Story: Endless Chase

Saylee’s Stories
(The Runner)
Written by Bright Daniel

    Episode 1

    The city of Los Angeles was lonely and quiet with nobody in it. Though there was an uninterrupted power supply glowing electric light all over the city starting from homes to the street which reflected the shadow of anything that passes on the lonely road because of darkness. Suddenly, the shadow of a young boy appeared from afar. He was running like a hare as if being pursued by death itself. He wore only a boxers without foot wears. He couldn't shout neither did he know the cause of the run but he knew one thing: he was running for his dear life. As he ran unstoppable on the main road, he took another direction to a house he began to bang on the locked door.
    "Mum! Mum, open the door!"
    Nobody heard him neither did anybody come for his rescue which increased the perturbation in him thereby activating his sweat glands. He couldn't bear the silence anymore so he broke the door open forcefully..
    Ken sat up from the bed in a hurry only to realize that all the running and banging of door was a dream so he exhaled deeply, flung his blanket away and stood up wearing only a boxers. He stood in front of a large mirror looking at the image of his small body stature and wondering the meaning of the dream. He was just a 16 year old boy with dark body complexion from the gene of blacks. Just as he admired himself, Mrs. Bellen, the mother opened his door and brought in her head only while the other parts of her body remained outside which indicated that she wasn't ready to enter inside.
    "Ken, what are you still doing? Meg is here waiting for you. Are you okay?"
    "I'm fine, mum" Ken entered into the bathroom. "Tell Meg that I'll be out in a minute!" his voice echoed from the bathroom.
    "Be fast! You're late for school" the mother closed the door.
    Meg was a girl of 15 from the gene of white unlike Ken. She had severely been warned by her parents to stay away from Ken without a tangible reason. A few minute after waiting in the sitting room wearing a jean trouser and white top, Ken came out in the same attire with a bag hanging on his back. Both stared at each other when they noticed the sameness in their dressing.
    "Hi" Meg smiled at him standing up and adjusting her bag too.
    "Hi.. uhmm.. I think I have to change up to another clo.." Ken wanted to turn back but the mother interrupted him.
    "Ken what again?"
    "I want to change my cloth, mum"
    "But why?"
    Meg gestured to her with a smile for her to know the reason why her son wanted to change up. Mrs Bellen smiled too and said, "It's just a coincidence, son. Moreover, it's a good thing to dress in the same attire with a beautiful girl" she handed a dollar to him. "That's for your breakfast. Now hurry to school" she kissed his forehead then Ken glanced at Meg before they left for school taking the next available bus.
    In the long bus, Ken sat quietly beside Meg. They could see people going to their various businesses. All were both blacks and white cooperating and relating happily. Meg noticed his quietness and asked, "Are you okay?"
    "I never believed you'll come to my place after your parents warned you to stay away from me" Ken ignored her question.
    "I don't see the reason why my parents would tell me to do that"
    "Isn't the reason obvious?"
    "What do you mean?" Meg looked at him steadily.
    "Listen," Ken also faced her boldly. "You are white while I'm black. These two phenomena cannot.."
    "Stop!" Meg interrupted him angrily. "I hate it when you talk like this" she folded her arms and averted her eyes from him then both remained quiet. All they could hear was chattering of passengers and the bus engine. Ken glanced at her angry face and said with a faint low voice, "I'm sorry" but she didn't say anything.
    Just then, the bus stopped. They came down walking simultaneously towards Saint Michael's High School. Their dressing made them look like siblings or more like lovers which made Ken uncomfortable thinking of what his friends will say about it when they see them, but Meg didn't care. She was still upset. Immediately they entered into the interior part of the building, they stopped looking and hearing group of students laughing at their dressing code. Ken exhaled deeply and his eyes caught with Meg's who walked out without saying a word living him all alone.
    "Oh boy! Today gonna be fun" he exclaimed then gently began to go into his classroom wondering why Meg got angry for just a statement she couldn't even allow him to finish in the bus. "Well, I'm proud to be a black and a half Nigerian" he concluded in thought and opened the door of his classroom, but what he saw reminded him of his dream....

    Episode 2

    Written by Bright Daniel
    Ken couldn't believe what he saw after opening the classroom: it was deserted and quiet thus reminding him the nature of his dream. There was a whiteboard at the opposite side, and at an angle adjacent to the board was the door of Mr Dezel's office, their teacher. Ken gradually walked to the door hopping he was still in the dream but before he could touch the knob, a beg rang and students troop into the classroom. That actually statled him. At the same time, Mr Dezel opened the door in a way that he unknowingly hit Ken with it. He had a barhead with medicated eyeglasses on his face. He wore a voluminous trouser over a longsleeve shirt. On his feet were no footwear. That's weird!! Mr Dezel had always been like that without a footwear for a reason he had never told his students. Nevertheless, he turned to Ken and called out his surname, "Fedrick!!"
    "Sir" Ken tried to gain balance as other students including Meg watched both of them.
    "Why are you sneaking at my door like a hungry ghost?"
    "I'm sorry sir, I.. I.." Ken stammered and looked around to see Meg and other students watching him silently. He averted his eyes. "Sir, something happened which actually reminded me something. Sincerely, I didn't know when I got here"
    Mr Dezel remained quiet staring at him in funny way through his eyeglasses with his eye-balls budged out. "I guess you are drunk" he concluded and walked to the front of the class while Ken followed him and carefully sat on his seat then his eyes caught with Meg again. They didn't say anything but she noticed he wasn't himself. As the class wallowed in the nature of tranquillity, Mr Dezel broke it saying, "What happens when you're being chased by something or someone to be eliminated?"
    The question amazed all the students especially Ken because everything happening in the classroom had to remind him of his dream. As he wallowed in that thought, a student raised his hand and said, "Sir, you simply run away when you're being chased"
    "Then you'll keep running and gradually become a runner"
    "Yes, sir"
    Mr Dezel stared at the boy. "How many girls have you ran away from after breaking their heart?" He asked amusingly thereby causing laughter in the classroom. Meg smiled then glanced at Ken who remained quiet. She averted her eyes.
    "Sir, I don't have a girlfriend" the boy replied.
    "Then you must be a caward" Mr Dezel foldeded one leg of his trouser like a drunkerd while the students giggled. He straightened up. "When you are being chased, become a runner but later become the chaser. You use that moment to prepare well to face whatsoever that is chasing you" he elaborated.
    "Sir, why are you telling us this?" Ken became more worried about the topic.
    "Because my chicken normally chases me out of my bedroom but today, lo and behold, I was the one who chased the chicken out after I must have gone through a training process" he replied while students laughed but Ken didn't find it funny...
    Back to the residence of Mrs Bellen, she was in the sitting room knitting when the family telephone rang. She hurried and picked it only to discover that her mother from Africa, Nigeria precisely, was the one on the phone.
    "Good morning, Mother"
    "Where is my grandson?" The mother asked unabashedly. The tone of her Voice detected that something somewhere had gone wrong.
    "Ken has gone to school. Any problem?"
    "I want my grandson back to Nigeria"
    Mrs. Bellen became surprise. "Why?" she asked.
    "I sense trouble, I mean something bad wants to happen to him. I have the feelings"
    "Ken is fine, mother"
    "I said I want my grandson back!!" the mother shouted and hung up the call.
    Mrs Bellen became more surprise as she slowly dropped the call wondering what was going on. She married from Los Angeles but her husband, Fedrick, died after giving birth to Ken which automatically made them citizens by both marriage and birth. She went back to her sit thinking about the phone call. If actually she want Ken back to Africa, would her in-laws concur with that coz he was the only son and his uncles and aunts liked him and never wanted him leave the territory of Los Angeles but who knows what gonna happen to him and why?

    Episode 3

    Back to school, Mr Dezel had ended the lesson with the students after series of boring stories which Ken didn't find funny coz it reminded him of his dream. He walked out of the classroom to his locker just like every other students. The locker was a large designed metal cupboard with several shelves where students lock their materials. Ken could be seen closing his locker when Joe, his friend, came around giggling at the same time.
    "What's funny?" Ken faced him after locking his locker. Joe kept giggling without answering him. "What's amusing you, bro?" he repeated.
    "Is you and Meg, dude" Joe finally replied looking at a distance where Meg was with her friend too. "It's obvious both of you are getting along otherwise you won't put on the same attire with her"
    Ken turned to confirm with his eyes even though he was aware that he had the same dressing code with Meg. He turned back to Joe. "It's just a coincidence" he began to walk out followed by Joe.
    "But you love her, right?"
    "Dude, I have a lot of things in my head"
    "Meg is part of it, isn't she?"
    Hearing that, Ken stopped with worried expression looking into the eyeball of his friend. "Joe, I had a dream last night, only to open our classroom this morning to see the picture of the dream, even the topic Mr Dezel raised has to do with the dream. Something is wrong somewhere" he explained bitterly and continued walking. For that, Joe didn't bother him again rather tried to deduce meaning from what he said.
    Meanwhile, at another angle, Meg stood with Lizzy, her friend. They were both carrying two long books in their hands in a way they supported them on their body. Lizzy was a white American just like Meg but talks a lot.
    "Babe, you've been kinda quiet today even in the classroom. What's going on?" Lizzy asked but Meg didn't reply rather stared at a particular spot. Lizzy followed her eyes only to see that she was staring at Ken and Joe who were leaving the locker. She smiled and taped her, thus bring back her attention. "Now I see what your problem is"
    "What do you mean?" Meg asked adjusting her books properly.
    "Ken is your problem. Do you love him?"
    "My dad is my problem. He restricted me from going close to him all in the name of he's black while I'm white"
    Lizzy thought silently for a while and said, "But is anything going on between you both?"
    "You mean Ken?" Meg wanted to be sure.
    "Nothing is going on but I love him. It's a pitty he hasn't noticed it" She walked to a swinging long seat and sat on it followed by Lizzy who placed her books by her side.
    "I guess he will notice it, but I don't believe it's because of our races that made your dad to restrict you from going close to him. Or is it because Ken is half African?"
    "No, Ken was born and brought up here in America, Los Angeles precisely and that makes him a citizen by birth"
    "Then there must be a special reason why your father gave you such instruction. Try and find out" Lizzy concluded.
    Just then, a male voice came before them. They looked up to see Ken standing before them. Lizzy left immediately while he gradually sat beside Meg who wore an upset expression on her face.
    "Hi, Meg," Ken began "I guess you are still upset about what I said in the bus but that's the truth: your father doesn't want you around me because..." before he could finish up the sentence, Meg stood up to leave but he held her by the hand. "What is bad about what I said!!" he shouted.
    "Everything is bad!!" Meg shouted on top of his voice. "I hate it when you talk like this!"
    "But that's the truth!"
    "Just get your hands off me!!" Meg tried to disengaged from him but Ken held her tightly.
    "I'm sorry!!" he said harshly then remained quiet. "I'm sorry" he repeated, but with a calmed voice.
    "Promise me one thing" Meg said as an afterthought. "Promise you won't bring up the issue of my father when I'm with you"
    Ken exhaled. "I promise" he concurred. "Are we good now?"
    "Yeah" Meg smiled and admired him.
    School dismissed for the day. Students began to troop outside. Some waited for their personal drivers while some stood at a spot having a conversation with their friends. Ken and Meg also discussed and laughed just before the main road where they waited for cap but a car which stopped before them interrupted them. When Ken discovered it was Meg father's car, his heart skipped.
    "Calm down" Meg whispered as Mr Ernest, the father, came out from the back door of the car standing and glaring at both of them in his hugeness. He was on black suit and shoes.
    "Good afternoon, dad, I never expected you to come pick me" Meg tried to break both the silence and the tension but the father remained mute glaring at her. At that point, nobody reminded her to enter into the car leaving Ken all alone. The father looked at Ken for the last time and entered into the car, then the driver drove off.
    All remained quiet inside the car even the driver until they reached home. Mr Ernest angrily came out and walked into the house followed by Meg. When they found themselves in the living room, Mr Ernest said with fingers pointing at a spot, "Stand there!"
    Meg stood there looking at her angry dad, before he could said another thing, she interrupted and said, "Dad, don't even say it coz I'm not gonna listen to you"
    Hearing that, Mr Ernest opened his eyes widely in surprise....

