Story: Daniella

    Episode 1

    You better come back here you good for nothing brat!.
    She covered her ears with her palms. That was her step mother calling her.
    Her voice sounds murderous daniella didn’t want to face her today. She has slapped and hit her too much already. She couldn’t take it anymore so she hid in her closet.
    She peeped through the crack in her closet and saw her step mother with a very murderous look on her face. She was holding the torture stick she was afraid of . Just the thought of it made her wince.

    She was just 17 . Her mum died before she was 10. Before her mum died she told her that daniella was the most beautifull girl in the world and was proud to be her mum. And will always remain with her even when she dies.
    Tears rolled down her eyes. That was how her father married alice odum. She was a cold hearted woman who tortured her day and night . Daniella lived a night mare.
    her closet door suddenly opened.
    “the you are you wicked girl!
    Her step mum started cursing her as she pulled her out and threw her on the floor. Daniella began to tremble she knew what was coming next
    daniella cried out in pain but knew that no one is going to hear her cries. She desperately began to gasp for air. Her heart was aching she couldn’t breathe.

    “not again!don’t you see how much you’re costing your father and k with your heart problems? If it wasn’t for all these medical bills we wouldn’t be so poor now!”
    daniella had this heart condition where air would suddenly shut off and she wouldn’t be able to breath. The doctors are trying to save her by giving her respirator and pills but they are not sure how much longer she’ll be able to live.
    Her dad (whe was a pathetic excuse of a man)came in.
    He looked down at her with sorrowful eyes. He held her step mum arm lightly and said, “i think she had enough. You don’t want her to have another attack calm down and lets have dinner ”
    that’s why i’m hitting her she yelled. She closed after school and left for her numerous boyfriends place. She was supposed to be home to go and buy food for dinner. Your daughter is evil she want me to starve and die.
    I didn’t get go anywhere the teacher wanted…..
    She was cut off by a hot slap from her step mum. She cried silently in pain and turned away.
    Her dad said daniella say sorry to your mom .
    Despite the pain she managed to say mom sorry forgive me.
    Her dad handed her some money to go get things for dinner.
    Her father gently lead alice out of the room.

    she picked the money and headed for the store. Mr charlse ,owner of charly food market. Shook his head as she walked in. He knew the hell she was going through he pitied her.
    As she paid for her items charly gave her a sad smile. He gave her some money but daniella tried to reject it.
    I don’t want it sir.
    No keep it. I know that step mum of your’s dont give you any money.
    Daniella look up at mr charly with teary eyes. Here he was , just a friend reaching out to her. She said thanks and headed home.

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    Episode 2

    Daniella decided to take a shortcut home but as she passed the alley, a hand pulled her in. She was knocked to the ground and a shadow hovered over her. She began to scream but the same hand covered her mouth.

    “shut up or i’ll kill you!
    She shut her mouth instantly.
    She didn’t want to die yet. In the moon’s reflection she got a good look of her attacker. It was a boy who looked a little bit older than her. His face and cloth were dirty but he had good features . He was extremely good looking but this wasn’t the time for her to think of such things .

    He held a table knife and said .
    “give of all your money or i’ll kill you.
    She panicked but knew what to do. She used the move she wanted to use on her step mum anytime she pinned her down to hit her. She kicked him hard right into his family jewel. He gasped and fell to the floor, dropping the knife . She picked up her groceries and ran.

    You can call her the dumbest girl alive. She was afraid she kicked him to hard. So she turned back and went in to the alley.
    The boy was stilling lying on the alley he was moaning softly. She lifted him softly.
    Are you okay ? She asked.
    He shook his head no.
    I’m sorry she said . She reached in to her pocket and gave him the money mr charly gave to her. Here this is all i have.
    She placed the money on his hand and walked away. Without turning back. But she could tell he was watching her.

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    Episode 3

    Eric stared at the girl who had just walked away. .
    She must be the nicest or dumbest person in the world, he thought.
    He began to stand up but had to use the wall for balance. Daniella kicked him a litte too hard.
    Eric had just ran away from home again.
    He had run away so many times that the alley was now his second home.
    When he ran away he always stole his parents money.
    They were the richest people in all of nigeria but they were the most messed up family. His dad would have a lot of women with him and would betray a friend if it will bring him money.
    His mom, on the other hand, was an exact duplicate of his dad. She always had young men around her and spent money like crazy. His parents were divorced and lived on the opposite end of abuja.
    “b---h and b-----d, though eric.
    When he ran away this time he didn’t have the chance to steal from his dad. So he had no choice but to rob somebody. When he saw the young girl walking out of the store. She seemed to be the perfect target. But things didnt turn out as planned.
    Eric kept wondering why the girl gave him tim money even though he could kill her.
    Eric knew he couldn’t take the money because she was the first person in his messed up life that was nice to him because she wanted to be, not because she wanted something from him. He wanted to give the money back.
    Whe he gained some of his strength back he began to trace her….

    Episode 4

    When she got home, she was greeted by the usual words. Ugly wretch, wicked girl, free loader, but luckily she made it through dinner fine. When dinner ended, her parents went to sleep leaving her with the dishes.
    She cleaned the table and washed the dishes.
    She also took out the trash and then suddenly she felt someone grab her from behind. Her attacker turned her around to face him. It was the same boy she met in the alley. She began to panic.
    “i gave you all my money already! What more do you want from me.
    He raised a finger to his lips and tried to shush her. She felt one of her attacks coming on. She started to hyperventilate and couldn’t breath. She was beginning to black out.
    Eric looked at the girl who looked like she was going to die.
    “oh my God are you okay?
    This time it was the girl’s turn to shake her head no.
    Then she collapsed in his arms. Eric didn’t know what to do but he had to save her life. He began to give her mouth to mouth.
    “come on. He whispered to her.
    “breathe: don’t die on me.
    After a while she began to cough and opened her eyes.
    she opened her eyes and saw a blurry object heading towards her.
    Then she felt something soft pressing agaiinst her lips and she felt a gust of air. Then she realised the boy was giving her air. She couldn’t believe what was happening . She blushed and gently pushed him away.
    Thank you for saving me . I’m okay now .
    The boy turned slightly red. “uhh… You’re welcome. You kinda sacred me there.
    “sorry about that. Well what is it you want from me?.
    Here he handed her back the same money she had given him. She looked up at him.
    “no it’s okay. Keep it. I think you need it.
    He shook his head. “no i just wanted to borrow it only. I don’t take charity. Well, goodbye.
    Just as he walked away. He heard his stomach grumble.
    Daniella bit her tongue so she wouldn’t laugh. Since he didn’t take charity she said.
    Um hey i just made some food i don’t know if it’s good or not. I need a guinea pig because i don’t want to serve it to my parent’s you saved my life.
    Eric looked at her.
    Why is she being so nice to me ? He thought.. Eric stomach was growling like crazy he hasn’t eaten for 2 far already and the mention me food was killing him.
    Uhh i guess i’ll be your guinea pig since i have nothing to do.
    He studied her face as she smiled at him. She’s pretty he thought.

    Episode 5

    She let eric stay outside as she got the left over for him.
    Eric finished it in less than a minute. The he leaned back and sighed . Out of nowhere, he let out a burp. Daniella giggled he looked at her and smile.
    “sorry about that.
    It’s okay.
    Daniella hesitated before she asked him the next question.
    Umm.. So what’s your name. He glanced at her and stared at the ground. She could tell he was debating to tell her his real name or not. She didn’t want him to feel obligated to telling her his name.
    It’s okay . You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. ”
    eric looked at her surprised. “no! It isn’t that! He yelled. She stared back at him surprised too. Then he lowered his voice.
    “i’m sorry. Please don’t misunderstand.
    She nodded her head slowly and eric can tell she was confused. Eric fellt he could trust her and he wanted her to be his friend.
    my name is eric smith and you are
    my name is daniella steven. She gave him a sweet smile. He felt his heart beat a little faster when she smiled at him. He blushed and look away.
    So . How old are you.
    “17 and you eric ?
    19 he said looking at her.
    Where are your parent you look too young to be living in the streets.
    He shrugged i can take care of my self. ” she gave him a doubting look. Because he was trying to pull that tough guy act on her. It’s okay though.
    I have a family. But things are bad at home so i’m just getting away from it for a while. ”
    she could tell eric was a good person.
    “do you have a place to stay tonight ? She asked.
    He shook his head. How about staying in my room then. She offered.
    Eric couldn’t believe his ears. He stared at daniella. Did she just offerered him a place to stay?
    eric? Daniella asked as she waved a hand in front of his face. Are you okay?
    Eric shook his head and snapped out of it.
    Eric was so touched that he felt his heartache. No one had ever cared for him so much. But he didn’t want to feel like he owned her.
    Daniella looked at him with big sad eyes.
    Please friend? I’m afraid of the dark. Eric smilled he knew she was lien so he would say yes. For the first time in his life. Eric felt warm inside because now he is wanted.
    okay. You talked me into it but just for tonight. Though.
    She giggled and nodded.
    what do you guys think did daniella do well in asking him to stay what about alice?

    Episode 6

    Silently, she let eric into her room. Her room was small and luckily, it was far away from her parents . She let him have the bed while she took the floor.
    Eric stared down at daniella who was trying to sleep on the cold hard floor. He picked her up easily and lifted her into the bed.
    Friend? What are you doing? She whispered her eyes grew wide.
    Do you trust me? He asked.
    She nodded her head slowly.
    “good he said.”this bed is small but it’ll fit both of us.
    Her eyes grew wider at what eric just said. But she had just told him she trusted him. She couldn’t take her words back, so she had no choice but to sleep with him.
    They both got into her bed and slept side by side. She was so nervous, she couldn’t sleep. On the other had eric had no problem. He fell asleep instantly.
    She turned her head over to look at him. His face was so innocent like an angel while he slept.
    Who would have thought he was such a devil when he’s awake and moving?
    hours has passed and it was 3′ in the morning. She still couldnt sleep. Suddenly something weird happen. Eric turned his entire body around and did a 360, kicking her.
    “ow! She cried out but covered her mouth so her parents wouldn’t hear her. When he was done, he had this happy look on his face.
    At first she thought he was just playing with her but he really did a 360 when ever he sleep.
    Suddenly he reached over and held her tight.
    Her entire body went tense and rigid. She could feel eric light breathing on her neck.
    She didn’t know why but now eric was this close (practically laying on top of her ) made her feel better. It’s probably cause she’s never been so close to a person in a long time. So she began to fall asleep too.

