Story: Contract Game

    Episode 1

    (A story written by Akpan Loveth)
     She was twenty four,her parents lived in the village.Due to poverty,her elder sister who was twenty six escaped to Lagos.Sandra was her elder sister while Richard was there last child.
     Their parents could not afford their needs,so she had no other choice than to find her way to the city to try things out for herself.Everything seems so funny to her now,she left the village at twenty three but here she was at twenty four saying yes I will at the altar.One thing she vowed never to do was going into prostitution because at first when she came,her elder sister confessed to her that,that is what she does to survive but she just couldn't.She struggled hard,she worked in bar,and that's where she spends her night.Until she met him,they became friends for two weeks then he made the proposals.
     Her mind was far but she was suddenly distracted by the voice of the priest
     ''Letisha Michaels,will you have this man.....Fred Adams to be your lawfully wedded husband,to live together,to love and to hold,in sickness and in health?Will u obey him,serve him,honor him,forsaking all others and keep yourself to him only till death do you part?"the priest asked.
     Letisha stared into her husbands eyes,she knew for sure that her yes wasn't for real.She thought about her family,she thought about what will become of her if people actually finds out,then she remembered that the priest and every were expecting an answer
     "yes I will,so help me God"
     A loud shout was heard from the congregation then the priest turned and asked her husband the same question which he answered boldly
     "Yes i will,so help me God".That was Fred Adams response.
     The priest continued,Letisha was totally lost in thought,the only thing she heard again was
     "If there be anyone who has a reason why these two should not be joined in together as one,he should therefore speak up or forever hold your peace".the priest said.
     Everyone was looking round,to see if there's anybody then the priest continued
     "If there is none,i hereby pronounce you husband and wife,they are no longer two but one.Therefore what God has joined together let no man put asunder;you may now kiss your bride".
     Letisha was a shy type,but her husband being a brave type and a player quickly unveiled her and gave her a kiss.She hated herself for it but she knew for sure that,that was going to be the only time they will do that.
     The ceremony ended well,the food was surplus as people took two or three extra take away home.

    Episode 2

    Fred woke up early the next day and was preparing for work,when he was through he looked at himself in the mirror and smile,admiring how handsome he was.Truly,Fred was handsome,he was light in complexion with a pointed nose.He had all the physical qualities a woman can think of.He dashed out of his room after viewing himself very well in the mirror.Letisha was already preparing breakfast.She was busy singing that she didn't notice when Fred walked into the kitchen
     "Will you continue to sing all day?I mean to the extend that you didn't even notice my presence".Fred said.
     "Oh jeez!!!!you scared me".Letisha said
     "Is that the answer to the question?"Fred asked again.
     "And why would you ask me such a silly question?Is that how to say good morning young man?".Letisha asked frowning.
     "Oh am supposed to say good morning to you right?As my what"?Fred asked again.
     Letisha was already speechless,she just kept quiet and stared at him.
     "You've suddenly lost your voice right?No problem,am off to work,just take care of the house".
     "Are you kidding me?"Letisha asked and bust into laughter
     "What's funny"?Fred asked angrily
     "What did you say?"Letisha asked again.
     "I said am off to work"He repeated the same thing again.
     "On our honeymoon?Funny enough..."Letisha said and was walking out to the sitting room.
     "Do you have a problem with that?After all its all a con....
     "Contract"Letisha completed it for him"Of course I know its all a contract,I know that everything about us is fake but however fake it may be,will you allow people to start having the wrong impression.What do you think they will say?or better still...............Fred do you know what?you can go,you're no longer a child.I believe you know what's right and wrong.So decide for yourself".Letisha concluded and walked back to the kitchen.
     Fred didn't bother to reply,he walked out and off he went.
     Fred was the only son of Mr Clark.They were super rich.Mr Clark was said to have three companies of which Fred was managing two,he had two petrol stations,Mr Clark was well known,furthermore he was one with the heart of giving.Fred on his own likes fashion,so he opened two boutique,one was named Best collection while the other he named after himself 'Freddy Collection'.Fred never believed in love anymore,the first time he fell in love,the girl broke his heart after collecting two million from him,his second attempt was frustrating,the girl claimed she was pregnant for him after several test,they found out that he wasn't the father.The last attempt almost claimed his life.The girl was a promiscuous type,Fred was at home that day when the thought of paying her a surprise visit came into his mind.Only for him to get to the girl's house and find her in bed with his best friend.It was on his way home,he had an accident and stayed in coma for two months.Since then he made up his mind not to fall in love again,and this turned him into a womanizer.On his way to the office,his father called him
     "Hello dad"
     "Yes...fred,why will you have to go to work on your honeymoon?What's your problem,I just called your wife and she told me that's what you decided to do.Now listen up young man,you have ten minutes to return back to your house,else.......or would you disobey me?"Mr Clark said.
     "But dad,I need to settle some things in the office and....
     "Fred.........ten minutes and your time starts now".Mr Clark concluded and ended the call.
     "Damn it...."Fred was annoyed,he made a sharp turn and was heading back home with different thought in his mind.

    ********* ********* ********* *********
     Letisha was through with all the house chores,so she sat down on the sofa and switched on the t.v.She was wearing a bum short and a singlet,without bra,and one could easily see her n****e dancing.When she heard the horn of his car,she quickly ran into her room to wear something else,she hated to drive someone crazy with her dressing.
     "Letisha...........Letisha...."Fred shouted and was coming into the house.
     "Yes.....why are you shouting my name like that?What happened?"Letisha asked.
     "What sought of embarrassment is this?Why will you........
     "I didn't call your dad"Letisha cut in"he was the one that called me.He asked after you and then I told him,or where you expecting me to lie to him?No......fred,I couldn't lie to him".Letisha concluded.
     "Oh yea....i now get it,you're now acting to be the good one right?If you were that good,you could have told him that you're here for business.Tell him that after one year,you are gone.Tell him that saying yes I will and all that nonsense was all a lie".Fred barked at her.
     "You're a booby;I was on my own when you came with your contract stuff.There were other girls out there,why didn't you choose them?"Letisha asked with her eyes wet with tears.
     "Oh yea?You had every opportunity to say no.Why didn't you reject it?Tell me why didn't you?"Fred asked angrily,his eyes were already redish.Letisha finally broke into tears and ran to her room.She stayed indoors throughout the day,crying out her pains.At about 9:30pm,she heard a knock on her door,she sluggishly opened the door and went back to sit down on the bed while Fred came in.
     "How are you doing"?Fred asked but didn't receive an answer just as he expected,so he continued"Am sorry for being a little strict this morning.It's part of me,so you better start getting used to it.And please next time,stay out of my family matters.You are here for business and nothing more.But that's not why am here".He paused still expecting an answer from her but since he didn't get any,he continued
     "The doctor will be here tomorrow to brief us on how to do it since its something we've not done before.Furthermore,I'll arrange for some maids to be employed just in case you will need help in the future,that's all".He concluded and turned to leave.
     "Thank you".that was the only thing Letisha could say.Fred only nodded in response and left.

    Episode 3

    The next day,the doctor came and told them what they needed to know,when he was through with the long lectures he gave them what they needed for the injection and left.Letisha and her husband escorted him outside and he left.Immediately the doctor left,Letisha quickly went back inside to avoid starting a conversation with Fred.Even Fred didn't seem interested.They didn't see each other for the whole of that day.
     Two days later Fred came to her and handed a bottle-like container to her.
     "What's this Fred?"Letisha asked as she stared at it disgustfully.
     "Come on.....hold it,are you scared?"Fred said boldly.
     "Why will i be"?She replied and took it
     "That's the semen the doctor was talking about;i believe you know what to do with it"?Fred asked.
     "Sure".She replied.
     "Now go in and........".Letisha didn't allow him to finish,she quickly cut in.
     "Okay".she replied and went into the bathroom while Fred relaxed on the bed waiting for her.
     "Ah............."Letisha shouted form the bathroom.Fred quickly stood up and went and went to the door but it was locked.
     "Are you okay"?Fred asked.
     "Yes.....i am".Letisha replied
     "Please be careful".Fred said trying to sound caring.After five minutes,she came out sweating.
     "Ha!!why are you sweating like that?Looks like you've been doing a big work in there".Fred said in a funny way.
     "Your bathroom has air conditioner that's why am sweating..........what a wedding!!Letisha said in the opposite and jumped into her bed.While Fred was only smiling for reasons best known to him and then he left to avoid disturbing her.

    ************ ************ ************ ************
     A month later,Fred was ready for work.He didn't want their so-called honeymoon to exceed a month because he was tired.Everything about the wedding was so boring to him,and for the fact that he had to stay at home for a month with Letisha made things annoying.Letisha was not fun to be with to him,so since he was to resume work today,he had to wake up early to prepare himself.Thirty minutes later,he was through,he took his brief case and was heading out but suddenly remembered he had to say good morning to Letisha.It was somehow funny because Letisha doesn't sleep for so long but here she was still sleeping at 7:30am.
     Fred opened the door without knocking and went in only to find Letisha lieing down with just a pant and bra.Fred was confused,he was just staring at her without saying a word,he went slower,sat down and admired her beautiful body structure.Her hair was just like that of an America,her b**bs were clearly seen.Fred was lost in thought,so Letisha was hinding all this from him.No wonder why she hates wearing anything tight,so it was actually because she could drive any normal man crazy with her shape and all that.He was still thinking when his phone suddenly rang,it was the noise that woke Letisha up,she stood up quickly and was looking for what to cover up with.She couldn't reach any so she pulled the blanket and covered herself.
     "How long have you been here?and what are you doing here"?Letisha asked.
     ""Fred stammered.
     "Have you suddenly lost your voice or probably turned to a stammerer?I said what are you doing here"?Letisha asked again.
     "Good morning.......i came to say good morning to my lovely wife".Fred replied.
     "Sorry.......fred are you okay,did i hear you right"?Letisha asked surprisingly.
     "Of course i am".Fred replied and moved closer to her.
     "Contract wife please........".Letisha corrected him.
     "For how long are you gonna cover up with that?And how come you are still sleeping at this time,and what happens to my breakfast?"Fred asked with his hands demonstrating the action.
     Letisha couldn't reply but hurriedly rushed to the bathroom to vomit,when she came out
     ",I'm gonna be a daddy very soon!!!!!What baby should i expect young lady?"Fred asked happily.
     "And who told you am gravid?"Letisha asked trying to cover up.
     "I dont need a pastor to prophecy that one to me;congratulations Letisha should be four weeks pregnant,am off to work.See you when I return and take care of my baby boy..........".Fred said happily and left.
     "No..........did he actually saw me nude?I mean how can he.........just open the door without knocking or did he knock?Oh no.........".Letisha said and hit her head with her hand.

    Help me ask her what she was hiding!!!

    Episode 4

    Fred was happy, resuming work after a month.He felt like he has missed a lot,the good times he always had with his best friend(Daniel)who was his best man,now he's back.It seems everyone in the company missed him,with the way they were greeting and smiling at him,it truly shows that
     "Hey man......,welcome back".Daniel greeted him as the two guys hugged each each other.
     "I missed you man,you look its like someone has been enjoying a ladies food since I left.Confess now......who is she"?Fred said jovially.
     "Look who is look better than I am".Daniel replied.
     "And who said so?"Fred asked.
     "I said so man......its good to be married".Daniel said.
     "Even when you knw the kind of marriage am into?".Fred asked.
     "Listen up man,marriage is marriage.....i dont know why you decided to make this whole thing a deal or whatever it is you call it,just forget the past and move on".Daniel advised him
     "Not after passing through three consecutive heartbreaks.No girl deserves my love......all I want is my child and after over.......i dont have time for love anymore.My heart is locked".Fred replied sadly.
     "I understand but.........."
     "Daniel pls..........dont spoil my day;lets talk about something else please.........".Fred said a little bit disappointed.
     "Fine ok.......i give
     Daniel was about to continue when the office door opened and Fred's dad came in
     "Hi dad......."Fred greeted.
     "Oh are you doing?how are you enjoying your marriage life?".Mr Clark Adam asked
     "Dad....everything is okay.You know what?At first I thought my marriage was going to be boring but since I got married to the most amazing woman on earth,everything is going smoothly.Back then i used to buy food out there but now i happily enjoy home made food.Seriously speaking dad,its good to be married".Fred lied.
     "Interesting!!!!especially when i know your d**k will only go to one v****a.Its good to be married son".Mr Clark said without staring directly at his son.
     "Oh dad......please stop".Fred said and smiled.
     " is right you know?".Daniel said in support of Mr Clark.
     " don't expect one to eat only one type of food for the rest of his you"?Fred asked.
     " have to eat it.That's what you signed for the very day you said yes I will.Or don't tell me you are...........
     "No dad am not.........Letisha is the best.I can't afford to loose her for any reason".Fred replied boldly
     " don't need to pay for s*x again,all you need to do is ask and receive".Daniel teased him.
     Fred quickly got up and pursued him and the two adult were running round like kids.
     ********* ******** ******* ********** *********** ********** ******
     Fred employed five maids just to make sure Letisha won't stress his baby.All she needed to do was to wake up,bath herself,eat and sleep.She even found the situation annoying but after all it wasn't her money she was to use in paying the maids so why will she complain?.Letisha's parents didn't even bother to check on her as time went on.She was all alone in that big mansion.
     On Sunday evening when everyone was back from church,she was watching movie in the sitting room when the gateman interrupted her.
     "Madam,this boy be say e wan see you".Bola the gate man said.Letisha was still focused on the t.v.
     "Madam..............".Bola called again.
     "Yes......yes......"Letisha replied and raised her face up only to see her younger brother(Richard)standing next to the gate man.
     "Richie........what are you doing here?"Letisha stood up and hugged her brother.Its been over a year since she saw him,he didn't even show up at her wedding for reasons best known to him.
     " tired of this life.Papa and mama are even making things more complicated".Richard said with tears running down his cheeks.He was 21yrs.
     "No na........sit down,wipe your tears and talk to me.Richie ......calm down,what happened?"Letisha asked while Bola left.Not knowing that Fred was eavesdropping.
     "I made my jamb and after telling papa and mama,they felt less concerned and told me it was of no use since they had no money to sponsor me.Why on earth did they give birth to me when they know they won't be able to attend to my needs.I was the one that struggled for the jamb enrollment fees,and after everything they want me".Richard didn't complete the sentence then he bust into tears.
     "Richie......please calm down.........don't blame them........i believe they really don't have".Letisha corrected him.
     " are only trying to cover up for them.It was still their silly attitude that made Aunty Sandra leave the village,same reason why you left,and I believe its still gonna be the reason why i will leave".Richard said amidst tears.
     "Calm down now,was that the reason why you didn't show up on my wedding?"Letisha asked.
     "Papa didn't allow me,he asked me to watch over the house.They even refused to give me your house address but i got it from Auntie Sandra".Richard explained.
     "Both of you have been communicating right?"Letisha asked.
     "We talk sometimes but with my friends phone".
     "Its know........i believe its ignorance that's making the whole issue this complicated.........things will be fine very soon.I'll call Sandra tomorrow and we'll look for a way to run your admission".Letisha assured him and Fred suddenly came out from nowhere
     "What would you like to become in life?"Fred asked as he sat closer to Letisha.
     "Sir.......a mechanical engineer".Richard replied.
     "Hmmmm've got my support.Am fred by name,your sister's husband.I've met majority of your family members excluding you and Sandra but i think i now know why.So dear feel at home".Fred concluded.
     "Ok sir"
     "Jessica............"he called again but no response so he called another "Nkechi......."
     "Sir......".Nkechi answered and came out from the kitchen
     "Serve him a soft drink and make him lunch;he must be very hungry by now."Fred ordered.
     "Ok sir....."She replied and went back to the kitchen.
     "My dear don't worry,your sister will sponsor your education".Fred said without staring at her.
     "And what is that supposed to mean?"Letisha who has been quiet finally asked.
     "You know........since we got married,her problems turned to my problems as well,you know why?cuz we are no longer two but one.So whatever is her wish,i'll gladly do it.That's why I said so......we will give you our support".Fred concluded
     " brother thank you........God bless you.Your marriage shall be a blessing,your children surrounds your table,you will see your children children.....thus saith the lord of thank you".Richard knelt down and began to thank Fred.Nkechi later came back with a soft drink and informed him that the lunch was already served.
     "its ok....go and eat your food pls.Nkechi show him the guest room once he's through with his food."Fred ordered.
     "Ok sir....."Nkechi replied.
     Letisha left to her room while Fred followed her.If only Richard knew it was all a game,he wouldn't be singing such a song to them.Children surrounds their table.......which children?.Letisha was still thinking
     "Thanks".Letisha said
     "For what?"
     "You're asking as if you don't know".Letisha said.
     "Hmmmm,why will I be asking if I know".Fred said and moved closer to her while she took some steps backwards,this continued till she was already at edge of the wall.
     "I did that for my baby boy not you Letisha;so don't be carried away by those sweet words cuz it will do you no good".Fred said and stared into her eyes.
     "Fine but please........move aside....".Letisha's heart was now beating very fast.
     "Is there something you're not telling me Letisha?or are you scared that i might kiss you or.........".Fred took his lips closer to hers as if he wanted to kiss her.
     "Fred please move aside,please i beg you".Letisha pleaded and was struggling to free herself while Fred on his own was giving her a hard time.
     He never had the intention of kissing her.They were still battling on who to give up when Fred's phone rang,then he picked the phone from his pocket and went out.Letisha quickly heaved a sigh of relief,with her body wet with sweat

