Story: Defiled

    Episode 1

    It was a bright Sunday morning, Rama woke up late due to the previous day’s work she had to execute at her friend’s wedding,she felt reluctant to attend Church because she had to do some clean up,still yawning,she took her phone to read the WhatSapp messages that come to her phone when she went to sleep, and as usual, it was messages from boring groups and nothing new, she threw the phone back into her bed and stretched herself to a bone cracking sound.
    Her mind quickly went back to the previous day’s activity at the wedding, her best friend Haylie was married to her childhood boyfriend, Rama reflected over this and felt jealous, she always wanted to be the first to marry within her friend’s circle, but her plan was not successful,she felt sad as she picked up pictures from the event to feed her eyes.
    After an hour of soaking herself with tears, she took a cup of coffee without brushing her teeth, which she believed was healthy practice according to her grandmother’s series of knowledge.
    After breakfast, she washed her dirty clothes and did some room cleaning, which she rarely did.
    She was free of cleanup exercises when the sun was in it’s prime, she took her TV remote and started going through the channels but got nothing interesting to her, she retired into her bed and started reflecting back into her previous relationships, She had had two breakups in the last two years, which made her look like some kind of whore, which she wasn’t, She still felt the kind of pain both guys sent her through is enough to make her stay off guys for good.
    Rama is a Economist working with a reputable company in Accra; she was financially stable and lived in an Apartment in Spintex.
    Her life had been about work and fun with friends, she felt she was at 26, she is a beautiful young lady who caught the attention of men who made attempts in cash and kinds to either date,marry or lay her, but Rama’s disbelief in men was so great, she felt all men had the same habits, Her friend Ade has tried her best without number to get Rama dating once again, but she seem to have a fixed mind already.. NO GUYS PLEASE! She would say always.
     Mondays are usually boring days for workers, Rama was dressed in an executive suite with her hair flowing behind her back ready to leave for work, she was kind of lost in her own thought until the sound of her phone brought her back to her normal state, It was Haylie calling
    Rama: Hello Wedded Girl
    Haylie: Oh don’t make me feel weird, how are you tho’?
    Rama: Am good, and almost off to work
    Haylie: Oh ya, you know am on leave for two months
    Rama: You told me that, but when are you guys leaving for your honeymoon?
    Haylie: This Friday, just want to thank those who graced the occasion before we leave, you know!
    Rama: Where, Ghana here?
    Haylie: He told me to choose any place, I love Puerto Rico
    Rama: Wow, That’s nice to hear, Did you guys….?
    Haylie: Rama, did we what?
    Rama: Oh c’mon, don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean.
    Haylie: We just kissed all night, nothing else, am serious!!
    Rama: This was your wedding night girl
    Haylie: We have reserved that for our honeymoon
    Rama: Ok baby, Hey I have to go to work
    Haylie: I know right! Remember to pass by after work, we can have dinner together
    Rama: Sure would, bye baby boo
    Haylie: Bye dear.
    Rama hanged up the phone and threw it into her handbag; she located her ignition key and said a prayer before taking off to her workplace.
    The city roads were chocked in heavy traffic; Rama drove slowly according to the rhythm of the traffic and soon found herself thinking deep into her relationship life, a part of her was seriously protesting against her will to get into a relationship, she felt she had to consider and review her relationship status, The tooting of the cars behind and bitter words from “trotro” mates brought her back to her senses, she eased up her mind and tried to relax herself, but it was almost impossible.
    “For Christ’s sake Haylie is leaving the country for her honeymoon, and am still here and all I do is partying and clubbing, Oh God speak to me now”, she soliloquized with tears forming In her eyes as she parked her car at the parking lot.
    Rama walked majestically into the office building with a mild smile, the receptionist greeted her and handed a white envelope to her ,she tore it open, and It was a letter from the Board Of Directors of the company inviting her to join a team of interviewers to interview two persons for the positions of Human Resource Officer and Chief Accountant,Rama was confused because she thought she wasn’t part of the Interview Board,she quickly hopped onto Google to get some interview questions that will tally the positions available whiles she helped herself into her executive office chair.
    Her heart skipped a beat when she realized the meeting will happen the same day mid Monday, she felt the letter was impromptu, the letter was dated back last week, her absence to work the whole of last work due to Haylie’s wedding resulted in her inability to get the letter on time., she knew she been interloped into the panel.
    “Ah well, I will try my best”, she said
    It was thirty minutes past eleven; Rama heard a knock on her office door,
    Come in, she said
    Madam, the panel of interviewers should be seated in Twenty minutes, said her secretary
    Rama: Ok, Araba
    Araba: Madam, let me redo your hair, it’s not intact
    Rama: Alright, but do it fast, hope my make-up is ok
    Araba: Yes, you sit back and let me dress you up
    Rama: Araba, please remember to send these files to the receptionist
    Araba: Yes Madam, you good to go, you look nervous
    Rama: Yes am very nervous, I should be going
    Araba: Ok Ma!
    Rama opened the door to the conference room and was greeted by furious eyes; she knew she was late and wasted no time in apologizing to the panel, she took her seat and soon after a prayer was said, the first interviewee was invited to meet the panel.
    She felt she had to ask fewer questions, the Chairman soon called her to ask her question, she posed a very sensitive question that puzzled the interviewee, but He somehow managed to answer it partially.
    After one and a half hour of the activity, the applicant was released and the panel went on a one hour break, Rama felt sitting for more than one hour asking random questions was just stressing to her, she wished time will race past her so that the day will be over, she sipped on the coffee provided by Araba as she read through the next set of questions she would be asking the next interviewee.
    Back into the conference room, Rama’s eyes were fixed on her phone, she didn’t notice the interviewee enter until she heard a voice greet, and she quickly raised her head to see the bearer of the voice…It was this young man
    Aquila was the name of the interviewee, He is 27 years and just returned from Britain to work here in Ghana after completing his University education, He was dark in complexion with gently trimmed Afro to match is goatee beard, His smile exposes a set of white teeth to match his eyes white as snow.
    Rama’s eyes where transfixed to Aquila as he identified himself to the panel, She quickly stole a glance at his ring finger to confirm whether He was married or not, She took a deep breath and relaxed back into her seat….”Seriously,already crushing on a stranger?”….
    When it was her turn to pose a question to Aquila, she smiled for the first time in the meeting, she looked deep into his eyes and asked a question she knew will be easier for him to answer, He answered the question without thinking, and soon the process was over.
    The panel adjourned the meeting to the next day to decide whether the interviewees should be employed or not, Rama couldn’t take Aquila off his mind, she wore a smile that she rarely wore on a Monday,When she was about entering her office, she saw Aquila leaving the office premises, she stopped to look at him once more, their eyes met and it continued until he left the office smiling back.
    Araba: Madam
    Rama: oohhh, Araba you shocked me
    Araba: shocked you? What were you looking at?
    Rama: Nothing, just thinking
    Araba: I saw you look at him, I mean the guy who just left
    Rama: Can’t I admire God’s creation?
    Araba: I know that look on your face
    Rama: What look, go back to work Araba…gossip
    Araba: I hear, but he is good looking tho’
    Rama: Did you hear me say, go back to work?
    Araba: I have actually closed for the day; I was waiting for you, for a ride in your car
    Rama: If you want to ride in my car, you will say nothing about the guy…Deal?
    Araba: Deal!!
    Rama: Go get my hand bag, take my suit along…and my charger
    Araba: Ok!
    The journey through the heavy traffic was hectic, but Rama seems to be enjoying the whole drive, she was smiling and singing along the music coming from the car stereos.
    Araba alighted at a lorry station to board a Trotro to Jamestown, where she stays
    Araba: Madam, You like the guy right?
    Rama: If yes, would that be part of your business?
    Araba: No, am just surprised, you never look at guys
    Rama: Araba, go home, your mom is waiting
    Araba: I knew it, she’s in love!!!
    Rama: Be gone, you will come and meet me tomorrow
    Araba: Oh, am gone ooo…
    Rama knew Araba was right, she couldn’t hide her feelings, but still refused to accept it
    No, am not in love, Maybe I just admire him, that’s all,But crush at first sight?..I didn’t even speak to him…she spoke to herself as she drove to Cantonments, where Haylie lives with her husband.
    Rama arrived when Haylie had finished preparing dinner
    Haylie: Where have you been, I have been trying to reach you
    Rama: Oh, sorry girl, I had to put my phone on silence, was in a meeting the whole of day
    Haylie:…Oh ok..Dinner is ready, let’s go to the table
    Rama: Am hungry,…hey…Where is He?
    Haylie: He’s in the bed room; let me call him for dinner
    Rama: Ok…
    Rama was sitting in the living room when Mr. and Mrs. Asare come from the bedroom walking hand in hand
    Mr.Asare: Hello Rama
    Rama: Hope you doing fine, you look tired
    Mr.Asare:Yea,I have been driving all day to show appreciation to some of those who graced our wedding
    Haylie: You two should stop talking and come for dinner
    After a prayer was said, they started eating without talking, Haylie realized the smile on Rama’s face, she knew she’d wore that look when she is very happy,but made no effort to ask her the reason especially in the presence of her husband who was busy eating and had not realized the facial communications between the ladies.
    After dinner, Rama asked to take her leave because it was late, she bid farewell to Mr.Asare who she knew will be traveling outside to spend the honeymoon with Haylie; she walked towards her car with Haylie
     Haylie: What is that look on your face, don’t lie to me
    Rama: Oh, I met this guy today; He actually came for the interview today
    Haylie: A guy got you smiling all day?, tell me something better girl
    Rama: He’s so cute; I can’t stop thinking about him….
    Haylie: Whaaat! Yooou? Falling for a guy…God be praised…I thought you were a timber log without feelings…
    Rama: You’ve got to see this guy baby girl…soo cute!
    Haylie:You, we will talk more about him, just make sure he does not slip outta your hand, but you ought to be sure he’s single before you make any silly move…
    Rama: He is not married,I checked his finger and the form he applied with… I pray he gets the job; He applied for the position of Chief Accountant
    Haylie:Is He dating?
    Rama:..I don’t really know
    Haylie: Just make sure you not crushing on someone Else’s boyfriend…
    Haylie:You have to get going….I have to pamper my baby boy tonight
    Rama: Mtcheeeww! Spare me that, just tell him am gone
    Haylie: bye dear, safe journey
    Rama: Bye dear, good night to you both
    Rama reached home very late, she quickly dashed into the wash room to get a cold bath, she made the water fall on her as she caressed her own body, she knew she has missed the touch of a man for soo long,but what could she do about that…She thought.
    Leaving the washing room,she covered herself in a towel and went to her computer desk,she logged to Facebook to trace the account of Aquila,luckily she found it,and He was online…
    She was tempted to throw a hi,but she controlled herself and limited today to watching pictures of him…
    The day had retired into its deepest,whispers of the shadows of the night was heard,the moon and stars scattered near and beyond the seven skies,Rama retard to bed,she hoped for an encounter with this guy He met today…
    Lord,do something.She said as she closed her eyes……

