Story: Compulsory Marriage (season 2)

    Episode 1

    It was a total relief that the storm was over, after my parent left my place, I drove to Biola’s house but instead of staying at home, she said she will like to follow me back home all in the name of she wouldn’t want to leave another space for something to happen again. We got home later in the evening and we renewed our vow and I promised her never to misbehave again, infact I promised her that my phone and everything will be totally accessible for her going forward and hardly will I go to anywhere without giving her feedback of all my whereabout. It was late in the evening in the bedroom and we recounted all what happened in the past 9 months…..
    Me: So, what are we going to do now baby
    Biola: Do as how?
    Me: Regarding your parent
    Biola: uhmmmm…that’s a serious issue that have been thinking of since yesterday, I don’t even know how to break everything to them
    Me: We will explain to them now
    Biola: You think its that easy?
    Me: Whats hard there..atleast Mary that caused all this problem is no more there and the truth is now open that she wasn’t even carrying my pregnancy
    Biola: To my parent, its not Mary that caused it but you..There was a day I was discussing it with my mum and her opinion was that if you can cheat on me while we are not married then what will happen when we get married
    Me: And you couldn’t defend me?
    Biola: Defend you? How will I do that at the thick of the storm
    Me: I understand sha…but I can never do that when am married, I can never cheat on my wife
    Biola: Uhmmmm…but you cheated on Mary with me now
    Me: That’s not cheating now but true love, its because my heart has always been with you
    Biola: the same way your heart with be with any of your ex if you guys mistakingly meet each other again
    Me: which of my ex will I do that with
    Biola: How will I know..just becareful, what happened is a serious lesson to both of us
    Me: Definitely and have learnt in a serious way, I thought am a player not knowing that so many people are master player
    Biola: But that biatch get mind sha…I cant even do quarter of what she did
    Me: She’s definitely a criminal
    Biola: We will find a way to tell my parent
    Me: Am thinking maybe we should involve my parent..I know my mum will definitely want to follow me to your parent house even if dad will not want to go
    Biola: Yes oooo…that’s a good idea
    Me: then maybe you should try and be clearing the ground bit by bit before our visit so that it will be a smooth ride for us anytime we arrive
    Biola: How will I clear the ground ooo mr planner
    Me: By talking to mum alone first and playing the video for her to see
    Biola: Ohk ooooo….i will do that sha, so when do you suggest we can do this?
    Me: as early as possible, if possible I and mum should come to your house nextweek and I will love a situation where we can atleast get done with our marriage in a month time
    Biola: Month ke? Hope that’s not too fast?
    Me: Too fast bi ti bawo? What else are we waiting for..the best thing is for us to conclude on time and avoid sily mistakes again abi you still want these useless gehs to collect your guy again?
    Biola: Lailai..thats impossible..lets wait and see how it goes sha, first thing is my parent
    Me: Definitely…I love you so much baby
    Biola: I love you too

    Episode 2

    It was like a renewed love between me and
    Biola, we go to work together in the morning
    and do go to pick her up in the office later in
    the evening. There was no free chance at all
    for me, it was a total close marking from
    Biola, she want to know who called me, who
    am calling and all the contacts on my
    phonebook that are females. Who will even
    blame her and I dare even not hide anything
    for her again.
    We visited my parent the following Sunday to
    appreciate their support and what they did for
    us. My parent was happy that Biola is
    becoming their wife most especially my mum.
    It was a good funfair at home that very day.
    Dad: So my boy, what is your plan now
    Me: Plan as how sir
    Dad: Regarding your marriage to Biola? Don’t
    you know that you guys shouldn’t wait long
    again or you want her to get pregnant before
    doing the necessary things again
    Me: No sir, we are giving it a serious thought
    sir and you know the decision is not ours
    Dad: so, who else is involve…we your parent
    are minor issue now
    Me: Yes, but the issue is with Biola’s parent.
    Have not seen them ever since that incident
    happened and they are not even aware that
    we are back together. Left to me if they are
    aware, I would have even love us to do the
    introduction as early as next month so that
    there wont be room for issues again
    Dad: Biola should have been the one to
    explain things to them now
    Me: She’s scared of their reaction even though
    she told me she hinted her mum about our
    situation but her response was not that
    possible and you know his dad is a strict
    military man that even threatened me that
    time that he doesn’t want to see me near his
    daughter again
    Dad: Its normal that time as no parent will
    take it lightly with any guy that behaved like
    that to their daughter
    Me: We are just putting everything in the hand
    of God and you sir
    Dad: me ke?
    Me: Yes and mom
    Dad: Why our hand?
    Me: Am thinking if we can go together to their
    house nextweek. At least they will soft pedal
    seeing my parent come with me rather than
    go alone
    Mum: When you were causin the problem, did
    you remember us?
    Biola: Ahn..ahn mummy….please now
    Dad: Don’t mind them, that’s how children of
    nowadays behave. They wont know when they
    are causing the problem but when everything
    boomeranged, they will run back to their
    Me: Ehnnn dad, atleast is you elders that do
    say that someones child can never be so
    stubborn that you will chase him to the tiger
    for dinner
    Mum: Ahhhhh..omo deyi ma npowe ke?
    Biola: Ahnn..ahnnn Mummy
    Dad: Don’t mind him…..Do we have ay plan for
    next weekend mummy Ola
    Mum: uhmmmmmm, Saturday is victoria’s
    wedding but I don’t think we have anywhere
    we are going on Sunday
    Dad: Ohk…Biola, will your parent be around on
    Biola: yes, they should be…………..
    Dad: No problem, we will come on Sunday……
    Please inform them
    Biola: Please Sir, I cant inform them oooo..its
    better to be a surprise cos they might want to
    go out if they know you are coming most
    especially Dad. You know he’s still bitter
    about the whole issue.
    Me: I think it will be better as a surprise
    Mum: what if they now decide to go out..
    Biola: I will be giving you feedback about their
    movement on Sunday sir
    Dad: So we should be like a watch
    guard….tailing the movement of your parent
    Mum: Don’t mind them…..
    Me: Please now Daddy
    Biola: mummy Please now…Please do this for
    Mum: Daddy…please lets consider them
    Dad: Ohk oo…atleast you have learnt your own
    mistake now
    Biola: Ahhhh Dad, he has over learn sef
    Me: Shut up jhoor…na u dem dey follow talk?
    E concern u..papa and son dey talk and you
    dey put mouth
    Mum: get away jhoor…make she no put
    mouth. Biola, lets go and continue our own
    discussion in the kitchen.
    Biola: Yes Ma
    They both left for the kitchen , me and my dad
    continue to gist. It was there and then he
    started gisting me about his own youthful age
    as it relate to what happened to me. He
    narrated what happened between my mum
    and him, how he was dating someone before
    my mum and it was a serious competition
    between both babes way back them but he
    was wise enough to be using preventive
    measure and not allow his deek dictate how
    he ended up with his life. “so how did you
    ended up with my mum?” I asked…….Your
    mum? Don’t mind her, she was smarter than
    me but not to the extent of Mary. That is why
    she couldn’t do much about Mary as she
    believe its somehow genetic, she think maybe
    things will work out perfect between you guys
    just like ours but she has forgotten that girls
    of nowadays can go the the extreme to
    achieve whatever they wanted………We both
    laughed at it
    Mum: What are you guys laughing at? I know
    you are discussing about us…Aproko, daddy
    and son
    Me: ahn..ahn mum, we are only gisting
    Mum: ohk guys should come to the is ready.
    After spending another two hours with my
    parent, we decided to leave around 6pm but
    our first point of call was Biola’s house to pick
    one or two things. We got to the gate entered
    the compound and saw Emma, Kayode and
    two other guys since the incident with Mary

    Episode 3

    I was trying to move towards Biola’s flat when Kayode rushed to me and gave me a blow, it came as a surprise as I never expected it, one of the guy with them also rushed down to support him but I quickly adjusted myself and tried to rescue myself from them. The third guy came and was trying to separate us while Emma was looking from far, even Biola was in between us..
    Kayode: U ehn…u will see what I will do to you
    Guy in support: Lets treat this guy f--k up abeg..right now
    Biola: You guys should please now…Please
    Biola ran to Emma to come and talk to his guys but he never burged. It was just as if he was not concern and didn’t know us from anywhere and it was so unfortunate that there was no other elderly person at home as at that moment.
    It was a serious fight and at a time I thought to myself why one of the guys was just neutral instead of him to toe the line of the others but maybe he was just the only reasonable one among them afterall because how else will you explain Kay and Emma coming to bleep my suppose pregnant wife under my room and on my matrimonial bed.
    We went inside pick necessary things that we came for and step out of the room. The guys were still outside discussing and immediately they sighted us, Kay started shouting again and wanted to come toward us and the gentle guy stoped him again saying “guy is okay now…no dey show yourself abeg, they don’t handle things this way, he has shown your own video to the world, they will still show his own in full HD”. He turned back to me “Brother, don’t be offended”, “One love bro” I replied.We entered the car and zoomed off
    Me:Look at the rubbish these guys were trying with me
    Biola: That Kay is not even ashamed of himself for him to have the gut to come and approach you for a fight
    Me: Someone that suppose to be begging
    Biola: Or see you and run away…..
    Me: he doesn’t even have any shame at all
    Biola: Don’t mind him……
    Me: But come to think of it, how did they know about the video that the other guy said I showed it to the whole world
    Biola: Dunno but maybe he means discussing it in the presence of the family members that day
    Me: Okay oooo..they just spoilt my day
    Biola: Forget about them jare baby.
    We got home and ended the day with a lot of gist. By Wednesday, Biola made her way to her parent house in preparation for our coming on Sunday. She couldn’t hide the secret visit from her mum and had to tell her. She explained everything to her and even played the video to her mum but she was no that convince and when she brought up the idea of my parent coming to plead with them she totally rebuff it saying that she doesn’t want anything that will bring problem in the house. “problem in the house ke? Who will cause the problem again? Atleast our major obstacle is presently out of the way now, so what the problem all about again?”

    Episode 4

    Fastforward to Sunday, I first went to pick my
    parent at home around 10am and headed
    straight to Biola’s house. I was chatting with
    her at every point in time to ask about her
    parent and she already told me they went for
    morning service and back at home. We got
    there around past eleven, knocked at the door
    and it was her junior brother that came to
    open the door for us. I was just behind my
    parent ashe ushered us into the room, I guess
    he wouldn’t have opened the door if I was the
    only one as I remembered what happened the
    other time.
    My Mum: Ekaaro Mummy way…..eku ojo meta
    Biola’s Mum: Good morning Ma, Morning Sir…
    Longest time ma
    “I prostrated to greet her and she responded
    somehow” I got the response as I know I
    wouldn’t be attended to had it been I was the
    only one that came to the house but atleast
    she respected my parent.
    My Mum: awon daddy nko ma? What of
    business Ma
    Biola’s Mum: We thank God oo…Daddy is fine.
    Femi, please go and call daddy, tell him he
    has some visitors
    My Mum: hey yah…I know you would have ben
    angry with us ma
    Biola’s Mum: angry ke? No ooooo why should
    we be angry
    My Dad: Ahhh Mummy wa, we all knew what
    happened and where we are
    My Mum: Good morning Sir, how is work sir
    Biola’s Dad: Good Morning Ma, Morning
    Sir..what do we hold this august visit
    Me: Morning Sir
    Biola’s Dad: How are you snakie…how is work
    Me: Fine Sir
    My Dad: welldone Sir…We are sorry breaking
    your rest sir
    Biola’s Dad: No problem Sir, you are
    welcome…you’ve not offered them anything
    My Dad: We are the one that asked them to
    wait as what we are here for is more urgent
    than the food
    Biola’s Dad: Urgent ke? I hope nobody died?
    My Dad: rara sir oooo…..well am snakie’s Dad
    and this is his mom
    Biola’s dad: Ohk….
    My Dad: And we are here because of both of
    Biola’s Dad: What happened to them cos the
    last time I checked my daughter is fine and
    absolutely doing okay
    My Dad: Daddy, I know you are still angry with
    what happened in the past and its worth it if
    you are angry about it. But we thank god
    things are settled and the person that caused
    this problem is definitely out of the way now
    and there’s nothing stopping them from
    getting married to each other and I believe
    they have both learnt their lessons now
    Biola’s Dad: You mean the snakie that caused
    the problem is no more there again? who is
    the lucky guy you brought for my daughter
    now? So, you want to be passing my daughter
    within your family
    My Mum: rara Sir, it was Mary…her secret is
    now opened sir and we all now know that
    snakie is not responsible for her pregnancy
    Biola’s Dad: So, instead of blaming snakie
    that caused all the problem you are now
    shifting the blame to the poor girl…Come to
    think of it, did she forced herself on him? Was
    it not snakie that brought her home and was
    staying together with my daughter with
    pretence she was her cousin
    My Dad: That’s the point sir but we thank God
    that things have returned back to normal now
    Biola’s Dad: Which Normal?

    Episode 5

    My Mum: As in snakie and Biola have
    settled their differences and he has
    seriously apologized to her and promised
    that what happened will never repeat itself
    Biola’s Dad: is that so Biola
    Biola: “trembling” Ye…..Ye….yes daddy
    Biola’s Dad: Yes what….you must be a
    b-----d for saying yes..are you stupid?
    “My mum, Biola’s mum and Biola quickly
    knelt down while I prostrated immediately”
    My Mum: we are very sorry Sir…its not
    really her fault sir
    My Dad: Sir, like I said earlier its worth it if
    you are angrier than this but we thank God
    things didn’t get out of hand totally before
    we realized our mistake. Do u know that,
    the lady was pregnant before meeting
    snakie but push the pregnancy on him
    because of his naivity. Sir, what if we tell
    you that guys were coming to the house to
    come and sleep with the lady at home while
    she was pregnant.
    The last straw of it was that she was
    caught redhanded three weeks ago with
    another guy on snakie’s bedroom with 9
    month pregnancy.
    Biola’s Dad: WHAT!!!!!
    My Dad: That is the truth sir, we all caught
    her red handed with the guy that very
    faithful day and she confessed. So we
    believe since she has gone her own way,
    the best we can do as a parent is to see to
    the differences between Snakie and Biola
    but we thank God they already settled it
    before involving us and we realized the best
    thing is for us to come with him here to
    plead on his behalf for Biola’s hand in
    Biola’s Dad: Which hand in marriage?
    That’s over my dead body
    My Mum: Ahhh Daddy..please Sir
    Biola’s Dad: There’s nothing to beg there
    mummy, the truth is that, my daughter
    cannot marry snakie..I thank God that he
    now knows the truth that the pregnancy is
    not hers. Yoruba adage says “ For the eye
    that will see your old age, rheum will never
    start coming out of it from your early
    Despite the fact that my daughter is always
    going to snakie house, spending the
    weekend and all sort, he still had the
    effontry to sex another lady, not only sex
    but play my son as a fool, having sex with
    two ladies in the house under the same
    If he can behave like that to her when they
    are still courting, I wonder what will
    happened if they eventually married each
    other, I knew what my daughter went
    through and I don’t want her to go through
    worst cos it will be disastrous by that time
    and there wont be remedy for it again.
    What is the assurance that things like that
    will not happened again
    My Mum: rara sir ooo…what happened was
    a mistake and he has realized his mistake
    and promised never to repeat itself again
    Biola’s Dad: Promised? He should do that
    to his next wife and not my daughter.
    Please I was about going out before you
    came in and I want to start going now.
    Thank you for coming
    Honey, Please am going to pastor Andrew’s
    place. I wont be staying long…….
    “Biola’s Dad step out of the house”
    My Mum: Mummy wa, please help us plead
    with him when he comes back
    Biola’s Mum: Please don’t be offended sir
    and ma, I know he is still angry. I will try
    and talk to him when he comes back
    My Dad: we will be taking our leave now,
    thanks so much for your hospitality
    “My dad stood up from his seat, I knew
    from his body language that he felt
    embarrassed but I don’t really know how he
    took it at that very moment. We all stood
    up and made out of their house. Biola and
    her mum saw us off to where we parked
    and we moved out of their
    compound”..Inside the car on our way to
    drop my parent
    My Dad:What an insult……am I the one that
    idiot just walked out on?
    My Mum: E ma binu sir
    Me: am sorry dad
    My Dad: Sorry for yourself…see what you
    caused me? I have never been embarrassed
    like this before in my life let alone someone
    that is not even up to my age. Is her
    daughter the only lady in this world? If
    she’s not allowing you to marry her
    daughter there are so many good girls out
    there now
    My Mum: Please don’t look at it that way
    My Dad: Then how should I look at it
    despite our pleading and conviction. Is he
    God? He now has the effontry to walk out
    on me…is it his fault? If not for this boy
    that made me witness this arrant nonsense
    My Mum: I believe he is still angry that’s
    why he behaves like that..let us give him
    My Dad: that his own business, if he likes
    let his mind come down at least its not
    compulsory that my son marry his daughter
    Me: Its compulsory oo dad
    My dad: Then you have to marry her
    compulsorily without my consent
    My Mum: Which one is compulsory
    marriage again daddy..are you also angry
    My Dad: Why wont I be angry…..yes and I
    mean it maybe you guys will be married
    compulsorily without my consent cos I will
    never come here again and don’t think I will
    allow one useless man to embarrass my
    wife………That is my decision and its final,
    its not a must you guys marry each other.

