Story: The First Day I Toast A Girl Season 2

    Episode 1

    As i was going back to my house,i was meditating about what happened between ogechi and i in the dream…. What will i do?i am hopeless and helpless in this ugly situation,as i was trekking and asking myself a rhetorical questions and i was carried away,immediately i recieved a thunder slap from my back…i was shocked and stood still there,and the slap came again,then i looked back and saw a hug guy standing at my back,and also vehicles that lined up in my back….
    Me: ****scary**** what have i done to you? Why are you slapping me? Hug guy: what are you thinking about?we have been here blowing horn for you to get yourself out of our way but you kept dumb ear….get out of the road before i jam you there…
    Me:  bros is it why you slapped me?*****he moves to hit me and i defend it and ran as much as my legs can carry me…i reached home after like 20mins trekking.i opened my door and saw ogechi’s bag where she kept it that day that she visited me.i was amazed and marvelled..
    Me: what am i seeing? Is my eyes decieving me or what?*****i clean my eyes with my hands: i borrowed courage and went straight to where that bag is kept and opened it and searched it thoroughly but found nothing inside… I lied down on my bed and continue my meditation concerning ogechi and i…i think on how i get to know her,how we started,how we share thing incommon then..tears rolled from my eyes. My phone started ringing and when i checked it,it was mabel coming,i ignored the came the second time,,,,,i ignored it again… came the third time,i picked it.****
    Me: hello.
    Mabel: hello igwe….how are you doing?
    Me: am fine and you?
    Mabel: am good….what happened? Why do you ignore my call?
    Me: *****i lied****my phone was on silent so i didnt notice it on time.
    Mabel: what have i done to you igwe? Why do you hate me in this way…. I gave you my body and my soul why do you deliberately turn it down..igwe i love you starting from that day you called me..
    Me: hmmmm…… What do you want from me mabel?
    Mabel: please can you come over tommorrow to that place we meet first day?
    Me: to do what?
    Mabel: when you come first.
    Me: ohk… no problem,i will be there tommorrow after lecture ok.
    Mabel: ohk…i will be expecting you dear,,,love you???
    Me: ****frowned**** me too.****hang up***…
    Me:  what did she want from me.she took my virginity and still want to useless my life. God help me……******i dropped my phone on the bed….i saw ogechi standing infront of me*****
    Me: ogechi please don’t kil me.

    Episode 2

    Please don’t kill me.if i wronged you in any where ,find a place in your heart and forgive me. Ogechi: *****frowned*****igwe have you forget what i told you?
    Me: ****starmering**** no….. yes…. no…. Ogechi: stop wasting my time and answer my question. Have you forgot the covenant i made with you before now?
    Me: ****scared***please lets forget about it… and i are no more in the same world. Ogechi: shhhhhh*****she came closer and sat beside me****i was awestruck****igwe make love to me.
    Me: ******i was so gloomed and speechless and she reclined on my bed and unclad herself****** i said come and f--k meeeee!!!
    Me: ****** seeing her unclad body,i wasn’t sexually attracted to her.i was just seeing her as my follow guy****. Ogechi: come and satisfy my sexual urge.
    Me: *****i was hushed at that time…what will i do can i have s-x with a ghost..i haven’t heard such in this my eternal life…she was just starring at me*****. Ogechi: what are you thinking?
    Me: *****awestrucked**** no…no….nothing. Ogechi: unclad yourself and quench my hunger now or……….****** that word ”or” that, i heard pressured me to unclad immediately.after i unclad my self and i recline beside her in my bed,she held me tight and perk my forehead.i just lied on the bed hopelessly and i didnt even have errection, that’s the worse of it all..lets me see how i will have s-x with her without errection.she held my p******k in a more romantic between my leg was as cold as ice block. She started care-ressing me,so that i will have an errection but all her efforts were in vein.******* Ogechi:  in between your legs are cold why?
    Me: *****pretend,but still scared**** what do you mean? Ogechi: you don’t have errection why?
    Me: i have told you that we are not in the same world anymore….. Ogechi: common forget about that trash….
    Me: *****i jerked up from the bed and borrowed courage and look into her eye,eye ball to eye ball without minding whether she is a ghost or not****** ogechi,what have i done to you?why do you deliberately want to ruin my life after all i have done for you….can’t you let me move on with my life? Have i wronged you by accomodating you in my house? You are no more,i mourned for you..*****she also jerked up from the bed and turn her face to another side***** what do you want from me?what do you want me to do for you inorder for you to keep away for me? Ogechi: *****in a more romatic voice*** igwe, i love you. I was smittened to you because of your gentility and kindness…please don’t push me away if i came to you. The love i have for you keep on disturbing and hurting me as well.just feel free when ever i come around,i wouldnt harm you.through this,i will have rest of mind please,just love me the way i do****my p****k kick up immediately and i held her bossoms.i heard a knock on my door…………………………. To be continue

    Episode 3

    A knock came on my door.i woke up immediately.i was breathing heavily and uncontrolablely. ”Thank God its just a mere dream” The knock came again on my door.
    Me: ****scared**** who is that?***no response.i looked at my watch,the time is 9: 45pm.i murmured*who could be that at my door by this time of the night?*****the knock came the third time.i was irritated and shouted**** please if you can’t identify yourself,then go back to where you came from,because i can’t open this door until your identity is revail,.******still no response.***** could it be ogechi that finally came physical?she can never come,nothing concern her and i again.we are now in the separate world.she can only come in the dream not physical.****the knock came the forth time,i stoop up and went to the door**** i said who is that? Voice: *****a female voice***** Voice: is me….. Me; you wey be wetin? Voice: open your door first*******i opened my door and it was chinyere,ogechi’s friend.she was looking amazing and sexy*****.
    Me: waoh! Chinyere,how are you?
    Chinyere: ****smiling**** am fine and you?
    Me: am ok…come and sit down****i ushered her in,she sat on the chair and i sat on the bed**** what a suprise visit.i hope am safe this one you came to my house by this time?
    Chinyere: *****laugh***** why are…so whats up.
    Me: i dey do you locate my house?
    Chinyere: have you forgot that i normally came here to visit ogechi then…
    Me: yes i know but it has been long time ago,i thought you have forgotten.
    Chinyere: am i an enfant? I still remember here now.
    Me: alrite.
    Chinyere: please where can i ease myself.****i showned her.she went in****
    Me: *****i was unpertubed***** what do she want? Since ogechi left my house,she haven’t step her foot on my house.she just intrude to my house as if i invite her.**** i look at my watch and its 10: 00pm***** what do she want,by coming to my house at this Godly hour?ok lets see.*****2mins later she came out*****
    Chinyere: i am very hungry you have any food here at all?
    Me: yes,i have noodles in the kitchen.
    Chinyere: will you eat?
    Me: yes i will.
    Chinyere: alrite****she went inside the kitchen and i went to the bathroom to bath,after like 3mins,i came out.she was already done with the cooking. We were eating and talking and she was laughing because am so hilarious.after eating she washed the plate and tidy the kitchen.she took her bath*******
    Chinyere: please igwe,do you have wrapper?
    Me: yes**** i gave her wrapper and pollo to change hers****
    Chinyere: thank you so much.
    Me: you are welcome*****she unclad herself infront of me to wear polo and eyes sight her bossoms and buttock at once.i had an erection instantly.i turned my face that the other side of the bed. .. ”what could be her plan this nite? Lets watch and see.”after she has changed her cloth.she laid on the bed beside me….my p****k was just bulging as if its going to tear my boxer