    Episode 7

    Eric opened his eyes and found himself laying partially on daniella’s body.
    He blushed and slowly moved away from her. He just lay near her watching her sleep.
    Suddenly it caught his eyes. The sleeves and pant legs of her pajamas were lifted up and he got a good look at her arms and legs. . Dark purple bruises cover her entire body. There were several scars on her legs and arms too.
    Red lines run across her legs and it made eric wince because they looked painfull.

    He didn’t want to disturb ella but he was really curious. She turned over and eric lifted the back of her shirt. It was even worse than her legs . Eric opened his mouth slightly in shock and touched her bare back delicately. Feeling that he might hurt her. Ella began to stir.
    she rubbed her eyes and sat up. She saw eric looking at her with sad expression on his face.
    “what’s wrong ? She asked.
    Who did this to you? He asked lifting the sleeve of her shirt. She opened her mouth in shock. She tried to hide it she couldn’t believe he saw her bruises.
    As she tried to answer him. She heard her stepmum’s footstep heading towards her room. Eric she yelled turning back to eric who was rubbing her bruises. “you have to get out of here? My mum is coming!
    Eric looked at her surprised but she opened her window for him to climb out.
    “climb down this tree. Goodbye ricky she said to him with tears in her eyes.
    eric remained silent the whole time as he left her room. He didn’t leave though. He sat on the branch of her tree and looked through her window. He couldn’t hear what ella and her mum were talking about but he saw it.
    He saw ella’s mum bring out a small wooden stick and whack ella with it several times. Eric couldn’t take it anymore:)
    he busted back into ella’s room

    Episode 8

    She looked up at her step mum in pain. “i’m sorry mum. I didn’t know were supposed to have a guest today.
    She glared at her with cold hatred in her eyes. Mr smith of smith hotels empire all over nigeria. Is coming to see us today. Your father might get a promotion if we make a good impression! You’re supposed to be awake half an hour ago to prepare breakfast! Now mr smith is down waiting for breakfast. What i’m i supposed to do now huh!
    her step mum began to breath rapidly as her anger increased. She saw her raise the stick of torture. She curled up herself hoping the pain would lessen but she knew it wouldn’t so she prepared herself for the strike.
    eric caught the stick before it would hit ella. Ella’s mother stared at eric in suprise. Ella opened her eyes and stared at eric in shock he looked down at her.
    “are you okay?
    Eric she screamed. What are you doing here.
    Eric looked down at her “i came to save you from this evil ugly looking b---h.
    He step mum twisted her face in hate.
    I knew you were trouble all this time ella. How dare you bring this boy home. Wait until i tell you father about this!
    Eric grabbed her stepmom arm to stop her.
    “you do that and i’ll have you fired!. She stared at eric dumbfounded. What is he talking about.
    What are you talking about you juvenile delinquent? Snapped her stepmom.
    “i mean said eric glaring at her. ” that you’re having breakfast with my father right now and i’ll get you and your husband fired if you hit ella one more time.
    Ella looked at him suprised.
    Eric is the heir of the smith hotel empire? His family is the richest in all of nigeria .
    her step mom looked at eric doubtfully. “if you’re his son. How come you are so filthy?
    Eric gave her a smirk . I know you want proof.
    How about all of us go down there to talk to my dad?
    Her stepmom looked at him and thought. This is the only way for real evidence. He might get us a promotion. Then she said . “come on then. Boy. Let’s go.
    is eric telling the truth ? Find out next episode

    Episode 9

    All three of them
    went downstairs together. Eric had to help her down because her legs were to weak to support her.
    Eric helped her sit on the couch and he faced the strange man.
    Mr smith glared at eric.
    “hi dad, said eric.
    Where the hell have you been ? Shouted mr smith.
    Daniella family just watch the yell at each other.
    Eric shrugged his shoulders. ” around. It made mr smith very mad but he never hit’s eric. He continued yelling. Eric didn’t really listen after a while he cut his dad off.
    “look dad, shut up about it already we’ll talk about it at home.

    Dang ella thought . She can never talk to her parent like that.
    Mr smith shuts up. Okay son, we’ll talk about it at home.
    Then eric gestured his hand at ella entire family.
    The stevens family were nice enough to let me stay in thier house. You owe them.
    Mr smith nodded. Fine mr stephen you and your wife just got promoted.
    her step mum got so excited. “thank you mr smith.
    Come on eric mr smith said. Let’s go home and have that talk.
    Eric brushed his dad hands off his shoulder.
    Later dad. I’ll be home in an hour. ” his father glared at him. Eric glared back.
    Mr smith knew eric was stubborn so he agreed.
    after mr smith left eric talked to her parents.
    “listen here. ” he said as he sat down next to her. ” i can get you hired and fired just like that. And he snapped his fingers.
    We know , we know her stepmum said sweetly. Pouring eric a glass of juice.
    Eric didnt drink it. All i want is for you two not to touch ella again. If i see another bruise on her you both know the consequence. . Eric held her hands the entire time he spoke to her parents. She felt a strange warmth pass through her. She knew then she was falling in love with him.
    her dad kept quiet while her stepmother took charge of the talking
    eric rolled his eyes.
    “okay. And i’ll make sure you keep your promise. ” then eric turned to face her.
    Come on. Let’s go.
    What? Ella asked confused.
    “go to my house with me.
    “go go! Said her stepmom pushing her towards eric.
    Have fun and stay out as long as you like.
    Ella knew her stepmom was afraid but just putting up a face.

    Episode 10

    Eric continued holding her hand and never for once did he let it go.
    The walk to his house took them fifteen minutes and he enjoyed every bit of it. When they got to his house eric let out a sigh.
    They entered his house. His house was huge!
    Ella felt like she was peasant walking through a castle. He even had maids and butlers that attended to her.
    eric led her into his room there was lot of holes on the wall but it was nice and clean. She sat on his bed while he went into his bathroom to take a quick shower. . When he was done he sat close to her and held her hands.
    Eric why are there holes in your wall she asked.
    When i fight with my parents i take it out on the walls .
    They talked for sometime. He carried her on his back and gave her a piggy back ride downstairs .
    His dad was waiting for him in his study. Ella waited for him in the living room.
    eric went in , unintrested in what his dad had to sayi
    what is it dad ?
    Eric this is becoming tiring, every week you run away. Leaving me and your mum worrying about you. .
    Eric smirked. “sure you’re worried. That why you’re out with those hoes and mum’s out with those moron’s. It’s because i’m your only son. You’re just scared that when grand pa passes away he won’t put our family on the will.
    His father got angry. “well do you want it to end up on your uncle’s side? Eric gave his dad a look that showed he didn’t care. His dad continued talking.
    Since i managed to have a son and my brother have no kids, i have the advantage. Son, listen to me. You are my heir. All my wealth will be passed down to you.
    eric looked at his dad disgusted. All you care about is money! You don’t care about me! He yelled as he stormed out of the door opened and grabbed ella’s hand.
    “come let’s go. He said to her

    Episode 11

    Ella was confused and didn’t know what happened
    eric held his hand and took her to the beach near his house. On the sand there were there two huge rocks . Eric led her over there. He lifted her up and they sat side by side.
    They remained silent untill eric took a deep breath of the ocean air.
    “i love this place, don’t you ? He said to her smilling .
    She returned his smile and held onto his hand tighter.
    Eric what’s wrong?”eric avoided her eyes
    “nothing. ”
    she turned his chin to face him. “come on. You know you can tell me. ”
    he nodded.
    “it’s my dad and this stupid feud he has with my uncle. They’re fighting over who will get the larger part in my grandpa’s will. ”
    “oh…. She said softly.
    ” isn’t it stupid ? ” he asked laughing. “my grandpa’s not even dead yet!”
    she understood him. So she didn’t say anything because she know she doesn’t want him to worry about it. He threw a rock into the ocean and it skipped three times.
    “perfect. He said.
    “why is it perfect?” she asked.
    Age is nothing but a number right? He asked her, changing the subjecti she thought about it for a while and nodded.
    since i’m older than you by two years that make me your protector i love you….
    She felt her heart bubble with excitment but eric continued talking… As my best friend.
    Her bubble bursted. This was not what she expected him to say. She looked at him with wide eyes and asked why your best friend ?
    Eric just looked at her and smile. Has she been reading the wrong signs? she thought .
    so what do you say?” he asked. ” want to be my best friend. ? Even though it was breaking her heart. She had no choice but to agree. She nodded.
    “yes, i want to be your best friend.
    “good, he said.
    Eric nodded and reached into his pocketand brought out a knife. She stared at him with wide eyes.
    Eric what are you going to do with that knife?.
    He asked do you trust me?
    She nodded without hesitation. She trusted him with her whole heart. He smiled at her. He pulled the back of her shirt down he use the knife and carved a small “E” on her shoulder blade. She bled and he bandaged it for her.
    then he gave her the knife to engrave the initial of her name “D” on his back which she did.
    He held her close he smiled . He felt sad he wanted to say i love you ella as my girlfriend so she would be his forever but he couldn’t. But he wasn’t the type to admit his feelings .
    But he knew engraving thier names on thier back was not just a symbol as a brotherly love. But his promised symbol as a soulmate to her forever.

