Story: The Forgotten Wolf

The Forgotten Wolf

    Episode 1

    'No one should know about this'.
    An unknown voice told the unknown woman as she made her way down the cliff of Ezra (A place where no one goes).
    The voice continued.
    'They will kill her, but they do not know who she is. A time will come, when they will plead but their plead would fall on deaf ears. That day, they will realize their mistakes, but it would be too late".
    "I know that
    . But why must you save this ill wolf that would soon die if not dead by now, why?" The lady asked. One could have thought she was speaking to herself.
    'You don't know, do you? She is the future Odin, Odin has been re-born'
    "But only the royals are born with Odin, how can Odin be re-born into a human, when it is just a mark all royals in Crescent Moon kingdom has", the woman said.
    'A time will come when the real story will be unfold. No one knows the story of Ancient, of love. Odin will come'.
    The woman didn't say anything regard to that, she continued her journey down Ezra.
    'It is here, wait here', the voice said as the woman came to an halt.
    She sat down on a large stone, waiting for the child.
    "Your majesty, the queen has just put to bed. She gave you a girl"
    One of the royal senior mid-wife told the waiting king. King  Reed who had been pacing around since his wife went into Labour stopped in a halt, turned to face the royal midwife and smiled. The king didn't need to be told twice before he majestically walked into the room where his wife, Queen Annabel  was, she was sitting on the bed she gave birth too a few minutes ago, holding up a little bundle in her hands, her face twisted in a disgusting way.
    The rest of the royal mid-wives bowed their head and left the room.
    When King Reed got to his wife, he wondered why his wife had that look on her face. But when he got to take a look at the child, his face also was filled with hatred. "She doesn't have the mark of Odin like she was suppose too". King Reed said angrily.
    The queen who had been holding her baby suddenly fling the child out of her hands. A cracking sound echoes around them, as the baby soft body made an impact with the wall where the queen had flung her. The child cried out in pains. Maybe the child had thought that her cry would soften her mother's heart who would help to smooth the pains spreading quickly round her body, but alas she was wrong. Her mother was not affected by her cries nor her father. They all silently watch her as her cries raise the more.
    King Reed without saying a word left the room. As soon as he was outside the room he turn to one of the palace guards. "Go and call me the High Priestess". He said and left them going back to his throne.
    Back in the room Queen Annabel wished with all her heart that it should die from there. She hasn't even given the child it's first breast milk before she started praying to the Moon Goddess to take away the child very quick.
    The door opened to reveal a boy of 13 years old with a girl of 13 came rushing into the room to meet their mother who had just gave birth to the most abominable. Mere looking at them you will know that they were twins. The girl has beautiful dark blue hair, her eyes were like crystal, sparkling. She was utterly beautiful from her head to toe, in fact she is the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. The king and queen were always proud of her. The only difference with her brother was his hair color, his were gold just like his father.
    "Mother, father has just told us about the 'it' that you gave birth to. Is it true that she wasn't born with the mark of Odin?". Prince Eric asked, he was a bit taller for his age a troublesome boy who loves disrespecting and treating the poor as cabbages. He was the Crown Prince after all and all must obey him.
    "Yes, that's it on the floor".
     Princess Erica quickly went over to where the baby stare at her for a moment and said "She's so ugly Mother. I wonder why the Moon Goddess let her to live".
    Prince Eric went to over to meet his twin sister and look down on his younger sister, her face red from all the cries, and shook his head. "She is not only ugly Erica, she's disgusting as well".
    The baby had quite down a bit seeing that her mother doesn't want to attend to her nor anyone else. Everyone just hate her. Was she truly ugly? She wondered.
    Prince Eric immediately kick the baby with the sole of his boot. The Baby cries filled the room again, this time louder. Erica began laughing at the plight of the child and started making faces at her.
    If it was a normal child, it would have long be dead as a normal new born baby can't take such hit. A wolf can, and can heal at a faster rate.
    "You better stay away from that hideous thing before you contact her ugliness" Queen Annabel told her two precious children.
    They all watches as the baby cried out the more.
    Why is life so unfair? The baby asked herself.
    Why do I see so much hatred in my parents eyes and my siblings?
    Why do they hate me this much?
    With no answer to her questions, she stopped crying. What did she know?
    Queen Annabel stood up immediately from the bed "Come quickly let's us go and meet your father, I heard he sent for the high priestess. Let us know the fate of this disgusting child". The queen said and they left the room leaving the little baby behind.
    The Throne Room
    The high Priestess was with the king discussing when Queen Annabel and her two beautiful children entered. They pause in their discussion to see who had interrupt them, but when they saw it was the queen they continued their discussion.
    " We have to kill her, she doesn't have the mark of Odin like my two children has and not to talk of her ugliness and her disgusting looks, she has to die".
    "Your Highness, don't be in a haste, you might do what you will regret in future". The high priestess said
    "There is no future in that 'thing'. Every child of mine must have the mark of Odin, but she didn't have, so she needs to die. It is a disgrace to me if a royal blood do not have the royal mark of Odin".
    "Think, maybe the moon goddess is testing you".
    "The moon goddess can not test us with that disgusting thing", Queen Annabel spoke for the first time. She quickly went to the throne door, opened it and told the guards to bring the child and walked back to meet her husband.
    "Well, I have spoken. Kill the child and I will announce that the baby died during child birth".
    "Of course your Majesty". The high priestess replied.
     The throne room opened and one of the guards walked in carrying her.
    Where had they brought her? She wondered to herself.
    "Here is the baby my Queen", the guards said as he knelt down holding out the baby, no one could go close to the baby. The high priestess took the baby and dismissed the guard.
    The high priestess still protest again "You never can tell if she will have a bright future, although her future are blocked for me to see, but I know she will be great. Please let her live, the moon goddess might have a plan with her we do not know of".
    Queen Annabel laughed out, her laughter held so much hatred in it and said. "My two children here are blessed by the moon goddess herself, you saw it that day, when I gave brith to my twins didn't you, they were blessed by the moon goddess herself. The moon goddess didn't blessed her with the mark of Odin and to top it all, she didn't possess any beauty".
    Moon Goddess? Who is this moon goddess they speak of? Why do they want to kill me because I am not like my older siblings? The baby ask no one in particular. " Let me pray to this moon goddess, maybe she can help me and stop them from killing me. Moon goddess can you hear me? If you can, please help me. I don't really know why my parents hate me but save me please.
    "My words are final, kill it". King Reed said finally leaving no room for comments.
    "Very well then". The high priestess said, seeing that nothing can be done to change the heart of Reed, she started a chant best known to her and a bright light shone in her hand only to fade to reveal a sliver knife with moon embedded around it.
    "Can't you think of this thoroughly I just have this feelings...."
    Queen Annabel immediately cut in "Keep your feelings to yourself and kill it, you are delaying this".
    As soon as the priestess raised her arms to strike the baby, lightning strike inside the throne room. The high priestess made a pause midway.
    "Well, kill the child, what are you waiting for?". King Reed said.
    "Don't you think that the moon goddess might be telling us not to kill her?"
    "You yourself said you can't see her fiture.
    Read " The Last Survivors " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . She has no future to me, my king or my children, just be done with it. Soon she will be forgotten by all that had witness it's birth, a forgotten wolf that has no use to us". Queen Annabel said with no remorse in her voice.
    "What my Queen said here is true, this it will soon be a forgotten wolf to us. With time everyone will forget about her after we have made her fake death announcement and move on. So kill the it", King Reed said in support with what Annabel said.
    The high priestess raised her arms higher than before than struck with all her might towards the heart of the child. Her cries of pains broke through the thick walls of the palace for the last time. She stopped moving, her body suddenly cold.
    Her eyes finally closed in death.
    "Guards ", King Reed shouted, two guards walked in and bowed " Take this dead disgusting thing out of my sight. Take her and drop her at the cliff of Ezra were no one had ever seek. And both of you should not reveal this to anyone, if you do, I will feed you to my beast". King Reed said.
    They nodded their heads in unison and one of them took hold of the dead baby and they left the room.
    "Well, we have to announced the death of it", Queen Annabel said dramatically, tears coming out freely.
    "Yes we do". King Reed said comforting his wife.
    Eric and Erica pretending to be sad.
    The high priestess keeps shaking her head side ways sadly...

    Episode 2

    When a princess with the mark of Odin (eyes of the moon goddess) is born in the kingdom of Shadow Moon Crescent, that child will be highly celebrated and be given a respectable honor from all.
    The kingdom of shadow moon crescent is being know as the second most powerful wolf kingdom in all lands. Their crown prince (Prince Eric) has been treating the poorly wolf like us unkindly
    . Most time I had wish to be in his twin sister shoe at least to help the needy people of Shadow Moon Crescent kingdom. Princess Erica like her brother (also his twin), has no sympathy for the poor. She deal with  any one including, those old enough to be her great grandfather mercilessly.
    She was truly beautiful and at times I wish I was her, beautiful with a lovely soul and character. Princess Erica knows that everyone hate her but she did not care rather she became worse day by day.
    Regardless of her beauty, many men had seek for her hand in marriage. She had turned down all the whole marriage proposals and told her parents who she wants, Prince Philip.
    Prince Philip was the prince of the most powerful wolf kingdom, Black Blood Moon Crimson Kingdom. Like I had once said, there are two most powerful wolf kingdom in all wolf lands. The first was Black Blood Moon Crimson and the second Shadow Moon Crescent.
    The two kingdom had fought for years trying to dominant each other for as long as I could remember but to no avail.
    Well, you will be wondering who I am Right?
    I lived with my grandmother in an isolated place, outside the kingdom, according to her 'for my own safety', sometimes I had wondered what safety she was always speaking of.
    Well my name is Odin and this is my story.
    Third POV
    Odin 7 years
    "Mother am I allowed to go outside and visit that great kingdom you do told me of?" Little Odin  asked
    "Odin, you are not allowed to go anywhere or outside this place. I am trying to keep you safe, a time will come and you will be grateful to me".
    Odin 15 years old
    "Am I allowed now, I have been here my whole life, please let me just see inside the kingdom". Odin pleaded.
    "Odin, it is not time yet, when you are 18 I will let you have a peak at it".
    " Really mother? " Odin asked happily
    "Yes really".
    Odin 18 years old
    "Mother, I don't know why you won't allowed me to go outside to meet my peers, I had told you that I can disguise myself that whosoever we are hiding away from won't know that it's me, I am perfectly good at that mother, please let me at least take a look around the kingdom I have so much heard about, please mother please". Odin said, kneeling down begging her grandmother.
    The old lady sighed.
    "Odin, get up"
    "No, I won't until you have approve me going to take a look at the kingdom".
    "Odin, I am doing all these to protect you from dangers and from harm. I came here to hide you away from the..."
    "......World, that a time will come for me to show myself to the world, but for now, let me follow your word". Odin completed the word for her grandmother. " I know that mother, but you also know that I am an expert in disguising myself. The other day I disguised myself into a young man, I can do that again. Please ". Odin pleaded.
    "Alright Odin you can go but promise me you won't go near Crescent palace",
    Odin nodded her head, of course just to confuse the old lady that she won't near the palace. "I promise not to go near the palace mother".
    "You can go Odin, and be careful child".
    Odin nodded happily and ran inside their old house quickly to disguise herself into a beggar and quickly went out towards the kingdom before the old woman changes her mind.

