Story: The Chosen One Season 2

written by horluwa~p1
    ?A nemeton is a sacred meeting place consecreated by the scholarly class of people, the druids . Druids would pick the largest and oldest tree in the grove, which would become the centerpiece of their rituals. In the eyes of the druid, the tree represented the world.
    Legend has it that if any harm came to a nemeton, the surrounding towns and villages would suffer misfortunes.
    The nemeton contains powerful magic and is fueled by ritual sacrifices. The wood of the nemeton has been used to create powerful objects, like the triskele urn that contains Talia’s claws .
    In 1943, the nemeton of Beacon Hills was still standing.
    When Derek killed Paige on the roots of nemeton , he inadverently gave the tree some power through a sacrifice. This power allowed
    Jennifer Blake to survive her attempted murder and become the darach.
    The nemeton continues to make an appearance in Stiles ‘s nightmares, and when Derek goes on a vision quest to speak to his mother , she appears to him standing upon the nemeton’s stump.
    Noshiko Yukimura buried the fly that housed the
    nogitsune ‘s power in the nemeton’s roots. When
    Scott, Stiles , and Allison sacrificed themselves to the nemeton, the renewed power released the nogitsune
    Now that the nemeton has been activated, more supernatural creatures are being drawn to Beacon Hills.
    Jennifer Blake after being conquered by Scott, Derek and Deucalion, Deucalion struck her down but she managed to get to the nemeton, she begged the nemeton to please save her once again but her prayers were cut short when Peter hales made an appearance their.
    Jennifer Blake tried to seek help from peter but peter slashed her throat and killed her on that spot.
    But little did he know that a darach soul doesn’t leave that easily.
    Jennifer Blake soul remained at the nemeton waiting for a supernatural being more powerful than mere werewolves, kanima ,banshee and the likes. In order to channel the supernatural being’s power into her body and revive it.
    Tyler Posey — Scott McCall
    Tyler Hoechlin — Derek Hale
    Dylan O’Brien — Stile Stilinski
    Holland Roden — Lydia Martin
    J.R Bourne — Chris Argent
    Mellisa Ponzio — Mellisa McCall
    Seth Gilliam — Allan Deaton
    Ian Bohen — Peter Hale
    Haley Webb — Jessica Becky
    Gideon Emery — Deucalion
    Crystal Reed — Allison Argent
    Daniel Sharman — Isaac Lahey
    Oladele Pelumi — Ben
    Owolabi Pelumi — Elena Powell
    Eboigbe Victor — Charles Victor
    And many more.
    U can’t afford to miss it cus it gonna be bad.
    NOTICE :- if u haven’t watch teen wolf before, Google search the role of Jennifer Blake in teen wolf season 3 for better understanding of dis story
    TCO is back

    Episode 1

    { welcome to beacon hills }

    ” we are there ” I heard the taxi driver whose cab I was in said as he parked in front of a motel, I was already gone into my frequent thinking, it started from the day I defeated Patrick and learnt that the person I regarded as my life was just a mere illusion, created to deceive me.
    Dealing with what my mom did to me was very hard, I’ve been finding myself thinking about it every time I’m alone, I couldn’t concentrate on anything again, I started distancing myself from my friends and loves.
    ” I can’t be vulnerable again ” I always say to myself in order to view my act of loneliness right.
    It was when I couldn’t keep up with it that I decided to leave, I thought leaving all those things that held her memories will help me get over it but my few days away from home has thought me that no matter how far I run, the memories were still a step in front of me.
    I didn’t know why I picked beacon hills but I felt some unnatural bond pulling me there.
    I felt like it was the only place that could provide me with comfort and solace I seek.
    Instead of using the air to get their as fast as possible, I decided to make the journey worthwhile with the use of road and rail.
    I changed two bars of gold to cash from a goldsmith at a very high rate, the money was so much that I decided not to touch the remaining 18 bars because I was sure that I would not be able finish the cash I got off the two bars.
    I purchased another phone on the road, I decided to do that because I didn’t want to keep in touch with my friends in Marseille and I didn’t want to get rid of my Phone in case the need to connect with them arises.
    I kept the phone in my bag and switched to the new ones.
    I couldn’t keep count of the clubs I visited throughout my journey to beacon hills.
    I made it more or less like a tour.
    Instead of going to beacon hills straight and spend just a day or two before getting there, I made sure I alighted at all the city I passed.
    Spending at least 24 hours there before leaving there.
    I drank ,drank ,drank watched girls dance and the likes but I couldn’t lay with anyone of them.
    The only reason I visited clubs and bars was not to be alone because I wouldn’t help but fall into deep thinking again.
    After two weeks on the road I finally got to beacon hills, I’d even forgotten that I was a beast because after the defeating of Patrick and my mom, I’d refrained myself from using my power.
    ” is there any club around here” I asked the taxi driver as I gave him cash for the service he rendered to me.
    He’s been the one touring me around since I got to beacon hills.
    One of the significant place we went to was Eichen house, but we didn’t enter, I just viewed it from afar.
    ” there are many ” the driver replied me
    ” there’s even one hot stripper club organized today that I’m going to attend after am through with my work today which am already through with it now but I don’t think you’ll be allow in because I don’t think you’re up to 18 ” he added which gat me a little bit angry.
    ” let me worry about that ” I said as I sat back comfortably and used my finger to signify to him that he should drive and he drove me down there.
    It wasn’t a long journey there as we got there in just 10 minute drive.
    I gave him a tip as I alighted and he also came down.
    I viewed where he said the club was and looked at the driver with a disbelieving eye
    ” where is the club ” I asked him looking perplexed.
    ” don’t judge a book by it’s cover , worry about how you’re going to get inside” he said patting me lightly and left me where I was standing ,bouncing towards the small door he pointed to me, he opened it and entered.
    I really wish to judge the book by its cover because it looked boring but I decided to change my and read the book before giving my final verdict about it.
    I sluggishly walked towards the door and opened it, the sound wave that hit me almost made me lost my hearing, it was bawling inside there. Their were two bouncers standing in front of another door which I think holds the real deal.
    I knew behinds the door lies guys and gals going crazy which I also wish to.
    The door and wall must have being made with some things that doesn’t allow the sound out, I thought to myself as I made my way to the bouncers holding their ground in front of the door concealing the real deal.
    ” your identification card and ticket ” one of the bouncer said with a strong baritone pushing me back as I tried to make my way pass through them.
    That wasn’t the first time such was happening, as you all know that I’m still under 18, 16 to be precise for those who has already forgotten.
    I’ve been bribing my way in ,in every clubs I’ve been attending because I didn’t bring along my fake identification, but none has ever asked me for ticket.
    Maybe it was the secret kind of clubbing where different series of hard drugs and brain numbing alcohol are being sold.
    And the stupid driver that brought me there didn’t tell me anything about it.
    ” worry about how you get inside ” the driver’s last word flew to me.
    I dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out some bucks and handed it to the guy who talked to me, he collected the money from me and a wicked grin escaped my lip but it didn’t lasted as he flipped the money away and gave me a deafening slap, the slap was so hectic and crucial that it made me to land on the floor.
    ” get out of here chipmunk before I eat you raw ” The bouncer whose size is almost thrice of mine said and dusted his hand.
    I released a wicked grin as I stood up, I placed my bag beside a wall ,dusted my cloth and moved closer to the two guys.
    ” looks like you haven’t gotten enough of that ” the bouncer said as he tried to punch me but I met his punch halfway with my palm and I could heard a crack ,which means that the bone in his wrist dislocated at once, as he withdrew his hand and groaned in pain.
    The second bouncer looked at his partner then me with a shock expression, he brought out a club and tried to attack me.
    I moved back a little, in order to add pressure to my wrist and when he tried to attack me with the club, I gifted him the punch on his g---n and I watched as he fell to his knee like a fallen Goliath and passed out.
    The second one seeing what happened brought out a small pistol and aimed it at me.
    ” take another step and I send you to your d--n early grave and believe me ,no one will know” he said attaching silencer to the gun.
    ” must we do this, just lay down your arms and let me go inside and I might reconsider letting you live ” I said with a bold countenance and he bursted into laughter.
    ” looks like the little guy is ready to go ” he said and pulled the trigger, I felt the bullet hit me on my chest, I became angry at once as I felt my claws coming out, and started moving closer to him.
    On seeing this, he emptied the remaining bullets into my body but it didn’t affect me, I slashed his throat when I got nearer to him and I watched as he died without feeling any ounce of pity for him.
    I wiped his blood off my hand on his cloth, took my bag ,opened the door and entered the club.

    Episode 2

    { home of supernatural }

    I wiped his blood off my hand on his cloth, took my bag ,opened the door and entered the club.
    ?I entered looking innocent, everyone was busy dancing to notice a teenager like me in the club.
    I blended in at once and started moving to the rhymes of the beat the DJ was dropping.
    I was already lost in the dance when a girl danced closer to me.
    GIRL : you look cute { she shouted because of the noise inside the club }
    ME : not the first to say that { I shouted back }
    GIRL : and am sure I’m not the first to do this { she said putting her hand into my trouser and grabbed my d--k and I left out a soft moan }
    ME : what are you doing { I managed to ask }
    GIRL : hanging out with you
    ME : not that, your hand
    GIRL : oh sorry { she exclaimed } I noticed the bulge, just want to be sure if my eye wasn’t tricking me, but a huge d--k you got down their for a guy of your age { she said removing her hand from my trouser }
    ME : { surprised } how did you know my age
    GIRL : { smirked } I could easily tell that you’re either below 16 or a little bit above it
    ME : how { I asked surprised }
    GIRL : do you think you’re the only under age kid sneaking into clubs to have fun, I’m also 16 and I can easily tell when I see someone who’s my age mate.
    ME : cool, what’s your name
    GIRL : not telling you , I’m here just to have fun not to make friends.
    ME : what are you doing with me then.
    GIRL : you can call it one night stand.
    She said and kissed me deeply and I drew her more closer to me and returned her token of gratitude by kissing her back.
    After some minutes of intense kissing, we stopped kissing and she tried to caught her breath.
    After she was stable, she looked at me and we bursted into laughter.
    GIRL : that was breathtaking, I feel like having you in me now
    ME : not so soon girl, I’m leaving yet.
    GIRL : but I think your d--k has a different opinion about that { she said massaging it through my trouser, it was already hard and she used her hand to trace it to the head and suddenly gasped } this is extraordinary huge , I don’t think it will fit in my k---y.
    ME : you have to try it first to be sure { I was also not sure if it was going to fit because my c--k has grown bigger over the days, it noe measures 12 inches when hard and 7 inches in flacid form }
    GIRL : okay, we will see to that when we leave here, can you take label?
    { she asked me stretching something that looked like candy to me }
    ME : yes { I replied without thinking twice and collected it from her, unwrapped it and threw the whole stuff into my mouth and chewed it}
    GIRL : wow { she exclaimed } you must really be strong because that stuff you just finished at a go, even all the grownups here only take a lick at it then wrap it back and after some minutes lick again, a whole candy is meant to last for at least 48 hours before you finish it, but here you are finishing label in just a minute.
    ME : I’m stronger than you think { I smile because of her words, I’ve taken quantity of drugs that could paralyse a full drug addict for a month and nothing happened to me, just 10 minutes effects and I was okay }
    GIRL : are you sure, because I can see you twitching.
    ME : { s--t , she was d--n right, I could feel some funny things happening to me internally, I haven’t felt that way before, everywhere started spinning in my eye and I could hear the strange girl mumbling some words but it felt like she was far from me and all I could hear was the echoes of her words.
    I wasn’t able to hear the beat being played in the club again.
    ” are you alright ” I finally managed to hear her say.
    ” I’m okay ” I said pretending to be alright.
    Then she leaned on me and kissed me and I felt myself got better at once.
    The music suddenly went off and we broke the kiss.
    ” this is sheriff Stilinski, everyone stay where you are ”
    I heard a grumpy man in uniform said beside the DJ as different people in uniform which i presumed to be police officers started trooping in.
    The strange girl suddenly squatted down and dragged me down with her.
    ” follow me ” she whispered to me as she started moving squatting down.
    I followed suit and was following behind her, the kind of light and the enormous people present inside their made it impossible for the police to see us.
    We entered a small room having a small door, she opened the door and voala ,the outside wind graced my face.
    ” let go quickly before they catch us ” the strange girl beckoned to me as she ran out through the door, but I stopped looking at her running, I was contemplating if I should trust her or not ( as you all know that I’ve trust issue )
    ” check that room ” I heard one of the officer said as I heard his footsteps getting closer.
    I quickly run out through the door
    ” over here ” I heard at my back
    I quickly beast speed away from there not knowing where I was going.
    I stopped beside a forest when I was sure I was out of sight.
    I didn’t know the way back to the motel the driver took me to before we went to the club.
    I stood beside the road praying that a car pass by.
    After waiting for some minutes and couldn’t see any car passing by, I decided to start trekking to anywhere maybe I would have luck and get to the town.
    I haven’t taken up to ten steps when I felt something unnatural drawing me into the forest.
    I tried to resist it but it was getting stronger.
    Then I suddenly started feeling the symptoms I felt when I took the label the girl gave me, but this time more crucial than before.
    I suddenly felt numb and fell down, I felt myself transforming without control, my fangs and claws out, my body on fire ,I roared loudly as I stood up.
    My mind was active, I knew what was happening but an unknown force was controlling me.
    I saw a car sped pass me and the driver of the car was looking at me with shock visible in his eye, he panicked as he swerved into the forest and hit a tree.
    I wanted to go and save him but whatever the force that was controlling me didn’t allow me.
    I started heading into the forest not knowing where I was going, after walking deeply into the forest, I came across a stumped big tree and beside the tree was a dead being with a rotten face.
    The unknown force moved me closer to the dead being.
    I carried the dead being to the top of the stumped tree and sat on it.
    After sitting on it like a monk with the dead being in my hand, the fire in my body suddenly started blazing high and the dead being with rotten face opened her eye, and stood up, she moved to my back, tilt my head a little and clamped her teeth on my neck.
    I felt my blood draining and the fire on my body was going down.
    After sucking all the blood inside of me, the fire emanating from my body died.
    I passed out at once.

    Episode 3

    { Busted }
    ?After sucking all the blood inside of me, the fire emanating from my body died.
    I passed out at once.
    I woke up in the morning to find myself naked on the big stumped tree.
    I felt very tired and awfully empty.
    I felt like a part of me was missing but I don’t know it.
    ” my bag “! I suddenly exclaimed when I noticed it wasn’t with me.
    What made me exclaimed was because of my 18 bars of gold in it.
    I stood and got down from the stumped tree.
    There was no dead body around again,
    ” what was that ” I asked myself rhetorically as all the events that happened the other night came rushing into my memory.
    The awful feelings that I’d lost something more greater than my golds hit me again, it was like I was divided into two and my other half taken away.
    I look round the forest and everywhere looked the same, I didn’t know where to go, didn’t know the right path.
    I didn’t want to start any journey without having a headlight , in order not to go deep into the heart of the forest thinking am going out.
    Then an idea struck me,
    ” if I turn to a beast ,I can comb this forest faster and locate my way out ” I said to myself as I tried to transform.
    ” what’s happening ” I asked myself rhetorically as I tried to transform but couldn’t.
    I tried again using all my strength but only my claws and fangs yielded my calling.
    I fell down on the floor with fear as the reality of what happened dawn on me.
    Whatever it is that happened to me the other day must have being the reason my power is gone.
    I felt myself shedding tears as I now know why I felt awfully empty.
    The other part of me which is my beast form is gone, I could say that only 15 percent of it was left because my fangs and claws were still coming out but not as long as the real one.
    That was when I knew that there’s different between having something and deciding not to use it and losing that thing completely.
    ” I will surely get my powers back no matter what it takes ” I said in a voice mixed with anger and tears.
    Suddenly, I started hearing the police siren from a far distance, I quickly got up and started following the sound wave.
    After some minutes of me walking, I could see the road from afar and some officers, an ambulance was there and I could see man on a stretcher being wheeled into the ambulance.
    I hid near a tree watching what was happening.
    It was the man that had an accident that was been wheeled into the ambulance.
    I saw the car he was in,it was a total wreck.
    I saw the sheriff that came to the club near a police car with two boys that seems to be of my age.
    He was talking to them, I tried to listen to what they were saying but it wasn’t possible, I , gently on my toes changed my location to a tree closer to them.
    But something surprised me ,when I threading on my toe to the tree making sure I didn’t make a sound, one of the two boys beside the sheriff suddenly looked towards my direction as if he heard something and I quickly squatted.
    When he seems not to see anything, he averted his gaze from there.
    But what shocked was that he shouldn’t have heard anything in the first place, because of the distance.
    ” Stiles , I’m the sheriff not you, so get your a-s back to house and prepare for school ” the sheriff screamed
    ” but we think this accident is related to supernatural, the driver said he saw a man on fire standing without anything happening to him “, the boy the sheriff called Stiles said shocking me.
    ” if it’s supernatural or unnatural, it’s my duty to investigate that and it’s your duty to get back to school, and how did you even know that an accident occurred here and got here before we do ” the sheriff asked looking at the two boys with a wierdo kind of look.
    ” how we got to know is not important, what’s important is that ghost rider is in beacon hills ” stiles said and the detective smirked.
    ” and what’s a ghost rider, is that another type of supernatural being that you haven’t told me about ” the sheriff asked looking perplexed
    ” dad ” Stiles screamed
    ” which planet are you living, you haven’t watch ghost rider movie, a man that a man has a bike and can change to skeleton emitting fire with a chain in his hand ,eliminating the bad guys ” Stiles said displaying some of the ghost rider’s action in a humorous manner and I couldn’t help but smile.
    The sheriff shook his head in a disbelieving manner
    ” what do you expect me to do, I should tell my officers to start looking for a man emitting fire from his body, the two of you get out of here” the sheriff barked at them.
    The two boys obeyed and started heading to a jeep that’s out of model, then suddenly as if they’ve already planned it before, the two boys boys halted abruptly and turned back heading towards the sheriff.
    ” no you don’t have to tell your officers to look for the ghost rider, what they need to look for is his bike,then you’ve gotten him ” Stiles said looking serious
    ” Scott take him away from here ” the sheriff beckoned unto the second boy who kept mute throughout the drama Stiles was performing.
    ” Got something down here sheriff” one of the officers suddenly screamed and all attentions diverted to him including mine.
    The officer had a bag in his hand which I recognized to be mine.
    The sheriff and the guy quickly rushed to the officer and I also rushed out of the forest naked because of the gold inside my it.
    I didn’t trust them with it.
    The sheriff collected it from the officers and when he was about to open it, I quickly hijacked it from him and tried to run away but I was nof fast enough and I knew they will soon caught up with me and the bag was also not as heavy as it was before. so I stopped and they also stopped .
    I faced them and I saw as Stile’s gaze fell on my d--k and he gasped.Two officers moved closer to me and grabbed me and they collected the bag from my hand.
    ” it’s mine, don’t open it ” I screamed as the sheriff was about to open the bag.
    ” what do you have to claim it’s yours ” the sheriff asked and stopped the opening of the bag.
    ” open that small zip at that and, my identification card is inside and my name is Marseillaise Benjamin, you’ll see it vividly on it ” I said using my hand to cover my d--k because of Stiles, that was the only place is gaze was.
    I knew he was shock with the size.
    The sheriff handed the bag to me after confirming it was mine .
    ” what are you doing here naked ” the sheriff asked while I was busy searching through my bag to give him an answer.
    ” nooooo ” I suddenly screamed when I found out my gold has disappeared from my bag.
    ” what’s the ” the sheriff wanted to ask me what was wrong but was interrupted by one of his officer who whispered something into his ear.
    I saw the detective brought out his phone and checked it.
    ” he’s the murder suspect ” the sheriff said and the other officer brought out a handcuff and cuffed me as I was taken nakedly into one of the police vehicle.

    Episode 4

    { The Darach is back }
    ” he’s the murder suspect ” the sheriff said and the other officer brought out a handcuff and cuffed me as I was taken nakedly into one of the police vehicle.
    When we got to the sheriff department, we alighted and the sheriff’s police car also parked and sheriff Stilinski alighted from it.
    The two officers that sat with me inside the car were ushering me inside when I saw the jeep that I think belonged to either Scott or Stiles drove into the sheriff department parking spot.
    My assumption was confirmed when Scott and Stiles alighted from it.
    ” I’m going insane, take him in ” the sheriff said to the officers as he head towards Stiles and Scott.
    As we got inside all eye were on me, I didn’t know the reason why they were staring at me, I didn’t know if it was because of my cuteness or because of my big d--k, or if it was because I was naked.
    I was taken into an office and was left their while the two officers left me their.
    I sat down confidently on one of the chair inside it as I view the office.
    The desk inside it was filled with different files on the wall at a side was a small board with some pictures on it, a threadlike rope was seen on it, passed from one edge to another, and from the other edge to another forming different kind of pattern on it.
    After some minutes the sheriff entered with Stiles and Scott which made me wondered the kind of relationship that might be existing between them.
    I saw a pack which I knew contained clothes in Stile’s hand and bright smile escaped my lip.
    But I was surprised to how they got it.
    I was handed the pack and I wore the cloth inside it.
    It must be one of the two guy’s own because it was exactly my size tho not my style.
    ” Scott what do you got, is he a supernatural who could have killed two body builders ” The sheriff asked the one called Scott among the two boys and I looked at them with shock.
    The reason I was shock was that I didn’t know that the second guy will die because I only bursted his testicles , maybe the pain killed him, I assumed to myself as I kept mute watching them.
    ” but he could still be the killer ” the sheriff said.
    ” dad, you mean a lanky boy with big d--k ”
    That last statements of Stiles procured the sheriff, Scott and me, attention.
    I scoffed and they all directed the attention to me.
    ” sorry, what I meant is that how can a young boy who doesn’t possess any supernatural ability kill two bouncers, did he left the slashing mark on one of bouncer with that his little nails, I don’t think it’s him , instead of wasting our time on him, we should be looking for a big bad wolf who could have possess those huge claws ” Stiles said and I was filled with joy but kept it to myself.
    But something was off their, why did they ask Scott to confirm if I was a supernatural being, does he have the ability to know a supernatural being, and with the way their conversation was being expressed, it looks like beacon hills is filled with people like me.
    Just then, one of the deputy entered with a file in his hand and my stuffs was also visible in his hand.
    My dagger, cash and phone were with him.
    ” here’s his informations and things found in his bag” the officer said dropping the stuffs in his hand on the sheriff’s desk
    ” thanks Victor ” sheriff Stilinski said as the officer exit the office.
    Sheriff Stilinski took the file and was going through it, I looked at Stiles and Scott and I saw their gaze on my stuffs, I wondered in my mind what they could be looking at.
    Maybe the dagger or the cash.
    The cash was plenty, I changed the two bars of gold to 7 million dollars and I was sure the goldsmith duped me because the gold supposed to worth more than $10m.
    Out of the $7m dollars, I haven’t spent up to $3m, so if the thief that stole my gold didn’t tamper with it, then I should be having more than 4 million dollars on the desk.
    The money was bounded in 1000 dollars.
    ” Benjamin Marseillaise from Marseille ,age 16 , wow,, what are you doing here in beacon hills and how did you gain entrance into that club ” the sheriff asked when he has finished going through the file in his hand.
    ” to rest ” I answered sternly.
    ” you answered one ” the sheriff said looking glaring at me.
    ” I got cash ” I replied him sternly again.
    ” okay, so how did you came about this ” the sheriff asked pointing to the dagger .
    ” family heritage ” I answered.
    ” good, are you sure if taking for test, the dead bouncer’s blood won’t be on it ” he said looking at me with the you’re guilty kind of eye.
    ” you’re free to test it ” I replied him confidently.
    ” what of the cash, how did you come in contact with it, because it stated here that it’s the sum of 4.6 million dollars, care to elaborate ” the deputy asked with that same gaze.
    I could see Scott and Stiles opened their mouth in surprise.
    ” by exchanging two bars of gold ” I answered.
    ” and where did you get the gold”? The sheriff asked again
    ” family heritage ” I answered him again.
    ” how can you prove that you sold gold to obtain this cash ” the sheriff asked me and I kinda felt pissed off.
    ” dad ” stiles suddenly screamed keeping me at bay from lashing out insult to the sheriff.
    ” do you think a good looking guy with big d--k, sorry, I didn’t mean his d. Oh I mean a guy with plenty cash like him steal gold or cash, you know dad, he isn’t our killer just release him, so I can treat him to breakfast, he must be hungry ” Stiles said rather sarcastically
    ” Stiles ” the sheriff screamed
    ” okay, am sorry, continue ” stiles whimpered.
    ” ask the short sighted officer among your officers that checked my bag to recheck it again, he should be able to locate the receipt I received from the goldsmith inside it ” I said rudely and I could see that the sheriff was kind of angry with my act, maybe he thought he’s older than me, when I’m suppose to be his ancestor.
    He hit some digits on the landline on his desk and placed the phone on his ear, he passed across my message to whoever he was with on the phone and drop the phone after he was through with the passage.
    Few seconds later, the officer that brought my stuff before entered and gave the sheriff the receipt, I could signs of eagerness in Stiles, like he was the one in my place.
    The sheriff collected it and glanced through it before dropping it on the desk and Stiles quickly picked it and also glanced through it.
    ” it’s true, Scott , he’s saying the truth. ” Stiles said excitedly showing Scott the receipt.
    ” hm, I think you’re saying the truth, I’m going to release you now but I’ll hold unto your identification card and your dagger ,it means that you’re not free to leave beacon hills for now in case you later popped up in our investigation concerning the murder of the two guys ” the sheriff said with a tone of defeat and I smirked.
    ” not so soon sheriff, I’m not through here as I also have a case I want you to solve for me ” I uttered and everyone of them looked at me with shock visible in their eye.
    ” it is a case of theft, I was robbed ” I said and paused .
    ” robbed of what “? The sheriff asked.
    ” robbed of my remaining 18 bars of gold ” I said and all of them including the sheriff asked.
    ” what “! Stiles exclaimed
    ” you mean that you still have another 18 pieces of the gold ” the sheriff asked.
    ” no, I had it but now I don’t have it anymore ” I answered
    ” when and where did the theft occurred “? The sheriff asked.
    ” it occurred where you saw my bag, I was too drunk yesterday and i didn’t know how I found myself inside that forest and how my bag came to be by the road side ” I lied, concealing what really happened
    ” it’s going to be hard to get your golds back ”
    ” but it will be possible ” Stiles interrupted what the sheriff was saying.
    ” my dad will surely help you locate your golds, he’s very competent, tho he had many unsolved case but he will surely solve this ” Stiles said humorously and I smiled, the guy was very funny, I admit to that.
    ” since you’ll be around till the case will be solve and till my competent dad help recover your gold, and you gat no place to place ”
    ” there’s many motel here that I can stay ” I interrupted him
    ” not when I could offer you a place to stay for free, my house, stay with me for the time you’ll be staying here, I’m sure my dad will not object to it or will you dad ” stiles asked the sheriff shaking his head in order to motion to him not to object to it.
    ” I don’t think I will like to stay with you, I cherish my privacy ” I said standing up.
    ” can I take this ” I asked the sheriff stretching my hand towards my cash.
    ” yeah, you’re free to ” the sheriff replied me.
    I took all the bundles of cash and went out of the sheriff’s office to get my bag.
    ” we’re off to school ” I heard stiles said immediately I was out of the office.
     Scott’s p.o.v
    The guy was awfully cute and his d--k was terrifying, and to crown it all, he is very rich which makes me view his present in beacon hills a kind of threat to me.
    He’s the type of guy that with a snap of his finger, girls will be dying to lay with him.
    Even my best friend who’s straight was already falling him.but I got what he doesn’t have, the attributes that attract girls most and will also make girl drool for me, the attributes that comes with my werewolf power, the flexibility speed and the likes, tho I didn’t think those attributes will help me win Allison back.
    But something was wrong with him, something I couldn’t decipher, there was a strange aura around him and it feels like death, maybe if I have the power of Lydia I would have been able to know what it was.
    And he seems not to be a human, like half human but he isn’t supernatural.
    I have many mysteries to solve about the guy and I don’t think I’m going to get help from stiles on that, he’s already head over heels with the guy but good thing that I still have some time to do it.
     back to story
    I got my bag from deputy Victor and went out of the station.
    As I got out of the station Stiles quickly ran to me.
    STILES : let me give you a lift to wherever you are going
    ME : thank you but I think I’m good with a taxi
    STILES : it’s not easy to get a taxi here let me help you.
    Just then, Scott ran to us,
    SCOTT : Stiles, my mom is gone, I just received a call that she suddenly disappeared from the hospital.
    STILES : calm down Scott, she will be okay.
    Scott’s phone suddenly rang
    ” it’s Allison ” he said as he picked the call and placed it in loudspeaker.
    ” he’s gone, something took him, he’s gone ” I could hear the caller crying over at her end.
    ” calm down, who’s gone ” Scott asked
    ” my dad is gone, she took him right in front of me ” the caller said and Scott dropped his phone.
    He and Stiles made eye contact in a dramatic manner before they both ran into the station.
    Tho, I didn’t know what was happening but something pushed me to follow them, so I followed them into the station, they head into the sheriff’s office and I also followed them and met one of the greatest surprise of my life.
    It was the being with the rotten face and he was hovering over the sheriff, the being smiled, tho I didn’t know if the smile was for me or for Stiles and Scott, and suddenly disappeared with the sheriff.
    ” oh no, the Darach is back ” I heard Scott exclaimed.

