Story: The First Day I Toast A Girl Season 1


    It was a cool evening and i was drinking with my guy called ojoto,we were discussing about a lot of things and were laughing like mad people in the market square,soon a pretty damsel passed infront of us and i wad lost in her hot,beautiful and sexy body to the extent i started moping at her like a morron.i was tempted to talk to her but i knew not how to approach her . Ojoto notice my mood…
    OJOTO: hey igwe! Igwe!Are u okay?
    ME: *i regain myself immediately*
    OJOTO: na dat babe wey pass us now,na im make u forget your self so?
    ME: my guy i don dey fall for her but i no get liver to talk to her oooo.s--t!my guy help me now..
    OJOTO: what do u want me to do?
    ME: code her for me nah.
    OJOTO: again! Guy i no fit do am.u don mature enough to toast babe dis ur age,u no sabi how to toast babe….shame on u!
    ME: u be my padi naw abeg,do am for me.
    OJOTO: wetin i go do na to call am for u but i no go toast her for u oooo!
    ME: guy u wan disgrace me? U knw say i never try am before. as u say so,no problem,call am for me naw*ojoto mind started beating like MTN transformer.i wz lost in thought abt wat to tell her.the quantity of sweat that was gushing out of my body could be used to make tea…my blood became very hot dat minute and my body began to vibrate*wat will i do if dis girl finally land here?hw will i convince her?hw wil i go abt it*my brain wz just shaking as if they were frying pop-corn on my head*gush! God plz help me ooooo.


    I became restless, i thought of how i would toast the babe.10mins later,ojoto came back but he was not with the spirit calmed down,i thought he was unable to convince the girl to come.
    ME: *in a low tone*where is she?
    OJOTO: igwe be a man,you are matured enough to stand boldly and woe any girl of your choice,guy cheer up,she will soon be here **i started feeling cold again.i was just shivering like a fowl that has convulsion. My mind started beating again. Ojoto notice my mood and how i was sweating like a christmas fowl** igwe no fall ur hand ooo. Na woman she be,she no fit harm u. See as u dey sweat like christmas goat,igwe high bp go do u oo. Just be bold and look into her eye straight,eyeball to eyeball and talk sense into her. If u feel shy in her presence,she will regard u as a kid and will not listen to anytin dat will out of ur mouth. wetin matter for wey girl dey na boldness and oratic. So cheer up and behave like a guy.
    ME: *i was relieved a little* wat is stil holding her naw…my guy u don ginger my swagger.
    OJOTO: i knw but no fall my hand ooo.
    ME: trust me and see how i will code her like a professional woman fisher **we continued with our drinks,as we were gisting and laughing,i looked back and i sight her coming from our back. The kind of bell wey ring for my head na those bell wey dem dey ring for church. I started feeling headache immediately. After some minutes,she finally landed to our table and sat down beside me**
    OJOTO: babe welcome **she responded witout smiling**
    ME: *my God this girl no dey laugh ooo,wahala dey today. God help, Ojoto left immediately leaving the girl and i alone.


    I look at the girl in a shy manna and she noticed my mood.
    ME: hi,are u living around here because u look so****i lost my memory immediately to differentiate between familiar and family****family.
    GIRL: ****she looked at if to say what! But she couldnt alter any word to me****
    ME: ****i recollected myself immediately****hey babe sorry.i mean familiar.
    GIRL: yes i do.have we meet before?
    ME: is like i have seen you somewhere but not in this vecinity.
    GIRL: where?
    ME: ****where will i tell her now? God please help me**** never mind baby.
    GIRL: why am i here?
    ME: ****wahala don dey.what will i say?ojoto God will punish you for punishing me in this way.u can’t even help ur guy to code this babe.i started stammering****i……i……i want to…
    GIRL: have u finally turn to stammerer. Can’t u talk again?
    ME: i want to tell u something..
    GIRL: my ears are all open.
    ME: ****my mind started beating faster.i dnt know what to say at that time.i wz just muzzled****
    GIRL: am listening.
    ME: i just want to tell you that you are beautiful.
    GIRL: thats not new to me…i hear that millions times in a day.
    ME: ****i was little relieve since she condole my stupidity****what is your name pretty?
    GIRL: is this how to do introduction with a lady you meet for the first time? You don’t even tell me your name before asking for mine. You didn’t offer me anything to drink or eat. Your conversation what just boring to me. Gush! Am pissed off. Can’t you say something more romantic instead of this your boring speech.****i was ashame to look at her.blood started flowing fast in my vein.gush i have disgrace myself before her****well if u must knw,am mabel by name. What is your own name?
    ME: ****feeling ashamed of myself**** alrite my name is igwe but my friends called me ‘akpos’. MABEL: akpos!
    ME: yes. MABEL: waoh! Funny are you living around here?
    ME: no.i just come over with my friend to drink. MABEL: alrite.
    ME: ****my spirit calmed down****can we be friends? MABEL: we are friends already.i am in a haste.i shuld be on my way now.see u later****she left and i was muzzled.i wz just looking at her when ojoto enter where i am and burst out laughing.


