Story: The First Day I Toast a Girl Season 3

    Episode 1

    Me: mabel? Voice: yes please open the door. *** clara looked at me. What will i do now? Am finished. She is still banging at the door. ***
    Clara: who is that baby?
    Me: she is my neighbour.
    Clara:what is she looking for by this time of the nite?
    Me: i don’t know. Let me go and find out what her problem is,i will be right back. *** i kissed her and i arranged my self so that mabel will not find out that am with a girl inside ***.
    Clara: please go and come back lets continue.
    Me: ohk. . Baby. *** i went to the door and opened it and moved out and lock it. I dragged mabel to the downstair ***.
    Mabel: what is the meaning of this?
    Me: meaning of what?
    Mabel: why do you drag me here instead of your room?
    Me: i have a visitor and i don’t want him to see you or my days in this school will be over.
    Mabel: who is that?
    Me: my uncle,he is travelling to Benin unfortunately,their vehicle had flat tyre in unizik function (awka along onitsha enugu express way). So he decided to sleep over to my house.
    Mabel: how did he knew where you are leaving?
    Me: he was the one that helped me to secure admittion and accomodation.
    Mabel: ohk….
    Me: but why are you here now? I thought we are through for today?
    Mabel: please i just can’t sleep.
    Me: what is the problem?
    Mabel: i don’t know. I just decided to come over to your house.
    Me: am sorry ok…. you have to go now. Am discussing some issue with him,so we will see tommorow.
    Mabel: i should go just like that?
    Me: what do you want me to do? Ohk…. *** i kissed her ***. Now you come, i love you. . bye
    Me:i love you too baby. . Bye *** she left and i went inside the house and clara was still lying on the bed unclad. ***.
    Me: am sorry baby for that interroption.
    Clara: who was that?
    Me: my neighbour
    Clara: what is she looking for by this time of the night?
    Me: she said that NEPA came here in the afternoon,so we were discussing on how to pay for electricity.
    Clara: only both of you discussed it,what about the rest?
    Me: they are downstairs,mabel is only called to come and summon me. Class: ohk….
    Me: *** i kissed her ***. Baby where are we? Am down emotionally. *** she removed my nicker and boxer and held my p***k,i regain erection instantly. I pounce on her,i started finger bleeping. I s**ck her b****t she was just vibrating her body to and fro in the bed. I continued with my fingerbleeping job,soon i paused and i lied on the bed and she climbed onto of me. We started kissing for 5mins,i pulled her down and located her p****sy again and continue with hand job. I stop and want to insert my p***k inside her p***sy,she stopped me***.
    Me: what is it baby?
    Clara: where is your condom?
    Me: i don’t have baby. . Am clean so lets fire on.
    Clara:am afraid we can’t continue.
    Me: what is the problem baby?

    Episode 2

    Me: what is it baby?
    Clara: i don’t want us to do it raw.
    Me: *** chai see wahala ooo. I looked at the time and its 10:25pm. where can i buy it now? I guess all the shops will be close by now. I looked at her with a disappointed face. ***. Baby i don’t know where i will buy it now,its late. i guess all the shops that are selling it will be close by now.
    Clara: then no sex. .
    Me: baby you don’t have to do that to me now. Please baby nothing will happen ok. Or are you not clean?
    Clara: i am,is just that, i don’t trust you guys. What if you got me pregnant,what will be my fate?
    Me: baby i will be the happiest man on earth. *** my p***ck is still hard ***.
    Clara: you will be the happiest man on earth and then what will happen next?
    Me: i will marry you baby.
    Clara: marry me ke? You know you haven’t finish your school,how would that be possible?
    Me: please baby,forget it. *** all this pledges am making is for me to get in between her legs but she refused***. Do you know that you are punishing me?
    Clara: how can a matured guy like you in this our generation lives without protection. All the girls you have been sleeping with,does it mean you are bleeping them raw?
    Me: baby that will show you that am not a player. That is number one evidence that am not like them.
    Clara: how do you want me to believe you?
    Me: baby i can never lie to you. *** she worn her cloth while my hard p***ck is still notifying me. Chai what kind of witch be this one now? So this girl want to deal with me but it shoudn’t be this way. God oooo!…why did i even approach this witch for the first time? My p***ck was as hot as overboiled water. I stood up and went to the bathroom and took my bath will a chilled water to know if my hard p***ck will go down but to no avail. I lied on the bed with clara and she kicked up a discussing,i wasn’t even responding to that. What am praying for is for my p***ck to go down or let me sleep off***.
    Clara: why are you not responding baby? *** i was muted because i was so angry ***. Baby please is not my fault….
    Me: *** i cut in *** then who? Is like you are hiding something from me. Tell me the truth.
    Clara: am not hiding anything from you. Baby please is for our interest. If you got me pregnant naw,what will then happen to your education and also mine? You see,we will end up been a school dropout. and all our other years in school will be a wastage. We have to be careful inorder not to make a mistake that will hinder us useless.
    Me: but why didn’t you ask me earlier before we start this?
    Clara: i thought you have.
    Me: what will i do now? My p***ck is hard and hot for over 30mins now.
    Clara: can i s***k you for you to release?

    Episode 3

    Me: suck me?
    Clara: yes.
    Me: you must be a play girl. Please forget about it ok. *** soon i slept off and woke up by 7am in the morning but i didnt see her in the bed. Where could she be? Is she ogechi again? I decided to look for her. I searched for her in the kitchen,but i couldn’t find her. I went to the bathroom and i saw her there, she was washing my cloths. I was amazed,a girl i saw yesterday nite, toast her,she agreed, i carry her come house. now she is washing my cloth. I went close to her ***
    Me: baby here you are and i have been looking for you.
    Clara: yes. i decided to do some exercise.
    Me: waoh!am so grateful for this. I love you baby.
    Clara: i love you too. . *** she finished washing my cloth and i prepared something for us to eat. After eating and everything,she said that she don’t know if she will go to lectures today that she is tired. She has 10:00am lecture and i have 9:00am lecture so i left and kept 2k for her t. fare incase if she decided to go. After lecture,i saw ojoto***.
    Me: guy how far naw?
    Ojoto: no wahala.
    Me: guy something happen ooo.
    Ojoto: wetin happen?
    Me: guy mabel came to my house,yesterday evening. So after we gist finish,i com see her off. As i dey come home,i saw one beautiful girl wey dey pass.
    Ojoto: wetin she do?
    Me: i use am learn how to toast a girl.
    Me: guy i later convince am,i carry am go house.
    Ojoto: chai igwe you don dey f***ck like a dog. i respect you. tuale!
    Me: who com tell you say i bleep am?
    Ojoto: how you go carry girl wey no be your sister go house and you no go bleep am.
    Me: guy i wan bleep am but she refuse say i go use condom. And i no get.
    Ojoto: where she dey now?
    Me: maybe she will be in the school now or probably in my house because she said,she was tired. that she might go in the evening. Guy do you know say,this morning wey i woke up,i no see her for bed,com find her for bathroom wey she dey wash my cloth.
    Ojoto: she washed your cloth?
    Me: yes.
    Ojoto: thats strange. Anyway sha just be careful with her ok.
    Me: thanks bro. *** after our discussion,both of us departed to our various houses. On getting home,i saw mabel waiting for me in the downstair ***.
    Me: baby how are you?
    Mabel: am not fine. .
    Me: what is it?
    Mabel: what had been keeping you in school?
    Me: baby am sorry. I didn’t know that you are waiting for me.
    Mabel: how is your uncle,i hope he is gone? *** who knows wheather clara is gone or not ***
    Me: i didnt know baby because i left before him. You know what,you stay here,let me go and check inside.
    Mabel: for christ seek,why are you afraid of him? Are you not matured enough to have girlfriend or what? Common igwe be a man at once. Just be bold and introduce me to him,if he is still around. Infact am going there with you right now*** see wahala ooo. What if clara is still inside my house what will i do***.
    Me: please baby don’t put me for trouble with my family.
    Mabel: am going there with you wheather you like it or not. *** i was pleading with her to stay and let me go and check but she insist going with me. She said that if i didn’t follow her that she will go there and do the introduction by herself. So i have no option than to follow her. As we were going am afraid of what to say if clara is still in my house. God abeg oo***.

    Episode 4

    As we were going inside my room,i was so worried about clara because i don’t know weather she is still inside or not. When we got to the door,i lowered my ears to know if i can hear any sound from inside the house,but there was none. I opened the door and we went inside,mabel sat on the chair in the parlour and i went inside the kitchen and bedroom to search for clara but she was not there. Thank God oooo. My mind got settled,i came back to the parlour to meet mabel. .
    Me: baby what can i offer you?
    Mabel: offer me in my own house, you must be joking. *** she went inside the kitchen,very soon she came back ***. Baby so you cooked soup by yourself. Why didn’t you call me naw instead of stressing yourself to cook?
    Me: *** i was surprised, me cooked soup! When did i cook soup, how come? Maybe it was clara that cooked the soup. I pretended as if am the one that cooked the soup while i knew nothing about the soup ***. Baby i don’t have to bother you naw.
    Mabel: but baby the aroma of the soup is so sweet,i don’t think any guy can cook such a wonderful and delicious soup nowadays. Are you sure you are the one that cooked it?
    Me: baby how can you ask such a question naw? Have you forgotten that we don’t have any female child in our house? Our mother taught us both male and female work in the house. So baby i can bet you in terms of cooking ooo.
    Mabel: *** she laughed and started chasing me and i ran inside the bedroom and she followed me,i finally settled in the bed and she lied ontop of me and was looking into my eyes ***. Baby that is the more reason why i love you so much. *** she kissed me *** i love you baby.
    Me: i love you too. Am so hungry naw. You have to make garri lets eat. *** i directed her where she can find garri and other things and she went inside the kitchen while i was left alone in the room ***. How come that soup is there? It must be clara,but i did’t remember given her money for that. The 2k i left in the table is for her t. fare,did she used it for soup or what? I strongly believe she must come back this evening. I know mabel can never go today because she would have sleep over to my house yesterday but i gave her excuses. Gush! What will i do? What kind of trouble am i pushing myself into? I would have been dating only one girl. chai! onye ekotaghi,ogodo ya ekotara ya. if two of them jam themselves in my house,what will be the outcome of it. God please i know it is a sin but help me. *** soon mabel called me to notify me that the food is ready and i went to the parlour. As we are eating,my mind was not at rest,i was thinking about what to do so that mabel will leave my house before evening…. mabel noticed my mood***.
    Mabel: baby what is it,you are looking so dull and worried,tell me what is the problem?
    Me: *** i faked a smile *** am ok baby.
    Mabel: are you sure?
    Me: yea am sure *** i peacked her and she cheer up *** are you happy naw?
    Mabel: yes. *** we continue eating,after we finished eating,she tidy everywhere and i told her that we have to go out and take some drinks to melt down the food we ate and she agreed. When we got to the bar,something happen. .

