Story: Falling For You

Falling For You
by mercyblaze

    Chapter 1

     Amora's POV
    I wanna die!...just let me die !..also tired of all this !damn....let me just die already !
    I sat down on my bed my head buried in my hands as I let my tears trail down my eyes,what did I ever do to deserve all this ,mom dad how I wish your here with me .
    My name is Amora Stones ,am 21 years old my dad died two years ago after having another wife when I was four,my mom died when I was four 8months later dad married Angelica his new wife and I have a step sister now who is Tonia by name whom is now 17 ,here I am crying,yeah I know you won't understand yet , getting up from my bed i went to look myself in the mirror ,my eyes held sorrow ,and am totally gonna get sick !...this is just so bad , turning around I went to the bathroom and take my bath ,after some minutes I came out wearing some faded blue jeans and a white singlet I took my black jacket and wore it ,wore my black Snickers ,I tie my hair in a ponytail,no need for make up ,one last look in the mirror and I head out of my room .
    Everywhere seem so quiet,taking a deep breath I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen,guess does douchebags aint up yet ,I quickly made my self pancake and took some soda from the fridge,i quickly ate fast and drank my soda ,I glance at the time ,it's just 8:30 ,getting up i wash my plate and head out of the house not making any sound.
    Making my way through the quiet road ,I brought out my phone and play music ,and it began singing one of my favourite song "Sorry" by Justin Bieber
    I sang along as the music play ,I kept walking until i finally reach my destination, actually am standing outside of CHIX AND DEX restaurant,one of the small restaurant's at my area ,yeah I actually applied for a job there and now I head in ,well am changing into my uniform once I get in.
    Amora .....!!!....."Suzy my friend ran eloping me in a tight hug .
    Suzy...your here so early "I said smiling at her .
    Yeah ...well your also here so early ,it seems the old witch didn't beat or nag at you today "Suzy said as we both went to the counter .
    "They were still sleeping,you knw that step mother of mine
    "You mean to say the witch "Suzy corrected and I rolled my eyes .
    Yeah actually I call her witch
    Well....she was kinda being messy last night ,and as usual she insulted me to my mom again " I said sadly .
    Am so sorry Amor shouldn't be facing all this ,why don't you just come stay with me "Suzy said...I stare at her surprised.
    Could dis girl be serious but I can't ,my step mom will just kill me if I try
    "Nah...Suzy it's okay ,i can manage trust me " I said Making my way into the restaurant room to change she followed behind .
    I thought I could help ,but if you change your mind just knw am Willing to help ok "suzy said and I smiled at her .
    "Thanks so much Suzy, your indeed the best "I hugged her .
    "Well you get dress while I clean up the place before the opening"she said and winked at me I smile and she left as I brought out my blue flaw gown out ,it's short ,and ontop of my thign hardly reaching my knee ,but what can I do I have to wear it and get money if not that old witch in my father's house will just have to bury me alive , signing I wait for today to begin..
    How do u see this intro ???

    Chapter 2

    Amora's POV
    After serving one of the customers,i walked back to the counter where Suzy stood resting on the counter .
    "Thank goodness today will soon be over "Suzy sighed as I smiled at her.
    "Tired already? I asked .
    "As always " she replied.... jack walked towards us (he is also one of us)
    "Hello princess amor"he winked at me ,I rolled my eyes .
    "Jack ..I told you to stop flirting with me " I said .
    "You won't blame me tho you're so beautiful" he said smiling,i shook my head .
    Actually jack is a really cool guy and he just love flirting with me alot . I and Jack turned to look at Suzy who's attention was diverted to the other side ,we both followed her glimpse and my eyes captured two strong well built men walk into the restaurant,the one in the front Is younger and very sexy ,so hot ,his so damn fuckin handsome, his muscle were winking at me uhmm the one behind him is also handsome but not like the Greek god and he's more older in the face .
    "Are you seeing what am seeing guys!!! Suzy asked grinning at us
    "Yeeeehhhhhh!!!! ...I and Jack replied.
    "This guy is so hot "suzy state as we watch them sit .
    "Not like me though"jack replied looking jealous
    "Not even in your dreams jerk "suzy eyed him as jack shook his head I chuckle.
    "I will go serve them " jack said turning to go .
    "Hell no ...Amora will do it " suzy said ,I stare at her with my eyes wildly open .
    "Yeah that will be nice I will just take the other customers" jack said .
    "No ...Suzy you should do it please"I said feeling suddenly afraid to look or go near the handsome looking Greek god ,suzy smiled .
    "C'mon amor ...just do it ,am so tired already " suzy said rolling my eyes I took my notepad and took a deep breath before gently walking to there table
    You can do this Amora I whispered to my self taking a deal breath
    I gently walked to them
    "Hi .... Amora I will be your waitress...what would you like to order ? I asked with a smile on my face.
    "A cup of coffee.."the older one said .
    " it normal,ginger or...."I tried to say before he caught in.
    "Ginger please"he replied,i nodded and glared at mr Greek god,my heart jumped a bit d moment he looked back at me,, believe me he's soo sexy . he was still on call .
    "" I called to get his attention.
    "Yeah...later " he
    Said into the phone,hung up and look up at me ,
    His eyes are so cute,,gosh! I almost fainted..Amora c'mon ,comport your self ,your over drooling at the guy ! my mind said ! I comported myself that Instant.
    He turned to the older guy .
    "Sam is it only coffee you will be having? Mr Greek god asked [Oh>> so Sam is the older ones name ,how I wish he could say his own name]
    Wake up Amora ! concentrate!!!!!
    "Yeah sure, am fine with just coffee" the older one replied....
    Mr Greek god turned to me and our eyes met. I felt my legs weakling ,his eyes are so gorgeous,his nose, lips, face ,PERFECT!!
    "I will have the same " he replied,i wrote down the orders on my notepad and gave them a weird smile .
    "I will be right back ", I answered and quickly made my way from there before I faint .
    How can someone be so damn sexy and hot and ...oh gosh ! His so fuckin handsome,i can't deny it ,his the dream of every woman,in addition to his dream body he was also rich .
    I can't believe am taking this coffee to them ,Suzy will have to take it to them ,if not I will just spill the coffee on him ,out of over admiring, way i'm going there! Suzy you will have to help me this time around ........

    Chapter 3

    Rocco's P.O.V
    Sitting down in my office ,I can't help but to blankly look at my computer,that face two days ago is still popping into my head ,and seriously the image is Making me restless .
    she's beautiful, elegant,sexy perfect body shape ,after that coffee ,I swear my mind hasn't forgotten the face ,but so bad she wasn't the one to bring the coffee ,I badly wanted to see her sexy little face again.
    Am the first son to my father and the one handling the company now as the C.E.O,
    I've heard so many rumours of how rude I am towards my workers and bla bla and bla ....but who cares ,my father made sure to bring that company up with hardship,so why would I fuckin let people come ruin it for me especially now that I own it,the media brought up the story,that i change women like cloth !
    Seriously is there anything the press won't hold up with ,yeah it's true but to say I change them like cloth is totally out of the spring light ,for fuck sake the damn women wanna suck on me cause of my planted BILLIONS,i mean which woman wouldn't trow herself cheaply at me ,some just wanna tag along to get snapped beside me and be in the headlines everywhere,women come to me ,I don't go to them ,and i only gave one night stand with them .
    But hell let loss! call me a heartless man ,or BILLIONAIRE ,I give no fuck ! They came ,not me and I actually don't admire women coz it's not in my nature,my family know so well ,after my first break up with that slut!...[story for another day though]
    That girl popped into my head again ,why am I thinking about seeing her again ,this is totally weird I've never felt this way be4
    >>My office door pull open to reveal Sam who walked in I looked at him angrily as a smirk played on his face ,gosh can't this guy get it straight even if we've known all our lives does that mean he will joke around all the time .
    You fuckin piss of shit!" I growled taking my pen and throwing it at Sam who Dodged it..
    Hay...bro ,chill what's Making you loss your sense of reasoning so soon this early" Sam teased as he sat in one of the two chairs Infront of my desk ,i glare at him .
    Can't you see am busy ...and for fuck sake I told you to knock on the damn door before entering"I yelled but in a joking tone .
    The last time I checked.....I can enter and even sit on your lap if you want me to giggle at you like a girl will " he said winking at me .
    Just great !thumbs up Sam!now he thinks am thinking of f***kin a p***y
    "Sam piss of junk "I threw another pen at him which he caught laughing.
    Like seriously you think I wanna do that shit Right now ?" I eyed him .
    "Enough of the angry face young man ....what's up with you ? He asked
    Yeah his my very good friend so how won't he realize something is totally bothering me ?
    Taking a deep breath I leaned back on my chair and clips my hand together and softly said what has been bothering me .
    "That waitress"that's all I said to get the surprising look from Sam ,who lifted a brow.
    "You mean the little encounter at the little restaurant you declined and later accepted and feasting your eyes on that little sexy waitress who took our order and later didn't show up to your disappointment? He said and I look at him .
    Just great !good work Sam ! How can I ever forget how fast his mouth runs ,just one word and I get a gallon of words !round of applause Mr Sam !
    I can't even forget what happened that day ,it pained me she wasn't the one to bring the coffee .
    Flashback @ the restaurant
    Here is your coffee sir " a voice said Making me to realize it's not the first voice ,cause the first one was so sweet and can make butterflies blush all night and make the birds sing all day .
    "What about the girl who took our order ", I asked the fine waitress Infront of me .
    "Oh! ....sorry sir she has to attend to something important" the girl replied.i nodded disappointed.
    "So what's her name" I asked .
    "Amora sir ....Amora Stones "the girl replied.
    Wow what a nice name for a very beautiful looking goddess
    And yours is ..? I asked .
    "Suzy sir ...Suzy Clark's " she replied.
    Nice name too I thought.
    "Alright suzy ...thanks you may go " I said and dismiss her .
    Back to present
    "Sam ....I think we need to go back to that restaurant" I said watching his expression.
    "Really ....hmmmm....sounds nice sure it's cause of the girl "Sam winked .
    "Your such a dump ass fool Sam ....for goodness sake do you think am going there for a damn coffee ? I spat and he laughed .
    "Well ...sure , anyways I like the idea ,I really wanna go there ,I need to see suzy Clark's you know "he winked at me .
    Damn sam wants to go with me cause of the second waitress.
    "You picked the name ? I asked surprised.
    "Why not ,when you were busy asking the names ,I was taking note bro " he smirked .
    "Oh. ...this is just great "I smirked back .
    "So are we on it now ? Sam asked .
    "I wouldn't wanna waste more time "I replied getting up as we made our way out of my office.
    Oh gosh I can't wait to see that sexy face ,guess todays gonna be so great .
    Describe Rocco with one word

    Chapter 4

    I woke up as early as possible,deeply praying that old witch and her daughter isn't yet awake ,I put on my dress and tie my hair up in a pony tail I took my backpack and take a look at myself one more time in the mirror before heading down stairs.
    Oh no ! My prayer didn't work today ,cause the old witch Angelica and her daughter Tonia are sitted right there glaring at me /ground open so I can enter
    I moved closer to them and try to sound ok.
    " morning..Mo......aunt " I quickly caught myself cause she said I should never call her mom ,just great
    I thought the witch will be happy by me Calling her mom,as if I even want to .
    She stare at me from head to toe and ask the one question I've been trying to avoid.
    "Where is the money I was supposed to get from you ? She asked calmly .
    "Ummmm.....I haven't been paid yet ,due to the month Mo...aunt ....sorry " she eyed me ,if looks could kill ,by now everyone will be at my funeral,she walked closer to me and I bend my head and looked at my toe .
    "Look at me you hopeless whore " Angelica spat ,it hurts each time she calles me does names ,but if I dare talk back then am finished ,I obeyed her and look up ,the next thing that happened, all i could say is I found myself on the floor whit my hand on my cheek.
    " as I try to hold back the tears that's fighting sneak in the monkey shadow to PULL out "
    I looked up at her,as Tonia laughed at the other chair where she sat eating.
    "Your so useless you idiot,fool.....I told you to quit that useless job of urs and get rich men into your pant as the whore you are already,but your claiming virgin Mary "Angelica shouted at me .
    I gently got up and bend my head .
    "Am....sor...sorry " I whispered as I try to hold back my tears ,in my mind I wanted to scream .
    You better bring that money within two days or eals you sleep out for a week and if you try to run ....just remember you can't escape me ,you disgusting pig " she spat .
    I finally let the tears flow .
    "Why are you bringing out those fake tears,?pretender be the worse "Tonia hissed at me ,I glanced at her .
    How I wish I just rip off your tiny neck out ,little bitch like her mother
    "Did you say something? Angelica asked .
    I quickly moved back. Did I really say that out loud
    "No..... nothing....I said nothing" i quickly said .
    "Get out before I hit you ....slut "Angelica shouted and I quickly turn and hurried to the door then the last word made me stopped.
    "Like her mother "Tonia said and laughed with her mom ,I stood there for a while sign and walk out of the house as I try to control my hurtful heart
    Mom dad !I wish you didn't leave me in this cruel world !I miss you so much .
    Checking my time / shit am fuckin late /am so gonna get fired. Oh goodness gracious I hope my boss isn't there yet ?
    I prayed as i quickly got a cab and head to the restaurant since i couldnt catch the morning boss , When I entered suzy saw me and quickly rushed to me .
    "Amora....what took you so lo......what the fuck is this ? Suzy asked checking my red hot cheek .
    "As usual"I replied.
    "Gosh that woman a human can she hit you right on your face ....does she want to ruin your pretty face "suzy said angrily .
    "She won't stop ....she's just on my neck " I said feeling my tears trying to jump out , suzy looked at me with pitiful eyes and she hugged me as i cried on her shoulder , she soothed me gentle and we pulled apart, and she wipe my tears .
    "Amor that woman is not human at all....move in with me " she said calmly,i quickly shook my head .
    "I cant suzy, just understand , i need to go change before boss comes and see me in this " with that I walked into the washroom as suzy stare after me .
    I just needed time alone am so hurt right now !mom dad ...I miss you so much !i whish your here.
    I really wish you are.

    Chapter 5

    Amora's POV
    I made my way through the silent road heading back home, yeah it's been two weeks already,and I've been avoiding Mr Greek god,i know you must be wondering why am avoiding him ,I noticed his always looking for me each time he comes to the restaurant,i actually don't want to have anything to do with him.
    I was on duty at the restaurant 4days ago after the first time I saw him later on.. I came across a newspaper vendor's shop and what I saw caught my attention i had to go close to see it ,then on it was the picture of Mr Greek god and a lady kissing,the headlines was written
    That moment I felt so jealous,my chest was burning,is not like we've ever spoken to each other ,then I remembered one thing for sure .
    Am just a common girl with a common heart ,even in my dreams he can never be with someone like me ,our world is so different and I cant fit in to it ,so am going to stay far away from him ...coz I know am no match to him ,and also ,his a heartless BILLIONAIRE who can do what ever pleases him ,he is a heartbreaker ,I think he will just toy with me like the rest of his slut ..
    I rolled my eyes.. And continued my walk...checking the time ,its already pass 9 and this road is super dark I really need to go home as fast as possible.,then an image of my family popped in my head.
    17 Years Ago
    I ran to hug my mom who lifted me up and kiss me .
    "How is my pretty little princess doing? My mom Jessica asked .
    "Fine I wanna ask you something" I said and mom dropped me and bend to my level .
    "Yes princess tell me " she said .
    "Mom... today in class my teacher asked everyone what they would want to be once we grow up,some said pilot , engineer,doctor , pastor,nurse and lots more " I said....
    "So tell me princess what did you choose ? My mom asked as I blush .
    "Mom...I told my teacher I wanna become a flight attendant" I exclaimed happily.
    "Really princess is that what you really wanna become ? Mom asked stroking my hair down
    "Yes mom that I can take care of the airplane people and also I will go too different countries and see how beautiful they look I will also take you and dad in it " I said .
    "That's sweet my made a good choice,don't worry my dear will take me and your dad in it once you become a flight attendant" mom said and I cheer .
    "We are gonna fly in the air mom " i shouted happily.
    Mom smiled and kissed my cheek
    "Yes princess we will once you grow up okay ? Mom said
    ." Yes mom ....I love you " I hugged her as she hugged me too .
    "I love you too my sweet little princess Amora " mom said kissing my cheek .
    "Ahemmmm.....I hope am not missed out? My dad cut in from behind I ran to him as he hugged me and lifted me in his arms .
    "Daddy " I kissed his cheek .
    "So my angel....since you wanna become a flight attendant,am going make ur dreams come through,I promise" dad said .
    "Yeahhhh......then mom,, you and I will fly in it" I cheer .
    "Yes my angel we will " dad replied.
    "I love you dad" I said hugging him as he kissed my hair .
    "I love you more angel " he whispered.
    "Am still here and i love you both too " mom said and hugged both of us.....
    I was so happy to have such great family ...Too unfortunate they r gone
    Back to present
    As I walk down the road I made up my mind not to think of the past since it always made me cry.. suddenly the thought of them came up again...a cold tear dropped out of my eye ball. ,how I wish they were alive to see me fulfill my dream of becoming a flight attendant.
    Still Walking on the lonely road , something hit me up , it felt like I was been followed... someone was certainly following me!! ,I turned back to see two huge guys directly gazing at me while they followed up my track,I quicken my speed of walking.
    Making them do the same,, I made to run but one suddenly grabbed my bag ...
    Oh my God ,what's gonna happen now ,am so dead ,they are gonna kill me,am finished.!!I shouted........

    Chapter 6

    Amora's POV
    "Where do you think your going? one of the huge guy asked with a gigantic baritone heart jump started
    "Wha....what do you want from me .... please let me go " I pleaded .
    "Let you go ....c'mon pretty girl can we let you go like that " the Second man spoke ,and they both chuckle.
    "I swear ....I have no money ...there's completely nothing on me ...just let me go " I begged .
    "And who said we want your money? The first guy asked .
    "How can she be so stupid to think we want money " the second guy said and grab my arm .
    Oh God what are they gonna do to me ! Please someone should help me !
    "Your smooth skin is Calling on us baby " the man drag me close to him ,ahhhhnnnn.....gosh he is so sweaty and smelling horrible!
    "Let go of me ...."I shouted and try to fight them .
    " The girl has suddenly gotten power " the smelly one said .
    I started pushing against his chest trying to run away but the second one caught my hand as they both held me in place I was still struggling as uncontrollable tears speed out of my eye balls.
    Maybe I should just die! At least I will leave this heartless world and be with my parents once !... [Amora how can you say that ,have you forgotten your dreams,you said you wanted to be a flight attendant,cmon you need to make mom and dad happy and proud ! Don't give up.!!] An inner mind said to me..
    No I can't give up
    "Some body hel......." My mouth was covered with a red scarf as I try to scream,, they were dragging me to a direction I don't know of,,i couldn't breath cause his Pam is also covering my nose ,I stared panting ,am going to die ! But why like this ,Suzy ,jack ,Mr Greek god dreams ,I won't see them again!I don't know why I mentioned Mr Greek god but I just felt I will miss him if i end up dying this night .
    Just then I felt someone pull the man holding my nose away by then my eyes were blurry ,,i wasn't seeing clearly ... someone was beating the two men. But who was it ,I don't know,i was trying to get enough air into my lungs ,
    I can see how the man continuously throwing punch at them ,kick punch ,slap ,kick,punch ,slap , shove , elbowed,punch.
    I stared feeling my eyes closing and suddenly,i think am fainting,but not before reaching the ground the strong hand held me in place and I try to see my Savior's face but it was still blur my eyes were drifting away.
    "Amora will be OK ,I've got you " the male voice spoke calmly.then I realize.
    "Mr Gre.....Greek ...god"I whispered and I passed out .
     Rocco's POV
    Amora has been avoiding me for the past two weeks and I don't know why ,I've been here all day waiting for her to come out ,when she did I wanted to follow her with my car ,but I didn't want her to feel am stalking her so instead I watch her go and I turn to go back home ,but something told me to turn and watch her go safe into the house even if I don't make her see me ,then I made a U_turn and headed hoping to still find her on the road .
    Then I saw two guys holding a girl and she seems to be struggling,i packed my car to look closely then I heard my Amora's voice ,her sweet sexy voice was in a sorrowful condition .
    "Somebody hel....." She didn't complete it ,I quickly rush crossed the road and yank the man of her ,the first thing I did was to blow him so hard on the jaw and kick the other on his stomach,then I beat both of them up ,gosh they are powerless piece of trash.....but they are strong when it comes to woman shame on some junks
    I turned to see my Amora trying to get air into her lungs ,she was gonna faint ,after giving the both the beating they deserve,they ran away then before my Amora would give up on her legs I caught her ,she was trying to keep her eyes open,my hands in her cheek as I spoke.
    "Amora will be ok,I've got you ..I said .
    And what she said next was... "Mr Gre.....Greek...god" then she passed out .
    Woooaw ! Did she just call me Greek god ? .
    Smiling I lifted her up in my arms and carried her to my S.U.V.........................

    Chapter 7

    Amora's POV
    My eyes opened gently to the sunset that flash across the room ,I slowly try to sit up on the soft bed,trying to get a hint of my surroundings i check the room out ,
    Oh my this isn't my room ,where am I ,this is a king size bed ,so soft and high ,the room is gorgeous the wall is a milk colour and theres even a couch too ,and the tiles are amazing,the room is far bigger than my room ,infact my dad's living room ,this room is so large ,but how did I get here,where am I exactly.
    I looked down at myself and am wearing another cloth ,oh my gosh ! Its a fuckin male T.shirt ,where are my cloths ,who's house am I ?so many thoughts flew pass my mind...
    Then i remembered last-night,i was trying to get away from my two attackers ,then someone saved me by beating them up. Who was the person ,oh my gosh! Mr Greek god ! His the one who saved me ,the voice ,oh no!
    Just then the door pulled open to reveal my very own Mr Greek god!
    Did I just call him my very own jezz Amora I've you gone nut, i mentally slap myself !behave you silly girl .
    He's putting on a white singlet and a black jean ,he looks so hot,so sexy so ....(Amora pull urself together) I was in a Dean with my mind again gosh....
    He came closer to me and my eyes were on him .
    "Good girl,how are you feeling?, He asked as he sat close to me I moved back a bit
    Did this dude just call me baby girl like hell,am not a baby .
    "Mo.... morinng,...and am not baby girl" I said looking away ,his eyes are so tempting if I don't look away ,I will just pull this sexy Greek god and kiss him, (damn Amora !where did that come from!your over reacting!)my mind dram came up again
    But his so fuckin cute ,is it my fault,how can a human be this handsome,it can take a woman's breath away.
    "It's a good thing I was there to help you ...does guys wanted something from you" he spoke.bringing me out of my thought.
    "Yeah ...thanks ,I will have to go now "I try getting up but he held my wrist ,I looked at him and our eyes met .
    "I noticed you've been avoiding me ....did I do something wrong ? He asked his eyes still on me ,
    How can he ask me this silly question,of course something is wrong,i can't control myself each time I look at him,his so handsome for my licking,and also his a womanizer,a woman freak ,a heartless heartbreaker,i dont want to have anything with him !
    But how can I tell him all this ,he will just slap me,i looked down at his hand holding my wrist and gently pulled it away .
    "Well.....I feel like your stalking me ,...and I don't like it "i said sounding normal! lair ....your dying for him to just touch you.
    "Am not stalking you ,why would I? He asked smirking at me .
    For goodness sake why is this smirking at me like that.
    "Well....I've noticed it,and I want you to stop, we've never spoken before,and it's not Normal for you to be stalking me " I answered.
    "Yeah your right ...but I wasn't stalking you,baby girl " he smirked.
    I told this dude to stop calling me baby girl whats wrong with his brain .
    "Am not baby girl. I told you already" I fold my arms .
    "Then why do you call me Greek god ? He asked looking serious.
    My jaw dropped,did I call him that last night oh no Amora ,what are you gonna tell him ,....well his like a Greek god and so sexy and hot so what's wrong with the nick name .
    "Ummmm....."I try to find an answer.
    "Just call me Rocco ....that's my name " he said smirking.
    "Okay .... whatever,thanks anyway,i have to go" I checked the clock at his bed stand time .
    " late for work " i hurried out of the bed as he stare at me quietly.
    "You should have breakfast first " he said .
    "No thanks,just show me the bathroom I have to..... then it hit me ,who changed my cloth oh no,did he,?
    "Have to what ...? "He raised an eyebrow.
    " ...."I pointed at my self .he chuckled.
    "Hell no maid Alupita did it ,you have nothing to worry about.....just go freshing up ,I will have Alupita send in your cloth ,then you come have breakfast,i will tell my driver to drop you off " he smirked with that he turned around and left me standing in my spot with my mouth open.
    Is this greek god really serious right now
    He didn't even show me the bathroom!oh let me check this door..
    I opened the adjoined door and found ,oh my world is this a bathroom?
    Oh my ,this is so beautiful,this is even Bigger than my own too + kitchen + bathroom.,this guy must be fckin bastardy rich .
    Then it hit me .
    AMORA you have to get out if here immediately! This isnt good at all .

