Story: Fuck and Run

    Episode 1

    Mike Adewale was the kind of boss who never mixed his home life with his business life. It wasn’t until I got a dot com break through that I went to his house and met his wife.
    It had never bothered me that he never invites any of his employees to his house. To my understanding there was nothing special about a boss who takes his employees as part of his family. It just seemed aberrant to invite your employees to dinner and chew over non work related issues.
    Mike Adewale wasn’t that kind. He was strictly the medieval type of boss.
    He hunted for the best IT professionals the country can provide and lured them from their working place with high salaries and perks. To loyalist geeks this was disgusting, but to geeks who ventured into Info tech to make a living if not a fortune this was music to the ears. Earning high salaries and perks as an IT guru was rosy aspect of being an IT specialist. But the requirements were sometimes hefty: no office romance, your only companion is your desk and everything on it, deliver before deadline, coming in before opening time and leaving after your supervisors. Though tedious, the money and perks involved made it worth it.
    I had been a freelance developer, doing spare time projects and trying my hands on web app startups, getting little or no revenue for my brilliant ideas I had switched to blogging, affiliate marketing, domain flipping and mini importation. As none of these were my passion I had quit and left someone else to run them and tried my hand one more time on developing solutions through mobile apps and desktop soft wares. One of these caught Mike Adewale’s attention.
    I remember checking my mail box on that cold Sunday morning on Christmas Eve to see a new message from . I was mystified; the name TMN was synonymous with the biggest tech company in Nigeria. Seeing an email from a well-known tech company sitting in my inbox, without further ado I clicked and waited for the usual process of sending to and fro to the web server, the message I saw was brief but enough to get me on my feet.

    My cellphone started ringing, I checked the caller id, and it was my close buddy Ken.
    Ken and I met at MacDonald University where we both studied, I was a computer science major and he was studying mechanical engineering. We kick started our friendship after sharing similar interest in robotics. Ken and I haven’t spoken to each other in quite some time.
    “Hey Ken! Where have you been?” I said.
    “Hey buddy it’s a very long story.” came Kens reply.
    “Ok where are you now? Want to come play call of duty with a master?” I said jokingly.
    “No thanks think I will pass” ken’s voice sounded agitated.
    “What’s the matter bro? You are sounding strange.”
    “Look Charles I am in serious trouble and I need your assistance”
    “What kind of trouble and assistance?” I said knowing what the reply would be like.
    “I need cash bro and you know…”
    “Not going to happen” I cut him short.
    “Pardon” – ken.
    “I said No Ken!”
    “I don’t need a reason for refusing to give you my money, but here is a few.” I was already clicking on the mail fuming. “I don’t pick money from shrubs, I work hard for it and that’s what you should be doing instead of always asking me for money by the way what do you do with them and what makes you think I owe you a dime! Look Ken… hello hello” the line was dead.
    Looking at my computer screen and holding a cup of hot coffee with my left hand I leaned closer to read the email.
    Mr. Charles michael, TMN Inc. noticed your new app on play store and would like to make an acquisition, please visit our office at VI to finalize the deal if you are interested. Ps meet with mike adewale the CEO.
    I sipped at the Nescafé and deliberated over the message, the phone call with Ken still bothering my mind!
    Last I heard TMN was going through innovation block, nothing new to present to the customers.
    This was bad news for the company but good news for me. A desperate company would be willing to pay high for a product and a developer would be willing to charge high.
    Now I don’t feel certain that the app I developed albeit useful would be of any good use to a company like TMN, but since they were pricing then I was definitely selling.
    VI – Victoria Island. The company’s headquarters, my residence
    If I stood from my apartment’s window, I could see the company’s logo on the top their building, a yellow background with the circled text ‘TMN’ written on it.
    Starring at the last sentence in the message I downed the remaining Nescafe.
    This was going to be a huge sale.
    My phone vibrated and checked to see who the message was from ‘Ken’
    I hastily opened the text which content read; “Back stabber! I can’t believe we are friends, am in serious need of money and you can’t come through for me, you wicked soul am cutting all ties with you! Go to hell I shall pay you back for this, I will deal with you idiot! Your Mother!”
    I wasn’t surprised this wasn’t the first time Ken sent such messages when I refuse to give him money, but this one came with a threat. I scoffed at his threat ‘this broke a-s couldn’t harm a dead mouse’
    Christmas to me was a scam activity so I don’t celebrate, I left the next day to TMN, I was going to make a sale of course!

    Episode 2

    Ps meet with Mike Adewale the CEO.
    I stood in front of the massive edifice, harmattan altering my delicate skin from its dark tone to white pale, impressed by the structure of the giant office, the finest in the country.
    The TMN has had its large share of job seekers; almost everyone who applied was rejected. Last year I had applied for a job there, I didn’t even get an interview.
    In a minute or so I would be inside but not for a job, I would be negotiating.
    I gingerly approached the entrance and met with the security man, 5 feet tall with broad shoulders he motioned for me to stop.
    “Please place all metals in the tray” he spoke with authority and provided a tray into which I dumped every metal on me.
    He proceeded to move his wand around my body trying to detect any metal. He didn’t.
    He stepped aside and motioned for me to enter inside; I took a deep breath and braced myself. The inner view of the TMN was exotic, filled with busy people. For the company there sure was no dulling moment.
    A very beautiful and attractive secretary approached me and motioned for me to follow her; we walked past other employees and arrived at an elevator. She pushed a button and the door slid open taking the lead she entered and on cue I slipped in right after her, the door slid shot.
    She pushed a button with the inscription “10”
    The elevator s---t roared to life, and we started ascending.
    “So who are we visiting on the tenth floor?” I said wryly.
    “Mike Adewale.” Came the cold reply.

    I knew Adewale, of course, by reputation. I knew he was the CEO at TMN a tech company owned by rich businessmen and had built a wonderful thing out of it. Naturally I was nervous. Naturally I was boldly anticipating the meeting: meeting this guy was quite a feat in the tech eco system.
    A few minutes ago I was outside his office, and a few minutes later, I was standing before his desk, looking at his piercing grey eyes.
    Adewale was six foot 4, massively built, with a dark complexion, a big mouth resting under broad nostrils, a mouth that seemed to smile little and a pointed chin; A big man, around fifty six, thick around the middle, solid fat. He must work real hard to keep himself in such good condition.
    He studied me for maybe ten seconds before he got up and t----t out his hand, the hand shake was knuckle cracking.
    “Charles Michael good to see you” he said with a voice that would require rapt attention. I wondered how a small voice could command such a huge empire.
    “Good to meet you too” I offered myself a seat; Mike raised a brow not hiding his disgust.
    Hey am not here for a job interview.
    Something about the meeting with Mike seemed odd, I was in his office with him alone, no executives; we didn’t discuss much and before I knew it Mike was signing a cheque! Mike even asked me to stay and further help develop the app with. He was offering me an employment.
    I accepted, but I was only planning on staying for a while.
    The app was a “sms blocking app” there is quite a lot of them out there, but I added few extended functions on mine to suit the Nigerian mass. The idea for the app came when on a single day I received 23 messages from a single telecom company’s third party sms short code numbers, it was annoying and wouldn’t stop flooding in. out of disgust I opened my brainstorm, wrote algorithms, designed a user interface and wrote the code. The following week I placed the app on the play store and did a little word of mouth advert. Eventually the app took off, having two hundred thousand download on its first two weeks on the play store thanks to the good hearted moderator of a famous forum who moved the thread about the app to the front page. Reviews about the app were really positive, many users emphasized on the feature of placing all four length numbers that began with “50”, “33”, as irrelevant users also liked that I had already placed some of the annoying short codes on ban.
    I had wanted to monetize the app, but I didn’t want to spoil the user experience with ads also Nigerians wouldn’t like the idea of parting with their money; I had created a solution to a problem I didn’t want to create another one.
    The popularity and usefulness of the app had gotten me a big deal with “TMN” or so I thought but there was something fishy magazines didn’t call for interviews and I didn’t see the news on blogs, I didn’t bother myself as that wasn’t my business.
    On my first week at TMN I met victory, a hot stunning data analyst; brilliant, tall and fair complexioned, I wanted to make advances at her but TMN had a strict no office romance so I befriended victory.
    I had barely stayed two months at TMN when Mike Adewale called me into his office and made me an offer I just couldn’t resist.

    Episode 3

    “Charles do you know why you are here?” he had said scanning my face with piercing grey eyes.
    “I’m fired?” I asked wryly. Mike managed a weak smile
    “You know one day you will pay for your misbehaviors” the man was actually grinning.
    Good thing I can get you to smile Mr. Adewale.
    Mike Adewale was a phlegmatic the man hardly smiled.
    “Tell me sincerely, do you like working for me?” the question startled me, and for a moment I stared at him. He raised his brow as if to say ‘go on boy, answer the question’
    I took a deep breath; brace yourself Mike, you asked for it.
    “No” I said briskly.
    He seemed neither surprised nor offended by the answer, anyway it’s the truth.
    “I figured as much” he stood up now and sat at the table in front of me.
    He placed his right arm on my right shoulder leaned closer.
    “Charles I called you here to tell you that am leaving TMN” he said looking me in the eye, grinning again. “And am not leaving without taking you”
    My head shot up, looking at Mike Adewale with surprise.
    “Did I hear you correctly?”
    “Yes Charles every word”
    I sat up
    “You are leaving Tech Mandate the biggest tech company in the country where you have been the CEO for God knows how many years and you are not leaving without me? I rushed the sentence. Mike Adewale nodded stood up from the table and headed back to his seat.
    “Look Charles I am tired of working for a bunch of obese individuals, am thinking of starting my own tech startup” he winked.
    “I get that point, its okay if you want to leave but I don’t understand why you won’t leave unless you took me”
    “I was getting to that Mr. Michael but before we proceed I would like to know your net worth”

    There was only one logical explanation for that question; I didn’t want to even think about it.
    I drew a deep breath, brace yourself again Mike this one is huge.
    “One million” I said.
    Mike was grinning again.
    “One million, in dollar or naira?” he said
    “How come?”
    Thanks to Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing and domain flipping and other chains of dot businesses. Living the dot com live for so long had paid off, hard work and perseverance they say is a virtue.
    I quickly told him about my dot com endeavors.
    “That’s huge, what do you say Charles, be my partner, co-founder.” Mike looked at me for ten seconds, satisfied with my surprised expression. Walked to his fridge and brought out two whiskey glasses and a whiskey, he poured to the first quarter of each and handed me one.
    “What do you say Charles? You and me partners co-founders.” He took a sip.
    I chuckled, eying the glass. “Well Mr. Mike let’s say I can’t refuse a pacesetter.” I emptied my whiskey and Mike smirked.
    Mike beamed. “I knew you had the fire son!”
    Throughout that day Mike and I discussed about our future company, what to produce, where to base, when to start, shares. Mike was willing to invest four million into the new start up for a start and so I decided to part with all my millions.
    I jokingly came up with a name for the startup “LOG – Love of Gadgets” and Mike liked it. I knew he was playing fair, it would definitely be changed to something better.
    We decided not to only base on software but also hardware, the first of its kind in the country. Subsequently, one week later Mike invited me to his house for a meeting with investors. And everything changed.