    Episode 5

    { knowing them }
     continue from last scene
    ” holy s--t “! Stiles also as he ran to the sheriff seat ,hw bent down and was checking the ground like he was searching for something.
    Then he stood up with something in his hand, something precious to me, something I don’t mind if I kill everyone in beacon hills to get back.
    It was a golden feather, I ran to him with speed and collected it from him, I sniffed it and I smelt that it was really a feather out of my wing.
    So whatever it was that has the rotten face has my power because he stole it.
    Everything was awfully silent, I put down the feather and saw that both Stiles and Scott were looking at me.
    They both carried a curious look

    ME : { as usual, I quickly scrutinized through my lie box to get a compatible lie that favour the situation around } whoever that was have my gold and getting him will help me locate my gold because I also have this precious feathers inside my bag.
    SCOTT : you mean that the Darach have your gold
    ME : yes
    STILES : and how did you meet her for her to have your golds in possession { with a sad countenance }
    ME : so it’s a she not a he, hm, I saw her yesterday
    STILES : where was that
    ME : I don’t really know because I was too drunk, but I think it was beside a stumped tree in the forest
    SCOTT : the nemeton?
    ME : I don’t know what it’s called but it was a big stumped root situated inside the forest
    SCOTT : but I think only supernatural beings can locate the
    STILES : that isn’t important now, we’ve to get our parents back before they are being sacrificed like an offering lamb.
    SCOTT : Let go to Deaton’s place { he said and they both head out of the office and I followed them}
    I noticed the officer that brought in my belongings to the sheriff looking at me with a eye that depict a hidden message but I was in rush to decipher the message.
    Stiles and Scott both entered the jeep and I quickly ran to them.
    SCOTT : you’re free to go, there’s no need for you to follow us,we will get our parents back.
    ME : { I opened the rear door of the jeep and entered } please drive, I don’t care about your parents but I do care about my 18 bars of gold { I said in order to hide my true intention of following them, f--k 18 bars of gold, I still have hundreds of it in an underground room waiting for me, but my power, that I can’t toy with.
    After trying all they could to dissuade me from following them and I failed to yield to it, they gave up and Stiles started the jeep and started driving.
    The journey was done in a pin drop silence, except for the time had to call some people telling them to meet him in the animal clinic.
    And he also called another person and he told the person to put mountain ash at the entrance of the clinic, I saw as Stiles looked at him with shock as he made mention of the mountain ash ,they made eye contact but didn’t say anything.
    He also told the person to prepare mistletoes.
    I’m well aware of mistletoe, it’s any of several parasitic evergreen plants with white berries that grow in the crowns of oaks, apple trees and other trees.
    And the sprig of these plants is used as a Christmas decoration.
    And it wasn’t any time near Christmas, so I was kind of perplexed on what he planned to use it for.
    After some minutes drives ,Stiles finally parked in front of a building, we alighted and they started heading towards the building and I followed them.
    They suddenly stopped when they got to the entrance of the building.
    Stiles opened the door.
    ” enter first ” Scott said to me in a commanding tone and I got a little bit angry but hid it with a forced smile.
    My eye caught glimpse of some ash on the floor of the entrance of the building. It was in a straight line making it to go through the entrance.
    I sighed as I entered the building, but something was kind of weird when I crossed the ash, it was an unexplainable feeling.
    I turned to look at them when I entered, stiles bent down and used his hand to break the line the ash made and they entered.
    I was dying inward to know what the hell they were doing but I didn’t ask them.
    ” who’s this ” I heard a man spoke behind me and I turned to see a dark man .
    ” he’s a friend ” Scott answered him moving closer to him.
    He whispered something into his ear and the dark man handed him something, Scott moved closer to me and he released the content of whatever it was the dark man gave him on me.
    ” what the f--k ” I screamed as I felt choked a bit by whatever it was he released on me.
    ” now you’re 50% free of been a threat ” Stiles answered as he passed beside me and moved closer to the dark man and Scott.
    I was given a chair to sit on as the three of them headed to another room.
    Not up to 2 minutes of sitting down, a hot girl and another guy entered.
    ” hi ” I tried to greet the girl and the guy , but the girl didn’t even do like I was their, she looked worried as she also head to the room that Scott, Stiles and the dark man entered.
    ” who are you “? the guy that followed the girl asked me moving closer to me.
    ” I’m Ben ,Scott and Stiles friend ” I answered him.
    ” don’t know you but am Isaac, talk to you later ” he said as he also entered the room.
    I was very angry where I sat down, how could they exclude me from whatever it was they were planning.
    I really wish I could have my power back, then eavesdropping on them would have being an easy task.
    I suddenly remembered that I was able to bring out my claws and fangs earlier , but I had to use all my strength to do that.
    Maybe if I could use my strength, I will be able to listen to whatever it’s they’re planning.
     SCOTT’S P.O.V
    ” who’s that guy ” Deaton asked me as we entered the operating room.
    ” just a rich dude who has lost Hus wealth ” I answered him.
    ” so ,why do you think he’s a supernatural being or a darach ” Deaton asked again.
    ” I don’t know why, I just have the feeling that he’s not a human, but I think he’s a human now, he passed the mountain ash, and the mistletoe didn’t react against him which means he isn’t the darach ” I replied him not able to give a reason why I thought he isn’t humane, maybe it was because I was envious of him.
    ” why is he here and does he know about you ” he asked and as I was about to answer him Allison entered, I looked at her and she has the facial expression that she’s very worried , Isaac also entered.
    I was kind of angry because I didn’t expect her to bring him along, tho I knew it was right because Isaac was protecting her.
    ME : he doesn’t know I’m a werewolf and he’s here because he thinks that Jennifer have his golds { I replied Deaton }
    ALLISON : which Jennifer are you talking about?
    STILES : Jennifer Blake, the darach is back and she got our parents to continue from where she stopped.
    ALLISON : how is that possible, I thought you said she’s dead
    ME : yeah, she was dead, I witnessed Deucalion slashed her throat, but now, she isn’t death and I don’t know how that happened.
    ISAAC : but who was that outside, someone claimed to be your friend and is sitting outside
    STILES : he isn’t our friend, just a drunk rich dude who claimed to have seen the Darach before and he also claimed she have his gold.
    DEATON : where did he saw her?
    STILES : he claimed to have seen her beside the nemeton
    DEATON : but the nemeton is hidden from human.
    STILES : but not from a drunk one because he’s a human
    DEATON : if what he said is true, then I think I know how Jennifer resurrected.
    STILES & ISAAC : { in unison } how
    DEATON : if she managed to get to the nemeton before she died and prayed to it, it might have preserved her soul until { paused }
    ME : until what
    DEATON : { he swiftly ran out and came back with a book } here { he said as he opened the book and all of us gathered round him }
    if a soul of a darach is being preserved by the nemeton, the darach can only be revive with the blood of one of the strongest supernatural being on earth, the nemeton will lure anyone it can locate and deliver it to the darach { paused}
    It’s here { he exclaimed }
    ALL : who?
    DEATON : the strongest supernatural being on earth is the guardian beast, I heard they are very powerful and fast like the wind , but they always stay in the forest which they are guarding.
    To people, they are just a myth made up, but I think we have one in beacon hills probably dead somewhere and it has helped the darach resurrect
    ME : what do you mean by probably dead somewhere?
    DEATON : the ritual of reviving a dead will require another dead, for the darach to resurrect, it has to suck every bit of blood inside this powerful supernatural being, also sucking all the powers of the being, which will kill the being
    STILES : I think we’re now in a deep mess, how are we going to kill the darach again and get our parents back alive
    DEATON : as it is now, Jennifer is very strong because she now possess the powers of the beast, but she wants to complete her sacrifice in order to make her indestructible, if she’s able to complete the sacrifice, then we don’t stand a chance against her, but we still have time to stop
    ME : how do we still have time, she might have even sacrifice them now or might be waiting for nightfall before she sacrifice them.
    DEATON : do you remember that the last telluric location she wanted to use for her last sacrifice was destroyed and because of what happened then, all the telluric location has lose their power and can’t be use for any sort of sacrifice.
    ALLISON : so ,his does this guarantee the safety of my dad?
    DEATON : she will need a replacement for the telluric location, and a better replacement for telluric is the the place that carries the reflection of the twilight full moon.
    ME : what’s a twilight full moon?
    DEATON : it’s a full moon but it will be hardly visible in the sky and the next full moon that will occur is the twilight full moon.
    ME : looks like we still got some time, because the next full moon is in two weeks time, but which place carries the reflection of the twilight full moon and does the full moon have any negative effect on werewolves?
    DEATON : I don’t know the place yet but I think I will be able to detect it before the completion of the two weeks, and regarding the negative effect, you’ll only have half of your strength during the twilight full moon.
    STILES : f--k us, she’s very strong now and we’ll be attacking her with half strength
    ALLISON : that’s the wolves, I don’t think a twilight full moon can affect my hunting skill { angrily }
    DEATON : go to school and do what you know how to do best, I got this.
     BEN’S P.O.V
    I was right with my thought, after focusing my strength to my ear, I was able to hear what they were discussing inside tho it wasn’t very clear but I could heard them.
    After eavesdropping on their conversation, all the questions bubbling in my mind were answered.
    Scott is a werewolf, the girl , I think a hunter, but I don’t think she stand a chance against my Nina.
    I smiled as I remembered Nina.
    I don’t know about Stiles but my bet will be on human.
    And Isaac, my bet on him will be on hunter.
    After finishing their secret meeting, which they thought was secret, they came out, Isaac and the girl were the first to leave before Scott and Stiles came out.
    I followed them out to the jeep.
    STILES : I think you should get a taxi and locate a motel, we will contact when we get your gold.
    ME : no, I think I will have to take your first offer, hope it’s still valid.
    STILES : yes, no, I mean it’s not valid again.
    ME : I don’t care, as for me, it’s still valid, so let go to your place { I entered the jeep and they both turned to look at me }
    Stiles started the jeep and Scott looked at him with surprise
    SCOTT : you know he can’t stay with us, and you know the reason
    STILES : he isn’t a threat, I am sure of that.
    After little bickering between the two, Scott finally gave in and in the blink of an eye, we were already on the road.
    I rested my back as I reminisce into what can happen if I couldn’t get my power back.
    Then I suddenly look through the window and saw something that shocked me.
    ” stop the car ” I screamed to Stiles

    Episode 6

    { Am I dying? }
    I rested my back as I reminisce into what can happen if I couldn’t get my power back.
    Then I suddenly look through the window and saw something that shocked me.
    ” stop the car ” I screamed to Stiles.
    Stiles halted the car at once, before he could turn back and ask me what the hell happened ,I was already out.
    I couldn’t believe who I was seeing at the other side of the road.
    It was my dad and he was smiling at me.
    He was looking at me with the ” I’m proud of you son ” eye.
    I stood at the side I was looking at him.
    I just couldn’t believe it was real.
    Then he suddenly opened his hand wide in a motion of requesting for a hug.
    Me being oblivious of all that was happening around started moving towards him.
    Tears was already visible on my cute cheek.
    But as I got to the middle of the road, he suddenly disappeared, I stood transfixed to the spot I was looking around ,all of a sudden, people started erupting out of the ground, they were many and surrounded me, they all looked like zombie, some had blood stain on them, some without heart, some without head.
    All of a sudden they started laughing at me, they were laughing wildly.
    Then I felt my head spinning and all of them were spinning in my eye.
    ” these are all who died in the course of expecting you to save them , they all died ” I heard a voice which has striking resemblance to my dad’s own screamed at me.
    I tried to locate the bearer of the voice among the zombie multitude
    ” they all died ” the voice screamed again.
    I quickly turned my eye to where I heard the voice coming from.
    Then I saw the bearer of the voice, it was my dad, he was among the zombies.
    He was also without heart.
    ” they died” he said making his way towards me among the zombie multitude, he was pulling them by their shoulder and they were falling down, he was stepping on them to get to me.
    ” they died because of you, you send them to their early grave ” his voiced echoed to me from everywhere.
    ” no , no, no” I whimpered and fell on the road covering my face.
    Someone suddenly carried me with force and I and the person landed at the pedestrian side of the road.
    I raised my head up to see who it was and discovered that it was Scott.
    But something was wrong with his eye, it was glowing red, he quickly tried to cover it when he saw me looking at him.
    I stood up and saw a truck almost out of sight, but it was sure that it passed the road I was some minutes ago, and their was no zombies anywhere nor my dad.
    ” what’s wrong with you “? Scott asked angrily as he got up, but this time, his eye wasn’t glowing anymore.
    I saw a small cut on his hand and it healed while I was looking at it.
    He noticed that I was staring at his hand, and used his eye to trace my gaze to his hand.
    ” it’s yours ” he said cleaning the blood the injury left on his hand.
    With the pronouncement of the statement ” it’s yours ” by Scott, I suddenly felt pain on my head.
    I traced the pain with my finger to my head, I touched the part I was feeling the pain.
    It was a cut on my head and it didn’t heal.
    ” s--t “! I exclaimed as the reality of what has happened dawn on me.
    I’ve lost my ability to heal and now am having scary nightmares in broad daylight.
    ” I’m sorry I just got carried away and thank you for saving me ” I said and crossed the road back to stiles who maintained his position inside the jeep.
    ” what did you took in the club yesterday night that’s still intoxicating you till now ” Stiles asked as I entered the jeep but I didn’t answer him.
    Scott joined us and we continued our journey.
    Stiles pulled over in front of a house which I presumed to be where he’s staying.
    We all alighted and Stiles took me to inside while Scott waited outside.
    ” here’s my room ” Stiles said as we entered into one of the room in the house.
    The room was a little bit unkempt.
    ” gat to go to school now, I will see you when I return ” he added as he made to leave the room.
    I was contemplating if I should thank him or not, but decided not to because of some reasons which I didn’t know.
    ” in case my dad comes back ,tell him I’m the one who allowed you in ” he said halting at the entrance of his room with a sad countenance.
    ” I don’t trust this guy,something is not right about him ” Scott said to stiles as he got outside.
    ” Scott, he’s hot and rich, that I know, and might make people like us jealous, I know you don’t want another Jackson ” stiles replied Scott, now with his normal expression, not the sad one.
    ” I’m not jealous of him, but his character is suspicious ” Scott said raising his voice a little.
    ” I’m the one who judge character here, you know that their is no better judge of character than me and I’m telling you the guy is just completd freaked out rich dude. We’re late ” Stiles said entering the the jeep.
    ” did you notice that he doesn’t seem to be freaked out or scared when he saw the darach, like he is familiar with things like , with supernatural creatures ” Scott said when he also entered the jeep while the Stiles started the car and left for school.
    They disconnected me from my eavesdropping on them as the jeep got beyond my connection boundary.
    I lay on his bed thinking.
    My mind was in disarray, I couldn’t fathom what was even going on there as I just stared blankly to the roof.
    I thought about what will happen to me if return back to Marseille without my power, then I’ll become totally useless.
    When Nina and Dandy are busy forming superheroes, saving the people of Marseille in case any threat arises again, then I’ll be with Victor playing play station.
    ” I heard that Nina and Dandy has successfully eliminate those terrifying beast that took the peaceful sleep of the people of Marseille ” Victor said swiftly pressing his game controller as I also did mine.
    We were playing pes 2019 on my Play station 5 which I just purchase.
    ” good for them and we the people of Marseille, it means am not going to sleep in the underground basement again ” I said happily as I concentrated on the game we were playing.
    ” noooooooo ” I screamed as this imagination conjured in my head.
    Then all of a sudden, liquid started from the roof of stiles room to the floor, I looked up and saw that the liquid was blood, as I looked up ,it started dripping on my face, some even entered mouth.
    I startling got off the bed, but the ground had already turned to a pool of blood.
    It was like a swimming pool.
    I quickly head to the door, I tried to open it but it wasn’t opening, the blood on the floor was rising, it was filling the room.
    I started banging the door furiously screaming for help as the blood was swallowing me bit by bit.
    It was already at my shoulder level, but I kept on banging the door.
    Then it swallowed me as it filled the room to brim.
    I started swimming inside it holding my breath inside the blood, then all of a sudden, zombies like the ones I saw earlier started erupting from the floor of stiles room, seeing them, I quickly swam to the door of the room again, and as I tried to pull the door knob, the zombies got hold of my leg and were pulling me into the ground , I jerked furiously to free myself from their hold.
    All this while I was holding my breath on order not to get drowned in the blood.
    They were much for me to handle and they were overpowering me and were succeeding in dragging me into the ground, out of fear, I decided to scream, bad idea.
    The blood made way into my system through my mouth and nose at once, I was drowning and suffocating in the blood without any hope for survival.
    I was about to pass out when the door flung opened and the blood and zombies disappeared at once.
    I breathed heavily as I lie on the floor.
    My vision was blurry and couldn’t see clearly.
    I felt someone dragging me on the floor to god knows where.
    The person stopped when we got wherever he was taking me to.
    I saw with my blurry vision as the person was bringing emanating smoke closer to me.
    He placed the thing in my nostril and as I inhaled it, I gasped back to life and my normal self.
    ” welcome back ” I heard the person said and I startling turned to look at the person, and was surprised to see the veterinary doctor we visited earlier.
    I was scared as I made to stand up and run away but I was too weak to do so.
    ” you don’t need to run, I’m a friend and your secret is safe with me ” he said and I found some sort of solace in his words.
    ” you know who I am ” I asked in a low sound, almost a whisper.
    ” I had my doubt when I first saw you, but I couldn’t confirm it because if the darach really s----d your power to resurrect, you should have being dead and you also crossed the mountain ash, so a lot of mystery for you to unravel for me ” he said as he squatted beside me looking at me with a eye that depict assurance and protection.
    ” I’m not someone who dies easily and for me crossing the mountain ash, I can’t say anything about it because I don’t know what it is ” I said glaring back into his eye with a mixed feeling gaze
    ” mountain ash is an old relics which can limit the mobility of a supernatural creature ” he explained to me.
    ” but I’m not a full supernatural being, I’m an hybrid, so I am also a human as much as I’m a supernatural creature ”
    ” an hybrid “? he asked surprised.
    ” yeah ” I replied him and suddenly started coughing, the cough was terrific as I felt severe pain in my chest as I was coughing.
    I used my hand to cover my mouth and when I finished coughing and removed my hand from my mouth, it was already smeared with my blood.
    The vet looked at it with a surprised expression
    ” am I dying “? I asked with a sad countenance.

    Episode 7

    { New identity }
    The vet looked at it with a surprised expression
    ” am I dying “? I asked with a sad countenance.
    ” it might be so and it might not be ,but in my opinion, I think it’s death ” he said and I lowered my head in resignation.
    ” like how many days do I have left or is their anything that can be done to prevent me from dying
    ” I asked with looking sorry.
    ” I think you’re a special one just like Scott, and do you know the special characteristics that all special one have “? He asked me and I shook my head to signify that I don’t know it.
    He smirked before answering me.
    ” the characteristics is that they don’t die easily, even when faced with death, they always scrape through it and I think that’s going to happen to you ” he said making me kind of happy tho I didn’t show it.
    ” so what you’re saying is that their is a cure ” I asked feeling excited
    ” yes, if you could last till then ” he said confusing me
    ” till when ” I asked confused
    ” till you’re able to suck your powers back ” he replied me still placing me in the confusion state.
    ” how’s that possible ” I asked him
    ” the same way she took it from you ” he answered helping me clear the confusion he started.
    ” that’s good, I love payback like I love Mistakencious, but how long do I have to get my power back before I die ” I asked him with my first countenance.
    ” I think it all depend on your will to survive, if you can stay strong, you should be able to last the two weeks that Scott and his pack will get her ” he replied me gracing my soul with sadness.
    ” so their is probability that I might not make it till then ” I asked and he shook his head slowly to affirm it.
    ” but I’ll advice to stick with Scott, if you’re with him, then I think you will have a better chance of living, and make sure you’re not alone always, because the illusion will get worse and you might end up killing yourself before you get your power back ” he said putting his hand on my shoulder before he stood up.
    ” I think I’ve a solution for me not to be alone and stick to Scott as you advised ” I said with a change of mood.
    ” what’s that” the vet asked
    I couldn’t concentrate in class, I was only in class but my mind wasn’t, series of events were going on in my mind.
    I knew it was the same for Stiles as he kept on staring at Mrs Elena Powell without blinking.
    Mrs Elena Powell was the substitute of Jennifer Blake, after she resigned from the school.
    I know the only thing in Stile’s mind and also mine is that the class should end, I’ve already messaged the guys that we should all remain inside the class so that we can start making plans on how we’re going to solve the case, how we are going to end Jennifer at once and recover our parents back.
    ” some of you were not listen throughout the class today, I didn’t do anything because I’m very happy today, but I won’t take that in our next meeting. ” Mrs Elena Powell said as she packed her stuffs and left the class following the jingling of the bell.
    Most of the students trooped out of the class as Mrs Powell went out.
    I looked around, I saw, Allison, Isaac, Stiles but someone was missing, yeah that’s Lydia ,I didn’t know when she got out of the class.
    I knew she will come over, maybe she’s gone on one of dead sighting voyage.
    Stiles joined me and we both moved closer to Allison and Isaac who were seating beside each other.
    SCOTT : anyone know where Lydia ?
    STILES : I don’t think anyone knows but she will be here
    SCOTT : okay, here’s what I’m thinking, I’m thinking that we should go to Deucalion and ask for his help, I’m sure he will be glad to offer it .
    ALLISON : { angrily } why should we ask for his help when he has tried to kill her two times and failed, and every time he fails, she always come back more stronger
    SCOTT : but I still see him as our only chance of defeating him, because during the twilight full moon ,Deaton said we will only be with half of our strength and from what Deaton also said, she’s now stronger which will make it hard for us to defeat her alone.
    STILES : what if we try to locate her before the twilight full moon, when you don’t have to fight her with half strength and we can also ask Derek for help.
    ISAAC : but I don’t think that will be easy, we don’t know where she is
    STILES : that was why I said we will try to locate her
    SCOTT : what if she now have a new face like she did before.
    STILES : then we’ve to make a plan on how we’re going to track and recognize her, we can do it guys.
    SCOTT : what do you propose we do now or where should we start from
    STILES : from the genesis, where everything started
    ISAAC : from the nemeton ?
    STILES : yes, she might have left something we can use to track her down there.
    LYDIA : how can you start without waiting for me, I’m hurt { playfully}.
    They all turned to look at Lydia who was at the entrance of the door, she wore a green skimpy gown and accompanied it with a heel shoe.
    LYDIA : { moved closer to them } why didn’t you tell me about your new hot friend in town
    STILES : who are you talking about
     BEN’S POV
    After the vet left, I quickly took a quick shower , wore my cloth back and left the house.
    I search thoroughly for a boutique which I entered and brought new clothes and accessories.
    I disposed the one I was wearing like I’ve been doing before.
    I also bought a new phone as the one that was with me was misplaced in the midst of my ordeal the other night.
    Then I located an automobile shop and bought a powerful engine motorcycle which have GPS location.
    I input beacon hill high school into the GPS location and it displayed the route to the school from where I was to me.
    It was a smooth and lovely ride to the school.
    With the assistance of school map, I was able to locate the Dean’s office where I registered as a students.
    I was giving the privilege of registering myself because of some pulled string which I don’t wish to share.
    After my registration, I decided to eliminate the next thing on my agenda which is surprising Scott and stiles, but the problem was that I don’t know their classroom, but as luck would have it for me, the alarm for end of class buzzed off.
    And students started trooping out of their class, mostly in groups, some double, they were all glaring at me.
    I wanted to walk up to a group of two girls and ask them if they recognize Scott and Stiles not until someone bumped into me, and was about to fall down but I quickly caught her by her waist to curb her from falling down.
    I left her when I saw that she was already steady on her feet.
    The looks hot in her short green skimpy gown.
    But instead of her thanking me or leave, she just stood their glaring at me.
    ” you’re hot ” she finally managed to say.
    ” thanks, but do you know any Stiles and Scott ” I asked after appreciating her flattering.
    ” you know Scott and Stiles “? she asked with a surprise expression.
    ” yeah, am their friend ” I replied her confidently .
    ” good, let go ” she said leading the way.
    ” that’s where they are ” she said halting abruptly at the entrance of a class.
    ” go in first, I’ll be at your back ” I commanded her and she obeyed.
    When she entered ,she made some statement and I entered the class.
    I enjoyed the surprised expression on Stile’s face as he saw me .Scott was also surprised
    I knew they will be shocked because of two factors.
    Firstly, that I came to the school to meet them and secondly that I can be more cute and handsome, more than I was earlier when we parted.
    ” I hope this meeting is for the recovery of my gold” I said moving closer to them.
    ” what are you doing here ” Scott asked angrily
    ” I’m here to oversee the quest for my golds” I replied him humorously
    ” lie, what are you here to do ” he asked again.
    ” firstly, I’ve the right to come to this school because am also a student ”
    ” stu ,student “? Stiles stuttered interrupting me
    ” yes ” I answered proudly
    ” but you’re only here on short term basis ” Stiles asked with a confused expression.
    ” looks like I change my mind ” I replied him smiling.
    ” why ” Scott asked with laser shot eye
    ” because I like this school and beacon hills seems to have tons of hot cheek like this beauty here ” I replied him winking to Lydia who reciprocated my winking with giggling.
    ” stop playing word game here and come out clean, why are you staying ”
    ” okay, the reason I’m registering here is to stay close to you and help you get your parents back and you know, to also get my golds back ” I answered him with a serious countenance.
    ” we don’t need your help, we’re fit to handle the situation ourselves ” Scott shot at me.
    ” is it because you don’t want me to know that you’re a werewolf ” I shot back and they all became shocked.
    ” if you know what I am, then you won’t hesitate to carry me along on the mission ” I added boldly.
    ” what are you “? Scott asked curiously and I smirked because everything was going as planned
    ” I’m a …