    Episode 3

    As she walked out of the forest, she saw her friend, Owens, a black huge Python, hanging on top of a tree.
    "Where are you heading too Odin? Can I follow you?". Owens, the Python, asked.
    "I am going to into the kingdom of the  Crescent and no you cannot follow me". Odin reply
    "Because there are people out there who don't like snake like I do and would do everything to kill one if they sight it, so no".
    "Very well, I will wait for you here".
    Read " The Retelling Story of Igodo " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . Owen said. Odin patted his head and continued her journey
    She had met the snake when she was still a little girl. She didn't know why she wasn't scared of it rather she picked the snake and started petting it.
    'What is she doing?" The Python asked no one in particular.
    "I am petting you". Odin replied obviously.
    A shock look appeared in the eyes of the python.
    Did she just reply me?
    'Can you hear?"
    "Yes I can". Odin replied smiling and continued "I want to be your friend, can I?"
    The black python came out of its shock state and nodded "Okay, at least you can hear me".
    That had been some years ago, Odin and the python had grew so close.
    Odin quickly walked into the kingdom of Crescent, she was disappointed when she saw how it was
    The great kingdom she had heard so much about isn't that beautiful.
    "Rubbish, and here I thought that this kingdom would be as elegant as I  have heard".
    Although no denying it, the kingdom was beautiful but how could a kingdom be beautiful when the people living in it has sorrowful face.
    Why would there be so much suffering in this beautiful kingdom? Does it mean that the king do not know that his people are suffering? How could the royals be so cruel?
    Those questions were left unanswered as she walked deeper into the kingdom.
    After a while, she couldn't see anything worth of seeing to her, she then left the kingdom.
    "Well, there is nothing worth seeing in that kingdom". Odin said to herself as she began her journey back home.
    As soon as she re-entered the forest, she heard her name.
    She stopped as she looks around her, seeing no one she shrug her shoulder.
    'Well that was strange, maybe I am now hallucinating'
    Odin thought and continued her walk.
    "Odin" the voice called out.
    This time Odin knew this was no hallucination, the voice was real and is calling her, but from where.
    As if on clue, Odin turned and started heading to another path of the forest she hadn't been or seen since.
    It was as if she was no longer in control of her body anymore.
    Where am I heading too? She had no idea.
    She came upon a large clearing. By the side of the clearing was a big cave, it looked so ancient.
    Where is this place? Why am I here? She thought as she looked around.
    "Odin, help us". This time the voice came in multiples.
    And it was coming out from the cave.
    What is really going on? Why are they calling out her name, asking for help? Who are they? How did they even know her name?
    Those where the thoughts that crossed her mind when she heard her name been called again.
    "Odin, help us". The voice came again.
    Without her knowing what she was doing, she ventured into the dark cave. Her feet started taking her deeper into the cave.
    The cave was quite, she heard nothing and continued.
    She came to a stop when she saw five mould wolves.
    What are all these things? Are they mould or real wolves?
    She was about to turn and get the hell out of there when something caught her eyes.
    A writing, written by the wall beside the wolves.
    Without thinking she walked towards the wall and saw it was a strange writing.
    She began to say the words.
    She was so focused on reading the writings and did not noticed her surroundings.
    As soon as she finished with the last strange word, not making sense to her, she turned to go then she stopped.
    Staring at her were the moulded wolves she had earlier seen before she started reading, only that this time they were real wolves.
    Wolves of different colors.
    Blue, red, yellow, black and white wolves.
    I am back

    Episode 4

    "You released us". The white wolf said, surprising Odin as he spoke.
    The rest wolves nodded their head in unison.
    "What did you mean by I released you? I did not".
    "We have been in this cave for more than 90,000  years. It was once written that a child of the goddess will release us from our captivity. And now, you have released us and now we are at your command, our queen"
    . The blue wolf said bowing his head, the others follow suit. Their nose touching the ground.
    "Queen? Command? Goddess? I don't understand you, how can you wolves speak, are you humans?" Odin asked, surprisingly enough she wasn't scared of them.
    "No, we are real wolves. We are what they called 'Odinlete Wolves'. We are now bound to you, you are now us as we are now you, Odin". A feminine voice said, Odin turned to see the red wolf walking towards her carefully and spoke again. "It has been foretold that Odin will release us. This cave is only visible to the eyes of Odin, no one knows of its existence".
    "I still don't get it". Odin said confused the more.
    "We can't say more other than that. I am the red wolf other wise know as the fire wolf", As soon as she finished saying, her fur turned into red flames
    So red in color.
    The blue wolf spoke next "I am the blue wolf other wise know as the ice wolf", As soon as he finished speaking, his fur turned into ice, where he stood started change to ice.
    The yellow wolf spoke next "I am the yellow wolf other wise know as the weather wolf. I can bring out any weather of your choice". He said.
    The white wolf spoke next "I am the white wolf other wise know as the shape shifter wolf. I can transform myself into any animal of my choice".
    The last wolf, the black wolf spoke next "I am the dark wolf other wise know as Darkness, I causes darkness wherever I went to. The alpha of all wolves in this world, no matter what you are; a king, prince or whatever wolf you are, you must bow to me except you.
    Read " The Retelling Story of Igodo " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . You surpass us in every thing". The black wolf told Odin.
    Odin was left speechless as she looked at them.
    "Okay, even if you all are not making sense to me; what plans do you have for me?" Odin asked.
    "For you? You are to command us on what to do, we are your slaves; it has been written 90,000 years ago". The black wolf said.
    "So where do you want me to hide you? I can't be coming here everyday neither can you follow me to my house". Odin told them.
    "You don't have to be scared, like I said before, you are us we are you. We live in you, whenever you want our presence just call out the wolf you need and we will come". The red wolf spoke and suddenly they all began to fade.
    Soon the place was empty as if no one was there.
    Where are they? Odin thought to herself.
    'We are in you' a voice said through her mind, she noticed the voice belongs to the white wolf.
    What? They are in me? How is that possible?
    'Everything is possible Odin, you just have to believe it', this time around it was the dark wolf who spoke.
    Odin quietly left the cave and head home.
    Crescent Moon Palace
    Princess Erica elegantly dressed, robes were the most beautiful flowing around her. Two maids were at her back holding the edge of her clothes. She was so beautiful that men came lusting after her; although beautiful but heartless.
    Her twin brother, Prince Eric was no different, he was handsome that ladies was always left in awe of his handsomeness. Although grace with fine look, he was ruthless just like his father.
    The Prince and Princess were with their parents eating their breakfast that morning when a guard came and told the king the priestess requested for his presence in his throne room.
    They quickly left their food and went to the high priestess who they haven't seen since that night 18 years ago.
    "Priestess to what do I own this august visit from you?" King Reed asked once he saw the priestess.
    "Your majesty I greet you, my queen, Prince and princess I greet you too. All is not well King Reed", High priestess Luciana said, formality completely forgotten.
    "What do you mean?" King Reed asked. Whatever made the high priestess of the moon goddess called the king by his given name seems important.
    "The evil Odinlete wolves of legend has been released and you know what this means, don't you?" The high priestess said.
    King Reed and his wife Queen Annabel has a horrified look plastered on their face.
    Erica and Eric looked surprise to see such looks  on their faces.
    Evil Odinlete wolves?
    What are they?

    Episode 5

    Old Memories
    Prince Philip was dreaming again.
    In his dream he saw himself holding a beautiful lady; who was gravely injured, her hair white as snow soaked in pool of her blood.
    He was crying.
    A war was raging around him but he didn't care, the most important person in his life was about to die.
    "Why? Why? Why did you do that Odin?"
    "I did it for Love, for you. It is my destiny to die and I want you to live
    . We wolves fought against ourselves for Powers but no matt what we are one. I have to die for peace to reign. I am sorry", Odin replied, tears in her eyes.
    "But not this way, why did you have to sacrifice yourself for those who don't love you? You know I can't live without you".
    "But you have to live, for me. I have accepted my fate. I promise you I will come back. You are important to me and that was why I did what I was supposed to do. My love you have to live and wait for me". Odin said
    "I love you Odin", Philip said slowly wiping off the blood sear on her face as if it was burning her.
    Odin closed her eyes, a smile adorned her beautiful face, as her eyes closed in death.
     Love was in his eyes. "I will wait for you Odin forever".
    No sooner had he said so, the sky darkened and every wolf on the battle field were freeze, Philip and Odin were the only people that weren't frozen
    A lady appeared right in front of them dressed in white.
    "Who are you?" Philip asked, ready to fight her.
    "You asked silly question child, I am here to help you", the lady in white answered.
    "Then please don't allow my love to die, save her". Philip begged.
    "Do you really want her to come back again?" The mysterious lady asked Philip.
    "Yes I do"
    "The sacrifice has been made and every wolf would live in peace until 90,000 years when she will be reborn. I am here to take her body with me and you; you will live as she had told you, but memories will be gone.
    Read " O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . If it heaven's will you will meet her in he future".
    "As long as I get to meet her again, I will wait for her and yes we will meet".
    Philip said as he took a last look on his lover. Odin started fading together with the lady.
    "Wait who are you?"
    The lady smiled as if expecting that question.
    "You have come face to face with the moon goddess".
    Was her reply before she vanished.
    Prince Philip woke up with a start
    What kind of dream is that? What was the dying girl saying about the sacrifice? Who was she?
    He thought.
    He has has been dreaming before but never with a girl dying in his hands and he has promised her he would wait.
    Although no denying, the lady looked so familiar to him as if he knew her from somewhere.
    He was sure he had seen the face before, but where?
    It clicked
    He has to go back to Crescent Moon kingdom and looked for that beggar lady he saw when she ran into him. Her face looked like his Odin in his dream.
    After coming out from the cave and went home, she didn't tell her grandmother anything.
    She did her house chores, cooked, and went for a nap.
    As soon as her eyes were closed she saw herself in a waterfall.
    "Odin, what kept you for so long?" She turned to see the black wolf speaking to her.
    "Excuse me, are you talk to me?"
    "Yes, I am. Come on you know you can't hide away from the matters of this kingdom".
    "Where are the rest wolves, the remaining four, where are they?" Odin asked.
    "They are waiting outside, let's go, you know you today is the day you are going to be crown the Queen of all wolves", the black wolf said as they made their way out of the waterfall.
    The scene changed and she saw herself facing a man with his back on her causing havoc to the people and blaming it on Odin and her Odinlete wolves.
    The scene changed again and Odin saw herself being told to sacrifice herself for the good of the people, Odin rejected the idea and that caused great war.
    The scene changed, Odin saw herself with the lady in white.
    "Odin, your sacrifice shall be forgotten by the people but I won't. I will help you when it's time".
    "But what of my wolves? Will they kill them?"
    "They can't kill something that can't be kill. They had already sought out the help of Areola, with his help he will freeze them and put them where no one will ever see it". She replied.
    Odin nodded in understanding.
    "What of King Reed? They have confused the people I am evil with my wolves; what shall become of him?"
    "Oh him, don't worry I have plans for him".
    "What of my Phillip, what will become of him?"
    "Philip will keep to his promise, he will wait for you. I will have to remove his memories for peace to reign. When the time comes he will surely have his revenge".
    "But would he remember me when I am reborn? How would I know it's him since I will loose my memories?" Odin asked.
    "That depends on heaven, trust in yourself and your love will draw you both together. No one must know you are my daughter".
    The scene changed again and she saw herself dying in a young man arms.
    She woke up and saw it was night already.
    She knew the face of the young man holding her, but where?
    She went outside and met her grandmother making soup for dinner.
    After they had eaten, Odin told her about the dream
    The old lady had a strange look on her face.
    "I think it's time to tell you what really happened 90,000 years ago, but not from me". Her grandmother said all of a suddenly.