    Episode 4

    I stood in front of my stabekk mirror admiring my gorgeous appearance; inside my ‘wool mohair signoria’ suit anyone who sees me will definitely steal a second glance. Who says a geek couldn’t look good? Gucci really has a good sense of fashion. I pursed my lips and winked at my own reflection, my dot com lifestyle had really paid off.
    I glanced down at my Gucci ‘Bouts’ loafers, matching outfit.
    This visit to Mike Adewale’s house was a spectacular one, we had both quit our jobs at TMN and now I was about to head over to his place to meet with investors and sign some papers.
    I exited my flat and entered my Toyota Camry, inserted my key into the ignition then turned. The engines roared to life, I typed in the GPS coordinate Mike had given me, I reversed out of my miniature compound following the red marker I banged towards Akin Olugbade Street; Heading for a massive building, Mike Adewale villa.

    I arrived in front of the MA villa at “twelve thirty pm” and honked for three seconds; a slightly built man approached my car from within the compound, his uniform revealed that he was the security man. He came real close and scrutinized me, asked who I was. I told him my name and that I was there to see Mike.
    “Oh come on in, Mr. Mike is already waiting for you” he entered and then opened the gates for me. I drove in carefully observing the surrounding, Mr. Mike lives a luxurious life, huge building.
    I drove towards the parking lot and saw only one car.
    Is this guy selling his cars to start a new company? I mussed.
    I found a good spot to park, killed my engine and exited the car.
    The security man I met at the gate approached me and ushered me into the main building where I saw Mike sitting on an Italian couch watching TV.
    Where is everybody? No investors.
    He noticed my presence and stood up smiling at me he extended his hand for a hand shake; I took his hand in mine and shook him hard smiling back at him. He looked good in his maroon pants, fish hook belt and perfect sweater.
    “Welcome to my humble Abode Charles. Have a sit and make yourself comfortable” he said with arms spread wide like an eagle.
    “Humble abode? Stop the flattery Sir” I said looking around.
    “What, this place is not humble?” Mike was going over to his bar now.
    “This is quite massive, anything but humble. You should check out you where I live, now that’s down to earth” I said and accepted the glass of martini he was offering.
    Mike sat on the chair opposite me. “To you and the media this hole is massive, but I feel I deserve something better”
    “If you want something better you can go ahead and acquire it. I mean a man of your caliber can acquire the whole of VI if he wanted to” I started sipping the martini.
    “Who’s flattering who now, eh Charles?” he said with a grin. I had to smile back at the man who was catching fun, glad I could make him smile. A long silence followed.
    “Where are the people I was supposed to meet?” I asked.
    “You mean the investors?”
    I nodded.
    “Look Charles you just don’t set up a first meeting with investors and expect them to honor it”
    I stared in misbelieve not knowing what to say.
    Mike cleared his throat finally breaking the awkward silence. “Charles” he paused “time to get to the other reason why you are here”
    I nodded.
    He reached into his pocket and retrieved a brown envelope, took a glance at the contents then tossed it over to me. I caught the envelope and slid it open, emptying the contents on the table before me. I picked everything up and started going through them, my face brightened. What the hell?!
    I raised my face to see Mike smoking cigar.
    “Unbelievable!” I said almost standing up from my position “how can you expect me to wire five hundred thousand dollars into your account…”
    “Seems like you have forgotten who I am” Mike raised a brow “I need prove that you are worth what you claim to worth” He blew out smoke from his nostrils.
    “That my friend is advanced payment guarantee”
    Is this guy high on weed ‘obviously’
    “Come next tomorrow” he paused; taking a long drag at his cigar “you and I have a meeting with prospective investors, I will be needing prove that you are well funded” he paused again, smoking “do you think am interested in your peanut of a money?”
    I shook my head. “If you need prove I have bank statements.”
    “Ok Charles, I was just texting your intelligence, and I must confess it’s quite boring.
    “So are we still going with the name LOG?”
    “You came up with another name?”
    “No, no, I’m stilled mystified as to how you still prefer the name, you haven’t even tried to come up with your own name”
    “You get to do all the naming Charles, and LOG is quite catchy”
    I shrugged.
    Footsteps started descending from the stairs; I looked to see who it was.
    Female legs, long, on heal walking so majestically. I could then see the knees, pure with no scars.
    With the figure still descending, the waist started to appear. Slowly with each passing second, a master piece was revealing itself. Mike didn’t seem to be intrigued as he kept on smoking his cigar.
    At last, in a split second the revelation was whole.
    Standing at the base of the stair way was a very beautiful lady around twenties, got height and good physique. She must have been stunned by me for she stood there for a while. As if something had brought her back, she smiled and then started walking briskly towards us; saying hi to me and walking over to Mike she squatted and kissed him on the cheek.
    She looked familiar; I could have sworn I had seen her somewhere. Searching my mind for it, Mike’s voice jolted me.
    “Charles, meet my wife, Tiffany” he was saying. “Darling this is Charles the guy I was talking about.”
    Tiffany, the name too sounded familiar, as she walked over to my sit to have a hand shake, it dawned on me.
    “Tiffany” I was stammering “as in Tiffany Johnson?” I grabbed her tender hands, all smiles.
    She tucked her artificial hair behind her ear, turning both ways as if to check if there was another Tiffany in the room, seeing no other she turned to me chuckling.
    “Yes am Tiffany Johnson and nice to meet you Mr. Charles.”
    “Please just call me Charles”
    She sat beside me; I looked at Mike searching for any sign of jealousy. If there was any, thick smoke was covering it. I turned to Tiffany; at close range her beauty was ravishing!
    Her debut movie “The reluctant bride” had caught my fancy. I saw the movie by chance after a close friend of mine ‘tony’ invited me to join him and his date to the movies; I had declined but Tony had persisted and I complied. After seeing the movie, the young beautiful antagonist had rekindled my interest in romance. That was two months ago, the young, new actress played her role very well. But as she sat close to me on the couch, I wondered how she could be Mike’s wife; I mean the guy was old enough to be her father! Was it money or fame? I feared that my nollywood starlet was a gold digger.
    “You look surprised Charles” Tiffany’s voice brought me back; she was staring at me with dark fancy eyes. “I thought you knew me already”
    “I it’s just…” I was stammering.
    “Charles is shocked” Mike chipped in, lighting another cigar “that we are married, he didn’t know”
    “That’s not supposed to be a big deal, moreover news about our marriage was all over the news” Tiffany said taking up my emptied glass of martini, heading to the bar probably to refill.
    “This might sound odd but I don’t read celebrity gossip” I defended.
    “You don’t?” Tiffany asked puzzled.
    “Charles here is an adept geek, he only patronizes nerd contents” Mike paused, and grinned at me. “Slashdot, Codeproject, Starkoverflow, and Github-”
    “Okay Mike I think she gets the point”
    I don’t know where this is headed, but it feels creepy.
    Tiffany was already on my side again, handing me my martini. Whether she was making me feel at home or just craving the company of a young man, she was achieving the both.
    She turned to Mike now, who was still smoking his cigar. “Darling I need to go on location for the new audition, hope you remember” she said stealing glances at me.
    “Of course I remember, you told me yesterday” Mike adjusted in his seat.
    “Very well then, when will you and Charles finish so you can drive me there?”
    “Oh TJ, I have to rest. You know I have been busy all day, I can’t take you there” Mike slumped.
    Disappointment registered on her beautiful face, like she was about to let out a sob.
    “Drive yourself there fanny, your husband is really down” I offered.
    Mike sighed and sat up “that’s the problem Charles” Mike paused, tapping his cigar on an ash tray and exhaling smoke. “This damsel knows not how to drive.”

    Episode 5

    I never thought I would see the day; a Nigerian actress living in VI, married to a tech tycoon cannot drive a car? Oh please, spare me the awesomeness!
    Tifanny’s face was down, apparently embarrassed by her husband’s comment. Mike didn’t seem to care as he was still smoking his cigar.
    I had to do something.
    “Where is the location T?” I didn’t realize I had started calling her pet names.
    “Saka Tinubu Street” She said wearily.
    “I can take you there if you want to”
    “Thanks Charles, but I don’t know-”
    “It’s okay” Mike interrupted. “You can go with him”
    Tiffany looked surprised. “Are you sure about that?” she said with a tiny voice.
    “Why not? I promised to take you, thank God Charles is offering to assist, I would be damned not to let him” Mike turned his gaze towards me “Charles please don’t go too fast, you two be safe” on saying that, Mike stood up, walked up to Tiffany and kissed her then he turned to me and shook my hand. He walked towards the staircase. “I will just go upstairs to rest” he said to nobody in particular.
    I turned to see Tiffany grinning at me, I grinned back, glad that I was going to give a beautiful actress a ride.
    I never knew it was going to be the start of my misery.

