Story: Heart Broken

    Part 1

    Andrew and I had dated for a year and half and on one Saturday evening he sent his friend to come pick me up from home taking me to I don't know where. I was not worried but looking forward to the surprise since Andrew was a very romantic guy. So we drove off and wala we were at one of these expensive hotels. His friend told me to tie a material on my face so as I don't see where we are going. This had me so excited and so I got out of the car covered my eyes and the friend held my hand and took me to this room and told me to open my eyes. I removed what I had tied and it was dark. I told his friend I can't see anything and asked him why he brought me to a dark room before he could answer lights came on and then I saw a group of people who I actually know. My friends from work, my best friend, my two brothers and the biggest surprise was my elder sister who came all the way from South Africa because she stays there. I screamed and ran to hug her and question what she was doing there without even telling me that she's coming I hugged everyone and asked what was going on because the people I like were in one place with me. So I asked were the other person I love (Andrew) was and then he showed up dressed in all white singing my fav song "I choose you" and then knelt down to popped the question. I was love struck I paused for a good few minutes just looking at him and tears running down my eyes. This guy went all out for this I knew the day he might ask me to marry h he was going to go out but I didn't expect him to do all that. I said yes and everyone was all over us wanting pics and chatting and all those. It was a beautiful day for me.
    So now I was engaged to Andrew. My family was in Kitwe but I was working in Lusaka so I had to travel to Kitwe as Andrew was bringing salamu at my mothers place. Things were done and he was charged and he paid half of the amount. Things were going perfectly fine for me. It was now time to start planning for our Kitchen Party and Wedding. I was the last born in our family and so my family wanted my days to be best so they made up family committees and I of course I had to make my own friends committee. I had a lot of friends and so I didn't want to leave out some of them. Andrew came to me and asked if I had made a friends committee I said yes and he said he wants to add 2 of his females friends to the committee because they have been pressuring him to join a committee. I told him its fine I had met one because she was his workmate but the other one I only met her the time he told me about them joining the committee. He introduced her as Limpo and that they were best friends in collage they lost contact when she went abroad and that they recently bumped into each other in town and he told her he was getting married. Anyway back to the story I added 2 of Andrews friends to my committee. We had our first meeting and I was just settling in with my ideas. I told them I had picked a venue for my Kitchen Party and for the colors I picked purple and lime green before I could even finish I was interrupted by Limpo with these words " Mulamu wait a second. Your colors are purple and lime green? Why not include Andrews favorite color as part of your decor his fav colour is Blue so I suggest you replace it with purple or lime green " I looked at her and said thanks for the suggestion I will think about it.  Next was the issue of the alcohol my mother told me alcohol should not be a lot because when its a lot some women when they are drunk may loose control and just misbehave so I told my committee that I won't have a lot of alcohol Limpo as usual interrupted saying " knowing Andrews family they drink a lot and so if you limit alcohol you are showing them that you are selfish" hmm she started getting to me. After the meeting I met up with Andrew and told him about Limpo and he said she is just like that I should just get used. Getting used to such behavior was not part of my plan.... I had to find a way to shut her up because she was trying to show like she knows Andrew better than me

