Story: H.Y.B.R.I.D (The Forgotten Wolf 2)

H.Y.B.R.I.D (Sequel to The Forgotten Wolf)

    Episode 1

    "You called me mother, what is it?" Odin immediately asked. Her mother had called her quickly to come, the black wolf had brought her the message.
    "I don't know Odin but I kept having this vision or rather dreams. I don't know what it means but you and Olin should be careful onwards". The moon goddess told Odin.
    "I have heard you mother", said Odin perplexed, "But still don't get you mother, is Olin and I in trouble?"
    "They are not clear yet but be careful and tell your sister".
    "I will mother, once Olin is back from the trip she took gods know where, I will tell her. I don't even know where she and her husband went too". Odin answered, slightly confused with her twin sudden disappearance.
    "You don't need to wait much longer, Olin is already on her way".
    "Odin I have missed you", Olin said happily as she got down from the horse she had rode towards the Castle. Her husband, the Medallion wolf man, Lucan was behind her
    "And I you", Odin reply as they hugged themselves.
     "Has it been long I saw you".
    "Actually it has reached 2,000 years we last saw each other and I have got good news for you". Olin said elated.
    A running feet was heard and figure came into view as she ran towards Olin in speed.
    "Aunty Olin!! Uncle Lucan!!", she screamed as jumped through the air and landed in front of Olin and hug her. "I have missed you terribly", she said as encircle her arms around Olin neck and afterwards she turned and hugged Lucan.
    "Oh, Rava, you have grown into a beautiful and adorable lady. Am so proud I have a beautiful niece like you", Olin said as Rava kept blushing at the complement.
    "Well let's continue this reunion inside". Odin said as they all went inside.
    "So you mean something is about to happen soon?" Olin asked to be sure of what she just heard.
    Odin has eventually told her what their mother had said.
    "Yes Olin", said Odin.
    "Okay then, we will have to be very careful and tell Rava not to wander too far without any guards with her".
    "Of course. Earlier on you said you have a good news to tell me, so what is it?"
    "You couldn't believe it Odin, after all these years I am finally pregnant". Olin said happily.
    "Wow, that is good Olin. How months now" Odin said a smile made an appearance on her face.
    "1 month, I am finally happy, Lucan has been elated since the news".
    "Congrats sis, when you are done do go and inform mother".
    "What are you waiting for since Ly. You mates are out there giving birth to their husbands when will you take them and make them yours", Ara said, livid, agitated as she stare at the attractive man before her.
    "I will take them when they least expected". Ly said slowly as a smirked appeared on his face.
    "When Ly, when?"
    "Odin has given birth and soon Olin would join her. I want their husbands to hold on to their children as a remembrance when I finally come for my mate".
    Ly smirked, he was doing his dearest Olin and Odin a favour. He will take them, change them and finally wipe off the wolf clan including their precious children.
    By then, Odin and Olin will forget everything about their past life. Then afterwards, he would kill the witch, after all she was also a wolf.
    Ara was very good at hiding her scent but not from an Hybrid like him. He was the strongest and every creatures answers to him. The witch death would be the most painful death ever.

    Episode 2

    "For you to save them, you both will have to journey to the hidden land, to the wolf of Fire kingdom, only those wolves holds the key to kill the hybrid Vampire king", Ben told the two maidens in front of him. They had rode to his village late at night to seek for his help.
    Odin and Olin had been kidnapped by the Vampire king, Ly. No one know how he was able to capture the twins . Philip and the Medallion wolf man had set out since that day to the Vampire king kingdom. They haven't returned and once again, Reed was made the regent King until Odin and Olin are rescued.
    Odin daughter, Rava and Olin daughter, Rala were little when their mother were kidnapped but now that they have come of age, they had made up their minds to rescue their mothers and look for their father's.
    "Where can we find the hidden land of the fire wolves?" Rala asked as they stare at Ben who stood up and was searching for something best know to him.
    He brought out a worn out Book and gave it to Rava. Who in turn showed her sister.
    "This is the only book you can use to find the fire wolf kingdom".
    "But this kingdom doesn't exist", Rala protested.
    "They exist, use the book and you will find the road to the hidden kingdom". Ben told them again.
    "But since you have the book why haven't you journey towards the hidden land?"
    "The book choose those who are willingly and who truly have the heart to journey to the hidden land of the Fire Wolves.
    The Fire wolves made this book special, it tells of the challenges you will face before getting to their land". Ben told them again.
    "Grandmother the only way to rescue our mothers and kill the Hybrid king is for us to go to the hidden land of the FIRE Wolf to get what can put an end to the Hybrid king". Rava told the moon goddess and Arizona.
    "But no one has ever find the road to the hidden land before, they all perish along the way. There must be other ways to kill the Vampire king". The moon goddess told her grandchildren.
    "There are no other ways grandmother, we have made up our minds". Rala said.
    "The hidden land is not a smooth road but let the spirit of your mother lead the both of you safely".
    They left their kingdom one early morning as they journeyed towards the hidden land.
    Following the book, they went down towards the foothills of a mountain.
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    The book said they will have to pass through the mountain.
    As they near the base of the foothills, the ground became soggier with each step.
    Rava groaned. "It's almost like the mud is alive. Like it's tugging at my feet!"
    "It's your imagination Rava", Rala said as she yanked her foot up and slapping it down again on the mucky ground. "Let us keep going, there is no where around here we can set up our camp and it's starting to get dark".
    "I can see that".
    Rava was right about the ground though. The earth was solid some few hours ago and now it has suddenly turned to mud. Rala know but she doesn't want to put fear into them, so she pretended not to noticed.
    The mud suddenly became black water as it rose to their calves.
    "Something is not right here", Rala said and turned to see Rava getting shorter by the minute. They were sinking.
    The black water around them started to churn and swirl.
    In an instance, the water became alive around them.
    Arms, thinner in skeletons form snaked out of the water grabbing hold of them. Just arms, growing, multiplying in numbers.
    They had died in the water a long time ago when they had went in search for the hidden land. Grisly, slender arms as black as charred wood and their fingers like claws of a wolf.
    Rava and Rala grab hold of their hands and jerked their feet's away from the hands as they moved quickly towards them.
    The black water became more deeper than before sinking them faster.
    "Here, grab hold of this". A male voice said above them as the sisters jerked their heads to the voice.
    They grab hold whatever that was placed in front of them.
    It was struggling contest between the stranger and the dark waters with the skeletons arms.
    The stranger pulled them out with an inhuman strength. Exhausted, Rava and Rala fainted.

    Episode 3

    "Rala". She heard a voice next to her ear. "Rala, wake up. We're alive. It's okay".
    Rala blinked her eyes opened as stare at who spoke to her. It was Rava, holding her head in her thigh. She sat up straight. The sun was bright and shone in anger.
    Someone was with them.
    "You girls are okay, the water takes the living with it. If I wasn't here in time, I doubt you'd make it over to this other side . My name is Aaron and I am a shepherd".
    "Well thank you so much Aaron, for saving our lives. I am Rala and this is my cousin Rava". Rala said and noticed they were in a hut. Noting her look, the shepherd smiled.
    "You are in my humble home little miss Rala". Said Aaron as he glance at Rava also.
    "I have been meaning to ask, how many days have we been here?" Asked Rava as she stare up at the shepherd.
    "Two days". Aaron said simply.
    "Two days!?" Rala said in surprised.
    "Yeah two days. Well, I have warm some water for you both to wash yourself up while I make some breakfast".
    Giving their thanks, Rala and Rava went to take their bath after he showed them where the bathroom is. He gave them some fabrics that serves them as towels as the removed their dirty soiled clothes.
    Soon they were cleaned
    The shepherd rose to his feet, reached onto a high shelf and brought out a pile of fabrics. "Your clothes". He said.
    Rala and Rava mouth were opened in surprised, the clothes, their clothes they had worn, were clean and dry. It felt as good as new.
    "But how?" Rala asked as they dressed up with their former clothes. The shepherd given them some privacy.
    But the shepherd didn't replied instead he went to where some pile of walking sticks leaning against the wall in a corner of the hut. He stare at them for a while and pulled out two staffs with intricate engravings down the shaft and the figure of a bird, while the second one was in golden color intricate engravings round it but this one has the figure of a horse. He gave Rava the staff engraved with a bird and Rala the one with a horse. "Well this will serve you well".
    "Thank you so much for your hospitality. But what do we do with this?"
    "I know you both are going towards the Wolf of Fire kingdom but finding the hidden land isn't going to be easy. When it's time, it will serve you well". The shepherd answered. "You have long since entered another world, but the Hybrid king knows of this world, so be careful out there".
    Then he pointed up towards the rolling foothills. "Follow the trail, on the main path, stay. At the pass between two peaks you'll find an inn. You should get there by supper then. Tell the man at the gate that I sent you".
    They nodded in understanding.
    "It is the only way to find the hidden kingdom of the Wolf of Fire. Be careful who you talk to on the way and make sure you don't arrive to the inn by dusk".
    Not understanding what he meant by that, the girls nodded their thanks and left for the trail.
    They turned to wave him a final good bye but was shock to their bones when they couldn't see him or his hut. He just vanished.
    They took the trail the strange man had pointed. For a long time, they walked.
    Suddenly a man approached them from their left. Rala and Rava stopped as the unknown man walk towards them through the dark shadows of the tress. They were in a stances in case he try anything. This was a strange place after all.
    "Hello", he called enthusiastically.
    "Greetings" they replied in unsion. The man voice was friendly and welcoming.
    "Where are you two beautiful ladies heading too?" He asked them.
    "We're on our way to the land of the Wolf of Fire, to the hidden land". Rala said.
    "To give To you what you can be able to destroy the Hybrid king, guessing from your faces, I am right".
    "Who are you? How do you know about the Hybrid king? Are you a sorcerer?".
    "I am not a sorcerer. But I have someone who can give you much powers to defeat the Hybrid king". He whispered lowly to them. "There are dangers up here. The person who sent me to you wants you both to know that ancient creatures lies in this path". The unknow guy told them. "Just follow me to him, there is another way".
    "Another way?" Rava asked placing her walking against a tree beside her.
    "Yes there is".
    "But the book made mention of the Fire wolf kingdom". Rava persistent.
    "Okay tell me how I knew of your journey towards the Fire Wolf kingdom? How I know about the Hybrid king? You see, the one who had sent me knows of this and do not want want you to trend the path where dangers lay.
    He has the powers to defeat the Hybrid king".
    "Are you sure of What you just said". Rala asked looking at her sister who nodded her head
    "100% sure". He answered.
    "Okay", Rava said, reaching for her stick but the stick has it's own thought as it slide away from her hand and rolled downhill away from the trail.
    Rala and Rava went quickly for it as it continuously rolling.
    "Wait a minute, we will be back". Rava said. "My walking stick fell".
    "Forget about it!" He called out. "We'll get you a new one!".
    Rava and Rala didn't listen, Rava couldn't leave the staff there after what the shepherd had done for them. "No, I will grab it and we'll be right back".
    But the staff continued to roll down and down and they followed it. Finally it stopped next to a tree that had fallen.
    Rava leaned to the pick it up, a voice whispered to them.
    "Don't go back".
    Rala and Rava looked around them but couldn't see who spoke.
    "Who is it? Who is there?" Rala asked first.
    "Don't go with him", the voice pleaded once again.
    "Who are you?" Rava asked loudly.
    "Husssh, be quite and listen. He is not a friend of the shepherd----"
    "The Shepherd? How did you know?"
    "I said listen. He works for the Hybrid king".
    They remembered the Shepherd's words. 'Be careful who you talk to on the way'.
    They were jerked to earth when some silver arrows wheeze around them.

