Story: Broken Angel


    Waking up to a yellow-orange  sun was very soothing. It always rejuvenated her. There was just something about the sun when it shined this way,it promised the impossible
    She broadly smiled as she gently got out of bed. She felt confident and ready to look the day's challenges in the eye. To conquer them with nothing, but peaceful thoughts.
    She exultantly opened the door of the wardrobe and opted for a black suit.
    She was still in a upbeat mood as she closed the door, the final click, seemingly signifying the start of her brand new day.
    She had an elegant body that was complimented by dark eyes. Her light complexion was like the icing on the cake. It was not just about her outward appearance, she was also beautiful from the inside. One outstanding thing about her is that she didn't need makeup to look the part, and because of that she never wore makeup.
    "Madam Belindah!" called out Sam, the gateman as she was about to get into her car.
    Only 25 years, Belindah had a house, car and owned a clothing shop.
    "Morning Uncle Sam," she responded with a smile.
    "Please, stop calling me madam. I am like a daughter to you."
    "You deserve all the respect, Belindah. You have been very good to me for the past few years. You even allowed me to bring my family from the village. God will surely bless you for this," said Sam. "Anyway I don't want to keep you waiting. I have a little favour to ask you."
    "Yes! What is it?"
    "My daughter quit her job as a maid. She was being ill treated. Can she move in with me?"
    "Yes ,she can move in. You people are the only family I have in this country. No problem at all," she spoke with a sweet voice. "I better get going, I am already late."
    "Thank you so much ma'am. See you later."
    "See you later," she responded before she jumped into her car
    Belindah lost both parents when she was young. After the demise of her parent she was taken to an orphanage, before she was later adopted by a white couple. The couple sent her to a medical school in the United States.
    She played Sinach`s 'Way maker',  she drove to work. She was about to take the main road leading into the hospital when she stopped and reversed her car.
    "Good morning grandma!" she said while stepping out of the car.
    "Morning my grand daughter," she responded with a low voice.
    "Where are you headed to?"
    "To the hospital. My daughter was admitted. I couldn't take a taxi, the only money I am left with, I need to buy her some bananas," she dropped a tear.
    Belindah dropped a tear and took the lady's hand.
    "Let's get into my car. I will buy you some fruits on our way."
    She was about to kneel down when Belindah stopped her.
    "You don't have to do that granny," she said
    "Thank you very much. God bless you."
    "No, it's nothing granny."
    She helped her get in the car and drove to the market. She bought some fruits and other food items  for her.

    "Let me give you some money," she said as she took out $200 from her purse. "I will write my phone number down. If you want any help, call me and I will surely help you," she said after they stepped out of the car.
    "Why are you doing this? You hardly know me," said the old woman.
    "Grand ma! Isn't it we all humans? Why would I just ignore you because you are stranger to me? No, you are my grand mother as well. Take good care of your self and I will come to check on your grand daughter later."
    "You have already done enough by giving me a lift. I can't accept your money."
    "No, take it. You need it more than I do."
    "Thank you so much. God bless you. You one of a kind," said the old woman.
    They soon parted ways.
    As she entered  the hospital she new she was being watched. Her every step was scrutinized by a man who was cruel and feared by patients.
    "Miss Dube," he said in a deep voice.
    He looked at her and wished he was single. "Good morning to you!"
    "Richard, could you bring me coffee to my office, " she said heading to her office.
    Richard knew that Belindah was unlike his wife. She was confident, feminine and had a good sense of humor. Richard couldn't help himself, he allowed his gaze to linger on her a while longer. He took in  the latent strength of her body as she walked to her office.
    She sat in her office and was about to go and check on her patients when the phone rang.
    "Elizabeth ,I am at work. Wrong timing."
    "Come on Bella. I miss you girl. How have you been?" asked Elizabeth.
    "I am good. It's Monday and busy day at work. I miss my parents," said Belindah
    "When are they coming back from Australia?"
    "Next year and I am all alone in that big house. I am thinking of finding a pet."
    "You need a man not some dog or cat."
    "Let's not go there. I told you. I don't need a man right now."
    "Bella, you know that's not true. I am coming to pick you up later around 8pm. A new club was opened yesterday. Heard it's a good place to have fun. What do you say?"
    "What?!" exclaimed Belindah. "I don't do clubbing, in case you forgot."
    "Mother Theresa! I will see you later tonight. My boss is here."
    "But I t... Hallo..She hanged up on me. Silly girl."
    Belindah had been friends with Elizabeth for 10 years. They met at the orphanage. She was like a sister that she never had.


    After having a busy day at work, she drove home and took a shower. It was probably the longest shower of her life.
    As she came out of the shower, only wrapped up in a towel, the sudden appearance of Elizabeth made her jump.
    "Jesus! Lizzie, you scared me up!"
    "Surprise! It's a good thing you have already finished bathing. I bought you an outfit for tonight," said Elizabeth.
    "Don't tell me you forgot. We are going clubbing, Mother Theresa."
    "Stop calling me that and I am not in a mood for partying. It was hectic today at work, I just need to sleep. Tomorrow I am going to a workshop. I am sorry you have to go alone girl."
    "Come on Bella. You need some outing. This is the last day. I beg you friend. Please."
    Belindah looked at her friend and really didn't want to disappoint her.
    "Okay fine. Help me with my hair and make up."
    "Thank you friend and I promise you will not regret it," said Elizabeth  while hugging Belindah.
    There was something about their friendship. They had so many things in common. Many people even thought the two were twins. They were both intelligent and had very good hearts. Elizabeth was the most loving and supportive friend Belindah had ever met. She loved Elizabeth and promised each other to stay friends forever. They had developed a kind of sisterly affection for each other.
    "How do I look?" asked Belindah as she walked in the lounge.
    She wore a sweet bubble gum- pink mini dress that she styled with ultra girly accessories like earrings, a furry pink stole tied around her waist, and glittery pumps.
    "Wow! Like Cinderella. You beautiful Belindah. I hope you found a good man to marry you."
    "Here we go again. I don't feel comfortable in these clothes and  make up. I am not used to this. Can't I just wear my tank top and jeans," said Belindah, her eyes on Elizabeth.
    "You look perfect. Grab your car keys."
    "What happened to your car?"
    "Left it home. Some guy dropped me off."
    "You and boys."
    "Let's go Bella," said Elizabeth grabbing Belindah's hand.
    They walked out of the house and Elizabeth decided to be the designated driver. The moment she sat in the car Belindah`s mind wandered. She missed her real parents and wished they were still alive. But again Mr And Mrs Henshaw had treated her like their own daughter, something she was forever grateful for.
    "Belindah! We are here."
    Elizabeth's voice brought her thoughts back to the present.
    "Yes! Are you okay? You hardly spoke on our way here."
    "I am okay. Let's get inside."
    They walked hand in hand into the club. Belindah took a deep breath as they got inside. There were a lot of people and music being played loudly. They headed to the counter. Belindah ordered some water to drink while Elizabeth settled for tequila. Belindah knew her friend had a thing for overtaking alcohol, hence she elected to keep an eye on her intake.
    "Let's go dance," spoke Elizabeth loudly pulling up Belindah from her seat.
    "No no no. I would rather sit here. You go and and have fun."
    "Suit yourself girl," she said as she dancingly walked to the dance floor.
    Belindah watched her friend in awe. Elizabeth was a great dancer.
    As Belindah sat by the counter, she noticed two men staring at her. She didn't feel comfortable with their stare.
    "Miss!" called out the bar tender.
    "Those two men said you should have this drunk," he said pouring an expensive champagne in a glass.
    "Crazy men. You drink it. I don't need it," she said standing up.
    She walked out of the club and headed to where they had parked her car. She was about to open her car when a hand grabbed his waist. She turned around and realized that it was the same men.
    "I heard you refused to take the present I gave to you," his voice was deep.
    Her stomach fluttered wildly. She had to concentrate hard just to breath.
    "Let me go!" she spoke softly.
    "Gary, did you hear what she said."
    "Yah Max. We need to give her what she needs right now."
    He let her go and she moved backwards.
    "Runaway Belindah," she said to herself.
    She shivered as Max took a step closer to her. He smiled and grabbed her hand. He pulled her close to him.
    "So beautiful and sexy," he whispered touching her lips, before he embraced her. She could smell his alcohol laden breath.
    Her breathing increased as her Adrenalin built up in the system. 
    "Let me go," she said pulling herself out from his arms.
    She accidently slapped him.
    "I am sorry," she apologized. "I didn't mean to..." her sentence was cut off in mid-sentence when she received a slap from him, sending her tumbling to the ground.
    "Bitch!" he shouted kicking her in the tummy.
    "Hey!" shouted a man. "How dare you beat up a woman like that?" he said clenching his fists.
    "Stay away from this, man," said Max.
    "I am already involved," he said as he got close to them.
    He knocked Max with a good straight jab to the jaw. Gary was about to fight him when he hit him with a good right hook which knocked him out cold. He then turned to face Belindah who lay on the ground.
    "Are you okay?" he asked.
    "Yes!" she murmured.
    "Let me take you home," he said lifting her up. "By the way my name is Victor."


    He opened the car door for Belindah after he drove her to her house. He took her hand and helped her get out of the car.
    "No no you really don't have to lift me up," she stopped him when he was about to carry her .
    "Are you sure you can walk?" he asked concerned.
    "Yes I can it's just a few steps to my house."
    She took one step and almost fell.
    "Told ya."
    He carried her to the door.
    "Wait I I..." she stammered and looked at him.
    "I know I am handsome. Aren't I?"
    "What? Yes I mean No."
    He just smiled at her. He opened the door and walked inside. He put her on the sofa.
    "Wow! What a big beautiful house. This is a mansion. Anyway I should get going and be careful next time. That club is a dangerous place to be." he said and was about to walk to the door.
    "Don't go please. Iam scared," she said holding his hand.
    "Okay, I will keep you company."
    "Elizabeth!" she exclaimed. "Oh no no I left my friend at the club."
    "Calm down I have got my friend there. I will just ask him to look for her."
    "Thank you very much!"
    Dropping the car keys onto a table, he took off his jacket and tossed it over the back of a larger black leather sofa. Unable to keep her eyes off him, she watched as he loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top of his shirt. Dark tanned skin drew her eyes and she had to force herself to look away.
    "I never bring a man to my apartment."
    "I should be honoured, then," he replied softly.
    Victor flicked on a light, wanting to see Belindah's face  better. In fact he wanted to see more than just her face .
    "Don't you have champagne in the house."
    "No! Let me go and make you coffee."
    "Don't trouble your self. I will do it on my own."
    She watched as he headed to the kitchen. Ordinarily, if Victor had taken a woman to a hotel suite, he wouldn't be thinking of any kind of drink. He would be enjoying holding her and thinking only of satisfying their sexual needs. But this was different. It unnerved him, but he quickly pushed the notion to the back of his mind. It was different simply because  Belindah was unlike his ex girlfriends. Never before had he spent time with a woman for any other reason than that he wanted to.
    "Yes, thanks," she turned to face him and took the cup. "I really needed it."
    Their eyes met and for a moment it was as if they had known each other for long. Bodly she held his gaze.
    "I will show you to your room," she said standing up from the sofa.
    "But we haven't finished our coffee."
    "I want to go and take a bath. Won't be coming back here."
    She broke the contact but could feel his gaze following him. Her heels tapped rhythmically as he walked behind him, out of the vast open space of the living  area and into a long corridor. She stopped outside a door, opened it, and reached in to flick on the light.
    "I trust this will be comfortable for you?"
    Then she looked at his face.
    "If you need anything I will be in my room."
    "I won't need anything," he said.
    "I will see you in the morning then," she said and stepped away from him.
    "Goodnight," he whispered and closed the door.
    She headed to the bathroom and took a bath before going to bed.
    Belindah woke with a start. Her heart beating really fast as she tried to blink away the images that had haunted her to sleep. Images of the two men, wanting her. Images that had heated her body. She dragged in a sharp breath and looked around the room. Her night gown was draped over a chair, just where she had left it. She groaned at the thought of going to the hospital. She hadn't given a thought to the morning as she had left the club last night. She got up from the bed and headed to the room where Victor slept. At the bedroom door she paused, and took a deep breath, before slowly opening the door. Silence greeted her, Victor was not in the room. Her heart sank, he had gone. As she entered the vast open living space the smell of strong coffee greeted her.
    "Morning beauty," the deep, seductive tone of Victor halted her.
    She turned to look at him.
    "Morning, I thought you were gone," she spoke softly.
    "I was about to but had to prepare breakfast for you before I go."
    "Thank you and I owe you."
    "And I asked Peter to drop your friend here. They should be here in few minutes," he sat down. "Take a sit and let's have breakfast. Damn! Where my manners," he stood up.
    He pulled the chair for her and she sat down. Suddenly they heard a knock on the door.
    "Let me go check. That must be Peter," said Victor.
    He walked at the door and opened it.
    "Man! You gave me hard time last night. That chick was so drunk that it took me an hour to get her in my car. She messed up my car as well," shouted Peter heading where Belindah sat. "I could sw...." he stopped at mid sentence as he gazed at Belindah
    "Hie," said Belindah waving her hand at him.
    "You were saying," said Victor tapping his shoulder.
    "Nothing the lady is in my car. Still sleeping," he said his eyes on Belindah, mesmerized by her beauty.


    Victor had called earlier to tell Peter to bring Elizabeth to Belindah' s house.
    "You left her all alone in the car. Why didn't you bring her in with you?" said Victor.
    "Peter!" shouted Victor banging his fist on the table.
    "What was that?"
    "Never mind. Let me go and take your friend in the car Miss," said Victor sitting up from the chair.
    Peter couldn't keep his eyes off Belindah as she ate her breakfast.
    "Seriously I will get choked right now. Would you just stop staring at me?" she stopped eating and looked at him. "Is something wrong with my face?"
    They stared at each other
    Finally Peter smiled
    "You know I was j..."
    "Belindah!" exclaimed Elizabeth. "How could you leave me all alone in that club?" she said as she sat beside her.
    "I am sorry but something happened. Geez girl go take a bath, you smell alcohol."
    "How can you say such a thing in front of the guys. Dude!" she whispered. "Come with me to the bathroom," she pulled her up from the chair.
    "Ladies! We better get going," said Peter.
    "Yah will see you soon Belindah," said Victor.
    "Thank you Victor," she said walking them to the door.
    The two drove off.
    "You dating Belindah?" asked Peter.
    "No! I met her last night at the club. She is hot and I might just win her heart," said Victor with confidence.
    "Don't treat her like the others. I will drop you off at the club. I am already late for work," said Peter his eyes on the road.
    "It's okay man. I have to go back to the club."
    Victor and Peter were cousin brothers. Victor was the  owner of the club where Belindah had gone to. He dropped him off at the club and continued his journey.
    "Detective Moyo!" called out the receptionist.
    "Are you okay? Your phone is ringing," said Grace, the receptionist.
    Peter had sat in his office looking at his laptop but his mind was somewhere else. When he came in earlier he walked straight  into the office, and as usual everyone stood up and greeted him, he didn't respond. He was thinking about his sick father who was in the hospital.
    "Hello!" he responded.
    "Hello it's Doctor Sibanda. You need to come to the hospital right away," he said loudly.
    "Is everything okay?"
    "Sir, just get here as soon as possible," he hanged up.
    Peter quickly grabbed his car keys.
    "Sir! What about the meeting with the General?"
    "Grace, please cover for me. My dad needs me," he said holding her hand.
    He rushed out side and got into his car. He drove the car in high speed to the hospital.
    "Elizabeth!" called out Belindah. "I am late for work. What are you still doing?"
    "I am here girl."
    "But that's my favourite dress and shoes. Didn't you find anything else to wear besides that."
    "Let's just go. Dude I am so tired and head ache is killing me."
    Belindah took out some pain killers from her purse.
    "Don't drink too much next time," she said handing them to Elizabeth.
    "And water Doc."
    She fetched a glass of water for her. They walked out of the house, and got inside the car.
    "Seat belt Miss," said Belindah.
    "And the Victor guy, " said Elizabeth as Belindah started the car.
    "What about him?"
    "Your boyfriend?"
    "No! He just saved my life last night and there is nothing going on between us. They will never be."
    "Okay don't forget to drop me off at my workplace," said Elizabeth facing away from Belindah.
    Ever since growing up Belindah had never been in a relatioship before. She knew they were talks bout her being old and still single. At 25 she didn't care about what people said about her. She dropped Elizabeth at her workplace. They were to meet later at Elizabeth's house for dinner. They never got enough with each other. As she parked her car, she saw Victor's car.
    "Maybe it's not his," she said to herself as she locked her car.
    She got inside the hospital and was heading to her office when she saw Peter talking to Doctor Moyo. She saw him walking away to the exit door. She quickly went to Doctor Moyo.
    "Doctor Moyo!" she called out.
    "Belindah! How are you this morning. And what happened to your eye."
    "Long story ,if I can ask. What was that guy doing here."
    "Poor boy. His father is in this hospital. He needs a new heart but now we can't do anything for him because he has no money. I pity him. If he takes long to pay his father might die."
    "Can you take me where you put his father?"
    "Yes this way," said Doctor Moyo leading.
    Belindah was moved when she saw his father. The last thing she wanted was someone she knows losing his father, especially after he helped safely bring back Elizabeth home.
    "I will pay the money. Make sure you do the operation tomorrow. Is it possible?"
    "Yes it is. But it needs to be done in South Africa."
    "It doesn't matter where, just tell me how much it is. I will pay and don't tell him that I paid the money. Just say it's from the hospital," said Belindah.
    "No buts I am going to my office now," she walked out of the room.
    Doctor Moyo looked at her and wished his daughters will be like Belindah with a good heart.