    Episode 6

    The statement from my dad was like putting
    petrol in already burning fire, I know my dad
    very well that it takes the grace of God to to
    change his mind once he made his decision
    and since he said he wasn’t going back there
    and wont allow my mum to go back, I knew he
    mean it and the only way my mum can go is
    going behind him. What if he eventually find
    out that my mom goes behind him, it might
    cause serious problem.
    I got home later in the evening and initiated a
    chat with Biola
    Me: Whats up boo
    Biola: Am fine baby boy..please am eally sorry
    for what happened in the morning
    Me: No problem dear
    Biola: I will find time during the week to come
    and apologize to mom and dad
    Me: no problem dear..we will definitely go
    Biola: Thanks honey
    Me: So, how far with popsy? Any luck with him
    Biola: he is still adamant oooo…seriously that
    we wont give his consent and if I want to
    force it, I should bear the consequence.
    Me: wow…that’s serious, what of mumsy?
    Biola: she’s on our side and has given her
    consent but you know my dad his hard to
    break, the blood of a general is still running in
    Me: But I thought they said when one is
    getting old, u leave behind your youthful
    Biola: Not like my dad ooooo……so, hw about
    mum and dad? Hope they didn’t feel insulted
    Me: Uhmmmmmm
    Biola: Whats hmmmmm? Please talk to me
    Me: It was just like the same thing happening
    to felt insulted and embarrassed but
    mom took it lightly
    Biola: So, how far with him?
    Me: Who?
    Biola: dad of course…
    Me: Well..just exactly like what your dad is
    saying too………..
    Biola: That he wont give his consent?
    Me: except we are getting married
    Biola: wow….this is serious issue oooo……
    Me: Confuse myself too….i don’t even know
    what to do but mum is still trying to talk to
    popsy to soften his mind
    Biola: Have spoken to mom and we agreed
    that we will involve popsy’s mum, that’s the
    only person he fears most and will always do
    whatever she asked of him
    Me: well, that’s good…..maybe I will adopt
    that too with my dad cos I believe he also
    respect his mum so much too…so, what is the
    plan baby
    Biola: we will be going to her place on
    Saturday, explain everything to her and bring
    her down to our house to talk to dad
    Me: Ohk dear..i will call mum too to explain
    this plan to her..we will see tomorrow now
    Biola: yes baby, after work..i love you so much
    Me: I love you too dear…Good night dear
    I ended the chat with Biola and started
    thinking and prayed for quick resolution, I
    called my mum to find out if my popsy mind
    has soften down but she told me that he
    didn’t even want to discuss the issue with her
    again but I should relax my mind that
    everything will be fine in no time. I brought up
    the issue of involving my grandmother which
    she objected to. In her own word “don’t worry
    yourself too much about that, your dad is my
    husband, I know how to get things I want from
    him, all our efforts should be on Biola’s dad
    for now.

    Episode 7

    Biola came back to my place on Tuesday and
    stayed till Thursday evening before going back
    to her parent place as she told me that
    grandma will be coming on Saturday. My mum
    has started talking to my dad to shift his
    stance on me and biola. Sunday was here
    already, Biola told me her grandma came on
    Saturday but had not met with her dad.
    Me: so, when are they meeting now?
    Biola: Definitely today because she will be
    going back to Ijegun this evening
    Me: Did you find of from mumsy if she try
    talking to him?
    Biola: she didn’t oo, she said she does not
    want to talk about it so that popsy will not
    know that his mum was around because of
    this same issue
    Me: Yes..that is better, it’s a nice idea
    Biola: I just hope everything will be sorted out
    Me: Don’t worry dear, everything will be fine
    baby, lets put our trust in God and I believe he
    will answer our prayer
    Biola: Amen…less I forget baby, I will be going
    to Ajao Estate today
    Me: What is happening there?
    Biola: I want to go and take some of my cloth
    and my credentials out of the place, I want to
    bring them to your side
    Me: Your credentials are still there?
    Biola: Yes
    Me: So, when will you be coming back?
    Biola: Am coming home this evening now, abi
    when was the last time I slept there since we
    Me: Ohk..i will be expecting you baby
    Biola: Thanks dear…
    Me: You are welcome baby
    Biola: Am even thinking if I can see the
    landlady when I go there..the house rent is
    wasting, I don’t know if we can consolidate
    things and rent the place to another person or
    if the landlord can refund us back what we
    have not used from the money
    Me: Do you know I was thinking of same thing
    this morning because money is wasting there
    and you are not saying there like that again.
    The money will be useful for something
    else.How much did you pay as rent?
    Biola: They collected 400k for 2year,
    agreement and commission 100k making 500k
    and have not used up to 3 month
    Me: then we have to give him option either to
    vacate the place and put someone else the
    place or the landlord will rent the place out on
    its own to be able to collect a new agreement
    and commission fee for the place. At least he
    will have extra 100k.
    Biola: That is nice idea, I think I should give
    him that two option which I know he will want
    to go by getting a new tenant on it own
    because the house is a good house and
    people do come to check if there are vacant
    Me: If we can recoup 300k from the money it
    will go a long way
    Biola: Very long way dear..grandma has
    started talking with dad in the parlour, I want
    to go and listen to them dear
    Me: Okay baby, I will talk to you later then
    Biola: I love you so much baby
    Me: I love you too dear
    I ended the chat with Biola and was expecting
    a feedback from her later in the day, I started
    preparing for Monday’s work. I was in the
    sitting room when my phone started ringing, I
    checked the phone and it was an unknown
    Me: Hello
    Caller: You ehn?you think you can use and
    dump me abi? I will show you what am made
    of, I will show you am from this will
    think you have gone scot free abi? You think
    you can humiliate me and just forget me?just
    like that?
    Me: Please, who is this? I think you are
    calling a wrong number
    Caller: You are mad, you are crazy, you and
    that your biatch will definitely hear from me,
    you will see me, you will realize made am
    made off, you have sent my video everywhere
    abi? They will start playing your own too all
    over the world, oloshi oloriburuku
    The caller cut the call, I didn’t think twice
    before I started guessing it was Mary that
    called me, I was just wondering why the
    threat. But she mentioned something about
    the video, who else would have gotten access
    to the video beside me and Biola? Have never
    been careless with my phone for someone else
    to see it and am very sure biola will never do
    that too..i will even ask her if we talk later in
    the day.

    Episode 8

    It was around 4pm when I got a beep from
    Biola: whats up baby….how has your day
    Me:On a lowkey jare….been home since
    Biola:so, what have you been doing at home?
    Me: Nothing jare..preparing for tomorrow’s
    Biola: Are you sure? Are you alone
    Me: Ahn..ahn, don’t you trust me? Forget
    about the past now baby
    Biola: okay ooo
    Me: so, how far? What is the outcome of the
    Biola: Still the same thing ooo
    Me: still the same thing as in?
    Biola: Dad said he is trying to protect me that
    what is the tendency that what happened will
    never happen again. He said he cant trust you
    with his daughter again
    Me: That is serious…so, what was grandma’s
    Biola: It was serious argument and for the first
    time in a long time popsy said he wont listen
    to her on this issue
    Me:is it up to that?
    Biola: I was surprise too even mumsy was, we
    had to start begging him again..All of us
    Me: And he didn’t shift ground too?
    Biola: Iro..he didn’t ooo…..
    Me: So, what do we do now? Who do we talk
    to again?
    Biola: Grandma has taken her decision, she
    has fixed a date for our introduction and she
    said it will happen in 6weeks time in our
    Me: And you think that will be possible?
    Biola: Definitely….Grandma was very angry and
    you know she’s stubborn too. Dad got that
    character from him, we are on our way to see
    our pastor now sef
    Me: You and who?
    Biola: Me, Mumsy and Grandma..Grandma
    said he want to see him and talk to him, tell
    him about her decision and to talk to my dad
    Me: That is very good..that is a nice idea
    because I know the pastor will let him
    understand the consequences of not listening
    to his own parent too
    Biola: Abi, I just pray all will be well…
    Me: All will be well dear, so where will you be
    going from there?
    Biola: If not what I want to go and pick at
    Ajao Estate, I would have love to come
    straight forward because my mind is not at
    peace knowing that my credentials are there,
    what if someone breaks into the house?
    Me: Yes..that is true sha, just don’t stay long
    and don’t let it be night before you come back
    Biola: Definitely…prepare dinner before I come
    Me: dinner ke?
    Biola: Yes now……..
    Me: okay, what do you want to eat?
    Biola: Amala
    Me: see your mouth like Amala, okay, it will
    be ready before you come back jhoor
    Biola:see you later dear
    Me: okay
    I stop chatting with Biola and was praying for
    positive feedback from where they went to. I
    was so sure their pastor should be able to talk
    to her dad. It was around 7pm, I started
    preparing what we are going to eat, I finished
    cooking around past 8. I called Biola but she
    didn’t pick, I thought maybe she was busy or
    inside commercial bus that she didn’t want to
    I called again by 9pm but she wasn’t picking,
    I wasn’t comfortable with her not picking my
    call, I was still trying I got a computer
    response that the number was switched off. Up
    until 10pm, her number was not going, I
    didn’t even know where to go and look for her
    because I don’t know the outcome of their
    visit to the pastor, if they all decided to go
    back home or if she would be at Ajao Estate
    maybe they left the pastor’s place late. I was
    thinking of it until slept off in the sitting

    Episode 9

    I woke up around past one, try her number
    again and it was saying switched off. I catch
    some sleep late, woke up by 4am, took my
    bath and stepped out of the house. I decided
    to head straight to Ajao Estate and if I didn’t
    see her there I will know she slept in their
    house and see her later in the day in the
    office. I was surprise when I got to their
    compound and saw light on, definitely
    someone was inside, I knocked at the door
    and was even amazed when she answered and
    open the door for me
    Me: what happened baby? Why didn’t you
    come home?
    Biola: Am very sorry baby, it wasn’t my fault
    Me: what happened? i called your number so
    many, u didn’t pick and suddenly it was
    switched off
    Biola: Am so sorry baby, I had a flat battery
    and it wasn’t intentional
    Me: So, what happened why did you sleep here
    because I know even if you came here late, you
    would have call me to come and pick you
    Biola: Am sorry, ehmmmm…..Baby, just help
    me thank God for my life, it was God that
    saved me yester night
    Me: what happened?
    Biola: I was at the bus stop when I started
    hearing gunshot, I started running home and I
    guess that would have been the time you were
    calling me. I started running home and by the
    guy I got to our gate, they have locked it and I
    started knocking the door but nobody to open
    for me. I had to call Emma who came down to
    open for me because our security was
    nowhere to be found.
    Me: That is serious
    Biola: By the time I checked my phone, it was
    off already and there was no light to charge, I
    was so scared to go out of the room.
    Me: But what exactly happened yesterday
    Biola: We left the pastor’s place late, he was
    having some visitors when we got to the
    church, he called dad maybe he can come and
    meet us at the church but he said he was far
    but will see him later. I got here around
    quarter to nine and my intention was just to
    pick what I wanted within two minutes and
    start coming but the armed robbers operated
    for more than an hour
    Me: How were you able to sleep at home alone
    Biola: Its by God’s grace and one mind, I wish
    you could see me yester night
    Me: We thank God nothing happened to you, I
    was seriously worried and had it in mind that
    if I didn’t see you here, the next thing was to
    check you up in the office.
    Biola: Thanks so much dear
    Me: So, what was the outcome with the
    Biola: He said we shouldn’t worry that he will
    talk to my dad. Grandma still maintain that its
    that 6 weeks time but they want to engage my
    dad first before asking you to tell your people
    Me: That is good, that means its your dad
    that is the major challenge now
    Biola: I don’t even know for him
    ooooo…..lemme quickly take my bath baby,
    this is 5:30am already
    Biola excused herself pull off her cloth in the
    bedroom and went to the bathroom to take
    her bath, after like 5minutes when I realized
    she has started taking her bath, I pull of my
    cloth, placed them very well in the bedroom
    and entered the bathroom to meet her there, I
    held her from behind and started massaging
    her bweast
    Biola: baby Noooo, we are getting late for
    work already
    Me: Yeah I know but we still have little
    time..have missed you so much baby
    Biola: Have missed you too baby, we will have
    the time later in the evening
    Me: I want it now baby, I just want to be
    inside you now
    Biola: Noo baby…please
    Me: Please now, even if just for five minute
    just to go in and come out
    Biola: I will feel tired at work and you know
    today is Monday, first day at work and am
    having slight headache too
    Me: please now baby
    Biola: Am also begging you now baby..please,
    lets wait till evening baby
    Me: Okay, but please just make me release
    Biola: How do you want me to do that?
    Me: I don’t know baby, just make me pour this
    Before I concluded the statement, she already
    started kissing me rubbing her hand on my
    Dickson, she knelt down after a while and
    placed my Dickson inside her mouth and
    started sucking me real hard, she was digging
    it that I didn’t know when I started saying
    Biola: Ouchhhh….why do you have to release
    inside my mouth now
    Me: am sorry baby…..
    I feel relaxed after pouring out, we took our
    bath and left for work. I first drop her at her
    office before going to my office and went to
    pick Biola later in the evening even though we
    didn’t later had sex at night.
    We came back from work on Wednesday
    evening when Biola’s mum called her and said
    that Biola’s father will like to see both of us
    on Saturday. Biola asked if there was a
    breakthrough and she told her that she was
    not aware of anything that he came back from
    work that evening and told her to talk to
    Biola. I asked if the pastor have been able to
    talk to him but nobody was aware of the
    reason for the meeting as she was not sure if
    the pastor had seen him.
    Around 12pm on Saturday, we left my place
    on Saturday and headed straight to Biola’s
    house, we were talking about so many things
    and our prayer was that her father’s mind
    should have soften as nobody knows the
    reason why he asked us to come. We got to
    the house but met his absence, Biola’s mum
    welcome me very well as a son inlaw and said
    she does not know the reason why he called
    us. Just like 30minutes we got there, he
    entered and I greeted him, he didn’t even
    answer me only Biola’s Mum Responded

