Story: The Chosen One Season 1

    written by #horluwap1


    ones upon a time in the early 80s, a small village named GEVAUDAN was situated in the outskirt of Paris.
    The village was peaceful and all the villagers relate with themselves in
    peace and harmony, it was just like a big family living in different houses. They quarrel less and conflict is an enemy to them. But they have one problem which always gives the king and the villagers of gevaudan headache. because of there size and quantity, it was very easy for Paris, being a big country with large troop of armies to ride them, they demand tribute from the people of gevaudan with force and 70% of their first harvest in a year must also be sent to Paris.
    Their king, king davala,was already old and he is a coward, he is not ready to liberate his people from their plight because he
    is afraid it might lead to war which he is sure will wipe
    out their existence on earth.
    After some years, king davala died and his son picked up the mantle.
    The name of the new king was jovacik,
    king jovacik unlike his father was very tough and was not ready to tolerate the Paris again,
    when Paris sent her delegate for her usual tribute, king jovacik refused them and by doing so,
    Paris declared war upon them,
    king jovacik’s council plead with him to reverse his opinion of going
    to war with Paris because it is a lost battle even without fighting it but
    all there pleas fell on king jovacik deaf ear. He is ready to die in war than remain a puppet to the Paris like his father was.
    He knows it is a suicide mission but he is ready to take the risk.
    He gave a verdict that every male of each house in his village ranging from ten years upward must be prepare for the battle, he asked for the supply of many weapons and he wrote to his neighboring villages for help
    but they decline him
    because of their fear for his opposition.
    When all hope was lost, a man appeared out of nowhere,
    he looks like someone who has been staying in a hole for a long time, his cloth was tattered, his hair and beard could be compare to that of an animal,
    because it doesn’t looks like a blade has ever find it way to it before, he is stinking of foul smell, his eyeball was too dark and his fingers were sharp, but through all
    this defect, one could still see that he is very handsome with
    a great height which most
    women always fall for.
    People were surprise when he seeks an audience
    with king jovacik,
    they were very sure that he is not one of them because they
    all recognise there self,
    king jovacik stunned them more by accepting to see the man.
    the second day when the man left the palace, people were unable to recognized him again, his outfit has been changed, his hairs has been kept, except for his sharp nails, the foul smell emanating from him has turned into a cool one that can attract
    the love a princess.
    But the villagers were so intuitive about what could have transpired between the ghost man, as they have named the man, and their king.
    After king jovacik encounter with the strange man, his mood has seem to change drastically,
    from his moody form to a pleasant one.
    The people around him noticed this and asked the reason for the change.
    He explained to them that the stange man is their hope of survival out of the doom which they find there self,
    he explained further that the strange man is a beast, and he has been living inside the forest for more than 1000 years, he is like a guardian of the forest and always help any one he seems to come across in the forest.
    And the good news of it is that he is here to help us win the battle against Paris,
    his councils was very disappointed that their king is so unwise, leaving the fate of their race in the hand of a strange man whom he bearly knows, they asked him why he so much believes in the stranger and
    for what course is the stranger helping them,
    king jovacik replied that he has heard the myth of the beast from his grand father when he was still a kid,
    and the beast changed to his beast form in
    my very eye when i asked for proof of what
    he called himself,
    he changed to a giant which have never seen before and his body was filled with fire, his teeth became sharpen and his finger nails was as long as half a sword, his eye changed colour and his breath was fire like a dragon, king jovacik explained to them and they all listened with awe expression.
    His course of helping us is that he is tired of living alone inside
    the forest and wants to be
    among the humans,
    and as the myth goes, it was said that the beast only harms the wicked but has never hurt the innocent, so i made him a deal that in exchange for his success over the Paris, he will become one of us. The councils found no fault in king jovacik decision and follow suit with him.
    The battle really took a bitter toll on Paris armies, they were being murdered at night at their camp by an animal as they called it and they loosed more than 80% of their men in the animal attack.
    The captain of the Paris army asked for reinforcement but was surprised to only see one of them, he was the only survivor of an animal attack that killed all the reinforcement sent to the captain, the survivor explained that as they were coming to meet the captain and when it was night, they decided to rest and continue their journey the following day,
    but as they were sleeping, an animal which was emanating fire from it body attacked them,
    with speed that they have never seen before,
    it was very fast and before 5 minutes, thousands of soldiers were already
    sleeping in their own blood. The animal only pardon me and asked me to deliver this message to you that if
    you don’t call for retreat
    before nightfall, nobody is going to return home among all of us
    The captain after short deliberation on the matter called his men to retreat and return back to Paris.
    The people of gevaudan were very happy for their victory
    even without holding a sword, they hailed the beast and thanked him for his
    The king kept his promise and allowed the beast to live among them. The beast was given the name THE BEAST OF GEVAUDAN, OUR PROTECTOR.
    King jovacik has an elder sister, his father’s first child.
    She fell in love with the beast of gevaudan and married him. she got pregnant and gave birth to the first ever hybrid, half human half beast. the beast was very happy and he make sure not to fail in his duty of protecting GEVAUDAN from any threat and the people never relent to shower him with praises which later form one of the factor that caused his downfall.
    King jovacik has no hatred for the beast at first but with the continuous been showered on the beast by his subjects, he started growing the
    seed of jealousy and hatred in his heart, how dare they honour him more than i the king, are they referring him to be their real king and me a common throne sitter, all sort of rhetorical questions were bubbling in
    his mind with
    no one to answer them.
    After his sister has given birth for the beast, king jovacik felt his throne been threatened with the birth of the child,
    His dreams were filled with nightmare of
    him losing the throne to the beast, the beast existence itself is a threat to him because the beast is powerful than him.
    After much pondering on how to get rid of the beast,
    he decided to visit one of the sorcerer living in a village far form his, he has heard about the sorcerer’s potency
    from many people.
    After meeting with the sorcerer, king jovacik got his solution to his problem.
    All he just has to do his give the beast a sip of his son’s blood and he will
    become vulnerable to kill.
    On getting back to the palace, he sent words to his sister to come and dine with him, he asked her to come along with her husband and child.
    The sister not knowing his brother’s plan agreed.
    On getting to the palace, king jovacik wife, the queen collected
    the child from them with the excuse of wishing to play with him,
    but she was acting according to her husband instruction, the beast and his wife went to the dining hall while the queen took the child to her husband.
    The king quickly took the child to his room and cut the child’s wrist and collected his blood inside a cup.
    But to his amazement, the child’s wrist healed, but he was happy with this development
    because his parents will not know that he was injured.
    he mixed the blood with some wine and offered it to the beast in the dining hall.
    The beast became very weak after drinking it and
    king jovacik seperated the beast head from his
    body not minding his sister pleading for the life of her husband.
    After killing the beast he decided to also kill the son, not wanting to leave any leverages that might harm him in the future but to his astonishment, the child was nowhere to be found.
    After fruitless searching for the boy, king jovacik also killed his sister.
    After Paris heard that the beast of GEVAUDAN is dead, they wage another war against GEVAUDAN and wipe it existence off the earth.
    Paris took over the village and named it Marseille.

    Episode 1

    Ben, make sure you go to school early and there is some cash on the table, use it for whatever you need, my mom said almost screaming as she made her way for her working place.
    I was already in wonder land, dreaming about having s.x with Becky, the new girl in school, she is the hottest girl in school and this has got her many proposal from different guys including some of my friends and hatred from almost all the gals in school.
    I checked down on my shot and saw that it has already defied the law
    of gravity as my 8 inches d--k, i know my d--k is bigger
    than my age, i am only 16 and from my findings, guys d--k will stop growing at age 21.
    My head was coming in motion as i remembered about the little history Mr Camilla Wisdom, our new teacher also father to Becky, they just relocated to Marseille from Canada, and we were astonished when someone not from our place was telling us the we the native of the town know nothing about.
    He said that Marseille was not our town name before,
    that it was changed to Marseille by Paris when they
    conquer it,
    he said the back in the olden days, supernatural creatures filled this place and according
    to myth,their spirit is still
    around, some of believed him
    while majority doesn’t.
    I don’t know if i believe or not
    but one thing is sure, that history caught my attention.
    I yawn as i got up from my bed, i checked the wall close in my room ticking away it bitterness,
    the time is 7:48 am and I am going to have class by 9.
    i picked up my phone
    and saw two new messages and 1 missed call from Victor,my best friend, i checked his message and he laid today’s plan for me carefully,
    i sighed as i read it finish.
    I got into the bathroom and took a quick shower, i got to the dining table and saw a cup of tea with two slices of bread.
    I devour it,rested for a bit and took my old but still neat bicycle and rode to school.
    My mind was heavy as i rode through the neatly tiled road, I don’t know why but my intuition tells me something pleasant or unpleasant is about
    to happen to me. I packed my bicycle at my normal packing spot and made way to my locker to get my books before heading to class, it was as if all my classmates were asked
    to come early today because i was the last person to enter,
    Victor winked at me as i pass him on my way to my seat,
    I couldn’t replied his wink as I saw Becky grinning at me, tho I have not made known to her that i love her because I am scared that it will make things awkward for me if she reject me. I wave at her and sat on my sit, we were having class for Evolution, history class is in the afternoon, our evolutionary teacher, miss Pokus Susan entered and start her boring speech about how
    the star evolved,
    as the teaching was going on, i felt myself lose consciousness and woke up in another realm,
    every where was dark and very cold, it was like I was in a frosty place,
    I was shivering and the same time scared, I saw a creature walking towards me, flame emanating from its body, i tried to run
    but felt no life in my leg, the creature came to me and called my name in a roaring manner, it lifted me up with one hand,
    i could felt all means to oxygen in my body seizing, the creature opened its mouth and
    fire came out, as I saw that I am dying slowly, I tried to plead with the creature to spare my life, but my voice was not coming forth.
    I tried to shout, please released me but was surprised as I opened my eye and saw all the students in the classroom including miss Susan, unknown to me that I have drifted to sleep and was dreaming, everybody
    heard me screaming as i woke up. anything the problem, miss Susan asked and i replied no.
    I was really ashamed of myself, how could I embarrassed myself like that ,especially with my crush in class.
    As miss Susan end her boring lecture, i couldn’t make any facial contact with Becky and walked outside, the pleasant air outside filled my nostril and my body calmed down.
    Victor came to me and we asked me what was that about?
    ME : it was a nightmare
    VICTOR : in this broad daylight
    ME : yeah, i think it was because of that history that Mr wisdom told us yesterday.
    VICTOR : i told you yesterday that that man only want to gain our attention by forming a story
    ME : but i don’t think so
    VICTOR : think anything you like, did you saw my message?
    ME :yes, but did you not think it is scary breaking into that ancient cemetery just for some treasures that the rumor is not confirmed
    VICTOR : I already knew that you will be scared, but don’t be, nothing is going to happen
    ME : what of MR wisdom history ,he said this place was filled with supernatural creatures before, what if that ancient cemetery is harboring them it
    VICTOR : shhhh!!!, what he said was all fiction
    ME : but people has been trying to get into the cemetery for a long time without success and have promised mom not to get into any trouble because of what she went through the last time we got ourselves in trouble
    VICTOR : we might be lucky to gain entrance into it and we are not going to get into any trouble, just man up and let go .
    Just then Becky came out and asked me if am okay, i think it was because of what happened earlier inside the class
    ME : nothing dear, just had a noonmare
    BECKY : (smile )early in the morning , are you free
    ME : (almost said yes but when I saw the answer yes and you die look no Victor’s face, i replied no
    BECKY : (disappointment was clearly written on her face ) alright, see you later
    ME : ( i almost called her back when I saw that her killer a-s as she left us and was swaying it with great flow ) going to that cemetery better worth it or else am gonna f--k your a-s today
    VICTOR : (laugh wildly make sure you apply ointment when you do.
    We both laughed as we got our bicycle from the parking spot.
    After 30 minutes of riding, we could see the old cemetery, its looks like it has been here for a very long time, maybe hundreds or thousands of year ago, the structure was still intact but old , I don’t know why it is called cemetery when its outer structure looks like a tomb .
    we packed our bicycles and walked towards its entrance, on getting nearer, i knew it was a fruitless adventure, the entrance was covered by a gigantic slab which I’m sure 20 giant cannot pull talk less of two skinny college guys. I asked Victor to let us go but he insisted that we take a closer look, just then my eye a sign at the left side of the entrance, it is the shape of palm, it was well mould.
    I asked Victor to place his palm in it maybe it is the key to opening it, he did so but nothing happened, i decided to also try it, i was surprised that my hand fit in as if it was the size of my palm that was used in
    moulding it, after placing my palm in it, nothing happened, but when I tried to remove my hand, it
    was not coming out, I began to panic and called for Victor help, just then the cemetery became awfully silent, wind started blowing from every corner of the cemetery, every where started shaking, I could see Victor running away while I was unable to remove my hand,
    I was already wetting my pant when I felt a bite on my palm , it was like a snake bite, I could feel that my body was stiffening,
    i was losing consciousness little by little, I could hear all the metal and every lock inside the tomb unlocking, after losing hope, my palm released from the palm shape keyhole.
    Before I could take a step away from there, I fell down and everything blacked out

    Episode 2

    I was losing consciousness little by little, I could hear all the metal and every lock inside the tomb unlocking, after losing hope, my palm released from the palm shape keyhole.
    Before I could take a step away from there, I fell down and everything blacked out.
    when I opened my eye, I was on a bed, I was surprised how a cemetery turned to a bed, I checked by my side and saw my
    mom sleeping beside me, I looked around and saw that I was inside an hospital,
    how did I got here was the first question
    that I asked myself, I saw my mom
    waking up and quickly tried to close my eye but it was too late as she has already know that have woken up,
    she called my name gently as she always do anytime she is worried about me, I answered with guilt in my heart, I knew that she will be damned worried about me.
    MOM : welcome around Ben (trying to hide the tear drop trying to drop from her eye )
    ME : I couldn’t say anything, I just nodded my head to show that am listening to her.
    MOM : it has been up to a week that you have been admitted here when we came to pick you from the cemetery
    ME : what the hell, (i almost screamed ) I couldn’t believe what am hearing, how did you know that I was there (i asked faintly )
    MOM : Victor called me and I in turn called the ambulance because he said you passed out
    ME : am sorry mum, it was unintentional,i didn’t mean to put you through this
    MOM : it’s okay son, we will talk it out when we get home
    ME : what of dad?
    MOM : you know he is on a mission in another country, but have called him and he promised to come home soon
    ME : on a mission (i exclaimed) on a mission or he is in the midst of his mistresses dining and wining with them (I said to myself, tho my dad is a private investigator and most of the time, he is always away, but am very sure that he has a lot of mistress, because
    that what can explain him leaving me and my mom sometimes for two months and sometimes more than that, I don’t even miss him ,he is just like a non existing person to me, as long as i gat my mom, I care for nothing less ) okay mom
    MOM : I will go and inform the doctor that you are now awake so that he can perform some test on you which he insist you must be awake before he can do so.
    ME : okay mom
    MUM : (she pecked me on my forehead and head out of my ward )
    The memory of that day came flooding my memory, what was that about, i asked myself, i remembered the bite on my hand and checked it, I saw that nothing
    appeared on it but I felt something moving inside my body, I felt the urge to vomit and quickly head into the restroom inside my Ward, I opened the closet and vomit something undescribable inside it,
    I felt as if my stomach is on fire as I was vomiting it, it was not stopping and I couldn’t control it, after some time, it stopped and i felt a little bit relieved, I washed my mouth and tried to flush the closet, but to
    my utmost
    surprise, nothing was inside it.
    Was I hallucinating, or could it be the effect of what happened at the cemetery,
    I stand up and tried to move out of the restroom,
    just then, my eye caught the mirror placed on the wall of the restroom, my eye, my eye, my eye has different colour, it was reddishly dark, I tried to put my hands on my face, that was when I noticed that my finger nails is now trice of it size and sharper, I don’t know how but I was able to hear the voice of my mom walking towards my ward with the voice of a man which I conclude must be the doctor, as the footstep and voice was getting nearer, I quickly shut the door of the restroom. not wanting to be discovered in my new form.
    I checked the mirror again to be sure if it is not that am hallucinating, but my eye was still like that and my finger nails is now longer again, what is happening to me, I was not able to answer my question when I heard a knock on the door
    MOM : Ben are you alright?
    ME : (trying to sound normal ) yes mum (but it was like a little roaring )
    MOM : (panicking ) are you sure you are alright son??
    ME : ( afraid that I might sound like before again, I moved to the water closet and flushed to make it seems like I was attending the nature’s business and talked amidst the water gushing down into the water closet )
    in a muffled voice, I am fine mom.
    MOM : be quick with what you are doing, the doctor is here to see you
    ME : (silent, I could here their footsteps withdrawing from the entrance of the restroom, I sigh a sigh of relief and checked the mirror again, I noticed that I was transforming into something I can’t explain, my eye view was changing from normal to red, everything I was seeing is red,
    my face structure was changing and air was coming out from God knows where on my face, my teeth was changing, my height too started changing, I was hearing and perceiving many things at the same time, my head began to spin and I passed out.
    I woke up and saw no one beside me, but I found myself on the hospital bed again,
    just then I heard the door opened and I saw Becky and Victor,
    Becky was just too hot, her skimpy red gown made her to look like a goddess, I felt like having her right there, I don’t know where those urge were coming from but I was able to control with my the anger I channelled towards Victor for escaping by himself, but I think he later came back because my mom said he was the one that called her.
    VICTOR : what up dude
    ME : ( looked at him with the eye of say another thing and I will shove your head into your a-s )
    how are you Becky? (i said without replying Victor )
    VICTOR : (not giving Becky chance to answer me ) I am very sorry dude, I was very scared, that was why I ran, I thought everywhere was going to collapsed as the ground started shaking, but I still came back for you
    ME : (.with anger clearly visible on my face ) to take my corpse home right? you ran away to save your sorry a-s when you were the one that lure me into that danger in the first place ( I have never felt angry like this before and I don’t know why I was unable to control my anger, I felt like slashing him there and eat all his intestine in order to appeal to myself for what he did )
    VICTOR : don’t take it personal Ben, you would have done the same if you were in my position that day.
    ME : (that statement pulled the trigger in me because I am sure that I will not leave him to die there if I was in his position, all my sense of thinking got locked up and I could feel myself transforming, my finger nails was as sharp as a sword and I was ready to slash him into two.
    As I stood up to attack him

    Episode 3

    My finger nails was as sharp as a sword and I was ready to slash him into two.
    As I stood up to attack him, the power system off, all the electronic gadgets in the hospital went off, I think Becky and Victor did not see me transformed, I could see clearly with my red eye, suddenly I felt Becky hugging like someone in need of protection, I also saw Victor running into
    the restroom, I couldn’t understand what was happening, I asked Becky why they were scared.
    Becky : from the day you have been admitted here, an animal has been on rampage, some people said it is a beast, and it is faster,and whenever it is going to attack or it is around, the energy supply of that place will switch off
    ME : how is that possible?
    BECKY : I think the animal always tampered with the power supply before attacking
    ME : (I became scared on hearing this, could this be that I was the one that unlock the beast, my mind was occupied with different thought, just then, I heard people screaming in the hospital, I could feel my sense of hearing and smelling heightening, my nostril was filled with different types of blood, I could feel the fear of different people,
    then I heard the animal roar, the roaring was so hectic that it shaked the hospital to it foundation, I was also affected by the roaring because I could feel myself transforming fast,
    I did not know when I pushed Becky away from me and rushed outside, I was been attracted by an
    unknown force to the beast, I have changed completely, my claws was very sharp, I could feel the hospital cloth on my body shredding down, my body was on flame, I could feel my height changing tho I was not that tall but I could feel the change in height.
    people I came across were running away from me, some even fainted, my urge to kill was increasing, I didn’t know how but when I tried to run, it was as if I disappeared,I found myself on the rooftop I almost run back when I saw the beast staring at me with a blood shot eye.
    It roared loudly and it almost pushed me down the rooftop, I steadied myself to avoid falling down the 23 storey building structure.
    the beast was very tall and muscular unlike me, real fire was coming out of its body,
    its talked to me in a thunder like voice.
    BEAST : at last we meet
    ME : (surprised ) what do you mean by that? (I sounded like a baby lion )
    BEAST : you are the beginning of this and you must be the end
    ME : what do you mean?
    BEAST : you will understand on the way to hade.
    It charged at me with great speed roaring, I roared back and also charged at it. It was like a cat fighting a tiger, it was series of beating and smashing, when I was lying completely weak on the floor, it came to me and tried to deep it claw into my heart, seeing this, I quickly roll to the other side and channelled all my strength into my fist, I landed it a punch I will tagged Superman punch, I knew it affect it as it fell down, but I was surprised as it quickly got up, I tried to run away but
    my speed was like that of a snail compared to the beast own, it got to me fast and strangled me lifting me up with a single hand,
    my leg was dangling in the air and I could feel myself losing consciousness, it deep it claw into the downward side of my belly, I screamed very loud and felt fire going inside me, but I think the beast made a mistake
    as it action changed my body system, I could feel all sorts of different power going inside me, my size increased tho it was not up to the beast size, my claws grew longer and
    sharper than before, little fire was emanating from my body.
    The beast on seeing this quickly tried to remove my heart but
    I stopped it with all my strength, and released myself from
    its hold and slash it face with my claw.
    It got healed quickly and and we start our face off afresh.
    I knew with my strength now, I have a chance against it. My roaring
    was now sounding a little bit matured.
    It tried to attacked me again but I dodge it, I punched it on the face, I jumped on it and hooked it on his neck, I was punching
    it on his head, and it was trying to free itself from my hold, I got distracted when I heard footstep of people coming to the rooftop
    and I could perceive the smell
    of my mom and Becky among the people coming.
    The beast with speed shoved me down and I could see myself falling down the 23 storey building with no hope of been rescued.

    Episode 4

    ???Flashback To The Early 80s???
    PRINCESS OLIVIA : (with tears in her eye )please don’t do it Jovacik, please don’t kill him, he has done nothing wrong to deserve this.
    BEAST OF GEVAUDAN : (growl softly, he is very weak because of the contents he drank from the cup) Olivia, please escape with Ben, I will be alright.
    JOVACIK : ( holding the sword to the beast head ) he has done many things wrong sister and he doesn’t deserve to live, he thinks he cannot be killed but I am the king and there is nothing I can’t do
    PRINCESS OLIVIA : (trying to free herself from the hold of the two soldiers restraining her ) how can you be an ingrate Jovacik, when we were in time of trouble he helped us and he has always been doing so ever since then (she said with tears in her eye )
    BEAST OF GEVAUDAN : (using all the strength in him, he roar wildly to speak ) get away from here Olivia, escape now ,Ben is already in safe hands now, just make sure you escape.
    Jovacik : what do you mean by Ben is already in safe hands ( called one of his guards to go and bring the boy )
    GAURD : (running back after confirming the situation ) I couldn’t locate him my lord, and I met your wife and some of the guards been slaughtered on the floor sir.
    Jovacik : ( ran out of the dining room and came back with blood thirsty eye ) he picked the sword and walked towards the beast , what did u do ( he screamed )
    BEAST OF GEVAUDAN : (laughing wildly with pain written all over his face ) I knew that this was going to happen and I have my own backup plan in place to save my son, ( he chanted some spells and spilled blood from his mouth ) my son because of what he is cannot grow from infancy till he is 250 years old, after that he will start developing like normal kids do and after that he will become a real hybrid when he is of age, I knew that I am not going to last up to that time, that was why I have already seeked a lifeline for my son,
    ??? went down the memory lane to when he attacked the Paris army ???
    Captain Patrick was laying the attack plan to some of his comrade in his tent, all of a sudden they heard screaming from outside their tent, soldiers were seen running helter skelter to save their lives, many
    were already dead on the floor and all the other tent there has been set ablazed by something they couldn’t see, it was very fast and they couldn’t attack it,
    all they were seeing was fire running in a speed that they were surprised of.
    captain Patrick came out with his other comrades to fight the invisible animal killing them,
    within a flash, all the comrades beside him were already dead,
    the beast appear to him and told him
    to take his remaining armies and get
    out of there or else he is going to kill all of them. captain Patrick promised to leave and the beast left them.
    But instead of captain Patrick to retreat, he sent for reinforcement but was surprised that all of them died and only one survived
    with a the same message from the beast.
    He knew he was already doomed because he has already been warned that if he does not leave there, the beast is going to come back to kill them,and the killing of his reinforcement means that
    the beast was aware of his plan.
    He quickly ordered his remaining men
    to retreat and made their way back to Paris.
    On their way back to Paris, the beast appeared to captain Patrick at night and threatened to kill him because he didn’t count his warning important. The captain begged for his life and promise to always obey his command till he die.
    The beast accepted his offer and they became friend afterward.
    After 6 months of being friends with the captain, the beast went to seek for his friend help
    BEAST : I know that my end is coming soon, I can feel it and I think it is going to come from the hand of Jovacik.
    PATRICK : if you are sure of what you are saying, why can’t you leave GEVAUDAN and come and leave with me in Paris.
    BEAST : It a tempting offer but I have already taken GEVAUDAN to be my home and I can’t leave there, I am ready to die there but I fear for the safety of my wife and child, can I entrust their safety to you?
    PATRICK : yes you can friend ,I will be honoured to.
    BEAST : but taking my son will means many of your generation will have to serve him
    PATRICK : why
    BEAST : he will not change from a baby till he is 250 years old and that means many of your generation would have died, so it must be a generational obligation
    PATRICK : (sighed heavily ) it is not going to be easy but I will try my best to make he is safe
    BEAST : I owe you much friend, thank you ,just give me some of your trust worthy men that will stay undercover with me in GEVAUDAN it is time for my time to pass.
    PATRICK : okay friend, I will send them to you when I get back to Paris
    BEAST : and after you heard of my demise, I want you to take over GEVAUDAN, there will be another beast there but it will only be able to change at night ,so you must attack in the afternoon, after conquering GEVAUDAN, I want you to make sure Ben stays there no matter the condition and make sure you lock Jovacik in the mystic tomb in GEVAUDAN so that he can suffer inside it for eternal
    PATRICK : I will try my best to fulfill your wish.
    ???? Back to Jovacik palace????
    BEAST : as we speak now, Ben is already out of GEVAUDAN and I am sure that you won’t harm your sister and the spell I cast before will have it way when I die.
    JOVACIK : (wield the sword and separated the beast head from his body, but as he did this some drop of the Beast blood started floating on the air and entered into Jovacik’s mouth, his eye changed colour at once and he collapsed ) he woke up at night and he was already a Beast, he was very angry at this, all his servant on seeing their king
    in an animal form ran for their life, but he still caught some and killed them.
    When it was morning, he changed back to his normal form, he was very angry with this and because of it killed his sister, he later
    seeked the sorcerer that helped him to
    killed the beast, the sorcerer told him that he has to eat the Beast son’s heart
    in order for him to be cured of the curse.
    captain Patrick on hearing about the Beast demise, waged war against GEVAUDAN in the morning and conquered it, he locked king Jovacik inside the tomb the Beast told him about and the king of Paris gave GEVAUDAN to captain Patrick upon his request

    Episode 5

    The beast with speed shoved me down and I could see myself falling down the 23 storey building with no hope of been rescued.
    I was on free ride on the air, I was struggling for survival as I was falling down, suddenly
    I felt my claw scraping the brick,
    I got an idea there, with much force and pain I insert my claws into the brick but it didn’t stop me from falling, it was just destroying the brick and making pattern on it, suddenly I stopped falling, I think my claws got to a metallic part so it was not able to penetrate it, I was clinging freely on the hospital brick, meanwhile, as I was falling before, I closed my eye, I did that so that I won’t be conscious of when I die, on the new development I opened my eye and saw that I was already on the 7th floor,
    I didn’t know why I didn’t fainted, because if it was my normal self, from the point where I fell, I would have passed out.
    As I was feeling happy that I’m not going to die again, I think the change in my mood and emotion transformed me back to normal human. it was just like a dream as my claws turn to normal finger nails and released it grip from where I was clinging to, all I knew was that I was already on the floor.
    Maybe it was because I was not far from the floor again, I did not die but sustain a little injury which healed before I could feel it.
    I was naked and my body is black, it was as if I was painted black, and the painter really did a good work on my white skin because no traces of my white skin could be located.
    Nobody even notice me because they all busy running around to save their sorry asses. I remembered my mom and Becky, they were coming to the rooftop before I fell down, I began to panic at once, my mind was filled with many unanswered questions, could the Beast have hurt them, are they safe, hope they didn’t see me fighting with the beast.
    The energy supply of the hospital is still out so it will be easy for me to get to my ward without people seeing me naked, I entered the hospital and head to the elevator but it wasn’t working due to the disruption in the power supply. I remembered how it was like I disappear to the roof top earlier, I didn’t know how to do it but I was willing to try. I moved down to the staircase and zero mind to run, it didn’t work as I didn’t take a step away from there, then I decided to run with full speed, I very fast that I was not able to control the speed when I came to an intersection on the stairs and hit my air hard on the wall. I thought I was going to faint but was surprised that nothing happened to me, been a beast is really good, I am now superior to small injuries, I don’t know if it is so to crucial injuries too.
    I smile as I try it again and in a second I was in my ward, I sighed a sigh of relief as my ward was empty, there was no one in, I went into the bathroom and quickly wash myself wear another hospital gown which was beside my bed.
    I began to panic as I got to the rooftop and found no one there, I saw some traces of blood on the floor, my mind became blank as all sorts of thought was trying to crawl into it but I was waving it off.
    My body began to tremble and fear overcome male soul, My mom is the only good thing in my life, what will happen to me if I lose her, what will my fate become, how will I live depending on that animal that calls himself my father, ever from my birth, he has never for ones care for me. My mom is my world and losing her means my world will shattered and I will find myself in a pit which I don’t think I will be able to get out of.
    I started surveying the rooftop to see if I will get a clue of what happened there.
    But it was fruitless.
    My body suddenly became heavy and it seems impossible for my leg to carry it again, I shrugged down to my ward and I was hearing some voice inside my ward ,on getting near, I could decipher clearly that of my mom and Becky,
    My happiness knows no bound as I dash into the ward.
    They were so happy to see me, it was as if some burdens were lifted from my mom’s body
    MOM : what happened son?
    ME : (quickly search through my lying box to come up with a good one) nothing serious mom, I was afraid when Becky told me about the Beast and I panic, I ran outside to find somewhere secure to hide.
    BECKY : (her mood shows that she was disappointed in me ) so you escaped all by yourself and left me here
    ME : I’m sorry, my mind kinda went blank then, I came back for you but yup were not here again
    BECKY : I don’t want to hear your silly excuse, and you have the gut to be angry with Victor, you are much worse than him.
    ME : (I knew that I have made the wrong picking of lie inside my lying box and I think I am going to lose my crush because of it ) I sorry Becky, I think it was because of the trauma I suffered before I was admitted and I love you more than to desert you and run away to save myself all by myself ( oh s--t, my mouth has worked without the intervention of my brain, what I have beimg keeping since all these days, in a second, my mouth betrayed and snitched on me by saying it, I could see the surprised expression on my mom’s and Becky’s face )
    no, I I I mean that I no, it was ( I was known for my smooth dialogue but I suddenly became a stammer )
    BECKY : you meant that you love me
    ME : no I do, I mean yes, I do
    BECKY : ( she moved closer to me and kissed me deeply)
    MOM : ( she cleared her throat in order to remind us of her present ) I will go and get the doctor ( she smiled at me as she made her way out and I smiled back )
    My mom is my best pal, my partner in crime, she knows all the girls that am boning, and because she always want to monitor, she asked never to bleep any girl outside except our house, I don’t keep anything about my love life from her and she knew of my knew of my feelings for Becky.
    The kissing became more intense as mom left us, Becky was a pro in kissing not like my ex Jason, as she was kissing me,her hand was already in my short, my d--k was already at full length, I assisted her to pull her gown off, she was wearing only a pink bra and panty, I unhooked her bra to release her sumptuous big but firm b----t, I broke the kiss and started sucking her b----t, I was sucking the right part and was pinching the second’s n----e , she was moaning loud as I perform my art on her, I was switching the two b----t at interval, I deep my hand inside her wet pant, she in neat there, I think she shave regularly, I was massaging her p---y lip and was sucking her b----t at the same time, this time, her moaning even became more intense.
    I inserted my f--k you finger into her warm p---y and she grip me tight, she is very tight,I was fking her slowly with my finger and was still sucking her b----t. after some time I double the finger and this changed her moaning to screaming, I feared that we might be disturbing other patients with our act and I asked her to lower her voice, she put the pillow on the bed in her mouth in order to curb the noise, after finger f-----g her for 5 minutes, I felt her p---y tightened onto my fingers as she o----m, I thought the show has ended when she got up after finishing her first wave of o----m.
    But I was wrong as she brought out my d--k from my short and started sucking it, she was also a pro at this unlike Jason, she was sucking and playing with my balls, it was like a payback for what I also did. I could feel the pressure rising in my ball but it took a negative turn on me as I felt myself transforming, my claws started growing and I could feel the change on my face, she didn’t know because her head was busy bubbling up down my s---t.
    My mind drifted away from the pleasure I was feeling to death.
    The urge to kill blasted my mind like an atomic bomb and I don’t think there is anything that is going to stop me from killing my love.

    Episode 6

    I remembered how I changed when I was clinging to the wall when I was falling before, I quickly scrutinized through all my memories trying to find happy memories that will change my emotions, I knew the right place to go is either to my mom’s or some of my ex, after thorough searching, I was able to get a memory of when I was firstly in love, that was with my mom, I didn’t know that it
    is not normal to date ones mom, I was 8 years old then, I brought a flower and proposed to her, she was very surprised but didn’t reject me nor accept me, instead she went out on a date with me. She treated me like her love, we went to different places and played different games like lovers.
    When we got home that night, she sat me down and explained my flaws to me in a jovial manner which we laughed about.
    On remembering this, I was able to controlled myself ,
    Lost in my thought,I did not even know what was going on around me again, I think Becky noticed the change in my mood and stopped what she was doing.
    BECKY : what is wrong with you?
    ME : (noticed that my d--k was already half limped ) am sorry, just that I’m weak, you know that am still recovering
    BECKY : okay, I think I should go now, my dad would have already been worried, ( dressed up and pecked me ) see you later
    ME : okay (she open the door and went out, I could hear her bidding my mom goodbye. After some minutes, my mom entered )
    MOM : (she gave me that naughty sort of face ) your friend has gone home
    ME : yes mom, I heard her bidding you bye
    MOM : (surprised,but tried to hide it ) okay, I will go and get the doctor now so that he can all the check up you need
    ME : ( afraid that the doctor might discover that am not a human again ) don’t do that mom, I am already healthy, just get me discharged and let go home
    MOM : am afraid I can’t do that, you still need some rest and you have to do the check up, I’m not ready to take the chance based on what you are saying, I’m going to get the doctor
    ME : please mom,I have to go to school tomorrow, you know that’ve missed a lot
    MOM : (shaking her head ) no no no
    ME : (start picking my stuffs,wore my shoe and was heading towards the door )
    MOM : what are you doing Ben?
    ME : can you not tell mom, I’m going home, you can inform the doctor that’ve discharged myself (I said not waiting for her reply as I opened the door and head out, I smiled as I was going home )
    MOM : Ben wait, don’t go it is already late,that boy always behave as he likes (she smirks as she leaves the Ward ).
    I got home and head straight to my room, I fell down to the bed feeling exhausted, all the events that has happened ever since the cemetery day till now, I was paralysed with guilt because I don’t like keeping secrets from my mom and thinking that I just tried to kill Becky made my heart squirmed in more pain .
    but what could that beast mean that it all started with me, I have never had any encounter with an animal before and I am not a beast before not until I went to that cemetery with Victor and got bitten by god knows what and I think it is because of that bite that I turn to a beast,
    it might be that because I was the one that unlocked it from the cemetery,
    my mind was clouded with different types of thought and I didn’t know when I fell asleep.
    I woke up when I felt a hand moving in my body, who could it be,
    I felt calm when I woke up and saw that it was my mom,
    she looks like she has been there for a long time and I could see traces of tears on her eye tho she tried to quickly clean it when she saw that I’ve woken up.
    ME : what are you doing here mom?
    MOM : it’s already morning and am here to wake you up for school
    ME : ( I knew that she was lying because she supposed be a fan of don’t go anywhere today and make sure you rest ,I don’t feel like pestering her or building up a conversation with her this morning so I pretend to believe her )okay mom thanks, ( I stretched my hand to the normal place I always put it but couldn’t locate it ,it was then that I remembered it might have got missing during the event in the cemetery
    MOM : you looking for something ?
    ME : yeah, I think I’ve lost my phone
    MOM : (stretching my phone towards me ) Victor gave it to me
    ME : ( collect it from me ) thanks mom
    MOM : I think Victor owns that appreciation
    ME : whatever (I said disgustingly )
    MOM : I think it time you part with past and move on with future, you know I am not in support of your friendship but I don’t think you should part with him because of that mistake,it will
    ME : okay I will try ( I said intercepting her moral speech, I always try to avoid having that speech with my mom, we can spend the whole day talking ) I want to take my bath
    MOM : okay,, see you when you ready for school, and I even think you should rest today and go tomorrow
    ME : (smiling to myself, I did not reply her as I head to the bathroom)
    After finishing bathing, I got ready for school, some moral talk from mom, play safe and so on, I was on the tiled road on my bicycle riding to school as I think how my day is gonna be today at school without any plans

    Episode 7

    I smiled as I rode my bicycle to the parking spot, I saw Victor there, he tried to start a conversation with me but I waved him off and head towards my locker to get my books, as I inserted my combo and was about to pick my book, everything awfully went silent, nobody was in the corridor again,
    I was perplexed by this and shut my locker,
    how could everybody disappeared in just a second,
    still thinking about what could have happened, the school started shaking as if an earthquake is about to occur, after that, I heard the beast roar,
    I think that was the reason everyone evacuated the school,
    I tried to change but find it impossible to do so, I think I will have to try and learn how to control it later but now I’ve to fight that beast.
    I heard it roared again and and I follow the wave of the voice to trace it, after moving for some minutes, I was out on the street,
    I kept on moving,the street was laced with dead people’s bodies. The atmosphere was filled with the smell of blood.
    I could fill my body changing inside but not yet outside.
    After walking for some length again, I saw the beast on the other side of the road killing another person, I got angry and tried to go and meet it and trying to change outward at the same time but was stopped by someone who dragged me back.
    I was surprised to see Becky, I looked at my front and saw people walking up and down the street, all the dead bodies were no where to be found again.
    I checked the other side of the road and the beast was no longer there again,that was when it occurred to me that I’ve been hallucinating since and almost collided with an oncoming truck
    BECKY : what are you trying to do, are you trying to get yourself killed ?
    ME : (trying to adapt with the ongoing situation ) no, I was just, just going to to, there (stammering )
    BECKY : how did you got discharged when you are still sick, I think I need to call Mrs Marseillaise
    ME : please don’t call my mom, I’m fine, I didn’t see the truck coming and how did you know that I was here (trying to change the topic )
    BECKY : I saw you coming out of the school and I was calling you but it looks like you were engrossed with where you were going and didn’t notice me, so I followed you. But where were you going
    ME : ( scratching my head and searching through my lie box in order to locate the lie that will hit her hard and blow her off her feet, but unfortunately I couldn’t get it )erghm, I was going to get a gift for you but didn’t notice that oncoming truck, thank god for sending you my guardian angel to save me
    BECKY : (smiling sheepishly ) so what did you want to get me?
    ME : (checked my wristwatch and gasped) we are already late for lecture, let run back to school, I don’t want your dad to think I’m taking him for granted because I’m dating you
    BECKY also check her wristwatch and gasp too ) let run back to school.
    I held her hand as we hastened our step to school.
    We met some students outside mostly seniors, it was fun watching their surprised expression because of the way Becky and I held hands, I love the expression on Dandy’s face most, he is my senior and he loves bullying me, I knew that he is one of the students that has made advances towards Becky. I hate Dandy with passion because last year when a girl named Bolina started our school, she was the hottest girl in school then, she attracted many suitors like Becky did and Dandy was one of them, I was very closed with Bolina but we were not dating, many has the impression that we were dating.
    Dandy and his crew(friends) assaulted me and promised me worse if I don’t leave Bolina.
    I didn’t have any choice than to do so then but as fate would have it, Bolina did not use up to a month before she left us.
    Back then, I was scared because I
    don’t have a chance but now with my new abilities, I am ready to take my revenge.
    I know that he will try to scare me off again, he was already giving me the I will kill you look. I smile as we made our way into our lecture room.
    As I was trying to listen attentively in class, I was hearing everything that every students were saying. I’ve to stop paying attention in order to stop it.
    After the class, I went to the field to relax my mind, tho the reason I went was to give Dandy the chance to attack me .
    After waiting for like 15 minutes without seeing Dandy, I decided to leave, I haven’t taken up to three steps when I saw him coming with his friends, I smiled as I saw him, it payback time.
    .I saw him coming towards my place and I ran a to a secluded area where people will not find us easily, I slowed down my pace when I saw that I was already at a good site
    DANDY : where are you running to little guy
    ME : you can ask the wretched insurance guy that is bleeping your mom because your dad always make her feel bored
    DANDY : (very angry at my reply but tried to cover it with a fake smile ) looks like you have some guts now, what is going on between you and BECKY?
    ME : we are dating
    DANDY : you are doing what?
    ME : we are dating, you gat any prob with that?
    DANDY : I want you to stop your relationship with her
    ME : and if I don’t
    DANDY : I will show you the road to hade
    ME : show that to the b---h you have as mom
    he couldn’t keep his anger again and charged at me, he tried to punch me but I held his hand and he tried to release himself from my hold but it was impossible for him, he motioned his two friends to attack me but just a punch from my
    left hand they passed out ,
    Dandy on seeing this used his second hand to brought out a small knife, he has cut me on my face before I knew that he has knife with him.
    I released my hold on him, I use my finger tip to feel the place I was cut, my fingers touch some drop of the blood, on seeing it, I transformed very quickly, Dandy on seeing this tried to shook me again, I strangled his neck and raise him up , I deep my claws into his chest and I felt my claws touching his heart,
    As I looked at my front, I saw Mr Wisdom looking at me