    Episode 6

    King Reed was aberrant of what he heard. It was absurd.
    "B... but who could have released them? I was told they can't be released, so who has such powers to do so?" King Reed asked the high priestess acrid.
    "Well it seems that someone released the wolves, I was shown a girl; although her face was covered, she was the one who released the wolves from their cage", the high priestess replies.
    "But how? I was promised that they won't be released, I want to know who has the guts, who has such powers to release the Odinlete wolves".
    "I was not shown her face but I think you should ask your former High priestess, she might know a thing or two and would solve this". The high priestess Luciana said.
    "But could she be? I haven't set my eyes on her ever since that day, it has been so long I have heard from her
    . You of all people should know what had happened to the high priestess before you". King Reed said acrimonious.
    "Only she can solve this mystery". Luciana told Reed.
    "Even if I find her, would she help me after what I did to her 90,000 years ago. Anyway I will try to find her first".
    Read " Deba Ezodo (The Tale Of An African Princess) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . King Reed said  then turn and shouted "Guards".
    The door to the throne room opened and two guards came in, bowing their heads.
    "Announce to the whole kingdom that anyone who knows the whereabouts of Arizona, the former head priestess of Crescent should come; he or she will be rewarded".
    "Yes my king", the two guards said and left the throne room to deliver the message around the kingdom.
    "Now we only have to wait and pray to the moon goddess for someone to know her whereabouts"
    Luciana told the king.
    Annabel was speechless and shocked, her mind racing like a hailstorm; Arizona again?
    Erica and Eric were still kept in dark, they do not know who was Arizona neither do they know why their parents were shock earlier on when Luciana mentioned 'Evil Odinlete wolves'.
    Odin and her grandmother journeyed that night to some unknown destination.
    "Grandmother, where are you talking me too?" Odin asked for umpteenth time since they began the journey. But as usual the old Lady gave Odin her normal reply.
    "Don't worry Odin we would soon reach where I want to take you too".
    They came upon a clearing and the old woman bent down looking for something.
    "Where is it? It has to been here somewhere", the old lady whispered to Odin's hearing.
    'Ehmm, black wolf, do you think she wants to harm me? I am scared you know' Odin thought.
    The reply came sooner.
    'No, there is someone who she wants you to meet. You have met this person in your past' the black wolf answered.
    'Past? Do you mean to tell me that, my dream was real, that I died and I was reborn?'
    'Oops, didn't mean to say that, got to go'.
    'Black wolf'
    No answer.
    She was brought back to earth when her grandmother said
    "Yes I have seen the key".
    Odin turned and saw her grandmother lifting up an ancient key up in cool night air to examine it. She wore a smile and turned back, placed one of her hands in the air and started moving it.
    "What are you doing grandma", Odin asked, confused by her gesture.
    "Shhhh, be quite and let me concentrate in find the invisible door of Ancient". Was the old woman's reply and she felt the air.
    All of a suddenly, she smiled and put the key in an invisible lock. A door suddenly appeared before the eyes of Odin.
    The old lady turned and face Odin.
    "There is someone who wishes to meet you. My job is done here Odin". The old lady said and gesture for Odin to enter the door.
    "Who wants to see me? Do I know this person?"
    "I cannot say Odin, enter the door and find out the reason why I you have never step your foot outside the house you lived, why you were meant to be alive from the beginning of time".
    Still not understanding the old woman, she walked towards the door and entered.
    'Once you are in, close your eyes and say, ahy eyl ghy dyi, open your eyes and see your answers' the old lady voice echos around her as the door was firmly shut, putting her in darkness.
    She did as she was told and when she opened her eyes once again, she gasp out.
    She was back again at the waterfall, the same one she had seen her dreams.
    Why was she here again?
    "For you to know of your past. I am the one that you want to see" A lady's voice replied her thought.
    Odin quickly turned and saw a lady, a beautiful young woman; but her eyes seems old.
    "And who are you if I may ask", somehow she was afraid of the lady. The lady look familiar to her as if they had met before, the question was out of her mouth before she stops herself "Sorry but have we met before, you look so familiar".
    The lady laughed, even her laugh rings bells in Odin's ear.
    "My name is Arizona and yes we have met before Odin".

    Episode 7

    Prince Philip made his way outside the outskirt of the palace walls to visit a friend of his.
    Someone who could tell him the meaning of his dreams.
    He went into the village; no one paid him attention because he was in disguise. No one knows their king was in their presence.
    He came to a halt when he saw who he was looking for, he went straight to greet the village washerman, Ben.
    Ben was surprised to see Prince Philip, he was used to his disguise by now but was still surprised to see him.
    Ben a  tall young man blessed with gray eyes that young ladies love to look at. He was handsome but takes his work seriously, he loves doing charity works for the villagers, he washes clothes for free and he was highly recognized among the villagers
    . He possesses hidden powers of visions that no one knows except the Prince. He can see into your past at the mere glance of your palm or your eyes to see your future. He and the Prince had met when Prince Philip went hunting one sunny day, he and the Prince shot on the same game. They were surprised when they saw each other, Prince Philip kind in heart told the young man to go with the game, that he would look for another one. That was how a friendship was build between those two.
    "What is it my prince", Ben whispered quietly.
    "Can we talk in a more private place, its important".
    Ben gestured for the Prince to follow him in the inner most chambers of where he washes the villagers clothes, having making sure they were alone he asked the Prince again.
    "What is it my Prince?"
    "I have been having some strange nightmares lately".
    "What nightmares my Prince?" Ben asked softly.
    "A girl, I think we are lovers
    I saw her dying in my arms and I saw myself promising the girl to wait for her.
    I saw a war, I think. Look, Ben, you have gifts of interpretation of dreams that was why I sought you out, to help me interpret this strange dreams I keep on having every night". Prince Philip told Ben.
    "Okay, stretch your palms to me",
    The Prince did as he was told, Ben peer down into his arms, his forehead wrinkle in concentration. After a while he stare at the Prince his eyes and balls now violet.
    "Someone blocked your memories, whoever did this I think was trying to protect you. Go and ask your father, he knows more. There is a story behind your dreams".
    "I don't get you, speak more clearing".
    "Your dreams and your past are connected, the bond between you and the girl you saw in your dreams are stronger and can never be broken; I think, perhaps, you might have met with her previously because she has been reborn; maybe that is why you keep on those dreams".
    "You are somewhat right, I think I met someone who looks exactly like the girl in my dreams, when I was in Crescent kingdom in my disguise".
    "The answers you seek are within you, ask your father". His eyes went back to his normal gray eyes.
    "Thank you Ben, I owe you one". Prince Philip thanked the young man again and left for his palace.
    He was going to have a word with his father.
    The old man better tell him the truth.
    Queen Annabel was not at peace, she was pacing round her room. After the high priestess left, she quickly excuse herself and left for her chambers.
    'If Arizona is back won't old feelings re surface again after so many years?'
    Annabel thought to herself.
    No something must be done.
    She has to visit them again for a much stronger magic to keep the king from knowing his mate.
    "All these years I thought the stupid wolf was dead, why would the high priestess opened an old wound again?" Annabel asked no one in particular.
    She has to stop Arizona, she has to kill the wolf once and for all.
    She was to rule all kingdom like she was promised.
    She had used magic on the king to wage a war 90,000 years ago. She had made sure Odin was killed.
    But what baffles her was Arizona.
    How did she escaped from the claws of death?
    Would the king remembered his true mate?
    No everything must be the way it was supposed too.
    She will kill anything that stands in her way.
    No one knows the real her.
    "Black shadow",
    A shadow was seen in the wall.
    "Kill the two guards sent to announce the message. After that come back, you have a message to take for me to the Elite sisters".
    The black shadow disappeared.
    Queen Annabel smiled evily.
    Her plans will work again, since she had killed the one to end her 90,000 years ago.