    Episode 10

    Biola’s Dad: I know you will be surprised I
    called you abi?
    Me: Yes sir
    Biola’s Dad: Don’t be surprise, I don’t want
    you to see it as if I hate you or something, am
    only working on my instinct that tells me
    things will not work out between you and my
    Biola: rara Sir, everything will be fine sir
    Biola’s Dad: Shut up your mouth there? What
    do you know?
    Biola: Am sorry sir
    Biola’s Dad: There is this Yoruba adage that
    says that “what the elders see while sitting
    down, the young ones cannot see it even when
    they are standing”….Since every other person
    has given their consent and you guys are
    making me look like the devil, I have to soft
    Me: Thank You sir
    Biola’s Dad: What are you thanking me for?
    Hold your thank you………..Am only doing this
    just because you guys have been reporting me
    to everybody and I don’t know who else you
    are going to report me to. I will let you guys
    have your way but am telling you that this is
    not coming from my mind. Grandma has
    spoken and I don’t think I have the right not
    to listen to her if I want my children to listen
    to me.
    They have picked the date, you can relate
    same to your people, the introduction and
    everything will be in this place and nothing
    elaborates. You can start preparing for the
    wedding in 5weeks time. Let me warn you Mr
    Man, if anything should happen to my
    daughter, you will see the kind of person am
    made of and you madam, anything you see
    where you are going, you will bear with it
    Biola: Thank you very much sir, nothing will
    happen to us by God’s
    Biola’s Dad: You have nothing to thank me
    on, just be rest assured to accept whatever
    your eyes sees where you are going? Just
    inform your parent to come and do the
    necessary things in five weeks time
    Me: Thank You Sir.
    I left Biola’s house with fulfillment as I
    couldn’t wait to break the news to my parent.
    I tried calling both of them but none picked
    up. I was so glad when my mum called me
    back later in the evening
    My Mum: Hello Oko mi, we saw your missed
    Me: Yes Ma, I was calling to check on you
    My Mum: hey yah..we are fine, we were at
    fellowship around when you called
    Me: I guess as much..what of dad?
    My Mum: he is want to speak with
    Me: Not until after I finish talking with you ma
    My Mum: okay..hope no problem
    Me: No problem Ma..
    My Mum: What of Biola, where is she? Hope
    all is well?
    Me: Biola Is fine Ma…everything is fine..its all
    good news mummy
    My Mum: Thank, what is it all about?
    Me: Nothing really much, I went to Biola’s
    house today to meet with her parent
    My Mum: okay….with her father inclusive?
    Me: Yes..he was the one that called for the
    My Mum: So, how was it?
    Me: He said we should come and do the
    necessary things for my wife on the date
    picked by grandma
    My Mum: so, he has finally agreed?
    Me: Yes mummy………..
    My Mum:Halleluyah….Thank God, do you know
    I actually put it in prayer this
    did it happened? Who talk to him
    Me: We don’t know oooo….All he told us was
    that we have turn our issue to embarrassment
    to him and he will let us have our ways if that
    will make us happy
    My Mum: Thank God..Talk to your Dad too
    Me: I hope his mind has also come down too
    My Mum: Does he have any other option now
    Me: Good Evening Sir
    My Dad: Good Evening…..
    Me: Emmmm…..emmmm
    My Dad: What is emm..emmm again? Have
    heard your discussion with your mum, your
    inlaws has accepted the date of 5 weeks time
    Me: Yes Sir, Biola’s Dad has given his consent
    for the marriage
    My Dad: Okay…God will make it possible oko
    Me: Thank You Sir
    My Dad: Why thanking me? Which one is my
    own? You are the one getting married and all
    am to do that day was just to sit down and
    eat abi what else
    Me: ehnn…daddy, you know I cant do it
    without your fatherly support sir
    My dad: Which other fatherly support is more
    than that? You and your mum have gone
    ahead to plan everything but am sure you
    should be able to face whatever outcome of
    your action breed
    Me: It will definitely breed good things sir
    My Dad: I hope so..Bye Bye…..
    My Mum: Is Biola there? Lemme speak to her
    Me: Okay Ma…
    I gave the phone to Biola and I could hear
    them talk for a very long time, there were time
    Biola will be serious on phone while
    sometimes she will burst into laughter.
    Throughout their discussion, I was just
    thinking of what my Dad said trying to relate
    it with what happened at Biola’s house
    earlier. The question was, why was it that both
    father are hell bent on the marriage not

    Episode 11

    They gave their consent quite alright but not
    total commitment into the relationship but I
    guess it was because of what I did earlier
    which I believe will fade away over time.
    Me: so, what did you discussed with my mum
    on phone?
    Biola: why do you want to know?
    Me: Am your husband of course and I need to
    know everything
    Biola: Husband ko, Husband ni? U don pay for
    my dowry? Wait till after 5weeks before saying
    Me: So, you wont tell me abi?
    Biola: I wont oo…its mother and daughters
    talk or did I ask you what you discussed with
    them too?
    We turn it to joke and played with it, I tried to
    find out what she discussed with my mum but
    she didn’t tell me despite pleading with her at
    a stage. We shifted discussion to plan for the
    wedding, how the day was going to look like,
    the financial implication, the guest and all the
    necessary things needed for that day. We
    started making list of what we will require for
    the day and ended the night with a romantic
    and lovely sex, it was even Biola that initiated
    the sex to mark the good news of what
    happened earlier in the day and we renewed
    our vow all over again.
    Wedding preparation was in top gear; virtually
    everybody in my office was aware of my
    engagement even though our plan was a low
    key engagement because of what happened
    earlier. We were both happy that finally our
    dream was coming through. Biola was
    virtually the happiest person on earth during
    this period as have never seen her so happy
    like that before.
    We already delivered all the content of the list
    they gave us from Biola’s house, even though
    most of the things they requested for was on
    a high side, we were able to beat it down. The
    most surprising thing out of it all was when
    Biola’s dad said he was not going to collect
    the bride price from me as he was not selling
    his daughter to me.
    The wedding day was already here; all
    preparation was from my parent house. We
    left as early as 8am as the program was
    suppose to start by 10am. We got there by
    past 9am and it was even a surprise that
    Biola’s dad was not fully dressed. My parent
    and I went through the back door to greet
    Biola’s parent and most especially her
    grandma who made the day possible for us…..
    Biola’s Mum: Oko Iyawo
    Me: Yes mummy
    Biola’s Mum: Congratulations…your mind is at
    rest now abi, your wife is finally coming home
    to you
    Me: All thanks to you Ma…May God continue
    to bless you for us Ma
    Biola’s Mum: Amen Dear…your wife is inside
    oo, they are still dressing up, will you go in to
    see her
    Me: No need Ma, she will still come out ma
    Biola’s Mum: Abi ooo..have you seen Daddy?
    Me: Yes Ma..i saw him on our way coming in
    Biola’s Mum: okay
    It was a great engagement as we seriously
    enjoyed ourselves unlike what happened
    between me and Mary, my dad and Biola’s
    dad later loose up and I was surprise that
    Biola’s dad knows how to dance that much.
    What we thought was going to be a small
    engagement later turn out to be a large one
    as people were much, even those that I never
    expected will make it that day was present and
    graced our wedding. It was truly an
    atmosphere of Joy.
    We left with our wife around 6pm to my
    parent house, we got home around seven pm,
    some guest that couldn’t make it to my in-
    law’s house came to greet us at home, I was
    seriously tired and had to pull off my agbada
    and shoe that moment as I was on slippers. It
    was around past 8 when I was told some 3
    guys were asking of me outside. I went out to
    meet them and I was surprised that neither
    not that I don’t know any of them but their
    mode of dressing doesn’t show they came to
    greet us for the wedding….
    Me: Good evening oo
    Man: Good evening…..Are you Mr snakie?
    Me: may I help you?
    Man: We are from the state CID (flashed his ID
    Card), your presence is needed in our office
    Me: For what? What did I do?
    Man: Once you get to our office you will
    Me: But at least you should tell me my offence
    (Raising my voice to call attention)
    My Dad: What happened?
    Me: They said they are police and am wanted
    in their office but they wouldn’t tell me my
    My Dad: Sorry Officers, what exactly is going you can see, today is his wedding and
    its not suppose to be spoilt this way, you
    should be able to tell us his offence and why
    he is needed in your office
    Second man: Thank You sir, he will know his
    offence once he get to the office, we are only
    respecting him because we see him as a
    gentle man, we expect him to keep quiet
    because whatever he say now will be use
    against him in the court of law
    My Dad: This is serious…which station are you
    “crowd already gathered at us, I looked into
    Biola’s face and she was looking confused”
    Man: From the state CID can meet us
    there sir
    Before I knew what was happening, they
    already brought hand cuff and put it on my
    hand, I was still dragging with them as they
    put me behind the Honda halla they parked
    outside, there was a driver in the car already
    waiting for them, they didn’t even wait for
    other people to meet us outside before they
    zoomed off…

    Episode 12

    It was a surprise when I woke up and find
    myself in a room that has only mattress with
    a table and chair, the funniest thing was that I
    was totally unclad, not even my boxer on me.
    My deek was dangling in between my thigh as
    I was still trying to figure out where I was.
    The last thing I remembered was police officer
    coming to my house the previous night which
    was my wedding night, they put me in their
    car and zoomed off, we had argument on our
    way going and that was the last thing I
    remembered…I was seriously weak too
    This place was definitely not a police cell nor
    any other custody for that matter, where
    exactly am i? who removed my cloth? Where
    is my cloth? Those were my thought until I
    heard the door open, coming in were three
    girls, one in mask covering her face while the
    others were without mask
    Lady I Mask: You are awake? Thank God for
    your life ooo
    Me: “trembling”………Please where am i? who
    are you guys?
    “they all busted into laughter”
    Lady in Mask: They are asking you question
    Lady One: Finest boy……….continue asking your
    Lady in Mask: Idiot…you are asking questions
    abi……for your information, you are in your
    new home and this is where you will be
    staying until we decide what to do with you
    Lady Two: We thought you are dead before
    and preparing to go and throw you away in
    the ocean later tonight
    Me: Throw me away ke? Please what was my
    offence? What did I do? I didn’t offend
    anybody..even if I offend anybody I will do
    anything to amend my ways
    Lady in Mask: Amend your ways indeed, its
    late already oga…
    Lady One: na wetyn u sabi chop wan kill you
    Me: Please am very sorry, please consider my
    new wife and my parent
    Lady in Mask: Your new wife? You must be
    Me: Please am very sorry…Mary please forgive
    me..I know you are the one in mask,I know
    your voice, I can feel you, please forgive me
    Lady in Mask: So you recognize me? No need
    of the mask again then, what do you feel
    Lady Two: No need again Mama…you can
    remove everything now since am not even sure
    he will be out of this place alive
    Me: Ahhhh…please, please am sorry, don’t let
    me die please (Crying)
    Mary: So, you can beg after what you did to
    me? You can beg me now after you wasted my
    Lady One: They always beg after doing the
    bad things now…
    Mary: For your information, your sex videos
    will soon be on the internet too just as you
    uploaded mine to the whole world…..By the
    time we finish with you, all that matters to you
    would have been lost and I will know if that
    your so call wife will still want to have
    anything to do with you
    Me: Please Mary, I didn’t post your video
    Mary: You are mad…who now did? You have
    done your worst, no man can have me again
    and I can also guarantee you that no woman
    will ever have you and you will never be
    useless to your family again..
    Lady One:In case you are wondering where you
    are? You are in a location where nobody will
    ever find you….To clear your doubt? You have
    been here for 5days, you passed out 3 days
    Me: Ahhh…5 days ke? Mo ku ooooooo
    Lady Two: You are not dead yet are
    still the one talking to us, I just hope that
    flaky that fucccked you to death will not be
    back and want to continue from where she
    Mary: Flakky is really a bad biatch…what all
    of us were just enjoying little by little for two
    days, she came for a visit, pounce on him and
    my poor boyfriend fainted
    Lady Two: mama..i think we should get rid of
    this thing between today tomorrow and forget
    about this thing jare once and for all
    Me: Ahhh…please….please don’t kill
    me..please and please
    Mary: Not so quick babe, I still want to enjoy
    this his long deek for at least one more time
    and I guess you guys also want to even if for
    the last time..we will see what we will do to
    him by weekend
    Lady One: That’s a good idea Mama..i even
    want to see him in action live without sedative
    Mary: Ahhh…you will die if its about that
    Lady One: ehn..ehn, guess I will be the first to
    be fucck tonight then
    Mary: He is all your meat…you can have him
    as long as you want and if he die in the
    process that means God quickly answered his
    Lady Two: I suggest the best thing is to give
    him food for enough energy for tonight show
    Me: Mo ku ooooo (Am Dead ooooooo)

    Episode 13

    They all stepped out of the room, i started
    wondering what was happening but i couldn’t
    give any explanation, even if i said i should
    run away, will i go out naked? Won’t people
    see me as a mad person and the fact that i
    didn’t even know where i was and does not
    know what was happening outside.
    I peeped from the door and could hear noise of
    people talking and music blasting from the
    sitting room, i could feel the smell of cigarette
    around the house, i quickly ran back to the
    bed when i heard foot step approaching the
    room. Two of the ladies entered the room with
    a bowl of Rice, one bottle water and two tin of
    milk with a cup…I could see traces of gun by
    the side pocket of one of them
    Lady One: This is your food oga
    Lady Two: At least you need to enjoy your last
    super before going to your creator
    Me: Please i don’t want to die
    Lady One: SK, he said he doesn’t want to die
    SK: You are not dying now..the time for you to
    die is not now….you will still enjoy yourself to
    the fullest before meeting your ancestor….You
    need to give her special treat Opa
    Opa: Special treat as how? Me i no get time
    for nonsense oooo..if not for una, i for don
    waste this nonentity from the first day sef
    SK: No be so…u know say na mama still dey
    arrange now..its her game so we need to give
    her the honour
    Opa: Oga, your food is ready..come and eat
    Me: Am not hungry..please am okay
    Opa: You are not hungry? E be like say craze
    dey your head abi? Or you want make i
    sample you…abi u think say the stick wey i
    carry na toy? No be play play oo…me i no get
    time for this nonsense ooo
    SK: Take am easy abeg
    Opa: wetyn i go take easy? After i suffer
    myself go get food for this idiot
    SK: No worry…he will eat now
    SK moved closer to the food, opened the tin
    milk, pour them inside the cup, pick the spoon
    inside the rice and took two spoon from the
    plate, took a meet also and stepped it down
    with water and pushed the remaining one to
    me…I collected it from her and started eating
    Opa: So, you no wan die abi?
    SK: “laughing”..if to say na you nko? You go
    trust anybody in this kind of situation?..the
    guy dey fear for hin life now
    Opa: Person wey never see death wey dey
    fear..when the death come nko? Wetyn hin go
    SK:lolzzz..i just hope we can conclude this
    transaction latest by weekend cos we need to
    move on to the next thing
    “Mary walked in”
    Mary: I hope he is cooperating?
    Opa: Who born am wey hin no dey cooperate
    Mary: Snakie my husband……please eat very
    well oooo
    SK: mama, you can see he is eating
    Opa: I just wish we finish this transaction
    tonight Mama
    Mary: Not so soon Opa, weekend is very close
    here..dont let us be in a haste
    “started coughing”
    Opa: You better drink water before you killed
    “SK passed me the milk which i drank”
    Mary: babes, abeg lets go continue our
    enjoyment, we will come and check on the
    motherfucker later in the day…we need to let
    him rest for his work tonight

    Episode 14

    They waited till i was through with my food,
    packed all the remaining junks and left the
    room, i couldn’t even hide anything, have
    come to term with the fact that my whole
    body has become a thing of ridicule in their
    face…do i even know all what they did to me
    while i was conscious? Only God knows what
    they injected me with that made me to be
    unconscious for that long and what i went
    through during the process…
    No long they left i started thinking about my
    life, how all these started and how everything
    will end in peace. I regretted the day i saw
    Mary in my school and approached her, i
    regretted the first day i had sex with her
    thinking have seen a cheap girl to do hit and
    run on, i regretted the day i connived with her
    to play on Bola’s will i avert
    this calamity that is coming.
    They said i will be killed by weekend, what is
    the assurance that i will see the coming
    weekend? What is the tendency that the stupid
    Opa won’t get angry one of this day and pull
    the trigger on me just like she was boasting
    earlier…what exactly will happen to me by
    weekend. Today is Thursday which means i
    only have maximum of three days on earth
    going by their confirmation.
    I started thinking of my parent, how they will
    feel, what of Biola my wife? I don’t even know
    what the situation will be at home with them.
    The trouble that would have been going on
    within my Family.
    What exactly will happen to my work? My
    career, everything i have worked for..All is
    ending just because of 5minutes enjoyment. I
    know if i should come back to this world, i will
    never attempt adultery again in my life, i will
    be satisfied with whatever and whoever God
    pushes to me as my fiancée of girlfriend.
    I started praying to God for forgiveness and
    seeking for his divine intervention as there
    was no hope again. I wiped off my tears as i
    believe crying will never solve anything again.
    What is happening is definitely beyond crying
    as it is only God that can save me if at all i
    had any chance. Who will come to my rescue?
    Those were my thoughts after they left me in
    the room as i started counting down to my
    death.have regained a little bit of strength
    with the food and milk that i took, i tried to
    peep outside from the window but all i could
    see was the wall of the building that i was in.
    I think to the extent that my mind couldn’t
    take it again, i didn’t even know if i slept off
    or something but i realized and came back to
    my senses when the door opened…
    SK: This is your afternoon food oga…..
    Me: Am not hungry
    SK: what is my own with you are not hungry?
    You better eat now before Mama and other
    babes walk in because you will definitely
    blame yourself
    Me: Please, am not hungry..please SK, can i
    ask you something…
    SK: what is that?
    Me: Where am i?
    SK: You are in a room or where do you think
    you are
    Me: I mean Location…
    SK: You are better eat your food
    now because what is coming after you tonight
    will be bloody and i hope you will be able to
    take it..For your information, flaky is around
    Me: Who is flaky?
    SK: The lady that fuccked you to death and
    she don ready to continue from where she
    stopped so you better eat for enough strength
    and pray to your God for mercy
    Me: Mo ku oooo
    SK: You are not dead yet..wait till weekend
    oga, they will be doing like someone that
    couldn’t kill a mosquito after they have
    committed great crime….you better start
    eating now
    I accepted my fate and concentrated on the
    food they brought for me, SK didn’t hesitate to
    taste part of the food before i started eating,
    she make sure i finished eating my food and i
    was surprised she took the remnant of the
    food and eat it in my presence before stepping
    out of the room