    Episode 2

    The morning was bright as usual,Rama woke up and did her daily morning exercise before cleaning up,she chose the best dress to make her look smart and more attractive…she was really up to something..Just like a Delilah..
    On her way to woke,she stopped by a popular waakye joint to buy some waakye for herself and Araba her secretary,she continued to work in the usual traffic jam..But today,she was looking happy and lit up,she was in a rush to get to work.
    Getting to the work premises,she was met by Ndego,the gate keeper
    Ndego: Madam Madaaam!!
    Rama: Yeess,what is it this morning?
    Ndego: Oh Madam,you see errr,I just dey love the shoes you dey wear,walahi
    Rama: Ah,Just that?..Just the shoes?
    Ndego:Ohhh,you see err,I dey love your watch too
    Rama: Look,you have myopia,you can’t even praise my facial look?
    Ndego: Ohh Not that,Madam,anything..Ano chop for last night ooo
    Rama:…Ok If you want cash,you gonna strike a deal with me..
    Ndego:..Ei Madam,you want make I kill sombro give you?
    Rama:..Mtcheew!..You see the guys who came for the interview yesterday,immediately you see them here today,call me..
    Ndego:Oh,just call?…Ago do am sharp sharp,make you no worry
    Rama:Take this,don’t ask me for money this week.
    Ndego:Madam Madaaam,I go call you sharp sharp…Hahahahaaa!…
    Rama: You better do..
    Reaching her office,Araba was already at her desk inspecting some files that was brought to Rama
    Araba:Ma’ Good morning
    Rama:Hmmm,have you realized you only greet me in the morning when you see me come with waakye
    Araba: I do greet you every morning,maybe you refuse to hear
    Rama:You think?
    Araba:Yeah I think
    Rama:Take it,pour mine into a bowl and bring it to me
    Araba:I would
    Today,a lot of files were piled up on her table for reviews,she went through each files as she ate the food served by Araba,then her phone started ringing..It was her dad…She actually thought it was Ndego…
    Rama:Hello Dad,good morning
    Dad:Good morning,how are you doing?
    Rama:Dad am fine
    Her convo with her Dad was somewhat long,Rama lost her Mom immediately she completed JHS,her father never married again,making her the only child of her parents,So she grew up with her Dad,Her dad..Mr Vandy was a successful business tycoon,so raising up Rama alone wasn’t a big deal financially,He also did well by providing her the necessary help to prevent her from thinking about her Mom..It did work,He still pampa her and was worried why she is still single and not married,that was the reason He called her to talk about,she heard Haylie who was younger than Rama got married,and as a father,he has to be concerned about her daughter’s well being…
    Her talk with her Dad changed her mood,she was worried for the first time in a long time of being single,she was worried everyone was talking about her being single..She has a masters degree and she should be married by now…what else is she waiting for?
    Mr.Ragnar is Rama’s boss,He has tried all possible means He could find to lure Rama,but the man was married with kids,having a secret affair with a married man was the last thing she could ever think of,she did her best by turning down all proposals from Mr.Ragnar..
    It was past 12pm but no call from Ndego,is it that they ain’t coming today?…Or why..she asked herself..
    Her anxiousness to see Aquila was soo great,she couldn’t hide it for once…But she had doubts too,will this work comfortably under the nose of Mr.Ragnar…?
    Workplace relationships was just a “no go there” crusade at her workplace,if you are in a relationship with a the office…you have to exhibit its colors outside the walls of the office premises,that will save you ass from being fired…
    Her Office door banged open…it was Akosua,the IT Officer,her gossip partner..
    Rama:You damned scared me,Don’t you have the fingers to knock?
    Akosua:..I didn’t see any notice that told me to knock before entering,even if there was any,I would knock….
    Rama:..Mtcheeew….By the way whats up?
    Akosua:I just closed from break,didn’t see you at the canteen so thought of coming over to check on you
    Rama:Yea,Am busy with this files..I have to finish with them today
    Akosua:…Oh ok…Ahaaa…yesterday,I saw this guy..I mean you interviewed this guy yesterday,I heard he is Aquila…He’s so cute….I looked at him from my office when He was leaving
    Rama:Really?…Aquila,I don’t actually remember which of them was Aquila,they were two..
    Akosua:The one with the Afro
    Rama:Oh Ok…I was paying attention to his face though…What about hi,m,why are you discussing this with me?
    Akosua:..I thought you would tell me something about him,you might have read through his form..did you?
    Rama:Something?…All I saw was school stuff and nothing more
    Akosua:But do you think He has a better chance of getting the job?
    Rama:I was only on the panel,am not part of the Board of Directors,so i don’t know for sure..
    Akosua:…He must get the job…
    Rama:Look Akosua,you can see am busy now,I don’t want any disturbances here..
    Akosua:…Ok I here…But I’ll come over later,you will help me get to this guy
    Rama:You think?
    Akosua:…Don’t talk plenty..I’ll get back to you later..
    Akosua left the office leaving Rama in a heated mind blowing ideas…So am not the only one who saw Aquila?…But how would Akosua also be admiring what am trying to capture…this girl is trying to cross her limits with me…She spoke to herself.
    Her convo with Akosua changed her mood,looked like what she hoped for has reached a level of competition in which she has to play smart before being outsmarted..
    But how is she going to do this,Akosua is a good friend,she wouldn’t dare fight her over a guy..they have been good friends for long….
    She wished to open up to Akosua on whatsapp about her planned motives with Aquila,but she kept calm…Its better to be patience sometimes…
    Rama closed for the day and made her way to the car park,Araba had left early on to attend to her sick Mom,so she had nobody around to discuss what Akosua told her…
    Madammmm….that was Ndego
    Ndego: I bell you like millions but dem say your number no dey job
    Rama:You called my number,I have being with my phone all day,which number did you call,let me see it
    Ndego: See am…
    Rama:Oh No..My name is Rama…not Rahma..that name is that of the Librarian
    Ndego:Oh saa…me I nor know oo…He lef longest plus one woman He come plus
    Rama:You mean they came here?..
    Ndego:Yes,one wey come,the one with Afro nu
    Rama:You mean Aquila?…Plenty hair?
    Ndego:..Yeah inn that…
    Rama:He left with a woman or lady?
    Ndego:..Mmm..she be woman like you naaa
    Rama:..Ok..Thank you…Open the gate for me..
    Ndego:..All correct
    On reaching home,she went straight for sofa and dialed Haylie’s number,she told her about her convo with Akosua and Ndego,she felt she might be chasing the wrong person..
    Hey dear,you have to keep calm and watch things,I feel you are soo desperate,but you have to watch things closely before you take any action,hmmm,but Akosua too why?…hmmmBut you can’t blame her too,she is not aware you are thinking about him too…Haylie told her..
    They spoke deeper into the night before hanging up,Rama went to wash down,and upon returning,she logged on to Facebook to admire Aquila’s photos before pulling the bed sheet over her naked body…
    The night bliss swept over her eyes,and sooner,she was in the dream lands yonder…

    Episode 3

    As usual,the office premises was quiet to the core,the clicks of computer mice could be heard everywhere,and a little chirps of stilettos…
    Rama was busy working on her computer when she heard a knock…
    And gently walking through the door was Aquila,He started work today and was taking time to say hi to the staff….Rama was surprised,couldn’t anyone tip her this guy got the job,Araba was absent too….she was by herself today..
    Aquila:Hello,good morning
    Rama:Errrm Ya,good morning
    Aquila:I remember you from the Interview room
    Rama:Yes,I was there
    Aquila:I got the job and just passed by to say hi.
    Rama:..You mean..Hi to me or?..
    Aquila:..I mean the staff..just to familiarize with them
    Rama:..Ok..Am Rama..Economist,In charge of Budget Reviews
    Aquila:..Am Aquila..the new Accountant..Nice meeting you..
    Rama:Nice meeting you too..
    Aquila:..My office is next to yours,I hope we get to interact later..
    Rama:..Oh ok..I hope so..
    Aquila:.Ok I should get going…Catch you later
    Rama:..See you too,thanks for coming..
    Aquila:My pleasure
    OMG!!…Was that him?…He came to my office?…But why didn’t they tell us they have employed them in the first place…I feel like He invaded my privacy…I wish Araba was here…
    Her encounter with Aquila sent chills through out her body,goose pimples appeared on her ebony glow skin as she held her jaws between her palms to catch some warmth..She was surprised and happy at the same time..
    It means,If He has gone to every office,then he has being to Akosua before coming,and I know that girl will behave in a strange way to gain his attention..She said to herself as she returned to her seat.
    Rama came out of the office at noon,it was break so everyone was either going to the canteen or driving outside to a restaurant nearby,She looked around,and there he was,smartly dressed and his face buried in his phone,Rama gathered courage and went over to him..
    Rama:Hi Aquila
    Aquila:,,Hey Rama right?
    Rama:..Yea,what are you doing her,ain’t you going for lunch
    Aquila:..I will,am not sure where to go yet.
    Rama:Oh,we can go together in my car,there is a restaurant around
    Aquila:..Thank you,Am waiting for one Akosua,she offered to pick me up,she’s gone to pick up her bag
    Rama:..Oh cool..nice..then am gone..see ya!
    Aquila:See ya too..
    I knew it,this girl did just as I guessed…hmmm…what am I going to do now…just look on as she takes him like that?…Hell No!…She told herself and she drove out of the office premises….
    Workers were back to their various offices after two hours break,Rama was in her office contemplating on how to deal with Akosua,then she heard someone get into her office
    Aquila:..Hey Rama
    Rama:,,Aquila,whats up
    Aquila:..I need you to give me this year’s budget allocations..
    Rama:..Oh ok…please sit,let me print it for you
    Aquila:thank you..
    Rama:How did your break go
    Aquila:..Mmmm..not soo well
    Rama:..what do you mean by not so well?
    Aquila:The lady was busy talking on the phone the whole time we left..I felt soo silly..
    Rama:..Oh cmon…Maybe she’s nervous
    Aquila:..I wished she was,let’s talk of something different
    Rama:..Look,you came for this sheet..not a convo,we can talk later…If you ain’t aware,our CEO is the mad type..Understanding level very low..
    Aquila:..Ok I hear…am just trying to know more about my new partners
    Rama:..You can do that later after work…
    Aquila:..Thank you..
    Rama:Thank you too…
    The kind of relieve that swept through Rama’s body was tremendous,she knew she has gotten a big chance to pounce on Aquila and do what Akosua couldn’t do,she immediately planned to get his number after work,and another idea came into her mind…
    Why don’t I drive him home today after work….Perfect Idea…She said to herself..
    She quickly took up some files that had to do with the budget and went straight to Aquila’s office..
    Aquila:Hey Rama
    Rama:I forgot to give you this…Its the budget statements for the previous years
    Aquila:Thank you..
    Rama:..I have to leave now
    Aquila:Soo fast…?
    Rama:..I have work to do…we can talk after work.
    Rama:which route will you take home,am going towards spintex
    Aquila:..Oh good..I live at Legon…I can hop in for a lift then
    Rama:Good,come to my office immediately we close then
    Rama:I’ll be waiting
    Rama went back to his office with smiles on her face,she knew she had gotten hold of Aquila in a good way,she started packing her stuffs,went for her dressing mirror and went on to remake her facial looks…make ups,hair and contact lens to make her a slayer….she sat comfortably and waited until she heard Aquila come in..
    Aquila:Hey,sorry I came late,I wanted to finish off some work..
    Rama:..Oh don’t worry,was doing same here(She lied)..Can we go now?
    Aquila:..Oh ya,after you..
    Immediately they stepped out of the office,Rama saw Akosua descending the stairs,she had this look on her face,Aquila was talking on his phone so he didn’t pay attention to Akosua.
    Rama:Hey whats up,I have not seen you the whole of today
    Akosua:.Ya,am not feeling too good..Hey,what are you doing with him…That is the guy I told you about yesterday..
    Rama:..He is going my way,so am giving him a lift in my car
    Akosua:Please let me do it..let me drop him
    Rama:..Then you should speak to him
    Akosua:..Oh c’mon.please ask him to
    Rama:..Well,if you can’t..Then I can’t help you..He wants to know more about the annual financial reports and I will be taking him through it,that is why He is going with me…you can have him tomorrow if you wish..
    Akosua:..Hmm..Safe journey then
    Rama understood the facial expression on Akosua’s face but she didn’t give a damn about it..After all what..?
    The drive through traffic was not a strange sight to Rama,she knew shortcuts like google map,she meandered through tight corners until she got to a free road that linked her to the less free traffic prone highways,she agreed to drive Aquila to his home,which she actually wanted to,the conversation between them made them get to know more about each other.
    Aquila is the only child of her Mom,Ms.Lina,she is woman in her early forties,but still looking soo fresh and young,Aquila never saw his dad after he left them angrily some many years ago when his parents had a quarrel,He was fifteen then,He came back to Ghana with his Mom to stay here permanently after staying in the USA for decades..
    Aquila was single,He likes having fun and being with his Mom…
    There two were raised by single parents,so they all kind of felt how it is to be with a single parent,but to them,it wasn’t a big deal…
    Aquila alighted at a rather huge mansion,Rama was surprised but couldn’t ask him anything,Aquila proposed she came in to meet his Mom,but she didn’t want to rush things so she declined,they exchanged phone numbers before Rama drove to the Chinese Restaurant to buy herself a dinner pack.
    She reached room earlier to catch her favorite TV series,she sat to watch as she had her supper,then her phone came to life,It was Aquila calling to confirm whether she’d gone home safely…
    Rama was happy,but she doesn’t want to loose Akosua her friend,she called her and they had a hearty chat,but none mentioned Aquila..
    What happens between us remains within us..she told herself after she hanged up…
    She refreshed her whatsapp list,and started a convo with Aquila who was already online,they had chit chat deeper into the night before they bid each other goodnight..
    Aquila declined Rama’s request to pick him up the next day,well..its his decision…
    Going to bed,she prayed God give her a clean heart to win the heart of Aquila…She wished she had magic to place a love charm on him to get things working faster…But patience is golden..she thought
    She drifted into the sleepy world with a mild smile on her face….