    Episode 8

    { Showing off }
    ” if you know what I am, then you won’t hesitate to carry me along in the mission ” I added boldly.
    ” what are you “? Scott asked curiously and I smirked because everything was going as planned
    ” I’m a hunter ” I said boastfully and they all passed the ” is he serious ” look among themselves.
    ” so you hunt animals for a living ” stiles asked sarcastically and I saw Isaac grinned.
    ” yes, I hunt special supernatural animals like Scott, just that I don’t deal with kids ” I said letting our a wicked grin
    ” u mean kids like antelope ” stiles said again sarcastically
    ” no, I meant kids like werewolves ” I replied him incurring a ” he’s a total psycho ” look from them.
    By that time, the class was already empty, none of the students was in the class.
    I saw as Scott smirked and exchanged glance with Isaac who was at his opposite side.
    Their face suddenly changed with hair appearing on it and their eyeball changed colour, Scott own was red while Isaac own was kind of yellowish in colour.
    I was a bit surprise when I saw them transformed because I thought they will turn to a full wolf like I always turn to a full beast,and I thought Isaac was a human being.
    They both attacked me from their angles with their claws that looked like a fixed nail.
    I really wish then that I have my power and show them that they aren’t even a kid, they are just a toddler compared to me.
    They both tried to slash me with their claws which I quickly held, I was surprised at my reflexivity, I didn’t know I still possess it tho not efficient like when I haven’t lost my power.
    With both of them claws in my hand, I attempted a front flip which was successful and twisted their hands which made them fell on their knees with their hands twisted backward and we all heard a sound which meant that the ball and socket in their elbow joint has dislocated.
    They both screamed as the sound emanated from their elbow.
    I left them alone and dusted my hand as the remaining bystanders were looking at me in awe.
    I was surprised to how weak they were, I believed that if I have my powers, I can finish the two of them off with just my left hand without transforming.
    ” you don’t joke with a guardian beast hunter ” I said with pride as Scott stood up using his unhurt hand to support the hurt one while Isaac was still on the floor whimpering in pain.
    ” you’re a guardian beast hunter “? Stiles asked in a disbelieving tone
    ” yeah ,do you also know about the guardian beast ” I asked him as I helped Scott to fixed his hand by jerking it forward with force, and he muffled in pain .
    I was playing my game well and I was enjoying it
    ” not that of a knowing, just heard about him briefly from someone someone, but what are you doing in beacon hills ” Stiles asked as I bent over to help Isaac up ,as I also did to him what I did to help Scott, when I jerked his hand front he almost screamed loudly but I quickly covered his mouth to prevent him from doing so.
    ” I tracked the beast here ,after failing to kill it many time, so I thought I had a good chance of killing it here in beacon hills ” I paused a bit and looked at Scott and let out a wicked
    ” so that’s why am here ” I added still looking at Scott.
    ” so , is the beast dead “? Stiles asked trying to decipher if I’m what am saying is true
    ” yeah it’s dead but for my unlucky star, I didn’t get to drive my dagger through its heart ” I said feigning to be a bit sober because I wasn’t the one who killed it.
    ” oh my God, you mean you didn’t get to drive the dagger which you lied was your family heritage and my dad collected from you into its heart ” he asked looking at me with a disgustful look
    ” I didn’t lie, it was my family weapon which I inherited when I passed my last test to become a hunter, and the dagger has taken many life belonging to guardian beast ” I quickly replied him in my defense.
    ” but why are you still here when the one you wished to kill has already being killed “? Scott asked with an unfriendly look
    ” looks like you are not paying attention Scott or you tend to forget things easily , will you be the one to refund my 18 bars of gold ” I shut at Scott and I heard someone said ” no way ” but I didn’t know who said it.
    ” you have 18 bars of gold “? Lydia who has kept quiet since asked in a awe expression
    ” yeah beauty, but whatever it’s that kidnapped their parents also kidnap my the golds , but am getting my golds with or without your helps ” I expressed boastfully
    ” we’ll help ” Lydia swiftly said raising her hands up ,and they focused their gaze on her
    ” he’s cute and strong, so we should help ourselves to achieve our aim ” Lydia said flickering her eyeball in a funny way.
    ” but we can’t trust you yet based on all your words and actions only, but you’re in the team, and know that we’ll keep a close watch on you ” Scott said bossily and they all concurred.
    ” so what’s the plan “? I asked as I helped myself to one of the seat in the class.
    ” since we’re 6 now, we’ll split into two groups, a group will try to locate the nemeton and the others will try and form alliance with people who can help us win the war ” Scott dictated and we all listened with keen attention.
    Truth be told, I was kind of hurt hearing Scott, someone who can’t even handle Nina dictating orders to me but I kept my hard feelings to myself, my power is more important to me than my pride and I will do everything I can to get it back.
    I was placed in group with Allison and isaac ,while Lydia, Scott and Stiles formed the second group.
    Tho Lydia wasn’t cool to the grouping, she said she wanted to be in the same team with me but Stiles had his way of talking her out.
    ” please make sure you find out what you can if you locate the nemeton, anything that will help us in deciphering where she’s holding ”
    ” McCall, Stilinski and Lahey ” Someone suddenly screamed from the entrance interrupting Scott’s words.
    ” coach “! Stiles exclaimed without turning to look who it was
    ” we’re f----d ” he added
    ” whole bunch of you we got here when I’ve almost turned the school over looking for you ” the person screamed again.
    I turned to look at the person and saw a man, he was wearing a Brown polo with a whistle glamoured around his neck, he had on a slightly baggy trouser and a tennis shoe.
    ” looks like you are planning how you’re going to defeat Timbers high here instead of doing it on the field with your remaining team mates or you forgot to call them ” the man said sarcastically and laughed loudly without anyone saying a joke.
    ” we’re ” Scott tried to say something but was swiftly interrupted by the coach
    ” you’re sorry you forgot to call them right, now the three of you get your sorry asses down to training before I decide to leave you here to plan how you’re going to sit on the bench for the rest of the season to watch the matches we’ll be playing ” he said with a countenance I couldn’t decipher, I didn’t know if he’s serious or playing, but Scott ,Stiles and Isaac left the room at once and he followed them
    Allison also left the class at once remaining only Lydia and me
    ” where are they going ” I asked Lydia who didn’t made any motion of leaving.
    ” they’re going for their lacrosse training ”
    ME : Lacrosse! What’s that?
    LYDIA : it’s a game which I you’ll get to understand when you see it being played { moving closer to me }
    ME : when will it be played
    LYDIA : now, they’re training for the match against the Timber high,and Scott is the captain, that’s the coach came to get him, he’s the best player in the team tho he was the second to the worst before,Stiles is the worst player in the team.
    ME : okay, take me to the pitch where it’s being played { tried to start going }
    LYDIA : not yet { she stopped me and suddenly kissed me but stopped abruptly leaving me to wonder why she did that.
    Shestood in front of looking at me sheepishly.
    I just stood there looking at her like a dummy.
    LYDIA : okay let go { she turned and made motion to leave , that was when what she meant by what she did scraped into my mind.
    I grabbed her by her hand and turned her to face me.
    I smiled wickedly as I lowered my face unto hers.
    In the blink of an eye, we’ve started smooching like our lives depend on it, scattering all the chairs on the way till we got to the wall near to us where I pinned her to it.
    I used my right hand to pin her two hands upwardly, while my left hand wondered on her b–bs , squeezing it through her gown and we still continued smooching, I was already lost in the act that I didn’t even thought about the risk of being caught.
    I didn’t know if she was thinking about what my mind refused to consider, but looking at how engrossed she’s with the act, it shows that, that wasn’t her first time of engaging in such act.
    I didn’t know how she did it but she did it, she unpinned her hand from my grip and reversed the position, my back was against and she was the one I control,I lost all the advantage I was deriving when I was in control except the smooching aspect which she seemed to be a freak at it.
    I suddenly felt her hand on my hard d..k ,she was massaging it through my trouser.
    When she massaged it to its full length, she suddenly stopped, disengaged the kissing and looked at me with a widening eye, let out a naughty smile then resumed the foreplay.
    As she wanted to unzip my trouser, I started hearing the sound of heels hammering the floor in a TicToc manner.
    ” someone is coming ” I whispered to her holding her hands .
    ” maybe you heard wrongly ” she said and wanted to continue from where she stopped but I stopped her.
    I knew she was already in the mood and was craving for my monster c--k but I can’t risk it.
    ” let go down to the pitch, and we will continue later ” I said to her as I put everything that was in disarray, ranging from my hair to my cloth in order.
    And she also did that .
    When we were set, I took my bag which was lying carelessly on the floor and backed it.
    We walked in pair outside of the class, only to see a woman who has great resemblance with Lydia walking towards us, she was putting on high heels ,which confirmed that I heard it right.
    She suddenly stopped when she saw about to get to us.
    She scanned me from my head to toe before she finally turned spoke out
    ” meet me in my office ” she said turning back and started leaving, leaving me confused because I didn’t know if she was referring to me or Lydia.
    ” that’s my mom, I will meet you on the field ” she said giving me the address to the pitch before she left me.
    I tried to follow the direction she gave me and I was successful with it.
    It was in the school field, I saw some students sitting on the saets arranged there watching the players training.
    I was heading to the seats and watching the players, they were all kind of violent playing the game, they all had a metallic pipe which had a net at its end in their hand.
    And a small ball which looked like a golf ball, they were using the pipe with net at its end to transport the golf ball,preventing their opponent from collecting it , their was a post and a goal keeper who also had the same pipe in his hand.
    They all had a helmet on which made it difficult for me to recognise Scott and Stiles.
    I was watching them playing as I headed to the seat, I was so engrossed in it that I didn’t pay attention to where I was going.
    I suddenly bump into a beautiful girl and quickly apologized, but the girl looked familiar but I couldn’t remember where or when we met.
    She smile as she looked at me and passed beside me not responding to my apology .
    ” label ” I suddenly heard the person say with a mockery tone and I turned swiftly to look at her.
    I remembered her at once, she was the one who gave me label dope that landed me in trouble tho it was not her fault but mine.
    It was my overconfidence that landed me in trouble not her.
    I was surprised to see her in the school and she looked very beautiful, I couldn’t see her face very well because of the kind of light used in the club.
    I walked up to her looking at her, she was extremely beautiful. Her beauty doesn’t deserve her naughtiness.
    ” looks like you’re able to escape last night ” she said as I got to her.
    She had a marble eyeball which complemented her beauty.
    ” sort of ” I said smiling as I fed myself of her beauty, I was regretting not having her when she proposed it yesterday.
    ” good, but you’re really strong as you claimed ” she said in a tone which I couldn’t decipher if she was mocking me or complementing me for what happened to me, so I only grunt faintly without replying her.
    ” you’re really what you claim to be, you took a whole candy of label at a go and you still have the ability to stand here right now, I actually don’t think you’re a human ” she added scaring the hell out of me, could it be that I’ve blown my cover, I quickly glanced around to see if anyone was around or heard what she said, I heaved a sigh of relief when I discovered that no one was around or could have heard what she said.
    ” do you know him ” the strange girl said pointing towards one of the guy participating in the lacrosse training on the pitch.
    I traced her pointed finger towards the person she was pointing at and I saw a guy having helmet on looking at us, I focused my attention and him.
    ” hell no “! I exclaimed as I saw who it was, it was Scott and I think he has been eavesdropping on our conversation.
    He has the look that he heard all what we’re saying.
    ” Do they also have the ability to hear from a far distance “?
    I asked myself rhetorically as one of the guys on the pitch bumped into Scott and Scott landed on the grass.

    Episode 9

    { Another s--t }
    ” Do they also have the ability to hear from a far distance “?
    I asked myself rhetorically as one of the guys on the pitch bumped into Scott and Scott landed on the grass.
    ” yeah he’s my friend ” I said as I averted my gaze from his place.
    ” and what do you mean by asking if I’m a human, do you see fur on my skin or paw on my leg instead of feet ” I said feigning to be angry.
    ” I’m sorry, I’m just joking, didn’t know you’ll take it personal ” she apologized to me and I smiled inwardly.
    ” it’s okay, I’ve already told you last night, all this are just a piece of cake for me, I’ve ventured in things more deadlier than label and I’m always on my feet “. I said knowingly increasing my voice so that Scott can hear if he really have the ability to do that.
    ” what are you doing here ” she asked looking around like I was in a place I’m not suppose to be.
    ” I’m not telling you until you tell me your, it’s now more than a one night stand friendship ” I said smiling and she also smiled
    ” okay, I’m Briana Joyce “,she said stretching her hands to me in a motion of demanding for an handshake.
    ” I’m Ben ” I replied her shaking hand with her.
    ” now that we’re passed the introduction stage, can you now tell me what you’re doing here ” she said looking deep into my eye with her marble eye and my heart melted.
    ” I attend this school ” I replied her with a countenance that suggested that I’ve been attending the school for a long time.
    ” wow, then you must be the Dean’s ” she said to me smiling, I couldn’t decipher the reason she was smiling because I didn’t think I cracked a joke.
    ” Dean’s son “? I asked looking perplexed.
    ” I started my high school here and now am in sophomore class which means that I’ve spent up to a year here, and you claimed to be attending here, and in this school, I am sure know all the cute guys attending ranging from the juniors to the seniors, that I don’t fail to notice and if I didn’t notice you that means you’re not a student here ” she said in a tone of certainty.
    ” you got me there ” I said smiling
    ” I’m a new student ,just enrolled today ” I added watching if her expression will change but it didn’t.
    ” yeah, I knew it. welcome to beacon high ” she said smiling.
    ” yeah thanks, are you also a student ” ? the question has already escaped my lips before my brain received the signal of how stupid the question was.
    ” no , I came here to deliver pizza ” she answered humorously and we both laughed.
    ” so where are you going, cause it seems to me you’re leaving “? I asked her in order to keep the conversation going
    ” yeah, I’m through with my classes today and I came here to watch the lacrosse training but it’s not interesting today as the best player in the team is playing like an amateur, looks like he got a lot on his mind ”
    ” Joyce, are you leave ” I interrupted her when she seems to be venturing into what I didn’t ask her.
    ” yes, I’m living ” she said smiling
    ” I tend to speak much when am bore ” she said striking my heart.
    ” am I boring you “? I asked her with a dejected feeling.
    ” no ,I’m not talking about you, I’ve just been bored since morning and this game worsening it, it’s even you that made my day a bit lit ” she said inviting smile to my lip.
    ” wow, I feel honoured hearing you say that ” I said grinning like a fool
    ” you’re funny, am going home, let go together, just to hangout ” she said bringing joy into my heart.
    It’s been long since I had that kind of joy.
    Chatting with her was really awesome, it made me forgot my travails and all the pain I’ve been harbouring for some time.
    The world became silent around us and all I could was her voice, nothing else.
    And she was very beautiful, she’s more beautiful than Nina and Becky in my eye, maybe it was because it’s been long since I saw them.
    Her question wiped off my memory and I forgot the reason I was even on the pitch.
    ” it’s time ” I heard a feminine said behind me as I wanted to reply the girl ” yeah, let go ” .
    I turned back to look at the mood killer and I saw isaac and Allison .
    That was when all my lost memory returned to me.
    I exchanged glance between the two of them not sure of what to do, either lose the chance to have sex with the preety girl in front of me for which I don’t know if I’m going to get the chance to do it again or lose the chance to get closer to recovering my power back but I will still get the chance to do it again.
    ” I’m sorry love, I’ve somewhere to go with my friends, we’ll hangout another day, I promise ” I said with a sober tone forcing out a smile .
    ” okay, see you around later ” she said pecking me before she left me with a seductive smile on her lip.
    ” someone you know “? Isaac asked as we head out of the school
    ” yeah , she’s my first friend here ” I answered him smiling.
    Isaac and Allison took a car which I think Allison owns it because she was the one driving it while I followed them on my motorcycle.
    I don’t know if Allison is the cold type or it was became of her father that was kidnapped because she rarely talk and she for the little that I’ve known her, she hasn’t for once smile.
    Maybe , that’s how all hunters are,because Nina was like that not until I find my way into her heart.
    Different thoughts kept bubbling into my mind as I rode on my motorcycle behind them.
    And I couldn’t take my mind off the opportunity I lost in mingling with Joyce.
    Their car suddenly halted near a forest and I also halted .
    They got down from the car and I also alighted mine.
    ” are we there ” I asked as I got closer to where they were.
    ” I thought you’ve been there before ” isaac asked looking at me with a kinda of gaze that asked the question ” have you been fooling us “,
    ” yeah, I’ve been there but I don’t remember how it look again and this ain’t the place I passed through when I came here last night.
    ” okay, we had to take another route so that Allison can remember the way to the nemeton ” he replied me putting me in the trance of solving what he meant with his reply.
    ” I thought Scott said that only people with supernatural ability can locate the nemeton ” I asked catching up with them as they’ve already ventured into the forest.
    ” yeah, but Allison has gone through an ordeal which made it possible for her to locate the nemeton ” he replied me relieving me of a new thought brewing in my mind.
    I asked many questions as we roamed the forest and got most of my answer’s from Isaac.
    Allison barely speak.
    She behaves like she has the limits of words she can utter in a single day.
    Going through the forest seems like a cyclic journey.
    It was like we were taking the same route every time.
    We were following in Allison trail ,and she also looked like she doesn’t know what she’s doing.
    Little darkness was creeping upon us.
    It finally got to a time that I couldn’t take it again.
    ” I think we’re only wasting our time here, we’ve been here for more than two hours and all we’ve succeeded in doing is walking through the same place more than 5 times ” I said stopping but the two of them didn’t answer me but kept up with their futile journey.
    I got pissed off by their act decided to leave them and go home.
    I turned back and started heading the way I think will lead me out of the forest..
    I haven’t walked up to 10 meters that I started getting hot inwardly.
    It started with little hotness like I was running temperature, but little by little I the hotness began to increase.
    It was like a fire was lit inside of me and the fire was spreading.
    I was in discomfort.
    I tried to run but I suddenly saw a fire burning round me. It burned in a cyclic manner leaving me trap in the middle.
    The fire started blazing higher but as it was burning high, it was taking a form.
    I stood transfixed at the spot I was watching in terror as my death was eyeing me.
    After some seconds the fire started bringing out some human figure.
    It goes on like this and the fire transformed into human beings.
    They took the spot the fire was.
    They took to human form from their toe to their waist, but from their waist to the head, they were covered in thick scale, and fire was emanating from in between the scale
    They were more than ten of them.
    And they all surrounded me.
    On their head was a shape of an arrow head and fire was emanating from it.
    I was so terrified looking at them that I forgot about the discomfort I was experiencing internally.
    I noticed there was one among them that the shape on his head was larger than the rest of them.
    When they finished their transformation from the fire, the one with the bigger arrow head shape screeched loudly and the rest of them also screech.
    I discovered that when they were screeching ,the fire emanating from the shape on their head switched off and the burning pain I was feeling inside of me died down.
    But it wasn’t for long , because when the one with the big shape stopped screeching, the rest also stopped and the shape on their head started emitting fire.
    But this time, the fire was blazing high than before.
    And the burning pain I was feeling returned to me in hundred folds.
    I screamed loudly as I fell to the ground.
    I felt my heart and all the organs inside me burning.
    And I felt my breathing ceasing as I gasped to breath.
    ” at last , death finally locate me “, I said to myself as I felt my heart shut down.