    Episode 8

    Arizona smiled again.
    "Yes, I know you. In your past life, we were enemies; but I have now know better and seen the truth Odin". Arizona said.
    "You speak in riddles, I still don't get a thing you said Arizona and what truth are you speaking of?", Odin asked.
    "Do you want to know, why you were kept hidden from the world by Chloe(Odin grandmother)? Do you want to know the reason why you have that dream?"
    With Odin nodding of head in confusion, Arizona proceeded
    "Well, it all began 90,000 years ago. You and your half brother Reed love and cherished each other.
    . well, until the kingdom was paid a visit by the Elite sisters".
    90,000 Years Ago
    Odin was in her garden, tending her flowers when her brother rushed to meet her, he was happy.
    "You can't guess what happened today my dear Odin", the prince said elated as he stare at his sister.
    Odin gave out a smile, "Out with it already Reed, you know am not that good in guessing. So what happened?"
    "I think I have found my mate my dear Odin",
    Odin smiled lovely at her brother "Wonderful, so who could she be? Do I even know her? Is she from this kingdom?" Odin asked
    "Yes, you know her. My wolf has been going crazy ever since I met her, she is so beautiful", Reed said dreaming.
    "So who is she, tell me, I am impatient", Odin said suddenly curious.
    "Well, it's no other than the head priestess, Arizona".
    The smile in Odin face faded away, the flower in her hand slowly died as she stare at her brother.
    Surprised by her outburst but still continued
    "She is so beautiful, you know the head priestess steps out from her house, once every twenty years, I did not even know we have such women as beautiful as her here", Reed said smiling, not minding the look Odin was throwing at him.
    "Of all the people in this planet, why her? You know very well, she was the one telling the whole kingdom how cruel I am and evil. People are afraid to near me just because of the fear she had placed on them. I won't allow you marry her. My word is final".
    Odin said and left the garden and went to her chambers.
    "She doesn't mean harm". The white wolf said as he appeared.
    "Who told you, she is the person spreading what is not true about me".
    "You never can tell, things might be hidden beneath the shadows". The black wolf said as he appeared.
    A knock prevented them continuing their conversations.
    "Yes, who is it?"
    "Your highness, the Elite sisters are here to pay homage to you", a guard answered.
    "Elite sisters, what are they doing here uninvited?" Odin whispered to herself.
    "Tell them I am coming", Odin replied as the guard left to give out the message.
    "I wonder what they are doing here", the yellow wolf said.
    "Homage under my foot", Blue wolf said.
    "I don't trust them a bit Odin, please be careful with them; you know they are into witchcraft?" The red wolf said.
    "You wolves worry too much, the Elite sisters are good people".
    The Odinlete wolves snorted, not agreeing with her.
    "Well, I will be right back my dear wolves", Odin told them and left them.
    Odin met with the four Elite sisters, Liva, Olivia, Ara and Annabel.
    "What a pleasant surprise to have the Elite sisters in my kingdom", Odin said as soon as they sat down.
    "We were not present on the day of your coronation, so we decided to to visit you today to congratulate you"  Liva, the eldest of them said.
    Odin smiled, "Well that is very kind of you, I am glad you came after all",
    'Lies, can't you see that she is lying, I can feel it'
    The red wolf said in Odin's mind, Odin simply ignored her and continued her conversation with them.
    Later on, she called one of the guards to take them to the guest room prepared for them.
    "Didn't I tell you that they mean no mean, you wolves are judgemental towards them", Odin said to her wolves as she stepped into her chambers.
    "You are making a grave mistake by allowing them pass a night in your kingdom Odin, a grave mistake". The black wolf said all Of a suddenly.
    "Whatever, they are too kind and funny to be evil, leave that for Arizona; she is the evil one.
    Read " The Quest " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . Good night my dear wolves, tomorrow is my date with my Prince charming".
    Odin told the wolves yawning in process. She slept off.
    Back in the chamber the Elite sisters were, Liva, Olivia, Ara and Annabel were sitting in a circle form, black candle burning in their midst.
    "You know what to do, Annabel, once the prince sees you, he would forget about anything else and do what you tell him to do". Olivia told their youngest sisters.
    Annabel nodded.
    "I know sisters".
    Liva started making some incantations. A ghostly form came out right from the black candle.
    "You know what to do" Liva said to the ghostly form as it disappeared into the night.
    Early that morning, the people had gathered and were lead by the high priestess Arizona to the castle, shouting .
    "We must kill the witch. She must die".
    Odin came out of the balcony of the castle building and stare at the people below, her eyes hardened when she saw Arizona.
    Where was her brother? Since that morning when Odin had opened her eyes, took her bath and ate her food, her eyes have been searching for her brother.
    But for now let her focus on the matter at hand.
    "Good Morning great people of this kingdom, to what do I own this august visit?"
    "Keep your greetings to yourself witch" an old man barked
    "Your cups are full". A pregnant woman said.
    "Today, will be the end of you". Another old man said.
    Odin confused "What is going on? Why all this names?"
    "Yesterday night, you came into my farm and destroyed my corps and animals. What did I did to you witch?" A man said, Crying.
    "What? I did not go outside yesterday eve".
    One by one the villagers came out to tell Odin what she has done.
    "But I wasn't outside.."
    "Lies, you are lying; then explain how those villagers saw you? You are the only wolf who has white hair". Arizona said.
    "I don't want to argue with what I know I did not do, I will surely get to the bottom of this, that's a promise". Odin said and left the balcony, angrily.
    The sky changed.
    'Control your anger Odin, if you do not those villagers would believe what they had seen and said are true', the yellow wolf said in Odin's mind.
    Odin calm down at those words.
    Odin didn't know things are going to get worse than that.
    After the villagers went their various homes, wishing that Odin die a horrible death.
    The fake Arizona smiled evily as went home, when she was sure she was alone, she changed back to Ara and disappeared.

    Episode 9

    Prince Philip made his way home after he had met with the village washer man.
    As soon as he got home he went straight to meet his father in his throne room, the father was with their general, Leo, discussing the affairs of the kingdom.
    "Father, I would like to speak with you privately", Philip said immediately he sighted his father. King Alexander seeing the serious look on his son face, told general Leo to excuse them
    . When Leo left them, he turned to face his son and asked him.
    "What is it son? I don't like the look on your face".
    "I know", Prince Philip said simply.
    "You know? Oh, you mean you know of your arrange marriage I and the king of Crescent Moon kingdom are making between his beautiful daughter, Princess Erica and you? I was going to inform you soon son, when you are not always disappearing everyday from the castle", King Alexander said in flow.
    "What I want to know is for you to tell me about my past and who removed my memories of my past life. I need to know....."
    The full statement of what his father said processed into his head.
    Prince Philip was speechless and shocked.
    "What!!?" He thundered.
    "I know you are surprised by this, but it is for your own good Philip, I want to put the end of the endless fight these two kingdom are always fond of having, and the only way to end it is by marriage". King Alexander said causally as if it was simple, trying to make his son forget the question he just asked.
    Who had told him he has a past?
    Prince Philip breathing through his nose slowly as he said.
    "Marriage you say? Marriage my foot
    I will not get married to a mannerless girl who calls herself a Princess, if you know what is good for you or for this kingdom you'd better tell them I won't get married to Erica".
    "My son, you have to see reasons to this, Princess Erica is good for you. She is beautiful, kind and a well behaved lady who would make you happy". King Alexander said smiling at his son.
    "And like I have always told you or anyone who cares to listen, I will not get married to anyone who is not Odin". Prince Philip said not knowing how the words slipped out from his.
    He looked surprise and so was his father. But his father, has a look of fear in his eyes which was unlike him
    "Odin? Who told you that name?"
    "I know who she is father, which brings us to the matter at hand, Who is Odin and what was she to me?"
    "I don't know what you are talking about?" King Alexander lied through his teeth.
    "DO NOT LIE TO ME", Prince Philip shouted bellicosity, thunder was heard outside. For a moment he saw fear in his father eyes.
    "Like I told you I don't know what you are saying son, I don't even know who is Odin".
    Prince calm down and turned to go then pause.
    "If I eventually find out you know and you are hiding the truth form me, I will cause a great havoc in your kingdom and that of Crescent's". He said calmly and walked out of the throne room leaving his father to his thought.
    King Alexander was greatly troubled. If his son eventually find out the truth like he said he would, then everything they had worked for will be gone in a blink of an eye.
    No, he cannot let that happened.
    He left the the throne room and went to his chamber. As soon as he got in, he fasten the door and locked it securely.
    Then he went to his closest, opened it and  pushed out his clothes to reveal a door. He said some magic words and it opened.
    He went inside the secret door, and looked at the only occupant in it.
    A beast.
    White, huge, hairy with horns that adorned its forehead, he has wings but his eyes were that of rainbow color. The Beast was chained with a razor blade chained, on its neck was a black chain; all over his body were chains of different magic that were made not to free him no matter how he pulled.
    The Beast saw the king and laughed softly.
    "What brings you here Alexander?" He asked.
    "What did you do to my son? He asked me of Odin today", the king asked.
    "Your son? I once told you Alexander, a day is coming when I will be free from this bondage and unite with my real body. When he remembers all, I will be free.
    Read " Selena's Daughter (The Prophecy) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . I told you Alexander, my Odin will be back and when I finally unite with her, I will make you pay Alexander that is a promise".
    "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you and Philip".
    "No, you don't hate us, you only hate the fact that we don't follow your rules Alexander. You can't keep me bound here forever, I am Philip as he is me. We are one, and you Alexander can't change it. I have know when Odin was born, felt the pains she has passed through, once Philip remembers, I am out of here; isn't that the only way to break this magic?". The Beast said smirking.q
    "Gloat all you want Philip, but I can assure you, I will win over you again".
    "Like you did to me 90,000 years ago? I doubt it Alexander. You seems to have forgotten so soon, that my Odin has been re born again".
    "Re born?" Alexander asked suddenly surprised.
    "Beat me".
    King Alexander left the room angrily.
    "It is our destiny Alexander and no one can change that",
    The beast voice said as he locked the secret door with magic, no matter how much noise the beast made; no one can hear him.
    The Beast and Philip were connected that was why it had lived through those years.
    It takes only strong dark magic to separate Philip and his breast from his body. The Beast hold all memories of their past.
    And if Philip eventually remembers then he will have his memories back.
    "What am I going to do?" Alexander asked no one in particular. "I can't see everything I have worked for all these years disappeared with a flip of a hand".
    Should he call the witch again?
    Erica was in her brother room, Eric was pacing around.
    "There is something they are not telling us Erica, I can feel it".
    "Me too Eric, but they do not want to tell us what is really going on", then gasped Did you see the look on mother, when the high priestess made mention of someone Arizona?" Erica suddenly asked.
    "Yes I noticed, something within me tells me that there is more, something ancient that they are hiding and I am going to find out whatever it is". Eric said
    "Me too brother".
    King Reed has been pacing around his throne room after the priestess left them, his wife with an excuse left them followed by his children, but that was not the case. His wonder was,
    Who was the girl that had released the evil Odinlete wolves?
    Annabel was still in her room when the black shadow came again.
    "Very good of you black shadow, you did well, now go and tell my sisters that a war will begin soon. Tell them Arizona isn't dead, they should find out where she is and kill her once and for all".
    The black shadow vanished leaving Annabel to herself.

