Story: The First Love

    Episode 1 – Pilot

    The one who introduced you to everything, made you love them, loved you back and
    also broke your heart.
    No matter how hurt you are, you will always love them, always. They will stay with you
    forever and not only will you notice it, but deep down you will compare every other
    person to them and none of them will live up because they were your first love.

    Even after months of letting go, when you finally think you are okay, they will call or
    you’ll hear your song, or see a movie, or something that reminds you of how much
    they meant and how much you really loved them.

    Then you will realize you’re not as completely over them as you hoped.
    Simi’s heart raced silently when Seye was called up to the front. From where she sat, a few
    rows to the front, she had a clear and close view of him. Dressed smartly in an admiral blue
    fitted two piece suit that agreed really well with his light skin tone, he looked even more good
    looking than she had imagined he would now.

    He was much taller about six feet six inches, his shoulders broad and he had bulked up in
    the right places. He wasn’t the lanky, skinny teenager anymore who she had grown up with,
    that was certain.

    His once dark and full curly afro was now tamed, closely cropped at the sides with finger
    length curls flopping forward in the centre. He even spotted a nicely trimmed beard and
    mustache carefully shaped to fit his chiseled facial structure.

    She remembered teasing him when they had been younger on how his looks were
    effeminate because he had taken after his German mother.

    As he turned to address the crowd of colleagues, his steely gray eyes roving through the
    crowd, she decided she had been wrong, he might have taken after his mom in looks but he
    was pure male.

    “He looks like a GQ model.” David, my colleague and close friend whispered to me and my
    other friend seated on my other side, Irene.

    Irene chuckled and I couldn’t help a small smile myself. Indeed, he did. He was all grown up
    now and his presence very commanding.

    I wonder what he would think of me if we met,rather, when we met. It was only a matter of
    time and I couldn’t hide from him for too long. He was here now, we would be working in the
    same company and it was inevitable that we would meet eventually.

    Did he remember? I wondered. Even though it had been ten years since we saw each other
    last, it felt like yesterday to me.

    We had been kids at the time, my parents working and living on his family’s estate. We had
    forged a friendship then that had led into much more before it had ended abruptly.

    That was then anyway, now we were both grown adults, I doubt what we were as teenagers
    mattered anymore. I had even heard he was presently engaged to a Victoria’s secret model.
    “You grew up in his house, Simi, were you two friends?” Dave asked me.

    I had not only grown up in his house, I had spent most of my time around him. We had
    attended the same secondary school, he had been two years ahead of me but that hadn’t
    stopped me from hanging around him any chance I got. I’d had it bad for him, and he had
    also reciprocated my feelings but that was then, ten years ago.

    “We were not that close.” I lied smoothly. What was the point in telling them we had been
    friends when he had probably forgotten my existence by now.

    I watched him as he spoke, his voice so deep, a slight hint of an accent, his hands gesturing
    as he spoke with so much conviction and his gray eyes scanning the crowd.

    “He sure is quite good looking, I’m quite sure the ladies are mentally taking numbers, what’s
    your number, Simi?” David joked

    I turned fixing him a ‘not funny’ glare and he chuckled.

    “He’s engaged, David.” I told him.

    “So? Engagements can be broken.” Irene chipped in.

    I raised a brow, ” You too, Irene?”

    “Can you see what I am seeing, girl? This guy is smoking, I have certainly taken a number.
    I’m flirting the first chance I get.”

    “Emmm, did you forget that you are engaged?” I asked her. ” Or were you playing when you
    told us this morning, you and Joel were picking wedding dates?”

    She.smiled with a concerned frown, “I am just joking…whats wrong with you today, you are
    so serious. You can’t take a simple joke.”

    I shook my head and turned back to look up at him, only for my gaze to meet his staring
    straight at me. He paused in his speech, then his lips quirked in a smile obviously meant for
    me and it seemed all time stopped. In that brief moment, it was me and him, no one else and
    I knew he remembered.

    My heart did a little skip just as he broke off our eye mooching. Turning, he continued with
    his speech.

    I released the breath I hadn’t known I had held on to for that short moment, wondering if
    anyone else had noticed? I didn’t have to wonder for long.

    “Erm, was it only me, or did you guys notice he just smiled at Simi?” David asked and Irene
    nodded turning to me.

    “Simi you said you didn’t know him.” Irene accused.

    “I said we were not close but he must have recognised me.” I said trying to dig an escape
    route from my lie.

    “Well, that didn’t look like a recognition smile.” Irene argued “right David?”
    “It certainly did not.” He agreed. “It was a smile of unspoken promises, past, present and

    Turning to him, I fixed him a stern stare. “Are you now a poet in your free time, David? Can
    you two just get off this thing already? The guy is engaged and he isn’t even my type. So two
    of you should just let me be and stop trying to fix me up with any guy you come across.”
    David and Irene exchanged glances before David spoke up. “There’s something wrong with
    you today Simi, normally you would be laughing at our jokes and not taking them so close to

    They were right. I wasn’t comfortable talking about.Seye this way, it belittled everything we
    had shared but my friends didn’t know about our past. I had to find a way to act without
    letting my emotions get the best of me before they would figure it out.

    In the meantime, I wondered why Seye had looked at me that way. I hated to admit it but like
    Dave had said, it had held a great deal of unspoken promises, past, present and future.

