Story: Campus Boys

    Episode 1

    (A story written by Akpan Loveth)
    Everyone on campus knew that Anita and Tony were lovers,they have been dating for two years and they already agreed to get married after their school but something came up one day.Anita phoned Tony and asked him to meet him immediately.
    Tony:Baby what happened,why the urgent call?do u know u scared the hell out of me?
    Anita:sorry if I did but this is really important.
    Tony:talk to me sweety,am all hears
    Anita:actually…….i think am pregnant.
    Tony:(opens his eyes wide)what did u say?
    Anita:you heard me,the test result says am four weeks pregnant.
    Tony:what???how,why and who’s responsible?
    Anita:What sought of question is that?you and i know fully well that you’re the one who disflowered me and i haven’t been cheating on u,so the answer to your question is that u are responsible.
    Tony:em…..em…..em u see……..hope u haven’t told anyone?
    Tony:good,dont worry we’ll solve it ok.I’ll jx look for a way
    Anita:if u say so.
    Tony departed in fears,he has always dreamt of being a medical doctor,so what happens now?He was still depending on his parents and at the same time cannot accept Anita’s pregnancy because he knew what that will cost him.He was confused,so he decided to seek advice from his roommates,Meshach and Israel.

    Episode 2

    His friends noticed that he was not himself so they started bombarding him with questions
    Meshach:guy wetin happen na?why u come de waka up and down like person when don enter gbege?
    Israel:Tell us the matter,na who be the girl when break your heart?
    Tony:Its even more serious than u think guys,am confused and I don’t know what to do.
    Meshach:Oya tell us na,wetin happen?
    Tony:(breaths out)hmmm actually…..Anita is pregnant,and she’s claiming that am responsible.You guys know the kind of family i come,my parents will never accept her,and it will be a big blow to them if they eventually find out that she’s telling the truth.
    Meshach:(bust into laughter)So that’s why you’re pacing up and down?You never seize to amaze me,come on dude.You are matured enough to have a solution to that
    Meshach:oh come off that,she better terminates it,no one is ready to fall a victim of bad circumstances.For crying out loud,Anita is not a kid..
    Tony:Abortion??trust me,Anita will never agree to that
    Meshach:Then its eventually becomes her problem not yours.
    Israel:Wait guys,am lost.Did u jx say she should kill the baby?
    Meshach:That’s not killing,she’s only terminating it.And besides its jx this ones,it doesn’t kill.Others are doing it
    Israel:The poor baby doesn’t deserve it for Christ sake.Listen to me Tony,you will have to convince your parents because to me am not in support of that aborting issue,count me out(raising up his hands)
    Tony:My problem here is that Anita will never agree,we vowed never to remove any
    Meshach:Use your head young man,if she doesn’t agree,then she’s on her own.Afterall she’s not the only girl on campus,nobody gets hurt,as a matter of fact my own girlfriend was pregnant and as usual,it was terminated.Now look at us,we’re still together and having a wonderful time.Trust me that’s the least advice I can give to u,period(he said and jumped into his bed)
    Israel:No this is so unfair,why will you get her pregnant when you know you were not ready to start a family?Its jx not right.Tony,dont do anything that will hurt the poor girl,please I beg you.
    Tony:(places his hand on his head in confusion)Am finished.
    Anita was happy that finally Tony was gonna give a solution,she sat down at the cafeteria,waiting for him to come as he has already told her to wait there.Anita smiled as she saw her love approaching.
    Anita:hi baby
    Tony:(stares at her in disgust)am ok,well I’ve come to a conclusion and its very simple
    Tony:you will abort the baby
    Anita:What??(she shouted and some people at the cafeteria turned to their direction.
    Tony:Hey relax,you’re drawing the attention of people.And they are staring at us
    Anita:Dont tell me that’s the conclusion
    Tony:of course it is,we’re still studying and i can’t bear the responsibility all alone,am still dependent.
    Anita:(opens her mouth wide)No,no no you can’t do this to me.We vowed never to remove any,and now you’re telling me to do so?
    Tony:Anita you have no choice,I am not begging you,think about it
    Anita:(tears began to roll down her cheeks)I can’t Tony please
    Tony:Then you’re on your own because am not ready to start a family and nothing can bring me down(he said and walked away)
    Anita:No….baby you can’t do this to me,please…….
    Anita ran after Tony was couldn’t get to him,he tried calling his lines severally but Tony refused to pick his calls.All her effort were to no avail.She couldn’t keep it to herself anymore,so she told her mum,who was her only hope since her father died.Her mother was totally disappointed in her
    Anita:mum am sorry(crying bitterly)am sorry……i never meant to disgrace you.
    Mum:Anita…..i trained you in a very good way,but its like you changed into a beast immediately you stepped your feet into the university.You started running after men,that was when you said if not Tony then no body else.You agreed to be fooled just because of Tony,now look……he has disgraced you.You are now nothing to him
    Anita;Mum am sorry(still crying)please dont turn your back on me,you’re my only hope please mum……please(kneeling down in front of her mum)
    Mum:ehhhhhhh(breaths out)no matter how angry i am,i can’t turn my back on you.You will keep the baby,my grandchildren,even if it means dropping out of school(she managed to say)
    Anita:thank you…..mum thank you
    Mum:We must call a meeting between the two families to hear what they have to say.
    Anita:ok mum thank you.
    Now what happens to the relationship Anita and Tony shared?Find out