    Episode 5

    ***As we entered the shop to buy drink, we sat down,i requested for sprite***
    Me: baby what will you take?
    Mabel: let her give me sprite too. *** i told the woman,very soon she present it to us. We started drinkng and gisting***
    Mabel: baby i need suya.
    Me: where are they selling it,i also need it?
    Mabel: next street. *** i gave her money to go and buy,she left. After like a minute she left,some guys with a gun and mask on their face entered the place. I was so scarced, they told all the people in that place to lift their hands up,we did as they instructed. For my mind, na arm robber ooo. . my own don finish today. Na so i go die eeeh! I was panting . The worse part of it is that i don’t have any money on me accept N200. What if they ask me for money and i present N200 to them,what will be their reaction toward me? God please save me ooo. They introduced themselves as military men. They started asking us our names one after the other. There was two guys standing together,they asked the first guy his name,he said ” am chukwuebuka efueme. They asked the second guy. . He was so scarced that he forgot his name and said”my name is chukwuebuka efueme”’. You know it is only in Nigeria that a military man can clap somebody on friday and he will be smiling,then on sunday as he is preparing to go to church,the pain and cry will come. One of the military men gave him a thunder slap ”GBOZAAA”,it took the guy 5mins to get himself before answering. After asking us questions,they ordered us to hold our neighbour’s cloth and form a straight line. We did as they instructed and they took us to a nearby area, i was thankful to God that it was night,because nobody will recognise me so as to avoid disgrace later. They told us to lie down and we did. They started whipping us as if we were animals. I cried like a child whose mother denied his meal. They whipped us like 1hours before they released us. I don’t know how i got home that night,all i could remember was when the military men drove off. I opened my eyes in the morning. All my body was paining me,am so weak and fatigue. I don’t have phone to contact mabel or clara to come and assist me. But how come,mabel didnt show up again after he left to buy suya or did she notice what was happening and ran away. Who brought me home yesterday night? Is it mabel or what? No it can’t be mabel because if she is the one,she would have slept here. As i was asking myself this rhetorical question,clara entered panting. ***
    Clara: what happen to you igwe? *** i was so weak to talk ***. Please igwe talk to me. . What is the problem? Why are you looking like this? Please talk to me baby.
    Me: *** i regain some strength** please take me to……
    Clara: *** cut in *** take you to where baby?
    Me: hospital. *** she rushed out and came in with a keke driver. They helped me to get downstair before we moved to hospital. clara deposited me in the hospital and doctor applied dripp. After some hours i regain myself again. I told clara where my ATM card is in my house. I told her to go and withdraw N5000 from the bank so that i will pay the doctor for the treatment. I told her my pin and she dashed out. After 30mins,i didn’t see clara,i was waiting patiently. One hour left,clara isn’t around yet. I was so worried,did she witdrow all the money in my account and ran away or what?

    Episode 6

    I was so worried about clara’s whereabout. I called that same nurse that attended to me the other time that i was beaten by mabel ex-boyfriend, she came and was amazed.
    Nurse: hi.
    Me: hello.
    Nurse: what brought you again in our hospital this time around?
    Me: it is a long story. Please i want you to help me. Am finished here i am.
    Nurse: what do you want me to do for you?
    Me: there was a lady that deposited me in this hospital this morning.
    Nurse: a lady again? Do you later find out who the previous lady is?
    Me: no.
    Nurse: hmmmm
    Me: please i want you to help me find this one that deposited me here this morning.
    Nurse: how?
    Me: i want you to go to first bank and check on her.
    Nurse: what did she went there to do?
    Me: i gave her my ATM card to go and withdraw money from bank so that i can be able to pay for my hospital bills. Over 2hours now,i haven’t seen her.
    Nurse: hmmm. Who is she to you?
    Me: she is my gf.
    Nurse: how can you do such a thing? Don’t you know girls of nowadays. she might withdrow it and ran away.
    Me: i just did it beacause i have no option,she was the only person close to me,whereas she was the one that saved my life.
    Nurse: is true but do you think she will still be there by now?
    Me: i don’t think so. Am so confused,i don’t know what to do now. Please nurse help me.
    Nurse: give me her address,let me go to her house.
    Me: i don’t have her address.
    Nurse: but you said she is your gf.
    Me: yes. I started dating her newly,so i haven’t been to her house. Please nurse you have to help me.
    Nurse: what else do you want me to do? Since you don’t know her house,there is no way i can help you find her.
    Me: can you help me get out of here first.
    Nurse: you have to see doctor first and see what he has to say.
    Me: that is the main problem. He can’t discharge me without paying him.
    Nurse: then what do you want me to do?
    Me: *** i remembered that ojoto forgot his wallet the other day,and i think,there is some money inside*** i kept money at home,so you know i can’t go home now. I want to meet doctor and explain everything to him. I will plead him for you to follow me and collect the money at home.
    Nurse: me? Follow you? We don’t do like that here.
    Me: that is why i said you should help me. *** i started pleading with her and she finally agreed***.
    Nurse: but the problem now is doctor, i don’t think you will convince him.
    Me: you will follow me to his office,you will tell him that we live in the same compound,that will help to convince him.
    Nurse: all this you are asking me to do for you is so risky.
    Me: how?
    Nurse: don’t you think,i may loose my job.
    Me: nothing will happen. Just play your game well and i will equally handle mine. *** we went to doctors office and i knocked,he told us to come in. We came in and he was amazed to see nurse entering with me***.
    Doctor: nurse, what happened? Why are you with our patient to my office?
    Nurse:there is something he told me,and i told him to come and explain it to you.
    Doctor: alrite. *** he told me to sit down and i sat. ***. I thought you sent someone to bank,haven’t she show up?
    Me: thats the problem doctor. I haven’t seen her oo.
    Doctor: who is she to you?
    Me: she is my gf,i started dating her new. Doc: i hope you know her house.
    Me: doctor to be frank with you,i don’t know. Doc: ok. . call her number,let me dial it.
    Me: since that previous day,i was admitted here by unknown lady,i lost my phone. So i don’t have her contact. Doc: then what do you want me to do now? Someone knocked at his door… Could it be clara that finally came back?

    Episode 7

    Doc: come in. *** nurse entered,panting ***. What is it?
    Nurse: sir please come,the patient in ward 2 that was admitted yesterday evening is about to die. *** doctor took his instrument and rushed out with the two nurses. I was left alone in that office. Soon i moved down to my ward where i was admitted. I was thinking of what to do. Why did clara do such a thing to me? I trust her very well. As am asking myself that question,that same nurse came in and told me that doctor want to see me,i followed her to doctor’s office. Doc: so what are we going to do about this?
    Me: i remembered that i left some money in the house,so i don’t know if you will permit one of your nurse,to follow me,let me give her the money. Doc: no…. no…. . no… no…. no. We don’t do like that here.
    Me: then doctor,what do you suggest ? Doc: do you live around here?
    Me: yes doctor. Doc: your address? *** i wrote down my address on a paper he gave me and returned it back to him,he looked at it***. Ohk. . Is not far from here.
    Nurse: sir we are living in the same compound. Doc: eeeh! *** he breadth down ***. Ohk. No problem, you go with him.
    Nurse: ok sir. Doc: please make it snappy.
    Nurse: no problem sir. *** i dashed out with the nurse. As we were going,i was discussing with her that evening. Soon we reached my house,i opened the door and we entered inside. I told her to sit down and she sat. I moved inside my bedroom to bringout the money,i found ojoto’s wallet and searched it thorougly, unfortunately,i found 7k. I breadth down,thank God oooo. I went to the parlour and the nurse was busy pressing her phone with her legs wide open,her white pant was showing. I had an erection instantly as i saw that but thanks to God i was able to hide it. I moved close to her and gave her 5k ***.
    Me: thank you so much for your assistant and kindness.
    Nurse:you are welcome dear.
    Me: please,don’t be annoyed, what is your name?
    Nurse: annoyed for what. Am cynthia.
    Me: waoh! So good, what a beautiful name for a beautiful angel like you.
    Cynthia: *** laugh *** thanks.
    Me: you are so kind,and i like you.
    Cynthia: thanks.
    Me: *** i don’t know how to sweetmouth a girl. I just go straight to the point***. Cynthia you see,since that first day i was admitted in that hospital,i was lost in your beauty and your behaviour toward me that first day. I love you cynthia,you are the good thing i have ever seen in my life.
    Cynthia: hmmm
    Me: please don’t kick me away. I love you,i love everything about you especially your character.
    Cynthia: what do you want from me?
    Me: thats a good question. I want us to be friend.
    Cynthia: we are friend already.
    Me: yes i know,but i want an intimate friendship.
    Cynthia: intimate friendship?
    Me: yes. *** she was muted,i tried all my possible effort to make sure i convince her, at a point i came closer to her,i peack her but she didn’t resist. I started caressing her,soon i migrated into kissing her ,at a point she left a soft moan,i was so excited atleast she is enjoying my advances. I kissed her for 5mins and then i moved my hand inside her gown and located her pant, i shift her pant aside and touch the tips of her p—y and she vibrated,she was already wet. I insert one finger inside her p—y,she vibrated,i witdrow my finger , it was shining like someone who put hand inside shoemaker’s gum.