    Chapter 8

     Amora's POV
    Steve dropped me Infront of the restaurant,yeah Steve is the driver of Mr Greek god ,after having breakfast which is by force he still said no and force me to ride with Steve,steve is really a cool guy but his really old maybe in his 50ties ,am not really sure, after waving him bye I turn and head into the restaurant,suzy ran to me .
    "Oh my gosh ,...Amora isn't that Steve ? Suzy asked ,I looked at her surprised how did she know Steve .
    "You knew Steve? I asked .
    "Umm.....yeah...kinda of ,his the driver of handsome Rocco Marlz,sometimes his with sam." Suzy said .
    "Now going to go In there and change ,and by the time I come out you have to explain to me how you knew Sam and even the Greek gods real name " I said with that I left to change .
    Minutes later
    "So how did you know Sam ? I asked suzy who took a deep breath and said .
    "Well....I've known him since two weeks ago ,they came the next day to look for you but you weren't around then" she spoke calmly.
    I waited for her to tell me the whole story .
    Suzy's POV
    "Hi sir "i greeted the two handsome men from the previous day .they both smiled at me .
    "Please what would you like to order?I asked holding my notepad to begin writing.
    "Ummmm....sorry but ,where is Amora ? The younger one asked ,the sexy handsome one Amora doesn't want to go near .
    "Sir...she's not here yet " I replied,i could see how he frowned.
    " Sam by the way ....Sam Blake's" the second older one brought his hand forward for a shake,i was scared to take at first but he gave me a very sexy smile .
    "Suzy..." Before I could finish he caught in.
    "Yeah ..I know" he kissed the back of my hand and I blush ,he winked at me .
    "Umm...suzy that's my very good friend Rocco MARZ,am sure you know him already" sam said .
    Yeah who wouldn't know the hottest sexy BILLIONAIRE of the west his all over the world ,! I thought .
    "Yeah I do's nice to meet you sir " I said as i shoke Rocco who smiled at me .
    "Umm...can you do me a favour,if your friend comes tell her we came around " sam said .
    "No...don't tell her anything,we will be leaving"Rocco said and I smiled .
    "Alright" I replied
    They both got up .
    "Umm... beautiful if you don't mind ,I will like to take you out on , Saturday,will you ? " Sam asked and I blush more .
    I really have to catch this fish.i mean who wouldn't go out with second top BILLIONAIRE?
    "Sure am free " I said he took my hand .
    "Alright beautiful" he kissed my hand and winked at me before they both walked out .
    Oh my gosh ,am having a date with second handsome BILLIONAIRE,! Am ontop of the world .
    Back to present
    I listened as suzy told me the whole story .
    "So you mean you both are dating? I asked surprised.
    " really sorry Amor I should have told you " suzy said .
    "So tell me since when ? I asked
    "Its a week now " she replied.
    So fast ! Suzy is so ....oh my !
    "Isn't that too fast ....I mean you hardly know him " I said worried.
    "Yeah...but his a cool guy ,his funny and I love spending time with him " she said .
    "Oh!...I see ... alright" i replied.
    "So tell me .... what happened,steve dropped you off am surprised" suzy said .
    I know she won't forget it untill she's told .
    "Well...on my way back home last-night,i got attacked by two men ,but luckily Mr Greek god ...I mean Rocco saved me he beat them up and i passed out" I said .
    Her eyes were wild open .
    "!'s a good thing he came. What would have happened if he didn't come at the right time " suzy said .
    "I hope you aint hurt anywhere? " She asked .
    " ok" I replied.
    " that means ,he carried you in his arms ? Suzy winked at me .
    "Well...yeah " I replied.
    "And he took you to his mansion? She asked .
    "Yeah " I replied.
    "Hmmmm.....and he took you to his bedroom?she asked .
    ".Suzy am not sure " I lied .
    " Well...did he cuddle did you feel when he touched you ? She asked .
    Oh my !what's this girl talking about ,or did he and I didn't know,oh my gosh !it was his room i slept ,I hope he didn't cuddle me ! Oh my ,so he watched me sleep ,he touched me ! Oh my ...
    "Amora... answer me " she smiled at me .
    " , of course not ,how would I let him touch me ". Quickly said .
    "Alright....but I were drooling at him again " she said resting her head on the counter.
    "Oh .my suzy can't be serious just get back to work already" I said and walked away .
    " can run ....I already know the answer" she laughed at me .
    I rolled my eyes ,and didn't turn back .
    But what if he really cuddle me ,cause I woke up in his bedroom,! He said he didn't touch me ,can I trust him! Oh am so confused...........

    Chapter 9

    Rocco's POV
    I sat down in my office,after having such a hectic meeting with the board members,all throughout its just my baby girl I was thinking about,at a point I called her name in the middle of the meeting and all the board members were wondering what I was taking about ,sam laughed at me so hard that I really got furious.
    Now am in my office and I can't stop smiling,thinking about yesterday when I took her to my house ,she got tense thinking i changed her cloth,i wanted cuddle her so close when she was asleep,but if she gets to find out i kissed her forehead then she will freak out
    I can't stop laughing by the look on her face when she asked who changed her ,her face looks so cute and much beautiful.
    I have never been this attracted to anyone after Erica ,that name sicken me alot ,I hate that woman so much ,I thought she loved me ,I fell endlessly Inlove with her only to find out her little secret,gosh! She was the only woman who got me head over hills inlove with her ,but it's been 4 years already,shes my past ,I can't lock my heart towards my new feelings, although I don't know why I can't stop thinking about Amora ,there's something about her that I just can't comprehend,but I really like her alot ,the first day I saw her I just can't stop thinking about her.
    I leaned back on my chair ,let me give her a call ,well yeah I have her number,all thanks to suzy ,she's really been a friend too me this past weeks ,and the funniest thing is how sam charm her so fast ,they are already dating ,well good for them ,but Amora has been avoiding me ,now she thinks am stalking her ,am I really stalking her?but why doesn't she wanna talk with me ! Maybe she's just shy .
    Taking my phone I dialed her number,yeah so you would know,i store her name as "my baby girl " I place it in my ear and wait as it ring .
    "Hello.....Amora on the line ... please who is this? She asked,gosh her voice is so sweet .
    "Ummmm.....guess" I said enjoying the moment.
    "Sorry....I don't guess ,will you tell me or I'd end the call" she said .
    Fool talk ,she's gonna end the call,but ...if I tell her she's gonna freak out !let me just end it in stead.
    Before I could press end. She said something.
    "Oh my this Mr Greek god.....? She asked sounding surprised.
    " seems you figured it out"I said really gonna enjoy this call.
     Amora's POV
    Oh my world,i can't believe it's Mr Greek god who called,the moment I recognize the voice I almost choke on my glass of water .
    " me ,how did you get my number....? I stammered.
    "Just my connection" he replied,i could imagine him smirking by now .
    What do I do ,this guy is crazy .
    "Umm....well,its your business,....I don't want you to call me ever again."I said ... liar you want him to call you ,admit it you like it .
    "Baby shouldn't be saying that to a gentle man like me you know" he said .
    Oh my !why can't he listen to simple instruction,why is he calling me baby girl again ,but why do I feel so good each time i hear him call me that ,his sexy male voice make me melt ,so great Amora ,one minute your acting angry , second minute your acting crazy ,just Great.
    "Look....don't ever call me that again ,am not baby girl ...if you can't call me Amora then leave it " I yelled .
    "Oh!.... I try not to call you that , anyways,i have to go now ,talk to you later " he said .
    "Please don't call later I might not pick your call... thanks" befor he could say anything I hang up .
    Great job Amora ,you just hang up on a billionaire ,your so gonna pay for this .
    I started laughing as I place my phone on my chest ,I really don't know why am laughing,am just imagining the look in his face now ,I laugh more untill I felt someone touch me ,I quickly turn to see Suzy and Jack ,oh no I hope they didn't hear me talking with Mr Greek god.
    "Ummmm....jack...Suzy"I smiled at them .
    They both lifted up a brow .
    " there anything you guys want from me? I asked .
    They both looked at each other and back to me ,oh no seriously I know when they look at me like that.
    "Why were you laughing so hard ? Jack asked .
    "And you were placing your phone on your chest "suzy added .
    "'s an old Friend of mine ,she was sounding so funny on the phone,its been long "I lied .
    "Really.....?jacked fold his arms ,while Suzy placed her hands on her waist and they both looked at me .
    "Ye....yeah...really " I replied them .
    "But I thought I heard you say Mr Greek god" suzy said .
    "Which means it's a guy you were taking with " jacket added.
    Oh no , they've been watching me ,they actually know it's Rocco I was talking to.
    "But she said it was a girl " suzy said .
    "But how can a girl bear such nick name *Greek god*? Jack asked suzy .
    "I wonder " suzy said and they both wait for my answer.
    "And she even told the person not to call her that she won't pick " suzy added .
    "Yeah your right suzy ,if it was a long time friend then why would she say that"jack said as they both communicate with each other .
    "Ok...fine, sorry I lied ..." I said .
    "So that means you were talking to Rocco marlz ....the hottest BILLIONAIRE" jack exclaimed.
    "And you seem happy" suzy added.
    "Well... nothing, you guys know already,so it's my turn to question you two.....who among you gave him my number? I fold my arms as I watch them both .
    Suzy and Jack looked at each other ,and Suzy scratch her hair ,jack played with his toe....
    "Ummmm......well"suzy try to talk .
    "No need I already know the answer" I smirked at them .
    They can't even lie ,Suzy is trying to do her best to make me close to Mr Greek god ...well I don't blame her ,I blame this stupid feelings of not controlling myself each time I see him ,I just can't help nut admire him .
    I need to take drugs ! Yeah I really need it..............

    Chapter 10

    Amora's POV
    It's been two days already and work has been so hectic,i just got back from work as I lay on my bed silently, I never predicted this night will be a sorrowful one for me,my bedroom door sprang open revealing my angry looking step mother and Tonia who walked in,i got scared and quickly got up .
    What have i done this time around ,oh God help me ! I can't handle another slap again .
    "You ungrateful harlot .....where is the money ? Angelica shouted .
    Oh no what money is she talking about ,i already gave her the money a week ago ,what now .
    "What .....what money are you taking about "I asked softly .
    "I can't find the 10 thousand I left in my bag ,plus the new jewelry I bought for Tonia,am sure you took them "she yelled .
    "Ahh......I swear I have no idea about what your saying....I didn't take any money neither jewelry I swear " she grabbed my ear and it hurts alot as she squeezed it.
    "I will kill you if you don't provide it right now ,.....tell me where you hid it now " she yelled .
    Uncontrollable tears began falling down my cheek ! What is all this .
    "I....I...swe.....swear .....i didn't take anything" I cried .
    "Tonia search the room "she said and Tonia started searching
    Angelica pushed me down and my wrist hurt she began searching for it with Tonia ,as I cried ,they scattered my wardrobe under my bed,the covers my pillow and Tonia lifted something up .
    "Mom.....take a look at this....isnt this my jewelry? She held it up as Angelica came closer to see it .
    Oh my goodness,am finished,how did this get here, lord have mercy!this can't be.
    " do you explain this ? Angelica took the jewelry from Tonia and held it in my front ....
    "I swear....I idea ...I swe......" Before i could finish it,i got slapped I held my cheek shocked.
    "How dare you ....big liar.. soo the jewelry now have legs to walk ba" she yelled .
    "I swear ....I didn't do it " I try to defend myself only to receive another slap .she grabbed my shirt and pulled me up ,and slapped me again ..oh my cheek hurtss
    "You lying whore,i let you stay in my house and you could repay me with is to steal from me bastard" she pulled my hair as I yelled in Pain..
    "Please.......pleas.... I your ....."I try to pull her hand from my hair ,she held it tighter . oh my god! I can't bear this pain,she will kill me .
    "I knew from the start ...that you were no good to this family killed my murderer" she screamed at me.
    She always accuses me of killing my own father! .... because Tonia told a lie that I pushed him from the stairs! Since then the hatred she had for me increased drastically...
    " ...I swear " I cried harder she pulled it harder and I screamed harder .
    "You. evil child will never admit it ,your nothing but a murderer your leaving this house tonight " she said and pushed me on the bed .
    God!!,where am I going to go ,she can't do this to me ! I have no where to go .
    "Tonia pack her bags now " she yelled and Tonia began packing my stuff ,I quickly knelt down .
    "Please don't do this to me ....I didn't steal I don't know how it got into my room ,I swear,....I have no idea. Please don't send me out.....I have no where to go "I pleaded put she kicked my hands from her leg .
    " done with it " Tonia said .
    Angelica grabbed me and pulled me out of my room through the stairs as Tonia came behind us with my bag I was crying so hard.
    "Please don't do this to me.....I didn't do it saying the truth....I didn't steal your Money,i didn't take the jewelry,i swear " I tried to kneel down but she dragged me out of the house grab my bag from Tonia and threw it at me ,i fell down landing with the same wrist again .
    "Go away from here Amora ....I don't want to ever see you again....." She yelled closing the door as I tried to plead .
    "No...don't do this ..... please don't do this..... please" I begged holding her from closing the door. But she pushed me .
    "Don't you understand simple english go away ....we don't want to see you again...whore" tonia spat at me.
    "Tonia....your my sister.... please...don't do this " I begged .
    "I hate you just go useless begging me " she spat .
    "Aunt ... please...." I begged.
    "Out ....I don't ever want to see you here again....never in your life " Angelica shouted and banged the door on my face .
    "Pleaase.... .... please don't do this to me .....I swear i didn't take the money .. please" I Bang harder and harder on the door but they didn't open .
    Turning around I took my bag,i looked everywhere its so dark ....I took my phone out of my jeans pocket it's 10:15 .where do I go ,it's so late .
    I was confused,i looked at the close door one last time and carried my bag as I cry,i started walking through the lonely road like a scavenger
    Maybe I should call Suzy she might help me .
    I Dialed her number about four times but it's not reachable,i will just go I have no money on me ,how do I get a cab now ...let me just walk I can do this .
    Mom dad,i wish you both didn't leave me ,today I've been thrown out of my own house ,the house you me and mom lived in, am being accused! You know am not a thief ,why did you both leave me here to suffer ! Why don't I just die ,am tired of living.
    I walk for like 35minutes am so exhausted,Suzy's house is still far from here I checked my time its already 10:40pm
    am so tired,what do I do ,yes I should call Mr Greek god , no Amora don't call him you can do this ,just go to Susy's place it won't take you an hour to be there you can do this ..I thought
    I started walking again ,but then i saw three hardened men standing near a pillar in the front , smoking and drinking, !I have to turn back ,I can't take this road .
    With that ,I took gentle steps back so they won't notice me ,as unlucky as I was ,one saw me and the rest turned
    ,am finished,what do i do now .
    I quickly turned and started running.
    "Stop there!!" one of the men shouted as I ran as fast as my legs could carry me,they chased after me .
    Even if I have to die tonight,let me try to escape first ,let me die trying.
    I accidentally fell on the ground ,on my wrist again,it hurts alot and my legs hurt they were still approaching hastily... I started crawling then my hand touched someone,when I turn to look. Am holding someone's shoe , someone was standing right there in front of me...................

    Chapter 11

    Amora 's POV
    I was holding someone's shoe ,am in double trouble,i turned around to see the men already standing looking at me ,am so scared but what i heard next shocked me .
    "LET...HER...BE" the familiar voice said ,and I recognize it that Minute it's Mr Greek god,his the one !oh thank you Jesus.
    I gently got up as I looked up at him,the other three still stood there,it was dark so I couldn't see his face well but I knew his the one .
    "Hand over d girl or we end ur life in 2 minutes "one of em threatened .
    Mr Greek god just stood staring at them .
    "Well..u have to go through Me first "he replied ..
    "Alright then ,since u want it d hard way leggo "the third guy said and they began coming closer to us,Rocco pulled me gently behind his back his eyes gazed still on them .
    The first guy threw a punch at Rocco but he caught his hand ,and there the fight started..........
     Rocco 's POV
    Sam pulled me into a night club with him,even when I refused,he took suzy along,he forced me to go with them I badly wanted Amora with me ,the party was really boring without her ,I stayed almost two hours... got exhausted and told sam I was leaving ,I called Steve to bring the car immediately as I head out of the club .
    Later I got a call from him saying the car had an issue ,I couldn't wait. Am so tired and need rest,i told him not to bother I will walk it then ,since my penthouse is just an hour ride from the club venue so I will just walk it an hour and maybe 30minutes ......part of exercise
    I began walking on the lonely dark nd serene road ,then I paused,something felt wrong somewhere I kept hearing a resounding girls voice ,and I think she was been chased judging by the tone of the screams ,I ignored the sound thinking it was probably something normal and continued walking,then I saw a girl running straight to my direction accompanied by about 3men chasing after her ,I stood at my spot untill the girl was close but she fell ,and she started crawling gently trying to get away from them,then she touched my shoe and that instant I knew it was my baby girl coz of her familiar sweet voice ,she didn't notice at first.....
    "LET...HER..BE" i yelled at the tyrants making them stand in shock .she got up and looked at me ,I was right it was my baby Amora.... she had a surprised face written all over her small cute face .
    As the three men refused to yelled to my command , I challenged them to a fight and the idiots agreed , gently pulling my baby girl behind my back ,I got ready to knock them fools down.
    When the fight began ,call me Jackie chan or jet ...Lee,or even Bruce Lee.....they ain't getting away easily ,after beating them so mercilessly they had no option but to run , soo they thought they could fight me!like seriously ...I've worked 6years of my life training, especially the last 3years I was in the army ,but then,i needed to help my dad with his company since they were aged....that was the reason why I gave up d batch..
    I turned back to see my baby ,she was touching her temple her eyes were dimming gradually,,making her stagger backwards,shes gonna faint ,befor she could make contact with the ground I caught her ,her eyes began to close swiftly .
    "Baby girl....hay....don't close your eyes " I whispered.
    "It' "she said and her eyes closed .
    I quickly took my phone from my back pocket to call Sam.
    "Hello come already....hurry up...okay you've dropped suzy already? with Amora ....dude she's fainted...oh yes ..yes alright.....the same road ....okay am waiting" I hang up ....
    I kissed her forehead and whispered.
    "Am never letting you out of my sight again. .I promise"
    Not less than 15minutes Sam arrived ,i got her into the car ,and Sam drove us straight to my mansion............
    The real drama is about to begin
     anticipate ........

    Chapter 12

    Amora's POV
    I woke up with a sharp slit headache , I feel so exhausted,the sunlight from outside was pearling into the room,i try to open my eyes gently,i could feel movement,my eyes opened as I turned my neck to see someone lying on the couch.
    Where am I,this isn't my room at all.
    Then everything came rushing back from the previous night .
    I gently try to sit up ,Mr Greek god had saved me last-night again,as I try to sit up I mistakenly rested my right hand and I felt a sharp pain , making me scream .
    "Ouchhhhhh......" Mr Greek god quickly got up and rush to my side,oh no am sure it's my wrist ,it hurts alot ,he looked so worried.
    "Baby girl are you ok....? He asked trying to help me sit up .
    "Yeah.....thanks again "I smiled at him.
    Yo u can just say am happy cause this is the first time am smiling directly at him.
    "Does your hand hurt ?he asked looking at my right hand which he noticed me rubbing.
    "Yeah....maybe I lay on it "I lied
    The truth is I dont want him to worry about my hand !,after all his not my father nor brother ,I can't let him stress over me .
    "I will be right back " he said I nodded and he head out of the room,i gently rested my back on the bedpost ,am really hungry and tired,by the way am wearing another dress again ,did he Change it or he can't maybe his maid did.
    Few minutes later Rocco walked in with a tray in his hand ,I watch him as he came closer to put it on the side bed table.
    "You should eat something" he said .
    "Alright" I replied
    The truth is am really starving and there's no way am saying no to this meal ,after am done here I will go stay with Suzy ,but let me try to be nice to him for once and especially for This meal .
    I open the food and it was pancake,jam and hot coffee ,my best meal how did he know!maybe it's just coincidence my mouth water at the sight alone, did he make it? I thought...nah , i doubt that he has a maid for crying out loud Amora " my mind scream... yeah whatever , stupid mind .
    "Thanks "I started eating while he looked at me am kind of shy ,and I think he noticed cause he just smiled.
    "Why don't you join me ? I ask feeling awkward that I have to eat while he watch like some body guard.
    "Am very well thanks" he said I ate a little and I think am well fit to leave .
    "Umm....Gree..."I tried to call .
    "Rocco" he caught in and I just smiled .
    "Umm... Rocco,thanks alot for saving me the way ,I really need to start going" I said... that moment I saw him look sad .
    "Your going no where amor...." He said .
    Is he for real right now ,is he my dad or brother.
    "Why....but I can't stay here "I said.
    "Where will you go ..? He asked .
    "To Suzy's place " I replied.
    "No...your not " he replied in a serious tone, and did I say possessive? Yeah possessive much .
    "May I know why ...why won't I go " I asked suddenly feeling angry,who is he to tell me what to do .
    "Because...I don't want you to go to Suzy's ...your staying here now " he said .
    Oh my gosh ...did he just say am staying here now,oh no,this isn't good what will people think of me .
    "I refuse to stay "I replied.
    "You were out so late with your bag ...what happened to your house ,why are you going to Suzy ? He asked.
    "I have some kind of issue right now ,I want to stay with Suzy for a while"I said .
    "That's not enough reason for me to let you go baby girl "he said looking serious.
    "Why...I already told you can't boss me around,your not my father I will do what I want "I half yelled .
    "'s still no baby girl "he said .
    "Why....why won't you let me go ,how is it your business" now am really upset ,what's wrong with this dude.
    "Tell me Rocco ....why won't I go ... what's the use of the possessiveness"I yelled .
    Then he glazed at me our eyes met and a cold shiver ran down my spine charming the butterfly rolling my stomach, my heart beat weirdly and we stare for a long time .
    "Coz ...your ..MINE"he said softly.
    That instant my heart stopped beating as I stare blankly at him,did he just claim me to be his !no this must be a dream ,the BILLIONAIRE can never claim a common girl like me ,but he looks serious,OH NO!
    Urghh Someone should wake me up from this dream already !!!
    Haha...One word for this girl???