    Episode 2 – East African Victoria Secret Beauty

    “So what are we doing this weekend guys?” Irene asked as we sat at the table, our plates
    laden with an assortment of dishes from the buffet table.
    I was too nervous to eat for fear of bumping into Seye at the luncheon. I doubted I would eat
    up to half of what I had picked but I had to act normal and seem interested in the food before my friends suspected something amiss.
    I had a brief flashback of his smile and it still unsettled me, that smile definitely had an
    “Swimming?” David suggested, “It’s been awhile I saw you two in bathing suits.”
    “Sounds like fun,” I agreed.Turning to Irene, I asked, “Will Joel be coming along?”
    “No, he travelled out on business, so I have the coming week all to myself.”
    “David will you be bringing your spice of the week?” I teased him but instead of replying, he seemed caught up watching someone behind me.
    “David….” I called him following his gaze to look behind me, it was Seye and he was coming
    in my direction, a huge smile on his face.
    I got up from my seat just as he got to me but before I could speak, he grabbed me in an unexpected bear hug, lifting me off my feet.
    “Sim Sim,” he called me by my pet name he’d been so fond of when we were younger and I blushed knowing the whole staff were witnessing this. David and Irene would have a million and one questions running through their minds, how in the world would I explain this?

    “Hi Seye.” I said as he put me down on my feet, my voice low, aware of all the people staring.
    “I can’t believe I am seeing you again after all this time. It’s been ten years…wow and I must confess you look amazing, still so beautiful, more than I remember.”
    “Thanks Seye, you don’t look bad yourself.” I managed to mutter.
    “Oh please, you don’t have to say that…. I have been trying to reach you since I got back two weeks ago but they said you were on leave. I asked Sola to get your number but she claimed she was too busy and so I had to wait. Now I have found you finally. How have you been? How are your parents?” He asked me.
    “They are very good, they are in London now with Timi and her family.”
    “Oh Timi, I hear she’s married with lots of kids now?” I nodded,
    “Three boys.”
    “Wow. That’s awesome….how time flies.” He said idly brushing a stray tendril of my hair with his finger, he tucked it behind my ear.
    “And you? I don’t see a ring on your finger? Does that mean you are still on the market?” He winked slightly and I blushed, managing a shrug. Gosh, he was so good looking.
    “I’m so glad to see you again…we have lots of catching up to do.” He told me and he seemed serious about it.
    “I have to go around and mingle some more but first free chance I get, I am calling you up and we are gonna hang out, catch up, if that’s fine with you?” He asked his gray eyes holding mine and I nodded entranced by them.
    It’s fine.” I agreed.
    “Okay then.” He said turning around with a smile and wave at irene and Dave whose mouths  were ajar, before walking off.
    “Could you guys pick up your jaws from the floor?” I asked as I resumed my seat, a smile  playing on my lips.
    “What just happened? I thought you said you didn’t know him” David asked
    “I said we weren’t close.” I corrected them.
    “Okay, you still lied anyway because from what I just saw, you two must have had something  quite close going on before.” Irene countered     I shrugged, feigning concentration on my meal,
    “Well, we were sort of friends since my  family lived on his parent’s estate and worked for them. They even sponsored my schooling  till University, they were fond of me and he was cool to me. So I guess you could say we had  a sort of friendship going on.”     Irene and David exchanged looks before Irene spoke up.
    “You are hiding something Simi  and it’s glaring from the way you are trying to avoid the question, cornering and meandering  around an answer.”
    “Whatever.” I replied trying to seem nonchalant about it all.
    “Dont mind her Irene, you know how secretive she gets sometimes.”  Irene nodded
    “yeah… and she can be such a busy body when it comes to my matter.”
    “And even mine.” David agreed.     I couldn’t help my chuckle,
    ” You guys need to try harder with this your emotional blackmail  tactic because it’s not working.”
    “Well, you can keep hiding it but sooner or later, the whole story will come out.” David told  me and I looked up at him defiantly.
    “We’ll see.”
    I had just gotten into bed when my phone began to ring and I glanced at the clock. It was  12.34 am, who could be calling at an odd hour. I knew my friends had definitely dozed off by  this time.     I didn’t recognise the number on the screen when I picked.
    “Hey.” He replied.     I frowned, could it be? No way.
    “Seye?” I asked to be sure.
    “Yeah SimSim, it’s me…. hope I didn’t wake you up?”
    “No, not at all but I was just getting ready to sleep.” I replied.
    “Ok then I will be brief.” He said,
    “Can we hang out tomorrow if you haven’t got plans?”     He had said we would hang out when we met earlier today but calling me up so soon  was indeed a pleasant surprise.
    “Ummm…” I had something planned with Dave and Irene but I was so cancelling it
    “No, I  dont.”
    “Great, so can I pick you up at 9 am?”
    “Perfect,” I replied.
    “Okay then.” He said and I heard the smile in his voice. How had he even gotten my  number? I guess he had his ways.
    “Good night.” I said ending the call, falling back on my bed almost not believing, my hot  boss, former friend and first love had just called me and we were hanging out the next day.  Maybe I needn’t get so excited when it might just be a harmless meeting. He was engaged  and I seriously doubted he would leave that East African beauty for me so I had better  prepare myself for an innocent no strings attached date.
    Not that I was ugly, far from it. I was slim, five feet nine, caramel brown complexioned. A few  people had even insinuated I had a close resemblance with Agbani Darego and asked if I modelled. These days any slim female with smooth skin had to be a model.  The guys were crazy about models, and that was why Seye would not in a million years  leave his East African Victoria secret beauty for a lowly me. I would keep that in mind tomorrow on the date with him, still it felt good he had called me up  so soon