    Episode 12

    years has passed and she’s still with eric. She didn’t think it was possible but she grew more and more inlove with eric everyday .
    They do a lot of stuff together and they never had any fights. They argue but it never got to the point where they would get really mad at each other and he usually let her have her way.
    Kennethi was eric other friend and he hangs out with them alot. He is a little older than her. Very nice with a cute smile. His family life also isn’t good. His dad is a drunk and his mum had passed away when he was young. So usually it was the three me them together.
    her home life is a lot better thanks to eric. Her stepmom didn’t dare touch her anymore and it’s still the same between with her and her dad. They don’t talk much.
    Eric’s parents like her a lot too. It’s because when they tell him to do something and he refuse they’ll come to her. She was like their pawn.
    Life was heaven for her untill it completely shattered on a day.
    It started out with good news but who would have known it would end up in tragedy .
    her step mum and dad came back one day from visiting the smiths.
    Guess what ? Her stepmom told her excitedly.
    “what ? She asked calmly .
    The smith’s are planning a wedding for you and eric !
    She sat down cause her knees gave out. This news hit her with total surprise but she was so happy to hear it. Because she’s so inlove with eric. Really? She asked excitedly. “how did this happened?
    “mr smith wanted eric to get married and he figured you’re the girl he should marry.
    “what did eric say? She had to ask. She didn’t want him to be forced into this.
    “of course he agree, her stepmom answered.
    Her breathing increased so she took out her respiratori after she calmed down, her stepmum took her into her room and told her all about the arrangements.
    Meanwhile back at the smith’s mansion.
    “just because you’re making this wedding for me dosn’t mean i owe you anything ! Eric yelled angrilly at his dad.
    Mr smith’s grabbed eric by the collar of his shirt.
    “eric! You listen to me. Once you and ella get married , your grandpa will give you all of his business. Sharing part of it with your dad isn’t asking for too much is it ?
    Eric pushed his dad away. He began to laugh.
    “the only two people grandpa will give the businesses to is me or uncle. He won’t give it to you because you spend it all on those whores! I bet all your own money is gone now.
    it was true or smith was in serious debt and needed eric to get married because. Eric grandpa was going to give eric his inheritance once he get’s married. Eric was 22 and his dad had planned the marriage .
    His dad got on his knees.
    Please son. Do it for me.
    Eric rolled his eyes.
    “you’re so pathetic dad. He sighed. Living with ella taught him compassion and sympathy for people.
    “i’ll see what i can do dad.
    he went to his room just then his cell phone rang . He picked it up thinking it was ella. Using his sexy voice he whispered. “hi ella.
    A weird high pitched giggle came from the other end of the line.
    “ooh …. Said the voice. Hi to you too sexy.
    Eric rolled his eyes.
    Oh shut up kenneth eric said seriously . Is everything set and ready to go?
    Yeah kenny said.
    “good, said eric smiling. “meet me at the field tonight from there we’ll take a sail and go to another country and start a new life.
    Yeah. Ken said. But did you tell ella about it ?
    No, answered eric sighing. I’m afraid she won’t leave her family i’m planning to kidnap her and talke her into coming with me.
    Right ken said. At least the three of us will be together.
    Yeah eric said meet by 8 i’ve got everything ready. And i got our money too.
    Okay. Ken replied.
    Bye.eric dropped his phone. Eric dad didn’t know his grandpa has already transfred all the money to eric . Along with hotel ownership in london korea and hawaii as his wedding gift . He planned to give his dad 10 million and live off the rest with ella and ken.
    He smilled at how he’ll be getting away from everything with the one he loved the most, DANIELLA.

    Episode 13

    Back at her house ella was so excited she couldn’t sleep. She knew eric was the only guy for her. She held her teddy close as thoughts of eric drifted her to sleep.
    it was midnight now eric snuck out of his house gently without making a noise . He carried his backpack full of money on his back . He planned to go to ella’s house to grab her and leave. Then it will just be him, ella, and ken leaving together.
    He was almost at ella’s house when he realized that he was being followed.
    It was his uncle’s men they came to get rid of him. Eric was smart. He knew the streets too well. He made it through the alley and those men end up losing him. But when he reached ella’s house. About 10 men had surrounded her house.
    They all saw him approaching. Eric began to run as they chased him. He made it to the field he saw ken in the private let waiting for him with the pilot they hired.
    Hurry! Ken screamed.
    Eric threw his bag in them jumped into the jet. It took off immediately . His uncle’s men couldn’t chase him anymore. Eric and ken started cheering until eric realized what was missing ella. He had left her. Eric fell to his knees.
    “what’s wrong?asked ken.
    Ella! We left her! We have to go back! Yelled eric.
    Ken opened his mouth in shock because he just realized it too.
    Then he shook his head sadly. “we can’t. If we go back, we’ll just get killed and we will be putting ella’s life in danger too.
    Eric moved away from ken knowing that the darkness covered his face. And for the first time in his life, eric cried

    Episode 14

    Ella woke up the next morning with a strange feeling inside her. She didn’t know why but she found it disturbing.
    Then she remembered she and eric were getting married soon, when she went downstairs her step mum was holding the wooden stick. She haven’t seen in years . She began to panic. She whacked her with it, she fell down suprised.
    “where’s eric? She screamed at her.
    Ella was so confused and surprised she didn’t know what she was talking about. She kept hitting her telling her to answer her.
    Ella couldn’t answer cause she was confused. Then something unusual happenne.
    Her dad grabbed the stick away from her step mum.
    “stop hitting her! Can’t you tell that she cant think straight through all the pain ? He asked
    her stepmum was shocked but she kept her mouth shut . Cause her dad has never challenge her before.
    ella, her dad said holding her hand. Eric ran away from home again. His no longer in nigeria and the wedding has been cancelled.
    “he left? She asked blankly.
    Her dad nodded his head sadly. “how can he leave me? She asked standing up. Her stepmom’s next words hit her hard and cold like ice.
    He probably left because he didn’t want to marry a sickly thing like you. You think his ready to sacrifice his family wealth on you and your ailment. Wake up girl he never wanted you.
    She sunk to her knees and fell to the floor. She began to sob . Her parent’s left the room. Leaving her alone.
    “how can you leave me, eric ?were all those promises of taking care me me lies ?
    she loved eric so much. All she ever wanted is to be with him, even if he did only saw her as a friend. She needed to know why he left. Being with him all this time she knew where he went.
    She’ll search all of korea or the u.s if she had to.
    One year later. …
    During this year, her life of hell had returned. She managed to save enough money . Sell all the gold and gift eric gave to her and the money eric used to give to her. She work odd hours so her step mum wount find out. She began to plan her escape.

    Episode 15

    she finally had enough to leave. It took her a while to go because she knew chances are low of finding eric right away. She needed extra money for her search. She had everything well planned out.
    It been a little over a year since eric left with on reason or explanation. She has gotten so much thinner because she couldn’t eat or sleep and she missed him so much. The problem she had still facing her were her parents. She knew they were not going to let her leave.
    she was only 22. This year has been total hell for her and she couldn’t stand another year of torture . She had to leave and had a plan . She was going to fake her death.
    It was all so perfect. Her family had gone on a vacation in lagos courtesy of mr smith eric’s father. He still keeps in touch with them. Because he thinks ella might know where eric is . But truth is she have on idea except she knows eric is in somewhere in korea.
    she planned to fake a drowning because of her heart failure. It helped her close off her air circulation for up to 4 minutes. This time she will use it to let her family think she drowned and the tides drifted her body to sea so she’ll never be found.
    But before she go she had to say good bye to her father. She hugged him hard. He looked at her suprised.
    “what was that for ? He asked
    she shook her head. It wasn’t for anything dad. I did it because i love you she said.
    Her dad had tears in his eyesi i’m so sorry ella i’ve been a worthless father.
    “no you’re not but you have to do what is right don’t let anyone stop you and stop putting yourself down.
    He nodded his head and she huggied him for the last time.
    She told him she was going for a swim. He nodded his head and watched her head towards the beach. The plan went perfect. She stayed underwater for a while and swam herself to the other side of the beach where they couldn’t see her.
    all her belongings were there she quickly got dressed hailed a taxi that drove her straight to the airport leaving nigeria forever.
    meanwhile in seoul, korea.
    Eric traced the D scar on his back, dann he thought . He missed ella so much. He sent out one of his men to retrieve news about her and they could, get her here fore him. In korea.
    Eric had it all, money and power. The only thing missing was ella. So much had happened to eric as he remembered back.
    eric and kenneth made it to seoul, korea. With eric leadership skill and kenneth’s smooth talking. They end up getting a lot of businesses and putting others out of business.
    Money was not enough for eric. He needed power so he created the white kites where he was the leader and kenneth his second in command.
    He and kenneth managed to eliminate the group quicksilver on thier own and gained the respect and loyalty of the two member kings joe and caleb .
    Along the way they found. Henry and joseph wandering the streets . Kings proved to be a genius and caleb was handy in finding information.
    eric knew they were enough. They had hundreds of men under them but the white kites were the main leaders with eric as the head.
    They committed a lot of crimes but no evidence was ever found to convict them.
    Just then there was a knock on his door, interrupting his thoughts.
    Kings and caleb went in
    boss it bad news caleb said daniella is dead. She drowned while swimming at the beach and her body has not been found.
    Eric fell back on his seat in shock. The two men hurried out immediately.
    No it can’t be my ella. Never not the love of my life he said sobbing.
    Eric screamed out of his window in pain. His cries echoed throughout the city of seoul.

