Story: Caught In The Moment Season 1

written by: Onyeneke Abel


    This was it..the day they’ve all been waiting a young girl
    of just 19 years of age..I had envisioned my wedding day to
    be on a beach with lots of decoration..twinkled lights and
    pearls on my wrist..I would want it to be towards evening
    where lights could been seen and glow beautifully..yes! That’s
    my dream..No, I don’t need much and few
    friends would do; but that’s a dream for age 25, I am just 19
    and d--n I love this guy first love..the guy I willingly
    gave my virginity..he was just 21 and we are about to get
    married? What life would we live?
    My father was a deacon..well respected in church..he took me
    as his pride..the apple of his eyes, I shouldn’t make a mistake
    “You just have to be perfect”
    He often tells me like I was an angel without blemish..Dating
    any guy was out of the picture, I would squat all night if he
    dare catch me standing, talk less of even talking with any
    boy..but it wasn’t my fault they always come after me, I was
    extremely pretty with my sweet, tiny voice that when I sang in
    church I would have to run home after service before my
    father see those guys asking for my number
    How then did David come into the picture? the guy was too
    handsome with an equal melodious voice that sometimes I
    would insist he takes Solo in our choir group..we were
    choristers and I started crushing on him the moment he saved
    me from falling off stage during Christmas Carroll.. He was
    this gentle guy, even my dad loved him, so it wasn’t an issue
    when my dad noticed we became friends
    He was sacrificial and somehow stuck to my side..and when
    he asked me out, I agreed immediately; and then we started
    our hide and seek lovers game..we dated secretly for
    5months..I had my first kiss on my nineteenth birthday and I
    felt I was ready..ready to give everything to him..
    I invited him home for the first time when mum and dad had
    gone for their normal church meetings. I never knew he was a
    virgin too..we had that painful, blissful moment but my
    parents caught us was hell for me..I didn’t
    was decided father would not tolerate immortality in
    his house..we have to get married
    Now I stand staring at the mirror in my wedding dress..David
    had pleaded with me to give in..but I knew our lives still had a
    lot to I ran, I left him stranded at the altar..I
    have to find my life someplace name is oluwatoke
    bisola..and this is my story..

    Episode 2

    I entered his room and stood by the door, my legs were
    shaking..he laid down pressing his phone and acted like I didn’t
    exist for a while..before he dropped his phone and sat up to look
    at me
    “Why are you standing there? Come in. What are you scared of?
    Are you not my sister?”
    Hmm..maybe it was not what I was thinking..I took a bold step
    and entered the room..but I made sure the door was left open..
    “I just felt that you’re going to school to learn the course I I should enlighten you a bit”
    ‘Oga na you be the enlightener oh’…I thought..maybe it was a
    pure intention sha..I sat on the stool as he instructed..he brought
    out some textbooks and placed them on my thigh drew a stool
    close and sat opposite me..
    “You know you’re a beautiful girl”. has started..I knew this Goliath had an ulterior does “I want to enlighten you” suddenly change to
    “you know you’re a beautiful girl” within minutes, just like that.
    Immediately I started thinking of ways to excuse myself
    “Uncle please aunty bought drugs for me not feeling
    too well. Lemme go and take my drugs”
    I attempted to stand up but he caught my hand and held me
    “What’s wrong with you this your first time? spoilt
    girl.. Just cooperate within minutes I’ll be done”.
    Jesus! My heart raced..I believed my neighbours could even hear
    my heart beat..
    “Uncle please..I have not done this before. I’m a virgin, please
    don’t do this to me”
    I had to lie..hoping it would convince him..but he had gone mad
    like my body was intoxicating him..
    “Don’t worry after the little pain you’ll enjoy it”
    He grabbed me and started kissing me roughly.. I struggled.. as
    he attempted to close my mouth I bit his middle finger with all
    the feminine strength I had..he screamed on top of his voice as
    his finger gushed out bleeding..but it didn’t stop him..I wonder
    what happens to some men that their brain becomes blind to
    anything you do when they want to rape..He retaliated, slapped
    me and tore my gown. Heaven and hell helped me..heaven was
    that tosin and my Aunty rushed into the room because the door
    was still open..hell because my aunty added another slap to my
    swollen face
    “So you want to accuse my son the way your mother accused my
    late husband” that was their issue..I was pushed out of the house that
    night by 10:45pm..tosin stole out and gave me #1500 for my
    tfare back home to Ibadan, only for Lagos street boys to steal my
    bag and my tfare..

    Episode 3

    Have you ever slept outside? Like not in someone’s house but
    real the open.. Open to both physical and spiritual
    attack..well I was in this position..I banged my aunty’s gate
    continuously but it Never opened..I was more than scared..I
    stayed awake thru out the night. And promised myself I would run
    home the next morning..and the morning came my bag was money and phone gone!
    I cried my eyes out..until I even forgot how to cry self..and then
    hunger started..I couldn’t just sit and die..I had always watched
    in the movies of how people survived in the streets..Only this
    time it was my movie. So I stood up and dust myself up..I tied
    together the part of my gown Goliath and torn..and then I started
    roaming about..or should I steal food..hmm nigerians would just
    kill me..there is something I can do..I walked over a pedestrian
    bridge..and from up there I could see young boys like myself
    making good use of the traffic jam..all they did was clean off
    dust from vehicles with small water bottle and a brush..just like
    that? And they got tips.. Well not from everyone but at least a
    good number..I hurried down there and pleaded with one of the
    boys to let me too..even if I was all dirty Already.. My beauty still
    helps a lot..I got 200naira! I rushed to the nearest mama put and
    satisfied my tummy first…what next?..I needed an urgent job..I
    attempted a car wash but they needed just guys..I got to a fast
    food.. But d--n I was too dirty to present myself..they had a
    notice “sales rep needed..apply within” I went to the security
    “Excuse me Sir”
    With my tiny voice.. He was a young man but judging from his
    appearance I could read he didn’t attempt going to school at all..
    “How you dey?”.
    He replied.. Starring at me
    “Plz sir I want to apply for a job here but am too dirty..can you
    help me with any cloth?”
    He licked his lips continuously
    Sometimes I would want to blame God for giving me this kind of
    beauty..but then I can only thank him..because I got the cloths
    and a long note sheet where I could write my application..
    Fortunately the security alerted me that the manager was on his
    way out..I ran too him and burst in tears explaining heaven and
    hell to him..why I needed the job urgently..
    “OK come and resume tomorrow”
    My tears became intense
    “OK can start now”
    He stared and me with that surprise look. I know he must be
    wondering if I was from planet earth.
    What I do know is..i am strong..and I would survive..