    Episode 6

    Tiffany and I left the compound at about thirty minutes later; I had to wait beside my car while she went back inside to get something.
    Arriving at the gate she passed something to the security guy whom I learnt his name was segun. Accelerating towards Saka Tinubu Street I couldn’t help but steal glances at Tiffany’s revealed laps while she applied new make-up. I wondered how Mike could score such a chick, but then I remembered it was the 21st century and everyone seemed to be surviving. It is very common to see older men with ladies young enough to be there daughter and Mike was very rich and influential, even at ninety he would still be in a lot of girls’ dreams.
    I had to restrain myself from touching the creamy laps, I wished she were in my bed at that moment; I would do nothing but caress her laps and devour her mouth, curves…
    “So tell me Charles what is going on between you and my husband” tiffany brought me back to reality.
    Husband? How do you pronounce that word? That guy should be your dad!
    “It’s just business” I said.
    I was startled by the response I had to laugh hard.
    “We don’t do drugs; we are soon to be co-founders”
    She paused and pursed her lip. “What are you founding?”
    “A tech start up, haven’t he told you about it?”
    “No, he keeps things from me”
    Yes because he thinks you are a gold digger. I thought
    “Well” I started, trying to change the conversation “How come you don’t know how to drive”
    “Come on Charles it’s not a big deal, I grew up in a poor family, never had those luxuries thanks to Mike I got a Nollywood connection” she shrugged.
    “So you married him because of the connection”
    “Something I am beginning to regret” the said coldly
    “Why is that so” I pressed further
    “Forget about it Charles, forget I even said that” she had a sad face now.
    “Fanny is ok, just tell me, is he abusing you?” I gently placed my hand on her lap.
    She looked at me. “I don’t want to mention it”
    “Come on you can tell me…”
    “Stop the car Charles” she was sobbing now.
    “Ok” I pulled to side of the road and matched the brake. Killed the engine then stared at tiffany.
    She covered her face with her palms, sobbing uncontrollably.
    I was confused as to what to do; suddenly tiffany left the car and started running away from it. I jumped down and chased after her.

    Tiffany’s slim legs carried her real fast but I was gaining quickly too, I was already within arm’s reach. I grabbed her arm and made her stop, she turned and buried her face in my chest, and I hugged her tight patting her back gently. She sobbed uncontrollably. I was touched as tears almost rolled out of my eyes; I gently pushed her away from me, brought out my handkerchief and wiped her tears away.
    I stared at her eyes and she stared at me her face looked so pathetic.
    “Hey what was all that about? What’s the matter, did you see a ghost?” I said still looking at her eyes.
    “I’m sorry Charles; it’s just that whenever I remember what I go through in that marriage I just loose it”
    “Then tell me, what is it that you go through?”
    She took a deep breath and then exhaled still sobbing a little.
    “I know a lot of people think Mike is a Good man, I know the contrary. The man is a beast! He threats me like trash. Molests me…”
    “Wait wait wait” I cut her mid-sentence. “How is that possible, I mean you guys seemed happy together?”
    “We were just putting on a show Charles” she started moving towards a close building, that’s when I realized we were in open space. She located a sit out and sat down; I walked towards her and sat beside her.
    “Charles I don’t know why I feel comfortable telling you this” she paused and took my hand in hers. “Mike abuses me, you might think he is cool that we went out together but I will be receiving it when I get back home” she said with sad eyes.
    “Why not report to the authorities? Or better still leave him.” I said.
    “I can’t leave Charles even if I wanted to! He is dangerous. Do you think he will let me go?” she said and tucked her hair in her ear.
    “Well you can run away to oblivion.” I said
    “I have nothing, no family where can I possibly run to?”
    I scratched my forehead then patted her shoulders. “We should probably get back to the car, we will talk about this there.” I paused “Moreover I don’t want any paparazzi around” I joked and she smiled.
    I stood up and offered her a hand; she grabbed it and stood up close to me. That moment ignited a fire in me to kiss her. I looked away then led the way which she followed, hopeful that we will find our way back to my car because we had ran too far.

    Luckily we reached the spot where I left my car but something was missing, my CAR!

    Episode 7

    I stood at the very spot I had parked my car, transfixed. It was nowhere to be found. Tiffany was right behind my back, hands on her waist. She seemed confused.
    “Why are we stopping Charles?” she said behind me.
    I brushed my hair with my left arm. “It was right here.” I said without looking at her.
    “What was right here?”
    “The car, this is the spot you ran away from remember?”
    She looked around then gasped as if the realization was just dawning on her. “It was right here; you parked and chased after me here.” She paused pointing to the spot. “Charles your car has been hijacked.” The words stung like bee.
    “I’m so sorry Charles this was my entire fault, if I hadn’t run away…”
    “Don’t say that again” I cut her short placing both of my hands on her shoulders. “You did nothing wrong, if I had locked the car… the hijacker wouldn’t have had any chance.” I held her face now. “Be rest assured T, finding that car wouldn’t be a problem.” Tiffany suddenly pulled her face from my hand and started pointing to my left. I turned to see what it was, my car? Nothing; I squinted hoping to see someone driving my car by, no sign of any car. She was still pointing saying something about a man in chinos. Then I saw the figure, a lanky man in chinos pants grinning sheepishly, he was holding a camera.

    Tiffany grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the area, the lanky man followed suit, taking endless pictures.
    “Where are we going?” I asked her, looked back and saw the lanky man tumbling on the floor. He must have lost his footing while looking endlessly from his camera hole. He quickly got up and started cursing the floor.
    “A friend of mine lives close, we can go there and stay. We need to hurry before more paparazzi’s appear everywhere.” Tiffany was saying.
    I looked back again to our lanky guest, Tiffany was right; they were now two of them. The second one was also lanky but the first was lankier, he was already taking pictures of his own while the first one was busy fumbling with his camera with a frown.
    “Hey!” the second paparazzi screamed at us. “Won’t you pose for us?” he was winking.
    “You are making their story more interesting if you keep looking at them!” Tiffany sounded pissed.
    I quickly apologized then faced front, I hadn’t noticed but we were already in front of a large gate. The two paparazzi’s were in front of the gate with us. The second one sucking his lower lip while taking close shots. And the first one was still busy trying to fix his camera.
    Tiffany grabbed my hand again and dragged me into the compound; she hastily locked the gate while the paparazzi’s thanked us for boosting their career.
    I looked around the compound, it had a good space but wasn’t big. Tiffany stood in front of me for a while eyeing me. Then she turned and headed for the main building’s entrance.
    “Are you still mad at me?” I followed her.
    “I can’t be mad at you now, we’ve got other problems” she opened the door and entered inside, I followed suite.
    “Well there is nothing we can do; those guys are probably selling those pictures right now.” I said.
    “That’s not a problem Charles, not my problem; in fact to be honest I like it.”
    “Wait what do you mean you like it?” I was stammering. “And if that’s not a problem then what problem are you talking about?”
    She looked at me then pursed her lips. “Mike” she said flatly.
    I looked at her puzzled, thinking she would start crying again, but instead she was smiling seductively. She walked closer to me and placed her hand on my chest.
    “Charles I thought about what you said.” She paused and leaned closer to me. “Am fade up, I no longer want to take it, am turning a new leaf, I want to elope with you.” She said with a whisper then placed her warm lips on my mouth.
    I hesitated for about two seconds, trying to process what she just said with my eyes shot. I opened my mouth and drove my tongue into her mouth, our tongues tied with each other for a while; I grabbed her by the head and pulled her closer while I deliberately devoured her mouth. My hormones started racing and my heart beating faster in rhythm with hers.
    Her delicate hands were on my buttons now, before the clock could tick further my suit and shirt flew open and out from my body. She caressed my chest and abs then located my belts and stripped me off my pants, she peeked down and gasped a little. I hastily turned her around and unzipped her gown; slowly I ripped it of her body, revealing the finest feminine body I’ve ever seen. I took a few seconds to glance at it. With my breathing increasing I slowly turned her around, gently placed her on the floor. She looked into my eyes with fire as I lay on top of her. She reached out for my head and pulled it down as we started kissing again. Then with blood pumping harder in my system I entered her.