    Episode 4

    Thursday came soo fast like whirlwind,the week was fast ending and workers wished today were Friday,Rama was dressed in a colorful African print to match her brightened face….
    She arrived a bit late to work today because of her last night chitchat with Aquila on whatsapp,she made way to her office where she saw Araba already seated at her desk.
    Araba:..Good Morning
    Rama:Good morning,how is your Mom doing now
    Araba:..She’s doing better now
    Rama:..Good,has anyone come to look for me this morning?
    Rama:Oh ok…
    Araba:..Are you expecting someone?
    Rama:not really
    Rama went to her office and started her daily office work,she had a little to do today so she relax a bit…then some few minutes later, Araba came in..
    Araba:..A gentleman is looking for you
    Rama:..Who is he?
    Araba:..The guy you were admiring the last time
    Rama:..Oh,let him in
    Aquila entered with a broad smile,she praised Rama’s look after they had exchanged greetings,the two went through some financial reports for a couple of hours,and before the knew,it was break..
    Rama:Hey,am starving,lets go for break
    Aquila:Oh ok..good
    The two soon found themselves at the Papaye Restaurant……………………………………………
    Back in the office,Akosua had seen the two leave,she became soo jealous and anger could be seen written all over her face,she went straight to Rama’s office to get some information from Araba who had resumed work from break..
    Akosua:Hey Araba,whats up?
    Araba:..Nothing new,just office work
    Akosua:..I want you to give me some info,like a jist
    Araba:,,Urrmm,what kind of jist is that?
    Rama:You see the guy Rama left with,how many times have you seen them together?
    Araba:..You mean the new guy?
    Akosua:Ya,he’s Aquila
    Araba:..Just today,I was absent yesterday,but He was here this morning
    Akosua:..For how long?
    Araba:..Since morning,they were working on some office reports in Rama’s office,they just went out for break some minutes ago
    Akosua:..Oh ok
    Araba:..Buh is everything alright,you look pale
    Akosua:.Yes I am…And hey,that should be our little secret..
    Araba:..Why do you think that should be a secret?
    Akosua:..Just keep it between us
    Araba:..Ok Ihr!
    Akosua:..Good,am gone
    Araba was confused,but why was she asking all this questions,and why is that supposed to be a secret?..She asked herself…
    Araba likes Rama so much ,so there was no way she would hide that from her,she didn’t need to be a psychic to know what Akosua was up to….she waited patiently for Rama who came back with Aquila walking behind him..
    Aquila asked to go to his office whiles Araba followed Rama into her office..
    Araba:How long have you guys been hanging out?
    Rama:why do you care to ask?
    Araba:Well,Akosua came here to ask me some questions about you two,she wanted to know how long you guys have been hanging out…I told her nothing..
    Rama:..You mean she really asked you that?
    Araba:..Yes she did,and even told me to keep it a secret..
    Rama:..Hmmm…this lady is up to something
    Araba:..Are you going to tell me what I missed yesterday?
    Rama:..You know,Aquila started work yesterday,He went for lunch with Akosua but looks like He didn’t enjoy her company..She told me she’s crushing on him…She is just jealous I’m with him…
    Araba:..Just that?
    Rama:..And you know,He catches my eyes too,I drove him home yesterday after work,we had a lengthy chat on whatsapp last night,so we kinda friends now… you guys are secretly fighting over a guy?
    Rama:…Name it as you wish…now go back to work..
    Araba:..Ok..but just make sure you monitor Akosua,she can cause your suspension..You know the punishment for being open with your whatever here..
    Araba:..What I told you should remain between us… not asking her anything…Trust me..
    Rama was shocked at how Akosua was taking this………………
    Buh how can she?….What she is up to at all?..She asked herself.
    Since Aquila arrived,her relationship with Akosua has suffered a sudden fracture,all because they want to land one new guy.
    Akosua came over to Rama’s office,Araba pretended nothing was wrong and so did she,she greeted her as if that was the first time she had seen her in centuries…
    Rama and Akosua got dissolved in random convo for sometime before Akosua mentioned Aquila..
    Akosua:..Hey,what about Aquila,did you tell him I’ll be driving him home today?
    Rama:..Nope,I didn’t,why don’t you go ask him yourself?..
    Akosua:..You know,I will just wait outside after we close and offer him a ride,please don’t pick him up today,just tell him you are going a different way..please.
    Rama:..Ok ihr…
    The tension between them was just obvious,Akosua was just hoping the two had nothing doing whilst Rama was wished Aquila never met Akosua…
    Akosua left Rama’s office when it was thirty minutes to closing,she rushed to her office to re freshen,she hipped her breast to an erotic level and her skirt revealing her thighs…She wouldn’t think twice to lay Aquila today if she had the chance to…
    Work soon closed for the day and everyone was leaving,Akosua went outside and faked a call,Aquila too had gone to walk Rama out of her office,the two soon came out with Araba walking behind them to catch a lift in Rama’s car…The three walked towards the direction of the car pack where Akosua was..
    Rama:..Hey Akosua,wasup
    Akosua:..Am cool…you?
    Akosua:..Hey Aquila,you good?
    Aquila:..Yea I am…
    Rama:..Aquila,I forgot to tell you,urrm,am going to visit my aunt at Kaneshie,so you know!!
    Aquila:..Oh am cool
    Akosua:…Oh if you don’t mind you can join me,am going to do some shopping at the Accra Mall..
    Aquila:..You two shouldn’t worry about me…That dodge charger over there is my car….
    Akosua:..Ooohh!..coooll!…ok fine…nice car…
    Rama:..You didn’t tell me you had a car
    Aquila:…That is the smallest car in my garage tho’…lol..
    The embarrassment on Akosua’s face couldn’t be hidden,she drove out at a rather weird speed..
    Ah…that madam dey craze small small or she suck tramadol..why she drive careless like that?…Ndego asked angrily…
    Rama:…Ask her yourself when she reports to work tomorrow…
    Ndego:,,Eherrn…Oga,you be new abi…ebi your car that err…you see..I wash am very well give you…Walai..!!
    Aquila:..That’s nice of you..
    Ndego:…Ebi so I do for here ooo…so do wild then sacrifice
    Aquila:..Sacrifice for what?
    Rama:…He wants you to tip him..
    Aquila pulled out some strings which he handed over to Ndego,He couldn’t hide his joy,nobody has ever tipped him such amount..He confessed
    See Oga,anything you wan know for here,come see me…every secret..,me I know…Ndego told Aquila secretly…
    Rama:..What was He telling you?
    Aquila:..He said he knows everything here..
    Rama:you better not doubt him…He does….
     Rama and Aquila drove in their cars to Rama’s place,the two agreed to go to the place after a heated argument,Rama knew her room was not in order so she was not ready to host a visitor,especially her crush..
    The two spent some time there discussing a lot of things about their personal lives…
    Hey,what was Akosua up to,did she think I would have agreed to go with her?…Aquila asked..
    Rama:..Would’nt you have?
    Aquila:..No..I wouldn’t..she’s just something I can’t describe..
    Rama:Cmon don’t be too mean
    After two hours of being together,Aquila was ready to leave,Rama had changed into a more sexier dress which nearly popped out the eyes of Aquila,but he was more of a comported gentleman…The two parted ways after a christian hug was exchanged..
     The day was over,things was working in favor of Rama and she knew it…She was very confident her relationship with Aquila was going to yield positive results and she hoped for it…
    Rama picked up her phone and called Haylie to discuss her week’s happenings with her…They spoke deeper into the night before going to bed..
    The day ended in a more blissful way for Rama…
    Aquila was beginning to feel there is chemistry between him and Rama,He has not spent much time with ladies since He came to Ghana…He smiled to himself as the idea of making his good out of Rama came to his head…He knew the game of chess had just began…