    Episode 4

    Welcome back! As I earlier explained, I got a job..was I too
    “ Annabel”
    A girl same age with me welcomed me to the seemed she
    was the only one nice to me.. The others had that jealous look on
    their faces judging from the fact that I was given special
    treatment from the boss..he allowed me sleep in the girls
    room..bought clothes for me.. He had invited me to live with him
    and his family..but i was not ready to be victimized again..I
    couldn’t tell if his intentions was pure though
    “ bukky”
    I replied her and offered a smile
    “Wow your eyes are pretty”
    She gasped and commented in admiration
    “Would you two get back to work!”
    Madam lizzy shouted at both of us, she was the
    supervisor..rumour carried it that she was the boss girlfriend just
    that since I came around the manager had been paying little or
    no attention to her..”but wetin concern me nah” I thought..she
    was beginning to get on my nerves..
    “Annabel go on your knees now”
    She ordered..what! How ridiculous
    “Get me a cane”
    She went further and lashed Annabel at the back yard..I tried to
    bear the screams..I was in charge of sales that day I couldn’t
    leave the counter.. But this was too much..I bounced to her
    “Madam please stop this”
    I met her red eyes
    “Are you mad?!”
    She rage like a wounded we had an unsettled quarrel
    “Madam with all due respect..i have not worked much but I
    believe it is not stated in the rules and regulation of this
    organisation that it is right to physically abuse any of the staff”
    She stopped and faced me
    “You dare challenge me?”
    She raised her hand to slap me
    “Don’t you Dare”
    I warned..she noticed the boldness in my tone and
    thing my father had always taught me was never to be
    intimidated when am right
    “Annabel let’s go”
    I picked her up and took her back to the counter
    Later that night I was summoned to the manager’s office where
    the issue was tabled..but it all ended in my favour when all the
    staff that witnessed the scene spoke out for me..the marks of
    her abuse was still visible on Annabel’s body..she was suspended
    for a week..
    Hurray! You would now say I am the hero right?! A piece of
    advice my dear readers..never be the is much more
    easier if you mind your business..
    A week later Lizzy was back from suspension..she was calm and
    I was very glad for that..little did i know she had planned
    something big..
    Later that night after we’ve closed for the day

    Episode 5

    Later that night.. Lizzy, the manager and the securities marched
    into the ladies room where Annabel and myself were fast
    asleep..I had been with Annabel thru out the day so when I heard
    the accusation it was just ridiculous..
    “You think I didn’t see you when you took the money?” Lizzy said
    “What?! Jesus! No o I have been with Annabel thru out o..Annabel
    tell them”
    Well my dear reader.. People you trust most might just fail you..
    “No oo..its not me and you”
    She denied me flat.. To my face..
    Before I could say another word..Lizzy slapped me
    “Call the police”
    She ordered
    The manger protested..
    He was sad and disappointed..
    “Bukky pack your things and Leave first thing tomorrow morning”
    I was not given a chance to plead..
    “Bukky am sorry i was scared”
    Annabel kept apologizing but of what use I wonder
    The next morning as I walked out..Lizzy ran after me..
    “Lizzy you know I didn’t steal that money..its not fair”
    She said something that took me thru all my hard times in life
    “Thats it is never fair”
    I starred at her devilish smile and with the hurt I made a Promise
    “You would clean my shoes one day..this I promise you”
    She laughed at it but I meant it..
    I was determined to make it out is now the survival of
    the fittest..i slept under the bridge for 3days..searching for a job
    to no avail..I wonder how it was easy to get the first..until one
    day I came across my was boldly written
    “House of earl fashion”… A fashion house!!
    I don’t know how but I must get in there..
    I dust my clothes.. I had to plead for pure water to wash my
    face..and then I rushed over there..
    The security won’t let me in..of course I wasn’t presentable..what
    do I do?
    OK I decided to wave at every car I saw going in and out of the
    house.. Some laughed and some stopped to give me money.. But
    no one could help me get in..
    Until one stopped and I was beginning to think she was my
    saviour but she asked
    ” who is this pig”
    I pointed at myself
    She was actually asking the security why they let a pig stand at
    the gate of a fashion house..
    I noticed they were three of them
    But I have suffered pig?..
    Well I won’t blame them..I really did look like a pig.. I bodly
    approach them
    The girl handling the steering shouted and waved me off like I
    was a fly
    “Vodka come on now..she is a human being”
    The lady sitting at the back seat corrected
    “Chai God bless you sister
    I blest her in my mind
    “Although she smells so bad..

    Episode 6

    After they had mocked me to their satisfaction..t
    hey left strict instructions with the security to make sure I was
    metres away from the house..l felt like crying but I wouldn’t let
    the tears drop..I had trek back everyday from my bridge home to
    the fashion was really very far but I wasn’t giving up
    because my dear doesn’t give you what you deserve
    but what you was a week now.. I had arrived there
    again to try my luck when I noticed a kid running out of the
    house..I couldn’t tell if the young lad was playing or crying but I
    could tell he was about to lose his precious life..a speeding car
    approached as he made an attempt to cross over..then I saw a
    woman rush out of the House shouting after the boy..there was
    no time to think if I would lose my life in the process..I rushed
    and drew the kid back..well it was rather too late for was
    just a brush but the force knocked me off balance..that was the
    last I remembered..the next moment I opened my eyes I felt eyes
    all over in white..
    “God am I dead?”
    I questioned aloud in won’t blame me vision
    was still blur a little..and I was seeing people on white..
    “Na die be that nah” I thought in fear
    “No dear are not”
    My vision became clear now..mtcheeeww..other were just
    Thank God..minutes later a woman walked in with her husband as
    I noticed..I remembered she was the woman running after the
    little boy..
    “Please my anything you it money? Anything..
    You saved my only son”
    She was becoming remorseful..well I didn’t mean to be too
    ambitious but I believe you know what was on my mind
    “Madam..please just get me into the fashion house..I want to
    work there”
    She wiped her tears and starred at my desperate eyes.. She
    looked back at her husband who offered a go ahead smile..
    “Is that all you need?”
    ‘ you ask me o..’
    I thought.. I didn’t Want to look too ambitious but she left me no
    “And if you could secure a place for me to sleep in the fashion
    house I would be most grateful”
    She smiled..I know she would be happy I didn’t request to stay In
    her house.. You know how women like to protect their husband..
    “OK..Clara is a good friend of mine..I can pull a few
    strings..what’s your qualification?”
    She was a bit disappointed when I told her I had nothing but my
    application letter.. She did ask if I would Like to be a cleaner
    since I didn’t have a result to submit..I agreed.