    Episode 15

    I was on bed late in the evening when four of
    them entered the room again, Opa and flaky
    were with a gun, Mary was holding a bottle of
    red wine while SK was smoking cigarette….
    Mary: Flaky, pass the stuff to him
    “she passed a bottle of drink to me”
    Opa: Oga..oya drink that thing wey dey your
    Flaky: And you must finish everything
    Me: What is this please…Mary please i don’t
    want to die
    Mary: Its not your time to die yet……What you
    are to drink is just energy booster
    SK: Oga..drink this thing sharply abeg
    “Opa pointed gun at me, i look at their face
    one after the other, i could read meaning to
    every one of their facial expression, i picked up
    the bottle and emptied it. Flaky and SK moved
    towards me with a rope, tie my hand and leg
    to the bed, i was spread to the bed facing the
    ceiling, i begged for my life but all my pleas
    fell on deaf ears, i couldn’t struggle with them
    as two of them pointed gun at me in that
    process too….
    They all left the room after tying me to the
    bed and barely 10minutes they left, i realized
    my deek was getting hardness that i couldn’t
    control, it was so hard that i started sweating,
    my deek was pointing to the ceiling in full
    attention..the door opened again and there
    come Mary and flaky…..
    Flaky: wow….this is huge
    Mary: You think say na small thing before?
    Flaky: I never take my time to look at it that
    very know it was in the night now…
    Mary: Now you have seen it….that is what the
    idiot is using to disturb every girl and what
    that fool is dying for
    Flaky: I think i should go into action before
    this thing go down..
    Mary: don’t be in a haste babe..this thing
    wont go down in the next three to four
    hours..its all our meat but you guys need to
    do me the honour of going first
    Flaky: Anyhow you want it Mama…..So far it
    will go round
    Me: Please Mary..please don’t do this to me..I
    beg you in the name of God
    Mary pull off the bump short and pant she
    was wearing, she pull off her black pant too,
    rub something like cream on her pussssy then
    climb on the bed..easily she slide her p---y
    inside my deeek and started ridding me…
    Flaky brought out a camera and started
    recording, i don’t even know if she was on
    drug or not because the way she was going
    shows that it was not with ordinary eye, Mary
    was going faster on me, i was seriously feeling
    the pain and didn’t even take long before i
    started crying and begging for my life but it
    was all on deaf ear.
    At a time, she will engage in different style like
    facing me while fucccking, resting a bit on my
    chest while going on a slow motion, my hand
    and leg are tied so i couldn’t do anything
    even though i tried to struggle initially but i
    had to relax myself and accepted when i
    realized there was no way.
    Mary switched position with flaky after like
    25minutes and the first thing she did was to
    clean my deek and gave it the suck of his
    life..she was eating my deek raw as if she
    wanted to cut it along whenever she is
    through…Opa walked in during the process
    and was just laughing with the bottle of vodka
    in her hand
    Flaky: know say me i no dey enjoy
    nacking like this ooooo..
    Mary: wetyn happen? Wetyn you want? Your
    wish will be granted
    Flaky: Mama..i wan pull off totally and want
    this idiot to feel me, i dey think say make i
    untie his hand for this my own round Mama….
    Mary: Do as you wish….he cant try any drama
    except he want to die before weekend….Help
    them out Opa
    “They untie my hand, Flaky removed all what
    she put on as she was totally unclad, she got
    the biggest bweast out of all of them and i
    was wondering why the it was still standing as
    i assumed they must have done something so
    bad and expected a sagging bweast.
    I was wondering where she was going to start
    from until she started kissing me, i was eager
    to engage in the act myself maybe i will have
    the opportunity to release if my mind was on
    the sex. I had to play along and put my mind
    in the act, i guess she was surprised that i
    responded too as i started fondling her b----t
    as she rested her pusssy on my deek. Flaky
    and Opa spend more than 50minutes working
    on me, i didn’t c-m neither did my deek come
    down….i was seriously sweating, crying like
    xmas goat and a bit weak

    Episode 16

    They all left the room with my leg still tied to
    the bed..i untied the rope on my leg, the tip of
    my deek is already paining me, i don’t even
    know what to do again. I was still thinking
    when i heard the door opened. It was SK that
    walked in, i didn’t know why she was not with
    them earlier and i thought she was here to
    take her own pound of flesh………..
    Before she could do anything, i quickly came
    down from the bed, knelt down in front of her,
    held her leg, started crying and pleading to
    her “please SK, please help me, am feeling
    pain, please don’t let me die, am sorry for
    everything, please help me, I know all you are
    doing is not from your heart, i know you are
    not okay with it but you just don’t have
    choice, I know you are the best among them,
    Please help me, am dying already”
    I was surprised when SK lifted me up with my
    hand, i sat on the bed still crying until she
    looked at me and said “stop crying jhoor,
    behave like a man for once abeg”..she held my
    d--k and started assessing it, i screamed a bit
    when she touched the tip, she looked at me
    and said am coming.
    She stepped out of the room and came back
    like two minutes later, she gave me a drug to
    use, i was sceptical initially but she
    encouraged me to use and started talking to
    me silently
    Sk: use it won’t hurt you jhoor
    Me: what is this for again?
    Sk: Just use it, you better use it now before
    my babes walk in because they must not know
    am giving you this, its what will relief you
    Me: are you sure?
    Sk: Lemme have it if you don’t want to use it
    then…Am only trying to help and i don’t even
    know why am doing this for you because i can
    be killed trying to help you out
    “i quickly used the drug”
    Sk: Don’t worry, everything will be okay i the
    next 30 to 45minutes or so
    Me: 30 minutes?
    Sk: If you can’t wait for 30minutes then you
    can have sex, maybe i should call one of the
    girls for you because am not even in the mood
    for that right now
    Me: girls ke? You want to kill me again?
    Please don’t call them please….
    Sk: i will check on you in the next 30minutes…
    SK stepped out of the room, i started counting
    down, the 30minutes was like the longest
    minutes have ever waited for in my life, at a
    stage i try to picture myself having sex but my
    thought were not even coming together, at a
    stage i even contemplated if any of the girls
    should walk in, i wouldn’t mind them raping
    me at that instance so far i was looking
    forward to discharging
    SK walked in again just like 15minutes after, i
    was still in serious pain
    Sk: How far?
    Me: Still the same thing….Nothing yet
    Sk: Don’t worry, you will be fine in no time, i
    just said i should check back on you
    As SK was walking to the door, i summoned
    up courage and grabbed her from behind with
    the little strength i had on me, pushed her to
    the bed and straight my hand went inside her
    top as i started fondling her b----t, the most
    surprising thing was that she was not even
    putting on bra neither does she push me
    away, i was happy she responded and started
    kissing me.

    Episode 17

    I dragged her bump short and gstring pant
    simultaneously, i couldn’t wait so much as i
    slotted my d--k inside her, i was just going
    slowly inside her, i put my whole mind in the
    act as i was sucking her b----t too at the
    same time, it was a relief when i came after
    like 10minutes in the act, i was shouting while
    coming because that was the most painful
    aspect of it too but i didn’t bother to remove
    my d--k inside her p---y, i was still going in
    and out so that i can release fully, i rested all
    my body on her after coming, my d--k was
    still inside her as it was a bit cool down
    inside her there..
    She held my body to herself, i could feel her
    trying to tight and loosen her d--k against my
    d--k, that even make it so lovely as the pain
    was going down little by little, she pushed me
    to the other side of the bed after like 10
    SK: How are you feeling now
    Me: A bit better..thanks so much
    Sk: You welcome…..what will you eat
    Me: Anything will be better please
    Sk: You guys doesn’t hear word, anyone that
    sees you now will never know what you did to
    my babe, i just pity your wife and family sha
    Me: Thank You so much SK, But where exactly
    is this place
    “flaky and Mary walked in”
    Mary: uhmmmmm………………….You didn’t tell us
    enjoyment is going on here
    SK: I just say i should come and play with our
    toy jare
    Flaky: that is good..and how was it?
    Sk: You should trust the horse now..only that
    i allow him take charge…see how wet the bed
    Mary: His thing don even come down sef
    Sk: U know trust me….the guy pump out like
    two times ni…i was just laughing as he was
    coming out cos the pain was out of this world
    Mary: I know in his next life, this d--k will
    definitely not want to follow him down to this
    Flaky: You know say i dey always wish to cut
    the d--k away as one of my toy after hin don
    die..just that the thing no go stand up again
    Sk: Sincerely have never seen a d--k as big as
    this before……
    Mary: You think say na small thing..i dey tell
    you, the guy go dey release inside you, you go
    dey enjoy am and wouldn’t want him to stop
    all because of the size…..
    SK: abi oooo
    Mary: how you take know? He released inside
    SK: Yes ooo mama, i no fit lie for you
    abeg….Na the tip of the ice bag gang an be
    Mary: Na hin be say flaky and opa don miss
    very need go clean up oo babe
    Sk: abi now….
    Mary: but lemme have some fun before you
    clean up now …..
    I was dumb founded when mary passed the
    gun in her pocket to flaky, pull sk closer and
    they started kissing each other, it was a full
    blown up romance, flaky was hailing them as
    they engaged in the act. They finger each
    other and at a point i was pushed out of the
    bed while Sk started sucking mary..”what an
    irritating scenario” i said on my mind.

    Episode 18

    Saturday evening was here already, i don’t
    even know what my fate will be the following
    day as they kept shouting weekend, i don’t
    know if it will happen that night or the
    following day, have been praying since on
    Saturday night that God should save me, i
    promised to serve him with all my heart if i
    should escape this my ordeal. I was still on
    my thought when SK walked in…She came in
    with a cloth for the first time and asked me to
    go and take my bath in the bathroom inside
    the room, she waited for me in the room.
    I came out and was looking so fresh, at least
    even if they want to kill me, i shouldn’t look
    dirty going to meet my creator. SK sat on the
    bed and was looking at me as i was dressing
    SK: You were not looking bad but what led
    you into this..why did you have to record
    Mama and post it online
    Me: I didn’t post her video online
    Sk: You didn’t do what? The video is all over
    the internet…..what is this on my phone?
    Me: Ahhhh…moku modaran
    Sk: You didn’t post it but who did? Imagine
    the trauma posting a pregnant woman sex
    video online all because she jilted you
    Me: Jilted me? No oooo….To God i was the
    one that recorded the video but didn’t post it
    online, the only other person that have access
    to it was my wife and am sure she will never
    do something like that
    Sk: So, you exchanged it with your new lover
    after dumping Mama
    Me: No oooo…I didn’t dump her ooooo, we
    were not even in any relationship
    SK: You were not in a relationship? So, what
    happened between you guys
    Me: Okay..let me explain to you
    SK: am listening…you don’t have much time,
    you need to be brief
    Me: Okay, i met Mary when i went to process
    my certificate in the university over a year
    ago, we met in front of the faculty office, one
    thing led to the other, we started talking and
    offered to give her a lift when i met her on my
    way going home after i was through with what
    i came to do
    SK: Okay..what now happened
    Me: So, as a sharp guy, i started toasting her
    on our way going home because it was the
    same route, i thought i was ahead of the game
    when she accepted to follow me home and
    before i knew it, we had sex in my house
    SK: on that same day?
    Me: Yes……
    SK: You are a bad guy…Mama that i know is
    so strong emotionally so what could you have
    told her for her to follow you home and even
    agreed to f--k you…
    Me: that was how the problem started, i
    thought i was on top of the game but not
    until everything changed and her hidden
    agenda showed up..I have my own fiancée,
    that is my wife that am married to now, she
    do come in to spend weekends with me as we
    have not done our intro nor marriage yet…
    After the sex, all my thought was that Mary
    will want to start going home not until she
    told me she can sleep over at my place, tell
    me which guy will see a free p---y and not
    want to take advantage of it, so i thought
    SK: That means what you know how to eat
    best is what is killing you

    Episode 19

    Me: I dropped 10k for her while i was going to
    work on Thursday but i was surprised when i
    came back and she was still around and told
    me she will be going on Friday, i emphasized
    that she needs to go unfailingly the following
    day as my wife to be will be coming around.
    I was surprised when i came back from work
    on Friday and met mary and my fiancée at
    home with my fiancée accusing me that my
    cousin from Ibadan was at home and i didn’t
    tell her when i spoke with her earlier in the
    Mary was able to brainwash my fiancée and
    she seriously believed her, i wanted to chase
    her away but i didn’t even know what she said
    to her that she was always behind her that
    since she was still free, she doesn’t see any
    reason for her to go back to Ibadan and for
    the fact that she had one week break from
    work and will be spending it at my place, mary
    being around will cure her loneliness. I was
    trying to clean my dirty but Mary was faster
    than me in all aspect and i don’t want to ruin
    all have been building over the years with my
    fiancée so i was waiting for her holiday to
    finish, at least she will go when my wife leave
    SK: This is serious…i think the version we had
    from her was another thing entirely..what
    happened afterwards
    Me: She was blackmailing me to have sex with
    her at the same time just as my fiancée was
    staying with us under the same roof
    SK: You don’t mean, you were f-----g
    two girls at the same time under the same
    roof and your fiancée didn’t catch you? E be
    like say that your fiancée dull sef
    Me: Am not a heartless person, i know if i
    should eject her by force she could spoil
    everything for me…so this particular weekend,
    my fiancée went for a wedding, i was not
    expecting her early, she came home in the
    evening and met me and Mary pant down in
    the sitting room, it was so crazy for her as she
    couldn’t believe it that i was having sex with
    my cousin
    SK: Finally finally..well played script…
    Me: The funniest thing was that as i went out
    that night to see if i can plead with my wife,
    mary had already started sending her message
    telling her how we have been playing on her
    intelligence all this while, the fact that i love
    her more and what broke everything was
    telling her that she was pregnant for me…..
    SK: mama na sharp babe now
    Me: I wanted to eject her the following
    morning and she showed me pregnancy test
    result which shows that she was pregnant for
    me, i took her to the hospital and it was also
    confirmed that she was pregnant. She involved
    my mum and tell me which parent won’t be
    happy that she was expecting her first
    grandchild even though they were surprised
    that it was her that got pregnant for me.
    My dad said we must not abort the pregnancy
    and in the long run, we got married
    compulsorily, we didi our introduction and
    started living as husband and wife under the
    same roof..
    SK: And your fiancée accepted defeat just like
    that without putting up a fight
    Me: What options does she have when my
    parent pleaded t her to let go
    SK: hey yah…what a poor girl, i put myself in
    her position…how long were you guys together
    before the incident happened?
    Me: Close to four years
    Sk: and everything just went away just like
    that? No guy will ever try that kind of
    nonsense with me i swear….so, you were the
    one that impregnated mama and her husband
    Me: So i thought until i found out that the
    pregnancy was not mine and another guy has
    been coming to my house to f--k my pregnant
    wife under my roof on my matrimonial bed
    SK: Shuuuuu…which kind thing be that? Who
    was responsible for the pregnancy, how did
    you find out the truth
    Me: That was exactly my problem with Mary,
    she didn’t know the exact person that
    impregnated her