    After the doctor told Peter about his father's condition. He had no idea where he was going to find the money needed for the operation. He parked his car in front of Victor's house hoping to ask help from his uncle. He did not like the idea of asking for help from his uncle. At that time he had to for his father's sake. He got out of the car and took a deep breath before ringing the bell. He rang the bell twice and was about to ring for the third time when the Munashe, the gateman opened the gate.
    "Mr Peter, welcome sir," said Munashe.
    "Hello Munashe. Is my uncle around?"
    "Yes he is and Victor as well."
    "Okay let me go and see him," he said heading to the house.
    It was a mansion with 4 cars parked at the garage. Victor sighed and knocked on the door. He waited for a response. He stood by the door for about five minutes before they could open the door for him. Luckily one of the maids heard the knock and opened the door for him. He got inside and found his uncle and Victor sitting on the sofa. Surprised that all along they were inside the house but couldn't open the door. He stood firm,  hands clasped behind back, like a soldier on the parade being inspected by a commanding officer.
    "Good afternoon, Uncle!" he greeted.
    "Afternoon!" he responded his eyes fixed on the chess board. "What can I do for you this afternoon? You playing well my son," he raised his eyebrows. "Impressive."
    "Yah dad Guess I am taking after you being a champion," said Victor ignoring Peter in the room.
    "Uncle Can I t..," said Peter. His sentence was cut short by his uncle as he gave him a hand signal to stop.
    "I hate being disturbed Peter!" he snapped. "Dammit I have lost the game," he shouted banging his fist on the glass table.
    Victor stood up quietly and poured his father a glass of champagne. He handed it to him.
    "Sit down!" he commanded.
    Peter quickly sat down.
    "Father is seriously ill and they have to do the operation as soon as possible," said Peter looking down.
    "So where do I fit in?" said Victor's father as he sat his hands clasped behind head.
    "I need some money please. I promise to pay you back uncle. My salary money isn't enough to save for the operation," said Peter with tears in his eyes.
    "Well I wish I could help but I am travelling to Paris. I am sorry I can't help you."
    "Please, uncle just a little. Your brother needs your help. I can't lose my father after I just lost my mum," begged Peter.
    "I said I can't help you. If you will excuse me I have somewhere to go," he said getting up from the sofa.
    Peter just stared at him as he walked upstairs with his son. He got up and walked out of the house. He couldn't believe that Victor's father had refused to help him.
    "Mr Peter, are you okay?" asked Munashe
    "Yes see you some day."
    "Okay. God bless you."
     He got into his car and sat for a while. Peter loved her father dearly, and for once in a way the man had tears in his eyes. Peter never cried but it was terrible not being able to help his father.
    "God! I can't bear father suffering like this," sobbed Peter in his car.
    Suddenly his phone rang and was afraid to answer the call. He wiped his tears and answered.
    "Peter here. What is it Doctor?"
    "Ohhh I have some good news for you but I can't tell you over the phone. You need to come to the hospital."
    "On my way now."
    He started the car and drove to the hospital.
    "What kind of human being are you Josh?" shouted Kate.
    After she heard his husband lying that he had a trip to attend to.
    "Your own brother. Look how big this house is and we have four cars. We own clothing shops around the country. But you lied to your own son."
    "Watch it woman! He is not my son!"
    "He is your brother's son that makes him, your son too."
    "Well I didn't choose my son to be a detective. Did I? I am not going to give him any cent. I wish he could just die and I will buy him an expensive casket," he said with a smile stroking his chin.
    "You the devil himself," said Kate.
    Josh stood up from the bed and clenched his fist.
    "What! You going to beat me up like you always do. Go ahead, beat me up. I am tired of you already Josh. I wish you burn in hell," she said walking out of the room slamming the door in his face.
    He stood by the mirror and put on a smile.
    "My brother you thought sending me to jail will benefit you right. Let's see if those people who helped you put me in jail will help you. I hope you will pass my greetings to our dead parents," he said loudly.
    While Victor was standing by the door he heard everything. He quickly grabbed his car keys.
    "Munashe! Do you know where my brother drove off to?" he asked.
    "No, master."
    "Okay open the the gate for me. I am going out. Tell mum I went to the club."
    He turned back and got into his car. He drove off his car at the hospital they had been keeping Peter's father. He never got to understand why his father told him to stop hanging out with Peter. But after he heard his father talking to himself he knew the reason why.


    Peter opened the door in the doctor's office after he parked his car. He sat down on the chair.
    "Doctor Moyo! What happened to my father?" he said with a low voice.
    The doctor stood up from his chair.
    "Nothing bad, Peter," said the doctor, sitting down and putting his arm round Peter. "Your father is going to be alright very soon. I will be travelling with him to South Africa today in a chopper. Cheer up, Peter! It's going to be alright."
    "But I didn't pay the money," sobbed poor Peter. "I can't afford it."
    "It has been taken care of by the hospital. All you need to do is sign some papers. We will be leaving very soon with my special team from Canada."
    "I don't know how to thank you doctor. I promise to pay back the money, he said wiping his tears.
    "You shouldn't thank me but the Lord. If you will excuse me I need to prepare for the journey," said the doctor.
    "Can I see him before he leaves?"
    "Yes you may. Follow me please."
    He went to the room and opened it. His father was still unconcious. Peter sat on the bed and held his hand.
    "You are going to be alright. God answered my prayers. I love you papa," he kissed his hand.
    "Are you eavesdropping?" he asked.
    "Victor hie," said Belindah as she stood by the door. "No I was just checking on the patient. What are you doing here? I am very busy we can't go out."
    "No I am here to see my uncle. Peter's father but since you mentioned going out. Can I take you out for dinner tonight?"
    "Yes if you busy it's okay I totally understand."
    "Are you asking me out on a date?"
    "Yes, so is it a Yes."
    "8pm. I better get back to work later."
    He watched her walk, his gaze fixed on her.
    Peter wondered what Victor was doing at the hospital. He had been watching him all along while he was talking to Belindah. He didn't expect to see him and was sure surprised that he will come at the hospiral. Victor opened the door slowly.
    "Why are you looking at me like that?"
    "Like what."
    "Like I am some kind of a criminal, Peter. I come in peace," said Victor.
    He sat on the chair.
    "What are you doing here?" demanded Peter.
    "I have a right to be here," said Victor, in a rude voice. "He is also my dad."
    He was sitting comfortable on the chair, his phone in his hand. He looked up at him as he stood in front of him.
    "I think you should leave now. I am sure your father is looking for you," his voice was hoarse.
    "Come on Peter. I know you very angry at my dad but what have I done to you."
    "Just go please and leave us in peace."
    Victor got up from the chair and faced Peter.
    "You crazy man. Maybe dad was right I shouldn't hang out with you. After what your dad did to him. How can he send his own brother to jail," he said
    "You better shut up because you don't know what you talking about. I suggest you leave now."
    "Whatever man. You can go to hell for all I care. That is why you poor."
    Peter clenched his fist.
    "Now what are you going to do?" said Victor.
    "Shall I tell you?" said Peter. "I am going to punch you really hard on the face."
    He raised his arm and Victor ducked it
    "Now don't you do that," he said. "Have a good life."
    He moved away from Peter. He opened the door. On his way out of the hospital. Victor overheard the conversation between the doctor and a nurse. He knew that Peter's father was going to be alright and would report the matter to his father. He went home and both his parents were not around.
    "Julia!" he called out.
    The maid came running.
    "Where my parents?"
    "They went out but I don't know where exactly."
    "Okay find me a clean suit and polish my shoes . I am going out tonight."
    "Will do so sir."
    Growing up Victor never washed his clothes. While his father was still in prison. He stayed in Australia with his mother and they had maids already.
    He headed to the bathroom and took a shower. In just few hours he came out of his room dressed in a black suit, paired with dress shirt, and a solid tie. Black shoes and he accesorised the look with a pocket square and cuff links.  His black hair gleamed. His jaw was cleanshaven. He got out of the house and walked to his car. He drove off to town, stopped at a jewellery shop and bought an expensive necklace and some flowers.
    It was around seven-thirty when he drove the car to Belindah's house. He stepped out of the car and went to knock on the door since the gate was still open. As she opened the door. His gaze ran over her body. The long glamorous dress she wore accessorised with a clutche. The lace on her dress caught his eye, but it was the heels she wore that stole the show. Her design leopard print heels  not only spoke volumes about the real woman, but showcased the most fantastic  pair of legs he'd seen in ages. He was entraced, but it was the  womanly figure from her glorious body that really intrigued him.
    "Hie!" she spoke.
    The intensity of her gaze as she spoke only aroused his interest further. A stab of desire shot through him as he imagined her sighing in pleasure as he kissed her.


    After Belindah had been seen standing at the door by Victor, She went to Doctor Moyo's office.
    "Come in!" he responded after she knocked on the door.
    She got in and sat on the chair without waiting to be offered one..
    "I heard you wanted to see me, Richard to me," she said softly.
    "Oh yes! I wanted to let you know that I am going today to South Africa with Peter's father. Thank you very much Belindah. God will surely bless you for this. You have made that boy happy."
    "It's nothing and please once you get there do call me. I have got relatives that side. He needs to be taken care of after the operation. And if you need anything while there don't hesitate to call me."
    "I will definitely do so."
    "Is that all? Anything more I need to know before knocking off?"
    "That is all, and once again, thank you," said Doctor Moyo.
    "Anytime," she responded. She soon after drove home. As she sat in her car she couldnt help thinking about her date with Victor. She had never gone out with a guy before and had to call Elizabeth for some help. She dialed her number and didn't take long before Elizabeth answered.
    "Mother Theresa! I was about to call you. Had missed you babe. What are you up to?" she said.
    "Lizzie, I need your help. I accepted to go out with Victor. I am not so sure if I want to. I mean I hardly know the guy. And I acc.."
    "Slow down. Meeet me at the cafe then we talk about this. Boss is not around so I am knocking off early. See you in just an hour."
    "Should I come to pick you up."
    "No no no don't."
    "Okay if you say so."
    She hanged up and drove to the cafe.
    "What was your story, girl?" said Elizabeth as she sat beside Belindah.
    "It's about Victor. Should I go out with him."
    "Do you love him?!"
    "I met him yesterday of course I don't."
    "You lying!" shouted Elizabeth.
    "Keep your voice down. People are looking at us," said Belindah, in a gentle voice.
    "They should mind their own business. Well you already said yes. I can see it in your eyes that you really want to go out with him. Just go. I love you, Belly and your happiness counts the most. Follow your heart," said Elizabeth.
    "Thank you, sweetheart!"
    They hugged each other. Later on they went shopping and passed through the saloon before they parted company around 6pm.
    When Belindah got home she took a bath and slipped on her  Amanda Geez designed dress, it was specifically made for her. Later on she heard a knock and knew it was Victor. When she opened the door she skipped a beat. The flowers he held in his hands blew her away.
    "Are you just going to stand there and say nothing?"
    "I am sorry it's just look amazing and the flowers are for you, beautiful lady," said Victor.
    "Thank you. What a gentleman you are."
    "The pleasure is mine," his words were deep and sounded so sincere.
    He locked him arms with hers and walked her to his car. He opened the car  door for her, like a perfect gentleman. As they drove into Small harbour town, Belindah couldn't help but take it all in. Cars as sleek and powerful as Victor's lined the narrow streets, parked outside designer shops. Victor parked the car just in front of the restaurant. For a moment silence seemed to engulfed them. Only the sound of the leather seat crunched as he turned to face her.
    "You look absolutely stunning tonight."
    He reached out and pushed her artificial hair back from her face. She trembled as he did so. She didn't say anything. She couldn't. All she could do was look into the mesmerizing depths of his eyes.  As he leaned in closer, she wondered if he was going to kiss her.
    "I think we should go inside," she forced out the words, aware of the throaty sound of her voice.
    He got out of the car. She watched him walk around it before he came to open her door
    "Here we are,"  he said, before he locked his arms around her and together they walked into the restaurant in style.
    "Zayn, do you have the table I requested?" he asked the man in charge of showing guests to their reserved tables. He knew them on first name basis since he had been to the restaurant a number of times before.
    "Yes sir!"
    Victor put his arms around Belindah's shoulders, pulling her close as he followed Zayn to their table. It was private, and candles fluttered in the evening breeze. It was perfectly romantic. The whole meal was excellent. She smiled, played her part throughout the dinner, but reality was beginning to get blurred. She elegantly sipped her wine as admired the view outside. The setting sun cast a breathtaking orange glow.
    Her attention swung back to Victor when she heard her name being mentioned. His voice sounded hoarse, as if he was choked with emotion.
    "Will you accept this gift from me?"
    "What?" she gasped as he slid a small velvet box across the table.
    "Calm down. It's probably a bracelet," she said to herself.
    "Will you make me the happiest man alive and..."
    "Stop right there!" she shouted. "Are you proposing?"
    "No no this is just a necklace. I want you to be my girlfriend. Will you be my girlfriend. I really like you actually I love you," he said as he intently watched her with dark eyes. She was about to reach out for the box before he caught her hand in his. The heat of his touch was almost too much.


