Story: Blind Revenge


    A heavy and loud thunderclap could be heard accompanied with series of lightening the moment a child was delivered.
    The mother of the child couldn’t make it alive as she died.
    This made everybody scared and afraid.
    The child’s father knew there was something strange behind his little born baby.
    He took the child and examine him…
    He had one pair of hair which was very long and fixed properly.
    There was also a shining bright star on his wrist, he tried to touch it but it brought out fire.
    “hahhahahahaha” he laughed wickedly.
    “the prophecy had been fulfilled and strange enough, he came from me and not the Emperor of Rome”
    BLIND REVENGE(battle of the gods)

    Episode 1

    Everywhere was dark and silent, only the
    chirping of the birds and the creaking of the
    insects could be heard in the lonely forest of
    Utah located in a Rome.
    An old house built with woods and bamboo
    sticks could be seen in the middle of the
    “you have to be careful, remember this is
    your first mission” A man probably in his
    early 60s told a young boy, a youth.
    “yes master, the fact that this is my first
    mission won’t stop me” I replied my master.
    Master Malcolm confronted me on the
    mission ahead and told me some details on
    “you should know you are not just on an
    ordinary mission, you are on a revenge
    mission. This people killed your parents” He
    reminded me.
    “yes master and i will make sure i bring
    them down” I assured.
    “good!” He said and left after giving me a
    piece of paper..
    I looked at it and it was just a detail on my
    mission, nothing more or less.
    Date: 14th January 2014,
    Location: Orden, Rome,
    Target: Herbert Elmer.
    I know you would want to know about me.
    Well, i am Darlington(no surname coz i have
    no parent). I growed up in the jungle with a
    man who happened to be my master. Master
    Malcolm taught me so many things(how to
    fight in Kung Fu, use the gun, use the sword
    and many others). But i usually find it very
    easy to do them…. Maybe it’s my talent
    anyway. There is a star, a shining star on my
    wrist which only me can touch.
    I was told by my master, Master Malcolm that
    a group of men killed my parents when i
    was young and he took the risk of saving.
    He had to run to a safe place so that he will
    not be located and that’s why we are in the
    jungle today, that man really tried for me. .
    I touched the star on my wrist and
    Robin(the emperor) and one of his brother
    were discussing.
    “ever since he gave birth to the choosen
    one, he disappeared” Herbert said.
    “brother, that is something that had past.
    Don’t disturb yourself with that” The
    emperor said.
    “you call it the past, don’t you know the
    choosen one is the one who is to fight
    against our enemies incase any Empire
    invade war against us??” Herbert asked his
    “i know but just forget that talk for now” He
    replied him.
    After about 30 minutes, Herbert decided to
    go home.
    I have appeared in my target’s place about
    30 minutes ago, i scanned the whole house
    from outside with my super eyes and saw
    that the house was empty.
    I waited patiently for him and in few
    minutes time, i saw him advancing towards
    the compound.
    I quickly disappeared and reappeared inside
    his apartment and decided to wait for him
    I saw the door knob turned and he entered
    “My father!!!” He exclaimed in fright seeing a
    strange man in his house.
    “The choosen one?” He shouted when he
    noticed the star on my wrist.
    “but the choosen one is suppose to have
    long hairs. Maybe this is not him” He said.
    “i am Darlington not choosen one” I Said as i
    brought out my sword.
    He also brought out a sword and i smiled.

    Episode 2

    He was the first to attack as he rushed
    towards me, raised his sword to cut me but
    i quickly blocked his with mine gave him a
    strong kick to his stomach.
    The kick pushed him hardly on the floor, he
    got up swiftly like nothing happened.
    “hmm seems this guy wants to challenge
    me, Darlington the prince of the jungle. Well,
    let’s continue” I said aloud to his hearing.
    He dashed towards me again with his
    sword ready to tear me apart but i quickly
    rolled over past him, stood up and attacked
    him with my sword from behind but it
    didn’t penetrate.
    I immediately switched my sword to super-
    mode so that it can penetrate him and the
    fight continued.
    Killing him was hard but he made things
    easy for me when he decided to give me his
    finishing touch(super-spear).
    His eyes turned red and sparkling electric
    could be seen on his general body.
    His spearing was so fast and quick but i
    swiftly dodged him which made him fell
    heavily on the ground.
    I quickly stroke him on his back with my
    super sword and he died.
    “die murderer, you murdered my parents
    and i will make sure i kill the rest of your
    gang” I said without any atom of pity for
    him. I quickly touched the star in my wrist
    and disappeared from there.
    I reappeared in the jungle to see my master
    on top a tree.
    He jumped down immediately he saw me.
    “done master!” I told him.
    “welldone boy” He said smiling.
    I was munching on my roasted bush meat
    when master Malcolm who was sitting close
    to me spoke.
    “remember, you have to start
    preparing for your next mission ahead” He
    “i know master but are those people
    humans? I mean my targets” I asked him.
    “yes of course” He answered surprised why
    i asked that kind of question. “but how
    come the one i assassinated yesterday
    possess super powers?” i questioned him.
    don’t know” He replied almost immediately.
    “your next mission won’t be easy as the first
    one” He said changing the topic. .
    The death of Herbert(brother to the Roman
    emperor) has spread through out the city.
    People were sad and some couldn’t help but
    to cry.
    The emperor(Robin) and his remaining twn
    brothers(Patrick & Nicholas) were mourning
    the death of their brother.
    “why will Xerxes
    (a god known for protection in Rome) allow
    this to happen to our brother?” Nicholas
    cried out.
    “two of us had finished discussing
    that night when he went home and was
    assassinated by an unknown person” Robin
    “whoever that person is, i think he’s a
    little god like us or a god because a mere
    mortal can’t harm we little gods” Patrick
    “i am suspecting Malcolm, maybe he is
    back for revenge because he wasn’t made
    the emperor” Nicholas said.
    “me too” Patrick
    “i don’t think so” Robin said.
    “your next target is Patrick, he is very strong
    and also had security guards with cameras.
    Killing him would be hard” My master told

    Episode 3

     “your next target is Patrick, he is very strong
    and also had security guards with cameras,
    killing him would be hard” Master Malcolm
    told me.
    “That will never stop me master. you mean i
    should strike this night” I asked.
    “yea boy” He replied.
    “ok master, your wish is my command” I
    “i am ready to avenge the death of my
    parents” I added.
    “good boy” he said and gave me a piece of
    paper as usual. An information on my
    Date: 15th January 2014,
    Location: Nova street, Rome,
    Target: Patrick Elmer.
    I was surprised when i saw the surname.
    “so, the people who killed my parents are
    brothers, don’t worry. Darlington is coming
    for you” I said with rage.
    I arrived at Nova street through my
    disappearing and walked like a gentleman
    to my target’s residence.
    There was a gate in the compound and it
    was fenced with security cameras
    I scanned the whole compound with my
    super-eyes and saw my target in his room
    sleeping peacefully.
    “argh, you are sleeping comfortably after
    killing my parents and making me stay in the
    jungle… You must be stipud!” I said to
    myself. .
    I can just go and meet him there in his room
    but i decided to play with his security
    guards. I switched to invisible mode and
    entered the compound without opening the
    “foolish security guards” I laughed
    when i saw them sleeping and snoring
    loudly. I took time in waking them up and
    killed them one by one.
    “you work for a murderer which means you
    guys are murderers too and you must be
    murdered” I shouted. Only those in the
    realm of the spirit can see or hear me.
    I quickly entered my target’s room and saw
    him standing with a shining and sharp
    sword in his hands. It’s like he had been
    expecting me or something.
    “who are you?” He said pointing his sword
    directly towards me. “what??… How come he
    still see me in my invisible mode? I guess
    these guys are not humans” I said in my
    mind. .
    “i guess you are the choosen one” He said
    when he saw the star on my wrist.
    “i am Darlington and i am here to murder
    you as you did to my parents” I said angrily.
    Why will they be calling me choosen one? I
    am Darlington for Christ sake.
    “what did you mean i murdered your
    parents?” He asked with raised eyebrows.
    “no time for chit-chat” I barked back and
    dashed towards him with all my strength
    but he surprisingly, just a single kick from
    him pushed me hardly on the hard floor.
    I was in my room catching a good sleep
    when i saw an invisible being advanced into
    my compound and eliminated all my guards.
    I know you may ask how i was able to see
    him when he is invisible.
    Well, i am a little god given birth to by Elmer
    The strange being came to my room after
    killing my guards and i knew him at once to
    be the choosen one. I recognized him
    because my father had once showed us the
    photo of how the choosen one will be when
    he comes to earth.
    But something isn’t right, the choosen is
    suppose to have long hairs on his head but
    here he is without a single hair or is this not
    him???…………………. .
    “how come this man is so strong??” I
    breathed heavily still on the ground.. The
    kick really affected me………………..
    I tried attacking him again but a blow from
    him sent me to the ground again groaning
    in pains……………….. .