    Episode 5

    A week later,Sandra came to the house to visit her,it was a huge surprise cuz she never thought Sandra knew her house.
     "Oh my God!!!Letisha look at where you live?you are so mean to tell me that you live in this big mansion alone with husband and must be a queen in here......look at these flowers".sandra said as she was busy admiring the beauty of the house
     "Sandra c'mon,stop acting weird,I know you've seen better once than this".Letisha said.
     "Letisha you won't understand,this house is the most beautiful mansions I have ever seen".
     "Really.....hmmmm,its interesting but you know what? My days here are numbered".Letisha said feeling less concerned
     "What do you mean by your days here are numbered"?Sandra asked as she took her seat.
     "Please let this be our little secret".Letisha pleaded while Sandra nodded in agreement
     "We are actually playing a game".Letisha said without knowing the right word to use
     "What do you mean by playing a game?And who are you playing a game with?"
     "This whole marriage stuff is all a contract in which I'll be paid ten million naira after giving birth to a baby."Letisha explained.
     "Stop shouting,you might attract the attention of the maids".
     "Why will you do such a thing?don't you know it simply makes you cheap".sandra said.
     "Sandra I had no other choice than to accept.The suffering is just too much.There's no harm in it,especially when sex is not involved".Letisha replied
     "Letisha....... how are you sure this has nothing to do with rituals?"Sandra asked
     "Oh please Sandra if Fred was a ritualist,I could have known a long time ago,so don't be scared.I know what ten million can do in my life".Letisha assured her.
     "Poverty is a disease........i dont blame you my sister.I have even stopped prostitution,i what to settle down,am tired of my old life".Sandra said
     "Settle down?but you know no man would want to hook up with you when they find out about your past life or life story"
     "I know but I just hope am doing the right thing.Am not gonna tell him,and I pray he doesn't find out......David.........that's his name".Sandra explained further
     "Are you really sure about this sister?"Letisha aksed
     "I dont know but I hope am doing the right thing".
     "Hmm ok,all is gonna be fine someday,we won't live like this forever".Letisha said.
     "By the way,what do you think about Richard's case?what are we going to do about it"?Sandra asked
     "Dont worry about that,my husband has taken care of it,as we're talking now Richard is working out his admission".
     "Oh my........poor boy.....all thanks to our in-law".
     "Na you know ooo.....look at me oo I haven't even entertained you....pardon my manners.Nkechi........pls come"
     "Yes ma"
     "What did you prepare for lunch"?
     "Fried rice and chicken"
     "But I remember telling you to prepare Yam,or was it just my imagination or probably a dream?"Letisha asked
     "No ma its was sir Fred's instructions that he wanted you to eat fried rice and chicken just to make sure his baby is strong and healthy"
     "Who the hell does he think he is to tell me what to eat and what not to eat"?she fired back at her.
     "He is the man sister,your lovely better half......"Sandra said in a low tone
     "Fuck Fred and his silly instructions.....go and serve it"Letisha said
     "ok ma"
     The two sisters discussed some other things before heading to the dinning to eat.
     ********** *********** *********** ************
     Mr Clark has been very busy with work to the extent that he hasn't visited his son since he got married,so he thought it will be better to say hi to them on his way from work on Friday.
     "Hello son"
     "Yes dad
     "I just called to notify you that I'll be stopping by at the house on Friday just to say hi to you and your wife.You know I've not even spent time with Letisha but I think it will be a good idea to come over or what do you think?".Mr Clark asked.
     "Dad its ok with me,we'll be expecting you".Fred replied coldly
     "Ok extend my greetings to her".Mr Clark concluded and hung up.
     When Fred got home,he was really hungry but that wasn't a problem because dinner was ready.So he went straight to his room,showered and came out with his night dress to eat.Letisha was already waiting for him
     "What took you so long?"
     "You wouldn't want to know so stop asking".Fred replied
     "Why are you always like this?why are you replying as if we had a quarrel or something?why can't you be nice for once?"Letisha asked angrily.
     "And why are you also like this?can't you just try to keep quiet?must you ask me everything?"Fred fired back at her.
     Letisha was already annoyed so she stood up to leave
     "And where do you think you're going to"?
     "I've lost my appetite,so enjoy your meal".she replied
     "My dad will be coming over on Friday.Make sure you behave yourself on that day and don't put up this your silly attitude.Play the role of a loving wife and I wil also do my part".Fred concluded and started eating while Letisha ran to her room in anger
     "Why am I always picking offence with everything he does?am supposed to be used to it by now;after all its not a real marriage.I shouldn't be expecting happiness".Letisha said to herself as she sat on her bed.

    Episode 6

    The next day which was Thursday,all the maids were on live.Fred returned home late 8:30pm with three girls and two guys.As if that was not enough,they turned the house to a club.They were shouting and dancing,drinking alcohol as if it was a party.When the noise suddenly became too much,Letisha came out.She saw two girls half naked,they were dancing uncontrollably,shaking their b**bs as if there was no tomorrow.While the other two guys were smoking,
     "What is going on here"?Letisha asked but nobody responded.Since she was already vexed,she paused the music and asked again
     "I said what is going on here"?Letisha asked again
     "Why will it bother you"?one of the girls asked
     "And what is that supposed to mean?Where is Fred"?Letisha asked again
     "Ask him when you get to his room".The other girl replied while the two guys just kept quiet.
     Letisha left in anger and for the first time since she married fred,she badged into his room only to find a girl on top of Fred.They were busy enjoying the pleasures of romance.The way she opened the door made the girl scared
     "Letisha what is the meaning of this?Why will you badge into my room just like that.Weren't you thought how to knock"?Fred asked angrily.
     "Fred,am supposed to be asking you the meaning of this nonsense.Why will you bring your friends to the house at this time of the night?are you having a party?even if its a party,must it be at this time"?Letisha asked
     "What???in my own house?Do i need to remind you why you're here.It shouldn't be bothering you;Letisha this is my house and i choose to do whatever pleases me so don't complain cuz you don't have any right to".Fred barked at her angrily.
     "Really"?Letisha asked coldly.
     " get out of my room".Fred ordered.
     Letisha could not say a word,she just turned and headed back to her room.While Fred and the girl continued from where they stopped.Letisha cried all through the night.The maids resumes work the next day which was Friday and that was the day Mr Clark was coming over.When Letisha woke up ,it was already few minutes to 9.She stood up and stared at the mirror,seeing her eyes swollen up like that reminded her that she cried the previous night.After bathing,she lay on the bed and began to ponder on what life had in stock for her.Only for her to wake up again at 12:15pm,time flies so fast
     "So I slept off again?funny me....".She said and stood up
     "Yes ma".Jessica answers from the kitchen"Good morning ma"
     "Well done".Letisha replied with her hands on her waist"Have you seen my husband since morning"?Letisha asked.
     "He went to work very early with his friends".Jessica replied
     "So they even slept over"?Letisha asked without directing the question to her."ok no problem,is breakfast ready?"
     "Yes ma"
     "Bring it to my room;where is Juliet and the rest"?Letisha asked referring to the maids.
     "Nkechi went to the market,while Juliet is assisting me in the kitchen,Uju and Cynthia should be in the garden".Jessica replied.
     "Ok...tell them to tidy up this house because we're having a special guest today ok".Letisha asked
     "ok ma".Jessica replied and went back to the kitchen.
     ********** ******** *********** ********** *******
     At about 4pm,Fred returned back home.Letisha was in the kitchen preparing Mr Clark favorite food which was Egusi soup and Akpu.
     "Welcome sir".Juliet greeted him in the sitting room.
     "Thank place looks wonderful,it looks more beautiful.Who re-arranged everything"?Fred asked
     "Its madam".juliet replied
     "Wow...where is she"?
     Just then Letisha came out of the kitchen.Fred was short of words.She was wearing a short gown that was above her knees,for the first time in ages........letisha was dressing like a young girl and not like an old woman which was normally her routine.Fred was confused that he didn't even know when he said
     "Hi sweetie".
     Letisha turned,stared at him from head to toe and went her way without replying.Fred was ashamed of himself when he remembered what transpired between the both of them last night.He needed to apologize just to make sure their disagreement won't be noticed by his father when he finally comes.So he quickly followed her,she was actually going to get a cold water for herself when Fred blocked her way
     "We need to talk".Fred said
     "There's nothing to talk about young man,and you're on my way".Letisha said and tried to make way for herself but Fred refused
     "Letisha sorry for whatever happened yesterday.The truth is that i was horny and I needed to.........
     "Fred stop this madness......,I didn't ask for your explanations.It has passed so let me be.Like you said,I have no right to complain".Letisha replied without looking at him.
     "Are you telling me that you're not angry about what happened yesterday"?Fred asked.
     "Its a thing of the please leave my way."Letisha replied
     "Thanks".Fred appreciated her and left to his room.
     The food was ready and Mr Clark was already at the door.Letisha knew he was the one so she quickly went to get the door
     "Hello daughter-in-law".
     "Father.............i missed you so much......welcome.....come inside please".Letisha welcome him with a hug and made way for him to enter and have his sit.
     "Really?But you don't visit me.....,you're just so tied to your husband".
     " not like that........".Letisha tried to explain
     "Then its like how"?Mr Clark asked.
     Letisha couldn't reply,she just smiled and changed the topic.
     " was work today,I mean hope you didn't stress yourself"?Letisha asked
     "Of course not........where is Fred for Christ sake.Or he doesn't want to welcome me"?Mr Clark asked while Fred replied from nowhere
     " know I wouldn't do a thing like that.You're not looking bad old man....."Fred tickled his father and sat down close to his wife.
     "Hey.....sweetie,who told you father is old?Listen up he looks even younger than you are".Letisha said
     "Oh yes......two against one,Fred do you still have another one to say"?Mr Clark asked.
     ",I give up".Fred responded and they all went into laughter.
     They discussed more and ate dinner together.The truth was that Letisha was having a hard time with the pretense,especially when she had to call him sweetie whenever she wanted to talk to him.They discussed till it was after 8 and then Mr Clark stood up to leave
     "I need to be on my way now......letisha...
     "Yes father,you're one of the best cook I've ever seen,no wonder why my son fell in love immediately.You're really fun to be with,I enjoy your company".
     "Thanks blushing already".Letisha said and covered her face with her hands
     "Please take care of my son......he's my eye".Mr cark pleaded
     "I will father".Letisha replied.
     "Promise you will daughter".Mr Clark said with seriousness.
     That was a difficult thing to do.To promise him that she was gonna take care of Fred,which simply means she will have to do anything he wants.
     "I promise father,I will".Letisha replied coldly
     "Thank you".
     They escorted him outside and off he went.
    Lets see if she will be able to fulfill the promise

    Episode 7

    Okpaka village was still the same,it seems the government didn't know about the bad road.Birds were busy singing their love songs,children were seen playing and running around.Girls were seen carrying buckets of water on their head while some were seen carrying firewood.Mr and mrs Michael were busy quarrelling
     "Useless man....if you don't change you will die a wretched man."Mrs Michael yelled at her husband
     "And what are you?a useless woman as well,just look at yourself,instead of you to go and look for work to support the are sitting at home everyday,going into corridor gossip.Stay there and depend on me.....stupid thing".Mr Michael abused his wife.
     "I dont blame you,are you not a man?Who is supposed to work for money?you disgust me".Mrs Adams said
     "You disgust me more, a mother who cannot take care of her children".
     "Ha!!!me???it was your silly attitude that made all our children run away.Any little money you have,you lavish it on drinks.Just to send Richard to school,you couldn't.Then why are you a man for Christ sake?Now Letisha is married,her address you don't know,and you say you're a father,father-my-foot".Mrs Adams said and stamped her foot on the ground.
     "Get lost woman,I regret the day I married you.Illiterate......."Mr Adams concluded and went out.
     " na we shall see".Mrs. Adams said and started crying.