    Ojoto waz laughing at me until all the people in that bar started starring at us. They might be thinking that ojoto is mad because of the way he was laughing at me continuosly.
    ME: guy wetin dey do you? Why you dey laugh like someone wey deyy posses*******ojoto pause his laughing******which one be your own now?
    OJOTO: guy which kind embarassement be this one? You don collect her number?
    ME: for where?******ojoto started laughing again******guy stop am ,u no see how people dey look at us as if we are embarrasement ontop embarrasement wey i get from that babe ooo*******he continue laughing and i stood up and left the bar.i went to my house and i started refleting on what happened between me and mabel,how i embarrased myself***** where can i fine that girl again? I didnt ask her for her mobile number.what kind human being am i self*******i slept off till i woke up by 8: phone started ringing and i checked it and it waz an unknown number.i didnt pick it because am always afraid of unknown started ringing the second time,i borrowed courage to pick it******
    ME: hello UNKNOWN CALLER: hello igwe.*******it waz a female voice*******how are you and how waz your night?
    ME: so sweet.please,who am i speaking with? UNKNOWN CALLER: so you don’t recognise my voice?
    ME: ******i don’t have girl friend that i will assume she was the one calling me*****please remind me.i can’t recognise your voice. UNKNOWN CALLER:  never mind how is your friend ojoto?
    ME: *****i was amazed,how com she knows my friend***please i wouldn’t further our discussion until you tell me who you are******silent*******do you hear what i said? UNKNOWN CALLER: so sorry dear i can’t tell you who am i now.maybe it will be a story for another day ok.i just want to say hello to you and know how you are fairing ok. Have a nice day*******she hang up the call******.i started refleting on whom the caller is.after 10mins of stand still thinking,i rushed to the kitchen to prepare something to eat before going to i was preparing food my phone started ringing again.******my heart beat a little******could that be the same number that called me******i checked my phone and it was ojoto.i pickup******
    ME: hello mad man.
    OJOTO: *****he laugh a little and pause*****where you dey?
    ME: guy i dey house oooo.
    OJOTO: you dey house by this time? I be like say u want miss your lecture today.look at your time and tell******i checked and it was 9: 00am****
    ME: guy i dey come****hang up***i rushed to the bathroom and took my bath sharperly and as i was dressing up,my phone started ringing…….guess who was dat…..


    I manage to pick the call because am in a haste to school.
    Me: hello caller: hello igwe,how are you?
    Me: am fine.please who am i speaking with? caller: am ogechi******i remember immediately.ogechi was a girl i acomodated in my house for some days,i also helped her to fine accomodation before she moved over.we share things in common,we are like brothers and sister.she was so beautiful,average in height and her b****t are ok.i didnt feel any thing like sex for her because i havent bleep since i was born.********
    Me: how are you ogech?
    Ogechi: am ok and you?
    Me: am good. You don forget me now.i asked your friend chinyere and she said that she didnt know your whereabout.i asked her about your number and she said that your number isnt reacheable. What happen?
    Ogechi: my dear,i lost my phone and i lost my mum also i have to step back and mother our house for sometime.but i got admission last year in delta state.
    Me:  so sorry for the lost.
    Ogechi: no problem.
    Me: how did you got my number?
    Ogechi: i saved some of my important numbers in my e- mail before i lost my phone,and your number is included.
    Me: ohk…….
    Ogechi: so how is school and your friend ojoto?
    Me: so good dear.
    Ogechi: i just say,lemme call to know how you are doing.
    Me: you did well dear.i miss you so much.
    Ogechi: i miss you too.hope i will visit you someday.
    Me: it will be my pleasure dear.
    Ogechi: tank you for everything you did for me then.i so much appreciate.
    Me: you are like a sister to me,
    Ogechi: thank you so much.
    Me: dont mention……….dear
    Ogechi: bye…….
    Me: alrite********hung up******i look at my watch,the time is 9: 25am****gush!am almost late because i have 9: 30 lecture.i won my cloth and dash out immediately***i went inside the lecture hall and settle down….. after lecture i meet ojoto and we started going home…….
    Ojoto: guy wetin dey do you sef?why you come late for todays lecture.i be like say you bleep for night?
    Me: guy you know me knw say i no fit do that kind thin
    Ojoto: who knws wether you dont change over night.
    Me: me ke?
    Ojoto: you no knw say na only change wey dey constant.
    Me: guy we go go my house now,i prepare somthin for morning and i go yarn you tory today…….we went straight to my house.we settle down in my house and i served food for both of us.i narrated everything to him…..
    Ojoto: you mean ogechi called you?
    Me: yes s??he did…
    Ojoto: this is your time to bleep her since you overlook her before.
    Me: what do you mean?


