Story: Her Christmas Desire

    EPISODE 01

    It was snowing heavily outside. She watched as the winter kissed clouds rained down the pristine flakes down the earth in anger. A thick fog built an empire over the Iowan atmosphere, making it difficult for people to see.
    She took a deep breath and peeled herself from the window, knowing she wouldn’t spend this particular Christmas in the United States of America. Home was calling, family was whispering and she couldn’t deny the yearning of her mother land.
    Eno Benjamin pulled the curtains together and moved towards the table where she had dropped her house keys. She was leaving for Nigeria in the next few hours, and she had to move fast to the airport as she had a flight to catch.
    She closed her eyes and pulled in a settling breath which made her feel a little warm. Her heart was beating fast against her chest as she thought about the family she had left behind for many years. She hoped they had all changed. And she also hoped that she wasn’t making a grave mistake by travelling home.
    Slowly, she grabbed her box which she rolled outside, while pausing at the entrance, she ran her eyes over the dark bluish painted interior.
    ‘I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.’ She muttered underneath her breath. In five minutes, the driver she had called would be there soon. Satisfied with her mini scrutiny, she shut the door with a bang and proceeded to the wooden bench she had on her porch, where she would wait for the taxi.
    The chilly weather didn’t do much for her mood. She was having period cramps which made her very irritated. She hated the weather, and the snow.
    ‘Damn,’ she exhaled, her hands finding their way to her abdomen instinctively.
    Though she had been a Medical Practitioner for many years, she had never gotten around the stinging pain that accompanied periods. She pursed her lips and pulled out her phone, just to distract her mind from what she was feeling.
    Eno had just returned from the Indian City of Tamil Nadu, where the Hospital she worked for had gone on a Charity mission to the locals who couldn’t afford medication.
    A smile played on her lips as she remembered the beautiful places, she and her colleague had visited in India. She had touched the Umaid Bhawa Palace, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. She had tasted some Indian foods, and their Spiced Chicken was the best for her.
    Her light brown eyes glowed like little sea pebbles at night as she went through the different pictures she had taken with her colleagues, who she would miss by the way.
    “Good morning Ma’am!”
    The loud honking of a sienna interrupted her picture viewing session and she quickly jumped towards the cab. It was time to leave for the airport.
    ‘Hello,’ she whispered and tightened her coat as she stepped into the snow. A river of snowflakes kissed would’ve kissed her dark hair if she hadn’t worn a winter cap.
    Respite poured on her as she finally settled in the back of the car. She was safe from the insensitive cold as the car heater was on. Soon, she would be in the airport and then her home country.
    Eno had relocated to the United States when she was nineteen years old. She had always had the passion to study Medicine and Surgery, but not in her home country, because of the faulty academic foundations.
    At first, the plans she had for her future had seemed very elusive, just like a mirage. But luck had smiled on her, when she had won a scholarship to study abroad.
    After six years of study, she had emerged as one of the best graduating students in her class and had been offered automatic employment in one of the state hospitals.
    ‘Can you turn that off?’ Eno bit her lip. She hated songs that that were depressing, especially when it was snowing so heavily.
    ‘Don’t you have a Christmas Carol or something?’ She rolled her eyes. She wasn’t comfortable with the gloomy voice of Jimmy Reeves, which always sent a chill down her spine whenever she was travelling.
    The taxi driver quickly apologized and began to search for a suitable song for his customer.
    ‘Would you like “Love came down at Christmas?” It’s the latest Rhythm and Blues Song by Beyonce.’ He sought her consent. Eno shrugged, any song other than Jimmy Reeves’ was fine by her.
    ‘Play it.’ She relaxed against her seat and stared out the window.
    The taxi driver wasn’t the type to allow a lull in his car, ‘It is a beautiful love song and I find the lyrics kind of prophetic.’ He began.
    ‘Why?’ Eno asked coldly, not pulling her eyes away from the snowcapped rooftops of buildings as they journeyed towards the airport.
    She wasn’t in the mood to talk, and even if she were, she hated talking to strangers.
    ‘What many people don’t know is this, Christmas is a season of love and you can get connected to the man or woman of your dreams.’ He explained, and went further to give Eno a long list of celebrities who fell in love at Christmas.
    Cutting him off would be rude, and she hated being rude to service people, so she decided to use this opportunity to go through the pictures on her phone. While his baritone rumbled through the journey, her eyes and her mind were glued to her phone screen.
    At first, she kept on smiling at the happy pictures they had taken at Tamil Nadu, but a sick feeling crept up within her as she stared at the picture of an eight year old girl that was battling with a heart disease.
    ‘Jahnvi,’ her lips trembled as she called the name of the hazel eyed girl in the picture.
    Little Jahnvi had suffered a rare heart disease , Truncus arteriosus which is a rare heart condition that occurs when the aorta, coronary arteries, and pulmonary artery all come out of one common trunk.
    Her parents didn’t have the money for surgery even though they had been saving up since the little girl was born. Tears rushed down Eno’s face as she remembered the last moments she shared with the girl, just before the surgery which had led to her death.
    Her heart wrenched at the thought of her first failure after several years of practice. She found it difficult to push the images of the crying parents out of her mind when she had announced to them that their little daughter had died in the theater.
    ‘I failed Jahnvi, I failed everyone,’ she sobbed quietly at the back of the car. Though this had happened two months back, the wounds were still fresh and she found it difficult to sleep without seeing the images of the innocent child.

    EPISODE 02

    The cab driver had been watching her, at first, he didn’t want to probe. But when the tears gushed out more generously, he found it difficult to ignore her.
    ‘Are you alright Ma’m?’ He asked.
    Quickly she remembered she wasn’t alone. She found it difficult to cry in front of people, so she wiped her face and told the man that she was okay.
    ‘You can drop me here,’ her face brightened as she realized they had reached the airport. Spending Christmas alone in her current emotional state wasn’t advisable, and that was one of the reasons she had decided to travel home.
    They both stepped down from the car. While the driver went to the trunk to get her box, she fed her eyes with the beehive of the airport. The International Airport was flooding with people. Some were coming in, and some were leaving.
    A rush of excitement replaced the sorrow she felt earlier as she looked on, she couldn’t wait to set foot in Nigeria after seventeen years.
    ‘Here you go, have a safe trip.’ The driver flashed a smile which she returned.
    ‘Thanks, you too,’ She collected the box and advanced towards the waiting area, where she would stay just before her flight was announced.
    A smile played on her lips as she remembered the first time she had travelled by airplane to America. She had been so young and afraid; her mother had kicked against it, but she had fought so hard to make her dreams come true.
    Her smile faded another time as she thought about her family, her mother especially. She wasn’t too close to the woman, because of her arrogance towards their father whom she considered weak at times.
    Eno was the first child out of four. She had two younger sisters, and a prodigal brother who had run away from home when he was just sixteen. Elvis was still alive, and the last time she saw him was on Television where he was being arrested for drug trafficking.
    She thought of her younger sisters- Cassandra and Elena, whom she missed a great deal. Along the years, they had only communicated over the phone and social media platforms. Eno had made sure that she helped her family in the littlest way that she could do. If it wasn’t for their support, she wouldn’t have made it out here.
    A gust of wind rustled her hair as she reached the waiting area, and she decided she had enough of the wintery torture. She had been fighting the urge not to battle the cold in her own way, but she had no option. Her fingers itched for a cig. Her body yearned for another kind of warmth that only a stick or more of Marlboro could offer.
    She dropped her box gently and assessed the box like tent she had entered. She was the only one in there, and that made her plans more appropriate as some people were allergic to smoke.
    Her fingers fumbled through her hand bag as she searched for the pack of Marlboro and her lighter. The urge to quench the coldness within her, and to calm her nerves increased with the frantic search.
    ‘Finally,’ she smiled as she found it.
    She pulled out a stick neatly, and lit it without hesitation. Before taking the burning stick to her lips, she dragged in the seducing scent of tobacco and mint leaves, a mixture that always drove her crazy.
    Eyes closed, ears shut to whatever was happening around her, Eno took the first drag and let the heat dance through her slender body. It was heaven. She felt like heaven. And she wasn’t going to stop in a long while.
    “A beautiful woman and a Cigarette is one hell of a combination.” A deep voice whispered close to her, and her eyes cracked open at once.
    She glared at a guy who was far from handsome, but had this aura of confidence around him. His eyes were sharp and arrogant, piercing deeply into her soul. She’d wanted to ignore him, but he walked towards her and took a seat next to hers.
    ‘You shouldn’t be smoking darling, it’s not healthy.’ He smiled and leaned closer to her. He was going to take the cigarettes from her fingers and she wasn’t going to stop him.
    The Benjamins were all complete in the dining hall, in a few hours, Eno would return from the States and this would be a very great occasion. The hall was decked with roses and dahlias which were her favorite flowers. Yellow ribbons and white balloons were littered all over the floor, as the decorations weren’t completed yet.
    ‘You should hurry with those ribbons Cassie, we have a lot of things to do in the kitchen.’ Elena called out to her elder sister.
    ‘Whatever, where is mum anyway?’ Cassie fired back, while working on binding the ribbons and balloons together.
    Elena rolled her eyes, ‘on the phone, she says she has a surprise for us and I’m wondering if it is dad.’ She sighed and moved over to arranging dishes in a vertical order on the glass table.
    The sisters fell silent at the mention of their father, whom their mother had divorced five years ago. Mrs. Benjamin was a very materialistic woman who wanted a lot of things that her ex husband couldn’t afford.
    Their marriage suffered a lot of hassles, which had roots in financial disagreements, until she finally took the decision to end things with him. At first, her children had been shocked, they had persuaded her, but all to no avail.
    Her mind was made up and she wasn’t going to turn back. All of her children begged her to take their father back, except one, Eno.
    ‘Do you think father would come tonight?’ Elena, who was just twenty three, asked in a sad voice. She had loved her father very much and she shared a resemblance with him, but her life was empty and lonely without him.
    She knew the consequences of visiting her father, and she wasn’t prepared to face her mother, who was now the breadwinner of the family.
    Cassandra who was often called, “Cassie,” dropped the balloons and rose to her feet. She missed their father too, but there was nothing they could do to bring him back.
    ‘Ellie…’ she called her younger sister gently.
    ‘I want dad here, nothing is the same since his departure,’ tears welled up in Elena’s golden eyes but she blinked them away.
    Cassandra felt his absence too, but tonight wasn’t about their father. It was about their elder sister who had worked very hard to give them a comfortable life. Tonight was about a selfless personality who had sacrificed a lot to make them happy.
    ‘I miss him too, but I don’t him he would be here. We have to be strong Elena. Every one of us is hurt except mum, because she never loved dad. We can talk about him some other time, but tonight we focus on our sister.’ Cassandra bit her lip as she remembered their brother Elvis was equally absent.
    Elena knew exactly what she was thinking, ‘Elvis is fine, he sent me a message on Facebook. But he just doesn’t want to come home yet. He wants to be fully prepared to face mum.’

    EPISODE 03

    Cassie quickly withdrew her hands from her sister’s shoulder, ‘Elvis contacted you? How long were you going to tell me that?’ She scoffed and stepped back, feeling upset that her sister would keep such a heavy secret from her.
    A tear ran down Elena’s face, ‘You won’t understand, if he comes here, our lives maybe endangered. Elvis was working with very powerful drug lords before his arrest. Now he has been pardoned, he must tread carefully.’ She explained the reason she hadn’t shared the information with her sister.
    While the Benjamin sister were still talking, Tamar Benjamin, their mother stepped out of her room and descended on the steps slowly and gently, like a serpent that was watching its prey.
    She knew her daughters were talking about Eno, her eldest child whom she never agreed with. She missed Eno greatly, and she was very happy that she would spend this yuletide season with them. Her excitement increased by each step taken, she had plans for her daughter, and she had already set them into motion.
    ‘What are you two bickering about? There’s a lot to do!’ She rolled her eyes as she landed at the foot of the stairs.
    The sisters went quiet at once.
    ‘We were talking about dad.’ Elena hissed angrily. She had a temper and could be very rebellious at times.
    ‘Elena!’ Cassie gritted her teeth.
    Mrs. Benjamin raised a hand, ‘No, let her speak!’
    Elena’s hear thumped in an uncertain rhythm as she looked her mother in the eye.
    ‘How do you think Eno would feel coming home to find out that dad isn’t here to welcome her? And how would she feel knowing that you have sold her off to some arrogant King?’
    Cassandra understood the first line, but the second didn’t sit well with her. She looked from her younger sister to her mother, and realized something had been brewing between these two and she wasn’t even aware of it.
    ‘Excuse me, what is going on here and what arrogant King are you talking about?’ Cassie faced Elena for more explanation.
    Elena scoffed and ran her thick fingers through her curly hair, ‘Why don’t you ask your mother? She didn’t divorce dad because of his financial situation alone, she hated him for disagreeing with her.’
    Tamar’s mouth went dry as she stared at her lastborn. She couldn’t believe this girl still had delinquent tendencies. For heaven’s sake, she was no longer a teen!
    ‘What is she talking about mum?’ Cassie drew in a deep breath, expecting the worst but hoping for something different. She knew her mother was a greedy woman who hated to work. She could sell off her daughters just to purchase the latest jewelry in town.
    Tamar avoided Cassie’s accusing gaze, ‘Your sister is thirty six years old. Eno is a very beautiful woman and she has found purpose for her life…’ she paused.
    ‘Why don’t you just hit the hammer on the nail?’ Elena moved away from the scene angrily, and returned to arranging the table.
    Tamar sucked in air to calm herself, ‘You girls should all be married by now, but if your sister fails to get married, you two may not see the need to. I got married very early, though to a miserable man, but I have plans for you girls.’ She smiled, expecting them to understand that she wanted the best for them.
    Cassie was impatient with her mother’s explanation, ‘Mother, can you just tell me what I need to know?’
    Tamar closed her eyes, ‘Okay, your sister has always been betrothed to the King of Lagos, but she doesn’t know that. His parents helped her a lot in school though she doesn’t know that. I thought he would’ve forgotten about her after many years apart, but he didn’t. He just returned from Amsterdam two weeks ago and he has been pestering me to visit his wife. This is one of the reasons I pressured your sister to come home.’ She averted her daughter’s eyes.
    Cassie scoffed, ‘I don’t understand, what do you mean by “your sister has always been betrothed to the King of Lagos,” please explain it to me mum.’
    Mrs. Benjamin blinked away the tears that had gathered in her eyes, knowing that her kids would judge her for the decision she had taken in favor of them all.
    ‘Your sister had always dreamed of being a medical doctor. I couldn’t just fold my arms and do nothing like your father. I worked so hard to see her dreams come true, but I knew the meager salary I earned as a Civil Servant wouldn’t take her anywhere.
    So…I told one of my rich friends about it and she said she could help me. The first day the King and his wife saw the picture of Enobong, they fell in love with her and so did their son, Yemi. They said they would fund her education on one condition which was a marriage between Yemi and Eno whenever she was done.
    I agreed because I really wanted her to get better education outside. But I asked that the betrothing remain a secret between I and them, because if Eno knew about it, she would change her mind about going to school outside.’
    Cassie felt weak by her mother’s confession, ‘But what about the scholarship…I don’t understand…’
    Tamar brushed the tears off her face, ‘I went to a typist who helped me make that up. I knew that was the only way Eno would accept to school outside, I made it look like she had been considered for a scholarship when in truth, the King’s household had been funding her education.’
    She had been lying to the Royal family all these years about Eno, but they were tired of waiting. Yemi wasn’t getting any younger, and he wanted to get married to the beautiful woman he had seen in the picture.
    ‘I told you! I told you that she is a devil. She is going to sell us off to me because of money.’ Elena mistakenly dropped one of the ceramic plates which shattered the silence in the room.
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    Tamar bit her lip angrily, ‘Enough! If it wasn’t for the goodhearted King, your sister would never have gotten a better education. None of you here would live in this beautiful house. You should be licking my feet in appreciation.’ She folded her arms into a fist, ready to fight anyone who would stand in the way of her promotion to Queen Mother.
    ‘But mum, have you thought of Eno’s happiness? What about her life in America? What if she has fallen in love with someone?’ Cassie asked in a gentle voice.
    Tamar smiled, of all the daughter’s she had, Cassie had always been the thoughtful and pragmatic one.
    ‘Darling, I don’t care if your sister has a man in her life. The gold from the King’s court flourished her body and made her destiny come through. She has reaped enough benefits from the Royal House, it is time for her to payback.’
    ‘But what if she doesn’t want him?’ Cassie asked.
    Tamar shrugged, ‘She has no option, but to want him.’
    Elena sat in a corner brooding over her sister’s fate, resentment for her mother growing within her.
    ‘You are the worst mother in the world!’ She yelled.