    Episode 4

    Mr Ernest, Meg's father, wasn't amaze at his daughter's gesture coz he knew how smart she could be. Both stood before each other in the classic sitting room also glaring at each other. The neatness of the floor of the room reflected their images. The temperature there was low not because of the presence of an air conditioner but because of the nature of the weather in Los Angeles. By the side of the sitting room was a dinning room with a long table where a maid was serving lunch pretending not to listen to Meg and her father.
    "Meg, you have started proving stubborn" Mr Ernest began with a harsh tone but the daughter interrupted him.
    "Dad, why do you hate Ken so much?"
    "Shut up and let me talk!" The father shrieked thereby startling both Meg and the maid at the dinning room. "You think I'm a fool?!" He walked closer to her then pointed his finger at her face. "This will be the very last time I'll see that boy around you. I won't say it again!" he angrily walked into his room while Meg turned to see the maid staring at her. She sluggishly put down her bag on the floor and staggered inside. The maid picked the bag and followed her immediately.
    On the other hand at the residence of Mrs Bellen, Ken sat opposite his mother in the parlour. Already, the mother had told him about the phone call with his grandmother, therefore he began to wonder why his grandmother wants him back to Africa. Reasoning all that, he sat up.
    "Mum is there anything wrong with me?" He asked while the mother surprisingly looked at him in a way that shows: WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? "Why asking me that?" she finally said aloud.
    "I think I know why grandmother wants me back home. Its because my life might be in danger. I can feel it. I sense something terrible is about to happen to me. I keep having a nightmare of something after my life"
    Hearing that, the mother became speechless trying to reason all that her son said, so she stood up. "Nothing is wrong with you. Its just a nightmare. Moreover, your home is here in Los Angeles not in Nigeria" she concluded and walked into her room while Ken refused to leave rather stared at the door of his mother's room.
    Later in the evrning, Ken meet his friend, Joe, and they went to a Play Station Studio where they normally have fun every Thursdays and Sundays. Whenever they are there, they feel not only happy but also forget their sorrows. But that wasn't the case on Ken's side that very night because he kept on meditating on his life which is trying to metermaphose to something else; the sudden request from her grandmother, the nightmare, Meg's parents and the strange feelings. Thinking about all this, he stood up which attracted Joe's attention.
    "What's the problem dude?" he asked him but got no reply. "Where are you going, bro?" he added enthusiastically.
    "Gonna be back. Just wonna use the rest room" Ken finally replied then opened the door of the room while Joe continued his game.
    Darkness was the nature of the city of Los Angeles even in the studio but electric light of different colours shone at different angles giving it a colourful appearance. Never had it been recorded that there was once a time power was interrupted in the city. That's incredible! If not education, a fifteen year old child would think that electricity is a natural phenomenon.
    Nevertheless, inside the rest room of the studio, Ken washed his hands and face in a sink. There was a mirror before him where he looked at his image again but something happened: he saw a lady through the mirror. She wore a black elastic trouser and a shirt that covered her face. Seeing her, Ken turned sharply from the mirror but saw nobody. He began to panic; increase in heartbeat, blood pressure and anxiety.
    "Is anyone there? Who's there?" he asked taking a step forward. Suddenly, light went off and a sword engulfed his throat. Before he knew it, he was on the ground, then the light returned. He saw the lady in black with a leg on his chest and the sward pointing at him. So he pushed it off and stood up instantly.
    "Who de hell are you!?"
    "That isn't necessary, Mr Runner Boy" the lady replied placing the sward back to its shelf.
    "What did you just call me?"
    "The Runner of course. You have to get out of here now"
    " I demand to know who you are"
    The lady became mute for a while, uncovered her face and shook her hair hazardously. She was white. "I'm Alina from nowhere. And you are Ken son of Fedrick. The city of Los Angeles gonna come crushing down because of you and what chases you, so move your feet"
    "I'm confuse"
    "I know" Alina walked out followed by Ken. "You need to be careful and stay out of suspicious sight. They are fast, swift and deadly."
    "Who?" Ken was still inquisitive walking side by side with her as they approach the exit. Just then, Joe sighted them.
    "Hey dude!" He left the game and joined them just at the exit.
    Anila opened the door, walked out with the two boys but stood still observing the quiet environment
    "Who are these people you talk about?!" Ken shrieked. "Who are these fast, swift and deadly people?" he repeated.
    "Quiet!" Alina rebuked him, glanced at her wrist watch and drew out her sward.
    "Holy shit!!" Joe exclaimed. "What's going on here?" he added looking at his friend but he saw him staring at the road opposite them where Alina was also staring at. There saw ten men also in black without their face visible coming to them. Alina stepped forward followed by the boys who looked back to see another ten strange black men coming from behind which scared them. They stopped while the men proceeded forward. There was no single car or person on the road. Only street light and poles just like Ken saw in his dream.
    "These are the people I just told you about" Alina said ready with her sward well positioned to strike.
    "What do they want?" Ken asked.
    "I think the question should be 'who'"
    "You. They want you" Alina concluded then the twenty men circled them. Just then, the street light from poles began to spark. "Both of you, run!" Alina commanded..

    Episode 5

    The two boys hesitated to run as instructed by Alina but when the electric poles began to spark the more, they took on their heels!
    "If you must get him, you gonna pass through me" Alina said then began to fight the unknown deadly men. Meanwhile, few others had pursued Ken and his friend running like a hare. Even Alina herself knew that the boys wouldn't outrun them due to how fast the men could be. As she fought tremendously, she hardly cut them with her sward because they were not only strong but swift without handling a single weapon which indicated the gravity of their strength. Never for once had their faces been revealed, therefore, nobody knew who they were. Though, Alina tried fighting them but they beat her mercilessly.
    On the other hand where Ken ran alongside with Joe, they noticed that some of the men after then were faster and approaching closer. So with that fear, Ken stumbled and fell down.
    "Come on, dude!" Joe stopped to help him up but it was already too late; one of the men met Ken on the ground and before he dragged him up, he shouted, "What a heck do you want from me!"
    Without replying, the man pulled him up in a way his legs left the ground while others circled him.
    "Get your hands off my friend!!" Joe wanted to retaliate but a punch from one of the men sent him to an unfamiliar destination- though still within the street. His body hit a static car and the glass broke thereby scaring people away, even those who stood by the roadside ran away. Not only did Joe's accident caused people to run but also made moving cars hit one another thus activating their imagency sirens.
    However, the unknown men wanted to take Ken away but Alina flew into their midst, hit off Ken from their hands and began to fight again. "Come on, runner boy, run!" She instructed as the sound of her sward circulated the arena. Meanwhile, Ken had been trying to figure out how she arrived to them.
    "How.. how.. did she just fly?" he soliloquized from the floor watching as the girl fought heroically.
    "Run, you idiot!" Alina shouted at him before he took on his heels again followed by Joe who just regained himself from a distant.
    As the fight went on, policemen began to approach which made both the unknown men and Alina to disappear for only God knew how and where.
    Flashes of red and blue light could be seen glowing everywhere when the police arrived doing their investigation which, of cause, resulted to nothing.
    Joe and Ken were on Ken's street hurrying to his house when Alina came out from nowhere-from the sky again actually and met them. The boys stopped.
    "Do you fly? Who the hell are you!" Joe asked her.
    "I'm Alina" Alina began to walk briskly followed by the curious boys.
    "Just that? Is 'Alina' the reason why you fly and fight?" Joe was still inquisitive but she ignored him. Just then, he departed to another road which led to his house leaving Ken and the strange girl all alone on the lonely street.
    "Who were those who tried to kill me?" Ken asked.
    "Did they try to kill you?"
    "No, sorry, they tried to take me away"
    "Yes, they want you alive after which you'll die helplessly"
    Ken stopped. "Who are they for Christ sake!" he shrieked hearing the echo of his own voice on the street.
    "They are called the wraiths, great kings of the old. They will never stop hunting you" Alina reply as they continued walking until they got to the door of Ken's house. She waited him to open the door and enter but from the expression on his face, he wasn't ready to do so.
    "Wraiths? what does that mean and why are they after me?" Ken asked but the door cracked opened which attracted his attention. He looked up to see his mum looking at him.
    "What's the problem, son?" Mrs Bellen asked.
    "I have a complicated issue with her, mum" Ken replied unabashedly.
    "With who?"
    "With her!" Ken turned to point at Alina but didn't see her again then became surprise. "She was here, mum!"
    "Who son!?"
    "Alina! Oh, fuck!" he angrily bagged into the house, slammed the door or his room and began to park his belongings. On his bed was a briefcase where he shoved his clothes in without minding if actually they will get rumpled or not. Though snow had begun to fall thereby reducing the temperature of the city but Ken was seen sweating profusely. The mother hurried in.
    "Ken, what's going on? What are you doing?"
    "I'm leaving"
    "To where?"
    "Africa, I mean Nigeria coz I have beginning to concur with grandma. Los Angels isn't safe for me. These men attacked me tonight, I mean the wraiths, according to Alina whom I don't even know her nomenclature"
    Mrs Bellen became mute looking at her son as if he was going insane. "Son, you are going crazy" she said.
    "I'm not crazy mum!" Ken suspended what he was doing and faced his mother boldly and sweaty.
    "Are you talking back at me? Have you gone nut?" She yelled.
    Before he replied her, his cell phone rang but he ignored it and continued parking his properties. The mother reached the phone then glanced through it. "Meg is calling" she announced calmly.
    Hearing that, Ken glanced at her wristwatch; 10:44pm. He became surprise and hurriedly flung the phone from the mother and place it on his ear. The next thing he heard was, "Ken, please, help me! Please, I beg you!"
    "Meg? Meg! What's happening? Meg!" He shouted but the line had gone dead already. Therefore he rushed out of the house back to the dark lonely street running as fast as his legs could carry him to the residence of Mr. Ernest, Meg's father but he suddenly became scared feeling the appearance of goose pimples on his skin. That doesn't just happen to him if actually he's not approaching danger. So he stopped running looking at every angle of the street...

    Episode 6

    All that was happening that night was exactly the reality of Ken's dream. He stood in the middle of the loanly road knowing very well that something unexpected was about to happen, if not, goose pimples shouldn't have been the nature of his skin. Before he knew it, he began to hear the sound of sward. "Alina?" he soliloquized approaching to the arena but the sound suddenly stopped generating quietneess which made him take on his heels coz everything began to seem scary. He ran to Meg's house and began to bang on the gate. That actually attracted Mr Ernest and the wife, Mrs Helen. It was a transparent gate; one can see though it. Also it was a remute control gate. As Ken bang on it, thunder struck and rain began to fall. He could see Mr Ernest coming to him with an umbrella until he arrived. He was surprise to see Ken at his gate.
    "What is happening to Meg?!"
    "What are you talking about and what are you doing in my house? Haven't I warned you to stay away from my daughter?"
    "She's in danger, she called me!"
    "My daughter is fine!"
    Meanwhile, inside Meg's room, she heard a familiar voice and jumped up from the bed. She wore a jean bomshort and top that exposed her abdomen. She looked through the window to the gate. "Ken?" she said silently and hurried downstairs. The mother wanted to prevent her from going out to the rain but she insisted. Surprisingly to the father, she walked to the gate allowing the rain pour on her body just like Ken. Mr Ernest totally became speechless as they both stared at each other.
    "Meg, are you alright?" Ken asked.
    "Yes, are you okay too?" she replied but Ken became mute reasoning for some seconds.
    "But you called me to come help you, that you're in danger"
    "I never did, Ken"
    Mr Ernest interfered, "As you can see now, my daughter is fine. Get a hell out of my territory. You're insane!" he pointed at Ken under the umbrella that reduced the downpour of the rain on his body. Meg couldn't take her eyes off Ken thinking of what was wrong with him. She pettied him seeing him in such a frustrated condition with the bitting of the heavy rainfall. Ken ignored them and ran out after which Mr Ernest commanded for Meg to enter with him but she hesitated and ran close to the gate, held two metals and watched if she would see Ken again, but that proved abortive.
    "Meg, Let's go!" The father exclaimed. She quickly turned and ran inside with tears in her eyes.
    The previous night event was a tip of an iceberg and the beginning of hazardous experiences in the life of Ken. The question still remains; why was he being chased by the wraiths? " Even Ken himself didn't know but was yet to discover the reason.
    He sluggishly woke up from sleep to prepare for school and trying to forget all that happened, even though it seemed like a nightmare. After getting to school, he saw what he never expected: Meg being surrounded by three huge men that stands and walks with her wherever she goes. "Oh, mine! Body guards?" he exclaimed moving forward to meet her but the guards nearly punch him out if he wasn't swift enough to dodge it.
    "I'm sorry, Ken" Meg said.
    "Has it gotten to this? Your father got guards for you all because of me? What have I ever done to him?"
    Meg left the arena without replying him, of course followed by the three bouncers. Immediately, Joe arrived standing beside his friend after he saw all that happened. He tapped Ken and said, " Something is fishy about Meg or her father, even you! There are several things you need to know because being a black and Meg, a white isn't enough reason why Mr Ernest will go that far in surrounding her daughter with bouncers all because of you. I think he knows something about you regarding what happened last night. And have you heard? Mr Dezel is nowhere to be found today too. Strange things are happening"
    As Ken tried to reason all that his friend said, they began to hear noises from afar. Suddenly, Alina staggered to their feet bleeding all over her body. She was seriously wounded. She fell on Ken's feet and said with the last strength in her, "Take the route through San Gabriel mountain. Never look back, just run!" she collapsed...

