ? She asked .

    "No granny okay ...I've even gotten a job ,and it's in a big company...they pay well" I said .

    "Oh. Am so happy my dear, we are seriously missing you here dear...I just wish your here, but you have to go wasn't easy being here my child just needed space "she said worriedly and I could feel shes about to cry .

    I couldn't help the tears that Fell from my eyes , one thing you should know is am very emotional just like my granny.

    "Grandma.. please don't cry, I understand, I will come to visit some time .. please don't be sad "I said cleaning my tears from my cheek.

    "I know my dear , just being emotional again "she laughed .

    I smiled .
     "How is mother ... could i talk to her ? I asked .

    I just want to hear her voice.

    "Iyna know how your mom is...she said she doesn't want to talk to you "she said and I cried silently.

    When will she ever love me? Was it my fault that she gave birth to me, am so innocent yet am suffering for another person's sin.

     "Okay ..granny should take care of your self okay,..make sure you take your medication,dont starve your self know it's not good for your health."I said .

    Am really trying to keep myself from crying out loud.

    "Oh my dear Raymon is taking care of me, even your mom, and am getting better ....I want you to take care of your self more child remember you need to be careful,dont let your mother's past hunt you both have different life's, my dear I know you said you won't love any man, but once you see whom your heart desires even your heart won't stop you .... please my child , learn to love and blessing is always with you " she said .

    I took a deep breath.
     "Alright grandma I will try should rest now "i said .

    "Okay dear " she says.

    "Goodnight"I said and hanged up.

    I took q deep breath after dropping my phone on the bedside table .

     I continued with the file arrangements,after about 30 minutes sleep came and I fell asleep Thinking about what my grandma had said to me .

    *Once you see whom your heart desires even your heart can't stop you*

    *Learn to love and beloved*

    And it kept ringing

    I rushed into the company next morning, I dressed with a black pencil skirt and a white T.shirt but it was a bit tight on my skin Making my boobs to stand well and my hip showing my nice curve I put on my black middle length hill and this time I left my long weaving hair down which is almost to my waist.

    I went to my office unlocked my door and place my bag on it ,found the file and brought it out , I scan through it to be sure I made no mistake while placing it in oder , I took a deep breath.

    I arranged my hair and smooth my dress, blow out some air from my mouth and matched out,

    Rose too walked out of her office and when our eyes met we both smiled,she walked towards me ,rose is a beautiful lady I must say .

    "Iyna...your so early"she kissed my cheek.

    "Yeah..If I don't your boss will hang me "I said and she chuckled.

    She brought out something like a paper from her bag .

     "Look into it Iyna...I noticed you didn't go for Break yesterday that's the time table ...we do have break once which is in the afternoon..,every morning all the staffs gather at the extreme hall for breakfast that's where you choose anything you want cause everything is there "she explained.

    Wow this company is really something eals, I can't believe they even have breakfast together and go for lunch at company restaurant, amazing the beast is really rich.

    I smiled at Rose.

    "Thanks so much ,..can I keep it? I asked .

    "It's yours ... everyone has it"she said smiling.

    "Alright then".I said smiling at her.

    "You should go now am sure Mr hensmith is Waiting for you for the meeting"she said and I nodded .

    I walked towards his office and knocked on the door,i heard come in and I did.

    His looking so handsome with his sleeve rolled up, wow are we matching by mistake,cause his wearing black and white too he raised his head and saw me , he began looking at me from head to toe,.

    What's wrong ? Why is he looking at me like that ?

    "Good morning sir"I said .
     "Here is the file you asked me to arrange"I said dropping it on the desk .

    But this guy is still looking at me angrily, what did I do now why is he angry.or is it because we mistakenly matched today .

    "What are you wearing? He asked .
     I frowned
     "Cloth of course"I replied.

    "Don't play dumb with me ms hayes"he said angrily
     Is this guy mad

    " Mr hensmith, I don't understand you "I said .

    "Why are you dressed like this ? He asked using his eyes to scan me.

    "If it's about the matching am sorry but you don't expect me to know you were gonna be dressed like this today "I said being sincere.

    "Who the fuck is talking about the matching?, did you look at your self In the mirror before coming out today ...."he asked angrily.

    God am angry already.
     "Mr hensmith I would like it if you stop Insulting me "I said .

    "Just see the's so tight, almost your breast is pulling out, are you trying to seduce my workers could you where such a thing? He asked angrily.

    Oh, his Angry because my dress is tight, but I wonder why his complaining about mine , yesterday Rose dressed with a tight dress but he said nothing and here he is condemning mine .

    He got up from his chair took his suit jacket and threw it at me ,I quickly caught it .

    "Why are you giving me this.? I asked confused.

    "Put it on, we are going for the meeting"he said picking some files.

    Oh my world,did he just asked me to wear his suit, is he mad, no his already mad.

    "Am sorry but I can't" I said stretching it so he could collect it.

    He gave me a very stern look.

    "You better put it on Ms Hayes...I don't want to repeat myself"he said .

    God I wish I could just slap him.

    I wore it gently , argnnn gosh it's so big am inside like ant,and the hand so far longer then my hand , this guy is so annoying.

    "Have this "he gave me some files and I try to collect it since the hand is so big and the leather is covering my hand , gosh this man is so big wonder why he called me little woman.

    Instead of me wearing the suit ,its the suit wearing me,arggnn I wish I could knock out his eyes .

    When he looked at me he smirked.

    "You look more better and presentable now ..."he said .

    I just eyed him.
     "Common it's time for the meeting" he said and we both walked out of his office.

    Me behind him, with this big suit am wearing,and the files he gave me to hold .

    Gosh what will does workers or board members say once they see me wearing my boss suit?

    I have a great feeling that this meeting will be something eals.

    With this big suit am Wearing... arggn..beast.

    Chapter 7

    Iyna's p.o.v

    We both walked Into the boardroom, they were 8 chairs at each side of the long table then one each opposite, men were more cause there were only 3women sitted but they look elderly and let me say they are about 30up words and they are some young men too and old men too, so we are only four women in the room.

    As Mr hensmith walked they all stood up and theres this guy maybe Mr hensmith age was Just looking at me , I wasn't feeling comfortable,i try to hide myself behind Mr hensmith.

    The guy came closer to shake Mr hensmith.
     "Nice seeing you again Nicholas"the man said .

    Mr hensmith was not even smiling.

    "Yeah"he simply replied I Could sense his tone was off.

    The guy looked to me.
     "And who is this gorgeous damsel with you ? He asked .

    " Iyna..Mr hensmith's P.A" I replied.

    "Oh what a beautiful Queen you are "he said taking my hand and kissing the back .I could see how Mr hensmith's face turned red

    "You can call me Collins Brand" he said.i just gave him a fake smile and try to pull my hand from his which he held longer than necessary.

    Mr hensmith sat down and Collin's sat two chairs away from Mr hensmith.

    "Have a seat Iyna " Collins said gesturing that I seat close to him,is this man crazy ? I looked at mr hensmith and saw him ready to punch Collins.

    "No thanks,am good here "I said and sat close to Mr hensmith.

    As the meeting began , I could feel Collins eyes on me, gosh am even wearing Mr Hensmith's suit ,what is he even looking at , I was so uncomfortable.

    The meeting went for an hour ,I jotted some important things down, Collins is just looking at me , can't this guy concentrate at his work .

    I excused myself to go for the washroom,cause suddenly the heat in there is killing me.

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    Collins is trying my patience seriously, I could see his insensitive stare at my woman , yes just for you too know Iyna belongs to me.

    As if I knew all this men won't get there eyes off her especially Collins , I had to tell her to wear my suit so her breast could be covered and her hip too cause the suit is at least a little bit covering there .

    I wonder if she had come in like that ,all there eyes will be fixed on her body ..God this Collins is trying me , his lusting after my woman.

    I clinched my fist ,gosh I could just Punch this guy and ruin the meeting, soon Iyna stood up and excused herself, I knew she was feeling uncomfortable with how Collins was looking at her

    Some minutes later the idiot took an excuse and walk out ,gosh what's wrong with this guy? Am gonna kill him cause right now am not concentrating in this meeting.

    "So Mr hensmith what do you think? One of the board members asked .

    I looked at him confused.
     "Ummm... please come again" I said .

    "Sir...we are saying that once the merger of the other company supply those workers , they might be a benefit for the both companies to have more cash are we going with plan A or B will be better? He asked .

    To be sincere, am not concentrating at all, my mind is on Iyna and that bastard.

     "Umm...yes...umm...s_sure will be ok... excuse me "I said and got up and walked out of the boardroom looking for Iyna .

    Am gonna fuckin deal with that sonofabitch.

    How dare him lust after my woman.

    Even when she's wearing my suit.

    Iyna's p.o.v

    After the strong heat in that board room I went to the washroom and did my business,i look at the over sized suit am Wearing, gosh I look so small in it, I suddenly chuckled at my reflection in the mirror.

    I look so little,just like an ant all thanks to the beast who forced me into wearing this, argnnn the nerve of that man.

    I walked out of the washroom heading towards the boardroom when I felt someone grab my wrist, I quickly turned to see Collins smirking at me.

    Gosh what does this man want?

    "Hy Iyna are you ?he asked .
     I try to act cool
     "Hy..and am fine."I replied.

    "Umm...sorry to bother you , but you really look beautiful and you just hide your self in the suit why? He asked .

    Like seriously what's wrong with this man?

    "Well I kind of have an issue with my zipper so I borrowed it "I lied eyeing the unwanted man Infront of me.

    He raised an eyebrow.
     "I perserve its Mr hensmith suit jacket" he said.

    Gosh this guy is pissing me off.
     "Look Mr Brand...I have to go now "I said trying to walk away but he held my hand again.

    Gosh I hate it when men touch me like that

    "Common sweetie,am sorry I didn't mean to get you upset believe me...I just want us to be you mind if I have your number? He asked .

    No,way in hell am I giving this man my number,this are the kind of people that will destroy my life .

    "Am sorry but i can't ... please excuse me "I tried to walk pass him but he gently pulled me back .

    Gosh am gonna slap this man.

    " really nice ,I just wanna be friends with you .. nothing more "he said .

    "Look Mr...."I stopped at my truck as I saw Mr hensmith behind him with his red eyes , but the idiot Infront of me hasn't noticed.

    "Are you afraid of your boss? He asked .

    I quickly pulled my wrist from his hold, gosh am suddenly sweating,mr hensmith started coming towards us .

    " ..h_have to go..."I tried to go but he held me .

    "Please"he begged .

    "Anything the matter here?" Mr hensmith asked and at once Collins left me.

    He faced Nicholas smirking.

     "Oh Nicholas....I was just talking to your P.A...I must say she's really beautiful...what a good catch "he said .

    Nicholas looked at him so angrily and pulled me to him.

    "Stay away warning you "he said and dragged me with him.

    They both seem as if they hate each other .

    "Go get me coffee" with that he walked into his office and I scoffed before turning to go to the kitchen.

    Gosh his so rude , I wonder if he talks to his parents like that .

    I walked into the kitchen and saw Andy and Rose talking and laughing.they saw me.

    "Hay..Iyna how was the meeting? Rose asked.

    "It was okay ..."I replied.

    "I hope Mr hensmith isn't poking on you ? Andy asked and I Chuckled.

    "His Really grumpy all the time ..I actually came to make him coffee " I said moving to the coffee machine.

    "Gosh , but Mr hensmith is a very handsome man you know... sometimes I just wish I was in your place Iyna your Really lucky girl "she said and I smiled .

    Only if you knew am forced here .
     "Am sure she's already falling for him" Andy said grinning.

    I looked at them as they both chuckled.

    "Of course not , that won't happen" I said .

    They looked at each other and back to me.

    "I wish, but it will anyway"Rose replied and I rolled my eyes and they chuckled.

    "She's Even wearing his suit jacket" Andy said

    Oh I've not even removed it yet .

    "I saw it too, it looks good tho "Rose winked.

    "It's not what you guys think really, he said my dress was too tight so he gave me to cover up "I said .

    They just nodded and chuckled

    I just rolled my eyes,now this two will start thinking something is on between i and the bastard.

    After I was done preparing the coffee I went back to his office but not before knocking then I saw another man seated Infront of his desk .

    But he looks older and so much look alike as Nicholas, could this be Nicholas father ?.

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    Am so furious at that Collins for trying to mess with Iyna , but she actually wasn't feeling comfortable with him,i controlled my anger not to shout at her and just asked her to get me coffee .

    Soon my office door was knocked on and In walked my father .

    "Dad? I was surprised.
     He was smirking.

    I really look like my dad so much , am his younger version.
     " are you ? He asked coming to me as we hugged I smiled.

    "Am cool dad.. wasn't expecting you at all "I said .

    "Yeah I know, I came to discuss some important information with you that will benefit your company"he said and I smiled.

    "Alright dad have a seat "I said and he sat in one of the chairs Infront of my desk while I sat in mine .

    "So dad what's that ? I asked .

    "Well it's.....

    He was cut of by the knock on the door , I said come in and the most beautiful emerald eyes walked in with my coffee , I smiled .

    "Sir here is the coffee "she said and placed it on my desk .

    My dad was just staring at her , I knew his gonna say something stupid by the time she leaves.

    "Dad I want you to meet my P.A iynaama hayes" I introduced.

    "Oh how are you pretty lady ? My dad asked smiling.

    She smiled back, wow this is the first time am seeing her smiling she fuckin has a dimple ,gosh she looks so beautiful when she smiles and her dimples flash .

    "Am fine sir "she replied.

    "You may leave"I told her and she left .

    I watched her untill she left the office,i turned to face my dad and he was just smirking at me,i know his gonna say something,. Just throw the bomb dad.

    "So, even your beautiful sexy looking P.A is wearing your suit jacket...what an amazing P.A you have son ..."he smirked more .

    Oh my gosh, Iyna is still wearing my suit Jacket.


    Chapter 8

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    "So even your beautiful sexy looking P.A is wearing your suit jacket...what an amazing P.A you have son..."he smirked more.

    Oh my gosh ,Iyna is still wearing my suit jacket.


    I stare at my dad quietly as he smirked at me,i don't even know where to start from , I always get confused when it comes to my dad,he just has that power to pull words out of my mouth,while my grandpa will read my whole heart out before my eyes.

    "Cat cut your tongue son? Dad asked.

    ",well you know... she's wearing a bad dress which isn't appropriate so I told her to wear the Jacket on it."I said .

    He grinned and shook his head.

    "Am your father little man...I know you can't just give a woman your fuckin jacket to put on...infact you love it when girls dress inappropriate, then why do you feel concern that your P.A is dressing like that ? He asked .

    Gosh his right,what do I tell him now, I will have to find something to say .

    "Well....hers is really bad, I wouldn't want my clients to think my P.A is a slut "I replied.

    He watched me for a while .
     "Nicholas...."he called.

    He smirked.
     "I know you son,...what you said just now is far from why you gave her the jacket ....your being possessive of her ..tell me, how did she charm you ? Dad asked .

    Gosh what's dad driving at ,I seriously won't answer this question.

    "Dad.. please let's just leave this matter ,let's talk why your here what business are you talking about? I quickly changed the topic.

    "Umm.... there's a function at the house tomorrow all business men and women are gonna be there, it's just a normal function it's done once in a while and you pretty know that ,but I want to tell you it will be important you come, cause Mr Donald Dimitri will be coming over, his one of the best business man in England, his Ready to make a deal with our company so we should try to make the merge with him " he said .

    I thought for a while .

    "That's great dad...of course i will be there "I replied.

    "And make sure you come with a date ....look for a very beautiful woman and bring son"he said .

    My eyes shoot out,gosh what's all this?
     He stood up.

    "A date?" I asked.

     "Yes Son, you need to come with a date cause everyone there will have a date , it's a business party remember....and it starts 8 in the evening..,don't be late son "he said and tap my shoulder then smirked .

    "Alright dad...till then "I replied and he left.

    I rubbed my temple and thought about it , well I was even planning to take a date there , but Iyna crossed my mind, should I take her ?...will she say yes?...of course she will she doesn't have a choice and she can't say no to me ....

    I smirked,my dad said I should bring a very beautiful woman,but in my eyes no other woman is as beautiful as my Iyna woman....not at all.

    I smirked.

    Iyna's p.o.v

    Am seated in my office uprating some information in my laptop when my telephone rang, I picked it up.


    "My office now "that's all the beast said and hanged up.

    This guy really has a fuckin attitude,whats gotten into his head.

    I gently got up,picked his suit jacket which I've hanged on my chair earlier and went to his office.

    I knocked and I heard come in , I gently walked in and closed the door and went to him.

    "Yes Mr hensmith"I said and he was really looking upset .

    Now what's he angry at ?

    "Why did you take it off? He asked in a hard tone.


     " me Nick or Nicholas from henceforth"he said .

    I rolled my eyes.

    "S_ umm...Nick.. I don't understand why I still had to put it on,do you want me dead with heat? I asked angrily.

    He looked at me for a while and stood up from his chair,and walked closer to me I was already shaking,i moved a bit from him ,but he went to my back , I didn't bother turning, gosh my heart is beating so fast ,what's he gonna do?

    "So you prefer people look at you in this dress? He said in my ear and I shivered at his breath in my ear ,I closed my eyes so tight as I feel my heart will jump out from my chest ,his just too close gosh.

    He began touching my hair ,and bend his head too my neck and tickle me with his nose, I started breathing fast, why can't I push him away , he touched my arms and run his finger over it up and down.gosh am going to faint it suddenly build up an unknown desire in me

     "Do you.... are ? He whispered.

    I couldn't talk, I was shaking badly ,no man and I mean no man has ever done this too me, I couldn't find my voice ,gosh what is this beast doing to me .

    "Look at me "he whispered.

    I can't turn, cause his too close to me I could feel his chest pressed on my back ,I shook my head saying no.then he turned me to face him ,I looked down,i don't dare look up .

    He used his finger to raise my jaw up and looked into my eyes ,I was actually holding my breath right now , I totally feel my whole body is on fire , his eyes are so he going to kiss me ?

    He moved away from me ,and I suddenly felt cold of his arms around me, why did he move away .