    Her whole body quivered, but she couldn't lower her gaze, couldn't break that tenuous connection. Slowly he let her hand go, opened the box and pulled out a glittering diamond necklace. He stood up and walked to her. As he put the necklace on her neck the candlelight made it sparkle, bringing it to life. He lifted her hand to his lips, his gaze holding hers captive, and kissed her fingers. This was what it would really feel like, she thought as she looked into his dark eyes. Applause erupted around them, making her jump. She hadn't realised they were being watched and neither had Victor. Even he looked taken aback. She laughed, unable to herself, and the tension of the moment slipped away as the other diners returned their attention to their meals.
    "I can't believe people were watching us and the applause only for a necklace, " she said.
    "It's a proposal and its only that I used a necklace. Does that mean I am your man now. Since you wearing the necklace."
    She smiled and nodded.
    "I guess it's a yes."
    "Yes!" he shouted getting up. "She is now my woman. You hear that, applause please."
    She felt shy.
    "Let's go," he said in a throaty  gowl, sounding as if he really  couldn't wait to get home. Something indefinable skittered over her, making her tummy somersault and her breath tighten in her chest.
    "Don't do this to yourself. You are just a means to an end  he doesn't really want you,"her inner voice spoke.
    It was dark as they walked back along the street. The warm breeze on her skin felt wonderful, but not as wonderful as Victor's arm about her waist, pulling her against his magnificent body. The champagne she had drunk was making it easier to enjoy being with him like this and easier to let go of her usual anxiety. This wonderful feeling was going to last her a lifetime. By the car Victor stopped. Instinctively she looked up at him, then couldn't help herself as she reached up and kissed his lips. His response was gentle, setting her body alight. The fire was fuelled furtherby his hands sliding down her back, pulling her so very close to him. At her hips pressed against his aroused body she knew he wanted her. Was it so wrong to give in to it? To enjoy it for what it was? A passing attraction
    "Victor," she murmured against his lips.
    It was all the encouragement he needed and he deepened the kiss.
    "Wait!" she pushed him away. "We better go home."
    He opened the car door for her, but she didn't miss the raw desire in his eyes. His kiss which had been part of the act had nearly been her undoing. She'd wanted more wanted him to take her home. More than anything she'd wanted him to take her to his bed. But that could never happen.
     "Never to allow him know how weak you are."
    With that in mind she retreated to her room as soon as they arrived back to her house. She was just changing into her night gown when she saw him standing at her door.
    She faced him and that spark of attraction zipped instantly between them. He took her hand and for a moment their eyes met. She remembered his touch a few hours ago, his kiss and could hardly draw breath. She smiled a genuine smile, one she couldn't hold back, as he stepped closer and brushed his lips over hers. Everything around her ceased to exist. It was just the two of them.
    "I have never done this before. I am a virgin," she said softly.
    "I will be gentle. I want you."
    The first tender of stirrings of love. Was it even possible.
    Her heart pounded erratically and a tingle of excitement raced around her. Light-headed and almost giddy, she kissed him back, tentatively at first. This wasn't the needy kiss, this was giving and caressing. It was loving. She pulled back from him a little, shyness making her look up from under her lashes as heat infused her cheeks.
    "Let's do this."
    He brushed her artifical hair back from her face, sending waves of delicious sensation all over her. It was as if a bond was forming with each gentle caress of his hands and each soft word. He was pulling her towards him. This man was so far removed from the compelling man she'd first felt a spark of attraction for she was lost for words. Without another word he pulled her against him, holding her so close she could hear his heart thumping as widly as hers. Was she aware of what was happening? Did he also feel as if he was wading out to sea, getting deeper and deeper, unable to turn back to the safety of shore?
    The next morning Belindah planned to go work, but all she wanted was to be with Victor. It was as if magic has been in the room last night. Bringing them closer in a way she had never been with a man before. Was it because she had not slept with a man before? He got up from the bed when he heard her in the shower. Finally, as the sun was setting, he could stand it no longer and went insearch of his new girlfriend. She was sitting on the sofa, her phone in her hand. She looked up at him as he stood in front of her. She put the phone on the table and smiled at him.


    "Can I see you tonight?"
    "Tonight again."
    "Please my angel," he held out his hand to her. "We can go and watch a movie."
    She laughed softly.
    "In that case, how can I refuse."
    She seemed different as if she knew him already.
    "We better get going. I don't want to be late for work," she said grabbing her purse.
    They walked out of the house hand in hand. He stopped and turned to her while they were outside at the garage.
    "I have enjoyed your company," he said awkwardly. "It's hard to believe we have known each other for just two days."
    Belindah looked up at him. Was it possible he felt it too? He was so different now, so relaxed. She knew she was in danger of falling in love with him.
    "Don't say any more," she whispered, putting her fingers on his lips.
    He kissed her fingers and before she knew how she was in his arms, her body pressed close to his. Fire tore through her as she kissed him, giving way to all new emotions she was battling with. She wanted him with a fierceness that shocked her. He deepened the kiss, his arms pressing her close against him, leaving her in no doubt that she needed to stop things now. She pulled back from him, her heart racing and her breathing fast.
    "I can't Victor."
    "Can't what?" his voice was hoarse and he tried to kiss her again.
    "This," she said, moving back from him. "We shouldn't even be seeing one another tonight. Let's take things slow."
    "Okay let's slow things. Get inside. I will drop you off at work."
    They got into the car and drove off at the hospital.
    "Amy!" called out Sam's wife. "What are you looking at through that window?"
    "Nothing mum. Is that Belindah the owner of this house?"
    "Yes! She is very kind. You will meet her very soon."
    "Yes we will meet very soon," she said in a low voice.
    She looked at Victor as he drove off.
    "What was that?"
    "Nothing mum."
    "Tell me Amy. Why did you quit your job?" asked Anne, Sam's wife.
    Amy was Sam's first born. She was of the same age as Belindah. She was fired from her job as a maid but instead lied to her parents that she quit her job.
    "Mum really?. I don't want to talk about it," she sat on the bed. "Can I have $100?"
    "That's a lot of money. What for?"
    "I need to do some shopping. If you don't want I will just ask dad for it," she said walking to the door.
    "Okay fine I will give it to you."
    "Thanks mum," she hugged her.
    A knock at the door drew Belindah's attention and she strode over to open it. After Victor dropped her off at the hospital. She couldn't stop thinking about him after what happened between them last night.
    "Elizabeth!" she exclaimed.
    "What are you doing here?"
    Elizabeth had already made herself comfortable on the chair in the office.
    "My Boss's daughter isn't feeling well so I had to bring her to the hospital. Did I disturb you? It's like me being here have taken aback the smile you had before I walked in."
    "No!. You my friend why would I act that way towards you," said Belindah.
    Belindah looked at her friend and wondered if she could tell her about what happened between her and Victor. She cleared her throat and sat beside her.
    "What is it Belly?" asked Elizabeth concerned.
    "So I went out with Victor last night."
    "Oh yes! Had completely forgotten about that. How was it?"
    "It was okay. We ate, laughed and drank," she paused
    "And then," said Elizabeth curiosity written all over her face.
    "We made love," spoke Belindah.
    "You slept with him!" exclaimed Elizabeth sitting up from the chair. "Are you crazy? You just met that guy like yesterday and now you slept with him. Wow!, Did you even use protection?"
    "What kind of a fool are you Belindah? What if you fall pregnant? I didn't know you could stoop so low. I knew you better than this. I don't even trust that Victor guy of yours. I wanted to tell you that but guess it's too late. Let's wait and see. This is stupid," said Elizabeth angrily.
    "I won't let you talk to me like that. This is my life and you have no saying in anything that I do," said Belindah in a rude voice
    "Really? Is that how it is now. Okay cool. Good day!" said Elizabeth getting out of the office leaving the door open
    Her beautiful dark eyes widened slightly and she drew in a sharp breath. She looked at him for a moment. She was clever, witty and incredibly sexy. His hand was warm as it held hers.
    "You just saved my life," she finally spoke.
    He had saved her life after she was about to be hit by a motorbike.
    "Thank you," she spoke softly.
    "You welcome."
    She smiled brightly at him, maybe a little too brightly.
    "My name is Victor Moyo and you are?"
    "I am Amy Dube."
    "Nice to meet you. You very beautiful I must say. Guess will meet again. Can I give you a lift. Where were you going?"
    "At the clothing shop."
    "Okay let's go together," said Victor.
    He opened the car door for her. She looked slowly at him as he drove the car. He looked at her and smiled. A smile that reached into the dark depths of his eyes, melting her from the inside out.

    CHAPTER 10

    "You know I had a wonderful day today. Maybe we should do this more oftenly," said Amy as they walked out of the restaurant with Victor.
    After she had done shopping Victor offered to pay for the items. They decided to go out  for lunch.
    "It was nothing. I hope to see you soon. I called a taxi for you. I hope you don't mind. I can't drop you off at your house," said Victor as she walked her where the taxi was parking.
    Holding some of the things in his hand. Amy hadn't told him that she knew Belindah. She decided to keep the secret to herself.
    "No problem at all. You just call me in that phone number I gave you. If you want us to go out some other time," she made a step close to him.
    "I will come pick you up tomorrow, around 8pm. I hope your parents won't mind."
    She blushed and wanted him to herself.
    "Not at all I am a grown up woman," she said smilingly.
    He kissed her on the cheek. Her heart started pounding really fast. She was behaving like a lovestruck teenager. She wanted him with a ferocious need so alien that her breath had caught in her throat.
    "I i i better get..going," she stammered.
    "Okay beautiful, " his voice, heavily accented, was a ragged whisper.
    He stepped back from her and opened the car door for her. She got inside. He turned  and walked back to his car. She watched him go. He stopped and turned to face her. She wanted to kiss him really badly. The taxi drove off. She couldn't stop smiling in the taxi.
    "Madam! What are you smiling at?" asked the taxi driver.
    "Fool! Mind your own business," she snapped.
    In a few minutes the drive dropped her off outside Belindah's house. She got inside the gate and headed to her house. As she got inside her parents were sitting on the sofa waiting for her.
    "What took you so long to come back?" asked Sam.
    "Daddy, I am fine. How about you?" she said walking to her room.
    "Amy! Come back here!" shouted Sam.
    She turned and faced him
    "Sit down!" he demanded.
    She rolled her eyes and sat down chewing a gum.
    "What is it folks?"
    "Madam Belindah is back. Go and change into something decent. We need to go and introduce you to her," said Sam calmy.
    "Madam Belindah! Really? She is of my age. Anyways let's go. I am sure she won't mind my dressing. I am a fashion killer daddy," she said with a laugh.
    Sam looked ar her but knew how stubborn his daughter was. He got up from the chair accompanied by his wife and daughter. They knocked on the door and Belindah had already come back.
    "Uncle Sam and Auntie come in," she lead them inside.
    They sat on the sofa.
    "Sorry for disturbing you," said Sam.
    "Oh no I was just watching television. Who is the pretty lady?" she asked her eyes on Amy.
    "It's my daughter the one I told you about. She came last night so I didn't get the chance to see you. You were not around. Her name i...." his sentence was cut short.
    "My name is Amy. Nice to meet you Miss Belindah," said Amy softly.
    "Nice to meet you to Amy. You welcome to stay here as long as you want. Actually I was thinking since I heard your story from your dad," she paused. "I want you to be the manager at my clothing shop. Are you able to do that?"
    "Yes of cause. It's an easy job.  Thank you so much," she faked a smile.
    "Thank you Madam Belindah. God bless you," said Sam's wife.
    "I think we should get going. Have a blessed night madam," said Sam as they got up.
    "You to," responded Belindah as she walked them to the door.
    They went back to their house.
    Amy took one of the dresses that Victor had bought for her. She tried it on and stood in front of the mirror. Slowly she walked towards the bed and removed a knife.
    "Victor you now mine. Belindah I am sending you to your ancestors very soon," she said laughingly
    She lay on the bed with the dress and closed her eyes. Early in the morning she woke up and cooked breakfast and put poison in it. She walked out of the house and went to Belindah's house. The door was opened as Belindah had opened it.
    "Oh Amy you up early. I was about to go to work. I had forgotten my laptop, " she said excitedly.
    She looked at her and just wished she could kill her right there. Her heart thumped hard as pent-up anger flowed through her like a tidal wave.
    "I made you so breakfast just to thank you for offering me a job at your clothing shop, " she forced a smile.
    "Thank you so much Amy. You can start tomorrow if you want," said Belindah taking the lunch box .
    "Okay. Just eat alone that food. Specially made for you."
    "I will let me go to work."
    "Have a nice day."
    She watched her leave and burst out in a laugh. She knew she had done her job pretty well. She didn't like Belindah since she saw him kissing Victor. It's Victor that she wanted and was willing to do anything just so to be with him. She had to get rid of Belindah first.She vowed she will never love anyone other than Victor, never giver her heart to another man.
    "Victor is mine. He is mine and mine," she shouted banging her hand on the wall. She wanted to see her blood.

    CHAPTER 11

    After Doctor Sibanda phoned  Peter, he quickly drove to the hospital. He was praying that it would  be good news. It had been two days since his father was taken to South Africa. He was waiting for information if the operation went well. As he he got out of his car upon his arrival at the hospital his heart was pounding really fast. Doctor Sibanda had refused to tell him the news over the phone which made him more nervous. He couldn't help fearing for the worst
    "I am here to see Doctor Sibanda," said Peter to the receptionist.
    "You can go to his office. He was waiting for you," responded the receptionist.
    "Thank you!"

    "Come in!" responded the doctor after Peter had knocked on the door. "Peter!" he said sitting up from the chair.
    They shook hands
    "Please take a seat'" he offered.
    He took out some papers from the drawer.
    "I have very good news for you," he said with his eyes on the papers in front of him.
    Peter raised his brows and still felt nervous.
    "The operation went well. I received a phone call from Doctor Moyo.Your father is a very strong man. It all went well and no complications," said the doctor.
    "Thank you God!" shouted Peter.  "Doctor thank you so much. When can I see him or when is he coming back," said Peter excitedly.
    "He will be here very soon. I mean after a week. But all is well now. We should thank the Lord. Even I was really scared about the whole operation thing," said the doctor with a laugh.
    "I didn't know that doctors are also scared. I am surprised."
    "You never know what happens in the operation room. Somehow you will be feeling scared. Guess feeling nervous is part of life."
    They both laughed and talked. Later on Peter went out of the hospital after he received a phone call from the chief.
    The sun was hot by the time Belindah arrived at work. She stepped out of the car wearing a short black dress with high heels. She took her purse and the lunch box with her. She was in such in a hurry that she bumped into someone by the door. The lunch box fell down on the floor and the food was spilt.
    "I am so sorry," he apologised as he helped her pick up the papers she had been holding.
    "No, it's okay. It is all my fault.  Too bad the food has gone to waste. Someone had prepared it for me," she said softly. "It's Peter right?"
    "Yes it is me. I am so sorry about the food. I will buy you lunch instead," he said.
    He turned his attention to her, her dark eyes sparkling like the sea in the morning sun.
    "How is Victor?" she asked.
    She laughed a nervous laugh that made him smile even more, which in turn sent her heart thumping erratically.
    "He is okay. You guys don't talk."
    "You know I better get going. I will come back with your lunch."
    He walked to his car. She continued walking and felt bad for not having to taste the food Amy had cooked for her. She planned to apologise as soon as she got home. Belindah hadn't talked to Elizabeth after their fight in her office.
    Victor drove his car to the park in the afternoon where he was supposed to meet Amy. Amy was sitting on the bench when Victor arrived. She was dressed in a white mini dress and did some make up. She stood up and hugged Victor.
    "I thought you were not coming," she said as they sat down.
    "How can I turn down a beautiful girl like you?"
     He smiled and she blushed.
    "Beautiful! Please I am not beautiful like Belindah."
    Victor raised his brows
    "I know you dating her. Actually I am the gateman's daughter."
    "Oh I didn't know but really you more beautiful than her. Even if she is your madam that can't stop me from hanging out with you. Let's go to the restaurant. I am hungry," he said getting up.
    They walked hand in hand walking to the car. Suddenly a car parked in front of them.
    "Really Victor! Another girlfriend," he said closing the car door. "What the hell is wrong with you man?"
    "Stay away from my business, Peter. I am warning you stay far away from me," said Victor pointing his finger at him.
    "Does Belindah know that you have another girlfriend?"
    "And if she does who cares. She is not my wife. Amy let's go."
    He grabbed Amy's hand and they got inside the car leaving Peter standing.
    "Who was that?" asked Amy.
    "My cousin brother," replied Victor his eyes on the road.
    Amy couldn't help but smile. Things were going exactly how she planned them. She couldn't wait to be  Victor's wife. The two ate and had fun.
    "I can't help it but I have realised I made a terrible mistake by proposing Belindah," said Victor late that night as he parked his car outside Belindah's house.
    "What do you mean Vicky?"
    "Well it's you that I want not Belindah. You and I have so much in common. You party animal just like me."
    "You can break up with her. I am here Vicky," she whispered in his ears.
    She kissed him so tenderly and he kissed her back. The kiss was hard and deep demanding much more.
    "Let's take this to the hotel," said Amy.
    Victor immediately drove to the hotel without thinking twice.