    Episode 10

    Still in the Past
    Odin was angry at what Arizona did.
    How could Arizona lied against her? What did she ever do to Arizona that would make her  hate Odin so much? Why was the high priestess bent in hell to destroy her?.
    'I think it's high time you visit your mother' the black wolf suddenly whispered through her mind.
    "You are right, it is high time for me to visit my mother".
    Odin left for her garden, when she got there, she quickly whispered a word and a portal appeared; she entered as it closes.
    She saw herself in a icy waterfall, a lady; beautiful, was on top of the waterfall, she smiled as she saw Odin.
    She appeared right next to Odin.
    Odin bowed in greetings.
    "Odin my child, what had brought you here?"
    "I was told I would rule the whole wolf kingdom by my father before he died, it was foretold, but I don't understand why the same very people I have always helped would turn their backs on me and called me a witch. Mother, I am confused, please help me
    . You are the Moon Goddess, you have to know what is really going on"
    "I know what you are going through Odin, but heaven will not forgive me if I tell you what you need to know. You have to find out your self Odin I am sorry"
    Odin thought for a while then suddenly her mind crossed on something.
    "Could she be the cause of my problem?" She asked no one in particular.
    "Who Odin?"
    "Olin, could she be the one behind all these?"
    "Do not speak ill of your sister, your twin sister Odin
    Olin can never cause any harm to you".
    "Mother, Olin was angry with me for being chosen to rule instead of her, I saw the way her eyes held angers."
    "But you also seems to forget that we have not set our eyes on Olin since the day you were announced you'd been the queen of all kingdoms".
    "That's true mother, we don't know the whereabouts of Olin", Odin said after a while.
    "And besides, your sister Olin did not have any powers like you do, she is just a normal wolf, have you forgotten so soon Odin?"
    "You are right again, my mind didn't go there. I don't know what to think again all I want to know is why Arizona wants to bring down my downfall".
    "All I have to say to you is for you to be strong".
    Odin left her mother back to her castle after she realized she won't utter a word concerning the matter at hand.
    She was surprised to see her half brother, Reed.
    She stopped in her tracks and look at reed posture, something isn't right, she wave the thought aside and went to her brother.
    "Where have you been all these while, I have been getting worried about you, so where have you been?", Odin asked.
    Her brother smiled down at her.
    "I went out sis", Reed said and stretch out his hand towards Odin. "I got this for you".
    As soon as he opened his palms, something black in Smokey form went into Odin eyes.
    Read " Urenma (The River Goddess) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . Her eyes suddenly became cloudy black.
    The Elite sisters all appeared at once.
    "You did a very good job, that magic would be able to control her and her wolves for one hour". Ara said appraising Reed.
    "Weldon my love", Annabel said as she cling into the arms of Reed.
    "Now, what are you going to do to her?" Olivia asked.
    Liva turned and face Odin, "Cause plague into all kingdoms and leave a sign to them that it was you".
    Odin did as she was told.
    In all the whole kingdoms, cries of what Odin did to them was heard.
    Odin not knowing the reason why her people were telling her she must be sacrificed in exchange for the plague they said she had caused.
    Prince Philip her betrothed did believe her and swear to stay by her side through thick and thin.
    All kingdoms declared war on Odin as everyone deserted her everyone except Philip who stood by her.
    Prince Philip going against his father orders took some of their armies, together with Odin and match against those who had declared war on Odin.
    In the end Odin lost and was sacrificed, her blood was used to clean the whole ground of the kingdoms. Before her death she swore to the Elite sisters.
    "I will be back someday to have my revenge on you all. Get ready, for I won't be merciful".
    Her wolves were freeze in time and were named the evil Odinlete wolves.
    No one ever utter her name of her evil wolves.
    The Elite sisters took Alexander to meet the witch who had helped them defeat Odin and her wolves, the witch they all served. She separated  Prince Philip beast from his body making sure all his memories where wiped out of him, they bounded his beast forever.
    Although it was strange, no one had ever saw what the great Witch looked like. It was her shadow that was doing everything, she was invisible to everyone.
    She made Reed forgot about his mate and made him see Annabel as his mate.
    The whole kingdoms were then divided into two, one half was given to Reed and the other to Alexander.
    The shadow lady form disappeared with the remaining Elite sisters who served under her. She left a black shadowy form for Annabel to sent a message across to them anytime she was in need of help.
    90,000 years has passed and Odin was re born into the world again. Annabel had re born what would kill them, if she had known earlier on, she would not only have killed the baby but had given the dead baby body to her sisters for them to use her in their blood moon sacrifice to the shadow lady.
    Now In Present
    Odin blinked her eyes as the forge cleared from her as she saw Arizona.
    "Wow, a lot of things happened in my past life. But how did you survive?" Odin asked.
    "I escaped, well I made a second one of me that would replace me while I ran. They had killed the clown of me thinking it was me. I had been shown what will happen and had prepared ahead of them".
    "So my birth mother and her sisters were the ones who have ended me in my previous life?"
    Arizona nodded her head.
    "But who is that witch that helped them defeat me, who is she and what grudges did she hold against me in my past life?" Odin asked.
    Why did the witch helped the Elite sisters, viewing from her previous life, she did not offend anyone.
    So what does this Witch as against me?

    Episode 11

    "I don't know yet, but do not worry Odin, I will surely know who is behind that shadow".
    Odin nodded her head gratefully at Arizona.
    "What about my grandmother? Why didn't you allowed her in to see you?" Odin asked.
    "Her job has been done here on earth, she was given to you so that she would take good care of you and handle you to me when you are 18, which she did".
    "What did you mean by that Arizona?" Odin asked knowing she won't like what she was about to hear.
    "Your grandmother is dead".
    The Elite sisters were in a cave making some arrangement for a new spells of theirs when black shadow came and informed them of what their sister, Annabel said to inform them.
    The black shadow deserted the Elite sisters. They all wore the look of surprised on their faces.
    "But how can Arizona escaped from death and resurface back after 90,000 years?" Ara asked.
    We need to inform our Mistress"
    . Olivia said.
    They immediately went to the deepest part of the cave, where a Shadowy form was seen. They all bowed, Liva first spoke.
    "B...but how could Odin been reborn without our knowledge?" Liva asked finally breaking the stances they were in.
    The shadow form nodded her head for them to continue what they wanted to tell her.
    "I am afraid we got bad news for you Mistress", Ara said.
    "And what could it be?" The shadow lady asked in menacing.
    "Arizona didn't died as we thought, Annabel message was that the high priestess is still alive".
    The lady shout shook the cave, breaking off some layers
    The witch was livid.
    She raised up her hands in the air and started saying some magic spells. All of a suddenly she brought down her hands, her shadow form bent as if she was shown something.
    "No!!!!" She shouted.
    "My mistress what is it?" Ara asked.
    "This is impossible".
    "What is impossible Mistress?". Olivia asked.
    "Odin has been reborn and is with Arizona".
    Three different what filled the air.
    "This changes everything". The witch said suddenly.
    Arizona had made Odin rest after discussing with her. She had told Odin after she had rested well in enough, she was going to bring Prince Philip to her.
    Odin slept off fast as soon as her head touches the bed she was laying on.
    Soon she started dreaming again.
    Odin saw herself running towards an unknown destination, what was chasing her she didn't know; she kept running she was focus on escaping from her nightmares. Her focus was to get away from her attackers.
    She halted in her movement as she run into a cliff, a dead end; with darkness beneath it. She heard some footsteps behind her as she held her breath. Growls were emerging behind her, as a lady laughed out wickedly.
    Odin finally turned to face her nightmares.
    She gasped out loud when she saw her wolves. A lady was hidden by darkness; she couldn't make out the face of the lady that stood in front of her wolves. The only color on her were her eyes,  eyes like that of lava fire. And the rage Odin saw in her eyes were specifically directed to her. That wicked laugh had come from her.
    "I told you, I will control them, take the kingdom and everything you held so dear away from you Odin".
    "Who are you? How did you know my name?" Odin found herself asking the strange lady before her.
    "You dare ask me such question? I hold the upper hand now not you Odin, I will take everything from you. Now prepare to die".
    The lady stretch forth her hand to say a spell when...
    "You can't do that to her, I won't allow you". A new voice spoke out, making  them glance around them.
    But Odin was surprised when she wasn't afraid of the new voice.
    To Odin great surprise she saw the hidden lady shifting backwards saying repeatedly "Impossible".
    Odin was shocked. The lady seems sacred of the voice somehow.
    "Be gone to where ever you came from". The voice said in a commanding way.
    And to Odin shock the hidden lady wasn't seen neither her Odinlete wolves. They all vanished.
    Who is the owner of the voice? Odin thought.
    "Odin, why did you do forsake me?"
    "Who are you?" Odin asked the air around her confused by what it meant by forsake.
    "Why did you help me? Who are you?"
    Another Silence....
    Odin woke up suddenly from her dream and was surprised to see Arizona in her room.
    "Why are you here?"
    "I came to wake you up Odin".
    "I have a dream, it's a bit confusing though". Odin said as she grabbed her head in her arms.
    "I know what you are about to say Odin".
    "Really? Then can you tell me what the hell happened in my dream because I do not understand any of it. Who was that lady hidden in the shadow and the voice that commanded her to go?" Odin asked Arizona.
    "There is more to the story. I left out some part in it because it wasn't my position to tell".
    Read " Urenma (The River Goddess) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . Arizona told Odin carefully.
    "I don't get you, what are you hiding from me? And who is in the right position to tell me?" Odin asked confused the more.
    "Your mother, only she can tell you the meaning of your dreams and she has asked me to bring you to her immediately once you are awake". Arizona told Odin.
    The five wolves were seen with the Elite sisters and the great witch.
    "Do you really think Odin would remember her Forgotten Wolf now that she has been reborn?" The black wolf asked fearfully.
    Everyone was in their world of thoughts.
    If Odin truly remembers her Forgotten Wolf then hell is let loose.
    "The Forgotten Wolf will not be remembered by Odin, I have made sure of it". The great witch said.
    "But how are we sure she won't remember the wolf. Remember this is not an ordinary wolf we are speaking off", Ara said.
    "That was the reason why I had sent the Odinlete wolves to make Odin forget about her wolf". The witch said confidently but inwardly she was scared. If Odin eventually remembers her Forgotten Wolf then all that she had planned for will be wasted. 90,000 years would be for nothing.
    "If you say so", the yellow wolf said.
    The Odinlete wolves were truly Odins, but the witch had enchanted them to do her abiding when they had been bonded 90,000 years ago.
    "Is the magic potion ready Olivia?" The witch asked.
    "Not yet Mistress, I just need a few touch to add to it to complete the potion". Olivia replied.
    The witch nodded her head and left them.
    The Odinlete wolves disappearing out of sight.
    "Do you really think she will remember her wolf?" Liva finally asked her sisters.
    "Let's us all hope that she does not remembers her wolf at all, if she does, then we all are doom". Ara answered.
    The Forgotten Wolf won't be remembered at all.
    They all hoped.
    In an ancient ruins of a kingdom, far forgotten by mankind; a ice wolf was seen. Struck in place. A huge wolf.
    The wolf nine tails were all chained together in ice.
    A patch of the ice in the wolf's body near it hind legs disappeared.
    Soon it would be set free.

