Story: Cold Hearted(Strange Love)


    Life was too hard on Ellie and her mother ever since the death of her father. The landlord sent them out of the house when they refused to pay up their rent. After looking for place to stay, they were finally welcomed in by Mrs Williams. Ellie's mother boss. The big mansion where she works as a loyal chef. On the day they got in, mrs Williams only son arrives from new York. He was known as a strict and arrogant person who fires employee in any little silly mistake they make. So the maids and other staffs always caution themselves when he's around. After several warning from Ellie's mum that she must not move around the building aimlessly, she went out on the night they just got in looking around the compound. She got in trouble with David who was cold hearted and has no mercy. Will she survive this or will she be thrown out of the mansion by david?
    Find out in this romantic novel...

    Episode 1

    "Since you guys can't pay up your debt, no other choice than to leave this house today. I have tried enough by letting you stay till this moment." The landlord said with no mercy in his eyes while my mum was begging him seriously. "Please sir. I promise to pay up your money. Just give me more time. Please we don't have anywhere to go"my mum persuaded him but he turned deaf ear. "The only thing I can do for you guys now is to give you a week to prepare for another place. After a week, I'll come back and lock this house"he said and left before my mum could say anything. My mum sat on the coach looking sad and depressed. "Mum it's ok. I'll work more harder for us to pay him. I know by next week I would look for a way to get the money"I said comforting her. "No. You have to go to school. I don't want to see you work again while your mates are in school. It breaks my heart. I'll talk to my boss and see if I can receive next month salary in advance. I'll work for it."she said. "Next month? Mum how do you expect her to do that? You received this month pay already and the month is yet to end. This is still 10th of April"I said with tears on my face. She looked at me and I quickly wiped it off. "Am sorry for letting you experience all this. I know am not doing my duties properly as a mother. I know things will change for better. Am so sorry"she said in sorrow. I stood up on my feet sobbing. "I'll quit school and start working for us to live. I can't just cope with all this again. Since you even struggle to pay my school fees, so let me just quit and also work for money."I said and stormed out. I went to sit outside crying out my heart.
    I woke up beside my mum very early in the morning and start preparing to go out. After I finished taking my bath and dressing up, I picked my bag and was heading out. "Where are you going to?"my mum's voice made me stopped by the entrance. "To work"I said turning back to her. "I told you to go to school. This is early Monday morning. Your mates are in school. Why are you so stubborn?"she said. "Mum I think we talked about this yesterday. I'll go to school when it it's time but now, we need to live first. If I die my corpse can't go to school can it? Mum please let me just do this."I said. She was silent looking at me, probably not knowing what to say. "See you later mum"I said with a smile before heading out of the room.
    Few days later, after work, I went to visit my mum at her work place. Wondering what type of job she does?
    Well, she's working as a cook at mr Williams mansion a popular successful man. My mum was not the only worker there. There are many workers in the mansion both cleaners, securities, drivers and so on. I don't usually go there because of school. I can say this is my fourth time here ever since my mum started the job a year ago. She got paid on time and even got advance payments but because of my school and the debts she has to pay up, the money is not enough to live on our life. What actually brought me here today was because I have to deliver something to her.
    When the taxi man got to the building, I got down and paid him the accurate amount. I looked up at the huge mansion and took a deep breath. I walked towards the gate feeling nervous because the securities standing by the entrance. I greeted them and they allowed me in because they knew it's not my first time being there. I walked down the compound heading to the main entrance.
    It had been over three months I had been here last. Everything looks more beautiful and attractive. As I almost got to the main entrance, I saw a woman acting strange in a car next to me. The door was half opened so I could see all what's going on"What's happening? Is she ok?"I asked myself looking at her. I think she was trying to get something from her purse. I quickly rushed to her when I saw she almost fell. I supported her with my hand to stop her from falling. "Ma'am are you ok. What's the matter?"I asked looking at her. She brought out a small plastic from her purse but it fell to the ground. I think she got an attack. I quickly picked it up and opened it. "How many tablets?"I asked in hurry. She tried to raise her hand but she was too weak. "One?"I asked but she nodded negatively. "Two?"she nodded her hear positively and I quickly brought out to tablet and pushed it into her mouth. As I was still holding her, I felt a hand holding me from behind. I looked back and saw a lady holding some files in her hand. "Move away from her. who are you?"she asked harshly looking at me. I moved back from the car and was standing behind her. The lady moved closer to her dropping the files. "Are you ok madam?"she asked. The woman's body was calm in few seconds. "Are you ok ma?"I asked again to be sure. She looked at me for long before nodding her head. "Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate"she said looking at me. "Madam would you like to...."the woman raised her hand up telling her to be quiet. "Who are you?"she asked looking at me.
    Just then, my mum came out with two other cooks. My mum was Holding a bag in her hand. Just as she saw me with the madam, she quickly rushed to us dropping the bag she was holding. The expression on her face were not good. She might have thought I caused trouble. "Ma'am what has she done wrong? Did anything happen?"my mum asked looking at me in fear.
    "No mum. Nothing bad happen"I said holding her hand. "Are you madam Lydia's daughter?"the woman asked. "Yes ma. She's my daughter Ellie."my mum replied.
    Before mum could get back from work, I had prepared dinner and set the table. I sat down at the dinning room waiting for her to arrive. Few minutes later, someone knocked on the door and I quickly went their to open it, thinking it must be her. On getting there, who I saw gave me a great shock.

    Episode 2 & 3

    I was staring at him not able to say anything than good evening.
    He noded his head in response to my greeting. "Where's you mother?"he asked. Just then, my mum arrived in a taxi.
    We started begging the landlord to give us more time. "Enough of this. I promised to come back in a week but this is the second week and my money is not paid. I won't listen to your pleads again. Just leave the house this moment. I won't collect the two years rents from you again. So leave because I have a new tenant who would be packing in tomorrow morning."the landlord said looking angry. "If I found you here tomorrow morning, your belongings would be thrown out."the landlord said and left in anger.
    I and mum went inside looking sad. The food I prepared became cold because none of us have appetite to eat. I comforted her and promise to try begging the landlord tomorrow again.
    Around 10am, the landlord had brought some guys to bring out our belongings. All plead fell on deaf ear. "Please sir we have no where to go"I said begging him. "That's your problem. I have tried enough for you guys. You can go anywhere you like I don't care anymore. I also have kids to feed"he said with no mercy.
    Few hours later, my mum and I went to her uncle's place but they told us he's not living there again. Few minutes later, my mum got a call. After she finished receiving it, she took her bags and told me to follow her. "Where are we going to?"I asked looking at her. A smile formed on her face. "I'll tell you when we get there"she said and stopped a taxi. We only took few thing in our bag. We kept the remaining belongings in the storage room after begging the new tenant that we'll come back for it when we found a place to stay. I and mum sat at the back of the taxi seat. I looked out through the window with many thoughts running in my head. I wonder when we'll get out of this poverty of life we are living in. everything is just so hard on us ever since daddy died. I know how I used to be before. I dress in clothes I like and eat what I like at anytime. We were having a smooth and easy life until father died. His uncle took over everything and succeeded in sending us out of my father's house . Anytime I think of the evil man, the fire of revenge use to boil in me. He got everything under control after my mum was drugged to sign a file. I always think of how to ruin him and his family anytime I remember his devilish face.
    Finally, we were at the place. But wait. This is mr Williams mansion.
    "Mum why are we here? I thought you found a place"I asked in surprise. "Yes. I told madam about everything and she asked us to come over. I hope we can stay here for the mean time before finding a good apartment"my mum said as he paid the taxi man. I took the bags and we both went in.
    My mum lead me to an unfamiliar place in the house. I had never been there before. I saw many maids moving about with one thing or the other in the house. I wondered why they are that much today. Finally we got to a door and my mum pressed the bell. Few seconds later, the door was opened. I walked in with my mum looking around the big room. Everywhere was sparkling like diamonds. The tiles on the floor looks like glass. The furniture there were not exceptional. I saw a family picture on the wall and other pictures too. I looked before me and saw the woman from other day. I quickly greeted her. The cloth she was putting on was so elegant and beautiful on her. She sat on a coach holding a glass cup in her hand. "How are you dear? Thanks for the other day once again"she said with a smile. "It's nothing ma"I said feeling nervous.
    "I feel so bad after hearing that your landlord sent you guys out. Your mum is one of my special cook. I respect and adore her a lot. Hearing that happens to her made me feel bad. You guys don't need to worry. And you Ellie, I also owe you. I'll you help you with all I can. I can let you stay here for now if you don't mind"she said looking at us. I quickly went on my kneel to appreciate the offer. "Thank you so much ma. We'll really appreciate that"I said looking at her. "Stand up. You don't need to be like that"she said dropping the glass in her hand. "Thank you so much madam"my mum said. She looked at a maid standing beside here and nodded her head. "Please follow me"the maid said in a polite manner. I bowed to her before leaving with the maid.
    Now, we are at our new room. The place look more comfortable and ok than I thought it would be. I sat on the sofa arranging out stuffs. "Mum. Don't you think that woman is too nice. I mean that type of a wealthy woman is suppose to be wicked and mean like I use to see in tv. But she's the opposite"I said in disbelief. My mum smiled looking at me. "Thats how she is but at times, she looks strict and scary. Most of the employee here feared her. Am surprised by her acts theses days."my mum said. "Maybe because I saved her life"I concluded. "Anyways, she really helped me this time and I owe her too by working harder"mum said. "So, we're the only employee living here?"I asked. "Of course no. The cleaners and some other employees lives here too but in a different apartment."my mum replied. "Oh"I said nodding my head.
    "Is this how the maids normally work everyday? I mean they are much today."I asked mum looking curious. "No ma'am. It's because their only son is arriving from newYork today while Mrs Williams will be returning to Australia for business tomorrow."my mum said as she folded the last clothe and placed it in the wardrobe. "Did they have only one child?"I asked her thinking my question are not getting too much. "No, they are two. The other one is a lady. She's the first born. Her name is hellen a graduate of Oxford university. She's currently in Canada. while thier seconds child is noah. He's still studying in new York and also the heir to his fathers companies and properties. They are the two precious children of mr and Mrs Williams."my mum said. "Wow! They must be spoilt like those rich kids I use to see in tv"I said. "When will you stop comparing tv to reality?"mum said hitting my head. "Ouch it hurts"I said rubbing it. "But..."mum stopped, looking at me. "But what?"I asked looking curious. "The second child which is Noah, is a very arrogant person avoid him at all cost if you don't want to get yourself in trouble"mum said looking at me. I nodded my head slowly looking at her.
    Noah's POV
    When the driver got to the compound, the door was opened and I stepped out of the car walking towards the building. "You're welcome young master"mr Clinton said with a bow and followed me behind. The maids bowed as I walked pass them, but I just kept going straight without looking at them. A maid mistakenly nodded her head at my arm while trying to bow. I looked at her badly and she quickly apologized. "Am sorry sir."she said bowing multiple times. "Fire her"I said to mr Clifton without looking back.
    Finally, I got to my mother's place. I walked in with a smile. She stood up and came to embrace me. "Welcome my adorable son. I really missed you"she said hugging me. I sat down on the coach opposite to her. "I missed you too mum. You've become more beautiful"I said smiling. "Really? You've also changed. How's new York and have you been eating well?"she asked. "Of course mum."I replied. "You must be. because you look more handsome and healthy"she said with a laugh. A maid brought some wine. As she was pouring it, my phone rang and she spilled some in the tray. "Why are your hands so shaky?"I asked in anger. "Fire her"I said to mr Clinton. "Ok sir" he replied. "Am sorry sir. It was a mistake"the maid apologized. "Son. You shouldn't be shouting since you just got back. Easy ok?"mum said with a grin. "Ok mum"I replied feeling calm. I check my phone and saw 10missed calls. "Who the hell is this?"I thought to myself and check my call log. It was Christiana.
    "So, how was study over there?"mum asked. "It was fine mum" I replied dropping my phone on the table. "I heard you'll be going back for business tomorrow"I asked her. "Yes. Your dad called me yesterday I have to take care of something. I'll be back in a month or less.
    When will you be going back to school?"she asked. I looked at her and took a deep breath. "Why?"she asked looking worried. "Didn't you hear anything from dad?"I asked her. "No. What's is that?"she asked looking more interested in what am about to say.
    Ellie's pov
    It's getting dark. Mum was busy with other cooks in the kitchen preparing dinner. She warned me not to walked around aimlessly to avoid trouble. I agreed and stayed indoor. Few minutes later after my mum left, I went out with the hope to get back before she returns. The beautiful lights in the compound and around the building caught my eyes. The mansion looks more beautiful at night with all those lights. "Wow! Is this a house or paradise?"I asked myself looking around. As I was walking further, I saw a guy bending beside one of the pillar. He was putting on black all through and was covering his head with a Hoodie. I looked down and saw he was talking to a dog. I quickly stepped back and hide by the wall. "Do you think it'll will be ok to do that? He said I have to study here. Does that make sense to you? It doesn't right? That's what am saying. How can I do that? Why should I? That mean old man is so heartless. I mean I can't understand why he concluded on that all of a sudden"I can hear his voice from where I was hiding. "What should I do? He must be the guy my mum was talking about. Should I run? Oh my God am in trouble."I said hitting my head. I raised my head and tried to run but his face popped out before me. I jumped back to the wall screaming in shock. He was staring at me not saying a word. I didn't see his face clearly because of the hoodie." sorry"I managed to say and tried to walk away. He drew me back by holding my arm. His hand felt cold on my skin. He must had been out for long but who cares? I think am in trouble right now just as my mum warned me earlier. The breeze blew the Hoodie off his head and I saw his face clearly.
    I was short of words looking at him like a dumb person. My lips were shaking in fear as it tried to form a word but couldn't..

    He looks so scary. I think I see reason why the maids fear him. "Who are you?"he asked fixing his gaze on me. "Am sorry. Ellie"
    "I mean what is your duty in this house"he cuts in sharply. I was confused for a while not know what he mean by that. He looked at me from head to toe shaking his head. "You're not putting on a uniform which means you're not a worker. So who are you?"he asked again. "Am.. Am just..."
    Since you find it hard to identify yourself, I'll conclude that you were spying on me. Mention your colleagues who sent you to spy on me now, if you don't want to face the consequence alone"he said staring deep into my eyes. He was staring at me expecting me to say something but everything just disappeared from my memory because of the way he was staring at me looks so scary"Fine. If you are a worker or any staff in this house, Since you refused to talk, you're fired from this moment on. I don't want to see your face around again. I'll inform mr Clinton about it"he said and walked off with his dog. I took a deep breath and was walking back to our room feeling nervous. When I got in, my mum already arrived. "Where have you being? I told you not to walk about. You might put yourself...
    "Am already in trouble"I cut in looking at her. She quickly walked to me and hold my hand. "What trouble? What have you done?"she asked looking worried. I took a deep breath and sat down on the sofa twisting my fingers together. "Mum am sorry to disobey you. I never knew it would turn out this way I wouldn't have gone out in the first place"I said feeling sad. "Just go straight to the point. What have you done Ellie?"she asked again.
    When I woke up early in the morning, I prepared for work and set to go out. My mum got up from bed as I was about leaving. "Good morning mum. How was your night?"I greeted with a smile. "You have the heart to smile after what you've done yesterday night?"she asked yawning. I kept my face down in disappointment. "Just make sure you try you best not to encounter him. Avoid him at all cost or we'll both be kicked out"mum said heading to the bathroom. I sighed and walked slowly out of the room. "Why are rich kids like that? Too rude and arrogant. I wonder if that jerk was truly Mrs Williams son. He has a total different character."i was murmuring to myself as I walked down towards the gate. I didn't follow the main entrance just to avoid him. When I almost got to the gate, I met him right in front of me. It's like he was coming back from morning jug. He wore black sport short and tshirt with black pairs of Snickers. Sweats were dripping down on his forehead. I stood before him frozen in shock because I didn't expect to meet him that moment. What should I do? Greet him or ignore him? I thought to myself staring at him. "You"he said pointing at me. I pointed at myself again to confirm if he was referring to me. "Me?"I asked. "Yes you. Why are you still here? Didn't I say you were fired yesterday night?"he asked looking at me. "What should I do? This can't be happening. We just got here yesterday. We can't leave just like this."I thought to myself. He stared at me for a while when I didn't say anything. He moved closer and bent a bit looking at my face. "Are you deaf and dumb? Why are you always quiet when I talk to you. You didn't do anything like apologizing or defending yourself. You just kept mute staring at me like a zombie"he said looking at me.
    "I...I...I..."I stammered finding it so hard to respond to him. "Anyway you don't need to say anything again since you're fired. Next time I see you again, I'll call the security to throw you out"he said and was walking away. "Am sorry. Forgive me. Am not a thief or a stalker. No one said I should spy on you. Am just madam Lydia's daughter who just got here yesterday"I finally said turning to him.
    He stopped and looked back. "So you can talk? Sorry but it's too late. You're fired. For wasting too much of my time, I'll still send you out and madam Lydia too. Both of you are out since you came together. I don't need any apology from you because I won't accept it"he said and tried to leave. I was so sad and heartbroken. I mean how can someone be that heartless. What exactly have I done wrong to deserve all this? And my mum, I can't bear to be kicked out with her just because of me. I thought to myself staring at him. He tried to leave but I went on my kneel before him. "I don't know my offence or what I did wrong to deserve that much punishment. But am sorry. Please I can't bear to be kicked out with my mum. Please just spare me. Anything I did wrong towards you, I want you to forgive me."I said not looking at him. "I said I don't need your apology. It's like you don't really know me too well since you just got in yesterday. I don't go back on my words. That's me"he said looking down at me. I held my fist so tight in anger as he tried to leave me the third time. "I'll... I'll do anything you want just please don't kick us out. Please"I said looking at him. He started laughing on hearing that. "Anything I ask for?"he asked looking at me. He bent down before me looking at my face closely. "You are so amusing. How interesting"he said with a smirk. "Just don't kick us out. I'll do anything"I repeated.
    "Fine"he said and stood up on his feet. "From now on, you'll be my errand girl. I can send you wherever I want without you complaining or you'll be out. I can call you whenever I like even if you're far away from me. In other words, I got a new dog from now on."he said smiling. "Agreed or not?"he asked looking at me. My heart was seriously burning in anger as he talk but I held it in. "Ok"I said briefly. "Not ok. Agreed or not?"he asked again. "Agreed"I said in a low tone. "Good"He said and walked away heading inside. I stood up gently feeling hurt and mad. "I think am going crazy right now. What? A dog? How could he?"I said in anger staring towards the entrance.
    Noah's pov
    I got to my room and closed the door behind me. Am to resume school next week but am not prepared for anything. I went to the fridge to take some water. I heard my phone ringing, and I went to pick it. "Christiana"it indicates the caller's ID. I picked it and placed it to my ear. "Hello why are you calling so early?"I asked. "Am sorry for that. I heard you came back yesterday. I was so happy about it. I had been calling you line but you were not picking up. Hope everything is fine?"she asked. "Yes I came back yesterday and everything is perfectly fine. If that's all you want to ask, can I hang up?"I asked. "Wait. You can't do that. You know I've missed you so much. you shouldn't be doing this to me again. Don't you miss me also?"she asked sounding more annoying to me. "No. Why should I miss you?"I asked rudely. "Because am your girlfriend. Anyway, I heard you'll be resuming to school here next week"she said. "So? Do you think I like it. Of course I don't. If that's all am hanging up"I said and hung up the call. I hissed and dropped the phone on the bed in anger and stood up heading to the bathroom.
    After seeing mum off to the airport, I went back home. Not too long, david arrived. My close childhood friend.
    Ellie's pov
    After a long and tiring day at work, I went back home in the evening. I walked towards the main entrance praying that jerk won't be around. Just as I got to the living room, I met him and a guy chatting and laughing.
    I greeted them politely and was walking in. "Hey"I heard that jerk's voice and I stopped. I turned back to him hoping he won't send me anything because am so tired. "Yes young master"I said with my hands behind my back. A maid was about to clear the table but he stopped her. "You can leave. She'll do it"he said looking at me. I stared at him badly on hearing that. I wish I could hit him on his face. But so bad I can't. He looks so annoying and heartless. Am so fucking tired. I thought to myself. I feel like crying as I was about cleaning the table. I looked at the other guy who looks dissatisfied by the what he said. I was cleaning it up but when I took the glass cup, it mistakenly fell from me and broke into pieces. "Will you be careful or I'll give you another work to do"he said looking at me badly. "Am sorry young master"I said and hurriedly started picking up the broken pieces. "Ah"I quickly dropped the tray after I cut myself with the pieces of glass. The other guy quickly stood up and hold my hand. "Are you ok?"he asked looking at my cut finger. "Leave her alone"noah said looking at him. "Continue"he said averting his gaze on me. "But she's hurt. Please call another person to do this"the guy pleaded. "And I say no. She'll be the one to finish it. Or you don't want to do it?"he asked staring at me. I stared at him for a while then bent down to start picking them again. I cut my finger again. I stopped and then continue. Tears drops from my eyes as I do this. Was it because it hurts or was it because the way he threats me. I cut my finger the third time and the other guy took me up. "Noah enough of this. You're going too far. Why are you like this?"the guy asked looking at him.
    I looked at him with tears on my face and my fingers bleeding seriously. The expression on his face was unreadable as he stared at me.
    COLD HEARTED (strange love)

    Episode 4 & 5

    I feel so weak and think am going to collapse at any moment. "Please just let her go"the guy pleaded on my behalf again. But he gave me a nasty look before concluding."You can leave"he said not looking at me. I walked away slowly feeling pains all over my fingers. I got to our room but my mum was not there. So I quickly washed off the blood before she could return. I sat on the sofa thinking about what happened earlier. I just don't know my offence to deserve that bad treatment from him. I have to try not to let my mum know about it or she'll feel bad. Well, I need to try all my possible best to work harder so that we can move to another apartment. I can't continue living in the same house with a beast. I thought to myself.
    Noah's pov
    After she left, a maid came over and cleaned up everything.
    "David that's too bad. She's a lady. You shouldn't treat her that way. I think you should go easy on them uhn"David said looking at me. "Are you lecturing me right now? You know I don't like that. I know what am doing so, don't interfere when something like this happen again. I'll let today's own go."I said. He stared at me unusually when I said that but didn't give a response. Few minutes later, he prepared to leave. I saw him out and I went back inside and headed to my room.
    I sat down by the edge of the bed feeling bad. "Fool! Why did you chose to do anything for me in the first place? Do you think it would be easy?"I said to myself. I opened my drawer and brought out the plaster I have there. I was holding it in my hand staring at it. "It must have hurt a lot"I said looking the plasters in my hand.
    "Wait. What am I thinking of doing right now? Am I crazy or what"I said and dropped the plasters on the shelf. I climbed onto my bed and covered myself up with blanket.
    Ellie's pov
    I got to work early as usual. I work in a super store where they sell groceries. As I was still cleaning up the store, someone came in. "Welcome sir. What do you need?"I asked politely. He was busy with his phone so he didn't look up at me yet. He raised his head and responded slipping the phone into his pocket. "Good mor..."he stopped, looking at me. "Oh. It's you"he said looking surprised. I was staring at him because I don't think I recognise the face. "Excuse me, do you know me?"I asked. "You've forgotten so soon? I was the guy that visited noah yesterday"he said and I quickly recall. "Oh am sorry. Good morning"I said formally. I think I didn't get to see his face clearly yesterday because I was not in a good state.
    "How are you?"he asked with a smile. "Am fine. Thanks for yesterday"I said. "No need to thank me on that. How's you hand?"he asked looking at my hand which I had covered with glove before I started cleaning. "It's fine. So what do you need to buy?"I asked to close the matter about yesterday night.
    " Is this where you work?"he asked looking around. "Yes."I responded nodding my head.
    "Ok. Anyway am David"he said stretching his hand for a shake. "Am Ellie"I said but didn't shake him because I thought my hand was dirty. He noticed that and smiled. He took my hand and shook it.
    "Nice meeting you pretty lady. I'll just pick few things and leave ok"he said with a smile.
    I didn't say anything but kept staring at him.
    After he got what he needed, he left the store waving goodbye at me. I sat down there looking at him till he got into his car and drove off.
    "Did he call me pretty lady? Wow he's so nice and friendly."I said smiling to myself.
    After work, I was Leaving for home in the evening. I was swinging my bag happily while heading to the bus stop. I mistakenly hit a car packed beside me. My bag left a little scratch on the body. "Oh my God! What should I do?"I said looking at the scratch I left. "What have you done to my car?"a lady screamed and got down from the car. "Am sorry. It was a mistake"I said apologizing. She came to the side and check the scratch on it's body. She then turned back to me looking angry. "Mistake? Do you know how much this car cost? This is my favourite car. Are you crazy?"she yelled at me in anger. "Am so sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen."I said looking at her. "Sorry? If everything works by saying sorry, why would there be police?"she asked looking more angry. I kept quiet without knowing what to say again. "What do you expect to happen now? Let you leave?"she asked. "Okay. I'll pay for the repair if that will do"I said looking at her. I don't know why she's overeating. It was just a little crash that barely show. "You'll pay for what? Are richer than me? Do you even have money to feed yourself?"she asked harshly. By now, I had gotten so frustrated by her words. I can't hold on anymore. "What else do you want me to do? Are you happy you're rich and not a pauper? Was it fun mocking others of their status? Your type are worst than death. Do you even earn those money yourself?"I said angrily. I opened my purse and brought out 200 dollars then dropped it on her car. "That should be enough because the scratch was not even much"I said and left. "You crazy bitch come back here. Where are you going to?"I can hear her voice as I left.
    Taxi man dropped me in front of the building and I got down after paying him. I greeted the securities before heading into the compound. My mood was ruined because of that aggressive lady. I just pray I don't meet the crazy jerk on my way again. I decided to take the other entrance to avoid him.
    "Hey"I heard a voice as I was about going in. I looked beside me and saw him coming. I sighed knowing am in another mess again. "Good evening"I said with a bow. He never respond as usual. "What do you want me to do?"I asked not looking at him. I hate looking at his face. Anytime I do, I feel like hitting him or snapping his neck.
    "Here"he said stretching his phone to me. I looked at him wondering what I should do with it. "Put you mobile number. I can't just be waiting for you to arrive before sending you on errand"he said. I punched in my number and gave it back to him. I just hope he won't ask me to do anything this night.
    "Now follow me"he said heading in. Oh God! What again?. I thought to myself sadly. I followed him behind without saying a word. He lead me to an unfamiliar place. There are just so many places I haven't been to in the house because it's so big. I was looking around as I followed him. He stopped in front of a door then input some pins on the buttons and unlocked the door. He walked in but I stayed outside. "What are you doing? Won't you come in"he said looking at me. I walked in slowly looking around. It must be his room. It was so wide but everywhere was so messy. The furniture and stuffs there looks neat and sparkle. Everything was in white. The wall, furniture, tiles and even the curtains except for his bed which had a black cover.
    "I think you can see everywhere looks messy? I purposely told the maids not to clean my room when I know I have you. I waited for you to do this because I can't sleep in a room that looks like this"he said and smirked.
    What an evil jerk? He dare to say that to me again. I thought to myself in anger. "Ok sir. I'll start cleaning up now"I said and bent down to pick the soda can beside me.
    I started cleaning the room so that I can leave on time.
    Noah's pov
    She did the work without complaining but looks so tired and exhausted. I sat on the coach looking at her as she does all this.
    After cleaning the room, she went to the bathroom to clean it. I heard a phone beeping beside me and I thought I was my own but it was hers. I looked away but looked back at the screen when I saw a message.
    Message: come now if you really need the job. You have 20 minutes to be here or we'll cancel the offer"
    "What's this? Work by this time?"I said checking my wrist watch. It's almost 8pm.
    She came back to the room after washing the bathroom looking tired. "Am done"she said looking at me. "O..Oh ok."I said. "Can I leave?"she asked. She took her phone beside me and I think she read the message. "Please I think I need to leave for today"she said and picked up her bag. She looks like she's gonna collapse any minutes from now but she's going to work this late? I thought to myself staring at her. "And if I say no?"I asked looking at her.
    "What?"she said staring at me strangely.

    "What if I have other errands to send you, won't you do it?"I asked.
    "Please spare me this night. I have important something I must attend to"she said. I just wonder the type of job she'll be doing this late. Something looks suspicious. I thought to myself looking at her. Is she doing some dirty work like prostitution or what?
    Well, who cares? It's her life that's none of my business.
    "Ok. You can leave"I said and she quickly left rushing outside.
    "She's strange. Something smells fishy. Was she really spying on me that day? Why is she always coming home late?"I asked myself looking confused. I stood up and walked to the window. I opened the curtain and was looking down through there expecting her to show up. Few minutes later, she was rushing towards the gate. I nodded my head and checked the time again. Quarter past 8pm.
    I closed the curtain and went back to my bed.
    Ellie's pov
    I waited outside for long before finding a taxi because it was late already. I told the man where am going to and he headed there.
    When I got to the address texted to me, I alighted from the taxi and paid the man. The place looks strange. I saw no one around. It's dark too I barely see anything. but that's not the problem am desperate for the job right now. I need to go back to school and I need we need to move out of that house. I checked my phone again to be sure the address was correct. I called the man and he directed me. "Hello. Mrs Ellie. Are you there?"he asked. "Yes sir"I responded. "Ok. Now turn right, you'll see a corner by the fence. Follow the path down I'll come and pick you from there. "Ok"I said and he hung up the call. I then moved towards the dark fence beside a building. The first step I took towards the path, my ankle sprained when I stepped on an object. I on the touch light of my phone and what I step on shocked me. It was a human skull. I screamed out of fear. "What's this place?"I said trying to get up. I heard some footsteps walking towards me. It was so dark I couldn't see the person's face. I started moving back on my butt. "Who are you?"I asked shivering in fear. The person came closer to me and I saw his full image. A scary looking man who wore some dirty cloths. If I should guess right, those stains on his cloth were similar to that of blood. What's happening behind the fence? Have I not gotten myself into trouble like this? I thought to myself staring at him. I managed to stand up on my feet which was hurting me badly. I started moving backward staring at the man in fear. "Where are you going to? Since you came for the job, why won't you come with me to take it?"he said in a deep scary voice. I shook my head negatively looking around me. I just noticed the place looks creepy and weird. I looked back at the man who was now stepping closer to me. "I...I don't I..I don't need the job again. I think I need to go now"I said and turned back to run. Just as I was about to do that, I met two hefty men outside one was holding an axe while the other was holding a gun. My heart almost jumped out of my chest the way it was beating hard. I think am in trouble. Not an ordinary trouble but a big fat serious huge trouble. Is this how I'll end my life? What of mummy? Will I leave her alone without her even knowing how I died.
    At that moment, I was praying God should send down an angel to help me because that's the only way I could be save. I didn't inform mummy or anybody before coming here. No one knows my where about. Even if I die, they can't find my corpse.
    I started thinking of all sorts of things while staring at those hungry looking men.
    Noah's pov
    After I watched her leaves the compound, I went back to my bed to sleep. I tried getting some sleep but I feel so uncomfortable. My mind was distracted with lot of things. I don't usually feel that way and I don't know the reason why I was like that. I stood up from my bed and got down. "I think something is wrong. That girl is up to something. How can she go to work by this time? What type of job is that. I think she has something she's hiding. She was actually spying on me that night and I think she's doing that because she was sent. I need to find out about it am curious. I thought to myself feeling unsettled. I took my warm jacket and my car key then headed out to the compound. When I got there, I entered my car, and drove towards the entrance. Just as I got to the gate, I saw her got in a taxi and I also followed them behind quietly.
    I was driving a bit far from their car so they won't suspect I was following. "Now, I caught you red handed. I knew you were up to something right from the start"I said as I followed. But the place is far than I thought. And the area looks strange and suspicious. Of course, they can't stay near so they won't be caught.
    After 45 minutes drive which seems like eternity, she finally alighted and paid the taxi man. I also pulled over by the road a bit far from where she stopped. I was watching her from my car. I looked around the area and shook my head. I should have know from here. How can a girl work in this type of area by this time of the day. Everywhere were almost blacked out. Only little reflections of lights. I was watching her from my car.
    She first called someone on phone after the call, she then moved towards the dark fence before her.
    "What's happening over there? It's too dark to see"I said stretching my neck to get a proper view. Out of curiosity, I got down from my car and moved to the other side to look. A call came in from David and I went behind my car to take it. "Hello David am busy right now I'll call you later"I said and hung up. Just as I was going back, I saw two men standing in front of the building. The weapons they were holding made me moved back in fear. "What is this? Is this the type of work she does? I knew this is it."I said looking at them from where I stood. I quickly went back into my car since they can't see me anyway. I need to do something. What should I do? I thought to myself shaking terribly. I never saw a gun before apart from those I use to see in action movies. But I just saw one physically today. I checked my wrist watch and it was past 9pm"I think I need to call the police."I said and quickly dial the emergency code. I informed the police about everything. I checked the location of the place on my car's dashboard and tell them the location. I hung up after talking to them. Few minutes later, the girl came out almost running but stopped when she saw the men outside. Another man appeared behind her. She was acting uncomfortable as she looked at them. She wanted to run but a man gripped her tight. She was struggling to free herself from them. It was then I knew something was wrong. The situation is so strange. The way she was acting looks like she doesn't know the men. What is this? Who are they? I thought to myself staring at them from inside my car. I looked beside me and saw a man standing there pointing a gun at me from outside. "What the fuck!"I shouted out of fear. "Come down or I shoot"he said in a deep voice. It was then I knew am in big trouble.

    Episode 6 & 7

    I opened the door slowly and got down from the car with my hands behind my head.
    I closed the door and he pointed the gun at me. "Now move!"he said and I walked towards where the rest were standing. When we got there, the girl looked at me and I think she was surprised to see me with the expression on her face. "Wh...why are you here?"she asked looking confused. "Who caused it?"I replied briefly.
    "Your car key"the man pointing gun at me requested stretching out his hand. "What? Why my car key?"I asked staring at him. "You dare to ask me? Hand it over or I'll blow your head"he said pointing the gun closer. "Ok don't shoot. I'll give it to you."I said stretching it to him. "I promise you will regret pointing that gun at me later."I said under my breath but I think he heard me. "What did you say?"he asked staring at me with those horror looking face. "I said you can take it."I said changing it. "But please don't hurt anyone. I'll give you anything you ask for. Can you just let her go first and we discuss this"I said looking at the man who was holding her arm.
    "You guys think we are joking here right? Now move"the man said pushing the girl roughly. "I said you should let her go! Why are you pushing her that way you this worthless thing?"I said in anger. The men all looked at me the way I shouted. The man beside me then pointed the gun to my head "I think you have two lives. You look so fearless and brave. Do you think this is a toy gun?"he said pushing my head with the gun.
    "Please don't do anything to him. Let him go am the one that came for a job not him. He's the only son of our master. You guys can't touch or harm him."the girl said persuading them. "What? So she came for a job and it turned out this way? I need to do something fast"I thought to myself staring at them. "Ok. Fine. I'll give you guys 50,000 dollars plus my car let us go"I said looking at them. The two men with weapons looks surprised when I mentioned that.
    But the other guy disagreed and insisted he take us. "Ok. 100,000 dollars and my car"I said looking at them one after the other. The second man whispered something to the other guys. The girl was just staring at me not saying a word. When they concluded, they now looked back at me. "Where's the money?"the man asked staring at me. I smiled and jacked of the man's hand who was holding me. He looked at me badly but didn't say anything. I brought out my phone and unlocked it. "Your bank account"I said with pride. "Are you kidding me"the man said looking more scarier. I was scared for a while after seeing that face he made. "Am transferring to you guys account of course"I said looking at them. "Cash or we..."
    "Drop you weapons and hands up"a voice said behind us. I looked back and saw the police. They were six in number. The pointed their guns and surrounded us. I feel so relieved after seeing them. They dropped their weapons gently and raised their hands up. I then moved closer to the man that collected my car key and raised up my middle finger before him. I collected it from him roughly. "You son of a bitch"I said looking at him. "You dare to set us up"one one them said looking at me."Now move"the police said taking them. One of the police wore a glove on his hand and took their weapons.
    We also followed them to their vehicle and watch them been taken in one after the other. "Thanks you for coming."I said smiling. "Leave the rest to us sir"one of them said. The started the engine and drove off. Now am left with the girl.
    Ellie's pov
    How he showed up was a big surprise to me. But thanks to him I was saved. After the police left, he was walking back to his car. I stood their looking at him as he leaves. When he got to the car, he turned back looking at me. "Do you plan on sleeping their. Won't you come over here?"he said holding the door handle. I walked to him quickly and opened the door. I sat down in the front passenger seat. My phone is dead. I knew by now my mum would be so worried about me. I expected him to bring something up about the incident but he never look at me. "Put on the seat belt"he said starting the engine. I put it on and he started driving down the dark road. He didn't say a word to me till we get home.
    When we got home, I got down from the car and he also did. I still feel pain around my ankle as I tried to walk. We were both heading inside but I was walking uncomfortably. It's so quiet as we walked towards the entrance and that made the moment feels so awkward. I remembered how yelled at the man pushing me back there and the expression on his face then. I wondered why he acted that way. Since he hated me so much, I don't think he should be so concern about how I was treated that much. And I also don't know why he followed me there all the way from home. Everything is just so confusing. I kept staring at him as we approach the main entrance. "Will you stop staring at my face and concentrate on the road?"he said not looking at me. I wondered how he knew I was staring. I kept my head down then face front. "Thanks you"the statement came out of my mouth all of a sudden. He stopped and faced me. "Why thanking me after almost getting me in trouble. Your punishment is getting more bigger with what you did today"he said looking at me. I sighed and kept my face down feeling angry. Who got him in trouble? I didn't even asked you to come in the first place. Why taking it out on me. I thought to myself not looking at him."What? What did you just say?"he asked staring at me with an unknown expression. Oh my God! I actually said that out? I thought to myself covering my mouth with both hands after realizing it. I expected him to pick on that statement and be mad at me but what he said next surprised me.