    Letisha was so lonely at home when her phone rang
     "Hello sister".Letisha greeted.
     "Letisha am finished ooo,he found out.He knows that I was a prostitute,Letisha what will I do?He ended the relationship,I will die if I don't marry Dave".Sandra cried on phone.
     "Take it easy sister;we need to see.Are you at home?".Letisha asked
     "yes......"Sandra replied.
     "Am on my way,text me the address and please dont do anything stupid,I beg you".Letisha pleaded.
     "Ok Letisha.......".Sandra relied and hung up.
     "How on earth did he find out if she didn't tell him".Letisha asked herself and got ready to leave.
     Thirty minutes later,Letisha was at sandra's house
     "Letisha what will I do?he's the only man who knows how to make me happy.I will die if I don't spend the rest of my life with him"Sandra cried out
     "Calm down Sandra,if he is truly meant for you he will come back.Nobody is above mistake.Just hold yourself together ok".Letisha advised her.
     "Its easy to say but difficult to do.Will I be able to love again?"Sandra cried
     "Of course you will that's if he doesn't come back.But for now pls hold yourself,calm down" Letisha begged.
     "Ok oooooo,ehh God........God...."Sandra was still crying.
     *********** ********* ************ ************
     About two months later,Letisha's pregnancy was now three months.Trust me she was becoming lazy,she can eat for Africa,she complains alot a as well.Fred was on live for a week,this time around Letisha was the one giving him a hard time
     "Fred......"Letisha called but didn't get an answer "Fred......".She called again and when she didn't get an answer,she marched to the plasma t.v and switched it off
     "Why did you do that?Dont you know i was watching something very interesting"?.Fred inquired.
     "And so fuckin' what?Whatever it is you were watching is not important and it cannot be compared to me.It is either you attend to me first or no watching of whatever it is...."Letisha ordered.
     "Uhhhh i see!!!fine what is it?"Fred asked
     "I want a plate of ice-cream,pepper soup and barbecue".Letisha said in a baby-like manner
     "Are you kidding me young lady?Who wants to eat all that?"
     "Who else if not me'"Letisha replied
     "But you just finished eating about 15minutes ago".Fred said in surprised
     "And so what?Does that stop me from eating again.Look am hungry...."Letisha said
     "You're not serious".Fred replied and adjusted himself in the chair
     " hungry oooo............"Letisha cried this time around and sat down on the floor
     "Ok ok fine,stand up.....let me go in and then we'll go get it ok?"Fred said but she refused.
     "No.....lets go like this.Besides who's gonna complain".Letisha said
     "I can't go like this Letisha,let me change".Fred said almost shouting.
     "Lets go".Letisha ordered and picked his car keys and dragged him outside.Fred was putting on a three quarter jean(Knicker),it was designers but Fred hated to go out like that,except its within.But here he was been forced to go like that.
     They've gone to three different eateries but Letisha was always finding fault,its either the food was not going to be sweet,or the place looks dirty to her.Fred was tired so he packed the car
     "Listen,i dont have time for all this.If you know you're no longer hungry then tell me lets go back home and stressing me".Fred yelled at her.
     "Fine lets go back home,am.always stressing you.Of its other people,you won't complain.I'll just eat what we have at home".Letisha said gently
     "Christ......."Fred exclaimed and started the engine and they drove back home.When they got back home,Letisha just opened the door and went in without uttering a word to fred.
     "Letisha".Fred called
     "Don't talk to me".Letisha replies and rushed into the house.In the process she bumped into uju who was also coming out
     "Sorry ma".Uju apologized
     "Its ok".Letisha replied
     "Ma....your sister is here to see you.I actually told her to wait cuz i believed you will come back soon".Uju explained
     "No probs,where is she?"Letisha asked while walking in then she saw Sandra beautifully dressed in a black leggings and white top.
     "Hello baby sister".Sandra greeted.
     "Hi Sandra,how is everything?i hope you're okay?".Letisha asked as she hugged her sister.
     "Letisha.....i......."Fred stopped immediately he saw Sandra.
     "Oh my God!!!!!Letisha is this your husband?he looks so handsome.There's no doubt because your baby will be handsome just like his father.Good afternoon Mr Fred Williams".Sandra greeted
     " are
     "Letisha's elder sister".Sandra replied
     "Sandra right?"Fred asked
     "Yes......"Sandra replied
     "Its nice meeting you finally,I've so much about you.You two look alike,you're highly welcomed".Fred said
     "Thank you".Sandra replied while Fred went to his room
     "Sandra you look happy;is there something you're not telling me"?Letisha asked.
     "Sure....a lot of them:actually I and Dave are back together"Sandra broke the news
     "oh my!!!!!!!!that's good news".Letisha exclaimed
     "Of course it is and that's why I came to share it to you".Sandra said and smiled
     "yrs oo,am happy for you" Letisha replied .
     "Please ehhh,I am hungry.That food I ate the other time I came here,is it still available?"Sandra asked and the two ladies bust into laughter
     "Funny you".Letisha said.
     Fred later came out and they all ate together

    Episode 8

     Three days later,Fred was still on live.His father stopped by to say hi,they ate together and the two men started discussion while Letisha went back to her room to shower.
     "Dad,is this how hectic it is to be married?".Fred asked sounding a little serious
     "How son"?.Mr Clark asked.
     "I women act so strange when they are pregnant?".fred asked.
     "Hmmm son......don't worry you will get used to it.Women become very funny when they are pregnant.Oh....son,your mother gave me a hard time when she was pregnant with u.She was ever ready to eat every minute,and at that time she loves eating meat as well.And the more she eats the more she complains.We were sleeping one day at night when she suddenly spat on me,though it was irritating but I won't say it was her fault."Mr Clark smiled and continued "Women are very important you think she will purposely exhibit such a character......the answer is no son".Mr Clark said and was about to continue when Letisha walked in with a gown in her hands.
     "Father.......see....look at this".Letisha said as she stretched the dress to Mr Clark
     "Fred doesn't want to take me out for shopping.I need to change my wardrobe,looks like am getting fatter,my clothes no longer size me.Each time I tell Fred to take me out for shopping,he refuses.Its either he will tell me he's very busy or he is very tired.Father is it fair"Letisha asked.
     "Hmmm Fred is that true"?Mr Clark asked and adjusted his glasses.
     "Is it true"?.Mr Clark cut in
     "Yes dad".fred replied
     'And why????is that how its supposed to be?.Daughter......
     "Yes father...."Letisha answered
     "Dont worry he'll take you for shopping tomorrow ok".Mr Clark assured her
     "Ok father".Letisha replied and went back to her room.
     "You see!!!!"Fred said while his father smiled.
     Sandra spent the night at Davids place.The next day after breakfast,David sat Sandra down and asked her some things
     " know,I love you with the whole of my heart and am ready to do anything just to have you in my life.Nobody is above mistakes,we are bent on making one mistake or the other.I made my own mistake in the past and since then I decided to buckle up and wait for the right woman.I hope you know nothing kills a man easily than changing women the way clothes are changed"?.David asked.
     "I've heard about that saying".Sandra replied
     "Good,its true.Back then,I use to date two sisters at the same time but that's not the main reason why we're sitting here.......i apologize for the inconveniences you had during the time we had a misunderstanding,I was confused.But i later came to realize that a dog doesn't bark without a reason and please i want to know the reason why you went into prostitution".
     David concluded and waited for her reply
     "It all started when i was in the village.My parents fight almost all the time,any little money our dad had he used it on drinks.And our mother was not ready to work.Each time we ran to them for help,or maybe we were told to buy something at school,they will be complaining.Our mother will say go to your father while father will say go to your mother.It was so annoying and am the eldest,so i left the village and decided to check what life had in stock for me in the city.Getting here,it was difficult for me,it was during the period that i had no place to sleep that i got raped.It was my worst night ever,not that i was a virgin but girls who has been raped before will understand what i mean.I continued to struggle in the street for five months until one day when i met a girl about my age.She said so many things to me of which i remember she said i was too beautiful to be suffering in the streets that she had a job for me.I was very happy that finally things were going to be smooth for me.To cut the long story short,i started living with her,and gradually she introduced me into prostitution.She later travelled out of the country and other girls joined me in the house.That's why i couldn't accommodate my sister,and besides the money i get from the work doesn't last long,just for clothes,makeups,foodstuffs and the rest.And that is how i started prostitution".Sandra finished the story and tears ran down her cheeks.
     "Its okay baby....dont cry........i understand".David tried it pacify her.
     "I feel so wayward Dave,i spent three years satisfying men.And i couldn't even give account of what i used the money for.I hate myself......".Sandra cried out.
     "Hey....stop this.I only wanted to hear your own side of the story and besides i didn't say you're a wayward girlfriend or did i? supposed to be the one complaining but look here am i?Its all in the past now all you need to do is focus on the future and ask God for mercies.Stop crying baby......".David said
     "Are you sure you won't leave me?are you sure you won't judge me with my past in the future?"Sandra asked
     "Over my dead body baby".David replied
     "Promise you'll never leave me no matter what?Promise you will not break my heart"?Sandra pleaded
     "Sandra....i promise i will never leave you,i will never neglect you,i will be with you till the end".David promised her.
     "Thank you.....i love you".Sandra exclaimed and they hugged each other.
     At night Letisha came out to get cold water.To her surprised,Fred was still up,he was focused on the t.v
     "So this is how you will spend the one week off right?"Letisha asked.
     "Ehhh what are you doing here.Dont tell me you've been spying on me"?Fred asked
     "Why on earth will i spy on you Fred.You aren't that important to me".Letisha replied
     "Whatever.....why are you still up"?Fred asked
     "I came to get cold water".Letisha replied
     "What?do you want to hurt my baby?Why will you take cold water at this time of the night"?Fred yelled at her.
     " the one taking the water not you ok".
     "And it was affect my baby if you don't do it with care"Fred replied
     "I see......dont worry about the baby.She'll be fine ok".Letisha said
     "He will be fine not she ok?".Fred corrected her while Letisha smiled
     "And by the way what are you still doing here at this time of the night"?Letisha asked.
     "I was waiting for you.I wanted to say goodnight to my baby before going to bed".Fred stood up and switched off the t.v and walked closer to Letisha and touched her stomach
     "Hi baby,do you know that daddy loves you so much?Oh yes i do baby....and I'll do anything for you ok.Just be a good boy and dont stress mummy ok".Fred concluded and left.It was then it dawned on him that he just said something"Mummy??Letisha?.Interesting.
     He left without even saying goodnight to Letisha
     "Funny man......."Letisha said and went to get her water.
     The next day Fred took Letisha out for shopping as promised.It was really an hectic day
     "You've been staring at the mirror for more than 30seconds Letisha;dont you like that one too?"Fred asked
     "This boutique is a quake one Fred,they have no good clothes.And you know i need to select carefully cuz in the next five months,my Tommy won't be like this anymore.So i need to choose bigger ones".Letisha said and stared at the mirror again
     "Christ Lord......." Fred exclaimed and added"please madam get me a seat,am tired of standing".
     "You know what madam?Let your husband choose for you".The owner of the boutique suggested
     "Or why don't we just go home with the ones you've selected already".Fred suggested
     "Oooooo no those ones are not enough".Letisha replied
     "Fine then let your husband do the selecting.It will be so romantic".The owner of the boutique said again
     "Romantic indeed!!!!Letisha replied and sat down while Fred started the search.Five minutes later he came back with five gowns.
     "Check this out wify".Fred said and handed it over to Letisha
     "Wow..........i love this.....i'll take all.They are beautiful Fred........wait let me try them on".Letisha said
     "All of that?there's no time Letisha.I need to rest,remember this is the fifth boutique we've entered today".Fred said
     "And so?l'll still try them on,dont worry I won't spend up to 1hour.Chill Fred....."Letisha encouraged him and went to the other room to try them.Thirty minutes later,she was through with everything.
     At the end of the day,they went home after spending one hundred and thirty five thousand naira for only clothes.God abeg o

    My Ladies know na..............

    Episode 9

    It was on Sunday evening,the last day of Fred's live.Mr.Clark was at home when Fred drove in with his wife.He was surprised because he never expected to see them in his house.It was an unannounced visit.
     "Father..........".Letisha called as he went closer to hug him
     "Daughter...what a surprise,you guys didn't inform me you were coming over".Mr Clark said as they hugged each other
     "Father.....thats why its called a surprise".Letisha replied as she sat down
     "'re now too big to say hello to your father right"?Mr.clark asked.
     "Dad.....please pardon me,this young lady here talk too much that's why I forgot".Fred said as he was pointing to Letisha
     "Who are you referring to as a lady?? see!!this is how he behaves".Letisha complained
     "Fred apologize.........".Mr Clark ordered
     " sorry wify.Are you happy now"?Fred asked while Letisha smiled
     "Father.....are you all alone in this house?I mean where are the maids"?Letisha asked
     "They are on live for today".Mr Clark replied
     "So.......father have you eaten?wait a sec!!hope they didn't finish all the food before leaving? mind tells me you're hungry".Letisha said all in a rush
     "Actually daughter,there's egusi soup in the fridge but that's not what I want to eat".
     "fine father what will you like to eat".Letisha asked.
     "Stew rice and fried eggs".Mr Clark replied
     "Very well then,let me hurry up and prepare it".Letisha said and stood up to leave
     "Wait wait wait....we only planned to spend one hour remember"?Fred reminded her.
     "Sure I do but I've changed my mind.We're gonna spend the night here".Letisha said and left to the kitchen while Fred sat down
     "You're lucky to have her son".Mr Clark said .
     In not less than one hour food was ready and served,the three ate together and made some jokes before returning back to the sitting room.The time was already 7:45pm
     "You are so fun to be with Letisha" Mr Clark said
     "Thank you father".Letisha replied
     "How far have you gone with what you promised me"?Mr Clark asked
     "Hmmm am trying my best father;he can testify to that".Letisha replied
     "Fred.......".Mr Clark called,expecting him to contribute to the discussion.
     " she is.She has done more than her nest infact".Fred added.
     "That's good to hear".Mr Clark said and was about to continue
     "Father.....sorry to cut the discussion short.Am really drowsy right now and i need to rest".Letisha cut in when she knew Mr Clark was about to say something else.
     "Alright.....alright dear.Goodnight.....fred will show you the room where you two will sleep".Mr Clark said.
     "Ok father".Letisha replied and went upstairs with Fred.It was when she got to the room that the statement Mr Clark made sang into her head
     "What??"Letisha shouted when they entered the room.
     "What is it"?Fred asked.
     ?Are we.........i mean.....the both of us.......sleep in this in one bed"?Letisha asked.
     "Weren't you prepared before announcing it that we'll spend the night here"?Fred asked in return and left.
     "Oh gosh.......what the hell is this"?Letisha asked herself as she scratches her head.
     Fred was purposely bringing up unnecessary topics in order for his father to go to bed before him so as he can just sleep in the sitting room.It was already 10:30pm and his father was not making any move so he made up his mind to stay in the same room with Letisha.He was ready for anything
     "Dad......time to sleep" .Fred said
     "Ok son....i'll join soon goodnight".Mr Clark said.
     Fred got to the room and found Letisha lieing down.Immediately he closed the door,Letisha jumped out of the bed.
     "What's that"?Fred asked
     "Its nothing".
     "I thought something was biting you on the bed".Fred said and smiled.
     "Not at all".Letisha replied
     "Ok".Fred replied and dropped his phones on the table"I need to shower".he added and entered the bathroom while Letisha heaved a deep breath
     "God!!!!Why am I even scared of Fred.Its not as if he's gonna rape me or who knows of he's a rapists".Letisha said to herself.Few minutes later,Fred was through.He came out with a towel on his waist.Letisha who was already sleeping on the bed, jumped out of it again immediately she heard his footsteps(nor go get heart attack ooo).Fred didn't bother to ask her anything this time around.He rubbed himself and and lay down facing the other side of the wall.Ten minutes later,Letisha was still standing even Fred could not sleep.He was someone who doesn't sleep with clothes and he normally switches off the light whenever sleeping.He was tired of the silence so he jumped out of the bed also.Imagine how frightened Letisha was.Fred walked up to her and as usual she took two steps backward
     "What is your problem Letisha"?Fred asked.
     "Am supposed to be asking you.Fred what is your own problem.For Christ sake am not disturbing your sleep or am I"?Letisha asked.
     "Of course you are.Am not comfortable with you standing there like a body guard or whatever.Do you have a problem with us sharing the same bed.For christ sake am not gonna bite you and besides you're my wife and everyone knows that".
     "Oh yea.....fred point of correction.....contract wife ok?.Did I complain to you that I was scared of sharing the same bed with you"?Letisha asked
     "No you didn't but it seems you're scared of something ".Fred said
     "And what could that be"?Letisha asked.
     "Hmmm do you want me to tell you or I should show you"?Fred asked and moved closer to her while Letisha kept moving backwards.It was of no use cuz she still ended up in the wall.Fred leaned forward to her and stretched his hands above her head and switched off the light.
     "What are you up to Fred?Letisha asked gently "Dont do anything stupid with me".Letisha added
     "Oh no I will if only you permit me".Fred said and placed his lips on hers as he kissed her passionately.At first Letisha didn't want to return the kiss but she suddenly found herself kissing Fred in return.They kissed for 5minutes when letisha finally got hold of herself and pushed Fred away
     "Oh am sorry........i didn't".Fred was about to complete it when Letisha cut in
     "Its ok".She replied while still standing
     "Emmm....dont worry I'll sleep on the floor".Fred said and took an extra blanket from the wardrobe and spread it on the floor and slept.Letisha was the only one that slept on the bed that night.