    Episode 3 – Twenty Bouquets Of Fresh Flowers

    I hurriedly put finishing touches to myself as Seye would be at my place in a few minutes, then I stood in front of the ceiling to floor length mirror checking myself out. My make up was done to perfection, my usually flowing long natural tresses were parked neatly in a bun atop my head.
    I remembered yesterday at the luncheon when Seye had casually tucked a strand of loose hair behind my ear. To me, It had been an intimate gesture but it had probably been nothing to him. We had been quite close before after all.
    Eyeing the sleeveless teal hip length chiffon blouse which I was wearing, in the mirror, I considered changing into a more form fitted top to fit the white figure hugging capris pants but decided against it as I loved the colour of the blouse.
    After what Seye had done this morning, I knew this wasn’t a casual date for us today so I wanted to look my best. I had woken up to my door bell ringing, opened it, only for me to be greeted with twenty bouquets of fresh flowers. It had been shocking and unexpected and I had known there would be something more to this date of ours.
    A guy didn’t send a girl that many flowers for no deeper reasons. Now my apartment smelt like a flower garden but I loved the gesture. He had called me soon after to ask if I had received the flowers and to confirm our date that morning. When I’d asked him where we were headed, so I’d dress appropriately, the only hint he’d given was to dress casually. Sitting on the edge of the couch, I slipped on the woven nude coloured ballerina flats. My phone began ringing, it was David. I picked it.
    “Hi Dave, you got my text?”
    “Yeah, I did Simi, it was quite impromptu though and I can’t help but ask what came up.”
    “Errr..yeah, I am hanging out with a friend.” I really wasn’t good with coming up with lies at such short notice.
    “Why not bring her over? We’d definitely love to meet your friend.” David assumed the friend was female. I decided to clear him of the notion as I wanted to be buried as shallow as possible in the lies.
    “Uhh, no, I haven’t seen him in a while and we have a lot of catching up to do so…it’s best we hang out alone.”
    “Hmmm…are you going on a date, Simi?” He asked. Trust him to put two and two together.
    “Sort of, but with an old friend.” I said still trying to sound light about it.
    “So how did you two reconnect?” He asked just as I heard a car horn outside my building. getting up I walked to the window and pulled back the blinds. A sleek black Tesla model S was parked in the driveway and I knew it was no one else but Seye.
    “I have to go now, he’s here.” I said hanging up before David could say another word. I rushed out of my bedroom through the living room and to the front door. Opening it, I saw he was just closing the door behind him. He looked so yummy in a grey polo neck t shirt, blue jeans and sneakers.
    He saw me in the doorway, smiled and came forward in my direction.
    “Hey SimSim.” He said looking sinfully sexy, his short curly hair more unruly than ever..
    “Hey yourself…” I said stepping into the veranda,  I was beaming brighter than a 100 watt bulb. He climbed up the short flight of stairs,to the veranda, his stone gray eyes regarding me intensely before his arms swooped me into a warm hug. I let him pull me close to him enjoying the hardness of his firm body and his musky scent.
    “Cozy compound you have here.” He said releasing me.
    “Thanks,” I replied knowing my two bedroom bungalow with its little cozy compound was no match for his palatial family estate in asokoro where he stayed.
    I led him into the living room and offered him a seat on the cream coloured  shaped sofa.
    “I love what you did with the flowers.” He said noticing how I had spread them about the apartment.
    “I remember your mother loved to tend the garden back then and you loved assisting.”
    “Yeah, I still do.” My cozy little compound could attest to that, the garden was neat and inviting. It was the envy of my friends.
    “Can I offer you anything.”
    “Yeah, an apology.” He said and I laughed.
    “For what?”
    “For losing contact all these years.”
    “I don’t think that was entirely my fault,” I said sitting down beside him on the sofa although keeping some distance between us.
    “Hmm, anyway none of that matters since we are here now. Are you set to go?”
    “Yeah,” I got up to grab the white Chanel flap purse I had earlier set on the centre stool. Wearing the chain strap across my shoulder, I said,
    “I’m set.” He got up,
    “I am curious to know where we are going though.”
    “You’ll see.” was his reply.

