Story: Bro Paul

    Episode 1

    Paul was born into a family of three. His
    father is a corporate
    worker who sets out as early as 5am in the
    morning only to
    return home at 10pm and above.
    His mother was a business woman who sells
    provisions in
    wholesale and retails. She also closed as late
    as 10pm. Paul has two junior sisters who
    were in KG 2 and primary 4 respectively
    while he was in SS2.
    Due to lack of parental
    monitoring, paul had mingled with the bad
    guys in his neighbourhood. Every evening
    after school, he would go to the
    neighbourhood to play, the bad guys would
    send him to buy cigarettes and alcoholic
    Atimes, he would be sent to call a pretty lady
    passing by.
    At ss3, paul had started smoking
    indian hemp, his parent tried so many times
    to correct him but he had turned to a dry fish
    difficult to bend. Paul had became notorious
    in the neighbourhood
    causing trouble and atrocities. He wrote his
    first jamb after ss3 at 18 but he failed. he
    made another 3 attempts at the next 3
    consecutive years and still failed.
    he was frustrated with his failure and yet, he
    wouldn’t give up on his bad attitude,.
    He was at home one day watching a
    programme on the
    TV station and after the program, a religious
    program came up.
    Paul was captivated by the preacher and
    followed the preaching bumper to bumper. It
    got to a point, the preacher made mention
    “you should make a difficult vow with God and
    be serious with it.
    It should be something that will
    cost you pain . And tell God that if you can
    do this particular thing
    for me, this is what I will give you/ do for
    you.”.. Paul got the
    message and decided to give it a trial. He
    promised God to be born again and served
    him with the whole of his live on campus and
    beyond if God could give him an
    admission the following year. As
    luck would have it, paul gained admission to
    study micro-biology the following year. At the
    beginning of his year one. He was finding it
    difficult to born again due to the high number
    of pretty chicks who were freshers on
    campus. They were indeed
    tempting and seductive. The way
    this girls packaged their assets could make a
    G.O commit “side- game”.

    Episode 2-6

    At first semester, paul enjoyed life, f----d 3
    freshers and clubbed forgetting that he made
    a promise to God. Towards the
    end of first semester, he had a dream seeing
    an old man in
    white gown reminding him of
    the promises he made before he got his
    admission. He woke up and began to cry, he
    cried and realized he didn’t fulfilled his
    promises. The following week, he
    joined a fellowship of one of his numerous
    At the beginning of second semester, paul
    became a changed person. He stopped flirting
    and clubing. He joined bible
    study and Prayer units. He was so fervent in
    the service that he barely missed any of the
    programs and activities, you would always see
    paul at every campus religious gatherings and
    At 200level, he was made the bible study
    secretary of his
    fellowship. He was so diligent in the
    stewardship that he was made the president
    of his
    Fellowship at 300level. All through this
    periods, paul was
    binding and casting out demons and doing
    special miraculous
    works. The entire campus could feel it that
    there was someone named paul.
    He graduated from school and went for his
    NYSC and was
    posted to a public secondary school in
    calabar, that was where trouble
    Bro paul got to NYSC. He was posted to a
    public secondary
    school. he tried to keep and maintain his
    religious standard
    at all cost but temptation started
    befalling him. Many of the students would
    walk pass him flaunting their “ukwus’ and
    “bobby”. He was trying all his
    best to resist the intimate urges and
    temptations with the power of the holy-spirit
    in him and it
    worked. Three months after his
    commencement in the school, another female
    corper named
    eunice was posted to the school.
    Eunice was 29years old, a very beautiful and
    elegant lady. She was naturally pretty and
    Eunice was a rough girl who had flexed and
    enjoyed her life as a runs girl while on
    campus and had the determination of
    hooking a God fearing guy during service.