    Episode 7

    Ken didn't know what to do, why? because everything seemed confusing to him. He listened to the pandemonium from afar, looked at Alina who laid helplessly on the floor and began to shed tears. He was asked to run for a reason he didn't know, even the person who told him to run, he knew nothing about her except that she's the only one who tried to protect him. Why? He had no idea.
    Joe looked at him to see him shedding tears then said, "Dude, you have to listen to Alina. Run!"
    "Why should I run?!" he asked spreading his hands in the air.
    "Because your life is in danger!"
    "Coz bad guys are after your life!"
    "Coz.. coz.. listen dude, I don't know but you have to do as Alina said"
    Before they ended the impromptu conversion, crowed of people began to run towards their side, even some students who knew what was happening took on their heels. When Joe sighted the wraiths killing and dostroying properties, he grabbed Ken by the hand running into their classroom to look for a hiding place. On their way they met Meg being protected by the three bouncers hurrying to a car. Just then, Alina woke up feeling tired and pains all over her body. She noticed people running around then drew her sward from behind-double swards this time around. She saw Meg entering into the car with the bouncers then paid much attention to them for a reason she didn't understand but she was moved to stare at them until they drove out. She began to fight the wraiths again.
    However, Joe and Ken had ran into their classroom and eventually into the office of their teacher, Mr Dezel. Before then, a wraith had sighted them and began to hit the door with his leg to the extent the walls vibranted. Ken carried a book as a weapon waiting for the wraith to break in, while Joe looked at him in a way that says: YOU'RE A FOOL!
    When ken noticed it, he asked, "What?"
    "How do you intend killing with a book?"
    Ken looked at his hand then threw it away and carried Mr Dezel's table lamp.
    "You're insane" Joe shook his head.
    "What else do you want me to do?"
    Joe began to look around as the door nearly got broken by the angry wraith. He opened the next door beside him which was actually a toilet but he felt something on the floor just before he entered. Therefore he turned, bent down and hit the particular floor with his hand. It made a hallow sound which indicated that it was a way to the underground.
    "Hey, dude!" he called on Ken who arrived immediately. "I guess there is a way here"
    "Let me see" Ken threw the table lamp, uncover the rug and finally opened up the passage. He smiled as he looked at Joe.
    Meanwhile, the wraith had finally broken in but didn't see anybody in the office. He was on black and his face was dark too. His fingers possessed the nature of a skeleton but only the wrist was visible. With the anger of not seeing the boys and noticing their hiding place, he shrieked and turned Mr Dezel's table upsidedown.
    As Mrs Bellen tried reaching her son on phone, so as Meg was driven home by the three bouncers. Unknowingly to them, they were followed by Alina who hid beside the gate watching as Meg ran into the building. When all went out of sight, Alina found her way into the building too watching them through a window; Mrs Helen was in the parlour when Meg entered with the bouncers. She hugged her tightly as observed by Alina.
    "Where is dad?" Meg asked the mother.
    "He's not around but he will be fine" she replied.
    Meg brought out her phone, dialed a number then placed it on her ear walking tro and fro. The three huge bouncers stood alongside with Mrs Helen watching Meg move restlessly.
    When the number wasn't reachable, she shouted, "Oh my God!" she stamped her feet hazardously.
    "Who are you calling, Meg?" the mother asked her.
    "I'm trying to reach Ken!" she replied. Hearing that, Alina left the window immediately..
    Inside the hiding place where Ken and Joe entered was a tunnel that led to the main road. As they hurried through the dark tunnel, they stumbled on somebody only to see their teacher, Mr Dezel!!
    "Fedrick, what are both of you doing here?"
    "We should be asking you that, sir" Ken replied. "What are you doing here?" he added.
    "I'm looking for my lost pin"
    "Lost pin?" Joe smiled. They knew their teacher to be very funny even in terms of danger. "Are you aware of what is happening in the city?" he added.
    "The wraiths are in the city but that isn't the reason why I'm here coz I'm not afraid of any of them. If at all i find my pin any time soon, I'll definitely go out of here to face them.." he heard a noise and ran away.
    "Why are you running sir? I thought you aren't afriad of.." Joe wanted to say but interrupted by Mr Dezel.
    "I wasn't running but still looking for my lost pin"
    "Wait" Ken interfered. "how do you know about the name, wraith?"
    "I don't know or if not, everybody knows"
    "What? I don't understand"
    Joe dragged Ken by the hand again, "Come on, let's go" he said.
    "No, he has to tell me what i need to know coz I'm going insane!"
    "No time for that, bro!"
    The boys ran out of the tunnel through a bush leaving Mr Dezel there. They found themselves on a road where cars sped unstoppable. They looked both right and left then faced each other.
    "This is it, bro" Joe began. " take this road to San Gabriel mountain as instructed by Alina. The city isn't safe for you"
    "I don't get the whole shit!" Ken began to rant. "why am I being chased! why should I run! Why should I even listen to the so called Alina? This is crazy! I need to know who I am!!"
    Just as he completed his last sentence, they sighted wraiths coming from the bush. Joe persuaded Ken to run while he distract them.
    With all the strength in him, Ken began to run towards the mountain forgetting his family and without knowing why he was running neither did he know why he was being chased. That began the story of his mysterious life....

    Episode 8

    As Ken ran to the mountain, so as Joe returned back to the main city which of course the wraiths followed him but eventually lost him on the way. Meanwhile, the city had remained calmed, but destroyed properties were seen occasionally. He sighted crowd of people where journalists tried to interview Alina coz many found her fighting with the wraiths. Therefore he met her on her way trying to discharge the men.
    "Alina? Hey!" he followed her.
    When she heard her name, she turned. She was able to recognize him. So she asked instantly, "Where is Ken?"
    "On his way to the mountain" Joe replied still walking with her. "What is happening to my friend? I mean what is totally happening?" he kept being inquisitive but Alina never gave any answer to his questions until they got to a strange car. It had several layers loaded with something similar to weapons on it's body. Joe became dumb when he saw the car. In his presence, Alina opened it, entered then started it. Without being told, he jumped inside before they drove off.
    "Where are we going to?"
    "Just be quiet"
    "What do you mean?"
    Alina looked at him in a disdainful manner and pushed a button in the car. "I'm wounded and i need a treatment" she said.
    "Copied" a male voice replied the electronic.
    Joe wondered who she spoke with but was brave enough to follow her without minding where he was being taken to. "You know what," he began. "I put so much trust in you even before now. So you gonna calm down and tell me what I need to know. Will my friend be alright at the mountain?"
    "Yes" Alina replied without looking at him.
    "Why is he being chased?"
    "Because of his potentials"
    "What potentials?" Joe became not only surprise but enthusiastic too. "I know my friend, he's so weak that he can't even harm a fly. Can you imaging he picked up a book as a weapon to kill a wraith" he smiled and shook his head. "No, he has no potentials in him that can render him wanted or being chased by anybody" he concluded.
    "He's the son of late Fedrick who indulge in the fatalism of immortality which resulted to something else" Alina explained.
    "Resulted to what?"
    "To a great potential which was found in his cells and chromosomes. Therefore there is every tendency that Ken possesses his gene" they became quiet as Joe expected her to continue in order to reduce the partubation in him. "Ken is the fastest means of transportation on earth and also a genus in anatomy. These are the potentials. So the wraiths need him to put their life back to normal since he's a genus in anatomy and also get his powers which they gonna use to destroy us"
    "Us?" Joe stared at her. "You mean the citizens of Los Angeles?"
    "No, I mean us, the dwellers of the Land of Nebraska. We are at war with the wraiths. They are naturally stronger than us, so imaging what they gonna do if they are fixed by Ken and get his power"
    "Then why can't you, the dwellers of Nebraska, get the power from Ken and defeat your enemies?"
    "It isn't gonna work coz the father was one of us"
    "What led to the war with the wraiths? Wait! Do you even know that Ken doesn't have any of these potentials you mentioned?" Joe was confused.
    "The powers gonna be activated if he makes love to a girl" Alina topped the gear.
    "Well, you are a girl!" Joe shrieked spreading his hands.
    Alina glared at him and said, "You don't just get it, I said it doesn't work with us, and moreover, not with any girl. It must be with a girl that loves him unconditionally"
    "So, you guys don't want Ken to discover his powers and at the same time don't want the wraiths to get him"
    "What if he has sex with a girl that loves him and accidentally discovers his powers?"
    "It gonna drive him mad coz he won't be able to control it. Moreover, we must not let that happen"
    "Wait!" Joe smiled. "This is funny, you mean you aren't gonna let Ken make love with any girl? How would you know his girlfriend or a girl that loves him or even when he wants to have sex?"
    "We will know" Alina concluded.
    Joe became speechless until they drove into a large gate and pulled over. When they came out, Joe saw many young beautiful girls and boys. It was like a different world. He saw how two nurses rushed Alina then took her inside the medical centre for treatment. "Where am I?" he murmured surprisingly.
    "Welcome to Nebraska, Joe" a male voice came from behind. He turned to see the person after which he couldn't believe his eyes!
    "Mr Ernest!!" he called out louder looking at the man....

    Episode 9

    Mr Ernest, Meg's father, was the least person Joe expected to see. He wore a brown trouser with a shirt he tucked in. There was no beard on his jaw but his face looked matured added to countable gray hair found on his head. He was a man of his words and can be very strict and so mean. Joe was about to experience it.
    "What are you doing here sir?"
    "I work here" Mr Ernest departed going into the medical centre. He was a doctor.
    Joe followed him by the side immediately. "I never knew you work here"
    "Nobody knows, Mr Joe"
    "Even your wife and daughter?"
    Joe became surprise ones again. He understood that Nebraska must be a hidden place and filled with a lot of secrets if actually a man can hide his occupation from his family. But that wasn't the only place mr Ernest worked; he has a government health centre which he is the doctor in charge. Just as Joe wallowed in thought, Mr Ernest glanced at him and said, "This isn't the only place I work, I was hired here for the past five years and it has been a secrete, therefore, I want you to keep anything you see here secret" he stopped, looked into the eyes of the young teenage boy. "Do you understand?" he stressed.
    Joe shook his head, "Yes, sir, I understand" he finally replied.
    They enteted into the interior part of the building to see Alina lying on a bed while Nurses administered to her. As Mr Ernest worked on her, Joe used that opportunity to feed his eyes with the valuable and expensive amenities found there. He gently walked towards another corner to see it larger than the initial place. It was totally a different building but attached with the medical centre's. He could see people walking up and down and operating computers here and there. Something attracted his attention the more; the larger part of every wall was a television showing one particular person, a boy. Joe watched closely to see the very young boy to be his very close friend, Ken. "Oh my God!" he exclaimed silently. Something still marveled him; none of the people there did as if there have seen him. All were seriously up and doing.
    "They already know about your coming" a male voice came from behind. He turned to see a huge man standing with his hand folded. "We told Alina to allow you here otherwise she wouldn't have brought you here"
    "How did you know I was with her?" Joe queried.
    " I knew immediately you entered into her car, but that wasn't my first time of seeing you. You've been with Ken for years now as a friend especially at the Studio Game"
    Joe looked at his friend on the screen of the voluminous television again to see him looking tired on his way to San Gabriel mountain. "So you have been monitoring our lifes?" he turned.
    "No, his life alone" the man walked to his office followed by Joe. "My name is general Apex, I am seen as the king of Nebraska. It's a pity your friend doesn't know who he is neither does he know that his life is being monitored" he opened the door of his office, entered with him, and sat on his chair while Joe stood before his table looking at him strangly. Just then, Mr Ernest entered with Alina who had just received treatment. Joe looked at them one by one. He wasn't afried neither was he shaking.
    "Why was I allowed to come here and what do you people want from my friend?" he asked.
    "You're here to know who your friend is and also to take up a responsibility. Your friend must not discover his potentials, you must make sure of that. He must not know about this place, he must not have sex with any girl especially the one you notice that loves him so dearly and you must make sure of that. You are now like a spy to him. Most importantly, he must not been caught by the wraiths, else, things will go wrong" general Apex instructed vividly.
    "This is crazy!" Joe shrieked. Apex laid back on his chair while Alina closed the door behind to avoid distraction. "Why do you people wonna frustrate my friend's life for no reason? He isn't gonna have sex, he isn't gonna discover his potentials and will never know that his life is being monitored. This is inhuman!"
    "Now listen to me young man" Apex continued leaning forward. "I know everything about your family, you will never see them again if you leak any of these secrets. You are free to come here at anytime. You can go now"
    "What about Ken?"
    "He'll be fine"
    Joe wanted to go but Mr Ernest called him back and said, "Remember my family must not know this too"
    Joe finally clutched the doorknob and walked outside angrily without saying anything, while Alina was given a sign to see him off. General Apex and co knew why they never wanted Ken to discover his potentials. It is because he gonna use it against them if he one day finally discover that his late father was killed by them. At the same time, if he is caught by the wraiths, they'll lose the war. What actually is the reason for the war?
    Alina walked side by side with Joe until he came out of that building. They entered into the car again then drove off. Meanwhile, there was a young beautiful girl who had been watching him. That was Elisa, general Apex's daughter.
    When Alina dropped Joe at Los Angeles, she told him just before he wanted to step out of the car. "We are not the bad people, the wraiths are"
    "What are you people fighting for?" Joe asked.
    "It's a long story. Call me if you sense danger" she handed a wristwatch to him. "Just press the red button" she drove out after he stepped down.
    At San Gebriel mountain, Ken finally got there feeling tired and frustrated. Why he was there was something he had no idea of. He sat on top of the mountain looking at the lonely vegetation. After sitting for several minutes, he remember what his teacher thought them: WHEN BEING CHASED TO BE EXECUTED, BECOME A RUNNER BUT LATER, BECOME THE CHASER AFTER GETTING PREPARED. Just then, he stood up and began to train himself.
    Back to the city, Joe hurried to the residence of Mrs Bellen to first know how she was doing. Surprisingly to him, he saw Meg approaching to the house too....