    Episode 4

    My p****k was hard as i can never imagine.i started imagining myself with her…”should i make the first move or leave her to know her plan this night?”but what does a full freshed lady came to a guys house to do in the night,if not for s-x. God please help me oooo.” i looked at her and she was busy pressing her phone…my bulging p****k was as hot as overboiled water…the hot that is inbetween my two legs can boil a hot water.. Should i go and pour some cool water on my p****k or what?.i was troubled in my heart.i started shaking my body in the bed to know if she can notice me and know my need at that time but all was in vain… Her naked body i saw was just running through my heart..i started thinking about Biafran war as my father told us,how people died,how people ran in the bush without food or water only with salt to avoid kwasioko…i was thinking, how guys like me died in the war front and some of them are virgin…my mind was just going through all this to know if my hard will go down but all my efforts were in vain……i looked at her again and she is still pressing her phone. I step down from the bed with my hard on,i used my left hand to hide my p***k and went inside the bathroom.i took my bath with chilled water inorder for my p****k to go down but all to no avail.i worn my boxer and stood inthere for 3mins and it went down. I came out from the bathroom and went to the bed,on getting there,she has droped her phone and positioned herself to where i will lie down.i taped her..
    Me: please shift a beat… *****she shift.i reclined on the bed*****.
    Chinyere: why are you shaking your body?
    Me: nothing.
    Chinyere: why is your p****k hard?
    Me: *****starmmering****i…. i…. i….
    Chinyere: you wanna f-- k?
    Me: ****my p****k jerk again inside my boxer***** no…… yes…….no.
    Chinyere: shhhhhh……*****she pounds on me.she started kissing me and i was enjoying it.soon,she tackle my p*****k and started handling it,doing the things she knows how to do best.. She was so good in mouth job.she s----d me for 5mins and i c****e in her mouth. She ran to the bathroom and spit it out. She came out and i held her….i started sucking and touching her b----t.i was handling her b----t in an amatured way because i wasn’t good in bedmatics. The whole pressure was on me…..i insert my finger inside her p---y,she moan

    Episode 5

    I started finger bleeping her,she was just moaning loudly.i was even afraid whether our neighbour will know that am bleeping a girl.. Her loud moan was too much and i removed my finger from her p****sy.
    Chinyere:  igwe please more.. Am on fire now.
    Me: **** jokingly**** which fire? Stove fire or hell fire?*****she laughed**** i am tire oo. I can’t continue. Chinyer: ****in a romantic voice***please you can’t abandon me half way. Finish what you have just started****i looked at her,she seems as if i didnt bleep her she will die in that moment.**** please what are you waiting for? Enter me and quench my sexual urge.
    Me: chinyere do you know the implications of what we are about to do now?
    Chinyere:  i don’t care,all i care now is for you to bleep me.
    Me:  am afraid i can’t do it.
    Chinyere:  why are you afraid? Are you not a man? Forget about the consequences that will follow it for me,i will handle it.**** i looked at her again****. Do you know that you are punishing me?
    Me: how am i punishing you?
    Chinyere: please enter me and stop punishing me this way****she was holding her b----t and moving her body to and fro in the bed.i pounds on her.i started sucking her b----t and she was moaning****
    Chinyere:  please enter me before you change your mind.****i bring out my p****k and insert it inside her p***sy,she vibrated…i started going in and out of her.she was enjoying it,i guess because of her loud moan. Ojoto told me that if am bleeping a girl,if she was moaning loudly then i will know that she is enjoying….. Her moan was encouraging me to bleep her harder and i added more effort.
    Chinyere: igweeee… You will kill me today oo..please harder…
    Me: ***i was still bleeping her hard***if you want to die,no problem.go ahead but don’t die here oooo.****i bleeped her for 5mins and she c***m and i also c***m inside her.i departed from her and went inside the bathroom and took my bath and came out.she was just smiling.
    Me: go and take your bath.
    Chinyere: no i don’t want to..
    Me: why?
    Chinyere: the weather is so cool.
    Me: ****jokingly***then you will sleep on the floor while i sleep on the bed.****she laughed and went inside the bathroom. After 10mins she came out shivering.
    Me: why are you shivering?
    Chinyere: i told you that the weather is cool for me to bath and you forced me.
    Me: lolz….she laid on the bed beside me.
    Chinyere:  who won between you and i?
    Me: i won you ofcourse.
    Chinyere: you lied,i won you****we both laughed…she came closer to me and hold me.i looked at her,our eyes meet****.
    Me: what is it?
    Chinyere: what?
    Me: why are you starring and holding me?
    Chinyere: cool is too much in my body.
    Me: am sorry ok.
    Chinyere: is it what you have to say?
    Me: yes now.
    Chinyere: i want to be warm.enter me.
    Me:  what!

    Episode 6

    Me: what!…are you out of your sense? Enter you again? You can’t be serious*****she held me tight**** leave me alone oooo. Am tired…but chinyere why are you in my house by this time of the night? I don’t remember inviting you to my house. So you tell me why you are here. **** she looked at me with a disappointed eyes****.
    Chinyere:  do you want to throw me out of your house?
    Me: thats not what i ask her… Why are you here?
    Chinyere: ****she stood up from the bed and went straight to where her hand bag is******.
    Me: what do you want to do?****she looked at me and tears roll from her eyes,she pulled off the cloth she was wearing and bring out another cloth and worn**** why are you dressing yourself?
    Chinyere: i don’t know that you are heartless to this point.i came to visit you and the best thing you do is to send me out of your house. No problem….
    Me: i didn’t say so.
    Chinyere:  then what do you mean by your questions to me?
    Me: is it now a crime to ask question?
    Chinyere: how can you ask me such a question. Suit yourself,am off.****she went to the door and hold the handle trying to open it but she couldn’t.i looked at the time and is 11: 30pm.she turned to me and was looking at me and i was thinking where she want to go and sleep this night because her house is far from mine.tears were still rolling out of her eyes and i pity her.*****
    Chinyere:  come and open this door.
    Me: chinyere come back.
    Chinyere: i said come and open this door nooow.*****i stood up from the bed and went close to her****.
    Me: dont’t be offended chinyere.
    Chinyere:  why wouldn’t i? I dont blame you at all,i just blame myself for coming to your house.
    Me: ohk…….am sorry dear. Just forgive me and come back and sleep. Its already late,you can’t go out now.
    Chinyere: i want to this door.
    Me: ****i knee down*** please come back,i dont want anything to happen to you.please just come and sleep.think about area boys…
    Chinyere: i dont care****i was pleading with her till she finally agreed**** i will come back in one condition.
    Me: ****amazed***** condition?
    Chinyere: yes.
    Me:  and what is the condition?
    Chinyere:  you will f***ck me again.
    Me:  i dont think that will be neccesary for now.lets just forget about it.
    Chinyere:  open the door let me go.****she makes to open it*****.
    Me: ohk……no problem.i concur.***she smile and wipe her tears****.
    Chinyere:  thats my baby.****she hug me.we went back.. she striped herself naked.immediately i sight her p***sy,my p***k jerked at once.****
    Chinyere: pull off your cloth.**** i kept dumb ears.she striped me naked and want to suck me,i resist her**** why resisting?
    Me: only sex.
    Chinyere: you have to turn me on before sex.
    Me: thats concern you.***i pound on her and insert my p***k in her p****sy,she moaned small.i started f****cking her.i wasnt enjoying the s-x because she was forcing me,i was f***cking and hissing until i c***m.i went to the bathroom and took my bath and slept off.i woke up by 7: 30am on monday morning and prepare some food so that we will eat when she woke up and i will also attend 8: 30am lectures. After i finished preparing the food…..i went inside the bedroom to call her but i didnt see her