    Episode 7

    I agreed..every journey has a start right..and so I started
    a cleaner in my dream world..when I was a vision was to
    be the star..although I didn’t envision myself starting as a cleaner
    “What is this girl doing here?”
    Vodka the devil questioned with disgust and shock..
    “She is the new cleaner..please treat her prepare for
    the show”
    Madam Clara entered from behind to reply her..the house was
    exquisite..probably the most beautiful place I had encounter at
    that age..I could see my reflection On the walls..crystal
    clear..and the lights shone bright, of different colours..the split
    air conditioner was standby..the soft classic music..twas heaven
    on earth..I felt the rhyme..the atmosphere blended with me..I
    could feel it..this is where am supposed to be..
    “My friend would you Clean and stop starring like a lost brat!”
    Vodka screamed at me..there was other models in the make up
    room where I was cleaning..I wonder what her problem was..well
    it was none of my business
    “Na she know Wetin she carry for head”..I thought
    I watched with my cornered eyes as they applied make up to her
    face..mtcheeeww..I was even more pretty..
    “Bukky..madam clara request your presence in her office”
    My fellow cleaner called out..she was nice but I was just too
    wise to get too attached this time..judging from what I passed
    thru at the plaza..
    I rushed to the office as directed..God the office was exquisite..I
    felt I should just remain there..but madam Clara eyes on me was
    really uncomfortable..
    “How old are you?”
    Abeg let me just tell everything instead of answering all her
    questions one after the other…she was quiet for a while before
    she asked
    “Do you have any drive for fashion?”
    God the question I wanted to hear
    “Yes ma! Yes ma..its my dream..”
    She smiled
    “Next year there is a platform where models are given
    opportunity to created their dress style for recommendation..if
    you are interested create your own style..draw it out..and sew
    I smiled..but secretly..this woman is underestimating me..I was
    born with the talent..I do draw out dress patterns..gowns of any
    type back then at school that my mum had to stop me because I
    wasn’t reading anymore
    “Madam if you would just let me draw something for you”
    She gave me that rookie look and later nodded to the idea..she
    handed me a piece of paper and a pen..I went to work..and
    designed a mini gown..indicating the colour to use below..
    She collected it from me to see.

    Episode 8

    She remained silent as she went thru the pattern..I prayed in my
    mind like never before..she dropped the sheet, sighed and looked
    at me
    “This is good”
    I was about smiling..but then she continued..
    “But..bukky..if you have observed well enough..every single
    model or fashion designer you see in this house strived to get to
    that would be unfair if you are an exemption”
    I was greatly disappointed.. My dear reader..expectations
    everything you do..never expect to much..
    “I understand ma”
    I turned to leave when I notice she was not saying anything else..
    “But if I were you..I would continue designing these gowns.. I
    would give you your sewing machine and all the materials you
    need..but you have to promise to keep it a secret..I would have a
    room for you where only you would have access to..there you
    can practice”
    My face beemed with smiles that my dimples became exposed..
    “I see potentials in you little one..but before you step out have to be prepared..I would assign a teacher to teach
    you how to be a model in secret..I want you to be this fashion
    house biggest surprise..”
    I knelt down..there was no word to thank her to my satisfaction
    “Ssshhh..remember its a secret”
    I was forced to laugh..and she joined me..whao..what a
    relief..she handed me my drawing materials and asked me to
    see her later in the evening to know my secret training room..I
    was filled with joy..perphaps too much that I bumped into
    “Jeez am…
    My tongue got stuck when I raised my head to the
    moment stopped..his hair was curly.. He had that sexy eyes..the
    ladies know what am talking about..broad face and side
    beards..his smile..gosh!..was killing..he wore a tuxedo..a
    sparkling black Italian wrist watch and a pair of
    stlylish glasses which happened to fall off..
    “Am so..sorry si..r”
    He smiled and picked up the pen madam Clara had given me..
    “ Jeremy”
    Was I supposed to tell him my name?..he was still starring at
    me..I felt my legs would fail me..they were becoming weak..
    “And you’re?’
    He asked when He noticed I wasn’t saying anything..only God
    knew that I wanted to say
    “God you ‘re handsome”
    But instead my brain re-formatted and I was able to introduce
    myself well
    “Hi am the cleaner”
    God! I didnt mean embarrassing..
    “oh..I meant your name ”
    He continued
    I should comport myself.. I can do this
    “yes.. bukky.. Not the cleaner.. Am a cleaner here but…
    I had to keep quiet.. My mind kept telling me I wasn’t making
    He was just smiling.. I know he must be thinking I was crushing
    on him already.. Mtcheeww.. I blame am?
    “sir please if you would excuse me”
    I picked up his glasses and handed it over to him as I hurried out
    of sight.. He watched me till I went out of sight.. It was really
    uncomfortable..I was greatly relieved that I was able to escape.. I
    just hope I don’t run into him again..
    Later that evening I went back to madam Clara as she had
    instructed.. She took me upstairs.. Close to her room
    “I want you close so I can ensure no one sees this room”
    She explained when I had that suspicious look
    “This is clarise.. She would help you with your lessons ”
    I was introduced to a fair plumpy woman.. She was in her middle
    “how are you bukky..? ”
    She extended her hand for an a good girl I extend
    with my two hands as a sign of respect
    “no no.. You don’t shake like that”
    She corrected immediately.. I looked back to madam Clara in
    surprise.. She only smiled in response..
    “nawa o..see oyinbo”
    I thought
    I quickly rounded up with my chores and stole into my secret
    Room to practice..the joy I felt doing what I love was immense..I
    slept off.. And woke up late the next day
    I hurried to clean the hall before vodka the devil arrives there for
    her model practice
    “why are you late you brat! ”
    She hollered at me.. Like I stole millions from her purse
    “vodka let her be.. Please”
    God! It was jeremy
    “Jeremy!” Vodka rushed to him and held him like he was a priced
    I kept my head down.. I don’t want trouble at all.. This one that
    vodka the devil has Jeremy to herself.. He was starring at me o
    “Oga Abeg no call me abeg”
    But he did.. Jesus!
    “ are you”