    Episode 3

    The two families assembled together just to sought out the confusion.Since Anita’s father was late,her uncle represented her father in the meeting.
    Uncle:I greet u all,an adage says a child who says his mother will not sleep that child too will not sleep.We all are aware that this two children(pointing at Anita and Tony)had something together,infact lets be plain,they were in a relationship.But what we dont know is how and when they started doing secret things which resulted to her pregnancy.That’s not even the issue ooo but the problem here is that Tony is rejecting the pregnancy.And i know my daughter has not been seeing any other man apart from Tony.So we have all come together to sought out this problem at hand(he concluded and sat down) dad:Hmm… have spoken well.Emmm Tony…..
    Tony:yes dad
    Dad:you’ve heard what he just said,I dont need long explanation.All I want from u is a yes or a no.Are u responsible for Anita’s pregnancy?
    Tony:Dad am not responsible(he said boldly)
    Anita:Ehhhh,Tony my God will judge u.I never expected this from you(she said while crying)
    Tony:Me abi???You’re not even ashamed of yourself Anita,oya tell them am i the only person you’ve been sleeping with on campus
    dad:Keep quiet.So since she’s pregnant,who is responsible??
    Tony:dad,let me be sincere.We were actually dating,but suddenly Anita changed,her set of friends were nothing to write home about.She was no longer the girl i once loved,so i quickly withdrew.And its been long we separated,i dont know if she told u.She was sleeping around with men,i just couldn’t take it any longer,so we went our separate ways and that’s it dad
    Anita’s mum:You lie,my child is not like that,i know what she can do and what she can’t do.You are a liar young man
    Tony’s mum:(stood up)dont you dare yell at my son.Your daughter is nothing but a b---h,a cheap one at that.You think i dont know your plan?but trust me it has failed.You people cannot lure my son into accepting what is not his.
    dad:Calm down women….enough of the argument pls
    uncle:Young man,i hope you’re aware of the consequences of what you are doing??Because according to our tradition,a man who rejects a child right from when the child is in the womb,has no right to the child in the future.
    Tony:I know all that,but sir this baby is not mine i swear
    uncle:No problem since you know and its stamp already.No matter what happens in the future,this child is not yours since you accepted.Lets go(he stood up)
    Anita:(With tears turning down her cheeks)I promise you this Tony,you will regret every of your actions.I’ll keep my baby,I’ll carry all the responsibility alone.I’ll bring her up in the fear of the Lord and one day she will also say it to your face that she knows you not.You will never have peace of mind,mark my words(she concluded and ran outside)
    Anita’s mum:She has said it all good day
    Tony’s mum:Olosho……mother of a prostitute,disg
    raceful people.You think u can bring my son down abi?tufia…..(she left the scene as well)
    Tony is back in school,Meshach needed to know how it all went,
    Meshach:Guy how far??how did it go?
    Tony:(Frowns)I still don’t believe i did that to her.She must be very frustrated right now.I lied to everyone
    Meshach:That’s the best thing to do guy,trust me u did the right thing.So now you dont need to worry again ,just concentrate on your studies and I’ll introduce you to other sexy girls around ok??
    Meanwhile Israel was quiet not wanting to contribute to the whole issue
    Israel:You think God is happy with you abi??You will regret this thing one day,just watch(he left them behind)
    Meshach:Abeg nor mind that one he nor know anything jor,relax everything will be fine ok
    Tony:I trust you na(they discussed some other things before heading back home.
    Tell me what u see in Tony’s future??