    Episode 20

    SK: How come?
    Me: I found out she was almost 3 weeks
    pregnant before i met her in my school
    Sk: but you went to the hospital and your own
    doctor confirmed that her pregnancy was 3
    month as at the time you visited
    Me: I don’t know how she was able to
    manipulate the doctor
    SK: I won’t be surprise if Mama f--k the
    doctor in the hospital, that one na small thing
    to do
    Me: I think that was exactly what happened
    SK: How did you find out the truth…..
    Me: I met a guy who once dated Mary before,
    not just only him but his other 3 friends, Mary
    was f-----g them at the same time and in fact
    the guy has a lot of her nude pictures, i was
    just playing with the guys laptop on this
    particular day when i saw her picture and he
    told me all that transpired between them, how
    she was f-----g the 3 friends at the same
    time, got pregnant and trying to push it on
    either of them
    They rejected the pregnancy and doctor had
    already advised her against abortion as any
    other one might lead to her death. So, it was
    so unfortunate that i met her during that same
    period, i guess that was the reason why she
    agreed to have sex with me on our first
    meeting and decided to play a fast one on me
    Sk: Now you are talking..i said it earlier why
    Mama will f--k you same day she met you if
    there was not something involved…
    Me: The guy was even the one that told me
    that his friend staying in portharcourt still
    come to my house to f--k Mary at interval
    anytime he comes to Lagos …
    Sk: Mama was still f-----g another guy even
    while you already accepted the pregnancy, she
    should have laid low now and settle down in
    Me: i guess maybe the guy was threatening to
    expose her so she had no option than to give
    in to the guy anytime he is around
    SK: That is serious…
    Me: I left that my guy place because i already
    told Mary i was not coming home
    SK: You lied to her you were not coming
    home..where did you go to?
    Me: My former fiancée place
    Sk: So, you guys had started seeing each other
    after you got married
    Me: It wasn’t that easy to let go like that
    when i know i don’t even love the person i put
    in my house as a wife.
    I got home and Alas, i caught Mary red
    handed having sex with another guy on our
    matrimonial bed, with 8months pregnancy fa
    SK: I believe that was the video that was
    posted online
    Me: Yes..i recorded them just because i
    wanted to show my parent the video as they
    will never believe me without that kind of
    evidence…so, i think that is what brought me
    SK: This is serious…it was another version of
    this story Mama told us
    Me: What exactly did she tell you guys
    SK: She said she was dating you in the past
    and decided to follow another person, you
    couldn’t take it, so you came to her
    matrimonial home with some armed guys,
    instructed she and her husband to unclad,
    have sex with each other while you record
    The annoying thing was that two of the guys
    also had sex with her that very day, but it was
    the only video of her and her husband that
    you posted online but hide the one of your
    guys, she wanted you to feel the pain too
    before dying.
    Me: To God who made me, have never seen a
    gun in my life before aside with the police,
    here is where i will ever set my eyes on a
    SK: So, how will i know that your own version
    of this story is the truth..
    Me: Believe me SK, what i just told you is the
    real truth..what will i gain from lying, i don’t
    just know who posted the video online
    SK: I still don’t believe but one thing am
    confuse about was why we deleted the guy in
    the video if he was Mama’s husband truly
    Me:Deleted as in?

    Episode 21

    SK: we eliminated him on Tuesday
    Me: U mean kay is dead?
    SK: Yes…so, i don’t know how you are going
    to escape what is coming to befall you tonight
    or tomorrow
    Me: Ahhhh moku oooooo
    SK: You are not dead yet sha..i seriously pity
    you sha
    Me: But where exactly is this place, where am
    SK: well, you are in Edo state…Naoka to be
    Me: have never heard of this location
    SK: well you have heard of it……………….
    Me: and who are you girls?…
    Sk: I cant disclose that to you for now and i
    think have heard enough already because girls
    will be worried about what have been doing
    here, if they should come inside, they might
    want to f--k you and what you need now is a
    strength for the challenge ahead..just continue
    to God to help You…..
    Me: Thanks so much……
    SK: I will check you up later to give you
    Me: No problem..thanks so much
    As she was going, i drag her back and gave
    her emotional hug, i don’t know why she
    responded to me but she did and i could feel
    her heart beat on me, i looked at her and was
    surprise she was not ready to look at my face,
    i drew her face closer to my side and what i
    saw was amazing, tears was full in her eyes
    and didn’t take up to 2 minutes before they
    started rolling down her cheek, she released
    herself and stepped out of the room….
    The atmosphere in my room was tensed as i
    don’t know what will happened next, it was
    late in the night and have not heard of them,
    it was so unusual as the door was locked for
    the first time, i was not hearing voice like that,
    they didn’t bring food for me and i didn’t see
    someone that look like SK too. The fear for my
    death was high, i couldn’t sleep until suddenly
    when the door opened, it was SK that walked
    in with a bag over her sholder..her body was
    smelling of alcohol…
    SK: How you dey? You go think say we don
    forget about you abi?
    Me: “trembling”..what happened, where have
    you been
    SK: don’t worry, your death has been
    postponed till next week
    Me: “Relieved”…….What happened?
    SK: Well, Mama called that they asked her to
    start coming home, her mum said it was an
    emergency, they didn’t tell her what happened, she travelled to Lagos from town
    this afternoon….she called back that her mum
    had little accident that she will be coming
    back on Monday or Tuesday…she said she
    want to be the one to kill you herself
    Me: Ahhhhh…Mo ku
    SK: Girls are tired already, they have started
    grumbling that they couldn’t wait much again
    so please if you still want to extend your life
    till that Tuesday, don’t do anything that will
    infuriate them
    Me: okay…but is this the way am going to end
    my life?
    SK: Just be praying to your creator……and
    don’t ever think of running away, this place is
    over secured, in fact some of our guys are
    around right now, we are just coming from a
    joint where we went to enjoy ourselves…..guys
    have occupied the rooms with the other girls
    so i just decide to come here
    Me: Come here for what?
    SK: Don’t worry, we bought noodles for you…
    so, you better eat at least there is nothing to
    fear..i wan shower abeg
    The noodles was the worst i ever tasted in my
    life, It was not even a surprise that she pull off
    her cloth in my presence and made her way to
    the bathroom in the room, she came back like
    15 minutes later with a small towel, she
    started cleaning herself in the room, she
    brought out another top and a short track
    from the small bag she brought in and put
    them on..

    Episode 22

    She laid on the bed while i was still on my
    Me: Seems you are tired
    SK: Not really jare… not just feeling too
    Me: What happened?
    SK: Nothing…don’t worry, its not something
    you should worry about
    Me: You can talk to me now..a problem
    shared is half solved
    SK: Sincerely, i didn’t know how i found myself
    in this mess
    Me: Which Mess? What is it……
    SK: We heard that one of our babe was
    dropped this evening
    Me: Dropped?
    SK: Killed jhoor..are you this lame
    Me: Ahhh…..what happened?
    SK: Its one spanner lost jare…we are living a
    life of fear on a daily basis and it can happen
    to any one of us…..
    Me: Why don’t you opt out? What led you to
    this in the first place
    SK: Opt out? Its not as easy as you think jare
    except if they are ready to free you of which
    you can be free totally, they will always be
    coming back to you when you are needed, why
    do you think Mary has to come back even
    when she already got a baby and should be
    thinking of settling down
    Me: But out of no way, there will definitely still
    be a can run to any other state now
    and settled down
    SK: while my school is still on?
    Me: Are you guys student?
    SK: yes of course now..I just rounded up my
    spill over year here in Ekpoma, my parent are
    in Lagos, am a microbiologist waiting for
    NYSC mobilization, other girls are in other
    departments, flaky on her own has spilled,
    splash and i don’t even know what to call the
    third one
    Me: But how come? Mary didn’t finish from
    your school now
    SK: Yes…she did her diploma here so she has
    been part of us ever since and never leave our
    midst even when she got her admission to
    Me: That is serious…but do you truly wish to
    opt out
    SK: I cant tired of this life jare…we
    have treated so many people f--k up that we
    are always scared of our lives
    Me: Even if everybody is scared, flaky will
    never be?
    SK: Says who…the girl no get mind at all
    ooo…na she be the coward among us sef,
    forget all wetyn he dey do with you oooo
    Me: You don’t mean it…..Are you also a lez?
    SK: Lez? Ohhhh…we did it in your presence
    abi? That is just a little of what we engage in,
    what do you expect from us, we do runs, kill
    for politicians and all sort…i just wish i can
    end all this madness, i wish God can give me
    another chance..
    “I was stunned when she started crying”
    Me: Stop crying SK……Everything will be fine,
    just believe in God, pray to him, i know he will
    definitely make a way for you and you will be
    out of this mess
    SK: How long will i continue to pray….have
    been doing that over the past one year, i don’t
    know what will be of my parent if i am killed
    Me: Do they know about all this? Your spill
    over year and all sort
    SK: How will they know..if they tell them i live
    this kind of life they will be stunned, they
    don’t even know that i spilled, i do lie to them
    that they have not cleared us for service
    Me: That is serious…but i believe God will
    make a way for you dear don’t worry…Do you
    believe in God?
    SK: Yes i do…
    Me: Don’t worry, i promise everything will be
    alright even if i die
    SK: You that is expecting your death is also
    telling me everything will be alright
    Me: Yes because i believe you have a higher
    chance than me…I believe you will scale
    through but can you do me a favour?
    SK: What is that?
    Me:Can i get across to any member of my
    family through your phone, at least for them
    to know am still alive
    SK: Are you crazy? What sort of rubbish is
    that? Are you trying to take our closeness for
    granted? You want to call them so that you
    can tell them it was Mary that kidnapped you,
    knowing fully well that Mary is at home so
    that they can go and arrest her and fish us
    out..Are you mad
    Me: Am very sorry, i didn’t think about it to
    that extent, you know i will never want to hurt
    you now
    SK: Who i be that you won’t want to hurt
    Me: I think i like your kind of person, you have
    a good heart
    SK: What make you think so?
    Me: If you don’t have a good heart, we won’t
    be here right now talking to this length.
    SK: If you say so…….
    Me: What do you think about me?
    SK: I think you are a good person; it was just
    so unfortunate that you entered our net
    Me: Thanks so much…can i give you my mum
    and girlfriend number to help me get across to
    them when am killed, so that they can locate
    my corpse and give me a befitting burial. You
    can lie to them that you got their number on
    my phone or somewhat?
    SK: What if they now asked how i got your
    Me: You will call them with a new sim now
    and destroy the sim card immediately you call
    them so that they won’t be able to trace you
    SK: That’s a better idea and i might be able to
    do that for you but don’t worry yourself, we
    already have most of your family members
    Me: How did you get them?
    SK: Have you forgotten that Mary has once
    been your wife
    Me: That is true oooo……
    SK: But i have an idea for you if you can be
    able to cooperate with me
    Me: Idea about what?
    SK: I can kill you before we kill you officially
    Me: Kill me ke? What sort of idea is that?
    SK: What i mean is that, i know drugs i can
    administer on you that will make you
    unconscious and totally paralyze you for some
    days, i will try to convince babes that you are
    dead and no need to gun you down already, i
    will talk to them to let us dump you in a bush
    then you can find your way when you wake up.
    The only concern is that you have to promise
    me that you will never come back to hunt us
    down and you have to run away from the eyes
    of Mary, maybe travel out of the country with
    your wife and never come back for a long
    time. I know if you come to hunt Mary, it will
    affect me so i will need your promise that if i
    should manage to safe your life, you must
    safe mine too……..You know i have lot at stake
    than you if i should try and do this for you
    Me: If its possible like that, i promise to abide
    by your rules..i promise you, i will never be in
    touch again or try to revenge
    SK: Okay..No problem, i don’t have the drug
    here, i will need to go to warri on Monday to
    get it, and come back, i must be careful cos
    girls must not know about this….
    Me: Thanks so much dear…..I don’t know how
    to repay you dear….
    SK: keep your repayment and safe your life

    Episode 23

    If i said we didn’t end the night with sex that
    means am lying, she called for it and i
    couldn’t say no to her, i realized what led to it
    was her teasing me that i was a bad guy, i
    asked about the guy in her life and she told
    me she has never felt love before, the one and
    only person she ever fall in love with was the
    guy that disvirgined her in SS3. She kissed me
    passionately and i gave her a perfect sex
    because she asked me to suck her p---y
    which i did willingly to her satisfaction, there
    was no condom so i had to do it raw, she was
    even surprise that i had much energy like that
    just as she rested on me and we both slept off
    on each other’s arm….
    Mary was back on Monday and just as SK
    promised, i started feeling on easy after eating
    in the afternoon, the next thing i noticed was
    on a bed that looks like hospital bed, i was
    looking around but my eyes was not so clear
    at the initial stage, i saw four other beds with
    different people on them, i was still trying to
    figure out where i was until someone shouted
    “he is awake”, “ call the doctor he is awake”, A
    lady in a white gown walked in…
    Nurse: Praise the lord…..Thank you jesus, God
    answered our prayer finally
    Me: Where am i?
    Nurse: You are in a hospital….
    Me: I know but where am i?
    Nurse: Benin City, don’t worry, this is not the
    right time to talk, we need to administer some
    drugs on you right now since you are awake,
    maybe by tomorrow or day after you can start
    asking questions…
    Me: I hope am safe? I want to start going
    home…please, they will kill me if they know
    am here
    Nurse: Nobody will kill you don’t wory, in fact
    the police are on your case and we will tell
    them you are now awake and i know they will
    provide security for you…don’t worry Sir, i
    know you also have a lot of questions but all
    will be answered, the most important thing for
    you now is not to worry about anything
    “I started crying”
    Nurse: Dont cry please, lemme call and inform
    the doctor…….
    A female doctor came in not quite long, they
    stop the drip that was on me and told me the
    best thing for me was to eat a tangible food,
    they sent someone rice and i was told that
    they will still need to pass blood into me as i
    have lost a lot of blood……
    Waking up the second day i felt a lot better
    and a bit strong, i asked the doctor that was
    attending to me if i can get a phone to make
    a call to my parent, a phone was given to me,
    i called my mum and Biola, i could imagine
    how they felt on phone hearing my voice, my
    mum was dancing on phone, i asked them to
    help me with some cloth on their way coming
    to Benin……I was told have been unconscious
    for nine days and i shouted
    The IPO in charge of my case later walked in
    like an hour later
    IPO: How are you feeling now
    Me: Am fine…
    IPO: What is your name Sir?
    Me: I am snakie……..
    IPO: are from where?
    Me: Am from Lagos?
    IPO: where in Lagos? Your address
    Me: Egbeda Sir……Please how did i get here sir
    because if i could recollect, i was in Naoka the
    last time i was conscious
    IPO: Well our men in that location intercepted
    some girls who were trying to drop you by the
    bush about two weeks ago, they exchanged
    gun duel along the line, one of our men was
    killed and 3 of the girls was killed too while
    one was captured alive
    Me: That is good sir..which one of them was
    captured alive sir
    IPO: She’s a bit tall and slim…….
    Me: “thinking it might be SK”…okay sir
    IPO: we will seriously need you to aid our
    investigation because we believe there are still
    other of them at large because the girl
    claimed that she was not part of them and
    that she was also kidnapped along you…She
    said you guys were in the same room when
    you died or something, she was shot on the
    arm though and she has been treated. You will
    help us identify them so, which means you
    might not be able to go home so soon once
    doctor confirmed that you are fully fit….
    Me: No problem sir….
    IPO: What transaction do you have with the
    people that kidnapped you?
    Me: Well, i was kidnapped on my wedding day
    and one of those girls was my ex girlfriend
    which i didn’t even know she belong to a bad
    group, she was bittered that i didn’t Marry her
    but how will i marry her when she was
    carrying another man’s pregnancy
    IPO: which one of this is the girl you are
    talking about
    “showed me the pictures of Opa, Flaky and
    Mary, i was so sure at that instant that SK
    was the one that they didn’t kill”
    Me: This one, her name is Mary, I know her
    parent house in Lagos and my family can
    corroborate my story Sir……Some guys came to
    my house at night on my wedding day, they
    disguised as a CID and dragged me to their
    car with assumption that they were taking me
    to a police station, the next thing i saw was
    waking up in a lonely room, i was told they
    drug me in their car and drove me all the way
    from Lagos to Naoka that night….
    IPO: That is good, i think we are getting
    somewhere……Have you contacted your
    Me: Yes of course…
    IPO: So, aside this 3 girls, was there any other
    people in that area? Like the guys that came
    to kidnap you at home?
    Me: Though i do hear guys voice from the
    room i was locked in with Simbiat
    IPO: Who is Simbiat?
    Me: The other lady that they kidnapped us
    together, i met her at the place though, she
    was there before me. I didn’t see any other
    guys except those 3 girls that always come
    into the room to check on us
    IPO: But doctor confirmed that you were given
    a drug which makes you unconscious
    Me: Am not aware of that, all i remember was
    eating that fateful afternoon and waking up
    IPO: Thanks very much, i think we have heard
    enough for now but we will still need you at
    the station once you are certified okay
    Me: No problem sir
    IPO: I think we will be taking our leave now
    Doctor: thank you so much officer…
    They all left the room, My mum, dad and Biola
    arrived hospital later in the evening, Biola
    hugged me and couldn’t control her emotions
    as i started crying too….