    Episode 8

    As i withdrow my finger from her p—sy,she started shaking in pressure which i know that she needs me immediately. I didn’t waste time to unclad her, i laid her on the floor in my parlour and she departed her legs wella for me to have full view of her p—sy. I was looking at her p—sy, no be dis tin wey many guys dey spend all their money to get. I tried to suck her p—sy but i couldn’t bcos i haven’t done that before so i ignored it and insert my dickson inside her, her p—sy was so tight. I started f-----g her so hard, as i was banging her,my two hands was on her two b----t pressing it, i tagged my mouth on her mouth and was kissing her. Waoh! So good,my mouth is on duty,my hands was also doing some job while my dickson was busy inside her doing some job. I was f-----g her and she was moaning, arrrrrrrrh…. ooooooh my God…. You are killing me oooo… Ahhhhhhh! Ooooooh! I love you……. please moooooooore…. Harrrrrrrrrrrder baby. After f-----g her for 10mins, we changed style,i told her that i wanna f--k her through her a$$ and she agreed and positioned herself for me to enter,, i slide my dickson through her a$$ and started f-----g her so hard, after 5mins of f-----g her through her a$$, we change style bcos am not enjoying it. We engaged in missionary style, i f----d her to a point that she begged me to let her go. At a point she held me and was convulsing, she c-m and i also c-m and pour my c-m on the floor. She rushed inside my bathroom and took her bath and left my house and didn’t utter any word to me. I went inside the bathroom and took my bath. That evening was one of the best evening i have ever had. The next day,i decided to visit ojoto to inform him about what happened. I went to his house in the evening,as i stood on his door about to knock, i was hearing some moan inside his room. Na girl ojoto dey bleep ooo,make i allow them enjoy themselves wella,body no be firewood. I went back to my house that evening,i cooked noodles since i don’t have any other food in the house, as i was eating,i heard a knock on the door…
    Me: who is that?
    Ojoto: guy na me ooo.
    Me: *** hailing him *** ojonkotonko! Come in my guy. *** he came inside and sat down ***
    Ojoto: guy whatsup naw?
    Me: i dey cool.
    Ojoto: u no go even say make u visit me for once
    Me: i show for ur house dis evening but u dey busy,den i say, lemme dey go house. Make i no disturb u guys. Na for ur house wey i com back naw before preparing dis food.
    Ojoto:*** he laughed *** na one stupid babe wey think say her parts no dey for Nigeria,wey i dey teach lesson. Guy dat babe sweet die. U fit believe say i bleep am for 40mins.
    Me: *** shouted ***. 40 wetin? Guy u get strenght ooo,i dey bleep am for 40mins say wetin happen,na worldcup wey i dey play?
    Ojoto: hahah… Guy u dey funny, na normal thing naw. Guy hunger dey wire me ooo.
    Me: wetin u still dey wait for, go bring spoon lets dismantle dis noodles. *** he went inside the kitchen and came out with spoon and we started eatin, as we were eatin, i narrated my stories how army men wiped us,how clara ran away with my ATM card and my encounter with cynthia. He was just shouting. Ojoto later told me something that marvels me*****

    Episode 9

    ***After i have told him what happened***.
    Ojoto: guy something happen ooo
    Me: wetin happen?
    Ojoto: ogechi appeared to me in the dream *** i stopped eating *** she said that i should warn you or she will do that by herself.
    Me: warn me as how?
    Ojoto: did you bleep nurse yesterday?
    Me: *** amazed ***. How do you know?
    Ojoto: ogechi told me in that dream. Guy dis tin don dey get out of hand oooo,why dis babe dey pursue you up and down ? She no knw say we dey for separate world.
    Me: *** i was scared *** i wonder ooo, so dis babe dey follow me anywhere i dey go. Wetin i do her naw? I think say she don leave me alone bcos over one month naw, i never see her for my dream.
    Ojoto: maybe she just decided to leave you, and knw what you will do.
    Me: what will i do now?
    Ojoto: you better go to pastor and confess.
    Me: confess wetin? Na me kill am? Guy i hate dat kind of words.
    Ojoto: abeg forgive me. *** we gist about a lots of things that evening before he left, i was just thinking about the dream ojoto had about ogechi, warning me to stay away from girls. What does she even really want from me? That i shouldn’t marry or what? As all this thought were running through my mind that evening, i had a knock on my door. Who is that? Voice answered, is mabel. She opened the door by herself without my approval. ****
    Me: what are you doing here?
    Mabel: please just calm down.
    Me: calm down for what?
    Mabel: please am so sorry for what happened.
    Me: so you heard what happened and decided to leave me to die?
    Mabel: please am so sorry ok. You have 100% right to blame me but…*** she knelt down*** please find a place in your heart to forgive me *** she started pleading with me and about to cry and i held her***
    Me: get up and don’t cry ok.
    Mabel: not until you forgive me
    Me: you have been forgiven *** she stood up with happiness and hugged me and gave me a peck. She started asking me how am coping after that incident. After so many gist and laugh, she rested on my body***.
    Mabel: i really missed you darling
    Me: me too *** she gave me a passionate kiss *** waoh! Your mouth taste different today
    Mabel: *** she laughed *** your funny. *** she located my trouser and loosed my belt and i held her hands and looked into her eyes ***
    Me: where are you heading to?
    Mabel: darlin common,you know where am heading to?
    Me: please am not in the mood for this naw, my head is full now
    Mabel: tell me, what is the problem? *** i didn’t utter any word to her *** common…. . remember problem shared is problem solved…. Tell me what it is? *** i just decided to tell her my story with ogechi. After i have narrated the story to her, she was just looking at me somehow that marvels me and she couldn’t utter a word to me…. .

    Episode 10

    *** she was just starring at me ***
    Me: am so so confuse now, i don’t knw what to do *** she didn’t utter any word to me *** i regreted the first day i meet her.
    Mabel: am so sorry ok, God will see you through. Let me be on my way.
    Me: *** i was amazed *** you want to go now?
    Mabel: *** she stood up *** yes, i will see you tomorow.
    Me: ohk, no problem *** she left, i continue thinking about what ogechi told ojoto in the dream. Should i go and meet pastor for prayer or babalawo? Gush,my life is scarted,i can’t concentrate on my education anymore. What sin have i committe that warrant such punish? All this rhetorical questions was just running through my mind that nite, i tried to force myself to sleep but i couldn’t. I came down from the bed and lied on the floor to knw if i can sleep, but to no avail. I stoodup and located my bible, i opened psalm 23 and read, after that, i slept off and woke up by 7am. I was sweeping my room that morning, unfortunately i found my phone under the chair in that spot that mabel’s ex-bf beat me. I was so happy that morning, i did everything fast that morning and went to school. After lectures, ojoto didn’t came to school that day bcos he didn’t have lecture. When i got to his house, i knocked on the door but he didn’t open. I knocked thrice but no response, but the door was unlocked. I opened it and saw ojoto on the floor bleeding… Jesus christ! What is it? I called him thrice but he didn’t answer me, i check his heart beat and he was still breathing. Thank God ooo, i rushed him to the hospital, the nurse that ushered us in was cynthia. Cynthia rush to the doctor’s office to summon him, finally doctor arrived, he checked him and asked me what happened to him. I told him how i came to his house and met him on the floor bleeding. Doctor comence treatment on him immediately. After that he summoned me to his office. When i got there, he told me to sit down and i sat.
    Doctor: is he your brother?
    Me: no…. he is my friend.
    Doctor: you see,the injury is not serious ok, it was just a minor wound and nothing else.
    Me: *** i was a bit relieved *** thank you so much doctor.
    Doctor: you are welcome.
    Me: what about his bill?
    Doctor: N10,000.
    Me: ohk….

    Episode 11

    Me: but doctor when will he be discharge ? Doctor : let him get himself first.
    Me: ohk…. Thank you doctor.
    Doctor: you are welcome. Remember you will be with him throughout the nite to take care of him ok
    Me: no problem doctor *** i left his office and went back to the ward, where ojoto is been admitted. I looked at him but he was still lying helplessly. What happened to him? Is it thieves or some cult guys that did this to him? God please help me ooo and help him also. I looked at the time and its 6pm. Soon Cynthia(nurse) entered and looked at me, i ignored her look. *** Cynthia : play boy.
    Me:please will you look after my friend let me go and prepare something and come back? Cynthia :how did it happened ?
    Me:As you can see,i was just coming back from school when i branched to his house to see him and unfortunately i saw him lying on the floor bleeding.
    Cynthia: hmmm. No problem, i am on duty this nite but i prepared some food and i came with it. I think it will be enough for you.
    Me: waoh!…. But i have to take my bath and change my cloth.
    Cynthia: you can still do it here
    Me: that is why i love you. *** she laughed and left, i started thinking about what i did with her that evening she came to my house. As i was thinking, i had an erection instantly, i looked at ojoto and he was still lying helpless. I went to their bathroom and took my bath. After 20mins, Cynthia came back to where i am and hand the food to me and i started eating***
    Cynthia: you are such a good friend.
    Me: what do you mean?
    Cynthia: do you think, someone guys can agree to sleep around with his friend in the hospital?
    Me: it is nothing to me, our closeness had gone beyong friend, we are like brothers.
    Cynthia: but he wasn’t here when you were admitted in this hospital twice. Me : yea bcos he was not aware of that.
    Cynthia:owk… *** i was eating and discussing with her for 10mins and she hasn’t go out to attend to any other patient. I was worried that the doctor might suspect us*** Me : what about doctor, wouldn’t he suspect us? You knw that you have spent some time here.
    Cynthia: doctor went home, he will be back by 10pm.
    Me: ohk…. *** when am through with eating, she packed the plate and left and came back immediately and sat on my laps. My dickson resurrected at once. I was wearing only boxer and singlet. Shuu wetin dis girl want dis nite? God help me to conquer dis temptation ***
    Cynthia: i really missed you
    Me: me too
    Cynthia: you are the only guy that i really enjoyed on bed.
    Me: hmmm…. .
    Cynthia: any time i remembered about the s-x, my body will be missing you so much. I will always wish to be having you all the night. I love you
    Me: i love you too but why did you left my house that day without uttering any word to me?
    Cynthia: am so sorry, i was so carried away by the pressure of that s-x. That is why i was muzzled.
    Me: hmmm…. .
    Cynthia: my body has been waiting for you all this while, and i think this is the right time for my body to welcome yours…. .
    Me: i don’t understand…. .