     Is this love???

    Episode 10

    The next day they prepared themselves and went home early.To Mr Clark things were working perfectly well for them,he never knew they were hinding something.Fred resumed work the following day with confidence.
     "Daniel i am telling you.I can swear with my life that Letisha is a virgin".Fred said
     "It doesn't make sense to me.I mean how can a girl of her age still be a virgin?What me Fred i dont believe you" Daniel said
     "Oh....oh...why on earth are you talking like this?Have i ever given you wrong information before"?Fred asked
     "Maybe this is going to be the first time and besides what makes you so sure"?Daniel asked
     "Well.....we kissed was actually a mistake but from the way she was responding to the kiss it simply shows she hasn't had sex before".Fred explained
     "Oh yea"Daniel asked
     "Yes am serious".Fred replied
     "Hmmm wake up Fred and face reality ok".Daniel said and left the office
     "He doesn't believe me.....ok but i believe myself".Fred said to himself and smiled.
     AT HOME
     "Hello auntie".Richard sounded from the phone
     "Hi are you doing,how is school
     "?Letisha asked
     "School is fine ooo,how is uncle"?Richard asked
     "He's fine dear".Letisha replied
     "Hope you're studying well"?
     "Yes auntie i am".
     "That's my boy,just make sure you'll make us proud ok"?letisha said
     "Ok auntie".
     "And please Richie dont run after girls or should i say women"
     "Ok auntie bye".
     "Bye dear".Letisha replied and hung up.
     when Fred came home that evening he was kinda tired.So he went to his room to relax,he didn't even bother to eat.Letisha waited for him at the dining but couldn't see him.So she decided to check on him to know if everything was ok(wetin carry you go he room,you go talk am).She knocked but there was no response so she entered.Fred was lieng down like someone who was dead
     "Hello..........hello......young man are you ok"?Letisha asked and went closer to him.
     Since she didn't get any response from Fred she became scared. she sat on the bed and touched his chest to know if it was still beating
     "Fred.......this one na sleep abi wetin?Come on talk to me.......".Letisha said as she was hiting Fred
     "Ooooooo just let me be!!!!i want to relax ok".Fred said
     "Are you that tired"?Letisha asked
     "Yes....".Fred replied faintly.
     "Ok fine,come and eat your food first then you can sleep ok".Letisha assured him
     "Dont worry....i'll eat tomorrow".Fred said
     "I say no.....stand up....stand up"Letisha said and dragged Fred up.
     Instead of Fred to go to the dining,he grabbed Letisha and hugged her.
     "Let go off me.......fred stop this".Letisha shouted as she tried to free herself
     "You said you wanted me to eat right?Fine i agree......but its you i want to eat".Fred said.
     "You are joking".Letisha said and struggled again
     "Relax not gonna eat you or something please just make me feel like a man.I really need you.........".Fred said calmly and kissed Letisha's neck
     "Fre......d......stop.....stop.....oh.......".Letisha tried to say but couldn't find her voice.
     "Shhhhhhhh......don't say no ok,you'll enjoy it"Fred said again and this time around Letisha could not resist it.
     They kissed and soon enough Letisha was on the bed.Fred romanced every part of her,he took his hand down to her thighs.He played with her treasure for a while and took his hands up to her br***t and pulled off her bra.He touched her ni***e gradually and soon he started su**ing it.
     "Ahh...........Fred.......".Letisha said in pleasure.
     The truth was that Fred was scared to do it because of her Tommy,he was scared he could harm his baby.But Letisha was carried away,she was the one that told him to continue.Finally the deed was done.
     When Fred stood up and found out that Letisha was bleeding,he couldn't believe his eyes.He carried her to the bathroom and helped her clean up.They later ate together,Letisha could not help but hide her face from him
     "I can't believe this......fred you're lieing."Daniel said
     "Oooooooo oya go na,forget about it since you don't believe me".Fred said.
     "But..........she tried.Meaning she has been keeping it for the right person all this while? you're lucky".Daniel said to him
     "hahaha hahaha.When i told you,you were busy speaking Chinese but now you've heard the truth".Fred said
     "But wait....fred.....could this be love"?Daniel asked.
     "Hmmmm.....i can't really tell.But i know one thing for sure that whenever am.with her no matter the stress she gives to me,i still enjoy her company".Fred explained
     "Meaning its love right"?Daniel asked
     "Are you deaf or something?I said i don't know".Fred replied
     " better let her know that you love her not this nonsense you're saying because if you loose her then there might be no hope for you again ooo".Daniel advice him
     "I understand but am only being careful.I don't want to get hurt again" Fred said.
     "Ok man....for your mind ooo,you open new gift ooo".Daniel tickled him while Fred just smiled

    To know that you've been following the story and that you aren't confused.........answer this......
    Is it really possible to be pregnant and still be a virgin like that?

    Episode 11

    Letisha could not believe how it all happened.That was ridiculous,this is something she has been protecting all her life.Just in a twinkle of an eye,Fred took it without second thought.But on a normal note who is to be blamed?.
     "Gorgeous sister......your husband is doing a very good job.You don't look bad at all".Sandra said to her sister
     "You and this your will never change.And who said Fred is the reason why am looking good"?letisha asked.
     "Before nko?na which person money u de chop?You think to leave in this kind of house is easy".
     "Na true sha".Letisha confirmed it.
     "So tell me,what's up with you too?Hope you guys are getting along very well".Sandra asked
     "Hmmm well......i think so".Letisha replied and smiled.
     "'s something you're not telling me,and letisha you're smiling.........i said it".Sandra said and rushed to Letisha"Oya oya gist me......did he buy you a car?abi na house?oh.....letisha talk to me".Sandra pleaded
     "Fine......actually the truth is that am beginning to have feelings for him".Letisha replied
     "Oh my God!!!!letisha......but you know its not supposed to be so.Contract is contract.........and hope you haven't told him yet"?Sandra asked
     "Hmmmm not really.....but....."
     "But what"?Sandra cut in
     "Nothing though".Letisha lied.
     "Better be....guys are the ones to propose not ladies forcing them to do so.So don't give him any sign that you're already falling ok"Sandra explained
     "But you know its not possible to hide love.One can pretend but deep down he/she is hurting".Letisha said.
     "See this girl ooo,you wan fall your hand abi"?
     "No na".Letisha replied
     "Then leave matter for Mathias".Sandra said and added"Its just a matter of time,Fred will be the one begging for your love".
     Letisha was confused.For her sister to sound that way simply means she's serious.She couldn't just tell her sister that they've had sex already after all not everything you say.
     Mr and Mrs Michael just finished eating after they've apologized to each other.
     "My wife.....i don't know where to start from.But i know for sure that I have wronged you.Am sorry please forgive me".Mr Michael apologized to his wife.
     "My husband am the one who's supposed to be apologizing.I have not been a good wife but now I've realized my mistake and I promise to change from now on".Mrs Michael apologized too
     "I don't even know how it all happened.But God has proven himself strong".Mr Michael said
     "Yes ooo my husband but the issue at hand is how to find my children.We don't even know their whereabouts,we were selfish,just thinking about ourselves only".Mrs Michael added.
     "Hmmm don't worry we'll make it up to them.We can still amend our mistake(make Una help me ask this man how he wan take do am)
     Mr and mrs Michael discussed about their plans and finally came to a conclusion to go to the city to look for them....................

    Sorry for the delay guys.......for those that were confused about how Letisha got pregnant...........
    It was through injecting Fred's sperm into her ovary.............through ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION
    Hope you're not confused anymore?

    Episode 12

    After searching for long without any idea of where they could be staying,they went back to the village and decided to come back in a weeks time.
     Richard was now a big boy on campus,everyone knew about him.Girls where now running after him like he was the president.He had no problem when it comes to payment of fees and the rest because Fred was sending money to him every week end.Despite the temptation from different girls,he didn't fall a victim.He kept the advice of his sister close to his heart,there was a day he embarrassed a girl.He was on his way from lectures when the girl stopped him
     "Hi good name is Tina"
     "Afternoon Tina,what can i do for you"?Richard asked.
     " see i was just wondering if we could be friends and you know..........emmm.....emm".Tina continued to stammerer
     "Hello.....are you confused?So you didn't rehearse what you wanted to say before stopping me"?Richard asked.
     "Emm.......its all about love and i can offer u anything you want.From my body down to........You know what i mean na".Tina said
     "You girls never seize to amaze me.You're the one proposing to me now not me proposing to you".Richard said and laughed while Tina smiled
     "Now listen to me Tina or whatever you call yourself,i dont have your time.I came here for a purpose and not to run after girls.Even if am to choose....God knows i would never choose a girl like you.You're nothing but a spoilt brat".Richard said and walked away.Tina was dumbfounded,this is something others guys would accept without second thought.She stood there for some minutes before leaving.
     Letisha was at the sitting room watching a Philippine movie(Her mothers daughter)when Jessica came in.She was actually trying to tip toe into the house but unfortunately for her letisha saw her
     "Jessica where are you coming from"?Letisha asked.
     "Emmm ma...i went to get something".She replied
     "Really?but I can't remember instructing you girls to go out like that whenever you're on duty.So explain yourself better".Letisha ordered
     "Emmm sorry it won't repeat itself again".Jessica pleaded.
     "It better not".Letisha replied and concentrated on the t.v while Jessica walked in.
     She was acting suspicious,like she was hiding something nobody knew about.But time will tell what it is she is hiding.
     Mr and mrs Michael started the search again but it was to no avail.No address,no phone number.They only mentioned the name of their daughter anywhere they went to as if its only one letisha we have in the whole of Lagos (make Una help me ask them say weda they nor know their son in law name).They went home again.
     Letisha was left with just two months.And the love she had for Fred was becoming stronger.She did everything she knew would please Fred.She was the one now preparing meals.So one day she decided to surprise Fred by taking food to him in the office(Contract love lolz).She dressed up in a very beautiful gown,applied make up on her face and asked the driver to drop her at Fred office and go back home
     It was amazing to see Mr Fred Adams wife.It was so unusual of her to go out,and as such people didn't know her that well.Everyone in the company were just exchanging glances.They greeted and welcomed her.Seems everyone was happy except the secretary
     "Ma please am sorry but sir Fred is in an official meeting and would not like to be disturbed".The secretary said to her
     "Its good to hear but call him and tell him am the one who wants to see him".Letisha said and smiled
     "Ma please you have to understand.I will be sacked if I don't do according to his instructions.He simply said nobody should disturb him,not even his best friend".
     "Did he also say not even his wife"?Letisha asked but the secretary remained silent"Listen my simplicity is not my stupidity.You're scared of loosing your job but I believe you know who I am and I can sack you on my own without your boss permission.So young lady do yourself the good of moving out of my way or l'll move you myself".Letisha threatened her and without a waste of time the secretary left the road for her.
     "Thank you".Letisha said and left.
     She was happy that finally she was going to do something that will please Fred.At least he will know she's a caring type.Her happiness made her unable to knock before going in and guess what she saw...............
     "Oh.......Fred..........i love this......ha!!!!!!.......ooooooo".
     "What......"?letisha shouted and the flask she was holding fell from her hand.
     Fred was having sex with a girl right there in the office and the worst of all on the office table(that girl na dog?).Letisha bust into tears and before they knew what was going on,letisha rushed the girl down with two slaps on her jaw.Before i could even say jack,she was on top of the nude girl and released blows on her face.
     "You this crazy thing.....slut,prostitute,this is what you get for sleeping with a married man.This is what we do to husband snatchers in our village......"Letisha beat the girl up.
     "Stop this......stop......" Fred said and pushed letisha away from the girl
     "You're defending her?are you really okay at all"?Letisha asked him
     "I should be the one asking you that question.Letisha are you ok?and what on earth are you doing here"?Fred asked
     "I never knew you were this kind of man.........."Letisha cried out and rushed to the girl again and gave her a slap.This was what provoked Fred to slap her.
     "What? slap me because of this slut"?Letisha asked while holding her jaw
     "And i will slap you again and again if you don't get out of my office right now".Fred said and pointed at the door.
     Just then Daniel walked in.He could still remember letisha's face so he didn't bother to ask.But what was confusing was the other girl whose hair was messed up and she was not properly dressed too
     "Fred....whats going on here"?Daniel asked
     "I will remind you of this day Fred.You raise your dirty hands on me because of a prostitute right?no problem....." Letisha said and ran out of the office.Daniel quickly understood what happened and ran after her but couldn't reach her because she took a taxi immediately and left.Daniel ran back to the office
     "Fred....why on earth did you do that?You prefer an outsider over your wife.I mean what were you thinking before having sex with someone in the office"?Daniel asked him in anger.
     "Don't you dare talk to me anyhow.Am still your boss ok".Fred ordered
     "'re all alone in this because nobody will back you up,not even your father.Enjoy your day with your outta here".Daniel said and went home.
     Fred was surprised because that was the first time Daniel was talking to him in such a way.The girl was still sitting down.....
     "You never told me you were Married".The girl said in tears.Fred quickly turned to her and said
     "How dare you talk to me like that?this is your fault ooo"Fred said
     "Am sorry" The girl tried to apologize
     "Keep your sorry to yourself.Now use the exit"He said and threw 50k on the table for her"Get out....".Fred yelled at her and she left without looking back.
     Later that evening,when Fred was set to go home,the secretary approached him and said
     "Am sorry sir,but i did everything possible to make sure she doesn't come in but....."
     "Dont worry about that".Fred cut in and went home.
     He got home worried,his mind was not at peace.What he didn't know was that Letisha refused to eat that night.Fred slept in the sitting room till dawn.He woke up at about 7:12am and remembered he had a dream in which letisha was crying and she packed out of the house.
     "Oh my!!!!!!i need to get ready for work".Fred shouted and ran to his room to shower.He was through and finally left to work,,his breakfast was packaged in a flask by uju.So he took it and off he went.Getting to the office he found out that Daniel refused to resume,so he called him
     "Hey man...what'sup with you"?Fred asked
     "Am okay....why did u call"?Daniel asked
     "Oh c'mon......what happened yesterday was nothing.You have to understand me,i didn't do it on purpose you know".Fred said
     "Oh so you mean the devil now remotes you"?Daniel asked
     "C'mon am sorry ok.Just dress up and come over to the office.I promise it won't happen again".Fred apologized
     "Fine but have you talked to your wife?have you apologized to her also"?Daniel asked.
     "Not yet but I'll do so immediately i get home".Fred lied
     "Ok am on my way".Daniel said to him
     "Alright man".Fred said and smiled.He thought in his mind "how can i possibly apologized to letisha.She's the one who owe me an apology for coming to my office without invitation".
     Letisha stayed indoors for three good days.It was Nkechi that took food to her every day.On the fourth day she managed to come out.Her eyes were swollen like someone who had no sleep for weeks.The first person she saw was uju who was moping the sitting room
     "Good morning ma".Uju greeted
     "Morning dear".Letisha replied and walked closer to the plasma t.v,from there she touched the flowers and stood there.The next thing was that she collapsed on the floor
     " come ooooo........somebody help".Uju scremed as she held letisha's hands.
     "What happened"?Jessica asked.
     "What happened to her"?Nkechi asked.
     "She just came out,walked round and then fainted".Uju explained
     "Lets rush her........Jessica please call the driver".Nkechi said
     "Driver..........Nkem....."Jessica shouted and ran to the driver room.
     Letisha was rushed immediately while Nkechi called Fred
     "Hello sir......
     "Yes who's this"?Fred asked
     "Sir its Nkechi ooo.Madam fainted few minutes ago and she's in the hospital now oo".Nkechi explained.
     " happened to her?which hospital"?Fred asked in confusion
     "St.Douglas hospital".Nkechi replied
     "Ok ok ok am on my way".fred said while Nkechi hung up
     "What happened man"?Daniel asked
     "My wife just fainted and she's in the hospital now".Fred explained and before Daniel could ask another question he was already out of the office.Just imagine the way he was running like a mad dog.