    Chapter 13

    Rocco 's POV
    It's been two days already,and I could still feel Amora is upset with me ,she tries to go and I refused to let her ,she's been avoiding me so badly ,and I'm finding it heartbreaking,,I called Suzy and Sam to come over ,and they promise to come soon, each time i try talking to her ,she gives me attitude,am I doing the wrong thing.
    I feel there's something she's not telling me ,but i really need to find out everything about her ,Sam helped me out with some information,and I also talked to my private investigator,De
    smond ....
    He had told me , Amora Stons lost her mom and dad and stays with her step mother Angelica and step sister Tonia ,and due to some of the information given ,they were mal_treating her ,and I think that's why she left the house .
    Well the information isn't really enough,i still want to know the main reason behind the maltreatment,i mean what really happened that Amora's step mom will hurt her I'm such a ruthless manner ,she's supposed to love and care for her,but she doesn't give a damn if she dies .for goodness sake this is a girl!!
    Amora is the only person who can tell me the whole story ,I don't mind if she has to stay angry at me ,but I just have the feeling to protect her,i will protect her more if she's under my watch . I really care about her alot ,and I will never let her leave my sight ,never...
     Amora 's POV
    Rocco has kept me here for the past two days ,I really am scared ,his really serious,i even try ignoring him thinking he will end up getting frustrated and let me go but he didn't,does he really mean what he said about claiming me two days ago ,gosh I didn't know he was this serious .
    I really don't want a broken heart ,yes i really like Rocco ,but am scared what if his just trying to get into my pants what if he just wants to use me ,and he doesn't mean what he told me being his ........what if his just pretending,there are so many "if" on my mind am going insane
    A knock came on the door jolting me up from my trans and I called the person in .
    "My dear ,you should come down for lunch"Alupita said ,an elderly woman probably in her 60ties ,she's so caring I've been close to her for the past two days ,she's really caring and compassionate...sometimes she makes me feel like am with my mum.....
    "Am not hungry mom Alupita" I said ,yeah I love calling her mom,you don't expect me to call her by her name.
    "C'mon dear "she came close to me .
    "Don't starve yourself,....Rocco isn't as bad as you think child ,but this is the very first time since I've known Rocco serious about keeping a woman here ,he doesn't let any woman here,he really likes you ...and believe me his not happy at all that your avoiding him "she said .
    Could she been telling the truth,rocco likes me ,and he has never brought a woman into this mansion, does he! Is it really true ! I really want it to be true lol! ,coz I can't bear to see him with another woman,yes i really like him,i just can't help it.
    "Mom Alupita ...are you saying the truth ? I asked ,she smiled and touched my cheek .
    "Yes my dear ,I've known Rocco since he was born ,I've been working as his nanny "she said .
    Now I understand,no wonder Rocco is really close to her ,he even called her mama ,she must be telling the truth,am suddenly feeling happy.
    "Rocco really likes you...just give him a chance"she said I nodded .
    "Now will you eat ?she asked .
    "Yes mom Alupita am really hungry"I said and we both laughed.
    "That's my child ,don't worry you will really love the meal,and also some guests are Waiting for you " she said.
    "Really ...I would love to see "i said and she helped me out of the bed i mistakenly hit my wrist on the bed side table .
    "Ouch ...."i nearly cried .
    "Oh my dear really need to tell Rocco about your wrist,it might get worse"she said worriedly.
    "Mom Alupita I really trust you that's why I told you about this , I actually don't want him worried about me "I spoke calmly.
    She smiled at me ,
    "Ok ...for now only ,....but make sure you tell him this night"she said and I knew she's serious I just gave her a smile .
    "C'mon lets go " she held my hand and we walked gently down .
    Am so happy,i can't stop smiling,mom Alupita had really Brighten my day ,I will try to be nice to Mr Greek god henceforth.
    As we walked down the stairs i saw three people sitted along with Rocco ,as they turned,i couldn't help but scream in joy .
    And sam.
    My lunch is completed,my bestfriends are here,am so happy today ,but something hit me , did he call them here oh my world,he wants me to be happy,how sweet of him..
    [3/26, 15:46] ‪+233 24 462 0852: FALLING FOR YOU

    Chapter 14

    Rocco's POV
    I could see how her face lightened up just by seeing her friends ,but am still worried based on the silent treatment she's been keeping with me ,I really don't want her to hate me ,but she wont understand why am doing this,i knew she didn't believe me when I said she's mine,i could see the confusion and shock on her face,i really like her ,and I want to love her ,if only she can give me room ,I really wanna take care of her .
    "Amora..."suzy ran to hug her .
    "You guys came "Amora said as she smiled at them.
    "Sorry bestie....but you haven't been to work for two days ,am afraid....your fired "jack said . scratching his neck .
    "You're joking ....I already called boss ,I told him I will be off for the week ,you know am not feeling well "Amora said
    [Oh my gosh I hope she doesn't freak out once she finds out I asked her boss to fire her]
    "Sorry bestie...but you really aint working anymore"suzy said calmly,and Amoras face suddenly turn sad .she looked at me .and back to Suzy
    " know I really don't like jokes...what do you mean ,I spoke to boss,he even said I could take as much time as I want ...what do you mean am fired "Amora said sounding upset .
    Suzy and Jack looked at me ,Sam have the expression of "bro start explaining"Amora turn to me .
    "Rocco know about this ?she asked me .
    "Am sorry ... there's no need working,your not feeling well ...I had to do what I can "I said .
    "What do you mean...."?she asked .
    "Look sorry...but I told your boss you won't be working anymore"I spoke softly .
    "Wha....what ? She looked shocked.
    "It's for the best Amora ...your not well at all "suzy said .
    " can you know how important this job is to could you "she yelled .
    "C'mon amor ...he only did what he thought was best can't even work in your condition"sam cut in .
    "Am perfectly fine ...I never told you I can't take care of myself....what made you think I can't continue the work... besides I already took excuse,but then you went and ruin it all could you ? She asked angrily.
    I could see how she looks shocked, oh my how can I shout at her she suddenly look scared !I hope she doesn't freak out .
    "You knew about the wrist? She asked Calmly.
    "Am sorry baby .... please you need to get treated,i didn't tell you the doctor came,he said you really need to treat the wrist ,he said the faster it's done the sooner it will heal ... please and probably he said it could within two weeks or so if only you agree to be treated"I spoke calmly
    I actually found out the day she lied that she must have lay on it ,but I wasn't really sure ,then when she was telling mama about it then I over heard it..
    (mama is Alupita just to remind you)
     Amora's POV
    I can't believe he knew about the sprinkled wrist I knew mom Alupita would tell him ,and the doctor checked on me ,how come am not aware.
    "Am sorry baby girl .....I over heard you telling mama about it ,so I had the doctor check on you can't work with the wrist ,so I ended the job ,it's really stressful....and also i know you try to use your left to eat ,and sometimes mama feed you ...let me help you "ROCCO said ,
    He really cares about me ,mom Alupita was right ,!I guess i have no option but to let him have his way.....
    "Amor .... need to start working with your hand again"suzy said touching my cheek .
    "Al... alright....but Suzy can I come stay with you ? I could see how Rocco suddenly frowned at me .
    But I can't stay here ,I don't want the media to castigate my name ,and I don't want any record that am having an affair with the hottest BILLIONAIRE PLAYBOY of the west,am media conscious .
    I could see,how Suzy glared at Rocco then to Sam ,is she thinking of accepting me,but she was eager to have me with her back then ,why is she suddenly having secind thoughts.
    " sorry I didn't tell you this .....but ,am staying with sam "she spoke calmly,i looked at her shocked i could feel Rocco and Jack also surprised we turned to look at Sam and suzy .
    "Sorry was planning to tell you "sam said to Rocco .
    "Really suzy is with you now ... permanently or ...?Rocco asked .
    "Well ....we agreed that if she likes my place she could stay "sam said .
    "Suzy"I called still shocked.
    " will have to stay with Rocco ,or if Sam permits you then u could stay with us "she spoke.
    "Hell no "Rocco pulled me to him,his hand around my waist, i could feel the sensation of our body ,his hand make a shiver run down my spine ,the feeling was really good ,I looked up at him !such a handsome man !
    "she will be staying here with me "he said suddenly behaving possessive again ,I just rolled my eyes .
    Jack and the rest chuckle.
    "What if I don't want "i teased him he tightened his grip on my waist .
    "Your mine "he whispered to my ear ,and that moment I could feel the hot air of his breath that caressed my ear.
    , it feel so good ,i felt my legs weakling ! he sound serious saying it again!there's no doubt,his really claiming me ,but can I allow it,can I give him a chance,what if he hurts me,oh gosh !I bet my life will never remain thesame again.
    Then he smirked at me ,I rolled my eyes .
    "Well ..the meal is getting cold kids "mom Alupita broke the silence from the dinning .through the kitchen door we all smiled and made our way to the dinning, Rocco pulled my chair for me and I sat as I said thank you to him ,he just smirked at me ,sam did the Sam for suzy and he sat beside her .
    Am really happy for sam and suzy ,they really seem serious about there relationship,but can I give Rocco a chance to really claim me just like sam has claimed suzy ,but has sam ever told suzy she's his,nah I bet not ,I really like Rocco but am scared,i don't want a broken heart.i looked at him as he tries to feed me ,I refused but he raised an eyebrow and suzy told me to c'mon ,so I just let him feed me .urghh
    Can I really give him a chance to come into my heart ,I don't want a broken heart am really scared ,!but his really caring.. not as bad as the media says ,his a very sweet guy .
    (Amora could you let him in) ?..............

    Chapter 15

    Amora's POV
    It's been two weeks and three days at Greek god's house ,and I've tried to be nice with him ,hisbeen absolutely sweet through out the weeks ,I saw another side of Rocco I never feel could exist ,each time he goes to work he brings ice cream for me ,and that's because I told him I loved it alot .
    I suddenly start missing him when his not around me ,he never stops Calling me baby ,I just wish to be beside him all the time , I really don't know how I feel,i don't know what I feel towards him ,was it "LOVE"could it ,am not sure,but each time he comes close to me ,call me baby girl , I feel loved and new sensation building in my body ,his eyes are so beautiful and tempting.
    He said am very little for my age ,he said the first time he saw me I looked like under 18,i blushed so hard and when I told him am 21 he was surprised,like seriously
    The dude thinks am a baby just because of my body size, annoying
    I told him I would be going out with Suzy before he left for the office today ,he said there was no problem kissed me on my forehead and left ,am really used to him doing that,his lips sent shiver all over my body ,his scent nd perfume, gosh everything!! I love him ,am so addicted to his scent lol.
    My wrist has really improved too ,I take my drugs and got treated ,it's very much Better now and I could eat with it , though rocco still argues it's not ,and he wants to continue feeding me ,that guy is really psycho.
    After I and Suzy went out shopping yh Rocco Gave me his credit card to buy anything I want ,I refused at first but Suzy persuaded me to collect it ,she even told me sam also gave her his credit card .am really happy for the two,they really love each other.but I don't. Knw if Rocco even wants to date me,dont get me wrong ,is just that his really acting like a boyfriend whereas his not ,and he keeps getting me things .
    Steve just pulled the car into the mansion he wanted to help me with the one nylon bag I was holding but I told him it's ok ,and also i could see ROCCOs B.M.W is he back I thought, I head into the sitting room and heard some sound coming from the kitchen,i dropped the nylon bag and my little purse on the sofa ,maybe it's mom Alupita.
    As I walk close to the kitchen door ,I saw Rocco ,he was still dress with his outfit which is a nude shirt and black jeans with a nude sneakers if am correct,his making something,i think it's pancake,well just to let you know,rocco mostly cook for me when mom Alupita isn't home,I've not laid hands on any house chores at all all coz of the crazy wrist ,I leaned on the door and smiled at me he still doesn't know am watching him,he looks so handsome working.his about to make the pancake actually.
    "The boss is so hungry that he didn't even bother to go pull his outfit" I teased he turned and looked at me ,I gave him a smile as he looked a bit surprised.
    "Baby long have you been standing there ? He asked as i made my way closer to him .
    "Not up to 3minutes I guess" I replied leaning forward to see what he was doing.he smiled at me .
    "You didn't stay long at all ....'he said .
    "Well you don't expect me to sleep there right ? I scoffed at him .
    He looked from my face to my toe and back up .
    "Baby girl ...did you go out dress like this ? He sounded angry .
    I looked at myself,am wearing a simple outfit a armless blue top and white short with my hills .
    " you can see "I replied.
    He pulled me to him once .
    "Why did you wear this's too expose,look at your lab ,your shoulder,i don't like other men looking at what's mine " he tries to control his anger .
    "What it's just an outfit nothing more "I replied.
    "No it's not just's really expose ...who asked you to wear this ? He asked .
    "Suzy..."I replied.
    "Fuck suzy .... please don't ever wear this again my baby girl ...I hate to see other men has eyes for what's mine ,I will break anyone who tries to mess with you " he said through clenched teeth .
    "Your being so possessive .."I rolled my eyes.
    "Call me whatever...i don't joke with your body " he said and turn back to what he was doing.
    I unhealed.
    We heard a thunder strike outside and I think it's gonna rain ,just then it was already raining Rocco smiled at me .
    "'s raining go change you will get cold "he said .
    "I won't ...tell me what are you making? I asked .
    " like it "he asked .
    "Yeah...let me help "I said .
    "No way ...I can't let you work ,your wrist isn't better yet "he said .
    "C'mon am already okey let me help "I try to persuade him .
    "No baby girl...I will take of it ,just sit and watch me "he said I frowned at him ,it seems he won't let me ,I need to do something,i look around the kitchen and saw a bowl of flour i smiled evil ,I filled my hand with it and put it behind my back then I gently walked to him.
    " .... baby girl please sit "he said not looking at me ,I didn't answer the moment he turned I rubbed his face with the flour and laughed so hard as I ran out of the kitchen.
    "Shit...I will get you "he said and ran after me ,I made my way out of the house to the garden he ran behind me,i kept laughing but my shoe wouldn't let me run fast ,he was right behind me .
    "U cute bad girl I will get you " he said and as I try to dodge him he pulled my hand and I fell back sitting on the swing along the Grass garden and he held me tight .I couldn't stop laughing as the rain sock our cloths.
    "Catcha..."he laughed
    "That's cheating"I try to push him to get up but he held me in place and leaned down our face nearly touching he caressed my cheek and we looked into each other's eyes .
    His eyes became darker,and he leaned more, oh no is going to kiss me!oh no what do I do !am suddenly feeling embarrassed.
    Before his lips could touch mine I pushed him and he fell down I laughed so hard and ran back into the house .
    " going to get you Baby girl"he ran after me .
    "You can't catch me "i yelled.
    Oh my I have to hide somewhere,he was already after me , laughing.....I reached the first door,, opened it entered the room and locked it .
    " baby the door "he yelled
    "I won't ..go away "I laughed inside .
    "Ok then am coming to get you"he said and I wonder how his going to get me when the door is locked just then the door was open and there stood Mr Greek god with a cute evil smile.on ..
    Oh My Geee am in his room

    Chapter 16

    He smirked at me as he walk closer to me ,I stepped back
    "Oh Rocco ..."I try to sound seductive .
    "Yes baby girl "he smirked still coming closer to me then I grab a towel from the end of his wardrobe,he lifted an eyebrow.
    "Hay....what's that for ? He asked .
    "I want to dry my hair so wet "I said and he smirked harder as he step closer to me oh no that's a wicked smirk
    "Really baby ....your wet for me ?he said seductively.
    Oh no his over reading meaning to it
    "No I mean am socked ....can't you see it ...don't come any closer "I held the towel to my chest,he was so close already.
    "I thought you said you were wet for me baby"he winked at me .
    "In your dreams ....let me dry myself move back "I said but instead he grabbed the towel .
    "Rocco...let it go "i pulled the towel from the other end .
    "I want to dry Myself too"he said but I knew his playing again .
    "No...wait first ...after me then you "we were both dragging it now ,he was laughing I used all my strength to drag the towel from him but so bad I fell back on the bed and he fell ontop me .
    O h no this can't be happening!our position is really awkward.
    "Rocco...can you move "I said trying to mentain my breath he just stare blinky at me I pushed against his chest ,I can't be like this ,I could feel my blood rush ,his making me feel things I've never felt before ...
    I push him and he took me along he fell on the floor and now am ontop him ,his hand wrapped strongly around my waist,he chucked and I smiled then we looked into each other's eyes ,I could feel his gaze on my lips ,he gently tug my hair behind my ear and leaned up to me , before i knew it his lips was on mine ,it was so cold ,i shivered that instant.
    Oh no Amora his kissing you already!this is really embarrassing.
    He moved his lips gently on mine and I was just hypnotized ,yes i don't know how to kiss I've never kissed before,am afraid I would bit him,when he didn't get my response he stopped and look into my eyes ,I got up from him as I hide my embarrassed self ,I started avoiding his gaze and playing with my fingers,he got up and touched my arm .
    "Baby what's wrong ?he asked .
    Oh just great his really gonna laugh at me !how will I tell him I've never been kissed before!and am afraid I might bite him ,my cheek are so red already.
    "Common what's wrong ...."he said and held my face up and we look into each other's eyes,.
    "Umm....."I try to talk ,yo u can do this Amora just tell him .
    "Well Rocco.....I ....I ...I don't know how to....kiss"I spoke more like whisper as I hid my face down, mehnn am so embarrassed right now .
    I can still remember on my prom night in high school I refused to kiss Jerry my prom date I was just 15 then ,he tried to but I pushed him ,I've never hard anything called relationship with any guy ,I get bullied in school alot ,and I really don't mingle with boys like that,and besides it's only Suzy am close to ,yeah we both went to the same high school she's actually my childhood friend,i knew her since when I was 13 and she 14 we've been bestfriend,i actually came to know jack when I was 19 that was when my dad died .
     Rocco 's POV
    I can't believe this ,Amora doesn't know how to kiss but she really is serious,wow am so happy, coz thinking of her with other men only make my blood boil ,I want to be her first and last in everything,yes I mean, I really have feelings for her ,for 4 good years am finally able to have feelings, a heart to love again ,I really really have deep feelings for Amor and am willing to wait untill she gives me. Chance to come in ,I want to love her ,I feel so bad that she's not even my girlfriend yet,well I will have to do it,maybe I will ask her soon .yes I will .
    I gently cup her face up In my Pam as I looked into her eyes .
    "Really ? I asked she nodded .
    "I could teach you "I spoke calmly.
    "Really ?she smiled .
    "Yeah's really simple...just listen ,when I want to kiss you ,you open you mouth a little,then ....I will insert my lower lip into your mouth while your upper will be in between mine ,.....then you close your mouth over it ,and gently suck on it's either you lick oh suck on it ,.....and also we switch again ...then your lower lip will been in between my mouth then my upper will be in your mouth ,you can lick or suck on it .....can we try it ? I ask I could see that she's blushing.
    " me's really simple,"I whispered she nodded shyly and I pulled her against my chest gently ,I could feel her heart beating fast she's nervous and I know.
    Gently I lifted her face to mine ,and I leaned gently into her ,she opened her mouth a little and I kissed her ,I gently began moving my lips against hers,her lips is just too soft and perfect,it fit mine perfectly.
    "C'mon baby ...kiss me "I whispered in between kisses and she started kissing me ,we were very slow I wanted to hard it but she's just learning she's not used to it yet ,I held her face in one place angled her head and kiss her ,she responded at an instant she stopped then I pressed harder she moved her lips against mine again .
    She really doesn't know how to kiss!I think it's my duty now to start teaching her!oh the mansion will really become fun .
    When I pulled away from her ,her lips were swollen,we looked into each other's eyes I smiled at her .
    "You was easy.....don't worry ,I will keep taking you through the lesson you will become a bad kisser like me "I said and she raised her eyebrows in surprise.
    " ...mean... kissing lesson ....I really dont want any one to kiss me again " she frowned.
    "'s no one else ok the one ...your lips are only for me one else,you are mine get it ? I asked .
    " won't happen again"she said .
    Could she be really serious right now .
    "No way expecting everyday...I will kiss you anywhere and any time I like ....your mine and only mine "I said with clenched teeth .
    She nodded and I hugged her,such a perfect girl for me ,her body is so perfect against mine , I just can't get enough of her .yes maybe I should say it now .
    I think I've falling head over hills in love with AMORA STONS .
    Yeah !yeah !yeah!... finally they kissed ba3 is getting low was this chapter??

    Chapter 17

    Amora's POV
    Ever since that kiss,I've not been able to get Rocco off
    my mind,i layed on my bed almost throughout the
    night ,if he likes me then why can't he date me,or
    does he have another woman. no way,Rocco won't
    dare,for goodness sake he claims me as his !so why
    can't he at least ask me to date him ,does he have
    another woman ?
    Thinking of it alone is Making my blood boil ,I woke
    up this morning but his already gone to work , weird
    he didn't even come kiss my forehead today before
    leaving, why do I even care is not like his my
    boyfriend. but it hurts,seeing Suzy and Sam in a
    romantic relationship within weeks they started
    dating but here I am ,Rocco hasn't even said a word!
    oh that bastard how I wish to rip his neck off.
    I was pulled out of my thought by someone touching
    me as I jumped scared .
    "Mom Alupita"I whispered huskily she chuckled.
    "Am sorry I scare you dear are you " she
    asked .
    Well just so you will know am at the sitting room
    right now .
    "Am fine ...sorry too...I think i slightly jumped for no
    reason"we both chuckle.
    "Your so funny dear "she said walking into the
    kitchen I followed behind.
    "Mom Alupita...what are you making? I asked taking a
    sit close to the counter .
    "I want to make some chilly you like
    ...rotted eggs ? She asked .
    "Rotted eggs?I asked seemingly,its actually new to me
    "Yeah ....with some beverages...."she Chuckle a little.
    "Will you teach me how to make it ...I mean i don't
    even know how it taste "I said smiling at her.
    "Sure dear ...Rocco will really love it if you make it for
    him ,it's his favorite"she said .
    So Rocco loves chilly recipes and rotten eggs ,oh
    sorry rotted eggs! Rolling my eyes at the way it
    sounded ,how come I never knew something like
    rotted eggs exist,i chuckled lightly to myself.
    "Dear seem so deep in thought when I touched
    you everything ok? She asked .
    Should I tell her,or I shouldn't,but she's nice to me ,it
    won't hurt if I have to tell her right .
    "Is it Rocco....?she asked and I stare at her before
    nodding my head silly.
    "Tell me child ,what do you really feel for Rocco ?she
    asked smiling little.
    I played with my fingers,trying not to sound like an
    "I don't know if Rocco....really likes me ... enough to
    date me "I said calmly suddenly feeling shy cause I
    didnt look up at her .
    "Dear you want him to date you ? She asked .
    "Will you nag at me if I say I looked at her
    she smiled and shook her head .
    "My dear...I can see how much you like Rocco ,just
    give him sometime,and as for you being sure ,Rocco
    really likes you ,I know it myself"she said and I
    smiled .
    "By the way he asked me to give you this "she
    reached for her handbag and took out a piece of
    paper,i raised an eyebrow,what could it be .
    "He said you should read it "mom Alupita said I
    nodded taking it from her,i gently open it ,scared to
    see what was inside,then i read in my mind .
    Please baby girl ,am sorry i left this morning without
    telling you ,but I hope you ain't mad at me,in other
    words , please dress up gorgeously am taking you
    out ,be ready at 4.
    After reading i stare blinking my lashes at the
    paper,he wants to take me out.
    "Are you ok ?mom Alupita asked .
    "Well..he asked me to be ready at 4,he said his taking
    me out "I answered.
    "Ain't you happy dear ? She asked .
    "He didn't say date he just said out"I replied.
    No!no Amora now your over reacting,he already
    asked you out ,no he didn't ask he said it his own
    way,who does he think he is !hmm....that guy is so
    "Well ...I kind of "I replied.
    She smiled at me then touched my cheek .
    "Dear better dress beautifully,i think Rocco is
    planning something"she said and I raised an
    "Planning something? I asked confused.
    "Not in my place to tell ..."she said smiling at me .
    Could she be right,is Rocco planing something!oh
    Amora just come off it already !!once you go you will
    find out.
    "I think I will help with the rotted eggs"I said getting
    up as mom Alupita chuckled.
    Fast Forward
    Finally am getting ready , Rocco will soon be here
    ,after putting some light makeup I wore my dress,i
    don't know if he will like it tho ,but I tried my best
    too,i looked at myself in the mirror one more time ,I
    know your looking great Amora
    A knock was planted on the door,and shortly opened.
    "His here dear "mom Alupita said .
    "Oh look so pretty with this dress dear
    "she said kissing my cheek.
    "Sure his going to like it ? I asked nervously.
    "Does he have a choice"she replied and we both
    laughed a little .
    "Alright get to go "I said .
    "Yeah dear ...his waiting"she said and we both walked
    out of the room.
    Finally i made it out of his mansion,he was standing
    right there waiting for me ,when he saw me ,i could
    see how he looked at me unblinking,i smiled when he
    smiled at me ,I walked closer to him but he met me
    half way tho.
    "Your looking so beautiful baby "he whispered before
    kissing my cheek.
    I blush,oh Amora your so unbelievable
    " too"I said .
    Although his dressed in his office attire,but his no
    Longer with his suit Jacket only his white shirt and
    black suit trouser ,he rolled the sleeve up at the hand
    Gosh ,he looks so hot...
    "Checking me out baby ? He smirked at me ,I realize I
    was drooling too much ,I slap my hand playfully at
    his shoulder .
    "Why should I .... nothing interesting to see tho"I lied
    "Lair "he whispered before pecking the Conner of my
    lip .
    Lol hop in lets go "he held my hand in his and lead
    my to the passenger door in front pulling it open for
    me .
    "Steve won't be driving? I asked wondering where
    Steve could be .
    "No need the one taking you out baby "he
    smirked and close my door I rolled my eyes before
    he got into the driver seat .
    "So tell me where are we off to? I stare at him .
    "Umm...just somewhere"he replied and I eyed him
    he chuckled and pulled the car on the drive way .
    "Mom Alupita said he might be planing
    something,what could he be planning, well what ever
    it is ,I hope it's a good one ........
    Sorry to say ,,But I won't be active till tomorrow...
    Expect the next chapter tomorrow morning thnx

    Chapter 18

    Rocco's POV
    finally we arrived at the restaurant,.
    I rushed to open the passenger door for her she stepped out and I took her hand .
    "Restaurant Rocco ? She said glaring up at the big expensive restaurant I brought her .
    "Yes baby let's go in " I said and place my hand across her shoulder back as we made it into the restaurant.
    "Rocco..this place is big "she half whispered.
    "Yeah right "I replied.
    "Your welcome sir"one of the waiter greeted .
    "Yeah .table for two"i said.
    "Over here sir"he replied leading us to a table ,I pulled a chair out for Amora,as she sat and i also sat .
    Mehnn she looks too gorgeous, she wants to kill me with over cuteness.haha
    "Sir what may I offer you"a male waiter said .
    "The menu of course"I replied.
    "Sorry sir "he replied giving me the menu,and another to Amora who gently collected it .
    "Baby..choose what you will like to eat "I said staring at her .she nodded and her gaze dropped to the menu then she looked at me with wild eyes I lifted a brow.
    "Rocco...this food are too expensive"she whispered.
    "I knew it before bringing you here forget the prize baby"I said she rolled her eyes and stare back at the menu,i could feel the waiter looking at my baby , for Goodness sake I could kill him right now .
    My baby face light up as she smiled wildly.
    "I would love the fried chicken ,and tomato sauce with pankuwa "she said excitedly I grin at her.
    "I would also love you to add milk on it and vodka will be okay "she said happily again .
    "Alright Mam,....sir "the waiter turned to me .
    "The beef is ok "I said he nodded his eyes looking back at AMORA .
    "Well are you getting our order ,or you want me to break your jaw and pull out your eyes so you will stop looking at my woman "I snapped and he got scared .
    "Sorry sir am sorry "he hurried away
    Amora raised an eyebrow.
    "Rocco was that necessary? She asked .
    "Yes of course...the damn waiter has been staring at you ,and you know I hate it "I spoke smirking.
    She rolled her eyes
    "Being all possessive again"she said .
    "Yeah...leave it like that "I said still smirking.
    She rolled her eyes.
    After some minutes our order was placed but another waiter I smirked and amor rolled her eyes,i mean who would dare come back after the almighty Rocco marlz has spoken,not pride tho ,but people respect me alot and also scared as fuck ,well they should coz I will not hesitant to kill a human glaring at my woman not my baby girl .
    After eating, we chatted so long I made her laugh which am glad it went well,she is so adorable,her dimples are so killing,then after I said something and she laughed I decide to tell her my mind God help me .
    "Amora ...."I called she looked at me .
    "Yes"she replied.
    I took her hand in mine as she looked at it and back to me .
    "I know, you've heard lots of horrible things about me,which are true and some lies,...I won't deny I've not been with a woman ,I admit I have severally dumped a few,but ever since I met you ,I just wanted you that moment,all that matters that moment was for me to have you ,all to myself" she stare at me quietly."please Amora ....give me a chance and I can show you I can be a better man,i need you to give me space to fit in ,am not asking you to open it fully ,but allow me in,i just want things to be official between us,lets just give it a try and see how it work out ..... taking a deep breath I spoke....."will you be my girlfriend... please baby " I said as i looked at her surprised face.i hope she says yes .
     Amora 's POV
    oh my world ,I cant believe it,he finally asked ,oh my !
    Can someone please hold me ?
    I think am gonna faint .
    Hay yeah I know you must be thinking it's just being a girlfriend not like he said marry me .
    But God ,do you know how long ive been waiting for this .?
    Am sure if you know,you won't say am stupid right now .
    Am still staring at him my heart beating fast ,c'mom Amora his asking to come in ,and you guys should work this out right!I know you can .
    I smiled lightly at him .
    "Is ...that a yes...or..."befor he could finish i said it .
    "Yes ..."I replied,he smiled ,Rocco really smiled deeply today.
    "Thanks baby ...I promise you won't regret this "he said kissing the back of my hand .
    "I just hope so "I smiled at him .
    "So baby girl need to start getting ready to meet my bunch of family"he said and my eyes wilding.
    "Family? I asked surprised.
    "'re going to meet my mom, dad,my younger brother Nikel ,my youngest sister Emma,and aunty Katherina" he said smirking.
    Wow am meeting his family already,is he really serious right now
    "Ro.....cco" I called slowly still anxious.
    "Don't worry ...they are very nice,you will love them ,and they will love you.
    He smirked at me .
    I can't really believe am his girlfriend now ,and to top it am meeting his family !oh Amora,it seems you are helpless as hell right now .
    Then I felt him touch my hand I looked at his eyes and he said only four words which made my heart beat ,and I knew he was telling the truth.
    "YOUR STUCK WITH ME"..........
    So finally,they are now officially dating,Hmm do you think the relationship will become stronger ,or it will shatter,keep reading..........