    Episode 7

    I went inside the bedroom to look for her but i didn’t see her.i didnt bother to call her name,i was just roaming about looking for her inside my room.i went to the bathroom and saw her there…she didn’t lock the bathroom door,immediately i sight her buttock because she was backing the door,my p***k resurrected at once,and she turned to me immediately with her full nakedness and my p****k was so hard as if it will tear my boxer,she notice my hard p***k,i tried to cover it but she was busy starring at it…
    Me: here you are… I have been looking for you****she kept dumb ears as if am not talking to her,still looking at my hard p****k**** hey! Am talking to you.
    Chinyere: i hear,so why are you looking for me?
    Me: i have finish preparing breakfast,so do fast lets go and eat together.
    Chinyere: ohk…….****jokingly**hardworking guy..****we laughed****.what are you concealing?
    Me: where? **** she point at my hard p****k**** oh! Is my property. Never mind.**** i tried to go but my p***k was so hoting me inbetween my legs.i entered the bathroom and remove my boxer,she was still looking at it*****.
    Me:  do you like what you are seeing?
    Chinyere:  yes,i love it.
    Me: **** i thought she wouldnt accept**** i wanna enter you now.
    Chinyere:  what are you waiting for? my body and my soul are all yours.*****i held her two b----t and started doing justice to that…i laid her on the floor inside that bathroom.i insert one finger inside her p***sy she moaned. I added two fingers and continue finger bleeping her for 5mins she c***m,immediately she c***m,i insert my p****k inside her p****sy before her body will be calm and she will resist me. I started f****cking her,she was just moaning loudly….
    Chinyere: please igwe harder…..haaaaaaarder!. Please more……….awwwwww….oh! my God,i can’t believe you are so strong like this oooo!….oh!…aaaaah!**** all this am hearing was presurising me to f***ck her more.i think thats my first best s-x i have ever had. I was filled with pressure and strength,i f*****cked her for 10mins before i c***m inside her. After we took our shower together as husband and wife. We dressed together and eat together.
    Me:  do you have lectures today?
    Chinyere: no.
    Me:  ohk..let me escort you home,then from there to school.
    Chinyere: no problem,i will take care of myself. Go well.
    Me:  ohk….****she left and i started going to school,by the time i will get to school premises the time is 9: 00am.i sneak inside the lectures hall because i came late. After lecture,i meet ojoto and i explained everything that happened between chinyere and i yesterday night,he was amazed.
    Ojoto:  how come?
    Me:  guy i no know ooo.
    Ojoto: i think say that girl na born again christian..
    Me: me too.i dey suprise when she show up for my house last night.****as we are going,we saw chinyere standing outside our school gate, waiting for taxi*** no be chinyere be this*****point at her*****.
    Ojoto:  na she be that.
    Me: she tell me say she no get lecture today,how manage she came to school?
    Ojoto:  lets go and meet her…………. To be continue

    Episode 8

    Ojoto: oya lets go.*****we approached her*****.
    Chinyere: hi…. Igwe and ojoto.
    Me: we are cool and you?
    Chinyere: am fine.*****i was looking at her from head to toe*****.i guess you guys are heading home..
    Ojoto: ooo yes… How was your lecture today?
    Chinyere:  good and yours?
    Ojoto:  same dear.***** i was thinking wheather i should ask her questions,why she later came to school,as she told me she don’t have lectures today. On a second thought,i said let me forget about it.she looked at me as am cool like an interior dog noise*****.
    Chinyere:  igwe this one that you are so cool like ice block,i hope all is well?
    Me: there is no problem,am ok.
    Chinyere:  or are you still mourning ogechi? I have told you to forget and endure. I know you love her and i love her too. whereas she is more than a friend to me. It hurts me whenever i wokeup and realise that she is no more.that will show us that death is certain.lets forget about worldly things that can deminish in a twinkle of an eye. Let us also know that after death comes judgement. Where will we be after this life? Hell or heaven? I pray she will be in the bossom of thy Lord,,, Amen …..May her soul rest in peace….. Me and
    Ojoto:  amen oooooo!***** i was still reflecting if this is not chinyere that was beging me to bleep her last night. Maybe she is pretending****.
    Me:  we have to be on our way now.. We saw you and we descided to come and say hi to you..
    Chinyere:  you guys did well.
    Me:  ohk…. See you later***** we started going home..on our way we meet mabel*****. Mable: hi…. Igwe and ojoto..
    Ojoto: we are fine and you?
    Mabel:  am good. So igwe whats up?
    Me:  cool.
    Mabel:  do you still remember our appointment?
    Me:  ooo yes i do.***** i looked at my watch and its 2: 15pm*****. I will be there by 4: 00pm.
    Mabel:  ohk… I will be expecting you dear.
    Me:  no problem****she peack me and left and we continue going home*****.
    Ojoto:  guy wetin dey sup between you and this mabel ooo? Una friendship don dey go deep.
    Me:  guy don mind me jare.
    Ojoto:  this one wey she give you appointment,e be like say she wan make you bleep am.
    Me:  guy i dey hungry,lets go and chop for this mamaput..****we entered in***.
    Me:  madam please give us two plates of rice and two chilled coke..***** the woman present it in our table and we started eating*****.
    Me:  mabel called me that day we went to chinyere’s house to comfirm about ogechi’s whereabout. **** i explained everything mabel and i discuss on phone****. After the call,i just laid down to rest and ogechi appeared to me and ordered me not to go for that appointment or………
    Ojoto:  Jesus christ!… What is her headache. Igwe,am suspecting you.
    Me:  how?
    Ojoto: are you involve in her death?
    Me: **** amazed**** ojoto how can you think of such a thing? Ogechi that i didnt know her location,how can i kill her.
    Ojoto: i said so because a ghost can’t disturb a person that know nothing about the death. Its only disturb when you are responsible.
    Me:  how can you split out such a word from your mouth?i thought you are my friend but……..***** my phone started ringing*****.