    Episode 4

    On several occasion,Anita will always come back to beg him.Just for him to accept because the shame was now too much to bear.Tony always repeats the same word and annoying ones at that.
    Tony:Anita am done with u,what did i even see in you in the first place?The solution i gave to you was simple,just remove it you refused.Now i have no other choice.So Anita please back off,stop pestering my life.Read my lips young lady,you’re no longer my class,just take a good look at yourself,you look so wretched,age is really telling on u.Oh gosh..pls get out(thats just the only thing Tony could tell her)
    Tony really changed for the worst,meshach was now the one telling him what to do and what not to do.He changed girls just as he changes clothes.He went around lavishing all his parents money all in the name of flexing.Israel knew for sure that if he doesn’t disassociate from them,he might join so he quickly withdraw.They bribe lecturers just to pass Exams,they were known as the ‘don’.
    Three years later he managed to graduate and that’s when the real problem started.A graduate without a job.Maybe Anita’s curses were now working.He would wake up every day wearing suites,from one company to the other but all to no avail.One day as he was returning home from his usual job hunting,he was so frustrated,just then a car splashed water on him.
    Tony:Eeeeeeeeeee,its like this person is mad,how can he just splash water on me like that.God will punish you idiot,you think this thing you’re riding is a car abi??This is an ordinary carton…rubbish(you cam begin to imagine how frustrated he was)
    The car revised back and the person inside came down to apologize.Oh my…… am sorry,am so so sorry please,a feminine voice said as she was coming down from the car.
    Tony:You’re even more stupid than i thought,were you blind???did u not see………(he paused and took a closer look at her lady)Anita……..
    Anita:Tony……….what?what…….(she was astonished and then the hatred she had for him grew,she turned to leave)
    Tony:(Ran to her)Anita where is my child??
    Anita:(Yells at him)Get your dirty hands off me,how dare you?(she walked into her car and drove off)
    Tony:Anita please wait……..wait…wait(he said as he ran after the car)
    Getting home he was not himself,that was when he remembered he once got a woman pregnant.And all what they shared,all the promises they made to each other and the first night Anita confessed she was a a virgin.Men don’t cry but Tony cried,he wept like a baby.He called his friend Meshach,so they decided to meet.
    Meshach:You’re not yourself man,what is it??
    Tony:(still pacing up and down)I saw Anita,she has totally changed ,she now rides in one brand new Venza.I need to know where my child is,that’s what matters
    Meshach:What a huge success!But its all a waste,you shouldn’t have abandoned her
    Tony:(Stares at his friend with disbelieve)What did u just say?It was your advice that caused it,your advice kept me away from good people.Your advice turned me into a monster,a monster without a heart.Who knows??maybe that’s the reason why am still suffering with joblessness.
    Meshach:Enough if this nonsense young man,I have my own problems,and mine are worse.So don’t you dare raise your voice at me.You’re jobless so am i,I’ve lost everything,still suffering from a deadly disease and you’re here blabbing about nothing.Couldn’t u make decisions for yourself,you had all the time in the world to amend your mistakes but you didn’t and now you want to put the blame on me,You’re nothing but a looser(he concluded and walked out)
    Tony:I can’t believe this…….am doomed.
    It now dawned on him that he made a mistake but there was no going back,but he jx needed to find a way.But did Meshach just say deadly disease??what’s that suppssed to mean??
    One word for Meshach pls!!