    Episode 8

    As I looked at my front, I saw Mr Wisdom looking at me,I was very scared that I’ve been discovered, I think the triggered in my fear can also change me back to my normal form, because i changed back to human to at once, I watch as Dandy groaned in pain on the floor, guilty feelings came rushing at me, I was surprised when Mr wisdom came to me instead of running, he moved closer to Dandy who looks like he is going to die soon.
    He told me to cut myself and drop some of my blood on Dandy’s injury, I don’t know if I should believe him or not,
    but I don’t have another choice here or I am going to become a murder, and seeing how calm Mr Wisdom is, it looks like he knows what he is doing.
    I picked the knife which Dandy use to attack me to cut myself on my wrist, I made sure I put it on his injured part and to my utmost surprise, the injury disappeared, and his flesh closed up. It was a wonder to me. But how did Mr Wisdom knew about this. 2 minutes later Dandy woke up and I think his brush with death made him lost the memory what transpired between the two of us.
    Tho he was surprised to see his cloth filled with blood and luckily for me my wrist has not healed,he thought it was my blood, seeing that Mr Wisdom was there with us, he stood up and took to his heel leaving his two sleeping friends behind.
    I think Mr Wisdom knew that I’ve a lot of questions I want to ask him as he motioned that we head to his office so that we can talk well.
    When we got to his office, I sat on one of the two visitor chairs while he sat on his table facing me.
    we sat there for like 5 minutes waiting for someone to start the discussion, seeing that he is not ready to bring the topic up, I did
    ME : why were you not scared of me, how did you know how to do that, I mean healing with my blood, did you know what I am, how
    MR WISDOM : (intercepting me ) easy boy, one question at a time.
    ME : (cooling my nerve ) did you know that I am not human?
    MR WISDOM : yes
    ME : how and since when?
    MR WISDOM : I knew today and I’ve read about many supernatural creatures and seeing how you were behaving in my class today, I wasn’t sure if I am right, but my gut told me that you are, I have a beastiary collection and according to the book, you were exhibiting some futures of one of the beast in it, I mean a baby one.( he stretch his hand to get a big book on his table and handed it over to me ) everything about supernatural creatures, the power they exhibit, and how to control it is inside here
    ME : (collecting the book from him) does Becky also know about supernatural creatures
    MR WISDOM : she doesn’t know
    ME : (felt a bit relaxed ) but why did you believe that supernatural creatures really exist and why have you taken keen interest in it
    MR WISDOM : there are two reasons for it, firstly, am a history teacher and I’ve came across many history that am sure cannot occur ordinarily, and my main reason for believing it existed was the influence of my grand guy, he loves telling me folktales based on beastiary collection when I was still young, he instilled into me the belief that dreadful creatures walks this earth with us, and with my research, I’ve been able to confirm it
    ME : wow, do you know that apart from me, there is another supernatural creature in Marseille,
    MR WISDOM : yes, he escaped from ancient cemetery and can only transform at night
    ME : (i was amazed by this guy knowledge about beast ) by he, you mean he is a guy
    MR WISDOM : yes, his story is inside that big book in your hand, he is jovacik by name and he has spent more than 250 years on earth
    ME : why was he locked up ?
    MR WISDOM : the book didn’t cover that aspect, but I already have plans on how to destroy it once and for all
    ME : (that statement “destroy ” got my attention ) how?
    MR WISDOM : I will fill you in later ,I think my daughter is looking for you, (he said looking outside through his window, I checked the window too and saw Becky standing near a sculpture there with a worried look )
    ME : Okay, I will call you
    MR WISDOM : yeah, and Ben, be sure that your secret is safe with me and you can trust me
    ME : sure
    I left his office and head out to meet Becky,
    she was happy when she saw me
    BECKY : I thought you left me to go home by yourself
    ME : I can never do that, I was in your dad’s office
    BECKY :doing what?
    ME : telling him about us (i lied )
    BECKY : I’ve told him before and he was cool with it
    ME : (i was very surprised, how can a father accept a beast that lack control as his girl’s guy ) he also told me that, he just told me to make sure I great you right
    BECKY : (blushing ) let hangout at your place tonight
    ME : (I was very happy at her statement but tried to concealed it pretending as if I was thinking about it ) I think I will be less busy then, sure, you can come by eight.
    BECKY : (very happy with my reply pecked me and bid me bye ) see you then.
    I rode home very happy, to hell with Victor and his everyday plan, my life is even more exciting without him, I thought to myself as I rode my bicycle enjoying the pleasant smell the atmosphere is offering me.
    I inserted the door’s password and enter with the beastiary book in my hand.
    I entered my room and sat on my bed, and started going through the book, it has a lot of different drawings of different creatures with their names on it. I got to a page and saw the type of beast I resemble when I transform, the name on it is HYBRIOLF,it sounded cool to me, I saw some write up on it but what stole all my attention was one of the topic under it that says HOW THEY CONTROL THEIR TRANSFORMATION AND THEIR SUDDEN URGE TO KILL, I was very happy when I saw it, if I am able to learn the control, then I will be able to feel at ease and when Becky is with me.
    I saw that one of the main factor of control deals with my change in emotions and how I release myself to some sudden changes in my body, after much trial I was able to transform to beast at my own will and back to human.
    After I’m sure that I am now up to 50% in control of my beast and normal form, I closed the book and started preparing for Becky’s arrival,
    I got a SMS from my mom telling passing her message that she will be home late today.
    Everything is working out for me without stress.
    It was barely night when the doorbell jingle, I checked it and saw Becky, I opened the door for her and I was stunned with how she looked.
    She was the most beautiful girl have ever seen, she was very hot in her skimpy top and jeans that glued tightly to her leg making her a-s bigger than it was.
    After she has settled down, I served her an omelette with an orange juice which she insist that we eat it together . We talked through the meal, after we were through with it.
    I brought out a red wine with two tumblers, I switched on the 18 inches plasma Tv inside the sitting room and inserted a disc that is rated 18+.
    The film mixed with the wine really heightened our emotions, I was ready to start from where I stopped the last time at the hospital.
    It started when she asked me to drink the wine and she will drink hers from my mouth.
    I haven’t tried such thing before but the thought of how naughty it would be sent a signal to my dk making me getting an hard on.
    I really love as it seems like we were kissing, after we got to the end line of the wine, we started kissing, the kissing was very wild as we quickly got our clothes off as if it was on fire, I grabbed her b----t and was smooching it,
    I felt her under and saw that she was already wet,
    I was feeling the urge to inhale her wetness, I disengage myself from her boobs and placed my nose on her k---y flesh,
    I got drunk with the smell, I didn’t know how but I just find her pant ripped down on the floor, I was using my tongue to tickle her c------s and she was moaning in ecstasy.
    I was a pro at it, I was eating her p---y and tickling her hard n-----s at the same time, she couldn’t bear the pleasure again as she o----m wildly, it was coming wave after wave and I made sure to swallow every bit of it. My d--k was already hard and was begging to be free from my short, like she was listening to it, she brought out my d--k slowly and gently,she started sucking it, it was very long would sometimes gag at it, she tried to swallow all my length but couldn’t. I cast away my mind from the pleasure I was wallowing in,in order not to trigger my transformation.
    She was sucking and teasing my ball while I was playing with her hair. I didn’t c-m quickly because have cast my mind from what she was doing . I later came and she did a great job swallowing every splash of my semen.
    I was surprised that I was not weak after o----m, maybe it’s because am now a supernatural creature,
    my d--k didn’t go limped but was still hard,
    I could see that Becky was surprised at this but I didn’t care.
    I placed her in a doggy position and was ready to enter her from back when the light switched off followed by the roaring of the beast

    Episode 9

    I knew at once that it was the beast, but how could the beast have such a bad timing, Becky was already panicking, I asked her to go to my bedroom and lock the door, she didn’t allow me to finish my statement before she ran like someone who saw a zombie, I smiled as I was looking at her running naked, I was able to see her with my beast eye, I was surprised that she could even locate my room easily.
    I heard the beast roared again, I changed too to HYBRIOLF, I’ve grown a little bigger than before and the flame on my body has changed to blue, it was cool looking at the blue flame on my body .
    I ran outside and saw the beast with the red flame on its body,
    I tried to remembered what I read in the book about him but couldn’t remember anything, that was when I remember that I only read about myself and forgot to do so about the beast.
    My reward for being too addicted to things having two melons on the chest and hole in between their legs.
    I charged at the beast with speed but when I got to the place he was, I couldn’t find him there, I looked left and right but he was nowhere to be found,
    was I hallucinating again, I asked myself rhetorically, but Becky also heard the roaring, still thinking about what could be happening, in a flash I was in the air and with a big crash,I landed on one of the roof in my neighborhood, I tried to stand up but couldn’t, I was very weak to do anything than look at the beautiful moonlit sky, in the blink of my eye, I was seeing the beast head looking down
    at my pitiful self, he hijacked me with one hand and my leg was dangling freely in the air. Through his beastly eye I could see that he is an handsome young man, he spoke
    to me in a thunder like voice.
    BEAST : now you will pay for what your father did to me
    ME : (in my mind ) what did he meant by what my dad did to him, and why can’t he go and take his revenge on him and now bothering me here, maybe he doesn’t know where he currently is. He is currently in Canada in Toronto,so you can take your revenge on him directly, just leave my mom and I out of it (I replied the beast )
    BEAST : (laughed wildly ) I’m not talking about your fake parents, I’m talking about the beast that gave birth to you.
    ME : (confused ) what did you meant by saying my fake parents ( I screamed at the beast )
    BEAST : I don’t have time for history now.
    He inserted his claws into my chest, and I could felt it touching my heart, I felt his claws gripping my heart, I didn’t know where I got the strength to punch him hard in the face and he fell down releasing me from his grip.
    Blood was coming out from my chest and I was feeling the pain, I was contemplating if to attack him or run away ,but I’ve to get what he meant by my fake parent, I moved closer to him and also tried to hijack him like he did to me, it was a bad choice because as grip his
    neck, he opened his eye and from where he was lying, he hit me with his palm on my chest where he injured me earlier, it was another superman spirit looming around as I flew 500 feet above land level and landed in another street, it was as if he knew where I was going to land, he was waiting for me there, I just landed in his front, I was losing consciousness little by little,
    my view was getting blurred, he moved closer to me and inserted his claw into my chest again as I groaned in pain. I was expecting death but what I heard was gunshot ,the beast staggered back, I think he tried to attack the shooter and the shooter released another bullets into his body making the beast run away.
    I saw someone gripped me as I blackout.
    I woke up to find myself in building that looks like an abandoned one inside a forest, I tried to sit down but I heard a voice that sounds familiar telling me not to sit down, “your wound has not healed completely ” said the voice. I heard sound of water boiling from one corner of the building, ignoring the warning from the voice I sat down and checked where I was injured, it’s almost healed, I didn’t know how long have been unconscious but I think it is not that long because of my wound has not healed up.
    I view the house I was in, and like my intuition before, the building looks like an hideout for a fugitive ,and telling from the chirping of the crickets there ,it is located inside a forest. I could see different sorts of weapons on the wall of the building and drawing of different beasts also on the wall. I heard footsteps of the person that spoke to me earlier approaching me, As I raised my head up, I was surprised to see
    Who did I see???
    guess work is accepted

    Episode 10

    I heard footsteps of the person that spoke to me earlier approaching me, As I raised my head up, I was surprised to see a monstrous looking man,he should be in his late thirties, the man looks like he hasn’t shave since he was born, but I was surprised where I could have met him
    that made his voice sounded familiar to my ear, he offered me a cup he held in his hands which I think contains hot water not until I tasted and it tasted awfully,
    I almost spat it out but he insisted I don’t, he said it is a medicine and it will restore all my lost strength.
    On hearing my lost strength, I gulped everything down in one sip.
    After relaxing a little, I asked the man what his name was and why was he living here, what his occupation is that made him has lot of guns, and how did he knew about the beast.
    He said his name is Chris and he is a beast hunter.
    CHRIS : my name is Chris and I am a beast hunter, I started staying here since I was young with my dad, he was also a beast hunter and a professional at it. I took over from him and took his duty of clearing this city from any evil tho we do it undercover and nobody knows about my dad and me even his ancestors who passed the job down from generation to generation.
    ME : So you mean beast has been in this city for a long time
    CHRIS : yes ,but we’ve been successful in eliminating them and keeping the town safe, not until you released Jovacik
    ME : you mean the beast I was fighting before
    CHRIS : yes
    ME : how did you know I released him and how did you know he was attacking me that made you to come to my rescue.
    CHRIS : My family has been hunting for many years and killed many beast, but according to how the tales was passed down to me from my father which was also passed down to him by his parents, the story was an ancient one passed down from my forefathers, it was said that you are an hybrid and the son of beast of GEVAUDAN
    ME : (that statement “son of beast of GEVAUDAN got my attention ) you meant to say that my dad is also a beast, that explain why he is not always around, he doesn’t want to blow his cover
    CHRIS : I am not talking about your fake parents here
    ME : (confused ) that beast also said the same thing, care to explain me
    CHRIS : according to the history, your father was the guardian GEVAUDAN presently known as Marseille and the only good beast on earth, all others are using their power
    to cause havoc, your father married princess Olivia the sister of king jovacik, she gave birth to you and that made you an hybrid, half beast half human, because of jealousy and some other factors, king Jovacik killed your father and mother but before your father died, he changed Jovacik to a NIGHTIOLF, and the only cure that can cure him or turn him to full beast is your heart,depending on how he use it.
    ME : (still confused with his confusing story ) I think you have the wrong guy, as you can see, I am not an ancient old freak, am just 16 years old boy living with my mom and I became a beast because of something that bit me when I release that beast, maybe he is even the one that bit me. And my parents is Mrs Marseillaise and Mr Thomas Richard, tho I don’t know why they were using the
    same surname because my mom
    refused to tell me
    CHRIS went to one side of the room and took a paper which looks very old, he handed it to me, it has the drawing of a young people that looks a lot like me, he is very handsome and the picture was a sketch so that means it was not taken with a camera ) that is your dad, that sketch is as old as you, because you are a hybrid, it takes you 250 years to start developing like a normal kid, before your father died, he begged Mr Marseillaise Patrick, an army captain of Paris to look over you, he was the one that conquer GEVAUDAN and renamed it MARSEILLE, because of your condition of growing, taking care of
    you became a generational obligation, your mom’s father only gave birth to your mom, that was why she refused to change her surname, in order for the founding family name not to end. We supposed have hunt you and kill you but because of your father’s nature when he was alive, we’ve been sparing you and decided to be taking a keen watch over you till you get your power and see if you will be like your father or not. Ever since you have released Jovacik, I’ve been trying to track him down but it seems impossible but got luck in doing so when I was watching over you and saw him coming to attack you.
    ME : (I was getting stuffy even as the room was highly ventilated, my mind was not accepting the revelation been revealed to me even tho it seems Chris is saying the truth.I didn’t know when tears started trooping down from my eye)you are joking right, you cooked all this up in order to caught me right. here I am, just slay me and let end this.
    CHRIS : ( laughing wildly ) not so soon boy, you have to become a bully to the society before I hunt you down and even if I wish to kill you I can’t, you are the chosen one, because of the circumstances that Jovacik was transformed, you are the only one that can kill Jovacik, that was why your father told captain Patrick that he should make sure you stay in GEVAUDAN (Marseille) in case Jovacik escape from the ancient tomb. I can only weaken him with my wooden bullets but I can’t kill him
    ME : I can’t believe anything you say, ( I stood up with tears in my eye, my wound has already healed,but as I removed the blanket on my body, I saw that I’m naked ) where is my cloth?
    CHRIS : you meant the one that was torn when you were transforming earlier, just wait for some minutes, you will have your proof that what I am saying is truth.
    He hasn’t finished his statement when we heard a knock on his door, he replied the person at the door to come in.
    I was surprised to see
    it was fun seeing you all guessing wrong
    let see who will guess this right.
    who did I see??

    Episode 11

    I was surprised to see a beautiful damsel come in with a small bag in her hand,the girl was beautiful beyond comparison, to hell with # prince_Isabella compare to this girl’s beauty, it looks like it was mother creator that took her time to create her, she was the perfect definition of
    flawless, I forgot all my love for Becky at that spot, I didn’t even know that my mouth was already opened, looking at that girl made me forget all s--t I was hearing from Chris, looking at her height, we should be the same age, not minding what someone is telling me,
    claiming that a young handsome guy like me is 266 years old, I don’t know what she was doing there but I know I will soon find out,
    she moved closer to Chris and said a
    sentence that got me
    “ here it is dad”
    what the hell, how can Chris be her dad,
    it is ridiculous for
    a monstrous looking person like Chris to give birth to this goddess of beauty in my front,
    and am sure that there is not a single ugly girl that will allow this guy
    sex her not to talk of a beautiful girl allowing him,
    Because since this girl does not by any chance looks like Chris, then it means ,she takes after her mother. And that means her mom must be d--n beautiful.
    But come to think of it, it might be that it’s because of all the unkempt beards and hair on Chris that makes him
    looks like a monster.
    “Ben meet my daughter” Chris said, drawing me out of my thinking land, she was the one taking care of you when I brought you here, but I sent her to get you cloth from town,
    What the hell, so what you meant is that this
    girl has seen my nakedness, I didn’t say it out just in my mind. I was just looking at the two of them not knowing what to say. I didn’t know when my mouth started acting on it own without waiting for signal from my brain because what I heard next was myself saying thank you.
    I think it was the beauty of the girl that overshadowed my brain, “you’re welcome” she replied me, my name is NINA,she said stretching for her hands towards me requesting for an handshake, I shake her, her palm was not soft as other ladies palm that have held.
    She handed me the small bag with her and I collected it from her, I found a pair of trouser and a shirt inside it. I thank her as I made to wear it in front of her, “she has already seen my nakedness, so what good is hiding it now” I thought to myself as I wore the cloth.
    But she did not even blink an eye as I was wearing the cloth, I was even expecting her turn back as I was wearing it but she didn’t. As I was wearing the trouser which is very big, it looks like my dad’s size, I noticed that her gaze was on my d--k, I smile to myself and continued with my business.
    After I finished dressing, I told Chris that I’ve to confirm his story and I will get back to him, I knew that my mom and Becky would have been worried about me. and I don’t want them to notice that I was long gone
    because it will seems like
    anytime the beast is appearing I’m always disappearing.
    CHRIS : you cannot find your way out of this place, so I recommend Nina to follow you
    ME : anyhow, I just want to get the hell outta here
    CHRIS : okay, Nina, escort him out of here
    NINA : okay dad.
    I fold the paper sketch that Chris gave to me neatly and put it inside the
    trousers I was wearing as Nina and I made our way out of the room.
    As we came out of the building, it very dark outside and all I could see was bush, I asked the Nina if the bush path is our way out and she replied yes, I asked her if that was where she passed when she
    was going to get me cloth and she
    replied yes again, I was dumbfounded, looking at her, I know she is a normal human being, and I that am even a beast, am
    still contemplating if I should go or not
    and having a companion with me at that.
    Then I remembered she is a beast hunter daughter.
    I knew am safe with her so I decided to push through with the journey.
    I don’t know why but we were awkwardly silent through the journey which is not my style, especially with a beautiful girl.
    I decided to raise a topic in order to gain her attention.
    ME : is Mr Chris really your dad? (I sounded stupid to myself with the question)
    NINA : (she looked at me with the I don’t understand you expression then bursted into laughter ) if he isn’t my dad, are you?
    ME : no, am just asking to be sure because you two don’t look alike
    NINA :(this time, she looked at me with the are you kidding me kind of expression ) has he shaved in front of you before??
    ME : no
    NINA : then forget it
    ME : ( I search through my brain for another topic that is not gonna hit a rock end like the former one ) looking at you, I can tell that we are of the same age, so which school are you going?
    NINA : you gat to be kidding me right, do I look a 250 year old kid to you
    ME : ( I got emotionally drained because of how she answered me, she really gat a bad temper for a lady as beautiful as her, I knew what she meant by her reply but she could have answered in a polite manner, I think she noticed the change in my emotion and started replied thus )
    NINA : am sorry if I hurt your emotions, I’m 16 years old but I don’t attend school
    ME : why ?
    NINA : I’m the one to take over from my dad and the only thing I’m learning is how to hunt beast. But he has taught me how to read and write when I was small and I always secretly develop myself in it when am alone
    ME : wow, that is you don’t associate with anybody
    NINA : yes, I only associate with people selling things in town
    ME : (”that means she doesn’t have boyfriend and I have good chance of winning her if I play my game safe” I thought to myself ) I don’t know if I will be coming back to your dad, but if I do I might take help you in some aspects of studying
    NINA : (she was very happy with what I said and hugged me ) I will be very grateful if you can do that.
    We were already far gone in the forest and I could feel my blood running into the veins on my d--k to increase length as she refused to let go of her hand from my neck as she kept on thanking me.
    I took that as a go that she wanted me
    I looked at her innocent eye as
    she was also looking at me back,
    I lowered my head towards her sumptuous lips and

    Episode 12

    She head back as she escorted me out to the street, I watch her as she head back to the bush, I almost burst into laughter as I remembered what happened to me
    when I tried to kiss her earlier,
    the whole events came rushing back to my mind,
    As I looked into her innocent eye and
    she was also looking back at mine,
    I lowered my head towards her sumptuous lips and all I knew was that I was already on the floor hitting my head hard on ground in that process, I think if not that I was a beast,
    I would have had a concussion,
    I stood up with anger and tried to hit her, but it was as if she is bruce lee younger sister,
    I knew she just move a little from where she was and I lost balance because of
    the force I used to make the attempt of hitting her, she hit me on my neck, and with some kungfu skills, I was already on the floor again groaning in pain
    The worse of it was that it looks like she was going easy on me, how can a girl be tough like this I thought to myself as she stretch forth her hand to me to assist me stand up.
    “ you cannot defeat a 16 years old girl, then how will you defeat a 200+ years beast” she said to me as I stood up.
    I was very ashamed of myself, I knew that she doesn’t have a chance when I in beast form but it is still a disgrace that she
    just finished me without me getting a point.
    “And don’t you ever try such thing with me again” she added as we continue our journey without me uttering a word till she escorted me out and head back home.
    I couldn’t hold my laughter again and started laughing all alone which gat people passing by looking at me with the expression of hope you are normal.
    But the laughter was short lived as I remembered about all what Chris told me,
    Nina has done a good job in diverting my mind from it but it dawned when she was
    no longer with me.
    I dragged my feet on the road as many thoughts were bubbling in my mind as I was going home. Some metres away from home, I could see my mom, she was talking to someone the phone, but it was visible on her face that she has cried and she is very worried, no sign of Becky anywhere,
    tho the power was still out but the street light has started functioning, they weren’t functioning before when I fought with the beast, but did I really fought with the beast, it should be when I trashed by the Beast
    Who will believed that the woman just 20 metres away from me is not my mom.
    I’m not going to believe it not until I hear it from her mouth, I know it would even be hard for me to believe if she say it herself.
    She is my world and she is the only right in my wronged life.
    But come to think of it, my dad has never behaved to me like I am his son, maybe it was because I was not his biological son.
    My mind was clouded with all sorts of things that I didn’t know when I got to where my mom was standing and almost passed her before she ran to me and hugged me deeply.
    she hugged me like I just rose from the dead
    MOM : where have you been Ben, I was deadly worried about you, I thought the beast k k k ( she couldn’t complete her statement before she bursted into tears )
    ME : it is alright mom, I’m safe, where is Becky
    MOM : she just left for her house, it was her dad that came to pick her up, she was also worried about you
    ME : (felt relieved that she is safe ) I will call her later,let go inside, I have something to important to ask you
    MOM : okay, go in, I will join you soon, I have to call the sheriff department to inform that you have surface. ( she dialed some digits on her phone and place it on her hear while I made my way in )
    When she was through with the call, she entered but I could see dat she is not behaving normal, and I could see that she was trying to force the only pint of smile left on her face.
    ME : mom
    MOM : yes son
    ME : please I want you to be honest with me, it’s not like I don’t trust you but I’ve to clarify it in order to lift the burdens on my heart
    MOM : okay, I promise to be honest
    ME : (brought out the picture in my pocket and place it on the table, and she picked it and view it, I saw the change in her mood ) please, who am I
    MOM : you are Ben, my only son
    ME : I know that am Ben and legally you are my mom but recently, I’ve been hearing some rumors that I’m associated with someone called the beast of GEVAUDAN
    MOM : ( my mom is a worse liar and this always makes it easy for me to know when she is lying ,and she knows of it ,that’s why she always tries to be honest with me because I will always detect that she is lying, deep within me, I was praying she will deny me ever having any relationship with
    any beast with courage ) who told you that?
    was it the beast ?
    ME : (surprised and devastated that she knew about the beast, her knowing about the beast means that the answer to my question is positive ) how did you know about the beast? ( I replied with breaking voice )
    MOM : I have been waiting for this ever since the day you went to the ancient tomb and released Jovacik, ( she stood up and with the aid of her phone’s flashlight went to a frame on the wall, she remove it and place her tomb on a pattern engraved on the part the frame was covering, and to my surprised, a small shelf came out of the wall, on the shelf a big book looking like a ledger was on it, she took the book and came back to me, I noticed that she was not walking normal when she was walking back to me, she handed the ledger to me ) all the answer to your questions is inside it, and (she couldn’t complete her before she passed out, I quickly rush to her and I was surprised to her bleeding ,”what the hell” I screamed

    Episode 13

    Am just a normal boy like every other kids, trying to utilize life to it fullness. Go to school, have fun with my friend, commit grievous acts, have sx with girls ,play pranks on teachers ,fight with my foes, disguise with fake identification card so as to sneak inside bars to drink because am not yet 18.
    But in the last three weeks, everything changed.
    The impossible things started happening in my life, Victor that I trust so much betrayed me, I changed into what I don’t believe existed before, I also learnt that the woman that meant everything to me in this world is not who I thought her
    to be. What more danger could this world pose to me, I don’t know what is going to happen in future but the present is already filled with s--t that I don’t think the future will be able to clean.
    My intuition tells me that something big beyond my control is about to happen and I have to be prepared for it.
    I released a nightmare into the land I heard my real father was it protector and I’m the only one that can bring a pleasant sleep to the people of GEVAUDAN (Marseille).
    I’m now the protector of GEVAUDAN, I’m the one chosen to protect it.
    I am the chosen one, the new beast of GEVAUDAN.
    Tho as I sat on the only available chair inside the ward my mom was placed in, I was looking at the heart monitor machine that was inside the ward attached to her heart, her heartbeat rate was normal and
    the doctors did a wonderful job to stop her bleeding and making sure she is stable, tho she was still unconscious. And it’s already morning.
    It was getting boring and I forgot to pick my phone when I followed the ambulance that brought her to the hospital.
    I move towards the small plasma TV on the wall and switch it on,
    I was shocked beyond words with what I saw. the program on air then was news @ 8 am.
    The public and private mortuary is now cramped with corpse, it was recorded that the sum of 44 people were found dead last night with their hearts and some vital organs missing.
    According to the report, from the day the beast has been on rampage, 154 people has lost their life and vital organs, the number keeps on increasing every day.
    I felt responsible for their death and I felt tingling of pain in my heart because of this.
    I was the one that release terror on my people so it’s my responsibility to avenge their death by killing the beast. To do so I have to be stronger, but how?
    Then I remember the ledger my mom gave me last night before she passed out.
    I want to go home and get it but I want my mom to wake up first.
    I want to be the first person she wakes up to see, and I wish to know how she sustained her injury. Nobody knows how she sustained it and all what the doctors have was baseless assumption.
    But I really need to get the ledger, I’ve to get stronger and I think I will find some hint on how to do so inside it.
    I looked at my mom, she was cute in her deep slumber, I was angry with myself that I was not there to protect her.
    Even if I didn’t come out of her down hole, she will still be my mom. I pecked her on her head and head outside as tears was already looking for their way out of my eye.
    But as I opened the door, I was surprised to see my dad, ” no he isn’t my dad” I saw the man that my mom married in the door front, he was about to enter when I opened the door.
    I was very surprised to see him because I didn’t remember calling him to inform him that my mom is in the hospital.
    I walked pass him without uttering any word and he didn’t try to stop me.
    within 20 minutes I was already home.
    as I want to enter, I heard someone called my name, ”Benjamin”, I don’t need to confirm the person before I know that the caller is Mrs Peterson, her house is beside ours, and she is the only one that always calls my name in full. I answered her and went to meet her, she asked me of my mom’s health and I told her that she is still unconscious but she isn’t in a fatal condition.
    ”but how did she know that she was being admitted in hospital,maybe she saw when the ambulance came to pick her” I thought to myself,
    Mrs Peterson : where have you been to,to make her worried yesterday
    ME : a friends place
    MRS PETERSON : I knew it but your mom won’t just agree, she was very worried and kept on searching for you till she mistakenly collided with a sharp metal which injured her so much and she lost lot of blood, I told her to go to hospital but she insisted that she will do so when she sees you. (sobbing ) now see what that has cost her
    ME : ( ”my mom is a rare gem, going through all this for someone that is not her child, her love towards me is more than that of mother to child, truth be told, I was surprised that my mom would trade her safety just to be sure that am safe “) so that was what happened, thanks Peters ( that’s what I always call her because she refused to call me Ben)
    MRS PETERSON : you really got a good mom, but I know you won’t know that until you lose her
    ME : (her last word made me real angry, how can she say lose her, and for her information, I appreciate and knows my mom is good ) alright (I said leaving her )
    As I entered into the sitting room, I saw the big book which I will like to call ledger and my phone which I dropped on the table after dialing the emergency number yesterday night.
    I picked the ledger and started going through it, I first saw the story which am sure you are all aware of it, so I won’t go into details of that,
    I also saw list of parents that I was their child, it was very funny being a child to many parents.
    some photos were even attached to it, in my own opinion, I think I am their parent because am older than all of them.
    After that, it was some other events that has happened through my course of staying with my foster parents.
    I was not getting what I needed from this book, it does not hold any information about the beast,
    So their is no hope of me getting stronger.
    I was deep in thought when my phone started ringing, I checked the caller and discover that it was Becky, I have forgotten to call her because of all what happened.
    I picked the call and pleaded with her not to be angry about what happened yesterday, and told her I will call her later because am kinda busy now.
    After terminating the call, I saw 12 missed call on my phone, all from Becky .
    I felt guilty towards her because my heart has been hooked by another girl and I felt like am cheating on her .I now have only 30% love for Becky and the remaining 70% is for Nina.
    Wow Nina, I think her dad should have the answer for me on how to be stronger .
    I don’t think I will be able to know the way to thier place but I know that I can try.
    I took a quick shower and head out of my house going to meet the only people that I think can help me.
    As I got to the place where Nina escorted me to before going back last time, I view the forest very well again before making my way through it.

    Episode 14

    Truth be told, I was contemplating if I should proceed with the journey or not because I was very scared, “ what if I come across dangerous animals? what if I get lost and couldn’t trace my way out again?, what if their are dangerous traps that has been laid down by some hunters inside the forest”
    my mind was filled with different types of rhetorical questions produced because of fear.
    As I was still standing there thinking if I should go or not, two guys conversing with each other passed by my side and their conversation goes thus
    1ST GUY : I am relocating out of this goddamn place tomorrow
    2ND GUY : where are you relocating to?
    1ST GUY : anywhere that its spelling doesn’t start with M
    2ND GUY : you’re very funny, does it means that every place that its spelling start with M also have heart plucking beast?
    1ST GUY : yes and no, I don’t wanna know . All I know right now is that I don’t want to have anything to do with places that start with M, it is better if I donate my heart and all the organs in my body to save people’s life than have a beast savoring its delicacy .
    2ND GUY : I agree with you.
    Tho they were already fat gone but I was able to snitch on their conversation because of what I am.
    What they were discussing really hit me and I was filled with the instinct that I must protect them and my courage was filtered from this instinct without thinking twice again, I made my way into the forest.
    I almost ran back when I saw a large ecdysis (snake shedding), it looks like it was shed by an Anaconda because of its size and it also looked new which made my fear to increase, but with the wit that I must liberate my people from the beast, I kept on going.
    Howling of wolves inside the forest and hooting sounds which I don’t know the animal producing it also increased my fear.
    My respect for Nina kept on increasing as I was walking alone inside the forest without knowing the exact place am heading to.
    Then it happened, I first thought it was my ear that made the sound nearer so I didn’t care about it. But it was getting clearer and nearer, I became vigilant at once, ”what could that be”?, I asked myself stupidly because I knew that the only animal that can hiss loudly is snake and with how loud the hissing was,, I’m very sure it’s a bid one,maybe the one I saw it ecdysis before,
    I stopped abruptly thinking of where it might be,
    I don’t know but my intuitions just told me to look up on a tree beside me, ”there it was, its body coiled against a branch of the tree, and it head dangling left and right flicking its forked tongue at the process.
    I forgot that I was even a supernatural be I as I started running away, I’ve deviated from the path I was going through before and I wasn’t stopping, I ran till I got to a place where I thought am safe not knowing that my Usain Bolt mode just started.
    I was gasping for breath when I heard sound of something coming towards me,
    without even checking what it was, I have already resigned to fate. I don’t have any energy left for me to run again, so what ever it is, it should quickly come out and carry on with its business.
    Then I felt like the creature coming towards me is more than 1, I was surprised when I saw a pack of huge wolves trooping to where I was, they were up to 6 in numbers,
    I didn’t know where I got the strength I used to run from, as i ran even faster than before, but they were coming after me with their sharp claws and huge teeth, they were catching up with me and ready to devour me.
    As I was running, I remembered that I am also a beast, I change to my Beast form stopping abruptly to face them and roared loudly, they got scared and I could see them scattering away with their tail tucked in as they ran away for their safety.
    I think I scared all the creatures in the forest as many birds of different species were flying away for safety, how I roared echoed throughout the forest and I prayed it gets to Chris and Nina.
    I picked a path at random and started walking in its direction.
    I was walking absence minded that I didn’t noticed the trap before me.
    I have placed my leg in it before I noticed it and it was too late to escape as the trap

    Episode 15

    I was walking absence minded that I didn’t noticed the trap before me.
    I have placed my leg in it before I noticed it and it was too late to escape as the trap bundled me up.
    The trap was made of thick net, the kind trap
    that looks like pulley, a big stone came down and the big me went up.
    I wasn’t hurt or procure any injury. But my pride was hurt,
    It was really embarrassing being inside it, I thought of what to do but couldn’t get any helpful point.
    Then I remembered that I always emit blue flame from my body whenever I change to complete beast,
    But the problem is that I haven’t tried to change to complete beast by myself except when am facing Jovacik and when am angry.
    After many trial the only thing I was able to accomplish was to change my face, even my claws was not coming out , I resigned to fate after failing many times and decided to wait for the hunter that set the trap.
    After some minutes I slept off, the reason was that I kept watch over my mom through out the night till morning.
    I woke up following the sound of footsteps I was hearing coming towards my direction,
    it was easy for me to decipher that it was two people with my sensitive ear.
    I was very happy when I saw Nina with bow and arrow in her hand, she was already aiming to shoot but I quickly call her name in order to alert her that it is not an animal that is inside the trap.
    Chris also followed suit with a rifle in his hand.
    They were surprised to see me.
    Nina was the first to talk.
    NINA : (in harsh tone ) what are you doing here?
    ME : (”can’t this girl behave feminine sometime, instead of trying to get me out of my predicament, it’s how I got there she is asking “?) I fell from the sky ( I replied in a joking manner trying to change her mood )
    NINA : let go back home dad, I am sure he will find his way out through the sky pointing to me.
    I first thought she was joking not until I saw her and Chris going, and they were d--n serious.
    ME : I was coming to meet you (I quickly shouted )
    CHRIS : ( they both stopped but abruptly ) for what?
    ME : because you are right. all what you said yesterday is right.
    CHRIS : ( he smirked ) so what can I do for you?
    ME : ” order pizza for me, stupid question, why the hell would I be here if not to kill the Beast “ I grumbled to myself.
    I’m here to ask for your assistance in killing Jovacik
    CHRIS : is that all?
    ME : (already getting angry with his questions ) also for you to teach me how to control and become stronger
    CHRIS : (he smirked again ) how?
    ME : (couldn’t control my anger again) would I be here if I know (I screamed at him )
    CHRIS : (laughing )I think I’ve to start with your temper first.
    That’s when I got what he was trying to do, he wants to know if I’ve bad temper or not.
    CHRIS : get out of that net first
    ME : how? I’ve tried all I can but couldn’t get out
    CHRIS : that is your first lesson, change into a beast and find your way out or you keep on staying there while the Beast keeps on adding to his tally.
    ME : ( his words was like a wake up call for me, hearing the beast adding to his tally made me angry and I felt myself transforming with full force not until I heard a gunshot, I don’t know how but the shot really affected me and I felt all my muscle relaxing, I was unable to continue with the transformation as I felt all my morale been drained.
    I looked at the direction where the gunshot came from and saw that it was Chris that shot his rifle.
    I asked him why he did it and he relied thus
    ” you have to learn your way of transforming without anger, anger is just a feeling that is not reliable, it comes and go base on the kind of emotional situation you’re in, you have to create a connection between your human self and Beast form to make for easy communication between them. After this connection has been established, It will be easy for you to transform any time you wish to and you will be able to control yourself whenever you are in beast form. You will be conscious of what is happening to you when you are in beast form because your human self will serve as it anchor.
    I really love his explanation, he is really good at this he explained it in such a way that one will think he as under go it before, I thought to myself.
    Inside the net, I emptied my mind, and close my eye closing.
    little by little, I felt myself moving into an unconscious state.
    I opened my eye and saw myself in an empty room, the room was very big and it is a deaf wall, no window no door, it is of white background, there is no bulb or any source through which light can illuminate from inside the room but everywhere is well lit. I made the sound of “hello ” and it came echoing back to me. I moved closer to the wall and touch it and on my touch
    , all the white background of the room started changing to blood, I was very scared and tried to run but was unable to.
    Then suddenly I felt the present of another being inside the room with, it was coming towards me and I could hear it footsteps coming closer, but I was unable to look back to check who it was because I glued to the spot I was.
    When it was about to get to me, I suddenly felt that I was released and turned back to look at the person ,if it is,
    But alas, I was surprised to see
    To be continue
    Guessing time again
    Who did I see???