    Episode 16

    She finally made it to chejudo, korea she didn’t know where to look for eric. She never was a lucky person. She didn’t find any sign of eric so she travelled to inchun city.
    Her search for eric continued for another year. During that time she had travelled to many city. It must have been a gift from God because one day her search came to an end.
    she has just finished her overtime shift at the sung hotel. It was pretty ironic because her whole family spent thier lives working for hotels. .
    She went into the worker’s lounge to take a break and read the headline’s
    “white knights are to open a conference broadcasting live on channel 6 today.
    She rolled her eyes. Not them again. They were the notorious mafia lead by daniel smith. She shuddered. She can’t believe the leader has the same last name as her beloved eric.
    White knights was composed of 6 leaders. They commited a lot of crimes and were always challenging the authorities. Even the chinese could do nothing. They had a lot of power and no one could take their pictures without thier consent . But a a lot of people know what they look like. But she didn’t care she was too busy looking for her eric.
    a worker named helen came in she was also a nigerian she loved ella so much. Hey. She said patting her lightly on the knee. “on break? Ella nodded .
    Helen picked up the t.v remote and tuned to channel 6. Hey ella there’s supposed to be showing the white knights today. Wonder what they look like ?
    She nodded and watched with her. When the clock struck 9. She felt her heart had stopped it was not because of her heart failutse either. She stared at the face that was giving a cocky smile to the camera. ERIC. Slowly the camera pulled out revealing the other 5 members.
    She recognized kenneth. He and eric looked completely diffrent but she still recognized them. They both had their head dyed completely.
    She and helen watched them in silence as they began to talk. Eric and the others introduced themselves.
    to most people he would be like an evil gang leader but in her eyes he was a beautiful angel.
    Ella are you okay? Asked helen, as she waved a hand in front of his face.
    Yea i’m fine just listening to him she said pointing at him. Who is he ?
    “that daniell smith helen answered.
    Ella stared at eric some more. He had changed his name and so did kenneth. No wonder she couldn’t find them.
    Helen caught her staring at him. “the leader is cute huh ?
    Ella blushed yeah.
    “too bad in reality his a jerk.
    “he is not she yelled at her.
    Helen stared back at her in shock. Ella apologised immediately.
    Helen had a confused look on her face.
    They both turned to listen to what they have to say…
    eric began talking.
    “this is white knights to all you losers out there watching us. We just want to say we are open to hire new employees. And to the police in korea. Stop picking on us?we are good law abiding citizens.
    Eric folded his hands together and gave a little bow. Then all the white knigts started laughing .
    oh my gosh! Look at him. Yelled helen and pointed at kenneth on the t.v screen.
    “look at that stupid smile and that perverted laugh… Kelele
    helen made a poor impression of kenneth’s laugh and it made ella laugh. Ken will kill her if he knew helen made fun of his trademark laugh.
    the show ended a little too soon for ella but eric mentioned they visited many hotels and he’ll be visiting her’s soon . She went back to work and waited for him to come.

    Episode 17

    Eric entered the main doors of sung hotel and headed towards the lobby. He let out a sigh. Being in a hotel brought back to him lot of memories. He remembered how he would take ella to the hotels to trash it or slide down the long stairway banisters.
    But those carefree days are over . His only love had died and he no longer has the heart to love anyone else.
    ever since the news of ella’s death. Eric began to develop a passion for anything he thinks is related to her. Things like her lipgloss, and her little respirator e’t.c. There were times he gave her mouth to mouth when her respirator wasn’t around.
    Eric smiled remembering that she told him that he was her first kiss. Ella never went out with any guys so it made him really happy but he also found it very strange he didn’t want in give her any idea of dating guys so he never asked.
    eric changed his name to daniel. It symbolize eric died with ella and daniel replaced him .
    He chose the name daniel because of the initial ‘D’ and if anyone asks, the D stand for daniel.
    Ken wanted to change his name to andy but eric wouldn’t let him. Eric only allowed him to change it he it had the letter D so kennet changed it to derrick.
    Eric looked over at his five friends. He walked over to them and was suprised at what he saw.
    “what the hell is this? He asked angrily. Every one of them had a girl in each arm. “what do you think you’re doing? He asked as he strode over to them.
    come on boss henry said lighten up.
    Yeah said ken we’ve worked hard all day and now let’s have a little fun.
    Eric rolled his eyes and then he saw two girls wrap their arms around him. He smiled.
    “yeah i guess.he said
    Alright! They all shouted. They all loved to see eric happy.
    from where she was standing ella felt like someone had stabbed her with a knife. Eric looked so happy with those two girls sitting on both sides of his laps she stared at her reflection in the hotel mirror.
    Big, glassy eyes, pale skin. And a shoulder lenghth black hair. She looked like a ghost. Not much to look at, she thought sighing sadly.
    Then she felt a tap on her shoulder and she slowly turned around.
    who could it be find out next episode. Will ella and eric meet after many years ?

    Episode 18

    what are you looking at? asked helen
    whew she let out a sigh of relief. “they’re here she whispered to her.
    Who? Helen asked looking over her shoulder.
    “white knights.
    “uh you want to serve them ?
    Ella shook her head no
    helen laughed . Don’t get so worked up i’ll do that. She took a waitress pad and walked over to their table. Ella remained in the corner watching them.
    hi, my name is helen and i will be your waitress today. May i take your order?
    All the white knights looked up to the pretty, young girl who just approached them. Instantly ken made the two girls on his lap move. He looked up at helen giving her his best smile.
    “i don’t know what i want for dinner. But you want to be my desert ? The other 5 knights members laughed while helen rolled her eyes.
    Ken pinched helen’s side playfully. She moved away, glaring.
    “hey don’t touch me!
    Ken smiled.
    “feisty he liked it.
    Come on babe. Go out with me. I’ll show you a good time.
    “never helen shouted back into his face.
    eric stood up.
    Don’t talk to my friend like that. He said in a threatening voice.
    Or else i’ll have you fired. Eric glare made helen move back a little bitt but she answered back anyways.
    “you can’t fire me! I quit!
    she handed ken her apron and pad and stomped over to ella in the dark corner. Stupid lousy jerks. ” she whispered to ella.
    I know. Ella whispered back, patting her shoulder. Suddenly, she caught eric staring at her from where he was sitting. She didn’t know what to say or do so she just left

    Episode 19

    Eric stared at the girl who was talking to helen. She looks like ella. He thought. “but can’t be.
    Bro what are you looking at ken asked.
    “her, said eric. Pointing in helen and ella’s direction.
    “you like my waitress too? Asked ken pouting.
    “no, said eric picking his head. ” her friend. Doesn’t she look like ella ?
    Ken glanced at the person eric was pointing to and watched her walk away.
    “no said ken slowly.
    That girl hair is much longer and ella has a nicer body and sexy. That chick is ugly she looks like a stick.
    Eric nodded his head but chased the girl.
    ella heard some footsteps following behind her. She quickly turned a corner and entered her room.
    Eric ran after her as fast as he could. He saw the girl turn a corner and he continued chasing her. He saw a figure up ahead and he grabbed her by the shoulder. When the girl turned around, she had a surprised expression on her face.
    what do you want she asked.
    Eric looked at the strange girl. She looked nothing like ella.
    “wrong person. The girl walked away. Eric sighed maybe it’s cause he miss ella so much. He began to walk back to the lobby disappointeely.
    from her hotel room. She was watching eric with the little hole in the door. Sha saw him pat a girl and then walked away with his head bowed down. She went over and sat down on her bed. She let out a sigh .
    “eric doesn’t miss me. He has too many girls with him already. He probably forgot who i am by now.
    Tears fell down her face and she didn’t even realize it. She quickly wiped them away.
    She wanted to tell herself she hated eric but she couldn’t because then she’ll just be lying. There was only one thing left for her to do.
    She stood in front of her bathroo mirror.gosh she looked pale, skinny and ugly. Not the ella that made guys head turn She cant be with eric as ella. But she wanted to be by his side to watch over him. She thought about it for a while and remembered they were recruiting new body guards for white knigts .
    she looked at herself. If her hair was shorter. And she wears sunglass often, darken her skin with make up, and lower her voice she can pass for a guy.
    So she did it. Within an hour, she had transformed herself into a guy. She checked herself over, she didn’t look bad. She didn’t bother on her earrings hole guys wears earrings too.
    She shaved her hair to a low cut wore a couple of t. Shirt and a boxers under her baggy jean so she would fill out more and wouldn’t look so scrawny. Ella’s b----t has always been very small so nothing could be used to identify her as a female. She checked her make up, making sure she was well covered. She put her sunglasses on.
    “PERFECT she thought now all she has to do is pass the test to join the gang. IT’S SHOW TIME

    Episode 20

    eric walked down the aisle looking at the 5 new candidates. He nodded his head as he studied them.
    “pretty good. He said to them. “alright, he clasped his hands for attention. “all of you know how it’s done henry and mark will jump each of you in. If you’re still standing after five minutes then welcome to white knights.
    only 2 of the 5 guys lasted after mark and henry were done beating them up.
    “okay, said ken. The two newest member to join us welcome.
    “WAIT”SHOUTED A VOICE Interrupting kenneth everyone looked over to see who it was.
    eric stared at the young guy who was walking towards them.
    This dude looks like ella he though. “i must be loosing it . How come i keep seeing her today,
    ken looked at the new guy curiously. “yes? What do you want little man.
    Ella look at him . Took a deep breath. I want to join the white knights.
    One of the guys busted out laughing, he placed his hands on top of her head.
    “you? How old are you ? Maybe 19 or 20.
    She removed his hands from her head i’m 23 and fit too. That remark made the others laugh except eric. Ella looked at him curiously and realized he was checking her out.
    eric help up his hands for the others to stop laughing.
    “hey if he wants a chance we’ll give it to him. ”
    then he turned to face her. She felt her heart thumping loud. He placed his hands on her shoulder. Wow he smells good she thought as she tried to suppress a smile.
    “look you have to be jumped before you join he said. this two guys he said pointing at henry and mark will kick the crap out of you for the next 5 minutes. If you’re still standing . You’re in .
    ella nodded her head. She knew she had to last because she was doing it for eric. She stood there as henry and mark began to hit her. Henry threw the first punch and it gave her instant pain. Reminding her of her step mum mark kicked her to the ground but she kept pulling herself up.
    eric looked at the helpless boy who was struggling to stand up.
    He doesn’t understand why but when he looks at the boy. Images of ella replaced him right now in his eyes, it looked like it was ella been beaten up by his men. He couldn’t help it.
    “stay down! He yelled to the guy. Everyone stared at eric. Both henry and mark stopped hitting the boy because they were surprised that eric was being nice out of nowhere.
    ella heard eric asking her to stay down. Her ears listened but her legs wouldn’t. No matter how hard they hit her she kept standing. Finally 5 minutes was over and she was still standing .
    Am i in ? She asked in a week voice. She saw eric staring at her with a suprised expression.
    Yes . You’re in. He said patting her shoulder. She smiled and fainted into his arms.
    eric held the guy suprised. He realized the guy has fainted. Usually he would have let go if someone fainted on him. But this time he held on tight.
    The other member looked at eric with queeried eyes,
    uh bro? Said kenneth as he patted eric on the shoulder.
    What? Eric asked he continued holding the boy.
    What should we do about the new recruits?
    “give them instruction and show them to their room. We’ll have a meeting tomorrow.
    they all left but once in a while, they all would glance back looking eric who was carrying the boy in their direction’s

    Episode 21

    Slowly she began to regain consciousness and woke up. She looked around and realized she was in the biggest room in sung hotel.
    The presidential suite.
    What am i doing here? She asked herself.
    Then suddenly the chair in front of her spun around . Eric was sitting in it. She stared at him with wide eyes. She started to panic because she was all alone with him in the room. She composed herself when she remembered what she was.
    Eric gave her a sideways glance. You okay ?he asked. She nodded her head. Eric got up from his seat and walked towards her. He sat down on the bed next to her and looked her straight in the eyes.
    “so what’s your name? He asked.
    “i’m dan- she began but instantly cut herself. “stupid she thought to her self you are a male you look like one . You almost said your real name. She saw eric’s eyes grow wide.
    “what did you say your name was?
    Dalson she answered him quickly.
    “oh, he said and backed away from him.
    Eric stood up and walked towards the window, looking outside. He knew the new recruit was a boy but somewhere inside him wished dalson would say his name was daniella. He let out a sigh.
    “there’s a meeting tomorrow. Be there okay ?.
    she looked at eric with his back facing her. It had only been two years but she felt as though she couldn’t read what was going on in his mind anymore. She let out a sigh. “so eric , where do we meet later tomorrow?
    The call of his real name made eric suddenly made eric suddenly look up. He ran over to were dalson was sitting and grabbed him by his shoulders.
    “how do you know my heal name. No body knows me by that name here everyone calls me Daniel.