    Episode 4

    I was still on the floor groaning in pains
    when i heard his voice.
    “tell me choosen one, you are created and
    destined on Earth to make peace and also
    fight the enemies of this empire which is
    Rome but here you are, causing and
    creating havoc in your home. What has
    come over you?” He told me which
    increased my anger.
    “don’t give me that murderer” I shouted
    with rage, ran towards him with full force,
    jumped high above the ground and was
    about to give him a flying kick but he caught
    my two legs in the mid air and threw me to
    a wall.
    I tried all my best to stand up on my feet but
    i was too weak, seriously weak.
    He pinned me to the floor and was dashing
    me heavy blows, i was very weak and
    passed out at once.
    Immediately i closed my eyes, i saw my
    I don’t know how he managed to come to
    me in trance.
    “Darlington, change to a mortal being now”
    He said and vanished.
    Immediately he vanished, i felt new power
    surge through me.
    I regained myself and opened my eyes at
    He was still on top of me dishing me blows.
    I changed from invisibility, channeled some
    strength into my hands and pushed him off
    He also switched from invisible mode and
    the fight continued.
    He tried giving me a blow to my face but i
    caught his hand and immediately i
    channeled all my powers(both physical and
    super) to my right leg and gave him a super
    kick directly to his face.
    “Arrgh!!!” He shouted, fell down and gave
    “so, you are so weak in physical form. Die
    murderer!!” I shouted, touched the star in
    my wrist and disappeared from there.
    I appeared in the jungle to see my master
    standing at the entrance to our old house.
    “done master!” I said as usual.
    “you surprised me Darlington” He said.
    “i didn’t surprise you, i am avenging the
    death of my parents” I said without a smile
    and went in.
    “This boy is turning rude day by day”
    “very soon boy”
    “Herbert and Patrick cleared.
    Two remaining”
    I went inside our old house and decided to
    rest a bit.
    I went straight to my master’s cupboard
    where his old books were kept. He had
    warned me several times not to dare open
    the cupboard.
    He even went as far to lock it
    with a strong key.
    With the help of my super
    powers, i was able to open the key and i
    gained access to the cupboard. I opened it
    and saw a little box inside but i ignored it
    and took a book, i went to sit down in our
    bamboo chair and decided to read. It’s been
    long i read after Master Malcolm taught me.
    When i opened the book, i saw his national
    I.D card and looked at it. What i saw
    surprised me.
    “what??…. Malcolm Elmer? How come?” I
    asked myself.

    Episode 5

     “no no no, something isn’t right” I said.
    “how can my targets have the same
    surname with my master?
    I must confront
    him now!” I added and ran outside to see
    him training himself.
    “master!” I shouted.
    “disturb me not, can’t you see i am busy?”
    He barked at me.
    “master can you please explain to me why
    you have the same surname with my
    targets?” I asked with my sword firmly
    pointed directly to his face.
    “calm down Darlington. what’s wrong with
    you? you want to fight your master?” He
    “answer my question fast before i unleash
    my anger on you!” I shouted.
    “put down the sword, let me explain” He
    said out of fear.
    I respected him and slowly dropped the
    “So that’s it” My master said.
    He has finished explaining everything to me.
    According to him, it’s a pure coincidence.
    “ok i heard you but i don’t believe you
    100%” I shouted and went to my room to
    catch a sleep because it was already
    midnight and i was very tired due to the
    mission i just came
    “i still don’t believe that man” I said to
    Nicholas ran into the palace like a person
    being chased by a ghost.
    He ran to the Emperor’s chamber and sat
    down breathing heavily.
    “Nicholas, don’t kill yourself.
    I have heard the
    news too and i am broke down now!” The
    emperor said trying to calm down his
    “brother, don’t give me that! Someone is
    hunting the Elmer’s family and who ever is
    that, the person must be a god. First it was
    Herbert, secondly it was Patrick.
    Do you know who will be next?” Nicholas
    cried out.
    “Nicho, i think we have to consult our father,
    he have to tell us what we have done wrong
    to deserve this punishment” The emperor
    told his brother.
    “you call this a punishment? Is this not a
    curse? Is this not disaster?” Nicholas said.
    “whatever you call it brother, we are going
    on a journey to the temple of the ancient
    gods now to summon our father” Robin
    Later in the evening, i was sitting down
    thinking about my life when my master
    “your next target should be Nicholas, you
    have to start preparing now because this
    man is more than what we refer to as
    POWERFUL and you will strike this night” He
    told me.
    I was very angry, why will he be wanting me
    to go on a mission everyday?
    “Master! I am actually going nowhere today.
    Let me still rest, i am a human being too” I
    “who told you that?” He asked.
    “then what am i, tell me….. You have refused
    to tell me who i am since all this years.
    Why is that i have super-powers and why is
    it that my targets always call me Choosen
    one?” I asked him with seriousness.
    “all i know is that you are gifted naturally by
    God and i don’t know why those foolish
    targets of yours call you that name” He
    “and it’s like you are now growing wings”
    He said angrily in parable.
    “and so? That mission is postponed period!”
    I said and left.
    There is something telling me not to trust
    this man.

    Episode 6

    There is something telling me not to trust
    that man.
    I am already having a bad feeling about him.
    I dived into the forest that evening to hunt
    some animals for my supper.
    “wow! An
    Antelope. Sorry Mr. Antelope, am so hungry
    and man got to chew” I Said as i dashed
    towards it. The scared antelope ran very fast
    but who or what is faster than Darlington? I
    caught it in just a minute due to my super-
    “dear antelope, like i had said before.
    Man got to eat” I said as i took the dead
    antelope and ran home with my super
    speed. .
    “hmm, let me dry my meat and enjoy!” I said
    trying to mock my hungry master.
    “Darlington please dry that meat fast, let me
    eat or i will die now” He shouted. “and
    what’s wrong if you die?” I shouted back.
    “so you want me to die??” He asked.
    I didn’t reply him as i continued roasting my
    “food is ready” I exclaimed as i started
    munching on my roasted meat. Before i
    could say “Jack” my master had joined me
    eating as if he was the owner of the meat.
    After a while, we had finished eating and i
    was relaxing when my master spoke.
    “so, when are you going on the mission?”
    He asked me.
    “tommorow night, i strike” I told him.
    “no problem, so far you eliminate him” He
    “Ok, thank you master”
    “you are welcome boy” He replied.
    Nicholas and Robin drove their royal horse
    to the temple.
    Even though vehicles were available, they
    had to ride on a horse because it is
    forbidden by the Romans to go into the
    scared temple of the ancient gods with a
    They mounted down from their horse and
    stood at the entrance.
    Robin placed his palm on the closed door
    and it opened giving them access into it.
    Only those from the family of the gods can
    gain access into the temple.
    Robin and his brother walked in majestically
    and sat down with their legs folded in front
    of a big and sacred statue built with gold.
    The temple was designed with lot of old
    crafts and magical drawings painted on the
    The temple smelt power and magic.
    Robin and Nicholas sat down with their legs
    folded as they tried to summon their late
    “kash mire ra kashi, ko ri so zoa” Robin said
    in the language of the gods as his eyes were
    tightly closed.
    “we summon thee great god of Rome, our
    father! come and reveal to thy sons the
    reason we are been hunt for. Rash mah la sa
    lora” He added with his eyes still closed.
    “our great father! Great disaster faces us,
    you can’t just sit down and watch while
    your children perish day by day. Please come
    to thy children’s rescue…………………….. Ro zaro
    sha shara” Nicholas said after his brother.
    Suddenly, a bright light shone in the whole
    temple and a god in white robe appeared in
    their front.
    “my sons, doesn’t you know i am suppose
    to be with my fellow gods now??? Why the
    disturbance? Why summon me here? What’s
    wrong?” He asked them in a voice like