    Chapter 19

    Amora's POV
    Oh ,am so nervous am going to see his family
    today ! you can do this amor.....u can do this!! I
    said to my self..
    I looked at the mirror one more time,suzy has
    picked this dress for me after I told her Rocco
    finally made me his girlfriend,i am so elated...
    Mom Alupita had help with my hair ,and she
    assured me Rocco's family are very nice and
    cool ,but am still little nervous.
    "Dear...don't keep Rocco waiting"mom Alupita
    called from outside
    "Coming"I yelled ,looked at myself one more
    time and I walked out.
    Rocco was right there waiting for me ,but he was
    on phone when he saw me he smiled wildly and
    hanged up ,he was looking too handsome.
    "What a beautiful girlfriend I've got "he said
    pulling me closer to him.
    "You look so pretty in this dress "he whispered
    and peck my lips .
    "Thanks,"I answered smiling.
    "Let's go baby girl "he said and walked me to
    the car soon we were in and he drove off .
    We finally pulled into a very beautiful
    mansion,gosh!! this folks are fuckin rich ,Rocco
    parked the car along the garage with the others
    ,he looked over at me ,but I was so shy .
    "Baby c'mon don't be scared,trust me ...they
    won't bite off ur neck.. they are really nice "he
    said taking my hand in his .
    "Do we really need to do this ,I think am gonna
    faint ,am so scared"I said slapping my cheek
    lightly ,Rocco grabbed my hand ,then leaned
    closer and kissed my lips .
    "Lol baby ,your not responding,don't tell me
    you've forgotten all I thought you "he faked an
    angry face .
    "You shouldn't be kissing me now ...we should
    get going"I rolled my eyes.
    "Then we shall"he smirked and got down to
    open my door .
    "Thank you rocco "I said ...he placed his hand on
    my lower waist and we approach the front door .
    oh heavens please give me courage to face
    them .
    We walked inside and I could say ,the house was
    heaven on earth,a girl came out I think around
    my age smiling brightly.
    " dad everyone Rocco is here "she
    shouted in excitement as she head towards us .
    "Rocco "she hugged him .
    "Emma how are you ? Rocco asked that means
    this is the youngest sister he was talking about.
    "Am great ,hi am Emma and you are ? She asked
    "Amor...umm Amora"I stammered
    she hugged me so tightly .
    "Rocco my son "a woman voice called from
    behind Rocco went to hug her .
    "Mom"he called .
    "I miss you so much son "she said kissing his
    cheek ,
    "And the big daddy finally walked in from a
    room"an elderly man said smirking from behind
    Rocco smiled and walked to him .
    "Hi dad"he said giving him a hug .
    "Popkin"another woman called and Rocco quickly
    made his way to her hugging her so tight .
    "Aunt I miss you "he said kissing her hair .
    "I miss you too my big pumpkin"the woman said
    pinching his nose .
    "Just look who we have here "a handsome guy
    spoke from behind.
    "Nikel ..."Rocco smirked at the guy , his another
    version of Rocco his as well cute Just like my
    boyfriend...oh this sound great .
    "You finally came to visit.. your house isn't even
    far from here and you hardly visit"the guy said .
    "I will soon rip your neck off",Rocco said and
    everyone laugh .
    I don't think anyone even noticed am standing
    here .
    "And who is this beautiful lady "Rocco's mom
    said coming towards me .
    "Amora ma'am ..."I replied.
    Rocco wrapped a hand around my waist pulling
    me closer to him .
    "I want you all to meet Amora girlfriend"
    he said and everyone kind of looked shocked
    ,but why?
    "She's really beautiful at least much more than
    Erica " Emma said .
    Who is Erica?and how is she related in this
    family.who is she ?.
    "Emma"Claudia whispered yelled .
    "Aunt Kathrina I want you to meet Amora"Rocco
    introduced me to the woman who called him
    I smiled as she smiled too.
    "You look beautiful dear "Katherina said .
    "Thanks ma'am",I replied.
    "Alright Rocco ,let's go have dinner "Claudia
    called and Rocco smiled at me as we all made
    our way to the Dinning table .
    Am getting more nervous right now ,but at least
    ,I feel they don't hate me .but who the fuck is
    Erica .?Rocco needs to explain to me .
    After dinner,we all talked and laughed,but I was
    really nervous around them ,I just hope I get use
    to them .
    Emma and I are currently standing at the
    balcony,she actually met me .
    "Hi Amor ...hope you like here?she asked
    smiling,i smiled back at her .
    "Am 20, you ? She asked .
    "21" I replied
    "Wow ...that's really nice ,by the way ,your so
    beautiful, finally Rocco decided to have a
    girlfriend after 4years ,am still surprise" I looked
    at her confused.
    "Why ? I asked .
    "Because it's been fuckin 4 years since he had a
    girlfriend.....Erica is really an idiot,am just glad
    Rocco moved on at least ...I just hope his
    serious about you and leaving his womanising
    life, I love my brother too much to see him
    breaking innocent girls heart just for the sin of
    one woman, I really hope his serious about You
    because you seem cool to me"Emma said
    smiling and I forced a fake smile, I suddenly feel
    jealous,was Erica his girlfriend,why didn't he
    mentioned her to me .
    And why is she sounding like Rocco might
    change his mind about me or break my heart"I
    just hope his serious about you 'she had
    repeated it twice ,what does she mean ,I need to
    talk to Rocco ,I really think my moment is
    {A secret POV} u will find out d character as
    d story continues
    I watch as Amora spoke with Emma ,I can't help
    but to stare at her all through out the dinner
    ,there's something about her I just can't
    place,did moment I saw her and heard her name
    ,I felt something in me .
    Could my instance be right ,could it be really
    want am feeling,she looks so beautiful,i can't
    help but smile ,Rocco really has eyes for good
    things ,I just hope I will find out what I need to
    know about her .
    There's something about the name

    Chapter 20

    Rocco's POV
    Am so happy my family got along well enough to
    like her ,they were actually a bit surprised when
    I told them she was my girlfriend,when Amora
    had gone to the balcony I had a little chitchat
    conversation with my family.
    "Rocco ...are you really serious about Amora ?
    my mom Claudia asked .
    " really serious I really like her"I
    "So it's a good thing you are finally able to get
    over Erica"my dad John said .
    Each time i hear that slut name I get so upset,i
    seriously hate that woman for toying with my
    heart for two good years .
    "I've gotten over Erica 4years ago dad...I was
    only reckless"I said .
    "But you love her don't you?aunt Katherina
    asked .
    I don't even know,do I love Amora,am I trying to
    deny the feelings i have for her,am I in love with
    her but just can't recognize it ,gosh am so
    confused, but one thing is certain*i want her*
    "I seriously don't know"I replied truthfully.
    "Do you have someone eals? Nikel asked .
    " dating Amor ..I can't possible cheat on
    her "I answered suddenly feeling upset at my
    bros question.
    "Well,then why can't you identify the difference
    between love and like ,you actually said you
    don't know,are you for real Rocco ?Nikel asked
    in an angry tone .
    I looked at Nikel,we always have a fight ,but his
    my one and only brother and I cherished him so
    much even if we always had disagreements .
    "Nikel am not here for your bullshits"I resorted.
    " keep using women and now you find
    this beautiful lady to play her ? He half yelled .
    "I told you to stop Nikel..."I yelled at him as I
    grab him .am seriously upset right now .
    "Or what?you will hit me? if you haven't
    done worse than that "he spat .
    "Rocco leave your brother alone ,don't tell me
    you both are trying to fight ,Amora is still
    around,what do you want her to think about our
    family"mom try to pull me from Nikel, which I
    yielded to .
    "I told you all already,i like her we are giving our
    relationship a chance,to see if we could work
    things out,the truth is I don't know how I feel
    towards her yet,all I know is I can't watch her
    suffer. And I will protect her every step of the
    way , anyone who try to hurt Amora will have to
    go through me first ,I do not joke when it
    comes to her, and I really want her in my life "I
    yelled all in one breath .
    Every gazed at surprised. why were they staring
    at me like that ,did I say something bad .
    "I know you all think I haven't changed,but
    believe me ,ever since I met Amora things
    changed ,I seriously wanted her , please you all
    have to understand,i need you all to see am
    changing, am not the Rocco who broke lots of
    women's heart even when it wasn't purposely
    coz of Erica , she was a great mistake i made
    and now I've found Amor and she makes me
    happy I want us to try work this relationship out
    to know where it will definitely lead us , I need
    you guys to support me not taunt me "I said
    softly rubbing my face .
    They stkl maintained the starig face like it was
    some sort of stating contest am so upset
    "What ...why are you all staring at me like that ?
    I asked suddenly looking at them one after the
    other .
    My mom smiled and they all smiled ,Nikel has a
    surprise look on his face , seriously why the
    "Pumpkin? Aunt Katherina came closer to me
    and touched my cheek .
    "Your inlove "she said
    "How ? I asked .
    "Don't you get ?" Aunt Katherina glared at me.
    "Everything you just said son ,it clearly shows
    how much you feel for her ,am very happy
    you're seriously changing for her "my dad said.
    "Son,i knew it that you loved her ,but you were
    confused if what you felt towards her was only
    like ,but now I know you don't like her ,you love
    her "mom said smiling.
    I stared at my family unable to speak ,could they
    be saying the truth .
    "Well it's a good thing your changing,cause it
    won't be right if you have to hurt her you know"
    Nikel said .
    "Am really sorry for talking to you like that "he
    added .
    "It's okay ,am sorry too,i almost hit you"I said
    "Emma seems to be getting along well with her
    "aunt Katherina said and we all turned to see
    Emma and Amora smiling at the balcony.
    "She means alot to me "I whispered.
    "It's obvious,we can see that "my dad teased.
    "Rocco ,I hope you will still bring her again,i
    seriously like her ,so beautiful and elegant"my
    mom said .
    "Sure mom,i will "I replied and I stare at her
    gisting with Emma.
    Is it true ,that I love her but mistakened it for
    like ,I seriously have this urge to keep her with
    me for the rest of my life !Rocco now I think
    your inlove you are just denying it ,you once
    said you've falling head over heels inlove with
    her ,but then you started doubting your feelings.
    Yes now it's true ,I won't deny it ,my heart is
    already saying it,i once said it ,now am saying it
    again,am not gonna deny my feelings anymore.
    AMORA STONS is mine forever.......
    [MY HOUSE]
    I drove the car into my mansion,got out and
    opened her door and she stepped out ,we both
    walked inside the house , something smells
    weird about her behavior Amora didn't say a
    word since we left my parents house ,what's
    going on ,is she upset with me ,mehnnn what did
    I do wrong.. .
    When we got inside she went straight to her
    room,gosh why is she acting like this ,I need to
    talk to her ,I followed her into her room and
    held her hand ,she turned and looked at me .
    "Amora ,whats up..why aren't you talking to me
    ,ain't you happy to meet my family?,I asked
    really anxious right now .
    "Rocco...why didn't you tell me ?she said and I
    looked confused,what was she talking about .
    Did she hear my conversation with my family,but
    that cant be ,she was busy with Emma at the
    balcony,so there's no way she would have
    "Baby I don't understand,what are you saying?I
    asked softly .
    She looked at me for a long time before she
    finally said the name I've been trying to avoid.
    I stare at her blankly , dammit Emma has told
    her ,fuck you Emma.......I cursed inside my

    Chapter 21

    Amora's POV
    I yelled looking at Rocco who looked stun ,he
    gently let go of my hand .
    I know am not supposed to be angry ,but I
    suddenly felt jealous,but he never told me about
    her .
    "Baby ...i can explain"he spoke calmly.
    "Well then start"I said folding my hands on my
    chest looking at him ,he scratch his hair then
    faced me .
    "She's my ex"he said Calmly.
    "You didn't tell me about it why ?I asked
    Looking at him .
    "Baby,i really don't see a Reason to talk about
    the slut ,I didn't want you to think of it "he said
    suddenly holding me close .
    "Amor .... things happened between I and Erica
    ,but it's all in the past now ,your the one am
    with now "he said and pulled me with him he sat
    on my bed and brought me to his lab ,he kissed
    my neck and I closed my eyes,feeling the
    sensation going through me with just his lips .
    "I want you to tell me about her "I whispered.
    "Well...she was my girlfriend,i was so much
    inlove with her,but she betrayed me with the
    person she called her best friend"he said
    suddenly feeling hurt I looked at him .
    "Tell me everything"I said looking into his eyes .
    "Erica deceived me ,she only wanted my money
    ,I was such a fool to think she loved me , on a
    faithful day I was right in my office when
    something was delivered to me ,I unwrapped it
    to find a picture of Erica and her best friend as
    she claimed holding hands laughing hugging so
    close ,in the paper was a note saying.
    Your precious girlfriend is cheating on you .
    "I didn't want to believe it ,I wanted to confront
    her about it ,but Nikel my brother told me to
    keep an eye on her and he will only help me ."he
    spoke calmly.
    "Then I started observing how Erica always make
    calls in secret and all ,each time i asked her what
    she was up too she says nothing,but I won't
    argue with her ,so I just kept my eyes on her
    "he said.
    "And? I pushed on
    "So ...I was supposed to go for a business trip
    to Brazil for 3days ,as it was she comes to stay
    with me then,so I told her she could stay at my
    place,until I get back she accepted and was very
    happy I was leaving...I really don't know if she
    noticed how I was looking at her that day ,but
    the business was important so I had to go "(he
    took in a deep breath and held me close to him
    still sitting on his lab)
    "When I got to the airport,i got a call from one
    of the business men that the business meeting
    was postpone till the next Saturday,so I had to
    go back ,my house was a little far so I just
    wanted to sleep at the hotel ,but I remembered
    Erica will be alone so I decided to go home
    ..."(he closed his eyes.)
    "When I got home ,I went inside looking for
    Erica ,I wanted to call her name but I had to stop
    when I saw a male shirt on the sofa ,I knew it
    wasn't my shirt so I kind of was feeling there
    was someone in my mansion,so instead of
    yelling her name I gently walked up the stairs
    and ....and I walked to my bedroom door ,only to
    hear moans coming out "(he tightened his grip
    on my waist)
    "Rocco listening,just let it all out "I said
    touching his face .
    "When I opened the door,i was so shocked"he
     Rocco's POV
    "Erica " I called couldn't believe my eyes
    My girlfriend was on bed with her so called
    bestfriend, geez once they saw me they quickly
    got off each other ,her eyes were full of fear
    "Erica "I called again not believing my eyes .
    "Rocco ...I can explain,am really sorry ,it's not
    what you think "Erica pleaded coming towards
    me and Knelt down with the shit covering her
    naked body .
    This is killing,how can she do this to me ,she
    "Rocco am so sorry"she continued pleading I
    looked behind her back to see the so called
    bestfriend I went right straight to him and
    punched him hard on the face he fell down and i
    kept punching him,i was so furious,Erica tried to
    stop me from behind.
    "Rocco your going to kill him "she yelled over
    and over again .
    I let go off the bastard and grabbed Erica's neck
    "How dare you "I yelled .
    "Ro....."she tried to call choking......
    "I trusted you ,how could you do this to me "I
    yelled still holding her.
    "Just let her go ,she doesn't love you ,its me
    she loves "the bastard said and I glared at him .
    "You son of a bitch"I punched him hard again
    Erica pulled me back .
    "I should have known, you're such a lying
    cheating corny bitch ,your a slut ", I yelled at
    her .
    "Now you and you fuckin lover should get out of
    here and never set your face ever here again"i
    yelled .
    "Rocco... please let me Explain"Erica cried .
    "I said get out ,it's over between us ...leave
    before i do something I would regret"i yelled .
    "I pushed Erica aside and walked out of the
    room .
    I was so broken,she cheated on me ,she never
    loved me ,she only wanted my money .
    My phone started ringing and it was Nikel ,I
    picked up.
    "Nikel "I said trying my best to sound okay .
    "I know you've found out ,I told you right from
    the start ERICA wasn't good for you ..I knew all
    along she was cheating,but I knew if I told you
    you won't believe me ,so I had to send does
    pictures to your office the other day "Nikel said
    "For fuck sake Nikel ,why did you keep it for so
    long "I yelled .
    "I wanted evidence I knew how much h love Erica
    and won't listen to me ,...well I hope the bitch
    and her lover are already out of your house?
    Nikel asked .
    "I told her it was over and asked her to leave ,I
    just hope once I get back I don't see them
    cause I may kill someone"I said angrily.
    "C'mon bro ...just come spend the night at my
    place,Erica is gone "he said .
    "Yeah thanks so much am on my way "I replied
    hangged up and got into my car and drove of to
    Nikel place.
    It's was over between us .
    Good bye ERICA.
    Amora's POV
    I was so speechless as Rocco finished
    talking,how could she do that to him after
    showing her so much love ,no wonder he
    became heartless and dumped women anyhow,he
    was broken .
    "Am so sorry about it "I whispered and he shook
    his head .
    "Baby don't need to ,I hate her ,and am
    hoping never to see her again "he replied.
    "Do you still love her ? I asked he looked at me
    like I was crazy .
    "Is that a question? He asked raising an
    "Look baby girl ... forget about Erica,i don't love
    her. It died 4years ago the moment I walked out
    of that room ,and believe me when i say I hate
    her "Rocco said kissing my neck.
    "Your the one I want Amor ...your my girlfriend
    now ,and I trust you ,I know you wont ever
    cheat on me or would you ? He asked and I
    looked at him very angrily.
    "Why would I,your the very first man I've ever
    given a chance to date ,and you think am going
    to cheat on you ?I asked upset .
    "Sorry baby "he chuckled"I know you will never
    cheat on me ,and I swear i will never also "he
    said winking at me .
    I smiled at him and he cup my face as we look
    into each other's eyes ,then slowly our face
    became closer and his lips was on mine ,he
    started moving it against mine ,and this time I
    responded,since the day his thought me ,I've
    used half of my brain to learn the rest ,we
    kissed each other deeply,as he harden it .
    Soon he lay back on the bed taking me with him
    ,I was ontop of him but our lips still dancing
    together,we kissed so hard ,and am glad I wasn't
    able to bite him ,I can't believe I've really falling
    in love with the hottest BILLIONAIRE PLAYBOY
    Am head over hills inlove with him.....
    There was a POV of an unknown person
    from the last chapter ,I know your wondering
    but you will soon get to find out............
    ...Meanwhile How was this chapter ????

    Chapter 22

    Amora's POV
    Rocco still held me to him, we've already
    stopped kissing as he stare into my eyes ,I had
    no idea what his searching for,i feel awkward
    especially the way we are right now ,I try to get
    up but he tightened his grip on me .
    Ok now this is crazy right !why isn't he letting
    go! And why is he even staring like I've gat a
    diamond my face ?
    I tried getting up again but he held me close ,
    seriously his smirking now I faked a frown at
    him .
    "Rocco"I growled,he maintained his stare on my
    face... Geez this is getting weird and scary
    "C'mon let go "I try to push up but he held me
    "Rocco ...why cant u talk ..nd what are you up
    to,c'mon.....let go ,Ro....."
    "Your doing great"he cut in,i raised an eyebrow
    WHAT does he mean am doing great .
    "Rocco ....I called.
    "DammiT you're getting good in kissing, don't
    tell me your trying to beat me to that ? He
    Am actually blushing right now , coz my cheek is
    kinda red .
    "Rocco ....let go "I try to push up .
    "Weh.....don't tell me you aint enjoying the way
    am holding you ?he winked I rolled my eyes .
    "Rocco gonna warn you again ,if you don't
    let go of me ,I will pull out your hair " I said with
    a serious face.
    Tho I know it's fake ,but am just fooling around
    with him ok!
    He narrowed his eyes at me ,
    "You won't dare,....your teasing me"he smirked.
    Am tired so instead of fighting him I said what
    came to my mind .
    "Rocco...I wanna pee...."i stretch the
    "pee"hoping he will leave me .
    He raised an eyebrow.
    What he said next ,got my jaw dropping.
    "Then ..pee on me "he said scornfully like he
    doesn't know what his said .
    "Argnnn.....Rocco ...I won't spare you if I wee
    on my ....on my ...."I try to speak , suddenly
    feeling shy .
    "On your ?Rocco pressed .
    "Bad boy "I hit him .
    "You said pee and now you say wee ,very soon
    it will be Lee ,or tee "he draws.
    "Rocco ... please" ,he stare at me "please....I
    really wanna pee" I'm pressed urghh,but he
    thinks am joking.
    He shook his head saying no ,I frowned,then I
    thought of something at least a bit wicked .
    "Ok then ,keep holding me ,but just be aware
    , more kissing or hugging till...any one
    knws next "I said eyeing him ,I was expecting
    reaction like quickly letting me go .
    "Are you sure my baby girl...even my touch
    alone makes you dream like a princess"he
    winked .
    But something clicked in me that instant,at his
    word !and suddenly I feel thrown aback...
    "Mom ,mom..."I called running into the kitchen
    were my mom was cooking.
    "My sweet little princess,what happen?,my mom
    "Dad,dad said I will be an angel ...I will fly like jet
    and I will scan the sky ,and count the stars and
    even create beautiful rainbows,he said I should
    stop dreaming like a princess that I should
    dream like an angel " I said waiting for my mom
    who had an amusement face to talk .
    "My princess,don't mind your dad,do you know if
    you become a princess,you will have a prince
    ,and the prince will love you so dearly ,he will
    never let anything happen to you ,and you know
    what ,if you see your prince you will identify him
    once ,and when he touches you ,you will feel so
    well like a princess,and you will have your
    beautiful crown on your head ,...and your prince
    will seat next to you "mom said smiling.
    "Mom...I like to be a princess,so when my prince
    touch me. I will dream like a princess but not as
    an angel "I said .
    "Oh my princess,but you know an angel is far
    better ,Angels do fly but they are God's sent
    ,well do you know some angels are like
    monsters "mom made an evil monster face and I
    close my eyes afraid.
    "Did you see that .? I nodded .."that's how
    some are...very scary .
    "Have you seen one before mom? I asked .
    "No princess,but am sure they exist"mom said
    "Then in that case ,I don't wanna be an angel ,I
    will be a princess only for my prince ,so when he
    touches me I will feel like a real princess"I
    yelled happily throwing my hands up
    "Yes princess,now come sit and watch mummy
    make the most delicious yam porridge for you said .
    "Yepeee... for a princess like me "I said happily
    as mom laughed and turn to cook
    "Baby are you okay ? The voice asked bringing
    me out of my thought.
    "Babe your crying" rocco said ,and that's when I
    knew I was truly crying.
    Rocco moved to seat up as am still on his lap he
    cup my face in his hand and look into my
    watering eyes .
    "Baby talk to me...what's wrong ?he asked with
    I can't hold it anymore,i need to tell him
    everything about me ,he deserves to know after
    all his done by helping me and giving me shelter
    ,when I needed it .
    "Sweety?,, Amorr?? ...look at me "he held my
    face up and wipe my tears with his thumb.
    "Baby ...why are you crying"? He asked again .
    Taking a deep breath I started talking.
    "I was four when my mom died ...."my voice was
    shaking due to crying.
    "My dad said she was involved in an accident,
    when we got to the hospital,the doctor said she
    didn't make it .....I was so broken,at four I felt
    my world crushing,i won't be seeing my mom
    again, some months later dad married another
    woman and had a child with her sister ....
    everything was going so well,i finished my high
    school when I was 16 and decided to help my
    family out,it was really hard forgetting my
    mom,dad loves me so much even his step wife
    Angelica,....( I took a deep breath.)
    "On a faithful day ,dad went to work ,he works
    at a small construction company ,I was trying to
    look for money in other to push through with my
    dreams and dad helping me every step of the
    way ,when I turned 19 ,I decided to start a petty
    hand work like making of bags to sale,and I was
    good at it ,one day I got back from my normal
    routine just to find my stepmother crying,i
    asked her the problem,she said had an
    heart attack at his work place and fainted,he was
    rushed to the hospital and the doctor said he
    has ....he has a heart Cancer" i stammered
    as...... I could feel tears dripping out of my eyes
    "I was so perplexed,i didn't even know if I could
    still move ,from there I started working so hard
    to make sure dad recovers ,but the money
    wasn't even enough to get the cheapest drugs
    that were prescribed for him,I wept day and
    night..,my stepmother too was helping out,at a
    point my step sis had to stop schooling cause
    her mom needed the money for dads
    treatments" (I took in a deep breath.)
    "Hmm. I was in my room one day ,and I heard
    dad shout my name ,I ran out to see him
    standing at the top of the stairs,he asked me to
    get his medicine quickly clutching his shirt tight I
    was so scared and I hurried to his room,no one
    was around that day , befor i could get back ,I
    saw dad staggered backward,i try to rush to grab
    his hand but I was too"I
    couldn't talk anymore ,the tears blocking my
    voice in pain already .
    I could feel ,Rocco tightened his hold on me .
    "Dad....he fell ,...he fell off the stairs ...i was
    shocked ,I watch my father rolled down the
    ...the stairs ...I hurried down quickly I knelt
    beside him ,I was crying so loud ,he was so
    bruised with blood all over ...then I look up to
    see my step sister hands claps on her mouth as
    if preventing her to scream ,am sure she saw
    what happened,she rushed to my side ,and held
    dad too,then my stepmother came in ...she was
    shocked at the sight and asked what
    happened.....and then world stopped when
    my step sis accused me ,of pushing dad.
    I let the cry out loud by now .......
    after this flashback.. DO YOU THINK HER