    Ojoto: you are asking me,what do i mean?.guy no be you dey fine girl friend?no be you tell me say you wan bleep? Dat you are tire of been a virgn..
    Me: i told you now but not anyhow know say,i take ogechi as my sister.i no fit bleep her now.
    Ojoto: oya stay there now.i just say make i help you code am you just dey dey do like person wey drink be you tell me say you love her?
    Me: the love wey i get for her na agape.
    Ojoto: agape love for dis our generation? E be like say malaria don dey affect ur brain.
    Me: guy forget dat thing.she ask about you now.she even tld me say she go visit me soon.
    Ojoto: when!
    Me: e never talk the day wey she go come*******incoming call in my phone*******
    Ojoto: who be dat?**********i checked my phone and its an unknown number*********
    Me: na unknown number oooo.e be like say na dat number wey call me for morning.
    Ojoto: pick am now,if na im,ginger her and know who she is do like say you dey fear.
    Me: ohk…**********i picked it the call****
    Me: hello……… who is dis? Unknown caller: hi are you doing.
    Me: am doing ok.please who am i talking with? Unknown caller: i called you in the morning…..
    Me: did you explain yoursef?unknown caller: no i didnt.alrite,am mabel the one you meet at the bar the other day*****i was shocked and amazed******hello.
    Me: hi,waoh!how do you get my number?mabel: your friend ojoto gave me dat day.
    Me: waoh!******i looked at ojoto******
    Ojoto: guy wetin be dat now?i dey fear this your eyes ooo.
    Me: babe how are you doing? Mabel: am ohk…..i want to visit you tommorow evening,i dont know if you will be around……..
    Me: *********i was suprised and i started starmmering because tention was too much on me*********ye……….ye……..yes. Mabel: alrite.i will be there ok.
    Me: you dont even ask me for my address,how will you locate my place.mabel: your friend have told me everything ohk…..
    Me: alrite……i will be expecting you ooo….mabel: no problem****hang up*****i droped my phone.i was a bit confuse.
    Ojoto: enyia,wetin dey happen now?why you come frown your face like dis.********i didnt alter any word******
    Ojoto: but guy dis your face fit pursue to me now.wetin happen? Who be the caller….
    Me: guy na mabel oo…
    Ojoto: mabel?
    Me: yes.
    Ojoto: thats good.wetin she talk?
    Me: she said she go visit me tommorow evening..
    Ojoto: what!…….guy na she go be your first mercy forram.
    Me: what do you mean? ….
    Ojoto: you be mumu?when a girl want to visit a guy,wetin dey im mind?
    Me: i no still get wetin you dey talk.


    Ojoto: are you a kid?
    Me: what kind of insult be dat one now?
    Ojoto: i no dey insult you.let me explain.she wan com make you bleep am thats all.
    Me: bleep am?
    Ojoto: yes now.guy just carry am dey grease body.
    Me: no wahala.if na wetin she need i go givam but ojoto problem dey oooo.
    Ojoto: wetin be the problem?
    Me: i hear sayy,if you bleep girl and if she no dey satisfy she no come back to you again.i wan have her as my girl friend.i no wan loose her ooo.
    Ojoto: you dey talk about girlfriend for dis it sexmate.
    Me: whatever.please tutor me on how to handle babes in bed because i know say you dey good in bedmatic.
    Ojoto: God punish you.
    Me: same to you.abg teach me joor.
    Ojoto: ohk……na you go make the first move.romance her wella before bleeping.make sure she moan in different tones.if her moan is high,then you will knw dat you don dey get her.when you want to bleep,let it be atleast 15mins become you c***m because if you c***m early she wouldnt enjoy it and dont ever allow her to win you.if you win am she go respect you wella.
    Me: you be bad boi.tuale for you pass me for dat one………we gist about so many things before he looked at his watch.
    Ojoto: i will be on my way…..come and see me off…..i stood up from the chair and won my singlet and we take off.we went outside ur gate and i told him i want to go back since am with only singlet ontop.he said no problem,we shake hands and i went back to my house.i started thinking on how tommorow will be.i sanitise my room small and apply air freshener that i bought since one month,but i hide it since room com fine small and get a good odour too.i recline on my bed and i slept off.i woke up by 8: 30am in that saturday.i did my morning works and exercises.i took my breakfast i was just praying so that evening will come fast.i descided to rest and i sleep off and wake up by 4: 30pm…i had a knock in my door