    Episode 7

    Title: Revelation
     “good evening father, we are very sorry for
    disturbing you” Nicholas said.
    “so, tell me my sons. Tell me your problem
    and your worries. The reason you
    summoned me here!” He told them.
    “Father, we are being hunted for day and
    night by an unknown. We know you can
    see, you can see beyond the nine planets of
    this world. Please help us, reveal to us
    what’s happening. Rakasha le ei sa su ze”
    The two brothers told their father at the
    same time.
    They were now fully in the realm of
    invisibility with their eyes glowing sparkling
    white light.
    “my sons, i know your worries and the
    problem you pass through” Elmer, their
    father told them.
    “Then reveal to us father, what’s happening,
    why we are being hunted day and night and
    who is hunting us” They said again.
    “my sons, you are being hunted by an
    unexpected being” He said.
    “who’s that being father?” They asked.
    “an immortal being, a powerful immortal
    being had been deceived and that’s why he
    hunts you” He replied. “Father, please make
    your words clear to thy
    sons. We doesn’t understand” They
    “my sons, the Choosen one is responsible
    for the killings, he hunts you” He revealed
    letting the cat out of the basket.
    The two brothers gasped in shock when
    they heard the revelation.
    “but father, how is that possible? We know
    the choosen one was given birth to by
    Malcolm but ever since then, we haven’t set
    our eyes on them and besides, how can the
    choosen one commit such evil when he is
    created to fight the enemies of Rome?” The
    two brothers asked the same time fully in
    the realm of the spirit.
    “yes i know, Malcolm your evil brother has
    deceived the choosen one, thereby using
    him against you. Malcolm is trying to take
    revenge on the fact that he wasn’t made the
    emperor” He told them.
    “Father, thanks for the revelation. Can you
    please tell us also, whether he(choosen one)
    is also coming for us?” They asked
    “yes of course! Malcolm had spoilt his mind
    so much. You know the fact that he was
    suppose to be
    the emperor due to his birth right(senior)
    but he is too evil.
    So, i had to choose you instead. Malcolm is
    taking revenge my sons” He said which
    made them afraid.
    “father please tell us what to do” They said
    in fright.
    They were very afraid that moment because
    the choosen one is a very powerful creature
    in form of human given birth to every 500
    years and he must come from the Roman
    emperor(little god).
    However, the mother of the child must die
    after labour(that’s how it had been from
    ancient time).
    “i am sorry, there is nothing you can do”
    Elmer replied and disappeared.
    The two brothers quickly recovered from
    the realm of invisibility, ran towards their
    royal horse in fear, mounted on it and
    started their ride in confusion mixed with
    They didn’t talk to each other as they ride
    “what shall we do??” was hovering in their
    mind as they ride home.

    Episode 8

    Robin and Nicholas got home and started
    thinking on what to do. They were very
    confused and afraid.
    “what does father mean by what he said
    that there is nothing we can do?” Nicholas
    asked which made his brother got angry.
    “tell me brother, what did you not
    understand in that Statement, is it the word
    (there is nothing) or the word(you can do).
    Tell me which one you didn’t understand
    and i will explain for you” Robin shouted at
    “so, we are gonna stay here and watch
    ourselves murdered by Malcolm through the
    choosen one?” Nicholas shouted back.
    “i don’t know, just leave me alone brother!”
    Robin said in tiredness.
    “wait, i think i have an idea!” Nicholas
    shouted after some thoughts.
    *****NEXT MORNING*****
    I was already awake before my master, the
    man was still snoring loudly on his old rafia
    I quickly looked at the old wall clock hanging
    on the wall and it was 4:00am.
    I went outside and everywhere was still
    dark but i
    was not a bit afraid.
    Who or what can scare Darlington???
    “today, one murderer must go down” I said
    fully determined to bring down all those
    who killed my parents. I started my training
    for the mission ahead.
    “yeaaa!!” I shouted as i Jumped very high
    and gave the long palm tree near our home
    a very strong kick. .
    “Nicholas, i have thought about what you
    told me yesterday evening and my decision
    is quite clear” The emperor told his brother.
    “so, what is your decision blood?” Nicholas
    “i disagree with you, i can’t leave this Empire
    because of a mere threat…….” Robin
    declared. “brother, you call this a threat?”
    Nicholas asked him smiling.
    “hey Nicho” He called in short form.
    “whatever you call it, i had taken my
    decision and i had taken it. Nothing can
    make me change it. I am not leaving this
    Empire period!” He shouted standing up
    from the throne to face his smiling brother. .
    “ok, no problem. You can stay here and
    watch yourself being destroyed by the
    choosen one. As for me, i will start
    processing my visa, i am leaving Rome today
    or tommorow” Nicholas shouted back
    looking at him with a smile on his face.
    “you can go brother, go to Jerusalem,
    Europe. Anywhere you like but i can’t. I am
    the Emperor of Rome. I am a god and won’t
    be feared or shaken by a threat” Robin
    boasted after his brother had left.
    “Darlington. Hmmm, i can see you are
    preparing for your mission. I must accolade
    you for that” My master said immediately he
    got outside.
    I think he must have woken up by the
    kicking sounds of my training.
    I kept silent as i continued my training.
    He just keep on praising me but i refused to
    say a word.
    “i will give you the details of your mission
    later in the evening” He shouted and walked
    back into the house when he knew i am not
    going to answer him.
    Nicholas was seen heading to the airport. He
    had gone for a visa that will enable him take
    a flight out of Rome.

    Episode 9

    Nicholas was highly disappointed when he
    was told that there is not going to be any
    available flight to Jerusalem till the next two
    days. .
    “what will i do now???”
    “should i sit down and wait for death like
    my elder brother?”
    All this thoughts were ringing in my memory
    when an idea crossed my mind. I decided to
    lodge in an hotel to wait for the my flight.
    I decided not to go back home.
    “who knows? He(choosen one) can come
    and give me my own share of the large cake
    today” I said to myself. .
    Robin could be seen searching everywhere,
    he was probably looking for something. .
    He searched and searched, at last he found
    it in his secret chamber inside his room. It
    was a round sparkling white piece of stone.
    “The ancient magic stone”
    The ancient magic stone is a very powerful
    substance. Not just an ordinary stone. It was
    formulated by the ancient gods.
    By then, Elmer was still a young god.
    The gods like and cherish him because of
    his respect for them.
    So, one day they asked him to make any
    wish and they will grant it for him as a
    Elmer being a wise god, requested for the
    magic stone.
    Eventhough the gods were annoyed with
    his request, they still gave him the treasure
    because they have promised him.
    Robin took the stone, went to his throne
    and sat down looking up at the ceiling in a
    strange manner.
    “i am patiently awaiting your coming,
    choosen one” He said still looking at the
    ceiling with the stone by his side.
    “you will be targeting Nicholas this night. He
    is a very powerful and brave man, you will
    Need to be extra careful” My master told me,
    dropped a piece of note on the old table and
    I picked the note and looked at it.
    Normally a details on my mission.
    Target: Nicholas Elmer
    Location: Juvile Street, Rome.
    Date: 17th January 2014.
    Hmm, i see. All my parent’s murders are
    siblings. Am actually coming for you guys
    but the fact that my master had the surname
    with you guys is still confusing me even
    though he explained, i don’t believe that his
    explanation” I said to myself.
    “no time to waste” I said and touched the
    star on my wrist.
    I immediately found myself in my target’s
    I walked to his residence and found out that
    the gate to his compound was locked.
    I scanned the whole compound and
    discovered he was not around.
    I waited for an hour more but he didn’t
    show up.
    I went back to the jungle and told my
    master. From his facial expression, i could
    tell that he was not happy with the
    “in that case, change of subject of formulae
    will occur” He said which confused me.
    “what did you mean master?” i asked.
    “change of target. Your target now should
    be ROBIN, THE EMPEROR” he said which
    shocked me.
    “huh? How??? Why?? I mean is the Emperor
    great Rome also involved in the killing of my
    parents?” I asked him out of surprise.
    “yes boy, he is also my……………oh sorry i mean
    their brother” He told me which made me
    looked at him with a suspicious
    eye. “ok but why will the Emperor kill my
    dad?” I asked.
    “and that’s what i don’t know” He said and
    No need showing me the location because i
    know there.
    I quickly touched the star in my hand and
    found myself at the compound. I didn’t want
    to touch the security guards.
    So, i just appeared in his house direct to see
    him sitting in the throne with a white round
    sparkling stone by his side. .