    "Iyna ...I need you to follow me to a business function tomorrow, dress beautiful i will pick you up at 7:30 you don't need to come to work tomorrow..,you my leave now "he said it all without looking at me .

    "Okay s_umm Nicholas"I said .

    And I quickly rushed out of his office, gosh my chest is so heavy, why did he do that to me , his touch is so gently and I don't know how I felt that moment, but I was really nervous....

    No guy has ever being that close to me to do this ,his the only one .....

    But why did I allow him ?

    Iyna's p.o.v

    Right now am getting ready for Nicholas to come pick me, yeah he said I should call him Nicholas,do I have a choice ?

    Tobi dressed me so beautiful with a long cream gown with a low shoulder length and a sprinkle of flowers around it , but my breast isn't showing that much, but it is a little tho.

    I wore a gold hill, it belongs to Tobi she had told me to wear it and giving me her gold purse .

    She curled my hair down and it looks so beautiful and she gave me some unexplainable make up, this girl just turned me into someone else.

    "Yapi....we are done ....tah_da" she turned me to the mirror and I gasped,at my reflection,i look so beautiful.

     "Wow Tobs I look so beautiful....."I whispered.

     "Not only beautiful girl you look gorgeous...your gonna knock out all the men off their feet at that party , especially Mr hottie "she said grinning happily.

    I just Chuckled,shes calling Mr hensmith hottie ..what a naughty girl,just then there was a knock on the door.

    Oh my gosh that should be him, will he like this dress,?gosh am feeling so nervous.

    "Your prince charming is here girl....let me go get the door " Tobi said happily going to open the door I pulled her back.

    "Tobs I feel kind of nervous, do you think he will like this dress? I asked I don't even know why I care if he likes it or not.

    "What are you saying?.he won't just like it but love it .,girl your looking super...don't ruin this makeup do you get it be a gently girlfriend and let me go open the door for your prince charming"she said .

    The knock came again.

    "Oh my world, his knocking again...I should go get the door , you stay here for a while okay 5 minutes you come out ...and make sure you smile ...okay "she asked .

    I nodded .

    She smiled and rushed out of the room,i looked at myself in the mirror ,why do I even care if he likes my dressing or not, but some how I want him to love it .

    Gosh I think am going crazy now.

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    I dressed up so handsomely, I want Iyna to love my look , so I wore one of my best suit ,I don't know why I want to please her but I just have that feeling to look good for her.

    I never care to look good for women but am suddenly doing things i never Imagine doing since I met Iyna, am so confused what's wrong with me.

    One point I want her on my bed the next point I draw back...I almost kissed her at the office yesterday,she looks so beautiful that I wanted to take her right there on my desk .

    But something pulled Me back, I just couldn't do it ,and am afraid to hurt her, gosh this isn't me ...this is not Nicholas hensmith anymore.

    I knocked on the door and someone opened it , oh it's her friend she was smiling.

    "Hello prince charming come Inside "she took my hand and pulled me in smiling

    Wow she's funny .

    "Your looking so great prince charming..,you just seat and make your self comfortable Iyna will be here soon "she said cheerfully

    I smiled at her and looked at their apartment,well at least its beautiful even if it's little.

    "Thanks"I told her .

    "Your welcome"she smiled .

    "So the last time you didn't tell me your Name"I said .

    "Umm..yeah ...that's because you weren't even bothered to ask you only wanted iyna's name ...but you can call me Tobi...but the full name is Tobia..."she said happily.

    I like her , too be sincere she seems carefree , I like it .

    "It's a nice name "I said and she blushed.

    I Chuckled.
     "Thanks prince charming.."she said .

    Just then I saw Iyna and my heartbeat stopped.

    What the fuck ...she's looking so gorgeous with that dress and her hair ...she smiled , did she just smile ?

    I got up from my seat as she walked closer to me .

    "Awwwnnnn....I think someone appreciate my good work Iyna,. His just staring non_stop" Tobi said and Iyna gave her a scornful look...she chuckled.

    "Shall we? I asked .

    She nodded, and I pulled her by the waist .

    "Have a nice night girlfriend and prince charming" Tobi said and Iyna chuckled.

    We walked out of her house and I held her to my car I opened the door for her and she got in, then I went to seat and I told Diva to drive .

    "I must say you look gorgeous" I said looking at her she smiled.

    "Thanks"she replied.

    And the rest of the drive was in silence,but I kept glancing at her but she looked out of the window.

    Gosh this girl is taking my breath away .

    Chapter 9

    Iyna's p.o.v

    I don't know for how long we drove but finally the car stopped,and Nicholas has already open my door for me I smiled and got out ,he placed his hand on my waist and we both match inside .

    I must say this building looks so amazing and beautiful very big and wonderful.
     Violin was playing in the room ,we both got in and so many people were there the light was a bit deep but you could still see everyone clear, I must say everyone looks so elegantly dressed , am sure my dress is one of the poorest here .

     Nicholas held my waist possessively,and my body couldn't resist how his hand feel against me, some how I love it that his hand is there .

    Just then a beautiful lady was rushing to us with another one behind her they were smiling.who are they ?

    "Nicholas"the first lady called.

    Nicholas smiled .
     "Nichol "he called and hugged her .

    "Hi Nick "the second one said.

    "Althea how you doing? He asked .

    "Am here with the way you left me of course"she replied and they chuckled.

    They looked to me, gosh am suddenly feeling uncomfortable I wonder who they are .

     "Umm....Nick...who is she ? The Nichol asked .

     Nichol I want you to meet my P.A Iyna ...and Iyna meet Nichol my twin sister and Althea our youngest" he introduced.

    Wow ! So his a twin.

    "How are you Iyna really look gorgeous with this dress "Althea said smiling.

    "Thanks"I simply said .

    "Nice meeting you Iyna " Nichol smiled and gave Nicholas a secret look .

    "Wow.. Nicholas didn't tell us he got a very beautiful P.A"Nichol said and they chuckled

    I blushed.
     "Ummm...Nichol where is mom and dad ? Nicholas asked .

    "Mom should.......

    "Nicholas"a woman called from behind as she hurried towards us ,then Nicholas father too, I can't believe am meeting his family.

    "Mom..."he called and hugged her as she kissed his cheek.

    I must say she looks so pretty.

    "And who is this Beautiful goddess with you son? The woman asked .

    "Mom I want you to meet .......

    Before he could complete it Nichol and Althea shouted .


    My eyes popped out Nicholas looked shocked and am more shocker, his father chuckled and the mother has a very surprised expression.

     Oh my gosh"girlfriend? We aint even friends.
     Suddenly the woman smiled.

    "Wow! This is amazing didn't tell us you finally had a girlfriend"she smiled and came to me she held my hand.

     "You look so so surprised he finally got a look gorgeous my dear "she said hugging me tightly.

    The rest chuckle while Nicholas gave them an angry look.

    "Thanks Mrs hensmith"I said .

    "Oh...don't call me that dear I feel so old , am still very young just call me mom Vanessa ...after all you will soon be part of our family...right Jason? She turned to her husband with her eyes shining with so much love for him.

    His holding himself from laughing.
     "Yes of course"he said and chuckle.

    "Am so glad my finally made a good decision by bringing such a beautiful woman" mom Vanessa said smiling cheekily at me, and I put up one of my best fake smile .

    "Ummm's not ......

    "No, son i really like her. ..she's really good right Nichol.? Mom Vanessa asked.cutting Nicholas off.

    "Yes mom..very super"Nichol answered grinning from ear to ear and i caught Nicholas ready to strangle her while she flick her tongue out for him, Althea chuckled.

    "Dear please come with me , let me introduce you to the rest of the family" mom Vanessa pulled my hand .

    Gosh ! Am dead i looked at Nicholas for help but I think his helpless because his eyes widen .

    "No mom..wait " he try to grab me but his father pulled him back .

    "Go on honey ... introduce her " his dad said and chuckled, oh my how can he do this to me ?

    "Common love , you need to meet everyone" mom Vanessa pulled me away with Nichol and Althea following us as they chuckled.

    Oh my gosh , what have I gotten myself so dead .

    We head to some people standing.

    "Vanessa dear who is this?" The woman asked .

    "Mother it's Iyna, she's Nicholas girlfriend" mom Vanessa introduced happily, they looked shocked .

    "Nicholas girlfriend?, So he finally decided to have one ?" The old man said and chuckled while the old woman spanked him amd laugh.

    "Please my dear am Babianca by name and this silly man here is my husband Timmy" she introduced I smiled .

    "Nice to meet you sir mam" I greeted

    "Oh we need a big hug welcome to the family " she pulled me into a hug and we hugged each other I did thesame for Timmy hensmith, damn they are so beautiful and breathtaking in their family.

    "Mom" a lady called from behind,we turned to see a very beautiful lady with a man standing by her side, I wonder who she is.

    "Oh maddie love , common meet your nephew's girlfriend" mom babianca said and the Maddie's eyes was wild in surprised.

    "Oh my Maddie and this is my husband Paul henchmen" she introduced me to a good looking man around the age of Nicholas father he looks handsome.

    "Nice meeting you sir" I shook him.

    "Am so glad my nephew finally decided to have a girlfriend and a beautiful one at that " Maddie said happily.

    From there they kept me company and I think they like me a lot , but I was so nervous because its not real , we ain't dating.

    Nicholas's p.o.v


    Oh my gosh! This Nichol and Althea has ruined everything, mom is gonna tell everyone now ,what do I do?

    " know you should stop thinking about that me , I guess it's normal"dad said .

    "Dad...she's not even my girlfriend and mom now thinks she is "I said .

     "Well...does it matter I see the way you look at her ...I don't think anything is wrong if she's your common let me introduce you to Mr Donald Dimitri his already here " dad said .

    And I followed him to meet some couples one after the other then finally I met with Mr Donald we talked about the business merging and how it will profit the interest of my company...he agreed that our company should be Marge since we are both wealthy.

    After everything i started looking for Iyna , the place is so crowding am sure she's with my family.
     Then I saw Nichol I met her .

    "Nichol ..did you see Iyna ? I asked .

    "Yeah she went to the washroom some minutes ago " she replied.i nodded and started heading to the washroom.

    Iyna's p.o.v

    Gosh! I never knew this was going to happen, mom Vanessa introduced me to the whole hensmith, even Nicholas grandparents , I was sweating so badly , cause it wasn't even true ...and they appear to like me alot .

    They are actually nice I must say but not as grumpy as the beast himself, I excused myself and went to the washroom to at least calm myself down from all this drama , I finally came out of the washroom and bombed into a hard wall, no it wasn't a wall it was someone before I could fall I was caught I looked up and meet the most beautiful eyes ever , of course it was the beast who eals,we looked into each other's eyes for a while and he finally let me stand well.

    I smooth my dress and cleared my throat.

    "Umm.. thanks"I said.

    " Are you okay ? He asked I nodded .

    He pulled me to him by my waist and we both head back into the party I could feel people's eyes on us , but I like it that his arm is wrapped around my waist, gosh his being so possessive.

    "Nicholas baby"

    Someone called and I and Nicholas turned to the direction of the voice and there was a lady coming towards us smiling.

    Who is she ,I don't think she's one of the hensmith's cause mom Vanessa had showed me everyone then who is she , I looked up at Nicholas and he looks so Angry , like someone who's about to punch someone.

    He held me tightly by my waist and pulled me more closer to him,as if he wants my body to enter into his , but his eyes still on the lady coming , and he looks so,so angry.

    Who is the lady ? Why was he so angry?

    What is going on?

    Chapter 10

    Nicholas p.o.v

    "Nicholas baby"

    A familiar voice called I turned around to see the person I never in my entire want to ever see coming towards I and Iyna , the range inside of me began building.

    I pulled Iyna more tightly to me, as I looked at the woman coming to us.

    What is she doing here , who invited her to a business party? It's been 5 years already and she's here ?

     "Nicholas..."she called cheerfully and hugged me but I didn't return it.

    Iyna looked confused.

    "What are you doing here ? I asked her angrily.

    She looked at Iyna and then back to me.
     "Umm Nicholas who is she ? She asked .

    I was about to answer when someone replied from behind .


    We turned and saw Nichol giving Dorris a very bad look, yes my family really hate her, you will soon know why.

     "Girlfriend?..."she asked surprised.

    "Yes .,do you have any problem with that ? Iyna replied.

    I looked at her surprised, I didn't know she was going agree to that .
     "Why ...of course not , so he finally was able to get over me ? How nice ..."Dorris mocked her eyes penetrating iyna like she was going pull out her hair .

    I stare at her angrily,iyna was quite.

    "Iyna ..common , let's have a talk,"Nichol pulled her away I really didn't want her to go, i turned Around to Leave when Dorris pulled me back.

     "Common's been long we saw each other and your just gonna walk away? She asked.

    I stare at her angrily, she wasn't the woman I loved before, I hate her so much ,

    After my family stories heartbreak and at least i tried to love someone then Dorris came into the picture but she was never sincere in our relationship.

     Each time i try to mend with her, she tells me am disturbing her, I felt rejected cause I really loved her, but then I caught her kissing.......ok let me just tell you now ...the reason why I hate Collins is because,

    He stole Dorris from Me, they were in a secret relationship and I never knew about it ,till one day I found them kissing, I confronted them and i had a fight with Collins.

    I thought Dorris was gonna apologize and tell me it was a mistake and she was sorry but she looked me in the eyes and told me , she doesn't love me but Collins and she was breaking up with me, I felt so cold.

    I didn't expect that from her, then she left , and it happened that that day I was planning to propose to her to marry me , but she ruined it, my life became a mess.

    And I hated her for doing such a thing to me after our 2years of relationship, she was cheating me and I never knew I was so blinded in love with her to see it.

    I totally hated women and didn't want anything to do with them, I hated Dorris more , cause the love I once had for her turned into hatred , I could strangle the bitch .

    I felt nothing is right in relationships, cause it hurts alot just like my granny's and parents stories it made it worse and I block my heart for love .....

    But Iyna came into the picture,and I began feeling things I never felt even when I was with Dorris , something in me can't stand hurting Iyna.

    I don't know what I feel towards her but I know I can't let her go, I really want her and I will get her, Dorris is my past and she can't dare destroy my new life , I will murder her if she dares.

    "Why are you back ? I asked her angrily.

    "I came back because I want to settle things with you honey ...but this isn't a good place for us to talk "Dorris said trying to touch me .

    I move away from her.
     "I hope you heard what my sister said ? I have a girlfriend and I don't think I have anything to talk to you about" I said .

    She looked angry.

    "Common Nicholas.... there's no way I will believe your dating that girl, I know you still have feelings for me " she said confidently.

    I Chuckled
     "Really....then am sorry, this isn't the ex Nicholas you walked out on 5, years ago Dorris's been over between us for a long time now and you think I still have feelings for you , isn't that strange, not everyone who doesn't get over feelings okay , you mean nothing to me absolutely nothing , I think you should suite yourself" I said.

    Her mouth hanged open in maybe surprise or shock, take that bitch .

    I walked away to go find Iyna,shes the woman my heart desires now ..only Iyna.

    Iyna's p.o.v

    "So Iyna here is a shopping card for my company Baltic " Nichol handed her company card to me .

    "Thanks" I said.
     "You could come visit me some time and you can get any dress shoes bag you want, till the card expires , am giving you this because I really like you , and because your my brother's girlfriend" she said .

    "Umm..Nichol actually...I and your brother aint dating" I said .

    She chuckled.
     "Maybe for now, but soon dear "she said .

    I smiled at her, I really like her she's so friendly, but my mind went back to that woman with Nicholas.

    Who is she to him, why does he look so upset, I feel so bad leaving them to each other , but what can I do , I don't even know why am feeling angry , I don't know.should I ask Nichol?

    Na I can't , it won't be right.

    Just then Nicholas came to us in a flash I dropped my drink .
     "Oh has the bitch gone? Nichol asked.

    "I don't know... maybe" Nicholas replied scornfully.

    I got up as he pulled me to him.
     "Nichol it's time for i and Iyna to go , I will just say bye to mom and dad" Nicholas said .

    Nichol smiled.
     "Sure bro...goodbye girlfriend" Nichol kissed my cheek and hugged me .

    "Bye" I said .

    Nicholas wrapped his hand around my waist and we went to look for his parents He has been holding me like this since today, why is he so possessive today.?He seem calm and gently and he doesn't care if people is looking at us.

    For some reason I smiled at the behavior, I really like it.

    It's been a week already and I must say everything is going well at the company, Nicholas hasn't really changed from his cold ways sometimes he shouts at me and I just ignore him as usual, I knew he was just pretending to be a gentle man just Because of the party after that his cold ways began, argnnn...I hate him so much.

    I just arrived at the company and I went into my office straight,but what I saw made me surprised.

    There's a Flower on my desk,with a card ,who brought this here?I gently picked the card and read it it says.

    *To my beautiful sunshine*

    I gasped, who sent this flowers, just then my phone rang and it was an unknown number.

    I picked it up.


    "Hello sunshine" the voice said.

    The voice sounds familiar.
     "Collins? I asked

    " got that right "he replied.
     "How did you get my number? I asked surprised.

    "Connection baby" he said.

    Gosh am so angry right now,who gave him my number,?

    "So tell me do you love my flowers,? He asked.

    My eyes popped open,his the one who sent the flowers I quickly look through the card well and his name is written on it .

    Oh my gosh, this guy is naught .

    "Why did you send me those ...I don't like it ...why are you troubling me, leave me alone I don't want anything to do with you"I yelled.

    "Calm down sunshine, why are you so upset...if it's about your boss then forget it,. ...he only wants you in his bed trust me, you mean nothing to him......." He said.

    How could he talk about Nicholas like that of course his arrogant and a dumbass,but that doesn't.mean I will gossip him.

    "Look Collins, i don't know why your telling me this but it means nothing to me can you please stop calling me and don't you ever send this flowers again...." With that i hanged up.

    I drop my phone and picked the flowers ready to go throw it away once I turned there stood the beast looking at me angrily.

    He looked to the flowers and to me, suddenly i felt scared,he walked towards me and I swallowed.

    "Who gave you this flowers, and who were you talking too? He asked.

    " it's......