    Episode 10

    “Allison, Isaac ” I called out trying my luck if they were around, but after waiting for some seconds and didn’t heard any feedback, I ventured to search for them.
    { getting the black cat in the dark night }
    I felt my heart and all the organs inside me burning.
    And I felt my breathing ceasing as I gasped to breath.
    ” at last , death finally locate me “, I said to myself as I felt my heart shutting down.
    With the last strength inside of me, I raised my head up with a sad countenance as I looked into the eye of who I presumed to be their leader.
    He had on the look of accomplishment, which kind of confused my soul,because I didn’t know why he should possess that kind of look because I didn’t remember ever crossing his way before.
    After have fed him enough lf my pitiful face and he didn’t seem to have even a pint of mercy to render.
    I was ready to give up the last bit of life which I’ve been using all my strength to withheld from escaping from Me,then when i suddenly saw a fire from afar , sorry, it wasn’t just a fire, but a person on fire like a beast on fire, hell yeah, it was a beast like me, it was towards us in speed , tho not as fast as i was.
    Before i could blink my eyelid, the head of the one I presume to be their leader was already on the floor and shockingly , the heads of the remaining ones came off by themselves.
    After they’ve all died , some kind of fire started exiting their body and all conjured above them, after the conjuring of all the fire, with a loud screech, the fire swiftly floated up and disappeared and the bodies of the creatures melted into the ground leaving no trace of them
    The pain I was feeling inside subsidized at once , I quickly stood up to know who it was that saved me but couldn’t locate the person.
    It was like he or she wasn’t there wasn’t there at all.
    ” who could that ” I asked myself rhetorically as I sat down in resignation mood on the ground and was breathing heavily following the life and death ordeal i just went through.
    As i sat on the ground , i didn’t know what prompted me to tilt my head to my left side , but i just did and i saw it , it was right there and we’ve been doing a merry go round for more than two hours.
    The nemeton which we seek for was right there.
    The big stumped tree which also played some role in the losing of my power was there.
    I didn’t know if i should be happy or sad following my discovery. I stood up With all the strength I was able to channel into my body while sitting down, as i stood up and wanted to start heading to the nemeton was when i started hearing sounds, sounds of someone or something running towards from behind.
    With fear i turned to look at what it was to know how fast I must run in order to save myself.
    I heaved a sigh of relief when i saw Allison and Isaac, they were the one trying to scare me.
    Allison had a bow in her hand with its arrow fixed on it, she had it already been pulled ,just waiting for whatever the danger was and release it.
    They swiftly ran to where i was
    ISAAC : what happened, we heard some strange sound and someone screaming ( looking around )
    ME : ( trying to stabilize myself but failed at it ) it’s nothing serious ( my voice gave me out because it was ragged )
    ALLISON : I think it’s something serious because whatever it is that happened, it sure dealt with you.
    ME : wow, so you can speak { i muttered in my mind } look what I found { pointing at the nemeton in order to divert their attention }
    We all walked closer to it.
    As we got closer to it we stopped looking at it as if some sort of things will just magically appear and give us the answer to whatever it is we were seeking for.
    All i just did was stood there clueless and i was sure as hell that my companions too are clueless to what we should be looking for.
    Following my instinct , i climbed the nemeton and walked to the middle.
    I suddenly felt overwhelmed by some sort of connection.
    I felt my power , and i felt it greatly.
    It was like all the power was embedded somewhere in the tree .
    I knew that Allison and and Isaac will be watching me keenly so I behaved myself and shut the urge that was growing inside me.
    The urge to try and find a way to get inside the tree, who knows maybe my power is inside it.
    ” see this ” Isaac said drawing my attentions to him and relieving me of the ridiculous thought going through my mind.
    I turned to look him and saw him squatting down looking at something on the ground.
    I got off the nemeton and moved closer to him and Allison.
    I was surprised to see What he called my attention to.
    It was footsteps of someone , but not just an ordinary footstep, the footstep left a burnt mark on the grass on the ground.
    I know it’s only a beast like me that can leave such a mark.
    My mind became filled up at once as different kinds of thought pervaded it.
    ” look like we are getting somewhere ” Allison said as she started moving without telling us the main course for her movement.
    Isaac also stood up and started following her, ?not knowing what to do, i also followed them, but i noticed their gaze was fixed on the ground as they thread the path gently.
    I looked at the ground and saw what they were tracing , it was the footsteps Isaac saw earlier that they were tracing and I’ve been dumb enough not to see it or think to that level.
    We were tracing it and I was sure we were heading out of the forest.
    When the footsteps led us out of the forest , Allison was the first to stop because she was the one leading us on the track while Isaac second and i was the last.
    I knew why Allison stopped when i got to where they were.
    Whoever it was that owns the footstep crossed the road which i think to be a brilliant idea, because we couldn’t find any traces of the footsteps on the neatly tiled road.
    Allison grunt in frustration and Isaac switched his werewolve eye on and was using it to survey the road to See if he can get anything useful or see anything but I think he was unsuccessful with it as he also looked frustrated.
    I stood transfixed to where i was standing looking at the two of them, because I didn’t know what I could offer to help the situation.
    ISAAC : i think we should go back, we’ve lost the track { he said moving closer to Allison who looked very depressed }
    ME : That’s very good of you bro, you read my mind to make that statement { i said to myself }
    ALLISON : { with a teary voice } let try again, maybe we missed something, let retrace our step { unstable as she talked }
    ISAAC : { hugged her deeply in order to calm her down } calm down Allison, be calm, everything is alright.
    ALLISON : { sobbing } no, it’s not okay, she might have killed them to take revenge on us and gotten another set of guardians to sacrifice, we might just be tracking a dead end trail { sobbing more loudly } I can’t lose him too, he’s the only person I got
    ISAAC : { consoling her as she wept } it’s okay, nothing is going to happen to him, we’ve been through this once and we will sure get over this too.
    I stood transfixed at the spot I was watching their melodrama which seems to have some effect on me.
    Hearing and seeing allison tearing up because of the fear of losing someone who she regard as the only person she got popped up a memory of someone who was also in that state some days ago into my head.
    He was also scared of losing his mum and will do anything to make sure she’s safe ,not until he knew that everything is just an illusion which didn’t last.
    That person was me, I felt great pity on Allison, and felt the need to do something to relieve her of her fear.
    Even tho I knew I possessed not the means but still, I found myself wanting to do something beyond my means.
    It was certain that my power is gone but with it departure I still had some crumbs to feed on.
    And this crumbs doesn’t just appear by themselves, it only appears when I try to procure it.
    And that led to the revelation that I still had some of my powers in me, just that I have to scrutinize myself deeply in order to reach out for it.
    With tinglings of faith and hope, I tried to switch my beast eye on but failed at my first trial,second ,third, fourth and it continued like that till I gave up on doing it.
    ” let go ,it getting dark ” Isaac said as he and Allison walked pass me ,with his hand on Allison’s shoulder in a petting manner.
    This made me wondered what kind of relationship could be existing between them.
    Because they didn’t looked like they were dating.
    I followed suite behind them with my head down.
    I was a bit angry and sad because I had high expectation that I was going to succeed at it.
    As I was going, everywhere suddenly looked clearer than it was supposed to be .
    It was like some kind of invisible light was switched on illuminating the area.
    on noticing this, a thought popped into my head but I wasn’t going to acknowledge it until I was certain that it was what I was thinking.
    I looked back to the road .
    ” yes “! I screamed as I saw the trail that we’ve pronounced lost before illuminating on the neatly tiled road.
    A faint flame was illuminating from the footsteps which confirmed my assumptions before.
    It surely does belong to a beast.
    But what I need to decipher is to which beast.
    Is it the one that saved me or the one who extorted me of my divine abilities.
    Or could it be the same person.
    My mind was boiling with different sort of rhetorical questions.
    ” are you okay ” Isaac’s voice brought me back to reality.
    I knew they must have been startled by my sudden screaming and me abruptly stopping ,with my gaze fixed on the neatly tiled road.
    Looking at it like a long lost lover.
    ” yeah, I mean no ” I stuttered as I lost choice of words to make in order to inform them of the new development without deriving their suspicion.
    ” what I mean to say is that I just remembered a training which I received when I was still training as a beast hunter ” I uttered swiftly scrutinizing through my words if my cover wasn’t in the red zone yet with it.
    ” it’s called getting the black cat in the dark night ” I added applauding myself inwardly for my precious gift in lying.
    ” what about it ” Allison asked with dropping her pitiful countenance.
    Her facial expression said it all, I think the name I labelled the training to them passed a message to her and gave her a brick of hope to hold unto.
    ” in this training, we’re always asked to get something which in physical realm is not there but when you look beyond that physical realm, it’s there smiling at you to get it. Only 5% of hunters always pass the training successfully and I was lucky then to find myself among the 95% hunters that failed it ” I said humorously that Allison almost laugh but she controlled it but reverse was the case for Isaac, as his lips parted themselves revealing his teeth as he smiled.
    ” so what does that have to do with the present situation ” Allison asked giving Isaac a laser shot look which put an embargo to Isaac smiling.
    ” tho I didn’t get it then, but I sure did try as hell and took to mind all the tactics to pass the training, but now, I think I’ve successfully joined the 5% successful hunters ” I said with pride in order to make them buy my story without seeing any odds in it.
    ” look ” I said heading to the road and they followed me.
    I bent down on the road giving some sort of explanations which I found hard to understand it myself.
    After giving them the brain racking explanation, I started tracing the footsteps and they followed me.
    The footsteps led to a house which looked deserted.
    It stood magnificently beside the road that we were trailing.
    We moved closer to the entrance as Allison readied her bow and arrow in her hand as we got closer to it.
    Like a gentleman, I knocked on the door several time but when we didn’t get any response, we barged in.
    ” s--t ” I exclaimed as we were greeted by an unwelcoming scene.

    Episode 11

    { life and death ordeal }
    We moved closer to the entrance as Allison readied her bow and arrow in her hand as we got closer to it.
    Like a gentleman, I knocked on the door several time but when we didn’t get any response, we barged in.
    ” s--t ” I exclaimed as we were greeted by an unwelcoming scene.
    The place looked like somewhere which was just used for a burnt offering.
    I could see three burnt heads hanging down from the roof of the house.
    On the floor was the bodies of the three people whose heads were hung on the roof.
    Their hearts were missing.
    Judging from the size and shape.
    I could tell that the three people were family.
    Father ,mother and a child.
    My assumption was confirmed when I saw one of the picture hung on the wall, it consisted of a dark guy ,pretty white lady and a lovely girl.
    They looked happy in the picture.
    My heart ached looking at the picture.
    ” who could have done this ” I asked but was surprised not to receive any response.
    I turned abruptly and was surprised not to see my companions with me again.
    I looked around but couldn’t see them.
    “maybe they’ve gone to check the rest of the building to see what they can find out ” I said to myself feeling kind of left out.
    “save us ” I suddenly heard a feminine voice said ,shocking me.
    I turned to decipher who said it.
    I almost collapsed when I saw one of the burnt body without and heart on its feet.
    It was that of the little girl.
    The head had somehow find its way back to the head and glued to it.
    ” save us ” she repeated again and her parent body also rose to their feet and their heads has also reunited with their bodies.
    ” save us ” they said in unison as the two join the girl in her demand.
    ” save us ” they repeat again and started moving closer to me.
    I was gripped by fear and started moving backward away from them.
    ” Allison , Isaac ” I screamed as I felt my back came in contact with a wall barricading my movement.
    They were getting closer to me walking in a zombie manner, their hands stretched forward.
    The fear in me amassed to the extent that I felt my leg clogged and couldn’t make any movement.
    I felt like I was in another periphery which I’ve to struggle for my own survival but I was unable to do so.
    I was lurching weakly as the survival instinct in me amassed to an abounded amount.
    They finally got to me but suddenly stopped.
    They were directly in front of me and looked Like people waiting for further instructions before knowing what to do next.
    I suddenly felt at ease not until my gaze went to the floor.
    ” is that gasoline “? I asked my self rhetorically as I saw some fluid beneath my feet which looked like gasoline.
    Before my mind could offer me an answer, the three of them transformed into balls of fire and hit the fluid which was beneath me and a great fire amassed from it burning me.
    I screamed for help as I was getting roasted alive.
    I suddenly felt a huge punch landed on my face and the fire disappeared.
    I saw Isaac over me and I was sure the punch came from him.
    I looked at him and saw that his cloth were already tattered.
    No, it was like it was burnt.
    ” run ” he screamed when he saw that I was now back to my normal self.
    I looked around and saw everywhere on fire.
    I suddenly saw a fireball heading towards, I quickly pushed Isaac away and also swiftly jumped away from where I was as the fireball hit the wall I was leaning on.
    I looked towards the direction where the fireball came from to see who authorised it but couldn’t see anything because of the flame and smoke that has engulfed the room.
    As I was trying to get a clear view, something suddenly strangled my neck, it gripped me hard that I couldn’t do anything but struggle for survival and try my best to keep on breathing.
    Like a vacuum cleaner, whatever it is that strangled me cleared the room of the smoke,
    My eye widened with shock when I saw what it was.
    Right there, I knew the original definition of horror.
    I first thought I was hallucinating again but I knew I wasn’t when isaac stood up weakly with his claws protruding from his hands, his fangs clearly visible as he growled with outward anger.
    Before he could make any werewolfie movement , the creature already had it other arm strangling him too.
    We both looked helpless in front of the creature.
    With force the creature hit the two of us hard against ourselves.
    In the creature’s body were some pores, which suddenly became large after it has succeeded in making us very weak by hitting us against ourselves many times.
    I left out a weak grunt when I saw fire balls filling all the pores in the creature’s body.
    The opening were more than 20 and all were being directed at the two of us at once.
    “I ran all the way from Marseille to die here ” that was the only thought that swayed to my mind as I stood in front of my own death.
    Even when I still possess my beast power, I knew it will be impossible for me to escape death , being hit by at least 10 fireball ain’t something my beastiary side can survive because I remembered when such happened, it took the intervention of my dad to escape death.
    At the last second when I was already certain that there was no way of averting the death because the fireballs were already set to come out and have a nice time with us.
    I suddenly saw two arrows fly by my side and hit the creature in it eye, and to my utmost shock, the arrow exploded emitting a blinding spark from it.
    I quickly shut my eye in order to avoid temporarily losing my eye sight because of the spark.
    “run now ” Allison screamed
    as the arrow hit the creature and its hold released as it staggered back growling and screeched loudly.
    I breathed fast as I hit the ground weakly.
    I couldn’t run because of how weak the creature rendered me.
    But when I saw Isaac and Allison running out, an unknown energy surged through me and I found myself running after them.
    When I was about to get out , I turned abruptly to look at the creature but I was surprised to see that it has already transformed to human, female to be precise, but I couldn’t see the face of the Lady as I continued my temple run.
    When I got outside, everywhere was already dark and I couldn’t see Allison and Isaac again.
    I stopped running when I got to somewhere I thought was safe enough and out of reach of the horrific monster which was inside the house.
    I found that I was on the road and I sat down tired at the spot I stopped as mind revolved about the death and life ordeal I just went through.
    I was sure that it was the lady that stole my power because I could felt some connections with my power when she was thrashing me, but how could she possess such shape shifting power, the creature she shape shifted into with my power was something beyond my sense of reasoning.
    And with a lot of power surging through her.
    Thinking about it was causing some kind of freaky movement in my spine.
    An horror I will love not to have an encounter with again.
    But I was sure that there will surely be a rematch because of my power and the abducted parents of the new people I found myself entangled with.
    “But could they still be alive after what that evil b---h just show us that she’s capable of doing , I don’t think she need to get any more stronger than that by sacrificing anybody ” I said to myself as I laid in the lone road trying to get back my drained energy.
    “but who could that beast be, the one that saved from those fire creatures that attacked me, could it be my dad, and why did those creatures wanted to kill me, could they be working for for that powerful lady ”
    Different sorts of rhetoric questions were bubbling in my head as I rested.
    “I think that lady possessed up to 8 hands or more, whew, this fight will be tougher than the one I fought ” I assured myself as I stood up when I was sure that I had enough strength to walk.

    Episode 12

    { Ditched }
    ” what the f--k “! I exclaimed when I got to where I parked my motorcycle and where they also parked their cars and couldn’t see their cars there.
    Only my motorcycle was there.
    And this signified that they ditched me, they left without me.
    I was angry and sad by this, I’ve spent more than an hour searching everywhere for them but didn’t locate them.
    I would have returned to that building to search for them but didn’t because it was A NO GO AREA.
    It was by mistake that I even got to where we parked our stuff and saw that those that I’ve been searching for had already ditched me.
    Only a single meaning is attach to this act according to how I reasoned it, it means that they didn’t acknowledge me to be anything among them, they didn’t see me as friend which I see them as.
    Because a friend won’t treat another friend like that.
    I can never ditch my friend to save my sorry a-s not judging the danger I was going to be prone to.
    With a sad heart, I hopped my motorcycle, started it and placed it in motion as I head to Stile’s house.
    Stile’s house seemed to be farer to me, I wished I had my power, I knew it wouldn’t take me more than 2 minutes to get there.
    I rode at the highest acceleration the bike could offer me.
    And after what seemed to be an endless journey, I was finally there.
    I was met with an unexpected occasion as I got there.
    I saw all the crew, they were just coming out of Stile’s house ,Isaac , scott and Stiles who had a bat in his hand were heading towards Stile’s jeep while Allison and Lydia to the car that conveyed Isaac and Isaac to the forest when we left for the forest earlier.
    They did this in a hurry which suggested that they were in rush to get to somewhere quickly.
    They all stopped when they saw my bike approaching.
    Lydia who was already in the car got off and joined the others as they were stood transfixed at the spot they were glaring at me and my motorcycle.
    When I got closer to them, I off the bike and got off it, Lydia was the first person to ran to me and fell into my embrace.
    LYDIA : we thought something bad has happened to you, we were just about to embark on the mission yo save you { trying to hold herself from kissing him in front of every one }
    ALLISON : { moved closer to them } we thought you’re captured back by the Darach. What happened?
    ME : { trying to keep my anger in check } if you’ve tried to look over your shoulder when you’re keened on saving yourself, you would have seen me battling my way out { a touch of anger visible in my tone }
    I know you all don’t see me as a friend but that doesn’t warrant you ditching me to save your lives, I will never do that even to a stranger.
    I know I don’t mean anything you all, and I don’t have your trust, but ever since have being here, all I’ve been doing is to help you, my golds is just an excuse to do so.
    Get your old folks back yourself, and I will retrieve my golds back myself.
    { without waiting for any one of them to say anything, I hopped my bike back, ignited it and sped away from there }.
    After we entered the building which Ben helped in locating, we were welcomed by a gross sight.
    Ben who I thought to be a kind of playful person but with great talent and skills was busy asking some irrelevant questions looking at the murdered like they possessed some kind of relation with him.
    The building was very big judging from the external view but reverse was the case from in the interior.
    Their was two staircase which led to the upper floor of the house.
    One by the right and the other by the left.
    I signalled to Isaac to check the right one out and I the left while we left Ben to mourn the dead because it seems he really wanted to.
    With my grip firmly on my bow and arrow,I made my way to the room in the next floor.
    I had some tingling of hope that my dad , Scott’s mum and Stile’s dad will be held there.
    I got to the room to get my hope bashed as I met an empty room.
    It was like the room was specially cleared for an event.
    I suddenly heard a deafening growl which shook the whole building, followed by Isaac growling which sounded like like a cat’s mewing compared to the first growling I heard.
    With speed ,I quickly ran down from the floor I was because the upper were not connected.
    I was surprised to see Ben behaving strangely like he saw a ghost when I got down but I didn’t mind him.
    With haste and caution, and ready to release my arrow into anything that deserve it, I swiftly climbed the staircase leading to the floor Isaac was.
    As I got closer to the top ,the more heat I was feeling.
    Like a missile, Isaac suddenly flew out of a room with something that seemed like a fireball escorting him out.
    With a loud bang, he crashed against a wall, he looked very weak and worn out.
    I hurried into the room he flew out from and met one of the greatest surprise of my life.
    A huge beast which was on fire, it was very huge and looked fiercely.
    But I could easily tell that it was Jennifer.
    Before I could even release my arrow into it body, she hit me and I fell out through the window.
    All I remembered was that I was flying the air screaming.
    I woke up to fine myself on the ground unhurt.
    Just feeling some pain from the knockout Jennifer gave me before I voosed out through the window.
    I was surprised that I was still alive and without any broken bone.
    I knew some kind of trick or magic occurred because no one can survive such fall without being paralyse for the rest of his or her lifor
    ” or could it be that I’m in the other side ” I said to myself still amazed that I escaped the fall.
    I suddenly heard Isaac and Ben screaming confirming that I was still alive.
    I swiftly stood up ready to go and try and save them.
    But something was missing, my bow and arrow.
    I looked around the site where I fell down and found it there but something was off, my arrow has being changed, the arrow I found near my bow has a kind of explosive at it tips.
    Not ready to contemplate on what happened to it ,I picked it and dashed into the building.
    I was met with another shock when I entered.
    She wasn’t in the shape of a fierce beast again but now in the shape of an irritating creature.
    A creature I’ve never imagined someone can shape shift into.
    She shale shifted into an octopus, and with two out of numerous hand, she had Ben and Isaac in her grip, they looked worn out.
    Her body was doing something perplexing, like it wanted to release something which I gat no idea what it was.
    Not wanting to confirm what it was because I knew that whatever it was, it wasn’t going to end well for anybody except her.
    I quickly fired two shot of arrow into her eye, and they exploded at contact with her at once emitting a blinding spark.
    Maybe it was because he was already trained as a hunter before, I saw Ben close his eye at once but the innocent Isaac didn’t do that, and I knew he will be blinded temporary by the spark.
    She released her grip on the two as she screeched in pain and I quickly ran to the help of the two, my assumption was right as I saw that Isaac couldn’t see again so I helped him, and expected Ben to follow us because he looked okay.
    Without watching over my shoulder, I assisted Isaac as we both ran into the forest
    When I thought we’re away from danger zone, I stopped running Isaac and I tried to caught our breath.
    That was when I noticed that Ben was not with us.
    I had to wait for some minutes to allow Isaac to heal before we ventured to look for him.
    After combing everywhere, we couldn’t locate him, that was when a thought graced my mind, and the thought was that maybe he didn’t escape when we did, maybe Jennifer succeeded in holding him down when we made our way out.
    And the only way to confirm it is to go back to the building which I viewed as a suicide mission without the rest of the pack.
    ” she might have shape shifted into another dreadful creature and this time she will be expecting us which will make bashing in there by ourselves an unwise decision ” I assured myself as I told Isaac to call Scott so that they can come as reinforcement but Isaac’s phone has already being misplaced in the course of being trashed by the beast.
    Likewise mine too, I couldn’t find it again.
    So we decided to go personally to go and inform Scott and the remainings of the latest development.
    When we got to my dad’s car,we saw Ben’s bike where he parked which accrue my assumption that he has being captured by the Darach.
    We headed to Stile’s house, that was where we agreed to meet after everyone is through with their mission.
    After giving little of what happened in our mission to them, and what had became the fate of Ben, we all set to rescue him.
    But when we were about to set on the mission, we saw a bike coming towards us, a bike which looked like Ben’s own.
    We all stood our ground waiting to confirm if it was really Ben who was on the bike.
    And alas, he was the one.
    When he got down the bike, I had to control myself from running to embrace him because I was very happy that he made it out alive.
    But he shoned all of his with his words when he got down from his bike,
    It looked like he got the wrong idea about us leaving, I hate coming up with excuse so I just stood where I was as voiced out all he got and hopped his bike and angrily rode out of sight.
    ” what do we do now ” I asked as Ben rode out of sight and all of them seemed to be lost on which word to say.
    ” we do what we normally do, come out with a plan ” Scott replied as we all heard back into Stile’s house to sketch out a plan for the mission as we already know what we were facing.

    Episode 13

    { Jabuza’s Gelda }
    My mind was off the field as we trained,
    I found it hard to concentrate on the game, u had too much to do and limited time to do it, and I was wasting some of the limited time on the pitch training.
    I was taken down at any contact with any player, I was mostly carried away thinking about a plan to get our parents back safely.
    Tho Stile was the one who always come up with idea but with the life of the one I cherished most on earth at stake,I had to also do some thinking.
    Clouded with my thought, my eye suddenly caught glimpse of someone, no, it wasn’t a glimpse, I saw him clearly,the new guy { Ben } and he was talking to a girl.
    I knew he has the aura to get any girl he wished blinking around him but I was surprised to see him quickly setting to it.
    I tried my best to eavesdrop on their conversation but they were too far for me to be successful with it.
    ” Scott ” coach screamed my name when Shaw bumped into me and with a loud thud, I hit the ground. I think that was the twentieth times he has screamed my name since I got on the pitch.
    ” get your sorry a-s off the pitch and get overwhatever it is you gat in your head , even my great man ghost will bring you down today ” coach added humorously as he send me off the pitch which I appreciated in my mind.
    Stiles wasn’t even training on the game, he was on the bench, so it was easy for us to take our leave at once.
    I called Lydia on phone to meet us in the school park which she did and we took our leave to the Hale’s building.
    The drive to the Hale’s house seemed to get farer than it was.
    We were welcomed by Cora when we got there.
    I asked her of Derek and she informed us that he’s out of town to get something done.
    The disappointment look was vividly shown on Stile’s face.
    ” when is he coming back ” Stiles asked with a worried countenance.
    ” I don’t know but I don’t think it will be anytime soon ” she replied him bashing the last bit of hope hanging in us.
    I wanted to explain our travail to her maybe she might find a way to get Derek back quickly but decided against it because I think Derek needs to be out of the mission.
    He really need the time to be alone after what he just went through.
    We bade her goodbye as we left the Hale’s building.
    We had no option than to go through with my first opinion.
    That is, ask for Deucalion’s help.
    But the only problem with fashioning that out us that Deucalion’s location was unknown to us.
    We had to retired to Stiles house to wait for the other group to come back with their feedback in order to know what to do next.
    We were on the way to Stile’s house when Stile’s phone suddenly rang.
    It was from the sheriff’s office asking about the whereabout of his dad.
    He had to come up with some lie in order to cover everything up..
    BEN’S P.O.V
    Not knowing where to go or what to do, I rode to the vet’s place.
    I knew I needed someone to talk to or I might lose it.
    Tho I lost the precious factor called TRUST but I was assured by some unseen force that I can trust the vet.
    ” we’re close ” Deaton said as I entered his clinic.
    ” I’m here for personal consultation ” I said as I moved closer to him.
    He welcomed me open handedly and took me to a room where I narrated all I went through throughout the day including the night.
    I noticed that I got hundred percent of his attention when I got the creatures that were formed from fire, so after I was through with my narration, I indulged him into Q&D.
    ” please do you know anything about the creatures ” I asked him looking disturbed by it.
    ” I don’t think I know anything about them but from how you described them, I think I might have come across a myth that says one or two things about them ” he said looking into my eye with a look that sent the message ” death ”
    ” what does the myth says ” I asked him impatiently when he refused to say it.
    ” according to the myth, when the first guardian beast was crested, it was through a deadly spell which was conjured with the use of fire.
    The sorcerer that performed this spell did it on Jabuza the great.
    Jabuza was a great warrior feared by many but he had a great phobia for fire.
    The sorcerer not knowing this cast the spell on him and because of this his phobia for fire left him since he’s now one with fire and metamorphosed into Gelda, a spirit which is famously known for the strife it inflict on creatures who had their powers taken from them.
    Their are different types of Gelda, depending on their mode of creation.
    The one that attack you is known as Jabuza’s Gelda aka fire Gelda because it was created from the phobia of Jabuza, they make sure they kill their victim from where their power reside, and in your case, it is in your heart, that was why they wanted to end it there and from what I heard, they’re indestructible ” he explained to me with much enthusiasm and I listened with keen attention.
    ” but I saw them killed by the unknown beast I told you about ” I told him to correct his last statement and he smirked.
    ” they can’t be kill, you said their was one among them that looked like their leader, that is Jabuza’s shadow, conjured from the phobia of Jabuza, and anytime it’s killed ,it procreate more of itself and get stronger, all the creatures you saw it controlling were just sub shadows of itself which it procreated when it was killed by beast who has being in your position in the past and from what I’ve read, none of them have ever survive it ” he said sending a great deal of fear into me.
    I regretted the day I made the decision to visit beacon hills, .
    The reason I was visiting beacon hills was to rest and get away from the violence life which seems to be blooming in my life in Marseille, but beacon hills seemed to be worse than Marseille.
    Now I’ve to face inevitable death from different angles coupled with the fact that I don’t have my power nor my friends to battle it out with me.
    ” so there is no way for me to escape the death looming over my head ” I asked with a sad countenance
    ” I think their is a way to avert the death ” he said pausing for some seconds
    ” how “? I asked excitedly
    ” by regaining your power back and making sure you’re with your friends every nightfall till you do that ” he said lifting the sadness off my heart a bit
    ” why should I make sure I’m with my friends every nightfall and I don’t even have any friend here ” I asked perplexed about what he said.
    ” Gelda can only attack at nightfall, it’s an agent of darkness and cannot attack in the day, so you’ve to make sure you’re around people who will be able to save you when next it attack, just that it will keep on getting stronger and plenteous as you escape each night because you’ve to kill Jabuza’s shadow every nightfall which will increase its army and wax them stronger ” he said making it seem almost to be an impossible task and resending the fear I had successfully eliminated from my heart.
    ” is that possible ” I asked with my old countenance.
    ” yeah, it’s very possible with the help of your friends ” he said placing more stress on the word ” friend “.
    ” but I gat no friends here in beacon hills ” I replied him.
    ” you do ” he said looking at me like a grams trying to get a message across to her granddaughter in a coded manner.
    ” no, they’re not ” I said when I finally got what he was trying to pass across.
    ” they can’t be my friend ,they hate me and doesn’t want me around them, I think the Gelda is even more friendly than them” I said humorously trying to ease off the anger that was conjuring inside of me as I talked about them.
    ” I know you got the wrong idea about them, but I’m not going to talk you into getting back with them, but you will realize soon that you really need yourself ” he said getting up from where he sat during our conversation.
    ” gat somewhere to be, you can stay here for the main time if you wish ” he added leaving me
    ” but we’re not with our conversation yet, I don’t know who the random beast who saved me is and what if the Gelda attack me again ” I screamed quietly trying to show that I was scared.
    ” if the myth is right, the Gelda can attack only once a day and concerning the beast, I will leave you to that, decipher who it might be yourself ” he said leaving me.
    I thought hard throughout the night about everything happening to me, who the beast might be but I didn’t find a soothing answer to all the rhetoric questions I had in my head, it was during my thinking that I mistakenly slept off where I sat and woke up to the sound of someone opening the door of the vet’s clinic.