    EPISODE 04

    A sharp pain struck Tamar in the heart as her youngest child said that, but she decided not to take her too seriously.
    ‘Thank you Elena for that compliment. I forgot to add that the King would be joining us to welcome your sister…’ she paused as she noticed confusion in Cassie’s eyes.
    ‘I don’t understand, is Yemi a king?’
    Tamar laughed, ‘Not yet darling, he would be, once your sister agrees to marry him.’
    Elena hissed loudly, ‘I would not be welcoming my sister then. I can’t stand you or that stupid King.’ She ascended the stairs immediately.
    Cassie sighed and folded her arms across her chest, she couldn’t believe this was happening. It seemed like a freaking movie, only that it was taking place in her house.
    ‘Why didn’t you tell Eno about this? She believed she worked to hard and that was the reason she earned the “schorlarship,” you made a fool of everyone mother. Is this the reason you divorced dad?’Cassie wondered.
    Tamar nodded, ‘Your father was a weakling, and I was always the only one taking decisions for the family. I have my flaws, but whenever I make use of my God given perfections, I do it for the good of everyone.’ She moved closer to Cass and placed a hand on her shoulder.
    ‘I know this is too much for you to ask, but I want you to help me convince your sister to marry the King.’ Tamar begged.
    Cassandra looked away, she knew that would mean betraying sisterhood.
    ‘I can’t do that.’ She released her arms and shifted away from her mother.
    ‘Of course you can, please, help me.’ Tamar begged. She knew Eno was closer to Cassandra, and would do anything that her sister advised.
    Cassandra stared into her mother’s eyes. She had to know just what exactly the woman was after. If her mother was telling the truth, then her sister would be in danger for not keeping to her own side of the agreement.
    ‘Only on one condition,’ Cassie raised a brow.
    ‘And that is?’ Tamar couldn’t wait to hear it.
    Cassandra like her father had fallen in love with the business of Fashion Designing, to her mother’s utmost disappointment. Her father had the best of ideas, but he didn’t have anyone to fund them and so he became a tailor instead.
    She wasn’t ready to let go of her dreams. Though she had been to the University, her first love was Fashion Designing and she had started her own brand which she named, “Sandra Hills.”
    ‘You are going to support my fashion designing dreams and you would introduce your rich friends to me.’ Cassie replied.
    She knew Eno may never forgive her for what she was about doing, why not make the price for the betrayal worth it?
    Tamar hadn’t expected that, ‘Is that all?’
    ‘Yes,’ Cassie nodded and Tamar shrugged, ‘Done.’
    Cassie was about to ask more questions about the Lagos King when the door flew wide open and a tall man who was the handsomest creature she had ever set eyes on walked in dressed in pristine robes.
    ‘Oh my God,’ Mrs. Benjamin held her breath as she beheld the Majestic presence of the King.
    ‘Who is that?’ Cassie wasn’t comfortable with the angry scowl on the man’s face as he seemed like an angry person.
    Tamar exhaled slowly, ‘King Adeyemi Adeola Lasisi.’
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    She found it difficult to pull her eyes away from the man that had taken a seat beside her. Her flight was going to be delayed by two hours and she would be stuck in the waiting area with this nosy stranger.
    There was something familiar about his beady eyes, and the scar that travelled from his forehead to the end of his left brow. She felt like she had known this man her whole life, even though she was meeting him for the first time.
    ‘Excuse me?’ She pulled in a drag from her cig and blinked when he had threatened to take away the cigarette from her.
    ‘You heard me, smoking isn’t good for a lady.’ The guy replied in a teasing voice.
    She snorted, ‘Balderdash! It is none of your business what I do with my life?’ She shifted away from him, angry at his misogynistic statement.
    Eno knew it would be difficult to fit into the Nigerian Society after more than a decade of being away. Back in the States, she wasn’t judged for being a single lady and no one cared if she smoked or didn’t. Everyone was about their business, and she hardly interacted with her neighbors.
    Obviously, from his accent and his mannerisms, the man beside her was Nigerian and his reasoning made her sick.
    ‘Okay, I am sorry if I came off wrong, but smoking is bad for the health regardless of gender. I know I am not supposed to be giving a grown woman lectures on how to take care of her body, but there is something about you…’ Sam trailed off as he felt his phone buzz.
    ‘Excuse me, I’d love to take this, it is important.’ He rose to his feet and abandoned the waiting room immediately for a less noisy place to take his call.
    Eno sighed with relief at the exit of the ugly guy which she considered a nuisance. She quenched the fire of her cigarette and rose to her feet. She needed to flee this spot before he returned, because she had experience with such Nigerian guys before, and it never ended well.
    They always asked for her phone number, which didn’t sit well with her. Eno was not ready to get hooked to any guy, her job was her lover and she wasn’t prepared to let go of her career on the altar of love.
    Just in time, an announcement was made and she tilted her head closer to the speakers so she could hear it very well as the noise in the airport had tripled with the arrival of new flights.
    Her heart thumped with excitement as she learned that her flight which was earlier delayed would leave in thirty minutes time.
    ‘Yes!’ She quickly grabbed her box, and hurried out of the waiting area.
    She knew her family was waiting for her return, and she missed them too. She couldn’t wait to set eyes on her youngest sister Elena, who had been very little at the time of her relocation to America. She also missed Cassie, the sister she was closest too, and who understood everything about her.
    Eno thought of her father, and how proud the man would be of her achievements. But the thought of her mother ruined her happy mood as she knew the woman wouldn’t let her rest when it came to the topic of marriage.
    ‘God help me,’ she licked her lips while moving over to the counter to have her things scrutinized by the officials.
    ‘Where are you Samuel?’ A croaky voice at the other end asked.
    ‘Iowa, I am sorry for the delay but gather the boys around. I just learned of a new development and we have to work together this time.’ Sam replied.
    The man at the other end fell quiet, wondering just what it was Samuel OJonugwa had discovered this time.
    ‘Did you hear me Elvis? I need your support and that of the boys. We have to fight together for our community to avoid being exploited like the lands of the Niger Delta.’ He murmured.
    Elvis was curious about this new discovery. ‘Can you just break the ice and tell me what you have found?’ He asked his best friend.
    ‘Have you wondered why the Deidre Geological Company has suddenly taken interest on our lands? The people living in those rocky slums have not gotten any attention from neither tier of government, and this company just comes up out of the blue. Think Elvis, think!’

    EPISODE 05

    Sam sighed. All his life he had been fighting with the Nigerian Government for the rights of the downtrodden, even though the means which he achieved his goals were crude at times.
    He was an outlaw. He was the sole head of a group of young men whose purpose was to avenge the greedy Political elites in the country and he wasn’t going to stop till he stripped them off the stolen gold they adorned their fattened necks with.
    ‘I have seen one of the company’s trucks around the community a few times, but I never thought of anything serious. I hear the company is owned by Yemi Lasisi, the soon to be King of Lagos.’ Elvis replied.
    Sam nodded vehemently, ‘You are right. I did my homework and the company is owned by Yemi. He is just like his father, who bought a lot of oil wells in Delta and has refused to do anything for the indigenes. I will not let them steal one grain of sand from my land. I am ready to fight to the death.’ He pulled in a sharp breath as he remembered the secret he had stumbled upon.
    ‘We don’t have oil Sam, Lokoja is more of rocks, what do you think they found? Surely, limestone isn’t as valuable as Crude oil to our politicians.’ Elvis wondered.
    Sam was torn between ignoring his friend, and telling him the truth.
    ‘Vermillion,’ he murmured.
    ‘What?’ Elvis asked.
    ‘Vermillion is found in rocks. It is a form of mercury and it is very expensive. If mined successfully, billions of dollars could be gotten from the sales of the processed form alone. The raw form is more expensive, and dangerous.’ Sam explained.
    ‘Vermillion? Fuck! We need to stop them from mining before it is too late.’ Elvis now understood why Sam had to come back to Nigeria urgently.
    They had been friends for a very long time, and Sam had been the one that had rescued him when he had been impounded for drug trafficking ten years ago. Sam’s father had been a man of high standing in the society, but he had been murdered by some Politicians.
    It was the death of his father, that pushed Sam to revolt against the Government, especially their heartless practices in the Niger Delta.
    ‘That’s why I’m coming home, get the boys ready and move camp to Badagry. We’ll fight the King and his family from there if they refuse to step back from Lokoja.’
    ‘Aye, captain,’ Elvis broke the call and got to work immediately.
    Sam felt relieved after sharing his latest discovery with someone. He had been mad when he had come across that information about the discovery of Vermillion in the rocky City of Lokoja. He had made up his mind to chase the vultures away before it was too late.
    He turned off his phone and advanced towards the waiting room where he had left the striking lady who’d been smoking without a care in the world.
    Apart from the fact that she looked familiar, he found her very attractive. She had striking and delectable facial features; a good height for a lady and a very milky shade of fair.
    He loved her pinkish lips and her wide eyeballs which seemed to stretch when she was upset. She had beautiful natural hair, and nothing won him over like a lady who was comfortable in the way she was created.
    Sam smiled as he stepped into the waiting room; he couldn’t remember the last time he was attracted to a woman after the death of his girlfriend. Edna had died in an auto crash, just about the same time his father had been assassinated.
    Those two life events triggered a darker side in him, which threatened to swallow the little piece of humanity left.
    The smile faded from his face when he noticed she was no longer there. Her seat was empty and her box was nowhere to be found.
    ‘Shit,’ he rustled his hair and closed his eyes.
    “We’re leaving in ten minutes for Lagos, Nigeria…”
    Sam gritted his teeth as he realized he had almost missed his flight. But he was torn between finding the lady who made him feel something again, and leaving home for Nigeria to fight for his homeland.
    ‘I have to go,’ he shrugged and hurried out of the waiting area.
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    The flight felt like forever, she couldn’t remember the last time she had stayed this long on an aircraft. Eno kept looking out the window, staring at the stars and the thick clouds, wondering when they would arrive home.
    A mischievous smile danced on her lips as she briefly remembered the guy she had outsmarted at the airport. She was quite certain that the idiot would go back to the waiting area to look for her, but to his utter shock, she’d gone.
    Tired of her stellar admiration, she pulled out her phone and decided to go surf the web for a little while, just before the landing.
    She was about clicking on the “Guardian,” when the musky scent of a highly masculine perfume penetrated the air she breathed. There was everything familiar about this scent and it reminded her of Elvis, her brother who had been home away for many years.
    He was a prodigal and had fled the house when he was just sixteen.
    Immediately she dropped the phone on her laps and looked up. Her enthusiasm waned as she realized the man standing before her wasn’t her brother, but the guy she had avoided at the waiting area.
    ‘You!’ She rolled her eyes. Her heart skipped as she realized he was on the same plane as she was.
    ‘Are you stalking me?’ She waved a finger across his face.
    Sam had a feeling the lady he had been looking for was on this plane and luckily one of the flight attendants which he had persuaded with a few notes had agreed to search for a woman with the description he had given.
    ‘Yes,’ Sam noticed she was sitting alone, so he quickly joined her.
    Eno rolled her eyes, ‘What is wrong with you? Why are you sitting next to me?’ She couldn’t believe his guts. The guy was so arrogant and full of himself and that pissed her off greatly.
    Sam ignored her rant and settled comfortably.
    ‘We’re landing in Lagos in the next twenty minutes.’ He grinned.
    ‘That’s not funny, can you leave?’ Eno felt choked with his presence.
    Sam wasn’t the type of guy that she was easily drawn to. First, he wasn’t tall and neither were his facial features appealing, the scar on his forehead made him hideous.
    ‘Why are you so eager to get rid of me?’ Sam smiled; he could feel her eyes boring into the scar on his face. He knew he wasn’t an Idris Elba or cute faced guy like Chris Brown, but ladies loved him and he would find just what it was that would get Eno Benjamin on his list.
    She scoffed, ‘Don’t flatter yourself, you’re not an interesting guy and you’re very unattractive. You have to believe that.’ She tongue lashed him, hoping that would hurt his feelings.
    Sam wasn’t surprised that she had called him ugly, it only confirmed what he had been thinking. He knew exactly what game she was playing, but he wouldn’t let her win.

    EPISODE 06

    ‘I have a feeling you like me. You’re scared of falling for me.’ He moved closer to her.
    Eno giggled, ‘Fall for you?’ She couldn’t believe her ears.
    ‘If you aren’t attracted to me, why did you run from the waiting area?’ Sam asked.
    ‘I didn’t run. I left because my flight was being announced, so don’t flatter yourself,’ She returned.
    He shrugged, ‘If that’s what you want to believe. I don’t know you, but you seem like you are running away from love. You don’t want to lose yourself in the arms of someone that truly cares. I wonder how long you’d keep running.’
    Before she could say anything in her defense, Sam leaned forward and planted a brief kiss on her lips.
    ‘I’ll be seeing you around Eno Benjamin.’
    Just in time, Eno felt the plane descending and when she turned back to scold him for kissing her like that, she found his seat empty.
    ‘How did he know my name?’ She wondered, before touching her lips, the place where he had kissed and left his indelible mark.
    ‘You are welcome…your majesty,’ Tamar rushed to welcome the young regal who’d just stepped into the house. The atmosphere was immediately distorted as more guards poured into the house. This was supposed to be a small welcome dinner for her daughter, but the King was making it a very big deal.
    Tamar knew her daughter didn’t love crowds, she had a feeling Eno wouldn’t be happy about the King’s presence, but what could she do?
    ‘Where is my wife?’ Yemi barked, after running his eyes disdainfully over the unfitting environment where he had found himself. He wasn’t used to this sort of ordinary and simple place. He was a King and not a commoner.
    Cassie was awed by the imperial presence in the room, she had admired the attractive King who wasn’t more than thirty six, but the moment he opened his mouth, her admiration for him ended at once!
    He was uncouth and arrogant. She would never advise anyone to be with a man like that. Suddenly, his handsomeness faded before her eyes, and all she saw when she looked at his royal robe was a beast in white.
    ‘She hasn’t arrived yet. Please take a seat…’ Tamar rushed towards the trapezoid glass table and began pulling out the glassy chairs that had accompanied it. She had recently gotten the new set of furniture knowing the King could visit her home sometime.
    Yemi’s dark brows gathered together in disgust, ‘You insult me woman!’ He snapped at Tamar. How could anyone keep the King in waiting?
    ‘I shouldn’t be the one to wait for your daughter. You trained her poorly.’ He grumbled.
    Cassie struggled with the desire to tell the King to his face that he was nothing but an arrogant fool, but when she remembered that Eno was indebted to him, she kept her mouth shut.
    At first, she had imagined Yemi to be a very homely person and this was the reason she had agreed with her mother to convince Eno to marry him. But now she saw him for who he truly was, she’ll not be a part of her mother’s evil plan to plunge her sister into eternal unhappiness.
    ‘Please, do not be angry with me…’ Cassie watched with disdain as her mother fell to her knees, pleading with the King to wait for the return of Eno.
    She explained that a lot of things could have happened.
    ‘My King, what if her flight is cancelled? Surely, you cannot blame her for not being here. I know my house is an unworthy place to be, but just for the sake of the woman you love…take a seat.’ Tamar pleaded with the king.
    Cassie couldn’t stand it anymore, so she decided to join her younger sister in the room. Her mother’s actions were shameful, and they had to come up with a plan to rescue their sister from the hands of the evil King.
    All the while, Yemi had noticed the slender light skinned woman in the room. His anger towards Eno’s absence had prevented him from calling her out for her rudeness. But now that Tamar had pacified him with her kind words, he was ready to face the rude maiden.
    ‘Hey!’ Yemi called after her.
    Cassie felt he was calling one of his guards, but when her mother joined in the call, she paused in her steps and swirled round.
    ‘Yes?’ She wondered why the woman was calling her.
    ‘Come and kneel before the King.’ Tamar beckoned to Cassie.
    Yemi felt insulted that she would walk out of his holy presence without a word in recognition of his majesty. He hated disrespectful women, and he was certain that his bride to be wasn’t like this.
    ‘Are you kidding me?’ Cassie scoffed and crossed her arms against her chest.
    ‘Don’t test my patience!’ Tamar yelled.
    Cassie was quite sure that her sister would never be with a guy like Yemi, so what was the need of paying respect to a man that would never be her brother-in-law?
    ‘I don’t have time for this, excuse me.’ Cassie kissed her teeth angrily and ascended the stairs.
    Yemi had never felt this insulted by anyone since he was born. His guards were about chasing after the rude Cassie when her mother’s pleas intervened on her behalf.
    ‘You failed to train your daughter, is my bride like this?’ Yemi held his breath, hoping she would give him the answer he needed to hear.
    Tamar was so terrified of what would happen should Eno walk into the room. Cassie was the most cool headed of all her daughters, but if she was acting this way, it meant Eno would never agree to the marriage between herself and Yemi.
    ‘I…I tried my best my King. You know that I am a single mother and it hasn’t been easy to train all these girls on my own…’ she was about to give more reasons to the behavior of Cassie when the door flew wide open, and a confused looking Eno stepped into the house.
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep6
    She had arrived in her family house in high spirits. But one look at the congested driveway which was full of expensive looking cars and mean looking guards depleted the excitement in her.
    At first, she had wanted to ask if she was in the wrong house, but one look at the purple hibiscus in her mother’s garden reminded her of Elena’s favorite flowers.
    ‘What is going on here?’ Eno found it difficult to get her eyes off the dark handsome guy that was dressed in kingly robes. She didn’t need anyone to tell her that he was from a ruling house.
    Though she had stayed away from Nigeria for long, she still could recognize the peculiar dressing styles of each tribe. The man before her was a Yoruba regal, and it made her wonder what he was doing in the house.
    She noticed the house was decorated with balloons and ribbons. Christmas trees stood at each corner of the enormous living room, while a broody carol rumbled in the background. Where were her sisters? Where was her dad?
    ‘Is everything alright?’ She searched the man’s face and then her mother’s, as both remained quiet.
    Yemi was stunned by the beauty before him. Her eyes were little pebbles that would glow even in the darkest night. She was very natural, and that was what had attracted him to her photograph in the first place.

    EPISODE 07

    ‘My Queen you are welcome, we should head back to the palace to celebrate your return…’ he smiled for the first time since he walked into the house.
    First, she didn’t know this man. Why did he refer to her as his queen? Her heart raced as she noticed her mother’s abnormal silence. In a normal situation, the woman would have been all over her, asking for her Christmas gifts, bug she was very quiet.
    ‘Who are you?’ Eno turned to the King, since her mother wouldn’t say anything.
    ‘Excuse me?’ Yemi scoffed and pinned Tamar with an angry stare. She was supposed to tell her daughter everything by now.
    ‘Didn’t you tell her that we are engaged after all these years?’ Yemi couldn’t believe it.
    Tamar felt the earth should open up and swallow her, she was greatly ashamed for what she had done, but that was the only way to help Eno achieve her dreams.
    ‘I…I am sorry my king but she is here now…’ she stammered.
    Yemi felt embarrassed and humiliated. How could he just walk into the house of the woman he was supposed to marry and be treated like a total stranger?
    ‘Mum? What is going on here?’ Eno swallowed.
    ‘I give you two days to tell her everything and when I return, I am taking her back to the palace as my wife.’ Yemi fired, and turned his back on the woman before his anger got the best out of him.
    Eno stared at the back of the King till he vanished along with his guards, before dropping her box.
    ‘Can you talk to me now? What just happened?’ She stood hands akimbo and faced her mother whose eyes were already wet with tears.
    Tamar licked her lips nervously, ‘Look, you cannot blame me for doing this. It is for the good of everyone and our entire family. You always wanted to be a doctor and I loved that dream. I cherished it. I don’t like the education system here, so I asked people for help…’
    Eno wasn’t following, she had gone abroad through scholarship, so her mother’s talk didn’t make sense to her.
    ‘What people are you talking about?’
    Tamar sucked in some air to stabilize her for what was to follow. She needed to prepare Eno’s mind for the marriage. She knew the consequences that would follow should she fail to tell her daughter the truth.
    ‘There was no scholarship Eno. I had a friend who introduced me to the King and Queen of Lagos. When I showed them your picture while asking for sponsorship, Yemi walked in and saw it. He liked you instantly…’
    Eno chuckled on hearing this, ‘Well mother, I am just coming back from a twelve hour flight and I deserve some rest. Your attempt at a Christmas prank is not working. I have to go…’ she stretched her arm and kicked the air, ready to ascend the stairs when her sisters appeared.
    Their countenance was dull and it made her wonder if they weren’t happy to see her.
    ‘It is true Eno, mum is not lying. You were betrothed to the king many years back unknown to you. The price you are to pay for enjoying their sponsorship is to marry Yemi.’ Cassie’s voice trembled as she imagined a lifetime with such an arrogant personality.
    Eno scoffed, ‘You guys are joking right?’ she swallowed and prayed she was having a bad dream.
    ‘I wish we were. This is the reason mother persuaded you to return to Nigeria after many years.’ Elena added.
    She could see that her sister’s weren’t lying to her. This was real! Her mother had made her feel she had deserved a scholarship. The woman had been lying to her all these years.
    ‘I will never forgive you…’ her legs threatened to give way as she stared into her mother’s eyes one last time.
    She suddenly wished she hadn’t returned to Nigeria. Unknown to her, she had walked into a trap which would be very difficult to escape.
    Angrily, he plucked the pictures on the wall and smashed them into brittleness. Pieces of glasses tumbled upon each other, and the shattering was accompanied by a cracking sound that shook the whole palace.
    Yemi was enraged by what had taken place at the commoner’s house. The woman he had carried in his heart all these years didn’t recognize him, she wasn’t in awe of him and that hurt very much.
    ‘Filthy commoners!’ He yelled and moved on to the next picture.
    He was living in another palace which he built for himself. The walls were etched with jasper and onyx. The floors were designed with the costliest of marbles and were fitting for a king that he was.
    Yemi decided not to involve his parents in whatever was happening between him and Eno. He would handle everything by himself. He would fight for the woman he loved even till his death.
    Though Yemi lived alone, his younger sister came to his palace occasionally to spend time with him. She had been on the room working on their latest plan when she’d heard him screaming and breaking things.
    Whenever he was in this mood, all the servants and guards would flee to hidden corners, in fear of the king’s rage.
    ‘Yemi, what is going on?!’ The princess asked, she was the only one who could stand up to the king even in his worst state.
    The sound of his sister’s footsteps calmed him a bit, he noticed his fingers were bleeding from too much contact with the glassy picture frames.
    ‘Look at what you have done! Do you know how much these pictures cost me? When will you get a grip over your anger?’ Tayo shrieked at the bloody mess on the marble floor.
    ‘Watch your tongue,’ Yemi greeted his teeth and wiped away the blood against the white robe he still wore. She knew better than to get her brother more upset than he already was.
    Tayo sighed, ‘You shouldn’t be angry at this time brother, we have a lot to achieve and nothing is greater than spreading your fame across the continent and the world.’ She moved closer to where he stood and grabbed his bruised hands.
    Unlike her brother, she wasn’t a tall person. The Princess was small bodied, but very shapely. She had a nice set of teeth and beautiful brown eyes which were streams of loveliness. Her chocolate complexion matched the red colored dresses which she loved to wear.
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep7
    The only thing she shared in common with her older brother was the spirit of ambition. When they worked together, they were formidable and unstoppable. Her brother was a professional geologist who was schooled in one of the best institutions in the world, while she studied archaeology in Asia.
    She had been the one to discover a bright colored stone at one of her work sites in Lokoja. She had immediately sent it to the company they co-owned and the geologists had confirmed it to be vermillion, which was very hard to come by these days.
    If they could find more of the mineral, they would fulfill their dreams of being one of the most powerful ruling families of the whole world.
    ‘She doesn’t know me! Her mother failed to tell her all about me!’ Yemi withdrew his hands from his sister and rushed towards another picture when he remembered the look of confusion in Eno’s eyes.
    He would be a great king, and he desired such a striking beauty at his side.
    Tayo now understood why her brother was so angry.
    ‘You belittled yourself by paying that greedy woman a visit. I warned you brother. I told you to forget all about that family. She is simply a fraud and was only using our money to fund her daughter’s education.’ Tayo hissed.
    She had learned of the arrangement between her parents and Eno’s mother, but when the lady in question had failed to show up in Nigeria after many years, she had a feeling her brother had been played.
    ‘Never! I love her, you don’t understand what love is.’ Yemi rustled his thick black hair.
    Though he was seeing her for the first time, he had always carried her face in his mind. Even though he had been with other women while waiting for her, he was still tied to her spirit.
    ‘You are the King of Lagos and soon Nigeria. You are not a fool Yemi. If this woman really wanted you for her daughter, she would have told the lady about you since.

