Story: Curse (Season 2)

    Episode 1

    She looked up at the pregnant cloud which was threatening to come shattering her joyous day. She thought of going inside to pray as she noticed the apprehension on the faces of her guests, even her groom was seeming restless. She looked at her mum who returned her gaze reassuringly, telling her it was going to be fine. The fact that the cloud had decided to carry an unwanted pregnancy did not mean it was going to give birth to the bastard. The MC jerked her back to reality as she stood with her bridesmaids waiting to be asked to look for her husband among the many handsomely clothed men seated around the huge canopy they were in.

    MC: Odinaka the daughter of ozoemena, the igegbe (mirror) of her mother, the first female doctor in umuachakpa, Enugu Ezike , the soon to be bride of Doctor Ndubuisi the bright shining son of chief Ojobo, kpakpando ututu (Morning star), Omalicha nwa Nne Pamela (the beautiful daughter of Pamela’s mum), it is time for you to search for your husband among these handsome dudes and feed him the nkwocha(palm wine) in your hand. Be careful so you don’t give it to the wrong man o, hope you can recognize him?”  he yelled into the microphone as the bride chuckled and giggled coyly; casting a quick glance at her husband to be, then at her big sister Pamela and her husband Tunde who were seated with her mum at the front seat.

    The Musician started to sing Flavour’s Ada Ada immediately as she began her search amidst the guests. She went from one row to another with her ladies in tow. She went round and round with the guys running over one another to collect the cup of palm wine from her. She passed her fiancĂ© without even looking his way no matter how much he tried to catch her attention. She started shedding tears when it looked like her groom was nowhere to be found.

    MC: “Oginni nwanyi oma? (What is it beautiful lady?)You cannot find him? Please has anyone seen her groom? Who among you ladies has hidden her groom?” he roared into the microphone while the people laughed out hysterically. She went back to the row he was seated at again, made to bypass him but then looked back suddenly, saw him and her face lit up in smiles as claps rent the air. She knelt in front of him shyly, lifted the cup to his lips and fed him from the cup in her hands then he took it from her and fed her too.

    He stood up after emptying the content of the cup in one gulp, embraced her warmly and led her to the front of the canopy where the elder was waiting to bless them.

    Elder: “Are you so enthralled with your bride that you have forgotten to put a token into the cup for the wine she just offered you?” he asked feigning annoyance.

    Ndubuisi: “ I am sorry nna anyin. You are right, I am too enthralled by my bride my brain is all loaded to the brim with only thoughts of her” he returned jokingly as he brought out wads of two hundred naira notes and inserted them into the cup then handed it back to the elder.

    Elder: “it shall be well with you my son. Now this is the newly married couple…” he blessed them in the Nsukka dialect and then made her mum bless them too as tears streamed down her face. Her daughters were doing fine despite the shame Pamela had almost brought to the family some years back. She looked at Pamela who looked as dazzling as ever and had no doubt Odinaka was going to do well in her husband’s home too.


    After one week of honey mooning in Transcorpe Hotel Abuja, they returned to the village where Ndubuisi had his hospital at. Odinaka had just been inducted into medical practice and so still had some time to decide on what to do. She had been so occupied with her marriage ceremony preparation that she never gave it much thought when he had suggested she joined her in running his own hospital which was in need of more doctors.

    Ndubuisi: “ I am so happy to be home at last with my new bride. Baby you really kept me waiting o, seven years is not moin moin o. I was twenty five when I found out I was in love with a sixteen year old secondary school girl. It was so torturous I thought I was going crazy” he said, drew her unto his laps as he settled on one of the long settees in the sitting room. He had built a two storey house in the village right beside his hospital while waiting for her to round up with her medical school. He needed something to get his mind off her and so her had buried himself in his work and seeing to the completion of his house.

    Odinaka: “You really tried my darling, the one for whom I am who I am today. Thank you so much my husband. I don’t know how fortunate a girl can be to land herself such a handsome handsome husband” she replied, bent down and planted a lingering kiss on his soft lips which was almost covered with well trimmed moustache. She stood up from his laps to adjust her bum short and returned to his laps, cradling his head in her bosom.

    Ndubuisi: “You are going to suffocate me madam”  he tried to free his head from under her but she held on tighter.

    Odinaka: “Bia you are going nowhere. Don’t think I will ever left you go. You are mine and I am yours, forever”

    Ndubuisi: “Well I don’t intend going anywhere. I am and will always be here for you. Don’t reminds me, when are you resuming at the hospital?”

    Odinaka: “Resuming?” she let go of his head and stood up to have her seat beside him.

    Ndubuisi: “Yes?” he replied lifting his left brow in a grimace.

    Odinaka: “I don’t think I want to stay in this village. I thought you knew that? Judging from how much I always told you I wanted to get my mum out of this village? I promised her I was going to get her out of this village seven years ago and that is still what I am going to do. She has suffered enough”

    Ndubuisi: “But I did tell you we were going to run this hospital together?”

    Odinaka: “Well, I thought you were bluffing. I thought you knew what I wanted and what my heart desired”  She rested her back on the chair, letting out a frustrated sigh.

    Ndubuisi: “Well, if that is what you want, we can always rent an apartment for her somewhere in Enugu town and be visiting her once in a while. What do you think?” he moved closer to her, in a bid to hold her but she shifted away from him.

    Odinaka: “No way! That is not how I have had it planned all along. She must live with me. I must take care of her”

    Ndubuisi: “But Amaka is there to do that. Besides who said you wont be taking care of her? All she needs is monetary support. She can come stay in this house if you want but baby please, I need you here, I really do. How do you want to do it? Leave me here all by myself even though you are my wife already? Please try to understand” he pleaded.

    Odinaka: “Stop trying to make me feel guilty darling. You are a man and when you need me, you will know where to come find me. I will be coming here occasionally to help in the hospital too that is if you cannot move your hospital to the city. No one ever said it is by force for your hospital to be in this village. We can both run it together as long as it is not in this village”

    Am I not in trouble like this? What is this new development is this so early in our marriage? How on earth do I handle this? How? Who do I tell this to that my wife has chosen her mother over me?

    Question: Hmmmmm…disagreement already? How do you think they should solve this misunderstanding?

    Episode 2

    The sky was cloudy with unshed tears and unloosed thunder as she drove to her family house. People cast her admiring looks laden with both jealousy and envy but she didn’t care. She greeted those who greeted her and ignored the haughty ones. She was not in their level and she had no intention of stooping to their level. Her Lexus Jeep; the one her husband had gifted her on the night of their wedding went through a rigorous time trying to avoid the numerous potholes on the untared road. She was worried something would have gotten spoilt judging from how much such potholes she winded up in as she moved on. Little children ran after her car as soon as she turned into the road leading to their own community. They sang after her car, somersaulting along and making Merry as if they had all won a jackpot at once.

    Her mother ran out, followed by her younger sister, Amaka who was already in ss2 and preparing for her O’level exams already.

    Pamela’s Mum: “My daughter is here o, come and see my dazzling doctor daughter o. My pride and my life” she went to driver’s side and embraced her daughter immediately she had managed to open the door amidst the children who hovered around her like vultures waiting for their dying prey to take its last breath.

    Amaka: “Welcome aunty Odinaka. I have missed you” she hugged her big sister proudly. Eyeing some of her friends who had gathered around too.

    Odinaka: “It has not even been up to a month I left. So what is there to miss? Come let’s go inside” she led her mum and younger one inside with their hands on one another’s shoulders.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Amaka go and prepare something for her to eat immediately. You look so hungry my daughter, have you not been eating well in that house?” She asked scrutinizing her daughter from head to toe.

    Odinaka: “I who is watching weight? No o, this is the way I want to be. I must look healthy otherwise how do I advise my patients to live a healthy life too?”

    Pamela’s Mum: “Okay o, doctor. So what brought you here so fast? Don’t tell me you miss home already?”

    Odinaka: “mum you know I promised to get you out of this village?”. She went straight to the point and narrated to her mum what transpired between she and her husband the previous day without leaving anything unsaid. Her mum was stunned beyond words.

    Pamela’s Mum: ” Odinaka! I can’t believe you are the one saying all these right now. Have you forgotten everything this man did for you? He was the one who trained you to become what you are today so how can you choose me over him? I am not going to any city. Don’t forget I never really wanted to leave my husband’s house behind. And your house is just a stone throw from here so what is the quarrels about city all about? Get it out of your head, I will stay here in the village. Nothing can make me do otherwise. Go home now and make peace with your husband, tell him you’ll do whatever he wants after all he is your god here on earth.

    I don’t want to hear any complaints from you ever again. Don’t put me through shame the way your elder sister did. I will not take it. Do you understand?” she stood hand akimbo, jeering at her daughter.

    Odinaka: “He must have consulted his fetish father to turn you against me mum. I shall not have any man do to me what Ikenna did to my sister, if he tries it, I will destroy him first. What crude cruelty is that?”

    Pamela’s mum: “Hei! This girl has been bewitched. But you were not like this before Odi, what has happened to you? My daughter didn’t you hear all I just said?” Her voice went from angry to pleading.

    Odinaka: “I shall run no village hospital with him. I want out of here and I shall get out if that is what you all want. I will leave whether you come with me or not” her defiance shook her mum to the core of her being. She slumped back to the cushion and with her hands on head began to cry.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Hei I am done for! This is how Pamela started too o, the craze to leave the village. God what offence have I committed that you have refused to forgive me for? Don’t let me go through this shame yet again” she lamented loudly.

    She looked at her mum whose lamentations were doing nothing but getting on her nerves and let out a long hiss of annoyance.


    Ndubuisi went about this daily routines in the hospital, expecting that his wife would come to and later change her mind but of course she remained adamantly at home, doing nothing but sleeping and waking up without even cooking his meals. She was trying to put up some fight he didn’t seem to understand its purpose. She wouldn’t let him touch her either. If not for the love he had for her, he would have raped her over and over again in the last few weeks. She was expected to be called for housemanship soon but he knew better than letting her go. That would be the end of her going back to the village- he could see the resolution in her, the unspoken words behind her actions and the determinations in her gait. He was worried for his marriage.


    Shielded by darkness, she crawled out of her hut bearing a black calabash in her hand with its content spilling to her toes as she tip-toed to back of her hut where she knew no one was going to stray to not even while under the influence of sleep. She dropped the calabash on the floor, retied her wrapper loosely around her and began to walk round about the calabash. She did these seven times and then stopped, looked squarely into the calabash with eyes spitting fire and heart spilling hatred…

    Woman: “Because these people have decided to make me languish in my old age while they laugh and make merry, I have come to repay them in their own coin. I shall no longer wait and fold my arms while everyday takes me closer to my grave, something must be done to ensure they pay for stealing away my joy and hope” she paused, looked around like a lion trying to guide its hard earned dinner from other predators and then continued.

    “It is I; the wailing and forlorn mother of the dead. I have come to take my pound of flesh from those who have cause me this pain. I am sending you forth today to turn their joy into sadness, make their mother go through ten times what I am going through right now. Whatever it is that gives her joy, take it away. Her grace should be turned to disgrace. You spirit of destruction, you who reap where you did not sow and sow where you did not reap; you who take that which you did not make and make that which you cannot take, go and do your deed in that family, wreck as much havoc as you want and don’t ever come back to me without getting the deed done. So have I commanded you and so shall it be”

    she lifted the calabash high in the air and sent it crashing on the ground noiselessly. Broken eggs littered the ground with a jar of honey which had been left open in the water also spilling its content to the ground. The water flowed to her feet while she used her legs to trample on the stuffs on the ground to be sure none was left undestroyed. When she was satisfied with her handwork, she heaved a sigh of contentment and stepped back into her hut without looking back.

    Question: Who is the woman in question and which family is this great evil directed to?

    Please make sure you read the curse of season one so you can understand better.’

    Episode 3

    Looking around her living room which had nothing but a set of two plastic chairs and a tattered carpet on the floor. There were no pictures of adorable kids adorning the hole ridden walls. She was a lonely woman with nothing to call her own except the family whom she felt she had given her all to but with nothing to show for it.

    Aunty Martha: “Hmmmmmmm…my life is in ruins. A terrible ruins. It is another bright morning and I have to find someone to feed me, I have to find a family I know would accommodate my excesses and offer me food. I have no husband just a bunch of ungrateful family members who abandons me after I have done something good for them. May God punish all of them one by one” She soliloquized. “Just Imagine Ozoemena’s first daughter Pamela too, whom I helped get a Lagos husband and after everything she forgot all about me. She never even brought a cup of gari to me let alone sugar to drink it with. To make matters worse, she and her Lagos boyfriend connived and branded innocent Ikenna an evil doer after committing adultery. Kai, this world is a wicked…” before she could end what she was saying, someone knocked on her door.

    “Please come in, the door is open” she said uninterestedly wondering if the person had brought food along for her. “You are welcome my good friend”  she said when she saw it was Pamela’s mum; the object of her incessant bad thoughts.

    Pamela’s Mum: “How are you doing my inlaw? It has been such a long time and I noticed you did not attend Odinaka’s traditional marriage ceremony. Hope all is well?”  she said having her seat.

    Aunty Martha took a careful look at her glowing face, the Hollandis wrapper she tied around a finely cut lace top which clung to her petite frame.

    Hmmmmm…look at how neat and well fed she looks, look at the expensive wrapper and lace top she has on; someone who was unable to feed her three children once upon a time. All her good fortune is thanks to me o

    Aunty Martha: “Well, as you can see, I am alive and well. I was not feeling too well on that day and that is why I did not come” she lied.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Are you sure about that? I feel you are holding some grudge against I and my children. Please don’t let that be the case o, we are family and we need each other to survive. Please do not be angry if we have offended you in anyway possible. We will try to make it right” own she said smiling benignly at the woman whom she knew was faking her own smile.


    She was in the sitting room watching a TV program when a volcano erupted inside her. She felt like one laden with the sins of a thousand men and being punished for them at the same time. Faces of people she knew who had been dead since ages flashed into her face. A man stood at a corner grinning at her wickedly as the faces kept lashing out at her subconsciously. She began to scream and jump around, she lost herself and became unconscious of what was happening to her.

    Odinaka: “Mama…mama…mamaaa” she began to tear at her hair and jump around like one who was being tormented by an unseen masquerade. “They are about to kill me mama, somebody save me”  she screamed even louder as people began to troupe into the house. Her husband had gone to work and so someone was asked to go fetch him immediately.

    A woman: “What is happening to you beautiful lady? Are you okay?” she asked stepping closer to her despite the warnings of the rest of the women there not to move closer to her.

    Odinaka: “I want my mum! Where is my mum” she cried even louder.

    Another Woman: “Do you think this is your father’s house for you to be screaming for your mother like that? Mama Ebere better don’t touch her, she seems possessed to me o. the children of that woman don’t ever seize to get possessed. I am gong to my own husband’s house before they transfer it to me o”  she said with a wide scowl on her face and left the well furnished sitting room which was the envy of every woman present in the house. None of them had ever entered inside the house before.

    Ndubuisi ran like a mad man chasing a beautiful butterfly back home, remembering how he had ran to her rescue some years back also when she had being hit by a mysterious sickness which made her unaware of her environment.

    She went berserk with rage as soon as she laid eyes on her husband who was panting nervously.

    Odinaka: “Get him out of here, get him out of my sight. He is a viper; he is the one tormenting me like this. Please don’t let him near me, don’t let come any closer” she wailed and threw everything within reach at those close by. He stopped in his track, unsure of what to do. He had never imagined what was wrong with her could be up to that. He was perturbed and disturbed. He brought out his phone from his pocket and dialed his father’s number but it was off. He made to walk closer to her again, dodging the stuffs which kept flying his way but she ran into one of the room and locked the door, cursing loudly and then screaming out in agony.

    That incidence became the talk of the whole town. The more the days passed by the newer the version of the incidence which came out. Some said it was really Ndubuisi tormenting her, some called her a witch whose cup has become full. Some said she had enchanted her husband and so his spirit had started tormenting her.

    She had regained consciousness a few hours later, opened the door and walked over to her confused and scared husband who was yet to get in contact with his dad.

    Odinaka: “What is wrong with you honey?” she had placed an arm around his sagged shoulder, staining his lab coat in the process. She sounded unlike herself- the bitter, vengeful wife he had resigned his fate to in the last two months of their marriage. He looked up at her, wondering what she was up to.

    Ndubuisi: “What do you mean by that? Just few hours ago, you were screaming and tearing everywhere down. Look around this sitting room, does it look the way it used to look to you?” he asked trying hard to hold back the tears which were just at the tip of his eyelid.

    She looked around in surprise for the first time and fear surfaced on her countenance immediately.

    Odinaka: “Did I do all these? How and when?” she stood up from the chair and began to pace around.

    Ndubuisi: “You mean you cant remember anything?” he stood up from the foot of the chair he had been sitting on before, removed his lab coat, tie and started unbuttoning his shirt.

    Odinaka: “I cannot remember anything except that I was in the sitting room watching a program on E! Entertainment and suddenly found myself sprawled on the floor in the room. Did I really do all these?” she asked again, unable to believe what she was hearing.

    Ndubuisi: “it is okay. We shall get to the bottom of this once I get in touch with my dad. Come let’s go inside” he had led her inside that night and surprisingly for him, she was the first person to make an attempt at love making. They had made love over and over again for the first time in two months that night like two horny horses. She had become so submissive and sweet he wondered if her attitude towards him all those while was just an attempt to make him agree to her whims or something else was involved.

    Question: Is something else involved in her previous attitude towards her husband?

    Episode 4

    Aunty Martha: “So what brought you here if I may ask?” she knew from the look of things that she wasn’t there just to apologize.

    Pamela’s Mum: “It is about your child Odinaka o” she said shifting from one side of her butt to the other.

    Aunty Martha: “What about her?”

    I said it! I knew something was up with this impromptu visit of hers. Well I shall listen to it well.

    Pamela’s Mum: “She is acting very strange. I need your help please. I need to tackle this problem before it erupts into something else. I don’t know who else to go to except you”  she explained, wringing her hands sadly.

    Aunty Martha: “Ah! She just got married and she is already behaving strange? These daughters of yours will never fail to drag our family name in the mud. What did she say is the problem with her now o. besides what of that pastor you were following up and down that time? Why don’t you go to him for more prayers and deliverance if you feel your daughter is not acting like someone in her right mind despite being a doctor?”