    "You said you didn't ask me to come? I thought you were involve in some secret illegal job. So I trailed you to catch you red handed but what I met was a different story"he said looking at me. I can't believe this. How does he even know I went out for job. I don't think I mentioned anything to him on that. "But how do you I went out for work?"i asked him. "I saw the message of course. I thought you were spying on me all these days. So I followed you thinking I could get something from there"he said looking at me. I sighed shaking my head. He actually thought am like that after I told him am not. What a bad hearted jerk"Since you know am not, what will happen now? Will I still continue being your errand girl?"I asked boldly. He stared at me for a while not saying a word. Why is he not talking? I thought to myself staring back at him. I think this is a staring competition. At last, he stared off blinking his eyes. "I don't know yet. I'll decide on that since you're still living here anyway."he said not looking at me. He dipped his hand in his pocket and brought it out again holding something.
    "Have it."he said stretching it forward. What's it? I thought to myself looking at his hand. I collected it and looked closely.
    "Your leg is injured. See you again tomorrow"he said and left quickly. My mouth was hung open in surprise as I watched him leave. I can't believe he actually gave me a plaster because my leg was hurt. I think that will be the last thing he'll do.
    I stood there staring at the plaster in my hand.
    Noah's pov
    After giving her the plaster, I now realised what I did. It feels so stupid doing that out of the blue. I think I was not with my sense then. I quickly walked straight to my room not looking back. When I got to my room, I closed the door and stood behind it. "Noah you're crazy. Why? Why? Why did you have to do that. She might get the wrong idea"I thought to myself regretting my action. "Well it's nothing. Since she's my errand girl, I can't let her get hurt so that she can work perfectly"I said nodding my head. I walked to my bed to rest. Before I knew it, I had slept off.
    Ellie's pov
    After standing their for almost 5 minutes, I heard a familiar voice calling my name. "Ellie! Ellie is that you?"my mum called from afar. I saw her and quickly went to her. I hugged her tight feeling relieved. "Mum I love you"I said rubbing her back. "Why saying that all of a sudden. What trouble did you get into this time?"she asked caressing my hair. I can't tell her what happen or she'll scold me for it. so i kept quiet.
    "It's nothing. Let's go inside"I said and we both went in.
    Its Sunday so I don't go to work. A call woke me up very early in the morning. I heard it but refused to take it. "Ellie take you call it's too loud"mum said sleepily. I reached my hand for it and checked the caller. It was an unknown number. I checked the time and it's past 7am. "Who's this? Why calling so early"I said rubbing the sleep off my eyes. I cut the call and dropped my phone to continue sleeping. It rang again and I took it angrily. "Who's this?"I said feeling annoyed. "Why yelling like that at your master? Come outside right now am waiting here"that annoying jerk voice said over the phone then hung up. "Its so early"I threw my phone on the bed and started kicking my feet on the sofa angrily. "What's the matter with you ellie"my mum asked. "It's nothing mum."I said and got up from bed.
    I changed from my night gown to a more comfortable wear. Black pant trouser and a top"I'll be right back mum"I took my phone and headed out. I met him outside pressing his phone. He wore black sport nicker and tshirt with a sport shoe. "Black devil"I said looking at him. I walked up to him still feeling sleepy. "What do you need?"I asked looking at him. "Here"he said stretching a bottled water and a towel to me. I wondered what I should do with that. I received it staring at him. "What should I do with this?"I asked out of curiosity. "Am going for morning jug and I think I might sweat and be tasty, so I need someone to hold that for me"he said looking at me.
    "I should follow you with this?"I asked again. "No stay here with it"he replied and turned to leave. He was going towards the gate but I stood there since he told me to stay. He got to the gate and stopped. Then turned back looking at me. "What are you doing over there?"he asked from there. "Because you told me to stay here with this"I said raising up the towel and bottle water. He smirked looking at me. "Follow me you dumb girl"he said and went out of the gate. I then followed him.
    I only jugged with him for few minutes but am already tired. He had gone a bit far while I was still behind feeling tired. He turned and was jugging backward. "Can I have the water"he said shouting because I was far from him. "Ok"I replied and ran more faster. Instead of him to stop so I can get to him quickly, he continue jugging. After running for a while and didn't get to him, I fell on the ground sitting down on my butt and breathing heavily. At last he stopped and was staring at me from there. "Can you pass the water please?"he said looking at me. "I can't. Am too tired"I replied weakly. If I guessed right, he actually smiled? But why? I thought to myself staring at him. He was now jugging back to me. When he got to where I was sitting, he stopped and bent down looking at me. He knocked my forehead lightly. "You dummy. When your master say you should do something, don't say you're tired and do it quickly"he said and took the water from me. I touched my head looking at him. He opened the lid of the bottle water and was drinking it. My mouth was quenching for some as he drank. I feel so thirsty from the jug. I wish I could ask for some but I dare not.
    He brought it down from his lips and was staring at me. I looked down at his hand hoping he would offer some to me. I think he noticed that. "Have it"he said and that statement made my heart jump for joy. I collected it But wanted to form ok, expecting him to insist on me taking it. "But you don't have to worry. I'll.."
    He collected it back from me before I could finish. I don't want to let go but he took it from me at last. "Since you refused, I won't bother you"he said taking it back.
    I was about to cry when he did that. I think my pride killed me. But am so badly thirsty right now. I thought to myself while biting my lips angrily looking at the bottle in his hand.

    Episode 8 & 9

    He stood up and I also did. "Let's go"he said looking at me but I stood still. "I can't continue"I said not looking at him. "Why?"he asked. "Because am thirsty"I said in a low tone. The way he was staring at me, the expression was unreadable. I feel so bad to say that but I have no choice because I think I might faint before we get home."Really? But you rejected it first"he said looking at me. I kept my head down not saying anything. He took my hand and placed the bottle on it. "Am just giving you this out of pity. Because the way you're looking right now, someone might think am bullying you"he said and started jugging off leaving me behind. "Out of pity my ass. Who made me this way"I said staring at him badly as he left. I quickly opened the bottle and drank the remaining water in it. I looked at the towel in my hand then checked if he had gone far. I quickly wiped my face with it and continue jugging when he looked back.
    Noah's pov
    It's Monday morning. The maids had prepared my uniform and every necessary things. I don't too like the idea of attending the school but I have no choice than to obey that man(my dad). Although the school is one of the best institution owned by mr Donald (david's dad) but I just don't know why I feel bad about it. maybe because I don't wanna leave my old school friends in new York. I was not in good mood as they got me prepared for school.
    After some minutes, I was ready to leave. I took my car key and mr Clinton escorted me to the compound and I got into the car. "Have a good day young master"he said with a bow. "What will be good about the day?"I said and on the engine. I drove down towards the gate and it was opened before I got there. I drove out and headed to school.
    That was written high in front of the building. Students were walking into the school compound in two or three. Some were dropped by drivers. I drove into the compound and went straight to pack at the garage. I have been here before I went to new York. But I use to come because of David. I remembered then, we use to play at the school basketball room and play soccer on the field. I can't believe I can later attend the school fully as a student. But anyway, let's see how things would go.
    I got down from my car and locked it. I first looked round before stepping to go. Students were hanging around the compound, some were moving to and fro all in their neat black and white uniforms. I adjusted my tie and continue heading towards the school building with my hands in my pockets. I noticed some of the ladies staring at me as I walk. "Wow. Who is he? He's so hot and stylish."I overheard some girls saying. "He's completely my style"They were saying this and that as I walk pass them. "Noah!"I heard someone called my name from behind. I stopped and looked back. It was then I realised the number of girls I caught their attentions. They all were talking and staring at me and that makes it uncomfortable for me. This people are too much. I saw a lady walking towards me and I recognised her immediately. Christiana
    I wanted to leave but stayed not to embarrass her in public because of the eyes watching. She was smiling as she came closer. "What's she happy about?"I thought to myself looking at her. You guys were wondering who Christiana is? Well she was my ex-girlfriend. My mum friend's daughter. We dated for two years then broke up before I left for new york. That was a four years ago. We brokeup but she's still forcing herself on me since then wanting us to get back. She was the one that left me when she fell in love with one dude like that. I was in pain and sorrow then and I remembered how I suffered from love before leaving to new York. That was one of the reason I left not choosing to study in Mac Donald. After I left, I forced myself to forget everything and move on. I later found out from David that the guy duped her collecting money from her and they broke up after she found out he only want her because of money. After realizing her mistakes, she want us to get back but I never want that to happen. I once showed her true love but she took it for granted. I can never be hurt by love again because I promised myself not to. Although I still like her but I don't want to show it. I want her to suffer the same thing I did.
    When she got to me, I acted my normal self. "Hy"she said and we were moving together. "Am so happy I see you here. Welcome to Mac Donald high school"she said smiling. "Why smiling so brightly over it?"I asked looking at her. "Because I had been expecting you. Good to see you again after two years. I waited eagerly just to see you and here you are. I really missed you a lot."she said smiling. I stopped and faced her. "I didn't ask you to wait for me. You did because it's your choice. And moreover, I want to correct you about something. Don't call yourself my girlfriend again. You were my ex-girlfriend and that was then not now. So it would be better if you act normal around me"I said staring at her in annoyance. "Noah. Why are you like this. I already apologized about everything why are you been harsh to me?"she asked looking sad. "Because I don't want you to continue hurting yourself. There's no way we can be together again. Don't hope for that to happen. Those time had turned to past and memories. You should get that clearly now."I replied and turned to leave. "Noah. You said you love me and will continue loving me no matter what. I realized my mistake and want that love back. Don't you love me again?"she asked. "Yes I once loved you. But the story had changed since the day you left me. Which means, the love is not there again. I don't even want to be friend with you if possible"I said to her face and left in anger.

    Ellie's pov
    Its 4pm, I was Just sitting down at work pressing my phone since no customer is around.
    My mind suddenly went to David and a smile curved on my lips. Am just wishing to see him again even for once. I think I like him already. was it because he's nice and softhearted?. I kept smiling sheepishly looking at the screen of my phone. Someone pressed the bell and that got my attention back. "Welcome"I quickly stood up to greet the customer. Speaking of the devil. It was David. "It's you"I said. "Yeah. How are you?"he asked smiling. That makes him more handsome. "Am good"I replied shyly. "I'll pick few things"he said and went to pick what he need. He actually forgot to pick the basket so I took it and went to him. He looked at my hand and smiled. He dropped the ones he was holding into the basket and went around to pick more. I have no idea what he needed all that for. He was just picking anything and dropping it in until the basket was full. "It's full"I said when he wanted to put another one. "Oh"he said returned the item he was holding. "Should I bring another basket?"I asked. "No need it's ok"he replied. "I moved the items over to the counter and was packing after calculating the prices. I gave him the bill and he paid extra of it. "This is not..."
    "It's ok. That's a tip"he said cutting in. "But you don't need to give me this. It's much"I said looking at the cash. "It's an offer. You can't return what I gave you for the first time"he added taking the plastic bag and prepared to leave. "Bye see you later"he said and was leaving. "But this is too.."I stopped and was stating at him as he left. When he got to his car and dropped the items, I was surprised he was coming back to the store.
    "Does he need anything again?"I asked myself as he approached me. He stopped, on getting to me. "If you don't mind I want to ask if you'll be free tonight after work"he said looking at me. I was surprised by the question. What if am free, did he plan to go out with me? Why??"I thought to myself staring at him. I nodded my head positively. "I'll be closing by 6pm that'll be the only time I'll be free"I replied. "Ok. I'll come by 5:30pm"he said smiling. "Till then"he said and patted my shoulder before leaving. Why is he being nice and want us to go out all of a sudden? Does he like me too?
    Noah's pov
    I got back from school by 4pm and was inside my room. Everything seems boring and quiet. I think that girl might be at work. I wondered why she don't go to school. She's too young to be working.
    I thought to myself. Today's Debbie's birthday. David's elder sister. The dress I would be wearing had been prepared. I should be there by 7pm because it's a night party. I picked my phone to call my errand girl because I want her to go with me in case I might need help. It rings for a long time before she picks it. "Who's it?"she asked almost screaming. "Will you continue asking that question everyday? Why won't you save my number?"I asked shouting back at her. "Oh am sorry young master. I didn't know it's you"she said in a calm voice. "Better. Where are you?"I asked. "At work"she replied. "I have something you must do for me when you close by 6pm"I said checking the time. It's almost 5:30pm. She took long before replying me. "Actually. I won't be..."
    I know she wanted to give excuse so I quickly cut her short. "I'll be expecting you by 6pm. If you come home late, you're dead. Bye"I said and hung up.
    I threw the phone beside me and rested my head back on the pillow.
    It's 6:40pm already. I had gotten dressed up for the party and ready to leave. My phone rings and I checked to see it's Christiana. I refused to pick it till it went off. Then a message came in later. "Are you coming to the party?"I read it and slipped my phone into my pocket.
    "Do you need a driver?"mr Clinton asked politely. "Why would I need a driver when my legs and hands are perfectly ok?"I replied staring at him. He stared down with a bow and I walked out heading to the compound. I waited, waited and waited for the girl to arrive but she never did. I then tried calling her line and it was switched off. That got me freaked out. I got into the car and drove out.
    Why does she fail to come home? Is she in another trouble again? She should have been around my now. I thought to myself as I drove down.
    Ellie's pov
    I closed by 6pm after my boss arrived. I waited outside expecting David to come but he never did. When it's 6:50, I saw his car approaching. He stopped beside me and got down. He was dressing so charming and attractive. I was not able to recognise him at first. He moved to my side smiling as usual. "Ellie. Sorry am late. Can we leave now?"he asked looking at me with those bright brown eyes. "Ok"I said briefly and wanted to open the car door. He did before I could reach my hand for it. I got in and he also turned to sit in the driver's seat. He on the engine and was driving down the street. "Where are we going to?"I asked looking curious. "Sorry for not telling you earlier. It's my sister's birthday today. I'll like to take someone with me. Hope you're not mad that I didn't inform you earlier.?"he asked. "Is that it? You should have inform me before now. Am not prepared for that. Will it be ok to go like this?"I asked looking at my dressing. He looked at me and nodded his head. "Don't worry about that. I'll take care of it"he said smiling. He turned and stopped in front of a big makeover shop. "Let's get some things done from here"he and winked his eyes seductively. I smiled almost blushing by that reaction.
    He asked me to get down and we both went into the shop. He waited somewhere and I was taking into a room. They started with makeover then my hair was done too. They chose different clothes for me and at last I was asked to wear a powdered blue flay gown. It was above my kneels a little. not too short I think. they then brought a silver shining heels and purse. After everything, I was asked to look myself in the mirror and tell if I like it. I stepped before the full length mirror and what I saw made my jaw dropped in amazement. I can't believe am looking at ellie right now. "Do you like it?"one the stylist asked. "Oh it's ok"I said nodding my head. I was taken out to meet David. When he first saw me, he made this unreadable expression staring at me. "Why? Am I bad?"I asked looking at him. "You're so beautiful ellie"he said smiling and that made me blush I hope the makeup won't let him see that.
    We left the place and arrived at a big even. The place was so beautiful. People were moving around looking good and attractive. I guess this is the venue of the party. David got down and I also did. He came to my side and stretched out his hand smiling. I took it and we both stepped on the red carpet.
    People were staring at us as we move and that makes me feel uncomfortable. He took me to a lady who was smiling and greeting people. She looked at both of us and David smiled. "Happy birthday"David said smiling. "Thank you sweety"she said and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. The lady then look at me smiling. I guess that's his sister. She's so beautiful."Happy birthday"I said. "Thank you dear"she replied. "So, is this your girlfriend?"she asked David smiling. "Girlfriend? No. She's my friend ellie."he replied quickly. "Really?"she asked again smiling. "Nice meeting you ellie am Deborah. David's elder sister"she said stretching her hand for a shake. I took it smiling. "Good meeting you too"I relied. "Ok. You guys should enjoy the party I'll see you around later"she said and left us. Just as she left, I saw Noah among some guys standing opposite to us. David also did and he was walking to them still holding my hand. Oh my God I can't let him see me or am dead. What should I do? I thought to myself feeling uncomfortable. "I think I need to use the rest room"I said when we almost got to them. Just as I tried to leave, he looked at our direction when one of the guys pointed at us. I was not able to leave again. I stood their like I was been paused by a remote. The way he stared at me was unusual. He jaw dropped and his eyes were fixed on me without blinking.
    What will happen now? Is he really mad at me? I thought to myself twisting my fingers in confusion.

    Episode 10

    Noah's POV
    Who am seeing before me was a total different person from who I used to know. She's so beautiful. I have to admit that. But why is she here with David? Why are the two holding hands? What's really happened between them? Was this the reason why she didn't come to me? So many thoughts were running through my mind. "Hy guys"david greeted when the got to us. "Welcome david. Why just coming now?"Erick asked. I cleared my throat and moved my gaze from the girl to david. "Welcome dude"I said and we shook hands in our usual style. I know he have a lot to explain to me about what I just saw. The girl looked at me and I think she felt shocked to meet me here."Ehm. Young master. Am sorry for not..."
    "Guys I think I need to use the rest room"I said and left before she could finish talking.
    I got to the rest room and stood before the mirror. "Get yourself together noah. She's still that dummy. But why am I strange these days?"I thought to myself placing my hand on my chest. Thump thump thump went my heart. I can't understand why it's beating that hard. I opened the tap and washed my face with water.
    Ellie's pov
    I sat quietly on one of the chairs when david told me he would be back and left with a guy. I sat there looking around as people dance to the slow music. A lady brought whine to my table with a tray. I took it and wanted to drink then remember I don't drink. I placed the glass cup back on the table. "Why did he ignore me? Is he really mad at me? I shouldn't have come here in the first place I think this would make my punishment worst."I said looking at the whine cup. Now am feeling bad like I just committed a grave sin. My mind was distracted with lot of things that I didn't remember I took the whine already. I continue drinking it because I think am ok with it. After almost finishing the bottle, I then stopped thinking am alright with that. "He's a really mean jerk"I said and poured another glass. Few minutes later, I had emptied the whole bottle just leaving few in the glass cup. "You're not that great because you're still a human like me. Stop treating others badly it makes you a bad stupid jerk"I said tilting my head to the table.
    "Oh. I think I need to pee"I said and raised up my head. I tried to stand up but fell back to the chair. "Why? I think am stocked in this chair."I said and tried to stand up again. Finally I stood up but my balance was not ok. "Am I drunk? No I can't be. I only drank little."I said smiling. I then continue to walk but my movements seems weird. "Why's everywhere shaking like this? I think I would fall"I said smiling as I walk unsteadily.
    Noah's pov
    I left the rest room and was going back. When I got out, I saw a lady walking weird. Seems like she's drunk. I said and continue going my way. I stopped and looked at her again. It's that dummy. I thought to myself staring at her. She bumped into some ladies and I think they were about causing a scene. I quickly walked up to them and took her hand. "Am sorry guys I think she's a bit drunk"I said to the ladies. "You should watch over your girlfriends properly why's she like that?"one of them said and they all left. "My.. My girlfriend?"I said looking at them. "Hey. How much did you drink? Why are you this way?"I asked looking at her. She snapped her arm from me and stepped back a little, looking at me directly. "You"she said informally pointing at me. "Why are you like that? I mean why do you like picking on me? Do you hate me that much? Why? Why did you hate me?"she asked shouting at me. I tried moving closer to her but she stepped back again. "Answer my questions. Why did you hate me?"she asked again. I stared at her for a while not saying anything."Hey. I think you're drunk. Let me take you home now"I said and tried to hold her arm. "You're a bad jerk. A very bad and mean jerk. Stop picking on me. And my name is ellie not hey or dummy. Call me ellie. That's my name"she said screaming at me. "Ok. Ellie let's go home"I said looking at her. A message came into my phone and I checked it.
    From David: drop ellie at home am drunk and can't drive right now. Am sorry See you later tomorrow. I locked my phone and slipped it back into my pocket. "Can you move to the car or I should help you?"I asked staring at her. "I won't. I won't go with you in that car. I'll rather wait here for my lovely David to come and pick me"she said and sat on the table beside her. "You this brat. My lovely David?"I said looking at her. "Ok fine wait for your David. He'll come for you"I said and was leaving but turned back again. "You're just know how to make people worry about you"I said I went back to her. I took her hand and carried her on my shoulder heading to my car. "Let's me go you bad jerk. Put me down"she saw hitting my back. I pressed the remote before we got to my car. I opened the passenger door and dropped her their the closed it back again. I turned and sat down in the driver's seat. "I know you'll regret doing this to me tomorrow. I promise"I said looking at her. I wanted to put the seat belt on for her but she has slept off. I stared at her face which was messed up with her hair. I removed them from her face and was staring closely. "You sure are funny when drunk"I said and smiled. "Bad jerk. I hate you"she said while still sleeping. "Yes am a jerk I know."I said staring at her face. "I think I should say this. You're so beautiful tonight ellie"I said smiling. I touched her face and stroked it softly. I came back to my senses and quickly removed my hand sitting back properly. I cleared my throat and started the car engine.
    We got home and I asked the maids to take her in. She still looks a bit drunk but manage to go inside with the help of the maids.
    I also went in straight to my room. I took off my shoes and sat on the bed. I remembered when she was talking back at me there and I smiled. "She's really cute when she's drunk."I said with a smirk.
    Ellie's pov
    I woke up early in the morning with my head aching so much. I touched my forehead and sat up on my bed. My mum was not beside me probably in the kitchen with other cooks. I remembered we went to party last night but can't remember how I got back home. "What happened? Did I drink the whine? Hope I didn't cause a big scene at the party?"I asked myself trying to remember.
    The memories then flashed to my head. I remembered how I took the whine on the table and how I bumped to some girls. Noah came and I remembered how I yelled at him calling bad jerk and all sort of bad names. I remembered everything so clearly now. "No. No nooo. This can't be. Am dead. Ellie why did you say that? I think am going crazy"I said messing up my hair. I heard my phone ringing and I checked it. It's him. What should I do? How will I face him? I really committed more than a grave sin." I said staring at the screen in of my phone in fear without picking up.

    Episode 11 & 12

    It went off the started ringing again. I was think of what to say and at last, an idea got into my head. I took my phone and picked the call. "Hello. Good morning young master."I greeted him. "Come out here now"he said and cut off the line. I dropped the phone and fell back to the bed tapping my feet violently on the sofa. "What should I do he want me to come out. Will he scold me for what I did last night?"I thought to myself. I stood up and went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I went back into the room and changed from my pajamas.
    On getting to the compound, he was standing by his car already in school uniform. I took a deep breath before walking up to him. "You called me"I said when I got to him. "Yes I did because I have something to say. A lot to say"he replied looking at me. What's that? It's like he wants to talk about last night. Let's just pretend I didn't remember. that'll do"I thought to myself. "You. You know what you did last night right?"he asked staring at me. "Me? I don't remember. Did I do something bad. What did I do?"I asked acting innocent. He nodded his head staring at me. "You're lying right? I know you remembered."he said. "I can't remember. Did something happen?"I asked scratching the back of my head not looking at him. "Fine. If you say you can't remember, I'll let it go but"he said and stopped, staring at me. But what? I thought to myself. "But don't get drunk again when no one is around. You might get yourself into trouble"he said and opened his car. He sat down and closed the door then drove down towards the gate. I stood there staring at his car until he left the compound and the gate was closed back. I breath out feeling relieved. "Ellie you did a good job"I said smiling. But, did he actually brought me home or David did? How? When? Oh my God. I can't even remember how I got home. Just as I was thinking hard on how I got home, I remembered when he carried me on his shoulder towards his car and how I was hitting his back and cursing him to let me down. I closed my face with both hands and bent down feeling embarrassed even though he's not there again. "I deserve to die. I did that much? I swear I will never drink again."i said almost crying.
    Later that evening, I was in the store preparing to go home and a man came in. "Good evening ma'am"he greeted. He was dressing in black suit and had glasses on. I replied his greeting and asked what he needed. He gave me a brown envelope and told me it was from someone to me. "What's this?"I asked him looking at it. "I was asked to give that I have no idea what's there. Since I delivered it, I'll take my leave now"he said and left the store. I wonder what's in the envelope. I unsealed it and brought out some papers from it. Guess what I saw on the paper? Mc Donald high scholarship form. It was a total surprise to me. Who gave such an offer to me? I thought to myself looking at it. "Sister ellie"I heard Betty's voice and I looked up. My boss's daughter."Oh Betty you're back. What of mum?"I asked trying to keep the paper back into the envelope but it dropped and slide to where Betty was standing. She picked it up and looks at it closely. "Wow you actually got our school scholarship form."she said smiling. I walked to her and collected it. "I didn't get it. A man just brought it now saying it's from someone. But I have no idea of who sent it?"I said and put them back into the envelope. "Really? You have to be happy. This is a big opportunity for you to go back to school Ellie. It's a scholarship. You're brilliant and smart too. If you pass the scholarship examination very well, you'll be qualified to be a student at mc Donald high. Am so happy for you sis"Betty said smiling. "But I don't know where this come from. What if the man got the wrong address. Am not expecting this from anyone. And the name of the person is not even written anywhere on the envelope."I said feeling bad. "The person is a good Samaritan. You have to fill the form before it's too late."Betty said smiling and went in to drop her bag.
    She was actually the third child of my boss Mrs Mary. She attends mc Donald high school still in junior class. Am 5 years older than her because I'll be 18 soon and she's just thirteen. She likes and respect me a lot even though I only work for her mum. I looked at the envelope I was holding once again wondering who the sender might be.
    After closing, I broke the news to my mum and she was so happy about it even though we still don't know the sender. "Mum. We can't fill this yet. I don't know where it come from. And the school. I can't attend that school"I said to mum. "Why? Why won't you attend the school? Do you want the form to waste? Remember it's a scholarship. If you pass, I don't have to pay school fees or other fees like that. Don't you want to go back to school ellie? This is what you always wanted. To go back to school and further your education. why are you now saying this again. I'll also be happy if you quit that stressful work and focus on your education just like other kids of your age."she said looking at me. I sighed and dropped the envelope. It's a good thing for me to go back to school also but the question is who sent this? I thought to myself staring at the envelope
    Noah's pov
    After closing hour, I was heading towards the garage where I packed my car to leave for home. What I saw in front of my car surprised me. "Senior Noah this is for you"a girl said stretching some flowers to me. They were four in number. All holding one gift or the other. But today's not my birthday why are this things standing in front of my car with presents? I thought to myself staring at them. "This is a welcome gift from us. We know you're the mr Williams only son who just got back from new York. And we also heard you're senior David's best friend. We brought this gifts to welcome you to our school hope it's not too late though. "Welcome Noah Williams"the four of them said in unison. "Jeez. Who are this annoying things"I said murmuring to myself. I cleared my throat putting both hands in my pockets and moved closer to them. "Who are you? Were you guys stalking me?"I asked staring at them. "No we are not stalking you. We got the information from internet. Don't look at us that way. We are not bad people. Just accept our gifts and that's all." One of them said and the rest nodded their heads in agreements staring at me. "Oh wow. You guys are interesting. But you know what?"I said laughing. I moved closer to them and tilted my head a bit. "I think you guys should be more serious on your studies instead of stalking someone's personal information's on internet and staying in front of someone's car with useless gifts."I said looking at them one after the other. I raised my head and wanted to leave but turned back and collected the flowers from the first girl. "I'll collect this because you're cute"I said with half smile and pressed the remote of my car to unlock it. They all turned back staring at me until I got into the car and drove out.
    I was in the compound with jullie(my dog) playing with it. "Jullie. I think am strange these days. Why does my heart flutters anytime am with one particular person? Don't you think am sick and need to see the doctor?"i asked stroking the body of my dog. "But the problem is that person said she hates me. I think my heart is faulty. Let's see my doctor tomorrow ok. I have no one to tell this except you"i said and hug the dog rubbing it's back. I heard some foot steps behind me and I turned back. It's ellie. She was moving the trash to the waste bin. She didn't see me because where I was sitting is a bit dark. After she dumped it, she walked to the bench and sat down. With the pale look on her face, I think something is bothering her. "Why's she down? Is anything the problem?"I said looking at her. I brought out my phone and called her number. She saw it ringing but refused to pick up. I called again and this time, she cleared her throat before picking it. "Hello where are you?"I asked staring at her from where I was. "Hello. Am not around right now. I went out to get something"she said sounding energetic. "Really?"I asked and stood up from where I was sitting. I started walking towards her silently. "Yes. I'll be back in an hour"she said.
    "In an hour?"I asked and stopped before her. She was surprised to see me. Her hand dropped slowly from her ear staring at me. Probably She didn't expect to see me around by that time.

    Ellie's pov
    When I saw him before me, I was so surprised that I don't know what to say. I lied to him that I went out and he saw me here. I didn't know he would be around. I kept my face down not saying anything. "Is this where you're buying something?"he asked. "I.. I was about to leave when you called"I said still not looking at him. I was expecting him to nag and scold me for it as he normally do but he came to sit beside me instead. I raised up my head and look at him. "Why are you down? Is anything wrong?"he asked. That question surprised me. Was he the one asking or another person? He never spoke so softly to me before. I was staring at him not saying anything. "Why are you staring at me that way? Shouldn't the master care after his errand girl well being?"he asked. "It's nothing I just wish to sit here for a while"I replied. "Are you sick? Why is your face so pale?"he asked and placed his hand on my forehead. I can't believe he's the one doing this. He just touched me? "You're ok."he said and removed his hand. "Yes I am. I think my face just chose to be this way tonight. It use to happen like that at times"I said with a fake smile. "What? Is there a thing like that?"he said. I nodded my head.
    "Why did you call me? Do you need anything I have do for you?"I asked. "No. I just called"he replied.
    "Hmm. Have you eaten?"he asked. Another strange question again. This is unlike him. When did he ever care if I had eaten or not? is he drunk. I think something is wrong."I thought to myself staring at him. He smiled and stood up from my side. "You should learn to eat early if you don't want to get sick. Good night see you tomorrow"he said and left with his dog. I was staring at him in wonder. "Wow. I think he ate something bad today. Was that really that rude and arrogant Noah I know?"I said in disbelief. I stood up from the bench and also went inside.
    I finally filled the scholarship form and submitted it to the school. We took the exam following week and we were waiting for results.
    I was in the store browsing on my phone. I kept going to the school website to check if the results were out. I was a bit nervous because many people took the exam and only few will be admitted according to the news 20 candidates out of 200 would be admitted. I just pray it will turn out great. Betty got back from school and quickly came to me. "Ellie have they sent any message to you?"she asked looking at my face. "No. I haven't receive any. I keep going to the school website but still don't see anything"I replied. "Not the website. A message would be sent to you directly. I heard they are sending it already"she said. "Really? Are you serious?"I said and quickly went to my phone messages. I scrolled it up and even checked my spam box but didn't see any message. "I didn't see anything here. Does that mean I failed?"I said looking at Betty. "No that can't happen. You must to pass. It's like something is wrong or the message was yet to be sent to you. Let's wait for sometimes"she said and I kept calm but my heart was beating fast. 30 minutes later, no message. 1 hour later, no message. I became tired and concluded I failed the scholarship exam. "Betty I think I failed."I said feeling bad. "But how can that happen. You said you did the exam well."she said also feeling bad. "Even though am bright and always came first in my formal school, there are still lot of students who are smarter than me out there. 200 candidates participated in the exam. You think there won't be students who are 10x brilliant that me? They chose only 20 out of 200 which made my chance a very slim one. Don't worry about me. I'll go to school when it's time"I said and patted betty by her shoulder. "Ding ding!"the sound of message notification came into my phone. I took it and checked. "Congratulation ellie Daniels. You've are one of the 20 candidates chosen for mc Donald high scholarship. Rank: top 8"I read the message with my heart filled with joy. "Wow! wow!! wow!!! Betty I passed the exam. I did it betty"I said and we both screamed and hugged each other. "Congratulations ellie. Am so much happy than you right now"she said jumping in joy.
    "I know you will pass. I believe in you. Now welcome to mc Donald high ellie"she said smiling happily.
    After work, I broke the news to my mum. She was so happy on hearing that. "Whosoever gave this important opportunity to you will be blessed abundantly. How I wish I could know the person and thank them properly."my mum said happily.
    I was also happy I'll finally be going to school after a long day at home.
    My mum's phone rang and she picked it still smiling. "Hello."she said. I don't know the respond the person gave her but she stood up from the coach and said she'll be outside now. She ended the call and took her apron and cap. "What's wrong mum?"I asked. "Ellen would arrive home today. Mr Williams first child. I was asked to resume to kitchen now."she replied. "Ok"I said and she went out.
    Mr Williams daughter. Hope she won't be as rude as Noah. Hope she won't also give us hard time like that guy do? I wonder what type of person she is.

    Episode 13 & 14

    Noah's pov
    My sister would arrive from Canada today, I went to the airport to welcome her. I was standing there at the airport holding bunch of flowers in my hand. The place was a bit crowdy. people were also beside me waiting for someone to return. Some were holding a board with the name of the person on it. Some were already welcoming their relatives. While some people were moving to and fro with box or bags. I stood there patiently waiting for my sister.
    After waiting for almost 15 minutes, I saw her approaching with a box. I smiled and waved my hands at her so that she could see me. She also smiled as she got closer. She finally got to me a we gave each other side hug. "Welcome"I said and handed the flower to her. "Wow. Little brother has really changed. I can't believe you actually brought my favourite flower"she said and received it smiling. we both headed to my car and I drove her home.
    We got home minutes later and was welcome properly by the maids.
    When we got to the living room, we chatted and talk about so many things. She has changed a lot. She now look like a young business woman just the younger version of mum. She just got engaged and would be getting married soon. I guess she came home because she missed us.
    Ellie's pov
    I was indoor since mum left. Noah never called me for errands or other things probably he was busy welcoming his sister that just arrived. I sat on the stood before the dressing table looking down at my phone. I would be resuming school next week. I wonder how everything would go with me been among those rich kids. Would it be a peaceful stay or a bad one? I thought to myself. "But wait, mc Donald is the school Noah attend. Wow I never thought of that from the beginning. Will I be in the same school with him? Why is everything getting more complicated?"I thought to myself feeling bad.
    "Hey ugly. Pick up you phone! Hey ugly pick up your phone."the ringing tone of my phone woke me up in the morning. It's Sunday, I don't go to work. I reach for my phone and don't bother to check the caller before picking up. "Good morning. Why did you call so early?"I asked because I knew it's Noah. "Come outside. Am waiting for you"he said and hung up. I checked the time and saw it's 7:10. "This crazy guy won't let me rest. Whats the matter with him this time?"I said and got down from bed still feeling sleepy.
    After changing, I went out and found him waiting by the gate in his normal black sport outfit. "Black devil"He can't possibly want me to hold bottle water and towel for him this time. I thought to myself and walked up to him. I greeted him and I was surprised he replied today. "You called me"I said looking at him. "Yes. I want you to hold this. Am going for a jug"he said giving me a towel and bottle water. "I knew this is it"I said feeling annoyed. "What? Are you complaining?"he asked staring at me. I quickly nodded my head with a smile. "No. Let's go"I said.
    After jugging for few minutes and kilometers from home, I was getting tired and jugging slowly. He stopped and walked back to me. "Are you tired? Let's rest a bit and continue later"he said and went to sit on the grass under a tree. I also followed him and sat down feeling tired. He collected the water from me and opened it. After drinking half, he handed the remaining to me. I received it but staring at him. I wonder what the matter is with him. He's been too nice to me recently. Why? I feel like am with another person anytime he does. "Are you not thirsty?"he asked when I dropped the water beside me. "Uhm I want to ask you a question"I said not looking at him. "Go ahead"he replied. "Why are you been nice to me these days? It's unlike you"I asked looking at him. His eyes were sparking boring into mine as he said nothing to the question. Why is he not replying?. He fixed his gaze down and smiled. I wonder if the question was funny to him but it's not to me. "Yeah. I think the question sounds stupid to you but it's bothering me so much recently"I said. "Was I that bad towards you?"he asked. "No it's not like that. I just think..."
    "You're right. am Rude and arrogant. I don't threat people nicely. But I think someone has begin to change that about me. She told me not to look down on people or threat them bad. I think she want me to change for the better. And I would do that just to make her feel good. Why? Because I think I like her"he said looking at me. What's this? He actually changed because of a girl?. Who's it? I thought to myself staring at him. "Is that it? Does the person know you're doing it for her sake."I asked him. "I think she doesn't know yet. She still thinks am a bad person as she know me to be before."he replied smiling. Oh I think the bad boy is finally in love. "So bad. That means she doesn't know you like her too"I said. "We can say that"he replied briefly. "That'll be so painful for you. An unrequited love. I'll advise you to tell her you like her if you really do before it's too late. Because she might continue getting the wrong idea about you and end up hating you more."I said in my final conclusion. "Am ok now. Let's continue."I said and wanted to stand up but I felt his hand pulled me back. I was surprised as I turned back to him facing him so closely. The way he was staring at me and serious expression on his face, got me so confused.