    Episode 16

    When it was about to get to me, I suddenly felt that I was released and turned back to look at the person ,if it is,
    But alas, I was surprised to see my dad, tho I haven’t met with him before but he looked much like me and he is the person sketched in the paper Chris gave me, so it was easy for me to know that he’s my dad.
    He has on him a worried look, I don’t know why.
    He called my name with the most pleasant voice have ever heard before.
    DAD : I am proud of you son, I am very proud of you.
    ME : are you for real?
    DAD : yes son, I’m real
    ME : ( I was in deep emotional state, tho I don’t know him before, tears was already showcasing it elegance in my eye, I hugged him as we both share our father son reunion in tears ) I’ve made lot of mistakes dad and many people has lost their lives because of it.
    DAD : no son, I was the one that made the mistake and you are suffering for it son, if only I didn’t turn him, you won’t find yourself in this situation son. And that’s why you have to be strong son and correct your dad’s mistake
    ME : but I am not strong enough dad, and I am afraid,I don’t know if I can get rid of Jovacik.
    DAD : you can son, you are stronger than you think you are, and that why you have to conquer the beast in you first before you can conquer Jovacik and that’s why am here to support you
    ME : but how am I going to defeat the beast inside me?
    DAD : the beast inside you is you, so you must defeat yourself without getting angry at yourself
    He hasn’t finished his statement when blood started coming out of his mouth, he fell down to reveal the beast that clawed him from behind, and I was surprised to see My beast form standing in front of me with his claws stained with my dad’s blood.
    I got angry and was about to change but I heard my dad, half dead on the floor telling me to control my anger, ” you have to defeat him without changing, be your self and claim what is yours “ he added before finally giving up ghost.
    This made me more angrier and I felt my transformation happening real quick.
    The other me was not even moving, it was as if his main mission is to get me to transform and attack him, I tried to control myself from transforming but I know it is not possible without taming my anger first.
    with tears in my eye, I was freeing the angers that had conjured in me, I close my eye in order not to see my lifeless body on the floor, I freed everything and opened my eye only to see the beast choking my mum, how did she got here,I asked myself as everything felt real to me. The other me was choking her and I saw her wriggled in pain in his hand ,he was killing her slowly ,
    I fell down on my knees begging the beast to release her,
    I’m ready to allow it take over my body instead of me taking over if he release my mom but he kept on increasing his hold on her neck and this made her wriggled more in pain.
    I couldn’t watch her suffer again and I felt myself changing with force that I haven’t seen myself transform before.
    I have almost transformed finish when I saw a bullet hit my left shoulder,
    it was only able slow my transformation down for some seconds as I started changing again,
    The beast me started laughing wildly as he deep his claws into my mom chest and brought out her heart and started eating it, he threw my mom lifeless body to me and I caught it wailing loudly.
    I transformed at once into a big beast with blue flame, I was bigger than Jovacik and the beast me that was standing in my front. And the fire that was emanating from my body was more than Jovacik own.
    I moved closer to my beast self and held it by it neck as I raised my claw up to slash him dead

    Episode 17

    I moved closer to my beast self and held it by it neck as I raised my claw up to slash him dead, an arrow flew out of nowhere and hit my shoulder, I staggered back releasing my beast self from my hold,
    I quickly got over the pain and made to kill my beast self again,
    But I saw another arrow heading towards me again but this time in slow motion , the point of the arrow changed and Nina head appeared on it,
    she was speaking to me but I couldn’t get what she was saying,
    As the arrow almost penetrate my shoulder again I held it,
    and I was able to hear what she was saying now
    ” I trust you, you are better than this “
    was what Nina’s popped up head on the arrow was telling me.
    All my anger settled on seeing and hearing from her.
    I changed back to human and challenged my beast self to a duel,
    the look on his face was that of disappointment, he accepted my challenge and he charged towards me .
    I was very scared but I don’t know how I gained the courage to charge at it back,
    It was a series of beating from my beast self,
    My beast self was fighting kung fu with me, it was not using supernatural power against me but I was still losing,
    After 5 minutes of fighting, no, 5 minutes of being trashed, blood was oozing from every part of my body, as I was lying weak on the floor,
    But I oblivious of something, some of my blood that was dropping on the floor from my body was disappearing,
    When I noticed this, I looked at my dad’s lifeless body on the floor too,
    and it was the same, the blood coming out of my dad’s body was also vanishing at its touch on the floor.
    This revelation means that none of this is real, I was only in some sort of trance ,
    With this discovery, my mind was at ease, my real mom is still alive and I (my beast self ) didn’t kill my dad.
    I remembered that am here to unite myself with my beast self and not kill, so I have to be able to control it not by sparring with it but by creating a link with it.
    I tried to manipulate my beast self with my mind, ( use mind control since it is part of me )
    I was trying real hard to do it but it seems it was not working as my beast self released it claws and was moving toward where I am standing,
    I already knew that I’m not going to die even if it slash me with the claws,
    its main objective is to make me lose focus which am not ready to.
    I conjured all the bad memories of what has happened to me.and people in the past few days when I released the beast, the memories really helped in concentrating on my objective,
    especially when I remembered that the reason my mom is in the hospital is because of me.
    In the process of trying to create the connection between my beast self, my eye were already closed so am oblivious to what was occurring around me and I don’t know what my beast self is doing
    and why it hasn’t attacked me .
    I remembered he was heading towards me before with its claws ,but why hasn’t he attacked me?, I asked myself rhetorically.
    In order to corner my curiosity,
    I peeped through one corner of my eye and saw that the beast was not there again.
    But behold, I have changed to the beast myself, the blue flame softly burning in my body, I was now the size of Jovacik, everything seems perfect.
    The room changed to white back and my mom’s body vanished while my dad rose up.
    I challenged it at once
    ME : I know that you are not real
    DAD : yes, everything here is not real, it was all made up by you
    ME : how?
    DAD : this is just an illumination of what’s going on in your mind, you created this room in your mind and everything that appeared here was part of you, and you created every images here with what you have in your mind.
    ME : (i can’t seem to understand what he is saying but my mission is already accomplish and that’s what matters and I have to get out of here ) how do I get out of here?
    DAD : shut your mind against this place and you are out
    I shut my mind against the imaginary world and bam, it worked,
    I was still inside the net, but in my beast form, it was already night chirping of cricket filled the air, my sight was already blurred and I could see two figures standing in front of me.
    The net I was in caught fire and I fell down,
    I was surprised that the two figures were only standing there looking at me without trying to help.
    I changed back to my human form and passed out

    Episode 18

    The net I was in caught fire and I fell down,
    I was surprised that the two figures were only standing there looking at me without trying to help.
    I changed back to my human form and passed out.
    I woke up to find myself on a bed, my head was heavy and blank, everything seems strange to me,the foul smell radiating around me which I later knew that it was coming from a herb beside was making it worse,
    a thick duvet was used to cover me,
    the only light illuminating the room was coming from a lone candle placed on the only table inside the room.
    I stand up to explore the room and that was when I noticed that I was naked.
    All the series of event that happened earlier started floating back to me,
    I smiled as I travel down the memory lane to remembered all that happened.
    I decided to try if truly I can now control my transformation, I closed my eye and imagined myself transforming and when I opened my eye, I was already a beast, the fire emanating from my body made the room brighter and I thought it is a nice idea to explore the room like that, it will be easier for me to see everywhere ,
    I first move to the table which the candle was placed, it looks like a reading table with two shelves in it.
    On the table I saw some stuffs but they were not relevant.
    I am the inquisitive type so I was not going to stop there ,I pull out the first roll shelf revealing to me a photo album.
    ” so hunters too have time to be taking pics “ I said to no one in particular.
    I picked it and started browsing through it.
    I saw different pictures of a small girl that looks like Nina, it was very funny that the small ugly girl inside the picture is now the beautiful grown up girl
    N.P : you might be wondering why the pictures did not flame up since fire is emanating from my body. with me being able to control my transformation, I was able to off the light in my hands , it was possible with my mind, only my body was emitting fire.
    back to the story
    I also saw a young beautiful woman that looks Nina but not Nina with young handsome Chris that doesn’t have beards like the old Chris now ( tho he is not that old )
    , with a small ugly Nina standing in their front.
    Nina’s beauty was justified to me with this picture, her mom was also a real definition of beauty and truth be told Chris was very handsome then.
    I also saw some pictures of wild animals that they have killed and a beast, but the beast in the picture was not as big as me talk less of Jovacik.
    Suddenly I heard the soft steps of someone heading towards the room I was in with the aid of my super sensitive ear, I knew at once that it was Nina, I quickly changed back to human in
    order not to freak her out, but I didn’t hide my nakedness, i did so knowingly with naughty thought blinking in my head.
    I heard the lock unlocking and Nina entering with a small polythene in her hand.
    She was shocked when she entered and saw me naked, I was not even helping the matter by standing before her like a model displaying some products.
    I noticed as her gaze fell on my d--k again like she did the first of our meeting.
    I smirked as I saw that she wasn’t taking her gaze from my d--k.
    I coughed slightly in order to call her attention,
    she threw the polythene in her hand to me as she ran out of the room.
    I opened the polythene and discovered that it was another pair of trousers that was inside with a shirt that was inside.
    ” i think this people are going to need to open a boutique for me “ i smiled as the thought scraped my mind.
    I put the cloth on and made my way out of the room.
    I got to the sitting room and saw Chris sitting down with a small stool in his front, he was sharpening a long thin wood, by merely looking at it, I knew he was making bullets out of it, he stopped what he was doing as he saw me coming towards him , I sighted Nina outside, she was practicing target with gun, I think it’s toy gun because no sound was heard coming out from it, and what surprised me most was that she was getting her target right even as it was night
    ” come sit here “ that was Chris voice motioning me to come sit close to him.
    I sat down where he asked me to.
    CHRIS : I know you think you are ready to face Jovacik but you are not strong enough to
    ME : what do you mean ?
    CHRIS : being able to control your transformation is just a step out of the dozens steps to success, you still need to become stronger if you want to stand a chance at defeating Jovacik
    ME : ” what the f--k, a dozen steps “ I exclaimed, but before I complete the dozen steps, many people would have been injured, and I won’t be able to protect my mom (my emotions changed reflected so much on my last sentence )
    CHRIS : ( he noticed the change in my mood ) did something happened to your mom?
    ME : yes, she was injured yesterday because she was worried about me and she is still unconscious in the hospital
    CHRIS : it looks like you don’t know how to utilize your gift yet?
    ME : what do you mean by that?
    CHRIS : with just a drop of your blood on the place she was injured will heal her completely.
    that was when I remembered about my ordeal with Dandy and MR Wisdom, how I did it then through the instructions of MR Wisdom.
    ME : (gasp ) I have forgotten that I have the ability to do that, I will make sure I heal her when I get home. how do I get stronger?
    CHRIS : you have to feed on raw human inner organs or
    ” what the f--k “ I exclaimed without allowing him to complete his statement

    Episode 19

    CHRIS : you have to feed on raw human inner organs or
    ” what the f--k “ I exclaimed without allowing him to complete his statement, ” how the hell do you expect me to do that, kill the people I’m responsible for in order kill Jovacik,
    I am not better than Jovacik if I do that “ I screamed at Chris,
    ME : I don’t wanna get strong again (I said as I stood up and started heading towards the door, but was stopped by the reply of Chris )
    CHRIS : I think you still need to work on your temper, why can’t you cool your f-----g head and let me finish first
    ME : ( felt all my raised muscle relaxing, I moved closer to him and sat down where I sat before ) if you gat anything to say, you free to.
    CHRIS :as I was saying before, you have to feed on raw human inner organs or animal’s own, tho feeding on human being own just like Jovacik is doing will get you more stronger than feeding on animal’s own, but it is not bad feeding on animal.
    ME : (felt irritated that I have to feed on animal, and in raw form at that, but it’s still a better option than feeding on human beings ) So the reason Jovacik as being killing people is to get stronger.
    CHRIS : yes, and that’s why you have to do something fast and you must not relent only on your beast power
    ME : then what other power should I depend on?
    CHRIS : you have to train your ordinary body too in martial art and quick reflex, I will be willing and honoured to train you but am sure you won’t want me ( he said smiling and looking outside towards Nina direction )
    ME : (smiling sheepishly ) I don’t really mind who trains me, it just that I learn things easier and faster when a lady is involved
    CHRIS : an advice for you my friend, the lady involved here is a deadly one, even tho I was the one that gave birth to her and thought her everything she knows, I’m still afraid of her
    ME : ( getting bored of his speech,so i tried to change the topic) how will I see animals or should I go on dog hunt in every house ?
    CHRIS : you don’t have to worry about that,there are many animals waiting for you in this forest and I have a wolf which I can give you for starter, but here is the warning, you must not try to taste human blood talk less of eating human organs, IT’S EASIER TO LOST IT THAN TO CONTROL IT ( he said with a tone that rose a tingling of worry inside me )
    ME : I can’t understand you
    CHRIS : you can’t understand now until you make your first kill
    ME : okay, I’ve to go now, I will be here tomorrow after am through with my class
    CHRIS : okay, ask Nina to escort you out and make sure you are conscious of the path you take.
    I didn’t reply him as I head out of the house and move towards Nina, she stopped what she was doing as she saw me coming, tho she was in the dark but with the aid of my beast eye, I was able to see that she was in awkward position.
    I moved towards her and asked her to escort me out, she complied but I was surprised when she said I should wait for her so that she can change into something comfortable.
    she came out after 10 minutes wearing a gown that was skimpy, she was so hot in the gown that I almost drool,
    sooner than later, we started our journey, it was a another silent journey, I noticed she was looking at me, maybe she thought I won’t know because it was dark.
    I decided to lift the ban of no talk by deciding to bring out a topic
    ME : why did you run out before?
    she didn’t answer me and played deaf to the question
    ME : ( I thought of what I could use again to draw her attention, I thought of frightening her but I shut against the idea because I might be the one that would be frightened at the long run, just then a brilliant idea scraped through my mind, nothing entice ladies most than discussing and praising them about things that they are good at ) Let me be sincere with you Nina, I was really astonished earlier with how accurate your target was when you practicing outside before.
    My style hit the jackpot as she replied me
    Nina : really
    ME : yeah, you were really amazing, I’ve never seen someone as amazing as you before
    NINA :(blushing ) thanks
    ME : and Chris said you will be in charge of my training
    NINA :really ( it was visible that she was very excited at this ) but he has not informed me about it
    ME : he just informed me too about it, but I told him that I will want him to train me because you are still a little girl and it might not be easy for you to control me.
    my statement ignite a kind of disappointment spark in her
    NINA : and did he agreed to teach you?
    ME : no, he said you’re competent ( I was watching her mood through out our chit chat, I want to know if she has feelings for me ) and he said he has a lot of things at hand right now, so I don’t have any other choice than to accept
    NINA : ( her mood changed when she heard my last statement and she tried to hide it but it was too late because I was studying her emotions then and I already have what I want ) and why do you think I’m not competent enough to train you?
    ME : because you are a girl and your age compared to mine is
    NINA : ( she didn’t allow me to finish my statement before she interrupted me with an attack which gat me lying flat on the floor in a blink of an eye ) that’s what a small girl is capable of doing (she said dusting her hands )
    ME : (I stood up dusting my cloth ) you caught me off guard, that was why you gat me easily, I won’t go easy on you next time
    NINA : ( with wicked grin on her face ) you think so?
    ME : yeah,
    then what follows is am gonna attack you now by Nina,
    she tried to hijack me by my polo and pull me down but I was quick with my reflex as I mistakenly dragged her down but she pulled me down with her,
    she fell down and I fell on her,
    her gown was already raised up above her hips displaying her panty and I felt my already hard dk pressing against her crotch, I was directly over her and my lip was simultaneously against hers,
    I felt her breathing getting faster and intensed.
    I lowered my lips against hers and kissed her.

    Episode 20

    I got to the hospital my mom was admitted as the happiest man ever, the two nurses {one of them was super hot, she’s supposed to be a hooker not a nurse, she was very hot in her tight fitting nurse gown, she is blonde and the most amazing thing about her is her voracious a-s, tho her boob is not that bad but her a-s ,am sure will have resurrected a dead man before, she has the shape of kim kardeshian but the only problem with her is that she is older than me in my normal age, so making advances towards her is a bone on a dog’s neck} I knew that the two of them i met at the receptionist spot that night must be surprised when I asked of my mom’s condition and they told me that she hasn’t regain consciousness yet, I’m sure they were astonished by my reply and mood
    ” wow, that’s cool, thanks “ I replied with large chunks of smile on my lip as I head towards the elevator, shaking my head to the nil sound of music playing in my head, I was not putting on headset but free flow of music was on in my head, I knew the cause of it and am sure you all wanna know it too, as I got to the elevator and click on the floor my mom is, I felt a tap on my shoulder,
    I was surprised to see the hot nurse whose name I later got to know was Bianca,
    she was standing in front of me with a cute smile that can neutralize a cobra of all its poison just merely looking at her,
    I just stood there looking viewing all her body in a seductive manner and I think she noticed it and let out a cool grin, she introduced herself as Bianca , ” Ben is the name “ I replied, she asked if can join me on the ride to my mom’s ward saying she wants to check on her because she is the nurse assigned to her that night, I replied yes, just then, the elevator opened and we entered it, she told me she noticed the change in my mood today unlike yesterday when the ambulance gave my unconscious mom and I free ride to the hospital that I was sad, and the most perplexing things about me was that it seems like I was happy that my mom hasn’t regain consciousness, she asked if she can know the reason
    I smirked as I thought of an answer to give her but couldn’t find any and just kept mute praying that the elevator gets to our destination quick to avoid another question which am not ready for. And I can feel my dk erecting, being in the same place someone as hot as her was really hitting at me, I think it is because of the unfinished romance I engaged in with Nina that is enhancing my hormones to react.
    I noticed her gaze that was on my face before has travelled down to my dk side, she was viewing my bulge with a kind of seductive look,
    Seeing her doing this turned me on so much and I felt my d--k rising to its full length.
    As fate will have its way, it was as if the elevator hit something leading to a small turbulence and it stopped midway, the emergency light inside it on at once.
    I was surprised when Bianca jumped on me like a scared cat, she was very afraid and was shivering, I asked her why she was afraid and she replied that it must be the beast that caused a blackout which led to the premature stoppage of the elevator.
    I knew it was not the beast because I couldn’t feel it around and with my super sensitive ear, I knew that the hospital is not in any sort of uproar.
    I assured her that we are safe and there is no beast, she doesn’t see ms believe me but I did a good job stabilizing her fear and I need her to get off me because it is becoming unbearable for me to control my urge of tearing her her gown and munching on her a-s, she was resting against me and I’m sure she would have noticed it, but why the hell would she still stay on me, it’s been long since I have sex and everything and the uncompleted sex I’ve been engaging in for the past few days was taking it toll on me in the current situation I’m in.
    i almost screamed when I felt hand moving against my d--k,
    I knew that it was Bianca’s hand, she looked at my face seductively, ” I know you want it “ she said going on down on four, unzipping my trousers, and reaching out for my d--k,
    My mind was protesting against this action but my body was welcoming it,
    I knew I am supposed to be healing my mom now but the elevator has already added it own quota to what I will like to call my calamity.
    Tho I want to bone the hot nurse but it doesn’t seem right, something is off somewhere but my mind can’t conjure the piece together .
    As I felt her hand releasing my d--k from my shot, the elevator power came on again and she quickly separate herself from, I think it’s must be because of the cctv installed inside the elevator,
    a part of me was happy and the other part was angry, she just added her own quota again, I think I’ve been jinxed with incomplete sex, or is it a side effect of being a beast?
    I asked myself rhetorically.
    In a dime of seconds, the elevator opened on the encrypted floor I inserted to it,
    after the scene that occurred inside the elevator, Bianca has not made eye contact with me and after we got to my mom’s ward, she just did some irrelevant things and left.
    I was very happy when she left, I finally got the time to heal my sleeping beauty,
    I moved closer to her and I felt myself being surrounded by guilt feelings,
    how can I make her worry so much?
    how dare me forgot that I can heal her?
    how stupid of me to be making out with girls when my precious jewel is here lying down unconsciously.
    All sorts of guilt ridden rhetorical question was bubbling in my mind making ways for tears to stroll down my eye.
    I cleared my mind of the questions and the tears from my eye as I removed all the bandages and stuffs that was used in arresting the free flow of blood from her injured part .
    I viewed the room to look for something sharp enough to cut myself but was only successful in seeing a stranded scalpel at one side of the room which gat me wondering what it was doing there.
    Even tho I’m not that into hospital stuff but I’m sure ,scalpel should be inside the operating room not inside a ward,
    I picked it and cut myself letting the blood fall directly on my mom’s injured part.
    I was happy when I saw the injured flesh healing and getting back to its normal form.
    I saw her opened her eye and closed it back.
    That’s a good sign I said to myself as I helped myself to the sole chair in the room reminiscing back into what occurred between me and Nina.

    Episode 21

    I lowered my lips against hers and kissed her, I was expecting another scenario like the last time but nothing of such happened, she has closed her eye and that is a go ahead sign, I took my time exploring her delicate mouth with my tongue, I was enjoying every part of it and I don’t want it to end.
    she was responding to my kissing and this kept on fueling my body.
    I didn’t wish to part my lips from hers, I’m okay with just kissing her, the kissing was getting intense by seconds and I don’t know how my hand started controlling itself and started squeezing her boob with her cloth, because she was wearing gown, my hand was not able to penetrate to get to the main flesh, I was kissing her and squeezing her b----t at the same time
    I decided to take it further by using my hand to locate her c--t which was covered by her panty,it was easy for me to locate it since she was putting on gown and the gown is already above her hip level when she fell down.
    Her panty was already wet,
    I started massaging her c--t through her pant ,it was soft and tender,
    I couldn’t believe that the girl that flipped me down when I just made an attempt to kiss her yesterday is now the person I have under me now, everything seems like a dream to me ,I pinch myself to be sure if am not in wonder land, and hell yeah, everything is happening for real.
    I kept on munching on her lips while me hands kept on massaging her c--t downward.
    I used my hand to shift her pant from the entrance of her fresh puy and located her c------s, I tickled it which made her moan for the first time, with the improvement, I knew am almost there, I was still kissing but her moaning was disturbing my pleasurable kiss so I stopped tickling her c------s and tried to insert my f--k you finger into her p---y but it wasn’t entering, her p---y was d--n tight,
    I knew at once that she’s still a virgin.
    This was not my first ordeal with a virgin so it’s easy for me to decipher if a girl am trying to bone is a virgin or not.
    But something was different about her, I was trying to force my finger in and what’s normal for a girl to do is wriggle in pain but she ain’t doing that,
    After some trial I felt my finger touching her Hymen,
    when I felt my finger touched it ,she broke away from my kiss and held my hand, I was damned scared when she held my hand, I thought she was going to attack me but was surprised when she fell me down, stood up ,dust her clothes, adjust it well and left me to my fate of taming my hard and aching d--k myself.
    She was wiggling her a-s as she was going.
    I quickly followed suit with her,
    She didn’t smile nor talk to me till she escorted me out.
    I was wondering if she’s a beast or human, because it’s not normal for an ordinary girl to release herself from the cloud nine that I pulled her into.
    ” what are you thinking about, or you have boned a girl when your mom is lying here helplessly “ I was drifted back to reality by my mom’s voice, my mom is the only person that understand my silent, she understand every of my mood even without me voicing it to her.
    ” MOM “ I screamed jumping down on her to embrace her without caring if she just recovered.
    I’ve missed her badly, ” I think you want me to black out again “ she retorted,
    ” I don’t care “ I replied laughing at her.
    ” I’m sorry Ben “ she said with a remorseful tone, ” I have wanted to tell you from the day you knew right from wrong but I was afraid, I was very afraid that I was gonna lose you and that will be the greatest calamity that will befall me, I love you with all my heart “ she added with tears which made the stubborn tears that I’ve been using all my will to hold down released itself and located it way down my cheek.
    I was short of words, my selections of words failed me, I was looking for the proper words to assure her that I’m not angry with her.
    ME : ( using my palm to clean her face )I don’t hold any grudge against you mom, I understand you and I love you so much too, all I want is my mom and all I will ever want is you.
    MOM : ( she calmed down after hearing me and her mood got brighter )thanks son or should I Call you friend,
    you are my first friend and love, when I was small, when we were of the same age, we were really close, according to the proof from pictures that were taking then, but I discovered that I was the only one growing, you refused to change size, and I was perplexed by this, when I was 15 years of age, I asked my dad why you refused to grow, he replied me that it is not yet time for me to know, but I insisted till he told me, I really love you then and kept on praying that you start growing so that I won’t have to be your mom but your lover, I so much love you then that I refused to have any other guy in my life, holding onto a tiny icks of fate that you will start developing before I clock 20.
    When I clocked 20, I didn’t have any other choice than to allow another guy into my life and prepare for torture of treating you as my son. I converted all my girl boy love into a motherly own and I was ready to protect you even if my life is at stake. My family in collaboration with me had to lie to your dad, I mean my husband that you were an harvest of rape so that he can also take you as his son.
    My parents had to travel out of town in order not to let Richard know that you are not changing height.
    I listened to her story with rapt attention and didn’t make any sound as I continue listening to her
    It was not up to half a year when my parents called me and told me that I should get ready to be a real mom because you have started growing, it’s very painful to me but there is nothing I can do about it again, I’m already married so the best I can do is be the best mom for you.
    A year after when my parents were bringing you back to Marseille,they got involved in a ghastly auto accident leaving you only as the sole survivor.
    Ever since then, I’ve been trying to give my all in order to raise you well, the only problem is that Richard does not like you which I don’t care,
    I can clearly see it on her face that she is tired but my mom is not the type to give up easily on words, I knew I’ve to cut her short if she is ever gonna rest.
    ME : (interrupting her) he came here to check on you this morning and I think he has gone back, and less I forget, you have to make sure the doctors does not see your wound or should I sneak you out?
    MOM : ( she checked on the injured part and was surprised to see it completely healed, she opened her mouth in awe, tears of joy was forming on her eye ) so it is truth
    ME : what’s truth?
    MOM : what grams used to tell me, she said that according to her, when I start growing and my beastiary form manifest, a drop of my blood can heal any injury
    ME : So you also knew about it
    MOM : yes but I didn’t believe her then, I thought it was just one out of her many folklore, but now am a believer and concerning the doctor, you don’t need to sneak me out , you know I have my way in this hospital, so I’m sure they won’t insist to see it when i decline,
    With the aid of my super sensitive ear, I heard the elevator chime, and a footstep was heading towards my mom’s ward,
    I quickly picked up the bandage I removed from her wound and paste it there back, I told my mom to pretend as if she is very weak because someone is coming and the person might be surprised to see her hale and healthy.
    The look of how the hell did you someone is coming was transparent on my mom’s face and I smiled to myself because of her inquisitive form.
    The door open and I saw Becky entering, she was surprised that my mom has regained consciousness, she rushed towards her to hug her and pecked her,
    she didn’t even act as if I was there, she really placed me on ghost mode,
    She said she was here this afternoon and my mom was still unconscious but she is very happy now that she has woke up from her slumber , my mom asked her if we having issues and she replied yes, explaining to her how I kept her worried and refused to call her or visit her, and I was absent in school and when she even called, I waded her off with some excuse that are baseless.
    My mom apologized to her on my behalf and she accepted smiling at me for the first time since she entered.
    I don’t know if I should be happy that she accepted or not,
    I still have feelings for her but I love Nina most, I’m not the type of guy that double date, but I’m not ready to lose Becky.
    My main principle about girls is one lover and many sex giver.
    I always have a girl that I love and many girls to give me sex but right now I think of going against the principle.
    I am not ready to lose either Nina or Becky, so the best option is to share my love between them, 50% for Nina and 40% for Becky and the remaining 10% for all the girls I will be bleeping out of love.
    I smiled at her too and kissed her, my mom cough to remind us of her present and we stopped kissing.
    My mom asked me to go home so that I can prepare for school tomorrow but I refused.
    I knew what she was trying to do but I am not ready to involve in another incomplete sex again.
    My mom insisted that I leave and I don’t have any choice than to leave.
    Becky was very happy that my mom won.
    She said she will like to pass the night my place and I reminded her of what happened the last time she tried to.
    She informed me that the beast has not made appearance ever since that incident occurred so we are safe.
    I tried to convince her not to come but none of my word is winning her until I had to succumb to her.
    As we got home, she didn’t even allowed me to lock the door before she jumped on me and started kissing me wildly.
    I lifted her with my hands and head to my bedroom while still kissing her.
    On entering the bedroom, I dropped her on the bed and started peeling the clothes on me off as she did the same as I made to make my third attempt at sex in a single night.
    ” I hope this one is a success “
    I thought to myself as I lowered body to hers on the bed.

    Episode 22

    I lifted her with my hands and head to my bedroom while still kissing her.
    On entering the bedroom, I dropped her on the bed and started peeling the clothes on me off as she did the same as I made to make my third attempt at sex in a single night.
    ” I hope this one is a success “
    I thought to myself as I lowered body to hers on the bed,
    I started kissing her while my hands played on her naked b----t,
    You might be wondering why I didn’t set to sex at once, but there is one of my sex principle which I cannot contradict no matter the situation, that is ” No jumping into sex with a girl without a foreplay (romance)”
    I brought my lip down on her already erected n-----s and sucking on her left one while tickling the other, I was switching the two at interval while she moaned at the ecstasy.
    I moved my free hand down to her p---y arena and started causing an uproar there which made her to jerk and moan louder.
    I used my finger tip to locate her c------s,
    after locating, I disconnected my lips from her n----e, I looked at her beautiful face and I saw she has closed her eye savoring all the pleasure she was deriving,
    I placed my tongue on her, licking all her wetness which taste real good, then I started eating her, I used my tongue to tickle her c------s biting it tenderly at interval,
    After 5 minutes of massively attacking her with my tongue, she screamed my name gripping my bed tight as she goes through waves of releasing her juice, some which I caught with my mouth, her juice smell real nice.
    She became weak after overcoming her 1st wave, but I didn’t stop tongue lashing her, after she recovered some of her strength, she released herself from my hold which gat me confused , I was thinking what could I have done but she clarified me by motioning for us to switch to 69 position.
    I only tried it once and I’m willing and happy to try it again as I moved to the middle of the bed, I slept on it facing up while she slept facing down with my d--k simultaneously facing her mouth and her p---y facing mine.
    We set to business and I wasn’t able to perform my own 9,she was the only one doing the 6,because the pleasure was too much for me to handle .she handled my d--k like a veteran, sucking the tip of my d--k down to the ball
    I couldn’t eat her p---y because the pleasure was becoming unbearable,
    as I felt my s---t increasing size,
    she noticed it and tried to swallow it all but choked on it, I knew I was going to release any time from then and she wants to swallow all my c-m.
    I watched as she started sucking on it again, I was grunting as she performs her trick,
    not less than 10 minutes, I released in her mouth and she did a great job swallowing all
    my semen without letting a drop of it to waste.
    After finishing with my first o----m, I set to s.x her at once in order not to allow repetition of the scenario that happened the on my first trial with her.
    I placed her in doggy ,I saw the surprised expression on her face,
    I knew it was because my erection was still valid like last time after releasing.
    I didn’t care as I slammed her from behind.
    She was very tight but with the aid of her juice, it was easy penetrating her.
    I first started on slow motion and when k---y get acquainted with my d--k, I increased my motion and she was screaming loud.
    After completing 3 rounds of hardcore sex in a row ,
    she was already exhausted and pleaded with me to stop when she saw that I showed no sign of stopping.
    I concurred to her request and allowed her to rest.
    I woke up early in the morning and found out Becky was not by my side, there was no sign of her around,
    I slept off and didn’t know when she sneaked or went home.
    I stood up and checked the time on my phone, it was some minutes pass seven ,
    I felt very happy ,not that because my sex with Becky was awesome, I’ve had many awesome sex than that but because I was successfully in boning her.
    After four trial at sex and failing, I was very happy that I sex her.
    I quickly took a quick shower and in no time, I was already on the tiled road riding my bicycle to school.
    As I got to the parking spot, I saw Victor standing there in a posture which signifies that he was waiting for someone
    ” could it be me? “ I asked myself rhetorically as I packed my bicycle.
    As I packed my bicycle, he approached me and begged me, he said there are many their are many explicated things that he has missed just because of the break in our friendship.
    ” I’ve missed you so much and regretted betraying your feelings, but I went to get help that day, it was the circumstances you were in that made you think I escaped all by myself “ he elucidated
    Tho I didn’t missed his company through out the days we part because of different dramas occurring in my life but I think I still need his friendship,
    so I forgave him which made him very happy.
    We started chit chatting as we head to our locker to get our book.
    His locker was a little bit far from mine,but he didn’t go and get his books, instead he stayed with me till I got mine filling me with gists of what I’ve missed when I was absent in school.
    After I got my books and we were about to go and get his from his locker, we were stopped by a beautiful voice behind us
    ” hello handsome “
    I knew the only person’s voice that can produce that tune,. I turned to confirm who it was and I right.
    it was Becky,
    she was standing in front me smiling like a baby that was given goodies displaying her perfect set of teeth.
    She was wearing a tight blue Jean with a yellow strap top.
    She was d--n hot.
    ” my dad said you should see him before your class start “ she said as she winked at me heading to her locker.
    My mind got disrupted, what could be the reason he asked me to come, I asked myself.
    I told Victor to go in first, I’ll join him later.
    Mr wisdom’s office was located almost at the end of the hallway,
    I sighed deeply as I knocked on his door followed by his voice
    ” come in “

    Episode 23

    My mind got disrupted, what could be the reason he asked me to come, I asked myself.
    I told Victor to go in first, I’ll join him later.
    Mr wisdom’s office was located almost at the end of the hallway,
    I sighed deeply as I knocked on his door followed by his voice
    ” come in “
    My mind skipped a beat as I unlocked his door and entered.
    ” help your self to a seat Mr Marseillaise “ he said without taking his eye away from the article he was reading, he has a pecky glass on his face which I presumed to be recommended.
    I sat on one of the guest sit in his office waiting for him to tell me the reason he summoned me .
    After what seemed like an eternity he raised his head up for the first time to speak.
    MR WISDOM : I’m sorry for delaying you
    ME : it’s okay sir, you asked of me
    MR WISDOM : yes, it’s just that I want to ask about your mom’s health, I heard what happened to her
    ME : she is getting better, thanks for your concern
    MR WISDOM : and how are you coping with your beast side
    ME : I’m getting use to it, and I can now control it ( i replied proudly )
    MR WISDOM : that’s good, and about the beast, have you killed it?
    ME : why are you asking
    MR WISDOM : because it didn’t make appearance yesterday and day before,
    that was the first time it will happen since the day you released it.
    ME : {}( that was when my membrane sent a signal to me, Chris made mentioned that he can only weaken the beast but not kill it, could it be that it was the two wooden bullets he released into the beast body that has weaken the beast and render it powerless.
    That must be the perfect explanation for the beast disappearance for the past two nights. ) I assured myself of my newly derived plan while thinking if I should come clean for Mr Wisdom,
    can I really trust this man?
    it was a question that that I really need someone to answer, maybe another supreme being who can decipher the true nature of human being.
    Then I made the decision which I later regret.
    Actually I haven’t kill the beast yet but someone helped me weakened it for a while
    MR WISDOM : really, ( he exclaimed surprisingly ) who and how?
    ME : ( my instinct was telling me to stop with the information for you now but I wasn’t ready to listen to it as I kept on BRINGING MY GRAVE NEARER ) His name is Chris and he is beast hunter, he shot the beast with a bullet which he claimed to be wooden bullet
    MR WISDOM : Chris, a beast hunter!!! ( he exclaimed feeling unrelaxed)
    ME : yeah, do you know him?
    MR WISDOM : no, i don’t. but it’s a good news, he will also help in eliminating the beast
    ME : yeah, you’re right, he is really helpful ( I replied happily ,which gat me wondering what was making me happy )
    MR WISDOM : make sure you always inform about your progress concerning the beast and if you need any type of help, make sure you gat no clog hindering you from asking for my help
    ME : okay, I’ll make sure I do that sir.
    I’m already late for R S { Recreational Sport } and am sure Mrs Saltzman is going to skin me alive today
    MR WISDOM : ( smirk ) funny guy, here ( he handed me letter ) give this to her and you are free
    ME : thanks ( i collected the letter and walked magnificently out of his office )
    After Ben’s Exit
    MR WISDOM : wow, so it was an hunter that shot the gun, the game is really getting interesting now. let see who wins at last.
    But I hope this hunter doesn’t breach my plan ( he retorted laughing wildly )
    back to Ben
    I walked magnificently back to class with the piece of letter in my hand, I wasn’t surprised not to meet anyone there, just the normal diagram that Mrs Saltzman usually draw on the board which will seem like meaningful rubbish to normal students that is not offering her course, before she takes us to the swimming pool for practical.
    I was really good at swimming and the best student in her class, she so much like me and hate it when I miss her class, I’ve represented our school in some competitions and the lowest medal that I always come back with is silver,
    Michael phelp is my role model, I really envy the guy, he started representing USA in Olympic from age 15 and the guy is even the only athlete that has the highest medal in Olympic ( 28 ).
    My dream is to represent France in international competition especially Olympic and stop partaking in local competition but it seems impossible because their are many people that best me outside my school, I’ve tried but failed in two audition, so I was not accepted internationally.
    I moved down to the dressing room and changed into my swimsuit .
    I checked myself inside the mirror and saw that my abs has developed greatly, the swimsuit was kind of not sizing me but I forced it on.
    As I got to the school swimming pool, I saw Victor giving me the kind of we are dead today look .
    They were all wet which signifies that they had all swim.
    ” Marseillaise ,get your damned a-s here “ Mrs Saltzman screamed at me which kind of triggered fear in me, tho she scream at other students but not me, I don’t blame her because that’s how all coach are and she has to show that she is tough even tho she is feminine.
    I quickly ran to her with all the focus of all the students on me, there eye is of the pleading type and the message I was extracting from it is ” PLEASE SAVE US “
    ” where have you been since “?
    she fired at me which gat me confused what could have happened to her to make her this angry.
    ” Mr Wisdom called me “ I replied her sternly
    ” any clearance letter from him “? she asked me in a tone which signifies that I was lying
    irritated by her act, I acted arrogantly and wanted to deep my hand inside my pocket to fetch the letter but surprisingly, my pocket had gone missing.
    what the hell, I’ve forgotten the letter inside the trousers I was wearing before I changed into my swimsuit.
    I scratched my scalp as I tender the situation to her but she didn’t believe me.
    ” now get into that f-----g water and perform
    ?b----t stroke first
    follows by
    ?side stroke
    follows by
    ?elementary backstroke
    follows by
    ?the. butterfly stroke
    follows by
    ?back stroke
    and end it with
    ?freestyle stroke in just a minute
    ” are you for real “ I asked and she answered yes,
    ” but you haven’t thought us that before, how can I combined all the skills in just a minute “ I asked angrily,
    I thought those dummies over there ( stretching her hands to the other students including Becky and Victor ) and since you are not in school, I would have pardon you but since you decided to skip my class when you are also in school, I don’t care if you know how to do it or not. And if you fail it, no more swimming class for two weeks, all I will be treating you is essay.
    Her condition for failure is very worse,
    I can’t imagine being in R S class taking lectures only, it happened in our first year, then it was referred to as FPE ( Freshman Physical Education ) ,we failed her test and our punishment was a week of pure essay,
    that single week felt like a year in hell and sure as hell, I knew that none of us that witnessed it then will like to experience it again, and two weeks for that.
    she should just kill us.
    without waiting for her shot, I dived into the swimming pool and started the combo, I was very surprised at my reflex, I already knew how to perform all the skills but I don’t know how to combine it all.
    But I was surprised myself when I started combining the combo and in just 50 seconds, I performed it excellently,
    As I got out of the water, everyone was very happy, I saw Victor and Becky giving me the thumbs up sign and winking at me.
    Mrs Saltzman just stood there in awe of what just happened, she didn’t believe I can get it tho I was her best student.
    She dismissed the class after praising me to brim.
    That was the only course we were having that day so I decided to check on my mom before I go to Chris for my training.
    I asked victor and Becky to join me in visiting her
    Victor accepted to go with me to my mom and Becky said she’s going on an errand for her dad so she won’t be able to go
    We quickly got on our bicycles and rode there.
    When we got into the elevator ,
    I started hearing someone screaming and hell yeah, the voice was that of my mom.
    I felt uneasy and dashed out of the elevator as it opened and Victor was running behind me to catch up with me not knowing why I was running.
    As I opened the Ward’s door, I saw my mom being lifted up with a long tongue that I traced to the mouth of my hot nurse ( Nurse Bianca ) with the scalpel I saw inside the ward yesterday in her hand.
    Victor ran in and was very surprised at what he was seeing.
    But I made it worse when I transformed and he fainted