    CHAPTER 12

    Victor's was in a jovial mood. He felt like a world beater. The last few days had been very exciting days to him, looking at his accomplishments in the 'In between the sheets' department. After he spent the night with Amy at a hotel, he dropped her off early before he headed home. He couldn't stop thinking about her. When he arrived home he quickly took a shower.
    When he looked up at the clock on the wall he realized that it was six-thirty, almost time to meet his investors. He was the manager at his father's company as a result being on time was a cardinal.
    He turned off his laptop after rechecking if the PowerPoint presentation he planned give his investors was in order. He soon put on his suit before he grabbed his car keys and headed for work.
    Amy went to Belindah' house to find out if she was still alive or not. She did so after noticing that there was no funeral at the house when she came back  home earlier in the morning. She knocked on her door twice before Belindah opened the door.
    "Hey Amy."
    "Belindah hie. I am going to the clothing shop. Did you eat the food that I prepared for you?" she asked curiosity written all over her face.
    "I am sorry I didn't. There was a little incident, so I couldn't eat the food. I am so sorry."
    "No, no it's okay. I came to get the keys to the clothing shop," said Amy.
    "Ohhh okay wait here."
    As soon as Belindah got inside the house, Amy followed behind. She sat on the sofa and found a framed picture of Belindah on the table. She took it and dropped it on the floor with a smile. It broke into pieces. Belindah came running down the stairs after she heard the noise.
    "What happened? Oh no my dad bought that for me at my 21st birthday. What did you do Amy?" she said with tears in her eyes.
    "I dropped it by mistake. I am so sorry."
    "It's okay. Here are the keys. Let me clean up this mess," said Belindah softly.
    "I am sorry once again."
    "No, you may now go. "
    Amy walked out with a smile on her face. She stood by the door and clenched her fist. She glared at Belindah as she was picking up the glasses. Right then she felt like killing her. She closed the door slowly and walked to her house.
    After a week things had been well between Belindah and Victor. He kept coming to see Belindah`s house, but only to meet up with Amy. Belindah appreciated Amy for all she was doing at the clothing shop. She even bought her a car. She was now getting along with Elizabeth.
    One day while Elizabeth was out for a workshop with her boss, they decided to go to a restaurant for lunch. While in the restaurant she was surprised to see Victor with a girl. For a moment she thought he was her relative. She soon stood up from where she was seated and followed Victor  out of the restaurant. She stealthily got close to them as they stood outside.
    "Babe you know I love you right?" said Victor.
    "Yes Vicky."
    "I was thinking you move in with me since I now have my own house. Wouldn't that be lovely?"
    "What?! That would be great. I was waiting for you to say that. At least we won't be hiding it. Since we have Belindah at that house," said Amy.
    Victor pulled Amy closer to him. She swallowed hard, desperate to calm her racing heartbeat. Her attraction to him was becoming stronger.
    "You look beautiful tonight babe, he said
    They started kissing, and as Elizabeth saw this, she panicked and dropped her phone on the ground in shock. Amy stopped the kiss.
    "Who is there?" shouted Amy.
    "What is it babe?"
    "Didn't you hear the sound? Someone has been watching us," said Amy. "Let me go check."
    Upon hearing this Elizabeth quickly went back to the restaurant.
    "Where were you?" asked her boss.
    She sighed heavily.
    "Outside getting some fresh air," she said nervously
    "Are you okay? You look like you have seen a ghost."
    "Huh! No! I will be heading home now. Goodnight," she said sitting up from the chair and walked out.
    As she walked in the dark, she felt like someone was following her. She kept looking back. She started running before she got into her car and quickly drove off to Belindah`s house. It was around 7pm.
    Belindah was watching television when she heard a knock on her door.
    "Lock that door!" said Elizabeth as she was getting inside.
    "Babe! Are you okay?"
    "Water please."
    Belindah poured her a glass of water which she gulped down.
    "What is it Elizabeth? You look like you have seen a ghost," said Belindah
    "You are my boss now. It's bad. You need to take a seat," said Elizabeth. Belindah`s obliged.
    Elizabeth took a deep breath before she said, "What I am about to tell you is serious. Act cool and don't freak out."
    "What is it? You scaring me now."
    "I saw Victor kissing Amy."
    "Which Amy?"
    "The girl you gave a job at your clothing shop. It's not just kissing, but they are dating," said Elizabeth.
    Belindah looked at her friend and stood up.
    "I know you don't like Victor, but how could you say something like that. Victor would never do that to me," shouted Belindah angrily.
    "It's the truth. How can I lie to you. I am tell..."
    "You know what. Get out of my house Elizabeth. I have had enough of you," she shouted.
    "Belindah wait, " said Elizabeth as Belindah pushed her out of the house.

    CHAPTER 13

    After Belindah locked the door. She ignored Elizabeth as she kept banging the door. After few minutes Elizabeth drove off to her house, there was nothing she could do or say since Belindah had kicked her out of her house. Belindah sat on the sofa trying to make sense on what Elizabeth had told her. She didn't believe her friend not after she had made it clear to her that she didn't trust Victor. She thought Elizabeth was out to destroy her relationship with Victor. A knock on the door disrupted her thoughts. She got up and walked slowly to the door. She opened the door and it was Amy. She was surprised to see her after what Elizabeth had told her.
    "They are dating."
    The words keep playing in her mind. She didn't know who to believe anymore.
    "Belindah! Are you okay?" said Amy tapping her shoulder.
    "Yah. What can I do for you?" asked Belindah with a low voice.
    "Can I get inside?"
    "Oh sorry. Come in."
    She let her inside and she sat on the sofa. She closed the door not sure if she really wanted to talk to her. What if it was true? And there the enemy was in her house sitting on her sofa.
    "What can I get you?"
    "Coffee," responded Amy smilingly.
    As she walked to the kitchen, Amy her eyes on her. Belindah almost fell. She felt dizzy.
    "Belindah! Are you okay?" said Amy as she rushed to catch her when she almost fainted. "Come and sit down. I will make the coffee."
    "Thank you. I felt dizzy maybe it's the hotness in the house," said Belindah as she sat down
    "Okay let me go and make coffee for you."
    She headed to the kitchen to make the coffee. It was time for her to finish Belindah off. She couldn't help smiling as she put something in the coffee. She walked in the loudge with two cups and gave one to Belindah. As she took a sip, the coffee smelled and tasted great. She couldn't help it but take it all down.
    "Was that Elizabeth who just drove off lately?" asked Amy as she sat legs apart.
    The drugs were now working on Belindah. She felt dizzy and couldn't see clearly.
    "Yes. She is crazy. Can you believe it she thinks you dating Victor but I kicked her out of my house," she said with a laugh.
    "Really? So it was her who followed us from the restaurant. Perfect!" thought Amy
    She walked out of the house and went to her house. She took out some papers in her drawer and went back to Belindah's house. She made her sign the papers. She carried her to her room and got out of the house with Belindah's phone.
    Early in the morning. The sky was clear, clear light blue painted through the horizon not a sign of one or two, big or small, white, fluffy clouds floating across the sky. The wind was like nothing but calm air.
    Belindah woke up early in the morning with a headache. She couldn't remember what happened the previous night. She headed to the bathroom and took a bath. She kept running up and down to the bathroom, vomiting. She didn't know what was happening to her. She just took her car eyes on the table and walked out of the house. She got into her car and drove to the hospital.
    As she sat in her office that is when she realised her phone was not in her purse.
    "Dammit! I forgot my phone," she shouted banging her first on the table.
    Since she had no time to go back home she asked Doctor Sibanda for his phone. She wanted to call Elizabeth and apologise for being rude to her. She dialled her number but the phone was not available.
    After an hour two men budged in Elizabeth's office as she was busy typing on her laptop.
    "What happened to knocking first?"
    "Are you Belindah Dube?" asked one of them.
    "Yes! What happened?"
    "I am Detective Nile and this it Detective Den."
    "Belindah Dube. You are under arrest for the murder of  Elizabeth Kalonga. Anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law," said Detective Den  twisting Belindah's arms behind her back.
    She was confused. She heard news that no one ever wants to hear so horrible that she couldn't even begin to process the words that the detectective had said to her. He hand cuffed her.
    "You can't just arrest me. I need to know what happened to Elizabeth. I did not kill her," she cried loudly as they dragged her outside to their police vehicle.
    They ignored her and put her in the van. Her heart was pounding really fast. She was trying so very hard to fight back the tears. At one stage she couldn't take much more sitting in the van. The worst words she could think of was wishing if only she had been there to protect Elizabeth none of this would have happened.
    "Come out!" shouted the detective.
    They dragged her out of the van.
    "How could you kill her like she was some kind of an animal!" he shouted.
    They pushed her inside the cell and locked it.
    "Please let me out. I didn't kill her. I swear," she begged
    "You will say that in court. I wish you rot in jail," said Angela, the police officer
    She sat on the floor in her cell and cried hysterically. She couldn't believe that Elizabeth was dead. Also that she was the suspect.

    CHAPTER 14

    Sam's wife was in a bad temper. There was no breakfast at all. Amy went in search of food to fill up her empty stomach, but she found the kitchen door locked. She ended up going back to her room with a gloomy face.
    "She locked the door," she said to herself. "She really is a dreadful creature. She is crazy."
    After few minutes her mother barged in without knocking.
    "Amy! Where were you last night? I woke up around eleven-thirty but you were not in your room," shouted Sam's wife.
    "Mum,seriously. Is that why you locked the door in the kitchen? I am 25 not 16. I don't have to tell you everytime I go out."
    "You are very rude. You j..."
    "Shut up woman!" she shouted. "What the hell is wrong with you? Geez man. Take a chill pill. Gosh," she said walking out of the house.
    Her mother just looked at her. For once she thought her daughter was possessed judging by the way she talked to her. Sam knew that Amy was a no go area. He just let her be.
    Amy soon jumped into her car, wearing a short and a shirt with some sneakers. She played her radio loudly as she drove to the park where she sat on a bench.
    She noticed a man, not much taller than Victor. He had an unshaven face.
    "What am I doing here?" she demanded.
    "You haven't changed, Amy. I thought maybe if I kicked you out of my house you would change," his deep voice.
    "Ben, Ben. I will never change."
    She smiled at him.
    "I know you pushed my wife down those stairs. She is in hospital because of you."
    "I am glad you now know the truth. I don't like people who stick their noses where they doesn't belong. I told her to mind her own business, but she didn't listen to me ,Ben," she said biting her lower lip.
    His temper suddenly rose as she stood up from the bench. He didn't want to let her go. He stood up with a knife, with an intention of stabbing her.
    "Don't even think about it, Ben, or you will rot in jail. Killing me won't solve anything."
    He stopped.
    "You just have to forget about me and I will not come after your little girl. You so smart Ben. I am sure you will forget about me. I know I was a good maid to you," she said as she took a step toward him. "I miss the smell of your perfume. The touch, the kisses. I miss making love to you Ben."
    He stepped back.
    "You are crazy," said Ben nervously.
    "I can be a killer also. Bye John. Bye bye," she waved heading to her car leaving Ben standing .
    She got into her car and took out her phone . She wanted to make a phone call.
    "Cole. How is it going with that lady at the station?"
    "She spent the night in her cell. Things are not looking good on her side," said Cole one of the police officers at the station where Belindah was being held."I will keep you posted on everything, especially in the afternoon when I get all the details."
    "You said you got people that side."
    "Yes if they put her in a room with other ladies then things might go the way we planned them to go," said Cole in his clear voice.
    "Good! I have a job for you. This Ben guy knows that I pushed his wife down the stairs. He is going to tell the cops about it. His wife is in a comma and I want finish her off tonight," she paused.
    "What do you want me to do?"
    "Kill him. Leave no evidence make it look like a suicide. He committed suicide because he blamed himself for his wife's condition that would do."
    "Okay I will do it madam."
    "Good. Chat later. I have to go see someone."
    She hanged up and started the car.
    He admiringly looked at her soft skin which was glowing in the late afternoon sun. Her eyes showed genuine concern. When was the last time anyone had been concerned about him? He wanted to talk to her, share his memories with her. After all she knew something about his pain.
    "My father has a mistress and I don't know if I should tell mum."
    She frowned slightly, but said nothing, her steady gaze encouraging him to talk.
    "He has got an older son. The son became the centre of everything, and I stood on the outside, looking in. If it was not for mum who begged him so that he could give me a job, I don't know if I would be owning a car right now.
    "But your dad loves you?"
    He could see pity in her eyes.  He did not need her pity. Just as he hadn't needed his father's love as a boy.
    "Love, Amy. What is that?"
    His words were sharper that he had wanted. He felt her draw back from him, both physically and emotionally, and was thankful when she didn't say anything else.
    "You are cold," he said when she shivered. "We should go inside and eat."
    As far as he was concerned the discussion was now closed. He led her inside, and even he was stunned at the intimacy of the small feast that had been prepared for them. The large table was set at one end, just for two candles glowed and rose petals were scattered across the cream tablecloth. He heard her stifled gasp of shock and smiled.
    "Your staff have excelled themselves," she said softly as she came to stand beside him. "It looks divine. I love you Victor."
    "I love you too Amy."

    CHAPTER 15

    She walked in the office dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans. She stood and looked on the window. She clenched her fist and took a deep breath. She opened the door.
    "Hey!" he said getting up from the chair.
    He hugged her but still kept her gaze at the pretty lady in the office.
    "Why was she holding my man's hand?" she thought to herself.
    "Come sit down babe," said Victor pulling a chair for her.
    She sat down wanting to know what she was doing in the office with him.
    "Who is she?"
    "My name is Priscilla. I am Victor's p..."
    "I didn't ask you. Did I?"
    "No ma'am," she responded looking down.
    She was a threat and right there she wanted to get rid of her sooner.
    "This is my personal assistant. Priscilla you can leave us now," he said softly.
    "Sure Boss. Don't forget about our deal," she said with her sweet voice smilingly.
    She walked out and closed the door.
    Amy got up from the chair and stood by the window. She looked through thinking of Priscilla. Victor was busy typing.
    "We will eat out tonight," said Victor since they had moved in together.
    Victor's voice brought her thoughts back to the present as he came to stand next to her. Each time he was near, her skin sizzled and anticipation zinged down her spine, but she couldn't and wouldn't go there. She dragged her gaze from the window and turned to face him.
    "Are you cheating on me with Priscilla?"
    The words slipped from her mouth with practised ease.
    "Are you jealous?"
    Damn him, he appeared to be laughing at her. It was as if he was genuinely flirting with her. She took a deep breath and forced herself to stop talking. Allowing Victor to see how she was pissed off wasn't going to do any good at all. He moved away from her, where he leant his strong arms on the chair. Briefly she remembered how it had felt to be held in their strength, but immediately she dragged her wandering mind back. She had to keep focused. It was almost as if he knew she was deeply in love with him.
    "Let's get married."
    "What!" he exclaimed.
    He turned back to face her and folded his arms across his chest.
    "Think of it once we get married you will have got what you wanted. You can own this company and I will help you. You will inherit the business," she kept her words firm.
    The clinking of ice in glasses halted further conversation as drinks were brought out to them. She watched as Priscilla placed the tray on the table before she slipped away.
    "Let's do it!"
    "It all seems too easy, Victor," she said. "I can't believe a man like you would agree to my deal so easily. There must be something more in it for you."
    He moved away from the chair and came close to her. Too close. Her first reaction was to step back, but she stood her ground and met his gaze head-on, despite the pounding of her heart and the race of her pulse. Something in his expression had changed. He looked more intense, his eyes darker. She couldn't help but look into them and momentarily floundered.
    "Yes ,there is."
    He stepped closer and the air seemed alive with someone she had never experienced before.
    "And that is?" she feigned bravado, her words short and sharp.
    "Lets go out will talk about it later'" he said.
    His gaze dropped from her eyes and lingered on her lips and she realised she was biting her bottom lip.
    "Let's go."
    They walked out of the office hand in hand.
    "Priscilla, I am going out."
    "Okay boss, " she said with a smile.
    They got into car.
    "Can I have address to Priscilla's house. I need to go and apologise for the way I spoke to her at your office," she said as she sip her juice at the restaurant.
    "Are you sure babe?"
    "Yes, she is a good girl who deserves some respect," she faked a smile.
    He gave her the address to Priscilla's house.
    Priscilla was washing dishes when she heard a bang on her door.
    "Who is there?" she shouted
    There was silent. She walked to the loudge. She froze in place and felt terror that she couldn't do anything.
    "Hello Priscilla. I didn't like the way you talked to my man today. So sweet," she spoke. She sat with hands clasped behind head.
    "What are you doing here? I am calling the cops," she said reaching for her phone which was on the table.
    "Don't even try that," she stood up holding an axe in her hand.
    Her emotional brain had already begun to respond along paths, she immediately froze. The slower but more thoughtful path caused her to feel afraid and allowed her to begin analysing her situation, creating alternative response.
    "Please do not kill me," she begged on her knees.
    She ignored her pleas and made a step close to her. She lifted up the axe and cut her head off. She threw the axe on the floor and laughed. She lighted up the cigar seated. She puffed up smoke staring at the body. She felt great and happy. She had gotten rid of Priscilla . Victor was hers only hers. She could kill for him. She walked out of the house with the body wrapped in a plastic. She drove her car and threw the body in a river and drove at Victor's house