    EPISODE 08

    Why can’t you move on? What if she is in love with someone else? She spent nineteen years in America, what if she has kids and is married?’ Tayo couldn’t understand why her brother was so fixated with Eno Benjamin.
    Jealousy pierced his heart at the thought of Eno being with another man.
    ‘I wouldn’t let that happen, I’d rather kill her than let anyone have her.’ He swore under his breath. But Tayo knew better, she knew her brother would do no such thing.
    ‘No you won’t, you are many things but not a murderer. Now let us focus on the Vermillion we discovered.’ Without hesitation, she pulled out her phone from the little purse that she carried.
    While going through her email messages, Tayo had read of two attacks on the Geologists who worked with their company. The men were thoroughly beaten by some masked men who warned them to stay away from the vermillion that had been discovered in Lokoja.
    ‘I think someone else knows about our discovery and that could be dangerous…’ she handed over the message that one of the works had sent to her.
    They both were working in secrecy and didn’t want the Federal Government to be a part of this discovery. Vermillion was important, and they wanted to hoard all the profits to themselves.
    Yemi’s heart skipped when he heard that, ‘Who would dare attack my workers?’
    Tayo could only think of one criminal whose names were whispered in the dark.
    ‘I have a feeling the “Mask,” is back in town. He is a very intelligent criminal. Someone from the company must have leaked the information to him and lest we forget, his hometown is Lokoja.’ Tayo explained.
    They all knew who the Mask was, Samuel Ojonugwa was the leader of a group of militants whose job was to terrorize the government.
    ‘This bad, this is very bad.’ Yemi’s eyes darkened at the thought of Sam’s return to Nigeria.
    After his sister had discovered the mineral in the rocky plains of Lokoja, they had immediately hired a private investigator, whose job was to find out if anyone else knew about the existence of the Vermillion. From his findings, no one else knew about the mineral, not even the Federal Government and that meant enormous profit for their company.
    Now that Sam was in picture, everything was going to change except they got rid of him.
    ‘Yes it is. This is why you must save your energy till we face that bastard. Forget the girl, you’ll fall in love with another woman.’ Tayo advised.
    Yemi knew hoarding the vermilion was important, but he swore under his breath to win Eno’s love whether his sister stood by him or not.
    Sam had just finished a meeting with the young men and women who shared in the vision of a liberated Nigeria. They were tired of Government privatizing the common wealth of the Nation. As their leader, he had returned to share the latest information he had gotten.
    ‘It still baffles me how you knew what Yemi and his boys came for,’ Elvis Benjamin pulled a chair and joined his friend at the round table, after the others had dispersed.
    Sam scoffed. He had eyes and ears in many places. One with an honest purpose never lacked good information.
    ‘I knew something was up when one of my eyes reported the activities of the mining company in my hometown. No one shows up out of the blue in Lokoja.’ Sam paused and pulled out his phone from his pocket. He needed to share some pictures with Elvis, so he could understand what this was about.
    ‘Have a look….’ Sam crossed his hands against his chest and leaned back on the throne-like designed chair.
    Elvis’ hazel eyes flicked over the pictures of the dark skinned woman who was knee deep in dirt. She was digging into a pile of scattered rocks, and she had her hair pulled down. He found her quite attractive.
    ‘That is the King’s younger sister, Tayo. She is an archaeologist. This is not the first time of her going on an excavation. She just got lucky in Lokoja, and thought they could keep the discovery of Vermillion a secret.’ Sam explained as Elvis stared at more pictures.
    He wasn’t really thinking about the Vermillion, all his thoughts were focused on the princess who fascinated him. He had slept with a lot of women who had royal blood, and they bored him easily.
    Most of them had no ambition or dreams for their lives. They were content with their father’s money and getting married to rich men. They all came to him because of his unique looks.
    ‘Elvis?’ Sam shook his head and pulled the phone out of his hands, knowing his friend was awestruck by the ebony beauty.
    ‘I am sorry, I got distracted. But I get your drift. Now that we have sent a message across, they should back off soon enough.’ Elvis replied.
    On Sam’s order, they had broken into the Mining Company and beaten some of the workers, while dropping the message for them to stay away from the rocky terrains of Lokoja.
    ‘Don’t be naïve my friend, Yemi is not going to back down, even if he wants to his sister from what I have learned is very ambitious.’ Sam shrugged.
    Elvis was even more intrigued at this knowledge of the princess, ‘Then I guess we have to prepare for war.’
    An impish smile played at the corners of Sam’s lips, ‘Of course. I think I have found the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.’ He blurted out.
    For a very long time, he hadn’t felt something for any woman, but the milky skinned creature he met smoking at the airport seemed right for him. And he couldn’t stop thinking about her.
    Elvis’s smoky eyes brightened in surprise. It was common knowledge that Sam had built a high wall against his heart. Since the death of his lover and father, who were both murdered, he hadn’t spoken of any woman.
    ‘I am curious…’ Elvis couldn’t wait for more.
    ‘Your phone is buzzing, check that out first.’ Sam pointed at the android that buzzed annoyingly at Elvis’ side of the table.
    Elvis shrugged and picked the phone up; it was a text message from an unknown number.
    Come home Elvis.
    We need you more than ever.
    Merry Christmas bro. Elena.
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep 8
    ‘What is it?’ Sam noticed the scowl on his face.
    ‘Nothing, just family.’ Elvis pushed the phone aside. His younger sister had somehow found a way to contact him which was startling. She was the only one that knew the truth about him. He had left his family for good, and he didn’t plan of going back home anytime.
    ‘You want to talk about it?’ Sam knew nothing about Elvis’ family, he had always felt Elvis wasn’t in good terms with them.
    Elvis shook his head in declination, he was done with family. Sam and the other members of their freedom fighters association were his new family. He was more interested in this woman who had made his best friend feel something after so many years of mourning for lost love.
    ‘I met her at the airport but she snubbed me. I described her to one of the air hostesses who showed me her details including her name. I kissed her.’ Sam smiled as he remembered the golden moment that he had planted a kiss on Eno’s lips. He knew she hadn’t been expecting that, and that would leave her restless.
    Elvis drummed his fingers excitedly on the table, ‘Does she feel the same for you?’
    ‘No, not yet but she will. I did a research on her, but I didn’t find much information online. She is very beautiful Elvis, and I have this feeling that I have seen her before…you know, it’s a different kind of déjà vu.’ Sam’s heart thumped with excitement as he remembered her beautiful face.
    His mind told him that Eno was running away from love, maybe something tragic had happened to her and she didn’t want a repeat. He felt like the messiah that would fix the broken pieces of her.
    ‘Really? You got a picture?’ Elvis was eager to set eyes on this woman that had enchanted Sam.
    ‘Yea, I found just one on the internet. Apparently, she isn’t a social media person. She looks very responsible and private, and that is the definition of my dream woman.’ Sam turned on his phone and pushed it over to Elvis.
    From his mini research, he learned that she was a cardiologist at the Iowa Specialist hospital and she was one of the best in the region.
    ‘Isn’t she cute?’ He waited for Elvis to say something remarkable about the woman dressed in a lab coat and nerdy glasses.
    Elvis hands trembled as he stared at the screen of Sam’s phone. They light brown eyes, the golden skin and the mass of woolly hair were all too familiar.
    No, he couldn’t let this happen. He had run away from his family because he had started a drug life that could get them all killed. Now he was clean, he had joined another organization that wasn’t in par with the Government. This was the reason he stayed far away from his family. He loved them too much to endanger their lives.

    EPISODE 09

    ‘You can’t be with her…’ Elvis clenched his teeth as he dropped the phone on the table.
    He knew Sam was a good guy deep down, but being around his sister could get her killed and he didn’t want that.
    ‘Excuse me?’ Sam noticed Elvis wasn’t happy. Briefly, he wondered if his friend had an affair with Eno, maybe this was the reason he was objecting to their being together.
    Elvis pushed his chair backwards and rose to his feet, ‘Stay away from her Sam, she isn’t the type of woman you need.’ If it meant fighting against his own friend to save his sister’s life, he would do it.
    Enraged, Sam joined him standing, ‘You don’t ask me to stay away from the woman I love without a good reason.’
    Elvis had no option but to tell him the truth, ‘I can’t allow you be with my sister. Your worlds are far apart and she deserves someone better. We have declared a war against one of the most powerful Kings in this country, this isn’t the time to fall in love. It is the time to prepare. Goodnight Sam.’ Before Sam could say anything else in return, he swirled round and left for his room.
    Sam was hit with a powerful force of this new discovery.
    ‘I see…’ he caressed his chin as he thought of her striking facial features. Somehow she resembled Elvis, and that was the reason it felt like he had met her before.
    He knew Elvis had a good reason for asking him to stay away from Eno, but he had a feeling he would chase after what his heart desired.
    ‘Touché!’ He strolled towards the wine keep in the castle he’d erected for himself in a hidden part of Lagos.
    He fetched a bottle of Martini and emptied it into a glass, while listening to the gloomy rumble of a very slow Carol.
    “I am dreaming of a white Christmas…”
    ‘Hmm, it is going to be red Christmas for me. I’m attracted to her.’ He inhaled the drugging scent of the liquor in his glass as he soliloquized.
    He had a feeling this would be one of his best Christmases.
    Eno was tired of crying, her eyes were swollen and puffy and her head throbbed. Throughout the night, she had soaked her pillow with tears after discovering that her mother had sold her off to a man she didn’t love.
    At first, she didn’t want to get out of bed. She just wanted to lay down there and cry some more…but she quickly reminded herself that she had come to Nigeria to celebrate this Christmas with her family.
    She had come home to escape the haunting memories of the little girl that had died under her watch. She couldn’t blame her mother for wanting the best for her, she only did it the wrong way.
    ‘Oh God…’ she sniffed in air through her mouth as her nostrils were blocked. Her eyes fell on the clock’s two hands which ticked zealously. It was 9A.M on Saturday, and if she were in Iowa, she’d go jogging.
    The sapphire curtains of her room hadn’t been properly closed; a little ray of morning sunlight permeated her room and made her feel warm.
    ‘I am free…’ she closed her eyes and breathed in remembering how this year’s winter had been. With determination to enjoy her, she pushed the bedcovers that had trapped her slender figure aside.
    She moved to her box and burrowed into her sporty jumpsuit for jogging. She grabbed her phone and attacked a pair of earpiece to it. She was still mad with her mother for not telling her the truth earlier, but everything would be resolved once she returned.
    The three women were patiently waiting for Eno to show up. They were all afraid of her reaction, should they interrupt her morning sleep.
    ‘I don’t know if waiting here for her to wake up is right. What if she is so hurt and decides to do something harmful to herself?’ Elena asked her mother and sister.
    Cassie had found it difficult to sleep, her room was close to Eno’s and she knew her sister had been weeping all night.
    ‘I think we should give her space.’ Cassie replied.
    Tamar was quiet. She sipped from the cup of coffee very slowly and calculatingly. She was deeply troubled by the mess she had gotten herself and indeed her whole family.
    She knew her children were greatly disappointed and angry with her, but she couldn’t go back on her agreement with the King. Eno had to forgive her and move on with the marriage plans.
    ‘And why are you so silent mum? This is your problem you have to fix it.’ Cassie snapped at her.
    Tamar dropped the mug carefully and faced her second daughter, ‘What do you want me to say? I am sorry okay? I…shouldn’t have done it but Eno had big dreams and money plays an important role in funding such dreams.’ She was tired of being judged by her ungrateful kids.
    ‘You’re not even sorry mum? You don’t look remorseful.’ Elena complained bitterly. Her mother was sipping creamy coffee and had a full make-up on. How insensitive could she be?
    ‘Come on darling, I am sorry but we need to be practical. We need to be realistic. What is done is done and it is out of my hands.’ Tamar wished her kids could understand that there was no way to fix this.
    Cassie eyes brimmed with tears, ‘You have to go back to the King’s Palace and tell him Eno doesn’t like him. What were you thinking mum? King Yemi is higly arrogant and self absorbed. Why did you want her to end up with such a man?’
    Tamar rolled her eyes, ‘At least he is a better man than your loser father.’ She hissed angrily.
    ‘Don’t bring our father into this!’ Cassie’s voice croaked.
    Elena knew another fight would start, so he quickly shared a piece of information which she thought was important.
    ‘I contacted Elvis. I told him to come home. The King would want to have Eno by all means, but if someone, like Elvis is here with us that could scare him a bit.’
    At once the argument that had been quenched, Tamar and Cassie exchanged glares.
    ‘Elvis? How?’ The last they heard about him was his arrest in connection to drug trafficking.
    Elena shrugged, ‘I am a blogger, we dig these things out. I am hopeful he will come home and save us all from whatever that evil King is planning.’ She smiled as she thought about her brother.
    Tamar brushed the tears that dropped on her lashes away as the thought of her runaway son.
    ‘Did he ask of me?’
    ‘No, he hasn’t responded.’ Elena replied quietly.
    She had heard all what was being discussed downstairs. Her heart skipped at the mention of her brother Elvis, whom she hadn’t set eyes on for a long time. She held her breath as she descended the stairs, from what she learned, her mother wasn’t too bothered about the situation at hand.
    ‘Good morning all,’ she bellowed as she reached the last stair.
    At once they all rose to welcome her like a queen, ‘Eno!’ Elena gasped in delight. She almost ran to hug her elder sister but controlled herself, when she noticed the dark circles round her eyes.
    ‘Elena?’ Eno moved closer to her baby sister and pulled her close.
    ‘You look great…’ Cassie was surprised to see that her sister was in a good mood.
    Tamar felt ashamed, she found it difficult to look into her daughter’s eyes after what had taken the place the previous night.

    EPISODE 10

    Thanks, you too,’ Eno replied, this was the first time she was taking a closer look at her siblings since her return from the States. They looked healthy and happy, even more beautiful than what they appeared in pictures.
    Tamar was about to move away quietly when Eno called her back, ‘Mother?’
    She halted on shaky feet, wondering if Eno would chastise her like her sisters did.
    ‘I am so sorry for what I did. Believe me, I am deeply ashamed. I thought what I was doing then was best. I had no right to treat you like some property. It pains me that…I cannot fix it and you’ll have to marry the King.’ Tamar lowered her eyes to the floor in embarrassment.
    But Eno had already forgiven her mother. She missed her family and even though Tamar was a difficult mother to please, she still loved her.
    ‘I will repay the King for his kindness. I will give him back all of his money, every penny that was spent on my head, I shall return. I came back here to celebrate Christmas with my family and no one would stop that.’
    Tamar scoffed, ‘It is not as easy as it looks. Yemi would want to marry you at all cost. Money means nothing to him at the moment.’
    Eno agreed, but maintained that she wouldn’t get married to such a vile man.
    ‘Besides…’ her cheeks pinked as she remembered the guy that had kissed her just before the plane touched the ground. Even in her weeping, her heart had strayed to the mysterious stranger who had vanished after the kiss.
    She had spent her night thinking of him, a nameless man that had found a spot in her mind.
    ‘What is it?’ Cassie wondered.
    ‘I don’t know how this sounds, but I met this guy in a plane and I have a feeling we are meant to be together.’ Eno replied.
    The faces before her lit with excitement and curiosity, everyone was now asking for more details about the guy except for her mother who still held the view that she couldn’t wriggle through Yemi’s powerful fingers.
    ‘Wait…you got a man?’ Cassie’s chubby face split into two, giving way to a smile.
    ‘That’s all I am saying for now, I have to run, and I’ll be back.’
    ‘I can’t believe she has a man after all these years!’ Elena was as shocked as everyone else in the room.
    She couldn’t push the thoughts of the stranger out of her mind. With each breath and each step that she took, his face appeared in her mind and she wondered just for a second, if he had bewitched her with that kiss.
    It wasn’t a sensual kiss. But it held deep meaning, it clung tightly to her memory box and she wished she could see him again.
    She scanned the empty street as she jogged, it was lonely and quiet except for the Christmas carols that hummed from people’s homes.
    Eno wondered how he had known her name. There were many questions in her mind, and she wished she could set eyes on him just one more time. The man had been right, she was running away from something deep. She was running from all of her fears.
    ‘I tried…’ she stopped at an electric pole to rest after thirty minutes of jogging. Tiredly, she decided to move underneath the shade of a tall tree as the sun grew hotter.
    “Why do I have a feeling that you are running away from love?”
    She closed her eyes, and listened to the echoing of his manly voice. Those words that he had spoken to her were the truth. She had been single for thirty five years because she was scared of giving out her heart.
    Her parents had a very unhappy marriage, and that gave her a wrong perspective of love. She didn’t want to end up like her father, a broken and unhappy man. She had dreams of getting hooked with the right person, and making beautiful babies and living happily ever after.
    He was right. She had found him attractive from the moment he had walked into the waiting arena, and even more, when he had tried to take the cigarette out of her hands.
    Not many men had that courage to act that way towards a stranger. She liked that he was fearless, and caring. She exhaled sharply as she remembered the strange way he had looked at her while she was smoking.
    Eno had picked the bad habit during her first days of working in the theatre. Being around human blood, and all sorts of bodily fluids nauseated her, smoking was the only way to quench that feeling.
    Now her system had gotten used it. She smoked when she was stressed, or afraid. Maybe it was time to consider breaking her addiction.
    She quickly unplugged the earphones and stared at her phone screen. She felt foolish for attempting a search of a stranger whose identity she didn’t know about.
    She regretted giving him a cold shoulder, but it was too late for regrets now. She believed that if they were truly meant to be, they would find each other again. Satisfied with the little rest she had taken, Eno rose to her feet and continued her morning jog.
    Unknown to her, she was being watched. When her alarm blew off, signaling an end to the morning session, she spun on her feel and made ready to return home. She could feel her heart beating fast against her chest, and her blood rushing through her veins after the jog.
    ‘Perfect,’ she took deep breaths as she strolled back.
    From the corner of her eyes, she noticed something new about her environment. It was a black Honda Civic, and it was similar to one of the cars she had met outside on the night of her return.
    An eerie feeling crept up her spine as she spotted two hefty looking men glaring at her from within. She had a feeling that these men had been waiting for her.
    ‘No,’ she sucked in enough air to last her as she began to run. As if reading her thoughts, the thugs signaled the other men that had been waiting upfront for her, so she wouldn’t escape.
    Shockingly, a maroon BMW out of nowhere pulled over, and a stout man with aggressive beards grabbed her from behind into the car. Even her loud screams couldn’t save her.
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep10
    Cassie, Elena and their mother were all deliberating on the best way to save Eno from getting married to King Yemi. Cassie had suggested that they calculate how much money had been spent on her education, and if it were possible repay them.
    Elena had suggested their sister return to Iowa, never to visit Nigeria again. But Tamar maintained that once someone made a covenant with the Royal family, that there wasn’t any going back on the promise.
    ‘You just want Eno to marry the King for your selfish desires.’ Cassie snapped at her mother. She knew the woman wasn’t interested in what Eno had to say in this, if she were, why would she still be bent on going ahead with the marriage plans?
    Tamar regretted her actions, but it was too late to turn the hands of time. Eno rightfully belonged to King Yemi, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.
    ‘Mum, how do you sleep at night? Even the Bible has made us to understand that the wicked shall not have peace. You sold your daughter off to man whom she doesn’t love. You were here when she announced that she had fallen in love with someone. Don’t you care about her happiness?’ Elena hissed.
    Tamar shrugged, ‘Eno made it very clear that she just met the man. It isn’t like she has been in a long term relationship. I know your girls hate my decision, but in time you’ll come to appreciate it.’ She rose to her feet and made ready to retire for her room when the entrance door flew wide open and one of their neighbors rushed in looking terrified.
    Just then, Elena whispered to Cassie while pointing to the clock that Eno was taking too long.
    ‘I don’t know if this is an American thing, but can someone jog for three hours?’
    Cassie’s eyes followed her sister’s gaze, it was approximately 12 P.M.