    Episode 12

    Me: i don’t understand oooo Cynthia : what is it that you don’t understand? *** she grabbed me and i looked at her, she didn’t even mind that my friend is lying unconsciously beside us. Without asking anymore question s, i dipped my hands inside her bra and broughtout her two b---m and started sucking it so hard. As i was manipulating it, she was busy moaning. At a point ,i told her that we shouldn’t do it in that same bed ojoto is lying bcos she was pulling herself down to the bed. She agreed and laid on the floor. I wanted to unclad her but she refused and told me that we are in her working place. I told her that i can’t do it without her uncladding herself.
    She told me that we should go to her house. I looked at the time and its 9pm, i told her that i cant leave my friend here and go. She stoodup and went close to the door and locked it. She came back and laid again on the floor, i removed her cloth and ignored her pant, i tackled her bossom again and started sucking it so hard, as i was sucking,she was busy giving me a presurable ringing tone of many lyrics and i was enjoying it. At a time, she removed my singlet and my boxer in a romantic way and i groaned. She located my dickson and started doing justice to that, i hate girls sucking me but that day she showed me that sucking is the best in making love bcos she gave me the best sucking of my life. She was busy sucking me and i was groaning so hard. At a point, i pushed her away and starting fingering her p—sy. OMG! Oooh! Please fuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeee……
    Do with me what ever you wish baby…. . please marry me and let me carry your chiiiiiiiiiiiiild…… Oooooh!!!! Aaaaaaaaaah!!! Why are you wasting time to fuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeee!!!. On hearing all this her moan, i was lost incontrol, i removed her pant so fast and dipped my dickson inside her and she left a moan. I started firing her, at a point, she lifted her two legs up for me to give her full penetration. I f----d her to a point that she started telling me to give her a baby…. . I f----d her for like 10mins and she cummed, i continue f-----g her for 3mins and i want to c-m. I withdrow my dickson from her p–sy to pour on the floor and she worriedly grabbed my dickson and inserted it inside her p—-sy and told me to pour inside her. It was quit obvious that she was feeling my c-m as i was filling her p—-sy with my c-m. After i finish having s-x with her, i stood up and sat on the bed beside ojoto, i started regreting what i did…. .
    God what have i done to myself? My friend is lying here unconscious and i was busy bleeping a girl beside him. It was this witch that lured me into this act. What if God decided to punish me by allowing ojoto to die here? I will be jailed for ever since am the only one that saw him bleeding on the floor. They will assume that am responsible for that. All this thought were running through my mind and it makes me uncomfortable .
    She stood up from the floor she was lying and worn her cloth and gave me a peck and i didn’t even respond to that and she left. I tried to sleep that nite but i couldn’t. I forced myself to sleep but it seems that am chasing the sleep away. In the middle of the nite,ojoto started coughing so badly that blood started coming out of his mouth…. .

    Episode 13

    *** ojoto started coughing to the point of vomiting blood, i started shouting for help, i ran to doctor’s office to knw if he is there but i couldn’t see him. I ran back and shouted for help again, this time,my shouting echoed the whole hospital and some nurses rushed to where we are including Cynthia***
    Me:please help me nurse and call doctor for me, my friend is about to die.
    Nurse: Cynthia please go and call doctor, he is in ward 3. *** Cynthia left to call doctor,i was just panting . After like 3mins, Cynthia came in with doctor . Doctor applied some treatment to quench the bleed. After that the blood was quenched and he started sleeping again and doctor told me to follow him to his office and i followed him. When we got to his office he told me to sit down and i sat***
    Me: doctor i knw all is well
    Doctor: you said he is your friend right?
    Me: yes doctor Doctor : do you knw any member of his family?
    Me:yes…. I have been to his village once… Doctor i hope all is well i dnt want to loose my friends.
    Doctor: just calm down ok… He will be fine. But you have to call any of his family members .
    Me:i dnt have any of his family members number.
    Doctor: i hope you can be able to locate her house
    Me: sure.
    Doctor: first thing tomorrow morning, you will have to go and summon any of his family member ok…
    Me:ohk…. No problem doctor. Thank you so much…
    Doctor: you are welcome. . You can now go back to him
    Me: ohk…. *** i left his office and went back to where ojoto was lying. I was so afraid that nite. Sleep didn’t cross my eye till morning. I prepared and left the hospital but before i go, i told Cynthia to look after ojoto. When i got to his father’s compound, i met his father and mother, i greeted them and they welcomed me. *** Ojoto father: my son,how is your friend?
    Me:that is the main issue why am here. Ojoto mother : *** wanted to cry and i conforted her *** what is the problem with him? *** i explained how i saw him on the floor bleeding and i told them what doctor said… They ran inside their house and put on anyhow cloth and we dash ed out. We got to the hospital by so late bcos of some road traffic. Doctor summoned all of us to his office. When we got there, we sat down. *** doctor :i welcomed you all. Well, i hope you are the parent of supposed patient? Father and mother: yes we are. Ojoto mother: please doctor. what happened to him? *** doctor explained everything to them and told us that, they is an internal wound. So it need to be treated so fast inorder not to affect his brain tumor…. We later concluded that he should start the treatment without any further delay…. Doctor treated him and he was healed in 3months. I was so happy, that day doctor discharged him. I followed him that day he was discharged, to his home…. On getting to his father’s house,i saw Clara in that compound…. . What ! Am i dreaming or what?

    Episode 14

    When i saw Clara, i was so suprised bcos i haven’t dreamed of seeing her again in my life. i Ignored her since she didn’t see me, she was already on her way out. When we finally settled inside ojoto’s room. His mother prepared some food for us and as we were eating, i decided to ask him what exactly happened to him***
    Ojoto: guy the matter dey too much ooo . Guy i went out in the morning to tidy some stuff,you knw, as i com come back and enter my room, everywhere was so dark . I com dey afraid wetin dey happen for my room. I com hear some noise from my bedroom and i rushed inside to knw wetin dey happen. Guy as i entered there, i saw ogechi unclad on my bed but , i didn’t knw if she saw me that moment. I asked her without minding if she is dead or not, ogechi what have we done to you that you decided to ruin our lives? She turned her face to me and said ” i asked you to deliver a message to igwe and you went there and both of you make gist of my message. Am here for you *** i just opened my mouth so wide as ojoto was narrating the story *** that was the last thing i can remember.
    Me: am so sorry guy, but what is her problem? Am not responsible for her death, why is she traitining me. Maybe am the next she will visit.
    Ojoto: hw did i got to the hospital bcos nobody was there when the thing happened?
    Me: after lecture that day, i just decided to visit you, i knocked thrice on your door but you weren’t responding and unfortunately your key was unlocked so i opened it and saw you on the floor bleeding. So i took you to hospital…
    Ojoto: thanks to God ooo. If not for you, where i for dey naw? Probably i might be in the mortuary . Thank you so much for saving and taking care of me.
    Me: what our friends for? We are like brothers so don’t thank me but God. But how come a ghost appear naked? Who knws what that her nakedness represent. Am so scare, as she did such a thing to you, maybe when she will visit me bcos am sure of that, she might kill me . Ojoto : don’t say such a thing ok… She wouldnt visit you, even if she will, she can never harm you…
    Me: but guy what am i going to do to overcome this situation.
    Ojoto: i don’t really knw. But if i must say, prayer is the main solution for that…. .
    Me:so ojoto you are talking about prayer with this your very lips? Ojoto : why wouldn’t i? When the Lord have showned me mercy.
    Me: hmmm owk… I will leave tomorrow .
    Ojoto: no problem, you have really tried for me,i appreciate.
    Me: uwl… *** after eating , i tried to kinstart a discussion but he wasnt responding to that, he was so weak so i left him to parol small around the village since i will go back the next day. As i was going around the villa, i met Clara, she was so suprised and she moved closer to me… I was just looking at her muted. I don’t knw what to do. ***
    Clara: please am so sorry for what i have done. You see that day you sent me to the bank, i withdrow the exact amount you told me as i was coming to the hospital with the money, two guys stopped me and they told me that they are traveling to Asaba but they are broke, they said that i should help them with any amount. I told them that i don’t have any money on me, that if i have i will help me… That is all i could remember, when i got myself,they have took my hand bag away, I searched for them but i couldnt see them. I don’t knw what to tell you if i come back, and i thought running away will be the solution …. *** i was just muted mopping at her***

    Episode 15

    *** i was just looking at Clara as she was narrating the story. I was muted and tired,i don’t knw what to say. ***
    Clara: please igwe, forgive me ok *** she started crying and i consoled her *** igwe i love you with my body and soul. I don’t mean to harm you…
    Me: what about my ATM card?
    Clara: it was inside that bag that those criminals took away.
    Me:Is ok baby, but atleast you should have informed me earlier than to abandon me in the hospital.
    Clara: am sorry baby…. . please what brought you to our villa?
    Me:my friend ojoto was sick so i followed him atleast to use this opportunity to knw his hometown.
    Clara: *** suprised *** ojoto ?
    Me: *** pretended as if i didn’t seen her in ojoto’s compound *** yes, he is my tight friend. Do you knw him?
    Clara: he is my brother…. Me : your brother?
    Clara: yes…. It was his house dat i came, that first day we met… Lets go back to the house, i have a suprise package for you
    Me:a suprise package?
    Clara: yes…. I want to use it to appreciate you for forgiving me…
    Me: owk…
    Clara: please i don’t want our family members to knw that we knew each other ok…
    Me: owk…
    Clara: if we got to the entrance of our compound, you will step back and i will go first before you come in.
    Me:no problem. *** we started going home and she held my one hand. When we got to the entrance of their compound, we did as she said,i entered ojoto’s room and he was still sleeping. Clara uses style to enter ojoto’s room and saw me sitting down and ojoto sleeping. She told me to follow her and i followed her. She took me to her room, her room was so beautiful with the way she decorated it. I sat on the chair. I asked her, what if her parent entered her room and see me? She said that i should relax, that they wouldn’t come in. ***
    Clara: close your eye, let me show you the suprise. *** i closed my eyes and after like 2mins, she told me to open. Waoh! I was so suprise, she unclad herself *** have me all the nite baby.
    Me: *** my dickson resurrected with a full force and was nodding *** are you sure?
    Clara: yes baby…. .
    Me: come and unclad me… *** she came closer to me and removed my shirt, she unhook my belt and removed my trouser, she removed my singlet and my boxer and freed my dickson from the cage. She looked at me and tackled my dickson. She started doing justice to that…. . She s----d me for 5mins and i want to c-m, i withdrow my dickson from her mouth and pour on the floor. I laid her on the floor and insert one finger inside her p—- sy and she left a moan. I started fingerbleep her, as i was f-----g her with my finger, she cummed immediately, i withdrow my finger from her p—-sy and it was shining like someone who put hand inside shoe maker gum. Without wasting time, i inserted my dickson inside her and her body vibrated in pressure . I started f-----g her so hard, she was moaning. I increased my speed of f-----g her and she migrated from moaning to shouting in pressure. I was afraid bcos it might attract someone in her room. I decrease my speed and was firing her small small and a knock came to her door****