    She recognised the sarcasm in her words but decided to ignore it. It was she who knew where it pinched her the most. She was not going to allow a negative comment set off her ego.

    Pamela’s Mum: “You know he left this village a long time ago and no other pastor has replaced him since then. I pray on my own but I feel it is not enough. Please if there is anything you can do to help, please do not hesitate. You are the only one close to family I can run to without dragging our family name in the mud”

    Aunty Martha: “It is okay. I will see what I can do about it. Give me some days and beside do you have any money with you? I am seriously in need of money and as it is, I don’t even have any food in this miserable house of mine” she said soberly.

    She brought out a one thousand naira note from her handbag and handed it over to her apologizing for it being little and begging her to manage it until further notice.


    His dad took her from one herbalist to another seeking for solution to whatever was hailing her but solution was found nowhere because every witch doctor they took her to rejected her as soon as they had set eyes on her. None of them even agreed to look into her case. Ndubuisi’s dad got tired of it all too and decided it was time to call it quit.

    Chief Ojobo: “My son have your seat here by my side”  he said gesturing towards the seat he was referring to which was the only other one in the obi besides the long bench his visitors sat on.

    Ndubuisi: “I cannot sit down dad. Something is happening to my wife again and I cannot even say what it is. You know she had been miraculously healed of one mysterious sickness once when she was younger. I pray she will be healed thus very soon once again. I cannot stand seeing her disgraced like this, she has become the talk of the town” he lamented.

    Chief Ojobo: “Just have your seat first. There is something I need to discuss with you and it is about your wife. So sit down” he paused as his son walked on unsure legs towards him and sat down. “You know I have never lied to you before neither have I ever denied you of anything before…” he began.

    Ndubuisi: “Yes dad”

    Chief Ojobo: “even when you decided that you were going to sponsor the young girl and wait for her to finish her education, did I object to it?”

    Ndubuisi: “No sir” he was getting apprehensive as to where all the questions were leading to.

    Chief Ojobo: “So you know I always want the best for you, I want anything which would bring you happiness. I want you to reconsider your marriage. We will return her to her mother so she can find solution to whatever is ailing her whichever way she can. I cannot let some girl from nowhere soil my well ironed garment. Please send her back home” he brought out a Kolanut from his pocket and began to chew it gently, waiting for his reaction to what he had said.

    Ndubuisi: “Hmmmmm… a proverb says ‘if you refuse the advice of an elder, you will walk until sunset’. You must have given this a lot of thoughts before opening up to me but dad, I cannot abandon my wife. I cannot leave her, I have waited for her this long because I have loved her this much. I cannot imagine a life without her so dad, help us do all you can, do not let me act like a disobedient son” he pleaded, knowing any parent will say the same thing his dad just did.

    Chief Ojobo: “Hmmmmm you are a good man son but…”


    With a bowed head, she walked through the hostile crowd who kept casting her disapproving and angry looks every now and then. She held on tightly to her shopping bag praying she would survive that particular day without being lynched to death. However, every trader she went to refused to sell anything to her, she had walked away from the first two market women who had bluntly refused to sell a pack of maggi knorr to her. She walked over to the next store she could find and the same thing happened, she lost her cool at last.

    Odinaka: “Excuse me? Is that not the maggi knorr chicken you said you don’t have? Why are you all refusing to sell something to me? Did I per adventure do something wrong to you all?” she raged not minding that people were listening to them.

    Market woman: “Ah ah… see me see trouble o. I said I don’t have what you ask for. Why is that getting you angry or are you about to summon the people in your coven? You should know I am a very powerful woman too, try anything funny and see the kind of thunder that would descend on you from above. What rubbish! You think you can just talk to anyone anyhow after showing us all your true colour in this place” she hissed and stared back at her defiantly.

    Odinaka: “God knows I have done nothing wrong to deserve all these insults from you all. Whatever is happening to me is not my fault so I wonder why I am being ostracised in this…”

    Market woman: “Ostra ginni? O na su kwa oyibo na ebaa o (she is speaking English here o) she said and laughed, whirling around in the process while the people around also laughed. “Please pack your filthy, possessed self away from my shop before you inflict my customers with your bad luck. You call yourself a doctor yet you don’t even know what is wrong with you. Please leave this place now before I call my dogs on you” she stepped closer to her and began to shove her roughly away from the front of her shop.

    She was in hot tears when she reached home that day. She hadn’t succeeded in buying anything at all as they all only treated her scornfully. She could hardly drive home as she wept all through. As soon as her husband got back home, she jumped into his arm and began to cry.

    Ndubuisi: “What is going on dear?” He held her at arm’s-length to scrutinize her face properly.

    Odinaka: “I think it is time for me to die. I cannot bear this shame any longer, I cannot. Please what is happening to me? Have you found solution to it yet? I might commit suicide soon if nothing is done about it” she wailed into his arms.

    Ndubuisi: “Come let’s sit down first”

    Odinaka: “Honey, are you sure you love me at all?” she asked as soon as they had sat down. She seemed like she was out of her mind at that moment and he was afraid the sickness was setting in yet again.

    Ndubuisi: “Of course I love you, I love you very very much” he replied reaching out to cup her face in her hands.

    Odinaka: “Then let’s leave this village. There is a great evil in this village. Everything happening to me is because I am in this village. Once I leave, it will all stop; I am sure of it. Please honey”

    Ndubuisi: “I have my hospital here dear, I cannot just leave like that…”

    Question: Do you think she is right? Should he abandon his hospital and patients for the sake of his wife or listen to his father’s advice?

    Episode 5

    The women danced around the fire with their lack cloaks flying savagely about I the wid. They chanted a song in their local dialect cursing anyone who dared confront them, intrude or attack them. They were a sight to behold as their eyes shone in the dark making them look like a predator hiding behind the cloak of darkness watching its prey.

    She stood afar off watching them with fright. Wondering how she had gotten there all of a sudden. She tried to see the faces of the women but it seemed they were all deliberately hiding their faces from her. Beside the women stood a shadow she recognized so well, it was darker than the darkness itself and exuded such evil that could make the most powerful of me cower. It had become even more powerful than the last time she remembered. His iron gaze met hers all of a sudden and she fell to the floor, shivering as he glided towards her with a smirk on the side of his lips. He seemed to talk to her spirit as he moved towards her…

    “We meet again, beautiful one” it said and gave out a loud roar.

    She woke up panting and sweating like a deer which had been chased from its place of succor by the king of the jungle screaming Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!


    Ndubuisi: “What would have me do exactly? I know more than anyone how difficult this is for you, it is difficult for me too. Do you know people hardly patronize my hospital anymore? But this is where I want to be, my home is here and I want us to prove this people wrong, I want them to witness our vindication”

    Odinaka: “What vindication? You mean when I must have become dead? I am going to commit suicide. I will definitely commit suicide. I told you I cannot live another day in this village with the way things are going. Please let’s run for our lives. I cannot do this without you, you know that”

    Ndubuisi: “And my patients?”

    Odinaka: “Refer them to another hospital or employ another doctor to see to things here. One of those doctor friends of yours who are yet to get a job will be more than obliged to run the hospital on your behalf. They can even stay in our house and maintain it on our behalf since you are the only son and your dad has refused to leave his old ancestral house. We will come back when everything is settled so honey, give ears to my pleas please” she pleaded with her hands clasped together, sweating even thought the air conditioner was in full swing.

    Ndubuisi: “Let me give it some more thoughts please. I will get back to you” he stood up with a drooping shoulder and headed for the room.


    John Agbogo was Ndubuisi’s course mate in 400l and very good friend despite the differences in their personalities. Where Ndubuisi was cool headed, straight and a scholar, John was crooked in all of his dealings and therefore hadn’t taken medical school seriously and therefore had to repeat 400l when he failed woefully in his MBBS exams while Ndubuisi had proceeded to the next level. He later ended up repeating 500l and 600l too. He spent 9 years in medical school. After rounding up with medical school, getting a job became a problem and his ego refused to make him go work under his long time friend and the fact that it was situated in a village and he would have to live under his friend’s roof discouraged him even more.

    That evening, he sat with one of his numerous girlfriends who clocked around him like bees surrounding nectar not only for his rugged looks but for the fact that he was a tush doctor. They all stepped on one another just to be seen with him, making a raucous on many occasions. He adjusted his boxers for an umpteenth time, he had made love to her with the intensity of the turbulence in his heart. He was more than troubled and indecisive as to what to do.

    Angelica: “This one you look uncomfortable like this, are you expecting someone?”  she asked, casting him a side glance from the mirror she held in her hands as she reapplied her makeup on a very oily and sweaty face.

    John: “A long time friend of mine just called me. He wants me to run his village hospital for him cos he is moving to the town with his wife. I don’t know if I want to move to a village but there seems to be no other option for me” he opened up to her. Something he didn’t normally do.

    Angelica: “Really? That is a good opportunity provided you have somewhere to stay at” she was behind herself with joy at the prospect of becoming his first lady since he had opened up to her, it meant he must have had a soft spot for her. She giggled inwardly as he fought for words.

    John: “There is a place to stay at of course. He has a two storey building there in the village. Inside that house, you will not even know you are in a village. I have seen pictures of him in the compound and even in it on facebook on several occasions. Nevertheless, I hate the fact that I will be working for a friend and living in his house at the same time. It is a huge blow to my ego” he shifted on the bed, trying to ease the discomfort he was feeling by sitting on one spot for so long.

    Angelica: “What ego are you talking about? This is a very good opportunity for you. I swear you can even do more than just run his hospital for him; you can become the owner of the hospital and the house if you play your cards well, or if you have a smart girl by your side. Sincerely speaking, you should take the job”  she dropped the mirror in her hand on the bed and took up a seductive stance as she stood to her feet.

    John: “I see! You actually have a point there. I will think about it sha. You are the best girl I ever had. You made the whole thing seem so easy and catchy. Come here!”

    He drew her back to the bed, raised her body con dress and began fondling with her breasts under the lace bra she wore while she moaned satisfactorily. She was going to make sure he became hers fully; nothing was going to get in the way of her dreams to become the wife of a doctor.

    My dreams are coming to true already. Nothing, nothing at all will stop me from actualizing my dreams. My mum will be thrilled

    She thought to herself as she held on to his head which had found its way down to her belly and sucking on her belly button with vigor- a feat she loved more than any other kind of foreplay.


    Babatunde:  “What is happening to you? Why did you scream out like that from your sleep? Are you okay?” he asked with concern written all over his face. Ever since they got married, had the twins and the triplet, she had never acted like that before until that night. The look on her face was that of sheer terror. He had seen that look once- eight years ago.

    Pamela: “He is back! He is back!! I saw him and he saw me too” she trembled violently.

    Babatunde: “Who is back?” she asked with confusion and fear written all over his face.

    Pamela: “Take me to a church right now, something is not right. I can feel him even now. I can feel his icy gaze and cruel smile fixated on me right now” she said, frantically looking around even as he held her face, trying to calm her down.

    Babatunde: “Who are you talking about? No one is here dear, its just the two of us”

    Pamela: “Where are you, you moron! Reveal yourself right now. I have no deal with you anymore. Your master Ikenna is dead and so I have been liberated from you by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ. Reveal yourself if you think you are really that powerful” she said loudly, staring into thin air.

    Question: Do you think John is the best choice for Ndubuisi’s hospital? Who is Pamela talking to?

    Episode 6

    Babatunde: “shhhhh… its fine dear. I understand what you are talking about and no matter what, we shall conquer it together…”

    Pamela: “he is talking to me like he used to do. Please hurry up, let’s go to church now!” she made to stand up but he held her down, clasped her two hands In his and began to pray.

    Babatunde: “we are now a new creation. Old things have passed away and behold all things have become new, for what communion hath darkness with light? We have become children of the light so whatever you are, you no longer have any business with my family. I stand on the authority In the name of Jesus Christ and I command you to get out right now in Jesus name. There is no space for you here anymore and whoever sent you, go back and tell the person you have failed woefully you filthy thing. We reject and denounce you this moment In Jesus name” he prayed on and on.

    She felt a wave of calm wash over her as she continued to say amen to his prayers and mumble some prayers of her own too. After the entire incidence that happened In the past which made them give their lives to Christ, they ever lagged behind In prayer or In rendering their service to God.

    Babatunde: “how are you feeling now?” he asked after he had rounded up the prayers.

    Pamela: “I feel peaceful honey”

    Babatunde: “oh! Good to know. That is the power of prayer. I doubt he will ever come back again. Next time, just pray okay? You have that power too”

    Pamela: “okay dear. I have this lingering feeling that something is not right at home. I need to contact them one of this days” she said as he covered her up again with the duvet which had fallen to the floor as she kicked frantically about.

    Chief Ojobo: “do you really think you are taking the right step? Is this really the right thing for you to do? Give up your sweat to another man whose character you said, was questionable back then?” he asked chewing on his bitter kola worriedly.

    Ndubuisi: “it is the closest to the best I can do to keep my wife’s sanity In place. I cannot sit and watch her commit suicide. We have to live and I believe john is now a changed person. I will be fine dad. Do not worry at all” he reassured his dad, knowing quite well that it was he who needed the reassurance more.

    Chief Ojobo: “hmmmmm…if you say so. What can I do or say? You said you have gotten a job In Abuja right? I wish you never get to regret this later on my son. I still have my reservations about all these. I wish you can still change your mind and decide not to leave, to take her back to her mum for the time being. I feel this problem is from her family”

    Ndubuisi: “I have made my decision sir and there is no going back anymore. As we speak, she is already packing her things and getting ready for our flight. I will be working at the ministry of health for the time being. I have secured a place for her at kubwa  general hospital for her housemanship. It is very compulsory she do it before she can officially start working or proceeding with her studies. Whichever one she decides on” he explained to his ever attentive father who nodded his head, looking up to the clear morning sky as birds flew about in flocks.
    They settled well at army estate, kubwa. A estate which was very expensive as most of the apartments there ranged from a million to two million naira per year. They rented a room self contain at nsi eke crescent just to manage for the time being. Apartments were that expensive at the estate but it was a decent place to stay at.

    Ndubuisi: “how do you see this place? Hope you can manage it for the main time?” he sat on the bed, watching as she unpacked her bags. He had a friend help them buy the necessary home appliances and help make the place comfortable enough repainting and getting new zincs for the kitchen and another wc for the toilet. It indeed was sparkling, everything was In place and the room was spacious enough.

    Odinaka: “it is good here. I like the estate the most, it is so beautiful. I will surely enjoy my stay here no doubt. Thanks dear for agreeing to do this with me” she paused, looked at him and continued. “I know you love big spaces like the one In the village, you love to move about In the house cos it helps you think better but this apartment is temporary until we get a bigger one so please hang In there for me okay? I am really sorry” she said apologetically.

    Ndubuisi: “it is okay dear. I can manage as long as you are happy. Just be happy for me okay? Make sure you do your best at the hospital”

    John was more than excited to resume his work at the hospital. He was alarmed at the rate at which people patronized the hospital and all he had were nurses. He was the only doctor there to tend to the patients who were always trouping in. one thing he could not understand was whether many of them were just there to see the hospital since none of them had any serious ailment to complain of just very few of them. In the village, one will see a woman screaming into the hospital with her child dangling from her back like one who was suffering from kwashiorkor but most times after checkups, he will find out it was only a slight headache worrying the child or malaria which could be treated with over the counter medications. The zeal at keeping themselves healthy, to him was commendable. He made his money well too, he was unlike Ndubuisi who charged them mildly based on the fact that they were his village people. He made sure he squeezed out their last dimes.

    One other thing he liked so well about the village of umuachakpa was the beauty of the young lasses. The way they smiled coyly at him each time they passed him, the way some of them tried their chances at seduction with him, the way they wore their pencil skirts and multicolored tops; their hairdos which they mostly did with thread. Only few of them used attachments. He knew there were fresh bloods to explore In that village unlike the likes of Angelica, he had been dealing with back In the city.

    The one that caught his attention the most was Amaka, she was unlike any of the village girls he had met. She had this elegance of an innocent city girl which surprised him. She was never seen in the company of the other girls who only knew to gather together to gossip under the mango tree beside the hospital just to catch his attention. He wanted so much to talk to her that when he learnt she was the sister of his friend’s wife; Odinaka, he became a regular visitor at their house using the excuse of being an in-law.

    That afternoon when he went calling at the house, he only met her at home, she was busy trying to solve a physics problem and just like one at home, she wore just a small short which accentuated her long spotless legs and a little tank top which revealed her belly button. Her sisters usually sent such skimpy cloths to her thinking she  was still the little girl they knew her to be. to her though, she was still a ay and didnt hesitate to act so with regards to her dressing but only at home.

    John: “hello Amy. How are you doing today?” he hollered at her from the doorway.

    Amaka: “hey uncle you are here? Welcome. She quickly stood up from where she laid sprawled on the floor chewing the bottom of her pen.

    John: “yes dear. Thank you very much. I saw you chewing the bottom of your pen, is the assignment too difficult for you?” he moved closer to where she stood, bent down and scooped the waec past question papers into his hands.

    Amaka: “assignment? Do they even give assignments In this village? I am just trying to solve the questions myself but they are proving so difficult” she said sadly.

    John: “okay let me take a look at it”

    He helped her through with the difficult question and gave her some tips on how to tackle such during waec.  All the while, his eyes roved over her body. The way she crossed those untouched long legs. She was a flawlessly fair complexioned girl and he longed to have a feel of her. He got lost In his head, before he could stop himself, his hands were already on her laps, trying to reach where no man ever had reached before. She jerked up and shock while he stood too, but he didn’t compose himself, he went for her again but this time, with more force.

    Question: will he succeed in doing what he has conceived in his head to her?

    Episode 7

    Amaka: “Uncle John what are you trying to do?” she asked in between clenched teeth. She was frightened beyond words.

    John: “Dont be afraid dear, i know you haven’t done it before so i am going to be very gentle. You have nothing to worry about” he said as he tried to remove her tank top.

    Amaka: “I will shout so if you know yourself, just leave me alone now” she warned as she tried so hard to fight him off.