    Episode 10

    I was sitting in my royal throne awaiting the
    choosen one’s attack.
    I had crossed my mind and decided to talk
    sense into his head once he come.
    I was still sitting down and suddenly, he
    He was just like the portrait my father
    showed me before he died but something
    was wrong, he had no long hairs.
    “welcome choosen one!” I said coldly to him.
    “how dare you welcome me, murderer and
    for your information, i am Darlington not
    choosen one!” He shouted.
    “choosen one, where are your hairs! I can
    see your head is bald” I shouted back
    He didn’t reply me as he took his sword and
    dashed towards me.
    “wait!!!!!” I shouted and he stopped
    “why did you call me murderer? I am not a
    murderer. I know you have being deceived
    by somebody. See, boy your destiny on earth
    is to save the people of Rome but your mind
    had been corrupted by that wicked man” I
    What my target was saying was now
    dawning on me.
    I was starting to see it as true and i think i
    will believe him.
    “have you ever wondered why you have that
    shining star in your wrist? You were created
    for a purpose and not as an assassin
    somebody is turning you into” He said
    I was convinced the more and decided to
    ask him a question.
    “ok, if you want me to believe you then tell
    me the name of the man who you said is
    deceiving me” I said.
    “hahahaha, MALCOLM”
    I was in my room when i started having a
    bad feeling on the mission i sent him.
    I switched to invisibility and and located
    What i saw surprised me.
    Robin was revealing many things to him.
    “noooooooo!!!” I shouted in anger.
    I immediately channeled my powers and as
    the god of confusion, i confused him.
    “hahhahahahaha, i am Malcolm! Who can
    stop me??”
    I was now fully convinced that what the
    Emperor was saying was nothing but the
    I wanted to ask him more questions to
    confirm when something ran through my
    All of a sudden, i developed hatred towards
    the Emperor.
    “you are a lair! My master can not deceive
    me. You and your brothers killed my parents.
    Why will you do such evil?” I barked at him.
    “oh! Your master? Malcolm is actually your
    father. He is deceiving you boy!” He said
    holding the white round stone.
    “arrrggh!!! You are confusing me lair” I
    shouted in anger and dashed towards him
    with my sword hold firmly in my hands.
    Before i could get there, he said some
    incantations, the white stone sparked
    brightly and he disappeared.
    I was trying to talk sense into his head. He
    was trying to understand but something
    happened and i knew Malcolm, my evil
    senior brother, the god of confusion had
    confused him… I had no option than to use
    the magic stone and hide”
    Robin landed in the cave and sat down.
    The cave was a cave of protection created
    by Xerxex(god of protection).
    Anyone with the purpose to kill cannot
    access the cave. Only those trying to escape
    Robin was very happy when he landed on
    the cave but his happiness was cut short
    when he saw something that surprised him.
    Right in his front, Darlington appeared.
    “huhhh?? How come? How did the choosen
    one manage to enter the cave when he has
    the mind to kill” Robin asked himself. .
    It was then he remembered that the
    choosen one had power over all the gods of
    Rome. His power overshadowed Xerxex
    own. .

    Episode 11

    “why are you running murderer, are you
    afraid? Hahhahahahaha” I asked him in the
    cave. He didn’t reply me as an expression of
    fear and surprise was seen written all over
    his face. Maybe he is surprise that i actually
    followed him to the cave of protection.
    “answer me Emperor murderer” I shouted.
    “see choosen one, i am not a murderer and
    didn’t murder your parents. You have been
    deceived greatly” He said. “don’t tell me
    that!!!” I shouted at him and ran towards
    him with my sword to attack him but he
    quickly blocked my sword with his. “i am not
    a murderer!” He shouted still blocking my
    sword with his.
    I didn’t reply him as i pushed him down
    with my sword setting myself free from his
    blockage. I ran to him immediately he fell
    down to strike him but he did a Chinese get
    up,regained his balance and the fight
    continued. His moves were very swift and
    attacks were strong and heavy but i tried to
    weave all his attacks.
    I had an opportunity in eliminating him in
    the fight but he didn’t die when i tried to kill
    I stroke him with my sword at his back but
    it couldn’t penetrate.
    I changed the sword to super-mode and
    stroke him but nothing happened.
    I became disappointed and weak.
    My target took that as an advantage and
    was giving me serious beating.
    He was on top of me dishing blows when i
    closed my eyes and passed out.
    I immediately saw my master in form of a
    “Darlington get up now and look for a way
    to take him out of the cave of protection or
    he won’t die! No one can die in that cave! If
    you fail to take him outside, two of you will
    fight for eternity without a loser nor a
    winner. Now rise!!!” He shouted and i felt
    new and fresh power surge through me.
    I opened my eyes and saw the man still
    dishing me blows. What a wicked man? He
    thought i have died.
    He was surprised when he saw me opened
    my eyes but i didn’t care.
    I pushed him off me and stood up.
    I started calculating how i will take him
    outside the cave.
    I looked at him and saw that he was
    standing at the entrance probably
    calculating how to get me too. “it’s now or
    never!” I said in my mind as i quickly
    channeled my super-powers and gave him a
    super-spear with great speed(within a
    I speared him outside the cave
    through the entrance and we both landed
    outside. .
    He stood up and was trying to run back into
    the cave but i stopped him and we started
    fighting again. It was a fierce battle
    between us and i could presume he was the
    strongest among all his brothers whom i
    have fought. He gave me a super-punch and
    i flew above the ground and landed far from
    him. He started running towards me to
    eliminate me and i was also doing so. When
    we were near eachother, he rose his sword
    to strike me but i was more faster than him
    as i cut him with mine and he fell down. He
    died, the emperor died.
    Immediately he gave up, there were flashes
    of lightening and thunder in the whole of
    Rome. How had the mighty fallen???