    Episode 16

    When we heard the knock, i looked at Clara as she was under me, she whispered into my ear, baby forget who is knocking at the door and continue with what you are doing. I wanted to continue again and the knock came again…. My dickson got cold as i was inside her. I separated myself from her and worn my cloth sharp sharp ***
    Clara: who is that? Voice : Clara open the door naw, is me ojoto *** i was like what! My own don finish today ooo… If he enters here and see me, what will i say that am doing. Chai…. Women una be deceiver ooo… Why do i even allow this to transpire between us in her father’s house ?***
    Ojoto: open the door naw….
    Clara: can’t we talk tomorrow, am so tired today, i need to rest you knw i have a stressful day . Ojoto : just open first,i wouldn’t waste your time
    Clara: wait am coming *** i whispered to her, where will i hide? There was a big booter inside her room, i think they haven’t make use of it bcos its new. . She told me to hide inside it and i did as she said. I was inside that booter thinking about my life. I heard when ojoto entered her room. I was only hearing their conversations. Chai igwe, you see your life? Have you seen what p—-sy has done to you… But am i the corse? She was the one that lured me into this act. ***
    Ojoto: i have a visitor that escorted me home, after we finished eating, he told me that he want to parol around the villa and he left. since then, i haven’t seen him again
    Clara: how is he? Describe him *** he described me as i am *** i think i met someone like that on my way…. Did he worn black shirt and black chinus trouser? *** that was the cloth i worn *** ojoto : yes … Yes…. Where did you see him?
    Clara: i think i saw him along the road to the village square. Lets go,let me assist you to look for him
    Ojoto: owk… *** chai see dis girl ooo,she sabi lie eeeeh! Anyway shaa she get small brain…… i heard when they opened the door and i breadth down . I waited inside there for like 3mins to make sure they are gone out of the compound, i came out from the booter and i started arranging that room inorder to knw if i will see any thing that will implicate me but i see none. I went close to the door but the door was locked…. What!!! Why did she locked the door? I was panting and feeling uncomfortable inside her room. Chai Chineke what have i done to myself ? See how am locked inside this room like a sacrificial’s lamb. No be p—-sy put me for trouble dis nite? After Some minutes of talking to myself, i reclined on her bed with my phone on my hands. Soon my phone started to ring and i checked who the caller was and its MTN calling with 08134800, i hissed and abort the call and continue thinking on how to get out of her room . I was hushed but unpertubed. I tried to devise a way to get myself out of Clara’s room but i was futile. God if You got me out of this mess, i swear women go be my worse enemy in this world. Soon i heard someone trying to open the door, my heart skipped a bit and i ran back inside that booter and hide myself. The person entered and locked the door and walk straight to the booter and uncovered it ***
    Clara: are you still here? *** my heart came down that moment i heard clara’s voice*** please come out joor. . *** i came out but still uncomfortable bcos i want to leave her room***
    Me:please i want to go
    Clara: no baby, we are not through yet…
    Me:you and who?
    Clara: you and i ofcourse.
    Me: was that why you locked me inside your room?
    Clara: why not *** my phone started to ring ***

    Episode 17

    *** I looked at my phone to knw who was calling me and its ojoto. Chai! See me, see wahala ooo… Where i go tell am say i dey naw since i don’t knw anywhere for this village? Clara noticed that am feeling uncomfortable bcos of my facial expression ***
    Clara: what is the problem and who is calling you?
    Me:please i want to go, link me out of your room.
    Clara: please baby i haven’t c-m yet and you also.
    Me: we can’t continue
    Clara: remember you are going tommorow and this nite is our last seeing before you go. I don’t knw when i will see u again. So baby lets enjoy ourselves this nite ok *** ojoto started calling me again and this time around,i was irritated and i moved to the door and held the handle to open it but it was locked, Clara was just looking at me and my actions ***
    Me: come and unlock this door naw….
    Clara: not until you do what i ask you to do.
    Me: am going to break this door, if you don’t want to open it.
    Clara: if you have the liver,then go ahead and break it.
    Me:*** i stood at the door, thinking of what to do to get out of her room before yawah go cast *** what is the meaning of all this things you are doing? Why do you want to implicate me? Please let me go.
    Clara: you can’t go out of this room until you accept my request and do what i told you… Me : are you forcing me to do what i dnt want to do?
    Clara: you don’t want to do it, but why did you come inside my room?
    Me:*** i rushed her and wanted to slap her ***
    Clara: don’t ever think of it bcos i will give you the shock of your life. Me : open this door this minute or i will do you some crazy things naw
    Clara: if you ever try it then am going to shout and label you a thief and a rapist and you will be in jail for the rest of your life. Me : **** i stepped back *** are you traitening me?
    Clara: some thing like that. . *** ojoto started calling me the third time and i picked it with courage *** hello ojoto : guy where you dey naw?
    Me:guy i dey com, i get one babe wey i dey with. I dey come.
    Ojoto: a babe? Common look at the time, its almost 10pm. Abeg come back, here no be school ooo wey you go waka anyhow,
    Me:guy i dey come ojoto : make it fast ok
    Me:no p *** hang up *** please Clara, if i have done anything wrong to you *** i knee down *** please find a place in your heart to forgive me…
    Clara: you don’t have to knee down
    Me: is your brother that has been calling me . Please allow me to go
    Clara: you knw i love you and i also missed you…
    Me: if you love me, you wouldn’t do anything that will hurt me
    Clara: did i hurt you?
    Me: yes, please let me go *** i moved a bit closer to her and started to kiss her. . I kissed her for 2mins and i withdrow my mouth from hers ***
    Me: please baby,i will still visit you again or you visit me…
    Clara: *** she was just smiling and moved closer to the door and unlocked it*** thank you so much baby…. . I love you…
    Me: i love you too *** she came closer to me and peck me ***
    Clara: *** i didn’t hesitate to dash out of her room *** bye. *** i came out and looked around but i couldn’t see anyone. I went straight to ojoto’s room and knocked. He opened his door and i entered. He told me that they have looked for me around the villa. I told him that am sorry, after lying to him where i am, we started gisting and laughing till he slept off. I couldn’t sleep throughout the nite, i was just praying so that morning will come fast, let me go back to school

    Episode 18

    *** i woke up early in the morning and i asked ojoto where their bathroom is and he shown me… I took my bath sharperly, my plan is to go as early as possible so that Clara wouldnt see me. I got myself dressed sharperly and i told ojoto that i will be on my way that he should take care and come back to school as fast as possible. He said, once he regain his physically fitness, he will be back***
    Ojoto: please igwe,i told my mum that you will go today and she said that she will like to see you before you go. Me : *** my heart skipped as ojoto said that*** i hope there is no problem?
    Ojoto: no problem badoo… *** he dashed out to call his mum… Did she saw me yesterday nite inside clara’s room or what? I decided to come out of the room, as i tried to open the curtain, i saw ojoto’s mother coming with Clara and she was holding Clara in her hand…. My heart skipped again, Chai i don die ooo… Clara don put me for trouble, how did she find out, God abeg na for your hand i dey. Soon they entered inside the room where i am***
    Me: goodmorning ma. . Ojoto mum: good morning my son. How was your nite?
    Me: so good ma. .
    Clara: goodmorning *** she greeted me, i was suprise and pretended as if i haven’t met her before ***
    Me: goodmorning. . How are you?
    Clara: am fine and you
    Me: am ok… How is school?
    Clara: going well. .
    Me: are you ojoto’s sister?
    Clara: yea
    Me: both of you resemble. *** She and her mum laughed *** ojoto’s mum: ojoto told me that you want to go back to school today. Me : yes ma *** Clara was just smiling at me but i ignored her *** Ojoto’s mum: i so much appreciate your effort toward your friend ojoto. Please both of you should be seeing each other as brothers. Who ever that is at fault should apologise to another and most especially, both of you should knw why you are in school. Forget about girl,they are decievers and they can also be a hindrance to your success *** i looked at Clara, i was like, have you heard it and she winked at me *** there is time for everything, time to hustle and get what you want and time to marry and have your own family. My dear,girls are like camelion, they adapt to any environment they found themselves and changes as the environment changes. When you ignore them and focus on your target, i knw you must surely success. Success attracts people. So both of you should be very conscious of people that came around you… And i knw my God will uplift both of you…
    Me: amen… Ojoto’s mum: *** she turned to Clara *** whenever that you will visit ojoto, make sure that you go and knw hw igwe is doing and help him to do some certain things ok… Clara : mumy no problem. Ojoto’s mum: ojoto will be back as soon as possible .
    Me: owk… Ma *** ojoto entered with black waterproof and hand it to me… His mother left, ojoto and Clara escorted me to the bustop and i entered bus ***

