Story A Cry For Love

    PART 1

    The morning rising sun was hot, I looked around the yard as I walked towards the exit. My heart
    and mind at peace even when my mission was hotter and very disturbing. I had no way of
    explaining my feelings at the moment, the only thing on my mind was to find something that would
    fulfill my heart`s desire, and that was the love of my dear fiancé.
    Mario is a good man and I intended to make it my mission to let him have a blessed and long life.
    Now that my life had a large stumbling block, I wouldn’t give up hope of other`s happiness
    especially that of the man I had come to so much love it sometimes hurt the thought of living a life
    without him.
    “Ketty! Ketty! Stop!” the shouting voice of Mario made me stop in my steps but I bothered not to
    turn around and look at his face. I was so scared of seeing what lay within them I preferred to act
    like I didn’t care at all about his feelings.
    “I have already told you this is final Mario, I don’t know why you want to make things harder than
    they are already” I spoke without facing him I could feel him breathe behind my back.
    Instead, he held me from my back and squeezed me in a tenderly way and like that was the only
    grip on the tears I had held on to in my eyes, I felt my chin wet.
    “Stop please, will you?” Mario whispered rubbing his face in my back I swallowed hard fighting the
    urge to turn around and kiss him, tell him all will be okey. But on second thoughts, I stepped
    forward and though he hesitated to let me go, he eventually released his hands from me and I
    freely walked away getting on the first bus that was pacing by the road side.
    Mario`s house was just along the road in Kamwala south so I had no issues when it came to
    transport. The moment I settled back in the back seat of the Toyota hiace, I looked in his direction
    and I regretted it the very moment seeing him still standing there his hands on his face.
    “Men do cry after all” I shrugged not happy about the feeling though.
    “Hey sister, ndalama apo” the bus conductor raised his voice and I looked up at him with a smile,
    “Yes please, here” I handed him the money which was already folded in my hands.
    “Town?” he asked me but I was so lost in my mind I didn’t answer him.
    The next time I paid attention to him was when I recalled he had to give me my change.
    “I was asking you were you are going sister and you played dump, that is the problem with imwe
    my slay queens bamu Lusaka, you think you run the entire world” the man uttered his frustrations
    on me, I was tongue tied.
    I took a moment to analyse my dressing, I was clad in a pair of thick jeggings and a blouse long
    enough my entire back and hips were well covered, I had some white schores on my feet that
    matched my floral blouse. My face and hair as was my trend was well and neatly done.
    “Well, what makes you think every woman in Lusaka is a slay Queen?” I found myself answering
    him back after I confirmed in my head I was actually okey with my dress.
    He looked at me and my calm face and instead smiled widely.
    “Awe ndimwe babwino chabe mwandi sister (no, you are just beautiful my sister)” he shrugged
    and I had no more to say to him I even failed to pronounce a thank you.
    A few minutes later I was out of the bus and was matching hurriedly across the streets when
    someone bumped into me I sharply looked in the direction the woman was heading and was so
    sorry to find her lying flat on her stomach some people watched her others whispered softly I could
    not tell what they were saying.
    “What the hell is wrong with you, you cannot watch were you are going?” I shout out before I could
    control it and the lady slowly but carefully stood up and wiped her back and hands.
    “am so sorry dear, I didn’t see you, my mind is somewhere else” she spoke so gentle just her
    voice made me develop a lump on my throat I hated myself for behaving like that, humiliating the
    lady when she already had enough with falling down in public.
    “Um, excuse me” I walked towards her when she turned to go as I had not responded to her
    apology but kept looking at her.
    “Am sorry I was so harsh on you” I apologized
    “It’s okey dear, it was my fault really” she smiled but in a sad way I held her hand
    “Where are you going? You look troubled?” I asked her
    “Um, my mother” she stammered and I could see the struggle in her eyes as she tried to tell me
    what was bothering her.
    “Listen, its okey, am a stranger I understand, but I feel bad for you, honestly you don’t look well at
    all. Can you tell me what is wrong, please?” I held on to her and instead of answering she burst
    out crying.
    “My God Lady, what is it?” I now pulled her in an embrace and I am not sure what led me but I
    pulled her hand and led her in South gate mall and found a seat outside some café.
    “Am sorry” she cleared her throat wiping her tears and trying to wipe the ones that had fallen my
    “It’s alright dear, you can calm down now” I whispered with the best smile I could give.
    “My mother, is very sick in the hospital, am just coming from there and the doctors are
    recommending a huge sum of money for her medication and operation, I have no idea where or
    how I will get the money. She is the only one I have as family, I cannot go anywhere to ask for
    help. I don’t work, I lost my job as a shop keeper a few months ago due to her sickness which
    made me abscond from work for some time” she teary explain, I nodded my heard slowly to make
    sure she understood I was listening to her.
    “Am sorry about your mother. What is wrong with her?” I asked her after she managed to control
    her tears.
    “She has some kind of cancer I don’t know how to pronounce it well, it is growing so fast and is
    located in her stomach” she responded
    “Oh, God, am so sorry for that. By the way what is your name? Am Ketty” I looked at her
    “Am Chisomo” she for the first time smiled it was like her name her name gave her hope after all.
    “Chisomo, I like you, not only are you so beautiful you seem like a good person too, some people
    would never care so much about their ill mother but I can see the struggle and the desire you have
    to get her better. “ I smiled.
    “She did the best for me am just returning the favor, besides she is my mother and I would never
    get to have another in this world” she smiled
    “I know right?” I smiled back, in fact admiring she had such a connection with her mother, the thing
    I always wished for but never got a blessing to have it.
    “well, it seemed fate made us to meet today, am on a mission and now that I have met you, am
    thinking you could be the one to help me with it” I smiled holding her smooth dark brown hands
    she looked at my face her eyes full of hope.
    “Really?” she smiled
    “Really, I would help you with the money you want for your mother for some favor” I started and
    she sat up ready to hear it all.

    PART 2

    When I was done explaining to her what I needed her to do for me in exchange for money to pay
    her mother`s hospital bills, she looked at me and for a moment I thought she was going to hit me.
    She couldn’t say a word, instead, she stood up and looked at me from head to toe.
    “What now? You don’t want money anymore?” I asked her. I know I sounded awkward she was
    wondering if at all I was a normal human being or not. But I was not joking either and I planned on
    having my wish one way or the other. I knew if she could give me a negative answer I would find
    another person to do it for me.
    Well, I had the money to my name, which evidently I had no other way of spending it.
    “Are you okey?” Chisomo asked me her voice now raised a bit.
    “Yes, am okey? What kind of question is that?” I asked her with a smile which I noticed she took
    “Let me get this straight, you think you are sick and are not able to bare kids for the man you claim
    you love? Now, you want to pay off a woman to sleep with your man so that she gives him a
    child?” she looked at my face
    “Yes,” I responded bluntly and now stood up to make her realise I was not joking.
    “You are sick in your head woman, you are in fact the craziest person I have come to meet in my
    life. You talked so calmly and for the moment I thought you are a good person...”
    “hey, please don’t insult me Chisomo please, you don’t need to say all that to me, let me remind
    you that I just met you and you have no right to judge me. so if you don’t want then go on and
    leave, I just wanted to help you with your mother you know” I sighed shaking my head, I picked up
    my bag and started walking away from her leaving her staring at me as I walked.
    Yes, it seemed crazy to her but I had to find a woman to give me and my husband to be a child the
    moment we got married. I loved Mario and I knew from the talks I had with his mother we would
    never be happy till we gave her grandchildren, at least even just one. Now that I couldn’t give birth
    to a child as I was barren due to some illness I had as a teenager, I had to find a way to make my
    marriage work.
    Mario seemed hesitant about my idea, pointing out that I would never bring happiness in our home
    by paying out a stranger to give us a child. But I had to convince him otherwise.
    “How many kids would you love us to have?” I recall asking him one night when we were together
    and he had smiled a big smile,
    “well, at least 3” he looked at me and the look in his eyes when he said it made me realise how
    much he wanted to have babies. Though he had a change of language after learning of my
    condition, I knew deep down his heart he wanted kids and since I could never give him any, I
    decided to find a way to complete our home a few months before our wedding.
    The plan was for us to pay someone to get pregnant from Mario and I would pretend to be
    pregnant during the period so that people would never know the truth behind our baby.
    “Hey, Ketty! How are you my dear it’s been ages?” my friend greeted me when I got to her place. I
    had kept thinking about my meeting with Chisomo as I got to the garage where I left my car for
    servicing and later on drove to Northmead to see my best friend Sera.
    “Hey, okey my friend, how are you?” I tried to cheer up In front of her but like always she was able
    to read my mood she frowned sitting next to me after handing me a glass of water.
    “I told Mario” I finally spoke up looking at her face she sunk back in the couch looking at me her
    eyes wide open.
    “Don’t, do not, tell me you went ahead with that stupid idea of yours Ketty?” she shook her head.
    “yes love, I did, I have to do this for us, the plan Is all outlined well, find a woman to sleep with my
    would be husband maybe a few weeks after our marriage, she gets pregnant and I start paying
    her slowly till the day she gives birth. I get my baby and she leaves our lives forever” I shrugged
    casually making Sera rub her head scratching the scalp down her weave she was wordless.
    “Please my dear. Don’t do this please, I beg you. Mario has proven he loves you and he accepted
    the situation. So just get married and be happy do not bring other complications in your marriage”
    she spoke in a calm but firm voice I knew she was concerned about me.
    “well, what good will my husband`s love be if we are always going to get the heat from his mother
    about a child anyway. I don’t have that much a good relationship with my mother already. I cannot
    have another beef with my mother in law, no I won’t” I shrugged and placed down the glass of
    “well, I will say I tried to warn you dear, if that is what you want and your fiancé is okey with it then
    go ahead , am here for you as always my girl” Sera smiled at me I hugged her close .
    “I love you Sera, “I chuckled and she smiled the more.
    “I love you Ketty you and me are like sister and I am trying to look out for you, God knows where
    all this crazy idea came from” she laughed softly.
    “Am a writer remember?” I smiled and she nodded her head,
    “you sometimes tend to live in your imagination my love, and it’s not good for you. Anyways, any
    luck in finding this lady who would give you that child?” she asked me.
    “Well, I met someone today after having another heated discussion with Mario, you should see this
    girl, she is strong and beautiful, her body shape, let me just say her physical features are
    appealing. I want a person like her to mother a child for us “
    “But?” Sera looked at my now down face.
    “She said no” I frowned sadly.
    “Okey. I didn’t think you thought it will be easy to call someone, hey woman!, you are beautiful and
    look healthy, can you be the one to sleep with my husband and get pregnant for us? Did you?”
    Sera scoffed
    “I know right, its crazy dear”
    “No its not crazy girl, it’s hilarious and awkward, people will think you are mad or something” she
    “This is Africa, Zambia if I may add, people don’t think like you do my dear” she added
    “Okey. That is okey, I failed my first attempt but am sure I will find someone soon enough. You will
    see. “I told her with so much determination making my friend click her tongue at my idea.
    I was lost in my thoughts as I stood in the door way to my mother`s ward, the time I went to check
    on her I found her sleeping and I stood there looking sadly at her I recalled the meeting I had with
    the strange woman Ketty.
    “How on earth would someone think like that? What the hell is this world turning into?” I asked
    myself shrugging in the process.
    “Well, she is mad, I need money for my mother yes, but there are other better ways of saving
    mom`s life than do what that crazy woman was suggesting.” I spoke to myself.
    Walking about the ward, I sat down my body feeling tired I dozed off. The shouting voice of the
    nurse woke me up I looked around as though I was lost just to meet eye to eye with the loud nurse
    shaking my shoulders.
    “Yes, sister, am sorry I fell asleep.” I sat up seeing I was still in the hospital after having a beautiful
    dream my mother was well and we were walking down the road laughing and chatting.
    “Your mother is very ill and the doctor wanted me to ask you if you have had any lucky finding the
    money he told you about” she asked me and as realization sank in, I started sobbing at the
    thought I had not done a thing to save my mother.
    “No” I responded without hesitation.
    “well, there is little we can do for you here then, the doctor explained everything and since there is
    no other thing to do for your mother without the needed medication, I suggest you take her back
    home till you get something” she looked at me so cold I wondered if at all she had any slight bit of
    compassion in her heart.
    “sister, I know about the money but right now mother is so sick, I cannot take her home , please
    help us, I promise to work hard to find some money to pay the bills, please help her” I begged
    kneeling down on my knees but she stepped back and shrugged.
    “am sorry, the doctor told me to let you know that is hospital policy and so am going to prepare the
    documents and you people will be discharged” the nurse spoke her last and walked away leaving
    me still on the floor my face was wet with tears I failed to stand up even when a few faces were
    looking in my direction, probably wondering why a 26 year old lady was humiliating herself in
    “God what now?” I asked myself still stationed to the floor.
    An hour later, we were back at out small home in Matero, my mother looked at me as I sat beside
    her and weakly smiled.
    “Why have you been so silent my Chisomo? Things will be fine okey? don’t worry about me, God
    will heal me at his own time? “She smiled and I looked at her shaking my head.
    “well, you have had that faith for some months mother and there is nothing God is doing about it,
    maybe it’s time we started thinking of ways to find money to help you instead of hope as you call
    it” I uttered my words and the look in my mother`s eyes warned me she was not pleased.
    “Am sorry mom, it’s just that…” I started and wiped the tear from my eyes.
    “Its alright, I get it, you are tired my daughter you have tried all you can and things are hard for
    you, trust me though, everything works for good for those who love the Lord” she patted my
    shoulder with her weak hand and I faked a smile.
    “Get some rest mom, let me make some fritters and sell so we can have something to eat this
    evening” I covered her with a fleece and walked out to make some fire outside.

    PART 3

    It was only a week towards my big day and I was so nervous and excited at the same time.
    Moving about my empty house, I took time to reflect on my life walking about the house. Landing
    my eyes on my late father's pictures, I stopped and started touching it memories of my father
    flushing back to my mind.
    “Ketty my dear, come sit with me here” he called me one evening. I was only 17 then, I sat next to
    him and he opened some files.
    “Look at this my child” he displayed them before me.
    “What is this daddy?” I asked him flipping through them I could not understand a thing written on
    the papers.
    “Well, this is all the documentation of my life accumulated wealthy. The title deeds, the money
    saved in the bank accounts and many other important documents of my estates ” he smiled
    showing them to me one by one.
    “But daddy, why are you showing them to me now? Is there something I should know about
    them?” I asked him. He sighed and let me closer to him I rested my hand on his as he looked at
    me seriously.
    “All this is yours my daughter, I have put it all in your name so that in case anything happens to
    me, you should know about what I have worked for and make use of it for your life. The thing is
    your mother and I have not been on good books for a while and I cannot trust her enough to do
    the right things, am sure when you grow up a little bit you will be able to understand” he smiled
    “But daddy, mom and you are doing great together, what do you mean by…” I could not finish
    asking the question and my mother walked in and sat across us.
    “like I said, you will understand when you get matured my daughter, now get this and take it to
    your room am coming after you” my father squeezed my hand and I obeyed his order leaving them
    glaring at each other with mom I now could see something between them was terribly wrong.
    Instead of moving to my room as told, I stood by the stairs and listened in to them as they talked.
    “What was that about Chalwe?” the cold voice of my mother asked.
    “it’s none of your business Enala. It was something between me and my child so stay out of it” my
    daddy snapped and stood up I ducked a bit to avoid him seeing me.
    “you will not do this to me again and again Chalwe, am still under your roof as your wife and you
    will not treat me like I don’t exist” my mother pulled him back I saw my father`s face turn red with
    anger he was silent for a moment and when he opened his mouth to speak what I heard made me
    “This marriage ended a long time ago, the moment you decided to sleep with my best friend to
    humiliate me, was the day you put an end to this marriage. Now if you will excuse me, I have
    something to do” my father added.
    “Well, he is a better man than you are you know, at least he cares for and …”
    My mother`s words were cut short with a slap from daddy she sniffed in.
    “How dare you insult me Enala? How dare you, after everything I have done for you?. You team
    up with my friend wanting to get everything I have? Well, I got news for you, even when your plan
    to kill me succeeds you two will never get a dime from me, you are so pathetic you make me sick”
    daddy shouted and stormed out of the house I run to my room crying.
    “What is going on here?” I spoke to myself as I had locked my bedroom door. I could not believe
    mom could have betrayed dad with uncle Henry, I always thought he was a good man and saw
    him coming home even when daddy was out of the country on business trips but now I understood
    what was really going on.
    “How could she?” I cried feeling broken I felt sad for my father, I had never seen him that upset
    and I knew he was not doing well. Looking at the file in my hands, I recalled his warning words to
    take care of it so I quickly hid the file and walked out just to find my mother standing by the door.
    “What was that?” she asked
    “What mom?” I stammered looking down the floor.
    “You know what I mean, what was that your father gave you down stairs?” she held my hand with
    a strong grip.
    “Let go mother, you are hurting me” I tried to pull my hand loose but she wouldn’t let me go.
    “Is it true you and Uncle Henry are sleeping together?” I asked her straight up upset at the way
    she was holding me.
    “What was that?” she narrowed her eyes, before I knew it, she was on me beating me up for
    disrespect. I cried out in pain as she hit me repeatedly there was more to her beating than what I
    had just said I could feel her hurtfulness in her cold hands.
    “You stupid girl, how could you talk to me like that? am your mother” she yelled in my face and
    before she could hit me again, my father walked to us and pulled her back pushing her to the wall.
    “What are you doing? Are you mad ?” he screamed and all I could hear was shouting and
    screaming around them I run out and went to the back yard crying myself out.
    “Hey sunshine!” Mario walked in through the back door to my house making me startle I looked at
    him enter.
    “Hey my precious gem, you are welcome “I tried to smile, but I guess the gloomy face from my
    memory was still planted on my face he stopped in his steps looking at me.
    “Are you okey?” he asked moving closer.
    “yeah, yea, I am now,” I placed down daddy`s picture frame and hugged him.
    “You miss him right?” he asked still hugging me.
    “Yeah you have no idea” I responded with a grin he pulled me to sit on the couch.
    “Don’t worry, am here, am going to help you forget him, come on smile now” he made his silly face
    and I kissed him on the lips.
    “I know you are a good man and you love me Mario, no doubt you will make me happy but never
    will I forget my father especially the way he died” I shrugged sadly he shook his head.
    “Am sorry about your daddy baby, really I am, but it’s been what? 10 years now”
    “yea, I know, it feels like yesterday most of the times though especially when I see that witch of a
    mother I have” I snapped and Mario shook his head placing me down beside him and sitting up to
    look at me.
    “Well, well, enough of sad talks baby, let’s talk about the wedding.” He smiled and I nodded my
    head at him.
    “Yeah and the woman to give us a child?” I chuckled, his face went down the same second.
    “What?” I asked
    “We already talked about this Mario and am not giving you an opportunity to talk me out of it” I
    shook my head.
    “Baby, why do you insist on doing this really?” he asked this time so serious.
    “well, I have thought through things and I don’t want to end up like my parents, they were unhappy
    and because of little misunderstandings, they made grave mistakes in their lives and daddy ended
    up in the grave, so yeah, I want us to be complete and since I cannot give you a child, we need to
    find a way of having one” I clearly outlined and he sighed deeply sitting back.
    “I don’t know baby, all this just feels so wrong, I love you and it’s enough”
    “No, it’s not enough baby, we will be just fine okey. Now what can I offer my dear hubby to be?” I
    smiled changing the subject he shrugged dismissingly.
    “Red wine will do” he answered
    “Wine, you are drinking this time of the day?”
    “Yes, its Friday, can’t a man have a drink?” he smiled and I stood up to get him his wine.
    “Hmm, so I went to see this woman in kamanga, she is the sister to my maid.” I started, looking at
    him but he seemed to know where I was going with my story and he looked at the TV instead.
    “She a good girl and good looking for sure, but I don’t like her altitude. Oh God, where can I find
    that perfect woman, well at least almost perfect woman to mother our baby?” I asked myself not
    minding Mario`s unconcerned look.
    “So what do you say?” I moved to him and he looked at me lifting his blows.
    “About what?” he responded.
    “Mario, seriously?” I scoffed.
    “Look, if you want to get us a baby do it on your own terms but please leave me out of it” he smiled
    “But she will have to lay with you in order to get pregnant” I reminded him and he made a
    disgusting face.
    “Really, baby, you will allow another woman to touch me? “He asked
    “Yep, if that is what I have to sacrifice for our eternal happiness, then yes, just once or twice is
    enough to get pregnant if the ovulation period is well calculated and then done!, the rest will fall in
    “Hmmm, whatever” he looked away and I sat closer to him playing with his fingers he kissed my
    hands and stood up to leave.
    “I came checking on you baby, I got to go. Am working tonight. “He kissed my forehead.
    “What? SDO?’” I asked him.
    “yeah, am a ZAF officer and until am promoted to MAJOR or a higher rank, above Captain, am still
    going to do night duties” he chuckled as I lead him outside he stopped in front of his Benz and
    leaned on it looking at me.
    “Well, will see you tomorrow then. Work well and come early we need to finalize the dances
    tomorrow” I reminded him and he smiled getting into the car I watched him till he was out of the
    “I love him” I told myself as I moved into the house.
    Meet Ketty..

    PART 4

    The night was going down slowly. I walked out of the duty room and went to check on the duty
    guards and satisfied everyone was working as required I retired back to the office and grabbed the
    remote control to try watch some soccer match. The moment I sat down to relax, my phone rung.
    “Hello mother?” I responded
    “Hello Mario, I waited for you to come pay me a visit today, what happened? Does it mean when
    you are getting married you forget about your mother?” she went on talking I had to sigh before
    Of all people, I knew the kind of person my mother was, there was no denying she was not an
    easy person to deal with especially if you were not on her good people list. She would say things
    out without regard you are hurt or not, she never hid her feelings about things and most people
    found her unpleasant.
    “well, mom, I told you am working in the night today and I had to spend the afternoon, of course
    part of it with ketty she was filling me on what is going on with the wedding planning” I explained
    “What is wrong with you? You used to have time with me but now all I hear is Ketty. That rich girl
    has you in her grip and I wonder if at all we will ever have you around after you marry her” she
    went on complaining I had to cut her short.
    “mom, stop now please, she is not taking your place you know that, you are and will always be my
    mother, but she is going to be my wife in a weeks’ time, the earlier you accept that the better for all
    of us”
    “Mario, am not happy but anyways, its time for you to marry and give me grandchildren already” I
    heard her smile. That was her only concern about me marrying, to give her kids, and I somehow
    understood Ketty`s concern. She had told me her condition and since she could not have kids, she
    was burnt on her plan to have us get a baby through another woman, everything I did to get her
    forget about the issue she found a way of convincing me that was the way out for us.
    “Are you still there?” I heard my mother ask, I then realized I was not even listening to whatever
    she was talking about.
    ‘yes am here mother, I have heard you” I lied chuckling in the process.
    “Well, do that then and this time don’t let me down Mario, your father sends greetings” she
    concluded and I regretted lying because now I was in trouble. How was I to do what she told me to
    if at all I didn’t know what she wanted me do for her.
    “Oh God, am in deep shit” I murmured to myself and lay down my head on the office sofa.
    The following day after work, I went straight home. The house I had lived almost half of my
    working years. I had worked for 7 years in the Zambia Airforce. After staying with my parents for 3
    years, I had decided to move out and rent a house in Kamwala as I never wanted to stay inside
    the camp like many of my friends did.
    It was in my 4th year of working that I met Ketty, a tall and beautiful girl that took away my breath
    the moment my friend introduced her to me as the best friend to his fiancé.
    Well, it was on one of the annual balls we usually have at the end of the year, and we sat down on
    the same table.
    “So what do you Ketty?” I had asked after the chit chats we had with Frank and his fiancé Sera.
    “Well, am a writer” she smiled
    “Writer?” I asked not really sure if that was impressive of surprising.
    “Yes, I write books, you know stories “she nodded her head and I smiled back.
    “Wow, I never knew I would cross paths with a writer, Zambian writer to be precise, what an
    interesting woman you are”
    She looked at me in a way that made me feel proud of myself. I could tell she was no ordinary
    woman and her sense of style and class was evident.
    I never wasted any time after knowing her, a few weeks down the line I invited her out for dinner
    and that was the beginning of our relationship. I realized she talked less about her family and one
    day when she invited me over to her house, in woodlands, I was amazed to find out she was
    wealthy. In trying to understand how she lived alone and seemingly had a lot of wealthy judging
    from the car she used to drive and the house. She then opened up and told me about her parents
    and how terrible her father turned out dead in his car.
    My friends warned me not to get comfortable with a rich, single and independent woman, but my
    heart had chosen and I knew I was not going to lose her just because my friends felt intimidated
    by my rich girlfriend.
    “She is a good person, guys, she never makes me feel like I am under her, she lets me take my
    place as a man and that is enough to make me have her.” I told the guys point blank.
    “Are you coming here or not?” my mother called me later in the day and I knew I was in deep
    “Yes mom am on my way” I breathed in.
    “Good, hurry then” she insisted.
    An hour later, I was in Matero to see my mother and she welcomed me with a wide smile I
    wondered what was going on with her.
    “Mom, where is dad and why do you look so happy this afternoon?” I asked her as she led me
    “Where is it, first of all?” she asked me.
    “mom, am sorry, I don’t know what I was supposed to bring, the thing is I was working late the time
    you called and I didn’t pay attention to what you said on the phone” I told her the truth she shook
    her head.
    “I told your father you were not going to do it, anyway, thanks to your brother and fiancé, we have
    it all in place” she smiled leading me inside the house and I was shocked to find the living room
    filled with people and the moment I stepped in they all shouted a happy birthday to me. Ketty was
    among them smiling widely.
    “Oh dammit, how could I forget my own birthday?” I held my face in my palms.
    “Yes it is your birthday dummy and I wanted you to bring a bottle of wine for your father” my
    mother whispered to me and I laughed.
    “Well, mother its seems this room has all the wine and food I had not planned on eating and
    drinking” I laughed walking away from her to my fiancé.
    “Hey there?” I hugged her quick and she smiled wishing me a happy birthday.
    She told me how she had arranged for my party at my parent`s house.
    “Wow, am so happy baby, thank you, I didn’t expect this at all, all my friends are here?” I looked
    around at the guys from work and my friend Frank was around. My young brother and dad all
    cheerfully welcomed me among other people.
    After walking around and greeting everyone receiving their wishes, I decided to take a break
    “hello, how are you Mario? It’s been long, your mother told me it’s your birthday” I heard a voice
    call out and I looked at who it belonged to. My mother`s neighbor was standing over the flower
    “Bana Bwalya, long time, am fine” I stood to greet her. We were still talking when a lady walked in
    her yard she turned to look behind her.
    “Chisomo my dear, what brings you here?” she talked to the lady who I could tell was either sick or
    she had something serious going on.
    “Aunty am sorry to bother you, but my mother is very sick I need to take her to the hospital. I was
    hoping your husband can drive us there and I will pay him when I get the money. Please help he is
    the only taxi driver who helps me in times like this. I have nothing with me right now to pay another
    taxi. ” the lady spoke looking at Bana Bwalya.
    “am sorry for that, but today is a bad day, you see my husband who always helps your mother with
    transport to the hospital is not around, he won’t be back till tomorrow morning”
    Bana Bwalya responded.
    “oh, God what do I do now?, I have been on the market trying to sell something so I can raise
    some money for her hospital bills but it’s all failing apart, what do I do now” Chisomo cried I felt my
    heart reached out to her.
    “Maybe I can help. I mean, I have a car here and the young lady looks desperate” I found myself
    offering help.
    “What?” Bana Bwalya asked surprised.
    “Yeah, I just feel bad for the lady here Bana Bwalya” I smiled sadly. Bana Bwalya asked about my
    birthday and I smiled telling her I would be back before people notice I was gone.
    “Well, you are still a good child I recall as a boy Mario, go on now Chisomo. My neighbor`s son will
    help you take your mother to the hospital” she looked at the young lady who nodded without
    looking at my face.
    “Thank you” she looked at me once as we sat in the car and right down. I could see her lips
    tremble she was either scared or crying I didn’t look close enough to be sure which was which.
    “Chisomo! Chisomo! Is that you?” a soft voice came from inside the house when we got to her
    house a few blocks away from my parent`s house.
    “mom, Bashi Bwalya is not home but the neighbor`s son offered to take us to the hospital, come
    on let me help you up” she spoke to her mother softly. I watched from the door as she led her
    weak and evidently sick mother to the door.
    “Oh, here I got you” I held her other hand seeing them struggle to keep straight.
    In the car as I drove to the hospital I realized I had left my phone and no one except Bana Bwalya
    knew where I was going.
    “Young man, May God increase your years and see you through all the good days of your life.
    God bless you more and more” the woman blessed me I looked back at her in the mirror and
    noticed she did it with closed eyes laying on her daughter`s laps.
    For some reason the two of them got my attention such that on my way back I kept thinking about
    them and what was really going on, the lady Chisomo wasn’t really interested in talking to me I
    could see from the short responses and I decided to leave the moment I dropped them at the
    “Mario, finally, my God where did you disappear to?” Ketty asked me the moment I got to the door.
    “The hospital” I answered shrugging.
    “What? Are you okey? Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked one question after the other and I
    smiled at her.
    “Am okey baby, Come on. I will tell you everything” I held her hand as we matched inside.

    PART 5

    Looking out the window as I drove back home, my thoughts were fixed on what Mario had told me.
    I was not the so jealousy type of a person but the look in my Mario`s eyes as he talked about the
    girl he helped made me worry a little bit.
    “Baby, you should have seen this girl, she is so desperate, and she is so broken I could see she
    has been through so much. What amazed me the most is that she didn’t seem proud of me
    helping her. It was like she wanted to do things on her own but was at the same time fixed in a
    corner” He explained.
    “Well, there is a lot of things going on around us my baby, but what can we do, you have done
    your part to help that woman and am sure God will bless you for that.” I smiled at him not really
    asking who this woman was or what was wrong with her. All I knew was he helped a sick woman
    to the hospital.
    ‘Hey so how did the birthday party go? Am sorry I messed it up leaving before it was over after you
    put in so much to help make it.” he had apologized Kissing my hands.
    “Anything for my man, its bad you didn’t tell me where you went but am glad you are here now. So
    how does being 32 feel like?” I chuckled as we relaxed in his mother`s couch I got comfortable
    forgetting where I was.
    “Well, I don’t feel anything different. Only that am getting married in days” he laughed softly.
    “Oh yeah, may I know to whom?” I teased him and he pulled me closer kissing my lips the loud
    clearing of the throat by someone broke us up. We looked upon to see who it was just to be met
    by his mother.
    “Mom” Mario sighed standing up to her I bow my head in shame, something about his mother
    always made me feel uncomfortable so I lowered my eyes to avoid looking into her obviously
    disapproving eyes.
    “What is going on here? You have made my house yours now?” his mother asked staring at me.
    “Am sorry mom” I quickly apologized and she clicked her tongue.
    “Rich kids” she murmured and I saw Mario squeeze her hand to stop her. But it was too late the
    damage had already been done. I stood up pretending I didn’t hear her and walked away.
    “That girl has no manners at all. The problem with people who have money they never teach their
    children manners. “I could hear her speak as I walked away but Mario stopped her.
    “Mother, say another word and am out of here.” he warned and I rushed out not wanting to hear
    any more.
    Later on we parted ways and here I was driving home.
    The moment I opened the front door to go in my phone rung and I noticed It was a strange
    number, not even the true caller app could identify it so I waited for it to ring till the it almost cut
    before answering it.
    “Hello” I answered and stayed silent to hear the voice of another person.
    “Halo, it’s me” the person on the other end responded.
    “Just tell me who are you. Am I supposed to know you?” I snapped taking put my frustration on the
    person on the other end.
    “Am Chisomo.” The voice responded and I stopped in my steps, throwing the keys to the car on
    the bar table and taking a stool.
    “Chisomo?” I asked, not that I didn’t know who she was but I wanted to be sure the right person
    had called me. Before she could answer the line cut and I sighed redialing it. She responded on
    the second ring and I told me who she was and apologized she run out of air time.
    “Chisomo, I never expected a call from you” I told her as a matter of fact.
    “Yeah I know, I didn’t expect to call either. But I need the money Ketty. My mother is dying and I
    need money. Is it too late?” she asked me and I paused for a while trying to check if she was
    being serious. I had started following another girl the past weeks, but in my heart I felt Chisomo
    could be the best person.
    “What made you change your mind?” I asked her instead.
    “Well, like I told you, my mother is very sick and I have tried this whole time to find money but I
    have failed. Am ready to give you and your husband a child” she explained.
    “Well then, meet me tomorrow if you are serious we will talk about it and see the way forward”
    “Yes, okey then, were do we meet from?” she asked me and I told her it would be okey for her to
    come to my house so we discuss the way forward at length.
    The following day, I informed Mario about the meeting I would have with Chisomo. As always he
    told me to do what I wanted.
    “Mom, am going to do what that woman asked, she gave me her line and I think its time we
    considered getting some money for your medicine.” I told my mother after the stranger dropped us
    at the hospital. The doctor told me if they didn’t operate on her any time soon, I would lose my
    So here I was trying to get her to allow me to do as Ketty had asked.
    “Chisomo, listen to me. Am not sure what makes you think the only way to get me well is to
    sacrifice your life for mine, I will not allow you to subject your body to that, giving birth to a child
    that you will never have? In order to have money?” my mother shook her head.
    She went on telling me how hard it would be for me to let go of my child and warned me it was not
    only immoral but a sin to fornicate. After hours of debating, I just told her it was okey and she
    assumed I was letting it go so I called Ketty to let her know I was going to do it. I was totally scared
    of the decision I made but I could not think of any other way of having to save my mother`s life.
    I stood in front of a black gate in Woodlands after knocking with a stone, it was silent I was even
    thinking of going back when the gate opened and a man stood there looking at me from head to
    toe. From his clothing and altitude, I could tell he was the servant / worker.
    “What do you want?” he asked his voice cold I felt so useless.
    “Am here to see Ketty” I told him without minding his altitude. He walked back in locking the gate
    in my face.
    “What is wrong with you John? You treat people like I don’t know.” I heard Ketty`s voice from
    inside and the moment I raised my head to look at her after the gate opened again, she smiled
    widely and softened her face.
    “Am so sorry dear, I should have told John you are coming. Please come in” she ushered me in
    and I slowly walked in front of her and looked around the nicely done pavers and the surrounding.
    I wondered if that was her parent`s house or her fiancé`s arguing to myself as to why a rich person
    would want a poor woman like myself to give them a child.
    “What is to miss with all this? What does this woman want a child for?” I whispered in my heart
    and she looked at me opening the front door for me to enter. Apart from the nice house she had
    and the great interior, what caught my attention the more was a photo of an old man hanging on
    the wall, it wasn’t the only one as I noticed two more photos of the same man were in the room.
    “Your father?” I asked seeing the resemblance, as a way of starting a conversation with her.
    “Yes” she chuckled proudly I could see the light in her eyes as she followed my gaze to look at the
    “You must be great together, I see the way you smile at the mention of his name. You love him so
    much huh?” I asked.
    “He died 10 years ago” she announced catching me unaware I opened my mouth surprised.
    “Oh dear, am so sorry. I didn’t know I thought…”
    “it’s okey, it’s been years you know but I miss him. So let’s begin” she changed the subject.
    “Yeah sure, so how are we going to do this?” I asked her.
    ‘Well am not sure you will keep the end of the bargain after I give you the money you need since it
    seems you want a down payment for your mother`s medication. So here is what we do, you get to
    spend a night with my fiancé before we get married. In that way I will trust this will be done as
    planned” she told me and my heart raced as I realized what I was getting myself into.
    “What? Any problem now?” she asked seeing how uneasy I had become.
    “Yes I have heard you, so when can I get the first payment so I pay for my mother’s surgery and
    medicine?” I asked her just to get over it already.
    “Well first things first, when was your last period?” she asked
    “About 6 to 7 days ago, why?”
    “Well that is good, we can get you pregnant during this period then. Let me just warn you to keep
    our promise. You will not tell anyone of this and you will be staying with me in this house till you
    give birth, my husband and I have decided to stay in this house after our marriage and so will you.
    For nine months, if at all you will get pregnant. you will stay inside and some arrangement for you
    to take care of your mother the moment the pregnancy starts showing will be done later on. Do we
    have an agreement?” she asked me and I nodded my head, hating the feel of what I was
    subjecting myself to.

