Story: Even your Boo get a Boo Season 2

    Episode 1

    On opening the door, the visitor happened to be Iya kola.

    Good morning ma, i greeted her

    Good morning daniel, how are you? she asked taking a seat.

    Am fine me, i replied

    This one that you are at home today, hope all is well?

    By the grace of God, all is well ma.

    Then why didn’t you go to work today?

    Am not in good health ma, i lied to her, not wanting to let her know that i resigned from my previous Job due to the stipends i do get as income.

    Eyaaaaaaa pele, she said in Yoruba language which meant sorry.

    Have you taken injections? she asked again *injections ke* No ma, i only took some drugs, its just a slight illness and am sure I will be alright by tomorrow. Okay, i wish you quick recovery Thank you ma

    I was sleeping when I heard the sound of your generator which woke me up from sleep, so i decided to come and check on you.

    Ah, am sorry for the disturbance ma

    No problem my dear, since am already here, i will join you in watching movie. So what’s the title?

    The title is Olympus has fallen, have you watched it ma?

    No I haven’t, i prefer Nigerian movies Really, then let’s watch this particular movie together, i said inserting a disk into the DVD player.

    We focused our attention on the film while it was playing and engaged into series of laughter whenever we came across the comedy part of the film. All this while, i had forgotten i was expecting a visitor, it didn’t even occur to me that she will stay this long. The movie was about to end when the generator suddenly stopped and went off. I think the fuel has finished, i said to her

    Am glad we had almost conclude the movie before it went off, you have already entertained me so there would be no need asking you for food again, let me go and prepare it myself. she said standing up to leave.

    Okay ma, you can also include mine in the preparation, i said jokingly Lazy boy, just come over when you feel hungry so you can have it.

    Okay thank you ma, i said to her before she left. I switched off the TV set and other electronics i had switched on earlier, after which i lay on the bed so as to relax my body for some minutes.

    My phone began to ring, i stared at the screen and the name Jenny appeared on it. This was when i remembered I was expecting her, without wasting much time, i picked up the call and spoke

    Hello Jenny

    Hi Daniel, am at the gate of your compound, kindly come and open up.

    Okay, i will be there immediately, i said and hung up the call. I quickly wore something okay and headed outside to open the gate which seemed to be locked.

    On reaching there, i unlocked the gate and saw her, she was putting on a red flowing gown which made her look more beautiful. I stretched out my arms to her, she then came closer and gave me a warm embrace. I felt her boobs on my chest and this sent shivers down my spine.

    While we walked into the compound, i couldn’t help but ask myself if what i truly felt for her was love or lust.

    Episode 2

    My phone rang and the caller happened to be no other person but Jenny. Without giving a second thought, i picked up the phone call.

    Jenny: I have gotten home

    Me: Thank God you reached there safely.

    Jenny: Not to forget, thanks for keeping me company, i so much look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

    Me: No problem dear, you have my words. We talked for a while about the event after which we later hung up. I sat down on a chair and reminisce on the conversations we had earlier, while she was here

    ******FLASH BACK*******

    Jenny: Daniel my birthday is coming up in four days time.

    Me: four days? How come you never told me all this while.

    Jenny: Am sorry dear, it escaped my mind, I decided I will inform you when I get here, please accept my apologies. I stared at her face for some seconds before speaking up.

    Me: you are forgiven

    Jenny: Thanks, i am specially inviting you to be in attendance during the event.

    Me: where will it be held?

    Jenny: at my home, hope you will be there.

    Me: hmmmmmmm, i think so Jenny: is that a promise?

    Me: yeah, sure it is.


    I really had a great time with her based on our conversation, she opened up and seem to be free with me, but nothing relating to the sexual aspect happened. Scott, i heard a voice behind me which startled me, i looked back and saw jaga with a wide grin on his face.

    How far na, he asked

    Me: Jaga, how did you get in here?

    Jaga: I had no choice but to barge in, after knocking on the door to no avail, what have you been doing since?

    Me: Nothing much. I was just lost in thoughts. I observed Jaga’s dressed and noticed he wasn’t putting on a casual wear.

    Me: this one wey you dress like this, na where you dey bounce go?

    Jaga: have you taken your bath, he asked changing the topic.

    Me: yes, wetin happen?

    Jaga: Go and get dressed, lets go together.

    Me: Go to where, now that the sun is high in the sky.

    Jaga: we are going to the pool

    Me: pool? Dats cool, sounds like a good idea.

    Jaga: you have to get dressed let’s be on our way now, you are not the only one.

    Me: am not the only one, What do you mean?

    Jaga: you will get to know later, just get dressed. Without further questioning, i stood up and headed towards the wardrobe, minutes later, we were already on our way. It took us almost an hour before we finally got to our destination, It was a house which had flower decorations around it.

    Where is this place? I asked jaga while we approached the gate.

    A house owned by a friend of mine, he answered. I just kept mute and watched him while he brought out his phone and called someone which i presume is the owner of the house. It didn’t take long before we finally got in and we were welcomed by his friend.

    They are waiting, i heard him say to jaga He took us to the back of the house and i saw the pool, it was very large and wide in length. Four girls were already swimming but there were no guys present, guess they are yet to come. I stared at the girls and saw one of them smiling at me. She looks familiar, it seems have met her before. I walked closer towards her direction and saw her face. Instantly i knew who she was. It was Clara. Jaga came behind me, i looked at him and he winked at me. This is more than just an outing, i said to myself.

    Episode 3

    I just couldn’t figure out what next to do, my leg stood on a spot resisting every urge to move towards her. Oh no, not Clara again after i had put her thoughts aside and vowed to have nothing to do with her. But come to think of it, jaga winked at me, what did he implied by that, it seems he had this planned out.