    I jerked up immediately and sat down on my bed.i was thinking.who could that be,knocking on at my it mable that told me that she will visit me today?may be she decided to come without calling me since ojoto gave her my i was asking myself a question and still answer it,the knock came again..i decided to open and know who is there.i opened the door and it was ogechi..i was amazed because i wasn’t expecting her.she is more beautiful than the time i accomodated her in my house..
    Me: **********i stood at my door with my mouth wide open in an amased manner*******she wave at me,i got myself again.
    Me: waooooooooooooooooooooooh!ogechi anyam furu gi are you?
    Ogechi: am fine igwe.look at you ooo,you don fat full everywhere.
    Me: hahaha. So you are coming and you didnt even call me.
    Ogechi: i just want to pay you a suprise that why you are shocked when you saw me?
    Me: i was amazed my how was your journey?
    Ogechi: so good.we gist about so many things.after 30mins of discussing with her.i was over happy that i forgot that am expecting phone range and it is ojoto calling me.i picked it.
    Me: guy wetin dey happen?
    Ojoto: where you dey?
    Me: i dey house now.
    Ojoto: did you recieve a call from mabel?
    Me: no*********i remembered immediately that mabel will visit me********ogechi stood up and went to the toilet.
    Me: guy wahala don dey ooo.
    Ojoto: wetin happen?
    Me: ogechi paid me a surprise visit today.she just arrived 30mins ago.
    Ojoto: are you serious?
    Me: guy i mean am ooo.
    Ojoto: how we go do am.mabel has called me more than 10 times this evening telling me that she is at the gate.that she called your number but its switched off.
    Me: yes i has a flat b3.which gate?
    Ojoto: una gate.
    Me: guy do something now.i no wan lose any of them.
    Ojoto: guy you know wetin go happen….i go give am my address make im come my side.then you go come in the nite to my place and see her.
    Me: you sure say that plan go work?
    Ojoto: yes.if you come to my place to meet her in the nite,you will tell her say your sister dey for your house.
    Me: bad boi.that is why am talking about you.thank you so much*********hang up*****i was thinking if the plan will work then ogechi enterd.
    Ogechi: who was that?and why is your face look like this?or are you expecting anyone?
    Me: *******i fake a smile****** noooooo… my friend ojoto.
    Ogechi: ohk..
    Me: lets go to the kitchen and prepare something for dinner.
    Ogechi: no i will prepare it myself.she started going to the kitchen and i was looking at her b****** me and you today. my d*****k jerk immediately.