    Episode 24

    Victor ran in and was very surprised at what he was seeing.
    But I made it worse when I transformed and he fainted.
    The clothes on my body got shredded as blue flame was emitting from my body,
    My mom was whimpering as she struggles to breath with the tongue of Bianca coiled around her neck.
    She was in pain and I was short of idea of what to do,
    It’s looks like Bianca is with the upper hand and if I act rashly, she might kill my mom.
    ” who are you and why are you doing this!  I said as I finally regain my speech.
    BIANCA : I’m a Kintaga ( she replied with a wicked grin ) and I am here for your heart
    ME : my heart? ( I replied confused ) that’s what Jovacik also said, Jovacik needs my heart to heal himself but what do you need it for?
    BIANCA : Jovacik knows nothing about the use of your heart and it been long I’ve been waiting for you to grow, and I’m very sure am not the only sup.being wanting to devour a real hybriolf heart.
    ME : and why will they want to devour my heart? ( I asked moving closer to her )
    BIANCA : don’t try to be smart ( she fired at me tightening her tongue more on my mom’s which caused my mom to scream in pain, I moved back to my former spot and she released her hold on my mom a bit )
    it will be a pleasure to feel all your curiosity before I kill you ( she said with a wicked grin )
    an hybriolf like you is something that shouldn’t have existed, you’re created with a great force which allows you to be supreme to all supernatural being, when you finally get hold of your real power, it will be almost an impossible mission for any being to defeat you except another hybriolf which am sure non existed. Getting to eat your heart which was made up with all the internal and external forces of the earth because of the two sides that you were made of ( beast and human side ) by any being including humans which am sure only few knows about it except those who have strong lineage history that might have heard about the myth from there elder ones who were present in the era that we the supernatural creatures are proud to display ourselves in public without fear of been intimidated , will transfer all your power to the lucky being. I’ve been waiting for 450 years for a day like this,and when i heard about your birth ,i have being waiting for you to become cooked and ready to be dished out before grab you.
    ME : (I was very surprised that she could live such a long life ) being a supernatural being is really cool,.I said to myself.
    But why didn’t you come for me when I was still a baby or when I haven’t gotten my power.
    BIANCA : ( she laughed wildly which kind of send more pain to my mom who was under her mercy but she tried to conceal it ) you’re really the naive type, eating your heart when you have not turn to a beast is very dangerous, a supernatural being will turn to a human and it will kill an ordinary human being that eat it, your first life span is to live as human i.e the first 250+ years you lived was to go through the phase of being a human while the remaining years which I don’t think is going to exist now is to live as a beast. { I’ve unlocked a puzzle here, those who don’t know it should please remember what I wrote there, it will make sense later }
    ME : ( meanwhile as she was talking, I was thinking of a better plan to defeat without hurting my mom, I knew that I have speed, I used it when I was fighting Jovacik on the hospital roof the other time but I don’t know how, it just kinda happened then.
    I closed my eye quickly linked with my beast self, I asked it how to be faster and he responded it all about my will to do it, I didn’t have problem with his answer as that was not my first time of hearing it. When I opened my eye she just finished her lecturing
    BIANCA : time for lecturing is over, it’s time to die now, here ( she threw the scalpel in her hand to me, and I caught it ) as can see, I am not big fan of claws ( she said displaying her long nails ) I don’t have claws to rip your heart out of your chest so am going to do you the honour of opening yourself while I remove it or your precious little mommy here is going to die ( she said tightening her hold on my mom’s neck which made her wriggled more in pain as she was shaking her head negatively which signifies that I shouldn’t heed to her reply.
    ME : ( I saw tears streaming down on my mom’s face and it triggered a great deal of anger in me ) I held the scalpel and in a blink of an eye I was in front of Bianca, I cut her tongue with the scalpel and my mom fell down coughing rigidly. I screamed at her to run which she did.
    Bianca’s tongue grew back and right in my front she shed off her skin revealing an irritating monster with a long tail that has razor at it tip,
    it shrieked loudly and I roared back
    As my mom was about to get out of the ward, she directed her tongue towards her but I quickly caught it making allowing my mom to escape, Victor was still lying on the floor, I knew he was still alive because I can hear his heart beat clearly.
    I discovered that as I held her tongue with my hand which blue flame was emitting from, the part I held got burnt letting the upper part drop to floor and the remaining part in her mouth refuse to grow which made her shrieked in pain as she withdraw the remaining part of the tongue into her mouth.
    No doubt that she was surprised that her tongue didn’t heal. Her mood made me detect that this was the first time she will get injured and will not heal.
    ” i think the fire on me is the key to killing her “ I retorted within me as a bright smile escaped my mouth.
    I felt a razor hit my cheek and I started bleeding, I saw the razor coming again and that was when I realized that it was her tail, it was too fast to dodge or held and it lashed on my cheek again making the cut deeper than before. But I felt my cell replacing itself inside my cheek but the tail hit me again exactly on the same spot and this time I felt it go beyond the flesh hitting my cheek bone,
    I got so angry and rushed towards it but it jumped up and clutched on the Ward’s roof like a lizard. and it attacked me again with her long sharp tail this time on my head, I was surprised that the tail isn’t burning as it was touching, but I thought it was because it was the tip that she was using which I was right about.
    She started hovering above me tormenting me with her tail and I seemed to be the losing one.
    Then it became unbearable as I felt all my internal organs weakening, it was like I was being poisoned.
    She made to attack again with her tail but this time I was the smarter one as I held it with my hand and dragged her down with it.
    She was screaming in pain as I held her tail which was melting in my hand, I got closer to her and hijacked her up by her neck,
    and deep my claws into her chest gripping her heart.
    She was screeching in pain and I felt myself burning her internally.
    ” you are going to die too “ she screamed with her last breath as she burst into flame .
    What did she meant by her last statement? I asked myself rhetorically as I saw Victor standing up and looking at me with a frightful eye.
    I wanted to move closer to him but I saw every where spinning faster and my head got heavy as I fell down on the floor as I changed to my human self.
    Am I really poisoned, I asked no one in particular as I felt my eye shutting down

    Episode 25

    I tried to wave it off, I don’t know what might happen if I shut down my eye.
    I held onto the floor with all my strength, as I made sure my eye was still opened ,the spinning reduced and I was getting myself bit by bit, I was surprised when I saw Victor approaching me, I thought he would have run away like last time but it looks like he has really changed.
    He move closer to where I was in somber mood, I watched as he placed his palm on my cheek, ” what can I do to help you friend? “ he asked with a tone of concern which brought smile to my lip even tho I was in pain, this is my real which I missed so much not the coward one that left me to my fate last three weeks, that was the tone that managed to escape my lips before I finally black out.
    I later woke up to to see my mom sleep sitting beside me,on one of the chair in the hospital with my left hand entwined in hers and placed her cheek on it, on the other side was Victor sleeping on the bare floor with his back resting on the wall.
    I tried to move my right hand but I discovered that a drip was being passed into my body through it.
    I was burning inside and felt very sick inwardly, I felt the urge to urinate but I don’t want to wake my mom, she is a light sleeper and any slight movement from me is going to wake her up.
    Suddenly, I saw everywhere burning and many people were there but they were not running,
    I stood up abruptly screaming that to everyone to run, I removed the small pipe passing fluid into my body ready to save everyone, I felt someone drag me back and I felt another person shielding me from going and with the combined effort of the two, I was restored back to the hospital bed.
    After some minutes, I was okay and saw that everywhere was still in place, there was no fire burning no multitudes were inside a fire.
    ” I think the poison is affecting me internally making the people around me to think I am healthy)
    ” I think he’s stressed out “ I heard my mom telling Victor he replied yes.
    After I’ve calmed down, they released me and I was able to tell them that I’ve been poisoned and I don’t think me being a beast can overcome it, I was surprised to how calm Victor was as if he has experienced such a scenario before which am sure he hasn’t.
    My mom started panicking blaming herself that I was in this position because of her which I rebuke her against at once.
    My mom asked me how I was feeling inside because in outward to them I’m like a normal healthy person. I knew if I voice out what am feeling within me to my mom, she won’t mind injuring herself just to get the antidote which I don’t know exist.
    ” I’m alright now mom “ I replied her trying to conceal my pain.
    If there is any solution to my present travail, I knew that the two places i can locate it is Chris fort or Mr Wisdom’s place who seems to know more about beast, but the only problem is how to get to their place without my mom knowing, and right now I can’t make it there alone because the poison has weakened me more than you can imagine.
    Then a brilliant idea popped into my head,
    if I can distract my mom, then I can ask Victor to take me to Chris place, I knew with my guidance, he can do it
    I held onto my stomach like someone who was extremely hungry, my mom to confirm her curiosity asked me if I was really hungry or she’s just getting ahead of herself,
    I answered yes and I could see that she was very happy as she asked me what I will like to eat which I replied that I will like my favorite.
    I knew that she will have to go home to prepare it because it isn’t a food that can be ordered from any food joint. It was a menu derived by my mom by mistake,
    She saw a food online with the ingredients and guidelines on how to prepare it, she fell in love with the sight of the food and decided to try it, but when she made it finish, the food she made and the picture of the one she saw online was like comparing a Burger to a pizza,
    She refused to eat it but I decided to give it a try and alas, it was the best food have ever tasted and it qualified to be my best and favorite food. Because of me she had to learned how to prepare the food which I name  erreur alimentaire  meaning mistake food or mistakincious.
    Without wasting time she dashed out of the ward not caring if it was already night,entrusting my care to Victor.
    After I heard the elevator bell ding, I explained to Victor how I was really feeling, and how I think I can be heal, I told him that we will have to nick one of the car parked and return it after we’ve made use of it,
    he asked me to promise him that I will fill him in everything that has happened and how I turned to what I transformed into earlier which I concurred.
    He was wearing a pullover on his cloth,he pulled it off and gave it to me to wear on the hospital cloth I was wearing in order for me to have easy access out of the hospital. Without being stopped by anyone.
    my step on the floor was like I was floating on water, I was not feeling my leg again as the two of them went numb. But with victor’s support, we got out of the hospital, and got into the car park, Victor looked for a fancy car which he opened easily, this was not his first time or mine to open car without a key or the car remote.
    We started the practice when we were 14 ,but then we only do it to nick some valuables inside the car ,but when we’re 15,we learn how to drive with my mom’s car and after that, we learned how to start car without key by joining some wire together near the wheel,and we always go on free ride with any car of our choice but we always return it. And some time we always involve in car race betting, so you can say we are really good behind the wheel.
    He placed me at the back seat and he started the car driving out of the car, when we got out of the car park, all the light in the hospital switched off followed by the roaring of the beast.
    I asked Victor to step on it because I knew the beast was there because of me and I don’t have any strength to face it, and in seconds we were on the road driving fast like we were involve in racing.
    I thought we’d lost track of the beast not until
    I saw him in the fore mirror coming in a speed of flash, it was like I was not the only person seeing it as Victor increased the speed of the car but it was too late as I saw a giant hand crash the car glass beside me from behind and nabbed me out.
    When I was dropped by the hand I find myself inside somewhere which looked like a tunnel.
    The light emanating out of the beast’s body was enough to light everywhere and let me see clearly as I pant weakly on the floor trying to gain my stand.
    ” looks like you got lucky the other time and I promise you nothing of such is going to happen now “ the beast said with a soft tone as he advanced towards me magnificently,
    Now I’m free, he shouted as he deep his claw into my chest, I closed my eye as I await my death,
    ”” Chris! “” I screamed as I heard gunshots sound, Chris shot the beast 4 times this time at the back because the beast was facing me and the beast fell down only to surprised me by revealing Mr Wisdom with a rifle in his hand.
    ” hello son “ he winked at me smiling

    Episode 26

    The beast fell down only to surprised me by revealing Mr Wisdom with a rifle in his hand.
    ” hello son “ he winked at me smiling
    Words can relate how surprised I was, I just stood transfixed at the spot with my mouth opened ajar,
    ” Mr wisdom “ I was finally able to pronounced after finding my speech,
    he moved closer to me patting my shoulder,
    ” I know you are very surprised right now but let get outta here before i fill in your curiosity.
    He squat near the beast that looks like it’s dead and brought out a metallic object that looks like an handcuffs, but it was much bigger than a handcuff, as he tried to clipped it on the wrist of the Jovacik, Jovacik roared loudly and wildly and slash Mr Wisdom with his claw on his chest, before he staggered out of sight,
    Mr Wisdom made to follow him but couldn’t because of his newly acquired wound, he picked up his rifle and aim at it but all we hear was click without a bullet coming out of it, which signifies that there is no bullet in it again,
    Mr Wisdom sigh with a note of pain and regret written all over him.
    He was now weak and I’m also weak, I don’t know how we are going to get out of the tunnel,
    finally, he stood up with the support of the rifle in his hand while I felt myself losing consciousness, I knew that me fainting is going to add to the problem , with all the remaining strength and will in me, I transformed into my beast side but I was surprised that I wasn’t emitting fire from my body, maybe it’s the effect of the poison but it’s good like that because I will have to carry Mr Wisdom out and the fire might have been an hindrance to it.
    I hijacked Mr Wisdom with one hand and with my beast speed, I was out beside the road, I drop Mr wisdom and transformed back into a human and passed out.
    I woke up in a strange room, on a big comfortable bed with a blanket used to cover my naked body, I was surprised to hear someone breathing beside me on the same bed,
    the room was dark and I couldn’t see a d--n thing, I felt that my body is now healthy,
    I switched my beast eye on and I was able to see everything in the room clearly, the room was painted with pink paint and the setting of the room was set up in girl’s room manner.
    I looked at the pink coloured wall clock on the wall ticking away it soul away. The time was showing 20 minutes pass 1 in the midnight,
    I looked at the soul breathing beside me and discover it was Becky, she was very hot sleeping ,she was almost half naked, she was only on pink panty and bra.
    Seeing her in that manner turned me on and I felt my s---t stiffening under the blanket.
    I peck her and she woke up.
    I was very surprised that such a light movement could wake her up.
    ”Ben” she called my name wiping off her eye and use her hand to trace a switch on the wall simultaneously above her head, and upon clicking on the switch, a small fancy green bulb illuminate the room .
    ” how are you feeling now? she said placing her hand on my forehead to feel my temperature.
    ” I think you are now okay “ she said smiling which made her looked more beautiful under the green reflection.
    BECKY : don’t know what happened but a good Samaritan dragged you and my dad in yesterday, and the two of you were in a real bad shape
    ME : how is he now?
    BECKY : he’s not in a critical condition now, but were you poisoned?
    ME : yeah, why did you asked
    BECKY : because as my dad was even in a critical condition, he still took his time to make you the SEVEN ROOTED HERB
    ME : SEVEN ROOTED HERB? ( I elucidated with a tone of curiousity)
    BECKY : yeah, it’s a rear herb that only few know of it recipe and it’s only used for curing poisoned person.
    ME : okay, please can I make use of your phone? I need to call my mom to assure her that I’m okay before she tries something funny.
    BECKY : (smiling ) she called already to confirm if you are here with me but then, you’re not here with me, but have called her to inform her that you’re here upon your arrival.
    ME .: ( I felt relieved upon her reply ) that’s good, thanks a lot
    BECKY : you welcome darling ( she replied winking at me seductively as I felt her resting hand on my chest ) but how did dad sustained his injury?
    ME : ( The question met me unaware, i didn’t have back up lie to explain the situation ) my memory is kind of blank now, let discuss it in the morning ) but I want to ask you a question, tho it might sound stupid but I want you to answer me sincerely
    BECKY : okay, ( she replied focusing her gaze on me )
    ME : Is Mr Wisdom your real dad?
    BECKY : (she removed her hand from my chest as I asked her) was it glaring?
    ME : (surprised with her question used to reply my question ) what’s glaring (i also reply her with another question )
    BECKY : that I’m not his real daughter
    ME : ( surprised ) you’re not his real daughter?
    BECKY : yeah, I’m his adoptive daughter, he adopted in an orphanage home in Toronto when I was 5,and have been living with him over since then.
    ME : okay, but he’s very good to you, why were you moody when I asked if he’s your real dad?
    BECKY : question for other day, what I need now is hot sex
    ME : SEX!!!
    ”” that’s the only request I haven’t decline from the day I was born, and a hot sex, wow, it gonna be exciting “” I said to myself smiling as I pounced on her.

    Episode 27

    I woke early in the morning feeling great and healthy than yesterday, seeing myself inside a strange room and on different bed kind was kind of strange to me not until the event of last night wave, cooled on me.
    Beside me was Becky in a deep slumber, her breath was bland and mild which made her more beautiful, her bright and shiny dark hair was in disarray  effect of last night hot sex ,.looking at her sleeping beside me and under the same blanket made her to look more beautiful and made us looked like a couple, but come to think of it, we’re a perfect match, we’ve almost everything in common, same completion, same bright dark and shiny hair, same bluish Iris which add more to our beauty, she’s of good height like me, currently,she’s the most beautiful and hottest girl in school while I am also the most handsome guy in school and the most important of the factor, she’s a complete sex freak while sex is my hubby.
    The past few days with her as increased my love for her,
    I think the saying of  who you see, you love  is right, tho Nina is beautiful and caught my attention the first day I set my eye on her, thereby, robbing Becky of all the affections I’ve for her. But now that I spend most of my time with Becky, savoring her sweetness, always ready to give me what I desire, she now has my love back, the tally has changed, Becky now has 60% of my affection while Nina has only 30%.
    That why I always dislike a relationship where I won’t be able to see my partner for a long time, my heart is as flexible as a band and any slight seduction from another lady will decrease my affection for the latter. ” But are we even dating ?”
    I asked myself rhetorically as I buried my head into the blanket to view the nude of the sleeping beauty beside me.
    splashes of dried c-m was visible on her flat abdomen, I felt my d--k stiffening as I view her sumptuous body with desire to f--k her to wake but I shut my mind against it I knew she will be very tired for another round of sex this morning because I gave it to her real hot as she demanded it, she lasted for three rounds before she collapsed on the bed and slept off .

    And two, I’ve to get back home early so as to meet my worried mom, I knew I’ve a lot to explain to her and if possible, I will like to go to school.

    After feeding myself of Becky’s nude, I stood up from the bed, I started searching for my clothes but couldn’t locate it, after minutes of vain searching, I remembered that I transformed last night and it would have shredded off my body,
    ” Victor’s pullover “ I screamed as thought of what Victor will do to me ran through my mind, he so much fancy the pullover that he even refused to dash it to me when I requested it from him when his dad bought it for him. And now the pullover is gone,
    I checked the wall clock on the wall and it was showing 14 minute pass six in the morning.
    The only place I can get a cloth to wear is Mr Wisdom’s room,
    without wasting any time I head there though I don’t know which part of the house it’s located but I know finding it won’t be a problem.
    I switched my super sensitive nose on to sniff on place where blood’s odor can be perceived and in no time I found myself out of Becky’s room and alas, it was the room next to hers.

    on opening the door, I saw Mr Wisdom sleeping on a bed which I presume to be his, his breathing was rugged missed with pain, he was only on short,
    I moved closer to him and was amazed at what I saw, he looks like someone who really works out, his broad chest looks like that of a weight lifter, his ABS was a sight to behold, his stomach was carefully and beautifully divided into 8 packs, in which he sustained his injury on one of them ,some minuscule of grey graciously beautify his broad chest down to his lower region which I found to be odd,
    Mr Wisdom possess dark hair on his head like Becky’s own, so it should be dark hair on the chest too, that what I thought,
    maybe it’s also possible for it to be like that.
    But something was strange about him, but can’t seem to lay my hand on it.
    His injured place has been bandage but I couldn’t find any trace of blood around it,
    I decided to confirm if it’s not what’s on my mind, I made to remove the bandage, the more my hand was getting to his stomach the more my heart beat was increasing, the fear that something might happened was hovering in my head.
    As I removed the bandage, I saw that the wound was there, it was not that a big cut but it looks deep,
    I sighed a sigh of relief as I paste the bandage back, I was surprised that he didn’t wake up with all my act.

    As I looked down on myself, seeing myself naked made me remembered my mission ,
    I saw a structure which looks like a wardrobe,
    I moved closer to it, I opened it and saw different clothes in which if I try to wear it, I don’t even know what I’ll look like, maybe like, I don’t even want to mention it.
    As I kept on searching through the wardrobe if I’ll see something of my size or better still, something that won’t look like a blanket on my body, I lost balance and my hand mistakenly fell down into the wardrobe,
    in order not to hit my head ,I struggled not to fall down and in that process my hand my hand hit a certain place in the wardrobe that I don’t know, and I felt the wardrobe shake a bit and what happened next surprised me, the wardrobe started rotating,
    On seeing this I tried to quickly get out of the wardrobe but it was too late as I find myself in a dark room.
    I stood up and switch my beast eye on and the light became lit up.
    On the wall of the room was different pictures of beast like the one in the beastiary book he gave me,
    inside the room was a big table, cartridges and different wood bullets was on it and another beastiary book,
    On another part of the wall were some names, some were ticked while some were not.
    I wish to go through the names but it was too much and my time was limited.
    I saw another wardrobe in the room, I moved closer to it and was surprised to see different types of guns, some which I haven’t seen before, it was like being in a terrorist
    armour room, and bows of different size was seen inside there, and luckily for me, I saw a cloth, perfect size for me, I picked it and wore it instantly, it was exactly my size.

    What remains for me was to get out which I don’t seem to know how.
    I walked back to where I got in through, I didn’t know how I got in or where my hand pressed that made the wardrobe rotate.

    I started using my hand to press everywhere on the wardrobe but it didn’t open, I’ve resigned to fate when I saw a small pattern on the wardrobe, it was not easy to locate with an ordinary eye, with all hopes and fate, I pressed it and to my luck the door shook again and started rotating, I quickly glue myself to it and it pushed me out.

    Mr Wisdom was still sleeping when I got out,
    I saw some cash on a reading table beside him and took just the amount that will be able for me to take a taxi home.

    Without bidding anybody farewell, I got out of the house and took a taxi home.

    As I got home,I was surprised that the door was not locked,
    on opening the door, I met the greatest surprise of my life

    Episode 28

    Did I just said that I met the greatest surprise of my life? oops, my mistake winks
    what I meant was that I was surprised to see my doing what she has never did from the time we’ve been living together,
    I was surprised to see my mom sleeping on the couch, an habit she hate dearly, even when we’re watching series and we both mistakenly slept off, I don’t know what use to wake her but it’s a must she wakes, and also wake me up to go into my my room, so that was the first time of our couch accommodating someone through out the night, I knew she slept there because she still has the cloth she had on her the previous day and right on the table was a small food pack which I presumed to be my Mistakenciuos .
    On the floor beside her was her phone and mine, I was surprised to see my phone there because I thought have lost it,
    I move closer to my lovely mom,
    She was deep in slumber, she looks rough, am sure that’s the effect of too much worrying about me last night, I remove the minuscule of hair on her face, she’s very cute and pretty, I pecked her and was surprised that she didn’t wake up, she is light sleeper but whenever she goes through much stress,she sleeps like a log of wood.
    I picked up my phone from her side and head to my room after placing in a comfortable position on the couch.

    After unlocking my phone, I saw 5 missed call on it, 2 from Victor while the remaining 3 was from an unknown number.

    I dial Victor’s number but it was off so I left a voicemail message informing him that I’m safe and will try to be in school today.
    After dropping the message I tried the unknown number but it was also off, I don’t know who it was so I didn’t drop a voicemail message for the recipient.

    I stripped off the cloth on my body and head to be bathroom to bath but I stopped when I heard movement in the sitting room and splattering of something on the floor.
    I picked up my towel and tied it around my waist in order to cover my nakedness.

    I tiptoed into the sitting room in case if it’s an attack but it wasn’t,
    I saw my mom squatting on the floor packing some things, when I was in clear view, I saw that it was the food that she was packing, I was surprised why she wasn’t using the vacuum cleaner.
    she bent down facing the opposite side of where I was so she was not aware of my presence, I moved closer to her and placed my hand on her shoulder which kind of startled her as she pour the quantity of the foods she has succeeded in packing inside the plate in hand away.
    She broke into tears as she saw that I was the one
    ” you should just kill me “ she cried hitting me on my chest
    ” why did have to make me so worried, why do you have to trick me, why do you have to lie to me, why do you have to hurt yourself,why do you have to risk your life for mine, why do have to get poisoned while protecting me, why do you have to make me feel so guilty? “ she kept on asking different questions without allowing me to answer, tho I don’t have answers to it.
    I drew her close to me and hugged her, the last thing I want to see on my mom’s face is tears and me be the reason it appeared on her face made me felt heartbroken, I love my mom so much and will always do everything to make her happy not make her cry.
    After some minutes she calmed .
    ” I love you mom and am very sorry “ I told her with a tone of regret still embracing her.
    It was like a kind of reunion between the two of us as she held onto me dearly.
    ” promise me that your safety will always come first before mine, no matter the situation “” she riposted.
    I can’t promise her what she asked me to promise her unless if I won’t be sincere with the promise.
    I knew she’s not gonna allow me to reply her no so I just tell what she’s willing to hear
    ” okay I promise “ I replied her disengaging myself from her.
    I asked her to smile for me which she did and that made me very happy.
    ” hope you’ve called Victor “ she asked me as I made to enter my room and I replied her no in a faint tone.
    ” make sure you do, he was really worried about you “ I heard her said it but didn’t reply her as I entered into my bathroom,

    As I stepped into the Jacuzzi to take my bath, thought of how my mom knew that I was and that I tricked her hit me, she couldn’t have known if not that someone told her and am sure that someone is Victor, because he’s the only one that knew about what happened yesterday.
    But I don’t blame, I knew he did it because he’s worried about me.

    When I finished dressing up, I took an extra cloth for myself in case I later find myself naked again.

    My mom tried to stopped me from going to school, something I already expected, but I was able to outwit her and in no time I was already on the neatly tiled road riding to school.

    On getting to school I met a large number of people mobbed in front of my school, an ambulance was parked outside and police officials were present at the scene.

    In no time ,a stretcher was seen wheeled out by some health officials, on the stretcher was a person which I presumed dead because she was covered with a white cloth that covers her from her toe to the head.
    Stain of blood was visible on the cloth,
    I asked one of the people there what happened and he told me that a teacher in the school was murdered by an animal.

    I saw our dean coming out with a man in suit, they were whispering something to themselves,
    I activated my beast ear in order to eavesdrop on their conversation
    “ remember, it’s an animal attack, nobody must know that it was a beast “ the man in suit told our dean before departing from him.

    “ a beast attack “ I exclaimed as I thought how it could be possible.
    I’m sure it wasn’t Jovacik because he was already weakened due to the 4 wooden bullets embedded into his body.
    “ is another beast in town and who was the teacher that was murdered?” I asked myself rhetorically waiting for an answer to magically pop out.

    Episode 29

    The public awareness speaker in my school rekindle my spirit back to the earth with its message that goes thus
    ” all the students of Marseille memorial high school are asked to gather on the school pitch now, ordered by the Dean “.
    it was
    As if students were already waiting for the message as they started trooping in in numbers, only we that came with bicycle had problem,
    the bicycle parking spot which was right beside the school entrance has been occupied by the mobs that gathered in front of the school, the police had to help us make way in order for us to get into the school, after the lone students students with no bicycle has entered, we the couple students with bicycle were arranged on a single file and asked to go in with our bicycle, the reason we were arranged was to instill orderliness and curb injuries,
    I heard someone calling my name in form of whispering, and the whispering was coming from the back, I stretched out my head and scanned through the line and there he is,smiling cutely at me.
    I was angry at him even tho I don’t want to, I didn’t reciprocate his smile back as I return my head.
    “” I am sorry, I had no choice than to tell when I thought you were in danger “” he whispered again and I was able to hear it because of my beast ear.
    He scored a point in my heart with that statement and I looked back smiling at him like an idiot which he reciprocated,but this time he was laughing instead of smiling.
    I was not able to phantom why he was laughing stupidly not until an officer tapped me on my shoulder shouting ” NEXT “
    My eardrum almost blocked resulting from his shout, and what pained me most was that I made a fool out of myself as all the remaining students on the queue including Victor bursted into laughter.
    With my head down I hurriedly unlatched my bicycle and made to enter but the bicycle pedal scraped my skin making me to bleed, the person behind me quickly grabbed my leg and right in front of him my the scraped skin of my leg joined itself back before I could dust his hand off my leg.
    The person sighed a sigh of relief instead of fear as he joined the queue back.
    I raised up my head to check who it was and was surprised to see Dandy smiling at me.
    His facial expression shows that he has remembered what transpired between us on the school field.

    My leg became weak to support my body and I had to drag it to the field with all of my strength in order for me not to fall down.

    On getting to the pitch, a temporary podium was placed in the middle of the pitch, the Dean normally use this temporary podium whenever he wants to pass an emergency news to us.
    The lone students that entered before us has already formed a circle ? around the podium thereby making we the couple stand at their back.
    My mind was in a state of confusion, my brain was not working perfectly again and I felt all my body organisms fleeing out of my body because of the fear that overshadowed my body.

    When everyone has trooped in, the Dean took to the podium and started divulging the emergency news he had for us.

    I heard someone whispering my name again and I discovered that it was Victor so I didn’t bother answering him as I focused my attention on the principal in order distract myself from the growing hell inside of me.
    As I focused my attention on the principal like I was the reason he called the emergency meeting, I remembered that I haven’t told Victor about my power,
    how the hell did he now know that I can hear from long distance,
    ”I’ll ask him” I assured as I listened with rapt attention to what the Dean was saying


    With sadness in my heart I stand here this morning to inform you about the death of one of our outstanding,hardworking, loyal and great friend, teacher, disciplinarian, mother and enemy to some of you here,  he used smile to man up the tingling og tear trying to force it way out of his eye
    Someone who because of her love for Marseille and this school had to divorce with her husband because he doesn’t want to live in Marseille again.

    ” no no no no, it must not be her “ I exclaimed bitterly in my mind, that was not the first time I will be hearing that story, it’s a story that almost all the students offering RS and FPE are well groomed with that story.
    I started hearing that story since my first year and till now the teacher never miss a chance to to feed us with the story.
    Anytime we fail in her practical, her favorite speech is
    ” and it’s because of you fools that I refused to follow my husband to Las Vegas thereby resulting to a divorce “
    and to crown my fear, the Dean approved my fear by mentioning the teacher.

    She is no other person than Mrs Saltzman,she was brutally attacked by a bea (he almost let the cat out of bag but quickly got hold of himself ) I mean she was brutally attacked by a wild animal yesterday night as she was working late.

    On mentioning that she was dead, the male started murmuring while the female students were shedding tears.

    After the students has calmed down, the Dean informed us that it was the mayor he was speaking with earlier and he has ordered that the school be closed down for a week in order to mourn the her death.
    I could see glimpse of happiness on the students face tho they tried to hide it.

    ” Marseillaise, meet me in My office “ the Dean added looking towards my direction which gat me shocked,
    From the day I’ve started the school, the principal has never talk to me before.
    He asked us to offer a minute silent before he exit the podium and the temporary podium was taken away.

    I scrutinized through the students looking for dandy but didn’t see him and Becky too was not around, I knew she won’t be able to make it courtesy ( the hot sex she demanded ).

    I knew dandy will try to play a game with me, and I need to know his intentions real soon.
    someone tapped me on my back and I thought it was dandy but was it was Victor smiling stupidly in front of me.
    ” are you now boning the Dean’s daughter? “ he asked me playfully but didn’t respond him,
    I handed my bicycle to him and head to the Dean’s office.
    The Dean’s office was located lonely like two meters away from the lecture building.
    I met his door opened when I got there and he was on call, he didn’t see as he continued speaking to someone on phone which I eavesdrop on, the voice on the other end was familiar to me.
    ” I’ll call the remaining founding families and inform them “ the voice on the other end retorted before the Dean hanged up the phone.
    I made my presence aware to him and he told me my service is no longer needed, he said he wants to send me to my mom before when her number was not going through.
    That nailed it, it was my mom’s voice on the other end,but what did she meant by the remaining founding families, I thought she was the only founding family.
    I thought to myself as I exit his office.

    As I got out of the office, my phone dinged informing me that a message as been sent to my phone.
    I checked the message and wasn’t surprised that the sender was Dandy.
    I clicked on it and the message informed me that I should meet him inside the school inventory room.
    I knew he has scheme in my mind which might mean blackmailing me to release Becky to him or other impossible mission.
    I head to the inventory room with the sole mission of killing him, I will let him know that he should have stayed on lowkey after I let him live last time.
    I will make sure I make him regret ever trying to blackmail me in his next life.
    My mind was already made up and nothing can change it, I will rather kill him than let him blow my cover.
    The inventory room is an underground building beneath our classroom.
    I spy around and make sure no one saw me as I made my way into it, the school was almost empty as all the students has happily left,

    As I entered the room, I saw Dandy smiling at me.
    I released my claw as I rushed at him

    Episode 30

    As I entered the room, I saw Dandy smiling at me.
    I released my claw as I rushed at him but he did something that amazed me, as I got to him, he quickly embraced me in a friendly manner ” thank you “ he added leaving me oblivious to why he did it .
    ME : why are you thanking me? (I asked him freeing myself from his hug and sheathing my claw, I did that just to give him the chance of saying his last word before I kill him )

    DANDY : for saving me and giving me second chance at life ( he retorted soberly )

    ME : I can’t understand you ( I replied feigning ignorance to what he meant )

    DANDY : you don’t need to pretend you don’t have an idea to what am saying here and be rest assured that your secret is safe with me

    ME : ( still feigning ignorance ) I don’t understand you dude, and if you gat nothing meaningful to say, am out of here ( I said, feigning to be walking away from him )

    DANDY : ( he quickly dragged me back ) I know that you are something else, ( he said breathing fast as if a burden was lifted off from his chest ) I know that you are not a human like us ( he waited a bit for me to reply which I didn’t do and he continued ) ever since the day I attacked you on the field, I’ve been having the feeling that I forgot something big, it was like something extraordinary happened to me but it just wasn’t recorded in my memory but everything changed three days ago when I slept and I dreamt about the same incident, how everything happened, how you killed me temporarily and woke me back.
    When I woke up, I started getting my memories back, bit by bit. After I’ve remembered everything I ought to remember, what remains was to test if what I remembered was really right or its just a made up conclusion by me in order to make me feel alright.
    My plan today was to cut you and see if you will heal like the other day that I cut you on your cheek but no scar was visible on it ( he brought a sheathed knife, he removed it from it sheath revealing a sharp knife , I shifted back a little from him ) don’t be scare, I’m not gonna cut you again because you’ve already given me the proof that I need ( he said sheathing back the knife )
    I got the proof when your bicycle pedal scraped your leg and right in front of me, your leg healed.
    I call you here just to thank you for saving my life even tho I don’t worth saving . ( he said it in the most remorseful way I could ever imagined )

    ME : it’s okay, you don’t need to thank me because the real fact is that I didn’t do it for you, I did it for myself

    DANDY : I know, but I still felt the need to thank you and if it’s not asking too much, I’ll like us to be friend, we really have a lot of history to put behind us

    ME : ( forgiving him and becoming friend with him is an impossible thing to do for me, after bullying me from my first year and the worse of his sin to me was making me lose Bolina )
    becoming friend with you, i don’t think that can happen now but don’t know if it can happen later. But have forgiven you of all what you did to me.

    DANDY : I understand you and I promise you that I will make sure I prove to you that am worthy of your friendship. And if you need my help for anything, feel free to tell me as I’ll gladly do it for you even if it is sacrificing this unworthy life you save.

    ME : ( i was happy at his word even tho I didn’t show it as I head out of the inventory room )
    My phone rang and I check the caller, it was the unknown number again, I looked back at Dandy and I saw him smiling stupidly at me.
    I stormed out of the room and picked the call, I was surprised to hear a beautiful voice which sounds familiar to me at the caller’s side,

    CALLER : please, is this Ben?

    ME : yes, can I know you?

    CALLER : ( in a harsh tone ) I’m Nina

    ME : ( very surprised at the name mentioned, tho I knew she was Nina, my crush but I was surprised that she has phone and also my number ) please I don’t know this Nina, please clarify yourself

    CALLER : ( disappointed ) I think I called the wrong number ( she said hanging up the call )
    I was very angry at myself when she disconnected the line, I quickly dial the number again but was surprised that it was already switched off,, I left a voicemail indicating that I already know who she is and I will be coming to their place today.

    my stupidity turned off my mood,how could I try to play prank on such a rigid girl ,I blame myself for losing her, but I saved her number.

    I got to where I left Victor and my bicycle, only my bicycle was there, victor has disappeared into thin air, I saw a note glued to my bicycle with Victor’s handwriting on it
    ” I think am off to have the best day of my life, if you are interested, call me”, he attached Smiley of smile to attached to it which kind of got me irritated as I peeled the note off my bicycle,
    I was thinking where to go first, if to go home and ask my mom about the other founding family members or to go to Chris place and start my training, the death of Mrs Saltzman is a great loss to me because she’s a good teacher to me, I don’t think I’ll be able to learn anything if I go to Chris place but I decided to give it a try.
    I should be using the free days I’ve from the beast training, since I don’t know when it will recover from the wood bullets, but I think it should take longer than before because it was four this time unlike last time when Chris shot it with two bullets only.
    Taking my bicycle there is another problem,but it solution is not far fetch, I took it into one of the unlock lab and hide it there.

    With my small back pack that contain my extra clothes on my back,I started the journey to Chris place.

    I was watching my back frequently as I got to the aspect of walking inside the forest ,even tho I have control over my transformation,I was still scared walking alone in the bush, my phobia increased with each steps that I was taking.
    Getting the route now was easy because I concentrated on the path last time NINA escorted me out.
    On getting to midway, I started inhaling the smell of ashes, what could be burning I asked myself ,
    I hasten my movement with the thought that it might be that Chris and Nina are in danger.
    Hell yeah, I was right with presumption.
    As I got to their house, I saw it completely burnt down, only smokes was visible, nothing could have survived the fire.
    I was completely filled with terror as I knelt down in front of the completely grazed off building.
    ” who could have done this? “ I asked no one in particular but was surprised when I got answer from my back
    ” I did “ replied the voice.
    I looked back at once and was surprised to see

    Episode 31

    I was completely filled with terror as I knelt down in front of the completely grazed off building.
    ” who could have done this? “ I asked no one in particular but was surprised when I got answer from my back
    ” I did “ replied the voice.
    I looked back at once and was surprised to see a masked man in all black, black boot, black mask, black cloth and black glove. In his hand was two sharp diver’s knives.
    He seems like a mercenary to me, and I’m sure he is not Jovacik,because the last time Chris shot him with only two bullets, it took him the period of 4 days before he got over it and now that it was with 4 bullets, I think it should take him up to a week to recover unless if the bullets only hinder him from transforming.
    I was not afraid of him and I was very angry, if not that have learnt how to control my beast mode, I would have changed and butchered him there

    ME : what happened here? ( I screamed at him angrily )

    MASKED MAN : wow ( he smirked disgustingly), looks like the ordeals you’ve been passing through recently has made you lost ( he laughed wickedly )I happened here ( he repeated it again but this time boastfully )I burnt down this place ( pointing at the almost grazed down structure ) waiting for you to come so that I can claim that (he said pointing towards my heart )
    oops, sorry for my manner, I’m STRIKER by name

    ME : cut that bullshit of yours and tell me where the occupant of that building you demolished are before I rip your heart through your skull

    STRIKER : you mean that old ugly man and a pretty little girl ( he paced around mockingly ), no need to be scared, they are still safe for now

    ME : ( his voice sounds familiar but i couldn’t decipher from whom I heard because of how it sounded muffled from the effect of the mask )
    then save me all this crap and take me to them ( I barked at him in an authoritative tone )

    STRIKER : keep your d--n mouth shut ( he reciprocated angrily ) nobody shout at Striker, I do the shouting while you do the bidding, I’ve tolerated you this much just to give you your last chance at ordering.
    If you know who you are up against, you will be on your knees begging for my mercy ( he retorted swinging the two knives in his hand ) do you get me

    ME : yes sir ( I replied him meekly )

    STRIKER : good boy, you’re really an obedient one, I don’t think we will have problem here, so what were you trying to say before? ( he asked grinning wildly )

    ME : ( I was keeping my anger at bay just to discover where he hid Chris and Nina, but talking of him overpowering Chris and Nina really amaze me because I don’t think he’s a beast or any supernatural creature. I kept my pride and wear on the sudden coat of humility to speak to him ) please mr Striker, I want you to free my friends to me ( I was even surprised at myself mentioning friend, do I really view Chris as friend?, a question for another day )

    STRIKER : seems you love your friends so much, I’m going to release your friends to you

    ME : thank you

    STRIKER : not so soon boy, everything comes with a price but mine comes with a challenge. I challenge you to a duel, where you will have to fight me only in your human form, if you change and win me, trust me, your friends are going to starve to death in where I locked them, and if you think you can torture me to tell you where they are,
    boy, have survived more torture that you can’t imagine.

    ME : Am ready to accept your challenge but if I win ,my friends go

    STRIKER : yes and if you lose,you will exchange your heart for only one of them, which means, you die and only one of them will be save.

    I contemplate for a while on his conditions and accept it,he insert one of the knife into his pocket which gat me amazed while he steadied himself with a single knife ready to attack me.
    I knew that my beast power is also reflecting on my human self, all I need is to channel more of it and am sure am going to defeat him.

    On his call, we started the fight, he was very strong, I mean extremely strong, he was really good with his reflex and guide, non of my attack met him as he kept on trashing like a little kid, he looks like he was enjoying beating me as he refused to kill me even when he gat many chance to do so,
    then he did something that amazed me,
    after another hectic hit from him, I fell down and was gasping for breath, he held my hand and pulled me up,
    ” you have people to save, so you can’t give up now “ he remarked which gat me confused.
    is this a game to him? question to be answered by myself only,
    ” you are letting all the fun in this duel lose it way, you have to become a strong opposition in order for me to enjoy it more “
    he added leaving me more surprise,
    ” I’m a killer and have killed many human and non human, but they all had something in common including you, fear to do the unthinkable, I think if one of the rotten meat here human I’ve killed tried to do explore themselves and brought out what they thought they don’t have, I think I’ll be long gone, but I think you the non humans has the advantage, it already in you, all it remains is for you to tap it, if you are able to tap it, you will be equal your beast self in your Human body,
    Try it and I think you will still have a chance to fight back before I kill you “ he lectured me before releasing his hold on my hand hitting me which made me to hit my head hard on cut down timber beside me .
    Hitting my head on the timber.
    Due to the force and impact my head used to hit the timber, I felt myself collapsed for some seconds, all the words he spoke to me started echoing in my brain and without me doing anything, I felt my body reconstructing without a transformation.
    I opened my eye and felt new surge of strength in my body, I was feeling like am in my beast state but I wasn’t.
    I grinned wildly as I noticed the change in my body .
    I motioned my hand in the way kungfu fighter usually do to Striker motioning him to come attack me.
    And he made the wrong decision as he heed to my calling,
    with force he tried to hit me and I caught his hand mid air, with just a punch he fell down but quickly stand up, he made to launch another attack but I dodge it, my reflex was very good now, I held him up by his cloth and smash him against a tree, he groaned in pain as he hit the tree, this time he took his time to get up,
    From the time we started fighting, he already dropped the knife in his hand but after my second successful attack, he started pacing around searching for it and he found it,
    he made to penetrate me with it but I didn’t stop him,he deposited it into my abdomen but I wasn’t feeling any pain,
    I removed it and threw it away ,I wanted to grab him and give him series of beating like he did to me but was surprised not to see him again, he has disappeared into the forest,
    I started hearing voices from different angles, I knew he was the owner of the voice but how he did it that I was hearing it from different places at the same time was a mystery to me.
    ”Find me in the next 3 minute or you lose” was the next words I was hearing, it was very loud and it was sounding right inside my head,it was not easy to concentrate,
    I shut my beast ear down and discovered that I was not hearing any thing again,
    how will I discover him without hearing anything, I asked myself waiting for answer from no one in particular.
    Then all of a sudden, I remembered his lectures, I can do extra ordinary things if I believe it, without turning my beast ear on, I placed series of energy into my ear, I focused it like an antenna looking for signal, I was rotating 360° to locate the voice again,
    it wasn’t easy with my ordinary ear but after some seconds of trying, I finally picked the signal of where the voice was coming from with my ordinary ear.
    I started running towards the direction without wasting any time with the sole objective of defeating Striker at once.
    But I met with another shock as I got there,
    I saw Nina with her hands tied together with a thick rope, and she was also blindfolded, she was held by striker who placed a knife on her neck, I was surprised to see another knife in his hand but I remembered that it was two knives that was with him from the beginning, he inserted one in his pocket and used one to fight me.
    I was a bit far from them.
    Nina was whispering save me to me, and I was ready to do anything in my capacity to save her.
    ” you’ve only 10 seconds to lose, grab her within that time and you win, and fail to do and you lose, and you losing means she dead “ striker added laughing wildly,
    the total estimated time that I can use to get to his place even if I run is 1.20 minutes, before I could lift my body, he embedded the knife into her stomach shouting ” TIME UP”
    seeing her falling to the floor dead, triggered a speed which I don’t know where it came from, and within 2 seconds I was pinning Striker to a tree behind him without changing to a beast.
    As I wanted to gnash out his throat, he quickly removed the mask on his face
    ” I’m Chris “ he shouted as he unveiled himself
    Chris! I muttered weakly as I released my hold on him

    Episode 32

    As I wanted to clutch out his throat, he quickly removed the mask on his face
    ” I’m Chris “ he shouted as he unveiled himself
    Chris! I muttered weakly as I released my hold on him .