    Episode 14

    { what the f--k }
    I thought hard throughout the night about everything happening to me, who the beast might be but I didn’t find a soothing answer to all the rhetoric questions I had in my head, it was during my thinking that I mistakenly slept off where I sat and woke up to the sound of someone opening the door of the vet’s clinic.
    I startling woke up from the chair I woke up and saw Deaton, he was wearing a black leather up and down cloth.
    He looked like someone who just completed a secret mission.
    ” did you sleep here throughout “? he asked me when he saw me on the chair I was.
    ” yeah ” I replied rubbing my eye with the back of my palm.
    ” you should have slept on that bed, hope it you weren’t uncomfortable ” he asked as he pointed to a bed which looked like hospital bed inside the room.
    Truth be told, I didn’t notice the bed ever since I’ve been inside.
    ” yeah it wasn’t bad “, I lied to him as I already felt my neck cramped.
    ” it’s already morning “? I asked surprised at how fast the night was over.
    ” yeah, got any plans for today “? He asked as he unzipped the black leather he had on unveiling a white polo he had under the leather.
    ” don’t really know but I think I will be going to school ” I replied him trying to stretch out my cramped neck.
    ” school “? He asked surprised.
    ” oops, sorry, I forgot to tell you that I’m now a student of beacon high ” I apologized as I stood up , picked up my bike’s key.
    ” see you later and thanks for yesterday ” I appreciated him as I made my way out of his clinic.
    On my bike’s GPS ,I initiated a search for a nearby bathhouse and it showed me one that was around there.
    I branched a boutique to get a new cloth before I made my way to the bathhouse.
    I took my bath and changed into the new clothes I got from the boutique and disposed off the old cloth as I’ve been doing since the day I left Marseille.
    I initiated another search for beacon high on my bike’s GPS because I wasn’t familiar with the route yet.
    By the time I got to the school, students were already buzzing, some with the usage of car, some, with bike,while some were peddling their bicycle in.
    Seeing the students using bicycle reminded me of myself when I was in Marseille, always peddling to school every morning.
    I parked my bike in the space accorded for that and got off it.
    ” Ben ” I suddenly heard a sweet feminine voice called out my name.
    I turned to look at the person and was surprised to see Joyce coming out from a yellow fancy car.
    ” is she rich ” I asked myself smiling stupidly as she moved closer to me.
    She was d--n beautiful, merely looking at her made me felt my g---n kicked.
    ” hi ” she said as she got to where I was standing.
    I just stood there looking at her without giving her a response.
    ” I think you’re going to bore a hole in me with your eye ” she said humorously as I kept on looking at her.
    ” oh, am sorry , I wasn’t looking at you, I was just carried away with somehow ” I stuttered denying what she said.
    ” good, nice bike you got there ” she said looking at my bike.
    ” yeah , and nice car you also got there ” I replied her and she smirked.
    ” got it from my dad as a birthday present ” she said as we started heading into the school building.
    ” cool, same as my mom, she got me the bicycle I was using before as a birthday present before I got the bike ” I said subconsciously and suddenly paused as memory of my mom’s betrayal flooded my mind.
    ” looks like you two aren’t on good term again ” she said noticing my sudden change of mood.
    ” somehow, but she’s late now ” I said trying to cheer up my mood.
    ” ouch, sorry for that ” she said with a tone that depicted that she really meant it.
    ” you don’t need to be “, I said dropping my sad countenance.
    I was so engrossed in our discussion that I didn’t know that we were already in the school corridor and already gat some eye glaring at us.
    ” so what about the place you went to with your friends , hope you guys catch some fun ” she asked as we got to her locker and she took some book inside.
    ” yeah , we caught the opposite of fun and they are not my friends ” I replied her in a light mean tone.
    ” don’t know if I should feel sorry for ” she said humorously.
    ” why “? I asked glaring at her.
    ” you left me for them leaving me with no one to hang out with ” she replied feigning a mocking sad countenance .
    ” am sorry, I regretted doing that, hope am forgiven ” I pleaded looking pitiful.
    ” you’re too cute not to be forgiven ” she said smiling as we head to the class.
    ” are you in my class ” she asked surprised that I was following her to her class without making any move to head to mine.
    ” hmmm, I think so ” I said with my hand wandering on my head.
    ” hi Ben ” I heard someone greeted me from behind as I stood behind the entrance of Joyce’s class.
    I turned to look at person and saw Lydia, she was looking gorgeous.
    ” hi ” I replied casually.
    ” can we talk “? She asked giving Joyce a rile stare.
    ” yeah, see you around later Joyce ” I said leaving with Lydia , I knew Joyce wasn’t happy as she made her way into her class.
    ” am yours now ” I said facing Lydia.
    ” let go somewhere else ” she said looking at me seductively.
    ” where ” I asked her giving her a suspicious look.
    ” somewhere where we can knock everything on the desk down, smooching real hard”.
    My mind suddenly went blank and by the time it rebooted, we were already inside an office casting down every files and other things that were on the desk smooching ferociously.
    Everything all happened in a flash.
    My mind was already wandering in her b__bs as she held me closer to her.
    We suddenly stopped when we heard some footsteps.
    That was when my lost reasoning abilities started locating me.
    ” where are we ” I asked her as the coast became clear.
    ” the biology teacher’s office ” she replied with a look that depicted that she wasn’t joking
    ” what the f--k ” I screamed lowly springing up from the dedesk”
    ” are you insane ” I asked irritably
    ” it’s alright because she’s not coming here today ” she said confidently.
    ” and how the hell did you know this ” I asked her looking at her like a psycho.
    ” because she’s my mom and believe me when I say that she’s not coming here today ” she said calming my already risen nerves down.
    I heaved a sigh of relief hearing her last words.
    ” wow, you almost gave me a bp ” I said humorously and she laughed.
    ” looks like you aren’t the tough guy I pictured you to be ” she said still laughing.
    ” I’m tough but been having it rough this days, which has bent be a little into a cowering guy ” I replied her moving closer to her and kissed her softly.
    She wanted to put on the former mood but I stopped her.
    ” thought you said you want to talk ” I said humorously and she smiled.
    ” yeah, but you’re a hard guy to resist ” she said trying to kiss me again but I stopped her.
    ” we got a class to attend ” I said trying to get her to tell me the reason she disassociated me from Joyce.
    ” my grades are okay, skipping a class ain’t going to bring it down and you don’t look like the kindof guy who cares about grades , so we’re good” she said as she made another attempt to kiss me but this time I only feebly stopped her and before I could come up with another defensive word, we were already smooching.
    I was half mindedly into the foreplay and the other half making sure we’re okay and I accoladed myself for doing so.
    Because I suddenly heard a footsteps coming closer and I had this great intuition that the destination of the footstep is the office we were in.
    I swiftly stood up and dragged Lydia closer to me as we hide beside the door.
    We stood in a hugging motion in such a way that I was the only one who can see whatever it is that is happening inside the office.
    Lydia wanted to protest against my act but I quickly shush her and just then the door opened and someone entered.
    ” what reason do you have for coming late to my class ” a teacher whose name I later found out to be Miss Elena Powell said as we entered the class.
    ” My Mum was indisposed, so I had to get her to hospital before rushing down here ” Lydia replied her, bailing only herself out.
    ” heard about it, my good wishes with her, hook yourself somewhere ” Powell said to Lydia.
    Lydia smirked and winked at me before she made her way in.
    ” b---h ” I muffled under my breath.
    ” and you ” Miss Powell asked facing me.
    ” yeah, I’m a new student and lost my way around here” I lied and it worked as she allowed me in.
    Everyone was inside the class, Scott, Stiles, Allison and Isaac.
    They all averted their gaze as I made my way to look for an occupied seat.
    I looked at Joyce where she sat and she smile to me ,I reciprocated her smiling gesture with a faint smile.
    The first empty seat I came across was at her back so I sat down on it.
    I knew she didn’t know that I saw her but I saw her as she entered the office because I had the clear of seeing all that was happening inside the office.
    ” but what the hell was that, that she was doing inside the office ” I asked myself as tried to concentrate my attention on what the teacher was teaching, in order to distract myself from any pestering thought going on in my head.
    We only had two subjects that day and before 4 we were already through with class activities.
    I heard beacon hills has a lacrosse match with another neighboring school and Lydia had already made me promise her that I will wait and watch the match so that we could talk over the match, she said that way she will be to control herself since many people will be there.
    I also find it as a chance to look out for myself.
    I thought if I was there ,the Gelda won’t have the ability to attack me because of the crowds that will be present there, little did I know that it ain’t going to go how I imagined it.

    Episode 15

    { pleasure kills }
    ” Ben ” I heard Joyce called my name as I made my way to the pitch where the lacrosse match was going to take place.
    ” hi ” I greeted her forcing out a smile.
    ” where you to ” she asked me looking concerned.
    ” to watch the match ” I replied trying my best to look normal.
    ” but that will be taking place at 7 and this is 4:23 ” she said as she checked the wrist watch on her wrist.
    ” oops, I didn’t know, thought it will be taking place soon ” I said looking a little bit surprised.
    ” looks like you really enjoyed your talk with Lydia ” she said glaring at my eye.
    ” enjoy my talk as how “? I asked trying to get what she meant.
    ” I saw you entered the biology teacher’s office with her and you both took your time inside ” she said with a sensation of jealousy in the air.
    ” f--k, were you stalking me ” I asked her trying to get her actual intention for doing so.
    And I was also surprised that she did what she did when she knew that I was there.
    “Maybe she thought we’ve left and had something important to get from the office, maybe that was why she was going through the biology teacher’s stuff.” I said to myself as it seems as the only reasonable explanation that I could mustered to qualify her act.
    ” no, I just wanted to make sure you’re safe ” she replied with a stern look.
    ” and why did you think I wasn’t safe ” I asked her again persistently.
    ” dunno, just had the feeling that I should do that, I’m sorry ” she said looking sad.
    ” it’s okay and thanks for watching out for me ” I said humorously in order to lift her mood.
    She suddenly started laughing which gat me wondering what was wrong with her.
    ” looks like you both have a great time in the limited minute you had to talk ” she said still laughing and I didn’t know what to reply her, because she stressed her statement like she knew I was making out with Lydia.
    ” here ” she said handing handing an handkerchief to me.
    I collected it looking at her with a surprised expression because I didn’t know what she wanted me to do with.
    ” the purple lipstick doesn’t fit you ” she said with a grin and I glared at her wondering what she meant by what she said.
    ” I don’t unders” I couldn’t complete my sentence when I remembered that Lydia was putting on purple lipstick.
    ” s--t ” I muttered lowly as I cleaned my lip with the handkerchief and the remnant of the lipstick appeared on the handkerchief.
    She smiled as I gave her the handkerchief which meant she gat no deal finding and sooner than later, we started discussing ,mostly about her
    ” let go to my place ” she said in between our conversation.
    ” I want to watch the match ” I said giving an excuse in order not to follow her.
    ” we can still come back for the match, we’re just going to grab something to eat and come back before 7 ” she persisted as I tried to escape it.
    After much persistency, I agreed to follow her.
    I couldn’t see anyone out of Scott’s gang, even Lydia, so I presumed that they had gone to the pitch.
    I left my bike in school as the journey was conveyed in her fancy car.
    We chit chatted throughout the journey to her house which was few kilometres away from school.
    ” welcome to my house ” she said as she pulled up in front of a beautiful house which deserted away from other houses.
    Other houses could be seen but her house was another periphery from other houses.
    It wasn’t a big structure but it was designed up to perfection from the exterior view.
    ” do you stay here with your parents ” I asked as I stood aloof the entrance of of the building
    ” no, I stay alone ” she said as she held my hand and walked to the entrance of the house, opened the door and we entered.
    ” my parents lives some miles away from here ” she added as she showed me the beauty of her house.
    ” she must be a daughter of a wealthy man ” I assumed to myself as I view the exotic design of her house. Tho she was still underage but her bar said otherwise as different kind of drinks were seen arranged neatly there.
    ” should I fix us something or place an order ” she asked as I sat on one of the sofa in the room and she sat beside me.
    ” I think you should place an order or else we might be late for the game ” I told her hiding the real fact why I asked her to placed an order.
    The real reason I asked her to place an order was because I was terribly famished.
    I haven’t had anything for two days, I knew it was the remnant of my beast side that still had me going without feeling the hunger like a normal human being would have felt it.
    But the beast side wasn’t doing a good job at taking cover for the hunger again.
    ” okay give me some seconds ” she said as she stood up ,took her phone and made a call, ordering for the food.
    ” it will be here soon ” she said as she hung up the call and sat down beside me.
    ” cool ” I replied casually trying to get comfortable.
    ” what will you like to take or should I get a label ” she said with a wicked grin
    ” would have really love to have another trial with the label again but I want to watch the match today with a clear head ” I replied her hiding the real truth why I rejected her offer , I knew if I try taking the label ,then, I will be gifted with the real effect of the dope because I have lost the means of absorbing its venom.
    ” okay, what should I get you ” she asked giggling as she stared at me
    ” anything cool ” I replied her getting kinda uncomfortable with her gaze.
    She’s too sexy for me to resist and I didn’t want to do anything that will jeopardize the relationship I was just building with her .
    But she took it overboard herself which I appreciated her for in my mind.
    Wanna know how?
    Then keep reading.
    ” something cool , think I know exactly what fit in that category ” she said as she suddenly moved closer to me and kissed me.
    One minute, two minute, three, four, five minute, I didn’t know how long the kiss last but something was sure, I enjoyed every bit of it.
    When she disassociated the kiss, I felt like we’ve only kissed for only a minute, but I knew it was more than that, but even thirty minute of such experience will only seem like a minute to me.
    I pulled her back closer to me and resumed the smooching.
    After some minutes, I lowered her on the sofa and I stayed atop her.
    As I wanted to take it to another level, the doorbell suddenly sounded killing the mood.
    She had unsatisfactory look as she took some cash inside her wallet and head to meet the delivery man .
    She came back with a pizza in her hand.
    I blame myself inwardly for the crash of event.
    ” if only I did not ask her to place an order ” I said in my mind as she dropped the pizza on a small cushion and got a wine from her collections in her bar and two cup.
    It was kinda of awkward between the two of us at first but, after some minutes, everything regulated and we started talking naughty as we devour the pizza ,accompanying it with the wine.
    She was a light eater as she claimed which gave me the chance to eat most of the pizza.
    After we were through with the bottle of wine and the pizza, I was already feeling kinda tipsy and I was sure she was.
    The effect of the wine mixed with the naughty chat we were having when we were eating had turned me on greatly and I could feel my d--k trying to burst out of my trouser, but I couldn’t vouch what she was feeling but my bet was on her pant being already filled with her fluid.
    She suddenly placed her hand on my already hard d--k and I startling look at her.
    ” looks like someone really need some air here ” she said smiling naughtily as she unzipped my trouser and brought out my d--k.
    ” wow ” she gasped as she saw the full length of my d--k.
    ” being fantasizing on it ever since that day ” she said as she lowered her mouth down to it.
    I moaned in ecstasy as she worked her mouth and tongue on my s---t.
    Her mouth couldn’t take in all my full length as she some time gagged on it when it reaches her throat.
    The pleasure was so much that it didn’t took me up to 10 minute before I c-m into her mouth, and she did a great job in swallowing all my semen.
    My d--k became limped at once making me sad.
    The memory of the surprised look on Becky’s face when we had our first trial at sex flooded my mind .
    I knew Joyce would have been more shocked to witness such a scene but I possessed not the means to give her such a great show.
    When I was through with my cumshots, she stood up and started taking off her cloth in a seductive manner revealing her sumptuous firm boobs which had me turned on but my d--k wasn’t turned on as it still retained its flaccid position.
    After she was through with taking off her cloth, she moved closer to me and helped taking off mine in the most romantic way ever.
    After she was through we that, we started smooching, after some minutes of ferocious smooching, my mouth wandered to her boobs, she moaned loudly as I performed my tricks on her.
    Sucking her boobs and biting the n----e lightly sending pleasurable pain into her body system as she jerked and moanes loudly.
    I kept on switching the two b----t, sucking one and playing with the other’s n----e.
    After I’ve made some points on the boob, I traced my tongue down to her already wet p---y.
    I located her c------s and erected my tongue as I tongue lashed it and she her moaning increased as she used her leg to hold my head tightly to her p---y.
    I haven’t spent up to 5 minutes in her when she orgasmed ,shaking violently holding me tightly to her during the course.
    I returned back to her boobs and resumed sucking it as I inserted two fingers into her warm p---y, fingering her as I s----d her boobs at once.
    I knew I was a master at my tricks when she orgasmed after some minutes again.
    This time I knew her p---y will be ready to take in my full length as I placed her in doggy position and gently inserted my d--k into her wet p---y.
    She wrenched in pain at my first few thrusts but later got accustomed to the size as she started moaning in pleasure.
    I had only two rounds with her before I slept off and during this two rounds, I lost all the memories of all my travails and all I had scheduled down as I enjoyed every seconds that passed by.
    I woke up when I suddenly started feeling myself heating up.
    I knew it was Gelda, it means they’re around, I checked the time and saw 7:43 pm, which means I’ve missed the game, and lost the chance to stay close to where their are lot of people.
    I plan I decided to test to see if the Gelda can attack me with a lot of people around.
    That was why I was being persistent on watching the game but I forgot everything about it because of Joyce.
    ” Joyce ” I screamed as the heat kept getting intense.
    But didn’t get any reply back.
    She wasn’t anywhere around.
    Not knowing what to do I decided to run, but was surprised to met the door locked when I got to it.
    Frightened to be killed without trying, with extreme force, u kicked the door open and started running.
    But the more I ran , the more I felt the heat increasing inside of me.
    After running for some minutes, I lost the strength to carry on and abruptly stopped running.
    Like they were already, a fire burning circularly ,circled me trapping me in in between.
    From the fire emerged Gelda and its little army.
    After they were through with their transformation, like our first meeting, Gelda screeched loudly and its army also screeched, and the burning pain I was feeling subsidized, I wanted to use that opportunity to escape but it was like an invisible force glued my legs to the ground.
    I couldn’t move it, and after they were through with their screeching, the burning pain returned in many folds as I felt myself burning inwardly.
    In no time, it got to my heart.
    The pain was so much that I screamed loudly and prayed inwardly that it ends soon.

    Episode 16

    { Nice broken lad }
    Continued from last scene
    I looked around to see if I was going to get any help this time even if it’s from the anonymous beast but none seems to be coming.
    Yeah, I knew my death was coming around real hard this time and I blamed it all on my foolishness.
    ” if only I had yielded to Deaton’s advice, if only ” I repeated to myself as I wrenched in pain.
    My heart was on fire, the pain was beyond comparison, and I screamed louder as the pain kept on increasing.
    If I was with my claws, I would have deepened it into my chest , severe my hearts from the things holding it in place and gave it to them.
    ” it’s finally over ” I thought to myself as I felt a weird stuff in my heart, like something departed, something more of like a soul.
    I fell to the ground as I blackened out.
    My view was blur as I opened my eye, firstly, I thought I was back to my dad’s enchanted land.
    He has already told me that I can’t die completely, when I visited there first.
    ” the thought of being a failure hit me hard that I felt some liquid escaping my eye as I tried to have a good view of where I was.
    What I was sure of was the white background illuminating around.
    ” guys, he’s around ” I heard someone said and I became shocked.
    ” does my dad have visitors visiting him in the wonderland or could it be that I landed into another beast’s wonderland ” the thought ran through my mind as I forced my view to get clearer.
    ” can you hear me, Ben , can you see me ” someone whose voice I knew I’ve heard before but was sure it wasn’t my dad’s own asked as he gat a small torchlight switched on on my face.
    ” Deaton ” I wanted to scream out loud in joy when I finally decipher whose voice it was but was surprised that I couldn’t move my mouth nor any part of my body.
    My view was blurry, I couldn’t talk and even lost the control of my body parts.
    ” what could be happening to me ” I thought to myself sadly as more tears escaped my eye.
    ” what’s wrong with him ” I heard someone whose voice I recognized to be Lydia’s own asked
    ” I don’t know” Deaton replied her with a voice that depicted that he doesn’t posses any idea of what was happening to me.
    ” but his eye is open, why does he looks like he’s unconscious ” Scott asked in a manner that shows that he cared about my improvement.
    ” does this people know about my real personality ” I asked myself rhetorically as I heard them asking Deaton some questions concerning my beast ability which Deaton didn’t have some answers to.
    ” why is he tearing up ” Lydia asked as I felt someone who I presumed to be her cleaning my face with an handkerchief.
    ” maybe he’s in pain ” Stiles replied humorously and I smirked.
    ” was I the only one who saw that or he really just smirked ” Scott asked sending waves of joy into me.
    ” I think he just smirked ” stiles replied in a mocking adult voice and everything went awfully silent.
    I sneezed loudly as I started coughing back to life as
    Everything started getting clearer bit by bit to me.
    We all felt guilty for how we treated him, I especially, and the reason I treated him like that wasn’t far fetched.
    It was because I felt intimidated by his presence, I had my doubts against him but nothing was proving and I wasn’t ready to relent till I have my proofs.
    The main reason why I allowed him into the team is to be able to keep an eye on him.
    But after hearing what he said that night before he stormed off, I felt ashamed of myself but didn’t show.
    My minds couldn’t get the guilty conscience off my head even as we mapped out different kind of plans to be able to defeat the Darach.
    Early in the morning, I told Lydia to help me tell him that he got it wrong and if he’s ready to give us another chance, we are ready to welcome him into the team. And this time with a genuine intention.
    I was sure Lydia has passed him the message when I saw the two of them entering the English class late.
    I was anxious to hear the result of how it went from Lydia but that ain’t possible until Miss Powell is through with her teaching.
    We had to go for chemistry as that was the second subject and last subject for the day.
    I was surprised not to see him in the chemistry lab.
    ” maybe he ain’t offering chemistry” I said to myself as I made sure to sit beside Lydia instead of sitting with Stiles.
    ” how did it go “? I asked Lydia as Mr Jaime Wealth gave us the chemical properties and solutions to mix and the result we’re going to derive from mixing the chemical properties and solution together.
    ” he hasn’t given me his reply yet but he’s cool now ” she answered as she mixed the the substances together while I feigned to help.
    We stayed longer than we were supposed to in the lab because it was hard getting the desired solution of the mixture.
    After we’re through, I had to go into the team changing room with Isaac and stiles in order to change because coach had demanded that we do some training before the match kick start in the night.
    Some of the guys who were offering chemistry and were also in the team followed us.
    I was still changing when Lydia’s message popped on my phone.
    ” can’t find Ben,is he with ”
    ” no ,he is not here ” I replied her.
    We trained hard for an hour before coach released us to rest before the game begin.
    Lydia called all of us informing us of how the enigmatic feeling she’s feeling.
    She had some intuition that someone was going to die soon or will soon be in danger and she thought that person is Ben.
    ” maybe you’re feeling that way because you like him ” Allison said but Lydia denied it.
    We set up a quick search party to locate him before the game start.
    We searched the school thoroughly because we thought he’s still in school because we saw his bike at the spot he parked.
    It was a futile search as no one was able to locate him.
    By the time we were through with the search, it was already some minutes to seven which the game was supposed to begin.
    We all gave up on searching for him and I head to the dressing room with Isaac and stiles to hear the usual coach prep speech before we start any game.
    After the speech, we all chest meet in order to show the zeal to win in us to the coach.
    ” whose phone is that ” coach asked as a phone started ringing inside the dressing room killing the aura in the air.
    We all passed gaze round within ourselves as no one claim it.
    ” I think it’s yours ” stiles whispered to me reviving that part in my brain which has forgot my phone ringing tone.
    ” it’s mine coach ” I said as I helter skelter looked for it.
    When I saw it, I quickly ran out to pick the call before will disallow it which I knew he was going to do.
    ” is the new guy there with you” Deaton asked as I picked the call which was from him.
    ” new guy?, Ben “? I asked not getting what he meant
    ” yes, is he there with you ” he asked again.
    ” no he isn’t ”
    ” Scott ” I heard coach screamed.
    ” I’ve to go now ” I swiftly said as I wanted to drop the call but he quickly stopped.
    ” listen, Scott, you’ve to find him, he’s in danger, you have to find and remember, you’ve to go for the head of the one who look like the leader ” he said dropping the call at once bereaving me of what he meant with what he said.
    ” have you seen him ” I quickly send a message to Lydia.
    ” no, still looking for him ” she replied back leaving me on an edge.
    Lydia’s spoken words about her intuition popped into my memory mixed with Deaton’s newly passed message, I knew I’ve to do something.
    But the game, I knew coach and the team will be mad at me if they lost because of my early forfeit out of the game so I derived another plan in order to do so without being blamed.
    The whistle signifying the start of the game was blown and we were successful in retrieving the ball.
    The ball was passed to me, with the ball in my stick I head towards the opposite team goalie swiftly swerving left and right to avert them.
    I suddenly stopped when I got to the front of the last man, as if I was indecisively making a decision, I made motion to shoot when I saw two of the opposition side running to me with all the speed and strength they could mustered.
    In the blink of an eye, I was bundled off the ball and hit the grass with a loud crash and left out a crack sound which depicted that my femur has dislocated.
    Going ahead with the plan, Stiles from the bench quickly ran to me on the pitch and assisted me up as the referee and all the players has already surrounded me where I lies pretending to be in pain.
    With stiles acting as support, I got off the pitch, I could see the sad look on coach’s face but their was nothing he could do than sub in a replacement for me.
    We all set to the mission at once as I got out of view of everyone.
    It was an hard one because we didn’t possess any of his property in order to have his scent.
    The only thing which belonged to him was his bike which was still parked at the spot he left it.
    ” has anyone seen Lydia ” Allison suddenly asked as we stood beside Ben’s bike trying to figure out what to do next.
    ” she was just here ” Stiles said looking confused.
    ” looks like she left us something to get ” Allison said picking up Lydia’s high heel that was lying carelessly on the floor.
    ” can you get her scent with this ” Allison asked handing me the shoe.
    ” let see ” I said as I collected it from her.
    With the aid of the shoe we started tracing Lydia with the hope that she will lead us to Ben.
    We hastened our movement in order to catch up quickly with her in order to catch up with her .
    We were surprised that her scent led us into the wood but we kept on going.
    ” look ” Allison suddenly called our notice to something she saw.
    It was indeed a strange scene, as we saw Lydia heading to some group of people that looked inhumane but possessed human structure.
    We saw Ben in their midst as they surrounded him.
    He looked like he was dying.
    Lydia suddenly stopped and screamed loudly almost deafning all of us.
    Especially me because of my supernatural hearing ability.
    And we all quickly covered our ears as we squatted down.
    When she was through with her screaming, we all rose up, we were all surprised to see the inhumane creatures still in their position.
    One of the creatures turned to look at us before it raised up its head and screeched loudly, and the other creatures joined it.
    I noticed a great deal of fear surging through me as they screeched.
    The fear was so great that I cowered on the ground whimpering.
    I didn’t know how thet did this but I just noticed my system changed and an hidden fear was uprooted from my inner thought.
    I turned to look at my companions and they were also in the same position with me, Lydia not excluded..
    After some seconds of screeching they stopped and returned their focus back to Ben.
    It was like they were hurting him invisibly because as they focused on him he started jerking furiously.
    I wanted to help him but found out that I couldn’t do anything.
    I couldn’t lift any part of my body.
    Only my mind was active.
    I knew I ought to be helping him but I couldn’t.
    Suddenly, I saw a fire ran past me and in the blink of an eye, the head of one of the inhumane creatures was off.
    It was a strange scene as all the other beast fell down and some kind of fire left their body conjuring in the air and with a loud screech disappeared into thin air.
    But after they left was a huge man on fire remaining.
    As the inhuman creatures disappeared, our body became active and we could control it.
    We all watched the man in fire, not a man but a beast on fire with awe.
    I haven’t seen such supernatural creature before.
    I suddenly remembered how Deaton described the guardian beast to us and the beast in fire fell closely under the description.
    The fire on the beast suddenly went off and it transformed into a man,an handsome man.
    Allison poised her arrow at once and I released my claws and transformed ready to attack in case he meant trouble.
    ” calm down all, am not here for a fight and trust me, you don’t wanna fight me ” he said with a confident countenance.
    ” what are you here for ” I asked him as I transformed back to my human form.
    ” to save him ” he replied pointing to Ben.
    ” please take good care of him, he is a nice broken lad ” he added as he started leaving.
    ” and who are you to him ” stiles asked him as he was leaving.
    ” I’m his.