    Episode 4

    "Follow me quickly", the voice said as Rala and Rava ran quickly towards the tree where the voice was coming out from.
    They saw a guy, or boy? Who waved towards them to come to him. Rala and Rava made sure the arrow did not pierce through them as they ran up to him.
    Grabbing them by their arms, he said a few words and they disappeared. They appeared in front of a cave.
    The stranger took them into then dark cave, say a spell and started walking deeper into the cave, leaving them to walk on their own . Trusting their instincts about the strange fellow, they followed suit.
    They soon walked into a large room where a man was. He was reading a book and was sitting on nothing on the air. He was floating.He glance up at them and smiled. "Hello ladies, I have been expecting you".
    "You have? Who are you? And how did you know about us?" Rava was the first to ask.
    "The Shepherd". He replied.
    "The Shepherd? What do you mean by that", asked Rala.
    "Didn't he tell you that you'd spend the night at the inn?" The strange man asked them which they nodded "Well you are in the inn". He said with a smile.
    "But we are in a cave".
    "That's because I made it so.
    You can say magic".
    "So you knew about that deceiver?" Rala asked as the first boy who had rescue them and brought them to this cave-inn place, made a chair to appear.
    Saying their thanks they sat down.
    "I know your mission. I know you want to find the land of the Fire Wolf so that they can give you the powers to use in defeating the hybrid king, am I correct?"
    Surprised and shocked "Yeah. How did you know?" Rava asked.
    "I know everyone thoughts. But I tell you, the road to the land of the Fire Wolf is not an easy one but all the same, I will give you something you can present to the Fire Wolf king so that he will allow you to see the Wolf of Fire". The man told them.
    "To get to the land of the Fire Wolf you will have to pass the Gate of Wealth kingdom.
     I will advice you not to let the beauty and riches with their silvers and gold entice you. Because there are many who had long gone to meet the Wolf of Fire but couldn't make it beyond that kingdom. They stopped their journey there and started working for the Hybrid king, you must be careful when you are there".
    Rava quickly opened the book that Ben gave to them and went through it. Swiping off pages she saw a word.
    "For you to get to the kingdom of the Fire Wolves you must meet the Naga, the Wizard. For he alone will show you the next road you will take".
    When Rava flip up to the next page, she saw the Gate of Wealth kingdom.
    "He's telling the truth Rala". "So...." Rava continued "Show us the next path. We have no time".
    "Ara, they had escaped into the Lair of the Naga wizard", Ly told Ara as he went to meet her.
    "Then we set up another plan for them, they will soon be heading towards the Gate of Wealth kingdom and there I will use my magic to make enchantment that will make them fell in love with that place and forget what their mission was". Ara said confidently.
    "What about the two sisters, have they bend to my will?"
    "Not yet M'Lord, their wolves are resisting my powers".
    "I left you with them so that you can be able to control them, so that they can do my own bidding but since your plans are no more working, I will do it my own way then".
    "What are you going to do to them?"
    "You just wait and see. I want to plant my seeds in them. If my breed is from them, my children will become a very strong Hybrid. Stronger than me even".

    Episode 5

    Gate of Wealth kingdom.
    Truly, it is as it was said, a kingdom filled with all sort of silvers, gold, diamond etc.
    They were in awe at the beauty of the kingdom.
    "Remember Rala. We have pass the kingdom. Let us stay focus and not get attracted to one of things in this kingdom". Rava caution as they walk the street of kingdom . Everywhere was made with gold.
    Without any disturbances, they successfully passed the kingdom.
    "What did the book says, which direction are we to go". Rala asked. They had been walking for some days now non stop and were now resting.
    "It says in here, we are going to see the blind bat of evil but first we are going to pass the flowers of Sleep. I don't know what it means by that".
    They continued their journey.
    Soon they came over to the sleeping flowers. Then they decided to tell each other their stories. The deadly flowers put someone to sleep forever and forever more.
    They successfully came out of the deadly flowers and started the way.
    "I wonder how this staff the Shepherd gave to us would help us". Rava told Rala one day as they had journeyed and reach the mouth of a cave. The cave was the dead end.
    "Who knows what the staff can do"
     Rala reply as she held her staff up in the air to have a better look. "I.....I see a language writing on it".
    "Really?" Rava also held hers up and saw a strange language. " Even mine. I wonder the meaning".
    "I don't know either, It is in another language".
    "Sooner or later, we'd going to find out but for now, we have to find a way to cross over to the other side of the cave". Rava said.
    They opened the book and saw that in the cave lies the blind bat of evil.
    "We have to face this creature whatever it is. It is the only way". Rala said.
    "Then let us go we have come too far for we to stop". And bravely they entered the cave.
    For a long while, they did not encountered anything, they were able to see in the dark. They went deeper and deeper, finally they saw it. A huge black bat, larger than a dragon it self, it was so enormous and the bat neck was that of a snake. And it was staring at them without blinking it's eyes. It was as if, the bat had been waiting for them.
    "I have been expecting Rala and Rava". The Evil bat said. "I know you are going to the hidden land of the Fire Wolf to be given some powers to defeat the Hybrid king and safe your mothers".
    They weren't surprised when the bat spoke such words.
    "But what the book failed to mention is that there are no road here. You are at the last road. I am the last road".
    "That's a lie, the book said, if we pass you, then we have gotten to the hidden land". Rava said.
    The bat gave out a hideous laugh and the cave shook.
    "Well there is a way after all".
     The bat lifted one of his paws. While the rest of its body were solid black it's right paws were white. And they were larger.
    "This is the only way. I will let you pass through it to the other side of the Hidden Land, but you must answer correctly this three Riddles. If you fail anyone, I will eat you both".
    "A riddle?"
    "Yes a riddle. Those who have tired to get to the hidden land only got two out of the three. Do you think you can succeed?".
    The two girls, look at each other and said together. "We are ready".
    "Very well then, fail the three Riddles then I eat you".
    "Well if you can. We are waiting". Rala reply.
    "Well here it goes:
    I am something people love or hate.
    I change peoples appearances and thoughts. If a person takes care of them self I will go up even higher.
    To some people I will fool them.
    To others I am a mystery.
    Some people might want to try and hide me but I will show.
    No matter how hard people try I will Never go down.
     What am I?".

    Episode 6

    "Well here it goes:
    I am something people love or hate.
    I change peoples appearances and thoughts. If a person takes care of them self I will go up even higher.
    To some people I will fool them.
    To others I am a mystery.
    Some people might want to try and hide me but I will show.
    No matter how hard people try I will Never go down.
     What am I?". The blind bat of evil asked finally.
    Rala and Rava looked confused as they struggle within themselves to get the answer . After a while, Rala turned to look at the bat.
    "The answer is Age, I guess". Rala answered.
    The bat stare at Rala "Yes, you got that one right. Be prepared, for my second one would be your last".
    "I'm fatherless and motherless, And born without sin. Roaring when entering the world, I never speak again.
    What am I?"
    "I know that answer like the palm of my hand". Rava told her sister confidently.
    "And what is it?"
    Rava faced the bat and said confidently "The answer to your riddle is Thunder".
    The bat scowl at her.
    "I can assure you that even if you passed those 2, the remaining one you will fail".
    "We shall soon see about that Bat, tell us the third and last one". Rala said.
    "Now the last one.
    A dagger thrust at my own heart, Dictates the way I'm swayed.
     Left I stand, and right I yield, To the twisting of the blade.
    What am I?"
    "The answer to that is A Lock". Rava said anxiously.
    "You are". The bat waited a few minutes. Rala and Rava in a battle stance prepared to fight. If the Blind Evil Bat would think that they were an easy prey, then the bat should think again because he has met with the wrong people.
    "The answer is right eventually and now it is time for you to go to the hidden land".
    The bat brought out the white paws and placed in their front. An eye opened right in the middle.
    "This eye will lead you to the land you seek. You have passed the test".
    Rava and Rala thanked the Bat and walked towards the eye and walk through it.
    Coming out of the opposite side, they saw the castle.
    "Finally we are here". Rala told her sister. They were elated that they had finally reached their destination.
    "Yes, we have been expecting you". A voice said.
    "Who are you and why can't we see you?" Rala asked as Rava and she look around them.
    "Touch the ground in your feet and rub it in your eyes". The voice answered.
    They did as they were told. Once their eyes were opened again they saw a red wolf stand erect on it's hinged legs.
    Seeing the look of surprise of their respectively faces the wolf laughed.
    "This world, all this are possible Rala and Rava. Come with me, you don't have much time".
    They followed the red wolf towards the Castle.
    "Do you think the Fire Wolf would tell them about you?" Ara asked as the Hybrid king and her stare at the crystal ball. They saw as the red wolf lead Rala and Rava inside the castle.
    "That is none of my concern. My major problem now is what to do with Odin and Olin".
    "I know what to do your Highness. My mistress before she died revealed a spell that has been lost for so long. An ancient spell(Read the book 1 of the forgotten wolf to understand)".
    "I don't get you Ara, elaborate more on that".
    "I will have to unleash the dark spells on them".
    "And when you do?"
    "They will forget about their past live, just like what Annabel did to Odin's brother but mine would make them forget who they are".
    "Then be quick Ara, I don't have patient like you".
    "We have been away from home for so long Philip. Do you think the Ice Silver Sword still exist?". Lucan asked.
    Philip turned to stare up at him. "It exist Lucan. My great grandfather talks a lot about how the sword was lost when the Fire wolf King and the Hybrid King went to war against themselves. You may not knows this Lucan, but the Fire wolf and the Hybrid Vampire are twins".
    "I don't understand you Philip".
    "There is a story why the Ice Silver Sword
    was hidden away from the brothers".
    "What story that would made the ancient to hide it and how do know about the sword?" Lucan asked.