    Then I heard someone chucking at my back, I turned back and was surprised to see Nina standing hale and healthy with the knife she was shook with in her hand.

    ” am proud of you boy “ Chris said gasping for breath due to the effect of how I pinned him.

    ” what’s happening here “ I explicated finally after getting my speech .

    CHRIS : another beast is in town

    ME : What!!! (I exclaimed loudly )

    CHRIS : yeah, and it’s the dreadful beast I’ve ever encountered in my career

    ME : what you are trying to say is that what we are into now is more than Jovacik

    CHRIS : the beast is also a Nightiolf but much more stronger than Jovacik, it’s the first beast that have seen making fire ball with the fire emanating from it body, that ( he said pointing towards the flame emanating from their burning house ) was the result of his fire ball

    ME : ( I felt cold running inside my spine, a result of fear ) ” beating Jovacik has become almost an impossible mission, then introducing another beast who is trice stronger than him to the arena, I knew I was fighting a already lost battle “
    are you sure it wasn’t Jovacik, maybe he has gotten stronger ( tho I knew the answer to my question myself but I need someone or rubbish fact to decrease the fear in my heart)

    CHRIS : no, am sure of what I saw and it can’t be Jovacik, I’ve seen jovacik before and the beast that attacked us yesterday was also twice the size of Jovacik and according to a myth which I think no one has confirmed it , it’s said that a beast that has consumed more than a thousand heart of human will have extraordinary powers, and I think making fire ball is among those extraordinary powers .The beast was emitting dark flame from it body which signifies EVIL

    ME : (at his mention of evil, I felt my body system changing, all my organs were running for safety inside my body, tho I stood there like his words doesn’t affect and I was not intimidated by it because Nina was standing there ) but with all his characteristics that you mentioned, I think I should be seeing two dead bodies either roasted or without hearts on the floor or it’s just another trick to scare me

    CHRIS : you think I will burn down my own building just to scare an immature beast ( he retorted angrily ) you have to grow boy, I can see the final battle around the corner and it’s going to be bloody, especially with the new beast in town,
    I went through all this stress just to make sure your training is fast, what you learned and did today would have
    taken you up to a week before you get ( he elucidated angrily )

    ME : ( I got angry with myself asking him that question that made him angry for the first time have met him, I could see that Nina too was angry but she kept mute, maybe it’s because it is an elder discussion that was going on # lolz , ) am sorry, just that all this is more than what I can take .
    One of my school teacher was murder by a beast and I think it’s also the handiwork of the beast you are talking about.
    I have many people to protect and I am afraid I will lose all of them like Mrs Saltzman

    CHRIS : you mean Saltzman Patricia?

    ME : yes, do you know her?

    CHRIS : I think I do, her family is one of the founding families of Marseille

    ME : I thought my family is the only founding family of Marseille ( I elucidated blankly )

    CHRIS : you’re wrong, there are five founding families of Marseille including yours. It was said that the other four families were the closest friend of Captain Patrick and they fought many wars together including the one against Gevaudan.

    ME : wow, I thought we’re the only founding family, but do you have any idea who the new beast might be and how we can bring it down.

    CHRIS : I think the new beast just got to Marseille, but it discovering this place is a mystery am yet to unravel. If not for my intuition, we would have been dead by now.

    ME : your intuition as how??

    CHRIS : The alarm triggered that we’ve an unwelcome visitor and I was sure you were not the one. in order to discover what we’re in for, Nina and I went into the main building and kept a close watch on what was happening,that was when we saw the greatest surprise of our life, we do not stand a chance against it

    ME : you meant you have another building apart from the one that was just razed off

    CHRIS : yeah, it’s underneath the structure, it’s an underground building and that is our main building, the one up is just a distraction

    ME : okay, am I invited to enter it

    CHRIS : yeah, you’ve qualified to be introduce into it, but the main issue here is how to eliminate Jovacik and the new beast, because I don’t think even if you eat all the animals inside this forest, you don’t stand a chance against them, and let pray the new beast isn’t a partner to Jovacik.

    ME : I also pray so but how do you think the beast located here

    CHRIS : you’re the only person that knows about me and this place, I think if it occur as a result of snitching, then it’s from you, have you told anyone about me and this place

    ME : I think I told I told someone about you, another beast hunter from another country but I didn’t inform him about your place

    CHRIS : ( his mood change at once and his face shows that he was very angry ) how could you inform someone and how are you sure he’s a beast hunter and not a beast ( he barked at me angrily )

    ME : I’m sure he’s not a beast because I have derived my proof myself and he’s a beast hunter, he was the one who helped me when I was almost killed by Jovacik and a Kintaga yesterday

    NINA & CHRIS : ( in unison ) what!!! a Kintaga?

    CHRIS : a Kintaga is in Marseille ?

    ME : yes, but that was yesterday.
    I’ve already killed it ( I elucidated proudly )

    CHRIS : did it strike you, I mean, did Kintaga sting you up to your bone

    ME : yes

    CHRIS : then how is it possible that you are still hale and healthy (he asked with a tone of contempt )

    ME : with seven herbal root or rooted seven herb, I don’t really remember the name but

    CHRIS : ( interrupting me ) you mean seven rooted herb

    ME : yeah, that’s the name, and he has rifle and wood bullets like yours

    CHRIS : who’s this guy
    and where exactly is he from

    ME : he’s a teacher in my school and he’s from Canada

    CHRIS : (felt relaxed a bit ) alright, but you are introducing me to him, there are things that I must clarify first

    ME : okay but not now, he’s currently injured now, he was injured by Jovacik when he save me.

    CHRIS : just make sure you inform me when he’s good

    ME : I’ll do that

    He started peeling off the leather he was wearing as he left Nina and I on the spot heading to the burnt down structure.
    I move closer to Nina, ” hello friend” I greeted her mockingly and she reciprocate my greeting with a smile which gat me surprised, that was the first time she will smile to me and to be honest, I was very touched by that smile, she was very beautiful with her cute smile, I had to control the urge to kiss her there.
    I was just standing there like a fool .
    I wanted to start a conversation with her but I was careful not to start the wrong one that will piss her off.

    ME : I thought you don’t have cellphone

    NINA : I have but my dad doesn’t know about it

    ME : cool, but how did you got my number?

    NINA : you don’t need to know, let go inside

    She made to go but I dragged her back by arm, making her stand right in front of me with our heads few inches away from ourselves.
    The urge to kiss her right there was gushing through my body system but the guilt in my heart was overpowering it , I knew my heart should be in a single place instead of flickering around, I love both Nina and Becky,
    Becky is hot and beautiful, satisfy my emotional need, her support is extremely high, and she loves me so much, we even gat many things in common, but Nina lack almost everything tho she is more beautiful than Becky but she’s too innocent, we only got together only once and it led to nothing.
    I should be with Becky not her but I can’t just decipher what’s pulling me to her.
    Still lost in my thought while staring at Nina, she did something unexpected that almost threw me off my feet,

    She kissed me, tho it was short but it format all the thinking going on in my head, as she disassociate herself with me, I grabbed her back and lock lips with her savoring all the sweetness from her sweet mouth.
    After what seems like an eternity, I was able to pull away from her, the expression on her face shows that she was very happy,
    I asked her if she will like to hangout with me, she asked where and I replied her my house, she rejected weakly and after little pestering she agreed.
    She said we should go in so that she can change into something nice.

    I was surprised when she was also heading towards their wiped off building but I kept quiet and followed her, when she got to the entrance of building, I thought she was going to enter but she surprised me when she motioned me to join her, I move closer to her and she hug me, then she removed a small remote from her pocket, she clicked on a button and the sand and grass of where we were standing cleared by itself revealing a round metallic object beneath us ,the metallic object clink then it started going down taking us along, we were moving in a dark big glass like tube till we got to our destination, after we got to our destination, the glass like tube opened like an elevator revealing the most finest building have ever seen, it was colorful, and large, it has different types of design which added to it beauty, on the wall was a big plasma tv with Chris sitting in front of it on a couch that am sure will be very expensive because of it’s complex design.
    The room was well lit which gat me wondering where the source of power could be.
    On another side of the building was a place that looks like a CIA headquarter,with small plasma tv that I counted to be fifteen, I think it has been connected to all the city CCTV, I was seeing everywhere clearly in it including my neighborhood,
    seeing the tv snapped my attention back to to the Tv Chris was watching when i came in and I saw it was the forest that the Tv was displaying.
    The forest has been laced with different cameras and everything was displaying at once inside the Tv, the tv divided itself into small sessions displaying everything at once, I think Chris was trying to track the beast, he has a remote in his hand and he was reversing the video displaying, zooming at interval and pausing sometimes to have a clear view of what he couldn’t get.

    I was very awed at the magnificence of the room and was wondering how they could have build such a room underneath the ugly building up, it is really the main building as Chris called it.

    I was now sure how they escaped and were unhurt by the new beast, and how they were able to have good account of how the beast looks like and what he can did.

    i was dragged back to real world by a sweet voice behind me,
    your guess is right, it was Nina’s voice, she was dressed in a cloth that made me had an erection when I first saw her ,she was darn hot and pretty in a blue ripped jeans which glued on her skin with a strap off top which also glued to her body.
    I was surprised that she has already changed her cloth because I didn’t know when she left me when we got in due to how I was lost in the awesomeness of the room.
    ” are you set “ she asked me again in an angelic voice, I quickly replied her yes.
    I was unable to answer her before because I was busy munching on her beauty.

    Chris was so engrossed in what he was doing that when he bade him bye, he only grumbled and we left.
    Nina press the remote again and after some seconds the tube like glass opened and the metallic object was already waiting for us, we climbed it and it started moving up, I was wondering what could have been attached to it that made it to defy the law of gravity but I didn’t asked in order for me not to look dull to her.
    When we were about to get to the top, the cover at the top open automatically, after we were out, the cover closed back and covered itself with sand and grass making the look like nothing was there.
    I was amazed with the new technology I was seeing and wondering how they came about it. But I kept mute in order not to look naive.

    In no time we were already in my house, I was surprised that my mom was not around, because I’m sure she didn’t go to work or maybe she later go,I can’t say.
    My mom did a wonderful job in making the house look neat and I give her accolade for that.
    I knew I was just a few percent from accomplishing my main objective,
    I switch on the Tv and switch to a channel where a romantic movie is being aired, I asked what she will like to take and she replied that anything is fine.
    I was very happy with her answer because the only thing I can make perfectly is scotch egg, if she had made a selection, I would have had to make an order which will only waste my time.
    I quickly dash into the kitchen and prepare two plates of Scotch egg, I served the two us accompany with a juice.
    We discuss while we munch on our food while also watching the movie.
    After she was through with her meal, I quickly clear the plate including mine which I was not through with.

    The movie was really a nice choice as it was filled with many e----c scene, and she was deeply engrossed in it. But after some minutes, I started to lose my patient, the film seems like it’s not going to end.
    I’ve lost concentration in the movie, I was just watching it, everything was getting blur in my eye.

    After what seems like an eternity, the film ended, I quickly switch the Tv off and engage her in a discussion.

    ME : what do you think about the movie

    NINA : I love it so much, it’s been long since I watch a movie, all I watch is all the day to day activities of people of Marseille, but I think Fred was wrong with his decision ,he should have waited for Galy before doing anything

    ME : (I knew she was trying to get into the film and it is a disadvantage to me, firstly,she will detect that I was not into the film, I didn’t even know that one of the cast was bearing Galy, and secondly, it will delay my objective.

    I quickly changed the topic
    Do you think I can get stronger even without killing any animal talk less of human in order to face the new and old threat

    NINA :you mean get stronger to the extent of making fireball

    ME : are you psychic?

    NINA : yes, just kidding, but I knew you will wish for it, it was very cool seeing the beast and I also wish you can do it, but depending on what my dad said, I think it’s impossible

    ME : but he was the one that also told me today that I can do extraordinary things if I believe in myself, just that I think I need something or someone to trigger the extraordinary things out of me

    NINA : like when your love ones is on the verge of death.

    ME : ( I understand what she meant at once, she was talking about herself and that is a good sign for me that am getting somewhere ) yeah, I was willing to do anything to save you, I can’t bear losing you tho I would have lost you there if it was real, and that will be a deep scar on my heart which will never heal.

    NINA : it’s alright, your act there really won my heart, I never thought you could love me so much, I just asked dad to give it a try.
    With our little discussion, a little magic has occurred because I was not sitting close to her before but after the little chit chat, we were inches away from ourselves. I saw that as the right time to profess my love to her.

    I love you so much Nina, and thinking of spending my life without you triggered me to do extraordinary things their.
    As I was pouring all my playboy context to her, our heads was already locked, and our lips were trying to locate theirself, and when they clicked on the right GPS and I was about to kiss her, my phone ding signifying that a message has entered it. she was startled by the message as she quickly shifted away from me.
    I wanted to ignore the message and continue with what I was doing but my intuition was against it.
    I picked my phone and opened the message.
    I almost threw my phone away when I saw the content.

    message recipient :- Becky

    Content :- About to get to your place love, let hangout together

    Inside the fully air conditioned room, hot sweat started dripping out of my body.

    Episode 33

    As I was pouring all my playboy context to her, our heads was already locked, and our lips were trying to locate theirself, and when they clicked on the right GPS and I was about to kiss her, my phone ding signifying that a message has entered it. she was startled by the message as she quickly shifted away from me.
    I wanted to ignore the message and continue with what I was doing but my intuition was against it.
    I picked my phone and opened the message.
    I almost threw my phone away when I saw the content.

    message recipient :- Becky

    Content :- About to get to your place love, let hangout together

    Inside the fully air conditioned room, hot sweat started dripping out of my body.

    Nina noticing the sudden development of uneasiness in me after reading the message asked me if everything is okay and I replied yes smiling stupidly.
    I quickly called my brain to a meeting, I need it say on this or everything will soon fall apart making me lose my two precious girls .
    Consulting my brain was the right thing to do as he gave me simple solution that I should have thought about but couldn’t because of the atomic fear that hit me.
    ” I’m not at home “
    I replied her switching my phone off at once. I knew that she might start asking some questions and I may slip.

    Becky with are message really killed the mood as everything seems odd between Nina and I.
    I tried to start a conversation but all of my effort to start an active one prove abortive.
    The atmosphere was getting worse and boring.
    Worse hang out ever. ” f--k you Becky “ I cursed silently as another conversation I tried to bring up close with just a few chit chat.
    As I wanted to give up on all and count the day as my loss, another bright idea scaped into my mind.

    ME : i bet you have missed so much fun staying inside that jungle with Chris and your companions

    NINA : which companion is that ( she asked looking at me inquisitively )

    ME : ( I smirked in a mocking manner ) I mean those wolves and snakes in your place
    NINA : (she bursted into laugh ) you are not serious, but I do have fun

    ME : which type of fun is that?

    NINA : I do have fun hunting animals and training

    ME : ( I shook my head towards her lack of humor ) I don’t mean that type of fun, I mean playing of modern games like truth and dare

    NINA : you meant that type of game,I haven’t played it before

    ME : I’m not surprised, but thank your luck

    NINA : for what?

    ME : that your first trial of it will be with a cute person like me ( I replied her placing my two hand on my cheek in a love shape )

    NINA : but I don’t feel like playing it

    ME : (.my mood shrink at her reply, so she’s really keen on not reviving the mood, but am not ready to give up ) why?

    NINA : I heard that it’s a game that always end in an unpleasant manner

    ME : (I knew where she’s driving at with her words ) not all ends in an unpleasant manner and most of the ones that ends in an unpleasant is always made of three people and more but when it involves two people, it’s just an ordinary game.

    NINA : are you sure?

    ME : yeah, trust me

    NINA : okay, the rules

    ME : ( stand and head to the bar, took a Bourbon and two tumblers ) here, ( I handed her a tumbler) we are going to fill these tumblers with this Bourbon, normally, we are supposed to have an empty bottle which we will spin in order to know who will ask and who will answer, it’s either truth, when the one to answer choose truth, then you will ask the person a question, anyone of your choice, depending on the rule, like the one I wish for us to use, when you don’t want to answer a question, you will have to gulp down a cup. But another rule might be the compulsory type, and you must answer it honestly, that’s the tradition.
    But if it’s dare, you must do anything you are order to do ( she listened with keen interest as I explained to her )

    NINA : alright, I’ve gotten it ( she replied with excitement ) but what of the empty bottle?

    ME : oops I forgot to tell you that we don’t need empty bottle since we are only two, it will be turn after turn ( but I was a little bit baffled with her sudden excitement, could it be that she also has plans for me, I thought to myself )

    NINA : okay, who goes first ( she asked me with the same expression )

    ME : let do it in the gentle man way, so lady first

    we changed our sitting posture, we sat facing ourselves with our legs entwined together, I filled the two tumblers with the Bourbon, place one close to her and the other close to me
    I smirked as I motioned her to start

    NINA : TRUTH OR DARE ( she asked with a kinda killer smile which made my heart skipped a beat )

    ME : TRUTH

    NINA : do you have a girlfriend?

    ME : my plan has later backfired on me, so this was the reason she was excited about the game ( I retorted in my mind )but do I have any chance of surviving her question? I asked myself rhetorically, if I grab the tumbler, it’s just another of telling her yes, but an excellent idea popped into my head.
    Yes I have ( I replied her blankly )

    NINA : ( her mood changed instantly ) who is she? ( she asked in a tone which portrayed her sadness )

    ME : not so soon, it’s a question per chance. TRUTH OR DARE ( I asked her not allowing her to respond my reply of her question )

    NINA : TRUTH ( she answered soberly but who cares, she brought it upon herself )

    ME : have you ever have a relationship with any guy before

    NINA : no, TRUTH OR DARE (she asked at once not allowing me give any remarks on her answer )

    ME : TRUTH

    NINA : who is your girlfriend

    ME : a girl named Nina ( I knew I cheated which is against the the rule of the game but the rule only apply to human not an hybrid, so I’m free from the rules of the game

    NINA : ( she was very excited and she did not bother to hide it ) your turn



    ME : wow, are you sure?

    NINA : yeah

    ME : I dare you to kiss me

    NINA : I think I will pass, ( she said pointing stretching her hand towards the tumblers filled with bourbon, as she grab it and place it on her lips, she almost spilled everything when took her first sip, I think she thought it was just an ordinary drink but met the unexpected, she drop the drink,she tried to grab it again but decided against it as she leaped towards me and pecked me on my lip, I wasn’t expecting it but quickly grab my wit as I grabbed her back as she tried to disassociate herself from me and kissed her deeply,
    she weakly tried to resist me but I didn’t allow her, after little struggle, she give in and we started kissing in a slow motion, tongue mouth exploration was in progress as my hand started wandering to her boob region.
    The smooching started getting intense as I started squeezing her hand full boob, we spilled all the drinks including the one in the bourbon bottle and the one in the tumbler.
    I lifted her up like I did to Becky the last time I had sex with her in my house, I was heading to my room still kissing her when the door suddenly flung open.
    I was startled as I disengage the kiss and saw  standing right in front of me but it was already too late as she has already seen us

    Episode 34

    I lifted her up like I did to Becky the last time I had sex with her in my house, I was heading to my room still kissing her when the door suddenly flung open.
    I was startled as I disengage the kiss and saw my mom standing right in front of me but it was already too late as she has already seen us.
    I drop Nina gently and greeted my mom as she stay glued to the spot she was, her hand still on the door knob.
    I could tell that she was very surprised, Nina greeted her but she just snubbed her and head to her room, I was very surprised at this, my mom has never snub any girl she has met with me before and this will the first time she will act like that, I looked at Nina’s face but it was blank, I wasn’t
    able to read her, I really wish that time that reading mind is included in my supernatural powers .
    I knew she was filled with terror right their ,telling from her outer appearance.
    She told me she’s going home and I didn’t oppose her,
    my mom has already killed the show but that wasn’t the reason I concur to her going home, I really need to know what’s going on in my mom’s mimd and about the founding families too, I need information about them that I think will help me in annihilating the beast.

    I escorted her to where she took a taxi and bid her bye with a deep kiss which she didn’t respond to well.

    I got home and head to my mom’s room.
    She was sitting in front of her dressing mirror and seems to be lost in her own thoughts. I saw that she was sober through her reflection in the mirror.
    I move closer to her and hugged her from behind ,she was startled by this as she regained her consciousness back.

    MOM : has your friend left?

    ME : yes mom, she left just a while ago

    MOM : okay ( she said diverting back into her before sober mood )

    ME : ( I released her and turned her to face me ) what’s wrong mom? ( I asked with sadness in my tone )

    MOM : nothing dear, just kind of feeling off

    ME : is it about the death of Mrs Saltzman?

    MOM : I think so

    ME : How is she to you mom because have never seen the two of you together and you’ve never talked about her before

    MOM : yeah, but we are close and she’s also part of the council made up of the founding families

    ME : council! ( I sounded surprised ) what did you mean by council and who are the other founding families?

    MOM : the council was formed by the first occupant of Marseille, when captain Patrick conquered Gevaudan, he did with his close friends whom he regarded as his most trusted comrades, they fought many wars together for Paris including the one that sees to the overtaken of Gevaudan, when you were still a baby, those comrades were the one who first brought you to Paris on the order of captain Patrick when your father forecasted his death and asked captain Patrick to send some of his trusted men so that they can get you to safety when the time comes.
    when captain Patrick claimed Marseille, they were the first people of Paris to reside and control it, their were some folks of Gevaudan were spared during the war and many people migrated to Marseille from Paris and some other places,
    in order to control them, the founding families formed a council and captain Patrick was made the head before he died. And ever since then the leader of Marseille is always from the founding families like the mayor

    ME : ( I listened with keened attention to my mom’s story, she narrated everything like a story teller. so the mayor also know about the beast, that clarified why he asked the dean to cover up for it. ) so you meant that Dean Paul and mayor Maro are also part of the council member including Mrs Saltzman

    MOM : yes, you’re right my boy ( she said massaging my hair )

    ME : but who’s the last person and why are you not with any post ,because I think you should even be the mayor considering that captain Patrick is your ancestor

    MOM : ( she smiled lovingly and pat my head roughly, something she always do when I behave naughtily ) it’s isn’t done that way my sunshine, and I don’t even want that life where I will have to stay apart from you most of the time all in the name of doing people’s work.

    ME : ( I knew nobody could have this kind of mom I had, she was the best mom anyone could ever wish for, declining to be at high position so that I could have only to myself and not share with some ungrateful bunch of people who doesn’t know her worth )
    so you are scared of not seeing this cute face everyday ( I replied her laughing wildly placing my cheek in between my two palms )

    MOM : (she reciprocated my laughter with her laughter which kind of sooth my soul because I was able to return her back to her normal mood ) yes, I can’t trade my precious jewel for any thing or post in this world (.she replied drawing my cheek playfully )


    MOM : I LOVE YOU TOO SON. but I have a question to ask you

    ME : ask it

    MOM : who was that girl I saw you with earlier

    ME : she’s just a friend mom

    MOM : are you lying to your mom ? ( she asked as if she was seeing through me )

    ME : okay, I like her mom

    MOM : ( her face turned pale at once) I don’t like her

    ME : ( I was very surprised that my mom could say that she doesn’t like a girl I said I liked, she has met all of the girls I’ve gotten involved with and some of my no string attached girl ,just a one night out and she hasn’t made that statement about anyone of them before, truth be told, I was very surprised ) why mom?

    MOM : I feel like she will be a threat to you, her aura doesn’t seems right and I think you should stopped your playboy act now and settle with just a single girl

    ME : ( hearing my mom saying this almost made me thought that she was a clone, maybe my real mom has been kidnapped and a clone was switched with her but I was sure that she’s my mom )

    MOM : (seeing that I didn’t respond her ) I think Becky is great, she’s lovely and she loves you dearly.
    I want you to treat her right

    ME : alright mom, I promise you ( that was the first time my mom will be asking something of such from me and I don’t want to disappoint her by declining tho I knew my answer is rootless )

    After gisting, playing and watching movie with my mom which seems to occurred for a very long time between us, she prepared dinner, and we slept.
    I was woken up by sounds of clattering in my mom’s room, I quickly rushed there and was surprised not to see her there, just some drops of blood was visible on the floor,
    on seeing the blood, I had a bad feeling that something bad has happened,
    Then all the light switched off, I knew at once it was Jovacik.
    I ran outside and didn’t see anyone,
    it was already midnight and every where was dark due to the black out Jovacik caused,
    I changed to beast getting ready for his attack ,
    I stationed my ear to receive signal from every nook and cranny of the street, after some seconds, I picked it signal, it was coming towards my direction from a far distance.
    I glued right to the spot I was readying myself for it attack.

    After few minutes, it appeared in my front, emitting fire from it body,

    ME : where is my mom

    Jovacik : just coming from where I went to deposit her, but if you need her badly, caught me

    He started running and I followed him at once, no doubt he was fast, very fast, but the training I had with Chris aid me and I was just a few distance behind him, we were running on the road and I could bet it that we’re faster than cars.
    But the road he was taking looks familiar to me but I wasn’t able to remember which road it was until I was my school in front of me, Jovacik ran inside and I followed suit.
    He head towards the school pitch but when I got there, he was nowhere to be found.
    Then all of a sudden, the field was lit up with halogen light bulbs surrounding the field, my view became obstructed and I couldn’t see very well, then I saw like three people approaching, I focused my view on them and I was able to see two beasts each holding someone in their hands and a girl in their middle, all the light off by itself and I was able to see the people, on the right side was Jovacik with my mom in his hand and on the left side was another beast I don’t recognize with Becky in his own hand, and in their middle was Nina ,I was very surprised when I saw Nina, I turned my view back to the beast on the left side and I discovered that it was Chris.
    What’s happening here, I finally asked when I was a bit over the shock
    Nina answered me

    NINA : ( laughing wildly ) nothing big is happening, just release your heart and your mom with this thing ( she pointed at Becky ) will walk out of here alive and refuse to do so, they will die and I will still have your heart.

    After finishing her statement, she changed into a big animal, I meant beast, more bigger than Chris and Jovacik, she was emitting dark flame and right in front of my eye, she made a fireball,
    she faced my mom and made to throw the fireball at her and I quickly called her to stop, accepting to release my heart.
    she tucked the fire ball back into her hands and motioned to me to move closer to her which I did.
    I could see my mom muttering somethings under her breath, I knew she was trying to tell me not to do it and run for my safety but I will not allow her to die just because I want to save my sorry a-s.

    When I got to Nina’s front, she smirked as she deep her long claws into my chest and disconnected my heart from whatever thing is holding it in place to my body.
    I saw as she brought it out before I finally died.

    Episode 35

    I woke up holding my chest tightly with my hand, I took off my night gown to check if my heart is still their or if there isn’t an opening on my chest,
    I sighed a sigh of relief as I saw that my body part was still in place, then I drifted back to the nightmare,
    tho I was freaked out by the loss of my heart in it but not as I freaked with the characters acting the antagonizing part in it.
    Believing that Chris and Nina will betray me or be more than a human being was something my brain couldn’t condole but I was my body was kind of believing the little display in my dream.
    Remembering my mom’s warning towards Nina wasn’t helping my situation,
     my mom!!  I exclaimed as I quickly got off my bed and head towards her bedroom to check if she is okay, there isn’t a blackout so mind was a little bit at peace as I head towards her room, I opened her door gently and peeped in to check if she was still on bed and alas she was right there sleeping peacefully.
    I shut back her door gently and head towards my room.
    My mind was in a disturbed mood as I may on my bed waiting for the mighty eagle’s feather to take me deep into another realm of sleep but it looks like the eagle had lost it way,
    my eye refused to shut itself as the scenes of what happened in my nightmare kept on replaying itself in my head, and the two face terrorizing me most was that of Nina and Chris.
    I took my phone and check the time, it was already quarter pass 4 in the mid morning, I decided to ease my mind by playing game on my phone, it’s already been a long time since I played game on my phone or on PlayStation 5 which my mom got me as my birthday present when i clocked 16.
    I scroll through the series of games on my phone and decided to settle for temple run 2, it was one of my favourite game and I am a pro at playing it.

    When the game started and the beast started chasing the guy, the temple beast changed to Jovacik while the guy running for his safety changed to me.
    I was running away from Jovacik with all my might but he was always catching up with me, it was either he caught me and kill me or I fall down in a cliff, sometimes I got entwined in the trap, no matter what I did, the beast was always winning.
    In my mind, the game was already more than a game, it was me running for my safety, after many defeat by the beast, I focused my attention on the phone and started playing it with all my wit, I was running now and the beast was not catching up, I made sure to dodge every trap, cliff and made sure I was perfect with my turning , my highest distance before and high score before was 10,000m,but now I was already beating that, I was now running 15,000m and there was no sign of me losing, I was doing great job in making sure I was safe not until the beast just stopped running after me, and I saw it looking at me through my phone, then it started speaking to me,

    BEAST : do you think you can outrun me?, no, never, I will always take you down till I succeed in taking what I’m after, I’ll do this with the aid of people you trusted most and your lack of vision will kill you.
    Then suddenly, I saw two people blocking the guy that I was ruining with in the game way, as I got closer to them, I saw that it was Nina and Chris, the guy stopped running and walked towards them asking for their protection against the beast but instead of assisting him, they gripped him and the beast appeared before them, they offered me to him and he deep his claws into my chest bringing out my heart.
    I quickly threw my phone down when the guy died in the game,
    with fear I picked it up back and saw that it was still in the game mode, and save me appeared on the screen, I’ve enough keys to save myself but it was too late as I was already out of time to press it.
    The last phase of the game sparked up an idea in me and I all I needed was to develop it into a perfect plan.

    I heard some movement in sitting room, I checked the time in my phone again and it was already some minutes to 7 in the morning, ” that must be my mom “ I concluded within me as I got off my bed and head to the sitting room.
    on getting to the sitting room, I saw no one there and I head to the kitchen and there was my mom in one of her beautiful black suit and a shoe, seeing her dressed like this means she’s ready for work, I thought she was going to mourn Mrs saltzman death but I think she’s already over it.
    she smiled beautifully when she saw standing at the entrance of the kitchen, she had a small food pack in her which she was about to drop inside our mini oven,
    she walk close to me and pecked me, ” good morning my sunshine “ she whispered in my ear after greeting which I reciprocated with what she loves me calling her most ” good morning sweetheart”
    ” take this when you are hungry, gat to get to work “
    she said as she dropped the food pack in her hand into the mini oven regulating it so that it will only keep the food warm till am ready to eat it.
    My mom work in an orphanage home that she owns, tho she’s the owner but she is always punctual to work.
    ” play safe “
    she added as she grap her bag inside the sitting room and head out,
    some minutes later I heard the garage opened and my mom’s zoomed out of it.

    I sank on one of the couch in the sitting room thinking about what’s going on with me.
    ” could it be that what I dreamt about was just a warning to me to be careful of Nina and Chris” I asked myself rhetorically without any good answer to back it up.
    I knew I’ve to distract my mind away from the persisting.negative thought popping up in my head about Nina and Chris or else I might broke down completely.
    I thought of calling Becky but decided against, ” I’ve to get away from sex rich, it’s not an option, I thought of organizing a party but I thought it’s also not an option because I will end boning one of the girl present
    Then I remembered Victor, we’ve not talked since yesterday that he ran off to have fun.
    I dialled his number and he picked up at once as if he was already expecting,
    i asked him to come over to come over and he concurred promising he will be with me before 9.

    I took my bath,served myself the food my mom prepared for me and started watching movie waiting for the arrival of my friend.
    when it was 10 minute to 9, I heard knock on the door, thinking it was Victor, I unlocked the door but was surprised to see Dandy smiling stupidly in my front,
    ” what are you looking for “ I asked him angrily as I made to close the door back but he quickly held it and entered even without me inviting,
    ” you asked a question and it will be polite for me answer you before leaving “ he retorted as he find his way to one of the coach in the sitting room.
    leaving me with no option, I followed him and sat opposite to him waiting for him to voice out the reason he was in my house.

    DANDY : am sorry pal for all I did ( he said in a remorseful way ) I’ve thought deeply about all what I did since we knew each other and I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but please, I want you to forgive and forget about the past and take me up in your team, as one of your good pal and I promise you, you won’t regret it

    ME : but why do you want to be in my team?

    DANDY : just to pay off my debt, my debt of bullying you when you did nothing wrong to me to deserve it

    ME : I’ve already forgiven you, so you don’t need to compensate me in any form

    DANDY : but I haven’t forgiven myself, paying you back will make me forgive myself, so please help me forgive myself

    ME : (from the look of things, he was sincere with all he was saying and giving him a chance will not be a bad idea ) okay, if you insist,
    We shook hands signifying that we are now friends.
    Within 20 minute we’ve already started talking as if we’ve been friends for decades, we really got along well because we’ve most things in common ranging from girls, sex and ladies.
    I’ve even forgotten about my mad friend Victor who promised to be with me by 9 the time is already lot pass 9.
    Victor later joined us at pass 10 and he was surprised to see Dandy with me, after little chit chat, we all started getting along, I informed Victor that Dandy also knew about my secret, tho he was displeased with it at first but he later cooled about it.

    I asked Victor how he knew that I can hear from long distance and he replied that he has seen such in some supernatural film he watched, so he decided to give it a try and it worked.
    Victor asked me to fulfill my promise which I made to him when he was escaping me from the hospital that I will tell him everything he missed about how I turned beast and all.

    I explained to them in details while they listened with keen interest.
    what amazed them most was when I told them I was over 250 years.
    I even told them about my latest nightmare and the introduction of the new deadly beast to the arena.
    After I finished narrating my ordeals of how I became a beast, Victor made a huge contribution that made me almost kissed him.
    ” if it all started from we going to the ancient tomb, I think we should be able to get the clue of how it will end from there “ he elucidated with a bright grin in his lip.
    I’ve not thought about visiting there ever since everything started, I knew that we will have a clue going, so I told them to let us go at once.
    I asked Dandy if he came with his bicycle and he replied yes, I knew that Victor will come with his so I don’t need to ask him.
    The road to the ancient tomb from my house was a sloppy , I asked them that we should bet, the first to get there wins all, we bet with 200 francs each and I kept the money.
    we placed near each other and on the call of GO we started racing speedily through the road,
    I was leading while Victor was taking the second place, and Dandy last, tho I think it was so because his bicycle was a little bit faulty, I knew he’s good more than Victor and me but my beast strength gave me an advantage over them.

    we were almost at the ancient tomb when a truck suddenly came into view, I quickly swerved to my right and Victor to his left, but it was too late for Dandy as the truck hit him and ran away.
    He sustained grievous injury from the accident that I think he can’t make it , all his face was already battered from the contact with the tiled road, his bones has dislocated and he was in a lot of pain. and i could tell he will give up ghost soon if I didn’t do anything soon.
    Victor only sustained a little injury on his face.
    He was filled with pity as he looked at Dandy wallowing in pain on the road, and I was very confused, I didn’t know where to drop my blood, I don’t know if dropping it on one of the place he sustained the injury will make him heal or if I must drop it on every part he used in sustaining the injury,
    another idea slipped into my mind, I thought if I make him drink from my blood will heal him completely and that was one of the grievous mistake I made in my beastly career,
    I cut myself deep with the small
    knife I always carry around and made him drank my blood, Victor only stood there looking at me with terror.
    After I’ve made him drank enough of my blood, he started shaking furiously as if going into shock and I saw as his last breath escaped him as he died

    Episode 36

    I cut myself deep with the small
    knife I always carry around and made him drank my blood, Victor only stood there looking at me with terror.
    After I’ve made him drank enough of my blood, he started shaking furiously as if going into shock and I saw as his last breath escaped him and he died

    ” Dandy “ I shouted his name thrice tapping him on his cheek when I noticed he wasn’t breathing again and he didn’t respond
    ” is he dead “? Victor asked in a tone that consist of many feelings which I couldn’t decipher. ” I think so ” I replied him standing up with tears forming in my eye, I couldn’t just believe it, all felt like a dream, or is this another dream, I asked myself rhetorically pinching myself to confirm if I’m in reality or wonderland, and my greatest fear was confirmed when I knew I was in reality.
    How could such happen, why with me, and I even aided his death, maybe if I had called the ambulance, he might have a chance at survival. All different sorts of thought was popping in my head while I stood there looking at Dandy’s lifeless body.
    Victor was busy pacing up and down the road like someone whose mind is disorganized.
    He wasn’t crying and he doesn’t seem he will do, maybe it because we just started getting along with Dandy after a year of terror from him.
    ” I think we should leave him here and run away, since no one knew he was with us ” the words flew to me in a music note and I raised my head up to see who played it and it no other person than my friend ,Victor.
    I knew he was a coward but he wasn’t last year, his cowardice attitude started from the day we visited the ancient in search of treasures we didn’t kept there. But I didn’t know that his cowardice has gotten to the extent of leaving dead body of someone we called friend a while ago.
    ” why did you say that ” I asked him in a tone which spell out my anger towards him, ” you know I hate getting involve with law officials and if my dad know that am involve in this, he will definitely disown me ” he elucidated in a tone that made me feel his pain which let me freed all my angers towards him but I wasn’t going to concur to his idea.
    ” okay I get you, but we are not leaving him here ” I retorted and brought out my phone and dialled the emergency number,
    ” hello, what’s the status of your emergency ” the sweet voice of a lady asked me, ” a friend of mine ” as I wanted to complete the statement, I heard someone coughed out louder, that I thought the person’s throat must have broken due to the hardness of the cough. Victor was directly in front of me and I was sure as hell that he was not the one who coughed.
    He met my surprised gaze with his, telling from his facial expression, he also heard the cough and he was also surprised about, we both turned our gaze towards Dandy at once and I almost ran into the bush when I saw Dandy looking at us, he was still on the floor and he looked tired ,
    ” a friend of yours what ” the voice of the emergency recipient asked and I told her not to worry as I hung up the call .
    when I looked at Victor, he has already move some distance away from where we were, I smiled as I assisted Dandy up, all the injuries he sustained started healing at a fast range right in front of us, Dandy was also marveled at what was happening to him , after some minutes, all his body were completely healed,
    ” tho it’s not the first time I’m experiencing this but it isn’t easy not to be awe by it ” Dandy retorted with a bright smile on his lip which kind of sooth my soul as I felt my body muscle relaxing.
    Victor closer back to us and use his finger tip to touch Dandy on his face,
    ” gosh, I can’t believe this, you aren’t a ghost ” he elucidated with an awed expression, ” your powers are really awesome ” he added winking at me,
    After thorough inspection of of Dandy’s body to see if there’s no injury left, we set to continue our journey, but Dandy’s bicycle was already damaged beyond repair,
    ” I think we are going to need every drops of blood in your body in order to revive this bicycle ” Victor elucidated jokingly as we
    all bursted into laughter.

    Victor and I picked our bicycle while we dispose Dandy’s own, we didn’t ride it, just trekking alongside with it and discussing about the accident, we took turns cursing the hit and run driver.

    After some minutes of walking, we finally saw the ancient tomb in front of us.
    Victor suddenly hopped on his bicycle and pedalled to the entrance of the ancient tomb, I was surprised to why he did it not until he started shouting ” I won, I won, I won ”
    that was when I remembered about the bet and I forgot to call it off when the accident occurred.
    I was very angry with myself as I handed him the sum of 1500 francs, I thought I was going to win it and already had some plans in my mind on what I was going to use it for .
    He smirked as he collected the money from me and was displeased by it and seeing the expression of Dandy, he was also displeased by it.