    Episode 8

    Tiffany rested her head on my chest as we lay on the tiled floor of her friend’s sitting room. I kissed her hair and stroked it gently, she raised her head to look at me then she sat up.
    “What we did was it bad?” she said and pushed her hair backwards. She was still unclothed.
    I chuckled loud. “Well I hate to break it to you babe, but you just committed adultery.” I said wryly.
    She hit me on the chest with her arm. “As at the time we had that fun my marriage with Mike Adewebeast was null and void.” She said boldly.
    “Then you have nothing to be guilty about. Be rest assured that our journey doesn’t end here.” I told her assuredly.
    She smiled down at me. I got up and located my clothes. When I was done wearing them Tiffany had already worn her gown, she was fumbling with her zip. “Wait let me help you with that.” I said and zipped the gown for her. She thanked me.
    “Can I have your phone? I left mine in the car.” She said.
    “Sure” I dipped my hand into my pocket, brought out my phone and handed it over to her.
    “I’ll be right back.” She said then walked out of the sitting room.
    I studied the sitting room with little interest. The floor was tiled, an old clock hung on the wall. The time was already ten minutes after five. No TV set or electronic appliances apart from an old Compaq computer sitting on the dining table. I decided to make use of the computer to browse the internet for any news about our escapade. I approached the dining hoping the computer was still alive, thankfully when I pushed the power button it beeped to life. I searched a nearby cupboard and saw an internet modem; I plugged it into the USB port and checked for any active data subscription, it was positive so I opened the browser and surfed popular blogs in the country.
    The story was already online, only few blogs carried different storylines, the rest were just copy and paste. Pictures of me and Tiffany were everywhere. Some headlines were “Mike Adewale’s wife paroling town with a stranger.”, “Is actress Tiffany Johnson seeing another?” etcetera. Some of the blogs even termed me clueless for continually looking at the camera.
    I switched off the computer and started wondering what was taking tiffany too long, I decided to go outside and see for myself.
    As I approached the door Tiffany ran into me panting. I grabbed her and tried to calm her down bur she was trying to tell me something. She was breathing difficultly, tears was rolling down her eyes.
    “Charles I haven’t been totally honest with you” she said with difficult breathing. Then she fell off, I caught her mid-air.
    “What do you mean?” I asked. I was really scared by then.
    She placed her right arm on my cheek. “I’m so sorry Charles, Run!” she spoke those last words with sympathy in her eyes. Then her hand fell flat on the floor, blood rolled out of her nose. She stopped breathing, I felt her pulse but didn’t feel anything, and Tiffany was dead, in my arms.
    Her mouth was still open from the last words she spoke, I stared at her lifeless eyes, and they were still urging me to run. I was confused as to what might have happened. Then I saw my phone on the floor, I went and picked it up, checked the call log and saw that she dialed Mike‘s number. I looked at her body, ‘Did Mike kill her?’
    Her last words kept ringing in my ear. I’m so sorry Charles, Run!
    I went and knelt down beside Tiffany, closed her eyes and laid her straight. Tears were already forming in my eyes. I couldn’t embrace it, Tiffany was dead. The sound of the main gate crashing open jolted me back to reality, I rushed to the window to see what it was. I saw a familiar dark figure approaching the door hastily holding a silenced short gun in his right arm; it was Segun, Mike’s security man.
    Immediately he saw me, he aimed his gun, I ducked. Didn’t hear a sound but the window glass was already scattered on me. I rushed and locked the door. Contemplating whether to leave Tiffany alone, I realized her left hand had been pointing towards a door.
    I looked back and saw segun’s dark figure smirking behind the window. He was aiming his gun again. I dived, didn’t hear any gunshot; must be cause of the silencer. I dashed towards the door Tiffany was pointing at.

    Episode 9

    It was already getting dark.
    I ran out through the door Tiffany was pointing into the backyard of the house, the whole house was surrounded by a fence. I was still contemplating my escape route when I saw Segun circling in to where I was. Immediately I ran towards the barrier, lifted myself with one foot, placed both my hands on the surface and flew out. While mid-air I could have sworn I saw Segun holding a phone to his ear muttering something like ‘act 4 accomplished’.
    I had landed roughly; I stood up feeling too much pain at my ankle. I looked around and saw a familiar face, tall, dark, on chinos. The first lanky paparazzi again! He was already taking pictures. I didn’t hesitate for an extra second as I dashed towards the paparazzi, he noticed my intensions as he quickly turned and started running away from me. I chased after him swearing that I would snap his neck if I caught him.
    The lanky man luckily ran into a cab which drove him off to safety; for I swear if I had caught him…
    I stood at the middle of the road, hands on my waist. I didn’t know the next line of action to take, but it seemed Segun had stopped chasing me, it didn’t bother me. ‘It was a good thing after all’ I thought.
    I hailed a taxi and asked the driver to take me to my home addresss, no one could possibly do me harm there. Inside the taxi I reminisced about all that had happened, picking the pieces of the whole event and putting them together. My visit to Mike’s house, His wife, she couldn’t drive and I offered to drive her, she told me a few horrible things about Mike; a man I had respected. What’s more? My car got stolen, sudden paparazzi’s, Tiffany’s friend’s house, the sex, phone call, Tiffany’s death and Segun firing bullets at me, his own phone call. Then the stupid paparazzi again, he seemed to have been waiting. Everything seemed like a plot and the only logical conclusion is that Mike is the Master mind. That son of a b---h is going to serve a long jail term I thought.
    Sitting at the passenger’s seat of the Lagos cab, the thought of Tiffany flooded my mind. The young beautiful and talented actress whom I had a crush on first sight for, had died in my arm right after we made love. Murdered by her own husband, thinking about it now I realized I was actually in love with her.
    Then for the first time in my entire life, inside a taxi cab, I bent my head and sobbed for a woman.

    “We are sorry to interrupt this program to bring you this sad news.” The radio presenter’s voice jolted me back to reality. What could be worse than a man killing his own wife? I sat up and eagerly listened to what the news was going to be about.
    “Today, actress Tiffany Johnson was spotted with a yet unidentified man roaming the streets. When paparazzi spotted them and started taking pictures, they ran into a compound and secluded their selves there.” The reporter was saying. But that was old news. Or have they found the body already? I thought. Segun was definitely going to clean up his mess.
    “Now the sad news is that, actress Tiffany’s body was found lying dead inside the main building of the compound.” What? How could Segun be so careless? I was about to be shocked myself.
    “Someone alerted the police when they saw a man jumping out through the fence of the crime scene. Thankfully a man was there that took pictures of the man jumping the fence. Now the pictures depict the same man that had been spotted earlier with the actress.”
    ‘That b-----d paparazzi!’ I cringed.
    “When the police arrived at the crime scene and conducted some investigations, they found out that the actress had not only been murdered…” yes by her demon of a husband. “…but also severely raped” wait a minute!
    “When could she have been raped” I said to the hearing of the taxi driver who looked at me suspiciously.
    “Which rape ke?” he asked angrily.
    “Umm nothing” I said sharply. He turned and faced his front.
    “The prime suspect of this brutal and disgusting crime is no other but the mysterious man that she was spotted with and the police are doing everything within their power to apprehend this nutcase.” The reporter was saying.
    “What?! That can’t be! I didn’t do it, Mike Adewale did!” I blurted out.
    “Wetin this one dey talk?” the taxi man was staring at me angrily.
    “Sorry, nothing” I said quietly. Hoping he hadn’t gotten any hint of the situation.
    “Wetin this news people they talk self?” he said and turned to me.
    “Umm they killed a celebrity today and they are accusing the wrong guy.” I said. Hoping he gets the message.
    The taxi driver looked at me, hissed and shook his head. “Oga, if to say ah dey hears English ah for dey ask you wetin e talk? Nonsense”
    “Sorry abeg no vex, them say they kill one girl wey dey act film, but I think say them dey accuse the wrong person.” I broke it down for him.
    “How you wan take know that one you dey there?” he hissed and continued facing his front.
    I ignored him, of course I was there. This is just a blind accusation by the daft Nigerian police force. I am a victim here. All these thoughts ran through my mind until a realization hit me hard. The police was currently looking for me. My house was no longer safe.
    “Oga stop here!” I shouted at the driver who immediately screeched to a stop. I jumped down and paid the driver who hissed, shook his head and drove off.
    I was already very close to my house. From where I stood I could see a police patrol car at the front of my house.
    I made to turn and leave the premises. I saw that bloody metal object pointed to my face; the handler, Segun.

    Episode 10

    Even in darkness I could see Segun’s smirk. It was so devious.
    “Where do you think you are going?” Segun was saying.
    “Came to finish me off?” I retorted.
    Segun chuckled. “I Wish dude. You evading the police were not part of the plan; now turn around.”
    I clenched my fist. “What are you talking about?”
    Segun brandished his gun. “Everything has been written down like a movie script. According to the plot, in this scene you walk right into the cops and get arrested. You have played your role well up to this point; you don’t want to disappoint the director now do you?”
    I was mystified; I slowly pieced everything he said together. It was all a plot to get me arrested. ‘Why’ I wondered.
    “Hurry up! Unlike most movies this one has a deadline. Don’t worry geek boy, everything will be revealed at the last scene.” Segun aimed at my chest.
    I thought about attacking him since it seemed they needed me alive. But the look in Segun’s eyes suggested that he wouldn’t hesitate to blow me off if I tried anything stupid so I maintained my cool and tried a negotiation.
    “Whatever Mike paid you, I will double it” I said.
    Segun laughed loudly I feared the cops might hear him. “You are a sentimental fool Charles. I don’t work for Mike though that’s what he thinks; in fact he is a co actor such as you. You both are following the same script written by a higher master mind and moreover what the director offers isn’t in terms of money. Now kindly turn around and get yourself arrested” he said sharply.
    I turned around and began pondering what he just said, if he doesn’t work for mike then who? Segun pressed the gun in my spine urging me to move forward. I took several steps forward, seeing that I was within the cops’ eyesight I hesitated and turned around to see Segun standing way behind me pointing the gun towards my head. So much for handing me over to the cops’
    “Move it lad, change direction and I promise to draw a map on your head.”
    It seemed to me that the script says the police arrest me in this scene; I wasn’t going to play by the script anymore.
    “Hey!” I called out to the broad police man standing at the front of my house. His colleague, a female turned around and aimed her gun at me. I overhead Segun blurter “S--t”
    “Put the gun down, although am innocent am here to turn myself in” I said then turned around to see Segun gone.
    The female police officer rushed forward and placed handcuffs on me. “You are under arrest for the murder of Mrs. Tiffany Johnson. You have every right to remain silent whatever you do or say shall be used against you in the court of law.” She said sharply. Her colleague walked briskly towards us and then turned me around. She led the way, when I tied to follow suit the male cop held me back, then he whispered to my ear. “That wasn’t written in the script Charles.”
    “Tell your director that I am the author of my own life.” I whispered back.