    PART 6

    Rushing to her house, I arrived 20 minutes after the time she called me to go see her. I couldn’t
    tell what it was she wanted to see me for but the agency in Ketty`s voice made me leave what I
    was doing and rushed to see her.
    “Ba John, how are you?” I asked the gate man and worker at Ketty`s house the moment he
    opened the gate for me.
    “Am okey, njala chabe” the man giggled and I knew he wanted another tip.
    “Here, get your self-something to eat and make sure you don’t spend this money on beer” I
    handed him a K50 walking to the front door. I was greeted by a smiling Ketty and she planted a
    soft kiss on my lips.
    “Baby, are you okey?” I asked her worriedly.
    “Am more than fine my love, come in I have a surprise for you. “She led me inside and I followed
    her wondering what was really going on with her. Instead of telling me she went into another room
    and came back with the lady I saw from my mother`s house, I stopped my mouth from saying a
    “What is she doing here?” I asked myself looking at Ketty and back at the lady.
    “Baby, this is Chisomo. The lady I told you about, she is the one to give us a baby” Ketty
    introduced me.
    “Chisomo, my hubby to be, Mario. “She held her hand at me. I was silent, I don’t know what was
    going on in my head but realizing the woman I helped the previous day would turn out to be the
    one to sleep with me for a child, made me stuck in my thoughts I kept looking at her even though
    her face was down.
    “Baby can I talk to you” I finally spoke up.
    “Why? Anything wrong? “Ketty responded,
    “Please” I begged standing up.
    ‘Chisomo, go on sit let me talk to him, don’t worry all will be well” Ketty assured the lady now I was
    aware her name was Chisomo.
    “What the hell is this baby? You said I will get to lay with the woman you will find after we are
    married, why in a rush, its exactly 6 days towards the wedding” I raised my eyes at her.
    “calm down Mario, that girl might change her mind after giving her the money, so to make sure she
    does as required I want you to sleep with her the days before the wedding and make sure she
    gets pregnant since she is ovulating right now, the chances are high that she could get pregnant”
    she explained full of excitement she sounded so off I wondered what she was really thinking.
    “No, am not doing it, especially with her” I answered point blank and she stood up evidently let
    “Why? And what do you mean especially not her?” she challenged me.
    “Listen, that girl there is a sad soul, she is so serious and it seems she has issues, we cannot
    have her to give birth to our child Ketty come on. Let’s try to find someone else” I tried to get her to
    see my point not wanting to tell her I knew the girl.
    For almost 20 minutes we argued and to make the matters worse, she wanted me to go and lay
    her that very evening. She told me she had paid her already and explained the girl used the
    money to pay for her mother`s surgery and she was now ready to start according to her, working.
    “Oh God Ketty, this is insane” I sighed giving up arguing with her.
    “Okey let’s get this over with my love it seems you will never let this go after all” I shrugged and
    she smiled.
    “Good. Now stay here, no need for you to get to know each other, so am bringing her to you and
    you get to it” she announced and walked out before I could say another word. She came back a
    few minutes later and pushed the silent and scared Chisomo in the room and kissed my lips
    walking out she locked the door behind her like we would try to escape.
    There was total silence between us after ketty left, she shouted she would come back later as she
    had to check on something In town. I wondered if she was playing some joke to try me but when
    the sound of the car was heard from outside and the gate opening and closing, I knew she was
    being serious.
    Clearing my throat, I looked at Chisomo.
    “Hey, am Mario” I introduced myself again feeling stupid. She didn’t move an inch she remained in
    the same position her face still down,
    “Look here, am not comfortable too but we are here and my fiancé will not let this go” I spoke up.
    “am sorry I didn’t tell her about our meeting at my mother`s place, things are complicated as they
    are already and am sure you both have agreed to keep this a secret. So how is your mother?”
    She looked up at my face and the sadness in her eyes made me swallow hard.
    “your wife gave me some money yesterday and today the doctors gave her an appointment for a
    surgery tomorrow morning, am not what you think I am, am just a woman desperate to save a
    mother`s life and I had to agree to what your wife offered weeks ago” she spoke almost in a
    “Okey, so you met my wife to be weeks ago? Well, that is a relief I almost thought you met her the
    other day.”
    All this time she remained standing and I could not get her to sit down beside me. How on earth
    was I going to sleep with a total stranger, a person I had no feelings for later on know her back
    She noticed I was not doing a thing to her but seemed she wanted to get over the thing already
    she started removing her blouse and before she could get it all out I stood up and went to her
    touching her hand to stop her.
    “Stop” I ordered holding her hand she turned to look into my face.
    “I want to go and see my mother and I have been paid for this, please be gentle with me I have
    never done this with any man before.” She whispered, that even made things worse as I could not
    get to break her innocence too.
    “You mean, you are a virgin?” I asked still having her palm in mine. She nodded her head slowly.
    “Promise not to hurt me so much... I, I” she almost cried out but I shut her pulling her to sit with
    “Am not touching you today Chisomo. Am not doing it, don’t worry yourself about a thing cause I
    am not doing this with you” I assured her and she went down on her knees begging me,
    “Please Sir, I cannot break the promise I made to your wife and if she finds out I didn’t do as told,
    she will not be pleased with me. I just want to save the life of my mother please, what is nine
    months of sacrifice as compared to the many years I could live with my dear mother. Please don`t
    push me away please I beg you. okey hurt me if you have to but let me do this” she cried begging
    me her tears were falling on my shoe I felt my heart break.
    “How much does your mother need for surgery and all the costs?” I found myself asking
    “30 thousand” she responded rubbing her hands together as she sobbed.
    “What? K30 000, are you serious?”
    “Yes” she responded.
    “Ketty offered me more than that, she told me I would get 15 to start my mother`s surgery and later
    on I will get another 15, the remaining 40 she will give me after I deliver the child. So sir, please
    don’t push me away” Chisomo was now holding my knees.
    “Oh my God, Ketty what is this?” I looked up the roof, if only I could afford such an amount of
    money I could have given the woman before me to get her mother well. But I was not as rich as
    Ketty was and I had no other way of helping the woman out.
    “well, let’s talk about something then, since she said we will be meeting till the wedding day, we
    still have time ahead of us, I cannot do this today Chisomo am sorry” I told her lifting her and
    taking her down on the bed again.
    She looked at me and back to the floor.
    “She will know we lied to her and…”
    “shshs” I stopped her and went to sit in the corner of the bed looking at her seated uncomfortably.
    Later, ketty came back and we walked out with pretence we did what she wanted to.
    “Well that wasn’t hard after, all was it?” she kissed me as we saw Chisomo out, she had given her
    money for a taxi outside.
    I looked at her face and noticed she was hiding her pain of me being with another woman but was
    playing strong. I hated I was not telling her the truth about what happened but it was better she
    had her hopes up. It was clear she wanted it that way and I was to support her if that would make
    her happy.
    I did not do it that day for sure but I knew we would not lie to Ketty for ever, the baby had to come
    and there was no other way but to do what she wanted.

    PART 7

    Closing back the door to the bedroom I had Mario and Chisomo locked up, I shouted i would go
    into town and rushed out to my car speeding off and stopping outside the gate crying loudly.
    "What am I doing ?" I cried leaning my head on the steering wheel Feeling the pain of giving my
    fiancee to another woman. It was unbearable, I felt like going back Inside and telling them to stop.
    The voice of his mother came to my head..
    "I love my son Ketty and if it were up to me I could have chosen a woman for him. A woman who I
    know would take care of my son like I did. A Decent woman" she smiled. I knew why she was so
    cold with me. It was like me having money and being raised in a rich family was some kind of a
    I understood I never had the best parents in the world but I had learnt quiet a lot growing up.
    Especially with Sera's mother. Every time she would explain things to her daughter I would get
    some lessons and held them dear. I knew the value of respecting others, how to behave around
    people. She always talked about how blessed it was to do good. That everyone loves a person
    that shows kindness and love no matter what surrounds them, money would never buy happiness"
    she would say and I always respected her more than my own mother who never really had time to
    sit me down and tell me all those good things parents tell to their children.
    Worse off, she ended up with Dad's best friend a few months after his death and I could not bear
    to see her anymore. The moment i turned 19 I stood my ground and chased my mother from the
    house. Well, it would sound bad but I had to. I could not stand her bringing her boyfriend in the
    "Mom, you have over stayed in this house and since it is mine, i want you out" I told her, she
    giggled loudly her boyfriend seated next to her.
    "Are you mad or something, Am your mother Ketty and I will not allow you to humiliate me like this.
    Come on, get out of my side before I spunk your silly face"she stood up angry.
    "Am giving you tonight mom. Tommorow find your way out of my house " I raised my eyes at her
    and walked away she screamed my name calling me back.
    Before I could stop, she yanked me back and slapped me across my face and I shook my head.
    "You have just defined the end of your stay in this house mother. This very minute I want you out.
    Pack your things and leave. Dad was right, I should have never allowed you to stay in here the
    moment he died. Now get out or ..."
    "Or What? " She spat holding her waist like a crazy person.
    "Well, I got the money, I got the power to chase you out Mom, this is my house as you already
    know. From today onwards I will not have you around me. You and your silly boyfriend think you
    can have everything but you are so wrong. Dad left it all for me and I will not wait till you find a way
    of taking away everything. So am calling the cops to flush you out if I come back and find you
    here" I spoke coldly and walked out leaving her watching me. Am sure she was wondering if I was
    mad or something.
    That was two days after I found out my father's supposed accident was planned by her and her
    boyfriend. I knew she thought I was not aware of her plans to get back all that my father left for
    With the help of dad's lawyer, I knew my rights and how to keep myself safe from my mother's evil
    plans. I was determined to have her out and that night when I went back home, I found her still in
    the house and I called uncle Jacob, the lawyer who called the cops to come throw my mother out.
    "Are you really going to do this Ketty?" She asked me the cops waiting for her to move.
    "You have never really been a mother to me so it's not going to be any different now, only this time
    I will not have to see the face of the person who killed my father and who himulates me with her
    bad behaviour all the time. Go on and live your life Mom, never come back to this house. Just get
    the car since my father got it for you. " I added seeing her off.
    I had rushed back Inside crying myself to sleep. My life was never the same after dad passed on.
    Even as I studied, my heart was not at peace. I always found solace in writing and after my first
    book at 22 I made writing part of me and never went to work for anyone.
    My father's businesses where running successfully, my cousin was helping me manage it and I
    had nothing to worry about.
    All i wanted was to find a way of being happy but I could see no way with the past always crawling
    back to my life every time I would think of moving on.
    Till the day I met Mario, I had not loved any person. My previous boyfriend was evidently a gold
    digger I had to let go of him.
    My only hope was to have a marriage free of head ache so that I would not have to re-live my past
    life. I wanted to have a peaceful marriage and the talks of Mario's mother left me heart broken.
    I could not tell her I was not able to get any children because I was raped as a young girl and my
    mother forced me to have an abortion that left some parts of my womb damaged.
    "Have you heard what I just said?" Mario's mother looked at my lost face as we talked.
    "Yes mother. That you hope am not the type who never wants to have kids cause then you will
    personally throw me out of your son's life" I narrated her words and she smiled nodding her head.
    "Good. You are learning fast my dear. My son loves you and that is the only reason I accepted him
    to marry you. I heard about your mother and family from a friend of mine and since then I have
    never looked at you differently, prove me wrong and maybe i will some day." she added and I
    looked at her face.
    She was right, initially she had liked me but after her search into my past, she learnt how badly my
    family ended and since then she had never looked at me the same. She thought I was a spoiled
    brat that inherited her father's wealthy and chased her mother way.
    Back to the present...
    Wiping my face, I calmed myself and started driving away from the gate. I had to leave the place
    before I could get myself to check what was going on inside between Chisomo and Mario, it was
    my doing but it doesn't mean I was not hurt by it.
    "Ketty, my friend, why on earth are you punishing yourself like this?" Sera pulled me in an
    embrace when I told her what I left home.
    "Its not too late to change tour mind you know" she insisted but I shook my head.
    "I need that baby Sera. There is no other way. I love Mario and he is the only man that has loved
    me for me and not my Money. Just let me endure this and later all will be Well" I whispered trying
    to stay strong inside and not wanting to think through and imagine Mario with another woman.
    After some time, I went back home and Mario walked out smiling at me.
    "What? Done?" I asked him.
    "Baby I.. I.."
    "What? Don't tell me you didn't ..."
    "Yeah it's done. Just the way you wanted it" he held my hand and I sighed.
    He watched my face as though he could see I was hurting inside as we watched Chisomo leave.
    But I was not going to show misery after all the decision was mine.
    "Baby, are you not taking a bath?" I asked him after we sat down in my bed him leaning his head
    on my laps.
    "I don't think so. I had bathed before coming here why bother?" He smiled biting on the cucumber I
    had given him.
    "You know, I thought you would wash off You.." I stammered failing to mention he
    made love to another woman.
    "Oh yeah, That," he sighed like he had forgotten and I smiled at him.
    "Go now and bath I prepare something for our dinner. You cannot sleep here, it's days before our
    wedding and I wouldn't want people talking bad about us" I shouted leaving him he shook his
    "Tonight only baby come on!" He made a face.
    "Nope, not today. Go and bath now Mario and stop being a child" I hit his chest and went back to
    the door.
    The rest of the evening I kept stealing glances at him to check if anything had changed about him
    but he was the same man, he would look at me and smile. He would steal small kisses and say
    silly jokes as though nothing had happened earlier.
    "Well, if that girl will have no impact on my man then am okey with her around" I thought to myself
    and smiled back at him.
    "What?" He asked coming on to me and holding me pushing me to the door.
    "Hmm. I love you and am sorry for pushing you to lay with another woman " I told him honestly.
    "Can we not talk about that now?" He chuckled
    "Sure. So what do we talk about then?" I looked at his soft eyes and he pulled me closer and
    kissed me, his grip around my body tightening.
    "Baby you have to go now" I withdrew hating I had to push him away even when every fibre in my
    body wanted him so close. I could not have him after him being with Chisomo.
    "But I want you today, it's been ages you know" he winced but I stood my ground. Kissed him
    good night and saw him off to the car outside.
    "Will see you tomorrow morning for the final rehearsals " he waved me without saying a word.
    The following day, I called Chisomo before going to check on the line up group. She told me her
    mother was in the surgery and I reminded her she had to meet with Mario again.
    "Can't I come tommorow? The thing is I want to be with my mother after she is out and..."
    "No, come today as agreed. You need to get pregnant and I will not have you make changes to
    our agreement. " I cut her short and hang up throwing my phone on the couch, Sera shook her
    head standing there waiting for me.
    "Can we go now?" I looked at her
    "Sure whatever you say love. By the way is Mario already there?" She asked me.
    "Yeah that reminds me we need him today, let me just call and find out" I spoke walking out the
    door .
    Mario's phone went unanswered the first time and later on his brother answered it.
    "Sam why are picking your brother's phone? Where is He?"
    "Am sorry, but Mario is with the doctor , my mother was involved in an accident and we just rushed
    her to the hospital.
    "What? What happened to mother?" I panicked stopping myself from opening the car door.
    "She was hit by the road side at home. She is badly injured Ketty" Sam explained.
    "Oh my God! am on my way there" I shouted indicating for Sera to get in the car.
    "What is going on?" She asked the moment I put the car into motion.
    "Mario's mom had an accident. She was bashed by a car outside her house. Something like she
    was crossing the road. " I quickly explained and Sera gasped in shock.
    "Oh God today of all days. We have 3 days towards the wedding. What now?" She uttered but I
    had no strength to answer her, my mind was where we were headed.

    PART 8

    “Doctor is she going to be okey?” I asked the doctor after seeing him coming from the ward were
    my mother was.
    “Yes, she will be okey my dear. Your father is in there right now and I can tell you certainly that
    she will recover though it might take a little bit of time” he explained with a smile I felt relieved.
    “Oh, thank God this is a relief” I told him honestly and watched him leave before I went to Join
    Sam seated on the bench.
    “What did he say?” he asked me as I sat next to him.
    “She will be fine though it might take time, her leg has a small crack and with her age, the doctor
    said it will take a bit of time for her to stand straight on her feet. Her wounds outside will heal faster
    though” I quickly narrated the explanation and he too sighed in relief.
    “Well thank God. That bastard will hear from me, he was lucky I had concentrated on rushing mom
    here and I let the police get to him first, what is wrong with people, drinking this time of the day?”
    Sam spat angrily I patted his leg to calm him down.
    “Don’t worry yourself too much, she will be okey.”
    “By the way your girl called and I told her what happened to mom, she must be on her way here”
    he handed me the phone I grabbed it and before I could call back, I saw Ketty and Sera rushing to
    where we sat.
    “Baby! Am so sorry, how is mom? What happened really? Is she going to be okey?” she asked
    one question after the other.
    “Yes, yes baby, she will be okey. The doctors said she will recover eventually though she is still
    being observed for a couple of days or so to help her with the small crack on her knee bone.”
    “My God! That is a relief, I was so sick worried, were is she now? Can we see her?” Ketty looked
    around stepping away from me.
    “Yes you can go in now” My father is the one that responded walking from my back I turned to look
    at him.
    “Go on and see her, she asked for you Mario and since Ketty is here too, she had mentioned your
    names.” My father shrugged and we wasted no time walking in to see mother. She lay there her
    eyes half closed and beamed up in a smile seeing me walk in which faded the moment Ketty
    walked up front following me.
    “Hey mom, how are you feeling?” Ketty found her voice first and smiled at mom who shook her
    “Am very much in pain, my legs hurts so much I cannot bear it. I don’t think you two will get
    married this Saturday. There is no way my son is marrying without my presence” my mother
    uttered without giving both of us a chance to say a thing.
    “what?” was the first word that came from Ketty`s mouth and am sure she regretted it the moment
    she realized how my mother eyed her.
    “am, sorry mom, but how can we cancel the wedding when all the things have been set, the
    venue, the cakes, the dance group and the food, let’s just say everything is in place. We cannot
    just cancel it” she tried to reason with her and I nodded my head to support her.
    “She is right mother, the doctors said you will be okey, we will have someone push you even on a
    wheel chair for you to be present, it’s not a big deal you know” I added holding her hand and she
    pushed my hands away,
    “You don’t care about me anymore Mario, am sick, I was hit by the drunkard fool and my legs are
    so much in pain I cannot even move. I have bruises all over my body and all you can think of is
    your stupid wedding? Go out of here then stop pretending you care for me! It’s alright my husband
    and son will take care of me you go on and get married whilst I rot in the hospital bed” my mother
    started crying her eyes filled up I felt guilty,
    “Mom please, it’s not like that, you know I love you. Please don’t do this to me, please” I begged
    her sitting down beside her Ketty remained standing her face truly sad I felt bad my mother was
    pushing he too much.
    “I have not stopped you from getting married Mario, all am asking is that you wait till am well
    enough to walk to your wedding, it’s a big day in my life and I need to be there in good health. I
    cannot guarantee I will walk in 3 days you know, but since you insist, go on and get married
    without me” she added and looked away.
    I tried to talk her out of it but as stubbornness was her nature, she refused to bless me and let me
    get married. Ketty wiped her tears and walked closer to my mother I looked at her and held her
    hand to comfort her. The look in her eyes made me feel uncomfortable my mother was too harsh
    on her.
    “Mom, am sorry that you are hurt, I know this will be a big loss on our part but we will postponed
    the wedding till you are well. I want to marry your son with your blessings and I cannot go against
    a mother`s wish.” She spoke and I stood up to her.
    “No, baby come on we cannot cancel the wedding.” I shook my head but she shrugged
    “We need her blessings baby and if what it takes is to wait till mom is fine, then its fine by me” she
    swallowed hard I saw she was almost crying,
    “Thank you Ketty, I appreciate you understand my pain” my mother looked at her and back at me.
    “Ketty can I talk to my mother alone?” I asked her and she walked out leaving us. I looked at my
    mother who was watching her leave and turned to look at me.
    “What is going on mother?” I finally asked her seeing how pleased her face was.
    “What do you mean? You cannot see am injured and needs healing?” she responded carelessly,
    “You know what I mean mother, what is wrong with you? Why are you bent on hurting my fiancé?
    “I asked this time seriously.
    “Look here Mario, that girl is a spoiled brat, she is rich and all but she is not good for you, haven’t
    you heard of how badly her family ended? You want the same for yourself huh?” my mother
    “no, stop with that mother, I have known Ketty for over 2 years and she is nothing of what you say
    about her, she is a decent woman with morals, she does not boast about her wealthy and she is
    hard working. What is it now? All she has done since I introduced her to you is try to impress you
    even when you push her so hard” I lamented but by mother shook her head.
    “you cannot see it because you are blinded by what you think is love, come on Mario, every
    person is something from her family and that girl’s true colors will one day come out. Just…”
    “Enough mom, huh! Enough! what is this? Am going to marry Ketty on Saturday with or without
    your blessings, just get well soon am leaving now” I stood up and stormed out ignoring her call for
    me to go back in.
    Ketty was standing outside besides her car the time I went out her friend close to her she was
    whispering something I could not clearly get.
    “baby, am sorry about that back there, don’t mind her though, we are not going to wait for anyone,
    everything is set and the wedding is on this Saturday” I stood in front of her trying to loosen her
    hands which were folded to hold her.
    “Mario, we cannot get married like this, no. your mother has spoken so we shall do as she wants I
    love you so much Yes, but if we have to live better lives together it’s important we have everyone
    on board with one heart for us to be together.” she cried her tears falling her cheeks I hugged her
    “No baby, we are not ...”
    “Enough, Mario please! We both know whatever your mother means to do will pass so just drop it,
    let’s call the people we can manage to get in touch with and inform them about the changes, we
    can try negotiate with the venue owners for a push up of dates and other things too” she added
    sniffing in her friend kept shaking her head.
    “Mario, just drop it already, just try to sort this out the two of you and find the way forward” Sera
    looked at me.
    “will see you later Ketty, let me get to the matron`s and tell her you will talk to her later and let the
    dancing guys go back.” she patted Ketty’s hand and walked away after Ketty nodded her head to
    agree with her.
    We drove to her house our vehicles following each other. Sitting inside the house, we both were
    silent each one lost in thoughts.
    “Baby am so sorry about...” I almost spoke but she raised her hand at me.
    “it’s okey, we will start making calls this minute and see how we can push things forward” She
    spoke trying to sound okey but I knew she wasn’t.
    An hour later we argued until we decided to push it forward by two months, the main reason was
    that the weeks after our set wedding date were all taken at the venue, so we decided to get the
    only free day after 2 months, of which we thought was okey since by then we assumed my mother
    would be well enough to attend.
    I was disappointed with my own mother but I didn’t want to get married with people having
    different undesirable thoughts. I wanted all things well done and my father later on told me to hang
    on as mom wanted, he told me his effort to reason with her had failed and since that was my last
    hope, we all settled for another date.
    “Thank you for understanding my Son, am sorry with how I reacted to your girlfriend but since you
    two love each other, am not going to stop your marriage only that I want to be there when my first
    born son gets married” My mother smiled that evening when I went to check on her.
    “Mom, she is not my girlfriend, she is my fiancé, my wife to be and the minute you decide to look
    at her that way the better for all of us. “ I shook my head at her.

    PART 9

    The people moving about, some in a rush whilst others took their time, standing and checking out
    some items from the shop windows, others smiling as they tried on some second hand clothes as
    they assumed they looked good in their newly acquired clothing’s. My eyes went round analyzing
    the surrounding as I stood near the street in town lost in thoughts one would wonder what I was
    doing standing there by myself.
    Well, for me everyone around looked okey, I had no idea what they had going on in their lives only
    that mine was actually a crooked road that I could not see directions clearly. I felt like I was on
    journey which I had no idea what the destination would be. My mother was still recovering in the
    ICU, I had no idea whether she would make it out and make my sacrifice worthy while, or she
    would die anyway of which I would end up in a mess since now I was pregnant with a man I barely
    In my hands as I stood in the street was a piece of paper that was some evidence I was carrying a
    child that I had not even in my dreams dreamt of having at that moment in my life. I felt some hot
    liquid flow down my cheeks and I raised my left forefinger wiping it away.
    “you don’t have to cry now Chisomo, this is not time for tears but time to face what lay ahead” I
    whispered inside myself and decided to cross the road without following the simple road crossing
    rule of looking right, left and right again before crossing.
    The loud honking of the vehicle made me stop in the middle of the road I covered my ears I was
    so sure I was dying any second.
    “What is going on with you woman? You want to kill yourself or something?’ the loud voice of a
    man made me realise I was still alive I looked at him my eyes wide open, he had to pat my hand to
    wake me up.
    “Hey! Are you okey?” the man asked I nodded my head without saying a word to him.
    “Well, you better watch were you are going or you will die before your time young lady” the man
    added and for the first time I took my chance to look at him. He was an elderly man who spoke so
    gently am sure he felt pity for me. My reaction was so confusing even to myself.
    “Am sorry, I was not watching my steps and were am going” I managed to say at last and the man
    shrugged telling me it was okey.
    Walking to the bus station, I got on a bus to Woodlands. I had to tell Ketty and her fiancé I was
    carrying their most wanted child. I sat in the middle seat of the small bus and looked out the
    window as the bus started moving. That moment I allowed myself to remember what had
    happened a month past.
    Flash back…….
    I was seated beside my mother`s bed in the hospital reading her the verses from the bible as she
    had requested when my phone rung.
    “Hello!” I responded not really paying attention to the number calling.
    “Chisomo, we need you today, tomorrow was bad I failed to call you over. There is a change of
    plans about the wedding but our deal still stands.” Ketty had told me.
    “Yeah sure, I will be there” I whispered looking at my mother who narrowed her eyes trying to get
    what I was up to.
    “Who was that?” she asked me and I sighed not wanting to spoil her mood by telling her it was
    Ketty. She had questioned where the money for her surgery had come from and I lied I borrowed it
    from a friend.
    “never lie to me Chisomo, don’t tell me you got that woman`s deal for this money” she had asked
    in a sad tone.
    “No mom, come on I didn’t. Now, I have to go something has come up and I mighty come back a
    little late. Your food is in that food warmer okey?” I rubbed her hand before leaving.
    Getting to Ketty`s house, I found her alone crying laying down on her couch. She sat up and wiped
    her tears seeing me walk in.
    “Am sorry, I didn’t mean to walk in like this but John told me I would find you here” I whispered
    standing there as she looked at my face I could see she was hurting, a photo of her father was
    laying their close to her.
    “Its okey am just having some bad moments in my life, these are times when I miss my father so
    much” she sniffed in and patted the couch for me to sit next to her.
    “Look here Chisomo, I know this is uncomfortable for you, I mean, what asking you to do. But now
    more than ever, I need that baby, if am going to end up with Mario, then I need that baby
    Chisomo” she held my hand, squeezing it.
    “Um, oh “ I murmured not really knowing what to tell her, her sadness was too evident.
    “so I want you to go to Mario`s house, no” she paused,
    “I will take you to him and you two will continue what you started, he is hurting too right now cause
    of what his mother has done and he will be easy to get down with you. So let’s go and do this” she
    stood up but I remained seated wanting to beg her to reconsider her plan,
    “Ketty” I called her still seated.
    “Yes, what is it?” she asked me and I kept quiet for some seconds.
    “Hey, what is going on? Is your mother okey?” she asked me now turning to look at me.
    “Um, yeah, I mean she is still in the hospital but there is hope for her at least. What I mean is that I
    don’t think I can do this, it’s not right and its hurting you... I thinks its best i….” I stopped,
    swallowing hard as her face went down.
    “What do you mean you cannot do this, we had an agreement and now it is easy that the two of
    you already started this” she shook her head pulling me to sit down.
    “Or what? You suddenly want to change your mind? Did Mario hurt you? Are you feeling okey?
    Are you scared, I can talk to him and make sure all is well” she spoke panic in her voice.
    “No, actually we didn’t do anything the other day Ketty, we both could not get to do it” I finally told
    her seeing how the issue was affecting her.
    “What? You played me for a fool huh? You and Mario didn’t do ….” She sighed deeply standing
    “Now, listen to me Chisomo” she came back at me this time so angry
    “am trying to be patient with you right now and I swear you are just getting on my last nerve and
    you don’t want to get me messed up right now, I have issues with my mother in law and the last
    thing i need is some games played on me. Now, I will pretend I didn’t hear that and right this
    minute, stand up and let’s get going. You are spending a night at Mario`s and if I have to, I will
    stay and watch till you two do what I want. I paid you and I need results” she stormed out and I
    watched her in silence as she went upstairs coming back a minute later with car keys.
    Without a word I followed her and the drive to Kamwala south was silent. She kept looking ahead
    and I had no words to tell her, she was right to get mad at me, I had her money and even though
    my heart was screaming for me to do the right thing, I still had to pay for it all. The sight of her
    sadness prompted me the more to help her.
    An hour later, I was seated in Mario`s bed looking down the floor. He too was standing by the
    window watching the vehicles pass by the road side.
    Clearing my throat, I walked towards him and touched his shoulder.
    “Am sorry Mario, I have no idea what is going on with you and Ketty but today we cannot lie to her,
    you both seem tense and I need to get back to my mother” I spoke softly. He kept looking out until
    finally he decided to face me.
    “Chisomo, why are you doing this? “He asked now leaning his hand on my shoulder I felt my legs
    shiver with him that close.
    “I need to help my mother I already told you that” I stammered but he lifted my face to look at him.
    “No, why are you really here Chisomo, you could have let it be. Your mother, am sure would not
    allow this. I don’t mean bad but everyone dies at some point. So why are you here?” he asked me
    “um, I know it’s hard for you to understand Mario, but for me my mother is all I have, my father and
    elder brother died in a road accident years ago when I was still a little girl, my mother had to suffer
    working her life off to get me where I am today, she gave up her life for me and I man just trying to
    return the favor. We have no relations I would run to for help and so I had to find a way myself.
    Another thing..” I paused looking at him to make sure he was getting me. It was the first time I was
    actually speaking it out.
    “also, am doing this for love Mario, I heard a cry for love of a desperate woman. I saw that sad
    look in Ketty`s eyes and heard it in her voice as she asked me to give birth to a baby so she can
    have you. I am a woman and I know how hard it is to find true love in this life. Now that she has it,
    she is afraid she could lose everything. She is suffering just with the thought am with you right
    now, but she is willing to forego it all so that she makes you happy Mario, that is the reason I got in
    that car today and allowed myself to come over here and make her wishes come true.” I explained
    with tears in my eyes he sighed looking at me in a different way.
    He looked away again.
    “We have to do this for your woman Mario, we have to. “ I added and went to sit on the bed.
    “My mother hates her Chisomo, she hates my fiancé just because her family didn’t work out, she
    hates her because she is a woman with wealthy, I swear I love that girl. She makes me happy and
    I love her, now we have to push forward the weeding….” He went on explaining what was going
    on and I felt bad for them both.
    “What a love story” I whispered in my mind.
    Without warning he had come close to me and lifted me up. I didn’t expect it, but he kissed my lips
    so gently. Feeling him close made my insides go wild I wondered why I was feeling that, instead of
    being disgusted with him, I felt myself respond in a way I had not planned to.
    “You are a good person and I am beginning to like you” he paused looking at me I kept my head
    down. That wasn’t the plan, I thought there won’t be talking or touching, all I had in mind was him
    getting on with it and get me pregnant without chit chats and close whispers.
    “Are you okey?” he asked me his voice getting to my throat I swallowed hard.
    “Um, am.. am scared” I told him honestly, only I wasn’t sure what I was scared of myself, either
    because he made me feel uneasy since he belonged to another or the fact that I was liking the
    idea of being so close to the man I barely knew.
    “I know, I am too, but I guess its double scare for you who has never done this before” he smiled
    and I felt myself relax he curved his arms around me laying me down to the bed.
    “I will try be gentle okey?” he looked into my eyes and I nodded.
    Well, the rest of the minutes after were shockingly wonderful, it hurt a little bit but later on I forgot
    where I was, he made it so gentle I felt like a woman for the first time in my life. He kept looking
    into my eyes and smiling all the way, it was like I was being introduced to a whole new world and
    at Moment my heart felt home, peaceful and full of hope. My body was filled with sensations I so
    much enjoyed.
    “Did I hurt you?” he asked laying back down.
    “A little at first but am okey” I whispered feeling shy.
    He tilted my head and made me look into his face.
    “Thank you” he whispered I noticed he did it with a smile. That night he made things worse
    insisting I spend a night since it was late. He assured me the first thing in the morning he was to
    take me to my mother at the hospital. I so much wanted to go sleep alone in the other room, but
    he insisted there was nothing more to be afraid of since we already had met. He came on to me
    again I understood his need as a man, or did I just want him too?
    Well, whatever the reason, we made ourselves husband and wife for a night and it didn’t hurt as
    much as I imagined it would.