    Oh no, she thought. She had completely forgotten eric changed his name to daniel but she thought fast.
    I don’t know your real name sir, all i said was err really? She felt eric grip on her loosen. He bought her lame story. When he wasn’t looking she let out a sigh of relief. .
    “i’m losing it. Thought eric. “we’ll meet in the main dinning room tomorrow,eric told dalson. He nodded his head and left. Eric walked out to the balcony and looked up at the sky.
    “i love you ella, that’s why it hurts so much that you’re not here.
    But the real ella had left before could have heard those words. She longed to hear.
    do you think eric would ever fine out? How long do you think ella will be able to hide her identity

    Episode 22

    meanwhile back at the
    hotel lobby….
    After ken and the others gave the new recruits instructions and about the meeting, they all went back to their rooms.
    “you think there’s something wrong with daniel? Asked henry.
    Yea said mark.
    “did you see how he held the new guy?
    They began to shudder.
    “no it’s nothing answered ken.
    You think daniel is gay ? Asked matthew.
    “you the one who looks gay said mark jokingly.
    “shut up! Yelled matthew as he punched him lightly.
    The others began to laugh.
    Then henry said, it could be though, i’ve never seen him with a girl before.
    Kenneth let out a sigh. “okay i’ll tell you guys the real deal. But don’t let this get back to daniel okay? They all nodded and leaned forward to hear the story.
    it was like 5 years ago when daniel net this girl named daniella…:)
    daniell knew her before he met me. It turns out that she was the first person that every really cared about him and daniel fell inlove with her. You know how he is. He could never tell anyone whats exactly on his mind or how he feels. Instead of asking ella to be his girlfriend he said he wants her to be his best friend.
    That stupide yelled mark…
    “well daniel ended up having this blood ceremony with her. The scarred each other’s back with their initial. It look like a blood tie but later on i found out it was his symbol of promised love.
    A year later i met eric. At fist i thought ella was cute, but the way eric acted i knew she was off limits.
    ella had this heart condition where air would suddenly close off and she couldn’t breath. The only way she could get air was through a respirator:)
    the one daniel always carry ? Asked matthew.
    Yes. It was either that or mouth to mouth. He didn’t want any person to come close to her. He loved her and didn’t want any other guy touching her. Even in school when any guy talks about wanting to date her daniel made sure he didn’t. His real name is eric. The D scar on his back stands for daniella not daniel. The others opened their mouths in shock. They never knew eric had been this much in love before:)
    ken told them everything till the night he and eric left nigeria without saying goodbye to ella.
    They were all shocked.
    that why he sent you guys last year to go bring her. He still blames himself for her death and since then he hasn’t been the same. He used to be nicer and not this touchy. Also that’s why he’s never been with another girl. I mean we see him flirt with other girls but none of us has see him be with another girl.
    the others nodded in agreement . About this new guy today, i think daniel is losing it. He probably thinks when he sees the boy he is see…
    Ken stopped talking as he looked up. He finished with a. See you later and he ran off….
    why didn’t ken complete what he was saying. Next loading

    Episode 23

    The others looked up surprised.
    Look kings pointed to where kenneth ran off too.
    “wow, it’s that same waitress babe.
    so wanna go out sometime? ? Ken asked helen. Leaning near her. She rolled her eyes at him.
    She answered flatly.
    “no”and began to leave.
    Ken held onto her arm. “come on babe. X-mas is next month and don’t be a scrooge.
    then suddenly helen gave him a seductive smile. ” i guess. How about we go out on november 31st then?
    Ken have her a sexy smile. back. “it’s a date then. “he answered. Letting her go . The other 4 walked up to him.
    how’d it go david(remember david is ken’s new name) asked kings .
    I’m the man ken answered cockily.
    Henry gave him a high five.
    Alright yelled mark. When are you 2 going out?
    November 31st answered ken.
    Uh david november doesn’t have a 31st.
    “what? Asked ken. Surprsied. He looked at the calender november ended on the 30th. He looked around but helen already left. He started cursing while the others tried to hold back their laughter.
    all white knights sat down for the meeting. Eric spoke while he looked around making sure dalson was around and he gave him a little smile. He didn’t know why but each time he looks at dalson his mind will replace dalson’s face with daniella.
    so any new business ? He asked his members.
    “yes answered henry.
    The black dragons have killed some of our members and took away some of our businesses.
    S--t eric yelled. I must see this black dragon matter solved. David (ken), henry, mark and the two new recruits deal with the business. While matthew, kings, and dalson will come with me. Everyone looked at eric strangely.
    Ken began to speak. “uh, bro, you want to take dalson along?.
    Eric glared at him.
    Yeah anyone here have any objections?. No one answered.
    Meeting adjourned. Announced eric and everyone went to work.

    Episode 24

    Dalson followed the white knight to a dark alley. She was suprised eric wanted to take her along. Considering she was one of the weakest embers. She thought she would get to work with them in businesses.
    Hey kid kings said to her.
    What is it ? Dalson asked.
    He handed her a gun.
    “use this to protect yourself.
    Her eyes widened as she held the cold metal.
    “please lord don’t let me use it. She prayed silently.
    eric walked over to dalson. “okay , the leaders of the black dragons are meeting around here. You’ll recognize them by the dragon tattoos on their arms. If you see them. shoot them as they come out.
    “but sir i… But her words were cut off by the sound of a gunshots.
    get down! Yelled eric as he covered dalson. Then he started firing. She covered her ears and watched eric in disbelief. He had shot 4 people and killed 3. Eric stood up smiling. She couldn’t believe it. She was inlove with a cold Blooded killer .
    Kings and matthew killed some other members and eric told them to kill every single black dragon member.
    one dragon member lay hurt on the ground. Eric pulled in up by the collar of his shirt and pointed a gun to his head.
    “tell me who’s your leader punk or else i’ll blow your brains out.
    The young boy was whimpering. She felt sorry for him. “please don’t kill me my leader is eugene smith.
    “who the hell is that ? Asked eric angrily.
    “what the hell does he have against me?.
    He’s the godson of mr smith one of the heirs of the smith hotel empire in nigeria he came here to get the inheritance back from you.
    ella listened to what the boy was saying. She never knew that eric’s uncle had a godson.
    From what she heard his uncle was childless . Eric uncle had passed away two months ago and he had and heir.
    “the heir is the leader of black dragon. She figured out.
    that b-----d, said eric. He’s dead and he still has someone after me.
    When eric wasn’t looking, the black dragon boy had pulled out a knife, ready to stab eric. Dalson didn’t have time to think so he reacted instantly. She shot the boy and he fell back in pain .
    Eric looked at her suprised. He gave her a smile. “good job dalson. He said walking over to her and patted her on the back. Dalson was appalled at what she had done. She couldn’t answer him so she just handed him back the gun.
    Just then matthew and kings came to them.
    “got them all said matthew as he did fancy handwork with his gun.
    Good. Dalson here just saved my life eric said. I knew it was right to bring him along.
    nice work bro. Kings said punching him lightly on the shoulder.
    When they made it back to the hotel. She ran into her room using her respirator and swallowed a pill. Afterwards she took a shower. She felt so dirty because of what she has done. She knew this was going to be only one of the dirty work she would have to do to stay with her eric

    Frined 25.
    A Few monthss later….
    During this time. Since she saved erics life. He began to trust dalson more and confide in him with everything. She was like his new best friend. The white knights continued travelling to many places and recruited new members.
    More war between the knights and dragons broke out.
    Many businesses were shut down and more members were killed from both sides. All the blood shed and fighting were getting her but she held on. All the members of the knights accepted her but sometimes she overhear them whisper that she’s gay. She laugh but she didn’t care as long as she had eric.
    finally, after many days of hard work. Knights finally got a day of rest.
    The leader always hang out together but eric always included her.
    they were at a fancy restaurant and were all having a good time. Mark was telling them funny jokes. He stopped in the middle of a joke as he saw the black dragon leaders enter the restaurant.
    tension was felt by everyone. The black dragons sat down across from them. Eric and eugene were giving each others glares. Underneath the tables. The knigts pulled out their guns they knew the black dragons were doing the same. They didn’t know which side fired the first shot but before they knew it. Bullets were flying everywhere.
    Eric covered her as they ran out of the restaurant safely. They met up with the other 5 knigts in a dark alley. The black dragons were still chasing them.
    dann what should we do ? Asked henry.
    Kill them all! Shouted eric.
    They are too many. Henry shouted back.
    “let’s just hide out in this motel. They all ran and hid in a a cheap motel. The black dragons lost them but continued searching.
    i can’t believe this! I daniel smith, of the knigts have to hide down here in this cockroach motel like i’m a dog or something.
    Calm down, dalson said to him gently. It’s only for one night. Besides. We’ll make them pay for this.
    All of them looked around. There was only one bed. She could tell none of them wanted the floor because it was disgusting and reeked of something. I ain’t taking the floor all of them shouted in unison.
    there’s only one bed said ken.
    It a king size it’ll be tight but we’ll all have to try and fit in.
    Soon it was henry, mark, eric, dalson,ken,matthew and kings lying down side by side uncomfortably on the bad. They were all laying down one by one and the others looked at her strangely as she ran to be the next person who will lie near eric.
    Soon everyone fell asleep before she made her move. She bent over to kiss eric on the lips. Then she laid her head down on his chest to hear his heart beat. She sighed contentedly. ¤
    then suddenly she felt erics legs twitch she knew what he was about to do. His 360. She placed her entired body on top me his because she didn’t want to get kicked. As eric did his 360. He kicked everyone off the bed except her. As always when eric was done. He had a huge smile on his face not knowing what he did he held onto her tightly. She was overwhelmed wit happiness.
    The others must have been exhausted because none of them could wake up.