    Episode 12

    Immediately the emperor gave up, there
    were flashes of lightening and thunder in
    the whole of Rome. The people were afraid
    and surprised on the sudden change.
    Even the weather has changed.
    Some people identified it to be a bad omen.
    “something bad had happened again!”
    Some people said while some doubted
    saying it was natural. .
    Malcolm looked at the sky and saw the
    change in the atmosphere.
    He knew something had happened,
    something he had been longing to see.
    Something he had been wishing for many
    years ago but now, it is done. .
    After i killed the emperor, i noticed that the
    atmosphere had changed and immediately,
    rain started falling. I quickly disappeared
    from there and appeared at the jungle.
    I got there and saw my master standing and
    staring at the sky.
    I was trying to remember what the emperor
    was telling me before i killed him but it was
    as if my memory has been wiped off. It was
    blank and i couldn’t remember a single
    “it’s done master!” I shouted when i
    couldn’t remember anything.
    “i know boy, Welldone!” He said smiling.
    I didn’t replied him as i went inside to catch
    some rest.
    I still tried to remember some things the late
    emperor told me but all was to no avail as i
    remembered none.
    **Next Day**
    I had just waken up in the morning when i
    decided to connect to my brother in the
    realm of invisibility to know his whereabout.
    I tried and tried but i couldn’t secure a
    connection. I became afraid at once.
    “what had happened to him?” Was ringing
    continuously in my mind.
    I started pacing around the hotel room
    hovering, not knowing what to do.
    Suddenly, a bright light shone in the room
    and my brother appeared. Robin appeared
    right in my front.
    “haha, brother you scared me. So, you
    purposely hid yourself from the connection
    powers between us so that i couldn’t reach
    you” I asked him.
    “brother, think not that way for i have been
    killed by the choosen one. Take any available
    flight and leave here at once whether you
    can be safe, don’t waste time
    brother!” He shouted and disappeared. .
    “noooooooo!!!!!!!!!” I shouted in pains.
    “My only brother left had been killed too.
    Choosen one just come and end me, come
    and kill me too. You gave my 3 brothers
    death. Just come and give me mine. I need
    it!” I shouted crying.
    Robin was my only hope, my only brother
    left, the reason why i prefer to live but now
    he is gone. I fell on the bed and slept, i am
    not going anywhere anymore. He should
    just come and kill me here. .
    I woke up that morning and a smile escaped
    my lips when i remembered Robin was
    “hahahaha, Darlington did a nice job” I
    “but now, Nicholas is remaining”
    The news of the emperor’s death had now
    circulated the whole empire. People were
    afraid and surprised on the mystery that
    had been taking place in the royal family.
    “i said it, the change of weather yesterday
    not ordinary” A man said. .
    The emperor’s wife was seen crying in the
    palace when she heard the bad news.
    Even the guards and the chieves council
    were all seen sobbing.
    The great Emperor of Rome had slept.
    What pained the wife most was that she
    didn’t give birth to a child for him before his
    death. There was confusion among the
    chieves on who is going to be the
    They decided to gather the next
    day to table the matter because its a taboo
    to leave the throne of Rome empty for days. .
    “ok master!” I said.
    Master Malcolm had connected with the so
    called hiding Nicholas and had given me
    where he was hiding. He was lodging in an
    I decided to strike that morning and not
    later in the evening as usual. .
    I appeared directly in the room he was
    lodging in and saw him in tears. He was
    sleeping in the hotel bed.

    Episode 13

    When i got there, i saw him weeping. He
    was laying on the bed.
    “hey! Why are you crying murderer?” I asked
    in a cool tone.
    “i am not a murderer, why did you refer to
    me as a murderer?” He asked me back
    sitting on the bed. .
    “because you and your brothers killed my
    parents!” I shouted back at him with rage. .
    “see choosen one, we are not murderers
    and we haven’t in anyway killed your
    parents” He told me. .
    “so what are you trying to tell me?? That my
    master is lying?” I asked him. .
    “your so called master is your father, he is
    lying. He is a great lier and confused you!”
    He said smiling. .
    “i don’t still understand you” i said.
    “your father whom you call master had
    confused you due to the fact that he is the
    god of confusion!” He told me. What he was
    saying was now dawning on me.
    “by the way where is your hair? You are
    suppose to have long hairs as the choosen
    one” He told me which surprised me. .
    “i have no hairs and why am i always been
    referred to as
    choosen one?” I asked him curiously.
    “i know your evil father will hide all this from
    you to accomplish his evil goal. You are not a
    human being, you are a god but not also an
    ordinary god. You are a god created and
    sent to Rome to protect Rome. You have
    superior power over all other gods
    including your evil father but the source of
    that superior power is your long hair but
    now, it seems the long hairs you are
    suppose to possess had been removed by
    your evil father when you were still little” He
    revealed to me.
    I was shocked and surprised at the
    I believed everything the man said, it’s
    nothing but the truth.
    “so, you mean Malcolm is my biological
    father?” I asked.
    “yes boy, he is. He is just deceiving you” He
    told me.
    “and why do you think he is after the royal
    family of Rome?” I asked him because i
    don’t know why he wants the royal family
    “it’s a long story choosen one! That’s a story
    for another day but for now, you have to go
    and meet your so called master, lie to him
    that the mission is accomplished and hear
    his reply” He told me.
    “ok, i trust you but promise me you will tell
    me why Malcolm wants the royal family
    down” I told him.
    “no problem!” He assured me.
    I touched the star on my wrist and zoom, i
    disappeared and reappeared in the jungle.
    I was happy when the choosen one had left,
    at least he had begin to know the truth.
    I was able to talk sense into his head and to
    convince him as i am the god of peace.
    When i got there, the door to our old house
    was locked.
    “where had this man gone to?” I asked
    I pushed the door open, went inside and
    saw a letter on the table.
    I took it and looked at it.
    ***Darlington, welldone. I know you had
    eliminated Nicholas and your next target is
    now. No time wasting.
    Location: Utah Forest, near the stream.
    Target: unknown……………
    Date: 18th January 2014.
    I was surprised, why the forest? Why the
    target is bearing unknown and where my
    master or father(i don’t even know) had
    went to leaving that letter for me.

    Episode 14

    I decided to visit the location which was
    described on the book by my master or
    father. I was curious to know the unknown
    target that was hiding behind the only
    stream of Utah Forest. .
    I decided to walk to the location on foot
    instead of using my super-powers.
    Everything Nicholas told me was replaying
    on my head as i walked down to the stream.
    “so master Malcolm is my real biological
    father?” I asked no one in particular. “well,
    time will tell. I will confirm it” I added still
    walking on the bushy road that leads to the
    stream. .
    15 minutes later, i got there and saw
    “is this man playing with my brain or
    “i hate all this!” I shouted.
    I hate to be deceived,that’s one thing about
    “where is that unknown target???” I
    shouted and started searching, i searched
    around the stream. .
    I was already tired when suddenly, i heard
    the rustling of leaves on top a tree. A man
    on mask jumped down from the tree.
    “who are you?” I asked the masked man
    “hahahaha, you don’t need to know!” He
    The voice of the man looked a little bit
    familiar but i couldn’t really fathom whose
    voice was that. .
    “why don’t i need to know?” I questioned
    “because you don’t deserve to know!” He
    said smiling.
    I could tell he was smiling because of the
    adjustment of his mask. “are you the
    unknown target?” I asked him a little bit
    angry with his boring conversation. “yes
    and no…. I am an unknown and also a
    known target” He said still smiling. “then, let
    me do what i am here for. No time for chit-
    chat!” I told him bringing out my sword. “ok
    boy, no problem!” He replied and also
    brought out his sword.
    I was the first to attack as i dashed towards
    him with my sword but he swiftly reversed
    the attack and gave me a heavy kick to my
    stomach. I fell down as i groaned in pains.
    The man laughed and waited for me to
    regain balance instead of attacking me. I
    regained balance and stood up.
    “now, i ask you again! Who are you?” I
    asked him surprised and dumbfounded by
    his strong attack.
    “no time for chit-chat, as you said earlier” He
    said and ran towards me to attack me. His
    purpose was to cut me with his sword.
    I managed to block his sword with mine.
    He gave me a strong heading direct to my
    face and i lost balance.
    I staggered backward and hit my head on a
    It was as if live was sucking out of me….. I
    closed my eyes and saw Nicholas.
    “be strong, don’t give up!!! Try harder!” He
    encouraged me.
    I quickly opened my eyes and a thought
    flashed through my mind.
    I quickly changed to invisible-mode and he
    changed too.
    I jumped high and wanted to give him
    super-kick with my both legs above the
    ground but he surprisingly revised the
    super attack by Catching my legs mid air and
    released me on the ground.
    I landed heavily on the floor and was too
    weak to get up.
    I saw the masked man coming towards me
    with his sword.
    He took of the mask and i was very
    surprised and dumbfounded on seeing him.
    He was no other person than
    Now i know i had been blind all this while,
    he had been using me in the assassination
    of the royal family of Rome. .
    “you are surprised?” He asked smiling.
    “no, b---h! Stipud father!” I shouted.
    He smiled and immediately stucked his
    sword on my stomach.
    I GAVE UP!!!
    There were flashes of lightening and a
    heavy thunderclap the moment he died. The
    choosen one is dead!
    “hahhahahahaha, mission accomplished! All
    the royal family gone. Now it’s time to claim
    the throne!!! Hahahahahahhaha” Malcolm
    laughed. A laugh which can be described as
    an evil laugh………………… .