    Weeks after
    eunice commencement of her
    service to her fatherland at the same PPA with
    bro paul, they became friends. Eunice studied
    paul and noticed he was a God
    fearing man, without wasting time, she began
    to form holy just to gain the attention of paul,
    would sing gospel song, read xtian books,
    she stopped using jewellery and made sure
    she wore moderate clothes. Bro paul was
    carried away by the looks and display of
    Christianity, he was happy that he met a
    dedicated xtian like him and didn’t bother to
    involve God into it, he followed his mind and
    asked eunice out. Without
    wasting much time, eunice gave a YES answer
    after 2 weeks and that started dating.
    As time went on, eunice couldn’t
    hold on to abstinence has she began to
    desire for sex in the
    relationship. He tried so many means to
    seduce bro paul but he kept resisting. After
    long weeks of resistance, bro paul finally fell
    for it and they have sex after
    4months of the relationship.

    Bro paul started drowning spiritually into the
    ocean of
    eunice’s touch. Every moment, bro paul
    would go on his kneels and cry to God for
    forgiveness, only to fall back on eunice laps
    weeks later. His prayer and devotion life
    began to reduce
    drastically to the extent that he hardly read
    bible as
    frequently as before. (That is the power of
    woman I must say,
    behind the downfall of most spiritual leaders
    are women of
    easy virtue who knows how to
    manipulate them to get what they wanted).
    Paul began to struggle with his spiritual life.
    He began to hear
    strange voices and found it difficult to identify
    the voice of
    the holy spirit from that of the devil, one voice
    will say “paul!
    Paul! Paul!!!, leave that woman alone, she is
    going to destroy you!!!. Then another one will
    paul! Paul! Paul!!!, he who finds a wife has
    found a good thing and obtains favour from
    ME. Do not loose her because she will make
    a good wife with her cool and
    nice attitude!!”. He loved eunice so much
    because eunice seems
    to posses everything he wanted in a woman,
    the intimate
    intercourse was just the problem with this two
    lover birds. At one moment, they will pray and
    cry to
    God not to indulge in immorality again. At
    another moment, they
    are both back to the bed. “This must be the
    devil’s trick” bro paul
    thought. He decided to take a great risk that
    involved his life.
    After so many failed attempt to flee
    immorality, he called eunice into his room
    one evening, he
    went on his kneels and told eunice to do the
    same. He told
    her about his decision to finally quit sex until
    marriage, though
    eunice wasn’t feeling
    comfortable with the decision, she enjoys sex
    but she isn’t
    ready to loose paul simply because paul is a
    God fearing man who loves God and also
    cared for her, eunice believed that she can’t
    be maltreated by
    paul and believed paul will always be there to
    help in times
    of prayers and sacrifices. She
    pretended to be cool with the “no more sex”
    decision with the
    mindset that paul would still fall back on her
    Paul held her hands, they both closed their
    eyes and paul started
    praying and crying for
    forgiveness. After 15 minutes into the prayer,
    bro paul made a strong vow to God on behalf
    of the love birds and he said, “oh
    lord, any day WE decided to engage in
    intimate again, may
    WE be strike with leprosy and epilepsy
    instantly!! AMEN”. Eunice was shocked to the
    extent that her heart almost burst out of her
    chest, she removed her hands
    and stood up, she refused to say Amen to it
    and she frowned her face and telling paul how
    she felt bad because she wasn’t
    consulted before making the leprosy vow.
    Paul walked to her, held her and comforted
    her, he
    made her to see reasons for his vows and
    promised to be there for her in everything. He
    her realised that the delay in sex will hasten
    his urges for it and will help to fast track his
    marriage preparations. Eunice
    thought for a while, she enjoyed love making
    but she never
    wanted to loose paul due to his God fearing
    and cool headed
    attitude. She agreed with paul and they both
    resumed to
    continue the prayers………….
    Weeks after weeks, months flies, they were
    struggling with their intimate urges anytime
    they are
    together. They would engage in kissing and
    romance, but when
    they got to love making mood.
    Something will strike bro paul’s heart like
    thunder, reminding him of his pledge and
    vows, and the urges would die down
    immediately. When paul realises that he was
    only punishing
    himself with the romance of a thing. He
    decided to put and end to every romance and
    kisses. He decided to remain on holy hugs
    until they are married. Gradually,
    paul was getting back to his spiritual stand.