    PART 10

    I was just knocking off from work, it being a Friday, I had plans with the guys, so I planned on
    getting home and change quickly before we could go out. I wanted to go with Ketty but she called
    me to say she had to finish the book she was working on. Knowing her, when she was buried in
    her computer, she barely moved till she accomplished her target.
    “Afternoon Sir!” one of the staff sergeants greeted me as I passed him towards the car park. My
    Phone rung and when I noticed it was Ketty, I rushed to get into the vehicle so i could talk
    “He baby” I responded upon settling down.
    “Hey, can you come over? Chisomo called me and she asked to meet us both here, it could be
    good news huh, we have not seen her in two weeks” she informed me and my heart raced at the
    mention of Chisomo`s name.
    I had been with her a couple of times after Ketty practically made us make love the first time but
    not in an intimate way. It was never my intention to look at the woman in the way my heart had
    started and I hated I was being so soft. She was so calm, she spoke with so much passion and
    her desire to save others for me was just amazing.
    The time we met next, I had followed her to the hospital. She had disappeared on us for a week
    and Ketty told me she was probably still feeling guilty about what happen,
    “She will come around you know” she assured me, all I did was nod my head. I didn’t want to talk
    much about her, revealing to Ketty I enjoyed being with a strange woman the entire night, was not
    going to make things any better, so I let her assume I just did it in a rush and the two of us patted
    That evening I went to the hospital, not really knowing what to expect, I just found myself waiting
    outside, I didn’t have her line, nor did I ask about her mother`s name to find out the ward she was
    in, so stood outside the car park. I was there for almost an hour, when she suddenly walked out
    her arms folded around herself she looked exhausted.
    In the moment I took time analyzing her and realized how beautiful she was. Her dark skin was so
    appealing I wouldn’t want her to change it a little bit, she was of medium height and in her chitenge
    wrapper I could see the nice curves. My eyes went up her face and now the darkness did me no
    favor as I could not see it clearly I was so far away.
    I watched her for some time and saw her walk to the roadside carrying a small bag. When she
    stood by the road, I knew she was waiting for some sort of transport, so I started driving in her
    “Hey Chisomo!” I greeted her popping my head from the car window. She turned to look at me and
    looked right down.
    “What do you want Mario?” she sighed
    “How are you? And how is your mother today?” I asked instead ignoring her attitude.
    “She is getting there, though the surgery has brought other issues in her body. Now what do you
    want? Did Ketty send you again, it’s just been a week and I cannot tell if am pregnant now” she
    shrugged like chasing me away.
    “Where are you going? We can talk in the car and I can tell you why am here as we move” I
    smiled. She shook her head.
    “Come on, get in, see there is a car behind me we cannot keep that man from passing” I insisted
    seeing her hesitate.
    She came in and sat silently. I moved to fasten her seat belt and she looked at me surprised, I
    smiled so close her face.
    “Seat belt” I chuckled and she pulled it round herself fastening it as she leaned back still
    “Where to?” I asked as I joined the road.
    “Home, in Matero” she responded looking ahead without a blink.
    “I already know that, just wanted to be sure we heading home, thought you wanted to spend the
    night at my place again, you um…”
    “Mario, stop this now!” she cut me looking at my face and back at the road.
    “What? What should I stop?” I teased with a smile
    “That! Stop acting like we are in a relationship Mario, you are engaged to Ketty if I may remind you
    and I told you last time that night we spent together was a mistake, that was not part of the deal,
    the breakfast in bed, the whispers, the kisses, all that, whatever!” she raised her hands her voice
    now raised too.
    “It was a mistake Mario” she added shaking her head.
    “Oh, oh, don’t do that to me Chisomo, am not the one who brought this idea, and I should remind
    you too that I never planned for things to turn that way, it seemed the two of us are naturally
    attracted to each other and…”
    “Enough!” she stopped me
    “Say another word and am getting out of this car, besides am not and is never going to be
    attracted to you. You are just a man I slept with to get pregnant for your fiancé.” she yelled this
    time facing me I tried to smile but she was dead seriously.
    “Well. Am sorry, I get it, no wonder you went silent on us after that day” I sighed increasing the
    speed as the road cleared ahead of us.
    “Yes, I did my part and let’s just wait for that child, if am pregnant and the child comes, I give the
    baby to the two of you and you will never see me again. That is the deal” she emphasized the
    word deal and I could not say any more.
    Upon reaching her house, I walked her out to the front door and she insisted I went back but I
    asked if she could hand me some water.
    “Am thirsty Chisomo, I need water” I lied wanted to spend more time with her. There was
    something about her calling to my name and I tried to push my mind to ignore it but i ended up
    pulled towards her. Not that I was not happy with ketty, in fact, we had been okey after mom was
    out of the hospital the two of us would visit her. We could sit and laugh, do all the things normally
    and I wouldn’t say I loved her less, just that, that thing for Chisomo was coming on slowly and the
    more I decided to push it back, the more I recalled our night together, the warmth of her body, her
    small snores when she slept and the peace and calmness that surrounded her face as she slept. I
    wanted to be close to her and that past week was like a torture. I couldn’t get myself to forget her.
    “What? Are you going to drink the water or you keep staring at the cup?” Chisomo asked me
    pulling me back to the moment.
    “Yeah, sure” I sighed getting the water from her hands.
    “It’s a small house “I stated not having anything else to say. After drinking the water.
    “Thank you for pointing that out Mario” she raised her face at me and I stood up realizing it was an
    inappropriate comment.
    “Am sorry, I didn’t mean it like that, it’s just that,” I stopped looking at her face as she waited for
    me to explain myself.
    “I missed you” I finally said it and she pulled her hands back.
    “Go home Mario, it’s getting late” she cleared her throat.
    “But why? I want to be here” I spoke without thinking through my words and she shook her head.
    “Asking me to sleep with you so you two can have a baby is torture enough, now you want to start
    playing your man games with me. Get out Mario! Just leave me alone” she spat getting upset.
    ‘You know that is not true, I have not intended to play any games with you. What happened
    between us was real, it was passionate and you cannot tell me I was playing my man games with
    you back then.”
    “Leave then” she said indifferently.
    “No, am not leaving so soon, tell me you have forgotten that night we had together, tell me you
    cannot remember a single thing and I will leave” I stood up
    “You are being stubborn for nothing Mario, come on get going I need to rest.” she opened the door
    for me to leave but I pulled her back in an embrace I felt her gasp and stiffen in my arms.
    She tried to push me away, but I made her look at my face and our eyes met, that moment I saw
    it, the small brightness in her middle eye that was shining so bright. I don’t know if I was imagining
    it, but it was there. She whispered my name asking me to leave her but I couldn’t let her go.
    “What is wrong with you man?” I heard my inner voice warn me loudly but I ignored it. Slowly but
    with so much determination, I kissed her and she stayed there without doing a thing. For a couple
    of minutes I played around her partly opened lips and pulled back when she was not responding.
    “I should get going “I sighed rubbing my eyes as she kept looking at me without a word.
    “Yeah, that is right” she finally spoke and I walked out of the door pushing myself to the car
    outside. Sitting inside, I saw her watching me and drove away before I could get myself back in
    that house.
    That was the last I heard and saw her. I decided to stay away and Ketty kept telling me she was
    okey and her mother was not yet fully recovered. I could not get myself to see her again even
    when I so much wanted to. I couldn’t just keep betraying my fiancé and the right thing to do was to
    keep myself away from Chisomo.
    Now the call I have to face her again, made my throat dry with nervousness I felt like an idiot who
    couldn’t control his hormones. Putting the keys in the ignition, I drove to Ketty’s house.
    “Here we are” Ketty smiled at me and Chisomo after I had arrived some time later. Chisomo
    looked at me and back at Ketty, I noticed she was avoiding my face but said nothing, she was
    seated across the couch, Ketty and I sat on the same couch she was holding my fingers.
    “Am pregnant” she announced without warning, Ketty jumped up in excitement she was screaming
    her joy out. I on the other hand folded my arms not knowing what to do.
    “What?’ I finally managed to say
    “Mario, baby, she said she is pregnant. Isn’t that good news? Oh baby am so happy, thank you
    Chisomo” she went on to hug Chisomo who was silent watching her jubilation
    “Mario?” Ketty gave me an eye I stood up faking a smile.
    “Yeah, its great news baby. Finally you have achieved what you wanted” I smiled at her she
    jumped to kiss me and for some reason I pulled back faster than I intended looking down at
    Chisomo who had her eyes on us, she looked away the moment our eyes met.
    “Well, come on, we plan the coming of our baby “Ketty sat excited she could not stop smiling. My
    eyes went to Chisomo who was evidently so emotional I could see her face clouded with sadness.

    PART 11

    I kept looking away as Ketty and Mario made out in front of me, she was super excited and kept
    kissing and holding Mario every time she took a break from cerebrating my pregnancy. In all
    honesty, I had never seen her that happy since the day I met her. She actually had a wide lovely
    smile, her face was beaming I knew she really wanted the baby.
    “Chisomo, am so happy and so grateful you agreed to do this for us, I promise to keep the end of
    my bargain and you will get all the money you need. Right now am starting to put the baby`s room
    in order, I have pictures of what kind of room I would love for our baby” she danced about happily.
    “Baby, don’t you think you are taking it too far, the pregnancy is only a few weeks old, let’s take it
    easy” Mario spoke his eyes on me and as was my trend I could feel myself avoid his gaze so I
    looked away.
    I watched them as they argued and debated about the sex of the baby like I was not even there.
    Then it clicked, “That is all these people care about, the baby I was carrying and nothing more. I
    could feel I had no place around that house and even when I already knew that fact, it didn’t stop
    me from feeling bad. I felt my eyes fill up as I took in the thoughts of how my life would be.
    “Um, excuse me, I got to go now, I just came to tell you both that” I stood up wiping the tear from
    my eyes, and Ketty came close worried I looked that way.
    “Oh my God, Chisomo am so sorry my dear, I have been so much into celebrating this baby I
    forgot to inquire how you are feeling, how are you coping up with all this?” she asked and I knew
    she wasn’t being a hypocrite she was actually concerned about me.
    Instead of responding to her, I started shedding tears,
    “Am sorry” I sniffed in failing to hide my inner pain.
    “Chisomo, Chichi, oh No am sorry love, are you feeling okey?” she hugged me so close I could
    feel her nice cologne. For a minute she held me in an embrace, though I could not see the face of
    Mario since I had my eyes closed, I could tell he was looking at me too.
    “It’s okey, I understand, this is too much for you Chisomo, I, I “she stammered looking at my face.
    “Am so grateful you are doing this huge sacrifice for us, I swear to God I will never forget it, the
    rest of my life I will owe it to you “Ketty pulled to sit us both down.
    “am okey, it’s just that so much has happened of late and my mother`s condition is not that good.
    Am sorry for crying like a baby in your presence” I told her honestly.
    “I understand. I do, and am sorry for your pain too. Listen, here is what we are going to do, you are
    pregnant now and you need extra care, since your mother is in the hospital and you stay alone,
    why not move in with me.” she smiled holding my hand.
    “What? No “ I quickly responded.
    “Why not, right Baby?, she can come over here, that way we will help her all the months till she
    gives birth. What do you say?” she looked at Mario who sighed deeply looking at me.
    “Look Chisomo, you are part of this family now, you, Ketty and myself, are more than strangers,
    we are family now that the baby is on the way, so there is no problem, I for one would want you
    close” he paused am sure he was watching his words.
    “I mean, for the sake of the baby too” he quickly added and Ketty nodded her head to agree with
    I was left to think over what they had suggested and I told them I would call and tell them my
    decision after talking to my mother. Ketty even suggested it was good that my mother came over
    too when she was discharged to avoid me having to worry about her. She was of the idea, that a
    maid would be hired to take care of us both till I gave birth to the baby.
    “What have you done, Chisomo?” my mother whispered painfully after I told her the entire truth.
    “Am sorry, I had to mom, you were dying and I had to do something, don’t worry I will have the
    baby and give it to them, then the two of us will move on with our lives” I told her but she shook
    her head sadly.
    “Stop talking nonsense my child, there is no mother in this world that would let go of their child just
    like that. The moment you see the baby you will never want to let it go. Stop lying to yourself child,
    this is not going to give you what you are looking for, it will only bring you pain, regrets and misery
    so much you will not live at peace with yourself” she had warned and looked away sadly.
    I sat there beside her bed rewinding every word she told me. my heart was heavy with pain
    already and even though I wanted to act things were okey, I knew there was truth in my mother`s
    words. I started remembering the good old days when she was strong and healthy, how much she
    talked about me finding happiness, my mother was born in a family of 5 and apparently she was
    the only surviving child of her parents. Some of the children to her elder brothers and sister were
    alive somewhere but in my growing I never met many of them, the few that I met were not that
    friendly and never valued external family, so it was always my mother and I since Daddy and my
    kid brother died in an accident.
    “What a cruel world” I thought to myself wiping the tears from my face. My mother turned to look at
    me and her last words marked my heart. She said,
    “You should have let God take control of my life and yours Chisomo, now you have sacrificed
    yourself for nothing, for you will not live to see my face any longer. I hope that one day, you will
    find peace in your life my child and that baby you are carrying there, even if not brought in a right
    manner, may it be the one to help you find yourself and true happiness” my mother whispered her
    last words. I was there sobbing as the words pricked my heart when she closed her eyes and
    peacefully went silent. At first I thought she was asleep but then seeing how stiff she had become,
    I tried to shake her but nothing, her chest movements had stopped and by the time the doctors
    came in to confirm her death, I was so let down and broken.
    “What have I done?” was the question I kept asking myself as the world around me went into slow
    motion, all I could remember was that I called Ketty and announced my mother was no more. I
    don’t recall any other thing after that as I found myself, laying flat on a wide bed in Ketty`s room. I
    looked around and Mario was standing there watching me in silence.
    “Hey, finally” he smiled weakly walking towards me.
    “How long have I been here?” I asked him.
    “About 2 hours, you were in some kind of shock and Ketty and I decided to bring you here. Am
    sorry about your mother Chisomo, I truly am, I wish with all I got she had gotten better especially
    after what you have sacrificed for her. Don’t worry am here for you, am not letting you go through
    pain alone, if you need anything just let me know” he sighed sitting close by holding my hands.
    He went on to tell me they would take care of my mother`s funeral and all burial arrangements and
    they kept their promise. The few people that showed up at the funeral helped me mourn my
    mother till we buried her.
    Two months later………………
    I woke up feeling dizzy, the effects of the pregnancy was really getting to me. looking around, what
    had become my room, I found a bunch of fresh flowers on my table and I smiled, I knew Ketty
    loved flowers and always asked the maid to get some in her room and now mine every morning,
    according to her, flowers had a way of brightening one`s day.
    However, that morning the flowers were not as they used to be, it was a huge bunch nicely
    wrapped and decorated I stood up and went to hold them smelling them. Sadly, the moment their
    scent got to my nose I felt my nausea increase I rushed to the bathroom to puke.
    “Oh my God, are you okey?” I heard a familiar voice I wondered what he was doing there at that
    time of the day.
    “Are you okey?” he asked again as I walked out of the bathroom breathing heavily.
    “No, actually am not, I cannot stand the scent of these flowers” I responded going to sit on the
    bed. He came and sat close to me.
    “Am sorry, I didn’t know this would happen, I couldn’t have brought them” he apologized.
    “Well, what is the occasion? Is it my birthday or something?” I asked surprised he got me flowers.
    “Why, a man cannot get flowers for a woman he cares for?” he asked with that warm smile I
    quickly looked away.
    “Hm, not in my world, I see such things in movies where a man gets flowers for the fiancé or wife
    or girlfriend. But am none of those so?” I shrugged moving up the bed I felt weak after vomiting.
    “Why do you always do that?” he asked me.
    “Do what?” I narrowed my eyes not really getting what he was talking about. It was evident I had
    avoided being close to him and I never wanted to find myself alone with him. One of the reasons,
    was I never wanted Ketty to feel bad or uncomfortable, she had been so good and supportive to
    me. the other, was that my body had started betraying me and I tried to stay away from him lest I
    get myself to do what I dared not to.
    “Why do you always push me away?” he finally asked
    “I don’t” I shook my head.
    “By the way, where is Ketty and why are you here this early?” I asked changing the subject.
    “You have forgotten? “ he asked
    “What? oh no!” I winced realizing what he meant.
    “The book thing” I smiled
    “Yeah, she is going to launch her book, the tour is starting today and she will not be back home
    until after a week. Since we still have a couple of weeks before the wedding, she said she will
    manage her tour. She has all the nine provinces of Zambia to go to before coming back.” he
    explained what I already knew only I hated that their wedding date was pushed further due to
    reasons I never wanted to ask.
    “And, to answer your question, she asked that I watch you and take care of you in her absence.
    So here I am” he raised his hands chuckling loudly.
    “no, am not a baby Mario, am a woman and am not sick, so you can rest easy, besides, we have a
    maid to help here I will not be doing anything to stress myself as you two call it.” I told him.
    “Well, you know her, she wouldn’t stop when she aims at something and there was no way I would
    say no to her, so here I am. Besides, I need to spend time with the mother to my baby too, you
    need me” he smiled passionately I could see that same look I used to avoid.
    Clearing my throat, I asked for him to leave me so I could dress up since I was still in a night
    gown, he told me he was going to prepare breakfast for me and would be back when I was done.
    At first I thought he was joking but when he came back, he surely had made breakfast, with lemon
    tea just the way I wanted it,
    “You didn’t have to do this you know that” I told him my mouth full.
    “I had to, I missed being this close to you.” He started and I shook my head murmuring to stop him
    from talking.
    “I love you Chisomo” he straight away spit it out without warning, I spat my tea chocking.
    “What? Are you mad?” I placed the cup of tea on the tray and looked at his face.
    “Yes, I might be, how else will I explain the feelings I have for you? I love you I cannot help it
    anymore, I had to tell you” he added now closing in to me I stood up abruptly like I was burnt.
    “Enough! now leave me alone!” I raised my voice at him.
    “am not sorry for this, hate me and call me names, ignore me all you want but it’s true, I love you”
    he insisted before leaving the room and I watched him walk way my legs weak I slid my body on
    the bed sighing deeply before leaning my face in my palms.
    “My God, this man will kill me” I whispered to myself.

    PART 12

    My mother looked at me and smiled,
    “What is making you so happy mom, is the fact that my wedding day is pushed further or that you
    are hoping I and Ketty are no longer together?” I asked her. She shook her head and sighed siting
    “come to think of it my son, every time your wedding comes closer something comes up and its
    pushed further, first it was my accident, then the priest to officiate your marriage goes out of town,
    hmm don’t you think that is a sign?” she giggled
    “Mom it’s not funny, if only you had not insisted on pushing the wedding, all this could have not
    happened” I looked at her.
    “Don’t start Mario, just tell me how you are doing, it’s been long. Your brother told me you have
    practically moved in with your girlfriend. Isn’t that too early? Can’t you guys wait for the wedding?”
    she let a laugh teasing me.
    “it’s not like that mom, it’s that we need to take care of Chi…” I paused before I could spill the
    news about Chisomo.
    “Forget it mom, Sam is not saying the truth, I always go home, its just that we have a lot to do for
    the wedding and …”
    “Shut up! Stop lying to me Mario” my mother cut me short.
    “hey Mario, you are here?” I was relieved my chat with mom was cut short. my father walked in
    and sat near mom, I liked my father`s company because we talked about other things apart from
    marriage staff. He and I had been good together but not as close as he was with Sam, I liked the
    way he spoke about things, he really cared less what I was doing provided I was doing things in a
    morally good way.
    “So how is Ketty?” he asked me after inquiring about work.
    “She is fine though she is out of town, she went on some tour, she has to launch her book” I
    responded with a smile,
    “Well, that is good, she really is good huh?” dad nodded his head at me.
    “She is pretty good dad, I have read one of her books and she is good, unfortunately am not so
    much of a reader so I guess I have not tried to read another one. She loves writing and I will try
    support her”
    “Hm, a woman moving about towns for a week and you to say she is marriage material” my
    mother chirped in sarcastically. I just looked at her and back at dad.
    “I should get going now, I just came to check on you guys.” I stood up.
    Passing through a mall I picked up some fruits and other food stuffs with Chisomo in mind, it was a
    day after I told her I was in love with her and she clearly gave me no reason to believe she felt the
    same for me.
    “I don’t know what to do man, this girl is driving me crazy” I told my friend, the husband to Sera,
    who was too best friends with Ketty. He looked at me and shook his head.
    “The moment I heard what you guys are organizing I knew trouble was on its way my man. I
    mean, how can you?”
    “hey, don’t put this on me man, it wasn’t my idea, you know how much I tried to shoot down this
    Ketty`s thinking but she wouldn’t listen to me. Now I cannot stop thinking about Chisomo man, she
    makes me feel, how can I put it?” I stood holding the trolley I was pushing still.
    “she makes me feel like myself, I mean, it’s like I feel I could tell her anything you know, I don’t act
    like someone I am not, she never lets me down with whatever she says, she always says the right
    things and I cannot forget her soft body, i…”
    “Oho woo! Man slow down” my friend stopped me.
    “Don’t tell me you no longer love Ketty Mario, she is your girl and you guys are over the moon for
    each other, what? You have suddenly lost interest in the woman you are getting married to in a
    few weeks?” he asked.
    “No, I love Ketty man”
    “Hmm, you love her, you are just from fantasizing about another girl and you say you love her?
    Are you okey?”
    “um, am confused man, honestly, Ketty is my woman, she understands me, we have a good
    relationship for years and have come a long way, she is mine and I know am marrying her in a few
    weeks as you put it but, I don’t know . I cannot stop my heart from feeling this warmth towards
    Chisomo” I told him honestly.
    He looked at me and sighed, went on telling me I had to make a choice, and he insisted I stuck
    with the woman I was getting married to. He was right, I felt I had to make that decision as fast as
    possible before I hurt ketty of even Chisomo, they both were amazing women and I wanted to see
    them both happy.
    That day as I drove to Ketty`s I received a call from Ketty telling I had to go check on Chisomo.
    “Am on my way there baby don’t worry, how is the trip going there?” I asked to avoid further
    discussion about Chisomo lest let myself say what I never intended to say. She just reminded me I
    was to take Chisomo to see the doctor.
    Chisomo was seated in the couch watching some movie the time I got there. She was clad in a
    wrapper and a sleeveless body top. I stood there watching her, she smiled as she watched.
    “Wow, how amazing, she has a sweat smile” I thought to myself leaning my head on the door not
    wanting to interrupt her. She giggled at some scene and I smiled too. Clearing my throat, she
    quickly turned to look at me and sunk back in the couch.
    “Hey” I greeted her going to sit near her but she moved to the edge.
    “Mario, what are you doing here? “She responded instead
    “I came to check on you Chisomo, besides, Ketty told me you are supposed to be checked by her
    doctor today and I thought I could come take you” I explained.
    “Well, I don’t feel sick am okey, I don’t need to see a doctor” Chisomo spoke almost in a whisper.
    “We will still go Chisomo, you know what I mean, you are not sick but you are pregnant, your
    appointment day is due and we will have to go and do likewise” I insisted, she looked at me and
    stood up.
    “Well, let me change then” she walked on and I watched her admiring her every part of the body. I
    rebuked myself to behave.
    That day when the ultra sound was done on her, I could see her smile when the doctor showed
    her the screen for the baby`s heartbeat, she looked so excited for the first time since she had that
    pregnancy and I couldn’t help feel good with her.
    “That is the baby Mario, you see it? “she giggled looking at me.
    “Yeah, it is, so heart taking I would say. So doctor is everything okey” I asked nervously.
    “Yes, everything is fine my dear, the baby is coming up well and the mother too. Tell Ketty her
    sister is doing well” he added as we left his office.
    The way back to Ketty`s was filled with chit chats, it was like the news of that baby had brightened
    up Chisomo`s heart and she talked more that day.
    “Well I never knew I would feel like this” she confessed the moment we got to the house.
    “Me neither, am so excited.” I responded as a matter of fact, we laughed softly, unconsciously I
    held her hand as we went sitting she looked at my face.
    “Chisomo i…”
    “Well, let’s make something to eat am hungry now” she tried to stand up but I held her back.
    “Wait please” I begged without taking my eyes off her face.
    “Don’t start Mario please, you…..”
    Without hesitation i pulled her close to myself and kissed her gently. She tried to stand back but I
    wasn’t letting her go that moment. After a couple of minutes with her in a dilemma, she held on to
    my back I smiled in my heart as her hands wrapped around me.
    Excited, I lifted her up and walked to the room she was sleeping in. she pulled back trying to say
    something but I could not let her. In her eyes I could see her passion and desire for me. She was
    fighting so hard to keep away but her body just like mine was betraying her for sure.
    “Stop fighting it, I feel the same too. I love you” I whispered rubbing her fore head as I lay flat on
    her. Her soft breaths touching me and making my head clouded with emotions I could not explain.
    I felt belonging being so close to her.
    “This is wrong Mario, we got to stop before things blow out of proportion” she whispered
    “it’s too late, am already out of proportion now, I can’t, I missed you Chisomo, I cannot stop
    thinking about you, I want you to myself and I know am being selfish but what can I do?”
    “Stop coming on to me like this Mario, don’t make my life harder than it is already” she started
    “I have nothing, my mother is gone and the only thing that is keeping me here is this baby am
    carrying, the moment the child is born I will be gone and you will be married to Ketty, so please
    stop torturing me with your love talks, stop looking at me the way you do and let me be” she was
    now crying looking at me. I wiped away her tears.
    “Don’t do this Chisomo please, I want you” I whispered
    “What about Ketty? “She asked sniffing in her tears.
    “I, I don’t know, I …” I struggled to say a thing. I knew I was being unfair but I was not willing to let
    her go either, she was like a magnet that was pulling me close every time I wanted to stay away
    from her.
    “Let go of me Mario, enough okey? You and I both know you will never be with me so why are you
    doing this?” she managed to push me away and stood by the window crying. I hated she was in
    pain and I needed to help her feel okey.
    Slowly I moved to her back and hugged her from behind.
    “Stop crying Chisomo, you are making me feel bad, I cannot have you cry, please stop”
    “Do you still love Ketty?” she asked unexpectedly
    “I love her yes and….” I responded not letting go of her.
    “Then why are you standing here with me Mario?” this time she was facing me.
    “I don’t know, I really don’t know Chisomo. Am I a bad person for loving two women? I love you
    both in different ways… ketty is my best friend we are great together, we understand each other
    and are so passionate and I love her, then there is you, you are like a fresh breeze, you make me
    feel myself and at peace, I love you at the same time I love her “
    “Go on and leave Mario, it is evident you don’t love me as you think, maybe you pity me and that is
    all, but not to worry, am going to be okey. Am going to survive this and before you know it I will be
    gone. So leave already and please never talk to me about love or anything else, stop getting so
    close to me, concentrate on your marriage to Ketty and forget about me.” she empathized her
    points whilst pushing back her tears I could see her struggle.
    “No, I…” I almost went close but she held her hand at me.
    “Don’t come any close Mario, please. I have to rest now I feel tired” she shook her head as I tried
    to say another word. She went on and stood close to the window her eyes outside and I knew she
    was being serious, painfully I walked out and left the house.
    “Chisomo, why are you pushing me away, I can see it in your eyes you feel something for me.
    What do I do now, my God what is happening to me?” I talked to myself as I headed home.
    I was in a dilemma I had no idea what I was going to do, I felt my mind was so much confused I
    went to the Mess to have a couple of beers trying to get my thoughts off what was happening.

    PART 13

    I was so excited I was getting back home after a long week touring the country. I could not get my
    manager to adjust the tour so I had to go by his plan and he was right, at the end of it all we had
    made a lot of money selling copies of the book. I successfully signed an agreement with some
    movie publishing director who was interested in running my story and I was super excited.
    One thing that fulfilled my heart was my passion to write. In that, I had the entire world to myself, I
    would go to the ends of the world, explore the best places in the world, eat the best foods and
    experience the greatest true love just in my imagination and I just loved the satisfaction writing
    gave me.
    I was making a happy dance in my head as I opened the car door to walk inside when John came
    around looking at me nervously.
    “John, are you okey?” I asked him seeing how he was looking.
    “Yes madam, nilibwino. Welcome back” he smiled his silly smile.
    “What now?” I asked him as he stopped to look at me after pulling the bag off the car.
    “um, madam there is…” he could not finish his sentence and my mother emerged from the house
    elegantly dressed in a classy long black dress and silver heels on her feet she stepped forward
    like she was on a modeling contest and I clicked my tongue irritated about her showing up at my
    house. I hated my mother`s shameless acts and she knew of that fact but her mission was always
    to make sure she threw whatever I hated about her in my face.
    “Well, well, the Queen of the house is back! You look tired and old Ketty” she smiled closing in I
    felt like pushing her off her heels, I swear I thought it more than once before clearing my throat.
    “What are you doing here?” I asked ignoring her stupid smile.
    “What I want? Won’t you at least say hi to your mother?” she smiled widely. Even though she was
    playing all young and diva, my mother was ageing and only she could not see that her actions and
    way of dress was not matching her trying to be young.
    “Hi mom! Now what do you want?” I asked walking past her heading in the house.
    “I missed you” she let a soft laugh.
    “Hmm” I scoffed with a fake smile.
    “the past 10 years of my life I have learnt that you only remember me when you are out on money
    or you have something bad that you want to throw in my face, or better still, to educate me on how
    to grab husbands and kill the men in your life” I told her sarcastically. She sat in a couch
    comfortably it was like my words just passed across her ears and never got to her even a little bit.
    “When you are done bickering sit down I want to talk to you about your fiancé” she spat
    “My fiancée? I asked
    “Yes, I heard you two have pushed the wedding further twice now, who the hell postpones a
    wedding when everything is in place? “She chuckled teasingly.
    “That my dear mother is none of your business. Tell me why you are truly here and leave already,
    am tired. By the way” I paused looking around I just realized I had not seen Chisomo yet.
    “Hmmm what now?” she made a face at me.
    “Where is the lady, my friend who was in…”
    “She left with your so called Fiancée, I found her laying down in your spare bedroom and I asked
    what the heck she was doing here since I don’t recall her among your friends. I don’t know what
    games you are playing but that girl called your fiancé and they left the house about an hour ago”
    my mother said it with satisfaction.
    “You know what? You are evil. If am not Mistaken you gave hell to that poor soul dear mother,
    anyway, who she is or why we have her here is not your business. Just tell me why you really are
    here” I shrugged still standing.
    “Hmmm am here because I was told, no, “she smiled
    “I know that that fiancé of yours is a good for nothing Gold digger. I know he has another woman
    with him. All he wants is to milk you of your money and marry another” she looked at me
    “Okey” I smiled sitting down knowing it was one of her scams to get me upset I swore I would not
    give her the satisfaction.
    “Okey? That is all you will say?” she raised her eyes surprised.
    “What do you want mom, please” I shook my head sitting back.
    “Well, if you want to know, the girl he is seeing is pregnant too. I was told he took her to the
    hospital and people saw them together there. You know I get what I want and I got the info the girl
    is pregnant over 2 months. So my dear, I may not be the best mom in the world but I care about
    you. There is no other reason why your marriage is not taking off, it’s that woman” she explained
    and sat back I could see her pride. She obviously felt good she had succeeded in making me get
    mad or heartbroken. She kept looking at my gestures to see my reaction. For a couple of minutes I
    was silent. Knowing so well it was Chisomo that Mario had taken to the hospital and who ever told
    mom was obviously working at the hospital and had access to the patience`s medical records.
    Instead of saying a thing, I burst out laughing at how pathetic she looked. She was offloading what
    she thought was a boom on me meanwhile I knew it all.
    “What? Are you okey?” she asked finally when I paused from the laughter. I was so much laughing
    at how stupid she looked she stood up shocked.
    “Mom, oh mother, I like your action you know. Well, so be it if Mario is with another woman, so be
    it. By the way do you know who this woman is?” I asked to see if she was able to tell the person in
    her story was Chisomo since she had found her home.
    “Not yet, but I will find out and soon, you will be crying instead of laughing at me like this” my
    mother was now upset I felt proud too.
    ‘Hmm, good, was that all mother? The thing is I need to rest, you see some of us work hard to
    earn money, we do not wait to grab a man for his money and kill him after we get what we need” I
    teased smiling at her she slapped me before I could say more.
    “Don’t you dare insult me Ketty, I will….”
    “What?” I stood up angry at her now.
    “One day, just one day, you will swallow your words Ketty. “She pointed her finger at me and I
    smiled teasingly.
    “I hate you, you know that? You are the reason I don’t even pray anymore, I have not prayed in
    years since dad died because every time I want to, I end up seeing your face and I stop. You have
    destroyed my life and now there is no place in my heart for you. Am barren because you could not
    bare me carry a child, a product of rape as you called it. Your so-called nephew raped me and you
    cared less about my pain and what I was going through, all you needed was your good name, I bet
    you are happy I cannot have kids. I hate you for that too, so much that I curse you every time i
    remember what you me go through. Leave me alone already. I send you money every month from
    the company so you have no reason to snoop around my house. Just leave me alone will you?” I
    whispered my last words getting close to her she was eyeing me so silent.
    She sighed nodding her head and started walking towards the door.
    “Ketty, am your mother and no matter what I did, I don’t deserve this”
    “Yes you do mother, who the hell kills her husband by poisoning his beer and leaves him to die in
    his car? Who on earth as a normal mother grabs her friend`s marriage, a man who used to be best
    friends with her husband months after his death, what kind of mother calls her own child a rat and
    plots to grab back the inheritance left my her father, you know what? Just the thoughts of what you
    have done make me so angry I don’t trust my actions towards you, so please, I beg you to Stay
    away from my life. Stay the heck away! You hear!” I yelled the more I could see the maids startling
    as they were hiding in a corner watching I was too mad to say anything to them.
    My mother wiped a tear from her eyes and stepped backwards. She opened the door, gave me a
    last look and walked away without a word.
    “I hate her, err!” I gnarled angrily sitting back down and crying myself to relieve the pain I was now
    feeling. Her presence was always enough to get me in a bad mood. Now I was no longer making
    happy dances. I called the maid to give me water and drunk the cup furiously throwing it to the wall
    it broke in pieces the maid jumped startled.
    “Get me my phone!” I screamed at her she rushed to grab my bag and took out my phone rushing
    out quickly.
    “And you!” I stopped her before she could leave.
    “Yes mam” she paused
    “Next time any of you allows that woman in this house, you will be fired, have I made myself
    clear?” I asked her holding my phone.
    “Yes mom, it’s just that she…”
    “Did you hear me or not?” I asked her before she could explain herself.
    “Yes madam, sorry” she responded and rushed out almost immediately.
    “Where the hell have you both gone to? Am back home!” I yelled in the phone the moment Mario
    picked it.
    “Baby are you okey?” he asked and I realized I just burst my anger on him.
    “Oh, My God. Am sorry Mario, just that I found my mother home and you know how she is. Are
    you with Chisomo?” I calmed down hearing his voice.
    “Yeah, she called me that your mother had given her a tough time, I had to get her out before she
    got to know what is going on” he explained
    “Yeah, that was okey Baby you did well, she already has a story running I will tell you when you
    come. Come back both of you I miss you” I told him pulling off the shoes from my feet.
    “yeah, we are coming right away don’t worry and stop being mad okey?’ I could hear him sigh.
    “Am sorry baby, am okey now, just come soon alright?” I smiled as I hang the call.