    Episode 5

    Tony paid his parents a visit,when he knew he needed someone to talk to and his best friend was no longer there.
    Mum:My son,you’ve not been yourself since you came two days ago.What is happening to you??I’ve never seen u like this before and so therefore am confused,you can always talk to me.Tell me what is bothering you?
    Tony:(with red eyes)Have u been seeing Anita??
    Mum:Hmmmmm no…..but the news came that she already gave birth to a baby girl,that was two years back.Since then I’ve not heard anything about her or her mother.
    Tony:And nobody bothered to tell me that she has delivered??why??
    Mum;Of what use is it,when we already settled the issue.Everyone knows the baby is not yours,so why will I bother to you
    Tony:(scratches his head in confusion then he stool up)you see!that’s where the problem is coming from.The child is mine
    Mum:hahahaha,you are not serious,which baby is yours???The b-----d??Did Anita bewitch you?how can u say the child is yours?
    Tony:Mum,no need to hide it any longer.(he took a deep breath and continued)Everything was a mistake,I accept,I was responsible for her pregnancy but then i wasn’t ready to start a family.And i knew how you and dad would react if you find i had no other….
    Mum:(Cuts in)wait…….you mean,you were the one that got her pregnant?and u still had the guts to deny it even in our presence?Tony why??Even if u couldn’t tell anyone,i am always here to hear u out
    Tony;Mum….please don’t blame me,i followed a wrong friend and his advices.I dont even know where to start from…….
    Mum:Its of no use because Anita will not accept u back into her life.You have to move on
    Tony:Even if she doesn’t accept me,all i want is my child.Its like a part of me is missing.
    Mum:Its ok son…….we’ll try our best but you know the tradition
    It was on News paper that Jude will be getting married in a week time.Jude was a light complexioned guy,age 27.A famous guy at that,he was every woman’s dream.Girls will always go to his office to seduce him but he was never moved.Now he was getting married to the love of his life.
    Tony as usual continued his job hunting,buying news papers if at all there will be any on it.As he was going through the newspaper,something caught his attention.It was tagged’FAMOUS RICH MAN GETTING MARRIED’.He saw another one’OKAFOR JUDE GETTING MARRIED TO ANITA WILLIAM’.Tony stood up from where he was sitting,and placed his two hands on his head.He told his mother about it,and his mother advices him to attend the wedding and see if Anita will see reasons with him.Tony’s father was now aware that his son was lieing all this while,but he jx could not turn back the hands of time.Unfortunately for him,on the say of the wedding,he was thrown outside as that was Anita’s order.Two weeks after she got married,she went out with her husband.But was surprised to see Tony
    Tony:Anita please wait….i beg you,please(trying to go down on his knees)
    Anita:What sought of embarrassment is this Tony.You know how it goes,we’re done.Or can’t you remember?
    Tony:Please we need to talk…please..we really…..
    Jude:(Cuts in)Sweetheart,who’s he?And what is he talking about?
    Anita:He’s the heartless man i told you about
    Jude:Oooooo Tony right??Young man,do you know me??
    Jude:Do you know i can lock u up?I’ve heard about all your wicked deeds and congratulation for hurting her,congratulation for putting her in a family way and then abandon her.You are nothing but a looser,now get lost before i descend on you(he threatened and then held Anita’s hand to the car)(they entered and drove off)
    Tony:What will i do now??
    He went back and told his parents,but his mother told him to keep trying.Two days later,a call came in,he was asked to come to an interview.He was happy,you can begin to imagine how prayerful he was that night.The next morning he woke up early,prepared himself,said some prayers and proceeded to the company for the interview.He entered the office and saw the manger backing him,he greeted..
    Tony:Good morning sir
    The manager turned and the glass of wine he was holding fell from his hand.Guess who?
    Tony:Jesus!!!!!!sir……(his mouth was wide open)
    Sir:Tony……..what??(pointing at him)Where have you been all this while?
    Tony:My guy na long story……You’ve changed
    Israel:(Rushed to him and hugged him tight)Its been a long time…..please sit down
    Tony:Guy… you get this company?how manage
    Israel:You see… boss traveled and he left everything under my care till he comes back,he’s been away for more than 5months now
    Tony:Meaning say he trust you before he leave am give you
    Israel:You work hard to gain someone’s trust,Tony talk to me,what happened to you??this is not the Tony I knew back then
    Tony:Hmmm sir…
    Israel:(cuts in) spare me all of that,you know my name pls.
    Tony narrated the whole story to him and his present condition to him.
    Israel:I warned you but u didn’t listen.So what becomes of you now??Do you think there’s any need running after Anita for the child,your tradition is against that already
    Tony:I know but my God will make a way
    Israel:So how about Meshach??where is he now?
    Tony:I dont really know but something keeps telling me that Meshach has a bigger problem.Am still yet to find out.
    Israel:Na wah ooo,but all is well sha.
    They did the interview and Tony went back home sad.Seeing his friend reminded him of their school days and the wrong advice he once adhered to and then he started weeping,asking God for mercies.
    Anita was not comfortable with Tony’s disturbance,he decided to talk to her husband.
    Anita:Sweetheart,please wake up,we need to talk(trying to wake Jude)
    Jude:Oh…,can’t we just talk tomorrow,i want to sleep.
    Anita:Wake up please,if we don’t talk i won’t allow you to sleep(he teased him)
    Jude;Ok fine(sitting upright)Yes…what is it?
    Anita:Am no longer comfortable with the way Tony is disturbing me.We have to do something(she noticed Jude was not replying)Are u hearing me?
    Jude:Of course,so what do you suggest?
    Anita:I want Ella out of this country,she needs to be safe.I dont want to loose her.
    Jude:Is that all??
    Anita:Yes for now
    Jude:Done… can i sleep now??
    Anita:Sure,you’re such a sweetheart,thanks for being there for me
    Jude:All thanks to Tony for abandoning you,if not I wouldn’t have such a wonderful damsel as a wife.I love you
    Anita:(smiles)I love you too
    They slept off