    Episode 11

    The policeman sat next to me while his partner drove the car. I wondered if she was part of the cast and crew of this surreal movie. The policeman kept on staring at me. I refrained myself from saying a word, I just faced the windscreen and waited for us to reach the station.
    The thought of Tiffany’s death kept on ringing in my mind; I even blamed myself for it. Sadness engulfed my soul as I remembered the little moment we had together, it only lasted for a while to never happen again . To make matters worse I was being accused for her death. Again the pictures of me on top of the fence were clear evidence to the public. If they had eyes they would realize I was fleeing from someone. But the public would read anything the press gives, I wondered what sort of names people would call me then, I also wondered what the headlines would be: “Monstrous Rapist responsible for Tiffany Johnson’s death turned himself in.”
    The thought of Tiffany’s dead body lying in my arms came to mind again, my eyes became watery. I just couldn’t come to terms with her death; I realized I fell in love with her that day.
    The car slowed down and then stopped, I wondered if we were already at the station. The surrounding suggested that we were not there yet. I looked around and saw an eatery; the female police officer was headed that way.
    The policeman turned to me now. “Well Charles this is our opportunity, I’m detective Mike and I’m here to see that you don’t get arrested.” He said.
    “Oh well Mike, I want to spend the rest of my life in jail, mission impossible.” I said with a smirk.
    Mike just had to chuckle. He took out a key and freed me from the hand cuff. “Charles you are escaping weather you like it or not.” On saying that he brought out his gun and aimed at me; I looked at him and laughed. “You don’t want to rewrite the script now do you?”
    He immediately lowered the gun when he saw his partner approaching. Quickly he re handcuffed me, only this time he tightened the handcuff so much I could hear my bones crush in agony.
    The female officer arrived shortly and looked at her partner suspiciously. Detective Mike brought out his phone and started texting someone; the female officer tried to glimpse at what he was doing. He sent his message and after a few seconds a reply came in.
    I peeped and saw the message clearly “Kill your partner and force Charles to do it!”
    I tried to warn the female officer but Mike had already pulled out his gun and shot at her. She slumped over her starring and the car began honking un-controllably.
    Mike opened my side of the car and kicked me out; he jumped down afterwards and flung his partner out of the drivers sit. I was still sitting on the floor when he approached me and dragged me to the back of the car, opened the booth, threw me in and shut the door.
    I was too dazed to say anything. I waited patiently as the engine roared to life and the car was put to motion. Where I was being taken to, I had no idea.

    It felt like hours inside that car booth, the heat was unbearable. I became nauseated and coughed most of the times. The car slowed down and then stopped, my hope was lifted as I thought I was about to be relived from that inferno.
    I waited patiently for minutes but the booth never opened.
    Minutes later the engine vibrated and I was in motion again. I wondered were the detective had made that stop and why. I lay inside the booth for another long period wondering why this guy wouldn’t just step on it and reach his destination fast. Sleep started finding its way into me; I just had to give in.
    I felt things all around me, the odor emanating from my surrounding was convulsing. I opened my eyes and saw only darkness. I immediately stood up and dusted myself. The night had gone so dark; I felt my feet on debris and realized that I had no shoes; my suit too was gone along with everything in it. I only had my pants and shirt on. That stupid detective must have ripped me off my belongings, only my atm was left in my pocket. I staggered out of where I was and looked around me; I saw a tiny light from far away, music too was coming from that end.
    I followed the light and sound, staggering and falling every now and then. My stomach yearned for food. I kept on, moving at a sluggish pace.
    I could see the light nearer, I increased my pace but still felt sluggish. The music was louder now, a worldly song about raping a girl who later begged to have sex.
    I saw people; mostly ladies on skimpy dresses, some were negotiating with men and others just stood there waiting. When they spotted me they just hissed and turned away, but one kept on looking at me so I approached her.
    “Hey I’m Jack.” I lied.
    “Sissy” she said nervously.
    “Nice to make your acquaintance Sissy, but I need a favour” I walked close to her, I was almost about to collapse.
    “One thousand five hundred naira for a night mister” She said coyly.
    “I would love you to retire for the night, how much will that cost?”
    “You look famished Jack, you don’t want an all-night. Trust me”
    I had to laugh. “Feeding me will be one of the services you will be providing” I placed my hand on her shoulder “Shall we retire to your room my lady?” I said wryly.
    She nervously led the way and I followed suit. I guessed she must be a new comer.
    The other night workers kept on starring at us. We approached a room which Sissy opened and we both walked in. I grabbed Sissy by the hand and quickly explained to her my ordeal, carefully eliminating the rape and murder parts. I beseeched her to understand my predicament, and that I didn’t come to have sex but was only looking for a place to rest my head and till the next morning. She seemed to understand me as she too told me of how she was stranded in this cruel world and had to become a sex worker to survive. She explained that this was her first night and that if she saw a better alternative she would quit immediately.
    I assured her that I was going to pay her for the accommodation; she prepared me a meal, I ate and slept off.
    The next morning Sissy woke me up with smiles on her face, she was beautiful the night before and more beautiful this morning. I smiled back at her.
    She served me breakfast which I happily enjoyed; I told her the remaining part of my story and assured her of my innocence. I gave her my atm card and told her my pin, urged her to withdraw a certain amount of money, get me new clothes and a handset with a registered sim.
    When she came back with those things, I changed to the new clothes and took the remaining cash from her.
    “Where are you going from here and what do you intend to do?” she asked me, I saw worry in her eyes.
    “First to carry out my own investigation, second; exert revenge on the people that did me this way.”
    She handed me my atm, I folded it back in her arms. “Sissy…” I started “You are like the nicest person in this world, you deserve the best, you have my pin, withdraw the remaining money in that account and keep it to yourself.” I finished.
    Sissy hugged me and kissed my lips, tears rolling down her cheek. I pulled out fast and left the brothel with a plan to make my antagonists face the wrath of what they are scheming.

    Episode 12

    Being on the run for a crime I didn’t commit had taken a toll on me, everything I did after losing the cops – I did painstakingly. I had found a good hiding spot inside a half-done building. Although I was no longer being chased by the police I had a feeling that what that detective did was a plot. Whatever his intentions were, I kept on wondering.
    I had resolved to reveal the whole shebang surrounding my predicament; I needed to start from the root. I brought out the phone Sissy got for me, hid my caller identity and dialed Victory’s number. Thanks to my eidetic memory, I could remember every phone number I have ever dialed.
    The ring tone kept on until someone picked up the phone.
    “Hello who are you and why are you calling me with a hidden number?” Victory’s voice sounded harsh on the line.
    “Calm down it’s me, Charles” I said gently.
    “Mister Man I don’t know any Charles who hides his number to call… wait a minute, Charles Michael?” she said almost loudly.
    “Yes it’s me and I need a few favours from you.”
    “Are you insane? Do you want to get me killed? You are a fugitive for Christ sake, Charles you raped and murdered an actress. To make matters worse, you shot and killed one of the cops that arrested you and you…”
    “listen Victory!” I cut her shot. “I did none of those things, it was all a setup. I am being framed for all those deaths. Mike Adewale killed his own wife and the police lady was shot by her partner! I was there! I saw everything!”
    “Wait, what do you mean Mike killed his own wife?” she sounded amused
    “It was Mike that killed his actress wife Tiffany, he is playing some sort of game thingy with me and I will not sit and get arrested for his atrocities.” I said angrily.
    “Oh my dear Charles, you have gone psycho” she said
    “Look Victory I called you for help not name calling”
    “Isn’t it obvious? You are losing it. The mike we both know is a bachelor. Rumor even has it that this guy is gay and here you are claiming that he is married to the actress you raped and murdered.” She said sarcastically.
    I became dumbfounded. There was silence before I broke it by quickly explaining to Victory how Mike made me the startup proposal, how we both left the company and I went to his house and met his new wife Tiffany, how I gave her a ride, the nasty things she told me that Mike did to her, how we were spotted by paparazzi and ran into that building, how she professed her feelings and how I reciprocated, the love making, her death and the appearance of Mike’s security guy, from the moment my life became endangered to the moment I met Sissy. I told her the whole shebang.
    “Charles your story sounds convincing but there is a plot hole.” She said.
    “What plot hole”
    “You said you and Mike quit TMN?”
    “Yes” I sounded obvious.
    “Well Mike came to work today, in fact he has been coming to work ever since and for the last time Charles, Mike is a bachelor.” She said and hung up.
    I brought the phone down and clenched my fist – Another yet astonishing revelation; Mike hadn’t quit as he fooled me to do so, what’s more? His marriage to Tiffany was a lie but that leaves Tiffany in the limelight. She too was part of the arrangement; I can’t believe she played me. But then I wondered why Mike would kill her. What was he going to achieve and why was he doing this to me?!
    I sat at the sandy floor for several minutes before dialing Victory’s number again. It rang for some seconds, no answer. I tried again still she wouldn’t pick up. I tried four more times still no answer.
    I tried it for the last time; I waited for what seemed to be decades. Just when the line was about to give no answer; she picked it up.
    “I know my story sounds crazy, but I am telling the truth” I said immediately fearing that she would drop the call again.
    “Cut the crap Charles, I think you are saying the truth” she said with a whisper.
    My heart raced with joy.
    “That sound awesome Victory but what changed your mind?” I said cheerfully.
    “When I dropped the call I pulled the company’s records, I saw something that gives your story a little credibility. In the company’s list of employees and ex-employees you don’t exist.”
    “Charles TMN never employed you; the data says so and remember you told me the company acquired an app from you”
    “That doesn’t exist also and what’s more”
    “Mike had almost got the company bankrupt, he paid from his own pocket, in addition to that he had been a serial gambler, and all these led to him being broke.”
    I sighed hesitantly.
    “Charles I read a blog post which you wrote, you bragged about your online empire of wealth, and you claimed to be super rich with your online ventures. I somehow confirmed that, and I think that’s what Mike is after. All that money Charles.” she said with clarity.
    I brushed my hair with my hand. It dawned on me that ignorance was really a misery. If I had knowledge about my surrounding, I wouldn’t be in this mess.
    “Charles we need to find a way to use this against Mike; try to come up with something.” Hearing her say this put me at ease. Finally someone was willing to work with me.
    “Umm” I started scratching my head, nothing was coming up. I searched my memory as if I had stored any plan there, then something silly crossed my mind.
    Victory was still on the line.
    “I want to infiltrate Mike’s house, I might find something useful there.” I said and waited for her to disapprove.
    “Are you nuts? You want to walk into the layer of the man you are running from? How are you going to do that undetected? and if I heard you correctly you said his security guy was the person that came after you. Charles this is a bad idea.” She said.
    I was already on my feet, leaving the building. “Look Victory, this people wants me to play by their script and by that they want me to run. I am no longer their puppet, plus I’ve got a well calculated plan to infiltrate Mike’s house.”
    “And how do you intend to do that?”
    “I will tell you when we meet. At TMN garage” I said.
    “Charles, call your lawyer let’s start from there.”
    “I don’t have a lawyer”
    “I’ll hook you up with one, he is very good. He will know how to use this data to your favour.”
    “Thank you very much Victory, I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.”
    “Keep your gratitude till when we meet; you have a lot of explaining to do.” The line went dead.
    I took a deep breath and exhaled sharply. Thanking my stars that I know someone like victory.
    Tiffany came to mind, she was nothing but a deception. I clenched my fist and wished she was here to explain herself.
    I came out of the half-done building vigilantly, carefully observing if anyone was looking, no one—so I slipped out and hailed a taxi, told the driver my destination.
    Where was I headed? The TMN massive garage, then for the first time since a very long time, I was smirking.

