Story: Friendly Enermies


    Samantha was all smile as she made her way to Rent a dress Shop in Wuse II to try out a wedding dress for her wedding which was scheduled to hold in a month’s time.  She was excited as she boarded a taxi from Banex Junction. Who wouldn’t be happy in her shoes? At 30 she was already worried about her prolonged spinsterhood when luck smiled at her and she met Dozie at her friend’s engagement ceremony. That was nine months ago and today she was due to be married in a month’s time. Her friend, Eno who watched her as she was smiling to herself broke the silence.

    Eno: “My friend, my friend. This one that you are smiling like this, what are you thinking of?”

    Samantha: “Ah, you ask what I am thinking of? What else but my wedding? I am so excited, girlfriend. I can’t wait for the 22nd to come”.

    Eno: “What is there to be excited about? I mean it is good to be excited but the way you are going about it, one would think that you are the only one to ever get married on planet earth”.

    Samantha: “Mr dear, I have every right to be this excited. Do you know what it means to be unmarried at age 30 in Nigeria? No matter how successful you are in this country, once you are not married as a lady, you become the topic of people’s gossip”.

    Eno: “Of course I know what it means. I am a year older than you and I am not married so, I know what you are talking about”, she replied with a pinch of bitterness and jealously in her voice.

    Samantha: “My dear, try get a husband. In fact, don’t worry, God will give you a husband of your dreams soon. Just trust him, inugo?”

    Eno: “Abeg, pack well jor. Na me you dey preach to? Which one be inugo seff? So because your fiancé na Igbo you too don dey form Igbo abi? Yeye dey smell”.

    Samantha: “Hehehe … my friend is jealous”.

    And truly, Eno was jealous of Samantha’s achievements. As childhood friends, they had grown up in the same neighborhood and had gone to the same school. While Eno had struggled to graduate as an average student, Samantha was always topping the class and was always the talk of everyone in the school. She ended up as a medical doctor. After graduation, Eno had fallen in love with a car dealer who broke her heart few months after their engagement. Since then, she had been single without any serious man coming her way. This was no big deal to her as Samantha who was her friend was also single. However, she became bitter when Samantha announced to her that she was getting married.

    “Oya o, madam best lady come down, we are at the the bridal shop“. Samantha’s voice brought Eno back to reality.

    More than 30 minutes after they got to the shop, Samantha was still busy trying on one gown after the other to the disdain of her friend who kept cursing and hissing under her breath.

    Eno: “Common, Samantha, you have tried enough gowns. Just pick your choice and let us leave here. The way you are trying on all the gowns, one would think that you want to rent all the gowns in the shop”.

    Samantha: “Biko free me o, I am getting married only once in a lifetime. So, allow me to pick the best dress. I want to look so beautiful on my wedding so much so that my husband will live the rest of his life thanking God for giving him a wife like me”.

    Eno: “You know what? I think this gown is perfect on you. It’s a Bohemian dress and mehn the material is beautiful”.

    Samantha: “No o, I can’t pick this dress o. See the way I dey inside now. E be like say na the gown wear me and not the other way round. I want something that will bring out my curves, you know. So that my husband’s eyes will be only on me during our wedding”.

    Eno: “Oh please, men are natural cheats. No matter how good you look, a man who wants to cheat will still cheat. If you like turn 360 in bed, men will still go after other women”.

    Samantha: “No, girlfriend. Not my man. He can never cheat on me. Never!”

    Eno: “I hear, abeg do quick make we go. I don dey hungry”.

    Samantha: “Not until you pick a dress of your choice that you will wear as my maid of honour”.

    Eno: “Really? Me? I thought I would get my dress myself”.

    Samantha: “Don’t worry, my husband will pay. You just pick a sexy dress and all the accessories that you would need. I want a dashing maid of honour. Who knows, you may meet your Mr right there”. She winked at her friend.

    Eno: “Oh, you are so sweet my friend. God will bless your home. In fact, your husband will never be attracted to any other woman as long as you are alive”. She drew near and hugged her.

    Eno got home at 8:14pm armed with a bag of the things she had bought from the bridal shop. Her mum was watching Zee World when she got in.

    Eno: “Hi, mum. Watching Twist of Fate? I will join you soon, I need to shower”.

    Mama Eno: “Welcome, my dear.  Where have you been and what is that you are carrying?”

    Eno: “Oh, coming in from a bridal shop in town. We went to shop for Samantha’s wedding dress and here, she got me this to wear as her maid of honour”.

    Mama Eno: “I see and you are excited?“

    Eno: “Well, do I have a choice?”

    Mama Eno: “Of course you have a choice. What is wrong with you this girl? A girl who is younger than you is getting married before you and instead of you to brain storm on ways of getting your own man, you are busy following her up and down shopping. Shame on you”.

    Eno: “What is that supposed to mean, mum. Is it my fault that no man is asking for my hand in marriage? Okay, what do you want me to do?  Go on my knees and propose to any man I see on the street?”

    Mama Eno: “I don’t care how you do it. Even if it means snatching your friend’s fiance, do it. I am tired of sharing my house with an overgrown daughter”.

    Eno: “I can’t believe that you are saying this. If marriage was this important to you, how come you are not married?”

    Mama Eno: “I didn’t marry your father because he was very poor and couldn’t afford to give me the kind is life I had envisioned for you. That is why I chose to bring you up as a single mother. When I made enough money and was ready to settle down, the stupid man had already married another woman”.

    Eno: “So, why are you forcing me to get married?”

    Mama Eno: “Times have changed, my dear. Your generation is different from mine. You need a man, if not for anything at least to bear his name and to warm your bed. Your getting married is the only way I can prove to the world that I succeeded in bringing you up well as a single mother”.

    Eno: “Mum!”

    Mama Eno: “Listen to me, it is either you snatch Samantha’s fiance or you prevent that wedding from taking place. Use everything that you have to achieve that. You are a woman”.

    Eno: “You know what? I really don’t have the strength for your talk this evening. I need to shower and rest, I have had a long day”. She ran up stairs.

    Dozie was on his bed day dreaming of his honeymoon. His wedding to Samantha was barely three weeks away and he was looking forward to making her pregnant on their first night as husband and wife. He couldn’t explain his feeling but the prospect of having a little one to call him father thrilled him. His Sony Z5 rang and he picked it. “Hello, who is this?”

    Caller: “My identity does not matter. I am calling in respect to Samantha, your fiance. That girl is not good for you. She is a slot who just wants to settle down with you because she is getting old. She doesn’t really love you and your life will be miserable if you end up with her. Your wedding is still some weeks away. Call it off now before it is too late”.

    Dozie: “And why do you think I should listen to you? How do I know the authenticity of what you are saying?”

    Caller: “Why would I lie about this?”

    Dozie: “Just listen to me, whoever you are. I have already made up my mind about this wedding and there is nothing, absolutely nothing you or anyone can say to make me change my mind. I love Samantha and I am going on with this wedding, that is my final answer”.

    Caller: “Very well then, we shall see!”

    Dozie: “We shall not see anything. My wedding will be successful and I will live happily with my wife”.

    Caller: “Don’t be too sure, you idiot”. The call went off leaving Dozie afraid and bewildered.

    Question: Who called Dozie? Will he cancel the wedding plans? Will Eno succeed in preventing the wedding?


    Dozie was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t notice when his bedroom door opened and his father, Mr Godwin walked in.

    Mr Godwin: “Hey son, you look so deep in thoughts. Don’t tell me you are already thinking of your honeymoon”.

    Dozie: “Hi, dad. When did you come in?”

    Dozies father: “A while ago. But wait, you do not look happy. What is happening?”

    Dozie: “Dad, I got a distress call about my wife”.

    Mr Godwin: “Samantha? What is wrong with her? Is she ill?”

    Dozie: “No, dad. An anonymous caller called to say I shouldn’t go ahead with the wedding because my fiancée is this and that, I don’t even understand, I can’t think straight right now”.

    Mr Godwin: “So, what does the caller want you to do?”

    Dozie: “The caller wants me to call off the wedding”.

    Mr Godwin: “What! Why?”

    Dozie: “I really do not understand, dad. The crux of the matter is that the caller threatened to harm me or my fiancée if we go ahead with the wedding as planned”.

    Mr Godwin: “Hmmn, this is serious. In that case you have to postpone the marriage or even call it off completely”.

    Dozie: “And why would I do a thing like that? For God’s sake we don’t even know who the caller is. It could be one of my friends playing pranks or something”.

    His father drew near and sat beside him. “Listen my son, experience has taught me that you don’t take things like this lightly. You and your brother are my only sons and I will not forgive myself if I allow anything to happen to you. Now that there is a threat to life, leave this girl alone. You can get another girl to marry”.

    Dozie: “No, dad. Your son is not a coward, it is too late to cancel the wedding plans. I love my fiancée and I am going ahead with this wedding”.

    Mr Godwin: “Listen my son …”

    Dozie: “Dad, please. I appreciate the concern but you didn’t raise a coward. Allow me handle this my way”.

    Mr Godwin became irritated at his son’s obstinate attitude. He got up from the bed.

    Mr. Godwin: “I see that you now argue with your father. Have you been so blinded by love that you cannot see the danger that lies ahead of this marriage? Do you know why I came into your room in the first place? Because I also received a text message last night asking me to warn you to cancel the wedding or risk losing you. Now, you will do as I say and cancel that wedding. Nonsense!” he left the room.

    Dozie: “Oh God, I am confused!”

    Eno continued to pace up and down in her room. She was beginning to get nervous as the day for the wedding drew near. Her mother’s voice advising her to snatch her friend’s fiancé or prevent the wedding continued to ring in her ears. She had gotten a male friend to call Dozie and talk him out of the wedding by threatening him but he had insisted on going ahead with the wedding to her dismay. She had also gone ahead to text his father but she doubted if the he could make Dozie change his mind. She was in this same position when her mother walked in.

    Eno’s mother: “Why are you pacing up and down like a man whose wife is in the labour room?”

    Eno: “I wish that was my case, I would be happy”.

    Eno’s mother: “What do you mean? Are you not supposed to be with your friend putting finishing touches to her wedding plans?”

    Eno: “Which wedding? I am supposed to be in her shoes, mum and not the other way round”.

    Eno’s mother: “Good, now you are talking like my daughter. You have to fight for what is rightfully yours. Heaven helps those who help themselves”.

    Eno: “I need your help, mother. I can’t fight this battle alone”.

    Eno’s mother: “What effort have you made on your own? I cannot continue to spoon feed you, you are a grown up now”.

    Eno: “I know, mother. But I am new in things like this, I am but a novice, I tried but I failed. I made a call threatening Dozie to harm him if he doesn’t call off the wedding. I also sent a text to his father all to no avail. I don’t know what to do”.

    Eno’s mother: “That is not enough. You need to try harder, nothing good comes easy. By the way, where is the sim you used to do all these?”

    Eno: “It is here”.

    Eno’s mother: “You need to destroy it. First rule in this game is to be very careful enough not to allow people identify you as the enemy. You need to give your friend the impression that you care a lot about her so that she can trust you enough to tell you everything about her. That way, you have all the necessary information needed to strike. Go to her and get all the details about the wedding, their planned honeymoon and where her husband will pass the night a day before their wedding. That is how to begin”.

    Samantha made her way to the Church a joyful and cheerful bride. It was her big day and she was over excited as she danced in the company of friends and well wishers to the special seat reserved for her close to the altar. Right beside her was Eno, her maid of honour, gorgeously dressed, all smile and urging her to dance on. She was glad to be surrounded by friends and loved ones and she looked forward to the moment when she and Dozie will exchange marital vows. When she got to the seat reserved for the couple, she realized that her groom was yet to arrive and the officiating pastor was already getting worried. She took her seat and began to wait for him. She knew that Dozie was not one to go late for anything, how much more his wedding. She glanced at her new Silver Colored Pierre Cardin watch which she had bought specifically for her big day. The time was 09:18 meaning that Dozie was 18 minutes late on their wedding day! She became pensive and began to sweat profusely. Eno noticing the change in her friend’s demeanor began to fan her. “You need to relax, Samantha. I am sure that Dozie will soon be here. Maybe he was held up by traffic or something. You will ruin your makeup by sweating and getting worked up”.

    Samantha: “Don’t tell me to calm down. It is almost 09:20 and my groom is nowhere to be found. Who knows if any harm has befallen him? Instead of him to be here waiting for me, I am the one waiting for him and you tell me to calm down?”

    Eno: “It is okay, don’t draw attention to us by creating a scene”.

    At the pulpit, the ministers were already getting tired of waiting for the groom to arrive so they can commence the marriage rites proper. At the congregation, family and friends were already getting worried and were whispering to one another. Some were already hissing and walking out of the Church auditorium while others especially the women were reigning curses on the groom for keeping them waiting.

    Woman 1: “My sister, I never see that kind thing before o. How wife go wear wedding gown, do make up, come dey wait for husband inside Church for more than one hour?”

    Woman 2: “My sister, you dey mind the men of nowadays? Maybe the guy drink yesterday come forget say today na im wedding. In fact, e fit be say him dey on top another woman as we dey here dey talk so”.

    Woman 1: “Mbanu. That one no possible. Hope say no be trick him trick this girl just to disgrace her o”.

    Woman 2: “I tire o, maybe them force am to marry this girl or maybe him don see the person wey fine pass her. Any which way, we go see as the thing go end today”.

    Woman 1: “Na so o, my sister. I sit down here gidigba. I no dey go anywhere until I see the end of this matter. If I hungry, I go buy biscuit and pure water drink come back until I see the end of the story”.

    Woman 2: “Ha, mama Abimbola, I trust you na, you too like amebo”

    Samantha got a phone and tried to call Dozie all to no avail. She was contemplating on what to do when a commotion outside forced her to turn back.

    Samantha: “What!”

    What did Samantha see behind her? Where is Dozie? Has Eno and her mother succeeded?


    When Samantha turned around, she came face to face with Dozie who was running to the altar all disheveled. He was panting as his ring bearer came running after him. He ran to the altar and knelt down to apologize to the officiating minister. “What my eyes saw today, my mouth cannot tell, I escaped death by an inch”. He told the pastor.

    Pastor: “It is okay. Thank God you are here and alive. We will just get started with the exchange of marital vows. You can save the explanation till when you get into the bedroom with your wife”.

    Samantha was already angry and she wanted to ask him many questions but the words of the pastor deflated her anger and she waited till the time they will get home for her to unleash her anger on him.

    Pastor: “Dozie, do you take Samantha to be your lawfully wedded wife, to cherish and to love, in poverty and wealth, sickness and health until death do you part?”

    Dozie: “Yes, I do”.

    The pastor turned to Samantha who was all nervous.

    Pastor: “Samantha, do you take Dozie to be your lawfully wedded husband to …”

    The pastor was still talking when Samantha felt a bullet whiz through her ears and struck Dozie on his chest causing him to fall backwards into the hands of his bewildered ring bearer who was standing a step behind him with the a microphone in his hand.

    It happened in a twinkle of an eye and before Samantha could comprehend what was happening, the congregation including the officiating pastors had ran out for their dear life. Even Eno, her maid of honour and the ring bearer had run out. There was a great stampede as people fell on top one another in a bid to get out of harm’s way. Samantha ran towards him, knelt and took the lifeless body of her groom in her arm. She didn’t mind the harm the blood oozing out of his chest will do to her immaculate white wedding dress. Hot tears of pain and anger streamed down her cheeks and fell on the body now lying on her laps.

    Samantha: “Baby, please wake up. Open your eyes, don’t do this to me. It’s me your bride. I have waited all my life for this day, please just wake up. Noooooooo!”

    “What is it? Why are you shouting in your dream?” Samantha’s mother touched her on the sofa where she had slept off in the sitting room”.

    Samantha: “My God, mum. I had a terrible nightmare. Gosh it was so real”.

    Her mother sat beside her on the sofa when she noticed the sweet on her daughter’s forehead. “Tell me about the dream, my child”.

    Samantha: “I dreamt that Dozie kept me waiting in Church on our wedding day and when he did eventually show up, he was shot on the chest as we were exchanging marital vows”.

    Samantha’s mother: “Chimo! That is not a good dream at all. Why would anyone want my son-in-law dead?”

    Samantha: “I don’t know, mama. I guess it was just a dream. A figment of my imagination, you know”.

    Samantha’s mother: “Just a dream? And you woke up screaming? I think it is more than just a dream. We need to pray about it so that God can cancel whatever plans the enemy has against that day”.

    Samantha: “There you go again, mother. Pray, pray, pray, that’s all you have to say to anything that happens in this house. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous to you sometimes that you have to take everything to God in prayers? I mean, do we even need to pray about anything? Won’t God act if we don’t pray?”

    Samantha: “My dear, some of the things that manifest in our dreams are revelation from God. You can only confront the spiritual with prayers”.

    Samantha: “Mum, please. My wedding is in two days time and I got lots of finishing preparation to do, you know what? Enough of all the prayer and God talk, I need to go fix my nails against my bridal shower tomorrow. She walked out leaving her mother speechless.

    It was the Bachelor’s eve day, Samantha was in the house getting ready with her friends. She had gotten a little red dress to wear and her makeup artist was busy mapping out contours. Eno was there with her as the maid of honour and she was in custody of Samantha’s phone and other personal properties.

    “Can you send a text to my hubby and ask him the hotel that he will sleep after the bachelor’s eve? I wanted to ask him earlier but I forgot”, she told Eno. Eno did as she was told and Dozie replied immediately telling her that he had booked room 101 in Seaside hotel. Eno, immediately forwarded the message to her mother who had instructed her to get all information concerning all the preparation.

    The bride to be and her friends left for the bachelor’s eve which was to hold in Unique garden, Wuse zone 2. There was a lot to eat and drink and the DJ never relented in playing danceable music. Samantha was more than elated, this was her last night as a single lady and she was determined to enjoy it to the fullest.  As she held Dozie’s hand in a romantic dance, she wished that the world would pause and that moment will remain forever. “I love you so much, you are the light of my life, without you my life is in darkness, she whispered into Dozie’s ears.

    Dozie: “I love you too, my woman. You are like the air that I breathe, without you I cease to exist”.

    Samantha: “Promise that you will never leave me alone”.

    Dozie: “Cross my heart, love. I will always be here for you”. He gave her a passionate peck on her forehead.

    Eno was sitting in the company of friends when her phone rang and she excused herself to pick her call. Dozie’s best man who was staring at her from afar decided to use the opportunity to ask her out for he had been admiring her ever since he met her with Samantha few months back at his friend’s place.

    Frank: “Excuse me, pretty one”.

    Eno: “Are you talking to me?”

    Frank: “Of course I am talking to you. Who else is standing here?”

    Eno: “What is it?”

    Frank: “Hey, don’t go all serious, I don’t bite”.

    Eno: “And what is that supposed to mean?  As you can see, I came here to make a call, I don’t have time for unnecessary pleasantries”.

    Frank: “Okay, I guess I have to get started then. You see, I have been admiring you right from the first day we met and I thought we could start something, who knows ours may be the next wedding to come up”.

    Eno: “Really? So, where do you work?”

    Frank: “Erm, I … usually … I mean … I just finished my Masters program not long ago and I am a teaching assistant in Kaduna State University.

    Eno: “So, you look at me from head to toe and you say you want to marry me? I mean, of all the girls here, none caught your fancy except me”.

    Frank: “But love is”.

    Eno: “Eh-eh, hold it there”, she sized him up from head to toe. “In fact, I need to speak pidgin English to drive home my point. Look me well well, I am a very expensive chic and only well to do men can afford me. How much KASU dey pay you as teaching assistant wey you wan marry me? You know the kind designer things wey my mama dey buy for me from abroad? Can you afford it? I don’t blame you now, shebi it is condition that is making you talk anyhow. Because I accepted to do maid of honour for Samantha abi, that’s why you feel like we are mates right? I don’t even know where Dozie picked you up from. Among all the handsome and rich friends that he has, he couldn’t use any for best man except you. Abeg shift make I see road jor!” She brushed him aside and went back to her seat.

    Frank: “You don’t have to be rude, I will see you in Church tomorrow”. He called after her”

    Eno: “Don’t be too sure”, she replied.

    After the bachelor’s eve, Eno excused herself that she was going home to spend the night with her mother and then come back early the next day to prepare for Church. “You are my maid of honour, you are supposed to be with me tonight”, Samantha protested.

    Eno: “I know but my mother needs my attention urgently at home. I don’t even know what is wrong with her, she was sounding somehow on phone. I need to go and find out”.

    Samantha: “It’s okay. Just make sure you are here early enough before the makeup artist arrives so that she can make you up too”.

    Eno picked a cab to Seaside hotel where Dozie said he was spending the night. “I will like to see the guest in room 101”, she told the receptionist. Few minutes later, she was standing face to face with Dozie who was wondering what his fiance’s maid of honour was doing in his hotel room a night before  his wedding.