    Episode 4 – A Walk Down Memory Lane

    Fifteen minutes later when Seye parked his sleek car in the parking lot of the children’s park, I was pleasantly surprised once again. I laughed
    “Seye…I can’t believe you brought me to Fun Island!” I exclaimed.
    “Yeah, I knew you would least expect it but the place holds some dear memories for me….. for us and I wanted to see it again. I wanted us to walk down memory lane.” I smiled as I recalled.
    The last time we had been there had been the day before he had left the country. We’d had so much fun as it would be a while before we would see each other again. We had promised to keep in touch but fate had another plan for us.
    We lost contact immediately he had left as his sister hadn’t provided me with his number or e mail and all messages I sent to him through her had come back unreplied. Finally she had told me to forget her brother and just move on. Heartbroken, I had heeded her advice.
    My smile dimmed as I recollected the pain from the heartbreak that I had gone through for months. I doubted I was even over it now. Even though I’d had relationships since then, Seye had been the real love of my life as I had always thought about him, about what could have been between us.
    “Why Seye?” I asked, now curious as I turned to him.
    “Really, why are we here?” His face took on a serious expression now as he held my gaze.
    ” Because…the memory is still clear in my head….this is one of the happiest memories I can recall of us. We had many but this stands out…. It was the day before I left for the States…we’d had so much fun and we didn’t want the day to end, we didn’t want to go home….you remember?”
    “Yeah,” I nodded remembering my parents had disapproved staying out so late but I’d not wanted to leave him because it would be the last time.
    “I remember your glee when I let you win at mini golf after I had whooped your ass in all the arcade games.” He joked. I shook my head laughing as I remembered.
    “Hey, you didn’t let me, I won that game fair and square!”
    “Yeah right….you won cos I wanted to be a gentleman and let the lady win at some thing.”
    “Yeah right,” I rolled my eyes,
    “Mr. Gentleman.” He laughed
    “but I did beat you at every other game so one game doesn’t really count if you think about it. But you were so happy at beating me at something…I remember the look on your face when you jumped in glee when you made the final pot….if we hadn’t been in public, I would have kissed you then.” I stared at him speechless, vividly remembering that evening.
    A lot had happened that night, it had been the day she had first been with him.
    “But most importantly of all……” he leaned forward me, cupping my chin in his hand, his lips so close to mine, I thought he would kiss me.
    He continued “I remember what happened in my room after we got back…when you gave yourself to me…..that has got to be my all time best memory.” He sighed, leaving my chin and sitting back in his seat. I wish he had kissed me but he still had more to say as he continued.
    “I need to be really honest with you SimSim, I’ve had relationships but none was ever like what we had…I don’t know about you but for me, you were my first love and till now, my only true love.
    “What we had been real, innocent and true. Now when we live in a world where everything is faked, I think of you and know you are the realest person I know. I am still in love with you SimSim, I am still hopelessly in love with you like I was when I was eighteen.”
    “You are?” My voice was a whisper, I couldn’t believe all he had just said and my tummy was presently doing flip flops of joy. He nodded.
    “I am…and I hope you will have me back after ten long years, maybe this time we can make it work…that is if you are single of course.”
    “I thought you were engaged to that East African super model.” I said.
    “Yeah, we were but that’s broken now…we broke it off quietly to avoid the media and all the noise.”
    “Wow,” this was news to me. This had to be a dream, a very pleasant one.
    “You had no idea,did you?”
    “I certainly did not.” I shook my head, not even in my dreams had I conceived that Seye would come asking me back.
    “So..are you single?” He asked with a smile.
    “Yeah…very single.”
    “So does that mean you will give us another shot?” I nodded
    “Hell yes! ” “Seriously?” He asked and I nodded some more with a huge grin, I couldn’t believe this was happening.
    “I hadn’t planned on spilling so much so soon, I’d meant to take things slow but seeing you yesterday, my feelings came rushing in all at once and I just couldn’t help but tell you everything.”
    “It’s strange Seye, but I have also felt the same way all these years. I wondered what might have been if we hadn’t been separated…
    I’ve also had relationships but what we had, had always stuck out in my mind….. I am still in love with you Seye.” His eyes widened.
    “Yes.” I smiled holding his gaze, his gray eyes so beautiful, he was gorgeous and I wanted him to kiss me. As if reading my thoughts he leaned forward and I did also. Our lips met and I closed my eyes, I planned to savour it as his lips moved over mine sensually. Afraid that he might suddenly have to leave again. I broke the kiss, giving us some space, I said against his lips.
    “I can’t believe this is happening,it feels like a dream to me.” He smiled.
    “Its definitely real babe.”
    “It is.” “I missed you so much, my SimSim.”
    “I missed you also.” I said just as his mouth closed over mine again. It seemed we would do a lot of this before the day was over.

    Episode 5 – The Cryptic Message

    It was ten p.m when Seye dropped me back at home. We had spent the whole day out. After the fun park we had gone around town, touching different spots. We had talked, caught up, hugged, kissed and generally done things lovers did. It felt so good to have him back and I couldn’t hide my glee. It felt so good to be loved and I saw it in his eyes, he could barely take them off me all day.
    We were at my door, he’d walked me there.
    “I wish today didn’t have to end.” He said as he held my hand
    “Me too.” I wanted to ask him in but was wondering if that wouldn’t be too forward.
    “I have to work tomorrow but we can do dinner in the evening.”
    “Sure.” I said deciding to wait till our second date. before inviting him to spend the night. He pulled me closer and I willingly went, entranced by his eyes. His lips took mine and I melted like butter against him, Kissing him back, slowly, sensually.
    When he broke off the kiss, I sighed with a smile. I couldn’t wait for dinner the next evening because I was sure dessert would surely follow
    I had tried over ten different outfits but nothing seemed good enough for my dinner with Seye. The look I had in mind was sexy and alluring but in an innocent way but my gowns were either too sexy or too innocent.
    There was just one sleeveless knee length lace burgundy dress I had. it had a high neckline of transparent lace that hinted at my full burst, a fitted bodice that flared out at the waist and stopped just mid thigh showing off my straight long legs.
    The gown was okay but I wasn’t wowed by it. It would probably look better after I had accessorized and done my make up I decided. Maybe it wasn’t even the gown, maybe it was not good.enough for me because I wanted to over impress. I was still considering it when a call came in from Irene.
    “Hi girl.” I said in high spirits as I answered her call.
    “Wow, someone is surely feeling good today…. does it have anything to do with your mysterious reconnection with a friend from the past?” I trusted Dave to have told her everything, I decided to be a bit open about it.
    “Well, it does actually.”
    “Really? please gimme the full gist, please please.” She said excitedly.
    “I’m afraid, i can’t do that now, I have to get dressed for a dinner we’ll be having tonight and I plan to stun.” Irene laughed.
    “Go girl! Full gist tomorrow?”
    “Definitely.” I said hanging up the call noticing a text had come in from Seye. Curiously I opened it wondering what pleasant surprise he had for me again. Dinner cancelled. Busy. For some reason the message left me cold. He could have called me to cancel but instead he’d sent this cold and cryptic message.
    Come to think of it he hadn’t called all day, it was quite strange when one considered the day we had yesterday. Maybe I was over reacting like I usually did, I decided to give him a call to clear things up. Calling his number, I waited patiently till he picked on the third ring.
    “Simi.” He simply said and I knew, just the way he called my name I knew something had changed.
    “Hi babe,” I joked trying to lighten the air “I just got your text, not cryptic at all.”
    “Whats cryptic about it? The stiffness in his voice got me worried.
    “Did something happen? Are we good?”
    “Simi…” He sighed before going on
    “Let me just be plain with you, this is a bad time for me to start a relationship. I just came back into the country… I just took over the company, I’ve got a pile up of work to attend to. I can’t do this with you right now.”
    My mouth dropped, it felt as if my heart had suddenly been slammed with a huge mallet. There was something seriously wrong here, was it some sort of bad joke he was playing on me? I had a million questions I wanted to ask him because I knew his reason for quitting something we hadn’t even begun was total bull shit but I couldn’t bring myself to talk.
    Did he think I was a puppet whose feelings he pulled like strings? I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction by seeming desperate. Inhaling deeply to calm my nerves, I said a simple and quiet,
    “Okay, I understand.” Cutting the call, I dropped on the closest sofa my heart breaking all over again as I was confused as hell. What in the world had just happened?

