Story: Hell Gate

    Episode 1

    Dear reader,
    I know you see me as a shame to myself and
    Creator, read my ordeal before you decide
    on what to see me as, life in the streets
    is a must survive tussle. being the only one
    left on Earth, nobody accepted to take me in.
    Including my uncles who bask in the wealth of
    my late parents, I never knew they harbour
    such hatred until their deceased.
    in the street is a thrill of harship, you feed
    by pickpocketing and smuggling of food.
    we know is wrong, if you don’t do it you die of hunger.
    no shelter to shade us from the sun and rain
    apart from the kind bridges in the city.
    Poppy mama allowed us to stay with her at
    the end we will bring her what to eat, many
    of the homeless girls like us went into prostitution.
    I always have a lucid dream to better the
    life of children in the street, to be the ear
    that will listen to their tiny voice in
    the society.
    without Education I know I can’t achieve that,
    no form of free education in public schools.u can send hi to Lordsamuel on 0543589658 to be added to adults chat room to enjoy more stories.
    but our government always swag around
    with pretentious go tell the goodnews of free
    education, in my misery I seek comfort
    under the moonlight that always remind me of
    a bright light in my dark life, one of those days
    we are in full swing to steal, I was caught
    in the process, almost beaten to death if
    not of a man who saved me, the richest man
    in the City help me out of the mob. he took
    me to a hospital, he listened to my disheartening
    story, “boy you will not suffer anymore”
    his comforting words send me to Mars.
    I dreamt a dream that haven’t done for
    years in street, I prayed let them come through.
    Chief kept his promise for a good life.
    admitted into one of the best private school
    in the City, I was so hot for primary school
    that the teachers adviced Chief to take me
    to Junior Secondary, my brilliance and dedication
    to my studies paid off, I was given scholarship.
    Chief asked me to be in same class with his daughter
    who is in Secondary school SSS2 precisely.
    that is when I realized I have been living
    In between Jezebel and Pharaoh’s wife, the annoying
    provocative seduction trippled, on my own
    the burning desire to be successful in life
    didn’t make me fall for all plans setup
    by the children of Babel, many times I caught
    Chife wife having sex with the gateman
    and the male servants in the house, sometimes
    three male servants will bang her in her room
    when Chief is away for business. I wanted to
    tell the Jezebel Chief called his loveward
    what is going on ’cause am the one helping
    her with her studies, she forced herself on
    me that day, I rejected and flee to my tent like an Israelite.

    Episode 2

    I never forget the slums for once, I always visit
    there to see my friends, Poppy Mama is
    terribly sick and I know she won’t survive
    the illness, she died a Month later.
    she didn’t
    even wait for me to fulfil my promises to
    her. Cruel world, any money I have I send it
    to Rex and Anthony to rgister in school
    and further their education, they won scholarship
    too to finish their Secondary education.
    when I received the letter I was so happy.
    I remembered the dream we shared Rex
    always dreamt to be a lawyer and Anthony
    he wants to be a cop, I always see the need to
    be a doctor, to save life is what I want to
    do and I am determined to offer free
    medical care to the homeless roaming
    in our streets. Then we will set out to look for
    books in the waste bin, or visit homes to beg
    for books in any form to read, many kindhearted
    people will give us books and many people
    will rather burn their old books than to give us.
    any money given to me I sent it to my friends,
    we visited libraries together to read and research.
    we all have the same goal but different dreams.
    Anytime Chief and his wife travelled Jezebel will
    host orgy in the mansion with her friends.
    disturbing my reading section, the most annoying
    is Chief wife who I escaped her advances
    many times, I don’t know why Chief is cursed
    with such Pharaoh’s wife. I was in my room reading
    when Jezebel came to my room and locked the door,
    she starked herself naked before me asking
    me to have sex with her, I refused to do what she demanded
    she start crying and shouting “please
    don’t rape me” Chief opened the door with
    spare key, without hearing the part of my
    story, I was arrested and thrown into darkness
    I was beaten by the police like someone
    who killed the president of the country to
    confess crime that I know nothing about.
    my in-mates also did the same thing Judging
    me as if they are God, asking me why
    did I rape the good daughter of a kindman.
    the entire City cried out for my head,
    no one wants to associate with me, I was banned
    to receive visitors, I was taken to another
    cell that I won’t see any form of light.
    I was arranged for court, differnt lawyers
    visited me to help me out and won’t return. those who came twice didn’t return
    another time again, WAEC result was published
    I had As in all my subjects, I was shown
    by Chief and he promised me to never use it,
    I cried that day, my friends didn’t even visit
    me, darkness and beaten is the only comfort
    for my wounded soul, politicians promised
    Justice to Chief to obtain favor from him
    for the upcoming elections, lawmakers
    seat to extend, jail sentence for rape, tears
    drop from my eyes, what a world for the helpless.

