Story: Foolish Love

    Part 1

    Silly me ! What was I thinking? How could I have  honestly  built those gorgeous flats on a piece of land which bears my husband's name? Were the thoughts lingering in my head when the judge annulled our marriage and named my husband as the owner of the properties. It couldn't just be,there were my properties built from the inheritance given to me by my parents..
     I grew up as a rich man's daughter and I never lacked in anything.After I completed my Grade 12,I started working in my parents company which was doing fairly good.My Mother would encourage me to go to college but I never saw the need,coz I was already making good money.I was in high spirits and never understood what poverty was.I even used to get irritated when some of the workers would come to ask for salary advance . A year later,a young man came to our company trying to inquire for something,I answered him rudely and in return he told me they also had a company just like us,though they treated everybody fairly! I felt bad and that's how I changed my attitude for the better.We eventually started going out and were head over heels in love with eachother .Seven months on,his parents sent him abroad to go and study medicine.We actually brought our families together and before Jordan left we had an engagement party.I was really sad when he left but the consolation was,his family always came to see me and he also wrote to me and called on a daily basis...
    One friday evening,two weeks after Jordan had left my friends and I decided to go out.They wanted to go and cheer me up coz I was really sad.At first,I wasn't for the idea but when we reached the disco I was really having fun.At the dance floor I met Mark.He was scruffy but well built.He came straight to where I was and asked if I could honour him with a dance and I said ''NO''.I showed him my ring and he laughed and asked where my fiance was when I was all alone there,I told him he was out of the country.He laughed mockingly and said''just the way you are here having a nice time he could probably be doing the same,so my dear lets just have fun''
    All my other three friends were also hooked  with some guys..We really had a nice time but after mid night I asked the girls that it was high time we went back home.We never exchanged any contacts with Mark but was surprised one monday morning a week after we met,he came to my work place.He met my mother and asked about me,hence mum  thought that maybe he was looking for employment as a ´garden boy or something related in that area.Mum came to my office and started telling me that there was a thuggish and scruffy young man looking for me.When I got out ,it was Mark,I was really furious and asked him, what he wanted from me and that I didn't remember giving him my address.He told me that I mentioned my parents Company as we were talking that evening at the disco and that's how he took note! He was honest with me and told me that he was a Grade 9 drop out but was running his family's businesses.Slowly I started falling for him and by the time I realised,we were even having sex.The sex made me love him even more,he was really good at it compared to Jordan.I however,hid the relationship from everybody until my mum found me with a pregnancy test kit...
      My Mother was disturbed when she found the pregnancy test kit. She was really confused because if the pregnancy was for Jordan the baby would already have been born . It had been 10 months since he left. "Deborah ,Deborah" could you come here for a second she called me" What are you doing with this? she asked me...I answered she didn't need to worry about anything moreover,I wasn't seeing any man besides Jordan who was very far away .She told me she was worried and didn't want me to do anything silly that could destroy the wonderful friendship that existed between Jordan's mum and her.''Deborah I am not convinced,on our way from Mandahill we shall pass through the clinic so that they could check if you are pregnant '' I was scared inside,eventhough I said ''OK'' it was fine with me.When we reached shoprite and I came up with a plan and told my mum that I had started my periods and needed to get some pads.We got some pads and thats how I dashed to the toilet.She looked relieved and told me there was no need to go to the clinic then..

    Part 2

    The days that followed I was feverish and couldn't go for work.Jordan's mum came to see me and assured me that everything was going to be fine,there was just an outbreak of malaria.However,deep down my heart I knew the truth,I was six weeks pregnant !I told myself I was not going to abort no matter what.I told Mark about it and he looked very scared.I think mum was suspicious and that's how she came to my bedroom and started demanding for the truth...fine she said,tomorrow first thing in the morning I will take you to this nearby chinese clinic.Little did I know that mum was secretly investigating me and knew all about Mark.She asked what the relationship between Mark and I was,and I told her he was just a friend.She told me to cut it at once and didn't want him near me or the company..Deborah 'this is so disappointing,how could you surely go and pick a Kaponya Grade nine drop out who roams Katondo Street with stolen phones to make a living? Men like Jordan are a rare gem she screemed...
    I told my mum I was 20 and an adult who had the right to do whatever pleased me.Not under her roof she said,I told her I was going to move out of her house so that I could have the freedom I deserved.Mum refused and told me I was her only daughter and will only leave the house after I got married to Jordan ...
    Morning came and that's how we went to the clinic,the doctor told me I had some malaria but was not pregnant.I was confused because I was very sure I was.I was given two tablets which I drunk immediately and an injection.When we reached home,I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and there I was bleeding quite profusely.Mum looked at me and said, I am sorry I doubted you but now I know you are not pregnant'' .Mum could have connived with the Doctor,so that my pregnancy could be terminated because while at the clinic after the tests were done,they spoke at length with each other.Later that day,Jordan called to let me know that he would be coming in the next two weeks.Instead of being happy,I started crying pretending to be tears of joy but it wasn't.I wished the days could drag because I wasn't ready to face Jordan and somehow my feelings for him were gone.
     I told Mark about Jordan's coming and he said he was going to play it cool the whole time he would be around.He didn't want to cause confusions as  our relationship was still under the bridge and only known to the two of us!
     The day Jordan came, his parents picked me up from home.He was really excited to see me and on the contrary I wasn't. When we got home he asked why I seemed abit different, was it the absence making the heart grow fonder or was it the out of sight out of mind? Then without hesitation I answered of course it's the out of sight thing "Then from the blues he asked if I was seeing another man and as if it was a joke I said Yes"He begged and told me that if I was seeing somebody else besides him,I needed to put a stop to it immediately .I felt sorry for him ,I hugged him and told him he was the only man in my Life.We were back to the '' it '' couple and we really had a wonderful time until,Jordan left. I felt sad and happy at the same time because I was going to continue with Mark...
    Four months after Jordan had left,his brother found Mark and I in a compromising situation,thats how he told his parents about it.My parents were informed and they were really furious but I was tired of hiding and I brutally told them the truth.I told them I couldn't marry Jordan for reasons best known to myself and that it was best I broke up the engagement than continue leading him on.I told them 7 years was too long a period to wait for someone,who was worlds apart.Who knows he could also get tired because of the distance and look for someone else,I whispered ! My parents were lost for words and told me that if I planned marrying Mark then I should forget all about my inheritance and should find work somewhere else.They said Mark was so filthy to stand!