    CHAPTER 16

    "Morning, sir," greeted Peter as he walked in Chief's office.
    "Morning detective. I am glad you have come early today. How is the old man doing?"
    "He is responding very well to treatment. Thank you,sir."
    "You may a take a sit. There is a lot of job you have to do," he said taking out papers from his drawer.
    Chief knew very well that Peter was the best person to handle the murderer case. There was no doubt that he was a good cop.
    "There is a girl who was murdered," he said handing the papers to Peter.
    "Do we have any suspects?"
    "Yes, she is in custody. Her best friend."
    "Have she been interrogated?" asked Peter her eyes on the papers.
    "No, you would have to go"
    "Okay. I will get to it,sir," said Peter sitting up.
    "I trust you detective on this case. No one is innocent until proven so."
    "Yes, sir!"
    He walked out of the office and headed to the interrogation room. He did not know that it was Belindah.
    She walked inside the interrogation room handcuffed. The last few days had been tough for her. She didn't even know what had happened to Elizabeth. She was in pain and could not save herself. She sat down.
    "Belindah. You don't look good," he said feeling pity for her.
    She had cut her hair and hadn't taken a shower for days now. She hadn't been eating.
    "How can I be fine Calvin? You my lawyer tell me. Am I going to get out of this place?" she said with tears in her eyes.
    Calvin looked down and had some bad news for her.
    "It's bad isn't it. How bad is it?"
    "The judge refused to give you bail. It's a first degree murder. You have to plead guilty rather than face the chance of being convicted at trial and receiving the death penalty."
    "What!" she exclaimed. "But I didn't do anything."
    "I know but the evidence points to you. The threats you made."
    "What threats?"
    "They found some messages you sent to Elizabeth. Telling her you will kill her like an animal."
    "I didn't send those messages."
    "I am sorry Belindah but there is nothing I can do for you. You have to find another lawyer. I am sorry," said Calvin sitting up.
    "Calvin! Please don't leave me here," she cried loudly.
    "Hey! Shut up. This is not some kind of a bar," shouted the police officer.
    Calvin walked out bumping into Peter in the process.
    "Sorry detective," he apologised.
    Peter just nodded and continued walking, heading to the interrogation room. The police officer was about to take Belindah back to her cell when Peter opened the door.
    "I am here to see the g...," he stopped at midsentence when he noticed that it was Belindah. "Belindah!" he exclaimed.
    "Can you excuse us officer," said Peter.
    He excused them and closed the door. Peter sat opposite her. He needed to act professional. Like the chief said it, no one was innocent until proven. He took out a book and a pen from his bag.
    "Your name is Belindah is that correct?" asked Peter his eyes on the book.
    "Yes!" responded Belindah.
    "So how long would you say you have known the deceased?"
    "10 years!"
    "And how would you describe your relationship for the past ten year period?"
    Belindah dropped a tear and sniffed.
    "We got along very well. She was like a sister I never had."
    "So why did you kill her?" asked Peter with a serious look on his face.
    "I did not kill her. I am not a murderer. I was framed," said Belindah freaking out.
    Peter stopped writing and looked at her. He got up from the chair and stood.
    "Who said you were a murderer?" he gazed at her. "We all know, 'I was framed' is a statement always used as an alibi by the guilty," he said rubbing his hands.
    He sat on the table and looked at her.
    "Miss Dube. How many times would you say you had a fight with the deceased?"
    She dragged a deep breath. She remembered she had a fight with Elizabeth before she died and also at the hospital. By telling the truth it will mean she murdered her. She wanted to stay strong. She hadn't expected him to ask such question.
    "We never fought," she lied.
    "So why did it take you so long to respond to the question?"
    "I was just hmmm...I don't feel well," she said standing up.
    Suddenly she collapsed and was taken to the hospital.
    Peter went to meet with the medical examiner at a restaurant.
    "I am sorry I am late," he said  taking a seat.
    "It's okay buddy I have your results," said Bill.
    "Tell me," said Peter attentively.
    "This girl before she was murdered. She fought with the killer. So I found blood on her hand and it wasn't her blood."
    "Meaning if there was a suspect. We can take his/ her blood and compare it."
    "Now you talking. Interesting so how many times was she stabbed?"
    "16 times, different places. I have to warn you. This person is a serial killer. You have to find him sooner," he said.
    "Okay man. Thank you!"
    " I have to go," said Bill sitting up.
    He walked out of the restaurant and left Peter seated.
    "Cousin brother," said Victor sitting opposite Peter.
    "Victor! Belindah is in prison. Do you know that?"
    "What!" exclaimed Victor in surprise

    CHAPTER 17

    "Don't pretend as if you don't know what I am talking about. When last did you see Belindah?"
    Victor hadn't seen Belindah for a while now. He always spend the day with Amy. He didn't even know of her arrest.
    "I swear to you man. I didn't know that she was arrested. What did she do?"
    "Accussed of murder."
    "Who did she kill?" asked Victor.
    "Elizabeth! Listen man I have no time to waste. Especially with you. You pay the bill. If you love her stop by the station, she needs you," said Peter.
    He walked out of the restaurant and saw Amy talking to some guy. Her face loked familiar to him but couldn't remember where he saw her. He got into his car and drove where Elizabeth was murdered. Since it was the first place to start his investigation. He parked his car outside the gate. It was around 2pm. They were still some police officers guiding the house. He got inside and walked around the room checking if they were some evidence. There were finger prints hand of blood on the wall. Peter walked to Elizabeth's room. He sat on the bed and started talking to himself.
    "No broken windows. No forced entry, " he stood up and walked downstairs. "She got up from the bed after she heard a knock. She opened the door and the killer walked inside," he paused. "She was scared. She ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife but before she could turn back. The killer hit her on the head."
    He walked to the kitchen and one knife was missing in the drawer. He headed to the bathroom and found stains of blood. He was about to walk out when he turned back and saw a necklace in the bath tub. He wore his gloves and put the necklace inside.
    "I am out," he said to one of the officers
    "Okay detective," he responded.
    He drove the car back to the station. He had discovered something and wanted to tell the Chief.
    Victor sat in the restaurant. His mind was somewhere else. Amy had gone to the saloon. He stood up and got into his car. He drove to the station. As he parked his car Belindah had just been discharged from the hospital. Luckily Victor was allowed to see her. As he sat in the visiting room Belinda came with one of the officers handcuffed.
    "Victor!" she exclaimed running towards him.
    "Hey no hugging," said the officer.
    She sat down opposite Victor.
    "Babe! Where have you been? I missed you so much. Somebody killed Lizzie," she said tears streaming down on her face.
    "I have been busy," said Victor.
    "Babe, help me please. I need to get out of here. I don't want to put my baby's life in danger," said Belindah.
    "I am pregnant Victor. You going to be a father," she smile
    He didn't see it coming. He wasn't ready to be a father. What would he tell his parents and Amy? He looked at her and didn't want her. He was done with her.
    "I am sorry but we need to break up. I came to tell you that I am getting married very soon. I am marrying Amy," he said
    "What! Which Amy? Uncle Sam's daughter!"
    "Yes and I just came to say goodbye Belindah."
    He got up.
    "Victor wait. Please you can't do this to me. I am begging you don't leave me."
    She knelt down holding his hand.
    "Don't touch me!" he shouted pushing her.
    "Victor!" shouted Peter as he saw him pushing Belindah.
    He came where he stood and punched him.
    "That is not a way to treat a woman. Officer get him out of here," he ordered.
    "Don't touch me. Have an abortion for all I care. I don't want that child," said Victor getting out of the room.
    Peter felt like running after him but Belindah called out his name.
    "Don't Peter leave him," she said with a low voice.
    She was later taken back to her cell.
    As he drove the car at his house. He kept thinking about Belindah being pregnant. He walked inside the house and found Amy opening the kitchen drawers.
    He sat on the sofa.
    "Sweetie you back. I can't find that necklace you bought for me," said Amy taking out things from her bag. "Where is it? Damn it! Victor!"
    "What Amy? Shut the hell up!" he snapped.
    Amy was surprised.
    "I am sorry babe. Come sit next to me," said Victor.
    Amy sat on his lap and they started kissing.
    "Wait! Slow down. What is it? We promised each other that, no secrets."
    He looked at her and not sure how she will react.
    "Belindah was arrested of murder. She is pregnant! The baby is mine."
    "What!" said Amy loudly getting up. "She is expecting your child."
    "Yes. I don't know what to do."
    "Do you love me?"
    "Yes ,I do."
     "What about her?"
    "I don't."
    "Okay babe. We will figure something out," she said softly.
    She made a step close to him.  She kissed him.
    She woke up in the middle of the night, the room drenched in darkness. On bare feet she padded through the upstairs. She went downstairs in his study, dressed in pyjamas . She stood against the wall and banged her head. She wanted to see her blood. She was angry. She wanted to kill Belindah. She was not going to let her have the baby. She stood by the mirror.
    "You going to die tomorrow Belindah," she said looking at her picture.
    She took a lighter and a cigar.

    CHAPTER 18

    It's eleven-thirty at night. She was screaming and couldn't hold the pain any longer. She was bleeding.
    "Let's take her to the operation room," said the doctor.
    "Please help me. I can't lose my baby," she said crying out loud.
    "Calm down Belindah. Nothing is going to happen to your baby," said the doctor. "Her blood pressure is very high."
    She woke up later handcuffed on the bed. She felt a sudden pain in her stomach. She didn't remember what had happened. It was early in the morning. The doctor walked inside. She had no need to ask because she knew he didn't survive.
    "I am sorry but you had a miscarriage," the doctor finally spoke.
    She didn't cry. There were no tears.
    "Officer take me back to my cell," she said in a low voice.
    "You are not well," he said concerned.
    "I don't care. There is nothing to live for," she said
    The officer uncuffed her and let her dress up. They took her back to her cell.
    She sat on the floor thinking about her predicament. How could she have peace in her heart? Everything didn't make sense to her. She felt like it was all a dream. Prison was a cold and condescending place for her. She felt all alone. If was as if her soul was stuck between burnt pages that held with them a dirge of broken verses and whirling voices. Her shadow found, but lost it's body in a darkened cell. Where men go and never return home. There was a way fire burnt in each corner of a cell. Each wall carried it's own frown that bores a wale in the heart of a prisoner, creating a cacophony of dark voices and crinkled beats that kicked in to engrave flames on one's skin. She wore a flammable garment on her tender skin. Defeat was when she was falsely accused of shooting down a star that twinkled in the eyes of a lunatic. But death was when she was accused of drilling a bullet in the heart of a beloved one. Belindah swallowed all. Every voice crackled, was a song that cuffed her innocence in the dark.
    She flew too high for any mortal being, where love first struck  her but then she no longer sang. She ended up an angel with a broken wing. Her tears flew with every hour. Her cries filled with pain. She played at the game of love and lost. She became an angel with a broken wing. She couldn't fly anymore. She couldn't deal with pain no more. The mornings were ending and the nights were dead. No matter how hard she fought she had nothing to live for. She gave up
    "I have bad news for you Peter," said the chief as he walked in Peter's office early in the morning.
    Peter quickly stood up.
    "Take a seat sonny. "
    "What happened sir?"
    "Belindah had a miscarriage last night."
    "What! But how?"
    "I don't know yet."
    "Where is she now?" asked Peter concerned.
    "Back in her cell."
    Suddenly the receptionist came running in Peter's voice.
    "Detective, I have received some bad news. Belindah tried to kill herself in her cell," she said.
    "What! What the hell is happening? I am so close to prove that she is innocent," said Peter.
    He got up from his chair and grabbed his car keys.
    "Chief before I go. I wanted to talk to you yesterday but when I arrived you were already gone. The killer is a female not a male. I better get going to the hospital," he said.
    He ran out of the building and headed to his car. He started it and drove to the hospital in high speed. Upon arrival he parked his car and ran inside the hospital.
    "Room 5," said the receptionist.
    He headed to room five. He got inside and she had a bandage on her wrist. He sat on the bed and looked at her. He felt pity and really wanted to save her. The doctor came in.
    "Doctor Moyo. When did you come back," said Peter in a low voice.
    "Last night after hearing what happened to Belindah. Poor girl. She doesn't deserve this. She is an angel with a good heart," said doctor Moyo. "Talking about her being an angle. I have to tell you something Peter. It wasn't the hospital that paid for your father's operation. It was Belindah."
    "What!" exclaimed Peter. "Why did you lie then?"
    "She said I should lie and I respected her decision. I have to get back to work. Will come back to check on her," said the doctor.
    He walked out. Peter was surprised with what he had heard. He sat down. There was only one way to save Belindah. He called out the officer standing outside.
    "Chief called. He needs you at the station. I will guard the lady," lied Peter.
    "Okay sir," he said walking out.
    Peter quickly checked if there was anyone coming. He took a wheelchair. He lifted Belindah who was still unconscious and Put her on the wheelchair. He pushed the wheelchair out of the hospital without anyone noticing him. He put her on the back seat of his car. He got into the car and drove off to his house. He wanted to save her. Since he knew that her life was in danger. After what he had heard he didn't care less if he were to lose his job. What mattered at that moment was for him to protect Belindah at all cost. Her life depended on him and he was ready to walk through fire to make sure that she was safe and sound after learning about how she saved his father.

    CHAPTER 19

    She woke up with a headache and didn't recognise the room she was in. She got up from the bed and walked to the loudge. He was preparing dinner. She looked at him and felt happy.
    "What happened to me?" she asked with a low voice.
    "You awake. Come and take a sit," he said softly.
    She walked towards him. He pulled a chair for her and she sat down.
    "Thank you!"
    "You welcome. Let me dish up for you."
    "No Peter I can do it. It's okay really. I am not that sick."
    "No I insist. I owe you," he said.
    He walked to her and sat beside her. He held her hand.
    "Why didn't you tell me that you were the one who paid the money at the hospital?"
    "He finally told you. I just didn't want you to know. Is that why you took me out of the hospital? You have to hand me back to the cops. What's going to happen to you if you lose your job?" she paused. "No, Peter this is wrong."
    "It's okay Belindah. Your life is in danger. I wouldn't care less if I lose my job. I am going to prove that you innocent. It's just you and me now."
    "No but," he cut her off. "I won't let you rot in jail for something you didn't do. I will help you. Now let's eat," said Peter.
    They started eating and finally went to bed.
    "What do you mean she escaped from the hospital?" shouted Amy on the phone.
    "They are saying the detective helped her to escape."
    "What about the baby?"
    "She had a miscarriage. I put poison in her food when you called late that night," said the police officer.
    "Okay okay just find her for me. I will finish her off my self," she said and hanged up.
    Early in the morning she kept pacing up and down in the room. Victor had gone out to the gym.
    "What's taking so long for her to die? Dammit! I need to go and see him right now. It's time he get involved in this mess," she said to herself
    She grabbed her car keys and drove her car. She parked outside the gate and got off the car in a hurry. Things were not going the way she had planned them. She had failed him. She knew that he will be very disappointed in her. She walked inside and looked in the loudge. He was not there. She went downstairs and found him in the garage.
    "You killed him daddy?"
    "You mean the Chief. He was snooping around at my building last night," he said wrapping the body in a plastic.
    "Isn't that the Chief where Peter, Victor's brother works?"
    "He is the one. Stop asking me questions and help me get rid of this body," he said lifting up the body.
    "Where to?"
    "Let's put him in the car. I will ask one of the boys to go dump his body."
    They lifted the body and put it in the car. He went to take a bath. She cooked breakfast for him. As he walked in the loudge, she sat biting her nails.
    "What happened?" he asked.
    He knew something was going on around her. It wasn't unsual of her biting her nails. She stood up and walked to the window. She stood with hands on her hips.
    "Come and sit down!" he commanded.
    She quickly came and sat beside him. She was scared of him. She had ruined everything for him.
    "Belindah escaped!" she finally spoke.
    "I know," he said calmy.
    She raised her brows.
    "What do you mean you know?"
    "The man I just killed told me. She is with Peter. I told you to let me handle things my sweet daughter," he said sitting up.
    He poured a glass of whiskey and handed it to her.
    "It's too early for me to drink daddy," she rolled her eyes. "What are we going to do?"
    "I am glad you asked," he stopped and took a sip. "I will organise some men this everning. You have to find out where he lives."
    "No daddy. I have got a plan."
    "Let's hear it," he said stroking his chin.
    "I will ask Victor if we can go and visit Peter at his house. After that we take the Chief's body at his house. Make it look like he is the one who killed him," she said with a smile.
    "Now you talking my princess. Then our madam Belindah won't have anyone to protect her after Mr Detective is put in jail. I like the sound of that," he said
    "Yes daddy. I should get going now. Say hie to your wife," she said sitting up.
    She kissed him on the cheek and went out of the house. He stood up and went back to his garage. She was tired up on the chair. He removed the cloth on her mouth.
    "You know you have always been a good wife and mother to our daughter. You are a christian woman Mary. I love calling you by your second name," he said reaching for his gun which was on the table.
    "Sam, please you don't have to do this. I am your wife. How can you be so cruel," she said with tears
    "I am sorry ,Maria ,but you have to die. You should have stayed at Belindah's house last night. Why did you follow me? You saw me killing a man," he said.
    "What did Belindah do to you? She has been good to you," she cried.
    "Yes only that she doesn't know I have a mansion and a company. She thinks I am just a gateman. I want her money, everything she owns. Bye bye Maria, until we meet again. I love you and will always will," he said pulling the trigger and shooting her in the head.