    Episode 26

    Next morning.
    Eric began to stir. He woke up finding dalson holding onto him tightly. Eric widened his eyes and gently unraveled dalson’s arms and legs off of him.
    The guys already called dalson gay and he didn’t want them to think he’s gay too. He sat up and saw 5 of the knights leaders lying on the floor.
    then ken began to wake up. He sat up and looked around. “gross how the hell did i end up down here? Eric shrugged his shoulders.
    Then mark woke up.
    “dann, my butt hurts. It feels like someone kicked it last night. .
    Then one by one everyone woke up.
    “ewww yelled henry. This floor stinks! Everyone started laughing.
    Sorry guys said eric laughing i must have done a 360 and kicked you all off.
    How come dalson you didn’t fall off asked kings.
    “uh oh i thought i did, she answered him. But i got back up and went to sleep on the bed again:) .
    eric began to study dalson. It was weird but somehow eric had a feeling dalson knew he does a 360 in his sleep. But that’s impossible. He thought to himself. Only ella knew that . Eric didn’t know what was going on with dalson but he knew that he had to find out.
    they all got up and ready to leave the room. The coast seemed clear so they walked out unarmed. BIG MISTAKE.
    There was am ambush waiting for them.
    “disperse! Yelled eric and they all ran their separate ways.
    Black dragon chased after each one of them. She lost the black dragon member that was chasing her but she didn’t want to go back to the hotel without eric so she turned back to get him.
    when she found eric, he was backed up against the wall by a black dragon. It was the leader eugene. He was telling eric to bow down and beg for mercy but erric end up spitting on his face.
    Eugene got angry and pulled the knife back to stab eric on his throat’t.
    Dalson ran as fast as he could and knocked eugene down. He dropped the knife and fell to the floor with him. As he fell, he used the handle of the knife to knock eric unconscious. Eugene got up glaring at him.
    “do you know whom you’re messing with? He asked angrily.
    She glared at him back unflinching. I’ll make you pay for hurting eric.
    “oh you must be the knights gay member i’ve heard so much about, said eugened laughing. You’re afraid your faggot leader would die leaving you alone.
    That made her really angry. She didn’t care that he called her gay but calling eric a faggot ticked her off. Since he was distracted she grabbed the hand he was holding the sword with, and made him stab himself. He cried out in shock and pain. He pulled knife the out of him.
    Eugene pushed her away and cuts her in the knee with his knife. She fell down and saw him raise the knife above her head. She was going to die she thought.
    the suddenly a voice screamed police. It made eugene scramble away. She looked looked over to see who it was . It was helen screaming for the police. She saw her looking at her sighing and walked away.
    helen she screamed for her.
    Helen looked at her strangely as she approached her. Do i know you?
    Ella nodded her head and motioned for her to come near her. When she did, she whispered in her ear, it’s me. Daniella
    “daniella? But you’re a guy! She yelled back at her.
    “look at me closely.
    When she did. Her eyes widened as she grabbed a hold of her. Please help me bring eric back to the hotel. Helen made a face of disgust.
    “what are you doing with him and why are you dressed like a guy?
    Ella promised to explain later they both put eric arms around them as they carried him back. Along the way the found kenneth unconscious on the ground, bleeing. She set eric down gently and lifted ken up. He was hurt badly.
    Ella begged helen to carry ken while she carried eric.
    helen looked at her reluctantly but nodded she lifted eric on her back and carried him back to the sung hotel. Her leg was still bleeing from the cut and she was limping.
    Ella are you okay? Helen asked her, concerned.
    I’ll be fine. She answered her as they made it back. 

    Episode 27

    Ella took eric back to his room while helen took ken back to his. She washed eric’s cuts and nursed his wounds. When he was bandaged, she sat down on the chair next to his bed.
    then suddenly, she couldn’t breathe. One of her attacks was coming on and she didn’t have her respirator with her. Her heart was aching so painfully that she was gasping in pain. But then she remembered eric had a respirator. She searched his pockets and sure enough, there it was, she started pumping it quickly and air entered her lungs.
    her vision cleared and she began to breathe easier. Then she put it back into his pocket. Her touch made eric stir. He began to wake up. He looked at her.
    “dalson? He asked weakly.
    She nodded her head. “yes it’s me sir.
    Eric lifted himself up.
    “where am i?
    “we’re back at our hotel.
    “oh, eric said as he looked at her leg. What happened to your knee?
    She looked down at it. It was bleeing through her pants. It’s nothing sir. I’ll be okay in a few days.
    “did eugene do this to you?
    She nodded her head.
    “eric pounded his fist on his desk. “dann him i’ll get him back.
    “it’s okay sir, she said calming him down.
    “by the way, he asked her suddenly, how did you end up finding me? Weren’t you supposed to come back here by yourself?
    His question hit her by suprise. She answered him truthfully. I came back to look for you. Because i was worried you might be in danger.
    She saw eric look at her awkwardly and inched himselfe away from her. He thinks him gay. She thought
    “uh thanks for coming back to save me then, eric said to ella awkwardly. Ella nodded her head and left his room. Eric let out a sigh he loved dalson as a friend and definately nothing more. He didn’t want dalson to have any thoughts.
    instinctively eric reached into his pocket to check to see if his respirator was still there. It was but it was diffrent. Eric stared at it with wide eyes. His once filled respirator was now only half full with air. Someone had been using it

    Episode 28

    Later that evening eric posted a note on her door telling her to meet him. It was 8p.m and she knocked the door to his room.
    “come in, said eric. She entered his room, not knowing what he was going to say. Follow me, he ordered. She left the room and followed him.
    he took her to the beach that was near the hotel. Then he walked over to a spot where there were two rocks side by side. She caught her breath. This reminded her of thier spot in nigeria.
    “come here and sit next to me, dalson, said eric to her, patting the rock next to him. She sat down near him and closed her eyes as she breathed in the salty sea air.
    eric began to study dalson. He looks like daniella in a way. He thought. Could he be daniella in another form? Eric didn’t believe in reincarnation but dalson was too much like daniella for him. He wanted to see if somehow dalson was daniella so he had to test him.
    dalson. You want to hear a story?.
    Sure said daniella .
    Eric smiled as he told his story.
    Ella’s smile faded when eric began to talk about thier life in nigeria. Then she figured out he was testing her. The respirator, she thought. She remembered she drained it when she was using it so now he suspects her. She steadied herself and tried her best to give on reaction.
    Eric stared at dalson. Who appeared to have no reaction to the story. Well what do you think? Eric asked him:)
    “that’s a cute story she said shrugging her shoulders.
    Eric continued.
    I took care of her cause she had a heart problem. He took out the respirator from his soaked and showed it to her. Again. No reaction.
    Poor girl, said ella.
    Yea he said sadly. She died a few years later.
    Ella looked at eric sadly. She knew eric felt bad because of her death but since she was no one special to him, it wouldn’t matter if he knew the truth that she was the one.
    then eric took out a stone and handed her one. She rubbed the white marble stood for a while.
    “throw it, he told her. She she shook her head no . To her it was like a present so didn’t throw it but just kept it in her pocket. Eric threw his into the ocean it skipped 3 times.
    Perfect he said.
    “why is it perfect? She asked him.
    this time she wished he could tell her the significance of the 3 skip. It meant three words. I LOVE YOU. She looked at eric in an overwhelming joy. Did eric love her? He had thrown the rock and it skipped 3 times many times before.
    “so did the rich boy ever really loved his best friend? She asked eric.
    Eric looked at her. Of course he does. He has a lot of brotherly love for her.
    Oh, she whispered softly her heart began to cache.
    As eric continued staring at the ocean. She began to walk home with a heavy heart. Eric didn’t love her she thought.
    Eric began to shake his head. Ella’s dead already so why am i denying that i love her ?he thought to himself as he stared out to the ocean.
    “actually. Dalson i loved her the first day i met her but i was such a weak person. I could never admit my feelings for her and just waited for her to say that she loved me first.
    Eric turned round and saw that dalson had left. “oh well, he thought as he headed back to the hotel.