    When we go to the entrance of the tomb,all the memories of what happened the first time I was there came flooding my memory, everything seems like yesterday, ” anything the problem or you’re scared of entering ” Victor asked me when he saw that I wasn’t making an attempt to enter as I stood there.
    I replied him no and we made our way in,
    it was very dark in there and we couldn’t see anything,
    Victor brought out his phone and switched on it flashlight, Dandy also brought out his phone only to discovered that it has destroy, courtesy, the accident, the phone screen and calibration was not in a piece again as.
    I handed him mine and they asked me how am going to see,I replied them not to worry, I smiled to myself as switched my beast eye on.
    The atmosphere inside the tomb was the opposite of pleasant, on the floor were skulls, tho I don’t know if it was human’s own or animal because I wasya medical student and telling from the face of my
    friends, they are also ignorant of it.
    I felt Jovacik pain as we kept exploring the tomb, nothing of interest was inside it,
    I imagined how he would have lived his immortal life in this place,
    staying for even a day alone can be added to the top of the list of 1000 ways I can die.
    I would rather end my immortal life than spend my days in this vain tomb,
    My dad was really good at handling punishment, I thought to myself as we kept exploring the room.
    Then I noticed some writings on the wall.
    I called the attention of my friends to it,
    it was inscribed on the wall with claw, which am sure was Jovacik’s own,
    We tried to read it but couldn’t, it was written in a language which I don’t understand,
    The writing gat me wondering if our ancestors spoke different language from French and English which we are using now.
    I collected my phone from Dandy and record it through video recorder on my phone.
    Then I noticed some sketch below the writing,
    pictures of three people were sketch on the wall, I recognised the first one, it resemble the sketch I got from Chris, the figure on the wall looked exactly like it so I knew it was my dad, then the next one was
    that of a lady,
    that must be my mom, I elucidated in my mind before I switched to the last one, and alas, it was the sketch of when I was still a baby, I have lots of pictures of when I
    was still a baby at home so it was easy recognizing that I was the one on the wall .
    I record everything before proceeding to the exploring of the tomb to see if anything that will help in my quest to finish Jovacik will pop up.
    The tomb was big from the exterior view but the interior doesn’t define the exterior view well.
    I knew there must be an hidden room somewhere in the tomb and all I gat to do was locate it if possible.
    After searching thoroughly and our search wasn’t yielding any result, I told them that we should take a break before we continue searching.
    They agreed and we started heading outside,as we were going, I tripped and fell down,
    as I was about to stand up, I noticed the same pattern of hand shape key hole that I inserted my palm into that led to the release of Jovacik on the floor.
    it was moulded on the floor same way it was moulded on the tomb entrance.
    Victor and Dandy also saw it, I tried to insert my palm but Victor held it reminding of what happened the last time I
    inserted my palm into something of such shape.
    I agreed with him on his thought but I don’t I have a choice now,
    I was ready to face the implications of whatever lies in inserting my palm into it.
    But I was sure the answer I seek for in the tomb lies in inserting my palm into the palm shaped keyhole.
    I assured Victor that nothing bad is going to happen and I inserted my palm into it, it fit perfectly and I felt something stung me like last time, immediately I was stung, everywhere started shaking, I was surprised that Victor and Dandy didn’t run, they stood there looking at me as the earth beneath them was trembling under their feet.
    High current of Wind which almost swept Dandy and Victor off their feet if not for their tight grip on the wall gushed in.
    After some minutes, everything settled and I started hearing some metals clinking beneath me,
    the place I was standing on started splitting into two and I quickly ran away from there.
    We were surprised to see the ground split opened.
    And stair which lead down into the ground appeared inside
    We started looking at ourselves, waiting for the first person who will go inside.
    When nobody was trying to do so, I descended on the stairs and started going downward, I looked up and saw that Dandy was not able to descend on the stairs likewise Victor.
    It was like there was an invisible cover on the opened ground and they weren’t able to go through it,
    it allowed them to defy the law of gravity as they were standing on the opened ground and they didn’t fall down or go through it.
    As I made to go back up and find out what was happening
    the top floor closed back leaving me trapped inside the ground

    Episode 37

    As I made to go back up and find out what was happening
    the top floor closed back leaving me trapped inside the ground.

    Everywhere became dark as the only source of light illuminating their got shut off through the closure of the top ground.
    I switched on my beast eye as I started descending the long unending stair I was seeing.
    Every of my footstep down the stair was accompanied with fear, I could hear my heartbeat clearly and it was even surprised that it was echoing inside the I don’t know where  that I was going in.
    I was just following my intuition that everything is alright and kept on going.
    it was like a journey without end,
    After what seems like an eternity pf walking, I saw a door at the end of the staircase , it was gold in color, but getting closer made me to realize that it the door was made up of real gold.
    But something was missing on it, there was no handle to open it, just the same palm shaped lock again, the security level of this is really tight just like the modern day security, the person who made it ( which must be my dad) must be really smart” I thought to myself as I insert my palm into the moulded palm shaped lock, I felt a sting on my hand again and after that, I started hearing metal clinking,but this time ,the door opened without any violence occurrence
    I sighed deeply as I entered into the room not knowing what await me.

    The room was a beauty to be up, different types of nature drawing was pasted on the wall ,and everything was coloured making it seem real and it gat me wondering how it was possible, because I expected everything to be in black and white.
    The aspect which was filled with forest drawing made it seems like I was inside the forest with beautiful trees forming entwined imto themselves and green leaves filled it.
    Beside the forest drawing was the drawing of a waterfall where rocks made themselves pathway for the water, a big bird was hovering over the water, and at the depth of the water were two naked opposite sex imside the water, a dolphin,three dolphins were with them jumping out of the water happily, seeing the picture made me remember what I was thought about Adam & Eve but I knew the picture was not about them, I think it was my mom and dad, maybe one of their little romantic adventure.
    Then on another side of the wall was a portrait of a beautiful
    woman, the portrait was endowed with the work of art, the woman was extremely beautiful and she looks like the woman drew on the wall inside the tomb. she was extremely beautiful and extravagant in the drawing.
    she must be my mom, I said to myself as I kept on feeding my eye with the work of art inside the room, a shelf was on one side of the room filled with artifacts. Beautiful ones, the craft work was awesome, I imagined myself having that type of talent my dad had, I would be on top of the world, many girls will be
    at my call, running after me, asking me for a portrait of themself which I will gladly draw for them in exchange for a hot sex.
    But apart from the drawing and painting, and the artifacts, the room looks empty, it was like my dad did a good work of cleaning before he vacated the room .
    Apart from the painting and artifacts, their was nothing to aid my mission.
    Not wanting to go back home empty handed, I move closer to the shelf which contains the artifacts in order to take some, I knew it will have high value because they are all ancient objects and ancient objects are always sold at high price.
    I rested my hand on the edge of the shelf as I was checking what I could take ,
    I saw a big one that was carved in a little beast form at the top layer, it was a bit higher than me so I had stand on my toes in order to get it, but even standing on my toes ,I was not able to get it, I stretched my hand more in order to be able to get back and that let me to lose my balance and I hand I had add more pressure at the edge where my hand was before in order not to fall down.
    My adding pressure on the edge of the shelf made the edge shook and I fell down, the shelf after shaking started rotating revealing a secret room like Mr wisdom own.
    Before it closed I quickly jumped in.
    Nothing much was inside the room, just a small table, on it was a book which looked like a diary and a wierd looking knife with some words neatly sculpt on it.
    I move closer to the table and took the book, the book had a gold cover and on it were also some strange words like the one I saw earlier on the wall.
    Seeing the same language again means that it’s the language they used in the olden days or better maybe it’s a beast language.
    I transformed into a beast and tried to read it but it doesn’t make sense, I became frustrated after some trials and failure in it as I transformed back to human.
    The books consist of many pages and all were filled with the strange writing.
    If I can’t translate the title of the book or whatever was written on the cover of the page, how do I expect myself to read the main context, I thought to myself as I resigned to fate about reading it.
    I picked the knife and was looking at it, tho it looks weird but I accolade the blacksmith that made it.
    But the problem with it was the strange language used to write on it .
    I focused all my attention on the knife in my hand lyk I was trying to solve a puzzle, I relaxed all my muscles, my 100% concentration was concentrated on it , I shut my mind against everything occurring around me and voila, everything written on the knife started translating itself in my eye,
    I started reading at slow pace and what was written on goes thus
     welcome master
    ” was this knife referring to me ” i asked no one in particular as I picked the book and after the same exercise on it I was able to read what was written on it, but I was surprised with was written on it, it was like my dad was not ordinary beast, he was also a seer because he knew I was going to come.
    I knew you all would want to know what I saw on the front page but I’m not going saying ,but because of the pretty damsel reading this, I will tell you all,
    on the book cover ,what was written on it was
     my diary and guide for my son to complete his mission
    and below that was
     welcome son
    I was perplexed with what I saw, how could he knew that I was going to come. Maybe he was a seer
    I’ll make sure to ask him if I get to meet him, I retorted in my mind as i flipped the book opened, on the introductory page ( first page ) was a drawing of me, and under it was  i love you son
    “who did his love help after he shaped my future into s--t for me, what could have taken him to kill Jovacik then and I won’t be here seeking for answer to complete any stupid
    mission ” I hissed as I flipped the book to the next page .
    The page and the others that followed consist of his activities, it was his diary and I sat keenly reading it, reading the strange was now easy for me, it was like reading English language or French to me.
    His life was full of fun, the diary recorded his life when he was still staying inside the jungle, then he was lonely, all he did was hunt animals and eat their heart and he also do some guardian works sometimes.
    He would save people who are in trouble inside the forest, and he was also a hunter, as he hunt for beast only to eat their hearts because it makes him 100 times stronger to eating animal’s own, but he only goes after badass beast or supernatural creature.

    He made the decision of living with humans when he saved two lovers who were lost inside the forest and some wolves attacked them, he saved the two of them by killing the wolves, he ate the heart and the guy that he saved roasted the animals, and my dad tasted something of such for the first time, the couple live with my dad for a week and the guy became my dad friend.
    They talked about many things and my dad really enjoyed their company. the guy told my dad that he can live in his hometown (Gevaudan ) but my dad decline his offer with the excuse that he’s not welcome among humans, and humans will never accept him into their midst, the man assured my dad that he can live among human and their is even a good chance for him to live among the people of Gevaudan because they at the verge of fighting a lost war, but
    if my dad can offer to help them win the war in exchange for shelter among them, the man said he’s sure king Jovacik won’t turn down the offer.
    He further told my dad that him and his wife were running away because of the war and that was how they found themselves inside the forest at the mercy of wolves.
    He also added that he will return to Gevaudan with his wife hoping my dad will make the right decision.
    After few days that the man left, my dad started feeling lonely, a feeling he hasn’t felt before.
    It was because he spent much time with a human.
    When he couldn’t cope with the feeling again, he took the man’s advice and seek Jovacik.
    He was met with good news on his meeting with Jovacik and that was the first day he also saw my mom and fell in love with her at first sight.
    But Jovacik accepted my dad’s help after he asked my dad to agree to a term that he will swear before the four elements of nature, FIRE, WATER, AIR and EARTH that my dad will not kill him or bring any harms closer to him,which my dad did.

    Reading the diary to that stage made me realized why my dad had to placed the responsibility of killing Jovacik to me .

    The diary was really interesting that I forgot about my friend, I knew that I would have spent more than an hour inside the room reading, when I finally remembered about them, I checked my wrist watch but was surprised that it was moving at a very slow pace making all the time I spent there just 7 minute , I thought it was the wristwatch that has problem so I brought out my phone and it was also the situation, I think the room has been enchanted to slow time.
    I was very happy at this as I returned to reading the diary .
    All his adventure of how he smite the Paris army, how he woo my mom and how all the people liked and cherished him were recorded with full information. His romantic adventure with my mom was the best in the diary, he was the rough guy in bed type and my mom also love hardcore sex, it must run im the blood I concluded to myself as continue the reading.
    He didn’t hold his pen back in writing how joyous he was when I was born, it was something he’d never thought will happen to him, he named me Benjamin after the guy who made him forsake his lonely life and made him seek abode among humans.
    He did it because he felt that he owe him everything

    Then I got to the horrific scene where the mighty beast starting getting scared, not because he was going to die but because he started seeing the future of me without him inside it.
    He wrote inside the diary.
     and I saw him in a land far better than this, where impossible things are, he was happy at first but it was not for long As betrayal was lurking around in every corner of his life.
    Tho I wish I could get more of this vision in order to warn him of this impeding dangers before my time will be up but nature is not kind with me, as it only allow me to see less of it “.
    that also solve another of my puzzle as it made me knew how he was able to know that I was going to come,
    he has seen everything in a vision.
    After I finished reading about his life history in the diary , I flipped the page opened to see another chapter entirely and it was titled

    beast of Gevaudan’s voice
    Jovacik immortality can’t be ended easily unlike you, he’s a Nightiolf ,he’s supposed to be a complete beast like me but I enchanted my blood before making him swallow it, but still, that doesn’t make him weak or easy to kill, he’s just like me, the only different is that he can only shape shift at night.
    Unlike you that can shape shift anytime you wish ( I think shape shift was what they call it in their own time unlike now that it’s called transformation )
    you can die by the removal of your heart because you are an hybrid, the human part of you makes you easy to be killed but Jovacik isn’t like that,
    His heart cannot be separated from his body and his gift of immortality is a long cause.
    But fear not son, I was able to forge you the dragon hell dagger before my time was up.
    it’s a dagger made from all the four elements of nature and was forge from the breath of a dragon.
    It can only work in your hand because it was brewed with my blood the same one that also run through your body.
    It has the capacity to kill any beast as long as you aim for the heart.
    But it can only work under a full moon when it will be able to channel your powers into itself making it more effective to kill any beast.
    I trust in you son. make papa proud.
    And I left some treasures which I saw in one of my vision that it was very valuable in this new world, (I thought he meant the artifacts but I was wrong )
    check under the table, it await you their.
    I squat and checked under the table but nothing was there, as i wanted to stand up I noticed that there was a crack on the floor ,.the wood covering the floor under the table was not smooth with the other side, then I noticed a small rope attached to a little hook protruding from the floor,I drew the rope and I heard the floor creaked, I knew there was something down there at once, I pulled it with all my effort and a small door on the floor opened, it was dark inside it at first but when I view it very well, I saw bars of gold neatly arranged on each other, I was awed at this, with all the golds inside their, I’m already the richest man in France.
    I screamed in joy as I was feeling the gold with my hand, I’d never dream of becoming this rich in my life at this age.

    Suddenly, the diary fell down, and it started flipping the pages open by itself without wind or breeze present, it stopped opening after it got to an empty page and an invisible hand started writing inside it in the strange language right in front of me , what was written in it was an order and it goes thus

    Episode 38

    Suddenly, the diary fell down, and it started flipping the pages open by itself without wind or breeze present, it stopped opening after it got to an empty page and an invisible hand started writing inside it in the strange language right in front of me , what was written in it was an order and it goes thus

    I was surprised about what happened, was my dad’s spirit inside the room or who could have warned me about my friend being in danger, maybe it was just a paper trick.
    my mind was not settled as different types of opinion kept popping up but I wasn’t ready to take chances as I picked two gold bars and inserted it into my pocket and closed the place.
    I picked up the diary and dropped it on the table near the dagger, I didn’t know the danger my friends were, I don’t if it’s an attack from Jovacik or another beast, so in order not to lost the dagger and diary, I just left it there with the mind set of coming back to get it with my golds.
    After dropping it, I move closer to the shelf and add pressure to the edge of it like I did before mistakenly.
    it opened and I ran out and head for the golden door, it opened automatically by itself and I started running on the the stair case, now in ascending motion.
    I was running very fast and in no time I was already seeing the closed ground above me,
    On getting nearer to it, it opened automatically and I jumped out only to see an horrific scene outside.Victor was on the floor covered in blood and Dandy wasn’t a human again, he has turned to a beast and he raised his claw up to give Victor a final blow which am sure Victor won’t survive.
    Thanks to Chris training, in a flash I was already holding his hand in order to prevent him from murdering Victor, but he shook me off his hand rigidly and I was sent flying in the air till I hit my back on the wall opposite to us.
    He made to kill Victor again and I quickly transformed and roared loudly, and I made it last till he changed back to human and he passed out .
    I quickly changed back to human and rushed to Victor who looks like he’s going to die anytime soon, he was brutally injured, I think it was even luck that he was still breathing.
    I brought out my knife and cut myself on my wrist and made to make him drink my blood but I stopped when I remembered what I read in my dad’s diary, he said he made Jovacik drink his blood in order to turn him, it means that it was my act of giving Dandy my blood before that turned him to a beast.
    How could I be so foolish, I asked myself angrily as I blame myself for creating something I have been having sleepless night in order to eradicate.
    I dropped my blood on Victor’s most injured part, I waited for sometime to see the result and it was a positive one as he started healing, he healed in all the place he procured the injury as he coughed back to life.
    His eye was filled with terror, I knew he must have seen hade, he tried to speak but words were not coming out of his mouth,
    As he saw Dandy beside him when he looked at his side, he suddenly stood up and ran outside and followed him at once.
    I was able to catch up with him at the entrance of the tomb, he was very terrified and I felt pity for him, I knew he was trying hard to accept everything just because of me, but when it got to the stage of him almost losing his life, I think it’s right for him to flip.
    I held him close to myself as I assured him that everything is fine,
    He settled down after I assured him, this time he has already gotten back his voice, I asked him what happened

    VICTOR : I was just joking about the money I won and his face started changing with claws coming out of his hand, and when I tried to run away, he caught me easily and that all I remembered.

    ME : ( I knew what happened, I knew it wasn’t Dandy’s fault, he doesn’t know anything about what I turned him into yet and he doesn’t know how to control it ) okay, but it ain’t his fault, don’t hate him

    VICTOR : why are you so cool with this, I expect you to be angry, he tricked us when he’s also a beast

    ME : he didn’t trick us and everything was my mistake, I mistakenly turned him when I gave him my blood when he was dying

    VICTOR : what tha f--k! ( he exclaimed loudly ) ,I think you’re responsible for him

    ME : I know but am confuse, he has to learn how to control but I don’t know how to teach him

    VICTOR : how did you learn yours ?

    ME : I learnt it from someone but I don’t trust the person again

    VICTOR : who and why?

    ME : you don’t know him and the reason I don’t trust him is that I started having bad feelings about him some days ago and my dad also warned me that he’s going to betray me with his daughter

    VICTOR : is your dad back in town?

    ME : not my foster dad, I meant the one I told you and Dandy about earlier when I was telling you about how I became a beast.

    VICTOR : ( he gave me the are you alright look ) did you hit your head against something when you trapped inside the ground earlier

    ME : ( I smiled ) no

    VICTOR : did you teleport back to the 80s

    ME : ( what I love doing to Victor most is getting him curious, instead of him to ask the question of how, or he should allow me to explain to him better, he always bring out ridiculous theory to guess what’s on my mind, and trust me, he’s always funny when he is in this state. I knew if I don’t cut in with my answer, we aren’t moving a s--t from where we were till nighttime ) no ,but he warned me in his diary which I was able to get hold of that I should be careful of false people gathering around me and I think he meant Chris and Nina

    VICTOR : Chris and Nina, is that their name?

    ME : yeah

    VICTOR : but are you sure that they’ don’t deserve your trust again , I mean have they ever exhibit the act?

    ME : no, but

    VICTOR : ( cutting me short ) there’s no but, we’re going there with that guy ,because if you know what he did to me, then you will know that it isn’t safe allowing him to be among people till he can control it. Or else, all the blood of people that he’s going to get murder will be upon you and also spoiling his life will be on you

    ME : ( Victor’s words hit me real hard, and I was surprised that he could speak with wisdom how he did, maybe it was because the only aspect of him that I was used with is the one I know) okay, but I think we will wait till night before we go

    VICTOR : why?

    ME : he’s unconscious and I will have to turn in order to have the strength to carry him, you don’t expect me to turn now right?

    VICTOR : why can’t you turn now (he asked jokingly )

    I brought out my phone and checked the time, it was already some minute passed six, I was very surprised at this , I thought the time really frozen when I was inside the room but I was wrong,
    I dialed my mom’s number and told her that I won’t be coming home tonight, I lied to her that I will be passing the night at victor’s place.
    Victor also insist on following me to Chris place and he also called his mom and lied to her that he is also passing the night at my place.
    We decided to check on Dandy inside the tomb, as we were going, Victor suddenly bent down and picked two objects and I was surprised to see my two bars of gold in his hand, he was surprised at it, as jumped uo happily, I checked my pocket and discovered that the two golds in my pocket were not there again, it must have fell down when I was chasing him.
    I famed ignorant when he showed and acted surprised like I didn’t know anything about the gold, ” I told you then that their are hidden treasures inside this tomb ” he elucidated boastfully, ” now, all that remained is to look for the remaining ones ” he added as he started searching while I went to stay beside Dandy.
    I was just laughing inward as Victor kept pacing around with his phone flashlight inside the tomb searching for gold.
    He didn’t sit down till 8 pm, I concluded in my mind that it was the right punishment for him as he dupe me of the money I supposed to won and also taking my golds, tho I knew that he’s going to give me one back but I don’t plan on giving him any. (call me stingy, I don’t care, it was my father that gave me, so he should also go and meet his father for his )
    I remembered about what I recorded on my phone earlier, I played it and the language was already easy for me to read like English and French.
    The writings on the wall meant
     what have we all done to deserve this
    It was my dad that wrote it on the wall for Jovacik to see everyday when he was locked inside the tomb, he attached the drawing of himself ,my mum and mine to it in order to torment him.
    When it was 9 pm, I stopped Victor from his punishment and asked us to go,tho he was unwilling to go claiming that someone might come back and find the remaining gold.
    I also reason with him,what if someone was able to get under the ground and loot away all my golds.
    But I couldn’t go inside and take them, but an idea crossed my mind,
    I carried Dandy on my back and as we got out of the tomb, I saw our bicycle at the entrance of the tomb gate, I didn’t plan on taking the bicycle with me because I was planning on using my beast speed to take Victor and Dandy to the forest where Chris and Nina stays.
    I asked Victor to put the two bicycle inside the tomb and after he did it, I put my palm into the palm shaped lock at the entrance of the tomb, the one I put my palm into which gat Jovacik on the loose,
    I felt a sting on my palm and after that, some metal clinked and the mighty door of the tomb closed back.
    Victor was surprised at what happened as he stood transfixed at the spot he was looking at me with his mouth opened.
    I was also surprised that I could do that but I acted like I wasn’t surprised as I gave victor my phone before i transformed into a beast.
    Victor was a bit scared but he tried to hide it,
    I made the fire emanating from my body to off, it took a lot of strength to do it, I held Victor with my right hand and Dandy with the left and in just 5 minute, we were at the entrance of the forest, normally,if we took taxi, it will take us more than 45 minute to get there.
    I put Dandy and Victor down before I transformed to a human.
    I was naked and I wore the cloth I got when we were coming, I knew I was going to be naked when I transform back to human, so I stole some clothes that was hung in front a house we passed.
    I backed Dandy and Victor was walking by my side as we made our through the forest.
    we haven’t gotten to the middle of the forest path to Chris place when I started hearing a sound at our back, the sound was like when a water is boiling, I asked Victor if he heard it but he replied no.
    We continue the journey but we haven’t taking up to 5 steps more when I saw a fireball heading to us with high speed.

    Episode 39

    I backed Dandy and Victor was walking by my side as we made our through the forest.
    we haven’t gotten to the middle of the forest path to Chris place when I started hearing a sound at our back, the sound was like when a water is boiling, I asked Victor if he heard it but he replied no.
    We continue the journey but we haven’t taking up to 5 steps more when I saw a fireball heading to us with high speed.

    On seeing this, I quickly pushed Victor away and drop Dandy roughly on the ground while I quickly lie down flat too, the fireball flew pass me hitting the tree in my front and the tree caught fire at once, lighting up the forest,
    I saw another one coming towards me again, but I quickly used my speed to get Dandy and I out of the area.
    I couldn’t save Victor because it was too rapid and I wasn’t able to check if he was alright.
    I quickly looked for somewhere I presume to be safe enough and dropped Dandy’s unconscious body. Having him with me will only be a disadvantage to me because I will have to be protecting the two of us.
    I ran away from the place I placed him in order to secure him.
    I headed back to where I presume Victor should be to check if he’s still safe,but when I got there everywhere was already on fire.
    I transformed to beast and entered the fire to check him but all my effort was futile.
    I was deeply engrossed with the searching that I didn’t notice that another fireball was already heading to me.
    Before I saw it, it has already hit me in my chest, the force of the fireball threw me away and I felt as if my heart was on fire, it was very painful and it weakened me greatly.
    I tried to stand up but couldn’t, then I saw another one heading towards me again, I didn’t know how I got the strength but I knew I shifted away from there by a mile.
    what’s really the beast plan, is it trying to roast my heart before eating it or what? I asked myself as I was finally able to stand up.
    I very weak and could barely walk, I felt myself transforming back to human without me being able to control it.
    I thought it was because I was very weak.
    I knew I was at disadvantage with me being a human, I’ve to be in my beast form im order to fight whatever it might be that was attacking me, as I was still thinking about how am gonna survive without my powers, I saw a wolf running, I knew it was running for safety after it saw that the forest was on fire, I remembered that consuming an animal’s heart and vital organs can make me more powerful, I conjured all my last strength as I ran after the wolf with speed, I was able to summon my claws out, out of my finger, catching the wolf was easy and I slash it with my claw, I deep my claws into it and brought out it heart first,
    it looked irritating with blood covering it and dripping down from it,
    I shut my eye as I started chewing it raw,
    it tasted awesome in my mouth and within a minute, I’ve ripped the wolf’s flesh apart and ate all the vital organs inside it.
    The feelings was great and I felt like having more.
    I felt my lost strength returning to me and I transformed when I felt that I was strong enough but the fire that always emanate from my body was missing.
    But instead of running away from the threat lurking around, I was searching for another animal to devour, the reason was that it tasted great and I couldn’t get my mind off it and I wanted to become more stronger so that I could have a chance against the fireball making beast.
    I didn’t search for long before I found another wolf and I did justice to it like the first one.
    After finishing all that’s useful in it, the fire lit on my body by itself signifying that I was strong enough.
    I lifted my head up and saw another fireball heading towards me again, I quickly dodge it and ran with full speed towards the direction it was coming from but when I got to the place I thought it was supposed to be ,I met no one there.
    In a flash I saw another fireball coming towards me exactly from the direction I left, i swiftly dodged it and with full speed again I head towards the direction again but it was also the same result, nobody was there, then from where I stood I saw fireballs heading towards me from four direction at once, I was trapped in the middle of the four of them as they were heading to me with greater speed than the ones of before.
    Not knowing what to do I just stood there as I await my doom.
    But as it got closer to me, my instinct told me to propel myself upward with full force which I did, and the four fireballs collided which caused a little explosion .
    I was surprised at the level at I which I leaped into the air.
    I never knew I could do that.
    The level at which I leaped made me to land on the road.
    Everywhere was silent and the road was blank, there was no one there and no vehicle could be seen passing.
    As I landed on the road, I stood up to check if I had procured any injury and in a flash something hit me hard on my back and I fell down, I quickly stood up to attack it but was surprised not to see anything.
    I was sure it wasn’t a fireball because there was no fire to prove it.
    I stood there confused at what was happening.
    I knew that it was the fireball beast that was attacking me but what I wasn’t sure is if it is more than a single beast.
    As I stood there confused, suddenly a mixture of dark flame and fire which has different colors like rainbow started circling me, I was trapped in the middle and the fire was circling me on the road with full speed, I couldn’t see anyone ,only fire and flame, I tried to beast run out of it but as I tried it I couldn’t get out of the fire,it was like hitting a mighty shield and with the force I tried to use to run out of it, it was like I hit myself against a rock, I shifted back with pain surging all over my body.
    The pain was short and when I got over it, I tried to leap again like I did when the four fireballs were aiming at me, but I couldn’t get out of it.
    The shield was also at the top.
    When I tried everything possible to get out and couldn’t, I got tired, I felt that all my strength had deserted my body ,I stopped trying and stood there transfixed at the spot waiting for the next thing that is gonna happen.
    Then the flame and fire started conjuring together to create a huge demon.
    It was more than a demon, it figure is evil, it looks monstrous.
    It should be like 18 feets tall, it’s head was not of a beast own but skeleton, it was emitting fire like that of ghost rider, I thought ghost rider was just a movie but I was wrong because the real ghost rider was standing in my front, just that the one standing in my front was more bigger than Johnny Blaze and the fire emanating from this one’s head is of different different colors mixed with dark flame which made it looked more evil and he doesn’t have chain in his hand but long and sharp claws and neither was it wearing a jacket. And trust me, he isn’t on a motorcycle.
    I was very scared on seeing it and I tried to run away with my beast speed towards the opposite direction but as I faced back to run, he was already in my front. I thought it was another beast but when I checked my back, he wasn’t there again confirming that he was the one.
    How could he be so fast I asked myself as I stood at the spot I was looking at it with fears written all over me.
    That explain why I couldn’t see it when I was trying to track it earlier with the fireball, and how he was able to throw four fireballs from different direction at once. It was incredibly fast. I knew that I couldn’t outrun it so I stood there ready to attack it.
    But what I couldn’t deduced was why it was after my heart with all the powers it had
    ( N.P :- I’m using it to the beast because I don’t know if it is male or female then )
    Maybe it wasn’t after my heart, maybe it knew about the gold and wanted me to get it for it.
    The beast just stood there waiting for me to take my next move, I knew it was enjoying extorting me of my strength and the game it was playing with me like the villain in the movie CREEPSHOW.
    I wasn’t ready to play to it tune again so I just stood there.
    ” What do you want from me ” I asked it when I saw that it wasn’t making any move, then in a swift moment, my leg was hanging in the air as the beast hijacked me up, I was very small compare to the beast, I should be like 12 feets tall, tho I was like 9 feets when I was just transforming.
    ” you know it yourself ” he roared loudly and I felt my ear paralyzed as my head was simultaneously facing it’s own.
    It was still speaking but I couldn’t hear anything again, ” if I can lose my hearing when I’m in my beast form when the ghost rider beast roared, then what would happened if I’m in my human form ” I said to myself as I watch the beast mouth moving but couldn’t hear a single thing .
    Then it started laughing wildly, tho I wasn’t hearing anything but I could tell that he was laughing by it facial expression.
    I was curious to know what it could have said that made it to be laughing.
    Then it threw me down hard making me to crash against the hard granite the road was made of.
    From his expression, I knew it asked me to run, I took my chances as I ran into the forest which was already on fire.
    I was running very fast, more faster than my usual speed, I also felt that I was more faster than before.
    As I was running, I heard the sound of something coming towards me with force, I thought it was the beast, I stopped to attacked it unknown to me that it was a fireball.
    I turned back and the fireball hit me on my chest, it threw me hard on a big tree in front of me, I fell down to the ground half dead, I transformed automatically to human and I was having excruciating pain on my chest, I knew my heart would have already been half roasted.
    I started coughing out blood, I couldn’t lift a muscle, I was dying and I knew it.
    In the blink of an eye the beast appeared in front of me.
    My eye was already blurred, my vision ain’t working again.
    But I knew it was the beast.
    Then I felt it claws on my chest as it use its other hand to pin me against the tree.
    My vision became a bit clear as I saw the beast move it claw back a bit and tried to insert it into my chest with force.
    I knew I wasn’t going to survive the blow so I just shut my eye waiting for my end.
    I suddenly heard someone scream in front of me, I opened my eye to see Dandy in front of me, he was in beast mode.
    He covered for me and received the blow but luckily for him it wasn’t on his chest, it was a bit below it.
    He screamed in pain as the beast withdraw its claw from his body.
    The place where the beast inserted its claw into Dandy’s body was burning inward and Dandy was screaming in pain.
    The beast angrily hijacked him and threw him away.
    I couldn’t run away because I was very weak.
    The beast smirked as he inserted his claw into my chest, the pain was very crucial as I felt myself burning inward, its claws hasn’t gone deep into my chest when Dandy jumped on its head, hitting it very hard with his claws on its skeleton head.
    The beast left me and I was surprised when it summoned more fire out of it head, the fire was much that it sent Dandy flying away from its head, I knew that we were not supposed to be hurt by fire but the ghost rider fire is different, I also felt the tremendous heat the fire has where I stood weakly against the tree.
    I prayed in my mind that Dandy survive because the fire was very hard and it burnt him directly because he was clinging to the beast head.
    The beast returned to me and tried to finished everything quickly in order not to be intercepted again.
    Has it tried to deep its claws into my chest, I heard someone crack a gun and shot it towards us, the person shot thrice ,each bullets following suite behind themselves, but the beast was very fast as it quickly disappeared from there and the three wooden bullets hit my chest as I fell down and blackout

    Episode 40

    Has it tried to deep its claws into my chest, I heard someone crack a gun and shot it towards us, the person shot thrice ,each bullets following suite behind themselves, but the beast was very fast as it quickly disappeared from there and the three wooden bullets hit my chest as I fell down and blackout

    I woke up to a gentle tap on my back,
    My head was heavy, and I was in a lot of pain, my eye was blurry but I could still see.
    I looked at the person that tapped me and was surprised to see Nina, I wanted to run away from her when I saw her but I was weak to do so.
    ” can you see me, do you recognize me, where are you ” she asked me not allowing me to answer any before she asked the others.
    ” let him rest a bit, or you will wear him out with your questions ” I heard another voice from behind .
    I turned to look at the person and was surprised again to see Chris,
    Everywhere was lit so I presumed that we were in their building but I was wrong.
    I realized that I was wrong when the ghost rider beast with blazing fire emanating from its skull hit whatever we were inside.
    I became scared when I saw it and tried to run even tho I was very weak but Chris quickly grabbed me.
    ” you are going to get yourself killed if you try to get out ” Chris retorted angrily.
    That was when I view the vicinity we were very well and discovered that we were still inside the forest and the forest was on fire, that was why everywhere was lit.
    And we were inside something that looked like laser, it covered us like a big umbrella, I saw a small device on the ground and the laser was emanating from it. The beast was giving it all to get inside it.
    I checked my chest where I was shot and discovered that the bullets were not there, and I saw signs that I was treated, some leaves were on the injured part but I was smelling blood, I knew it wasn’t mine and I could tell it wasn’t Nina’s own.
    I turned back to look at Chris, I was right, I was really perceiving blood and it was coming from Chris, he was badly injured on his rib, the cut on his rib was no doubt made by the ghost rider beast ,because it also has burnt mark.
    I wanted to cut myself so that I could use my blood to heal him but he held my hands.

    CHRIS : no, don’t do it

    ME : why? you are going to die at this rate

    CHRIS : I don’t mind, we have codes we follow as hunter, and that include not getting beast blood mixed with our blood ( he replied with pain )

    ME : why follow the stupid code when you’re dying

    CHRIS : I’m not going to die, you just have to get stronger and escaped us from here before the Beatrix shield finally lose it strength .

    ME : Beatrix shield! is that what it is called ( I said pointing at the small device which was on the ground emanating the laser )

    CHRIS : yes, that’s the name of the hunter who invented it so it was named after her. but I think the beast knows about it, it takes a high force to get it weakened and from what the beast has being doing since, it is trying to weaken it, I don’t think we’re going to to survive more than three blow from the beast before the shield finally lose it strength.
    (has he finished his statement, the beast landed another blow on the shield, the laser blinked twice but didn’t off )
    We’re running out of time ( Chris screamed loudly as he wrenched in pain)

    ME : but how do you expect me to save you when am very weak and the beast is super fast and I don’t think I can outrun it

    CHRIS : give him ( he ordered Nina,who just sat there listening to our conversation without interfering )

    she handed me a bag and when I opened it, I saw some hearts and some vitals organs of animal inside it, I could tell that it was an animal’s own because of their size.

    CHRIS : you should be able to recover after taking those things, and for the beast speed, this shield is very strong and for the beast to exert the total force it needs to bring down this shield, it has to run from a far distance .
    So we will wait for its next attack, I think the shield should be able to hold it.

    Before he finished his explanation, I’ve already finished eating what he gave me.
    I was craving for more but there’s nothing I can do, I felt my body gaining it strength.

    ME : but my friends are still inside the forest, I have to save them first

    CHRIS : your human friend is safe, but I can’t tell much for your little beast friend, but you can’t save him, you don’t stand a chance against that thing. Go after your beast friend and have your heart gone.

    ME : but he’s going to die and it’s because of me

    CHRIS : greater deeds needs greater sacrifice

    ME : I’m going to save him
    I felt that I was already strong enough to transform, as I made to take a step, the beast appeared out of nowhere and hit the shield, I quickly stayed where I was as the shield blinked thrice, ” now ” Chris screamed as the beast disappeared,
    my body acted against my mind as I felt myself transformed rapidly and grip both Nina and Chris.
    I was running with a speed I don’t think I can ever have in my lifetime, but I wasn’t far gone when I felt something faster coming after us ,I knew it was the beast and with the rate at which I was running, I will call it, a human running with a car, no matter the distance the man is using to outrun the car, the car will surely overtake him, I knew the beast will soon overtake me and when that happens, I’m good as being dead, my instinct for survival pushed me over the wall and my speed increased, as I was about to get to the spot where Nina pressed the remote last time to enter their underground main building ,I saw a fire ball heading towards us, I decreased my speed in order not to overpass the spot, so I stop abruptly as I got to the spot and Nina quickly press the remote, but it was too late as the fireball hit me at my back and everything turned black

    I woke up and found myself in a white room, the room was spacious but empty.
    ” anybody here ” I screamed only to hear my words echoing back at me.
    Not even a furniture was inside their for me to seat
    ” how could they treat a sick person this way”? I asked myself rhetorically as I paced around the room searching for the door.
    Walking was a bit hard for because I was very weak, so I just shrugged around looking for the door,
    The background of the room was white, everything including the floor was also white and everywhere rhymed together which makes locating the door hard but I later got it when I notice an irregular white object protruding out of a part, I checked it and saw that it was a door knob, I view the part very well and discovered that their was a door their just that the white background did a good job in hiding it.
    I tried to open it but it wasn’t opening.
    I used all my power but the door was not bulging to my request.
    I tried to transform but couldn’t.
    I was already weak but battling with the door made me weaker.
    After I felt all my strength forsake me, I retired to the floor and sat down waiting for someone to open the door from outside.
    As I was still sitting down waiting for someone to open the door, I felt a tap on my back,
    I was shocked as I quickly turned to know who it was, and behold,it was my father, he was wearing white robe and he looked much more handsome than his pictures and sketches that I’ve seen before.
    ” am I in another trance ” I asked myself in my mind as I stood there looking at him blankly.
    ” no ,you aren’t son ” my dad replied as if he was reading my mind.
    I was perplexed at his response, I moved closer to him to feel him and alas, he was real,
    I hugged him deeply and didn’t know when I started tearing up.

    ME : I missed you dad

    DAD : I’m here son,I also miss you ( he replied trying to hide the tears that was also trying to force its way down his eye )

    ME : but you’re late dad, I’ve already committed lot of errors which has already gotten many people killed

    DAD : I know son but it’s not your fault but mine

    ME : it’s also mine ( I replied him detaching myself from his embrace and looked into his eye )

    DAD : don’t blame yourself, I caused all this and you are only taking care of my mistakes .I created this future for you, but I know the death of the people will not be in vain because you will avenge them

    ME : but how am I going to do that when am not strong enough

    DAD : ( he placed his hand on my chest and a bright light illuminated from his hand to my chest, I felt my body system changing as he placed his hand on it, after some seconds he removed it ) believe in yourself son, you are stronger than you can imagine

    ME : but how is it possible that you are here, or is it that am dead

    DAD : you’re about to be, you’ve sustained more injury than what your young heart could take, and that why you have to get out of here in order to wake up

    ME : how? [ I asked him with confusion visible on my face )

    DAD : you have to get out through that door that door ( he replied pointing to the white door I was trying to open before )

    ME : I’ve tried to open it but couldn’t

    DAD : it all depend on your will to survive, you’ve already exceeded the maximum time you’re supposed to use here. Go quickly and open it son

    I moved closer to the door and tried to open it again but I couldn’t open it , I channeled all my strength into my hand but it was still impossible to open it.
    Then as I wanted to give up opening it, I felt my dad’s hand on my shoulder

    DAD : remember son, it depends on your will to survive not your strength, don’t give up son, time is running out. You’ve gat lot to save and if you die now, there will be no one to save them.
    REMEMBER, YOU ARE THE GUARDIAN OF GEVAUDAN (he screamed the last words into my ear with passion )

    Hearing his words raised my will to survive, I held the handle, sigh, then bring it down, and CLICK, it opened.
    I looked back at my dad and he was smiling at me,I smiled back at him as I head out through the door.

    I opened my eye and saw myself on a bed, the atmosphere was filled with the smell of herb, I looked at my side and saw Nina in Chris embrace, she was crying while Chris was patting her head tho he was sober too but he was not crying.
    With the support of my hand I sat up and called their attention, I was very surprised when Nina jumped on me embracing me tightly, Chris too came over and hug me shortly.
    ” where is dandy and Victor “? I asked them after I was finally able to free myself from the embrace of Nina and the two of them became moody again.

    Episode 41

    I opened my eye and saw myself on a bed, the atmosphere was filled with the smell of herb, I looked at my side and saw Nina in Chris embrace, she was crying while Chris was patting her head tho he was sober too but he was not crying.
    With the support of my hand I sat up and called their attention, I was very surprised when Nina jumped on me embracing me tightly, Chris too came over and hug me shortly.
    ” where is dandy and Victor “? I asked them after I was finally able to free myself from the embrace of Nina and the two of them became moody again.