    Episode 6 Penny For Your Thoughts

    I had almost called in sick to work the next morning but there was a meeting and my boss needed my presence there. I hadn’t slept well the night before, I had cried for most of the night until I had finally drifted off and then woken up with puffy eyes. I had applied so much concealer that my complexion was almost two shades too light. I knew I would run into him at the meeting but I promised I would suck it up, act like he hadn’t shredded my heart out a second time and be professional about it.
    I got down from my car which I’d just parked in the lot and made my way to the lobby as I saw Sola, Seye’s elder sister, also just arriving. She was also an executive in her father’s company, had never liked me and had never bothered to hide it.
    “Hey Simi, how have you been” she asked smiling at me. The smile looked real enough but I doubted it reached her heart.
    “Fine, thanks.” I replied quietly trying to walk ahead of her but she increased her steps to match mine.
    “Seye told me you guys hung out on saturday.”
    “Yeah, we did.” I replied
    “That’s nice. Catching up were you? After all these years…I’m sure if he wasn’t engaged to his Lizbet, you two might have been together.” Her words hit me so unexpectedly that I couldn’t hide my shock, my eyes widened as I looked at her and my mouth dropped open as she smiled knowing what she had done.
    “Those two are soul mates.” She added, walking ahead of me into the building. That lying bastard! I was furious, so it had all been a lie? Everything had been a bloody lie? Some how I found that quite hard to believe though, Seye had looked so honest when we had talked on Saturday. There was no way he could have been lying.
    Wait, had he just been stringing me along just to have an affair with me over here because his fiancee wasn’t available. Then he had changed his mind later for whatever reasons best known to him. Well, whatever what we had was dead and gone, I wouldn’t dwell on it anymore, I decided
    My mood was at an all time low for the whole of the day and it got David and Irene worried. They had both been casting furtive glances at me, asking me if there was anything wrong, to which I replied, nothing. We were at the meeting presently where my boss, the finance manager was giving a presentation. My mind was barely there as I wondered what Seye’s agenda had really been about.
    I had tried to move on from it but it had kept bugging me all day. I still couldnt believe Saturday had all been a lie, it just didn’t make any sense.
    “Penny for your thoughts?” David who was sitting beside me asked.
    “I’m not thinking about anything.” I whispered back.
    “Something has been on your mind all day and I don’t need to be psychic to see it.”
    “Well even if I wanted to tell you, it wouldn’t be here, would it?” I snapped raising my voice slightly, getting the attention of the other people in the room including Seye who glared at me disapprovingly. I looked away from him, gosh why did I still feel so much for him? Why did I still have feelings for him when he had wrenched my heart out a second time?
    “Immediately this meeting is over, we are going to have a serious talk, Simi. No more hiding things and no more beating about the bush.” David instructed, obviously tired of my strange attitude. I was tired too, I had to confide in my friends before I went crazy thinking about it all.
    With a sigh, I tried to get my mind off my issue and on to the meeting. I managed till the meeting ended not too long after.
    “You ready for lunch yet?” David asked as the crowd in the room dispersed.
    “I need to remind my boss to drop some stuff for Seye’s signature, I will meet you at the cafeteria.” I told him and he nodded. David left and I carried the documents over to my boss who was talking with someone.
    “Err…could you hand them over to him yourself? He asked me.”He knows what to do.” With that instruction and not waiting for my reply, he walked off still in discussion with the other man.
    I glanced at where Seye was seated, talking heatedly on the phone, this seemed like a bad time to see him but there was no other time. Judging from his furious expression, I didn’t want to be at the other end of that line. It seemed he was having a bad day also. When he was done with his call, I approached.
    “Hi, I..”
    “What!” He snapped as he turned to me. Quietly, without a word as I didn’t trust myself to speak without cautioning his rude attitude, i dropped the documents on the desk. He looked down at them,
    ” I will have it ready by the end of work today.” I nodded and was about leaving when he spoke up again.
    “And next time could you and your boyfriend comport yourselves better in the midst of office personnel?” I frowned, my boyfriend? I wondered. David? I would have corrected him but I was sure he didn’t really care to know David and I were just friends. I really didn’t like his attitude but I couldn’t tell him that, he was my boss and not the teenage love of my life anymore. So I turned and made my way down to the cafeteria where I was going to offload all my burden on my friends.