    Episode 10

    When Meg saw Joe going to the same direction, she called on him and hurried up. She wore a jean trouser on a white top. Her hair dangled round her face and breast flung up and down as she began to gallop in order to meet up with him. From the nature of her locomotion, Joe deduce absolute inquisitiveness, therefore, he composed himself in order not to leak a secret. Meg arrived.
    "Hi, Joe"
    "Hi, Meg, where are yor bodyguards?"
    "I sneaked out"
    "Have you seen Ken?" he first made the move of being inquisitive coz he knew she would have asked him the same question.
    Meg became disappointed. "I was gonna ask you that!" she shrieked.
    "Why can't we find out from the mother or he's probably inside the house" they hurried inside the residence of Mrs Bellen to see her preparing to leave. She put on a black gown trying to pick up her car key too but after she turned and saw Meg and Joe, she said, "Oh thank goodness you are here! Where is my son, Meg?"
    "That's why I'm here, ma. I came to see him" she replied.
    "He hasn't come back from school! And.. and.. he's been behaving strangely these days. He came back last night calling the name 'Alina' and also said some people are after his life. He was totally behaving insane" she began to shed tears. "I don't want anything to happen to my son. I don't wonna lose him as I loss the father" she hopelessly sat on one of the cushions and placed a hand on her forehead letting the tears pour out sorrowfully. Meg eyes also got wet with tears, so she sat down with Mrs Bellen to console her. Meanwhile, Joe had remained quiet looking at both of them with hands on his waist. Meg suddenly looked at him.
    "I thought I saw both of you running into the classroom today" she said.
    "Yeah," Joe brought out his hands from the pockets and scratched his head. "but we later departed after that" silence creep in. "I think I know where to find him"
    "I wonna follow you" Meg stood up.
    "No, you can't"
    "You just can't!" Joe shrieked then became quiet. Just in the atmosphere of tranquillity, they heard the door pushed opened and all turned to know who that could be. Lo and behold, Ken walked in through the door with his shirt tied on the waist leaving only his singlet.
    "Ken!" the mother stood up. "Oh my son!" she hugged him while Joe and Meg stared at him.
    On the other hand, Ken had disengaged from the mother also looking at Joe. "I was sent to the mountain for nothing" he said.
    "Mountain?" the mother became surprise. "Which mountain? and who sent you there?"
    "Stay out of this, mum!" Ken was beginning to get upset and was ready to face anything that comes his way; be it good and bad.
    "Calm down Ken, i think you were sent to the mountain coz it's a safe place" Joe replied.
    "For fucking what?! Where is Alina by the way?"
    "She's.. she's.. I mean, I don't know where she is"
    "This is bulshit! I must know who the wraiths are and why there are after me. I must know who Alina is and where she's from. I must get to the root of this. And for you mum," he turned to the mother. "You gonna tell me how my dad died and who he really was" he bagged into his room and banged the door with a force which startled Meg and Mrs Bellen. Already, Meg had become disappointed that she wasn't even noticed by him.
    That was a Saturday morning. Meg dressed up to leave the house but the three bouncers followed her from the staircase to the sitting room. Only Mrs Hellen, the mother, was there. She had never supported the idea of the husband getting guards for her daughter, therefore when Meg saw her, she ran to her saying, "Mum, please, tell them not to follow me for shopping"
    "Alright" the mother looked at the three bouncers. "Let her be"
    "I won't allow that" Mr Ernest's voice came from the staircase.
    "Horny why? Why going this far to prevent our daughter from a boy? Why are you doing this?"
    "I have spoken"
    Meanwhile, Meg had slowly got to the door because she knew that nothing would made her father concur with the mother. Before they knew it, she clutched the doorknob, rushed out and locked it. She could be seen in a short ash jean skirt running to one of the car. She unlocked it with a remote, hump in and drove out before the bouncers found their way out of the building.
    On the other hand, Joe had been with Ken trying to talk sense into him. They were at a shopping centre but they weren't shopping rather sat under a shed meant for resting. Many blacks and white of Los Angeles paraded up and down with big and small bags in their hands. Little children on the other hand, played around at the playground. Joe looked at Ken to know how the Nebraskans were able to monity him. Was it with the aid of a camera? he didn't just understand. He also was aware that they were being watched presently at Nebraska.
    "Ken, I have a suggestion for you"
    "Travel outside America. I mean to Africa"
    "Noway, I must sit back, wetness the wraiths and also know why they are after me"
    "I don't think you wonna know"
    "What do you mean by that?" Ken looked at him suspiciously. "Is there something you aren't telling me?"
    As Joe wanted to respond, they sighted Meg coming out of her car wanting to go into the shopping plaza. She got the boys' attention without knowing. When Ken saw her, she remembered his behavior the previous day.
    "I have to talk to her, bro. I didn't recognise her presence yesterday due to anger carried me away" Ken rushed up instantly. Joe couldn't stop him in order not to become more suspicious.
    "Hey, Meg!" Ken called from a distance.
    Meg turned and was excited to see him. "Hey what are you doing here?"
    "Just with my friend, Joe" Ken grabbed one of her hands. "I'm sorry that I never.. It was out of anger"
    "Is okay, I understand" Meg smiled looking into his eyes. From there Ken finally began to develop feelings for her!!

    Episode 11

    At the shopping centre, Joe understood from afar that Ken had started developing feelings for Meg, therefore he rubbed his head with his hands and bent down "Oh boy! What have i gotten myself into?" he exclaimed. Immediately he raised his head up, he surprisingly saw Meg and Ken standing before him. Of course they vividly heard what he said.
    "What are you taking about, dude?" Ken asked him.
    "Nothing" he stood up, smiled at Meg who just greeted him and began to walk out. "We gonna talk tomorrow, Ken" he concluded and left.
    That particular character got Ken confused. Why would Joe just leave like that after seeing him with Meg. As he thought about the uncharacteristic attitude exhibited him, Meg called on him.
    "Ken?" he turned. "Let's shop together"
    "Humm.. I don't have some money with me"
    "You shouldn't bother about that. I have enough money with me"
    "Okay then" Ken followed her.
    As days passed, Ken found more reasons to fall in love with Meg regardless of her father's rules. Of course there were always a way for Meg to excap from the bouncers to see him and Joe never stopped monitoring them too. Meanwhile, Mrs. Bellen had traveled to Chicago to see one of Ken's uncle.
    The two lovers sat on a large field at night where, of course, was a bit dark but different colours of light were seen at every part. Others could be seen drinking and having fun there. Ken wore a three quarter jean trouser and a singlet-like shirt while Meg wore a skirt and a brown handless top. She placed a head on his shoulder as both sat there admiring the stars. There were also plates of food and bottles of drink before them.
    "Ken?" Meg called from his shoulder. "I love you" she added softly then raised her head from his shoulder just to see him staring into her eyes.
    "I must be a liar if I say I have not fallen in love with you too" Ken replied. He saw her smiling then began to smile too until there ended up kissing each other...
    The kiss proceeded inside the residence of Mrs Bellen just in the palour heading to Ken's room. Of course the next step was sex which Joe had to stop but he was nowhere to be found. Inside the room, Ken romantically placed Meg on the bed still kissing and romancing her body. She raised one of her legs up in a way her underwear became visible.
    Since Joe knew there were together that night, he suspected such a thing might happen, therefore he called Ken on the phone without him picking up. He called Meg too, yet there was no answer. Immediately, he began to rush to the place (Ken's house). Just at the entrance, he met Alina.
    "What are you doing here?" he asked her.
    "Because you're late" she replied and banged the door opened.
    That interrupted Meg and Ken after there were already naked ready to get their organs wet. Ken jumped up, put on his boxers and went out to the sitting room to see Joe standing at the door. Alina was nowhere to be found again.
    "What's wrong with you, dude?!"
    "I'm sorry for the way I just barge in"
    Ken reduced his voice and looked at the directed of his room. "She's with me, you really have to go now" he said calmly. "By the way, why are you here?
    "Umm.. I.. I.. I was just worried about you" Joe stammered.
    "Are you crazy! As what? Your girlfriend? Guy, you really have to go now" Ken wanted to go back but Joe called him back. "What's it again, dude?"
    Joe remained quiet without knowing how to prevent him from making love to Meg. Where would he start from and for what reason would he give? The sitting room remained quiet as Ken waited patiently to hear from his friend.
    "Umm.. I don't think what you gonna do now is a good idea." Joe finally said.
    "Why?" Ken spread his hands in the air.
    "Coz.. umm.. it's.. umm.. a sin"
    "Oh fuck! You have to start going" Ken dragged him by the hand taking him towards the door until he succeeded in pushing him outside. "We gonna talk later" he closed the door, locked it and went back into the room. Meanwhile Meg had put on only her pant and covered herself with a bedshit.
    "Who was that?" She asked.
    "Just a Friend" Ken met her again, she grabbed his head gently then the kissing and romance continued. But something happened; Alina barge in, pulled him out from the bed and handed his cloth to him.
    "Get dressed" she instructed.
    Meg had also jumped up to dress up too. Everything became like a movie to Ken, he looked at Alina and to the direction of the door to see Joe standing there.
    "What's happening!" he shrieked.
    "Just dress up" Alina commanded again.
    "You must be crazy!" Ken looked at his friend, it was obvious that he knew about the reason why Alina did what she did or probably he summoned her there. When he understood vividly that Joe was working with her was the moment he saw the same wristwatch in their wrists. Then he walked to Joe and said in a calmed manner.
    "Bro, what's going on?"
    "Guy, you have to listen to her"
    "I don't get it. Listen to what? Oh, I can't have some privacy anymore. Is that what I should listen to?"
    However, Meg had finished dressing up. She angrily walked out from the room to the darkness without listening to Ken who tried to call her back. Suddenly, she screamed in the dark and all, even Alina rushed out to see what happened to her but she was nowhere to be found again; the wraiths had taken her. Ken looked from Alina to Joe for an explanation but there was none.
    "Oh, God, I'm finished!" he exclaimed looking at his friend. "You caused this!" he rushed him and gave him an unexpected slap. He tried to slap him again but they heard Meg scream from afar for the second time.
    "Wraiths!" Alina drew her swards..