    Episode 9

    I bring out my phone and it was mabel calling.i ignored the call and continue eating my food.
    Ojoto: igwe don’t be so sorry ok.
    Me: guy if another person accuse me of such,so you will support him that i did.
    Ojoto:  am so sorry.
    Me:  ohk…no problem.
    Ojoto: but igwe wait ooo,why was chinyere pretending as if she is a born again christian. Gush! Her pretence is too much…
    Me:  guy i still dey confuse now about what happened.
    Ojoto:  you sure say na chinyere wey com your house yesterday night?
    Me:  so i don’t know chinyere again.
    Ojoto: you sure say no be ogechi wey carry her face come your house.***** i started shivering and headache instantly*****.
    Me:  it might be true. Does it mean i slept with a ghost again? I don’t believe that,she might not be the one***** the call came again from mabel,i picked it***** hello mabel..
    Mabel:  igwe why did you ignore my call for the first time?
    Me:  **** i lied**** it was on silent mode.
    Mabel:  are you at home now?
    Me:  any problem?
    Mabel:  i just descided to shift the venue of our appointment in your house.
    Me:  am not at home now,i went somewhere,maybe when i come back i will give you a call.
    Mabel:  are you sure that you will call?
    Me:  sure..
    Mabel:  ohk…. See you then. Love you***** i hang up*****.
    Ojoto:  who be that wey call you for phone?
    Me: na mabel ooo.
    Ojoto: mabel kwa?
    Me:  yes… Why can’t this girls leave me alone,let me be. Gush! ojoto my life is astake. I want to go to chinyere’s house to confirm this. Will you accompany me?
    Ojoto:  yes i will.**** we finished eating and i paid, we left the place to chinyere’s house. We knocked at her door and she opened the it.she was amazed and ushered us in. We entered her house and sat on the chair and she sat opposite me, she worn mini skirt and i was seeing her white pant and my p****k resurrected immediately. I manage to hide it with her chair side pillow*****.
    Chinyere:  i hope am safe because i saw you guys this after….
    Ojoto:  oo yes…
    Me:  i thought you told me that you wouldnt come to school today that you don’t have lectures.
    Chinyere:  **** amazed**** me?
    Me:  yes now.
    Chinyere: igwe are you dreaming or what?
    Me:  didnt you pass the night in my house yesterday?
    Chinyere:  am not the one.
    Me: ****i was suprise**** ojoto you are right. So i slept with a ghost again **** i started shedding tears, chinyere and ojoto started consoling me.
    Chinyere: **** still suprise**** what is it? Please talk to me.**** i was still shedding tears**** please ojoto,you are in the better position to answer me. Please what is going on?***** ojoto told her what happened*** what!…. How can she be tormenting you like this? Did you wronged her by accomodating her in your house? This is getting out of hand. We have to do something about it.
    Me: **** i wiped my tears**** why did she decided to reward me by destroying my life and my future?**** mabel started calling me **** hello mabel…
    Mabel: igwe aren’t you at home yet?
    Me:  yes.
    Mabel:  am at your house waiting for you.
    Me: am not around now,go if i come back i will call you..
    Mabel:  no i have to wait for you till you com back.
    Me:  ohk…i will be back.

    Episode 10

    After the call with mabel,i used my two hands to support my cheek as i was meditating.
    Chinyere:  what could be her reason for doing that? For God’s sake she is dead,let her be with the dead not human being.
    Ojoto:  am amazed for such a thing.
    Me:  we have to be on our way now.
    Chinyere:  no problem. Just be a man and be mindful of people that come around you ok….
    Me:  alright,no problem.
    Chinyere:  just be strong and face her both spiritual and physical,and with God by your side you will conquer. Secondly be prayerful this time around, and abtain from s- x because that prevent our prayers not to be answered ok.
    Me:  ohk….. Thank you so much for the word of encouragement.
    Chinyere:  you are welcome.
    Ojoto:  we really appreciate ok. See you later. **** we left chinyere’s house to my house and on our gate, i saw mabel waiting for me. After ojoto and i exchange pleasantries, he told me he will be going to his house that he is fatigue and he left. I entered inside my room with mabel,we started discussing****.
    Mabel:  so how was your lecture today?
    Me:  so good. So whats up now??
    Mabel:  cool.
    Me:  so why did you summon me?
    Mabel:  igwe can we be close to each other for once? Why are you avoiding me?
    Me:  am not avoiding you.
    Mabel:  then why are you not picking my call fast whenever i call?
    Me:  nothing.
    Mabel: you decided not to?
    Me:  nooooo!**** she looked at me in a romantic way and i was shy****.
    Mabel:  why did you find it so hard to talk to a girl?
    Me:  **** my heart beat a little**** nothing,its just that am unaccustomed to that. I haven’t have intimacy with a girl before,you are the only girl i have had s-x with since i was born. I was angry with you that first day we had s-x because it pains me alot.
    Mabel:  **** she was feeling excited****. Thats why i see you different from other guys. I love you igwe..
    Me:  **** i started falling for her again as it is the first day i saw her**** i love you too. **** she left her sit and sat beside me and peack my cheek.
    Mabel:  am yours from now on.**** she peack me again. I was unpertubed and this the real mabel or ogechi again inform of her****.
    Mabel:  take me inside your bedroom and do what ever you wish. **** i was afraid****

    Episode 11

    Me:  what do you said?
    Mabel:  take me inside your bedroom and do whatever you want to do to me. **** i carried her to my bedroom and lay her on my bed****. Am all yours.
    Me:  are you sure?
    Mabel:  am sure…**** i laid ontop her and we started kissing. We kissed for 5min****.
    Mabel:  unclad me… **** i go down from her and look at her so suprised because i haven’t done that before****.
    Me:  do you mean it?
    Mabel:  yes i do.
    Me:  where will i start?
    Mabel:  hahahah…..funny you. Anywhere jare.please do am no more holding myself.**** i pulled off her pink top,i removed her bra and her b***bs were so firm like a concrete stone.i started sucking her b***bs and she was moaning and moving her body to and fro in the bed.i s---- d her for 3mins and i paused and continue undressing her again. I located her trouser and unzip her and pulled it out… I removed her red pant. Her body was as smooth as a new born baby,i didnt even notice that on the previous day i had s-x with her. I was gradually kissing her from her toe to her mouth****.
    Me:  you can now undress me.**** she stood up from the bed and kiss me. My p****ck was bulging in an uncontrolable speed. I was just praying to God so that it wouldnt burst because it is as strong as zuma rock… She removed my skirt in a more romantic way and i enjoyed it. She removed my trouser.she located my boxer and removed it. She held my p***ck and was playing with it****.
    Me:  do you like it?
    Mabel:  yes i love….it look so attracting. Any girl that sees it can’t resist you at all. Please dress well whenever you want to go out to avoid other girls to see it because i will break somebody’s head that try to……. I don’t want to share it with any other girl biko kwa.. **** we both laugh.She removed my singlet and want to suck me and i resist her****.
    Mabel:  why resisting?
    Me:  i can’t stand the pressure..**** we laid on the bed today unclad facing each other. We are looking at each other eye ball to eye ball****.
    Mabel:  what do you see inside my eyes?
    Me:  i see the image of my face.
    Mabel:  same to me… What does that represent?
    Me:  am in you and you are in me. That means we are one.
    Mabel: is the beginning of my new life with you,i plegde to be humble,honesty and trustworthy to you.
    Me:  and me too. **** we continue with our kissing.i insert my one finger inside her p***sy, she moan.i started finger bleeping.i bleeped her for 5mins,she c***m and i added two fingers and a point i stopped. I departed her legs,i insert my p****k inside her p***sy and about to fire on****. Something happen!