    PART 14

    Seeing Chisomo and Mario walk in I felt all my anger less and less, I smiled and Mario came to
    hug me though indifferently, I could feel it was not the same passionate hug he used to give me
    but I brushed the thought of knowing I was probably tired and was deducing things wrongly.
    Chisomo didn’t sit around much after I greeted her, she excused herself and left to the room.
    “My love, is she okey?” I asked Mario leaning on him. He sighed deeply his muscle movement
    making me move up and down.
    “What?” I asked seeing he was avoiding my eyes at the moment.
    “Nothing baby, it’s just that Chisomo has been distant the past week, I barely came to see her
    because she wouldn’t allow me. She looks sad Ketty, am worried because she needs to be okey
    for the baby. She only called after your mother gave her a hard time” Mario explained sadly, for
    some reason I couldn’t explain, I noticed he was sad too, he seemed lost even his words seemed
    random like he was just picking them without really saying everything that was in his heart.
    “Look, baby, its okey for a pregnant woman to feel low and sad sometimes, I have researched so
    much about pregnancies’. My mother`s coming obviously got her upset too but that was before
    and she told me she understood her. Besides, remember how we got her pregnant, I know this is
    a bit too much for her no wonder I wanted her around so we both could take care of her. What
    matters now is that she and the baby are healthy” I stated to him. Mario only shrugged without
    saying anything and the rest of the time we spent together he kept his end of the conversation
    short, he would respond with one answer and sometimes only nod without a word.
    “Could the issue of Chisomo affect him so much?” I asked myself.
    That evening I suggested we went out for some dinner the three of us.
    “We can talk about the baby and lighten up the moment for Chisomo” I tried to convince Mario who
    argued it was not a good idea.
    “So, Chisomo, how are you really feeling?” I asked as we ate our food to break the silence
    between the three of us.
    “Um, “ she cleared her throat and looked at me and back in her plate,
    “am feeling okey, don’t worry. The doctor told us the baby is okey and that is good news right?”
    she made her relaxed face and went on eating I looked at Mario and he was eyeing her too.
    “Chisomo, I know its good news but trust me I want to know about you as well, I mean are you
    really okey? Do you feel okey emotionally, physically and all, am just concerned about you” I held
    her finger across the table and she looked at me. Smiling a bit.
    “thank you, am okey yes, the thing is I feel lonely staying with you guys and I was hoping I went to
    do something for myself, I went up to grade 12 yes, but I can do some small less stressing
    business as we wait for the baby” she told us both but her eyes were just on me.
    “What? You want to leave the house? “ I asked surprised at her decision
    “Is there anything wrong the two of us have done to make you feel like leaving Chisomo? You
    know we need you close “I shook my head not wanting to entertain her idea.
    “I will be coming to see you guys regularly and you too can be coming, please let me leave” she
    insisted and to my shock Mario cut in sharply.
    “No!” his voice was so firm and commanding like he was afraid of her going or maybe hated her
    for the suggestion in could not tell for sure.
    “Baby, are you okey?” I asked him seeing he was looking at Chisomo without a blink.
    “um, yes. I am baby, just that I don’t want my baby to be anywhere far away, I need her around
    Ketty, we cannot let Chisomo go just like that, she will be all alone and anything can happen , no,
    tell her she is not going anywhere” Mario`s voice was sharp I for a moment wondered what was
    going on. he sounded different and mad too.
    At that Chisomo seemed upset and she stood up asking for us to take her back to the house.
    “But we are still eating and …” I almost stopped her but she stood her ground.
    “am sorry, I feel tired and I cannot stay out here anymore, if you can take me back and come back
    later the two of you” she insisted refusing to sit back.
    The driving back home was filled with tension I was afraid to ask what had really happened to
    them both after I left them. Mario`s face was out the window as I was driving them. I looked in the
    mirror and saw Chisomo silently seated her eyes closed as she leaned her head on the car seat.
    Back at home, she asked to go and rest and of course I had no objection, I let her go and Mario
    too walked out after refusing to explain to me what had happened after I left.
    That evening I entered Chisomo`s room and sat there silently watching her. She too didn’t say a
    thing she just waited for me to say something.
    “What happened back at the restaurant, don’t tell me it was mom cause we already talked about
    her and you know she won’t be bothering you again. So what?” I asked her finally.
    “What? You guys refused to let me go, that is what happened “ she sighed and moved her hand
    under her head looking at the screen playing some pictures across the room.
    “Tell me the truth Chisomo, did you have a quarrel with Mario whilst I was gone? Did he say
    something out of way or maybe it’s something he did” I pulled her hand in mine and rubbed it
    “Am sorry Ketty, I cannot tell you anything of such sort because there was nothing. I only want…”
    she paused
    “How did you meet with Mario? I mean what kind of relationship you have together” she asked this
    time with a chuckle.
    “Well, we are a normal couple, we fight sometimes but over time we have come to understand
    each other so well, even the issue of the wedding is just to formalize things no wonder am not so
    much bothered about it. Mario is my man and I know anywhere in the world he would stand with
    me. it’s amazing how his mother has failed to break us apart after several years of trying, you
    know why? Because Mario is a good man and he keeps his promises” I explained to her after
    giving her history of how we met and she smiled I noticed there was some wetness in her eyes
    she looked away and wiped it.
    “Wow, I truly am happy for you, you two sound perfect together and I hope one day you will be
    fulfilled and live happily ever after” she commented with a smile.
    “Chisomo, look here, one day I believe you too will find that man that will love you for you. You will
    see, there is a Mario out there for you too, he is waiting for you to show up and love him back” I
    told her chuckling loudly I felt good we had both eased up.
    “A what?” she asked, I knew she could not read the phrasing where I mentioned Mario.
    “I mean, there is a good man like Mario out there for you Chisomo” I laughed and she smiled
    looking at me.
    “Well, we good right? No more moving out on us?” I shrugged
    “Hmm, am not sure, will think about it, cause honestly I think that is what is right for all of us” she
    uttered her words but I was okey she had brightened up I didn’t want to ask what she meant, lets I
    sour her mood again.
    A week later, I went to see Sera and her family. I had not had time to see her that week as I had to
    go to the company and follow up the happenings of the business. My cousin had called me to ask
    that we both went for the review of the business activities, I was glad everything seemed well. I
    had nothing to worry about.
    “So how is the baby coming up?” Sera asked me as we sat outside under a small mango tree.
    “Well, it’s all good, the pregnancy is now into the 10th week and am so excited I cannot wait for
    the last term” I giggled happily.
    “Hmm, it worked after all huh? You are going to be mother. How is Mario taking it now?” she
    “Honestly, I don’t know my friend, Mario barely talks about the baby and sometimes I cannot help
    feel he hates Chisomo. I try to make him understand things but nothing” I frowned sadly recalling
    how Mario always never talked about Chisomo and whenever he would come home, he never
    even asked about her or the baby.
    “Hmm what do you expect, you forced the man to sleep with a stranger. Give it time he will come
    around, probably after the baby is born and Chisomo leaves you guys. “Sera smiled combing her
    baby girl`s hair as we talked.
    “He will my dear, now I came to ask if the arrangements for the flowers were done, I have been
    too occupied the past weeks I sometimes forget am getting married. “
    Sera looked at me shaking her head.
    “This wedding is the longest planned I have ever seen. Let it pass we all rest easy mwee”
    she shrugged and we both laughed out.
    I decided to get home after a long meeting with Sera and things were now on point, all we needed
    was walk to the aisle with Mario and get married. I had seen his mother a few days before and this
    time she seemed okey. She was not so excited but at least I was just glad she was not being too
    Driving in the yard, I saw Mario`s car parked outside and I smiled to myself knowing he was inside.
    “Baby! Am home!” I shouted placing the keys on the small corner table and throwing the heels off
    my feet I touched my feet to relax them a bit as I went to my room thinking Mario was there.
    “Where is this man?” I asked myself as I held my hand removing the wrist watch. Then I heard
    some voices talking.
    “sure he is” I told myself now heading to Chisomo`s room.
    “I cannot do this Mario, please stop already, just leave me and like you said, pretend I don’t exist,
    soon I will leave and you will be married to your wife a baby besides you” came Chisomo`s voice I
    could hear she was crying.
    Out of curiosity, I stood there to hear what they were talking about thinking she was trying to get
    him understand her and not hate her.
    His words that moment as he responded to her made me drop the wrist watch that I was now
    holding in my hand, I quickly picked it before it could get to the floor.
    “I love you Chisomo, I have tried to stay away you know that, how can I look into Ketty`s eyes and
    lie that I don’t like you when my whole being is screaming out to how much I love you. I love you
    and I need you, I cannot let you go cause I find myself so drawn to you, please do not push me
    away, I love you” Mario whispered I peeped through a small opening and saw him holding her so
    close. His hands were firm on her face he spoke without looking away from her eyes.
    “What about Ketty?” Chisomo asked him trying to get off him but he didn’t move an inch, it was
    like he was stuck in the ground and could not let her go. Hi desperation was amazing.
    “I don’t know, but I love you too, I love you Chisomo, what can I do? Please I love you!” my Mario
    was pleading for the woman crying as he spoke I felt myself so weak I went down the floor without
    making some noise, I was not going to cut that moment short for them, so I sat there for minutes
    hearing them argue.
    I could hear him kissing her and both of them were breathing heavily just after a moment and I
    stood up running to my room, I could not take it anymore.

    PART 15

    She kept resisting me but I decided to take a step and show her what I felt instead of begging her
    with words. Chisomo, felt something for me too I could see it, she had not been responding to my
    calls and totally ignored me whenever I would go to Ketty`s house.
    I recall one day, I found her outside, and she looked at me as I got off the car and walked back
    inside before I could get the chance to talk to her.
    “Chisomo, why are you running away from me?” I had followed her
    “Because I don’t want to talk to you Mario. Now go on inside Ketty is in her room” she sighed and
    walked away leaving me watching her without a word. The impact of her ignoring me just made
    me want her more and this day, I decided to go and talk to her seriously. As always she argued
    about my feelings and tried to push me back to Ketty.
    “I love you Chisomo” I said the 10th time that afternoon after kissing her. I lost myself I could not
    hear anything else besides her soft moans as we embraced so close my heart raced at the
    pleasure she was giving me just wrapping her hands around me.
    “Chisomo, I paused looking into her eyes.
    “Tell me you do not feel anything for me and I swear I will not bother you anymore” I challenged
    her lifting her chin to make her eyes meet mine. She looked at me for a couple of seconds and
    wanted to look away but I could not let her face go, I turned her towards my face again.
    “Just tell me the truth” I asked again,
    “What do you want me to tell you Mario? What good will it do? You belong to another woman and
    the arrangement was not for us to fall in love with each other, it doesn’t matter what I feel but this
    is not right, you are getting married in a few days, please just leave, Ketty might come back soon
    and this is….” She went on complaining.
    I let her talk her heart out and even though she couldn’t say for sure she felt love for me, I knew
    she did. I turned to leave her room and she walked towards her bed sitting down with a sigh.
    Standing by the door way, I watched her and she was not looking away either.
    “Chisomo?” I called her
    “yes Mario” was her response and like her voice was the lock to the key that was holding me back,
    I rushed back closing the door and went on to her throwing her down the bed, she was not fighting
    me anymore so I went on caressing her until I could see how she needed me too. In minutes we
    were coined together deeply connected more than before. She had her eyes closed all the time
    and her body movements were enough to define what I needed, I felt it, it was not Ketty anymore,
    the woman beneath me felt a part of me, the love and connection between us was so amazing I
    could not get myself off her till I was calm and down, I allowed her to enjoy the moment longer
    than last time and was so proud I made her vibrate in my arms she collapsed in them breathing
    Her lips partly parted, she opened her eyes looking at me.
    “I love you and am not getting married in a few days Chisomo, I just can’t” I whispered leaning my
    head on her.
    “What? No! You will not do this, no, we will not do this to Ketty, Mario, we will not” she sat up
    “What is okey? I marry her with thoughts of you in my head? I cannot it’s not fair that I commit
    myself to her for life and yet I love you too” I shook my head but she kept on pushing me not to
    think like that.
    In the love moments with Chisomo, I had not realized how many minutes had passed. I had been
    with her for more than 30 minutes until she practically pushed me out of the room. She was right
    about Ketty coming back, I found her seated in her bed her face wet with tears. The moment I saw
    her, I knew she was aware about me and Chisomo.
    “Tell me that back there, was just a moment that has past and we are good “she cried standing up
    and facing me I felt bad at how broken she was looking.
    “Am sorry Baby you had to see or hear whatever happened there., I love you and I swear I never
    planned for this” I started, she slapped me so hard I felt the stinging feeling on my skin where the
    slap had landed.
    “You will not do this to me Mario! No you won’t, you will not tell me in a few weeks you have
    forgotten about what we have, what we have built in years together” she cried hitting my chest I
    tried to hold her but now she was screaming loudly,
    It was like she had just realized what was happening and now was taking out her anger on me.
    “Is it the way of you paying me back for making this decision to have a baby? Is it?” she stopped.
    “No, no, yeah I didn’t like the idea before but I didn’t chose to feel this way towards Chisomo, you
    have to understand me baby please” I tried to calm her down. She was hysterical and screamed
    out on top of her voice.
    She accused me of taking advantage of the situation and lie I loved Chisomo to prove a point she
    was the one who was wrong to bring another woman between us. Most of what she said were true
    but the truth was I felt whatever had happened had nothing to do with what I felt for Chisomo, it
    was so pure and evident I wouldn’t even call it a mistake.
    “okey, I will pretend all this did not happen Baby, let’s just get married and after the baby is born,
    Chisomo is leaving and we will have our lives back” she wiped her tears coming close. I held her
    back too, and shook my head sadly.
    “am so sorry Ketty, but now I cannot get married, I need to clear my head and It will not be fair for
    you and Chisomo cause am sure I love you both, I cannot hurt her” I told her honestly and she
    stepped back shaking her head too.
    “no., is that a polite way of saying you don’t want to be with me but with that Chisomo?” she spat
    now fuming.
    “No, I mean, I don’t want to hurt any of you baby and I need time to make the right decision. We
    have to stop the wedding for now and …”
    “We are getting married Mario, “she ordered firmly.
    “yes, you and I are getting married and we will not allow your pity for that poor girl to come
    between us, we will have our baby, pay her and she will leave us in peace, there is no way am
    allowing you to humiliate me like this Mario, never! You hear me, never! You are mine and mine
    alone, forget about the pity or whatever it is you feel for that girl and let’s get married as per plan”
    she made her points clearly and serious she was not blinking as she spoke.
    I was quiet for a moment, I walked slowly to the bed and sat down watching her. She too looked at
    me and we both stayed that way or minutes.
    “What do I do now?” I asked myself holding my hands in my face.
    We heard a loud bang on the front door and the gate opening, my first thought was Chisomo and I
    rushed outside Ketty coming behind me.
    “John, who went outside?” I asked John
    “it`s it`s….. Madam, Chisomo” he stammered shaking his head looking at both of us.
    “Where did she say she is going?”
    “She didn’t say, but she came out with a large bag, she is getting a cab outside and she didn’t look
    well boss” John explain.
    “What? And you let her go?” Ketty responded, I ran to the gate and rushed outside to stop her.
    The time I stood out, a car was pulling away I saw her seated in the back seat.
    “Oh no!” I panicked
    “What? “ Ketty asked joining me outside.
    “She is gone” I shook my head looking at Ketty.
    “Oh my God, she cannot go with our baby Mario, we need her around just for that baby” Ketty
    cried out I was now mad at her.
    “It’s your fault, you kept screaming on top of your voice and now see what you have caused” I
    accused her pushing her aside and past to get my car. Ketty jumped into the car too,
    “Do you think it`s a good idea you come too. Let me talk to her” I told her
    “no way am leaving you and that girl together again, and let me warn you, I will not allow you and
    her alone anymore till am sure this drama of yours is over, am following you cause I really need
    that baby, now more than ever , I have already sacrificed a lot for this child to give up now” she
    made a face and I shook my head in disbelief.
    “It’s all you really care about huh? The baby? you cannot even care about the feelings of that poor
    girl you put in so much pain. I almost cannot believe this is you ketty” I shook my head looking
    ahead as we drove out.
    “Is that why you fall for her? Because you wanted her to feel safe, okey or cared for?” she asked
    without looking at me.
    “Can you stop now, let’s just find her and bring her back” I shook my head
    “Answer the question Mario! What the hell happened from that girl disgusting you to love? She is
    just a cheap girl trying to get your attention by playing hurt, it’s not my fault her mother died, it
    happened and she has to stick her dirty on my man, no, she was paid to get us a baby and that is
    what will happen, nothing more, nothing less.. I am beginning to hate her guts you know, you don’t
    even love her like you think I know you. She’s just a …..”
    “Shut up! And if you so much insist on knowing the truth, yes, yes I fall in love with Chisomo but
    not because I pity her and want her to feel safe and cared for, it’s simply because the first time I
    saw her I felt something special for her, she is a good person and I fall in love with her the first
    time I lay my hands on her. Is that what you want to hear huh?” I was raising my voice increasing
    the speed as the road stretched in front of us.
    “I love Chisomo and it has nothing to do with whatever you are saying” I added.
    She didn’t respond but looked out the window her fingers on her face I assumed she was crying.
    After some meters on the road in silence with ketty sobbing, I stopped and walked around the car
    to where she sat.
    “Am sorry, I didnt mean to say all that to you. “ I told her honestly.
    “Ketty! Baby! “I tried to hold her hand but she wasn’t looking at me.
    “Am sorry” I sighed standing up straight.
    “She is going to give me my baby at the end of the pregnancy and she will leave, I swear to God if
    she dares me, if she dares me, I will not let her have her peace. She will know better than mess
    with me” she spoke scornfully I feared for Chisomo. The coldness I was seeing in her eyes was so
    much tense one would not say it was the same old and calm Ketty.
    “Can we go and find that bitch now? I need her close now more than ever” she spat and closed
    the door in my face before I could even move. Silently I walked to the other side of the car and
    started driving back to the road.
    The time we got to Chisomo`s old house, she was not there. I tried to ask the neighbours if any of
    them had seen her go in but they all said they had not seen her in weeks.
    “My God where is she?” I asked myself worried sick.

    PART 16

    The shouting and screaming from Ketty`s room was getting so loud, I tried to cover my ears not to
    hear them fight but it was in vain. I knew the day Ketty would find out things would be bad, so
    instead of staying and watch their lives get destroyed because I could not control my feelings for
    the man I knew didn’t belong to me, I decided to pack my things and take my leave.
    “You have overstayed Chisomo, its time you moved on” I whispered to myself putting the last item
    in my bag. I could not stop my tears so I let myself cry softly as I looked around the place for the
    last time, I had to find a way of starting over and I knew I had to move out quickly before anyone
    could tell I was gone. Where I had to go, was not yet decided, all I needed was move out as soon
    as possible, I knew from the first time things wouldn’t be easy but now, I had to find a way of
    moving on with my life, since mom died, I had kind of stopped living and the only good thing about
    my life were the strong feelings I had developed for Mario, I felt I had no right to come between a
    relationship that was built for some time with love.
    “Madam, Madam! “ John the worker, called out as I walked towards the gate slowly and sadly.
    “Where are you going with that bag? Is the boss coming with you?” he asked walking towards me I
    didn’t stop to respond, I waited till I was outside the gate then I looked at him.
    “Am leaving Ba John, my stay in this house is over and am not coming back” I faked a smiled but
    the tears betrayed me they fall down slowly he shook his head.
    “what is wrong Madam, I am sure whatever it is madam Ketty will sort it out, she is a good woman
    and I know she can help” he suggested innocently.
    “Thank you for your concern ba John but I have to go now, bye” I nodded and walked to the road.
    The moment I got to stand by the road side, a taxi pulled over and I stopped it getting in without
    looking back. I was to leave and never look back at all or my feelings would lead me back to the
    man that belonged to another.
    The first place I thought of was my friend`s house in George compound, he was the only person I
    could trust. Unfortunately I had very few girlfriends and of late I never got to see any of them, I was
    so carried away taking care of my mother and I lost touch with them.
    “Chisomo, what a surprise!” Jared marveled upon seeing me drop in front of his house. I greeted
    him and moved back to the trunk to get my bag and he stood there shocked.
    “What is with the luggage?” he asked not moving an inch to help me with it.
    “Um, can we sit inside?” I asked instead as the taxi drive started his engine after I paid him his
    “Inside? Okey, come on, let’s go in” he made a surprised face at me as he grabbed the bag and
    led the way into the house. I looked around the small two roomed house I had known for quite
    some time. Jay and I were friends from high school, he was our regular visitor even when mom
    was still alive and I used to visit him so much too.
    Like me, Jay had no parents, unfortunately for him, they died when he was still so young he had to
    start fending for himself when he was only 13, his uncle`s wife chased him from their house and
    he started doing small jobs renting some room with his friends till he was old enough to start
    renting his own. After struggling in high school, we both completed and he right away went to
    study some electrical course and 2 years later he was working with the Chinese guys who were in
    construction. Jay had refused to move, he always told me his small house was his heaven and
    until he was sure he was settled, he wasn’t going to move out. I had several times gone to see
    him, especially when I was not selling on the weekends, of course till my mother’s illness got bad.
    “Chichi!” he called my name the way him and my mother usually called it.
    “what is going on, after the funeral I barely saw you and the many times I went to your house I was
    told you were no longer living there, you couldn’t even call to let me know about yourself, and now
    you show up looking like someone has just died again? What is it Chichi?” he sat next to me so
    “Am done my friend, my life is over” I started now tears coming out and falling to my folded hands.
    “What? What do you mean over? , the only time someone would say their life is over is when they
    are dead my friend, even the dying have hope of living, as long as you have your breath, then
    know there is a God somewhere and no matter what, hope surrounds us” he smiled as always.
    That was one thing about Jay, he always had something to say and he always amused me with
    his wisdom. in that area, I never knew anyone better at that than him.
    I went on explaining to him the entire story, I had no other way out, I had to pour my pain and
    thoughts to someone and that was just it, Jay watched and shook his head the entire time as I
    narrated my story from the beginning.
    “So here I am, I have wasted so much and now I will not stand in the middle of a great love story.
    Can you keep me here for a while till I figure out what to do with my life?” I asked wiping the tears
    from my face. He came and looked direct at me holding my hands.
    “am so sorry you had to go through all this Chisomo, I will not say it’s entirely your fault though,
    you were pushed to the wall and sometimes, we tend to think of only sacrificing for those we love
    ignoring the daring consequences of our actions. I know it’s painful but I also know you so well,
    you are stronger than what you are feeling right now and soon all this will be over” he comforted
    me with a wide smile.
    “So now what about the baby you were paid to deliver?” he asked after some time of silence.
    “I was thinking as I was heading this way, I am going to sale the house, I mean the one we used to
    live in in Matero, it’s the only thing I have to my name and since the only amount am owing to
    Ketty is the down payment of 15 thousand she gave me for mom`s operation, I might just manage
    to raise that money and pay her back all of it, am not doing this Jay, not anymore, my mistake was
    to think I could buy someone`s life and my mother is no more. I will not sale this baby again, no
    way am giving them this child even though it was Ketty’s idea to have a child. Now I have more
    reason to keep the baby since am in love with the father” I added with a smile Jay sat back
    shaking his head.
    “What happened to you? You used to believe in God so much you could have never done what
    you did “ he whispered sadly.
    “I lost my way Jared, what can I tell you? My mother`s illness got me so tired and weak I had no
    other option, you saw how I ran around to find money but all was in vain. Am only human my dear
    and this time I went far off I have no idea how to come back” I told him honestly.
    “Anyway, you know this house is open to you, any time. So you stay as long as you want until you
    figure out something, I have added a room at the back where I had one of the guys renting it but I
    will ask him to leave so it can be your bedroom for now” he smiled,
    “No, no, you had it built so you could raise some money, I will not take that place jay, let me just
    be sleeping here in this room, I will be okey really” I tried to tell him but he smiled standing up.
    “Stop talking nonsense, what are friends for? Besides, the idiot doesn’t even pay rentals anymore,
    he is owing for several months” he assured me.
    “well, let me be the one to pay you then, that way I will not feel guilty of invading your privacy” I
    suggested standing up too.
    “you will pay me whenever you will have enough for yourself and that child you are carrying
    Chisomo, for now, let’s see how you will get up and start over” he shrugged and pulled the bag to
    his other room I watched him.
    “He is always a good person” I thought to myself and sat back in the small sofa looking around.
    Days then weeks passed and Jared kept me so well, he would go for work and come back with
    some foods for both of us. I was never getting over the thoughts of Mario, every night I dreamt of
    him, I could see him in my dreams asking me to go back to him.
    “I miss him” I told Jay as we ate one day.
    “Who?” he asked again pushing the topic away. He always insisted I forgot about Ketty and Mario
    and only paid attention to my baby. For weeks I tried to find a buyer for the house but I wasn’t luck
    enough to find one.
    “Mario?” I looked at him.
    “look, here, I don’t want to hear that name in this house Chisomo, if that man was sensible enough
    he would have never allowed a woman to manipulate him into believing in such a stupid idea,
    besides, the idiot could not even decide what he felt for you cause it’s clear it was not love as he
    claimed. If that was the case, he could have chosen you without debate. Look at you, you are the
    most amazing person I know, you are beautiful and am sure you are no match for the writer fiancé
    or wife of his whatever they are.” Jay lamented.
    He was right, I had to find a way of moving on and even though my pregnancy was now showing
    and some neighbors beginning to talk about me being impregnated by Jared, he told me to focus
    on what was positive till everything was fine.
    “Thanks Jay “I smiled honestly.
    “Don’t start Chichi, you are my friend and that is what friends do, they stick together in times like
    this. So now I got good news”
    He smiled siting up.
    “Really? I asked looking at him.
    “Yeah, I found a buyer, I told him your original offer but he said for a one bedroomed house like
    that he can pay K65, 000 instead of seventy”
    But we said K70 Jay, I need some of that money to start over you know that” I argued
    “I know my dear, but think of it, it’s the only good deal we have been able to make so far, the guy
    is willing to pay in cash” Jay continued.
    “Well, you are right, that house is old anyway, let us just get whatever he is offering and get over
    this already. So when can he pay the money?” I asked
    “Well, tomorrow I will let him know you agreed and then we see what happens next.
    A day later, I was standing by the gate to Ketty`s house. it was silent and I could see from the
    small opening that Ketty`s car was not in the yard. I knocked softly and John came.
    “Madam Chisomo, finally you came” he smiled greeting me.
    “Yeah how are you?” I quickly asked not to waste time.
    “The boss Mario has been looking for you with his girlfriend, he told me if at all I ever saw you I
    had to call him and let him know.”
    “No,” I stopped him
    “please don’t call him, am not here to stay, I just came to leave this for your boss, it’s something I
    got from her and I want her to have it back, tell her am so sorry for everything and that I appreciate
    her kindness towards me when I stayed here. I cannot come back though, I need to start over.
    Please don’t open this package and hand it to her direct. There is a note inside to explain further” I
    instructed him and he shrugged getting the small box in which I had put a K20, 000, 5000 more to
    compensate her for the trouble. It was neatly wrapped I was so sure John wouldn’t open the
    wrappers to check it was money inside the box.
    “Come on, let’s go now” Jay called from the car we used.
    “yeah, thanks for bringing me here Jay it’s all settled now” I smiled sadly at him as he drove us
    away using his friend`s car.
    “Are you okey?” he asked looking at me.
    “Yeah, I will be don’t worry” I sighed looking ahead.

    PART 17

    Months of searching for Chisomo had all been unfruitful, it was like she just vanished into thin air.
    To make the matters even worse, Mario and I never got married, he completely refused to get
    married, claiming there was too much on our minds and we needed time to be sure after
    everything that had happened. I was devastated but I could not get a man to marry me by
    dragging him to the alter. So I decided to go by his terms.
    “Well, since you have denied me marriage and yet you claim you still love me, let’s start staying
    together. We have past the stage of just girlfriend and boyfriend. So will you move in with me?” I
    asked him
    “I don’t think it’s right Ketty, I mean, I cannot just move in with you, am a man and until we deiced
    otherwise, we will leave our separate lives” he argued calmly but I didn’t take his response lightly.
    “You will not lie to me Mario, you and I know you have changed so much. You should stop lying
    that you love me and spit it out to me in black and white you no longer feel the same” I cried
    looking away.
    “I do love you Ketty, I just don’t want to enter into a marriage with lots of arguments and unsettled
    issues. Please understand” he responded.
    “By unsettled issues. You mean Chisomo?” I asked him.
    “You know what? Am moving in with you, if that will make you happy Ketty” he stood up.
    I knew he was just avoiding yet another topic about Chisomo but that was a relief on my behalf, I
    knew having him that close would make him realise what we had before and maybe come to his
    senses. He moved in a few days later and unlike before, there was no much interactions as
    before, I noticed Mario`s schedule had changed. He would go for the gym every day after work,
    and during weekends he spent the days out with his friends.
    Trying to ask him to spent time with me was by force, he always found a way of sneaking out on
    “it’s all your fault Ketty, you cannot blame a man for this” my friend Sera would throw it in my face.
    “well, he is wrong if he thinks am going to let him go on with this, he will one day realise what is
    important and necessary in his life” I told Sera.
    I however never gave up on looking for Chisomo, all I needed was my baby and I was not going to
    let her have the baby. it was mine and no matter what, I intended to get what I had paid for.
    I was lost in thoughts as I drove back home and sighed when I was there In the front, John came
    to open for me and walked towards me after closing the gate back.
    “John, what is it? You look like you have something to say” I looked at him.
    “yes madam, I have something for you” he showed me a box wrapped up neatly.
    “What is this?” I asked him receiving the package, in my heart I had thought it was a surprise gift
    from Mario. Excited I went to sit down with a wide smile.
    “What time did Mario come here to bring this?” I asked unwrapping the package.
    “No madam, it’s not ba boss who brought than in.. it was…”
    “What? Who brought it then?” I asked him before he could finish stammering.
    “It was madam Chisomo, she told me to give it to you personally and make sure you were the one
    to open it”
    “Chisomo?” I put it down my heart racing,
    “Where is that woman? Where is she?” I stood up
    “She is gone madam, she just told me to give you that and tell you she is sorry for everything. That
    was all” he added
    “Okey thank you, you can go work now” I dismissed him not wanting him to see how his news
    delivery had affected me. I slowly opened the package with no idea what was inside it. Finding
    some money in it I was taken aback.
    “What is this?” I asked myself and right at that moment Mario walked in.
    “Hey baby! “He greeted throwing his cap on the couch and coming to sit next to me.
    “What is that?” he asked seeing I was lost.
    “It’s money Mario, its money” I responded in a rush my heart still racing.
    “Yeah I can see its money but why are you wrapping it? “He asked leaning back.
    “Am not, here, it’s from Chisomo, I was given this by john that that lady had the guts to come to my
    house in our absence and drop this money, as what? A repayment for the money I gave her, this
    girl is so messed up if she thinks I will accept this” I snapped.
    “What are you talking about Ketty? You mean Chisomo just came and left this money without
    saying anything? How?”
    “Here, how do you explain this?” I handed him the money and a small folded paper fall off, he went
    down to pick it...
    “It’s a note” he sighed and unfolded reading it.
    Chisomo had just explained how sorry she was for ruining our love story. She stated how she was
    appreciative she was that I treated her well.
    “I never intended to get Mario close to myself believe me Ketty. About the baby, i have decided to
    keep it but am sorry I won’t give it to you. Enclosed is the sum of 20 thousand, thought of giving
    you back what you gave me for my mother and for all your troubles. Am so sorry, Chisomo”
    She signed off the letter, Mario sunk back defeated, it was like that letter had made him lose all
    hopes of seeing Chisomo.
    I looked at Ketty as she went on speaking ill of Chisomo, in my heart all I could think of was where
    she was, who was taking care of her, how the baby was growing inside her.
    “I miss you a lot Chisomo, I miss you” I whispered to myself after Ketty had left the room in a rush I
    had no idea where she was going.
    A week later, I was driving through town still clad in my uniform in the afternoon, then I saw her,
    Chisomo was walking slowly crossing the road to the opposite direction, I was almost getting out
    of the car to get to her when a tall dark guy hurried to her and she turned to look at him with a
    smile. The two of them walked away they talked happily.
    “What?” I asked myself.
    “she cannot possibly be with another man like that when she damn knows she is carrying my
    baby” I was not talking loudly the woman passing where I was looked back and shook her head,
    she was probably thinking I was crazy.
    By the time I got out of the shock of seeing Chisomo with another man and follow her, she was
    gone, I tried to look around but it was like she had disappeared in thin air.
    Frustrated, I drove back home. Ketty was in the living room on her laptop when I got home, I
    kissed her slightly as we greeted.
    “How was work?” she asked me.
    “Good, you? How is that book coming on?’ I asked
    “Well, by the way I have found a solution to finding Chisomo” she announced pushing aside the
    “Okey, am listening” I stopped in my steps.
    “Yes, but I will not give you the details, just know that at the end of the day we will have our baby.”
    she smiled widely I felt shivers in my body. Her manner of speech scared me for some reason.
    “Why won’t you give me the details huh? Ketty, I honestly don’t like your obsession with Chisomo,
    she is a victim in all this you know.” I tried to get her to reason.
    “a victim, is that what you call her, she took advantage of you and manipulate you with her poverty
    and fake sorrow, she is the reason we are not married and to top it all, she had the guts to throw
    money in my face and tell me she will keep our baby? “ she shook her head.
    “Your baby huh? You practically pushed that girl on me Ketty this is not fair. You cannot spite that
    girl to plan badly against her “
    “It’s not fair? Mario. Tell it to my face that it’s not because of her that we are even talking to each
    other like this. You know what?, I know money cannot buy happiness for sure, but it will surely
    allow me to get what I have lost, that baby and you” she shrugged and pushed back the chair
    standing up.
    “By the way, am pregnant and I told your mother that too, she was for the first time happy with me.
    “ Ketty smiled.
    “What? You are pregnant? But… how?” I wondered looking at her holding her stomach.
    “well, that baby will one day come in this house and people will have to believe I carried it, so
    yeah, am pregnant to the world Mario” she spoke and turned to walk away.
    I looked at her, now practically worried, whatever she was at was not good.