    Episode 15

    I knew at once that something bad had
    happened. The sudden thunder and
    lightening was not just an ordinary one.
    The thunder continued amidst flashes of
    lightening which made me surprised the
    “what is happening???” I screamed in fear.
    Suddenly, a white bright light shone around
    the hotel room i was lodging in and my
    father appeared.
    “This must be serious….. My father came
    without been summoned?” I asked within
    “my son, it is more than serious” He told me
    which surprised me.
    So, my father can read someone’s mind.
    “what’s happening father?” I asked
    “great disaster faces Rome, great trouble
    awaits Rome for light had been eliminated
    by darkness, the choosen one had been
    eliminated by the evil one and Rome will live
    to regret it” His voice echoed out to my
    I deduced from his voice that he was sad,
    very sad.
    Immediately he said those words, he
    disappeared out of sight.
    I fell down and wept sorrowfully.
    “The situation at hand now is a difficult one.
    My elder evil brother is the strongest
    amongst us all.
    The only who could defeat him is the
    choosen one but now he is gone. He was
    killed by his evil father.
    The lives of the citizens of Rome are now at
    Who could save them from this???
    But i will be ready to defend Rome with the
    last drop of my blood. I won’t allow evil
    Malcolm to destroy and lead Rome astray” All
    this things were going on in my mind as i
    continued weeping.
    I sat in the bamboo bed in my old house at
    the jungle.
    It was already morning and i had just
    woken up.
    A smile escaped my lips when i remembered
    part 1 of my goal is accomplished remaining
    part 2 which is to claim the throne. My right
    which my father gave to my junior brother
    long time ago.
    “the royal throne of Rome being left empty
    for a while is taboo which means the
    councils of chiefs will actually meet today to
    decide who will be the emperor
    as Robin didn’t have any successor and for Darlington, rest in peace. I have to kill you because you will never support me in the terms of my ambition and you might kill me ” I
    thought to myself.
    “i must go and dislocate that meeting and
    crown myself as the emperor”
    “hehehe” I laughed.
    I decided to visit the palace that morning to
    know what was happening there and also
    know who the successor will be.
    I got up from the bed i was sitting down,
    dressed up and walked to the high way to
    board a taxi that will take me to the royal
    I can just get there at once by disappearing
    but i kicked against it.
    I wore a royal robe, locked the door and
    disappeared from the jungle at once and
    therefore reappeared in the emperor’s
    chamber at once.
    The chiefs were already there debating on
    who’s going to inherit the throne when
    they saw somebody they have not seen for
    years, Malcolm.
    He went directly and sat down on the
    throne, he took the royal crown, wore it and
    shouted in voice like thunder.
    “i am the new emperor! Disobey me and you
    won’t go unpunished!” He said.
    “hail! Hail!! Hail!!! to the new emperor!!!
    Your Empire shall reign in fullness and joy
    and we shall reign with you as you live
    long…………………….. Long live the empire!” They
    shouted at once.
    The gateman opened the gate and i went
    I greeted the security guards and Robin’s
    wife then went straight to the emperor’s
    I was dumbfounded with what i saw.
    Behold was Malcolm sitting on the throne
    and wearing the royal crown, holding the
    royal staff and the chieves were busy
    bowing down for him.
    Oh!!! They had been confused by the evil
    god of confusion………………………..

    Episode 16

    “you, what are you doing here! What are
    you doing in my premises?” He barked out
    when he saw me.
    “brother, where you are sitting down is not
    yours. You know that yourself” I told him in
    a cool tone.
    “shut up, i am not the one who was
    suppose to take over from your stipud
    father?” He shouted.
    “but what you should know is that he is also
    “keep quiet, i don’t care!!!” He interrupted
    “know that you are not a legitimate emperor
    of this empire, you eliminated the emperor
    and his brothers through the choosen one.
    The choosen one would have eliminated me
    but……………………….” I was saying when he
    interrupted me again.
    “oh!!! I even forgot, i thought you had
    joined your brothers and ancestors but here
    you are! Darlington must be a fool” He
    “now, all of you leave here now!” He
    commanded the chieves and they all ran out
    of the chamber in fear.
    Oh!!! they are under a spell. Malcolm is really
    evil god. I don’t know why my father gave
    birth to such a wicked and evil god” I
    thought in my mind.
    “brother! You came here in peace but won’t
    leave here in peace!” He told me bringing
    out his powerful sword.
    I also brought mine out even though i knew
    i couldn’t stand a chance against him. I
    cannot fight and subdue him.
    (Action music playing in background)
    I regret my actions, i wasn’t wise all this
    I had lived my life like a robot been
    The moment he killed me, the moment the
    stipud and foolish man i was told is my
    father killed me, i saw myself on a lonely
    The road was not too narrow and not too
    wide too. It was a lonely road as there was
    nobody not even a single soul on the road.
    There was no plant infact nothing like a
    living or non-living thing on the road only
    Yes, that’s how a person like me should be.
    A person who don’t reason before they
    A person who killed his uncles thinking he is
    taking revenge.
    I had been walking and walking for a day
    now and had not seen the end of the road.
    It was as if the road i was taking has no end
    as i continued walking. “maybe this is the
    punishment for my evil deeds, punishment
    for my foolishness and my stipudity” I
    lamented and continued my journey. .
    I hadn’t walked up to 2 hours more when i
    saw something at my front but it was still
    very far from me as i couldn’t tell what it
    was. .
    The unknown thing i sighted far away from
    me gave me a little hope and fastened my
    steps. I walked for about 30 minutes before
    i got there and what i saw surprised me. A
    gigantic golden gate stood firmly on the.
    There was no way i could move further.
    I stood there for about 5 minutes before i
    decided to knock.
    I knocked the gate and i became
    dumbfounded with what i saw.
    A man who i didn’t know including
    Herbert, Patrick and Robin(the emperor)
    appeared directly at my front….
    “oh!!! They
    will reject me!” My conscience was judging
    They just stood looking at me without a

    Episode 17

    The people i killed with my own hands were
    standing face to face with me.
    I wished the ground could just open and
    swallow me up to save me from this shame
    but that was just a mere wish which can
    never come true.
    I tried to disappear touching the star on my
    wrist but it didn’t work.
    “oh!!! Am finished!” I said in my mind.
    “don’t try to use your powers here, it won’t
    work because now, you are in the
    demarcation between live and dead. I know
    you must be wondering who i am. Well, i am
    Elmer your grand father” The man who i
    didn’t knew before told me.
    “please forgive me father, i knew not what i
    was doing, i………..”
    “we know!” They all interrupted me.
    “we know Malcolm, your father deceived you
    greatly. It’s not your fault” My grandfather
    told me.
    “grand-dad but what i don’t understand is
    why my father killed all his brothers even
    including his only son” I asked him
    Malcolm could be seen walking angrily,
    pacing around the palace.
    “my son why are you angry? You don’t need
    to be angry” I told him.
    “don’t tell me that! I overhead your
    discussion with your so-called chieves” He
    said which surprised me.
    “meaning what??…. Are you spying on me?”
    I asked him.
    “put that question aside! Why plan in
    making my younger brother the emperor.
    What you are about to give to him is mine!”
    He shouted with rage.
    “you are too full of evil! If i should hand-over
    Rome to you, you will destroy it and it’s
    people!” I shouted back at him.
    “i am the supposed emperor and you know
    the choosen one shall come from me.
    We shall see!!!” He said looking at the sky
    and left the palace angrily.
    So, that’s it. He wants the throne but he is
    too full of evil.
    “father, one more question. Uncle Nicholas
    told me i have superior power as the
    choosen one. Then why is it that Malcolm’s
    power overshadowed mine?” I asked.
    “your hair which is the source of your
    superior power
    had been removed by him. In order for you
    to regain it, you will have to recover the
    hair” He told me.
    “boy, you have to go back. We will allow you
    go back and correct your mistakes. Malcolm
    had turned Rome upside-down as we are
    talking, just take a look” Robin, the emperor
    spoke for the first time and invoked a big
    screen on the wall of the gate.
    On the screen, Malcolm could be seen
    laughing loudly.
    He had imprisoned all the citizens of Rome
    by changing them to images and had
    changed all the palace security guards to evil
    Nicholas was the only one normal but he
    was locked in a cage.
    I wept when i saw Rome, my hometown.
    The urge to return back to earth became
    great in me.
    “Immediately you land on back on earth, go
    to his house in the jungle and take the little
    box in his cupboard. Your hair is there!”
    Robin said and touched me with a staff, i
    disappeared and found myself at Malcolm’s
    house in the jungle.
    I opened the cupboard and took the box.
    I couldn’t open it. It was locked with some
    kind of super power.
    I tried and tried but it was all to no avail.
    I was about giving up when i remembered
    what faces the whole of Rome.
    I channelled all my powers to hands and
    forced it open with great force.
    I was surprised with what i saw in the box.
    In the box was one long piece of golden
    Before a blink of an eye, the hair attracted
    itself to my head and i felt great power
    surge through me.
    It was as if i could carry the world with my
    I went outside the house, gave it a simple
    kick and the whole house fell down flat like
    the wall of Jericho.
    “Malcolm, we shall see!!!!!!!!!”
    (Action music plays in background)