    Episode 12

    Prince Philip went to Ben again.
    "I have asked my father but the old wolf isn't talking. I came here to beg you if you know anything at all you can tell me. I need to know more about Odin, please I am begging you".
    Again they were in Ben inner most chambers.
    Ben heaved a heavy sigh and said "I can't say Prince Philip, but I have a friend who could tell you what you need to know. I can help you summon her here".
    "Really? Thank you my friend
    . If I may ask, what is the name of this friend of yours?" Prince Philip asked Ben.
    "Her name is Arizona, she was the former high priestess of the old kingdom". Ben answered.
    "A former high priestess of the old kingdom? I don't get you, how can you know of a priestess that has died thousands of years ago, infact my father told me Arizona put an end to her life with her own hands. So how can someone who is long dead help me except you want to summon her spirit".
    "No, I am not summoning her spirit, I am taking you to her and mind you Arizona is very much alive and well".
    "How do you know of that?" Prince Philip asked his friend.
    "Well, I was her servant in the days of old or a priest as you can call me and she told me that a day will come for you to ask me if I can help you".
    "It time for you to see your mother. Your mother had long awaited of your return since"
    Arizona told Odin as she lead her back to the crystal waterfall.
    Arizona whispered some words and a portal opened. "Your mom is on the other side of this waterfall". Arizona told Odin.
    "Thank you Arizona", Odin said as she entered the portal which closes.
    Odin saw herself behind the waterfall, the place was made of shinning diamonds as she stare at the only living being who had all these while been staring at her.
    "Mother?" The words fell off from Odin mouth then she surprised herself when she ran to meet the smiling woman smiling down on her.
    "Odin my child, you came back as you promised", the lady said as she wrapped her arms around Odin's hugging her tight, it was indeed a good reunion between mother and child.
    After they have parted, Odin said "Mother I really need to know everything and have all my old memories back".
    The witch was livid as she excuses herself and went to her innermost chamber where a human stood like that of a statue, her hands raised in the air as if to block something coming towards her. No one has ever entered this room except her, she gave out the order and no one dread to know what was in the room.
    "You think you have won because Odin is back again? You have failed Olin", the shadow witch said to the still statue. The Olin has a resemblance to Odin only that while Odin hair is purely white, Olin hair is reddish.
    Olin had stumbled on a cave when she ran away from home after Odin was announced to be crown queen, she went inside seeing the sky darken.
    Something pulled her to continuing walking until she got to where she saw various Skeletons lay.
    Read " H.Y.B.R.I.D (Sequel to The Forgotten Wolf) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . One drew her attention, the skeleton was tied and a wooden stake was shoved in her heart. Seeing that, Olin removed the stake out of the Skeleton body on the body of the wooden stake were the word 'Askepya' which says release. Olin without knowing the meaning read it out.
    A black smoke soon emerged circling Olin's body.
    She looked up and saw the Skeleton smiling cruelly at her as a black shadow emerged from it.
    "So the child of the god king would be so kind to release me from my years of captivating". The black shadow said and laughed so cruel "I know what to do with you, yes I will put you like they did to me".
    She turned Olin into a statue.
    "Yes it is time for me to have my revenge".
    "For you to remember your past you have to reconnect with your mate".
    "But I don't know where he is right no...."
    A portal opened and Prince Philip with Ben came out of it.
    Odin recognized Philip immediately she set her eyes on him and so did Philip. Without speaking they ran into each other arms as Odin and Philip remenbers everything.
    The white beast chained in king Alexander secret room broke free and disappeared.
    The wolf frozen with ice all melt away and the wolf wriggle herself and disappeared.
    The spells cast on the Odinlete wolves wear off.
    Everything was setting right.
    Erica and Eric has gotten to know what their parents where hiding from them especially their mum, yes from their mum. They over heard what she has instructed the black shadow to do.
    So now, they were at the back of the castle discussing.
    "What are we going to do Eric? I don't understand the woman I called my mother again".
    "Well, I guess we have to look for the lady Arizona and ask for her help", Eric replied.
    "That's a good idea, but how are we going to find her?" Erica asked for once in wisdom.
    "We are not there yet".
    "It has been a while my love, I told you I would wait for you", Philip said
    "Yes you did my love", Odin replied with love.
    "Now that I have gained my loss memories I think we should go after that evil black witch that did this to us", Prince Philip said.
    "My sister has gone too far in getting back at me. I have tried all my best to see her happy but still she killed me. I am going to hunt her and capture her". Odin said
    The moon goddess cleared her throat that was when the duo remembered they had company.
    "What is it mother?" Odin asked as they walked back to meet her. Ben was still with them.
    "Well it's about your sister Olin".
    "What about her again, I hope you are not covering for her again mother?"
    "No, not that. Olin wasn't the one who had sent the Elite sisters to kill you".
    "What did you mean?" Philip asked.
    "Olin has been turned into a statue long before you were crowned queen" the moon goddess said.
    "BY WHO? Who dares to imprison my Twin sister?" Odin asked in anger.
    "It is Elsie, your father's mistress, Reed mother".

    Episode 13

    The Forgotten Wolf
    Elsie was a great sorceress that many people often seek for her help. A powerful witch.
    She was also a very pretty woman too and was greatly admired by many people, both male and female.
    But her magic couldn't work on the only person she most desired, Zeus.
    A god Prince that came down on earth to dwell with the humans for the time being.
    She and Zeus were friends that other gods became jealous of their friendship. One night something happened and Zeus find himself in Elsie arms, naked, Elsie was also naked.
    What had happened no one knew
    . But Elsie had a hidden smile beneath her face, her plan has worked.
     While all this was going on Zeus was already in love with the mother of all werewolves (which was the Moon Goddess) and she in return love Zeus. Athena(The moon goddess) as she was being known by the wolf people became pregnant for Zeus and later on gave birth to twins, Odin and Olin for the god Prince.
    When words got to the sorceress she was livid. Elsie who has fought against their love trying hard to succeed in destroying that love but to no avail couldn't take it anymore and vowed to take Zeus away from Athena.
    When she found out she was pregnant with Reed she went and told Zeus in front of Athena thinking by doing that, the goddess would be angry at Zeus but what Elsie didn't know was that Zeus has already told Athena everything that had happened.
    Elsie went back devastated.
    When she gave birth to Reed, she gave the child to Zeus and Athena who had adopted him as her son.
    Zeus and Athena were living a happy life taking care of their three little children when Zeus got a call from home.
    His parents Titans Cronus and Rhea had wanted to see him urgently at home. Before leaving the earth he gave his two daughters a special gifts.
    Read " Urenma (The River Goddess) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    His son, Reed, he gave him a golden sliver sword used in slaying any immortals.
    Odin was given the Odinlete wolves.
    He made Athena promise him to give Olin her gift when she had learned to control her anger. Zeus has noticed earlier on that Olin has a hot temper that she couldn't control.
    So he made Athena promised him to make sure he gave Olin her gift since she was left with no powers like her sister Odin.
    After he left for his home that was the last time they have heard or seen him.
    Meanwhile Athena was able to blend Olin's anger and made her able to control it.
    She then gave Olin the gift her father had left for her. The only living white wolf born with nine tails, a tail with different colors and each of the tails has different powers that every other wolves including the Odinlete wolves couldn't possess. Olin named her wolf Olin.
    They were inseparable. Legend has it that the white wolf once it howls it calls upon the rest wolves and lycans including the Odinlete wolves. They all obeyed the howls of the White Wolf. It was the most powerful wolf in the whole race wolf that Zeus has defeated before. Once it has bounded with Olin and it howls, Olin reddish hair  turns white.
    Well everything was going on fine with them until Elsie decided it was time for her strike.
    "I think now that everything is calm and Zeus hasn't come yet, I will create an enmity between the two sisters. Oh yes, I will make Olin forget about her wolf and turned her against it. I will win and when eventually Zeus comes back he will have no one to return too. He was mine and he will forever be mine".
    Elsie said laughing out evily as her followers laughed out aloud with heru.
    "Olin and her white wolf first".

    Episode 14

    "Olin don't you want to play with me? Please I am bored here". Odin asked her twin sister.
    "No, go and play on Your own Odin, leave me alone I got works to do". Olin responded back.
    "But your wolf and mine wants to play with you".
    "Did I carried water in my mouth? I said go and play with them alone, don't disturb me Odin".
    Odin shook her head sadly and went to play by herself with her wolves and that of Olin's own.
    "What is wrong with your twin sister for the past few days, she has rude, selfish and does not even care about her wolf or you again", the black wolf asked confused by Olin's change of attitude.
    "I don't know, mother have asked her and she had insisted nothing was wrong with her".
    As they days passes by, Olin became more aggressive towards her family and wolf.
    Everyone in the kingdom began asking what had went wrong.
    It happened one day Olin took her wolf into the ancient ruins of Akle, a kingdom which had lost to Zeus; no one was living it, everywhere was in ruins. No one has ever stepped their foot in that kingdom.
    Olin didn't know what came over her, she just went over and did what the voice in her head had told her to do, to chain her wolf inside the Palace courtyard of  Akle
    She chained it with the chain the voice said was there.
    "Olin, what are you doing?" Her white wolf questioned but Olin didn't bothered to answer.
    "I am only allowing this to happen Olin, but when ever you are at your right senses you will use your hand to release me".
    Again Olin kept quite. After making sure the chain was securely tight she left her wolf. Her wolf, Olin, was devastated
    As soon as she was gone, Elise made an appearance. And laughed out evily.
    "The most powerful wolf in all history is now in my grasp. I am now going to take control over you".
    So saying she cast a powerful spell she has been preparing on Olin's wolf.
    "Stand up and bow to your new mistress", Elise said with confidence in the air.
    "Buzz off witch, bow to who, you?" The white wolf laughed. "I now see who is responsible for the sudden change of Olin's attitude. Though I must say, you really tried, but do not dare me Elise".
    Elise was throw out of balance when she realized her spells couldn't work on the wolf. She became livid.
    And tried another series of spells which could not control the white wolf. She started growing frustrated
    "Since I will not have you then I will make Olin forget you the more, she won't ever remembered that she has a wolf she once  named Olin"
    "You also seems to forget witch, I and Olin are bonded in spirit and soul, your spell may work on her but I can assure you, one day she will remember me". The white wolf told the witch.
    "As long as I am alive, Olin will never and I repeat never remember you stupid wolf", so saying she lifted her hands up in the air and started saying some spells. Once her hands were brought down, she pointed them at the wolf; her hands turned to ice as it fired on the wolf.
    "You can never win Elise, my wolf twin sister will come after you Elise". The ice started freezing all the wolf's fur and body in place.
    Read " S.I.R.E.N (The Journey of Love) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . "I will wait and have the last laugh. I will be the one to end you, you may have succeeded now but you won't win". The wolf raised her head and howl one last time before the ice engulfed her.
    Odin heard the white wolf howl and realized it had sent a message. She quickly went to her mother and told her what Elise has done.
    Athena in a state of anger went after Elise and killed her with her followers. Although she was able to harm the body of Elise but not her soul.
    No one know where she had kept the wolf no one except Olin who couldn't remember.
    That was the cave Olin had run into when they had declared Odin the queen of all wolf kingdom instead of her. Olin's presence in the cave made Elise able to remove her soul trapped in her body. Then turned Olin into a statue.
    When Elise had gone to meet the statue was at the same time Odin met Prince Philip.
     As Odin remembers everything, including her sisters white wolf chained, so does Olin.
    It has drew to my attention that someone here is posting this story without my name, if you are that page or person, I won't mention names, kindly put my name on it. I said kindly. I don't want to put hold on this story like I did to Clashes of the blue moon. If you know your self try to do what is right. I have means of getting you)
    Elise didn't see the tears that   escaped from the statue eyes nor neither did she see that one of the statue fingers has been freed.