    Episode 13

    I discretely hopped out of the taxi, taking glances at my surrounding I slipped into the TMN parking lot. I located Mike’s car, pulled out the phone and dialed Victory’s number.
    While waiting for her to pick up the call I saw someone on a hoodie walking into the parking lot towards me, I couldn’t recognize the face as it was smartly covered with the hood.
    I quickly turned and dashed for the far end of the parking lot, the hooded guy followed suit. I urged my legs to carry me faster, concluding that this mission was a bad idea.
    I was still running when I heard a car roar to life behind me, I turned my back and saw the hooded guy reversing out of the parking lot. I sighed loudly and calmed my troubled heart.
    I checked my phone and saw that the call had ended while I was being chased by my own paranoia; I re-dialed and waited again for Victory to pick up.
    My heart was still pounding heavily, paranoia really is a b---h.
    “Hello Charles what is happening, were you being chased?” Victory’s voice came with apprehension.
    “It was a misunderstanding but am fine now” I said still breathing heavily.
    “What happened?”
    “Forget about it, meanwhile I am at the parking lot.” I said walking briskly towards Mike’s car.
    “I can’t come down there now, am on heavy duty.”
    “It’s ok, I don’t need you down here rather I need you to do something up there then later down here.”
    I exhaled sharply “I need to get into Mike’s car trunk, that’s the only way I can get into his compound. So I will need his car keys.”
    There was a little pause on the other end of the line which seemed like minutes. When Victory spoke again, she spoke with dexterity. “You my friend must be on a lucky streak today.”
    “Gist me” I said keenly.
    “Mike just gave Iyke his car keys to put something in the trunk for him.”
    “Iyke.” I paused trying to pin point where I knew the guy “Isn’t that the technician guy that you used to play those days?”
    “You’ve got a good brain Charles, though I still play”
    “He still got that thing for you?”
    “Kid wouldn’t take a hint” I imagined her rolling her eyes.
    “Well that’s by the way, now you hide close to Mike’s car cuz the guy is already on his way. I am currently coming after him and we need to be fast cuz Mike is about to go out.” She said then the line went dead.
    I sighed heavily and realized I was smiling sheepishly. I had to chuckle. Thinking of how I would be able to pass through this if it wasn’t for Victory. I owe the girl a lot. I placed my hands on Mike’s trunk, wondering how I had grown accustomed to people’s car trunks.
    It will only last for a while Charles—I consoled myself.
    I started looking around for any sign of Iyke, I saw the clumsy fellow entering the parking lot holding a parcel—faced down—must have been lost in thoughts.
    I quickly hid myself under the car still able to see Iyke. He walked sluggishly towards my direction, paused in front of the car muttering a curse for Mike. He circled briefly to the front door. I heard a clicking sound which was followed by a beeping sound. I wondered how I was going to enter the trunk now without being seen by this guy.
    Then I heard Victory’s soothing voice.
    “Iyke love” she was saying “Please come let me tell you something”
    “Oh ok just a mi minute” Iyke was stammering.
    “So you can’t leave whatever you are doing for me?” She said compellingly.
    “Let me just dro drop th this” He stammered.
    “Baby me, come now” she kept on.
    I heard Iyke sigh heavily. “Ok” he said and started moving towards her.
    I took that as my prompt and slipped out from under the car.
    “Baby why do i have to call several times before you answer me.” Victory was saying.
    “I am so sorry” Iyke replied with yet another stammer.
    I took the moment to admire Victory’s beauty, but I hated what she was doing to the poor guy. Although it was in my favour, I wished I could just blow some common sense into Iyke. Victory gave me a menacing glare, without much hesitation I opened the trunk and folded myself inside then I carefully droped the door. Since there was no way I could shut the door left it that way.
    “What was it you wanted to tell me?”
    “I just wanted to talk to you, it’s been a while.” Both their voices sounded close.
    “Baby look at that!” Victory sounded alarmed.
    “What?” Iyke sounded agitated.
    The car trunk flew open and then slammed shut and within those split seconds I saw Victory’s cute face, she didn’t even look down at me. That was definitely a smart move from her.
    “Come on Iyke do what you came here to do, I will see you after work.” I heard Victory’s fading footsteps after that.
    Seconds later I heard Iyke saying “Dude I think that girl is into me again!” he sounded excited as if he was on the phone.
    He waited and said “The model chick that works at the tech company where I work dude.”
    He waited again, scoffed and then said “I told you no lady could resist me” he too started fading away.
    I shook my head inside the trunk and thought what romantically frustrated fellow this guy was.
    I brought out the phone and dialed victoy’s number. The line rang and connected.
    “Mike is approaching you, call me when you get there” She said quickly then ended the call. A few minutes later the car engine roared to life, few seconds following that; the car was put to motion.

    Inside the hot trunk I wished Mike would just head to this house directly. The phone in my hand gave a beeping sound, I checked to see a low battery warning. I was devastated.
    We have been on the road for close to an hour now, suddenly the car came to a screeching halt.
    I heard a footstep approaching the trunk, and then there was a loud knock on the trunk.
    “Knock knock who is there? Tiffany Johnson? No not Tiffany Johnson, I killed Tiffany Johnson.” I heard Mike say with a scoff. My heart started pounding hard against my chest. “Then I wonder who could be in my car trunk” On saying that he jerked the door open.
    “Hello Charles” he said with a sneer. I was about to throw myself out of the trunk before he slammed the door shut. Reflex took over reason as I started to hit the door hard with my body. Before long my body jerked backwards as the car started moving again, I felt pain within me as I lay there exhausted.
    I thought this was the end for me.

    Episode 14

    With adrenaline pumping within me, I felt a mighty surge of disdain towards Mike. All I could think about was how to tear the old fool apart and feed him his own mischief. I felt helpless as Mike’s intention was not yet known; to make matters worse the trunk was becoming stuffy.
    I knew I needed to alert Victory of my predicament. I woke the phone up and it responded by giving me that dreaded low battery signal. I shifted in my position, facing upwards. I knew that any moment I would be disconnected.
    I decided to reserve my call for help until the car stopped moving—that way, my location might be known. The phone on the other hand kept screaming ‘battery low!’ I thought about removing the battery, but I wouldn’t have enough time when the car finally stops. I clutched tighter at the phone, hoping that Mike would stop just in time for me to SOS.
    While waiting, another thought crossed my mind. Calling would be a big disaster, what if the call wouldn’t go through, or network becomes unstable, and calling would definitely drain the battery faster; I might not get the chance to finish what I want to say.
    Calling will definitely be a bad idea.
    On coming to that term I quickly opened the message panel and stated composing. “Dear victory, this is to inform you that I am in mortal danger. Mike knows that am in his trunk and I don’t know where he is taking me or what he intends to do to me, you will receive this message when we make a stop; Ps—geo—location.” I hammered at the keypad.
    I placed my hand on the send button and waited for when I hear the car halting sound; I closed my eyes and said a silent prayer.

    I was slowly drifting off to oblivion; the phone gave me it’s final warning. That’s when I realized the car wasn’t in motion. I quickly pushed the send button, the display ‘sending message’ came up, then came the ‘message sent’ notification followed by ‘battery drained, shut down’. I basked in the trunk and carefully hid the phone. I kept on smiling even when Segun opened the trunk, he dragged me out, kicked me to my knees. I dropped to the floor, looked around but couldn’t familiarize where I was. I had been taken to a compound that had no fense with only one flat, painted yellow. The sides of the building were surrounded by thick bush.
    I was still on the floor when I saw Mike come out from the building, immediately my whole body was soaked with fury, I garnered strength and dashed for Mike; landing a blow in his face with my right hand and ramming my left fist into his mouth area. Mike was airborne within seconds; he landed hard on the solid loamy floor. I was about to mount him and bury a thousand fists in his face when I felt Segun’s strong grasp around me, I struggled to free myself but his hold on me was tight.
    Mike stood up from the floor cleaning the blood from his mouth with his hand, I was overwhelmed with gratification when I saw the blood but became expectant when I saw the fury in Mike’s eyes. He spat blood on the floor, breathing heavily. He looked as if he was scanning me, looking for the best spot to strike.
    Mike moved quickly, before I could decipher his intentions, he rammed his right foot into my testicles. In a split second it felt like my testicles were slap full with flaming red hot liquid which got shot up into my stomach and pelvic region. I just lay there; wishing death would come and save me.
    While I was still transitioning in anguish Segun dragged me by the hand into the building. I was socked in sweat, my whole body felt numb and then I lost consciousness.