    Episode 9

    I pretended like I didn’t hear him at all..because I could feel
    vodka thunder eyes on me..I tell you if eyes had bullets that girl
    would have shot me till she made sure I had no breathe left
    I quickly turned to leave
    He called out was way obvious now because everyone in
    the hall heard him call me..I had to reply..
    “ ..good morning sir”
    I turned to leave again
    “How are you?”
    Oluwa help me o
    “Na by force to answer again..or was he doing this on purpose?”
    I thought and tried as much to avoid vodka eyes
    “Am fine sir”
    It seemed he noticed I wasn’t comfortable with vodka presence..
    So he didn’t stop me when I hurried off..
    I stayed in my secret room…all thru the day..designing and
    drawing out patterns..I was tired already but I picked out one of
    the pattern and started sewing..I just needed to escape vodka for
    the whole day..I knew she must be searching for me..and I was
    right..the moment I stepped out to get something to eat she
    thundered my name from was like thunder struck me
    from behind..
    “Follow me”
    I did.. Like I had no choice..she took me to her crew..those who
    laughed me to scorn the day met me at the gate
    “ the pig who has been promoted”
    They both stopped their make up to stare at me..and in unison
    they burst out laughing..
    “OK quickly..Clean our shoes..”
    They handed shoes with no specific number.. Of different quality
    “Be careful.They are worth more than your penniless life OK?”
    Vodka warned..I refused to let the tears drop.. I smiled and went
    to work..
    “Leave that..wipe the mirrors clean”
    I did as know God fights for you everytime..especially
    when you need him to visit some people.I wished in my heart
    that she should miss her step and fall hard.. And it happened my
    dear reader..she fell while charging at me for not cleaning her
    silver shoe to her people I had to laugh to my
    satisfaction o..
    “Are you mad?! Have you forgotten your place! You bloody
    She raised her hand to slap me
    Jeremy again.. Wait what was his problem self..he was the reason
    I got into this mess in the first place..but at least he saved vodka
    because if she had slapped hands are not withered
    “Bukky come with mother wants to see you”
    What?! Now now..his mother.. Wait marriage?
    “Your mother sir?”
    I heard to ask o..
    He smiled when he noticed I didn’t understand
    “Madam clara wants to see you”
    He explained.. Oh my God..he is madam clara’s son?

    Episode 10

    I tailed him from behind..I didn’t want him to ask me anything so
    its best I observed a little distance..I was certain he noticed.. He
    didn’t say anything till when we got to the office
    “I am not eating you bukky”
    He said before he opened the door to let me in first.i met madam
    Clara examining the gown I had been sewing..she turned to see
    both of us with glimmer in her eyes
    “My dear you did this?”
    She questioned with smiles on her face
    “Yes ma but I am not true yet”
    I emphasised on the “I am not true yet” just in case she
    concluded that it was a disaster..
    “My God”
    My mind was running with different thoughts..was is that bad?..I
    tried to look at prince charming with my cornered eyes but his
    eyes were on me like torchlight so I quickly averted my eyes..
    “This is superb”
    My face brimmed with smiles
    “You are a pretty girl”
    Jeremy smile seized immediately.. It was the
    same words Goliath had told me before he tried to rape
    me..what does this one want now?
    “Isnt she mum?”
    He questioned madam Clara
    “Of course she is..and talented as well”
    Madam Clara replied still checking out the silver coloured gown
    “Then what is she doing as a cleaner?”
    Jeremy questioned further..
    “Jeremy am on it..I had wanted her to wait for a year but with
    this I am thinking two months she should finish her
    training and get out there..she would be the face of this house..I
    need pretty and talented people”
    “See as mama and pikin dey gossip me for my presence” I
    thought..I really didn’t understand the good news until Jeremy
    “Won’t you thank would be a model in 2months!”
    “Eh?”.. It was like I didn’t hear well..
    Tears dropped from my eyes..I was looking for the right word to
    thank her but my mouth opened and nothing came out
    ” awwwnn come here dear”
    She called to me and opened her arms to hug me..I cried
    because it was the only way i could express myself
    But now it became another battle ground..the battle for the
    fittest..madam Clara stopped me from being a cleaner
    immediately.. Did I tell you that vodka was the face of the
    house..and that she had won the award for over five years..
    “Girls gather around..bukky would be counted among you girls as
    a model..and of course participate in the competition next year”
    Madam Clara dropped the bombshell..the room went
    was broken..she quietly got up…stopped at my front and gave me
    that malicious look before she walked out..wetin concern
    me..?..who she help???

    Episode 11

    I am going to be a model?! I was still trying to conserve the joy I
    felt..I felt like calling my mum..but I had no phone I
    miss her..this was going to be sweet..or so I thought until clarise
    started her cat-walk training session..she always said
    “Keep up a smile when needed and a proud face as wanted”
    A mystery I thought
    And so the high heels came..when I saw the shoes..these ones
    where higher heels, my eyes widened
    “I am going to wear these?”
    I gasped in surprise
    “Of would even learn to run with them”
    I laughed in unison with clarise..although I silently wished in my
    heart that she didn’t really mean that I would run in these shoes.
    “Nah die be that”
    For weeks I remained in training apartment..ever
    ything I needed was available at my request..I know madam
    Clara estimated two months..but i planned to be ready in few
    weeks..soon I could cat-walk so well that clarise would hug and
    peck me..I could carry my shoulder high..and walk with my own
    style.. I was making rapid progress..I didn’t stop sewing and
    drawing out my patterns..all the dress I wore,I drew and sew it
    out myself..madam Clara took one and made a hundred to
    sell..the sales was great and people started booking down..and
    then I got my first salary and share of the profit made from the
    dress I sew..250thousand naira..Jesus.. What do I do with all
    these money..madam Clara opened up an account for me..I took
    part time in lagos state university..
    There was just one little issue was prince charming
    “Bukky come with me”
    He called out to me as I attempted to enter my training
    usual I tailed from behind..observing a very conservative
    “Bukky THE DAILY SUN wants a cover for their couple
    magazine..despite my reservations that you are not ready yet
    Jeremy has insisted he wants you for the photo instead of
    vodka..can you do it?”
    I was quiet and starred at both madam Clara and Jeremy..I don’t
    trust this Jeremy
    “I can’t…
    Before I could drop the word Jeremy concluded
    ” she can do it”
    And so I was transformed into a pink stylish gown and within
    minutes we were in the studio
    “You’re beautiful bukky”
    I took a step backwards but Jeremy drew me back and kissed
    my cheek, his lips sent shivers down my spine, I didn’t know if I
    was scared, but I knew I was attracted to him at that
    moment..the photographer was smart and took the shot..i was
    “Hey..look at me..its just you and me”
    His voice was calm and caressing