    CHAPTER 20

    He lighted the cigarette before burning his wife.
    It was around 20h00 when she followed her husband. It didn't bother her everytime he came back home late but that day she wanted to know why he always came back home late. She took a taxi as the car made a turn. She told the driver to drop her along side the road. Upon arrival at the house she saw Sam dragging out a man from his car by force. She hide and waited for him to get inside. She walked to the house and stood by the door.
    "You know chief. You should have let my boys do their work. Why did you have to intervene?" he said before puffing smoke.
    "How can you take such young girls for prostitution? I couldn't let them kidnap my niece," said the chief tied on the chair.
    "Your niece was one of the girls that Declan brought in today, interesting. I also have a daughter but she is like a son to me. You want to know why. She kills people just like me," he said with a deep voice. "Let me tell you a little story chief," he sat down. "I heard you had been investigating the murder of the girl named ,Elizabeth Kalonga."
    The chief raised his brows.
    "You surprised. Don't be, because I haven't started telling the story, not yet," he said sharpening his knife. "My daughter was the one who killed Elizabeth. She also killed her brother. They were fighting and she took a knife and stabbed him. Right then I knew she was brave and was just like me,a killer," said Sam.
    "Why why are you telling all of this?" stammered chief.
    "Well since it's just you and I. I should just kill you since going to carry my secrets in your grave."
    "You will never find Belindah. She is with Peter now and you will never do anything to her," said chief.
    "She escaped? Wonderful now it will be easy to kill her. Thank you chief with the information."
    He took the knife and stabbed him in the stomach. After hearing her husband confessing to his crimes. She stood at the door in fear. Maria tried to run but she slipped and bumped into a glass that fell on the floor. She got the car keys from the table and ran outside. She was trembling that she failed to start the car when Sam opened the car.
    "Maria! What are you doing here?" he shouted.
    She got out of the car and ran towards the gate. She feel on the ground and he quickly got hold of her before she escaped. He hit her on the head and she fell unconcious.
    "I didn't mean to kill you my love," said Sam as he watched his wife's dead body burning.
    He got into his car and drove off.
    Her face was on the news, newspapers and posters posted in every shop. She had become the most wanted person in the country.
    "Calm down Belindah," said Peter, late that everning as she kept pacing up and down the room.
    "I am finished Peter. Don't you see I am the most wanted person. I am like a celeb now. You could have left me in the hospital. I can't be a fugitive forever," she said loudly.
    "We will sort this out. Please come and take a sit."
    "I spent the whole day in this house sitting. I am tired, I can't do this anymore. I am going to my room," she said heading to her room.
    "Just don't bang the door," he shouted.
    She banged the door.
    "Women!" he said to himself scratching his head.
    He tried calling the chief but it was not reachable. They were supposed to meet since he had told him that he was the one who took Belindah from the hospital.
    "Where could he be?" he thought to himself.
    He called Belindah later to come for supper but she didn't respond. He walked to her room and knocked on the door. She didn't respond. He tried opening the door but it was locked. He ran back to the loudge and the person he didn't expect to see was standing right in front of him. Fit and smiling at him.
    "Dad!" he exclaimed.
    "Is this how I taught you to handle woman? How can you let my daughter-in law run away from you through the window," said Peter's father holding Belindah's hand.
    "You tried to escape?" said Peter with a surprise look on his face.
    She just looked at him and ignored his question. She looked aside.
    "Come my daughter-in law. You can't just run away from your future husband. Go and make me a cup of coffee," he said taking a seat.
    Belindah walked to the kitchen. Peter looked at her as if thou he wanted to shout and beat her up.
    "You don't have to look at her like that. She is the wanted girl right?"
    "How do you know that?" asked Peter
    He took out a newspaper from his bag.
    "This," he said handing it to Peter.
    "She is not guilty dad."
    "I know, I taught you well. She doesn't look like a killer to me."
    "How did you get out of the hospital?"
    "Two days ago. I came back with Doctor Moyo."
    "But you didn't tell me, dad."
    "Do you have to know everything? I saw the chief being forced in a car by some man. I was out at the bar playing darts. Is he ok?" said Peter's father.
    "I can't get hold of him. I think something bad happened to him. Did you see the man clearly."
    "Yes! Tell my daughter in law to bring the coffee in my study room," he said sitting up.

    CHAPTER 21

    "Come in my daughter- in law," said Peter's father as Belindah stood by the door holding a tray.
    "I am sorry. It took me so long to make the coffee," said Belindah softly.
    "No, my daughter- in law. My son made me stop taking some booze."
    "To stop taking alcohol. Now it's just coffee. Take a sit I need to show you, your mother in law's pictures."
    He stood up and took a photo album out of his drawer in the study room. Belindah sat down.
    "You know I am finally happy that my son is no longer scared of girls. That idiot, he always felt shy around girls," he sat down beside Belindah.
    She burst out laugh.
    "You even laughing. Peter is naughty I tell you. Here is your mother in law. Her name was Precious. She was indeed precious," he said handing her the pictures.
    "She was so beautiful. Just like her son. I mean her son is handsome," she said with a laugh.
    "Ohh my daughter in law. I didn't know you were this funny. You will kill the old man with laughter. What's your story? What made you a celeb?"
    "I was framed. Somebody killed my best friend," she said dropping a tear. "I miss her so much. The last time we talked to each we had a fight. I regret pushing her away, " she said wiping her tears.
    Peter's father embraced her. They later talked and laughed until Belindah fell asleep on the chair.
    "Peter!" called out his father as he walked in the loudge.
    "Yes, dad!" responded Peter.
    "My daughter in law have fallen asleep. Go and take her.  And Peter tell me about her story tomorrow. I will help you. Always remember I am a better detective than you are," he said.
    "Daaaad! She is not your dau...."
    "She is," he cut him off. "I am off to bed."
    He walked to his room while Peter headed to the study room. He saw Belindah sleeping on the chair. He carried her to her room. He put her on the bed and switched off the lights.
    At half past eleven at night Sam got at his house and noticed that his front door was opened. He took out his gun from his pocket and walked slowly in the house. He was about to shoot when one of his body guard made him to drop his gun.
    "Sam!" he said his name with a deep voice. "You know how I hate people that come home late. Where have you been?"
    He studied his face and was really scared of him. He stood with hands clasped behind back.
    "I have been out running some errands."
    "You mean killing people?"
    He rose from the chair and stood in front of him. He surveyed his house.
    "Beautiful house you have Sam. How is it going with your daughter? I heard he is dating my son," he said looking out the window
    "Yes, they are dating, " he said with a low voice.
    "I have a job for you Sam. I want you to kill my brother and his son. The thought of them still alive makes me sick."
    Finally he turned to face him, strode across the thick carpet until he stood at his side, his right arm almost touching his  shoulder. He looked sideaways down at him.
    "So you are going to kill him?"
    Sam stood firm, like a soldier on parade being inspected by a commanding officer. He walked slowly round behind Sam. He put the gun on his back. Sam didn't move.
    "Are you?"
    "Yes, I will kill him, Josh," said Sam.
    "Good! What happened to Boss? You disrespecting me now Sam. You forgetting that I helped you kill your brother and his wife. You made someone's child an orphan. What is the name of your niece?" said Josh.
    "You very cruel Sam. You hated your brother that much. You and I finally have the same thing in common. I hate my brother, Desire. I want him to die very soon," his voice was harsh.
    Sam didn't say a word but kept quiet. He knew his boss very well. He hated the idea of being interrupted when speaking.
    "I have to go now Sam. Pass my greetings to your wife. I mean your dead wife. I wonder if your daughter knows that you killed her mother, " he gazed at him.
    Sam couldn't believe what he had heard. How did Josh know about him killing his wife? He thought to himself his eyes on the floor.
    "I am watching you Sam," said Josh.
    He got out of the house with his bodyguard behind him. As soon as Sam heard the sound of the car. He took a deep breath and sat down. He remembered how Josh helped him kill Belindah's parents. How Stephen, Belindah's father was his father's  favourite son. He didn't regret killing him and his wife. Everytime he watched Belindah growing up  with the white couple. He hated her so much.
    One day he went at her house looking for a job. She had a good heart like his parents. He wanted to destroy her. Belindah's father was his  younger brother. He felt jealous why his father left everything in his name instead of giving it to his elder son. That didn't please him at all. He also worked at his father's company and he felt like his father had betrayed him. He felt like he had been stabbed in the back when this happened. That is why he never took Belindah to stay with her. He poured a glass of wine and took it all down before throwing the glass on the wall.

    CHAPTER 22

    Naomi opened the door in the hotel room and gazed upon the man intended to be his future husband. She looked remarkably composed, considering the situation. Carefully Josh closed the door, the final click seemingly to sound the start of his love life.
    "Good everning," his voice seemed to eco through the large room with it's gilt walls.
    "Good everning, Josh."
    Then she lifted her head and pinned him with that cold, clear-eyed gaze and he felt his heart harden once more. He didn't want this. He never would.
    "What happened to sweetheart?"
    He took a step close to her, looking at her. She was pretty. Her hair was so blonde  it appeared almost white, and she wore it pulled back in tight chignon, a few wispy tendrils coming to curl about her small, pearl studded ears. She was slight, petite, and yet carried herself with both pride and grace, and wore a modest, high-neckled, long-sleeved dress of pale blue silk belted tightly at the waist, an understated strand of pearls at her throat. She folded her hands at her waist like some pious nun and stood calmly under his obvious scrutiny, accepting his inspection with a cool and even haughty confidence. All of it made him angry.
    "You don't have respect for me anymore, Naomi. Your father will be very disappointed in you."
    "My father doesn't know you are still married to Kate. We made a deal Josh. You divorce Kate and marry me. Are you ashamed of me because I am white?"
    He looked at her as she stood in front of him.
    "Let's take a sit. Shall we?"
    They sat on the bed. Their marriage was virtually a sealed deal. She had come from Canada to begin negotiations.
    "It won't be that easy to divorce, Kate. I love her even though I always cheat on her," he said.
    He stood up and strode farther into the room, his hands shoved into the pockets of his suit trousers. He walked to the window that looked out on the hotel's front yard. Josh swallowed and turned away.
    "Do have feelings for me Naomi?"
    He wanted to hear her speak from her own mouth, those tightly pursed lips. A slight pause, and then she answered, her voice low and steady.
    "Yes, I do. This is not a bussiness deal to me. It's real. I love you Josh. The first time I saw you in my father's office in Canada. I couldn't stop thinking about you."
    He almost smiled at that but maintained the serious look on his face. She had devoted her life to charity work and her father was prominent in finance and was one of the richest man in Canada. He looked at her. The woman reminded him of statue, something made of a good heart. No, he realised, what she really reminded him of was his mother. A beautiful woman. Was that who this woman really was? Or he was being stupidly judgemental. It was impossible to tell what she felt from her carefully blank expression, yet he felt a gut deep revulsion to the fact that she was here at all, that she had accepted his summons and was prepared to marry a stranger.
    He sat beside her and looked into her eyes. She lay on the bed. He deepened the kiss. It felt important, to be touched like this. To feel warm hands on her body, gentle, caressing, accepting her in a way she had never felt accepted before. She had never understood how much she needed this in the years. The touch of a human being, the reminder that she was real and alive, slesh and blood and bone, emotion and want and need. She was so much more than she had ever let herself be, and she felt it all now in an overwhelming, endless rush as Josh kissed her.
    Early in the morning Kate kept pacing up and down the room. She had been trying Josh's phone since previous night. Living with Josh had not been easy for her. He was abusing her and she didn't want to disappoint her father by leaving Josh. She thought about how her family members will say. As she heard car sound, she looked through the window and saw Josh coming out of the car. She prepared herself on what was going to happen. She hide the cricket bat under the bed. He opened the door and saw her sitting on the bed. She took a deep breath as he undressed.
    "You didn't come home last night. Where were you Josh?"
    "None of your business Kate. You ask Victor that not me," he spoke rudely.
    "I am your wife and I have the right to know. Wait," she looked at his shirt. "Isn't that lipstick? Are you cheating on me?" she asked angrily.
    "I am marrying another woman, Kate. She is coming to live here. Any problem with that."
    She felt angry and looked at him.
    "I have been nothing but a good wife to you. You very stupid Josh. You are a bastard!"
    After hearing this he slapped and started beating her up. She managed to get up from the bed.
    "I should have never married you. You don't deserve me and son. He is not your son!" she shouted.
    "What!" exclaimed Josh.
    "You heard me. Victor is not your son. He is Desire's son, the brother that you hate."
    "Women you cheat.."
     He was about to get close to her but she hit him on the head.
    He fell down and she got out of the house running.

    CHAPTER 23

    After she kicked the body guard in the genitals. She took Josh's car and drove off. She meant to go off by herself without Victor since he was at his apartment. She stopped the car after driving for about an hour not knowing where she was heading to. She left the car and started walking. She wondered what to do now since both her parents were staying in Zambia. She knew she was not safe now that Josh was after her. She ran down the forest and took the road to the main road. She was afraid that Josh might follow her. She talked aloud to herself.
    "What am I going to do now? I am all alone. I must get to my son before that bastard kills him."
    "Did you catch her?" asked Josh angrily.
    "No, boss. She left the car al...."
    "Shut up! I don't want to hear any word that comes out of your mouth. How can you lose her just like that? Go back and bring her back here. Dead or alive. I don't care and  go take Victor at his house by force. I need him here," he went on. "I know if I have her son, she will come back to me. Go quickly and bring him here," he ordered.
    The body guard got out of the house.
    She banged on the door loudly screaming out his name. He quickly stood up from his chair and attended the knock. As soon as he opened the door, she hugged him. She was shaking like a leaf.
    "Help me, Desire. I need your help," she cried loudly.
    "Okay okay. Calm down Kate. Come let's sit down," he said holding her hand.
    He sat her down. He poured a glass of water for her. She gulped it. He sat beside her.
    "Are you alone?" she asked nervously
    "Dad who was b...," he stopped at midsentence. "Auntie Kate! What are you doing here?"
    "Isn't that the girl who escaped from the hospital?" asked Kate her eyes on Belindah who stood beside Peter.
    "Yes, I am," responded Belindah.
    "She is not a killer Kate," said Desire.
    "I know she doesn't look like one. Can I go take a bath please?"
    "Please Auntie make your self at home," said Peter.
    She headed to the bathroom with Belindah. After she finished bathing, Belindah gave her some of her clothes that Peter had bought for her.
     When they finished eating lunch, they all sat in the loudge in silent. Kate cleared her throat and the three paid attention to her.
    "I need your help Desire," said Kate softly.
    "Should we excuse you two?" asked Peter.
    "Noo you stay. You have to hear this anywhere," she said. "I ran away from my house after I hit Josh on his head with a cricket bat."
    "What! Why did you do that Kate?" asked Desire looking at her.
    "He has been abusing me since he got out of prison. Today I found out that he had been cheating on me. He told me he was going to marry another woman. I I..I .I got mad at him and I told him the truth," she stopped.
    "What truth?" asked Desire with curiosity written all over his face.
    Her heart started pounding at a increasingly rapid race. It was hard enough for her to tell the truth after keeping it for so long.
    "Kate!" shouted Desire almost making her jump on her feet.
    "That Victor is your son," she said looking down.
    "Victor is what?"
    "He is your son Desire. Remember that night when I spent the nigh with Josh. I was already pregnant," said Kate.
    Desire stood up and walked to the door. He turned back and faced her.
    "Why didn't you tell me the truth" he asked angrily
    "I was scared that my cousin sister would hate me. She loved you Desire," said Kate with tears in her eyes.
    "You know Precious was not that cruel."
    "Wait wait wait. You said cousin sister," said Peter
    "Yes, Peter. Your mother was my cousin sister."
    "Wow, this is just great," said Peter.
    Kate looked at Desire
    "He needs to know the truth Desire. I am tired of keeping the secret," said Kate sitting up.
    She walked to were Desire stood.
    "What truth?" asked Peter with a hint of confusion in his voice.
    "Peter,my son."
    "Dad! What else are you hiding from me?"
    Desire gazed at Kate. Belindah just sat on the sofa watching the drama.
    "Kate is your real mother," said Desire.
    "Repeat that again!"
    "I am your real mother Peter. Precious was not your mother but I am," said Kate as she made a step close to Peter.
    He stood up as tears ran down on his cheeks. He felt a sudden pain in his chest.
    "But why," he cried.
    "I am sorry I didn't mean to keep this from you. I am sorry, my son," sobbed Kate
    "Don't touch me! Dad, I thought you loved me. Why would you keep something so important from me for so many years? How could you dad?"
    "I am sorry my son. I wanted to tell you but things just got complicated," said Desire.
    "My life has been a lie. All these years crying over someone who was not my real mother while she is alive."
    Unable to keep the frustration from reverberating in his voice, he walked out on them and headed to his room.
    "Peter please," cried Kate as she followed behind him.
    He ignored her, got to his room and slammed the door in her face locking it. Peter sat on the bed and inhaled deeply. Tears falling down. Anger and frustration raced in his veins as he lay on the floor.