    He now prays regularly and also studies his
    bible. Eunice wasn’t getting
    comfortable with paul again, she isn’t getting
    the pleasure and emotional attention she
    wished for, but she had no choice than to wait
    and be patient since she isn’t ready to loose
    3months to the end of NYSC, eunice impatient
    grows into
    maturity and she decided to seek
    comfort in the arms of valentine who happens
    to be one of her toasters who eventually
    her friend. They began to get
    intimate within the twinkle of an eye, eunice
    began to find
    valentine interesting and lively because he
    would always discuss
    and say dirty things she wanted to hear, with
    time, she reduced her visitation to paul and
    increased her visitation to
    valentine, since paul was more concerned
    about spiritual
    growth and less about emotions and romance,
    eunice’s attention of hanging out was now on
    “I will keep paul for marriage and keep val for
    friendship” eunice
    said to herself.
    2months to the end of NYSC, eunice and
    valentine began to
    have romance, but each time they were about
    to move on to
    love making, eunice was always scared of the
    vow she and paul
    made together, and she would always cry and
    resist. She always
    wanted to have fun but she wasn’t ready to
    suffer leprosy
    and epilepsy. After several resistances, val
    decided to get
    what he wanted in a hard way.
    He drugged eunice’s drink and eunice became
    weak and went unconscious. Valentine had
    way and made love to eunice.
    When eunice became concious, she realised
    what valentine had
    done to her and she began to cry. Valentine
    tried to comfort her but he got a slap in
    return as
    eunice walked out in tears….
    To be continued.
    Eunice got back to her room, closed up the
    door and began to
    cry, she would check her skin over and over
    again every minutes hoping to see leprosy on
    her spotless skin, she switched off her phone
    and neither paul nor valentine was able to
    reach her, after hours of crying, she thought of
    it that it would be better for her to go to paul
    confess her sins maybe paul would be able to
    pray to God on
    her behalf.
    The next day in school, Eunice was sad and
    scared of relating her sins to paul. Paul also
    was wondering what could have went wrong
    with eunice
    because the sad look was obvious on her
    face. After closing
    for the day, Eunice followed paul to his
    apartment. On getting
    inside, eunice began to cry, paul was worried
    about what could have happened. He pulled
    eunice closer and said “whatever it is, please
    stop crying and tell me about it please. Eunice
    her crying after several pleas and
    cuddling. She took the boldness to start a
    conversation. “Paul, you see, ehhhhmm, I
    don’t know how to say it, ehhhhm” eunice
    was stammering. “Pls just say it in any way
    you can please” paul
    whispered silently.
    ” Ehm paul. I know it is not morally and
    religiously right to
    say this, you know, we are humans, though I
    am religious
    but not up to your level, you know………..”
    Eunice was beating
    around the bush.
    “Eunice, please just hit the nail at the head”
    Paul said.
    ” Ehm paul, atimes, I used to have this
    feelings of kissing you, holding you tight,
    feeling your heartbeat, laying my head on
    your chest but………………………….”
    Eunice began to cry again. Paul pulled her
    closer, wiped her tears and looked into her
    eyes. “Eunice my love, don’t speak further, I
    knew what you wanted to say, I
    just don’t want to jump at it.
    “Really , eunice was nervous, thinking that
    holy spirit had
    revealed to paul about her lovemaking with
    val…….”, paul replied ” yes dear, I understand
    how you feel, I felt your pain. The truth is that
    the pain is mutual, I’m not also comfortable
    Doing all these things you said isn’t a
    problem to me. But my main problem is that
    it would give me intimate arousal and
    urges which will make us thirsty to have sex.
    And you still
    remembered the vow?”. Eunice nodded.
    “So eunice, I just felt it would be better not to
    perceive the aroma
    of the food we can’t eat. I told God to strike
    us with leprosy and epilepsy any moment we
    intimate intercourse, and I’m not ready to face
    God’s wrath”.
    Eunice’s heart beats faster on hearing about
    the vows again,
    she became restless and asked “you mean
    when YOU and I
    having sex?” Paul replied “Yes”.