    Episode 15

    When I regained consciousness, I was sitting on a chair facing a computer screen. I felt exhausted and everything felt blurry. I turned my head around and saw Segun’s figure placing someone on a couch.
    “Wait a minute, is that detective Mike?” I grunted.
    “You are up! That’s a good thing, now get ready we have work to do.” Segun replied me then he walked up to me and started turning the computer on.
    Realizing that I was still staring at the detective he said. “Oh, don’t mind that one; he is dead, died of un-natural causes. My bad, but we will blame it all on you.”
    I had to appreciate his sense of humor. I gave him a weak smile.
    “I guess karma is a real b---h.” I grunted with more effort this time. Segun returned the favour.
    I thought I could try my hand at manipulation. “We are beginning to get along…”
    Segun cut me off with a loud laugh. “Don’t be quick to judge me because we shared and appreciated a few jokes.” He said.
    “It was worth a try.” I shrugged.
    By then the computer had finished booting, Segun grabbed a sit and sat right next to me. He began moving the mouse around the screen refreshing the desktop a couple of times—good to know that this killing moron knows some common computer procedures—he finally stops over a browser and double clicks it.
    “hmm Segun for someone of poor educational capacity, I’m impressed.” I said, throwing Segun a smirk.
    “Shot up Charles, I’m not an illiterate” he fired back still busy with his computer task.
    “You know if I and Mike ever start that company, you would be my first employee.”
    “I can’t believe you are still holding on to that.” He looked at me puzzled.
    “I can’t believe you can’t even recognize sarcasm.”
    “Did you just call me an idiot?” his mood was different now, like he would break my neck any moment.
    “Indirectly speaking, yes” I said without giving a d--n.
    Segun landed a blow to my mouth.
    “You are beginning to lose your touch son, try hitting the gym, that didn’t hurt at all” I said amid strong ache around my lip area.
    “Yeah but it was enough to lure blood out of your mouth.” Segun said pleasurably.
    “Oh this is nothing compared to what you will lose.” I said while rubbing the blood off with my hand.
    “What are you talking about?” Segun was quizzed.
    “Step aside Segun, he is trying to divide and conquer.” Came Mike’s voice, he stepped into the room holding a short gun. I exhaled in disgust. “You know you are becoming quite smart recently Charles.” He said with a grin.
    I rolled my eyes “Thanks to you and your stupid scheme, murderer, what do you want from me?”
    “Me a murderer? Coming from the guy that raped and killed my wife; I just want revenge…”
    “Oh cut the crap Mike, I did my home work; you are a bachelor, I was never actually employed at TMN, you want my money which you will never get and Tiffany is a b---h.”
    Mike didn’t look surprised. “Well then, seems you figured everything out, let’s get to work.”
    “I ain’t working s--t, better kill me.” I said plainly.
    “I will, trust me. But you have to transfer your funds to a specific account, then I will frame you for more deaths even yours.” Mike said remorselessly.
    “Why not just get on with the death part, cuz I will never do your bidding.”
    “Segun, get the equipments” Mike said and segun briskly walked out. ‘oh boy, are these guys planning on torturing me?’ I thought.
    My fear was confirmed when Segun walked back in with a plier and wired thingies’.
    “You are not going to use that on me, are you?” I asked Mike.
    “I won’t have to, if only you comply…”
    “And when I do comply, you kill your partner Segun here and frame me for his death before killing me and make it look like a suicide.”
    Segun shifted uncomfortably on his chair, I was gaining, buying time for Victory to track my IP and find this location.
    “I don’t dictate who lives or dies here Charles.” Mike blurted.
    “Yeah right, the invisible director, do I ever get to see him?”
    “Trust me Charles you will, and it will be the most devastating moment in your life.” Mike said with almost a whisper.

    While at it, feeling slightly agitated cuz of the torture equipment I saw, Mike had already opened the online banking platform and was asking me to key in my data. I scoffed at him, wishing he knew how ready I was to die or be tortured before I let him get my money.
    A furious Mike brought out the plier and started working his methods on my thumb. “You know we could go on and on until you have no finger left.” He said pressing had on my thumb.
    I tried to hold back my scream but the pain over powered me, I let a mild cry.
    “A very good idea to destroy the one thing I could use to type at the keyboard.” I said deliberately.
    “Don’t worry Charles, you can still tell me with your mouth.”
    I scoffed “better be prepared to ply my mouth” I said, brought out my tongue and I got a blow for that.
    “I used to look up to you Mike, why are you doing this?” I was getting curious now.
    For a second I saw Mike give way to conscience.
    “Just type in your details and do the d--n transfer.” Mike said.
    “Like I said earlier, I won’t do it.” I shook my head.
    Mike grabbed me by my shirt collar. “Look here son, you think I am proud of what I am doing? You think I don’t wish to start that company with you? Desperate times calls for desperate measures so don’t think am the villain here, am the victim just like you.”
    “What are you talking about?”
    “They one they call the director, you thinks it’s a joke? I…”
    “That’s enough Mike! now shut up and do your job.” Segun cut him mid-sentence.
    “No you shut up! And let me let him know that I am not doing this under the evilness of heart but under duress!”
    “You are saying too much Mike.”
    As those two started arguing, I took that as my cue to run. I stood up and headed for the door, Segun was the first to notice as he chased after me. I urged my fragile legs to carry me faster, when I reached the door it flew open and I thought that was divine intervention not until I saw someone at the other end, someone I knew very well, someone so close to me, no wonder these people knew so much about me. I felt anger and betrayal as my closest friend—Ken—aimed a pistol at my fore head.

    Episode 16

    I stood transfixed, staring at Ken trying to see if he felt remorse for what he was doing, the b-----d kept the gun at my head level staring back at me. I clenched my fist almost wanting to punch him but I have punched enough people to know the aftermath.
    “So this is it, your revenge plan.” I said to Ken’s face, his face had no expression.
    “You deserve whatever that is happening to you.” He replied me.
    “How do I deserve it, what did I do wrong?” I was almost yelling at Ken.
    “You are not a friend to me, I needed help and you couldn’t come through for me.”
    “Do I look like your piggy bank? Friends do not encourage laziness”
    “I wasn’t lazy!” Ken yelled and I raised a brow. “I was into a business; I invested all my money into it, turned out to be a scam. I was broke and I was in debt, and then I turned to my so called friend for help and he just turned me down. He didn’t even ask what I needed the money for.”
    “You are a liar, I remember asking you, and you hung up on me!”
    “After you started raining abuses on me” Ken and I were both fuming. “So right now I want you to take your a-s back to that seat and empty your account for me.” He said and aimed the pistol fiercely at me. I slowly retreated back to the chair with a resolve not to lay a hand on the computer, I was ready to go through torture even ready to die, but these captors of mine won’t see a dime of my hard earned money.
    I sat on the chair idle for twenty seconds before I heard Ken exhale sharply. “Well seems like you are shy around this crowd.” I made no movement. “Well then let’s get rid of a few for you. Mike you were telling Charles something, I would like you to continue.” Ken said.
    Mike walked to where I was and I saw remorse in his eyes like he was almost crying. He squatted beside me and said. “Charles like I said, I am under duress here, I’m not a bad person. These people got something on me, I know you think I am the master mind, it’s not me it’s…”
    “Enough!” Ken exclaimed, I heard a deafening sound, and then I saw blood oozing out from a hole in Mike’s head. He fell on his side and never moved again.
    “Segun, you have any last words?” Ken turned to segun, aiming his pistol at him. Segun looked infuriated he was about to dash for Ken, Ken fired.
    Segun clutched at his chest, staggered backward, fell on his back and then he was motionless.
    “Huh that does it.” Ken smirked at me “Just the two of us left now, what’s it gone be? You playing along or playing against?”
    I remained silent, Mike was right; meeting Ken was the most devastating moment in my life.
    “Look Charles I know you are going through a lot but you deserve it.”
    I looked at Ken with disdain, I wanted to launch at him but I thought about it. I knew I was ready to die instead of transferring my money, but I didn’t want to provoke it because there is chance that I could be saved. If only Victory would get my message.
    Everything seemed surreal, I have been living a life someone else wrote for me, I have played along to their plot, did everything they wanted. Since Mike said he was manipulated into doing what he did then maybe Tiffany was also forced to tick me, because when I had her, she felt so real, there is no way sleeping with me was part of the script. I could remember she came to warn me heck she even said she was sorry.
    All hatred I felt towards Tiffany was resolved. I was beginning to miss her again.
    I looked at Ken all I could do was wish him harm. “You will never get away with this I promise.”
    Ken chuckled “That joke’s on you bro, think about it, everything is labeled on you, you bleeped and killed an actress then you ran, shot a police woman and ran again, now you have killed a tech tycoon and some other random guy, and soon you will take your own life. Please remind me how I am still involved.”
    “What did I do wrong to instill so much hatred?”
    “Simple! You were stingy to me.”
    “How did you do it? How did you get all these people to do your bidding?” I said with croaked voice.
    Ken exhaled. “Well it wasn’t easy, but sometimes God just decides to bless you with wisdom, wisdom that makes you cook up plans and alternate plans, well calculated scenarios. Let’s see, I met Mike at a casino, conned him to brokenness and then he stated using company’s money, I later got him in scandalous situations started blackmailing him, well enough about Mike.”
    “What about Tiffany?”
    “I won’t tell you because, you are wasting my time. Why not start transferring, I will tell you the whole story when it starts reading in percentages.”
    “Forget about it Ken that is not happening.”
    Ken became worried and I wondered why. He brought his phone and dialed someone. “Where are you?” he asked the receiver angrily, waited for a reply. “Then come inside.”
    “Hey buddy, I’ve got a surprise for you.” He said and pointed towards the entrance. I wondered what the surprise could be, then I saw it or should I say her. Victory walked into the room tensed, I sat gaping at her in shock. For a moment there I thought Victory was betraying me until I saw a hand holding a pistol emerge, I looked at victory who was apologizing with her facial gesture and took a resolved breath. She came for me, but why the hell did she come alone?
    I stared at the hand and deduced that it was a female hand, I wondered who it could be, and then majestically a foot stepped in, followed by a full body. The face I saw sent a wave of shock through my entire body.
    Standing before me, in the flesh was Tiffany Johnson.