    Episode 7 – What Are Friends For

    “I don’t get it, why would he tell you all that and then abruptly break it off? Most men who want to cheat don’t bother with all that.” David said. I had just narrated everything to him and Irene and they were trying to make sense of it all. I had almost given up trying to understand it myself, only Seye knew why he had acted that way.
    “Wouldn’t you know since you are an expert cheat?” Irene sneered at David.
    “Hey, I don’t cheat…how can I cheat when I am not in a committed relationship but that’s not the point here. From the way you narrated it Simi, he seemed he wanted to begin a relationship with you….”
    “But he was still with his fiancee.” Irene supplied.
    “That’s the confusing part, could Sola be wrong? Maybe they were indeed broken up at the time…then sometime between they made up again?” David asked.
    “Can you even trust Sola?” Irene asked.
    “After All she has never masked her dislike for you…could she be lying?”
    “What does it matter anyway? He has cancelled whatever he wanted to begin with me..that fact is real.” I pointed.
    “That is why you need to confront him.” Irene advised.
    “You can’t keep killing yourself wondering what really happened. Give yourself closure, Simi.” I shook my head,
    “and seem desperate? Hell no!”
    “Simi, it’s not….”
    “Please Irene, I am not that type of girl, I’m too proud for that.” David sighed, taking my hand in his reassuringly,
    “I know exactly what you really need ….distraction…fun distraction and I think I know just the person.”
    “You can’t be serious Dave, she is heart broken.”
    “Yeah, I know, duh? And she needs to get her mind off Mr. Hotness and another Mr. Hotness will do the trick…. You remember Franklin?” Despite my damp mood, I had to smile. Franklin was one of David’s friends, I had known him for a few years now but we were not close. He never missed a chance to ask me out on a date any time we meet but I always declined.
    Like Seye, he was also biracial, his mother Caucasian while his father Nigerian and he was really good looking but I had never really felt much of a spark toward him and I wasn’t sure why. Irene scoffed
    “So you just want to replace one half cast with another? Is that your brilliant plan, Dave?”
    “Do you have any better ones?”
    “Guys, guys, please lets not argue. I agree with Dave, I need anything to keep my mind off Seye….even Franklin will do.” David beamed,
    “Franklin will be so happy to hear it, the guy is always on about you all the time, I don’t even get it.” Why wouldnt he be?” Irene asked.
    “She’s hotter than any East African Victoria’s secret model.” She said with a wink and I couldn’t help but laugh.
    “Thanks a lot guys, I don’t know what I would have done without you.” I said managing a smile. With these guys I knew I could get through anything.
    “That’s what we’re here for, each other.” Irene smiled.

    Episode 8 Curse Of Fhe First Love

    Dinner with Franklin was turning out really well. He was the perfect host, witty, very good with conversation, he made me laugh so much I almost forgot my pain. He was also very good to look at, unlike Seye’s boyish curls,
    Franklyn’s was dark and cropped really low, he had soft brown eyes where Seye’s were a piercing gray. I had found myself doing a lot of comparison between the both of them, like how Franklyn was taller and his complexion lighter. I knew it wasn’t right but I couldn’t seem to help it. I guess that was the curse of the first love, you always compared every other person to them and they always didn’t match up.
    Well, I was done with that, this time I planned to do things differently and that’s why I had come out to this date, looking as stunning as I could, trying to cast Seye’s demons out of my mind.
    I had worn the burgundy dress which I had picked out for Seye’s dinner date that had never happened. When I recalled how Franklin’s eyes had sparkled when he’d arrived at my front door to pick me up, I knew I had chosen the right dress. If only it had been Seye’s eyes appreciating me that way.
    I almost groaned mentally, I seriously needed to get Seye and everything about him out of my head. I couldn’t be with him and the sooner I moved on from it the better for me. We were just into our main course when he asked,
    “how do you manage to look even more beautiful everytime I see you?” I shook my head, smiling at the obvious flattery because I knew I didn’t really look my best even though the make up tried to cover it.
    “You flatter me too much, Frank….. but thanks anyway.”
    “I’m serious.” He said.
    “I just wish I could make you feel something for me like the way I feel for you.” I looked up, our gazes meeting, it was because of that bloody curse of the first love. That was why I felt nothing for him. He was a great guy but unlike Seye, whose gaze sent sparks through me, I just felt nothing for Frank.
    Aside from the curse, I also had to wonder if I was subconsciously transferring my anger towards my biracial exboyfriend onto another biracial admirer. Making me unknowingly shut my heart to him, could that be a possibility?
    “I don’t know Frank, I can’t force myself, you know? I do like you….maybe, I could like you more if I got to know you more?” I asked, I would try this differently, who knew, I might end up falling for the guy. He raised a brow, surprised.
    “Yeah, I would like for you to keep an open mind…. previously, you shut down every advance I made towards you. What has changed?”
    “I just want to try new things and leave old things behind.”I said with a smile. Franklin smiled too, he was gorgeous but I still felt nothing. Give it some time, I told myself.
    “I hope you don’t share Dave’s penchant for a new spice of the week…because that a deal breaker.” I suddenly added drawing a chuckle from him.
    “You are something else, you know?” he asked and I could see so much admiration in his eyes.
    No, I dont share that with him, he is solely on his own in that regard.” He reached across the table, placing his hand over mine, caressing it tenderly he said,
    “You can trust me.” I nodded and had just began to say
    ”I would,” when I saw Seye walk into the restaurant. Our gazes met and held, his piercing eyes burning into mine. He was followed closely behind by a stunning lady dressed in a bodycon silver dress that made my burgundy one feel like a Nun’s habit.
    Exquisitely curved in the right places, the gown accentuated every asset of hers. Her long flowy blonde hair complimented her skin tone and I couldn’t help but feel a deep stab of jealousy.
    “Are you okay?” Franklin asked, aiding me break the trance Seye had held me bound by.
    “Errr… I’m not sure.”
    “Is it the food?” He asked.
    “No, it’s not but don’t worry I’ll be fine.” I told him. My eyes wandering back to where Seye was now seated with his conquest only for our gazes to clash once again. He had chosen a seat that put me right in his line of vision and vise versa. His stare made me uneasy.
    The lady he was with was talking so animatedly but he was ignoring her and staring at me. I couldn’t read his gaze but something told me he wasn’t pleased seeing me there and I wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t like I owed him an allegiance, so why was he trying to make me feel bad having dinner with someone else.
    Franklin followed my line of sight and saw Seye, he looked back at me and asked,
    “Is that him?” I frowned turning to Frank and forgetting Seye for a second,
    “him, who?” Franklin shrugged.
    “The supposed love of your life who broke your heart for a second time!”
    “David told you!” I shrieked.
    “That leaky mouthed…. I’m going to skin him the next time I see him.” Franklin chuckled at my theatrics, he didn’t know I was really serious.
    “It’s more like I pried it out of him… I just wanted to know why you suddenly decided to spend time with me.”
    “Oh my gosh, I feel so embarrassed.” He must wonder at what a user I was, using him to get my mind off Seye.
    “Don’t be please, that guy doesn’t know what a rare gem he’s cast aside. You are hot, intelligent, even tempered, gentle, quiet and so beautiful…. the list is.endless. I see you for who you are, if he can’t see that then it’s his loss.” I smiled, why couldn’t I fall in love with Franklin right this second, I wondered…but maybe I could in time.
    “You are something yourself Frank…you are selfless, I know you are doing this for me and not for yourself…you knew I was using you as a distraction and yet you agreed?” He shrugged.
    “I can only but hope that you would feel something for me in due time.” I smiled, sneaking my hand over the table to squeeze his hand affectionately. For some reason, I felt Seye’s disapproving stare on me and looked toward his table to see he wasn’t pleased at all with my display of affection.
    “If he is making you uncomfortable, we could leave.” Frank offered
    “No,’s okay really.” I wouldn’t give Seye the satisfaction. I just needed sometime to get myself together and I would be fine.
    “Please excuse me for a bit.” I got up and he did also courteously, “I need to use the ladies, I will just be a moment.” I promised and he nodded. I left the hall, ignoring Seye even though I felt his gaze trail me all the way, till I was out of the room