    Episode 17

    { water is the key }
    Back to BEN’S P.O.V
    ” where am I ” that was the first word that escaped my lips as I finally regain my speech box strength.
    When my view got clearer and I was able to move my body parts, I saw every one of them, Scott, stiles, Isaac, Lydia Allison and Deaton.
    They were all present in the room I was which gat me wondering how I got there and how I managed to escape from the claws of death which was trying to shred me into pieces before I blacked out.
    ” what happened ” I asked again as no one seems to hold the reply of my first question.
    ” you were dying and we rescued, that’s the summary of what happened “, stiles replied humorously and I couldn’t help but smirked inwardly.
    ” thanks ” I muttered grudgingly.
    ” hope you won’t burn us all down with your fire ” stiles asked sarcastically and the remaining crew smiled.
    I directed towards Deaton and he reciprocated it with the looks that passed ” I didn’t have any than to tell them ” message to me.
    ” we are sorry for how went south in our last meeting ” Scott said with a look that depicted that he meant it and I saw Lydia giggled.
    ” it’s alright bro ” I said as I looked around where I was again.
    ” but where am I ” I asked once again as none bothered to answer it the first time I asked
    ” you’re in a house near a stream ” stiles said earnestly.
    ” house near a stream “? I repeated after stiles like a grade 2 kid trying to humour his teacher.
    ” yeah ” Scott replied abruptly.
    ” but why ” I asked trying to get up from the bed I was placed and wrung in pain in the process.
    ” I think you shouldn’t try getting up now, your body’s muscle should adjust first before you start trying to move ” Deaton said almost ominously making me to ponder why.
    ” but am dying to get off here, I feel like I’ve been staying in this position for days ” I said as I made another feeble attempt to get up
    ” actually, today makes it seven days that you’ve been on that bed ” Stiles said shocking the s--t outta me
    ” what “! I exclaimed feebly because I possessed not the strength to shout.
    ” why did it took me that long before I woke up ” I asked forgetting the fact that I’ve lose my ability of quick healing.
    ” during your ordeal with the Gelda, you procure grievous internal injury especially on your heart, you’re only lucky that they located you quickly before your heart finally drops the drum stick ” he said sounding like an old granny teaching her grandson etiquette of appreciation.
    ” if you still possess your healing ability, you might not have ended up on this bed ” he added reminding me of my failure.
    ” if that’s the case , how am I still alive ” I asked glaring at Deaton waiting for him to give me a reasonable answer because he told me that the Gelda will always come every night.
    ” Lydia made some research and came out with logical reasoning which we tried ”
    I suddenly found my self in the woods, didn’t know how I got there, all I remembered was that we were planning on how we’re going to locate Ben.
    Not knowing how I got there, getting out of there seemed impossible especially as it was already dark.
    I suddenly heard someone scream, though the voice a little bit uncleared made a striking resemblance with that of Ben’s own.
    Following the sound wave of the scream, I ran bare footed as I didn’t know how my shoes got off my foot.
    After running for a short distance, I got to see where the scream came from and I was right, it was Ben’s voice as he seemed to be languishing in pain as he was trapped in the midst of some strange creatures which I haven’t come across with, even in horrific movie.
    I saw as Ben suddenly fell down like he was dead, not knowing what to do ,I followed my intuition which was screaming at me to scream.
    I screamed loudly, more than I could imagine.
    And it seemed to work as they stopped whatever it was they were doing to Ben.
    One of them turned to look at me before he raised his head up and screeched loudly, and the other creatures also followed in his step.
    The experience from whatever they did was d--n bizarre.
    Not ready to go into details of it, but we were able to save Ben through the help of another huge strange creature emitting fire from its body and he claimed to be Ben’s friend which was really hard to believe because he looked way above forty or close.
    Swiftly, we rushed Ben out of the wood where Isaac was already waiting for us in my car.
    We’ve made a call to him and gave him the perfect description we could gave him and asked him to use his scent in finishing the job.
    I was proud when we got out of the wood and saw him already waiting for us.
    We drove down to Deaton who quickly took him in order to revive him.
    After many minutes of operating on Ben, he was finally through and he informed us that we only need to wait for him to wake up, and he also added that it will be in Ben’s interest if he wake before nightfall of the next day.
    But he had us all confused when he further on complicated the situation by informing us that it ain’t possible for a normal human in Ben’s condition to wake up in a day, it will take normal human being at least 10 days to wake up because of the internal injury he sustained.
    ” are you saying that Ben isn’t a normal human ” I asked with a disbelieving tone.
    ” no, he’s a human ” he answered casually as if trying to stop the conversation from going further
    ” but you just said that he isn’t and how did you even seem to know everything about him and that he was in danger ” Allison said looking at Deaton like a criminal that’s yet to divulge his little secret.
    ” okay, he’s the guardian beast Jennifer used in reviving her life ”
    Deaton said showing the displeasure he felt telling us.
    ” what ” we all exclaimed in unison following the strange revelation.
    ” but you said the beast should have been dead because of the revival of Jennifer ” Isaac said reminding Deaton of something he has told them which I was oblivious of.
    ” yeah, but Ben is different ” he said shifting his gaze to Ben.
    ” how ” Scott asked as we all seemed ready to hear all what he had to divulge.
    ” he’s the most powerful guardian beast alive, with two different life flowing in his system ” he said taking a brief pause.
    ” he’s an hybrid made up of half beast and half human, Jennifer succeeded in taking his beast side to revive herself, so Ben is currently relying on his human part to stay alive for now ” he said as with a change of countenance.
    And I noticed this.
    ” for now,? does that means he’s still going to die ” I asked trying my best to accept the new revelation about Ben
    ” yes, he’s going to die, his human side has had much dependency on the beast side and can only carry on without his beast side for little days ” he said painting everyone’s face with a sad reaction.
    ” does he have any chance of surviving “? Scott asked with an hopeful tone.
    ” ” by retrieving his power back ” he said swiftly as we all looked at him with a confused look .
    ” how, and is it possible to get his power back ” Isaac asked with a tone that shows that he viewed as an impossible task.
    ” he can retrieve his power back the same way it was stolen from him ”
    ” how ”
    _” by sucking it from her system like she did to him. ”
    ” but I think that’s practically impossible or can it work when she’s dead ” Allison asked as she glared at Deaton.
    ” I don’t think it’s going to work if she’s dead ” Deaton replied her deriving a grieved sigh from all of us.
    My head was kind of hazy, hearing them.
    With the detailed description that Isaac and Allison gave us about how powerful Jennifer is, it sounded like an impossible mission to me and I knew others too have the same thought.
    Getting closer to her alive is not possible unless she’s dead.
    We were all silent as we all directed our gaze to Ben who seemed to be comfortable with his newly derived position.
    ” let think about him getting his power later and think how he’s going to survive those petrify creatures during the time he will be in slumber ” I said breaking the silence which suddenly engulf the room.
    I couldn’t sleep throughout the night as my mind revolved around, got worked out thinking of an idea which of how to save Ben.
    I remembered asking Deaton if mountain ash can prevent the Gelda and his answer was
    ” no it can’t, they’re just a mere shadow formed from phobia “.
    ” phobia “! I suddenly exclaimed as an idea crept into my mind.
    I got reminded of Jackson when he was still a kanima, he was afraid of water because his handler was afraid of water.
    And to my updated knowledge, fire and water ain’t a good neighbor.
    ” what if the Gelda can’t enter water because of their difference ” I thought to myself as a bright smile eluded my lip, my first for the night .
    I shared my thought with Deaton and the group the next day, and they all think it’s worth a trial.
    Deaton told us he has a friend who had a small building beside a stream where he always come to relax his mind and fish.
    But the friend is out of town and we shouldn’t worry about him coming back for a month.
    Scott and stiles performed one of their criminal trick to get a police van like the one they used in the kidnapping of Jackson, which was used to convey Ben to the location.
    I applauded the owner of the building in my mind when we got there.
    It was the perfect place for relaxation.
    We had early purchased a floating bed when before we indulge in our journey, a bed with tubes beneath it which allowed it to stay on water without sinking.
    When it was almost night fall, we wore Ben many clothes ,including wool over.
    When it was night fall, Scott and Isaac carried him as he lay on the bed into the stream.
    ” but if this doesn’t work, what’s the plan b ” Scott asked stopping abruptly as they were about to enter the water.
    We all turn our gaze to stiles at once.
    ” why are you all looking at me, I didn’t come up with this plan in the first place ” he said as he noticed we were all glaring at him.
    ” but we can’t go inside that water without a plan b when we’re not sure this plan will work out “, Scott said looking at us.
    ” okay, here is the plan b ” stiles said as we all focused our gaze on him, hopeful he got a good one
    ” when you see that the water isn’t able to hold them back, then you and Isaac will make the run, swimming as fast as you can dragging Ben along, they might not have the ability to run on water for a long period of time ” stiles said sounding sarcastic as we all glared at him with the ” WTF ” expression.
    ” anyone of you got a better idea ” he added when he noticed we were not please with his plan b
    Not wanting to debate any longer because the darkness had already set, Scott and Isaac carried the bed and head into the water.
    We head back into the apartment and I peeped through the window watching what was going to happen.
    After some minute, we saw a moving fire, it was moving forming a circle.
    I watched in terror as the fire stopped at the bank of the stream, and started forming the petrifying creatures I saw inside the woods.
    After their formation, they stood at the bank of the stream watching the three.
    They looked like they were terrified of the water .
    It worked I screamed in joy as I saw moving backward away from the water.
    But the victory’s feeling was cut short when they suddenly stopped moving after they’re few distance away from the water.
    ” something isn’t right ” I swiftly said getting the attentions of others.
    We all watched as they formed a circle and one of them which I presumed to be their leader gave out a loud screech and the others joined it shortly.
    I was surprised that we were all okay, none of us inside the house had any terrific fear brewing inside of us like the experience in the wood, but reverse was the case for Scott and Isaac, we watched as they began to shiver inside the water.
    They were very scared that they suddenly released their holds on the bed and in fear, drowned their selves as the bed started floating away

    Episode 18

    {Joyce is the Darach }
    Continues from Lydia’s P.O.V
    Allison ran out at once but didn’t made it anywhere as she fell down and started quivering on the ground.
    Stiles holding a bat in his hand also ran outside using his hand to cover his ear, but that didn’t stopped him from meeting the same fate as Allison.
    I knew I had to do something but the real question was “what to do”.
    Scott and Isaac were already drifting off down inside the water and Ben also was on his way to God knows where.
    ” scream Lydia, scream ” Deaton suddenly barked at me reminding me that he was also in the room with me.
    I’d already forgotten that he was there.
    In a high pitched tone, I released whatever the air hanging in my lungs.
    It lasted for ,I don’t really know how long it lasted but I stopped screaming when I saw that the creature looked defeated.
    I assumed it was my screaming against their screeching..
    My screaming conveyed some energy which the source remained unknown to me as it counter attacked there screeching making it wobbling to hearing.
    After they couldn’t keep up with their wobbly sound, they became silent and retreat in their fire form.
    Scott’s head emerged from the water at once as he coughed out water from his mouth.
    He looked around and saw Ben on a free ride on the water.
    He quickly started swimming as he tried to catch up with him.
    The bed had already outpace Scott and Scott in his present form was already weak.
    He should be on the bank of the stream coughing out the remaining water stuffed up in his lungs but there he was, chasing after Ben.
    It took Isaac almost two minutes after Scott was out before he finally emerged from the water, coughing out loud.
    He didn’t bother to help Scott in his pursuit as he swam his way out of the water.
    Wearily, we all assisted we all assisted Scott to get Ben, still on the bed ashore.
    A grievous silence took over as we all stare at ourselves.
    ” it worked ” I screamed happily and others could only smile as they’ve all been worn out following the passed ordeal.
    After everyone has gotten back some of their lost strength, we took Ben inside, made some plans over one or two cups of wine and slept off.
    Deaton was yet to determine where the ritual was going to take place.
    It became a daily routine for us to take Ben inside the water at nightfall, then wait for the Gelda to appear, patiently, we always wait for them to start screeching before I counter attack it and send their f**king a-s back to where they came from.
    They seemed kinda dull to me, no change of tactics after getting defeated more than twice.
    BEN’S P.O.V
    After Woking up from my slumber, a dark one which was a replica of oblivion.
    Not even a dream distracted me in this state, it was just like a normal night rest of 5 hours to me and nothing else.
    They took turn to to apprise me the important things I’ve missed, but I noticed them carrying this kind of sadness which was illuminating in their words and emotions conveyed by their acts.
    I felt great urge why the sadness was lurking around but I decided to let it pass.
    I was still weak,so base on my doctor’s { Deaton } advice, I was to still be confined to the bed, I was apprised of how I’ve been managing to survive every night that have been in deep slumber including that night.
    When they’ve all left the room, Lydia volunteered to stay with me in case I needed anything or feel discomfort anywhere, tho I knew the reason she was staying behind, but right in my state, I doubted if I could even offer a smooth smooch.
    ” I think you’re more cute when you’re unconscious ” Lydia said humorously as her butt set up a peace term with the lone chair inside the room,which was beside my bed.
    ” do you think I should go on another trip of it ” I replied her jokingly as we both bursted into laughter.
    ” try it, and I’ll make sure I cut your trip short by slitting your throat in sleep ” she said with a countenance that showed that she was joking and I smiled.
    ” I better not embark on the journey because I would really like to keep this ” I said putting my hand round my throat and she laughed.
    ” why didn’t you tell me about you, the real you ” she swiftly said killing the mood brewing inside the room.
    I kept mute for a while looking at her, as I revised the question in my mind as it echoed in it, and I couldn’t locate a reasonable answer to give her.
    ” I’m sorry, I don’t know who to trust then ” I said trying to establish an eye contact between us two but ain’t successful with it as she averted her gaze from mine.
    ” but you knew about us, about our secret, so why should you feel unsafe showing us yours, why distrusting us ”
    ” am sorry ” I said stressing it as I interrupted her from continuing her words.
    ” Am I forgiven ” I quickly added as she wanted to say something which I wasn’t curious to know what it was.
    ” forgiving cute guys like you is something I always do before being asked ” she said smiling.
    I was temporarily drifted into her words.
    They struck a bell in my head, I felt like their was something or someone who has told me that word before and remembering the person seemed important.
    ” what’s wrong ” Lydia asked noticing my sudden changed of mood.
    ” do you happen to see Joyce in school “? I asked Lydia as I remembered the person.
    She told me the last time we met, before we had sex and I later found myself battling the Gelda and was nowhere to be found locking me inside her room.
    All the memories were coming back to me.
    ” who’s Joyce ” Lydia asked surprised
    ” my friend in school, the same class with us, I was talking to her at the class entrance before you snatched me from her ” I tried my best to explain her to Lydia without leaving her a hint that we smashed.
    ” haven’t seen her for some time, I think I saw her last that day you landed in this state ” she said trying to be sure of the result her memory was sending her.
    ” but why do you ask of her ” she asked me looking at me suspiciously
    ” I think she’s something, something terrible ,maybe the Darach, not sure now but will have to confirm it ” I said trying to avoid eye contact with Lydia.
    ” how do you plan to do that and why did you think she’s the Darach ” she asked me again with her formal countenance.
    I explained my ordeals with Joyce to her, ranging from when we met at the club to our last meeting, of course, excluding some crucial details.
    I told Lydia that I followed her home because she invited me for lunch and after lunch, I decided to rest there till the match will begin.
    I knew she didn’t believe me but she tried to hide it tho she s----d at it.
    ” I think we should inform others about this ” she said standing.
    ” not so soon ” I said pulling her back by her hand.
    ” let confirm it first ” I added swiftly.
    ” but you’re still weak and don’t think you’re going to regain your strength soon ” she said with an expression of concern.
    ” you’ll be surprised ” I said as I pulled her closer to me on the bed with all my strength.
    ” with this replenished strength in me, I think we can go to her apartment early tomorrow before nightfall ” I said with a wicked grin as I swiftly attacked her lips with mine before she could protest.
    What happened later that is a story for another day *winks*.
    Next Day
    Everyone left for school and Deaton to his clinic, per our plan, Lydia came back.
    I’ve already informed her to ditch class and come back to me without anyone finding out.
    With a little foreplay inside the apartment, we got ready to go to Joyce’s apartment.
    She drove and I acted as the map guiding her.
    She parked her car in front of the building and I noticed that Joyce’s car ain’t visible where she parked it when I visited her.
    But I suddenly got bad feeling about it, I didn’t tell Lydia about it because I didn’t want to scare her out of the mission.
    Gently, we walked towards the entrance of the building, the memories of what happened there the last time came rushing over and I could see a vivid image of me breaking through the door and running helter skelter into the woods.
    I was surprised to see door in place again, which further more made my g---n tightened in fear.
    Slowly I knocked on the door in the absence of doorbell, wishing no one would answer.
    My silent wish was granted as we heard no sign of any living thing inside the house.
    After waiting for some time without getting any reply, I wrapped my fingers on the door knob and twisted it, and alas, it opened.
    We both entered into the house.
    ” what the f--k “! I exclaimed at the sight of what we met inside the building.

    Episode 19

    {busted again }
    I couldn’t get my mind straight as Lydia drove home, I was silent as I ruminate on how stupid I was.
    After what happened in Marseille, I thought I already have the capability to handle life, but the truth was that I haven’t grown.
    I was still that little boy manipulated by his mother to get what she desired.
    Women has always being my weakness and I don’t think I will have the courage to free myself from them.
    The journey back to the apartment was done in a pin drop silent not until Lydia decided to change the mood.
    ” you don’t have to blame yourself for this, she’s just one smart a-s ,should have how she played us the last time we’d to deal with her ” she said trying to make me feel better
    ” I’m not blaming myself for it, I’m okay for real ” I lied forcing out a smile which a blind man could have easily deciphered that it was a forced one.
    ” but she gat them under that apartment all this while, they might even be there when I visited her last week ” I said to myself rating my stupidity high.
     Flashback to some minutes ago
    ” are you sure this is the right place ” Lydia asked as she viewed the room which looked like it has been deserted for years.
    I was also confused if I was in the right place.
    All what I saw when I visited were no longer there, the couches, bar, TV, and the likes, all seeem to have vanished without a trace.
    Even the painting on the wall looked worn out.
    Everything was different from how I met it the last time I came there.
    The house was horribly empty and shallow.
    But I was sure we’re in the right place.
    ” yeah ” I answered Lydia question taking my time to do so.
    ” looks like she’s already fled here, we’re late ” Lydia said as she started heading towards the exit door.
    ” wait , let look around first ” I said stopping Lydia.
    ” we might find something that might help us to trail her easily ” I added swiftly and she stopped.
    We checked all the room but didn’t find anything which might be of aid to our mission.
    We’ve already given up and was about leaving when Lydia asked me if I’m hearing it.
    ” what’s that ” I asked surprised.
    ” the sound of water dripping ” she said looking weird.
    ” I can’t hear anything ” I replied her after trying my best to try and catch any sound of dripping water.
    ” but I can hear it clearly and am sure it’s inside here ” she said as she started towards the side where I presumed the bar was.
    I followed her grudgingly to know what she was going to do.
    She stopped abruptly when she got to a spot and knelt down there.
    She placed her ear on the ground as if trying to eavesdrop on an ongoing conversation.
    I just stood where I was looking at her.
    I was already running out of Patience because her acts seemed useless to me.
    ” it’s inside here ” she said looking like a psycho.
    ” the water is dripping inside here ” she added again and I lost it finally.
    ” get up now ” I said pulling her up from the ground.
    That was when my eye caught a glimpse of something.
    There were some marks on the floor.
    A mark which must have been inflicted on the floor by constant dragging of something on it.
    I remembered vividly that the bar was right there, the bar must have been mobile, maybe it covered the way leading to an underground room inside the apartment.
    I assumed as I searched vigorously for a proof to back up my assumption.
    I found it when I looked harder.
    It was easy to miss but with my keen determination to get something out of it, I was able to detect it.
    Their was a part on the floor that looked like it was just painted, to merge with the remaining part.
    It was done professionally that it will take a more professional eye to get it.
    Maybe the entrance to the underground room was just covered and in order to cover it track, ur was painted to make it unsuspicious.
    I assumed as knocked on the spot.
    Auspiciously, I got my desired result.
    The sound I gotten from it was from a wood.
    I smiled as I knocked on the other side and saw that of was concrete.
    ” wow, you’re awesome ” I praised Lydia and she smiled.
    I needed something hard to break through the wood in order to get to the underground room.
    Lydia followed as I went outside to look for one.
    Didn’t search around long before getting something fit to do the job.
    With an echoing banging sound, I shattered the wood unveiling a staircase which led down.
    Truth be told, I was very afraid of going down the stairs as I was oblivious of what could be waiting for me down there.
    I’d to behave bravely because of Lydia who was there and ready to stoop down the stairs.
    She looked like she wasn’t afraid which gat me wondering if she had heard another voice telling her that it was a clear zone.
    Each of my steps down the staircase was accompanied with an increase in my heartbeat.
    When we got to the end of the staircase, we were met with an iron door.
    Half of my mind wished the door is locked and the other vice versa.
    With fear, I feebly pushed the door and it opened.
    I entered the room and Lydia followed.
    Can’t say I was surprised with the view of the room.
    It looked like a torturing place, three chains was hanging downward from the ceiling.
    It showed that three people were there and they were chained upward.
    I saw my bag pack which was with me the day I visited her and didn’t remember to take when I was running for my dear life.
    ” we’re late ” Lydia said as she gazed round the room looking at everything inside the room.
    I took my bag pack, opened to see of my stuffs inside were still intact, I was more concerned about my old phone because I knew I’ll be needing it soon.
    Everything inside were untouched including my cash.
     Back to present time
    ” where are we ” I asked Lydia as she pulled over in front of a building, a building which I kind of recognized to be the one that we first have our first encounter with the Darach.
    Tho we visited late at night, but I could still remember vividly how the building look like.
    ” I don’t know ” she replied looking confused.
    ” this is the building the Darach lived, where we were attacked by her when we came in search of the nemeton, Isaac, Allison and I ” I said looking at the building.
    ” didn’t know why am here but she’s not here again ” she said not letting go of the confused look dominating her face.
    ” how can you be sure of that ” I asked perplexed at her certainty of what she said.
    ” because, Scott and the rest of the gang, tried to lunch another attack on her when you’re still in slumber , but they met no one inside the building, everywhere was clean, according to them, no burnt death or family hanging around ” she said as I focused my attention on the building.
    ” she’s parking up and clearing her track like she did with her other apartment ” I said still focusing my attention on the building
    ” I think you’re right, the full moon is in the next four days, she’s getting ready for the night ” Lydia said as she suddenly ignited the car.
    ” what’re you doing, are we not going inside ” I asked her as she put the car in motion.
    ” we’re not going in there, their is nothing there” she said not stopping the car.
    ” should I take back to your water house ” Lydia asked humorously as she drove the car .
    ” no, let’s go to school together, wanna hang around a bit before having to head back to that house ” I replied her procuring a nasty look from her.
    I knew what she replied wanted to hear but knowing deprived her of it.
    She wanted us to go back to the apartment beside the stream and continue from where we stopped before leaving the room.
    But I wasn’t in the mood to do anything, not after finding out that I’ve been used by a woman again, someone I kind of liked and developed feelings for her.
    The drive to the school was carried out in silence as I cuddled up against the car window beside me, thinking deeply on my present travail.
    She pulled over when she got to the car park.
    ” go in love, will see you around later ” I told Lydia as she parked her car.
    I suddenly heard the sound of siren, and before I could decipher what was going on, a police car parked beside us, and an officer who I recognized to be deputy Victor came down from it with another officer.
    Before I could get an hint of what was happening, I was pulled out of Lydia’s car and handcuffed.
    ” you’re arrested for the murdering of Thompson Campbell and Whitmore Brunt who were found dead at club Fontana 9 days ago ” deputy Charles Victor said as he pushed me into the rear seat of his police car which was shielded from the front seat by some sort of bar.
    I watched as students trooped out to watch as I was being driven away.