    She asked again, you mean “YOU and I?”, paul
    replied again “YES, is there any problem”?.
    “NO” said
    She hugged paul and felt relieved inside of
    her with the thoughts
    that since it wasn’t between paul and her, she
    was save. Paul also cuddled her and
    promised to be
    romantic in a moderate way that
    won’t raise any intimate urge.
    Eunice returned home with relieve in her
    heart. She switched
    on her phone and saw 15 apology texts from
    valentine. 3 days later, she forgave val and
    they resumed their intimate friendship, val
    was surprised that
    eunice no longer resist him again
    whenever its time to make love…………………...

    Episode 7-9

    Paul wanted to fulfil
    righteousness and be holy to God, his
    girlfriend he loved so
    much was out there feeling lonely and bored.
    Paul was
    confused on how to balance his spiritual life
    with his emotional life. He wish he could
    eunice happy but he doesn’t know how to go
    about it. He was
    already back to his spiritual stand with God.
    He wish he could make eunice spiritually fit
    like himself but it was always impossible. He
    couldn’t leave eunice because he loved him
    so much and the love
    was hindering him from thinking straight. He
    keeps hearing this two contradicting voices
    about Eunice. One voice will tell him to
    quit, another voice will tell him to hold on to
    eunice. He couldn’t tell which of them is of
    God and of
    After struggling with thoughts, paul decided to
    consult a
    spiritual leader for a divine insight on his
    situation. He knelt
    down and he was prayed for.
    After 18mins of prayer, the spiritual leader told
    paul that he wasn’t compatible with eunice,
    they are two opposite character and it wasn’t
    God’s chosen. Paul tried to let the pastor
    realise how he often dreamt about her and
    how a voice always spoke to him about
    eunice, but the pastor repeated it again that
    eunice was
    a wrong choice, the only solution is to quit.
    Paul was shocked.
    “How do I go about quitting with the girl I
    loved with all my heart?,
    I need to go on to God personally for
    confirmation” paul thought.
    The following week, eunice’s attention was
    shifting gradually
    from paul. Even at school, she wasn’t fond of
    staying around paul again like before, she
    always seen chating on her phone and
    laughing out alone at
    intervals. Paul wasn’t getting comfortable with
    this latest
    development, he decided to go on a 3 days
    fast and prayer to get a confirmation about
    3days into the fast, he had a dream and saw
    himself sitting infront of a house containing
    maidens. He came there to pick a wife, Eunice
    was in rags coming out of the room looking
    dirty and smelling. Then someone called her
    back and told her ” see that guy out there
    (pointing at paul),
    he wants a clean woman as wife.
    Take this clean cloth and perfume to cover
    yourself so that he would pick you.” Eunice
    immediately sprayed the perfume
    and wore the clean with cloth, she washed her
    face and she appeared good looking. On
    getting outside, paul was carried away by the
    outward look without taking a look at the
    inward appearance and he immediately picked
    eunice and
    left for the aisle. Along The road
    to the aisle, wind was blowing and eunice’s
    good looking dress
    was about to be blown open by the wind, then
    eunice told paul.
    “Dear, I don’t want you to see me until we get
    to the aisle. Let me tie this little cloth on your
    and I will hold your hands to lead you till we
    get to the aisle”. Paul agreed and his face was
    Eunice held paul’s hand as the walk along, on
    their road. They met another dirty young man
    eunice immediately held the man with her left
    hand and the 3
    were walking along while paul was blindfolded
    to notice the latest development and also, he
    couldn’t see people waiving at him to stop
    and see his new
    company. Paul woke up immediately and
    started sweating. He picked his bible and
    began to pray. This time, he held a voice
    clearly with any
    hindrance saying “paul, paul, paul!!!, she is
    not your
    Paul took the boldness and courage to open
    up to eunice
    and broke up with her, telling her it was an
    instruction from
    God. The both cried for days. Few days later,
    eunice finally cheered up and sticked to
    valentino. NYSC ended, paul travelled to lagos
    stay with one of his friends who promised to
    help him with a job.