    "Don't you dare lie to me Iyna " he yelled grabbing my arms, gosh why is he so upset, who the hell is he to yell at me?
     "Let go off me" I shouted .

    He grabbed the flowers from my hand I try to pull it back but he gave me a bad look and I retreated he opened the card and he looked at me angrily.

    "Collins gave you this ...?..
     He raised the card up.

    "Yes...and why do you care ? I said.

    "So you've been seeing him? He accused.

    "What are you talking about? I asked

    "He fuckin sent you a Rose and even called you his sunshine this what you've been up to? He shouted.

    Gosh why is he acting like this, I don't understand

    "Nicholas.just leave me alone ...your just accusing me ...." I try to walk out but he pined me to the wall.

    "W_what are........

    I was caught off by his lips on mine, oh my god, his kissing me, Nicholas is kissing me I stood shocked my eyes widen , like I've been poured a very cold water.

    His hands were all over my body he squeezed my waist and I gasped and he found the opportunity to plug his tongue inside my mouth , I really don't know how but I kissed him back.

    His hand went under my skirt and he touched my skin, I felt my body suck with desire and feelings I've never tried to comprehend.

    When ever am around him I tend to forget myself,and I don't realize anything, he deepened the kiss and we kissed each other passionately.

    He started kissing my neck and I moaned,oh gosh his lips can do wonders, what are you doing to me beast ? His stealing my innocence seriously.

    "Your mine Iyna...." He whispered.

    .my eyes was closed tightly I hold him tight not to fall.
     "You belong to only alone" he whispered again.

    He left me and I suddenly feel shy or should I say embarrassed to look at him,he took the flowers and walked out .

    I realise the breath I've been holding, I touched my lips ...what the hell just happened?

    I can't believe I just kissed my boss back , why didn't I push him away oh my goodness,i hit my head on my desk , stupid stupid stupid and very stupid girl ,that's what i am, why will I give in like that? Damn .

    The rest of the day continued and Nicholas asked me to come into his office, I stood up and matched there am still quite uncomfortable of what happened between us a while ago.

    I knocked on his office door and i heard come in.
     I walked in and saw so many files on the desk.
     What the hell is going on here ?

    "Am here " I said.

    "Um...Iyna we need to arrange this files in right order, starting from the blue ones, am sorry but you might go late today " he said Calmly, hmm he seem calm now .

    "Alright sir"

    Soon we started working on the files together.

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    I really don't know what got into me today, when I saw does flowers with her I wondered who gave it to her then when I discovered it was Collins who gave her , I lost it.

    His Trying to take Iyna from me which i won't allow, never .that's what he did with Dorris, I won't let him into Iyna I will kill him, but kissing her feels so good, I could feel how my body hit up when I kissed her earlier damn, she's so intoxicating, something I don't wish to let go off, mere touching her makes me grow hard , damn this girl just do the unwanted to me without trying, and I swear I like it.

    There's so many work to be done so I asked Iyna we do it together, I really want her close to me.

    We began working on the files one after the other , they are lots of them, I could see she was already tired , I stare at her as she concentrated on the work , her long beautiful hair fell to her face and she pushed it back .

    Her hand looks so small and she looks so beautiful, this girl is really making me feel different,i don't get possessive over women not even Dorris but her, I just find myself doing it.

    She removed her shoes from her foot and tie her hair up and Knelt down to continue the file arrangements.

    I chuckled.
     She looked up at me and I faced my own files I secretly glanced at her and she was concentrated back again, she's so little and funny .

    We worked for about 3 hours , gosh this files took so much time, when i looked over at her ,she was already sleeping.

    She looks so tender and beautiful,her head was rested on the center glass table in the center of my office and files were all over her, I looked at the time it's already to 9 .

    I gently got up and lifted her in my arms she feels so light , I don't think am holding a thing, damn I like how she fit perfectly in my arms.
     I took her and placed her gently on my couch, I stare at her beautiful face and moved her hair from her forehead, she looks so peaceful sleeping I smiled getting up I got back to continue the files since it's not much again , I quickly did it, naturally if it was another woman I would have fired her for sleeping while she have things to do , but iyna ? I chuckled.

    Her phone rang and I picked it ,it was Tobi calling.

    "Hello tobi" I said .

    "Oh !prince charming,its you am really worried Iyna isn't back yet" she said.

    "Don't worry she's here with me , I will bring her home soon" I said .

    "Alright then... thanks" she said and hanged up.

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    I looked at Iyna and gently lifted her in my arms , gosh she's such a deep sleeper , I took her to my car and return to my office to get her things .

    After I was done I went into my car and drove off since I told Diva to go home,which is my mansion.

    I would have really loved to take her to my house But I already told Tobi am bringing her home.

    But it was okay for me to hold such an angel in my arms , I look over at her and smiled .

    What are you doing to me iynaama Hayes?

    Chapter 11

    Iyna's p.o.v

    Please don't ask me how i got home last night cause I don't know,

    Am still thinking how I ended up falling asleep,gosh am sure he saw me Sleeping , I feel so embarrassed.

    " know, I think it's not bad he brought you home, would you had prefer he lock you up in the office and go home sure you will call him heartless, Iyna ...your so funny " Tobi said and I eyed her.

    "Tobi.. please tell me how did it happen, what did he say when he drop me off? I asked inquisitively.

    "Iyna...he didn't just drop you off,....calm down okay and hear the story ... please don't shout okay till I finish okay ? She said and I nodded.

    She breath in and out.

    "Iyna....don't shout ok" she said again.

    Gosh she's Making me scared.
     "Just tell me already" I said.

    "Okay okay ... please don't shout, you are supposed to reserve that shout for what am about to tell you , so don't shout or eals I won't tell you " she said faking a sad face.

    I smiled.
     "Sorry Tobs I won't shout ... please just tell me " I said edger to hear it.

    "Okay see....your prince charming brought you back home last-night, gosh he was looking so handsome that my eyes wanted to pull out ...but then I picked my eyes from the ground since I know he only wants yours " she said and I Chuckled.

    "So...he carried you in his arms like a baby , you were sleeping peacefully and to be sincere you really look tiny around him you suddenly looked like the sleeping beauty" she said and my mouth hanged open.

    I gave her an angry look.
     "Tobi are you insulting me? I asked.

     "No, not seriously...what am telling you is the truth , he took you to your room , I followed behind and he dropped you gently on your bed, you know what he did next ? She asked .

    I shook my head quickly.
     "Umm....Iyna ...don't shout okay ....your boss....umm....your boss kind of kissed me " she said cheerfully.

    My mouth hanged open I'm shocked.

    "You ????? I asked angrily.

    "Hay....I got you ...your angry aint you ....Iyna was you he kissed ..." She laughed.

    My eyes popped open.
     "What ? I asked .

     " was you ...but I so wanted it to be me , look you this woman ...if you keep pretending that you don't have a crush on your boss I will knock your teeth out. Pull out your eyes and feed it to the's so visible that you like your boss....I told you he kissed me and you freaked out ....that's it ...." She said happily.

    I looked at her angry .
     "I don't feel anything towards him, so forget it" I said .

    "You know Iyna can lie to everyone or to yourself..but not to me okay " she eyed me I eyed her back .

    She's right, do I like him, but his so arrogant I can't like him gosh , he has stupid attitudes.

    I got to work , 2 days later ,I walked to my office and drop my stuff, am supposed to make him coffee this morning,i went to knock on his office but no answer .

    I pushed the door open but no one was there , am surprised, he always comes early why isn't he here yet, I suddenly became worried.

    I turned and saw Rose .

    "Rose ..."I called.

    She smiled.
     "Oh thank goodness Iyna Mr hensmith sent a message to the office that he won't be in today ....I really don't know why but ...I wanted to go check up on him, it's not usual for him to miss work but am surprised he took off today ....I would had gone but I have so many things to do here would you please go and check him then you can return" she asked .

    What ,? Go to Nicholas house to check him, can I do this , after all his my boss , I feel something isn't right, cause his not in the office.

    "Sure Rose ...but I don't know his house " I said.

    "Oh Iyna that's not a problem...take this , that's the address you quickly go okay ....I feel Mr hensmith is not okay's not Normal for him to miss work especially when he has important meeting today " she said .

    I collected the address and nodded.
     "Okay Rose ...I will go now " she smiled and left .

    I quickly got into my office took my bag and hurried out of the company, took a cab and head to his house.

    I Just hope his okay?

    The cab finally stopped at his house , gosh is this place a house ? It looks so beautiful this is heaven on earth, I went to the gate and knocked .

    Gosh securities are all over here , the gate man opened the door and i entered.

    "Please who are you ? He asked .

    " Mr hensmith's P.A....I came to see him? I said.

    "Does he know your coming ? He asked .

    Gosh this house , I didn't prepare for investigation.

     "Umm..not really...but....

    "Please your ID card ms " another one said , I checked my bag but couldn't find my ID ...oh my God I've forgotten it At home .

    "Umm...well, it's actually....I forgot it, but seriously am his P.A he asked me to come here " I lied .

    Hoping they let me in.

    They looked at each other then back at me.

    "Sorry ms but we can't let you in" The first one said , I frowned , this is really bad I wonder if his okay now I will have to go back home and get my ID, I took a deep breath,

    "Alright" I whispered
     I turned to go when I heard my name.

    "Ms Hayes"

    I turned to see diva smiling coming towards me. .. thank goodness.

    "Diva it's a good thing I saw you ... please am here to see Mr hensmith" I said .

    "Sure common " he said .

    "She's Mr hensmith P.A ...." He told the securities and they nodded .
     "Sorry ms " they apologized I smiled at them

    I and diva walked to the front door, this house is so big and beautiful, what a notorious life, gosh his so rich .

    "Ms Hayes...I will leave you here , just go in..." He said I nodded.

    "Thanks diva " I said he smiled and left .

    I faced the door and took a deep breath, then I gently open the door.

    This place is exclusively made , wow! The standard of this mansion is incredibly gorgeous, I touched the couch and looked at the walls .

    Wow no pictures at all but flower frame all over , why is here so quiet? Isn't he home but diva said his in.

    I dropped my bag on the couch and gently try to find him, I saw the stairs it's a Zig zag stairs so beautiful and glass like .

    This beast is fuckin rich .

    I walked on it and I reached a door , I don't even know where am going.

    "Mr Hensmith" I shouted.

    No answer.
     "Mr hensmith it's Iyna ...hello....hello..." I shouted .

    No answer.
     "What's wrong, here seem so quiet" I muttered .

    I held the door knob and gently pulled the door open .

    And what I saw shocked me .

    Nicholas lay on the bed shaking so badly , oh my god what's wrong with him I rushed to him and try to touch him.

     "Mr hensmith....are you okay ? I touched his body .

    Jesus Christ ! It's seriously burning.
     I became scared.

    "Mr Hensmith...oh my god" I don't even know what to do.

    "Iyna...what are ..y_you d_doing here .... please leave" he said with a shaking voice .

    Is he mad , his dieing and he asked me to leave does he think am that heartless.

    "Nicholas am going no where ...gosh your burning...why didn't you tell me ? I asked angrily.

    "Please just go", he says .

     "No...your sick and you didn't tell could you, even if you and I aint on good terms that doesn't mean am heartless to leave you in this condition....just stay right here am coming"

    I quickly stood up and ran down stairs, gosh what do I do , I quickly rushed to his kitchen, thankfully it wasn't hard to locate .

    I quickly made some hot soup and pour it In a bowl then took a spoon and I rushed upstairs.

    My grandma told me hot soup help alot , so I did it .

    I rushed to his room and drop the bowl on the table , I try to help him up.

     " need to sit " I said.

    "I don't want it", he says.

     "Don't be stubborn...your not well, you need to " I help him rest on the bed post took the soup and filled it in the spoon , he was just staring at me .

     "Why didn't you call the doctor or probably your family, why do you let your self all alone in such condition...are you planning to kill your self ? I asked angrily.

    I feed him and he took it and swallowed all the while he was looking at me , but I ignored and kept feeding him

    "Iyna that's enough" he said pushing the spoon away .

    "No your drinking all..." I said and he sighed and finally finished everything.

    "Do you have any tablets at all? I asked he nodded.

    "Check the drawer " he said and I hurried to find the drug , thank God it's fever drug cause his having fever .

    I filled a glass of water and went to him put two tablets in his hand , he took it and drank it .

    "You need to rest now , you will get better soon, " I said and helped him back to lay on the bed.

    I covered him,
     He was just looking at me.
     "I will be need to sleep , so it will work " I said ,he didn't reply but just looked at me .

    I turned to go and he grab my hand , my chest started beating fast .

    "Please stay " he said .
     I turned to him and he stare at me ...I nodded gently and sat on the bed , I rested my back on the bed post and what he did next surprised me.

    He moved closer to me and put his head on my lab, I look at him surprised.

    I gently touched his hair ,it's so curly and I smiled , I don't know what his doing to me , but I think I really like my boss.

    Sickness could turn someone different, I played with his hair until i fell asleep with his head on my lab.and with one question in my head.

    "Am I falling for my boss?

    Chapter 12

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    I've been feeling so sick for two days then today it rises , I couldn't do anything so I just told rose I won't be at work.

    I didn't want to tell Iyna cause I wanted to be left alone ,but I was surprised she came, I wasn't expecting her or anyone.

    She looked so scared when she saw me , I saw it in her eyes and that instant I knew she cares for me ,not just little but a lot , I never expected her to make me soup to recover, at least am better now .

    This fever comes once in a while , especially if I've over stressed myself, I didn't call my doctor because I don't want him to ask me to seat at home and do nothing.

    And I refused to call my family cause they will freak out and force me to see the doctor and the result will end up badly.

    For some reason am happy Iyna cared and came , I know Rose told her I was home , but am shocked she came,i didn't want her to see me in such condition and I asked her to go, but she refused.

    I felt better again after the soup and drug , and I asked her to stay , I didn't know why but I just wanted her close to me , I soon fell asleep with my head on her lap and her fingers playing on my hair .

    I need to let you know now, Iyna has gotten me to fall for her, yes I've falling for her , I really want her and I have to tell her about it , I really don't know how she will take it but there's no harm in trying right .

    I work up some hours later and discovered my head still was on her lap.

    I slowly got up and looked at her beautiful face , she's sleeping soundly.

    I adjusted her to lay on the bed well, and covered her up, I kissed her forehead and she signed but continued sleeping.

    I can't believe she successful got me to fall for her, she won my stone cold heart , I touched her hair from her forehead and admired her good look .

    Her lashes were long and very beautiful, her lips so pink and small, her cheek is wonderful and her skin glows Like emerald.

    Iynaama stole my heart like a thief, I will have to make you mine now , I need to.

    After my long admiring I got up and went to take a shower

    Some minutes later I came out but Iyna isn't on the bed anymore, where did she go?

    I quickly pulled on a T. Shirt and a black jeans trouser, and quickly head down stairs i hope she hasn't gone .

    Then I heard some sounds from the kitchen, I gently walked there and there stood my beauty queen making something on the gass , I lean on the door frame and stare at her cooking.

    Iyna's p.o.v

    Gosh I fell asleep, when I woke up , I didn't find Nicholas on the bed, I hope his okay ? Then I heard the shower running.

    I signed, his taking his bath, I got out of bed and went downstairs to make something for him to eat so I can give him drug before I start going home .

    I went into the kitchen and started making becons and eggs for him, with pancake and jam.

    My neck hurts , due to how I slept , but it seems he moved me to lay well,i continued doing what I was doing and once I turned my heart beat stopped In shock.

    "Oh my god" I exclaimed.

    Nicholas leaning on the door frame he really scared me.

    "Am sorry , I didn't mean to scare you " he said and I smiled .

    "No problem..are you okay ? I asked .
     "Yeah, thanks for earlier...."he said.

    "No problem, it's my duty seems am your P.A " i replied.

    He raised an eyebrow and came closer to me .

    "What are you making? He asked .

    "Umm...becons and egg ...with pancake and jam " I replied.
     "I hope you don't mind am using your kitchen without permission? I asked .

    "Hell no ... thanks for Helping Me tho "he replied i smiled .

    "Umm.. Nicholas, maybe you Should wait at the sitting room I will be done soon" I said .

    He nodded and left .

    Wow his Really calm today , I thought he was gonna shout at me like he always does.

    Am surprised at his behavior now.

    What happened to the beast ?

    After I set the meals on the dinning,i went to his room to bring his drug, once I came back his already seated at the dinning.

    I walked to him gently and placed it in his front.

    " should eat well and take the pills then you can go back to bed and rest "I said.

    I was moving away then he grab my hand , I turned and he was staring at me deeply, my heartbeat was racing too fast, why do I feel so nervous?

    "Aint you eating with me ? He asked.

    I looked at him shocked,did my boss just asked me to eat with him?

    ", I made it for you , and besides I need to go home it's already so late " I said pulling my hand away.

    He looks sad, what he looks sad? Nicholas look sad just because I told him am going home what's happening.

    "Iyna it's already too late , check the time , it's 8:30 don't you know we slept for a very long time , I can't let you go home today , you should spend the night "he said.

    "Umm... please, I need to go, I could still manage"I said.

     "Iyna why are you being stubborn....okay just hold on" he picked his phone and dialed a number.

    Who is he calling?

    "Hello Tobia " he said .

    Oh my gosh why is he calling Tobi ?

    "Yes, I just want to tell you Iyna won't be home tonight" he said .

    "Okay you aint home,okay then ...bye" he said and faced me .

    "Why did you call her,? I asked

    "Because I want you here Iyna, and besides she said she went to see her new boyfriend, and she left for 3 hours now , and
     She went with the house key , that she's been texting and calling but you aint receiving any "he said .

    She's been calling? I quickly rushed to my bag and found my phone .

    I scroll through it and it was true , I have about 10 miss calls from her and 5 messages, I quickly opened the messages.

     *Iyna when will you be back today ,you didn't answer my call*

     *Iyna why aint you replying me, I want to tell you I will be out with Jacob today*

     *I've called again and your not picking, could you please call back?*

     *Iyna am getting worried, where are you, I took the house key, I can't leave the door open, I came to your company,but one of the staffs called Rose told me you went to prince charmings house , maybe you should sleep over there am not sure I will be back tonight*

     *Iyna am so angry at you, you aint even answering my calls or replying to my messages, or are you busy with your boss?...infact I won't text again goodnight*

    I stare at the messages,i blinked one two three times, she will be so upset with me .