    Episode 19

    My mind wasn’t at rest since when i entered that bus , i was thinking about Clara and how i will be handling her if she comes bcos her mum had granted her permission to come to my house whenever she visits ojoto. So many thoughts were running through my mind as the vehicle were moving. Finally,we arrived at unizik function and i entered bus that was going to unizik school . When i finally gotten to my house,gush! Everywhere was so dirty and scattered . I dropped some things i came back with and started cleaning everywhere. As i was doing that, my phone started ringing ,when i checked it, it was an unknown caller,i picked it ***
    Me:hello,who is this? Caller: igwe is me Clara. I hope you are now at your house?
    Me: oh! Yea
    Clara: thank God ooo,for your save journey. So what are you doing now?
    Me:nothin much, am doing some cleaning.
    Clara: waoh! Now? you don’t even rest before you start doing that
    Me: its so dirty that i can even knw where to rest,so i have to tidy everywhere.
    Clara: that’s so nice of you… You are so hardworking. . Should it be my brother ojoto, forwhere, he will not do that…. . He is too lazy.
    Me: *** i laughed *** so how did you get my number bcos that first time we met,am not using phone then?
    Clara: from my brother’s phone.
    Me:hmmm…. . I will call you back so that we will discuss wella ok… Am still doing some cleaning.
    Clara: how i wish am there to help you… Ok,i will be expecting your call
    Me: no problem
    Clara: i love you
    Me:love you too *** hang up,i continue with what am doing. After i have finished cleaning everywhere. As i sat down to think of what to eat that evening, call came in my phone and it was ojoto calling. I picked the call and he asked me about my journey and other things before he hangup. I decided to go out and buy some soup items. I wore my nicka and went down the street to buy it. After i have bought the items,as i was coming back, someone tapped me from the back. I looked at the back but i couldn’t see anyone bcos the wheather was groomy and i focused to where am going to. The tap came again the second time and i turned around again but i couldn’t still see any body. I hurriedly rushed to my house to avoid taping by unknwn. When i got home and commence cooking, as i was cooking someone knocked at my door. ***
    Me:yes who is that? Voice: is me igwe . .
    Me:who? Voice: Cynthia
    Me: *** i was amazed, i was like, why did she come to my house by this time to do? *** ok… Wait a minute, am coming. . *** i went to the door and opened it and ushered her in. *** she frowned her face ***
    Me: welcome . . Hw are you doing? *** she didn’t utter any word to me . . I was like, na waoh e be like say wahala don dey. Why she come dey frown face for me naw? Abi she don get belle? So many questions were running through my mind. I asked her again,how is she doing? She looked at me and said,”am not fine. My heart skipped immediately and i started asking her what the problem is but she was muted. I held her neck as my heart was beating faster***

    Episode 20

    Me: Cynthia tell me,what is the problem? *** she was still muted *** i don’t like the way you do atimes. Tell me what the problem is.
    Cynthia: i told you not to do it raw but you refused. now see the outcome.
    Me: *** i removed my hands from her neck*** i don’t get you, what do you mean?
    Cynthia: am pregnant?
    Me: pregnant!
    Cynthia: yes
    Me: *** my heart started beating faster *** what are we going to do?
    Cynthia: i don’t knw. that is why i come here.
    Me: am not ready to father a child at this my age. *** i started blaming her cos she was the one that suggested that i should bleep her raw. She was just crying. God! what am i going to do? Cynthia p—-sy don implicate me oooh! So many things were running through my mind as am thinking, i looked at her again and she was still crying, i started consoling her. *** baby is ok… It’s not your fault neither is it mine. Calm down, we will figure out something .
    Cynthia: figure out something when?
    Me: just calm down first ok *** i helped her to wipe her tears and she bend her head and lay it on my shoulder. After consoling her for a moment,she stood up and went inside my bathroom. I was thinking on how to handle that issue…. chai! I don die,wetin i go do naw…. Should i suggest abortion or what? I don’t think she will agree to that…. . Anywhere,lemme try and knw if she will agree. Soon she entered and sat beside me… ***
    Me: baby i have a plan…
    Cynthia: what is the plan?
    Me: lets terminate the pregnancy at once.
    Cynthia: what!!!
    Me: yes baby,that’s the only option left for us…
    Cynthia: do you want to kill me? How can you suggest such?
    Me: you will not die. Am not ready to father a child rather do you,lets just abort the baby and be free. . If my mum hears about this, have it in your mind that my days in the school will be over. Baby lets Just do it once and for all and be free ok…
    Cynthia: am afraid igwe, how are you sure that i will not loose my life in the process?
    Me: am very sure baby…. .
    Cynthia: ok,i have heard you, let me give it a second thought.
    Me: that’s my baby *** i planted a kiss on her lips *** lets go the kitchen, am cooking when you came in, so lets go and continue… I hope you aren’t on night duty today.
    Cynthia: no am not. I will sleep here. *** we went to the kitchen and she continued from where i stopped,after she was done with the cooking, we ate together and took our bath together and went to bed. We were gisting and laughing as husband and wife, soon she told me that she was honey and needed me… I have to give it to her that nite. We had a hot sex with many styles. I poured my c-m inside her since she was pregnant, no need again to pour it on the floor or use condom. We took bath again after the sex and i slept off and woke up by 7am but Cynthia wasn’t in the bed. I moved down to the kitchen and found her preparing breakfast. I came closer to her and touched her hip and she vibrated and turned to me smiling and greeted me… I responded in a happily manner. After eating and everything, she prepared and went to work. I didn’t go to school that day cos i dont have lecture. I was in the house throughout the day. In the evening,i decided to patrol small around our vicinity when i finally saw mabel….

    Episode 21

    *** When i saw mabel,i was very suprise. Bcos it has been a while i set my eye on her. I went closer to her and tapped her and she turned to me with a suprised face. ***
    Mabel: igwe!
    Me: how are you ….
    Mabel: am fine and you?
    Me: am ok… It has been a while i set my eyes on you… Where have you been?
    Mabel: i suppose to ask you that…. . I have visited you many times but you aren’t around. I came to your house almost 7times but i couldn’t see you… Where have you been?
    Me: na my friend ojoto, who i saw the other day in his house, lying helplessly on the floor and blood was gushing out.
    Mabel:hmmm…. .
    Me: so i took him to hospital and since them i stayed with him in the hospital till when he recovered and i accompanied him to his villa, i just came back yesterday.
    Mabel:hmmm…. . Thank God ooo… He has recovered. So did he came back with you?
    Me: no,but he will be back in a week time….
    Mabel: alrite… So where are you heading to?
    Me:i has been bored since morning, so i just decided to patrol small. So you nko,where are u going to?
    Mabel: am coming from a friends house. . am going home naw….
    Mabel: i will visit you tommorow, i hope you will be around?
    Me: what time?
    Mabel:by evening
    Me: i will be around
    Mabel: owk… See you then dearie *** she pecked me and left. I stood still there, looking at her as she walked away. I went back to my house and prepared dinner. . After eating i went to bed and was still thinking about what Cynthia told me… What if Cynthia refuse to do abortion, what else will i do? No she will agree. . But come to think of it ooo,what if she die in the process? I reject it in Jesus name! It wouldn’t be her portion. After thinking for a while, i slept off and wokeup early in the mornin. I prepared to school,,,,after lecture that day, as i was going home,my phone rang and i checked who was that and its Clara calling me… I ignored her call bcos Cynthia’s matter still dey bother me… She called me again and i picked***
    Me: hello
    Clara: hello igwe
    Me: how are you
    Clara: there is problem oooooh!
    Me: *** amazed *** problem!
    Clara: yes
    Me: what is the problem?
    Clara: is ojoto oooooh!
    Me: what happened to him?
    Clara: igwe i don’t knw how to explain that…. . Its really strange
    Me: where exactly is he now?
    Clara: he is in the hospital.
    Me: when did it happened?
    Clara: yesterday evening.
    Me: owk… I will come and see him tomorrow after school . . What is the name of the hospital he was admitted?
    Clara: you wouldn’t knw it, just come to our compound and i will take you there. .
    Me: owk… Bye
    Clara: bye…. . Love you
    Me:*** shuu love you where your brother still dey for hospital bed. . Dis girl you no get consent… I hang up… I dialled ojoto’s number but its switched off. Chai! Let nothing happen to him. . Am sure ogechi is behind this, what did she want from us Christ sake! She has done a lot of things to me , why can’t she rest and leave us alone. How can an immortal be traitining a mortal? I don’t knw where i have wronged her… God if you save me from this so-called Ogechi, i will worship you all the rest of my life. I went home that day, i prepared food and ate a little. I started sleeping but only woke up by a knock on my door***
    Me: who is that? Voice: is mabel
    Me: *** i have already forgotten that mabel will visit me bcos of thoughts about Cynthia and ojoto that was running through my mind***come in. . Chai! something terrible happened  