    Episode 5

    Fridays?…everyone loves Fridays….Rama and Aquila had planned to go to work in Aquila’s car,Rama had finished preparing for work,she had just finished a cup of coffee when she heard Aquila pull up at her forecourt,she locked up and went out to meet him,Aquila being a gentleman as always rushed out to open the door for her to get in,Rama smiled to him as she made herself comfortable…
    They spoke less on their whole journey to the workplace,Rama was very nervous,she knew a lot of talking would be made between the gossip committees in her office today,she was aware they would drag her through gutters because of her relationship with Aquila…
    Hmm..Well,there ain’t no relationship,we are just friends..She told Sena the office receptionist who also happens to be the information van….she is always inquisitive…
    Aquila had gone to his office leaving Rama at the visitors waiting room,Rama could see the kind of eyes that were being focused on her,she pretended she’d seen nothing as she went on to sign the office register..Akosua is already present?…She asked herself after she had seen Akosua sign in early on in the register..
    Then she definitely might have seen us come in together…But who cares what she thinks.Well!I don’t!!!…
    On getting to her office,Araba was full of smiles,she looked at Rama who had denied her a morning greetings as she went straight to her office,Araba followed her to update her already updated jist…
    Rama:why are you laughing?…Look,don’t bore me this morning ok
    Araba:..Oh,I said nothing la,just what I heard
    Rama:..What did you hear?
    Araba:I heard you slept over at Aquila’s place,everyone here thinks you laid the new guy already
    Rama:..And who started that too?
    Araba:..I wish I knew,but if my mind serves me right,I wouldn’t doubt is Akosua..
    Rama:..Hmmm..And how far do you think this rumor has traveled?
    Araba:..Not far,just within us,I mean the service persons…No officer is in yet..
    Rama:..Look,that is a false rumor,He picked me up this morning because I called him after I couldn’t start my car…I didn’t sleep at his house ok…
    Araba:..I believe you dear,I will falsify it within my friends ok..Buh hey,watch Akosua closely..
    Rama:..Hmm ihr…
    Rama picked up her phone and called Aquila,she explained what is happening to him and told him not to come to her office until break,Aquila immediately knew the demon behind the happenings,He just smiled to himself as He continued sipping his coffee.
    The office premises was dead quiet as usual,Mr,Ragnar,the CEO of the company was going through the news magazines when He heard someone knock his office door..
    Mr.Ragnar:..Yes,please come in
    Akosua:..Sir,good morning
    Mr.Ragnar:.Oh hey Akosua,how are you today
    Akosua:..Am good sir
    Mr.Ragnar:Good,what brought you here this morning,or you are here to work as my secretary since mine is on leave?
    Akosua looked at her boss seductively as she made her way to his seat,she went behind him and started massaging his shoulders,she took the magazines from his hand and switched off the CCTV camera’s switches,she had locked the door,she motioned Mr.Ragnar to keep his cool
    Akosua:..You really think I should work as your secretary?
    Mr.Ragnar:..If you wish M’Lady
    Akosua:only that?..don’t you wish for anything else?
    Mr.Ragnar:What else do you have to offer?
    Akosua planted her lips deep on Mr.Ragnar’s lips,He raised her onto the office desk after he had cleared it off files,they were busy interlocking lips,Akosua began to unbutton his dress as He returned the favor by unhooking her braziers…
    The two soon found themselves on the office sofa,Akosua was soon stuck naked and Mr,Ragnar still in his Boxers,they went through minutes of oral sex sessions before Akosua offered her glory hole to Mr.Ragnar…Their moans couldn’t escape the room,Mr.Ragnar has planted a noise diffusion system in his office because of his “Womanizing Attitude”,He had had a couple of sexual bouts with his personal secretary Regina who had gone on leave to free herself from the groans of her boss…..
    Akosua couldn’t stand Mr.Ragnar,she begged him to stop but He was dead deaf,He continued humping on her until she exploded in a noisy orgasm,He also reached his climax and fell face flat onto the naked body of Akosua who seemed unconscious now….Mr.Ragnar still looked unsatisfied,He started suckling on her pointed breast as he lifted her back to the sofa…He has being waiting for this his whole life…
    Their sexual escapade was distracted by the ringing of the telephone on Mr.Ragnar’s desk,it was the receptionist calling
    Receptionist:Hello Sir
    Mr.Ragnar:..Yes Hello
    Receptionist:Please Sir,a team of research officers from Tema are here to see you
    Mr.Ragnar:..Ok,I have a visitor now,I will call you to let them in when He’s gone
    Receptionist:Ok Sir,Thank you
    Mr.Ragnar quickly ordered Akosua to get dressed,they both dressed up and kept things in order,Akosua had not plaited her hair,so it looked messed,and the only place she would get a comb was her office….
    What if someone see’s me come out of your office with my hair messed up?…She asked her Boss..
    Mr:Ragnar:..Mmmm..Look into Regina’s desk,you might find one in there..
    Akosua was lucky to get a comb and a lipstick to help cover her trails,she planted a kiss on Mr.Ragnar’s lips,she left the office later after the two planned to meet at same place after close of work…..
    Back in Rama’s office,she was just shy to step outside,Araba brought her lunch because she refused to come out,Araba had to go out with Aquila to ease the tension,Aquila too has not been to her office since morning,He knew He was missing him already but just didn’t want to go see her…
    Akosua on the other hand too has devised a plan in other to track Rama and get her suspended for flirting with a new employee,she knew she had to give in to Mr.Ragnar in other to win this kind of favor,she was not ready to let go off Aquila,He must be mine by hook or crook..She said to himself..
    Ndego is in charge of all CCTV camera’s in the office premises,He had noticed the CCTV camera had gone off in Mr.Ragnar’s office,but not all,Akosua had mistakenly switched off the camera that monitors Mr.Ragnar’s desk leaving the place where visitors are hosted,where she had a sex bout with her boss….So as they were busy,Ndego was also busy playing the role of an external referee from the Computer room…He copied the whole show into a flash drive and deleted it from the system…..Akosua has being on Ndego’s wanted list for years,she does not respect him and calls him “Gate man…Ibi time ago make this idiot call me plus my correct name..Oga Ndego!!….Ndego said happily
    Work soon closed and everyone started leaving,Rama called Aquila to meet her at the car park so that they can leave immediately,Akosua was relaxed and watching them leave from her office,a wicked grin appeared on her face as she swore to end the relationship between the two..
    Aquila and Rama dropped off Araba at her station and continued to Aquila’s house,they planned to take dinner there,they soon reached the place and were welcomed by Aquila’s Mom who had come to open the gate..
    Aquila:Hey Mom..How are you…
    Ms.Lina:Aquila am fine..Young lady,you are beautiful
    Rama:You too Ma’,thank You Ma’..
    Aquila:mom,this is Rama,the lady I told you about yesterday
    Ms.Lina:Oh Rama,nice meeting you,He said nice things about you
    Rama:..Nice meeting you too,am humbled
    Ms.Lina:you guys should come in,dinner is ready…
    The trio went into the house and went straight to the dining table,Rama couldn’t take her eyes off the room,it was fully decorated in foreign decors that made it look so western than African,she smiled when she saw the picture of little Aquila hanging on the wall…
    Back at the work place,Akosua had gone back to Ragnar’s office,they were already kissing like mad,they went through couple of bouts on Mr.Ragnar’s office desk,Akosua’s moans soon filled the room as they rubbed sweats on sweats,it was a Friday indeed..
    After some hours,the two were dressed up and ready to leave,Akosua had not gotten enough evidence to label against Rama,so she was concentrating on getting the CEO on her side first..
    The two walked out of the office as if they were busy working on something serious,this is not the first time someone left the office at odd times,so it was nothing strange to the night watchman who just came few minutes ago..
    Ragnar:Hey,where is Ndego
    Night Watchman:..Oga,he dey backyard
    Ragnar:.Ok,open the gate for me
    Night watchman:..Yes Oga
    Immediately they left,Ndego dashed out of the computer room as if a rat being smoked out of its abode,He was busy recording the sexcapede between the two,He left after he convinced the Night Watchman He was at the washroom…
    Back in Aquila’s house,they were done eating dinner and were busy chatting on random issues,Ms.Lina was a wealthy woman,she confessed to the two she would really like to get herself a man in the coming days since she was young and beautiful…
    It was thirty minutes past 9Pm,Rama sort permission to leave,she was dropped by Aquila at her place,and as usual,He came out to open the door for her to alight,but this time,they mistakenly crushed,making the ignition drop,they both bent to pick it up,and their faces met,soo close,they could feel each other breathe,the heat,and shaking of the lips and the eagerness and wet bed sheets,Rama did well by breaking the the melodrama,she bid him goodbye as she rushed into her room with Aquila still looking at her like a frozen being…
    Rama looked through her window as Aquila left,…That was soo close..She said to her self..
    I could not have stopped if we kissed…She added..
    Today had not being a good day on her side,the office jist had kept her indoors the whole day making her feel some back pains because she has been sitting for long..
    She went to the washroom to wash down before taking her phone to continue her chitchat with Aquila on whatsapp……They ain’t not sleeping tonight..Today is a Friday,She said to herself with a smile..
    Ndego too was busy playing back the videos He got today…
    Walai..this shoddy go respekt me now….see her nyash like pot…yeuwaaa!!!

    Episode 6

    Akosua’s eagerness to get evidence in order to get Rama suspended had risen to its prime,She could not sit for few minutes without thinking of how to lay traps for her….Then an idea came into her head..
    “Am going to plant a secret Camera in her office in order to monitor them together,she smiled to her self as she dressed up to go get the best secret camera to do the perfect job for her..
    It was a sunny Saturday and Rama was busy doing the laundry,she would be visiting her Dad later in the day before meeting Aquila at the Mall,they had planned to hang out there today,She went ahead to clean up her room..Danny is an SHS graduate who lives with his Mom,He is a friend to Rama and always washed her car for some cash…He had given the car a perfect look,and was waiting for her to warm his pocket as always…
    Mr.Ragnar was a very cunning man,He had actually planted a camera in his office,and this is what He’s uses to blackmail Regina his secretary….”If you don’t want to see your sex tape leaked..then you have to summit to me”..He would always remind the poor lady any time she refuses to adhere to his sexual appeals….
    She wished there was a way to free herself,Mr.Ragnar has cleverly blurred his body in the supposed video making it almost impossible to identify him…
    And guess who just joined Mr.Ragnar’s sex slaves?…Akosua!!!
    Aquila’s Mom,Ms.Lina made up her mind to follow Aquila to the Mall,she wanted to go catch some air,but agreed to part ways with Aquila and Rama when they get there..
    Aquila:Mom,you we will need some privacy
    Ms.Lina:..You,am not gonna be with you two,maybe I’ll just see a movie at the cinema..
    Aquila knows how it feels when you hung out with your parents,especially when you want to spend time with your crush…
    Rama had left for his father’s house,the man was very happy seeing his daughter,He has not seen her the whole month and it looks like almost a year to him,he hugged her and told her how much he cares for her…
    Mr.Vandy:..Hey Rama,can we go outside,maybe hang out at the mall or something?
    Rama:..Mmm,yah,I am meeting a friend there today
    Mr.Vandy:..I’ll just hung around while you guys have fun
    Aquila and his Mom on reaching the Mall saw Akosua leaving,she immediately started a convo to get his attention..
    Akosua:..Hey Aquila,what a coincidence
    Aquila:Oh yes,hope you good?…Meet my Mom
    Akosua:..Am good,Hello Ma.
    Ms.Lina:hello young lady
    Aquila:..Mom,Akosua is a colleague at the workplace..
    Ms.Lina:..Oh ok
    Akosua:.I came to buy some groceries
    Aquila:..Oh ok,am just hanging out with Mom..
    Akosua:do you mind if I join you
    Aquila:..Yeah,I would,sorry but I would be meeting someone here too
    Akosua:..Oh cool
    Akosua:..Then have a nice day out here,catch you on Monday
    Aquila:You too
    Akosua was not content with Aquila’s answer…But who is he waiting for,could it be Rama?..Let me wait and see…She said to herself as she watched Aquila from her car…
    Aquila and her Mom had gone to catch some soft drinks at a bar,then Rama called him to meet her outside…
    Akosua from her car saw Rama’s car pull up at the car park,she took out her phone and shot some pictures of the two exchanging warm hugs..she drove away after that..
    Rama had introduced Aquila to her Dad,Mr.Vandy was relieved his baby girl is finally coming back to sane…But are they in a relationship…I’ll know that later..He said to himself as He followed the two to the Bar where Ms.Lina was seated…
    After pleasantries was exchanged,they both introduced their parents..
    Mr.Vandy:..Hi Ms.Lina,nice meeting you
    Ms.Lina:..Nice meeting you too Mr.Vandy
    Ms.Lina:My pleasure
    Rama:..Hey Dad,Ms.Lina is seeing a movie at the cinema,you two can hung out,we have our plans,and parents are a distraction..
    Mr.Vandy:.Oh ok…Buh I hate movies
    Rama:..You have to love it for today
    Aquila:..Yea,I think so
    Aquila and Rama went to a more private bar to continue their convo whilst their respective parents went to see the movie at the cinema…
    Akosua had gone to the workplace to execute her plan,she hired a guy who would install the secret camera in Rama’s office…
    She was able to convince the weekend Security to open the door for her,she lied she was coming to copy some documents from the computer…She went straight to the room where the keys to the offices were being kept and took Rama’s office key,and within some few minutes,the guy had gotten a vintage point to install the secret camera…
    This camera can be controlled using a smart phone,so Akosua has to just pilot it from her phone..
    Akosua’s phone rang,it was Mr.Ragnar calling..
    Akosua:.Hiii Baby
    Ragnar:..Hello pretty,how are you doing
    Akosua:.Am doing great
    Ragnar:..Where are you?
    Akosua:..Am at a friend’s house
    Ragnar:.Is it possible we can meet tonight..I miss you already
    Ragnar:..Ok good…Marvel Hotel.7:30pm
    Akosua:..Ok,I’ll be there
    Ragnar:..Don’t be late..
    Akosua smiled to herself,she knew there was no way Ragnar will deny her what she needs,she left the office premises after she pulled some strings to grease the palm of the security…
    Ragnar had booked a room,he carefully installed his camera at a blind spot..the game of blackmailing ladies in other to make them his sex slaves was just taking a wonderful turn…
    Akosua,who thought she was setting up traps has blindly fallen into a deeper trap without noticing…
    The sun was retiring,patches of darkness filled the skies,and the night stars scattered the darkening skies,Rama and Aquila were too drunk in their whatever convo,they hadn’t realized how dark it had gone until Ms.Lina called to ask about their where about.
    The two families met and were soon traveling back to their various homes,
    Rama was on her way to drop her Dad..
    Mr.Vandy:.So who is Aquila to you?..How close are you guys?
    Rama:just friends,not soo close,but getting closer and closer each day
    Rama:.Its anything the matter?
    Mr.Vandy:..Oh nothing.just being curious you know..
    Rama:.Oh ok
    Akosua was at the hotel to meet Ragnar,she was dressed in a knee length skirt and a blouse to match her stilettos,she was directed to the hotel room by the receptionist….
    She opened the door and saw Ragnar standing near the bed with a bottle of red wine,they hugged and a kiss followed…
    Ragnar poured out the wine into wine glasses,and within minutes,the two had emptied the wine bottle…
    Ragnar started undressing Akosua whiles kissing her furiously,he seem to be hungry for her body,He tore her braziers and threw her back to the bed,Akosua was dizzy,Ragnar had actually laced her drink with some kind of drug so that he could dominate her….He took out a nylon robe and tied her to the bed,Akosua was dizzy so she couldn’t control herself,she just obeyed whatever command she heard from him…Ragnar was looking to punish her,He wants to treat her like the whore she is,He pushed his member deep into her and she cried out,she was in pain,but too dizzy to fight back…
    Pain,pleasure and moans filled the room,Akosua traded her trust to the devil himself…
    After hours of sexual bouts,they laid naked together on the hotel bed and retired to sleep…
    Another scene recorded on camera….
    Rama was home now,she had dropped her father some hours ago,she was going through her wardrobe to choose what she’d be wearing to church the next day,Aquila has agreed to visit her Church,so she knew she has to be in her best outfit….her convo with Aquila today was more open,they held hands for a long time,and later danced slowly to some cool music…the heat could be felt,she could feel Aquila’s lips touch her neck…she clinged on hard to his bosom as they followed the rhythm of the music….Another step completed….
    Ndego has no plans deleting the video,he has watched it like a thousand times,He was looking for a way to blackmail Akosua and Ragnar..He was really out for something big….He knew the video was going to be leaked by him anyway…if only they refuse to comply by his conditions…
    He got a new phone with a new sim card….He wants to do this without anyone suspecting him…..Ndego was the last person you would like to mess with,especially when it comes to money…………..