    John: “The last time i checked, no one was in the next building so just cooperate so you can enjoy it too. I mean business dear. I have longed for you since the first time i set my eyes on you so help me help yourself okay? I promise to take care of you the same way my friend is taking care of your sister, trust me” he heaved a sigh when he finally succeeded in taking off her top to reveal a well rounded firm breast which was neither oversized nor undersized. Everything on her were perfect, even the belly button adorning her flat tummy. He ran his left palm swiftly over it while he used his body to pin her to the floor. He felt her gritting her teeth; he prayed in his heart that he wouldn’t shout.

    “I will advice you not to shout since you will be the one to be disgraced at the end. People will see your nakedness and will still believe whatever i tell them since they don’t like your family anyway” he breathed fiercely into her ear as he found his way into her shorts and started fingering her fiercely. She screamed from the searing pain she felt at that moment but her screams were muffled with his mouth as he quickly bent his lip over hers knowing she was going to scream. He felt her wetness drip into his fingers and smiled contentedly.

    Amaka: “Uncle John please don’t do this to me, I beg you with the name of God and all the gods in the universe” her voice trembled and tears flowed freely as she pleaded for her dignity to spared but her pleading seemed to excite him the more as he stripped her of her last clothing and started trying to penetrate into her forcefully not minding the fact that she was still a virgin.


    The hospital was not a very big one and so she found it very easy to get herself acquainted with her new environment. She allowed her husband take the only they had had brought to them from the village to work every day while she went on bike since the hospital was not far from the estate. After her routine check on her patients had ended at the emergency section of the hospital, she went straight to her office which she shared with another doctor whose name was Harrison. Her own office was yet to be ready and so she was made to use his own office for the time being.

    On entering the office, the files and textbooks which she had left on her table were all left scattered on the floor. Her table which stood adjacent to Harry’s was left overturned while the contents of her bag were littered all over the floor. She was taken aback since Harry’s stuffs were left untouched and just the way she last saw them.

    Odinaka: “What is going on here?” she mumbled in panic. “I cant remember offending anyone who would want to do something like this to me already” she stood by the doorway not daring to take a step inside.

    Harry came back from his own routine check too…

    Harry: “Excuse me o Mrs Ojobo” he said jokingly.

    Odinaka: “Oh sorry!” she finally stepped in.

    Harry: “Why were you standing there like that? is something worrying you? Did you lose one of our patients?” he asked without showing any sign of surprise at the sight of the office.

    Odinaka: “No i did not lose any of my patients but its like im losing my mind here. Look at my ransacked stuffs no. I am even afraid to check if anything has been stolen or not. How is it that something like this would happen in a hospital despite all the security outside? And besides, the door was locked so do you have any idea who could have done this?” she asked with eyes moving around while he stood open-mouthed, following her roving eyes.

    Harry: “What are you talking about? What ransacked office are you referring to? Was one of our colleagues’ office ransacked?” he asked in consternation.

    Odinaka: “Look around na. Look at my stuffs and my table. Can’t you see what I am talking about? My stuffs are all scattered about as if there was a burglar here even though yours were left untouched. I need to summon the security men immediately. I can’t have this happening, I just can’t” she made to storm out but he held her back.

    Harry: “Wait!”


    They both walked on silently with questions running through her mind in quick succession. “Where is she taking me to? Why do we have to go on foot and not okada when she knew it was this far? Why is she not telling me anything?” these questions kept coursing through her mind with no answer thereby making her want to give up on her quest for solutions.

    Aunty Martha: “Do not worry, it will soon be time for us to arrive there” he finally said.

    Pamela’s Mum: “It will soon be time for us to arrive? What do you mean by that? where are we going to anyway?” he retied her loose wrapper nervously.

    Aunty Martha: “It means what it mean. You know you cannot go back at this juncture so just keep calm and follow me. It  will soon be time” she reiterated her earlier statement.

    Pamela’s Mum: “You keep saying it will soon be time. You forget I left only Amaka at home since morning. Please I will like to go back home, maybe we will continue tomorrow on okada. I am too tired to go on infact. It is past 10pm already. Please lets go back” she stopped walking.

    Aunty Martha: “Are you a child to be talking like one? You said you needed solution to your family problem and now you want to go back with the excuse that you left only Amaka at home. Is a fifteen year old girl a kid? Go back if you want to but don’t run back to me later complaining of how your family is in ruins. I who have been taking you from one place to another for the past how many weeks did not complain, you are the one complaining; are you even a mother at all?” she berated her like a school teacher would an erring student.

    Pamela’s Mum: “How i wish Pastor Chuks did not have to leave this village, i would have gone to him and he would have told me what to do. This is not helping at all, yet i need to do something before it is too late” she thought

    Aunty Martha: “If you are done thinking about it, can we move on now or aren’t you afraid of the night?” she was adamant.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Hmmmmmm” she let out a sigh of frustration.

    Amaka: “How can you do this to me John? The whole world is going to hear about this, you will surely pay for this” she laid crumbled on the floor, naked and bleeding.


    John: “I pray they believe you my darling girl” he put on his earlier discarded trouser which he had removed so her blood would not get it stained. “You don’t even have proof.  You should have screamed when you had the chance. Let me advice you, keep this a secret or you will be tarnishing your family’s already tarnished image more. I see you as a little sister and that is why I am advising you thus. No one will believe you, this will only make you get ostracised and called names like your sister was. Thank God she had someone to lean on, someone to take her out of the village but you have not one so love yourself darling and besides, we aren’t done yet. I still want more of your sweet tight vj” he winked at the helpless girl who was still on the floor, reflexing on his words, if they were true or not.

    “Is he saying the truth? Will this mar our name further? Will people believe me?” She turned these questions over and over in her head as she watched his retreating figure.

    Episode 8

    Odinaka: “What exactly am I to wait for?” she shot him a look of annoyance.

    Harry: “I am asking you to wait so you can save yourself from embarrassment”

    Odinaka: “What embarrassment? See i don’t have time to play on words with you this noon. Let me go or I’d be forced to think it was all your doing”

    Harry: “I think that would be better anyway. I that case id at least apologize and tell you what i was looking for but let me tell you the truth of the matter: this place looks just okay to me. Everything is in place. See your bag at the foot of your chair over there, see your textbooks piled on top of each other right here on your table, see your lab coat hanging on the wall and even your slippers is right under your desk” he pointed everything out exactly where she had placed them without seeming like he was acting it.

    Odinaka: “You must be joking right? Are you trying to tell me everything is in order? That my things are not scattered about and the table overturned? Are you trying to tell me i am imagining it all in my head; that i am hallucinating? Is that what you are trying to say? That i am out of my mind?”her voice began to rise and he becoming afraid that people might start going there to find out what was wrong drew her inside and closed the door behind them.

    Harry: “Calm down there. This is not worth fighting over. I am not saying you are out of your mind neither am i trying to insult you in anyway but i am serious, everthing is in order here”

    Odinaka: “Maybe al these indeed were your doing  and you are trying to cover it up by making me feel like an idiot. Now tell me what were you looking for? Why did you have to make a mess of my personal space like this?” she watched his cheek turn pink in embarrassment.

    Harry: “I know what to do” he said, picked up the landline and dialled the reception. “Yeah its doctor Harrison, ask one of the nurses to see me in my office right away or any of the cleaners; anyone within reach” he bellowed into the receiver.

    A few seconds later, a nurse knocked on the door and he asked her in while she stood with her arms folded across her midsection.

    Harry: “Nurse, can you tell me how this office is? Especially the other side, can you describe where everything is?”

    Nurse: “Uhmmmmm” she began to scratch her head, looking from him to her then the office in confusion.

    Harry: “Will you hurry up?” he barked, jerking her out of her confused state. She went ahead to point everything out exactly the way he had done earlier and even went ahead to comment on how neatly arranged her stuffs were.

    “Thank you, you can leave now” he waved her off.

    Odinaka: “So what does that prove? That i am insane?”  She was beginning to panic. How was it possible for only her to be seeing the stuffs she was seeing? She was left more scared than ever.

    She went home that day with different thoughts cruising through her mind. Was she going insane? Was leaving the village not helping issues either? Was she going to be disgraced like she was in the village? Her mind was in turmoil even as she stepped in and met her husband preparing dinner.

    Ndubuisi: “welcome back honey. I am making toast bread and tea for us this night. Hope you will like it?” he asked without looking at her, he was busy spreading butter and mashed egg on the bread. He knew his wife was going to be getting back late sometimes and so whenever he got home before her, he always took it upon himself to prepare dinner.

    Odinaka: “Today was the worst day of my life ever since we left the village”

    He turned back abruptly, with one look at her; he knew something serious had indeed happened. He rinsed his hands and went to sit beside her on the bed.

    Ndubuisi: “What happened my dear?”

    She narrated everything that had happened that afternoon to him.

    Ndubuisi: “Are you sure that doctor and the nurse were not playing some tricks on you?”

    Odinaka: “That was what i thought too until i went inside the bathroom. Checked myself up in the mirror and went back to meet everything exactly the way they were supposed to be. The doctor was on his desk, reading a book. He couldn’t have arranged everything within seconds even if he was Clark Kent. I am afraid hon. I thought I was free from all these”  tears began to find their ways out of her eyes.

    Ndubuisi: “Hey do not cry dear. You are indeed free from all that. I think you’ve been too worried lately and overworked too. You know stress can induce hallucination right? Do not worry my dear, I am here for you” he reassured her, one thing he did not tell her was that he had witnessed exactly the same thing as she did.

    Odinaka: “Are you sure?” she looked up at him worriedly.

    Ndubuisi: “I am sure dear, so clean your tears and join m in the kitchen.  I know you must be famished by now “ he helped her up and led her to the kitchen.


    They walked on and on. Sometimes, she felt they were walking in circles and sometimes she felt they were very fr from home, probably in another village miles from theirs. She kept heaving a sigh of exasperation as the journey seemed to stretch on in front of them endlessly. Her companion ignored her and just led the way like one who had embarked on such long journey on foot a thousand times. She showed no single sign of fatigue neither did she slow her pace in any way. All these baffled Pamela’s mum.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Martha” she called out to her just to be sure she was still the one or someone else. The moon was beginning to unhide behind the clouds and so when she turned, she saw her face dimly behind the deep scowl she had put on at her name being called so suddenly.

    Aunty Martha: “Shhhhhhh! We are there!” she announced and waited in an open field which housed no one.

    Pamela’s Mum: “What do you mean by we are there? No one lives here at all. This is just a field” she said, standing defiantly in front of her.

    Aunty Martha: “I told you to shut up woman! They will soon be here and there must be absolute silence as they arrive”

    Pamela’s Mum: “Who will soon arrive?” her knees were beginning to weaken. “No way is it what I m thinking. It can’t be what I am thinking right?”

    Aunty Martha: “Depends on what you are thinking” she smiled mischievously.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Are you a…”

    Aunty Martha: “Shhhhhhh! They have started arriving” she cut her short in mid-question.

    Birds in different types and colours began to circle above their heads, making eerie noises. Pamela’s mum made to run but found out she was suck in one position. She made to scream but her voice had lost its power, she made to pray in her mind but found out she knew not how to go about it. She was powerless and vulnerable.


    “I will rather die than see my family ridiculed any further” she said to herself as she stood u from where she laid when she realised her mum was not coming home. She had wanted her to meet her that way so she can have at least one person believe her. With the dried blood still clinging to her lean thighs, she took up her pen, tore a sheet of paper and began to write on it. She poured out her heart to the paper, folded it and went for the knife which was on the table in the centre of the sitting room- her mum had used it to peel orange earlier that day…

    Question: Where do you think Pamela’s mum is at? What will be Amaka’s fate?

    Episode 9

    He stood in the shadows watching her every movement. He was about to leave when he decided against it especially when he realized her mum was staying too late. Somehow he didn’t want to leave her all by herself like that and so he had stood outside despite the cold, watching the house through the open window. When she wearily stood up and started to write, he was sure she was up to some mischief and quickly walked closer to the door without making his presence known.  Immediately she took up the knife, he dashed blindly inside, frightening her even more than he already had.

    John: “What are you trying to do little girl? Are you trying to kill yourself jut because of the little fun we had?” he was behind himself with anger after he had struggled to collect the knife from her.

    Amaka: “Little fun you call it? Look at me and tell me you really had little fun” she said in between clenched teeth and eyes beaming with unshed tears.

    John: “yes it is a little fun. People indulge in it every minute of the day. How many of our friends are stlll virgins? Did they broadcast to the whole world how they lost their virginity? Why should yours be any different? Why will you want to end your precious life over something as trivial as…” he went staggering across the room as he dealt him a hot slap in the face before he could end his sentence.

    Amaka: “How dare you! How dare you open yur filthy mouth to want to give me  lecture? If I were to be your younger sister, would you give me this kind of lecture after a guy had ravaged and wrecked my whole being like you just did? Get out of my father’s house before i call upon his spirit to deal with you” she pointed angrily towards the door while he tried hard to regain his composure. No lady, let alone girl had ever slapped him before- not even a pinch.

    John: “You actually did slap me” he said, ignoring her outburst.

    Amaka: “Please get out or i’d do worst”

    John: “I should leave so you can harm yourself? No way! Do your worst if slapping me is not your worst already. Like it or not, you are stuck in this house with me until your mum comes back. I am going nowhere so let that stick into your little brain and go wash up please, you look like a character out of a horror movie” he took his seat opposite her, watching every movement of her eyes as it remained fixated on the knife in his hand.

    I need to be careful, she is probably thinking of how to get hold of the knife and plunge it into my heart. What exactly did I even do wrong? All i did was have sex like i always do. This village girls sef. He mused unrepentantly.


    They all began to descend one after the other screeching ominously into the chilly night air. They turned to human as soon as their legs had touched the earth. They all wore black hooded overalls which covered half of their faces. They surrounded the two of them and started going round in round in circles, chanting their anthem in a loud voice.

    Pamela’s Mum: “What is going on here Martha?” she asked when at last she had felt her tongue unloosed.

    The witches suddenly stopped and faced them…

    Queen: “Who is this talkative you brought here this night without prior notice Madonna?” their leader asked referring to Martha whose code name in the coven was Madonna; the second in command to the queen.

    Aunty Martha: “Pardon her great mother, she is just a mother in confusion over the issues of motherhood. I have brought her here since she came to me begging for the solution to a problem plaguing her children. Please my fellow mothers, help me to help her” she said, bowing in obeisance to them.

    Queen: “No we shall do no such thing. Return her to where you brought her from right away” she turned her back to them while the other witches also did same.

    Aunty Martha: “Dear mothers, can you tell me the reason why you have  turned your backs on your fellow in need?”

    Queen: “We don’t ant to see that woman. One of her daughters is wrecking havoc in our coven, you know that don’t you? No matter how much we try, she keeps giving us problems. Ask her if she really wants our help”

    Aunty Martha: “Nne Pamela, do you really want solution to what is hailing your children?” she asked with eyes spitting firing, daring her to say no.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Y..ees” she heard herself say. She was almost peeing in her pants.

    Aunty Martha: “You all heard her, she said yes so tell us what can be done to make us worthy of your help.

    Queen: “She only has to do one thing for now and if she fails, we shall take something very precious from her” she said and they all turned to face them again.

    On their way back, she could not help herself from raging, the meeting had lasted until 4a.m where they carried out other rituals which had repulsed her to the bones.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Why didn’t you tell me you were a witch Martha? You think I am going to do what they want? God forbid that i should do a thing like that”

    Aunty Marha: “And why wont you? You must do it, they have their eyes on you now and their claws in you. There is no going back and don’t forget the Queen’s warning. I have never seen her make an empty threat before so be very careful” she warned.

    Pamela’s Mum: “I am a Christian now and I am covered by the blood of Jesus”

    Aunty Martha: “That is the biggest mistake you will make if you ae thinking like that. you have already opened up a doorway to us so we are in now, no going back or you will be courting trouble. A word sure is enough for the wise”


    She could hardly sleep all through the night. She was afraid John would decide to pounce on her again. He sat on the cushion all through the night, dozing and rousing himself up just to make sure she wasn’t up to some mischief. At exactly 4a.m, he took his leave, putting the knife somewhere he knew they’d be able to find it at daybreak.

    Her mum crept in in the wee hours of the morning but rather than joining her on the bed, she took her hoe and went to the farm at the back of the house. She needed something to occupy her mind with or she felt she would run insane. All she wanted was a solution but then, she ended up adding more firewood to an already raging fire. Tears of regret streamed from her eyes down to the ground she was tilling aggressively

    Why did I have to go to Martha for help? What kind of demon pushed me into that house that faithful day? How could i have been so foolish like that? i should be praying now but i don’t even know how to pray on my own. Pastor Chuks where are you? Why didn’t you teach me how to pray like you do before you left? My life and family is about to be ruined more than ever. My dear Pamela. Oh my Pamela!” she lamented on and on in her heart watering the dry soil with her tears.

    When she got tired of working aimlessly in the farm, she went back to the house, washed her face and tried as much as possible to avoid Amaka. She didn’t want her noticing her emotional state meanwhile, Amaka tried as much as possible to catch her mum’s attention. She would walk crookedly due to the pain she was feeling in between her legs pass her mum who turned her face to the other side each time.

    Amaka: “Mama, good morning” she greeted her mum in a quaky voice which indicated she had wept  all night but she only mumbled in reply to her without saying any other thing.

    “Mama are you okay?” she had to ask.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Amaka please leave me alone, go and read your books inside” she snapped at the girl who recoilede into her shell, looked at her mum, shook her head as tears began to drip from her eyes.

    Mama all I want is for you to look at me and see how bruised I am. I am dying inside but I cannot even talk to you? Mum where were you last night? Why did you have to leave me all by myself like that? Mama I need you right now, I am your daughter too. The girl stood for some more seconds, hoping her mum would look up and see the tears in her eyes but no glance was sent her way and so she limped back inside.

    Question: Hmmmmmm even I don’t know what to say at this juncture. What should she do? Live with the pain bottled inside or find someone else to talk to?

    Episode 10

    Her restlessness and sense of foreboding knew no bounds as she kept trying to reach her mum on phone all to no avail. The incessant dreams she kept having also contributed to her continuous ominous feeling about something bad going on at home. She had called Odinaka once and she had noticed the edge on her voice immediately she picked the call.