    Not wanting to do anything funny, i just kept my cool and acted like I didn’t see her. What is she doing here? I asked jaga Don’t look surprised, am sure you have missed her a lot and so has she, you should be happy to see her once again, feel free and make sure you have a good time with her, he said and walked away to God knows where.

    I just stared at the figure approaching me which happens to be Clara. If i had told jaga about Jenny earlier he wouldn’t have brought me here and am sure he had no idea about what happened between me and Clara the last time we met besides he once dated Clara so why putting me in the picture.

    These are rhetorical questions i couldn’t help but ask myself, I felt like leaving for home immediately but it didn’t seem like a good idea to me owing to the fact that such action will be regarded as an act of childishness, I just hope of not having any regrets coming to this place.

    Wow, who do we have here, Clara said on getting to where I was.

    Wadup Clara

    Am good Daniel, how are you?

    Just the way you left me

    Really i can see, just look at the way you are dressed, you are not looking bad at all, so glad you are here. I tried saying something but words refused to come out of my mouth

    Come on, don’t be silly won’t you give me a hug, she said stretching her arms towards me.

    Not minding the drops of water dripping from her body, i drew forward and gave her a hug, she held me tight and pressed her large boobs on me not wanting to release immediately, this action of hers signaled Dickson and am sure she did it on purpose.

    Guy’s over here, jaga called disrupting our embrace. I gazed at where he was and saw him sitting with a lady at the other side of the pool with a table filled with drinks.

    We walked to where he sat with my hand placed on Clara’s waist, she was just smiling showing her white set of teeth, guess she is really happy to see me, she better enjoys it while it lasts was all i told myself.

    On reaching where jaga was seated, we both took a chair and sat opposite him. I see you guys are getting along, he said directing the words to none of us in particular.

    Sure we are, i said grabbing a bottle of origin from the table, i stylishly stared at Clara and saw that she was still smiling, with this smile of hers i just hope she has nothing up her sleeve.

    Do you care for a drink, i asked Clara with raised eyebrows *boys are not smiling*

    Yeah I do, she replied taking a bottle of coke You are not taking alcohol?

    Not yet, i need soft drinks just for a start.

    For a start? Mehn this girl is really up to no good. The four of us did some introduction which was to the girl with jaga in particular where we got to know her name was Sarah.

    We drank and ate pepper soup filled with assorted meat, along the line i was asked some awkward questions which made me felt uncomfortable but i kept my cool.

    Within an hour, we had already ate and drank to our fill, having nothing else to discuss, i broke the silence.

    Am going for a swim, i feel hot

    May i join you, Clara asked but I just smiled

    Please excuse me guys, i stood up and went into the changing room to have a change of clothes. I have never really swam in a pool before, but this being my first time i need to act like a professional who has swam in a lagoon filled with crocodiles. I just need to cool my body from the hotness i feel as a result of the scorching sun.

    I came out, clad in only boxer short with my six packs *if i hear say I get six packs, who dash me * I went closer towards the edge of the pool and attempted to dive. That side of the pool is very deep, jaga voiced out Daniel noooooooo, Clara screamed but it was too late, i had already dived.

    Episode 4

    I dived into the pool with a great thud splashing a massive part of the water above the pool level. The coldness of the water sent shivers through my body which made it even more better than the heat i had felt earlier from the scorching sun. I had begun to float in the water using my legs to find my way but in no time i had barely moved when I ran short of breath.

    I tried raising my head up so as to take a breath but i couldn’t because the water didn’t appear to be shallow and my legs were at the depth of the pool. Somebody heeeeeeeelllp, i cried out while struggling to gasp for breath. Clar……….. Jagaaaaaaaa Heeeeeeeelp Arrrrrrrrrrrrghh

    Those were words i could only utter as I consciously swallowed in gulps of water, wishing to get out of this problem i had gotten into. I felt someone’s hands on my waist which raised me up with my head above the water level.

    Waiting for no soothsayer to tell me what to do, i quickly inhaled and exhaled gasping for fresh air like someone who just ran a marathon race. The hands holding me this time, held me tighter by the waist and gently made me swam to the other side of the pool which was shallow.

    I had no idea who the helper is but I was happy and relieved that I was rescued after all, i wonder what would have become of me if I had spent another minute struggle for breath.

    On getting there, we brought our heads up and stood in the pool. I stared at the face of my rescuer and was surprised at who i saw but all the same I had to show appreciation.

    Thank you Clara You are such a good swimmer, she giggled

    You better thank your stars that you are still alive, if not you would have been thanking me in your grave, she said and swam away. I heard sound of laughter coming from the other side of the pool, i stared at where jaga was seated and saw him laughing uncontrollably with red eyeballs. I just looked away and avoided his gaze

    Episode 5

    I came out of the pool and sat down on a chair ignoring Jaga’s mockery of my inability to swim which almost made me drown but for the timely intervention from Clara.

    Grabbing a bottle of Origin, i settled down for a drink so as to while away the time I had left to spend. I drank the content slowly coz my stomach was already filled up with the water i had drank from the pool.

    I watched as jaga led Sarah into the pool and they began to swim together, smooching and kissing each other at intervals which made me felt a little bit jealous and that was when I realized that I haven’t had s- x for a while now.

    Jaga later got out of the pool and walked up to me bringing three more bottles along with him, but I could still hear him giggle as he sat down with me.

    Jaga: have this, use it to calm your nerves, he said dropping the bottles on the table.

    Me: when are we getting out of this place.

    Jaga: why do you ask, are you in a hurry to leave

    Me: yeah, got some stuffs to attend to at home

    Jaga: if you say so, but am afraid you will have to go alone.

    Me: why? Aren’t you leaving today.

    Jaga: No. I have some unfinished business with Sarah.

    Me: dats your problem, besides who really is she to you

    Jaga: she is one of my girlfriends, had to bring her here just to chill out with me.