    CHAPTER 24

    Kate sat at the door hoping that her son would give her a chance to explain on what happened long time ago. She couldn't stop crying. She wanted to embrace him and make up for all the times they  didn't spend together. Peter on the other side lay on the floor. He felt betrayed by his father. All those years they spent together he felt like everything about him was just fake.
    "Peter, my son. Open the door for me and let me explain," said Kate.
    Peter ignored her.
    "I know you hurt right now but let me explain what happened. I always loved you but...," she stopped at midsentence when Peter opened the door.
    "Five minutes! After that get out of my house and never come back. My mother is dead and you will never take her place," said Peter
    "I will go I promise. Let's just sit down and I will tell you the story."
    They sat down
    "Start talking! I am counting down."
    "I was dating Desire before I met Josh. When he introduced me to Josh as his brother. I fell in love with him. He had what I wanted in a guy. Desire was busy with work all the time. When he found out that I was cheating on him with Josh. We broke up. He didn't want to fight with his brother so he walked away. After I found out that I was pregnant and Desire was the father of my baby. I went to live with my cousin sister, Precious in South Africa," she paused.
    "So then how did she end up with dad?" asked Peter
    "I told him about the pregnancy and that I wasn't going to leave Josh. He wanted to raise his child that is when he decided to take my cousin sister as his wife. Since I had already given the child to Precious to raise him. On the hand Precious was barren, " she said dropping a tear.
    "Then Victor. How is he my brother?"
    "I I I," she stammered.
    "You did what? Cheated?"
    "No! I mean Yes. Okay okay. I witnessed Josh killing his father when I visited him at his office. We were already married. By that time you were three years old. I was so scared that I ended up calling Desire at the bar. We had a few to drink. One thing led to the other. I fell pregnant," said Kate.
    "Josh killed my grandpa?"
    "Yes he shot him and that's the reason why he hate Desire because he is the one who sent him to jail."
    "That bastard! Does Victor know that we are brothers?"
    "Did you love me Kate?"
    "Yes I did my boy. I was just scared that Josh would kill Desire if he founds that you my son. He is a very dangerous man. I am not trying to make excuses for my self because there are none. I knew what I was doing but I did all of this to protect the ones that I love including you," said Kate wiping her tears.
    "You want my fo...." he stopped when Kate's phone rang.
    "Excuse me! It's my maid. This is strange," she said her eyes on the phone.
    She answered.
    "Madam! It's Rose. I have been trying to get hold of you," said Rose sounding scared.
    "What is it Rose? What happened?"
    "I heard Boss talking to one of his body guard. They are going to kill Victor. I got out of the house when you escaped. I am at my house. Madam please save him," said Rose.
    She hanged up.
    "Rose! Rose!" shouted Kate on the phone. "No! He is going to kill my baby."
    "What is it?"
    "Josh has sent people to kill your brother. Please I know I have wronged you but help me. Help him," she begged on her knees.
    He felt pity for her and Victor was his brother. He wouldn't let anything bad happen to him. He helped Kate to get up and took her hand. They walked in the loudge and Desire was sitting on his chair while Belindah was washing dishes.
    "Dad! We have a big problem?" said Peter.
    "What is it?"
    "Josh is going to kill Victor. We need to do something fastly," said Peter.
    "Try his phone," said Desire.
    Peter dialled Victor's number. It took long for him to answer the phone but he finally did.
    "Peter I am driving man. What is it?"
    "Where are you going?"
    "I am taking Amy to my father's house."
    "Turn back the car right now. Don't go at his house," said Peter shouting on the phone.
    "I can't hear you man. It must be the netwotk. I will call you later Peter," he hanged up.
    "Victor! Victor! Dammit!" shouted Peter.
    "What is it? Is he coming?" asked Kate holding Peter's hand.
    "He hanged up. He couldn't hear me. I think it's the network. I have to go," said Peter grabbing his car keys on the table.
    "Where are you going son?" asked Desire.
    "At Josh's house."
    "I am going with you," said Belindah.
    "Me too," said Kate.
    "Me three," said Desire.
    "No we can't go altogether."
    Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
    "Expecting someone dad?" asked Peter.
    "No! Are you?"
    Peter attended the knock after Belindah went to hide in her room. Upon opening the door, it was Sam who stood at the door.
    "Hello, sir. I am looking for a job," said Sam.
    After Belindah recognised his voice. She came out of the room.
    "Uncle Sam!" she exclaimed running towards him and gave him a hug.
    "Madam Belindah," said Sam, faking a smile.
    "I missed you Uncle Sam," said Belindah excitedly
    "Me too Belindah. Me too," said Sam smilingly

    CHAPTER 25

    The two sat down beside each other.
    "I heard what happened to you madam and I am very sorry about your friend," said Sam.
    "Thank you, Uncle Sam. I haven't been to my house for such a long time now. Is that why you left and you looking for another job?"
    Sam had forgotten about that part. Since now Amy was the owner of the house which Belindah obviously didn't know about it.
    "Since you were arrested we had to move out with my wife. I am sorry I couldn't take care of your house. Now I am desperately in need of a job. My wife is not well," said Sam dropping a tear.
    "It's okay Uncle Sam. I am sure Peter can help you. Right Peter?" said Belindah, her eyes on Peter.
    "Yes, I will help you."
    "Thank you very much, sir. God bless you," said Sam on his knees.
    "No it's okay. We have to go somewhere with my father. The ladies will take good care of you.," said Peter.
    Kate got close to were Sam was sitting. She looked at him.
    "Sir! Have we met before?" she asked her eyes on him.
    "I don't think so madam," responded Sam.
    "I am sorry you look like somebody that I once met. Let me go and prepare you something to eat," said Kate.
    "Alright so I am going with dad. Make sure to keep the door locked," said Peter walking to the door.
    "Peter!" called out Belindah, getting up.
    She walked to Peter and hugged him.
    "Be careful!"
    "I will. Thanks. I will be back soon. I promise."
    They walked out of the house, got into the car and drove off.
    Peter drove the car in silent while his father sat beside him his eyes on the road. He didn't know what to say to his son after what happened earlier on at his house.
    "You could have told me the truth," he finally spoke. "I understand why you did all of that. You were trying to protect me. I was not going to hate you. I love you dad."
    " I am very sorry for keeping such secret away from you. I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive us," said Desire.
    "I forgive you dad. After all you my old man. Let's just end this story once and for all.  So many lives are in danger right now," said Peter looking at his dad. "What is it dad? Are you hiding something from me?" asked Peter
    Desire was thinking about Sam all along.
    "The man we left at our house. I have just remembered that he is the one I saw with the chief," said Desire.
    Peter stopped the car.
    "What are you saying?"
    "I don't trust him. There is something weird about him. I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen back at the house."
    "What should we do?" asked Peter.
    "You should go back at the house. I will continue with the journey to Josh's house," said Desire.
    "Are you sure dad?"
    "Yes, I am."
    "Okay. Here are the car keys. I will just take a taxi from here. Be careful dad, " said Peter stepping out of the car.
    "I will!" responded Desire loudly.
    Desire drove off the car to Josh's house while Peter took a taxi back at his house.
    Kate sat in the kitchen staring at Sam who ate his food in the loudge. She stood up from the chair and called Belindah. They went in Belindah's room. She closed the door and sat on the bed beside her.
    "Auntie! What is it?"
    "I remember where I saw that man. He came to my house few weeks ago to see my husband," whispered Kate.
    "You mean Uncle Sam," said Belindah loudly.
    "Shhh keep your voice down."
    "Was he looking for a job?"
    "No! He was dressed in a suit. I think Josh sent him to kill me," said Kate nervously.
    "Uncle Sam is not a criminal like your husband. I have known him for years now. He is a good man," said Belindah.
    She refused to believe what Kate was saying. It was all a lie to her. Having stayed with Sam for such a long time. She knew he was a very hard working man and not a criminal.
    "No no Uncle Sam is not like that," she said getting up.
    "I know you don't believe me right now. But I have feeling that something bad is going to happen."
    "Madam Belindah!" called out  Sam from the kitchen.
    "That's him," whispered Kate.
    "I am going to ask him," said Belindah walking to the door.
    Kate quickly grabbed her hand.
    "Are you crazy? You don't need to ask him that. Once we do that we both dead. Go and act as if everything is okay. I didn't say anything to you," said Kate.
    Belindah walked out of the room and went to the kitchen where Sam stood.
    "Uncle Sam," she said.
    "I was wondering where you had gone," said Sam.
    He was about to take something out from his pocket when Kate hit him on the head.
    "What have you done?!" shouted Belindah.
    Sam was down on the floor.
    "I have just saved both our lives," said Kater searching Sam's pockets. "You see? Isn't this a gun. I told you my husband sent him. Come quick help me tie him on the chair," said Kate.
    "I can't do that," said Belindah.
    "Then I will just go and leave him with you. Let's tie him up before he wakes up. Don't just stand there like a statue," said Kate.
    They tied him and Kate took his gun. After few minutes she took a cup of water and poured it on his face. Kate sat facing him holding his gun. He opened his eyes.

    CHAPTER 26

    "Aha wassup," said Kate sitting legs apart. "You surprised I have your gun. Surprise surprise. Isn't this awesome? You tied on the chair and the queen is now in charge, " she winked at him.
    "Madam Belindah!" called out Sam. "Please help me!"
    "Auntie, let him go," said Belindah.
    Kate looked at her and ignored. She got up from the chair and took the hot water which was boling on the stove. She poured it on Sam's hand. Sam screamed in pain.
    "What is wrong with you? You have burned him!" shouted Belindah holding Sam's hand.
    She wanted to untie him when Kate pointed a gun at her.
    "What are you doing?"
    "You don't listen at all. I am sorry I have to do this."
    She hit Belindah on the head using the gun. Belindah fell down.
    "You very brave Kate," said Sam while Kate sat Belindah on the chair and tied her.
    "I lived with a gangster for years. He made me brave everytime he beat me up. Now it's just you and me. We are going to talk in the bathroom," she said with a smile.
    "What what are you saying?"
    "We going to play in the bathroom. I am going to untie your legs but not your hands. We going to walk to the bathroom. If you try anything funny. I will blow your brains out. Are we together?" she whispered in his ears.
    She untied his legs and walked with him to the bathroom. They got to the bathroom. She made him sit on the floor.
    "You know my dad was once a detective but not just any detective. He used to torture people everytime in his garage. I watched him do it," she went on. "I could have killed Josh long time back ago but I am not a murderer for now. I might just kill you," she smiled.
    "You can't kill Kate. You will never be like Josh. He is the man. He runs the world."
    "I will show you that we ladies run the world," said Kate pissed off.
    She made him stand up and slammed his hand in between a door.
    "You think I was weak. I got the power."
    She pushed him and filled the bathtub wirh water. She submerged his head in it for periods of time, ranging from 2 to 5 minutes.
    "Did Josh sent you to kill me?" she asked loudly.
    "No!" responded Sam.
    "Wrong answer!"
    She walked to the kitchen and took a power saw. She went back to the bathroom.
    "I will cut off your fingers if you don't tell the truth," she said.
    Suddenly Peter opened the door.
    "Kate! What is happening here?"
    "This man is not who you think he is. He is working for Josh. He came to kill me."
    "I didn't come for you, woman. I came to kill him and his father. And that stupid girl Belindah," he blurted.
    They both looked at him. He had just confessed everything to them. Something they didn't know about.
    "Get up old man," said Peter holding him.
    They walked with him to the loudge. He sat down.
    "Who sent you to kill me?" asked Peter.
    "He is not going to say anything. He is not even scared. Look at him. Let's just kil..."
    "Shut up Kate!" shouted Peter.
     "Since when have you become a detective?"
    She kept quiet and sat down on the sofa. She wanted to punch him. All the anger she had for Josh. She wanted Sam to feel the pain. Belindah was still unconscious when Kate got up. Fetched a glass of water and poured it on her face. She woke up with a fright.
    "Relax. It's just water," said Kate sitting beside her.
    "How long have I been asleep?" asked Belindah.
    Kate rolled her eyes and ignored her.
    "Peter! You back! Why is he still tied on the chair?" asked Belindah.
    "He was sent to kill you, me and my dad," said Peter.
    "What! What is he talking about Uncle Sam?"
    "I don't know what he is talking about," lied Sam.
    Peter got him up from the chair. He punched him on the face.
    "I hate liars!"
    "Peter! Stop it!" shouted Belindah.
    She held Peter. Kate got up and pushed her aside.
    "What is wrong with you Belindah? Are you some kind of an Angel? This man ain't no saint. He is working with my husband. He told us earlier in the bathroom that he is here to kill you. Why are you so dumb?" said Kate angrily.
    Peter took his belt and started beating Sam all over his body. He stopped when Sam's phone rang. He took Sam's phone and it was Josh.
    "Answer him and if you dare tell him that I have you. I am going to shoot you. I will put it on loud speaker," said Peter.
    He answered it and put it on loud speaker.
    "Hello Boss!" said Sam with a low voice.
    "Sam! Did you kill them?"
    He kept quiet for a while. He looked at Peter who pointed his gun at him.
    "Yes, Boss. They all dead."
    "Okay man. Good job. I have your daughter Amy here and Victor. She did a great job by persuading my son to come and see me. I just need to kill them both," said Josh.
    "What! That wasn't the deal. You will not dare touch my daughter Josh," shouted Sam.
    "What the hell...Desire! What are you doing in my house," said Josh on the phone as he saw him standing at the door in room.
    "Brother. We meet again," said Desire.
    Suddenly gunshots were heard before Josh hanged up his phone.
    "No no no. That was my dad," said Peter. "Let's go to Josh's house. Kate go start my father's car. It's in the garage," said Peter.