    Episode 12

    As i was about to fire on,a knock came to my door. I looked at the time and its 8: 00pm. I look at mabel and our eyes meet.
    Mabel:  please continue, don’t mind who is on the door. ***** i started going to and fro and i ignored the person that is knocking on the door. The knock came again,i paused.****
    Me:  please let me go and check who is on the door. ***** she approved and i worn only boxer,i hold pillow to cover my hard p****k. When i got to the door and i asked****
    Me:  who is that banging at my door? Do you want to break it **** the knock came again and i was irritated****
    Me:  if you can’t identify yourself,you better go to where you are coming from. **** a voice echoed out****. Voice:  open this door or i will open it for you. **** my hard p****k go down immediately and i was panting. I ran to the bedroom.****.
    Mabel:  who is that?
    Me:  we are gone.
    Mabel:  what is the problem?
    Me:  some guys is after us,they are the ones banging on the door. Wear your cloth. **** as she was wearing her cloth,the guys broke in and entered where we are in the bedroom. I was panting and shedding of the guys step forward and mabel was looking at him in a suprised manner.**** Criminal:  here you are mabel, Miss lover. You are here enjoying yourself.
    Mabel:  please forgive me,is not what you are thinking.**** i was amazed how he got to know mabel.**** Criminal:  what am i thinking?
    Mabel:  please forgive me. First guy:  no tell me,what am i thinking? forgive you for been a cheater,vow breaking and a cheapest girl in the whole universe. Now tell me,what is it that i haven’t done for you? I cloth you,i paid for your house rent and shower you with love. Why did you take the love i have for you for granted? **** mabel was just crying and am totally confuse. The guy turn to me**** Guy:  and you**** he points to me****,i will teach you some lesson that even in your next generation you will still remember it. Now guyz deal with him. **** they started beating me and i was crying for help.*****

    Episode 13

    I opened my eyes and everywhere was so bright. I looked at myself,i was wearing boxer and singlet. I realised that am in the hospital. How do i manage to come here? Who brought me here? Soon one nurse came in and sat on the bed with me. Nurse:  how are you?
    Me:  fine.. how did i got here and what happened to me? Nurse:  a lady brought you here yesterday night, when you are unconcious. **** i recollected what happened between me and those guys that broke into my house****.
    Me:  please where is she now? Nurse:  she went home that yesterday,maybe doctor will be in the better position to answer that. She brought you here and after some hours she left.
    Me:  so you mean you don’t know her name? Nurse:  lets go and consult the door for her identification. **** i manage to come down from the bed because my body was paining me but thank God i didn’t sustain any injury. We went to doctor’s office and knocked,he ordered us to come in. We went in and i sat down and greet him****. Doctor: good morning to you,,,,how are you feeling?
    Me:  healthy sir. Doctor:  alrite… nurse any problem? And why is this patient with you? Nurse: no problem sir..he was the one been admitted yesterday night.. Doctor:  yes i know. Nurse:  he woke up and demanded to know the lady that admitted him here,i told him to meet you for her identification.
    Me:  yes doctor,what is her name? **** doctor bend his neck on his table and was hushed****.please doctor talk to me,who is she? Doctor:  **** he shake his head**** am sorry,i didn’t remember to ask her yesterday. So nurse,non of you know her name? Nurse:  i didn’t sir. And i don’t think any of the staff know her. Doctor:  you know youngman,you were brought here unconcious and we were on a haste to put you in order. So i forgot to ask about her name.
    Me: thats by the way.. what about my bill? Doctor:  she paid for it.
    Me: who? Doctor: the lady that brought you here yesterday.**** i was amazed****
    Me:  how did you collected money from her without written down her name? Doctor:  i didn’t know what came over me yesterday.
    Me:  alrite….thanks to her. So when will i be discharge? Doctor:  hopefully tommorow morning.
    Me:  thank you doctor. Doctor:  you are welcome. **** i left the office to my bed and i was thinking who the lady is. That same nurse came again and told me that she want to inject me but i have to eat something first. I told her that i don’t have any money on me because i was wearing only boxer and singlet. She went out and came in with rice and gave it to me. I thanked her and ate. After she injected and gave me some drugs to take. 20mins later,the nurse came in and told me that a lady want to see me. I told her to bring her in..

    Episode 14

    Nurse went out and i was reflecting who could be that. Soon they entered and the lady was mabel,i threw my face in another direction and frowned because she is the cause of everything that happened last night. She was looking at me and i didn’t ultter any word to her. The nurse left us. Mabel came closer to the bed and sat down,she placed her hand on my back.
    Mabel:  how are you igwe?**** i kept silent****. Common, igwe am talking to you.
    Me:  so you have finally come to know if am dead?
    Mabel:  eeeh! Nooooo. How can you say such a thing?
    Me:  why wouldn’t i say that? So you are into relationship and you didn’t tell me,what if those guyz murdered me??
    Mabel:  God forbid,don’t say that.igwe please am so sorry for the incident. Thank God you didn’t sustain any injury. I know i caused everything that happened last night but please forgive me.
    Me:  who is he to you?
    Mabel:  he is my boyfriend,but i didn’t love him. We have dated for one year and some months now. Actually he was the one catering for me,i know he is a cultist but i can’t resist him because of what he is doing for me. I really need to have someone that i love by my side and God brings you to me.please am sorry,forgive me for not telling you all this on time,i thought if i review it to you and i will loose you so i decided to keep it to myself..
    Me: then why are you here since both of you are still together? And how did you came here because i can remember he took you out yesterday.
    Mabel:  when he took me out,he was arrested by the police that night and they freed me. He had been locked up in jail.
    Me:  thats cool.**** i was a bit relaxed****.
    Mabel:  have you eaten anything since morning?
    Me:  yes.nurse brought food for me.
    Mabel:  thats was so nice of her.
    Me:  thank you for saving my life,accept you that brought me here yesterday where will i have been?
    Mabel:  **** she was amazed****. I wasn’t the one that brought you here.
    Me:  **** suprised**** who brought me here?
    Mabel:  when he was arrested i came back to your house and i couldn’t find you. I searched everywhere but you are nowhere to be found and i left.
    Me:  how did you know that am here? Mabe: in the morning i came back to your house and ask one of your neighbour,he said ”a lady took you away and i know it must be in the hospital that she brought you to.i have checked the other hospital but i didn’t see you so i decided to check here.
    Me:  thank you so much.
    Mabel:  you are welcome my dear. You might be hungry now. Let me go home and bring some food ok.
    Me:  ohk…**** she left the hospital and i was still wondering who the lady that brought me here is****.