    At lagos, another problem happened to
    Next episode pls o
    Paul got to lagos, he stayed with his friends
    who were working with big firms and were
    together. One of his friends earns 120k while
    the other earns
    135k respectively. Paul thought he could get
    job as soon as
    possible, but he doesn’t go beyond aptitude
    test level ever since he had been applying for
    job in lagos. 6 months went by and paul
    hadn’t gotten any job.
    His two friends tried to fix him in their
    different workplaces but it still doesn’t work
    out. Paul
    continued praying and hoping on God for a
    job but each time he prayed, he always heard
    a silent voice saying “wait!!!!, the
    appointed time is near”. He was
    convinced in his heart that soonest, he would
    get a job.
    18months went by, paul was still in lagos
    without getting any job.
    He decided to increased the duration of his
    fasts and prayers.
    He even went to the mountain to pray but he
    was still given the
    same word of “wait!!!!, the appointed time is
    near. Paul’s friends were getting fed up of
    feeding him with their salary for over a year.
    One of them
    suggested that they should take paul to the
    baba that always
    assist them whenever they have spiritual
    problems or any
    problem, paul was angry on hearing this
    “whaaaaaat , a whole me? Servant of the most
    high God?, follow you guys to an
    herbalist?, Never!!!!” Paul yelled at them and
    walk away into his room.
    The friends were beginning to be tired of paul.
    One of them
    vowed never to drop a single kobo for paul
    again since he isn’t
    ready to help himself. The other friend went
    inside the room to
    meet paul and talk to him.
    “Paul, you see, this man gave us divine favour
    soap that we used to bath and it helped us in
    getting jobs in time. We aren’t telling you to
    do rituals, neither are we telling you to offer or
    carry any sacrifice, we understand how
    religious crazy you are. But God doesn’t go
    against assistance, don’t you hear
    the general saying of heaven help those who
    help themselves?
    , see let me tell you, we also attend churches
    and at the same time, we meet prophets to
    assist us in reaching to God faster, and that is
    why we wanted you to
    follow us to meet this man. He is going to
    help you ……….bla….bla….bla.” The other
    friend continued convincing paul but at the
    end of everything, paul
    rejected the idea.
    The following week, the other friend who
    vowed not to drop a
    kobo fulfilled his vow, he would spend a lot
    outside, branched at
    eateries to eat and only comes home to
    sleep. The other friend
    began to complain of been the only one to
    provide for the house. Paul was getting hurt
    inside of him as his previous good friends are
    suddenly turning against him.
    Weeks later, the other friend also stopped
    providing for the home and paul was left
    alone to survive
    on his own. He decided to walk
    across the street one day and he saw vacancy
    for a sales boy at a provision shop. He
    decided to
    apply for it just to have a means of income.
    The shop owner told paul that she would be
    5,000naira and he agreed without hesitating.
    On getting
    home, he told his friends that he had gotten a
    small job, they asked about it and he told
    everything. They both laughed and mocked
    him. “So you prefer
    5k compared to the 135k and 120k we both
    earn respectively?”
    One of his friends said while mocking him.
    “Won’t you rather
    follow us to somewhere where
    you would be assisted and get favour”?. The
    other said. Paul felt
    sad and walked away.
    Paul started his sales boy job and still
    continued hoping on God for a turnaround. He
    was tired of
    praying alone and he decided to visit the
    pastor of the church he attends in lagos for
    prayers. The pastor said the same thing to
    him that his appointed time is
    near. If only he could be patient on God. After
    6months of
    working as a sales boy, he had faced enough
    insults and
    humiliation from his employer. At home also,
    his friends weren’t contributing. They both eat
    outside and only comes home to sleep. And
    paul isn’t ready to leave lagos and return to
    parents. He just had this belief that he would
    get a nice job in lagos.
    After 3years and 8months of staying in lagos,
    paul sat down
    and began to think. He envied the luxurious
    lifestyle his friends
    were living. He wish he could have a 6 digit
    salary job and ride cars like his friends, but
    he isn’t
    ready to meet any baba for help.