    CHAPTER 27

    "Did you just shoot my body guard?!" shouted Josh.
    "He was going to shoot me. Guess I still have the guts to shoot someone."
    He smiled. A smiled that pissed of Josh.
    "How did you get inside?"
    "You still disrespecting Josh. You haven't even offered me something to drink or I to take a sit. A glass of whiskey please," he said sitting on his chair. "I really don't like being in your bed room. Can we go to your study room," said Desire.
    He rose from the chair and led the way while Josh followed behind him. They walked to his study room and got inside. Josh sat down but Desire stood. He stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows in the study room. He surveyed the view of the garden, recalling all he had discovered about Victor being his son. A situation that had put his loved ones in danger.
    "Where is my son?"
    Behind him he heard Josh intake of breath and knew he had touched a nerve. A stab of anger shot through him as he thought about the day his father died.
    "Is that why you here? Are you not ashamed of yourself?"
    His voice had a slightly husky quality to it, which threatened to undo his control, so he remained focused on the view of the garden a moment longer.
    Finally he turned to face him, strode across the thick carpet until he stood in front of him.
    "You took the woman that I loved away from me. Kate was mine. But what did you do? You betrayed your own brother," said Peter.
    "You are not my brother! I hate you Josh. You stopped being my brother when you sent me to jail."
    "You will not raise your voice at me. You killed our father and did you really think I was going to let you walk away freely," said Desire banging his fist on the table.
    "He deserved to die. I don't regret killing him. I was never his son. He love you more than me. Was is it because I was a gangster of a son?" said Josh dropping a tear.
    "You know that is not true. Dad loved us equally. He cared for you but you were too blind to see. He wanted what was best for you but you chose to be a gangster," said Desire.
    "Shut the hell up, Desire! You know nothing about me. I suffered in jail. Neither did you or mum came to visit me When I was all alone in that dark place you call a prison. Don't pretend as if you cared about me," he said sitting up.
    He walked around the room, his hands on his waist.
    "I wanted dad to support me like he did to you. But No he never had time for me. I felt all alone," he sighed and went on. "If I knew that Victor was your son. I would have killed him. You never going to see him again," he said with a laugh.
    "You bastard!" shouted Desire.
    He held Josh's collar. He was about to punch him on his face when she shot him on the chest. He felt down on the floor.
    "What took you so long?" asked Josh taking the gun away from her.
    "Where is Victor?"
    "He is in the garage. I knocked him down," she said.
    "Come here my sweetheart," he said pulling her closely to his chest.
    He tasted wild and untamed. She sighed, making him deepen the kiss, and he began to invade every cell of her body with a heady desire she had never known before. He broke the kiss.
    "Do you have the fake passports?" he asked
    "Yes, babe. We are leaving tonight."
    "Don't you want to say goodbye to your father. I told him I was going to kill you," he said with a laugh as they packed thousands of dollars in a suitcase.
    "I hate him after you told me that he killed my mother. I want him dead, babe. Kill him," she said angrily.
    "Are you sure Amy? He is your father after all. He didn't know you were working for me," said Josh.
    "No! He is not my father anymore. Lets be fast. What the f...," exclaimed Amy as she turned and couldn't see Desire's body. "Where is the body?"
    "What body? My brother. Did he just woke up from the dead?" said Josh with a hint of confusion in his voice.
    "But I shot him," saidAmy
    "Let's just get out of here," said Josh.
    They finished packing and was about to walk out of the house. When Josh's phone rang. He answered.
    "Peter! What can I do for you?"
    "Josh! I am coming for you. If you did something to my father. I swear I am going to kill you," shouted Peter on the phone.
    Suddenly Amy was hit on the head while Josh was busy talking on the phone.
    "Hello!" she greeted with a smile.
    "You!" exclaimed Josh dropping his phone on the floor.
    "Yes, me. So this is your mistress. She looks young. Are you surprised to see me?" she asked with a smile.
    "Let's go and take a sit, my dear husband," she said. "Peter! Come out!" she called out.
    Victor came out with Belindah, Sam in handcuffs.
    "Now my name is Kate. Your wife. You used to beat me up. Now it's my turn."
    She kicked him in the genitals.
    "Where is my son? You bastard!" shouted Kate.
    "Stop Kate!" shouted Desire holding Victor's hand.
    "Victor!" she ran towards him and hugged him.
    Josh saw this as an opportunity to flee. He took his car keys and walked slowly to the door until he was out.
    "Josh!" shouted Desire as he followed him but he had already drove off.

    CHAPTER 28

    "Dammit!" shouted Desire. "He is gone," he said sitting on the chair.
    "Calm down, dad. He won't go anywhere and I know where to find the answers," said Peter staring at Amy who had just woken up.
    Victor sat beside his mother and Sam was sitting on the floor still handcuffed.
    "I can't believe you were working with Josh. You betrayed me Amy," said Sam loudly when every one was silent.
    Amy looked at his father and she hated him. She burst out laugh.
    "Betray you? You are a sick old man," she said angrily.
    "Don't talk to me like that. I am your father," shouted Sam.
    "You are not my father. Bastard! That is what you are. How can you kill your own wife? What are you going to do? You in handcuffs," she said as Sam tried to get up.
    Victor stood up and walked were Amy sitted. He stood in front of her with tears in his eyes.
    "Where you sleeping with my father? Did you love me?" he asked.
    "I loved you my sweet heart. I even killed someone just so you and I can be together," said Amy with a smile on her face.
    They all paid attention to her.
    "You did what?" said Victor.
    "Her friend," she gazed at Belindah. "I killed her and your secretary. I wanted to kill Belindah but I guess I was responsible for her miscarriage," she laughed.
    Belindah got up, walked to were Amy was sitting and slapped her.
    "Finally!" blurted Kate, clapping her hands.
    "How can you be so cruel? Why Amy? After treating you like my own sister. You pay me back by making my life a living hell. I even gave you a job and bought you a car. Was I not kind to you?"
    "You mean my house. It's now my house. You bitch! You are very dumb, Belindah. Too much of an angel. Letting people take advantage of your kindness. You signed everything you own in my name. Remember?" she said with a smile.
    Belindah remembered everything now after Amy spoke about signing some papers.
    "You drugged me the night Elizabeth was killed. You took my phone and went to her house and killed her. You murderer!" she shouted with anger.
    "Now you talking cousy. Daddy dear! Should we tell our angel what happened to her parents?" said Amy her eyes on Sam.
    "Shut up Amy!" shouted Sam trying to get up.
    She laughed.
    "Angel Belindah. You my cousin sister. Uncle Sam, your gateman killed your parents. He is responsible for their death," said Amy with confidence. "Tell them daddy that you killed the chief. You killed my mother, daddy," she said dropping a tear.
    "What!" said Belindah.
    She could not believe everything that was being said. Sam had been like a father to her.
    "Is it true Uncle Sam? Did you kill my parents? Is Amy my cousin sister?" she asked getting close to Sam.
    Sam looked at Belindah.
    "It's true. I killed your parents. Amy is your cousin sister. I felt hatred towards my brother when dad gave him the company. He did not give me anything at all. He had a good life and I was struggling. He refused to help me when Amy felt sick. It made me hate him more. You were at school when I killed them but because you were young you didn't understand about their death," said Sam facing down.
    Her heart started pounding really fast. She could not breath. She felt dizzy and fell to the floor. Her eyes opened.
    "Whats happening to her?!" shouted Victor.
    "She is having a panic attack. Quickly, Peter help me get her in the car," said Kate.
    "What about these two?" asked Victor.
    "I will take care of them. Dad go with Kate," said Peter.
    "Victor, call the cops. I have got everything in the record. And Victor we might need to talk later," said Peter.
    Belindah was put in the car. Kate sat with her at the back. Her head on her lap while Desire drove the car.
    "Poor kid. You going to be alright," she said silently.
    She was unconcious. Desire drove in high speed to the hospital. He didn't want to lose his daughter-in law.
    "If anything happens to Belindah. I will kill you with my own bare hands," shouted Victor.
    "Oh please! It's not like you loved her. You fool. You cheated on her with me. She doesn't deserve to be with you. You deserve to be with me. Remember your words,'we have the same thing in common'. Anyway what makes you think Belindah will accept you back after what you did to her? Huh! Keep on dreaming," said Amy and rolled her eyes.
    Victor clenched his fist and wanted to punch her but Peter stopped him.
    "The police are here," he said. "Take these two to the station. I am behind you will have to interrogate the girl. One of them ran away. He is very dangerous. His name is Josh Moyo. We need to find him as soon as possible. I will give you his picture send it to every station in the country. At the airport as well. We should not let him leave the country," ordered Peter.
    "We are on it detective," said one of them.
    "Good!" responded Peter. "Victor, Let's go to my car. We need you to make a statement at the police station."
    "Sure man. As long as these two are locked away," he said walking behind Peter as they headed to the car.
    They got into the car and drove off to the station.

    CHAPTER 29

    Peter sat facing Amy in the interrogation room.
    "Can I have a glass of water, Peter?. I am thirsty," she said firmly, not missing the quick of his dark brows.
    Peter gave him a bottle of water without saying a word. She took it down and took a deep breath.
    "Thank you, Peter!"
    Peter moved at the window and turned to face her.
    "Where is Josh?" he asked hands in his pocket
    "That's not how you can get answers from a lady, Peter. Didn't chief teach you some manners before he died."
    She tried to keep her voice steady and devoid of emotion. She took a deep breath and looked directly into his eyes. She didn't want to show any nerves or fear. He didn't say a word, waiting for her to continue. His silence unnerved her, but she had to stay strong, remain focused.
    Quickly she pressed on.
    "Let's make a deal."
    "What deal?"
    "You get me out of here and before we leave. I will make a phone call to Josh. He hasn't left the country yet. I know that because in that bag they were no passports. Some stupid, boring books for primary kids. I outsmarted him," she said smilingly.
    It was the last thing Peter had expected to hear but he needed to find Josh.
    "Fine! I will let you go after you take me where Josh is. If you trying to play me. I won't hesitate to shoot you. We are going to call him using your phone. I will put it on loud speaker," he said looking steadily at her.
    He went out of the room and headed to his office. He took Amy's phone and went back to the interrogation room.
    "I have got the phone now. I am dialling his number," said Peter as he got close to Amy.
    "Cool, detective."
    He dialled Josh's number and put the phone on loud speaker. It ranged and he answered.
    "Amy!" he shouted. "You played me. Where are the passports? I have been trying  to call you for hours now. Listen young girl. I will not fa..."
    "Calm down Josh," she cut him off. "The police had me but I managed to escape. I have got the passports with me. Where are you?" said Amy.
    "I am at the hotel were we used to me. Get here as soon as possible. Make sure no one is following you," said Josh.
    "Alright, I will see you in just  few minutes."
    He hanged up.
    "I know where he is but remember our deal. I give you Josh. You help me leave the country."
    "Deal!" said Peter
    "I trust you detective. We may leave now," said Amy sitting up.
    They were about to walk to the door when Belindah barged in the room with Victor.
    "I tried stopping her, Peter but she didn't listen to me," said Victor.
    "I want to talk to my cousin sister for few minutes," said Belindah, her eyes on Amy.
    Peter looked at Amy.
    "What? I won't kill her. Don't worry about me. She is safe. I just want to be far away from her," she said with a smile.
    "Be careful Amy," said Peter.
    The two brothers walked out of the room. Amy sat down opposite Belindah. They kept quiet for a while staring at each other.
    "Did she cry and begged you to stop when you killed her?"
    "Nope! She was quiet because I had her tied up. She didn't make any sound because had put a cloth on her mouth."
    "Why did you kill her? What did I do to you?"
    "Nothing. It's just she found out that Victor and I were dating and I didn't like it when she spied on us," she said softly.
    "Ask for forgiveness from God. What is about to happen to you is bad. I feel pity for you Amy," she said sitting up. "Goodbye!"
    She went out of the room and started crying. She couldn't hold the pain any longer. Being betrayed and hurt by her own cousin sister. Peter hugged her and she cried hysterically in his arms.
    After few minutes later Peter drove Amy to the hotel with some of the police officers.
    "I will wait outside the room. You go inside. Don't let him suspect anything," whispered Peter as they stood outside the door of the room where Josh was hiding.
    Amy nodded. She knocked on the door and Josh opened it. She let him inside and forgot to lock the door.
    "Where are the passports?" he asked as Amy walked to the bed.
    She sat down.
    "In the car. Ain't we going to get naughty before we leave, daddy Josh."
    "This is no time to play games Amy," he said looking outside the window and saw  police officers standing outside. "You lying to me. There are no passports. You betrayed me!" said Josh angrily getting close to her.
    He started strangling her.
    "Stop it!" she shouted pushing him.
    Suddenly Josh took his gun out of his pocket and shot her on the head. At that moment Peter burged in the room but Amy was already dead.
    "Drop the gun Josh. There is no way out!" shouted Peter.
    Josh was hiding thinking of a way to escape. He had run out of bullets.
    "I don't want to go back to that place you call a prison. Never!" he shouted.
    "Surrender yourself Josh. Game over," said Peter getting close to him.
    Suddenly Josh got up and threw himself outside the window. People screamed as he landed on the ground. Peter ran down the stairs but upon arrival. Josh had taken his last breath.
    "He is dead!" confirmed Peter after checking his pulse.

    CHAPTER 30 (final)

    Peter went back to the station still shocked that Josh threw himself off the window. He reached at the station and parkerd his car. As he got inside the offices everyone clapped their hands. He was surprised at the same time couldn't help himself feeling like a hero who just saved the day.
    "Congratulation, Detective. You did a great job," said Robert, one of the detectives.
    "Thank you very much family. I really appreciate. My special thanks to some of you that helped me with the case," he went on. "I wish chief was here but wherever he is. I know he is proud of you all. Thank you once again," he said heading to his office.
    He sat on his chair and took a deep breath.
    "Belindah!" called out Victor as she walked out of the hospital.
    She stopped and turned back to face him.
    "Can we sit down? I will take you back to your house," said Victor softly.
    "Okay!" responded Belindah with a low voice.
    She had heard the news of Amy's death by Victor.
    They sat down on the bench outside the hospital. Victor took Belindah's hand and put it on his chest.
    "What are you doing?" she asked
    "I want you to hear my heart beat. I am so sorry Belindah for the way I treated you. I treated you badly and you didn't deserve it all," he paused. "I want you back Belindah. I promise to treat you like a queen."
    She wiped a tear that had escaped her eyes before turning to face him.
    "It doesn't work like that Victor. I loved you very much but you treated me like I was nothing to you. Forgive you? Yes I can forgive you but I am not getting back with you."
    "Belindah, please. I know I did you wrong and I deserve to be punished. I now realise how much you mean to me. I will never find someone like you. All I want is you Belindah. I am begging you. Come back to me," he begged on his knees.
    "I am sorry. I can't," she said sitting up. "You were supposed to be my superman. You were suppose to protect me but No. Love is being with your partner through all ups and downs," she sniffed. "My heart is broken right now. I feel incapable of shaking off the past and moving forward."
    "Belindah. I would really like to say I am sorry for everything I have put you through. I made you cry. I love you with all my heart. I did not mean to hurt you in any way. I am sorry for the times I hurt you, for the times I lied to you, and for every other reasons you are angry at me, " said Victor in tears.
    "No! I am sorry but I am not coming back to you. I have given up on you. Goodbye, Victor," she said walking away.
    Victor tried running after her but she had made it clear that she didn't want anything to do with him. She took a taxi and it drove her at her house.
    At the office Peter sat on his chair. He heard a knock at his door and responded.
    "Come in!"
    "I can see you now the chief," he said.
    He got up and gave him a hug.
    "Take a sit," he offered him. "Where did you leave the Kate woman?"
    Desire laughed.
    "She is your mother!"
    "I know and very clever. I called Victor. He needs to know the truth," said Peter.
    "You are right. He does need to know."
    After few minutes Victor arrived at the station.
    "Why do you look so sad?" asked Peter as he walked in the office.
    "Long story man. Why am I here? I heard about Josh," said Victor taking a seat.
    Desire told him the truth. Everything that happened way back and that Josh was not his father.
    "Somehow I felt that Josh was not my dad. We did not have that kind of bond although he gave me everything. I knew he was not my father," said Victor after hearing the story.
    "I just found out that you my son from Kate. I knew nothing about it. I am so sorry son," said Desire.
    "No, dad. You really don't need to apologise. That means, he is my big bro," he said looking at Peter who sat on his chair smiling.
    "Yes, I am your big bro. Meaning starting from today. You should listen to what I say," said Peter walking towards Victor.
    Victor got up and the three hugged each other.
    "I lost Belindah man. I messed up big time. I hurt her in a way I can't probably imagine. I wanted to hold her in my arms and never let her go. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am so stupid man," said Victor late that night.
    The two were watching soccer at Peter's house.
    "Don't stress man. You hurt her. She loved you a lot. You need to let her go. She has been through a lot. I still can't believe that Kate went to sleep over at her house. The two are getting along very well," said Peter sipping beer. "My team is losing the match. What is wrong with Ronaldo!"
    "Remember If You lose. You giving me my 200 bucks," said Victor touching his shoulders.
    Suddenly Desire came in the loudge and stood in front of the two boys.
    "Dad!" they shouted at the same time. "Get out of the way," said Victor.
    He didn't move. They threw a cushion at him. He grabbed the remote and switched off the television. The two got up and started chasing him running around the house.

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