    Episode 12

    Alina drew her swards. Before she took on her heels, Ken had already ran after the wraiths following the direction of Meg's screaming voice. Joe wasn't exception, he also ran along with them. There became a point when Meg's voice wasn't heard anymore then Ken stopped running. "Meg!" he shouted but nobody responded.
    "That's of no use" Alina ran pass him with a speed as if she really knew the road in which they took. Joe also arrived at where Ken was standing then stood beside him and breathing hastily. They exchanged an unfamiliar eye contact but Ken ended up disdaining him.
    "I'm sorry, man," Joe broke the silence.
    Ken never responded rather started running again following the same direction Alina followed. As they ran in that faithful night, they discovered that they were running out of the city of Los Angeles. Just in the middle of a lonely road, the two boys stopped without meeting up with Alina. They both panted and rested.
    "Where could Alina be?" Ken asked placing two hands on his knees.
    "Have you forgotten she flies?" Joe responded rhetorically.
    "Oh, God, what a mess have I gotten myself into? What am I gonna tell Meg's father? I'm finished! He will just kill me alive" just as he complained bitterly, two wraiths attacked them but they had to run, which in the process, Joe pressed the button of the wristwatch Alina gave to him. Ken could see it blinking red light until Alina arrived from nowhere with her strange car. Just as the wraiths saw the headlight of the car, they suddenly vanished. She pulled over before the two boys, came out then the red light from Joe's wristwatch went off.
    "Are you guys okay?" Alina approached closer to them.
    "Where is Meg?" Ken queried her instantly.
    "I'm sorry, I couldn't get her"
    "You must be joking!" Ken wanted to go into a physical combat with her but his friend tried to pull him back. "" You must find Meg tonight!" he kept ranting and struggling in the hands of his friend.
    "Let him be" Alina instructed Joe before he released him. "I promise to get your girlfriend for you but you have to understand that it's beyond my power to do so now coz she had been taken into the territory of the wraiths. We have to prepare and go into their territory tomorrow"
    "We?" Ken approached gently. "Who are the we?"
    "It's none of your business" Alina wanted to open the door of her car but Ken's voice interrupted her, though she didn't turn to face him but listened to what he had to say.
    "Are you insane?" Ken began. "I don't know who you are but you keep protecting me. These wraiths whom you know have taken my girlfriend. Also, you prevented me from having some privacy with her and all you could say is that it's none of my business?" Everywhere on the loanly road became quiet. Alina never altered another word, yet wanted to proceed into the car but Ken's voice prevented her again saying, "I don't care to know who you are again or with whom you are working with and what you are hiding from me too. I'm gonna find out by myself, and when I do, you gonna be the first person I will put a bullet in her head. Mark my words!" he turned to his friend, "And you! Same thing is applicable to you coz I know you have started working with her" he angrily walked out from their midst, yet Alina never turned to face him rather she finally entered into her car and sped off while Joe ran after Ken.
    Alina angrily drove to Nebraska that night. Ken's threatening words rang like a bell to her until she arrived walking briskly and angrily to the main building where general Apex and other workers stood before the large television on each wall of the building. There was no need for Alina to explain what happened coz they had already seen it on the screen, even Ken's very words.
    "They've gotten Ernest's daughter" was the only thing Alina could say.
    General Apex brought out his cell phone and called Mr Ernest who was with the wife at home watching news without knowing what happened that night. He told him the incident then hung up the call looking at every single person in the building who stood quietly. "Prepare for war! We are matching into the territory of the wraiths to rescue that girl tomorrow" he said.
    "Yes, sir!" they all responded.
    Apex looked at Alina. "Prepare your colleagues too" he told her.
    "Yes, sir" she left to the exterior part of the building, called on the strong and tranined soldiers like her then passed the information.Though she wasn't the leader but was acting like one coz Mike, the leader, disappeared from the last war they had with the wraiths. Unfortunately, she was secretly in love with him and never told him how much she loved him. She hopped to see him again.
    After addressing her fellow soldiers, she went into her room, drew out her two swards, sat on the adge of her bed then began to rotate the swards gently on the floor. The room had only a window, wardrobe, large bed and a standing mirror. Suddenly, her door cracked opened. She looked up to see Elisa, general Apex's daughter, staring at her.
    "I heard we are going for another war with the.."
    "Yes" Alina interrupted.
    "But why?"
    "Go ask your father" she stood up, zipped down her shirt then began to undress in the girl's presence who saw a butterfly tattoo on her back.
    "You know my dad isn't gonna tell me anything" Elisa concentrated solely on the tattoo.
    Alina didn't answer her again as she pulled down her trouser wearing only pant and bra. When the quietness lingered, she turned to see Elisa standing very close to her.
    "How did you get this tattoo?"
    "It doesn't matter to you"
    "It does coz I have seen it somewhere before"
    Hearing that, Alina turned swiftly. "You must tell me where you saw it"
    "Not until you tell me what I wonna know" Elisa turned.
    "What do you wonna know?"
    Elisa faced her once again still in the appearance of pant and bra. "For all my life I have never been allowed to leave Nebraska and I see nothing but fight and war every moment. So tell me, Alina, is Nebraska a hidden place and why are we at war with the wraiths from the onset? Also, what is bringing about the recent war we are going tomorrow? Lastly, who was that boy you came with few days ago?" she concluded.
    Of course Alina knew that the last question was talking about Joe. She didn't know where to start then she gently sat down again on the bed. "Your questions are too many but I must answer them provided you'll tell me where you saw the tattoo" she said.
    "Sure" Elisa brought a chair and sat down before her with her ears widely opened.…

    Episode 13

    Elisa had to cross her legs as a way of showing how ready she was to listen to the answers to the questions she imposed on Alina. She wore a black plain trouser with flat shoes over a white shirt whose two permanent belts dangled by the side. She was a black, the colour of her hair obviously explained that.
    "Nebraska might seem to be hidden but is not" Alina began to answer the questions one by one. "What makes it hidden is because of what can be found in it which is also the reason why we are at war with the wraiths.."
    "What's this thing that can be found in Nebraska?" Elisa interrupted.
    "The presence of Finodal. It is a new discovered chemical element which has been broven by us to be a source of an immortal life. The wraiths were once normal beings from the land of Keresta before they discovered the element too. They once captured it from us but it made them half humans and half dead because they used it wrongly, thus, making them strong, swift and deadly. The only person who has the knowledge to bring them back to normal human being is Ken. The same chemical killed one Mr Fedrick few weeks after he was used as a spacemen for the experiment of immortality which resulted to another power found in his chromosomes. This power is believed to be transfered to his offspring, Ken. After sometimes, he died as a result of..."
    "Wait," Elisa interrupted again. "Fedrick was the father of Ken?"
    "Was he part of Nebraska?"
    "Then how come he was used as a spacemen for the experiment?"
    "He was captured and drugged. His life was also monitored just the same way his son is being monitored and he died not knowing Nebraska nor what killed him"
    "This is wickedness!" Elisa exclaimed then both remained quiet. "Why monitoring Ken too" she broke the silence.
    "For him not to be captured by the wraiths and not to discover his powers" Alina answered.
    "Wait, he doesn't know he has some natural powers? And what are these powers?"
    "Yes, he doesn't know until he makes love to a woman. The powers is the ability to cure the wraiths and any other humans being with such problem. Most importantly, he has the ability to move as fast as the speed of light which also the wraiths wants to get from his blood to enable them get the Finodal from us esily. Note, the powers aren't natural" Alina exhaled after pausing for a while. "Your father, Apex, discovered the element and wants to introduce it to the world after he achieves his dream of immortality with it, and guess what, he gonna be stinkingly rich" she concluded then stood up. "I guess I have answered your questions"
    "No, one remaining" Elisa also stood up.
    "Oh, the name of the young guy that followed me here days ago is Joe" Alina smiled after answering the last question. "Now tell me, where else did you see the tattoo on my back?"
    "Inside my..." A knock on the door interrupted Elisa. One of the female soldiers entered and said, "Alina, Mike is back!"
    "Mike?" Alina immediately put on her cloth and rushed out forgetting the information she wanted to get from Elisa. All ran outside....
    Back to the city of Los Angeles, after receiving the news about Meg, Mr Ernest, the father, kept shouting and ranting at the wife just inside the sitting room. "I will make sure I lock up that boy called Ken! How could he? Now my daughter has been kidnapped all because of him. I warned Meg to stay away from that boy but she never listened to me neither did you hacken to my words! Now you've seen the result" he ran upstairs angrily but suddenly ran down with his car key. He drove straight to Nebraska that night while the wife shed tears in the room.
    On the other hand, Joe had not let Ken out of his sight as both argued in the residence of Mrs Bellen. Joe never wanted to accept the fact that he was working with Alina or was hiding something from him, neither did Ken believed him. Just as the argument continued, Ken's cell phone rang then he picked up instantly seeing that it was Meg's number.
    "Hello, Meg!"
    "All we need is your blood and help otherwise her head will be sent to you by tomorrow morning" a male deep voice sounded on the phone.
    "My blood?" Ken became surprise then glanced at his friend who stared at him steadily. "Please, don't harm her. I will do whatever you say"
    "Then come tonight to Keresta" the line went dead.
    "How can I get there.. hello... hello.." Ken put the phone into his pocket to leave but Joe held him back.
    "You aren't going anywhere, bro"
    "Why?" Ken glared. "Get your hands off me!" he bit his hand off yet he held him again. That resulted to a serious fight ...
    At Nebraska, Alina rushed out from her room just to see Mike coming out from general Apex's personal room then hurried and embraced him tightly exhibiting some emotional characters which Mike observed shouldn't be done by a soldier. Nevertheless, he reciprocated. Just then did Alina notice that she had unknowingly showed some emotional feelings to him, therefore, she disengaged from him. Mike was five fit tall, black and muscular. He dressed exactly like Alina with his swards behind him too.
    "I thought you were dead. What happened?"
    "It's a long story" Mike replied.
    Just then, Alina wristwatch began to blink red light and an agent rushed to her immediately and said, "Alina, Ken has been hit down by Joe and we are blind!"
    "I got it!" Alina smiled at Mike and rushed out instantly.
    Joe mistakingly hit Ken to unconsciousness which as a result made the large television on the wall at Nebraska that was used to monitor him go blind. That explains why the agent said that they were blind because only when Ken eyes are close that they won't be able to monitor him or see him on the screen of the television. This means, the camera which they used to monitor him was inbuilt and connected to him eyes.
    Joe locked him inside the house. Immediately he stepped outside, he met Alina at the door.
    "Why did you hit him down?"
    "He's not dead"
    "I know"
    "I guess he was called by the wraiths and he wanted to go to them that's why I mistakenly hit him down"
    "You did the right thing" Alina turned to go. "Follow me" she instructed.
    "To where?" Joe followed her.
    "Nebraska. You have to be around as we plan for the war tomorrow morning" Alina concluded.
    However, Ken had regained consciousness but his image wasn't able to display on the television at Nebraska instantly because it takes a while for it to connect. Ken looked through the window to see Alina and Joe walking hastily, then he jumped through it and followed them without their knowledge. "I must know where they are going to" he concluded on his mind....