    Episode 15

    "So that witch has the nerves to imprison my sister and then killed me afterwards", Odin questioned after hearing her mother's side of story.
    It wasn't Olin after all as she had suspected, it was Elise .
    "Do you know where her cave is mother?" Odin asked as Athena nodded her head. "Very well then
    . I think it's time for me to pay a visit to my half brother, Reed, in Crescent Moon kingdom and later on Alexander before finally the witch. But I have this feeling that Olin will meet us in Alexander's Kingdom".
    "I agree with you my love. My father needs to be dealt with for separating us". Prince Philip said as he held Odin in his arms and started throwing kisses all round her face.
    "Yes, but before anything I need to speak with my wolves".
    Queen Annabel went berserk when she heard from her sisters that Odin has been reborn and will come to destroy them.
    After all these years, this same girl she had loathed will now destroyed everything she had worked for.
     Annabel thought.
    "What do I do now, knowing the wolf girl, the first place she will visit will be here", Queen Annabel said aloud to herself. "Oh why now? Why didn't Odin just stay the way she was, dead and gone, but always remembered in our hearts
    Odin why did you come back? Who was the woman that gave birth to you? I have to find out". The queen told herself as she started searching through her closet, looking for something.
    Eric and Erica stared at each other as they sneaked out of the Castle.
    "Who is this Odin mother speak off?" Erica asked his brother after they have covered a few meters away from the castle.
    "I don't know sis, but all I know is that we are going to find out where she is before mother does".
    They had overheard Queen Annabel when she was soliloquy to herself and had decided to find the girl called Odin to ask her for help. Since the high priestess visit things were not the same again, their father now talks to himself calling out a name, Arizona. While their mother now roam round her room blaming Odin.
    If truly Odin is the cause of it, they will find her and ask Odin to help their family.
    But where do they began their search?
    Odin and Philip listened rapidly as her wolves explained everything to her, about the spells cast on them.
    Odin sighs deeply and spoke after thinking. "I have a plan, but first I need to write to my father.
    Read " The Last Survivors " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . It is time for Zeus to come back".
    "Do you think he'd come?" Philip questioned.
    "I don't know, but I think I have remembered what he had told Olin and I before his departure and I also think I  know how to free Olin from her prison".
    The black shadow witch stare at her followers.
    "The time has come. Odin has remembered her past life so as Prince Philip. We all know the consequences of Odin regaining her old self back", the shadow witch told her followers as murmur broke out within them.
    "But do not worry, I will finish what I have started years ago. Now you all have to prepare yourselves for the great battle ahead of us. Since the Odinlete wolves are no longer under my magic I am left with no option than to revive the Medallion wolves". The witch said as all murmurs ceased immediately at the mention of those wolves.
    Seeing the looks on their faces, hope raised in her. Odin won't know what hit her.
    "But Mistress, if one was to revive the wolves then that person must have enough powers". A follower of hers said.
    "Mistress, even if you revive them, can you be able to control them?". Another follower questioned.
    More murmurs spread around, but hope were in their eyes, if their Mistress was able to revive the Medallion Wolves, then they stand a chance in defeating Odin and her powerful wolves.
    "Yes, I do have the powers to revive the dead Medallion Wolves to life. As long as the White Wolf is out of the way and Olin is within our grasp then we will emerge victorious against Odin". The black shadow witch told her followers.

    Episode 16

    'In a night of western wind and cold mountain rain
    I dream of home country
    I especially miss you who I have not seen
    Separation is hard but we endure it
    When will the war end
    And the victors and losers cease to matter
    Time draws near yet tears persist
    The world is new but the beautiful woman has grown old
    Endure the separation
    I cannot endure it yet we must part
    I ask the birds to fly south
    But where to send my message
    Beauty fades
    Time will change
    But this love will go on'
    "Arizona, it is high time you announced to the people of Wolf that Odin is back".
    Arizona nodded her head and left Odin and Philip presence to do as she was told.
    Odin turned and embraced her lover and started singing a song only her and Olin know. A song that brings the two girls closer
    . A song of a lost one. A song she had once taught Prince Philip in her past. A song that would set things right.
    'How much pride must be sacrificed to time so we can pick up the pieces of affection?
    When we noticed the lingering closeness from the sword fight, we’ve already put down our swords
    Fortunately, we haven’t wasted away our beauty nor the fleeting years to have been separated by time.
    We only make peace with life. We get what we want by never negotiating.
    Leave the victory and defeat to yesterday, so we can enjoy the good views when swallows return.
    When we sang of the songs of sword fight, we no longer bear grudges.
    Never mind the fading beauty or the bygone years, when the fire is gone the flower will bloom.
    Our fates have already overlapped, they are already reunited.
    Even spells cast overtime could be broken.
    When hearts are together and fates connected, the feelings are between love and hate.
    In this life or next we still remain sisters.
    Olin tears are worth it'.
    "Odin, I have a feeling that we will be separated from each other
    I have this strange feelings our destinies are about to change". Olin told her twin quietly.
    "Nothing gonna happen, and even if something happens we will stick together".
    "You don't get it Odin, something tragedy will shape our future, but as you have said, we will stick together". Olin said.
    "You are just scared of nothing Olin, besides if eventually something happens as you have quoted, we have our wolves to depend on". Odin said trying to cheer her twin sister up but was failing.
    "You know what Odin, let's create a strong bond". Olin said after a while.
    "A strong bond? What for Olin" Odin questioned confusingly.
    "In case something happens and we are separated, this bond will call on us when one of us call on it".
    "Okay, so what will be the bond?"
    "A song.
    Read " The Quest " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . A song that is all about, love, war, victories, magic and our fate". Olin answered.
    "Hmm, I like that. Do you have a song at heart?"
    Olin smiled "Yes I do".
    "Okay, let me hear it then", Odin said.
    Elsie was so engrossed on her spells in raising the Medallion Wolves that she didn't noticed the silent figure behind her all these while.
    Her followers had gone to the grave of the Medallion Wolves to dig out the remains of their bones.
    Medallion Wolves are the only wolves in the wolf history who had went rogue. A one wolf that can multiply into three or battalion wolves at a time, hence it name. No one know what had ended their life. Some stories goes that the wolf was the first creation of Mankind, but had anger the one who had created them. Some said the wolf went mad and took his own life.
    As soon as Elsie has completed the spell needed. She pierced her hand and placed it over the bones of the wolf, but the silent figure who had been waiting for that opportunity has already let her blood drop on the bones of the wolf.
    "It is already too late Elsie, the wolf is mine now". Olin said to a surprise Elsie, her shadow form slowly moving away from Olin.
    King Reed who has been pacing around his throne room, suddenly clutch his throat, something was moving around his throat. He quickly spat it out and was surprised to see a live black scorpion hurrying away but the king was faster and smashed it with his boot.
    He was Reed once again.
    Queen Annabel walked into the throne room, she has heard the grunt sound made by the king and has rushed to find out what the problem was when she saw her husband smashing something on the ground
    "What happened dear?" Annabel asked trying not to  show her fears as Reed looked at her.
    "Who are you and what are you doing here?"
    Erica and Eric had been resting when a lady came to them.
    "I have been watching your movement ever since you two left the Palace".
    The twins looked shocked.
    "But how did you know? Who are you?" Erica asked fearfully.
    The lady smiled at them and said "I am Arizona and I can take you to the person you seek".
    Odin suddenly removed herself from the embrace she had with her lover and smiled so suddenly.
    "What is it Odin, why are you smiling?" Prince Philip asked.
    If nothing, her smile widening the more, "I sense Zeus, and I sense Olin. They are both coming".