    Dozie: “Did you miss your way or something? What are you doing here?”

    She pushed him and got inside the room and shut the door after her.

    Dozie: “What! Are you drunk or something?”

    Eno: “Shhhh …”She placed her index finger over his lips. Sssshhh” she cautioned again

    Dozie is shocked: “Why are you doing this?”

    Eno: “Because I have something better to offer, ready to offer you now”.

    Dozie: “And what is that?”

    Eno: “This”. She removed the dress she had on revealing her full boobs and rounded buttocks in her pink Victoria Secrets lingerie.

    Will Dozie fall for Eno’s seduction? What will Samantha do?
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    Dozie continued to stare at her attractive body as he was torn in between two walls; to devour her or to hold his head high. He knew that getting intimate with Eno was not the right thing to do but the bulge that had formed in - between his thighs was telling him otherwise. He reached out and drew her close, he could feel the scent of her perfume, a scent he recognized as Ferrari’s, a designer perfume he had one time bought for his fiancée.
    Eno, encouraged by his reaction raised her head up. She was of average height and he was tall, she had to raise her head if she was to kiss him while he was standing. She drew her lips close to him and drew his breathe. He grabbed her and began to kiss her hungrily. Countless times he had heard stories of how grooms to-be bang other ladies a night before they tie their nuptial cord. He didn’t know that he would ever fall victim. As he began to explore the inside of her mouth with his tongue, he threw caution into the wind and began to caress her with his finger. He couldn’t wait to devour her as her soft boobs brushed over his hard chest. He threw her to the bed and began the painful task of undressing himself for it was not long that he entered the hotel room when she came in. He sat at the edge of the bed and began to remove his shoe which he was finding difficult to remove. She drew near to him and held him from behind deliberately ticking his back with her hard nipples. The sensational feeling that act gave him sent hot blood down his thighs and he felt himself getting harder in between his thighs. He flung the shoe on the floor and joined her on the bed.
    Dozie grabbed Eno and turned her back to him for he wanted to take her from behind. Possessed with passion, he came down upon her, ready to penetrate.
    Eno: “Wait, not so fast”.
    Dozie: “What! Why should I wait? Isn’t this what you have always wanted?”
    Eno: “No, this is what you want rather”.
    Dozie: “So, what are you doing here you idiot?”
    Eno: “I am here to give you the biggest pleasure of your wife. She drew her full breast in her hands and kissed it sending him wild with desires. “You want some? Do as I say”.
    Dozie: “Do what? Anything. I will do anything you say. Just allow me in”.
    Eno: “Okay, I want you to …”
    Dozie: “Shhh ... you don’t need to say anything. Consider it done”.
    Eno: “But you haven’t heard what the condition is”.
    Dozie: “I will do anything you say, trust me. He parted her legs and gave her his head, his tongue moving in and out of her honey pot. Few minutes later, he was on top her pounding and thrusting”.
    After two rounds, he suddenly came back to his senses and began to regret his actions. He looked at Eno curled beside him pretending to be asleep and he noticed that she was not as attractive as he had seen her when he was high with desires. Disgusted with his behaviour, he tapped her violently on her shoulders.
    Dozie: “Get up and get out. Hey, I know that you can hear me, stop pretending to be asleep”. He shook her again, this time more violently.
    Eno: “What is it? Is it morning?”
    Dozie: “You crazy or something? Who would allow you stay here till morning? You forgot that tomorrow is my wedding?”
    Eno: “Which wedding?”
    Dozie: “My goodness. You are such a psycho. Hello, tomorrow is my wedding and I am getting married to your best friend for that matter. And you are supposed to be her maid of honour even though I am not sure she would want you to do that if she finds out that you seduced me”.
    Eno: “There is not going to be any wedding tomorrow”.
    Dozie: “I beg your pardon?”
    Eno: “That is the condition I was talking about. You agreed to whatever condition I give”.
    Dozie: “And who is gonna stop my wedding tomorrow?”
    Eno: “I will. In fact, you did. You spoilt your wedding the moment you slept with me”.
    Dozie: “Oh, you are one hell of a crazy girl. What we just had was a fling, call it misuse of passion if you like. You wanted it, I was in the mood and I gave it to you. Nothing more”.
    Eno: “You dare not, Dozie. You cannot use me and go free, that wedding must not hold, else you will pay”.
    Dozie: “I dare not? Okay, I dare you. Go and do your worst and my wedding must hold whether you like it or not”. He began to drag her out of the room.
    Eno: “You will pay for this, I swear that you will pay for this”.
    Dozie: “Get out and get lost!” he banged the door after her and ran to the bathroom to wash himself”.

    Mama Samantha: “You look stunning in your wedding dress, my daughter. I am so proud of you. Can we pray before you step out? We need to invite God to take over the ceremony in a very special way”.
    Samantha: “There you go again, mum. Do we need to pray again? Who didn’t pray when he or she woke up this morning? Isn’t that enough?”
    Samantha’s mother: “It is not enough o. Prayers are …”
    Samantha: “It is okay, mum. We are already running late for Church. We don’t wanna keep the pastors waiting because we were ‘praying’”. She said.
    They left for Church in the Range Rover car which Dozie had provided to convey his bride to the Church, Samantha with Eno sitting beside her. It was a selfie session as Eno kept updating various pictures on social media with different captions to the delight of Samantha.
    “I have something to tell you”. Eno said when they drew close to the Church.
    Samantha: “Oh, can’t it wait until after my wedding?”
    Eno: “It is about Dozie”.
    Samantha: “My hubby? What is it?”
    Eno: “Erm, I … We ... I mean”, she stuttered incoherently.
    Samantha: “Yes, you?” she asked searching into her eyes.
    Eno: “I just feel I need to tell you because we are best of friends and I won’t ever forgive myself if I allow you go to the altar without this knowledge”.
    Samantha: “What are you saying? Just go straight to the point and stop beating about the bush”.
    Eno: “Okay”, she cleared her throat. “Dozie straffed me last night”.
    Samantha: “Dozie what! What the hell are you talking about?”
    Eno: “He banged me. Like we made love. We had sex”.
    Samantha: “You had sex with my fiancé a night before my wedding?”
    Eno: “I didn’t want to. He invited me over to his room and I went because I thought it has to do with you. Next thing he seduced me and threw me on the bed and … and …”
    Samantha: “Oh, my God. My head is falling apart”.
    Eno: “I am sorry, Samantha. But he said he intends to stand you up in Church. He said he doesn’t want to marry you anymore and that he won’t show up in Church. If I were you, I would call off this wedding”.
    Samantha: “Just shut up … are you sure about this?” The driver took a turn into the Church and they all became silent, each occupied with his own thoughts”.

    Dozie was getting dressed with his men on suit when a team of four masked men stormed the hotel and kidnapped him from his room. They had threatened to kill his friends if they raise any alarm and after they blindfolded him, they led him away in their tinted V-wagon. They drove for more than twenty minutes during which Dozie kept pleading for his life. They stopped at what seems to him the middle of Sambisa forest and removed the blindfold from his eyes. They were in an uncompleted building and he was standing before a plump man whom the other’s referred to as capon.
    Capon: “Hey, lover boy, raise your head well make I see your face”.
    Dozie: “What do you want from me and why have I been brought here?”
    Capon: “Hahahaha, I see say una never teach this vegetable enough lesson. Oya, make una teach am lesson wey go make am respect him elders”.
    They pounced on him and began to punch him with their fists, shoes and belt. He was manhandled from one person to another and he passed out. The capon commanded that they strip him of his wedding suit and pour him ice-like cold water. He woke up and began to shiver with cold. “Please, tell me whatever it is that you want, I will do it. Anything, just tell me”. He was on his knees for pain could not allow him get up.
    Capon: “Here is your phone, call your fiancé and call off the wedding. I will count to ten for you to make that call, else I will shoot you and have my boys bury you here. 1….2….3”


    Dozie was turned in between the devil and the red sea. He knew that calling off the wedding will embarrass and break Samantha’s heart beyond repairs but he couldn’t dare this man who would not
    hesitate to kill him and throw his body to the dogs. He thought of Samantha beautifully dressed and waiting for him in Church and he didn’t know when a tear dropped from his eyes. “If only I can turn back the hands of time”, he thought.
    Capon: “5!”
    Dozie: “Wait, please wait. Why are you doing this? What has my wedding got to do with all these? Why do I need to call off my wedding?”
    Capon: “You don’t ask me any questions. Nobody asks the capon any questions in his crib. You only do as I say. Are you ready to make the call or do you want me to call your mother and tell her where to pick up your body?”
    Dozie: “My mother? You have my
    mother’s number?”
    Capon: “He doesn’t know who I am”, he gave out a mirthless laughter, collected Dozie’s phone from the hands of one of the guys and dialed Dozie’s mother’s number. The phone rang and immediately his mother picked the call.
    Mama Dozie: “What is wrong with you, son. You kept us all worried. Where are you? We are already in Church, everyone is here including your wife waiting for you? Can’t you talk?”
    Capon: “Madam, let me know when you finish ranting so I can talk”.
    Mama Dozie: “What! This is not my son’s voice. Who are you?”
    Capon: “My identity is not important
    right now. Do you have a pen with you there?”
    Mama Dozie: “Yes, why?”
    Capon: “I want to give you the address of where you will pick up your son’s body”.
    Mama Dozie: “Dozie? Oh my God, what happened to him? What have you done to him? Please don’t hurt him, we will do whatever you say”.
    Capon: “You better talk to your son to
    cooperate with us and do as we say, else blame him and not us”.
    Mama Dozie: “Please give him the phone, let me talk to him”.
    Capon hands the phone over to Dozie.
    Mama Dozie: “My son, please do
    whatever they say. Please just do
    whatever they say so that they can leave you alone. You and your brother are the only children I have in the world. I will kill myself if they harm you”, she pleaded with him.
    Capon snatched the call from his hand and ended the call.
    Capon: “I will continue my count to ten after which I will pull the trigger and rain bullets into your brains.
    Dozie: “Wait! Don’t. Okay, I will call off the wedding, I agree”.
    Capon: “Good”. He hands the phone to Dozie who quickly dialed Samantha’s number. The phone was with Eno and she picked up.
    Dozie: “Give the phone to its owner, you bitch”.
    Eno gave the phone to Samantha.
    Dozie: “I am sorry, bae. I am never gonna come for you in Church. I do not want to marry you anymore. I know this hurts but a broken engagement is better than
    a failed marriage. I do hope that you will find a place in your heart to forgive me and that you will find someone better than I”.
    He dropped the phone as he
    realized that his voice was shaking and his hands quivering.
    Samantha: “Please, don’t do this to me, if it is about what happened between you and Eno last night, I am willing to let go. I forgive you. Save me this embarrassment please. Hello … hello … are you there?”

    After One month …
    Mama Samantha: “You are still crying? For how long shall you continue to cry over spilt milk?”
    Samantha: “Tell me why I shouldn’t cry, mum. I am now a laughing stock in this estate. Everyone looks at me and brand me as the lady whose groom refused to show up on her wedding day, so tell me why I shouldn’t cry”.
    Mama Samantha: “You have been crying for over one month, my child. If crying is the solution, by now you should be married. It is time to wipe your tears and pray to God for another suitor”.
    Samantha: “Oh don’t tell me that, mum. Why didn’t God act when Dozie decided to break my heart? I mean people get married every week. Why should my own be different? The most painful thing is that Dozie won’t even pick my call and he didn’t come out to see me the last time I went to his house. I still love him, I just
    don’t know what to do”.
    Mama Samantha: “Don’t tell me that you are still thinking of that idiot. In fact, he is not even the problem. The problem is with Eno, your best friend who betrayed you by sleeping with your fiancé. You have to cut off from that girl. She doesn’t mean well for you”.
    Samantha: “Mum! It was just a mistake. Eno and Dozie were drunk that night, they didn’t know what they were doing. I am sure they wouldn’t have done that if they were not under the influence of alcohol. Eno is my best friend and I trust her so much. She will never do anything
    to deliberately harm me”.
    Mama Samantha: “I have said my own, be careful of that girl. She doesn’t mean well for you".

    Eno was in the sitting room watching
    her favorite series on Telemundo when her mother came in.

    Mama Eno: “Don’t tell me you are here watching TV instead of you to proceed with the next plan of getting Dozie to marry you”.
    Eno: “That is not possible, mum. I told you that guy doesn’t even want to pick my calls talk more of seeing me. If not that I was smart enough to deny sending those thugs, I am sure he would have taken it up with relevant authorities”.
    Mama Eno: “He will do no such thing. His family are very peaceful and they have political ambition and even though they are very wealthy, they hate being in th news. I knew that the matter will die a natural death. Anyway, you will go to his
    house and tell him that you are carrying his child”.
    Eno: “What! No, mum. You can’t be
    Mama Eno: “Of course I am. He slept with you without protection right? Good, so you took in for him that day and you will demand that he marry you”.
    Eno: “But that is not true, I am not
    Mama Eno: “Who said you are? All you need do is pretend to be pregnant”.
    Eno: “What if we get married and he
    finds out that I am not pregnant? How do I cover it up?”
    Mama Eno: “First things first. When we get to that bridge, we shall cross it. You just leave everything to me. After you tell him about the pregnancy, then you will have to go and make peace with Samantha. We will need her help and we can’t achieve that if she sees you as an
    enemy. So, go to her house, pretend to be very sorry for what you did, in fact, go on your knees in tears and plead with her to forgive you. When she is comfortable with you, we can easily penetrate her and strike”.
    Eno: “But mum”.
    Mama Eno: “No buts, you do as I say”.

    A knock was on the door, Dozie opened the door and was shocked to find Eno standing sexily dressed.
    Dozie: “Yes, what are you looking for
    here? What can I do for you?”
    Eno: “Haba, Dozie won’t you at least
    allow me in?”
    Dozie: “Allow you in? The last time I
    allowed you in, I know what happened. I am not ready for a repeat of that. Say what you have to say before I instruct the security guys to throw you out”.
    Eno: “It hasn’t come to that”. (She clears her throat.) “I am pregnant”.
    Dozie: “And so what? Does this place
    look like a hospital where you can
    register for ante-natal?” he asked
    Eno: “You are responsible for my
    Dozie: “You say I am what? What did I just hear you say?”
    Eno: “I said that you are responsible for my pregnancy”.
    Dozie: “How? When? I mean how


    Eno: “And what are those questions
    supposed to mean? You slept with me without protection and you are here asking me how come I am pregnant? If I were you, I would be asking how we can begin marriage plans so that our child won’t be born outside wedlock”.
    Dozie: “I slept with you or you seduced me into sleeping with you? “
    Eno: “It doesn’t matter how it happened. What matters is that there is sex between us”.
    Dozie: “Look, I was tipsy that day
    because I had a little too much alcohol to drink. It happened just once and I am sure I am not responsible for that thing you carry. You better take it to its rightful owner”.
    Eno: “Of course you are responsible.
    Who said having sex only once is not
    enough to cause pregnancy?”
    Dozie: “You know what? I have had
    enough of your stupidity and incoherent speeches. Now, get out of my compound”.
    Eno: “I am going nowhere, young man. If you think I am Samantha that you can treat anyhow and break her heart, then you need to have a rethink”.
    Dozie: “You are going nowhere? Okay, let's see about that” Jonny?” He screamed at the uniform security man who came running and panting.
    Jonny: “Oga, see me here”.
    Dozie: “Throw this bitch out and lock the gate”.
    Jonny: “Oga, you say?”
    Dozie: “I said throw her out and lock the gate of my father’s compound. And, if you ever allow her in here again, you are fired!”
    Jonny: “Okay, sir”. Turning to Eno he
    said, “Madam, come dey go”.
    Dozie: “I didn’t say you should ask her to leave. I said throw her out”.
    Jonny: “Yes, sir”. He suddenly grabbed Eno by the arm and dragged her out in spite of her protests.
    Dozie: “Good riddance to bad rubbish. Come and force me to accept the pregnancy now, bitch!”

    Outside the gate, Eno who had expected this kind of reaction brought out her makeup kit, applied her powder and took a cab to Samantha’s house. She met
    Samantha’s mother on her way to
    Mama Samantha: “You, what are you
    doing in my house again? Haven’t you caused enough harm already?”
    Eno: “I am sorry, mum. I know I did
    wrong and that is why I am here to
    apologize and …”
    Mama Samantha: “Eh-en, hold it there. Just hold it there you daughter of Jezebel. I don’t even know what has come over you girls of nowadays. You go about opening your legs for men anyhow. How can you be shameless enough to sleep with your best friend’s fiancé and still have the guts to come here looking for her? Before I open and close my eyes, you are out of here”.
    Samantha rushed down when she heard her mother raising her voice against someone.
    Samantha: “Mum, are you okay? Who are you talking with?”
    Mama Samantha: “I am fine, my dear. I am talking to this devilish friend of
    Samantha: “What! Eno? What the hell are you doing in my house? It’s okay, mum. You run along so you don’t go late for the home cell service. I can handle her”.
    Mama Samantha: “Okay. Whatever it is, I don’t want to meet her here when I return and do not allow her deceive you with her countenance. There is
    something about this girl that does not agree with my spirit”.
    Samantha: “Okay, mum. Take care”. To Eno she said. “Yes, what can I do for you?”
    Eno: “I am sorry, girlfriend. It was a
    mistake. You should know that I won’t do anything to deliberately hurt you. I … I … just don’t know what came over me last night”.
    Samantha: “Have you finished talking? Well, I have heard you. You can leave now”.
    Eno: “C’mmon, now. I have missed you, I missed your friendship, I miss our hanging out together, I miss our going for shopping together. Can we have those days back? If I don’t mean well for you, will I tell you that Dozie said he was gonna ditch you in Church? If you had listened to me that day, you would have been the one to call off the wedding saving yourself all the embarrassment.
    Samantha, please accept me as a friend again”.
    Samantha began to soften when she
    saw that Eno was looking sober and
    shedding tears.
    Samantha: “But you shouldn’t have slept with my man, Eno. No matter what, you should have resisted that temptation”.
    Eno: “I know and I am willing to make
    amends. In fact, if you want me to help you get him back, I will”.
    Samantha: “It’s okay, I forgive you”.
    Eno: “Thanks, girlfriend, you rock!” She drew her tight and hugged her.
    Samantha: “Better don’t try that kind of a thing again o, else I will kick your ass out for good”.
    Eno: “Cross my heart, I won’t. So tell me, are you still in love with Dozie? Will you still agree to marry him if he comes back begging? Have you made up with him?”
    Samantha: “I think I still love him but I don’t know how to go about the whole thing. The other day he sent me a text that in as much as he wanted me in his life, he was staying away for the sake of his safety and mine, I don’t know what he mean by that. I tried calling him, visiting the house, chatting him up all to no avail. Can you believe that I haven’t set
    my eyes on him since that bachelor’s eve day?”
    Eno: “Are you serious? Na wa o. But why do you still love him now? After all he did to you?”
    Samantha: “Love is not something you can explain”.
    Eno: “If I were you, I will just forget him and move on with my life, after all he is not the only man on earth, there are many more better men around”.
    Samantha: “Yeah, you are right. There are many more better men around and you couldn’t find any to strafe except mine”.
    Eno is angered by Samantha’s statement but she made effort not to show it.
    Samantha: “C’mmon, don’t feel bad, I was only joking”.
    Eno: “Of course I don’t feel bad. I mean you just said the truth, so why should I feel bad?”
    Samantha: “I thought I just saw you
    looking sober when I said that”.
    Eno: “Not at all. I love you, Samantha. You will always remain my best friend forever”.
    Samantha: “I love you too, Eno. I am
    sorry about the way my mum spoke to you earlier. I will speak with her when she returns and I am sure she will accept you as she used to”.
    Eno: “Okay. So, tell me, what have you been up to?”

    Mama Eno walked up to her daughter’s room to see her crying.

    Mama Eno: “Why are you crying? What happened to you?”
    Eno: “I am tired of all these, mum. I told you this isn’t going to work. I went to Dozie’s house as you said and after given me the insult of my life, he asked that stinking security man to throw me out. Can you imagine, mum. As if that isn’t enough, I went to Samantha’s house and after her mother gave me the insult of my life by calling you Jezebel and me the daughter of Jezebel, I made up with Samantha who kept making
    some sarcastic statements about how I can’t get a man for myself”.
    Mama Eno: “Dozie did what? Anyway, It is a good thing that you have made up with your friend. You never can tell where we will be needing her help. Get ready, we are paying Dozie’s parents a visit”
    Eno: “Mum! Don’t even try that. You will end up with the embarrassment of your life”.
    Mama Eno: “Shut up and get dressed. I don’t have time to waste on useless talk. I will show Dozie and his people that nobody messes with my daughter and goes free. They don’t know me, I will shock them today. Maybe they think they can take advantage of you because I singlehandedly raised you, they don’t
    know that what a man can do a woman can do a million times better. They should prepare for trouble!”
    Eno: “But what if they instruct the
    security guy to throw us out?”
    Mama Eno: “They wouldn’t dare. You
    don’t know your mother that is why you are saying all these. Now, enough of the talk, go get dressed. “
    Eno: “Okay, mum”.