    Episode 7

    "There is a story why the Ice Silver Sword was hidden away from the brothers".
    "What story that would made the ancient to hide it and how do know about the sword?" Lucan asked.
    Once the red wolf got within the Castle wall, a green wolf took Rava and Rala from the red wolf and took them inside the golden castle.
    They got to a tall Oak door and the green wolf, also walking on it's hinge legs, knocked on the door in a rhythmic way.
    The Oak door shone a bright red fiery light and it opened.
    "Come in", a thick masculine voice said from the inside.
    "The Fire Wolf king awaits you". The green wolf told the girls and motion for them to go in.
    Rala and Rava went in and saw a huge wolf . It's body were on fire.
    "Yes, Rala and Rava what can I do for you both?" The Fire Wolf king asked his two visitors.
    "We need your help in defeating the Hybrid king sir. He kidnapped our mothers when we were little and....."
    "I know all of that Rala. The question is are you two ready to face the Hybrid king?"
    Rala and Rava both stare at one another before nodding their heads in unison.
    "Yes we are ready.
    We have come too far for we to stop". Rava answered for both of them.
    "Very well then, you two will have to pass the six gate of Hell. Inside the six gate of Hell lies something you both must retrieve to defeat the hybrid king". The Fire Wolf said with a gleam in his eyes.
    "Do you think the Fire Wolf have changed after all these years?" Arizona asked the Moon Goddess and Zeus. Zeus has just came back from a war with the Angels who were fighting against the prince of Darkness.
    "I don't know Arizona, the brothers are always fighting for one thing, Powers. Even after so many years has gone by, I don't believe the Fire Wolf would change over night". The moon goddess answered.
    "Then why did you let Rala and Rava go in search of the Hidden land?" Zeus asked his beloved wife.
    "For them to make their own path themselves and know that not everything are what they seems to be. We shall do nothing and only hope they find out the truth themselves". The moon goddess replied Zeus.
    "You haven't answered my question Philip. What is the story behind the Ice Silver Sword and why do you think it would help us?" Lucan asked Philip who had suddenly grew quite.
    "The two brothers are like Day and Night. Ly was a night walker, a Vampire hybrid and Levi a full wolf. They were always together fighting against all evil forces and helping the people until one day when their great grandfather made an announcement. The two brothers were to pass the six gate of hell to possess the Ice Silver Sword.
     The Ice Silver Sword is no ordinary sword. Anyone who has it in his or her possession was said to be strongest wolf warrior. But the sword has it's own good and bad side, it depends on the bearer of the sword. The Silver Sword can only be lifted by the hands of a true warrior. But those two brothers Ly and Levi couldn't open any of the doors to the six gates of hell. And so they fought each other and went their separate ways to find the way to get the Ice Silver Sword and how to open the six gate of Hell".
    "Did they ever succeeded in their quest". Lucan asked.
    "Their great grandfather and their father were killed by them. But their grandfather before his death lay a curse on the two sons and split the Ice Silver Sword into two, using his magic he threw away one of the sword outside the Castle walls and the other one lies at the end of the sixth gate of Hell".
    "And so you believe the other half must be somewhere around here". Lucan asked.
    "Yes, it was magic that had brought the sword outside and it can only be found by someone who has a good heart".
    "And you think it is us? How can you be so sure we can find this said sword" Lucan asked to be sure of what he heard.
    "Arizona told me before we had began this journey and I believe we can find the other half".
    "You didn't tell me what curse that was lay upon the brothers?"
    "Levi and his followers were curse to forever remain as wolves and Ly was cursed never to see the day light. I believe he wants Olin and Odin to have his children to enable them get the Ice Silver Sword from the six gate of Hell. His children from the wolf breed can be able to walk in daylight and Night time".

    Episode 8

    Previously on Hybrid..
    "Levi and his followers were curse to forever remain as wolves and Ly was cursed never to see the day light. I believe he wants Olin and Odin to have his children to enable them get the Ice Silver Sword from the six gate of Hell. His children from the wolf breed can be able to walk in daylight and Night time".
    "So you think he took Olin and Odin for that propose?" Lucan asked
    "Yes . But who knows, I may be wrong that is why we need to find the other half before any of the brothers do". Philip answered as he continued his search, Lucan joining afterwards.
    "Each doors opens the path to a new story. If you are not strong enough to with held what is in it and face it, you will be locked inside the gates of hell. Only those with brave hearts tends to win the battle of war. If you intend to defeat the Hybrid king then you must past through the six gates of hell". The Fire Wolf told Rala and Rava as they walked along the long corridor, coming outside. Rala and Rava saw it.
     They walked towards an ancient door that stood at the middle of the opening. The door was the only thing visible, only the door. On its top was written:
    "As long we have the powers to defeat the Hybrid king, then we are ready". Rala spoke speaking on the behalf of Rava.
    "Mind you, there is something which had been kept hidden in the sixth gates of hell for many years. It is well guarded and protected. Get it for me and you shall have the powers to defeat the Hybrid king. But remember if you are unable to face what is inside the remaining doors you will forever remain in there. This door". He said pointing at the door in the middle of the palace ground. "Opens after you have both opened all the six gates of hell". The Fire Wolf said as he told Rala and Rava.
    'But what could be at the end of the sixth gate of hell that the Fire Wolf won't be able to take? Why would he tell us to bring whatever that was inside the sixth gate to him' Rava thought to herself and wondered in dismay.
    "Whenever you are ready, you may open the door". So said, the Fire Wolf said and smirked when Rava opened it and grinned wickedly when Rava and Rala both entered the only door standing at the opening.
    Only those with pure hearts and a vengeful course would be able to open the Pass way to the gates of hell.
    The Fire Wolf and some of the wolf that came with them all celebrated that at last they are one step ahead of Ly
    Once the girls have passed through the six gates of hell, then they would be able to put them to death immediately. Levi has already set all his plans.
    Once Rava and Rala entered the pass way to the six gate of hell. They saw seven doors instead of six facing them.
    "But I thought the Fire wolf king said there are only six doors.
    How come we have a seventh one here?" Rala said as she turns to face her sister.
    "I don't know Rala, but something within my guts tells me that there is something which the Fire Wolf king is hiding from us". Rava told Rala
    "I thought as much also but we are already inside the pass way and instead of the six as were told we are now seeing seven. We have to open all the seven doors of hell only then can we leave this place". Rala replied back.
    They decided to opened the first door by their right and entered.
    It was like as if they were teleported to another kingdom where a multitude of people where celebrating.
    Rala and Rava both walked hand in hand as they entered the ceremony to see the cause of it.
    They were surprised to see a young girl of their age being tied up to be sacrificed to a huge four headed serpent.
    "Alla". Rava whispered.
    "What? I don't get you Rava"
    "The name of the serpent is Alla". Rava replied.
    "You know it's name? How?" Rala asked astonished.
    "I don't know it just pop out of my mind and now my mind is telling me we have to save this girl. I think she's the only one who can take us out of this gate". Rava explained her thoughts.
    "But how are we going to get pass through the people to the girl and finally the four headed serpent?" Rala rushed at her questions all at once.
    "I think we should jump in and save the girl from being use as sacrifice". Rava answered.
    So saying they ran towards the young girl who was being tied up and was crying out her eyes.
    With their supernatural strength they both took out the guards stationed at the both side of the girl. Unloose the ropes that binds her and stood her up to her feet.
    The crowds has became silent, silent as a graveyard when they saw two strange looking girl loosen up their sacrifice meant for their four headed serpent.
    "Who dares interrupt this great sacrifice? And who are these two girls interrupting my sacrifice". The four headed serpent surprisingly spoke to Rava and Rala who were shock when the serpent spoke.

    Episode 9

    Previously on Hybrid:
    "Who dares interrupt this great sacrifice? And who are these two girls interrupting my sacrifice". The four headed serpent surprisingly spoke to Rava and Rala who were shock when the serpent spoke.
    "We are here to save her what does it look we are doing?" Rala spoke out bravely.
    "Hmm, I See you got the guts to talk back at me".
    "You haven't seen anything yet four big headed creature". Rava followed.
    "Hmm it's been long I had seen someone who is as courageous as you both, so I do not intend to to fight with you" . The four headed serpent said to the astonish ladies who stood prospectively in front of the girl that was in chain.
    "You have past the first test. You both are courageous". The young lady being tried up that was to be use in sacrifice spoke up behind them. Rala and Rava turned to stare at the lady.
    The chains in her hands faded into flowers. A crown purely made of gold appeared resting on her forehead.
    "I know you have questions Rava and Rala". She said to the surprised ladies.
    "I don't understand, I thought they were going to use you for sacrifice". Rala stated.
    "No, you got that all wrong.
    Only those with pure hearts can free me. Every thousand years, the Fire Wolf king sent some who can be able to open the gates of hell. But once they get in here, their thoughts drifted away when they saw the riches in here. They forgot their mission. I have been in this chains for as long as can remember. This was a test to see if you'd save me and you did. So I will give you this". The lady said smiling at Rala and Rava as she gave Rava a Sliver key. "You both know that there is actually a seventh door to the gates of hell. This key would open the seventh door. For it to work with this key, you must all open the gates of hell".
    "Thank you so much". Rava said as she gave the key to Rala.
    "You must hurry, there is no time". The lady said as Rala and Rava thanked her once again and turned to leave.
    "You must always remember that not all are what they seems to be". Was the last word they heard before they closed the door behind them.
    They were back in the hallway once more.
    The seventh door stood alone by itself.
    "Let us try the key on the seventh door, down there". Rala said.
    "Have you forgotten that the key won't work unless we open the five doora remaining". Rala answered.
    "That's true. Let's split up and enter at the same time on different doors, that would help us faster. The sooner we open all doors and get out of here the better".
    "Yes, you are right". Rava said as they walked towards the doors. They were both facing a door respectively.
    "Ready whenever you".
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    Rava stated.
    "Ready then". Rala reply and they both opened the door at the same time and entered.
    A scream was heard.
    "Did you see what you both had set out?" Arizona asked immediately she saw Lucan and Philip as they came down from their horses.
    "Maybe". Philip said as he brought out something wrapped up tightly in a cloth. "But it still remain the other half of it to complete it". Philip added.
    "By the way where are Rava and Rala?" Lucan asked as he was surprised when he saw none of them coming out to greet him or Philip.
    "After so many years and you both had not returned they fear the Hybrid king has kidnap you. So they went in search of the hidden land. The Wolf of Fire kingdom". Arizona replied them.
    "And you let them go?" Prince Philip shouted enraged.
    "They were only trying to save you and their mothers". Arizona said trying to reason with them.
    "Going to the Hidden land of the Fire wolf will only endanger them. They will put them to death immediately they have had what they are looking for".
    "Rala and Rava will make it out alive out of there, somehow they'll. Trust their judgement".