     Then i ask again,could this be love

    Episode 13

    Fred got to the hospital and asked the nurses
     "Emmmm nurse please my wife was rushed here few minutes ago and........."Fred struggled hard to say because he was breathing fast.But he stopped immediately he saw the driver and Nkechi coming towards him
     "Where is she?where is your madam"?Fred asked Nkechi
     "Sir...the doctor is attending to her.And he made it clear that she is going to be fine".Nkechi replied
     "What really happened to her"?Fred asked
     "Sir......according to what Uju said,she just came out of her room and walked round the sitting room from there she fainted".Nkechi explained
     "Without any reason"?Fred asked again but this time around Nkechi didn't reply.Fred was about shouting at her when the doctor came and they all rushed to him
     "Doctor how is my wife"?Fred asked
     "Mr Fred Adams,your wife is fine but........"The doctor said and Fred cut in before he could complete the sentence
     "But what?dont tell me she lost the can't be".Fred said in fear,he wasn't surprised that the doctor knew his name besides he was a popular guy
     "Calm down Mr Fred,the baby is fine.But i wonder why she of all people could be suffering from stress".The doctor said and immediately Fred heard stress,he turned to Nkechi and gave her a hot slap
     "So you guys have been leaving the work for her to do?I told you guys to do all the work,cooking,cleaning or whatever it is that can cause stress.But you disobeyed me Nkechi.Where are the rest?where is Jessica,Juliet and Cynthia"?Fred said in anger but Nkechi couldn't answer that question
     "Sir,she doesn't do any work at home".Nkechi managed to speak
     "Keep your mouth shut".Fred barked at her
     "Calm down Mr Fred,i don't think it will be stress from work......lets talk in my office".The doctor said and left while Fred followed.
     "This rich guys in town are so full of pride,how can he just slap her like that"?one of the nurses said to the other
     "If you know who that young man is,you wouldn't dare talk about him in the secret".The other nurse said
     "Even if he is the president,he has no right to slap that girl like that".The first nurse said again.
     Fred got to the Doctor's office almost immediately
     " were you saying"?Fred asked
     "Your wife has been stressing herself too much and its not too good for pregnant women".The doctor said again
     "Are you really sure its my wife you're talking about?cuz i so much believe my maids won't dare allow her to work.All the chores at home are done by the maids".Fred replied
     "Maybe its emotional stress,maybe there is something she is always thinking about that gives her stress or marital stress.And if i may ask do you two have problems in your marriage"?The doctor asked.
     Fred was about to say No in a hurry but he remembered what happened three days ago.Just that shock alone is enough to cause death talk less of stress.
     "No doctor we are living happily".Fred lied
     "Then what could be wrong?you know what just try and ask her i believe she will be kind enough to let you know".
     "Hmmm ok thank you very much doctor.And please can i see her now"?Fred said after thanking the doctor.
     "Yes.....yes come with me".The doctor said and led Fred to the room.Jessica and Uju where there with her while Nkechi and the driver went in with fred
     "Hi scared me but thank God you are alright".Fred said but letisha turned her face to the other side of the wall to avoid seeing him
     " are you doing now"?Nkechi asked
     "Am fine my dear".Letisha replied and tried to sit up right
     "Please please please lie down......dont hurt yourself".Fred said and held her hand for her to lie down
     "Ma.....please lie down,its not advisable".Uju said
     "Why are you all acting as if am a baby?I am alright and i can make decisions for myself ok".Letisha said
     "No way sweetie,the doctor said you've been stressing yourself.So please relax from now on you won't even bend down to pick a needle even if it means me staying at home with you".Fred said with seriousness while letisha lay down without looking at him.
     AT HOME
     She was discharged that evening and her sister even came to the house immediately Letisha called to tell her she was at home,that she just came back from the hospital
     "Baby sister what happened to you"?Sandra asked immediately she came.Even Fred was there.Letisha could not reply she jx stared at Fred and her sister understood that it had something to do with him so she rushed to him
     "Fred....what did you do to my sister huh?".Sandra asked in anger as she pushed fred
     "Sandra please stop.Dont hurt him,he didnt do anything".Letisha tried to defend him
     "Listen to me Fred,for the fact that this marriage is a contract doesn't give you the right to maltreat my sister.Don't bother asking how I knew ok so please stop the nonsense you are doing to her.I wouldn't want to come back here and see her in such a mood and thank your stars that nothing happened to her if not you could have spent the whole money you have trying to settle the case".Letisha said and turned to letisha"Next time he lays his hand on you,dont fail to let me know ok"?Sandra said and left the house without a waste of time.
     It was somehow funny cuz that was the same guy that slapped Letisha and their she was trying to defend him(Na so love de be)

     Fred came home early that day.Amd guess what he came to do...............
     "Welcome sir......."Cynthia said as she opened the door for him
     "And why are you staring at me like that"?Fred asked
     "Nothing...."Cynthia replied and Fred entered
     "Is dinner ready"?Fred asked
     "Not yet sir".
     "Tell the girls not to bother cuz I'll make dinner by myself".Fred said and went to his room to freshen up
     "Wow.....what's happening?he actually came home early to cook for his wife.Oh God!!!I l want my future husband to be this romantic(see mumu).
     Fred later came out and prepared the meal but letisha refused to eat.She didn't even bother to come out from her room,she only asked Nkechi to bring Fried egg and bread to her for dinner.Fred begged but she refused to come out talk less of eating the food.

     Abeg if na you,you go chop am?

    Episode 14

    Mr Clark Adams visited his daughter in law when he heard what happened to her.He was one of the people who cared for her,so he didn't want anything to happen to her especially when she was carrying his grandchild
     "Daughter.......what happened to you".Mr Clark asked.
     Letisha turned and looked at Fred then she continued
     "Nothing father....i was just tired that day that's why".Letisha replied
     "But the doctor said you've been stressing yourself.Talk to me hope the maids are not giving you a hard time or is it Fred"?Mr Clark asked.
     " Father,that's all in the am okay".Letisha said
     "Yea........Fred how about letisha having her baby in the united states".Mr Clark suggested
     "Dad.........but we didn't discuss about it and besides she's not gonna agree to it.....or what do u think sweetie".Fred said in surprise
     "Hmmmm dad Fred is right.Lets act like citizens of our own country.I want to have my baby in my country,not in a foreign land".Letisha said in support of Fred
     "Uhhh uhh no problems since that's what you want.Mr Clark concluded.
     "Thanks for your concern".Letisha greeted while Fred heaved a sigh of relief.
     Mr Clark spent three hours with them and left to his apartment while the two couples continued their contract
     "Letisha why are u doing this na?Just open this door ehh".Fred pleaded
     "I said am not hungry......go and enjoy your meal".Letisha shouted from inside.
     "No na......oya tell me what will I do for you that will make u happy.Please open this door we need to talk please......".Fred pleaded.
     Letisha actually locked herself in her room immediately Mr Clark left.
     "Listen Fred I dont have your time ok".Letisha said again.
     "Fine.....i'll break this door if u don't want to open it for me".Fred said and started looking for something to break the door with.
     When letisha knew he was serious,she stood up and opened the door for him.
     "Why are you doing this to me?Do you want to starve yourself,please i beg you for the sake of our baby lets go and eat something".Fred said.
     "Am not hungry na,is it by force to eat again?Go and eat alone".Letisha said almost shouting.
     "Stop na.......ehh please i beg you".
     "Fred dont touch me,take your dirty hands off me".Letisha shouted in anger.
     "Tell me my offense and I'll apologized immediately".
     "You think its easy to leave in the same house with a man who doesn't consider me as anything?you simply believe am just after your money after the money but not your money but mine because I am working for it now.They say na condition make cray fish bend,na money make me de here.Fred....i don't have time for any explanation so please let me be".Letisha said
     "Emmmm.....em what did I do na"?Fred asked sounding innocent
     "You're still asking what u did no no waif you're still asking"?Letisha asked and pushed Fred out"Out..........out of my room please go".
     "Letisha wait......."Before Fred could complete the sentence he was already outside.Letisha went back and lay down.
     Sandra and David were having a good time.Their relationship was growing but not like grass.They barely had disagreement.Letisha was the one going through a lot.Everything about the marriage was boring like she told her sister
     "Thank God this is not a real marriage if not......".Letisha said
     "Hahaha hahaha please don't make me laugh letisha".Sandra said
     "Am serious,this marriage is the most boring one I have ever seen or heard of so far".Letisha said to her sister.
     "There's something you're not telling me letisha".Sandra said
     "You love fred more than yourself".Sandra said slowly
     "Hmmm dreamer!!!!wake up and face reality".
     "C'mon talk to me,I know something is fishy.We grew up together and I can tell when there's a change in your behavior".Sandra said and letisha breathed out
     "You are right sister........i was in love with Fred.Not until he disgraced me".Letisha said
     "I know it must be something like that but calm down ok everything is going to be fine".Sandra advised her.
     "Not anymore Sandra cuz my heart is locked and no one can come in not even fred".
     "Is it that serious"?Sandra asked
     "Even more serious than you thought".Letisha replied
     "Hmmm but be careful sister,I dont want anything bad to happen to you".Sandra said
     "Don't worry I'll be fine".Letisha replied while they changed the topic.
     Their usual quarrel continued.And seriously speaking Letisha was tired of the dirty contract like she started calling it.It was now fred's turn to do Mr gentle guy.He even brings ice-cream for Letisha whenever he closes from work while sometimes he brings Apples.All these things were no longer enticing Letisha.
     Fred has totally stopped drinking,he no longer womanize,to him he saw ladies that they were nothing compared to Letisha.He stayed at home for two to three days just because of Letisha and yet still she wasn't giving him the attention he needed.
     Mrs Letisha Adams pregnancy was now complete,so she was just waiting for her expected date of delivery but unfortunately that day came and passed but nothing happened,same thing the next day and then she just forget about it.A week later Fred was at home,after preparing the meal,he sent Nkechi to go and call Letisha for him.He knew very well that if he go there letisha will not open the door so he sent Nkechi instead.
     "What's the meaning of this Nkechi"?Letisha asked
     "Don't blame her,it was my instructions.I knew that if I come myself you won't open the door for me that's why i sent her".Fred explained
     " what is it"?Letisha asked
     "Hmmmm food is ready".Fred said smiling
     "You think you can bewitched me with food abi?You lie fred cuz am not a fool and I can never fall for your.......whatever it is you call it".She said and turned to leave but suddenly got a sharp pain in her stomach"Ahhh..........ehhhh.......Fred help.......".Letisha shouted.(E don happen oo make Una help her na).
     Fred throw away the spoon in his hands and rushed to Letisha.
     "Are you to me na......."Fred said almost shouting
     "Ha!!!!!!the baby is coming..........please get the driver".Letisha said and Fred turned to leave"Where are you going to"?
     "To get the driver na".
     "Send someone......ha!!!!!!help.......hmmmmmmmmmmmm".Letisha shouted and tried to bear the pain.
     Fred who was confused didn't know where to run to......he ran to where the fridge was and ran to the kitchen door and suddenly remembered he had maids
     "Emm Nkechi......Jessica.....Juliet,Cynthia,uju where are you?Somebody call the driver for me na".Fred shouted
     "Emm sir......Nkem,get the car ready".Jessica shouted.
     The car was ready,Fred carried letisha in his hands and took her to the car.While the driver drove steadily(abeg small small o)
     Getting to the hospital,Fred Was restless.For those of you who have wife's or you have escorted someone who is in labor to the hospital,you will understand what I mean.He was moving here and there....
     "Sir please calm down".Cynthia said but Fred didn't reply.
     30 minutes later the doctor came out.Fred and his maids quickly rushed to him.Everyone with their personal question.
     "How is my madam"?Uju asked
     "Has she delivered"?.Jessica asked
     "What baby"?Cynthia asked
     "Doctor how is my wife"?Fred asked worriedly since the doctor wasn't smiling.But immediately he asked how is my wife the doctor smiled and gave him his hand for a handshake
     "Doctor....."Fred called waiting for the news.His prayer was for the baby to be a boy.That was his heart desire and did God answer him?
     "Congratulations Mr Fred Adams,your wife has put to birth a set of twin.Two are lucky".The doctor announced and left while the maids started shouting and jumping.Fred smiled but quickly remembered the contract.Just a child oooo but now its two(Una go tell me how Una wan do am)
     Fred thought for a while and asked
     "Jesus christ of Nazareth!!!!!!twin???two boys"?