    Episode 8

    Regina is depressed,being pregnant at this time was not just the right time,especially to a married man who has refused to take responsibility,she knew she wasn’t ready to be a mother,so she made up her mind to get rid of the foetus..she picked up her phone and called Mantebea..
    Mantebea:..Hey,wasop baby girl
    Regina:..Am ready
    Mantebea:You are ready for what
    Regina:I don’t want to keep the baby
    Mantebea:..You sure about this?
    Regina:sure I am
    Mantebea:.Good,am going to give you up to tomorrow so that you can make a final decision
    Regina:..I just told you am ready
    Mantebea:..I know,just call me tomorrow
    Mantebea:..Today ill be paying your Boss a visit…I’ll tell him you sent me to work as his secretary till you come back from leave..
    Regina:..Do you think He will agree to that?
    Mantebea:..Do you think He will reject a beauty like me?
    Regina:..Well..With that nope..I’ll tell him then busy now ok..catch you later
    Mantebea wanted to do things her own way,she was getting ready to go sit in for Regina until she returns from leave..she knew Ragnar wouldn’t reject her idea of playing Regina’s role,so far as she is a beautiful damsel…
    Rama was lazily sitting in her chair when Akosua came in,she had no trace of smiles on her face,she looked straight into Rama’s eyes..
    Akosua:..I thought I could trust you
    Rama:..I never asked you to trust me,did I?..and what was that even supposed to me?
    Akosua:you know what I mean…
    Rama:..What if I don’t?
    Akosua:.I mentioned Aquila to you,and you went behind me to lick his balls?…what kind of a friend would do that?
    Rama:and what makes you think He is interested in you?
    Akosua:of course He does,see the way He looks at me..You don’t give him space to talk to me,so how do you expect him to approach me..
    Rama:..He has your number,why doesn’t He call you…don’t you get it?…He is not interested in a whore like better get something doing
    Akosua:..Did you just call me a whore Rama?
    Rama:..that’s what you are..
    Akosua:just wait..I swear I’ll make you suffer for this..
    Rama:..Please leave my office..
    Rama:..I said leave my office..
    Akosua left Rama’s office so angry,she actually went there to get the words out of her mouth,she wanted to actually confirm whether the two actually had something doing…And yes,she did get what she wanted..Rama wasn’t smart enough to know her intentions….
    Akosua sat in her office and started monitoring Rama from her office,she could hear and see what ever goes on in the office.
    Ragnar was in his office as usual doing nothing,He was replaying his sex videos with Akosua,he’s expecting a lot of visitors today so it wasn’t a good day to host Akosua..Then his phone started ringing..It was the receptionist
    Receptionist:..Sir,your meeting have been cancelled,the whether is not good for flying..I just had the call from those we were expecting..
    Ragnar:.Oh ok..good
    Receptionist:..Bit Sir,there is a lady here called Mantebea,she wants to see you
    Ragnar:..Mmmm..ok let her in
    Receptionist:..Ok Sir
    Oh thank God this people ain’t coming…At least I can have some free time..
    Then there was a knock..
    Yes,come in….Ragnar said
    Ragnar:..Welcome young lady
    Mantebea:..Thank you Sir,good day Sir
    Ragnar:..Good day…How can I help you?
    Mantebea:..Ok,Urrmm..Regina sent me to fill her position until she’s back..look like she’s gonna be away for sometime..Am a professional secretary too
    Ragnar:..Oh ya,I saw her message on whatsapp,couldn’t reply tho’..Hope she did tell you what I expect from my secretary
    Mantebea:yeah..I know the job am coming to do..
    Dagmar:..That is her desk..a lot of files to be checked and cleared…get to work immediately..
    Mantebea:..Ok Sir…
    Ragnar:..Am going out…will be back soon
    Mantebea:..Ok Sir..
    Ragnar accepting Mantebea immediately was just out of context,He didn’t cross examine her well,and leaving her in the office alone was another mistake He did…
    It was break time and everyone was rushing out,Aquila went to Rama’s office to walk her out for lunch…But Rama brought them lunch pack,they ate it immediately and Rama told him about Akosua’s visit..
    Aquila made her understand He is never interested in Akosua,this was followed by a kiss,then she replied…and later they were soon engulfed in a sensational break of ecstasy..
    Akosua was enjoying the whole episode from her phone,she knew her doubts about the two were finally justified,only Rama was visible in the Video,the position Aquila was standing made it difficult for the camera to capture his face…..
    Checkmate…Akosua said …She knew it was time she took Rama to the slaughter house,this time with evidence….
    Mantebea in the office went through Ragnar’s desk,she wanted something very confidential..she got hold of a mobile phone,but nothing was in the gallery,she went to the contact list…and saw a number..”Wife”…..
    Good…I think its time I tell your wife about your double life…She told herself as she copied the number into her own phone..she threw it back to where she had picked it went straight back to her desk…
    Just moment after that,Ragnar came back,He had some food and drinks with him…He invited Mantebea over and she accepted gladly,the two ate as they had a convo…Ragnar started flirting her,he told her how beautiful she was and a whole lot of sugar coated words…a way he will use to lay her….
    Akosua interrupted them by entering the office without knocking,she was surprise to see Mantebea in the office..
    Ragnar:..She my secretary for now
    Akosua:.Hmm…secretary indeed…
    Ragnar:.Hey sorry for leaving you at the hotel..I didn’t want to interrupt your sleep
    Akosua:Am cool..There is something I need to show you now
    Ragnar:what is it
    Akosua:..Just watch
    Whaat?..isn’t that Rama?..and WTF is she doing with this guy?..Romancing during working hours?…And who is the guy..Ragnar said.
    Akosua:,,I wish I knew him,but He does not work here,I saw him come from outside….and this is not his first time here
    Ragnar:..This is against the rules of the office….
    Akosua:..That is why you have to write her a suspension later immediately..
    Ragnar:..Sure,I’ll do that
    Akosua:.You are doing this for me remember…and remember she rejected your proposal..This is the time you can tell her who the real boss is…
    Ragnar:…I’ll leave the letter with the receptionist so that she will pick it up tomorrow in the morning..
    Akosua:..Good…now can you excuse you new secretary…I need you now..
    Mantebea was asked to close for the day by Ragnar,and immediately she left,they pounced on each other,Ragnar pushed her into the sofa and started humping her like today was their last day on earth..
    Work closed and the office was soon deserted,Akosua opened her whatsapp and was surprised at what she saw…her nude pictures…
    She quickly looked around to make sure nobody was was from the guy who called her yesterday..she became more worried and afraid….but how?..I thought I switched off all security camera’s,so where from this pictures too?…Then the call came
    Anonymous:..I hope you saw the pictures
    Akosua:please,who are you and where did you get this pictures?
    Anonymous:..Don’t ask me questions until I give you permission to do so
    Akosua:.Do you want me to call the police?
    Anonymous:..Police?…Involve them if you wish..Just know I have a video too..I will leak them before you get to the police
    Akosua:..No please,I won’t involve anyone..
    Anonymous:..Good..I will call you later
    Akosua was more afraid when she heard video…I can’t believe my nudity is out there…but who could have done this?…she asked herself as she drove out of the office premises
    Ndego was secretly watching her from his hidden position…Walai..this girl go cry pepper..He said…
    Rama and Aquila packed in front of Rama’s house,immediately the door was closed,Rama dropped her bag and ripped open Aquila’s shirt,they started kissing and made way to her bed,Aquila soon dominated,He caressed her for sometime before breaking into Rama…She has been waiting for long…their moans was silenced by the music from the TV…They were on cloud nine….
    They both soon reached orgasm and laid side by side with sweats dripping down their bodies,nobody said nothing..
    Rama was just happy she finally had some meat…especially from somebody she loves…
    She went on top on him and started kissing him all over,look like she’s gonna need him the whole night