    Episode 12

    I took a deep breathe and inhaled deeply to calm my nerves and
    accept the fact that a man was touching me and was too close
    to me..I inhaled his scent..and slowly I began to let go..I laughed
    when he made a face..the photographer exclaimed and quickly
    took the shot
    “What a beauty he commented”
    Jeremy held my waist to his g---n and bend to meet my face..I
    didn’t know if he wanted to kiss me but I wasn’t ready to find out
    so I threw my head backwards to avoid that
    The photographer exclaimed again..
    Really?! I was shocked when I saw the pictures..they were
    magnificent! And all I just did was try to escape all Jeremy’s
    “You come here”
    I came across vodka the devil on my way back to my training
    room..maybe she thinks I am still a cleaner..I ignored and
    attempted to walk past her but she caught my arm
    “Lemme make this straight to you pig..stay off jeremy! Don’t you
    think because you now have this temporal glory you think you
    have it all..remember you were once a cleaner”
    I kept quiet till she finished her ranting..and then I offered a
    “In everything you…
    It was the first time I called her by name..I could see the shock
    on her face..
    ” I loved the part where you said I was once a cleaner..once..but
    not anymore..and the throne you sit on now..would soon be
    someone else’s”
    I released my arm from her was the first time I got her
    speechless.. God it felt so good as I walked away with that
    victory smile..but now I need to watch out because I just threw a
    challenge right?
    In one month I was ready..I proved it when madam Clara watch
    me do everything a model is to do..I even insisted I do my own
    make up and she agreed to it..
    I was enlisted to perform in a fashion parade to show case our
    type of clothes for sale..this was my first time..I quickly got an
    iphone that has good camera quality..I gave clarise to take the
    shot for me when I marched in..I was putting on a black
    sparkling gown with a black Italian high heels..we all stayed in was at front. she kept smiling and whispering to her got to my turn..Jeremy was to come out next..and so I
    marched out..but i felt the shoe I was putting on was shaky..oh
    no!..I managed myself but when I was marching back the wedge
    pulled would have been hell but Jeremy caught me as my
    hair flew backwards..the audience roared with applauds thinking
    it was one style like that
    “I got you pretty”
    Immediately I remembered David..

    Episode 13

    “Watch your step next time pig”
    Vodka whispered to me and laughed off with her crew when I
    was safely behind the curtains..I should have known..
    “Bukky are you OK?”
    Madam Clara rushed to me..cupped my cheek..raised my eyelids
    with her finger to see my I had a fever..
    “This wedge was removed and temporarily held with a plastic
    Jeremy explained when he had examined the shoe..I just kept
    quiet while they all mind was somewhere
    else..was with someone else..David..I remembered when he
    caught me when I had slipped back then at Christmas
    Carroll..and just the same exact word
    “I got you pretty”
    I wonder what he was up to now..was he ok? he still mad at
    me for leaving him stranded at the altar?..does he still love me?
    preparation for the competition had started..we were supposed
    to sew a particular dress which would be considered by the
    board of directors.. Whoever is deem worthy would proceed to
    the next stage…now I had two and
    Jeremy..lemme start with Jeremy..he became too bossy..he
    made me do things even against my own wish..he would want
    me to snap pictures at the studio with him..go out to eat
    “Ahhhhh kilode!!
    His advances towards me was to rapid that I doubted his
    intentions..maybe he just wants to see my pant and dump me..he
    is handsome anyway and I could see the way girls flocked
    around him like lost herds..
    One day he took me out as usual..and while coming back he held
    my waist.. I felt uncomfortable with that but he was madam
    Clara’s son..I couldn’t shake his hand off but this is my body and
    he should respect that fact..I boldly removed his hand..he put it
    again..I removed it..
    ” is something wrong?”
    I opened my mouth but I still considered madam Clara and
    reserved my comment
    “No please tell me..I am making you feel uncomfortable?”
    Hmm this guy is pushing me o..
    “Please tell me”
    “OK you wanna hear..i don’t like the way you touch me like I am
    your property.. I don’t like the way you boss me around! I am not
    your puppet..I have my desires. Not everything should
    be your way..!”
    He was surprisingly calm and quiet..I noticed he was hurt
    “I thought you enjoyed every single moment with me”
    He blurted out..I scoffed
    “I used to but you tell me what to eat..what to wear..and you
    even insist even when I don’t want to”
    He took a step backwards..
    “Am sorry”
    He left..oops I didn’t mean to hurt him..but he begged me to talk
    nah..Is it my fault?

    Episode 14

     “Hello mum”
    I called my mum..its been a while..and I miss her so much
    “Bisola?” Bisola?”
    My mum was the only one that calls me by my full name..her
    voice sounded desperate
    “Its me mum”
    She burst into tears
    “Bisola please come home I beg you.. Please”
    I was quiet while she kept pleading..I had a lot of questions to about my dad? What about my younger sister? And of
    course David..
    “Mum i am fine..I am perfectly fine..and I would come home
    I have been avoiding Jeremy but one faithful evening after our
    model lessons..I met him down the hall way.. There was no way I
    could turn back..he had spotted me I counted my
    steps timidly till we got close
    “Good.. Good evening ..Sir”
    I muttered and attempted to walk past him but he held my arm heart missed a bit..
    “Bukky why are you avoiding me?”
    He blurted out..I felt I would just hurt him by being close to
    him..but it seemed staying away hurt him more
    He scoffed
    ” please drop the formality..I am Jeremy ”
    I swallowed hard..
    “OK sir..I mean Je…Jeremy.. Its just that I don’t know how to
    apologize for what I said the other day..I know I hurt you..but I
    didn’t mean to”
    He was quiet..he drew me back to stand in front and face him..I
    couldn’t look at his face..God knows that if I had teleportation
    powers I would!!
    He used his hand to touch my jaw and raised my head to meet
    his gaze..God! Was this guy seducing me?..
    “Bukky..i was wrong..and I apologize right?”
    I wanted to step backwards but I didn’t want him to feel bad..
    “Yes but I shouldn’t have addressed you like didn’t do
    anything wrong..all you wanted was to make me happy..and I
    threw it at your face..for that I am deeply sorry”
    An uncomfortable silence stood in between us..he was starring at
    me..I couldn’t shake off his legs were shaking..oh no!
    He was coming closer..reaching for my lips..
    He muttered when I attempted to withdrew from him..
    “God..which kind thing be dis”
    I thought..I didn’t want to hurt him I lifted my head a
    little to let him have what he wanted..he was a breathe away..I
    was shivering seriously and then he touched my lips..a cold
    shock went down my spine. I didn’t kiss him back..I just allowed
    him enjoy the taste..I was about to let go..I was getting the
    passion..I parted my lips now and responded a little
    Madam Clara called from behind spirit left my body..
    Probably to the spirit world..I am in big trouble