     What will you do if you were either Fred or Letisha?

    Episode 15

    Her name is Letisha Michaels.The second child of Mr and Mrs Michaels.
     After delivery,she was still at the hospital when her sister came to visit her
     "Hello beautiful.......".Sandra greeted her
     "Hey......whatsup with you"?Letisha asked
     "Am good oo,how did you guys do it?I mean its not in our family lineage that anyone has given birth to twin before so am surprised at how it all happened".Sandra said to her as she settled down on the hospital bed
     "I break record na".Letisha said and gave out a faint smile
     "What is it?Why that face"?Sandra asked as she noticed her sisters face
     "Hmmm nothing".Letisha lied
     "Be serious na..........ok fine let me're thinking about Fred right"?Sandra suggested
     "Not that.......fred isn't anything to me.Am just thinking about my kids.I think i don't want the money anymore.I guess we'll have to close the contract".Letisha said
     "What???are you okay?Do you think it will work?You and i know who Fred is,and he will never give in to that kind of arrangement not even in this life or the next one.And besides it was signed already,the court has their own copy of the documents you signed when you agreed".Sandra said
     "Fuck the contract Sandra.......i have arrived and nobody can temper with me.I will fight for my kids.....".Letisha said but when Sandra was about to speak again she raised her left hand up which signifies she didn't want to talk about it anymore.
     Letisha was the kind of girl who got jealous easily,and she was a fragile type.The day she delivered and Fred came in with the maids to see her she was too tired to reply to any of their questions.So they allowed her to be.Now Fred took pepper soup to her in the hospital
     "Hi are you doing now"?Fred greeted her but letisha didn't reply so Fred dropped the food and went to his kids
     "Look at my boys......their nose like mine,even their eyes".Fred said and smiled at Letisha but she returned his smile with a frown.
     Just then Mr Clark walked in
     "Oh my God!!!!Father........i missed you".Letisha said as she stretched her hands to Mr Clark and they hugged
     "Daughter you've made me proud.Congratulations.....".
     "Thank you father".Letisha replied and smiled
     "Finally i lived to see my grandchildren..........Fred look at their eyes,they are so identical.And they look so much like you".Mr Clark said while Letisha frowned.
     "You're right dad.......only God knows how happy i am".Fred said
     "You are now a man my son".Mr Clark said and smiled at letisha while she returned the smile.
     All through the discussion Letisha was quite as she didn't want to contribute to the discussion.She had her plans.She later drank the pepper soup as she didn't want to create a scene.She was discharged the next day.Fred noticed her new character but he ignored it cuz he knew he caused everything.He did everything possible to make her happy even to the extend of making plans with her sister(Sandra) to go and bring their parents.Though the journey was successful but do you think Letisha will be happy with it?After the stress of finding them,he brought them to his house in order for the family to make peace.(Is that not a good sacrifice)
     "What are they doing here?Sandra what's all this"?Letisha asked as she saw her parents.
     "Relax Letisha we can fix this up.Just listen to them first".Sandra said
     "I dont want to listen to whatever they have to say.Where were they when i was roaming the streets of Lagos looking for shelter,where were they when i was suffering......look i dont have time for all this.When they are through show them the exit".Letisha said and went to her room.
     "Letisha.......wait na......just listen".Fred said but letisha was already out of their midst
     "I smell trouble......she won't be able to forgive us.I feel so useless".Mrs Michael said.
     "Mum.....stop talking like this.....she need some time trust me she will come around".Sandra said
     "Hmmmm".Mr Michael breaths out.
     They were entertained and Fred asked them to stay there for a week maybe when she sees them everyday,she might have a change of mind.
     "My parents are in town now".Sandra said to David as they cuddled in bed
     "Really?I would really love to see them.At least to make it known to them that am the in-law".David said and closed one of her eyes.
     "Dont worry you'll see them soon.They actually came to settle things with my sister.It still baffles me that parents could feel so less concerned about their children.Our parents case is not exceptional".Sandra said.
     "Hmmm maybe their was a reason.And you know parents can't reveal all secrets to their children".David suggested
     "Maybe......".Sandra agreed
     "So tell me how many kids would we have.Cuz its supposed to be now we should lay the foundation"David said and smiled at her
     "Are you kidding me"?Sandra asked amidst laughter
     "Am many"?David asked again.
     "Ten would do".Sandra replied.
     "What? you want to kill somebody?Ten children........will it be every year"?David asked again but Sandra didn't reply but only smiled"Talk to me na".David added
     "Speechless,speechless that's how you make me feel".Sandra replied with a song and they bust into laughter.Minutes later,they were kissing and romancing,soon enough they were unclad(Do i still need to tell you what happened next)
     Letisha and Fred were having an argument from the room and Letisha was coming out
     "Hey hey hey Fred.......stop pestering my life.I have concluded and that's how its gonna be okay".Letisha said in anger
     "Really?You can't be can you just conclude like that"?Fred asked
     "They are my children and I have made up my mind.Am done with the contract,am no longer interested.You can keep your f**k**g ten million and I'll keep my kids ok".Letisha said and was walking close to the kitchen
     "That was not the agreement Letisha.......we signed a contract and the court knows".Fred yelled and her
     "F**k the contract done with it and tell the court that i said so".Letisha said and went back to her room while Fred stood there
     "Shit!!!!!!So what's she planning to do?Damn it!!!".Fred said and stamped his feet on the ground.

    Is Letisha doing the right thing??
     (A story written by Akpan loveth)

    Episode 16

    Letisha was already getting used to her mum staying in the house.Her father has returned back to the city.Mrs Michael was now helping Letisha out in washing of the kids clothes.Even the bathing,it was her mum that helped her out.
     Letisha maintained her peace till the kids were two months old,now it was time for her to act.
     Fred has gone to work,while the maids were busy with one thing or the other.Not knowing that Letisha has been doing a lot of packing throughout the night.She came out with a white trouser,a black top,a white glasses,a black hand bag and a white snickers to match her dressing.She was with her luggage,she went to the car and dropped her luggage at the boot and went back to get her kids.She carried her kids and in the process Nkechi came out of the kitchen
     "Ma'am........looks like you're going out".Nkechi said to her
     "Where's my mother"?Letisha asked and ignored her question
     "She should be sleeping".Nkechi replied
     "When she wakes up,tell her that am out and tell your boss the same thing,tell him that i appreciate him for his ten million and I'll keep my kids and when i ave up to ten million i'll return his money........and tell the girls to take care of their selves especially you".Letisha said and smiled at her.
     "Ma'am......i hope all is well"?Nkechi asked
     "Sure.......all is well".Letisha replied but before Nkechi could ask another question she was already out.
     "Welcome sir".Jessica greeted
     "Hmmm how are you"?
     "Am fine sir".Jessica replied
     "Where's my wife and mother in law"?Fred asked.
     "'am left the house since morning".Nkechi came out and said
     "To where"?Fred asked
     "I don't know sir and she took the kids along even her luggage".Nkechi replied
     "What????and you didn't bother to call me".Fred barked at her
     "I've been calling her line since Nkechi told me but its not reachable".Mrs Michael said
     "What game is Letisha playing"?Fred said and brought his phones.He first of all called Letisha buy the number wasn't going through so he called Sandra
     "Hi in-law".Sandra sounded from the phone
     "Is letisha in your house"?Fred asked
     "Am supposed to be asking you Fred.She is not here......i hope its not what am thinking"?Sandra asked
     "Of course it should be.Letisha is nowhere to be found with the kids.The news just hit me now that she left the house since morning".fred said
     "What????Did she really mean it when she said she didn't need the ten million anymore.Oh my!!!!!dont worry Fred I'll try and reach her......i'll do everything possible to get to her ok".
     Fred hung up,he also called his father and told him the situation at hand.His father was shocked cuz he didn't expect such from her.
     "Now am going to show Fred that i am ready for him.I know my right and nobody can stand on me".Letisha said and picked her phone to call fred
     "Hello Letisha.....".Fred said almost in a hurry
     "Hey hey dont be in hurry young man,hope you didn't think I'll change my line cuz of you?Thank you very much for the ten million hairs you transferred into my account a month ago.But don't worry am gonna return your money when i have it,you know why?Because i love my kids more......and i can't trade them for ten million naira ok".Letisha said
     "Letisha......what is wrong with you?We had an agreement and this is not it".Fred said in anger
     "Oh really?did Nkechi not drop the message?Too bad........don't worry I'll deliver the message myself.I said am done with you......the kids are mine".Letisha concluded and hung up
     " no you can't do this.....hello hello.....Damn it".Fred said and smashed his phone on the ground.

    One word for Letisha pls!!!!

    Episode 17

    Trust press na,newspaper don carry news.The news was now everywhere that the wife of Mr Fred Adams was nowhere to be found with the kids.Not too long,Mr Clark heard it,he couldn't believe his ears so he called Fred
     "Fred what's this am hearing"?Mr Clark asked
     "Dad its not something we can discuss on phone".Fred replied
     "I want you in my house right away.....have i made myself clear"?Mr Clark ordered
     "Yes dad".Fred replied and made way to his fathers house.
     Immediately Fred came out of the sitting room,he saw Jessica coming from the backyard and that way led to Nkems room and the garden.Jessica was even shocked to see Fred cuz she didn't expect him to still be at home at that time of the day
     "Good afternoon sir".
     "What's good about this afternoon?where are u coming from"?Fred asked
     "From..........from.....the backyard".
     "Yes of course i know its the backyard but my question is why".Fred asked in a more confusing manner
     "Em.........em........"Jessica stammered
     "You're confused??Get lost!!!!".Fred barked at her,entered his car and drove off.
     Fred got to his fathers house and explained everything to him,from how they met to how they signed the contract.His father was astonished and at the same time he was angry cuz he never expected such from him
     "Fred.......are u kidding me"?.
     "Dad......i didn't expect it to be this wide and besides.......".Fred didn't complete his statement before his father cut in
     "Now you listen to me......u better look for that girl and bring her home in good health.If you loose her,bear it in mind that you loose everything you have ever worked for,the company,the boutique and whatever it is you own.You know why?because I can't watch u loose a precious stone just like that.So you better look for her or else forget you ever had a dad".Mr Clark concluded and took the last drop of wine on his glass
     "But dad.......i can't love know what I have passed through in the hands of women and am not ready to go through any again".Fred said sadly
     "Fred.........i have spoken,you have 14days to do as I have said".Mr Clark said and went upstairs leaving Fred behind.
     "What have I gotten myself into"?.Fred asked himself as he scratches his head for new ideas.This time around he was lost,he had no plans at all.
     She was just a loner if she didn't call her sister.All her life,the only person that was so close to her was her sister so she couldn't hide her whereabouts from her sister.She even invited her over.....
     " are doing the wrong thing.Taking the ten million and the kids as well is totally wrong sister".Sandra advised
     "What would you have me do?I can't watch him take my kids,I just can't".Letisha said almost shedding tears
     "I understand.....but at was signed already.If this case goes to court,trust me sister there's no way you'll win.So you have to do what is right".Sandra said
     "And what is the right thing"?Letisha asked.
     "Give him one and take one,its as simple as that".Sandra said
     "But you know I can't do that".
     "Ok fine....give him the both".
     "What???its impossible".Letisha shouted.
     "But you would want to keep the two of them"?Sandra asked.
     "Yes of course".Letisha replied
     "That's called selfishness sister.......look.......God knows I have done my path.Because there's no way you will get away with his ten million and still wants to take the kids unless the guy is insane......but the Fred I know is not that kind of person".Sandra concluded and turned on the t.v.
     Letisha was lost in thought,what was she to do?She seriously had no idea but she seriously didn't want to give up just like that.
     Oh........sorry I forgot,Letisha employed a nanny and a maid who will look after the house as a whole while the nanny will look after her kids.She called Fred and told him she wants them to meet.She texted him the address of their meeting place and the time.
     The maids noticed the sudden change in Jessica's behavior(Everybody with their own wahala).They now gossip at every corner of the house.
     "I even heard everything was all a contract".Uju added
     "Chei.......God knows if it was me,I wouldn't want the so called contract to end again.Imagine the way she was swimming in money but she misused the opportunity".Cynthia added.
     "Lets get back to work girls......enough of the gossip".Nkechi said from behind as her ears were only listening.
     "Holy holy........madam's favorite".Juliet said
     "And i believe you know madam's favorite can also report you thereby making you guys to loose your job"?Nkechi asked but they all remained quite while she left to continue her duty.
     At exactly 2pm,excels hotel and suit.....Fred was sitting majestically.He was dressed in a black jeans trouser,a red T shirt and black glasses to match is dressing,he was busy with his phone that he didn't even noticed when Letisha walked in
     "Lets get down to business young man".Letisha said
     "You are 20 minutes late".Fred said as he glared at his wrist watch
     "I have the right to".Letisha replied.
     "So where are my kids"?.Fred asked
     "Dont get me pissed off with your questions Fred.That's not why I called you here".
     "So why the meeting if not to bring my children"?.Fred asked
     "You'll have to bear with me.I can't allow you take my kids Fred......they are my only hope.I'll fight for them".Letisha said
     "Nobody is asking you to sell them to me.It is what you signed with your own hands,I didn't force you to.And besides am not asking you to give me both kids......jx the one I paid for and that's all..........and the truth is that am not begging for it but its an order".Fred said with his eyes already turning red
     "And what if I refuse"?
     "Then you'll hav to explain why in court".Fred said in seriousness.
     "Very well prepared for it(make Una help me ask her say how she wan take start)
     "Letisha dont dare me".Fred barked at her while letisha stood up to leave.She was shocked cuz Fred dragged her back with force
     "Let go off me!!!or else I'll shout rape".
     "Rape???how can i rape my own wife"?Fred said and giggled
     Letisha struggled with Fred and finally got hold of herself
     "No matter what you do or say the kids are mine.Court or no court.....".Letisha assured him
     "Are you forgetting something?My sperm produced those kids Letisha".Fred said and Letisha got annoyed by the statement.
     "Oh yea??were you the one that carried them for good nine months"?Letisha asked
     "Were you the one that provided the money for your own upkeep,till the kids were delivered"?Fred asked
     "I see!!!!were you the one that went through the pains.Do you know what I passed through in the labor room?Even before then,do you realize the kind of hardships you made me pass through.Staying in your house was just like staying in hell with the devil himself".Letisha said and bust into tears.
     Fred was now speechless,Letisha couldn't control herself anymore she was now crying and then she ran out.Fred was touched,he sat down again,brought out his cell phone and dialed a number
     "Yes....follow her immediately".He said and hung up

     Oga Fred what are you planning?