    “Me?, baba?, never!!!, I will never compromise
    my God” paul said in his heart.
    At shop in the following week,
    paul’s employer had went out and mini
    thieves came to steal
    items worth 60,000 in the shop while they
    were buying things.
    Paul was unaware until his employer returned
    and find out
    that goods were missing. He was
    seriously cursed and insulted by his employer
    who doesn’t
    believed that the shop was robbed. She
    believed paul sold
    the goods and kept the money.
    Paul was slapped , arrested and sacked from
    the shop.
    He went back home after been released from
    the police station and began to cry about his
    frustrated life. His friends persuaded him
    again to give baba a trial and look out for
    tremendous change in his life. This time, paul
    agreed after many considerations

    Paul and his friends got to the baba. His
    house was an ancient
    house with feathers and horns plugged into
    every walls. Smell of pigeon and fowl bloods
    were all over the compound. On getting to the
    door, his friends knocked
    and baba opened the door from inside. He
    welcomed them and
    told them to sit down on the mat.
    Inside the room was a white and red cloth
    hanged on the wall like a plasma TV.
    Calabash was placed
    on the ground, an ancient lantern was placed
    on the
    calabash and the baba was holding a horn.
    Paul was scared and worried on seeing all
    this things but his friends calmed him
    down and telling him that there is no going
    back and there would be no problem. His
    friends turned to baba and started a
    FRIENDS: baba, good afternoon.
    BABA: my children, how are you?
    FRIENDS: baba we are fine ooo.
    BABA: I can see that on your faces. How is
    work going?
    FRIeNDS: work is fine and everything is fine.
    Thanks to you bABA.
    BABA: smiled don’t thank me, thank the
    gods, they
    performed everything, I’m only a messenger
    FrIeNDS: thanks to the gods oooo.,
    BABA: smiled
    FRIENDS: here is our friend.  pointing to
    paul, he is a
    childhood friend, he had been in lagos for the
    past 3years with no job.
    BABA: whaaaat , 3years ?, and you can’t bring
    him here all this
    FRIENDS: don’t mind him baba, he wasn’t
    interested at first
    because of religion.
    BABA: smiled and facing paul my son,
    what is your
    PAUL: paul
    BABA: you see my son, religion doesn’t
    hinder you from divine assistance from people
    that are closer to the gods. Both muslims and
    christians visits us here for counselling. If you
    noticed the man that went out just now, he is
    a pastor of a popular church
    here in lagos.
    FRIENDS: we told him the same thing baba
    and he doesn’t listen.
    BABA: don’t worry, today that he visited my
    temple, there would be instant solution. Let
    contact the gods first to know what will work
    with his destiny.
    FRIENDS: ok baba
    Baba told paul to bring out any amount and
    speak to it. Paul did exactly what he was told
    and returned the money to baba.
    Baba faced the graved image beside him, he
    made incantations and chants to appease the
    gods, finally, the
    gods responded and its only baba that heard
    it. Paul and his
    friends were watching in a
    clueless manner.
    BABA: the gods of my
    forefathers, here is paul before you, he wanted
    to get good jobs in this lagos and he decided
    to visit you for assistance.
    gods: my servant, you see that boy, we have
    been haunting him
    for a long, and we are so happy today that he
    fell into our trap. Its time to deal with him.
    BABA: haaaa!, the gods of my fore fathers,
    what happend?
    gods: you see, while he was on campus, he
    wagged war against
    us and sent us packing. He loosened all the
    prey we tied, he performed many miracles, he
    healed the people we made
    blind, he healed the sickness we placed on
    people. And do you
    know the worst part?
    BABA: gods of my forefathers, I’m listening.
    gods: he delivered almost all the young girls
    that we possessed to sleep with young
    undergraduates and siphoned their destinies
    through sex. So this time, we are going to
    deal with him severely.
    BABA: so what do I do my fathers?
    gods: give him “tamotiye” soap
    and lotion to use. This will take his God’s
    eyes away from him
    while we take our time to suffer him more
    BABA: ok gods of my forefathers. Thank you
    very much. I know
    that you will always help me.