    Episode 15

    I had a lot on my mind..I was restless..thank God Jeremy had
    allow me excuse myself while he talked with his mother..I didn’t
    know what my fate would be now..why did I allow him kiss me?
    Did I enjoy the kiss? Did I want it to end?..I touched my
    lips..something else flashed my mind..when I had called my
    mum..she had said something about David when I asked
    “David?..David went to lagos a month after he lost his dad..I
    heard he is in the united States now”
    My mom had informed me..David was in lagos and I didn’t come
    across him..well lagos is a big city mind trailed back to
    madam Clara..the main problem I had now..
    Since the stage one of the competition is just two days away, I
    continued sewing my black mini-laced gown..I planned to match
    it up with a yellow hat, yellow bag, had a high class woven high
    shoe with the same yellow colour..
    I had a heart sounded in my ears..mtcheeeww it was
    just clarise..what a relief..I breathe down..just that of all the good
    news clarise had always brought, she just had to bring a bad one
    this time
    “Bukky, madam Clara wants to see you!”
    God..I didn’t know how to get up from where I was
    unexplainable.. I have never been that scared of anything..
    I would have run back when I got to the door post of her
    office..but clarise has eyes on me like that of an
    eagle..mtcheeww..this clarise self..
    I entered and kept my head down..I was extremely timid.. I
    couldn’t look up to her face..
    She called out as she stood up from her chair and paced round
    me.. I was using my cornered eye to pry at her o..this one that
    she is pacing round me..anything can happen and I don’t want to
    “Jeremy is my son..and I don’t joke with him..I don’t joke with
    both my sons”
    Both? They were two? Where is the other one?..a question I
    didn’t dare ask..but it seemed she noticed the frown on my face
    so she explained
    “They are not of the same other son had chosen to
    stay with his father but he is back to point is..Jeremy has
    convinced me that he loves you..the only problem is when you
    hurt my son..I will hunt you”
    She was at my back..mehn my spirit has refused to come back
    from the spirit land..surprisingly she touched me and laughed
    “Dont just hurt my can go”
    Eh? Just like that?
    “Why are you still standing there..shuuhh”
    I laughed..thanked her and hurried in joy back to my sewing
    But my Joy faded..the dress I was sewing had been torn to

    Episode 16

    I had to look for somewhere to sit first and accept the fact that
    what I am seeing was know that awkward moment
    when you don’t want to accept what you are seeing..but you
    know its real yet you don’t want to believe it. I stood up and
    picked up all the pieces I could reach..I had less than 33hours to
    the first stage of the competition, judging from the fact that it
    was late in the evening already..I knew there was only one
    person responsible.. Vodka.
    No..I just can’t sit here and let her have her way..I got up and
    went thru my patterns..a tear fell from my eyes..I cleaned it is not the time to would take me forever to sew
    this gown again..I had been sewing it for weeks..but then..nothing
    is impossible if u put your mind to it..i sat and started sewing..I
    boiled a cup of coffee to keep me awake..but the sleep was
    strong sha. Anyway I overcame..I could here the sound of my
    machine reverberating in echoes when it was late in the
    night..when it was dawn I was half way close.. I picked up the
    buttons and some relevant pieces she had torn and put them
    back in place..
    Time was against me now..the spectators had gathered at the
    table .and I could hear thru the the large speakers as the judges
    made their decision
    “Bukky.. What are you still doing here”
    God knows I wanted it to be Jeremy..but he wasn’t even here..for
    two days he has not seen me and he didn’t even bother to dial
    my number..
    Wait..does he have my number?..oops! He doesn’t..but at least
    he should have checked my training room..
    Clarise had rushed to me..
    “I am almost done please pass me that button” she hurriedly
    passed it to me
    “What happened pretty. Your eyes are all don’t look’ve not been sleeping?”
    I nodded in affirmation..and explained how I met my gown torn
    to pieces..
    “Oluwatoke bisola”
    That’s my name..!
    Clarise hastened me..but I had not weaved the left-hand side of
    the dress
    “There is no time!”
    Clarise snatched it from me and led me to the hall..All eyes
    turned to me..’Mehn I looked horrible but I no be today
    yanch dey back”
    ..I noticed clarise sneaked to inform madam Clara of my
    I told them the type of gown I sewed..the quality and the
    occasion it should be used for..I noticed Jeremy at the other end
    opposite madam Clara.. Vodka was standing beside him..I
    ignored when he tried to signal me to look at his direction..
    “Bukky please bring the gown for inspection?”
    OK nah..see wahala..