    Part 2

    It was 2 months to go before my kitchen party and I picked a chitenge for my friends committee I told them my sister will but them from South Africa and then they can make their own pattern be it dresses or suits as usual the "miss know it all" Limpo saw it fit to interrupt and say "why buy a chitenge from South Africa? When you can buy from here besides the whole issue of people doing different partners will just make us look disorganized better we have one pattern we look formal" this time o couldn't hold it. I told her " you know what Limpo this is my kitchen party and not yours with all due respect am doing it my own way I understand you are contributing some money but that doesn't make give you any right to criticize everything I say. On the card there's my name and not your name so I will do what I want" she got up and left the meeting and everyone was like you did well it was getting too much of her criticizing everything you say. 
    As I reached home trying to relax now that the pressure was getting to me I got a call from Andrew asking me if I was home  I said yes and he said he was coming. Well I was happy maybe he will help relieve my stress and after 30 minutes he showed up and came to ask me why I insulted Limpo. I was shocked. Insulting Limpo? I never even insulted her and she was busy telling lies. So I asked Andrew if he believes me or Limpo because he can't show up upset and saying I insulted her. He said Limpo came to my office and was upset that you insulted her. I told him I didn't insult her I told her facts and I already told you I was not going to tolerate her behavior you of all people should know that. I told him I had too much pressure and I was not ready with including Limpo's stress to my plans. He said sorry hugged me and told me he was sorry he judged me and he loves me a lot that's why his marrying me. We kissed and made out at least it helped release my stress lol.
    Next day my plan was to remove Limpo from my committee. I called her she didn't pick up I decided to call Andrew and told him to ask where Limpo was. He called me back and said she was at her workplace. I went there found her and thanked her for trying to be in my committee but I can have people who want to bring more pressure instead of helping I gave her back the money she contributed and topped it up with an extra k100. She refused to get it and I left it on her table and left. I was so proud of myself because I know I don't tolerate no sense especially from people I don't even know who don't even add value to my life. I prepared myself for Andrews call because I knew Limpo will tell him and yes he called and I told him if he wants to marry Limpo he should shout at me but if he wants to marry me he should shout at his friend for being stupid and I cut his call. Andrew knew I was upset so he showed up later in the day with chocolate and flowers. Of there's one thing I have learnt in my last relationship if a man is wrong let him know through your actions and not just laugh he will take you for granted. Anyway back to the story before I turn into a relationship counselor.
    After a week I received a call from Andrew that his sister was in town and she wants to meet me in person. Susan ( Andrew sister) and I used to talk on phone but we never met so I was looking forward to finally meeting her. We went to Andrews place because she was staying there in the mean time. We met hugged and offered me a seat lol like I was a visitor in that house. So we started chatting and she even made tea for me. As we were chatting her phone rang so she picked up talked and said bye. Then she asked Andrew if he told Limpo that she was in town and he didn't answer I thought to myself Limpo knows susan as well? So I asked Andrew "Babe namufwa ati is it you who told Limpo ati Ba Mulamu is in Lusaka? " he said no its not me. Then susan said " but she's from calling me telling me you told her am in Lusaka so she wants to visit. He still refused. Ine  BP wanting to shout at Andrew but I can't do that because a is in law was there so I faked a phone call and told them the things that my sister sent from SA have arrived so I have to go and pick them and told Andrew to escort me. When he got in the car I asked him "was your friendship with Limpo that strong such that she can have conversations with your elder sister? And I know you the one who told her that she's in town because she can't just dream about that' he told me he doesn't want to add more pressure in my life so he won't answer. I told him to stop the car cause I will walk or get on a bus he said am overreacting I told him I will jump off this car if he doesn't stop then he stopped and I started walking then he continued looking at me and started driving slowly I saw a taxi and got in it and went home.

    Part 3

    I reached home switched off my phone and locked myself in my house. I knew he might call or try to come and I swear I was not in the mood of talking to him because I would have done something and regret it afterwards. I bathed and made myself tea and slept I woke up at 04 switched on my phone and found a lot of messages from Andrew some from his sisters and brothers and my sister and brothers as well. It's like he told everyone that I was upset with him and now everyone was worried about me others even thought I had committed suicide lol that will be the last thing on my mind I can't kill myself over  a MAN as if his the only one in the world. If one breaks your heart then he was not meant for you another one will come. Apparently Andrew didn't even sleep because he was thinking of me so he saw that I read his message on Whatsapp and he called me I didn't pick up at first just to trouble him lol them he called the second time and I picked up he asked if I was OK and I said no I don't think I will be OK then he said he is coming so we talk. He came as early as 6 and I opened the door for him. He told me how sorry he was and how he thought he had lost me that is why he told everyone to try and talk to me
     He said he doesn't want to hurt me again and that he will do anything to make me happy again. I told him I know you and Limpo were best friends but can you just cut your friendship with her because its affecting our relationship before we even get married I wonder what will happen when we married. I told him I was not and will never be comfortable with Limpo in his life and if he wants me to be happy then he must cut ties with Limpo. He looked at me and said anything for you I told him its easier said than done I want you to prove with actions. I told him to call Limpo and put her on loudspeaker and say he wants to put some changes to their friendship especially the fact that his getting married. Without hesitation he got his phone and called Limpo he put her on loudspeaker and told her then she said " why are you saying that? So if its you your ratchet stupid girlfriend has told you to tell me that. Don't let a woman control you Andrew uli mwaume" aah I failed to hold it in and pretend am not listening to that conversation. I replied saying " hello Andrews soon to be wife is listening to what you are saying its not my fault that he just saw friendship in you and not a wife so stop clinging to my man like his your man am just protecting my meat from  vouchers like you" before I could finish Andrew cut the call. I told him to call her and he called her and told her to respect me and that he is done with their friendship. I even helped with deleting her number from his phone.
    Time went by and only a week had remained for my kitchen party so I traveled to Kitwe and my day was a success even better that Limpo didn't attend. Wedding was a success as well and off we went to our honeymoon in South Africa stayed there for a week and was back home as a Mrs. Marriage life was going perfectly Andrew was a romantic guy so spoiling was the order of the weekend. Four months into our marriage Andrew came home from work and said he was asking for a favor from me and I said what is it? He said Limpo was coming for a workshop in our town  so she was asking if she can spend four days at our place since lodging will be expensive. Limpo futi in our lives again? I thought you we're not communicating but he said I swear we don't she just called me today and she's in need as a friend I said I will think about it. So I felt pity for my husband and said whether I like it or not those two are friends besides its just four days. Not knowing that the same four days will change my life