    Episode 15

    After a long thought,i slept off. I opened my eyes and saw mabel standing infront of the bed am lying with a polythene bag. I looked at the time and its 1: 05pm….
    Me:  waoh….. Here you are..
    Mabel:  yesssss…. So how are you feeling now?
    Me:  feeling better.
    Mabel:  thank God oooo…
    Me:  so what did you cook for me? **** she opened the polythene bag and bring out food****
    Mabel:  guess what i cook for you..
    Me:  am not good in guessing.
    Mabel:  ok…is yam and egg.
    Me:  waoh! Thank you so much. **** she diped her hand inside that nylon bag and bring out cloth and gave me****. Where did you get this cloth?
    Mabel:  i bought it for you. When you finish eating, have you taken your bath?
    Me:  no..
    Mabel:  you have to take you bath after eating ok and wear this. **** i was happy how mabel was taking care of me. As i was eating,we were gisting and laughing like a mad people in the market place. After eating,i went to that same nurse that was attending to me and ask her where i will bath and she directed me,,,, i went in and bath,after bathing i returned to my bed by then mabel has tidy everywhere****.
    Mabel:  ehmm……..igwe what about your hospital bill,what are we going to do about it?
    Me:  doctor told me that the lady that brought me here yesterday has paid.
    Mabel:  ****amazed**** who is this lady of a thing sef?
    Me:  i don’t know oooo… Am just wondering how the lady got into my room and took me away.
    Mabel:  anyway thanks to her. **** as we are discussing that same nurse entered with some drugs and injestion needle****. Nurse:  please i want to give you injestion and some drugs,i hope you have taken something?
    Mabel:  yes i brought some food for him this afternoon.nurse thank you so much for the food you gave him in the morning… Nurse:  you are welcome. Is he your brother?
    Mabel:  no, he is my bf. Nurse: waoh! So nice of you that shows you truely love him… Keep it up. **** we both laugh… nurse gave me injestion and drugs to take and she left.i did as she told me and i slept off. I woke up by 6: 45pm and mabel is nowhere to be found. Where did she went to now without informing me,,or is she ogechi again with her image? No she can’t be. As i was asking myself rhetorical questions the same nurse entered. Nurse: how are you feeling?
    Me:  good. Nurse:  alrite….i just say lemme check on you.
    Me:  thank you….please do you know when my gf left? Nurse:  not atall.*** i bend my head***. Any problem?
    Me:  no problem. Nurse:  ohk…see you then ***she left, could it be ogechi again? Gush God please help me….

    Episode 16

    I was still wondering where mabel is,i slept off and was awake by that same nurse at about 8pm. Nurse:  here is your evening drug **** she hand it to me**** no injestion this evening.
    Me:  ohk….thanks. Nurse:  you are welcome. **** she took a four step forward to go and she came back****.how is your gf,she haven’t come yet?
    Me:  i don’t even know her whereabout after that afternoon you discussed with her. Nurse:  haven’t you call her number?
    Me: i lost my phone after that incident. Nurse:  so sorry about that. Do you have her number offhead?
    Me:  no….. I don’t. **** as we were discussing mabel showed up and both of us were amazed****
    Mabel:  how are you baby?
    Me:  am fine. Nurse:  we are just talking about you you gone without informing him.
    Mabel:  oooo yes…he was asleep so i descided not to stress him by waking him. I just said lemme go home and prepare his dinner. Nurse:  ohk…. Thats good of you.
    Mabel:  am sorry baby.
    Me:  is ohk…… Nurse:  lemme excuse you guys ok. Eeeeem….. Please make sure you take that drug..
    Me:  no problem…. **** she left,mabel bring out flas and hand it to me****.
    Mabel:  here is your food.
    Me:  thank you so much baby… What will i have done without you?i don’t know you love me to this stage. I love you so so much.
    Mabel:  i love you too baby. **** i planted a kiss on her cheek and she did the same.our eyes meet and i draw her head closer to mine,we engage in long kiss for 7mins and i pause. I located her b***ms and removed her top and strip her bra off.i started doing justice to that….she was just moaning and am scarce because of her loud moan……because it might attract other patient in the other room…..i pause.i unzip her trouser and i told her to lie on the bed which she did. I kissed her from head to her navel and she was just shaking her body.i removed her red pant with my one hand and she was unclad****
    Mabel:  please baby remove your cloth and give it to me. I can’t stand it anymore please.
    Me:  your wish will always be my command dear…… **** i removed my cloth to devour her like hungry lion. I pounds on her and started with fingerbleeping……i remembered how those guys intrude us yesterday night and i decided to f****ck her before it happen again but i also remembered that i don’t have c***dom on me…i pause****.
    Mabel:  baby what is keeping you now….please eat me,arrrrrrrrshh….**** she moan****.
    Me:  baby i don’t have c**dom,do you have any? ****because the first day i f**cked her, she was the one who gave me c***dom****.
    Mabel:  i don’t have baby…please enter me and pour whatever you want to pour inside me……am yours forever…i will bear the consequences if it occur.

    Episode 17

    Me:  what do you say?
    Mabel:  igwe you are wasting time,pour everything inside me, I am clean dear.
    Me:  what about pregnancy baby?
    Mabel:  leave it for me to handle.
    Me:  am not ready to father any child,let me finish my school.
    Mabel:  igwe do you know that you are punishing me,,please enter me and stop all this your story ok.. **** i pounce on her and insert my p***ck inside her p***sy,,,,she gave me a soft moan. I started moving to and fro inside her. I was f***cking her and she was moaning softly… Oooo yeaaaa………. I love it……..i love it baby……please harder…… yea baby **** her soft moaning was moltivating me to f***ck her harder and i was doing exactly that.****oooooooh…………… arrrrrrrrsh………igwe i love you……that is why i want you to be my future husband **** for my mind,future husband ke? I never even dey ready for that. I was f***cking and she was giving me different categories of moltivating ringing tone and i was enjoying it. After like 12mins she c***m ****.
    Me:  baby am c***ming….yes am coming…….ooooo.
    Mabel:  **** she held me so tight***.please pour inside me.. **** i was pouring and she was moaning****. Oooo yea….igwe marry me oooo…thats my baby…..i love you…. **** after the s-x,we went inside the hospital bathroom and took our bath with mabel and ended up with another round of s-x quickie… We came out and i ate my food,we were starring at each other, for my mind, God what have i done to mysef? Have s-x in the hospital,this girl must be a devil for christ sake but i enjoy the s-x shaa,i swear anything like this will never happen again but her body is irresistable. Anyway an erected p***ck has no conscience****.
    Mabel:  baby…..why are you silent?
    Me:  **** i fake a smile****. Nothing…..just that am tired baby.
    Mabel:  i don’t believe that you are strong even in your sick bed…**** she came closer to where i am lying and kiss and held me tight****. I love you baby.
    Me:  i love you too.
    Mabel:  you have made me feel like other girls….thank you so so much baby. *** smiling ***.
    Me:  you are welcome baby. **** we started gisting and laughing till we slept off. We woke up by 7am. After everything doctor discharged me and i went home with mabel. On getting home,my broken door was repaired,i was amazed****
    Me:  how come,i thought this my door were broken that day the incident happened.
    Mabel:  yes it is…i called the carpenter yesterday to repair it,thats what waste my time coming to the hospital on yesterday.
    Me:  thank you so much baby. What will i have done without you. You are truely a God sent to me. Thank you so much….i love you.
    Mabel:  i love you too **** she peack me,my p***ck resurrected but i have to comfort mysef****.
    Me:  please baby lets go in. **** she opened the door with the new key she bought and i was looking at her yansh as we were going inside the house****.