    Pamela: “How are you doing little sister?” she asked immediately she had heard her tired hello.

    Odinaka: “I am doing very fine and at work now. Can you probably call me back?” why she didn’t feel at ease talking to her sister all of a sudden perturbed her but all she wanted more than anything at that moment was to be rid of hearing that voice. It sounded like it was sent to taunt and torment her already shaky psyche.

    Pamela: “Wait Odi. I know when your free time is and this is your free time so just one more minute please? Are you sure you are fine? Hope all is well with you there in Abuja? How about your husband?” she had to ask hurriedly.

    Odinaka: “We are all fine” she replied curtly.

    Pamela: “Hmmmmm. Okay then. Hope you aren’t experiencing anything weird at your side? I have been having these weird dreams myself as if someone is waging a war against our family. Dear, if anything is going on with you please tell me okay? For the weapon of our warfare is not carnal but mighty through Christ to pull down every stronghold. We wrestle not against flesh and blood dear, but against principalities, power, spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places and forces of darkness.  Dear…” the line suddenly went dead, she looked at her phone again just to be sure it was not network, she dialled the number again but the call was  declined.


    She felt annoyed just by listening to her sister quote the bible.

    So she feels she is now better right? Spiritual this and that meanwhile she slept with another man while she was still married. Wasn’t her twin conceived out of that ungodly union? Now she feels she can just preach to me?

    She tried to stop herself from entertaining that line of thought but it was impossible. The more she thought about it the more bitter she became towards her sister.  For some reason unknown, she felt like her sister owed her something; maybe an apology for something she could not seem to place.

    She sat behind her desk going through her recent accident victim report when Harry strutted in.

    Harry: “Good evening to you over there. How has been your day?  You seem quite disturbed” he observed.

    Odinaka: “I am fine, thanks for your concern” she replied without looking up from the report she was reading.

    Harry: “Its almost time to leave sef. See you on Monday. We both have tomorrow off na so make sure you rest very well okay? This stress sure is getting too much” he said and began to gather his stuffs together into his bag. Odinaka began to do the same too without uttering a word to him.

    As she stepped out from behind her desk, the black pant trousers she  wore suddenly began to drip water but she was oblivious to it. Soon, her white chiffon top became soaked and clung to her skin like a second skin. Harry’s eyes began to pop out of their sockets at the sight in front of him. she was dry just a moment ago.

    Harry: “Odinaka you are wet” he said without taking his eyes away from her chest. She caught him ogling at her like that and with his statement , she thought he was hitting on her. She took two steps towards him and with her wet hand dealt him a blow on the jaw. He staggered back, perturbed at her sudden outburst.

    “What was that for?” he held his jaw which was throbbing painfully.

    Odinaka: “How dare you look at me like that?” she shot him a disgusting look.

    Harry: “I am looking at you because you are mysteriously wet. I mean wet” he howled back at her angrily.

    Odinaka: “You are still saying it? Son of a bitch!” she took another step towards him but this time he knew better than just standing there. He dodged her blow and she staggered forward, he caught her before s.he could fall face down, the cold emanating from her making him quiver.

    “Will you let me go now?” she shoved him off roughly as he searched her eyes, trying to unravel the mystery lying therein.

    Harry: “Odinaka water is dripping from your body, you are wet from head to toe and its like you aren’t even aware. That is strange its like there is someone standing above your head, pouring buckets of water on you in succession. Look at the puddle of water under your feet. You really don’t know or you are pretending?” he searched her expression more intently.

    Odinaka: “You must be crazy” she looked at herself, saw that everything was unlike what he had said, heaved a sigh of relief, picked up her bag and stepped out into the corridor. On her way out, she noticed everyone turn to her, looking at her with looks of puzzlement in their faces. She looked at herself again just be sure but saw nothing unusual.


    She sneaked out of the house when she knew her mum was in one of her trance-like mood around 8pm.  Due to the numerous trees and lack of electricity in the village, it becomes quite dark easily on moonless especially on moonless nights. She walked tirelessly to her sister’s house which was a bit far from theirs and luckily for her, no one was in sight as she sneaked into the compound which had no gate yet. She circled round the house knowing fully well that he occupied the last floor checking for any window she could find opened. Luckily for her, the window to one of the rooms which no one occupied was opened and she snuck in as noiselessly as she could.

    She heard water splash in the bathroom and followed the sound. She went through the sparsely furnished sitting room and into the room where he occupied. She touched the knife she had hidden inside her bogus top just to be sure it was still there.

    I will surely make you pay for what you did to me you bastard. You think you can go free? You cannot. She thought in her heart.


    Why exactly are they all looking at me like that? am I by any chance carrying dog shit on my  body? She was confused and embarrassed at the alarming look he kept getting from everyone around. A nurse ran up to her as she was about to step out of the reception area.

    Nurse: “Doctor Odinaka, please don’t be angry at what I am about to say o but why are you dripping water like that? and from a second look, its like you are not even aware of it” she said, staring at the puddle of water which had gathered at her feet due to the fact that she was standing at a spot.

    She followed the nurse’s eyes and it was like the veil covering her sight had been lifted and she was able to see what every other people were seeing. She looked frantically around in bewilderment an ran out of the hospital, wondering how she was going to get herself home.

    Harry’s car pulled up beside her and he popped his head out of the window, urging her to hop in.

    When He finally dropped her in front of her apartment, he clothes had become as dry as the harmattan wind. He looked at her, shook his head and drove off. He was yet to get over the fact that she had attacked him.

    She quickly brought out her phone and dialled her sister’s number.

    Odinaka: “Sister”  she said in a quaky voice but as soon as she had said the word ‘sister’, she lost interest in the call and almost ended the call on her again.

    Pamela: “I know something is wrong Odi. It is either you give me your address so I can visit you or you come to Lagos. I will send you money for flight if you want. Please my dear” she pleaded desperately.

    Question: What is Amaka up to? Are you in support of her carrying it out? Will Odinaka honour her sister’s invitation?

    Episode 11

    Odinaka: “All is well with me sis. Do not worry yourself unnecessarily and besides, I am always busy.  I just called to hear your voice” tears rolled down her eyes as she said those words to her sister. She wanted so much to pour her heart to her sister, have someone to talk to beside her husband whom she feels might bend to pressure very soon and abandon her. She knew her sister could be the help she so much craved but why she always loses her will to open up was what perturbed her the most.

    Pamela: “Hmmmmm she has ended the call again” she said to no one in particular. She was dead worried for her family. She longed to know what was going on back in the village but there was no one to talk to. Her mum’s line was still unavailable.

    Tunde:  “What’s with that worried look on your face? You didn’t even know when I came in. Are the children asleep?” he dropped his briefcase on the floor and slumped down beside his wife.

    Pamela: “Welcome back my dear. I can’t wait to join you again at the office but right now I have my hands full with the triplets, they are a bunch of troublesome girls for real and boys. Even their nanny seems to be packing her things ready to take off anytime soon” she went closer to him and planted a light kiss on his lips.

    Tunde: “Just leave my babies be o. Just chill Tyana comes of age. She will be able to help with your bunch of triplets. I wonder how you came about double triplets in five years. This house will become fuji house of commotion when they start growing up”

    Pamela: “Na you sabi o. Besides, I still can’t reach my mum” she revealed sadly.

    Tunde: “I also tried her number today but it still isn’t going through. What do we do now?”

    Pamela: “I don’t know, I really don’t know. How I wish she will just show up here one of these days”

    Tunde: “My thoughts exactly. And don’t worry dear, the God we serve will not plunge us back into the miry clay after taking us out of it. As long as we remain steadfast in prayer, we will be fine”

    Pamela: “I am so proud of the man you have become dear. I am the happiest woman on earth”   she smiled t him appreciatively.

    Tunde: “I am proud of the woman you have become too my dear after all you went through. I couldn’t have wished or prayed for a better wife. You made me better dear, you made me into the man I have become today” they both looked at each other lovingly even as one of the girls went running into her father’s arms.


    He walked out of the bathroom with just an adidas boxers on with a towel draped over his shoulders; whistling absentmindedly to the song playing in his head. He turned just in time to see the outstretched knife which was aimed at his stomach. He dodged it and held her hand, thinking he must be having a bad dream. He snatched the knife from her hand and yanked her unto the bed as she cursed furiously under ragged breath.

    Amaka: “I knew bastards like you don’t die easily” she pranced up to her feet and went for him again with claws ready to tear him to pieces but he was stronger and faster. He held her and began to twist her hand to the back which made her cry out in pain.

    John: “You this little girl, do you think I am your age mate for you to just sneak into my house to attack me? Don’t you like yourself?”

    Amaka: “Let go of me”  she kicked around like a wounded lion. “You mean the same way you snuck into my house knowing my mum was not around?”

    John: “I can see you are still dwelling on the past. You are yet to let it go? When will you snap out of it? I am going to let you go now and you must behave yourself or id be forced to tie you up and throw you out this night” he let go of her and walked over to his wardrobe to get something decent on.

    Amaka: “So what did you gain from doing that to me?”

    John: “Acute satisfaction” he replied matter-of-factly.

    Amaka: “You don’t even feel remorseful, do you?” she asked with disappointment written all over her.

    John: “What exactly do you want from me? An apology? Okay I am sorry, if you are ready, come with me now, I will take you home”

    Amaka: “Do not bother your pathetic self, I will find my way back home.

    She sat outside waiting for her daughter and wondering where she could have gone to by that time. All of a sudden she began to hear voices all around her…

    “Dont forget we already had a pact and you cannot back down now. We will take the life of one of our daughters if you refuse to do what we want. We will give you two market days to get it done or either second or last daughter will die” their voices ehoed on and on in her head. She shut her eyes and used her two hands to cover each of her ears, hoping to block out the voices.


    She decided that she was no longer going to stay put after Harry had spoken to her on phone that day inviting her to his church to see his prophet. She was comfortable with speaking with Harry about the whole issue unlike her sister, why that was so, she didn’t want to find out either. And so that Sunday, she had gotten ready, lying to her husband that she was going to see one of her patients who had made a distress call to her.

    Ndubuisi: “Honey are you sure that is where you are going to? You are way too dressed up to just that” he knew when she was lying and so it wasn’t hard for him to detect she was hiding something.

    Odinaka: “You know I love dressing up”

    Ndubuisi: “Its fine though. You know I can never stop you from going wherever you want as long as you will be fine there” he said sadly.

    Odinaka: “I know dear. Do not worry; I will be back very soon. Miss me a lot” she bent down on the bend and kissed him on the cheek.

    The service however was filled with lots of dancing, clapping and gyrating in spirit. She found it weird but she tried to at least clap along anyway. They were all on white garments except for some new members like herself who were on mufti. When the service finally ended, Harry introduced her to one of the prophets who took them to his house for private prayers and consultation.

    Odinaka: “Harry wait!”she drew him aside. “I thought it is the senior pastor i will see?” she said eyeing the young prophet from the corner of her eyes.

    Harry: “This one sees visions and does works at the same time. Many of the other prophets when they see the visions, they give the resultant wor for him to do” he explained. She did not understand what he meant by ‘doing work’ but she decided not to pursue the issue and just follow him. the prophet called her into his inner chamber which he used as office. It had the picture of Jesus surrounded by many other carved images of Him on crucifixion and small containers containing liquids stuffs she could not identify. A jar of honey laid open at a corner with incense burning beside it.

    Prophet: “Kneel down let me pray for you “ he held a bell which he rung three times calling on angel Michael and Uriel to come down and answer their prayers.  After some minutes of praying, “It has been revaled to me that you have a spiritual husband and he is the one tormenting your life” he revealed with his eyes still closed.

    Question: Is the prophet right? Is it really the issue of a spiritual husband?

    Episode 12

    She had slept off at the sitting room after she had run in, trying to shut the voices tormenting her off and so she did not know when Amaka arrived accompanied by John who immediately went back home. At day break, she was taken aback when she saw her sleeping in the room…

    Pamela’s Mum: “Wake up, wake up right now” she roused her from sleep roughly.

    Amaka: “Good morning ma” she greeted sleepily, trying to guess what was the issue with her mum who hadn’t paid her any attention for some time before then.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Where did you go to last night and what time did you come back?” she sounded paranoid and apprehensive.

    Did she follow Martha somewhere? Was she also taken to that abominable place? Has my daughter become a witch too?  She asked in her mind.

    She kept looking at her suspiciously waiting for a reply from the sauntering girl.

    Amaka: “Erm…erm….I…” she scratched her head, she didn’t expect to be interrogated at all sice she had started seeing herself as not existing to her mum.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Arent you the one I am asking? What time did you come back? Did you go out with your aunty?”

    Amaka: “No oooo, I did not go out with anyone. I came back around 10pm. You were asleep in the palour when I came back and I didn’t want to disturb you” she sat up properly on the bed since she had found a truth to tell at least.

    Pamela’s Mum: “So where did you go to?”

    Amaka: “Uhn… I was with a friend, we were studying together i didn’t know it had become that late. I had to rush back home immediately i checked time. I am sorry for coming back later, it will not happen again” she said looking downcast. Lying to her mum had never been something she perceived in her mind that she will ever do in her life.

    Pamela’s Mum: “I see! I guess I was worried for no reason then. You should stand up nd go sweep the compound, people might start passing by soon” she said. She was about to take a step back when she heard a not so familiar voice outside.

    “Kpom kpom kpom nu o” she clapped her hands weakly. “Ndaabe nu o” (Hello to those in the house o) she clapped her hands again.

    Pamela’s Mum went outside to welcome the early caller and as surprised to find Ikenna’s mum there for the first time since her son’s demise.


    Odinaka: “Spiritual husband? What does that even mean?” she asked with her brows raised in alarm.

    Prophet: “That is not all, you are a witch, a white witch which means you are not even aware about it but of course you must have been having weird dreams like eating in the dream, being in the midst of people you aren’t familiar with in real life or haring voices out of the blues?”

    Odinaka: “Well, sometimes. what does all that have to do with anything? I am here because strange things keep happening to me…”

    Prophet: “Okay?” he shifted forward showing keen interest as she narrated her ordeals to him. “Hmmmmm, we are still on the right track. You haven’t been paying much interest to your spiritual husband so this is what we are going to do. You will go through seven days and seven nights of deliverance session here.  You will buy 21 different colours of candles, okababa, rice, beans, Angel Michael perfume, 21 different kinds of fruits, calabash, honey, a new butchering knife…”

    Odinaka: “Excuse me please. What am i to use al this for?” she asked n amazement.

    Prophet: “We are going to use it to appease our spiritual husband so he can leave you alone. You will take the fruits to the river, pray on it and throw them inside the river so the marine spirits can also leave you alone. You will be doing this every three months to give them what they want, by doing that, they will leave you in peace”

    Odinaka: “Every three months? Who has time for all that? besides i am a doctor so I cannot do all the seven days and seven nights vigil you talked about” she was genuinely shaken and scared at the prospect of being tormented by marine spirit and Asmodee (spiritual husband).

    Prophet: “Oh! Okay then, i will help you procure all the materials needed and do the prayers on your behalf. Everything both for the fruits and other stuffs will cost you  a hundred thousand naira” he said and started writing on the shit of paper in his hand.

    Odinaka: “Hundred thousand naira? That is outrageous!” she could not believe her ears.

    Prophet: “Look at you. Don’t you want to be free from all the afflictions of the devil? Do you know i will have to travel far and wide to do all these prayers? I have to visit seven mountains in that seven days in different cities. I will have to get you 21 types of waters for you to bath with so you can fully gain your freedom. There are many things involved o. I am not charging you at all, see the person that brought you, he is like a brother to me so I cannot cheat you at all” he smiled.

    Odinaka: “Hmmmmmm…”


    Pamela’s Mum: “Ah mama Ikenna! Good morning ma” she greeted the woman respectfully ushering her inside.

    Mama Ikenna: “Good morning my daughter, how are you and your children? How is Pamela and her children too? I heard she has seven children now?” she asked breathlessly, age sure wasn’t on her side anymore.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Yeah she does and they are all fine. Thank you ma” she replied smiling uneasily.

    Mama Ikenna: “God be praised. Sorry I haven’t shown up all these while. I have just been in hiding, unable to show my face here after everything my son did to your family…” she began.

    Pamela’s Mum:  “It is okay. God knows best. I just hope his soul is resting in peace. What do I offer you this morning?”

    Mama Ikenna: “Nothing at all. I only came to apologize for my son’s mischief. His spirit will not let me rest. He keeps coming to me to ask me to help beg your daughter to forgive him. please can you call her on phone so i can talk to her? Or should we go there together?” she asked with tears welling up pitiably in her eyes.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Hmmmmm it is well o. My daughter has forgiven him so no need going to beg her and my phone is faulty too”

    Mama Ikenna: “Please help me, i need to see her and ask her face to face so my son’s spirit can rest. I might die soon and no one will be able to do this for him. Please help me” she was about to bend on one knee when she caught him in mid-air.


    Odinaka: “Never! I am not going to do that kind of thing” she said to Harry as he drove her back home.

    Harry: “Why?” he asked with a raised brow.

    Odinaka: “With the little knowledge I have about the bible, i am convinced it is not biblical. How am I expected to appease them rather than totally cast them away so I can be free indeed? Why will i be feeding the evil that is bent on destroying everything good in me?”

    Harry: “They are bent on destroying you is the reason you have to give them what they want so they can leave you alone. All you want is peace right? Just imagine the way you keep getting disgraced in public, the restless nights you and your husband have. For how long do you want all those to continue? You will be doing these alongside prayers so all that matters is for your prayers to be answered. I will advice that you do it. Give him the money once and for all and be rest assured of your victory” he said persuasively.

    Question: Is mama Ikenna saying the truth? Should Odinaka carry out the instructions of the prophet and will that really set her free?

    Episode 13

    She decided to trek from the gate of the estate to Nsi Eke Crescent rather than take bike so she could have more time to deliberate on what to do. she thought hard about it, trying to convince and unconvinced herself that the prophet meant well and that she was going to find solution to her problems there. What baffled her the most was that the voices which usually battled with her whenever she was to make a very important decision were unusually quiet.