    I sat down on my bed and was thinking on how to handle this two babes this nite since am not accustomed to girls.i looked at my watch and its 5: 45pm.i decided to call ojoto to know if our plan work.i put my sim card inside ogechi’s touch light phone she droped on the table before going to the kitchen.i called and he picked immediately.
    Me: hello my padi.
    Ojoto: how far naw.
    Me: padi no wahala.our plan work?
    Ojoto: yes our plan work************i was excited*****
    Me: thank God..
    Ojoto: which time wey you go come?
    Me: ogechi is preparing food in the kitchen,once i finish eating i will come over immediately.
    Ojoto: ohk… wahala.make sure sayy you buy facecap for you dickson.
    Me: whats that?
    Ojoto: you be mumu?na bleep you dey come to bleep if you no know.
    Me: wetin you mean by facecap for my dickson?
    Ojoto: you go fall your hand one day ooo..condom now,you be pickin?no be your mate get family with dey here dey do sure say you even knw how to bleep at all.
    Me: na you knw now..
    Ojoto: should i teach you that one?
    Me: na insult be that one abi na what?..
    Ojoto: i just say lemme ask.guy i dey expect you ooo.
    Me: nsogbu akaro nku********hang up******i started thinking how that nite will be like since i havent had sex with any girl in my entire life…………after like 5mins later.ogechi came with the food and drop it on the table.we started eating,we gist about so many things.when we finish eating,i went to bathroom to bath.after bathing i won my cloth and i told ogechi that i will be back soon,that i want to see my friend.she said no problem that she will be expecting me to be back on time.i said ohk…i dash out to ojoto’s house.i knock at the door.a female voice echoed out.she opened the door and behold she is my sexy mabel.mabel: igwe welcome……
    Me: how are you my dear? Mabel: why did you kept me waiting?
    Me: i had a visitor. Mabel: who is that?
    Me: my sister so i dnt want her to see me with a girl.mabel: are you not matured enough to have girlfriend?gush! Thats nonsense..
    Me: where is ojoto?mabel: he said that he is coming and left**********ojoto get mind oooo,what if this babe na thief nko*********mabel: i miss you alot igwe.ever since then we discussed i invent that you are part of me********i was amazed,a girl i want to toast but i dnt knw how to go about it is now toasting me.ifem n’acho na-uko elu kam furu na uko ala***********i think am inlove with you.
    Me: ********pretending******inlove with me? Mabel: yes.please dnt say no to me.
    Me: i wish……….**** she pound on me and started kissing me*****i was only kissing and touching her bweast because am amature in terms of bedmatics.she was about to unzip my trouser to bring out my dickson..
    Me: wait…..wait… Mabel: what is it babe?
    Me: i hvnt done this before.mabel: co-mon let me teach you.i want you inside me please.are you with cd?
    Me: whats that? Mabel: condom?
    Me: no………..she dipped her hand inside her bag and brought out condom and won me the facecap as ojoto called it.she pulled her cloth off and she did the same to me.i was about to enter her,ogechi’s touch light fone i put my simcard started ringing.

    EPISODE 10

    My phone started ringing continously.i want to pick but mabel held me tight and she was pleading me to finish what i have just started.i ignore the call and continue with mabel…..mabel: please baby enter me,what are you still waiting for.********i inserted my d****ck in her p****sy,she didnt moan.*****na waoh na wetin i go see today be this..this babe go strong for bed die.i started banging her in and out,i wasnt enjoying the sex.soon i started feeling dizzy while i was in her.mabel: babe continue.
    Me: i told you that i havent done this before.mabel: just continue******i continue banging her for like 2mins,i started enjoying the sex.i increase my speed and this time around,she started moaning.********yes i don dey win am.*****i bang her like 2mins more,she held me tight and she used her finger to hook me,and was moaning in a high tempo.i was scarced,i thought she want to tear me into pieces that moment.i don’t know she is about to c***me.after she c***me and i c***me immediately, my d*****ck started painin seems as something went out of my body.mabel noticed my mood and ask. Mabel: what is the problem baby?
    Me: ******i didnt utter any word to her***** mabel: what is bothering you??
    Me: ****frowned my face****nothing. Mabel: your mouth said nothing but your face says something. Tell me please….i removed the condom and wear my cloth and i was touching my d******ck because its paining me badly.mabel: have i offended you by coming to visit you? ****i won my cloth,i opened the door and left ojoto’s house with the i was going,i checked my time and it 9: 30pm.i also checked my missed calls and it was ogechi who was calling me…gush! What will i tell her that made me not to pick her call.which excuse should i give her now?my phone started ringing again and i checked and it was ojoto.i picked the call.
    Ojoto: guy whatsup naw?
    Me: i dey ooo jare.
    Ojoto: you don finish bleeping her.
    Me: na only God go help me punish you deliberatedly left her for your house ?
    Ojoto: yes naw,for una to enjoy una self.i hope say you enjoy am?
    Me: enjoy wetin?God don dey punish me already.
    Ojoto: wetin happen?
    Me: my d*****ck don dey pain me seriously.****ojoto started laughing continously.i hang up****i went straight to the house.i knocked at my door,ogechi opened.
    Ogechi: whats keeping you?i called you but you didnt pick up.whats the matter?
    Me: there is one number that has been disturbing me so i put the phone on silent when yours entered i did know. Am sorry.********she held me tight and started kissing me.