    I kept staring at him wondering why he did that. And the way he was staring back at me feels so strange."W..why
    ?"I stuttered looking at him.
    Noah's pov
    I lost my mind for a while by pulling her back when she wanted to leave. I wonder why I did that. "I.. I am still tired. I want to stay a bit longer so wait by my side"I finally said and let go of her hand. "Oh ok"she said and sat beside me. "Are you that tired?"she asked. "Uh"I replied not looking at her. I collected the towel from her and threw it over my face. "Why are you covering your face?"she asked laughing. "Just feel like doing it. Am I looking funny?"I asked. "Yeah. You're looking like a ghost"she said laughing again. "A ghost?"I said and removed the towel from my face. "That's not it. I mean you were looking so funny that's why"she said looking down. I guess she thought I was mad by that statement. I roughed her hair with my hand. "You're so cute"I said smiling. She also smiled and touched her head.
    The time really flew fast. We went home some minutes later. I wish she could stay a bit longer with me but that's not possible. After we departed on getting to the entrance, I was smiling so brightly as I watch her leave to through other entrance. After she left, I turned back and was heading in, but met Helen by the entrance with a cup of coffee in her hand. She was watching me all this time. "I guess you're so happy by the way you were smiling back there."she said and sipped from the cup then brought it down looking at me. "Who's she? I mean the girl you came in with?"she asked. "Uhn.. She's our one of our employee's daughter."I replied. "Really? I can't believe you can be this close to such person. Bro you've really changed a lot."she said. "And I think something smells fishy"she said smiling. I wonder what she was thinking. "The girl, do you like her?"she asked looking at me. "W..what? How could you say that? It's not the way you think. She's just.. She's just my errand girl that's all. How can you say that?"I quickly corrected sharply. "Really? But I just have the feeling you do. But if you say you don't, that's not a problem. why getting mad at me?."she said smiling. She patted my shoulder playfully and went in. "Wow. I can't believe this. How does she.."I watched her leave and also went inside and headed straight to my room.
    Ellie's pov
    A week later, I had prepared everything for my new school. I had done registration and other important process. Luckily for me, I would start from where I stopped in my formal school. My final year in high school. Am so happy and exited. I never forget about the person that sent the form.
    I brought out my uniform from the wardrobe. My mum had ironed it neatly for me. I put it on and wore my shoes. I moved to the mirror to see how I look in it. "It's pretty but why is the skirt so short?"I said drawing it down a little. It was revealing my tights about three inches above my kneel. I adjusted it properly and took my bag. Just then mum walked in. "Wow. You look just great in the uniform"she said looking at me. "Really. I think I always look great in any outfit"I replied smiling. "Come and give mummy a hug before leaving"she said stretching out her arms. I ran into them and hugged her. "Good to see you go to school again. Study well and watch out for bad kids"she said patting my back. "Ok mum. I know how to deal with that"I said smiling. "You need to leave quickly. You can't be late on your first day"she said and quickly released me from the hug. "Bye mum. See you in the evening"I said and went out.
    I haven't tell Noah I'll be attending his school yet. I wonder how he'll react if he suddenly sees me there. Things had been going smoothly between us these days and I love it the way it is rather than him screaming and calling me all sort of bad names. I think he has really changed just as he said.
    The taxi dropped me right in front of the school and I got down after paying. I stood before the building looking up. "Welcome to mc Donald high school"it was written boldly like that at top of the building. The school environment really looks great. I looked around and saw some students been dropped by their drivers. Some by their parents. Some students were walking towards the school building either in two or three chatting and laughing. "It's really a great school"I said looking around. Just as I was about to move, someone bumped into me and the note she was holding fell to the ground. She raised her eyebrow angrily at me. "Why are you standing on the way like that?"she asked in anger. Immediately I saw her face, I recognised her. The rude lady of the other night. I looked down at her note book and saw her name their. Christiana Johnson. "Excuse me. You were the one that bumped into me"I said looking at her. "I can't believe this. You were the crazy girl that scratched my car the other night. So you attend this school? Why are you always getting on my nerves you this insect"she said screaming more louder. I looked around and students were around us in few seconds. I was surprised on seeing them. What are they all looking at?. I can't cause trouble on my first day in school. It would be better to ignore her. I thought to myself feeling nervous.
    "Miss. Ok am sorry if that will do. So can you please excuse me?"I said and was walking out on her. She stopped me by dragging me back by the arm. I was surprised by this. What does she really want again after an apology. "Pick it up"she said looking at the notebook on the floor. "What?"I said looking at her. "You heard me. Your ears are not blocked. I said you should pick it up"she repeated again. I looked around and saw the students who were watching. It would be better to avoid this witch trouble but she's way too much and getting on my nerves.

    Episode 15 & 16

    She's such a bully. I looked at the note on the ground then looked back at her with a smile. "Why should I pick it up? You were the one that dropped it not me. You should pick it up yourself"I said looking at her. I jerked off her hand and walked out.
    I saw the students staring at me as I walk. I wonder if we were acting. This school is really something else. A girl came running to me. "Wow. You're so bold. Am Nina can we be friends?"she said stretching her hand for a shake. I ignored her and kept moving. "What class are you? Are you a new student? What's your name?"she asked following me. I stopped and turned to her. "Why are you bothering me so much. Just go your way I don't want to get in any more trouble with you guys"I said looking at her. She looked down feeling bad. I think I was too harsh because, am still angry over the incident earlier. "Am sorry miss. I mean I don't feel like talking right now"I said in a calm voice. "Ok. Am sorry if I overreacted. I was just impressed by your attitude towards Christiana back there. I mean you really nailed it right."she said smiling. "Is that suppose to be a compliment?"I asked. "But will you be okay later?"she asked staring at me? "Why won't I?"I asked. "Christian won't let it slide. It's rear for students to face her the way you just did back there. She's just as poisonous as a snake. You have to watch out for her"she said staring at me. I can't believe what she's saying right now. "Oh was that the reason you guys gathered around us?"I asked. "Of course. You caught the attention of the students. My mouth was hung open when I saw the scene."she replied sounding more terrified. "Is that it?"
    "What class are you?"she asked. "Senior class C"I replied. "Oh my God!"she said looking surprised. "Why?"I asked. "What a coincident. You're in the same class with us. So you and Christiana would also be in same class? Wow this is becoming interesting."she said smiling. I was staring at her as she talk. What a weird girl. I thought to myself. "Anyway, what's your name?"she asked.
    "Am ellie daniels"I replied. She smiled and linked her arm with mine. "So,We are friends from now on"she said smiling.
    Christina's pov
    I left the scene and went to the girl's rest room feeling angry. When I got there, I threw the note book on the ground angrily. "You crazy brat. Wait and see how I get you. You've picked a live snake with bear hands wait and see how painful it bite stings. You won't get away with it this time"I said breathing heavily. I took my phone and dial Anne's number. "Hello you guys should all meet me at our joint"I said and hung up.
    Ellie's pov
    During maths period, the teacher wrote some problems on the board and asked if anyone could solve it. They whole class started murmuring and making noise. "Quiet!"he shouted and everywhere was silent again. "I gave you guys examples but you're still finding it difficult to solve this? Who among you can solve this correctly?"he asked the class. I was already solving the equations on my note books as he speaks. "Anyone who solve this correctly would be giving 10points for it"he said and the whole class all look at Christiana who was sitting In the third row from my desk. She looked at me badly and stood up. She walks towards the board and took the marker from the teacher. She started solving it and in few minutes, she drops the marker. "That's the final answer sir"she said smiling. I looked at my notebook then look at the board. The equation she solved had a mistake somewhere. The answer is not correct. "Are you sure this is the final answer?"the teacher asked again. I raised up my hand looking at the board. "Yes daniels do you wanna solve this?"he asked. I stood up and walked to the board. She was surprised when I came out. I look at her face before taking the marker. I solved mine at one side of the board. I finished solving and dropped the marker. "That's the correct answer sir"I said. "Wow. Can you all give a round of applause to ellie"he said and the whole class clap their hands. "You guys can go back to your seats. Christiana made a little mistake here, she would have gotten the answer correctly only if she had done it carefully. So, Ellie just got the 10points."the teacher said and they all gave another round of applause. She stared at me badly before moving back to her seat.
    Few minutes later, the class was over and we were on break. We all have to eat at the school dinning hall. Anita took me there and were on the line because we met students there. "You're so smart. How could you solve that though algebra equation in no time"she said. "Well, it's not that though if you've been practising more on it before"I replied smiling. Soon it was our turn. We collected our food and took our tray to an empty table. I sat down and she was sitting opposite to me. Just as we were about eating, Christiana arrived with three other girls. They stopped before me holding their trays. I thought they wanted to sit and eat on the same table with us but I was wrong. "You taught you won right? But that's not the end yet. You're a f*cking loser to me."she said looking at me. She turned over my tray with the food in it. everything poured on the table and went down on my skirt too. "Oops! My hand slipped"she said laughing with the other girls. Anita's mouth was wide open in surprise. I sat there not saying a word. Students around us started watching and murmuring to themselves. Some were even videoing us. "Let's go girls"she said and they all left to another table. I held my fist so tight in anger but I couldnt do anything. "Uh this girl is really something. I told you she would get back. What will you do now?"Anita said feeling bad. I stood up from my seat and left the hall. I went to the girls rest room to clean up the mess. "You're just worst than a witch. Evil like the devil. Hmph I'll try to hold in my anger and be patient. Mum told me not to get in trouble if not, I know what to do with someone like you. Am not an easy girl too"I said as I wash my skirt. After I finished cleaning up, I opened the door to leave. I saw her right there again waiting for me. I closed the door and folded my arms together looking at her"What do you want again? Are you now satisfied? I purposely ignored what you did back there because I have my reasons. Since you do all you wish, I think we can stop getting on each other's nerve from now on. Is that clear?"I said looking her in the eyes. But she laughed instead. "That's not possible. I haven't done anything yet. That's was just an accident like I said earlier. My hand slipped. You have to be prepared and wait for the worst"she said looking at me.
    Noah's pov
    David, Mathew and I were playing game on our way to the basketball room. The rule is anyone that fails would be giving silly punishment by the other two people and he must do it at all cost. It sounds interesting to me so I continued. We all brought out our phone and were playing our favourite combat game. Mathew won and was out leaving I and David to continue. I wanted to win so I could tell David to take off his trouser and walk like that in his boxers till we get to the basketball room. It's funny right? We continue playing for minutes without a winner or loser. "Who will lose? You guys are really trying hard to win"Mathew said jokingly. Just as we were playing, I was distracted by the thoughts of ellie. The time I saw both of them at the party. I have always wanted to ask if something was going on between them but I think the question would sound weird to him. So I bother not to ask but it still bothers me a lot since then. "I won!"I heard David scream. "Oh shit!"I said after realizing he really won. "Should I go ahead with my punishment?"david asked looking at me. I just hope it won't be something crazy. "You guys cheated"I said not agreeing I lose. "Come on. You remember the rule right. Just accept you lose and take your punishment"Mathew said and David supported him. "Ok ok. What is it?"I asked looking at them. "Mine is hop on one leg till we get to the basketball room"David said. I laughed and thought to myself that mine was even worst than his if only I had won. "Ok. It's not that hard I think. What of you Mathew?"I asked looking at him but he started smiling foolishly. Hope this guy won't ask me to do something stupid. "Why are you smiling? Talk"I said. "OK. be prepare for mine as it's a bit crazy."he said grinning.
    "Mine is..."he stopped and stared at both of us as we listen attentively to hear the rubbish he was about to say out. "Kiss the first girl that will come out next from that ladies restroom."he said pointing there.
    "What?"David and I said at the same time. "Why will you say such thing. People will think am a pervert?"I said looking at him. "Remember the rule. You must do it even if it's just a Peck"he said grinning more wider. "Mathew You're too much"David said laughing. "O..ok I'll do it but a Peck would be better. I just hope the girl won't start hunting me later after I do it"I said. We all faced the corner and was expect the person that'll come of there.
    Soon, we heard some foot steps. Looks like two people are coming. I thought to myself looking at the wall as the footsteps became closer. Someone steps out from the corner walking towards us and another person followed. The first girl is.... The first girl is ellie? I can't just believe this. Why is she here and in my school? And she's putting on our school uniform too. What's happening?
    Me and David looked at each other while Mathew was just smiling. I looked back at her. She had stopped when she saw us. She stood there staring at us with a shocking expression. I looked behind her and saw Christiana also looking at me.
    "What are you doing? Go ahead and do it"Mathew said smiling innocently.
    What's this? Am I to kiss ellie right now? Am to kiss her as Mathew said. I didn't expect it to be with her. Would it be possible to do that right now? I thought to myself staring at her in confusion while Christiana was also staring at me behind her

    Ellie's POV
    I think he was surprised to see me. But the way he was staring at me was a so confusing. David was also staring at me while the other guy beside them kept smiling. I was thinking of a way to explain to him on how I got here, but he was already walking towards me. He stopped when he got to my front."It was actually...."he drew me closer to his body and what I was about to say disappeared from my memory. He stared into my eyes for while and my heart went thump! Thump! Thump faster than normal. What is he trying to do? Why is he holding me in this position? He can't possibly want to... He drew my face closer and crushed his lips down on mine before I could gather my thoughts together. My eyes were widely opened in shock. What has gotten into him? Why did he do this? Noah actually kissed me?"I thought to myself with my heart beating faster. Few seconds later, I quickly pulled away staring at him in confusion. He was not able to say anything but with the look on his face, he didn't regret doing it either. I was dumbfounded.
    Noah's POV
    when I kissed her, she pulled away and was staring at me. "Wow! That looks so real"i heard Mathew's voice behind. How do I explain this situation to her? She looks so confused and shocked. " sorry ellie. It was..."she didn't let me finish the statement before walking out on me quickly. I turned back and watched her leave. I looked at David who was also surprised by what I just did. He couldn't also believe I can do that to her. Christiana came to me looking so angry. "You're so horrible Noah. I can't just believe this"she said and walked out angrily. "Nice one bro. But the kissing was too longer than a quick peck"Mathew said smiling. "Am sorry I need to go guys"I said and left them.
    I searched everywhere for ellie but could not find her. I wonder where she left to. I feel so worst to see her act that way. But I feel more terrible to say am sorry after the kiss.
    Ellie's POV
    I went to one of the empty classrooms and sat there alone. I was thinking of the kiss. The moment kept flashing back to my head every seconds. Why? Why did he do that. Was he doing it for fun to show his friend how lowly I am?. How can he take me for that?
    That was my first kiss. How can he just take it easily like that? Why in the world is he doing all this to me."I thought to myself feeling bad. My phone was ringing and I checked to find out he was the one calling. I didn't pick it and it rings again multiple times. Soon a massage came in from him. "Where are you?"I took my phone and switched it off feeling more angry.
    I was in the empty room till the school closed. After closing hour, I went to class for my bag. On getting there, I met my desk being messed up with markers and Biro. "Die you bitch!" "Transfer from this school or you'll see hell"
    "Crazy girl" "prostitute. How many men have you slept with?" "Die!" "I hate you" It was written all over my desk like that. I got more angry and frustrated. "Who the did this. Come out and say it to my face instead"I shouted. The remaining students in the class all were staring at me. "The person that did this should come out"I yelled again. Just then, Christiana and the three girls appeared holding their school bags. "Why are you making so much noise? Are you a dog?"she said and the rest bursted into laughter. "Did you guys do this?"I asked. "And what if we do, what can you do about it?"she replied smiling. "I warned you before didn't I?"I said staring at her. "Hey. Is your brain faulty? Who are you to talk to her like that?"one of the girl said pushing me by the shoulder. Christiana raised her up at the girl telling her to stop. She stepped back and Christiana moved closer to me. The class were videoing this as usual. "I told you it's just the beginning. And your guts has no limit. How could you to Noah?"she said staring at me badly. I just feel like snapping her neck and strangle her. "I would just warn you to Stay away from him. Since you don't know, I'll tell you now. NOAH IS MINE! if you ever get involve in him again, I'll show you the way to hell"she said and walked out with her gang. I stood there angrily. "Fine. Let's see how far we can go with each other."I said in anger. I took my bag and also headed out of the class.
    When I got home, I didn't meet mum. I called her on phone and she told me she went out to buy some things. I sat down on the bed not feeling happy. I took off my uniform and changed into my casual wear.
    I sat there on the stood thinking about the whole situation back in school. My first day in school was a very big disaster. "You're such a bad jerk Noah. I hate you more. You said you've changed but you're worst. You only think about yourself. you don't care how you hurt others feels."I said sadly.
    My phone started ringing and I took it from my side. I saw it's Noah calling. I decided to pick it this time. "Please can we meet? Come to the bench outside I'll be waiting for you"he said and hung up.
    I brought down the phone from my ear slowly. "You dare to call me out after what you did? You're so shameless"I said and went to bed. I got on top of it to sleep but later got up again feeling uncomfortable. I think I should make some things clear to him and draw a line between us from now on. Even if we work for him, we have our right and prides too. I got down from bed and walked towards the door.
    I went to the place he mentioned and found him standing and moving around restlessly. I walked up to him and folded my arms. "Why did you call me?"I asked and he quickly turned to me. "About what happened today, am so..."
    "Stop!"I said not looking at him. "You want to say you're sorry again?"I asked. He didn't say anything but kept staring at me. "That word hurt me more. When you know you'll feel sorry towards me after doing it, why did you do it in the first place? Am I that low? Do you have fun doing it? I must be crazy to think you really changed not knowing you've became worst. I must say it even if you'll end up throwing us out of your house. I don't care anymore. Do you know the gravity of what you took from me? Yes fine. You might have kissed countless of ladies. A kiss must nothing to you but it's a million to me."I said in anger with tears filled in my eyes. "How could you do such thing. Why? Why? Why did you do that noah!"I said calling him by his name for the first time.
    "Because I like you. No I love Ellie."he said looking at me. "What?"I asked looking surprise. Am sure I heard him right."Yes I do love you ellie. I was wrong for saying sorry after the kiss. I was actually not sorry after doing it because I didn't regret my action. You might think am crazy but am not. I know what am saying. I started developing this silly strange feelings for you recently. It grows bigger each day I tried to force myself not to. I think I don't need to hold it in any longer"he said looking at me. I remembered the day he told me about someone he likes and how he changed because of her. I was wondering if that was a different lady or it's me"who's the girl you were talking about that day? Me?"I asked looking at him. "Yes you are."he replied. I think this is a dream. Someone need to wake me up before it goes too far. Noah of all people developed interest in me? He fell for a common me the cook's daughter. That'll be the last thing I'll ever think of about him. I know him to be a rude and cold hearted guy. I thought he hates me. But he's the one confessing his love right in front of me now.
    "I know it might sound weird and unbelievable to you but am been sincere right now. Am not saying you should love me back. You own your heart and the decision is yours. But at least I want you to know that. I think my mind would be freed now that I said everything out to you."he said looking at me calmly.
    I didn't say anything but looking like someone who just did something bad. I feel bad all of a sudden. What am I suppose to say to this? I love him too? Am not even sure of my feelings right now. I have no idea of what to do or say to him.

    Episode 17 & 18

    I kept staring at him feeling bad. "You don't need to give me reply right now. I'll take my leave"he said and left. I moved back a bit and sat on the bench looking at him as he left. "Why me of all people? Since when has he had that feelings for me?"I asked myself.
    Noah's POV
    I left her at the scene and went to my room. I placed my hand on my chest to feel my heart beat. "Yeah. I think am strange. How can I fall in love with her suddenly when all I do is to nag her and call her names. I can't just understand myself too"I said feeling bad.
    Ellie's pov
    I was on the bed trying to get some sleep. I felt so disturbed and uncomfortable. "I love you ellie"his voice kept ringing in my head. What can I do about that? I think I like someone else. It took a while for me to get some sleep.
    I had prepared for school and was leaving the room. I looked around maybe I'll see Noah but I could find him. I went out the gate and was waiting for taxi. few minutes later, the gate opened and I saw Noah's car driving out of the compound. When he got to where I was standing he stopped and whined down. "Get in"he said. I sluggishly opened the door and got in. I put on the seatbelt and he drove down the street. "Thank you"I said with little smile. He looked at me and stared off not saying anything. There was an awkward silence between us. He doesn't look that ok and that made me worry. I kept staring at him as he drives. I remembered the whole thing he told me yesterday again. "You"he said not looking at me. I thought he wanted to bring the matter up about yesterday night. "Why... Didn't you tell me that you'll be attending my school? When I saw you,I was totally shocked. I thought that was your spirit"he asked looking at me and the concentrated on the road again. " so..rry. It was.."
    "Why are you stammering? It's ok. You can act like you use to. You don't have to be uncomfortable around me."he said. I explained the whole thing about the form and how I took the exam to him still. Soon we arrived at the school compound and we both got down. He wanted to leave but I stopped him. He looked at me wondering why I did that. "Hmm. About yesterday, am sorry. I actually have..."
    "You don't have to say you're sorry. It's not your fault. I accepted you rejected me. I'll just be fine ok. Soon I'll be able get over it you dummy"he said and roughed my hair playfully with a smile. He walked away heading to the class. I sighed, looking sad. "I actually have someone else I like"I said watching him as he left. Some three girl came to me after he left. They were all looking at me weirdly. I wonder who they are. "Excuse me please"I said and wanted to leave not minding them. The one in the middle pushed me back by my shoulder. "Who. Are. You?"she asked looking scary. "What do you guys want? I don't remember knowing you before"I said staring at them. "We? Ok were senior Noah's guardian angels. And you, who are you?"she asked. "Guardian angels? Wow I love that. Well am just me. ellie"I replied. "I mean who are you to get down from his car and I think I saw him smiling at you"the last girl by the right said. "What class are you guys?"I asked looking at their uniform. "What does that have to do with our questions?"the last girl asked. "I think you guys..
    "Hey! What are you guys doing?"someone said coming towards us. I looked back and saw the person. "Betty"I said smiling as she got closer
    Noah's pov
    I left her heading to class. "I got rejected. I know what you wanted to say. But that'll just hurt me more"I said.
    I check my wristwatch for the time. "Why is time so slow"i said. Seems like no one has arrived in our class cause I can't hear noises as usual. I think I came too early. When I got to class, I met David with Cynthia a girl from other class. He was wrapping his arm around her waist sitting on the desk while she was standing in between his legs. They were about kissing when I opened the door. I wonder what has gotten into them. They were the only one in the classroom. David stood up when he saw me. I stared at him for a while then stared back at Cynthia. "Oh you're here"David said with a smile."What are you guys doing early in the morning?"I asked looking at them. He said something to her and she left after saying hy to me. I walked up to David looking annoyed by what I saw. "Why were you guys together? And the position I met you looks like something is going on between you"I said looking at him. He shrugged with a smile. "Why? What's the meaning of that? Are you telling me you're dating her too?"I asked now getting angry. He was staring at me strangely as if he doesn't know what I meant by that. "Dating her too you mean? Ah I forgot I didn't tell you we started dating since last week. Sorry my bad"he said smiling. That got me more angry and I hit him on the face. He staggered back and looked up at me. "Noah. What the heck is wrong with you? Was this because I didn't tell you about her?"he asked looking at me. "You don't know what you did wrong or you're pretending not to?"I asked. "What did I do? Not telling you we are going out or because you met us like this?"he asked. "You started going out with her. What of ellie. Don't you go out with her too? What do you plan to do with her?"I asked angrily. He looked at me and started laughing. That got me surprised. "What was that for?"I asked. "Oh ellie. Did I ever tell you am dating her or did she tell you that?"he asked. "What do you mean? Were you guys not dating? I mean don't you like her?"
    "I like her just as a normal other females friends of mine. I never got any other special feelings for her. That's the true. I can't lie to you about that"he said. "What are you saying? Why did you brought her to your sister's birthday that night? And why..."I stopped, staring at him.
    "And why did you sent the scholarship form to her?"I asked looking at him. He was was also staring at me not saying anything.

    Maybe he thought I won't know about it. He sighed and sat on the desk behind him. "Noah. That's not like what you're thinking. I just did that that because..."he stopped talking not looking at me. "Because what? You pity her? And you taking her to your sister's birthday was because you you feel bored and have no one to take?"I said looking at him. "That's not it Noah. I just did that to help her"he said. "I know you David. If you know you're doing all this out of pity, it's better you stop now before you got her more confused. I won't stand it if you end up making her cry"I said.
    Ellie's pov
    During break, I and Benita went to the dinning hall. After taking our food, we went to sit somewhere.
    I saw Christiana sitting somewhere with her friends. They were chatting and laughing while eating. "Just look at the way she laughs. She sounds like an evil witch"Anita said giggling. I looked at her and shook my head. "Let's just eat up and leave"I said. "Ok ma'am"she said and started eating.
    When we finished eating, we stood up and was walking out of the dining. When we got out to the school compound, Someone pushed me with their shoulder and I almost fell. I looked my side and saw Christiana. "Oh. I think my shoulder is acting strange"she said touching her shoulder. I didn't bother to say anything cause I knew she did it intentionally. To avoid further trouble and arguments, I chose to walk off. She stood before me not letting me leave. "Christiana. What is it you really want from me?"I asked looking at her. "Who knows? I just hate you so much and anyone I hates, knows no peace. You insulted me twice which I will never forgive. The only way out for you is if you leave this school and don't show up around me again."Christiana said. "Oh. Really? And I chose not to leave."I said to her. "Ehm... Christiana I think you guys should stop"Anita said. "Who are you to tell me that? Do you want me to hit you?"she said looking at Anita badly. "Am just saying. I think that will make you look less bad"Anita added not looking at her. She left me and moved to Anita. "What do you just say? Am bad? Repeat it"she said pushing Anita's head. Anita kept her gaze down not looking at her in the eyes. "Why are you not saying anything uhn? Are you afraid of me?"she asked pushing her head more harder. I moved to her and hold her hand. "You should stop this. She said nothing bad. It's true. Are you not bad?"I asked looking at her. Now, the expression on her face looks more angrier. "Ah. I think bad is still better. You're worst Christiana. If you continue living your life this way, you'll blame yourself for it later."I said looking at her. "How dare you say that to me. Do you have a death wish?"she said in anger. "I think I made myself clear. Miss Christiana. No man would want to date a gangster who bullies people for fun"I said and took Anita's hand to leave. "You this crazy bitch!"she said angrily and pulled my hair. I turned back and tried to free myself from her grip. "Let me go!"I said holding her hand. I struggled until I finally pulled myself away from her. She was panting and looking at me angrily. "You're worst like I said earlier. This doesn't make you any better but makes you look more miserable"I said looking at her. She slapped my face hard in anger. Students have gathered around us to watch us fight. I have no intention of fighting her but she just crossed the line. I held my face staring at her. "No you're the mistaken one here. Am not the worst but you are. You sticking around Noah just for him to notice you. But you know what? Noah can't date a stupid and dumb girl like you. It's better you back off"she said panting heavily. I brought my hand down from my face and faced her. "Oh I can now see the fucking problem you have with me. It's obvious he doesn't even know you're doing this because of him. Are you that jealous? You look like you begging and dying for his attention when he didn't even notice you. You know what? Am not so stupid to fight over a guy. You look so pitiful because it seems you're begging for his love"I said looking straight into her eyes. This got her more angrier than before. She raised up her hand to slap me again but a hand gripped her arm behind her. I looked up and the person I saw surprised me. "Noah"I said looking at him. He looked at Christiana and let go of her hand. "I think you're crossing the line. You dare to lay your hand on her?"he asked looking at her. "Noah. What do you mean?"christiana asked. "Christiana you've changed so much. I can't believe you're doing this."
    I sighed and moved closer to noah. "It's ok."I said looking at him.
    "Stay out of this please."he said not looking at me. "You're going too far. I just saw you hit her for no reason. Why? What right do you have to do that? It's better you stop now or it'll only makes me hate you more. next time you do this again, I won't forgive you for it. I'll let it go this time"he said looking at her. Christiana looked at me panting heavily in anger. By now, student were snapping pictures and videoing us. "Let's go"noah said taking my hand. He pulled me along with him as we made our way through the students who were gathering.
    the students kept staring at us as we left. I think he went too far on this. I thought to myself looking up at his face.

    Episode 19 & 20

    Christina's POV
    I can't believe noah said that to me because of that worthless thing. Are the really going out? Why did he hold her hand in front of everyone? I thought to myself watching them as the left. I got more angry by what just happened and by the fact that he embarrassed me before everyone. "Ellie or what do you call your name? I promise you won't get away with this. I'll make you regret ever attending mc Donald high school. Just wait and see. If I can't have him, I'll rather destroy you both"I thought to myself. "Christiana what's wrong why are there lot of people?"Nina asked the three of them got to me. "Let's go"I said and they followed me.
    We were heading to the class when I saw students looking at me and gossiping to each other. Most of them were with their phones.
    "Ooh. I felt so pity for her. She really got dumped by noah? Wow noah is now dating the new student ellie"one of the students said. Lucia moved to her in anger on hearing that. "What are you guys saying? Who do you say got dumped?"she asked staring at them madly. "Why are you yelling on us? It's not like the whole school didn't know about it already. The rumor is all over the school."she said to Lucia. I got a notification message and decided to check. What I saw was terrifying. The news about noah dumping me for ellie. As I read the article, my body was boiling in anger. I left the guys and walked off to class angrily.
    Ellie's POV
    When noah and I got to a more silent place, he stopped. I looked up at his face and back at our hands which was still locked together. He also looked down at our hands and quickly let go. "Am sorry for getting you involved"I said. "What are you sorry for? You allow her to hit you. What if I didn't show up? She'll hit you again? Your face is so red because of that. It must have hurt so much"he said looking at my face. I rubbed my cheek smiling. "You're smiling? It's not funny. Don't allow people to pick on you. Don't you have your hands too?"he asked. I smiled again looking at him. "Thank you."I said. "For what?"
    "Just for everything."I replied. "You don't have to thank me. I haven't done anything for you"he said. "But why did you yell on her like that? Do you guys know each other before"I asked curiously.
    After school, students were trooping out of the school compound to their homes. I was standing by the road waiting for taxi. A car stopped by the road and whined down. It's David. But one of our school student was sitting in the front passenger seat. "Ellie get in. I'll drop you off"he said with a smiled. "Thank you"I said and got into the car. He then continue driving. "You've quit your job"he ask and I replied him with yes. The girl beside him was drinking can soda. I wonder who she is. Maybe one of his classmates. I concluded. "That mean I won't be seeing you there again. So bad"he said. I gave a shy smile. The car got into a gallop and the soda the girl was holding spilled on her dress. "Oh shit!"she said looking down at her cloth. "Oh sorry dear. David said and brought out a handkerchief from his side then started dusting her cloth with it. The girl collected it from him and continue cleaning it herself. "You should be careful"David said with a smile while drawing her cheek playfully.
    I stared off after watching both of them for a while. I suddenly got irritated which I don't know why. After a while the car got to the highway. "Am sorry ellie meet Cynthia. My friend"David said. "Oh ok. How are you doing?"I asked she looked back and replied with a smile. "Am Cynthia his girlfriend and you, what your name?"she asked. "His girlfriend?"I repeated again looking at David although he was not able to see my face but he heard me. "Y..yeah e..llie"he stuttered. I don't know what to say. I was dumbfounded. I looked at the girl again. I can't believe David got another girl. I thought he has interest in me but I was wrong all this while? My heart hurt from what I just heard. I think I might cry. "I'll like to get down here."I said. "Why? You've not gotten to your place"he replied not looking back. "Yes. But I need to get something for mum. Let me get down"
    "Ok"he said and pulled over. I opened the door and got down gently from his car then close it back. He looked back at my face. I guess he noticed I was not looking good. "Bye. See you in school tomorrow"I said waving my hand with a fake smile. He sighed before starting the engine. "Ok bye ellie"he said and drove down.
    Noah's POV
    As I was about to go and pick ellie, I saw David's car pick her up already. But he was there with Cynthia. I just hope they won't say anything where by ellie would know they're dating. I don't know why David should pick her up. I just hope she'll be fine cause those two might do something crazy in her present. After they left, I followed their car. On the way, I stopped by a filling station to fill my car with some gas before setting to continue.
    Ellie's POV
    I can't believe this. Why is he been nice to me all this while? I thought he like me. Why would he take me to the party when he had his girlfriend? He got me confused from the start. So he didn't like me. He got another girl far better than me. I must be stupid to think of that. My heart hurts"I said as I walks slowly. I blinked my eyes and tears dropped from them. I touched my face and noticed I was actually crying. "You're so stupid ellie. Why would you cry because of that? It's so annoying"I said crying more.
    The area was a bit quiet and I can't find taxi easily. I continue walking down beside the road not knowing where in particular am heading to.
    A car stopped beside me but I didn't bother to look. The person got down and quickly walked up to me. It's noah. He was standing before me looking at me face. I quickly wiped the tears off with my hand but he already noticed it. "Why are you crying?"he asked. "I want to be alone you can leave"I said and wanted to leave but he stopped me. "Were you crying because of David?"he asked looking at me. I jacked off my hand in anger. "What does that have to do with you? Should I ask for permission from you before crying again? Just leave me alone"I said raising my voice. "I know this would happen. I know you'll end up like this. Does this makes you feel better you dummy!"he yelled back at me. "Because I like him. it hurt to see him with another girl."I said crying.
    "You're so stupid ellie. Because you like him? Do you know if he likes you back? Did he ever confessed he loved you? He never proposed to you so why the hell are you crying over a guy?"he asked. "Why? You were angry because it's not you instead?. It's not by force to love you back. My answer is I don't like you. Let me be noah!"I said in annoyance. He stared at me for a while in surprise. "What?"he said looking at me. I sniffed and wiped off the tears on my face. It was then I realised what I just said. But that came out of my mouth because I was too angry.
    He shook his head positively. "You're right. I was mad at you for nothing. I never said you should love me back. I think it's time to backoff. Ellie I won't get involve in you again. You can do all what you want. I don't care"he said and walked off to his car. I started crying again as I watch him leave. I bent down on my kneels crying out loud. I regretted saying that to him. I wanted to say am sorry but I think it's too late. He got into his car and drove down in full speed. "Am sorry"I said crying.