    What is really going on with me? It is just a matter of time before Ndubuisi meets another woman in this Abuja and starts running after her. I really need to do something in order not to let that happen right? No! He is not someone like that, he loves me dearly and will never do anything to hurt my feelings. Nevertheless, I still need to do something before I go insane and this prophet seems to be my only option right now and besides all I have to do is just throw a bunch of fruits inside the river; how difficult can that be? She thought on and on.

    On reaching home, she met her husband in the company of a lady…

    Ndubuisi: “Hey honey! You are back? Welcome dear. How is your patient now?” he said wriggling his nose from the scent oozing from her.

    Odinaka: “He is fine, it was just something minor. I already told him I will no longer be doing house call” her eyes darted for an umpteenth time to the lady seated comfortably on the bed beside her husband. They hadn’t bothered to buy any other piece of furniture besides the bed.

    Ndubuisi: “This is my colleague Angelica whom I have been telling you about. I didn’t know you will be going out today so i didn’t bother to tell you she was coming since i thought she was going to meet you at home anyway. Angelica, meet my wife doctor Odinaka” he introduced the two.

    Angelica: “Nice meeting you Mrs Ojobo. I have been itching to meet you for a long time now” she flashed her well-rehearsed smile at her as they both shook hands.

    Odinaka: “You are welcome. Hope he has offered you something to eat?”

    Angelica: “Yes he did offer me juice. Thank you very much.

    Ndubuisi: “She wanted to meet my doctor wife by all means. She is enthralled with doctors and when she heard my wife is also a doctor, she wanted to pay us a visit by all means” he explained proudly.

    Angelica: “Yeah he is right. I have a thing for doctors. My ex fiancĂ© was a doctor and because of him,  I fell in love with the profession that when I got a job at the ministry of health as a secretary to the Director, I was more than happy to take the job knowing fully well that I will meet many doctors and having met you two, I feel more than fulfilled. I hope we can become friends ma’am?” she flashed her the smile again.

    Odinaka: “Sure we can” she said absent-mindedly.

    Angelica: “I will like to take my leave now. I stay somewhere at Maitama, hope you will be both pay me a visit too someday?” she stood to her feet and started adjusting the leather skirt and crop top to match which clung to her curvy shape like a second skin. She didn’t have a face as beautiful as Odinaka’s but she had a shape which could make any guy drool while on their feet.

    Few minutes after they came back from seeing Angelica off…

    Ndubuisi; “What was that smell I perceived on your body earlier anyway? You still reek of it. Its like you bathed in some foul smelling perfume” he asked.

    Odinaka: “Well…uhm… a white garment prophet was at my patient’s place to pray for him while I was attending to him. The perf touched me as he sprayed it on him and people around. I couldn’t have told him not to let it touch me, could I?”

    Ndubuisi: “Next time just try as much as possible to avoid such scenarios. I hate all these white garment churches, you know some of their prophets can be fake and their practices are not biblical. So steer clear of them anyhow you can” he advised.


    She paced around in her room, raging and ranting…

    Woman: “So what is your excuse for not carrying out a simple task like that? all you had to do was…”

    “Woman do you think you have right to scold me the way you are doing?” it bellowed. “Do you think I haven’t tried my best?”

    Woman: “Well your best is not good enough. Now I will have to go do what you cannot do; a mere mortal like me” she spat disdainfully on the ground.

    “Just be careful lest you get burnt trying. A mere mortal like you wants to succeed where I have failed? Let me tell you something, she has become fire. She is no longer the lady you used to know so be careful. A word is enough for the wise, like you humans use to say” it whooshed away with the wind even though it was already formless.

    Woman: “Mtchew, useless thing” she hissed.


    Mama Ikenna: “Hope she will not be angry that we just showed up without letting her know first? What of her Yoruba husband?” she said as the bus they had boarded from Peace Mass Transit last busstop at Ojuelegba to Victoria Island pulled into the gravel road leading to the island.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Don’t worry at all, she is my daughter and I can go there anytime I want and with anyone” she reassured the woman who nodded slowly.

    Mama Ikenna: “That is good then. Your daughter lives in this beautiful place? This place is really beautiful o. Did she also live here with Ikenna?”

    Pamela’s Mum: “No she did not. This is where her new husband used to live before they got married so she had to pack in with him”

    Mama Ikenna: “Oh I see!” she replied sadly as thoughts of her son’s corpse flooded her mind. The face he wore even in death looked unsettled.

    My innocent son who was doing so well in this Lagos. Oh death! You should have just taken me instead. Now a woman with no son is living a better life than I. Ikenna, why did you have to let yourself fall into the hands of evil people, why? I miss you my son and I will join you soon but not…

    Her chain of thoughts was interrupted when Pamela’s mum tugged at her asking her to get down from the bus.


    Immediately after service that day, they had sent the nanny to the market while they both headed home with the children. Suddenly, Tunde stopped and had a troubled look cast over his face immediately.

    Pamela: “What is going on honey?” she asked, letting the children go ahead in while she stood back to talk to her husband.

    Tunde: “I sense evil looming around. Trouble is on the way. We have to brace ourselves prayerfully dear. I don’t know in what form it will come. We need to be more prayerful in order to foil the plans of the evil ones”

    Pamela: “I told you I have been having a sense of foreboding. We really need to be more prayerful for nothing is too big for our God. He is our shield and buckler, our very present help in times of trouble. He is present to help us even this time too. Neither the powers of darkness nor the gate of hell will prevail over our family in Jesus name”

    Tunde: “Amen!”

    Question: Who among the two women is the evil Tunde has foreseen? What is her/their mission?

    Episode 14

    The harmattan season was beginning to set in and he hadn’t taken any sweater along with him. he had to wear his lab coat as he headed for her house on foot. Ever since she the day she had made an attempt on his life, she had avoided him like plague and there was no one he could ask about her since she had no friends he knew of. He met the door to the sitting room open but no signs of her. He walked back to the back yard where the kitchen was at but she was nowhere in the kitchen either. He went back to the house and walked straight to the room and there she was on the bed, covered from head to toe with a duvet one of her sisters must have sent to them.

    John: “What is wrong with you?” he sat by the bed side, pulled the duvet down to her chest to reveal her tear-streaked face and swollen eyes. “Ah! What is wrong with you?” he asked feeling strange. He had never had to console any lady before.

    Amaka: “What are you doing here again?” she said weakly and tried to sit up but couldn’t.

    John: “Just lay back okay? Are you sick somewhere?” he felt her temperature at the nape of her neck; she was steaming hot. “Oh God! Your temperature is so high. Why didn’t you come to the hospital when you knew you were not feeling fine?” he asked in a panicking voice.

    Amaka: “I am fine. I just miss my family. I feel so alone in this world with no one to talk to. My mum became my only friend after my elder sister’s saga but now, she treats me like I am invisible too. I miss my sisters, I miss my mum” tears rolled down her eyes.

    He didn’t know how best to console her. All of a sudden, he saw the folly of his way. He had broken the innocent girl, he had done the unforgivable but even then, he still didn’t know how best to lend her a shoulder to cry on, she was too young for him to be developing feelings for.

    John: “I am sure your mum will soon come around. She is just preoccupied with lots of issues for now. And Amaka, I am very sorry for what I did to you. I feel so guilty right now, I shouldn’t have done that; I didn’t know what came over me. Please” he pleaded for his redemption.

    Amaka: “I don’t want to hear your guilty verdict on yourself just yet. I feel so weak; I can barely eat anything without throwing up. You are a doctor; do you probably know what is wrong with me or how I can get cured?”

    John: “No way will it be what I am thinking. Was I stupid enough to have released inside her? Didn’t I withdraw fast enough? Jeesus! This cannot happen” he mumbled to himself.

    Amaka: “What did you say?”

    John: “Let me see your eyes” she leaned towards him as he checked her up.


    Mama Ikenna: “This is their house?” she stood at the gate of the four bedroom duplex, admiring it’s architecture.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Yes it is their house” she replied with pride.

    Mama Ikenna : “So you mean people actually live in this kind of house? You mean they eat and sleep here? No bush around at all, no farm just beautiful floors and flowers. I can even sleep outside as it is with this high wall and beautiful gate. Kai!” she exclaimed in admiration.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Please lets go inside Mama Ikenna” she began to drag the woman along who ll of a sudden stood transfixed on a spot. “What is it?”

    Mama Ikenna: “I am not going again. Please take me back to the village with immediate effect?” she said with a distant look on her face.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Why? What happened?” she asked in bewilderment.

    Mama Ikenna: “Nothing, just take me back”

    Pamela’s Mum: “That cannot be possible. Do you know how many hours’ journey it is from this place to our village? Just tell me you are joking now. Why are you acting like a child like this? It was you who came to me begging to be brought here, now we are here, you are asking to go back again. Please I don’t like this kind of play mama Ik”

    Mama Ikenna: “I said I don’t want to go again o. Have you brought me here for rituals or why are you forcing me to go in with you? Please take me back o” her voice had risen to her level where the people inside could hear her clearly.


    Odinaka: “You are a liar! A terrible one at that” she yelled. “I cannot believe I let myself believe your lies all these while you moron” she started as soon as she came back from work that Monday morning and met him sleeping on the bed.

    Ndubuisi: “Honey what is all these? What have I done to you?” he asked trying to rouse himself from the sleep that still clouded his mind.

    Odinaka: “I have been told that all my troubles is coming from your father’s house and soon you will re-marry. Is that true or not? So you connived with your fetish father to destroy my life just because you sponsored my education? You are both using my star to make the people in your family shine brighter? Ike ekwensu da ra da (the devil’s power is fallen)” she drew closer to him and began to hit hi s chest with all her might as he tried to digest all she had said. He held her hand when her realised she had no intention of stopping.

    Ndubuisi: “And who told you that? who told you something like that?” he began to flare up.

    Odinaka: “What does it matter? Haven’t you already unveiled your new bride to be to me? Didn’t you bring her here in my absence yesterday or you want to deny that? what other proof do I need? Ndubuisi how could you do something like this to me and I thought you loved me” she broke down in tears.

    Ndubuisi: “Whoever told you something like that is a terrible liar. Have you started consulting herbalists too/ when did all that start?” the disappointment in his voice could not be misplaced.

    Odinaka: “You mean it is only you and your father who are entitled to dibia consultation? Mmuonwu worshippers (masquerade worshippers). Are you angry because I have found out your secret? You disgust me Ndubuisi, yes you do”

    Ndubuisi: “I don’t think I or my father deserve all these name calling you have been dishing out to us. We have been nothing but supportive to you so why are you listening to fake revelations? Someone is out to destroy the fragment of our marriage left and you are letting the person. Please dear, snap back to your senses”

    Odinaka: “My head!” she suddenly held on to her head and began to scream.

    Ndubuisi: “Oh no! Not again…”


    Pamela: “Can you hear voices outside honey?” she lifted her head up from her husband’s chest where she had slept off on as they watched a program on Emmanuel TV together. Her children were asleep on the rug too and the girls were already steering awake as the voices outside began to rise.

    Tunde: “Loud and clear dear” He cast Tyana who was already on her feet a warning look. She immediately laid back on the rug and closed her eyes.

    Pamela: “Let’s go and check then? And to think the gateman will allow such in the compound” she complained.

    On reaching outside, she was shocked to see Ikenna’s mum with her own mum battling with words. Immediately they saw her, Mama Ikenna became quite calm and began to smile.

    Mama Ikenna: “My daughter, how are you?” she began to walk towards her with an outstretched arm.

    Question: Does anyone else find Mama Ikenna’s action strange? Do you think she has probably accomplished her mission or just about to?

    Episode 15

    Amaka: “So do you have any drugs I can take that can stop me from throwing up each time I eat? And please I don’t have money yet, when my mum comes back, I will pay you for it” she pleaded.

    John: “When was the last time you saw your period?”

    Amaka: “Well now that you ask, I actually haven’t seen it this month. I am supposed to have seen it two weeks ago, i guess. Is that why I am feeling weak?” she asked innocently.

    John: “How did you know how to calculate your cycle?” somehow he was impressed with her reply. Not even many of the city big girls knew when they were due.

    Amaka: “Have you forgotten my elder sister is a doctor? She taught me how to calculate it. She even used me to practice how to answer oral questions on many occasions so most time, i learnt from the stuffs she spewed out” she said, obviously proud of her sister.

    John: “That is impressive but there is a problem, a very big problem and I don’t even know whether I should tell you or not. I am in a terrible shit”

    Amaka: “What problem are you talking about? It is I who need the drugs so why are you the one in a terrible shit?” she had start feeling comfortable with him again.

    John: “You are still a child mehn! What blunder have I committed like this?”

    Or should I just get her abortion pill without telling her about it? No! She has the right to know at least. He deliberated in his heart.

    Amaka: “Hope you are okay?”

    John: “Actually, you are pregnant. And it was my doing but you cannot keep it or you’d be damned in this village”

    Amaka: “Jeesus! No! I cannot be. There is no way I am pregnant. Please stop teasing me like that, it unfair”

    John: “It is the truth. What do you want to do? you cannot leave it can you?”

    Amaka: “I said I am not pregnant. Get out now! Just get out!!” she kicked him off the bed roughly and he almost fell to the ground. “I am not pregnant, there is no way I am pregnant at this age” she wept into her hands.

    He sat on the edge of the bed again but this time, closer enough to hold her against his chest. She wept for some time and suddenly went still, she had slept off. He laid her back on the bed properly and covered her up with the duvet which seemed heavier than usual in his hands. He felt sorry for the girl. He had been the one who committed the sin, the blunder and yet, she was the one bearing the pains in it. He wished she could transfer some of those pains to him so they could bear it together.


    Ndubuisi: “What is it dear? What is wrong with your head?” he cautiously over to her and laid a shaking hand on her shoulder trying to calm her down.

    Odinaka: “My head is hot. They are trying to kill me, please help me send them away. I am dying” she said and started pointing at an empty space.

    Ndubuisi: “But no one is there. Please calm down” he didn’t know when tears began to fall from his eyes as he powerlessly watched her tear at her own cloths and skin. She was beyond control.

    Odinaka: “Please call my sister. No don’t call her, they will kill me if you all her. Oh my head!” she rolled on the floor with hands still on her head. He heard neighbours knocking on their door but he had been drained and he didn’t want anyone to see his wife in that state.

    Ndubuisi: “But who exactly did we offend that has refused to forgive us? We left the village because of this same issue but it still followed us here. Who do I meet in this place?” he was never brought up in a Christian home. His father was an idol worshipper and so he only knew how to consult his father over any form of trouble he was passing through but even his father had failed in procuring a solution to the problem he and his wife were going through at that moment. He felt lost and lost he was until he probably finds his way to the ‘Way’.


    Pamela: “What is going on here?” she unconsciously dodged mama Ikenna’s embrace but stood in front of her, still unable to believe she was actually there.

    Pamela’s Mum: “She wanted to see you so I brought her with me since I was planning to visit you anyway. How are you my daughter? How about the children?”

    Tunde: “Welcome mama” he greeted her warmly, prostrating.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Thank you my son. Please I am tired, can we go inside?” Tunde picked up the only bag they had brought with them and led them inside with Pamela saying nothing to her mum. The presence of her ex husband’s mum was unnerving her not because she was yet to forgive her for the maltreatment she had suffered in her hands but because of her aura which she didn’t find so friendly.

    The children scattered around on the floor brought instant tears to her eyes. How she wished her son also had a child. The children were so beautiful she wanted to hug them one after the other but quickly composed herself when she saw the way Pamela was looking at her.

    Pamela: “Tyana!”

    Tyana: “Yes mummy” she stood up from where she had been pretending to be asleep

    Pamela: “Greet grandma or don’t you recognise grandma again?”

    The coy girl went over to her grandma while her siblings followed suit. They all took it in turn to say good evening ma, except the girls who were still toddlers and just learning to walk.

    Pamela’s Mum: “These children have grown so much. She kissed them all one after the other.

    Pamela: “Now take them inside and make sure none of them comes out”

    Tyana: “Yes mummy” she replied as she led her siblings who seemed to do everything she did inside.

    After the children had gone inside, she turned to the women for a more detailed explanation. Her   mum told her everything and then left the pleading to the old woman who pled vehemently on behalf of her dead son despite Pamela reassuring her many times that she had forgiven him a very long time ago.

    As they talked, her mum was deeply buried in her own thoughts…

    How on earth do I accomplish the mission? The two market days they gave me is almost spent already. How d I go about it? And to think I left only my last daughter in that village. I should have come with her rather this old strange woman. God are you asleep or what? Will you just sit there and watch me get afflicted in my old age? Pastor Chuks told me you do fight for your children but how is it that you aren’t fighting for me at all? My bones are weary already, the blood almost drained from my veins. I am losing my will to those wicked souls but what can I do? I have to protect my children.

    She kept ranting on and on about them wanting to kill her. She had had previous attacks but none as intense as the one she was presently having. He stood bemused as blood oozed from the injuries she had inflicted and still inflicting on herself. Her hair was a holy mess as she had tried to pull every single strand from her skull. He groaned loudly and crumbled unto the floor beside her, weak and still lost on what action to take. As he watched her, she suddenly became still and she suddenly began to foam from the mouth. Blood oozed from her nose, eyes and ears.

    Ndubuisi: “Jeeeessus Christ!” he didn’t know when the word fell off his lips…

    Quesion: What do you think Pamela’s mum is thinking of doing? Has Odinaka been finally taken away?

    Episode 16

    In the stillness of the night, she crawled out of bed and tiptoed to the front of the couples’ room. She stood there for some time then stretched forth her hand and a calabash appeared in her hand. She looked around the corridor just to be sure no one was in sight and opened her mouth to speak but the word got stuck in her throat. She tried again and again but the same thing happened.

    So this is how it is. Fine then, you have seven children don’t you? Children you were unable to have for my son. I shall start from there. She thought and with her calabash still in her hands, she tiptoed to the children’s side of the house which was a little farther from the min bedroom. She stood in front of their door and began to chant.

    “It is I again, the aggrieved mother whose son was untimely snatched away from her by the wickedness and greed of a woman. I have come to avenge the death of my son which I have the right to. Here me now, the first daughter of Pamela nwa Ozoemena…

    As soon as her name was mentioned, she jerked up from the bed and because her parents had taught her to always pray anytime she felt something was not right, she immediately began to call upon the name of Jesus in her tiny sweet voice.