    Episode 14 & 15

    Ken followed them gradually until they entered into Alina's car. He never hesitated, rather grabbed the nearest available bycircle on the road and began to pedal it as fast as he could. Though the car was fast enough to go out of his sight but he kept riding the bycircle and following the same road even after he knew that he was going out of the city of Los Angeles.
    Meanwhile, Mr Ernest had arrived at Nebraska with all anger in him. He could be seen walking into the health centre and finally to the inner building where everybody was, even general Apex and Mike. They all watched as the technicians and computer operators struggled to get the television connected with the inbuilt camera in Ken's eyes. It had never been easy for them to get it connected.
    "What a fuck am I hearing!" Mr Ernest barked, thus drawing people's attention to him.
    "I'm sorry sir. We gonna do anything to get your daughter back from the hands of the wraiths" general Apex swifty interfered knowing how angry he was.
    "I don't want my daughter to stay in the hands of the wraiths till daybreak. So anything that must be done should be done now!"
    "That means we aren't gonna wait till morning again. We have to attack them tonight"
    "Yes" Mr Ernest looked at Mike then became surprise. He shook hands with him and welcomed him as well. He also directed his eyes to the technicians working on all the appliances. He could see that something had gone wrong. Therefore, even before he asked, Apex explained to him saying, "Ken is unconscious as a result of stubbornness. Joe had to hit him down after he tried to succumb to the request of the wraiths. So we have been trying to get it connected with him again"
    Just then, Alina walked in with Joe.
    " There is a change of plan" Apex began instantly walking outside with Mike, Alina and Joe. "We are actually going to the war tonight. You gonna move into the wraiths territory, destroy and rescue the young girl" he looked at Mike. "You can take over from here" he instructed, tapped Joe on the shoulder in a way that shows: FOLLOW ME. He followed him instantly while Mike called on the soldiers of Nebraska....
    However, Ken had been paddling on the road. There was no car running neither was there a trace of human being. Curiosity never allowed him understand how dangerous the journey he was embarking is. As he rode the bycircle, he saw two roads; one by the right while the other by the left then followed the one by the left not knowing that he actually took a wrong direction that leads straight to Keresta instead of Nebraska. He kept sweating and riding.
    Back to Nebraska, as Mike addresses the soldiers, so as general Apex addresses Joe in his office. He sat down while Joe stood before his table.
    "Your parents aren't in town, they live at Chicago while you just school in Los Angeles. I want you to be fully part of Nebraska. I want you to work for us"
    "I don't get it, sir. What is so special about working here? I still don't get the reason of all this work, monitoring and fighting here and there"
    "You gonna know as time goes on. For now, you must carry out every responsibility given to you here"
    "And what if I say no?"
    "You can't say no" general Apex stood up when he heard the soldiers finally matching out for the war. "Excuse me" he left the office after which Elisa sneaked in. She was shocked when she saw Joe coz she never expected to see him. There was a facial gaze that took place between them but she averted her eyes and opened her father's drawer as Joe watched silently. She brought out a file, opened it and took a picture of a young naked girl. On the back of the girl, Joe saw a butterfly tattoo as Elisa tried to place it inside her pocket. She wanted to leave the office after that but stepped back and said to Joe, "Please, don't tell my dad what you've seen"
    Joe didn't say a word rather gave her a factitious smile. She left after returning the smile too.
    Out of curiosity, Ken kept riding on the lonely road until he realized himself; he had travelled beyond expectation. He kept breathing heavily and looking at every part of the road. He saw nothing but bushes and mountains, and behind the mountain was the territory of the wraiths. As he contemplated on what next to do, he heard hundreds of footsteps coming from behind: those were Mike, Alina and other soldiers of Nebraska matching to Keresta. Hearing that, Ken hid beside the bush until they approached closer. The weapons found with them were just swards and bowls of arrow. Not that there was no invention of guns but because guns can't kill the wraiths. After they matched forward, Ken sighted Alina and other guy beside her-Mike. He followed them from behind without their knowledge.
    They finally invaded into the land of Keresta then scattered around a forest immediately after the mountain. They could see several buildings with candle-light radiating through the windows. Some wraiths were standing outside for security reasons and well prepared for any attack too. They were also with swards and bowls. The only different is that their heads were covered with their garments. After they noticed the presence of the Nebraskans, they opened a fire with arrows. Others drew their swards and began to fight too. Meanwhile, Ken had taken a shortcut into one of the rooms in search of Meg after hearing her voice. He could hear the sounds of swards and voices of people as he sneaked into the house to see Meg tied on a chair and a wraith with a sward standing beside her. What could he possibly do to rescue his girlfriend since he had no weapon? Moreover, due to the sounds of the swards from a distance, the wraith became more observant and ready for anybody that would come into the room. Ken looked around and picked up a rod found by the corner of the wall. Meg was the first person to see him but he placed a hand across his lips which indicated that she shouldn't make a noise. When the wraith walked towards the window, Ken silently met her and began to untie the rope in which she was tied down to the chair with, yet observing the wraith to know when he would turn back. Of course, he wanted to turn just before he untied the rope but Ken rushed and hit him the rod on the head in a way he did not only fall down but his sward also fell from him and cut deep into Ken's leg thereby letting out the flow of blood on the floor.
    "Ken, hurry!" Meg shouted.
    Ken hurried with the bleeding legs, totally untied the rope and they began to run out of the building. "This way!" They took the same shortcut in which he came in with and ran towards the mountain and finally to the main road where Ken had to carry Meg on the bycircle riding as fast as he could.
    On the other hand inside Nebraska, the camera had finally connected and everybody in the building rejoiced except Joe, Mr Ernest and Apex who watched closely on the large television to see Ken riding with Meg behind. It wasn't clear enough because it was dark actually.
    "Wait" Apex stepped forward. "Where is he and who is he carrying on the.."
    "That's my daughter!" Mr Ernest interrupted.
    Just then, general Apex called on Alina on the cell phone...
    Back to Keresta, Mike conquered several wraiths and rushed into the building in search of Meg but only to see a split of blood on the floor and untied rope. Just as he contemplated on what happened, Alina rushed in and said, "General called, he said Meg is with Ken"
    "But how come?"
    "I don't know"
    Both went out of the building and finally retreated from the war. Few seconds later, the remaining wraiths came into the room where Meg miraculously escaped with Ken. The one who was hit by the rod came out and said, "This is actually one of the things we have been looking for" he pointed at the blood on the floor. "This blood is from the boy. With this, we can move as fast as the speed of light and eventually capture the finodal from the Nebraskans then became immortals"
    They circled the blood inside the room and began to get a drop of it into their mouths one after the other. Within some minutes, they felt a different power within them.
    "Now, the war begins properly" the leader said with smiles on his face and sped off from the room with a high speed in a way that only his lightening was seen through the door. Others smiled and sped off too.
    Even before the soldiers of Nebraska got home, the wraiths had already gotten there. Inside the building where general Apex was still watching Ken, they noticed a strange wing which blew across them into of one the rooms.
    "What was that?" Apex asked.
    "No idea, sir" one of the workers replied.
    Just then, another wing blew across them into general Apex's office. That one was totally obvious, therefore, all brought out guns. Other wraiths sped inside the building too and stood before them all without minding the guns that were pointed at them.
    "Do you really think you can win this war?" the leader of the wraiths said laughing. Just then, Mike and co came back, saw them and drew their swards too, yet, the wraiths never cared.
    "The war has just begun" general Apex opened fire but surprisingly for him, the gun disappeared from his hand: the wraith took it with a lightening speed. Alina, Mike and co also tried to use their swards or arrows but didn't see any in their hands again. They only saw themselves on the ground. Elisa just came out from her room but a flying bullet nearly killed her if not Joe who shouted, "Watch out!" He pushed her back into the room in a way he fell on top of her body then both stared into each other's eyes romantically..
    Back to the other part of the room, Apex had been captured by the wraiths.
    "Now, where is the Finodal?" the leader asked him.
    "Inside the lab" he replied.
    "Take me there"
    General Apex took him to the lab. It was a large enlogaged room with chemistry apparatus and compounds on each table. Some had green colour while others had yellow and red colours. Apex showed him the element, he took it and they all sped back to their territory.
    After the wraiths left, everybody stood up even Joe and Elisa came out from the room. Nobody could say a word neither were they able to explain what happened until general Apex spoke up saying, "They finally got the blood of that idiot. That's why they were able to move that fast. But i assure you, we aren't gonna stop. We must get back the element and kill them all. And this must be done as early as possible because if they finally become immortal with the element, they won't be killed again"
    "But how are we gonna do that seeing how powerful they are now?" Mike asked.
    "We gonna use someone as powerful as they are too"
    "And who are you talking about?"
    "I'm talking about Ken. I guess is time he knows who he is" Apex walked towards the television glaring at Ken who had rode into the city of Los Angeles with Meg.
    "I don't think that's a good idea" Alina interfered. "Bringing Ken here or making him discover his powers will not only drive him mad but definitely make him to discover about the death of his father too. And you know what that means"
    Apex gently turned with hands behind him. "We gonna gonna teach him how to control the power and fabricate story about his life which doesn't attach with the death of his father"
    "But you should know that one day he must find out the truth" Mike inferred.
    "Yes, I know" Apex took two steps forward. "After we use him to destroy the wraiths and get our element back, we kill him too just like we killed the father" he concluded while Joe opened his mouth widely in amazement...

    Episode 16 & 17

    Still in Nebraska, not only Joe didn't accept the idea of executing Ken after being used, even persons like Alina and Elisa didn't concur with that too but none of them said anything about it because they knew that they were bound by secret and laws which, if any of them go contrary to, the victim will be killed without thinking twice. Therefore all remained quiet staring at general Apex.
    Mike was a faithful leader that wouldn't hesitate to kill Ken if actually the order is given to him, so he had no remuse about the plan stipulated by Apex.
    All this while they were all silence, Mr Ernest reasoning was on his daughter too. How would he allow her make love to Ken in order for him to discover his powers? He solely thought of that, but he had no option but to allow it happen because he was also bounded by the law and secret of Nebraska.
    As a general, Apex observed their minds one by one as he also looked at them one by one. Fear gripped Joe because he came to his presence staring into his eyes. "Joe.." he called.
    "Sir" he replied fearfully.
    "Any day you leak this secret to your friend, Ken, that day will not only be the end of your generation but that of your siblings and parents too"
    Joe began to quiver. Elisa, who stood by his side noticed it then said to his father, "Dad, you aren't serious, are you?"
    The father neglected the question, turned to others in the building and said, "Same thing is applicable to you'all if you try to betray me. Have I made myself clear!"
    "Yes, sir!" all responded in union.
    "By tomorrow, Mr Ernest, you must bring your daughter here. Is time she'll be part of us. She should know what's on ground and how to go about it because she must make love to Ken"
    "I can't let that happen!" Mr Ernest sparked angrily. "I won't allow my daughter do that. For crying out loud she's only Fifteen years old!"
    "Nonsense!" Apex voice overshadowed his and echoed both inside and outside the building. "Does your daughter's viginity worth the finodal? Or can it be compromised with it? If it doesn't, then you have no choice but to let her do as I've said"
    "You are heartless and wicked" Mr Ernest moved closer to him in a way he looked straight into his eye man to man. "I'm not afraid of you or what you can do. Never will I allow my daughter into this place" he concluded and began to walk out briskly. His words provoked general Apex, so he brought out a gun to shoot him but the daughter didn't only run to him but also blocked the gunpoint.
    "Please, Daddy, it doesn't worth taking his life. I believe he will do as you've said"
    "He better does" Apex gradually lowered his gun then discharged everybody.
    "Can I go now?" Joe threw the question in the air.
    "Alina will take you home but you must report back here tomorrow morning" Apex instructed facing the large television on the walls, he could see Ken dressing his wounded leg at home after he had dropped Meg to their house. The mother was happy to receive her daughter back. Though she asked Ken how it happened but he never said anything rather hurried home to treat his wound.
    Alina began to drive Joe home. Both were silent without a trace of smile on their faces. Different colours of electronic light shone from the car and reflected on their angry faces.
    Joe glanced at her, "Are you gonna allow this happen?"
    "Allow what?" Alina returned the question without looking at him.
    "Ken execution"
    "I have no choice"
    "Are you for real? You guys killed his father, now you gonna kill the innocent son after using him for your selfish interest"
    "Like I told you, I have no choice" Alina repeated yet concentrating on the steering wheel.
    "Are you guys slaves to that man, Apex?" Why can't you object to some of his decisions?"
    "To me, I am a slave"
    "What do you mean?" Joe adjusted on his seat.
    Aline disconnected every communication connection with some agents in Nebraska then pulled over. Joe didn't need a prophet to tell him that he asked a serious question.
    "Eight years ago in Los Angeles" Alina began. "Armed robbers invaded into our house, killed my twin sister and carried me out. In the process, general Apex appeared from nowhere, recured me and trained me to this day. So I owe him my loyalty"
    "I'm sorry about your twin sister" Joe said.
    She didn't answer rather set the car in motion again.
    Mr Ernest couldn't sleep the previous night. He dressed up to leave the bedroom but the wife called him back. She was still on the bed half naked.
    "You didn't sleep last night. What's troubling you?"
    "Nothing important" the husband walked back to a dressing mirror and picked up his wristwatch to wear.
    "Have you forgotten that I'm your wife? I know when you are troubled. Are you hiding anything from me?"
    "No" he walked out of the room to his daughter's room. He opened after a knock and said to her. "Meg, get dressed, we are going out"
    Meg sat up from her bed. "To where dad?" she asked.
    "To Ken's" he closed the door and walked downstairs.
    Meg reasoned on what the father said. "What's he up to? Or is he trying to apologize to Ken? Anyways, I'll find out" she thought and began to freshen up.
    Mr Ernest drove with Meg to the residence of Mrs Bellen. They could be seen in the living room with Ken sitting opposite both of them. There was a bandage round his leg as he anticipated to hear from his guests. That was the first time Mr Ernest visited their house, which, of course, became a surprise to him. As they seated there, Mr Ernest knew they were being watched from Nebraska, so he polished his words.
    "I came to thank you for saving my daughter from the hands of.. I don't know but just thank you. Also, I apologize for.."
    "You know about the wraiths, don't you?" Ken interrupted coz he noticed from his voice that he had an idea of whom he rescued his daughter from.
    "No, I don't know" he replied.
    "They are called wraiths. They are the people or devils that kidnapped your daughter and they needed my blood too. Please, tell me who they are and why they need me. I don't even know who I am. I see somebody saving my life each day, yet , I don't know who she is, even my friend has suddenly become an enemy to me. Please, help me, I'm dying of curiosity"
    Ken's words reminded Meg about his dream he told her of, and also made her feel so emotional. She looked at her father, "Daddy, please, help him"
    "I don't know what he's talking about" the father stood up. "Let's go, Meg" he walked out of the room followed by Meg who saw Ken nearly shedding tears.
    They began to drive again, obviously Mr Ernest was taking her to Nebraska but he lied to her severally on the road when she asked where they were going to.
    They finally got to Nebraska. Meg came down from the vehicle looking around to see men practicing how to fight with swards. He looked at the entrance of the health center and other buildings attached to it.
    "Where is this place, dad?" she asked.
    "This is Nebraska" the father replied. "Follow me" They entered into the interior part of the building, yet, Meg couldn't take her eyes off the amazing but strange structures. When Alina and Mike came to greet Mr Ernest, she was able to recognize her as one who barge into Ken's room when they wanted to make love but pretended not to know her. They walked into the other building where computer operators and the large television were. When she saw the television and the person displaying on it, she shouted with hands on her mouth, "Oh my God!" She looked at the father. "Dad, is that Ken?"
    "Yes, that's your boyfriend, Ernest Meg" genera Apex came out.
    "Who are you and what are you people up to? Dad, you knew about what Ken asked you but you kept quiet"
    "That's because your father is a good man" Apex interfered again and placed a hand in his pocket then began to walk around. "He has been working here as a medical doctor he is and he is prohibited from saying some things. Your boyfriend will know who he is if only you want him to know"
    "I'm confuse". Meg glanced at her father and back to Apex. Suddenly, Joe also came out standing beside Alina and Mike. " Joe, even you?" Meg became more surprise. "Now, can somebody tell me why I'm here?"
    "Good question" Apex told her the true story about the wraiths but fabricated a story on how Ken got a power which only love making can escalate it. He never told her they killed his father neither did he tell her that Ken will be killed after he is used to get the element back from the hands of the wraiths. "..and you, Meg, daughter of Ernest, is the only girl who can make Ken discover his powers" he concluded.
    Meg smiled factitiously. "So, I have to make love to Ken for.." he looked at the father. "Daddy, are you here at all?"
    "Yes, dear, I'm sorry I put you into this. You have to do as he has said" the father pleaded.
    "I can't believe this!" Meg sparked. "Is Mummy aware of this too?"
    "No, and you must not tell her"
    "Jeez!" Meg exclaimed. "No, I must be dreaming"
    "You have only but three hours to do this otherwise your father dies" Apex commanded. In Meg's presence, soldiers were called, they grabbed the father and tied him on a chair. "Your time starts now" he concluded forgetting that the moment Ken discovers his powers, he gonna become a genus and will easily know how his father died and who killed him. 馃榿
    Meg picked the father's car key and began to walk outside. On his way, she sighted Elisa looking at her from the door of her room. They had the same age but different complexion; Meg is white while Elisa is black.
    After she left, all concentrated on the television to see when the love making will take place. Alina left the place followed by Elisa into her room.
    "I know you are not comfortable with my Daddy's plans"
    "I do" Alina sat on the bed again then remembered that they had an agreement. Therefore she looked up at her and said, "You've not told me where you saw my tattoo"
    Meg brought out the picture of a young naked girl and gave it to her. When she looked at it vividly, she hastily stood up in surprise.
    "Where did you get this?"
    "From my father's file. I hope there's no problem coz I believe that's your picture. Maybe it was taken when you were trying to have something doing with my dad" Elisa smiled and moved her body erotically.
    "This is my twin sister" Alina looked at the picture again.
    "You have a twin sister?"
    Both became quiet staring at each other.
    Meg drove straight to the residence of Mrs Bellen and opened the door without knocking. Nobody was seen in the sitting room but she could hear running water from Ken's room. Therefore she also opened his room without knocking, yet, didn't see anybody. The running water became loud and clear, only then did she realized that he was in the bathroom bathing. She slowly pulled down her gown, pant and bra and entered into the bathroom too. Just then, both became visible on the television at Nebraska.....
    (The Runner)