    EPISODE 11

    what! This girls want to destroy me still feeling the pain i encounter with mabel on my d*****ck and this one com come again.God please help me.ogechi was busy kissing me but am not responding*******should i f--k her too?no my d*****ck will break since it is paining me.
    Ogechi: ******ogechi stopped kissing me*****baby what is the problem?
    Me: baby i can’t do what your character is requesting now.
    Ogechi: why?
    Me: *****i held her shoulder with my two hands****ogechi you know,i see you as my sister.seeing you is just like seeing my lets just forget about this now.
    Ogechi:  ***** she looked straight to my eye**** look into my eyes and tell me,you dont love me.
    Me: ogechi i do but you have to understand.
    Ogechi: understand what? Please baby,is because of the love i had for you that made me travel all the way from my town to come and see you. You accomodated me in your house and you didnt disturb me till i moved over to my new lodge,if any guy of this your age and this our generation can do such a thing for a girl that is not his sister,i think he is worthy to be a responsible man…and it is a dream of every girl.
    Me: *****i was speechless*****
    Ogechi: please igwe accept me as your girl friend and i will never share my nakedness with any other guy accept you.or do you have a girl friend?
    Me: i dont have any….
    Ogechi: then why dont you say yes to me.*******she kneel down and started shading tears*****
    Me: please you dont have to kneel down for me.just get up.
    Ogechi: i will be here until you say yes to me.
    Me: ******pretending*****ohk……no problem,i will think about it.get up…
    Ogechi: no,i need an answer now.
    Me: ohk…..i love you problem,i will maintain the love we have********she stood up and hug me.i kissed her,she responded.we kissed for 3mins and she started moaning.i continued, at a point she located my botton to unzip me,i resist her.she tried it the second time i equally resisted.*******we stopped*******
    Ogechi: please baby i want you inside me now.
    Me: baby lets just forget this for now and focus more on our relationship to avoid had i know.******she was shaking as if to say if i didnt bleep her that minute,she will die.
    Ogechi: please baby i cant stand it.lets just taste each other today please.
    Me: *******my d*****ck is still paining me*******should i do it when my d****ck is still paining me.

    EPISODE 12

    what will i do now? God please help me.******
    Ogechi: baby please,grant me this one wish.i wouldn’t disturb you again ********i bring out my d*****ck and it was so hard and still paining me. I inserted it inside her p*****sy,she vibrated like a person been shocked by electric. I started pumping in and out of her.she was just moaning and i started enjoying the sex because of her moan.she was just shouting oooooh! My God.igwe i looooove you.igwe harder.ooooooh….yea!****i was so happy and so much pressure was on me then***** I banged her for 5mins and she held me tight and come and i also come inside her.i separated myself from her and sat on the floor.i was feeling happy because i enjoyed her more than mable*********
    Me: baby i love you so dont know how you make me feel now********smiling*******. Ogech: how do i make you feel?
    Me: you make me feel like a real man*******pretending as if i haven’t done that********* i don’t know that sex is so sweet like this.
    Ogechi: igwe don’t tell me that you are a virgin.
    Me: yes i am.
    Ogechi: waoh! So am the one that took your virginity?
    Me: yes you are.*********she kissed me and i respond immediately***** am so happy today.i think today is my happiest day in life.
    Ogechi: hmmmmmmmmm!.when i was begging you to enter me,you think is for my benefit.
    Me: baaaaaaaad girl!*******she laughed*******baby lets go and take our shawer.******we went to the bathroom we were bathing,i sight her p******sy and had an erection instantly.she looked at my d******ck and held it******
    Ogechi: bad boy…******i laughed and hold her b*****st and we had another round hot sex.we bath and came out like husband and wife. We went to bed and started gisting and laughing till i slept off.i woke up in the morning been sunday by 8: 30am but ogechi is no where to be found. I got up from the bed feeling weak.i searched for her but i couldnt see her.i called her but she didnt answer.i checked her luggage but i couldn’t find her luggage where she kept it*********
    Me: where could she be?****i called her number but she didn’t pick up.i was afraid.soon a strange number started calling me.*****
    Me: who could this be?