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    Samantha had a bath and wore a little red dress that Dozie had bought for her on her last birthday. She took her time to apply her makeup ensuring that she looked her best. She was going to visit Dozie in his family house and she needed to look irresistible if she must succeed in winning his love back. She had made up her mind to fight for her love and win him back even if that was going to be the last thing she would ever
    do. As a trained medical doctor, she
    knew that until one lets out his last
    breathe, one must keep trying, a policy which they had always practiced on their patients. She slugged her chanel chain bag on her shoulder after she was satisfied with her looks and came down stairs where her mother was watching a
    Christian programme.
    Samantha: “Going out, mum. See you
    Mama Samantha: “Where to, my child? I must confess that you look stunning”.
    Samantha: “Thanks mum. I will tell you about my outing when I come back. You just keep your fingers crossed”.
    Mama Samantha: “Okay. Just make sure you don’t do anything silly”.
    Samantha: “Mum, you should pray that I don’t see any reason to do any silly thing because if I see reasons I will do”. She ran out of the house.

    Eno came out of the bedroom dressed in an Ankara skirt and blouse with an olive green shoe and bag to match. Her mother who was already running out of patience was waiting for her in the car.

    Mama Eno: “It took you so long to get
    dressed that I almost came in there to drag you out”.
    Eno: “Sorry, mum. I had to take my time to dress decently, you know …”
    Mama Eno: “Wait a minute. What are you wearing?”
    Eno: “Ankara skirt and blouse of course”.
    Mama Eno: “And where do you think you are wearing that to?”
    Eno: “Where we are going of course. You know they are my potential in laws so I need to dress decently to win their hearts”.
    Mama Eno: “Hehehe”, she clapped her hands together. “Potential in laws ko, potential family ni. My friend will you get in there and wear something better?
    You need to put on a dress that will
    bring out your curves. A classic dress that will flatter your shapes. You think Dozie loves you? You should dress in such as a way as to seduce him. That is the way to go about it”.
    Eno: “Okay, mum”. She turned back into the house”.
    Mama Eno: “Imagine this stupid girl o, after spending hours in there, that is the best she could come up with. I am sure she took this dullness from her father, she didn’t take after me at all”.

    Eno and her mother arrived at Dozie’s
    family compound and after horning for some minutes, the security man came out.
    Jonny: “Yes, who are you wey you just dey horn anyhow like that?”
    Mama Eno: “My friend will you shut up your gutter of a mouth? Why didn’t you answer when you heard me horn the first time?”
    Jonny: “Why you go dey ask me that kind question? Na you dey pay me salary for here?”
    Mama Eno: “You know what? I don’t
    have time for illiterates like you. My
    friend open the gate and let me in”.
    Jonny: “Open your booth”.
    Mama Eno: “You say what?”
    Jonny: “I say make you open your booth make I see wetin you carry inside before you go come bomb my oga and madam for their house”.
    Mama Eno: “Are you out of your mind? Do I look like a suicide bomber?”
    Jonny: “How I want take know? Them no dey write am for forehead, besides, I no even look your face”.
    Eno: “How dare you talk to my mother anyhow? Open the gate before I come down and open it myself”.
    Jonny: “Chimmoo! Thank God say I no open the gate o, na so I for don join unemployed peoples association of Nigeria. No be you my oga say make I no allow enter this compound if I no want make him sack me?”
    Mama Eno: “Will you open the gate or do you want me to force my way in?”
    Jonny: “I no go open. If my oga sack me, you go employ me?”

    Eno turned to her mother in the car.

    Eno: “Mum, I told you it will be
    impossible for the security man to allow us in. Let’s just turn back home and save ourselves this embarrassment from an ordinary security man”.
    Mama Eno: “You just shut up and allow me think. You face little obstacles and you are ready to give up, how can you achieve anything with that kind of attitude? I dislike it when people chicken out at the slightest obstacle they encounter. Listen, we will come down and force our way into the compound. We cannot go back having come this
    Eno: “Mum!”
    Mama Eno: “I am going down there, you better follow me or else you will know the kind of mother you have by the time I change it for you”.

    They came down and while Jonny was trying to stop them from going in, mama Eno pushed him aside with her massive bum and made her way in with Jonny trailing behind them and asking them to stop trespassing. Dozie’s father was watching news heard the commotion in his compound and ran out.

    Baba Dozie: “What is going on here and who are these people”.
    Jonny: “Oga sir, I … I …” he tried to catch his breath for he was breathing hard.
    Baba Dozie: “Open your mouth and say something. When did you start
    Jonny: “Sorry, oga. I never recover from the push wey this woman give me with her big bakasi”.
    Baba Dozie: “Just go back to your duty post. I will handle this”.
    Jonny: “Oga, I don recover now. I dey
    ready to talk”.
    Baba Dozie: “I said go and lock my gate and remain there, that is what I
    employed you to do and not to talk”.
    Jonny: “Yes, sir!” He ran away.
    Baba Dozie: “Madam, what can I do for you?’
    Mama Eno: “What can you do for me?
    Well, you cannot do anything for me. The question should be what I can do for you”.
    Baba Dozie: “Very well then. What can you do for me?”
    Mama Eno: “I brought your daughter in law to you”.
    Baba Dozie: “My what?”
    Mama Eno: “You heard me correctly the first time”.
    Baba Dozie: “Whose wife, if I may ask?”
    Mama Eno: “Why don’t you ask your son Dozie how many times he slept with my daughter in the past months?”
    Baba Dozie: “Woman, you must learn
    how to talk politely. You cannot come to my house and start running your mouth anyhow. Anyway, I am sure that you know that I was Legislator before? As a seasoned politician, I am going to ask your daughter some questions and I will find out if my son is truly responsible for the pregnancy”
    Mama Eno: Go ahead and ask the
    questions in the world. All I know is that your son must marry my daughter”.
    Baba Dozie: “My daughter, look into my eyes and tell me that my son is
    responsible for the pregnancy”.

    Eno made to speak but she caught a
    glimpse of Dozie who was standing in a place hidden from his father and her mother’s view, he was holding a sharp cutlass and looking intently at her. She ran short of words for fear of what he may do to her if she confirmed her mother’s allegations.

    Mama Eno: “My friend will you open your mouth and talk? Have you suddenly gone deaf?”
    Eno: “Mum, I ... he, I mean I don’t ….”
    Baba Dozie: “Who is responsible for your pregnancy, young lady?”

    Eno Froze.


    Eno although frightened to death by the fire in Dozie’s eyes decided to say
    something in line to her mother’s advice irrespective of what it will cause her. She knew that Dozie will have to run pass her mother and his father to get at her and she was sure that they would not allow him use the cutlass on her.
    Eno: “Dozie is responsible for my
    pregnancy”, she summoned courage
    and told Dozie’s father while she ran to stand behind her mother.
    Baba Dozie: “Are you sure of what you are saying? Should I call him and ask him?”
    Eno: “You may ask him if you don’t
    believe me. All I know is that I am saying the truth, it doesn’t matter what Dozie says, only a woman can tell the true paternity of a child”.

    Dozie ran out of where he was standing brandishing the cutlass. he was aiming at bringing it down on Eno’s head when his father intercepted him and collected
    the weapon from his hand.

    Baba Dozie: “What has come over you, my son? When did you become this violent?”
    Dozie: “Daddy, I cannot stand here and watch this liar lie so terribly about me. How can she say I am responsible for her pregnancy?”
    Baba Dozie: “So you want to commit
    murder because of that? Is that the
    solution to the problem at hand?”
    Mama Eno: “Dozie or whatever it is that my daughter calls you, so you think you can scare us away with a cutlass? After sleeping with my daughter and getting her pregnant, you want to murder us. The police must hear this”.
    Baba Dozie: “No. madam. You need to calm down, it hasn’t gotten to that yet. We can settle this amicably without involving a third party”.
    Mama Eno: “Settle what amicably? When your son has clearly shown that he doesn’t want me and my daughter alive? In fact, his actions today has shown that my life and my daughters are not safe. I need to report to security agencies. If any harm befalls me and my daughter,
    your son will be held responsible”.
    Dozie: “You are just bluffing, madam.
    You think you can arm twist me into
    marrying your daughter by saying this? Then you need to try harder”.
    Mama Eno: “Did you hear him? Did you see how your son is adding petrol to this fire?”
    Dozie: “Oh please, don’t even try to drag my father into this”.
    Baba Dozie: “It is enough, son. Quarrelling won’t solve the problem”.

    He was talking when a horn blared
    outside the gate and Jonny opened the door. Baba Dozie heaved a sigh of relief when he saw his wife drive in for he was already getting tired of the situation at hand.
    Mama Dozie: “What is happening here? Why is everybody standing outside?”
    Baba Dozie: “Welcome, honey. Its good you came back now”.
    Mama Dozie: Sorry I stayed longer than usual. The Women Wing's meeting of our party lasted longer than usual, as the party’s women leader, I couldn’t leave until we had finished trashing all issues”.
    Mama Eno: “Madam, your son got my
    daughter pregnant and you are here
    talking about being the women leader of a political party. If you don’t talk your son into marrying my daughter, I will make sure I report you to your party so that appropriate sanctions can be carried out against you and trust me that will not be good for your political ambition”.
    Mama Dozie: “What is she saying? Dozie is that true?”
    Dozie: “Don’t listen to her mum, she is lying, I am not responsible for her
    daughter’s pregnancy”.
    Mama Dozie: “Madam, you think you are the only one who has a sharp tongue? Can you please leave my house, carry your daughter and look for another family to give her pregnancy”
    Mama Eno: “Are you listening to your
    son? Do young men agree when they get women pregnant?”
    Mama Dozie: “Yes, I will listen to my son and I believe him. He is old enough to know when he gets a girl pregnant so please leave before we call the security man to throw you out”.

    Eno dragged her mother aside and
    pleaded with her that they leave the

    Mama Eno: “Okay, we will leave but we shall return, you haven’t seen the last of us yet. The world will hear about this”.

    They walk out and come face to face
    with Samantha who was about driving into the compound.

    Samantha: “Wow, I wasn’t expecting you here. Good afternoon, mum”.
    Mama Eno: “Afternoon, my dear. How are you today?”
    Samantha: “I am fine. What are you
    doing here, Eno”.
    Eno: “Erm ... I ... we”.
    Mama Eno: “Oh, we came to plead with Nonso to accept you back. My daughter told me how much you love Dozie and I decided to follow her here to talk to him so that you two can be back together. You looked so good together”.
    Samantha: “Wow, thank you so much ma. Thank you, I do appreciate this. I will just go in and see him now. That is actually what I came here for”.

    Dozie: “What are you doing here,
    Samantha? I told you that it is over
    between us. There is nothing to talk
    Samantha: “Please, baby. I can’t live
    without you. Whatever threat it is that
    you have received, we can pull through it together. Also, about Eno, I have forgiven her, you should to”.
    Dozie: “I should what? Do you know
    what you are saying?”
    Samantha: “Yes, I met her and her
    mother on my way here and they told
    me why they came here. Please listen to them”.
    Dozie: “I don’t get it. She told you why
    she was here and you want me to accept it?”
    Samantha: “Yes, please”.
    Dozie: “You know what? I don’t know
    what to say right now. You will have to excuse me, I need to clear my head”.
    Samantha: “Are you asking me to leave your house?”
    Dozie: “Not exactly, baby. I just need to be alone because I can’t understand why you want me to accept what Eno said when she and her mother came here. Just go home and relax, I will call you later in the evening for us to talk”.

    Eno was worried when her mother
    drove past their junction and took
    another turn without stopping over.
    Eno: “Where are we going to, mum?”
    Mama Eno: “To the police station”.
    Eno: “Police Station? What for?”
    Mama Eno: “When we get there you shall know”.
    Eno: “I don’t support this, mum. You
    know that this is not right”.
    Mama Eno: “Just shut up there. All that I am doing is because you could not hook a man to marry. If you had been able to get your own man, we wouldn’t have been going through all these processes so just keep quiet and watch me”.

    Dozie was in a heated argument with his parents who were on his neck that he should take Eno as a wife since she was already carrying his child. He tried to make them see reasons with him but his mother wouldn’t listen”.
    Mama Dozie: “Tell me, did you sleep with her or not?”
    Dozie: “I did only once and she seduced me, I didn’t want to”.
    Mama Dozie: “It doesn’t matter how
    many times you slept with her. All that matters is that you did it. She is carrying your child and I don’t want any publicity because you cannot predict how far women like her mother can go. You just have to marry her”.
    Dozie: “No, I won’t mum. I am sure that I am not responsible for that pregnancy. Let's have a test to …”
    Mama Dozie: “Do you know what sort of negative publicity that will bring to the family? How our party and Church members will laugh at me for not bringing you up in the way of the Lord. Have you thought of what this will do to your parents’ political reputation?”.

    Baba Dozie who was watching the
    heated argument between mother and son decided to wage in.

    Baba Dozie: “I give you twenty four
    hours to make up your mind about
    marrying that girl, else you cease to be my son and you lose all privileges
    attached to that position”.

    He walked out of the sitting room followed by his wife.


    A month later, after some threats from Mama Eno to take up the matter with relevant authorities, and disrupt his mother’s political ambition, coupled with the pressure from his father, Dozie succumbed into accepting the pregnancy.

    Dozie: “Mum, I am just accepting this
    arrangement because you have insisted on saving the face of this family from unnecessary publicity else I would have insisted on us going for a paternity test to determine the owner of her
    Mama Dozie: “Please, my son. Just do this for me, I don’t want anything that will bring unnecessary attention to this family. After she gives birth, we shall go for a DNA test after which we will quietly send her away if the child is not yours. If you ask for paternity test to determine the owner of the pregnancy now, her mother will say you got her daughter
    pregnant and because we are rich we
    paid the hospital to falsify the results in our favour, before you know, the press will be involved and people will forget their problems and start gossiping with our name up and down. That can ruin my political ambition for life”.
    For the sake of the love he has for his
    family, he had sacrificed his future and married her quietly without any publicity. He was present albeit reluctantly at the arrangement which was done in her mother’s house with just four family members in attendance. All through the day, he had stayed away from her as much as he could and as soon as the
    everything was over, he had driven home forgetting that he was to leave
    with his bride as a couple. He rushed to his house and grabbed a can of Black Bullet drink, the aim was to intoxicate himself so that he could forget all about the happenings of the day. An hour later, his parents drove in accompanied by
    Eno, his supposed wife.

    Baba Dozie: “Why did you have to rush home without waiting for your wife? Don’t you know that you are supposed to come back together as newly weds? And to think that no one saw you leave the venue, we were busy searching for you everywhere”.
    Dozie: “My wife? Which wife are you
    talking about here?” He tried to get up but staggered and fell on the chair for he was drunk.
    Mama Dozie: “You have been drinking again. What the hell is wrong with you? How can you get drunk on the day you got married? What sort of first impression are you giving to your wife?”
    Dozie: “Which wife? I don’t want to hear that word around me again. If any of you mentions wife around here, I will just run far away to a place where you will never find me”. He screamed.
    Baba Dozie: “It is okay, my dear. Let us go to our house and leave the couple alone. I am sure they can handle this better as husband and wife”. He said to his wife.

    They turned back and drove back to
    their house leaving Eno who was struggling with her box of clothes
    behind. Eno stood on the spot where she was standing before his parents left for more than 10 minutes. Four times she stole glances at the man whom she just married and even though they established eye contact, he didn’t even acknowledge her presence. Tired, she moved close and sat down beside him on the same sofa.

    Dozie: “Get your filthy ass from my chair!” Dozie barked causing her to jump up with fright.
    Eno: “I … I am sorry, I only wanted to sit down close to you”. She closed her mouth when she noticed that he wasn’t even listening to her.

    She remained standing and after some minutes, she summoned enough courage and sat on the chair opposite him with her box of cloth lying beside her. Exhausted from the marriage stress, she fell asleep there on the sofa.

    Samantha tried to get across to Dozie but he refused to pick her calls and after some days, he switched off his phones and went off social media. Tired from listening to the computer voice telling her that his number is switched off, she decided to pay him a visit. She got to his
    family house and the security man
    informed her that he had finally moved in to his house.

    Jonny: “Madam, oga Dozie don pack commot from this house kpatakpata o, na him house wey dey Garki area 8 him dey stay now”.
    Samantha: “Dozie packed out and he
    didn’t tell me? I thought he said he will call me back the last time I was here. Do you know why he had to move out in such a hurry?”
    Jonny: “I no know o, but since that
    woman wey get big bakasi and her
    daughter come here, na so so argument oga Dozie and him parents dey inside”.
    Samantha: “Who? You mean Eno and her mother?”
    Jonny: “Exactly. Na Eno I hear them call her that day. My sister, that mama Eno get big behind no be small, she push me with her back, I nearly jam wall”.

    He stopped talking when he saw that
    Samantha had entered her car and was driving back.

    Jonny: “Aunty, you don dey go be that? You no go even give me anything to take buy something cool throat today? Na wa, this recession reach your side too?”

    Samantha drove to Eno’s house in deep thoughts. She was wondering what Jonny meant by saying that Eno and her mother had been in Dozie’s house several times to make trouble. “Could this be the reason why
    Eno has refused to visit me or pick my calls these days? But she told me she was travelling to Dubai for the weekend now?” She drove to Eno’s house and when she got to the compound and met two people who
    were dressed as in if they came for an occasion. She asked what was happening and while she was waiting for an answer, Eno’s mother came down from upstairs.

    Mama Eno: “Samantha, you are here, we were expecting you to come in and be with your friend since morning. I don’t even know the kind of friends that my daughter has, none of you could even come for her”.
    Samantha: “I don’t get you, ma. What are you talking about?”
    Mama Eno: “Oh common, Samantha. I know it is painful but you have just to accept whatever happened in good faith. Destiny cannot be altered”.
    Samantha: “Please mum where is Eno? I really need to talk to her, it's urgent”.
    Mama Eno: “She is in her husband’s house”.

    Samantha tried her best to curtail her shock at the fact that Eno got married without inviting her. She drove quickly to the address Mama Eno gladly provided as Eno’s
    husband’s house.

    Mama Eno: “The earlier she knows the truth, the better. I want her to let go of all the love that she has for my son in-law. Nonsense girl!” She said when Samantha drove away.

    Eno was on the sofa she slept off on when she heard a knock. Quickly, she got and made for the door thinking it was one or more of Dozie’s friend who had come to wish them a happy married life. She opened the door and was shocked to see Samantha
    standing at the door.

    Eno: “You? What are you doing here? I mean how did you know that I am here?”
    Samantha: “It is a small world, Eno. Is this the Dubai you said you were going to for the weekend?”
    Eno: “And what is that supposed to mean?”
    Samantha: “So you got married and you didn’t tell me? What were you afraid off? That I will seduce your boyfriend just the way you seduced my man?”
    Eno: “And why must I invite you to my wedding or give you details about my whereabouts? Are you a monitoring spirit now or what?”
    Samantha: “Why you must invite me to your wedding? Because you are supposed to be my best friend. Because I tell you everything about me and so I do not expect that you
    will hide anything from me. Because I love you the same way I would love my sister. Because we have come a long way. Because …”
    Eno: “Just cut it short there, Samantha. Because, because, because. Because of what? Listen I just got married and we are
    supposed to be in there enjoying our
    honeymoon before your knock interrupted us”.
    Samantha: “What has come over you, Eno. You have been behaving strangely these days. This is how you will mess up and then you will come and start begging me to forgive you. The same thing you did during
    my wedding and now …”
    Eno: “I see that you have not gotten over the fact that you were ditched by Dozie on your wedding day. Well, how is that my fault? Did I ask him to ditch you? The guy saw that I am better than you in everything and that
    was why he chose me over you, who no like better thing? Abegi”
    Samantha: “Alright then, can I at least meet your husband and congratulate him? At least we are still friends right?”
    Eno: “Now you are talking. Only that my husband is not at home right now”.
    Samantha: “Really? I thought you said you were enjoying your honeymoon before I knocked, how come he is suddenly not at home anymore?”
    Eno: “Yes, I mean no. In fact, why am I answering you? Please, come and be going, I am tired of standing and answering your questions, I am not your patient in your hospital”.
    Samantha: “You are asking me to leave your compound without even inviting me inside your house?”
    Eno: “Yes o. Come and leave. Abeg which kind problem be this? Hian! Come dey go, na. I am a married woman now and I don’t want friends around me because I don’t trust friends, what you have these days are friendly enemies everywhere. They will be laughing with you and yet turn around to stab you. I can’t risk any of my friends coming close to my man, I go just wound person”.
    Samantha: “Okay, then. I guess I am the fool for not knowing there is something called friendly enemies. If I knew, I wouldn’t have even thought of using you as my maid of honour
    when I wanted to get married. All the same, I am wiser now and I wish you all the joy and fulfillment that marriage brings”.