    Episode 10

    Previously on Hybrid:
    "Rala and Rava will make it out alive out of there, somehow they'll. Trust their judgement".
    Immediately Rala went in she saw a woman. She was wearing a white cloak and a hoodie covered her head. Somehow Rala know that the cloaked figure is a woman. The woman figure as if she has felt the presence of Rala turned very slowly to face Rala . As the woman turn, her white cloak started changing into black. She face Rala fully. Her head bowed
    Rala couldn't see anything, her face in the hoodie was pitch black. She couldn't make out the face inside the hoodie.
    "Who are you?" Rala asked as she went into a fighting stance.
    The dark cloak woman didn't reply.
    "I ask again, who are you?", Rala repeated herself again.
    The dark cloaked figure strengthen up her bowed head. She lifted up one of her hand and use it to bring down the hoodie from her head.
    Rala was shocked when she saw the face of the cloak person. It was her mother Olin.
    Suddenly the face changes to hers, exactly like her. The cloak still on her body.
    Rala knew the demon she was up against. According to the book, each of the gates has different creatures in it.
     But they were cursed and put whosoever that has entered any gates dead.
    Rala and Rava had once read about the cursed creatures in the gates of hell. You must remove their curse placed on them and not to kill it. They have been in the gates of hell for so long. But what the book fail to mention was the type of curse they each had.
    The first gate they had entered, they help the girl who in turn gave them the key to the seventh door.
    Facing her was the creature of Mirroring. A creature that changes to what you have in thought. A creature that once it changes to you whatever it did to the body affects you.
    What can be your curse? Rala thought as she watched every moves her Mirroring made.
    Can the curse be.....
    Rala didn't have time to think as the demon in from of her ran towards her quickly.
    Without any hesitation Rala ran forward with a plan forming in her mind.
    As they met, Rala quickly moved to the side and yanked off the cloak from the body with inhuman strength.
    The lady gave out a loud scream as she fell down.
    The cloak in Rala's hands quickly burst into flames and varnish.
    Rala carefully walk over to where the lady has fallen. She bent down to touch her.
    "Are you alright?"
    The lady looked up and Rala saw here eyes where crystal ball. Rala noticed her hair, a sliver color.
    "You saved me Rala for a curse no one can ever pull. Thank you".
    "No problem, but how did you know my name?" Rala asked.
    The lady smiled as she stood up and Rala stood up with her.
    "I know everything about you when you opened the door. You seek for the powers to destory the hybrid king, am I right?"
    "Yes, you are right. I and my sister had journey to the hidden land of the Fire Wolf to have the powers in defeating the hybrid king". Rala replied.
    "Rala, for saving me from the curse, here", the lady said as a sliver bow and arrow appeared in her hand. "Is the gift I would like to give you. The sliver bow is unbreakable and the arrows can never run dry, it can never be finished. Take this and use them, a great battle would soon unfold". The lady said and handed the bow and arrow to Rala who took it and bowed in respect.
    "Thank you much". Rala said thankfully to the strange lady.
    "Your sister is out already, waiting for you. Remember Rala not everything is true. The truth shall reveal itself and you shall know the real truth. Thank you once again Rala". So saying the lady disappeared.
    True to the lady's words Rava was out breathing heavily. She strengthen up when she saw Rala.
    "Did you see anything?" Rala asked and Rava nodded her head to her question.
    "I saw a village on fire and the villagers were shouting surrounding a house:
    Kill the witch.
    I don't really know what happened or how it happened, all I know was by the time I had gotten over myself, I have save a young boy from getting killed. For a thousand years the village has been set on fire and the young boy locked up in his house as the villagers tried to get in. His eyes where like burning furnace. His hair was like a lava, but he has the face of an angel. He thanked me for saving him and disappear from my sight". Rava concluded.
    Rala quickly gave out her own experience.
    "And she gave me this". Rala said as she show the silver bow and arrow to Rava who admired it.
    "Now I remember something the little boy told me before he disappeared.
    He said he has given me a gift for saving him". Rava said to the hearings of Rala.
    "And what can that be?" Rala asked.
    "The gift of fire". Rava replied.
    "I still don't understand why they are helping us after we have helped them from the curse". Rava added all of a sudden.
    "The lady I met said we shall soon find out the whole truth".
    "It remain three more doors to the six gates of hell before the seventh. Let's do as we did before". Rava said.
    They entered two different door at the same time.
    "You just have to trust your daughters". The moon goddess told Lucan and Philip.
    "We have faith in them. I am just afraid of how they are going to face the Fire wolf once he tries to attack them". Philip said.
    "You worry too much, don't worry they will prevail against the Fire wolf. It is their destiny". Arizona told them.

    Episode 11

    Hybrid kingdom:
    Ly was staring at the silent figures of the twin sisters. He had tried using his spells on them but to no avail. He has to keep his secret unknown. His spells kept bouncing back and couldn't penetrate through them. And now he was just staring at them he was aware when Ara walked up to him.
    "They are stronger than you think my Lord". Ara began . "Even if you use all the whole powers their wolves won't let you win over them. You may have compel them but their wolves are still much alive in them". Ara added.
    "So what do you want me to to do to silent their wolves?" Ly asked.
    Ara for the first time couldn't answer that question.
    Soon she left Ly to her chambers.
    Ly smirked as he stares at Odin and Olin.
    The Hallway of The Six Gates Of Hell:
    After going through the remaining six doors, Rala and Rava approached the seventh Door.
    Rava took the key the lady from the first gate had given to them put it in the lock and it opened immediately.
    They quickly entered the door and saw an old ancient man. His hair was grey.
    He sat down facing the door.
    He opened his eyes which where purely white when Rala and Rava entered. His aura filled the room.
    "I have been waiting for you both, what took you so long to come". The strange unknown man said to them.
    Rava and Rala looked at themselves as the old man asked them that question.
    "You do? How? What do you mean grandfather?" Rala asked the old man sitting down in the midair.
    "I have been waiting for you both for so many years". The old man said again.
    Rala and Rava looked bewildered at what the old had said.
    "Again we ask grandfather, how?" Rava asked again.
    "You seek for what you can use in defeating the Hybrid King and save your mothers, am I right?"
    "You are right". Rala answered with all sincerity.
    "There is a story behind the Hybrid action. It's true that he kidnapped Olin and Odin. It is also true that he also wanted the Ice Silver Sword but do you think he did that willingly?".
    "We don't understand what you are saying". Rala spoke on the behalf of her sister.
    "Do you know of a woman called Elsie?" The old man asked
    "Elsie? Who is she?" Rava questioned.
    "Elsie was a strong sorceress who had wanted to take over the wolf kingdom but was defeated by Olin". The old man began.
     "You see, Elsie was the wife of the Fire Wolf but when she was killed, the Fire Wolf lost it all and evoked Elsie spirit from the land of dead. He was lucky because Elsie hasn't yet passed the gate to the other side. Elsie spirit lives in the Hybrid King. They are using him to carrying out their plans".
    Rala and Rava wore a look of disbelieve and surprise on their faces.
    "What you seek for is me. You have to find a way to help the Hybrid king. Your father both awaits your return, you must tell them to help the Hybrid king".
    "But grandfather how did this Elsie entered the Hybrid King body without his knowledge?" Rava questioned.
    "That is the way fate wants it. It is time to go home". So saying the old man transformed into the other part of the Ice Silver Sword.
    It made itself bigger and enough for someone to climb on. "Climb on me". A voice emitted out from the sword to Rava and Rala.
    They quickly climbed on it and a sliver rope emerged out of the sword to hold their feets.
    It flew straight out of the room. Flying towards the door that held the seven Gate of hell.
    The door opened by itself once it got closer and flew higher.
    The FIRE WOLF of the hidden kingdom and his wolves where aghast when they saw what happened and rain fire on them.
    But the sword was immune to fire and protected Rala and Rava from getting hurt.

    Episode 12

    Previously on Hybrid:
    But the sword was immune to fire and protected Rala and Rava from getting hurt.
    The sword quickly flew them back to Crescent Kingdom unharmed.
    Crescent Kingdom:
    Philip and Lucan where elated on seeing their daughters and they both hug them. After that the girls called upon Arizona, their grandfather (Zeus), their grandmother (Moon Goddess), Ben, Reed, Eric and Erica all together and told them their adventures to the Hidden land of the Fire Wolf kingdom.
    Rava explained what the old man had told them back at the seven gates of Hell and then presented the half to her father, Prince Philip, who took it from her.
    "You have done well Rala and Rava and for that we are grateful, thank you" . Prince Philip said to them.
    "So what are we going to do since the hybrid king isn't the one controlling himself". Ben said as all eyes were on him.
    "You are right, we have to free him from Elsie soul before he make the greatest mistake of his life". Reed said in full support of what Ben has said.
    The rest nodded their heads in unison.
    They have to get prepared should in case something unexpected happened.
    And also find way to bind the two cut half sword together to make them whole. A full Ice Silver Sword once again.
     Rava began as they walked along the rose flowers Odin had loved so much. It was a flower garden Odin had took her time to tend it.
    "Yes Rava what is it?" Prince Philip asked as he gave his daughter all his attention.
    "How was mother and Aunty Olin where kidnapped, you've never told me how the hybrid king was able to kidnapped our mother's without the lightest knowledge of you, uncle Lucan, in fact everyone. What really happened that day?". Rava asked.
    Prince Philip heaved in sigh as he looked elsewhere.
    "Thinking of that day always bring me sadness. Well Odin and Olin were preparing to go out and visit the kingdom when the hybrid king came out of nowhere, sprinkle some substance on the both of them immediately and that was it. They weren't with any guards and they were took unawares.
    Now that I think of it and what you've told us, I think it was Elsie who had planned it all". Philip finished explaining to Rava.
    "So this dead shadow witch wants to take her own pound of flesh with our mother's".
    "Yes, she want the WOLF clan to fight with the VAMPIRE clan. But now we are one step ahead of her. We just have to find a way to remove Elsie soul from the hybrid king body".
    Somewhere in the comfy of a warm room Lucan told Rala the story.
    Hybrid Kingdom:
    Ly was fast asleep when Elsie soul in a Smokey form left his body and floated around the palace searching for something known only best to her. At the same time Ara was coming down the other side when they both collide.
    Before Ara would say jack the Elsie soul entered her nose. Ara holding her head with both of hands started saying some spells. The last thing she remembered before fainting was an unknown voice saying something.
    The Hidden Land (Fire Wolf Kingdom):
    "How can they escaped right under our nose". Levi bellowed in anger as his the wolves with him crowed with fear.
    No one spoke a word.
    "They had taken the other half with them to Crescent Kingdom. We have to get into that kingdom and get the the sword which they took from here". Levi told his wolves as they all surrounded him. "We have to act fast and get the Ice Silver Sword from them".