    Tyana: “Jesus…Jeesus…I cover myself and my younger ones with the blood of Jesus. No weapon fashioned against us shall prosper. God send your angels to protect us, your little children. We shall not die” she knelt at the foot of her bed, clasped her hands together and closed her eyes tightly even as she felt the evil lurking around strongly. The boys who were five years woke up one after the other and joined her in saying Jesus, Jesus, blood of Jesus.

    She felt her powers begin to turn against her as positive energy flowed from every angle of the house. She quickly made her calabash disappear again and ran back to her own room which was separate from Pamela’s Mum’s.


    Ndubuisi: “Odinaka please don’t do this to me, please wake up!” he shook her vigorously. For a moment, he forget he was a doctor but as soon as he got back to his senses. He clasped his hands together, placed them on the centre of her ribcage and began to press down on it as hard as he could. “You cannot give up on me right now. You cannot just die like that cos I will not let you” he said in between tears. He tore off her shirt, raised her up and began to rub warmth into her back like they do a new born baby. He placed her gently back on the floor, went to the kitchen, got a bowl of cold water and sprinkled it on her face then began the artificial resuscitation all over again. He was going to take no chance at all.

    Thirty minutes into the whole exercise, she began to cough and spit out black substances.

    Ndubuisi: “Oh God be praised. God be praised! Thank you Jesus, thank you for bringing her back” he turned around with his hands in the air and tears of gratitude in his eyes. He knew nothing much about Jesus but those who had ever tried to preach to him before had mentioned Him being a miracle working God and with that mindset, he gave thanks.

    Odinaka: “What happened to me? Why is this place messed up like this? Did i get raped by someone? What happened to my shirt?” she looked around at the water and blood spattered tiles. Looked up at her husband and began to cry. “Did I have another attack honey? Did I?” she wept bitterly into her hands, unable to look into her husband’s eyes.

    Ndubuisi: “It is okay dear. God is in control, we shall sail through this problem with our lives intact someday” he held her tightly in his hands and patted her back gently.

    Odinaka: “I have never heard you say anything bordering on God before”

    Ndubuisi: “I know”

    Pamela: “Can you feel that?” she had said as the woman had begun her incantations in front of her children’s room.

    Tunde: “Yes I an feel it, very strongly too” he sat up, looking worried.

    Pamela: “Our children, our children is in danger. Let’s go there right away” she had said and made to stand up but he stopped her.

    Tunde: “There is no need. We can pray from anywhere and God will answer us. Besides, we have taught Tyana well, she can even fight her own battles herself with prayers. What we shall do is back her up with our own prayers here. Don’t worry” and so they had gone on their knees together, held hands an prayed fervently.

    The next morning, Tyana ran into their room breathlessly and narrated everything that had happened to them, how she had felt evil lurking and how she had prayed. Her parents both exchanged knowing looks and smiled at her fondly.

    Tunde: “That is my girl. I am so proud of you. Did you forget to pray before sleeping?” he asked, casting an ‘I know you didn’t’ look.

    Tyana: “Yes dad! We had slept so early I didn’t know I will forget like that. I will never forget again. Even Dennis, Daniel and Damien also joined to pray with me”

    Pamela: “Good children but next time, make sure you don’t ever forget to pray before sleeping okay? We don’t ever forget so we expect you not to either. You know this wicked people don’t ever forget to do evil, neither do they get tired” she lectured.

    Tyana: “Yes mummy!”


    She had lost all her energy due to the night’s incidence. She laid on her bed, trying to regain her strength and refused to heed to their calls of going to the dinning for breakfast. She had given the excuse of being too tired due to the long journey from village to Lagos and they had let her be.

    So you people think you have won just because you were able to overcome last night right? The battle line has just been drawn; wait until I am done topping up my powers and reinforcing. I shall come back for you with full force. She thought with a wicked grin on her face.


    Everything was blurred as she opened her eyes slowly. She felt a pang of hunger and quickly sat up still unable to comprehend her environment but she knew she was in a strange place.

    Amaka: “Where am I?” she mumbled to herself and just then, a cold hand touched her on the cheek and she jerked back frightfully. She remembered she had had a terrible dream where she was been asked to sleep inside a coffin so she could rest properly. She was going to sleep in it willingly but then she had woken up. She shivered at the thought of sleeping in a coffin.

    John: “How are you feeling now?” he studied her distant and feverish look carefully. I brought you to my house, couldn’t leave only you in that house like that and you had slept all through the night without even steering. Hope you are okay?”

    Amaka: “Yes but I m terribly hungry”

    John: “I have prepared a light breakfast for you. Ginger tea and bread. I want to quickly get to the hospital, will come back to check on you” he said as he stood up, readjusted his shirt and started walking out of the room. “Have your bathe in order to regain our strength, you know where the bathroom is already” he said from the door.

    An hour later, he returned with okpa and roasted groundnut…

    Amaka: “Thank you, how much I want to eat okpa now” she collected it from him and began to eat. She had freshened up and wore one of his shirts. “sorry i’m putting on your shirt, I had to wash my own cloth”

    John: “Its fine! It looks good on you. Amaka, about the pregnancy, you know you cannot keep it right? I have brought a drug which will help flush it away since it’s still early. Please take it” he stretched it towards her but she shook her head.

    Amaka: “I will not take it”

    John: “Why? You know the implication of you carrying a pregnancy at this age and having the baby out of wedlock in this village, you will be castrated. I am doing this for your sake” he tried talking sense into her…

    Question: What is the best thing for her to do at this stage? Willingly enter the coffin and rest in peace or take the risk of being castrated by the people? is abortion the best John can offer?

    Episode 17

    As she walked on wobbly feet towards the director’s office, she knew something was not right. The way she had been summoned was suspicious. She knocked gently on the door and waited for his raspy voice to ask her in. The director was a sturdy short tempered man with a Cur ventilation to AC or even fan and so his window was always open except on rare occasions when the weather was unusually hot.

    Odinaka: “Thank you sir. I was told you wanted to see me” she said like one trying to confirm what she already knew.

    Director: “Yes and that is why you are here right?”

    Odinaka: “Yes sir!”

    Director: “Good! So I have been hearing series of reports against you these few months you have worked here. I know you are hardworking and none of your patients had ever had any negative thing to say about you nevertheless, we can no longer overlook the fact that you are not fit enough for this job at the moment” he paused while she shifted uneasily on her chair.

    “So we have decided to put you on probation for a period of four weeks. During that period, you are expected to have regained your sanity and then return to work. If you didn’t return , we’d know you are still sick and if you do and we find out you still have the same problems, your medical license will have to be looked into. Make sure you find a solution to your problems by then. All the best” he ended at last.

    Odinaka: “But what of my patients sir? Besides one month is too much. What will I be doing at home for such a long period?”

    Director: “they have been assigned to another doctor. And about what you’d be doing, do you think I am giving you leave because I like you? You will be busy getting solutions to your problems of course. I will advise you to take it as serious as you can or you’d have the six years you spent in medical school wasted. You can leave now” he dismissed her with a wave of the hand.


    Amaka: “Yesterday, I would have willingly collected the drug from you but not after the dream I had. I cannot take any risks, I cannot wiling walk into my own grave” she protested with a mouthful of her okpa.

    John: “But that was just a dream. I have prescribed this drug for countless women and none of them had any complication at all, just a slight bleeding and that was all. Please take it from me, don’t forget I am a doctor and I know what I am doing”

    Amaka: “I am not countless women. I am not the same as they so don’t compare us. I cannot take the drug”

    John: “Okay so what are your plans? What will you tell your people? that I raped you? I will lose my job for sure, how will I be able to feed you and the baby when that happens? You should think about the future o. How about your education? Do you think you can still survive in school with pregnancy? You might have to put your school on hold for two years, will you be okay with that? how many of your sisters had a baby out of wedlock because as it is, I cannot marry you, you are too young for me”

    Amaka: “Hmmmmm…so you know all these and you went ahead to have carnal knowledge of me against my wish? Now you have the mouth to list all the disadvantages in it. What did you tell me when I asked you what you had gained in taking away my dignity like that? You said it was just sex and you derived pleasure from it. Aren’t you deriving pleasure from it anymore?

    You tell me to think about the future, who was the genesis of all these? Did you even think about the future when you were ravaging me? Did you think about the implication of your action when you were trying to force your way into me? See, I might be young but I am not daft so don’t provoke me. It is my life at stake even though you are the sinner so live me to my decision okay? Or will you rape me with your decision again? Will you force the drug on me? Before you do that, just think of what you’d gain from it if I lose my life in the process”

    John: “Well you have a point there but I am more concerned about you. I know I committed a blunder nevertheless, this might impair your future”


    A dark cloud descended on his mind. He could neither shake it off nor cloak it with the forceful smile he wore like a rotten garment in the office. Not being able to bear it anymore, he picked up his phone and dialled his sister-in-law’s number. At first, it was unreachable but on his third try, it connected…

    Ndubuisi: “hello big sis” he greeted wearily.

    Pamela: “Ah Ndubuisi! She exclaimed. “Why haven’t I thought of calling you instead of getting turned down by that your disrespectful wife?” she said.

    Ndubuisi: “We need your help urgently sis. Your sister, i don’t know what is wrong with her”

    Pamela: “My sister? What did she do? is it Ndishi? Did she sleep with another man?”

    Ndubuisi: “No its not that. I just don’t know what the problem with her is. Last night, she had almost died or should I say she died but woke up again? We need your help”

    Pamela: “Jesus Christ! I knew it! I knew something was wrong. You know what? I am taking the first flight down to that place tomorrow. Just make sure you are at the airport to pick me and don’t tell her I am coming. You understand?”

    Ndubuisi: “Oh thank you so much. I will be waiting for you” he said and waited for her to disconnect the call herself.

    He was almost knocked out of his breath when he got home and met his wife at home.

    Ndubuisi: “ Honey what is going on? Why are you home by this time?” he sat by the edge of the bed and felt her temperature but it was normal.

    Odinaka: “I have been placed on probation. They gave me a month to find solution to my problem or they will hav my medical licence seized” she replied without showing any form of emotion.

    Ndubuisi: “But that is outrageous! You do your job so well despite your challenges so they can’t do that” he fumed.

    Odinaka: “Well they said they will. My life is becoming ruined gradually. I am already getting to the point when I no longer care. It can as well get as ruined as it can- I don’t care”.

    Ndubuisi: “And what do you mean by that? you cannot give up hope, you have to keep fighting. It is your right to be free. You offended no one, you owe no one so I don’t see reasons why you have to succumb to the evil trying to ruin you and don’t forget, if you gt ruined, I will get ruined too”

    Odinaka : “Okay, lets not get ruined then”

    The next day, he went to the airport to pick Pamela up. He had thought his wife would be going to work so he could have some time to update her on what was going on, he had taken the day off for that but unfortunately, his wife was home too and as soon as she laid eyes on her sister, she went berserk with rage.

    Odinaka: “Ohhhhhh! What is she doing here? she is an abomination to me so why did you bring her here?” she raged and began to tear at her hair.

    Pamela: “Blood of Jesus! Odinaka?” she began to cry immediately. “What has happened to you? The devil is a liar, I stand on the authority in the name of…”

    Odinaka began to scream like one possessed by a million demons. She dashed to the kitchen, drew out a knife and placed it on her own neck…

    Odinaka: “Ask her to leave now or I will slash my own neck” she pressed the knife tighter to her throat.

    Pamela: “It is written in the bible…”

    Odinaka: “Shut up! Don’t utter one word. Do you think I am joking?” she lifted the knife off her throat and slashed herself on the forearm and blood oozed out. “See? I mean what I am saying, utter one more word and she is dead”

    Question: What kind of wahala is this? What should they do? keep trying to pray or give up?

    Episode 18

    Pamela had seriously scolded her that evening after ending the call with Ndubuisi for not telling her bout Odinaka’s condition.

    Pamela: “Mum! Ndubuisi  just called me now telling me Odinaka is in need of help. Do you know anything about it?” she had asked as they sat on the bed in her room with the door locked so as not to have anyone interrupt their discussion.

    As soon as she heard the question, she burst into sobs.

    Pamela: “So mama you really knew and decided to tell me all was well at home?” she asked raising her voice in alarm.

    Pamela’s Mum: “I am sorry but it is a shameful thing. I could not say it out”  she hiccupped.

    Pamela: “Shameful? Did I hear you say shameful? My own sister, my blood is going through something like that and you deemed it fit not to tell me. You know what mum? Something has changed in you. I no longer feel comfortable with your spirit. What exactly is happening to you all? Hope you left Amaka in good hands? Is she okay or she is damaged too?”  she stood up and started pacing around confusedly.

    Pamela’s mum: “I am sorry my child”

    Pamela: “No! Don’t tell me sorry mum. Tell me, who did you leave Amaka with? What happened to your prayer life all these while we all decided to give our lives to Christ? What did you do?”

    Pamela’s Mum: “I did not do anything” she said in a whisper.

    Pamela: “Mama! Okay then. Hope Amaka is fine?”

    Pamela’s Mum: “She is fine”

    But I am not really sure. Seemed like she had been trying to tell me something but I was too preoccupied with my own woes.  She added in her heart.

    She placed her hands in her face and wept bitterly after her daughter had left her room. “what kind of mother am I? See what I am putting my children through. My life is worthless, very worthless. All I had to do was to be strong, strong for my children” she wept bitterly.

    All of a sudden, violent wind began to blow in the room. The curtains were almost torn off where they hung on the wall, the little books in the room were scattered about as she looked around in confusion.  As she watched, three women appeared in front of her wearing the full regalia of the coven she had been finding herself in every night since the first night Aunty Martha had cunningly led her there.

    Pamela’s Mum: “What do you people want here? You are not allowed in this house, don’t you know that?”

    1st Witch: “You are the doorway through which we can get in. We have come to give you a tip” she said.

    Pamela’s Mum: “What tip?”

    2nd Witch: “you have your chance to carry out what you came here for at last. Your daughter will be travelling tomorrow morning so you have your last chance. Don’t forget tomorrow is the last market day. Were you told how Odinaka almost died? That was just a warning to you. Do the right thing or your last daughter will be made to bear the brunt of your failure”

    3rd Witch: “The queen’s message has been delivered so we shall take our leave” she said and the wind which was still howling whooshed them away and everything calmed down immediately.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Hmmmmm…I think this is the end of the road for me. I shall take my own life. I cannot do this anymore. At least my death will end this craze”

    1st Witch: “You dare not do that. try it and your two daughters will meet you in hell in a twinkle of an eye” the wind carried her voice in an echo which reverberated in her ears  like an old bell being rung in an empty room.


    Ndubuisi: “Odinaka please calm down, she is your sister” he started trying to get closer to her.

    Odinaka: “Dont you dare take any step further. She is not my sister. She is here to destroy us and we will not let her” her voice changed to that of many women as she said the last words.

    Ndubuisi: “Jeesus!” he jumped back frightfully at the sound of her voice.

    Pamela all the while was praying in her heart for strength and wisdom to tackle the issue on ground. Just as she was about to utter another word, her phone rang, it was her husband.

    Ndubuisi: “I think you should really leave before she kills herself. Please, I am so sorry for bothering you” He said to Pamela who was already distracted by the incessant ringing of her phone.

    Odinaka: “Yes pick your call, pick it now for we have something hot for you. It’s about your son Dennis. Pick it go home and crumble in grief” she said mockingly, laughing like a deranged woman.

    Pamela: “The devil is a liar”

    Odinaka: “Of course he is a liar, we don’t dispute that”

    Pamela: “Hello honey!” she finally picked the call when it wouldn’t stop ringing.

    Tunde: “You need to come back right away. Dennis has been poisoned and he is on the verge of death now” he said calmly into the mouthpiece.

    Pamela: “What? Oh God! Jeesus Christ!!” she quickly picked up her bag which was still at her feet and bounded blindly for the door.

    Odinaka: “I told youuuuuuu” she danced around like a child.

    Ndubuisi: “What happened” he ran after her and caught her by the arm at the gate.

    Pamela: “One of my sons has been poisoned. I need to take the next flight home now. I will be praying for her from home, I think we cannot fight this battle while in close proximity with her. We will find a way to plan it all soon though” she said hurriedly and left. Ndubuisi shook his head sadly and ran back to the room, she was on the floor, unmoving and still bleeding from the wound she had inflicted on herself.

    He went straight for the first aid box in the closet, knelt beside her, cleaned the wound up and bandaged it neatly. He was short of words, neither could he think. She soon woke up, rubbing her eyes.

    Odinaka: “I think I dreamt about my sister” she said, yet to notice the wound on her own arm.

    Ndubuisi: “Really? Tell me about it”

    Odinaka: “It’s a little vague though. It looked like we were fighting” she made to stand up, using her injured arm as support but fell back due to the sharp pain she felt. “What happened to my arm?”  she asked, shocked.

    Ndubuisi: “You must have cut yourself in your dream” he replied uninterestedly.
    Tears flowed down her eyes as she watched her pale looking son from the window. He was placed on life support as the doctors were yet to identify the type of poison which was used on him and so an antidote could not be administered on him just yet. The poison was eating away his insides little by little.

    Tunde: “Come lets go home dear. You need to rest for some time and we need to get to the root of this matter too. Someone poisoned our son and we need to know who it was and the offence we committed against the person” he held her by the forearm and led her away from the window.

    Pamela: “Yes you are right. As much as I don’t want to leave my son’s side, I also want to know who did this to him” she concurred and so they went home. They met the two women having an argument in the sitting room.

    Tunde: “What is going on here?” he asked, alarmed by their audacity to fight when his son was dying in the hospital.

    Mama Ikenna: “Ask her ooo” she began to cry. “I did not poison that little boy but she is accusing me of doing so. I did not do it” she felt really pained.

    Pamela’s Mum: “She did poison my grandson, if she didn’t, who could have? She is trying to avenge the death of her wicked son. She is evil, please don’t fall for her tears” she pointed an accusing and angry finger at the woman.

    Question: Could it have been Mama Ikenna who really poisoned the boy?