    PART 18

    The sound of the coffee maker was louder than normal in my ears as I watched my mother
    enjoying the pleasure of me asking her help. I had no other way now that things got to this point.
    Mario was calling it an obsession, but I called it getting back what belonged to me. I wasn’t going
    to let Chisomo, take away my man and my baby, for me whether I didn’t get to carry it, I knew it
    was mine since the man it was conceived from was mine, I was the reason Chisomo even had it
    so come what may, I vowed to get back what belonged to me, her returning my money was not
    going to work at all,
    “She is mistaken if she thinks I would take the money and forget everything. “ I told myself.
    “Hmm, so let me get this straight Ketty, you want to hunt a pregnant woman who slept with your
    man so that you have the child? “My mother asked me sipping on her hot coffee.
    “Yes, are you going to help me or not?” I asked without wanting her to ask a lot of questions.
    “hey, hey, easy there girly, am not someone you can just come around and give orders to, am
    your mother and if you are here for help, you need to work on my terms and put your horses
    down.” my mother raised her voice at me walking to the living room.
    “You know what, I knew coming here was a mistake, I don’t even know why am here forget it
    mom, i will look for the girl myself” I shook my head standing up.
    “oh, if I were you, I would tone down and get what I need first before storming out, besides, I know
    the entire truth, you cannot hide things from me you know that, that day I came to your house and
    you gave me some silly laugh about your man, I knew things were not right, I had to carry out my
    own investigation, for starters…” she paused placing down the mug.
    “I know that woman I found was a girl you hired to get pregnant for you, secondly I know she is out
    of your house and that is why you are looking for her. How dare you? You behave and think as a
    person in an uncivilized world, how could you give your man to another woman like that? You are
    so dull I sometimes wonder how you can even be from my womb” she spat chuckling I felt hurt by
    her words.
    “am not dull mother, I already told you it was all planned and whatever you think you know is not
    the entire truth, I will have things under control soon” I responded but she clapped her hands
    seeing through my desperation.
    “You could have left already If you didn’t need me, now, what is in it or me? You know I will get
    you what you want, unlike you, am not a failure, sit down and lets discuss this” she spoke with so
    much determination, I knew I was to get what I needed. She was not a good person for sure and
    now was not the time to look at good, I needed someone who could get me Chisomo and get her
    to obey and listen to my command and there was no better person than my mother.
    I went on telling her everything as she demanded and I could see her pride swell as she threw it in
    my face for being careless and thinking low. I had to take it all in, in order to get my results
    “so, get me my money Ketty, 50 % of the profits you will make from your company for a year will
    be mine and in exchanged I will give you this poor girl, not only that but I will get your child too”
    she smiled widely as she led me to my car outside.
    “be careful mother, I don’t want anything to happen to Chisomo and the baby In the process I just
    want what belongs to me that is all” I cautioned her and she smiled at me.
    “You know you are not a bad person, and are not capable of hurting anyone, so why not let go of
    this then?” she teased me.
    “Well, am not, you are right though, am sure you will do anything for money, even kill your
    husband for example, “I stated knowing that will get her of my back for a moment.
    “You never stop do you?” she shook her head letting go of the car and I drove out watching her in
    the side mirror as her house disappeared slowly as I joined the road.
    “I will wait for your call mother!” I shouted back.
    I was walking down the road from the antenatal clinic one afternoon, when a car drove by stopping
    in front of me.
    “Good day mam” a man greeted from the window, he wore a nicely tailored suit and wide smile.
    “Good day” I greeted back.
    “am sorry to stop you my lady, but I need to find out where George Central police station is around
    here, I have been going round and round but I seem not to find this place. Can you help me with
    directions? ” he asked with a grin, I looked at him and he seemed not like a bad person at all, he
    looked gentle and had a soft calm smile, he didn’t look lost either but I had to tell him, it was going
    to be impolite for me to just tell him that to his face.
    “Well, take the straight route and ….” I went to on giving him directions.
    “Thank you so much lady you seem to be heading in the same direction?” he asked starting his
    car engine.
    “Um, yes I stay a Few meters away from the police post Sir” I smiled
    “Well, then, even better, jump in I take you as you show me the place too” he insisted and after a
    bit of hesitating, I decided to do as he asked and the rest of the journey he kept asking me
    “So you are married?” he asked and I knew he was starting to cross the line.
    “Yes Sir, am sure you would not assume I got this pregnancy from the streets huh?” I asked
    sounding serious he smiled
    “Am sorry, you are a beautiful woman and your man is lucky to have you. “he smiled looking
    ahead and I turned to look at him. He was not the first man to admire me even in my state so I
    blushed off the thoughts of him the moment he dropped me by the police post as I insisted I
    walked from there onwards.
    Jay was outside hanging his clothes when I got there and he rushed to get the plastic of
    vegetables and bread I had carried in my hands.
    “Welcome back Bana Mpundu” he teased as he always did.
    “Say that again and i will punch you in your face, you sound like those call boys in town” I scoffed
    sitting down on a stool. My pregnancy was now showing at 7 months and i was getting tired easily.
    “What?” I asked seeing Jay watching me silently.
    “I love you” he spoke without warning and I looked at his face.
    “What did you say?” I asked, the first thought upon hearing those words was Mario. It was like he
    was the only man that had told me he loved me since I was old enough, now whenever I heard the
    words, I remembered him and it hurt.
    “I love you Chisomo, you are my best friend and I love you” he said this time with a smile I knew it
    was one of those times he played some jokes with me.
    “Come on, you and I know that you are the only person I trust and love in this world, you are like a
    brother to me and you give me so much courage to forge ahead. Even when I wanted to move out
    and start renting my own house now that my boutique and shop are doing fine you wouldn’t allow
    me leave cause you feel am not safe alone. I love you Jay and thank you a million times for
    everything” I smiled grabbing his hand as he stood there tall before me.
    “You are my best friend forever” I added
    He bent down and before I knew what he was up to, he kissed my lips and smiled.
    “No, I love you like that” he smiled again standing up and walking away. I was shocked. for a
    moment I thought it was a dream and I touched my lips to make sure I was hearing and seeing
    things right, feeling my lips still wet I realized it was actually happening. But before I could figure
    out what to say, Jay`s girlfriend walked in giggling teasingly.
    “I knew it, you two were up to no good at all. Tell me Chisomo, why do you pretend to be friends
    with my man when all you want to do is take him away from me huh?” Esther asked standing there
    holding her waist in her leggings and loose body top.
    “Esther” I sighed realizing how much Trouble Jay would be in for his stupid act.
    “Yes me, Esther, the girlfriend to that man you are kissing shamelessly in public. What the hell is
    your problem Chisomo? Jay told me how you slept with another woman`s husband to get pregnant
    and now you want my own, no, no and no I will not allow it” she shouted her voice so sharp I was
    lost of words.
    “Esther! Esther watch your mouth!” Jay came out pulling her away from me as tears now rushed
    out my eyes.
    “You, you told her everything?” Asked jay now hurt he had blown my story to the whole world.
    “Am, um, am sorry Chisomo, she forced me to tell her the truth, I had no..” he stuttered and before
    he could finish I slapped him hard across the face.
    “I trusted you! I trusted you and you told the world about what I told you? How dare you” I spat
    “It’s not the world, he told me because am his woman Chisomo, what were you thinking? My man
    would keep you in here for months without explaining things to me? You are so naïve and
    pathetic. He is mine “she screamed her voice out I could see some neighbors gathering so I
    walked into the house and went in my room crying myself out.
    “get out ! You are so unbelievable!” I could hear Jay scream to his girlfriend outside and I lay down
    “Am I cursed or what?” I asked myself. It was like everything good coming to my life found its way
    out immediately. First it was my father and brother, they died leaving me with my mother, now she
    too was gone, I found the unexpected love of my life and it all ended in tears, now this? The man I
    trusted as a friend confessing love to me and now the drama with his girlfriend.
    “When is this going to end?” I asked myself
    “When?” I whispered loudly..
    I heard footsteps and Jay came standing by the door way.
    “Chisomo, please don’t cry please I beg you” he whispered
    “Why won’t I cry Jay? Tell me why I should not cry when everywhere I pass people are always
    laughing me at because you went to tell your girlfriend what I told you in confidence?” I sat up
    looking at him.
    “am so sorry, I really didn’t mean to tell her but you know how she is, she started accusing me that
    am in love with you and I had no other way of defending myself” he sighed
    “Well, now what was that outside, huh? Why did you kiss me Jay?” I asked. He looked down the
    floor without a word.
    “You see, you had to cause that trouble for me for nothing, you are right? It was better for your
    girlfriend to know the truth but you should have asked me first. Now she has blown the news.
    Anyway, am leaving. I really appreciate what you have done for me and if it was up to me I would
    pay back everything but you won’t allow me. I cannot stay here anymore, I just can’t” I shrugged
    wiping my tears.
    “No, you cannot leave, yes, I kissed you because I meant to, I love you Chisomo, I have always
    loved you. I never had the courage to tell you before and when you came with the issue of Mario
    and Ketty I was heartbroken but I had to take care of you. After all they say love is greater shown
    in action than spoken, I love you please don’t leave” he begged holding my hand.
    “My God, even you?” I asked him.
    “You are the only person I have Jay, you are my friend and my family, now you want to push me
    away? Why? Why do you want to make life a living hell for me with your girlfriend? Why do you
    want to become another Mario in my life? Am I cursed that I have to always cross the path of love
    belonging to another woman?” I shed more tears my heart was bleeding.
    Jay apologized for saying something about his feelings for me and insisted I stayed with him, but I
    could not, I packed out a couple of days later renting a house close to where I had opened my
    shops within the area. “Am sorry but I have to go” I told him as I left.
    “No, am sorry for causing you pain again Chisomo, no wonder I said nothing before because I
    wanted us to be friends for always. Am sorry”
    He was right, now I felt bad I had to avoid him too. I needed him as a friend but with Esther
    figuring out his feelings for me, I was never going to have peace at all. I had to move on and take
    care of myself and the baby.

    PART 19

    Living alone, was not easy, I felt a lot lonelier than ever, I missed my mother more. Every night I
    would go to bed and cry myself to sleep. I wished time and again, Jay had not spoiled our
    friendship with his love speech, at least I could be with him and think less about what was about
    my life.
    Esther had always been on his back to make sure she was not letting him out of her sight. The few
    times I got to see Jay was when he sneaked out and came to see me.
    “If it was up to me, I would leave Esther and be with you” he would say even against my protest he
    never spoke to me about love.
    “I love you as a friend you know that, so stop talking about this your love thing again and again
    because whatever you think will happen between us, it will never come to pass” I would tell him.
    “I know why” frowned.
    “Know what?”
    “It’s that man Mario, you still love him don’t you?” he would challenge me. Of course I never
    admitted it to his face as much as I tried to avoid thinking about the feelings that I had for Mario. I
    thought the more I avoided talking and thinking about him I would forget him, well they say
    whatever you feed your mind is possible but unfortunately for me it was my heart speaking and
    there was no way my mind would process and make me forget about the man it wanted, so I spent
    nights and silent days inwardly wishing he was with me. I was laying in my bed one night lost In
    thoughts, when they came a soft knock from my front door, looking at time I wondered who it was.
    “Jay” I sighed realizing he was the person that could possibly come at that time, it was a few
    minutes past 20 pm. wrapping a fleece around myself, I walked to the door. I didn’t even bother to
    turn on the lights knowing I would not allow him inside the house.
    “Jay its lat…..” I couldn’t finish my sentence as I opened the door the sight of the man standing
    there made me pause and feel my heart racing.
    “Is that his name?” he asked folding his hands across his chest. I wanted to close the door and run
    back inside but he held it wide.
    “Do you love him?” he asked still holding the door and not moving from where he was standing.
    “Mario, what are you doing here?” I finally found my voice.
    “Why? Tell me why you had to make me go through hell, spend sleepless nights wishing I could
    only see you. I love you Chisomo, why is it so difficult to understand that? You could have allowed
    me watch my baby grow from inside you and know how you are doing. “ He went on his voice so
    cold and sad I swallowed so hard avoiding to look at him, luckily I was in the dark as he stood
    outside where the outside light shined in his face. I could see him clearly, tears running down his
    face. He didn’t bother to wipe them out. It was not my intention to make him sad and it hurt so
    much seeing him that way.
    “Mario, please, you have to go, I don’t know how you found out where I am but it’s not right that
    you are here, please I don’t want any problems, allow me to have peace please” I spoke almost in
    a whisper, it was like I was afraid someone would hear my inside voice screaming out what I really
    “how is my baby?” he asked ignoring every word that I spoke that moment, I touched myself
    unconsciously and the baby inside me moved like it was aware the father was close.
    “fine, the baby is fine” I answered him and before I could say more he moved close and held my
    belly rubbing it gently I couldn’t get him not to, I wanted to but my hands remained stuck on my
    “I missed you both, I missed you so much” he raised his face at me, I wonder why he was looking
    direct at me as though he could see my eyes, I assumed he was not able to cause I was still
    standing in the dark.
    Clearing my throat, I held his hand away..
    “Mario, you have seen am okey, can you leave now?, please” I asked him.
    “Why? Is it because of that tall dark guy I saw you with? Is it because of him that you lied about
    your feelings for me and ran away? Was it because of him that you gave back the money so that
    you will not have me by your door?” he asked now pushing me slightly we both stood inside the
    “Is it that, that.. Man, that Jay? ” he raised his hands struggling to mention Jay’s name.
    “Yes!” I found myself answering without thinking through it.
    “What?” he asked now closing in to me.
    “where is the switch I want to see through your eyes as you speak” he paused looking around,
    seeing the switch near the door he turned it on and now I could see he was not the same man I
    knew before, he was so sad, his eyes looked tired and different, it was like he had been working
    for hours without rest.
    “You said?” he asked lifting my face.
    At the moment I thought of Ketty, I knew by then they were married and he probably didn’t even
    tell her where he was, I knew giving in to him would just complicate things for me and my un born
    baby, there was no way in the world I would trade my child for my self-satisfaction even if it meant
    for the man I loved. I had to find a way of him staying away and I grabbed the opportunity
    “Tell me the truth Chisomo, why have you decided to punish me” he asked again as I remained
    silent for minutes
    “Yes, it’s because of him, I love him Mario, just like you and Ketty have come a long way, so have
    I and him. He is the love of my life and you know I did what I did with you for money, I needed to
    help my mother but now she is no more…” I wiped the tears falling as my own lies hurt me so
    “no, it’s not true, why didn’t you ever mention his name all this time, why hmm, no, you love me
    Chisomo and you know it, it’s because you never wanted to separate me and Ketty that you left.
    Well, let me tell you, I cannot forget about you, I love you so much” he giggled sadly.
    “I love you don’t do this to me, don’t push me away, I found a way of getting to you and now am
    “no, I have said the truth Mario, am in love with someone else, the guy you saw me with is the
    one, please stop wasting your time with me, am not yours, you and Ketty belong together and
    about the baby, am not giving it up for anything” I told him painfully he went to sit on the chair
    close by like my words had taken away his strength to stand up straight.
    “You love me, I know it, look into my eyes and tell me you love someone else” he quickly stood up
    coming close again like he had found a way of getting the truth from me.
    “I love Jay, I never loved you Mario, I never did, whatever happened between us is in the past and
    it’s all buried” I spoke without blinking fighting hard to keep up the act, he sunk back defeated.
    “I see. I was a fool, Ketty was right, all you wanted was money and you played victim , I was so
    foolish, dammit!” he hit the chair hard in anger I startled moving away.
    After minutes of fidgeting and whispering to himself in anger he stood up, looked at me from head
    to toe and his expression changed, from the sadness to anger. He came close the last time,
    looked at my face as I looked down, he lifted my chin and I patted my lips unconsciously.
    Shaking his head, he kissed me and sighed heavily.
    “you have killed me Chisomo, you have no idea how much, how much I so much loved you, you
    were the one for me” he wiped a tear, rubbed my belly once more and walked away without
    looking back.
    I slowly closed the door and sat down crying like a child. I held my head in my palms and cried out,
    I was so mad at myself for hurting him, I was mad for denying the man I so much loved just so I
    avoid trouble, but I was not going to give up my baby`s well-being as well.
    Slowly and painfully I pushed myself to my bedroom and cried the more, the lump on my throat felt
    so painful as I tried to push the images of Mario`s hurt face.
    I didn’t feel like a man as I pulled myself away from her, she just told me in my face she loved
    another man. “Why my Chisomo, why?” I asked myself as I sat in the car.
    I had made it my mission to find her and when Ketty and her plans to find her through her mother
    started, I took advantage trying to follow up issues so I could find her before ketty` s mother did.
    “She is in George Compound? “ I had overhead Ketty talking to her mother one afternoon as I
    walked in from work.
    “Where exactly?” she asked and upon seeing me, she changed the subject…
    “Mother, just text me” she cut the line and I knew something was wrong somewhere.
    “Who was that?” I asked pretending I heard nothing.
    “My mother, welcome back” she smile at me
    “Well, now you in good books with your mother huh?” I asked trying to get to open up.
    “Not really I just want her to help me find our baby” she shrugged.
    “So?” I asked hoping she would tell me what was going on.
    “So nothing Mario, stay out of all this, just know that we are going to have our baby, just look at
    how big I am now” she smiled showing me her fake pregnancy. Shaking my head I went on to
    change my uniform.
    I played her game and followed her around, knowing her mother was using a certain guy to find
    Chisomo, I too had some junior officers follow him around till they told me they saw him talking to
    Chisomo and drove her to where she was staying.
    “What? Are you sure she is okey?” I had panicked.
    “Yes Sir. The guy is playing cool and just dropped her home” my officers reported.
    “good, it means they wanted to know where she stays, stay close and let me know if anything
    dangerous is close to her when am back, I will come straight to see her” I instructed my men.
    Unfortunately I was sent to work from Kabwe for a week so I could not rush to save her and see
    The time I got back, I didn’t find her at the house the boys told me and I spend the rest of the days
    walking around the area in the hope to see her. At home I noticed how upset Ketty seemed it was
    obvious she and her mother`s boys had lost her too. My prayer was to find her before they did and
    thank God, one of my boys spotted her entering a wall fenced house near some shops. I followed
    it up and yes, she was there.
    Now I was heartbroken, just when I thought my lonely and sad days were over, she just pushed
    me back to square one. I vowed not to give up my baby though.
    “She can have her man and I will have my baby” I spat angrily driving out in a rush. She was
    punishing me a million times and no matter how much it was hurting, I felt comforted I got to see
    her again, she looked beautiful in her big bump I kept wishing I got to see more than the fleece
    she had wrapped around herself…
    “Am coming back Chisomo. This is not over” I whispered to myself as I joined the tarred road.

    PART 20

    The night silent winds blew in my face as I stood outside leaning on the veranda, pillars. My heart
    aching and my mind so busy trying to process things that had clouded it. I was more than
    frustrated that the guys watching Chisomo lost her on the very day I was supposed to find her. I
    went with them to see her, that day I was ready to tell my mind to her, I wanted to clarify things
    and make her know she was not going to take away by baby. It was mine and mine alone and I
    was ready to use force as mom suggested if at all she proved stubborn
    “Where is the house?” I asked the guy in charge of finding Chisomo.
    “It’s that one mam, I personally took her there and can never forget the place” he informed me
    “Good, stay here am going in alone” I sighed getting off the car. I looked around as I approached
    the placing taking in its poor environment.
    “How dare she even think of raising my baby in this dirty place” I screamed in my mind as I trotted
    towards the door.
    After knocking twice, a tall dark guy walked out without his shirt on, he stood there and smiled
    widely at me. “Hello beautiful!” he greeted leaning his arm on the door knob.
    “Hello!” I smiled back at him.
    “Um, are you the owner of this house?” I asked feeling stupid,
    “How could I ask a shirtless man who was the owner of the house?” I sighed
    “Am sorry, I mean, Am looking for someone” I corrected myself before he could respond.
    “I noticed” he shrugged lifting his muscles up and down he made me feel uncomfortAable, “men in
    compounds, he has no shame exposing himself at a woman like that” I shook my head paying
    attention to his response.
    “Am looking for a pregnant lady named Chisomo” I finally asked.
    “Who?” he asked back his face now turning from a smile to a frown.
    “Chisomo, I was told she stays here. Can I please talk to her” I went on.. He looked at me longer
    than usual and shook his head murmuring,
    “Well you have a wrong house, I have no idea who you are talking about. In this part of town there
    is no lady who matches your description and I have lived here longer than you can imagine so I
    could have surely known that Chisomo woman you are talking about” he explained seriously.
    “No, she is supposed to be here, am so right” I argued. For some reason I knew the guy was
    hiding something. He looked so guilty and I needed him to give me Chisomo.
    “look here, you have no idea who I am, so just let me see Chisomo now and I …” I could not finish
    my words and he pulled me towards himself, he held my blouse and brought his face so close to
    me I could see his angry eyes.
    “My friend, am not one to be messed with, if you think because you have money and everyone
    else is useless then you are mistaken. I will not be bullied in my own house, now, turn back around
    and leave as you came” he made me face where I came from.
    “and leave never to return, or you will regret it” he spat and pushed me forward I lost balance
    going to fall on the ground.
    “You are mad! How dare you!” I shouted rising from the dust and looking at him standing tall over
    “yes, am mad, so get out!” he yelled and I run out like a mad woman, I was so pissed as I got to
    who I had left in to the car.
    “How dare he!” I screamed.
    “What happened? Did you find her” the man waiting for me asked.
    “I know she is there, that idiot was so mad when I mentioned Chisomo, he must be the stupid
    boyfriend or something. How did he know about me being rich if Chisomo didn’t tell her?”
    “Change of plans” I sighed
    ‘come back tomorrow and capture that woman, bring her to my mother’s house and I will deal with
    her from there, let’s see if that idiot will have the guts to push me again” I spat angrily rubbing my
    now dirt hands with hand sanitizer.
    Well, unfortunately my mother’s boys had been going there to try and find Chisomo but nothing,
    they told me they even broke in when the guy I found wasn’t around but there was no sign of
    Chisomo, according to them, nothing Indicated she was ever there. I felt so stuck and desperate,
    she only had a few weeks towards her due date and now I was unable to find her. The fear of
    never seeing her gripped my throat I swallowed hard wiping my tears as I heard the gate open. I
    looked up as John opened the gate and there was Mario, he looked so drunk he staggered to get
    to the steps.
    “Mario, you have been drinking like this again.. What is going on?” I tried to hold his hand but he
    pushed men away.
    ‘Get out Ketty, just stay the hell away from me! He shouted.
    “Well if I don’t help you, you will fall” I went on but he pushed me harder.
    “Just get off me! it’s your fault” he pointed his fingers at me,
    “Yes, it’s your fault am like this, I loved you, I was okey with marrying you but you thought that
    wasn’t enough, you wanted a baby that you were incapable of producing, I begged you, yes” he
    staggered holding the pillar
    “I begged you to let me be but you wouldn’t listen, you wanted more than I was able to give you
    and now I fall in love with her, see.. I love Chisomo more than you, I love her and I need her. You
    took her away, I want my woman, my warm and calm woman, I need her back” he sighed sadly
    and walked past me into the house I held my self hands akimbo. He was so much hurting and I
    hated myself for my actions.
    Slowly I followed him inside and sat near him as he lay on the couch his eyes closed.
    “am sorry Mario, I truly am, I just wanted to give you more as much as you did me, but I ended up
    messing us. Forgive me my love, I still love you and I promise we can work on this” I held his
    hand. He looked at me, shook his head.
    “You want to make things right?” he asked.
    “Yes, yes I do” I nodded my head hopefully.
    “Good, then get me Chisomo, bring her to me right now” he raised his hand.
    “I, i..” I couldn’t find words, I didn’t expect his answer and he seemed so serious,
    “Are you going to?” he asked now closing his eyes.
    “No, I can’t Mario, I love you and…”
    “It’s okey” he cut me.
    “it’s okey. I will fight for her myself” he sighed and lay back his head sleeping instantly. I tried to
    shake him so he could wake up but it was all in vain. Slowly I withdrew and went back outside this
    time taking a glass of wine, I wanted to go and write but I failed to process anything at all.
    The following morning I went to see my mother, she was watering her flowers outside the yard
    when I drove in.
    “You are welcome “she looked at me without stopping what she was doing.
    “We need to talk” I went to stand next to her.
    “What? You cannot find her and now you are mad” she asked
    “No, am not mad mother, I want my man back, change of plans, we are no longer kidnapping
    Chisomo when the boys find her again,” I stared seriously
    “Well, what happened now, you are giving up so soon?” she laughed softly.
    “mother this is not funny, am serious, Mario has been crying over that girl like a baby, now I want
    her close more than ever, I have a plan and I don’t want anything that will make Mario hate me for
    life, instead I want him to hate Chisomo, hate her as much as he has come to love her, so yeah, I
    won’t do anything to her” I explained my mother looked confused.
    “I don’t understand” she shook her head now placing the pipe down.
    “I don’t want you to understand a thing mom, now tell your boys to let me know the moment the
    new search is successful”
    “Whatever you say boss, our deal still stands though, whether she is hurt or not” he shouted as I
    turned to go..
    “Don’t you dare hurt her mother, should Mario find out I hurt her deliberately, what do you think he
    will do? “ I asked her.
    “well, does it matter, after all that fool never loved you as much as he claimed, look at how he
    dumped you at the sight of a new woman” she spat
    “Stop calling him a fool mother, you know I love him and he is the only one who has loved me for
    “hmm, sure, he loves you when the man goes around crying for a woman you brought to sleep
    with him, wake up Ketty, the only way here is to get rid of that obstacle you call Chisomo, to solve
    a problem you need to cut if from the roots” she added and I shook my head walking away.
    “By the way, what is your in-law saying about that fake bump you are carrying around like an
    idiot?” she shouted as I got in the car.
    “Just get me Chisomo and let me have a baby soon” I faked a smile and drove out.

    PART 21

    I woke up the following day feeling sick, I tried to stand up and get some water but my body felt so
    “What do I do?” I asked myself falling back into bed. I struggled for another hour, my mouth was
    now dry and my throat felt cracked. I felt so sick. That moment I recalled Jay could be of help, so I
    dialed his line but unfortunately it was off, I tried several times but nothing.
    “maybe let me call Esther to tell him” I thought to myself getting to dial Esther`s line.
    “Hello, what do you want?” she asked the moment she picked the call.
    “Esther I need your help, am sick and cannot even get up, please will you get to Jay and tell him to
    come help me?” I whispered painfully.
    “Well, you think am a fool, you want to play sick so that you get to my man? No Chisomo, forget it,
    I was a fool once but no more” she shouted in the mouth piece and cut the line. I tried to call her
    again but nothing, she had her phone off too.
    “My God what do I do?” I cried dragging myself to the other room, but couldn’t even reach it. Then
    I realized I was going to lose my baby if I went on like that, the entire compound was silent and the
    worst was that most of the flats inside the fence had male occupants, the guys I barely interacted
    “let me call him, before I get my baby dead” I whispered to myself and started remembering
    Mario`s number, I didn’t have his line all along and he too never had mine, I wanted it that way,
    now I had to force my memory to retrieve it in my desperation. The first line I tried went to a wrong
    person, so I checked the last digit and redialed it.
    “Hello” came his deep voice I smiled painfully to myself.
    “Hello. Its Chisomo” I went straight to introducing myself, I thought he would shout at me or ask
    why I was calling but no, and he sounded excited. I could imagine if he was seated he probably
    stood up and jumped with joy.
    “Am here my love” he responded with a deep sigh.
    “Am not well Mario, I cannot stand, I cannot move, it’s like my legs are tied, I tried to call…”
    “Am coming right this minute, hang on okey? “he responded instead and cut the line. In relief, I
    sighed holding my stomach.
    “Hang on my baby, dad is coming to take us both to the hospital” I cried holding my belly. About 25
    minutes later, I heard a car pulling over and seconds later the door was banged loudly.
    “Chisomo! Come open “Mario shouted
    “I can’t, I cannot move Mario” I let a weak scream.
    “What?” he asked now panicking I could hear him trying to click the door open.
    “I will break the door then” he shouted back and in a few minutes the door opened widely with a
    loud bang he rushed to where I was.
    “What happened?” he asked trying to lift me up.
    “I don’t know, I just woke feeling sick and I cannot move my body, my baby Mario, please help me
    save the baby” I cried softly he held my face.
    “am here, you are not alone my love, am here okey, I never left you know, my mind was always
    with you” he looked into my crying eyes.
    “I know, ouch” I winced feeling sharp pains in my belly
    “Okey, let me take you to the hospital, you will be okey I promise, and you will be okey” he panted
    as he lifted me to the car outside. In no time we were rushing to the hospital and he told me UTH
    was the best at the moment looking at my condition, He had thought of taking me to the military
    hospital but then changed his mind that it was better to go where there were a lot of available
    I was now in more pain as he drove us. He kept whispering I was going to be okey. Upon arrival I
    was led to the emergency room with him trotting behind the wheel chair as the nurses took me in.
    “Mario” I called him before they could ask him out of the room.
    “If things come to the worst, tell them to save my baby” I cried
    “No, don’t say that, don’t even think about it, you and the baby will both live Chisomo, you will live”
    he sighed holding my hand in a grip.
    “Just in case i…” I could not finish my sentence and he kissed my cracked lips.
    “Please, promise me you will pull through, please promise me that, I cannot lose you Chisomo,
    have faith please” he spoke sadly.
    “Sir we will ask you to wait outside now, the doctors are here to see her” the nurse announced and
    Mario wiped his tears looking down at me.
    “Please” he whispered. I was in pain but his face was killing me more, his sadness, his pleading
    and desperation made me want to stand up and hold him.
    “I promise.” I whispered and watched him leave. He smiled at me and closed the door behind him.
    The doctors started examining me asking me questions. I could hear them talk as I was now
    “We need to operate her or the babies will die, they too weak” one of them suggested. I could hear
    the rest of them agree and they pointed out my blood pressure was so low, it was a fifty fifty
    chance of me surviving together with the baby.
    “If we save the babies or the mother we have a 75 % chance” the doctor explained to Mario who I
    could see standing in the room. He looked at me and then back at the doctor talking to him,
    “Please do what you can to save them both” he whispered.
    “if things get to the worst” he added…
    “Save my baby please!” I shouted inside looking at him, he sighed without turning to look at me.
    “Save the mother” he spoke and the doctor nodded, he rushed out quickly. I knew he wanted me
    alive but I really hoped he chose the baby. I felt I had nothing, my baby would stand a chance of
    living and being with his father, in my heart I knew Ketty would still take the baby in, I didn’t like the
    idea of him choosing me over the baby, though I had nothing on my hands at the moment to
    decide such, I was to let fate decide who got to live between the two of us.
    Time passed I had no idea how long I was in the theatre. I just felt myself rising from the bed and a
    voice crying loudly calling my name. Slowly I stood up and was surprised to see myself standing
    above my body, Mario was there crying and calling out my name.
    “Come back my love, I love you Chisomo please, come see our babies” he sobbed I looked
    around confused. On the court beside my body was two beautiful babies I wondered how on earth
    I gave birth to twins. I had never thought of having a scan for anything and I needed the sex of my
    baby a surprise so I never bothered myself.
    “Wow, my God I have twins” I cried watching them from afar. I noticed I could not move closer to
    them so I kept my distance listening to Mario crying seated beside me.
    “I need you my Chisomo. What do I do with these babies, they need their Mother, you promised
    remember? You promised my love please come back, open your eyes Chisomo please, am sorry
    for not choosing you in the first place, I was a coward but now am ready to fight hard for our love, I
    love you” he went on and my God I cried so much with him, only I could not reach to him.
    The doctor walked in and patted his hand.
    “am sorry Sir, but you have to be patient, God willing she will pull through, if not just leave it to him,
    you now have these twins to take care of” the doctor whispered to him.
    “She will live Doctor I know that for sure, she will live, she promised me” he responded sniffing in.
    “It’s good you have faith Sir, it’s very good. Now we will move the babies to another room” he
    announced and the nurses started pulling them away.
    “Okey, am coming with you, let me see where they will be. “ Mario stood up and patted my hand
    before leaving I remained standing watching myself sleeping silently the machines beeping softly.
    “Am I dead?” I asked myself.
    Sometime later, I saw Ketty walking in and she stood by my bedside watching me,
    “Chisomo am sorry we had to come his far, I really wished you made it out of here, you are a
    wonderful person and hoped for the best for you, but I love my man and will never let you take him
    away, he is mine” she sighed shaking her head.
    “Yeah, sure am sorry too” I whispered as though she could hear me.
    “I will take care of your babies, they are beautiful, the girl looks like her father and the boy, well, he
    is a combination you both” she smiled wiping a tear from her face I smiled at that too. It was so
    clear seeing things from my angle. I felt I could feel the real emotions of people around me and at
    that moment i could feel Ketty meant every word she said so did Mario.
    He walked in a few minutes later.
    “What are you doing here?” he asked seeing ketty.
    “I heard she was rushed here and I came to check on her and the twins” she smiled weakly.
    “What? How did you know? “Mario asked moving between me and Ketty like she was capable of
    hurting me, I wondered why he was being too protective.
    “Calm down Mario. How I got here or knew is not an issue I have actually seen the babies already,
    they are so cute, did you see the girl, oh my God, she looks like you” Ketty smiled.
    “I don’t care what you think Ketty, I don t want you near them or Chisomo, so get out of here. You
    think I don’t know what you and your evil mother are up to?” Mario was seemingly upset now.
    “Mario, what has come over you? Are you crazy? It’s me, Ketty” she shook her head and I was
    with her on that, what was Mario talking about” I wondered.
    “You know what? Now is not the time or place, just leave, am staying with Chisomo till she is out
    of comma” he shrugged and sat down holding my hand.
    Ketty watched him for a minute and shook her head before walking out. I felt for her, the look in
    Mario`s eyes when he looked at her was not what I saw the first time I saw both of them. I felt sad
    and looked on as Mario leaned his head on my body and sighed.
    “Am here, am waiting for you to come back Chisomo, am here” he whispered.