    Episode 13

    Previously on Hybrid:
    "They had taken the other half with them to Crescent Kingdom. We have to get into that kingdom and get the the sword which they took from here". Levi told his wolves as they all surrounded him. "We have to act fast and get the Ice Silver Sword from them".
    "If I know better the Fire wolf kingdom would soon attack us. Levi can be deceitful at times, but we all have to help the Hybrid king" . Zeus said as he and his wife, the moon goddess, where sitting together.
    "I think you are right but the problem now is how can we get past the guards and the sorceress that are always with the Hybrid king?" The moon go asked.
    "Well, we are going to find a way to get into the Palace of the Hybrid king and then remove whatever that is in him". Zeus responded.
    They weren't startled when a voice spoke to them.
    "I think I know who the sorceress is".
    Zeus and the moon goddess turned and saw Arizona coming towards them.
    "You do?" The moon goddess asked.
    "Remember Ara?"
    Nodding their heads as yes Arizona continued...
    "She is with the king, She has a hand in the kidnapped of Odin and Olin. We have to release the twins from the spells that held them so that their wolves can help them back.
    The Odinlent wolves and the white Wolf came to me in my dreams and told me what I needed to know".
    "Very well then, what are we going to do?" Zeus asked.
    "Somehow the Blue, the Red and the Black Wolves has freed themselves from the spells in Odin's body". Arizona said and gesture around them. "You may come out now".
    The Black wolf was the first to make it's presence known followed by the Blue wolf and finally the Red Wolf.
    "But how where you able to get out of the spells which were cast on Odin and Olin?" The moon goddess questioned bewildered when she saw them.
    "It was Olin wolf that helped in escaping the three of us". The Red wolf responded to her question.
    "She freed the three of us so that we can come here quickly to give everyone what she just find out". The Blue wolf told them.
    "And which is?" Arizona asked.
    "She said and I quote in the White Wolf voice, tell them to hurry up with whatever plans they have. The witch inside the Hybrid king body grows stronger by the day. Tell them they don't have much time, the Hybrid king wants to use their bodies for reproduction. I am getting weaker as I tried to block whatever spells the witch uses on both bodies. They need to hurry up with whatever they have to their sleeves". The Black wolf finished saying. "That is why we are here. We need to stop Elsie that is bending the Hybrid king to her will".
    "Then we have to hurry up and inform the others about what you have just told us without delay". Arizona said and closes her eyes to send a message through them.
    After telling them what the Odinlent wolves had said Rala and Rava made their way towards the Palace garden.
    "What are you thinking Rava?" Rala asked once they have gotten into the garden.
    "Nothing serious, just thinking about the things the priestess and the wolves said. We can't sit and fold our arms doing nothing". Rava responded.
    Nodding her head. "You're right Rava. I think we should sneak out of the Palace without anyone noticed and go to the Hybrid kingdom". Rala said.
    "After all we brought back the other Ice Silver sword. I have this strange feelings that if grandmother and everyone went together to meet the Hybrid king then his twin brother Levi would attack Crescent Kingdom. So for that not to happen we have to sneak out and disguise ourselves, hide our scent and go and offer our services to the king and prayed perhaps to allow us work as his servant. That way we would help him and also free our mothers, don't you do think so?"
    "Rava you really are a genius but my only problem is how we can disguise ourselves and hide our scent from the witch and Ara". Rala said her deepest fear.
    "Leave that to me, mother taught me that. You knew she said the day she met my father was when she disguised herself into a commoner". Rava answered.
    "Well that is one out of two. The second one is how can we sneak out of the Palace without being seen?"
    "Leave that to us". A third voice spoke out. Heart in their mouth they quickly turned to see the Black wolf with it's comrade.
    "How did you mean?" Rala asked.
    "The White Wolf also told us that you girls would do such a thing and has told we, the Odinlent wolves to help you girls out".
    The Red wolf replied.
    Hybrid kingdom:
    "We have to bend that stupid wolf to our will, she is the one protecting Odin and Olin from our spells. We have to find a way to weaken it for us to use the twins bodies". Ara told Ly.
    Ly was staring out of his palace window and didn't say anything regarded to what Ara has just told him.
    The Witch took over his mind and he turned to face Ara.
    "Long time no see Ara".
    Gasping out in shocked to how the Hybrid knew her real name, she asked fearfully. "How did you know my name?"
    Written by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke
    "Don't you remember me again Ara. It is I Elsie, your mistress. I have long been living in the body of the Ly. I made him kidnapped the twins. I hypothesized him into bending to my own will. I will make sure Crescent and everything living in it pays dearly for what they did to me and my followers". Elsie said finally revealing herself to Ara.
    Ara smiled and bowed down to Elsie.
    "They will pay especially Odin's family". Elsie said cruelly.

    Episode 14

    Hybrid kingdom:
    "Let us start with the preparations of the evil soul binding. Tomorrow we shall begin the rituals". Elsie told Ara.
    "But doing the rituals we need two ladies to complete the circle of the evil soul binding rituals". Ara said to Elsie.
    "I know, tomorrow we will find two girls worthy to be among the circle just like we did to Annabel and the rest but this time around we only need two people". Elsie told Ara who smiled cruelly.
    "If that is the case then I shall find two ladies for you tomorrow my Mistress" . Ara said and bowed down to her mistress.
    "Tomorrow it is".
    Her shadow quickly went back into the body of Ly settling down with his soul, caging it once again.
    "We are attacking Crescent Kingdom the day after tomorrow". Levi announced with authority to the gatherings of his wolves members. As they surrounded him.
    "Every wolves will participate in this fight, be you a woman or a man".
    Crescent Kingdom:
    That night, Rala and Rava both sneaked out of their respectively chambers and quietly made their towards where the horses are being kept.
    The girls had disguised themselves.
    "Should we go with the horses to the Hybrid kingdom. Won't it arouse suspicious towards us?" Rala asked.
    All the horses where white and white means royalties.
    Any rider with a white horse are assumed to be royal. Black horses are might for travelers.
    Unfortunately for the girls the only color of horses in their stable were all white which was what prompted Rala to asked.
    Giving it a thought Rava nodded her head, "You're right Rala. Riding on the horses would automatically exposed us in hybrid kingdom". Heaving out a sigh, "I think we should use our legs instead". She added.
    "Legs? We don't even know the way to the Hybrid kingdom, if we use our legs then we'd be lost". Rala said.
    "Don't worry we will take you both there. Hope your scent are hidden?" The Black wolf said appearing in their midst together with the Red and Blue wolf.
    Perceiving their scents Rava nodded her head to answer the blue wolf question she said.
    "It is well covered".
    "What about the Ice Sliver sword? Did you bring it with you?" The Blue wolf asked.
    "No there is no need for that. I was blessed with a gift so is my sister, with it we can use it to defeat whatever that stands in our way". Rala told them.
    "Then hop on and let us begin the journey.
    Before the sun set we should already be at the Hybrid's kingdom. I hope you girls have a plan already". The Red wolf said.
    "Yes". Rava answered as she gave a cloak to Rala who quickly put it on.
    Rava also did quite the same, putting their hoodie on which hid most of their hairs and features.
    The cloak made them looked like a witch.
    "If I may ask what are your plans?" The Black wolf asked as Rava climbed on him and Rala on the Blue wolf.
    "Well, we are going into the kingdom in disguise you all know that". Rava said.
    "That we do but the question is how will you confuse the Hybrid king that you are fit to work in his kingdom?" The Red wolf questioned.
    "Since I was blessed with the gift of fire". Rava said lifting up one of her hands as it erupts in fire, "I will just tell the Hybrid king that I stole the fire from his brother Levi which automatically makes me a Fire Bender. In his greed that I now possess his brothers powers he would agreed to me working with him, of course the witch in his body would be the one to agreed to it". Rava said as she told the wolves her cleverly plans.
    "And so what about your sister?" The Black wolf asked.
    "She was given a bow that never runs out of arrows so she would tell the Hybrid king. It would be like a magic to him and as usual the witch in him would use that as an advantage also. So you see it would work out according to our plan and if this one did not work out then we would switch to plan B". Rava answered.
    "Very well then, let us go".
    They disappeared right there.