    Episode 29

    *some might be wondering what happened to helen and ken, this chapter is a little side story. Please enjoy.
    Kenneth woke up aching. He realized he was back at the sung hotel and in his room.
    How did i make it back here? He asked himself. Then he realized he was wearing nothing but his boxers. His bathroom door suddenly opened and out came helen. “hey! He shouted as he pulled a blanket to cover himself.
    helen rolled her eyes. “it’s too late for that. I’ve seen it all already” she told him as she yanked the blanket away.
    Ken crossed his arms over his chest. ” so you took advantage of me in my weak state ?
    ” so what if i did? She snapped at him.
    “that means you have to marry and support me while you give birth to my kids. Helen couldn’t help but smile.
    Kenneth smiled back at her.
    I guess he isn’t so bad, she thought.
    You know, kenneth said quietly you didn’t have to diss me by saying you’ll go out with me.
    Helen looked at him. I had to! You were such an arrogant jerk and you wouldn’t leave me alone. “maybe it’s because i love you too much to leave you alone, he replied back.
    Helen blushed a little and decided to change the subject.
    “give me your arm, she said to him. Kenneth right arm was bleeding and helen began to wash the cut.
    “ow ! He yelled in pain, pulling his arm back. That hurts.
    Does it ? Helen asked him concerned. I’m sorry.
    She leaned over to blow on his cut. Ken stared at her the entire time. He felt warm and shy being around her. He never felt this way for a girl before. She was nice to him and not dissing him like she usually does he really liked that feeling.
    helen gently placed his arm into a cast.
    There she said. All better.
    You know said ken softly. ” everyone says kisses make boo boos feel better and go away.
    When helen was dressing ken she developed a liking for him and his nice body was a good addition.
    I don’t believe you.
    Try and see then. He challenged her smilling.
    Maybe i will, she said flirting back where does it hurt.
    Ken pointed his knee and she kissed it. He pointed his hand and she kissed it. He pointed his forehead which she also kissed he worked his way to his nose and she kissed it lightly cause it was broken.
    Then he pointed to his kiss helen was about to kiss it lightly but then ken held onto her tightly and deepened the kiss:) helen was drawn to him so she didn’t push him away. He turned her over so she lie down on his bed with him on top of her.
    his hand went under her skirt and he stopped there. Helen continued kissing him and ran her fingers through his hair. Since she wasn’t stopping him, he was about to continue when….
    *knock knock *
    i’m going to kill that person, thought kenneth as he broke off the kiss “yeah? What is it ? He yelled.
    “daniell wants all of us to go to the meeting room for a meeting said henry.
    “okay, i’ll be there in 5 minutes. Kenneth yelled back. When he heard footstep of henry leaving, he kissed helen once more.
    ” sorry honey. I have to go but i’ll be right back. Helen nodded and helped him into his cloth.

    Episode 30

    Order! Eric yelled.
    I want to talk to all of you about dalson. He’s only been here for a few weeks but he had saved my life twice and not to mention, kenneth’s .
    Ken slapped dalson’s on the back and smiled.
    Now dalson eric continued. What do you want? A car, money, women? Tell us and it’s yours.
    Yeah, said ken just name it buddy and it’s your’s
    dalson thought about it for a while. The only thing he wanted is eric. But she couldn’t say that. Since he was suspecting her so much there was only one thing he should ask for. ” i want a woman, he told them. They all opened thier mouths in shock.
    Wow that good atleast you’re proving to us that you’re a man ken said breaking the silence.
    Who’s the girl? Eric asked.
    Helen he announced.
    she saw ken’s smilling face turn mad
    ken grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.
    “out of all the girls you could have picked. Why her? He yelled at him.
    Dalson knew ken loved helen but helen was the only person that could help her.
    i like her too. He answered. Beside, you all said i can have anything i want, and i want helen.
    He’s right said eric softly. We can’t go back on our words. Helen now belongs to dalson. Anyone from the white knight who touches her. The penalty is death.
    Henry and mark had to hold ken from attacking dalson. I thought you were my friend! He yelled as they took him away. Dalson sighed and headed for his room.
    eric looked at dalson as he was walking away. Dalson! Are you sure that what you want?
    “yes sir . I’ve never been more sure in my life. Then dalson left.
    When she made it back into her room helen was in there waiting for her.
    What the hell is going on? She asked her. She knew it was time to tell helen her story. When she finished, she was bawling like a baby, she had to hand helen a tissue.
    that so romantic. Helen said, sobbing.
    Ella patted her head as she leaned on her. No, it’s not.
    So you’re not going to tell eric who you really are?
    She shook her head. It wouldn’t matter anyways.
    “how do you know? If he knows you’re still alive who knows? He might fall in love with you.
    Maybe, ella began slowly. But them he’d love me out of pity and not love i don’t want that.
    Oh. I wonder if david really likes me. Helen stared at the floor. We begining to fall for each other.
    I’m sorry helen.
    “it’s okay, she said and hugged her. We’ll just have to put our little romance on hold for a while. You’re more important.
    no i’ll go tell-
    her words were cut off by her lack of air. This time her attack was worser than it had ever been before. Helen stared at her frightened.
    Ella what’s happening.
    C…can’t breath… She managed to say. Helen lifted her up.
    Come on, i’ll take you to the hospital.
    “don’t let the others see me, she said to her before she collapsed.

    Episode 31

    Slowly she began to open her eyes. She closed them instantly because the light reflecting her was so bright. She wondered if she was already dead.
    She managed to squint her eyes open.
    She found herself strapped to a pulse race machine and an iv fluid was hooked up to her. She started to look around her room. She was in a hospital and she saw that her door was open slightly alas. Then she heard 2 voices talking and she began to eavesdrop.
    “it’s a miracle she’s still alive said the doctor.
    Is she going to be okay? Helen asked him. Well according to there test results, her heart will expire any time now. We need to get her a heart transplant soon becauses she’s past over due for two years already. I made some calls and there is a matching donor for her in england.
    “i’ll have to talk to her about it.
    “please do, said the doctor. It’s her only hope of leaving.
    helen slowly entered her room. She stared at ella with wide eyes. You heard everything?
    Ella nodded her head weakly and took the air respirator off her mouth. “you can tell him to forget about it. I’m not going to england for a couple of months to get surgery.
    Helen ran over and shook her. “ella are you crazy? You have to or you’ll die.
    “no she told her stubbornly. It was so hard for her to find eric and she won’t let go of him just like that.
    Helen began to cry. I don’t want you to die please.
    Ella looked at her sadly.
    “you’re a good friend helen, i know you’ll be the perfect girl for kenneth. She yanked the iv tube off her arm.
    “come on. Ella said let go home.
    a little over a month later..:…
    Her heart condition began to grow worse. Her attacks became more frequent and undetected. It would happen during odd times like when she’s showering or having dinner with the white knights guys. Luckily helen was always there to cover for her.
    Kenneth hated her. Ella could tell by the way he acts, he probably thinks that helen liked dalson (ella). What he didn’t know was helen truly loves him and it breaks her heart seeing him go out with other girls. Ella knew he was doing that to make her jealous.
    As for eric, he began to grow distant towards dalson. He wouldn’t talk to her much and he’s been depressed about something lately, she wish she could know what was bothering him because it hurts her to see him sad like that.
    secrets are definately hard to keep especially ones that you have to cover everyday. She should have know that her disguise and heart attacks would be exposed soon but it just came unexpectedly.

    Episode 32

    eric was in his depressed state again. There was this empty void inside him that he couldn’t erase. It was a recurring pain that never seemed to end. He felt lonely.
    Whenever he sees dalson and helen together. It disturbs him. He couldn’t figure out what it was but he kept finding something wrong with the picture.
    Then a knock came on his door.
    “come in, he said. Without bothering to see who it is.
    She entered eric’s room holding a tray of food. Now three days since he was in his isolated stage. He didn’t eat much anymore. It was beginning to worry her. She didn’t have much time left with him so she wanted to take care of him the best way she could with the time she still had left .
    Boss? Are you hungry? I brought you some food she said.
    eric turned around to see who it was.
    Dalson just put it down.
    Ella put it down before eric.
    It was rice. Spaghetti and fried plantain. How dose he know i love this food ? Eric thought. “take it away. I don’t want it.
    “but boss – you haven’t eaten for days. Please eat a little bit.
    “i said take it away eric yelled. His anger exploding. He knocked over the tray of food. It ended up spilling all over her. Eric and ella stared at each other. Neither of them knew what to say.
    ella leaned over to clean up the spilled food and then left.
    Eric fell back in his chair. He ran his hand through his hair. Fustrated. Dalson was too much like ella and that was driving him crazy. Eric knew he went out of line though, so he began to walk to ella’s room to apologise.
    what a mess, ella thought as she stripped out of her clothes. She soaked herself into a hot water bath, hoping it could wash away all her troubles. When she was done with her bath, she wrapped herself up in a towel and got out of the tub. Then she heard her room door open and then close.
    Must be helen, she thought as she began to put her clothes on.
    eric entered ella’s room, not knowing what to say.
    He wasn’t good at apologizing. He looked around and didn’t see dalson anywhere. Then he heard the round of water draining.
    He figured dalson must be in the bathroom.
    Eric opened the door slightly and saw dalson’s bare back. He shuts the door quietly and began to leave. He planned to apologize later but then his mind began to sort out what he had just see. Dalson’s back had and E on it. Eric breaks the door to the bathroom.
    ella was buttoning her long sleeve shirt when her door suddenly opened. She stared at eric in shock but then remembered she wasn’t completely dressed yet, she buttoned up the remaining buttons then faced him.
    Boss? She said surprised. What are you doing here? She caught eric looking down at her shirt. She had buttoned it all wrong and a great deal of her body was showing. I can explain…. But she didn’t have to complete what she wanted to say.
    eric stared at ella’s exposed body. Without thinking. He ripped open dalson shirt finding that indeed dalson was a woman. Ella stood still, stunned at what eric had just did. He turned ella’s back to him. There it was his E.
    D…. Daniella? He asked uncertainly, afraid to hope.
    Ella didn’t know what she was more embarass from? Letting eric expose her body or been caught. In all her life she had never been angry at eric but she was didn’t know why she reacted impulsivetly. As she held her shirt together she slapped eric across his cheeks as he turned to face her.
    how could you do this to me eric? She asked screaming. Get out! Get! She started to rush him out the door.
    Eric was in shock, ella he thought. He grabbed her hands as she pushed him out.
    Ella, don’t is it really you?
    She glared at him. As if he knew, eric took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders he zipped it up covering her. Yes eric it’s me ella.
    “but i thought you were dead.
    I didn’t die . I faked my death.
    Why? He asked.
    So i could come look for you.
    Eric looked at ella, who had tears coming out of her eyes:) he was about to brush them off but ella pushed his hands away.
    Eric began to feel a rush of mixed emotions. Ella’s words made him sad but seeing her alive made him want to hold onto her and never let go.
    Ella i… She didn’t wait for his explanation and ran. Eric chased after her.
    Ella! He yelled as he chased after her.
    Bro? Said kenneth as he saw eric ran by him. Eric pushed him out of the way.
    Helen ran up to the knigts. What happened.
    Kenneth shrugged. I don’t know. Eric was chasing dalson and screaming ella.
    Helen stumbled back and ken caught her. Oh no poor ella she thought. She turned around to see kenneth looking at her sadly. Helen moved close to him and held onto him thit. Neither of them wanted to let go.