    Episode 24

    Biola: Thank God you are alive baby…….
    Mum: Olohun o seun oooooo
    Dad: We thank God for everything…..
    Biola: What happened? How did you end up in
    Me: I didn’t end of in benin, they took me to
    one town called Naoka
    Dad: How did it happened, it was police that
    came to arrest you now, how did you end up in
    kidnappers den
    Me: Those people were not police, they were
    actually kidnappers
    Mum: Yeh…mogbe
    Biola: Ahhhhh
    Me: They injected me immediately we left our
    street, the next thing i saw was founding
    myself in a room with Mary and her gang
    member..they said have been unconscious for
    Biola: Same Mary
    Me: Yes of course…….
    Dad: You see, did you see what adultery has
    brought upon you
    Mum: We shouldn’t be saying that again
    rather we should be thanking God
    Me: She said i posted her video online, i
    embarrassed her, since she couldn’t marry me
    again then nobody will
    Biola: That is serious…….
    Me: I was drugged and raped severally by
    Mary and her girls, they attempted to kill me
    two weeks ago but God intervened when they
    called Mary that her mum had an accident…
    Her plan was to kill me and come back for
    Mum: Ahhh……This Mary is a bad girl ooo
    Dad: This is more than Bad…..
    Me: She was ready to kill everybody
    Biola: uhmmmm….Do you know that i heard
    Kayode was assassinated?
    Me: It was Mary and her gang that killed her
    as he denied the baby from her
    Dad: Ahhh….awon omode yi ma buru ke..iyen
    mary na
    Me: That is how i see it oooo……I never believe
    i will make it alive from their den
    Dad: It was a surprise when we got to the
    hospital that night and we were told that they
    didn’t carry any operation like that we didn’t
    believe them
    Mum: in fact we wrote petition to the
    commissioner and they still maintained that
    police were not the one that came to arrest
    you, it was the second day we realized it
    might be a kidnap, the police has been on the
    case since then
    Dad: Everybody was confused, your wife nearly
    killed herself…she just resumed work this week
    Biola: I hope you see me during the past
    week, i was running mad already, i started
    screaming to God if i was the only one in this
    life that am witnessing all this…I thank God all
    the same sha, at least it all turn out in
    Me: I thank God for my wasn’t easy at
    all…..i was raped severally by those girls, i
    was naked in their house for more than a
    week, they will give me food and the next
    thing will be to drug me and force themselves
    on me……
    Mum:What can we say than to Thank God for
    finally answering our prayer
    My parent later went to meet the doctor, they
    discussed and were told that there was no
    problem if i was to be taken to Lagos to
    continue my recuperation, they certified that i
    was okay though but the final decision rest
    with the police and they will call the police to
    come tomorrow so that we can sort the
    remaining part with them….

    Episode 25

    My parent went to sleep in a hotel while Biola
    was with me at the hospital; It was not until
    around 10am when police came to the
    hospital, we were taken to the station where
    we met the DPO, statement was taken, it was
    a delight when they brought in SK, her arm
    was bandaged, she was looking a bit innocent
    and scared at the same time as she does not
    know what has been happening, the DPO
    asked “is she the one”?
    I stood up and gave her a passionate hug, her
    reaction shows she was surprise
    DPO: Is she the one?
    Me: Yes…..they kidnapped us together in the
    same room, what happened to me Simbiat?
    How did i end up at the bush?
    SK: I guess you were unconscious, so one of
    them checked you out and convince them that
    you were dead, and since their plan was to kill
    you before so they decided to go and throw
    you away, it was a serious argument between
    them because the one that certified that you
    are dead convinced them beyond reasonable
    doubt and there was no need to shoot you
    again but the flat one among them still
    maintained that they will still shoot you once
    they drop you…
    Me: That is serious…
    SK: They decided that i must follow them too
    so that i won’t run away, it was on our way
    going that they didn’t know there was robbery
    on the highway earlier so, police stopped their
    car but they didn’t wait…..they started
    chasing them until they find their way to the
    bush and thought they have escaped the
    police, immediately they brough you down
    from the booth, i shouted “snake, Snake” so i
    believe that was what caught the attention of
    the police that has been trailing them silently
    and they started shooting, i ran for my life as i
    saw that as opportunity to run away for my
    Me: Thank God for our lives ooooo………I never
    thought we will make it alive
    SK: I thank God………..My parent thought i was
    in school for my clearance not knowing that
    have passed through death in the last one
    Me: Sir, can we go home together? (Facing
    the DPO)
    DPO: Yes of course, we will continue with our
    own investigation..since you guys are in
    Lagos, you will still need to report to the state
    command and return whenever we need you
    guys because our investigation will still
    Me: No Problem sir..
    SK: We will always be available
    After spending more than two hours at the
    station, we submitted our statement, signed
    some document and told that we are free to
    go. My dad was the one driving, mum was
    beside her while the remaining 3 of us was
    behind. I introduce Biola to Simbiat but i
    didn’t say much to her…
    We got to Lagos by around 5pm, my mum
    took SK in to take her bath, Biola gave her
    new cloth to wear while i saw her off around
    Me: Thanks so much SK
    SK: Thanks to you too…i should be the one
    thanking you for saving my life
    Me: How did i save your life? You did for me
    SK: what would have happened if you tell the
    police i was one of them? That means i will be
    the one to suffer for all our crimes
    Me: What would have happened if you didn’t
    drug me?
    SK: Well, we thank God for sparing our lives
    Me: I was so glad i make it out alive
    SK: Am so happy God is giving me a second
    chance…….I will never attempt bad behaviour
    in my life again
    Me: Will you be able to pull out now?
    SK: yes..its so easy now, Mary and Opa has
    been the one forcing me all this while
    Me: see the way they ended their lives
    SK: what would have happened to me if the
    bullet met me in another part of my body
    Me: Uhmmmmm…i believe God spare your life
    for a purpose, but how did it happened?
    SK: It happened just exactly the same way i
    explained at the hospital, I tried to convince
    them that you are dead that we shouldn’t gun
    you there as it will call people’s attention. The
    initial plan was to take you to a bush, push
    you out of the car then gun you but flaky still
    insisted that we gun you even when i
    confirmed to them that you are dead….
    I was scared on our way going but so happy
    when we saw police at the check point, i was
    even the one that told Opa not to wait for
    them so that they can chase us which they
    eventually did, there was no snake bite, i had
    to shout so that police will locate us, i
    thought girls will surrender so that even if
    they arrest us, some of our baba alaye will
    come and bail us out until girls started
    shooting at the police and there was exchange
    of bullet here and there…..Girls were gone
    Me: waoh..that is serious
    SK: I told the police that i was kidnapped by
    the ladies on our way going, i told them you
    are still lying in the bush and not dead but
    just unconscious, told them you need serious
    medical attention to revive you even though i
    needed urgent medical attention myself but
    your own life was so special because you
    don’t deserve to die like that
    Me: But why didn’t you involve some of your
    baba alaye’s when they took you to the
    SK: remember i told you i want to be free and
    opt out, i thought they will release me when i
    told them i was kidnapped but they said they
    still need to establish the truth as i was the
    only lead, they asked me for the house but i
    told them i don’t know the location because
    once i take them there, they might want to ask
    the locals if they know me and what will
    happen if those ones started telling them they
    always see me in company of my friends in
    the town most especially if they show them
    their pictures or they get to the house, laid
    their hands on some incrimating evidence that
    will implicate me
    Me: waoh…you are too smart
    SK: It was a relief when you told them that we
    were both kidnapped, i was so happy….i know
    news would have filtered everywhere now that
    girls have been killed so people might think
    have been killed too, i will just be on a low
    key, find a trusted ally to help me with my
    final clearance and mobilization then go for
    my NYSC
    Me: That is very good dear, you can see that
    bad company doesn’t pay
    SK: have learnt my lessons ooo
    Biola: Uhmmmmmm…, this is what
    Me: When did you come behind us? So, you
    have been hearing us
    Biola: So, you are one of those girls
    are one of them (Raising her voice)
    Me: Stop it now..she is the good one among
    them and if not for her, do you think you will
    see your husband alive? She was the one that
    drug me so that i can be unconscious and for
    them not to kill me..Thank God you heard
    most of our discussion..she is someone you
    should be thanking, i had to safe her from the
    police too since she risked her life to safe
    mine you know that if her friends knew
    she gave me a drug to be unconscious, they
    will kill her even before killing me
    Biola: Have heard you…bye bye aunty, thanks
    for what you have done, i just hope we are
    safe from your hand now and you won’t send
    your people to us again…
    Me: stop it now Biola…..Dad, gave you some
    cash SK, i believe it will be enough to take you
    home, say me well to everybody when you get
    home please..I hope we can get to see again
    SK: If God says so…Thank you very much
    Me:Thanks to you too
    Biola: Its okay, lets go inside….people that
    came to greet you are inside and you are
    outside here talking to a killer
    Me: Please now Biola, lets this be between us
    abeg you for God sake…
    Biola: We will still discuss this later
    Me: No problem
    Biola drag me inside, the look on her face was
    not the same again, i knew she had a lot of
    questions to ask me and i was not ready to lie
    to her either
    It was late in the night when all visitors had
    gone, my parent had gone to bed, me and
    Biola were in the visitors room, i wanted to
    sleep but she wouldn’t allow me
    Biola: so, what were the other things that
    happened there that you wouldn’t tell
    anybody…don’t lie to me because i know there
    were so many things
    Me: Things like what? There was nothing
    baby…You have heard it all
    Biola: heard what all? The same way i heard
    your discussion with Simbiat that she was one
    of the kidnappers
    Me: ahn..Ahn…baby
    Biola: so, i need to know other things that
    happened and don’t lie to me
    Me: Why should i lie to you….nothing again
    really happened baby
    Biola: what were the little things that
    remained? Did you have sex with her too
    Me: yes baby because i had no choice, it was
    at gun point
    Biola: I guess she enjoyed you and fell in love
    with you that was why she had to risk
    everything to safe your life so that she can be
    with you after all have been resolved
    Me: ahn..ahn baby
    Biola: Don’t baby me abeg……was that not the
    reason? That was why you had to defend her,
    lied to the police so that she won’t go to jail
    Me:Not like that baby, I just felt that was the
    only thing i could do for her since she risked
    her own life too to safe mine
    Biola: What if her other gang member started
    following you guys up knowing fully well she is
    not dead…..that means my own life is at risk,
    our life is at risk
    Me: i trust her..she is going on a low key
    Biola: you trust a killer? I think i should start
    watching my own back too
    Me: believe me baby..its nothing, we are safe,
    nothing will happen to us again
    Biola: You know you caused all this, all this is
    happening because of you
    Me: Am very sorry for all the pain have made
    you pass through baby…please am very sorry,
    please forgive me
    Biola: I just hope you are considering my
    safety sha
    We argued about so many things that night,
    Biola was so particular about SK, i still tried
    to convince him there was no cause for alarm
    and begged her not to tell anybody even
    though she was not okay with it, she said she
    wouldn’t want anything to happen again and
    people will start saying why didn’t she say
    something at the initial stage.

    Episode 26

    Have seriously missed my baby, our
    discussion later led into romantic mood
    and i initiated sex with her but for where?
    Biola didn’t allow me, her reason was
    that i still need to visit our family doctor
    the following day to ascertain my medical
    condition even when i tried to convince
    her that all that have been done at benin
    and at least she has the result but she
    still declined, i went to bed a bit angry.
    Biola went to office the following, i went
    to the hospital and from there to my
    office, my colleagues were so happy to
    me, i had discussion with my boss and
    was asked if i was fit enough to resume
    on Monday which i said in affirmative
    that i will God willing….I went to retrieve
    my sim card on Friday, i bought a new
    phone but the sim card didn’t work until
    the following day on Saturday evening
    We left my parent place to our house in
    Egbeda on Sunday morning; Biola’s
    parent came on a visit to our house, we
    discussed at length about what
    happened, my encounter at the
    kidnappers den and how i escaped, they
    left around past 12 when Biola saw them
    My other friends and neighbour came to
    visit us at home too, my house was like
    someone that just came back from
    pilgrimage, will i complain? Have wanted
    to go and barb my hair since we came
    into the house in the morning but visitors
    wouldn’t allow me. It was me all of them
    came to visit so i couldn’t leave them at
    home to go out..
    One visitor wouldn’t have left before
    another one will come in, it was not until
    around 6:30pm we stop having visitors,
    Biola and I were so tired, i helped her out
    in the kitchen with some place and i had
    to take excuse to quickly rush to the
    saloon while she prepare our dinner.
    I took my clipper and off i went to the
    barbing saloon, there were some sort of
    people there so, i was fourth on the queue
    so i had to wait, i was through with my
    hair around past 8 and headed straight
    home. I got to my flat and realized my
    door was a bit opened “why will this
    woman leave this door open like this”….
    I entered and lock the door from behind, i
    called her name but i didn’t hear any
    response, i went to the kitchen and the
    rice on fire has started burning already
    “this woman left food on fire and went
    out, maybe someone came to visit us and
    he saw them off again” i said to myself. I
    put off the gas cooker and headed
    straight to the bedroom ..WHAT!!! i

    Episode 27

    Lying on our bed was my wife in her own pool
    of blood with kitchen knife stuck to her lower
    abdomen, i rushed to the bed, she was still
    gasping for life just little by little, i removed
    the knife from her stomach and tie cloth round
    it in order to forestall the flow of blood, i lifted
    her up straight to my car as i was shouting,
    my neighbour that were in the compound
    rushed down to me and help me out, in fact
    they didn’t allow me to drive.
    We arrived at a nearby hospital in our area
    but she was rejected, we were referred to
    Ayinke House (Lasuth) in Ikeja, we arrived
    Ikeja by past 9 and luckily for us she was
    quickly taken to the emergency world, i didn’t
    even know what to do again, my neighbour
    collected my phone and had to call my dad
    that we were at the hospital, my mum arrived
    later in the night..
    Mum : what happened? What is wrong with
    Me: I don’t know mum, i don’t know oo
    Mum: where is she now?
    Me: She’s with the doctor at the theatre, they
    want to operate her
    Mum: Operate ke? What happened
    Me: I went to barb my hair this evening, i
    came back to the house and saw her on the
    bed in her own pool of blood with knife stuck
    in her stomach
    Mum: who stab her?
    Me: I don’t know mummy
    Mum: Did she commit suicide?
    Me: why will she commit suicide? For what? In
    fact she was cooking, i was the one that put
    off the cooker when i entered the house and
    heard the smell of burnt food
    Mum: So, what could have happened? Abi iru
    kileleyi ke…..God please come to our aid oo
    Me: Am tired mum..what is all this
    “we were still at the corridor discussing with
    my mum when we saw someone that look like
    Biola’s mum approaching, she was actually
    the one, she was with Biola junior sister, i
    started wondering how she knew we were at
    Lasuth that night, Doctor approached us that
    same time”
    Doctor: Why did it take you guys so much
    time before bringing her down here?
    Me: we brought her immediately it happened
    Doctor: well, we tried our best but its so
    unfortunate that we lost her
    Biola’s Mum: Lost kini? What do you mean
    Doctor: Am so sorry, she gave up the ghost
    during the surgery ooo
    Biola’s Mum: Mo ku oooooo……ina omo jo mi
    oooo…o ti pami lomo, you killed my daughter,
    now you have killed her, you have killed her
    abi, now its good like this, you have led me
    well….where is baba biola ooooo… dead
    ooo (she held my cloth so tight and was
    dragging me)
    My mother didn’t even know what to say,
    every one of us was crying seriously, not quite
    long they took somebody on a bed which look
    like her corpse, i was still deliberating on what
    next to do when Biola’s dad arrived late that
    night with some policemen, “Officer, this is the
    killer” said her father, “Oga, you are under
    arrest for the murder of Mz Abiola, you need
    to remain silent because whatever you say will
    be use against you in the court of Law”…