    Chapter 23

     Amora's POV
    I rushed down the stairs crushing my dad to my
    lap as I see blood everywhere,i was really
    frightened .
    " please open your eyes ,you
    can't do this to me dad"I cried hugging him .
    Tonia stood right at the door with her hands on
    her mouth like she was about to scream,she
    hurried beside me and Knelt down holding dad
    " your eyes" she yelled .
    She looked at me in horror.
    "What have you done ...? She shouted at me .
    What dose she mean by that ?
    "Tonia please let's just take him to the hospital"
    I was fuckin wet with cry by now .
    "Oh my goodness what happened....John!!! My
    step mom shouted in hurry as she rushed to our
    side .
    "What happened to him Amora ...WHAT
    happened to my husband? She shouted holding
    my father .
    "He fell off the stairs." I managed to say
    between sob .
    "It's a big lie mom...she's lying...I was right
    here. She pushed him " Tonia shouted .
    I stare at her in ulter shock as she accused me
    ,am Innocent.
    I started shaking my head .
    "I swear's a lie ,I was going to get his
    medicine,befor I could get back ,he already fell "
    I cried .
    My step mom was quiet we rushed dad to the
    hospital,my whole body was trembling so badly
    ,my stepmother was pacing up and down ,while
    Tonia sat down,with tears in her eyes .the
    doctor came out and all three of us rushed him .
    "How is my father ? I asked .
    "How is my husband doing? Angelica asked .
    The doctors face held sorrow he shook his head
    as he looked at us .
    "Doctor please.......say something,...." I begged
    "What happened doctor,please talk" Angelica
    yelled .
    "Am sorry ....but we lost him " the doctor said .
    My mouth dropped open ,no way!.
    "No...your lying,my dad is not dead , please do
    something..." I yelled accompanied by fresh
    tears rolling down my eyes...
    "Am sorry " that was all he said before leaving,i
    couldn't move ,I felt like a heavy rock was
    placed on my shoulders,i cant move .
    "You killed him pushed him " Tonia
    yelled .
    "Tonia " I whispered.
    "Mom...I saw her ,she killed him
    murderer" she shouted ,I shook my head .
    "Amor ? Angelica asked suddenly coming
    towards me .
    "I swear it's not true.....Tonia is lying,how can I
    kill my own father ...I swear " I cried .
    "You murderer" I got slapped by Angelica I was
    shocked,she grabbed my neck .
    "You killed could you kill the innocent
    man, you're nothing but a shameless witch ,you
    killed him " she grip my neck tighter ,I tried to
    loosen her hand .
    The nurses rushed ,to stop her before she
    strangles me .
    "Your a killer ....I hate you " she shouted .
    I was coughing by now ,before I blacked out .
    I still don't know why ,my own flesh and blood
    did this to me .
     Rocco's POV
    I couldn't believe my ears after Amora told me
    the story ,how could her sister do that to her .
    " Rocco..the night you saved me again ,she
    chased me out of the house she said I was a
    thief,she said she never wants to see me again so broken,i feel like the world is
    against me " I sob .
    I couldn't watch her cry like this ,it hurts me so
    much ,all this happened in her life ,where was I
    when all this was happening,why didn't I show up
    when all this was happening to her ,she suffered
    for what she didn't do .
    "'s okay ..." I placed her head on my
    chest as she hugged me close .
    "It's alright . Am right here and nothing will
    happen to you ,I won't let anyone ever hurt your
    feelings,i promise you Amora ..." I whispered.
    I could feel her sob wither a little as she calmed
    herself ,we sat down silent .
    We were sitted now for about 20 minutes not
    talking,i held her so tight to me as I feel her
    breath hot against my chest ,I pushed her long
    black hair from her face and glanced at her ,she
    was already sleeping,gently lifting her up bridle
    style I gently placed her soft little body on the
    bed ,pulled the covers up on her chine.
    I kissed her forehead and stood there looking at
    her sleep ,her face so swollen out of the
    excessive cry,that little witch sister and God
    knows stepmother dare to make my woman cry
    ,how dare them.i clinched my hand into a hard
    fist ,they hurt my Amora ,my very own Amora ..
    Turning I left the room and straight went into
    my house office . Bringing out my phone I called
    Desmond my private investigator.
    "Desmond...I need you to carry on full research
    of the STONS family ,I want you to go deep in
    background,from the root to the top...."I said
    into the phone very annoyed
    "Alright,i need the information as soon as
    possible,make sure you get the full details of the
    family...yeah good " i hanged up .
    I need to get to the root of this ,I won't hurt
    any of them,but I want them to explain why they
    had to treat Amora like that .
    They must better have good reasons!I just hope
    Amora doesn't freak out once she hears this

    Hey guys ,so what's up.
    You finally knw who is the reason behind
    Amoras malt treatment,caused by her own blood
    God I really wouldn't know what to do if I was
    accused like that sha.. .......
    How do you see this chapter .???

    Chapter 24

    Amora's POV
    Am so happy I was able to tell Rocco everything
    about my family,well am glad he didn't push
    through asking any questions.
    It was two days already and Rocco is really being
    funny,that guy can't keep his hands to
    himself,after taking my bath I went to my closet
    to find something light to put on then I came
    across my cream top and black flaw skirt ,I could
    swear it looks funny but I do wear it when I feel
    like arousing my craziness.
    Lol! Hay am not crazy ok ! I just love the dress ,I
    bought it from a glossary shop along my area
    ,Suzy had told me I look funny in that I look like
    a kind of baby doll she saw at a mall .!seriously
    Wearing them,i looked at myself in the mirror,I
    felt like putting on a crazy show today ,I
    emerged from my room , getting into the living
    room ,I hear sound coming from the kitchen,
    guess that's mom Alupita, I smoothened the
    dress ,I walked into the kitchen then I started
    singing and I singing. "la is labonita "
    by Madonna ,mom Alupita turn to me looking
    confused .
    ' Como puede 'see verdad"
    Last night I dreamt of sanpedro
    Just like I never gone ,
    I knew the song .
    You girl with eyes like the desert .
    It all seems like yesterday not far away .
    Tropical the island breeze.
    All the nature wild and free.
    This is where I long to be .
    La is labonita.
    And when the sambo plays.
    The sun will set so high
    Ring through my ears
    And sting my eyes ,
    Your Spanish lullaby.
    I danced to the tone of the music as I sing mom
    Alupita just watch me smiling,so you should
    know,i really love Madonna's songs ,and I do
    sing them alot and dance to it ,this are things I
    do often two years back,i just felt I should recall
    myself doing what I used to do.... ,with
    happiness I kept singing and dancing.
    I fell in love with Sanpedro .
    One wind carried on the sea be call to me.
    'Te de" o'
    'te amo'
    I pray that the days will last they went so fast .
    Tropical the island breeze
    All the nature wild and free
    This is where I long to be
    La is labonita.
    And when the sambo plays
    The sun will set so high
    Ring through my ears
    And sting my eyes
    Your Spanish lullaby.
    I wanna be where the sun worms the sky .
    When it's time for siester
    You can Watch them go by .
    Beautiful faces .
    No cares in this world
    When a girl loves a boy
    And a boy....loves a girl .
    La,la la la la
    La la la la la
    'Te de o'
    'Te amo'
    La la la la la la la
    Ah ah ah ah
    Na na na na
    Papa Ra pa pa pa Ra pa pa
    Ah ah ah ah
    La is labonita.
    When I finished,mom Alupita started clapping her
    hands ,then we heard a clap from behind and I
    Turning my face over,i met the two beautiful
    eyes I thought has gone to work (Rocco was
    glaring at me).
    Oh no Amor..he saw you dancing,!!lol m
    seriously blushing right now .
    "Hmmm...why d shock? that was amazing baby "
    Rocco said smirking.
    " you didn't go to work ,for
    how long have you been watching me ? I asked
    still blushing.
    'Kikikiki ,longer than you can imagine...I love the
    way you move " he said pulling me tight against
    his body,am so shy right now ,and mom Alupita
    right behind us .
    "Rocco ..Amora is a good dancer ...I think you
    both should be doing this some time now "
    mom Alupita said and I can hear my ear saying
    Amora ,your finish!
    "Mom Alupita,that won't Happen" I blush more .
    They both laughed slitly
    "!" Rocco said looking at me
    from head to toe .
    "This dress is super funny "he said smirked.
    "Rocco ...just shut up " I hissed and he chuckled
    along with mom Alupita.
    "This dress has been in my possession since two
    years ,so I decided to wear it today ,I feel so
    good with it you know" I said .
    "Yes ...can you both excuse me please,am
    making something" mom Alupita said and we
    chuckled,Rocco grabbed my hand and we left the
    Rocco sat down on the couch and took me on
    his lap .
    "Baby,do u know? I really admire the dress,it
    makes you look so sweet and tender "he said
    kissing my neck .
    "Rocco...your making fun of the dress " I said
    pretending to be sad .
    "Well am serious ,it's lovely the way ,you
    have a very nice voice ,the most beautiful one
    I've ever heard " he kissed my neck and I closed
    my eyes feeling his hot lips on my neck .
    "Rocco ,you should be at the office" I try to
    push his face away .
    "We will dance together one of this days " Rocco
    changed the topic.still kissing my neck .
    "Rocco ...yo..." I was caught as he grabbed my
    face and crushed his lips on mine ,and my hands
    wrapped around his neck as we kiss each other
    passionately,he held me close our bodies
    pressing together,i could swear no single space
    could be seen ,my fingers were in his soft hair
    ,his hand roam my body ,I could feel myself
    getting turned on .
    Then a knock came on the door but Rocco
    wasn't stopping he was still kissing me .
    "Rocco..." I pushed him but he went to my neck
    ""I said trying not to
    moan .
    "Baby ignore it" he said still kissing me ,the
    knock came again .
    "Rocco....the door " he hissed and stopped
    kissing me .
    Gosh!! We were getting somewhere already !!
    .. " he muttered and I chuckle getting up from
    his lap and Making my way to the door ,I looked
    back at him and he was smirking I shook my
    head and turned to the door , pulling the knob
    and door open to reveal who it was ...
    I froze d moment I saw the person...
    W.T.F !!
    Right in my front stood someone i wasn't
    expecting, someone i had no idea I will be seeing
    anytime soon .
    And there stood no one else but .
    my step sister........

    So guys ,Tonia is back again ,
    WHAT do you think she's here for .?????
    If U were Amora what would u have done the
    second u saw her?? ..Me = bang d door in her
    [FAM I hv alot of work to do dis evening.. So
    don't wait 4 my upload dis niit .... expect d next
    chapter tomorrow OK?.....]
     Gud_Niit ,, Take_Care

    Chapter 25

     Amora's POV
    I stood there ,frozen shocked, unbelievably,un
    _understandable ,what was she doing here?how
    did she find me?does Rocco know her?did Suzy
    tell her?how manage did she find here ?
    So many questions going through my head as I
    stare blankly at her,but she doesn't look
    surprised to see me here so am gonna cancel
    the part of Rocco knowing her.
    I don't believe Suzy will ever hurt me coz she
    knows how i am with this people,so there for I
    will scratch the Suzy question,but what was she
    doing here ,
    [Just calm down Amor,just speak to her] my
    inner mind persuaded...
    "I see your definitely here" Tonia said looking
    vaguely at the place,i stood looking at her.
    "Well am just here to remind you how foolish
    you could ever be ,how could you turn your back
    on us like we don't exist,i thought you had a
    heart but i was wrong,your nothing but a
    pathetic bitch "Tonia blast me .
    "Your busy wearing nice cloths and it's totally
    out of the blue how cheaply you let your self
    into the almighty Rocco marlz finger,don't you
    have self respect. Shameless slut?...why are you
    looking at me ? know once his done with
    you he push you aside like a garbage, why don't
    you ever make your life straight for once,..your
    just so disgusting and I wonder why you didn't
    die with your mother or perhaps your father "
    she yelled .
    I couldn't take it anymore,i slapped her
    "Enough... Tonia that's enough"I shouted ,I
    could feel someone come behind me I knew it
    was Rocco ,Tonia held her cheek as she looked
    at me then to Rocco .
    "Tonia .,am so sorry ...I didn't"I
    try to apologize.yes u can call me stupid,but I
    love her even if she doesn't like me ,I couldn't
    stand hurting her,i suddenly feel terrible for
    slapping her but she cut me off.
    "Keep your dirty apologies to yourself"she spat
    opened her bag and flung me a paper .
    "In there can read or not ,but I won't
    come back here "with that she turned and
    stormed away.
    "Baby girl .,who was that ? Rocco asked .
    "It' ..sis... ter "I managed to say he
    turned me to him .
    "What does she want?he asked suddenly feeling
    "I don....don't know..."I said softly and gently
    bend to pick the paper ,I opened it slowly.
    Why am I suddenly scared to open this paper ,I
    hope is not money they want now they've find
    out i stay with Rocco ,this is really gonna be
    embarrassing,how do I get money ,this is really
    bad .
    C'mon Amor,stop thinking and open the paper
    already,just take a deep breath,it can't be
    money,or could it,just relax ...relax ok,there,so
    open the paper...just open it.
    I opened the paper slowly and read what was
    written,i was so shocked,it feel from my hand
    ,Rocco looked at me with a raised eyebrow.
    "What's wrong? He asked worriedly.
    "Rocco ... please take me to the hospital,my
    mom .... she's sick ... please take me there "I
    pleaded .
    "Rocco and I hurried into the car I showed him
    the address and he drove as fast as he could.
    Yes ,she's still my mom,even if she hates me so
    much ,I still love her ,you can't pay evil with
    evil,she had always loved me ,but after dad's
    death ,she changed,she accused me of being a
    murderer, she gave me so many hurtful names
    ,but she's still my mom ,there the only family I
    have left in this world ,and I love them.
    Oh God ! please don't let anything bad happen
    to her .....

    Yup! I know it's short.......................................
    Buh how was it ??................

    Chapter 26

    Amora's POV
    Rocco and I hopped in his favorite S.U.V and we
    zoomed off... getting to the entrance of the
    hospital,i didn't wait for him opening my door,we
    both hurried out of the car and I quickly rushed
    into the hospital, with Rocco behind me .
    "Excuse me nurse..."I called out at one of the
    nurses passing.
    "Yes miss" she said .
    "I need to see a patient" I said
    "Please go over there " she pointed at two
    nurses whom were busy Talking,i hurried and
    rushed to them .
    "Hello ... excuse me please..."I called
    They both turned to me
    "Am here to see my mother told she's in
    this hospital" I said so anxious.
    They both stare at me for a while before the
    other fair one asked .
    "Please may we know the patient's name ? She
    asked .
    "Umm... Angelica... Angelica Stons " I replied.
    "And your name is ? She asked .
    "Amora Stons .."I said .
    I felt Rocco hold my waist from behind ,the
    nurse jotted down the names and requested we
    calm down while she search for the name nd
    ward of my mom ,then she nodded .
    "Please miss this way "she said and gestured I
    and Rocco into a room .
    "Here is the room... miss,, the doctor will check
    in a while " she said with a smile and left I
    nodded and I faced Rocco .
    "Rocco ... please don't be mad at me but ,I think
    I should go alone ,she doesn't know anything
    about you yet " I said Calmly.
    I could see it in his eyes he wasn't pleased with
    it ,but for now he has to be out first .he held my
    hand and touched my cheek .
    "Alright baby ....but if you need me call me ok I
    will be at the reception" he said and I smiled .he
    strode away and I turned to face the door .
    Taking a deep breath,i opened the door and first
    pip in,i saw Tonia sitted beside her by the bed
    side ,they turned to me and I gently walked in
    Angelica kept a sobbing glare at me ,her eyes
    weren't cold as before, the look on her face now
    clearly says otherwise,as I moved closer I could
    see Tonia stand up and eyed me so badly .
    "Mother " I whispered but she smiled .
    Did she just smile ,!oh Amora you're day
    dreaming again.
    "Amora " she called ..."I can't believe you
    actually came " I went closer to her and sat
    beside her ,she touched my hair .
    Seriously someone should wake me up .m
    dreaming ! What's going on!why is she acting
    all loved up,! Isn't she supposed to call me
    names and insult the hell out of me ?but she's
    smiling,and touching my hair ! Amor this is so
    I forced out a smile ,as I held her hand and
    kissed it .
    "Am really glad you came Amor..."she
    "I had to come ,the moment Tonia told me ,I
    was dazed and i needed to see you "I spoke
    "Am Happy you came ... the doctor said I will be
    fine ,it was just stress that got me fainted " she
    spoke as her eyes were still on me .
    "What really got u so stressed out? I asked .
    "Well what do you's because of you...
    she's here after all " Tonia spat and I turned to
    her .
    "Tonia be could you ruin your own
    sister so badly ,you made me believe she stole
    the necklace and money why did you do it ?
    Angelica shouted at Tonia now ,Tonia looked at
    her shocked and I was more shocker .
    Tonia was the one who hid the jewelry and
    money ?why am i even surprised,!as if she
    hasn't done worse than expected.
    "Why won't I do it ...? Tonia yelled "dad never
    loves me ,his always showing affections towards
    you ,as if your a red rose or something,but me
    ....he never for once took a glance at me ,
    you know how it feels ? Tonia yelled .
    I couldn't believe it,,So Tonia has always been
    jealous and envious at me even when dad was
    still alive?uhm I never noticed it ...
    She cut me off before I could complete her
    name ...

    Chapter 27

    I couldn't believe it,Tonia had always been mad
    at me even when dad was still alive?but I never
    noticed it .
    She cut me off before I could complete her
    name .
    "No...let me talk,do you really think I wasn't
    hurting,it seems as if dad doesn't think I exist,
    each time we get visitors he solemnly introduce
    you to them as his precious daughter,and always
    neglecting me ,..."she yelled
    She was already crying by now and me too ,am
    suddenly feeling emotional, Angelica had sat up
    on the bed by now ,as we both stare at Tonia as
    she explode all her load out .
    "Dad is always praising you , taking you outing
    to meet with his friends he never for one day
    asked me if I'd love to go with you guys. ...his
    always so eager to introduce you or tell his co
    workers about you,but me .... Before he died
    When was d last time he took me out?....he
    never cared ,he just treated me like a total
    outsider " she yelled crying so badly by now .
    I shook my head as I wept ,i felt like consoling
    her now coz she's weeping deeply... I gott up
    from my position nd moved vlodde to touch her
    but she moved back from my touch .
    "Don't you dare touch me " she yelled .
    "Please....Tonia's not like ......"I try talk but
    she cut in .
    "There's nothing you have to say "she said
    wiping her tears with the back of her hand .
    "Your always his special precious Amor ...each
    time he looks at you ,I see the way he smiled
    ,he Doesn't even look at me like that " tears
    foam in her eyes again.
    "I try to please him ,even during high school,
    but when I passed for my graduation it was
    different with the way he welcomed you ,do you
    know that Amora dont,dad showered
    you with lots of gift coz you made your papers
    ,WHAT about me ....didn't I make my papers..I
    did " she shouted .
    "Tonia ... please listen ...I had no idea about all
    this ...I never knew it hurts you ,dad loves you
    believe me "I try to calm her .
    " ?...what a way of saying it ,he gets
    you most of his shining glittering presents ,pure
    gift that could set once heart on fire ,he gets
    you the best clothes ,calls you angel ....but has
    he ever call me angel ,or princess or any other
    name ....NO! She yelled .
    "Tonia ...."Angelica called trying to calm her .
    "No know so well what am saying is
    true ,you know it ...his always loving while he
    always put me behind, nothing i do seems please
    him "she spat .
    "And then the day dad fell of the stairs,i lied
    about Amora being responsible...I was really
    upset and even you mom supported amor all
    through,thats why I lied to turn you against her
    ...." She yelled .
    Angelica stare at Tonia shocked I know
    why she lied about me killing dad ,she was
    jealous of me,but how would I have known she
    was hurting,we never had quarrels right from
    time ,I just can't believe she did all this because
    she thinks dad loves me more than her .
    "How could you Tonia.. Amora isn't the reason
    for all this ,your father loves you ,you were just
    blind to see it " Angelica shouted at Tonia ,she
    stood up from her bed .
    "No ....I hate you Amor....i hate you ,"Tonia
    shouted at me .
    "Tonia please let's solve this ..."I spoke
    calmly..."dad really loves you , you were very
    happy nd you loved it when dad bought us that
    princess gown ,and remember he took us to the
    park for picnic...he loves you ,he even bought
    that special vanilla cupcake for you ...he took us
    for a ride and he even bought you your favorite
    barbie story book ,....Tonia loves you ,he
    was so Happy you made your papers,why can't
    you see it " I said tears still flicking down my
    cheek as well as Tonia's .
    "He did all that because you convinced him "
    Tonia shouted .
    "He never did it out of his own free will ,I know
    he did it cause you spoke to him "she yelled .
    "Tonia Amora never spoke to him ,he really did
    love you ...c'mon Tonia ,sort this whole thing
    with your sister" Angelica Said....
    "No ....I hate you so much Amor...I have
    suffered all my life ,dad always choose you over
    me in every occasion, he loves you ,he doesn't
    love me ....I wasn't able to feel his love till he
    died ...I will never forget it Amor...I hate you ....I
    hate you " Tonia screamed and ran out of the
    room .
    I can't,let her go like this ,I believe we could
    settle this ,I really love my sis and I can't loose
    her ,I have to go after her
    With that,i ran out of the room after her I was
    calling her name as I cry ,I didn't care if we were
    drawing attention,i want peace with her and
    that's what am going to do .
    I ran after Tonia out of the hospital I ran passed
    Rocco who was sitted then i felt someone
    running after me and calling my name that was
    Rocco ,but I didn't stop I had to talk to my
    As I ran out of the hospital behind ,I really
    couldn't explain what just happened before my
    eyes ,a running vehicle at a high speed was
    almost close to Tonia ,but she wasn't looking,
    before I could calm her to stop her .
    She was hit ,oh my God
    "TONIA !!!!!......." I screamed.