    PART 22

    “What have you done to her you idiot! She was okey I just saw her the other day and she was
    perfectly fine” Jay was shouting in my face standing there a shoulder taller than me. I don’t know
    how he heard about Chisomo, I saw him rushing along the passage as he approached me.
    Standing before me, he asked if at all I was Mario, and he grabbed my shoulder snarling angrily.
    “What is your problem? Who are you to ask me such questions” I answered back pushing off my
    “Am the only person that Cares for Chisomo, you and your fiancée should leave her alone. You
    my friend has caused so much for this girl and now am here telling you enough is enough” he spat
    “look, am not sure what you and Chisomo are but am not here to harm her, am here because she
    needed me, she called me when she was in pain and I brought her here, she has given me two
    babies and am not leaving till she is out of that comma” I calmly spoke sitting back down. My body
    felt tired after two days of being at the hospital waiting for Chisomo to come to.
    Jay stood there watching me, he shook his head pointing a finger at me.
    “Chisomo will never call you for help. I know very well she could have called me, I took care of her
    for months and things were okey” he went on, I was not sure he was trying to get me jealousy or
    whatever, but I didn’t give him the pleasure. I took it so cool and let him burn his anger and
    jealousy on me.
    “You can now leave Jay or whatever your name is, you have made It a point you care for Chisomo
    and trust me, I do more than care for her, the reason you are even bickering like this is because
    you and I both know she feels the same for me..” I smiled leaning back on the wall.
    “Care for you? Are you even hearing yourself, that girl has been through hell and part of that has
    been contributed by you, you dare boast about her feelings cause you have no…”
    “Hey, hey man, we both are grownups, let Chisomo wake up and make her own choice, we don’t
    need to go on arguing and fighting like people without sense. So come on you have made your
    point, go home” I raised my hand pointing towards the exit, but he sighed and walked towards the
    wards. I watched him head to the room Chisomo was and I bothered not to stop him, I was already
    hurting with Chisomo being in a comma for two days I didn’t want to start entertaining some
    jealousy thoughts of a man I barely knew. I told myself if he had issues with Chisomo then that
    was his business and not mine.
    My parents were now aware of what was going on, my mother was mad at me for having another
    woman when my wife to be, that was the way she was now referring to Ketty, was pregnant. I
    could not tell her the truth about Ketty`s false pregnancy, not wanting to start explaining the whole
    story how we got where we were.
    “Mom, am making sure everything is under control” I sighed ignoring her shouting.
    “No, it’s clear you have become this man I don’t know Mario, my own son would never do such a
    thing, how on earth did you let this poor girl from God knows where manipulate you? Don’t you
    know that is what these little devils do, they are like leeches and will suck you dry, maybe those
    babies are not even yours” she held my hand to get my attention. I knew Ketty must have told her
    part of the story only she left out the detail of her part in it all.
    “don’t say things you have no idea of mother, just let me be, my only worry is for Chisomo to get
    better and take care of both her and those twins she has brought me” I responded.
    She shook her head looking at me, “am not going to be part of all this Mario, as far as am
    concerned you are marrying Ketty. “she made a face.
    “I cannot understand you mother, just a few months ago you hated Ketty now you are here
    supporting her? What is wrong with you?”
    “Well” she sighed sitting next to me.
    “I know I don’t like that girl so much, but between her and that leech I prefer Ketty, she is pregnant
    too you know,” she responded.
    “Chisomo is not a leech mother, please, I never invited you here so please leave” I told her firmly.
    She looked at me like I was mad or something, picked her small hand bag and took off without
    another word.
    I walked to Chisomo`s room and sat on the same chair I had been sitting on for the past days, for
    some reason I thought she could hear me as I talked to her.
    “Hey” I started..
    Standing there I watched him enter the room which had become my home for the time I was away
    from my body, I could not tell whether it was day or night, I could not get out or anywhere close to
    my body, all I did was wait and wait for something to happen so I wake up from my body.
    Mario sat next to me taking my hand, he looked frustrated on top of the sadness. I could see it in
    his eyes. It was like someone had frustrated him.
    “Hey” he smiled slightly kissing my hand.
    “Hey Mario” I responded as though he could hear me.
    “I miss you, you know, if you were here things could be a lot easier, you could tell me you love me
    and I would stand tall and spit the shame in the eyes of those that think am not being realistic and
    that you have no regard for me” he smiled again sadly.
    “you know, I have lived my life trying to please my mother and other people around me, this time I
    want to do what my heart really wants and believe me, it’s being with you. There is this thing about
    you, the peace, the gentleness the warmth in my heart whenever am with you and no one has
    ever made me feel that way before, I have loved before, but trust me my love, this is more than all
    the love I have ever felt for anyone.” He wiped his eyes I saw his finger wet before he rubbed it off.
    “I need you” he whispered looking at my face. I struggled to get to talk to him, I could not bear to
    see him suffer any longer.
    “God what do I do? I asked myself as I felt the urge to respond to his cry.
    “if you die on me, you will take away my only chance of being truly happy Chisomo, you will be a
    memory I will live on with, do you want me to always cry when I remember you? “ he asked now
    letting his tears down as he moved closer to my face.
    “You want that? The father to your children to only have a sad memory of you? Don’t do this, I love
    you, come back” he added and like that was what I was waiting for, I pushed myself so hard and in
    an instance, I felt the gap between me and my body close and I was back in, I could feel my heart,
    I could feel his hand on me and his face now leaning on my forehead. I tried to move myself, but
    felt so weak.
    “Chisomo! Chisomo! You are back, my God she is back” I heard Mario shout, this time unlike
    before I could hear him so close in my ears, not the way I heard him the past days like an echo.
    “Doctor! Doctor!” Mario rushed out as I tried to open my eyes. He came back with the doctor
    “What happened?” the doctor asked Mario who had his eyes popped up he seemed excited and
    “She moved Doctor, I was sitting here talking and then she suddenly moved her eyes, she even
    moved her hand “he explained coming to hold my hand.
    “Thank you” he smiled seeing I was looking at him, I was still in a shock of what was going on with
    me, it was like I was in the transition but then I was back to myself. I looked at him and the Doctor
    checking me.
    “The baby?” I asked feeling my mouth so dry.
    “Babies” he smiled at me.
    “You gave birth to Twins my love, a boy and a girl. They are so beautiful” he kissed my forehead
    At the moment, the doctor asked Mario to wait outside as they had to exam me, calling my sudden
    awakening as a miracle.
    “I told you doctor, she promised me she will fight ” he smiled before leaving.
    “Yeah, I now believe in her promise to you” the Doctor smiled at him and he went out I looked
    around in silent as they went on checking me.
    Hours later, Mario walked in and looked up my face with a smile,
    “Hey” he sighed
    “Hey” I whispered back weakly
    “How are you feeling? That was quiet a scare huh?” He shrugged sitting down.
    “Am sorry, I was just..”
    “Don’t say sorry to me, am the one to apologize for letting you down. Am here now and I promise
    things will be different from now on” he smiled widely.
    “How are the kids?” I asked.
    “okey, they are doing better and the past two days I was forced to get them formula since you
    could not breast fed them, but they are responding well to treatment” he added.
    “I want to see my babies” I tried to sit up but was still feeling so weak.
    “Don’t force yourself up, you are still weak and the doctors said you need some days to recover,
    you lost a lot of blood” he stopped me.
    “You will see the twins when you are stronger, okey? I cannot get them out of where they are
    cause they are still undergoing some treatment and observations, you know after being born
    We were In the room together the rest of the day, he talked so much about his feelings for me..
    “I could hear you” I told him.
    “What? Really? Everything?” he asked.
    “Yes, everything” I responded with a weak smile and he smiled back.
    “So you wanted to punish me huh?” He asked, I didn’t get to answer his question and the door
    burst out open someone stood by the door way looking into our direction.
    “So you have decided to come back huh?” the cold voice asked and the person walked in, I looked
    up to take a clear view of who was in the room and felt my already cold feet get even colder at the
    sight of evil written all over the face before us.

    PART 23

    We both stared at the door as the woman stood there her face seemingly fuming.
    “What do you think you are doing here? Your wife is pregnant and here you are babysitting this
    popper?” Ketty`s mother started glaring her angry eyes at me.
    “Excuse me, this is not a place you need to be at if you ask me, it doesn’t concern you at all” I
    stood up to make sure she doesn’t bring her madness any close to Chisomo.
    “well, I have news for you, that girl there has been lying to you all this while, she got pregnant from
    someone else and placed it on you, she took advantage of you and Ketty`s plan to dump the baby”
    she went on with a serious face. I smiled as I realized what she was trying to do.
    “excuse me mam, as you can see, Chisomo is just recovering from a comma and she needs to
    take some peaceful rest, so if you have nothing else to say, now would be a good time to leave” I
    spoke calmly Chisomo kept looking at us both in silence.
    “What is your plan Mario huh? You have wasted my daughters time and money, now you want to
    play around with this, this good for nothing Gold digger who cheated about her pregnancy?” she
    asked but this time didn’t want to let me respond to her as she looked at Chisomo one more time
    with so much hatred and spat before walking out.
    “What was that?” I sighed not asking anyone in particular.
    “Mario, look, am not well and my babies need me, I have just survived death and I don’t need this
    trouble with you and your wife, so please, I really appreciated you being here and all but you have
    to leave now” she spoke to me in a whisper.
    “No, am not leaving you, now more than ever you and our twins need me around” I shook my
    “I cannot get on this journey with you Mario, there is nothing we both can do about this, the only
    way is for you to stay on with Ketty and be happy” she added with a slight cough I held her hand
    and watched her calm down she lay back her eyes closed.
    “We are not discussing anything about me leaving you, I know I love you and you too know that so
    well, why are you still pushing me? Can’t you see it?” I paused rubbing my finger on her hand.
    “Am not happy with Ketty, it’s you my heart wants and am not giving up my only chance of being
    happy so I can sacrifice to be with that selfish Ketty. Have you not seen that she only cares so
    much about herself? “I asked her, Chisomo looked at me in a way I knew she was not agreeing
    with me on that one, she shook her head.
    “yes it is true Chisomo, it’s her need to have a baby even though she knew she couldn’t, she just
    could not accept she had wealthy, she had me but could not have a child, she wants to be
    complete, to have a perfect life that she has always dreamed of instead of how her family ended.
    She wants to mend her parent’s mistakes by having a perfect life. What do you think of that? You
    think she found you to bare me a child for me? No way Chisomo, that was her fantasy to have a
    complete life. But we both know life doesn’t work like that, you cannot have everything all at once,
    it’s not possible, it’s what makes us imperfect and only God perfect, so please let me have you” I
    paused kissing her hand she sighed deeply her eyes clouded with tears.
    “I love you for who you are Chisomo, I loved you even before I knew it, I love you because you are
    who you are, with your imperfections and you don’t work towards being perfect but to be the best
    person you could possibly be, that is what is good about you and that is what I need in my life” I
    smiled watching her face beam up she smiled.
    “I love you” she whispered, it was the very first time she had said it and I had not expected it.
    “You do?” I asked with my eyes wide open,
    “Yes, Mario, it hurts to love you and I know it isn’t easy but like you said, my heart pulls me
    towards you” she added. I looked at her for a minute trying to ascertain if she would add anything
    else, but well she didn’t, she just stared at me her weak eyes beaming with some love.
    “I love you more. Now let me take care of you and our babies from now on okey?” I kissed her lips
    and she nodded her head.
    A week later, I had practically stayed in the hospital with her, I got some days off work. My
    greatest fear was Ketty`s mother, I knew the woman had her way with bad things so I didn’t want
    to leave a chance of her plots on Chisomo, since I had moved to my parents’ house. I rarely saw
    Ketty. She called me several times but I wasn’t giving her the opportunity to speak anything that
    would make me change my mind about Chisomo.
    That afternoon I had gone to get some clothing’s from her place to change, since most of my
    things were still at her house. She was typing something when I got there and she didn’t bother
    look at me as I entered her working room.
    “Hey!” I greeted her my hands deep in my pockets.
    “Hey” she sighed turning to look at me.
    “How is Chisomo and the twins?” she asked in a calm way.
    “She is getting better, she had lost a lot of blood but she is slowly recovering, she started
    breastfeeding the twins too. The doctors said they may discharge her tomorrow” I explained with a
    smile, she looked at my face and back at the computer.
    “That is good” she sighed and started typing.
    “So how have you been?” I asked her.
    “Okey, I guess, given the circumstances” she shrugged still typing.
    “Look Chisomo, am sorry” I paused realizing I was calling her name wrongly.
    “I mean Ketty” I corrected myself and she looked at my face again this time she was not smiling.
    “Hmm, you have forgotten my name that easily?” she accused
    “No am sorry I just… “
    “its okey” she cut me.
    “I understand” she added.
    “You do?” I asked surprised at her calmness
    “Yes Mario, I do, in fact I just realized that it is not good to fight a losing battle, so” she sighed
    looking back on the laptop.
    “I have decided to let go of you” she smiled assuring. I found it puzzling that she seemed so calm
    and not upset like before.
    “Well, thanks Ketty” I smiled kissing her forehead she looked up my face.
    “Anytime, now go on and do whatever you came for “
    I walked in and got a few clothing’s, figuring I would grab the rest when I completed the house I
    had started building from the loan money I had acquired. At that moment I wished I had not shifted
    in with Ketty, all this time had wished my feelings for Chisomo would turn out to be just an
    infatuation and Ketty and I would still end up together, it was the opposite in reality. I looked
    around the room as I finished getting what I needed. The memories of me and Ketty still fresh, I
    knew at the moment I had loved her, but now I felt Chisomo was the one after my heart and she
    was more than a dream for me.
    “What are you thinking about now?” Ketty stood by the door pulling me off my reverie.
    “Um, Ketty I didn’t know you were here.
    “I had great times here too” she smiled as though she could hear my thoughts.
    “Yeah, same here” I smiled and she quickly came to me holding my waist. Before I knew it she
    was kissing me, I tried to hold back, and she begged I kissed her back for the sake of old times.
    “I can’t Ketty please stop” I pushed her back.
    “you loved me at some point, just a few days ago we had great times here, give me this good bye
    and I swear I will not bother you again, I know you love her and it’s so evident” she pushed me to
    the wall, she was a beautiful woman and very seductive too, I had been with her for a lot of
    countless times, so I wasn’t going to resist her for long, and she knew of that fact.
    “I love you still, I know you don’t anymore but make me happy one more time” she pleaded and we
    ended up in bed together. In a few minutes our clothes were off and she jumped on top of me.
    “Wow, that was awesome!” she smiled rubbing her well-manicured nails on my chest.
    “well am glad you liked it, I got to go now” I sighed standing up. She watched me dress up and sat
    up before I could leave.
    “You always ask me what story am writing, but you haven’t this time” she accused with a giggle.
    “Yeah am sorry, what are you writing?” I asked lifting my bag.
    “Well, I thought of writing my story with you. I mean it had been a great journey together right?.”
    She smiled.
    “Yeah sure, what will you title it?”
    “A cry for love” she smiled again. I didn’t want to stay longer than I had already so I didn’t bother to
    ask any further questions.
    By the time I got to the ward, I was shocked to find it neatly done and another couple moving in
    the wife was being pushed on a wheel chair. I had left Chisomo there so I wondered what was
    going on.
    “Excuse me sister” I stopped one of the nurses who was looking after Chisomo.
    “Where is Chisomo?” I asked her my heart racing.

    PART 24

    I woke up feeling stronger. Getting up, I slowly walked to the room my babies where being kept. A
    strange man and a woman I could not see were standing inside the room with the woman holding
    one of the babies.
    “What are you doing here?” I shouted rushing in my heart racing at the sight of the woman was
    holding my baby, when she turned to look at me, I sighed worried. It was Ketty`s mother, she
    smiled her wicked smile and I couldn’t help but run to rescue my little one. She was holding my
    baby boy whilst the girl was still in the court kicking slowly from side to side. I wanted to grab the
    baby and Ketty`s mother shook her head at me.
    “mmmmhmh, not any close or I will chock him to death” she warned extending her hand to my tiny
    baby`s neck.
    “Please don’t hurt him. Please I beg you, he has not done anything to you” I cried begging, I
    looked at her face crying.
    “yes, he has done something, these two small things are the reason my daughter is not happy,
    and I will not allow that” she spat and played with the baby`s finger making my heart ache I felt I
    would burst with anger.
    “no, the babies are innocent, it’s your daughter`s fault whatever is happening to her” I said it
    before realizing what damage I could cause.
    “What? You have the guts to say all this really? I never knew you were stupid too. What do you
    want from my daughter`s life and her husband to be?” she asked now placing the baby down I
    sighed in relief.
    “nothing mam, I can assure you I don’t need anything from either you or your Daughter, am okey
    with my kids and she can have Mario, they belong together and Mario knows I have never pushed
    myself on him, so please stop following me around and tell your daughter to rest easy. Am not
    going to stand between her and Mario anymore, from here am disappearing with my twins and am
    never coming back.” I begged crying visibly.
    “You see” she responded drawing close to me.
    “You have done the damage already, whatever juju you used on that man, now he will not look at
    my daughter the same. So it’s all your fault, now how about you pay for that sin?” she smiled and
    the man before us came near me gripping my hands I let a small scream in pain. A nurse was
    coming in our direction and the man pretended to be helping me stand and smiled at the nurse
    who passed us without a word.
    “Now you listen to me, you will not live to enjoy Mario, your days are over, and since you were
    paid to sleep with him, these babies are not yours either” she paused making sure her words sunk.
    “No, not my babies please, please don’t do anything to them” I cried out panicking.
    “Who said I will do anything to them? No, here is what we will do, you will pack your things, the
    doctor has already signed your discharge papers don’t ask me how. So all you will do is pack your
    things, leave this hospital and go far away, you hear me?” she held my shoulders squeezing them
    firmly I winced.
    “As long as am with my babies am leaving” I responded
    “Well, unfortunately that will not be possible, you only have two choices Chisomo, you leave the
    twins with me, I will take good care of them, in fact, let me rephrase that,” she smiled.
    “Ketty and Mario will take care of them and they will do just fine.” She paused again
    “Option two, stay around here and watch me kill them both and you get to live with Mario. Your
    choice” she shrugged casually I looked at her, I was devastated, I would never sacrifice my babies
    so I live with Mario, yet again how would I trust her to keep them alive when I left?
    I watched her explain the details of what I was to do if I chose to leave the twins, offering me a
    large sum of money that I disappear, she threatened if I ever went back she would not hesitate to
    kill the twins.
    My whole body trembled with fear, the thought of having my baby’s death scared me to the bone.
    “What guarantee do I have that my babies will be safe?” I asked her wiping my tears I walked to
    the court touching the twins.
    “Well, I give you my word, and after a while am sure you can peep around and watch them grow.
    Only then, you will never go any close. Should I learn you have gone even a meter close, I will not
    hesitate to kill you and them too, do you understand. They are no longer yours but they belong to
    my daughter. Everyone has seen her pregnant and now she has given birth” she smiled wickedly
    walking towards the door.
    “I watched her my eyes swollen from crying, she was evidently evil even the man she was walking
    about with was displaying pure evil in his face. I recalled the stories Ketty told me about her
    mother and how she killed her father, that moment I knew the best was to save my twins.
    “it’s good Mario will be there for them after all” I thought to myself wiping my tears.
    “One more thing” she stopped by the door way and looked at me
    “You will have to write to Mario telling him you have left because you feel you don’t need the
    pressure of raising the babies, tell him to take care for them as you go on with your life with the
    man you love. Mention Jay” she smiled.
    “What? Do I need to do that?” I stood up now getting pissed with her demands.
    “Show her” she looked at the man. He came close and opened his phone showing me photos of a
    dead Jared.
    “Oh my God! What have you done to him?” I cried out
    “What I will not hesitate to do to you and those twins if you decided to play smart or stubborn with
    me. “she smiled as I went down the floor crying out.
    “My God, who are you?” I looked at her face, she smiled and came close to me whispering in my
    “Am your worst night mare if you don’t get that pen and write to Mario, telling him you have gone
    to be with Jay because he is the love of your life. Tell him you never loved him and he was just a
    way of you making money. “she smiled I looked at her shaking my head.
    “No, please no..” I begged but she indicated for the man to give me a pen saying she would wait
    till I wrote the letter. She made sure I wrote each word she mentioned and signed the letter. She
    placed it on one of the twins and sent me packing. I had to play cool to the nurses and said my
    good bye.
    “Are you not supposed to leave tomorrow?” one of the nurses asked me.
    “No, the doctor has said am better now and can leave” I tried to push the tears back and walked
    “you did good, now get the money and go” Ketty`s mother whispered.
    “I don’t need it. You can have your money, tell your daughter if anything happens to my kids, she
    will have me as her night mare” I warned her and she laughed shaking her head.
    “Please, just leave already Mario will be here soon” she smiled and the man took me out by force
    driving me to my house so I get what I needed. I went to the shops and got the money I could and
    my credit cards, leaving the girl working there to take care of my business till I was back. I could
    not tell anyone where I was going since the man was tagging behind me all the time till he
    personally drove me out of Lusaka dropping me by the road after driving past Chongwe district.
    Like a Child, I cried out aloud, I was alone at the road side, it was getting dark and I could not see
    any vehicle coming my way. I realized he had dropped me away from the main road, so I had to
    walk to find the it.
    “My God, if all this I have to endure for the sake of my children, then keep me safe so they will
    grow up in a good way. Touch the hearts of Ketty and Mario that they both can take care of them
    like their own.” I prayed as I trekked towards the main road I could hear vehicles from a distance.
    It was the longest journey of my life but I had to keep pressing forward. I needed to survive and
    hoped one day I would tell the story of life and be happy.
    After about 2 hours of walking, I found myself by the main tarred road and stopped a car.
    “Where are you going?” the man asked me as i stood by the window asking for a lift.
    “I don’t know” I responded honestly not knowing where I would go from there, the thought that the
    only person who could possibly help me being dead killed me.
    “How? What do you mean you don’t know? Are you lost?” the man asked me.
    “sir, am, yes am lost” I managed to say
    “Well. I am going to my farm in Lufunsa, not knowing how far you intent to go maybe I can drop
    you somewhere, it’s late and these parts of the world are dangerous when its dark.
    I looked around, I had no option,
    “Thank you Sir, I appreciate your help” I responded and got in putting the bag on my laps in front
    of the van he was driving.
    “So where do you come from?” he asked me, I was feeling really weak and tired.
    “I don’t know?” I sighed shaking my head. I could not go on telling him my story I had no idea who
    he was. He looked at my hand and up my face.
    “You are coming from the hospital?” he asked seeing the cannula still on my hand I didn’t even
    realise it was still there.
    “Um, …” I stammered not knowing how to lie further.
    “Maybe you ran away from the hospital, you could have amnesia” the man suggested and I looked
    at him
    “Maybe” I quickly responded.
    “Oh poor child, don’t worry God will open your mind again and soon you will remember everything.
    Your parents and your family” he smiled compassionately.
    He went on telling me about his daughters in the outside country and his late wife. He told me he
    was a retired ZAF officer who found a farm after retiring and went once in a while to check the
    farm works that his house was back in Lusaka.
    For some reason I felt safe around the old man. He was so nice and at the end he offered me a
    place for the night. Giving me a room when we got to his farm, it was a self-contained room, he
    told me his first daughter used it whenever she went to the farm.
    “Thank you Sir” I smiled weakly as he walked out leaving me to wash up and get some rest.
    “You are welcome, the bible says, those who welcome strangers might welcome angels, and who
    knows you are that angel today” he smiled and left the room.
    I sighed and went to take a warm bath, taking my medication and lay on the bed crying as I
    recalled the events of the Day. Prayed for my twins and Mario and fell asleep after a lot of

    PART 25

    Having Mario in my arms again was exciting. I recall asking my mother to carry out the plan for
    Mario to hate Chisomo. I clearly told her to organize Chisomo and her friend Jay so that Mario
    would discover she was with him. Or even fake some DNA results showing Mario was not the
    father to the twins.
    “Are you insane? You think Mario or anyone for that matter will believe that story when you have
    seen how much those babies look like him?” my mother laughed at me.
    “Well then mother, find a way to make her leave or him hate her I don’t care, I just want my man
    back, now that I have thought through things. I think even the babies can go with their mother for
    all I care” I told her.
    “Look at me” my mother ordered. I turned to look at her as we sat in my car.
    “You are my daughter, and by that you should know you have my power, my strength and I can
    assure you soon, that girl will be out of your lives for good” mom smiled widely.
    “You know I don’t like being anything you are mother, am a not a bad person, I just love Mario and
    will not let him go for another woman because of my stupidity, am trying to save what has
    remained of our love. I honestly don’t want anything bad to happen to Chisomo or the kids” I
    warned her firmly.
    She looked at me and chuckled shaking her head.
    “Am serious mom, don’t you dare do anything I wouldn’t do” I raised my hand at her
    “Well, you are weak, and with that attitude you can forget your man” she shrugged staring in the
    “So what now? Are you in on this one or not?” she asked after some minutes of silence. I turned to
    look at her and back on the road.
    “I cannot lose him mother, but….” I wanted to add but she cut me short.
    “I know, don’t worry, I just need some money” she sighed.
    “Money? For what?” I asked surprised, “the deal was you get your pay after the job is done and
    apparently you have not done a thing” I shook my head.
    ‘Well, consider the job done, as of tomorrow that fool Mario will be curled in your arms never to
    leave you. And about the money, it’s not mine, I need to pay off that popper Chisomo so she can
    leave you for good, that is what she is in for, money, and money we will give her” my mother
    added as I dropped her at her place.
    “well, I will send it over this evening I need to pass through the bank” I responded and watched her
    leave after she warned me to stay home the following day and be calm as she takes care of
    The following day, my mother called me to let me know Mario was coming home so I waited for
    him as I worked on my new story. I had entitled it “A cry for love “to tell the details of my story with
    Mario and Chisomo. When Mario walked in I played serious and calm and I could see he believed
    my words of being okey with him leaving me. The passionate moment, well, at least it was for me
    as I could see him struggle, it was like his body was with me but his mind somewhere else, at the
    moment all I cared for was to keep him home as my mother asked me to.
    “Make sure he delays there and I will give you a signal when all is done here” she had warned me.
    After an hour of delaying Mario, I received a beep and watched him leave my house with a small
    bag of his clothing’s.
    “I hope he comes back soon Mother” I called mom the moment I heard the gate closing.
    “Don’t worry, that popper is gone and never to return. “She laughed softly in the mouth piece.
    “Just like that?” I asked her.
    “Yes, she has taken the money like I told you and I threatened her with photos of her boyfriend.
    She knows he is dead” my mother informed me.
    “But? “ I asked. She was silent.
    “Mom, I swear if you have killed that poor guy am personally taking you to the police” I raised my
    voice my heart racing at the thought of Jay being dead.
    “That man has nothing to do with all this and I …..” I went on shouting and my mother sighed I
    could hear her from the other end.
    “Will you stop ranting like a mad woman? What is wrong with you? You called me to help and now
    you acting like a child.
    “Mother, I am telling you this again, I didn’t sign up for anyone to die, I swear if…”
    “He is alive “she cut me.
    “What? Are you serious?” I asked.
    “Yes, I just had to threaten him too to fake dead and smeared some tomato paste on him to make
    it seem real on the photos, it was just for a show to let Chisomo move faster. The idiot is alive
    though he doesn’t not know who had him covered in sauce. He was unconscious and my men had
    captured him after threating him for something I will not be explaining to you, so yes you can now
    breath, he is alive” she went on explaining and like she was aware I was holding my breath, I
    breathed out in relief. She told me the twins were all mine. Honestly at the moment I became
    excited I cared less what her plan was, maybe it was best I was not aware so I wouldn’t feel so
    guilty for what Chisomo was going through.
    That evening I prepared some good meal the way Mario loved it knowing so well he was coming to
    be with me. I waited for hours but nothing, there was no call or text to explain he was coming to
    “What is going on? “ I asked myself as I looked at the watch showing it was past 23 pm. Panic
    clouded my heart at the thought of Mario finding out I had a hand in what happened to Chisomo.
    “Mom this man is not here, what exactly did you do?” I asked my mother after more minutes of
    “Why are you asking me that?” she responded in her sleepy voice.
    “Well, because you told me Mario would be back but he is not here, he has not called me or
    anything, where the hell is he?” I shouted impatiently.
    “relax ketty, that man will come, soon he will need you cause I can assure you he will not take the
    twins to his mother nor will he take care of them by himself, he knows he needs you and so take it
    easy, maybe he was not given release papers today. Calm down and get some sleep” my mother
    added and cut the line.
    “Mother?” I tried to speak hoping she was there but her phone was off, I tried to call back but it
    was not reachable. Giving up I retired to bed, though I kept shifting around trying to figure out what
    to do if Mario was never coming back.
    The whole morning the following day, I waited but nothing. I was getting ready to go and see my
    mother, opening the car door when I heard a loud knock from the gate.
    “Ba John check who is at the gate “I shouted and John ran to open, before he could even open it
    wider someone banged it open and a furious, in fact furious is an understatement, the man was
    very much upset he came where I was, grabbed me by the shoulder and led me inside pushing
    me so hard on the couch I winced in pain.
    “Where is she?” he asked his eyes burning.
    “I asked where the hell did you and your evil mother have taken Chisomo? ” He pulled me up
    shaking me vigorously.
    “Mario you are hurting me. Let go please” I cried out
    “I will do more than hurt you if you do not tell me what I need to know, what the hell is wrong with
    you? You think you are a god? You think you can just toss people around in your plans? You think
    life is all about you? “He shouted angrily.
    “I have no idea what you are talking about Mario. Where Chisomo or the twins are I don’t know so
    please stop throwing this anger on me. I know nothing at all” I told him but he was so mad he
    pulled me up handing me a note. Slowly I unfolded it,
    Dear Mario,
    By the time you read this I will be long gone. I could not wait to go away from you and these
    babies, I never signed for this at all, I was in it for money and now that I have been paid in full, its
    high time I and the man I truly Love Jay, moved on.
    Am sorry if I gave you any hopes of loving you, I do not feel a thing for you, in fact I was disgusted
    by you all this time, the only man I love and have always loved is Jay and now it’s time we both
    went our way. Be with your woman Ketty, she loves you and am sure she will be more than willing
    to take care of the twins with you, remember she always wanted a baby for both of you.
    Stay happy, because I am now.
    I read the letter twice, well, I knew that was mother`s doing and I could agree she was so craft. I
    never thought of that before.
    “Well?” I looked at Mario still standing watching me.
    “Where is she, we both know that is not my Chisomo. She can never write things like that” he spat
    “Your Chisomo?” I laughed out
    “Are you under a spell or something? The woman has written to dump you even before you could
    start anything and you are asking me where she is?” I shook my head.
    “listen to me Ketty, if not for the past we have had together, I could have killed you with my bare
    hands, how dare you tease me, you and i both know Chisomo can never write that nonsense to
    me, you know so well this is yours and your mother`s doing. So am warning you, you will tell me
    what I need to know right now…”
    “Or what?’ I faked being mad too, I wasn’t going to let him intimidate me. he had no evidence I or
    my mother was involved so I had to use that to my advantage.
    “Mario please I beg you in the name of God, stop torturing me, I have had enough of your
    embarrassment in the months past, there is nothing that I have done but to make you happy, even
    the idea of Chisomo giving us a child was for our own good. “ I spoke firmly.
    “Our own good? Really? You think I have not figured that already? You didn’t do it for me Ketty,
    “he paused chuckling
    “Don’t ever bullshit me with that nonsenses, we both know you did it for your own selfishness, you
    wanted a perfect life, a perfect family, and you wanted to mend your family past by having a
    handsome man, your wealthy and now a baby to seal your family. You know what? I got news for
    you, you will never have a perfect family and your dead father will not come back either so get
    over it girl, move on!” he spat shaking his head I swallowed hard, now that he was saying it aloud,
    it pricked my heart so much. They say truth hurts and at the moment it hurt so much.
    I lost it and slapped his face so hard he held his hand to his cheek.
    “Truth hurts huh?” he nodded his head.
    “I want you and your mother to tell me where Chisomo is or I swear you will regret ever meeting
    me” he warned and started heading towards the door.
    “you have no proof of what you are accusing me of, just don’t throw things on me, I have no idea
    what is going on in that Crazy girl`s life, remember you and I both don’t really know her, she
    probably is in love with this guy Jay, I saw how he defended her when I paid him a visit last time.” I
    shouted, he walked back nodding in silence.
    “There it is, you know what?” he smiled sadly.
    “Now you have cleared all the doubts I had of you having a hand in this and I hate you for it” he
    “it’s not the first time she is leaving you remember that” I tried to defend myself but I could see it in
    his eyes, he was never coming back .
    “You have just proven you followed Chisomo around” he added.
    “I wanted to bring her back we both know that” I swallowed hard realizing I gave myself up.
    “If you have never regretted anything you have ever done in your life, this marks the start of your
    deepest regrets, and “he paused looking into my eyes pure hatred written in them.
    “God will punish you for taking away a mother from her Children, those babies are innocent and
    still need their mother, they were born prematurely and needed all the mother`s attention, they
    needed her the most this period but you have taken that away from them, for this, I swear, you will
    pay with your soul” he sighed and walked out.
    I crumpled to the couch crying softly.
    “He hates me” I whispered to myself in tears.