    Noah's POV
    I left her in anger. I won't interfere in her business anymore. I don't care what she do with herself.
    Few minutes later, I got home. I alighted from my car and walked in still looking angry. I saw Helen in the living room with news papers and a cup of whine on the table. I walked to her side and took the whine without even greeting her. I dropped the cup after finishing the whole content. "Noah what's wrong? You don't look ok"she asked. "Am ok. I just feel dizzy. I need to sleep am tired"I said with a fake smile. As I turned to leave, I bumped into a maid standing. The tray she was holding fell to the group making a loud noise. She quickly went on her kneel begging. "What's wrong with you? Why are you so careless? You're fired. Get lost from my sight right now!"I yelled on her angrily. She stood up and ran out of the living room crying. Helen stood up and came to my side. "Are you ok? I think something is wrong. Why won't you tell me?"she asked looking worried. "Am sorry. I need to rest"I said and left her heading to my room.
    Ellie's POV
    Few minutes later, I saw a taxi and I took it home.
    When I got to our room, I met mum arranging clothes into the wardrobe. I greeted her and sat down on the sofa still looking sad. I bent my head and was untying my shoe lace. "What's wrong ellie? You don't look good. Did anyone hit you up in school?"she asked. "No mum. Am just feeling sick"I replied and claimed onto the the bed covering myself with bedsheet. "If you're sick, let's go to hospital or get you some drugs. You can't just sleep there like that"mum said in concern. "I'll be ok. It's just a slight headache. I think what I need is to rest"I said and covered my face with the cover to hide the tears on my face. "Ok rest. Let me go to others in the kitchen"she said patting my back. When I heard the shutting sound of the door, I removed the cover from my face crying out.
    I didn't know when I slept off. By the time I woke up, it was already dark. I stood up and took my phone to check time. It's 7:21pm. I was still in my school uniform because I didn't take it off before sleeping. I changed into my casual wear and headed out to the compound with the hope to see noah. When I got there, I wasn't able to find him anywhere around. I heard some footsteps behind me and I quickly turned back thinking it was him. But to my disappointment, it was his sister hellen. "Good evening"I greeted her. She responded back politely. "Why are you outside by this time? Are you looking for someone?"she asked looking at me. "That's...."I don't know what to say to her. She sighed and walked closer to me. "Are you guys fighting?"she asked. What did she mean by you guys? Does she mean noah?? I thought to myself staring at her. "Am just looking at the stars. There lot of stars up there tonight"I said laughing. When I looks up, there were no stars because it looks like it will rain soon. I looks down feeling embarrassed. I looked at her face and she smiled. "You're so cute"she said. "OK. I'll take my leave then. I hope you'll enjoy watching those many bright stars"she said looking up. She left and I felt more embarrassed. "If you're going to lie at least make it believable"I said hitting my head. I sat down on the bench looking up at the sky. "I think it's time to back off Ellie's. I won't get involved in you again"that voice replayed in my head. I looked down feeling bad.
    The next day, I waited outside for long but he didn't show up. I went to school taking a taxi.
    I was uncomfortable through out the classes. I kept checking my phone to see if he called or dropped any message but he didn't. Immediately after break, I went to their class. I check everywhere but he was not there. I wonder if he came to school today. I went out to the compound to check his car at the garage. I saw his car there. Definitely, he came to school. I went back to his class to ask someone about him. On my way, I met David. He stopped on seeing me. "Hy ellie."he greeted and I responded normally. "Have you seen noah today?"I asked. It took him a while to reply. "Were you guys fighting?"he asked looking at me. I didn't give him a reply on that. "Did you see him anywhere?"I asked again. "No I didn't. I only saw him this morning. During break, I haven't set my eyes on him."he replied. "Ok. Thank you"I said and left.
    I searched everywhere for him but couldn't find him. When I got to the basketball room, I found him there alone playing all by himself. I walked up to him slowly. He saw me coming but kept playing on. I stood there for almost 10minutes and he didn't look at me or say anything. I then moved to the hoop where he'll be throwing the ball. He wanted to throw it, but stopped. He dropped the ball and moved to take a bottle water. I walked to him with the hope to apologise. "Noah!"I called his name. He looked at me and dropped the water beside him violently. "Who are you to call me that way? Oh have we gotten so close to that stage? Ellie or whatever your name is, I thought we concluded on ourselves yesterday. Let just go back to our places. Why are you following me around?"he asked looking at me. He's still mad at me. Yes I deserve more than that. I thought to myself. "Noa...sorry young master. Am so..."
    "Please excuse me. I have things to do"he said and left me. I looked at him feeling hurt. He got out of the room not looking back at me for once.
    Noah's POV
    You know what you did wrong, you're now looking for a way to apologise? I don't need your apology. I'll be fine all alone."I thought to myself as I left.
    After school hour, I saw her standing by the road but I refused to pick her up.
    When I got home, I left to my room.
    I took my phone and went to rest on bed. I check my phone maybe I got a call but I didn't. Am now feeling worried after I left her in that position back in school. "Who cares. She should also feel the same pain I felt when she that to me yesterday"I said and threw my phone beside me. I heard notification sound and quickly took my phone.
    From ellie: Am sorry noah.
    I smiled and dropped my phone. Of course you should be sorry.
    Ellie's POV
    I felt so uncomfortable since yesterday. I wish I could see him act like before again but I think he was really mad at me. I kept checking my phone but no message or call. I wonder if he saw the message I sent.
    I put on my sweater and headed out to the compound in search of him. I got there but couldn't find him again. I feel disappointed and sat on the bench. Someone came to me and I raised my head up. "Oh good evening."I greeted Helen. She was with a maid this time the maid was holding a tray."Are you looking at the stars again?"she asked teasingly. "No. I was actually getting some fresh air"I said smiling. "Oh really. Noah wants to see you"she said. I quickly stood up from the bench looking at her. "Really?Where is he?"I asked. She collected the tray from the maid and handed it to me. "He wants you to bring this to his room"she said and I collected it from her. "Ok. I'll take it then"I said feeling happy. "Ok hurry up before he gets mad that you're late"she said and I left them heading inside.
    When I got to his door, I pressed the bell and the door was opened. He was staring at me from the entrance not letting me in yet. "You asked me to bring this"I said looking at him. "Me?"he asked again. "Yes. Sister Helen told me you did"I replied. He smirked and looked back at me. "Ok. Let me have it you can leave"he said collecting the tray from me. He shut the door to my face before I could say anything. I stood there in disappointment. Few seconds later, he opened it again. "Get in. You'll leave after I finish this"he said still holding the tray. I walked in and he closed the door. I sat quietly on one of the small white couch while he was sitting opposite to me.
    Noah's POV
    Helen is so funny. I never ask her to come. I only told a maid to bring the juice but she let her bring it instead. And there were two glass cups. I wonder what she was thinking. I thought to myself. I opened the juice and poured it in one of the glasses.
    "I have been wanting to tell you that am sorry. I wonder if you saw the message."she said. I didn't say anything. "I didn't know it will hurt you that much. I realised what I said after you left. I wanted to say sorry before the moment you left but it was too late."she added. I drank from the cup not saying anything again. "Am sorry naoh"she said looking at me. I looked at her on hearing her call me that name again. Each time she call me that way, I think my heart might explode. "I told you not to call me like that"I said looking at her. "Am sorry noah. I won't stop until you say you forgive me"she said looking at me. This girl won't just listen. I think I might do something stupid if she say that again.
    I cleared my throat and drank the remaining juice in the cup. "Why are you not saying anything?"she asked. "I already told you not..."
    "Am sorry for everything NOAHH"she repeated again emphasizing on the name. That moment I think I might end up kissing her again. I stood up and took her hand. "Leave my room."I said taking her towards the door. "I already apologise why are you like this?"she asked looking at me. "I have forgiven you. now leave or you'll regret this later"I said staring back at her. She sighed. "Ok. But you don't look like you've forgiven me. Why are you still raising you voice at me?"she asked. "Just leave I need to rest."I said to her but she was staring at me weirdly like I just said something bad to her.
    "Noah why are you..."
    I moved closer to her and kissed her lips to shut her up. I then moved my lips from hers and looked at her face. She was staring at me in confusion now. "I told you to stop or you'll regret it, but you're too stubborn."I said looking at her. I expected her to be mad at me for doing that. "Have you forgiven me?"she asked looking at me. I stared at her and nodded my head positively. "Yes I did a long time ago"I replied. She smiled and kissed me. Wow this was unexpected. she actually kissed me herself? I drew her closer and kissed her back. She wrapped her arm around me going on with the kiss. I feel like my head will explode in excitement as we continue.

    Episode 21 & 22

    After a while, I stopped and moved my lips from hers slowly. I looked at her face and smiled. "Does this mean a yes?"I asked. She nodded her head positively with a smile. "I love you ellie and I promise not to hurt you no matter what."I said looking at her. "Ok. I love you too"she said. I leaned in closer and kissed her again.
    Ellie's POV
    Am so happy he forgave me. I just found out how much I miss him and want him by my side the past two days we were fighting. I think noah is the person I love and he also loves me back. That's enough for me to be happy. He moved down his lips on mine and we started kissing again. It actually tasted the strawberry juice he took a while ago. I must confess he's a good kisser. Am not that good because it was my first time kissing that deep and long. On less you counted the one he did back in school. The ring tone of my phone made up broke apart. I brought it out from my pocket and checked the caller. It's mum. I cleared my throat and picked it. "Hello mum"I said.
    "Ellie where are you? Won't you come home?"she asked. "I..i went out to get something. I'll be back soon mum."I said. I don't usually lie to my mum but I just did now. "Ok don't be late"she said and hung up. I brought down the phone from my ear looking at noah who was staring at me all this while. "Was that your mum?"he asked. "Yes. I think I need to go now"I said. "Ok. But remember you can't change your mind later"he said. I smiled and nodded my head. "Are you scared?"I asked smiling. "It's just..."he stopped scratching the back of his head. "Don't worry. I won't"I said patting his shoulder. "Goodnight"I said. "Ok. Goodnight"he replied. I pecked his cheek before leaving his room.
    Noah's POV
    She pecked me and left. Am missing her already immediately she left. How I wish she could stay here with me longer but that's not possible. I sat down on the couch smiling. I think am the happiest man on earth.
    Ellie's POV
    I was smiling on my way to our room. When I got there, I met mum sleeping already. I moved to her and sat beside her on the bed. "You're back"she said not turning to me. "Yes mum"I replied reaching my hand for my pajamas. "You have to go to bed early or you'll wake up late tomorrow"she said. "Ok mum"I changed into my pajamas and got in the bed. A message came into my phone and I quickly checked. "Are you sleeping?"noah texted.
    "No, I just got to bed"I texted back. "Ok. I think am missing you already"he said.
    I smiled and texted back"but we just left each other"
    I yawn feeling sleepy. Soon I fell asleep with my phone in my hand.
    In the morning, I had prepared for school and was leaving our room. When I got to the compound, noah also just got out heading to his car. He saw me and stopped. "Hy"I said waving my hand. He replied with a smile"how was your night?"he asked. "It was good"I replied. "Let's go"he said heading to his car. I followed him behind looking around the compound to see if anyone is watching. I got into the car and he drove out of the compound.
    "From now on, I'll be taking you to school. Don't go to school alone again"he said. "I think that'll look awkward. what if anyone sees that. I mean your sister or the maids or even my mum. They might start to suspect us"I said. He looked at me and smiled. "That's nothing. It's not like we are doing something bad. And my sister knows about this already so, she won't be surprised"he said. "Really? She knew?"I asked in surprise.
    When we got to school, we both got down from his car and was about heading to the school building. "Don't you think we should walk separately. People might start..." He took my hand before I could finish. "Let them think whatever they like. You're now my girl friend starting from today. No hidden relationship. Am ok to let everyone know about that."he said looking at me. "Yes that's good. but what of me? The girls won't let me rest especially the junior students. Let just act normal in school."I said. "I'll Sue anyone that lay their hands on you"he said and took my hand making me walk beside him. Am right students would start looking. The moment we were walking in the compound, they were already looking at us. I couldn't breath properly until we got to the entrance of our classes. "Bye see you later"he said before departing to our classes. I walked into my class and students were staring at me. All eyes on me. That made me want to throw up because I feel so uncomfortable. "Ellie! Ellie!!"I heard Anita's voice. She ran to my side sitting down beside me. "Have you seen this?"she asked showing me her phone. I read the news in surprise. "Is this true? are you guys dating? Wow ellie you're too much"she said looking at me. "That's not it. I...I"
    "Don't worry you don't have to reply me I know already. You guys came together this morning too"anita said smiling. "That was because we met at the gate"I replied. "Hmm. But what will you do with Christians? She'll be really mad right now. That dangerous girl might do something crazy to you. I'll advise you to be careful"she said looking at me.
    Christina's POV
    I saw them walking in together. Why are they coming to school together? Does noah pick her up from home? I thought to myself feeling jealous. "That annoying crazy girl. It's really true you guys are dating? I won't just let this slide. You've done more than I can handle then I'll rather destroy you for good"I said in anger. "Christiana I can't believe this is happening. Will you seat back like this and watch her take him? We have to do something. We must tear them apart at all cost"Nina said looking angry too. "Yes I support Nina. Let's do that. And that thing,(ellie) let's make her regret ever competing with you"joy added. I stood up from the bench folding my arms. "You guys should calm down. You think am also that stupid to sit back and watch? You know me well. Don't worry, you'll see something interesting soon. I just need you guys to do one small thing for me"I said looking at them with smile on my lips. "What is it? We're ready to help you with anything just to get back noah"Nina said. I smiled nodding my head.

    Noah's POV
    After closing hour, I waited in my car for ellie to arrive. Since I told her we'll be going home together from now on. After waiting for almost 15 minutes, she showed up walking to my car. She opened the door and got in. "Why did you came out late?"I asked as she was fastening the seat belt. "I had to do something. Let's go"she replied. As I was about starting the car, a call came into my phone. I took it and placed it to my ear. "What is it?"I asked Helen. "Noah. Dad is at the airport. He arrived with mum. Am on my way to airport to welcome them."she said. "What? But they never said they'll be arriving today."I said. "Maybe they wanna make it a surprise. Bye come home quickly"she said and hung up. "What's this? Why did dad come so early? I thought he'll be here next month."I thought to myself. I just don't like it when he's around. I and my dad are not that in good terms with each other. He's so strict and scary. I just hope he'll go back soon.
    "Who's that? Did something happen? Why is your expression like that?"ellie asked. "It's nothing. Mum and dad just arrived."I said looking at her. "That's a good news why are you so sad?"she asked again. "Yeah I think it's a good news."I said faking a smile. I started the car and drove down towards the street.
    Few minutes later, we arrived home. Maids were walking to and fro the building setting the tables and taking care of every angle properly. Ellie went to her room already. I walked slowly upstairs to change from my school uniform in my room. After changing, I called mum to confirm if they truly arrived. "Hello mum. Did..." "Hy son. We just arrived home. Sorry for letting it come late."mum said and I quickly walked to my window to check. They truly arrived. The car door was opened for both of them. Dad stepped out in black suit and black shoes. He adjusted his glasses looking around the compound before walking in through the main entrance. Mum also followed and three other men followed them with their hands at their back. I closed the curtain and went to sit down on the sofa. "That mean old man is really here"I said to myself. I stood up, adjusted my cloth well before heading down stairs to the living room.
    Ellie's POV
    When I got to our room, I didn't meet mum inside. She'll probably be in kitchen with other chefs. I dropped my bag and changed into my casual wear. I wonder what mr Williams will look like. Because the way everywhere was flooded with maids and body guards like a president just arrived.
    I laid on the sofa pressing my phone. I saw a new message and I decided to open it.
    Message from mr A. I know everything behind you father's death. I think it's time you guys know the truth too. The messages goes like that. I jumped up and got down from the bed after reading the text. I quickly dialed the number but was not available. "Who is this?"I said panicking.
    The next morning..
    Noah's POV
    I woke up late because it's Sunday. I didn't bother going for morning exercise because it's late already. I got down from my bed and went to drink some water. After that, I decided to go downstairs. On my way, I could hear some noises. A familiar voice laughing and talking with mum. When I got there, I met Christians sitting opposite to mum. What's she doing here? Only God knows what they were discussing. They saw me coming and stopped talking. "Mum good morning"I greeted mum. "Good morning dear. How was your night"she asked. "Good"I replied and was heading out. "Noah can't you see Christians is here?"mum said. I turned back to them and was staring at Christiana badly. "I saw her mum"I replied. "She came here because of you. I think you guys should talk"mum said smiling. "Mum. I don't feel like talking right now. When she's done, let her leave."I said and walked away in anger.
    Christina's POV
    He left refusing to talk to me even though his mum asked. He's surely a stubborn guy but he can't escape me anyway. I thought to myself smiling. "Mummy. Don't worry about him. I think he was acting like that because he just woke up"I said. "Yeah that's true my dear"she said smiling. We talked about lot of this things. She asked about school and my mum. I wanted to tell her noah is dating a girl in school, but I don't want to be too forward since we'll get rid of the girl anyway. No need to bring it up. After some minutes, I decided to leave. She was escorting me out. "Greet your mum for me ok"she said. "Ok ma'am"I replied. Just then, I saw a familiar face moving a trash bag to dispose it. After she did, she was coming back. It was then I saw her face clearly. I was surprised to see her. My eyes almost fell out of it's socket. "M...mummy why is she here?"I asked in surprise. "Who? Oh you mean ellie?"she asked. "Yes ellie"I replied feeling impatient. She saw us and greeted Noah's mum. I think she was also surprised to see me. She quickly moved her gaze away heading back inside. "What's she doing here? Does she lives here In your house?"I asked getting more confused. "Yes. She's..."
    "Mummy I got something for you"noah interrupted walking up to us. I was staring at him confusingly while he was also staring at me.
    What is this? So they lives together? Was that why they come to school together? Oh my God! This can't be. This can't be happening. I thought to myself looking confused.

    Episode 23

    I can't believe what am seeing. But it's true she's living with them. I have to find out why she's living here with noah. "Ok. I'll take my leave ma."I said. "Ok. My regards to your mum"she said. I looked at noah one more time before walking towards my car.
    Ellie's POV
    I left them walking back to our room. I got to our room and stood by the door feeling nervous. "Why's she here? I think my heart was about to fall out back there."I said. I peeped through the window and found out she left already. I took a deep breath and fell on the bed. Mum walks in holding a basket. She drops it on the table and came sitting beside me. I wanted to tell her about the message I received yesterday, but I think it's not necessary since the person's line didn't go through when I called. I don't want anything to bother her on that again.
    "You said you want to tell me something"mum said looking at me. "Oh yes"I replied not knowing what to say. So I quickly changed it to another thing. "I want to talk about us still staying here. Mum don't you think we should leave already. You saved enough for us to leave. Let's get another apartment somewhere so we can live alone"I said hoping she'll welcome the idea. "Uhm. You're right but did anything happen? Is young master still bothering you?"she asked. "No mum. I just think we should go already. It's not like we are gonna live here forever. We'll eventually go one day"I said looking at her. "I'll find a solution to that soon. Just give me little time to settle our debts. After that, we'll be able to move out"she said. I nodded my head in agreement to that.
    During the evening, noah texted me to meet him outside. He told me to wear warm dress. I went out in comfortable cloth and told mum I'll be back. When I got to the compound, I found him waiting by his car. I smiled and walked up to him. "Here I am"I said looking at him. "Ok welcome ma'am"he said with a smile and lead me into the car. He also got in and closed the door.
    "Where are you taking me to?"I asked looking at him. "A drive"he said with a smile. "Wow! That's so cool but don't you think it's cold?"I asked. "That was why I asked you wear something warm. Do you call this warm?"he said looking at me. I was putting on a blue T-shirt and black flayed skirt which was only a little above my kneel. I sighed looking at him. "I didn't know you would be taking me on a drive. I thought it would just be a quick meeting and I'll go back inside"I said. "Ok. Will you go and change? I can't let you freeze to death you know"he said looking at me. I pulled the seat belt and fasten it. "Let's go. I can't go back in or I won't come outside again"I said not looking at him. "You're so stubborn don't you"he said looking at me but I said nothing folding my arms together. He started the car and drove towards the gate.
    Soon we got to the high way and he opened the roof of his car. As the breeze was blowing in, I feel so refreshed. I stretched out my hand through the window catching the running wind. Noah looked at me and smiled. I smiled too looking out through the window. "The weather's so cool"I said looking at him. "What do you say?"he asked. "I said the weather is cool"I shouted. "Yeah it is"he said smiling.
    He stopped at a beach and we both got down. The breeze there was so freezing cold. I now see why he asked to wear something warm. We both stood beside his car looking at the ocean which was a bit far from where we are. I folded my arms rubbing them on my shoulder to feel warm.
    "Wow I love the view of the ocean"I said. "Really?"he asked. "Yes. But am always scared of getting in there."i replied. "Why? Is that an allergy?"he asked grinning. "No. Anytime I tried to get in, It made me remembered the scary memory of when I was a kid. We were at the beach that faithful day. I remembered I was playing in the water with other kids who came to the beach too. I heard mum calling me to come out already but i was being stubborn and went deep in the water while others were playing at the shore. I was not scared of the water then because I can swim a little. As I was swimming, I suddenly had leg cramps and was drowning. I tried shouting for help, but the water kept running into my mouth. I was thinking I would die in the water. My ears were blocked and my nose too. I couldn't breath. I started throwing my hand up in the water struggling to get up but I couldn't."as I was talking, noah looks so much interested in it as he was staring at me paying his full attention on it. "Why did you stop? What happened later? Were you saved? By who?"he asked impatiently. "Calm down. If I was not rescued, you won't be seeing me today."I said laughing. "Oh that's true. Am just curious to know"he said.
    "Ok. As I was struggling in the water, I suddenly saw an angel with wings and a crown on his head. swimming towards me. He got to me and helped me by taking my arm and swum out of the water with me. What I remembered last was when I opened my eyes by the noises of people calling my name. I saw the boy walking away. "Thank you"I said watching him leave. He looked back at me smiling. He waved his hand and I smiled too. Just then the ambulance arrived. I was taken to the hospital for treatment because my dad was so worried about me getting hurt."I said smiling. "Wow. What a touching story."he said not looking at me. "That means the boy saved your life"he said smiling. "Yes. He did. Everyday, I wish I would meet the boy again but I never did. Even if I do, I don't think I can remember him again. That was 10years ago. He would have grown up handsomely."I said smiling.
    "You look like you're gonna leave me for him if you guys have the chance to meet again"he said. "What? That's not it. He actually saved my life so I still owe him a thank you at least. Should I say he was my first love?"
    "Your first love? How could you say that so carelessly?"noah said getting jealous. "Why? Are you jealous? You also have your first love. Am not your first love am I?"I asked looking at him. "But you shouldn't say that smiling so brightly"he said. I laughed looking at him. "You're so funny. Should I talk about him crying instead?"I asked. "I didn't say you should cry also. Let's just forget about it"he said. I smiled nodding my head. "Ok sir"I said with a smile. I didn't know he could get jealous too. How cute.
    Noah's POV
    I remembered that day clearly. She was putting on a green swimming pant. We went for picnic that day. we already left the beach setting to leave but I remembered I left one of my favourite toys at the beach so I quickly went back for it. Then, I was still 10 years old. That was also 10 years ago. Just as I picked it at where I left it and was about leaving, I saw a girl throwing her hand up at me in the water. "Wow she's so pretty"I said thinking she was waving at me. I tried to leave but looked back again. It was then I saw she was drowning and need help. I looked around and saw people didn't notice it. I dropped the toy I was holding and jumped into the water. I swum fast towards her and I took her arm. I was able to take her out to the shore. I tried waking her but she was unconscious. "Hey. Can you hear me? Wake up"I said shaking her body roughly. I knew about the mouth to mouth breath. So I wanted to do it but I hesitated because am afraid to do it. But I did it at last. I covered her nose and placed my lips on hers breathing into her mouth. I tried waking her but she still remain unconscious. It was then I shouted for help. "Help! Someone is hurt"I shouted. Soon, people came to us. A man quickly bent down beside her calling her name. Soon, she coughed out water and I feel relieved. I stood up and decided to leave after I saw her opened her eyes. When I got a bit far from her, I turned back smiling while waving my have at her. She smiled back.
    When i first saw ellie back in our compound the other day we met again, she looks so familiar to me but I was not sure then. now that she narrated the story to me, I remembered she was the girl from the beach. She was actually the first girl I kissed while trying to save her.
    I remembered all this smiling to myself. Fate really brought us back together. So funny she can't even remember me again.
    "Why are you smiling to yourself?"ellie asked looking at me. "Just feeling happy"I replied with a smile. "Are you not cold? The breeze is too much"I said trying to take off my jacket. She smiled looking at me. "What of you? Won't you be cold too?"she asked. "I am cold too. Ok Let's do it this way then"I said and hugged her from behind covering her with the jacket too. "It feels warmer like this"she said smiling. I nodded my head with a smile.
    "Ellie I want to ask you for something"I said. "Go on and ask"she replied. "Promise me this. No matter what happen between us in future, you'll never let go of my hand. You'll continue loving me this way."I said. "I promise I will. And I want you to promise the same too"
    "I promise I won't do anything to hurt you. I'll always be there by your side no matter what happen"I said. She turned around facing me with a smile. "It's stamped. A promise to be keep forever. She said and locked her fingers with mine smiling brightly. I tilted my head a little and was brushing it against hers smiling. The pretty little girl of then, has grown up so beautifully. I thought to myself smiling.

    Episode 24

    Ellie's POV
    We both went back into the car. I checked the time and it was already past 8pm. "The time runs so fast"I said. "Yes. It always do whenever we're together."noah said smiling. "I think it's time to go back home"he said looking at me. I nodded my head in agreement because I don't want mum to start getting worried about me been late. He started the car and drove towards the exit.
    Soon, we got home and he packed at the garage.
    Just as we both got down and was about going in, we saw mr Williams and two of his men walking towards us from the other side. Noah quickly pulled me back and we both hide bending down beside the car. The place was a bit dark so, he won't see us that easily. He walked towards his car which was the third car from Noah's own. The place we were hiding in was so tight. Noah had to move so close to me almost hugging me.
    I heard the shutting sound of the car door. And it drove out towards the gate. Noah took a deep breath feeling relieved. "He almost caught us"he said smiling. I feel so uncomfortable by the way I was squatting on my kneel. He faced me and we were staring at each other. The space between us was just like an inch closer. After a while, I blinked my eyes and stared off. "Can you move back please my kneels hurt"I said. "Oh sorry."he said and stood up. I also stood up staring at him. It's like he doesn't have anything to say to me again. "I'll be leaving. See you tomorrow"I said and wanted to leave. He pulled my hand back and I was facing him. We started staring at each other again. I feel so hot all of a sudden. His bright charming eyes were boring into mine. Is this a staring match? Why is he not saying anything to me?
    I could feel my cheek burning seriously. He moved his hand to my head and stroked my hair back softly. The way he was staring at me was so romantic. He moved his head closer to me and I quickly closed my eyes expecting him to do it. But I felt his hand on my head Instead of him kissing me. I opened my eyes and was staring at him. "Oh my God. Why is your hair so messed up."he said stroking my hair. I was staring at him feeling embarrassed. "Why did you close your eyes? Were you expecting something else?"he asked laughing. I jacked off his hand in annoyance. "W...who's expecting anything? I closed it because am feeling sleepy. Goodnight. See you tomorrow"I said and quickly walk off feeling more embarrassed. "Ellie! Wait I still have something to tell you"he said calling out on me But I didn't look back. my cheeks would be bright red by now because am so fair. I left him and went off to our room. I got in and met mum ironing my school uniform. "Am back"I said and dropped my bag. "Oh why's your face like that? Are you sick?"mum asked looking at me. "Am not. I think it's because of the cold"I said. I went into the bathroom to wash my face. My phone was ringing but I refused to pick it when I saw it was noah. I washed my face and looked at myself in the mirror. "How could you tease me like that? He's such a sexy jerk"I said. "Wait did I just say a sexy jerk? Oh my God! What's wrong with ellie?"I said covering my face. My phone started ringing again and I picked it. "Hello"I said. "Are you mad at me?"he asked. Yes am really mad at him but hate the fact that I was mad at him because he didn't kiss me. How funny of me. "No am not. Why should I be mad?"I asked. "Really? But you left even when I said you should wait"he said. Of course I had to leave. If I had turned back to him then, he would have end up laughing because of my face. "I just left because I feel so sleepy."I said yawning loud.
    "Ok. Go to bed. See you tomorrow.". "Ok. Bye"I said and hung up.
    At school...
    During break, noah and I were sitting beside each other on a bench in the compound holding cup of iced coffee. "Do you remember the day we first met?"he asked. "Of course I do remember so clearly."I replied with a smile. "You were looking so scary then. You were staring at me so strangely that I think I might pee in my pant."i said laughing. He smiled too looking at me. "Really? Was I that scary?"he asked. "But now, anytime I remember those time, I always think am with another person right now. You really changed a lot. I can't believe we could be this close not to talk of dating."i said laughing. "That's fate. We were meant to be right from the start"he said smiling. What does he mean by from the start? "But for me, when we first met, you look so much like someone."
    "Who's it? Your friend?"i asked looking curious. "No. Someone I met only once but couldn't get her image away from my head. The girl I had my first kiss with unplanned by me. Someone like that"he said smiling. I sighed feeling jealous. "Really? Do you like her?"i asked. "Yes I do. I really love her a lot"he replied smiling. "Is that why you're smiling so brightly? boasting about how much you love her in my present?. Go to her then"i said feeling jealous. He laughed looking at me. "Really? Should I cry talking about her then?"he said making me remember when I was also talking about the boy that saved me. I also said the same to him. "Are you jealous?"he asked. "Am not. I can't get jealous of her since you guys are not meeting again"i replied. "Am I really not seeing her again? I think am still seeing her everyday. And I'll continue seeing her all I want"he said smiling. He must think this is funny right, but it's not. "How can you tell me you guys are still seeing each other? Who's the girl? Should I teach her a lesson instead, so she can learn to stay away from someone else boyfriend." I said looking at noah who was laughing hard by now. "Is this funny? How could you laugh in this kind of situation? Am not joking you know"i said staring at him. "You're so funny right now ellie. So sorry I couldn't hold it in but laugh"he said laughing again. "Will you stop laughing or I hit you?"i said raising my hand at him but he Dodged it holding my hand. "Ellie can get jealous too? how cute. The more I look at it, I think you're more pretty than her only when you're jealous like this"he said and winked his eye. I removed my hand and hit him by his shoulder before he could Dodge it."who said am jealous? Am not. I don't want you guys to see each other again that's all."I said folding my arms. "Hey guys"a voice said from behind and we both looked back to see David coming towards us. "Hy David"i said smiling. "Hy how are you ellie"he replied. "Looks like you guys are having fun"he said smiling. "I'll take my leave. I need to get something from class"i said excusing myself. "Ok. See you later"noah said and I left. I was heading to class thinking about the girl noah was talking about earlier. "Who's the girl? She must be his first love if am right. Did he really had his first kiss with her? Is she really more prettier than i? But he doesn't have to talk about her to me smiling that way. So annoying"I said heading to class.
    As I almost got there, I met those annoying girls standing in my way.
    I wonder what they want this time around. I folded my arms expecting whatever they have to say.

    Episode 25 & 26

    Christina's POV
    I saw the girl and Noah in the compound. The way they were chatting and laughing irritates me.
    I called mum later the day I left their house and asked her about ellie. She told me ellie is one their cook's daughter. What in the world did noah see in her? She far out of his league. Her class is so low from his. Does the girl seduced him? This is so crazy. She's so much annoying I wish I could kill her for good to stop seeing that irritating ugly face. I was watching them from where I stood with my friends. "Look at the way Noah is laughing. What could they be talking about? That girl is so strong. She looks like she won't back off easily"Mina said. "And you think that'll be possible? She's dealing with me. She's dealing with Christiana. You think she'll survive it with me. Noah will have to come back to me no matter what. I'll make sure of that."I said looking at them. "Let the game begin now!"I said looking at the girls. "Ok"they said. "You guys know what to do right?"I asked. "Of course we do"Mina said and they left. I watched ellie leave noah and David heading towards class. I smiled to myself nodding my head. "You'll regret ever been in competition with me"I said laughing erratically.
    Ellie's POV
    I stood their staring at them. Some of my note books were missing and I know they're the one that took it. "You guys are really crossing the line. I know you took my note books. I don't know whatever you guys want to do with it but it's so important to me It'll be better if you return it"I said looking at them one after the other. "Oh she said she's looking for her notebooks. Has anyone found it among you?"Mina asked looking at the other two other girls. "I don't think I found it"Lizzy said. "What of you, did you found it?"she asked turning to Lydia. "Notebooks? I think I found it"she said smiling at me. I sighed and moved closer to her. "Look here Lydia. Those notebooks means a lot to me. It'll be good if you just hand them over."I said to her in a calm voice. "I said I think I found it does that means they are with me? No. I just think i saw it in the old storage room down there"she said pointing at the direction. This girls are so evil. How could they keep my note books there? I thought to myself feeling angry. I looked at them badly before walking down towards the storage room.
    Christina's POV
    I adjusted my uniform well and walked up to where noah and David were sitting. I got to them and they both looked up at me. "Christiana"David called my name smiling. But noah starred off not saying anything. "Hy noah."I said waving my hand at him. He stood up not responding to my greeting. "I'll see you later guy. I have to go"he said and wanted to leave. "Are you leaving because of me? Why? You hate me that much?"I asked. He turned back facing me. "Not that. I have something important I must attend to. Mind you, I was planning to leave before you got here so, don't get this wrong"he said looking at me. "Was it because of that you didn't respond to my greeting too?"I asked. "Well that's a different case. I only responds to greetings of those who it's due to. Not senseless people"he said looking straight in my eyes. "Senseless people like me?"I asked staring at him. "I didn't mention anyone's name did I? So don't misinterpret me"he said. He walked off leaving David and I. That got me more angrier. "Christiana don't mind what he said ok. I think he's still upset over what I told him before you came"David said apologizing on his behalf. "I understand. You don't have to worry"I said and also left.
    "By doing all this you think it would help the situation? You have no choice but to choose me last. Just wait for it"I thought to myself.
    "By now, you beloved one and only ellie would be in a big trouble"I said laughing out loud as I headed to class.
    Ellie's POV
    When I got to the storage room, I started looking for my notes. After searching for a while, I found them on a desk been soaked wet. I picked them up looking angry. "How dare you guys do this to my notes?"I said angrily looking at it. I tried going out of the storage room and the door was shut by someone I didn't see. I rushed there hitting my hands on the door. "Open the door. Someone is here. Open the door"I screamed hitting the door hard. No one answered or open it. I wonder who closed it. "Please open the door someone is here"I said panting heavily but still no response. I brought out my phone to call noah but my battery was dead. "Oh my God. Why now? What's happening?"I asked feeling bad. I knocked on the door again but no one answer. The storage room is so stuffy and there were lot of dusts. The windows were shut too nowhere to peep through. Students don't usually come to the storage room because it was abandoned long time ago. And I heard it was abandoned because a student was killed here while her friends were bullying her. She was locked here till the following morning. Because she was an asthmatic patient, she died of suffocation. And her corpse was discovered the following morning by one of the teachers who came there for something. The story was so scary when Anita was telling me about it. I didn't know I'll also end up here. I turned back and was looking around the dark storage room. "Am I gonna end up like her?"I asked myself almost crying. I knock on the door and hit it multiple time but no one heard me or open it. I started crying calling for help. "Please open the door. Please!"I said crying. I tried switching on my phone but it was switched off again due to empty battery. I cried more now getting scared of the place. I stood close to the door looking around. "What will happen to me? I can't die here will I?"I said crying out. "Somebody please help me out of here. Please help me. Someone is locked her"I said crying. I bent down on my kneels crying burying my face down in my arms. I heard some rustling sound among the stuffs packed together and I quickly raised up my head moving back to the wall. If it's possible to enter the wall, I will. I started looking around in fear as tears rolled down my cheek. I think the girl's ghost might pop out to me anytime. The worst part of it was I couldn't see anything clearly in the dark. The rustling became more closer and louder. I then saw a figure before me. I closed my eyes and screamed out on top of my voice.
    Noah's POV
    it's closing hour, I was waiting in my car for Ellie's arrival. I waited and waited but there were not sign of her. "What's keeping her so long? Is she busy again?"I asked myself. I waited another 20 minutes and I still didn't see her. "What could be keeping her this long?"I said reaching for my phone. I called her number but it was switched off. "What's happening? Why's her phone switched off?"I said and decided to go and search for her in the class. Only few students were left in the compound. Most of them has left for home.
    "She's too late today. What could be keeping her?"I said heading towards the school building. I met Christiana and her friends as I was about to walk into their class. I walked pass her heading in. "Noah!"she called my name. I stopped and faced her. "Any problem?"I asked looking at them. "Not at all. I just wonder why you're going inside"she said. "And is that any of your business?"I asked staring at her. "Oh. Are you looking for ellie? I saw her went out a while ago probably going home. I think she left already. No one is in the class as you can see"she said pointing in. What's she talking about? How can ellie leave without telling me? "I'll take my leave then. Bye"she said and left with her friends.
    "How can she leave the school without me? And her phone is switched off too. Is she still mad at me because of the girl I told her about? She can't possibly be mad because of that"I said looking around the classroom.