    I called her.
     It's ringing but she isn't picking., please Tobi pick your call .

    I decided to text.

    *Tobs am really sorry , Mr hensmith was so sick and I had to take care of him, I fell asleep at the process and phone was in my bag throughout, am so sorry girlfriend*

    I waited to see if she will text back but instead my phone started ringing,she was the one.

    "Tobs" I said .

    "Iyna just keep bunch of messages for me once your back home , I wanna know everything that happened in Mr hotties place, bye" she said cheerfully.

    "Wait ...Tobs

    But she already hanged up.

    This girl is crazy , I drop my phone back in my bag and when I turned Nicholas was staring at me .

    I can't believe I will have to spend the night with him, all thanks to Tobs ,I gently walked to the dinning and sat down .

    "You should eat Iyna ...I know your hungry " he said as he began to eat .

    "Ummm....this is delicious"he said and I smiled.

    "Am glad you liked it,"I said and I started eating too gosh am so hungry.

    After eating I packed the plates into the sink to wash , Nicholas offered to do it but I refused and told him to go to bed, which he did .

    After everything, I went to check up on him, but he wasn't on bed , where did he go?

    "Nicholas"I called.

    No answer

    No answer.

    "Mr hensmith"

    Where is he , but I told him to come here right or am I in the wrong room?.

    Just then I felt someone hugged me from behind and my heart jumped, it was Nicholas he started kissing my neck , I closed my eyes , gosh his touch is magical.

    What is he doing to me.
     "Iyna...." He whispered but I remained silence his lips is really taking me to the edge.

     Then he gently turned me to face him, and we looked into each other's eyes, In the deem of the light I could see his eyes clearly, it showed never that's impossible.... maybe.... lust....

    I was breathing so fast as he Run his hand in my hair ,he bend gently and I don't know where I got the courage from but I pulled him hard and crushed my lips to his .

     And we began kissing passionately,his hands everywhere and I wanted more I pressed myself to him, and he lifted me up,i wrapped my legs around his waist and we continued kissing till I felt my back pressed on the bed.

    He started kissing my neck,face belly all parts of my body and I moaned out loud,gosh his lips does miraculous things.

    Before I knew what was happening i was taking off his shirt,and he was doing the same to mine.
     I really what him and I can't deny it ,our cloths where discarded soon and I lay in only my under wears which is my B.P

    My eyes was tightly closed, he started looking for something,but couldn't find it .

    "Shit..." He cursed.
     "What's wrong? I asked .

    "Umm....I don't have any .......

    "It's okay ..."I cut him off.
     "It's okay ? He asked .

    I nodded ,and he came back to me , well you can call me what ever names but I can't hold it back anymore, I really want him.

    "Your so beautiful Iyna " he stare at my naked body like his won a lottery .

    And after all the body pleasure he positioned himself and pushed inside of my at once.

    Oh my gosh , am gonna die , it pains alot he noticed and stopped maybe with a surprise face .

    "Iyna.... are you a... virgin? He asked .

    I nodded.
     "Fuck!"he cursed and started moving away but I pulled him back.

    "I hope you aint planning to leave me like this ... finish what you started" I said and he looked at me quietly.

    "Iyna ...are you sure? He asked .

    I nodded ,I really want him ,he can't just get me naked and leave me like this, everything flew out of my brain at this moment, his touch gave me desire I've never felt before, my stomach was weird flipping, I want to feel it, if this is a sin then God am sorry.

    And that was it.

    I lost my virginity to the beast whom am already inlove with ....but what will happen tomorrow?

    Chapter 13

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    I really don't know what to say but last-night was amazing,i never enjoyed a woman the way I enjoyed Iyna...she just got me on the edge and I couldn't stop myself,am inlove with that girl...she has stolen my heart.

    And to top it all shes a virgin, I never knew,hasnt she ever had a boyfriend? Am shocked to find out shes a virgin, she's so beautiful so why?

    I woke up this morning and didn't find her anywhere, where is she ? I checked the time and it was 10 sharp.

    I slept this long? But where is she , i went into the bathroom and washed my face , I smiled at myself in the mirror, i recalled last night when she told me not to stop and with the way she was morning my name and clung to me tightly making me loss all my wheel power and drove her into the edge, she was so sweet , damn the thought alone got me hard again.

    After doing my Business i went down stairs to look for her everywhere seem quiet .

    "Iyna " I called heading towards the kitchen, but no sound

    "Babe" I called , well yeah she's now my girl so it's babe , but wait I haven't asked her to be my girlfriend, damn I will have too do that immediately and If she doesn't accept I will lock her up, I Chuckled at my thought no I can't do that to her but I want that girl to be mine forever

    "Iyna , babe " no answer , I frowned, I don't think anyone is in this house , did she leave or what? Anger suddenly flashed through me at the thought that she might have left me on bed , did she regret what we did, I quickly went back to my room ,I called diva on my cellphone.

    "Mr hensmith" he said .

    "Where is Iyna ? I aksed .

    "Sir hayes left early this morning" he replied.

    What she left?, But why ? She couldn't even wake me up she just left?

    "Okay " I said and hanged up.

    I quickly called her number but she wasn't picking, what's going on I called like three times but she wasn't picking.

    Iyna's p.o.v

    I quickly rushed home this morning around 8 I couldn't stay there anymore, am even ashamed of Myself.

    I can't believe I slept with my boss, I just couldn't stop my self I really wanted it but now I feel like there's no difference between i and my mother .

    I shouldn't had let him manipulate me, he did things to me , things that I Haven't felt before, I just gave in for him to have his way with me.

    What will happen now ? Am sure he sees me as a prostitute now , he might even call me a cheap slut , what have i done sleeping with my boss.

    I cried on my bed, I didn't know how long but I cried, am such a big fool, his gotten me into his bed like every other woman, am no different from a prostitute now.

    His not even going to look at my face anymore, God but I love him , I realized that I've falling for him ,I really do, but he doesn't I guess, am just one of his girls and now he won't even want to see me around.

    I cried untill I fell asleep.

    I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, I checked the screen it was him, I quickly sat up on the bed and looked at it , it's him .

    He called again and I just stare at it, my heart is racing and my hands are shaking badly , what else does he want from me , hasn't he gotten what he wanted already.

    It rang again for the fifth time and I took a deep breath and answered it.

    "Umm....hello Mr .. hensmith" I said with a shaking voice.

    "Oh really so it's no more Nicholas but Mr hensmith? He asked angrily.

    Why is he angry .
     " sorry "I whispered.

    "What were you thinking leaving me all alone on the bed and suddenly calling me mr hensmith? Where the fuck are you ?"He asked angrily.

     "Umm....I ...I thought...well....I thought it will be I go, since you wouldn't...want to see me anymore" I said closing my eyes and opening it , I wiped sweat from my forehead. Gosh the Room is suddenly hot.

    "Are you kidding me Iyna....what the fuck do you mean by that ....?he yelled.

    "Please Mr hensmith don't yell at me , I don't know why .......

    "Fuck !" He cursed and hanged up.

    I stare at my phone in shock, and I didn't know I was already crying, I knew it , he doesn't want to have anything with me anymore, what has happened has happened, he Hanged up on me.

    I dropped my phone and went to clean up myself in the bathroom.

    I came out and got a light gown and put it on, I went into the kitchen, Tobia has left home again after I met her in the Morning, she said something like shes going for an interview,i stared at the pot Infront of me, lost in my world , how I have my virginity still ringing in my head , a tear slide down , but it isn't the fact I lost it , is the fact that I've falling for him , but he doesn't want me anymore, I grip the counter right as I wipe my tears , I suddenly feel like am going to get sick.

    Just then there was a knock on the door , I wonder who it is , I gently went and opened it and my heartbeat stopped.

    There he stood looking at me angrily, my heart began to race, what is he doing here? Has he come to call me a prostitute?

    "Umm...why are you ..Here ? I whispered.

    He gave me a killer look and I looked away immediately not wanting to look at his gorgeous eyes that keeps drawing Me to him.

    "Move " he said and I gently did he walked in.

    I closed the door and faced him he was looking at me like his about to punch me .God am so scared, am sure his here to tell me never to show my face to him again, thinking about that I just feel like crying.

    "Now explain to me why you left me like that " he said .

    I looked at him .
     "Umm.....I....I...I thought it was best ...I leave" I replied.

    "What made you think I only wanted to have sex with you and dish you like that ? He asked his eyes on me .

    "Well...isn't that what you do with other women, it's normal for me to think that way " I said wiping my tears that didn't go unnoticed to him, God i hate it that am crying.

    He rubbed his temple and the Back of his neck ,as he stare at me for a while as of reading me, he gently moved to stand right Infront of me making us to almost touch , then he gently took my hand and I looked up into his eyes,i couldn't read what was written there .

    "Iyna" he whispered.

    "Your different, yes I know I've been with different women but you are special....I don't sleep with women in my mansion believe me , hotel is were I take them too...your the only woman that I've let to come into my mansion apart from my family which includes my sister's ...Iyna I know and I understand why you kept your self distance from Me all of a feel I just wanted sex but what we had wasn't just sex , Iyna I made love to you, that was what we did it wasn't just fucking like the word is , your much more than that ..Iyna maybe I haven't told you this or showed it ... but you have stolen my heart ....I love you "he whispered.

    I stare at him shocked, oh my gosh did he just say he loves me , tell me it's a dream.somebody slap me .

    "Y_you ....l_love ..m_me? I asked the vulnerability In my voice giving me away .

    "Iyna from the very first day I met you, you should know that ever since I met you , I don't sleep around anymore, I know we didn't plan for what happened last-night but non of us could control our Desire , we wanted each other and that's why it happened....."

    "Am not the one to believe In love since I ended relationship with Dorris but when you came along I wanted you so badly Iyna ,....I really have genuine feelings for you , and am gonna prove it if that's what you want " he said .

    So Dorris was his ex, hmmm no wonder , maybe I will ask Him that later , but can I actually do this , he looks so sincere.

    "But your my boss" I whispered.

    "Does it matter? He asked .

    I pulled my hand from his and turned my back on him, I closed my eyes tightly, God I don't want to make a mistake, am so scared.

    "Nicholas, we can't do this,...your my boss and it won't be nice for us to do this, what will the media say if they found out, I really don't want this " I Said somewhere in my heart I really wanted it but I just don't know why am retreating.

    I felt him touch my arms and turned me to face him.
     "Are you saying no to me because of the press?...Iyna am the one who should be concerned about that ,... forget anything anyone want to say ....I love you ....or don't you at least like me enough to be in a Relationship with me ? He asked .

    "Iyna I know I've been such a jerk to you ever since I met you but this were the walls I could hide myself from my true feelings, but I enjoyed being with you any thoughts of punishment varnished, at that point is you i wanted , and I want you so badly , I love you , I've falling for you " he said searching my eyes as he touched my cheek , his hand sent a worm feeling into my body .


    I closed my eyes and opened it and stare into his eyes, his pleading for me to accept

    " really do...infact I admit it , I've falling inlove with you too....and that's what am afraid off, " I said.

    He pulled me to him.
     "Why would you be afraid, my family loves you already, they were so happy thinking your my girlfriend, so what are you afraid off? He asked.

    "What if ...we don't work out ...what if Something happens and you tell me to go, I really don't wanna get hurt Nicholas....." I whispered.
     And a tear slip down from my eyes , oh god am already crying, he wiped my tears .

    "Shh... nothing of such will happen Iyna ... believe me, I would never do that I will never hurt you , am a sincere person when it comes to relationship, I could never hurt you I promise... please just accept it " he pleaded.

    Some how i believe him, he sounds sincere ,we both stood looking into each other's eyes as he waited for me to answer him.
    Gud night guys

    Chapter 14

    Iyna's p.o.v

    Right now I and Nicholas lay on my bed, don't ask me how we got here ,you should know already, we started kissing and we ended here and doing it again.

    Somewhere in my heart i felt happy and loved as I recalled my grandma's words .

    *Once you see whom your heart desires even your heart can't stop you*

    *Learn to love and beloved*

    Yes I can't let my mom past continue to hunt me, I met and fell inlove with Nicholas, and am happy he does too, and I agreed to be his girlfriend, he was so happy that he grabbed me at once , kissing the hell out of me and we ended up here,I never knew he had this good side of him am still surprised, after what happened between us I thought he wàs gonna ask me to leave and call me one of his flings but instead the unexpected happened.

    Nicholas hensmith confessed his love to me, Yes all this time we do shout at each other we were inlove but didn't realize it, at least now am just praying that we last ,cause am scared , what if he ends up leaving me just like my mom was left by Raymon's dad and mine, I will feel so hurt , thinking about that got me even scared.

    "Baby are you okay? Nicholas asked playing with my hair as my head lay on his chest.

    "Yeah" I whispered.

    "Are you sure? You seem to be worried about something" he said .

    I raised my head and looked at him he stare at me back , his so handsome with does beautiful eyes of his, maybe I should ask him about Dorris.

     "Umm....Nick...what happened between you and Dorris ? I asked.

    He signed and touched my hair .

    "It's a long story" he said.
     "I don't mind listening to it" I said touching his face he took my hand and kissed it .

    "Umm....well, she's my ex..."he said and i nodded.

    "I was so much inlove with her back then , actually it was gradually, cause I never believed in loving someone due to my grandparents story of how they hurt each other till at last they ended up together, same goes to my family, theirs was even worse , I discovered that love hurts a lot so I try not to enter into that line at all"

    "But my thoughts changed when I met Dorris , she was so beautiful that I fell instantly inlove with her, I tried and became her friend, and we were always together, I really showed her my love ...and I asked her to be my girlfriend, she was really happy and we started dating, I told my family about her although my mom didn't approve it same goes to my two sisters, they said they don't like her, but I refused to listen to them because I really loved Dorris "

    He took a deep breath, somewhere in my heart I feel jealous seriously.

    "So, the first year of our relationship was going well, the second year Dorris started being distance, each time i try to talk to her she gives me cold attitude, at a point I thought maybe i did something wrong , but she never told me anything, I do take her out and make sure I get anything she wanted but she distance herself more, I became worried, and suspicious that she was up to something"

    "My mom told me to Break up with her but I couldn't, I just couldn't hurt her, after some months I decided to propose To her at least we can be engaged while we study at college, then that day I found Dorris kissing .......

    He stopped
     I touched him and pushed him to continue.

    "She was kissing Collins" he said .

    I gasped.
     "What? I asked .

    " Yeah , Collins was my friend back then, but after that day I broke all ties with him, it's recently his father started doing business with us that's why he was part of the meeting the other day " he said.

    Oh my no wonder he looks so angry when ever he sees Collins.

    "I had a big fight with him, thinking he kissed Dorris , but Dorris never said a word, i was expecting her to start explaining to me or even apologize, but she looked me in the face and told me , she doesn't love me but Collins, I was broken...I couldn't believe it, even right there I thought she was joking, I even knelt down and begged her to not hurt me like that ....but she told me shes done with me and Collins pulled her away ,i just couldn't believe it Iyna....I never knew Dorris will do such a thing to me ...

    "My family became so furious at her most especially me , and that's because I didn't listen to them, I ended up throwing the ring away , it was useless.
     She breaking up with me made the whole situation worse and I completely hate to feel love, I hate the word love and I began to use women any how I wanted , I didn't want anything to be attached just one night stand and your gone, I started seeing love as something that only hurts people after you pour out your emotions then you get stabbed right behind you , Dorris turned me into a complete jerk and I hurt many women just because I was mad of the situation"

    Tears fell from his eyes, me too I was already crying.

    "Why does it have to hurt so much Iyna ... thinking about it ,and the humiliations and mockery I got from people, I was broken beyond repair......

    He pulled me to him and held my face as he looked into my eyes.

    "But then I met you ,and I wanted nothing more but to have you ,...Iyna I love you so much and I don't want to loss you too, I will die if you leave me " he said.

    I shook my head.
     "Don't say that ,....I won't leave you ...Dorris has hurt you so much and to think she hurt you Because of Collins i just can't believe it, she deserved to be punished, she doesn't deserve to be loved by any man , how could she hurt you so badly " I said touching his cheek.

     "Iyna....that's why I was really upset when Collins was trying to flirt with you , and then he sent you flowers, I became furious that his trying to take you away too, I just lost it each time I think you won't belong to me ....but I just want you all to myself, I love you so much Iyna .....I really do" he said .

    I nodded.
     "I love you too" I whispered.

    And I kissed him.
     And hugged him.

    Dorris has hurt him so much , that bitch ....

    And then Collins that asshole.
     And his trying to have his way with me that bastard


    Nicholas's p.o.v

    After telling Iyna everything i felt relieved, am so happy she belongs to me now, but I won't lie that am not scared she might change her mind about me, I really don't want her to hurt me and leave me just like Dorris did.

    She loves me and I love her, but I will never leave her, I must keep her here with me forever she stole my heart and it will remain that way .

    Right now she's making food in the kitchen and am watching her, she's just blushing and I Chuckled.

    "Your Making me uncomfortable Nicholas" she said.

    I went close to her and hugged her from behind.
     "Are you sure? I whispered kissing her ear.

    She chuckled and try to push me away .
     "Now your distracting me mr man" she said.

    I turned her to face me, and play with her hair .
     "Am so happy we are together" I whispered.

    I kissed her forehead.
     "Why don't you let me cook the meal? I asked.

    She eyed me.

    "So you can burn down my house right ? She said .

    I laughed.
     "Am a good cook believe me" I said

    "Mr Nicholas hensmith I doubt that " she hissed and turned back to cooking.

     "Do you think am lying? Ok why don't you ask yourself....why don't I have a maid " I said and she turned to me.

    "Yeah that's true ... why? She asked.

    I pulled her to me by the waist.
     "Because I cook for myself sometimes.....the first maid I had wanted me I told her to leave and since then maids are terrible"I said.

    " if you weren't happy she's over you " she said and I raised an eyebrow.

    "Someone is jealous" I teased.