    Episode 22

    *** Mabel entered inside my room, waoh! Her dressing was so sexy that night. With what i saw ,i think they wouldn’t be any responsible guy that can resist her in that moment. I welcomed her and she sat beside me***
    Me: waoh! Baby,you look so sweet and sexy tonight, i love that…. .
    Mabel: thank you… I hope you cook something cos am very hungry naw….
    Me: shuuu…. I didn’t cook anything ooo…
    Mabel: did you wanna sleep without eating?
    Me: nooooo…. You knw,you told me that you are coming and i decided not to cook bcos i knw that you will bring something for me… Don’t tell me that you didn’t bring anything for me…
    Mabel: is quit obvious that i didn’t bring any thing for you…
    Me: you must be joking ni. .
    Mabel: i mean it ooo…
    Me: no problem
    Mabel: are you angry?
    Me: why wouldn’t i?
    Mabel: am sorry baby, please forgive me…
    Me: no problem. .
    Mabel: so how was your day?
    Me: so bad baby
    Mabel: what happened naw?
    Me:is my friend ojoto. that thing that happened to him previously happened again.
    Mabel:hmmm…. .
    Me: am so confused naw,i don’t knw what to do again.
    Mabel: who told you?
    Me: his sister called me as i was coming back from school.
    Mabel: ohk…. Which hospital is he naw?
    Me: his sister didn’t tell me,
    Mabel: why didn’t you ask her?
    Me: i asked her and she said that i wouldn’t knw it, that whenever i come around,that she will take me there.
    Mabel: ohk….
    Me: i just pray that nothing will happen to him
    Mabel: eeeya,nothing will happen to him ok, just calm down ok… When are you going to see him?
    Me: tommorow after lecture.
    Mabel: ohk…. Please send my regards to his family .
    Me: ok *** i drow her head close to mine and kissed her ***
    Me: i missed you alot baby
    Me: am serious ooo baby…… Don’t you miss me?
    Mabel: i do but…… *** i crossed my one finger on her mouth and block her from saying what she wanted to say. . *** shhhhhhhhhh!… Don’t you miss me?
    Mabel: i do baby…… *** i moved my mouth closer to hers and kissed her,she responded wella. We kissed for 5mins as we are sat on the sofa. She located my nicker and removed it and freed my dickson from the cage. It was as strong as rock and its ready for any action. She gave me a very good mouth job and i was just groaning as she was sucking me… After some minutes,she unbotton her top dress and i helped her to unhook her bra. Her two bossom was so firm but not that of clara’s own. The two bossoms were mopping at me as if, to ask me,what are you trying to do? I touched her n-----s and she vibrated. She stoodup to unzip her trouser ***
    Me: lemme uncover my natural food as you refused to give me manmade food.
    Mabel: *** she laughed and tapped my shoulder*** funny you *** i unzipped her trouser and i also removed her pant. We started to kiss, we finally got ourselves on the bed. I s----d her b----t for some minute and abandoned it. . I slided the head of my dickson inside her and she left a soft moan and i groaned. I withdrow my dickson from her p---y and slide it again and withdrow it the second time. ***
    Mabel: please stop punishing me and go ahead.
    Me:punishing you?
    Mabel: you are putting so much pressure on me. *** i inserted my dickson inside her and started to move to and fro inside her… At a point i increased my f-----g to 360 degree. She was just moaning as i was firing her… Omg!!! You are killing me igwe…. oooooh, f--k me harder…harder igwe…my body missed you…. my p---y missed you too…. harderrrrrrrrrr!. I love youuuuuuu! I increased my tempo bcos of all this ringing tone that i have been hearing… I f----d her for 15mins and she began to convulse and held me tight and cummed and i cummed inside her bcos i was carried away by pressure. After the sex ,she laid on the floor and i went inside the bathroom and took my bath and came out and she was still lying on the floor. I told her to go and take her bath and she said that she was tired,that she will do it when she regain her strength. After like 30mins,she went and took her bath. I slept off and wokeup by 6am and mabel was still sleeping. Chai see dis girl oooooh,she dey naked sleep. . My dickson responded to that…. . I kissed her and she wokeup immediately and responded. I removed my boxer and inserted my dickson inside her p---y and a knock came to my door. who could be that knocking at my door in this early mornin? The knock came again ***
    Me: who is that? Voice: *** female voice *** is me igwe.
    Me:who? Voice: is me mabel *** i looked at mabel and our eyes met*** what!!!

    Episode 23

    What!!! I looked at mabel and our eyes met… I jumped from the bed and moved to the door to open it, i looked at mabel that was lying on the bed, but i could see her on the bed again. I hurriedly opened the door and saw mabel, standing in front of my door… I was scared to talk to her that moment. My mouth was widely opened and i was mopping at her like a morron. ***
    Mabel: goodmorning igwe… *** i was statued that moment, i couldn’t reply her*** igwe am talking to you,can’t you reply me?
    Me: *** with a scarly voice *** who are you?
    Mabel: what type of question is that? *** my mouth was wide open and tears rolled from my eye. I started to cry like a baby been deny a b----t to suck. She was asking me what the problem is but i couldn’t utter any word to her ***
    Mabel: is ok igwe…be a man and open up to me, remember, problem shared is problem solved.
    Me: God what have i done that warrant all this punishments?
    Mabel: let go inside the house. *** i was following her inside my room but was scared. When we go inside my room,i sat on the floor and she sat on the sofa. She looked straight into my eyes and i threw away my face in another place. ***
    Mabel: igwe what is the problem, why are you crying like a baby?
    Me: i hope you are real?
    Mabel: you sound strange. Yea am real.
    Me:when last did you came to my house?
    Mabel: that night, that my ex-boyfriend invaded us with his boys. What is the problem?
    Me: where have you been since then?
    Mabel:hmmm……. Its a long story my dear. You knw that night, that my ex-boyfriend attacked you with his boys, as he was dragging me to an unknwn area, unfortunately,we meet police and we all were arrested. I slept in the police cell that night. In the morning, DPO called us to his office,when we entered, he told us to sit on the floor and he started asking us some questions which i couldn’t remember. At last he labelled us a kidnappers,he said that a woman was kidnapped in that area in the evening of that day. I started pleading to the DPO to release me that i knw nothing about the kidnap but he said, that we will remain in their custody until the investigation will be over. My ex and his men couldn’t say anything to the DPO. They took us back to the cell. To sumarise everything, one evening like that,one policeman entered where we are and took my ex and his boys away. After like one week,DPO summoned me to his office and gave me my phone so that i will call my family for bail out… My dear that is how i came out ooo… Me : so you have been in the cell all this while?
    Mabel: yea,i was bailed yesterday so i decided to come around,to see you… You knw i have missed you alot *** tears rolled again from my eyes*** igwe why have you been crying? Tell me what the problem is.
    Me: could you believe that i have been sleeping with a ghost thinking that you are the one.
    Mabel: what do you mean by, you are sleeping with a ghost thinking am the one? *** i explained everything to her,and i even explained who is ogechi and how she has been appearing with a different girls i have met…. she was statued. After our discussion that morning, she left and i didn’t attend lecture that day. I decided to travel to ojoto’s villa as earlier discussed with clara. When i got there,i met only Clara in their compound and she welcomed me with a hug. She told me to come inside her room. I told her that we should be on our way to the hospital where ojoto was been admitted, that i didn’t want to waste time cos i will still go today. She said that we will go thereafter . She said that,she have something for me, that i should follow her…

    Episode 24

    Me:please stop that nonsense and take me to where ojoto was admitted.
    Clara: common igwe,why are you behaving abnormal?
    Me:please am not here for a suprise or for joke,please save my time and take me to where ojoto is been admitted.
    Clara: i haven’t prepare to go,follow me to my room
    Me: *** irritated *** gush! What have come over you Clara? I should follow you to your room,am i the one that will get you prepare? Go and prepare lets go.
    Clara: just to follow me to my room,you refused. Infact as you failed to comply,am not going anywhere till you agree to follow me…
    Me:*** i don’t want to follow her bcos she might lure me into having sex with her *** i don’t give a dame. . *** i left their compound,as i was going, she called me twice but i didn’t look back. I went down to their market square and saw one hospital nearby,i entered and asked about him but non of them gave me any reasonable answer so i left the hospital. I moved down small but i didn’t found any hospital again so i decided to go back to Clara to knw if she will finally take me there. As i was going back, i saw ojoto and his mother entering their compound. I was filled with happiness and i hurriedly ran to them. We exchanged pleasantries and thereafter when we reach their compound. Ojoto took me inside his room ***
    Me: guy when your sister called me,i was so shocked to hear such a thing. . How the thing carry happen naw?
    Ojoto: guy na ogechi again. She attacked me…
    Me: attacked you again? *** scared *** Jesus christ!!! What have we done to ogechi that she decided to trait us? *** after a long conversation between ojoto and i. ***
    Me: guy you don get yourself wella now… I will go back to school this evening oooo….
    Ojoto: go back to school? Its obvious that, there is no time. You can’t go today guy.
    Me: i have so many thing am doing, please i have to go so that i will finish it up ok…
    Ojoto: if you say so,no problem. Thank you so so much for your caring. They said, ” a friend in need is a friends indeed” i appreciate igwe,in my next generation,we wouldn’t only be a friend but brothers, not even ordinary brothers but twince in Jesus name!!
    Me: amen ooo! *** we all laughed. He called his mother to inform her that am going back. His mum entered with Clara and she frowned at me… *** Ojoto’s mum:thank you so much my son. I really like the way both of you unit. Go well and go will bless you and reward you abundantly.
    Me: amen oooo…. Mumy ka odi ka isi kwuo. *** i travelled back to the school. When i got home,i took my bath and i couldn’t cook anything bcos am so tired. My mind was running through different things. After for some time,i slept off and woke up early in the morning. After my domestic duties ,i then decided to go and see Cynthia concerning what we discussed about terminating her pregnancy. I got prepared and went to the hospital to search for her but i couldn’t see her… I asked some of her collegue and they said the same thing that”they haven’t seen her for the past 3 days” i decide to go and meet doctor since he knw me… When i got to the office door ,i knocked and he told me to come in. When i entered, we exchanged pleasantries ***
    Me:please doctor,do you knw Cynthia’s whereabout?
    Doctor: i haven’t seen her for past 3 day naw. Me : hmmm…. . Na waoh. .
    Doctor: have you called her on phone?
    Me:*** i didn’t even have her number bcos during the time i met her,i haven’t found my phone *** yes but its not going through.
    Doctor: but i thought you guys are living in the same area?
    Me: yea but i haven’t seen her for the past 3 days naw…. *** after Everything with the doctor,i left and met one lady and asked her about Cynthia and she equally told me that she haven’t seen her for the past 3 days. I asked her if she knew her location and she said yes and gave me the address. I went to the place that i was directed and met one lady and asked her about Cynthia and she said that she haven’t seen her for 3 days naw…. I left and went home straight. Chai! See what i have done to that innocent girl. Who knws where she will be naw?? God please help me to fine her,even if its not for any other thing but for the seek of our child. . As i was thinking about it,a knock came to my door. .
    Me: who is that? To be continue  