    Me: so what about Clara, why did you stop dating her? He gave me a surprised look which made me realize he didn’t had an idea i knew he once dated Clara.

    Jaga: how did you know i dated her?

    Me: don’t look surprised, i had known about it for long, just decided to spill it out now, so what do you have to say about it.

    Jaga: well me and Clara never really liked each other that much, guess that was what made her get attracted to you at first sight. But the Clara i know, can go to any extent just to get whatever she desires.

    Me: I really don’t like her that much anymore but I seem to be cool with her owing to the fact that she even saved me.

    Jaga: she really likes you, she has been making advances at you but you don’t seem to notice, why don’t you give her a chance.

    Me: you won’t understand, am into a girl who happens to be Jenny by name and I feel she is the lady my heart yearns for, not Clara.

    Jaga: does she know about this, am talking about Clara.

    Me: No she don’t and I don’t even plan on telling her.

    Jaga: You don’t have to think twice, i happen to have numerous girlfriends yet I don’t trouble myself. What if you consider taking in both without their notice.

    Me: jaga, are you saying i should become a player like you.

    Jaga: you don’t have a choice, do you? Why don’t you give it a try and am sure you will see who to rely on at the end.

    Me: i just hope i don’t create trouble for myself.

    Jaga: this is exactly how I felt when considering about it but it’s all history now. Enough of the talk, do you still wanna go into the pool?

    Me: no i don’t, I’ll just stay here and finish up the drink. Okay I’ll be back, he said and went to meet Sarah in the pool. Dating both girls won’t be a bad idea, after all we all know what we seek from them.

    I let out a cool smile as I watched Clara approached me, i couldn’t help but stare at her curvy breast and hips which made my hormones yearn for s-x. Am gonna bang this girl before leaving here.

    Episode 6

    Clara: what’s up with you Daniel, you shouldn’t be here alone drinking yourself to stupor.

    Me: what were you expecting, well good thing you came here to keep me company. Do you care for a drink?

    Clara: sure I do, I wanna ask, how come you don’t know how to swim.

    Me: coz i never attempt on learning how to, too bad it almost cost me my life and I should be grateful to you for saving me.

    Clara: i had no choice Daniel, why don’t you come with me into the pool so i can teach you, it will be fun doing so.

    Me: you don’t have to bother, am just not going in there anymore, have enough already.

    Okay, if you say so, she replied.

    We continue to sip our drink in silence while we watched jaga and Sarah as they were having a great time in the pool.

    Me: Clara

    Clara: yes, what is it

    Me: what about Jay, your boyfriend.

    Clara: Jay is dead

    Me: Dead? How? Who killed him

    Clara: do you mean who killed him or what killed him? Well he had an accident weeks ago but didn’t survive it, he was Dead On Arrival(DOA) according to the doctor’s report, but that’s all in the past now, i have forgotten about him and moved on.

    Me: Am so sorry about that

    Clara: Daniel all i need now is someone who will love and care about me and am glad I just found you.

    Me: eh?

    Clara: yes Daniel, that was why i never allowed death to take you away from me while you were in the pool. I love you Daniel

    Me: I love you too

    We came closer and hugged each other, we then locked out lips and kissed each other. I later left for home but not after having s-x with her, which i enjoyed every bit of it. I never knew that the repercussion of the decision i just made awaits me

    Episode 7

    I woke up on Saturday morning feeling very weak and tired, it was Jenny’s birthday so I decided to wish her a happy birthday. Forcing myself out of bed, i stood up to pick up my phone and dial her number but it wasn’t reachable. I then opted to send her a birthday text which i did after typing the sweetest of words one can use to woo a lady.

    I knew i had to to prepare and get dressed for the event, today i will be meeting Jenny in her home, not just her but her entire family members, i just had that feeling today will be good for me. I got out of bed and ran into the bathroom happily, singing and whistling while I had my bath after which i later got dressed up.

    I left home when it was almost noon and headed to my destination, Jenny had sent the direction through a text message the previous day which i used in finding my way. The place seemed to be very far from where I reside and i had a hard time locating where It was.

    Nothing seems more frustrating than having to find your way under the scorching sun in an unknown place most especially if it is your first time. I eventually got there after spending close to two hours locating the place which was inside an estate, i stood at the gate and stared at the house, Mehn the house fine oh.

    Without wasting further time, i knocked on the gate and it was opened by a man on navy uniform which i presume was the security officer

    Me: Good day sir

    Security: Good day young man, how may i help you.

    Me: Am here for the party, Jenny… I mean Jennifer’s birthday party.

    Security: were you invited?

    Me: yes I was invited.

    Security: by who?

    Me: I was invited by Jennifer

    Security: okay, Can I see your gate pass.

    Me: gate pass?

    Security: yes weren’t you given one?

    Me: No i wasn’t, she invited me herself.

    Security: If it is so then am afraid I can’t let you in.

    Me: eh? Sir but errrrrrrrrm…

    Security: young man, you are not having your gate pass so there is no way I can let you in. It is an order from Honourable Collins her father.

    Please excuse me and have a nice day, he said and close the gate. Why all this now, Jenny didn’t tell me anything about gate pass, and besides there’s no way i will just start going home like this.

    I quickly brought out my phone and dialed Jenny’s number. It didn’t go at first due to network issues but later went through after several attempts.

    Me: hello Jenny:

    hi Daniel, aren’t you coming for the party anymore, it will start few minutes from now.

    Me: am at the gate, i tried coming in but the gate man didn’t allow me in.

    Jenny: you mean the security officer, why did he stop you from coming in?

    Me: he said something abou…. Jenny: oh, i remember now, it about the gate pass ryt?

    Me: yes it is, but you didn’t tell me about it, did you?