    Episode 6

    Its been two weeks since Tony visited Israel in the office but there was no call from him yet.Tony was really troubled,so he decided to meet him again
    Tony:Guy how come I nor come hear from u again na?I don wait for your call tire
    Israel;Sorry about that but Tony lets be sincere with ourselves,u failed the interview and giving the job when i know u are not capable of handling office issues is complicated.It can affect the future of this company,and i can’t let that happen
    Israel:Am sorry i can’t offer u the job………..but there’s an American that needs a driver.I’ll try and reach him later
    Tony:Hmm ok(he stood up and left)
    Tony was disappointed,he jx began to ponder on the good advices he received from Israel but he never listened to then.He knew very well that he was able to graduate due to the countless numbers of bribing he did,so he just couldn’t blame Israel for anything.He was now employed as the white’s man driver,his salary was good as well.
    He kept Pestering Anita for the child,but one thing that baffles him was that Anita was not seen with the child.He went to Anita’s house severely but there was no sign of a child living with her,what could have happened?He started asking himself question,could it be that Anita sold the child?or better still dumped the baby in the motherless babies home.He promised himself that this time around,he wasn’t going to take it easy with anybody not even Anita.So if its to collect the child with violence or intimidation,he will gladly do it.He badges into Anita’s compound even without the gate man noticing it,at that time Jude has gone to work already.
    Tony:Anita……..anita……anita…..where are u
    Anita:(Sighted him from upstairs and then she came down)What the hell are u doing here?and who allowed u in?Musa…..musa(he called the gatekeeper who was sleeping)
    Musa:Ma…..sir…….ma(he ran ran to her with speed,only to receive a hot slap)
    Anita:Who told you to allow this thing into this compound?
    Musa:Madam…..i nor know when he take enter ooo,(faces Tony)oga…how u take enter my oga madam compound
    Anita:Will u get out
    musa quickly left and was watching them exchange words through the window
    Tony:Where is my child??
    Anita:Oh i see!!You don’t want to give up right?I should have known early that u came to for that.Now listen and listen real good,i don’t have your time ok?
    Tony:Dont think i came here because of u,you are a past tense in my life.I came because of my child,now where is she?
    Anita;I see,why that face??u think u can scare me that face?Oh please stop it because it doesn’t suit you.
    Tony:Where is my child?(he screamed at the top of his voice)
    Anita:Shut up…shut up and shut up,which child are u talking about?The one u wanted me to abort right?The one u denied?
    Tony:I want my child
    Anita:You’re not serious
    Tony:Is there something you’re not telling me?Maybe u sold her out?Or u dumped her in one of those orphanage around
    Anita:(Bust into laughter)What a man cannot do,a woman can do it a thousand fold.You know that right?Get out
    Tony:Am not going anywhere without my child you s--t!
    Anita:Me?? S--t!!!hmmmm compliment accepted…now get out,you failure.
    Tony:I’ll pretend as if I didn’t hear u
    Anita:Tony……have u built a hux before?Now get out because its a man like u that built this one.You are a disgrace to manhood(she concluded and went inside,then she came back again)Musa……musa
    Anita:Oya……escort this trash outside(went inside)
    Tony:Anita….i’ll get back to u….
    Musa:Oya oga……outside… so my madam talk

    Now lets assume!!!!if u were Anita would u give him back the child??

    Episode 7

    5years gone,no one knew Anita’s whereabout.Tony has tried all his possible best to make sure,he reaches them but the last last time he went to their compound,he was told that the owner of the sold it out and relocated to somewhere else.So Tony jx decided to give up after all,that’s not the only child he will have.He was doing very well with the American,his salary was increased,and at same time he decided to establish a business for his mum who cared for him right from time,which he did.
    The death of Meshach was now an open secret,yes he died.What do you expect?after sleeping with different girls,he finally contacted Hiv/Aids which claimed his life.That was when Tony knew his life might be in danger as well.He quickly went for test,you can begin to imagine how he prayed as he stepped into the lab,asking God to jx spare him,that if he proved negative to it,he will forever be a total Christian.Luckily for him,God answers his prayers and it was negative.He went home happily.On his way home,he decided to stop by at a supermarket to get something for his mum,then he mistakenly bumped into a kid,and the snacks she was holding fell from her hand and be bent down to pick them for her
    Tony:Little charming!!!!!am sorry
    Ella:Hmmmmmm(places her hand on her waist)you could be sorry but u have a lot of explanation to make to my mummy.
    Tony:Wow,is mummy that strict?(kinda surprised with the Childs boldness)
    Ella:Jx watch………she’s coming…Mum he mistakenly bumped into me and my snacks fell down(pointing at Tony)
    Just at that moment,Tony turned and saw a pregnant lady,who turned out to be Anita.
    Anita on her own was too surprised that she didn’t even know when the things she bought fell from her hand,with her mouth wide open.Little charming was jx standing,confused at the the two adult were staring at each other.