    "Of course not" she replied.

    "But why do you sound so ....your jealous"I teased on.

    "Did you sleep with her? She asked suddenly making me to draw back.

     "Iyna., didn't, i told you I told her to leave.... besides I don't do that in my mansion....I do it in the hotel " I replied.

    She seem upset and she turned her back and continue cooking.

    "Iyna ."I pulled her to face me again.

    "Am sorry if my past is hurting you , but you should know your the only one now ...I love you and I won't hurt you ... please trust me " I said .

    I looked into her eyes and she touched my face .

    "Am sorry am taking it personal, it's your past , I wasn't there shouldn't hurt me "she says.

    "Iyna.....I want you to trust me okay , please...we need to trust each other to make this relationship work , I won't hurt you ..... promise me you won't ever think am cheating on you .... promise me you will always love and trust me " I said.

     "I promise....."she whispered.

    I smiled and I bend my head and we started kissing, I didn't know for how long .

    ". Ahhhhhh. ....THE FOOD IS BURNING"

    We quickly pulled away as we heard the shout .
     It was Tobia.

    Iyna's p.o.v

    I rushed and off the gas ,.

    "Oh my god the pancake is burnt" Tobia cried out coming to see it.

    Nicholas chuckled, I laughed.

    "Wait a second...." Tobi said looking at us.

     "Prince charming....oh my gosh's you , what's going both were kissing so passionately.....I smell something" she said .

    And Nicholas chuckled
     "Are you both .......?she asked

    I smiled, she jumped up.

     "Yessssssaaaaaahhh.......this is amazzzzzing.............." She shouted and jumped ontop of Nicholas.

    Making them to fall on the floor , I burst out laughing.

    "Oh my god am so sorry " she said trying to pull him up Nicholas chuckled.

    "Calm down" he said laughing.

     " so happy for you both , I can't believe after all this year's Iyna Finally decided to have a boyfriend....... thank goodness shes finally forgotten her Mo..........

    "Tobia "I cut her off and shook my head telling her not to complete her word.

    She suddenly chuckled.
     "Oh my ...what was I saying? She laughed

    Nicholas looked at us confused.
     "Forgotten what ? He asked.

    Oh my gosh am not ready to tell him this , what if he doesn't want me anymore after finding out am a daughter to a prostitute and I don't even know my father .

    "Umm....oh prince charming... actually what I mean to say is ....Iyna Finally forgot her promise...that she will not fall inlove with you " Tobi changed it and we laughed.

    " you actually promised not to love me? He asked amusingly.

    "Yeah kind of "I replied.

     "Yes prince's funny right ? Tobi asked.

    "Yes "he chuckled.

    And pulled me to him.

    "Awwwnnnn....I really love this know what you both to go seat down In the living room I will make another meal ....then we can watch Netflix and eat so well....."she said happily.

    "Common go" she pushed I and Nicholas out of the kitchen.

    "We are going"I said and Nicholas chuckled.

    Later we ate and began watching Netflix together, the movie is really interesting, I rested my head on Nicholas shoulder all through, and he played with my hair sometimes he will look down and our eyes will meet .

    He will quickly steal a kiss from my lips and I will blush, once Tobi catches us she will clear her throat and face the TV back.

    "Am watching the TV" she quickly said and we Chuckled.

    I was so happy, I never knew this day will come that I will fall Inlove with the Man i dislike before.

    Am so happy, my grandma needs to hear this .

    Later Nicholas kissed me and went home , he said his picking me tomorrow on his way to the office, I refused but he insisted so I gave in.

    Tomorrow am gonna be riding with him to the company.

    I turned and saw Tobi piping through my back to see, I pushed her in .

    "She's inlove ....she's inlove" she shouted.

    "Tobi" I yelled and chase after her..

    Chapter 15

    Iyna's p.o.v

    Nicholas picked me up the following morning and we drove to the company, he came out and opened my door for me , I thanked him and came out .

    He placed his hand on my waist and we both walked into the company, I was so shy cause everyone was looking at us and with the way his hand was around me I feel so uncomfortable,.

    We reached my office door and he pulled me to him.

     "Nicholas...what are you doing? I asked.

    "I want to kiss you "he said moving his head down, I use my eyes to scan if anyone was coming.

    "Nicholas...we are outside let's not do it here" I said trying to push him .

    "Iyna you must kiss me or I won't leave you "he said stubbornly I signed and tip_toe and perked him, but he pulled me at once and deepened the kiss.

    He pulled away and smirked at me then wink.

    "Gosh you this man" I muttered.

    He chuckled Kiss my cheek and went to his office, I turned and enter mine.

    I head out of my office later to go make coffee for Nicholas suddenly Rose and Andy rushed me.

    "Oh my gosh you guys scared me" I said.

    "Iyna gist us....what happened between you both, Mr hensmith suddenly looks happy and he even held your waist " rose says cheerfully.

    "It's not usual of him to do that , I think there's something going on... please Iyna tell us we are your friends' Andy pout like a girl.

    I Chuckled

    "Promise me you won't tell anyone"i said.

    "Pinky promise"they both said.

    I looked around and saw no one I face them.

    "We are dating" I whispered.

    They both gasped.

     " real Dating? Rose asked .

    I nodded.
     "Am not surprised....I was expecting it" Andy said.

    "Oh Andy how could you be so wicked ....after you and I are like this " rose crossed her fingers.

    "Yet you noticed and you didn't tell me " she faked a angry face .

    "Well I thought you will notice since your a girl , it seems as if boys do the work well this days" Andy said and I Chuckled.

    "Umm I need to go , I have to make coffee for him" I said

    "Am so happy for you girl, "rose hugged me.

    "Yeah me too"Andy replied.

    I nodded and I left to the kitchen to make him coffee .

    My phone started ringing it was my grandma Calling I happily picked it up.

    "Hello granny ..."I said happily.

    "Oh iynaama how are you ? She asked .

    "Am fine granny , how are you doing how is your health? I asked .

    "Am getting better dear "she said .

    "Granny I was actually planning to call you I want to tell you something" I said.

    "Go on my dear "she said .

    " " I said .

    She gasped.
     "Oh my world.... finally you open your heart....tell me who is the lucky man? She asked.

    "'s my boss "I said .

    "You fell for your he an old man...oh my god I hope he isn't an old man ...."she said worriedly.

    I laughed .
     "Granny of course not, his a very young man , maybe his elder then me for 3 or 2 " I replied.

    She gave a sign of relief.

    "Oh my dear , that's nice then am happy for you ....I hope we will be introduced soon? She asked.

    "Yes granny ...."I replied.

    "Okay dear ....I will look forward to that, bye" she said .

    "Bye , " I smiled and hanged up.

    Am so happy.
     I finally made the coffee I knocked on his door and i heard come in.

    He smiled at me, and got walking to me ,I smiled .
     "You shouldn't knock next time , just enter "he said pulling me gently to him

    I blushed.
     "Nicholas you should drink your coffee before it gets cold " I said.

    He kissed my hair collected the coffee and dropped it on the desk , he rest on tge desk and pulled me between his legs .

    He started kissing my neck .

     " should really start working" I try to pull away .

    "Common Iyna ....I don't have anything to do about we go to my house? He said .

    I looked at him surprised.
     "Your house? I asked surprised.

    "Yes" he replied.

    "When do you suddenly become so lazy Mr hensmith? I teased him playing with his shirt .

    "Since the day I had your lips on mine.....I wanna kiss you Everytime and never stop" he replied.

    I blushed.
     "I see ...."I replied smiling.

    He pulled my head down and was about to kiss me.

     "Nicholas...anyone could enter ...."I try to get him to stop.

    "No one will dare open my office without knocking," he said .

    And he kissed my neck as I closed my eyes and feel his lips on my skin , then we started kissing passionately.

    God his just like a drug to me , he lifted me up and placed me on the desk and stood between my legs , he mistakenly knocked the coffee down.

    "Oh my gosh".
     "Shit" we both said at the same time and chuckled.

    "Look at what you've done " I said looking at the broken cup on the floor

    "We will clean it later " he says and kissed me again.

    I kissed him back and soon he was undoing my botton while I was doing his too .

    Suddenly the door flung open and we jerked apart to see who dare entered like that .

    And my eyes widen at the sight , Nicholas looked like his about to murder someone.

    "Sir I really try to stop her , but she refused" Miranda the Secretary explained.

    Who else......?

    Of course it's Dorris.

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    What is she doing here? What does she want , how dare her badge into my office like that .

    "It's okay can go" I said she nodded abd left .

    Dorris smiled and Started coming towards me .

    "Oh baby I miss you so much " she tries to hug me I push her away .

    "What are you doing here? I asked angrily.

    Dorris looked over at Iyna who just stood giving her deadly glare .

    " ...I came for us to talk, we weren't able to talk at the party ...that's why " she said dropping her bag on my desk

    I looked at her angrily,has she gone mad.

    "What do you want to talk about? I asked .

    She eyed iyna and back to me .
     "Baby why don't she leave....we need privacy" she said pointing at Iyna .

    "Am sorry but she's staying here, anything you wanna say,say it and leave am busy " I said .

    "Common baby ....I need to talk to you in private" she said .

    "Umm.... Nicholas...I will be in my office" Iyna said moving away I grab her hand .

    "Your staying here ...." I said .

    "Please, talk to her ....I have something I wanna do ,"she said .

    I really didn't want her to go, gosh this stupid Dorris, I pulled her to me and kissed her lips she blushed .

    Dorris looks so angry, Iyna kissed my cheek and left I smiled at her till she closed the door .

    I faced Dorris back who was ready to punch my wall, I love that .

    "So...what do you want? I asked going to seat on my desk.

     "Nicholas...are you really dating that bitch ? She cursed .

    "What did you just call her..?... aint you the one that's the bitch ? I asked angrily.

    How dare her call my Iyna a bitch I could strangle this loser .

    "Baby am sorry , I didn't mean to get you angry" she said coming towards me.

    I stare at her .
     "What do you want Dorris ? I asked .

    "Baby you " she said.

    Is she mad? I Chuckled then I looked at her angrily.

    "Are you okay ...are you sure you didn't miss your way ? I asked .

    She bend towards me and touched my chest I pushed her hand away

    "Don't you dare touch me like that again...what are you up too? I asked angrily.

    "Look Nicholas...I know what I did was wrong am sorry but I want you back , let's settle this and come back together....I realized I loved you so much am sorry " she said .

    "You disgust me ....I can't believe you came to tell me this , please you have to leave"I told her getting up.

    "Please Nicholas....I know somewhere in your heart you still feel something towards me let's come back together and I promise not to repeat my mistake" she said trying to touch my cheek

    I held her hand and pull her away .

    "Am sorry but your 5 years late ...I've moved on , I don't want anything to do with you " i said .

    She looks angry .
     "Is it because your sleeping with your P.A? She asked .

     "She's not just my P.A but my you can leave now " I said.

    "I can't believe your going to push me away because of that girl .... Nicholas you and I belong together...we love each other I know you don't love her ....your doing it because your mad at me " she said .

    Gosh she's Making me so angry now.

     "Really ..,you think i do?..I thought you were the one Dorris ...then you turned around and walked out of our I found someone better ...and to me you don't exist anymore.... it's like I've never even met ...if you ask me how many times I thought about's your hope's are useless....your nothing to me " I said truthfully.

    She looked so angry .
     Then like she was about to cry .
     "Nicholas...I know I betrayed you with Collins i didn't know what came over me, Collins made me thought he loved me, I was blinded to see it but I really want you to forgive me , please " she begged.

    What's she up to, I can't trust her.

    "Am sorry but you can't play tricks on me Dorris ... please leave ....and I don't want to see you ever again...I have a new life now ....I don't want you in it " I said.

    She looked at me surprised.

    "You better leave before i call the security" I said with a hard tone.

    "Alright ....I will leave , but you will hear from me " she said with that she picked her bag and walked out .

    I took In a deep breath and fell back on my chair , that woman is crazy to think her tricks will work on me , I just hope I never see her again.

    Dorris p.o.v

    He thinks am sorry for leaving him, I never regretted it, I never loved him I just want to destroy him. He has to pay for the sins of his father and mother, they hurt my mother it's time for my revange.

    Chapter 16

    Dorris p.o.v

    I walked into my mansion angrily and went straight to the bar and took a glass of whiskey.

    Gosh I can't believe he found out I was tricking him, I really want him to pay , his father hurt my mother so badly ..

    "Dorris? My mom called as I looked up at her.

    "How did it go? She asked

    "It didn't work out, his already dating the bitch and I think that's it ...."I said angrily.

    My mother was arrested 25 years ago when she Short Vanessa Clinton, she and Patra got into prison.

    Well along the way , she and patra escaped from prison but Patra was short at the process so she was the only one who escaped ,she went into another city and she changed her self completely to a different person, now she had changed her looks .it's hard to recognize her.

    When she told me about how she loved Nicholas father but instead he pushed her away and said it was Vanessa he wanted, my blood boiled and to even think she went into prison for it.

    She had me for another man the following year , she got pregnant, well she got married to him but 3 year's later he died.

    When my mom told me about Nicholas family and her revenge i was against it but somehow i agreed to do what she wanted since she's my mother and I love her so much, she told me she only married my dad because of money and because she got pregnant.

    Well I don't blame her, because she's still so much inlove with Nicholas father, well what can I say about that ? I've always looked up to Jason hensmith, wishing his my father if only he loved my mom and married I would had been his daughter instead.

    Mom asked me to be close to Nicholas and make him fall for me which we succeeded, but I was really furious with his parents and decided to end the relationship.

    But I made a mistake, I would have continued the relationship with him so I could have the opportunity to ruin him for good, Collins thought I loved him that's why I followed him .

    I later told him I was not interested in him but although we are working together, he wàs the one who gave me information about that P.A of a girl .

    Well she's not actually my problem, Nicholas and his family are .

    And with the information I have found about Iyna hayes, I could destroy her and that of Nicholas reputation, yes I made investigation on her .

    And I found out her mom is a prostitute and she has an elder brother whom is fatherless same goes to her , they don't know there father , once I pass this information to the press Nicholas reputation will be ruined...but not really ruined but ateast that's where am starting from.

    Let them wait and watch .

    "So what's gonna happen? Mom asked .

    "With the information we have so far about his P.A I think we could start from there know when I went to that business party , Jason was so happy around Vanessa .... little do they know am only gonna destroy them."I said drinking my whiskey.

    I pull out a cigarette and light it , and smoke.

    "Jason thought it's over , he neglected my love and choose Vanessa over me ....I wanted him dead but so bad he survived that accident...and then Vanessa took the bullet for him...and she survived it .....if only he knew how much i love him....he said I was obsessed with him....well he should watch and see how I destroy his precious family" mom said and I smirked.

    She took a cigarette and smoke too.
     "The game has just begin" I said.

    She smirked, filled another glass with whiskey and we toast .

    "It has" she replied.
     Iyna's p.o.v

    After Dorris left I went back to Nicholas, he sat down looking through some files when I opened his office door , he looked at me and smiled .

    "Am sorry I didn't call you to tell you the bitch already left " he said and I Chuckled.

    I walked to him and sat on his lap wrapping my arms around his neck .

    "Why was she here? I asked .

    "Umm, should I say beg,? But it's not working am not letting her little tricks on me "he says .

    I touched his cheek .
     "Did she ask you to come back to her or something? I asked.

    He signed.
     "She did , but I asked her to leave, cause she was making me upset" he said .

    "Hmmm....okay ...but I hope she won't show up again...cause am still surprised she just came after 5 years to confess love to you " I said feeling upset .

    Nicholas pulled my face to him.

    "Hay baby don't need to be sad or worried, your the one I love and will love for ever, you shouldn't let Dorris make you upset " he said , I smiled.

    I leaned down and kissed his lips .
     "I really want you on my bed right now ms hayes" he said rubbing his nose with mine .

    I pushed his face away and he chuckled.
     "Your so crazy " I said .

    "I know, you make me crazy though...I feel like taking you on my desk " he whispered Kissing my neck .

    And his hand moved under my cloth.
     I pushed his hand away and got up from his lab giving him a glare .

    "Your so unbelievable Mr hensmith"I said and he chuckled.
     "I should go now "I said and left his office but I heard him laughing.

    Arggn that beast.
     I smiled to myself

    "Iyna " I heard someone called my name I turned to see Rose smiling and coming towards me .

    "Let's have lunch together" she said cheerfully

    "Umm..okay , just hold on let me tell mr hensmith" I said .

    She smiled and I opened his office after I told him and he agreed ,I smiled and left with Rose to the restaurant to eat .

    Now we are seated eating,
     "Umm...this meal is so delicious, this is one of the best restaurants,so fantastic you know" she said taking a spoon of her tomato porridge, I smiled at her .

    Well am eating, beef and sauce salad .
     "It's really delicious" I moaned too.

    Rose stare at me with wide eyes .

    "Did you just moan Iyna...oh my gosh hensmith isn't even kissing you neither romancing your body and you moaned ? She asked .I Chuckled.

    "Don't get it wrong the food is delicious, don't get it wrong" I said she smiled .

    And we continued eating.

    "Here comes Mr hensmith enemy " Rose said and I turned to see who she was referring too and it was no one else but Collins.

    Our eyes met and he smirked I rolled my eyes and faced rose back.

    "I really don't want him to come here " I muttered.
     "He is already" Rose said and truly the bastard came.

    "Hey ms hayes" he said taking a seat at the empty chair .

    I gave him a fake smile .
     "Someone isn't in a good mood,what happened? He asked .

    "Are you stalking me mr brand , am sure you know my boyfriend won't like this " I said.

    "Boyfriend? Wait which boyfriend? Cause am sure it can't be Nicholas" he said .

    I gave him an angry look .
     "Well sorry to disappoint you ...he happens to be the one " I answered.

    He looked surprised and angry .
     "I can't believe you fell for the lying bastard, his just gonna dumb you like he did to others " he said.

    I looked at him angrily.
     "I would like it if you stop intruding in matters that doesn't concern you " I said angrily.

    "Feisty are we? Common ms hayes...why are you pretending like you don't know who Nicholas is, am sure his playing one of his dirty games on you...and you happen to believe him" he said.