    Samantha was about to turn when Dozie who heard voices in his sleep walked out.

    Dozie: Eno, who are you talking with? He asked as he walked out.

    Samantha turned when she heard his voice and it felt like time stood still as tension mounted between the three of them.

    EPISODE 10

    Samantha remained speechless for some minutes before she found her voice.

    Samantha: “What is going on here?” Dozie who was sober after the effect of the alcohol began to scratch his head and shield his face from shame. Eno on her part lost her voice and began to fidget.
    Samantha: “Can somebody tell me what is going on here?” She screamed.
    Dozie: “Baby, please listen to me. It was she who …”
    Samantha: “Yes, she did what?"

    Eno suddenly found her voice and became aggressive.

    Eno: "Why are you asking about what is going on here?  Isn’t it obvious that he is my husband?”
    Samantha: “No, this is not happening, I am dreaming.  I must be dreaming.” Turning to Dozie she said “Tell me this is not true, baby. You didn’t … you didn’t dump me only to marry her”.
    Dozie: “It wasn’t my fault, she conspired against me”.

    “Nooo!” Samantha screamed and ran out of the house into her car. Eno hissed and went back into the sitting room.

    Mama Samantha became worried when for more than 3 hours after her daughter went out she didn’t return. She knew that Samantha didn’t usually stay up late and she was worried on this day because her daughter was on night duty and was due to be at work by 8:00pm. At 8: 45pm, she tried calling her number but it was switched off.

    Mama Samantha: “This is so unlike my daughter. Could it be that she has gone to work from wherever she went to? But she ought to have called or sent a message to inform me now. Samantha never switches off her phone even when she is on duty in the hospital, what she does is to put it on silent mode”.
    She stood up and went to Samantha’s room, on the table where she kept her books, her mother found a pamphlet containing the hospital’s number. She dialed and after a while the receptionist on duty picked up.
    Receptionist: “Jettei specialist hospital, how may I help you?“
    Mama Samantha: “I am the mother of one of your doctors. I will like to find out if she is in the hospital. I can’t reach her line”.
    Receptionist: “Okay, ma. May I know the doctor you are referring to please?”
    Mama Samantha: “Samantha.  Samantha Luscious. Sorry about that omission”.
    Receptionist: “Hold on a second, ma. I need to find out if she has reported today”.

    There was few minutes pause which felt like eternity to Samantha’s mother. The receptionist’s voice came alive on the receiver and Mama Samantha felt the irregular beating of her heart.
    Receptionist: “Sorry, madam, but doctor Samantha has not reported for duty this night”.

    Mama Samantha thanked the receptionist and dropped the call. The irregular beating of her heart resumed and her instinct told her that all was not well with her daughter. “God please, save my daughter, she prayed”. She waited till 10:00pm and called the hospital and the receptionist told her the same story and that they had tried to reach her all to no avail as there was a patient who was supposed to be operated on by her and a team of other doctors. Afraid that her daughter may have been kidnapped, Mama Samantha drove to Eno’s house to ask if her daughter had been there.
    Mama Eno was preparing to go to bed when Mama Samantha knocked.

    Mama Samantha: “Sorry to disturb you by this time of the night”.
    Mama Eno: “What are you doing here by this time of the night? Can’t it wait till tomorrow?”
    Mama Samantha: I haven’t been able to reach my daughter since afternoon when she left the house. I came to ask if she was here and to ask your daughter if she knows where she went to since they are best of friends”.
    Mama Eno: “My daughter is in her husband’s house and we haven’t seen Samantha here this evening”.
    Mama Samantha: “Eno is married? And neither you nor my daughter told me?  What is happening?”
    Mama Eno: “Life is unpredictable.  You should be used to that by now.  By the way, I don’t know why you should come here to ask of your daughter, this isn’t the Police Station where cases of missing persons are reported”.
    Mama Samantha: “I wanted to go to the Police station but I thought of coming here first”.
    Mama Eno: “She is not here, final answer”.
    Mama Samantha: “Okay. Can you at least accompany me to the police station?  We are friends and so are our daughters. I need all the company I can get tonight”.
    Mama Eno: “Sorry, as you can see, I am already in my pyjamas ready to go to bed”.

    Mama Samantha drove in silence to the police station. It was almost 11pm and even though the car’s window was wound up and her car heater on, she shivered slightly. She drove in to the police station and demanded to see the DPO.
    Police man: “Madam, why you wan see our oga?”
    Mama Samantha: “That is none of your business. You just show me his office, that is all I need from you“.
    Policeman: “None of my business ba? Okay now, I go see how you go see my oga today”.
    Mama Samantha: “Officer, will you attend to me? What do you get paid for every month?”
    The policeman ignored her and continued writing. She stood there for some minutes without the Policeman looking at her direction. She realized that being aggressive with them wouldn’t work and she decided to play along.
    Mama Samantha: “Please, Officer. Help me, it is urgent that I see the DPO”.
    Policeman: “Now you are talking. Why you wan see my oga?”
    Mama Samantha: “I need to report a case of missing person. My daughter to be precise”.
    Policeman: “That na the reason wey you want see oga? Wetin dey inside this matter wey we no fit handle. Mama Samantha: “I am sorry, I can’t think straight. My daughter is my life, I can’t live without her”.
    Policeman: “You no fit see oga this night o. It is already late and this your case, you go come back come report tomorrow”.
    Mama Samantha: “What! My daughter is missing and you said we should wait till tomorrow before the police can begin search for her? Do you know the harm that can befall her between today and tomorrow?"
    Policeman: “How long wey you never see her, madam?”
    Mama Samantha: “She left the house around 4”.
    Policeman: “You see? We no fit declare her missing until after 48 hours. Maybe your pikin dey with one of her bobos dey enjoy herself and you dey here dey disturb our sleep”.
    Mama Samantha: “No, my daughter doesn’t do that“.
    Policeman: “Abeg madam come dey go. It is too late to attend to your case”.
    Mama Samantha: “In that case, I will remain here until tomorrow”.
    Policeman: “You no fit stay here o, except you go go inside cell go sleep”.

    Mama Samantha drove home in silence after the futile encounter with the Policeman. She was hopeful that she will meet her daughter at home, she ran into her room and she saw that Samantha hadn’t returned. She collapsed on her daughter’s bed and began to weep.

    After Samantha drove away from their compound, Eno and Dozie returned to their former sitting position in the sitting room without saying a word to each other. Few minutes to 11, Dozie got up and made for his bedroom. After some minutes, Eno got up and dragged her box to the room.
    “He is my husband after all, I have equal right as much as he does so why should I be afraid of him?” She said to herself.
    Dozie was shocked when she entered the room. “What the hell are you doing in my room?” He barked.

    Eno: “Your room or our bedroom?”
    Dozie: “Our? How many times do I have to tell you that there can never be any us? How dare you walk into my room? I suppose that you are happy now after the show off you did in the presence of the one I truly love …”
    Eno: “I am your wife, I demand that you respect me by not mentioning your ex in my presence”.
    Dozie: “We shall see who is the ex between you and her. Get out of my house”.
    Eno: “What?”
    Dozie: “Out of my house I say, you whore!” He threw her out of the house and threw her bag at her”.
    Eno: “You can’t do this to me. Where do you want me to go by this time of the day?

    Dozie locked the door and went in, leaving her out in the dark.

    EPISODE 11

    Eno picked her bag and walked out of the gate. She couldn’t determine what time it was because her phone was on the chair where she was sitting before she went to the bedroom. After Dozie threw her out, she tried knocking on the door and screaming his name but he didn’t answer her. She had no option than to leave the house because she didn’t want their neighbours to find out that all wasn’t well with the new couple. She was determined to put up appearances so that they would appear like the best couple to outsiders. Outside, the compound, she realized that it was already late as they were just few people around with few cars plying the road. She thought of calling her mother to send someone to pick her but she remembered that her phone was inside the house. She was still thinking of what to do when a cab pulled beside her.
    Taxi man: “Madam, taxi?”
    Eno: “Oh yes, Wuse 2”.
    Taxi man: “Where for Wuse 2?”
    Eno: “Aminu Kano crescent”.
    Taxi man: “You money na N3,000”.
    Eno: “Ah-ah. That is too much, now”.
    Taxi man: “Madam, it is almost 11;30pm o, no be same amount wey dem dey charge during the day na im dem dey charge for night”.
    Eno: “Okay, let’s go”.
    Eno asked the driver to open his booth for her to keep her box but he declined and asked her to keep it with her at the back seat. They had been driving for more than ten minutes when Eno felt something moved inside the booth. She startled and turned around but she didn’t see anything.
    “Driver”, she said. “Is there any living thing in your booth? I felt something moved there a while ago”.
    Driver: “No o, maybe one passenger don forget something inside the booth be that o”.
    Eno: “In that case, I think you should park and find out what it is then because …” she was still talking when a hand grabbed her from behind and covered her lips. “Shhhh, cooperate with us and we will do you no harm”, the voice said”. She tried to scream but the hand held her securely on her mouth. They drove to a secluded part of the vicinity and the driver parked.
    Driver: “Come down quick, they barked”.

    Eno obeyed and came down with her hands over her head. She tried to make out the environment but it was dark and she couldn’t even see the faces of her abductors.

    Eno: “Who are you and why have you brought me here?” she summoned courage and asked.
    Driver: “You don’t need to know who we are. And as for why we have brought you here, we brought you here to have our share of the national cake”.
    Eno: “Your share of the national cake? What do you mean by that?”
    Driver: “My sister, if you know what is good for you, you better give us all the money and valuables that you have now. I am sure that won’t be a problem, considering the fact that you are from the upper class of the society”.
    Eno: “I don’t know what you are talking about. I am not a politician’s child, I work hard to earn my money”.
    Driver: “You are lucky to have a job. Do you know how long I have remained jobless even though I graduated with a second class upper degree in electrical engineering from the prestigious university of Nigeria, Nsukka? Only God knows how much I have spent on attending interviews and printing CVs. Since the government will not give us what is rightfully ours, we have decided to take it by force”.
    Eno: “I am not the government, channel your grievances to the appropriate persons if you have any score to settle with anyone”.

    The other man who had not said a word ever since they got out of the car pushed Eno to her knees and collected her bag. He ransacked the bag and when he couldn’t find any valuable in it, he became furious and faced his colleague.
    Man: “I tell you say this one no resemble big man pikin. Maybe na all these runs girls wey dey go meet your papa mates for night”.
    Driver: “But I saw her coming out of a big house na. Search her well, I am sure she has some money hidden somewhere”.
    Man: “Guy, nothing dey this bag jor. Na only women clothes and undies, even phone no dey inside, which kind bad luck be this one na”.

    His countenance changed and he charged at Eno who cringed and covered her face with her palm.

    Man: “Where are you hiding your money and your phones?’
    Eno: “I swear, I don’t have anything on me”.
    Man: “How is it possible that you don’t have anything on you? Which chic walks about without at least a phone these days? You are lying to us right? Okay, let's see if they will bury you with your money and phone”. He grabbed her neck and brought a sharp pocket knife. She screamed and began to plead.
    Eno: “I swear that I didn’t come out with my or phone or any money. My husband threw me out of the house and he didn’t allow me pick all my stuff. I had the intention of paying the taxi driver when I get home. I swear”, she was crying and didn’t notice that the button of the dress she had on was opened revealing her cleavage. Her abductor softened at the sight of the round mould of flesh on her chest. He tried to look away but the bulge that was forming in between his thighs urged him on. He came close to her, parted her dress with the knife he had on his hand and dipped his hand into her bra. Her breast felt warm and soft, he thought of the ecstatic feeling of his lips sucking hard at her nipples. She noticed that her pants were already getting wet at his fondling but she repelled like one touched by a scorpion. The driver when he noticed that his friend was getting carried away drew him aside.
    Driver: “Guy, wetin dey worry you na? Na business we come do for here o, if konji hold you, abeg go Sokale go relieve yourself. I have warned you several times not to mix business and pleasure”.
    Man: “Wetin na? which kind yeye business be this one this night? We don search her bag and other places, nothing dey. Instead of us to do 2-0, e no better make we knack her. The babe fine well well, she fresh, omo, the orange wey dey her chest get enough water. I been don dey imagine how I go take suck the juice”.
    Driver: “You will do no such thing, do you know that we can easily get caught when carried away by that act?”
    Man: “My friend chill. How many minutes you dey last? I go first enter her, when I commot, you go enter your own. Na chop and clean mouth things we go do”.
    While they were arguing, Eno took advantage of the distraction, crawled under her feet into the bush nearby and bolted. The men turned and when they saw her retreating figure, they went after her.

    After Samantha drove out of Dozie’s house, she went to a bar in Games Village and began to drink herself to stupor. It was the first time she was deliberately getting drunk but she didn’t mind as she needed to forget the events of the day. She hadn’t in her wildest imagination thought that Eno could betray her so much by marrying her fiancé. She was at the bar, dead drunk and stupefied when the bar man asked her to leave so he could close for the day.
    Bar man: “Madam, you should go home now, it is almost 12am, all the customers have gone, I have  been waiting for you to leave so that I can close”.
    Samantha ignored him and after the bar man kept on pestering her, she stood up to leave. When he asked for money for the drinks she had, she threw her wallet at him and staggered out. She turned the ignition in her car and began to drive home. She was on top speed when she saw a traffic light ahead of her, the signal was red and she had no option than to stop.  She was waiting for the signal to move when a trailer on high speed came and cleared her off the road. She tried to control the steering but she lost consciousness and the car crashed into the ditch along the road.

    EPISODE 12

    Eno kept running without turning back. She knew that she was getting deeper into the forest without knowing where she was going but she didn’t mind so long as it would take her far away from her abductors. She heard footsteps behind her and when she turned, she fell down heavily bruising her knee and her elbows. She made an attempt at getting up and running again but she bruised her  toe on a big stone that she didn’t see because everywhere was dark. She fell and this time around, her abductors caught up with her and slapped her twice.

    Driver: “You bitch, you think you can outsmart us? To even think that I was pleading with my colleague on your behalf”. They dragged her back to where the car was parked and ordered her to lie on her back. She did and one of the men unzipped his trousers and came on top her. She screamed while he attempted to pull down her pants and this attracted the attention of a local vigilante group that was going around for inspections. “Who be that?” They shouted and flashed their torches at the direction from which they heard her voice. Her abductors on realizing that they may be caught, abandoned her and their car and ran away. She ran towards the men who were flashing their touches at her suspiciously. “Please help me, they almost raped me”, she shouted. After some questionings, they drove her home in one of their patrol vans after she promised to give them money for petrol if they take her home.

    Mama Samantha was about stepping out of the house when her neighbour who had just left for work earlier that morning came running back into the compound.

    Mama Samantha: “What is it? Why are you running as if someone is chasing you? Is anything the matter?”
    Neighbour: “Hmmn, the thing wey my eyes see this morning, my mouth no fit talk am finish”.
    Mama Samantha: “What is it? What did you see? Just say it anyhow”.
    Neighbour: “I was on my way to work this morning when I saw people gathered at an accident scene. Our car stopped and went out to check what was happening, we saw officials of the FRSC trying to rescue the driver of the car that had fallen into the ditch. Alas, we saw that it was your daughter Samantha. I was shocked when I saw her mutilated body”.

    Mama Samantha: (Rushed and grabbed the woman on her top). “What are you telling me this evening? That my daughter was involved in an accident that claimed her life? My own Samantha?”
    Neighbour: “Just take heart. I thought of coming to inform you so that you can go to the general hospital and identify her corpse because I know that you have been searching for her since yesterday”.

    Mama Samantha screamed and woke up to find herself sweating on Samantha’s bed where she had slept off.
    She glanced at the bed side clock and realized that it was already past 7am. She remembered the events of the day and her heart sank. “God, what kind of a dream was that? It felt so real. I hope my daughter is safe? Please have mercy and protect her wherever she is, Lord”. She got on her knees and began to pray.

    Mama Eno woke up that morning and was surprised to see her daughter in the house.

    Mama Eno: “What are you doing here? Are you not supposed to be in your husband’s house? In fact when and how did you come in that I didn’t know?”
    Eno: “Too many questions, mum. Anyway, I got into the house when you were already asleep. I knocked for several minutes before the security guy opened the gate for me. He helped me to call the house maid with his phone and she opened the door for me. I didn’t want to wake you up since it was already late”.
    Mama Eno: “That is just one out of my many questions. Why are you here instead of being in your husband’s house?”
    Eno: “Which husband, mum? Me I am not going back to that house again o. That guy is psycho, he will just kill me there one day”.
    Mama Eno: “How do you mean? You people just got married o, it is too early to start having issues”.

    Eno narrated to her mother all that had happened when they got home and how Dozie threw her out of the house and how she was almost raped by some men but for the timely intervention of some security operatives.

    Mama Eno: “You mean that useless boy had the guts to throw you out at that time of the night? What if something bad happened to you? Get ready we are going to report him to the police”.
    Eno: “You know what, mum? I am sick and tired of all these drama. It is certain that that guy doesn’t want me in his life, there is no need forcing it. The fire I saw in his eyes yesterday scared me. I will rather be on my own and be happy than force myself on him”.
    Mama Eno: “Now I know that you are very stupid. What gibberish are you uttering? Haven’t you realized that it was the presence of Samantha that spoilt your husband’s mood? So, you want to bow out of the marriage just because of this simple misunderstanding? The earlier you learn to fight for what is yours, the better”

    Eno: “I understand what you are saying, mum. But there should be a better way of settling this. I mean there must be some other way, not every time police, police, that will create unnecessary attention for us”.

    Mama Eno agreed to call Dozie’s parents and inform them of his behaviour rather than going to the police. Few hours later, Dozie’s mother came and picked Eno in her car back to Dozie’s house.

    Mama Dozie: “Don’t worry my daughter. This will never repeat itself again”.
    Mama Eno: “It has better not. Can he imagine what my daughter went through in the hands of evil men that night? What if they were ritualists? Next time he does this to his wife, I will have him arrested”.
    Mama Dozie: “It is okay, my in-law. I will ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Let’s just keep the police and the media out of this”.

    Samantha unconscious and bleeding heavily was rushed to the hospital by some mobile police men who were on duty that night. When they got to the hospital, she had lost a lot of blood and she needed an urgent blood transfusion. At the blood bank, there was no blood that matched her blood group, her phone was searched and the hospital authorities called her mother to make hay and meet them so they can find out if her blood matched her daughter’s. The drive from her mother’s place to the hospital was more than an hour and she was worried that she may not make it in time to save her daughter. Frantic and determined to make it in good time, she took a cab instead of driving herself there.

    Mama Samantha: “Oga, you have to drive fast o”.
    Driver: “Madam, why now? Why you no leave house since so that you go meet up with your appointment?”
    Mama Samantha: “Just drive and stop talking, I actually hired you because I know that taxi drivers are better at maneuvering their way instead of those who drive private”.
    There was a terrible hold up on the way and even though the driver did his best to over speed, she arrived the hospital more than an hour later. She rushed to the reception and she was directed to the accident and emergency ward. She rushed in there and collapsed in tears when she saw her daughter unconscious in the pool of her own blood. She drew near and on close examination, she realized that Samantha had stopped breathing. She ran out of the ward to the nurses section.

    Eno and Dozie’s mother arrived the house and met that the door was locked.

    Mama Dozie: “Don’t you have your key? Use it to open the door for us to go in”.
    Eno: “I don’t have access to this house. He didn’t give me anything”.
    Jonny: “Madam, oga Dozie carry him box commot this morning o, e be like say him don travel”.
    Mama Dozie and Eno: “What! Travelled where”?, they chorused.
    Eno: “I am finished, mum. I guess he has travelled back to Canada leaving me behind. What do I tell my friends? How can I bare the shame? I am sure that he has eloped with that Samantha girl? God, I am finished!”
    Mama Eno: “You just shut up and allow me think”.

    EPISODE 13

    Nurse 1: “Madam, na because your
    daughter no breathe again na him you come dey shout anyhow? Don’t you know some other patients are on
    admission here? You don’t have to shout and wake them up. We called you more than an hour ago, you are just coming here now and you are here screaming. Is your daughter the first patient to die in this hospital? Mtccheeww”
    Mama Samantha: “I rebuke you agent of the devil. My daughter is not dead. My God cannot allow my daughter die”.
    Nurse 2: “It’s okay, madam, I will call the attention of the doctor right away”.