    Episode 25

    *** Who is that? I asked myself. The knock came again. I stoodup from the bed and went closer to the door. ***
    Me: who is that? Voice: is mabel
    Me: *** i breadth down and opened the door, waoh! she was looking so beautiful. I ushered her in ***
    Me: waoh!! What a suprise visit. Mabel : am sorry that i didn’t inform you before coming.
    Me: no problem baby,i have been expecting you… *** she moved closer to me and held my hands and looked straight to my eyes. I threw my eyes aside bcos i was feeling shy. She said to my ears” i have missed you alot igwe, i hope you also missed me. Yes i do baby,i replied. She moved her hands to my neck and grabbed it. She whispered to my ear” baby am here for you, lets have fun”. I was so scared bcos am thinking she might not be the real mabel. She started to caress me,my mind wasn’t at rest that moment she was caressing me. How will i knw if this girl na real mabel naw??? God please save me from this girl and i promise You, i will never indulge in sex again till i get married. She was busy moving her fingers around my body. After caressing me,she moved one of her finger, down to my navel and followed the hair that was from my pubic region down to my dickson. My dickson responded to the touch and stood erect instantly. She unzipped my trouser and broughtout my dickson and knelt down inbetween my legs. She started to rob it so hard and i was feeling the sensational touch by groaning. She robbed it for some minutes and paused. She held it with her two hands and was looking at it, as if two of them are communicating. ***
    Mabel:*** she touched the head *** i have really missed you,i hope you did the same. *** my dickson kicked up to 360 degree. She looked straight to my eyes *** igwe can i suck you?
    Me: no… *** i can’t hold myself anymore *** please unclad yourself.
    Mabel: *** she stoodup and removed her top, she unzipped her trouser,as she was trying to unhook her bra, i stoodup from the chair and held her hands ***
    Me: let me do that by myself *** i stood at her back and unhooked her bra and removed it and threw it aside. I also help her to remove her pant and she was unclad and i removed my trouser that she had already unzip when i was sitting down. I hugged her from the back and my erected dickson was busy looking for hole to enter. I turned her around and magnet my mouth on hers. We started with a hot kiss. After kissing,i pushed her on the chair and she jerked up immediately and said” baby we can’t do it” it sounds like a slap to my brain, we can’t do wetin?” i asked. She stood up from the chair i pushed her and started to run and i started pursuing her. We were running around the parlor naked and it was romantic,at a point she fell on the chair and i pounds on her without hesitating. I slide the head of my dickson inside her, she moaned softly. I started to move in and out of her slowly. At a point i started digging her so hard and she was shouting. I bleeped her for 15mins and we both cummed and i poured my c-m inside her… After the sex,we both took our bath together. She cooked noodles that we ate that nite. We slept off,when i wokeup from sleep in the morning, mabel was in the bathroom bathing and a strange number called me***
    Me:*** i pick up *** hello caller: *** female voice *** hello,am i speaking with igwe?
    Me: yes…. Who are you? Caller : how are you doing?
    Me: am doing great and you? Caller : am ok…
    Me: please don’t be offended, who are you and how did you get my number? Caller: i will answer your question but not today. Take good care of yourself. I love you… *** she ended the call ***
    Me: who could that be? Is it Cynthia?? No Cynthia doesn’t have my number. Is it Clara?? No this is not her number beside i know her voice. *** i was so confused, soon mabel came out from the bathroom, with my towel on her body ***
    Mabel: baby why is your face like this?
    Me:*** i faked a smile *** nothing baby……
    Mabel:hmmm…. So who called you? *** See gbege *** to be continue  

    Episode 26

    Mabel: so who called you? Me : i don’t knw who she is,i was asking her,who she is and where she got my number from but she refused to show her identity.
    Mabel:hmmm…. Na waoh! Are you sure she is not Ogechi again? Me : *** i breadth down *** i don’t knw oooo…. Am just scared.
    Mabel: baby you don’t have to be scared. You are a man,stand firm like a man and fight this battle once and for all,am solemly beside you… And i knw you must conquer at the end. Me : hmmm…. . Baby do you think it will be that easy?
    Mabel: it will be my dear….
    Me: remember it is a war against mortal and immortal.
    Mabel: i knw baby but take my word.
    Me: owk… *** she unfold the towel she worn and broughtout cream from her hand bag and started to rob it all over her body. My dickson sight her p---y and kicked up immediately. I used my left hand and pushed it in between my two legs and held it there. She noticed that am trying to conceal my erected dickson and she was looking at me ***
    Mabel: what is that?
    Me: what?
    Mabel:what is that you are struggling with inbetween your legs.
    Me: don’t mind my stubborn p—k.
    Mabel: *** she laughed *** igwe na waoh for you and this your p—k. Una no fit ignore girl p—sy and concentrate for matter wey dey on ground. .
    Me: no be my fault naw…. *** she sat on the chair with that her nakedness and she was applying cream on her legs and her p—sy opened widely. My p—k kicked up to 360 degree and became so hot like an over boiled hot water ***
    Mabel: bad boy. . Come and help me to rob this cream on my back joor. . *** i stoodup with my erected p—k and moved closer to her… As i was robbing her back with the cream,am equally romancing her back. At a point,i couldn’t hold myself anymore,so i moved my one hand down to her a$$, she vibrated and tapped me on my head and said,”bad boy”, i smiled and drow my mouth closer to hers and kissed her, she tapped me again. I pounds on her and started kissing her ***
    Mabel: igwe please stop,i don’t want to dirty myself. *** i don’t even give ears to what she was saying*** igwe please stop… *** i was still busy doing what i knw how to do best. I moved my one finger down to her lower region and started to manipulate it. . She left a soft moan and relaxed herself for me… I removed my boxer with one hand and the other hand was busy doing justice to her lower region. I inserted my dickson inside her and was digging her hard. After like 10mins of f-----g,we change style to woman ontop. We did that for 3mins and i pulled her down, i laid her on the floor and she departed her legs for me to have a full penetration. I entered her immediately and started to fire her… I f----d her for another 10mins and we both cummed. We went inside the bathroom and took our bath. We prepared noodles and ate that morning and she left to her house. . After her departure,my mum called me ***
    Me: hello mum. Mum: chigbogu nwa *** as she normally called me *** how are you?
    Me: mum am fine and you? Mum: am fine nwa mumy. So how is school and other things?
    Me: e no dey mum. Mum: e no easy my son. Its just a matter of time and effort. So be hardworking and i knw my God will see you through .
    Me: thank you mum. Mum: uwl… Please i want you to come home during weekend,we are having a family prayer. your uncle was the one that host the pray, so we had a meeting that every body should summon his/her children for it. . So plz you have to come back on Friday nite and join us,it is very important.
    Me: no problem mum,,,,i will come. *** we talked about so many things before she hanged up…. When i got to the village, chai! I can’t imagin what i saw!!! *** to be continue  

    Episode 27 (Final)

    *** when i droped the phone,i was very happy atleast i will use the opportunity to disclose ogechi’s matter to the man of God and knw if he will have a solution to it. . Since my staying in that school,i haven’t pray but that day was my first day i prayed. I prayed all i can and went out that day……. After the activities of the day,when i came back in the evening, i prepared egusi soup and ate. I decided to call ojoto to knw how he is doing. When i called him,he didn’t pick up, i tried it the second time and someone picked it ***
    Me: hello voice:*** female voice *** hello igwe,how are you doing?
    Me: am doing good. Please is ojoto not around? Voice: yes,any message for him?
    Me: not really but who are you? Voice: waoh! Igwe you have already forgotten my voice?
    Me: don’t mind me… Is it Clara his sister?
    Clara: yes….
    Me: how are you?
    Clara: am ok and you? Me : same dear…
    Clara:when are you coming to our house again?
    Me: i cant say maybe anytime i will have chance.
    Clara: i want to visit you on Friday,i hope you will be around then?
    Me: lemme call you through your phone so that we can discuss it well before ojoto will begin to suspect us if he get you on his phone. *** i hang up and switch off my phone…. . Na God go punish you and your generation accept ojoto and your parent. Idiot,you want to visit who?? That one na for your pocket. . I slept off that night. On Friday,mabel came to my house but she is not looking happy. I started asking her what’s the source of her unhappy mood but she couldn’t say anything to me. I persuaded her to tell me what the problem is. She then told me that, is like her grand mum is dead. She said that her dady summoned her to the village on Saturday. I asked her,how does she knw? She then told me that her father haven’t summon her the way he did. . I started consoling her with some encouraging words. I later told her that am going to the village that my mum asked me to come. After our long discussion that Friday, she told me that she want to go that i should see her off. I worn my niker and sliveless,as we were going ***
    Me: what are you going to bring for me when you come back from the village?
    Mabel: you first,what will you bring for me??
    Me: nothin oooo….
    Mabel:hmmm… Me too
    Me: when will you be back?
    Mabel: on Sunday. . What about you? Is like it will be on Monday morning.
    Mabel: don’t you have lectures on Monday???
    Me: i do but you knw i have missed my mum so much,i will like to stay with her just for two days.
    Mabel: is like you are mumy’s pet.
    Me: why not. *** when we got to one junction i told her,that i want to go back. She insist that i must follow her to her house, atleast if its not for any other thing but to knw where i live. . I followed her to her house,when we got there,her room was well decorated with a good odour that echoed the room. She offered me a soft drink and other things. She was so glad that evening. I was just feeding my eyes with the way she furnished her room. After everything,she told me to sleep over to her house but i refused. I went home that nite and slept off. I woke up in the morning and took my bath and park my few things and travelled to the village. When i got there,i saw my mum and other members of our family that came back with their wives and children. I decided to go and greet my uncle. You knw we are living on the same compound but our houses are different. When i got there and knocked,the first person that came out was mabel. What!!! Is my eyes deceiving me or what? I used my two hands to clean my face to knw if am dreaming or what. Mabel stood still as she was looking at me… Her father came out and i didn’t even knw bcos i lost my memory. Her father called me and i got myself immediately and greeted him,he responded and asked me,is like both of you have knwn each other before. Yes daddy. . replied mabel. After we finished exchanging pleasantries,i went straight to our house. . As we are waiting for the man of God to come, my mind wasn’t at rest. God why do you abandon me to be sleeping with my cousin sister? I have really committed a taboo that only God will cleanse. Soon the man of God arrived and we started with our prayer. We prayed for 3 hours and the man of God called me out… My heart skipped,i came out with boldness. The pastor told me that,the ghost that i have been sleeping with had a covenant with me when she is living with me but i didn’t knw,that’s why she has Been disturbing me from the spirit world. As he was praying for me,mabel rushed to where i was kneeling down crying and knee beside me and he prayed to both of us and washed our heads and hands with olive oil.
    THE END.

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