    God I could slap this idiot for speaking so much nonsense.

    "Well excuse me do you kind of have a problem with my boss Mr brand? Rose asked giving him the * are you okay look"

    Collins looked at her .

    "You don't need to bother Mending words with him Rose, let's get out of here " I said getting up while Rose got up too.

    But Collins grabbed my wrist .
     "Why are you in a hurry ms hayes, does it hurt you so much to hear the truth that your just one of his flings and he will dish you away once his done ? Collins asked.

    I don't know where the courage came From but I took my soda drink and at once I poured it on him in a flash .

    "Fuck! He cursed and gave me an angry look.

    "Next time , don't you dare talk to me you asshole" I yelled and walked out with Rose following me laughing her head out .

    How dare him talk about Nicholas like that , yes his been with women but he Confessed his love to me and I believe him, he won't abandon me , I believe him, I know I could trust him .

    I need to tell him about this .

    Chapter 17

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    It has happened again, another money has been stolen.

    I paced my office up and down angrily,right now my father is here with me and we are Waiting for Ravis and Andy to come back.

    "Someone is behind this , I mean this isn't the first,second and third time it's happening" I said angrily.

    "Just calm down son" dad said .

    Just then the office opened and Jack and kelvin my friends walked in ,and Ravis and Andy .

    "Do you find anything? I asked.

    Ravis brought a file and gave me Andy dropped a lap top on my desk .

     "Mr hensmith we were able to get some information....this number it's a GPRs .." Ravis said showing me a number...


    "Could it open the file ? I asked .
     "It's gonna be used in the laptop it's kind of a device" Andy replied, showing me another exact number, but with a different alphabet at the end


    "That means the person is and the other are working together since the numbers are the same except for the alphabets " my dad said .

    "The name we found under the number 24609B is no one else but Collins brand " Ravis said making us shocked .

    It's him all this while ? He was stealing from my company that son of a bitch .

    "So his been behind this ? My dad asked shocked.

    "Yes Mr Hensmith...and the name we found under 24609h is ....ummm" Ravis looked through the laptop.

    ",It's under the name , Dorris Huffman" he said.

     "So that means Dorris and Collins are working together,...they have been the one stealing the money....they are the cause of the ship and it's fall, no wonder we lost so many billions " Andy said .

    I was shocked, Dorris has been stealing from me also with Collins? Why didn't I notice this?

    I hit my desk angrily.

     "I should have known she's up to something...."I growled.

    "We need to track them down ...Kevin your good at it you should track them " my dad said .

    "Mr hensmith, we already tried doing it by tracking the number but we can't get through it , it has another secret lock ...and I think it will take us months to track them " Ravis said .

    "His right , and since Collins is always seen around we should get hold of him maybe he will lead us to where all the cash has been kept " jack said .

    I stood quietly,gosh this is bad , Collins was Robbing my company, if I hadn't find out this now him and Dorris was planning to leave me bankrupt so my company will crush before my eyes and I will be left with nothing, if I had find this on time i would had crush her head to the wall 2 weeks again when she came tricking me, I told my family about it ....they where shocked.

    But why was she doing this ?

    They should be a reason right ?

    I need to find out .

    "Okay doesn't matter how long it takes to track those numbers but we have to start the tracking now " I said .

    "Yes Mr Hensmith...we are right on it" Ravis said and Andy and him left the office.

    I fell back on my chair , why didn't i see this coming.?

    "Am glad we were able to figure this out on time , but why is Collins helping Dorris to steal from us,...why is she doing this and why did she show up all of a sudden? My dad asked .

    "I seriously am asking that same questions in my mind dad , and I've not gotten any answer to it ...I smell something fishy , I think Dorris is trying to harm us " I said .

    "I reasoned that too" kelvin said .

    "Kelvin it's our job to do this business well, we will start Investigating soon , and we need to help Andy and Ravis to track down that number...we need to find them" jack said .

    Kelvin nodded .

    Why is Dorris doing this?

    Collins p.o.v

    I know so many of you already hate me , well I won't blame anyone , but am not trying to hurt anyone, years ago I caused the break up between Nicholas and Dorris , we were really good friends then Dorris ruined everything, I thought she loved me .

    But she only used me , hmmm, she told me she never loved Nicholas but wants revenge for her mother , she asked me to help her which I gladly accepted cause I want to teach her a lesson.

    She thinks am really helping her,but am also planning my revenge on her because she hurt my feelings, I really loved her but she thought she could mess with me and go score free.

    Am the one who mailed those numbers to the Hensmith's, I want them to know Dorris is behind the stolen money and planning to ruin his company.

    While I pretend to be following her.,but she doesn't know she's my worse enemy for breaking Nicholas friendship with me .

    I really don't wanna steal Iyna from him, but it's all part of a plan, I want Iyna to think am stalking her so she could report to Nicholas so Nicholas could confront me and then I will tell him the whole truth about Dorris and her mother's plan , I just hope he believes me tho because at the moment, meeting him will end badly.

    Dorris will pay ,

    She messed with the wrong guy this time around, let her watch and see how I make her life miserable.

    I stood far from Nicholas company as I watch up, I could see Andy , Ravis, kelvin and Jack discussing something in the top floor,i adjusted my dark sunglasses taking a deep breath i entered my car and drove off before they could see me

    Chapter 18

    Collins p.o.v

    Right now am in my car heading to meet Dorris, she called me and asked us to meet in her house and right now I've arrived.

    I know why she called, she must have found out about the hensmith's finding out she's behind the stolen money.

    I went In and saw her working on her laptop with full concentration her mom sat beside her .

    "Well, what's happening? I asked pretending like I don't know.

    "Collins i think the hensmith's has somehow found out about the GPRs numbers, and its like they are trying to track us " Dorris said .

    I sat down.
     "That's impossible...the number is secured how can they just find out like that ? I asked angrily.

    "I think someone linked it" serina said .

    I eyed her.
     "Well...I think your kind of ..not right , we need to find out the person if you think tho" I said .

     "Look Collins ....I will make sure I will destroy that hensmith's before they know it , ...and starting from that Iyna girl ...I will make sure her information ruined the hensmith's not gonna waste time about it anymore" she said angrily.

    No , no way, I can't let this happen, if she link out iyna's background life it will be so horrible for the press to take In, what do I do to stop this ?

     " , just calm down , am sure we could try to find this out in a good way , let's not link iyna's identity yet " I said .

    Gosh she's so evil.
     "But we have to act fast before they track us " serina said .

    "Just calm down...let me try to see what I can do to dislocate them ...but firstly we need to change the numbers ...she block the old one ,with that they won't be able to track us" I said .

    They were quite for a while but then nodded .
     "Okay Collins please do your best " Dorris said .

    Of course I will do my best to ruin you and your precious mother , just wait and watch as I turn the battle against you both .

    "Sure ...I have to go now " I stood up.

    "Alright,once anything come up let us know" serina said .

    "Sure " I replied and head out .

    I quickly went to my car ,

    Damn, Iyna has to tell Nicholas about her background before this bitch ruins everything.

    Collins think , do something before it's too late , you need to see Nicholas, but how would you ....

    Right , I know what to do , I just hope this time around it works .

    And with that i drive off.

    Iyna's p.o.v

    Nicholas has been so furious since yesterday, I can't believe Dorris and Collins have been stealing the company money .

    "So you mean to say was the Collins guy who always stalk you ? Tobi asked .

    "Yes...and the idiot ex girlfriend,i just feel like Killing that girl with my bare hands" I said angrily.

    "Well I just pray his able to track them down before it's too late this is really disastrous" Tobi said.

    We sat quietly untill there was a knock on the door , who could it be ?

    "I will check that out " Tobi said getting up to open the door but she was looking out and bend to take something.

    "Tobi who is there? I asked.

    She turned to face me holding a bunch of flowers in her hand and closed the door .

    "I think it's yours Iyna " she says I frowned.

    "Who dropped it? I asked

    "I didn't see anyone , you should take a look " she says handing me the flowers.

    I quickly collected it and checked the card .it says .

    *My sunshine, I will do what ever it takes to break you and Nicholas up*

    From Collins .

    I gasped, oh my God , it's Collins.

    "What happened? Tobi asked .

    I gave her and she read it .

    "Oh my word Iyna ...what's he up too ...? Tobi asked .

    "I need to tell Nicholas about this " I said .

    I quickly took my phone and dialed his number.

    "Baby ...what's.....

    "Nicholas i need to show you something it's really important, are you home ? I quickly asked cutting him off.

    "Yes baby ...I am ' he replied.

    "Good am coming" I said and hanged .

    "Am going to see him"I said rushing to my room , I changed took my handbag and the flowers and rushed to get a cab to his house .

    Collins is crossing his limit , Nicholas has to hear this .

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    I stare at the card in my hand and read the word over and over again.
     How dare Collins , I smashed the flowers with my feet.

    "Calm down Nicholas... nothing will happen of such " Iyna try to calm me down .

    "What the fuck does he ,want? Why is he always hell bent on getting everything from me , I trusted him as my close friend, but then be betrayed by stealing Dorris from me. He didn't even care if it hurts ...and now his after you , I will kill that son of a bitch once I get hold of him," I growled angry hitting the wall.

    Iyna pulled me back .
     "Nicholas believe me nothing of such will happen, I love you and I will never leave you " she said looking deep into my eyes .

    I saw honesty in it, I pulled her and kissed her, god I don't want to loss her, I will kill that bastard.

    Her phone began ringing and we pulled apart , she searched through her bag and brought it out she looked at the screen but frowned .

    "Hello .,who is this? She asked .
     Suddenly she looked upset .

    "Collins what the hell do you .....

    I grabbed the phone from her at once and barged in the phone .

    "How dare you try to mess with me Collins .,I could destroy you for this dare you threatened to break us up? I yelled .

    "Someone seems so upset about we meet and discuss this dear friend? He asked .

    I suddenly smirked, this is a good opportunity to get him , and I will be able to track Dorris.

    "Why ? I asked.

    "Aint you so protective of your Iyna ...let's meet and I will tell you why ...I will text you where we could meet " he said and hanged up.

    I looked at the phone angrily.
     "What did he say Nicholas? Iyna asked .

    "Am meeting with the son of a bitch , he said he has something to tell me " I said .

    "Let me go with you "she said .

    No way I can't let her go with me.
     "No Iyna should go back home now , I will tell you everything once am back I promise" I said .

    She was quite for a while and nodded .
     "Please be careful" she says

    I hugged and kissed her hair .
     "I will tell diva to drop you off" I said .

    She nodded.

    Some minutes later Iyna went back home and i got the address shortly.

    I quickly, got into my Mercedes Benz and drove off to meet the BASTARD....

    I arrived at the place, it was a little building, I gently knocked on the door and 5 minutes later it opened , it was Collins.

    He was smirking at me , before I could stop myself I punched him hard on the face , he staggered back I charged towards him again grabbing his collar.

    "You dare you send flowers to Iyna" I punched him again.

    But he wasn't fighting back, why the hell isn't he fighting back, I could even kill him now.

    "NICHOLAS STOP IT" he shouted and my fist hanged half way to make a contact with his face again.

    I shoved my hand away and he spit out blood , I really want to murder the BASTARD.

    "I didn't call you here for this you just behave" he said breathing hard is he looked at me.

    He moved to close the door I just stare at him, what is he up too, planning to kill me so no one knows?

    "So what is it you want to tell me , and why are you fuckin stalking Iyna ...? After all you did taking dorris from me I won't let you have your wat with Iyna too" I yelled .

    "I think what happened 5, years ago was even good , cause you won't be standing here by now Nicholas" he shouted.

    I stare at him confused.
     "What nonsense are you talking about ? I asked .

    "You think Dorris loved you, she never did, she only faked the relationship and got you to fall for her ....I have all the information you need to get about Dorris " he yelled .

    I don't get him , fake ?

    "Collins ...if this is one of your tricks then it won't work...I swear i will kill you " I yelled .

    "You don't seem to get it do you ,...?...Dorris only wants revenge for her mother and they have information which could ruin your reputation..." He said.

    "That's a lie " I said.

    "You think it's a lie .? Dorris isn't who you think she is Nicholas...her mother is no one else but serina Clark's...the one who short your mother 25 years ago ... does the name ring a bell? He asked.

    I moved back shocked.

     I heard of the story, serina Clark's..Dorris mother ? Revenge ? What's going on?

    Chapter 19

    Nicholas's p.o.v

    I heard the story..serina Clark's... Dorris mother? Revenge? What's going on?

     I stare at Collins suspiciously,aint they working together why Is he telling me this?

     "How would I believe you, besides you betrayed our friendship...infact , I should be killing you right now, your tricks can't work this time Collins"I said .

    He stare at me for a while and rubbed his temple.

    "I knew this was going to be hard"he muttered.

    "Okay... those numbers you were showed yesterday...I was the one who E-mailed them ..'"I looked at him more confused.

     "I know you won't believe me but it's okay..I only sent this emails to you so you will know who's behind the stolen money from your company, am sure you found the GPRs numbers....24609B is fake ...that belongs to me, I never stole anything from you....24609h Belongs to Dorris has is real, she's the culprit behind all the stolen money , and you couldn't track her because she has a secret lock, am trying to get through it it will be better you remain quiet let me finish talking"he said, I wish I could just punch him.

    "Let's have a seat and talk better "he said .

    I stare at him for a long time before i took my seat on the mini couch .

    "Why are we talking here what happened to your house"? I asked .

    He sat down
     "I don't want Dorris to find me with you , so here is more better you want whiskey or something? He asked .

    I stare at him , is he trying to poison me, sorry but that's not happening.

    "No ...start talking"I said .

    He took In a deep breath.

    "Sure ,look Nicholas, Dorris asked me for help to destroy you and your family, it all lead to the break up between you both years ago, I didn't know she was using me I fell for the trick and here I am, your not the only one who hates Dorris I do hate her even much more , her mom is no one else but serina Clark's who attempt killing your mom years ago... according to everything Serina asked Dorris to play a game to make you fall for her, so she could move on with her revenge, after she escaped from prison she went into another city and transform her self Into someone different"

    "She had Dorris after a year of her escape with some rich man whom she cliam she doesn't love but had no choice to stick to Him cause of Dorris and his money, he died 3 years later and she inherited his property, now my measure concern right now is she's planning to ruin your reputation using iyna's background, I don't know if she's told you about it but I won't tell you that , you ask her about it it's really important"

    I stare at him quietly, what background information? is Iyna also faking her love for me ?

    "You don't need to think too much Nicholas, Iyna loves you so much that's why she's scared to tell you about it , but you need to confront her befor it's too late , as for now am discouraging Dorris not to link out the info yet, and I will keep you updated from henceforth about any of their plans " he said .

    I stare at him disbelief, but they are working together.

    "Collins why are you telling me all this ain't you both working together? I asked .

     "Yes we are, and am telling you this because I still love you as a brother, I know what I did was so wrong but I was also deceived, am only doing this to make her think am helping her , so I can carry out my Revenge on her , and to let you know, serina still claims to love your father and she said she will destroy him along with everyone.....and I won't let that you believe me or you think I just made a conference speech ?he asked .

    There's honesty in his eyes, could I believe him? But all this thing's are clear right ? Is he saying the truth ?.

    "Let's work together"he suddenly said .

    "We want to take revenge on the same woman ,if we don't act fast we will fail "he said .

    "So is it a deal"? He asked .

    I stare at his hand for a long time , I think I can trust him just a little.

    "Deal" I shook his hand.

    He smirked while I gave him a hard long.

    Iyna's p.o.v

    Right now am in Nicholas house waiting for him,he asked diva to take me back to his house am seated on the couch waiting for him now .

    I checked my time , it's almost late ,where is he? Just then the front door open and I quickly got up, I rushed and hug him.

     "Nicholas....tell me what did Collins say , why was he always stalking me?I asked .

    Nicholas looked at me as if searching for something, what's wrong, he gently pulled my hand in his .

    "Nicholas what's wrong? I asked

    He touched my cheek and Caresse it gently,as he stare into my eyes.

    "I love you Iyna "he whispered.

    My heart skipped a beat with how he said it, why is he so moody what's wrong.

    "I love you too Nicholas"I said .

    "Then why can't you tell me what I need to know about you ...your family. Everyone around you ? He asked .

    Suddenly my heartbeat stopped, I was planning on telling him, but how will he take it , what if he says he doesn't want to have anything to do with a prostitute daughter, who doesn't even know her father and the mother detest her?

    "Iyna why are you quite, is there something I need to know, about your background? He asked inquisitively.

    I moved away from him, I knew I was going to loss him, let me just tell him, it's no point hiding it , he will find out some day and it will be worse .

    " mom is ....umm..."I turned my back on him I can't look at him while saying this.

    "My mom is a prostitute" I said quietly but am sure he heard me.

    "What? He exclaimed.

    I turned to face him he looked surprised, my eyes getting heavy to cry .
     "Yes ...she's a prostitute and she gave birth to me during her prostitution, I don't even know my father , and my elder brother is the same , we were so poor that's why she went into prostitution, my mother wanted to abort me but my grandma saved me , my mom says am her worse night mere she hates me alot that's why my grandma and brother sent me over here , cause I suddenly became a shadow to her.... I had to go away cause she could kill me cause of the hatred she has for me that my dad ran away after finding out , the same goes to my elder brother, we were born out of prostitution and non of us knows our Father ..." I cried.

    He just stare at me with his eyes still wide .

    "Am sorry I should have told you this , but I was so scared you might not want me anymore, Nicholas I will understand it that you would change your mind about us , I don't want to be the reason to ruin your reputation, I care alot about you and your business, I know no one would accept a common prostitute daughter to have a relationship with ..and even now I know it will tarnish your name if anyone knows about it, it makes everything worse " am so broken.

    "This is why I was scared to fall for you , I know my life is messed up, you wouldn't want to have anything to do with me sorry Nicholas, I have to go " I quickly turned and ran out.

    Nicholas p.o.v

     I can't believe this , she doesn't know her father ? Her mom is a prostitute? But...but...but ...but that won't change my love for her, I mean it's not her fault that she's been brought into the world by a prostitute right ? She can't just walk away , I can't let her go .