    Episode 9 – A Cheap Flirt

    I left the hall, ignoring Seye even though I felt his gaze trail me all the way, till I was out of the room.
    I was done in about six minutes having collected myself, reapplied my dark red lipstick and powdered my nose. I now felt brave enough to face Seye’s unsettling stares. Stepping out of the ladies, I stopped in my tracks as I saw him, standing there right outside the door. I was speechless, not sure what to say especially as he looked seriously displeased.
    “Who’s that you’re with?” Were his first words, spoken so harshly as he stared down at me, pointing in the direction of the restaurant. Finally I lost my patience with him he couldn’t keep doing this..bullying me this way. He had no right to speak to me like this when he had no hold over me.
    “How is that your concern?” I snapped.” What is your problem really Seye? You have no hold over me so who I decide to see is really none of your business!”
    “Did you bring him here just to spite me, to make me jealous? I am sure you got the information that I would be here in the evening and that was why you came here with a biracial man like me, just to spite me.” I had to laugh at his crazy insinuation.
    “Are you hearing yourself? You sound crazy!”
    “Is this who you really are now? Is this what you are, a cheap flirt? Flirting with whoever shows an interest in you? At the office, you and your boyfriend are almost inseparable, just a few days back you were saying how you missed me, how I was your one true love and now you peddle another guy in front of me like you are some cheap tart!”
    On hearing that word, my heart crumbled and I lost it. I wanted to lash out at him, I wanted to make him hurt but I didn’t know how. His words had twisted my heart, twisted it all up.
    “I don’t know why I love you, Seye….even after you have let me down twice. I’m such a fool but thanks for letting me know what you think of me. I needed to hear all that to harden my heart towards you, now I know I can move on because I see that you never knew me, ever at all.” Without waiting for his reply, I brushed past him quickly. I needed to get Franklin to take me home before I made a fool of myself here in the restaurant. Seye had succeeded in totally ruining my evening.
    As soon as I bid a disappointed Franklyn goodnight, I took off my shoes and clothes. Shrugging on a short silk dressing gown, I grabbed a bowl of ice cream from the refrigerator and crept into bed hoping an overdose of sugar would make me feel better.
    Seye was such an ass, how could he think so less of me, much more say those things to me. How could he even accuse me of such when he was the one who had intended on cheating on his supermodel fiancee with me! He was the one who had toyed with my heart two times for crying out loud and he still had the gall to accuse me falsely.
    It hurt real bad that he could think of me so lowly. He of all people should know who I really was. My childhood and teenage years had been spent in his home. We practically grew up together. We had been so inseparable, his parents had jokingly referred to me as their daughter in law. I had given myself to him in my teens but he had forgotten me as soon as he had left.
    I had been prepared to look past all that and start all over but again he had ripped my heart to pieces a bloody second time. I cursed myself for being in love with the wrong guy. He just wasn’t worth it, he wasn’t worth me. I had just turned on the television hoping to watch something crappy that would send me to sleep when my doorbell rang. I groaned, who could it be? I wasn’t in the mood for visitors right now.
    I trudged lazily to the door, hoping to find out who it was and what they wanted before I put my clothes back on but the doorbell rang more insistently and I had to yell.
    “Who’s that?”
    “Open up, Simi.” I stopped in my tracks, shocked, it was Seye. What in hell did he want?