    Episode 17

    "How d- di- did you free yourself?" The shadow witch asked as she distance herself from Olin who wore a smirk on her face.
    "How did I freed myself? Well thanks to my twin sister Odin, who remembered our bond" Olin said and turned to the bones of the dead wolf and spoke out the final spell "Arisab Maritasle Olin- Arise to your Mistress Olin".
    There was a faint crack then the bones started rearranging themselves  and a bright light shimmer as it transform. In it place of the wolf bones was the most handsome man Olin had ever set her eyes on
    . Standing in his naked glory. He was muscular, taller than Olin, his hair was green and his eyes the deepest of blue.
    "Are you the one who had risen me up from death?" The handsome man asked
    Olin cleared her throat, "Umm yeah".
    "I am at your service". The man said bowing his head.
    Olin nodded, back at present and pointed to the shadow lady.
    "Do you know how to deal with shadows?".
    The man glance at Elsie briefly "Not a problem".
    "Good, I need her alive".
    Olin said and walked out of the chamber they were in only to find Elsie followers at a fighting stance, waiting for her.
    "I already know you will do that", Olin said as she waved her hand in the air. "Olin, it is time to make your presence known".
    No sooner as the words left her lips, Olin appeared, Magnificent in her white glory, her height touching the up of the cave
    The followers were scared, their courage had left them when they saw the wolf. They hadn't know it has been freed.
    "It has been long Olin", her wolf said as it bend her head for easy access to Olin as she stoke the fur.
    "Yes it has, my dear friend. Now I want you to deal with them. After which go and help the wolf in there to capture Elise". Olin said as she continued stroking her wolves.
    "What form of death do want for them?" Her white wolf asked.
    "Burn them to death".
    "He is here", Odin said elated as she kissed Prince Philip on his lips.
    "Who is here?"
    "Come let's go, he is with my mother". A knowing understanding came to Philip, Zeus has come.
    Annabel was throw off balance when she heard the question Reed had asked her.
    "Why are you asking such a ridiculous question. I am your wife, Annabel, the mother of your two children, stop being apprehensive".
    Reed looked at the strange woman before him. "I know your face, you are the lady or servant who gave me that cake to eat claiming it was my sister Odin who had made it for me. Ever since I ate that cake, I became a shadow of my self".
    Annabel, with the revelation reed had just said, knew her game was up.
    "Yes, I did everything for love. From the first day I laid my eyes on you, I fell in love with you Reed".
    "Love? I don't love you, I was in love with someone else before I met you". Reed eyes widened up a bit as he recalls his memories of what he did years ago. "You made me marry you and forget my mate, as if it wasn't enough for you. You enchanted me into killing my own sister, haunted her and killed her. You made me king, a king I was not made to be from the start. You made me did things that were unthinkable. And you did all these  for love? You are insane".
    "Well, Reed... I know I have messed up but the witch won't let me live if I had not go according to her plan.. I am sorry", Annabel pleaded.
    Before Reed would opened his mouth to reply Annabel, the door to the throne room opened and Odin, Erica, Eric and Arizona walked in.
    "Hello Reed and Annabel oh forgive me that was a slip of tongue, hello father, hello mother".
    Annabel and Reed was surprised and shocked when Odin called them mother and father.
    "Odin, my dear sister, why are you calling me your father and she your mother?" Reed asked confusingly.
    "Don't you remember?" Odin asked.
    "Remember what?" Reed questioned.
    "Father, mother", Erica began, "Odin here was the child we had killed, the child you told the high priestess Luciana to kill, the child that was thrown at the cliff of Ezra".
    Reed was shocked and looked pale. So was Annabel.
    "I don't get you Odin". Reed said trying to think.
    "It is has my sister here said, you two", pointing at Reed and Annabel "Are my parents, isn't it funny Annabel, the one you had killed twice would be the one to end you". Odin said laughing.
    But No one saw it coming, Annabel had edge herself closer to the wall and had quietly called her shadow.
    Read " Urenma (The River Goddess) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . Before Arizona would say something, Annabel had disappeared.
    Earlier On
    True to Odin's word, her father Zeus was with her mother. Zeus and daughter reunite after so many years of separation.
    "Father", Odin said and let her tears down.
    "My daughter. I am sorry for not coming back to you, Olin, Reed and your mother". Zeus said as he embraced his daughter.
    Odin cleaned her eyes as she looked at her father from her previous life.
    "What happened, what held you for so long?". Odin questioned.
    "My brothers. To cut it short, I won".
    Odin smiled at her father as Arizona came with Eric and Erica. The twins eyes grew wide when they spotted Odin.
    "Your face looks familiar and I know you are the Odin we have been searching for". Eric spoke first.
    "Yes I looked familiar to you because I am the baby you had kicked and watches as she was being killed by the high priestess. And yes, I am Odin".
    Both twins gasp out and knelt down, immediately begging Odin to forgive them. Odin told them she has forgiven them and they got up and hug her.
    It was time to visit the wolf kingdom again.
    Prince Philip, the moon goddess and Zeus went to Blood moon kingdom, where Alexander was while the rest followed the twins to Crescent moon kingdom, Odin  has some unfinished scores to settle.
    Annabel appeared in front of her sisters in a cave Ara, Olivia and Liva had run to hide.
    Annabel told her sisters what had happened in the Palace in turn they told her how Olin had captured their Mistress and has gone to Alexander kingdom.
    "What should we do next?" Olivia asked
    "We have to save our Mistress from them" Liva said.
    "But how?" Annabel questioned.
    "I have a plan sisters and this time we are putting Odin and her allies down forever". Ara said all of a suddenly.
    Three eyes blinked up at Ara in surprise.

    Episode 18 (Final)

    The Forgotten Wolf
    King Reed suddenly felt remorseful as he stare at Odin, his sister and now his daughter.
    "I am sorry Odin, truly, I am". Reed said sadly.
    "It's okay, I have forgiven you since". Odin said as she embraced him, she stretch out her arms out for Eric and Erica who rushed to embrace them.

    Now it is time to pay Alexander a visit.
    Alexander were with the witches when his son, the moon goddess and Zeus walked through the door.
    He was surprised on seeing Zeus.
    "Well well we meet again Alex", Zeus said as they approach them.
    "Yeah we meet again".
    "I never thought for a second that you meant what you told me years ago, how you'd want to rule the wolf clan".
    "Not only that, but all the supernaturals". Alexander said proudly not caring about his words.
    "Well father, too late for that if you agree with me on that"
    . Prince Philip told his father.
    "Maybe, maybe not. Philip join with us to defeat them, they are our enemies, can't you see it", Alexander reply.
    "You think because you have Odin you can defeat us?" Ara said.
    "You forgot to include my name Ara". Olin said emerging out from the shadows
    A man right up her heels. King Alexander seems surprised when he saw her.
    "So you also have been released".
    Olin smirked "I guess".
    "What did you do to my mistress?" Annabel asked the question bothering them.
    "The same thing she did to me, only that this time, she wouldn't be release forever". Olin answered as she kept on smiling.
    "What did you do to her?" this time Ara questioned.
    "Told you, I did to her what she did to me well to be precise I sealed her into my wolf's body".
    "How dare you?" Olivia spat out as she advanced on Olin. Her sisters shouted "Olivia, no".
    Out of nowhere, the red wolf came out, red flames on her fur as she surrounded Olivia, who suddenly cried out in pains. She was struck in the middle of the red flames, no way to go back or escaped from the flames. It burned her quickly, leaving nothing of Olivia. Olivia was gone.
    "I hope we didn't came late?" Odin voice announced her presences with the others as she went to meet her twin. They smiled at one each other before turning to face their main threats.
    "You think you have won Odin and Olin", Ara shakes her head sideways and then continued, "But this is just the beginning. The end that has beget a new beginning for you all". Ara pointed at them
    "You do know you talk too much Ara". Olin said. Odin chuckled.
    "Expect we all are dead which we are not, then I wasn't talking too much". Ara told Olin.
    "Enough of this talking and let's us capture the rest". The black wolf said.
    The black wolf, white, blue, red and yellow wolves all positions themselves. All showing their powers especially the blue and red wolf's.
    Ara raised her hand up and started chanting a spell. Arizona ready herself.
    A wind started blowing around the throne room, it stops as it quickly came. The room was filled with humans zombies, that has been hypnotize by Ara.
    "Attack!" Ara shouted. They started advancing towards them.
    The red wolf and blue wolf quickly swing into action. They ran around them, burning and freezing/melting the zombies.
    Soon it was only Ara, Liva, Annabel and Alexander that was left.
    "Is that all you have got?" Zeus mocked.
    But Ara was not worried, she had a plan from the start, make them busy and they will sneak out. But killing the zombies was so fast that she couldn't carry out her supposed plan, which left her with only one option. She turned to Alexander. "Forgive me Alexander".
    Alexander looked confused, before he would asked why did she ask for his forgiveness, the remaining three sisters, took hold of a raven cloak their shadow mistress gave to them for transport and disappeared, leaving Alexander behind. The Elite sisters had betrayed him.
    Alexander, held a look of shocked as he was left alone to deal with Odin and the rest.
    Rather than being capture by them he rather die by their hands. He turned into his wolf. His son turned into his own white beast wolf, the beast chained, and they ran towards each other. No one was to join hands, it is a father and son fight.
    After the defeat of Alexander, the kingdom's became one again. Odin like in the days of the old became their ruler once again.
    Olin fell in love with the Medallion wolf man, whose name was Lucan. As he also fell in love with his mistress.
    Odin and her lover Philip, got married  while Olin and her lover Lucan also got married.
    The moon goddess and her husband Zeus, lived happily.
    Reed and his wolf mate, Arizona got to know each other and fell in love.
    Eric saw the person after his heart.
    Erica wasn't left out, she met her mate, Ben, Philip best friend.
    Everything was going on fine. The Elite sisters were soon a story told by the elders to younger wolves to let them know, doing evil is not good.
    The wolf kingdom were once again living in peace.
    Ara smiled as she looked at the handsome, no, breathtaking man in front of her.
    "Like I  told you before my king. I know who is your mate and where she is".
    The handsome man, one of his eyes, was gold and the other was red.
    "You have told me, and I keep telling you that my mate can't be in a wolf kingdom". He told Ara.
    "Well, if you want I can show you the lady and see for yourself if really she isn't the one".
    "Okay, show me. Let me see her".
    Ara waved her hands up in the air and a face was shown.
    The king became attracted towards the lady. His cold dead heart started beating little.
    "She's my mate... what did you say her name w....". The king fell silent again as he saw another face that has joined with the first one. The ladies were smiling at each other.
    Read " Deba Ezodo (The Tale Of An African Princess) " by the same author ( Ifeoma Isabella Okeke )
    . The two ladies were beautiful. His heart started beating harder the more "Who is that second lady with a vibrant red hair also? In fact who are they?"
    Ara smiled.
    "Those two are twins, the one with the white hair is Odin while the one with the red hair is Olin".
    "My hearts know them". He turned away from them to look at Ara. "Those two are my blood singers, their blood calls out for me. They are my true mate".
    "That is good, my king. But the only obstacle you will have is the men they are married to".
    "Married? My mates are married?"
    "I am afraid so my king and their husbands are strong wolves".
    "And I am a Vampire king, the strongest of all. I am going to kill those wolves, destroy the whole wolf clan and take my mates back to this castle".
    Ara smiled again. Indeed, the vampire king is a strong and special specie. He was any hybrid after all.
    When they had disappeared and appeared in a safety place, Odin and Olin had tracked them down and killed Annabel and Liva, Ara managed to escape with the help of the raven cloak. She then ran towards the Vampire kingdom. Covering her scent as a wolf and went to meet the king.
    When she introduced herself as a sorceress, the king immediately made her the head priestess.
    And now, she has help the king find out where his mates are.
    Their would soon be a huge war and Odin and Olin will be in the middle.

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