    Jenny: am so about dat, i will inform him to let you in, please give me a minute, she said and hung up. I waited for some time before i heard the gate pushed open. The security officer instructed me to come in which i did Immediately without hesitating, i was amazed at what I saw, the compound was really beautiful, there is no doubt Jenny father is a wealthy man. I had barely walked to the door step when my phone started ringing, i checked the screen and it was Clara calling

    Episode 8

    I ignored the call and kept the phone inside my pocket. Picking up the phone won’t be a good idea and besides i wonder the reason why she was calling. Am glad you came, i heard a voice behind me, i turned back and was happy to see Jenny.

    Me: nice place you got here, it’s very beautiful.

    Jenny: thanks Daniel, can we please go in.

    Me: yes we can, i replied. She held my hand and we both walked into her home.

    Jenny : i have told my parents so much about you.

    Me: really?

    Jenny: yeah, and they are looking forward to seeing you.

    Me : me too, i can’t wait to see them.

    Jenny: she giggled, don’t worry dear, you will see them before the party is over.

    Me: okay, so who are the guests arriving to the party.

    Jenny: Our relatives, but most of them happen to be our family close friends. My father had it planned this way using the gate pass protocol so that there won’t be unwanted guests. Just sit and relax she said, leading me to the sitting room where I sat on a chair.

    So Daniel, what do I offer you?

    Me: you don’t need to, am alright.

    Jenny: you are my guest remember

    Me: Jenny seriously, am okay for now.

    Jenny: okay, if you insist. Please wait here for some moments, let me inform my parents that you are here, but in case you change your mind, you can tell one of the maids to get you anything. Just relax and feel at home, i will be back.

    Me okay.

    After she left, i kept myself busy watching a block buster movie showing on the TV set which hung on the wall. I was served a chilled drink by the maid after ordering for one, i couldn’t help but imagine what i stand to gain if I got engaged with Jenny. My phone began to vibrate which disrupted my thoughts, it was Clara calling again, i kept the phone back in my pocket but this time i switched it off.

    Minutes later, Jenny came downstairs along with her parents in a different dressing which looked beautiful on her. As they both approached me, i stood up to greet them and then Jenny did the introduction.

    Jenny is the only daughter of Chief Patrick Williams out of three children while the rest are males. Her parents welcome me peacefully which made me more comfortable and to crown it all, she has a wonderful family.

    The party commenced with a special birthday song which was sung for the celebrant, everyone ate, danced and drank to their fill, i spent most of my time taking pictures with her.

    The party was well organized. It finally came to an end which left disappointments on the face of some of the guests because they have barely begun to enjoy the fun but they had no choice but to leave as dawn slowly approached.

    Some minutes after the party ended, me and Jenny later sat down for a talk.

    Me: Happy Birthday once again Jenny.

    Jenny: wow, it really feels great to be a year older.

    Me: you can say that again, am happy for you dear.

    Jenny: thanks, hope you enjoyed your stay here?

    Me: of course I did, i really had a great time with your family.

    Jenny: am also grateful to them, they made my day very special and a memorable one at that.

    Me: am glad you are happy, but errrrrrrrm…

    Jenny: what’s that?

    Me: there is something I want to talk to you about.

    Jenny: go on, am listening, what is it about?

    Me: it’s about me, no you……i mean us.

    Jenny: okay, so what about us?

    Me: i think am in love with you Jenny: in love with me? When did you start nurturing this feeling of yours if I may ask?

    Me: for some time now, i couldn’t admit it at first but knew I had to tell you.

    Jenny: Daniel are you saying this because of who I am or for what I am?

    Me: believe me Jenny, my love for you is genuine.

    Jenny: well, i had liked you at first sight but as i got to know you more, i became so fond of you. I will be telling a lie if i say I don’t feel the same, i think am also in love with you.

    Me: we’ve come a long way and am glad we feel the same for each other. Please give me a space in your heart, Jenny will you be my girlfriend

    Episode 9

    Things worked out as expected, Jenny accepted my request which made me very happy, we spent out time with each other mostly on phone conversations. As for Clara, she became a regular visitor in my house bringing along all sorts of gifts whenever she came.

    We hardly spoke on phone due to her constant visits on daily basis and the s-x part of it was not left out cuz she sometimes sleep over. I was really having fun with both ladies but I have to put things in order so as not to mess things up.

    I was at home one sunny afternoon when I heard a knock on my door. At first i had no idea who it was, it’s surely not Clara cuz she went out. I opened the door and was surprised to see Jenny. On sighting her, i embraced her happily and pecked her.

    Me: wow Jenny, you didn’t tell me you will be coming.

    Jenny: yes dear, I really didn’t had anything much to do today so I decided to pay you a surprise visit.

    Me: that’s so thoughtful of you, am glad you are here at least you can keep me company for the main time. So how is everyone at home.

    Jenny: they are all fine.

    We sat and talked for a long time before i became hungry, i told her about it and she insisted on preparing something for me to eat. I had to go out and purchase most of the needed foodstuffs for the preparation after which we had a great time doing the cooking together.

    We were done within an hour, after dishing the food, we both sat down and began to eat.

    Me: hmmm, the food tastes good, thanks to me who did the cooking alone.

    Jenny: she giggled, you must be joking, as if i wasn’t the one who helped you out.

    Me: you can say whatever you like, it doesn’t change the fact that I am a good cook.

    Jenny: hmmm, am impressed glad to hear that. So Daniel tell me more about yourself, i mean your siblings, don’t you have any?

    Me: i don’t have a brother neither do I have a sister, am the first and only son of my parents.

    Jenny: really?

    Me: yeah, i live here alone

    Jenny: so what do you usually do most of the days?

    Me: Nothing much, i do stay at home most times.

    Jenny: why, don’t you have a job?