    EPISODE 11

    ‘I don’t think she is jogging, she just wants time alone after everything that has happened.’ Cassie insisted.
    The heavy breathing and sweating of their neighbor Mrs. Daniel drew their attention to her.
    ‘What happened to you Kehinde?’ Tamar rushed to the woman’s side. Mrs. Kehinde Daniel was a middle aged woman, and she was diabetic, her heavy panting was a sign that something grave had taken place.
    Mrs. Daniel had been enjoying the morning scenery of the green belt neighborhood when she spotted two men dragging Eno into a car.
    ‘It’s your…’ she took in some air.
    ‘Would you like some water?’ Elena knelt beside her, but the woman declined. She wasn’t in need of water; she just wanted the courage to relay such a bad news to Tamar’s family.
    Everyone was getting impatient with her forced breathing. Why couldn’t she just agree to drinking water?
    ‘I am so sorry…but your daughter has been kidnapped.’ The woman broke into tears after telling them all that had happened. Eno had been strolling back to the house, when a maroon car pulled over and some men took her against her will.
    Tamar couldn’t move. Her legs were numb and everything in her died instantly on hearing this.
    ‘I don’t understand…’ Elena’s voice cracked.
    Cassandra placed her hands on her head, how could they receive bad news on such a glorious day?
    ‘I think the King is behind this.’ Tears dribbled down Tamar’s cheeks as she realized it could be his only way of paying her back for keeping Eno away from him.
    Cassandra swore never to forgive her mother should something happen to their sister.
    ‘I warned you about this, there is something blatantly evil about Yemi but your greed blinded you to the truth. I am going to call dad and tell him everything that you have done, I guess he would be very happy with you.’ She ran up the stairs without one glance at her mother, or Elena who was weeping silently.
    Tamar knew things would escalate should her children tell their father what had just happened.
    ‘You cannot let her tell him, he will kill me.’ Tamar moved over to where Elena sat and placed a hand against her shoulder. Though her husband wasn’t wealthy like she’d wanted him to be, he cherished his daughters very much and would never forgive her if he got to hear about the kidnap.
    Elena patted her eyes dry with the back of her hand, ‘I think I’ll have to call Elvis. I don’t care what you say mum, but the King has no right to kidnap my sister. Eno has made enough money to cover up all that he exhausted in funding her studies. She can pay him, but she doesn’t need to marry a man against her will.’
    Those were her last words before she left to call her brother and alert him about the kidnap.
    Once her kids and the neighbor had gone, Tamar quickly rushed outside of the house. She fled to her garden, a place where she usually received confidential calls.
    A mischievous smug settled on her face as she pulled out her phone from her purse. She knew King Yemi was behind the kidnapping, and she wasn’t bothered a bit. He had sowed enormously into Eno’s life, and it was time for him to reap the benefits that accrued his investment.
    ‘Hello,’ she called in a shaky voice.
    ‘Who is on the line?’ A female voice inquired.
    Tamar guessed that was the King’s personal assistant, ‘My name is Tamar Benjamin. Please, I would love to speak to the King urgently.’ She hoped her request would be granted.
    ‘Do you have an appointment with him?’ The lady asked.
    ‘No, but I have something important to share with the King.’ Tamar was getting impatient and angry at her useless questions.
    The line went quiet for a few minutes before she said, ‘Okay, let me put you through to the King.’
    In a matter of seconds, the King who’d been in another meeting with his younger sister was told about the call.
    ‘Good afternoon my King,’ Tamar couldn’t hide the excitement in her voice.
    ‘Afternoon,’ Yemi had been trained not to relay his emotions to commoners.
    ‘I know that your men are the ones that have taken my daughter. Please forgive me for not giving her to you the proper way. She is your wife my King, do with her whatsoever you please.’ Tamar returned.
    At first, Yemi wanted to ignore the woman for the humiliation from last night, but he changed his mind.
    ‘Thank you Queen mother.’
    Being addressed in such an honorary manner tickled her insides, and she began to rain praises on the King in accented Yoruba.
    ‘It shall be well with your reign. You are the best my King.’
    ‘Have a lovely day ahead.’ The King ignored her accolades and broke the connection. Apart from welcoming his bride to the palace, he had other important matters to attend to.
    _You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep11_
    ‘Beast, get away from me!’ Eno tried to break free from the cords that bound her. Her fears had been confirmed the minute the men drove into a luxurious mansion which was obviously the Palace of King Yemi.
    Her lips shivered as he walked closer to her, ‘Whatever plans you had with my mother doesn’t concern me. I don’t love you and I will never marry you!’ She cried, feeling defeated as she realized that there were seven guards in the room, to prevent her from escaping.
    Yemi ignored her screams, he wanted to have a feel of her silky skin. All these years he had kept the image of her face in a special place in his heart. Those eyes that haunted him the first time he set eyes on her picture were right before him and he could do anything he’d wanted with her.
    ‘I am not asking you to love me, we were meant to be together from the beginning.’ He stroked a side of her face.
    Eno flinched away the moment his hands made contact with her skin. Why couldn’t he understand that she wasn’t aware of the plans he had with her mother?
    ‘Please…just let me go back to my family.’ Her teeth clattered together in a desperate plea for freedom. She had just returned from a journey, she was supposed to be resting and hanging out with her sisters like she had planned.
    Being kidnapped by a King who’d already assigned his role as her husband wasn’t what she had foreseen when she had planned a trip back home.
    ‘Why are you so afraid of me?’ Yemi felt slightly hurt by the way she’d pulled her face away.
    He was in awe of her delicate features. She was like glass in his hands, so precious and fragile. Why couldn’t she understand that they were meant for each other?
    ‘I am not afraid of you…’ Eno started, trying to hard to sound strong but her voice gave her away. It was shaky and laden with pain and regret. It seems she paying for her failure to save Jahnvi’s life.
    A tear scurried down her face as she beheld Yemi’s eyes closely for the first time.
    ‘I know you are a good person. You have a beautiful soul but you try to hide it because you are a King. I don’t know what agreement you had with my mother, but it is obvious that I know nothing of that plan. Please let me go, you can always find more beautiful and younger women. I am beneath your league…’she hoped her words would work magic on him.
    A sad smile played on his lips as he regarded her, ‘I am not a fool Eno. I paid your way through school and you will sit by my side on the throne as payment.’ He moved closer and began to stroke her long hair.
    She was disgusted by this act which seemed innocent.
    ‘I can pay you back! I will give you all of the money that you spent on me.’ Eno offered to redeem herself.

    EPISODE 12

    At once, he pulled his hands away from her hair and laughed, ‘Why do you think I haven’t been married all these years? I have been with a lot of women. So many would die to warm my bed, you should be lucky not sad.’ He had made up his mind to be with Eno, her reluctance meant nothing to him.
    Women were like dough, care and patience were needed ingredients to knead them to perfection. And Eno wasn’t an exception to this rule.
    ‘You are my queen, and there’s no denying it.’ He was about to tell her more about her role in the Palace, when the door to the room where she was being held bound barged open and an angry looking Tayo walked in.
    Eno clenched her teeth as she observed the entrance of the ebony beauty. She shared a strong resemblance with Yemi, but her brows were thicker and much more defined.
    She appeared to Eno as a rude and pompous princess. Even the way the guards bowed their head in her worship confirmed what she had been thinking.
    ‘We need to talk!’ Tayo ignored Eno completely. She had warned her brother to stay away from Mrs. Benjamin who was nothing but a broke ass gold digger, but he wouldn’t listen.
    Yemi wasn’t surprised at his sister’s reaction to Eno’s presence, he knew that she wasn’t in the same boat in this matter.
    ‘You don’t look happy, what is it?’ He hoped she hadn’t come to advise him to stay away from his Queen, because his mind was already made up.
    Tayo shrugged, ‘I just received another message from the Mask and his men.’ She bellowed to the hearing of everyone in the room.
    Not that she was concerned about what the siblings were discussing, but the mention of “The Mask,” got her attention. Even when she was away, she had heard the name a lot of times on the lips of Nigerians.
    He was a criminal, who was very antagonistic to the Nigerian Government. What made the personality more mysterious was the fact that no one had ever set eyes on him before.
    The Police had tried severally to pin down this powerful antagonist, but they had failed each time they tried.
    ‘What do they want?’ Yemi had to forget Eno briefly, this was equally important.
    Tayo blinked, and ran her eyes over the ceiling of the room.
    ‘I’d always warned you Yemi. I know what is best for you because I am you sister. First, they threatened us to stay away from the rocks and now we have somehow gotten into their trap, so they have gained ground to fight us more.’ She was very unhappy with her brother’s idea.
    Eno listened carefully to what was being discussed and she briefly wondered what business King Yemi had with such a dangerous personality.
    ‘You are just complaining over and over, what was his message this time?’ Yemi was lost, his sister wasn’t clear with her message.
    Her lungs inflated as she pulled in a very deep breath and pointed a finger at Eno.
    ‘The Mask wants her!’
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep12
    The news of Eno’s kidnap had come like a strike of thunder. His blood thumped, even as his friend tried to pacify him. Elena had sent him a detailed message about everything that had transpired between their mother and the King.
    ‘I can’t believe that would woman would pimp her daughter like that,’ Elvis sighed as he caressed the shotgun on the table. He had been ready to march into the King’s palace and kill everyone who would attempt to stop him from taking his sister out of that horrible place.
    Elvis realized that no matter how far he went, his family would still need his help. And he also had a feeling that he was created for times like this.
    ‘You are quiet…’ Elvis observed his best friend from the corner of his eye.
    Sam had been in his study, drawing up the perfect strategy on how to outsmart both Yemi and the Federal Government in relation to the latest discovery. But the silence of the mansion was taken away by the angry screams of Elvis after receiving information about the kidnap.
    Sam couldn’t stop staring at her photograph. She had become his obsession, and if he didn’t fight it, he would fall head over heels for her.
    ‘I already sent the Princess a message; they will be waiting for us.’ Sam replied calmly. His voice was bold, and his eyes were confident.
    Elvis knew Sam was up to something, but he didn’t want to intrude. Whatever plans Sam was cooking up in that genius brain of his would help get his sister back.
    ‘I will make the King an offer he would not refuse.’ Sam turned off his phone and dropped it into his pocket. He had deliberated within himself on the right approach to take.
    First the King and his sister had trespassed on his lands, and now he had taken the woman of his interest. The King had declared a full blown war, but he would be the one to lose.
    ‘What offer?’ Elvis’ attention was torn between his buzzing phone and what Sam had to say. He decided to ignore the phone, he could always get back to that anytime.
    Sam knew his friend wouldn’t like his idea, but Eno was worth that kind of sacrifice and more.
    ‘You’re not going to like it.’ His eyes glowed mischievously. He had already drawn up an invisible strategy in his mind. He would kill two birds with one stone, throwing the King into utter confusion.
    Elvis couldn’t wait to hear this idea, ‘Tell me.’
    ‘Do you remember what I said about your sister last night?’ Sam rubbed his palms together. Of course, Elvis remembered. He wasn’t still over the shock of Sam having a thing for his elder sister whom he hadn’t seen for many years.
    ‘Yes, how does your infatuation with my sister relate to this?’ Elvis wished he could understand the correlation.
    Sam quickly corrected him, ‘What I feel for your sister isn’t infatuation, be careful with your words.’ He felt offended that Elvis would trivialize what he had for Eno.
    He could understand why Elvis was reacting that way. Love at first sight was mythical and to some, it didn’t exist. But Sam had always been an outlaw from the beginning.
    He wasn’t the type to live his life in accordance to societal rules and expectations. He was Samuel Ojonugwa, and he was the one that created the rules for people to abide by.
    ‘I am sorry if the truth hurts you. Now let us talk about the way forward here.’ Elvis threw his hands into the air.
    Sam had wanted to ignore his friend for his insensitive response, but he decided to share his plans with him, to avoid confusion in the future.
    ‘I will offer the King and his sister access to the rocks. I’ll call our men back. I am offering him an opportunity to mine all the vermillion he wants without the knowledge and interference of the Federal Government.’
    Elvis couldn’t believe his ears, ‘You’re kidding right?’ He knew Sam wouldn’t give up their opportunity of ruling the country from this mansion away, just to save his sister.
    Vermillion was the most sought after mineral after gold. It was going extinct, so whoever had access to the mineral was considered an important personality.
    ‘I know it may sound stupid, but I like your sister. I am willing to give up more for her, all I want is her attention.’ Sam shrugged. He knew Elvis thought he was crazy, from the look on his face.
    Elvis shook his head, ‘Hell no, I can’t let you make a crazy decision and pin it down on saving my sister. We both know we could attack that palace and take her away, but we won’t. Why do you want to give Yemi the opportunity to milk your hometown dry? Did you see what his fellow elites did to the Niger Delta lands? We cannot give them the opportunity to get close to the vermillion. We may never forget ourselves for it.’ Elvis hoped he could dissuade his friend from such an irrational decision.
    But Sam wasn’t changing his mind, ‘Let the King have the vermillion, I will have your sister.’