    The doctor and the nurse ran to the
    ward where Samantha was lying
    unconscious. Mama Samantha wanted to go into the ward with them but she was prevented by the doctor who said it was against the rules of the hospital for relatives to be around when the doctor was on examination.
    After some examination, the doctor
    realized that Samantha had fallen into a coma again and was finding it very difficult to breathe. She was placed on an oxygen machine and when some tests were carried out on her mother, they realized that her blood matched her daughters and she willingly denoted to her daughter.

    After Dozie left home with his travelling bag, he went to his parents’ house to collect his International Passport from his father who had seized it when he refused to get married to Eno. He had already booked a flight online and he was due to travel back to Canada in few
    hours time. His father was having a cup of green tea when he came in.

    Baba Dozie: “Ah, see who we have here; the latest groom in town. One would think that you will be so preoccupied with your honeymoon that you won’t even come out today”.
    Dozie: “Dad, can you just cut that groom crab? It irritates me”.
    Baba Dozie: “Okay, son. I see that you are not in the mood for jokes this morning. Come over and make yourself a cup of hot green tea same way adey Love Stories
    serve its fans hot coffee daily, it will help calm your nerves”.
    Dozie: “I didn’t come here for tea, dad. I need my International Passport and other travel documents in your
    Baba Dozie: “What is the hurry in that? You want your travel documents, you have them but you have to wait for me to finish my tea first”.
    Dozie: “Oh common, dad. You can just go give it to me and come back and drink your tea in peace”.
    Baba Dozie: “No, son. You met me
    drinking the tea didn’t you? So, you have to wait for me to finish up. First things first”.
    Dozie: “Dad, I have a flight to catch in
    about an hour’s time”. He screamed at his father who was preoccupied with sipping his tea.
    Baba Dozie: “A flight to catch? Where to? Are you travelling outside the country with your wife for honeymoon”.
    Dozie: “What wife? Dad, I am not a child anymore. You forced me into this marriage and now I can’t even travel when I want?”
    Baba Dozie: “Of course you can travel only that this time around with a different condition”.
    Dozie: “What condition?” he asked
    Baba Dozie: “As a married man, you
    either travel with your wife or you travel with her permission”.
    Dozie: “What? This is so unbelievable…”

    He was still talking when his mother and wife walked in.

    Mama Dozie: “So you are here. What was that unruly behaviour you put up
    yesterday? Why did you have to chase your wife out of the house at that time of the night?”
    Dozie: “Mum please. I am really not in the mood for all these right now”.
    Mama Dozie: “I really do not care what you are in the mood for. All I know is that you are going home with your wife and that you will never repeat such madness again. I don’t know what has come over you”.

    Dozie lost his patience and began to
    snap. “You don’t know what has come over me? Of course you know.
    Dozie: What were you thinking when you succumbed to pressure and forced me into this marriage against my wish? I am tired of being the sacrificial lamb in this family. Look at Emeka over there in Canada, you
    people do not interfere in whatever he does and yet he is older than I”.
    Mama Dozie: “You didn’t have a choice but to marry Eno. Her mother was threatening to go to the Police and the press and that could have ruined my political aspirations”.
    Dozie: “That is it, mum. Ambitions and aspirations, that’s all you know. Nothing about my feeling. Now I am stuck with a woman I hate for the rest of my life”.

    Baba Dozie got up from where he was sipping his tea and made for his room.

    Baba Dozie: “Forget about getting your travel documents until you learn to live in peace with your wife”. He walked upstairs to his room, leaving Dozie speechless.

    30 minutes later, Dozie drove home with his wife in silence.

    Samantha got out of coma with a start, scaring her mother who rushed to call the doctor. She had been in coma for 9 hours after she had the blood transfusion and all that while her mother who was praying and interceding for her never left her side.

    Samantha: “They got married, they got married and left me single”.
    Mama Samantha: “Calm down my
    daughter. Remember that the doctor
    said you need rest”.
    Samantha: “They got married, mum.
    Don’t you get that?”
    Mama Samantha: “Who got married and why shouldn’t they?”
    Samantha: “Eno got married”.
    Mama Samantha: “I understand how
    painful it feels that your friend got
    married without informing you. But
    don’t worry, your time will come”.
    Samantha: “She married him”.
    Mama Samantha: “She married who?”
    Samantha: “I will kill them, I will kill them all!”

    Samantha suddenly became violent and attempted to get up and remove her drip. The nurses came around and gave her an injection and she went to sleep immediately.

    Dozie kept to himself after they got
    home. He avoided Eno like a plague and when he went into his room, he
    remained there watching TV ignoring
    Eno in the sitting room. Tired and
    frustrated, Eno went into the kitchen to get something to eat. She saw two packs of noodles and some eggs and she decided to fix herself some. She thought of Dozie and remembered that one way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. She decided to ask him if he was interested. With her heart pounding hard against her chest, she went to Dozie’s bedroom. At the door, she stood for few minutes before summoning courage to knock gently. When there was no response from within, she turned the knob and went in. Dozie who was watching his favourite team play on
    SuperSport ignored her.
    Eno: “I … I … er, you know, I just wanted to … to ask if you will like some noodles”.

    There was a pause that felt like eternity and Dozie ignored her. Embarrassed by his insensitivity, she walked out of the room to the kitchen. She had just finished preparing the noodles and was
    about frying her eggs when she heard her phone ring. She ran out of the kitchen to the sitting room where the phone was charging and while she was  receiving the call, she saw Dozie tip toe to the kitchen but she ignored him. When she got back to the kitchen after the call, she saw Dozie in the kitchen.

    Eno: “What! Dozie, what are you doing to my food?” She asked with shock and disbelieve. Dozie stood still when he saw her for he didn’t hear her footsteps approach the kitchen.

    EPISODE 14

    Eno: “What in God’s name are you doing to my food?”
    Dozie: “What in the devil’s name does it look like I am doing?”

    Eno ran to him and attempted to grab
    the pot of noodles from his hands but he shoved her aside and emptied all of its contents into the trash can.

    Eno: “You are wicked! How can you
    throw my noodles away? What did I ever do to offend you in this world?”

    Dozie ignored her and walked out of the kitchen leaving her sobbing behind.

    Eno: “God will punish you, wicked man. You threw away the noodles I made to eat, that is sheer wickedness, nothing more”.

    Dozie untouched by her reaction walked away to the sitting room and began to watch his favourite television show. Few minutes later, Eno walked out of the house to an eatery without saying a word to Dozie in the sitting room.

    One month later Samantha was making steady recovery in the hospital, she was however preoccupied with the thoughts of the betrayal from two people she
    trusted a lot. The doctor had told her
    mother that her daughter was holding on to some grudges which was affecting her psychologically and that was slowing down her recuperation. Most times they had to force her before she could eat and even swallow her medication. The
    hospital had threatened to discharge her if she refused to cooperate with them.
    The medical director came to her
    bedside to speak with her when
    complaints of her violent attitude were getting out of hand.

    Medical director: “And how is my patient doing this morning?”
    Samantha: “I don’t know, doctor”.
    Medical Director: “And why is that? Any pains anywhere?”
    Samantha: “I don’t give a damn about
    pains. I want to die, I am tired of staying alive.”
    Medical Director: “Why have you lost the zeal to live? As a medical doctor, you should know how important being hopeful is to a patient’s recovery.
    Anyway, I heard that you have refused to take your drugs and that you get violent and pull out drips, that is so very wrong. Even though you are a patient, you should also remember that you are a doctor and this is not the best way to behave. So, brace up and pull yourself
    together and you will be out of here in no time”.

    Turning to her mother, he said.

    Medical Doctor: “Madam, pull yourself together and encourage your daughter through this”.
    Mama Samantha: “Doctor, why is she
    behaving like this? Is my daughter ok?”

    The doctor patted her on the back and walked away.
    Mama Samantha touched her daughter on the hand and stared into her eyes.
    Mama Samantha: “My daughter, please don’t do this to yourself, it is not the end of the world”.
    Samantha: “All I know is that I will take my pound of flesh, they will never enjoy that marriage”.
    Mama Samantha: “Don’t talk like that,
    vengeance is the Lord and ….”
    Samantha: “Oh please, mum. Just hold it there. I will have my pound of flesh myself, I don’t need God to help me”.

    Eno came back to the house to discover that Dozie had moved her things from his bedroom. She tried to engage Dozie in a conversation with the aim of finding out where he had moved her things to but he was adamant and she had no choice but to go looking for them herself. She found them in the guest room and she came to meet him in the
    sitting room.

    Eno: “Why did you move my things to the guest room? We are married and we should stay in the same room together”.

    Dozie ignored her and continued to
    press his phone.

    Eno: “Answer me, I am talking to you!”

    Dozie suddenly got up from his chair and charged at her. Just before he got to her, he stopped.

    Dozie: “Will you allow me watch the
    telly in peace? Stay out of my way and out of my room, whore!”

    He grabbed his phone and walked out. That night, Eno could not sleep as her mind kept pondering on Dozie’s coldness towards her. It was cold and she needed to be with her man but the fear of his reaction kept her away. She thought of calling her mother, the only confidant she had to inform her of the situation of things between her and Dozie but she thought against it because she knew that her mother was good at blowing things out of proportion.
    "Mum will just come here and make trouble now and I am not sure that will be the solution”, she thought aloud. Immersed in her thoughts, she remembered that she had lied to Dozie and his family that she was already pregnant and her heart
    sank. “How will I keep up with this lie?
    Very soon his mother will be expecting my stomach to start swelling. What will I tell them? I thought we would start making love immediately after marriage so that I can take in. What should I do
    o?” She paused for some minutes and let out a sigh. “Okay, I know just what to do”, she said. She got up from the bed, changed the long sleeve and long trousers pyjamas that she had on and wore a see through transparent nightie that enhanced her curves.

    She kept her cosmetics and smeared on a pepper red lipstick, her Ferrari perfume was handy and she sprayed it generously. She was going to seduce her husband in her matrimonial home and she needed all
    the charm she had to do that. She stood before the standing mirror and the face that smiled back at her impressed her.
    Her ebony skin shone under the
    reflection of the bright bulb and her
    sparkling red lips appeared irresistible.
    “Lets see how he will resist all these
    good things”, she said turning around
    and catching a side view of her bum in the picture. Confident of her irresistible charm, she walked towards the direction of Dozie’s bedroom. When she approached the door, she stopped for a while to catch her breath for her heart
    was beating furiously. She tried to calm her nerves but the harder she tried, the more disorganized she became. Back then in her room, she had been so confident that her charm was enough to sweep Dozie off his feet but standing close to him with just the door and the walls separating them, she felt uncomfortable. She thought she was
    bold but there was something about
    Dozie and his cold looks that discomfited her. Anytime he stared at her, she felt his eyes penetrating her souls and laying bare the innermost secrets of her heart and she couldn’t stand it. She raised her hand to knock on the door but her strength failed her. She felt drained and
    couldn’t bring herself to turn the door
    knob either. She stood there for five
    minutes and she could hear his deep
    baritone voice humming West Life’s
    Soledad. She heard him move and she felt her legs quiver; she ran back to her room and collapsed on the bed in tears.

    Mama Samantha decided to leave
    Samantha’s bedside to go and shower in the general bathroom. All day, she had been afraid of leaving her daughter’s bedside because she had been behaving
    violently and being a private ward, she was alone with her daughter in the room. She peeped at Samantha and she saw that she was sleeping peacefully, so she thought. As soon as her mother went out, Samantha got up from the bed, removed the drip she had on and tip toed out of the room. “I am coming for them, let me see how they will live to enjoy that marriage”, she smiled mischievously grabbing her mother’s veil, she disguised herself, picked up the knife her mother used in cutting
    oranges for her, wrapped it in the veil
    and walked out of the hospital gate.

    Eno sat in her room all day. She was mad at Dozie for throwing her love back at her without any consideration for now she felt. She thought of her supposed pregnancy and she knew she had to do something fast as that was the only
    thing she could use to hold Dozie
    ransom. She picked her phone and
    dialed her mother’s handset.

    Eno: “Hi, mum”.
    Mama Eno: “Hi, baby. How are you and your husband”.
    Eno: “Mum, just forget about that one. I am as good as a widow”.
    Mama Eno: “What is the matter again this time around?”
    Eno: “Let’s leave that for another day.  I called for something more important”.
    Mama Eno: “Okay, bring it on”.

    Eno quietly opened the door and
    checked around to make sure that Dozie was not eavesdropping on their conversation. Assured that he was nowhere around, she close the door and continued talking. “The pregnancy mum, how do I keep up with that lie?” She said.

    EPISODE 15

    Samantha ran as fast as her legs could carry her, she was conscious of the fact that her mother may come searching for her the minute she discovers that she was missing and so she kept watching her back. In her anxiety, she almost ran into a bike man who was coming at top speed.

    Okadaman: ”Madam, dey look your front if you dey waka for road now. Na for this recession you want put me for trouble? E no go work for you o”. He said as he drove away.

    She ignored him and continued to walk on. She tried to stop some cars that drove past her but none agreed to stop.
    She was still thinking of what to do
    when a man stopped beside her.
    Without saying a word to him, she
    jumped into his car and ordered him to  drive.

    Mama Samantha came back from the bathroom to discover that her daughter was missing. She threw away the bucket she had in her hands and ran to the reception.

    Mama samantha: “Did you see my daughter walk out?” She asked anxiously.
    Receptionist: “Calm down, madam. Who is your daughter?”
    Mama Samantha: “Samantha, tall dark, slim. Just forget”.

    She ran out of the reception to the security post leaving the receptionist bewildered.
    At the security post, the security men
    informed her that they had seen someone who matched her description walk out in a hurry but they didn’t suspect that she was a patient because she didn’t have drips on. “That was my daughter o, I guess she is reacting to the strong drugs and injections she has been receiving ever since she had that accident. Please, you have to help me search for her before she harms anybody “.
    The chief security assigned two of his junior officers to follow her and search for Samantha.

    When Eno was sure that nobody was
    eavesdropping on her conversation, she gently closed the door behind her and continued to talk to her mother on phone.

    Eno: “Ehen, mum. It's about this fake
    pregnancy thing o”.
    Mama Eno: “What do you mean by that? Have you not been sleeping with your husband? You should be pregnant by now, that will take care of it”.
    Eno: “That monster has never touched me ever since we got married!”
    Mama Eno: “That is because you are not playing your cards well. Anyway, if he won’t get you pregnant, get someone else to do it”.
    Eno: “What? Are you saying I should
    cheat on my husband?”
    Mama Eno: “Which husband are you
    talking about again?  I thought you said you are as good as a widow?”
    Eno: “But mum. You know what? I will
    be with you in few hours time. We can’t discuss this on phone”.

    Samantha and the man who picked her drove in silence for some minutes before he broke the silence.
    “So, what’s your name and which way are you going?”
    She ignored him and continued to stare far away towards the side mirror.
    “Hey pretty, talk to me. I don’t mind
    taking you to my crib if you are
    homeless, we could make do with some smooching and pounding tonight, you know”, he winked at her and let his hand run through her thighs but she threw his hands off her.
    “Hey, I don’t bite okay. Just tell me your name and your price, I want a slice of you”. He said.
    Samantha became angry and she lost her  temper.

    Samantha: “Can you just face your front and mind your driving? Must you talk? You men are all the same; opportunistic flirts, that’s what you all are. All men flirt, the ones
    who claim they don’t say that because they haven’t gotten the perfect opportunity to do so. You want a slice because you gave me a ride, as if I am bread. Mtcheww”.

    The man was flabbergasted and lost his voice. “You don’t have to go all
    philosophical, you know. We could be
    intimate …”

    Samantha: “Get your filthy hands off me”.

    She brought out the knife she had
    hidden beneath the veil. “Listen, I am
    going on a murder mission and if you
    ain’t careful, you will be my first victim”.
    The trick worked or so it appeared and the man kept quiet and drove in silence.
    When he got close to an army check
    point, he stopped the car and ordered
    her out. “Get out of my car before I tell the military men there that you have a dangerous weapon on you?” He barked.
    Samantha: “You can’t do this.  I thought you are willing to drive me to wherever I want to go …”
    “You think you are the only one who is full of surprises?  Get out, you bitch!” He opened the door and pulled her out and sped away.
    Samantha stood at the same point
    where the man dropped her for some
    minutes. She was lost and didn’t know what to do. She was in Bwari and her destination for the vengeance she was seeking was Garki, where Dozie and Eno lived. She couldn’t walk it and she had no
    money to pay a cab. She was still
    contemplating what to do when a
    soldier man sighted her and began to
    run towards her. “Hey, stop there. Na all these women wey dey cover body bomb places be that. Why you stand like that?”

    Samantha took two steps backward and was about to run away when the
    soldiers’ voice froze her. “If you move I shoot”, he threatened as he drew near her.

    Eno dressed in a plain blue Jean trousers and t-shirt walked up to the sitting room where her husband was watching TV.
    “Hi, erm .. I wanna pay my mum a visit and I need you to drive me there or give me the key to your car so I can drive myself there”.

    She waited for some minutes and when he didn’t reply, she repeated the same question. Again he ignored.
    “I am talking to you, Dozie. Just say
    something, this silence is choking me”.
    He ignored her, got up, picked his phone and car key and made for the door but she ran to the door and barricaded him.

    Dozie: “And what is the meaning of this?“
    Eno: “The meaning of this is that you are not being fair to me as your wife”.
    Dozie: “Step out of the door, I am going out”.
    Eno: “And where are you going to that we can’t go together?”
    Dozie: “You really wanna know where I am going to? Fine, I’ll tell you. I am going to apologize to Samantha, the woman I truly love”. The woman that will be mother of my Children. Samantha, the lady I will love so much, the one that when she is pregnant for me, I will rub and kiss her belly and listen as my baby kicks and whispers my name in her womb. Don’t you think it’s cute and
    adorable doing that to Samantha?”
    Eno: “You will do no such thing. Over my dead body will I watch you go to that husband snatcher and perform such functions”.
    Dozie: “Now you are beginning to push me to the wall. You won’t like my reactions if you don’t stay out of my track. I promise you that I shall marry Samantha and bring her to live in this house. Her place is in my bedroom, beside me on the bed. Now move before I descend on you”.
    Eno: “You are going nowhere, touch me and see if this will not be the end of your mother’s political career”. She remained rooted at the door with her hands akimbo.

    EPISODE 16

    Samantha turned and began to run but the soldier man caught up with her.

    Samantha: “Leave me, alone. I haven’t done anything wrong”, she kicked and scratched at the soldier who held her tight.

    The soldier surprised at her confidence twisted her arm and brought her to face with him. “Do you know that I can punish the life out of you? What stupid confidence have you like this?”

    Samantha: “You cannot punish me, I am a law abiding citizen of this country and I know my rights. I will not take any sort of harassment from a military man”.
    Soldier: “You dey craze? Which kind yeye harassment you dey talk of? I say make you stop, you no gree you start to dey run and you say I dey harass you? No be only criminals and suicide bombers dey run when them see soldiers?”
    Samantha: “I had to run because I felt intimidated by you running towards me, it is not every woman who is covering her body with a veil that is a suicide bomber”.

    While she was talking, other soldiers surrounded them and Samantha
    found herself in their middle.
    Superior soldier: “Why are you exchanging words with an ordinary civilian? When did that one start?” Soldier: “Sorry, sir” “My friend go down and start to dey do frog jump for here”, he shouted at Samantha who obeyed immediately.
    Surrounded by the military men, she
    began to do as they said. Suddenly she felt her head spinning and the head rotating on its axis. She tried to maintain balance but she lost balance and fell down to the surprise of the soldiers.
    Soldier: “So, after all the English you were speaking, you don’t even have stamina”.
    He mocked.
    Soldier: “Oga, no mind her. Na pretend she dey pretend, we know her type. Allow her make she lie down for there if she tire, she go stand up. Na trick she dey use to escape the frog jump. In fact, make we find cold water pour her for
    body so that she go wake up”.
    “No, I think she looks sick. What is this on her hand as if she was just
    discharged from the hospital? Attend to her and revive her and allow her go, I don’t want the media to get wind of this and interpret it in a different way to Nigerians”.

    Mama Samantha and the security men drove around searching for Samantha all to no avail. Tired, she thought of making a U-turn after the check point ahead of them when she sighted soldiers making frantic effort at waking up somebody who was on the floor. Some civilians were trying to come close to see the situation of things but the soldiers were chasing them away. The security man in the car with her interrupted her thoughts.

    Security man: “Madam, no mind all these soldier people. Some of them wicked no be small. Maybe dem don over punish person na im the person faint for their hand”.
    Mama Samantha: “You may be right but I am sure they won’t just go about punishing people like that. Maybe the person is a suspect or something”.
    Security: “You no need commit any crime o, even though na mistake you do, them go punish you. Na so one day me and my friend dey travel, one girl come forget dey make call before you know, na so them stop us begin give us frog jump do o. After that one, them collect the girl big
    Samsung phone pieces am for ground.
    The girl look for tears that day she no
    see. Who know how many sugar
    daddies she don commot with just to
    buy that phone”.