    As I was looking around the classroom, something caught my eyes. "That looks like Ellie's school bag"I said moving closer to the desk. I picked up the bag wondering why it's still in school. "If she really left the school, she can't possibly go without her bag. Something is missing"I said. I opened the bag to check if it's truly hers. This is her bag. Where could she be? And her phone is switched off. how do I know where she is? I left the classroom heading out to the compound.
    Ellie's POV
    The figure I saw was a cat. It stood before me then ran through the stuffs and went up in the broken ceiling. I got more scared looking around the creepy place. I just pray someone will notice am here and come to my rescue. I can't die here like this. "Why are you doing this to me at this time? Why?"I said crying while looking at my phone. I checked my wristwatch and found out it's 5:10 already. Students would have all gone home. No one would be in school by now. "Help me. Someone is locked here. Anyone out there? please help!"i said crying while hitting the door. I went to the window to see if I can open it. I jacked it hard but it was too strong to break or open. I remembered I have a pin in my hair. I removed it and quickly straightened it. I went to the door and inserted it in the key hole. I twisted the pin in the key hole but it refused to open. "Why is this not working? Why? It works in TVs. Why is it not working for me"I said and violently threw the pin away hitting the door hard. "Please save me! Please someone is stucked here"I said crying out loud. I heard some footsteps coming towards the door and I hit it again to get the person's attention. "Who's that? Someone is here. Please open this door"I said hitting the door. The footsteps stopped when the person got to the door. I could see the snicker he/she was putting on, because the door has a space below. "Someone is here. Can you open the door please? I know someone is out there can you please open this door?"I said shouting. The person bent down and threw something under the door. It rolled in and stopped beside me. It looks like some gas can. The content inside it started fliting in the whole storage room. "What's is this? Please open the door"I said hitting it. The person turned and left the doorstep heading back to whereever they come from. I was inhaling the gas as it flit around the room. I started coughing still hitting the door. "!"my voice became weaker. I looked back at the can still coughing. Everywhere became blur and the gas was burning my throat. It was suffocating me and I found it hard to breath properly. I fell to the ground and stretched my hand out in the tiny space under the door crawling on the floor. "Help!"I said but my voice was too weak. I started crying and coughing holding my neck. Am I gonna die here? I can't leave mum in that state. I can't die just now. I thought to myself crying.
    I remembered how mum was very happy the first day I was coming to school and how she told me to watch out for bad kids. I remembered the story Anita told me about the girl that died here due to suffocation. Am I gonna end up like her? What of mum, will I leave her just like this? And noah, is this the end of us? I thought to myself crying. My body became weaker and I couldn't breath again. I heard someone calling my name and hitting the door with something. The voice sounds like it was some distance far away from me. I suddenly noticed some reflection of lights shining into my eyes which was shutting gradually. Someone took me in their arms calling my name. My views were too blur, I couldn't see the face clearly but I know who it is. My eyes shut and that was all I could remember.
    Before the door was opened..
    Noah's POV
    I was heading back to the compound to search for her. But heard some footsteps behind me. I looked back and saw someone go through a corner. He was not putting on a school uniform so he's probably not a student or might be a student. The school is empty what could he still be looking for. I followed him but when I got to the corner, I couldn't find him again. I looked around but he was no where to be found. "Why am I even after him?"I said and was heading back to the compound. I tripped and wanted to fall but got hold of myself again. Something is strange. What could be happening? I have a strange feeling about that guy. I turned back and traced him. I check each classroom but couldn't find him. "Did he disappeared?"I said looking around. Shortly, I heard some noise from the old storage room. "What's happening? Is someone there?"i asked myself looking at the door which was the fourth door from where I was standing. The noise became louder as someone was hitting the door from inside. I think someone is inside. I looked around and everywhere was quiet. No single student in the building everybody went home. I was afraid move closer to the door due to the story I heard about it. But I couldn't help as the noise was becoming louder and unbearable. I quickly walked towards the door still feeling nervous. As I got closer, I couldn't hear anything again. Whatever it's there, I have to find out. I stopped by the door and knocked on it placing my ear closer. "Is anyone there? Is someone inside?"I asked knocking. But I suddenly saw someone's hand beside my Snickers. I moved back in fear thinking Its trying to pull my leg. But the wristwatch looks familiar. "Ellie?"I said and quickly bend down holding her hand. "Ellie! Are you in there? Can you hear me?"I asked holding her hand. I stood up and tried opening the door but it was locked. I tried opening it with force but it was too strong to break. I started looking for object to break padlock used to lock it. I searched in the waste and found some keys there. I picked it up and rushed back to the door. "Ellie hang on please. I'll open the door now"i said with my body trembling in fear. I inserted one of the key in the padlock to open it but it isn't working. I then tried another key and still the same. I threw the keys away looking for object to break it. I finally saw a metal after a long search. I hit it on the padlock multiple times until it broke and the padlock fell down. I opened the door in a rush and went taking her in my arms looking so sick worried and scared of the situation."Elli
    e! Ellie why are you like this? Get up please"I asked taking her up. Her uniform was messed up with dust and her hair too. I started coughing due to the harmful gas that was released in there. I carried her in my arms and took her out of the storage room. "Ellie please open your eyes. Ellie!"I called her name. "Who in the world did this to you? Why are you lying here like this? Please get up"I said almost crying. I carried her up in my arms and headed out to my car in a rush. The remaining few students in the compound were all looking at me as I took her in wondering what happened to her. I ignored them all and drove out in speed.
    Ellie's POV
    I opened my eyes and the first person I first saw was noah. He was sitting on a stood beside me. I looked around and found out I was in the hospital. "Ellie are you awake? It's me your mum"mummy said moving closer to my bed. "Are you ok? Can you see me?"noah asked looking worried. "I nodded my head at both of them smiling. The doctor got in and checked me up. "How's she? Is she perfectly ok?"noah asked the doctor. "Yes sir. Good thing you brought her in time. She inhaled a very harmful gas chemical. If you didn't arrive on time she won't have survived it cause it would damage her lungs and she would have suffocated to d..."
    "It's ok doctor. Thank God she's ok and nothing like that happen."noah said cutting the doctor short. "I'll still give her some medications tonight so, She won't be able to go home today. Tomorrow would be better"the doctor said. "Ok doctor. Thank you so much"mum said. The doctor left and noah came back to me. "Thank you so much young master. If it's not for you, I don't know what would have happen to my poor Ellie. Thank you so much"mum said crying.
    "It's ok ma. She'll be fine"noah said holding her hands. Mum looked at me and I nodded my head smiling.
    Soon mum left leaving noah and I behind.
    I wonder how he found me there. And I wonder who shut the door and the person that threw in the gas. What could I have done to deserve such. What if noah didn't arrive, will I end up dead?
    "How in the world did you end up been in that room? What took you there in the first place?"noah asked me. "I went there for my note books. But as I wanted to leave, the door was shut on me by someone I dont know"I replied.
    "Your notebooks? How does it got there?"he asked. I narrated everything to him on how my books were stolen. And how the girls told me it'll be in the storage room. I told him about the person that threw the gas in too.
    "Who do you think could be behind all this?"I asked. "Don't worry, I know the person behind it and I promise not to let it go this time. I'll make sure she experience the same thing you passed through"noah said in anger. He stood up and took his car key heading out. "Noah!"I called his name and he stopped but not looking back at me. "Please am begging you. Don't do anything you'll regret later. Just let anyone who did this to me face their own karma. If you do anything to them, it could get you also in trouble."I said looking at him. "Trouble?What does that mean? Look at where the evil act end up putting you? What if I didn't arrive on time? What would have happen to you? They are so heartless and deserve to be punished for this"he said raising his voice in anger. "I won't just let this go. If you forgive them, I won't ever do the same. I'll make them pay the price to this"he said and opened the door. "Noah please. Do this for my sake at least. We have no evidence they do this to me yet. Please calm down and listen to me for once"I said almost crying. He turned back looking at me. Just then, someone opened the door and walks in, in a rush. "Noah are you ok? Nothing is wrong with you right? You're not hurt anywhere."Christiana asked looking worried. Noah was staring at her with a strange expression written on his face. I was also staring at her wondering why she came to the hospital. "I heard there was an accident and you came to the hospital. I came to check if you're ok. Thank God you're perfectly fine"she said smiling. Noah looked at me then looked back at her with an unknown expression.

    Episode 27

    Christina's POV
    I heard from Caleb that ellie was taken out of the storage room by noah. Why does noah have to find her like that? I wish she suffocated to death but the plan was ruin. I called the girls and inform them too. I know he have no where to take her than their family hospital. He can't suspect I did that to her. I have to do something quick. I took my car keys and headed out of my room.
    Soon I arrived at the hospital. I asked doctor martins about noah. And he directed me to the Ward he is. When I got to the door, I changed my facial expression to a very sad one before going in. I met noah at the doorway and quickly approach him acting worried"Noah are you ok? Nothing is wrong with you right? You're not hurt anywhere"I said checking out his body. He was staring at me with a bad expression.
    Noah's POV
    How can she still come here despite all what she had done? She's putting on a show right?
    "Why are you here? What do you want?"I asked staring at her. "Noah. I was worried about you. I thought something bad happened to you"she said holding my hand. "Liar!"I said and jacked off her hand. "You're such a good liar aren't you? If not, How do you know am hurt? And how do you know I came to the hospital?"I asked moving closer to her. She was quiet for a while staring at me. "I know because I went back to school for something I forgot in class. I heard from the students in school"she said looking at me. "Really?"I said. She looked at Ellie on bed and looked back at me. "You're surprised she's perfectly ok? The evil plan you guys did has failed."I said looking at her. "And why do you suspect I did that noah? Do you think I could do such a thing? You know me well more than anybody, how could you say that?"she asked. "That's true. But the Christiana I once known is gone. You're a changed person. I can't believe you can go this far to the extent of hurting her. You're so evil Christiana"I said. "How can you accuse me of hurting her? Do you see me do it? Did you guys have any evidence I did that? Why am I the suspect?"she asked looking straight in my eyes. "I know you did it. Wait till I catch you red handed. I wouldn't mind what will happen then. I'll make sure you didn't get away with it."
    "You'll hit me? Sue me?. Or probably kill me? Noah you've also changed a lot. I can't believe you're saying all this to me. Remember we were once together before. Why can't you trust me again like before? Was it because of that common chef's daughter?"she said raising her voice. "How dare you say that?"I said and raised my hand to hit her but ellie called my name and that made me stop. I don't hit woman but this annoying thing would force me to do that. My hand hang up in the hair as I starred at her in anger. I felt Ellie's hand holding my arm behind. "Please don't do it"she said and I dropped my hand still staring at Christiana. "Christiana please leave"ellie said looking at her. She looked at me then looked back ellie. She smiled nodding her head at us before walking out. I moved back and sat on the bed burying my face in my palm. Ellie sat beside me and placed her hand at my back. "Just let it go."she said. I raised my head up staring at her. I could see the worried look on her face. "Am so sorry to cause all this to you."i said looking at her. "You didn't do anything wrong noah. I should be the one to thank you for saving me."she said smiling. She drew my cheek playfully while smiling. "Your face looks more scarer when you're angry."she said and that forced a smile on my lips. "Yeah! You now look sexy and handsome as usual. My cute noah"she said smiling. "How can you call me cute? Am I a kid or what?"I asked smiling. "Uh uhn. You look more cuter smiling like that"she said and drew both cheek playfully. "Aah it hurts"I said said holding her hands. "Really?"she said and we both laughed. "You need to rest to feel better. Go back to bed now"I said. "No. am all better seeing your face like this. Let's just stay this way"she said hugging me. "Ok as you wish"I said patting her back softly.
    Ellie's POV
    I hugged him wrapping my hands around his neck."Thank you so much for saving my life."I said smiling. "It's nothing. I think you should be more careful. This is the second time. Know you own me a lot for saving you twice"he said. What does he mean by twice? "What are you talking about? When did you saved me again? You just said twice?"
    "Never mind. I just hope you won't get in danger the third time, cause I might not be there then"he said. I released him from the hug and was staring at him with my hands still on his shoulder. "What do you mean? When was that you saved me again?"I asked looking curious. Could it be what am thinking? "Am just saying just in case. Don't you think we've met before?"he asked looking at me. I shook my head negatively. "I don't think so"I said looking at him. "Really?"he asked smiling. I nodded my head at him. "Your memories are bad"he said. I was staring at him with no idea of what he's talking about. He looked down at my lips then looked back at my face. "You need to work on that. I mean your memory"he said. He lean closer and gave me a quick kiss then looked back at my face again. "Don't get hurt again that always make me so sick worried about you. Promise me you won't"he said. "I will try not to"I replied smiling. He kissed me again this time longer. I opened my mouth to give him entrance in. He pushed his tongue in kissing me. I closed my eyes kissing him back. He pulled me closer by the waist and I tightening my arms around his neck. I found my tongue playing with his as we were kissing so deep and passionately. We don't think anyone could come in and see us at that moment.
    Few minutes later, he left the hospital promising to come back later at night. I was laying on the bed smiling to myself happily.
    When we first met, I always think he's a wicked and cold hearted person but as we got closer, I found out he's such a nice and soft hearted guy. He cares a lot about those he loves. And always do everything he could to keep them by his side. He's just the perfect guy I've been dreaming to have and I wish we can be like this forever.
    Noah's POV
    I got home and changed from my school uniform. I was smiling since I left the hospital until now. My phone was ringing and I took it.
    Why is dad calling me? He doesn't call me on phone on less it's important. I wonder why he called this time. I picked the call and placed the phone to my ear. "Hello"I said waiting for what he have to say. "Hello noah meet me in my room now"he said and hung up.
    "What's wrong? Why should I meet him there? Is anything wrong?"I asked and stood up from my bed.
    I got to his room few minutes later. He was standing looking out the window with his back turned on me. "Dad you called me"I said looking at him. He turned back gently with his hand behind his back. "Yeah I called you because I have something to say"he said. I wonder what he have to say so urgently to call me this late. "Johnson's daughter, I want you guys to get engage soon."he said staring at me. What? Get engaged with who? Christiana? What the heck is this man talking about?. I thought to myself looking confused. "There a business contract I have to sign with him. If you guys get engaged, he'll have no choice than to sign it for his daughter in-law. This contract is so important and I have no other way than you guys to get engaged as soon as possible. Since she likes you and I heard you guys dated before, it would be good to do it that way"he said smiling.
    What in the world is this man talking about? How can he decide on engagement that easily? "Are you saying I'll have to get married to Christiana later?"I asked in disbelief. "Yes you guys would get married as soon as you graduate from college"he replied.
    I was staring at him not knowing what to say.
    That's impossible. Over my dead body will I get married to Christiana. That can never happen between us. I can never leave ellie and will never marry Christiana. I can never marry her even if that's the only option for me to live.
    I thought to myself staring at dad who was waiting for a response from me.

    Episode 28

    Ellie's POV
    After the doctor gave me my medications, I waited for Noah's arrival but he didn't show up. "What is this? He told me he would come back"I said checking my wristwatch. It's past 8pm and he hasn't showed up. I waited and waited but no sign of him. Soon, I became worried and called his line. It rings but he didn't pick up. "What could be happening?"I asked myself feeling so worried.
    Noah's POV
    After he said all this, I kept mute not saying a word. "What are you quiet? It's not like you didn't hear me well. Do you agree with me?"he asked. I nodded my head negatively staring at him. "I can't get engaged to Christiana. Dad that's not possible"I said. "What"He moved closer to me with a bad expression. "Are telling me you'll not do it? I decide on that but you dare to say no to me? Am your father and that's what I want"he said raising his voice. "Dad you're so much after yourself. What of me? Do you even care about me? You do everything for business and I can't believe you want me to do this because of your business too. My answer is no daddy. I'll chose who to marry myself and can never get married to Christiana even if am in my grave"I said looking at him. He slapped my face hard in anger. "How dare you raise your voice at me you this brat. Are you with your brain at all? You'll do it and that's my final say. Be prepared, you guys will get engaged soon and there's nothing you can do to it."he said raising his voice again. Mum walks in and rushed to me looking at both of us. "What's the matter? I can hear you guy's voice downstairs."she said looking at dad. "I'll take my leave"I said bowing a little to dad before walking out of his room.
    I got to my room thinking over what he said. "How could he say that? How could he decide on that so easily? I hate this man so much. I'll never get engaged to Christiana. It's impossible. He can't force me to marry who I don't like because some fucking business contracts"I said. Mum walks in because I didn't lock the door. She came to my side and placed her hand on my shoulder. "Noah, you have to take everything easy with your dad. You know how he is. Don't you like Christiana again?"she asked. "No. I don't and can never like her again. Mum I can't do what dad said. Why is he always after business? Does he ever for once care about us and our choices? He did the same to Helen. Now he wants me to get engaged with someone I don't love. He's now using his child as instrument of business right?. Mum why's dad always like that?"I said almost raising my voice.
    Mum sighed looking worried. "Don't you once told me you like her? What went wrong between you both?"she asked but I didn't give her reply. "Noah, do you have someone else you like? Who's daughter is she?"mum asked looking at me. "Yes I have someone I like. That's the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with because I love her so much. I can't go into force marriage with some I don't even like. Mum if I don't marry the person I like, I'll rather commit suicide than getting engaged to that girl called Christiana."I said looking at her. "How could you say such cruel word to yourself? You can't do that to yourself noah. Please for my sake. You mean a lot to me and this family especially. Remember you the one and only heir to your father's companies. You and your sister mean a lot to me. Please don't do anything that'll cause me pain in future. Ok fine, I'll find a way to that. I'll talk to your dad. Who's the person you really like?"mum asked looking at me.
    Ellie's POV
    When it's 9:21pm, I already laid in bed but found it hard to sleep. I kept checking my phone for message or calls from noah. "Why is he not coming? Did anything happen?"I said looking worried. I closed my eyes trying to get some sleep.
    Few minutes later after I had slept, I could feel someone's breath on my face. The lovely scent am perceiving, smells so familiar. Noah? I opened my eyes and saw him staring at me. He was sitting on the stood and resting his head on my bed looking at my face. I smiled on seeing him. "You're here. I know you can't break your promise. But you made me waited for long. What happened?"I asked looking at him. "Am sorry for being late"he said with a faint smile. The expression on his face were not looking good. I sensed something is wrong. "Did anything happened at home? Why do you look so sad?"I asked in concern. He smiled and placed his hand on mine. "Nothing happened. You don't have to worry about anything just get well soon and come out of this place."he said. "Hmm ok. If you say so. I'll be discharged tomorrow anyway. You don't have to worry about me."I said squeezing his hand a little.
    "You need to rest now. It's late already"he said. "Ok. What of you? Aren't you leaving for home?"I asked. "I'll leave after I see you sleep."he said and stood up covering me properly with the bed cover. He planted a soft kiss on my forehead and went back on his seat. He sat there staring at me without even blinking an eye. I smiled then closed my eyes to sleep. Few seconds later, I was fast asleep.
    I was wearing a beautiful white wedding gown heading to the altar with flowers in my hand. No one is there except noah and I. Noah stood by the altar with a smile on his lips. I walked towards him also smiling happily. Everywhere suddenly became dark and I couldn't see anything again. I started looking around but couldn't find where noah is.
    Few seconds later, everywhere was bright again but my position has changed. I was standing in a different place and the white gown I was putting on has changed to normal wears. Another lady in a wedding gown was walking towards noah smiling. Noah looks so unhappy as he watch her moved closer. I stood there with tears rolling down my cheek. As noah was about putting the ring on for her, I opened my eyes to reality. It was all a dream but my face is so wet. I touched my cheek to feel the tears. "What's happening? How can this look so real even though it's a dream?"I said. I looked around but couldn't find noah beside me again. I checked the time I can see it's midnight. Maybe he left. I sat there pondering over the nightmare I had. What could this mean? Could this be a mare dream or something serious?
    Noah's POV
    Dad messaged me in the morning saying we'll have a meeting with Christina's parent that evening. He warned me to behave myself and arrive at the time he mentioned. I smirked nodding my head."Since that's what you want, I'll do it but in a surprised way. I hope you don't regret forcing me in this later. Just wait for it"I said looking at the message he sent.

    Episode 29 & 30

    Ellie's POV
    I was home after being discharged from hospital.
    Mum had prepared my favourite meal before I got home. I ate partly of it and left the remaining because I don't have that much appetite to finish it. "Are feeling better now?"she asked. "Yes mum. Am fine"I replied getting up from the stood. "Want to ask you something"mum said looking at me. "What is it?"i asked. "It's about young master. How he acted back in the hospital really surprised me. What's happening? When did you guys got so close like that? I can't believe that's him by the way he acted yesterday. I was totally confused"mum said staring at me. I smiled and moved to her side on the sofa. "He's not the person you think he is. Noah is a nice and soft hearted person unlike what we think of him. People will know that when they get closer to him"I said. "They way you're talking about him, I could sense something from it. Are you keeping anything from me?"mum asked smiling. "It's not what you're think. We attend the same school so I knew few things about him"I said. "Oh is that just it?"she asked again feeling suspicious. I nodded my head in response. I don't want to tell her that we are dating yet. I don't know how she's gonna react to it if she knows. She stood up and headed out telling me she'll be back.
    I took my phone and was staring at the screen.
    Noah would be in school by now. Am missing him already. I wish could go to school but it's too late. I'll have to resume school tomorrow. But why didn't he call since morning? I unlocked my phone to see if I have any missed call or message. I saw an unread message from an unknown number. "Who's this?"I said and opened the message.
    Noah's POV
    I have been missing ellie and longing for the school to be over. Just as the school closed, I quickly rushed of class heading out. As I was walking down the staircase, Christiana was coming up. She stopped when she almost got to me. "Noah, I head from dad we'll be having a meeting this evening. Your dad, my dad and both of us. I wonder what the meeting would be about but I hope it's a good one just as am thinking right now. Are you aware of it too?"she asked smiling. "Are you done talking let me leave please"I said and walk pass her brushing her to the side. "Fool!"I said under my breath going out.
    Christiana's POV
    He brushed me to the side like a bag of sand. I turned back slowly and watch him leave. How could he hate me so much? Is this not the same noah I once dated before? He's totally a changed from the old noah I knew right from childhood. I'll find a way to put things back in place. I must receive the love he once had for me back and am ready to do anything to make sure that happen.
    Noah's POV
    When I got home, I quickly changed from my uniform. I dressed in a fine beautiful suit and shinny shoes. I knot my tie and adjusted everything moderately.
    I took my car keys then headed out.
    When I got to the living room, I met Helen. She stood up on seeing me. "Wow you look so handsome little bro. but why not happy?. Is it still because of what dad said?"she asked staring at me. I didn't give response and she took that as a yes. "Noah, you're the one to fight for you right. Create your own space. Follow your heart to chose the right person for yourself. Think about this twice before going into it. I don't want you to end up regretting like I did. Tell him this is who you want. Are you afraid to do that?"she asked looking so serious. "Dad is just so stubborn. He won't back off on less his words lead. What do you want me to do?"I asked her. "There's a lot you can do noah. A lot. I love you brother, I don't want you to end up regretting like I said earlier. Act fast before everything would get complicated. You yourself know what to do don't you?"she asked staring at me.
    After I left the living room, I called ellie on phone to meet me outside.
    Christina's POV
    I dressed in a beautiful red gown and golden heels then put a light makeup on. I went in dad's car and he headed to where our meeting would be hold. I just wish it would be about noah and I.
    "Dad why is this meeting holding?"I asked. "Oh mr Williams just want us to meet and have a dinner. And how guys would be getting engaged. Don't you tell me you like him?"he replied smiling. Engagement? Oh my God this is perfect. I can't wait for that to happen. I thought to myself smiling. "Yes dad"i replied with a smile. Soon, we got to a big restaurant. Dad packed his car and we both got down. I followed dad with a smile on my lips. I can't wait to see noah. I can't wait to have dinner with him.
    We got in and saw where mr Williams was sitting. He waved at us with a smile. Dad and I walked there. I greeted him politely with a bow before sitting down. "How are you my dear? You're so beautiful as always"he said smiling. "She got that from her mother"my dad said and they both laughed. I was looking around but no sign of noah. Why is he not here? Will he be absent?
    "Dad why is noah not here. I thought it..."
    "Don't worry dear. He'll be here soon"he replied cutting in. I nodded my head smiling.
    Just then, noah walks in but not alone. He was holding a lady's hand. I couldn't recognize the person until they got closer. It's ellie. She was dressing so stunning that I think am seeing another girl right now. Is noah crazy? How could he bring her to this kind of meeting? What is he planning to do? And they both came in holding hands like that? What the fuck is wrong with both of them?. Are they out of their senses? I thought to myself staring at them in surprise. Noah was also staring at me and mr Williams too refusing to let go of Ellie's hand. "You this brat. What do you think you are doing? Are you out of you're sense?"mr Williams yelled on him.
    Noah's POV
    "Yes dad am out of my sense. I won't do this engagement because this is the person I like and she's the girl I'll marry dad."I said holding Ellie's hand tighter. "What? This boy is crazy. How dare you!"he yelled again. "Am sorry dad. Am sorry sir for creating this mess"I said bowing to mr Johnson to show some respect. I left the restaurant with ellie. I could hear my dad's voice as he swears at me. I know am gonna face the consequence later. Am ready to face anything he brings just for me to be with ellie.

    Ellie's POV
    As noah was saying all that, my mouth was
    opened in shock. I couldn't believe he took
    me their because of that. We both went out
    of the restaurant while he was still holding
    my hand. When we got to his car, he opened
    the door for me. I looked at his face before
    getting in still wondering about what he did
    back there. He also turned and sat in the
    drivers seat. I was still staring at him as he
    put the seat belt on. It would be obvious if
    he didn't notice I was staring at him. "Don't
    look at me that way."he said starting the
    car. "What you said back inside, do you
    really mean it or it was because you don't
    want do the engagement with Christiana?"I
    asked looking at him. "Yes I mean it. I really
    want us to get married in the end. I can't get
    engaged to someone I don't like. You're the
    one I like and the woman I want to spend
    the rest of life with"he said looking at me.
    "But do you think your dad would agree to
    that. Am scared of what he might do. The
    expression on his face back there was so
    bad. I can see Christiana is the person your
    dad really like. Hope what you did won't
    affect you later"I said looking worried.
    "Don't worry about that. I'll find a way to
    handle it"he replied.
    I finally told mum about the man messaging
    me about the death of dad. He told me his
    conscience were judging him. He feel like he
    must say everything to us before he die.
    "Who's the person?"mum asked. "I don't
    know him. I believed mr Samson killed dad. I
    know he was behind everything but this
    Man claim to know everything behind it. He
    want to meet with us"I said to mum. "Am
    afraid this might be a setup. I don't want
    any bad to happen to both of us again."mum
    Could mom be right? This might really be a
    trap or might not.
    An idea got into my head. "Ok mum. I have
    a good idea"I said looking at her.
    Noah's POV
    I was in my room when dad called for me. I
    went to him knowing what he called me for.
    When I got there, he was standing with his
    back turned to me. I walked to him quietly
    and stood behind him. "Here I am"
    He turned to me and landed a slap on my
    face. This time, it was so thunderous
    because he did it with real anger.
    "How dare you? You this stupid good for
    nothing son. Do you know what you just did
    today? Do you know what I'll end up loosing
    you this fool!"he yelled on top of his voice in
    anger. I didn't say anything or look at him
    but kept my head down. Mum walks and
    quickly came to me."you have to take it
    easy dear. You might hurt him"she said to
    dad. "You just stay out if this ok"he said
    yelling at mum too. "You know what? All
    this won't work. I don't want to see you in
    this house again. Get out you this idiot."he
    yelled on me again. "Am sorry sir"I said with
    a bow then turned to leave. "Mr man I want
    your car keys and credit cards. I don't want
    to see you lay your hand on anything of
    mine from now on"he said. I brought out my
    car keys and my credit cards from my
    wallet. I gave them to him and turned to
    leave. "How could you do this? That's too
    much. Please forgive him. He's still your son
    please don't do that"mum said to dad almost
    crying. I walked out of the room heading
    I was not permitted to take along a pin but
    thank God I still have my mobile phone. At
    least I can reach ellie and my friends. I got
    out of my room and was heading out to
    nowhere in particular. I unlocked my phone
    and wanted to call ellie to inform her about
    me not been around for a while. Just as I got
    to the compound, mr Rolland came after me.
    I stopped when he called my name. I wonder
    what he want. "Am sorry sir. Chairman
    asked me to get your mobile phone from
    you"he said and I felt that was what broke
    my heart most. I almost broke into tears
    when he said that. "Why? Why will I hand
    over my cell phone too"I asked staring at
    him. "That was the order given to me sir"he
    replied. I looked up at the window and saw
    him looking at us from there."Darn it!"I said
    before handing it over to him.
    I walked out of the building feeling bad. How
    will I get in touch with ellie. She might start
    getting worried about me.
    I used the little change I have with me to
    board a taxi to David's place.
    I got to their building and entered heading
    to his room when I saw no one was around.
    I got to his door and pressed the bell waiting
    eagerly for him to open it. Few seconds
    later, he opened the door. He was surprised
    to see me. "Hy"I said and walks in to sit on
    the couch. I sat down looking tired. "What
    happened to you man? Why are you here by
    this time?"he asked checking the clock. It
    was past 7pm.
    "What do you think happened? I was chased
    out of home of course"I replied resting on
    the couch. "Why? By who?"he asked and
    came to sit beside me looking surprised.
    "That mean old man. He was really mad at
    me. He collected everything from me even
    my mobile phone too"I said.
    "Really? That's too much of a
    punishment."he said looking bad. "Am
    telling you if it's possible for him to collect
    the cloth am putting on right now, I would
    have come to your house naked."I said with
    a smirk. "Too bad dude. What was the cause
    of all this?"he asked. I explained everything
    to him about the engagement and how I
    reacted to it. He was also surprised of the
    action I took when I told him.
    I slept over at david's place but not feeling
    relaxed because I couldn't reach ellie.
    Ellie's POV
    We told the man the place we would be
    meeting him and he agrees to meet me but
    on one condition. No one must come with
    me. I chose to go after he texted the number
    I would call him on.
    I got there but with police with me. The
    police were staying a bit far from me so he
    won't notice them. In case it's a set up, the
    police would come to my rescue. I brought
    out my phone and called him that am
    waiting. "Hello am here. I can't find you"I
    said looking around the place. "Didn't I tell
    you not to come with anyone? You thought
    am up to something bad? Forget it. I think
    you guys are doubting me."he said and cut
    off the line before I could say anything.
    How does he know I came with someone?
    Where is he around here? I thought to
    myself looking around. Just then, I sighted a
    man in black outfit. He was covering his
    head with black faze cap too. I stood up and
    wanted to go after him but by the time I got
    there, I couldn't find where he disappeared
    to again. "Who's this man?"I asked myself.
    I went home later and told mum about it.
    Mum was also surprised he knew I brought
    the police.
    Someone knocks on the door and I stood up
    to open it. I saw a man standing by the
    entrance. "Miss ellie, the chairman wants to
    see you"he said politely. "Me? Why?"I asked
    in surprise. "I have no idea. I'll take my
    leave then"he said and left. I closed the door
    and quickly rushed to mum. "Who was
    that?"mum asked. "He said chairman wants
    to see me."I said. "Why? Hope there's no
    problem?"mum asked in concern.
    I dressed my face well, put on my slippers
    the moved out of our room.
    I was directed in by one of the maids. When I
    got inside, he was sitting on the couch
    reading a news paper with cup of coffee on
    the stood beside him. I walked to him slowly
    feeling so nervous. "Good evening sir. You
    called for me"I said in a low tone. He flipped
    the paper to another page and drank from
    the cup beside him. "Yes I did. You're ellie
    right?"he asked then closed the paper and
    kept them beside him. "Y..yes sir"I replied. I
    was standing with my hands crossed behind
    my back and my head facing down. "You're
    the girl that makes my son's heart flutters. I
    see you're such a pretty girl. But there's
    something you don't know and I'll like to tell
    you right now."he said. "Noah can't get
    married to you. That won't be possible dear.
    Because, he would have to get married to
    someone I chose. What I only want from you
    now is so little and I'll be happy if you do
    that for me"he said in a calm voice. I raised
    up my head looking at him. "It seems he
    found it hard to leave you. I want you to do
    it instead. Breakup with my son and I
    promise to do whatever you ask for"he said
    looking at me. I felt so hurt on hearing that.
    How could this man say such a thing. "I'll
    give you three days to finish everything
    with him. I'll send you guys out and find
    another apartment you'll be living in. After
    that, you can ask for anything you want
    from me. I'll provide it for you no matter
    what it is as far as money can provide it. I
    just want you guys to breakup that's all. Do
    you understand miss ellie?"he asked staring
    at me. I don't know what to say. I was
    dumbfounded by all what he just said. But
    why is he against us dating? Why is he so
    strongly against it? Was it because Noah's
    status is so much higher than mine? Was it
    because am a chef's daughter? How does he
    expect me to do that so easily when I so
    much love noah too the way he loves me.
    Would this even be possible for me?

    Episode 31 & 32

    "Do you understand what I say?"he asked staring at me. "Yes
    sir I understand"I replied nodding my head. "Good of you."he
    said smiling. "But, I can't do it sir. Am so sorry noah and I had
    gone far than that. I love him so much and he has the same
    feelings for me too. Am sorry for turning you down. I can't do
    it"I said not looking at him cause am afraid of how his
    expression will look like right now. He laughed out loud and
    that got me surprised. I looked at him wondering why he did
    that. "Love? Do you guys know what love is? At this stage
    you're ready deceiving yourselves about love. Ah I can now see
    how stubborn both of you are. You can leave"he said nodding
    his head. I looked at him then bow a little before heading
    towards the door.
    Noah's POV
    it was early Saturday's morning, David had prepared for
    school. We attends school on Saturday because we are having
    extra class for our upcoming examination. I woke up from bed
    when he was dressing up. "Hey you're awake? I was
    wondering if you won't go to school today since your uniforms
    are not here"David said knotting his tie by now. I got down
    from the long couch and was sitting at the edged with my hand
    on my forehead. "Why won't I go to school? This is the only
    chance for me to meet with ellie. Let me have your sport wear"I
    said and stood up from the couch. "Are you serious? Wow this
    is wonderful. I can't believe the Almighty noah is saying this"he
    said laughing. I just ignored him and went towards the
    bathroom. "Drop it on bed for me"I said as I closed the door.
    Few minutes later, I came out of the bathroom with towel
    around my waist. "Are you serious about you guy's
    relationship? You really mean to take it far?"David asked
    looking at me. I moved to the bed and was checking out his
    sport wear. A long blue trouser and black Jessy. "Won't this
    be short for me?"I asked holding the trouser up. "Am not sure.
    It's getting shorter for me too. I just hate putting on the
    annoying sport wear. You should wear it let's see how it
    looks"he said. "We are not of the same height. Am taller than
    you how do you expect this not to be shorter?"I said putting it
    I showed him after I wear it. he bursted into laughter pointing
    at me. "Why? Do I look worst?"I asked looking at him
    annoyingly by the way he laughs.
    "you look like a clown but still sexy I think. Wow girls would
    start tripping for you once you step out. Trust me it's good on
    you. I think I should take picture of you right now"he still
    looking like he would laugh again. "Are you sure?"I asked and
    moved to the mirror to check it myself. "You this fool is this
    what you call hot? I can't even look at myself. You dare to
    deceive me"I said moving to hit him. "Wait wait wait!"he said
    guarding it. I looked at him and shook my head. "Forget it. I
    won't wear this trash. I would rather go in short and singlet
    than going in this"I said. "So what will you do?"he asked. "I'll
    wear the one I wore yesterday. I'll manage it then get another
    wear when we get back."I said and took off the trouser. I
    changed into the one I wore yesterday. When I finished
    dressing up, we set out to leave.
    David drive while I was sitting beside him. "You didn't answer
    my question why?"David asked as he drives. "What question
    are you talking about?"I asked looking at him. I actually forgot
    about what he asked. He looked at me badly shaking his head
    in pity. "Don't worry"he said and concentrated on driving. We
    got to school and I quickly highlighted from his car. I was
    looking around the school compound maybe I could see her
    approaching or hanging around. "I'll be going to class. Are you
    not coming?"David asked looking at me. "I'll join you later.
    Need to do something"I said. "Ok. See you later"he said and
    patted my shoulder playfully before heading towards the
    school building. "Could she be in class?"I asked myself.
    I went to their class but she was not there. I then asked her
    friend Anita and she told me she has not arrive. "She doesn't
    come to school late. I wonder if she'll come today"Anita said.
    "Ok. Please can lend me your phone? You have her contact
    right?"I asked looking at her. "Yes I do and this is my
    phone"she said handing the phone to me willingly. "Thanks"I
    said and quickly searched for Ellie's contact. I dialed it when I
    found it. It rings but no one was picking. I wonder where she
    left her phone. I dialed it again and still the same. When I
    dialed it the third time, she picked up. "Hello ellie this is noah."I
    said. The line went off as I wanted to continue.
    Ellie's POV
    I was in the bathroom when my phone was ringing. I finished
    taking my bath and came out to see it ringing again. When I
    picked up, I heard Noah's voice. I was so excited and wanted
    to ask about him but the line went off. "What's happening?
    Why did it cut off?"I said and dialed it again. It said it was
    switched off and I guess the battery was flat. I sat on the bed
    feeling worried. "What's really happening to him? I couldn't
    reach him since two days. Am so worried about him"i said
    looking sad. I picked up my school uniform and went to dress
    up for school. When I finished dressing up, mum walks in.
    "Ellie we'll be moving out tomorrow."she said smiling. "What?
    Why?"I asked. She looks at me strangely. "Sorry I mean why
    should we move suddenly. You said you have to clear your
    debts before we do that"I said looking at her. "Yes. I already
    did. I cleared everything. We'll now live in a new apartment.
    And your school too"she said not looking at me.
    "What will happen to my school?"I asked staring at her. "You'll
    change your school"she said. "What? Mum how could that be.
    Where will you see money to further me on my education. And
    I'll be graduating from high school soon. Why don't you let me
    graduate there. After graduation, you can use the money for
    my college education."I said staring at her. She was quiet for a
    while before replying. "No. You have to change school as soon
    as possible plus I don't like how those kids threats you. They
    might end up hurting you again. I can't let anything bad
    happen to you again. You're the only one I have. So you have
    to listen to me and quit that school"she said. I never see my
    mum go against my wish so much like this before. I guess
    something is wrong.
    "Was that only the reason or you're keeping something else
    from me?"I asked.
    "And you. Were you not keeping things from me too?"she
    asked staring at me. I keep my face down thinking she knows
    about noah and I already.