    EPISODE 13

    It was now clear to Elvis that what Sam had for his sister was greater than infatuation, it was deeper and it scared him. Never in his life, had he seen Sam acting this way just to rescue a damsel in distress.
    ‘Look, I have other plans for us, but I may not unfold them now. Just get my mask and my gun ready. We are paying the king and his beautiful sister a short visit.’ Sam ordered, before advancing towards the exit.
    He was very excited at the thought of meeting her again. He knew she would be terrified of the King and his crude ways of doing things. But soon, her captivity would be history, because he was going to deliver her from the hands of her captor.
    Once Sam was out of the room, Elvis decided to distract his mind from his friend’s attraction to his sister. He grabbed his phone and ran his eyes over the screen.
    ‘Elena,’ he muttered his sister’s name as he realized that he had been ignoring her messages. He quickly responded to one of the messages, then they began to chat.
    Tamar had joined her daughters in Elena’s room, she reassured them that their older sister was with the King in his palace and she was very safe.
    ‘I told you that we cannot win this one. By right, your sister belongs to the King and he has taken her to be with him.’ Tamar was relieved that her daughter hadn’t been taken by some hoodlums. She was confident that the king would make a good husband.
    Cassie and Elena exchanged glares; they were tired of arguing with their mother. Or trying to make her understand that what she had done was wrong.
    ‘Mum, just leave us alone. I am talking to Elvis right now and he will get Eno back home.’ Elena waved her mother aside. She would deal with her mother’s horrible attitude later.
    Tamar laughed, and smacked her palms together, ‘How can you even trust your prodigal brother to “rescue” your sister? Elvis has brought nothing to this family but pain and hollowness. If I were you, I’d do better things with my time.’ Tamar felt that the time of convincing her daughters to support her plans for Eno was over.
    Now that the King had taken his bride, she was free to move on with her life.
    ‘Mum, don’t you have conscience? You just sold one of your daughters off!’ Cassie snapped at her, feeling disgusted by her mother’s nonchalant attitude towards the whole thing.
    But Tamar wasn’t perturbed. She had been worried at first about the way Eno would see her. But she was looking at the bigger picture here, her bloodline would forever be linked to the throne and that was what every mother prayed for.
    ‘Can I ask you a question mum?’ Elena dropped her phone.
    ‘Yes, sweet pea.’ Tamar replied sweetly.
    ‘Tell us how you knew it was the King that kidnapped our sister. Why do I have this feeling that you planned it with Yemi?’ Elena didn’t trust the woman one bit.
    Tamar shrugged, ‘Well, the King called me and informed me that his wife was very happy in the palace.’ She lied smoothly.
    She knew the girls would throw more questions at her, so she quickly rose to her feet and hurried towards the door.
    ‘You should be ashamed of yourself mum. Eno would never forgive you for this.’ Cassie called to her. Tamar didn’t care what any of her daughters thought of her plans.
    But she had just one thing to say to them, ‘To be clear, Eno understood that I wasn’t being selfish by taking that decision. I wanted the best for her. She has a degree and now a billionaire husband. I don’t know what it is that you both have with Elvis, but if you ruin the King’s chances of being with the woman that he loves…’ her voice trailed off as she grabbed the door’s handle.
    Elena was the hot headed one, ‘what would you do mum?’
    ‘Of course one of you will have to take her place in the palace.’ Tamar flashed a clean set of teeth before stepping out. And she meant every word she had spoken. If Cassie or Elena got in the way of her plans, she would make sure they pay for it.
    Cassie dropped her head in disappointment; she couldn’t believe that her mother would act that way.
    ‘Did she really give birth to us?’
    ‘I don’t think so.’ Elena snorted and returned to chatting with her elder brother who seemed very interested in what had been happening in the family.
    ELVIS: I am sorry for not replying, I was busy.
    ELENA: It’s okay bro. Mum isn’t sorry about pimping Eno off to the king. She just walked out of the room.
    ELVIS: I can’t blame her. She had always wanted the best for her children; only that she didn’t know how to go about it rightfully.
    ELENE: Seriously? Are you taking her side now?
    ELVIS: Let’s be realistic. I don’t support what mother did, but without the King’s money, Eno wouldn’t have made it.
    ELENA: Now you’re scaring me…
    ELVIS: Don’t worry; I don’t support Yemi kidnapping our sister. I swear to you that I’d get her back.
    ELENA: I know you would, but be careful. I accidentally mentioned your plans to mother.
    ELVIS: It is alright, I am not alone.
    ELENA: Will you come with her?
    ELVIS: Can we not talk about my return home? How is Cassie? How is Dad?
    ELENA… .typing
    ‘Elena?’ Cassandra had been surfing the web when her eyes stumbled on something important. She knew her sister would be delighted with this news.
    Elena was a professional blogger, and her blog, “Spicy,” was one of the best in the country. She knew that the news she had just seen would go viral soon, and her sister had to use it to boost traffic.
    ‘Yes?’ Elena’s eye travelled from the phone to her Cassie’s face.
    ‘I think you may find this interesting, some sites are talking about it and I feel you should join them, but with a new perspective.’ Cassie handed her iPad to her sister.
    Elena was reluctant to take the phone from her sister; she was more interested in talking to her brother Elvis. But she knew that would come off as rude, so she took the iPad from Cassie and glanced through the site.
    Her pupils dilated in surprise as she read the news, ‘But this isn’t possible…’ Elena swallowed.
    ‘Yes it is, The Mask has returned to terrorize the country.’ Cassie shrugged.
    The site had just reported the explosion of a famous oil refinery in Ughelli, and it was alleged that the Mask and his militants were behind it.
    ‘I thought people said he’s dead.’ Elena raised a brow.
    ‘People like him don’t die. They lurk in the shadows and terrorize the world.’
    Elena was thrilled with this news; she had something to boost the traffic on her site.
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep13
    Sam and Elvis were the only ones that planned to visit the palace. He was about covering his face with the yellow mask which he often put on during operations when Elvis strolled into the room fuming.
    ‘They are at it again, they are pinning this one on you.’ Elvis tossed a newspaper on the desk close to where Sam stood. One of the boys had showed it to him.
    Sam ran his eyes over the headlines till he reached the point which concerned him. An explosion had just happened in Ughelli, Delta State and the papers were pinning it on him.
    ‘Propaganda, someone is trying to distract us.’ Sam shook his head in laughter. He had been accused of worse crimes, rape and murder, but he had never done any of those things. He had a lot of enemies in high places and they could do anything to tarnish his image before the people he was fighting to protect.
    But Elvis didn’t find it funny, ‘If they keep on doing this, we may just have to blow their fucking brain off!’ He grabbed the paper and began to tear it into pieces.
    Sam didn’t stop him, he just found his friend’s reaction funny.
    ‘We both know that we didn’t carry out that rogue operation. We don’t do things like that. Why don’t you focus on what we are about to do? Is being framed more important than your sister’s life?’ Sam grabbed the AK47 closer to him and scrutinized the gun.
    Elvis shrugged, ‘I just wished I knew those behind these lies.’
    Sam suspected only one person, ‘It is either the King or his spoilt little sister. They are trying to buy time for themselves knowing we wouldn’t let them close to the Vermillion. If the Federal Government believes this news to be true, they will start trailing us and we may have to leave the country again.’ He was a hundred percent sure that Yemi or his sister was behind the rumors.
    Elvis found this piece of information more intriguing, ‘Is the princess this ruthless?’ He was starting to get attracted to her.
    Sam nodded, ‘Some people say she controls her brother. A woman who wields such power over the King shouldn’t be joked with. Now come on.’
    Swiftly, he covered his face with the yellow mask and dropped the gun in his pocket. It was time to take back what the King had stolen from him. His belly fluttered as he thought of kissing her again, this time, deeper than the first.
    As both men sauntered out of the study, a Christmas Song began to play. And it was the perfect song for what was to take place.
    “Santa Claus is coming to town….”

    EPISODE 14

    The ride to the King’s palace was more than an hour as he lived in the outskirts of town. The King lived in an enormous estate all by himself, and it was going to be difficult to locate the exact place where Eno was being held.
    ‘This is going to be harder than I thought.’ Sam pulled the mask off his face as he stared at the array of identical houses in front of them.
    The area was expanse, airy and green. Just before the first house, which was shielded by a tall fence and a golden gate, there was a large field. At the sidelines, statues of ancient kings were erected.
    ‘Do you think he would stay here?’ Elvis whispered.
    ‘I don’t know…’ Sam replied honestly.
    They were about moving when two huge men dressed in white stormed out of the gate towards them. They carried guns. And from the look on their faces, it seemed they had come prepared for the visit of the mask and his friend.
    ‘I guessed the Princess got my message then.’ Sam chuckled and quickly pulled out his gun from his pocket. Swiftly, he pointed it at the two men who were advancing towards them.
    Elvis followed suit, these men would be the ones to lead them to the King for negotiations.
    ‘Stop right there if you want to see tomorrow’s sunrise!’ Sam fingered the trigger and advanced towards the men, whose stern facial expressions had softened.
    Sam quickly remembered that he hadn’t shielded his face from their view, so he did. The mask swallowed his oval face completely, leaving open his mouth and his eyes.
    ‘Elvis?’ He called in a sharp voice.
    ‘Yes boss.’ Elvis hurried to his side.
    ‘I need you to leave, I don’t know what will happen in there, but you need to hold the fort while I am away.’ Sam wanted to speak to Yemi alone, he knew Elvis hadn’t been too comfortable with his decision to forgo the Vermillion for Eno. He didn’t want anything to hinder him. Elvis wasn’t seeing the bigger picture here; he didn’t have an idea of what he was planning for the King.
    Elvis had wanted to argue, but he knew that this was neither the time nor the place, so he quickly rushed back to the car and drove away.
    ‘Now it’s just me, who dies first?’ Sam’s laughter was hysterical, and it scared the men.
    ‘Who are you?!’ One of the men yelled, trying to sound courageous.
    Sam knew how to get the attention he needed, because he was quite sure that the King was within those walls.
    ‘I hate to do this, but I am really sorry.’ He pointed his gun directly at the crotch of the man that had just spoken, before releasing the trigger.
    The King had been in his royal garden, drinking Iced Tea and eating some cookies, while conversing with Tayo whose focus was on the laptop she carried. She was telling her brother to forget Sam’s threat, there was nothing he could do to their plans.
    ‘I have already dropped a bomb in his camp, in two days, he and his band would be scattered in many ways.’ She couldn’t take her eyes off the site where the news she had constructed was being published.
    Yemi had always wondered where Tayo got her intelligence from, ‘What did you do this time?’ He sipped coolly from his mug, his mind still on Eno who had refused to take neither food nor water.
    Tayo had done something very dirty and she knew her brother wouldn’t approve.
    ‘I sent some thugs to bomb a refinery in Ughelli. It’s on the Mask now, and nobody would ever trace it back to us.’ She averted her brother’s eyes when she noticed a glint of displeasure.
    Yemi suddenly lost his appetite, ‘What? How could you do something like that Tayo? I thought we agreed not to shed innocent blood on the path to fulfilling this cause.’
    She rolled her eyes and snorted, ‘Chill, the boys assured me that no life was lost. Only properties were destroyed and they could always start over.’ Tayo knew her brother was chicken livered and he always left her to do the dirty work.
    ‘Hey, if we don’t distract Sam and his militants, they would never let us be. Vermillion would make us even more powerful than the sitting President of the United States. Countries that have interest in bomb and explosives would bow to her feet. It is a potent mineral for technological advancement and I want you to see that.’ She explained why she had taken that decision without informing him.
    Yemi dropped the mug on the stool close to him, ‘Are you sure no life was lost?’ He rarely fought dirty, but his sister was used to that kind of way, and it scared him sometimes.
    She had forgotten about their position of authority as royals. If the crimes she had committed were somehow traced back to them, they would lose honor before society.
    ‘Come on bro, have I ever lied to you all these years?’ She couldn’t understand why it was so hard for the King to believe her.
    He was about to answer when a shattering sound ended the silence that the palace had once enjoyed.
    Yemi rose to his feet at once, ‘Something is wrong.’ At the same time, his body guards all rushed closer to where he stood and suggested he left for his chambers while the checked what was going on.
    Tayo’s brows furrowed in confusion, but she immediately relaxed as she remembered the message she had received from the Mask.
    ‘Brother…’ she called to Yemi.
    ‘Let us go inside, we’ll talk later.’ He whispered to his sister but she wouldn’t budge.
    ‘No, I think Samuel Ojonugwa is here. He threatened to pay us a visit.’ Tayo had a feeling that Sam must have heard the news of the explosion, and he was mad that someone was framing him up.
    She hoped that he hadn’t traced the news back to her as that would be terrible.
    ‘I don’t care whoever it is, but someone dangerous is out there and his intent is to harm us.’ Yemi replied.
    He knew his sister would remain stubborn, so he quickly ordered a guard to bundle her back to the palace.

    EPISODE 15

    ‘If you lay a hand on me, I’ll make sure you regret it for the rest of your life.’ Tayo sneered at the guard that had come to do the King’s bidding.
    Sam chuckled as he realized that he had shaken the man’s boldness with his shot. He wasn’t serious about shooting his crotch; he’d only fired the vacuum between his legs.
    ‘Please…I’ll do whatever you want.’ The man’s lips shook as he realized he had been at a very close shave with death.
    ‘What about you, what do you say?’ Sam grinned and pointed his gun at the second man.
    ‘We’ll take you to the king.’ He replied in a shaky voice.
    ‘Now we are talking. After you guys,’ He pointed at the golden gate. He couldn’t wait to have an audience with King Yemi.
    Sam knew this mission was very dangerous. Once he stepped into the palace, there will be two outcomes. It was either he stepped out alive, or got buried under the King’s roses.
    He just had to be very tactful. While the men led the way towards the tall gate, he quickly pulled out his phone and sent Elvis a message.
    Come back with reinforcement. If I don’t step out in an hour, kill everyone in the palace. T.M
    While Tayo was arguing with the guard who’d been acting on the King’s orders, the golden gate which led to the entrance of King Yemi’s palace opened.
    ‘Tayo! We need to run!’ Yemi got hold of her hand and pulled her roughly.
    Just in time, the men quickly led the mask into the Royal grove of King Yemi Lasisi.
    ‘Exquisite,’ Sam scoffed as he took in the beauty of the palace, but there wasn’t much time for further admiration. He had come for something important and he wasn’t leaving without it.
    ‘My lord, the Mask is here, what should we do?’ One of the men with Yemi asked.
    ‘Shoot him!’ Tayo yelled.
    ‘Don’t shoot, he is alone. I guess he has come to discuss something.’ Yemi quickly released his sister and focused on the faceless man that strolled majestically towards the garden where they stood.
    Tayo scoffed, she couldn’t believe her brother would be this weak.
    ‘You’re making a mistake that you’ll forever regret.’ She sneered at him, but he ignored her.
    Sam was able to hear their argument, and that confirmed everything that he had heard about the Princess. She was domineering and insulting towards her elder brother, the King.
    ‘Hello Yemi,’ Sam quickly pulled off his mask, showing his true face to the regal and his sister.
    Yemi swallowed hard as he focused on the ugly scar that sat on Sam’s face. There was nothing beautiful about this thug. He looked as scary as the stories surrounding him.
    ‘What do you want in my palace?’ Yemi growled.
    Sam exhaled, he took in the beautiful scenery of the garden and the entire building. The architecture was ancient; it was byzantine but very unique on its own.
    ‘You have a beautiful home my King. This Palace reminds me of one of the Four Seasons hotel I’d lodged in Canada. It was very luxurious.’ Sam bowed his head mockingly.
    Tayo couldn’t believe her brother was conversing with the criminal, ‘You don’t have any place here. You are not welcome. Leave before it becomes too late.’ She threatened, but he wasn’t moved.
    Sam shrugged and moved closer to the king, but was immediately stopped by the guards who formed a barricade, enclosing him in.
    ‘I have come to take what is mine.’ Sam bellowed.
    ‘And what is that?’ Yemi arched a brow.
    ‘I know what the rock fields mean to you. What if I surrendered and let you take all of the vermillion quietly? I swear that no tier of Government would be alerted about this transaction. We can even sign an agreement. But I’ll need something in return for my allegiance.’ Sam didn’t waste time in negotiation.
    Yemi scoffed, what was the criminal talking about?
    ‘And what do I owe you?’ Yemi asked.
    ‘Enobong Benjamin. She is my wife.’
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep15
    She’d drifted off to dreamland. She found herself roaming one of the beaches she had visited in Tamil Nadu. Coconut trees surrounded the sandy beach. Stalls meant for steak lover were stacked together at the farthest end. There were women, men and children, all laughing or taking pictures.
    Eno was strolling towards the water; the silvery waves were calling out her name. She felt alone in that moment, nobody cared about her. Nobody loved her. But the waves were fighting each other, rolling in a passionate torrent as she drew nearer.
    All her life she had been devoted to her work and desire to help humanity. But deep down, she had always felt this hole, she didn’t feel complete or fulfilled. And it was that emptiness that drove her towards the sea.
    She let out a gasp as her left foot kissed the cold water. Wind rustled her raven hair. She felt free. This was heavenly.
    Her eyes glowed in ecstasy as she stared at the water before her. Once she stepped in, the waves would overpower her and make her theirs. Her eyes averted to the cluster of tents which were filled with people, but they didn’t seem to notice her.
    ‘Doctor Benjamin!’ A sharp scream caught her attention, and when she looked upon the waters another time, she found the girl she hadn’t been able to save.
    Her eyes popped open, ‘Jahnvi?’ She drew a sharp breath and began walking towards the little girl who seemed so helpless and afraid.
    ‘Hold on Jahnvi! I am coming to save you.’ Eno watched as the waves seeped into the helm of Jahnvi’s sari. She needed to hurry before it was too late.
    Tears rushed down her face as she moved deeper and deeper into the water. Her feet were drenched in the pleasuring feel of the cold water.
    Eno was almost at the middle of the sea when she noticed the figure fading slowly into the atmosphere.
    ‘Jahnvi? No! Wait…’ she started to run, but the violent rising of the waves slowed her down. To her horror, she realized the girl had only been a daylight mirage.
    A strange feeling of defeat settled upon her as she realized the waves had lured her. The water had played with her mind. It had trapped her reasoning and now she would pay dearly for her life.
    But she wasn’t afraid to drown. Eno spread her arms like a wing ready for its next journey. She was done with this life, and she was prepared to retire to the place where the other waited for her. She was prepared to cross the river of life and step into another world.
    She had nothing to lose and no one to love.
    ‘Please take me…’ she blinked away the tears that stung her eyelids.
    Her heart jolted as she felt two strong arms lifting her upwards. She was confused and fought with the man who’d thought himself her savior.
    ‘Let go of me!’ She kicked and writhed, but he ignored her. Once they were both out of the water, he dropped her gently on the beach.
    The moment her eyes met with his’, Eno realized that he was the man that she had been looking for all these years.
    ‘You?’ Her eyes glowed with unshed tears.
    ‘Yes, what were you trying to do?’ He asked.
    ‘I…I couldn’t find you. I thought I’d lost you.’ Her voice was husky. She couldn’t believe she’d come face to face with the man that haunted her dreams.
    Suddenly, she began to see him in new light. He wasn’t that unattractive as she’d seen him the first day. The ugly scar on his face was a tattoo of a painful memory. His eyes were so soft and delicate. They were the fireflies that glowed in the darkest part of her soul.
    ‘I love you darling, you should learn to forgive yourself. Jahnvi’s death is not your fault and you know that. You tried your best to save her.’ He caressed her temple.
    This shocked her more, ‘How do you know Jahnvi?’