    Episode 18

    We entered inside the house,my room was scartered,my arranged apartment were rearranged…..
    Me:  see how my room were scartered. God must surely punish that your bf and his boys…**** mabel looked at me like ”what is the meaning of that”,but she ignore and i notice her face**** baby sorry ok…i have forgotten that you guys are no more together. Please forgive me for that statement…..
    Mabel:  **** smiled **** is ohk baby. *** i started arranging my room in order and she assisted me that morning. We tidy and arrange everywhere. After that small exercise,i told her to cook something for us to eat because i was very hungry that morning.****.
    Mabel:  what will i cook?
    Me:  is like soup.
    Mabel:  soup?
    Me:  yes now.
    Mabel:  i don’t have strength for that.
    Me:  where did you keep your strength? You better go and restore it back ooo. **** she laugh***.
    Mabel:  you are with my strength,so give it to me.
    Me:  me! How? Where?
    Mabel:  when you are riding on me like an okada man,you no know. But igwe you nearly killed me ooo seriously….
    Me:  **** feeling shy but use laugh to cover up ****.funny you. Please an very hungry now…..what will we eat?
    Mabel:  lets eat noodles. Do you have any?
    Me:  check the cupboard in the kitchen,i think it still remain… **** she went to the kitchen and i went inside the bedroom to rest.. Oboi married man life sweet ooo.. See as i dey here dey rest and she dey for kitchen dey prepare food, walahi i go marry on time.. Very soon she called me that the food is ready. I went to the parlour and we ate. After eating she tidy everywhere and arrange all the utensils we used. She told me that she will be on her way. She said that she might come in the evening if possible… I said ohk….she planted a kiss on my cheek****.
    Mabel:  i love you….
    Me:  love you too dear.
    Mabel:  bye……
    Me:  ohk.. **** she left. I wanted to update ojoto about what happened but no phone. I wanted to visit him but i don’t have strength to go…. As i was thinking and meditating about what happened between mable,her bf and i. Soon i slept off and woke up by a knock on the door. Who could be that? I looked at the time and its 5pm. I stood up from where am lying,went straight and open the door and it was ojoto****.
    Me:  waoh! Guy whats up now…..
    Ojoto:  i dey jare……wetin dey happen.
    Me:  my guy nothing much. How far,you go school?
    Ojoto:  yes…i go but i no see you,i tried your number but e dey switched off. I com dey worried,wetin happen. I decided to come and know wetin happen…
    Me:  my guy na long tory. Na for hospital wey i com back this morning.
    Ojoto:  *** amazed ***. Wetin happen.
    Me:  that day wey we meet mabel when we dey com back from school.
    Ojoto:  yes…that day wey she give you appointment,make you com see am.
    Me:  yes….she later shift the venue to my house. She came for nite,as we dey jolly,na im four guyz broke into my house and guy they for kill me ooo.
    Ojoto:  wetin be their wahala. Wetin dey talk be their headache.
    Me:  one guy from them na mabel’s bf. They bit me wella i com faint open my eye for hospital.
    Ojoto:  no be small tin. So who com carry you go hospital now?
    Me:  guy i still dey confuse,i knw no.
    Ojoto:  you no ask doctor who the person be? **** i explained every thing that doctor told me to him****
    Ojoto:  what!!!.

    Episode 19

    Ojoto:  what!.so you mean doctor no know her.
    Me:  na wetin the doctor talk ooo.
    Ojoto:  wetin later happen to mabel when the guyz dem enter?
    Me:  mabel dey ask im bf for forgiveness,, dey cry.
    Ojoto:  wetin im bf com talk now?
    Me:  im bf com dey talk how im dey take care of her,how im dey feed am,cloth am and other things dem.
    Ojoto:  ee yaa… Girls get mind oo. Upon the guy dey do all this things forram she still dey follow another guy…
    Me:  na girls way now,
    Ojoto:  anywhere she no be the first person wey don do am. You know say,girls dey,dey have three bf…one go dey charter forram and the other na the one wey she love,the third one go be her s-xcapades.
    Me: so wetin you dey talk be say,she get another one apart from me and the other one wey beat me?
    Ojoto:  dey there. Na you she love,fight for her if you love am too.
    Me:  you no wel, so you dey wish me dead. E no go work for you. **** he laugh ****.
    Ojoto:  wetin im bf later do am?
    Me: they beat me now so i faint,i no com know wetin happen….but na later,mabel com tell me say,the guy drag am dey go house,unfortunately police com show and arrest am.
    Ojoto:  better.. So wetin dey talk say the guy do?
    Me:  according to mabel,she said that ekelebe say im be one of the cult boyz. So they com free her.
    Ojoto:  u sure say no be mabel carry you go hospital when they free her?
    Me:  no be she,bcos i ask am.. Na she take care of me in the hospital since yesterday morning. She follow me com my house,na for afternoon wey she go her house.
    Ojoto:  wonders shall never end oo….i dey suspect somebody.
    Me:  who be that?
    Ojoto:  the lady that carried you to the hospital might be ogechi because she dey mysterious.
    Me:  *** amazed *** ogechi!….. How can a ghost do such a thing? Me and she no dey for the same world now. Wetin concern mortal and immortal?
    Ojoto:  ohk…have you ever imagine that she can come to your house and have s-x with you when she died? Can you also imagine she can come with her friend’s face to have s-x with you again? So nothing is imposible in this world now. This is end time,anything can happen.
    Me:  eyia,o dikwa ka eziokwu ka inekwu. She might be the one. Thanks to her if she is the one,but she should leave me alone ooo. **** we continue our discussion. we were gisting and laughing like mad people. Finally he said that he want to go and i see him of and come back to my house and lie down. I continue thinking about what he told me concerning ogechi,how i encounter with ogechi and mabel and became s-x addict which am not accustomed to before. I forced mysef to sleep but sleep didnt show. Finally i slept off and wake up tomorrow morning by 7am. I prepare to school,after in the evening mabel visited to know how am fairing,we were gisting and laughing, she was touching me to arouse my sexual urge ,but i ignore because i have made up my mind not to go near p***sy again since it is the cause of my problem. She tried all she can to turn me on but to no avail but my dickson keep on giving me signals but i ignore. She later said that she want to go that i should see him of. I follow her,on our way i told her that i want to go back****.
    Mabel:  baby,you know you didnt know my house,use this opportunity to know where am living.
    Me:  no… not today baby. I will come on a special day.
    Mabel:  baby if you didnt come now,i will know that you didn’t love me.
    Me:  baby i love you with all my heart.
    Mabel:  then common lets go. *** for my mind,if her bf catch me again kwanu, what will i do? If i follow her now she must lure me into having s-x with her which is against my policy now. What will i do? ***
    Mabel:  baby common lets go…..