    Me: for now, i don’t. I resigned from my previous job due to some personal issues, but am currently working towards a better one.

    Jenny: so you stay indoors all day doing nothing?

    Me: i don’t have a choice, but am gonna sort it out.

    Jenny: you can sort it out while I see what I can do about it.

    Me: i don’t understand, do about what?

    Jenny: never mind dear. We need to be fast with the meal, daddy wants me home before dusk.

    Me: that means you will soon be going.

    Jenny: not yet, but we still have some time left.

    Me: okay, tell me about your parents, what do they do for a living. Jenny: promise to tell me about yours when am done.

    Me: okay I will, its a promise.

    Jenny: Good, well my father is the Chief executive officer of a multi millionaire company while my mum works under him by running the affairs of some of his companies. Not to forget, they both cherish me as their only daughter, hope dats okay for now.

    My brain was just echoing *multimillionaire, multimillionaire, multimillionaire* guys una understand wetin I mean na Jenny:

    Daniel you are not saying anything.

    Me: oh, yes dear its okay for now.

    Jenny: so tell me about yours.

    Me: you mean my parents

    Jenny: yes, you promised so tell me about them.

    I told her what she needed to know after which we rounded up and cleared the food. She later helped in washing the dishes and had to go when she was done. I was really going to miss her, we embraced and kissed each other before she left.

    I retired back to the bed and decided to relax a little bit, i opened bbm and had a chat with jaga telling him how things were going between me and both Ladies and he assured me that nothing will go wrong as long as I play my card well and minimize the number of times Clara visits daily which i obliged to do.

    We talked about other things be we later ended the conversation. It wasn’t up to an hour Jenny left that I began to hear another knock on my door. I stood up and went to check who it was and it turned out to be Clara.

    Me: Clara, you are back?

    Clara: yes Daniel am back, did you miss me?

    Me: *miss you ke* I did. Clara: are you sure, or aren’t you happy to see me.

    Me: of course I am, i said and hugged her.

    Clara: wait a minute Daniel

    Me: what’s that?

    Clara: what am i perceiving all over you, isn’t dat a strong perfume odour. I don’t recall ever seeing you apply one so how did it get here? Ewoooooo this girl don catch me oh.

    Me: Clara, I don’t understand what you are talking about.

    Episode 10

    I managed to convince Clara without letting her suspicious of my involvement with Jenny. As evening approached, she prepared supper and we both ate after which we later spent the night together on the bed with some rounds of s-x, she woke up the next morning and left promising to visit me later in the day.

    I began to ponder on what Jaga had told me the previous day, Clara’s constant visits can really mess things up for me which i pray doesn’t happen. My thoughts was distracted by the vibration of my phone, i picked it up and saw one mumu text from mtn, shey na by force to renew call back tune mtcheeeew, i hissed and entered the bathroom to have my bath.

    Having nothing to do as usual, i began to feel bored, this was when I realized the importance of Clara’s presence which made me wish she was here with me. I couldn’t just sit back at home and die of boredom so i gave jaga a call and informed him i will be at his place very soon.

    Within few minutes, i got dressed up and headed to his place, i got there and met him at home busily doing some stuffs with his laptop which i had no idea about. We greeted each other and talked for a while after which he brought out some drinks which we both drank together, we emptied all the bottles and resumed our conversation which made us exchange series of laughter at intervals.

    That when I saw one babe, she came out of his bedroom and went meet jaga after which she greeted me. *omo dis girl fine sha, but I no sure say she fine reach my own Jenny* i just fixed my gaze at her behind as she swayed her buttocks and walked into the kitchen before she came out again and walked back into the room, this is the 12th lady i will come across with Jaga in a month, chai this guy don get legacy for womanizing.

    Jaga na who she be? I asked him, he just looked at me and couldn’t help but laugh at what I said.

    Jaga: na which kind jamb question you dey ask me.

    Me: but Jaga take am easy na, you go die of bleeping one day oh.

    Jaga: hahaha, I dat one na story as far as am concerned, have got everything under control, shey you need more babes ni?

    Me: more babes ke, that is the last thing on my mind for now.

    Jaga: you go soon die on top jenny and Clara matter, he said which made me laugh. My phone began to vibrate which disrupted our conversation. I ignored it and thought it was another message from mtn again, but when the vibration persisted i later knew it was a call. I brought out my phone and checked the screen, it was jenny calling.

    I was about picking the call when it stopped vibrating then one missed call appeared on my phone’s notification.

    Jaga: who is calling

    Me: na Jenny my love dey call

    Jaga: lover boy, for your bloody mind you dey love.

    Me: hahaha, wetin concern you. My phone rang again, this time i didn’t even bother checking who the caller was, presuming it was jenny i picked up the call.

    Me: hello Jenny.

    Clara: Jenny.

    Who is Jenny?

    Me: who am i speaking with I checked the screen and my heart froze at the name I saw. ewooooooo na Clara oh.

    Me: hello Clara

    Clara: So now you know who is talking. I heard you call me Jenny, who is that?

    Me: No, I actually wasn’t talking to you, aren’t you coming to visit me again, i said changing the topic.

    Clara: well, dats the reason why I called, i don’t think I will be able to make it again but I promise to be there tomorrow.

    Me: okay, i have heard you.

    Clara: hope you are not angry with me?

    Me: no am not, why should I be.

    Clara: thanks dear, I love you.

    Me: yeah same here.

    Clara: Daniel, i said I love you. *see me see wahala, na by force to love again*

    Me: i love you too darling, i replied before ending the call. I had barely kept the phone back inside my pocket when it began to vibrate, it was ringing again for the third time, i checked the screen but this time it was jenny calling

    Episode 11

    Me: Hello

    Jenny:Daniel, i just checked on you at home, but you were not around.