    EPISODE 16

    He was about answering when a loud bang shook her from the dream and she was back in real time, wondering what she was doing in a dark room.
    ‘Damn!’ Eno tried to slow her rush breathing. She couldn’t believe she had been dreaming all that while, it had felt so real.
    Suddenly, she became fully aware of the chains that bound her feet and her wrists. She took in the familiar smell of the dark room. Slowly, the pieces of her memories returned and she remembered that she had been kidnapped by Yemi.
    ‘No…’ she licked her dry lips nervously.
    ‘What was that sound?’ She held her breath and listened, but nothing else followed. She could swear that it was a gunshot, living in a country where everyone had access to guns had given her the opportunity to identify a gun by its shots.
    Eno sighed, while searching the darkness and wishing there was a way out for her. Her stomach rumbled, and her head throbbed. She had refused the king’ meal, insisting that she wanted her freedom, she felt helpless as the pangs of hunger continued to harass her belly.
    She felt defeated as she realized she was all here alone. No amount of crying or screaming would touch Yemi to release her. She had seen the passionate flame that had burned in his eyes for her. How could he even possess such a strong desire for her when he didn’t know her?
    Even in her sadness, she welcomed the smile that itched the corner of her lips. She was thinking of her dream. She was thinking about the stranger that had kissed her in the plane.
    Eno concluded that he knew her better than the King. He knew that she was rude at times and that she smoked.
    ‘He knows I am afraid of love…’her weak voice trailed off as she imagined what kissing him another time would feel like.
    Her heart began to dance unsteadily as his delicate eyes stared back at her in the dark. Even though she was alone in this eerie room, she felt strong just thinking about the words the stranger had spoken to her in the dream.
    “‘I love you darling; you should learn to forgive yourself. Jahnvi’s death is not your fault and you know that. You tried your best to save her.”
    Foolishly she grinned in the dark and whispered, ‘I love you too, whoever you are.’
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep16
    Sam noticed that the king had a fine taste in the arts, from the paintings that hung on his world.
    ‘That is very beautiful,’ Sam slipped his gun into the pocket while marching to the throne room for negotiations. The painting was a very simple one, but carried a profound and poetic meaning.
    Yemi had wanted to ignore the criminal. He was still confused and angry was he pondered on Sam’s last words before they got into the palace. What relationship did he have with Eno and why did he address her as his wife?
    Could his sister Tayo be telling the truth about Mrs. Benjamin playing him?
    ‘The Sand domes of Sudan by Pita Ohiwerei. He is a famous Nigerian American who did a portrait of an ex Nigerian president once…’ Yemi offered Sam a brief explanation of the painting.
    Tayo rolled her eyes in disapproval, she didn’t trust Sam one bit and she wished he could just keep his mouth shut.
    ‘I commend your fine taste in exquisite things.’ Sam’s eyes travelled from the paintings to the pearly décor and excellence of the throne room.
    Tayo quickly snapped at him once they reached, ‘Can you just stop talking? You may fool everyone into thinking that you are genuinely interested in the arts when you are not. Just tell us why you have come before I lose my patience and order for your head.’
    Yemi felt emasculated that his sister would talk in his presence. It would show the mask that he lacked the power and authority to rule his own household.
    ‘Tayo!’ He called her in a gruff voice.
    She ignored him and settled in one of the chairs, cross-legged.
    ‘Well if you are always this aggressive my princess…I fear you may never find a man to love.’ Sam pulled a chair closer and sat on it. He observed that she had the King wrapped over her little fingers. And the only way he could ever stand a chance against King Yemi was to take out his sister.
    Tayo glared at him angrily, ‘Of all the things that I have envisaged for my life, love isn’t one of them. It is the language of the weak. I don’t love.’
    Yemi was tired of Sam and Tayo picking at each other, so he cut in.
    ‘What do you want Samuel Ojonugwa?’
    A sigh escaped him as he drew in a deep breath. The King was prepared for him and he wouldn’t go back on what he had planned.
    ‘I already told you, Eno Benjamin. I know that you have taken her against her wish but I am pleading with you for her immediate release.’
    Yemi lifted a brow cynically, ‘And why should I release her to you?’ He couldn’t believe the Mask’s audacity.
    ‘Eno is the woman I love. She would be my wife. You are stealing something that belongs to me.’ Sam replied.
    Yemi was upset that he would refer to his angel inanimately.
    ‘She is not a THING, watch your tongue while you’re in my palace.’
    ‘Very well then, I want to trade.’ Sam murmured.
    At first, Tayo had felt bored with the conversation, but the mention of trading got her attention.
    ‘Trade?’ She eyed the criminal suspiciously.
    ‘Yes, in vermillion.’ He returned, while watching the faces of the royals. He told them about his willingness to let go of all the rock fields, even promising to send some of his boys to protect the King’s workers while they mined.
    Tayo scoffed, ‘Now that is a big joke.’
    ‘Did you come into this palace to insult me?’ The King narrowed his eyes, ‘Even if you meant what you are saying, I would never give up my love for vermilion.’
    Sam laughed, ‘Of course you will. You are nothing without power my King. Once you have the mineral in your possession, foreign companies would send their representatives to your palace. You’ll be the richest and strongest man in Africa and beyond. I know you want that, but you have to release Eno.’
    Yemi leaned back on his golden throne, ‘No!’
    Tayo had been looking at Sam’s face the whole time. She was trying to access if he was telling the truth or trying to lure them into a trap.
    ‘How do we know you will uphold to your own part of the deal when we release her?’ Tayo bit her lip and focused on his eyes.
    Sam knew the princess was watching him, he had to play his part perfectly.
    ‘We can sign some documents and if I go against it, you take all the members of her family. I love this woman and I can’t let her go.’
    ‘And the Federal Government, how sure are we that you wouldn’t snitch on us?’ Princess Tayo pressed on, getting her brother more peeved with her unreasonable questioning.
    Sam knew this one was tricky, ‘Why don’t you trust me? Already you have pinned the Ughelli explosion on I and my boys. You are very powerful princess, and I know you will deal with me if I fail to keep my end of the bargain.’
    Tayo didn’t trust him. He thought he was a smart guy, but she could see the evil glint in his eyes. The Mask was up to no good, but they could still benefit from what seemed like a temporary truce.
    The Mask and his men would stand down for a month or two, and that will afford the company enough time to mine the rock fields for the vermillion.
    ‘We’ll take your offer,’ she rose to her feet and moved to her brother’s side.
    ‘I knew you would.’ Sam was impressed by her intelligence. He couldn’t wait to see Eno again.
    The King was petrified that Tayo would take such a delicate decision without consulting with him.
    ‘No! I would never let her go.’ Yemi rose to his feet.
    ‘Brother, you have to…we have worked so hard for this. You can always get another woman like Eno. There’s nothing special about her.’ Tayo touched his hand gently.
    Unlike her brother, she never allowed sentiments to influence her while taking important business decisions.
    ‘I can’t.’ Yemi swore under his breath to keep Eno to himself.

    EPISODE 17

    ‘Yes you will, else I walk out of this palace and leave you to handle things on your own. We both know how things turned out when I left your side.’ Tayo jerked her hands away from her brother in annoyance.
    If she had her way, she would slit Eno’s throat so she could put an end to her brother’s abnormal fixation with the lady.
    A smug sat on his face as he watched the bickering between the siblings. He had achieved one of his aims, and that was throwing confusion between them. There were just like the elites that ruled the country, even worse on the part of Tayo.
    She was self driven and terribly ambitious. And she preyed on the weakness of her elder brother, the king.
    ‘I cannot lose my pride! Her mother deceived me all these years. If I am letting her go, I must regain my honor as the king.’
    Furiously, he stormed out of the throne room feeling deprived and greatly humiliated. Somebody had to pay.
    ‘I guess I can have my bride now…’Sam rubbed his palms in anticipation.
    Tayo smiled, ‘It was nice doing business with you, but if you think for one minute that you could go back on our agreement…’ She walked closer to Sam and waved a finger over his face.
    ‘I will make sure I hunt you and your men down. I don’t think you would want to taste my wrath, Mr. Mask.’
    Sam wasn’t afraid of the princess. He admired her courage, because not many people could stand up to him the way she did.
    ‘As you wish your majesty,’ He lowered his head in a mocking gesture.
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep17
    She was still stuck in her fantasy of kissing the stranger another time, when the door to the room where she was being held captive flew wide open. Her eyes struggled to adjust to the sudden inflow of light after many hours in darkness.
    ‘What now?’ She wondered as she stared into the empty hallway.
    She cringed at the thought of the King returning to run his filthy hands on her. She just wished he could understand that she wasn’t in love with him and could never be.
    She was ready to refund all of his money if she had the chance. Like himself, she had been tricked into thinking she had won a scholarship by her mother. Eno shook her head in disappointment as she thought of the woman, who had felt she was doing her a favor.
    ‘You are free to go now. Get out of this palace and don’t contact my brother for anything.’ Tayo marched into the room with two strong looking guards. Eno could never understand the princess’ aggressiveness towards her.
    ‘I don’t understand…’Eno’s mouth fell open in surprise as the men began working on the ropes that restricted her freedom. Why had the King suddenly changed his mind? What had changed?
    Tayo eyed her in disdain. She wondered what was so special about the commoner. In the past, her brother had come home with better looking girls. Why had he been so obsessed with this old hag?
    ‘Get her to the Mask!’ Tayo ignored Eno’s questions and spun on her heel. Now that the Mask and his men were out of their way, she needed to strategize. She had to work very fast before he changed his mind again.
    Tayo was suddenly curious about the Mask and his personal life, she decided to do a little digging before coming up with her strategy for the vermillion.
    She pulled out her mobile phone and typed his name on the search engine.
    ‘Ironic…’ she grinned. The first thing that was written about the Mask was the mystery of the personality who bore that name. Not many people had seen his face, only top Government officials and members of the Secret Service had encountered him on a personal level.
    This was her second time of seeing the Mask. The first had been in a fundraiser in Bayelsa. She had gone there with the King, and one of his wealthy friends had pointed at Sam who’d been busy in discourse with the Governor of the state.
    ‘Elvis Benjamin…’ she murmured as she came across a picture of a man that was believed to be the Mask’s most trusted accomplice.
    Tayo pressed a hand against her chest as she stared into the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. For the first time in her twenty eight years on earth, she acknowledged that this man was handsome.
    ‘Sexy…’ she ran three fingers from his forehead down to the base of his chin.
    ‘Where are you taking me?’ Eno struggled with the guards that led her out of the room towards the long hallway which led to the exit of the palace. Fear gripped her as she imagined what these men would do to her.
    She had a lot of concerns, and it irked her that Tayo had completely ignored her. Why hadn’t the King come himself to release her, if she was really free?
    ‘I demand to speak to the King!’ She cried out in a loud voice, but none of the men seemed to be listening. She was restless. She was frightened, but at this point, there was nothing that she could do to save herself.
    She stopped struggling, and allowed the men to lead her calmly till she found herself in the King’s garden.
    ‘Wait here for the Mask.’ One of the men instructed her. Before she could ask them further questions, they both released her at once and quickly retreated to the palace.
    Her eyes fluttered as she tried to adjust to the piercing radiation of the mad sun. She ran her eyes over the impeccable flowers that sprouted from all corners in the garden.
    ‘The Mask?’ She licked her lips while thinking of the instruction from the man. There was only one personality she knew that bore that name. The Mask was a notorious criminal and she had heard the King talking about him with his younger sister.
    What was really happening to her? Why couldn’t anyone answer her questions? What business did she have with the Mask?
    The vibration in her pocket lured her mind from the bugging questions. She suddenly realized that her phone had been in her pocket all this time.
    Quickly, she pulled it out and decided to put some calls across to her sisters. She knew they were worried about her, but she had to calm their fears first. She was about dialing Cassandra’s phone number when a strange thought entered her mind.
    Eno wasn’t convinced that the King had really released her. How could he just let her go after funding her education for seven years? Everything that she had ever wanted had been prepared for her. Why would he let her go without a fight?
    A chill ran down her spine as she sensed another presence in the garden. The musky scent was strong. It was kind of familiar, but she quickly dismissed the possibility of seeing him again.
    Her thoughts quickly returned to the King who had just released her without a fight. Why had he taken her against her will in the first place?

    EPISODE 18

    Sam was having a view of her well rounded backside when she suddenly turned round and caught him staring. Luckily for him, he had slipped on his yellow mask, so she wouldn’t know who he was.
    She wasn’t wearing any make-up, but she looked perfect. Her eyes were even clearer than what he had seen at the airport. Her skin was refreshed and glowing. Her forehead was drenched in sweat, and tendrils of frontal hair, which added a babyish look to her face.
    ‘It is time to go home.’ Sam deliberately made his voice deeper so she wouldn’t recognize it. He was still unsure of how she would react if she knew whom he truly was.
    He knew Eno wasn’t attracted to him, but he was willing to take a risk with her. He just wanted to find out a few things about her before proceeding.
    ‘Home?’ She quickly stepped back as she stared into the eyes of the masked man. Eno felt wrong about leaving with this man. For heaven’s sake, she didn’t even know him.
    Following him would amount to signing her death warrant. Maybe the King had decided to hand her over to an assassin for rejecting his marriage proposal.
    ‘Yes, I convinced the King to release you. I want to take you to your home.’ Sam replied coolly.
    He had told Elvis to return to the camp with the boys after a successful bargain with the King. On his instructions, Elvis had also left one of the cars behind, so Sam would use that to take his sister back home.
    ‘Wait, how did you know my home and who are you?’ Eno quickly moved away from the man, her eyes were pinned to the enormous gate. If only she could get closer, she would run all the way home.
    He could see she was afraid. The fire he had spotted in her eyes at the airport had diminished. Her eyes were now pale, making her look helpless. He knew she wasn’t comfortable around him, especially the fact that he was putting on a mask.
    ‘I am not here to answer your questions.’ He had to get her out the King’s palace, before Yemi went back on their agreement.
    Sam quickly pulled out his gun and pointed it at her, ‘If you don’t follow me, I’ll blow your brains out.’
    Eno froze at the sight of the weapon. She suddenly remembered the bang that had awoken her from sleep. She had been right! Someone had fired a gun and this made her wonder a lot of things.
    What if the palace had been attacked by this strange man? What if the King wasn’t aware that he was taking her out of the palace?
    Eno was no longer excited about leaving. She had desired her freedom, but not under this sort of condition.
    ‘Please…’ she knew better than to argue with a man holding a gun. A man whose face she couldn’t see.
    ‘Perfect, now come closer.’ He beckoned on her to draw nearer to where he stood.
    Gingerly, Eno strutted towards the masked man, willing to do his every bidding.
    ‘Good girl,’ he grabbed her hands at once and together they flounced towards the golden gate, which would lead them to where the car was being parked.
    Eno was confused by the way her body reacted to the touch of her captor. She was supposed to be appalled by the skin contact, but she wasn’t. Whenever she was nervous, her heart would take a marathon and her body would be drenched in perspiration. But with this man, she felt nothing.
    There was something about his height and scent that spoke to her. Was she imagining things? She felt strongly within her that she had met this person before, though she couldn’t place where.
    Sam relished the feel of her soft skin. He loved the way their hands bonded. He only wished she would like him back.
    Her brother probably thought him crazy for giving up the vermillion to save his sister, but he wasn’t. He had never come across such an intriguing personality and he couldn’t miss the opportunity of showing her what she meant to him.
    ‘Can…can you show me your face?’ Eno dared to ask, once they reached the car.
    She had a feeling the man holding her hands wasn’t that dangerous. He wasn’t some beast that would tear her skin and rip her flesh from the bones. He seemed kind. He seemed compassionate.
    The thought of those great qualities reminded her of the stranger in her dream and how he had encouraged her.
    ‘Are you sure you can handle what lies underneath?’ Sam gently released her. He noticed that she was gazing directly into his eyes this time. She wasn’t afraid of him. She was curious about him.
    Eno quickly nodded and took a sharp breath.
    ‘Do you promise that you wouldn’t run away?’ Sam asked.
    ‘I promise not to run.’ Eno agreed.
    He knew there would be no turning back at this point. He would rely on her promise of not running away.
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep18
    She died a million times while waiting for the mask to come off completely. Why would someone wear a mask in this hot weather? And why would he choose a yellow one?
    ‘Odd, very odd,’ she thought while watching his slender fingers work through it.
    Sam released the breath he held and pulled the woolly fabric completely over his head. He couldn’t wait to see he reaction when she finally realized that the man that had kissed her at the airport had come to save her.
    ‘No,’ Eno placed a shaky hand against her chest, the moment the mask came off.
    Something strange was happening to her. How could she see him again? Was this magic? Was she paranormal?
    ‘Eno…’ he called her name and moved closer.
    ‘I am sorry for pointing a gun at your face. I just wanted you to follow me. I wanted you to trust my lead. I am also sorry about the mask. I came here to save you and I have achieved that.’ He reached out for her free hand.
    Her right hand travelled from her chest to her mouth which she quickly covered to prevent herself from screaming.
    She was yet to recover from the shock. Her brain was fogged with different scenes which flashed swiftly like lightning. There had been something about his scent and his forced accent.
    ‘You…wait…’ she released her hands and stepped back.
    ‘Please don’t run away from me sweetheart. I apologize for speaking to you that way.’ He was desperate for her attention,
    ‘How did you even find me here? How did you know that I was in trouble?’ There were a lot of gaps in this experience and she expected him to fill them up.
    Sam’s shoulders sagged as he realized that he hadn’t considered the possibility of being asked this sort of questions. Answering those questions would mean revealing his identity. Was he ready for that? Could he sacrifice his safety just for a woman he wasn’t sure would consider him?
    ‘If I tell you who I am…you’ll run.’ He ran a tongue over her lips. He felt like trapping her delicate lips in his graphite mouth.
    Eno blushed; she had caught his eyes on his lips another time. And whenever that took place, she would always remember the kiss in the plane.
    ‘Do you trust me?’ He caressed her hand gently.

    EPISODE 19

    Did she trust him? She wondered briefly. Well, it took years to build trust and not a matter of days or hours. She couldn’t say yes or no, but she felt comfortable around him.
    ‘I feel comfortable around you.’ She said to him, and this made him feel relieved.
    ‘I could never harm you darling, why don’t we take the questions one day at a time?’ he promised to answer all of her questions when the time was ripe.
    She quickly pulled away her hand, ‘What makes you think you’ll see me again?’ He was so confident in himself, just like he had wanted to pull away the cigarette from her fingers.
    Sam shrugged, ‘We keep bumping into each other. I don’t know what you believe, but I have a feeling we are destined for something.’
    The ride back home was terribly quiet. Sam fed on the thoughts that troubled him. He hadn’t thought about the implications his true identity would have if Eno eventually agreed to be with him. For the first time, he understood why her brother Elvis had kicked against his attraction to Eno.
    He tried to imagine what her reaction would be, if she ever got to know that he was the infamous Mask who led a group of militants that troubled the country.
    ‘She isn’t going to like me very much,’ Sam thought as he stole a glance at her face.
    What if he just gave up now? What if he just walked away and killed his feelings now that it was early?
    ‘Stop staring at me.’ Eno could feel his heated gaze, even though her eyes were on the beautiful scenery. This part of town was very close to nature. There were a lot of little hills, scattered upon the place and their edges were covered with the yellow faces of sunflowers.
    She wondered how Sam had known that she had been taken by Yemi. How? What if Sam was working for the King? What if the King had been the one to send him to spy on her at the airport?
    ‘Tell me the truth, are you working for the King? Did he put you up to this?’ She asked.
    Sam laughed, she sounded ridiculous. If he’d wanted to work with any of the royals, it would’ve been Tayo. She was fiercer than her brother, and he loved her spirit.
    ‘Nope,’ He quickly riveted his eyes back to the road.
    ‘So why are you helping me?’ She wondered.
    ‘How did you even know about this?’ She swallowed, hoping he wouldn’t go quiet on her. She was desperate for answers.
    Sam didn’t know where to begin, ‘I promised to tell you everything that you need to know. I am not a dangerous person. I truly care about you and that is why I came to rescue you from the King.’ He explained slowly.
    ‘I still don’t get it, how did you know I was in trouble?’ At least he owed her that part. And if he told her the truth, she would learn to be more patient with him, while waiting for the other answers.
    Sam inhaled slowly, ‘Word travels quickly. I can’t tell you more than that.’ He couldn’t tell her that Elvis was his best friend. He just wanted her to trust him.
    She wasn’t satisfied with his response, but she decided to let the matter die…for now.
    ‘What is your name?’ She was curious about his personal life. She had figured out that he had gotten her name from one of the air hostesses. But she was yet to know his’ and that had been her biggest regret.
    Sam’s heart skipped when she asked that. It meant they were making progress in their relationship.
    ‘My name is Ugly.’ He grinned, enjoying the look of confusion on her face.
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep18
    ‘Ugly?’ Her cheeks pinked as she remembered telling him how unattractive he was. She swallowed and looked away from him.
    Sam wasn’t the traditional dark and handsome guy, his looks were just there. But there was something in his eyes and in his heart. Eno felt deeply in her heart that he was a good person and she could trust him. And that was enough for her.
    ‘Listen, I am sorry that I called you unattractive the other day. You may not have the Hollywood sexy boy’s face, but you’re a cool person to be with.’ She wasn’t bold enough to tell him that she’d been thinking about him.
    Sam shrugged, ‘Sam, that’s the name.’ He smiled at her. She regretted talking him down that night in the plane, but he hadn’t cared. All he wanted was for her to like him back.
    ‘It’s a lovely name.’ She returned his smile, showing off two beautiful depressions in her cheeks.
    He told her that he lived in New Jersey and had gone to Iowa for some business. He had decided to use the Iowan international airport to travel home at once.
    ‘I see…so what do you do?’ She asked.
    Sam giggled, he hadn’t planned for all these questions, but he quickly figured out that if he didn’t tell her the basics, she could lose interest in him.
    ‘My father was into the real estate business. I took over from him when he died…’Sam’s voice trailed off as he remembered how hardworking the old man had been.
    He wasn’t lying about this. He had studied Estate Management in school and he was still actively involved in his father’s business, though as a silent partner.
    ‘Real estate huh? That’s a good one. Can I know the name of your company?’ She threw him another question.
    Sam knew she wanted to ascertain whether he was telling the truth or not.
    ‘Eldorado,’ he replied swiftly.
    Eno quickly pulled out her mobile phone in his presence and did a search of the real estate company online. She sighed with relief when she came across a long standing brand which dealt which real estate related problems.
    ‘I can’t believe you’d do that when I am here.’ Sam laughed.
    ‘Well, you walked into the king’s garden with a gun and a mask. Women are naturally inquisitive, and last I checked, I don’t have a scrotum.’ She felt more comfortable knowing he wasn’t a shady person. She decided to trust him and wait for the time he would reveal himself to her.
    Sam’s loud laughter filled the car, she had good sense of humor and he felt pleased with that.
    ‘Well unlike you, I deal with the human heart. I am a cardiologist and I’ve been doing that for many years. I decided to come home to family so I could spend this Christmas with them.’ A smile flashed on her face as she stared at the weak mirage at the middle of the road.
    Her dreams of celebrating the yuletide almost came to an end after the King’s action, but Sam had found her and restored her hope.
    ‘Good one, I have a problem with my heart…’ his voice was husky, suggestive.
    ‘What is that?’ Her voice became serious. She had forgiven herself for the death of Jahnvi, but she wasn’t going to let any other person die under her watch. Heart diseases were very serious and had to bet treated early before things got out of hand.
    By now, they had reached Lagos Mainland and it wouldn’t take long before they reached her home. Of course, he had to pretend like he didn’t know her address because if he didn’t act that way, she’d be totally freaked out. Elvis had given him all the necessary details about his family, just before they had embarked on the journey to King Yemi’s palace which was far away from human habitation.