    Episode 19

    Pamela: “Slow down, slow down mum. How did you know it was she?” she looked from one woman to the other.

    Pamela’s Mum: “If she didn’t then who did? Their nanny was not even around when it happened, it was only the two of us and the children. So are you saying I might be the one? What motive do I have to poison my own grandson?” she said defensively.

    Mama Ikenna: “But I really didn’t do it. Hai! The life of a childless woman” she lamented pitifully.

    Pamela: “One of you is lying and I want to know who it is”

    Tunde: “It is okay honey. I don’t want to know who it is any longer but whoever it is should know no evil doer goes free. You might think you are doing it all in secret and that no one sees you but one day, it will be made known. The two of you should go back to the village tomorrow. I will make provision for your transportation back and some things you can take back. Meet my wife and tell her whatever you might need”  he said with a furrowed brow then left them there in the sitting room.

    Mama Ikenna: “This man and his wife indeed are nice people o. He could have believed his mother-in-law and had me disgraced but instead, he is sending me back home and with anything I want? Hmmmmm…have I been wrong in my assertion so far? Was everything that happened really my son’s fault? Have I been on the wrong path all along? And besides, the God they serve is so powerful that even Iboriodo had to give up. Hmmmmmmm… “

    She sat down, thinking deeply about so many stuffs se had conceived wrongly in her heart, her quest for vengeance where it probably wasn’t due and her misplaced self-pity when she was supposed to be hiding her face in shame.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Even I have to go home? I have to stay back and take care of my grandson. How can I leave at this point?”

    Pamela: “Mama just do as my husband said. I will go to the market now to get you the stuffs you will be taking back” she said and also left the sitting room.


    Her mother will soon be back and everything will be exposed. She had a point in what she said but what will my friends think of me? Imagine a whole grownup man like me impregnating a fifteen year old girl. I’m not even able to explain this to myself so how do I explain it to them? Should I run away from this God-forsaken village? I knew nothing good was going to come of my accepting this job. I don’t think marrying a child is what I want for myself either. Maybe I should add the abortion pill to one of her drinks? Will that be alright?

    John sat at his veranda deeply engrossed in thoughts oblivious of her presence.

    Amaka: “I know what you are thinking about. I can read you like the palms of my hands. I don’t know how or why, maybe because I have your seed growing inside me” she suddenly said, jerking him out of his reverie.

    John: “I know why. You are just too wise for your age” he replied and she laughed.

    But that is true, the girl is smart, wise and even intelligent. Better than most of the big girl I have been packing around. I could groom her further to my taste right? She will grow fast with the pregnancy. He reasoned within himself.

    “So tell me what it is I am thinking about. If you get one out of all of them, I will buy three okpa for you”

    Amaka: “Really?” she jumped excitedly.

    John: “Yes”

    Amaka: “You are thinking that about me of course”

    John: “What about you?”

    Amaka: “You are wondering how on earth you will marry a small girl like me, that people will be saying it is child abuse. It must have also crossed your mind to make me take the pill forcibly but please don’t do that. You can leave if you want to, go back to wherever you are coming from if you want to but don’t ever force me into taking that pill” she had become serious all of a sudden with the smile on her face vanishing like a wisp of smoke.

    John: “I will get the okpa for you and I am sorry. I am sorry for thinking like that” he stood up and drew her into his arms. He noticed she was just as tall and had become a bit fuller too with her bloated stomach.

    “Heeeeeeiiii…aru eeee” they heard someone scream in front of them and quickly disintegrated. It was one of the girls called Abigail who had eyes for him. “So it is true?” her eyes rolled in their sockets in sheer disbelief.

    John: “What?”

    Abigail: “So it is true that the two of you are having an affair? You evil prostitute!  You and your sisters are prostitutes made from hell. You mean you have a man friend at this age? The world must hear this. i cannot be the only one to know about this abomination” she turned away and left with her hands on her head and stamping her feet on the ground as she walked.

    Amaka: “Oh God! I am in trouble”

    John: “Trouble is meant to come sooner or later. Don’t forget you are pregnant and you cannot hide pregnancy for too long so don’t worry, it will all pass someday” he said in a bit to reassure her.


    That weekend, they had all the time they wanted to themselves with none of them going to work and no form of drama on her path, they were all loved up and having a heart to heart discussion.

    Ndubuisi: “Honey so I’ve been wanting to ask, why do you hate your elder sister so much?” he asked as he caressed her smooth back under the duvet. She laid in his arms with her head on his chest which she lifted up to look into his eyes when he asked the question.

    Odinaka: “Hate my sister? I don’t hate my sister. I love her very very much and I even miss her. I wish she would show up here someday”

    Ndubuisi: “Really?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. He was yet to tell her about the incidence of that day. He didn’t want her to get plunged into depression again.

    Odinaka: “Yeah so why do you ask?”

    Ndubuisi: “Nothing. I just noticed you hardly call or pick her…” he was interrupted by a knock on their door. He climbed off the bed still on his boxers to open the door, thinking it was one of their neighbours who had earlier begged him to keep the key to his house for him since his wife would be returning from her journey that day but he was surprised to find out it was Angelica.

    Angelica: “Hope I did not spoil your fun mid-way?” her eyes fell on his groin area as she stepped into the room when he made no attempt to invite her in.

    Odinaka: “Hello Angelica. We didn’t know you’d be coming” she said, sitting up straight while using the duvet to cover her upper torso.

    Angelica: “The same way you didn’t know I’d be coming that day. Well I came here to break a good news to your husband but since you are here too, we can all share in it together” she giggled.

    Odinaka: “Okay?”

    Ndubuisi: “What good news?”

    Angelica: “Wifey, you see that day before you came back from your white garment church…”

    Ndubuisi: “White garment church?”

    Angelica: “Oh didn’t you know? She reeked of angel Michael perfume when she arrived. Well that is by the way. What i am trying to say is, I and your husband had sex that day and now I am pregnant for him. Here is the pregnancy test result I carried out yesterday” she threw a white envelop at the dumfounded Odinaka.

    Ndubuisi: “Pregnancy? That cannot be!”

    Odinaka: “Pregnancy?”

    Question: Is what Angelica saying true? What can you say about the way Tunde handled the accusation his mother-in-law was levelling again st mama Ikenna?

    Episode 20

    On getting home, she could find no one at home and the house looked like no one had stayed there for days.

    “Where could she have gone to, hope it is not that this people has gotten to her? Hei… Amakaaaa” she began to call out her name in a loud voice hoping that she was probably at the farm or somewhere close by. The more she called the more she was met by an eerie silence. It was like the whole village had gone still. She ran to the house beside Mama Nkechi’s to inquire and met only their first daughter Gozie at home.

    Gozie: “Ah mama Pam! You are back?” she paused with what she was pounding.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Yes I am back. How are you?” she asked looking around, hoping her daughter was somewhere there.

    Gozie:  “I am fine”

    Pamela’s Mum: “Please have you seen Amaka?”

    Gozie: “Well, I haven’t set eyes on her since you left. Rumour has it that she is living with doctor John now. A lot has happened since you left o. Your daughter might not be the same person you left at home o” she resumed with her pounding.

    Pamela’s Mum: “My Amaka cannot do a thing like that” she objected.

    Gozie: “Go there na. Go and see for yourself”


    “Witch come outside o. Asawo owerri, come outside let us see your fornicating face”  Abigail screamed from outside. She was with three other girls who had gone there for full battle since they hadn’t been seeing her in public to scorn, they decided to carry their grievances to the house instead knowing John would be at the hospital.

    She tried to ignore them, to cover her ears so she wouldn’t hear them but she heard them loud and clear anyway. When she could take it no more, she decided to go out and confront them.

    Abigail: “She is coming out at last o, see her, look at the way she is carrying herself like a lazy peacock. Kai! Nee kwanu carriage (look at carriage)” she clapped her hands annoyingly.

    Amaka: “What do you all want?” she asked boldly, ready to give it back to them in their own coin. There was a barrier between them so she knew they would never be able to reach her with their fists.

    Abigail: “She still has mouth to talk. This girl has guts o. She is even getting fat. How will you not get fat when you are eating our doctor’s money? How can you shamelessly be living with a man who is not your husband? I am sure h sleeps with you every night, morning and afternoon. Or wait o, maybe she is even pregnant sef” she faced her friends who nodded their heads in agreement.

    Amaka: “That I live here or there, how is that any of your business? If he is sleeping with me every hour of the day, would you rather he slept with you instead?” she shot back.

    Abigail: “Eeeeewooooo… o gbu o la m eee (she has killed me)” she exclaimed with her hands on her head. “Do you think I am cheap like you? You who will open your legs for every passer-by to pass through? You whose sisters are witches? You dare compare me to yourself?”

    Amaka: “I open my legs for every passer-by but guess whose body it is? Mine, mine and mine alone so tell me, why are you so aggrieved about that? Why are you raging and ranting like a toddler who can never have what she desires? Wait you called my sisters witches? But tell me, aren’t they better than all the generations of your family put together? The two of them alone are like ten sons to my mother and twenty brothers to me so you could become a witch yourself just to be like them” the girl was left dumbstruck.

    Abigail: “proud ashawo is what she is. I don’t blame you”

    Amaka: “If you have run out of what to say, can you do me the favour of packing your filthy selves out of here? I wonder why this house has no gate to lock out nuisances like you. And to think I thought you had a lot to say, I am disappointed” she shook her head and walked back inside.

    Abigail: “Hei! How I wish I can lay hands on that insolent thing” she bit her forefinger in regret and then left with her entourage who dared not interfere when she was talking and so minded themselves by keeping quiet.


    Ndubuisi: “What do you mean by you are pregnant for me? I have never even touched you before” he protested looking at his wife who was unusually quiet.

    Angelica: “Why won’t you deny it? What man wouldn’t when his wife is there? I have no intention of having an abortion done so get ready to do the necessary stuffs. I am not here to play around with words in case you feel I am” she sat on the bed at Odinaka’s foot.

    Odinaka: “Will you stand up from my bed now or you want me to strangle you to death? how dare you sit on my bed with that your filthy butt?” she jumped off the bed, looking as aggressive as a mother hen in the face of an intruder.

    Angelica: “Oh so you are this fierce? Very good, it is what I like” she said rising from the bed.

    Odinaka: “So it is true? You had this intention all along? You dare scorn me to my face?” she turned to her husband with tears streaming from her face.

    Ndubuisi: “Honey please don’t listen to her. Do not listen to her at all, she is lying. You know I will never do a thing like this to you even over my dead body. I have never conceived in my heart of having sexual intercourse with another woman before. Please believe me, you are all I have” tears gathered in his eyes like a puddle of water under a wet duck.

    Angelica: “Ah! Men are wicked, very wicked indeed. How can you deny your own child so blatantly? You know I didn’t want to do this, you forced me, you forced yourself on me and later asked for forgiveness and I thinking it was a momentary lapse decided to forgive you. How can you turn your back on me now that everything has gone sour?” she began to cry too making Odinaka confused as to who was saying the truth and who wasn’t- she sounded and looked that convincing.

    Ndubuisi: “Oh God! Please come to my rescue” he bent his head down in frustration and wept shamelessly into his hands.


    Dennis had suddenly gone into coma. She and her husband had prayed and prayed for his survival but nothing seemed to be changing, instead, the boy’s health seemed to be deteriorating every passing hour. She began to grow weary while her faith began to slacken. She was by his bedside day and night that most times she forgot to pray, she only kept asking questions after questions in her heart.

    God I do not know what will become of me if I lose my son like this, my innocent son. She thought in her heart.

    Tunde: “You are still thinking dear?” he said from the doorway where he had been standing watching her and their son.

    Pamela: “What else can I do?” she sighed.

    Tunde: “You can go home, pray, take care of yourself and the rest of your six children. Those children need you too. Please do not lose yourself cos of this, do not give the devil an opportunity to strike” he said. He was on the verge of crumbling too but he knew he had to be strong in order to be able to help his woman rise again. She was falling and he wasn’t going to let her fall totally.

    Question: Will the boy die? Will Pamela find her faith again?

    Episode 21

    Standing in front of her mum who only sat staring at her, neither asking the question she wanted to nor taking her eyes off her.

    How I wish the ground will open up and swallow me right now. What will I tell her now? That I was raped? How will she believe me? She thought as she sought to hide her face from her mum by looking down and drawing patterns on the floor with her toe.

    Pamela’s Mum: “O ezi okwu? (is it true?)” she finally asked still looking intently at her daughter.

    Amaka: “Erm… mba (no)”  she stuttered.

    Pamela’s Mum: “What is mba? I am asking if it is true that you are pregnant or not” she asked with eyes spitting hot flame.

    Amaka: “Y…ee..s” she stuttered even hard.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Hei! Amakaaaaaaa…how can you be pregnant at this age? What kind of disgrace is this?” she burst into sobs, crying profusely.

    Amaka: “I am sorry mama it was not intentional”

    Pamela’s Mum: “What do you mean by it was not intentional? What were you doing with a man Amaka, what were you doing with a man at this age for him to even be getting you pregnant? How can you do this to me despite everything we are already going through in this family? How can you put me through this kind of ridicule?” she dabbed at her eyes with the edge of her wrapper, snivelling. She could not help but feel sorry for her mum.

    Amaka: “I am sorry” she looked down unable to meet her mum’s gaze. She wanted so much to tell her how it happened but knowing that would change nothing, she kept it to herself.

    Pamela’s Mum: “So are you into prostitution now or who is the man?” she asked the question every mother would ask under such circumstance.

    Amaka: “Doctor John”

    Pamela’s Mum: “Hmmmmmmmm”


    Pamela: “Yes you are right dear but I need to be here for my son” she returned her gaze to Dennis who was barely breathing.

    Tunde: “I have come to get you back home. Tonight we shall pray fervently. You can sleep while I pray but I want you to be there. Please?”

    Pamela: “Okay honey”

    That night, he gathered all his children to the main bedroom where they all held hands and prayed for strength, for God’s intervention in whatever was afflicting their family in general. At that moment, Pamela remembered that in the process of taking care of her son, she had totally forgotten to pray for her sister. She remembered what the demon had said to her that she should go home and crumble and she began to weep bitterly.

    How could I have allowed them get to me so easily? How could I have allowed something as trivial as poison shift my focus from God and what is more important? She thought in her heart and then cried out suddenly “help my unbelief oh Lord!” she wept bitterly as she set her weariness aside to pray along with her husband. Her children had all crumbled to the floor, sleeping.

    She raised her long nailed fingers to signify that they stop their chanting.

    Queen: “I am happy tonight because we have been enjoying some peace in this coven for some nights now all thanks to the old woman. Please step forward”

    Mama Ikenna stepped forward.

    Queen: “Your poisoning her son has weakened her considerably well. Tonight is the night we will attack them. You hav done well and I am promoting you to the rank of…”

    Mama Ikenna: “I am sorry but I do not want the promotion” she replied.

    Queen: “Why?” she asked bemused. Everyone in the coven usually worked their asses off for a promotion. Everyone loved a little bit more power. Even she had used her son; Ikenna’s star and glory in exchange for more power in the coven and that was why no matter how much he worked, he remained a pauper. All the witches were surprised at her rejecting a promotion like that.

    Mama Ikenna: “I am getting too old for such promotions. I only want to die in peace now so I will like to give up all of my powers. I want to leave the sisterhood” she announced.

    Queen: “That is impossible. You have to die as one of us. Your soul belongs to the master already and there is nothing you can do about it. You will never find redemption anywhere” her voice seemed to vibrate in the open field.

    She said nothing any longer but just quietly returned to her place in the circle. She looked at Pamela’s mum and shook her head sadly.

    You just don’t know what you are getting into yet, you aided my poisoning your grandson in order to save your daughters but don’t think it will end there. They will destroy all of you one after the other. They will make you regret your very existence; they will never get tired of collecting from you with one lie on the other. She thought sadly and just then, the queen began to scream…

    Queen: “Nooooooo… no! She has regained her faith and is in a prayer of warfare right now. How do we stop her? Kill her son now, kill her son right away” her gaze fell on Madonna, Pamela’s mum and another witch and they knew she was giving them the task of killing the boy.


    Angelica: “I will be coming back with my things later in the day” she eyed Odinaka who was ready to pounce and walked out at last.

    Odinaka: “Try it and see if your head will still remain on your neck” she called after her then turned to her husband.

    Ndubuisi: “Don’t look at me like that, i did not do it. She is only trying to put a rift between us so she can have me. She had made so many advances towards me that day but I rejected her. Now she has come up with this plan to make you leave me out of annoyance”

    Odinaka: “So why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you tell me about all the advances she was making towards you? And you even had the audacity to bring her into my home. How do I even know you didn’t give in to her that day as she said?”

    Ndubuisi: “Well it’s my word against hers. You know me, you know what I am capable of but you don’t know her, you don’t know what she is capable of so who will you believe? Choose wisely and let me know whose side you are on later. The funniest part is: if you choose to believe her, you will be on the losing end” he said, stood up and made to leave the room but she stopped him, walked over to him and hugged him so tightly the air was almost knocked out of him.

    Odinaka: “I am sorry for doubting you. She sounded so convincing”

    Ndubuisi: “I know. Even I almost started believing her”

    Odinaka:  “Let’s go to the village. We at least need to see what John has done with the hospital.

    Question: Is it advisable for them to go to the village at this point? What can you deduce from Mama Ikenna rejecting the promotion?

    Episode 22

    The three witches held hands and within the twinkle of an eye, they found themselves inside Dennis’ ward where he was fast asleep. They noticed he was out of coma and even the artificial respirator he had been using to breathe had been removed. Pamela’s mum smiled happily in her heart and prayed they wouldn’t succeed. She was not bold enough to tell the queen she didn’t want to be a partaker in the task they had been given but in her heart, she knew the God her daughter served will never allow her to be put to shame.

    Immediately they got inside, the boy sensed their presence, opened his eyes and began to plead the blood of Jesus and call the name of Jesus. The rest of the two witches looked at each other in confusion. How could he have sensed their presence so easily? They were not meant to be seen by naked eyes.

    Madonna: “Your daughter and her family must belong to a very powerful occult which uses this name at will. Just like the villagers say, your daughters are all powerful witches” she commented without looking at the person she was talking to.