    Episode 18

    Fred was no longer himself,he was ready to make amends for his past mistakes.He knew he was at fault but talking about amends,how was he going to go about it.Letisha is someone who wouldn't want to listen to him no matter what,considering fred's past life,she was never going to forgive him.
     Different thoughts were just swimming in Fred's head,he was still thinking that he didn't even know when the time past 12:30am,it was someone's cold hands that brought him back to reality.
     "Mama......are you still awake"?Fred asked,referring to Letisha's mum.
     "You too......are you still thinking at this time of the night"?Mrs Michael asked
     "Mama.....i have no choice.I didn't really know things would get this complicated now.Seriously mama,am confused I dont know what to do".Fred confessed.
     "Why did you too sign this kind of thing in the first place"?Mrs Michaels asked
     "Mama you won't understand".Fred said and brought his head down with his hands on it.
     "Hmmmmm my son,no matter the size of the situation just keep believing that someday it will be settled".Mrs. Michael encouraged
     "You think so"?Fred asked
     "Yes i know so".Mrs Michael replied
     "Hmmm ok oo".Fred replied and prepared to continue from where he stopped his thinking.
     "Now stand up.......go in and sleep.Tomorrow is a working day,and i know you'll go to the office so go and rest now".Mrs Michael said and held him up.
     "Thanks've been really kind to me.Words can't express how happy i am".
     "Its ok.......goodnight".
     "Goodnight mama".Fred replied and went to his room.
     Fred woke up at 6:40am,he was so thankful to Mrs Michael if not reverse could have been the case.He was through within 30 minutes,you know na not like girls who will first of all be selecting the shoe that will match the hand bag,before they will even talk of applying make up(Artificial beauty........lolz).
     " off to work".
     "Ok son see you".Mrs Michael replied.
     Fred dashed out of the house.He was missed so much.The love and care of a mother........that's why he considers himself lucky to be spending time with Letisha's mum.Especially when she lives in his house.
     "How about us planning our wedding soon"?David asked.
     "Baby you see......i would really love it ooo but as it stands now things are not going well in my family.Like you know my sister is still having little issues with my mum,it will take some time before she reconciles with her.To me i believe if she can settle things with her husband soon,then definitely my parents case won't be exceptional.But as you know,the issues are just too much to the extend that me too am confused".Sandra said and scratch her head.
     "I understand.......its ok anyway but don't worry everything will be fine".
     "I've been hoping so".Sandra replied.
     Fred was sitting down with his legs on the table.
     "Let him in".Fred said over the phone.And not up to a minute a young guy came in.He was six feet tall,light in complexion.He was holding a small file
     "How did it go Ben"?Fred asked
     "Boss,i was able to track her down to her new house".Ben replied.
     " the details".Fred inquired.
     The guy was about to speak when Daniel walked in,so Ben stopped talking.
     "Dont worry go on".Fred ordered and the guy handed the file to him.He collected it,went through it and nodded his head.
     "Hmmmm So this is where she is hiding my kids"?Fred asked rhetorically
     "Fred......just make peace with her for ones.No need for this investigation or whatever".Daniel adviced after taking a proper look at the kids picture and the house.
     "What peace are you talking about?I have given her the ten million.If its for her to come back to the house,i have no problem with that.I dont know why she's making this whole thing an issue.Fine.....keep one and give me one she refused.So what else do you want me to do".Fred said and turned to notice that Ben was still standing"You can now go,I'll call you when i need help".
     "Ok boss".
     "I asked you a question the other time but you didn't take it serious".Daniel reminded him.
     "What was the question again"?Fred asked.
     "Do you love Letisha"?Daniel asked
     "Hmmmm why this question na".Fred complained
     "Fred........its a simple question,its just the two of us here so tell me do you love her"?Daniel asked again
     "Emm......emm....fine I don't really know how to put it but i just can't stop thinking of her.And the truth is that whenever am with her,there's this unknown happiness that fills my heart.So could that be love"?Fred asked.
     Daniel first of all laughed before giving him an answer
     "Of course Fred that's symptoms of love".
     " said it not me".Fred said
     "And i know very well that you didn't confess it to her before she moved out of the house or did you"?Daniel asked.
     "Look for her and tell her.Maybe that will help matters".Daniel suggested
     "You aren't funny......the Letisha i know will pour spit on your face and throw you out.If possible she had hot water,she will bath you with it and before you will recover from it she might have gotten married to someone else".Fred said and Daniel bust into laughter.
     Fred closed from work at 4:30pm,going home was so tiring.Everything at home was boring,it now dawned on him that Letisha was the one who was making his everyday special.Now he knew that the marriage was not boring,he came to realize that he was the one that caused everything.He came back and threw his brief case on the chair in the sitting room,and sat down
     "Welcome sir.......dinner is ready"?Nkechi said and took his brief case to his room.
     Not up to 30 seconds Jessica came in.She was sweating profusely,it seems she was in a hurry,she even ran passed Fred
     "Hey.....hey....come back here..........where are you coming from"?Fred asked
     "Welcome sir".Jessica greeted and avoided the question
     "Is that the answer to the question I asked you"?Fred barked at her
     "No sir".Jessica replied and brought her down
     "Then........".Fred inquired
     "Am coming from the backyard".
     "What is your business with the backyard?You're always coming from the backyard.......are you the gardener"?Fred asked confusingly
     "There's something wrong with you but you don't know.Coming from the backyard and you're sweating like you've been running a marathon race?No problem.....go".Fred said while Jessica rushed in.
     He was still in the sitting room
     "'re back....welcome son".Mrs Michael said
     "Yea mum".
     "I know you're still thinking about my daughter.Let me give you an expo on what to do and trust me it will work".Mrs Letisha said while Fred draw closer to her.
     Mrs Michael whispered something to his ears and Fred smiled
     "Mama.......are you sure it will work"?
     "She's my daughter.......since the day I stepped into this house I saw the love she have for you.And trust me,it will work just give it a trial".
     "Ok mama".Fred replied and brought out his phone
     "Hello letisha.....".Fred called out
     "I never knew you would call me Fred.......or tell me why the call or you what us to exchange words a little".Letisha asked
     " why will I do that.Exchange of words is meant for women,and u know am not a woman.Am a man of few words and also......
     "Go straight to the point Fred".Letisha cut in
     "Yes.......since you don't want to give me what rightfully belongs to me then I have no other choice than to take this case to court.So I just called to inform you.........stay cool and get ready to defend yourself".Fred said and hung up
     "No................Fred..........oh my God what am I going to do?Oh..........Fred you can't do this".

     (Why you come de panick now)

    Episode 19

    Letisha could not sleep,she knew she would never win the case.She had sleepless night over the issue.The next day she went to a saloon to make her hair,just imagine the way people were staring at her,the shame was too much so she changed direction to another saloon.Immediately she left the previous saloon
     "That is the rich man's wife".the owner of the saloon said
     "Which rich man"?a customer asked
     "This emm......emmm......what is that his name again?emm.......ehen Fred Adams,that is his wife".she said again
     "Really??but I thought she was pregnant or has she given birth"?the other one asked
     "She has given birth since na.......but do you know that she stole Mr Fred Adams money and ran away as it stands now she is wanted by her husband".the owner of the saloon said again
     "Madam saloon.....u too like aproko,focus on your saloon jare.After all it is her husband's money and they have it in surplus so she can decide to take any amount she wants or do you want to tell me that you haven't picked your husband money before".Another customer asked
     "And so......abeg let her tell me the latest gist jor".the first customer said
     "Latest gist will kill you.......and besides you are a lady like her.Go and get married so as people will use ur own as latest gist too".the other customer said and they kept quiet.(Women too like aproko self)
     Mr Clark was counting the days,and he knew very well that Fred was left with 7days to make peace with Letisha else he'll loose everything.
     "Fred".Mr Clark called
     "Yes dad".
     "How far have you gone with it?Are you too together now"?Mr Clark asked.
     "Dad.....Letisha is a very stubborn type,she has not given me the opportunity to talk to her".Fred lied
     "Hmmm so what is your next line of action"?He asked again
     "I have my plans dad".
     "If you say so".Mr Clark said and focused on his news paper.
     Letisha was in her room when sandra came in.She didnt even know someone was in the room with her.All her mind was that she was alone with her kids.She laid the kids on the bed and sat opposite them and was talking
     "I won't allow him to take you away from me.I won't allow him to unleash his anger on you guys.I will protect both of you".Letisha said and tears rolled down her cheeks.The kids were just giggled while she wiped her tears and continued
     "I used to love your father but he turned that love to hatred.He used me that's why I'll never allow him to take u guys,I dont want you guys to experience how cruel he is.I want you guys to be loved all the time.Though a part of me still loves him but....
     "There's no but in it sister".Sandra cut in.Letisha was shocked and she quickly tried to wipe her tears
     "Hey......when did you come in"?Letisha asked
     "Letisha you're this why you took the kids?Oh my God!!!!and you didn't tell me?Why......".Sandra asked
     "You told me not to reveal my feelings to him.......that it will only make him to use me and I adhered to the advice".Letisha confessed
     " over did it Letisha".Sandra asked
     "Its of no use no matter what you say".Letisha said and wiped her tears
     "The case is in court already.....".Letisha said
     ""Hmmmm has it gone that far"?Sandra asked
     "That's what he said".
     "But i believe love is the only solution".
     "Sandra please stop sick and tired of listening to love stories".Letisha said and adjusted her eldest baby.
     Just then her phone rang and it was fred
     "Hello wify".Fred sounded on the phone
     "Hi i wanted in court now"?Letisha asked
     "Not today but tomorrow........get prepared to defend yourself with my ten million and my kids as well.I dont stress issues,take care of my boys ok bye".Fred hung up without even giving her a chance to speak
     "You see!!!!tomorrow"?Letisha said and bust into tears
     "Calm down na.......dont cry I'll talk to Fred.Calm down........".Sandra tried to pacify her.
     Thirty minutes later,Sandra was at Fred's house
     "Fred what game are you trying to play with my sister again?What's all this?this contract stuff is really getting me pissed off right now,i need a reasonable explanation of what is going on".Sandra said angrily
     "I dont understand what you mean".Fred replied
     "Is this case ripe enough to be taken to the court?What happens to my sister if she doesn't win the case".Sandra asked
     "You shout too much and its not good.Sit down and I'll tell you what's going on".Fred said and Sandra sat down.
     Fred explained everything to her understanding and she had to open up to him
     "The truth is that Letisha loves you but she is scared to tell you.And besides she was supposed to tell you a long time ago but it was my idea for her not to tell you.Am sorry about that but i thought it would be the best,i never knew this issue would extend this far".Sandra confessed while Fred breath in
     "So what now".Fred asked
     "She'll explain the rest when u see her".Sandra assured him
     "Then what are we still waiting for?Lets go now".Fred stood up hurriedly and smiled
     "Wait wait wait.......not today na,i need to go home and relax for a Job well done".Sandra said and smiled,took her hand bag and left while Fred saw her off.
     Fred came back inside and said to himself
     "If Letisha accepts me as her husband...........what?am her husband na.Fine let me say if she accepts to love me with the whole of her heart from now on,then I'll get her the most expensive gift I can think of".Fred said and smiled.

     Can this two really be together?

    Episode 20

    Just the way things were not going well for Letisha,Richard was broke in school.
     He had no pocket money,he needed to buy textbooks,he has even been wondering why Fred has not sent money to him.So he called his sister to know what is going on
     "Hello Richy boy".Letisha sounded from the phone
     "Hello Aunty........good evening".
     "Evening dear,how are you doing over there"?.Letisha asked
     "Am fine.......sorry I couldn't show up when u delivered,I was busy at school".
     "Its okay.......i understand".Letisha assured him
     "Aunty how is uncle Fred"?Richard asked
     "He is fine dear".Letisha replied faintly
     "How come he no longer sends money to me as we're talking now am broke,and i need to settle some issues over here and it all requires money".Richard poured out
     "Dont worry I'll see what i can do about it.He has been very busy that's why or maybe he forgot but not too worry I'll take care of it".Letisha assured him
     "Hmmm if you say so".
     "Alright...bye for now".Letisha said and hung up.
     She started crying immediately she ended the call(I wonder wetin de make her cry self)
     Fred was seated with his legs on his office table while Daniel was sitting opposite him.
     "So"?Daniel asked
     "So what"?Fred asked back in confusion
     "Well what are you going to do about it?I mean how are you guys going to settle this issue cuz you're getting me confused".Daniel asked
     "Hmmm well........its simple.Just for me to create chance,pay her an unexpected visit and explain things to her".Fred said
     "Is that all"?Daniel asked
     "Hmmm always at your back provided its something that will favor you.I wish you good luck".Daniel said and Fred laughed
     "Why are you making it seem as if am going on a journey"?Fred asked
     "Its more than a journey na........especially when u have a lot of explanations to make,a lot of begging and many more..........Christ!!!its somehow funny".Daniel said and stood up to leave
     ".......sometimes i begin to imagine how i knew don't even know when someone is serious".Fred said
     "Ummmm i gat work to do Fred,take care and like i said i wish u good luck".Daniel said and went out
     "Oh yea.........he wishes me good luck??Interesting!!!!".Fred said to himself and smiled.
     That same day Letisha was fully dressed,waiting for Fred to call her.She was still expecting the call when Richard came in
     " did you get here"?Letisha asked
     "Aunty.....i knew it that something wasn't right.Why didn't you tell me you had a problem with uncle Fred".Richard asked with a serious face
     "And what is that supposed to mean"?
     "At least you should have told me so as i wouldn't just keep expecting.I called you yesterday,instead of you to tell me you were busy consoling me".Richard said in anger.
     Letisha was annoyed m,so she slapped him
     "How dare you?You think its easy for me right?Ooooooo you can now talk back at me Richard?what an insult!!listen to me nobody was there to train me,the little i know today is because of how inquisitive i am.But you are here running your mouth on me as if you are the one providing the money for your school fees,assuming i didn't meet Fred,would you be a student now"?Letisha asked in anger
     "What am trying to say is that you could have used the opportunity wisely rather than sign a contract with him.Now that the contract is over or should i say closed what happens to my schooling Auntie"?Richard asked again and this time around he was shouting
     "Keep know what??i have had enough of your rubbish.......i have my own problems to take care of ok........get out".Letisha ordered.
     Richard was still looking round to know if the order made was to him
     "I said get out right now"Letisha shouted and pointed at the door while Richard left.
     (Do you think that was the best thing to do)
     Letisha waited for the while of that say but Fred didn't call.So she assumed the case was adjourn till some other time
     Letisha was in her sitting room with the nanny,she was focused on the the while the nanny was attending to the kids.
     "I dont even know if am becoming're not doing this thing well and at the same time for me to do it by myself is hard.Besides why are you a nanny anyway".Letisha said but didn't make a move in helping the nanny out.
     "Seriously speaking sister,you complain too much and its annoying you know".Sandra said as she comes in
     "Hey......this your visit is becoming something else ooooo,why won't you tell me before coming?Abi na because say i always de stay house".Letisha said as she stood up to meet her sister but was surprised at who she saw with her
     "Is it wrong to visit you again"?.Sandra asked jovially
     "What is he doing here??Why did you show him my house?Listen young man you're not welcomed".Letisha said to Fred
     "Why are you putting up that kind of attitude Letisha?Dont act as if you're not happy to see me cuz i know you've been dieing to set eyes on me".Fred said and winks
     "What?Fred you're the most annoying person i have ever seen and known so far....why am i even wasting my time talking to you?Get out before i open my eyes".Letisha said and closed her eyes
     "Letisha just listen to what he had to say first".Sandra said calmly.At this point the nanny stood up and took the kids inside
     "I dont want to listen to whatever you have to say ok........the sight of you annoys me".Letisha said aangrily
     "I wonder why you're shouting.......but listen am not going anywhere until we settle things".Fred said and sat down
     " seems you were prepared before coming here but am gonna prove you wrong".Letisha said and went into the kitchen.
     "Fred.......look its better you leave cuz my sister can act so stupidly when she's angry please".Sandra advised him
     "Can she pull the trigger at me?Will she be able to stand it"?Fred asked in seriousness
     "Oooooo just listen to me have to go please".Sandra pleaded but Fred was still sitting down.
     Just then Letisha came out of the kitchen with a knife,she was so serious and she was coming in full speed,when Fred saw her he stood up and faced her
     "Ahhhhhh.......".Letisha shouted as she raised the knife in anger to stab Fred
     "Stop........"Sandra shouted at same time
     "Yes........stab me!!Stab me........".Fred said and Letisha stopped but the knife was still in her hand as she raised it up
     " say"?Letisha asked Fred as she stared into his eyes.
     At this point both of them were standing very close to each other
     "Letisha stab me!!!if that will make you happy,if it will make you fulfilled then do it.......if its what you've been longing for then stab me ok".Fred said in seriousness and his eyes were so red.
     Sandra could not move an inch near them.They were still looking into each others eyes but Letisha suddenly bust into tears
     "I hate you.........i regret ever meeting you are the worst thing that has ever happened in my life.I hate you!!!read my lips Fred,I hate you!".Letisha screamed while the knife was still in her hands
     "Say it that all"?Fred asked in pity
     "Fred........i regret the day i said yes i will in the altar,i hate you for ever making me to sign a contract with you.I hate you the more when i remembered the day you took my virginity....i hate everything about you".Letisha poured out her mind.
     At the mention of the word 'Virginity' Sandra opened her mouth cuz she didn't know they've even had sex and besides Letisha was still a virgin up till then.
     "I know all that Letisha and i.........i am sorry.I dont know how to say this but am sorry.....i have wronged you,i have.......".Fred tried to explain but Letisha cut him short
     "Why are you apologizing now?When i needed the apology,you didn't give me so why do you think its of a use to me now"?Letisha asked
     "Letisha you have to listen to me.I know i have been cruel to you,i know i have not been nice but i promise to change please just give me a chance".Fred begged
     "What........why....why are you asking for a chance?Why are you even apologizing to me"?Letisha asked in confusion.
     "Because i love you Letisha".Fred replied and the knife fell from Letisha's hands
     "You what"?Letisha asked again