    Episode 8

    Anita quickly bent down,picked her goodies that fell down and held Ella’s hand
    Anita:Baby hurry up;get into the car
    Ella:Ok mummy(hurriedly went to the car and entered)
    Tony:Could u please stop this madness and listen to me
    Anita didn’t reply but hurriedly opened her boot,and dropped the items she bought and was heading to the door when suddenly Tony dragged her back and held her hand
    Tony:Anita pls……..i know I’ve been a bad guy right from day one,and i have wronged you in every way but please dont deny me the privilege of getting to know my child pls(he begged amidst tears)
    Anita:Get your hands off me!!!do u realized i am married?Tony….our relationship ended many years ago,whatever thing we shared was destroyed the very day you said u knew me not,and i guess you still remember how u rejected and disgraced me?So what’s the point of begging me?
    Tony:Anita…..see ehh i promise to make it up to you.Am sorry but please..
    Anita:(Cuts in)So you can now beg right?I thought u said u were ready for war,why the sudden change of mind?
    Tony:Anita,i have come to realized that i was wrong.And i need to do things in the right way
    Anita:Bravo….interesting but am not moved(gets into her car)
    Tony:Anita….is she my child?(pointing at Ella)
    Anita:(looks at him in an irritating way)Of course not,you will never see her(concluded and drove off)
    Jude wasn’t that comfortable during dinner.It was just somehow,for the first time in years they’ve been married,Jude has never maintained such level of quietness during meals but todays own was different which simply means something was wrong
    Anita:Honey!!!!!why are u quiet?(she suddenly broke the silence)You can always talk to me,we’re one
    Jude(stares at her for a while and clears his throat)You see….(he stammered)I had it in mind to tell u this for a very long time but I was scared at what will be your reaction
    Anita:Hmmm,just talk to me ok(touching his hands)
    Jude:You see,the hatred you have for this young man is just too much.You might end up doing something really bad to him if he doesn’t stop disturbing you for his child.Honey,its been y.e.ars(stressing the years)why can’t u just find a place in your heart to forgive him.It isn’t that bad you know
    Anita:(sighs)Truly speaking,i never knew you wanted to talk about him.But my mind is made up,i don’t want to associate myself with that guy anymore,he is among my past and past can only draw someone back,and am not going to allow that to happen.Just chill and enjoy your meal ok
    Jude:No honey i can’t,Ella will grow up someday and eventually it will no longer be a secret to her.
    Anita:Oh i see!!!wait a sec!are you tired of playing the role of a father to her?Is it suddenly boring?
    Jude:I never said so,Ella is my child and so is Richard(that’s his son),but considering how that young man has been begging for forgiveness,you know na,we are all Christians and there should be a little sympathy.
    Anita:(drops her spoon and stares into her husbands eyes)So what are u driving at?
    Jude:Just forgive him,and at least he should see the child.Ella can spend some of her holidays with him,normal outing….and trust me… wouldn’t be a big deal
    Anita:(Breaths out)But you know what our tradition says,he rejected the child right from my womb and dont u think there will be a problem.Because my Ella,your Ella will never accept that guy as her daddy.Ella knows only one daddy
    Jude:There must be a way out,we can convince Ella.
    Anita:I’ll think about it but that doesn’t mean I’ve agreed(smiles faintly)
    Jude:You are one in a million,thanks
    Anita:Hey….no sweet words,cuz i won’t pay for it when its bed time(abruptly disconnected her hands from his)
    Jude:Evil mind!!!(smiles too)
    Two days later,Anita went to the hospital for her usual check up,hey….hope you didn’t forget she’s pregnant.She was so surprised when she met Israel,she didn’t really expect it
    Israel:Who am i seeing?
    Anita:Oh my goodness!!young man….what are you doing here?
    Wait wait…wait..don’t tell me you’re now a medical doctor(she said after hugging Israel)
    Israel:Not really,look at you………you are still the same but just that you’re now fatter,more like a mummy(he said trying to describe the words with his hands)
    Anita:Naughty boy!!you haven’t changed too,just that you……you.. now have(looks at him properly and continued)just that you’re now having a pot belly.Looks like someone is enjoying government money
    Israel:you can say that again.
    He said and they burst into laughter for few minutes,other passerby noticed their laughter,they couldn’t help but just wonder why the two adult were laughing like that.
    Anita:Oh pls stop(trying to control herself)Can u pls be realistic,what are you doing here if you’re not a doctor?
    Israel:Actually,my wife gave birth and she will be discharged today
    Anita:Oh my!!!looks like someone is now a daddy?
    Israel:Oh yea,not just one but this is my second.
    Israel:How about you?
    Anita:(clears her throat)Well,am married with two kids,girl and a boy and as you can see am expecting(rubs her Tommy with her left hand)
    Israel:Interesting!!(changes his mood)He is really paying for everything he did to you.I dont need anyone to tell me that you doing very well,cuz its written all over you
    Anita:Hmmm you know sometimes i really feel bad that Tony ended up that way,but that was exactly how he laid his bed.
    Israel:That reminds me,did you get to hear that Meshach was dead?
    Anita:What?(a little surprised)what happened to him?
    Israel:Hiv/Aids….do u still want to ask how he contacted it?
    Anita:Oh poor boy!he is a promiscuous type.They will never listen,how am i sure he even made heaven?(Somehow mockingly)
    Israel:Na you know oo(smiles)
    Anita:hmmm(checks her wrist watch)oh no!!!sorry i have to run along,else i won’t meet the doctor.Give me your contact
    They exchanged contacts and off they went
    Anita:See you some other time ‘mr government’
    Israel in return gives her a funny smile