    Chapter 28

    Amora's POV
    My chest was beating so fast,I've never been
    this scared in my entire life,right before my eyes
    my only sister got knocked down and i couldn't
    do anything,i looked over at aunt Angelica,she's
    so quiet ,Rocco sat beside me rubbing my back
    to calm me down.
    I still can't believe what just happened ,it
    seemed like a drama ,gosh am feeling so
    heartbroken,its just like a great knot was
    twisted in my chest ,this was the same feelings i
    had when my dad fell off that stairs right before
    my eyes ,and today my sister also ,I wonder how
    it would have looked like seeing my mom in that
    accident that took her away from me.
    It just looks like the whole world stopped and
    my head was spinning,i saw Blood all over
    Tonia's head ,the same way I saw dad's,how
    could this happen,i just wanted to clear up
    things with her and now this had to happen,am
    starting to feel guilty., Rocco kept rubbing my
    back to calm me down....then his phone started
    ringing and he check the caller ID,it showed Sam
    picture on the screen,he kissed my head and left
    to answer it ,I stood up and move to mother
    she's so quiet.
    She looked up at me as I try to smile at her ,she
    smiled back and I went to sit beside her she
    opened her arms and embraced me ,I couldn't
    stop the tears from my eyes,i really miss her
    love ,but everything became brutal because
    Tonia hated me...but on the bright side Angelica
    now likes me..
    She looked up at my face and with shaking hands
    ,she wiped my tears and I kissed her hair .
    "Am so sorry Amor "she whispered
    "'s not your fault....I forgive you " I
    said .
    "Do you think Tonia will be fine ? She asked .
    " very sure she will be ok ....mother
    don't worry" I said .
    Rocco returned back and sat beside me ,I was
    about to introduce him to mother before the
    doctor came out as I and mom rushed towards
    him .
    " is my sister doing,is she okay "I
    questioned .
    "Please how is my daughter? Angelica asked .
    "Relax mam...she badly injured her head ,and she
    lost so much blood we need someone to Donate
    blood ,or am afraid we might loss her "he said
    Oh no she can't die.
    "Am her mother ,you can have my blood
    "Angelica quickly said .
    "Mother please let me ...doc am her sister let
    me do this "I said .
    "No Amor don't have too " she said .
    "Mother please let me ...have you forgotten,i
    have the same blood group with her please let
    me "I begged .
    "Who is donating the blood ? The doc asked .
    "I will " I replied.
    "Alright follow me "he said I turned to face
    Rocco ,he looked really sad ,I walk to him and
    held his hand .
    "I will be fine " I whispered
    He just drew me close and kissed my
    forehead,and I hugged him so tight ,we hugged
    for a while before I left his embrace and went
    with the doctor.
    When I turned back to look at them mother was
    crying silently while Rocco just looked sad .
    I have to save my sis ,and I have to do this
    ,there's no way am going to let her die, after
    losing mom and dad I can't afford to loss my
    sister too,so u have to make sure this donation
    goes well.
    I really want to set things right between us ,I
    will have to make her know and believe dad
    never pushed her away ,that he always loved her
    and will forever , nothing matters now but the
    life of my sister .
     Rocco's POV
    I watched as Amora left with the doctor,she
    looks so sad her eyes so red ,even if her sister
    hated her,today proved that she really has a
    heart if gold,i feel so sad when I watched how
    that bastard vehicle knocked her down,how
    could the driver be so careless,.after rushing
    Tonia inside the hospital i spoke to the driver
    and threatened to lock him up if anything
    happens to Tonia .
    Amor said it wasn't his fault ,which was true
    ,coz Tonia actually ran into the vehicle
    accidentally.... I've never seen Amor in this kinda
    state before...I swear it hurts me to see her in
    tears ,it hurts alot .
    A light touch on my shoulder alerted my
    body,,as I turned to face the woman who called
    her self her step mom..
    "Ca....can "?she asked and I nodded
    ,we both went to sit .
    Honestly I don't know what she wants to talk to
    me about ,but I hope she isn't gonna say nasty
    things about Amora or else I will rip off her neck
    "I...I know..Amo...ra ...must have told you about
    me "she said and I looked at her then I took off
    my eyes facing the other side ,to be sincere I
    really don't like her,cause she is the reason for
    the suffering of my precious Amora , listening to
    her now is just for the sake of Amora.
    "I never meant to hurt her this much ...I feel like
    I don't deserve her forgiveness,....but...Amora
    has a clean heart and ....she did forgave me 'she
    spoke calmly.
    " must be her
    right ? She asked .
    Gosh ,I just forgot I haven't made it public,well I
    guess I have to start making it public coz some
    questions make me sick .
    "Yeah"I replied.
    "Am so happy for you both really glad
    that she found someone like you,when Tonia
    told me she knew her whereabout,i thought she
    lied ,but now your here she was right all along
    "she said .
    "My son .... please,i really don't want you to
    hate me,i know you're angry with me for all the
    bad things I've done to amor,after finding out
    the truth i really felt ashamed that my own
    daughter did this to her sister all because of
    jealousy" she said and I looked at her .
    Oh! Now I see,tonia was jealous and she made
    Amora suffer,but what was the reason behind
    the jealousy,why would a sister be so heartless
    towards her own blood ,even if I fight with nikel
    alot ,I don't ever think I could do such to him.
    But Amora has a clean heart .......
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    Chapter 29

    Amora's POV
    I lay down on the hospital bed,after the doc has
    taking my blood sample,i was kind of weak so
    mother got me some food at least ,I sat down
    and she sat beside me as I ate gently,i was so
    happy that I finally got her love back ,and I hope
    Tonia is fine ,that reminds I need to ask her how
    Tonia is doing.
    "Mother is Tonia now ? I asked as i drank
    water from the glass cup .
    "Well.,the doctor said she will be fine but she's
    still unconscious,he said it will take some weeks
    for her to regain consciousness from the coma "
    she said sadly ,I knew it's hard for her just as it
    is for me I hope things get better .
    "Did he at least give you a specific time ? I
    asked .
    "Well he said either a week or two ..." She
    "I really hope she wakes up on time ...I really
    want us to talk " I said frowning.
    "It's ok dear ...just eat up Ur so weak after the
    donation, Rocco went home to get some stuff
    for you " she replied.
    I stare at her confused ,how did she know
    Rocco,yeah I mean we came here together but ,I
    didn't introduce them oh my ! Does she know
    am his girlfriend.
    " don't need to be surprised okay
    ...after you left with the doctor I spoke with him
    I introduced myself too him , although I felt he
    was kind of angry but he understands me ,and he
    told me you both are together,and you stay with
    him " she replied.
    Ok now this is totally uncalled for ! How can
    Rocco tell her I live with him !oh Rocco your so
    dead .
    "I was really surprised when Tonia told me she
    knew your whereabout, untill I fainted and asked
    of you and she proved me right by coming to
    fetch you ...I must say she was so upset that I
    requested for you " she said suddenly smiling.
    Well I know she hates me alot just because she
    thought am dads favorite and I steal things from
    her ,but has she never asked herself this
    question before" why does dad take me as his
    favorite"? Even I don't know but I guess it's
    because mom was no more ,but he loves Tonia
    alot ,that am sure off.
    "I will make sure we talk and she gets to know
    dad never left her behind,i really feel bad that
    she thinks dad hate her " I said sadly .
    "Dear just eat up ...Tonia is......."the door open
    Making her to stop as Jack ,Suzy and Sam walked
    in .
    Suzy rushed to me .
    "Amora ....are you okay ? She asked .
    I smiled
    "Oh know when Rocco told us the
    news I almost had an heart attack" jack whined .
    I laughed as the rest chuckle mother smiled
    when Suzy's eyes caught mother she frowned in
    confusion,like what the hell is the witch doing
    here ?
    "Umm Sam...I want you to meet my mother
    Angelica" I introduced.
    "Yeah " sam greeted .
    "How are you ? She asked
    "Good " sam replied.
    "Hi umm aunt .. " jack smiled at mother .
    Yes jack knows her alot ,but ever since she
    change in the last two years jack suddenly
    developed hatred towards her am sure his as
    surprised as suzy was ..... What a Friend! I
    "Jack " she called and smiled back .
    "Umm Amora dear I will leave you with your
    friends okay " I nodded and she left the room .
    Suzy quickly turned to me .
    "What the hell amor ..?she frowned.
    "We are okay now suzy " I stated.
    She and jacks mouth fell agap
    "WHAT ?? They both asked shocked .
    "Simple they are cool now " sam said sitting and
    crossing his legs .
    "How ...what made her change? Suzy asked .
    "She found out Tonia is responsible for
    everything" I replied.
    "And we made up ." I added .
    "Hmmm....okay so how is the little bitch " suzy
    said rolling her eyes .
    "So you didn't know Tonia had an accident? I
    asked with a confused look ,I mean then why are
    they here ,in fact how did they know I was here .
    They gasp in shock but sam was normal,of
    course he doesn't even know who we were
    taking about .
    "Tonia had an accident? Suzy asked shocked
    "Of course,by the way how did you know I was
    here? I questioned.
    "Sam called Rocco and he told sam he brought
    you to the hospital coz you weren't feeling well"
    suzy reply.
    Why didn't Rocco tell them Tonia was in an
    accident,why did he lie I was sick I really need to
    talk to him ,I mean why did he lie what was his
    reason? I really need to know..
    "Where is she now ? Jack asked .
    "Well...She's still in coma , according to the
    doctor,she was badly injured and she might not
    recover for some few weeks , maybe two or
    probably one " I replied feeling sad thinking
    about the pain Tonia must be going through.
    "Umm...can we see her? Suzy asked
    "Well maybe the doc....."just then the door
    opened and in walked no one else but Rocco .
    He smiled once he saw everyone with me ,he
    was holding something inhis hand maybe my
    cloths though,! But wat was on my mind that
    moment was why he lied to my friends I was sick
    and kept Tonia's accident a secret.
    I feel Rocco is up to something,but what exactly.
     Rocco's POV
    Before heading back to the hospital,i Branch to
    my office where , Desmond was sitted waiting
    for me.
    "So what's up about the information? I asked
    him as he stood and pulled out a big brown
    "This are the information needed sir and in there
    are some pictures of her too " Desmond said
    and collected it without wasting time i brought
    out the files and pictures out ,I looked at them
    first my eyes wilding in shock ,what the hell is
    this ...
    "That was all the incident that happened then
    ,both with there private encounters ,and the
    hospital's name is also inscribed there,along
    with every vital information you need sir "
    Desmond said .
    I scrolled through all the papers and information
    suddenly my hands began to shake ," *
    AMORA* ? No it's ...oh gosh ,could this be
    anything real .
    "Sir are you okay ? Desmond asked .
    "Yes Desmond thanks for the information, your
    bank is credited already you may leave " I said
    "Alright sir have a nice day " and with that he
    left ,I still stood there shocked, then I
    remembered Amora must be waiting for me so I
    quickly left to the hospital,i will deal with this
    later .
    So this was the whole truth i was around them
    all this while and I never knew, especially
    her ?.....
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    Chapter 30

    Amora's POV
    I was in my room, after changing my myself to a
    more comfortable wear ,yeah we're already back
    from the hospital,and mother had gone home ,I
    managed to see Tonia before we left,,her
    condition isn't that bad and the doctor assured
    us that she will regain consciousness .
    I haven't spoken to Rocco since I came back
    home ,and am sure he noticed cause I hadn't
    asked him why he lied yet ,but anyways I surely
    ask him ,just as I was in my thought a knock
    came on the door and I went to get it thinking it
    must be mom Alupita but obviously it's mr
    Greek god...yeah it's been long I called him that
    ,but he still is and will be forever.
    He was leaning on the door sadly .
    Our eyes glued to each other .
    "Baby " he whispered.
    I felt my heart skipped when he called me baby
    Calmly sending shavers all over me ,how can his
    voice make such an infect on me ,his eyes are
    so bright and tempting despite its already late ,I
    really wanna hug him and feel his body against
    mine ,no one has ever made my heart beat fast
    the way I feel when ever am around him,his so
    handsome that it turns me on..
    Oh my just tell me I didn't just say that ? Turn
    me on? Heck Amora your crazy remember your
    upset with him so better show it and down be
    down struck like a love sick puppy ! Love ? Do I
    love him ? ...hah ... your suddenly ranting now
    girl ,just great how could I think of love now ,he
    surly doesn't feel the same , stupid
    of me thinking he might have any emotional
    tantrum on me ....just heck and my crazy
    I left the door open I walked in ,he gently walked
    in to and locked the door ,and stood glaring at
    me while I did the same .
    "Baby" he called again .
    "Whats wrong baby girl ... your not so happy
    today? He said .
    "Look i know your sad about your sisters
    accident,but I spoke to the doc already she will
    be given better treatment to recover fast"he
    said but I still looked at him quietly,he sighed in
    frustration and try coming close to me but I
    stopped him .
    "Why did you lie to my friends? Yes I finally
    asked he looked at me with a raised eyebrow.
    "What do you mean ? He asked .
    "WHAT I mean is what your thinking Mr ROCCO
    MARLZ" wow did I just shout at him ,the
    BILLIONAIRE? Oh my gosh I've really lost it.he
    seem surprised by my outburst.
    "Baby....I still don't get you " he said gently .
    'why didn't you tell my friends about Tonia's
    accident but lied I was sick instead? I asked.
    "Oh!....that ? He questioned.i raised an
    eyebrow,what does he mean oh!...that ? Like
    "Yes...what ? I replied.
    "C'mon baby girl ...I only told them i brought
    you to the hospital" he replied.
    "I don't believe that Rocco ,coz Suzy didn't
    sound the same way ,you told them i wasn't
    feeling well " I replied waiting for him to lie so I
    can punch him ...
    Oops did I just say I will punch Rocco... almighty
    Rocco inner mind laughed,way to go girl
    ...he will forget your useless girlfriend and don't
    think twice before locking you up in prison.
    I laugh at my inner mind ..,so funny.
    "Well I refused to tell them about Tonia cause I
    feel it's in your place to tell them ...and the
    truth i still state my baby ...cause I didn't lie to were not well at cried so
    badly remember,so ? He asked .
    Oh ! He actually is right but he would have STILL
    told them the truth for my condition right ?
    "But Rocco you shouldn't have put it that way would had said the mine thing" I said .
    "Look Amora ....I seriously don't like your
    sister...that's the truth " he replied.
    Oh my !!Rocco called my full name it's not
    longer baby or baby girl its now AMORA?but it's
    been long he called me like that ,he only calls
    me baby my baby girl or amor ...but again the
    And he doesn't like my sister?........
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    Chapter 31

    "Is that what you lied to them ? I ASKED .
    He growled and pulled me to him by my
    waist,our body Touching,,leaving not even a tiny
    space,I suddenly felt my heart beating fast again
    am sure he could even feel it ,why am I suddenly
    like this ,Rocco has a spell on me I think.. If not
    ,why do i feel like this each time he touches
    me...and I loved it .
    "I didn't lie to them like I said ...I told them the
    truth...but in another way ... seriously Amor
    Oh God my body is seriously vibrating his hot air
    fanning my face I swear we are so close just a
    little and our lips will touch , suddenly I want
    kiss him,oh already turning bad girl ...all
    thanks to Rocco ..
    "Yeah...umm...I ..I ...was...kin.....da...of ...." I
    stammered he chuckled and made me stare at
    his beautiful eyes ,mine drawn into his .
    "Why are you nervous? He asked still smirking.
    "Me...umm..,Rocco ...Hay ...look over there " I
    pointed behind and once he looked and i pulled
    away from his hold and started laughing.
    "Oh you tricked me " he said ...more like not a
    question,i moved away far away,yeah the room
    is big .
    "Well...I wasn't nervous neither did I trick you " I
    " that so ... alright then I will get you " he
    said .
    Oh no...his gonna get me ,this is bad ,what to
    do?what to do ? What to do ? I quickly ran
    heading to the bathroom but not too fast before
    I could open it Rocco already caught my hand in
    his own and he lifted me up like a wedding bride
    "Hay ...put me down " I said between laughter ,.
    He drop me to the bed and came over me and
    started tickling me I started laughing so hard .
    " Oh....hhahahhahaha.......rooooo.....coooo....
    ...stoppppp......."I laughed hard .
    "Tell me your sorry " he didn't stop .
    "Ne........ver.....ha.......stoppppp......" I was tired
    already he wont stop maybe I should just say
    sorry .
    "Wont you say your sorry ...if you don't I wont
    stop" he warned as am already weak so I gave
    " ...haha..... please
    ssssssss" then he stopped tears ran down my
    eyes as I laughed ...
    God was he planing to kill me ,he looked down at
    my eyes and
    I looked up at him , suddenly I was aware of our
    position,rocco was ontop of me ...
    "Your so beautiful? He whispered.
    Huh,am I dreaming,...did Rocco just say am
    beautiful,he never told me that ,I mean since I
    knew him ,was this for real ,then his face began
    closing to mine ,his going to kiss me coz his
    eyes are on my lips ,I so want it too .
    I closed my eyes and let him kiss me ,the
    moment his lips touched mine my world
    stopped,and i felt safe and alive,his lips moved
    against mine and I responded as we kiss each
    other, he held me in place his hands all over my
    body I began to feel my body tremble,his touch
    makes me want him more .
    I wrapped my arms around him and pressed him
    closer to me if still possible,we kissed deep and
    roughly,i didn't care at all ,his kiss sends me to
    space gives me unimaginable feelings..was I
    falling for I in love with him ....oh this
    love again ?
    What's really up with this love ,this is the
    second time am feeling like this ,I feel like I
    want to spend the rest of my life with only him ,I
    don't want any other woman in his life ,could he
    love me the way i love him?...oh my did I just
    say that ?
    I love Rocco ...oh my am scared what if he
    doesn't feel the same ,I can't pretend like am ok
    again seriously falling for
    crazily in love with him ,God help me .
    I responded the way he wanted ,and we finally
    pulled apart after an hour ....ok..lolz it's not up
    to an hour okay probably 10 minutes or so ...but
    it felt like an hour to me tho...
    He stare at me and gently got up from me ,I as
    well sat,, suddenly feeling shy .
    He chuckled.
    "Your blushing my baby girl " he teased .
    "Huh...that's not true ...I ain't " I denied
    He Chuckled the more
    "Your cheeks are so red..." He said and I pouted
    "Bad girl " he said .
    "Bad boy " I replied and he chuckled.
    "I will leave you should get some
    sleep "he said and kissed my forehead turning to
    walk out the door.
    "Please sleep with me " the words came out
    before I could stop it ,he looked at me with a
    questioning look .
    "Umm...I mean...stay with me ....for only this
    night ...." I said just hopping he would say yes .
    And he smiled ...oh my he smiled ,that means he
    will stay ,he walked back to the bed.
    "C'mon baby let's go to bed " he said and I
    happily lay on the bed but he was going to the
    couch .
    "Hay...what are you doing? I asked with a frown.
    "Staying with you of course" he replied.
    "C'mon sleep on the bed " I said like a baby he
    smiled and came to the bed i smiled happily and
    lay down he also did the same and we lay
    But he pulled me to him and I placed my head on
    his chest with his arms
    Wrapped around me hugging me close ,I inhale
    his scent ,God this guy is driving me crazy .
    "Goodnight baby girl " he whispered.
    "Goodnight Greek god " I said then I fell into
    darkness but not before listening to his chuckle.
    I felt safe and love in his arms ...wait
    love...Again?...maybe ......

    Chapter 32

    Amora's POV
    I rushed into the hospital as Rocco and Steve
    followed behind , Mother was sitted at the bed
    near Tonia holding her hand but got up the
    moment she saw me .
    "Oh Amora came so quickly? Mother said
    and I rushed to Tonia ,yeah she looked at me
    and frowned .
    "Tonia ...are you okay ? Tears suddenly started
    pulling out ,oh my am crying again .
    "What do you want ? She asked angrily.
    Her head is bandaged,she looks so pale ,she's
    been unconscious for a whole week now .,I
    breathed and sat down by the chair to her bed
    mother was looking at us same as rocco who
    now is inside,how I wish I could just trow him
    out ,but so bad cause mother will notice we
    were in a fight , getting that out of my head I
    faced Tonia .
    "Tonia ....I was really worried about you ,I mean
    for a complete whole week I wasn't able to see
    your eyes ,it hurts alot " I said .
    "Why are you always pretending amor ? She spat
    Making me shock .
    "Your the fuckin reason why I won't be able to
    walk for probably a month or so. " She spat
    again and my eyes widen .
    What ,not able to walk?did I hear that right ?I
    looked up at mother she looked sad .
    "What ? won't be ...walk? I
    asked shocked.
    "Amora the doctor said some bones were
    broken ,that it will heal but she wont be able to
    walk maybe a Month or two " mother said .
    I looked terrified,this can't happen I turn to face
    Tonia .
    " sure your happy,...I just hate you so
    much ,I wish you could just die " Tonia spat .
    "Tonia am sorry " I started crying trying to hold
    her hand but she pulled away .
    "Sorry .?...she gave a short laugh ," as if your
    damn sorry will make me walk anytime
    soon....why the hell were you even chasing after
    me ,I hate you so much you always have to
    show me your ugly face ,as if it wasn't enough
    then you tried to get me killed ,do you even
    enjoy Making me suffer huh?...answer me ...I
    just wish I never knew you gave you his
    love ,he pampered you as if you were an egg ,he
    worship u like your some sort of treasure,.....h
    ow can I forget ,you always get the best in
    school ,even I meant nothing,as if my own life
    came crushing, do you enjoy it know I
    thought you loved me before but all was a
    pretend ,you stole dad and then you stole my
    mother too ...your so wicked " Tonia spat .
    I couldn't stop crying,God! her words were like
    knife cutting me ,it was shattering me .
    "Tonia .... please...I love you " I said
    "Stop lying...I hate it " she shouted .
    "Your wrong not could you be
    so blind to see dad really loves you ,c'mon Tonia
    ,your my blood could you think dad will
    ever love me more ...isn't that crazy? I said
    "'s really crazy... because you got all
    the love and attention you needed ,what about
    me huh....?...I don't even exist" she cried .
    "Tonia ....your taking this too far ...she has
    nothing to do with all this hatred from you
    ,don't you think your over reacting" mother
    "Why....?...over if you didn't see all
    that happened, even love her more than
    me ...your own daughter" Tonia shouted .
    "Tonia no...this madness has to stop " I shouted
    Yes ,she's taking this too far ,now she's
    accusing her mother of loving me more how
    could she .
    "Your Taking all this wrong you think am
    not capable of hating you too ,after all you did
    yet am here pleading for your forgiveness and
    love over what I have no idea about " I shouted
    Tonia looked at me shocked.
    "Father has always loved you ...your just to blind
    to see it ,you could never understand,do you
    know how lonely I was losing my mother and
    then dad but the little love I could get you
    turned mother against me ....but yet I still loved
    you both ,I respected you both,i did everything
    you both asked of me you really think I
    was not hurting,how could you even think I
    wanted you dead...are you crazy or something or
    the blindness had reached the point you can't
    see enough again "
    Yes I was really upset now ,she's behaving like a
    kid ,she had been talking,and I've been listening
    it's her turn to listen .but this time I spoke
    "No matter what you do Tonia will forever
    and I mean ever remain my sister okay
    just have to give me a chance ,we were really
    close before , please let's go back to how we
    used to be ....I really miss you Tonia " I said and
    grab her hand , tears gushed out of her eyes..
    "Please...I love you so much ....let's go back to
    how sweet we used to be ,... Tonia,i love you
    ,mom does ,also dad we all do ,just give us one
    more chance please" I brought her hand to my
    mouth and kissed it she was looking at me
    I gently got up ,I need to leave her ,I can't stay
    here ,I've been hurt already and now this ? How
    can't my life be normal for once ,I took steps to
    the door only to hear Tonia stop me .
    "Am sorry .. Barbie" Tonia said .
    God ,she just called me Barbie ,I mean that's
    what she calls me when we were best of friends
    and sisters ,and I do call her Cinderella,this was
    our best cartoons and we call ourselves them ,I
    quickly turn to her .
    "Am sorry ... Barbie" she said again .
    I started smiling,i quickly rushed and hugged her
    "I love you so much Cinderella" I whispered
    kissing her head .
     Rocco's POV
    I seriously am confused,I've been standing here
    listening to everything Amora and her sister
    have been saying, and Tonia is really a hard girl
    ,how could she make my Amora cry ,I wanted to
    go pull her out to leave this Tonia ,but then I
    remembered we had a fight so I just kept quiet
    and watch the scene and then Amor really got
    mad and wanted to leave the room but then
    Tonia called her Barbie what's that ?
    I could see Amora paused at her truck and she
    looked shocked ,then Tonia said it again and this
    time she smiled and rushed to hug her then she
    called Tonia Cinderella , Angelica was happy now
    what's up with the nick name ? Or is that there
    second names ,gosh that's a cartoon name
    right ! I mean am not really that good with
    cartoon ,when I was younger I don't mess with
    that I feel they ain't even real and it's also
    boring .
    I watch as they hugged each other ,wow I guess
    Amora will be very happy that her sister finally
    accepted her into her life again ,it seems
    everything is working according to plan ,I
    smiled.but soon it fade away as I remember
    something am sure you already know....what do I
    do ,,how do I approach her .
    "Son... thanks so much for everything" Angelica
    suddenly said getting me out of my little thought
    I smiled and nodded at her.
    "Rocco ..." Tonia called and I looked at her I
    smiled and went closer to her.
    "It's a good thing your okay ," I said .she smiled
    "Thank you so much told me you paid
    for my treatment" she said .
    "It's okay " I replied,i could feel Amora looking
    at me badly , she's really upset with me ,how do
    I fuckin make her understand I never cheated .
    "Am sorry I was really rude when I came over at
    your place,am sure my Barbie has told you
    everything " Tonia said and I looked at AMORA
    but she faced the other said .
    "Ummmm...yeah's okay ...I really
    understand,it was a misunderstanding and
    everything is okay between you too now " I
    smiled she smiled back .
    "I will just go talk to the doctor" I said and
    excused myself ,am suddenly sweating, God that
    look Amora gave to me was really suffocating
    me ,if looks could kill I would be 6 feet below
    the ground now .I know she thinks am inlove
    with someone else, gosh I suddenly feel gross ,
    she's the only girl I want goddammit ,how can
    she not trust me .
    The only thing too help myself was to leave that
    room which I did .oops! Amora won't forgive me
    anytime soon ,but I can't cope with her not
    talking to me so I will talk to her once we get
    home I will tell her who I was talking to and I
    hope she won't ask more details.
    I just hope....
    God women .....they conclude things so fast .
    Me inlove with another woman ?
    How Was This Chapter ?? hope u liked d
    Reunion as much as I did.......