    EPISODE 13

    Me: who is calling me with this number?*****i was asking myself this rhetorical question and the call started ringing again,this time around i have to borrow courage and pick the call*******
    Me: hello…… Caller: hello igwe…
    Me: ******female voice*****yes…….who am i speaking with? Caller: *******she didnt utter any word to me****
    Me: who is this?*********she’s still doom*********
    Me: *******i got annoyed***** if you can’t talk,am going to abort this call now. Caller: please igwe is me….
    Me: who are you? Caller:  mabel*****i was doomed***** Mabel: igwe what have i done to you?to the extend you abandoned me in your friend’s house.
    Me: what is your problem? Mabel: i love you igwe…..i think of you day and night.since that first day i meet you,after our discussion that day and i left, it seems as i forgot part of me.
    Me: hmmmm……. Mabel: please you have to know how i feel about you baby.*******i was doomed because thats not what am bothered that time she call me.i was thinking on how to locate ogechi*****. Mabel: please don’t say no to me.
    Me: you know what? Mabel: what?
    Me: i will call you a little bit busy now. Mabel:  please just say yes to me.dnt hang up please.
    Me:  i will call you later ok. Mabel: as you say so,no me with my number not this number i used now to call you ok.
    Me: no problem…..******hang up*****:  
    Me: what is happening to me? What happened to ogechi? Or could she be a ghost i had sex with yesterday nite. God please help me.*****i decided to call ojoto to updated him on matter on ground.i call but he didnt pick up.i tried the second time and he pick up immediately*****.
    Ojoto: di ogechi,how far now…..
    Me: guy forget that thing.
    Ojoto: how is she? Me;guy wahala dey.
    Ojoto: she don get belle?
    Me: belle ke?no ooo.
    Ojoto:  then wetin happen now.
    Me: we slept together for nite and when i woke up this morning,she is no where to be found.i searched for her but i can’t see her.
    Ojoto: what about her luggages?
    Me: i can’t see it where she kept it yesterday.
    Ojoto: you don call am for phone?
    Me: her number dey switched off.
    Ojoto:  this is serious. Guy you sure say no be ghost******i was scared immediately ojoto mentioned ghost because my mind told me that before.********
    Ojoto: guy you f--k am?
    Me:  yes now….
    Ojoto: guy we have to contact her friend ogechi since she is in this school to confirm weda she come her house.
    Me: thats a good idea.i dey come ur house now make we go.
    Ojoto: no wahala.i dey wait for you*******hang up***** i ran to my wardrobe and pick up my cloth and won..i even forgot that,that day was sunday.i dashed out immediately.

    EPISODE 14

    I went straight to ojoto’s house.i knocked at his door….
    Ojoto: who is there?
    Me: guy na me ooo!
    Ojoto: you wey be who?
    Me: *******i shouted at him****** guy com open this your nonsense door ****** ojoto opened his door*****.
    Ojoto:  guy na you?
    Me: no…no be me na my grandpa.see as you dey ask me jamb questions.
    Ojoto: guy i suppose ask you now….na my house wey this place be…*****i moved inside his room******……
    Ojoto: so you mean what you told me?
    Me: i meanam… how we go,go now.
    Ojoto: i hope say you hole her number?
    Me: who?
    Ojoto: chinyere now,ogechi’s friend.
    Me: noooo…i no gettam but i know her house.lets go and check her there.
    Ojoto: try her number again..
    Me: *****i bring out my phone and dial her number but its still switched off*******
    Me: guy e dey off.*******ojoto worn his cloth and we dash out. We enter okada and we were droped at chinyere’s lodge. We entered and i saw one beautiful girl,she is about to go to church*******
    Me: excuse me please…..
    Girl: yes?******i started feeling shy and motionless,ojoto chiped in********
    Ojoto: please,we are looking for one chinyere by name.
    Girl: yes,how will i help you?
    Ojoto: please we are here to see her.
    Me: please help us.
    Girl: who are both of you to her?
    Ojoto: we are her cousin***i looked at ojoto****
    Girl: she went to church******i looked at my watch,and the time is 9: 00am******. I guess she will soon be back because she went to 7: 00am mass.
    Me: alrite,thank you so much.
    Girl: ohk…..i will be on my way going to church.
    Me: alrite****i looked at her b****ms and i had an erection immediately.i bend down to cover my d****ck… she left********** .
    Ojoto: ****ojoto noticed me*****.
    Ojoto: wetin be that?
    Me:  be what?
    Ojoto: wetin be that thing wey you dey hide in between your legs?
    Me: e concern you?why you com dey drink paracetamol for another person headache?
    Ojoto: you better control that thing******pointing at my d*****ck****or elso it will put you for trouble.
    Me: i don hear..*****as ojoto was making jest of me,chinyere entered their compound.she walked straight to where we are and we exchange pleasantries***** chinyere: this one both of you came to my house today,i hope am safe?
    Me:  no problem. Chinyere: lets go inside my room******she was moving as we are following her in the back.i looked at her b****ck and it attracted me,i removed my eyes and i start thinking about world war inorder not to have an erection,how people were kill and how hunger kill some.we went inside her room and she offer us a sit and we sat down****** chinyere: what will i offer both of you?
    Ojoto: we are ok.******i explain how ogechi came to my house yesterday and she was no where to be found in the morning to chinyere. Tears roll from her eye….i was shocked.