    FRIENDS: baba, what did the gods said?.
    BABA: the gods said he would get a good job
    within the next 2
    PAUL: happy thank you sir.
    BABA: you are welcome my son.
    Your friends are my son. So I will do anything
    fatherly to help you.
    PAUL: thank you baba.
    BABA: I will give you a soap and a lotion. You
    should be using the
    soap to bath everyday and always apply the
    lotion after bath. It will make favour locate you
    whenever you went for any
    test or interview. I’m very sure you will be
    selected and
    employed. And watch out, you would be
    called for miracle job
    any moment from now.
    PAUL: thank you sir
    FRIENDS: thank you baba. Please take this
    10,000 and use it to buy kola.
    BABA: thank you my son. Baba handed over
    the “tamotiye”
    soap and lotion to paul and they departed
    from baba....

     Episode 10&11

    Paul got home and began to apply the soap
    and lotion. At the
    first week, he noticed that he suddenly finds
    prayer and bible
    reading boring. Each time he makes attempt
    to have a quiet time, it always seems to be
    boring to him. This continued for 4weeks. On
    the second month, he stopped hearing the
    quiet voices of God which he normally
    heard and he never bothered about it. On the
    third month. Paul
    finds it difficult to attend church
    programmes. He started by going to church
    late on sundays.
    Gradually, he began to miss weekly services
    and before the end of the fifth month after
    visiting baba with his friends, paul had
    stopped attending
    church on sundays. His church members and
    elders in lagos who always knew him to be a
    dedicated and fervent Christian
    began to complain and worry over his sudden
    change in
    religious attitude. Instead of paul to reason
    with them, he fought his church members and
    angrily stopped to be a member of the
    church. All through this five months, there
    was no sign or
    traces of job but his friends keeps assuring
    him that job would come. “Since it worked for
    us, then it will work for you” one of his friends
    At the sixth month. Paul was struck with a
    unknown attack.
    He began to bed wet. Whenever he sleeps, the
    whole mattress
    would be soaked with urine before daybreak.
    His friend were worried about it but there is
    nothing they could do to stop it, at the eighth
    month, it got worse
    that paul would pass urine in his trousers in
    the day break
    without him noticing it until his trouser gets
    wet. This happens to him mostly in public
    Paul was so embarrassed and
    disgraced that the whole neighbourhood was
    aware of it that paul is a daytime-bed wetter.
    “This paul issue isn’t ordinary. I think we
    should visit baba”, one of his friend said. “I
    think you are right, we should go there
    tomorrow morning” the other friend replied.
    They all left for baba in the following morning.
    “Baba, may you live long sir, here is our
    friend paul, he had been bed wetting for
    months sir” says one of his friends. Baba
    replied ” haba, and you can’t bring him to
    me all this while?, anyway, take this ointment
    and apply it on his body every night before
    sleep. May the gods of my forefathers be with
    him”. They all
    left and returned home. 3days after using the
    ointment, paul was healed of his bed wetting
    and everyone was happy. But 2days later, he
    was struck with
    Paul would suddenly fall down and started
    vomiting foam-like
    substances out of his mouth while shaking
    and rolling on the
    floor. On this latest development, his friends
    couldn’t bear it and they sent him packing.
    Paul took
    his belongings and returned to his parents
    with the ailment.

    Paul returned to his family. He
    was been carried from one
    hospital to another, from one
    physician to another but no cure.
    His parents tried many specialists
    and churches and yet, there was
    no cure.
    Third month after paul’s arrival
    to his family, he started
    developing mental problem. Paul
    would be normal for one
    moment, at the other moment,
    he would be behaving funny. He
    would started laughing and
    displaying funny act.. Paul
    suffered these ailments for the
    next 9 months with no cure.
    The members of his church
    raised prayers for him. His family
    had series of vigils until he was
    cured after 2 years of staying
    with his family.
    Paul realised his mistakes, he
    knew it that he had
    compromised his God, he knew it
    that he wasn’t standing right
    with God again. He wept and
    cried unto God for forgiveness of
    his sins. He re-dedicated his life
    to christ and began to grow
    again spiritually.