    Episode 15

    Previously on Hybrid:
    They disappeared right there.
    That same night.
    "The girls are no longer in their rooms". One of the guards sent to call Rala and Rava reported his findings to Prince Philip and Lucian. They had wanted to discuss something important with their daughters.
    The guards had cross checked and even checked around the palace to see if he could find them but to no avail.
    "What?" Prince Philip and Lucian both said at the same time expresses shocked.
    "Have you combed around the palace to verify what you are saying?" Prince Philip asked the guard.
    "Yes your majesty, we've searched everywhere for them but we couldn't find them". The second guard responded.
    "If you have checked around like you said, then where did they go to at this time of the night?"
    No one could answer Prince Philip question.
    That same night:
    "I know why you're here Philip" . Arizona began softly as Philip came to her chambers that night alongside with Lucan.
    "Then where did they go?" Lucian asked immediately before the high priestess finished speaking.
    "To the hybrid kingdom to save their mothers. They will succeed in their mission, don't worry too much about them rather worry about this kingdom"
    Arizona told them.
    "We will soon discuss about Rala and Rava but for now what did you mean by that?" Prince Philip asked.
    "The fire wolf king, Levi, and his people are getting ready for war". Arizona said.
    "War for what? Who are they up against?" Lucian questioned.
    "Crescent Kingdom- this kingdom. Rava and Rala might have known about this thus leaving for the hybrid kingdom and allowing you stay back to protect the kingdom. If you all March to the Hybrid kingdom, you are leaving Crescent Kingdom at the mercy of the Fire Wolf. This was revealed to me Philip. Start preparing your armies because the Fire Wolf king would attack any moment from now. Let's take them by surprise". Arizona explained to them.
    "I shall announced to the whole kingdom when they have assembly at the courtyard tomorrow that we are at war with the hidden kingdom". Prince Philip said.
    "That will be good. Delay is dangerous, you know the Fire Wolf kingdom is a very strong kingdom that hasn't been defeated since the beginning of time so your chance against them are lime unless you have another alternative to defeat the Hidden Kingdom". Arizona told them in a warning tone.
    "I see, very well then, we shall get prepared for the battle ahead". Prince Philip said.
    "If you said Rava and Rala are right in going after the hybrid king then I am ready for the great battle ahead". Lucian said still worried about the girls.
    "You worry too much my friend. Don't underestimate the girls, they know what they are doing more than you think. Be rest assured they will succeed in their quest". Arizona assured them.
    Thanking her wholeheartedly they left for their different chambers, each thinking about the battle against the Fire Wolf. Sleep finally took over them eventually.
    "You mean the Fire Wolf wants to go to war against us?" The moon goddess asked for the umpteen time as she stare disbelieve at Philip and Lucian. Reed was with them.
    "That was what Arizona told us".
    "Yeah she told me also". Reed answered.
    "But you all know the Fire Wolf kingdom has never lose to any war they had before. I am afraid we don't have a chance against them". The moon goddess said
    "But we have the Ice Sliver sword with us, that would give us a chance against them". Lucian told the goddess.
    "True, but this is Levi we are talking about. Even if he had needed the sword a long time ago or even now that hasn't stopped him from conquering any kingdom. The sword might give us a chance against him but he might have others plans". The moon goddess explained. "You don't know or seen what Levi could do against a kingdom he wishes to destroy. The hidden kingdom is one of its kind, Levi made sure of that. When his father had created that powerful sword he wanted the sword for himself but his father couldn't and that was how his hatred for his father grew. He vowed to take the sword by all means but he couldn't succeed and now the same sword is in our hands so imagine his livid". The moon goddess explained.
    "I now understand you, without any further delay I beg to take my leave, I want to see what the sword can do". Prince Philip said and left the moon goddess accompanied by Lucian.
    They appeared at the outskirts of the kingdom, at the back of the castle precisely.
    They got down from the wolves back and turned to face the three wolves.
    "This is where we stop the rest of the plans are now in your hands". The black wolf said.
    Nodding their heads they said together "Thank you".
    "We are with you all the way, you are not alone". The red wolf said and the three of them disappeared as usual.
    Rava checked to see if their disguise was still intact then proceeding with checking their hidden scent. Their disguise made them looked so dirty and haggard that you wouldn't be able to recognize them. Just like what Odin had done before, Rava made them look older than their age.
    "Well that went well. Without wasting any more time let us go in". Rava announced to Rala and they both went in.
    Seeing a well tall build body guard station to guard the palace oak door they greeted the guard.
    "Yes, how can I help you ladies?" He asked.
    "We are here to seek the attention of his majesty". Rala answered.
    "What for?"
    "We came to see if he is in need of servants, we are from a very distant land and we seek refuge in his kingdom, allow us an audience with the king". Rava spoke this time.
    "Are you here to spy on us? To get information about us to your king....".
    He was cut off by the voice of Ara at the rooftop.
    "Don't worry about them Desmond, let them in".
    The guard now know as Desmond opened the large Oak door for Rava and Rala which they gladly entered without hesitation.
    "Be on guard Rala should in case we are attacked". Rava whispered to her sister as they move along the tall corridor that would lead them to the Hybrid's throne room.
    "Your majesty, Crescent palace have gotten wings of you attacking their kingdom from their high priestess, Sire". A guard who came rushing in told Levi as he knelt down before the king.
    "I see", Levi mused to himself. "Well, that's get better. I want to test the strength of Crescent Kingdom to see if they will defeat me. It is better as they know, at least they won't say I attacked them surprisingly, am I not right?". Levi added.
    "Of course Sire, you are much right. We shall crush the living day light out of them all". The guard said as he was left in no other option than to support the king, failure to do so would result his head.
    "And most importantly get the Ice Sliver sword those brats took away from my gates of hell. I know they will seek out for help when they realize that I am the only one who could activate the sword and that's where our victory lays". Levi said with much cruelly laced in his voice.
    "Why isn't the sword alive? I thought as we had joined the half together it would automatically activate the sword but right now look at what it is doing". Prince Philip complained to the moon goddess and Arizona. Reed, Ben, Zeus, Eric and Erica where there as they listened.
    He stood up to demonstrate what he was saying. He took the sword from Lucian hands, waved it through the air and use it to strike a piece of wood in front of them. The sword bounced back. The wood still remained intact and didn't show any sign of cutting.
    "This is what I am talking about. I and Lucian have almost spent the entire sharply the sword but it's still remained like this. The sword couldn't penetrate anything it touches. Why is it like that?" Prince Philip finally asked after giving out his explanation.
    "That's because the sword was created from Levi's blood but his greatest weapon denies him. Just like you, once it is activated in his hand he can't move that hand no matter how much he tried. Even Ly tried but the sword couldn't. The only time the sword was activated and used was by their father. We could have checked if Rala and Rava could be able to activate the sword but they are not here right now". Arizona explained.
    "So what are we going to do now that the sword is useless with us, I believe the Fire Wolf would be laughing at us by now". Lucian asked.
    "We fight them to death". Eric spoke.
    "With the way the situation is going, I will have no other option than to send for my mother". The moon goddess told them.
    "Your mother? You have a mother?" Prince Philip asked the question everyone wanted to ask suddenly.
    Nodding her head briefly. "Yeah, it is a long story but let's pray she answers my call".
    "And why won't your mother answer your call?" Reed questioned.
    "Because, she fell in love with me and her mother was against it. That happened a long time ago and we left them". Zeus responded as he drew the moon goddess to his side to give her the comfort that she needs and also to let her know that he was in support of her decision. "Do what is right". He added quietly.
    "My mother is in another dimension and I won't if she will even regard my message. I have to try". The moon goddess said as she stretch forth her hands in the open and started whispering. A very rare blue raven appeared in her hands and she lifted up her hands.
    "Go and tell her my message".
     It flew out of her hands towards the sky. A portal opened, closing after the Raven bird had entered.
    "Now we wait for her message". She said.
    The door to the throne room which the Nine king and queen were opened with much force, halting all of them as they turned to see a guard, the oldest guard in Crescent, approaching them.
    "Yes, what can we do for you?" Diana asked. Whatever that had made the guard to barge in the way he did surely means something.
    "A message from Judith". The guard responded.
    At the mention of Judith, Diana gasped out in surprise and so was a lady sitting beside the High king of the Nine kingdoms.
    "A message you said that came from Judith, are you sure?" Diana asked to be sure.
    "I am sure, you remembered you gave her the blue raven bird as her birthday gift?". Nodding her head, he proceeded. "It is the same one hanging outside the court yard now". He explained.
    "If you will excuse me and Selena we would love to see the bird". She left the meeting together with the guard and Selena.
    "It is true". Selena said.
    "Then it signify that she need our help. Selena inform Grace and Erica about the newest development while I inform Lucas about Judith sudden appearance".