    Episode 20

    { Excellent plan }
    ” let go over your statements again, you killed them as a form of self defense ” deputy Victor asked me as I sat opposite to him in the interrogation room.
    His behavior seemed odd.
    He wasn’t the gentle and nice looking guy I met in the office some days ago.
    Could he have changed because of the absence of the sheriff, I asked myself as I sat down praying deeply in my mind that I find a way to get out of the police station before nightfall.
    ” yes ” I replied him trying to act normal.
    ” but I think you denied it last time you’re asked ” he said glaring at me.
    I couldn’t find my speech box to answer him, so I just kept mute.
    ” and according to the evidence here, you weren’t defending yourself against them,but rather, you’re keened on killing them ” he said with a cold look shocking me.
    ” evidence ” I muttered weakly, as the thought of my cover being blown hit my mind like an atomic missile.
    ” can I see it ” I asked as I felt my leg trembling.
    He brought out a phone and handed it to me as a wicked grin escaped his lip which gat me wondering what’s going on.
    I collected the phone and saw the footage of me entering the club, how I finished the first bouncer that made first advance towards me, but something was strange about the video.
    It only showed the bouncer pointing gun towards me but didn’t show the shooting that occurred and a knife was suddenly in my hand which I used to slash the other guy’s throat.
    I didn’t know if I should be happy about it or not.
    My supernatural secret was covered but I was implicated more by it.
    I was now a murder with the evidence in the phone and I was sure I will have no one to get me out of the police station before nightfall.
    I had a strong assumption that the deputy knew something about it.
    ” now, are you ready to tell me the truth ” deputy Victor said taking back his phone.
    ” I’ve nothing to say ” I replied him determining in my mind not to let out a single word to him again.
    ” looks like you want to dwell on your right to stay silent, but you still gat 24 hours to stay here with us before we decide how your ride back to France is going to be ” he said as he stood up and pulled me up too.
    He took me to one of the cell in the station, and handcuffed me to the wall of the cell.
    When he was out of my cell and finished shutting the bar against me.
    He suddenly stopped and glared at me for some minutes before he started laughing wickedly.
    He suddenly use his finger to make a rectangular shape in the air before he exited.
    I knew what he meant by it at once, that’s the shape of my golds, he has it with him, maybe as a form of payment from the Darach in capturing me and keeping me inside the cell till nightfall before the Gelda will finish the job.
    I couldn’t get my head off the footage.
    It’s convincing enough to sway the pack from helping me.
    They’ve the piece together, I was still a beast the night I was in the club and after killing the bouncers, I felt into the trap of the Darach in the form of Joyce and she s----d away my power.
    And left me naked, I was arrested the next morning and accused of the murder but was able to debate my way out of it because of my age and lack of supernatural ability then.
    I lowered my head in resignation as this thought crept into my heads.
    I blamed myself for telling Lydia everything that transpired between me and Joyce.
    It will furthermore help in convicting me to them.
    I was sure Lydia would have told them all I told her about my experience with Joyce.
    I tried to my best to listen to every sound made inside the station, I was tracking for Lydia, stiles, Scott, Allison or Isaac’s voice.
    In as much I wish to avoid them, I really need their help.
    I wouldn’t last a day without it inside the cell.
    I accolade Joyce for her plan, she really laid it well.
    Getting the deputy to get me and getting the pack off me, was the perfect way to eliminate me.
    Even if I was lucky to escape the night, their is no assurance of escaping another.
    If I was able to escape death that night, it was sure that I’ll be deported back to France the next day when my 24 hours elapsed.
    Back to France where I’m a long way away from my power , with no tingling of hope to get it back, and not getting my powers back means I won’t be able to escape the indestructible Gelda.
    Death was sure even before I get convicted in France.
    I blamed myself for all this.
    Joyce plan wouldn’t have worked if I had been able to control my god damned d--k and uncontrollable emotions for hot opposite sex in motion.
    ” if I’m able to escape this , I will make sure I keep off from gals ” I said to myself as sadness overshadowed my heart.
    ” what happened ” Scott asked Lydia who stood transfixed at the spot she was as she watched the police vehicle which Ben was in, trailed down the road out of the school.
    She wasn’t sure of what to believe, she didn’t want to believe it but seeing how willingly without any form of opposition, Ben followed them, she had to savour the unwelcoming truth.
    ” Ben’s the killer ” she said almost in a whisper as she still focused her gaze the road the police vehicle took, even tho the vehicle was not in sight again.
    ” I can’t understand you ” Scott asked looking perplexed, same as the other guys, but only Scott did the talking.
    ” they’ve evidence that he killed the bouncer ” she said finally looking at them as her eye portrayed some hidden sadness and shock.
    ” who got him ” Scott asked Lydia who still seemed to be in shock.
    ” deputy Victor ” Lydia replied as she finally brushed herself off the shock and tried to look normal.
    Within some minutes, they were already on the road to the sheriff’s station.
    The boys in Stile’s jeep while the girls were inside Lydia’s ride.
    ” so he was the murder and he pretended not to be since all this while ” Stiles said in disgust as they finished watching the footage which deputy Victor showed them
    ” is he still denying it after this ” Scott asked looking concerned
    ” no, but he ain’t saying anything ” Deputy Victor replied as he collected the phone which held the footage from them.
    He left them to take his spot, but wasn’t concentrating on what he was pretending to be doing.
    As he eavesdrop on their conversation.
    ” what do you think will happen to him now ” Lydia asked trying to feign to be less concerned.
    ” whatever happens to him now isn’t our problem, but am sure he will be deported back to his country since he’s a foreigner here, and get his conviction there ” Stiles replied coldly.
    ” if he’s deported, he can’t get his power back and means he’s going to die ” Lydia said almost forgetting that she’d to look like she care less about Ben’s predicament.
    ” he’s going to die even if he wasn’t arrested or deported, do you think he has chance of getting his power back ” ? Allison said without a trace of care in her voice.
    ” you’re right but I don’t think we should abandon him like that ” Lydia said now shedding off her cover.
    ” but he murdered those security, he did it without an ounce of pity, like what he’s been doing and enjoy to do ” Stiles swiftly opposed Lydia’s plea to derive sympathy for Ben from the pack.
    Scott and Isaac kept mute as it was turning to a battle of one against two.
    The reason why stiles was supporting the motion of letting go of Ben was partially because of the footage and he also hated the fact that Lydia is still trying to help him after seeing his true side.
    Scott and his pals were known for their act against injustice, they tried to fight against criminals not side with them.
    Allison has only one reason for the termination of Ben, her mother committed suicide, her sister ( Kate ) a chronic arsonist and murder brainwashed by their grandpop to go against the code the hunter.
    Throat slashed by Peter, a member of the family of Hales, the family she burnt down, killing everyone including the werewolves and the human.
    Only few survived the arsonist act which included Peter, who was rendered into an unconscious state and pain by the act for many years.
    Peter made sure she reciprocated Kate’s act by slashing her throat.
    What of Gerrad, her grandfather, he’s confined to a room where he’s bleeding black liquid from his mouth, nose and ear.
    He was rendered into this position when Scott’s pack infiltrate his plan to turn into a werewolf in order to cure his cancer.
    He was more or less a walking dead.
    Chris was the only family she got and every ticking of clock paved him closer to death.
    She wasn’t ready to take a chance with Chris’s life by helping a teenage boy accomplish a mission which is already a failure at the mention of it.
    They all knew that Ben going close to someone as powerful as the Darach is almost impossible, coupled with the fact that the wolves will only be at half of their best the night they’re planning to retrieve their parents.
    ” what do you think we do “? Scott asked Isaac who seemed not to be bothered by the current situation.
    ” I think we should hear what he gat to say in his defense first ” Isaac said taking his time to think about it first.
    Scott agreed to his suggestion, while Lydia and Allison grudgingly accepted too.
    ” you dear to fool us and now you’re asking us to burst you out of prison ” Scott screamed angrily as he stormed out and the others followed him.

    Episode 21

    { They came back and she also did }
    ” over, code eight, 10-45 , robbery in progress in Beacon Heights Banking Centre, gunshot heard, all close unit report in, over ” the sound blasted out from the walkie talkie placed inside the sheriff department in beacon hills.
    ” 10-4 , message received, 10-23, over ” Deputy Victor said to the caller over the walkie talkie as he dispatched all the present officers inside the station to Beacon Heights Banking Centre leaving only him inside the station.
    ” got eighteen bars of gold to take care of, can’t lose my life at this rate ” deputy Victor said as he sat at his desk .
    * what are you doing here ” he asked Scott and Isaac as they entered the police station.
    ” just here to check on Ben again ” Scott replied secretly signalling to Isaac with his eye.
    ” I’m afraid you can’t * deputy Victor wasn’t able to finish his statement when suddenly put an handkerchief over his face and quickly gripped him as he muffling tried to scream for help.
    After some seconds, he was already unconscious.
    Isaac gently laid him on the floor while they proceeded with their next plan.
    ” do you think we’re doing the right thing ” Isaac asked looking a bit distressed.
    ” I don’t know ” Scott replied him with the look of uncertainty.
    Flash back to when the pack met with Ben inside the cell
    I startling stood up as I saw them coming, tho I couldn’t my movement was restricted, courtesy, the handcuff.
    I could hear my heartbeat clearly, it was sounding as if it was going to burst out of my chest any time soon.
    I didn’t know why I felt that way, but I could bet it was because I was scared of their response.
    ” hi ” I said shyly as they all stood in front of me giving me the glare that made me felt guilty even without any word confirming it.
    ” how you hanging in there ” Scott asked trying to hide what he really wanted to ask.
    ” it’s okay ” I replied losing the rigidity in my voice.
    ” why did you do it ” Scott finally drop the bomb and I stood there my gaze on the floor with my mind radiating on how to diffuse it without upsetting the wrong wire.
    ” yeah, I kill them, I murdered them in cold blood, is that what you want to hear, they upset me and they paid for it with their life, you must have seen it in the footage that snake show you ” I suddenly bursted out shocking the hell out of myself.
    It’s must be frustration, I said to myself when I got hold of what I did.
    ” cool down, we’re not here to judge you, we’re here to give our farewell , think you’ll be going to France soon” Stiles said with a tone which depicted that he really want me out.
    ” okay, but you all got it wrong like I also did last time ” I said almost in a whisper procuring all their attention.
    ” I killed those security, yeah, I won’t deny it, but it was all in self defense, imagine , they attacked me first, they even shot me, imagine, if I hadn’t posses any power, I would have long be dead ” I said lowering my voice in case deputy Victor tries to eavesdrop on our conversation, and when I looked at their face, I need not the help of an Oracle to tell me that they were confused.
    ” but the footage didn’t show anything like that ” Scott said looking confuse.
    ” the darach is using deputy Victor to get rid of me, I didn’t know how they manipulated the video but that’s a fake ” I said almost in a whisper and they listened with keened attention
    ” I don’t think deputy Victor is what you claim him to be but how do we know if you’re saying the truth ” Stiles said in a tone which depicted that she’s kinda convinced with my theory.
    ” he got my golds ” I said swiftly as if, if I hold it in longer, it will get stuck in my lungs.
    ” gold “! Scott exclaimed
    ” the ones you claim to lose on our first encounter ” he added looking perplexed.
    ” yeah ” I answer getting my boldness back.
    ” and why will the darach want you out of town, you don’t even have your power with you ” Allison asked coldly.
    ” I think it’s because I am the only chance you gat at killing her ” I said with boldness.
    ” how ” Scott asked with expression that depicted I’ve to explain more before I can convince them.
    ” my dagger is the key to killing her, my dagger has the capability to kill any supernatural being but can only work in my hand ” I told them excluding the part where that I also need my powers in order for the dagger to work .
    ” yeah, have heard about the legend of the waving sword, his sword can smite anything especially when it’s in his hand, I think you must be that legend ” Stiles said sarcastically, I would have laughed If not that my situation didn’t warrant it.
    ” Stiles ” Lydia suddenly screamed startling stiles who kept mute at once.
    ” so what did you want us to do for you now ” Scott asked looking calm.
    ” please I want you to help me out of here, you all know that I can’t survive this night here ” I said risking everything at once to lay down my request.
    ” you dear to fool us and now you’re asking us to burst you out of prison ” Scott screamed angrily as he stormed out and the others followed him.
    I sat down feeling dejected inside the cell.
    ” I thought you’re going to give him a chance when you decided to visit ” Lydia said angrily as they stepped out of the station.
    ” I think he’s saying the truth ” Scott said startling everyone of them.
    ” but why did you storm out like that screaming ” Lydia asked looking perplexed.
    ” the deputy was eavesdropping on our conversation, I could feel him lingering around and that meant one thing , Ben is right about him and we’ve to make him think we bought it” Scott told them with little doubt portraying in his voice.
    ” then what are we doing next ” Allison asked feeling a bit uneasy.
    ” we have to get the proof that the deputy is working for the Darach before nightfall ” Scott dictated the plan and they listened with rapt attention.
    ” but don’t you think Ben is going to turn to a liability after his release ” Allison asked with a cold countenance.
    ” I don’t think so,I think he should be a help to us ” Scott said with some sort of unknown assurance.
    ” what if he’s lying about the dagger ” Stiles asked trying to avert the deadly gaze Lydia was giving him.
    ” tho I don’t think he’s lying but we will have to worry about that later, we have few hours to nightfall ” Scott said as they all dispersed to follow the laid down plan.
    After thoroughly ransacking deputy Victor’s apartment, Scott and Stiles found the gold which was carefully hidden a safe place by the deputy.
    Isaac and Allison started their part at once when they were given the head start.
    Allison flagged down a policeman on duty asking for his assistant, in between the conversation, isaac sneaked up against them and knock out the policeman.
    He was tied and placed inside the car’s boot and Isaac drove to where they were supposed to bring the car to the designated spot they were told according to the plan.
    When the car was brought to the spot, Scott and Stiles were already waiting for them.
    Stiles entered the car at once and made a call with the walkie talkie inside it to the sheriff department using police code in order to fool them.
    He could have use the one inside his jeep but didn’t because it belong to his dad.
    And him using it will not mean well for the plan.
    Their plan was a success as the remaining officers pm duty started trooping put of the sheriff department in order to go and curb the ongoing arm robbery.
    Scott drove Stile’s jeep with Isaac by his side to the station.
    Tho they were expecting to meet someone inside, that was why they’ve already prepared an handkerchief laced with diphenhydramine .
    They were surprised to meet deputy victor in because he was suppose to be at the site of the robbery given instruction as the deputy sheriff since the sheriff was not around.
    Ben was startled and shocked seeing Scott and Isaac opening the bar used in locking his cell.
    He didn’t believe what was right in front of him.
    He hasn’t already resigned to fate when Scott stormed out with the others.
    All he was expecting was a moving fire which was later going to metamorphose into some ugly creatures and within some minutes, he would already be dead
    The Darach win, he becomes the greatest failure ever known to mankind and fortunately for him , he won’t have to go and face his father to explain to him how he failed because he couldn’t resist his urge for women.
    ” let get out of here fast ” Scott said as he unlocked the handcuff used in cuffing him.
    ” I’m thankful for this ” I said gratefully as I was really touched for their last minute intervention.
    ” I need to get my bag and the dagger ” I said as we head out of the cell.
    Swiftly we got all my stuff and in the speed of lightening we were already in stiles jeep heading to my abode of fortification against the Gelda.
    I was told the rest of the gang were already there waiting for me and my minister of defense { Lydia }.
    Without her, the abode is useless because it was her screaming only that proved to be the only weapon that can work against the Gelda.
    We were already on the way when the jeep suddenly broke down in the middle of nowhere.
    The day was already hiding behind the thick darkness trying to force it way out in order to take over from the day.
    I noticed I wasn’t the only one panicking inwardly as the night was racing closer.
    I’m out of the game if the Gelda launch their attack against me in the middle of nowhere where stiles jeep decided to stop working.
    Scott tried to make some call, I presumed to the rest of the team but hw couldn’t get a reception where the jeep broke down.
    They tried their best to repair the jeep with the petty tools found inside it but it all proved futile.
    ” I wish stiles was here with us ” Scott muttered under his breath as he gave up on repairing the jeep.
    ” I think we should try another means of getting out of here, it’s already nightfall ” Isaac said reminding me of the danger hiding behind night fall.
    ” no car as passed here over the pass thirty minutes we’ve been stucked here” I said grimacing over what Isaac said.
    ” then we run ” he said with the countenance which dan depicted that, that was the best option we got.
    Scott had no better plan and I didn’t have any to offer.
    With my bag pack strapped firmly on my back we started running.
    I wasn’t able to keep up pace with them because I was extremely famished.
    Haven’t had anything in my stomach apart from the cookie I ate in the morning before I embarked on the secret investigation with Lydia and from there, had my butt landed into a cell.
    ” guys, I think we need another plan ” I screamed loudly as I saw a whirling of fire coming from my back with great speed and I felt a great deal of heat building its momentum inside me.
    I was surprised to see the two of them stop running , they swiftly came back to guard me where I was standing.
    They transformed and roared loudly as the fire was some few metres from us.
    In the blink of an eye, the two of them were already defying the law of gravitation as the fire whirled them away from where they stood guarding me.
    I knew they procured a great deal of injury which might have even made them pass out when they came in contact with the ground.
    After dealing with my petty guards, they wasted no time to set to the job they were there to do as the fire surrounded me and the Gelda was formed out of it.
    Like I always do, I started screaming in pain as I felt the heating ranging towards my heart.
    I was about to pass out when I saw Joyce heading towards us with a crossbow in her hand.
    Not knowing what happened next, I passed out.

    Episode 22

    { DARACIO the Darach hunter }
     Flashback to many years ago
    In an unknown location under a big tree presumed to be the nemeton when it hasn’t turn to a stomped root.
    In the gathering of some elderly people, they debated over an issue which seemed significant to them.
    The meeting was presided over by the most elderly person in the race of the druid.
    They were debating over the issue of the three sons of Ballack who has turned to Darach.
    Ballack was the most elderly person among the current race of druids and the one who presided over every decision and meeting held by the druid.
    He’s in place to give the final verdict for pressing issues.
    The elders were pressing for the banishment of ballack and his family from their midst or he should apprehend his son and bring them to justice.
    Turning Darach is one of the greatest crime among the druid.
    The druid were known for their meek behavior and for their effective counsel and guidance they give to people that come for it from them.
    They stood as a balance between the supernatural world and the ordinary world.
    When a druid turns to Darach, he or she will act against all the laid down principles of the druid thereby smearing the good image they’ve succeeded in building among the locals.
    Their violent behavior and constant sacrificing of human being was something the druids couldn’t settle for.
    The punishment for this crime is death is torturing to death.
    The elders has been constantly reminding ballack of this rules but ballack couldn’t bring himself to murder his son after giving many verdicts for the murdering of other people’s children who has turn to darach.
    They always make sure to quickly get Darach at their beginning point because the more they sacrifice human being, the more they get indulge in the act and the stronger they become which might made them in-apprehensible for the druid.
    That’s why they always make sure to curb them young.
    But ballack couldn’t curb his son and they’ve gone far with their sacrifices and became a terror to the locals.
    No one could go near them again.
    They were not far from being indestructible and all this happened because of Ballack’s negligence.
    The druid now lives in fear, the locals behind their closed doors which is not effective when THE THREE SONS { the name they called themselves } .
    The elders has called another meeting to inform ballack of what he was suppose to do or face banishment, a punishment they wanted to give him because of his position but his daughter and wife won’t share out of that benefit as they will be killed on the root of the nemeton in order to seek for the mercy of the nemeton.
    Patricia was barely 20 duringtime but people will still argue if she call herself 15.
    She has a small stature which deceive people easily to think she’s below 18 ,only those that were close and knew when she was given birth to knew that she’s close to 20, she was some month pass 19.
    She was the fourth and the last child of ballack .
    The only girl, very beautiful, ain’t an exaggeration if she’s regarded as the most beautiful girl among the druid.
    Despite her small body she was bold and courageous, ready to fight and also loving.
    She cared for people around her especially her old parents.
    She’s given birth to by Ballack and his wife in their old age.
    Ballack was almost 62 and his wife 58.
    It was a miracle to them.
    Patricia loves her brothers when they were still in the way of the druids but now despise them when they’ve turn themselves into man slaughters.
    Ballack tho still an active man for his age always find it difficult to sleep at night but after the last meeting with the elders, it became an impossible mission to lure sleep to his wrinkled eye.
    He barely speak, always absent minded and always accompanied with silence.
    No one would dare try to apprehend THE THREE SONS.
    they’ve turned their selves to daylight horror and nightfall terror.
    They’ve grown massively in power due to their day to day sacrificing of human beings.
    None of the young boys of the druid or their adults will volunteer to go and wage war against THE THREE SONS ,thereby making it difficult for ballack.
    Two days to the deadline given to ballack, he called his loving daughter and wife to his bedroom.
    ” I’m sorry for dragging you into this ” he said looking more pale than he was a day ago.
    ” you know how much I love the boys, I couldn’t bring myself to bring them down, I’m sorry ” Ballack said using all his strength to hold the tears which were lurking behind his eyeball.
    Tho his voice failed him by losing its strength.
    Ballack is known for his bravery and rigidity, never tending to be a coward.
    It was rumored that when he joined the council of elders when he was barely 40 .
    None has ever join the council of elders at that age.
    ” since, Japheth, James and Brunt has decided to go against the custom and it’s likely you’re both killed tomorrow, I’ve come to a conclusion ” he said trying to uphold his voice again, trying to bring out the valor in him.
    ” what’s that father ” Patricia asked as glaring into her father’s eye as if the answer was gonna fall off from it.
    ” you take your mother and run away ” Ballack said swiftly in a low voice as if someone was going to hear him and report it to the other elders.
    ” what ” Patricia exclaimed.
    ” what about you ” she asked her father in a disbelieving tone.
    ” they’re probably going to kill me, but am ready for that, already spent more than I imagined one earth”” he said trying to hide the sadness in Hus heart.
    ” am staying with you my lord, we started together and it won’t be bad to end it together ” Cecilia who has been silent over the whole conversation said hearing her husband willingness to die.
    ” I’m going to slow jewel down if I follow her, age has taken its tolls on me, and when they come after us, they might quickly get her because of me ” she said in a melancholy tone as some tingles of tears started dropping from her wrinkled but gorgeous eye.
    ” we’re not doing this, no one is dying ” Patricia suddenly screamed.
    She stood up and moved to where her dad put his precious briefcase.
    The briefcase contained different kinds of book, containing the ritual of the druid.
    She scrutinized through it and find the one she was looking for.
    She picked it without returning the rest to their proper place.
    She flipped the pages opened to the page she needed.
    ” let’s do this dad ” she said showing ballack the ritual documented on the page.
    That was the third time she was bringing it up since her brothers has gone spurious.
    ” I already told you it’s a dangerous ritual, the first and tge last three that was carried out was a failure ” Ballack said opposing his daughter for the third time.
    DARACIO ritual is a dangerous ritual carried out among the early druids.
    It can only be carried out in a family where three Darach are found among siblings.
    If the siblings are more than three, then anyone out of the remaining siblings can perform the sacrifice.
    The rate of the ritual being a success is 10% and the remaining percent is for failure, as their hasn’t been a record of success.
    But it was rumored among the druids that when the sacrifice become a success, the person will become immortal, not aging and become stronger, but won’t be able to reproduce again.
    The person will become a darach hunter, hunting lost druids for the rest of his or her life.
    The sacrifice is carried out by bleeding the person to death on the heart of the nemeton and applying some things which only some elders like ballack know.
    If the nemeton resurrect the person back to life ,that means the person has defeated death and death won’t have power over the person again.
    It was a dangerous sacrifice which no one was willing to try after hearing of the rumor of the three failure.
    But Patricia has been to convince ballack to do it for her ever since her brother became dangerous but ballack wasn’t ready to lose his last child.
    After the preparation of the things needed for the sacrifice, Patricia was cut under the full moon from every joint with the sacred knife in his hand.
    Only the preceding elder have access to the knife.
    No one knew that ballack and his girl was carrying out such a dangerous deed.
    After cutting her, Ballack placed her near the heart of the nemeton and she bled to death there.
    After waiting for many hours,her daughter wasn’t returned to her.
    When it was morning, the folks mourned with him over the loss of his daughter.
    They buried the girl on the third day ,they were hopeful she’s gonna wake up but on the third day, they buried her.
    After the burial of Patricia, Cecilia and Ballack committed suicide.
    Thanks to the shallow ground Patricia was buried in, she was able to burst out of the soil on the next full moon that occurred after she died.
    She was sad hearing the death of her parent.
    Many people worshipped her because she was their way out from the grip of THE THREE SON.
    With the help of the builders among the druids, her parent’s house was reconstructed and an under ground room was made inside, where she placed three chain hanging from the hoof of the building.
    She promised the druids in front of the three chains to capture her brothers and chained them with the chain in order to torture them to death.
    She did as she promised as she captured the three brothers and tortured them to death.
    After, that she left beacon hills to hunt for all the Darach in the world.
    She only comes down to beacon hill once in a decade to renovate her parent’s house, which still existed till date in beacon hills even after all the remaining houses were no more.