    Episode 18

    Malcolm had taken over! Yes, he had taken
    The evil god of Rome had taken over, who
    can rescue Rome from this great disaster,
    nobody. The only one who could do it is
    The whole citizens had been turned to
    images except me and the royal security
    guards. The guards are now evil warriors
    while i am now imprisoned.
    “ALL FAITH AND HOPE IS GONE!” I lamented.
    I touched the star on my wrist and
    appeared at the city.
    It was then it dawned on me that what i
    saw in the screen was true. Every living-
    thing both animals were transformed to
    “my father is really evil and wicked” I
    exclaimed and marched straight to the
    palace. When i got there, the person i saw at
    the gate was not normal.
    His face was like red colour and his clothes
    black unlike the normal gateman. .
    “hey you! Were do you think you are going,
    go back now or you die!” He shouted in a
    deep voice. .
    “hey!!! What happened to you? Why is your
    skin red and
    clothes black? This is not you” I said
    “since you are too stubborn to go back as i
    ordered, then you die!” He shouted and ran
    towards me with a sword wanting to strike
    me but i dodged it and gave him a simply
    gave him a punch to his face.
    He fell down at once and gave up.
    I opened the gate and stepped into the
    When i entered, only a single guard could be
    seen outside. He was also like the gateman
    (red skin and black clothes).
    I already knew Nicholas was caged due to
    what i saw on the screen but i don’t actually
    know the location he is.
    So, i decided to use the guard.
    I super-sped to where he was and griped
    his neck with speed.
    “all you have to do is to comply with me and
    i won’t hurt you. Now show me where
    Nicholas is” I threatened.
    “ok, ok, ok! I will show you” He said weakly.
    He described it but i asked him to take him
    I didn’t release my grip from his neck as he
    lead me there.
    I was seating down on my cage, waiting for
    the next thing “Death” but as i was sitting
    down, i saw someone.
    Someone who gave me hope, who gave not
    only me but the whole of Rome hope “THE
    “you know what young man?” I asked the
    evil guard when he had led me there.
    “i don’t keep to my promises!” I told him
    and gave him a slight kick which silenced
    “Choosen one!” Nicholas exclaimed in shock.
    “sshhsh” I told him telling him to keep silent.
    I forced the cage open with my super
    powers and he came out.
    “choosen one, how did you get your hairs
    back?” He asked me.
    “story for another day. What is important
    now is how we can eliminate Malcolm and
    recover the peace and harmony of this
    empire” I told him.
    “doing that now, would be hard because he
    now had lot of evil armies with him and they
    are now in their secret hall holding a
    meeting that’s why you can’t see them
    outside now” Nicholas said which surprised
    “so what are we going to do??” I asked him.
    “we attack once. No two ways about it” He
    told me.
    LOCATION: Malcolm’s Secret Hall in the palace.
    Malcolm and his hundreds of evil armies
    where with him and they were holding
    meeting on how to overcome the
    neighbouring empire.
    Malcolm who was sitting on a throne got up
    at once and shouted.
    “i smell something, somebody is trying to
    invade us, now half of you should go out
    and attack!” He commanded and half of his
    army ran out at once.
    “nobody can stop me!!!!!!!!!” Malcolm
    shouted with rage.

    Episode 19

    I and Nicholas were marching directly to
    Malcolm’s secret evil hall to attack but to our
    surprise, we were blocked by his evil
    warriors halfway.
    “who are you and where do you think you
    are going?” Their leader shouted in terror.
    “we are your worse enemy and also your
    worse nightmare. We came here to end your
    Hope satisfied with the answer?” I replied
    him in a provoking manner.
    “strike!!!!” He commanded and all the armies
    more than a hundred ran towards us with
    their swords.
    “please be careful!” Nicholas told me.
    “i am the one who is to tell you that!” I
    replied him and the battle started.
    It was a very rough but easy one for me as i
    slew Malcolm’s evil armies like chickens.
    Only a blow or a kick from me will send one
    to the ground.
    Nicholas on his own side was trying, he was
    fighting with his sword but i was using no
    Before the count of 7, he had killed one.
    That’s how we killed the guards who
    blocked us on the
    “that was tough” Nicholas breathed.
    “yea, if you say so!”
    “Something is wrong somewhere.
    Something is wrong.
    I am having this feeling that the being who
    is attacking us now is not just an ordinary
    being, i can smell he had killed all my guards
    i sent there. No!”
    “master, so you mean you haven’t seen the
    enemy up till now?” My assistant asked me.
    “no! I suppose to see him but i couldn’t.
    That’s one of the reason i said he is no
    ordinary being” I replied.
    “so, what are we going to do now?” He
    asked me.
    “i think i have to send more of the
    warriors!” I replied him and commanded
    some of them to attack the unknown
    attacker again.
    “hmm, someone is trying to get on my
    nerves. No worries, i will surely get you. I am
    Malcolm the great emperor of Rome!
    Nobody touches the tail of a lion and live to
    tell the story!
    That being has touched the lion’s tail and
    won’t go unpunished”
    We had finished eliminating the evil armies
    and it wasn’t up to 5 minutes, we saw
    another troop coming.
    “oh my God!!!” Nicholas shouted.
    “i already expected this before, i am not
    surprised” I said and stood waiting for them
    to come.
    Nicholas also stood and we waited for them.
    They got to where we stood and another
    battle began.
    This ones were more stronger and swifter
    than the first set but it was also nothing for
    Only one blow or a kick silences one.
    Nicholas also was trying on his own side.
    It was a tough and rough one.
    “this meeting is postponed. What we should
    be contemplating on now is how we can
    overpower this enemy” I told the few ones
    left with me in the meeting.
    “no problem sir!” They all chorused.
    “fine” I said and called my assistant.
    I invoked more power into his body so that
    he can be strong enough to stand by me.
    “thank you master! Am grateful” Chevron
    thanked me.
    Chevron was the name of my assistant.
    We managed to kill all of them, they were
    very many.
    After eliminating them, we continued our
    walk to our target’s secret hall.
    When the choosen one and Nicholas got
    there, the door was locked.
    Out of fury and anger, the choosen one
    pushed the door open with force.
    Meanwhile, Malcolm and his armies were
    inside when the door was pushed open.
    Everybody was surprised.
    Nobody not even a god can open that door
    except an evil god because the door was
    locked with evil.
    Malcolm was very surprised and
    dumbfounded to behold the sight of
    Darlington and Nicholas.
    What surprised him more was how he came
    back to life and how he got back his hairs.
    “Darlington???????????…………..” He exclaimed.
    “no his twin brother! Hahhahahahaha”