    Episode 3

    Under the roof of competent jurisdiction
    the press roared like a wounded lions
    with their pens, men of Jury bear the fury
    of hate delude of smile, I have decided
    on argumentum ad miscerandium
    will there be room for pity, am not even
    upto 18years to be kept in the cell. but my
    little hope to be taken to juvenile court
    was crushed by my own uncle who presented
    false birth certificate, my head spinned.
    I tried to cry but cry is tired of me and there
    are no longer tears in my eyes. doctor report
    is presented showing envidence of forceful
    penetration, the Jezebel herself testified
    against me, “he has been raping me ever
    since my dad took him in, he will threaten
    me that he will kill me if I reveal it to anyone,
    I was scared, I came to his room to tell
    him about the pregnancy test result.
    and he
    rap…e me..” she wailed, my head burns
    with so many lies, I couldn’t take it anymore
    I passed out, I was revived to defend
    myself without a lawyer to defend me.
    what do they want me to say when everyone
    in the court room want my head to be chopped
    off, I was sentenced to 24years in prison
    with hard labor. I lived days in a darkroom
    my dreams crushed, my life make no sense
    to me, working on the field every now and
    then without been paid, or a better meal
    for nutrient, I forgot my dream of being
    a doctor. cause I know this is the end of
    the road, days turns into Months I don’t
    even know when the year ended cause time
    is of no importance to me “happy new year,
    everyone” the warder in charge informed
    us, one of those days the full moonlight
    find a way to my prison room, if the moonlight
    can be source of light in darkness, there
    is light in my dark life also, I began disturbing
    those warders in charge of us to get me
    books that has to do with medicine, indeed
    he brought many text books in turn I help
    him out in his studies, he is doing his master
    then, 5 years in the prison didn’t go waste
    without me holding a tiny hope of becoming
    a doctor, during my fifth year in the prison I was
    released from prison. I was confused
    at first, I was told that I have been proven
    innocent from the charges that hold me in
    jail, the thing is am 21years and I don’t
    know where I will go from under the scorch

    Episode 4

    I stood under the sun for twenty minutes
    confused on what to do, I saw fleet of cars
    coming to where I was standing, I know is
    Chief that has come to end me lawlessly, but
    I saw two strange men who rush to hug me
    I was confused. So is Rex and Anthony
    that set me free, I was taken in by both of
    them seeing to my care, I wrote jamb and
    scored highly, had admission to study my
    dream course, 5years later I achieved
    a little of my dream, I became a practitioner.
    I owned a very big private hospital in the City,
    I took my relations to court those who
    took the properties of my late parents,
    my parents property were confiscated
    by the court, they used their savings to fight
    against me, but with the help of barrister
    Rex I won the case. Everything is given
    back to me, I expand my parents multi billionaire
    companies, I became extremely rich giving
    mansions to homeless roaming in the streets.
    I award scholarships, I build standard
    private schools for the helpless, provide
    free medical cares, feed them properly
    anyone who is homeless is my son, I trained
    them, they became godheads in the society.
    many of them became senators, governors,
    Lawyers, teachers, doctors just like me.
    I suffered from ebola during it out-break
    I treated myself and discovered the antidote,
    the virus attacked my village, I went there
    to save lives but refused to treat my relatives
    who left for the village when they can’t
    afford living in the city, they died afterward,
    I refused to attend their burial, the government
    appointed me as a minister of health to
    see to the eradication of the virus, Chief and
    his wife were brought to my hospital to be
    treated, I ordered they shouldn’t be attended
    to, let their money take them to wherever
    they can treat it, they eventually died.
    I went to their burial to pay obeisance
    to the man who was once my bedrock of success.
    I met a prophet which made me regret
    most of my actions, if I had listen I’d
    not have taken vegeance that is only for our

    Episode 5 (Final)

    I was about to enter inside my car with my bodyguards,
    when a man of God called my attention.
    “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, and
    the end is of destruction, the Lord asked
    me to warn you” he said, he is tryna warn me
    to help those who almost ruined my life.
    “have you heard of the man who have
    been to hell Gate?” he shake his head
    with surprise, I don’t want to be pitied
    and am in hurry to go to a meeting, I left
    him, with my team we were able to terminate
    the virus from the country but there is this
    case of a young boy reported to me that
    the virus have affected him, the little
    child is the son of the Jezebel who orchestrated
    the bridge for me to cross to hell, I ordered
    them to leave my hospital, she came begging
    many times. I turned her down and inform
    her that I will never forgive her and I won’t
    treat her child, she begged and begged
    yet I refused, many days she didn’t return
    to the hospital, there is this day she came to
    tell me about something. “You are about to
    end the life of your son” I laughed at her,
    the fear of losing her son had made her gone
    insane, “I drugged you, we both had sex
    without protection, I wanted to tell you
    am pregnant for you the day I came to your
    room, but you refused to have sex with me
    that is why I punished you” in hundred
    years I will still remember that day, I felt
    sweet sensation and dreamt were I was
    making love to a girl, I asked her to tell
    me where is my son, she said he is dying
    at home, I tried my best to treat him but
    the virus killed him, I cried day and night
    but he is gone killed by his own father.
    Am married for 9years without a child,
    pray for me reader, thanks for reading
    my letter to you, Dada Ishaki.
    THE END.

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