    Pamela’s Mum: “My daughter is not a witch but she serves a God whose name is above every other name. I know Him too, I should have taken Him more seriously and become as powerful as my daughter then I wouldn’t have had to come to you for help”

    Madonna: “Shut up there. Who told you I don’t know about Him too? I chose this path I am on because it seems to be the easiest way out”

    Pamela’s Mum: “Can’t you see how rosy your life is now? I guess that is why you brought a miserly husband to my daughter so she can end up like you”

    3rd Witch: “Its enough now. We cannot deviate from our plans. The boy is weak, we can still attack him but we need someone to get closer enough to target his heart”

    Madonna: “How dare you give orders when I am here? You two don’t want to know your senior right? Wait until we get back to the coven” she said and began to walk closer to the boy but right there in their face, a shield like a thin veil covered the four corners of his bed and no matter how much she tried, she was unable to get through it.

    Pamela’s Mum: “I told you, I told you He is powerful and protects those who call upon Him. Let’s leave now before it is too late” she suggested.

    She wanted to protest but when she saw the shield turning to fire, she was the first to vamoose from the ward while the other two followed suit. They returned to the coven to tell tales of their total failure.

    Queen: “You failed and you had the guts to return here to tell me that rather than bite off your tongues on your way here and die?” she raged, her breath turned flaming hot and they all hide their faces from her wrath. They knew they were in for it…


    Ndubuisi: “Village? But it hasn’t been that long we left there. Can’t we stay for some time before going back?”

    Odinaka: “I feel like we should go back. Everything happening to us right now has its origin in that village. I feel we will find our answers there despite our earlier hopelessness”

    Ndubuisi: “You have a point there. I will arrange for it, see if I can be granted leave in the office too”

    She looked at him and the love pouring out from her for him was immeasurable.

    Odinaka: “I promise to become the best wife to you ever after all these have been settled. You have remained the best I could have ever prayed for despite all my inadequacies. I love you hubby and I pray to start bringing joy to you from now henceforth” she poured out her heart to him.

    Ndubuisi: “Thanks for believing in me my jewel”

    Odinaka: “Thanks for standing by me. We shall overcome, I know we will”


    Tunde: “We have to go to your village. I have a feeling we will be able to address all these issues at once there or what do you think?” he said as after they had rounded up their prayers.

    Pamela: “I was about to suggest that too. You should have seen my sister, she was just like a person possessed by a million demons. I am afraid for her, they know I am a threat to them and went berserk as soon as they saw me. Now i know why she could not talk to me properly on phone, they are controlling her” she said sadly. “And to think I haven’t even been praying for her since I came back”

    Tunde: “That was no fault of yours. No mother will see her son in that state and still be in the right frame of mind. I am just glad we are both back on our feet now I have a feeling we will hear good news from the hospital soon and as for your sister, we have to find a way to get she and her husband down to the village too. This family must be made whole again”

    Pamela: “Amen!”


    Queen: “I shall punish the three of you for failing to carry out a simple task you were given. A little boy, just a little boy overpowered a whole Madonna of the Impurity coven? I am very disappointed. All those powers you were given, what are they for? For making mouth?” she fixed her gaze on Aunty Martha who shivered frightfully.

    Madonna: “No my queen, It is not like that. It is not just about the boy, there was a very powerful force fighting for the boy. I couldn’t even get closer to him”

    Queen: “What powerful forces were those? Do you know how many powerful demons reside in you? All you need to do is command them and they will do all your bidding. Did you really have to bring these much shame to this coven?”

    Madonna: “It is not entirely my fault my queen. Even his grandmother here was fighting against my power with her mind, she was protecting him” she looked at Pamela’s mum accusingly.

    Pamela’s Mum: “But that is not true. Ho much power do I have to protect someone against the powerful Madonna or go against the queen’s orders? I am just a humble follower here and she wants me to take the blame for her downfall” she insisted.

    Queen: “Whether you take the blame or not, you shall still be punished. Now one of your daughters shall take the boy’s place” she said and chose three other witches to carry out the task.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Oh merciful Queen of the underworld; please spare my daughters and take me instead. I am available for you, punish me in their stead please. It was all my doing, they are innocent” she pleaded with tears in her eyes. “Or give us another chance at righting our wrongs. I promise that this time, we shall carry it out successfully even if I have to go there in human form. Please your highness” she pleaded further.

    Madonna: “Yes your highness! Please give us another chance we beseech you” she went on her knees.

    Queen: “I can only do what the master has commanded…”

    Question: What do you think the master’s command is? To give them a second chance at killing Dennis or to kill one of her daughters? Which daughter might be asked to be killed?

    Episode 23

    Queen: “…and he has commanded that one of your daughter’s blood be added to his blood bank. I shall only do as I have been commanded and one thing you should know is: the one I serve is neither merciful nor benign on offenders. Women! Get me the blood of her last daughter” she turned to the three women who were to carry out the task. “As for you Madonna, you are getting stripped of your title as my second in command and half of your powers. Next time, I might as well strip you of your powers” she dished out judgment on each of the three witches on whose eyes were bitter tears of both pain and regret.

    The other three witches knew they better not fail in their tasks or they would be punished too and so they gathered up as much strength and power as they needed and flew off in their animal skin.


    It was about past 2a.m when they decided to get some rest at last.

    God please help direct my spirit as I am about to sleep. Help me dream if there is anything to be dreamt about and show me ways in which this evil can be defeated. In you oh Lord do I put all my trust, I have no other God but you oh Lord therefore grant me power even in my subconscious, make my tongue fire so that whatever word I speak will carry fire. I know my siblings are weak spiritually and they don’t even know how to pray but I stand in the gap for them Lord, no evil fashioned against them should prosper; grant them the chance to get to know you too. She prayed in her heart as she laid her head to rest.

    As soon as she had slept off, she found herself in her dad’s compound, struggling with three women who were trying to enter her house whose door was wide open.

    Pamela: “What do you three evil women want to go and do inside that house by this time of the night? Did you miss your ways?” she asked looking stern and mean.

    1st Witch: “We did not miss our way young woman. We have a task to accomplish inside that house” she said not knowing who Pamela was.

    Pamela: “what task is that if I may ask?”

    1st Witch: “It is none of your business young woman. Just go your own way and we shall not hurt you” they made to take another step…

    Pamela: “Stop there in Jesus’ name!” she commanded, with her right hand lifted above her face. “How dare you want to walk out on the daughter of Zion when she is still speaking?”

    They all began to shake immediately.

    2nd Witch: “Do not be angry, we didn’t know it was you. Please allow us go in and do what we were sent to do. it will soon be daybreak and we might be disgraced if we didn’t leave this place before 3a.m” she pled with her.

    Pamela: “You must tell me what that task is” she insisted stubbornly. She knew the power she carried and so fear was far from her.

    1st Witch: “The woman living in this house owes us a debt and we have come to collect it”

    Pamela: “You are still playing with words. I command you to tell me what debt you have come to collect in this house even though Christ has paid everyone’s debts in this house on the cross of Calvary”

    3rd Witch: “The debt she owes us is irredeemable because we own her soul now and so we are free to enter that house to collect whatever we want. Look at it, that is why it is wide open to us” she claimed.

    Pamela: “Lies! You cannot collect whatever you want from this house because I am one of the occupants of this house and because of the grace I carry, everyone in this house is redeemed by the blood of the lamb. It is either you leave in peace now or I make your worst nightmare come true” she warned.

    1st Witch: “No, we shall not leave until we have collected what is due unto us”

    Pamela: “I stand on the authority in the name of Jesus Christ for the bible says HE has given me authority to trample on snakes and scorpions…and whatever I bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. I command you evil creatures to be bound with chains and fetters of God right now and be rendered powerless” as she spoke the word, the witches became immobile and chains appeared from nowhere, binding them together. They struggled and struggled, turning into all forms of animal in order to find an escape route but the chains held.

    In reality, she was muttering incoherently and turning her head from side to side. Her husband woke up and began to pray too, knowing she was fighting a battle in the dream.


    She woke up the next morning feeling a little stronger than she used to in the mornings. John and her mum had been quite supportive, most times, her mum wouldn’t even let her do anything in the house while John made it a priority to visit her every evening after work with all the stuffs he knew she loved eating.  That morning, he felt like doing something before her mum would wake up to stop her and so she had been the first to step out.

    Amaka: “Jeeesus! Mamaaa…” she screamed at the sight of the three women bound together in front of the house where she was meant to sweep. Her mother knowing what had happened for she had refused to set the women free when she arrived that morning had seen them bound together. She had returned with tears thinking she was going to meet her daughter’s corpse but the reverse had been the case.  She wanted them disgraced so that they could at least leave her family alone.

    Pamela’s Mum: “What is it?” she rushed out and almost fell on the three women.

    1st Witch: “Nne Pamela eee. See what your daughter has done to us. Please have mercy on us and set us free” she pleaded weakly.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Heeeeeeiiii! Neighbours eee, come and see what my eyes are seeing this early morning. This is an abomination. Witches in our sacred village” she raised alarm and screamed louder while Amaka aided her.

    Amaka: “Wonders shall never end in this village. Witches in broad daylight and in front of my father’s house? Holy ghost fire fire you. Holy ghost fire” she kept saying even as people began to gather round about them.  No one will see them and say they weren’t witches for they were fully clothed in their coven’s regalia and their faces painted black to match their cloths. They had on their head red crown made with human bones. They were a sight to behold indeed.

    “Aaaru eeeee (abomination)” rent the air as people increased in the compound.

    “What is the offence of this family that these things keep happening to them?” a man said with his hands folded across his chest in shock.

    “That is what I have in mind too. Ever since Ozoemena’s death, evil people just won’t let them rest. Now what were these ones looking for here? They must confess” another said.

    “Yes confess! Confess!! Confess!!!” they all pointed at them angrily. Children threw stones at them while adults spat in their faces.

    1st Witch: “Please have mercy on us, these chains are killing us” she pleaded but her pleading only made the people angrier.

    “Die by fire! You must die” someone said.

    “I know there are many of you in this village, mention the names of your accomplices and we shall free you” an elder said.

    The witches started rolling their eyes around. Women hid behind their husbands while children hid under their feet. Their eyes fell on Pamela’s mum for a second…

    Question: Should they mention her name so she can be disgraced along with them? Will her daughters ever forgive her?

    Episode 24 [Final]

    She had narrated the dream she had to her husband immediately she had woken up. He quickly dialled Ndubuisi’s number as soon as she was done with her narration.

    Ndubuisi: “Big brother! This one you remember us today” he hailed happily.

    Tunde: “My dear, busy schedule don’t even let me remember myself. How are you?”

    Ndubuisi: “Just hanging on” he replied sadly.

    Tunde: “You should be doing better than just hanging on. My wife had a terrible dream last night and we have to do something about it. Can you and your wife take the first flight down there today? We will meet you there or you meet us there but it is imperative we all meet there today. How possible can that be?”

    Ndubuisi: “We were planning to go to the village but not today. I still have to get my leave approved by my boss”

    Tunde: “You don’t need no paying job Ndu. You are a boss yourself and your place is at your hospital. God will establish you from there if not, you will continue to work for others and forget yourself doing so. Get down to the village today, its just 5a.m. you can still meet the 8a.m flight. My wife is getting ready already. This has more to do with you and your wife. You both need redemption”

    Somehow, he felt happy about what Tunde had said about his job for he had missed his hospital so much and always worried about how John was running it. As soon as he had ended the call, a knock sounded on their door and he went to open it. It was Angelica with a box that could accommodate all the belongings he had ever owned in his life.

    Ndubuisi: “What are you doing here by this time?” he asked, eyeing her and the bag.

    Angelica: “I have packed in to my husband’s house of course or don’t you have eyes?” she said and pushed her way in. Odinaka was already awake and in the bathroom.

    Ndubuisi: “Really? You are welcome ehn? How is the baby doing?” he asked smiling.

    Angelica: “The baby is fine darling” she was extremely happy at the change she thought she had seen in him and sat on the bed comfortably.

    Ndubuisi: “Honey, she has packed in. My second wife is here at last. Please help m to welcome her” he said, gesturing to her with his eyes to act calm”

    Odinaka: “Oh yeah! You are welcome” she turned to her husband and asked him in the Nsukka dialect “what is going on here?”

    Ndubuisi: “Dont mind the idiot. We are going to the village this morning and I am going to tell papa Michael to lock the door once we have left. She will go back to wherever she is coming from disgracefully. Just leave her” he replied in the same dialect, smiling as if they were saying something good about her indeed.

    Odinaka: “Ehya! That is good to know. Angelica dear, welcome jare, what do I prepare for you?” she switched to English while Angelica giggled a jiggled like one who had just won an American visa.

    Angelica: “You can’t be preparing food for me now. I will prepare it for you and our husband, don’t worry” she stood up and quickly rushed to the kitchen, thinking of how she will have him all to herself already.

    Ndubuisi: “ehn ehn lest I forget, I and your senior wife will be going to the village this morning so you have to take care of the house” he announced and dropped a fake key for her. “That is the key to the house, always lock the door when you are going out, there are thieves around”

    Angelica: “Awwwww ehya, I will miss you guys, hope you will not stay too long?” she feigned sadness meanwhile she was thinking of how many of her boyfriends she was going to bring into the house to make good love to her in their absence. She was beyond herself with joy.


    1st Witch: “We cannot mention their names. It i against our code of conduct but just know they are here among you” she they began to get suffocated. It was like the air around had vapourized and nothing was left for them to breathe in. As they were taking their last breath, Pamela and her husband arrived to the consternation of all present. It felt like Heaven had decided to bring them back at the right time.

    Few minutes later, Ndubuisi and Odinaka also arrived, wondering what was happening at their compound. At this time, Tunde and Pamela had gone inside the sitting room and had begun to pray. Their mum like a flash of lightening ran inside. The crowd began to disperse, thinking that was all there was to it. Some youths had been made to carry the corpses of the three women to the village square to serve as deterrent to any other person who wants to involve in witchcraft.

    Pamela’s Mum: “Yes yes yes I will confess but please stop the prayers, it is tormenting me” she cried, her children exchanged surprised looks. Ndubuisi and Odinaka had joined in the prayers too after they had bound any demon that might want to manifest through her to disrupt their prayers.

    Pamela: “What are you confessing to mum?”

    Pamela’s Mum: “Please forgive me. When Odinaka’s ordeal started, I had gone to your aunty seeking for solutions not knowing she was a witch…” she narrated her ordeal in the hands of the coven and how they had made her aid mama Ikenna in poisoning Dennis. She told them how they had gone the night before to kill him in the hospital an how Amaka was also in danger of death that same night.

    Pamela: “Mamaaa!”

    Odinaka: “Mama ah!”

    Amaka: “Mama but why?” they were all dumfounded but could only exclaim.

    Pamela’s Mum: “I am sorry my children. They threatened to kill Amaka and Odinaka if I didn’t comply with them. I am really sorry, Pamela please pray for me. I will serve God now with the whole of my heart. I will no longer run to any man for solutions to my problem but run to God in prayers. Just teach me how you do it and I promise to be strong from now on”  she wept bitterly.

    Tunde: “The devil has been shamed. We have no option but to forgive her. Who are we to judge another who is even ready to commit to God? She was just being a mother but you young mothers in this sitting room should also learn. Amaka I can see your stomach and I know what that means so you are included too. Mothers should be strong for no one can stand in the gap for their children as much as mothers can. That you are a Christian does not mean challenges will not come, it will come but you will have to continue fixing your eyes on Christ and not running helter-skelter. If not for how strong in faith your sister is, she would have lost like two of her children already, the stuffs she overcame in the past would have come back to haunt her again but because she remained strong spiritually, she was able to foil all of their plans.

    Odinaka, learn from your sister, Ndubuisi give your life to Christ and let God use you to bring salvation to your family especially your dad except you liked what you and your wife went through in their hands?”

    Ndubuisi: “Not at all brother in law. I am ready” he knelt down while his wife and Amaka followed suit. Their mother was already on her knees. Pamela wept tear of joy as her family rededicated their lives to Christ while Ndubuisi gave his to Him.

    They resumed with the prayers and just then, aunty Martha appeared from nowhere carrying a huge calabash and weeping.

    Aunty Martha: “Yes I did trap Odinaka’s spirit here. I turned to her after I was unable to get to Pamela who I felt betrayed me. I am under torment right now, I am sorry for all I have done” she snivelled.

    Pamela: “Now you are going to break the calabash in Jesus name”

    She lifted it up and crashed it to the floor. A black cobra reared its head but was soon burn to ashes right in their presence while Aunty Martha seemed to have melted with it. They had tried to make her confess Jesus as her Lord but it had been too late.


    John: “I am sorry guy” he apologised.

    Ndubuisi: “You dared rape my sister inlaw after I gave you a job to better your life?” he suddenly flew into a rage, took some steps towards John and punched him in the face and any other place he could get his fists on. “How can you be so depraved as to do that to such a littlegirl?”

    Odinaka: “Honey its okay. He seems to be a changed person now.

    Ndubuisi: “I am sorry dear, I made a bad choice”

    Odinaka: “No you didn’t. You helped a helpless person and that counts. We shall forgive him and we all shall work together in the hospital, no need sending him away, we need him here”

    John: “Oh thank you sister-in-law. Thank you very much. I promise never to hurt your sister again. I will be there for her every minute of the day” he said in appreciation.

    Few days later, it was gathered that mama Ikenna had died in her sleep after she had locked herself up in the house for days with no one knowing her whereabouts. Young men had to break her door to discover her lying lifeless on her bed, clutching a bible to her chest. Where she had gotten it from, no one knew.

    Together, the family triumphed over evil and continued to wax stronger through prayer. Odinaka later completed her housemanship at Unilorin Teaching Hospital where she also gave birth to a baby boy. She later returned to the village to help at the hospital. And so at last, everything worked together for good for them all.

    I am sure the message I want to pass across is already embedded in the story but one last word, don’t ever slacken in prayer for the devil roams about seeking whom to destroy. You might think you have offended no one meanwhile someone is holding untold grudge against you. Always pray whether you are a Christian or a Muslim. Thanks for reading and I’d be reading your comments as you share your thoughts on the story and other lessons you might have learnt at the comment section.

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