    Episode 18

    Ken became shocked when he saw Meg entered into the bathroom full naked. He could see her breast still standing up right even the immature nipples. There were few pubic hair down her female organ and she was looking not only attractive but sexy too. On the other hand, Meg saw running water pouring down from his head down the toes and some dripping from his black dick down the floor. He gently turned off the shower as both looked at each other.
    "What are you doing?" he asked.
    "I don't know" she replied taking a step forward. What she was about to do wasn't her plan neither had she done it before but she was mandated to do it. She began to kiss him until they were out of the bathroom to the bedroom, on the bed. The romance became so intense that Ken's dick erected just as Meg's nipples did too. Both battled romantically on the bed with change in temperature and rate of heartbeat. He did not only feel her legs engulf his, and her hands across his back but also heard her moaning for pleasure. It became a shout when his dick finally found it's way into her tight vagina....
    However, the act was displaying on the large television in Nebraska and everybody was watching it except Mr Ernest who bent his head not to behold the daughter's nakedness and immoral act. Of course Joe watched it so as Elisa and others. She glanced at Joe in the process but found him already looking at her, so they averted their eyes at the same time. As the love making went on, Ken's wounded leg began to heal and the bandage untied immediately. Seeing that, Alina looked at Apex.
    "Are you seeing that, sir?"
    "Yes, it's working faster than I thought" he turned to her and Mike. "Both of you, go there now and bring that boy here" he instructed.
    As Mike and Alina were on their way to Los Angeles, so as the sex went on in the very room of Fedrick Ken. Meg suddenly began feel hurt from the way he held and moved on her body; it became rough and more painful. The more she tried to push him away, the tighter he held her.
    "Ken, you're hurting me" she cried out.
    He didn't even hear her neither did he stop what he was doing.
    "Ken!" she called out again in pains. "Please, I beg you, you are hurting me"
    He finally released and let go of her vibrating on the bed naked because he wasn't himself. His muscles increased while his veins also became visible especially those around his neck region. Seeing that, Meg became scared.
    "Hey, Ken, Ken" she began to touch him. "What's happening! Somebody help me!" tears dropped from her eyes. Just then, Mike barge in with Alina and they carried him out immediately while Meg followed them.
    Ken was tied down on a bed in Nebraska as he kept vibrating with his eyes closed. The room in which he was into had a transparent window where everyone watched as he vibrated. Only Apex stood inside while others watched through the window. When Meg couldn't bear the quiver, she shouted, "Please, do somehing!"
    Nobody responded to her but Ken stopped quivering at that moment then everybody paid more attention to know the next exhibition. Ken gradually opened his eyes. He first saw the ceiling which wasn't the type in his room then slightly looked down to see a huge black man standing beside the bed.
    "Where am I, and who are you?"
    "Welcome to Nebraska, Ken, son of Fedrick. You are in the world of your nightmare. Today is the beginning of a new life"
    Ken tried to reason and to recall how he ended up to a strange place. Therefore, he said, "Where is Meg?"
    "She's fine" Apex pointed at the window where he directed his eyes to see not only Meg but also Joe and Alina.
    "She set me up"
    "No, she didn't. We are the good people while the wraiths are the bad people. Therefore we must fight our enemies. Your father died in the hands of the wraiths and they want to kill you too that's why we protected you. Now that you have the powers to fight those who want you dead, we shall help you fight them" Apex instructed for him to be untied which they did. As he was led out of the room to the main building, he noticed that his wound had gone.
    "What happened to my wound?" he asked glancing at Apex.
    "We healed it too" he replied.
    They finally came to the position of the large television to see everyone looking at him. The televisions were off coz they didn't want Ken to know that his life was being monitored, otherwise he would become inquisitive and eventually discover about the true killer of his father.
    "Now I want to know why the wraiths killed my dad and want to kill me too?" Ken threw the question in the air. He didn't care about Mr Ernest and Joe whom he saw standing there too coz he had always had in mind that they hide something from him and being there was actually the secret, so he wanted to know more.
    "The wraiths want you dead because of the power you possess, due to this same power, they killed your father" Apex replied as others listened. Of course they knew all that he said was an illusion.
    "What power do I have and how do you know I have one?"
    "Coz we know you from birth"
    "That doesn't matter.." Apex told the story of the finodal, how it was stolen and it's uses. He also exposed the power which the wraiths possessed and made Ken understood that he had the same power which was escalated by the sex he had with Meg. " with your power, we can get the finodal back and conquer our enemies once and for all" he concluded.
    Everything became clear to Ken except the one that had been hidden from him. He understood why Meg's father acted so mean to him and why Meg walked straight into his bathroom naked. He looked at Joe.
    "I'm sorry bro" Joe said. "I was made not to tell you about this"
    Ken silently began to out of the building feeling a strange power within him. He tried to run with it but saw himself running faster than he expected, thus, hitting himself on a glass which broke instantly. He fell.
    "Ken!" Meg rushed him.
    "You need to control your speed" general Apex stepped forward. "I give you 24 hours to practice before we set out to fight and take that which belongs to us"
    As Ken practiced, so as Mr Ernest angrily left Nebraska with his daughter and sworn never to step feet there again. Both never exchange words in the car until they got home to meet Mrs Hellen in the sitting room. She wore a big yellow gown with her leg crossed. One could see a wedding ring on her finger. She had been a faithful wife and never hid anything from her husband.
    "Where are both of you from?" she asked looking at her daughter and husband. Mr Ernest rushed upstairs without replying while Meg sat down.
    "Mum, we went to appreciate Ken for.."
    "For how many hours?" the mother interrupted.
    "We also went to other places"
    The mother neglected her and walked upstairs to meet the husband. Meg didn't care but pray they work out the issue easily. She never wanted to tell the mother the secret of her father.
    Back to Nebraska, Alina walked straight to general Apex' office with the picture given to her by Elisa. She saw Apex setting on his chair. The expression on her face made him to suspend whatever thing he was doing and concentrated on her.
    "Alina, you don't look good. Is anything the problem?"
    "The armed robbery attack that took place in our house years ago was planned by you, wasn't it? My twin sister never died, you know where she is, don't you? Why did you have to separate us?"
    "I don't know what you are talking about" Apex wanted to get busy but Alina stretched the picture to him.
    "This is my sister and I found this picture in one of your files"
    Apex collected the picture and stood up at the sametime. "How do you know this is your sister, and how dare you open my file?" he asked.
    "I can read the tattoo on her back, it's a bit different from mine. So tell me, where is she?" Alina asked unabashedly with the withdrawal of her sward which she positioned on his throat.
    "If you kill me, you aren't gonna see your sister again" he said.
    Alina gradually lowered the sward then glared at him. He was a devil incarnate and very selfish!
    "Where is she?"
    "She's in California"
    "What have you done with her?"
    "Nothing, I promise you'll see your twin after the war" Apex concluded. Of course Alina knew that he just lied coz he can keep the sister in California without brutality and selfish utility. Therefore, she put back her sward and left the office instantly.
    Here comes the moment everyone was preparing for: the time of war. Ken became ready standing in the midst of all, Apex, Joe, Elisa, Alina and other soldiers. He was to go alone to bring the finodal coz the wraiths couldn't be attacked due to their high velocity abilities. Only Ken who had such power wanted to go face them alone and, of course, conquer them.
    "The people you are about to meet are as fast as you are" general Apex began. "Take this" he handed a syringe to him which contains a chemical. "That will weaken them, and when it does, don't waist time to kill them. I wish you luck"
    Nobody said anything as all stared at him.
    "What if I die in the process? What happens after I bring back the element? Ken asked.
    " You'll become part of us and your needs will be granted. I know nothing will happen to you" Apex replied.
    Just then, Ken speed off. None of them saw him but felt the wind created as a result of his speed..
    Before an hour, Ken returned with the finodal and there was a jubilation in the building. He was bleeding all over the body as he handed the element back to general Apex. Suddenly, they felt a wraith, the leader, sped into the building-he must have escaped during the fight. All the soldiers drew their swards when they saw him.
    "Wait!" Ken instructed them. "I gonna finish him"
    "Not until I finish you" he replied moving forward. Ken also approached forward. They suddenly began to run and hit one another on the wall. Ken sustained more injuries but never cared. He carried the exhausted wraith and hit him on the wall of the large television which actually activated it. Before Ken gave the wraiths several blows, Alina had arrived and cut his head off. Ken stepped backward, lo and behold, he saw his image displaying on the screen. None of them could do anything again coz it was already too late.
    "What's going on here?" he asked. "Why am I being displayed on this screen? Wait!" his brain activated the other ability of intelligence. "Have you been monitoring my life? Wait, you guys have been watching me all this while? That means you knew about me right from childhood. I want to know the reason for this or I.." general Apex interrupted him by injecting the weak chemical into his body then he fell down instantly. He ordered for him to be tied on a permanent chair which they did. He brought out his gun and pointed it at him. Meanwhile, Ken had regained himself but the power was no more there.
    "Sorry Ken," Apex began. "I can't allow you make use of your mental ability coz you gonna know about your father's death"
    "You killed him, didn't you" Ken said with the little strength he had.
    "Sorry, you gonna die like him too"
    "Never will I watch that happen" Joe interfered then stepped forward. "You have to kill me first" he added.
    "Me too" Alina also moved forward. She expected Mike to do and say the same thing but he never did.
    General Apex smiled as he lowered his gun. "You've left me no choice" he began to go out of the arena as his men waited for the next action. "Kill three of them" he instructed.
    Just then, all drew their swards and circled them. Alina gradually drew her two swards while Joe looked around for a weapon...