    Episode 16

    Previously from the last episode:
    "Then it signify that she need our help. Selena inform Grace and Erica about the newest development while I inform Lucas about Judith sudden appearance".
    "What? Mother you know Grace just recovered from her injuries from the last fight we had with your sister and Darken, how do grandmother want her to fight alongside with us in her state of health?" Erica eruption in anger.
    "Do you know that I have a fourth sister apart from Lillian and Lydia? We haven't heard from her for a very long time now and now she needs our help, we must help her". Selena told her daughter.
    "I will come with you guys" . A voice broke in from the door to them. Erica and Selena both turned to look at the owner of the voice which turns out to be of Grace's own.
    "How long have you been standing there?" Selena asked.
    "Long enough to know about a coming war". Grace responded.
    "You just woke up from the coma you entered some months ago, your wounds aren't heal yet and you want to follow us to another war Grace? Can't you think about your health first before any other thing". Erica outpouring her worries.
    "I know that twin sis but I am well and strong again, that's all that matters now"
    Grace told her twin sister.
    "Well I don't know if it is war we are going Erica. Your grandmother just said I should get the both of you, maybe my sister needs help and not war". Selena explained.
    "Okay then, let's check out the reason first". Erica said and both she and Grace with their mother all left towards where Diana awaits them all with Lucas besides her.
    "Do you think your mother would come?" Prince Philip asked for the umpteen time.
    "I don't know about that because I can't decide for her. She will come but it is left for her if she would help us or not". The moon goddess told them.
    "Then let's hope they come quickly because the Fire Wolf kingdom would attack any moment". Arizona spoke.
    But they didn't have to wait for too long, a Portal was opened.
    "Can you girls repeat what you just told me". The hybrid king, Ly, said to Rala and Rava. Ara was with him.
    "I said we are from a very far away kingdom. Our village was besieged by bandits and I with my sister ran away. We are here to see if we could work as a servant for you My King, please we have no other place to go". Rava repeated what she had earlier told the king.
    Ara had brought them inside to the meet the king when she the two girls speaking to the palace guard.
    "But Crescent is a near by kingdom, why didn't you go there first rather than here?" Ly asked brilliantly to the girls.
    "Well we over heard some horse riders that the Fire Wolf kingdom will soon attack Crescent kingdom since their ruler, Odin and her twin sister has gone missing for a very long time". Rala said this time around.
    "Hmm, are you sure of what you just said?" Ly asked.
    "I am your highness". Rala replied.
    "Did you know your highness that we went into the Six gates of hell- Seven actually- and brought out the Ice Sliver Sword that has been hidden in that gates for so many centuries". Rava said out of blue.
    Two what at the same time rang out in the throne room.
    Ara and Ly both shouted at the same time.
    "You heard right". Rava said then expresses a fake sadness all over her face. "My sister and I found the Sword at the Seventh gate of hell after we opened all six gates and fought with the demons in it but your brother in the Hidden Kingdom took it away forcibly from us and wanted to kill us. We pleaded that we would return the Sword to him once we've used it to destroy those bandits that attacked our peaceful village, but your brother refused and sentenced us to death. But what he didn't know was that the girls in his hands were strong. I am a fire bender". Rava announced with ease and made a red flame appeared in her right hand to the surprise of Ara and Ly. "And my sister here, when she touched that bow behind her back, the arrows never finished, I don't know how she did it but the arrows only worked in her hands. And that was what we used in escaping from them". Rava finally finished.
    "So Levi is with the Ice Silver Sword". Ly mused quietly to himself.
    "Not only that my king. He is going for a war against the Crescent Kingdom as we speak. We don't really know his reason for wanting to go to war with Crescent Kingdom. If you want to get the Sword from him then you have to fight against him". Rala spoke this time around.
    "So what are you both in for, I mean what do you want from all these information you gave to me, money?" Ly questioned.
    Shaking their heads sideways in unison.
    "No my king, we want to work for you. That was why we came here at the first place, to work with you. But coming from a very place, we are very hungry, we haven't gotten a good sleep for a very long time because of our journey from the Hidden Land to the Hybrid kingdom and we are dirty. Please your Highness have pity on us and let us spent a few days here in your kingdom". Rava responded in lies.
    "What are your names little girls, you never made any mention of that". The hybrid king said.
    "Oh, forgive our manners.your highness. I am being known as Brae and my sister here is called Bee. We are at your services My King". Rala answered as she cunningly told Ly a fake name.
    "Bee and Brae, two sisters from a village that seeks for comfort from us and have no parents, am I right?" Ara asked softly at them. Her mistress wants people to who can be her followers once again and both the ladies have proven that they are worth it, with their powers taking the hybrid king life would be like a piece of cake to them. It was perfect. They were perfect.
    "Yes ma'am". Rava answered.
    "Very well then Brae and Bee, Ara, see to it that our guests are being fed and taken care of. I shall see to the work you both would be capable of doing". Ly told them.
    "Yes my king, I shall do as you have instructed". Ara said, bowing her head a little then turned to look at girls and then said to them before walking towards a Oak door. "Come on, follow me".
    Rava and Rala both looked at themselves before heading towards the door Ara went.
    "After so many years of my fruitless search for the Ice Silver Sword, my brother finally got it within his reach once again". Ly mused gently tapping his forehead with his middle finger. "He is going to attack the Crescent Kingdom soon. I need that sword at all cost. I will use my brain in this, I will attack my brother from the back in that way he will be outnumbered unless he reached under an agreement to give me back the Sword, but in all these I need to think of a plan of how to sneaked up to Levi without getting any noticed. It's going to be very hard sneaking up against someone especially if the said person is my brother Levi, hmm very hard".
    "You called on us grandmother". Erica spoke first as they approached Diana and Lucas.
    "That I did". Diana replied.
    "Mother told us that we have to go to another war". Grace said.
    "Well, I don't really know if it is war. My first daughter whom I haven't heard from in a very long time just said us a message through this Bird". Diana said pointing at the colored Bird in Lucas hand.
    "Okay, so what does the bird represent?" Erica asked.
    "Urgently help. I gave her this Bird a long time ago before she went ahead and ran away with Zeus into another dimension because of a stupid part I played that made her ran away from home". Diana explained.
    "But you never made any mention of her. We only thought it was mother, Lillian and Lydia you had". Grace told her.
    "That's because mother thought she has lost her forever and that she wouldn't see or hear from her again but she thought wrong. Centuries later, Joanna remembers home". Selena explained to her twins.
    "And now the blue bird signify your sister needs help?" Erica asked.
    "We never can tell unless we pay her a visit which we are going to do right away. The raven blue bird would take us there. I have already informed the High king and he has already given is the permission to go". Diana told them.
    "You've asked father already and he approved of us leaving this kingdom towards another dimension?" Erica questioned.
    "Yeah he did unless you don't want to go with us I see no harm in that". Diana answered her.
    "But Grace isn't that strong yet from the wound she received from our last war. Don't you think it would be right if we don't go". Erica still protested.
    "Erica, we don't know if it is a war or not but my sister which I haven't seen for all centuries need our help. Let's go first and find out what kind of help she needed and for Grace, she is now strong to go. My goodness the war was about a year ago and Grace woke up 3months ago, she has now regained her strength back, right Grace?" Selena asked.
    "Yes mother I am now fine, well and strong again, Erica you need not to worry too much, we don't know yet of it is a war or not".
    "And if eventually it was a war and I was right all along what do we do then?" Erica questioned not giving up.
    "We will cross that bridge when we get there. For now we are going to meet Joanna and that is finally". Diana said closing the topic.
    Lucas released his grip on the blue raven bird which flew and a Portal opened which the bird flew in.
    "Quick let follow the bird". Selena said and with that they all entered the portal.
    The portal closes once they've entered.
    "This is where you girls would stay. A servant would soon bring your food. A bath has already been prepared for you both. Have a nice day and time in our kingdom, you can call me Ara". Ara told once she stood in front of their chambers. Since they are sisters they would be sharing one room.
    "Thank you so much Ara, we are really grateful". Rava said in enthusiasm.
    "You are welcome Bee. After you both have rested enough I would love to show you around the castle and kingdom if you don't mind". Ara said not truly from her mind, she has other plans for the girls.
    "Wow, really? Thank you so much Ara". Brae said in a fake elated face.
    "See you later my little friends". With that Ara left them.
    The girls quickly went inside their room given to them. Twins bed laid beside each other, a giant standing mirror. The bathroom door was well designed and large, two wardrobes filled with their exact size of clothes, the room was elaborated and very warm. It has everything in it.
    "Little friends?" Rala repeated what Ara said. "Why are they referring to us as little?" She asked.
    "Shhh, bring down your voice. Aren't we still a teenager? We haven't gotten to their age yet that is why we are called little and beside our disguise actually made us look too young". Rava said softly and quietly.
    "Well the witch doesn't know what she is in for". Rala said.
    "Yes. Beside she has given us the opportunity to check if our mothers are in here, she is making our plan very easy for us". Rava told her sister and they laughed quietly.
    "But nevertheless we should be at alert, we never can tell what the witch is planning so we have to trend in cautious". Rala spoke with wisdom.
    "You're right my sister, very right". Rava said.
    A knock prevented them from probing further.
    "Yes who is it?" Rava asked.
    "It is Sara ma'am. I was asked to bring you food". A timid voice answered from the door.
    "Okay, come in the door is open". Rala said and turned to face her sister. "I think I really need to take my shower. Make sure you lock the door after Sara". She added as she slowly walked towards the bathroom. The door opened to reveal Sara with a big tray of food.
    Stepping out from the portal was Selena, Daina, Erica and Grace and finally Lucas.
    Mother and daughter both hugged and shed tears. After that Selene and her sister both hugged themselves.
    After their emotional breakdown the moon goddess offered them sits.
    Arizona quickly explained everything thing right from the beginning.
    "So that Hybrid you spoke of caged my grandchildren?" Diana paroxysm out.
    "Not only that, Odin and Olin daughters are there too. They went to free them". Prince Philip throw in.
    "What? Are they out of their minds? Don't they think that going their alone without any a backup plan can backfired at any given moment?" Erica flare-up in anger.
    "They have a plan. They single handedly brought half of the Ice Silver Sword from the Hidden Land to us".
    "I bet if the sword wasn't there to help them escaped then they would have been a dead meat by now. No matter how you planned you must have a backup plan with you just in case something happened and for the war part did I not say that it would be it?". Erica told them.
    "What you said is true". Lucian spoke after a while.
    "So we are here to help you fight against the Fire Wolf people who are probably making their way towards the walls of Crescent Kingdom?". Selena asked ignoring Erica outburst for being right about the war thing.
    "Right sister". The moon goddess reply.
    "Then let's begin the training before they reach here". Diana said.
    "I still insist that we go to the Hybrid kingdom and help our two niece". Erica said.
    "Let's help this kingdom first before anything other thing Erica". Grace told her twin.
    "At the end I am always right". Erica answered.
    "The Fire Wolf king and his subjects would reached the hills next to ours in two days time". Arizona said all of a sudden.
    "Then we have to start preparing right away". Selene responded.
    "Do you think I am Happy seeing those two in that room all day and they are not responding to any of our spells?" Ly shouted at Ara.
    "I am sorry my Lord but we have to keep on trying. I have another spell that I am very sure it will work and if it doesn't then we try another one". Ara replied.
    "I am sick and tried of everything. I think I will return Olin and Odin back to where I picked them from. This quest of mine is now meaningless to me. I don't want the twins again I want the Sword by all means. Now your new spells would be on destroying my brother's armies". Ly finally told Ara his thinking.
    "Of course my Lord". Ara said bowing to the Ly.
    Unknown to them Bee and Brae who had stepped out from their room to search for Ara who had promised them a tour around the castle, heard their conversation.
    They quietly and quickly ran towards their room, tiptoe all the way.
    Once in their room, they sat down very close.
    "Did you heard that? The hybrid king wants to return our mothers home". Rala said with a smile embedded in her face.
    "Weren't you also looking at Ara, it looks as if she wants to strangle the king when he said that. I have this feelings that she won't release our mothers".
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     Rava said in suspicious.
    "So what are we going to do then".
    "Remember Arizona said the witch our mothers had destroyed still lives and it lives in the Hybrid king body. I think I have to do something to repel the spirit from entering his body, m". Rava answered carefully.
    "So we have to keep an eye on the Hybrid king tonight when he fall asleep". Rala said.
    "Yes, so that I can place the spirit repel in him to prevent the witch from dwelling in his body".
    "Then hurry up with it, we don't have any Much time to waste, dusk is fast approaching".
    Later that Night.....
    Rala and Rava both sneaked up to Ara's room where they heard her discussing about the king.
    "I was surprise as you are when he said that".
    "Then we have to do something mistress. We should kill him tonight". Ara said.
    "No, I am inhabiting his body for now. I will once again take over his soul tomorrow and he will change his plans". Elsie said.
    "Then what about the two girls I spoke about?" Ara asked.
    "Let us deal with the matter at hand before jumping to another one". Elsie answered.
    Rala and Rava both looked at each other before they tiptoe towards the Hybrid king room.
    Gently opening the large door, they entered.
    They saw his sleeping form, sleeping without worries. They saw a man who doesn't have any evil thoughts, a man who is plain.
    Quickly Rava whispered some words in the Hybrid king name and place a tiny leaf in his chest.