    Part 3

    The news about Mark and I dating spread like fire in my father's Company and everybody made fun out of it ! A few days later my father came to my office and made a proposition that its high time I went to school (abroad) and he was going to provide whatever I needed.I told him I needed to think about it and my best friend encouraged me to go. I wrote to to Jordan that I would be going to school and he was really happy about it.I also told him that I was breaking the engagement because I didn't love him,Jordan cried and could not believe his ears! I went to school but my concentration was very low.Jordan and I were continents apart but he came to see me the first week I arrived so that he could hear about the break up face to face.I told him I meant every word I said and it would be best if he looked for another girl.He was devastated and told me he loved me with every part of his body but would not force me to stick by him,if I felt nothing for him! The following day,he went back and that was the close of the chapter between Jordan and I.We would of course greet eachother through text mesages but nothing serious.However,Mark and I kept contacts and after a year during summer vacations I came back home.Mark and I were like a phone and it's sim card,it was a two months holiday and within that time I became pregnant and no one knew about it. I went back to school but was very sickly the few months that followed,that's how I just packed my bags and came back home. My parents were really disappointed that I quit school.Few days later,I told my mother the real reason why I couldn't continue with school .I told her I was 4 and half months pregnant,I was going to keep it and marry the father of my baby! My mother informed my father about it and thats how they called Mark's family and gave consent that we should marry.My mother prepared for a kitchen party real quick before my pregnancy could start showing.The kitchen party was very colourful and I received a lot of gifts to enable me start a kitchen.I didn't want a wedding so we married the same day I had my kitchen party.My parents gave us a bedsitter in the compound where some of his workers were accomodated .Life started becoming tough and we entirely depended on my parents for survival.After I gave birth to our baby girl things were never the same.Mark started keeping late nights and whenever I questioned him,he would beat me bad kind.I loved Mark and was willing to sacrifice anything for him.When my daughter was six months,I went back to work at my parent's Company and one of the workers was asked to take care of my baby.She was still paid by my parents and she really did a good job with my daughter.One friday morning around 10,I went back home because I had forgotten to pump the milk for my baby so my breasts were dripping like crazy.When I entered our small house I heard noises,only to find my husband Mark on top of Aunt Linda like a starved Lion...That's how Aunt Linda run away almost naked.My husband got furious and asked me why I was snooping on him coz I usually called whenever I went back home.I was lost for words,instead of being apologetic,I looked as if I was the one in the wrong.That day my husband beat me and I had to work up from the hospital.Mark's parent felt bad and told him that he behaved like an animal instead of acknowledging that he was in the wrong .That day my mother talked,you see Deborah what you have landed yourself in to? You leave a proper man for a useless Jobless Kaponya,and as if that's not enough you quit school,
    anyway you will fight your battles''
    I stayed at my parent's house for two weeks,I felt hopeless and there was no turning back,Jordan would never take me back.He was a gentleman and loved me for real,I really regretted my decision big time!When I went back, my husband tried to play good man but I just felt he was pretending.Whenever I got paid,I would give three quarters of my salary to him so that atleast he could buy some groceries and show everybody in the compound that he was doing something as well.Sometimes,I went to the extent of stealing money from my parents and gave it to Mark,so that atleast he could establish himself but to no avail ! When our daughter was 3,he again beat me like crazy because I didn't woke up to serve him dinner when he came from his errands around 03.The following day I told my parents and his as well,what transparred and my brothers were very furious and that's how they threw him out.They blasted him,''our sister feeds,keeps you and literally does everything for you and you have the guts to beat her?,hell no we are not going to accept this street  behaviour''.I was so tired of going back and forth through the same procedure,hence I had to tell Mark that I needed a divorce and he consented to it.