    I was surprised with their change of mood and was scared also,
    Could it be that they are already dead, I asked myself but quickly wade the thought off.
    ” can you walk ” Chris asked forcing a fake smile out of his face
    ” I think so ” I replied him trying to get out of the bed and Nina assisted me in doing so.
    We got out of the room and I was surprised to see many rooms apart from the one we got out from.
    I thought it should be Chris and Nina’s room only ,maybe with one or two guest room but that wasn’t the case, the corridor was long and rooms was everywhere, we started
    Walking along the corridor and we stopped when we got to the entrance of one of the room , Chris unlock the door and we entered, I saw Victor sleeping on a king size bed and he covered himself with blanket,
    I thought at first that he was dead, I ran to him and removed the blanket from his body, but I was surprised to see him sleeping soundly.
    ” my bad ” Nina suddenly spoke up for the first time,
    ” what do you mean by that ” I asked her thinking it was because they deceived me with their change of mood earlier.
    But it wasn’t so as she brought a plastic containing blood,
    ” he sustained fatal injury due to the fire and he was dying, so I had to take your blood in order to heal him even tho you were dying ” she elucidated remorsefully.
    ” it is alright, you didn’t do anything bad, so don’t have to feel down ” I replied and she cheered up,
    It was then that I remembered that Chris was also dying when we were still inside the forest and here is walking and acting normal like he wasn’t injured before.
    I turned to face Chris with an eye that depicted that something isn’t right, As if on cue about what was going on in my mind, he retorted “I’m also sorry, tho it’s not mine but hers ” he retorted facing Nina.
    ” I didn’t take for him alone ” she retorted pointing at Victor
    ” Victor ” I chipped in to inform them of Victor’s name
    ” yeah ” she replied ” you were dying and I didn’t know what to do, I had to heal my dad with your blood because he was also dying, and I knew he will have better idea of how to help you which I was lacking. I did it without his consent but I couldn’t watch you die without doing anything ” she retorted defensively
    ” it’s okay ” I replied her with a sweet voice that can melt a dragon’s heart.
    After she’s settled down, I asked them which room was Dandy placed in and they went sober again .
    “Follow me ” Chris ordered heading out of the room, I covered Victor back with the blanket before proceeding out of the room following Chris and Nina.
    He took us to the main room ( the sitting room ) which I was the first time I came there .
    He picked up a remote on the table and switched on the big Tv in the sitting room, he pressed some keys on the remote and it displayed from where we got to the spot where Nina pressed the remote and I was hit by the fireball, Nina really tried there or else I would have been caught by the beast, when she pressed the remote and the fireball hit me,the fireball force pushed me away from the spot where we were supposed to go down, I had already dropped them before I was pushed by the force of the fireball and transformed to human, Chris has also lose his consciousness, and the round metallic object that serves as their elevator has already started going down, Nina quickly jumped out from it and landed on the ground, she ran towards me and grabbed me, in a blink the ghost rider beast appeared, he started walking magnetically as he watched me lying helplessly on the floor, he muttered some words amidst evil laughter but I couldn’t hear the words, I asked Chris to give it more volume and to replay the part the beast talked, which he did
    ” No one escape me, I have never lose will never lose especially against a little beast like you ” he spitted this words amidst his evil laughter and Nina couldn’t help but watch him angrily,
    It bent down and tried to grab me but Nina threw something at it face but he dodged it quickly but Nina was also fast as she quickly threw another one which landed on his face causing an explosion, and everywhere was filled with smoke,the smoke was very much that we couldn’t see anything from the tv, and when the smoke cleared, we’ve already disappeared from there, the beast’s skull emanating fire was nowhere
    to be found on his neck when everything cleared, but it only took it some seconds before another one appeared.
    It grew right from its neck and it was more deadly looking than it former own blazing fire,
    It started running through the forest, the camera wasn’t able to pick it ,it only picked something similar to lightening, it was too fast for the camera.
    After some minutes it came back to the spot where we escaped,
    It roared angrily and everywhere shook.
    Then it disappeared again and came back with Dandy who was half dead, the fire affected him much, he was already healing but it was slow because I expected to have healed finished since the time the beast used its fire to burn him off its head.
    He held Dandy by his leg making him to dangle in the air.
    ” I will smoke you out by taking all the people you cared about ” the beast roared loudly before it dissapeared with Dandy.
    My leg lose it strength and I fell down to the floor,
    I was very scared and I felt myself trembling on the floor, I knew it was going after my mom.
    Nina tried to help me get up but I shrugged her off.
    I felt like crying but tears wasn’t coming,
    ” it’s been up to how many minutes when the beast took off with Dandy ” I asked both Nina and Chris and Nina replied me that it has been up to 7 hours.
    ” 7 hours!!” I exclaimed loudly,
    I tried to get my phone inside my pocket but discovered the cloth I was wearing doesn’t have one, it’s was then that I notified that I was putting on a nightie,
    I knew it must belong to Nina ,
    ” where is my phone ” I asked almost screaming ” it wasn’t on your naked body when I brought you in ” Nina replied angrily.
    I knew i was the caused, I was transferring my aggression on her even when she did nothing wrong but saved.
    ” I’m sorry Nina, but I think my mom is in trouble ” I replied her sounding calm.
    Chris quickly ran to the section I said looked like a CIA office with many televisions that is displaying everything and everywhere Marseille.
    There was a small panel in front of the TVs containing some buttons and a joystick.
    He pressed some of the buttons and one all the TVs started displaying my neighborhood including my house, it was there that I saw that we were already in morning .
    I passed out for a long period of time.
    Chris was controlling the TV with the joystick, reversing back to the night and we watched keenly, then suddenly, I noticed a light enter into my house and it came out at once, Chris and Nina didn’t notice it so asked Chris to pause it and he should reverse it slowly which he did,
    Then it got to the part when I saw the fire , they also saw the fire but it was still fast despite slowing down the camera, it was like it didn’t even entered our building but we’re sure it did,
    We didn’t know if the beast took my mom or not but seeing it making
    a stop in my house made me scared.
    I told Nina to hit the remote for their elevator.
    ” I’m going to check if she’s safe ” I muttered with fear, my feet was already trembling,
    Chris asked Nina to follow me but I declined, I was going to beast speed home, I don’t care if it’s in broad daylight,
    I told them of my intention and they were against it, reminding me of how unsafe it is, but I wasn’t ready to bulge to their opinion.
    My mom’s safety first.
    As I turned to go, I saw Victor standing behind us, God knows when he has been there,we were all engrossed with what we were watching and didn’t know
    When he got there.
    He was wearing an oversize trouser and top .
    I knew it belongs to Chris because of its size.
    ” I’m following you ” he said as he came close to where we were.
    I explained to him the danger of following him, tho I knew we were already in the morning and in reference to what Chris told me before that the beast is a Nightiolf ,and it’s impossible for a Nightiolf to
    transform in the morning,
    ” that’s the reason it’s after my heart, it wants to become a full beast ” I deduced bitterly in my mind.
    I wasn’t ready to exposé Victor to any danger again but I knew the type of person he is, when he is keen on doing something, he always have his way of doing it.
    Even if I leave find a way not to bring him with me, he is still going to find a way to do so.
    I wish I have a sleeping portion, i would have use it on him.
    I told him that I’m going in beast form and it will be impossible to have a passenger
    with me because we’re already in the morning and I won’t be fast enough to avoid been seen.
    I asked Nina and Chris to follow behind me and they should bring him along, I will waiting for them at home, he seemed pleased with that as he bailed on pestering to follow me

    ” before you leave, let me check if it’s safe to do so first ” Chris uttered heading back to the big TV.
    He pressed some keys on the remote and the forest came to view.
    It now looked empty, flame filled everywhere, only few trees escaped the fire,
    He switched to the camera recording the entrance of the forest, we saw fire extinguishing tankers halting, then the emergency personnel started ordering them to do their task.
    ” do you think it’s safe to go “? Chris asked me in a tone that depict that he’s against me going.
    ” I’m going ” I replied him changing to beast.
    Before my full transformation, Nina quickly jumped on me and kissed me, my transformation paused at that level as I also took my time to reciprocate her kind gesture.
    After breaking up the kiss, she brought her
    mouth closed my ear
    ” make sure you’re safe till we get their ” she uttered pressing the remote.
    I ran into the gravity defying object and it took me out of there.
    As I came to the top, I beast speed at once and I was awed at the rate at which my speed increased, I knew I was more faster than Jovacik now but what I couldn’t depicted was why or how it happened ,
    I knew the firemen will be surprised when they saw a fire ran past them, as i saw some suddenly dropped the pipe in their hand.
    I had to quickiy maneuver my way through them in order not to allow the water they were spraying to touch me because I don’t know the consequence of it.
    My new gained speed made my running to became awesome, my mind recalibrates to the speed at which things are whizzing past me and this provides the sensation of entering another dimension.The wind was absolutely insane,
    the sides of the road started to blur due to vibration, wind turbulence and adrenaline.
    I was so lost in the great feelings I was deriving from my speed that I even ran passed my house.
    I’ve been many kilometers away from home before I my brain sent me the signal.
    I had to made a u turn and started another journey towards home.
    I stopped abruptly at the door by decreasing my speed when I was about to get there.
    I quickly turned the door knob and entered the house because I was naked,
    I entered and met the sitting room in disarray, I knew something was wrong at once.
    I quickly ran to my mom’s room and my greatest fear was confirmed as I met what I was expecting meet

    Episode 42

    I’ve been many kilometers away from home
    before I my brain sent me the signal.
    I had to made a u turn and started another
    journey towards home.
    I stopped abruptly at the door by decreasing
    my speed when I was about to get there.
    I quickly turned the door knob and entered
    the house because I was naked,
    I entered and met the sitting room in
    disarray, I knew something was wrong at
    I quickly ran to my mom’s room and my
    greatest fear was confirmed as I met what I
    was expecting meet

    a message was left for me on the wall inside
    her room, it was written boldly with blood
    and the message goes thus
    I stood their looking at the writing on the
    wall as if their is another hidden meaning to
    I knew Marseille memorial is my school, but
    why will the beast ask for ameeting there,
    being unable to deduced the reason was
    setting my head on fire. I knew the reason it
    fixed the time to 10 pm was for it to be able
    to transform.
    My mind was troubled, I knew going there
    alone is a suicide mission and taking my
    friends with me is the same thing as
    massacring them.
    My leg was becoming weak and it couldn’t
    hold my body again, I sat on my mom’s bed
    thinking about what I was going to do.
    I was scared of facing the beast and I was
    also scared of losing my mom.
    I remembered she asked me not to trade my
    life for hers but that’s impossible for me to
    do, but come to think of it, I’ve already spent
    much time on earth tho I was oblivious to
    those years I spent.
    I was extremely hungry as I sat on the bed
    thinking, I knew I will need all my strength
    in order to face the beast at night tho even
    if I eat every food I could lay my hands on, I
    don’t stand a chance against the beast.
    I tried to wave the feelings of hunger I was
    feeling aside and concentrate on the task at
    hand but it was impossible.
    I felt like it been more than a month since
    have eaten.
    I head to the kitchen and opened the fridge
    to see if their is any beverages inside,
    drinking it will help arrest the hunger a bit
    and allow me to think of my plan.
    But as I opened the fridge, I saw nothing
    inside, it was empty.
    I became shocked at this because ever since
    I’ve been able to decipher my left from right,
    our fridge has never been empty, I looked
    everywhere inside the kitchen and nothing
    edible was found.
    I thought of ordering but my condition
    couldn’t allow it, it’s not polite to hear that
    someone whose world was kidnapped still
    has the audacity to
    order for food.
    Then my eyes shifted to the cutlery space
    ,and caught glimpse of a knife, ” s--t ” I
    retorted as I remembered about the dagger
    my dad gave me.
    But I don’t know if there’s going to be full
    moon that night or not,
    The hunger vanished at once as I ran into
    my room
    and wear a cloth to cover my nakedness,
    I took another extra one inside my bag and
    back it as I head outside. The reason I took
    the cloth was to assure myself that am
    going to win tho in my heart I knew I’ve
    I locked the door firmly with my own key in
    order not to allow Chris and company in, I
    knew if they got their way in, they will see
    the message the got rider beast left and
    they will try to assist me,
    which I knew will not end well.

    As I walked slowly heading to the ancient
    tomb with my hand firmly on my bag’s
    handle, my feet was hard to lift and I
    dragged it on the floor, people merely
    looking at me will know that my life is a
    ” Benjamin ” I heard a feminine voice called
    my name, without turning to confirm the
    caller, I knew it was Peters.
    I turned slowly to answer and I saw her
    standing at the balcony of her ancient
    structured bungalow house, tho the house
    has been renovated to make it have a taste
    of the modern world but still, it isn’t hard to
    tell that it wasn’t built in this era.
    She head inside as I heed her call signifying
    that I should follow her.
    Mrs Peterson lives alone,no relative, no
    children, tho I heard her two sons are in the
    state pursuing their career, but have never
    seen them come visit her before.
    Her sitting room as usual was neat, the
    inner structure of the house depicted that it
    was built in the 80s, the fireplace has been
    restructured but it still has the taste of the
    80s ,the brick and the design gaveit out,
    Her sitting room was very large ,but
    occupied by few things.
    Mrs Peterson should be in her early 60s,but
    she doesn’t looks much like that, she has the
    face of a youth and she’s still agile, she dress
    moderately and am sure she spend a hell of
    time to make herself look good.
    I heard from my mom that her husband
    died when she was at age 42,and since then
    she refused to marry, taking up the mantle
    of widowhood at that age was kinda
    confusing to me, with her look now, I knew
    surely that she will still be hot then with
    many suitors filing to get her for themselves.
    She lives a simple life, and tried everyday to
    hid the fact that she’s lonely
    But there’s no doubt that she isn’t lonely.
    Her home was not a stranger to me tho it’s
    been long since I came to pass time with
    She loves having my company tho I don’t
    know the reason.
    I play with her alot like we’re of the same
    age, she takes me as a friend and not as a
    We discussed many things and I ranging to
    her romantic life.
    But all stopped when I got enrolled in high
    Everyday is a life of the party for me, I gat
    less free time to chitchat with an old lonely
    woman who is not boring.
    ” sit down ” her voice pulled me out of my
    thought as I sat on one of her chair

    MRS PETERSON : you look tired, should I get
    you water

    ME : I’m okay peters

    MRS PETERSON : you know you can’t lie to
    me, merely looking at you, I know you’re

    ME : ( yeah, she’s right, she knew me well
    almost up to my mama level ,we’ve stayed
    together for long and that made her knew
    my silent ) I’ve changed great deals through
    this year, it ain’t like my before, the language
    my mood spoke then is now different from
    now ( I elucidated trying to convince her
    that am not hungry but my stomach gave
    me away as it made a grumbling sound )

    MRS PETERSON : ( smiled mockingly ) I think
    your mouth and stomach aren’t in
    correlation ( she retorted as she stood up
    and head to her kitchen without allowing to
    raise up any defence for myself )

    As she head to the kitchen, I started viewing
    her sitting room, tho it been long since I’ve
    visited her but it isn’t much different from
    On the wall close to where her reading table
    was place near her dining spot was some
    portraits with names clearly written under it,
    the portraits according to Mrs Peterson
    depict the image of her ancestors ,some
    were painting while others depict the era
    when flashbox (camera) was introduced,
    tho that wasn’t my first time of seeing the
    portraits but it hasn’t caught my
    attention before, I only view it then as
    pictures, but looking at it now caught my
    The portraits were arranged after one
    another depicting the imtroduction of
    modernization, from the start it was
    painting then black and white pictures
    followed, then gradually a bit of color was
    introduced, following the lane till full color
    was visible.
    What caught my attention with the portrait
    was in the painting aspect, the first portrait
    there has the pictures of two people, there
    arms across their shoulder,
    and under it was PETERSON COOPER &
    The two name rang a bell in my head, I
    knew have heard it somewhere, then I
    remembered that my surname was
    Marseillaise ( my full name is Marseillaise
    Benjamin ) then I remembered the history
    I’ve been hearing ever since have turned to
    a beast, the name of our family hero, the
    conqueror of Gevaudan was Patrick
    Marseillaise, and that aid me to remember
    the name Peterson Cooper, it was the last
    name my mom mentioned when she was
    informing me about
    the founding families, I remembered that I
    asked her about
    the last name but she was unable to tell me
    who it was or the family that it is due to the
    other topic about why she wasn’t the mayor
    that we were engrossed in.
    ” so Mrs Patrick is the last in the founding
    families of Marseille ) I retorted in my mind.
    But something seemed strange about the
    Captain Patrick looked so much like
    someone I knew but I couldn’t remember
    the person.
    I was deeply engrossed with the portrait
    that I didn’t noticed when Peters entered
    with a tray filled with baguette and a cup of
    fruit juice.
    She dropped It on the table and came closer
    to where I was standing, I was startled
    when I noticed her present and she laughed
    ” looks like you’ve started to develop
    feelings for this portraits now ” she said still
    ” are you also part of the founding families ”
    I asked her not complementing her sense of
    She replied yes

    ME : I see, but why aren’t you in any high
    position in the administration of Marseille

    MRS PETERSON : ( smirked ) just like your
    mom, I prefer to just offer the council my
    knowledge ( she replied boastfully )

    ME : alright, but why is captain Patrick in
    your family’s portrait

    MRS PETERSON : ( I expected her to be
    surprised that I knew about captain and ask
    me how I knew him but she wasn’t
    surprised and she didn’t ask me anything )
    they were close friend and we couldn’t find
    any portrait which consist of him alone,
    every of his portrait we have, captain Patrick
    was present in all of them. I think he would
    have got himself a personal one if not that
    he didn’t live long, oh I meant they all didn’t
    live long.

    ME : they didn’t live long as how? ( i asked
    surprised )

    MRS PETERSON : I believe you know about
    the first founding family

    ME : yes

    MRS PETERSON : according to history, when
    they claimed Gevaudan ,they lived for
    sometime before they started dying, captain
    Patrick died last in a fire outbreak which
    occur in his house and that was the end of
    the five friends

    ME : okay ( I replied her still looking at the
    painting of captain Patrick trying to
    remember who I knew that resembled him
    so much )

    MRS PETERSON : I know about you and I also
    know about what happened to your mom
    ( she said drifting me away from what I was
    trying to remember )

    ME : ( I was surprised that she knew about
    me since all this days but I wasn’t ready to
    ask her how, the information I needed then
    was everything pertaining to my mom’s
    abduction ) you mean you saw my mom
    been kidnapped by the beast ( I asked her
    trying to be sure if I heard her right

    MRS PETERSON : let talk while you’re eating
    because I know you still have somewhere
    important that you’ve to be ( she said taking
    pleasure in sitting down on one of the
    chairs inside the sitting room while she left
    me standing pondering if I should eat the
    food or not. I was already salivating to eat
    the food because of the hunger tumor
    developing inside my stomach, after short
    deliberation, I sat down and started
    munching on the baguette sipping the juice
    down my throat to compliment it as she
    continued her discussion )
    I found it difficult to sleep, so I came outside
    in the midnight to watch the waxing
    gibbous moon of this month before I saw
    something like fire entered your house and
    ran outside like it didn’t happen

    ME : you know I hate geography, will you
    please explain the meaning of waxing
    gibbous moon to me ( I muffled through the
    bread in my mouth )

    MRS PETERSON : ( she laughed before
    answering me ) that is semi circle shape of
    the moon, the phase of the moon before full
    moon appears

    ME : (cut in abruptly ) you mean there’s
    going to be full moon tonight

    MRS PETERSON : yeah, but don’t you want to
    hear the remaining part of my story

    ME : no, I already heard what I needed to
    hear ( I replied her laughing ) but to keep
    me busy till I finish this( I pointed to the
    food I was eating ) you can tell me some of
    the history of the five friends that you’ve
    She obliged to my request as she started
    telling me stories that were breathtaking
    about the five friends, my eating became
    slow and Ifelt my eye became heavy, her
    word started fading away in my my ear and
    I slept off.

    I woke up and I found myself on a couch, I
    rubbed my eye surprised that I was
    sleeping, i viewed the room I was in and it
    looked similar to Mrs Peterson house, “Mrs
    Peterson house ” I exclaimed as I jumped
    out of the couch and ran outside, it was
    already past dusk, I ran back inside to check
    the time on her old looking wall clock and
    the time was 8:20, I couldn’t believe that I
    slept more than 8 hours, I thought it was
    because of exhaustion.
    Without bading peters bye, I ran out of the
    I first thought of beast speeding to the
    ancient tomb but I shut against, I don’t
    want to waste my energy because I’ll need
    more of it when I face the ghost rider beast.
    I stopped a taxi, and as I was about to hop
    in, I remembered that I didn’t have any cash
    on me.
    I begged the taxi man that my mom is in an
    emergency situation and I have to get to her
    soon and I don’t have anymoney on me.
    The taxi being a gentle man helped me.
    I thanked him as I alighted a kilometers to
    the ancient tomb thanking him.

    I ran inside the ancient when the taxi man
    had left, I unlocked it with my palm and I
    entered switching on my beast eye.
    I remembered the spot where I saw the
    underground lock, I quickly located it and
    use my palm as the key to unlock it.
    I ran down the stairs when it opened.
    Getting to where I was going now was easy
    unlike the first time when I knew nothing
    about the place.
    I took only the dagger as I head out of the
    underground building.
    As I got out of the tomb and locked it with
    my palm, I heard a beast roared at my back.
    Even without turning I knew it was Jovacik,
    there was different between Jovacik roaring
    and the ghost rider beast roaring, Jovacik’s
    own was like a cat mewing compared to the
    ghost rider beast roaring which I will like to
    qualify as a lion roaring.
    I knew that Jovacik couldn’t beat me again,
    I’m now stronger compared to when we
    always fight before.
    I transformed quickly as I turned to face him
    with the dagger in my hand.
    The dagger didn’t change or seemed special
    even when it was a full moon night, I
    dropped the dagger and set to face Jovacik.
    When I turned, I didn’t see him but I was
    prepared as I kept on snarling.
    He suddenly jumped out of nowhere
    heading towards with a big punch, I quickly
    bent down and rolled to the front in order
    to dodge the blow.
    I quickly stood up and turned to face him,
    he was snarling at me and I snarled back .
    He head towards me with speed and I also
    did the same, when I got close to him, I
    quickly swerve to my right and slash him on
    his rib.
    I turned at once and gave it a superman
    punch on his head and he fell down due to
    the impact of the punch.
    I moved closer to him, and tried to raise him
    up, he quickly locked my head umder his
    armpit, he held it tight and it became hard
    for me to breath.
    I was trying my all to free myself from him
    but he was keen on strangling me to death.
    When I was frustrated, I started shaking
    with anger and the fire emanating from my
    body changed, it was more furious than me
    normal fire and it was darkishly red.
    I thought the heat hit at him as he quickly
    released me.
    I stood up with blood shot eye.
    I wasn’t in control of myself again.
    He tried to launch an attack towards me but
    I stopped it with a single hand, I hijacked
    him up with one hand, and used the other
    one to punch him on his face.
    After much trashing from me, he became
    weak, I drop him on the ground and deep
    my claws into his chest.
    He growled in pain, I felt my hand touched
    his heart and round it against it.
    I pulled it with force and he roared in pain
    but I was unable to remove it.
    Then I heard a wolf howl,
    I looked towards the sky and saw that the
    moon was already displaying it elegancy in
    The full moon was out, I head towards
    where I dropped the dagger and picked it.
    As I picked it, I watched as the fire
    emanating from my body, goes down my
    hand towards the dagger, the dagger lit up
    in fury and I became scared a bit.
    I smirked when I understood the situation,
    As I turned to head to Jovacik and finish my
    incomplete task, he was already gone.
    I stood there mesmerized, I couldn’t
    decipher where he could be, then out of
    nowhere he appeared and hit me hard on
    my head with a mighty punch.
    The fire emanating from my body changed
    at once and I got hold of myself.
    I quickly charged at him with the dagger in
    my hand, I made to stab him on his chest
    but he held my hand midway to it.
    He kicked me on my leg we fell down
    together, we were trying to take charge, he
    will flip me and come on top me punching
    me and I also did the same.
    The dagger was already off my hand.
    Then it got to a time When he flipped me
    and I didn’t have strength to do the same.
    He was on top of me landing me deadly
    After he saw that I couldn’t do anything
    He deepened his claw into my chest and I
    felt it round my heart.
    Ge smirked wildly when he felthis claws
    around my heart and he tried to pull it.
    This time it wasn’t easy for him to pull it out
    as I wrenched in pain.
    I almost gave up hope of surviving not until
    I looked at my side and saw that the dagger
    was just a few distance to my hand reach.
    I stretched my hand towards it but was
    unable to get it, I felt some of the muscles
    holding my heart cut as Jovacik kept on
    pulling it.
    I jerked furiously when this occurred and I
    was able to get closer to the dagger, I
    stretched a bit and I was able to take it.
    The dagger lit at oonce as I held, I channeled
    more of my strength into it and it started
    blazing much fire.
    Jovacik stopped pulling me heart on seeing
    this, and I cut him on his face with the
    His face lit up at once and he left me as he
    screeched in pain out of sight.
    I stood up and checked where he injured
    me on my chest.
    It was already healing.
    I knew Jovacik will be back soon and a wild
    idea scraped my mind.
    I focused my attention and ear to
    everywhere to discover when Jovacik will be
    When I heard him coming, I held my ground
    and when I saw him in sight, I started
    running and he followed me.
    I was running towards my school with the
    thought of using Jovacik towards my own
    I knew the ghost rider beast would have
    been waiting for me in school, they were
    both after the same thing i.e my heart.
    I knew it will lead to a battle between them
    and the ghost rider beast will surely win
    Jovacik but I will still have a chance to defeat
    the G.R.B with Jovacik fighting at my side.
    Jovacik was keened on catching me as I also
    was keened on getting to school.
    Thanks to the improvement in my speed, he
    was at my back not able to get hold of me
    until I got to school.
    I stopped abruptly as I entered the school
    and saw some people dead on the floor.
    I checked to confirm who they were and
    was shocked to see the mayor, our Dean
    and Mrs Peterson in their own pool of blood.
    Jovacik also made a stop at my back and
    was snarling loudly with rage.
    Then all of a sudden, the halogen bulb on
    the field on and I saw my mom with Becky
    tied together .
    ” I’m sorry ” I heard Becky mumbled under
    her breath,she looked like she has sustained
    fatal injury but my mom looked okay.
    Then I saw someone walking towards them
    holding a long chain whose figure of the
    person in the chain I recognised to be
    When the person came into view, I was
    shocked to my marrow
    ” Mr wisdom ” I spoke inaudibly and from
    my back I heard someone pronounced
    PATRICK with surprise

    Episode 43

    ???Flashback To The Early 80s???
    Inside a dim litted room ,five men were surrounding a big table which contained a small map and four figurines moulded in form of soldiers,
    At the front of the table whose personality made him looked like the boss of the other four. They were discussing about their plans in which they will take over Gevaudan.
    The names of the five men
    In the table’s front was Captain Patrick, beside him on his left side was Peterson Cooper, next to Peterson Cooper was Maro Stephan.
    On the right hand side was Saltzman Mansir and next to him was Paul Dany.
    They were all standing discussing and moving the figurines at interval on the map, the room looks like a secret room which they always use to decide on the strategies they need to win a war they are going to embark on.
    Captain Patrick being the strategist and their leader mostly do the talking while the rest do the listen and contribute when they’re needed to.
    Tho they’re close friends but that doesn’t warrant for play whenever they are planning for war.
    They are always serious whenever they are in the strategic room giving 100% Of their attention.

    PATRICK : we’re going to restore our honour soon ( he placed his index finger on his lip signifying that he doesn’t want any question from them ) I know you’ll want to ask how but there’s no need asking because am going to tell you.
    We’re going to restore it through the monster we lost it
    ( they all stared at him confused )
    What’s with that look ( he asked them teasingly and continue talking )
    Ever since the day we lost the the battle against Gevaudan, lost our honour, our dignity, our title and almost lose our dignity of being called a soldier ( he barked loudly ,then took a deep breath and continued ) I’ve been planning everyday, having sleepless night just to restore that which we lost unfairly.
    And the good news is that there is a way to get it

    IN UNISON : how ( they all asked with t expression of disbelief )

    PATRICK : hope you all still remember how we lost the battle

    COOPER : still remembering it vividly like it happened yesterday ( and others replied ” same here “)

    PATRICK : ever since we lost the battle, I made friend with the monster that attacked us, I became his ally and pretend to care for him, he trusted me thinking that I was being good friend to him not knowing that I was only with him in order to detect his weak point.
    After many days of trying to get his weak points and couldn’t, I almost gave up on my mission not until he helped brought a brim of hope to me yesterday when we met.

    MANSIR : what is his weak point

    PATRICK : I don’t think he has any but I think he’s going to die soon

    COOPER : how?

    PATRICK : he told me himself

    DANY : but how his death going to restore our lost honour?

    STEPHAN : think Dany, think ( he shouted at Dany ) when the monster is dead, it will be easy to defeat Gevaudan

    DANY : you don’t shout me ( he reciprocate Stephan’s shout with his ) I know that it will be easy to defeat Gevaudan when the beast is gone but I don see it elevating the shame on us, rather it will add more to it.

    MANSIR : why do you say that ( he asked surprised at what Dany was trying to say and others expression except Patrick shows that they weren’t getting what Dany is trying to drive at )

    DANY : ever since we’ve lost the war against Gevaudan, we’ve been abandoned, captain Ranking and his comrades are the one that the king has been sending to war, if captain Ranking wage war against Gevaudan and win, then the criticism we’ll be receiving from the king and the people of Marseille will be more than the one we’ve been experiencing before, and how are we even to know that the beast is dead because am sure the people of Gevaudan will make sure it isn’t leak.
    They all shook their head to acknowledge that he’s right, they all fixed their gaze on Patrick waiting for him to give his quota concerning the issue, they were sure that he would have already have a plan in store before he would called them to discuss about it.

    PATRICK : I like your reasoning Dany, I’ve also thought about it and I have a perfect plan to restore our honour with this incident. ( he picked one of the figurine on the table ) this is Ranking ( he put the figurine up for all of them to see ) and for us to achieve our aim, he has to be taken from the table (he said dropping the figurine on the floor , they all understand what it means “taking someone from the table and dropping him on the floor ” it means that he’s an obstacle and must be eliminated ) after taking him from the table, then it’s left to us to play our part well

    COOPER : our part as how?

    PATRICK : to answer Dany’s question before that how are we going to know if the beast is dead ,the beast trust me and he wants me to help protect his family, he asked me to send some of my men so that they can stay undercover in Gevaudan till JOVACIK will kill him ( he picked another three figurines on the table, he placed the three on the map in the place where Gevaudan was situated, the three figurines represent three out of his four friends ) Cooper, Dany and stephan will be the one to undertake that mission while Mansir will stay with me here in Paris to perform ours. The three of you (he said pointing to Dany, Stephan and Cooper ) will be the one to inform us when the beast is dead and if possible help him save his son, but it’s not compulsory you do so.

    DANY : but I heard that the people of Gevaudan all know their selves making it impossible for a stranger to live among them without them being able to fish out the person

    PATRICK : yeah, you’re right but the monster will find a way for you to live there till it’s time for us to enforce our plans.And the last thing, make sure you know everything that occur in the period of time that you’re going to stay, not leaving a single clue out, you’re going to report to me when you come back.

    The three of them answered yes and they all disperse

    After Patrick brought his three friends to the beast of Gevaudan, the beast kidnapped all the personal guards of Jovacik, Jovacik unknowing to him that it was the handiwork of the beast, called the beast to help locate them, Jovacik had to recruit another guards, he asked the beast to help in the selection and the beast used that medium to introduce the three spy to him
    lying to him that he rescued them in the forest and since then they have been living with him, he vouched for them that they’re good people with skills .
    They showed their skills to the Jovacik and he was impressed and recruit them with other soldiers till he was satisfied with the amount of guards he needed.

    Two months later, Jovacik invited the beast and his sister, the beast wife to dine with them in his palace with the aim of killing the beast.
    His objective was successful but he was busy achieving his aim with the beast, the beast child crawled to where Cooper was standing, having pity on the child, Cooper took him and escaped out of the palace leaving Dany and Stephan so that they can take note of everything that happened in the palace.
    Dany and Stephan witnessed all the scenarios that occurred inside the palace and they also saw when the blood floated into Jovacik’s mouth before he passed out.
    They didn’t wait to witness the remaining incident as they also escaped when Jovacik passed out.

    When they got back to Paris, they informed captain Patrick of everything that occurred in Gevaudan, before they came back, captain Patrick had already murdered captain Ranking with Mansir aid, and has being doing his all to gain his majesty favour.
    On hearing the news, captain Patrick went before the king and asked for permission to wage another war against Gevaudan, the king objected but he persuaded the king staking the life of all his family and that of his comrades if he loss the battle and if he win it, he will have a wish to make to the king .
    It was a fair deal for the king as he accepted the offer and provided Patrick with all he needed for the battle.

    They moved undercover to Gevaudan and captain Patrick made sure they fought the war in broad daylight, it was a easy win for them as the security of Gevaudan was already weak because of the beast, they had already depend so much on the beast for their safety that they don’t see any need in having troops of army to guard them again.
    Captain Patrick who was told by his comrades that he sent for the spy mission that the beast blood floated into Jovacik’s mouth and he passed out, knew that, that is the way that Jovacik turned to beast.
    His comrades didn’t know that Jovacik was a beast but Patrick knew because the beast had already informed him
    Before locking Jovacik into the tomb, he took some of his blood and preserved it .
    After he won the battle losing only little of his soldiers,the king of France was impressed and asked Patrick what his wish was, patrick requested to own Gevaudan and be a delegate under Paris .
    The king didn’t find it hard to accept his request.
    After his wish was fulfilled, he and his friends relocated to to Gevaudan and renamed it after himself.
    They all lived in peace and harmony till Patrick decided to test his theory with Jovacik’s blood.
    He went deep into the forest and drank it, he passed out and woke up in the night when he was already a beast.
    He was happy that he now has power, but was sad that he couldn’t control his transformation at night and that he could only transform at night.

    He made it his daily routine to go into the forest at night to transform at night and was also learning how to control his transformation at night and was making progress at it.
    He sought a witch to know if there’s a way he can be transforming in the day, the witch he soughted inform him that it’s just possible as impossible. She told him that if he’s to have that sort of power,he must eat a real hybriolf’s heart and it must be an hybriolf that already has his or her beastiary power, the witch further explained to him that, when an hybriolf is still in his or her period of growing, his heart can cure a beast because it’s still that of a beast, but when an hybriolf grew to the age when it can access his beast power, his heart can make a beast stronger and more powerful, it even has the ability of turning a nightiolf to a full beast.
    Patrick was happy that the beast son who is a real hybriolf is with him but was sad that he will have to wait for 250+ years before he could pluck out his heart.
    He knew people will notice that he wasn’t changing and growing old, so he decided to fake his death and watch the child grow from afar till he will attain the age when he has his beast power.
    Then It happened a day when he went inside the forest to transform and learn how to control his transformation , his four friends who has already being suspecting him, followed him secretly to know what he has been up to.
    They hid themselves and they watched him as he transformed, after transforming, they got scared and tried to run away, he caught the four of them and kill them, brought out their heart and ate it, unable to keep himself from craving more, he tore them apart and ate everything eatable imside their body system.
    After seeing what he had done, he kidnapped someone from the village and clothed him with his cloth and set him and friends on fire.
    After faking his death, he ran away from Marseille and started living with fake identity waiting for the perfect time to come back to Marseille and claim the hybriolf’s heart.

    Episode 44

    Then I saw someone walking towards them holding a long chain whose figure of the person in the chain I recognised to be Dandy.
    When the person came into view, I was shocked to my marrow
    ” Mr wisdom ” I spoke inaudibly and from my back I heard someone pronounced PATRICK with surprise

    I turned back to look at the person who said it and was surprised to see a young guy at my back , I haven’t seen him before . But he was naked and his body was having black stain .
    That was when I deduced that he was Jovacik,
    But why did he mentioned Patrick,
    That was when I remembered the portrait I saw inside Peters house, the one that consist of PETERSON Cooper and captain Patrick,
    ” yeah ” I exclaimed loudly when my memory gisted me that the lookalike was Mr wisdom.
    ” stupid Jovacik ” I heard Mr Wisdom elucidated smiling wildy.
    I saw as Jovacik walk passed me and i quickly followed by his side.