    2 months later, paul was in his
    room at his family house reading
    his bible when his phone rang.
    He picked it and had the
    following conversation.
    PAUL: hello,
    CALLER: hi, is this Akinbayo Paul?
    PAUL: yes. Hope no problem.
    CALLER: we went through your
    CV which you submitted two and
    half years ago and it matched the
    requirement for the post of
    general manager at XYZ nigeria
    PAUL: ok sir, thank you sir.
    CALLER: you are to come on
    monday morning for interview.
    PAUL: ok sir. Thanks.
    Paul arranged his cloths, prayed
    to God and thanked him for the
    new things he hath done. He
    called his friends in lagos to
    inform them about his coming,
    they declined his request of
    lodging at their residence over
    the fear of epilepsy. He tried to
    explain to them that he had been
    cured but they refused to listen.
    He then called his lagos pastor as
    the only alternative left. He
    apologised for insulting the
    pastor recently, telling him its the
    work of the devil. His pastor was
    happy to hear from him and told
    him to come and stay at his
    Paul travelled to lagos over the
    weekend and lodge at his
    pastor’s house.
    On monday, he went straight to
    XYZ company after receiving
    prayers from his pastors. On
    getting to XYZ. He met 12 people
    who came for the same job.
    Before the interview started, 16
    more people came. He was
    scared because he was the less
    dressed among the applicants.
    He was the number 8th to be
    interviewed. When he entered
    into the interview room. He met
    3 men panel and he answered all
    the questions nicely. The
    interviewer were amazed
    because he was the least
    experienced but he gave the
    most brilliant answers so far.
    Favour located paul that he was
    told to stay by after his interview
    to join them in interviewing the
    rest. Paul was overwhelmed and
    happy inside of him that there is
    a light ahead of his tunnel. He
    joined the 3 men panel now
    making 4 men panel to interview
    the remaining applicants.
    He waited till thursday at his
    lagos pastor’s house hoping and
    waiting for responses but
    nothing came forth. He decided
    to leave everything unto God’s
    hand and decided to travel on
    On friday morning, he prayed,
    bid his pastor and the family
    farewell and head to the park to
    enter the bus going back to his
    own family. Sooner, the bus was
    filled up and was about to move
    when he got a call from XYZ to
    come over right away to fill some
    forms and also to get his
    guarantor’s form and referee’s
    form to be filled over the
    weekend and be returned on
    monday morning when he
    resumed work. He was happy
    and screamed inside the bus to
    the extent that the other
    passengers were thinking he
    was mad. He told the bus driver
    to stop and that he wanted to
    drop. A lot of people in the bus
    insulted him including the driver
    for delaying them because they
    would have to wait till they get
    another passenger before the
    bus could move. Out of the
    driver’s annoyance, 200naira
    was deducted from the fee
    returned to him. But he never
    With his travelling bag, he
    chattered a bike to take him to
    XYZ. On getting there, he was
    directed to the branch manager
    who welcomed him, handled
    over his forms to him and
    discussed his salary with him,
    telling him he would be earning
    180,000 naira basic salary +
    allowances + free staff quarters +
    official car. Paul was so happy, he
    was delighted that God
    eventually turned back his
    captivity and returned his lost
    glory unto him. He went straight
    to his pastor to share the
    testimony with him. His pastor
    helped him with the forms to be
    filled by dignitaries from the
    Paul resumed work the following
    week, he packed into his new
    apartment and his car key was
    handed over to him.
    He drove to visit his friends the
    following month to share the
    testimony with them. His friends
    were amazed by what they saw
    in paul. His new look, his
    radiance, his workplace, his
    official car and his salary. They
    couldn’t believe paul would make
    it in life. Paul led his friends to
    christ and they were born again
    and became christians.
    Exactly 6months after there
    converts, they got promotions at
    their workplaces that had been
    due to them for a long time. The
    3 friends were happy and
    returned all glory to almighty
    Paul got married to a God fearing
    lady in his church and he was
    blessed with children.
    ……………………THE END………………...

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