    EPISODE 20

    ‘Where do you live?’ He ignored her question. He wondered if she truly cared about him, or she just felt like acting that way because he had rescued her from the King.
    Eno hated being ignored, ‘Answer the question, what is wrong with your heart Sam?’ She called his name gently, and that stirred something within him. The sound of her voice resurrected stillbirth memories.
    Tears pricked his eyes and he fought so hard not to let them out as he remembered his dead fiancée. Anne had been the woman who’d truly understood him.
    ‘Are you alright?’ Eno noticed that his eyes were glowing, those were tears.
    Sam quickly drove the car off the main road, he parked by the side and rushed out. A gust of wind messed up his hair, but he ignored it and moved farther from the car.
    He was hurt. Eno did a mental check on all her responses back in the car. Had she said something to upset him?
    ‘Sam?’ She jumped out of the car and ran after him.
    ‘What is it?’ She touched his shoulder lightly.
    ‘Nothing,’ he wiped his face and drew in a deep breath.
    ‘Is it your heart? Medical science has advanced, I can help you. Just tell me what exactly is wrong…’ She wasn’t happy with his refusal to share whatever it was that bothered him.
    Sam swirled round and faced her, ‘No. I don’t have a problem with my heart…I was just teasing you.’ He forced a smile, but she could see through it.
    ‘If you don’t have a problem with your heart then why are you crying?’ She wondered.
    ‘Let’s get you home darling, just tell me where you live.’ He ignored her question and advanced towards the car. He couldn’t believe he had just wept because of a memory. It meant his wounds weren’t totally healed.
    His heart was still fragile and that wasn’t a good thing. He liked Eno and would want them to get serious, but he wasn’t even sure if he could handle his emotions if things ever went wrong.
    ‘Sam!’ Eno bellowed his name. Something was bothering him and he wouldn’t share. It wasn’t a heart disease but something very personaly.
    She increased her pace till she caught up with him.
    ‘Yes?’ He turned around.
    ‘I like you. I like you a lot.’ She confessed, and before he could come in terms with what she had just said, she moved closer and spread her slender fingers across his broad chest.
    She felt comfortable around him. Sam drove out all of her fears and that made her trust him.
    Without his approval, she lowered his head closer to hers and dropped her lips on his’. This time, Eno was the one offering, and she hoped Sam would accept her sacrifice.
    Unfortunately for her, he quickly pushed her away and demanded they return to the car.
    ‘Look, I am sorry if I gave you the wrong signals, but I am not ready for any romantic involvement.’
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep20
    She wass dumbfounded as she looked into his eyes, realizing that he had rejected her advances. He had been the one to lure her out of her shell, and now he was acting the coward.
    ‘I…I don’t understand.’ She searched his eyes hungrily for an explanation. Where had she gone wrong?
    But Sam didn’t have the patience to explain, he already saw the end and regretted flirting with her in the first place. He had to fix himself before starting a relationship with a woman like Eno. Sam suddenly realized that he wasn’t ready for anything.
    ‘Look, I don’t have time to explain. We can never be together. I am sorry.’ He rushed towards the car, expecting her to trail behind but she didn’t.
    Never in her life had she been this humiliated, she couldn’t believe that Sam could do this to her. If he didn’t like her, why did he kiss her at the airport? Why did he rescue her from the King?
    Her lips shivered as the chilly wind danced in the atmosphere. Tears blurred her vision. Her mind was clouded by a torrent of wild thoughts. She had never given any man the chance to come this close to her, and now that she had opened up herself, he was rejecting her offering.
    ‘No,’ with determination she moved back to the car. She couldn’t let him walk away from her like she was damaged goods. There was nothing wrong with her, and there was nothing wrong with him.
    Angrily, Eno pulled open the door and got into the car. The manner with which she yanked the door apart surprised Sam who had prepared himself to take a phone call from her brother Elvis.
    ‘Are you alright?’ He noticed her teary eyes, and felt guilty for pushing her away. If only she knew staying far away from him would do her more good, she would gladly listen to him.
    She scoffed, ‘Are you alright?’ She directed his question back at him, because she didn’t think he was.
    Sam dropped the phone he carried gently on his lap, ‘I don’t understand…’
    She quickly brushed her lashes to prevent the tears from rolling down her cheeks.
    ‘You found me at the airport smoking and you tried to stop me. You kissed me without my permission and you just rescued me today. Whether you believe it or not, you are the man for me. You found me at my worst and help kick start the healing train in my life…’ She looked into his eyes adoringly why speaking.
    ‘I have never loved any man and I don’t know what that feels like. My parents were very unhappy in their marriage, and I swore never to get married or fall in love. My work was my pleasure. I was successful until everything fell apart and I decided to come home. Then I found you at the airport…don’t you think there’s something special about you? You are mean to save lives. You a good man Sam and I like you. I refuse to believe that what we shared that night in the plane was just a kiss…because it was more.’ She held her breath, hoping he wouldn’t push himself farther away from him.
    There was this far away look in Sam’s eyes as she spoke, the same she had spotted when she’d first met him at the airport. It wasn’t happy or sad. It was the look of a man who wasn’t living but existing because he had no choice.
    Sam agreed that her words were very inspiring and beautiful, but could she really be with a man like himself?
    ‘You don’t know me, I am not special. I don’t deserve someone like you. I am sorry that I tried. You need to forget that kiss Eno and move on with your life.’ He smiled back, but she wasn’t having his rejection.
    This man had helped her forgive herself for what had happened to Jahnvi, and she wasn’t letting him go easily.

    EPISODE 21

    ‘Why are you so afraid of us? Are you married?’ She considered this possibility.
    ‘Hell no,’ Sam laughed, he felt more relaxed.
    ‘Okay then, I don’t care about other reasons why you don’t want us to be together. I have a suggestion.’ Eno nostrils flared with the influx of more air.
    ‘What is that?’ Sam wondered why she was so bold and confident that they were meant for each other.
    ‘I just want us to try something; if it doesn’t work then we’ll go our separate ways and never see again.’ Eno leaned closer to him. She wanted them to kiss another time, and if there wasn’t any spark or chemistry, she’ll walk away from him without looking back.
    Sam felt uneasy about her suggestion, ‘Look, we don’t have to do this. I am not the good guy you’ve always wanted.’
    ‘I don’t remember telling you that I’d always wanted a good guy. Can I share a secret?’ She winked.
    Eno told him about one of her teenage fantasies which she carried into adulthood.
    ‘I have always fantasized about dating men like Robin Hood. I love a mix of good and bad, but more of good for the society.’ She confessed.
    Sam couldn’t believe his ears, ‘Interesting? Did you ever find your Robin Hood then?’
    ‘No, but I have a feeling he is sitting next to me with a mask…’ she cupped his well chiseled face between her palms, ‘and a gun,’ she completed her sentence before dropping her lips on his.
    He took in the scent of her shampoo as they kissed. He allowed her to take the lead, while he followed. Her lips were incredibly soft and plump and he could feed on them all day.
    Tired of perusing the fleshy cloves, Eno slipped her tongue into his burning mouth. She loved the clean scent of his breath. Their tongues rolled together, tumbled in the juices that poured out generously from the fountain of their lips.
    She sucked his tongue, like it was oxygen. She fought desperately to win his love and his trust. Her hands roamed wildly through his thick black hair. She was hungry for more, she felt little sparks flying all around them.
    Sam hadn’t expected this passionate expression from Eno. She was a very good kisser, even better than most women that he had come across. He loved that she was unashamed about what she felt. She deeply felt something for him, and he would be a liar, if he denied that there weren’t any sparks between them.
    ‘Uhm…’ she whimpered as Sam pulled her closer to his chest, so her boobs were touching the little hairs that shot out of his shirt.
    His tummy fluttered at the thought of making love to her right there, but he wouldn’t act on his feelings then. He respected her, and wouldn’t do anything without her consent.
    ‘Wait…’Sam broke the kiss and pulled back, he had to stop everything while he still could.
    Eno flushed as she realized what she had just done.
    ‘It is okay if you don’t…’ she was about concluding that he didn’t want her when he cut in.
    ‘I felt something.’ Sam confessed.
    ‘You did?’ Her face broke into a smile.
    ‘Yes, I am sorry for wanting to walk away. But you must know that I am not a saint. All my life I have fought for justice; only that the people I’ve been fighting for don’t understand what I am about.’ Sam shrugged.
    Eno wasn’t paying attention to his last sentence, ‘I don’t care what people think. My heart is whispering, it says I should believe in you. I will listen.’
    Sam smiled, ‘Good, my heart is whispering too. It says I should kiss you again…’ he winked and pulled her closer to his arms.
    He would seal his promise to her with a kiss, after which he would take her home.
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep21
    Elena had been doing a little research about the Mask, so she could post about the explosion in Ughelli with a fresh perspective when Cassie rushed into the room.
    ‘Elena?’ Cassie’s eyes were on her phone as she stepped into her sister’s room.
    ‘Yea?’ Elena pulled off her glasses and stared at her older sister, who had a lot of things to say.
    Cassie had been surfing the web when she heard something new on the Mask.
    ‘The first blog that published that post on explosion have taken it down. They claim it wasn’t the Mask or his men that were behind the explosion. Please, don’t publish that story anymore, before you get into trouble for spreading fake news.’ Cassie advised Elena.
    Elena’s mouth widened in shock, ‘Are you saying those fuckers posted a fake story and made everyone believe it? I have a feeling the Mask threatened them to take it off.’ She rubbed her chin thoughtfully, something was wrong somewhere and she could feel it.
    The blog that had first published the story was a reputable one and had won several awards, both nationally and internationally.
    ‘Look, I care about your blog Ellie. Just take it down like other blogs are doing.’ Cassie advised.
    ‘I am even more curious about the Mask. I am going to find him one day and show the whole world whom he truly is.’ Elena shrugged and decided to discard the story she’d been working on.
    Cassie could spot a glint of admiration in her sister’s eyes, ‘Are you crushing on him now?’ She rolled her eyes. And her question made Elena laugh.
    ‘Nope, but I admire him. Our Government is a conglomeration of greedy fools, men like the Mask, remind them of the masses. I know he is taking justice the unconventional way, but look at the Niger Delta, look at oil spillage. The people are being neglected, while the rulers are growing fat every year. Something must be done.’ Elena returned.
    Cassie rolled her eyes, ‘Your President isn’t fat, and you should forget politics. Has Elvis called you yet? We still need to find our sister.’ Cassie knew Elena had a curious mind, and she could go on and on about the situation of the country for hours.
    Elena explained to Cassie that Elvis had promised to find Eno. She also relayed his greetings to Cassie, who seemed very happy to hear it.
    ‘I miss Elvis; I wish he could return home…’ Cassie murmured in a sad voice.
    ‘I wish that too, but he is an adult. He can take care of himself.’ Elena folded her laptop and rose to her feet.
    The girls were about vacating the room for the veranda where they spent most afternoons talking about their lives and dreams when their mother walked in with a scowl on her face.
    ‘What now?’ Elena crossed her arms over her chest.
    ‘Is everything alright?’ Cassie asked their mum.
    Tamar had just received a call from King Yemi, who had told her that he was no longer interested in her daughter Eno.
    ‘Can you imagine that? I am surprised that he doesn’t want her again. He had been waiting for her all these years, and now that she was finally back, he was rejecting her.’
    The girls clapped and screamed in excitement, to the annoyance of their mother who had high hopes of pitching a tent in Yemi’s palace.

    EPISODE 22

    ‘Both of you are hopeless,’ Tamar hissed and made for the door.
    ‘You should be celebrating this mother, King Yemi has finally seen that Eno doesn’t, cannot and would never love him. Unlike you, he is a more realistic person.’ Cassie winked.
    Elena wasn’t going to be left out; she walked towards her mother and grabbed her hands gently.
    ‘Why can’t we manage what we have, mum? We are all working for a better future; all we need is your patience and blessings.’
    Tamar sighed, ‘I came from a very poor family, you kids would never understand why I fought so hard to get your sister into the King’s family. Now we are back to square one…’
    Cassie joined Elena by their mother’s side and leaned against the woman’s shoulder.
    ‘No we are not. I know you are afraid of what we will become, but I promise you that we will not fail you.’ She pecked her mother lightly on her cheeks.
    Tears rushed down from Tamar’s eyes as she realized what she had lost, but she wouldn’t let this go. Something had to be done to change her family’s financial status, and placement in the social strata.
    ‘Thank you girls, I believe in you two. One of you will make us very rich.’ Tamar brushed her tears and pulled them into her arms.
    “Amen,” Cassie and Elena chorused, hoping that Tamar had given up on her plans to use her children as pawns, in the quest of wealth acquisition.
    A mischievous smile tugged at the corners of her small mouth and she thought briefly.
    ‘Who would it be? Elena or Cassie?’
    The beautiful moment was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.
    ‘What if Eno is back?’ Elena was the first to pull away.
    Immediately, all three women scurried like squirrels towards the door. They couldn’t wait to welcome their sister back to the house.
    ‘I assure you that my mother and sisters are very friendly. All you need to do is smile and nod, especially when my mother is talking.’ Eno was briefing Sam on how best to act, once he stepped into the Benjamin’s mansion.
    Sam hadn’t planned to come this far, but he liked Eno and would do anything to make her happy.
    ‘Yes boss,’ he quickly grabbed her hand and gave it a light squeeze.
    Elena pulled the door open excitedly, ‘She is the one! She’s back!’ She called to her mum and sister who arrived immediately.
    Tamar raised a brow in scrutiny of the young man beside her daughter, ‘And she has got a man…’
    Cassie noticed how her sister’s hair scattered and how she flushed at their mother’s statement. It was obvious these two would be tearing the sheets soon.
    ‘I have a feeling this Christmas would be more special than others.’
    Sam was welcomed by three light skinned women who shared a resemblance with Eno. They had almond eyes and pink lips, and he found Cassie to be the most alluring, though her eyes lacked the serenity that Eno’s possessed.
    ‘Hello,’ he waved at them. Sam knew they would ask him a ton of questions should he step into the house and he wasn’t prepared for them. He had to cook up an excuse and leave immediately.
    Eno smiled and stared into his eyes, she could tell that he was uncomfortable.
    ‘Um…this guy rescued me from the King. You should all thank him.’ She pointed a finger at Sam.
    Elena’s eyes brightened as she looked Sam straight in the eye, ‘Really? Do you know my brother Elvis?’ Elvis had promised to rescue Eno, so it would make sense if Sam had been working with him.
    Eno rolled her eyes and wondered why her sister would ask such a question. Their brother Elvis, had been gone for a long time.
    ‘Um, no…’Sam quickly pulled out his phone and pretended like he had just received an important message.
    ‘Is something wrong?’ Eno asked.
    ‘Um, I have to go darling. I’ll call you.’ He flashed a smile. Eno didn’t argue, she understood that he wasn’t too comfortable with her family, and she liked that move.
    ‘Take care honey,’ she blew a kiss his way.
    Sam knew it would be rude to leave without saying a word to her mother or her sisters.
    ‘I have to go everyone, see you some time.’
    But Tamar wouldn’t make his escape so easy, ‘What is your name dear?’ She stepped out of the house and walked towards the young man. He wasn’t good looking like Yemi, but she noticed how relaxed Eno was around him.
    It was obvious that they had met before now. For a long time, she had considered the possibility of Eno being a lesbian or frigid. Her daughter had never been in a relationship and she had always been evasive about the subject of marriage.
    Tamar couldn’t force Eno to marry the King, but if this man made her happy, she was willing to give her blessing.
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep22
    ‘Sam,’ He bit his lip, hoping the woman wouldn’t ask for his surname.
    ‘Nice name, in a few weeks we’ll be having a family dinner on the eve of Christmas. I’d love you to come.’ Tamar was inviting him into her family, and she hoped he wouldn’t fail.
    Eno felt happy and proud of her mother, she hadn’t expected the woman to welcome Sam this warmly after rejecting King Yemi.
    ‘Thank you,’ Sam waved at everyone, spun on his heel and walked towards his car.
    ‘He has a sexy ass.’ Cassie giggled.
    ‘There is something about him…’Elena whispered.
    At once, all eyes turned on her, especially Eno who’d felt the question she had asked Sam was unnecessary.
    ‘I think you should mind your business Elena. You are old enough to bring your own man home for questioning.’ Tamar Benjamin called her youngest daughter to order as they all marched into the house.
    ‘I am sorry everyone, I’ll never speak out of line.’ From the heated gazes Tamar and Cassie fired her way, she had a feeling they didn’t want Eno to know about Elvis involvement in her rescue, because he was closest to her. And she had missed him terribly.
    ‘So what did I miss while at the King’s palace?’ Respite rained on her as she scanned the family house that she had missed.