    Episode 20

    Title: Trouble time.
    “how, how, i mean how……………….” He
    stammered wanting to ask a question but i
    interrupted him because i read his mind.
    “oh!!! You mean how i got back my hairs?
    Hahhahaha. When you get to hell, the devil
    will explain to you” i replied him.
    “how are we going to handle him now?”
    Nicholas asked me in a low voice.
    “you take care of these guards, i attack him
    direct to prevent him from escaping” I
    replied him more like a whisper.
    “nice idea!” He said.
    “see all you have to do now is to distract
    that one with golden hairs from coming to
    me, i need to go and meditate” Malcolm told
    his assistant in fear.
    “ok master, trust me” He assured and ran in
    speed to block the choosen one who was
    also coming in speed to attack Malcolm.
    The choosen one was very angry when he
    saw someone blocked his way.
    “who the f--k are you?” Darlington asked in
    “i am Chevron!” He replied.
    “leave my way now!” The choosen one
    “for you to attack my master? No way!! You
    have to kill me first” He replied. “then you
    die!” The choosen one replied and Chevron
    brought out his sword. .
    Meanwhile, Nicholas was on a hot and fierce
    battle with Malcolm’s evil warriors. They
    were so many and were attacking him
    simultaneously. It got to a stage, he decided
    to use his invisibility or he might end up
    losing his precious live. He changed which
    made the evil warriors confused.
    “where are you? Show yourself!” They
    shouted in fright and confusion. “hahaha”
    Nicholas laughed and started slaying them
    one after the other. .
    Malcolm ran towards a room, he was very
    afraid because he couldn’t withstand the
    choosen one’s power. He got to the room,
    knelt down, closed his eyes and was
    Suddenly, a god appeared.
    His appearance was just like Malcolm’s.
    Malcolm has a perfect resemblance of him
    and there was no difference between them.
    “who are you? Why do you look so much
    like me??” Malcolm asked surprised.
    “i don’t look so much like you. I am you and
    you are me” He replied.
    “how???” Malcolm asked.
    “i am Mucas and i will tell you a story now”
    He said.
    “5000 years ago, i existed in Rome and back
    then, the choosen one before the present
    one came through me. I was an evil god so i
    wasn’t allowed by my father to inherit the
    throne and i was the senior among my
    brothers. I decided to take the throne by
    force but the choosen one, my own son
    killed me. So, i decided to reincarnate and i
    also made sure to program everything that
    happened to me into you too” Mucas
    revealed which shocked Malcolm.
    “so you mean my own son, the choosen one
    will kill me now!” Malcolm poured out in
    “no! That’s the mistake i wanted to correct
    when i reincarnated. I will combine myself
    with you. I will enter inside you which will
    make you and i to be one thereby making
    our power to be at the same level with the
    choosen one” Mucas said.
    “hahhahahaha, thank you! I will accept
    that!” Malcolm said relieved.
    “good! After killing the choosen one, i will
    come out of
    you and take the star in his wrist so that i
    can be a living god again and two of us will
    reign and rule the world!” Mucas told him.
    “i like that!”
    Mucas said some incantations and before a
    blink of an eye, he entered Malcolm.
    I felt extra-ordinary power when he entered
    I couldnt control it. So, i fell down and got
    up some minutes after.
    “Darlington, wait for your doom!” I shouted
    and marched towards i left them before.
    I had killed Chevron and Nicholas had
    finished his targets too. He really tried.
    We were searching for Malcolm when we
    suddenly saw him.
    “don’t worry! I will take of him” I told
    Nicholas and ran to attack him but
    surprisingly, he reversed my attack and gave
    me a super kick which sent me flying on the
    I flew unconsciously back to where Nicholas
    was standing and fell down.
    “what?????……………………….” i exclaimed

    Episode 21 (Final)

    Title: It is done!
    “Great trouble and havoc faces the choosen
    one and Nicholas!” Robin shouted to the
    hearing of the others.
    “what? Mucas
    combined with Malcolm? This is not good!!!”
    Patrick exclaimed. .
    Elmer just stood transfixed at a spot, he was
    very angry and confused. The choosen one
    who had lived before Darlington came and
    was very angry when he saw the handwork
    of Mucas. “i am going again to end the
    fool!!!” He shouted.
    “i believe you choosen one, you can go! Go
    in peace and come in peace” Elmer said
    relieved. .
    “This is not normal at all, how come, how
    come the b---h overpower me?” I asked
    myself still lying weakly on the floor.
    Immediately, i saw Nicholas running
    towards him to attack him and i felt sorry
    for him.
    I knew he wouldn’t stand a chance
    against him.
    “nooo!!!! Don’t…………….” I was shouting to
    stop him but i haven’t even completed it
    when i saw Nicholas flying unconsciously in
    the air.
    He flew to where i was and landed heavily
    on the ground.
    “gosh!!!” I exclaimed.
    “i know you might be wondering how i got
    this kind of powers now! Hmm, i am not
    Malcolm only. I am now Malcolm and Mucas.
    Two in one!” He said.
    Before i could say “Jack” i saw Malcolm and
    somebody like him too standing in front of
    me. He entered into Malcolm again and it
    dawned on me how Malcolm became strong
    suddenly. “time to silence the choosen one,
    hahhahahaha!” He shouted and ran towards
    me. .
    Immediately, i felt great power surge
    through me and i stood up at once. Malcolm
    got to where i was but i raised him up with
    just one hand and threw him far away.
    Nicholas face brightened up when he saw
    this and he also got up shouting happily.
    Immediately, someone who i looked like
    came out of me which made me surprised.
    “i am the choosen one who had existed
    before you! That man who combined with
    Malcolm to end you is my father, he was an
    evil god just like your father but i ended his
    live! He is back for revenge!” He told i and
    “so, you mean they will kill me?” I asked.
    “when i am here? No!” He answered.
    “so, you will combine with me??” I asked
    “i won’t combine with you, the power will
    be too high! What i will do is just to give you
    my hairs” He said and immediately, his hairs
    separated from his head, flew to where i
    was and combined with my hairs, thereby
    making it long.
    “thank you!” I and Nicholas said the same
    I was very happy when the other choosen
    one combined his hairs with Darlington.
    All i have to do now is to sit down
    comfortably and watch the super fight.
    Malcolm stood up and was walking to
    where i was when he immediately saw the
    other choosen one.
    “what??…… You, what are you doing here?”
    He asked.
    I guess it was Mucas speaking not Malcolm.
    “i am always your doom evil father! I came
    to end your live the way i did back then!”
    The choosen one replied him.
    Malcolm ran towards me with force but i
    just stood transfixed at a spot waiting for
    He got to where i was and gave me a super-
    punch but i didn’t shake an inch.
    He gave me a kick to my face but i didn’t feel
    He wanted to attack me again but i held his
    hands and gave him a kick which sent him
    to the floor.
    I took my super sword and immediately
    stucked it in his stomach.
    HE DIED.
    “so easy!” I said.
    Immediately, the other choosen one
    congratulated me and left with his hair.
    The whole of Rome who where turned to
    images by Malcolm came back to live.
    Peace and harmony was restored fully back
    to Rome.
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    “and the crowned Emperor of this great
    Empire is Nicholas!!!” The high chief
    shouted and placed the royal crown on his
    Everybody clapped and rejoiced.
    “i want to dedicate this day to Darlington! A
    strong and brave man. Truly, you are the
    choosen one without you, Rome would have
    been down now. You liberated us out of the
    hands of Malcolm, my evil brother. You will
    be remembered all day in the land of Rome!”
    Nicholas said and a round of
    applause was heard from the crowd.
    Darlington was with his girlfriend in the hall
    and he was very happy too.
    In one side of the hall, three gods who had
    died were busy dancing and singing, they
    were no other persons than Robin, Patrick
    and Herbert.
    *THE END…*

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