    Episode 17

    I hesitated for a was smiling, I could notice her..God
    if this cloth gets into their hand they would surely find out that its
    not completed..
    But then, I took a bold step and handed them the cloth.. The
    man sitting in the middle snatched it and inspected thoroughly..
    He was smiling already.. But half way he frowned..ehen..I knew
    he had seen heart was beating against my chest..he was
    about to say something but madam Clara was quick to get to
    him and whispered something I didn’t understand
    “You are not feeling well?..and that’s the reason you couldn’t
    finish the gown?”
    Eh?..I looked over to madam clara who signalled me to play
    My swollen eyes was a proved the lie was indeed
    “You do look sick..have you taken drugs?”
    He pushed further..I nodded in response..he took a minute and
    then finally spoke out
    “This gown is the best I have witnessed today..even if it wasn’t
    completed..and for the fact that you brought it this far despite
    your ailment..then my dear you deserve even more than a got a distinction”
    I shouted for joy as everyone applauded..I know most of them
    didn’t want to applaud but they had no choice nah..
    I could see vodka as she walked towards me after the
    competition ended..she had that rage in her eyes..i had to
    quicken my steps but she caught up with me and held me back
    with force..
    “Don’tyou think this is over pig!”
    I waited and stared at her for a while..if I reply this girl she might
    tear me to pieces..I attempted to walk past her again but she
    hurried to my front again..
    “Oluwa which kind wahala be dis”
    “Vodka please I don’t want trouble”
    I spoke out and tried one last time to find my way but she
    wouldn’t let me..
    “You think because madam Clara likes you..oh you just wait.. Or
    you think its Jeremy.. I promised I wouldn’t tell you but Jeremy
    and I had a bet that he would win you over within a week!..poor
    cheap seems I lost to him anyway”
    What?!..I acted calm and did what every responsible young lady
    would do..I defended Jeremy..there was no way he would do that
    to me..madam Clara told me he confessed he loved me..and the
    kiss? I let him kiss me. Not because I wanted it..
    Wait, he thinks because I let him kiss me I am cheap..or he got
    me? no..I waved it had dared me to meet her up in
    her room where Jeremy would meet her that night..and it was
    confirmed..I met Jeremy smooching vodka..

    Episode 18

    He turned back in shock!..I couldn’t move from where I had that smile of victory..he approach me slowly
    like I was attempting to run
    “Bukky..bukky..its not what you think..
    I didn’t let him finish..I hurried off..still he ran after me
    ” bukky please listen to me”
    “Jeremy please its not like we are you owe me no
    I tried to convince him to let me be for the moment, to get my
    head straight..
    “Bukky please just let me explain”
    I stopped to face him..I wasn’t too mad about him smooching
    vodka..i just came into the system..himself and vodka had been
    together for a long there is no way he would just love me
    like that..what hurt me so bad was the fact that he made a bet to
    make me look cheap..and so when I stopped, I didn’t stop to
    listen, but to ask him directly
    “Jeremy I dare you to tell me the had a bet with vodka
    He tried to avoid my eyes as I tried to look into tell if he
    would lie..
    “Jeremy answer me!”
    Tears was dropping from my eyes but I cleaned it off
    “Yes..but bukky…”
    I swear I didn’t mean to but the moment I heard his answer, I
    landed a slap on his face
    “I let you kiss could you ..”
    I didn’t know what else to say..he just kept his eyes on me..
    “Please stay away from me..sir”
    I need to go back to being formal..he didn’t stop me anymore as
    I hurried off..I ran to my room and locked myself up..I was
    supposed to cry right?..but I didn’t..I was mad, I was consumed
    with anger..
    I remembered back then in the fast food..and all lizzy did to
    me..and then I remembered her last words
    “Yes my is never fair”
    And yes it isn’ has pushed me too far..the world is not
    where the innocents lives. If you are not ready to bend the rules
    a little.. You would always be used to others will..
    If vodka wants a battle..she has got it..
    I freshened up..i knew vodka would be having her model lessons
    in the lesson hall..well she tore my laced gown right..i stole into
    her room and made sure all the cloths she had on her sewing
    menu was torn beyond repair..
    When I was certain of that..I went straight to the model
    was open for every model..just that vodka made sure no one
    used the hall whenever she was there..that was about to
    I wore the mini laced gown I had sewed..pick my yellow hand
    bag and high laced gold yellow shoe..and with confidence I
    bounced into the is where the battle begins..

    Episode 19

    You know that moment when your enemies see your reaction
    sometimes..they tend to wonder
    “What is this….
    ” sssshhhhh”
    I hushed vodka..placing a finger on her lips as I got close to
    her..she was shocked..I knew she never dreamt in her entire life
    that I would even stand close to her..
    “ are a up to don’t have to scream
    like a Baboo every time you know”
    I heard other models in the hall giggle until she turned to face
    them with that fierce look and they all fell back to form..
    I took a chair to sit and cross my legs..of course it was vodka’s
    favourite chair but who cares?
    “Oh I see what this is about..because you now realise Jeremy can
    never be now result to this cheap act”
    She smiled with a gesture and folded her arms, expecting her
    crew to laugh at what she said, but they didn’t
    “And yet your Jeremy ran after me like a lost does
    that feel..knowing you would always come second?”
    Yes! It got to her. I could see it in her expression.. She attempted
    to say something else but I interrupted her
    “And to you all…
    I was now trying to woo a crew to myself
    ” that continue to live under the shadow of a fellow model, like
    she is your god..don’t you desire your freedom..a chance to be in
    the lime light? Instead of always brushing the shoes of your equal
    model?..The time is now, take your chance and join me”
    Vodka burst out laughing to my oral essay until three models left
    her side to meet me..and then 4 to 6 until one of her bestie
    “jovita” left her side
    “Am sorry vodka but I’m tired of being your house help..” Jovita
    blurted out..
    It was just 3 with her now..she walked up to me with red eyes..I
    didn’t move an inch like she had expected..
    “You don’t know what you just got yourself into pig..I hope you
    are ready?”
    I shook my head like I had pity on her..
    “Unlike you vodka..I don’t fall cheap.. Girls you need to see
    Jeremy pricing a cheap stock yester night!”
    They all burst out laughing..she was hurt and I felt so good..she
    raised her hand to slap me but jovita came to the rescue and
    caught her hand
    “Shhuuuuhhh…please go cry somewhere else”
    I said and turn to the girls..
    “Who is ready to show case!!”
    They a screamed in joy as we all went on, ignoring her
    completely..It took her minutes before she could conserve the
    shame and walk out..
    Eyah sorry sister, just wait to see your precious clothes, all torn
    and used as the new carpet!!
    Within minutes she charged back to the hall
    “Bukky who tore my clothes!”
    I ignored her completely and continue to cheer jovita as she
    practiced her cat-walking lesson
    “Bukky I am talking to you”
    “Vodka please let her be”
    Jeremy quickly ran to him like he was her saviour
    “Jeremy she tore my clothes!”
    Surprisingly he ignored her and walked up to me
    Awwww…that must really hurt
    He stopped facing me..starring into my eyes..I didn’t look away
    this time..I stared back..until he spoke out
    “Bukky we need to talk”
    I knew that was exactly what he wanted and I was quick to
    respond as I attempted to walk out..but he held me back..his
    hand was cold and soft..I knew he sensed the anger I felt..he had
    never seen me in this form before.. I was this sweet innocent
    girl..but its quite different now
    “Please bukky..give me a chance to explain”
    I stopped and looked at the faces of my new crew..they all had
    that beckoning face..
    I went with him but stopped to face vodka while we walked out.
    “See? You would always be second best”
    She frowned but Jeremy was there .she wouldn’t dare raise her
    I was just getting started with her..she would regret the day she
    met bisola
    “Bukky the day you met me, wasn’t the day I first saw you”
    “vodka insisted i do not go for you because you were an ordinary
    cleaner. Which would ruin my reputation.. Myself and vodka were
    in a relationship years back but we broke she made a bet
    that if I don’t win you in a week..I would come back to her”
    He paused for a while to see if I was me, I was
    over attentive self .I signalled him to go I was just looking
    for new info to deal with vodka
    “I swear I didn’t know I would fall for you in the process.. Vodka
    blackmailed me to come to her room that night..threatening to
    tell you about the bet if I refuse to do what she asked”
    Oh so vodka planned all this..I see..
    “Bukky please I am very sorry”
    I looked at him for a while..I could tell he was telling the truth..
    So I forgave him..but to get to that level of intimacy, that would
    take a very very long time. Truth is, I don’t trust the guy to keep
    my heart anymore..
    “I forgive you”.
    I opened my arms and embraced him..I could feel his joy until
    when clarise rushed to both of us, trying to catch her breathe
    ” Jeremy, its madam Clara, she has been rushed to the hospital,
    she collapsed few minutes back”
    Oh no! Not madam Clara please..