    Chapter 33

    Rocco's POV
    " know,,you can make things right with
    your sis AGAIN ,I just feel all this is a
    misunderstanding "
    I told my baby as I caressed her hair .
    Right now am in her room ,,her head is rested
    on my shoulder,she had been so sad since the
    accident,i could really feel she loved her sister
    alot .
    "Rocco do you think she will ever try to
    understand,...she really despise me alot,she
    doesn't even like me know I feel
    that it's my fault she's in that condition" she
    said sadly .
    I kissed her forehead,and made her look at me ,I
    could get lost in does beautiful eyes of hers.
    "There's nothing that's not possible baby ...
    sometimes siblings fight,you know I and Nikel
    fight alot but one thing is we love each other
    ,am sure your sis is just angry for what she
    claims to believe,and I know that sooner or later
    everything will be okay between you two" I said .
    She gave me a smile and I leaned down to kiss
    her lips ,but then my phone buzz on ,I turned to
    pick it up but saw the name on the screen .
    " give me a second " I said
    getting up to leave the room .
    "Why aint you answering it here ? She asked .
    I really can't answer the call here ,what do I tell
    her ..her eyes seem suspicious.
    "'s a business call,i think one of my
    employees want to pass a message,just give me
    5 minutes or make it 10 I will be right back " I
    quickly kissed her lips and hurried out of the
    room before she says anything.
    I entered into my office and picked it up.
    "What's up Emma " I said into the phone.
    "Yo big brother,how are you doing?she asked .
    "Am fine ....but untill you tell me if everything
    has worked out as planned" I said waiting for her
    to give me a good news .
    "Well yeah sure's going as plan,but she kind
    of was wondering why I request such a thing,but
    you know I have my ways ....but you
    know,Amora will be so surprised to find out this
    " she said .
    I rubbed the back of my neck .
    "Yeah I know" I replied.
    "Well I just hope this doesn't turn out bad ,and
    don't you worry ,I will make sure she does it
    soon okay " she said .
    "Thanks so much " I replied.
    "Of course,you should give me the credit ...I
    mean without me here you know your
    helpless"she laughed .
    "Or don't you think am the best thing that has
    ever happened to you ? She asked .
    "Of course your the best " I replied smiling.
    "Ok bro got to go ..don't want mom to over
    hear this ,I mean you trust me so much to share
    such information with me ,and if mom gets to
    find out am so gonna answer lots of
    questions....ok right bye love you " she said
    I Chuckled" love you too " I said and hanged up .
    Am so happy Emma was able to convince
    her,well I think my plan is really working.
    Just as I was busy thinking my office door
    opened and there stood Amora with a shocked
    face ,she looks like she was about to cry .
    Oh my God! I hope she didn't hear anything.
     Amora's POV
    the moment the car stopped Infront of the
    mansion I quickly got out before Rocco could
    say anything,i know his been trying to talk to
    me but I don't have his time after he lied to me
    I seriously don't think I can trust him

    Chapter 34

    Amora's POV
    the moment the car stopped Infront of the
    mansion I quickly got out before Rocco could
    say anything,i know his been trying to talk to
    me but I don't have his time after he lied to me
    I seriously don't think I can trust him
    "Baby ...." He called quickly following me behind.
    At the hospital mother noticed we aint in good
    terms ,she spoke to me but I refuse to tell her
    ,and I try to stay at the hospital with Tonia but
    she said I should go home,, Tonia too agreed
    ,the doctor said she will be needing crutches for
    now..Also she can be discharged tomorrow
    ,infact since Rocco doesn't need me anymore I
    have to leave this place besides my family
    accepts me back again ,so it's better I go back
    to them and find a job since he had already
    destroy the one I had before.
    I hurriedly reached my room and try to close the
    door...only for Rocco to stop me halfway from
    closing it ,I turned around and head to my closet
    and started packing my cloths ,but am leaving
    the ones he got for me ,I don't need anything
    that will remind me of him again ,he loves
    someone else,he should go ahead and marry her
    "What are you doing? He asked but I didn't reply
    and continue throwing my clothes on the bed.
    "It hasn't gotten to this Amora ... please let me
    explain" he begged and came closer and pack my
    clothes back into the closet .
    "Rocco will you let me be ...don't touch my
    things ...just leave me alone " I said angrily at
    "Why are you so upset ...? He asked .
    Could this Playboy be kidding me.. his asking me
    why am upset .urghhh
    "Am leaving okay breaking up with you can go ahead and love who you want " I
    shouted at him.
    "Don't be ridiculous...I've done nothing...your
    over reacting" he shouted back.
    "Over were telling a lady you
    loved her while you keep me hostage here as
    your girlfriend and you say am over reacting....?
    I shouted at me .
    "I wasn't cheating on you Amor" he said calmly
    "How do I believe your little lie ....after all I over
    heard it myself said you loved her ,and
    you've been acting weird lately , I know your up
    to something am not blind not to observe okay can go ahead and love who you want but
    am leaving. And am breaking up with you " i
    shouted .
    shouted .
    "You belong to me and am not letting you go"
    he grabbed my arms .
    "Let go Rocco...I can't stay with you in this
    house anymore,what explanation do you have
    ,your not even trying to spill the truth ,stop
    lying" I yelled.
    He let go of my arms as I stare at him,he looked
    at me for a while and rubbed his hand behind his
    neck .
    "Are you going to say something or you still
    want to deny that your cheating on me " I
    "Okay fine was Emma okay sister
    ,she was the one I was talking to " he said .
    Why is he lying? If it was Emma then why did he
    leave the room,why did he lie it was an
    employee Calling from the office,rocco is lying.
    "I hate you "I spat.
    I slapped him so hard across the face as I cried
    .he was lying to me yet he looked innocent .
    "I hate you can you lie this way ,you told
    me it was a fuckin employee from the office,so
    when did Emma turned to be ur employee" I
    He closed his eyes and looked up at me .
    "I swear it was Emma " he spoke calmly.
    "I asked her to do something for me ,I just have
    to speak to her in private ,cause it was
    important... please Amor" he spoke and gently
    pulled me to him .
    Could he be telling the truth,his eyes is saying
    his telling the truth but my brain is objecting .
    "Am sorry I lied about the employee stuff,'s
    was really Emma ,I asked her to do something
    important for me that's why I had to leave the
    room,please believe me Amor ,I can never cheat
    on you ,you mean so much to me ...I can't stand
    hurting you ,I swear " he caressed my cheek .
    Part of me believe his saying the truth ,it could
    really be Emma .
    "Rocco...are you saying the truth ? I asked as i
    looked deep into his eyes .
    "I swear ..." He whispered.
    I smiled at him and hugged him so tight ,I really
    love him so much ,I can't bear the thought of
    him seeing another woman ,I hugged him so
    tight and he kissed my hair ..
    (haha oya lie say u no smile)
    "Am really sorry baby ...I should have told you it
    was my sister" he whispered.
    "Please don't ever do this to me again ,I
    seriously thought you were into another woman
    " I whispered back still hugging him he chuckled.
    "So my baby was jealous right " he said and I let
    go off him I looked up at him as he smirked.
    "What ever ...what do you expect,am your
    girlfriend I have every right to be " I said .
    "I love it that your jealous,so can we arrange
    your cloths back in the closet ? He smirked.
    I laughed .
    "So baby you really wanted to leave me ? He
    asked .
    I was quite.
    "Baby ..." He pulled me to him by my waist and I
    rest my hands on his chest as we look into each
    other's eyes .
    "You should never think of leaving me ever again
    cause I will get you back no matter where you
    run to" he said .
    I know his right,his very powerful and I won't
    easily get away from him,i can't even stay away
    ,I really don't know where that mind of leaving
    came into me ,am really surprised at my own
    behavior,i should have given him a chance to
    explain himself,i mean his the one who wanted
    the relationship to have a chance. So if he didn't
    want it he wouldn't had asked in the first place
    right ?.
    "Am really sorry ...i really over reacted,i should
    have let you explain,i turn out to be a crazy
    girlfriend right ? I asked .
    He chuckled,and pulled me more closer to him.
    "Yah...your really a lovely girlfriend who is
    possessive of her man ,I mean you actually
    wanted to break up with me " he said amusingly.
    I blushed and hide my face in his chest he
    chuckled and kissed my hair .
    "It won't happen again" I whispered.
    "I won't let it happen again you don't need
    to worry " he said .
    "Alright now ...soo lets Arrange my cloths back "
    I said and he smiled and perked my lips .
    "We r in this together babe" he said and we both
    laughed .
    Am so happy I got my Rocco back,well I've
    confessed I love him,but he seem so surprised,
    yeah I know it came out not the best way ,but I
    won't bring it up again I will wait till the day I
    would hear it ,I know he has feelings for me and
    I hope it doesn't take long before I hear him say
    it .
    I just pray it doesn't take too long ....

    Chapter 35

    Rocco's POV
    Today is supposed to be d day Tonia will be
    discharged from the hospital,i asked Steve to
    take Amora there cause I needed to do
    something alone it's a good thing she didn't
    argue to go alone,i quickly went into her room
    and started searching her stuff .
    I checked her closet,between her cloths ,will I be
    able to find it ,I searched through the drawers
    one after the other but nothing was there,isnt
    she the one at least I have to find something
    related to the information I got from Desmond.
    I stood there rubbing my hands at the back of
    my neck as I use my eyes to scan the room,i
    was about to turn to check near the bedpost
    drawer when I came across a box,its silver and a
    bit big under the spring of her closet,what was
    that ?I moved closer to it and gently bend to
    bring out the box I picked it up and moved to
    her bed ,I sat on it and began to find the lock of
    the box thankfully the box doesn't have lock so I
    just pulled it open .
    There were so many things in side ,like a very
    familiar necklace, this necklace?that means
    Desmond's investigation is right ,it was truly
    Amora but I can't conclude yet ,I scan through
    the box and found some pictures,i gently began
    to pull it out they were three of them , a woman
    was holding Amora in her arms she looks very
    small and they were both smiling, was this her
    mom ?...
    This was Amora when she was 4? She's sitted
    with a teddy bear in her hand and smiling at the
    camera ,then the last one was a pic of her mom
    and maybe her dad,i know this man in the
    Then it hit me ,Amora is her?...Amora is the girl
    back then ,oh my God!she's the one .
    I looked at the necklace AGAIN ,she's really the
    one ,I quickly picked my phone and called Emma
    "Hi bro " she said .
    "She's the one Emma ," I whispered.
    "Really ...." She asked surprised.
    "Yes" I said .
    "How did you find out ,I thought you said you
    were confused about the documents Desmond
    Gave you " she asked .
    "Yea...I was kind of ,but with whats Infront of
    me , she's the girl , she's the one Emma " I said
    "WHAT did you really see ? She asked .
    "You know that picture I once showed you ? I
    asked .
    "Yes " she Replied.
    "Right here there's a copy of it ,it's right Infront
    of me ,you know the necklace I told you about
    too?I asked .
    "I remember it Rocco,, the one mom got for
    your 10th birthday" she replied.
    "She has it too" I said .
    "Oh my gosh " she gasped."she's really the one
    then " she added .
    "Umm...Emma pls don't disclose this to anyone
    yet ,I will make sure this comes out in a good
    way " I said .
    "Of course right here ,just tell me ,well
    as for home here I've convinced her and she's
    hanging them already,although mom asked cause
    she was kind of Wondering why I asked her to
    hang them ,but you know i always find a way to
    slice through it" she said giggling.
    "Crazy girl ... thanks,your the best ,I should go
    now ,I still have to go to the hospital Amora is
    waiting okay " I said .
    "Sure bro is amazing" she teased .
    "Just shut up " I said she laughed and I hanged
    I took one last look of the pictures and the
    necklace,a smile crept its way at the Conner of
    my lips .
    I picked the box arranged everything and put it
    back at the place I got it and head out of her
    room,but the truth is am as shock as
    hell....Amora is really the girl I met years ago .
     Amora's POV
    Am currently in the hospital ward with mother
    and Tonia ,she had been discharged today
    and,am so happy that everything is going well
    now .
    "Amora thank you so much for being here for us
    ,you know,i still feel guilty for everything that
    has happened,sometimes I wonder why you
    easily forgave us " mother said .
    "Yes Amor...after all I did ,i really don't deserve
    ur care....I really didn't Think I could get forgiven
    this easily " Tonia added her eyes looking so sad
    "Mother ,Tonia ..."I held their hands "I love you
    both very much ,and I can't stand being upset
    with you both ,I know everything that happened
    was all a misunderstanding ,and it's all in the
    past now, am happy we are good now that's all
    that matters " I said with a smile .
    Mother and Tonia looked at each other and back
    to me .
    "Thanks so much ...I love you too" Tonia said
    hugging me Angelica smiled .
    "Umm so Amora why isn't Rocco here yet ?
    Mother asked me .
    Rocco had told me he will meet me up here. Why
    is he taking so much time .
    "Mother ...Rocco will be here soon,...uhm Let
    me give him a call " I said bringing out my
    "I don't think there's a need for that baby girl "
    I heard Rocco's voice behind me ,we all turned
    to look and he stood there with a smile on his
    face .
    He looks so happy ,today I've never seen Rocco
    this happy in a while.. whats going on,i stood up
    and he walked closer to me he pulled me into a
    hug and kisses my cheek .
    Someone coughed from behind I and Rocco
    "Kid Here ? Tonia winned .
    I blushed .
    "Tonia how are you doing? Rocco asked going
    towards her .
    "Am fine thanks" she replied.
    "Well I got you this ? Rocco handed her a white
    nylon ,she opened it and she brought a cupcake
    out Tonia smiled brightly.
    "Cupcake? She said excitedly.
    I looked at Rocco ,I was surprised buh how did
    he know Tonia loves cupcake.
    "It's my favorite" she said happily.
    "Really ...I just came across the shop and
    decided to get one for you , didn't know it's
    your favorite"he said smiling at her .
    "Well I must say your a genius" Tonia said and
    mother and Rocco laughed .
    But Rocco is acting weird,where did he go that
    he didn't come to the hospital with me and
    arriving now ,I still feel theres something his not
    telling me ,is he having an affair,no never I
    said he will never hurt me ,he said I mean so
    much to him ,he said he will never leave me maybe there's something else,,I have to
    find out ,but how ....?
    Oh yes.!....Emma ...Emma will help .
    I need to talk to Emma .....
    The mind of women flies higher than a
    rocket.. Taink u
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    Chapter 36

    Amora's POV
    Rocco had helped drove us back to my father's
    house we spent some time there and soon head
    back home .
    My mind was still in confusion ,I really don't
    know why Rocco was so happy and I think only
    Emma could answer that question,but I began
    thinking about it again I and Emma aint really
    close I don't think it's a good idea she will not
    tell me anything deep..
    I decided to call my two bestfriends of course
    suzy and Jack..prior to that I told Rocco I will be
    going to see suzy which he accepted.
    [Currently am seated at the restaurant waiting
    for jack and suzy exactly 15 minutes they
    "So sorry Amor ...Sam wouldn't let me rest "
    suzy said sitting.
    "It's okay " I replied.
    Soon we ordered meals and drinks.
    "So tell us Amora WHAT'S up ? Jack asked me .
    "Umm...guys ,I really don't want you to read bad
    meaning into this but I think Rocco is up to
    something" I said .
    They both looked at one another .
    "Would you explain? Suzy asked .
    I told them everything that happened how Rocco
    kept Making secret calls and how furious I
    became and he later apologized and how happy
    he looked in the hospital yesterday.
    "So he said he wàs talking to his sis? Jack asked
    "Yeah " I replied.
    "Well am sure his not cheating on you cause so
    many times he speaks to sam he tells him how
    much you mean to him" suzy replied.
    "Well I don't really know that much about you
    guys relationship but I would say Rocco won't
    cheat on you ...I don't know but I feel like 100℅
    sure " jack said .
    I listened to my Friends, yes ! I know he
    wouldn't,the way he pleaded with me that day
    was still visible before my eyes and I know he is
    serious,but what could be keeping him distance I
    refuse to believe it's just work .
    "So that means it might actually be something
    else? I asked .
    "Yeah ...c'mon Amor you stress your self too
    much ,just relax am sure you will find out
    everything soon " suzy said .
    "Yes Amora suzy is right " jack said and I smiled
    at them .
    Well I guess I will have to do as they say I will
    wait until Rocco is ready to tell me what I
    needed to hear .
     Rocco's POV
    [Sitted at my office with sam] recently told him
    everything about Amora and the clues I found...
    he's busy cross checking through her profiles
    "Wow man still surprised she's the little
    girl you were crushing on for 17 years now "
    sam said smirking.
    "Seriously am still surprised,it all made since
    you know," I said smiling.
    "Well when are you planning to spill out the
    whole truth to her ? Sam asked .
    "Am Thinking of confessing my love to her first
    then I can take her to my family mansion... I
    want everyone present there when am exposing
    the secret" I said .
    "Well that's a good idea bro ....we will be there
    " sam said and got up .
    "Sam ,,however don't let Suzy know about this
    ,its between me & u" I said .
    "You have to trust me , Believe me I wouldn't
    want the surprise to be ruined" sam winked at
    me and I shook my head .
    "See you later bro " sam said giving me a
    "Yeah thanks for helping too " I said .
    "Always welcome dude " he replied and left my
    office I smiled then picked the necklace on the
    desk this was the necklace i gave her 17 years
    ago I could still remember that day so

    Chapter 37

     Rocco's POV
    My mom and I walked into the supermarket,she
    had wanted to come alone but I insisted I was
    coming with her ,I was kindof a mommies boy
    Mom was busy talking to the sales girl about the
    stuff she was purchasing I was busy looking at
    the toys,, even as a child I really didn't play with
    toys,,yh i always had that big boy nature.
    Just then I felt something hit my leg ,I looked
    down to see a pink ball I bend and picked it up it
    was beautiful sure it belongs to some kid ,just
    then a little girl ran towards my direction when I
    saw her I instantly had goosebumps allover me..I
    felt I already hav a great crush on her ,she's so
    beautiful with her choppy cheek and glowing
    eyes that shine like the emeralds,she looks so
    gorgeous and I can't help but stare at her
    innocent face I stood there like I was hypnotised
    "Can I have my ball please? She had asked .
    I came out of my thought as I heard her sweet
    melodious voice.,she came closer to me I was
    far taller than her.. she looks 3 or so .
    "It's yours ? I asked .
    "Yes. .. give it back " she stretched her hands I
    looked at her little hand and chuckle.
    I put the ball behind my back and looked at her
    she frowned.
    "Why should i give you the ball ? I asked .
    "Well because it's mine hand it over " she
    said .
    "Chill kid ,,first of all you must be friends with
    me " I said .
    "I dont make friends" she said with her tiny
    I frowned.
    "But Why? I asked .
    "Because mom told me some friends aint good
    at all " she replied.
    "Umm okay ...but am not bad , I only want to be
    your friend" I said smiling at her .
    She kept quiet for a while .
    "Okay we are friends now so let me have my ball
    " she stretched her little hand again .
    "Tell me your name first " I said .
    "I don't like telling my name's to anyone" she
    replied and I frowned,is not like am gonna kidnap
    her .
    "Then what are we friends for if you can't tell
    me your name ? I asked sadly .
    "Well you tell me urs first " she said .
    "No I asked you first " I said .
    "Okay ...just call me any name you like " she
    said .
    "So you want me to give you a pet name? I
    asked .
    "Yes" she replied.
    "Okay I will call you baby girl " I said .
    " Baby girl ....hmmm okay " she replied.
    "So what will you call me ?I asked .
    "Ummmm...." She started thinking.
    "I'd call you ..Greek god " she said happily.
    I frowned,who does she think Greek god means .
    "You will call me that ,but where did you hear it
    from? I asked .
    "Mom told me that when she met dad he looked
    like a Greek god which means he was looking so
    fine ...and your so fine ...that's why i call you
    Greek god" she giggled.
    I smirked at her
    "Okay baby girl,am 10 and you are ? I asked .
    " Just 4 " she replied.
    Wow I haven't seen a four years old girl this
    sharp ,she's already taking my breath away .
    " Wow ...that's nice ,so here is your ball " I gave
    it to her back .
    "Thanks" she said .
    "Princess I've been looking for you " a woman
    said and baby girl ran to hug her I couldn't see
    her face boldly cause mom touched me from
    "C'mon Rocco let's go " mom said .
    I turned but I didn't see baby girl again ,how I
    wish I at least tell her bye .
    I suddenly miss her face ...
    Nice Flashback ??

    Chapter 38

     Rocco's POV
    It's been a month now since I saw that angel I
    really miss her beautiful voice and her choppy
    little face ,I suddenly felt drowned to this cute
    girl I wish I could see her again even if it's in my
    dream .
    I was playing soccer at school and got knocked
    down I had a slight cut at my foot when I got
    home mom noticed I couldn't walk properly ,I
    knew if dad knows he would scold me so well but
    mom saw it and decided we head to the hospital.
    Without arguing I agreed and we both went into
    the hospital and soon the doctor treated my
    wound,, mom asked me to wait outside for her
    while she talks to the doctor ,,of which I heades
    to the reception area .
    Just then I stood frozen on my spot as I saw my
    baby girl seated alone on a chair,, something
    wàs wrong she was crying,why was she crying.
    It seems she saw me cause she stood up and we
    walked up to each other ,I suddenly hugged her
    ,she was crying so heavily .
    "Hay!...shh.....why are you crying Baby girl ? I
    asked .
    "My_my mom" she cried harder .
    "What happened to her ? I asked .
    "Dad ...Ac....CCI...
    ..dent " she cried.
    "Your mom had an accident? I asked shocked
    she nodded .
    "The doctor said mom might not wake up again
    " she cried harder .
    This can't be happening to my baby girl ,it can't
    ,her mom won't wake up again .?
    "Hay...stop Crying baby girl, your mom will wake
    up okay " I kissed her forehead.
    "Hay ...! Have this " I pulled my birthday
    necklace mom had gave me a year before and
    gave it to her .
    "What is it for ? She asked .
    "It's a necklace,you should wear it and each
    time you're afraid just know am with u. For you
    ,and nothing will happen to your mom okay she
    will be well and will come back to you " I said .
    "Thank you Greek god, your so nice ....let me
    also give you this " she reaches for her pink hair
    ribbon,,beautified by a shinning flower at the top
    and she handed it to me .
    "Please keep this,so you will always remember
    me too " she said and I gladly collected the
    ribbon and smiled at her .
    "Thank you baby girl " I said .
    "Angel c'mon we should go now " a man pulled
    her away and carried her in his arms she looked
    back at me and wave me bye I smiled and wave
    her bye too .
    One thing I never knew was this was the last
    time I will ever see her ,I stare at the ribbon in
    my hand blushing .
    I never knew the girl I've kept all this while was
    my baby girl of 17 years ago ,not untill I made
    an investigation about her all thanks to Angelica
    who drew her out for me to keep her with me
    she had grown so beautiful that I fell over again
    after so many years ,I can't express my joy am
    so happy I got her back again into my life ,I need
    to return the necklace back to her I had picked it
    up when I got back home .
    ( got into the car with Steve driving )
    I arrived home a little late,,it was weird coz
    everywhere was so serene, I walked into the
    living room and there stood my baby girl she
    smiled and came closer to me I pulled her to my
    chest by the waist.
    "I miss you so much Rocco. ..what kept you so
    long ? She asked worriedly.
    I nuzzled her neck and kissed it .
    "Am sorry baby was really stressful and
    then I had a little chat with sam before coming
    home ,so how was the outing with suzy and
    Jack ? I asked .
    She had told me earlier that she needed to see
    her bestfriends cause she missed them .
    I pulled her to the couch I sat down and pulled
    her to my lap she smiled at me as we looked
    into each other's eyes .
    "It was nice ...I spent good time with them ,but I
    thought about you most " she said suddenly
    I really can't believe this is the baby girl whom
    her face was so choppy and how cute her little
    hands were , she's the one in my arms this
    moment,how will she react once she finds out
    am the Greek god of 17 years ago after all
    ....and it just happened the first time I saw her
    after 17 years I called her baby girl...and she
    called me Greek god,destiny sure have a way of
    doing things .
    "I missed you too " I kissed her hair .
    "Mother called me earlier,she said thanks to you
    again " she said .
    "Oh it's nothing,besides am dating her daughter
    so it's an honor to do so " I replied and she
    "Baby ...I would like to take you out tomorrow" I
    said .
    "A date I presume? She asked .
    "Yes baby girl.'s a date and I want to spend
    lovely time with my girlfriend" I said and kissed
    her cheek she blushed.
    "Alright Mr MARLZ" she replied.
    "Sure baby ...." I pulled her face to mine and
    captured her lips in a breathtaking kiss ,I ravish
    her lips asif my life depended on it she kissed
    me with the same urgency,i love how her soft
    cold lips tangled nd intertwined against mine it
    really does drive me crazy .
    Tomorrow am going to confess my undying love
    too her .
    She's mine forever .
    I fell for her the moment i sent my eyes on her
    years ago
    And I've falling for her again .
    I love Amora stons .
    Well you guys have finally come to know
    about Rocco and his investigation.
    But is that the whole truth .....
    What do you think is coming next ?
    Is it the unexpected or already known?
    Don't skip flashbacks guys ...
    Trust me their lots of things you need to figure
    out ....