    The new development bewildered me; Tiffany’s appearance was driving me nuts. “How are you alive?” I stammered while facing the girl I thought had died in my arms.
    Tiffany stood silent, she didn’t respond to me, and she was even avoiding eye contact with me.
    “Answer me!” I screamed at her.
    “It was all an act.” She said plainly without looking my way.
    “Is he manipulating you too? Is he blackmailing you into doing this?”
    “Err Tiffany’s case is a bit different, you see we are in this together, Right from day one.” Ken said.
    “Ken we need to hurry up, this place is compromised.” Tiffany said.
    “Well that’s a welcome development, pretty lady you must be acquainted with Charles, you see we need him to do something for us pretty desperately.” Ken said to Victory while caressing her face with his gun.
    Victory was visibly nauseated by the corpse around her and it was taking a traumatic toll on her.
    Ken went behind her and griped her tight on the neck, aiming his gun on her temple he said. “You don’t want the blood of this lovely lady on your hands Charles do you?”
    “Let her go.” I pleaded with Ken.
    “Not until you let all those money go.” He replied.
    “It’s the money you want right? How am I sure that you won’t kill her after I transfer the money?”
    “You can have my word on that one, let’s say this is your death request, now who am I to deny you that? I promise to let her go once the transfer starts counting in percent.” He said.
    Knowing that I put Victory into this it was my duty to set her free at whatever cost. I sat down and started carrying out the transaction. Tiffany stood near me to make sure I was doing the right thing, her presence irritated me.
    When I was done and the transaction started counting on percent I told Ken to let Victory go, he said he was sorry that Victory knows their identity and he couldn’t risk getting exposed. Victory hastily moved the computer from my arms reach and pointed her gun fiercely at me. Then it hit me hard, the thought that I had failed at everything.
    “Ken, please don’t do this, remember you gave me your word.” I pleaded with Ken. “Ken you are not that kind of person, if our friendship means anything to you please let her go.”
    “What friendship? We became enemies the moment I made my first kill for this plan to go through. So don’t mention friendship here.”
    I looked at the monitor and the transaction was already at 15% I kept on pleading with Ken, I was almost crying.
    “Ken please you have to let her go, I will make sure she doesn’t out you I swear.”
    “How are you going to make that happen? You will be dead anyway.”
    Victory was already shedding tears; I could hear her muffled cry as she was stamping her feet on the floor. I felt deeply sorry for the girl, I had put her into this situation, and there was nothing else I could do other than plead for her life.
    “Victory” I called out to her, she looked at me with teary eyes and face. “You are going to be ok.” I said and she nodded a reply.
    I checked the transaction counter and it read 25%, it was unusual that instead of a time factor, someone’s life was hanging on a percentage factor and at that moment I couldn’t be more grateful to slow network.
    It turned out pleading with Ken was proving futile, I turned to the person I hated the most in the world Tiffany.
    “Tiffany please do this for me.” I said. She looked away. “Just let her go, if not for anything, for what we felt for each other when we made love.” And that was the selling point.
    “What? You slept with him?” Ken said
    “I did it to make everything more believable.” Tiffany said with clarity but we all knew it was a lie.
    “That wasn’t in the script you w---e!” Ken retorted. Tiffany gaped. “You are a d--k Ken, so that’s what I get for going out of my way to make your shitty plan work.”
    “You call sleeping with another guy going out of your way? How dare you try to justify infidelity? And you call my plan shitty but look at the results.” Ken said and motioned to the computer. I glanced at the computer and saw the counter at 78%.
    “Did you think Charles would agree to do this transaction if I hadn’t brought the girl in? I am not justifying infidelity, I didn’t cheat on anyone.”
    “Of course you cheated on me! We were dating.”
    “We were not dating Ken, we met and had sex, you mentioned your plan to me and I bought it. There is nothing going on, it’s just business.”
    Ken left Victory and walked towards Tiffany aiming his gun at her. “Well then I don’t need you in my plan anymore.”
    “So do I.” Tiffany said and then I heard a clicking sound. Someone was pulling their trigger but the gun wasn’t firing. When I looked I realized it was Tiffany.
    Ken chuckled. “You can never trust bitches; I suspected something like this would happen that’s why I gave you an empty gun.” Ken said without noticing that Victory was aiming a gun nervously at his back.
    “Drop your guns” She said. On hearing that Ken swung around to fire at her, but he was too late as Victory reflexively shot three bullets into his chest. Ken fell on his back laboring for breath.
    Victory nervously dropped the gun she was holding, immediately Tiffany dashed for Ken’s gun and I went after her kicking the pistol from her hand when she grabbed it. She swung around and dashed a blow to my left cheek, I countered her second blow, held her hand and pinned her to the floor. I quickly looked at the monitor and the counter read 97%. I screamed urging Victory to cancel the transaction. Victory hurried for the computer; midway there the counter read 98%. Tiffany was still struggling under me. When Victory finally reached the computer she saw that the mouse had been disconnected, and the counter read 99%.
    Just when I thought all hope was lost, Victory pulled the modem from the computer. After loading for a few seconds the monitor displayed ‘connection not found.’ And I took the deepest breath in my life.
    I still held Tiffany down on the floor, she kept on struggling.
    We heard the sound of sirens approaching then it stopped right in front of the house. Victory went to the window to check it out. “It’s the police” she said. I looked at her quizzically. “Don’t worry I contacted them before coming here.” She assured me.
    A slightly built man dressed in police uniform walked in followed by two other policemen. One was tall the other short but they both looked skinny. The three cops gaped at the scene before them like it was a horror movie.
    “A matter of life and death and this is when you decide to show up?” Victory was saying to the first cop.
    “I wasn’t even going to come” the cop replied Victory. “By the way who killed all these people?” He said, referring to the dead bodies around.
    “He did” Victory said pointing at Ken “and he was going to kill more before I stopped him”
    “So you killed him” The second cop asked.
    “In self-defense yeah” Victory said. She looked calmer now.
    “So what’s that one doing on top that one?” The first cop asked, pointing to me on top of victory.
    I quickly stood up. “She is his accomplice.” I said.
    “I see.” The cop replied then he gaped, his two partners gaped too.
    “Isn’t that the bleep and run guy? ;D ” the third guy said. “That’s him.” The other two cops replied uniformly.
    “Officers thank God you are here.” Tiffany was saying before the first cop cut her short.
    “Wait a minute; aren’t you supposed to be dead?” The cop said to Tiffany
    “It’s a long story officer, these two kidnapped all these people including me and brought us here to kill us, they succeeded with the others but you and your men arrived just in time to safe me.” Tiffany said and I saw the b---h for who she really was, no remorse at all and for a second there the cops seemed to believe her.
    “Shut up b---h!” Victory exclaimed “I got solid evidence here.” She said and reached for her insides. Next she brought out a tiny camera device and handed it to the first cop. “There you go, loud and clear.”
    The sorry look on Tiffany’s face changed to agitation, she immediately went after the second cop and dis armed him, and then she aimed the gun at the first cop.
    The three policemen exchanged funny looks. “Drop the gun madam, it’s useless” the first cop said.
    “Why should I do that, I refuse to get caught” Tiffany was aiming at everyone.
    “The gun is empty, I’m a rookie; they won’t let me go out with loaded guns” the second cop said, brought out handcuffs and cuffed Tiffany.
    “Am detective Sam and these are my partners detective Tom and Jeremiah respectively.” The first cop introduced themselves. “And you miss Tiffany, you are under arrest for assaulting a police rookie and if we find evidence in this record that you have a hand in this deaths… well lets watch the video first.” Detective Sam said to Tiffany and then he turned to us and said. “You two still have to come with us to the station.”
    “No problem.” We both said.
    At the station, after all testimonies and evidence was gathered and investigations carried out on the crime scenes, I was labeled a free man. I never saw or spoke to Tiffany again and I never cared.

    Episode 17

    After I left the station I went outside and met Victory, I was smiling at her but she kept a straight face at me. When I approached her and was about thanking her for everything she did, she landed a slap to my face.
    I held my cheek. “What was that for?”
    “I thought you were a decent guy.” She said with her arms around her body.
    “I am a decent guy”
    “What kind of decent guy confesses love to a woman then sleeps with another woman knowing fully well that she is married?”
    I scratched my head. “Well she technically wasn’t married.”
    “At the time Charles she was.”
    “Ok I am sorry Vic, and now that I think about it, it was disgusting.” I said and held her head. She started smiling.
    “Look Charles I will marry you on the condition that we move from this country.”
    “Dude you suck at proposals!” I said and Victory laughed loud.
    We gazed at each other for a while before she pulled closer and planted a kiss on my lips. I have kissed before but no kiss tasted as real as this one. I held her in my arm for what seemed like forever.
    The End
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