    Episode 20

    No this isn’t happening.. I was restless..Jeremy and myself had
    rushed down to “Royin specialist hospital” where she had been
    admitted..what really happened was a mystery we both wished
    we knew..clarise instructed that madam Clara’s situation should
    be a secret for now..until we know what exactly happened..
    Jeremy was glad I was with him..although I initially refuse him to
    touch me..but later on, I sat down with him and brought his head
    down to my chest to rest..I could see he was lost..
    We both slept in the hospital till the next day when the doctor
    appeared to ease our curious minds.
    “Please I need to speak with a family member”
    The doctor spoke out..the look on his face was telling me
    something was not right..
    “Doctor if you have anything to say, you can tell us together.. We
    are all family”
    Hmm I love that..the doctor sighed and held Jeremy by his
    shoulder to ease him a bit before he spoke out
    “Your mother has been harbouring a dangerous cancer..
    Oh my God! I remembered back in school, in biological class,
    leukemia was said to have no cure!
    “Doctor please check again, there is no way I am gonna believe
    Jeremy said, smiling like he was alright, I knew he wasn’t..
    “Jeremy there is still a little hope..she can have a chemotherapy..
    Its a fifty fifty chance. Who knows, many has been cured thru
    Clarise tried to calm Jeremy but he was unsettled. What do I
    do?..madam Clara has been a mother to me, she picked me
    from dust, we can’t just lose her like that..
    I gently placed my hand on his back..he turned back in he was lost.
    “Jeremy please let’s go with the chemotherapy”
    He nodded to my idea, like he had no choice left.
    “I would still need the approval of your mother and the elder son
    as she revealed to me”
    The doctor concluded, tapped Jeremy by his shoulder and went
    An hour later we were allowed to go in to see her..surprisingly
    she had that smile which got me confused, maybe she didn’t
    hear what the doctor said about her ailment..
    “Jeremy its gonna be fine”
    She said in a weak tone..I just stood at the door. I wouldn’t want
    to disturb mother and son..
    “No mom its not. It’s not, did you hear the doctor, he said…
    ” Jeremy?”
    I called out to him, he shouldn’t be putting more stress on the
    woman, she is the one with the ailment..
    “Mum, I am calling David, he has to come home”
    Wait? Which David.. Is it my David? Oh no! Please it shouldn’t be
    the David I know. Please..

    Episode 21(Final)

    There is more than a million David in this world, so it’s not
    certain its the David I know, despite the fact that I tried to
    convince myself with this thought, my mind won’t let me be..
    “It’s David..its not David”
    You can imagine that endless struggle, I remembered my mum
    telling me he had travelled abroad, I didn’t want to ask Jeremy
    about it, he had alot on his plate now..but I couldn’t bear it abeg
    “Jeremy, this David, he travelled abroad?”
    I asked one evening when we were on our way to the hospital
    “Yes, why?”
    My heart missed a bit, he should have said no, at least lie small
    to keep my mind at ease a little..
    “Hmm, he stayed in Ibadan before right?”
    Jeremy frowned at my question, what was he thinking now
    “My brother never stayed in Ibadan”
    Was I disappointed or relieved, I couldn’t tell, maybe it’s not
    David after all..
    “What’s this about? You know my brother?”
    I could read jealousy in his tone..mtcheeeww, what is wrong with
    this one self..
    “No, I thought it was someone I knew”
    We got to the hospital, the doctor was now giving specific
    instructions on how to care for madam Clara
    “On no occasion must she bleed, please it must be avoided at all
    cost, she should consume more of fruits and vegetables”
    Jeremy and myself continued to nod to his instructions.. I missed
    vodka sha, all the plans I had for her had to go on hold for now, I
    just miss the wahala, I had not even set eyes on her for a week
    now, only God knows what she is planning..
    “When is David coming to sign the papers?”
    The doctor questioned..and for some unknown reasons, my heart
    missed again
    “Bukky calm down, its not David”
    I assured myself and breathe down to ease myself..
    “He would be taking the first flight tomorrow”
    We went on to madam Clara, the woman was weak and it scared
    me somehow, she signed the documents for the chemotherapy, I
    could see she had desire to live for her two boys, and I was
    happy for that..
    The next day came, I just don’t know why Jeremy insisted I
    followed him to the airport.. My dear readers, I wasn’t there, and
    I was there, in other words my spirit had gone to the spirit land
    once again..I was just trying to calm myself and put up a smile
    each time Jeremy asks if am ok..
    And it was confirmed..the figure walking towards both of us was
    indeed the one I recognized. I tried to faint but I couldn’t. It was
    David! My David! my story begins
    What happens next?..
    Find out in “Caught in the moment” Season 2

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