    Episode 19 (Final) 

    Joe didn't see any weapon to carry. Mike, on the other hand was the only soldier who didn't bring out his swards for the fight, yet, he never joined Ken's group. He just stood there without knowing what to do. He was the true son of the soil-Nebraska, and from the look of things, Ken and Joe weren't citizens neither was Alina a true citizen of Nebraska. Reasoning all that, he drew his sward as all the soldiers waited for his command. Alina glanced at him, looked at the exit to see it blocked and glanced at Ken who was still tied on the bed.
    "Joe, untie Ken then run towards the exit with him" she instructed.
    Immediately Joe stepped a foot to carry out the instruction, Mike also commanded his men and the fight began. Alina fought with all her strength and with all the skills she had acquired for years just to make sure neither Joe nor Ken was harmed. She stood firm protecting them until Joe untied him.
    "Follow me!" she told them and in the process dodge a sward over her head, bent down and cut a soldier's leg. Blood splashed! When she saw that she couldn't fight them all, she handed her two swards to Ken and Joe then began to fight using kung fu. She was trained on both side. Though the soldiers tried to cut her dead but none touched her, only few cut her cloth open and evenly her skin, thus, dripping out blood but she never stopped fighting.
    Joe and Ken worked together fighting as they approached to the exit. Immediately they got there, they sighted Elisa in a car which she had started already.
    "Come on! Come over here!" she shouted from the car.
    As the two boys ran towards the car, Ken turned back and shouted, "Alina!" He threw her sward back to her.
    Alina flew up opposing the force of gravity, caught the sward and cut several soldiers with it before she joined them inside the car. Elisa drove off instantly.
    All this while the fight went on, Mike stood at a place watching how bravely Alina fought and eventually escaped with others...
    Alina finally took the steering wheel from Elisa then added more gears. The velocity of the car outrun other cars on the road, that, if possible, would have flew up in the sky like an airplane. Ken sat in the front seat while Joe and Elisa rested on the back seat.
    "What do you think you're doing?" Joe asked her.
    "What does it look like I'm doing?" she replied while Alina and Ken listened to both of them. "I'm leaving Nebraska. That's what I'm doing. I know my dad is wicked and selfish, that's why I want to leave. Moreover, I choose to be on your side"
    "What?" Joe misunderstood her thinking she was referring to him alone.
    "I mean to be on the side of this group who chose not to kill Ken" she corrected.
    "Oh" he nodded his head.
    There was a total silence in the car except the sound of the engine that indicated how fast they were moving. No residence could be seen except bushes both left and right of the road. It was one way road without a single pothole. In between the road was a white line that demarcated it into two. Ken looked at Alina.
    "What next? I mean where to?"
    "To Mr Ernest's. He gonna do a surgery on your eyes"
    "What for?"
    Alina glanced at him. "Haven't you wondered how you were being monitored. An inbuilt camera is connected to your pupil. The doctor who did that is dead and I think Mr Ernest can be of help to remove it. When you were 3, we kidnapped you and planted the camera"
    "Why didn't my mum notice anything like that?" Ken queried.
    "There was no way she could coz you had no mark anywhere that indicated it" Alina paused allowing another tranquillity to take place. "Apex isn't gonna stop hunting us until he sees us dead. We need to be prepared and have more weapons like guns coz they gonna attack with guns" she concluded.
    (The Best of Chisom)
    Coming on next on Halogate Movies.
    The men barged into the residence of Mr Ernest, right in the sitting room where Mr Ernest and the wife were relaxing. Both stood up instantly in amazement.
    "What are you doing here?" Ernest asked.
    "Apex wants us dead.." Alina wanted to explain but was interrupted.
    "Then does this place look like a refuge?"
    "We came for you to help us remove the camera in Ken's eyes" Alina looked around the house, walked to each window and closed them. Mrs Hellen got confused of who they were and what they were talking about. Therefore she looked at the husband and said, "Honey, who are these people and what is happening?"
    The husband ignored her still insisting that they leave his house. "I have nothing to do with Nebraska again, so leave my house" he had said.
    "You may not have anything do with Nebraska but it has. Just wait and see. Do you think Apex gonna leave you alive after quitting your job there? So the moment you start removing the camera, is the moment we start being invisible to Apex and his workers. Think about it" Alina concluded.
    The room became quiet, just then, Meg appeared at the staircase wearing a pink gown. All directed their eyes to her but she stared at Ken alone remembering their previous deeds.
    "Meg, get my medical tool box from my room!" Mr Ernest instructed. He briskly walked to the centre table and dragged off anything on its surface. "Ken, lie down here" he commanded too. Immediately Ken did as he said, he rushed a table lamp which he placed beside his head then put it on. By then, Meg had arrived with the box, so he began the surgery by first injecting into his body a sleeping syrup.
    Alina tapped Joe on the shoulder. "Follow me" she said as both walked out through the door..
    Back to Nebraska, general Apex larnt that those whom he instructed to be killed escaped with the help of his daughter. He had watched on the television how Mr Ernest began to do the surgery right in his living room. So his anger arose more than initial, he looked at Mike and other soldiers who were standing before him.
    "I want you to drop swards and take guns with you. Kill everyone, I mean everyone in that building of Ernest except my daughter. Have I made myself clear?"
    "Yes, sir!" they chorused and matched out instantly taking guns from Mike.
    On the other hand, Alina and Joe had returned to the residence of Mr Ernest with big bags in their hands. They dropped them in the living room where Elisa, Meg and Mrs Hellen watched how the surgery was taking place. However, Ken had become unconscious lying on the table like a dead man. Also, Mr Ernest has told the wife all that was happening and how he worked secretly in Nebraska.
    "How is it going, Doc?" Alina approached.
    "Fine" Mr Ernest didn't look at her. He wore a spectacle and a hand-glove stained with blood. He suddenly suspended the surgery and looked at the bags they brought. "What's in there?" he asked then began the surgery again.
    Alina never replied to the question but opened the bags instantly. She brought out heavy guns handed one to Joe and another to Elisa. When she wanted to give to Meg and the mother, Mr Ernest said, "Don't you dare lore my family into this"
    "You brought this upon your family already, so either you fight or you die" Alina replied him then finally handed a small gun to Meg. Mrs Hellen refused to take one.
    "This is crazy!" She walked upstairs. After she did, they heard car engines outside the gate then Alina looked through the window to see Apex men coming out with guns.
    "Shit!" she exclaimed. "Doc, how long do you need to be through?"
    "Thirty minutes" he replied.
    Joe positioned at a window while Alina at another window. Already, all the doors had been locked. Elisa and Meg stood very close to Ken to make sure no bullet touches him. As all were quiet waiting for when to fire, Alina whispared to Joe saying, "Never allow anyone to come into this house. Shoot to kill"
    Joe nodded his head and looked through the window to see the men jumping the fence. He targeted one of them then pull the trigger. "Poof!" Blood splashed from the man's head. Hearing that, Alina also opened fire shooting the men one by one as they claimed down the fence, but they suddenly became much who were running towards the building, so Alina instructed the two girls to also take a position at another windows which they did and began to shoot too. The men also opened fire and glasses were destroyed. Though some bullets entered into the building but none touched them.
    "Doc, hurry up!" Alina shouted.
    "I'm almost done!" he replied stitching up the wound in which he brought out the camera. Just then, a bullet hit him on the chest. "Aaahhh!!" he shouted in pain and fell down.
    "Daddy!" Meg rushed him. The wife also rushed downstairs after hearing his voice. Alina and co kept shooting at the numerous soldiers who drew very close to the door but they couldn't outshoot them. They fell back to the same spot where Mr Ernest was dying gradually.
    "Come on, let's move upstairs!" Alina wanted to carry Ernest but he prevented her.
    "It's over" he said then touched his daughter's cheek likewise his wife. "I'm sorry. I love you so much" he concluded and gave up the ghost.
    Just then, Mike and other soldiers came in and surrendered them all at gun point.
    "Put your guns down!" Mike commanded Alina and co.
    They did as he said. Meanwhile, Meg and her mother kept shedding tears as Mike moved forward to drag Elisa off from their midst. After he succeeded, the next thing was to give a command for others to be shot dead. Alina stared at him.
    "You don't have to do this, Mike" she said.
    "I will spare your life if only you turn your back on these people and come back to Nebraska"
    "Nebraska is not my home! Apex has been using me and my twin sister. I deserve to be free from Nebraska!"
    Mike became surprise of what she said then reasoned about it for a moment. He went closer to her and pulled her out from the remaining people. "Kill others" he instructed.
    "Nooo!" Elisa shouted along side with Alina. Without waisting time, the soldiers pulled the trigger but something happened:
    Ken flew up from the table with a high speed that only his lightening was barely seen. In a slow motion, he caught the bullets in his hands, kicked all the soldiers down on the floor, far away from their guns. After that, he stood at a spot with his eyes close. He never knew when he did that but the power which came back in him drove him to do it.
    Seeing the scene, Joe picked up his gun and began shoot the men on the floor as they tried to run away. A bullet touched Mike on his way to retaliate.
    "Stop!" Alina shouted at Joe when she saw that. She rushed him on the floor and began to shed tears. "I've never been myself when I learnt that you disappeared. Therefore I was filled with joy when you came back. Now, I can't let you go without telling you how much I love you. Please, stay strong for me coz I love you, Mike"
    Mike smiled at her without a word. When he wanted to say something, a bullet came from the door and killed him immediately. All directed their eyes to the door to see general Apex standing with a gun. He also wanted to shoot Alina but Ken sped off again, hit him on the wall and gave him several punch on the face in the presence of his daughter.
    With anger, Alina stood up, drew her sward and began to move towards the miserable Apex. Everybody knew what would happen next if she actually gets there.
    "Daddy!" Elisa shrieked with tears in her eyes. She wanted to go prevent Alina but Joe held her back.
    Alina slowly dragged Apex up and pierce the sward into his belly in a way it came out through his back. Elisa cried. Joe made sure her eyes didn't witness the death of her father...
    Joe took over leadership and the finding of immortality with the finodal in Nebraska since he gradually fell in love with Elisa who is the true successor of that.
    Alina, on the other hand finally went to California in search of her twin sister. She found her where Apex traded her with a huge amount of money. She was used there for prostitution. Being a trained soldier, Alina forcefully rescued her from there and they came back to Los Angeles.
    Ken also discovered that the power in him had become permanent and natural. So he used it to save any attack to Nebraska and Los Angeles at large. "My life has changed. Now I know who I am and who I should be. I am the runner boy" he said right in the presence of his mother and sped off to the residence of late Mr Ernest to meet Meg outside the house watering flowers. The wind generated by his speed nearly blew up her gown when he arrived.
    "Can you please slow down when you come here!" Meg said covering her body.
    "My bad" Ken kissed her which in the process they heard police siren, then Meg quit the kiss.
    "Go save the city" she said.
    "On it dear" Ken stepped backward. "I love you"
    "I love you too"
    Both smiled before he sped off.

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