    At this point...........what will be your reaction

    Episode 21 (Final)

     "You what"?Letisha asked
     "I love you".Fred held her hands and continued "I dont know where to start from Letisha but i know since the day you came into my life,things changed.Letisha you changed me.......".Fred said calmly while Letisha remained silent with tears dropping out of her eyes.When Sandra saw that she was not noticed any longer,she decided to leave both of them,she quietly moved outside to avoid distracting them
     "Letisha......i can't afford to loose you for any reason,you've become a part of me.To the extent that if i dont see you for a whole day,my world is shattered.You are the perfect one for me,without you am are the joy in my heart.........
     "Wait.....wait.....wait......are you just telling me all this simply because i want to go with the kids?Or you're just telling me so as i will give up on the case or what"?.Letisha cut in
     "No not just saying it.And besides there's no court order".Fred managed to say
     "What do you mean by that" Letisha asked
     "I didn't summon the court,they know nothing about us having a misunderstanding".Fred said
     "So you lied to me"?Letisha asked
     "Letty......i had to do so,am sorry i lied.You have to understand me pls".Fred pleaded
     "Okay...........ok......Fred you took advantage of me,you insulted me,both at home and everywhere".Letisha cried the more
     "Am sorry........pls forgive me i can't stop loving you".
     "But why??what did i do to you that made you hate me so much"?Letisha asked
     "Letty i didn't hate you.What happened in the past made me loose hope,that i was never going to find true love again.I suffered from heart break three consecutive times".
     "What"?how?from who"?Letisha asked and Fred took his time to tell her all what transpired between him and his three ex.As he finished the long boring story,Letisha hugged him tight and said
     "Am so should have told me earlier.Am sorry ok,i promise am not gonna break your heart".Letisha assured him and he nodded with a sad face.
     Finally they were able to settle things.Just as if Sandra was calculating it,she walked in when they were still in each other arms
     " am i seeing?Thank God.....".Sandra said and Letisha turned to her and gave her a beautiful smile and faced Fred again
     "I love you Letty".Fred said
     "I love you too Fred".Letisha replied and they kissed passionately while Sandra stood there staring at them(Sandra close your eyes,this is confidential).
     Because of happiness Fred was unable to go back to his house,he spent the night at Letisha's apartment.While Sandra went back to her house,Fred had a wonderful time with his kids as that was the first time he was spending time with them.He later called Letisha's mum to let her know they've settled things.
     As usual the maids woke up early to keep the house tidy.As others where busy working,Jessica rushed to the corner and started vomiting.Unfortunately, Juliet saw her
     "Jessica.......are you okay"?Juliet asked and Jessica became shocked cuz she didn't expect anyone to see her
     " fine".She managed to reply
     "Hmmm I hope so".Juliet said and left to tell Uju.(Why are maids always behaving like that)
     "Uju.........what is wrong with Jessica self?I just saw her vomiting".Juliet said
     "Ehhhh.........what could be her problem"?Uju asked too
     "Am asking you and you're asking me in return"?Juliet asked
     "Ehen na its because i don't have the answer".Uju replied
     "Why won't you guys mind your business for ones.At least we all have work to do this morning,its not as if we're jobless".Nkechi said as she came closer to them.
     "Nkechi.....something is wrong somewhere oooo,i mean how can someone be vomiting this early morning without a reason,its not that she is sick".Juliet said
     "And who are you talking about"?Nkechi asked.
     "Jessica".Both Juliet and uju chorused.
     Nkechi was speechless,so she just looked for a way to wave off the discussion
     "Get back to work pls".Nkechi said and left with a confused mind.She knew for sure that it wasn't ordinary,a girl cannot just vomit like that in the morning for no reason.There are two things involved,either she is sick or she's pregnant.But who could get her pregnant?it can't be Fred,definitely not him but who knows?Nkechi was confused.
     Fred later returned home with Letisha and the kids,the nanny was carrying the kids,while her maid carried her luggage.Finally she was back to her real mansion,Nkechi was happy
     "Ma................welcome back ma".Nkechi shouted as she ran to hug her
     "Take it easy babe".Letisha said to her
     "I missed you ma".Nkechi said as they hugged each other
     "I missed you more.....where's my mum"?Letisha asked.Just then her mum came out smiling
     "Oh my......look at my daughter..........".Mrs Michael said as she embraced daughter.
     "How is everything"?Mrs Michael asked
     "Fine mum".
     "Thank God you're back".Mrs Michael said and smiled again.
     Mr Clark was notified that Letisha was back home,so he didn't waste time in coming to see her.
     They all had a wonderful time,except Jessica who was moody.
     Sandra has already told Richard to come.It was really wonderful cuz Letisha's family were back together.They were enough food,as they were busy celebrating,Richard and his dad came in
     " sorry"?Richard said to Letisha
     "Sshhhhh........its okay Richie,i over reacted.And am sorry,i shouldn't have asked you out".Letisha said and pecked him.She also hugged her father as a sign of reconciliation.
     They were still in the mood of celebration when someone rushed outside to vomit.Everywhere was calm like a grave yard.She finished throwing up and came back inside,Letisha called her.She came closer to Letisha but was scared to look into her eyes
     "Jessica.......look at me".Letisha ordered and she did according to what she was told.They next thing they heard was a hot slap from Letisha
     "You took advantage of this home who is responsible"?Letisha asked angrily while Jessica bust into tears.It was then that they understood why she gave her the slap.....yes......she was pregnant.
     "Am talking to you......i said who is responsible"?Letisha asked again and Jessica stammered
     "Em.......its........its.......".Before she could finish the last two letter she received another slap
     "I will talk.....i will talk".
     "Oya start talking na".Fred was already loosing his patience
     "It's sir Fred".Jessica confessed and everyone shouted
     Letisha almost fainted.Fred could not hold his anger,he rushed to her,and gave her the most hottest slap ever.It didn't end there,he pounced on her,gave her the beating of her life but his father told the gateman and the driver to hold him
     "Calm down Fred......."Mr Clark said
     "Dad how can i calm down when this slut is saying nonsense".Fred shouted angrily
     "Calm down........Fred did you do it"?Mr Clark asked gently
     "Dad how can you ask me that?Dont you trust me....i didn't do anything like that".Fred tried to defend himself.
     "Its ok........young lady,we give you five minutes to say the truth'll spend the rest of your life in speak up".Mr Clark ordered.
     At this point Letisha was confused,she sat down and faced the ground waiting for the truth
     "I will say the truth oo,its not sir Fred oo".Jessica replied in tears
     "Then who"?Nkechi said from the corner
     "Its.....its Nkem the driver".
     "Ehhhhhhh......."Everyone shouted.
     "But why did you lie the first time".Mr Michael asked
     "Nkem said if i ever tell anyone that he was responsible,that he was going to deal with me.It was his idea that whenever they asked me,i should say its Sir Fred".She confessed and bust into tears
     (Enemy of progress,if na me i go just cut her head from your neck)
     Before anyone could say jack,Fred stood up,removed his belt and faced Nkem.It was really a tough one,Jessica ran as fast as her legs could carry her.While Fred gave Nkem the beating of his life and sacked him immediately.
     "Are you ok"?Fred asked Letisha
     "Sure am fine,thank God you're not responsible.I could have killed myself".Letisha admitted
     "Its okay".Fred said and hugged her.
     TWO DAYS LATER(4:00pm)
     Fred was back from work.Letisha was........oh my!!!!I forgot to tell you.She was now staying in the same room with Fred.So like i was saying she was sleeping when Fred came in
     "Look at this girl ooo,how can you be sleeping at this time of the day?Wake up jare.....".Fred said
     "Oooooo you disturb too much and besides why are you back so soon?Go back to the office".Letisha said still lieing down
     "Is she still in bed?its like you're trying me.I'll pour cold water on you,just wait for me".Fred said and made a move as if he was going to get the water whereas he was standing
     "Ok up".Letisha stood up and Fred bust into laughter
     "Lazy Letisha".Fred said and smiled
     "Funny Fred".She smiled too
     "Now get up,you're escorting me to somewhere and that's why i came home early".
     "I knew it......a dog cannot bark without a reason".She said and stood up to dress up
     "Dont wear old clothes,put this on".Fred handed over a bag to her
     "Wow......thank you,am gonna look good".Letisha shouted.
     30 minutes later,she was through with both dressing and making up.She was putting on a short pink gown with a high heel,if you want to know the color of her hand bag,ask me her address.
     "Where is everybody?Nkechi.....".Letisha asked as they walked to the sitting room
     "Lets go".Fred said
     " kids,i need to be sure they are fine".Letisha said.
     "Dont worry they are fine,lets go".Fred held her hands and dragged her to the car and zoomed off.Not long they arrived at Classy eatery.It was an eatery but inside it there was an hall meant for marriage reception,birthdays and the rest
     "What are we doing here husby"?Letisha asked
     "Came to sign a business contract and shhhhhhh no more questions wify".Fred said and smiled while they went in.
     Letisha noticed how people were smiling at her but she didn't care and she couldn't still ask why cuz her husband has already said no questions.They finally went into the hall but it dark
     "We're here".Fred said
     "Are you kidding me?What kind of contract are you here to sign?is it with a ghost"?Letisha asked
     "Not with a ghost but with you.We're going to sign another contract and this time around,it involves your whole lifetime with me".Fred said
     "You're making me scared,is it that you wanna sell me or you want to kill me for money?Oh my God!!!You wanna rape me!!"Letisha said and she heard the sound of people giggling.
     "You talk too much.....light on".Fred said and suddenly there was light everywhere.
     "Tada.....happy birthday to you....happy birthday to you....happy birthday happy birthday,happy birthday to you".They all sang.
     The hall was filled with people,both the ones she knew and the ones she didn't know.All the maids were already there,including her twin
     " dumbfounded......who told you today is my birthday"?.She asked Fred with her face beaming with smiles.And Fred pointed to Sandra who was standing hand in hand with David.
     "Now ma,we're gonna spell JESUS,and as soon as you hear the last S,then you cut your cake.Are we good to go"?Nkechi said
     "Yea".The people choruses
     "J.....E......S........U........S............".Then she cut her cake and a car key was handed over to her by Fred.As if that was not enough Fred took the microphone and announced that she was now the owner of Best collection,and that the name is no longer Best collection but LETTY'S CLASSIC BOUTIQUE.
     A loud shout was heard from the audience.
     "In addition to that".Mr Clark continued "Am giving you another car".Mr Clark announced and handed over the key to her.
     Letisha could not stop shouting,she wanted to jump but remembered the shoe she was wearing was a high heel,so she pulled it and started jumping.
     " you have any other wish"?Fred asked
     "No............this is enough.....i don't have another".She managed to say.
     "Nkechi will no longer be treated as a maid but as a member of this great family.I and my wife will sponsor her in school,and she will attend the best university".Fred announced and Nkechi who was not expecting it lost consciousness.When she woke up she couldn't believe that an orphan like her would receive such love(Somebody say divine favour).
     They celebrated the birthday,food was surplus.The house Letisha bought was handed over to Mr and Mrs Michael.David made his intentions known to them and the date of their marriage was fixed.Nobody heard from Jessica and Nkem again maybe in the future.The last words of Letisha at her birthday was
     "Is this a dream or what"?
     "No wify...this is reality".Fred replied
     "Thank you husby".Letisha said
     "You deserve more than this,and i promise you we're going to have a honeymoon".Fred said
     "Shhhh no but,we're gonna have a real honeymoon..........i love you lovely Letisha".Fred said and smiled
     "I love you too funny Fred".She smiled and they kissed.............................(Close your eyes)
     THE END
     What do you think?

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