    JOVACIK : how is this possible (he asked confused )

    MR WISDOM : you’re a fool ( he shot at Jovacik laughing wildly ) and you’ll always be a fool, a fool who couldn’t recognised who decipher the enemy from friend ( he added laughing wildly again )

    JOVACIK : what do you mean by enemy from friend (he asked with a confused look on his face )

    MR WISDOM : hahahaha ( he laughed wildly again ) I knew that you’re the dumbest on earth but you think yourself to be the wisest ) do you think the private guards that the beast of Gevaudan introduced to you were really some people he saved or how do you think the little kid escaped, that he turned to an adult and ran outside, ouch, your stupidity hurt me so much ( he said laughing mockingly, I could see that Jovacik eye had already turned red ) how do you think I knew the beast was dead and that I should attack you in broad daylight, betrayal has been lurking in your shadow for a long time but your foolishness and ignorance made you not to be aware of it (he said laughing wildly again.
    I just stood there looking at them in awe, saying that I was surprised was an understatement, how could I be a fool and fell for Mr wisdom’s trick, but how could that be, I remembered that I checked his wound and he didn’t heal, I knew through their little chitchat that he has being a beast for long to the extent of becoming a evil beast ,he has consumed more than thousand heart of human being,
    but could Becky also be in it with him, no (I declared in my mind ) with her current situation, it shows that she’s not part of it.
    I wasn’t hearing what they were discussing as I was already lost in my thinking , “how can I save my mom, Becky and Dandy” I retorted in my mind
    Dandy in the chain looked helpless, it was like he s been through a lot,
    He couldn’t stand straight, he was bending, and looking me.with the eye that clearly stated that I should save him.
    Then suddenly I heard a loud bang which drew me away from my thoughts,
    I checked by my side and Jovacik was not with me again,
    I spinned around and I saw him a few kilometres from us with fire burning on his chest, as he groaned in pain on the floor where he was, I think he’s thread on a rough part in their chitchat and he’s facing the consequence of it
    I knew at first sight that it was a fireball , ” but did Mr wisdom just made fireball from his hand without turning ” I asked myself in a low tune.
    ” yeah ” I heard Mr wisdom replied me sharply, I was surprised that he could hear, the were even hardly out of mymouth and he was able to hear it,
    I sighed as I steer at him.
    ” looks like you don’t know what you’re dealing with here kid ” he said walking close to me dragging Dandy along with him ,
    ” I am the evil beast ” he retorted with an evil grin, as he walked closer to me.
    Seeing him coming closer sent a shiver through my spine but I held my ground not moving from where I was, but my body failed me as I saw myself shivering with every
    Steps he took.
    When he got closer to me, he held my chin up and looked deep into my eye
    “Just like the eye of that fool who also couldn’t decipher a friend from foe ” he said with an irritating pride,
    ” he isn’t a fool ” I suddenly shut back shifting away from him.
    ” he is and so are you ” he replied moving closer to me and I shifted back again. “you got tricked easily by me just like he also got tricked, you thought you’re wise and I think you caught on a bit, I give you credit for that ” he said clapping his hand ” and do you know what it takes to change your mind, just a little beast trick and food ”
    ” food and trick as how “? I asked him stopping my act of cowardice and stood to face him
    He made a claw to come out of his index finger and cut himself on his wrist, ” look at it ” he said stretching his hand towards me and right in front of me,his wrist healed
    ” you call that a trick “? I retorted mockingly
    “Wait for it ” he replied not taking his hand away from my front and a shocking event happened,
    His wrist that was healed earlier opened up again, I just stood their looking at him like a dummy with my mouth opened
    ” I was really tricked, so he made me fall for this trick when he saved me from Jovacik and got injured ” I couldn’t utter anything as I was very angry with my foolish self, but he also mentioned food and I could remember vividly that I haven’t for ones eaten in his house, amd I only been to his house, that was when I was injured,
    I looked at him and he was still having the wicked grin on his face, “and food ” I said in a pale tone,
    He laughed wickedly again which kinda set my inside on fire, I felt like stabbing him with the dagger in my hand, “dagger ” I just remembered that their was even a dagger that in my hand, the dagger was still in my hand and I doubt that Mr wisdom have seen it, their was no flame on it because I was in my human form, naked in front of him, I knew he could knew about the knife so
    I dropped it gently on the floor.
    ” so you think the dream you dreamt about the people you trust betraying you is just out of the ordinary ” he smirked as he looked at me like a lost puppy,
    I couldn’t decipher what he meant by dream or betrayal by people I trust and I don’t wish to know, I’ve made my calculation, I knew if I could quickly get Dandy out of the chain on his neck and loose the one used to bound him on his wrist,he will be able to escape and if possible, take Becky and my mom with him while I keep the evil beast out of their way,
    Mr wisdom was saying some things but I couldn’t hear a ounce of it,
    I quickly transformed and I saw as Mr wisdom smirked, I knew he was smirking at my foolishness but he was wrong,
    He just stood there with his head tilted up looking at me, he didn’t transform and I was happy with that.
    I quickly picked the dagger on the floor and with speed, and in a single swing, I aimed at the chain on Dandy hand, I was precise with my calculation and the chain fell from his wrist,
    The dagger didn’t gave me trouble cutting through it,
    Mr wisdom seeing this used just a single hand to drag me away from Dandy but I made sure I freed the one on his neck before I fell to the ground,
    I was surprised to how powerful Mr wisdom was even when he was in human form.
    I fell to the ground likewise Dandy, he couldn’t move despite the chain was not on him, he looked weak, I was just wondering in my
    Mind what Mr wisdom could have done to him to make him weak.
    When I fell down the dagger also fell from my hand ,” wow, dragon hell dagger, interesting ” he said picking up the dagger,
    ” that fool must have forged it for you before he died “he elucidated wickedly,
    Hearing him calling my dad a fool and not being able to
    do anything about it made me felt useless,
    I looked at Dandy and saw that he was already healing, his strength was already coming back, i knew all I had to do was buy him a little time more,
    ” do you kill all this people and Mrs saltzman ” I asked standing from the ground and transforming back to human .
    ” yes ” he answered boastfully not taking his gaze away from the dagger, he was viewing it as a lost treasure, I knew he was thinking about something in his mind and I wished then that part of my ability is being telepathic .
    “Why” I asked him peeping to see the improvement of Dandy.
    ” just like their ancestors, they were also a fool, Saltzman then in the 80s was the most foolish one out of my friends in which those ” he said stretching his hand towards our Dean, mayor and Mrs Peterson
    ” were their descendants, your precious Patricia, was also a fool just like Mansir, she saw one of the picture of I featured in with Mansir and she has the gut to threatened me, she was so stupid that she called me to meet her in school that night which I did, she wanted to confirm if I was really the person in it, I confirmed it for her and she had the gut to threatened me, ” he repeated it again with a bloodshot eye
    ” I only did her good by eating that gut, and I’m sure those ones too ” he said pointing his hands towards the deads on the floor
    ” may also do that, so it will be better to clear them out of my way, since am going to down permanently here
    in my place when I take what I needed from you tonight ”
    He added with a wicked grin.
    I looked at Dandy and saw that he was already on his feet, he made to attack Mr wisdom but I shook my head to show my disapproval, I made some move silently with my hands to tell him to save Becky and my mom first.
    ” I think you’ve gotten your friend enough time right ” he said to my surprised as he made fireball from
    his hands and threw it at Dandy who was almost to where my mom and Becky was,
    I shouted so that he could dodge it but it was too late as he only turned and the fireball hit him on his chest, the force threw him out of sight, I think to another street because I was sure it took him beyond the school.
    “Now let go back to business ” Mr wisdom said transforming to the ghost rider beast,and I also transformed,
    I ran towards him with speed but he met my speed with an uppercut punch which sent me flying into the air, I landed on the floor and I felt some of my bone dislocate.
    I groaned in pain as I hit the floor, he moved towards me and hijacked me up, ” I told you that you don’t stand a chance against me ” he said deeping his claws into my chest,
    The pain was so much and I screamed as his claws burnt it way to my heart,
    I thought all hope was lost not until I Jovacik with speed punched the G.R.B from behind, it was as if nothing hit him, he only turned back to look at Jovacik, he removed his claws from my chest and used the hand to strangle Jovacik, he dropped me on the floor and I fell to to the ground with a loud thud.
    Different size of killer punch started landing on Jovacik’s face, it got to a stage that Jovacik passed out in his grip and transformed to human,
    I just stayed on the ground looking at them, I knew it useless trying to escape and I was very weak.
    After Jovacik transformed to a human, he dropped him to the floor, he grip from the ground again and placed the dagger in my hand, I was already in
    human form, but he stared hard into my eye and I felt myself transforming to a beast without being able to control it, after my transformation was complete, the dagger started blazing fiercely.
    He anchored my hand with the dagger towards Jovacik chest, he was very strong and my strength wasn’t capable of controlling my hand as I felt the dagger penetrating into Jovacik’s chest,
    Jovacik woke up at once but couldn’t do anything as the dagger made it way into his chest,
    He screamed loudly in pain and started shaking furiously on the ground when the dagger pierced his heart.
    He convulsed as he breath his last breath and his body turned pale.
    After that he gripped me again and inserted his claws into my heart,
    His claws hasn’t gone deep into my chest when I heard a gun been cocked fast and shot,
    the beast was very fast as he disappeared at once, the bullet flew passed me because I fell to the ground when the beast dropped me and disappeared, I looked at my front and I saw Chris with a rifle in his hand,
    I turned to look at my mom and saw Nina and Victor releasing them.
    I sighed with relief as I tilted my end down, but I suddenly heard a scream in my front, I quickly braced my head up and saw blood coming out of Chris mouth,
    At his back was the G.R.B, and his claws was protruding out of chris chest, he put his hands on Chris head and Chris body started blazing at once,
    I screamed loudly as this happened and I saw Nina ran pass by my side screaming and shooting profusely at the beast,
    The beast dodged it all and , when Nina ran out of bullet the beast appeared in front of her and shove her with the back of his palm and
    I saw as my love flew into the air, and landed on the floor with a heavy thud,
    Seeing her fell down triggered some strength into me and I got up at once, with all the remaining strength and speed that was left radiating in me, I ran towards the beast and punched him
    but it doesn’t seem to pose any effect on him as he only shifted back a bit.
    He gripped me when I made another attempt to punch him again, he hijacked me up and without wasting time, he deep his claws into my chest again, his third trial, I knew their was no way around it this time, when his claws revolved around my heart,
    I suddenly heard a feminine scream and was surprised to see my mom running towards us with a club, the beast smirked as he saw her, when she got closer to us, the beast shove the club from her hand, and he deep his claw into her chest, I saw as she fell down to the floor and died.
    I screamed loudly and jerked furiously but that was a wrong move as his claws was already around my heart,
    With force he drew my heart out and everything blackout as I died

    Episode 45

    ?????Ben’s Voice?????
    I’m sure many people reading about me right now will say that my life is f----d up, you are all right because I know myself that my life is more than f----d up.
    My whole life is a mess.
    I was born with the ill fate of shouldering a great and deadly responsibility which my dad left me with.
    Deducting the 250 years I lived in darkness, at my tender age of 16 which supposed to be fun filled , partying, playing pranks, get into fight, and lot more. But here I am fighting with something extraordinary
    I’ve lost my mom, I’ve even caused the death of my love’s dad.
    I don’t really want this life tho I want the power it gave me.
    I’m immature, call me that.
    And my greatest crime is leaving the people of Marseille at the mercy of an evil beast.
    I’m sure their day and night will be filled with terror, everyone waiting for the time their death will locate them,
    People moving out of Marseille in order to secure their family’s life and theirs.
    How am I going to rest in peace knowing fully what I left behind.
    It’s been seven days since my soul has been moving in an hollow land, everywhere was dark, I barely see my front, seven days without food or water, no rest, no sleep, all I did was walk and it doesn’t seems to have an end,
    I have it iin my mind that it was my punishment.
    My punishment for being careless ,for throwing my people into the abyss of danger ,getting the one I called my life murdered without being able to do anything than dying without a fight
    The only thing that illuminate light in this land is a dusk moon.
    I was even surprised to how I knew I had spent seven days in this place without the change in weather or day.
    All I just did was walk.
    In this place, their was no living things, not even plant. The only thing present was the sand I thread upon in my journey.
    My throat was dried and my body was irritating me.
    Sweat was clamoring all over me through out my journey and fatigue dwell with me.
    I wished I was given another chance to make things right, even if it’s to start breaking into prisons to get hardened criminals and people on death row and start devouring their hearts in order to get stronger,
    I don’t mind.
    But everything was too late.
    I knew I was journeying to hade, but I thought I was being punished and that was why I wasn’t provided with any ride.
    I was damned to trek to hade.
    As a child, I always imagine that the journey to hade will be through a boat on a sea or river.
    Maybe this route was made for we the ruthless sinner ,so that we can be punished a bit before getting to hade,
    And seeing that my mom and Chris were not with me, it means they must have taken boat to hade, they might even be waiting for me at the entrance so that they can spank me a bit before they will enter.
    I knew myself that I was a big sinner, and I knew I’m worth the punishment even in ten folds, even if the Creator forgive me, I can’t forgive myself.
    On the fifteenth day of my walking, I suddenly started hearing the chirping of birds tho I saw none.
    I knew I was closer to wherever it was I was going. My soul felt refreshed at this discovery, and I saw myself hastening movement.
    But no matter how fast I walked, I wasn’t getting anywhere, it was like I wasn’t moving at all tho I knew I was walking, and the chirping of the birds was getting louder the more step I took,
    After hearing the sound of birds, I had to trekked for another seven days before I finally saw a sun illuminating from the nothern side and a big tree covered with green leaves , it was a beautiful sight as different varieties of birds was seen displaying their magnificent beauty round it, they were many, some were flapping their wings to make drum beat while some were busy singing.
    The tree was beautified with green leaves, and the different colors the different birds were emanating made it looked more beautiful, but something was surprising at the sight, below the tree on the ground, their was no dried leave.
    The ground was neat as if someone was taking care of it, sweeping and making the surrounding neat, then I moved further to scout the area and I was right with my assumption as I saw a lone building erected in the hollowed land, the ray of the sun was directly on it, it looked like a bungalow from the exterior view and it looked normal if not for the direct ray of sunlight on it.
    I moved closer to the building, it has a small door that I knew I will have to tilt my head downward a bit in order to be able to enter it. “Could it be that it’s dwarf(s) that is occupying the house ” I thought in my mind as I made to grab the handle of the door but I was shocked as the door opened by itself,
    I sighed deeply as I entered, I feared nothing because their was nothing else to lose except the way to hade.
    I was surprised when I entered the room, it looked like the underground room inside the ancient tomb. No, it was the room. Everything inside the underground was present inside the, ranging from all the drawings and paintings to the artifacts on the shelf, the only difference was that two chairs were inside it.
    “How is this possible “? I asked myself loudly as I was mesmerized by the building, ” Because I loved the building so much ” I heard someone spoke behind me and I turned at once to look at the person but I saw no one,
    Was it my ear playing trick on me or their is a ghost inside the room, but if their is a ghost inside, I should be able to see it because I’m also a ghost now, I thought in my mind as I continued to view the room.
    “Come have a seat ” I heard someone spoke again and this time it came from behind me again and I swiftly turned and was surprised to see my dad occupying one out of the two chairs present inside the room.
    ” your mom really loved this ” he elucidated as I made to sit down on the second empty chair inside the room.
    ” these room was hers, it was her secret place of getting away from the strenuous feat of being a princess, it was just an underground room situated in an empty tomb which king Davala made for himself When he was young to be buried when he dies,and for all the other kings that’s going to rule after him to be buried, he was the one who made this underground room for his precious girl to play in, then, your mother was the only child of king Davala and his wife.
    She loved the underground building so much and always frequent their to play.
    She asked her dad to build another tomb for himself because she is not ready to share the tomb with any dried bone and king Davala obliged to her because her word was the king’s command.
    When we started brewing the flame of love blazing between us, she brought me to this place and trust me son, it felt very good.
    All those paintings, we painted it together, after you were born, you also love this room as you’ve never shed tears inside it before.
    You will play around while your mom and I make out.
    I changed all the locks of the room and the tomb when I started having the feeling that I will soon be gone, I did it with the assistance of one of my wizard friend, he made my blood which also flow through you to be the only key for it.
    He narrated his love story with my mom in a way which gat me ashamed of myself, but that was then in the olden days, they are kinda faithful then, always with a girl, maybe they ain’t have enough girls like we do now, I elucidated bluntly in my mind as I watched him continue his story, but something seemed off, or am in another kind of trance, I’ll know when he’s through with his story because I didn’t felt like interrupting him .
    ” knowing fully that I was going to die soon, I made preparations for myself so that my soul won’t be lost, I asked a powerful sorcer to create this place for me so that I can stay in it till I’ll be able to get my golden heart and fly my way out of here ” he narrated with a bright expression
    ” what do you mean by a golden heart and fly your way out of here as how ” ? I asked him confused
    ” I am a beast who have thread this earth for 1250 years without killing any innocent human, the Creator already has a gift for beast who doesn’t have the blood of an innocent person in its hands till he walks the earth for 1500 years, the Creator will grant a beast like that a golden heart which will turn the beast to undisputed beast, filled with power beyond that of an evil beast, and the most awesome aspect of the power is that a golden feather will be bestow on such beast to reign with the birds of the earth” he said standing up from where he was sitting and turning his back on me,
    And suddenly ,a big golden feather emerged from his back, he looked like an angel
    I stood up unknowingly as I was awe by the magnificency of the feather,
    ” here in this world, I’ve completed the remaining 250 years and the golden heart was bestowed upon me” he said sheathing back the feather into his back. “With this feather, I can fly my soul out of this place and resurrect my body
    ” but since you’ve gotten what you want, why didn’t you get out of this place and clear the mess you caused before this happened to me “? I asked him with bitterness in my voice
    “Because of you son “he replied with a countenance which showed that he was proud of what he said
    “Me” I asked surprised and he replied yes.
    I knew something like this might happen, so I insured you the day I insured myself to this place, and when I got my golden heart, I was tempted to fly out of here, but I thought what will happen if you later die, there’s no way you’re getting out of here, so I stayed so I could give you the heart so that you can fly out of here.
    ” no, you can’t give me the heart ” I retorted slowly , “why” my dad asked with a surprised expression
    ” I’ve fumbled beyond going back to earth again, I’ve lost love ones and I don’t believe in myself that I can make things right again, so it will be good if you fly out of here and set things right yourself ”
    ” don’t say that son, everything you did on earth was beyond my expectations, I’m always proud of you everyday, happy for how fast you developed, you care for your people and did all it took to protect them and they all know it even the dead, you’re worth this heart son, agree to accept it and it’s yours, be fast son, your friends are getting worned out
    doing what you’re afraid of doing ” he elucidated in a gentle manner
    ” but what will happen to you if I take the heart ” I asked with empathy
    He came closer to me put me in a warm embrace ” nothing will happen son, I will just be without heart like you are ” he answered and I disengage myself from him to check my chest, and yes, their was no heart in it, I couldn’t believe that I didn’t notice it since the vast of days I spent inside the place and despite my chest being open.
    ” but you won’t be able to live again if I collect it ” I said taking my gaze away from my chest,
    “it doesn’t matter son, I’ve lived many years on earth and I wish for nothing than to see you live more than I do ” he replied with tears forming in his eye.
    I didn’t know when I started crying, he moved to the portrait of my mom “your son has growned up very well love ” he elucidated placing his hand on the portrait, then he did something that amazed me, he brought claws out of his hands and deep it into his chest and brought out his heart, it was gold in color, and the blood that dripped down from it was also gold in color.
    ” come here son, let your mama witness this ” he said motioning me to move closer to him.
    My legs became heavy as I dragged it along to where he was.
    He inserted the golden heart into my empty chest and right then I felt myself became very powerful, my chest closed up at once and my body system also changed.
    I screamed as I felt new surge of adrenaline, energy, heat and power circulating my body.
    I felt my back itching me and a beautiful golden feather emerged from it.
    “I am proud of you son ” my dad said patting me on my head, “follow me ” he added going towards the shelf that led to the secret room and I followed him with my feather still protruding from my back like an archangel.
    He added pressure to the edge of the shelf and it opened, he entered and I followed him.
    After we got inside, he started walking to the wall of the other side of the building and to my surprise, he opened a door, I stood there transfixed at the spot I was, looking at him .
    He motioned to me with his hand to join him and I did, at the other end of the door was great darkness, my dad pointed his index finger to the sky and I traced it with my eye and saw a little brightness in the sky, it was like a small moon between mass darkness.
    ” fly to that bright place and you’re out of here son ” he said trying to hide the tears forming in his eye.
    I hugged him deeply ” i love you dad and thanks for the heart and the golds ” I whispered into his ear as he smiled. I disengaged myself from his embrace as I started flapping my feathers and I saw myself flying upward.

    Episode 46

    ?????Ben’s Voice?????
    Opportunity they say comes only but once, but it was different in my own case, I was given another opportunity to make things right after misusing the first one, a second chance at life, not many people get that kind of chance,
    I’m just a lucky guy who always have good and kind parents who are ready to make me happy even if it will make them sad, ranging from my real dad, and to my foster mother I thought, not until I discovered what I would even not have wish to discover.
    I knew my dad was happy giving me his heart and I was also going to make sure I don’t let him down.
    I will make sure the heart comes in handy.
    I will make sure I put a good sleep to the eye of the people of Marseille, not make the cry of the dead ones to be in vain, and avenge my love ones.
    I now have the power to do so,
    I am now the undisputed beast of Gevaudan
    As I flew up to the little brightness that was up, my body system kept on changing, I knew it was to adapt to the new power inside me.
    After flying for some minutes, I was getting closer to the ring shaped brightness, the brightness was widening and in no time I entered the eye blinding brightness and I felt myself being loss into the brightness.
    I later found myself and opened my eye only to see myself in a very dark place.
    I was wondering what could have happened, ” did I lost my way to earth ” I asked myself feeling restless, I tried to move my hand but it was impossible to do so, it was like I was locked inside somewhere or barricade by somethings.
    I felt something cold resting on my chest and with force I got my hand their and picked it, without seeing it I knew it was the dragon hell dagger, seeing the dragon hell dagger on my chest only means one thing,
    My soul had reconnect with my body and I’ve already been buried.
    The person who buried me must have placed the knife on my chest, I presumed it was the handiwork of Patrick, he must have buried me with the dagger because he thought I can’t come back to life again since my heart was gone and the knife will also be useless in his hand because it can only work in my hand.
    ” whew, he really saved me the stress of having to find the dagger ” I smiled to myself as the thought crept through my mind,
    I held the dagger upward and pushed it up expecting for it to hit a plank but I was surprised when I heard it tear through a bag and entered the soil, I drew the dagger back and some soil escaped into where I was.
    I switched on my beast eye, it was 50 times more brighter than the one I had before, it was like I was in broad daylight, “s--t, f--k Patrick ” I cursed under my breath when I discovered that he buried me inside a body bag.
    I tried to transform but it was impossible, after many trials I resigned as I lay inside the body bag quietly .
    I was tired and I rested, I didn’t know when I slept off
    When I woke up, I was not feeling alright, I was suffocating and due to this I was irritated, my body hovered with displeasure and I was trying hard to breath.
    After severe pain of displeasure, I passed out.
    I woke up again after some minutes, and it was the same again, I was suffocating again, I knew if I don’t find a way out of the earth, I will keep on facing the torment of suffocation,
    I am immortal so I can’t die but the displeasure it caused me was too much.
    I passed out again the second time again after many trials to transform.
    When I woke up again, it was still the same,
    But this time my hinge to survive was strong,
    I screamed loudly as I used all my strength to force my transformation.
    When I’ve completely transformed, I busted out of the soil .
    I dusted the soil on my body when I got out and viewed my surrounding.
    Everywhere was dark and all I could see were trees, the chirping of crickets filled the air.
    That was when it occurred to me that Patrick buried me inside a deep forest.
    My stomach started grumbling meaning that I was hungry
    Then I heard somethings running towards where I was, I stood my ground waiting for whatever it might be, then I heard the howling of wolves.
    I smirked when I heard it and deducing from what I was hearing, it’s more than a single wolf.
    I was happy because I was very hungry and some foolish animals were already on their way to offer me themselves as dinner.
    I quickly transformed back to human when I heared their steps close by.
    I didn’t want to scare them away.
    It was their alpha that first made an appearance, while others followed suit.
    The alpha stayed in front of me snarling while others encircled me, they were seven in numbers including their alpha.
    I smiled as they kept on moving closer to me with their eyes emanating light, their tooth growling fiercely,
    When they were close enough,
    I released the claws of my right hand, they were more sharper than my former one, very sharp and longer.
    In a speed of lightening without turning, I killed the seven of them not allowing any to escape.
    I burped when I finished all the vital organs inside the last one.
    I felt satisfied after devouring all.
    Then the next problem followed, that is getting out of where I was.
    I did not know where I was and the path leading out of their.
    I stayed at the spot where I was not wanting to get lost in the forest.
    Then I heard the sound of a bird, I tilted my head upward to look at it because I was surprised that a bird could still be flying at that time of the night.
    It was a big bird and it was flapping it feathers as it goes it way, I wished the bird could come down and show me the way out of the forest, that was when I remembered that I now have a wing.
    I didn’t know if will work on earth or if it was just made for the hollow land which I just came from.
    I tried to bring it out but it wasn’t coming forth,. I concentrated all my effort to my back in order to bring it out but it wasn’t working.
    After many trials and failure, I gave up.
    I sat down hopelessly on the ground thinking what will happen if I don’t quickly find my way out of the forest to help my friends.
    Then another idea scraped my mind,
    “What if I’ve to be in beast form before the feather can come out ” I asked myself rhetorically.
    I stood up and transformed at once, that was when I noticed that I was now bigger than how I was before, the fire emanating from my body was gold in colour.
    Seeing this gave me a tingling of hope that my feather was going to come out .
    I concentrated some of my power to my back and yes, the feather came out.
    It was also gold in colour matching the fire emanating from my body.
    It was a beautiful sight to behold.
    I flapped my wings as I started defying the law of gravity.
    When I was in the air, I was able to have a clear view of my surroundings,
    ” f--k you Patrick ” I cursed under my breath again when I discovered that where he buried me, apart from the place been situated inside the forest, it was also surrounded by water, making it almost impossible for anyone to get there.
    I flew higher in order to be able to see if i can see any street light or car light in order to trace it back to get home.
    After flying higher almost to the cloud level, I started seeing some small lights, they were in a long row which signifies that they were street light, tho they were so tiny like Lampyridaes ( fireflies ) but I knew it was because of the height I attained.
    I started flying towards there and the light kept on increasing its size and I saw that flames were erupting from it,
    I increased my speed and when I got closer, that was when I knew it wasn’t street lights,
    It was some set of house closed to each other that were on fire.
    I quickly descended on the floor, and with speed I ran inside the first one closed to me to see if their is any survivor, but their was none,
    Everybody inside the house were all dead.
    I was amazed by this and move closer to one of the dead.
    That was when I knew that their death wasn’t caused by the fire, their hearts and vital organs were missing as their bodies were been ripped apart.
    The fire was just to cover the track.
    I searched the remaining buildings and it was also the same.
    Tears formed in my eye when I discovered this, everyone was dead because of my immaturity and inability to fish out friends from foe.
    With rage I flew up and head to Patrick’s house but when I got their, I met no one.
    I searched through all his house but got nothing of importance their.
    Then I entered into his secret room,, the one I entered last time.
    Nothing was inside again.
    Thinking it was a lost cause I made my way out of the place.
    As I wanted to get out, I saw something on the floor that amazed me, even without picking it I knew whose own it was,
    It was a pink ribbon I got for my mom when she clocked 25 and ever since then, she always wears it out .
    I picked it up and yes ,i was right, it was the ribbon and I was sure she didn’t have it on when Patrick kidnapped her because I saw it in her room that day.
    With many thoughts conjugating in my mind,
    I used my beast speed and ran to my house only to see everything down, it was already burnt down including Peterson’s own and some house beside ours.
    Everywhere was silent, danger omen filled the air.
    I walked slowly to the road and was surprised not to see any movement on it even vehicles,
    On the roads of Marseille, their is no boring moment on it, even midnight always feel like daytime, vehicles passing, hookers pacing around and the street nigga doing what they know how to do most.
    But now, everywhere was dry, it doesn’t even feel like people are still staying in Marseille.
    I beast speed to the abode of Chris and Nina.
    I knew if my friends are still alive, they will be there. I transformed to human as
    I stood at the spot where Nina always press the remote ,expecting her to press it when she see me standing on it but nothing happened.
    After waiting there for ten minute and nothing happened, I decided to take my leave.
    As I was going, I suddenly heard some sort of mechanical sound at my back,
    I turned back but no one was there,
    Some few seconds later, the spot opened and all my friends came up, but they were with different kinds of weapons,
    Nina with an arrow, Becky with a rifle, Victor with a pistol which am sure contained wooden bullets and Dandy with nothing in his hand but he transformed at once when they got to the top surface.
    I sighed a sigh of relief when I saw them, I wanted to run to them when Becky shot at me,
    I was very fast now, so it was easy dodging it,
    They all joined her as they kept on attacking me, but it was all a waste, Dandy came forward to me and tried to hit me but even in my human form, I was stronger than him, I was only guarding his attack, I didn’t attack him.
    But he wasn’t stopping, then I heard an arrow coming from behind me and I swiftly moved away and it hit Dandy.
    He fell to the floor and groaned in pain,
    I quickly moved back to him and pulled it out.
    I raised him up and spoke
    “Why are you attacking me, can’t you recognize me again “? I asked Nina who was at my front.
    ” you can’t trick us Patrick ” she barked at me.
    That was when I got it, they thought it was Patrick who camouflaged with my face.
    ” no, it’s me, I am Ben ” I replied her, I knew someone was already aiming at me from my back and I was sure it was Victor, I knew Nina had already seen him ,and was trying to distract me from knowing,
    ” okay I believe you ” she said moving closer to me,.
    I ran away from her and in a second, I already have Victor in my grasp,
    I held the two of them in my hands.
    Then I whispered to Victor some events that only him and I knew about,
    And with shock visible in his eye, he screamed ” he is Ben, he is Ben ”
    I released him and he ran to Nina
    ” it’s Ben ghost ” he screamed at her and I laughed, I released my hold on Dandy
    ” I am not a ghost , I’m the real Ben ” I said and the two of them ran towards me to embrace me,
    I heard Becky footsteps too running towards us and she also jumped on me which made all of us to fell down.
    We stood up laughing,
    Victor pinched me on my cheek and I hit his hand which made all of us excluding Dandy who was groaning on the floor, to laugh again.
    ” how is this possible, I thought, no, we thought we all saw it when Mr wisdom ” I placed my index thumb on Nina’s lip to stop her from completing her sentence.
    ” I’m back and that’s all that matter,” I spoke with smile on my face.
    Then suddenly, two neat palms glued to my face, it was a slap from Nina and Becky at the same time
    ” hope you know what that’s for ” they spoke in unison and I shook my head shamefully.
    I knew they’ve both known that I was dating the two of them and this resulted to my mood being down.
    ” no need to be sad, we will settle it after we’ve settled Mr wisdom ” Nina said when she noticed the change in my mood.
    “But what happened to my mom ” I said brightening up a bit when I remembered about the ribbon I saw ,
    Their mood changed at once when I asked about my mom and this made me thought it was because she was dead but little did I know that I was wrong.
    They all took their time in looking at themselves before Victor finally spoke up
    ” you don’t want to know pal ” he said with a sober countenance.
    ” what do you mean by saying that “?I asked with a concerned expression
    ” please forget about her now and let discuss how we’re going to defeat them ” Nina replied trying to urge me to forget about my mom
    ” what did she meant as them ” I asked myself rhetorically
    Episode 47(Final)
    ???Previously on T.C.O by Horluwa_p1???
    Let go to the ancient tomb Ben, it’s rumoured that their are treasures their, no we can’t go, what if their is truly supernatural creature there. Everything blacked out and I fainted.
    Victor is a betrayal, I can’t control myself from killing him.
    There’s a beast in town
    I don’t thinking there’s anything that’s going to stop me from killing my love.
    Sprinkle your blood on his injured part, he will heal.
    Sound of gunshot then fainted,
    I’m Chris a beast hunter, your parents are not your real parents, meet my daughter Nina.
    Everything you need to know about yourself is inside their.
    Blood, what tha f--k!
    Concentration is the key, connect with your beast self so as to able to anchor your transformation.
    You just completed one out of dozen step to conquering Jovacik.
    I tilted my head downward to kiss her.
    I’m a kintaga and am here for your heart.
    The beast fell down only to surprise me by revealing Mr wisdom.
    Mr wisdom is also a beast hunter.
    Mrs saltzman likes me because I was the best in her class,
    Who could that be,
    Mrs saltzman was killed by an animal yesterday night when she was working lately.
    Who could have done this?,” I did ”
    We were attacked but we’re able to escape unharmed because of our underground building.
    I saw as my heart was being detached from whatever was holding it to my body and I died.
    Mr Chris and Nina is the traitor.
    We didn’t see the oncoming truck,
    I gave him my blood and he died.
    The ground closed leaving me trapped inside.
    The dragon hell dagger has the capability to kill any beast.
    I’m the richest man in France.
    Dandy is now a beast and it’s my fault.
    The ghost rider beast fireball hit me and I passed out.
    Come meet at Marseille memorial school if you want your mom and friend to live.
    He clawed Chris and my mom on their chest and also pulled out my heart and we all died.
    I’m proud of you son, here’s my golden heart, get out here with it.
    Please forget about her now and let discuss how we’re going to defeat them
    What did she meant by them?.

    We head to their underground building and they took turns in telling me all have missed after I was fully clothed in one of Victor’s cloth, from their conversation, I got to know that I was only gone for a week, and they’ve tried their best in saving those who they can save in the brouhaha happening in Marseille sponsored by Patrick.
    They updated me about their plans on how they were going to defeat Patrick, but I knew it was .
    They will need more than what they were planning to bring him down but with me around, I don’t think they need any plan in bringing him down, I had certainty that I could defeat him alone.
    ” I’ve seen that you all have already prepared your way to hade ” I said sarcastically and they all gave me a killer eye, but after thinking for a bit, Dandy spoke up
    ” and do you have any better plan ” Dandy asked with a.submission tone.
    ” my plan is simple, you just make sure to be alive and I’ll handle Patrick alone ” I said with courage and boldness.
    Nina was the first to burst into laughter, while other followed suit , ” and Who is getting his way to hade prepared here ” Nina asked humorously after being contented with their laughter,
    I didn’t know what gave me the impression that I should do what I did, I raised my palm up and faced them
    ” watch now, because you might not be able to be in the front role to watch it again ” I said concentrating some force and power to my palm and a golden fireball appeared, they were awe struck and surprised while their jaw dropped freely.
    ” please, who’s getting Patrick the ticket to hade now ” I asked them feeling bossy,
    ” okay, you get Patrick the ticket to hade and we as a team will get your mom her own ” Victor spoke finding his voice and this led to a pin drop silent.
    I just stood transfixed at the spot I was with Victor’s words echoing loudly in my head.
    They all took turn to give Victor the killer eye
    ” he’s going to know later, and he should also be prepared for what’s coming ” Victor retorted in his defence.
    I just stood their watching them arguing with him
    ” what if it ain’t what I thought it to be ” I stated bluntly in my mind trying to wade off the different kind of negative thoughts bubbling in my mind.
    “What do you meant by what you just said now ” I asked screaming at Victor in rage which made everyone shifted back a little with fear.
    ” after your demise, in our course of saving the people, we once met your mom in one of the house she wrecked havoc, and she was already a beast working under Patrick “Victor said moving closer to me, when he got closer, he patted me on my shoulder trying to calm me down
    ” maybe, she had to swear her allegiance to him in order for him to rescue her ” I came up in her defence not wanting to believe what every message my whole body is trying to pass to me
    ” no, that’s not it ” Victor retorted sharply,
    ” she said it to our face, mocking you, that you’re so dumb and stupid thinking she care for you but what she only care for is serving all of Patrick’s order, and some of it was to show you love and care in order to cloud your thoughts and ” I didn’t let him finish his words when I gripped him on his neck snarling wildly and almost strangling him,
    Nina and others quickly came to his rescue while I bashed out of the sitting room to the room I woke up to find myself in one of my near death experience.
    After some minutes, I came out to join them, my feelings had already being settled then,
    They were all gathering around a table which they laid a paper containing their plans
    ” I am sorry pal for losing it earlier ” I spoke remorsefully to Victor
    ” I understand bro, I really understand you ”
    he said patting me on my shoulder again and everybody’s face lit up.
    ” I’m also sorry Ben, I didn’t know that he was a beast and when I knew it was already late ” Becky said with tears in her eye
    ” it’s okay Becky, we all got played ” I said using my hands to clean the drop of tears on her face.
    ” so what’s the plan” I asked feigning to be interested in whatever they were planning, but what’s sure is that whatever they were planning, I had zero interest in it.
    Victor proposed that we attacked that night since they know where they were staying now.
    I stood against the plan of attacking that night, and they all obliged when I gave them my fake reason for it.
    My main reason for not wanting them to attack that night was to go alone, I wanted them to sleep then make my way out unknown to them.
    The urge to ask them where Patrick and my mom was staying was high but I fought against it because I knew they were going to suspect a foul play by me asking.
    We had a mini party for my return and they all went into their room after getting high on some alcoholic wine, little did I know that we were all playing ourselves.
    I was happy when Nina dropped the remote of their round metallic elevator on the table before heading to her room.
    They all resigned to their room by 11:55 pm
    and I waited for 35 more minute in order to make sure they were fully gone into the wonderland before trying to sneak out.
    I picked the paper they were using to plot their plans and after going through it thoroughly, I was able to discovered that the new abode of Patrick and my mom is Marseille memorial, my school.
    I picked the remote on the table and press the only single key on it,
    I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw siren light emanating from every corner of the room with it’s blazing alarm.
    As if on cue,everyone of them started trooping out of their room dressed up.
    ” going somewhere without us ” Nina asked me smiling mockingly at me.
    ” I told you guys that I know him better, his silent, is always easy for me to decipher ” Victor added boastfully.
    That was when I knew that Victor already knew of my plan and had already informed them to get ready,
    Nina brought out another remote and flashed it mockingly to my eye
    ” devil ” I murmured under my breath when I discovered that she swapped the remote, leaving the fake one there knowingly.
    She pressed the remote in her hand and the round metallic lift came down, we all stepped on it and came outside.
    ” I presumed you all know where am heading to ” I said speeding out of sight as we all got outside.
    I knew that I was more faster than Patrick and stronger than him, but what I was not sure about is if I still got my whole mom’s situation under control.
    I don’t know if I will be able to harm her even as she’s a betrayal.
    My reason for leaving my friends and speeding off by myself was to kill Patrick and my mom before they got their, but thinking about my mom, I was almost forced to go back and meet my friends so that we can go according to their plan that I fight Patrick while they deal with my mom, but I decided against it and sped to Marseille memorial.
    Everywhere was silent as it felt like their is no living being in the vicinity.
    I walked to the pitch with the dragon hell dagger firmly held in my hand.
    I knew they would be watching me wherever they were but I was ready for any unexpected attack.
    Then as I was walking steadily, I suddenly felt myself stepped on something, before I could quickly take my leg away from their, and run some water started spraying automatically on the field, but something was odd about the water,
    Its touch on my body made me to become paralyzed,
    I couldn’t move any part of my body, tho I was fully aware of what’s going on around me.
    The water stopped spraying after I’ve gotten wet with it.
    I tried to force my transformation but I couldn’t transform.
    Still trying to transform, I heard footsteps coming towards where I was.
    I stopped trying to transform and looked at the person coming, without stressing my eye, I knew it was Patrick and a hidden rage bursted inside me, I started jerking furiously in order to set myself free but I only succeeded in doing nothing, it was deep inside me that I was jerking but it wasn’t effective outside,
    All I was doing external was just looking like dummy.
    He was shocked when he got closer to me and saw that I was the one, he held a sword in his hand and I wondered what it could be for.
    ” look who’s risen from the ” he said accessing my face with his hand to be sure I was the one.
    ” Jeanne, come out here, we have a surprise guest ” he said shocking me.
    Jeanne was my mom’s real name tho many people doesn’t know it, because they all refer to her as Mrs Marseillaise, even before she got married, she was referred to as miss Marseillaise.
    My shock was broadly expanded when my mom beast speed to where we were.
    Her facial expression shows that she was very shocked on seeing me and bow her head down in shame.
    Tears started trooping down my eye as it was confirmed by me that my mom was really a betrayer.
    ” why ” I screamed at the top of my voice,
    I was surprised that I was able to speak, I thought my mouth was also paralyzed, she didn’t reply me, she just stood their looking down, she couldn’t make eye contact with me.
    ” I thought it was your little beast friend that was going to come, but since my trap caught something more bigger, it’s better I take my bounty now ” Patrick said stretching the sword in his hand towards me, he transformed at once and the sword got lit up with the flame from his body.
    ” another dragon hell dagger ” I muttered weakly
    ” no, dragon hell sword not dagger ” Patrick replied using the sword to lift my head up.
    ” and trust me, you’re dying for real now ” he added laughing wickedly at me.
    He made to stab at my heart with the sword but someone suddenly shielded me and the sword penetrated the person, my eye was already closed when Patrick made to stab me ,
    I opened it and saw my mom facing me, backing Patrick with the sword protruding from her chest ,
    She rested on me with blood coming from her mouth.
    ” I’m sorry son ” she said as she later gave up ghost and her face turned pale.
    I screamed loudly as I felt all my muscle releasing itself,
    I held her in my hands as I wept bitterly on the floor.
    ” you’re such an amazing and lucky guy, you never cease to amaze me, it will even take an evil beast more than 2 hours before it muscle can start working when come in contact with herb of Pishak mixed with the urine of an alpha wolf ” Patrick said pacing around me with the sword pointed to me while I mourn my mom
    ” but it took you below 15 minutes to overcome it, bravo ” he added clapping his hand, he moved closer to me and touched my mom on her chin
    ” oh poor Jeanne, I knew she’s loved you for real when it was all supposed to be fake ”
    ” what are you trying to say here ” I asked amidst tears in my eye
    Patrick laughed before answering me
    ” when it was precisely 250 years, I knew it was time for you to start growing, Jeanne’s parents were the one in charge of you then, I met with them and told them about myself, I revealed to them that they were my descendant,I told them of my plan about you and what I’m going to offer them, but those fools had the gut to reject my offer and tried to flee,
    I killed them and disguised it to look like an accident, then I went to meet Jeanne who was the next to take over the responsibility, all I did was promised her immortality, the ability to live without aging, dying and having enormous power,
    I didn’t have to persuade her before she gave in.
    I was the one who asked her to gain your 100% trust and to shower on you abundant love, but I think the love got into her head,
    But I think she loves the power most, she doesn’t want you to know that she betrayed you that was why she asked me to make it look like she died while trying to save you.
    Can you see, mixed love but that a thing of past now, all that remain is for you to die ” he said trying to stab me with the sword again, I just glued to the spot where I was without moving, as the sword was about to get to my chest,
    An arrow flew out of nowhere and hit the sword away.
    All I just did was sat on the floor with my mom in my hand, I’ve totally lost it, I thought I could bear the thought of losing her, but I couldn’t, even as it was that she betrayed me.
    Patrick with rage disappeared from my front and in no less than 10 seconds, I heard Dandy screamed and that did it, it was like my dad was speaking to me because I heard his voice clearly
    ” if you don’t get over it now then you’re going to lose your friends and over it all, you’ll lose yourself ” his voice said to me and I felt myself transforming at once,
    Patrick was about to stab Dandy when I got to where they were, I beast speed towards them and hit the sword away from his hand,
    He smirked as he turned to me, he made to punch me but I held his fist midway,
    I landed him mine on his face and he fell down,
    I climbed on him and was passing out all the angers embedded inside of me to his face with my fist.
    He later succeeded in pushing me away, and tried to beast speed to escape but I quickly intercepted him,
    He made fireball out of his hand and directed it at me, but I caught the fireball in my hand, he made another and threw it, but I threw the one in my hand towards it and it hit it causing a minimum explosion,
    Then I saw Patrick running around in a small circle,
    I just stood where I was wondering what he could be doing ,then all of a sudden he flew up and was flying like a Superman, that was when I knew he was channeling the fire and heat in his body to his leg to act as a force to propel him.
    Seeing him fleeing away with his little trick, I quickly discharged my feathers and chased after him.
    He was flying fast but his speed couldn’t beat mine, when he saw that I was getting closer, he suddenly threw some fireball at me which I was fast to dodge,
    After trying everything and couldn’t get me off his back, he suddenly stopped facing me which also made me to stop few distance away from him in the air.
    Then he did something that amazed me, he made a fireball from his hand then controlled some of the fire emanating from his body into it making the fireball to increase its size blazing more fire was coming out from it.
    He aimed it at me and I quickly made a fireball from my hand and aimed it at the oncoming fireball of his, when they both clashed, my fireball scattered his enormous fireball and head straight to him hitting him on his chest and I think he blacked out as he started falling freely to the ground and I followed him,
    He landed on the ground with a loud thud and he transformed to human at once.
    I quickly beast speed to where my dagger was and picked it and return to Patrick who was groaning in pain on the floor.
    I moved closer to him and held the dagger up to stab him, but he surprised me when he opened his eye amidst pain which I could easily tell as he kept on groaning
    ” please don’t kill me, I once save you when you were still a baby “he said begging for his life
    ” and I won’t repeat the same mistake you did ” I said deepening the dagger into his chest.
    He groaned loudly and died.
    I transformed to human retired to the ground beside Patrick tirelessly.
    I started hearing footsteps running towards me, even without checking, I knew they were my friends.
    I knew they were going to jump on me when they get closer to me so I stood up ,and when they were in sight, I took to my heel and they pursued me.
    ?????Two Weeks Later?????
    With my bag firmly backed at my back, I was already on my way out of Marseille,
    tho my friends tried their best in talking me to stay but I couldn’t stay.
    My whole life was lived in Marseille ,since I was a baby till I’m now 266 years old, but what has it given me, betrayal,
    Staying will only keep on adding injury to my emotional status, I think I’ve to stay away from there for some period of time before going back.

    After the defeat of Patrick, everything was back to normal, the townsmen and women are all going about doing their things without fear.
    Houses that were burnt were being renovated by the government and the good and sweet aura of Marseille found it way back.

    I didn’t bid any of my friends bye before leaving, I only wrote a letter down and placed it where they will see it.
    I handed the safety of Marseille to their hands and left them with 10 bars of gold each.

    Where do I head to?, I don’t know but I think Beacon hill will be safe to pass the time with 20 bars of gold loaded inside my bag

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