    Noah's POV
    Anita's phone went off as I was about
    explaining where I am to her. "Your battery
    is flat"I said handing the phone to her.
    "Oops. I forgot to charge my phone
    yesterday."she said looking bad. "But Why
    are you not using yours?"she asked. "Its
    complicated. Never mind thanks for your
    time"I said and went out of their class. I was
    going down to the compound when I met
    Christiana on my way. I just ignored her
    and walked on before she could call on me
    or say hy.
    I noticed she was coming behind me. "Noah
    wait"she said but I did as if I didn't hear her.
    I walked very fast while she was also
    increasing her steps to catch up with me.
    "Noah!"she called again. When I got out, I
    felt her hand holding me by the arm. I
    stopped and turned to her. "And what do
    you want? Why are you stalking me
    around? What exactly do you want from
    me?"I asked looking angry and frustrated.
    "Oh.. You should take it easy. You're too
    harsh on me. What have I done wrong to
    you?"she asked looking sad. I sighed looking
    at her."Everything. You did everything so
    wrong. Must you talk to me? I don't think
    it's by force to date you again. Why are
    doing all this evil act you don't do before?"I
    asked staring at her. "You noticed that? I
    was doing all that because of you. I was
    doing it to get your attention back. I still love
    you noah. I can't see other guys apart from
    you. How do you want me to live without
    you. You once loved me more than I do love
    you. Why is everything the opposite now? I
    accepted I made a big mistake then. I asked
    for your forgiveness and you said you
    forgave me already. Why do you hate me so
    much now? Can you tell me you never loved
    me even those time we were dating?"she
    asked almost crying. Yes I once loved her
    and that was then. I don't love her again
    because of what she did and her attitudes.
    And I am still taking revenge on her for
    leaving me in mess two years ago. I want
    her to feel the same pains I had those time.
    "That was then. I don't love you anymore
    since you betrayed me first. Do you know
    how long it took me to carry on? You were
    so selfish and after yourself then. You don't
    bother about how I'll feel. You left me with a
    broken heart. Thanks to someone who
    made me believe in love again. She repaired
    the broken part you left there. In case you
    don't know, I have no feelings for you no
    matter how small it is. So stopped
    threatening me and go for other guys"I said
    looking at her. She sobbed and tears rolled
    down her cheek. She quickly wiped it off
    with the back of her hand. "Fine. I'll back off
    now. I won't bother you again. But can I just
    ask for one thing? I'll really go for good if
    you can do it?"she said. "What is it? I'll do it
    if I can"I replied not looking at her.
    Ellie's POV
    I explained everything about noah and I to
    mum then apologized to her for keeping it
    to myself. "Ok. I understand you but you
    shouldn't have kept it from me. Am your
    mother and I have the right to know
    whatever is going on with you"she said.
    "Am sorry mum"I said. "Ok. But that's not
    the matter now. The problem is mr Williams
    doesn't want you guys to be together. If you
    insist to continue with the relationship, it
    might affect both of us because that man is
    a very strict man. He'll do everything to win
    over his words. Please am begging you to
    stop whatever relationship you have with
    him. I don't want you to regret it later just
    let it go ok. You still have a long way to go.
    Before you finish college, you'll find
    someone more suitable for yourself. The
    relationship between you guys can't work
    out"mum said looking at me. I feel so bad to
    hear all that from her. Mum is always like
    that. Staying out of trouble or what might
    cause one for us. But I don't think I can
    breakup with noah. I don't think he can let
    me go too because he also love me. "Mum
    but I love him."I said looking sad. Mum
    moved closer to me and hugged me patting
    my back. "I know. But try to be strong
    hearted about it. I don't want you yo get
    hurt. Noah is far out of your league. His
    parent said they don't want it so please you
    have to stop. Remember they help us in
    time of difficulty. They are our saviour we
    can't just let them down like that. We have
    to do whatever they want. Please ellie"mum
    said. I feel Like crying but I was holding it in.
    "Ok I'll think about it. I'll be leaving for
    school now"I said picking up my school bag. I
    rushed out of the room not looking at her.
    When I got outside, the tears broke down
    and I found myself crying out. I headed out
    towards the gate still crying. When I got
    outside, I waited for taxi to drop me in
    school. I was at the back of the taxi seat
    crying all long till we almost got to school. I
    cleaned up my face with tissue papers
    before getting down. I paid the man and
    walked towards the school building still not
    looking happy.
    Noah's POV
    I asked her what she want from me to make
    her leave me alone. She moved closer to me
    looking into my eyes. "I want a kiss from
    you. If you can do it and still tell me you
    don't love me, I'll accept and let you guys
    be."she said. "What? Are you crazy? You
    want me to do what?"I asked staring at her.
    "Do it right now and tell me you don't have
    feelings for me anymore. If you can still say
    that after the kiss, I'll accept you don't and
    will stop bothering you."she said looking up
    at me. "Ok fine if you want that"I said
    staring at her. I drew her face closer up to
    mine and kissed her. After a while, I wanted
    to move back from her, but she pulled me
    back and continue with the kiss. I tried
    stopping but she kept on pressing her
    tongue in making me kiss her again. This
    girl is so crazy as hell. I pulled myself
    together then pushed her back breaking
    free from the kiss. I was staring at her while
    she was also doing the same thing. I was
    confused for a while not knowing what to
    say. I noticed someone behind me and I
    turned to look at the person. I saw ellie
    staring at us with a sad and confusing look
    on her face. "Ellie!"I called her name. She
    looked at Christiana then looked back at me
    before walking off. The expression on her
    face were not good. "Ellie"I called going after
    her. Christiana drew my hand back and I
    was facing her. "Why would you go after
    her without answering my questions?"she
    asked looking at me. I jacked hand off in
    anger. "Whose fault is all this. My answer is
    I have no feelings for you. The kiss was
    even tasteless because I didn't feel anything
    while doing it. It's better you back off now
    ok?"I said looking at her. I left the scene and
    went in search of ellie.
    "Ellie!"I called her name taking the direction
    she took. After searching for some minutes,
    I finally found her in an empty class room
    bending down with her face buried in her
    arms. I walked towards her slowly. "Ellie.
    Am sorry I think you misunderstood us"I
    said trying to touch her. She stood up and
    was facing me. Her face was socked in tears.
    I can't tell how much she had cried. My
    heart hurt to see her in that state. "Please
    am sorry ellie. Please"I said trying to touch
    her face. She hit my hand off in anger.
    "You're sorry for what? For deceiving me all
    this while? You act like everything was over
    between you two but that was a lie. You
    guys don't even hide it anymore, you were
    kissing her outside there. I must be stupid to
    believe you. You're really a bad person. Do
    you enjoy having fun with me? You enjoyed
    making me a fool"she said crying. "Its not
    what you're thinking ellie. I actually don't
    have anything to do with her again. I only
    love you. I have no one except you.
    Please...."I was trying to hold her again but
    she moved back. She removed the hair pin
    from her hair and was pointing it to her
    wrist."Don't you dare touch me. Get out I
    don't want to see you. Leave before I hurt
    myself"she said sobbing. "Please ellie put
    that down. I beg you don't do this to me. Am
    sorry. I swear I didn't have anything to do
    with her. I only love you ellie please calm
    down and let me explain"I said looking at
    her. "I now see why you refused to call me
    since two days now. I see why you were
    avoiding me. Am now nothing to you since
    you went back to your old lover. Mum was
    right. Birds of the same feather flocks
    together. Am no match for you. You can
    leave now. I don't want to see you ever
    again"she said crying out. I felt bad as she
    find it hard to believe me. This was a total
    big misunderstanding. "Ellie it's not like
    that. I actually came today because of you. I
    swear nothing is going on between us.
    Please believe me for Christ sake."I said.
    The hair pin she was holding against her
    wrist had slashed her it a little leaving a
    little drop of blood there. "Ellie please drop
    that. You're hurting yourself. You wrist is
    bleeding." I said and moved closer trying to
    hold her hand.
    "I told you to stay back!"she screamed
    wanted to stab her wrist with it but it
    stabbed me instead because I placed my
    hand on hers. "Aah"i groan in pain as the
    pin went into my wrist. she was shocked
    staring at the pin which was stuck in my
    wrist. It really went deep that I have to
    remove it with strength. She started crying
    more while looking at my wrist which was
    gushing out blood unstoppable. "Why do you
    have to do that you jerk? What should we
    do? You're really hurt and bleeding so
    much"she said crying while holding my
    hand trying to stop the blood from escaping.
    "Let's go to the clinic."she said looking at me
    while still crying. I was staring at her not
    saying anything or moving an inch from
    where I stood.

    Episode 33

    I was surprise to see her act that way after she told me not to
    touch her. She removed her tie and wrapped it around my
    wrist to stop the blood. "Let's go to the clinic"she said looking
    at me still sobbing. "Am sorry ellie. I never did the things you
    were accusing me of. Can you listen to me now?"I asked
    looking at her. She didn't say anything but took my other hand
    and dragged me along with her.
    Ellie's POV
    I took him along with me heading to the school clinic.
    Soon, we got there and I took him to the nurse.
    The nurse was treating the wound while I stood outside
    looking at them. He was staring at me all this while. I'll stare
    off when our eyes meet.
    Am just doing this because it was my fault he's hurt. I can't
    just let him bleed to death. After this, I'll just leave him so that
    he and Christiana can continue with their relationship. I can't
    believe noah can do this to me. I trusted him so much but I
    was betrayed. He should at least breakup properly instead of
    deceiving me all this while.
    The nurse finished dressing the wound and he stood up to
    leave. I walked towards the entrance heading out. He came
    after me and I stopped when I got out. "Ellie let's talk. I have a
    lot to tell you"he said. I turned to him folding my arms. "I don't
    need to talk to you about anything. I think you should let me go
    now. Since your dad want you guys to get engaged. I think the
    idea was not bad to you. You just pretend when you see me. I
    caught you guys red handed today. No need to hide it
    anymore. I gave up on you already you guys can do all you
    please now. Since we'll be leaving your house soon anyway.
    And am going to change school. I have no reason to see you
    again. So I'm breaking up with you"I said looking at him. "Ellie
    will you please stop all this you're saying. Who's changing
    school? What are you talking about? Please just listen to me
    you know I can't do such to you."he said. "Yes I believed you
    can't do such thing but everything points that you actually did
    it. Just stop acting innocent already. I saw you kiss her so
    what there to hide?"I asked in anger. "Just forget about
    everything. There's no point in this. Since we won't get married
    anyway. Your dad don't want me too. So let's stop deceiving
    each other"I said and was leaving. "Please! Don't go ellie. I
    love you so much and I'll always do. I can't do anything to hurt
    you. My dad might go against us dating but I don't care about
    that. I chose you because I love you and you chose me
    because you love me too. I think you should be the one to trust
    me most. Just believe I have nothing to do with Christiana.
    You're the only girl I love. I can't do anything to hurt you.
    Please just believe me"he said. I turned back and was staring
    at him. The expression on his face were innocent and that got
    me more confused. Could it really mean he didn't do it or he's
    acting?but I saw them kissing what other evidence is better
    than that. I can't even gather my thoughts right now. So
    "Ok I heard what you said. Please I need to be alone for now."I
    said and left him.
    Noah's POV
    So bad this is happening to me at this time. I shouldn't have
    done it in the first place. Am now regretting what I did. What
    am I to do now. Should I message her? Oh by God my phone
    is not here. What the heck is happening? I cant stand to lose
    I went to class but was not concentrating or taking any lesson.
    I just sat there thinking about lot of things. Immediately after
    break period, I headed to Ellie's class. Some students had
    went out for break only few were remaining in class. I sighted
    ellie who was busy writing note. I walked up to her hoping
    she'll give me chance to talk this time. I stood before her desk
    but she didn't look up. I guess she didn't notice it's me. Anita
    saw me and tapped her shoulder "he's here"she said to ellie.
    She looked up at me then concentrated on her note again.
    "Ellie please let's talk now"I said. She dropped her pen and
    closed the note. She stood up facing me. "Noah I have
    something to do which means I can't talk to you right now so if
    you may excuse me"she said looking at me. She packed the
    notes into her locker and closed it then walked towards the
    entrance. "What's wrong with her?"anita asked but I just
    ignored that and went after her. She was heading out to the
    compound while I was following her behind slowly. She
    suddenly stopped and turned to me. I then quickly walked up to
    her. "I think you're finding it hard to believe me. And that's
    making me uncomfortable and sad. I thought you said love
    me. You told me you trust me. Why are you acting on this all of
    a sudden? It's clear that I have nothing to do with Christiana.
    If am truly dating her then would I keep bothering you? Why
    will I turn down the engagement my dad want for us? The
    situation you met me in this morning was just... I did it
    because she said she'll stop bothering me after that. That does
    not mean I love her. Don't misunderstand everything. I don't
    have anything with her. I only see you ellie. I can't lie or keep
    anything from you. I actually came to school today because of
    you. Dad sent me out of home. He collected my phone and
    everything from me. I couldn't reach you since then. I came to
    school to explain the situation to you but everything just turned
    out this way"I said looking at her. She sighed and leaned back
    against the wall with her hands covering her face.
    "Is that it or you're lying to me"she asked staring at me. "I
    can't lie to you. just believe me. You can see am not in my
    uniform. Am not allowed to go home and change. I stay in
    David's house"I said. "Its fine. Ok"she said nodding her head
    not looking at me. I smiled on hearing that. That mean she
    forgave me? wow am so happy. She looked at me but not
    smiling. I want to see that smiling face again because I miss it.
    "If you truly forgive me, can I have a hug at least?"I said
    grinning. She looked at me then starred off still not smiling.
    Why the serious face? Is she still angry?"I thought to myself.
    "Please just a hug. I miss you so much"I said. Since she won't
    say yes or no, I went ahead and hug her.
    Ellie's POV
    After he explained, I feel so relieved and my don't was cleared.
    He moved closer and hugged me"I didn't say you should do
    it"I said smiling behind him. "But I feel like doing it. You can't
    tell how much I missed you."he said rubbing my shoulder. I
    saw Christiana coming towards us. She stopped when she saw
    me. I then used the chance to hug him back smiling. "I miss
    you too"I said hugging him tight. "Are you serious?"noah
    asked. Christiana starred at both of us with a jealous and
    angry expression on her face. I smiled at her and that made
    her look at me badly. She turned back and left looking angry.
    Noah released me from the hug and was staring at me smiling.
    "Don't smile too much yet. You'll be punished for kissing
    Christiana"I said looking at him. "Oh no. I already apologized.
    What type of punishment would that be?"he asked. "Yes you
    apologized but will still be punished for it. Your punishment
    would be..."I stopped. "What is it?"he asked looking curious.
    "I. Won't. Kiss. You. For. A. Good. Two. Weeks"I said looking
    at him. "What?"he asked looking surprised. "You heard me
    right?"I said staring at him. "Oh no. That won't be possible.
    It's not two days or three days but two weeks? No... I feel like
    kissing you every second if I have the chance to. This is a very
    hard punishment to cope with. Why not another one please"he
    said looking sad. "No other one. That's the punishment. If you
    can't agree on that, go and kiss other girls again"I said. "No I
    can't do that again but this is too hard of a punishment. Ok I'll
    just try"he said not looking at me. I smiled nodding my head.
    "Good boy"I said patting his shoulder. "See you later then. I
    have to do something in the library"I said and left him.
    Good for you. I'll see how you'll cope with it. Just as I almost
    got to the library, someone blocked me. I looked up to see the
    person and I found out it was Christiana. She looks so angry
    and ragged. This girl has brought her problem again. Why
    have I done wrong this time? "Do you have anything to say?"I
    asked looking at her. "Yes. I have a lot to say"she said folding
    her arms. "You're too much ellie. I don't know how you
    manage to seduce him but you did it so well. You're an expert
    in seduction. Why you? You're not even prettier or richer than
    me. Why must it be you?"she asked looking angry. "How funny.
    I can't believe you stopped me to say this rubbish after
    seducing my boyfriend and succeeded in getting a kiss from
    him. You still have the guts to stop me and ask silly
    questions."I said. "Your boyfriend? How interesting. But you
    forgot you're nothing but a maid's daughter. I know you guys
    can't get married. I'll be the one to have him at the end
    because his parents want me not an ordinary wretched girl like
    you."she said looking at me. "Am a maid's daughter but you're
    what? You're a disgusting nasty bitch. I pity your parents who
    brought you up to be a rude nuisance like this. My parents
    brought me up well so am still different from you in that part.
    You're rich but lack sense and home training. You look down
    on people who are low because you're wealthy and greater
    than them. That doesn't make you a great person and it
    doesn't make you the prettiest girl on earth. Stop fooling
    yourself and look in the mirror. You're nothing but an ugly
    spoilt brat!"I said in anger. "How dare you?"she said in anger.
    "Yes I dare to say that because that's what you truly are"I said.
    I looked at her badly and wanted to leave. "You think you can
    say that and get away with it? I'll show you how ugly spoilt
    brats behave"she said. She pulled me back angrily by my hair.
    "Let go of my hair"I said holding her hand. But she refused to
    let go and was pulling it harder. I managed to free myself from
    her and landed a slap on her face in anger. She held her face
    staring at me. "Did you just slapped me?"she asked looking at
    me. "Yes and If you try doing anything stupid, I'll slap you
    again."I said staring at her in anger. As usual students had
    gathered around us. "Christiana what's happening here?"her
    friends rushed to us and went to her. The three of them were
    all staring at me in anger. "What did you do to her?"Nina asked
    moving closer to me. "I slapped her because she deserve one.
    Oh Are you guys here to fight for her. That's right I forgot she
    had three security dogs. You guys must be here to protect your
    owner"I said looking at her fearlessly. "What did you just
    say?"Lydia asked and came to me too. "You're not deaf. You
    heard what I said"I said looking at her. "You deserve a good
    beating"Nina said raising her hand to hit me.
    "What are you guy doing? If you dare hit her, I'll cut off that
    dirty hand"someone said among the students. I looked beside
    me and saw him standing next to us with his hands in his
    "You guys should get lost before I count up to three"he said
    looking at the girls.
    I stood there just staring at him in surprise.

    Episode 34

    "David"I said looking at him. Just then, I saw
    noah behind him. He walked up to us
    looking at me. "What happened here? Why
    are you standing there like that?"noah
    asked staring at me. "Did they hit you? Who
    among them did it?"he asked looking at the
    girls. Christiana looked at me and gave a
    faint smile nodding her head. She walked
    off and the girls followed. "Are you
    ok?"David asked. I nodded my head smiling.
    "Yes. Thank you"I replied. "Ok. Just be
    careful ok"he said. He looked at noah
    smiling. He hit his shoulder lightly and
    walked off. "Let's go"noah said and we both
    left the crowd of students.
    Noah's POV
    After closing hour, I waited outside for ellie
    to come out. After waiting some minutes, I
    finally saw her approaching. I walked to her
    and we were both heading out. "I want ask
    on what you said earlier."I said. "What's
    that?"she asked looking at me. "I mean
    about you changing school and moving out"
    "Yeah that's true. Mum said we'll move out
    tomorrow and I'll be changing school
    too"she said. "What? Why will you change
    school? Do you agree on that with her?"I
    asked staring at her. "I don't but mum keep
    insisting I do. I don't want to change school.
    Our graduation is coming soon if I change
    school won't it affect me? I still don't know
    why she concluded on that all of a
    sudden"she said looking sad. Could dad have
    meet with Ellie's mum? That must be the
    reason behind this. Why is he going far to
    this extent. "Don't worry. I know where this
    came from"I said looking at her. "Do you
    think it's your dad? I was also thinking the
    same but why would he do that?"she asked
    staring at me. "He doesn't want us to see in
    school too. That was the reason"I said
    nodding my head. "Are you not coming
    home today too?"she asked looking worried.
    "I don't think I will. Dad is still mad at me. I'll
    be staying at David's place again."I replied.
    "Ok"she said not looking happy. "I think all
    this is happening because of me. Am
    sorry"she said. "You don't have to be sorry.
    Everything was my fault. I'll find a way to
    put things back in place. Just wait a little
    longer"I said holding her hand.
    So soon, we've gotten outside already. "I'll
    be leaving now"she said looking at me. I
    don't feel like letting her leave but she has
    to."That's true. You have to leave."I said not
    looking at her. She was staring at my face
    not saying anything. We both became quiet
    as she was waiting for taxi.
    Soon a taxi was approaching and she
    stopped it waving her hand. She wanted to
    go into the taxi but I was still holding her
    hand. She looked at her hand then looked
    up at my face wondering why I was still
    holding her. "Why...are" I cleared my throat
    facing her. "Can't you just stay a little
    longer?"I asked avoiding her gaze. I know
    she'll be smiling by now. I looked at her face
    and she was actually smiling. "Am sorry sir
    you can go"she said to the driver and the
    taxi left.
    Ellie's POV
    I smiled when he said he want me to stay
    longer. I also decided to stay a little longer
    with him.
    We were both walking along the road, side
    by side. "You want me to stay? Why?"I
    asked him. "Because am missing you
    already. I feel we should spend more time
    together before you'll leave. Don't you like
    it?"he asked. "That's good. I like it. Let's just
    keep walking like this till I get home"I said
    smiling. "Do you have iron in your legs or
    are you a robot?"he asked laughing. "The
    distance is too far"he added. "So until when
    will you come back home? Just apologise to
    him once more maybe he can still pardon
    you"I said looking at him. "He won't. That
    man is so stubborn. Or should we run
    away? I mean the two of us. We can go to
    where they'll never find us. No one can
    disturb us then"he said looking at me. "Run
    away? Do you even know what you're
    saying? What of my mum? Will I leave her.
    And your parents too. You think they won't
    call the whole police station the country to
    search for you?"I asked staring at him.
    "You're right. What should we do then?. Am
    so tired and fed up with all this."he said
    looking sad.
    I was home after noah and I walked and
    chatted for like eternity.
    I changed from my school uniform to casual
    wear. I was lying on the sofa playing game
    on my phone. Mum walks in and came to sit
    beside me. "Have you think about the whole
    thing? What's you answer?"she asked. "Yes.
    My answer is no"I said still playing the
    game. "What do you mean? No what?"she
    asked. "I mean I can't change school. But we
    can move out tomorrow or anytime"I said.
    "What of noah? Will you continue seeing
    him?"she asked. I quited the game and
    dropped my phone. "Mum am sorry that's..."
    "What do you mean by you're sorry? Are
    you still seeing him? I told you not to but
    you're acting stubborn. What's your
    problem?"mum asked raising her voice.
    "Mum but I love him. I tried doing it but I
    think it's not possible. I love him and he
    loves me too. It would be hard to just depart
    like that. Am sorry.."I said almost crying.
    She sighed placing her hand on her
    forehead. "Mum please. It's first time am
    asking for this kind of favour."I said holding
    her hand. "Just leave me alone."she said
    and stood up from the bed walking towards
    the door. I wiped the tears on my facing
    staring at her as she left. "Am sorry mum"I
    Noah's POV
    When David and I got to their place, a call
    came in from my mum. I picked it and
    placed the phone to my ear. "Hello mum"I
    said as I got down from the car. "How are
    you son? Are you still with David?"she
    asked. "Yes"I replied. "You come home now
    sweety. I already persuaded your father on
    the issue and thank God he listened to
    me."mum said sounding happy. "Really? Ok
    mum. I'll be home tonight"I said. "Why not
    now? Do you have something to do?"she
    asked in concern. "Yeah.. I have to do
    something"I replied. "Ok son. Don't be late
    ok. Mum missed you already"she said and
    hang up. "Was that your mum?"David asked
    as we walk in. "Yes. She called to say I can
    come home"I replied. "Really?Your dad must
    have forgiven you."David said. "I hope have forgiven you."David said. "I hope so"I
    Later in the evening, I went home. I got to
    the living room and met mum sitting there
    with some files on the table. While her
    secretary was standing beside her holding
    some files too. "Mum am home"I said to get
    her attention. "Oh you're home"she said
    standing up. She hugged me patting my
    back lightly. She released me from the hug
    staring at my face and body. "Your face has
    become so lean. Are you not eating well? Is
    there any problem"she asked looking sad.
    "Mum I just left for two day not two years."I
    said rolling my eyes. "Was it two day? It
    looks like two months to me. Whatever. Just
    go and rest first. I got your car keys and
    your phone back"she said. "Really? Wow
    You're the best mum"I said raising my
    thumb up.
    "And you're the best son ever"she said
    smiling. "What would you eat? Let them
    prepare anything for you"she said. "Never
    mind mum. I ate at David's place before
    coming"I said smiling. "What of dad? Is he
    home?"I asked looking around. "No your
    dad left for an urgent meeting this morning.
    He'll be back in two weeks."mum said.
    "Where did he go for the meeting? Here?"I
    asked. "No. He went back to Australia. It's a
    business meeting."mum said and that
    suddenly relieved my mind. I feel so good to
    hear that. "Ok mum."I said smiling. She
    went to the couch and brought my car keys
    and phone. I received them happily. "You
    need to rest ok. Don't bother yourself too
    much"mum said. "Yes mum"I said and left
    the living room heading to my room.
    I got to my room still smiling. I laid on the
    bed facing the ceiling with my legs still on
    the ground. I switched on my phone to see
    ton of messages from ellie. "Wow she really
    sent too many messages."I said checking
    After a while, I dropped my phone getting
    up from bed. I went to shower and put on
    another cloth. I then sat on the couch to call
    ellie. I have to let her know am home.
    "Hello"I said when she picked up. "Hello is
    that noah?"I heard a woman's voice instead
    of Ellie's. Could that be her mum?

    Episode 35

    She must have picked it instead of her.
    "Hello good evening ma'am."I said feeling
    "How are you. Ellie went out but forgot to
    take her phone."she said.
    "Oh ok. I'll call later" I wanted to hang up
    but she said something again. "I actually
    have something to ask you. Would you
    listen now or we should meet up?"she
    asked. I was confused on the answer to give
    her. I wonder why she wants to meet with
    me. Could it be about us?.
    Ellie's POV
    I went to dispose the trash. As I was heading
    back inside, I looked up at Noah's window
    which was always dark since two days now.
    But unfortunately, the window showed
    reflection of light from his room. Could it be
    noah is back home? He must be home now. I
    thought to myself smiling. But wait, what if
    it was another person inside? I became less
    happy and was leaving. When I looked up
    again, I saw someone looking out through
    the window with a cup in his hand. Oh my
    God! it's noah. He's back home? Why didn't
    he call me?. I said searching for my phone in
    my pocket. Oops I actually left it inside. I
    quickly walked to our room to take my
    phone. I saw mum dressing up. She took her
    apron and cap heading towards the door.
    "Mum where are you going to?"I asked. "To
    the kitchen. We have to prepare dinner"she
    said putting on the apron. I took my phone
    to check any missed call. "He called."mum
    said. "Who?"
    "Noah"mum said not looking at me. She
    opened the door and went out. I sat on the
    sofa checking my call logs. I saw that the call
    was taken. Could mum have answered it?
    What did she say to him?. I dialed Noah's
    number. It rings but he was not picking up. I
    dialed like three time and he was not
    picking up. I dropped my phone and stood up
    biting my fingers"What wrong with him?
    Why did he refuse to pick my call? Could
    mum had said something bad to him? What
    did they talk about?"I asked myself feeling
    I was walking to and fro the room biting my
    fingers in curiosity. I picked up my phone
    from the sofa and headed out of the room.
    Noah's POV
    I was standing by the window holding a cup
    of wine. I thought about the whole
    conversation I had with Ellie's mum smiling
    to myself. "Yeah. I have to make everything
    possible even if it seems impossible"I said
    looking out through the window.
    Flash back....
    When she asked if we should meet up or
    she say it on phone, I told her to say it on
    phone. "Ok I'll say it now"she said. I moved
    to the edge of the couch hoping it won't be
    something bad about ellie and I. "About you
    and ellie, are you guys really going out?"she
    asked. "That's...ehm.. Yes we are going
    out."I replied. "I love her so much and I'll do
    anything to keep her by my side. She meant
    a lot to me. Am being sincere about my
    feelings for her. And she loves me too just
    the way I did. Without her, I don't think I
    can live. She's my heart which can not be
    stopped from beating or I'll die. She's...."
    "Am asking this because am confused right
    now. Are you talking of my ellie or another
    girl?"she cuts in. "Y..yes ma. Am taking
    about Ellie."I replied. She was quiet for a
    while not saying anything and that got me
    more nervous. "Are you still there ma?"I
    asked to confirm. "I can see you truly love
    my poor ellie. My approval is not important
    here. You parents don't want you guys
    together especially your dad. So I have no
    choice than say no to your relationship. I
    don't want anything that'll hurt my
    daughter's feeling. She's the only one for
    me and I want her happy all the time. I just
    hope you guys can stop and find someone
    more suitable for yourselves."she said. I feel
    so bad to hear that from her. "Thats all I
    have to say. I'll hang up now"she said.
    "What if I find a way for my dad to approve
    us, will you approve it too?"I asked but she
    didn't say anything. "I'll find a way to make
    my parent approve it. Till then, I hope you'll
    also do the same. But for now, am not
    letting go of her. Am sorry for saying that"I
    I left the window and walked back to my
    bed. I picked up my phone and saw five
    missed calls from ellie. I heard the door bell
    and I got up from bed heading towards the
    door. I thought It would be mum but when I
    checked, it was ellie. She was standing there
    waiting for me to open it. I wonder how she
    knew am home when she didn't even
    answer her call. I opened the door and she
    quickly walked in before I could say
    anything. "How do you know am home?"I
    asked staring at her. "Because I saw you
    standing by the window earlier"she replied.
    She went to sit on the couch and wanted to
    take the cup of wine I left on the table. "No
    you can't"I said rushing to take the cup
    from her. I hold her hand to stop her from
    taking it. She looked at me strangely trying
    to remove her hand. "Why?"she asked.
    "This is wine. You can't take it because it's
    alcoholic"I said and manage to collect the
    cup from her. I drank the remaining content
    in it and dropped the cup. "It's just small.
    That can't affect me. You think I'll end up
    drunk and call you call you bad jerk? Or I'll
    start hitting you unnecessarily?
    No way"she said smiling. What is this? So
    she remembered what she did that night
    but pretended she didn't.
    "You remembered?"I asked staring at her.
    She stopped smiling and cleared her throat
    not looking at me. I sat beside her and
    moved her chin with my hand so she can
    look at me. "You remembered what you did
    that night? You just said it now"I said. "I..
    Don't. I just imagined that's what I might
    do"she said hitting my hand off. "You just
    imagined?"I asked. "When did you arrive
    home?"she asked trying to change the
    subject. "Are you trying to change the
    subject right now"I asked looking at her.
    She opened the whine bottle and wanted to
    pour it but I stopped her. "Just a cup am
    thirsty"she said making a cute puppy face.
    She's so cute but I can't let her fool me with
    it. "No. You can't. I'll just bring you water
    instead"I said. I took the wine bottle along
    with me and went to bring water from the
    fridge. I took a bottle water and a glass cup.
    I then went back to her. I pour some water
    in the cup for her and also poured some
    whine for myself. I don't get drunk that
    easily so the wine can't affect me much. Am
    afraid she might start misbehaving like last
    time if she take the wine so am trying my
    best to stop her from taking it. "You called
    me before"she said.
    "Yes but your mum answered it"I replied.
    Ellie's POV
    "What did you guys talk about? Did she say
    anything to you?"I asked him. "It's nothing
    much. She told me you went out and will be
    back soon. That's all"he said. But the look
    on his face said another thing. I guess they
    talk about other things apart from that.
    Why is he not telling me anything? Was it
    bad?"I thought to myself reaching my hand
    for the water. I took the glass to my mouth
    to drink from it but instead of water, I tasted
    another thing. He also picked the other glass
    cup and drank from it. He spat out the water
    looking at me. He tried to take the glass of
    wine from me but it spilled all over my
    dress. "Oh no"I said looking at my dress. "I
    told you not to drink it why are you so
    stubborn?"he asked yelling on me. "I didn't
    know it's the wine cup. I wanted to take the
    water. Why are you even overreacting. It's
    not like the little wine will get me drunk."I
    said looking at him. I folded my arms feeling
    annoyed. He also looked away. I guess he's
    angry too. But why is he taking this so
    personal?. I thought to myself. I stood up
    from the couch going to clean my dress.
    "Where are you going to?"he asked looking
    at me. "Where do you think? I have to clean
    up this mess"I said. He was not saying
    anything, so I headed to the bathroom.
    I got there and was washing the stain off
    with water. "I don't know why he's so
    annoyed. Was it because of last time? I don't
    think someone can get drunk from a little
    wine which hardly got into my mouth. And
    he does not even care it spilled on me."I
    said. I off the water and was heading back to
    the room. I got there and saw him standing
    beside the shelf looking at me as I approach.
    I walked up to him and took my phone. "I'll
    be leaving"I said not looking at him. "Are
    you mad at me?"he asked. I didn't say
    anything but kept mute. "Am sorry if you
    do. I was only trying to prevent you from
    getting drunk. You should try to understand
    me."he said looking at me. "Ok. I
    understand. I'll leave now"I said turning to
    leave. He hugged me from behind and that
    made me stop. "You're still mad at me. I
    could see it written all over your face"he
    said. He actually caught me. "Yes I am. You
    were too mean back there. You made me
    spill the wine on my dress but didn't seem to
    care or say sorry about it. I am mad at you
    because of that"I said. I heard him giggle to
    what I said. "Oh ok sorry. If that's what got
    you angry. I was so much after the wine not
    getting to your mouth, I forgot it may spill
    on you. My bad. Am sorry for that"he said. I
    smiled nodding my head. I turned around
    and was facing him. "Are you now
    satisfied?"he asked looking at me. "No"I
    replied. "Why no?"he asked staring at me. I
    stood on my toes and pecked him on the
    lips. "Am now satisfied"I said smiling. He
    started laughing looking at me. I wonder
    why he was like that. What could be making
    him laugh so much. "Why?"I asked looking
    at him. "You forgot about it already?"he
    asked looking at me. What's that? "You said
    no kissing for two week but you just kissed
    me"he said looking at me. Gosh! He's right. I
    totally forgot about it. I feel so embarrassed
    that I wish I could undo it. "That's not even
    a kiss. I only pecked you do don't make it a
    big deal"I said. "Really?"he said looking at
    me. "But I want a real kiss right now will
    you turn it down?"he asked looking at me
    seductively. He touched my check and was
    stroking it down softly with his finger
    looking at me. That gave me goosebumps
    and my body vibrated from the touch. He
    noticed that and smiled looking into my
    eyes. "Why are you quiet? Will you turn
    down this sexy guy before you?"he asked
    again moving closer. I suddenly feel hot
    despite I wore a tiny cloth. I could feel my
    cheek burning seriously as he stare deep
    into my eyes. I couldn't say a word as his
    bright charming eyes bored into mine like
    spark of lights. I couldn't think straight
    What is he doing? Get yourself together
    ellie. He's trying to tease you again. I can't
    let him fool me this time too like he did the
    other day. I wanted to tell him no but he
    lifted my chin and kissed me before I open
    my mouth to talk. He was kissing me slowly
    looking for entrance into my mouth. He did
    it for real this time? Ok Let's forget about
    the fucking punishment right now. I closed
    my eyes and kissed him back. I wrapped my
    arms around his neck and he also
    placed his hands on my waist as we were
    kissing passionately. I could feel his tongue
    under mine. I had the wine from the taste of
    his mouth, could that also get me drunk?. I
    smiled kissing him more. The kissing
    became more deeper and faster as we were
    moving about holding each other tightly. I
    feel I was about to fall but we both fell on
    his bed still kissing. He stopped and moved
    his lips from mine. We were both staring at
    each other catching our breaths from the
    long kiss. He kissed me again and we
    continue. This time, more hotter as he
    touches my body romantically. He slowly
    kissed my neck down then back to my lips
    again pushing his tongue in while I was
    following his lead. He was on top of me
    while I was wrapping my arms around his
    neck caressing his hair softly. He brought
    his hand down under my top and wanted to
    pull it off as we were still kissing. I held his
    hand and broke the kiss to stop him from
    doing it. He stopped and looked at my face.
    We were both staring at each other
    breathing heavily. "Why?"he asked looking
    at me. "Let's stop. We can't do this"I said
    looking at him. He stared at me for a while
    with an unknown expression written on his
    face then get off me. He laid beside me
    facing the ceiling. "Am sorry. I think I lost
    my mind for a while. Will you leave
    now?"he asked not looking at me. I was
    staring at him not saying anything. "Am
    sorry. Are you mad at me?"I asked feeling
    bad. He turned to me smiling. "Why should I
    be mad at you? You're right. I can't just wait
    to get married to you. So you can't stop me
    then"he said and we both laughed. He
    moved closer and hugged me"Am I
    permitted to do this?"he asked. "Why are
    you asking me when you did already"I said
    laughing. I looked up at his face smiling. He
    was rubbing my shoulder lightly also
    smiling. "Can we just stay like this for a
    while?"he asked. "It's ok then. Let's stay
    like this."I said.
    Since today is Sunday, I would just sleep till
    am satisfied since I won't be going to school.
    I didn't want to open my eyes, trying to get
    some more sleep. But wait, what's this
    smell?"I thought to myself sniffing my nose.
    That lovely rosy smell is from...
    I opened my eyes widely and found myself
    in Noah's bed. My body was covered with his
    blanket. I looked beside me but couldn't find
    him. "What happened? Did I sleep here last
    night? In Noah's room?"I asked in surprise. I
    opened the bed cover to check my body. I
    found the cloth I was putting on yesterday
    still on me which means nothing happened
    between us. But why must I fall asleep in his
    room? What of mum, she would have been
    so worried I didn't come home last night. Oh
    my God what will I tell her? Where will I tell
    her I went to? I thought to myself panicking.
    I climbed down from the bed preparing to
    leave in hurry."you're awake"I heard
    Noah's voice.