    Mama Samantha: “Your friend was
    wrong. There is always a notice that we shouldn’t make or receive phone calls when we are at their check points. You know these people are suffering night and day away from their friends and families and even enduring cold and sleepless nights just for us to sleep and snore in peace, some of them even get
    killed in the course of their duty. We
    should help ourselves by cooperating
    with them”.
    Security: “I don hear, madam”.
    When they drove near, they saw that it was Samantha sitting in the middle of the soldiers who were fanning her. Her mother ran close and hugged her. “Oh thank you, Lord. Look what you have brought upon yourself”. She began to shed tears.
    “Madam, who are you and what are you doing here?” the soldier asked.
    Mama Samantha: “Sorry, sir. She is my daughter, I mean I am her biological mother. She was on hospital admission and she ran away when I went out of the room. I am sorry for all the troubles that she may have caused you”.
    Soldier: “Madam, you should always be around your patients to ensure that they do not do anything stupid”.
    Mama Samantha thanked them and the hospital’s security helped her carry Samantha to the car and they drove back to the hospital.

    Eno entered her mother’s house with
    tears in her eyes. She was sad and was determined to make Dozie and Samantha pay for all the tears that they had caused her to shed.
    Her mother came down stairs when she heard her daughter sniffing. “What is it again this time around? Ever since you got married to the man of your choice, I have never had a moment of serenity in this house. Ah, is this what mothers who give their daughter’s hand in marriage go through or is my own case different?”.
    Eno: “Is it not that stupid Dozie that is
    making me go crazy with his wicked
    behaviour? Can you imagine that he
    pushed me out of the door and walked out?”
    Mama Eno: “What! Has it gotten to that? What did you do to him? The next thing that stupid boy will do is to start hitting you and I will make sure he regrets the day he was born if he tries that with you.”
    Eno: “Yes, simply because I asked him to drive me here or give me his car key to bring myself here. He even has the guts to tell me that he is going to see that stupid good for nothing Samantha, even kiss her pregnant tummy if she conceives. I am sure the girl is sleeping with him and that is why he has never touched me ever since we got married”.
    Mama Eno: “Hmmn, it’s time we show that girl who we are. I heard she was involved in an accident, so that has not taught her to stay away from your husband?
    Eno: “God, I just wish she died in that
    accident. I even suspect that she and
    Dozie have started talking again, I see him making calls with his phone
    constantly and smiling these days. That girl is the reason why my husband has never touched me, now his mother said she is coming to visit us tomorrow and she will be expecting my stomach to have swelled. What do I tell her?”
    Mama Eno: “We will put Samantha where she belongs but first thing first. You will have to feign pregnancy for her tomorrow”.
    Eno: “How do I achieve that? I hope I
    won’t get caught?”
    Mama Eno: “I am still talking, you just
    listen attentively. You know how
    actresses feign pregnancies by stuffing things under their dress to make their stomach appear big right? That is what you will do. If you do not know how to do it, ask google or download videos to that effect on
    YouTube. When she comes tomorrow, you must pretend to be sick and must remain in bed till she leaves. You can even induce vomiting so that it can appear real. Then come here and meet me either later today or any day you can, we shall go and see someone who has
    the solution to all your problems, he will also help us take care of  that distraction called Samantha”.

    Dozie heard from their close mutual
    friend, that Samantha had been
    discharged from the hospital, he drove to a gift shop in town and bought assorted gifts for her. He was bent on apologizing and winning back her love. He also had a special handmade card customized in her name and also bought a giant teddy upon which he had ‘I will always love you, Samantha’ inscribed. His booth filled with the gifts he bought for
    her, he drove albeit reluctantly to her
    house. When he got there, the security man led him in. Few minutes later, flower in hand, he was standing nervously on the door, knocking and anticipating with his heart beating fast.

    Samantha: “Who is at the door? Come in, the door is opened”.

    When he heard her voice, memories of all the good times they had shared
    together before Eno seduced him
    flashed through his head

    EPISODE 17

    When he heard her voice, memories of all the good times they had shared
    together before Eno seduced him
    flashed through his head and there and then, he realized that he had broken one heart that loved him unconditionally.
    Samantha: “I said the door is opened o, come inside”. His legs began to quiver.

    Dozie’s heart skipped a bit when he
    heard her voice from within the house. Even though he had anticipated this moment, he stood transfixed not finding the strength to go in. “Who is there? I said you can come in”, Samantha’s sonorous voice pierced his ear drums.
    He took a step forward and two more
    backwards. He was about running back to his car when she suddenly opened the door.
    Dozie stopped and turned back and
    began to walk towards her. “No, I am
    here to see you”, he said.

    Samantha: “Just hold on there, don’t
    come any inch closer. You were on your way to your car when I came out to see you so you are not here to see me”, she went back to the room and locked the door behind her. Dozie ran after her, flower in one hand, the other hand knocking on her door.

    Dozie: “I am sorry for all that I caused
    you. Please open the door and listen to me”. She didn’t reply. “Samantha, please for the sake of the love we once shared, open the door for me”.

    She opened the door and stood at the entrance, preventing him from going in.

    Samantha: “Yes, what is it? I am sure
    your wife doesn’t know that you are
    here, so why are you here disturbing my afternoon nap?”
    Dozie: “I heard you have been
    discharged from the hospital, so I
    thought …”
    Samantha: “Oh, your wife sent you here to confirm if I made it alive from the hospital. Well, go back and tell her that I am alive and I am recuperating”.
    Dozie: “No! can you just listen to me,
    please? I know I have offended you big time but I am ready to make amends. See, I got you flowers and other gifts, I still love you. Let’s come back together, please”.
    Samantha: “You must be out of your
    mind, Dozie”.
    Dozie: “What?”
    Samantha: “Yes, you are out of your
    mind. You want us to come back as
    what? After you gave me the
    embarrassment of my life by standing me up at the altar? You think you can buy back my love with flowers and gifts? Well, I am not that cheap. Oh, you want me to agree so that you can embarrass me a second time?”
    Dozie: “It wasn’t my fault. I was forced to do that”.
    Samantha: “Okay, you were forced to call off the wedding, accepted. Were you also forced to marry my best friend?”
    Dozie: “She arm twisted me”.
    Samantha: “You know what? I don’t
    even know why I am wasting my time
    talking to you, just leave, your presence alone brings back such ugly memories that I am trying so hard not to remember”.

    She pushed him away and slammed the door on his face.

    The next morning, Eno went to see her mother who had instructed her to visit her so that they can go see the
    spiritualist for him to take care of
    Samantha. On their way to the native
    doctor’s place, Eno who was all tensed couldn’t help but confide in her mother.
    Eno: “I am worried, mum”.
    Mama Eno: “About what again? Are we not going to take care of Samantha who is your biggest threat?”
    Eno: “It is not about Samantha, jor!”
    Mama Eno: “Then what is it about? Ah, this girl your wahala too much. You can’t even take care of any problem on your own”.
    Eno: “It is about this fake pregnancy”.
    Mama Dozie: “Don’t worry about that. I got the perfect solution for that. We have to handle it even it means we harming Dozie”. (Eno wanted to protest but her mother stopped her from talking). “Shhh, we will continue this discussion later. Let’s go and see the baba first and you have to tell him exactly what you want him to do with Samantha”.
    Eno: “How do you mean, mum”.
    Mama Eno: “When we go in there, the
    man will ask you exactly what you want him to do with Samantha”.
    Eno: “What are the options?”
    Mama Eno: “I don’t know but I am sure that death is one of them. I am sure you don’t want that for your friend”.
    Eno: “She is not my friend, mum. A friend that will not leave your husband alone, is that one a friend? I want her dead, in fact I can’t wait to tell the Baba to take her out of my way”.
    Mama Eno: “You don’t have to wait for long, we shall be at his place soon”.

    Mama Dozie: “Knock knock, who is in the house o?”
    Dozie who was listening to music with his ear piece did not hear his mother knock until she started banging on the door. He ran up to the door and opened when he heard his mother’s voice.

    Mama Dozie: “What is wrong with you? I have been knocking for a long time now, do you have ear problem now?”
    Dozie: “I am sorry, mum. I was listening to music with my ear piece”.
    Mama Dozie: “I have told you to stop
    listening to loud music with your ear
    piece. Do you want to spoil your ear
    Dozie: “Mum, I didn’t say the music was loud”.
    Mama Dozie: “If it was not loud, why
    didn’t you hear me knock?”
    Dozie: “Oh, not again, mum. Don’t tell me you came here for another question and answers session”, he walked back to the settee where he was sitting before she came in.
    Mama Dozie: “Where is your wife? I
    actually came to see her. I hope you have started shopping for the baby?”
    Dozie: “Which baby?”
    Mama Dozie:”Your baby in your wife’s womb, of course”.
    Dozie: “Mum, just leave me out of the so called baby thing. Eno is in the room, you can go see her”. He got up, picked his phone and left the room.

    Eno when she heard Dozie’s mother
    knocking on her door quickly got up and adjusted the make believe pregnancy she had on. Checking out herself in the mirror to ensure that all was intact, she sluggishly opened the door.

    Eno: “Welcome, ma. Sorry I was in the bathroom throwing up when you came knocking”, she lied rolling her eyes.
    Mama Dozie: “Sorry my dear. Pregnancy is always like that, it comes with different symptoms. So you vomit during the day? I thought you only vomit in the morning”.
    Eno: “I don’t know again o, I vomit
    morning afternoon and evening. In fact, I vomit every hour, I am tired. I didn’t know that pregnancy can be this stressful”. She lied again.
    Mama Dozie: “That is serious o, I hope you are not carrying twins”.
    Eno: “Twins ke, God forbid o. I want to have them one after the other, I don’t want any double package”.

    Mama Dozie noticed that the room
    contained Eno’s box and personal
    effects. “Ah-ah, why are your things
    here, I thought this is the guest room? Don’t you stay in the same room with your husband?

    Eno: “Its this pregnancy wahala that is making me stay here on my own.
    Sometimes after vomiting, I just wanna be alone. And then, men can be so insensible some times. Can you imagine that even in my condition he still wants to touch me in the night?”
    Mama Dozie: “That is husband and wife issue, I won’t interfere. Anyway, I don’t like the way your stomach is, I was expecting it to be bigger by now and then, which hospital did you register for ante natal?”
    Eno: “Erm … I ... you mean antenatal?”
    Mama Dozie: “Yes, which hospital did
    you register?”
    Eno: “I … ah, erm, yes. One private hospital very close to us here”.
    Mama Dozie: “Okay, I will follow you
    there on your next appointment. Open this your stomach let me see”.

    Eno’s heart skipped a beat for she knew that what she had beneath her dress was fake pregnancy. Her heart began to pound when she thought of what her mother in-law’s reaction would be when she realized that she was faking the pregnancy.

    Mama Dozie: “Go ahead and open it, don’t tell me that you are shy”.

    EPISODE 18

    Eno: “Yes, mum. I am shy; I guess I will open it some other time. Ugrrrh!”. She ran way to the bathroom pretending to vomit.
    Mama Dozie: “You will get used to it, it happens with first time mothers”.

    Spiritualist: “Remove your shoes, no one enters the shrine of Ashakrina with their shoes on their feet, it is a taboo”, (he screamed at Eno and her mother who quickly removed their shoes.)
    Mama Eno: “We are sorry, baba. This is my daughter and …”
    Spiritualist: “Shhh, keep quiet. Before you say anything, you have to salute the gods”.
    Mama Eno: “And how am I supposed to do that? I mean I can’t see them”.
    Spiritualist: “Drop any amount of money in the red calabash opposite you, that is the language of the gods”.
    Mama Eno: “Okay”, (she brought out
    some naira notes from her bag and
    dropped them in the calabash.)
    Spiritualist: “The gods are now aware of your presence. What do you want from them?”
    Mama Eno: “Baba, my daughter here
    wants ...”
    Spiritualist: “Hold it there. Your daughter is here to save her marriage and also to eliminate her friend whom she perceives is a threat to her marriage”.
    Eno: “Exactly. How did you know that?”
    Spiritualist: “Hahaha, nothing is hidden from the gods”. After some incantations when he tossed his cowries up and down, he shook his head and looked at Eno intently on the face. “The gods say I should tell you that you have to choose one thing for them to do for you. You
    cannot have the two things you desire at once”.
    Mama Eno: “How do you mean, baba”.
    Spiritualist: “Woman, you will have to
    allow your daughter do the talking from now henceforth. After all, she is the one who needs the help of the gods”.
    Mama Eno: “Okay, baba”.
    Eno: “What do you mean by me choosing one thing for the gods to do for me?”
    Spiritualist: “You want a love portion that will make your husband love you more than anyone in the world. You also want the gods to help you deal with your friend so that she can stay away from your family. What I am saying is that only one of these wishes can be granted. So, pick one”.
    Disappointment was clearly written all over Eno’s face. When she had agreed to visit the spiritualist’s place with her mother, she had thought that the man, like God holds the solution to her problems. “What is your choice? No one keeps the gods waiting”.
    Eno: “Please, baba. Can you give me
    some minutes to discuss this with my mother?”
    Spiritualist: “Go outside and do that and remember not to keep the gods waiting for long”.
    Eno: “I won’t”. (She went out with her mother who was urging her to quickly take a decision.)
    Mama Eno: “Do we have to come out? Can’t you just make a choice about what you want?”
    Eno: “That is not the problem, mum. You told me that this man can solve all my problems, how come he told us that all my requests cannot be granted?”
    Mama Eno: “Is that why you brought me out here? You should be glad that you have someone who is willing to help you solve a part of your problem. That is a good step in the right direction”.
    Eno: “I am confused on which to chose, mum”.
    Mama Eno: “Go with the option that has to do with him giving you a portion that will make your husband love you more than anyone in the world. That is all you need”.
    Eno: “No, mum. I want Samantha out of the way. She is the reason why Dozie doesn’t love me, if she is out of the way, I am sure my husband will love me unconditionally. What is the use of Dozie loving me when deep within his heart he still prefers Samantha to me?”
    Mama Eno: “Listen, my dear. You are only but a child. You need to take things easy and …”’
    Eno: “I have made my choice mum and that is final”, she left her mother
    standing out and went into the shrine”.
    Spiritualist: “Yes, what have you
    Eno: “Baba, I want Samantha out of the way. That is the only way I can be sure of my husband’s unconditional love”.
    Spiritualist: “Are you sure that you want her dead? Is that what you truly want?”
    Eno: “Ye…”
    Mama Eno interjected. “Don’t mind her, baba. We don’t want her dead. We only want you to harm or disfigure her in such a way that my son in-law will hate her when he sets his eyes on her deformity. Don’t mind my daughter, she is only a child and does not know what she is saying”.
    The spiritualist began to work and after a while, he gave Eno a powder and a pea sized idol.
    Spiritualist: “Listen very attentively. You will wake up in the middle of the night today, stripe yourself naked and go outside. Make sure this powder is in your right hand with the picture of your friend in your left hand. Call her name 7 times and summon her spirit to appear before you. When it does, command whatever you want to happen to her and sprinkle the powder on her spirit. She will disappear and whatever you
    have spoken will come to be.
    Hahahaha …. hahahaha”.

    Eno: “Thank you very much, baba”.
    Spiritualist: “But, you have to be very
    careful with the idol I gave to you. Make sure you tie her picture with the idol, using this red thread”, he handed her a red thread. “After tying it, hide it in a place where no human eye will ever see. If any eyes apart from yours sees this, the consequences will be more than
    disastrous. You are warned”.
    Eno: “No problem, baba. My house is big enough for one to hide a car talk less of this tiny idol”.
    Mama Eno: “Thank you very much, baba. I know that you will not disappoint us. How much is our bill?”
    Spiritualist: “The gods do not accept
    cash payments for services rendered.
    When Samantha has been harmed, your daughter must return here in seven days to pay in kind, the nature of which only the gods can decide when the time comes”.
    Mama Eno: “No problem. I will ensure
    that she returns in seven days time”.
    Spiritualist: “Make sure she comes alone. You may leave”.

    They left the shrine and drove away in silence after Eno has carefully hidden the items the baba gave her in her bag.

    Samantha was in a pensive mood when she returned from work that day. It was her first day at work after the accident and even though she was careful while she was driving, she couldn’t help but imagine that she was going to lose control again and experience another crash just like she did when she had the
    accident. She got back home, had a cold shower and decided to go to bed
    immediately because she felt her eyes spinning. While in bed, she picked up her phone and went to her favourite page, STORY STORY, all day she had been busy in the hospital and didn’t have the time to catch up with latest story and other updates. She remembered that she had missed two episodes of the current story on STORY STORY
    while she was in the hospital and she
    decided to read them and share them on her Facebook wall for her friends to enjoy the stories as well. She had just finished that when she went into her mother’s room and found her on her knees praying. She quietly shut the door behind her, returned to her bed and fell asleep immediately.
    After prayers, her mother came into her daughter’s room and woke her up. “Get up and let’s have our night devotion, my dear”.
    Samantha: “Ohhhhhooo, you have
    started again mother. I saw you praying in your room a while ago. Isn’t that enough night devotion?”
    Mama Samantha: “You saw me praying and all you could do was to come here and sleep instead of you to pray on your own or join me. Do you know how very important prayer is?”
    Saamantha: “All I know is that I had a
    very busy day at work today and I need to rest. I am sure God understands. Good night, mum”. She threw her duvet over her and went to sleep.

    “Ewoooo!, Help me o, mum I am dying! Help!” Samantha screamed in the middle of the night waking up her mother who came running into her daughter’s room.

    EPISODE 19

    Mama Samantha opened the door and ran to her daughter who was scratching her eyes and wailing. “My eyes o, my eyes o”. she kept screaming.

    Mama Samantha: “What is wrong with your eyes?” she asked frantically.
    Samantha: “I don’t know. My eyes is hot o, mum I can’t see again o. it feels as someone poured hot pepper into my eyes”.
    Mama Samantha: “How is that possible? You and I are the only ones in this house. Who could have poured pepper into your eyes?”
    Samantha: “I don’t know, mum. I was
    sleeping when I heard someone scream my name, I thought it was you and I answered and got off my bed, when I opened my eyes, I had to shut it because of pain”.
    Mama Samantha: “May God forbid you from answering any call from the pit of hell. I told you to always pray before you sleep and never to answer if you are not sure of who called your name”.
    Samantha: “My eyes o, my eyes are on fire, Ewoooo, Chimooo!”
    Mama Samantha: “Just calm down, you will be fine, maybe it’s an insect that entered into your eyes while you were asleep”. She led her by the hand to the bathroom where she bent her
    daughter’s head over the bath tub and washed her face with running water from the tap. “Bend your head and try to open your eyes so that water can enter and flush out whatever is in there that is
    causing you pain”. She instructed her
    Samantha: “My eyes hurt, I can’t open it!” She screamed at her mother.
    Mama Samantha: “Sorry, my dear. I am only trying to help”.
    Samantha: “Mum, go to my first aid box and get me eye drops, I have about two in there”. Her mother ran to the first aid box and brought the eye drops.
    Samantha: “Mum, put it very well now”.
    Mama Samantha: “I am doing that, you need to open your eyes so that it can go in well”.

    Samantha opened her eyes and shut
    them immediately screaming. “My eyes are on fire, I can’t see”. That night, she and her mother did not
    sleep for she was in great pains. When she tried to open the eyes, it was red and bloodshot. Her mother began to panic. “What kind of problem is this again? Look at your eyes? How can the eyes become this red without anything happening to it?”
    Samantha endured the pain till 4am and when she couldn’t stand it anymore, she dialed the hospital where she works and an ambulance was sent to pick her and her mother who was already weeping and wiping her eyes with the end of her wrapper.

    Eno went to bed feeling better. She had done all that the spiritualist commanded and she was sure that Samantha’s eyes will be destroyed and that will chase Dozie away for she knew that he would never have anything to do with a blind girl. She tiptoed back to her room, hid the idol under the bed but changed her
    mind. “No, It will be very risky for me to keep it here, anyone can just bend down under the bed and discover it”, she reasoned aloud. She grabbed a chair, climbed on it and threw the idol up the wardrobe. “Very good, even if Dozie is a witch, I am sure that he will never suspect that anything is up there”, she heaved a sigh of relief.
    “Now that the problem of Samantha has been taken care of, the next thing is to take of this fake pregnancy. I will have to call my mother tomorrow morning and ask for her help concerning that, else this people will just find out the truth and throw me out of this house”. She went to sleep.
    The next morning, after dozie had gone to work, she called her mother.