    Chapter 39

    Amora's POV
    Rocco is taking me out today on a date just like
    he said,am so happy, mom Alupita had chosen a
    nice comfy dress for me ,,she said Rocco will
    love it so much so here I am dressed like with
    this beautiful dress .
    It's a very simple dress and I love it so am sure
    Rocco will love it too,.
    I grabbed my purse and looked at myself in the
    mirror one more time satisfied with my look I
    sighed and walked out of my room Rocco stood
    at the foot of the stairs, he's dressed so casual,
    wearing a royal blue shirt in which the two first
    buttons are open ,,he wore a black jean looking
    so hot ,maybe I should have dressed casual too
    but am sure we both make a good match
    thinking about that I giggled.
    "Wow...your looking intoxicated my baby girl"
    Rocco said .
    I blushed I didn't realize I had already reached
    him untill he took my hand and kissed the back .
    "You look so handsome in this
    should have told me you won't be dressing so
    "Unique" Rocco interrupted.
    "Funny " I laughed .
    "C'mon baby let's go " he held my waist and we
    both walked out .
    "Here is the key sir" Steve gave Rocco the key .
    Steve was smiling so much as he looked at us
    both .
    "Thanks Steve " Rocco said and went to open
    the passenger door for me I slide in and soon he
    was inside as he pulled the car on the drive way
    I stare at him from time to time,, he also kept
    glancing at me ,I blush and looked out the
    window soon I felt his hand on mine I looked and
    our eyes met .
    "We are here Baby girl" he said .
    I looked around admiring the beauty of the
    We got down from the car and he placed his
    hand on my waist.
    "Isn't this a restaurant? I asked .
    "Umm...yeah " I replied.
    "It looks empty " I said suddenly looking scared
    Rocco laughed and I glared at him.
    "Don't be scared baby girl just follow my lead "
    Rocco grab my hand and we both walked
    in....inside of it was serene and flashy,yh its a
    restaurant ..the lights kept glowing like that of a
    club light .
    "Welcome sir ... please this way " a guy said,,, i
    think he should be the waiter but I thought no
    one was here what's going on .
    Rocco smiled at me as we both walked into
    another room and there I see a table for two
    with candle light glowing on the table , different
    colors of it ,this is so romantic I can't believe
    my eyes it's so beautiful.
    "Wow...this looks breathtaking"I said looking at
    Rocco he was looking at me smiling.
    "Please my lady let's have a sit "he gestured
    with his hand and I Chuckled then we both
    walked over there he pulled out a chair for me
    and I sat he did the same ,my eyes couldn't stop
    roaming round the table .all plates are

    Chapter 40

    Amora's POV
    "Please my lady let's have a sit "he gestured
    with his hand and I Chuckled then we both
    walked over there he pulled out a chair for me
    and I sat he did the same ,my eyes couldn't stop
    roaming round the table .all plates are covered.
    "Rocco I never knew your this romantic" I
    teased,, he frowned at me and I laughed .
    "Am glad you like it baby girl" he said .
    "Let's eat okay...I really can't wait anymore, you
    told mom Alupita not to give me anything to eat
    " I said and he chuckled.
    "Yeah cause I know you will eat alot here " he
    winked me I laughed and opened my plate ..
    Soon I and Rocco are drinking and eating he told
    me some
    funny jokes and I laughed most of them were
    about his childhood which were so funny how he
    normally beat up kids if they bully him and lots
    well as for me I really didn't have anything to
    tell him although i told him about i and suzy in
    high school and how boys always wanted me and
    if I say no they tend to hate me I also told him
    about my prom night when Jerry wanted to kiss
    me and I slapped him and walk away Rocco
    laughed so hard at that part ,and said something
    that almost made me choke on my drink.
    "That's not funny " I hit his shoulders playfully
    and he caught my hand and kissed it,, I blush .
    "I really love to see you blush my baby girl" he
    said and I laughed.
    For some reason each time Rocco calls me *
    baby girl * I tend to remember someone i mean I
    know I haven't shared this feeling with anyone
    not even suzy but only one person gave me that
    nick name and when Rocco had called me that I
    told him not to never call me again but his so
    stubborn and he continued, but now it feels so
    right and sweet to hear him call me then but I
    never stop thinking about that little boy,, he was
    the first who gave me that nickname baby girl.
    "Did you hear me ? Rocco asked .
    "Huh? I questioned,most have missed what he
    said .
    "What were you thinking about ? He asked .
    I wouldn't tell him am thinking about a little boy
    I met 17 years ago whom I don't even know if
    he exist again .
    "Sorry ...I was just thinking about all this
    beautiful dinner stuff do you mind telling me " I
    changed the topic.
    Rocco smiled at me and pulled his chair close to
    mine so he will seat right in my front .
    "Are you okay ? I asked he had a worried face
    which i dont find comfortable,,what was he
    thinking about ?
    "Umm...yeah....listen Amor ...I want you to
    listen to everything I have to say okay " he said
    and I nodded ..our eyes on each other he took
    my hands in his
    "Your the most beautiful woman have ever seen
    in my entire life ,...that very first day I saw you
    at the restaurant I fell for you ,...I wanted you
    to myself and one way I got sam to follow me
    the next day but so bad you didn't arrive on time
    .....that day those guys wanted you I really felt
    upset ...and then the night your stepmother
    chased you out was the night I realize how much
    I've falling for you ,I know that during those
    times you and I weren't really good but I wanted
    you to stay with me so I made everything
    possible to have you with me ,...."
    "I know you love me ...and your not happy that I
    didn't tell you back ,well it came as a shock to
    me ,...when I realized that I can't keep leaving in
    my past I knew I was into you but just don't
    want to believe it,my family made me realize
    your so special to me and I know I had to do
    something before it's too late ,that day you saw
    me talking on the phone and you got furious....I
    won't blame you for it cause I know it will also
    hurt me if I over heard such as well , ...I was
    talking with my sister Emma that day regarding
    something that's why I had to excuse
    "Baby .. .I know you still doubt that am being
    distance from you but you will know everything
    soon and don't you dare think am cheating on
    you cause there's no woman who can make me
    feel this emotions the way you do ,..." He kissed
    my hand .
    "I've realized your the only one thing I need in
    my life amor ...and I just want you to
    know...that I've been inlove with you even
    before you " he said and my heart skipped a
    I looked at him with wide eyes ,he loves me
    Rocco loves me ....but what does he mean by
    loving me before we met ,am totally confused
    there .
    "Amor ...I love you so much mean a whole
    lot to me and I wont be able to stand it if I loss
    you " I place my finger on his lips and shook my
    head I smiled at him.
    " so happy I finally get to hear you
    say this to me ,you don't know how happy
    you've made me today ....I was so scared
    thinking i was the only one who had does
    feelings for you ,but i realized how much i love
    you when I heard you talking on your phone...I
    could swear I lost it thinking you were just using
    me ..." I said and he chuckled.
    "But I trust and believe you that you wouldn't
    hurt me ,I love you so much Rocco much
    that I can't stand living without you " i
    whispered and he smiled at me .
    "So now we both know how we feel towards
    each other ....and am happy you feel the same
    ..I love you so much amor " he said .
    "I love you too Rocco " I said .
    He stood up
    "May I have this dance my lady ? He asked
    "Sure my gentle man " I said and placed my hand
    on his and soon his hands were on my waist as
    we danced into the music.
     Rocco's POV
    I selected this song because after all this year's
    she's still the one I've come to love ...and I love
    it that she was my missing half ,but I've
    arranged everything she will find out the truth
    Tomorrow,but let me enjoy this moment with
    her cause this song talkes about my feelings
    towards her.
    "I love you " I whispered.
    "I love you too "she whispered.
    And I took her lips in a heartwarming kiss ,those
    lips I can never get tired of .....
    Yeah so finally...Rocco has confessed.
    What happens nexxt..We shall see tomorrow
    Have a blissful evening//Good Night

    Chapter 41

    Amora's POV
    I must say last-night was indeed the best night
    of my life ,Rocco finally confessed his feelings
    for me,,
    YEAH am dressed because Rocco said he
    wants me to accompany him to his family
    mansion coz of some big surprise i don't have d
    slightest idea of ,but am eager to find out cause
    ROCCO'S surprises are the best just like last-
    Taking my purse I head outside my room ,Rocco
    is talking on the phone ,I smiled and hugged him
    from behind .
    He turned and glared at me then he cut the call
    and stare up nd down at my dressing.
    " look splendid baby girl " he grabbed
    me to his chest by my waist,,making me blush
    as he took my face in his Pam and crushed his
    lips to mine I kissed him back with equality,he
    nippled on my lower lip and he kisses me hard
    ,then I remembered we are supposed to be
    going somewhere I pushed him gently .
    "What's wrong ? He asked .
    "Don't you think we are supposed to be on the
    way now naughty bwoy ? .
    He chuckled.
    "I just wanted to feel Ur lips naa that's all" he
    said pulling towards me again .
    "No Rocco we have to start going, you don't
    want to keep your family waiting do u? I asked .
    "Hmmm it's seems someone is eager for the
    surprise" he teased me and I blush.
    " Roccoo " I said pouting .
    "Just one more kiss ....just quick " he said .
    I shook my head .
    "C'mon Just one please ...Just a little" he asked
    How can I resist this man he suddenly acts like a
    baby before I could reply he already crushed his
    lips to my mine again ,I moaned into his mouth
    as we kissed each other passionately, I pulled
    away .
    " said a little" I said trying to calm
    my breath .
    He smirked.
    "Sorry my love ...can we go now ? He asked .
    "Of course" I eyed him and he chuckled.
    This is the second time am going to see his
    family,i hope it turns out good ,we settled in his
    car and he drove off.
    We soon arrived,,everyone seemed so excited
    seeing me around as we all exchanged hugs and
    After then Emma kept me busy with her gists.. I
    must say I enjoy ROCCOs family ,I feel like all my
    problem is gone but soon I was surprised when
    we went to the dinning and my sister and mother
    were there .
    "What's going on here ..mother Tonia " I called
    as they smiled at me .
    "Am sorry I didn't tell you about this Amora I
    wanted them to be here for dinner " Rocco
    answers .
    I smiled am so happy at least ROCCOs family has
    met with my mother and sister .
    "Thank you so much Rocco " I said .
    "It's nothing baby " he replied and kisses my
    fore head, I blushed nervously cause everyone
    was smiling at us .
    Soon we were settled for dinner when.all of a
    sudden jack ,suzy and Sam arrived .
    A happy but confused look gripped my
    face,,thinking of the sudden Reunion of everyone
    dear to me....
    "Sorry we are late for dinner seems today
    is a special gathering" sam said and everyone
    laughed .
    "Rocco what's really going on ? I aksed him.
    "You will find out soon baby " he replied.
    "Hello Amor" suzy hugged me .
    Soon we were all eating but my mind wasn't at
    rest ,Rocco said he had a surprise for me but
    what could it be ?am so eager to know..
    We chatted and laughed and finally we were done
    with dinner but it seems Rocco isn't planning on
    us going yet same to the others,we went into
    the living room I sat beside Rocco .
    "Am so glad you came to see us again Amora son told told us how you've stolen his
    heart " Claudia Rocco's mom said and everyone
    laughed .
    " glad my son found a perfect match
    this time around when are we getting the
    good news ? His father asked and I looked at
    Rocco .
    "Daaad...." He said and everyone laughed am
    sure my cheeks are red now .
    Then my eyes caught something, there was
    something in the breathing became
    tense ,what is this doing here ,I got up as
    everyone started looking at me wondering what I
    was staring at .
    I screamed and closed my eyes Rocco rush to
    hold me everyone got up .
    "Amora are you okay ? Rocco asked .
    "'s this doing here ?....what's
    that picture doing? I said trembling.
    Right on the wall is my mother's pictures,well
    my mother had lost her parents already and
    according to the story I heard she has no
    siblings so why is this picture in Rocco's family
    house something seems fishy here
    "Rocco...see that picture....why is it here ? I
    "My dear don't need to be scared..that's
    Katherina's photo " mom Claudia said .
    Katherina??isn't that Rocco's aunty and shes
    even right here but how can it be she's not the
    face in the photo that's my mom's face in the
    photo,i looked at them confused.
    "No....she's not the one ....this...this...
    picture...the the picture is my mother
    " I said and everyone looked shocked at me .
    "Yes...this is aunty Jessica" suzy siad ..." This is
    Amoras mother " she said well I've showed her
    my mom's picture severally so she knows.
    "Your....Mo...ther? Katherina asked .
    "Yes ..." I quickly went to get the picture
    "This is her this is her picture.....this is my
    mom's photos Jessica stons " I said her name .
    "Katherina...." Claudia called .
    "Your ..A...Amora ? Katherina asked shocked but
    why is she shocked.
    How could she lie she's the one in the photo
    when she's totally a Different person.
    " I am ..." I replied.
    She gently walked towards me and looking at me
    from head to toe ,as if she's seeing a ghost .
    "Am...the one in the ... picture....." She said
    "What's really going on here ? Rocco's dad
    asked .
    "Dear ....shes the one in the photo" mom
    Claudia said.
    Wait a minute if Katherina is the one in the
    photo then how does she look like my mom in
    the photo but looks different in the outside ?
    This is confusing.
    "Your can't ... my mom is
    already dead " i answered...
    She shook her head .
    "No...she's not dead " Katherina said Making my
    eyes too wide.....what did she mean by that .
    "I don't understand? I was confused .
    "Am Jessica stons " Katherina said and my eyes
    widen..." Am your mother "
    Oh my god ....this is a dream ,I didn't know what
    happened to me as all I see is darkness...but
    before I could faint someone held me from
    behind.......... Amora's mom is Katerina?
    SHES alive ?
    Complicated Abi ?
    Will Amora believe it or she will not ?
    Find out In the next chapter.

    Chapter 42

     Rocco's POV
    @The Hospital Scene >>
    I stood there looking at my baby girl as he
    father took her away ,it pains me to see her in
    so much tears.
    "Rocco "I turned to see my mom looking at me .
    "What's wrong ,why are you so quiet?....and
    who's ribbon are you holding? She asked me ...I
    looked at the ribbon in my hand and back at my
    mom .
    "It's a friend of mine I just saw,umm....she gave
    it to me " I replied.
    "But why ...your not even a girl ...this is for girls
    " mom said .
    "'s just an exchange not like am
    gonna wear it " I replied.
    "Hmmm...but you don't look bright at all ,what
    happen ? I have to tell my mom.
    "She told me her mom had an accident and she's
    in this hospital ....she said the doctor told her
    dad her mom might not wake up again ,mom
    she's really hurt and shes just a little girl of 4
    years ."I replied.
    Mom stare at me quietly.
    "Rocco....where are they now? She asked .
    "Her dad took her away " I replied.
    "Mom let's try to see her mom... Please " .
    "But how do we do that Rocco ....she did say
    the doctor told the father the mom was dead"
    mom said .
    I shook my head,my baby's mom can't die I
    made her a promise.
    "Mom please...for just this ones " I pleaded.
    Mom took a deep breath and nodded I smiled .
    "Let's ask the doctor" she said and as we
    headed straight to the doctor's office,,,
    "Mr Vince " mom called ,[Mom knows the doctor
    his actually our family doctor]
    "Mrs marlz I thought you left ? He asked .
    "Umm...yes ...I need your help ... there's a
    woman who was rushed in here today ...she had
    a ghastly accident I suppose??.Mom asked
    "Yes....we are even looking for the husband....we
    thought the woman was dead but just now the
    heart monitor started pimping " he said .
    Mom and I looked at each other .
    "That means she's alive ? Mum asked .
    "Yes" he replied smiling.
    "Can we see her ? Mom asked .
    "Sure " he replied.
    We followed him to the emergency ward and
    there lay a woman ,who's face was burnt ,,same
    occurred to her body she was brutally bruised.
    "Oh my God ! Moms gasped.
    "It was really a fatal ghastly accident....we will
    have to conduct a plastic surgery for the problem now is ...the husband has
    left and his not either picking the number" Mr
    Vince answered.
    "This is horrible......umm...Rocco do you know
    her house ? Mom asked .
    " only met her at the supermarket
    the other time and here today ," I replied.
    "So you don't know her dad? Mom asked .
    "I really didn't see his face properly but I can
    remember baby girls face " I said .
    Mom squeezed her brows in confusion.
    "Rocco ...who is baby girl ...? Mom asked .
    "It's the girl " i said
    "Is that her name ? Mr Vince asked .
    "No....I just call her that a nick name " I
    Oh gosh I would have even asked her name
    ,atleast we could have traced her with that..
    "Mr Vince.... please go on with the surgery "
    mom said .
    "Are you sure ? He asked.
    "I want to help her ...for the mean time I will be
    searching for the husband" mom replied.
    Am so happy mom is really kind .
    After that day I and mom visited the hospital
    frequently ,they did the surgery for her and we
    weren't even sure if it was her face before ,and
    the worse part was she didn't remember
    "What's your name ? Mom asked .
    She stared at us for a while and didn't answer .
    "Umm...don't you remember your name ? Mom
    aksed .
    "Katherina " she whispered.
    Mom and I looked at each other .
    "That's your name ? Mom asked.
    "I don't not sure " she replied.
    Mom looked at me Vince .
    "Mrs marlz...I don't think she will be able to
    remember things quickly...since she has amnesia will take a while for her to remember" Mr
    Vince said .
    "Thank you so much doctor...incase her husband
    comes around could call me ...we would
    like to take her with us for now " mom said .
    Mom is really kind am so happy she will take
    aunt Katherina with us ...that's if the name is
    really hers .
    "No problem Mrs marlz... besides you paid for
    the surgery " he said and mom smiled and ruffle
    my hair.
    "Thanks so much mom least if I see baby
    girl again I will be able to tell her her mom is
    alive " I said .
    "Yes son ...we should go now " she said .
    And since that day aunt Katherina started
    staying with ,and am always around her since
    shes always fond of me alot ,,I even look at her
    as my second mom ....
    We couldn't do investigation for the whereabout
    of baby girls father .it's a year later aunt
    suddenly started remembering,she said she had
    a daughter asked for her daughter's
    name but she said she couldn't remember a
    Some years later aunt Katherina visited her old
    house cause she said she does remember the
    place ,, so when we got there we were told the
    person living there had already evacuated ,aunt
    Katherina gave up totally,she said she doesn't
    remember her last name as a married woman
    neither does she remember her husband and
    daughters name...
    On a particular day she said she had a dream
    where a man called her Jessica..,but the face in
    the dream wasn't her current face ,and she
    couldn't see the man's face clearly ,it was really
    complicated cause we have no idea of where to
    understand her story from... later on she
    concluded says her name is Jessica due to the
    frequent reoccurring of the name in her
    dreams..but we still called her Katherina cause
    we were used to it .
    Then the day I bought Amora to see my
    family,aunt was staring at her and I observed it
    she said she likes Amora alot and she reminds
    her of someone she knows but wasn't sure.
    She said the name sounded familiar,i was
    confused too as after Amora told me the story
    of her mother that night I made some
    investigation and called up Desmond and that
    was when I got those documents and pictures
    from him and exactly the date I never saw Amora
    again was the same date written in it that she
    was at the hospital and lost her mom at that
    period but never showed up .
    Then after I searched her stuff and found that
    picture,i recognize it that instant that it was
    AMORA STONS who is aunt Katherina daughter
    Hope U Feeling D Suspense

    Chapter 43

    Amora's POV
    I just can't believe everything I just heard ,Rocco
    was the little boy i met 17 years ago
    And my mom was alive ,Rocco kept his promise
    to me ,am still shocked beyond words,i didn't
    want to believe it before but aunt Katherina
    whom now is my mom told me she remembered
    everything about my child hood .
    I couldn't stop crying, my eyes are so red, I hide
    myself away from everyone,i couldn't
    eat,everyone try to talk to me ,but I was still
    confused to the fact mom was alive and all this
    while I thought she was dead, I should be happy
    and jumping up right ?
    But I couldn't, but I knew it wasn't moms fault,
    she lost her memory that's why ,and she also
    had a plastic surgery
    After my lonely moment of thinking, I discovered
    i should be happy mom is alive, at least my mom
    is still alive ,after locking myself up from
    everyone for a week I decided it's time i believe
    mom is really alive .
    Am so happy,i can't even express how I feel
    now that my mom is alive all this years and I
    thought she was dead ...
    I feel so happy and i love Rocco more for giving
    me such happiness.
    It's been a week since I found out the
    truth and to be sincere my family are the best
    now my mom got along with my stepmother and
    daughter, and they became close when I locked
    myself away from them ,but mom still stays with
    Rocco's family I still stay with Rocco and Rocco
    bought a new house for my stepmother and sis
    am so happy my life is turning out for the best
    ,but I really wish dad was here .
    But I still don't know the reason why dad
    abandoned mom at the hospital even up till date
    no one knows,
    "Do you think I should change my face back to
    before? Mom asked .
    Everyone stare at her .
    "No ....your Fine like this don't need look beautiful with the new face I told
    her smiling at her and held her hand .
    "You know Amora ...I really miss you alot
    took me so long to remember everything, and
    am so sad that my husband is dead 2years now ,
    I must really say it hurts " she cried
    Suddenly tears started pulling out I stood up and
    we both hugged as everyone watch us .
    "Mom...I really miss you life was really
    broken without you ....I cry everyday thinking
    you were for ever gone so grateful that
    you didn't leave me love you " we
    both cried .
    Our cry filled the whole room,when we pulled
    away mom wiped my tears with her thumb.
    "I miss you so much my princess...I just wish
    that accident never took place" she whispered.
    "Hah ...I think it's good the accident took place
    if not I wouldn't had met Amora again " Rocco
    said and everyone laughed .
    "Thank you so much pumpkin your like a son to
    me the very day I saw you at the hospital" mom
    said .
    "Of course...I made a promise to Amora ...I only
    kept it ' he said and we all smiled .
    Rocco stood up and came to me . Everyone was
    watching us .
    "Amora ... there's something I want to tell you "
    he said taking my hand .
    "Yes? I asked
    Rocco gently went down on one knee...oh my
    God what's going on I stare at him .
    "Amora ...right from the day I set my eyes on
    you at the supermarket....I fell endlessly Inlove
    with you ....I don't think there's anything
    holding me back from doing this ...but I want to
    spend the rest of my life with you ....will you do
    me the honor ......" He pulled out a small golden
    box and opened it ,it's a ring a very beautiful
    ring ...."marry me amor " he said .
    I stare with wide eyes my hand flewed to my
    mouth ,Rocco asked me to marry me .
    Everyone was watching waiting for my response
    as uncontrollable tears pulled down my eyes .
    "Yes....." I whispered..."yes i will marry you " I
    said and he smiled he was relieved he place the
    ring on my ring finger and got up everyone was
    already clapping as i hugged him so tight .
    Everything is working out well my mom is back
    ,my stepmother and stepsister with my mom are
    good , Rocco's family loves me alot and now am
    engaged to Rocco ...
    Am the happiest woman alive this moment .
    Dad I wish you were here to see me engaged and
    marrying the man I love .
    I miss you dad
    Tears filled my eyes as the memories of my dad
    filled my mind .
    At least mom is going to be by my side as I
    marry ....

    Chapter 44 (Final)

    Amora's POV
    This is it, the day I've been waiting for,,thinking
    about my rough unsteady past so far ending in
    joy nd happiness gives me
    getting married to the love of my life .
    Right now Rocco's dad is walking me down
    the assail ,and there stood the one and only man
    whom I will forever love ,no feelings in this word
    add together could ever make me this happy d
    way Rocco has.
    His standing there watching my every
    step....connected with my heart beat ,how I wish
    dad was here to see this day, am so happy.
    His little girl is about to be married,..OMG it
    feels like a fairytale... the joy I feel right now is mom whom I thought was
    dead was right here .
    She came and hugged me tight as tears spill
    from my eyes ,am happy, and Rocco is the
    reason,he kept his promise ,and here I am today
    Happy ,I can't explain how I feel .
    My hand was finally handed to Rocco as I stood
    Infront of him ,he looks so handsome on his
    Armani suit ,how could a man be this cute
    ,..he never gets old in my eyes,,I keep falling for
    him all the time ,we smiled at each other .
    The priest began the prayer and exchange of
    rings, and when it came to the i do part " we
    already said it , before the priest could say
    kiss...we already started kissing and everyone
    laughed and cheered ,I was so happy .
    Today is indeed the best day of my life .
    I am so happy.
    After the reception area after dancing and
    been given gifts I and Rocco went for our
    honeymoon in Atlanta.
    My honey moon night was indeed great ,and
    something happened,when Rocco and I were
    about to do the deed am sure he found out I
    was a virgin but said nothing ,i woke up later to
    find him staring at me like am a ghost who fell
    from heaven .
    "Rocco ...ummm....why are you staring at me like that? I asked .
    He was quite.
    "Rocco your making me uncomfortable" I said
    and he started to chuckle.
    I hid my naked self under the bed covers.
    "Baby ...I just discovered your a ...ummm...
    Virgin" he said and my cheek turned red .
    "Yeah" I whispered.
    He suddenly hugged me .
    "You know am indeed a lucky man " he said and I
    blush .
    "C'mon...let's make babies " he said .
    My eyes widen.
    "No Rocco ....I need to get out of bed ...we've
    been doing this for about 5 times last-night..."I
    said .
    "C'mon baby " he started kissing my
    shoulders.,my neck and I moan.
    "I just want you all the time ,it's our honeymoon
    let's enjoy it " he said pulling the blanket from
    me making me naked again .
    "Your so Beautiful...I can't get enough of you my
    love " I blushed.
    "Lets make 5 of us " he whispered.
    And my eyes pulled out .
    I was cut off as his lips met mine .
    Oh gosh this man will be the death of me .
    And with that he took me into Claude 9.
    OTHER ....


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