    Episode 36

    He walked up to me hanging a towel around
    his neck. "Why didn't you wake me up
    yesterday? Am in trouble now"I said looking
    at him. "Because I also slept off."he replied
    smiling. I don't know why he's even smiling.
    "Just forget it. I'll be leaving now"I said
    looking at him badly. "Stop! You can't go like
    that you know?"he said holding my hand. Is
    he crazy? What does he mean by that?. I
    thought to myself staring at him. "Wh..what
    again"I stuttered. He pulled me closer
    smiling. "You can't go with your hair like
    this. It's so messy."he said smoothing it with
    his hand. "You can leave now"he said. I
    quickly rushed to the door and open it a
    little. I peeped looking if anyone is around.
    When I saw no one, I quickly moved out and
    walked towards our room. "Oh my God.
    What will I tell mum? She might
    misunderstand if I tell her I slept in Noah's
    room. What would I say to her?"I thought to
    I finally got to the doorstep and was
    standing there afraid to open the door. Am
    dead for real. Mum will totally
    misunderstand. I raised my hand slowly to
    open the door but it was trembling as it
    touch the handle. "What are you doing?"
    "Oh my!"I said almost screaming out of
    shock. I looked back and saw mum holding
    her hand bag. "Whats wrong? Why are you
    standing there like that?"she asked looking
    at me. She was staring at me waiting for
    reply. What should I say? Let's think of
    "Whats the matter? You woke up so early
    today. You forgot it's Sunday?"she asked
    reaching to open the door. She opened it
    and walked in. What's this? She didn't ask
    about where I slept last night. Didn't she
    also sleep here last night?"I thought to
    myself following her in. I went to sit on the
    sofa looking at her as she off her cloths.
    "Were you not home yesterday?"I asked.
    She looked at me shaking her head. "I
    followed madam to the companies party
    yesterday night. It's not like you saw me
    here last night. Why are you asking that
    type of question when you slept alone in the
    room?"she asked looking at me. "Oh yes. I
    slept very early yesterday. I didn't know you
    went out"I said laughing. I hope she fall for
    that. "You must have been so worried about
    me. So sorry you slept alone. It was an
    emergency. I didn't plan to go with her
    before. Hope you were not scared?"she
    asked stroking my hair. I smiled feeling so
    relieved to hear that.
    Noah's POV
    I rested my back on the bed facing up with
    my legs touching the floor thinking about
    last night.
    Flash back...
    I hugged her stroking her hair softly. "Let's
    just stay like this for a while"I said. "Ok.
    Let's do that"she replied smiling. I feel so
    good to have her in my arms. "I would like
    to take you somewhere tomorrow. Will you
    be chanced?"I asked. "Hmm. Where is
    that?"she asked sounding sleepy.
    "Somewhere I've been dreaming to go with
    the girl I love. The girl that gives me
    happiness every time we are together. The
    girl I wish to spent the rest of my life with.
    Since you turn out been the one, I want to
    go there with you."I said smiling but get no
    response. "Are you sleeping?"I asked
    looking at her face. She has slept off
    already. "How can you fall asleep so quick?"I
    asked. My phone rang and I picked it when I
    saw it was my mum. "Hello son. Are you
    sleeping?"she asked. "Oh yeah mum"I
    replied. "Ok enjoy your sleep then. I left for
    our company's anniversary party. I don't
    think you can come can you?"she asked.
    "No mum. Am so tired. I need some rest"I
    said faking my voice. "Yes. You should rest.
    Sorry to disturb you. I'll sleep over and will
    return home in the morning if it's too late.
    Take care. Bye"she said. "Mum"I called
    before she could hang up. "What is it?"she
    asked. "Who's going with you?"I asked. "No
    one"she replied. "Ah ok. Why not take
    madam Lucia with you. You might end up
    been drunk. Someone need to accompany
    you home. you can just take her with you in
    case"I said. "There's no need for that. I can
    manage on my own"she said. "Mum just
    take her. Am worried about you. What if
    you have an attack, no one would be there
    with you. I don't want something bad to
    happen"I said hoping she would agree on
    that. "Why bringing that up uhn? I don't
    know why you're so after me taking her
    along. Ok I'll take her. Bye take care"she
    said. "Ok mum bye"I said and hung up. I
    dropped my phone smiling. I gently removed
    Ellie's hand from my body lying her to sleep
    properly. "You don't have to worry. Just
    sleep here for tonight"I said covering her
    with the bed cover. I laid beside her looking
    at her face closely. "You look more pretty
    while sleeping"I said smiling. She moved her
    hand and wrapped them around me smiling
    too. Can she hear me? I looked at her face
    but she was fast asleep. When it's 1:15am, I
    couldn't get proper sleep because of her
    sleeping habit. She hit her arm on my chest.
    "Ah.."i groaned because it hurt. I removed it
    gently then tried to sleep turning my back
    on her. She curled her arms around me and
    her legs too. This girl is more than a
    temptation.? I thought to myself closing my
    eyes. I removed her arms then her legs too
    and covered her well. I tried to sleep again
    and I felt her arm around my waist hugging
    me tight from behind. "Damn it!"I said. I
    removed her hands gently and got up from
    bed. I starred at her for a while and shook
    my head. "You surely have a bad sleeping
    habit. I can't let you kill me before morning
    ok."I said. I covered her properly with the
    bed covered then got off the bed. I took one
    of the pillows and went to take another
    blanket. I headed to the long couch to sleep
    there leaving her to sleep alone on the bed.
    I was thinking about all this smiling to
    myself. "I wonder if she's always like that
    when sleeping."I said smiling.
    Ellie's POV
    We are moving our luggage to the truck
    outside. Since mum said we will move out
    today. I just wonder how she got the money
    for us to move out so quickly. After we
    finished loading our stuffs in the truck, I
    saw Mrs Williams approaching. "Why saw Mrs Williams approaching. "Why are
    you packing? What happening?"she asked
    looking at mum and I. "Sorry ma'am. For
    not informing you in earlier. We are moving
    out today. Thanks for letting us stay till
    now. I'll forever remember your
    gratitude"mum said. "Why? Is someone
    bothering you guys?"she asked. "No ma'am.
    Since I found an apartment for us, we have
    to move out just as I promised. Thanks for
    you care and affection. I'll have to resume to
    work next tomorrow"mum said looking at
    her. "Ok. Since you insisted on leaving, you
    guys can go then. But you should have
    inform me earlier. Hope it's somewhere
    comfortable?"she asked. "Yes it is ma.
    Thank you once again. We'll leave
    now"mum said. "Ok. Take care. You have to
    come to work next tomorrow as you said"
    "No problem"mum said smiling. "Bye
    ma'am"I said with a bow. She nodded her
    head smiling.
    We got into the truck and the driver drove
    out of the compound.
    Few minutes later, we got to the place. "Is it
    really this place?"I asked wondering where
    mum could see money to afford the place. It
    was not really big but bigger than our
    formal apartment. The environment was
    cool and neat. I was looking around the
    environment through the windscreen. I
    guess it must be expensive."Yes this is the
    place. Get down"she said and I opened the
    door. "Mum but how do you get the money?
    This place look expensive"I said looking
    around. "Not that expensive. The landlord
    rent it out so cheap. I can afford the bill
    every month from my salary"mum said. I
    nodded my head staring at her. I just hope
    it's not what am thinking. Is mum keeping
    something from me?
    Noah's POV
    I freshened up and got dressed then went
    down stairs to the dinning room. Helen went
    back to Canada since last week and dad
    travelled yesterday. Only mum and I would
    be eating dinner together this morning.
    When dad was still around, I don't eat in the
    dinning room because of him. I prefer to
    have my meal in my room. But now that
    he's gone, I can eat freely with mum. "Good
    morning mum"I greeted and went to peck
    her before sitting down. "How was your
    night son?"she asked smiling. "Good"I
    We started eating after we prayed. Just as
    we were eating, I noticed she was looking at
    me occasionally. So I decided to ask her
    what the matter is. "Mum is anything
    wrong? You don't look good"I said. She
    dropped her fork gently looking at me. "The
    girl you like, why did you refuse to tell me
    about her? "She asked looking at me. "Mum
    let's just eat quietly. It's bad to talk while
    eating. When I finish we'll talk about it."I
    said still eating. "Why am I having this
    strange feeling about you and that girl?"she
    said I dropped the fork and knife looking at
    her. "Which girl are you talking about?"I
    asked. "Never mind. I think am wrong"she
    said smiling. "Do you really want to know
    the girl I like?"I asked not looking at her.
    She didn't say anything and I took that as a
    yes. "Since you'll still know about it, I should
    just tell you now. The girl I like is ellie
    madam Lucia's daughter"I said looking at
    her. The expression on her face was kind of
    confusing that I couldn't read it. She was
    staring at me not saying anything.
    Ellie's POV
    After we finished moving the stuffs in, the
    truck man left and we both went in. I don't
    think I can change school. I'll just beg her to
    let me stay till graduation. I was looking for
    way to bring it up when Someone pressed
    the doorbell outside and mum asked me to
    check who it is. I walked to the door to
    check the person there. I opened it but
    found no one. "What's this? I think I heard
    someone press the bell"I said looking
    around. "Who is it?"mum asked. I looked
    beside the door and found a big brown
    envelope on the floor. "What's this?"I said
    bending down to pick it. I took it then
    headed back in after closing the door. I got
    to mum and sat down showing her the
    envelope. "I can't find anyone outside. I
    found this by the door step instead"I said.
    "How strange? Check what's in it"mum said.
    I opened it and saw some papers and a flash
    drive in it. I then saw a small note. I opened
    it to read the content inside. "If you want to
    know how your father died, watch the tape
    in this envelope. Go through all the files and
    that would lead you to something"I read it
    silently. My hand was trembling seriously
    when I finished reading it. "What's wrong?
    What did you see? Why are you so
    shocked?"mum asked looking at me.
    I took out the flash holding it up for mum to
    see. "With this, we can know the whole
    truth behind dad's death. We can put
    whosoever did it into prison. And can go
    back and claim his properties"I said looking
    at mum while holding the flash so tightly
    thinking of revenge on whosoever it may

    Episode 37

    Noah's POV
    I was staring at her expecting to hear
    something. "She's the one. The girls am
    talking about"I said. "Am so surprised to
    know it's her. I mean when did you guys get
    so close? You really surprised me son"mum
    said. "What do you think about it?"I asked
    looking at her. "Ellie's is a good and well
    trained girl. I like her naturally from the
    start. Since you also like her, I have no
    choice than to support my son."she said
    smiling. I feel so relieved to hear that. At
    least mum didn't go against us like dad did.
    Ellie's POV
    I played the media for mum and I to watch.
    It was a video record. It shows no one but
    the beast like uncle Tony's face. Mum and I
    listened to it. Mum started crying as it
    played. I couldn't help it also but cry. "My
    poor dad. He was murdered truly. But who's
    voice is this talking in the background? It
    must be the person recording it"I said still
    After I listened to the voice note, I went
    through those documents. It was the exact
    file my dad's brother drugged my mum to
    sign the other day. I saw it clearly but
    couldn't stop him then because, I was not in
    good condition. Mum and I were on hospital
    bed then, when he brought the file.
    Dad, mum, and I were going out for a picnic
    on Saturday morning when the accident
    Flash back...
    Three years ago..
    "Ellie what are you still doing? Your dad is
    waiting outside"mum said as she walks into
    my room. I was struggling to zip up the
    gown I wore because it was so tricky I
    couldn't do it. "Mum can you help me with
    this?"I asked. She zipped it up for me and I
    quickly put on my shoes. "How do I look?"I
    asked mum turning around. "You look good
    dear. Let's just go."she said. I picked up my
    hand bag and followed mum out to the
    compound. Dad was there waiting for us in
    his car. He smiled as we approached. We got
    to the car and went in. Mum was sitting in
    the front beside dad, while I was sitting at
    the back passenger seat. "What took you
    guys so long?"he asked as he started the
    engine. "Sorry dear."mum said smiling.
    "Anyway, my daughter looks so beautiful
    today"he said and I smiled. He drove towards
    the gate and the security opened it before
    his car got there.
    Soon, we got to the highway. I brought out
    my phone playing game as he drives. "Dad's
    phone rang and he picked it using the
    Bluetooth. "Hello"he said. I dont know what
    the person said but he seems so
    shocked."What!"he shouted and that made
    me dropped my phone. "Honey what's
    wrong? Why are you so shocked?"mum
    asked looking worried. "How co..uld.."he
    tried to say something but held his
    chest."Lydia.."he wanted to say
    something again but his voice was shaky. He
    started coughing and that got both of us
    more worried. "Daddy what wrong? Dad get
    yourself together"I said holding him by the
    shoulder. The way he was driving was not
    normal again. "Honey talk to me. Pull over
    and tell me what's wrong."mum said
    holding him. He wanted to talk again but he
    coughed out blood. "Daddy please!"I
    screamed with tears rolling down my cheek.
    "Honey what's wrong? Why are you acting
    this way? Talk to me honey"mum said also
    crying. he tried to pull over but the car
    started driving roughly due to his condition.
    A big truck was coming ahead as he drives.
    Mum and I screamed as the car headed
    towards the truck. It knocked into it. I could
    hear some noises and chattered of glasses
    as this happened and that was all I could
    remember then.
    I opened my eyes later to find uncle Tony
    beside mum. I have no idea where I was. "I
    need your signature on this file as quick as
    possible."he said to mum. I was too weak to
    say anything and didn't remember the
    accident happened then. I couldn't tell what
    time or date it is that day. I was just staring
    at him as he talks to mum. There was
    another man standing beside him holding
    some files. Mum took the file and went
    through it. She looked at uncle Tony and
    threw the file away angrily. "I.. Wo..uld..
    Never sign on this if this is what you
    want"mum said looking at him disgustingly.
    "Really? You don't want to sign it? Fine
    since you don't want to"he said smiling.
    "You this betrayal!"mum said looking bad.
    "You just know I am? Since he's my brother
    anyway, his things are also mine. I'll soon
    marry you as my fifth wife when you get
    better"he said laughing out. Mum spatted on
    his face in anger. "How dare you!"he yelled
    on mum trying to hit her but he stopped
    when the other man said something to him.
    "Oh that's right. I shouldn't hit a patient.
    We'll talk about this more when you get
    better"he said smiling. He stretched out his
    hand to the man beside him and he handed
    a syringe to him. He smiled again before
    injecting that on mum's arm. I tried saying
    something but my voice refuses to come
    out. Tears rolled down my cheek as I was
    unable to help mum. He took mum's hand
    as she was too weak to talk or do anything.
    He placed her thumb on a red ink then
    stamped it on the file. "This would do
    better"he said smiling again. He looked at
    me and smiled. "Let's go mr richard"he said
    and left with the man.
    I cried looking at mum from where I was
    lying. I closed my eyes and was unconscious.
    The day I opened my eyes again, I looked
    beside me and couldn't find mum. It was
    then those memory of the accident got into
    my head. I then discovered I was on a
    hospital bed with oxygen mask on. I
    removed the mask and the plaster on my
    hand passing drip into my body. I removed
    everything and got down from bed. "Daddy!
    Daddy where are you?"I said crying as I
    roam about the room. I opened the door and
    went out crying and calling my dad's name.
    "Daddy, mum your daughter is here where
    are you?"I said crying. Some patients in the
    hospital were looking at me as I walk about.
    "Miss ellie"I heard someone's voice as they
    rushed to me. I looked up and saw it was the
    doctor. "You can't walk around now. Go
    back to bed"he said holding my hand.
    "Where's dad? Where's my mum?"I asked
    looking at him. "Ellie!"I heard mums voice. I
    looked back and saw her. She dropped the
    bag she was holding and rushed to me. She
    hugged me tight sobbing. "Finally my
    daughter is up. Thank you God. Am so
    happy you woke up"mum said crying.
    "W..where's dad? Why is he not coming with
    you?"I asked. She sobbed holding my hand.
    "Your dad is... Your dad Is dead ellie. Am
    sorry dear. He left us in this cruel
    world"mum said crying out. "What? No
    nooo!. Dad can't be dead! Mum show me
    where he is now. His daughter have
    something to tell him. Daddy!"I screamed
    crying out loud. " sorry ellie."mum
    said crying. "Daddy! Let me go. I want to see
    my dad. He must be waiting for me
    somewhere"I said trying to free myself from
    the doctor's grip. "Daddy! He can't be dead
    mum. I saw him yesterday. I remembered
    he told me am beautiful. Dad said that to me
    smiling. I remembered clearly. How could
    you say such thing mum? No!!! Lets go to
    him mum. he's waiting for us at home."I
    said crying while looking at mum who was
    also crying so bitterly. "Daddy!!!"I screamed
    holding the doctor's arm."Nurse!"I heard the
    doctor screamed holding my hand. I fell in
    his arm and collapsed that was all I
    When I woke up again, I had feel ok but not
    fully. Mum came to take me home. Later,
    we both went to visit him at his grave. I
    accepted the bitter fact that he's now gone
    from this world forever. The house we used
    to lived in was taken from us by his uncle.
    And his companies and properties too were
    under him. He claimed dad willed everything
    to him showing us the documents. Mum's
    lawyer said he can't do anything to it
    because the file has mums finger print on it
    which means mum approved the properties
    should go to him truly. Mum cried and cried
    while I consoled her. We moved out of the
    house and found an apartment to stay with
    the money mum still have in her account.
    After some months, her account was
    hacked and blocked that she couldn't have
    access to it again. Since then, everything
    was so hard on us. Uncle Tony made us fall
    from grace to grass.
    Mum and I were crying after listening to the
    voice conversations dad had with the uncle
    tony three years ago.
    It goes...
    "Hello"dad said.
    "Hello brother. I asked you sign the contract
    but you refused? How dare you? Have you
    forgotten I made you who you are
    today?"he said. Dad didn't say anything.
    "Fine. Since you don't want to do willingly,
    I'll do it by force because your life would
    soon end now."he said laughing.
    "What?"dad shouted.
    "Yeah because the drink you had at my
    place was poisoned. You'll start coughing
    blood any moment from now then die slowly
    as I wish. Don't worry, I'll take care of you
    wife and daughter. Just die peacefully ok.
    Big brother loves you"he said laughing.
    "How.."dad tried to talk but he couldn't.
    He started coughing few seconds later. I
    guess that was when mum and I were
    asking him what the problem was that day.
    "Mr Richard what are you doing? Prepare
    the files right now. I can't wait any longer.
    "Y..yes...sir"he said with his voice shaking.
    "Hey come back here."uncle tonny
    commanded. "Here I am sir"he said. "What
    just happened today, no one must know
    about it except the two of us. If it leak out, I
    would have you killed myself"he said to
    him. "O.ok.. Sir. No one would know about it
    sir. I promise"he said. "But wait. Why is the
    touch of your phone on?"he asked. "Oh
    sorry sir. I didn't notice that"he said and
    that was the end of everything. I think this
    mr Richard was the one videoing
    Mum and I looked at each other crying.
    "He's such a beast mum. He doesn't deserve
    to live"I said sobbing.
    I stood up and took the files heading out.
    "Where are going to?"mum asked. "To the
    police station. I'll take this things to the
    police to see for themselves"I replied looking
    at her. "You can't do that now ellie. How are
    you sure the police would make action on
    this? Tony is a very dangerous person to
    deal with. Even if the police arrest him, he
    would be released that day because he has a
    strong connections. So you can't just take
    this to them. This is our only hope. we have
    to treat it carefully"mum said. "Then what
    should we do? He must really suffer for all
    what he did."I said crying. "Let's find the
    person that sent this. We must meet with
    the person by all means"mum said looking
    at me. "You mean mr Richard?"I asked.

    Episode 38

    Noah's POV
    Mum told me ellie and her mum moved out
    in the morning. It's true she told me they'll
    be moving out soon but doesn't say it would
    be that quick. I went up to my room and
    dialed Ellie's number.
    She picked up seconds later. "Ellie where
    are you?"I asked. "I told you we'll be moving
    out today. We moved out already"she
    replied. "Ok. Hope everything is fine?"I
    asked looking more concern. "Yes of course.
    Am doing alright except from I can't see
    you"she said and I smiled. "Would you like
    hang out with me today?. I have somewhere
    interesting I want to go with you"
    It took her a while before replying. "Oh
    sorry. I have things I must do with mum.
    Maybe other times. Am so sorry"she said. I
    feel disappointed on hearing that. "That
    mean I can't see you today? Ok. Are you
    coming to school tomorrow?"I asked hoping
    she would say yes. "School? Ah I'm not sure
    but I'll find a way to come"she replied.
    "Why? Just come. You must come to school"I
    said using a command tone. I heard her
    giggle and I smiled too. "Ok. I will make sure
    I come sir"she said and laughed. "Thank
    you"I smiled feeling relieved.
    Ellie's POV
    Me and mum were planning to meet with
    the man that sent the envelope. The man
    calling us to meet with him must have been
    the man that also sent this documents. So,
    we must meet with him at all cost.
    I dialed the number that called the other
    day. It rings and a girl picked it up. "Daddy
    you have a call"she said. "Oh I told you not
    to pick my calls when am not around.
    You're so stubborn"a man's voice said.
    "Hello"he said. "Good evening sir. This is
    "Ellie Daniels?"he called my name before I
    could finish the introduction. I was a bit
    surprised by that. This man must surly
    know my father. Who is he?
    "I guess you went through the files that's
    why you called."he said. "Yes sir. Thank you
    for everything you gave us. I'll really like to
    meet with you"I said. "You want to know
    more of it?"he asked. "Yes sir"I replied.
    "Hmm. You definitely have to. That's the
    only help I can render to you guys at least
    before I die"
    "Before you die? What do you mean by
    that?"I asked. "I'll text you the address. But
    one thing. You have to come alone. Don't
    bring anyone with you"he said. "I'll
    definitely come alone. Don't worry about
    that"I replied. "Good. You'll receive the
    address shortly"he said and hung up. I
    looked at mum and dropped my phone.
    "What did he say"mum asked. "He'll text the
    address."i replied. Few minutes later, a
    message came in and I checked. "Mum it's
    the address. It said I have to be there in
    1hour time"I said looking at mum. "Ok.
    Good. we must surely get something from
    him"mum said.
    When it's 30minutes, I dressed up and
    prepared to leave. "Be careful ok."mum
    said. "Ok mum. Bye"I said and left the
    I used the address given to me to get there.
    When I got there, I didn't see anyone so I
    waited for his arrival. It was somewhere like
    a bar.
    I sat on one of the chairs looking around the
    compound to see if he'll show up soon. I
    actually haven't t seen his face before so, I
    can't recognise him on less he came to me.
    Just as I was waiting eagerly, a man showed
    up. He had a black faze cap on. He stood
    before me looking around before sitting
    down. "Good evening sir"I greeted him
    bowing my head a little. "Good evening
    miss."he greeted back. I was looking at his
    face trying to recollect where I saw him. His
    face looks so familiar to me. "Are you mr
    Richard?"I asked.
    "Yes I am mr Richard. The late mr Daniels
    formal secretary."he said and I recollect his
    face immediately. "I guess you're the man
    from that day."I said after remembering I
    saw him at the hospital the other day. "Have
    we met before?"he asked looking at me.
    "Yes. I saw you at the hospital. You were
    with uncle Tony"I replied. He nodded his
    head looking at me. "You're right but let's
    leave that aside for now. I have to discuss
    what I came here for and leave on time."he
    said. He looks so uncomfortable as he looks
    around the area while talking. "You receive
    the file I sent right?"he asked and I nodded
    my head. "Yes sir"I said. "I have to help you
    guys. Your dad is a very loyal and nice
    person. Ever since he died, my mind was
    never at peace. I feel so bad and guilty of
    what I did. I feel so miserable for partaking
    in the act. For knowing the truth and not
    saying it. Your dad was the one who lifted
    me and my family up from the dust and
    gave us a proper life to live. When I
    remember all this, I feel so guilty about
    what happened three years ago. My
    conscience didn't let me rest."he said
    looking sad. "When you know you'll regret
    it, why did you do it?"I asked staring at him.
    He was quiet for a while before replying
    me."hmm. You have no idea of what
    president Tony would do just to get
    whatever he wants. Even if I refuse to do it,
    another person would do better than i. The
    only help I could render to you guys then,
    was that I fabricated the documents I gave
    to him then. I sent the original documents to
    you. Right now, my life is in danger because
    he found out I was holding it. Before he get
    me and do whatever he wants to do, I have
    to help you guys. I must help you."he said
    looking at me. I was staring at him not
    saying anything.
    "What you'll have to do now is..."he stopped,
    looking around the place. "The documents I
    gave to you, you guys must take it to lawyer
    Patrick(my mum's former lawyer) he's the
    only person I can trust right now. He's the
    only one that can help you guys. You must
    look for him at all cost. And do that
    immediately before it's too late."he said.
    "Lawyer Patrick?"I asked looking at him.
    "Yes.."he said. He was looking around then
    looked back at me and nodded his head for
    me to get closer. I moved my head closer
    and he whispered something to me. "I have
    the feeling someone is watching us. I must
    leave here immediately"he said adjusting
    his faze cap. He stood up still looking
    around. He looked back at me nodding his
    head. "You must definitely find him"he said
    and I nodded my head in response. He left
    the place while I was still sitting there
    thinking about all he said. I feel so bad for
    my late dad again. "Dad, do you really think
    uncle Tony is you blood? How can a brother
    you trusted so much betrayed you like this?
    How could he do such thing to his biological
    brother? Is he even human at all?"I said
    with tears on my face. I wiped it off with my
    hand. "We must find lawyer Patrick if truly,
    he's the only solution to our problems"I said
    getting up. I walked out heading back home.
    When I got out to the entrance, what I saw
    really shocked me. "Oh my God! Mr Richard
    what's wrong with you? What happened?"I
    asked bending down beside him. I was
    shaking his body which was lying on the
    floor. I wonder how that manage to happen.
    I looked at my hand and saw blood. That
    shocked me more and my whole body was
    trembling in fear. ""I said looking
    at my hands. "Get up mr Richard. Who did
    this to you? Please get up"I said shaking his
    body. He opened his eyes a little, staring at
    me. "Go. You have to leave immediately.
    Those men can't see you or you be in
    trouble. Leave me alone and go. You must
    do all I said."he said in a weak tone. "Why?
    What happened? I can't leave you here. I
    have to call ambulance."I said crying. "Don't
    worry about me. I know this would happen
    anyway. But I feel so relieved I did what I
    should have done three years ago. I think
    now, am free. I can die in peace. Just leave
    me and go. You have to survive for yourself
    first. Am paying for my sin right now. You
    can leave me."he said weakly. He was
    coughing blood as he talk but he kept
    talking. The wound by his waist looks like
    he was shot with a gun. How can I leave him
    in this painful condition?. I thought to
    myself crying. "You can still survive if I take
    you to a hospital quickly. I must save you.
    You really helped us a lot I must not let you
    die"I said trying to pull him up. He looked
    beside him and pushed me away so hard.
    "Go! You have to leave now!"he said with
    his last strength before giving up the ghost.
    I cried more looking at his body. I stood up
    and was moving back still looking at him. I
    turned and was rushing out to get taxi
    home. It's 7:16pm already getting dark. My
    whole body was trembling in fear with my
    hands stained with his blood. A call came
    into my phone and I picked it. "Hello noah"I
    said crying.
    Noah's POV
    I was upstairs resting in my room with jullie
    (my dog) beside me. I decided to call ellie
    because I feel like hearing her voice. I was
    smiling as I dialed her number. "Hello cutie"I
    said smiling hoping to hear her funny reply.
    "Hello noah"she said. Her voice sounds
    different. Looks like she was crying or
    something. I got up from the couch looking
    so worried. "What happened? Why is your
    voice like that? Are you crying?"I asked.
    "Noah that man is dead. My hand is stained
    with his blood. They killed him too as
    they... killed..."she was not able to talk
    properly because she was crying so much.
    "Who? Who died? Who killed who? Where
    are you right now?"I asked looking so
    worried and impatient. "Wh..y"
    "Get yourself together and talk straight!
    What happened to you? Where are you right
    now?"I shouted on her.
    "I have no idea of where I am. Am lost"she
    said crying. "Oh my God. Ok can you
    recognise anything around you? Like a
    house or shop?"I asked.
    "Ha..rm..harmony ba.."she didn't finish it
    before I heard someone's voice in the
    background. "Here you are"the person said.
    The line went off suddenly and that got me
    more worried. "Hello. Ellie who's that?"I
    asked but couldn't hear anything again. I
    threw my phone on the couch in anger.
    "What in the world happened to you ellie?
    Where are you exactly?"I said feeling so
    worried and confused.
    I picked up my phone and car key then
    headed out to the compound dialing her
    number again.
    Ellie's POV
    As I was still talking to noah on phone, I
    heard someone's voice behind me and I
    turned back. I saw some men looking at me.
    One of them hit off my phone and it fell on
    the hard floor. I looked at my phone then
    moved back staring at them. "W..who are
    you guys? What do you want from me?"I
    asked looking at them as I tremble in fear. I
    remembered when mr Richard said, "go
    now! The men may come after you. Just
    leave me and escape" I swallowed hard
    looking at them one after the other. One of
    the men did hand signal to the rest and they
    were walking closer to me. "Don't move
    closer. Who are you guys? Get away from
    me"I said moving back too. They held my
    hands at both side and covered my face with
    a black Hood. "Get her in the car
    immediately"someone said and I was
    dragged away to somewhere I didn't know.

    Episode 39

    Noah's POV
    I got into my car and drove out. "Ellie where
    are you exactly? What's going on with
    you?"I asked in confusion. I called her
    number again but it was unavailable. I called
    mum and ask her to text me madam Lucia's
    number. She did and I called her
    immediately. She gave me the address of
    their new home and I drove down there.
    When I got there, she was already waiting
    for me outside the building also looking
    worried. I pulled over and got down from
    the car. "Did you say she called you? What's
    really happening to my daughter?"she
    rushed to me asking me questions. "Ma I
    think she's in trouble. I need to find her
    quickly. Do you have any idea of where she
    might be? Does she tell you where she's
    going before leaving home?"I asked looking
    at her. "It's a long story. She went out to
    meet someone but I didn't know it would
    turn out like this. Oh my poor ellie. What
    have I done?"she said weeping seriouslhave I done?"she said weeping seriously.
    "It's ok ma. I'll find her. I'll make sure I do
    anything within my power to find ellie."I
    said to console her. "Please help me.
    Nothing must happen to her. Please help me
    young master"she said crying.
    I looked at her feeling bad as she weep.
    I left her place and was driving back on the
    highway heading nowhere. I remembered
    the name of the place she called before her
    phone went off. "Ha..harmony bar?"I said.
    "She said harmony bar. Where could that
    be? There are lot of bars around here.
    Which one exactly would I know it's
    harmony bar"I said looking around as I
    drive. I searched for it on my phone map
    and it brought a lot of bar with the name
    harmony. "Which one of it is the place?"I
    asked myself in confusion. I concluded to
    visit the bars one after the other until I find
    a clue of which one she went to. The first
    one I got to, I asked the bartender about her
    describing how she look. He said he never
    saw someone like that. I went out and tried
    another one. When I got to the third one, I
    asked and still got the same answer. I then
    thought probably she didn't visit the bar.
    Maybe she was standing around the area. I
    was walking back to where I left my car. I
    look so worried and stressed out. As I was
    walking, I kicked something with my feet. I
    stopped, looking at the object. "It's a phone"I
    said bending down to pick it up. I found out
    it was Ellie's phone. "Why is her phone
    here? What happened to her? What's really
    going on with ellie?"I asked myself looking
    so scared and confused.
    Ellie's POV
    When they were taking me to the car, I was
    struggling to free myself from them while
    screaming for help. They forced me into the
    car and locked it. I hit the windscreen trying
    to break it but it was too hard. I screamed
    and struggled from the men's grip. I felt
    something injected into my body and I
    passed out.
    I opened my eyes to find myself in an
    unfamiliar room. I tried to talk then found
    out my mouth was plastered. My body and
    hands were tied down on a chair. I struggled
    on the chair but everything was useless
    because I couldn't free myself. Soon, a man
    came in. He walked up to me smiling. "Why
    are you trying so hard dear. You seem to
    have a lot of energy now. I just need to ask
    you one thing and you must talk"he said
    looking at me. "Who are you? What do you
    want from me? Let me go now!"I screamed
    on top of my voice. He didn't moved a bit
    from where he was standing."your scream
    won't help anything here. All I want is the
    document mr Richard gave to you. I know
    you have it. If you so much value your
    life,hand it over now"he said looking at me.
    I was shocked wondering how they know
    about it. Who are this guys axactly?
    Noah's POV
    I went to different station to report a
    missing person. I gave them her pictures
    too. I informed mum about it and she also
    promise to help with anything. Soon, police
    were perusing every area searching for her.
    I didn't stop in searching for her too. It's
    almost 8pm and she hasn't been found.
    I wonder what would be happening to her
    right now. I hope it's not what happened the
    other night I went after her. I just hope they
    didn't touch a hair on her before we'll find
    her. Many things were running into my
    head as I drive. I was not concentrating
    anymore until I almost bump into
    something. I quickly stepped on break and
    my head hit the staring wheel."What was
    that?"I asked looking scared. I raised up my
    head slowly in fear that I have hit someone.
    "Did I hit a person?"I asked myself. I could
    feel blood dripping from my head. I opened
    the door slowly and rushed out to see what
    fell to the ground. When I got there, I saw it
    was a person. I was scared so, I bent down to
    look closely. When I saw the face of the
    person, my mouth was widely opened in
    shock as tears rolled down my cheek
    uncontrollably. She was covered with so
    many bruises and cuts. Her dress was
    messed up with blood. I sat on the floor and
    took her in my arm"E..ellie. Ellie is this
    really you?"I asked touching her face which
    had bruises on it. "What happened to you?
    Why are you like this? Please say something
    to me"I said crying. She opened her eyes
    faintly looking at me with a smile. She
    raised her hand slowly and touched my face.
    "It's noah."she said smiling. "Yes. it's me
    ellie. Please get up and let's go home" I said
    looking at her in tears. She smiled looking
    at me"noah. Th...the guy that I love with all
    my heart. The person that will do anything
    just for my sake. The guys that first tell me,
    I love you ellie. The best man on earth"she
    said and tears dropped from her eyes. "It's
    ok Ellie. Am here for you. Since I got you,
    let's go"I said sobbing. "A..and the guy that
    always show up anytime am in danger or
    point of death. W...why?"she said crying. I
    hugged her tight also crying. "Am sorry for
    coming so late this time. Please forgive me"I
    said sobbing. "It's not your fault noah.
    Anything is not you fault. It's just that this
    is fate."she said. I released her from the hug
    and was looking at her face. "Its ok. Let's go
    to the hospital first. I'll call your mum and
    tell her I found you. Let me take you to the
    hospital qui..."I didn't finish talking before
    she started coughing out blood. "
    Ellie what's wrong? Please don't do this to
    me."I said and took her up. I took her into
    the car and rushed to the driver's seat. I
    drove in speed heading to the hospital.
    "Please hang on. I'll soon get there. Please"I
    said in panic. "Help my mum. She'll be in
    danger now. Those men will go after her.
    Please help her"she said in a weak tone
    holding my shirt from the back. "Ok I will"i
    said. Her hand loose from my shirt and it
    dropped down. "please hang on. Am almost
    there. Please don't die ellie. I beg you"I said
    increasing the speed.
    Finally I got to the hospital and took her in
    my arms heading in. "Doctor please help!"i
    said and Some nurses quickly came to get
    her from me and put her on a stretcher. She
    was rushed into the operating room. I
    followed them but was stopped at the
    entrance. "You can't come in. You have to
    stay outside sir"one of the nurse said.
    I called detective mark and gave them the
    address of Ellie's house. I told them to go
    there immediately. And I heard him called
    the names of other detective before hanging
    up the call. I sat on a bench in the hospital
    looking so worried and stressed out. I called
    mum and told her I found ellie. She said
    she'll be in the hospital soon.
    My mind was not at peace as the operation
    went on in the room. I wish I could go in
    there and see for myself as they do it. I
    stood up and was walking to and fro the
    entrance praying nothing serious happen to
    Some minutes later, two surgeons were
    coming out of the operation room. I rushed
    to one of them and asked about ellie. "What
    happened? How's she? Please say
    something to me"I said looking at him. He
    sighed before replying my question. "Am
    sorry sir"he said looking bad. "Sorry for
    what? Answer my questions now!"I yelled
    on him. "The truth is, she was actually
    poisoned with a toxic chemical. It took long
    before you brought her here. But we really
    tried our best sir. The poison has damaged a
    lot in her body system"he said. "What?
    Poison? What are you talking
    about? What will really happen to my ellie?
    Talk to me doctor. What will happen to
    her?"I asked holding him. "Am sorry sir. It
    can't be help. We are really trying our best
    but this had gone beyond our power. Her
    survival can not be guarantee. We just pray
    and hope for miracle"he said. "What? What
    do you mean? This can't be true. You must
    do something. There should be a way out.
    I'll pay any amount for her treatment.
    Please save her doctor. She must not die"I
    said crying. The doctor held my shoulder
    tightly. "If that's possible, we would do it.
    Am sorry sir"he said and was leaving. I
    collapsed on my kneels in tears. "No. That's
    not true. She can't die. No way."I said crying.
    I stood up and wanted to go into the
    operation room myself but was stopped by
    some nurses. "You can't go in now sir."one
    of them said holding me. "Let me go. I have
    to see her for myself. She can't die. Let me
    see her right now"I said trying to go in.
    "Son!"I heard mum's voice from behind. I
    stopped, and turned back slowly. She came
    with madam Lucia. They both had this
    worried look on their face when they saw
    me. Mum rushed to me and was holding my
    hand. "What's wrong? Why do you cry so
    much? Where's ellie?"she asked me but I
    was not able to say abything. "What
    happened to my daughter? Where's she
    right now?"madam Lucia also asked the
    same question. All I did was crying not
    giving them reply. My heart feel so hurt and
    my head also ache so badly. "Mummy... I
    want to see her. Tell those guys to leave the
    entrance or I'll Sue them all. I have to
    confirm it myself"I said pointing at the
    operation room. "Confirm what?"they both
    asked looking at me. I left them and was
    heading in again. Someone held my hand
    but I jacked it off and proceeded. Another
    male doctor held me and I jacked off my
    hand again. He stumbled into some tool on
    the table and everything fell making a loud
    noise."Please do something to stop him"I
    heard someone's voice. I feel my head
    aching so badly but I didn't stop or care
    about it. I almost got in but suddenly
    collapsed and passed out at the entrance.