    EPISODE 23

    She couldn’t wait to tell her sisters all about King Yemi and his arrogant sister, Tayo, who had him wrapped round her tiny fingers.
    A week had passed since his last meeting with Eno. They had been communicating mostly through Whatsapp messages and calls. He missed her, and he didn’t hide the fact that he went to bed with her as the last thing on his mind.
    ‘No!’ He jolted from sleep and straightened on his bed. He had been sleeping, but the nightmare he just had, terrified him.
    His eyes flew straight to the clock on the wall, it was 3a.m. Sam wiped the sweat that had gathered on his bushy brows and pulled in a deep breath. His heart was still running as the scenes from the nightmare replayed.
    He and Eno had been strolling towards the beach. Their hands were locked together as they marched closer to the beach, when a black jeep pulled over and before he could make sense of whatever was happening, three men jumped down from the car and dragged her away from him.
    He had been greatly overpowered and there was nothing he could do to save her.
    ‘Thank God,’ he wiped perspiration from the bridge of his nose, feeling relieved that he had only been dreaming.
    His dark brown skin caressed the surface of the bedcover as he crawled out of bed and towards his wardrobe. He had slept naked. He needed to put on some clothes and take a stroll. Whenever he had a nightmare or was bothered about something, Sam always took a stroll especially at dawn to clear his head.
    He cast a look at the drawer which supported the bedside lamp. There was a picture of Anne, his late fiancée beside it. Her eyes were still alive. They were sharp and bright, boring holes into him as he stared back at her.
    Her smile was contagious, as Sam found himself smiling while looking at her beautiful face.
    At first, he struggled the first few days with an intense feeling of guilt when he poured out his heart to Eno. Sam felt like he was cheating on Anne, but it wasn’t so.
    His rod swayed from side to side as he moved towards the drawer. He had to move on with his life. He had grieved her for a long time. He had paid his respects, and the time had come for him to open up himself to another woman…
    ‘You’re always going to be in my heart.’ He muttered underneath his breath as he grabbed the picture frame tightly.
    A tear dropped as he kissed the image on the frame. He missed her greatly, but her absence would be history. The void which her departure had left would be filled with someone else.
    ‘I know you would’ve wanted the best for me. I’ll always carry you in my thoughts.’ Determined not to go back on his promises towards Eno, he pulled open the first layer of the drawer and dropped the frame gently into it.
    Sam was done with Anne. One after the other, the ropes that bound him to his past, were being loosened. Soon, he would surrender himself to Eno in all honesty and transparency.
    He pulled open the wardrobe and grabbed a pair of black jeans and a black T-Shirt to go with it. Black was one of his favorite colors, he used it when his mind was clouded. Black made him feel in control of his life.
    After dressing, he grabbed his phone and decided to get a drink before the stroll. He would send Eno something special to wake her up later.
    As Sam stepped out of the room, he looked into the hallway that led to the wine- keep. At first, he thought he was hallucinating. Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him, but a closer look revealed that Elvis was treating himself to a drink.
    Apparently, he wasn’t the only one that was having sleeping problems.
    ‘You should be sleeping bro,’ Elvis had heard Sam scream, so he guessed the footsteps that approached the wine-keep belonged to him.
    ‘I guess your footsteps reading skill is still intact.’ Sam chuckled and pulled a chair. He had a feeling Elvis was troubled. Maybe they could help each other out tonight.
    The strong aroma of brandy and apples spiraled into Sam’s nostrils. His eyes went straight to the glass before Elvis. No one knew how to do cocktail like Elvis. His friend was just a ball of many talents waiting to explode.
    ‘What are you drinking?’
    ‘I did a mix-brandy and many fruits. Would you like to have a taste?’ Elvis pulled a bottle that contained the mix closer.
    ‘Nah, I’ll settle for plain martini.’ Sam reached out for another bottle. After pouring a glass, he noticed Elvis’ eyes were glued to the laptop before him.
    Sam was curious, ‘What are you working on?’
    ‘Nothing, I am just going through family pictures of Facebook. I miss them.’ Elvis confessed. Elena had told him about Eno’s release, but he had to deny that he had nothing to do with it, so as not to raise suspicions concerning Sam whom their mother had liked from day one.
    Sam gulped the fiery liquid down at once, ‘I never told you about my visit to your home. I am sorry about that. I know you didn’t approve of my relationship with Eno, because it puts your family at risk, but I really do care about her.’ He hoped Elvis would understand.
    Elvis chuckled, ‘I know you were at my family house and I knew my youngest sister made you uncomfortable. Elena could be very curious at times. I just lied to her that I had nothing to do Eno’s release, before she figures out your identity.’
    Sam’s brows were knotted in surprise, ‘I thought she’d let that go.’ It was Elena’s question that had thrown him off guard, and made him realize that he would make a fool of himself if he hadn’t left.
    ‘She is a blogger, what do you expect? If I don’t distract her now, she could keep on digging, until she finds out that you are the Mask. I also learned that my mother was drooling over you…’ Elvis winked. It was rare before Tamar welcomed anyone to her house, for her to treat Sam which such care, meant the woman approved of his relationship with Eno.
    Sam found this more hilarious, ‘Seriously? Elena is a super blogger then. She tells stories the way they really happened.’
    ‘True, there are no grays with that girl. It is either black or white.’ Elvis smiled as he thought about his younger sister. He missed playing with her silky hair and warning her about boys.
    From the pictures, she was all grown up and very beautiful too. He missed Cassandra and Eno. He missed their father whom their mother had divorced. His heart ached as he thought about the old man, and how he fared in a lonely house.
    ‘I like your sister; she made me feel things I thought weren’t possible.’ Sam was crazy about Eno.

    EPISODE 24

    These few days there had shared a strong intent to know themselves better. They spent hours chatting and talking over the phone. And that was how he got to know one of her phobias which he found very amusing. Enobong hated balloons, they terrified her.
    He knew her favorite color was purple, and it suited her because he was a queen, his Queen. She loved to listen to Soul and cool Rocks. He also learned about the little girl that she had lost in India, Jahnvi and how she had dreamt of him asking her to get over it.
    ‘I know you do, it is obvious,’ Elvis winked.
    At first, he had kicked against this relationship, but he couldn’t stop Sam from being happy. They just needed to be discreet and stick to the shadows.
    ‘But you cannot tell her that you are the Mask, at least not now that you two are just starting to know each other. But if you want to tell her, that’s fine. Do what your heart tells you, but while you are at it, remember you have a reputation to protect.’
    Sam was pleased to know hear this, Elvis was offering his full support and he would take it.
    ‘I won’t reveal my identity just yet, but I will have to tell her the truth someday.’ Sam wondered what the outcome of that revelation would be. Would she flee? Would her love increase?
    ‘Good and you must never let her know that we are friends.’ Elvis quickly added.
    ‘Sure,’ Sam agreed.
    ‘Why don’t you pay your family a visit sometime? They could really use a man around.’ Sam winked; he still wouldn’t ask Elvis his real reason for running away from him. Sam knew Elvis would open up to him one day.
    Elvis had noticed a change in Sam’s attitude since he met with Eno. He laughed more. He wasn’t stiff around the other militants. He mingled with the men and spent more time with them.
    ‘Are we celebrating Christmas this year?’ Elvis asked. Since the death of his fiancé, Sam wasn’t too thrilled about the Yuletide season or any other festivity for that matter.
    A throaty laughter pricked the once steady silence that roamed the dining hall.
    ‘Of course we are celebrating! I am no Scrooge Ebenezer. As a matter of fact, I have a dinner date with your family on Christmas Eve, so I won’t be here to celebrate with the boys, but you can do that on my behalf.’ Sam winked.
    Elvis was happy to see Sam back in his old shell.
    ‘You said you had other plans for King Yemi, can you share?’ Elvis switched the topic. He had been awake thinking about all that vermillion they were about to lose to the Royals.
    Sam scoffed, he hadn’t expected that question.
    ‘I don’t have any plan Elvis. I traded the vermillion for Eno. She is worth more than diamonds to me. Would you have preferred we lose her to a man she doesn’t love?’
    Elvis scratched his chin, ‘I also noticed that all the blogs had taken down their posts which indicted you in the Ughelli explosion. How did that happen?’ Elvis wondered.
    ‘Princess Tayo had been the one behind the fake news. I told her to take it down, if we must enter a partnership.’ Sam explained how the Princess had completely emasculated her brother, even before him.
    Elvis felt butterflies in his tummy as he remembered the piercing brown eyes of Tayo and her smooth black skin. She was a very attractive woman and he wondered laconically, what it would be like to have her share his bed.
    ‘I can’t believe she would control Yemi.’ Elvis scoffed.
    ‘Same here, I must go for my walk now.’ Sam grabbed his phone and strolled towards the door. He couldn’t wait to talk to Eno when morning came.
    ‘Alright,’ Elvis nodded and turned his attention to his laptop screen. His fingers typed in a name into the search engine. Elvis knew he was being stupid, and if Sam would discover that he had a crush on the Princess, that would mean betrayal.
    But he didn’t care. For some nights, he had dreamt of making love to the Princess and he could no longer contain his sexual desire for her.
    ‘Princess Tayo Lasisi…’ he murmured her name as he began to search for an authentic profile.
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire Ep24
    Eno had been dreaming about the man she loved. They had gone for a picnic and somehow they couldn’t take their hands off each other. They were about to kiss when Cassie burst into the room screaming, ‘Wake up sleepy head!’
    ‘Oh no…’Eno drawled and covered her ears with a pillow, but Cassie’s screams only grew louder. Cassie ignored her sister’s refusal to wake, she hopped into the bed and began to tickle, until Eno couldn’t bear it anymore.
    ‘Come on Cassandra, why do you have to be this mischievous?’ Eno laughed and jumped out of bed. She missed this. She missed having family around her.
    Cassie shrugged and kept a puppy face, ‘I’d love you to follow me to my shop. I have new designs that would fit perfectly with your body.’ Cassie was a fashion designer, and lately, she had an influx of customers.
    Eno loved the passion that Cassie had for her job.
    ‘When I have the time, for now I have to talk to my man.’ Eno winked and quickly reached the dressing table for her phone. Her eyes always itched to read messages from Sam.
    They were so glued to each other, and it was becoming an addiction. They were acting like teenagers in new found love.
    ‘Are you trying to get me jealous?’ Cassie snorted. Eno was deeply in love with this Sam guy, and she wasn’t even being modest about it. Sam’s name popped up a million times in all the conversations they had, including with their mother.
    ‘Maybe, you need a man too.’ Eno tongued her sister and proceeded to check for messages.
    Cassie rolled her eyes, ‘Sorry, I am not ready. I have been saving up for fashion school in Milan. I want to go there next year.’
    Eno returned her phone on the dresser on hearing this, ‘That is sweet. I am proud of you.’ Eno loved to see her siblings progressing. Cassie and Elena were both working so hard to make a name. She had a strong feeling that they would succeed.
    ‘Thanks,’ Cassie folded her arms across her chest, still watching her sister.
    Eno had recounted the horror of being locked in a dark room by Yemi and his monstrous sister. Cassie was so happy that her sister was free to love whomever she wanted, and she had chosen Sam.
    ‘You two fit…’
    ‘What?’ Eno’s brows were raised.
    ‘I saw the way Sam was looking at you when he brought you home. I want a man that would look at me that way. Just hold him tightly; he seems like a good guy.’ Cassie advised.
    Eno was pleased that her family welcomed Samuel Ojonugwa; it gave her confidence to love him even more.
    ‘I want to make love to him; do you think I am rushing things?’ Eno waited for Cassie’s response.
    Unlike Eno, Cassie had been in ten different relationships that had ended up not working, so she had resolved to live her life without the need for love.
    ‘There are no rules to this thing. You can have sex with a guy the first time and it works out. You can wait for months and it still works out. Just go with love’s flow and don’t ever look back, because there’s nothing behind. What is important is your love for each other.’
    Cassie moved closer to her sister and gave her a reassuring hug.
    ‘If Sam asks you to stay back in Nigeria with him, would you?’ Cassie asked.
    ‘Yes, I love him.’ Eno murmured.
    Even before her sister asked, she had considered the possibility of relocating to her home country.
    ‘Then it is sealed, Sam is the man for you. And you will be miserable without him.’ Cassie kissed her sister on the forehead before releasing her. She waved Eno goodbye one last time, before leaving for work.
    ‘Yes, I will be miserable without him.’ Elena quickly grabbed her phone and decided she would call and tell Sam that she was ready to do anything that he wanted.
    She was about dialing his number, when she a messaged from Whatsapp popped.
    ‘Let’s see…’ she clicked on it.
    Lo and behold, it was a voice message from Sam. He was asking her to be his girlfriend.
    ‘I am taking a walk down a road I know nothing about but with you right beside me, we could make it happen. The stars are aware. The moon bears witness of my love. Dawn is my companion on this journey for happiness. Please be my girlfriend Eno Benjamin…if you accept, call me and scream “I love you,” but if you don’t, I’ll keep chasing after you, until you surrender to destiny.’
    EPISODE 25 (Final)
    Tears rushed from her eyes as she replayed the voice note over again. In that moment, she had found the man that she loved and who loved her back.
    Christmas Dinner….
    The candles had been lit, and the atmosphere properly decorated to suit the occasion. It wasn’t going to be a family dinner like her mother had planned, a lot of things had taken place in the past week.
    ‘There…’ Eno smacked her hands proudly as she glanced around the dimly lit room. It was a romantic setting, and she couldn’t wait to spend time alone with her boyfriend.
    Tamar and Elena had travelled to Uyo urgently for the wedding of a distant relative and they wouldn’t return till the Twenty eight day of December. Cassie had too many designs to work on, and she hadn’t even gone half way through them.
    Her numerous clients were on her neck, this was the reason Cassie couldn’t make it for the dinner.
    The house was unusually calm. All domestic workers had taken a day off to celebrate Christmas with their families, so she had ended up doing all the cooking and decoration alone.
    Eno realized that she was a bit nervous. Her palms were sweaty and her breathing was uneven. She was tensed up because this would be the first time she would be spending a night with Sam alone.
    She quickly ran up the stairs to give her dress and make-up one last glance before settling on a sofa downstairs awaiting his arrival.
    Her eyes danced as she watched her reflection. She wore a long red dress which cascaded to the marble floor. She had recently applied relaxer to her hair, this made it longer and softer.
    Her make-up had been very light, just a touch of red which seemed to match with her dress. The silvery tear drop earrings she’d worn enhanced the oval accentuation of her face, which gave her a sexy look.
    ‘He has come…’ she gasped and touched her chest lightly as she peered out the window, into the driveway.
    From what she observed, Sam was dressed in black. He held a bouquet of gillyflower as he stepped out from the car. Somehow, he had a feeling that someone was looking at him. Just in time, he found her beautiful eyes glaring down at him.
    A soft whimper escaped her lips as their eyes locked together. Eno had a feeling that something would go down tonight. There was a strange fire in Sam’s eyes, it had to be desire and she was willing to surrender totally tonight.
    She gave a deep sigh and peeled herself from the widow.
    She looked very attractive. He increased his pace as he rushed towards the door. Sam had been looking forward to this Christmas dinner with her family, and he had prepared himself for all the questions they would throw his way.
    He only had one wish, one desire. If only she would give him another opportunity to kiss her, he would take her to a world where all lovers fought to be.
    There wasn’t any need to ring the doorbell, because she had already seen him. He arranged the pink flowers he had gotten at a horticulture store and waited for her to welcome him.
    ‘You came!’ Eno pulled the door open at once. Her heart had started another wild dance to a mysterious rhythm.
    He took in her beautiful shape in the red dress. Her boobs were perky and smooth on the surface. Her hips were lean, just the way he liked it. And her hair, there were so many things he could do with that hair.
    ‘You look lovely tonight.’ Sam pushed out the lusty thoughts that almost ripped his composure.
    She could tell he was thinking about making passionate love to her.
    ‘Just so you know, we are having this dinner alone.’ She beckoned him into the living room.
    A deep frown settled in between his brows as he sauntered into the house, ‘I don’t understand…’ he scanned the décor of the room, which reminded him of a lovers’ night out.
    Eno quickly explained why her mother and her sisters couldn’t make it for dinner. She relayed Tamar’s apologies to Sam, hoping he would understand how important the wedding was to her mother.
    Sam found it odd, that he was excited about this new development. They were alone! Maybe Christmas night was meant for him. He swore underneath his breath to kiss the moonlight out of her.
    ‘I brought you flowers…carnation.’ He offered her the pinky bunch.
    Eno grabbed it gently and sniffed, ‘Hmm, lovely and sweet, just the way I like it.’ She winked and dropped the bouquet on the table.
    He had a feeling she wasn’t talking about the flowers any longer.
    ‘Can I show my girlfriend how much I missed her?’ He was taking a risk with this plan of his’, what if she got peeved and rejected his advances?
    A ball clogged her throat as Sam drew closer to her. Her insides were screaming for his touch and his kiss, and she hoped he had come to offer her that.
    ‘Yes?’ She swallowed.
    ‘I don’t know how this may sound, but I think I am in love with you. You’re perfect for me darling.’ He cupped her face between his palms and caressed her cheeks.
    She licked her lips in waiting, ‘It sounds normal. I am proud to be your Christmas girlfriend.’ She smiled.
    ‘Merry Christmas darling,’ he murmured, as his lips found their way to her ear lobe. Sam could no longer contain the fire that burned in him. He was going to make love to her like never before.
    He swept her into his arms at once, ‘You’re my Christmas gift from God.’
    ‘Take me upstairs, my room is the third on the left wing.’ She held tightly to his neck. All she could think of was ripping his shirt off and running her fingers through the hairs on his chest.
    After a round of mating, Sam laid his head on her tender laps so she could stroke him. Something deeply troubled him when he had made love to her. He had felt an odd sensation when he had slipped his rod into her.
    ‘You are quiet…’Eno ran her fingers through his black hair.
    She was trying to adjust to the new sensations that her body had gone through while she had surrendered in his arms. There had been a slight pain at first, like something had cut deep through her flesh, but the pain had been immediately replaced with a powerful and burgeoning pleasure; which was sweeter than anything she had ever imagined.
    ‘Did you like it?’ Sam was hesitant to ask the other question.
    ‘Of course I did, did you?’ She lowered her lips and touched his scar. One day, she would inquire about the story behind the scar.
    Sam raised his face so he could look directly into her eyes.
    ‘Was that your first time?’
    Blood crept to her cheeks, ‘Yes. I know I should’ve told you but I didn’t want you to freak out.’ She had never been with any man, but with Sam, Eno felt like she was ready.
    He straightened at once and pulled away from her, ‘I can’t believe this, why didn’t you tell me? I should’ve been gentler and considerate…’ Sam was shocked by this discovery.
    But she quickly pulled him back to her arms, ‘You were very gentle and I enjoyed every bit of the lovemaking.’ She smiled shyly.
    Sam’s love for her grew even more as he realized she had saved the best part of herself for him.
    ‘I love you darling,’ he wanted to make love to her all over again.
    ‘I love you too Uncle Sam.’ She winked, and they both laughed.
    The night was still young, and they had all the time in the world to build memories upon memories, this Christmas night.
    You are reading Davina Diaries Fiction: Her Christmas Desire-Final Episode
    Cassandra Benjamin had been working on a wedding dress, when she mistakenly pricked her thumb with a needle. Angrily, she discarded the beige dress and rose to her feet.
    She had been working all day and it was starting to get to her. Cassie’s eyes fell to the street, and she realized that most shop owners had gone home. The place was empty and lonely, but she couldn’t leave just yet.
    ‘I have to complete that,’ she yawned and returned to her chair.
    She’d thought of calling Eno and asking how the dinner went, but she refrained from doing so as a dirty thought flashed her mind.
    ‘They are both hitting it,’ Cassie’s throaty laughter rumbled through the shop. She was glad that her sister had found love. She couldn’t imagine what Enobong’s life would have been with King Yemi.
    She shrugged and decided to finish the embroidery before taking her leave. Cassandra was about lifting the needle from its place when she spotted a stranger in front of her shop.
    She hadn’t been expecting anyone, so the sight of the man dressed in black terrified her. Cassie threw the fabric on the floor and rose to her feet. Her eyes blazed with naked fear as she noticed a blue jeep pulling over before the man, whose back was to her.
    ‘Lord…’ Cassie tried to rush towards her phone which was situated at the other end of the room, but she was too late.
    All of a sudden, the man in black pushed open the glass door and walked into the shop. There was something strangely familiar about the way he moved. His steps were light, swift, majestic. He was very tall. But his face was hidden in the black hood that covered his head.
    ‘Please…I am closed,’ her lips shivered. Cassie was confused and terribly afraid.
    The man quickly pulled over the hood, granting Cassie the revelation that she’d desperately needed.
    ‘Merry Christmas Cassandra,’ He grinned wickedly before snapping his fingers, which ushered in five other men.
    ‘No!’ Tears welled up in Cassandra’s eyes as she came face to face with the King.
    The end

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