    Me: you came? I never knew, am at a friend’s place. But do you mind waiting for me, i will be there in few minutes time.

    Jenny: no you don’t have to bother, am already on my way home.

    Me: okay if you say so, please take good care of yourself.

    Jenny: okay dear, and you too.

    Me: sure.Daniel loves you, never stop and never will.

    Jenny: she giggled, i do love you too.

    Me: please give me a call when you get home and extend my greetings to your parents.

    Jenny: yes I will. Oh that reminds me.

    Me: what’s that?

    Jenny: it’s about my Dad.

    Me: your dad? hope everything is alright.

    Jenny: yes, he wants to see you.

    Me: see me? About wat?

    Jenny: hmmmmmmm i don’t think I know why.

    Me: Jenny please be serious, do you have any idea why he wants to see me.

    Jenny: when will you be coming.

    Me: i think tomorrow, yeah tomorrow noon.

    Jenny: okay, i will inform him so he will be expecting you.

    Me: but you still haven’t told me the reason why he wants to see me.

    Jenny: don’t worry Daniel, you will know when you get there.

    Me: okay then. We talked for some moments before we bid each other farewell and ended the phone call. I was still in jaga house. I stared at the last bottle of vodka which i had left and opened it. In no time, i began to fill my stomach with its content. I had stayed long in Jaga’s house and I wasn’t even concerned about it as long as I had company.

    I had almost emptied the bottle when jaga came out of his room and sat on a chair opposite me, i never noticed when he left earlier.

    Jaga: mr loverboy

    Me: na wetin do you

    Jaga: this name sweet oh, e be like say na this name i go dey call you.

    Me: jaga, you no well at all

    Jaga: hahaha. So how far na, what did she say.

    Me: she said her father wants to see me.

    Jaga: her papa wan see you, what for?

    Me: that is what I don’t know, i asked her but she didn’t tell me, she only said I will know when I get there.

    Jaga: are you serious?

    Me: shey I dey lie before.

    Jaga: e be like say na marriage introduction, you understand na.

    Me: understand wetin? Which kind marriage introduction.

    Jaga: don’t worry yourself. Am sure he has a good reason for wanting to see you.

    Me: yeah, am sure about that.

    Jaga: so when will you be going?

    Me: tomorrow afternoon.

    Jaga: which tomorrow? Have you forgotten that clara is also visiting you tomorrow.

    Me: ewooo, that’s true oh. .

    Episode 12

    Me: so how will I do it now, do i call her and tell her not to come again?

    Jaga: no, that won’t be a good idea, i don’t think you have to besides what reason will you give. I suggest you leave earlier before she arrives, that way you can find any excuse to give her.

    Me: i don hear you, na wetin I go do be dat. But this girl na problem oh.

    Jaga: are you not the one creating the problem for yourself. I have told you what to do but you won’t listen. If you don’t do anything about Clara’s constant visits, it will really mess things up for you.

    me: but it wont be an easy thing na, what if konji worry me, who go satisfy am na?

    Jaga: Mtcheeeeeeeew, na konji go fire your mouth there.

    Me: hahaha. With time far spent, i later left Jaga’s house and headed for home when I observed it was almost dusk.

    My journey back home consumed two hours of my time trying to get a bus and by the time I got home i felt weak and was too tired to even pull off my clothes so I went to bed and slept immediately. I woke up the next morning feeling very hungry, i hadn’t taken any food the previous night except for the bottles of beer i filled my stomach.

    I unable to bear the hunger pangs, i quickly went out to purchase bread and ate it all with tea. Not forgetting what I had planned in mind, i waited till it was almost noon before I dressed up and headed for Jenny’s house.

    On getting to the gate, i decided not to knock because I wasn’t ready to answer unnecessary questions from the security officer. I phoned Jenny and told her I was at the gate, she then came out to meet me.

    We hugged and greeted each other after which she led me into her house. She asked me to wait at the sitting room while she went to inform her father of my presence. Few minutes later, her dad came downstairs unaccompanied by Jenny.

    Me: Good afternoon sir, i stood up to greet him.

    Chief Williams: Good afternoon young man, please have your seat, he said and sat opposite me.

    What is that your name again?

    Me: my name is Daniel sir

    Chief Williams: okay, i don’t think I need to introduce myself because am sure my daughter must have told you much about me.

    Me: yes, you are right sir.

    Chief Williams: Good. You may be wondering why I sent for you which i why I will want to go straight to the point.

    Me: ok, go on sir, am listening.

    Chief Williams: I am very much aware of your relationship with my daughter and am glad that after all this years of being single, she has finally settled down. Am very happy for the both of you.

    Me: thank you sir.

    Chief Williams: My daughter spoke with me of recent, informing me about your current state of not having a job, so I decided to offer you one. That way, by being a business partner, we can be very close and get to know more of each other, mostly especially in the business aspect. What do you think, are you okay with it?

    Me: really? of course yes, am okay with it sir.

    Chief Williams: Good. Am only doing this on behalf of my daughter as she requested even though it was against my wish. I have no choice but to oblige since she knows you more than i do. I will like to see your credentials so i can use it to link you up with a good firm.

    Me: thank you so much, i just don’t know how to express my gratitude. I feel honoured and happy to be given this opportunity, thank you very much sir, am grateful.

    Chief Williams: that is the best i can do for now, you see. Jennifer as my only daughter is so dear to me, her happiness is my major concern because I won’t want to see her sad which is why I don’t want to be disappointed by you. I won’t take it easy on you if my daughter’s joy is short lived, because i won’t mind throwing you in jail.

    Me: sir???

    Episode 13

    Jaga: which problem is that?

    Me: you remember i told you Jenny’s father wanted to see me.

    Jaga: oh, yes i remember, and your said you will be going there today.

    Me: Exactly, that is where am just coming from.