    Episode 9

    (Light opens in the village)
    1st elder:What?No way,tradition remains tradition.If he wants the child,he will appease the gods.
    2nd elder:Gbam!!!!that settles it
    3rd elder:Calm down every one,lets allow our daughter to speak first.Anita…say it again let us all hear u
    Anita:My elders,I greet u.I thank u all for your support.Am a Christian,to err is human and to forgive is divine.Tony made a mistake and I have come to realize that nobody is perfect,we all are bound to make one mistake or the other.That’s why we need to do this in the right way and
    Ist elder:(cuts in)My daughter please hold on,what are you trying to say in essence cuz we don’t know where u are driving at?
    Anita:Let Tony speak
    Tony:My elders i greet.Please all i want from you is your support,i want my child,and i also want the forgiveness of every one especially that of Anita.
    2nd elder:Tufia…….Tony,you could have done this a long time ago but it is too late now
    Anita’s Uncle:How many years gone?So you want to tell us that you were under the influence of the wicked ones when you denied the baby?
    Tony:My elders am sorry,please do something(he was already crying)
    3rd elder:Elders lets consider this young man after all the Anita is not complaining
    Tony’s mum:Elders…..bikonu(knelt down,followed by Tony)
    Tony’s father was just quiet.
    2nd elder::Hmmmm,Tony?
    Tony:Yes sir
    2nd elder:Is this really repentance or you are just acting?
    1st elder:Maybe he is back to his senses
    2nd Elder:Lets hear from our inlaw.Jude,do you have anything to say to this?are u in support?
    Jude:(stood up)My elders i greet you.Hmm.,my wife has said everything,we cannot deny him his right.The only thing,am going to say is that the child will not be staying with him,she can spend holiday with him,go out for shopping with him,but she won’t stay with him.That’s the only condition attached to it.
    Ist elder:Fine but what about appeasing the…
    3rd elder:Maazi,you’re just so stunk to tradition stuff.Since the woman that carried the baby in her womb is not complaining then who are we to complain,we are to stand by her.And you know they are all Christians(he smiles facing Anita)
    Tony:(Still kneeling)Thank you very much my elders,I greet you all
    Tony’s mum:Thank u elders
    Anita:I hope you have learnt your lesson,trust me I weren’t a Christian,you would have never had access to the child.Thank God you’ve given your life to Christ.All thanks to God
    Tony’s father(he finally spoke with a cracky voice)Thank you all for your understanding
    They all stood up and hugged each other.
    Tony went home fulfilled,his mind was at peace.He knew for sure that he was never going to go back to sin again.Since God answered his prayers by giving him a job when he needed one the most,and now he has reconciled with the people he offended,what’s the need to go back to sin again?His joy knew no bound.

    Episode 10

    (Last episode)