    Part 4 (Final)

    It was on a Monday and Limpo came home around 19 we had a guest room so she went there and out her bags. She had come with our wedding present since she missed the wedding and tried to act all friendly with me but I didn't buy that act. I cooked we ate and then they chatted a bit with hubby while I watched because I was not interested in their conversation and we went to sleep with Hubby. It was the same routine till she left on a Thursday. She showed up at my work place and thanked me for the good reception I gave her despite the differences we had in the past. I said thanks and she gave me a card in it was a Thank you message and some money.
    My life went back to normal with my husband everything was perfect. Love through out and all till one Saturday afternoon I got the shock of my life. Nine months in our marriage I was cooking lunch for my husband while he was watching football  I heard a knock I opened the door and  it was 3 females with Limpo standing behind them. I asked what was wrong and they said they have to sit down and talk they even asked if my husband was around. I said yes and I told him some people have come and he asked who I said Limpo and some women and he got up from where he was sitting and said what is she doing here? I told him I don't know then he went to look on the window and that was how he said am coming. I told them to come in and they sat then called Andrew who was just sited on the bed. I told him people are waiting for you. He got up and came out. Then they started saying that they are here because Limpo was pregnant and she said the one responsible was Andrew. Yaba I was so done with every thing before they could even  finish I stood up and went to my room Andrew followed me and I slapped him I left the room and the elderly women stopped me and said they didn't know he was married because Limpo told them his single and they planned to have a child first. I looked at Limpo and she was just looking down. I asked her if what they said is true and she was just quiet one of the women told her to speak the truth she was just quiet I went to her grabbed her from her weave and threw her down I asked why why she was sleeping with my husband she didn't answer I scratched her face and some blood came out then the women refused me Andrew came out of no where slapped me and told me not to cause more problems he said I should behave myself I pushed him and left the house to no where. I was looking a mess just walking not thinking straight till I was almost bashed by this elderly man who stopped the car and asked if I was OK I said no he told me to get in the car as it was dangerous for me when I was about to get in the car Andrew packed and ran to me he told the man his my husband and his worried about me that's how he lifted me and put me in his car. He tool me back home and said we need to talk. I refused he  said he will still tell me he went on to say he was betrayed by Limpo and said its the devil that pushed him to do that he said it was just once and he used a condom he doesn't know why she claims to be pregnant. I told him I just need one thing from him and that he takes me to my friend he looked at me and said OK as long as you are happy he took me to Mercy's place and I was comforted by her the whole night. Next morning as I was still coming into terms with what happened I received a call from the police telling me to go to the police because someone said I beat them up and yes Limpo reported me to the police. I told my friend I will go and we met there and Limpos face was swollen the police were obviously bribed because they were so harsh with me such that I was locked up for 30 minutes till Andrew came to my rescue and I was out. He told me his so sorry that his put me in this mess but swore that he loves me and not Limpo. He told me we can start over but I refused the trust was gone I didn't want to be that mess. I told him I want to be on separation I informed our marriage counselor s at church who said this issue was too serious and needed family intervention I called my mother and told her everything she said she will come with my Uncle and his family showed up. We had discussions and my family was so on support of me with my decision of being on separation my mother said what is important is my happiness and not what people think Andrews family on the other hand wanted the opposite. My wish came true and we were on separation  and it turned out that Limpo and Andrew were dating in the past and when they broke up they remained as friends but Limpo had other hopes. Limpo gave birth and I only saw when Andrew changed his do and put the same baby who looked at him that proved to me that he accepted his baby and the story of the betrayal was just a lie. So my decision was just to get a divorce because I can not handle the Limpo baby mama drama and the betrayal.

    I was heart broken to the maximum. I never saw anything nice in men all I wanted was to be alone. People who knew me talked behind my back that I came back from marriage but all my anger was transferred to books. I went to study abroad and have a new life. I graduated last year with a Masters and came back home got a nice job in one of the known organizations. I actually met a new man and so far things are good. Am not rushing at anything am waiting on Gods time. I actually found more happiness in this new man. His not as romantic as Andrew but he surely doesn't have baby mama drama and he is faithful. From my experience I learnt that in Life you don't have to make decisions based on what people will think but on what you think. Andrew calls once a while to ask how I am and that he misses me yet his marries to Limpo now and they have 2 kids. Susan -Andrews sister is still in you h with me she always says " chi Mulamu tachipwa" we joke around but am happy with my new man and soon to be Mrs.

    The End

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