    She ran out of my mansion I quickly chase after her .

    "Iyna stop "I yelled but she continued Running.

    "Iyna ...."I yelled .

    Once I reached her I grab her hand and sprang her to face me she was crying by now we were beside the gate now.

    "Please Nicholas let me go " she cried struggling.

    "I can't ....don't tell me you also want to abandon me just like Dorris did , I love you Iyna doesn't matter if your.mother is a prostitute or you don't know your fatter , I accept you , I love you" i touched her face with my both hands.

    "What about your reputation, it will ruin it once they find out am nothing but a low class woman , I don't want to hurt you or your family" she cried.

    "Iyna I can give anything In the world just to have you , it's not your fault, I will take care of this mess, trust me ....I would not let this harm you in any way ,my family loves you , they will still accept you we could work this out , I love you, don't turn your back on me I love you so much " I said .

    "I love you too, I love you " she said .

    I kissed her passionately on the lips and we walked back into my house , I didn't waste time before crushing my lips on hers again, I lifted her and took her to my bedroom.

    And I showed her how much i love her, and won't stand lossing her.

    I love you so much Iyna ...your past doesn't matter.True love is meant to accept anything, that comes in the way .

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    Chapter 20

    Iyna's p.o.v

    Right now I and Nicholas lay on his king size bed,my head on his chest and his hands playing in my hair.

    I can't believe he still accepted to keep me after my horrible story , I could still remember how my mom insulted me and told me I will never find any man to love me because once they find out , they will abandon me.


    "You stupid girl, instead of you to do what I asked you to do, you said dare you disobey me, I gave birth to you ,you will go into prostitution if you like it or not , it ruins your blood, go and bring money home you unwanted useless girl" my mom Susan shouted.

    I was crying by now.
     "I won't do such a thing, I won't do anything of such, I can't give my body to any man and get pregnant just like you "I said .

    "You useless girl" she slapped me making me fall at the impact.
     "I fuckin brought you into this world, what are you even trying to keep ? You will never find any man who will love you because once they know about your background they will throw you away , give up this useless dream of urs cause it will lead you no where "she shouted pulling my hair .

    My grandma quickly pulled me away .

    "What has gotten over you Susan, are you trying to kill her" grandma puma shouted .she pulled me and hugged me as I cry

    "She's so worthless, that's why I wanted to abort her, but then you said no, I knew her coming into this world won't do any good , I would kill you with my bare hands" she shouted .

    "Your so heartless, how could you treat your own blood like this, when did you turn so wicked Susan, have you forgotten you brought this on your self , why blaming the poor girl ? Grandma shouted .

    Mom suddenly sat on the chair and started crying.

    "My life is messed up, everything is messed up" she cried.

    I gently went to her and Knelt In her front she buried her face in her hands .

    "Mom, please stop Crying, " I try to calm her down .

    She pushed me away .

    "It's all because of you , once you listen to me then i will accept you , but to me you don't exist, your useless to me " she shouted stood up and left .

    I stayed on the floor crying as grandma hugged me .

    "It's okay Iyna...." She calm me down .

    Can you imagine how my mom hate me so much to the extent she didn't even name me , grandma named me iynaama.....

    Is this how she really hated me? To that extent.

    I didn't realize I was crying silently till Nicholas lifted my face to look at me

    Nicholas p.o.v

    I heard her whimpering and I felt my chest wet with water , was she Crying?

    I lifted her head up to look at her face, gosh her eyes are red and she's crying,why?

    "Iyna what's wrong? I asked sitting and taking her with me .


    "Hah calm down baby just tell me what's wrong?I asked cleaning her tears .

     "I just thought about my mom, she told me I will never be loved by anyman, that once they find out my background they will abandon me, Nicholas....are you really sure you still want me ? She whispered.

    I love her, and I can't let her go , I know this is a problem but theirs nothing i cant solve , I will have to reveal this to the press and explain to them before the bitch Dorris goes first to ruin it , at least once the press hears me out , Dorris information will be useless and I will be able to destroy her completely.

    "Nicholas? Iyna called .

    Gosh I was in deep thought that I forgot she asked me a question,she looks like she's about to cry again.

    "I know you don't want.......

    "No Iyna " I cut her off.

    "I still want you and always will , Iyna you mean so much to me, I know this might be bad for my reputation but I can't loss you, I will do my best to make sure this comes out in a good way so Dorris won't succeed in her plans to reveal anything, I will talk to the press as soon as possible" I replied.

    She looked shocked.

    "Dorris knows about this , how, who told her ? She asked .

    I took In a deep breath and started telling her all Collins had said and how his helping me to get to Dorris pretending to be on her side and how he was stalking her to get her upset,i explained to her and she was surprised.

    Well right now I have to deal with the press about her issue , it's really important.


    well it's been one month now and I and Collins are secretly working together,ive explain to my family and they trust Collins again,.

    The matter of Iyna was really bad,but I still revealed my relationship to them , and I told them the story in a way they will understand,it was really hard at first but I try my best to answer their family accepted Iyna after learning the truth , and they really love her,infact dad invited her family to come over to America, am sure they will be here probably next week.

    At the other side Collins gave me an information about Dorris and her mother how angry they were when I discovered about iyna's identity and cleared the mess from the website In an instant.

    Iyna too was really embarrassed, the press bumped her one day and threw so many questions at her ,thank goodness my driver diva was there to get her out without answering any questions.

    I knew it hurt her, cause it was all over the headlines, I calmed her down because it was best I let it out myself than letting the bitch , the matter didn't take 2, days before it was solved .

    Right now am in my office with my dad,kelvin , jack , Ravis ,Andy and Collins , Collins just gave us an information about Dorris and her mother's plan.

    "So that means she's gonna call me right ? I asked .

    "Yes....she will ask you and your father to come meet them ,am sure they think you guys don't know about serina yet , it will all be like your shocked to see her once she revealed herself " Collins said bringing out a picture and handing it to me.

    Hmm so this is the serina Clark's, I really don't know her that much , but I must say she's a beautiful woman with a devils heart , I gave it to my dad to see as he looked through it.

    "She really changed herself....I was actually expecting her to come back , cause when she ran away from prison we try to find her , so this was why we couldn't get her? She changed herself"my dad said with a smirk.

    "Well it's time to end her .... when did she say we should meet her ? I asked .

    Collins checked his time .
     "In about 2 hours , I need to be Going now to stay with them, the plan is , I will pretend to be on their side so once they strike I will strike too, but she only wants you and your father there , I don't think the family has to hear this so it has to be kept from them ...." Collins said .

    My dad nodded .
     "Your right , I don't want Vanessa to get worried about this "my dad said his been keeping secrets from mom, and i don't blame him, he just want her safe.

    "Right , I don't want Iyna too worry too" I said yeah I didn't tell her about meeting them , she will freak out and want to go with me which will not end well.

    "Good day , alert the police as soon as I go , but let them be in a hidden place, I will give you a call in an hour time ,and I will send the location, make sure it's only you both to come in " Collins said.

    We nodded .

    He shook us and quickly left.

    Well I guess today will be though .

    Iyna's p.o.v

     It's been a month already thank goodness my matter has died down, I was really embarrassed to even come out , the press was all over me , bombing questions at me , my grandma got the news and was really sorry that it has to happen.Nicholas parents also helped in the issue and still accepted me, they even invited my family over,but am scared, what if my mom refuse to come, it will really hurt me, I just pray she comes.

    I've been feeling sick for a long time now , and I just don't know what's happening to me , I kept vomiting, I try to tell Nicholas about it, but he has lots of things to deal with so I just can't trouble him yet since Dorris case is still on ground.

    " should taste this chilly bean its really delicious" Tobi said putting the meal In my mouth .

    "Yummy it tastes good"I said .

    "Well I made it for my boyfriend last-night, he really loved it" she says happily i smiled .

    She must really love this Jacob guy ,I've only met him twice and I must say his really funny to be around.

    "Tobi ....tell me , is Jacob really serious about the relationship? I asked .

    She gave me a questioning look.

    "Iyna you think,his not serious? She asked .

    "No, his very funny and good to be with ...I didn't mean for it to........

    Oh God am sick .

    I quickly ran into the bathroom and throw up, I kept throwing up, Tobi ran into the bathroom and rubbed my back .

    "Iyna are you okay ? She asked .

    I washed my mouth and cleaned my face I took a deep breath.

    "I don't know Tobi , I've been feeling so sick since this part few days , I kept throwing up every little thing I eat" I said rubbing my temple.

    She looked at me for a while .

    "Iyna when last did you see your circles?" She suddenly asked .

    I thought deeply .

    "It was earlier last month , I've been expecting it since the first week of this month but non yet "I said .

    She looked at me with wide eyes .

    "Iyna ...could it be that ...your .....

    My eyes widen as realization dawned on me .

    Oh my God it can't be.

    Chapter 21

    Dorris p.o.v

    I wanted to ruin him so badly ,but then the slut told him everything and he spoke to the press , all my plans got ruined , but now he won't escape today, everything will end today.

    Right now I , my mom and Collins are seated waiting for Nicholas and his father to arrive, am so glad this game will end today , I just want to end them and get it over with , I checked my time continuously, what's keeping them?

    Just then , two people was approaching us, I smirked Evily as we stood up , I made sure my gun is intact , so I can strike on time .

    "Well well well , the BILLIONAIRE'S Finally arrived " my mom mocked .

    Nicholas p.o.v

    I and my dad stood looking at the mother and daughter, there's no doubt, Dorris is really her daughter,same smile character and devils heart.

    "I thought you guys won't make it , but it seems I thought wrong" serina said .

    "Can someone explain why we are here ? My dad pretended like he doesn't know.

    "Oops , mom I think someone doesn't recognize you anymore"Dorris said smirking.

    "Yeah.,I thought too,"she replied.

    "Jason, you thought it was over didn't you,? How about I refresh your memory,do you still remember the one and only serina Clark's? She asked .

    My dad looked confused.

    "Well, I still do, and how do you know her,? He asked .

    They laughed.

    "Well, it happens that am her" she said .

    I smirked in my mind , I look over at Collins he smirked too.

    My dad pretended to be shock oh dad is a good actor, I don't think I can pretend like that , truth be told .

    "Yes" she said pulling out a gun and pointing it at my father, my eyes widen.

    "You thought I won't come back for you right Jason,? Did you think it was really over between us? She asked .

    "I can't believe your back to this again serina , what happened it's been 25 good years I expect you to forget everything but no...your still hell bent over it " dad says angrily.

    "Yes...I want to destroy you ,. And your precious family, do you think I would rest? Never , you were my first love, but then you choose your crazy ass bitch of a wife over me, I can't just seat and do nothing, nothing will Glade's my heart this moment than to watch you die right Infront of your precious son" she said Evily.

    "I really can't believe your this heartless, just because my dad didn't choose you, you let your self out of the shell and do things unexpected, don't you think it's already getting out of hand , it's been 25 years , that's a long time ago"I yelled.

    Dorris pulled out her gun and pointed it at me , Collins brought his out too but didn't point it at anyone.

    Thank goodness the police are hiding close by.

    "Nicholas, I played you like they play football, you were so naive and innocent to think I was inlove with you back then, I was only aiming for revange, but it seems the most beautiful day of my life has just come ....I could end you here for the sins of your father " she said .

    I looked at my dad as he returned it.

    " Dorris , I hate you so much " I said.

    "Your meant to you don't have a choice" she said .

    "How do you think you could escape me so easily Jason, am not the one to give up and I get what I want , you being here right now with your son is very good cause by the time I kill you both , the press will have a news to share to the world right Dorris ? She asked .

    They laughed.

    "Of course" she replied.

    Collins moved from them and came to us and pointed the gun at them all of a sudden, they look at him confused.

    "What are you doing Collins ? Dorris asked .

    "Do you think I was really gonna support you to the end, do you realize how you tarnished I and Nicholas friendship, then you all of a sudden tell me you never loved me and you only used me ....I pretended to work for you both devils so that I Can get revange, so wonderful that you both were fooled." Collins said .

    My dad and I smirked at them.

    "You bastard" serina cursed.

    "Yes, all the information we've discussed, I shared it with them , there's nothing more to hide from you too since you both will be dieing now anyway, but it happened you messed with the wrong guy " Collins said .

    "Fuck you Collins , I trusted you could you betray us like this? Dorris shouted .

    "And I played my card well , all thanks to you both for giving me beneficial information's" Collins replied.

    "Damn " Serina cursed "rot in hell"

    Befor i could blink , serina short my dad , Dorris short Collins arm, we heard gun shot from the back and serina was short .

    "Get her" one of the police shouted .

    Which means Dorris ran off.

    I quickly reached for my dad , Collins was struggling with his one injured arm, gosh the bullet went on my dad's chest .

    "Dad" I called , his eyes still open , but he was terrible bleeding.

    Serina lay on the floor bleeding as one of the police checked her .

    "She's dead" he announced.

    "Quickly get the ambulance" another police called ,Collins moved towards me to look at my dad.

    "Thank God his breathing" he said .

    The police that chase after Dorris ran back, after some minutes.

    "Where is she ? The inspector shouted .

    "We are sorry sir but she escaped" one of them said .

    "You morons , how can 1 person escape three of you , you fool's?"The inspector shouted .

    "We are sorry sir, but we missed her,and she short one of us" the police said .

    Gm palz

    Which means she killed one of the police,
     God she's so evil.

    The inspector started making call, but I couldn't hear what he was saying since he left us.

    Soon the ambulance came and we rushed my dad to the hospital.

    Thank God serina is dead, the police is working to find Dorris , I pray they find her.

    Chapter 22

    Iyna's p.o.v


    yes it's been 2 months already, and does two months were awesome, Nicholas told us everything that happened how serina died , although I don't know her but she was Dorris mom, talking about Dorris the police hasn't found her yet, she's still hiding, but they haven't stopped yet.

    Nicholas father Jason survived the gun short, and he healed two weeks later after the incident, mom Vanessa really cried , and everyone around including me, thank goodness the doctor said the bullet didn't reach his heart ,or he would have died , we still are grateful he survived.

    My family came, but my mom didn't only my brother and grandma , I really felt bad she hated me that much,my grandma found out about my pregnancy and ask me to tell Nicholas, I was really scared that he might not want a baby yet, and I was also scared that what happened to my mom shouldn't repeat it self .

    They convinced me untill I agree to tell him, that day Nicholas invited everyone to a big hall he said he has a surprise for me, I was wondering what surprise he had for me.


    Iyna's p.o.v

    Everyone was sitted , and other business men, what's going on here, is there a party or something? I looked over at Nicholas and he was smiling his head out.

    "Nicholas what's going on? I asked.

    "Oh! Sorry baby, it's an engagement party " he said .

    I frowned, I wonder who is engaged.
     "So who's engaged? I asked.

    "I will let you know soon, come have a sit" he pulled out a chair for me ,and I smiled at him after saying thanks, he excused himself and his family met me and we all hugged and chatted while the party was going on, few minutes later i began to wonder where Nicholas had gone, he didn't say he will stay long this much, just then we heard the microphone,and we all turned to the direction, it was Nicholas.

    "Tonight,we all are gathered here for a special occasion,this is the moment I've been waiting for all my life,to have the opportunity to show the world the woman that has stolen my heart " he said .

    And everyone started clapping.
     Oh my world, he winked me.i blush .

    "We met by accident, she really slapped me so hard that day " he said and everybody laughed.

    "One way or the other , I got her to work for me , of course I blackmailed her with the slap, and she agreed to work , isn't that wonderful? He asked .

    Everyone cheered and shouted *it is* we all laughed.

    "She got my heart beating and hang each time i set my eyes on her, she's so beautiful that I want nothing more than to keep her with me for the rest of my life , iynaama hayes... please would you join me on stage? He asked .

    I looked round and everyone is smiling, I blush so hard.

    "Common my angel his waiting for you "mom Vanessa said .

    I looked at my grandma and brother she smiled and he gave me thumbs up, Nichol and Althea winked me , I gently stood up with all eyes on me I walked to the stage he held his hand out and i gently took it and he pulled me on the stage stairs .

    Now we stood looking at each other.

    "Iyna, the very first day I set my eyes on you , I knew your the one for me, there was no doubt about it " he said .

    "Did you remember when I told you to wear my suit jacket? He asked I nodded remembering that day , God I can never forget it, it was really funny and annoying.

    "Even if she forgets I can never , your a jealous man" Collins shouted in the crowd everybody started laughing even Nicholas chuckled.

    Nicholas and Collins has become good friends again,and Collins is a very nice guy.

    "I was jealous that other men will get to look at you " he said and my heart skipped a bit, so he was already inlove with me then , and he was jealous that's why, thinking about that incident and how the suit was bigger than me made me to chuckle.

    "Iyna...if there's anything i wanna hold on to for ever, it's you , I want to be with you forever, maybe we've been together for just a little while but my love for you is strong, Iyna ......"he gently said.

    And before I knew it, he got down on one knee and pulled out a small box from his pocket, oh my God his proposing.

    "Iyna I want you beside me all the time, your already my addiction, my attitude, my heart , my hubby, without you it will be useless, my heart is desperate to have you all to my self, Iyna I love you so much, and I don't want to loss you " he said .

    By now am already crying.

    "Please marry me" he said.

    Oh my God, this is so amazing, I looked round and everyone was cheering yes yes yes yes.....

    This is the life I've always dreamt of , to be happy with the Man i love, today his asked me to marry him, and I will marry him.

    "Iyna....."he called, oh my I've been in deep thought, I smiled and nodded...

    "Yes, yes ,yes.....I will marry you " I said happily, he was happy and brought out the 24karat diamond ring, and wore it on my ring finger , everybody cheered , and he got up and kissed the life out of me, everyone clapped.

    "So who's engagement party is it? I asked.

    "Ours of course" he replied.

    "So you knew I was gonna say yes? I asked .

    "Of course, I was confident about that "he said .

    I think it's time i tell him am pregnant.
     "Nicholas...there's something I want to tell you " I said .

    "Sure my wife to be" he said Making me blush.

    "Am pregnant" I said .

    He looked at me surprised, everyone gasped, before I knew it he hugged me and turned me around, happily.