    Jaga: so what happened, how did it go.

    Me: I don’t think it went well but to cut the long story short, her father gave me a job offer, a very good one at that.

    Jaga: A job, is that the problem you are talking about? daniel e be like sey your head don knock. You just got an opportunity that i myself is even hoping for yet you have no reason to be happy about it.

    Me: I know, i should be happy about it but there is more to it than what you think. The more i think about it, the more I get confused.

    Jaga: okay, just calm yourself down and tell me exactly what happened aside from the job offer.

    Me: haaaa mogbe.

    Jaga look at me very well, am I not still young to go to jail.

    Jaga: What are you talking about?

    Me: he told me that he won’t mind putting me in jail if I mess up with his daughter. From the way he sounded, i knew he was very serious and him being an influential man at that, i have no doubt he is capable of doing so.

    Jaga: hmmmmmm, this is serious. But if you ask me, i will say that there is no problem in it.

    Me: what do you mean?

    Jaga: all what he said is only a condition which won’t happen if you put things under control. That shouldn’t trouble you unless you are planning to mess things up yourself besides he has approved your relationship with his daughter in as much as he has given you a job. Don’t you know what you stand to gain in an opportunity like this. Just ignore any negative thinking and think about the good side of it all. As for the job, congratulations man am happy for you, so wetin you go use celebrate am na.

    The talking continued after which we both went to a fast food restaurant and ordered for food and drinks which we both ate and drank. I later left for home but not after settling the Bill. On getting home, i was surprised to see Clara patiently waiting for me at my doorstep, immediately she saw me approaching she gave me an angry stare and i needed no soothsayer to tell me i was in for a long thing, if looks could kill am sure i would have been dead by now. .

    Episode 14

    Me: good evening Clara.

    Clara: keep your greetings to yourself, you were fully aware that I will be coming to today. Yet not only did you locked me outside, you also kept me waiting for long. I tried reaching you on phone but your number wasn’t going through, and you expect me to welcome you with open arms.

    Me: am sorry Clara, i can explain its not what you think.

    Clara: please keep your explanations to yourself, I don’t need it. I continued to beg her but all my apologies fell on deaf ears. There was no doubt she was very angry and she has every reason to coz no lady will feel happy if treated such way.

    Not knowing the next approach to make, i went towards the door and unlock it. Please come in, I said to her. At first she pretended not to hear me before she shrugged for some moments and walked into my apartment.A very sad facial expression was clearly visible on her face which made me felt bad that very moment.

    Clara please forgive me, am very sorry. Those were the words i could only utter as I slowly took a step towards her. I just needed to say something convincing so she can believe am truly sorry.

    Clara, I know I have wronged you and you have every reason to be sad about it but you know I can’t do anything to hurt you. Seeing you this way makes me feel bad and am sincerely sorry about it, Clara please forgi……..

    She placed a finger on my lips signalling me to stop talking. It’s okay Daniel, i have forgiven you. Its just that from the way you abandoned me outside, you made me felt like I was not important to you, like you never cherished the moments we spent together, please tell me the truth Daniel, do you truly love me?

    Of course, yes I do. Have come to realize what we truly feel for each other and am glad to say I love you Clara, with all my heart.

    I love you so much, she replied with a smile on her face.

    We brought our mouth closer and locked our lips with a passionate kiss. Instantly my hormones became charged, my body temperature was on the rise and Dickson became very hard. She massaged my c0ck through my trousers as we kissed.

    While my right hand fondled her b—–s as my left hand caressed her inner thighs. All I could hear were the incessant hums the she made as we devoured each others lips.

    Soon dickson was out, she unbuttoned my shirt and began to suck and nibble my Tips. Her tongue felt so good on my skin and I succeeded in bringing out her round b—–s from her flowery bra. I lifted her head from my chest (she stared at me with those bulgy and s*xy** eyes of hers) and I bent to suckle on her b–st Clara gasped and panted passionately as I moved from one nippIe to the other.

    “Yes baby….I missed your touches” she rasped. My hands dropped on her thighs and moved upwards to tug at her panties. Slowly, I pulled her undies down her fat thighs and she leaned backwards lifting her hips off the desk as her thin panties came of her legs.

    Throwing the undies on her desk, I spread her legs and made to go down on her but she protested.

    “No baby. Just give it to me. I’ve been starved” And I dug into my back pocket for a condom which she helped me tear open with shaky hands (she was anxious) and she slipped it on me. Guiding my piston between her thighs, I penetrated her rings and was rewarded with a whimper which sent shudders down my spine and I began to pump into her. she spread her legs so wide, leaning on her hands as I watched my s—t dig into the soft pink flesh of her velvety snatch.

    She moaned and groaned, urging me to go faster (which I did) and she grabbed the back of my neck with her left hand, gasping and looking into my eyes with such lusty passion. Her eyes were dilated and beautiful, her lips full and quivering as she made shrieking sounds with each t—-t I made.

    To be honest I missed her p—y. There was something about her cuñt which I enjoyed so much. It kept sucking my d!ck deeper and deeper like a vacuum cleaner as I found myself pounding away with my head thrown backwards.

    “Oh don’t stop….yes don’t stop”, she moaned aloud as I was feeling my orgasm building up. And she grabbed my waist and began to writh and jerk wildly giving me a hint of her approach. Together we climaxed in a frenzy and I tappered to a slow halt, feeling my face sweating in the well ventilated room.

    We later had a bath together and spent the night on bed where we cuddled each other and slept off. There was no doubt i really enjoyed the fun but as the saying goes, you can’t eat your cake and have it, story continues in the next episode.

    Episode 15

    After all arrangements had been made, i started work immediately as a manager in an oil company and within two months, my bank account had massively increased, am sure that as time goes on, I will have built my own house and purchase my very first car before the year runs out. Clara and i hardly got to see each other anymore since I resumed work rather we do speak on phone frequently where she tells me how much she misses me and all sorts of that but I cared less.