    Episode 33

    it was 3am and eric has lost ella. As he chased her down the streets he lost track of where she ran off to.
    “ella! He continued shouting. His cries echoed throughout the streets. A lot of people heard him yelling so did the black dragon.
    eugene (leader of the black dragons ) silently crept behind eric. Eric was all alone. Eugene gave and evil smile. He had a plan. He and his sidekick began to set up a trap for eric, which they knew he would fall for.

    She covered her ears. She didn’t want to hear erics voice. She was so confused. All she ever wanted was to be with eric but now it was complicated she leaned back against the alley wall. She needed time to think.
    eric ran through the alley as he continued searching for ella. The he ran into eugene. Out of the darkness eugene stepped out.
    “looking for someone? He asked.
    Yea said eric glaring at him. “i’m looking for dalson.
    “the punk that stabbed me? Eugene asked furiously.
    “i got him.
    “you do? Eric asked surprised . Hand him over.
    “there he is, said eugene, pointing to a figure up ahead. From the back it look like ella but little did he know. It was all a setup.
    ella? Eric whispered as he approached the person. It was a black dragon member. He grabbed hold of eric around the neck and began shooting eric continually in the stomach.
    Ella looked out from where she was hiding when she heard gunshots.
    Eric! She screamed as she ran out of her hid. Her scream threw the black dragon member off guard.
    seeing his chance. Eric grabbed the gun from him and shot him in the head. He fell to the floor dead. Eugene started to run away but eric aimed a shot directly at his heart. Eugene fell down dead too.
    Eric looked at her and then collapsed to the cold ground. He wasn’t able to hold on any longer. Rain began to pour.
    “eric she screamed picking him. He was still breathing but barely. She lifted eric up on her back and carried him to a nearby hospital. The rain drenched them and it grew hard to carry him because of the weight. However, she managed to make it. They pushed him into the emergency room. Four hours later, the doctor came out.
    “how is he? She asked as she ran up to him.
    He was shot four times in the stomach region. As you know, a person needs atlest one kidney to survive but both of his are destroyed. Unless we find a donor. He’ll have to die.
    give him mine, she told the doctor right away.
    “are you sure? She nodded her head.
    “because of your heart condition, if we have this operation that means you can die instantly during the transfer.
    She nodded her head again. I know please lets do it now.
    She was tested and luckily she was compatible with eric. Six hours later the surgery was completed. It’s a miracle that she lived but not for long though.
    she woke up finding herself in a hospital bed with eric on a bed next to her. He was still in a coma. She got out of bed and went near him. She stroked his hair gently as she bent down to kiss him.
    I love you eric. She whispered to him. Then she left the room. Going to the last place she wanted to be.

    Episode 34

    Eric began to open his eyes. He woke up looked around and realized he was in a hospital room. Slowly his door began to open and the rest of the knights entered his room.
    Bro? Ken asked are you okay?
    Eric nodded his head and pulled himself up i’m okay now.
    mark walked over to his bedside. “were so sorry daniel. We didn’t know what happened untill this morning. We got revenge for you though when we wiped out the entire of the dragons.
    “it’s okay , he told them softly as they all bowed .
    Then a knock came to his door. The doctor came in good you’re awake. He said.
    Eric looked at him. “thanks for saving me doc…
    “no need to thank me. Your girlfriend is the one whe saved your life.
    Eric began to panic.
    “what did she do.
    “she could have gotten a chance to go to england to get a heart transplant but she stayed to give you her kidney instead.
    the girl… Where is she? He asked frantically.
    The doctor looked around the room. She was supposed to be in here- “eric got out of bed and ran out of the room. Leaving everyone staring at him.
    Bro. All the five knights shouted but eric had already left to search for ella. He knew where she went.

    Episode 35

    please let eric be okay. She prayed to herself silently. Hopefully her prayers will be answered. So is this the end? Her heart never changed because it was still the same one she loved eric with.
    She couldn’t bear the thought of trading it with someone else. She was so confused. Had she finished what she had really come for? What will happen to her love for eric? She didn’t know there answers.
    she felt weaker. She didn’t know how it will end. She took off her cap and clothes . She was wearing a long white flowing dress underneath. It was the kind she always wanted to wear when she thought she was going to marry eric.
    Ella started to put a light make up and combed her hair. She didn’t know why she was dressing up but she knew she wanted to die looking like daniella. And not dalson. She looked at her reflection. At least she look like a girl now, she thought with a little laugh.
    when she was done . She leaned against the hard rock and wrapped her arms around it. Pretending it was eric. Then she heard a voice yelling out her name. “daniella! She recognised the voice. Eric she smilled knowing at least he’ll be the last person she’ll see before she go.
    eric called his pilot he brought his private jet and he ordered him to take him to the bar beach in america. Ella has always had fantasies of the place. He knew she will be there.
    Eric looked around the beach and saw a figure in a white dress.
    “ella he thought as he ran towards her. It was ella. He lifted her into his arms and onto his laps as he sat down on the rocks. “ella. He whispered to her and kissed her on the neck and face. Tears began to fall down his face.
    all of her energy seemed to have been drained as she forced herself to open her eyes, her face felt wet but it wasn’t from her tears and it wasn’t raining either. Her vision was kind of blurred and she couldn’t see eric too well. She reached up to touch is face. It was wet.
    “eric. She whispered to him.
    Please don’t cry. You’re scaring me. I’ve never seen you cry before.
    Eric looked down at ella through his tear filled eyes. ” i’m so sorry ella.
    Don’t say you’re sorry. She whispered back to him. You’ve done nothing wrong.
    Eric shook his head.
    “i’m so sorry you’ve done so much for me. And i haven’t even realized it. I haven’t even done anything for you except put you through a lot of pain.
    she reached up to wipe away his tear. I didn’t expect anything from you. Best friend. But i want to know why you left me in nigeria? I could have called the wedding off if you didn’t want to marry me. She felt eric’s grip tighten on her.
    Didn’t mean to leave you ella. Answered eric, his voice shaking.
    ” i couldn’t stand my dad anymore. My grandpa had given me his inheritance and i planned on taking you and ken with me. But didn’t tell you about it cause i was afraid you won’t want to leave your family for me. When i came to you. My uncle’s men were around to kill me. Didn’t want to put you in danger. I cried when i knew i was separated from you.
    despite the pain, she managed to smile. Eric didn’t want to leave her she thought.
    Look eric i’m wearing the dress i always wanted to wear if we had gotten married.
    Eric looked at her.
    You’re beautifull ella. If everything have gone as planned we would have been married.
    One thing was still bothering her. Eric do you love me romantically and not as your best friend?
    Eric looked down at her his heart ached when he saw how pale she was. He realized she never knew he loved her all along.
    Yes he told her. Since the day we met and haven’t stop loving you he bent down to kiss her.
    her heart gladedned he loved her. Then a cold realization washed over her but she couldn’t really care. She always thought she was hurt when she didn’t get his love but a pain came she didn’t tell him she loved him.

    Thank you eric for saying you love me. I know you’re lying to repay me but you don’t have to. I did it all because i i –
    she was loosing her voice. Not now, please she prayed as tears fell down her face, she needed to tell him before she go. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a white marble stone the one eric once gave her . She pointed towards the ocean to make eric look. She threw the stone with all her remaining strength. It skipped three times.
    ” perfect, she thought as she closed her eyes for the last time.
    As eric listened to what ella was saying he was stunned. He couldn’t believe his ears she thought he was saying he loved her out of pity. More tears fell down his face as he shook his head. The stone skipped three times and he smilled knowing that ella loved him too. . He knew she always loved him. Ella i do love you! He shouted. Then eric looked down she has passed on.

    Episode 36 (Final)

    Eric looked down at her. She had passed on.
    He shook her gently. Her body was still and completely lifeless.
    Ella he screamed in pain. He held onto her tightly, burying his face into her neck. He was crying so loudly and painfully that they both shook.
    kenneth and the others finally made it to where eric was. They circled eric, who was bent over holding someone they couldn’t see.
    Bro, said ken as he put his hand on eric’s shoulder. Are you okay? Where is dalson?
    Eric lifet his head and ken saw who eric was holding. He fell back into the sand shocked.
    Daniella? Ken asked in disbelief.
    Daniella? The others repeated.
    Dalson is daniella? Henry asked.
    Eric nodded his head. She dressed up as a guy to join white knigts to be with me.
    Ken got up and hugged both eric and ella’s body tightly. Eric shook his head and moved away from ken and turned to face all of them.
    white knights is my family please be my witness as i make this promise to ella. They nodded their heads sadly and listened.
    Ella. Eric began
    “when you were alive. I was never able to tell you that i loved you. Now that you’re gone. You don’t believe i love you. Even though i never showed you the kind of love you wanted me to, it doesn’t mean i don’t love you with all i have. Eric paused and yanked off the ring around his necklace.
    With the knights here as witnesses. I eric smith take you daniella as my wife till eternity. I have nothing to give you except my heart. Which belonged to you from the first day we met.
    He kissed her lips as he slipped on the ring. The others watched him in silence. They were surprised when he used his real name. They knew he was seriou. When it was over. Eric lifeted ella up into his arms as he stood up.
    as your leader. I have a finall announcement to make i am quitting white knights.
    What? They all asked in disbelief.
    This is the second time ella left me. I really can’t go on as your leader. The person i loved the most is taken away from me too soon and she died not knowing i truly loved her.
    The others understood what eric meant:)
    i want to be somewhere where i’ll constantly remind her i love her as for the money we have it all no need for crimes anymore.
    Ken eric said if you do love helen tell her before it’s too late . Ken nodded.
    eric looked at his brothers for the last time. I wish you all the best and hope you do find your true love because i have. Good bye.
    Eric scribbled something on a paper and kept it down on a rock he lifet ella’s body and walked away.
    Where are you going ken shouted.
    Eric continued walking and didn’t answer him. The five brothers watched thier leader walk into the ocean as the tides swallowed him while he carried his bride . They picked up the cool to see what he wrote. And it reads. TRUE LOVE NEVER HAS IT’S ENDING .
    That it guys hope you all enjoyed the story

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