    EPISODE 15

    Me:  chinyere what is the problem?*****chinyere was still crying*****
    Ojoto: please chinyere tell us what the problem is….we are not kid for crying out loud.
    Me:  tell us what the problem is,i beg of you*****chinyere wiped her tears and look straight to my eye.i was a bit shy****** Chinyere: look into my eyes and tell me what you see….
    Me: i see disappointment . Chinyere:  she is……..****starmmering****
    Me: tell me chinyere,what the problem is.. Chinyere: she is dead. Ojoto and
    Me:  what! Chinyere: yes she died in motor accident three days ago******* i started shivering..i started feeling headache at that point in time*****
    Me: please if it is a joke stop it… can you tell me that she is dead? Does it mean that i slept with a ghost yesterday nite?******ojoto was doomed..i started crying like a baby continuosly.ojoto hold me and started consoling me*****
    Ojoto: if you want to be a man,this is the time.chill and wipe your tears and act as a man..she might do what she did for a reason.just calm down and everything will be ok.if she want to harm you,she could have done that earlier.calm down and hold your heart…***** i was a bit relieve and i wiped my tears***** chinyere: i was amazed when you told me that she came to your house and slept. So my dear lets take heart and endure the loss.she is my good friend since our secondary school.may her soul rest in peace….***** i murmured amen****
    Ojoto: chinyere thank you so much for your explanation.we are thankful to you. Chinyere: alrite******i was still thinking about what happened between ogechi and i last nite.ojoto taped my shoulder.i got myself*****
    Ojoto: igwe we have to be on our way.chinyere we have to go now. Chinyere: ohk…….farewell.*****we went to ojoto’s house.i was cold like an interior dog nose.i looked at my time and its 2: 30pm.ojoto went and prepare noodles for both of us but i refuse to eat*****
    Ojoto: guy eat ooo.if you starve your self die nko? Eat and have strength to mourn her.the did has been done,so cheer up and move on.
    Me: i am scared…
    Ojoto: scared about what?
    Me:  how can a human being have s-x with a ghost in this our 21st century?
    Ojoto: this is an end time.anythin can eat and have strength and let the died bury themselves.*****i ate with ojoto****soon i saw ogechi standing….
    Me: what! please dont kill me.

    EPISODE 16

    Me: please don’t kill me. If i have wronged you in one way or the other,please fine a place in your heart to forgive me*****she was standing and smilling at me*****
    Ogechi: igwe cheer strong and be a man. Am not here to harm you,if i want to,i would have done that.******i was muted****igwe i think you are nice. I love you igwe including here i am.
    Me: ****i was scared*****
    Ogechi: cool down and let me tell you why am here******i was a bit relieved but am still scared*****igwe,i came to your house to show appreciation for your kindness to me when i was in listen carefully because my time will soon expire and you will not see me******my eyes were opened widely and my ears also.********
    Ogechi: when i came here i am,i was disturbed by your love, i was bothered that am still owing you my body so i have to come and pay which i did. The day i came to your house to pay my dues,i knew that you equally had s-x with another girl in your friends house but i ignored because i have a mission..*****i started shivering and sweat is also flowing on my body at the same time…..i was muted******
    Ogechi: i toasted you and you agreed,and you had s-x with me,thats a covenant i made with you. So you have to maintain it or…………*****she shut her mouth*****
    Me:  ogechi please,what do you want from me?
    Ogechi: good question…we will still be dating .
    Me: *****i was can a human being date a ghost?****** what! How will that be possible since we are not in the same world?
    Ogechi: i will be coming to visit you any time..starting from today,i dont want you around girls anymore.
    Me: what!…………
    Ogechi: my time has exhausted…….
    Me: but please………*******she disappear and i started running and i woke up and was breathing heavily.i looked around and i found out that am in ojoto’s house*********what is the meaning of this dream now?***i was still suprise and ojoto enter where i am****
    Ojoto: guy why you come dey like this naw?****i was muted***wetin be that?
    Me: ogechi appeared in my dream.
    Ojoto: what! ****he was surprised**** wetin she talk say be her headache? *****i explained everything that happened between ogechi and i in the dream*******
    Ojoto: ******he was scared as i**** how can a human being date a ghost. Thats unbelieveable to me.
    Me: same to me ooo.
    Ojoto: she tell you say make you no near babe again?
    Me: na wetin she talk.why do she want to destroy my life in this way. What sin have i committed that warrant this punishment.
    Ojoto: igwe cheer up. We must sort things out ok.
    Me: sort what? Remember it involves ghost…how can you tackle a ghost? Can a human being battle with a ghost?
    Ojoto:  just cool down****i look at my time and its 6: 30pm.
    Me: i wan go my house now.
    Ojoto: your house?
    Me: yes….
    Ojoto: you say so,no problem.********i stood up and started going to my house****
    The End

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