    Episode 10 [Final] Acting Like A Prostitute

     “Who’s that?”
    “Open up, Simi.” I stopped in my tracks, shocked, t was Seye. What in hell did he want?
    ”Did you come here to conclude your insults? Go home Seye, because I sure am not letting you in.”
    “Simi, please just open up so we can talk…or if you don’t mind your neighbors listening in our conversation then I really don’t mind speaking from here.” With a sigh, I turned the locks and opened the door, stepping aside so he could come in. His suit jacket and tie were off now and he had folded his sleeves to his forearms.
    “What do you want to talk about Seye? Just come out with it really fast, I need to go to sleep.” I said leading the way into the living room. Before I could make it there, Seye’s hands grabbed on to my waist pulling him back to him, he wrapped his arms around me, his lips grazing the curve of my neck. The suddenness of it all left me in shock for a few seconds. I stiffened up asking
    ”what are you doing, Seye?”
    ”I really don’t know what I’m doing, Simi….what I do know is that I want you so bad….. even though I know what you do, I still want you so much.” I frowned stepping away from him, he let me go. What was he talking about? I turned to face him and saw that he didn’t look good, he was troubled and it showed on his face.
    His eyes were sad and I wondered what could be wrong. I meant to ask but he spoke up before I could.
    ”Dump them.” He said, ” dump them all, I don’t care anymore if you’re just in it for the money, I don’t give a damn, just leave them and be with me. Only me, name your price and I will give you anything. Just be with me, please. I know you have feelings for me, you said so yourself tonight and I know I can’t be without you so leave what you do and be with only me. I will give anything just to have you and for this ache in my heart to stop, please.”Now I was seriously confused.
    ”What are you talking about, Seye? I am really confused right now. I should leave who?”
    “Don’t play me for a fool Simi, you know what I am talking about. I am asking you to leave all the men you are with.” My jaw dropped.
    “Yes, like the one of tonight and then your office boyfriend…. I don’t care how many they are, just leave them all for me, I will give you ten times whatever they are offering.” I shook my head unbelievably
    “Where did you get this crazy idea that I have boyfriends all over the place?”  He shrugged,
    “it wasn’t hard to deduce, you accepted a relationship with me when you already had your boyfriend from the office and now tonight I saw you affectionately smiling and holding another one. So I….”
    “So you assumed that I am what…a hooker? And now you are offering me money to be with you because I would go to the highest bidder, is that it, Seye? freaking believable.”
    ” What? Did I get something wrong?” I shook my head wondering how he could have conceived such an unbelievable story in his head and then I suddenly bursting into laughter because it actually appeared quite funny. Seye frowned looking more confused.
    “Is it funny? What, am I now a joke or what?”
    “No, no,” I shook my head.
    “I’m just trying to imagine myself how you just described…you know, like the man eating prostitute.”
    “Are you saying…you’re not one?” I burst into more laughter.
    ” Come on Seye, really?”
    “I am confused, I don’t know what to believe anymore.” He said, throwing his hands up in exasperation. I managed to stop laughing, but I couldn’t help the smile still on my lips.
    “Who told you David was my office boyfriend?”
    “Sola said he was, that you two were always together and well known as the best couple in the office.” I burst into another fit of chuckles.
    “What’s funny about that?” He asked again.
    “Oh gosh, your sister is a piece of work, Seye. She crafts her lies so expertly doesn’t she?”
    “So you are saying he isn’t your lover?”
    “Of course not! We are just good friends.”
    “Okay, how about the guy of tonight? The one you brought to the restaurant to taunt me.”
    “Oh please, don’t flatter yourself as if the world revolves around you. I would have changed restaurants if I had known you would be there. I told him.  Franklyn is Dave’s friend, I needed an evening without you in my head and so I asked him out on a date which you ruined anyway.”
    “Yeah, I’m not sorry I ruined it…but I am sorry of the hurtful things I said to you back there. I was really angry….I had misunderstood everything thanks to Sola, she will get hers from me.”
    “I guess she was probably lying when she told me you were still engaged to the super model.” I said
    “She told you that?” His eyes went wide in surprise. I nodded.
    “Gosh, what is wrong with her? No wonder she was seriously trying to fix me up with some of her friends.”
    “Like the one at the restaurant?”
    “No, Vanessa is an old college mate, that had been a simple, innocent dinner. We are just friends and she was meeting me briefly before heading out to something with her fiancĂ©.”
    “Oh.” I simply said feeling much relieved that the bombshell had a fiancĂ© and wasn’t looking to latch on with Seye.
    “So you are serious that you’re not seeing anyone?” He asked, looking at me, his eyes now soft and pleading.
    ” I am not seeing one, much more three.” I replied.
    “Goodness, I am going to skin that sister of mine for coming between us like this.”
    “Yeah, I suspect it wouldn’t be the first time either.”
    “Wait..what? You mean when I left years back, she did the same thing?” I shrugged
    ” I doubt you received any of the messages I sent, did you?”
    “She told me you didn’t send any, probably because your new boyfriend was taking all your time. My heart broke on hearing that but I couldn’t blame you. I believed you deserved someone who could be there with you instead of putting your hopes on someone who wasn’t sure when he would be back.” I smiled
    “I would have waited till infinity for you…. Just a phone call from you would keep me for months but she told me you had moved on and I should do the same.” He sighed, pulling me back against him, it felt so good to hold him like this, I had missed it.
    “I can’t believe Sola did this. Kept us apart all this time, she’s going to get it from me.”
    “Somehow I don’t believe she will back off so easily.”
    “Oh, she will, I know just what to say to her….. I’m so sorry, SimSim, gosh I feel like an ass bad when I recollect how I acted towards you and all the things I said. How could I have even believed or conceived that you were that way? After all the years we spent together, we grew up together for crying out loud and I just …..
    ” I could feel the guilt eating him up, I pulled back from him, took his hands in mine.
    “It’s okay Seye, seriously, I forgive you… It’s even quite funny to me when I think about it. Let’s just move on from it, and be glad we found each other again, can you do that ?” He looked down at me, his gray eyes crinkling at the sides, gone was that troubled look, he looked quite happy.
    “I love you Simi and I am quite sure I will love you for the rest of my life and nothing anyone says about you can change it. No one else comes close to you, never have and never will.” It felt so good hearing that from him, if my heart could, it would literally sing joyfully right now.
    “I love you too Seye Savage, always have and always will. No one else comes close, never have and never will.” We sealed our promises in a searing kiss as Seye pulled me closer against him. I felt really good and lucky to have my first love back and something told me that this time, he was back for keeps.
    “So…what do you have underneath that dressing gown by the way?” He asked against my lips as we kissed.
    “Why don’t you come find out.” I replied mischievously.
    THE END.

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