    Episode 23

    { die another day }
    I was very much surprise as you’re that I was still alive.
    I found myself inside an empty on a flat bed.
    A thick foul smell took over the room, smell I later discovered from something that was used to rub my body.
    I tried to stand up and felt that I was very weak.
    I couldn’t do anything but stare widely inside the room.
    I was surprised and eager to know how Isaac and Scott were able to pull the trick to save me.
    I remembered seeing Joyce coming towards me with a crossbow in her.
    ” how was she defeated and me, saved ” I was eager to know what happened in details.
    The door suddenly flung opened and I quickly shut my eye pretending to unconscious.
    ” you’re back now “I heard that dreadful voice said and I had to peeped through one of my eye in order to confirm I heard it right.
    ” Joyce ” I exclaimed scared as I stared at her.
    She had cup in her hand and steam made it way our of it signifying that whatever was in her hand was hot.
    ” you should be okay after taking this ” she said as she brought the cup closer to my lip and I used all my strength to keep my lips clamped against themselves.
    ” it’s okay,am not here to hurt you,will have done so when you’re sleeping throughout a day ” she said as she took a sip out of the content inside the cup.
    ” a day ” I suddenly exclaimed , I was surprised that I was still able to talk.
    ” yeah, take this ” she said as she placed the cup on my clamped lip.
    After thinking for some time, I opened my mouth and she held my head up as she poured every drop of liquid inside the cup down my lung.
    ” are you holding me here in order to threaten Scott, well if it’s so,they don’t care about, so it will save great deal of time if you kill me now ” I said as I felt my muscle twitching back to life and I was able to move my hand.
    ” can’t you decipher it now or you’re just dumb ” she said placing me in a tight spot.
    ” are you not the Darach ” I asked and it took some seconds before I felt great deal of stupidity illuminating in my sentence.
    ” no, I’m not the Darach ” she said boldly.
    ” then what are you ” i asked looking at her.
    ” I’m Patricia, the daracio, the only Darach hunter alive ” she said confidently while I look at her like she just uttered Chinese.
    ” little explanation will do some help ” I said as I sat up to listen what she gat to say.
    She explained to me how she was created and how she murdered her three druid brothers gone wrong as her first mission.
    What got my attention most out of her story was her age, she claimed to be above 250 years.
    Something I found difficult to believe.
    ” so what happened the day I visited you and what’s the deal with the three chains in your underground room ” I asked her when she finished the narration of her story
    ” in front of those chains I took an oath to always get rid of all darachs and I tortured my brothers and killed them with the Chain ”
    She said without a glimpse of sadness in her voice for murdering her brothers.
    I looked up to where she pointed hehands and say ” in front of those chains ” ,and that was when I knew where we are.
    We were inside her underground room, the one I located with Lydia.
    But it was a little bit different from when I saw it last with Lydia.
    ” and about that day, Jennifer tried to launch an attack against me, I’ve the power to feel darach from miles away so you don’t need to ask how ” she added and I smirked because she got it right. I was planning on asking her how.
    ” I knew it would be bloody if she meet you with me or you mistakenly interfere in the battle, ” She said with a look that show that she was kind of terrified of jennifer
    ” I thought you said you’re capable of killing any darach, but I think you’re scared of Jennifer ” I said procuring a ” what the heck ” look from her and she later relaxed her muscle.
    ” yeah you’re right, I’m scared of her but whose fault do you think that is ” she asked giving me the you’re to blame look.
    ” you of course, you’ve enjoyed your unlimited time in life and forgot your mission ” I said with a mixed tone.
    ” you’re to blame, you’re the deadliest guardian beast alive, the most powerful of all beast, the beast with the golden heart and you let her stole all your power, you gave it to her and now innocent people are going to pay for it ” she said pissing me off.
    ” do you think I buy all the crap you’re saying ” I shut at her angrily.
    ” I know you’re the darach but decided to play along with you, Scott already told me that they’ve killed you before and I didn’t think he mentioned receiving help from a lady who claim to be a daracio ” I added in a furious tone.
    ” you’re dumb Ben ” she said slightly shaking her head.
    ” I met you before you got your powers s----d away, even tho I don’t know who you’re then, if I’d known, I wouldn’t have let you go anywhere near the nemeton. The nemeton pulled you here while the Darach pulled me, not now but when she first turn to Darach, I couldn’t make it here early then because I was busy with some bunch of druids gone wrong in Ireland, and when I finally made it here, I heard some bunch of teenagers had successfully eliminate the threat ” she paused for a while staring at me.
    ” you probably don’t believe me yet ” she said with a sad countenance.
    She was right, I was not planning on believing anything coming out of her mouth.
    She suddenly stood up and walked to the edge of the bed I sat on, she brought a bag which looked a century old.
    She brought out some arrows out of it.
    ” take this ” she said handing it to me and I collected it.
    ” I gave it to Allison the day I saved her so that she can save you ” she said and I focused my attention on the arrow.
    I remembered at once, it was the day we first trail the darach, when our life was almost snuffed out of us.
    I remembered that the arrow Allison shot at the octopus was different from the one she had on her when we embark on the mission.
    In order to confirm if she was saying the truth, I hit the arrow tip on the wall and it emitted the same kind of spark the one Allison used on the octopus.
    I quickly shut my eye in order not to get affected by the sparking.
    ” I’m sorry for doubting you ” I muttered lowly after discovering she was saying the truth
    ” it’s okay but I need your help and the pack’s own in order to bring the Darach down ” she said swiftly.
    ” why do you need my help, I’m just as useless as I can be, I have no power ” I said in a sad tone.
    ” yeah ,you’re very useless ” she said pissing me off again and it showed in my swift changing of emotion.
    ” but your will ain’t, your will to do things, like getting your powers back and avoid dying makes you more useful to this mission ” she added swiftly and I found my self smiling inwardly.
    ” then I think we both need ourselves help and the Scott’s pack ” I said gazing through the room.
    ” are you looking for this ” she said holding my dagger.
    ” yeah ,and my bag ” I said collecting the dagger from her
    ” here’s your bag ” she said handing me my bag
    ” but you know that dagger can’t work against her until you get your power back ” she said surprising me tho I tried to hide it.
    ” how did you know about the dagger ” I said pretending to be checking the stuffs in my bag in order to avoid eye contact with her.
    ” told you have been around for a long time ” she said boastfully.
    ” oh, I forgot, but we need to get in contact with Scott and the others.
    ” don’t think that will be easy because they will be somewhere unknown preparing how they’re going to face the Darach tonight before she sacrifice their parents ” she said shocking the hell outta me.
    ” what “! I exclaimed
    ” I’ve slept for two days “? I asked perplexed at what she said about the sacrifice happening tonight
    ” yeah the sacrifice is happening tonight and we got less than ten hours to make a plan on how we’re going to stop her because if she’s successful with it, there’s no chance of defeating her again and you’ll also gat no chance at getting your power back, and that means you’re going to die ” she said stressing her last statement.
    ” don’t worry, I’m not dying tonight, maybe another day ” I said as I stood up, took my old cellphone inside my bag and leave the room.
    I coughed back to live as I opened my eye.
    It was a brutal fall as the whirled fire busted Isaac and I from our position.
    I think I passed out.
    Didn’t know Isaac’s fate.
    I stood up at once when I remembered about Ben.
    I ran to where the whirled fire attacked us and unfortunately, Ben was already gone.
    U think after they killed him, they also took his body along.
    It wasn’t long that I saw Isaac staggering towards me holding his head.
    ” where’s Ben ” Lydia asked us almost screaming when we returned to the apartment near the stream.
    ” he’s gone ,the Gelda killed him ” I replied her with a melancholic tone as I was really sadden by the lost of the NICE BROKEN LAD .
    Lydia bursted into tears as sadness was vividly written on our face.

    Episode 24

    {the end is near }
    Continues from Scott’s p.o.v
    ” there’s nothing we could’ve done to prevent it, he was going to die even if we didn’t rescue him from prison and we gave all we can to ensure he’s safe but they were stronger than us ” I repeated to myself as I tried to lure sleep to my saddened eye.
    I didn’t tear up but my heart did.
    Tho we didn’t start on a smooth edge but I came to like him.
    I think I came to like him more when he was unconscious, when I had to stay with inside the chilled water till the Gelda leave.
    He was cute and handsome and I think with a caring heart.
    He didn’t deserve to die.
    Even if getting him his power back seemed to be an impossible mission, I was still Willing to try it.
    Lydia was accompanied home by Allison and Isaac, Stiles and I refused to leave the apartment.
    Deaton occupied a room trying to decipher where the ritual was going to take place.
    Everywhere was awfully silent.
    I knew Stiles was also saddened by the loss.
    Tho he harboured some hatred for him but he ain’t wishing him death, maybe not soon.
    I knew he was also grieving inwardly tho he tried hard to hide it but he s----d at it.
    Deaton also tried to behave normal, like the death affected him less but we all knew that it affected him more, he was grieving silently.
    I knew he had a soft spot for Ben and I knew him spending his time in a room alone trying hard to decipher where the ritual was going to take place was for Ben.
    We all knew what we’re going to face, a deadly woman behind the mask of a teen girl.
    We know the face but not the location.
    Courtesy of Ben we’re able to decipher the face and he’s gone now.
    Now , the remaining deed lies with Deaton to decipher the location.
    I yawned, stretching as I stood up in the morning.
    I didn’t know when I slept off but I knew it was very late.
    Sleeping didn’t cast away the bad memory of the other night from my head as everything returned as soon as I for up from the bed.
    Stiles wasn’t in bed and I was kind perplexed to where he could be.
    ” did he leave without informing me ” I said to myself as I head our of the roomt.
    I went to the mini sitting room of the apartment.
    I saw Deaton and Stiles sitting in a meditating posture facing their selves, and their eye were shut.
    They had a blank paper which have some scribblings on it.
    ” what’s going on ” I said loudly disconnecting their attention from whatever it is they were doing.
    ” we’re trying to get Joyce location ” Stiles opening one of his eye to look at me, then shut it back.
    ” according to the element of surprise , she’s been discovered and we now know what she looks like, cut through her plan of axing Ben, where do you think she will be ” Deaton asked like a priest demanding a confession from a sinner.
    ” she might be at the nemeton where she will offer them for sacrifice ” Stiles replied him and I stood there looking in awe.
    ” no stiles, that isn’t a surprise , she loves to thread on the street of surprise, remember, we won’t be surprise because we already know how to locate it ” Deaton said not opening his eye and stiles scribbled something on the paper.
    ” according to the element of surprise , she’s been discovered and we now know what she looks like, cut through her plan of axing Ben, where do you think she will be ” Deaton repeated again and stiles took his time before he decided to give a reply this time.
    ” I think I know where I know the sacrifice is going to be carried out ” I suddenly said as an idea popped into my head.
    Deaton opened his eye this time likewise Stiles.
    I picked the paper in between and turned it to the untouched side.
    ” we knew she’s good in her game and yet, Ben, Isaac and Allison located her, if they were able to locate her ,that means she wanted them to,and according to Isaac and Allison’s report, they said it was like she was already waiting for them ” I paused for a while and scribble some things down on the paper before continuing.
    ” I think she wanted them to locate the house, she knew we’re going to come back to check the building and if we don’t find her there, we will give up on it and continue our futile search for the location where the sacrifice was going to take place but she did a mistake by letting us know there ” I said and paused again and scribbled something down again.
    ” what’s that ” Stiles asked impatiently.
    ” when we returned to the building, I noticed something on the hood of the building, there was a round shape transparent cover on it, I think the family living there made it in order to allow the full moon into their apartment, so that they can savor it beauty ” I added and Stiles suddenly opened his mouth wide staring at me.
    ” I think you’re right, you’ve successfully decipher where the ritual is going to take place, now it remain the plan to abort her plan ” Deaton said without contemplating on my theory.
    ” I think Scott should do the thinking again , he’s getting perfect at this ” Stiles said standing up and sat down on one of the chair inside the.
    ” we’re using this plan ” I said scribbling some things on the paper and stretched it to Deaton but Stiles swiftly collected it from my hand.
    ” what’s this ” he suddenly asked .
    ” a paper ” I replied him.
    ” no , I thought it was Aristotle textbook ” stiles said humorously.
    ” why is it empty, thought you’re were scribbling some things down during your explanation ” stiles said handling the paper to Deaton.
    ” yeah, that’s the plan, we’re going to do nothing ” I said collecting the paper back from Deaton.
    ” yes, we will sit here and have fun, even sunbath, then later after we’ve had enough fun, we’ll go and retrieve the body of our parents after that devilish lady sacrifice them ” Stiles said as frustration overshadowed his voice.
    ” that’s not what I mean, we’re going to use her plan against her, the element of surprise ,pretend to fall for her plan then surprise her by knocking on the door at the right time ” I said squeezing the paper in my hand and threw it the entrance of the room.
    ” what of plan b ,in case your plan fail ” Stiles swiftly asked.
    ” I’ll leave you to that ” I said as I stood up and head to the bathroom.
    On the
    Inside Deaton’s clinic
    We prepared and went over the plan for many times, we were not going to settle for failure or loss of anyone.
    We knew it was going to be a hard one because we lack the number but we’re ready to try all we could to get everyone out in a piece.
    Lydia was absent, heard she wasn’t feeling alright, went down with the flu.
    So we had less number.
    I wasn’t able to get in contact with Deucalion and Derek was still out of town.
    We still had some minutes left before the full moon and tension grew to its peak inside the room.
    I was doubting myself if we could go through with the mission successfully with the kind of powers I heard Jennifer or Joyce, I think the darach is okay, the darach now possess.
    When the time to kick start our mission dot, we packed all what we need as we made our way to the exit.
    On getting out, we saw many police cars outside , Deputy victor had a transmitter speaker in his hand.
    All the officers his behind their police cars as they pointed their guns at us.
    ” your hands where I can see them ” deputy Victor blasted out of the speaker to us as we stood transfixed at the spot we were.
    ” element of surprise ” I muttered under my breath as my hands find their way to the back of my head and other’s too.

    Episode 25(Final)

    { Bye beacon hills }
    Previously on TCO { Life with the teens }
    Is their any club around, I think if , just lay down your arms and I might reconsider letting you live, I slashed his throat as I got nearer to him and watched as he died without any ounce of pity.
    You look cute, can you take label?
    ” this is sheriff Stilinski, everyone stay where you are ”
    I carried the dead being to the top of the stumped tree.
    After sucking all the blood inside of me, the fire emanating from my body went off.
    The darach is back. He can’t be trusted.
    I’m now a student of beacon high.
    The fire circled and formed some inhumane creatures.
    Getting the black cat in the dark night.
    You don’t view me as a friend but a stranger, I’m going to retrieve my golds back without your help.
    Let hang out in my place.
    The new guy is in danger.
    In a speed of lightening, it took down one of the inhumane creature’s head.
    They released their holds on the bed and drown themselves as the bed float away.
    Joyce is the Darach, she’s packing up and clearing her trails.
    You’re under arrested for the murder of ·····
    I’m Patricia the daracio, a Darach hunter, we have only 10 hours to stop Jennifer and we need the help of your friends.
    We know where the sacrifice is taking place, we’re also going to use the element of surprise on her.
    Place your hands where I can see them.
    ­­ The chosen one { life with the teens
    Music playing
    ? Energy by drake ?
    Music stop.
    We were all cuffed and pushed inside different police car.
    ” what’s our offense ” Stiles asked earlier when they were cuffing us.
    ” oh hit me, don’t tell me you didn’t know it ” deputy Victor said glaring at him.
    ” wouldn’t be asking if I do ” Stiles had replied him sternly
    ” pranking the sheriff department, nabbing and stealing of a police vehicle, assaulting a police man, two in that case , abetting the escape of a foreign and murder criminal, do you really need me to continue listing them ” he said grinning wickedly.
    ” looks like you forgot to mention the disappearance of 18 bars of gold ” Stiles said smiling and I think deputy Victor got infuriated by that.
    ” take them in ” he commanded two police officers who were some distance away from us.
    I looked at Allison and she glared at me, I knew she’s angry, she had wanted to cause a scene earlier but I stopped her.
    They had guns she had arrow, just a perfect reason for them to shoot us if she decide to attack them.
    Deputy Victor led some men into the clinic, and came out without Deaton.
    I was surprised because we left him inside and I didn’t know their was another exit in the clinic apart from the main one.
    BENS P.O.V
    ” wow, the action has already begin ” I said as I put my bike to an halt some distance away from the building.
    It was vivid that war was already going on inside the building as smashing sound was emanating from it.
    The weather complemented the situation, their was lightening but no thunder, the full moon was also present but not at it best.
    It was lightly visible and the lightening striking aid it light disappearance.
    The moon was shining weakly directly on the building.
    ” you stay here ” Joyce said as she got out of her pink Ferrari.
    I refused to ride with her as I made my journey on the new bike I bought earlier in the day.
    Since I could lay hand on the one I was using before, and I need it for something important.
    ” why ” I asked furiously as I stared point blank at her.
    ” the herb I gave you will only strengthen your bone for menial activities and to keep the Gelda at bay for now, if you do anything strenuous with it, it will wear off quickly and the Gelda will soon be knocking on your heart step ” she said sarcastically as I sat on my bike like a lost puppy.
    The clattering of window and the sudden thud sound of something or someone been whang out of the house and hit the ground few distance away from us, caught our attention.
    I was surprised to see what it was .
    It was the beast that save me when I was attacked by the Gelda in the wood.
    It was in beast form so I couldn’t decipher who it was .
    With speed, it got up, looked towards our direction and beast speed into the house again.
    Joyce took her bow and ran inside the building leaving me outside.
    Earlier when the Scott’s pack was nabbed.
    ” tell me you’ve got a plan been prepared before hand for this surprise ” stiles said almost in a whisper to Scott who was in the same police car with him.
    Others were in other ones.
    ” didn’t know she was going to use this method ” Scott replied him looking distressed.
    He was going through a tough time inwardly likewise others.
    Their parents were soon going to be sacrificed and they didn’t have any plan of what to do to save them now when they also need saving.
    A bright smile suddenly erupted from Scott’s lip
    ” think I got a plan ” Scott said in a whisper to Stiles.
    ” what’s that ” Stiles asked in a low tone.
    ” I suggest we fight our way out when we arrive at the sheriff department ” I whispered to stiles
    ” but remember you’re not with your full power to * he wasn’t able to finish his sentence when we suddenly met ourselves beside the road , not anywhere beside the police car .
    Tho the handcuffs was still on our wrist but we magically popped out of the police car.
    ” what the heck ” Scott muttered as he saw the beast heading towards them in full speed and in the blink of an eye , Allison and Isaac were also standing beside them.
    The unknown beast transformed into human and moved closer to them, he was naked but didn’t seem to care about it.
    ” you’ve to get to there as fast as you can, she’s going to start the sacrifice soon ” he said as he transformed back and beast speed away from there.
    ” that’s awesome ” Stiles said as he focused his gaze on the direction the beast sped through.
    ” but he should have help convey us to the place ” Stiles said as he averted his gaze from there.
    ” need a ride guys ” Derek said as he parked his car beside the four confused teenagers standing beside the road.
    ” Derek “! Scott exclaimed as they all trooped into the car.
    ” the first time I’m so happy to see you ” Stiles said humorously and nobody cared to laugh.
    ” did you got my message ” Scott asked Derek .
    ” from my sis, and Deaton ” he said concentrating on driving leaving the teens to ponder on his reply.
    ” you mean Deaton came to you ” Scott asked with a surprised expression.
    ” nope, met with him after Cora told me you seemed to be in dire need of my help, just back today.
    Gone to check on you in the clinic and Deaton told me what happened, so u did my best to catch up with the police car, but what the hell was that thing ” he asked skipping his short intro of what happened and they all exchange glances waiting for someone to voluntarily tell him that they also know nothing about it except its name.
    All what Ben could hear was growling, roaring and clattering.
    Their was a mighty roaring which defeated the others and he knew it belong to Jennifer.
    Even without being inside, he could tell that Jennifer was winning.
    A guardian beast, an alpha wolf, a beta , an hunter, a daracio, one teenage boy and a banshee and they couldn’t handle a lady.
    He felt his lacking for the first time, the Darach was channeling her strength from his power, which means he also has the ability to be strong to that extent ,to be undisputible when he was still with his power but he couldn’t channel all the strength like she’s doing.
    Another person whang out from the building again.
    Ben had to bent down quickly in order to avoid the person hitting him.
    He was strange, at least to Ben because he hasn’t seen him before.
    Derek groaned as he stood up weakly from the ground.
    His cloth looked tattered, burnt on his body.
    Ben assisted him up and took him nearer to Joyce vehicle to rest.
    ” who are you ” Derek asked ben weakly
    ” I’m ” Ben wasn’t able to finish his sentence when a jeep which belong to Stiles suddenly parked beside them.
    Lydia and Stiles hurriedly came out of it.
    ” Ben ” lydia screamed as she saw Ben, she ran to him and fell into his embrace while Stiles moved closer to Derek exchanging conversation with him.
    ” I thought you’re dead ” she said with her palm glued on Ben’s cheek and her face few inches from mine.
    ” no babe, it ain’t time for me to say goodbye ” Ben said as he kissed her passionately.
    The kissing was brought to an abrupt end when a fireball suddenly whang towards our location as it hit a tree nearby.
    Scott and Isaac were both flinged out at once.
    The guardian beast followed but was accompanied with almost 5 fireballs, the fireball hit him and the force took him far distance away from the place.
    Seeing them outside meant one thing, only Joyce and Allison remained inside.
    Ben quickly stood up and ran into the building as Lydia and Stiles ran to the aid of the two.
    The three guardians were tied up against a pillar which was not there when Ben visited the place or maybe he didn’t notice it was there.
    Allison had already passed out ,she was lying on the floor with blood oozing out from an unknown part in her body.
    The darach was in octopus form and she had Joyce in one of her arm.
    She was squeezing her hard and Joyce wretched in pain.
    An arrow suddenly struck Jennifer, and she used one of her arms to wave it off.
    She looked the direction where the arrow came from and saw Ben standing with a bow in his hand.
    She dropped Joyce who was already weak and charged towards Ben who quickly ran outside and she followed him.
    But he wasn’t fast enough as the Darach got him before he could get to his friends.
    They all watched as she grabbed him with one of her arm and looked glared at them.
    Ben was at her mercy as she wrapped her arm around him, brought him to face one of the pore she use in releasing fireball.
    Ben was already weak as the herb was already wearing out of his system.
    He still had the bow in his hand as he had the look of a sacrificial lamb.
    No one could save him as everyone were already weak, as the darach was about to release the fireball, Lydia suddenly screamed loudly and forcefully that the pores were forced to close.
    At that same time, a vehicle stopped on the road closer to the building and three strange faces, to the people pack but not to Ben ,alighted with speed.
    Two hot girls, one with a bow and arrow ,and a cute guy.
    ” now ” Ben screamed as he saw them, and one of the two hot girls threw a jar containing liquid to Ben, who on seeing the oncoming jar stick the bow with the remaining strength in him into jeniffer’s face and jeniffer released her hold on him as she screeched in pain.
    The second girl who got a bow an arrow aimed at it , she let the jar to get to Jennifer before she released an arrow which flew and hit the jar making the liquid content pour on Jennifer who transformed into a human at once and became paralyzed., unable to move any part of her body.
    Ben was also weak, the herb has finally wear out of his system.
    Nina ran to him to help him up, and Becky followed.
    Scott and his friends, especially Lydia couldn’t help but stare at them, shocked at what is happening.
    ” see “! Victor suddenly exclaimed as he saw a fire whirling towards them.
    ” the neck Ben, the neck “! Joyce suddenly screamed tiredly from the entrance of the building.
    Ben remembered what Deaton told him at once, that he will get his powers back the same Jennifer took it from him.
    With the help of Nina, he moved closer to Jennifer, but he didn’t knew where he’s going to suck out the power and the gelda was gaining on them real fast.
    Without contemplating about it again, he went for the neck, like she did to him, quickly locate a vein in it and set down his teeth on it as he bite hard to it.
    Like a vampire, he started sucking her blood, then the powers started flowing through the blood to his mouth.
    His body suddenly got lit on fire and the more he s----d ,the bigger the fire got.
    When he was sure their was nothing to suck again, he left her and stood up.
    He could feel his body system changing back to its old self.
    Thewhirling fire was no where to be found.
    Killing of the Darach was next.
    He switched the fire blazing from his body off and beast speed to Joyce’s car.
    He took his bag pack and brought out the dagger, and with steps announcing his superiority, he started heading toward Jennifer.
    As he was going back to her, a whirling fire suddenly sped passed him and circled Jennifer who was already trying to run away.
    They all watched in terror as the Gelda came out of the fire and after series of her screaming, her heart bursted out burning.
    The Gelda picked the heart, looked at Ben and winked at him and disappeared the same way they appeared.
    I think the winking was some sort of accolade for escaping them, in the period of two weeks.
    He deserved it, nobody has ever gone that far with the Gelda before.
    The long separated friend were suddenly in each others embrace.
    The scene show that they’ve really missed themselves.
    ” thanks for getting here quickly “ Ben said as bright smile escaped his lip.
    ” you know we always get your back buddy ” Victor said as they disengaged the hug.
    Ben had called his friend earlier to get their asses to beacon hills before his dead a-s will be send back to them.
    He told Nina to prepare and bring the water of pishak mixed with the urine of an alpha wolf.
    He promised to send them a GPS recipient which they will use in locating where he is going to be when they come.
    The reason he bought his new toy.
    ” he’s still around ” Ben suddenly said as he transformed rapidly and brought out his golden wing matching with the golden fire of his
    ” who ” Becky asked but he was already gone to give her an answer.
    It was vividly clear that Scott and his partners were shocked beyond words with what they saw.
    If they’ve been told that he could do the things they just saw , Stiles would have been the first to burst into laughter.
    After some minutes, he was back,with a man in his hand.
    The man Scott and his pack met with in the woods.
    He shoved his wing in and transformed back to human as he got down.
    Nina was very shock, not Nina only but all the Ben’s friend from Marseille.
    ” looks like you all gat a lot to explain ” Ben said with a curious look
    ” dad ” stiles suddenly screamed as he saw his dad coming out of the house with Mellisa and Chris Argent.
    The drama happening has made them to temporarily forget them.
    ” will explain everything to you on the way back ” Nina said with a pleading eye to Ben.
    After the little family reunion.
    Ben said his bye.
    All his girls were present so he could only peck Joyce and Lydia as he bid them farewell
    He hugged Scott, Stiles and Isaac, and they exchanged some words on how they’re going to miss themselves.
    ” I think there’s nothing like catching the black cat in the dark night ” Allison said smiling and Ben laughed as he hugged her.
    ” take care of yourself ” Allison said as they disengaged the hug.
    Stiles brought out Ben’s gold from his jeep and gave it to him, Ben rejected it and gave it to them but they’re adamant on rejecting it.
    Chris who has now cut off his bushy beards and now looks more like the man Ben saw in the picture holding little Nina, said his goodbye to Ben and apologized to him for not letting him know that he’s alive and now a guardian beast.
    He transformed and beast speed from there but no one know if he left beacon hills.
    Ben gifted Scott his new bike with the excuse that he can’t take it with him to Marseille, so Scott had no choice but to accept it.
    Everyone left in their ride, Ben in the car his friend brought which he later found out that victor nicked it .
    ” Patrick turned him and wanted him to work for him but he ran away from Marseille, I was waiting for you to get over what happened before I tell you but I didn’t get the chance to ,I’m sorry Ben ” Nina said with an apologetic tone.
    ” it’s alright, I understand but where’s dandy ” he asked curiously.
    They all had the look that send a message that everything ain’t right.
    ” will talk about him when we get to Marseille but now, we want to hear about your experience in beacon hills ” Victor swiftly said as no one was willing to tell Ben what happened to
    ” you mean my life with those teens ” Ben asked smiling
    ” yeah ” they all said in unison.
    ” my life with the teens is a long story and I will advice you all tighten your seatbelt before you get blown away ”
    The End..

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