    Episode 9

    Regina was missing in her own thoughts,she knew the dangers abortion can cause,but harboring a baby in her womb was the last thing she can think of,especially when she is still under the watch of her parents..Her mother had noticed the change in mood of her daughter,but Regina was smart enough to convince her by telling her she’s just having her period…
    This time,she called Mantebea with much haste,she knew the time was ticking slowly..
    Regina:..Where are you?
    Mantebea:..Am preparing to go to work
    Regina:..Please,when are we gonna get rid of this thing
    Mantebea:what?..the baby?
    Regina:yea,my mom nearly fished me out..I had to be smart to fake a period
    Mantebea:..Ok..we gonna meet after the Junction Mall…Don’t be late
    Regina:..Ok…just that?
    Mantebea:..Have some cash on you
    Mantebea:..I’ll get back to you later
    Mantebea was worried,she knew the kind of risk she was going to send Regina through,her mind was not at peace,but she was out of options,Regina is her best friend,and she’s not ready to see her messed up because of some ignorant man…
    Akosua was already present at the office,she was watching through the window to see when Rama would arrive,the suspension letter was to be given to Rama by the receptionist immediately she arrives….
    “Songs of Akosua
    How lovely a man He is
    But who am she to dare miss
    When my heart loves a heart
    but that heart also loves a heart
    When all in my heart gives way
    I fight to hold him to stay”
    Akosua’s eagerness to clear Rama off the road was going to work for her,but how sure is she Aquila will forgive her for fueling the suspension of Rama?
    Her mind quickly went back to the anonymous serial caller,she seem not to be too disturbed,she looked at the picture for sometime before trying to call the number…
    “The number you called does not exist” came the reply..
    Oh s***,what is all this s*** about..somebody has my naked pictures out there,and I can’t even trace the person..hmm…she lamented..
    It was 8:45Am when Rama reported to work,the receptionist greeted her with the letter which she threw into her handbag,she went forward to sign the register before dashing into her office..
    She seem to have forgotten about the letter in her bag,or perhaps she didn’t just care to open it…
    She went through her regular duties as usual,smiling and tossing from left to right as she relaxed in her executive chair…
    Akosua was waiting to hear Rama dash out of her office,but she didn’t,she was confused..
    Why is she not coming out?..or she is not disturbed about that?..or what is keeping her inside there?…Akosua asked herself..
    Rama was still in the office after two hours of reporting,Akosua couldn’t just relax.she was confused whether the letter was really a suspension letter or something else,she got up angrily and went straight to Rama’s office…
    Rama:..Do you understand the essence of being modest?,don’t you know how to knock?
    Akosua:..Are you talking about modesty?..hahahaa..I don’t get pimped on office desks
    Rama:..Pimped,and what is that supposed to mean?
    Akosua:..You don’t know?..or you’ve not heard?..Well,everyone here knows you got laid in your office..
    Rama:..Shut that dirty mouth of yours before I shut it for you
    Akosua:..I think its time you read the letter you took from the front desk
    Whaaat?…A suspension letter?…and what evidence do you have to get me suspended?..there is not camera here in my office…So how come?…….Rama cried out
    Akosua:..Maybe there is secret cameras..just that you don’t see them..but they do see you..And you the only one who knows the guy…You know what I mean
    Rama couldn’t believe what she was seeing,she quickly went straight to the office of Ragnar,she looked straight into his eyes whiles handing the letter to him..
    Ragnar:..Yes..Did you or you didn’t?
    Rama:..Did I what?
    Ragnar played the video from his laptop for Rama to see,she was so embarrassed but had no place to hid her face,and with tears,she went back to her office to pick up her bag…After she explained what has happened to Araba,she left for the car pack..
    Ndego:Madaam madaaam!!!
    Rama:..Not now Ndego
    Ndego:..Oh Madam..weytin do you..why you dey cry so
    Rama:..Ndego I have been suspended
    Ndego:..Oh…what you do?..
    Rama:..Its complicated
    Ndego:..Oh sorry Madaam..but who make dem suspend you
    Rama:..I know Akosua is behind this…she actually hid a secret camera in my office,which caught me having romance with a guy..
    Ndego:..Oh..Akosua make dem sack you sake of you pleep guy
    Ndego:..diz girl no dey mind inn own errr?..because i no disgrace am yet she dey think say she go disgrace my Madam errr
    Rama:..What are you talking about?
    Ndego:..Oh Madam nothing
    Rama:..You want me to sign you a check or not?
    Ndego:..Ei Madam…this one you wan tempt me such
    Rama:..Now you have my contact…call me when you are ready for a GHS5,000 check
    Ndego:..I go call you Madam…walai…5,000?…kai
    Aquila was his office and was not aware what had happened,then his door opened suddenly
    Akosua:..Hello baby boy
    Aquila:..Hey Akosua,it would have been better if you knocked
    Akosua:..Sorry,I just wanted to tell you what you have not heard
    Aquila:And what is that I have not heard?
    Akosua:..Well..Rama your whatever just got her ass suspended
    Akosua:..You mean you don’t know why?
    Aquila:.Of course I don’t
    Akosua:..Remember when you guys busy locking lips during office hours yesterday?
    Aquila:..You mean that got her suspended?
    Akosua:..Yeah of course..
    Aquila:..And how did you know about that?…and why is she the only one being punished?
    Akosua:..It does not matter,don’t cry loud..or else you will follow her…
    Aquila:..Am worried
    Akosua:..You don’t have to worry baby,am here for you..
    Aquila:..Akosua,I need some privacy,please leave my office now
    Akosua:Oh cmon relax
    Aquila:..Do you want me to push you out
    Akosua advanced and tried kissing Aquila,He landed a slap across her face which got her landing on the floor like a dead log..
    Akosua:..Did you just slap me?
    Aquila:..And I will do that again if you dare come near me again
    Akosua:..I’ll make sure you pay for this..BET me..
    Aquila:..What can you do?..get me suspended?..
    Akosua:..Just wait and see
    Aquila:..You can do your worst
    Akosua went out shamefully and sneaked into her office,she knew she has just done a cos 90 job,she got Rama suspended because she wanted to get Aquila for herself..But she ended up being slapped like a mid day criminal…There was nothing she can do again…Threatening Aquila was just null..
    Ragnar was standing face to face with Mantebea,He kissed her softly on the lips,she responded and pushed him to the wall,She has being waiting for this,her second day in his office,and He couldn’t keep his chill..They kissed for some couple of minutes…….Then Ragnar started feeling dizzy,slowly and slowly He fell like a log and was soon snoring like a pig..
    Mantebea had dipped her fingers into a drug which can make one pass out,and during their kissing session,she offered her fingers to Ragnar..which He sucked gladly..Gladly into her trap…
    Mantebea quickly tied him in his washroom and pushed some papers into his mouth to prevent him from shouting in case He should wake up…She went straight to his desk and took his phone,used Ragnar’s finger to open the fingerprint security…and there it was…Sex tapes..
    Whaat?..Akosua is also his victim?..God help her…she needs to pay to get this video…Mantebea said…
    She took all his ATM cards,Visa Cards,Cash and some documents…After that,she left the office premises without anyone having any proper identity of who she was….
    Rama cried her eyes out,she was angry at the same time,she knew Akosua was behind all this,she prayed Aquila wouldn’t be suspended too…Then she heard a knock on her door..
    It was Aquila
    The two embraced and went back to the room..
    She tried to explain but Aquila motioned her to stop,He caressed her until she drifted into sleep..and He also did…and the two slept clinging on to each other…
    Akosua had seen Mantebea leave,she saw that as an opportunity to go pleasure herself,the door to Ragnar’s office was ajar,she stepped slowly inside and saw nobody,she was about leaving when she heard some kind of noise coming from the washroom..she run there immediately…and there He was…stripped naked and tied like a Sallah goat..
    Akosua:what?..who did this to you…She said whiles helping him out..
    Ragnar:..Where is that girl?
    Akosua:..Which girl?
    Ragnar:..Mantebea?…What,,she took all my valuables..I am dead
    Akosua:..You mean a girl did this to you?
    Ragnar:..We have to find her immediately
    Akosua:..Wait,..did you say we?
    Ragnar:..Of course we
    Akosua:..Nope..why should I help you?
    Ragnar:..Because I have our sex tapes on my phone and laptop
    Akosua:..Whaat?..You mean you have been filming us all this while? not time to talk ok,we just have to get her
    Akosua:..So you sent me the nude pictures yesterday?
    Ragnar:,,what are you talking about?..I did not do that…now come let’s find her before we become “celebrities”..
    Akosua was missing,she just followed him out like a sheep and He drove out like crazy…and where are they going to look for Mantebea??…
    Ndego smiled as He saw them leave the office,He knew the bad card has just been moved…And He was ready to strike now…but now,He is gonna confide in Rama….Check mates…

    Episode 10

    Flashback Yesterday!!
    Mantebea took all the stuff she had taken from Ragnar and hidden them in her house,she actually took nude pictures of him after he passed out ,she wanted to pay him back in his own coin..After this,she met Regina at the Junction Mall and they went to this quiet area around Nungua,they went into this house,Regina was not comfortable being there,but Mantebea assured she’s gonna be fine..she led her to a dark room.
    Who is there?…came the voice
    Mantebea:..Dr.Huff is me,Mantebea
    Dr:..Hey,who do you have with you?…is she here to arrest me?
    Mantebea:.Oh No..she’s my friend Regina
    Dr:How can I help you..I told you not to come here again
    Mantebea:,,I know,but its my friend who needs your help
    Dr:help for what?
    Mantebea:..She’s a week pregnant,she’s not ready to be a mother
    Dr:..Let her speak for herself..
    Regina was timid,the Dr. looks so scary and hostile..but she managed to spew out her words.. not ready to be a mother
    Dr:..You knew you ain’t ready yet you went on to chew that goddamn meat?
    Regina:..Oh not that
    Dr:..STFU lemme gonna put your young life in danger,just make sure you keep your mouth shut when you leave this place…get over there and strip naked..I have to check how far the baby has grown
    Dr.Huff is a German doctor leaving in Ghana,his license were seized in Germany after He administered wrong drugs to a patient,He has been in Ghana for sometime now,hiding in Nungua and illegally terminating pregnancies…
    Go lie on that bed..He ordered
    Dr.Huff took her blood sample and did some test..He returned after some minutes
    Dr:..How did you know you are pregnant?
    Regina:..I have the symptoms,vomiting,body weakness and some headaches
    Dr:..Did you visit the hospital to test for pregnancy?
    Regina:..No I didn’t
    Dr:..Well,you ain’t pregnant..I don’t see any trace of gestation in your womb
    Regina:..Whaat?…are you sure about this?
    Dr:..Hey,you two should leave this place immediately..I mean now,go to the hospital to confirm this tomorrow….
    Regina was not content with the solution,she knew she had to go check that in a hospital..
    The search for Mantebea by Ragnar and Akosua was more of a ghost hunt,they had roam where they think they could find her,but got nothing..reporting to the police was just out of their options…they ended up in Akosua’s home..where Ragnar took her through pleasure hell…
    Rama was soo disturbed,being suspended was the last thing she was expecting,she had cried throughout the night,she was left alone to after Aquila left for work…
    Her mind went back to Ndego,she had a strong feeling Ndego had some kind of information what can help her payback Akosua,she tried calling,but He never did pick up..
    Ndego was not at post today,He called Akosua,who was with Ragnar in his office…Akosua had told Ragnar about the Anonymous caller who had their sex tapes early on..
    Akosua:..Please,am begging you don’t expose the pictures,I’ll give you everything you want
    Anonymous:..I hope you are with the man..
    Akosua:Yes’,He is listening
    Ragnar:..Who are you..please,don’t go far with this,listen,we can solve this ok..Am a rich guy .
    Anonymous:..Listen,if you play smart,I am smarter…now I want to play this on a low key..but trust me,I can be very stubborn. what do you need?
    Anonymous:..I want GHS50,000.00 from you each,I mean separately..each pays GHS50,000.00
    Ragnar:..Whaat?..Where am I,I mean We…were are we going to get the money?
    Anonymous:..You told me you are a rich behave rich..
    Ragnar:..Oh please..please reduce it
    Anonymous:..This is not a robbery,,its a blackmail..Now you have until next week to deliver..failure to do so..I’ll drag you in the gutters..Goodbye
    Ragnar was hot,Akosua was hotter,having your sex tapes with two different people was not a matter to over look..
    Akosua:..What did He tell you
    Ragnar:..He is demanding GHS50,000 from each of us
    Akosua:..Whaat?…that’s unfair
    Ragnar:..He needs it next week
    Akosua:..What are we going to do now?
    Ragnar:..Did you say we? better fight for not part of the “we” you talking about
    Ragnar:now leave my office,I need to think
    Akosua:..Oh cmon
    Ragnar:..I said leave my office now!!!
    Akosua came face to face with Aquila when she went out of Ragnar’s office…she tried walking away,but He stopped her
    Aquila:..Hey you,listen to me carefully,I know what you did to Rama..I hate you for that
    Akosua:..Hate me? should be thanking me for not exposing you too
    Aquila:you think I give a f**k working here..I have companies abroad..the income I make a month can pay all the workers the boss
    Akosua:then why do you work here?
    Aquila:..Is for fun..As I said..I hate you…Stay off my tracks..
    Regina went to the hospital and she tested negative for pregnancy,she couldn’t hid her joy…then Mantebea told her what she had retrieved from Ragnar..she shouted for joy..and the idea came immediately
    Why don’t we make him pay for the damages he’s done to you..As in pay in cash..we have his nudity with us…Akosua wouldn’t be left out..Mantebea proposed..
    Regina:..Good Idea..
    After close of work,Aquila drove straight to Rama’s,He met her naked in sofa..
    He came to life immediately and pounced on her like some kind of prey..their breath became deep,deeper,,and soon hotter…and Rama was soon ridding away her sorrows..
    Akosua was in traffic when the stranger called again
    Akosua:..Hello please
    Anonymous:..Come to the Brick Hotel immediately
    Akosua:..Brick Hotel?..for what?
    Anonymous:..For a reconsideration coming there immediately
    Anonymous:..don’t play smart..I’ll be watching you when you arrive..don’t come with anybody….
    Akosua:I swear I won’t
    Anonymous:.You have thirty minutes before I change my mind..come to room 57..
    Akosua acted in haste,she took the shortest route to the place,and was directed to the said room 57..she opened the door,but nobody was inside..
    Ndego was making sure she came alone,and when he was ok,He went in for his prey..
    Ndego:..Shut less
    Akosua:..But you don’t speak perfect come you are fluent
    Ndego:..Small world..
    Akosua:..How did you get the videos?
    Ndego:..By being say nothing..or else I change my mind
    Akosua:..So what is the new deal?
    Ndego:..I want know what I mean
    Akosua:.Oh not having sex with you
    Ndego:..You sure?…I have the tape
    Akosua:..Of not should be going..You will hear from me later..
    Akosua:..Wait wait..
    Ndego:What..if you are not ready..then I have to play my cards well
    Akosua:..Just for today…
    Ndego pushed her into the bed,she ripped her office wear open and started kissing her forcefully,Akosua begged him to use a condom,but that went over his ears,and before she could say jack..He had pushed himself up her cherry…she shouted and held on to the woodwork of the bed that made squeaking noise repeatedly..she was in pain..having sex with Ndego was the last thing she would’ve thought of..yet still,He was punishing her like hell…
    Akosua woke up deep in the night,she passed out after the near death experience,Ndego was gone,He had taken another video of Akosua without her knowledge…He was going to make her a slave…
    Mantebea also called Ragnar and demanded a GHS20.000 for a ransom,He agreed to pay the money on Sunday,Ragnar knew he was in deep s***..His bank accounts was being milked to cover his dirty tracks…
    Mantebea threaten to send the videos to Ragnar’s wife if he fails to pay the cash…He knew he was dead,seeing his marriage collapse was the last thing He would ever wish for…