    Episode 20

    Me:  baby please let it be next time, you see am so so weak now.
    Mabel:  please naw grant me this favour. Ohk… I have a suprise for you.
    Me:  and what is that?
    Mabel:  it is a suprise….so if you wouldnt follow me to my apartment forget about it.
    Me:  waoh! Then keep it till i visit you **** feeling so disappointed and i notice her ****.
    Mabel:  ohk… Baby forget about me,forget about anything that concerns me. Thank you so much for the disappointment ok. Bye. **** she started going home and i stood still on the road looking at her. Should i follow her or go back to my house? I don’t want to have s-x with her. If i go to her house she must definitely seduce me. Let me be going home self. I started going home that evening. On my way,i saw one beautiful damsel passing by. Waoh! That girl looks so beautiful. Let me try her. Mabel and ogechi were the one that toast me. So let me use this girl to learn how to toast. I called her,she ignored my me. I went close to her and held her hands****.
    Me:  hi baby girl, am talking to you. Girl:  why are you hold my hand? Please free my hand.
    Me:  will you co-operate? Girl:  yes but free my hand first. **** i freed her hand **** Girl:  so what can i do for you?
    Me:  so simple… I like you. Girl:  thank you *** she makes to move,i dragged her back***.
    Me:  am not through with you yet,why do you want to go? Girl:  you are wasting my time. Hit the nail on the head and stop wasting my time.
    Me:  *** thunder don dey fire me already ooo. How will i express what i have on my mind without getting her annoyed? **** Girl:  gush! What am i even standing here with you?
    Me:  eeemm……… So sorry. Do you live around this vecinity? Girl:  is that a question or a discussion? By the way,is that none of your business if i live around here?
    Me:  don’t be name is igwe but also known as akpos.. What is your own name pretty? Girl:  *** she smile *** akpos!
    Me:  yea. Girl:  funny name. Well,my name is clara. So have i answered your question naw?
    Me:  yes but one more….i like you.
    Clara:  thanks. What did you want from me?
    Me:  so many things dear.
    Clara:  like?
    Me:  **** summon college to talk to her **** i want you to be there for me,console me when am crying,know when am sad or glad. So many things baby.
    Clara:  this line of battle you are about to draw,will you finish it?
    Me:  i don’t understand.
    Clara:  *** smiling ***. It only takes a real man to understand.. Ordinary man can never understand it which you are one of them.
    Me:  am still confuse. Please clearify.
    Clara:  what you are seeking for isn’t an easy task so i urge you to stay away from me.
    Me:  please baby… I love with all my hearth. Or are you in a relationship?
    Clara:  no but i can’t accept you.
    Me:  why? Am i not man enough to take care of you or what.
    Clara:  stay away from me,i don’t know you and you don’t know me too.
    Me:  please baby i………
    Clara:  *** cut in *** am warning you for the last time,stay away from me or……..
    Me:  baby please try and understand how i feel about you. Please accept me and lets be one body. **** she makes to move and i block her ****.
    Clara:  i can never warn you again. Go out of my way.

    Episode 21

    I followed her at her back,she turned to me and started looking into my eyes and i summon courage to face her,we both were looking at each other,eye ball to eye ball for some mins. At a point she lay one of her hands on my shoulder. For my mind,oboi i don gettam ***
    Clara: do you know you are embarrasing me this evening? igwe what did you really want from me?
    Me:  just to be my love.please just say yes to me and i will stop disturbing you.
    Clara:  you don’t know me and i don’t know you. You don’t know how i behave,you don’t know anything about me..gush! This is how you guys keep on decieving girls. Once you get inbetween her legs,you go and fine another one.
    Me:  believe me baby,am not like that ok. You called them guys,am not guys.
    Clara:  then what are you?
    Me:  am am different from them.
    Clara:  **** she removed her hand from my shoulder****. I see, do you live around here.
    Me:  yea,the next street.
    Clara:  lets go to your house. **** i was happy when i heard that,we started going to my house,she was asking me questions. We were gisting and laughing as well.when we finally got to my house,i ushered her in. She sat in the parlour and i sat behind her feeling so excited****.
    Me:  baby what can i offer you?
    Clara:  anything.
    Me:  anything?
    Clara: yea.
    Me:  common baby you must have a taste.
    Clara:  anything you give me am okay.
    Me:  ohk.. **** i dashed out and bought hollandia yogurt and ran back fast because i don’t know her,who knows wheather she is a thief or not. When i entered she was watching television.i served her the hollandia yogurt****.
    Me:  please baby manage this.
    Clara:  manage?ah… not manage ooo. Thank you so much.
    Me:  you are welcome. So are you a student?
    Clara:  yea. Here in unizik.
    Me:  waoh! Which department?
    Clara: law.
    Me:  waoh! What level?
    Clara:  200… What about you?
    Me:  mass com. 100 level. **** we continued discussing about school things,when i look at the time and its 8pm. This babe get heart oo,she no know me and she com dey my house till this time. Oboi na better food be this. Anyway sha i go chop am but how will i make the move,i look at her she was still watching movie on Aftrican Movie Channel. Should i kiss or caress her? What if she resist what will i do? Many thoughts were running through my mind****.
    Me:  what do you say about what i told you?
    Clara: i will give you feedback later.
    Me:  baby please,i need it now.
    Clara:  you know what,i didnt trust you guys.
    Me:  baby am not like them.
    Clara:  how sure are you?
    Me:  take my word baby. I can never lie to you.
    Clara:  what about your gf? Will you tell me that you don’t have?
    Me:  *** see gobe ***. I have but she is outside the country. She is not close to me. And i don’t feel love anymore between me and she. So i want to start a new life and a new relationship.
    Clara:  what if she comes back?
    Me:  **** omo see jamb question ***. Forget about her,i will handle that.
    Clara:  how sure are you if you wouldn’t abandon me to her?
    Me:  believe me.
    Clara:  let me give you a trial.
    Me:  thats my baby. **** i look into her eyes and she to mine,eye ball to eye ball.i moved my mouth closer to hers and kiss her she respond. I pounce on her,started by doing justice to her b----t,she was just moaning loudly. As i was romancing her a knock came to my door.***.
    Me:  who is that?
    Voice:  it is me Mabel.
    The End of Season 2

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