    Episode 28

    I was taken to Area F just beside Ayinke
    House there but later transferred to Criminal
    Investigation department, Panti the following
    day. My parent visited me and i had private
    audience with them
    Mum: Oko mi, please tell me the truth…what
    exactly happened and how did it happened?
    Me: Am not a killer mummy, you know your
    son mummy, i can’t even kill a rat
    Dad: We know you are not a killer, it might
    have happened by mistake, did you guys had
    any argument?
    Me: argument ke? If not for the dinner she
    was preparing, she wanted to follow me to the
    saloon, i came back and met her on the bed
    Dad: uhmmmmm…..this is serious, the police
    are still carrying out their preliminary
    investigation sha, we have been advised to get
    a good lawyer for you which we are going to
    do because i don’t think going to plead with
    Biola’s father is an option and i don’t know if
    they will be able to grant you bail
    Me: Please do all within your best
    daddy….please don’t let them take me to
    court, am innocent, i don’t know anything
    about this, i didn’t kill Biola
    Mum: Don’t worry my son, we will continue to
    pray for you and pray God intervened in this
    Dad: And my mind doesn’t fail me, i never
    wanted to support the marriage in the first
    place, my mind was not in total support of it,
    as if i knew another trouble is looming
    Mum: we shouldn’t be talking about that
    again now daddy, the next thing now should
    be the solution to this issue
    Dad: God will see us through…..
    They left my place that afternoon, our family
    lawyer came to visit me at the station, asked
    series of questions to ascertain my
    involvement which i explained all i knew to
    him but the question that comes to mind was
    who killed biola? For what motive? Did she
    commit suicide? Why will she commit
    suicide? many questions asking for
    answers but there was none
    I was taken to court after like a week at the
    cell, the presiding judge remanded me at
    Kirikiri because of the nature of my offence. It
    was almost a month have been at the prison,
    my lawyer and parent used to come and visit
    me at the cell, it was during one of the visit
    from my mum and lawyer that we had a
    lengthy discussion
    Lawyer: This case is seriously a dicey one and
    we need to be praying for God intervention…
    Me: what happened?
    Lawyer: What did you do immediately when
    you saw your wife on bed?
    Me: I removed the knife from her stomach,
    covered the place with cloth so that blood
    won’t be rushing out
    Lawyer: (cuts in)…That exactly was the
    mistake that you did because your finger print
    was the one they found on the knife and part
    of her own too which to my observation shows
    that maybe you guys were struggling with
    each with the knife and the mistake happened,
    have explained to your parent that you need
    to tell us the truth if there is anything you are
    hiding from us
    Me:Am not hiding anything…All what have
    said is the truth, i didn’t kill her
    Lawyer:Did you guys have any secret or
    involve in any deal that involves third party?
    Do you know if she was dealing with anybody
    that might have been a threat to her life
    Me: None that am aware of, Biola that i know
    doesn’t like trouble, she prefer to let go of
    anything that might want to cause trouble for
    her or anybody close to her
    Lawyer: So, if you are not the one, who now
    killed Biola and for what reason?
    Mum: We don’t know ooo..I pray God
    intervene in this matter
    Me: What is Biola parent saying?
    Dad: uhmmm, those ones, they said you must
    also die since you killed their daughter
    Mum: her father was even the worst, we have
    done everything for them to drop the case but
    they are adamant that the law must take it
    Dad: Biola’s Dad said, as if he knew
    something bad will happened that was why he
    never wanted to give you her daughters hand
    in marriage but his wife forced his hand into
    the marriage
    Mum: He is seriously blaming the Mum, i
    learnt they had to involve their families before
    they could settle the feud Biola’s death
    Lawyer: we just have to prepare our case very
    well, you need to maintain when the trial start
    that you were naive that was why you touch
    the knife, we have gotten across to the barber
    you went to his saloon to come and testify for
    you since that was where you were when the
    incident happened..he also identified someone
    that was at the saloon together with you that
    night and for now, they are still ready to come
    to court…..We just have to start preparing our
    Mum: How are you coping here my Son?
    Me: There is nothing like freedom, am tired of
    this place oooo
    My parent left kirikiri and i was taken back to
    my cell, not later than a month after, my
    parent came and told me that trial date has
    been fixed.
    Trial commenced and just as like my lawyer
    instructed, i maintained my innocence that i
    was not the one that killed my wife, we had no
    quarrel and there was no reason for me to kill
    her, my lawyer called the judge attention to
    the fact that i just came in from kidnappers
    then and according to police report of the
    incident, i was suppose to be killed by the
    kidnappers and after which they will kill my

    Episode 29

    My lawyer maintained that it might be
    possible that my kidnappers might have
    contracted the job out to their colleagues
    prior before i was released because we were
    suppose to be killed simultaneously or the fact
    that the other members of the kidnap gang
    that were already at large decided to take
    revenge on me because the police killed three
    of their members. He maintained that it most
    possible that i was actually the one they came
    to look for at home that night but had to take
    their revenge on my wife since they didn’t
    meet me at home.
    He further maintained that my life was already
    at threat and maybe God wanted to safe me
    that was why police arrested me, going out
    there still put my life at risk as anything could
    still happen to me. The barber was called as a
    witness and he corroborated the fact that i
    was at his place that very evening to barb my
    hair, he said he even teased me that it has
    been long he saw me.
    I was glad that one of the other guy i met at
    the saloon also volunteered to give his own
    side of the story at the court. He maintained
    that he was the last person before i walked in
    and what even make it so interesting was that
    we argued about football that night as we
    were looking forward to champions league
    final between barca and Manchester united,
    since i was a united fan, we argued about
    Messi and Ronaldo on that particular night.
    My lawyer closed his own case and the judge
    fixed another date for the prosecuting counsel
    to open their own case. My lawyer and Dad
    visited me at the prison later on
    Me: Thank you so much lawyer, you did a
    wonderful job
    Lawyer: Am only doing what have been paid
    for, no need for you to thank me Mr Snakie
    Me: What is the outlook now
    Lawyer: Outlook is fine, we still need to
    continue to pray to God for his intervention, to
    the best of my knowledge, have been able to
    convince them that it might have been either
    way and thank God for the police from benin
    that cooperated with us
    Me: Who invited the benin IPO
    Dad: I had to go to Benin personally to plead
    with them, i have to pay the police officer
    personally, lodge him in a preferred hotel just
    for him to come and confirm the kidnap case
    Me: Thank you so much Dad
    Dad: You just have to continue praying
    Lawyer: we need to look forward to the next
    trying date and i believe God will perfect all he
    has been doing for us
    The next trial date was here already, the first
    witness that was called by the prosecuting
    lawyer was Biola’s Mum, we were stunned
    when she told the court that her daughter
    reported me to her a day before the incident
    and the day the incident happened when they
    visited our house.
    She said, after her daughter reported to her
    that i have a lady which we were both
    kidnapped together and she felt there was
    something between us. She said have been
    having sex with the lady and her daughter
    said she should come and talk to me so that
    what happened in the past won’t happen
    The plan was for her to come back to our
    house later that night because she has a
    function to attend in our area, she had it in
    mind to come and sleep at our place that
    Sunday night, talk to both of us about our
    future and the fact that i had to do away with
    anything that will cause trouble to my life, she
    said it was a surprise that she came and find
    the blood of my daughter littered in my flat.
    I was asked if i knew anybody called Simbiat
    which i said yes, i was further asked if we ever
    had sex together which i also answered in
    affirmative but told the court that it was not
    something that comes from my mind as we
    were threatened to do it at Gun point.
    I was asked if i ever had any argument about
    the issue with my wife which i said yes but
    was just normal talk between married couple
    as i couldn’t hide anything from my wife again
    based on the incident that has been
    happening to us over the past one year.
    I was surprised when Biola’s mum maintained
    that i threatened her daughter to forget about
    the issue and not to tell anybody and the fact
    that i kept it as a secret from everybody, she
    said her daughter complained that she was
    not feeling safe with me again as she couldn’t
    trust me for now.
    The prosecuting counsel maintained that the
    call record on Biola’s phone shows that i was
    the last person she spoke with and our
    conversation that night still lead on the issue
    of Simbiat that if she was the one keeping me
    so late outside as barbing my hair shouldn’t
    take up to an hour, they maintained that
    record from the call log showed that i ended
    the call abruptly.
    The prosecuting counsel conclusion was that
    it was possible argument ensued between us
    when i got home from the barbing saloon
    which led to fight between us, the fight got
    out of hand, even though it might not be
    intentional, we struggled together with the
    knife since she was in the kitchen cooking that
    night and mistakenly stabbed her.
    After hearing both arguments, the presiding
    judge adjourned ruling on the case till like a
    week time.

    Episode 30

    That one week was the most anticipated one
    of my life, i started fasting and praying to God
    for his favour on this case because with the
    evidence at hand, it might go either way. My
    parent and everybody close to me were not
    excluded; in fact my parent told me they have
    been visiting different pastors and Alfa for
    Judgement day was finally here, we all arrived
    at the court as early as 10am, court
    proceeding started around 11am. After
    listening to final submission, the judge finally
    come out with the ruling and sentenced me to
    eleven years imprisonment for man slaughter.
    His submission was that even though there
    might be an iota of truth that i wasn’t the one
    that killed my wife and there are some people
    out there after my life and my wife’s own, my
    defence failed to proof beyond reasonable
    doubt that i was not the one that killed my
    wife and for the fact that my finger print was
    the one on the knife found as exhibit.
    He posited that the prosecuting counsel was
    more convincing because they established
    that there was actually a feud between me
    and my wife and the fact that our call log that
    day shows that we had a conversation like
    argument which i later ended the call
    abruptly. Evidence shows that i had something
    with he person we are kidnapped together
    which i didn’t deny too.
    Based on the submission of both counsel, the
    judge found me guilty of man slaughter rather
    than murder because its very possible that the
    stabbing was a mistake maybe during the
    process of trying to safe myself. He advised
    that my case will serve as a lesson to young
    married couples to learn how to manage
    differences in amicable ways as crimes
    doesn’t pay.
    As my parent were crying so were Biola’s
    parent raised curse on me, they was jubilation
    that finally justice has been served on me,
    they called me all sort of names that i
    couldn’t remember. It was a sad event
    watching my father shed tears for the first
    time, i couldn’t imagine the sort of torture
    have put my parent through over the past one
    year, from one trouble to the other all because
    adultery, all because of 5minutes enjoyment,
    all because i wanted to chance a lady i met on
    the road and thought i could do hit and run
    After the conviction, i discussed with my
    lawyer if there would be a case for appeal
    which he told me was a two way thing, he said
    it will be a bit dicey, if i win the appeal, the
    judge might set me free or might reduce my
    sentence. We will lay claim to the fact that
    since it wasn’t intentional they should give me
    leniency as have never committed a crime
    The sad aspect of it will be if the appeal
    didn’t go our way, the judge might confirm the
    sentence or even add more to it with the claim
    that the judge were too lenient with me. He
    explained to me that its a risky venture that
    its all depend on me if i wish to pursue it or
    spend 11 years which might not be more than
    8 years in our normal calendar year. I gave
    him the go ahead to appeal and let us risk the
    Days are becoming weeks, weeks turning into
    months, have already spent more than 6
    months in the prison after my sentence, life in
    the prison was another thing entirely which i
    don’t want to talk about for now. I was so
    happy when they brought the news to me that
    my appeal date has been fixed, it was a
    month and half to the day they told me and i
    was seriously looking forward to it.
    I had an unusual visitor this lovely Saturday; i
    was in my cell soliloquizing about how my life
    has been for the past 2 years when suddenly
    the warder called me that i had a visitor
    waiting for me, i followed him to the visitors
    room where i saw someone in small hijab, they
    told me she was the person asking of me, i
    couldn’t picture the face from far until i
    moved closer and realized it was Simbiat

    Episode 31

    Simbiat: Am so sorry Snakie for all that
    happened, how did it happen, you look so
    Me: How do you want me to look, this is a
    prison yard for crying out loud
    Simbiat: Am sorry, i had to go and hide for a
    while as police were so much on the case, the
    guy that kidnapped you were later arrested by
    the police in another case, i was so scared
    they will mention my name, i had to go to our
    village in Osun to stay for a while pending
    when my service was through
    Me: Hey is everything now
    Simbiat: Am still hiding in fear oo, this is the
    first time i will be in lagos since i started my
    service 3 months ago, i decided i must make
    sure i set my eyes on you, i make my findings
    and was told you are here, i had to come and
    check you
    Me: You are now serving in Kano…..that is
    good dear, hope you are enjoying your
    Simbiat: sincerely there is nothing like being
    clean, I thank God nobody know my past from
    that part of the world and i don’t think i will
    ever be close to Lagos or Benin again for the
    years to come
    Me: everything would have settled down jhoor,
    whatz up with the hijab
    Simbiat: This is how i disguise in this place
    now not to be caught, i don’t want to leave
    any chances
    Me: That is good
    Simbiat: So, where are you on the case now
    Me: Have been sentenced to 11 years
    Simbiat: Ahhhh…Eleven years ke?
    Me: But have filled for appeal and a date has
    been given for hearing
    Simbiat: wow..that is good, am so sorry
    Me: No problem dear
    Simbiat: But i have something to talk to you
    Me: what is that?
    Simbiat: I was actually in your area when the
    incident happened that day
    Me: In which area?
    Simbiat: Egbeda?
    Me: How did you know my house?
    Simbiat: Have you forgotten that we are the
    one that kidnapped you?
    Me: Ohhhh…
    Simbiat: Well, we didn’t exchange phone
    number as you don’t have a phone again that
    day when i left you, i wanted to keep in touch
    again, i wanted to talk to you as i couldn’t
    thank you enough, i feel like talking to you
    from the following day we departed
    I came to your area on Sunday to come and
    trace you, i first ask of you and i was told you
    were not back, not quite long i left your
    compound i saw you coming in with your wife,
    i couldn’t walk up to you guys so i was
    waiting for you to come out of the building
    just to have chance to see you, i waited till
    people started visiting you here and there but
    you didn’t come out
    At a time, i wanted to come in and ask of you
    but i remembered what happened with your
    wife the last time we departed, i don’t want
    your wife to call attention on me, i left the
    place to visit one of my old guy in Ipaja.
    I came back later in the evening around
    7:30pm, waited till like 15minutes but i didn’t
    see you either, time was going, i decided i was
    going to call Biola since i still have her
    number and requested to speak to you and
    fake that i was one of your colleague from the
    office, my major aim was to mention my name
    once she give you the phone, i will greet you
    and tell you to get my number from her
    I checked my phone and i didn’t have enough
    credit on it, i decided to walk down to the next
    street to get a card, i dialled Biola’s number
    when the recharge card seller was still looking
    for change, all i could hear when she picked
    my call was get out of my house, get out of
    my house before i shout thief on you, i
    thought network diverted it to a wrong
    number, i called the number again but she
    wasn’t picking and the number was ringing.
    I started trekking back to your street to come
    and knock on your door no matter how it will
    be, its late already and i knew hardly will
    anything happened, i was close to your house
    when i saw someone drove out in a rush, i
    sensed something might be wrong..
    I waited for like 10minutes after the car left
    after which i entered your compound, the place
    was a bit deserted, i walked straight to your
    flat your door was opened, i walked in and
    saw blood all over the place. I even walked to
    your bedroom and saw your bed filled up with
    blood, i started moving out immediately but
    something caught my attention on my way
    outside, i saw this phone (Showed me my wife
    Samsung phone)