    Episode 11

    Days were fast spending,Aquila’s Mom traveled,so he moved to Rama’s place,getting up everyday seeing her moody made him sad,they used to go to work together,but now she’s been suspended because of the lust they have for each other….
    Aquila blamed himself,He knew He should’ve controlled himself,especially during working hours.but the harm has been done..
    Rama assured him he’s gonna be fine…
    Rama:look,take this remember the Gate man at the office,I think He has some kind of confidential information of Akosua,I promised to sign him a check for the information,but I have not heard from him since I left…
    Aquila:..I have not seen him at the office to for sometime now,He has not being at post for sometime now..
    Rama:really?…Oh too bad
    Aquila:..I’ll check when I get to work,don’t worry
    Rama:..Hmm..ok please do check..
    Aquila:..Yea I’ll,I must leave now..goodbye
    Ndego is not going back to his post,Akosua is capable of doing anything crazy to get him arrested or even hire thugs to silence him,He choose to stay away for good and play it cool,his intentions is to leave the country immediately he lands his hands on the cash….But until then,Akosua will continue to warm his balls anytime he wishes..
    Akosua was furious,it just occurred to her why Ragnar filmed them in the first place,she was planning to wage war on him immediately he reports to work,its time we sort out our differences…Am not his sex machine..She said to herself..
    Ragnar and the Anonymous caller got talking again
    Anonymous:..I need the cash by sundown
    Ragnar:yes,I have it
    Anonymous:bring it to the place I’ll show you
    Ragnar:..Ok..where please
    Anonymous:..Come to Lesly Pub with the cash…Come alone…don’t be smart,I have eyes watching you everywhere..
    Ragnar:..Ok I’ll be there..
    Ragnar had hired a thug to take down anyone who will picks up the cash ,He knew there was no way He was going to give out such amount to some random person,killing the person saves nine…He chattered a taxi to the said place,and the call came in immediately
    Anonymous:..Come to the night stand and drop the cash
    Ragnar walked to the said point and dropped the cash,then suddenly,a motorbike rider appeared from no where and picked it up,within seconds,He had vanished into thin air…
    Ragnar was left standing with awe, he was so confused but it was to late…He tried calling the contract killer,but a different person picked up
    Ragnar:..Hello..they picked up the cash
    Anonymous:..You disobeyed my came with a thug to take me down?
    Ragnar:..Oh please,how did you get his phone?
    Anonymous:..I told you I had eyes watching everywhere
    Ragnar:.Oh please,you have the cash now,please don’t do anything to the film..just delete them as planned..
    Anonymous:Yes,but hiring a killer wasn’t part of the deal…
    Ragnar:..Oh yes..but you still got the cash anyway
    Anonymous:..I did at the near expense of my life,it was a business doing pleasure with you,,good bye..
    Ragnar:..Oh wait..hello,hello….WTF!!
    Ragnar swore and cursed,kicked off his shoes and cursed his stars like a thousand time..
    How foolish have I been,all my savings dropped to one idiot just in a split of seconds?…Oh what have I being thinking?..He lamented..
    Ragnar reached home and was welcomed by the wild unusual face of his wife..
    Ragnar:..Sweetie,what is the problem?
    Wife:..I just had a bank alert you had cashed GHS500.000 from the savings account..tell me something
    Ragnar:.Oh Yes,I did,I just invested it into a business..You will love it,I wanted to surprise you
    Wife:..Surprise me with what?..You mean with this business?..
    Ndego has leaked the tape,He sent it to Ragnar’s wife before posting it on social media,within short minutes of leaking it,the video had gone viral,and none of its characters knew..Both Ragnar and Akosua..
    Ragnar:..Where did you get this from?
    Wife:..Don’t silly ask me,this video is on everyone’s phone,you have been cheating on me all this while?..why would you do that?..what haven’t I given to you?..tell me Ragnar tell me..!!
    Ragnar:..Listen,we can talk about this,please come down…
    Wife:..We ain’t gonna talk about this….I can’t be in this mess with you..
    Ragnar:..Please,listen to me…please
    Wife:..Am done with you..I need a divorce…
    Ragnar:..We have not come to that,think about the kids..
    Wife:..I have come to that,I have spoken to my lawyer already…did you think about the kids when you were warming your goddamn blood?
    Ragnar was confused the more,loosing a huge amount of money some hours ago,and now He is hours away from losing his family….
    And where are you going to?…Ragnar asked his wife..
    Wife:..Do you care..No you don’t…am going to my Mom’s…the kids are there already…I packed my stuff out already…
    Ragnar:..Whaaat?…please…don’t do this to me..please..
    Wife:…You are so inhumane..I can’t bare this shame…do you know what you have done to my personality….?
    Ragnar:..Please wait..don’t go..please…
    He was left standing transfixed to his “wife” as she zoomed past the gate….
    Akosua had just finished bathing,she picked up her phone and was surprised by the number of calls she has missed whiles in the washroom,and the whatsapp messages….and the text messages..
    What is this nonsense all about?…she asked herself..
    She opened one of her whatsapp group,and her eyes nearly fell from its sockets..
    Whaaaat?….Noo nooo noo nooo…this can’t be happening now…not now..
    She saw herself in the sex tape with Ragnar,she went through her chat,and then the messages from friends,family and church members….so all this people have seen the video?…Oh God,am dead…Ndego is a beast,God will punish this man for me…How could he?…after using me all this while?….she said..
    She sat on her bed naked,with tears running down her cheeks….then she had a call…
    It was Rama..
    Akosua:..Rama am sorry,please forgive me
    Rama:..You could have been close friends Akosua,you were so ignorant and jealous,see what has happened to you
    Akosua:Am sorry,please forgive me..
    Rama:..I know Ndego did this to you,am I lying?
    Akosua:..Yeah,He slept with me a couple of times,He took 50,000 from Ragnar..We are soo screwed..
    Rama:Whaat?..All that?….Am sorry I can’t do anything to help you..look like you are gonna be under cover for a long time..the video is everywhere…
    Akosua:..Hmmm…I can’t talk to you now…bye
    Rama was with Aquila when she made the call,they felt for her,but what can they do to help?…
    Aquila:..This girl is just a crab,she slept with the guy in other to cover up her mess?
    Rama:..Yea she did,and Ragnar paid him a ransom of GHS50,000
    Aquila:…That’s too bad…the company is gone bankrupt,trust me…
    Rama:..I think so..Hmmm
    Aquila:…Listen,am going to resign from my post..I can’t work at a firm bossed by some prick..
    Rama:..Yeah,I wanted to discuss that with you…
    Aquila:..Hmmm….better done now
    Ragnar’s wife returned to her matrimonial house to pick up some stuffs she forgot,she went into the house,but it was soo silent and deserted,the main door leading to the living room was ajar,she entered slowly,but no sight of Ragnar…then the sound came…paaaaaa!!!
    She run towards the direction of the sound came from,and there is was…Ragnar her husband just pushed a bullet through his own skull….He couldn’t bare the shame..The wails from his wife brought a lot of people into the house,and within minutes his remains was in an ambulance going to the morgue….such is life….
    The wails from Akosua’s was soon heard,Her Mom on hearing the leak of her daughters video decided to go see her,she entered the room and found her only daughter,hanging from the ceiling with a nylon rope,her mouth foaming,and eyes popped out,the life she ever wished for was cut short by a nylon robe..
    Two souls lost,all from suicide,all done to hide their shame,their souls sails through the darkened worlds….

    Episode 12 (Final)