     "Am going to be a father , am going to be a father " he kept shouting as everyone laughed and clap and came hugging and saying congratulations.

    I was really happy that day , I wish my mom was here to see this.

    Flashback End.

    Today is my wedding day and Tobi and Althea is here with me, making me up,i smiled at myself in the mirror, I've been pregnant for two months now , Nicholas said he wants to marry me as soon as possible, so after the engagement he said the wedding is in a month time, and here we are .

    "Your so beautiful, he won't take his eyes off you "Althea said happily.

    I smiled.
     "He will have to pick his jaw from the floor" Tobi said and we laughed.

    Altheas phone rang and she went to speak to the person.

    "Iyna am really happy for you , Nicholas is really the best man " she said .

    "Am so greatful I slapped him that day " I replied, we Chuckled.

    " was a good sign tho" she replied.
     Althea came back.

    "Common it's time to get the bride to the venue, before the groom kill someone " Althea said and we laughed.

    I was already set.
     "As the bride's maid you will come with her, I will go with Nichol, you guys should be fast okay " she kissed my cheek .

    "Thanks Althea" I said .

    She quickly left.

    Soon I and Tobi went out, diva smiled at me and opened the back door of the car for me, I thanked him and got in followed by Tobi and we set out to the wedding venue.

    I can't wait to see my handsome Nicholas in his Armani suit, am sure his going to look so handsome.

    "How many minutes do we still have diva ? I asked .

    "Just 30 ms hayes"he replied.

    I smiled ,
     "Someone can't wait to see her future husband how nice" Tobi teased and I blush .

    "Of course" I replied.

    And diva continued driving,

    Everything happened like a flash, a car drove from no where and block our car diva quickly matched break, three strong men came out of the car and pulled my door open , he was pointing a gun, fear grip me ,as he pulled me out forcefully.

    "Nooooo....let go off me " I tried to free myself.
     The other pointed a gun at Tobi in the car.

    "If you move I will shoot " he said to her Tobi quickly covered her mouth In fear .

    Diva came out and tried to pull me, but he got short on his arm , I screamed, the other two holding me pushed me into their car, diva lay on the floor bleeding as the car speed off. Am so scared I started fighting them in the car but before I knew they place an handkerchief over my nose and I passed out. That was all I remembered.


    I woke up later to something holding my hands together, and it looks like am in the air, my legs wasn't touching the floor , I try to open my eyes to see well and soon I succeeded.

    My eyes seem so dark, for how long have I been out.i can see am still wearing my wedding gown, I remembered what happened, I was kidnapped, who did such a thing? On my wedding day for that matter .

    "The queen is finally awake" a familiar voice said , I turned to see Dorris smiling and clapping her hand, but do you know what scares me more , am looking down at her, where did she tie me to,i looked up on the ceiling and my hand's were tied with two ropes from the side, what's going on, why am I tied up.

    "How did I get up here? I asked
     My hands are paining me so badly .

    "Oh, it seems you haven't noticed what's under you " she said smiling Evily .

    I quickly looked under me and what I saw shocked me, it's a very big round metal in shape like it's a very big pot or should I say drum and there was water in it, not just water a very big hot water smoke was coming out of it, and am getting heated under .

    I looked back at her in fear.
     "Do you like what you see? She asked .

    "Dorris ...why would you tie me up here and a drum of hot water under me? I yelled.

    "'s your wedding gift, did you think I won't come back , of course I did "she said taking a seat which made her look more smaller in my eyes due to the place I was tied too.

    "Dorris you can't do have to let me go" I pleaded.

    "You will have to get your gift first , do you know why this big hot water is under you? She asked but I just cried silently.

    "You see this rope tied to your hand, once I cut it, you will fall straight into the hot water and you will boil before my eyes "she said .

    I looked down and seriously the water is boiling, oh my goodness am going to die, it was seriously boiling.

    " Dorris please..... please..don't kill me " I pleaded.

    "Your not supposed to be part of it, but then your the only person i could get to bring Nicholas here ....if he doesn't make it on time ...I will cut the rope and you will fall into it and I will watch you die" she said .

    oh my God , someone should help me, am seriously going to die, my baby, my unborn child , she or he wouldn't get to see the world, no ...I can't die ...

    "Dorris can't do this " I pleaded.

    "Oh sure I will , enjoy the heat till your husband comes will have to complete your wedding here and don't think the water will get cold, it's heating from the under so it will keep boiling,till Nicholas comes" she laughed and walked out of the room.

     "NOOOOOO......DORRIS NOOOOOO..... PLEASE DONT DO THIS ....." I shouted but she was already gone.

    I looked down at the water and uncontrollable tears rushed down , if I fall into this water am going to die straight even the heat coming up from the water is already Making me to sweat, god am I going to die?....what will happen to me ... Nicholas please come save me, your baby and I are in danger .... please.

    This heat is going to kill me , what if Nicholas doesn't come on time, I will die ....I will die , I cried harder, as I looked down at the water .

    "Someone please help me" I whispered, as I cried more.

    Chapter 23

    Nicholas p.o.v

    I was already getting so worried, Diva Iyna and Tobi hasn't arrived yet, what's keeping them? Everyone in the venue are already murmuring to one another.

    "Son you should calm down, am sure they will get here soon" my dad try to calm me down.

    I paced up and down, everyone try to calm me down, just then we saw Tobi and diva coming, oh my god what happened to him his bleeding, everyone rushed to him.

    "What's going on diva ...? I asked

     "Sir...there ...a ... problem......"he answered as he pant.

    "Talk to us , how did you get injured and where is Iyna ? My dad asked.

    "Nicholas, Iyna has been kidnapped" Tobi said with fear as she cried .

    Everyone gasped.

    "It all happened In a flash, a car came from no where and block us, they took Iyna and pointed a gun at me then another short diva they were three men" Tobi said.

    Am freaking scared right now.

    "Oh my God....what the fuck " I cursed .

    "We need to report this to the police we need to find Iyna as soon as possible" my mom said .

    Just then my phone started ringing kelvin gave it to me

    "Hello" I said .

    "Hello mr groom" a familiar voice said , oh my god she's laughing that's Dorris , she's back .

    "Dorris? I said and everyone eyes widen.

    "Oh...thank goodness he still remembers me, how nice" she laughed.

    I clinched my fist if I get hold of her, I swear am going to kill her with my bear hands .

    "I know you took Iyna , what do you want from us? I yelled In the phone.

    "Come to the address am about to send to you, and make sure you come alone, no extra body,....and you better be fast cause your precious bride is fighting for her life now " she laughed.

    My eyes turned red.
     "You bitch" I shouted but she hanged up.

    That instant I got a text

    "What did she say? Everyone asked at the Same time.

    "She got Iyna , she wants me to come alone, I have to go" I said trying to go.

    "No way, am coming with you " Collins kelvin and Jack said .

    I looked at them quietly.

    "If she sees you it will be trouble"I said.

    "Son they have to go with you , there's no more time " my dad said .

    We agreed that I will only meet her while they hide behind, dad said he will call the police as soon as we go.

    Please let nothing happened to Iyna and my child , cause I will kill that bitch that calls herself Dorris.


    Tobi's p.o.v

    Am so scared right now , we all stood as we watch Nicholas and the other guys left .

    "Take diva to the clinic immediately" Nicholas father said .

    Nichol, Althea , and me took him into Nichols car and drove off to the clinic.

    They started attending to divas wond.

    "I think we have to go there too" Nichol said , and Althea and me looked at her.

    "Is that a good idea ? Althea asked worriedly.

    "We have to go, we need to at least see what will happen we could help out " Nichol said .

    I agreed .Althea too agreed .
     "I saw the location from his phone earlier, we should start going" Nichol said .

    "You girls should be safe "diva said we nodded and left him at the clinic as we hurried got into the car and drove to the destination.


    Iyna's p.o.v

    I can't even breath well anymore, am sweating badly like I've been poured a big bucket of water, my wedding gone is even making it worse, the heat is killing me slowly, I cried silently, it's been 30 minutes and I've been under this heat with the water still boiling under me, I don't think I will survive this.....I will die.

    "Oh queen, I can see your already giving up, just try to hold your self for a little while your husband is on the way "she said .

    What If I die before he gets here , this is really bad, I couldn't even talk, am just praying in my heart .

    Nicholas please come , am slowly dying.

    She walked out of the room.


    Nicholas p.o.v

    We arrived at the place it's an old uncompleted building, I told Collins and the rest to wait in the car they could come in later.they agreed.

    I quickly walked inside and saw Dorris seated holding a gun, smiling. Two other guys stood beside her.

    "His finally here, how wonderful" she said .

    "What nonsense is this, where is Iyna? I yelled.

    "Tie him up" she commanded ignoring my question the two guys walked towards me I wanted to fight them.

    "I will shoot if you move" she said and I didn't they drag me to a chair and tied me , she got up and laughed Evily.

    "Happy weddings day Nicholas hensmith" she mocked.

    Thank goodness Collins and the rest came.

    "Dorris, what has gotten over you , your so evil , I never knew you were like this , your just worse than your mother " I shouted.

    "Of course, I would it feel when you loss the one you loved? bad right ? She asked , I just stare at her ...


    Collins p.o.v

    After Nicholas left, we waited for a while and got out of the car.

    "We will go in there but we need to be careful so we don't get caught" I said

    They nodded and we left, Nicholas father already called the police,and they are on their way.
     The rooms are too much we kept passing one after the other .


    Tobi's p.o.v

    We finally arrived at the place and we got down from the car, we could see Nicholas car parked at a far end, we three walked gently into the building it was an uncompleted building with different rooms all over.

    "Let's go through this stairs"Nichol said and we nodded and started going.

    Then we saw one of the men that attacked us earlier standing his back turn to us.

    "We need to deal with him" Althea whispered.

    I looked round and we found a big wooden stick, Nichol picked it up and tip toe to him, the idiot doesn't know yet she lifted it up and i and Althea closed our eyes we heard thud and when we opened our eyes the guy has passed out.

    "Common quickly" Nichol called and we rushed to drag the guy to one Conor, Althea picked his gun, so we can use in defending our selves.

    "We need to open this door Because he was securing it " Nichol said .

    "Yes" I replied.

    We gently pulled the door open and behold what we saw shocked us, we all looked up to see Iyna tied up and heat was all over the room, smoke almost blinding everywhere.

    "Iyna " we all called and rushed towards her, she almost looked lifeless there's a hot water In a big metal boiling under her .

    "Jesus Christ" Nichol exclaimed.

    "Iyna just hold on ...we will get you down " I said almost with tears .

    "" Iyna whispered ,she couldn't even talk.

    "What do we do ? Althea asked scaredly.
     "The water is boiling so it means it has a switch" Nichol said ..

    She rushed to the side of the boiling water and started searching for the switch.
     "I found it" she said and she switched off the water .

    "What do we do now, we have to get her down " I said .

    "We have to find the metal cover first " Nichol said .

    "I think that's it" Althea exclaimed and we rushed to the big round cover .

    "Oh my God it's so heavy " I said we

    Three of us try to lift it up.
     "We have to cover the water to stop the heat " Nichol said with clinched teeth.

    We Started rolling it towards the water but , it was too heavy so we couldn't move fast , Iyna was coughing so badly .

    We are already half way there.

    "Iyna please try to keep breathing, we will get you out" I said .

    We kept rolling it, finally we reached the big water and try to lift the cover up , it was too heavy for us , we were already sweating.

    Then the metal made a loud nose and our eyes popped out .damn, am sure they heard the sound.


    Nicholas p.o.v

    I sat down looking at Dorris as am tied, she was laughing her head out.

    "Dorris you won't get away with this " I said angrily.

    "Of course I will , I called you here to kill you which will be simple, look at this rope" she pointed up and I saw it.

    "This is the rope still holding your dear wife alive, once I shoot it or cut it , she will die" she said Evily.

    Oh my god , Iyna my baby , she has to be alive oh my surprise for her, her brother has gone to the airport to bring their mom, what will happen now?

    "Your a witch ' I shouted.

    "Yes ...a big one " she answered.

    "I just want to end you , my mother died and I will have to kill you and your beloved wife too" she said I almost want to cry .

    I was about to reply her when we heard a loud sound from across the room.

    "Damn what was that ...hah ...keep an eye on him , am coming" she said and ran quickly out of the room.

    Leaving the two useless guys with me .

    Just as expected 3 minutes later the police entered.

    "Put your weapons down" one said and the two idiots gently placed there guns down.

    Two police hand cuffed them both Collins ran to loss my hand .

    "She went that way " I pointed and we all rushed with the Police following us .


    Tobi's p.o.v

    It all happened in a flash .

    "If you girls dare move I will shoot " Dorris said pointing the gun at us as she walked in, Nichol has dropped the gun we carried earlier since we were trying to lift the metal.

    We all stood quietly.

    "So you three idiots think you can by pass me huh? You want to save her, what's the use when she's already dying, it seems I will just have to end you all today , God has a way of doing miracles" she said the gun still pointed at us.

    "Your so Evily , you will rot in hell believe me Dorris, you've crossed your limits" Nichol said angrily.

    "That's why non of us liked you from the start, your a devil" Althea shouted.

    I was quite.

    She laughed .
     "Of course I am, and I will end you all right here " she said and we all looked scared.

    "I don't think that's necessary Dorris " Nichol said , them Nicholas has entered from behind and Dorris doesn't know ,she frowned.

    "Put down your weapon or I shoot " one of the police said .

    Dorris looked so angry, what she did next shocked us.

    "Fuck"she shouted and swiftly turned towards Iyna and shoot the rope.

     We all screamed."NOOOOOOO".

    Chapter 24 (Final)

    Nicholas p.o.v

    We all walked in and what I saw shocked me, Iyna was hanged up with her hands tied, and she wasn't moving, there is hot water under her, oh my god, my Iyna , my baby.

     We all screamed"NOOOOO"

    That Instant the police short Dorris .

    We all rushed to Iyna, but she was still tied up, which means Dorris miss the target.of the rope, oh my goodness, thank God.

    "We have to cover the water "Nichol shouted.

    I, Collins , kelvin, and Jack started lifting the metal to cover the water , finally we succeeded.

    "There is a stairs , you could loss her hands from there " the inspector said and kelvin and Jack rushed up the stairs and gently walked through the wall not to fall, I climbed on the water which we have already covered and reached to hold Iyna as they began losing the rope finally they did, and i held Iyna close.

    I got down from the metal with Iyna ,I can't even hear her breathing.her eyes were closed , she was unconscious.

    "Iyna ... please"I whispered

    She looked like she has been drowned in water, she was socked with sweat.
     "We need to rush her to the hospital" Tobi shouted.

    And we all ran out of the building with me holding Iyna in my arms , I don't know what the police did with Dorris and the two other , the third one is unconscious.

    We finally reached the hospital, and they started attending to Iyna immediately.

    God let anything not happen to her and my baby, I don't want to loss them please help me .

    Soon my parents ran into the hospital followed by iyna's parents, her brother and mother has already arrived.

    They all asked us what happened, Nichol started explaining to them, I was too shock to even talk.

    Before my eyes I watch iyna at the point of death, thank goodness that evil witch that called herself Dorris is dead , I can't believe she went through all this just to end my life and iyna's, and my innocent Iyna and baby has to suffer for it.

    The nurses kept running pass us, we try stopping them to ask questions but they kept giving us signs to hold on, God am losing my patience.

    "Sir she's not breathing" one of the nurses shouted and another ran to get something.

    Hearing she's not breathing is keeping me on the edge, am going to die if they don't survive, am already sweating so badly, it looks like all the nut in my body has loss then it's like am boneless.

    Another nurse ran and pass again.

    I piped through the glass door, they were trying to regain her,shes lying lifeless on the bed, God save Iyna please..

    "One two clear ...." I heard the doctor, a tear slide down my eyes as he kept repeating himself.

    "Nicholas please leave there " my dad try to pull me from the door.

    I started crying.

    "I can't take it if she dies, ...I can't loss them,....YOU FUCKIN DOCTOR...MAKE SURE THEY SURVIVE" I shouted through the door, my friends and family pulled me away.

    "Oh God,... mom...I can't loss them" I cried and hugged my mom.

     "Shhhhh...."she try to calm me down.

    It's been 15 minutes now, yet the doctor hasn't come out,we all looked sad,

    If anything happens to them, I won't think twice before killing myself, baby please don't leave me, am nothing without you, I need you in my life, my child , I want to live happily with you ... please come back to me, don't leave me my love.i cried silently.

    Soon the doctor came out and we rushed him.

    "Doctor how is my wife and child ? I asked .

    "Doctor tell us , how is my daughter and grandchild? My mom asked.

    The doctor smiled .
     "They are fine " he answered.

    And I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
     "Thank you Lord " mom said .

    "She really is a strong woman, her breathing was very low when you brought her, if she would had last another long minutes before getting here, she wouldn't had made it,it was really hard to get her to breath again, we almost gave up, but thank God she started breathing again," the doctor said .

    We all smiled .

    "Thank you so much doctor, please may we see her ? I asked .

     "I won't advice you see her yet , but she's sleeping, she's really tied, I wouldn't want her to be disturbed at the moment...and there fore congratulations, she's having a twin" the doctor said .

    We all looked shocked.

    "A twin ? I asked .

    He nodded .

    "YESSSSSSS" I jumped up, everyone started laughing..
     "Thank you so much " I said .

     "Congratulations" every said hugging me .

    Am so happy, Iyna and my babies are alive, I almost lost it thinking i lost her, when I saw her almost lifeless tied up to that hot water , she's really a strong woman, she tried her best to keep breathing.

    Thank you so much Iyna ,I love you .

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    Since Iyna was still recovering we postponed our wedding to next week,
     Iyna later woke up and everyone hugged her, but she really looked sick due to the stress she faced , I hugged her and kissed her , she cried silently and kept rubbing her stomach.

    "My babies" she said and smiled with tears in her eyes.

    "Yes...thank you so much " I kissed her.
     And we hugged again.

    Iyna and her mother got back together and she apologized for all her harshness towards Iyna, Iyna loved her mom so much and didn't waste time hugging her.

    And I was happy,God gave me this beautiful Angel.

    *THE END*

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