    PART 26

    The following morning, I woke up from the sound of a tractor moving outside. Shaking off the bed,
    I realized where I was. I had fallen asleep so much I could not hear someone walk in the room I
    was, I just found a try beside my bed with a teapot and a sauce set. I sighed waking up. My head
    was hitting hard I took my medicine with some pain killers after which I went to take another bath.
    My wounds from the C- section were still healing and the pain so much.
    Walking outside I took in the view of the farm. Right in front of me was a wide field. The tractor I
    was hearing was at a distance, tiling the land. The man from the previous night was driving it,
    another man was standing some meters away from him the two seemed to be talking. I took the
    silent moment to look around the area, where I stood was a wide veranda built with natural
    materials, some brown reeds and grass, the floor was wooden too. I stood a step in front and
    turned to look at the full view of the house. it was small but beautiful, the environment was so
    refreshing, the morning breeze was so fresh and so different from what it felt like breathing in the
    air in the clouded compounds of Lusaka, it felt home and for a moment I felt safe.
    “Chisomo, you are supposed to be thinking of your babies now” I hit myself inside realizing the
    comfort around the place was taking over my sad thoughts.
    “Good morning” I heard the voice of the man from behind me, I had moved to the back yard
    watching the Chickens.
    “Good morning Sir” I tried to smile but it didn’t last.
    “Am sorry I over slept, and “
    “don’t be silly, you needed that rest, I told one of the ladies around this farm to serve you some
    warm tea, you will need it, it’s becoming cold the season for rains is around the corner.” he smiled
    standing there in his gumboots.
    “Thank you Sir, but I must take my leave now, I got to go” I stammered
    “What? No way, I am sure you have something to tell me, or if not, you can just stay here and get
    better. You are still sick I can see you look pale. Though am able to tell you don’t have amnesia
    like I thought last night “He giggled.
    “Am sorry about the amnesia thing I didn’t really deny your assumption.
    “I understand you couldn’t trust me. But it’s all good what is important is you are safe her and you
    can stay as long as you need to” he smiled assumingly.
    I tried to talk him out of the idea of staying but he insisted, it was like he could read my mind and
    knew I had nowher1e to go. That day he showed me around and made sure I ate the food that
    was prepared by the woman he called the wife to the man who used to stay and watch the farm for
    A couple of days later, he told me he was going back to the city and would only come back after a
    “in the meantime, try to get over your past pains and if you feel like telling me the entire story, then
    you will tell me, who knows maybe I can be of help” he added before leaving.
    He was right, I needed to tell someone what was going on, I could not stay away from my kids, I
    knew so well they needed me and I too needed them, fear gripped my heart whenever I thought of
    going back to Lusaka. I tried to think of ways in which I could have them back, but with Jay dead, I
    had no idea how I would do it alone, I felt so sad and alone, I spent most of the days on the fields
    helping the farm man and his wife, they wondered why I wanted to work so much, unknown to
    them, that was my way of getting over sad thoughts. I worked all day long and at night slept in
    tears, I hoped Mario was okey and would take care of them.
    A couple of days later, the man I came to know as Colonel Bwembya came back. He had bought
    some food stuffs and other farm materials. The time he drove in I was working in the small garden
    weeding the tomatoes.
    “Do you know the boss is in?” Mrs. Phiri, the wife to the man taking care of the farm called me
    standing outside the garden,
    “Really? That is good, I will come greet him soon” I tried to smile.
    “look here Chisomo, you have worked yourself too much in this farm, take a break now will you,
    besides, the boss will not take it lightly we made you work like this. You are his Guest and still
    recovering for crying out loud.
    “Am okey really, what was I to be doing here all this time? Come on Mrs. Phiri I did this on my own
    accord so stop worrying” I patted her hand. She smiled and looked at my face.
    “I know something must have happened to you back in the city, but I also know you are a strong
    woman and will pull through, stop running away from your past Chisomo. Sometimes the best way
    to face your fears is to face them head on” she encouraged me and walked away I watched her in
    She was right, I had to man up and face my fears, that moment I walked to see Colonel Bwembya
    and decided to tell him everything. By the time I was done, he shook his head.
    “my dear, I cannot even imagine the pain you have been going through, but now that you have
    trusted me to tell me the truth, I will personally make sure you get your kids back, that officer will
    take responsibility.” He spoke.
    “I don’t want any trouble with all of them, all I need are my babies, and they can have their money
    and their lives sir I don’t really care” I told him as a matter of fact.
    “Now, tell me about this man? What is going on between the two of you, like seriously cause from
    where I sit, I can see something else in your eyes whenever you mention his name. Is he special
    to you?” he asked
    “no, no sir, he is not, like I told you everything was organized by the woman and I just did it to save
    my mother`s life.” I swallowed hard hiding the feeling i had for Mario,
    “well then, if you ask me the story is not adding up, why would a woman plot and scare you away if
    at all there is nothing between the two of you?” he asked, I looked at him and down the floor, I
    didn’t want to talk about Mario`s love confessions and my actual feelings for him too. All I needed
    was to heal my pain of being away from my kids.
    “look here Chisomo, if you need me to help you get the kids back, don’t close in anything, you
    have to let me in on the truth, that way I can find a way to help you” Colonel Bwembya insisted. In
    the end I told him how I felt about Mario and all he told me about his feelings for me.
    “Well, well, now I will go ahead and try find this man then the rest can follow” he assured me. I was
    so glad.
    He came back the following day and told me he found Mario from Headquarters and had talked to
    him a bit.
    “I didn’t tell him about you in details but I tried to find a way of asking what was going on in his life.
    From the look on his face and what I heard, he searches for you. The few people that I could find
    to ask anything about him, told me he was in some big fight with his fiancé and they had a matter
    in court where this fiancé is claiming the babies are hers. “He explained his findings and all along I
    shook my head.
    “Is she mad? She has the guts to go to court over the babies she never gave birth to?” I sat back
    wondering how far Ketty was going to take the matter.
    “She is mad?” I cried out.
    “So now, we need to wait for the next court session so you can show up as a witness before the
    actual judgement” the colonel added.
    “I don’t understand, on what basis did she even sue him?” I asked
    “Well, I am not sure but a day after tomorrow we will find out what is going on. Just be ready to
    face that woman again and you have to promise to be brave so you can stand up for your babies,
    no more running away” he held my hand in comfort and I smiled honestly grateful for what he was
    doing for me.
    “I don’t know how I will ever repay you for this Sir” I sighed looking at him as we sat in the couch.
    He smiled and held my hand, “Marry me” he said with so much passion.
    “What?” I asked him standing up.
    “You want me to marry you, is this some kind of joke?” I asked.
    “No, my wife is long gone, my kids are far away, I feel lonely and need a companion, I know am
    old but I can make you happy Chisomo I can have you and your twins and take care of all of you
    till you are okey.” He moved closer I had to flinch back
    “Hear my cry and marry me when all this is over. Over the week I have fallen for you” the old man
    went on confessing his love for me I was left tongue tied.
    “What is wrong with all the men I find? “ I asked myself
    “I cannot have any man near me, they spoil everything confessing love. It all started with Mario,
    then Jay now this old man?” I asked myself looking out the window.
    “Chisomo, just think about it, I love you” the man went on and I could not hear any more, I run
    outside and went to hide behind some trees crying myself out. Wondering how on earth I was
    going to get the help I needed when the man I had trusted to help had just broken the last piece of
    my hope.
    “My God what is wrong with me or is it the men I find in my life?” I asked myself. It was now late
    and it was getting dark by the time I decided to walk back to the farm house. Col had left I didn’t
    find his vehicle.
    “Mrs. Phiri, where is the boss?” I asked the lady as she walked to the kitchen.
    “He left” she smiled at me holding a basin with vegetables.
    “He left?” I asked.
    “Yes, he said he will be back late though, something like he wants to clear his mind” she nodded
    her head.
    “Oh okey” I responded walking on to the room which had become my bedroom.
    “By the way, he looks sad, is anything the matter?” she asked,
    “No” I responded sharply then stopped to look at her.
    “I mean, I don’t know for sure Mrs. Phiri, how I can know. I thought you knew the old man well
    enough” I responded sounding as casual as possible.
    “well I know him that is why am asking, since you came here, the man has been so happy, he
    works more, he is more cheerful, it is like you brightened his life “ she spoke with a smile.
    “Oh I see” I tried to smile back and past her. I sat down holding my head lost in thoughts.
    Wondering how I was going to get back my kids without having anyone else hurt in the process, I
    honestly felt like a curse at the moment.

    PART 27

    My life had been turned upside down, since Chisomo disappeared on me, I tried to look for her
    everywhere I could think of but nothing. I even went to check on Jay and after finding him, he
    clearly denied seeing or running away with Chisomo.
    “I have searched for her everywhere too and I was suspecting you and your Fiancé` has
    something to do with her disappearance” Jay had responded after I went on asking about
    Chisomo. He explained his mysterious waking up covered in tomato paste but with no idea what
    happened to him.
    “I know not what is going on with Chisomo but I will find her one day, Ketty and her mother still
    play innocent even though I know they got to her somehow” I complained honestly feeling
    “If you are sure they took her or made her leave, why not report to the police for kidnapping?” Jay
    suggested. It had been 4 days after Chisomo was gone. I thought through Jay`s idea and went on
    to report to the police even without proper evidence. The police argued that Chisomo was a
    woman and was capable of making sound decisions including deciding to leave her children
    I was so tired getting to my new home a day later, when I saw Ketty`s vehicle parked outside my
    “What are you doing here?’ I asked her getting off my car. She smiled.
    “I came to give you this” she sighed handing me a paper.
    “What is this?” I asked without taking the paper from her hands.
    “Read it Mario” she shrugged casually.
    “What? A summon? Are you mad or what? Those babies are mine, I and Chisomo gave birth to
    them and not you. Why on earth do you even think you will have the rights to get them?” I asked
    now closing the gap between us.
    “Well, if I will not have you back, then I will have the kids. It was my idea to have a baby. I paid
    Chisomo to sleep with my fiancé and now that they are born you are refusing to give them to me.
    Chisomo is gone because she knows the deal” she paused seriously looking at me.
    “You are insane!” I yelled angrily, she was getting on my last nerve.
    “well, that will be my defense and I have witnesses, the court will rule for me to have equal rights
    to the children or even adopt them since their mother left them for me, you will not have me lose
    you and everything else I have worked so hard for Mario” she sighed and stepped back. I swear
    the sight of her arrogant face made me so mad. I wanted to hold her neck and strangle her for
    what she was doing but I held myself.
    “You and your evil mother will not get away with this, you won’t” I pointed at her and walked away.
    The First court session we had, Ketty and her other had forged Chisomo`s signature signing a
    letter where she gave custody of the twins to Ketty, stating she had carried her end of the bargain
    to bear her a child.
    “Captain, do you agree with the concerns that this woman is claiming about the twins? Is it true
    she paid a woman to lay with you to bear a child for Ketty your fiancé?” the judge asked me. I
    looked at Ketty and her smiling mother, then back at the Judge.
    “Yes she paid a woman to sleep with me” I responded,
    “Well, so you are agreeing to the fact that she has the right to the twins as much as you have?” he
    went on.
    “no, your honor” I sighed, I went on explaining all the details of what transpired with Ketty and
    Chisomo, stating the fact that Ketty and her mother had a hand in the disappearance of Chisomo.
    The Judge asked why she had written a letter to explain her leave. I tried to argue of the fact that it
    was fake but I was asked to present enough evidence of my claims.
    My lawyer told me we had to find something that would make the courts see the plot that Ketty and
    her mother had, in the few days we were given. I was so scared of losing the babies, in my heart I
    knew I needed to defend them, I was never going to let her win.
    A day before the final trial, I was babysitting the twins, the nanny I hired was in the kitchen
    preparing their formula, I heard a car drive in and I stood by the window to check who had come.
    “What is wrong with this woman?” I asked myself seeing Ketty dressed in a short dress and high
    heels walking towards the entrance since I had not yet put a wall fence around the house. She
    saw me watching her and she stopped outside waiting.
    “What do you want again?” I asked the moment I stepped outside.
    “I came to give you a last chance Mario, we both know this issue can be sorted out easily, I still
    love you and all I wanted was for us to make a good and perfect family, just come back to me,
    come lets us raise the kids together it’s what Chisomo would have wanted” she explained her
    voice calm.
    “I see, this was your plan, to threaten me with the court case with fake documents so that you
    have me and the twins, well you are so pathetic, I cannot believe I once loved you. You disgust
    me” I spat honestly hating her very presence.
    “I love you Mario, I really do and I never wanted all this you know that “she whispered walking
    close to me.
    “Come any closer to me and you will regret it Ketty, you know what? people were right, my mother
    was right, she saw through you and knew you had some part of your mother in you, I wish I had
    seen that earlier, you and your mother will pay for what you are doing to poor Chisomo and the
    twins. “ I shook my head.
    “Well your loss, don’t say I never warned you Mario, I came in peace and you throw insults on me?
    You are the one who will regret ever letting me go because of that Chisomo, she abandoned you
    and you won’t accept the facts” she smiled and walked away.
    I so much wanted to pour my heart out to her and let her know what I was really feeling about her,
    but I couldn’t get myself to do it, I prayed a little prayer hoping a miracle would happen so that the
    courts would see that Ketty and her mother were up to no good at all. She turned to look at me
    and I shook my head. She was not worthy my time, so I walked inside and sat with the twins,
    thankfully they were growing big and now at 9 days old, they looked good and better than they
    were when they got discharged from the hospital. I was glad I hired an experienced mother as
    their nanny and she was taking good care of them.
    “What did she want?” the nanny asked when she walked in with some bottles of milk.
    “God knows, just came to disturb my mind, but I will not allow her. “ I responded with a weak smile
    she shook her head.
    “your story is something else Sir, how come the woman you loved for years turns out to be the one
    to cause you pain?” she sighed sitting down next to the girl. I had not named the twins yet not
    knowing Chisomo`s ideas of names, I was so much hopeful she would come around and name
    them herself.
    A couple of days later, my lawyer and I walked into the court room, the trial started and we got to
    the point where i had to defend myself of all Ketty`s accusations and claims. But it was so weak.
    “Well, Captain am sorry but we will have to allow Ketty to have custody of the babies, she is the
    woman and from the explanations she has same rights to the children as much as you have. You
    will have to be visiting your children and you will not have them before they are old enough, they
    need a mother`s care” the judge was speaking and I heard some shoes stepping forward. The
    entire court room looked at the door to see who was walking in and Chisomo was there standing
    her face wet with tears.
    “Objection Your highness!” an elderly man who was standing with her shouted.
    “Chisomo!” I silently screamed with a deep sigh, I felt relieved seeing her. She looked sad and
    thinner than I had seen her last but I was so glad she was standing there.
    “This woman here is the mother to the twins and she is here to tell her story” the man went on and
    I immediately recognized him, he was a retired colonel from ZAF. I was still in the judgement box
    so I could not just move and go to Chisomo, I kept looking at her surprised.
    “Where have you been?” I finally asked when they were close to me. But the Col moved close
    taking her forward I stood back watching her.
    “Let her in the box and lets all settle down to hear the testimony of this woman” the Judge shouted
    before she could answer me, I held her hand as I moved out squeezing it hard.
    “Am so glad you are here my love, I really needed you” I whispered and walked towards the seat.
    Ketty and her mother were fidgeting clear hatred written over Ketty’s mother, Ketty was facing the
    floor as Chisomo went on giving her testimony to how she went away.
    At the end of the session, Ketty and her mother were not allowed to get the kids. They were to
    appear again for final trial. My lawyer told me further trials given Chisomo`s testimony.
    As we walked outside, the lawyer explained it would be hard to get everything cleared completely
    as the Judge asked some more investigations to be carried to confirm Chisomo was the mother,
    but thankfully she had produced the birth records from the hospital and the judge gave her some
    time to be free.
    The Col drove Chisomo following me behind and left her, at my place. Before they left, I watched
    them talk for a few minutes and Chisomo walked into my house looking rather sad instead of
    happy. She smiled as she bonded with the twins though, I could see she was happy to see them
    “am happy to see you back” I stood behind Chisomo as she was standing by the window after
    putting the babies to sleep we had not talked one to one from the court and I was not yet sure of
    what happened to her.
    “it’s not over Mario, my life is still a mess and I am here to just get the twins, when this is all over,
    am going away and never coming back” she spoke with so much pain tears falling her face.
    “What? What do you mean? “ I asked surprised.
    “It’s the price am paying to have my babies back Mario, I have to leave, am sorry” she cried the
    “What happened to you my love? Please let me in” I begged her holding her hands but she moved
    “I can’t, I just have to leave and if you truly love me you have to let me go. I was helped to come
    back, offered the protection I needed from Ketty and her mother and in exchange I have to let you
    go” she sniffed in and wiped her tears.
    “No, you cannot do this to me, not again Chisomo stop punishing me please, just stop. “ I tried to
    beg her but she moved further back shaking her head.
    “it’s for your own good and for the sake of the twins Mario, I need to go away and this time forever,
    forget about me Mario, forget I ever existed. “
    “Forget you? Are you serious? “
    “We have babies together, we are bound forever how can you ask me such a thing?” I now was
    crying desperately, her facial expression was filled with so much sadness and she didn’t seem to
    be joking with her every word.
    “Am sorry” she added and walked away.
    “No, this can’t be happening, not again.” I sighed and rushed to follow her in the other room.

    PART 28

    I had a deal to honor, colonel Bwembya made it clear he was not going to help me if at all I would
    not accept being his wife.
    “chose Chisomo, you can leave this place and go God knows where, or you can stay here, you will
    be safe, I swear I will not let Ketty or her mother hurt you or the kids, I will do everything in my
    power to keep you and your kids safe, I will give you a decent life and you will have the life you
    wish to have, with peace and happiness. Only promise you will not go to that man, that captain
    and his fiancé have caused you harm and there is no way you will sacrifice your children for him”
    he told me that night after coming back from where he had gone.
    I had thought he would reconsider his decision as I told him I was not in love with him.
    “Who said a woman must love a man Chisomo, my love for you is enough for both of us” the
    colonel smiled. I looked at him and shook my head.
    “Am sorry am not doing it” I answered bluntly.
    “You are telling me you don’t care that the mother to Ketty and Ketty will be the ones to raise your
    kids? Are you going to be happy your own blood are living with those people, I know what the
    court will do, they will take away the babies and give them to Ketty, Mario will not be as close to
    them as you think and God help you if anything happens to the poor souls, just because you won’t
    give up your pride to marry me because am old” he responded
    The entire night I spent it thinking of what he said. Early the following morning, I woke up with the
    decision to get his offer, I was just tired of everything. I got so tired I felt I wasn’t going to run
    “Maybe it is my destiny to be with the old man even when it was the least thing I ever wished to
    ever happen to me.
    “I will do it” I stood by his door looking at my hands as he stood by the door way waiting for me to
    say something after I knocked.
    “Okey?” he sighed without moving.
    “I need the kids, I cannot run anymore, if this is what it will take to have my babies and protection,
    then yes, I will do it” I added trying so hard not to cry.
    That day he promised to take me back to Lusaka and bought me some new clothes, he informed
    me the court session would be the following day and got me a room so I took some much needed
    rest. The following day, he came back and took me to the court room. The moment I set my eyes
    on Mario I could not help it, I felt so guilty I was never going to be with him. His face looked so
    happy seeing me, he was evidently worried about me but there was no giving him false hope, I
    was not going to stay with him after all.
    The colonel made sure every step he was close by and never allowed me to get so close to Mario,
    I had to beg him so I could go stay with my kids before the final trial.
    “Just make sure you stick to your promise, I will not be cheated on” he warned before I could leave
    his vehicle, it was evident he was threatening me and I knew so well than do otherwise. Here I
    was running away from answering Mario`s questions, he had watched me the entire time without
    saying a thing and when I mentioned I was leaving with the babies, he was so shocked .
    “Chisomo! “ Mario called out following me into the room I was going to sleep in.
    “Please don’t make this harder than it is, please just leave me alone” I spoke looking away he
    walked around and came to stand in front of me.
    “Chisomo! “He sighed holding my face up.
    “Look into my eyes and tell me you have no feelings for me, look at me and tell me you never
    loved me and want to move on” he asked. It was the second time he was asking me that and this
    time, I could not get to lie to him again.
    “I, I “ I stammered swallowing hard.
    “Chisomo, please, please,” he knelt before me still holding my hands.
    “No, Mario please don’t do this” I tried to lift him up but he remained down.
    “I will not stand from here till you tell me the truth today, for months I have chased after you and I
    am asking you for the last time, do you love me, do you ever want to be with me or you will keep
    on running away from me? ” he asked. I looked at him and away, he wasn’t moving from his spot,
    my heart was calling out to him and I could not lie anymore.
    “Yes, I love you, is that what you want me to tell you?” I sighed crying
    “I love you Mario like I have never loved any other man, I think of you every day and I came back
    from that comma because all I could hear was your voice calling out to me. I loved you when we
    lay together forcefully, I loved you when I left thinking I would forget you and let you be with Ketty,
    yes” I paused again sniffing in as he looked at me his mouth open.
    “I loved you even when I was away, I could not give my heart to another man because in a few
    times we spent together, you marked my heart forever. I love you and cried when I was forced to
    write a note by Ketty`s mother” I cried out and he stood holding me close.
    “Then stop this, putting us apart” he whispered.
    “How can I love you Mario, when there are people all over trying to keep us apart? How can I
    when our kids’ lives are in danger? How can I accept to live with you when I only have one
    decision to make in order to save our children?” I shook my head.
    “you can, it’s easy, just allow me to help you, we can do this together Chisomo, trust me, being
    apart will not help matters at all” he held my face in his palms.
    “Who threatened you this time? Is it that man? That retired colonel? Was it the condition he gave
    you for helping you come back?” he asked and I had no way of hiding the truth any longer, I went
    on telling him everything.
    “Come here” he pulled me to the bed and lay me down, he sat next to me holding my hands in his.
    “am not going to let anything happen to you, I swear It on my life, if that is the last thing am going
    to do so be it, am never letting anyone else hurt us” he vowed I could tell he was being sincere.
    After hours of talking. He convinced me I had to stay with him. I had to promise him I would never
    leave no matter what and he promised to protect us from the colonel and Ketty`s mother. We
    spend the night cuddled together. At the moment I felt so much comforted and loved. There was
    no doubt the man in who’s arms i lay loved me. His soft breaths touched my heart I sighed
    watching him sleep.
    “Good morning beautiful” he opened his eyes looking at me, I felt shy he found me watching him in
    his sleep.
    “Hey” I tried to smile.
    “You okey?” he asked touching my chin with his warm hands.
    “The last time I felt this calm and peaceful was way back before my father died. I cried and ran to
    sleep with my parents because that night it was raining heavily and thundering. I was so scared
    until mom cuddled me in bed where she and dad slept. I felt so warm and safe.” I smiled looking at
    “Do I make you feel that? I mean warm and safe?” he smiled sitting up.
    “Yes” I responded honestly.
    “am so glad to hear it, I want you to feel that till we both leave this world cause I swear on my life I
    will not let anything happen to you.” He held me close and kissed my lips. The crying of the twins
    broke us apart, he was the first one to jump out of bed and rushed to the kids I followed him. I
    watched from the door as he grabbed some warm milk formula and fed them with both his hands.
    He smiled as he talked to the kids I smiled to myself.
    “Thank you God for this good man” I sighed in my heart and walked to help me.
    “Can I feed one?” I asked he stood smiling.
    “um, am used to feeding them like this, I have done it for almost 2 weeks and I just got used, here,
    feed the boy” he handed me one feeder.
    “The boy? You have not named them?” I asked surprised.
    “No, the thing is I wanted you to be here and we both give them names” he smiled as he fed the
    “The boy is Takondwa, in my language Chewa it means `we are glad`. Am just glad my pain is
    soothed by the coming of these twins and the fact that I found a man that appreciate me for who I
    am, but I have not thought of the girl`s name.” I told him.
    “Takondwa? I love it,” Mario smiled looking at the boy.
    “And the girl?” he sighed.
    “Give her a name” I responded lifting the girl up and he smiled walking close to us.
    “Well, Chikondi, cause I have learnt and found true love” he smiled.
    “Besides, it sounds both Bemba and Chewa . “He added with a smile.
    We were happy walking around with the babies, our happiness was cut short by a loud bang on
    the door.
    “Who is that?” I asked looking at Mario as we sat on the dining table having our breakfast. He
    shook his head and walked to get the door while I watched him. He stood by the door after
    opening it and the next thing I saw was the colonel walking in majestically looking around the
    house with disgust.
    I panicked at the sight of his face, he looked at the kids without a word and at me.
    “Pack your things, we are living” he ordered and I could see Mario was shocked as much as I was.
    “What? “ I muttered standing up.
    “You heard me Chisomo, get your kids and let’s get going.” He spoke in his firm cold voice.
    “No!” Mario stepped forward pulling my hand. I was practically shaking with fear.

    PART 29

    I stared at myself in the mirror a hundredth time. My mother`s harsh voice echoing in my ears.
    “You are a failure, just like your father, you cannot stand to fight for what is yours, that poor girl
    has nothing and yet she grabbed everything from you. You know you are a coward Ketty, a total
    loser. No wonder you have allowed useless people to tramp over your life like shit!” she yelled in
    my face.
    That was after she told me the only solution was to get rid of Chisomo, she was so sure Mario was
    just a man and he would come back to me at some point, and so I had to make a decision to
    follow her idea.
    “Am not doing it mother, am not killing anyone” I responded point blank. I wasn’t going to kill
    Chisomo nor anyone else. Seeing Mario so happy at the appearance of Chisomo made me so
    mad. I knew there was no way I was going to have him back, a part of me told me I was to let go
    and forget it, but my ego wouldn’t allow it, I felt betrayed, I felt rejected and useless and at the
    moment I thought I had to do something.
    I went to see Mario`s parents and the moment his mother saw me, she spat out nosily clicking her
    “you know Ketty, I knew it, a mothers instinct is never wrong, I knew from the first time my son
    brought you home that there was evil around you, how dare you even have the courage to come
    here after everything you have done! “ she shouted at me I stood there motionless.
    “Yes, I know everything now, my son told me everything, you barren woman, how dare you! You
    are a witch! You pretended to be pregnant in the hope of getting another woman`s baby, who does
    that?” she shook her head I was so mad at her, I stood there without a word, all the plans I had of
    talking to her getting off my head I could just think of hitting her so had across her silly face. She
    went on throwing insults at me and her last words made me lose it.
    “You are rich but you will never have what my son has, children! Never ever, you are not a
    woman!” she screamed and before I could think through it I slapped her face so hard she went
    falling to the ground crying out. Her husband came to hold her up and looked at me with eyes so
    “Don’t you ever! Ever! Insult me again!” I spat and stormed away leaving her shouting at how
    much of a bad woman I was.
    “You have got what you deserved you pathetic woman!” I yelled to myself getting the car keys in
    the ignition. In all honesty I didn’t regret slapping the woman with her big mouth, she deserved it
    after all she had caused me.
    Here I was standing in front of the mirror, contemplating how I was going to end it all. My mother
    had told me the best way to eliminate Chisomo was to get her into an accident so much that no
    one will ever suspect me. But I was so mad, so mad I could not wait for the perfect day to murder
    “Am coming to end it all!” I spoke to myself in the mirror and placed the gun in my hand bag
    walking out still in my heels. The drive to Mario`s place was so quick I didn’t realise I was already
    there parked a few meters away from his house. Slowly I got off and walked to the front. I could
    hear voices arguing inside and I cared less who else was there, my aim was to just get rid of her,
    inside myself I could hear a small voice warn me, reminding me I was just upset and needed to
    calm down but I didn’t want to hear it.
    “no, colonel this woman is not going anywhere, she is mine, we love each other and I will not allow
    you to manipulate her into leaving with you” Mario`s voice was so loud as I got to the front door.
    “She knows she owes me, why are you speaking for her?” the man I recognized from the court
    room responded in his cold voice.
    “She is my woman now, we had an agreement and I will have her” he insisted. I could not see
    Chisomo at the moment and I hated her even more than men always picked her, it was the same
    with Jay now that old hug.
    “Well I will end all your pain gentlemen” I smiled wickedly as I slowly pushed the door open.
    Chisomo was now standing direct to where I was crying softly though I could not see her face.
    “You are dead bitch!” I screamed and fired a shot. I heard screaming and right away took off
    running but I felt some strong hands holding me. I tried to move and escape but the hands were
    stronger than I was they held me in one place.
    “Ketty?” a familiar voice shouted I turned to face Mario whose face was stained in sweat he panted
    as he came to stand where I was caught. Glad I killed Chisomo, I smiled at him and he stopped
    his face in shock he could not say a word to me.
    “How could you? You are not a killer Ketty, what turned you into this cold blood killer being?” he
    asked as I tried again to kick my way out of the hands of a strange man still holding me firmly.
    “since you decided to dump me for that pooper!, you disgust me Mario, you and your mother are
    right, I have my mother`s blood and am so glad” I smiled panting..
    “So glad I have killed that bitch! She can rot in hell for all I care” I screamed out like a mad woman
    I could see Mario`s facial expression so confused and in shock he could not hide it.
    “If I cannot have you no one else will Mario, no one!” I added and he moved closer to me,
    watching me direct in my eyes and shaking his head.
    “Who are you?” he asked and without another word, he rushed back inside. The man who had
    caught me pushed me hard to the ground and I took time seeing who he was. A tall dark figure
    with a serious look, he spank me across my face and his one slap sent me to the ground I