    Mama Eno: “Yes, what is it again this
    time around? I thought I have a grown up daughter not knowing that what I have is a baby whom I must baby sit everyday”.
    Eno: “Mum, you don’t have to be tired of me, I am your only child. If I don’t run to you in time of trouble, who do I run to?”
    Mama Eno: “Okay o, I have heard. So
    what is the problem this time around?”

    Eno: “It’s about this fake pregnancy,
    mum. The last time my mother in-law
    was here, she said she will accompany me to the hospital on my next visit. She even asked to see my tummy. Can you imagine, mum? What should I do?”
    Mama Eno: “When will you ever learn to be smart? It is obvious that you are not pregnant and there is no way you are going to keep up with the pretense for ever so why don’t you just fake a miscarriage?”
    Eno: “And how do I go about that?”
    Mama Eno: “Very simple. Buy blood tonic, pour it on your laps and begin to scream, when Dozie sees that, he will assume that you just had a miscarriage and they will rush you to the hospital. I will be there to cover up in case anyone wants to reveal the truth at the hospital”.
    Eno: “Superb mum! In fact, bravo! I have got such an intelligent mother. What can I ever do without you? I love you, mum. I will do exactly as you say”.
    Mama Eno: “Love you too, baby. If I don’t watch your back, who will? Okay, bye. See you soon”.

    Doctor: “When did this eye problem start, madam?” he asked Samantha’s mother after she had examined her.
    Mama Samantha: “Early this morning, doctor”.
    Doctor: “That is not possible, madam.
    Something that started early this
    morning couldn’t have degenerated to this level over such a short period of time. I mean look at how swollen and colored the eyes are”.

    Samantha who was on drip and in great pain chipped in. “It started this morning around 2am today. I am also a doctor and so I wouldn’t have wasted my time delaying to visit the hospital or indulging in self medication. The only thing I used
    was eye drops”.
    Doctor: “It’s okay, I really cannot
    ascertain the cause of this ailment. I will have to refer you to Lenses Eye Care Specialist Hospital in town. This is beyond us here”.
    Samantha: “Doctor, I can’t even open my eyes because it feels sticky. Is there nothing you can give to me to relief the pain? God, I can’t even see”.
    Mama Samantha: “Don’t talk like that, my daughter. There is power in the tongue so do not say that you cannot see. You will see o, my daughter cannot go blind”. She began to weep again.
    Doctor: “It’s okay, we will try our best”, he patted Samantha who was lying on the bed and walked away.

    “Help, my stomach! I am bleeding o, help me”, Eno shouted in her bedroom after she had used the blood tonic to do as her mother instructed her.
    Dozie ignored her when he heard her
    scream for he thought it was one of her numerous tricks to attract his attention but when the scream persisted, he ran to her room and was shocked to find her body and sheets stained with blood.
    He began to pace up and down in panic because he couldn’t stand the sight of blood. When he was younger, he used to cry and fall sick for days whenever he saw someone bleeding. Today, though a grown up man, he felt like screaming and running out of the house when he saw Eno in blood. Eno: “What are you standing there staring at? Can’t you see that I just had a miscarriage? Take me to the hospital before I faint here, I am losing so much blood”. Her sharp voice jerked him up from his reverie and he grabbed her in his arms and drove her to the hospital while she continued to wail and wince from her fake pain. After examining her and giving her some drips, the doctor shook his head and looked at Dozie in his eyes. “What did you say is wrong with your wife again?” he asked.
    Dozie: “Isn’t is obvious that she just had a miscarriage? I mean what are doctors for if you have to ask me what is wrong with her?”
    Doctor: “Did you just say miscarriage?
    Hmmn, I need to have a word with you in my office. I can’t discuss my findings here”
    Dozie: “Just go ahead and say whatever it is here, I can handle it, that is why I am a man”.
    Doctor: “It is unprofessional to discuss things like this in the ward while the patient is asleep. My office is big enough to contain you, come along”

    EPISODE 20

    Dozie got up from the visitor’s chair he was sitting on and followed the doctor. When he opened the door of the ward, he bumped into mama Eno whom he had called when on their way to the hospital.
    Mama Eno: “Where is my daughter and what did you say happened to her?”
    Dozie: “She is sleeping in the ward. She had a miscarriage, she lost the
    Mama Eno: “Abasi o, my only child. So the pregnancy that was supposed to make me a grandmother has been lost. And where are you going? Are you not supposed to be sitting close to your wife and consoling her? Do you know the psychological trauma a woman goes through after having a miscarriage?”
    Dozie: “I am going to see the doctor, he said he wants to tell me something about Eno’s condition”.
    “Ehn, tell you what again? All these
    doctors can put somebody in trouble”. She exclaimed.
    Dozie: “What do you mean by trouble?”
    Mama Eno: “Don’t mind me, you know that doctors have a way of making simple ailment appear serious with their big vocabularies. We are going to the doctor’s office together, you know that my daughter means the world to me”.
    Dozie: “You just got here, you should go and stay with your daughter. I can
    handle the doctor’s call alone”.
    Mama Eno: “Why would I go and stay
    with her? I thought you said she is
    sleeping? After all, I am her mother”.
    Dozie reluctantly led the way to the
    doctor’s office.
    Doctor: “Please, have a seat, I thought you won’t come anymore. And who is this woman beside you?”
    Dozie: “She is my er … erm … I mean we are …”
    Mama Eno: “I am his mother in-law,
    doctor. His wife who just had a
    miscarriage is my daughter”.
    Doctor: “You sound so sure about the
    miscarriage, madam. Tell me about it”.
    Mama Eno: “Doctor, my daughter was with me during the first few weeks of her pregnancy and it was hell for her.
    This my son in-law who got her
    pregnant denied the pregnancy and my daughter almost killed herself …”
    Dozie who was glancing at her lost his temper and got up from his seat. “Do you really have to say this to the doctor? What kind of a mother are you? You know what doctor? I am no longer interested in whatever is the cause of the miscarriage that you wanted to tell me. You can go ahead and tell her everything; after all she is the mother of the patient”. He left the doctor’s office. In her heart, mama Eno was glad that her plans of getting rid of Dozie from the doctor’s office was working.

    Mama Eno: “Doctor, what is it? Tell me”. She asked eagerly.
    Doctor: “I am not supposed to say this to you, I ought to tell her husband alone but considering how very close you are to your daughter and the fact that her husband has given me the approval to
    talk to you, I will”.
    Mama Eno: “I am all ears, doctor. Don’t mind my son in-law, he is always like that. I know how to table whatever you tell me before him”.
    Doctor: “Very well then, if you say so.
    Your daughter didn’t have any
    miscarriage. In fact, to be blunt with you, she was never pregnant”.
    Mama Eno: “Alumnae! What are you
    telling me doctor?” she feigned
    Doctor: “I have examined her and I am telling you what I discovered. I don’t know why she decided to lie to you all that she is pregnant and why she had to pretend to miscarry the child. I will advise that you watch her carefully, she may be up to something, that is what I wanted to tell her husband”.
    Mama Eno: “Thank you very much
    doctor. I will watch over her carefully.
    You don’t have to tell her husband
    anything else this may end up breaking their marriage. I will put the matter across to him in a more palatable manner”.
    Doctor: “If you insist, madam. I have to go and examine my patients in the other wards”.

    Eno was discharged from the hospital the next day. On their way home, Dozie asked what it was that the doctor told her mother.

    Dozie: “What was it that you discussed with the doctor about her?” He always referred to Eno by her name or simply ‘her’ because he could never bring himself to call her his wife.

    Mama Eno: “Don’t mind the doctor. It
    was nothing serious. He said Eno needs to always stay around you and that she should avoid all sort of strenuous works. He also advised that you should try and get your wife pregnant as soon as possible”.

    Dozie ignored her and continued driving. When they got home, her mother stayed with them for a while and then on her way to her house, she drew her daughter aside.

    Mama Eno: “I am going now o. We
    have taken care of all your problems
    which includes Samantha and the fake pregnancy, now is the right time to win back your husband o. You have to do all it takes to get him to take you to bed. I am sure that the love will naturally grow after that. And don’t forget that you are to go back to that baba’s shrine on the
    seventh day for gratitude”.
    Eno: “I haven’t forgotten but I am scared of going into that bush alone. I want you to go with me”.
    Mama Eno: “I am not going anywhere
    with you. Have you forgotten that the
    baba said you must come back alone to thank the gods? Better get hold of
    yourself, forget that fear and go ahead with what you have to do”.
    Eno: “Okay, mum”.

    A week after the eye incidence,
    Samantha’s condition continued to
    deteriorate and she was taken from the specialist hospital back home after they told her that there was no medical explanation for her condition. The eyes were swollen and filled with pus and she could not open them. She had a glass which the hospital gave her to shield the
    eyes from sun rays and from those who kept staring at her eyes and asking endless questions. When they got to their compound, her mother led her by the hand into the room for she could not see. Few minutes, a neighbour who heard what happened to Samantha came visiting.

    Neighbour: “Eyah, sorry o. wetin come do the eyes like this now? How person go just go blind like that? Which kind wahala be that?”
    Mama Samantha: “I don’t know, my
    sister. Who would want my daughter
    blind when we haven’t done anything to offend anyone?”
    Neighbour: “Hmmn. I am sure that this is a spiritual case. I will take you to see a spiritualist tomorrow, I am sure that he has the solution to all your problems”.
    Mama Samantha: “Okay. I will do
    anything to ensure that my daughter
    regains her sight once again”.
    Neighbour: “Don’t worry, Samantha will see again”.

    Eno took a cab and paid him handsomely to take her to the area where the baba’s shrine was located. She got down, checked around to make sure that no one was watching her and went into the baba’s shrine.

    Eno: “Good morning, baba. I am the lady who came with her mother the other day to …”
    Spiritualist: “I know you. I saw you right from when you left your house and boarded a taxi. I know what you are here for and the gods have decided the kind of payment they want. Have you seen what you did to your friend?”
    Eno: “No”.

    The Baba poured water into a calabash and told Eno to peep in. When she did, she saw Eno’s face with her disfigured eyes and she screamed aloud. “Ewoooo!” she covered her face.

    Spiritualist: “The gods have decided that you stay in this shrine until tomorrow and I as the messenger of the gods will make love to you on behalf of the gods after which you can leave tomorrow morning”.
    Eno: “What? Are the gods out of their
    mind or something?” She realized the
    implication of what she said and
    swallowed her words. “I am sorry I said that but how can the gods ask for such a ridiculous thing?”
    Spiritualist: “It is an order which you
    must obey or what happened to your
    friend will be transferred to you. She will regain her sight and you will go blind”. I will be right back. Let me get you a sacred wrapper to tie and sleep tonight because you must not wear any pant tonight.FRIENDLY ENEMIES

    EPISODE 21

    Eno got down on her knees and held on to the spiritualist’s legs. “Please, baba. Just tell me any amount, I will pay. I am a married woman, I can’t sleep with you, please have mercy on me”.

    Spiritualist: “Of course I know that you are married, but this is the wish of the gods and not mine so I have nothing to do about this. You can choose to stay here as the gods commanded or you go and face the consequences of your disobedience. Remember your promise”.

    The sight of how bad Samantha’s eyes have gone made such a huge imprint on her that she was willing to do anything to escape the wrath of the gods. She called her mother’s phone to inform her that she would be spending the night at the shrine and that she cover up for her should her husband call to ask for her. Unfortunately, her mother’s number was switched off.

    Eno: “Baba, my mother’s number is switched off, can I go home and come back tomorrow? I didn’t inform my husband that I would spend the night out”. She pleaded.
    Spiritualist: “If you step out of this shrine, you will be struck with the same ailment that befell your friend”.
    Eno: “Oh God! What sort of problem have I gotten myself into right? Who even said I should come to this shrine for help? It’s not like the Dozie has started showing me love seff”. She reluctantly went inside the shrine after trying her mother’s number one more time.

    Dozie returned home and went into his room. He noticed that he didn’t see Eno in the sitting room when he entered. After freshening up, he returned to the sitting room to watch TV and when it was evening, he expected her to come out of her room and move to the kitchen to make her favourite noodles but she didn’t come. He thought of going to her room to see her but when he got to the door, he felt reluctant to go in and he returned back to his chair.

    Dozie: “I don’t care if she remains in her room forever, after all her presence profits me nothing. In fact, she can go ahead and commit suicide for all I care, I would rather be a widower than remain married to that seductress”, he thought aloud.
    At exactly 7:00pm having finished watching AFCON match, he took his car keys and drove to Samantha’s house. Since the last time he went there, he had made efforts to get across to her but she had refused to pick his calls or return his messages. On his way, he stopped at a fruit vendor and bought fruits for her exactly the way she wanted it. When he got to her compound, he paused in his car and said a little prayer before walking in. “Jesus Christ!” He screamed and almost ran back when he saw Samantha’s condition in the sitting room. “My God, what happened to you baby?” He drew near to her.

    Samantha: “Who is this, who are you and what are you doing here?” She asked for she could no longer see.
    Dozie: “It is me Dozie your true love. Can’t you see me?”
    Samantha: “So your wife has sent you here to remind me of my woes? What more do you want from me? After you dumped me for my best friend, things went from bad to worst. I had an accident that almost took my life and now I am blind for no justifiable reason”, she began to cry.
    Dozie: “Do not cry my love. What happened to your eyes? How can you just go blind like that? You were so full of life the last time I saw you”.
    Samantha: “Get out of my house and go back and tell your wife that I am still alive, even though I am blind, I am alive and that is my consolation”.
    Dozie: “No, I can never leave you at this time when you need me. I left you before, I am not gonna leave you again”.
    Samantha: “I said get out of my house. Where were you all these days that I needed you by my side? Of what use is your presence and your attention now that I am blind? Go back to your wife and leave me alone, I will be fine with my mother”.
    Dozie: “Please, my Sama. Let’s keep the past behind us. I still love …”
    Samantha: “Get out!” She interrupted him and grabbed her stick which was aiding her to walk about and began to wave it at the direction from which he was talking.
    Dozie: “Please, baby. I am on my knees …”
    Samantha: “I hate you!”, she got up and began to walk but she hit her leg on the center table and fell down with a crash. Dozie ran and grabbed her in his arms. “I am sorry, my love. I know I have hurt you but I am willing to make amends.” He pleaded with tears flowing from his eyes.
    Samantha: “Just go. Leave me to go through this alone”. She began to scratch and kick and scream. “Mum, where are you? Come and take me from here to my room”. Her mother who was in the bathroom grabbed her towel and ran out when she heard her daughter’s voice. “What has happened again this time around? God help my daughter o”, she soliloquized.
    Mama Samantha: “So it is you who is causing my daughter so much pain? Have you not caused enough pains already?”

    Dozie ran to kneel at her feet. “I am sorry, mum. Please help me talk to her. I am willing to make amends

    Mama Samantha who was irritated by his presence, softened when she saw him in tears at her feet. “It’s okay my son. As you can see, my daughter is very angry right now and it’s not her fault, she has gone through a lot recently. I will advise that you leave now and come back another day”. She told him.

    Dozie: “I will be outside until she calms down. I can’t bear to see her in this condition”. He went out and sat at the corridor weeping for he felt his heart broken by what Samantha was going through.
    After staying out for more than two hours, Samantha’s mother came out and pleaded with him to go home and rest and return another day since Samantha was already asleep. He accepted and drove home in silence, his heart heavy and his brain occupied with the thoughts of the plight of his beloved.
    He got home some minutes past ten.
    Gate man: “Welcome, sahhh”. He saluted as he opened the gate.
    Dozie: “Have you seen Eno today?”
    Gate man: “Eno … Eno? Who be Eno?” he asked scratching his head.
    Dozie: “The woman I live with!” He thundered.
    Gate man: “Oh, your wife, that na my madam. She never come back since wey she commot this morning”.
    Dozie: “What! You know what, just lock the gate”.

    The gateman shook his head after Dozie left his post.

    Gateman: “This my oga seff, why him go dey call him wife name? I think say people of nowadays na sweet sweet names like honey, sugar, sweet dem dey call their wives. Na we wey be old school suppose dey call our wives by their names. Anyway, e no concern me, sha. Na husband and wife matter, dem go settle for bed”, he went back into his small room by the gate. Dozie went into his sitting room and dialed his mother in-law’s number. “I hope she has not been kidnapped, before her mother will come and accuse me of harming her daughter. I don’t want that woman’s trouble, I need all the concentration I can get to get back Samantha”. Mama Eno who was preparing to go to bed saw his call and quickly picked it.

    Mama Eno: “My in-law, this one that you are calling me by this time of the night, I am sure that my daughter has cooked your favourite food for you this night. Tell her to take very good care of you o, remember that you people are still in honeymoon and the doctor said you should get your wife pregnant as soon as possible for medical reasons. And …”

    Dozie was angry at the other end but he tried to keep his calm.

    Dozie: "Can you just listen to me, ma? I didn’t call because of any honeymoon. Is Eno, erm … I mean my wife there?” He asked, eager to hear her reply that her daughter was spending the night with her so that he could go back to sleep in peace.

    Mama Eno’s mind skipped a beat, she remembered that she had tried to call her daughter during the day but her number was not available.
    Mama Eno: “I did not get what you said, the network is fluctuating, say that again”.
    Dozie: “I said is your daughter with you there? She left the house this morning and she is yet to return. I tried to call her but it keeps saying ‘number out of network coverage’”.
    Mama Eno: “Erm … I … Eno … She …”

    Dozie: “I can hear you, speak up ma”.
    Mama Eno quickly ended the call and dialed her daughter’s number so she will know what she would tell him about her whereabouts but the number was switched off. Suddenly, she remembered that it was the seventh day and that Eno ought to have gone to see the spiritualist. “But she should be back from the baba’s place by now, I hope she is safe o”. She was still thinking when Dozie called her back.

    Mama Eno: “I am sorry, my in-law. It’s like network ended the call. Your wife is asleep here, she came into the house while I was away. I would have given her the phone so that you can talk to her but she is fast asleep”. She lied to him.
    Dozie: “Okay, there’s no need for me to talk with her. I only wanted to be sure that she is safe”. He ended the call and went to sleep.

    Eno stayed in a secluded part of the shrine while the spiritualist attended to other clients all day. At sunset, the man brought a white wrapper to the room where she was sitting on the floor. “Take this wrapper, remove your clothes and wrap your body with this. We are going to the supreme Ilele River to bath you there. The gods cannot touch you if you have not had this sacred bath”.
    Eno obeyed like one who was under a spell. The spiritualist returned with a razor and dirty water in a bowl and commanded Eno to unclad herself and sit on a stool he brought along with him. “Remove the white wrapper and sit naked on this stool or on my laps”, he said.
    She obeyed and sat on the stool instead and the man began to wet her hair with the water.

    Eno: “What are you doing, baba”, she asked.
    Spiritualist: “Shhhh! The cleansing process has started. You are not supposed to talk while it is going on. We have to shave your hair both up and down before the gods begin the real ACTION tonight”.
    Eno: “What! I didn’t bargain for this. Shave my what?”

    EPISODE 22

    Eno: You said I should unclad myself, I have. Now you say you wanna shave my hair both up and down? What has that got to do with my being here?”
    Spiritualist: “When the gods give you a pair of shoes as a gift, they will take back your legs as payment. If you had asked me about the conditions attached before going ahead to do what you did to your friend, I would have told you”.
    Eno: “This is unfair. I didn’t bargain for all these”.
    Spiritualist: “Nothing is fair with my master the devil. Are you ready to allow me do what I need to do or would you rather face the wrath of the gods?”

    This boxed Eno into a corner and she obliged him for fear of what may befall her if she disobeyed. As an expert in that art, it took the spiritualist only few minutes to completely shave off her hair both up and down and she tied back the white wrapper and carrying the calabash containing her shaven hair, she matched to the river with him leading the way. When they got to the river, she was afraid to step in for it was dark but he dragged her in against her wish. With a local sponge and homemade black soap, he began to bathe her from her head to her toes. She noticed that when he got to her chest, he paused and peered into her eyes. Then he began to fondle her breast. She felt awful and almost pushed him into the stream to drown. Her breast was soft and in the cold of that night, her nipples hardened and she noticed the bulge forming in between his knees under the loose wrapper the spiritualist had over his body. Having fondled her to his satisfaction, he brought his black lips to her nipples and began to suck. “What are you doing old man? Get your old lips off my nipples!”

    Spiritualist: “Shhh … I am only a messenger of the gods, I do what they tell me to do”.