    Episode 40

    Before ellie was found...
    Ellie's POV
    The man walked closer to me asking the
    same question. "Where are the documents
    giving to you? Tell me where it is now or
    you'll be dealt with seriously"he said raising
    my chin up with the stick he was holding. "I
    know nothing about it. Just let me go ok.
    Why are you guys doing this to me?"I asked
    looking at him. He smiled nodding his head.
    "You think this is a joke? Good. By the time
    you are tortured, you'll open up about it"the
    man said looking annoyed. "Guys!"he called
    and two men came in holding a whip each.
    "Beat her until she open up and if she
    refuse to do, I'll handle it myself"he said and
    stepped back looking at me. "I said I have
    nothing with me. Why do you guys want to
    do this to me?"I said looking at them. "It
    would be better you talk now before we
    ruin this your beautiful face and body"the
    first man said wrapping the whip around his
    hand. I was now getting scared trying to
    moving back on the chair. "Who sent you
    guys to do this? There must be someone. I
    said I know nothing about this just Let me
    go"I said looking at them. They began to
    whip my body. I was screaming as this goes
    on. After some minutes of torturing me, the
    man told the to stop and he came to me
    himself. My whole body was in discomfort
    and pain. "You're surely stubborn just as
    your father"he said looking at my face.
    "Talk now or you'll end up like your him"he
    said. "You think you guys would get away
    after doing this? Just wait and see. you this
    son of a bitch!"I said angrily while breathing
    so hard. I then spat on his face
    In anger. He slapped me hard on the face
    and I almost fell from the chair. "You're
    such a rude brat. How dare you talk like
    that to an adult? After all this torture, you
    still have the guts to talk? And you even
    spat on my face? Just open up now or I kill
    you myself you this bastard"he said and hit
    the stick hard on my laps. I screamed again
    crying out. He held my face up and I was
    looking at him. "It would be better you talk
    now or I'll rip that stupid mouth of yours
    myself"he said looking at me. "Is this all
    you've got? Did uncle Tony sent you guys?
    He want you guys to kill us just as he did to
    my father? Just as he poisoned my father?
    Tell that Coward to come out to me if he's a
    man. I have something to tell him. Tell him
    to show his evil face before me"I said
    screaming at the man. He closed his eyes me
    and stood up holding his forehead. "This girl
    had really gone crazy. How dare you say
    that.."he wanted to hit me with the stick
    again but someone came in. "Stop"the
    person said walking to us. He looked at me
    badly and stepped back. "Welcome sir"they
    said bowing to him. "I know it's you? I can't
    believe you can go far to the extent of
    hurting your brother's daughter. What have
    we really done to you to deserve all this
    treatments. What else do you really want
    after murdering your own blood?"I asked
    looking at him. He moved closer to me
    smiling. "Oh sorry dear. How can they do
    this to you? Who hit you among them? Tell
    me, your uncle will hit them back"he said
    touching my cheek. I shook my head off his
    hand looking more angry. "You're worst
    than devil himself. Killing my father isn't
    enough? You want to kill me too? Killing
    your blood isn't enough, you want to
    destroy the little family he left behind too?"I
    said looking at him. "Brother? Blood? Come
    on dear. We are brothers but did he tell you
    we are related by blood? No. I was adopted
    by his parent which means am not his blood.
    I don't have right to be giving anything. I
    was been treated nicely by my foster
    parents but ever since your father was
    born, they give me no attention again. They
    gave everything to him only giving me little
    to manage. Is that fair? Tell me. How can
    they treat us differently when they call both
    of us their son? I murdered that idiot before
    I hate him"he said looking at me. "Was it
    fun doing it? You kill my father because of
    that? You're so evil and heartless. Karma
    will surely get back at you"I said crying.
    "You think so my dear" he said touching my
    cheek. "Get that dirty hand off me you this
    liar. Go away from me"I said crying. "I have
    been monitoring every single move you
    guys make. I guess the document is not with
    you right now. Where is it? Didn't he give
    you the document when you guys meet?"he
    asked looking at me. "Even if I have it, I
    would never give it to you. Just wait and
    see. Your end is near"I said in tears. "Ok I
    understand. Hey guys"he called on the men.
    "Go to their new home and search
    everywhere. You must come here with the
    document or I kill you all"he commanded.
    He looked at me smiling. I was so angry that
    I held my fist so tight looking at him. "And
    wait. One more thing"he said and they
    stopped. He looked at me then looked at the
    men again. "If you happen to find that
    woman at home, kill her. I'll also take care
    of this one now"he said. "Ok sir"they said
    and left the room. He looked at me smiling.
    " you can't do that to my mum. She has
    done nothing wrong. You guys can't do that
    to her please."I said crying. "Will you tell me
    where it is then I'll stop them from killing
    her"he said looking at me. "Ok I will.
    Promise you won't do anything to her?"I
    asked crying. "Nope"he replied. "It's in the
    house. I kept it in my school bag. Now call
    them back not to kill my mum"I said looking
    at him. "Ok as you wish"he said and
    brought out his phone. "Hello guys"he said.
    He looked at me and smiled. "Look for a
    school bag there. That's where she kept
    it."he said and I feel relieved. "And also kill
    that woman and make sure she's dead
    before leaving that house."he said. "Noooo!
    You promised not to do that. Why are you
    not keeping your words? Please don't kill
    my mum. Please I beg you spare my mum"I
    said crying. He brought out a syringe and
    moved closer to me. "I think I made a huge
    mistake for not killing you guys three years
    ago. It would be better everything is cleared
    now to avoid distractions in future"he said
    looking at the syringe. He injected it on my
    neck and I could feel my body burning up. I
    screamed holding the chair. He dropped the
    syringe and moved back looking at me. I feel
    nothing in my body again except just the
    bruises and cuts I had earlier."You'll die
    slowly until the poison eat up your intestine
    and you give up the ghost just like your
    father. You have one an hour left"he said.
    He turned back and left the room. I was
    crying and screaming for help but no one
    come to my rescue. I tried freeing myself
    from the chair I was tied to, so I can go out
    to rescue mum but everything seems
    impossible. After some minutes of trying
    hard, I was finally able to remove my hand
    from the rope. I untie my leg too and
    wanted to get up but I fell to the ground
    feeling too weak to stand. I could feel my
    tummy and chest burning seriously in pain
    again. I guess my body is reacting to the
    poison already. I cried helplessly as I crawled
    towards the entrance.
    Finally, I was able to crawl out to the street.
    "Help! Someone should help my mum"I said
    weeping. I lied on the road side not able to
    move any further again. I started crying and
    calling for help. It's dark already people
    hardly walk around the area. I laid there
    hoping someone would come. The person
    that first came to my mind was noah. I
    remembered when he saved me from the
    kidnappers and the time he saved me in the
    storage room. I wish he could save me at
    this time also but I remembered what he
    told me the other day. "This is the second
    time I saved your life. Try not to get into
    trouble the third time because I might not
    be there"I remembered this with tears on
    my face. I remembered what mr Tony said
    inside too and I started crying. "I wish to see
    his face at least one last time before I die. I
    take this as my fate but I want to see him
    before dying"I said crying. Suddenly, I
    noticed reflection of lights. I then
    remembered when that happened in the
    storage room too.
    I looked beside me and saw someone
    standing there. He bent down and took me
    in his arm crying. I opened my eyes and saw
    him. That formed a smile curve on my lips. I
    think God granted my wish"It's noah"I said
    Madam lucia's POV
    I was waiting at home hoping they found
    her but my mind was not at peace. I move
    from one place to another. I heard a knock
    on the door and I went to open it hoping it's
    my daughter but instead, I saw three scary
    looking men staring at me. "W..who are you
    looking for?"I asked since their faces didn't
    look familiar. One of them pushed me and I
    fell to the ground. They walked in scattering
    everywhere. The started destroying some
    things. "Why are you guys doing this? This
    is my home how can you just walk in like
    that messing with my things?"I asked but
    they didn't stop. "Look for the bag right
    now"one of them said and the two other
    ones keep searching for it. "Bag?"I said
    silently. Could it be the file?
    I remembered I took it from Ellie's bag when
    she left. I only took it because I think she
    might got careless with it in school so I kept
    it in one of the chair deep down in the foam.
    When they searched and searched and
    found nothing, they all were staring at me.
    "Where is it? Hand it over now or your
    daughter will die"they said threatening me.
    "What? You guys took ellie? Where's my
    daughter? What have you guys done to my
    daughter?"I asked holding one of them.
    "The only way you can save and see your
    daughter again is to hand over the file to
    us"the one commanding them said looking
    at me. "OK I will. Please don't do anything to
    my daughter. Please bring her back to me"I
    said crying. Just as I walked to bring it from
    the couch, some men banged in holding
    guns. "Your hand in the air. If you move a
    bit, I'll shoot"one man said pointing his gun.
    They raised up their hands looking at me.
    "Are you ok ma'am?"one of the police asked
    looking at me. I nodded my head in respond.
    "Now move!"they commanded and matched
    them out of the room. "Please my daughter.
    They took my daughter. Please save my
    daughter"I said holding one of the police.
    They took the men to the station and I went
    to Mrs Williams place to ask for her help.
    Back to present...
    Noah's POV
    I managed to open my eyes and tears
    dropped from them as I look around. I found
    out I was on a hospital bed. I looked beside
    me and saw mummy and madam Lucia.
    Mum looked at me and quickly got up
    rushing to my bed. "You're awake. How are
    you feeling son. You got us so worried"mum
    said holding my hands. "E..ellie. Where's
    ellie?"I asked looking at her. She was crying
    not saying anything. I looked at madam
    Lucia and saw her crying also. "Why are you
    guys crying? Where's ellie? Where's she?"I
    asked almost raising my voice. I quickly got
    up from bed and was heading towards the
    door but mum hugged me patting my back.
    "Am sorry son. Am so sorry"she said crying.
    Madam Lucia was also crying. "Why are you
    sorry mum. Just let me go. I need to see her
    that's all. Why are you stopping me? Leave
    me and let me go to her"I said and freed
    myself from her. "Ellie.. My poor ellie is
    dead. God why? Why take the only joy I
    have from me?"madam Lucia said crying so
    loud like baby. "W...who died? No mum. She
    can't possibly die. We promised not to leave
    each other. She can't die noe and leave me.
    You guys are joking right? Mum tell me this
    is all a prank. No mum. Let me go to ellie"I
    said crying. Mum hugged me crying too.
    I feel like the world had stopped that
    moment. It feels like my heart was ripped
    apart and I can't breath any longer. I walked
    slowly heading to the operation room to see her myself.

    Episode 41

    I got to the entrance of the room she was in
    and feel so afraid to open the door. Ellie
    can't be dead just like that. I held the door
    handle crying. I finally opened it and walk in
    slowly heading to her bed. She was lying
    there covered with with white cloth. "E..ellie
    am here. It's me noah. Please get up."I said
    looking at her. She was covered fully even
    her face too. I was moving my hand to open
    the cover from her face but my hand was
    trembling seriously with tears streaming
    down my cheek. I finally opened it and saw
    her face. I cried even more closing my
    mouth with my hand. "No ellie....please get
    up. Why are you like this?who did this to
    you?"I asked looking at her face. Her skin
    had become pale and white. "Why doing this
    all of a sudden? Have you forgotten the
    promise you made to me? You said you'll
    never leave me no matter what. Why now?
    Why do you leave so early? I haven't even
    done much for you. I have somewhere I still
    want to go with you. Why? Why are you
    lying there like this? Ellie please get up"I
    said crying while holding her hand. I was
    kneeling down beside the bed looking at her
    face. "Please!"I said crying. Soon, I dozed off
    holding her hand with my head on the bed
    beside her.
    Later in the evening, I opened my eyes
    when I heard voices. I looked up and saw
    some men wearing blue hospital coat. I saw
    mum and madam Lucia too also standing
    beside them. "Excuse me sir. We'll be taking
    her body now"one of the men said and the
    others moved closer to her bed to take her. I
    quickly got up and blocked them before they
    move more closer to her. "You can't take
    her just now. She's not dead. You can't bury
    her yet"I said looking at them. "Please sir
    let's do our work. we can't leave her longer
    here. We have to bury the corpse
    quickly"one of the men said. "Corpse? Did
    you just call her corpse? How dare you say
    that. I said she's not dead. ellie is not dead.
    She's just sleeping. I believe She'll wake up
    soon"I said crying. Madam Lucia moved to
    my side and placed her hand on my
    shoulder also crying. "Please let them take
    her. This is the only favor we can do for her.
    To bury her on time. Please take heart
    young master"she said looking at me. "Even
    you madam Lucia. I said she's not dead. You
    guys won't believe me?"I asked looking at
    her. I went to her side and took her hand.
    "they won't believe you're not dead. Get up
    now and show them am right. Ellie get up
    your mum is here too. Please get up"I said
    looking at her. I turned to mum crying. "Is
    she really dead? She is not answering me
    mum. Why?"I asked her with tears on my
    face. The men went to take her but I
    stopped them again. "Please let them take
    her"madam Lucia said. The men took her
    on a stretcher and she was driven out of the
    room. I watched them crying. My heart ache
    again and I was holding my chest in pain.
    "Doctor!"I heard mum's voice before I
    collapsed again.
    I had a beautiful dream and ellie was in it.
    Both of us were holding hands walking on
    white petals of flower in a beautiful garden.
    We were both smiling happily. She look so
    beautiful as always. Her smile never
    changed from before. The white gown she
    put on looks so beautiful on her. I smiled
    staring at her all long as we walk alone in
    the garden.
    I moved my fingers then opened my eyes
    slowly to find myself on a hospital bed. I
    looked around me and found no one. I
    looked up at the calendar beside me and
    found out three months has passed so
    quickly. I tried getting up but I feel so weak.
    "E..ellie"that was the first word I
    pronounced out. I closed my eyes and tears
    dropped from them. Soon I heard someone's
    voice. "Doctor he's awake"I heard mum's
    voice as she rushed out of the room.
    The doctor came and check on me. "Where's
    ellie?"I asked the doctor but he was not
    saying anything. "He's doing ok now. I think
    he can be discharged soon. make sure he
    rest properly and always come for
    checkup"the doctor said to mum. She
    quickly walked up to me with tears on her
    face. "Son am so happy you're finally awake
    after three months now. Thank you so
    much. You can now go home with me. Your
    dad and sister are worried and waiting for
    you"mum said hugging me.
    Few hours later, I was discharged and taken
    home with mum's car.
    When we got home, I was taken to my room
    upstairs. Mum waited by my side holding my
    hand. "You scared me so much. I think
    something bad would happen to you. But
    thank God you're alright. Am so much
    happy. Tell me what you want? Anything
    you wish to have, I'll provide it quickly. I
    plan to buy you the car you asked for the
    other time. Just tell me what else you need
    I'll give it to you. Please say
    something"mum said. "Ellie. That's all I
    want. Can you bring her to me?"I asked
    looking at her. She cried looking at my face.
    "Ellie has died three months ago. You saw
    them took her away yourself."mum said.
    "Ok."I said. "Are you really ok?"mum asked.
    "Yes mum. Am ok. What of madam Lucia?"I
    asked. "Madam Lucia travelled out of the
    country two months ago. After the incident
    of that night, she came to me and explained
    the whole thing. We found out her late
    husband brother was the one behind all
    what happened. He was arrested after we
    provided the evidence that he did it. I helped
    her with the power and connections I have
    too. Finally we were able to win the case.
    The man mr Tony was put into life
    imprisonment and madam Lucia reclaimed
    her husband properties. A month later, her husband properties. A month later, she
    told me she'll be leaving the country to start
    a new life over there. Since then, we only
    communicate on phone."mum said. "Really?
    That's good."I said. "Are you sure you're
    ok?"mum asked me. I nodded my head with
    a faint smile. "Yes mum. Can you leave me
    now? I need to rest"I said. "Ok. I'll be back
    soon"she said and left my room. Tears rolled
    down my cheek immediately she left. "She's
    gone. Ellie is really gone forever. You left
    me all alone."i said feeling heartbroken.
    "You might be gone but will forever live in
    my heart. I promise not to love any other
    woman again. You'll be the last woman I
    love till I die. I pray we meet again in our
    next life. May your gentle soul rest in
    perfect peace ellie. I love you and will
    forever do."I said crying.
    Five years later.....
    Unknown POV
    I was still sleeping in bed when I heard that
    lady's annoying voice. I was enjoying my
    sleep so much but she have to interrupt as
    usual. It's so annoying. "Miss get up now. It's
    late already. Miss it's time to get..."
    "It's ok. It's ok. I will. Just leave my room
    already"I said still closing my eyes. "OK
    miss"she said politely and went out. I
    opened my eyes and was kicking my feet on
    the sofa, wishing to get some more sleep,
    But if I do, mum will come to nag me
    herself. I got up from bed and took my
    phone to check for any message or missed
    call. I unlocked it and saw ton of messages
    and calls from my friends. We just
    graduated from college yesterday. It was a
    big celebration that I hate to come home
    late."What's wrong with you guys. We just
    left each other last night and you are all
    already sending messages?"I said checking
    the messages. When I opened them, I was
    seeing birthday wishes. "Happy birthday to
    you see at heart" "happy birthday friend"
    "happy birthday" I read them all.
    "Oh it's true. Today is my birthday. I totally
    forgot. Why's my memory so bad?"I asked
    hitting my head with the phone. "Ouch that
    hurts"I said rubbing it lightly again.
    Someone walks into my room. I thought it
    was lady clan again so I wanted to tell her
    am up but I saw my mum instead.
    "Mummy"I said smiling she came to hug me
    stroking my hair softly. "Happy birthday
    Ellie. I'll be the one to wish you first"she
    said. "My friends did before you"I said
    smiling. She released me from the hug
    smiling. "Now go and take your bath before
    your friends start visiting. The birthday girl
    have to look great. I'll be downstairs"mum
    said preparing to leave. "Mum"I called her
    name and she stopped. "What is it?"she
    asked. "Who is noah?"I asked staring at her.
    She was quiet for a while not saying
    anything. She seems so shocked when I
    mentioned that name. I think she knows
    the person. "Am asking because that name
    keep popping into my head. I have no idea
    who he is. Sometime, I feel so emotional
    when I call that name. You said I lost my
    memory of five years ago, could it be am
    picking it from my lost memory?. you must
    know who he is. Or is he no one?"I asked
    staring at her. She didn't say anything. Her
    face looks sad and she has a faint smiling on
    her lips.
    The expression on her face were so
    confusing that I couldn't read it.
    I stared at her hoping she would tell me

    Episode 42

    She was not saying anything to me so I
    guess it's not necessary to know. "Never
    mind mum. Let me just go and take my
    bath"I said smiling. She wanted to talk but I
    got up and headed to the bathroom.
    Christina's POV
    I stepped down from my car and locked it
    going into the company. I put on my
    sunglasses in a stylish way then headed
    towards the elevator. I noticed people
    looking at me as I walked. It's like they
    never saw someone as pretty as I before. I
    thought to myself smiling. I got to the
    elevator and walked in when it open. Three
    ladies and a guy also got in with me. I
    pressed on the 5th floor and folded my arms
    feeling calm.
    "Have you guys heard of the new president
    of the company?"one of the ladies asked the
    two other girls. "I heard a lot about him. I
    heard he's so cold hearted and shows no
    pity to anyone that crosses his path. He fires
    any employee who made even a tiny single
    "That's true. He's so scary. It's better you
    avoid his gaze too or you'll be fired. That's
    so bad"another said. "And one more thing. I
    heard some rumors about him"
    "Me too. no one ever saw him with a lady
    before. He's so much handsome but I feel so
    bad for him because they said he's gay"one
    of them said and that made me raised my
    eyebrow in anger. "Will you guys shut your
    mouth!"I yelled on them and they all moved
    back in shock staring at me. "W..who are
    you to scream on us like that? What have
    we done wrong to you?"one of them asked
    looking at me. I got to my floor and the
    elevator opened before I could talk. "Am his
    girlfriend. I've marked you guys face and
    would get back at you later"I said and
    walked out.
    I feel so annoyed and angry about what I
    heard. When I got to the entrance of Noah's
    office, I opened the door and walked in. He
    stood up immediately he saw me. "Christian.
    Why are you here?"he asked looking at me.
    I walked to his table and was staring at him
    with a smile. "I just dropped by to say hy"I
    said. "Really?"he asked. "Won't you offer
    me a seat?"I asked and he smiled. "Should I
    tell you that before you do it?"he replied.
    I went to sit on the couch dropping my bag
    beside me. I removed my sunglasses and
    placed them gently on the table. I saw him
    go to the coffee machine to make coffee for
    us. I love it when he does that. He came to
    me holding two cups of coffee. "Here"he said
    and I collected it from him smiling.
    We started chatting, Talking about the
    necessary and the unnecessary ones. "Are
    the rumors true?"I asked not looking at
    him. "What rumor?"he asked. "Will you
    continue been like this? Until when? I know
    it's not possible for us to get back again
    accepted but won't you find someone else? I
    mean another girl to start dating?"I asked
    looking at him. "You're right. I should date
    another girl. But anytime I remember her, I
    lose the courage to do it. It's impossible for
    "It's five years noah. Five years ago. It's a
    long time. Don't you plan get married? Will
    you be like this forever? Don't you want to
    have kids too? Please stop all this and open
    your heart for other woman. You might find
    someone better"I said looking at him. "I
    might find someone better but will I ever
    find someone just like her? I can't. Let's just
    drop this topic and talk about other
    things."he said. I was just staring at him not
    saying anything again.
    Madam Lucia's POV
    Five years ago....
    The men took ellie away after confirming
    her dead. I cried so much that day to see her
    been taken away. When noah collapsed, we
    quickly rushed to him too calling the doctor.
    When he was taken care of, I went to the
    men. But when I got there, they told me she
    has been buried. I yelled and created scene
    there asking why they buried my daughter
    without my knowledge. They apologized to
    me but I was so mad at what they did. She
    was buried in the cemetery. I went to the
    spot they showed me. I knelt there crying
    out my heart.
    Few days later, when mr Tony was arrested
    and sentenced to life imprisonment, I went
    to visit him in prison. I swear at him for
    killing my only daughter but instead of him
    admitting it, he started laughing at me
    saying I killed her myself. I cursed him more
    for saying that and promise his family would
    suffer for what he did. He then open up to
    me saying the poison was not meant to kill
    her. It will only stop her pulse for two days.
    After two days, she would wake up again
    but since we buried her quickly, the last day
    she was suppose to be up, we killed her not
    him. I cried even more. I blamed everything
    on him because he caused it. I went really
    mad at the prison and was taken out by the
    warders. When I got home, I went back to
    the hospital to inform the doctor about it. He
    called on the guys that claimed to buried my
    daughter that day without me witnessing
    how she was buried. They opened up to me
    saying on their way to the cemetery, their
    bus broke down and they were finding
    mean to repair it. After some minutes, it
    was done and they set to leave. One of them
    suggested they check on the corpse only to
    open the back door and found no one there.
    They were scared and don't know what to
    do. So they faked everything. The made a
    fake bury on a spot to make me believe it.
    When I got there, I also believed she was
    buried truly. After they confessed, I told the
    men to find my daughter or I'll report them
    to the police. They begged me not to and
    promise to find her. After three weeks, no
    result. On the fourth week, I went to
    market to get some ingredients. When I got
    to a woman selling vegetables, I found my
    daughter sitting on a chair with some kids. I
    quickly went to her but she was acting
    strange. The woman was the one who
    narrated how she found her in her farm
    crawling on the ground. She looks so dirty
    and injured. The woman said she took her
    in and asked about her family. but she
    claimed not to remember anything. I also
    told her about what happened to her in
    hospital to make the woman believe am
    truly her mother. She released her to me
    after I showed her some pictures we took
    together. I thank the woman for founding
    her and compensated her for it.
    We both travelled to France the second
    week to start a new life over there. She was
    doing fine little by little until she was fully
    alright but her memory of five years ago
    were lost. Doctor said she'll regain them
    back in time. She went to college and was
    doing great like other kids. Since then, I feel
    so happy to finally have my daughter. Now, I
    plan we go back home after her birthday
    celebration. I never want to remind her of
    those painful memories. I like the new life
    she's living and want her happy like that all
    the time.
    Ellie's POV
    Mum and I arrived at the airport and was
    welcomed by two men who lead us to the
    car. I feel so happy to finally arrive to my
    country after so much pleads to mum. I
    smiled at I got into the car.
    Few minutes later, we got to a building and
    the driver drove in when the gate was
    opened. "Is this home?"I asked mum looking
    around. "Yeah ellie. This is our new
    home"mum replied. "I love the
    environment"I said smiling. We got down
    from the car and headed towards the
    A week later, I was driving on a sunny
    afternoon to go shopping. Mum asked lady
    clan to come with me because I might be lost
    since I don't know the area too well.
    I stopped by a big superstore and got down
    from the car. "Let's go"I said to lady clan and
    we were both heading in.
    Noah's POV
    My driver was driving me home in the
    afternoon. As we got to a store, a lady
    caught my eyes drawing my attention so
    much. She looks so much like ellie but could
    it be her?. Immediately I saw her, I asked
    my driver to stop. He pulled over and I
    quickly rushed to her before she could walk
    into the store. "Ellie!"I called her name. She
    stopped and looked back at me. I was really
    surprised to see it's really her. She dressed
    so fancy and corporately but her face hasn't
    changed a bit. So ellie is alive? This is just
    unbelievable. I was so shock, confused,
    happy, and relieved at the same time. She
    was staring at me strangely but I didn't
    waste time in rushing to hug her. I hugged
    her so tight smiling to myself. "Ellie thank
    you for been alive. I really missed you so
    much. Thank you"I said. But she said

    Episode 43 (Final)

    I released her from the hug staring at her
    face. "What happened? Where have you
    been? Am confused. Please tell me
    something"I said looking at her. "Who are
    you?"she asked staring at me like am a
    stranger. I got more confused wondering
    what went wrong with her. "Am n..."
    "Leave her hand immediately. Who are you
    to touch and hug her like that? She said she
    didn't know you."the other lady separated
    our hands looking at me badly. "If you try
    touching her again, I won't only beat you up
    but will Sue you for sexual harassment"she
    said looking annoyed. Ellie was just staring
    at me not saying anything. "Can you really
    not remember me? Am noah. Ellie this is
    noah. How can you forget about me so
    soon?"I asked staring at her. "Would you
    like go to another store miss?"the lady
    asked her and she nodded in agreement. I
    watched her leave towards a white sport
    car. She was looking back as they left. She
    opened the door and got in the driver's seat.
    I quickly walked up to the car before she'll
    leave. I stood there staring at her and she
    was also doing the same. Could she really
    not remember me? "Excuse me sir. I don't
    want to be rude but I think you've mistaken
    me for another person. I don't remember
    knowing this face. Maybe I look so much
    like the person but it's not me"she said. Her
    voice never changed too. How can I be
    mistaken? She's ellie.
    "Ok but please can you do me a favour?"I
    asked. "Ok"she said. I brought out my
    business card and hand it over to her.
    "That's my business card. I'll like to meet
    with you other time. Please can you do that
    for me at least?"I asked hoping she'll agree.
    The Lady wanted to talk but she cut her
    shot. "It's ok. I'll see what I can do. Can I
    leave now?"she asked and I nodded my
    head stepping back from the side of her car.
    She drove off while I stood there watching
    the car as they left. "Am sure she's ellie. Am
    so very sure of it"I said but still confused.
    Ellie's POV
    I told lady clan I'll be going back. I don't feel
    like going shopping or anywhere again.
    When we got home, I went to my room
    holding the business card he gave me. I
    don't know why I feel strange all of a
    sudden. When I saw his face, It feels like I
    want to remember something but it faded
    away. My heart was beating so fast too. Did
    he say his name is noah? Could he be the
    one I have his name stuck in my head? If
    he's the one, what was our relationship
    exactly?. I thought to myself looking at the
    business card.
    I found it hard sleeping that night. I kept
    thinking about him. His thought and image
    filled my mind. I feel so disturbed and
    restless as I laid on bed to sleep. I finally
    made up my mind to visit him the next day
    to clear my curiosity.
    Noah's POV.
    I was laying on bed unable to get some
    sleep. I had been thinking about her since
    the time she left. I was wondering what
    happened because mum told me she was
    dead and was buried the day I collapsed.
    Who cares about whatever happened. All
    am so happy and relieved about is that she's
    alive and not dead. I feel like seeing her
    again. I hope she call the number on the
    business card and meet up with me soon. I
    hope she won't forget about it.
    I finally slept off after some hours later.
    I was in my office going through some files. I
    was not concentrating at all. I hope and
    hope she would call but it was all in vain.
    How will I see her again? Am so dead
    worried about that. I wish we could meet
    again and talk properly but no way to get in
    touch or communication with her. I thought
    of going back to the store but I remembered
    she was there to get something. I was deep
    in thought when someone tapped the table
    to get my attention. I snapped out of it and
    came back to my senses. I saw one of the
    female employee standing before me with
    files in her hand. "Am sorry Sir. I had been
    calling you but you seem not to hear me. So
    I tapped the table to..."
    "Drop whatever you bring and leave my
    office"I said to her. She dropped it on the
    table and was leaving. I saw something fell
    from her so she bent down to pick it. The
    skirt she was putting on was too short that
    it almost revealed everything underneath. I
    stared off not looking at her immediately I
    saw that. When she picked it up, she turned
    to me smiling seductively. "Sir I actually
    have something to tell you"she said looking
    at me. She moved closer smiling. She placed
    her hand on the table staring at me
    seductively. "I hate the rumors am hearing
    about you sir. I know you can't be someone
    like that. You're too handsome and hot for
    girls not to drool over you. Actually, I've
    been looking for way to discuss this with
    you. Anytime I see you, I feel so...."
    "Get lost!"I said staring at her badly. I know
    where she's heading to before she finish
    talking. Many of them has done more than
    same thing she's doing so it's not new to
    me. She quickly stepped back staring at me.
    "Am sorry sir. I was only trying to say my
    mind"she said apologizing since i didn't give
    in. "You're fired selena Evans"I said after
    checking her name on the tag. She was
    apologizing but I turned deaf ears. "Leave
    quietly or I'll have you thrown out by
    securities"I said. She was leaving but
    suddenly turned back looking at me badly.
    "You think you're that great? The rumor
    must be right. You're a gay. Continue living
    your life like that. I'll leave your damn
    company right now"she said in anger and
    stormed out of my office. "Gay? Did she just
    say am gay?"I asked myself. "That cheap
    thing. She dare to call me a gay?"I asked
    myself staring at the door. "It's Ok. Since I
    fired her already. Crazy girl"I said feeling
    Ellie's POV
    I was in the my room still looking at the
    card. Debating on whether to go or not. I
    was trying hard to remember something but
    i couldn't remember a single thing. What's
    this. Why can't I remember anything?. I feel
    like something is about to pop into my head
    but I forgot it again.
    I closed my eyes and tried putting his image
    on my mind. "Noah. Noah. Noah. Noah"I was
    calling the name with my eyes closed.
    I opened them slowly still not remembering
    anything. "Why can't I just remember
    something?"I asked myself feeling upset.
    I took my phone and dialed the number on
    the business card. Someone picked it and
    asked who I want to talk to. "I want to speak
    with n.noa.noah"I said finding it hard to say
    his name. "Noah?"the person asked.
    "Noah! Noah"the name kept ringing in my
    I had a slight headache and was not able to
    answer the person. "Hello. Hello are you
    there?"she asked but I was not saying
    anything. I brought down the phone from
    my ear slowly. I remembered some
    memories of our moments together. Those
    time I called his name smiling. time he
    confessed his love to me, those times we
    hugged, kiss, had good time together. I
    remember each time he saved me from
    danger and the time we made promise to
    each other by the beach. And the smile on
    his face each time we are together.
    I remembered all this with tears rolling
    down my cheek uncontrollably. "Noah."I
    said crying. "Am sorry for not remembering
    you sooner."I said crying out.
    Noah's POV
    I got so tired and unable to cope with my bad
    day at work so I decided to go home sooner.
    When I got out to the compound, I headed to
    my car. "Noah!"I heard a voice behind me.
    Who dare to call me that name in this
    company? No one call me that so I wonder
    who it is. I turned back to look at the person
    and what I saw surprised me. "Ellie"I called
    her name wondering why she visit the
    company instead of calling me as I told her.
    She was staring at me looking so sad. "Noah.
    Am sorry"she said and tears rolled down
    her cheek. I feel so embarrassed to see her
    in that state because people are watching.
    "Who's she? Why is she crying?" "Did he
    just made a girl cry?"I heard murmuring
    from each angle. "What's wrong? Why are
    you like this? People are watching"I said.
    She ran to me and hugged me tightly. "Am
    sorry for not remembering you sooner. I
    missed you too. So sorry noah."she said
    I hugged her back ignoring the crowd. "So
    you remember now? Thank you so much
    for that. I love you so much ellie. Thanks for
    coming back to me"I said smiling.
    We both left the company to another place
    for us to talk better. She narrated what
    happened to me and I feel so bad to hear
    that. But with all what happened, it's good
    to finally see her again.
    We were both at the beach we went to the
    other day holding hand beside my car. She
    rested her head on my shoulder smiling.
    Ellie's POV
    I just feel so happy to finally be with him
    again. I told him we should visit the beach
    again and he agreed. We both standing
    beside each other smiling happily. "What if I
    was dead for real, won't you get married?"I
    asked him. "I don't think I will. Even if I do, I
    can never love her the same way I do for
    you. But good thing you're here. I have
    nothing to worry about again"he said.
    "You're really something else. That'll be so
    bad for you"I said looking at him.
    "I think I owe you so much. You saved me so
    much time but I didn't pay back for any of it.
    Should I say you're my guardian angel too?
    always helping in time of danger"I said
    smiling. "Yes you really owe me a lot for
    saving you four times"he said. "Four times?
    When was the fourth time?"I asked him
    looking confused. He smiled looking at me.
    "You didn't remember because it was a very
    long time ago. The first time I saved you was
    15 years ago."he said. "15 years ago? When
    was that? But we met only 5 years ago, how
    come"I asked looking more confused. "Since
    you can't remember, I'll remind you today
    then"he said smiling. "15 years ago when
    you were drowning while swimming at the
    beach, I was the boy that saved you. I
    remembered you were putting on a green
    swimming pant then. You also wore a pink
    bracelet and your hair was tied in two pony
    tails"he said and I remembered that was
    what I put on that day. "You're the one.
    You're really the boy that saved me"I said
    smiling. "I just don't know what to say.
    You're indeed my guardian angel. How can I
    pay for all you've done for me? I don't know
    how to thank you enough for all you've
    done for me. I'll surly pay for it all someday.
    I promise you that"I said smiling. I hugged
    him smiling in excitement. The boy I
    actually said to be my first love was noah all
    along. What a coincident" I thought to
    myself. He pulled me back from the hug and
    was staring at me smiling. "Since you
    promised to pay me back, will you do it
    now?"he asked staring at me. I nodded my
    head smiling. "Yes. I will"I replied. "Let us
    get married. That's all I want for the pay
    back."he said. I smiled nodding my head in
    agreement. "Ok let's do that"I said feeling so
    happy. He leaned closer and planted a soft
    kiss on my forehead. then looked at my
    face. We both smiled and hugged each
    other. "I love you much ellie"he said. "I love
    you too"I also said smiling.
    Love is sweet when you're with the right
    people. It is great when you're with the
    person who loves more than you do to him. I
    can't believe he waited for five years even
    though he thought I was gone. The saying is
    right, that true love never dies." I thought to
    myself smiling.

    THE END.

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