    PART 30

    I was standing there watching as Mario argued with the colonel, he was not going to back it was
    so evident. In a flash of a second I heard a gunshot and the next thing I saw was the colonel
    coming towards me pushing me away.
    “Chisomo!” Mario shouted coming to me as I lay down on the floor.
    “Are you okey?” he asked I was so lost I looked around like a lost person, my brain could not yet
    contain what was going on.
    “My love! Are you okey?” he asked again shaking me.
    “Yes, yes I think so, what was that?” I asked looking about.
    “it was a gunshot stay down” he responded and at the moment we heard the colonel moaning in
    pain, we both looked at him and noticed a pool of blood around him. Mario rushed to him and held
    his shoulder where I assumed he was shot.
    “Get the shooter first” Colonel Bwembya winced in pain.
    “But…” Mario hesitated but the colonel shouted for him to go before the shooter ran off, he
    followed the order and run outside I rushed the Col.
    ‘am sorry Sir, we will take you to the hospital” I spoke my voice cutting I had nothing else to tell
    “Chisomo, I got that bullet for you, that woman wanted to kill you and I saw it beforehand. I saved
    your life” he whispered with a smile.
    “Thank you Sir” I tried to smile with him as blood from his body got on my hands I shivered in fear.
    “I will live Chisomo, now more than ever you are indebted to me” he sighed before Mario walked
    “I have called the police, the woman has been caught” he announced looking devastated
    “who was it Mario?” I stood before him.
    “I cannot believe this Chisomo, it’s Ketty” he responded
    ‘What? Ketty?” I held my mouth with my left hand which was still unstained.
    “Yes, she just confessed she is happy you are dead, well, that is according to her, she thinks she
    shot you.” Mario shook his head sadly as he checked the colonel and tied his wound to stop the
    “My God! What is this now?” I exclaimed lost of words.
    “Yeah she has gone totally insane, she said it clearly she wanted to kill you, in fact she believes
    you are dead. Mario spoke as he finished tying Col Bwembya`s wound. A few minutes later the
    police had arrived and the entire area was now surrounded by the watchers I wasn’t even sure
    how they heard about the gun shot.
    Ketty was led into the police car and she gave me a look that clearly defined her hatred for me.
    “You were supposed to die Chisomo, you have robbed me of all my happiness and I wouldn’t
    regret seeing you dead.” She spat as they led her I simply shook my head holding one of the
    “Don’t mind her” Mario stood near me and the nanny who had Takondwa. We watched as they
    police vehicle went away. By then the colonel had been taken to the hospital after giving his
    statement where he clearly explained he was protecting me. His insistence on saving my life was
    “Am going to check on Col Bwembya, stay in with the kids and the nanny, don’t leave, if anything
    lock the doors” he patted my hand and rushed to his car.
    A couple of hours later, Mario came back and told us the Col was going to recover, the bullet had
    not gone so deep. He also stated that Ketty was in Police custody and would be probably charged
    for attempted murder.
    I was so scared, I could not stop thinking of Ketty and her mother,
    “Am sacred Mario, I have no idea what they had planned against me and the babies. “ I told him
    “Don’t be, I will be here for you and the kids, you are safe here.” he tried to smile but I could see
    he was as affected by the happenings as I was. He didn’t want to admit it, but Ketty was driving
    the matter to dangerous grounds and now we had the issue of the Col trying to force me to marry
    That evening I insisted I went to see the Col and check on how he was doing, I found him seated
    in the hospital bed one of his sons standing beside his bed.
    “Hey Chisomo! I was just telling my son about you. Meet my third born son, Chisha, he is staying
    within Lusaka and I called him to let him know what happened” he smiled indicating his hand at his
    son. I went to him and greeted him.
    “Good day” I tried to smile and the man looked at me and back at his father.
    “So this is the woman you want to sacrifice yourself for? Daddy, will you ever grow?” the son
    shook his head seriously disappointed
    “Am sorry about your father” I tried to say to make him feel better but he sighed making a face.
    “I know this type of girls, you just want my father`s money and nothing else. You think I don’t know
    how this goes huh?” the man spat I could not get to answer him his father cleared his throat.
    “Chisha, if you want to insult this poor woman then you are better off leaving, for your own
    information, am marrying her as soon as I get better and none of you will stop me” he added I
    looked at him my mouth wide open.
    “um, about that.” I started but he cut me short
    “don’t worry Chisomo, my kids will love you, they will be a bit agitated since I have never told them
    about marrying anyone since their mother passed on but they will understand” he smiled holding
    my hand I flinched back a bit. The son looked at both of us and walked out without another word.
    “You didn’t have to tell him that Sir, we are not getting married, I …”
    “What? Are you joking or something?. After everything I have done for you? You want to dump me
    and break your promise? Chisomo I thought you were a good person and would reason like a
    matured person you are. I was almost killed today because of you and now you want to leave
    me?” the man asked his old eyes fixed on me I swallowed so hard to try hide what I was really
    feeling for him.
    “Please understand, I love Mario, I have kids with him and I cannot just leave like that. Am so
    grateful for what you have done for me but I cannot marry you, just ask me for a price I pay for the
    trouble and everything I have caused you but please do not force me to marry you. I just can’t” I
    told him this time without hesitation.
    “Just look at your son Sir, he is older than me so are the other kids I presume, how will people and
    your children look at me, or even yourself?” I went on trying to get him to reason.
    “well you will not convince me otherwise, there is nothing for free in this world and I Col Bwembya
    has decided, am going to marry you and whether you like it or not, you will come with me the
    moment am discharged from here, I am a good man Chisomo you know that, but” he paused
    “I will not take lightly anyone who decides to make me his or her enemy. Your so called Mario, is
    just a junior officer and I can make his life miserable, yours too, not to talk of those babies you left
    him with, so I will not ask this again, I have told you, we both are a couple and now with this near
    death experience I will need you much closer” he chuckled still holding my hand but this time, with
    firm grip that had some kind of warning on it.
    The rest of my visit he mad sure I got his message, he was going to be the worst person I would
    ever meet if at all I decided to back down on our deal. That afternoon I decided to get to Jay`s
    place. Mario told me he was still alive and in my heart I knew he was the only one I could run to at
    the moment. I trusted Mario but at the moment I needed a friend who would be neutral in his
    “What are am I going to do?” I asked Jay after I was done explaining what was going on.
    “one thing I have come to learn in all this is that Mario loves you, am a man Chisomo and I know
    when a man loves a woman, that guy truly loves you and that is the reason I decided to put aside
    my feelings for you because I am almost sure he will take good care of you and the kids. That
    Ketty is done and over with what you have told me. Now, concerning that old man, I swear I have
    no idea what you will do. I don’t even understand him, how can he be so obsessed with you in a
    short period?” he responded with concern.
    “Am not sure what is going on in my life anymore Jay, I used to be okey in my poverty with my
    mother, now this. First I made a wrong decision thinking I could save my mother`s life by
    sacrificing to have a child for Ketty and Mario, see where that got me, now here I am trying to
    negotiate my life and the kids’ lives with an old man. I am doomed Jared, so doomed” I cried he
    looked at me and held my hand.
    “You are strong my friend, you will pull through this and I suggest you talk to Mario and sort things
    out” he suggested.
    That evening we had another talk with Mario, this time I was of the idea I went to live with the Col,
    “am sacred of having enemies all around me Mario, your life, the baby`s and my life are in danger
    and the only way to end all this is to get what that man is asking for, he will not budge to any other
    reasoning” I tried to convince Mario but he too was not accepting it.
    A couple of days later, the court case on the kids with Ketty was cleared actually faster than
    normal and I knew the Col had a hand it. Mario said he was just glad we were never to stand in
    court again but I worried about the price we were going to pay for it too. To was just an addition to
    what I was owing him already.
    “Maybe he never used any influence or bribe, maybe the judges sped up the process because of
    what Ketty did” he suggested and we both hoped that were true. The Col was out of the hospital
    and for some days was silent, he didn’t call nor come over to see us so I hoped and wished it was
    finally going to be over.
    Some high ranked official with two strong looking men came to Mario`s house and asked me to go
    with them. Mario was still at work and even though I tried to insist I waited for him, they threatened
    things would get back.
    “Wear that as we take you to the Col” the men who came for me gave me a small bag. Opening it
    my heart raced finding a white dress, simple wedding dress with some shoes to go with it. I could
    not get the opportunity to refuse as the men practically forced me to wear it.
    I was led into the Church Mrs. Phiri from the farm was the one watching the kids in the car. There
    in front of me was the Col dressed in a black suit with a white shirt inside and a red neck tie. He
    smiled upon seeing me and I wondered what the hell he was up to. I tried to turn back and
    probably run for my life but the two goons following me around were standing behind me their
    hands folded.
    “Save me Lord, I know I have failed you several times but right now, I need your grace more than
    ever, show me your power and save my poor soul from all the evil that stands around me. Forgive
    me for my sins and make me worthy before you again” I said a prayer as I walked down the aisle
    towards an old man and a pastor who too was watching me enter and smiling like an idiot.

    PART 31

    Working was so hard at the moment with the things going on around me. I sat in my office with
    other officers lost in my own mind. I was not having a good time at all.
    “Sir there is a woman outside who asked to see you” the warrant officer was speaking to me but I
    was not paying attention at all, I could hear her but was so lost I could not respond.
    “Sir? Are you okey? “The woman asked again making me look up at her in a rush.
    “Yes what did you say?” I asked her again now paying attention.
    “Sir, you have been like this for some time now, are you okey? “She asked sitting down before me.
    She was an elderly woman though she gave me respect since I was of a higher rank. I looked at
    her concerned look, she was like our mother in our department.
    “I am not I have something burning me up I have no idea how am going to resolve my issues” I
    told her honestly shaking my head.
    “I heard about Col Bwembya “she sighed.
    “You did huh? “ I looked at her.
    “Well, you know how it is here, people have been talking, but for now, go and see the woman
    outside Sir, then we can talk later”
    Going outside, I was not surprised to see Ketty`s mother, I had expected her to appear after what
    happened with Ketty.
    “How are you Mario?” she greeted me I was not expecting her to be that calm.
    “Am okey, what brings you here?” I went on asking her without hesitation, I didn’t think I needed
    her company that much to entertain her. She looked down on the ground and back at me.
    “am sorry Mario, Ketty told me several times you were a good man and when the issue with the
    mother to your kids happened, I just lost it, I wanted my daughter to stand up and be a strong
    woman who doesn’t lose battles” she started I had no words for her at the moment, the thing is I
    had no idea what she was driving at and so I watched her give her speech in silence.
    “Am sorry that I planted my evil thoughts in her, yes, I know what you are going to say about me,
    am a bad mother and all that but believe me, I love my daughter and I wanted to see her happy.
    Seeing her desperate and sad made me push her to the limit in the hope she was going to have a
    better life than I had. “
    “What do you want ma, honestly I don’t have the whole day here with you, I have work to do” I cut
    her short seriously not buying her sorry face.
    “I came to apologize and ask that you help Ketty out of Prison, she will be taken for final
    judgement and might be locked up for a long time, she has a long life ahead of her and I don’t
    want, in fact I cannot stand seeing her in prison, so yes, am a fool or evil, whatever names you
    can call me but I need my daughter`s freedom” she went on now pleading with me.
    “I am sorry mam, I really am, but what your daughter did is unforgivable, I have known Ketty for
    years and that human being she has turned into is not the same Ketty I know, you are right, it’s
    your fault she is there and now it’s beyond me, I cannot help her cause am not the one she shot,
    she has to pay for her crimes, what could have happened if she succeeded in killing Chisomo?
    Could you have been here saying what you are saying now?” I sighed shaking my head.
    “I know she was wrong and now she has come to her senses, just forgive her and help her for the
    sake of your past together please I beg you” she knelt down crying. I could not help feel bad for
    her, she looked sad and even though I had my doubts about her genuineness, I still felt sorry for
    her and her daughter.
    “Like I said mam, it’s not up to me anymore, she shot an innocent man who took the bullet for
    Chisomo and the court has the final say on the matter. So please find another way out for your
    daughter because to be sincere, there is little I can do for her” I told her as a matter of fact and she
    stood up wiping her tears.
    “I thought you loved my daughter, I was right you are just useless” she spat and started walking
    away. I watched her leave and sighed hopelessly,
    “I knew it that was too good to be true” I whispered to myself as I walked back inside.
    “Yes madam, what were you saying about col Bwembya?” I asked the warrant officer the moment
    I settled down back in the office.
    “well, I heard what happened at your house and now there is rumor around from last evening that
    he is marrying that woman you told me about, people are saying he is arranging a private
    marriage ceremony and will marry that Chisomo today” the woman spoke in a whisper I looked her
    seriously not believing her words.
    “no, it cannot be, I was with Chisomo this entire time even this morning, we have been talking
    about this issue and she has not mentioned anything of marriage to that old man” I shook my head
    thinking what she head was pure speculation and knowing how people spread rumors, I assumed
    it was one of those times they were creating false stories.
    “Mario, the thing is the officer he used claim that the girl, I mean your girl Chisomo is not aware
    yet, he will give her no choice so they say. I know that man Mario, he worked here for years even
    before his wife died, he is the kind of man that loves small women. If what I hear is true, you have
    to stand up and fight for that girl or you will lose her, the fact that you are a junior officer to him
    even makes things worse” she added firmly.
    I looked at her and away wondering if what I was hearing was actually happening around my life.
    “What is this now?” I asked mostly to myself. Standing up, I looked down at her.
    “Where will he arrange for the marriage?” I asked her after trying Chisomo`s number and finding it
    was not going through, I called the nanny from home she told me Chisomo was taken by some
    two strange looking men together with the kids. I was panicking as I asked the warrant officer
    “I am not sure about that, but if I was to make a guess, the only place that man would play around
    with is the chapel, the one in ZAF Lusaka since he last worked there, he must have a lot of friends
    to do his dirt jobs there” she sighed and I took off to my car.
    It was like God was leading me to save Chisomo as the time I arrived at the Chapel. I saw a
    vehicle pulling over and Chisomo was led out in a white dress, she was slowly walking in and I
    looked around to see the kids but they were nowhere to be seen. After a few minutes of thinking
    through things, I knew going ahead to confront the Colonel would not work. The challenge with our
    defence system is you have to respect those in the higher positions no matter what, I decided
    since I could not take him down on my own, I needed help.
    The station commander was just leaving his office when I rushed to him paying compliments
    before him.
    “What brings you to me officer?” he asked walking on to his car.
    ‘am sorry to disturb you Sir, but I need your help Sir” I quickly uttered and he stopped looking at
    “Go on…” he motioned to me. I Quickly gave my story about Chisomo and the Colonel making
    sure to stick to Col Bwembya’s involvement. At last he agreed to follow the matter declaring he
    was not going to allow his base be used for silly jokes and games.
    The moment we both walked in the chapel, Chisomo was being dragged to the altar by the two
    men who always followed the Col around since he started following me and Chisomo.
    “Chisomo! “ I called out and she turned to look at me, they all faced our direction and I saw the
    Colonel`s face go down upon seeing the commander with me. I ran to rescue my woman and she
    took the opportunity running to me and falling in my arms crying.
    “Am sorry Mario, he dragged me and the kids here” she sobbed
    “I know, am here now, don’t worry things will be okey soon” I rubbed her back gently.
    “Good morning Sir!” Col Bwembya greeted the commander who looked at him from head to toe
    shaking his head.
    “What is going on here?” he asked and the Col stammered failing to explain himself. Chisomo was
    asked what was happening and she gave her story which was in line with my own. Later that
    morning I was told to take Chisomo home and went back to see the commander.
    After talking and reprimanding the Col for his behavior, the commander made sure he was
    deterred from coming near Chisomo and the kids, he was given firm warning and he knew better
    than disobey the order.
    “Am sorry sir, it will never happen again” he saluted but the commander made a face at him.
    “You are lucky you are retired, you could have been severely punished for such acts, and how you
    dare disgrace the force? “He scolded him. After which he told me if at all the man would bother
    me, then I was to report direct to the commander.
    Chisomo was glad the Col was finally off her back, but she led me to the sitting room telling me
    she was not going to stay with me.
    “I know what you are going to say Mario but before you do that, understand me, this is real life we
    are talking about here and I don’t want to have this kind of life for our children I want them to grow
    in a peaceful environment. Am not running away this time around Mario, I just want us to come to
    an understanding that you and I will not be together. I love you and by now you know that, but
    please if you do love me, allow me to go and live with the kids. Maybe, just maybe in the near
    future things will work out.” She went on telling me her hands wrapped around mine.
    I wanted her, I loved her, but I knew she was right, our relationship had a bad start and we were
    not going to build anything the way things were. Painfully I had to agree to her suggestion. She
    needed her peace and so did the twins, for them both I was ready to sacrifice my happiness.
    “please don’t hesitate to call me in case of anything and when all this is finally over, allow me to
    know where you are so I can come over and see the kids” I begged after failing to convince her I
    should be going to see the kids.
    “that is not staying apart Mario, all am asking is we go our separate ways and see how things work
    out and in the period, I don’t want to see you” she had told me without changing her mind. I got the
    money I had saved up and gave her something to start over with.
    “I hope they will be okey” I whispered to myself as I watched them leave in a taxi she booked from
    the road. I knew I would miss the twins as well but I decided to man up and face my tomorrow with
    a new vibe, to start over, I thought I needed it too.

    Part 32 (Final)

    Being in prison for over 6 months made me have a real time of reflection and reformation. I had
    thought through things and was now ready to face life head on without any issues with anyone. I
    had to let go of Mario. He was surprisingly good with me, he came one day a month after I was
    “Hey” he greeted me as I sighed sitting in front of him.
    ‘Hey” I responded with a smile he smiled back.
    “How are you doing?” he asked leaning forward.
    “Well am in prison Mario” I chuckled
    “I know, am sorry, you will do just fine. I just thought of coming to see you, it’s been weeks and I
    know this must be hard for you” he went on shaking his head.
    “You can't imagine. I have lost a lot of things, I have lost my time which I could have used on so
    many things, I have lost my fame as a writer and so many opportunities and above all I have lost
    you” I smiled sadly. He held my hands and smiled at me.
    “am sorry Ketty, I loved you, I really did, but I guess we were not meant to be, I just realized I
    loved someone else more and my heart could not just refuse her, but now is not the time to talk
    about that huh..” he paused
    “No, it’s okey, we can talk Mario. The thing is we really have not talked like for real and maybe that
    contributed to what happened, am okey now, I understand, love just happens, it’s not something
    you plan on and you find yourself deep in it without realizing it. I was wrong to think I could push
    you to have me when your heart had turned towards another, my cry for love has led me this far
    and there is nothing that I regret more than my actions the past months, to make matters worse I
    involved my mother knowing so well what kind of person she is. I hate myself for being like her
    and now I have come to realise that there is no need to cry or fight for the love that belongs to
    another” I told him as a matter of fact.
    “Well am glad to hear that” he smiled.
    “So?” I asked
    “What is going on with your Chisomo and the kids” I had asked him.
    “I don’t know” he answered clearly whilst shaking his head.
    “What does that mean?” I sat up surprised that Chisomo kept her words to me. She had come to
    see me days after I was jailed and told me she and Mario were not a thing.
    “am leaving him and we will not be together Ketty am so sorry for the pain I have caused you and I
    hope one day, you will come to understand me and forgive me” she had told me and left just like
    that, I never got to tell her sorry though, all I had felt was shame and guilt for the trouble I caused
    “Well” Mario started snapping me off the memory of Chisomo.
    “She left me, we are not together anymore, in fact we were never really together you know what
    happened” he sighed shrugging.
    “Yeah am sorry, I was a crazy bitch I know, am sorry for that news, I honestly didn’t want you to
    end up like that after everything that happened. Am so glad I never killed her, she deserves better.
    So what now?” I asked him.
    “Hmm, now I am alone and never intend to date any time soon.” He responded.
    “Why? Go after her Mario, don’t tell me I gave you up for nothing, were is the fighting man I knew,
    the Mario that would never give up on anything?” I let a weak laugh.
    “yeah, I cannot fight anymore, you know my mother told me something that got me thinking really
    hard about my life, she said, love is not something that you would find that easily, yet again, you
    cannot force it on someone. So yeah, I love her very much if you ask me and I miss her a lot, I
    would love to see my kids too but I have to let her go, it hurts but it is what she wanted and I am
    here, waiting, if one day she will come back to me, I will know she was meant for me” he explained
    the sadness In his voice was evident.
    After talking for 20 more minutes he asked me to be strong and use the time in to continue
    reflecting on my life and continue writing, assuring me I would come out better and my book would
    be great.
    “I might have lost him as a lover, but I knew I could count on him as a friend and that made me so
    happy. Here I was several months later walking out of Prison my head held up high. I was no
    longer shamed and my book `A CRY FOR LOVE` was almost done. All I needed was to have a
    few details added and have it published the moment I settled down.
    My mother was waiting for me outside but I didn’t pay attention to her. Did I mention that after all
    this I made a new friend? Well I deed, Jared, Chisomo`s friend was surprisingly my everyday
    visitor in prison and he encouraged me so much. He taught me a lot of life lessons and I realized
    you didn’t have to be rich to be wise and a good friend. He however never got to talk about
    Chisomo and I wondered what happened to their friendship though I never bothered to ask him.
    “Hey!” he hugged me as I approached his small car.
    “Hey Jay! Good to see you from this side of the world” I smiled honestly relieved my prison days
    are over. Thank God the col had his hand in my early release and I could not help feel it was
    Mario`s doing. Or was it?
    “Welcome back to the world Ketty, so where to?” Jay asked me as I looked out the window were
    my mother was shooting mad eyes at me for asking her to go back to her house.
    “Home, I cannot wait to have a fresh and warm bath and wear my clothes” I smiled at Jared he
    sighed starting the ignition.
    Hours later, we sat down on the carpet watching TV.
    “its been what? over 6 months since we became friends” he started looking at me.
    “Yeah, thank you for being there for me Jay, really I mean it, am so grateful I could have gone
    crazy without your support, you are a good man you know that? Chisomo was right. “I smiled.
    “What did she say?” he asked me with a murmur.
    “Well she had at some point told me she had a friend, so matured and hardworking, one who
    would overwhelm you with wisdom.” I explained recalling the old days when Chisomo and I could
    talk nicely.
    “She did huh?” he sighed
    “She is my best friend and I would say the same for her, she only has one weakness though” he
    “Weakness?” I looked at him.
    “yes, she trust people easily, she has this thing of saving the world but you know how badly that
    ends, she has been so much hurt and now she is….” He paused.
    “She is what Mario?” I asked sitting up.
    “Forget it, am not going to talk about her” he sighed.
    “Just tell me please” I begged wanting to know how Chisomo was.
    “You are in touch with her huh? “ I asked realizing his silence was forced.
    “I can’t talk about her Ketty am sorry” Jay stood up walking to the window.
    “Trust me Jay, am not going to hurt her, neither will my mother, all that is over and I have moved
    on you know that, I have you now and…” I could not finish my sentence and he looked at me
    sharply turning.
    “Me? You have me?” he asked.
    “Yes, I mean as a friend of course” I cleared my throat and his muscular hands landed on my
    “Well I need you to be more than that Ketty, I like you a lot and… “ he paused.
    “Jay don’t tell me you have feelings for me?” I asked him.
    “What if I do?”
    “Well” I responded failing to respond directly, he made me feel uncomfortable I swallowed hard.
    “I like you a lot and I am asking you to be my woman, I know you still love Mario and I may not be
    that kind of guy for you, but you know how it is, the heart wants what it wants” he shrugged. I
    looked at his sincere eyes, his thick dark lips moving as he spoke and I could not help like him, he
    was so handsome who would care about class, he was the man I would easily live with and he
    was good to me. Without further hesitation I pulled his head down and landed a kiss on his lips he
    immediately lifted me up like I was a piece of paper, wrapped his strong hands around me as I
    settled on his torsos and kissed me passionately.
    “Wow!” I exclaimed as he paused looking into my eyes.
    “What?” he asked smiling.
    “You are so damn good at kissing you know that?” I chuckled and he laughed turning me around
    without showing any sign of tiredness to set me down.
    “You are too soft and sweet too, just perfect for me, with your craziness, your beauty, your caliber,
    I still fall in love with you. I think it’s possible to love again you know” he smiled kissing my neck I
    giggled as he teased me with his tongue.
    “yeah, now I know, I thought Mario was being a joke but now I understand he was right, he loved
    me but we were not just meant to be, glad I met you my hero, you are my knight who rescued me
    from the prison tower, and…” I could not say anymore he pulled me closer making my heart race
    as he kissed me with so much gentleness.
    Well, funny the turnout of things, I was fighting for a love that was never meant for me, yet mine
    awaited patiently. Weeks past and we were together happier and always together. He never
    wanted so much to sleep in my house saying he was the man and thereby I had to be in his
    house. I never minded his small home, all I knew was it brought me so much love and happiness.
    His ex-girlfriend tried to create some drama but Jay stood by me clearly defining to her I was his
    now and never was he going back to her.
    “I love you” I told him one day as he lay down his bed. It was the first time I was ever saying it and
    I meant it.
    “Really?” he smiled
    “Yes Jay I never knew I could fall in love again this much, but now I cannot contain it. I love you” I
    repeated my words and he sat up lifting me to sit facing him.
    “Well Ketty, I don’t love you” he paused shaking me.
    “What? This Guy was faking it and playing games with me?” I asked myself looking at him.
    “You are the one for me, I need you, I sleep thinking about you, I cannot work a day without talking
    about you and everything I do, I do it for you over the weeks. So no, that is not love, it is beyond
    that, you are mine and today now that am sure you love me back, I want to ask you to be mine
    forever!” he smiled and I cried out with tears of Joy, he was so sweat. He pushed his hand in his
    trousers and brought out a ring, it was not that expensive but I loved it even before he could ask
    the question.
    “I have carried this ring in my pockets since the day Chisomo told me to go after you, I wanted so
    much to have you as my wife and now that I know we feel the same towards each other, will you
    marry me?” he asked the question I could not stand his being so nice and romantic. I stood up and
    run outside crying like a child.
    “What is wrong?” he asked holding me from my back some neighbors watching us.
    “i.. I don’t know, this is too much Jay, how can I find this much love after all I have done? You told
    me about Chisomo and her hand in my release and her pushing you to come to me when she
    discovered what you felt for me, now she is alone and am here happy with you”
    He looked at me, shook his head and smiled.
    “Well, I will take you to her, she already knows my intentions and trust me, she thinks you are a
    good person and deserve to be happy” he pulled me closer pushing the ring on my finger even
    before I could say yes.
    “Yes, I will marry you Jared” I shouted and like was his trend he lifted me up and took me inside.
    “Thank you Jesus” I looked up the ceiling as we lay down.
    [16/08, 14:35] Martin Martino: #A_CRY_FOR_LOVE
    The twins were now learning to walk, it had been past 9 months since I left Mario and settled in
    Emasdale, the only person who knew where I had shifted to was Jared. I made him vow never to
    tell a soul, especially Mario and Ketty. It came as a surprise when he declared his interest in Ketty,
    telling me he saw her twice and felt attracted to her. I was taken aback a bit but I knew Jared well,
    if he said it aloud it meant it was true.
    “Look you are my friend and I love you, but if you feel like that towards Ketty then go ahead and
    tell her. I will not let you pass the chance of being happy with the woman you love because that
    woman and I are not okey together. Go on and tell her the truth, God willing you may be surprised
    how things turn out for you, Ketty is a good woman, am sure she did what she did because she
    was hurt” I assured him.
    “well, I didn’t want to tell you earlier because of everything that has been going on, now she is in
    prison and I don’t think I got a chance with her, besides, look at me, am just a poor guy with
    nothing and herself is…”
    “She will not mind if she likes you” I added before he could finish his sentence.
    “and about prison, she needs someone now more than ever, so go on, befriend her and see how it
    goes” I smiled at him and he smiled back shaking his head.
    “Who are you? “he teased.
    “What do you mean?”
    “Well, who sends the best friend to be friends with her enemy?” he laughed softly.
    “well, I have caused so much pain even though it was unintentionally but I don’t have to hold back
    those who are ready to love and be happy, that will make me selfish, the fact that things didn’t
    work for me doesn’t mean everyone has to end up the way I did, so yeah, go ahead if you truly like
    her. She will am sure because you are hot and good hearted Jay” I added and he shook his head
    “sometimes I wish I was in Mario`s shoes you know, having a woman like you love him is a
    priceless blessing. “he chuckled.
    “Hmm, unfortunately we will never be together, I bet it’s not all the love stories that come with a
    happy ending you know” I shrugged and he patted my back before leaving.
    “Stay well Chisomo and take care of you and the twins. Am sure one day, Mario will walk through
    that door and the two of you will be happy” he smiled.
    Months past and Jay could confess what a great person Ketty was, he could pay her visits almost
    every day and I was beginning to envy him, he seemed so in love and happy.
    “Anybody home! “ I heard a voice outside snapping me from my thoughts.
    “Takondwa sit down here” I spoke to the boy twin who was playing around.
    “Am hom…” I could not finish my sentence as I walked outside and I stopped in my steps seeing
    ketty and Jay standing there, they both were smiling and only stopped when they saw the
    expression of surprise on my face.
    “What is she doing here? What did we agree on Jay?” I looked at Jay, not really that I hated Ketty
    anymore, I just didn’t like the idea of her knowing where I was, I had reduced my movements
    around town, I had managed to hide from Mario for months and now that Ketty was there, I knew
    that I was not going to hide any longer.
    “I wanted to see you Chisomo, am sorry I came unannounced like this” Ketty responded coming
    towards me I didn’t move an inch.
    “What do you want Ketty?” I asked her honestly wanting to know her mission.
    “am here to thank you and ask for forgiveness for what happened in the past, I know I was a fool
    for behaving like that and wanting to kill you, but now I know better, it’s through you that am a
    happy woman today and I can stand tall that I have found someone who loves me with all my
    flaws, I will not have to force myself to have a baby because he has accepted me for who I am and
    am so happy, I owe this to you Chisomo” she extended her hand to show me her ring and I
    opened my mouth to say something but closed it back.
    “I asked her to marry me Chisomo, we love each other and…” Jay responded but I didn’t allow him
    to finish, I walked back into the house and held my face crying, to be honesty I was so envious of
    them both, they looked happy together and I wished I was either of them.
    “Chisomo am so sorry, I know how you feel” Ketty knelt before me on next to the couch I sat on.
    “Am so sorry please forgive me, I made life hard for you and yet you paid me with good. I know
    what you did asking the colonel to have my sentence reduced, here I am because of your good
    nature, this man here” she looked at Jay who stood on her shoulder looking at us both,
    “Is in my life because of you and am so happy, happier than I ever was with Mario” she added with
    a sad smile I looked at her.
    “it’s okey, am happy for you two, you both deserve to be happy really, don’t worry about me am
    okey” I wiped the tears threatening to spill off my eyes.
    “He still loves you so much you know, he waits for you to go back” she added as she sat on the
    couch too facing me.
    “He will be okey without me. Trust me the only thing that I have brought in his life is pain and I
    suffered a great deal too, that is not what I want for either of us so we are better off this way” I told
    them both without hesitation.
    “No you are wrong, in the years that I was with Mario, I have never seen him as happy as he was
    that day at the hospital, he was happy whenever he saw you, he was like a different person and I
    hate to admit I am the one that messed you guys up, so stop tormenting each other and get back
    already” she tried to convince me. She was so much willing to bring us together and i believed her
    words for it. She seemed happy for real and both she and Jay wanted the same for me. Only I was
    not sure if I and Mario would ever work out, the pain I had been through in the period I came to
    know him was too much and I feared the worst.
    “ I appreciate you guys for coming here but am sorry, am not ready to have Mario or any man for
    that matter, I have the twins and that is enough for now” I tried to smile as I saw them off. Ketty
    had got beautiful clothes for the twins and she insisted I got them claiming it was her gift to them
    since she never got them a thing since there were born.
    “any time anywhere Chisomo, do not hesitate to ask for help with regards the twins, I helped in
    their coming to the world and I feel compelled to be here for them, I only hope one day, you will
    find happiness too” she added giving me a soft hug and I watched them walk to the car.
    “You should call him” Jay added from the window of the car. I just looked at him without saying a
    Some more days passed and I was again getting over the thoughts of Mario since the coming of
    Ketty brought them back. I was just getting some items in Shoprite near SOS village along Kabwe
    road when I heard someone call my name. At first I looked around and didn’t see him, then he
    called again this time his voice was so close I looked at my back. My heart pounding faster I
    opened my mouth but it went dry.
    “Hello!” he greeted me extending his hand at me. I looked at it and back at his face.
    “Hello Mario! What are you doing here?” I asked panic clouding my heart at the moment I realized
    being that close to him was so dangerous.
    “Um, I was passing to get some water, going to the Copper belt for work” he explained his pockets
    deep in his uniform, I noticed his ranks had changed though he looked a bit slimmer than the last
    time I saw him.
    “I see, am sorry I should have realized this is a shop and not my house” I swallowed hard
    ashamed of the way I was behaving.
    “How is Chikondi and Takondwa?” he asked
    “They are okey, learning to walk” I smiled
    “Really so soon, how old are they now, 9, 10 months?” he asked
    “Turning 10 next week” I responded.
    “Wow, my record was correct after all” he smiled I could tell he was keeping track of the babies
    “Chisomo can we talk outside? Please” he spoke softly.
    “Let me just cash these then, “ I pointed at the trolley in front of me, a few minutes later, we sat in
    his car and he sighed looking at me.
    “I didn’t mean to meet you here but I am so glad I did, I miss the kids and I would love to see them,
    I know I…”
    “It’s okey, you can see them now, I have no issues with that anymore” I responded looking at him,
    he smiled
    “Really?” he asked
    “Yes, they are your kids too you know, I cannot keep away for good” I responded shrugging. At the
    moment he took out the phone and called some line telling whoever it was to send another person
    to the Copperbelt claiming his car had a fault and he was not well. He looked at me again and
    “That is settled, can I see the twins today?” he asked excited.
    “Today?” I made a face surprised at his rush, I didn’t honestly expect him at my house that day but
    I was caught in the net, I had to give him what he wanted.
    “Yes, any problem with that?” he asked.
    “Um no, I just didn’t prepare to have you home today. If you insist though we can go now” I
    responded and we drove to the house in silence. Upon reaching there he played with the kids and
    the three of them bonded so fast I was amazed. I sat down watching them in silence and giggling
    as they played, till the twins started dozing.
    “Where is there room?” he asked carrying them both each on the other hand.
    “I sleep with them, this house only has one bedroom.” I responded and he looked at me in a way I
    knew he was asking for directions. I had got a large baby court for them and so I watched him lay
    them down from the door way. Sighing with a smile he turned to look at me.
    “Thank you for allowing me to see them Chisomo, I really missed them and you have done a good
    job they are so big now” he said walking towards me.
    “You have the right to see them, they are yours too” I nodded. He stopped looking at me, I looked
    down the floor. I could not look into his eyes, scared of what I would do.
    “How are you?” he asked I could hear him sounding so close to me.
    “Am okey, started another shop and a saloon here and they are doing okey, the kids are healthy
    and we really are not lacking in terms of food and other things for the house.” I quickly added.
    “You know what I mean” he responded.
    “Um, am doing just fine Mario.” I looked up at him, he was so close.
    “Well, am not, I miss you so much, I thought I would be okey over time but the more time that pass
    the more I miss you” he sighed.
    “Mario we are not…” I almost answered but he held a hand on my mouth.
    “Come here” he stepped back going to sit on my bed.
    “What?” I asked not sure what he meant really.
    “Come here Chisomo” he said it again. I looked out the door and the nanny who was helping me
    with the kids was just walking out with her hand bag, I knew she didn’t want to be around at the
    moment. Closing the door, I walked to him and he made me sit next to him.
    “Ketty and Jay came home a few weeks ago…” he started and I knew where he was going..
    “If they have found each other and are happy why can’t we? Ketty told me she and her mother
    backed off and will not bother us again, so why are we still like this?” he asked. I had nothing to tell
    him, I could not tell him I was scared of being hurt again, that I missed him too but was scared of
    the future with him.
    “If you love me, you will tell me one day to come and allow me to be with you because the truth is I
    still love you” he finally spoke walking towards the door after minutes of trying to get me talk about
    my feelings for him and our starting of a new relationship.
    “Mario! I called him before he could step out of the sitting room door. He stood facing me as I
    stood steps away.
    “I love you, and I missed you too, so much” I told him and he smiled widely rushing back to me
    and lifting me up, swinging me around,
    “You stubborn little woman, I love you more” he laughed and placed me down kissing my lips.
    “Promise never to let go again.” He smiled looking at my face.
    “I promise” I responded and he kissed me again.
    Well, like they say, loving someone is a wonder, I was satisfied and happy with Mario. the time
    our kids turned 1 year old, we were walking down from the church with me in a cute wedding dress
    and him in a well-tailored suit, smiling as people captured photos of us.
    Ketty and Mario besides us as the chief bridesmaid and best man respectively. His family looked
    so excited and happy. I was glad they welcomed me.
    We heard less from the colonel, I was only glad he moved on and even agreed to help Ketty out of
    Prison. For his kindness towards me I wished him well. I hoped to one day find any of my
    Relatives but I was glad I had my friend’s ketty and Jay too.
    “Congratulations you both” Jay stood in front of us. Ketty came walking to us with the twins and
    placed them before us asking us to pose for a photo with them, Jay and her included, which she
    told us was going to be the cover photo for her new book. They planned on getting married some
    few months later too.
    “This will sale more than every other book I have written before” Ketty smiled and we all smiled
    back looking at the photo of us all.
    Mario lifted me up and everyone cheered as he led me to the car, he kept telling me how happy a
    man he was for having me and I would not say less of him, I was home and it felt warm and safe.
    The End
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