    When all the obstacles that prevented you from achieving your aim is finally removed, when you are finally at liberty to fall in love, enjoy life with your partner, when all souls gives way, and all in your lonely heart gives way…that is when you hear the best beat of your heart, and the soul dances to the rhythms of the heart stereos…Love is said to be a beautiful thing….
    Aquila and Rama after all this months have built a strong bond, the atmosphere around them was soo lovely and conducive for marriage….Like yes. Marriage!!!
    Rama was awoken from bed by this stomach aches, she quickly dashed into the washroom and ended up throwing up some funny substance from her guts…
    Aquila: Rama, what is it? Are you alright
    Rama: I don’t know ooo…but I’ll be alright
    Aquila: You think?
    Rama: Yeah
    Aquila: No, let’s go to the hospital
    Rama: I said I’ll be fine…
    Aquila: I insist. Get ready
    Rama: Ok…I hear…
    The two were soon at the 37 Military, Rama was asked to visit the laboratory after she had gone through the regular physical checkup by the nurses…
    On reaching the Lab, she was met by her long time lost friend, Esi, who happens to be the laboratory technician…
    Rama: Eiii You? What is the name? It’s been long…Esi?
    Esi: Yeah…Esi…Rama?
    Rama: Yeah Rama!!!…..long time
    Esi: Yeah long time. So what do you do now? I mean where are you know
    Rama: Am an Economist, but just resigned from my place. Complicated reasons tho’
    Esi: Awww nice. Am the Lab Tech here…at your service…
    Rama: Oh sorry. This is Aquila, He is my…
    Esi: Yeah your fiancĂ©…Hi Aquila…
    Aquila: Yeah Hi. Nice meeting you
    Esi: Nice meeting you too…
    Okay Rama, let’s go get you tested. Esi said…
    Rama’s blood sample and urine was taken and sent into the inner rooms for testing, and within an interval of thirty minutes, Esi returned with the Lab report…
    Esi: Hey Rama its ready
    Rama: Oh yeah…
    Esi: .You are a week pregnant…
    Rama: Pregnant?
    Esi: Yeah Why, aren’t you ready or?
    Rama: Oh not that, I didn’t see that coming
    Esi: Yeah, but it did come, just do well to keep you and the baby safe…
    Rama: okay
    Esi: Are you gonna tell him? I mean Aquila
    Rama: Yeah when we get home
    Esi: Ok fine…Give me your contact. I’ll check up on you
    Rama: This is my card, do well do call, I’ll be expecting it
    Esi: Yeah, I sure would
    Rama: I must take my leave now. Bye
    Esi: Bye baby girl
    Rama was quiet all through their journey home, Aquila noticed it but kept his cool, He has grown to understand her switch of moods, and He knows she’s going to be fine…
    On getting home, Rama went straight to the washroom to cool up whiles Aquila comforted himself in the sofa, He wondered why she still isn’t saying anything to him, so he dived in…
    Aquila: Hey Baby, what is it, you have been quiet since you left the Lab
    Rama: Nothing really…
    Aquila: I wish, what did the report say?
    Rama: Aquila, Am pregnant…
    Aquila: What? Pregnant? Wonderful…Since when?
    Rama: She said a week…Yeah
    Aquila: Am really happy, am gonna be a father…wooow! C’mon, this calls for celebration
    The two embraced and were soon missing in the worlds of locking lips, the heat embrace and love making melodies got them to the bedroom, and soon,moans,sweats and orgasms embraced the day. And both were left naked asunder….breathing heavily and smiling to the skies…we are expecting a baby! Aquila said and they both laughed it off…
    Haylie was back in Ghana from her honeymoon, she was desperate to see her best friend and her boyfriend, she called and they both planned to meet at Rama’s place. There was a lot to talk about…
    Rama and Aquila arranged the room in other, their little meeting early on in the day got something’s displaced, others broken, and some too spilled….
    Aquila got some drinks from the shop whilst Rama prepared dinner, and some hours later, they heard the doorbell ring…
    I’ll get the door, I think its Haylie…Rama said…
    Aquila dashed into the bedroom to get something nice to wear, He didn’t actually want Haylie to meet him sitting in the leaving room, like waiting for her or something. He wanted to play Mr.Boosy a little bit!!
    Aquilaaa!!…c’mon here, Haylie is here…Rama shouted to Aquila who was still inside…
    Aquila: Ok, I’ll be with you in a few minutes…
    Haylie: Let him be wai
    Rama: Yeah was supposed to be seated here…
    Haylie: Maybe He is nervous
    Rama: Nervous? No He isn’t…
    Haylie:..Ayoo I hear you wai
    Aquila: Hey Haylie, welcome
    Haylie: Hi Aquila, finally
    Aquila: Yeah finally. Nice meeting you
    Haylie: Nice meeting you too…You look good…Rama has eyes for good things…
    Aquila: You look gorgeous too…
    Rama: Hey hey!!…this is not the time you guys will be admiring each other wai. Not under my very nose
    Haylie: Jealousy babe. Can’t I admire nature too?
    Rama: Admire the flowers outside there
    Haylie: Mtchewww
    Aquila: Hey hey…You guys should stop the brouhaha and come to the table…
    The trio were soon dissolved in a long convo, Haylie told them about her experience at Hawaii…Rama was the only one amongst them who is yet to visit the place…
    Haylie: Am a month pregnant too
    Rama: What? I was surprised at the sudden change in weight…
    Haylie: Am expecting twins…
    Aquila: Wow…that’s nice…
    Rama: Wonderful, just make sure you let him pamper you wai…don’t put yourself in any tedious jobs or chores…
    Haylie: Yeah, Asare is very supportive
    Aquila: Wow, that’s good of him…
    They resumed eating for some time, everyone was silent until Aquila cleared his throat to draw their attention…
    Mmggrrmm! I have fallen in love in times past
    I have meant ladies,beautiful,black white etc,everyone with her conduct, But meeting you Rama was the best thing that ever happened to me, I can’t measure or exaggerate the quantum of love I have for you, we went through a lot, we have just dated for few months, but being with you seem like decades to me already, I can’t stop appreciating you for the kind of support and love you have shown to me all this while, I believe I was sent to meet you….My Mom ever told me that, The best thing that can ever happen to a woman is for her to get wedded to the man she loves…..Rama will you marry me???
    Haylie opened her bag and brought out a little case which she handed to Aquila. It was the engagement ring…
    Rama: But how did she come to have the ring on her?
    Haylie: Small world….shhhhh
    Aquila: Yeah. Small world…
    Aquila went on her knees and proposed to her for the second time…
    I know people will say we are not ready for marriage, but we both know we are in love…Waiting for too long proves nothing. He said.
    Rama: Yeah, yess…Aquila. I’ll marry you. I love you. She said in tears as she watched him slid the engagement ring up her finger…
    Haylie popped the champagne to grace the little party they just had before Aquila told Rama how Haylie had the ring…
    Aquila: You told me a lot about Haylie. So I knew how much you trusted her, I took her number from your phone and discussed about this marriage thing, she was happy to hear that, we made arrangement for her to get the best engagement ring for this…So don’t worry…It was a planned thing…Marriage proposals are supposed to come by surprises….
    Haylie sought permission to leave the two to spend the rest of the day together, she was very happy Aquila was finally wearing an engagement ring, especially, with a guy who has proven beyond doubts He is fit for the marriage…
    When you get the right person, don’t waste time studying each other like WAEC Past questions. She said to herself…
    Aquila and Rama were left standing in the living room in a warm embrace, the tears from Rama’s eyes flooded the broad shoulders of Aquila, and He understood what every tear meant. It was a dream come through for her…
    Aquila: Rama…Let’s go tell my Mom about it…
    Rama: Ok..I…
    Aquila: We will visit your Dad when He returns from his trip
    Rama: Oh ya…
    It was 6:45Pm when Aquila and Rama pulled up at Ms. Lina’s house, Aquila went down to open the gate because the door was not locked, and He didn’t really want to disturb his Mom, He closed the gate after He drove in, He held Rama’s hand and walked her to the door, He knocked for some time but no one answered…
    I think the loud music is making it difficult for her to hear us…Aquila said as they walked to an alternate door which leads to the second living room, He opened with a spare key and there the woman was….sleeping away…but naked…not just naked…but with somebody else’s father…Rama’s father Mr.Vandy….
    Whaaatt? The shouts from the two woke them up from their slumber, Mr.Vandy quickly used the bed sheet to cover her nude and tried explaining, Ms. Lina was left naked and pleading to the two….
    Aquila couldn’t believe his eyes, Rama was freezed at her position like a statue, and her mouth opened with shock…her heart beating with the speed of light…
    Aquila rushed into her Mom’s bedroom for no reason, He couldn’t stand what He just saw, He shaked his head countless times and cursed his stars…Then his eyes caught the attention of some kind of report similar to what Rama got from the hospital, It was her Mother’s Lab Report……
    Oh No…Mom? How heartless you are…You are pregnant for my FiancĂ©’s father? He wailed as he came to the drama scene…
    Mom, Mr.Vandy? Why can you be soo wicked to us, can’t you see what you have caused? Where is Rama and Mr.Vandy? He said angrily
    Ms. Lina: She left
    I can’t forgive you two for this…Mom…what did I do to deserve this?
    Please am sorry, Aquila please….am soo sorry…
    Aquila: Tell me, who is responsible for this pregnancy
    Ms. Lina: We started seeing each other secretly after you guys introduced us at the Mall….We have been seeing each other since then…
    Songs of Aquila
    “How can this be?
    When your sudden joys gone sour
    When your dreams become haunted
    When your blood gets defiled
    Defiled by your own bloods
    Oh death, be kind to me and give me better sleeps
    Love has never been good to me”
    Rama couldn’t stand what she saw, she walked on the road absent minded, and then ……………………….A speeding trotro run into her…..Her father Mr.Vandy witnessed the whole drama, she run to her daughter and lifted her onto her chest, the blood was severe, a taxi was soon brought and she as rushed to the hospital. Luckily, she survived the crash…
    Mr.Vandy call Haylie who rushed to the hospital in few minutes….
    Haylie: Dad, what happened, Aquila just proposed to her few hours ago
    Mr.Vandy: Proposed? Few hours ago?
    Haylie: Yes, and I thought you were supposed to be in Qatar, why are you even in your boxer shorts and singlet?
    Mr.Vandy: Hmmm…
    Haylie: Hmmm what?
    Mr.Vandy: I was caught in bed with Aquila’s Mom, we have been seeing each other secretly for some time now.
    Haylie: Whaat? Cursed be you. Did you ever think about you daughter? What kind of a father are you? Do you think she’s ever going to forgive you for that?
    Mr.Vandy: Am sorry Haylie, I don’t know what I was thinking
    Haylie: Let her wake up, and you can tell her that…For me, Am very disappointed in you
    Haylie left him after this and called Aquila immediately, He left his Mom and came straight to the hospital…Mr.Vandy was left standing alone, Aquila walked past him, He pretended He did not see him. He went to the ward where Rama was…
    The doctor walked in a few minutes later…
    Aquila: Dr., what is her condition now?
    Dr: Where is his father?
    Aquila: You wouldn’t like to speak to him
    Dr: Why would I speak to you?
    Aquila: She’s my wife
    Dr: Ok sorry…Your wife suffered a brain shock. She’s fell into a coma. I don’t know when she gonna be back…
    Aquila: Oh no…this cannot be happening to us now…
    Dr: You better let her remain peaceful, it will help her come back…
    Aquila: Ok…
    Aquila left Haylie to stay with Rama,he walked back to his car and went towards his Mom’s house, On reaching home, He walked angrily into the house mentioning his Mom’s name with disrespect, but the woman was nowhere to be found, the bedroom,washroom,living room…He checked the kitchen. And there she was….still naked. But this time motionless…with deep cuts in her writs….
    Aquila couldn’t react, it was a difficult for him…a part of him was telling him she deserves what she did…A part also made him remember she was still his mother. He did well by calling the ambulance….He still feels there was no way He would have forgiven her….The remains of Ms. Lina was soon in the morgue…
    The day soon closed and another opened, the bright morning sun smiled through the curtains of Rama’s ward room, Aquila had come to watch over her whilst Haylie gets some rest, He was fast asleep when He heard someone sneeze, It was Rama was back from coma, her eyes was fixed to the ceiling, she couldn’t move because of the bandages, Aquila went to call the Doctor..
    Dr: Miss Rama welcome back, thank God you fought through safely
    Rama: Ahh?
    Dr: You just survived a coma
    Rama: .Who are you people?
    Aquila: It’s Me Aquila
    Rama: Who? Aquila. I don’t know you
    Dr: Aquila, come with me….
    Aquila: Ok Doc
    The two left Rama and went outside
    Dr: Errmmm, I didn’t tell you this about her condition…
    Aquila: What condition?
    Dr: Even though she survived the accident and Coma, she suffered a severe Amnesia
    Aquila: I don’t get you well
    Dr: She’s forgotten everything she ever knew before she got the accident….
    Aquila: Whaat? Including people she knew?
    Dr: Yeah, Everything…
    Aquila: Oh No!!…what am I supposed to do now?
    Dr: We will help you get a psychologist for her, it might help her remember some things…
    Aquila: you mean might?
    Dr: Yeah…we can confirm whether she can really remember….she might remember nothing at all. It’s severe…
    Aquila: Hmm…What about the baby?
    Dr: Its fine…
    Aquila: Ok, Thank you
    This was a hard nut for Aquila to crack, He sat on and looked at Rama,who was looking at him as if He was some kind of alien…She kept asking him why He was countless times…
    Aquila called Haylie and told her about the condition, she soon arrived at the hospital, she cried when she realized Aquila, her friend of all friends couldn’t even say her name…Haylie mastered courage and called Rama’s father, He came there some minutes later with shame spelt boldly on her face, He couldn’t control his tears, Her daughter couldn’t even remember the harm He did to him. He just looked at him like that. And she did too…
    Aquila called Haylie outside…
    Aquila: Haylie, am leaving the country
    Haylie: Just like that?
    Aquila: Yes, there is no way we can go one, we have been defiled by our own bloods, I can’t see her like this
    Haylie: Hmmm…What about the baby
    Aquila: I’ll call her Rama Thompson Brews II
    Haylie: After her mother?
    Aquila: Yeah…I’ll come for her when she grows
    Haylie: Hmmm
    Aquila: Take her to my Mom’s house, I’ll give you the necessary documents, the cars too, the cash here….They must start proper lives together…It’s a fresh beginning for her
    Haylie: Hmm ok…I get you
    Aquila: Make sure you never tell her about what happened, don’t mention me to her…Let her have a fresh life…Promise me Haylie
    Haylie: I promise
    Aquila: Good
    The two embraced, Aquila went in to look into the face of Rama before leaving. Like nothing ever happened. With Haylie looking on as He left, with tears flooding her chest, and Rama looked on…She does not even remember what crying is…
    Love is good
    But life is wicked
    When you find love
    Life finds Evil
    Until you fight through the shackles
    You are a victim
    The worst pain is to too painful
    When your blood is defiled…
    You need a fresh start…

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