    Episode 32

    Me: This is Biola’s Phone
    Simbiat: The screen is broken, it has been off
    all this while though as i don’t even have
    money to repair the phone as all the engineers
    i gave it to said the screen is not yet available
    in Nigeria except we will order for it from
    Me: Who was the person in my house before
    my arrival then
    Simbiat: I still have the phone conversation on
    my phone and i don’t know if this phone can
    be repaired maybe there might be some clue
    of the person that came to the house there
    Me: definitely, thanks so much dear, you are a
    darling..can you help me take this phone to
    my lawyer?
    Simbiat: Where is his office?
    Me: This place, just give him the phone and
    explained to him your understanding
    Simbiat: But you know i might not be able to
    come to court as a witness
    Me: No problem dear, just help me drop your
    number for the lawyer too so that we can
    always contact you
    We discussed about some other things most
    especially about life and the way she should
    be going forward. I teased her if she now has
    a relationship, she said she has a corper
    friend that she was seeing as at then, i asked
    her to keep it cool and never engaged in
    something that will put her life in danger
    again. Simbiat didn’t leave without dropping
    something for the warden, which is what they
    enjoyed most about my visitors as they
    always drop tip for them which in turn make
    them to give me preferential treatment
    whenever i have a visitor.
    Its been more than a month Simbiat visited
    me, i didn’t hear anything from the lawyer,
    even my mum that came to visit me twice only
    told me that the lawyer said he was working
    on new evidence with the police. She said he
    assured them that everything will be alright
    based on the new available evidence.
    I was taken to the court on the fixed date,
    everybody in the court including me was
    stunned when my lawyer requested the court
    of appeal to order retrial of my case. He based
    his submission on the fact that there was
    another lead by the police on the actual
    person that murdered my wife.
    He posited that new evidence showed that the
    actual killer of my wife has been apprehended
    by the police and in fact, police have actually
    concluded their investigation o the matter.
    Police was called to ascertain the claim of my
    lawyer which they confirmed that they have
    apprehended a new suspect based on some
    evidence available to them and they are ready
    to charge the person to court for trial.
    In a unanimous judgement, appeal court
    granted our prayer and instructed the police
    to re-arraigned me for new trial based on their
    submission that a new lead has been
    establish. He struct out the decision of the
    high court sentencing me to 11 years
    imprisonment and ask them to go ahead with
    the new trial without further delay. I was
    asked to be remanded in the prison pending
    the determination of my case by the high
    court over the new trial. It was a joyful
    moment that my appeal was finally granted
    and i feel relieved seriously but i still need an
    explanation from my lawyer about this new

    Episode 33

    I was taken back to the prison, some of the
    wardens were happy with me that at least
    there was still a little bit of hope. Lawyer and
    my dad visited me the following day, i
    couldn’t hold my joy when i saw them in the
    visitors room
    Me: Thank you so much Lawyer, thanks for
    Lawyer: You are welcome….we are here to ask
    you some things
    Me: okay sir…
    Lawyer: Who is Simbiat?
    Me: She was the lady from the kidnappers
    den….i sent her to you with Biola’s phone
    Lawyer: well, it was her coming that actually
    help the case
    Dad: we fixed Biola’s phone, i searched
    through her phone thoroughly and found some
    incriminating documents that led to the new
    Lawyer: yes..that was the situation
    Me: Who was the person arrested by the
    Lawyer: His name was Emmanuel
    Me: Emmanuel? Tall….dark?
    Dad: You know him too….
    Me: yes of course, he used to be Biola’s
    neighbour in Ajao estate, we used to be a bit
    Lawyer: Well, it seems he has something
    together with Biola
    Me: something like what?
    Lawyer: like they are dating…
    Me:Lailai..that is impossible
    Lawyer: Well, not only dating but having sex
    together to the fact that Biola was pregnant
    for him
    Me: pregnant for him? When? How?
    Lawyer: Well, from their whatsapp chat from
    when we see it from the beginning till that day
    that she died, nude pictures shared by them,
    the chat shows they have been having sex
    together not just once or twice, she was
    pregnant as at that day, Emma was always
    threatening her in other to have sex with her
    Me: I can’t believe this
    Dad: you better believe, i told you that i was
    not in total support of your marriage to the
    lady again
    Lawyer: well, her call log for that day shows
    that they talked to each other more than 3
    times that very day, their chat shows him
    telling her he will be coming to your house
    and Biola pleading to him not to come
    Me: This is serious……
    Lawyer: Well, have gotten the full script of
    their conversation from the service provider
    too, all we are waiting is for the court to give
    us trial date
    Dad: am trying to talk to people so that the
    case can be fast track, we just have to
    continue praying for God to complete what he
    “we heard people shouting from outside”
    Lawyer: Why the noise? What is happening
    Me: They have brought new inmate here….we
    always pray to God that the people they will
    bring should be influential people
    Lawyer: we just have to start preparing our
    Me: God will guide us true….thank you so
    much Lawyer
    My Dad tip the warden that was with us as
    usual as they left the place, i have been
    removed from the convicted trial cell to those
    of awaiting trial, that was based on the last
    judgement and not that alone but based on
    the fact that my people are a bit good to the
    warden. i headed to my cell after my Dad left
    and it was a big surprise the sight of our new

    Episode 34

    Emmanuel has been brought to the prison
    Me: na your face be this oga Emma..welcome
    to our new home
    “He didn’t answer me”
    Me: I said welcome to our new no
    dey hear word? (i shouted on top my voice)
    Sparko: oga, wetyn happen now..why you dey
    disturb us with your noise now
    Me: No vex oga sparko, na this mother furker
    carry me enter this place ni
    Sparko: How?
    Me: He was the one that killed my wife
    Sparko: You know mean am? All the same, no
    be now you suppose dey shout for the guy,
    give am some time, make hin settle down for
    new house before you start questioning
    him….dis place still dey strange to him, just
    keep am cool before you commit another
    murder because i never see you to be this
    aggressive before.
    I stepped out of the place because the sight of
    Emma was infuriating me. It has been almost
    a week Emma was brought to the prison, even
    though we slept in the same room but we
    never uttered one single word to each other.
    I was outside the prison room this lovely
    afternoon thinking about my life and
    everything when suddenly someone tapped me
    from behind, it was sparko, the don of our
    room in company of Emma, he said Emma
    came to him that he needed to talk to me but
    does not know how to go about it. He wanted
    him to interfere in it
    Emma: Please am very sorry Snakie, i have to
    come and seek for your forgiveness so that
    God can forgive me too maybe i will get a soft
    Me: My forgiveness on what? How will i
    forgive you when i don’t know your offence?
    Emma: You know my offence and am very
    sorry, it was all a mistake
    Me: Mistake? did it happen? Well i
    can only forgive you if you are ready to say
    the truth from the beginning till the end in the
    presence of the chief warden
    Emma: i will do anything if that is what you
    “We all walk straight down to the warden
    office and that was made possible because of
    my interaction with them, fortunately for us
    the boss was around and we went to his
    Oga: Ehn..ehn, how may i help you, they said
    you guys want to see me
    Me: Yes Ma, Emma said he wanted to talk to
    me based on what brought both of us here
    and i want you to be a witness to our
    Oga: Oh that true Emma
    Emma: Yes Oga, i just need him to forgive me
    so that Biola’s spirit can also forgive me, it
    was all a mistake
    Oga: Okay..we are listening, what happened
    Me: You have to start from the beginning from
    how you met my wife.
    Emma: Well, Biola was my neighbour, i met
    her when she moved to the BQ in our
    compound, I was so happy when i realized she
    was still single as i saw that as opportunity to
    mingle together.
    When she first came in, for like a whole month
    i didn’t see any guy visiting him neither does
    he go out, her movement is always from office
    to work, she was always at home during the
    weekend too.
    I was so nice to her, trying to always keep her
    company, she was not a novice so she got the
    body language and always try as much as
    possible to excuse herself from me but i still
    manage to always say hello to her. I will call
    her at regular interval to know how she was
    doing and all sort.
    It all happened this particular Friday evening;
    i went to her flat to check on her, her mood
    was so different from what have been seeing
    over the past one month. I enquire on the
    mood change, after series of pestering; she
    told me she was promoted in her office. I told
    her that called for celebration, i went back to
    my room, came back with a full bottle of
    alcoholic drink and before she knew what was
    happening, i purposely got her drunk and she
    started mentioning your name even though
    have not met you there, she talked about how
    she loved you and you disappointed her..
    I realized that was an advantage for me so i
    took her inside her bedroom and have sex
    with her.
    Me: without her knowledge?
    Emma: I don’t know but she was crazy during
    the sex, she was aware but i guess she was
    seeing someone else in me, it was not until
    the following morning she woke up, found
    both of us naked on her bed and chased me
    out of her flat after she started crying.
    I thought i was sharp because i took enough
    of her naked picture that very day and even
    used my phone to cover the sex scene so that
    i can always use it against her in other for me
    to have access to her again.
    Biola stop talking to me since that day and it
    was not quite long after that incident i saw
    you with her and she introduced you to me as
    her fiancée, if you could remember, i purposely
    wanted to be your friend so that she will have
    the fear in mind that i can leak our secret to
    you which in turn will always make me to have
    my way.
    Biola definitely against my thought was a
    strong character, she called my bluff but i was
    waiting for the right time to show her the
    nude pictures of her that i have in my
    possession. Biola stop coming to the house
    all of a sudden was i was still yarning to have
    a taste of her even if for the last time

    Episode 35

    There was this day she came in late in the
    night, i guess she only came in to pick one or
    two things, immediately i saw her entered her
    flat, i followed her inside as she was not
    expecting me, she wanted to walk me out but i
    talk to her as if i wanted to plead with her
    until i showed her all her naked pictures i
    have with me..She asked what i wanted, it it
    was money as she was ready to give me any
    amount, i told her i don’t want anything and
    all i wanted was to have a taste of her.
    I said to her that failure of her to cooperate
    with me will definitely lead to me leaking her
    secret out just as the video of kay and mary
    was leaked online by me after i copied it from
    her phone
    Me: so, you were the one that loaded the
    video online
    Emma: Yes of course because kay was a devil,
    there was a business transaction we had
    together which he betrayed me
    Me: So, you use that against him to the
    detriment of other people
    Oga: Something is seriously happening
    Emma: She had no option than to give in to
    my demand, in fact i had to tore her cloth
    when she was delaying and i sexed her to my
    satisfaction that night after which i left her in
    the room, it was a total miss that i didn’t
    sleep in her flat that night as you came in very
    early the following morning
    Me: Uhmmm…now i understand, that was the
    night Biola said there was robbery in your
    Emma: Roberry ke? There was nothing like
    robbery in my area oooo
    Me: So, Biola lied to me…
    Emma: What do you expect, she needed to
    safe her marriage, i always threaten her on
    phone and all sort, i was surprised one
    particular evening when she bumped into my
    house to plead to me on what i wanted for me
    to forget about her and let have a peaceful
    marriage, she told me she has gone through
    enough in other for both of you to be
    After pleading for like two hours, i guess that
    day was like some days to your wedding, i told
    her have heard her and ready to let her have
    peace of mind but we must do the last one
    just like a final round to cap it all…
    Initially she didn’t want to give in because she
    claimed she was on her period but i didn’t
    believed her, i walked her out when she was
    crying on me, she later gave in and went
    inside my room to laid on my bed, i make sure
    i strip her totally naked in the room, it was
    not until that i realized she was only lying to
    me about the period thing, i did like 3 rounds
    even though she never responded to the sex
    All my bed and her body was stained with
    blood, i went to clean up myself in the visitors
    toilet while she make use of my bedroom toilet,
    her phone started ringing in the sitting room,
    which i wanted to help her to pick in her bag, i
    mistakenly brought out a paper and check
    through it, it was a doctor’s report which
    shows she was pregnant.
    She came out but was stunned when she
    found the paper with me, i confronted her that
    the pregnancy was mine but she declined, i
    told her to tell me the truth as she must not
    abort my pregnancy because we have a deity
    in our house that whoever aborted our
    pregnancy will die.
    She was scared and started begging me, it
    was then i realized the pregnancy was mine,
    she asked what could be done for her to abort
    the pregnancy and i told her nothing and am
    accepting the pregnancy then she flares up.
    At the end of it, i didn’t allow her to go home
    that night, she slept at my place and our final
    conclusion was that she can have the baby
    even though i have the mind that i will allow
    her to abort it at my own time before it got
    three month….We had sex to my satisfaction
    that very night
    Me: What happened that night Biola Died
    Emma: Well, before that night, we thought you
    were dead, in fact i guess it was because of
    me she agreed to go and stay at your parent
    place, i was a bit happy when i heard you
    guys have returned home. My purpose of visit
    was to tell her that she can abort the
    pregnancy if she has not done that already.
    Since i never suspected any foul play, i know
    even if you see me you think it was just a
    friendly visit but i was surprised when she
    opened the door and she was the only one in,
    the sight of what i saw was beauty to behold,
    i couldn’t control my libido, i sensed there
    was no one at home except her, she only put
    on a chiffon top and a short track.
    Immediately she set her eyes on me, she
    started shouting what i was looking for and
    that i should get out of the house, i moved
    closer to her then she pushed me away, i
    started struggling with her and in the process
    tore her top, i tried to drag her short down but
    she was a bit strong for me, she managed to
    push me away and ran inside the bedroom but
    i followed her immediately
    She was not able to close the door on me, she
    picked up a knife immediately she entered the
    room, i held her hand because i wanted to
    collect the knife from her but she struggled
    with me, during the process of our struggling
    together, the knife mistakenly struck her
    stomach and she started grasping for her life, i
    had to run out immediately as i must not be
    Am very sorry snakie, Biola’s death wasn’t
    Oga: You are wicked soul Emma, you are not
    suppose to be living among human, you don’t
    need any forgiveness from him, your
    forgiveness is in God’s hand, do you know
    what your action have caused? All because of
    5 minutes enjoyment. Was his wife the only
    girl on this earth? Don’t worry, you will meet
    your judgement in court and if you don’t know,
    have recorded all what you said
    Emma: Ahhhhh…..

    Episode 36 [Final]

    Oga: Snakie, you can ask your lawyer to add
    me to the witness list and i will be readily
    available to corroborate his confessions
    Me: Thanks so much Sir, I have forgiven you
    Emma because i believe God use this to also
    teach me a lesson which have learnt a lot
    from…Thank you very much for your time sir.
    I was told my trial has been fixed, my lawyer
    brought up various evidences couple with
    Emma’s confession, after going forth and back
    with the court proceedings, i was finally
    discharged and acquitted of murder case.
    Emma was sentenced to life imprisonment for
    murder and rape.
    Mouth was not enough to say how thankful i
    was to God even though i already lost my job,
    my properties too have gone because my
    house rent expired while i was in the prison,
    my parent told me they only picked the
    necessary things from the house.
    I started staying with my parent in other to
    build my career all over again, i visited Biola’s
    parent for the last time to apologize to them
    for their lost and all the troubles i caused
    them. They already accepted fate and also
    prayed for me, i never believed that Biola’s
    dad will even pray for me but he did.
    I was having a father and son discussion with
    my dad this particular evening when he
    started admonishing me about what my
    behaviour had caused me in life..
    Dad: You see my son, Life is always a lesson
    and am sure you have learnt your lesson in a
    hard way, who could have thought that in the
    last two years, you have gotten married
    compulsorily twice with two ladies.
    Just because of 5 minutes enjoyment, you
    ruined all what you have built over the years,
    your career gone to the drain, people might
    see you outside and refer to you as an ex
    convict even though you were not convicted.
    I believe till the day you live on this earth,
    your children and grand children will hear this
    experience from you and i hope people will be
    able to learn from your misadventure. Do you
    know that in the right sense, you are the one
    that killed Biola
    Me: How Sir?
    Dad: If you didn’t meet Mary, how will Biola
    go and rent a house where he met
    fact your action was the reason for all this
    and i believe you have learnt your lessons….
    Me: I have learnt my lessons sir and i pray
    never to make the same mistake again Sir.
    Thank You very much Sir.
    *The purpose of this story is to learn one or
    two things from it and cast away our mind
    from the sex scene or the sexcapades of the
    character involved

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