    Part 4

    After we divorced Mark went to live with his parents.Everything went back to normal and I dated a few other men afterwards,which couldn't bear productive fruits.Few years past and Jordan finished his medicine while I just lingered around my parents Company with no vital papers whatsoever besides my grade 12 certificate.Jordan called me one afternoon and said he heard what happened to me and was so sorry.He told me he wanted to take me out for lunch that Friday and I gladly said yes,hoping to rekindle the old flames.I was the first one to arrive at the restaurant he proposed for us to meet.A few minutes later, there he was looking elegant with a young beautiful lady by his side.I rubbed my eyes thinking maybe I was just dreaming,alas! I wasn't.They reached where I sat,I stood up and we hugged,then he introduced the young woman as his fiance and that she was also a doctor.Their wedding was scheduled in two months.Jordan went on to say that he invited me so that he could put me on his wedding line up.I was so confused I didn't know what to say and then I gathered up the courage and said'' I am so busy lately but I will let you know'' Luckly I was served by a phone call from my friend Mervis and that's how I excused myself and left.That night I cried and told myself to forge ahead as I brought up all this upon myself.Jordan's wedding past and it was the talk of the neighbourhood.My parents were also in attendance.Mark started dating an accountant whom he later married and they had a son together.
    Some years later,My parent's company started falling apart and they decided to sell it though not almost immediately.In the name of coming to see his daughter,Mark and I secretly started seeing eachother again.I told him about my plans of building some flats after my parents sold the company.Henceforth, I was looking for a big plot and he told me he owned one which the sister bought for him and he was planning to sell it.The following day he came with  papers (title deeds) bearing his name and we even went to see the plot that afternoon.I was satisfied with what I saw and I told Mark,I was going to buy it once my share was given.In no time,Mark became so good and our relationship was back on track.When his accountant wife found out about us,we had a big fight and that's how they separated and later divorced.I fell pregnant with twins,so that's how Mark suggested we remarry so that we can raise the children together.My parents and relatives warned me that Mark was no good for me and I was putting myself in more problems but I gave it a deaf ear.My parent's company was finally sold and dad encouraged us to put the money he was going to give us to good use.. ''My children I can tell you to start up a business,but nowadays it is so competitive and you might end up losing all your money'' he said.However,when you build houses you will never go wrong as there is lack of accomodation these days''
    My father was not comfortable that Mark and I got back together,so he gave me half of my inheritance and kept the other half.At first I was furious but later on,I just accepted as it was still a lot of money.When I told Mark about it,he was so upset and told me,my father didn't have respect for me.I asked my husband if I could buy the plot since the money was in my hands.His response was''Baby you are my wife and we are one,why should I sell you the plot when we live together ''? Let us just start building and we will put it in the children's names.
    We built five gorgeous flats and we moved in one of them while the other four were being complete.Upon completion we put them on rent and little did I know that in one of those four flats,lived Mark's girlfriend.I asked Mark why only three flats paid for the rentals and he started shouting at me that I should learn to be merciful because the girl who lived in the fourth flat was an orphan.I told him we didn't have any form of employment ,through the rentals thats where we got our bread and butter from,so I was going to evict her.The following morning I called Glenda and asked her why she wasn't paying for the rentals and she told me'' Ask Mark,I have no answer to that''Then later in the day,the girl in the third flat confided in me that,Mark and Glenda were dating.When I asked Glenda she agreed and I couldn't control my temper .I beat the hell out of her and when my husband came back I was beaten like crazy as well.From that time onwards I never had peace in my own home.I had no choice but to go and tell my parents about it.I told Mark I was so tired with the way we lived and I just wanted a peacefull life.He responded by saying ''we can as well divorce if we can't get along,it's allowed''.I just wanted out so that's how we ended up in court.The judge asked if we had properties together and Mark answered'' we do but they are in my name and here are the title deeds''.I cried and told the  court everything that transparred concerning the flats but they refused and said they needed my husband's.We were given a month so that I could prove that the flats were indeed mine but unfortunately I had nothing to show for it.All the receipts for buying the materials for the houses were in Mark's name,literally everything was.So the judge gave us a divorce and said Mark was the rightfully owner of the properties.However,the court ordered us to sell the flats after Mark's parents said their son had nothing at all.We were told I was going to get 20% and Mark 80%,since he had all the supporting documents.
    The only consolation I have is the other half of the inheritance,my parents decided to keep for me.The Flats were sold in January 2015 but I refused to get the 20% and told Mark he could have it all.He has since gotten back with his accountant ex wife....

    I am currently doing my second year in college .I love writing and I plan to write a lengthy autobiography in the near future!

    I shared my story,so that someone out there could probably learn from my mistakes.Many of you readers  will definitely agree with me that indeed,it was foolish love. Matters of the heart are complicated and if not handled well,they could ruin your life like they did with mine.For me to come out and write this story means,I have regretted everything and I wish I had listened to my parents.
    I lost a good responsible man and quit school because of one useless man without a future.I was young and even if I didn't end up with either Jordon or Mark,I could have ended up with somebody else worthy it.Some men will never appreciate you,no matter what good you for  them .It was just foolish Love because nothing productive came out of it besides heartaches...
    The End

    I hope it is a story worth learning from

    Thank you

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