    Two days later,Tony was asked to come to the house to say hi to Ella.At least for a start,lets see what happens.
    Anita:Musa!!!!Open the gate for him(Anita shouted from upstairs when she sighted Tony,and then she went to the room to tell Jude that Tony has arrived)Honey……Ella’s dad is…..
    .Tony is here(she quickly corrected herself)
    Jude::(smiles and drew her closer)So you think it will annoy me?He is Ella’s dad while am Ella’s step dad….get it?(smiles again)
    Anita:Ooooh sure(placed a kiss on his lips and they left)
    Tony:Good afternoon Anita
    Jude:(Sits on the sofa)Hey man,how are you doing?
    Tony:Am fine(still standing)
    Anita:Let me call her for you(went inside)Ella….
    ….sweetie come over,I have a surprised for you
    Anita:Sure…come with me(she drags Ella)
    Ella who was busy playing with her dummies was kinda disappointed but she had to obey.Jude relaxed and waited to watch the drama
    Anita:Here we are!!!!!Meet your daddy…………….(Anita concluded while pointing at Tony)
    Ella:(Runs to Jude instead)Of course i knew daddy was around.Daddy…what is mum up to?And besides where is my kid brother?
    Everywhere was calm,as they didn’t know the next step to take.Tony was just standing because he did not know where to start from.
    Anita:Sweetie!!!!I mean this man standing here is your real daddy.
    Ella:Real daddy?Does a human being have two daddies?(She said and stood in front of Tony)
    Anita:Actually…..he….he….he…traveled to a far away country and now he is back for you.
    Ella:Mummy,i dont understand…
    Jude:Sweet heart come over,you see!!!your daddy here is my close friend,so when he traveled he asked me to take proper care of you and
    Ella:No…….i don’t want another daddy,you’re the only daddy i know…i dont want another daddy(she cried and ran to her room)
    Anita:I knew it will be very difficult to talk sense into her.
    Jude:Its just for a while.
    Anita:Why are you just standing there?Dont you have anything to say,sit down please.
    Tony:I feel so bad……i abandoned her,am such a fool to have denied such a beautiful child(he cried out)
    Jude:Calm down,trust me she will come around ok
    Tony:I hope so
    Two weeks gone,Anita now turned it to a daily routine to talk to Ella.Finallly she was made to understand that her father was out of the country because of business,and that he has been sending money for her upkeep(which were all lies)and that now,he is back for her.She was happy because the love she had for Jude was so much and for the fact that she was not going to leave him,made her very happy.She now went outing with her real dad,even to zoos.
    Two months later,Tony was now offered a job that be fitted him.Can you imagine it?The white man he was working for later found out that he was educated and he decided to give him a good job,a job with 7 digit salary.An official car and a house,the day he received it,he almost fainted.Everything turned around and guess what?he planned to celebrate Ella’s birthday which was on Sunday,two days time.
    Tony:My charming guess what?
    Ella:I know its a surprise,so I can’t guess
    Tony:Fine….i’ll tell you.We’re celebrating your birthday
    Ella:(Jumps up in excitement)Really? Thank you daddy.
    The fact was that he referred to the two men(Jude and Tony)as daddy,and nobody complained.
    The house was so filled with people.Oh sorry….i forgot,they celebrated the birthday at Tony’s compound.Little celebrant was playing with her friends.Anita was in the kitchen with some other girls,Jude and Tony were busy discuing and laughing,even Israel and his family were there in the party.Grand parents were not left out it seems Ella had a question for her dad….
    Ella:Daddy……(Both Jude and Tony responded at the same time)
    Ella:(Kinda confused and then she smiled to cover up)My friends are saying,its not possible to ride an aeroplane but I told them,when one is taught how to and he eventually knows how to ride it then the possibility is 100%,am I right?(she concluded and waited for their answer)
    Tony:Yea dear you are right
    Ella:Daddy(she now faced Jude)you didn’t reply,the question was for the both of you.Am I right?
    Jude:Yes baby,you’re right(smiles and gave her a peck)
    The birthday later kicked off at 2:00pm.
    Tony tip toed into the kitchen,Anita and the other girls were there,he took a piece of meat and ran out then he bumped into someone
    Anita:That’s stealing Tony……
    Anita and the other girls bust into laughter.
    Tony:Oh am sorry(he bent down to pick his meat)Sorry about that(he was kinda shy because of the meat in his hands)
    Lady:Its okay(in a very nice voice)
    Tony:My name is…..
    Lady:(Cuts in)Tony….father of the celebrant,owner of ‘Nice up boutique’.
    Tony;Wow… know me don’t you?So tell me are you some kind of psychologist who reads people’s mind even their names and occupation?
    Lady:(Gives out a sexy smiles)None of that……
    Tony:So what’s the name?
    Lady:Am Amanda,graduated from UNILAG,a journalist and am here with my friend.
    Tony:Hmmm interesting…and may I know that your friend,he or she could be someone I will love to meet,dont you think so?
    Amanda:(Pointing at Israel wife)
    Tony:Is she your friend?
    Amanda:No…her younger sister is.We were invited by her.
    Tony:Sounds cool,so……can i please have your contact,just to say hello.
    Amanda was kinda reluctant but later gave him the number.Tony couldn’t stop staring at her all through the party.Maybe he found his missing ribs.It was now time for dance,dance dance.Anita and her husband were dancing when suddenly a loud noise was heard from Anita
    Jude:What is it Honey?
    Anita:Ha……ahh..ah……..ahhhhhhhh the baby is coming….
    Jude;Ok hold on……let me get my car.
    Anita:No no……….,the baby is here already.
    Luckily for her some elderly women were there even Anita’s mother and Tony’s family were there.So they quickly took her to one of the rooms.Jude called their family doctor,before the doctor could arrive,she has already given birth to a set of twin,boy and a girl.
    The news was later announced to everyone in the birthday ground and they all danced in celebration.Before they knew it,the m.c shouted…HIP…..HIP……….HIP….
    The End

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