    As for Jenny, we met on several occasions mostly at her house whenever i go to meet her father to give him the reports for the days work after which he commends my efforts and encourage me to keep it up. I sometimes spend dinner at his place which is always prepared by Jenny, to be honest she is a very good cook, i still couldn’t figure out how and where she learnt to cook owing to the fact that she had numerous maids at her beck and call.

    I will later wait behind after dinner to spend some time with Jenny before leaving for home. I knew within myself that what Jenny’s father expects from me is taking our relationship to the next level by asking for his daughter hand in marriage after i had fully settled down, which i won’t hesitate to do as my love for Jenny is a fact I can’t deny.

    I closed very early from work one sunny afternoon and I seize the opportunity to visit jaga at home since it had been a while since we last saw each other, i could still remember how surprised he was when he saw me.

    Jaga: Daniel na you be dis

    Me: no be me oh, na my twin brother you dey see.

    Jaga: you dey crase. He said which made us laugh, so wetin carry you come here?

    Me: i just talk say make I come halla you na

    Jaga: you do well, he said while we sat on a seat. So how work na.

    Me: work dey fine, Infact everything is okay. I now work in an oil company, a manager for that matter, guy see level na. I said smiling joyously.

    Jaga: i am happy for u. At least you are sure to achieve more with this connection you have now.

    Me: Na God oh, his blessings won’t pass me by.

    Jaga: so how your babes na?

    Me which of them

    Jaga: Jenny and clara, abi you don get another one?

    Me: hmmmmmm

    Jaga: talk na, which one be hmmm?

    Me: there is this particular lady i usually meet at a restaurant where I do eat whenever i close work, i tried making some advances towards her which was successful and right now she is on my list. I said with a wide grin on my face.

    Jaga: your head dey there, as a manager you fit open your branch for different places, he said while we playfully shook hands. So wetin be her name?

    Me: her name is Bukola, she is a Yoruba lady.

    Jaga: this your legacy go soon surpass my own sef.

    Me: na you sabi. The conversation continued after which i left for home and rested for the day. As usual things went on well for the rest of the week.

    One fateful Friday after i had closed work, knowing it was weekend i called Jenny on phone and informed her that I will be taking her out the next day so we could be with each other and spent time together for the whole day which she agreed and promised to be at my place by noon so we could go together.

    My actual plans was to thank her and appreciate her efforts towards my new found job which was a source of my happiness. I woke up on Saturday and did some little clean up before I had my bath and got dressed up.

    I looked at the mirror and checked my appearance to be sure that i was neatly dressed before I finally grabbed my house keys and headed for the door. I was about leaving when Clara suddenly barged in and saw me, i could see the surprised look on her face as she saw the way i was dressed, it seemed she was trying to figure out if I was just coming back from somewhere or was about to leave for somewhere.

    Me: helloclara, hmmmmm i wasn’t expecting you.

    Clara: what do you mean, you are just seeing me for the first time this month and that’s all you can say?

    Me: don’t get me wrong clara, i was actually going out before you came in.

    Clara: going out? To where again. Are you now so busy to the extent that you hardly have time for me anymore.

    Me: silent

    Clara: I missed you Daniel

    Me: i missed you too, i said and embraced her, we began to kiss each other until I suddenly remembered Jenny was expecting me then i stopped and stepped backwards, no we can’t do this, not now clara.

    Clara: what do you mean by that, do you know how much my body yearns for your touch, i have really missed you so much that I want you inside of me again.

    Me: i understand clara, we can do this some other time, its just not now, i said and tried walking away but i received the shock of my life when she placed her hand between my legs and held Dickson tightly preventing me from taking a step.

    Clara: I don’t care what you think, i want you right here and now, she said as she moved closer towards me and placed her boobs on my chest just after she had begun to massage dickson.

    My body ignited, immediately dickson rose up and stood erect like a pole. Not knowing how the urge came about, i began to kiss her hungrily like my life depended on it, ripping off my clothes in the process. I began to fondle and squeeze her b—–s which made her to moan, i placed my hands on her waist and removed her blouse revealing her large boobs which was firmly held by the bra she was wearing, i continued kissing and caressing her body until I moved my hands upwards towards her back and was about to unlock her bra hook when the door flew open. The noise startled the both of us as we quickly stood up to see who the intruder was and i became so ashamed of myself seeing Jenny looking at me with a look of surprise and disappointment.

    She tried saying something but words were unable to come out until she finally spoke out. Jenny: i don’t believe you could do this to me, she said moved to tears. You will hear from my father she said and stormed out of the house, giving me no chance to say a word.

    Me: Jenny please wait, i quickly stood up to run after her.

    Clara: not so fast Daniel, and where do you think you are going to, Clara said pulling me back. I need explanations now and you have to start telling me who she is and what the hell she is talking about.

    Me: please leave me alone, i don’t love you anymore, just go.

    Clara: you don’t love me anymore? wait Daniel you seem to forget so easily, after all what we’ve shared together and you are now telling me to go. You must be kidding me, if i can’t have you then no other lady will have you, mark my words.

    Me: Get out of here, i screamed at her with rage.

    Clara: i am carrying your child, you b—–d. Instantly a hot slap landed on my cheek, it was so deafening that I never knew where the energy came from. Feeling dizzy, i held my cheek and staggered backwards, feeling unconscious and unable to control my movements, I fell on the floor…BLACK OUT.

    This is a story on how my crave for love and pleasure in a world of fantasy through peer influence led me into a journey of untold mystery, but at the end, the decision had been made.

    I daniel Scott(individual) remains the solely writer of this story, no act, place or name should be reproduced in any form.
    The End

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