    He continued to suck hard at her nipples and she began to shed tears. Few minutes later, he continued with the ritual bath and when he got to the region beneath her belly button, he paused and peered into her eyes like he did earlier. Next, she felt his finger brushing around her clitoris, before she could protest, she felt three of his fingers inside her taking turns to scan her interior. She winced and tried to push his hand away for she was disgusted but he held on and went on his knees and to her utmost surprise, gave her his head.
    That night was the worst night of her life as the spiritualist kept on making love to her irrespective of how crude and dirty he made her feel. She almost threw off when he brought his lips to hers and she had to restrain herself from smashing the calabash behind them on his head. They made love right there on the floor of the shrine and she imagined that she saw one of the idols winking at her while the spiritualist rammed his crude manhood in and out of her.
    She woke up the next morning to discover that he was already awake and dressed up in his regalia. She ignored him, got dressed and picked her handbag to find her way home when his croaked voice stopped her.
    Spiritualist: “The gods have accepted your thanksgiving but there is another condition. You must remember that you must never come face to face with your friend again. The day you behold her face physically in this world, that is the day her ailment will be transferred to you”,
    Eno: What? That’s difficult and ridiculous. You mean after sleeping with me all night there are still conditions attached? Baba, the condition is hard”. Eno reluctantly left the shrine.
    Spiritualist: “Oh, the gods say I should tell you that they enjoyed your sumptuous body last night. Hahahaha”, she heard him say after her.

    Mama Samantha, Samantha and their neighbour set out early morning to visit the man whom their neighbour had alleged had the solution to all of their problems. They drove for more than an hour and Samantha who couldn’t see wondered if they were travelling out of Abuja.

    Samantha: “Mum, are we travelling out of Abuja in search of solution?”
    Mama Samantha: “No my dear, we are still in the outskirts of Abuja. Don’t worry, our neighbour here has assured me that you will regain your sight after we meet this man”.

    They got to somewhere in a forest and their neighbour instructed their driver to stop.

    Mama Samantha: “Why did we stop here?” She asked suspiciously.
    Neighbour: “Because we have gotten to the place. The baba’s shrine is in that cave, the car can’t go through. We have to walk there”.
    Mama Samantha: “A cave? What sort of a solution center is this right in the middle of a forest?”
    Neighbour: “Oh well, the man is a powerful native doctor”.
    Mama Samantha: “Native doctor! You want me to go in search of solution from the devil. There is no way that is gonna be possible. My religion is against it”.
    Neighbour: “Does it matter if you go to a native doctor or the Devil himself in search of solutions? You should rather preoccupy yourself with how to help your daughter regain her sight”

    Mama Samantha: “No, I am not that desperate. I would rather go to the most high God in prayers than patronize any dibia”.
    Neighbour: “Let us just go in and see him, this man is very good and his powers precedes him everywhere he goes”.
    Samantha: “Mum, what is going on here? Where are we?”
    Mama Samantha: “We are in the middle of the forest and our neighbour says we are here to see a native doctor”.
    Samantha: “If the man has what it will take to make me see again, why not? Do you know what it means to be blind? I will give anything to see again”.
    Mama Samantha: “But God can make you see again. Let us go to him in prayers”.
    Samantha: “Why did God allow me to go blind in the first place? What did I do to Him to deserve this?”
    Mama Samantha: “There is a reason for everything that God permits to happen. Just hold on to Him and all will be well at the end of the day”.

    Samantha insisted that they go into the shrine and her mother not wanting to upset her daughter agreed. When they got in, the spiritualist made some incantations and threw his cowries on the floor. “Mbanu!” He said and shook his head. He threw the cowries on the ground the second time and discovered that Samantha was the same girl Eno had afflicted with the mysterious eye ailment. “Aru! This is serious, hmmn”.

    Mama Samantha: “What is it? What did you see?”
    Spiritualist: “Hmmn …. I …”
    Mama Samantha: “You what? Baba, what did you see that made you scream?”
    Spiritualist: “Woman, the person who afflicted your daughter with this ailment went to a strong medicine man and she has completed all the process of causing your daughter grief all her life time. In fact, she completed the last process only yesterday. If only you had come yesterday, we would have done something about it”.

    Mama Samantha: “So, are you saying there is nothing that we can do about it now?” She asked, eager to leave the shrine for it was making her very uncomfortable.
    Spiritualist: “Of course something can be done. There is no one who seeks help from my master that goes back empty handed”.
    Mama Samantha: “So, what is the solution?” She asked suspiciously.
    Spiritualist: “Your daughter will have to spend 7 days and 7 nights in this shrine after which we shall perform a very expensive sacrifice that will involve the eyes of a woman who was born blind. When the sacrifice is completed, your daughter shall be made whole again. This kind of complicated sacrifice is the only one that can neutralize what has been done on your daughter”.

    “What! Human blood?” Samantha and her mother chorused simultaneously.

    Spiritualist: “Don’t bother about where you will find a lady blind from birth. All you need do is drop some money and I will give it to the boys as mobilization and they will search for the kind of person that we seek and kidnap her. We have done it several times, that won’t be a problem at all”.
    Mama Samantha: “God forbid that I use another person child for sacrifice all in the name of looking for healing for my daughter. I can never do it”.
    Samantha: “Mum, what are we still doing here? I can’t believe that we have to kill another person’s child and cause their family grief before I can get my own healing. What if it backfires? That means I will never regain my sight again and that is too bad because I know that with time God will heal me for my hands are clean”.
    Neighbour: “If you ask me, I think you should consider what the baba said. Afterall, what is the stress there? You give him some money and he mobilizes some boys who would help you look for the kind of girl he wants to use for sacrifice, it is as simple as that. Shebi we use money to get what we want? How is this different? Hian”

    She clapped her two hands together.

    Mama Samantha: “You will not know how this is different until somebody gives some people money to kill your daughter, that is when you will know that money cannot buy life. For God sake, human being not even a cow or any other animal. Tufiakwa!”
    Samantha: “Mum, take me out of here now!”

    They left the place and drove home in silence.

    Eno got home very tired that morning. She was glad when the security man told her that her husband had already gone to work that morning. She ran to the bathroom and had a thorough bath for she felt dirty after spending the night with the spiritualist. After her bath, she grabbed one of her wigs and wore it, she was determined to keep knowledge of her shaven hair from Dozie and she knew that was not going to be a problem as she had enough wigs to last her months.

    After Dozie closed from work, he went to Samantha’s house and refused to leave even when she slammed the door at his face. He remained outside till late into the night, refusing to go home until Samantha’s mother intervened.

    Mama Samantha: “I think you should forgive him, my dear. The young man has proven that he is truly sorry for all he did to you”

    EPISODE 23

    Samantha: “To what effect, mum? What is the use of me forgiving him? After all he did to me? He is already married to my best friend and there is nothing anyone can do about it”.
    Mama Samantha: “I know, my dear. But forgiveness is freedom. You will be free if you forgive him. I am not saying you should make up with him, but forgiveness is of the Lord. Now that we are praying and believing on God for your healing, I think you should let go of this hurt so that nothing can prevent your healing”.
    After much persuasion from her mother, Samantha forgave him and he came back into the house.
    Dozie: “Thanks for forgiving me, bae. I want to send you to a hospital in the UK for your eye treatment. I will take care of all the bills. The three of us will fly there together, you, me and your mother. We could leave the day after tomorrow if you are ready”.
    Samantha: “It is a good idea but we went to see our pastor earlier in the day and he has given us some prayers and fasting to do, I think we should wait till we finish the prayers and fasting before we travel”.
    Dozie: “Okay. I will join in the prayer and fasting then. Whatever it is that will cure you, count me in”.
    Samantha: “Really? You fast? What will you tell your wife when she cooks and you refused to eat?”
    Dozie: “I don’t have a wife. What I have is a woman leaving with me and her time is up because she lied about being pregnant, now that the pregnancy is no more, she is leaving my house as soon as I get home”.
    Samantha: “How can you say she is not your wife? Are you whining me?”
    Dozie: “How can I whine you? Do you know that we have never stayed in the same room since we started living under the same roof? I have never given her a peck talk more of touching her. In fact, we don’t talk and I don’t eat her food”.
    Samantha: “Okay o, I have heard you”.
    Dozie: “But babe, this your swollen eyes fit you o, you look sexier, I feel like kissing you, seff”. Dozie found himself falling deeper in love with Samantha despite her condition as he ran his finger on her face.
    Samantha: “Go joh. You are running your mouth because I forgave you abi? Just wait for me to regain my sight, you will see what I will do to you. Kiss ko, sex ni, you better repent and give your life to God. Yeye child.” She threw the throw pillor on her chair at him.
    Dozie: “Hahaha, my baby is calling me yeye child o. Okay, mummy Samantha, I have heard you. I will repent but not until I have done this”.
    Samantha: “What?” Dozie drew close to her and covered her lips with a deep and passionate kiss that lasted for minutes. It was one of the longest kisses that they have had since they started dating.

    They began to tease each other and Dozie was more than glad to have their days of exchanging banters back. He stayed with her long into the night before he went home.

    Immediately he got to the house, Eno was waiting for him in the sitting room. She stopped him at the sitting room’s entrance door with her hands on her waist.

    Eno: “And where are you coming from by this time of the night? Which married man stays outside leaving his wife till almost 11pm?”
    Dozie: “Are you crazy or you are just stupid? What right have you to ask me about the time I chose to return to my home? Where were you all through yesterday? You think your mother’s lie last night is enough to keep you safe?”
    Eno: “I don’t know what you are talking about. If you think you are going to use that as an escape route or looking for an excuse to cover up for your coming home late then you need to try harder. Only an irresponsible man keeps his wife waiting in the night”.
    Dozie: “Don’t you ever refer to yourself as my wife again. If you must know, your time in my house has expired, the pregnancy that you capitalized on to get into my house is no more. I am not even sure any pregnancy existed but I will find out soon. Maybe it will interest you to know that I have made up with Samantha, my true love. Before I come back from the office tomorrow, I want you gone out of my life forever because I am going ahead to marry Samantha”.
    Eno: “You lie! I repeat, you lie Dozie. If you think I am going to sit back and watch you bring in blind Samantha as a wife then you don’t know me. Have you seen her eyes? Do you know how that came about? Oh, because I allowed her to be alive right? Let’s see how you will go and marry her now”. She busted uncontrollably, revealing her shocking secrets.
    Dozie was taken aback by her reaction. “How did you know that Samantha is blind? What do you mean by me not knowing how she became blind? Are you implying that you know something that we don’t know? In fact, what do you mean by you allowing her to be alive?”
    Eno: “Erm … I … ah … I mean”. "I don’t know what you are talking about. Excuse me”. She left the door and returned to her room.
    Dozie: “All I know is that your days in this house are numbered. You are leaving my house and my life for good” he shouted after her.

    Two weeks later, Samantha although still battling with the eye ailment having being preached to by the pastor had given her life to God and was praying and hoping on him for her healing.

    Mama Samantha: “My daughter, I am glad that you have fully given your life to God and that you now know the power of prayers”.
    Samantha: “Oh mum, it feels so good to fellowship with the Lord. If only I had been very prayerful before now, I am sure this sort of calamity wouldn’t have befallen me. All the same, I thank God for His mercies, even if I don’t regain my sight anymore, the fact that I have God is alone for me and I am sure that I shall see again at the resurrection on the last day”.
    Mama Samantha: “I am very sure that you will see again. My God will do it because He is the impossibility specialist. Remember that tomorrow is the round off prayers for our fasting, we shall be in church all day tomorrow calling on God for mercy”.
    Samantha: “Yes o, mum. I am prepared for it, indeed a day spent in the house of the Lord is more than a thousand elsewhere”.

    The next day after work, Dozie drove to the hospital where Eno was admitted when she had the miscarriage. He wanted to send her away and he was looking for a good reason to do so especially since his parents will demand for explanations before they can approve his putting her away.

    Dozie: “Doctor, I came in respect of my wife who had miscarriage sometimes ago. You see, she is pregnant again and I just want to ask the cause of the last miscarriage she had so that we can work at avoiding a repeat of that”. He lied.
    Doctor: “Ah, I remember you. My patient’s hot tempered husband, I remember how you angrily left my office that day even though I wanted to tell you something very important about your wife’s health status at that time. Well, about your question, I don’t know why your wife had a miscarriage because there was actually no miscarriage”.
    Dozie: “I don’t understand what you mean, doctor. Are you saying my wife is still carrying that pregnancy?”
    Doctor: “There was never any pregnancy. I guess she was under pressure and that is why she put up that act. Wait a minute, didn’t her mother explain all these to you? She promised to tell you everything when you calm down that day”. While he was talking, Dozie who was holding his iphone in his hand was recording his conversation with the doctor without his knowledge.
    Dozie: “Thank you very much, doctor but I have to leave now”, he got up abruptly and left the office. From there, he drove straight to his parents house and after they listened to the doctor’s revelation on his phone, he left them and drove to his house. Eno was on her bed taking a nap when he kicked the door on her.
    Eno: “Gosh, you scared me Dozie. I thought it was an armed robber that entered the house. Why did you bang the door like that?”
    Dozie: “So, you still have mouth to talk? Not only are you a cheap prostitute and seductress, you are also a wicked and pathetic little liar. A pretender per excellence, that is what you are. God, I don’t even know what to think about your mother, to think that a woman in her right senses can mislead her own biological daughter this way is appalling”.
    Eno: “Why are you calling me and my mother names? Are you drunk or something?”
    Dozie: “Before I open my eyes and close them, you have packed your things and returned back to your evil mother where you belong. You think you can trap with any fake pregnancy? Well, my instincts told me that you were lying but for the sake of my mother’s political ambition, I decided to play along. As you know, the elections have come and gone and my mother won the position she contested for. Now is time for you to leave, this so called arrangee marriage is over”.
    Eno: “What! You mean because your mother is now a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria you can now throw me out?”
    Dozie: “No, I am throwing you out because I have confirmed that you were never pregnant for me. It was all a sham, a stunt you and your mother pulled to drag me into your miserable lives. My parents and I know and that was why we never did any ceremony with you. If you remember, we didn’t even pay your bride price, we said we would pay and do the wine carrying and marriage proper when you give birth. So, wake up, there was no marriage whatsoever between us. The doctor at the hospital I took you to when you said you had a miscarriage has confirmed that you lied about the whole thing”.

    Ashamed that her deeds had been found out, Eno packed her clothes into the only box she had and made for the door.

    Eno: “I am glad I am even leaving you for good. You are such a senseless and insensitive man. The two months that I have been here are the worst months of my life. I know you are chasing me away so that you can marry Samantha but I promise you that I will deal with her. She will never have you.
    EPISODE 24 (Final)
    Eno: "She will never have you. If I can’t have you, then no one will”.
    Dozie: “Get the hell out of my house. you are just bluffing, there is nothing you can do”.

    The next day, Samantha, her mother with Dozie as the driver drove to church for the concluding session of their prayers and fasting session. When they got to the church premises, her mother and Dozie led her by the hand into the church where the pastor and other prayer warriors were waiting for them. The pastor instructed Samantha to kneel down in their middle and they began to sing and pray.

    Eno was in her mother’s house, locked up in her room all day and despite her mother’s plea, she had refused to open the door or come out to eat. She felt bitter, having been abandoned by Dozie. Her mother’s knock on her door caught her by surprise for she was deeply buried in thoughts.

    Eno: "Mum, just leave me alone, I feel like a failure and I don’t want to see you or eat anything. Just go away, please”.
    Mama Eno: “Are you still sulking in there? Instead of you to get up and fight for what is yours, you are in there wasting your time. Well, I got information from a reliable source that Samantha and Dozie are in Fountain of Life Church. Who knows if they are there to tie their nuptial cord”.
    “What! No! This is not possible, I will not take this”. She grabbed her bag containing the idol the baba gave her and ran out to her mother’s surprise.

    “Where are you running to?” Her mother called our after her.

    Eno: “To settle this score once and for all”. She grabbed her mother’s car key from her dressing table and sped away.

    When Eno got to the church, the security personnel at the entrance tried to prevent her from running in but she overwhelmed them and ran into the building where intense prayers and speaking in tongues were going on. “Jesus Christ!” the pastor screamed. Immediately Eno got into the church and came face to face with Samantha, she felt her head spinning and she couldn’t stand. Then she remembered the warning that the spiritualist had given her the last time she visited him. In her anger and quest for vengeance, she had forgotten that she was told never to behold Samantha again. When the consequence of her disobedience dawned on her, she turned back and sped to the shrine. Samantha and her mother including Dozie and the members of the praying team were surprised at her unruly behaviour but they dismissed it and continued praying.

    Eno: “Baba, I am in trouble o, hey I am dead and finished!”
    Spiritualist: “Calm down and tell me exactly what happened”.
    Eno: “I … er … em … I mean … I was in my room when I heard that my husband was with my best friend in a church, I thought they had gone there to wed and I was consumed by rage and anger and I forgot the warning you gave me. I only remembered after I had set my eyes on her”.
    Spiritualist: “Arlueeh, abomination! You have committed an unforgivable sacrilege. I am afraid there is nothing we can do about it. Prepare to go blind just as your friend did”.
    Eno: “Are you kidding?” she lost her temper and flared up. “Are your gods this dumb that they do not have a solution for a mistake I committed? After I did all that you asked me to do during the thanksgiving rituals? Your gods must be mad. In fact, they are impotent. After all, there were not even able to make Dozie love me. I curse the day I came here, I curse all these stupid deaf, dumb, blind and powerless idols. She brought out the idol in her bag and smashed it on the floor”.

    Spiritualist: “Mbanu!” the spiritualist shouted. “This is the height of insults that my gods can take. This is the straw that will break the camels back. Get out of my shrine, the gods will fight for themselves”.

    She drove back to the church to go and carry out her evil plans but immediately she stepped into the church premises, she was struck with madness and began to laugh hysterically and display characteristics of mad people. All the people in the church were surprised and the security men held her bound for fear that she would run away. After hours of intense prayers and praise and worship sessions, the scale fell from Samantha’s eyes and her eyes opened.

    Samantha: “Mum, I can see. Pastor, I can see. My healing has come. Thank You, Lord.”

    “Halleluya! God never fails”, her mother and other people including Dozie and the pastor chorused. The pastor heard the commotion outside and ran out. Immediately Eno saw that Samantha had regained her sight, a scale like object came over her face and her face began to swell.

    Eno: “Hahaha, I am finished. Yes, I deserve it, I am reaping what I have sown. Look at you Samantha, I wanted to kill you, that is why I came here but I don’t know what is happening to my head. I broke the sacred idol the spiritualist gave me and insulted the hell out of the gods. Hehehe, the gods are mad. They are crazy and foolishly stupid, hohoho. I was jealous that you were getting married before me and so I seduced Dozie and hired boys to kidnap him on your wedding day and force him to cancel the wedding. Kikikikikikki (laughing in Spanish) I was never pregnant, I did that drama with my mother. Kakakkakakaka (Laughing in French lol), that woman is mad, imagine someone who doesn’t have a man of her own forcing me to get a man for myself. Mad people everywhere”, she ran forward and all those watching and listening to her confessions with their hands on their mouths ran back. “Hahaha, everybody is scared of me, I want to go to my husband place but I don’t know where he is and I know these mad people here will not help me”. She released a long fart and ran out of the church premises, the security men attempted to stop her but she maneuvered her way through and took off on her knees.
    Dozie immediately got on his knees and brought out a ring and took Samantha’s hand. “I bought this ring weeks back and I promised to put it on your finger again. Please, Will you marry me? This time around, I promise not to abandon you on the altar, not for any reason in the world”.
    A tear dropped from Samantha’s eyes as she remembered the first time Dozie proposed to her. “I am sorry dozie but I cannot marry you again. The last time I accepted to marry, my heart was shattered beyond repairs. A fragile heart was broken before, I don’t think it can endure another pain”. Tears trickled down her left eye. She shook her head and ran away leaving Dozie on his knees with the ring in his hand. That evening, the spiritualist lost balanced, drowned and died in the famous Ilele River when he went for his daily midnight bath.
    Two Months later, Eno escaped from the psychiatrist home where she was on admission. Her mother had tried everything humanly possible including visiting native doctors and spiritual home but her daughter’s condition continued to deteriorate with her face swollen to the point that people ran away whenever they saw her. Mama Eno was in her room taking a nap when Eno ran into the house from the psychiatrist home. Her mother jerked up when she heard her door open suddenly. “What are you doing here? You are supposed to be at the psychiatrist …” before she could conclude her sentence, Eno ran into the kitchen, grabbed a sharp knife, ran back to her mother and stabbed her multiple times to death. She ran out of the house, licking her mother’s blood on the knife and she didn’t know when a trailer on top speed crushed her to death. (Hmmm …. SINNERS they say, will never go UNPUNISHED)

    18 months later, after much persuasion and apologies from Dozie and his parents, Samantha agreed to marry him and they got wedded in  church ceremony that was attended by friends and well-wishers. When the reporter who came to cover the event for the national television asked why the bride had no brides maid or maid of honour, Samantha replied. “In this life, there are no friends anymore. What you have are friendly enemies. Once bitten, twice shy”

    THE END!

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