    The leaf glowed and entered his body.
    They left as quietly as they came and went towards their room. Ensuring it was well locked before sleeping.
    When Elsie shadow wanted to entered Ly's body to her utter surprise she couldn't.
    Episode 17 (Final)
    Previously from the last Episode:
    When Elsie shadow wanted to entered Ly's body to her utter surprise she couldn't.
    Her shadow floated back to Ara's room.
    "Do you remember something?" Ara immediately asked Elsie when she re saw her shadow once again in her chambers.
    "I can't penetrate the body of Ly again. I am struck like this now" . Elsie said.
    "But how can it be possible? You were able to switch into his body before why now?" Ara demanded.
    "I don't know but when I tried and tried to enter his body I couldn't. You have got to help me". Elsie finally said.
    "If the king sees me in his room he will have my head regardless of we working together". Ara told Elsie.
    "So what am I going to do? As far as I remained a shadow I am powerless and can't do anything. I need to enter the body of the hybrid king fast before the sun set today". Elsie commanded.
    "Of course my Mistress". Ara said bowing her head.
    And started proceeding with a new spell that can allow Elsie penetrate the body of the Hybrid king.
    "Be fast little one, be fast".
    Rala and Rava had over heard the conversation between the shadow and Ara.
    "What are we going to do now? Ara might find a way to put the shadow back into King Ly's body". Rala was the first to speak quietly to her sister.
    "Yes and that is why we need to find our mothers very fast before they return Elsie shadow back into Ly's body".
    Rava answered.
    "But how can we do that? I mean how can we find our mothers quick?" Rala question.
    Rava suddenly remembered something and called out softly. "Black wolf".
    No sooner had she said those words the black, blue and red wolf appeared.
    "We've been waiting for your calls". The red wolf was the first to speak as they made their appearance in front of them.
    "So why do you call on us kids?" The Black wolf asked.
    "Do you know where our mothers are been kept? Of course you do, please can you take us to her". Rava said.
    "As a matter of fact yes we do know where your mothers are kept. Climb on us". The blue wolf replied.
    The Two girls climbed respectively on the back of the blue and red wolf.
    "So what now?" Rala asked.
    "We take you to them". The blue wolf nearly rolled his eyes when he answered Rala.
    "Least I forget, black wolf since you are the only wolf not with someone I need you to do something urgently for me". Rava told the black wolf.
    "And what can that be Rava?" The Black wolf questioned.
    "We made some kind of spell that can prevent Elsie spirit from entering the Hybrid body and letting him course more Havoc and now her follower is making a new spell for her to gain access once again in his body". Rava reply him.
    "And so what do you want me to do? Create a distraction for the witches? Deceiving the witch to make a wrong spell?"
    "That is a good suggestion but the one I about to say is better. Can you wake up the Hybrid king for us when we gone to meet our mothers?" Rava asked.
    "Yes I can I am the night wolf after all and I control whosoever I wish to control". The Black wolf answered his head all in pride.
    "Good, we want you to wake the Hybrid king up from his slumber to prevent Ara and Elsie from carrying out their plans". Rava told him.
    "I can do that Rava". The Black wolf said.
    "Then we shall be on our way now". Rala said.
    So saying, the blue and red wolves disappeared leaving the black wolf behind who then carried out what Rava had told him to do.
    "We are almost at the gate of Crescent Kingdom your Highness". One of Levi's men, his general to be precise, told him in his tent they had made for him.
    "How many days will it take to open the gate?" Levi asked.
    "This night sir. We will reached the gate before night falls". The man replied.
    "Good then. Prepare my men we are attacking the city tonight". Levi said.
    Bowing his head to Levi, he left to inform their warriors.
    "Crescent Kingdom won't know what hit them. They had better be prepared for me". Levi said laughing as he imagined the downfall of Crescent Kingdom".
    His armies were thousands in in numbers and were undefeated.
    "The first thing you do is.... ehm who is the regent of the kingdom- since Odin is not here- for now?" Diana asked.
    "Since Olin is also with Odin then it is my husband my Lady, he is the third regent of Crescent Kingdom". Arizona replied.
    "And who that be?" Diana asked.
    Reed raised up his right hand to signify himself.
    "I am my Lady". He answered.
    "Good. You have to announced to the people of the coming war about to happen soon. You have to keep your people safe for the war". Diana told him.
    "Yes my Lady. I shall do as you have said". Reed replied.
    "They will reached the kingdom by night fall hopefully before then you would have taken the villagers away to a more safer place". Diana said and Reed spring into action.
    The blue and red wolves appeared inside a room.
    There they saw the statues of their mothers.
    Rava and Rala where elated when they saw their statues at least coming to the Hybrid kingdom didn't prove as a waste.
    A thought suddenly clicked into the mind of Rala.
    "Rava they are statues". Rala begin. "How do we free them?"
    "I know Rala, we will think of something and release them". Rava replied.
    "Think? In case you don't Rava We Don't Have Much Time. The witches might come here and the Hybrid king as well". Rala told her sister.
    "I have a plan, though don't know if it would work, but my mother told me this once, don't know if yours also did". Rava announced after a while.
    "And what can that be?" Rala questioned.
    "Did Aunty Olin ever taught you a song?" Rava asked.
    "Well she did taught me one, she told me it was a song she and and Aunty Odin both composed, so what do you want to do with the song?". Rala questioned
    "Mother once told me that the song released Aunty Olin and they usually sing it together whenever they need help". Rava tried to explained.
    "And you think this song can free them Rava?"
    "I don't think Rala I hope it does". Rava replied.
    "Then let's quickly say it before any one barge in on us". Rala said.
    "Hold my hands". Rava instructed and her sister did as she was told, together they began singing the song their mother had once taught them.
    'How much pride must be sacrificed to time so we can pick up the pieces of affection?
    When we noticed the lingering closeness from the sword fight, we’ve already put down our swords
    Fortunately, we haven’t wasted away our beauty nor the fleeting years to have been separated by time.
    We only make peace with life. We get what we want by never negotiating.
    Leave the victory and defeat to yesterday, so we can enjoy the good views when swallows return.
    When we sang of the songs of sword fight, we no longer bear grudges.
    Never mind the fading beauty or the bygone years, when the fire is gone the flower will bloom.
    Our fates have already overlapped, they are already reunited.
    Even spells cast overtime could be broken.
    When hearts are together and fates connected, the feelings are between love and hate.
    In this life or next we still remain sisters.
    Olin tears are worth it'.
    Well..... something magnificent happened.
    A bright light started forming round the two and completely covered them. Rava and Rala had to cover their eyes to prevent the bright shinning light from hurting their eyes.
    When they did eventually opened their eyes they saw their mothers.
    Olin and Odin have been restored back.
    They both said together and each ran to their mothers respectively and afterwards interchanged to the other one.
    "Why are we here, where are we?" Odin was the first person to ask once she took notice of their surroundings.
    "You are in the Hybrid kingdom". Rala answered.
    "The what?" Olin asked.
    "The hybrid kingdom" Rava repeated. "He kidnapped both of you for sometime now. So I and my sister journeyed to the Hidden Land and met with the Fire Wolf King. He told us about a sword and begged us to retrieve it for him that if we do so he would give us much powers to defeat the Hybrid and save the both of you". Rava added, explaining what they had passed through.
    "Obviously he was lying. We all entered the seven gates of Hell. The seventh one told us about the Fire wolf king killing us once we've retrieved the Ice Sliver Sword for him. With the help of the sword we escaped and we found ourselves at home. And we were giving powers, Rava was given the fire magic and I was given an arrow that never runs dry". Rala said picking up from where her sister stopped.
    "Okay, I understand the fact that you all went to the Hidden land and got the Ice Silver Sword but what I don't understand is what are you both doing here with us?" Olin demanded.
    "Did the Hybrid king kidnapped you also?" Olin questioned.
    "No mother, we came on our own accord and even, we didn't tell anyone about our whereabouts. We wanted to rescue you". Rala said.
    "Fine and well said. You have rescued us but I will first of all find that Hybrid and teach him a very big lesson". Odin aberrant said.
    "About that mother, we later came to know that it wasn't the Hybrid doing after all". Rava quickly said.
    "Meaning?" Both twin asked at the same time.
    "Meaning that your old enemy, Elsie, whom you thought you have destroyed was doing all this. Her shadow lives in him". Rala explained.
    At the mention of Elsie, Olin and Odin eyes widen in shocked.
    "How was that possible?" Olin asked.
    "We don't have an answer to that mother. I used a binding spell to cast out any thing from dwelling in ones body not too long ago". Rava answered.
    "How did you do that?" Odin asked.
    "She used a spell you've taught her and we make sure the shadow was with the other witch called Ara and oh Rava disguised us when we came in before. And the wolves carried us here and finally we released you".
    "Quite an interesting story, with what you have just said I think the Hybrid is wasn't the one who kidnapped us but Elsie". Olin said and her twin agreed with her.
    "I think we should hurry up and go home now that we've released you". Rava said all of a sudden.
    "And why is that?" Odin asked.
    "Our father are preparing for war, they want to fight against the Fire Wolf kingdom. We took the Ice Silver Sword that he needed and he needs it by all means". Rava answered.
    "You do know that Levi was the one who had created the sword in the first place but couldn't activate it. His father also had helped him when he was creating the sword". Olin announced.
    "And you know only those with the purest of heart can activate it". A new voice added.
    They all turned in a fighting stance only to see the Hybrid king.
    "I have put Ara where she belongs- in a dungeon below my castle where I put witches. She is going to rot in there and as for the shadow who made me do this, let's just say she is never ever going to disturb you or your generations again". Ly said. He saw the surprised look on their various faces and smiled at them.
    "Your wolf told me everything and so I hurried here to release you only to see I have been beating to it. I am sorry once again for any inconvenience I have brought upon you and your household". Ly said with sorrow. "I wouldn't have done what I did if I where in my right senses Olin and Odin". He added.
    "It is okay, thankfully you are sincere". Olin said.
    "And we have forgiven you. Now we need to hurry home". Odin said.
    "Mother, call upon your Odinlent wolves to take us home". Rava suggested.
    "Hmmm". Olin mused. "That was a thoughtful idea".
    Summoning up her wolves and getting sited in the backs.
    "I will meet with you in the battle field with my brother. I can perceive their presence, hope by helping will your husbands forgive me".
    "Well till then". Odin said and they vanished.
    The hybrid king started preparing his warriors. He was going to attack his brother armies from behind.
    Prince Philip and Lucian where so happy when they saw their soul mate. They hugged with kisses.
    After they where apart Olin went into details about what had happened back in there and how their daughters saved them. And when it was their turn to talk about what has been happening in the kingdom in their absence.
    "We have a visitor". Prince Philip began.
    "A visitor?" Olin echo after him.
    "Yes, not a visitor but some visitors". Lucian added.
    "And who can they be?" Odin asked.
    "They came to help us in the war.... or better still ask your mother, she alone can explained it very well than me". Prince Philip answered.
    Without wasting much time they Olin and Odin left them and went to look for their mother.
    Facing their children respectively.
    "So what kind of visitors are they.....".
    "The visitors are my mother, one of my sisters and her twin, they are from a different dimension. They came here to help". The moon goddess told her children.
    When they had gone in search for her, they had dumped into her with some strangers and now she began introducing them.
    "This is my mother, Selena, Lucas, Grace and Erica". The moon goddess said pointing at each other with their names.
    "But you never made any mention of you having any sister let alone a mother".
    "Yes, I ran away from home with the man I love. It's a long story and to cut it short I have reunite with them".
    "Okay, so how are the preparation for war".
    "Charge!!!" Levi shouted as his warriors ran towards Crescent in full speed.
    Odin who has been waiting for that move shouted and crescent armies ran towards them.
    The armies met and started slashing each other.
    Lucas Rala and Rava where told to stay at home and look after the villagers should in case some of Levi warriors would sneaked inside, while they battle with Levi outside the gate of Crescent.
    Selena and Arizona kept healing the wounded from their side as the raging war started. Grace and Erica and the rest all were fighting.
    It was a fight of life and death.
    The Hybrid king also made his own appearance with his well trained archers armies. They stood aside and fired arrows at Levi armies. The arrows only killed those in Levi's armies, no matter how far they are.
    Soon, Levi was left with only few men.
    "You are now out numbered brother, give up and forfeit defeat". Ly said.
    "Brother?" Levi spat. "I lost my brother a long time ago when he refused to yield to my plans. I don't have any brother and I can never be defeated".
    "Forget about the sword and how powerful it is. What I want is my brother back. I am giving you a chance to live in peace, drop your sword and come with me".
    Ly said trying to see if he could confuse his brother to drop his sword.
    "That will be the last thing I will do, leaving the sword. I rather die then leaving the sword I worked so much hard for many ancient years ago".
    "So you want to die and live me all alone? Is that your plan Levi well sorry to say that is not happening this time". Ly said and he did something unexpectedly to Levi.
    Levi holding his throat and started choking himself. Soon he passed out.
    The Hybrid king with a swift of his hand Levi floated and he place the pass out figure across his horse.
    He turned and look at Olin and Odin.
    "His men are all yours, do with them whatever you like. I promise that he wouldn't be a bother to any of you again. And for the sword, keep it tightly safe more demons and witches will come for it soon so you have to be watchful. I don't want anything to do with that sword ever again. I take my leave. I hope when we meet in future it would be for merrily and not war". So saying the Hybrid king left with his thousands of Archetrs armies.
    They imprisoned Levi's surviving warriors.
    They had won the war.
    After staying with Odin and others for some days Diana decided to return home.
    Rala and Rava grew closer with Grace and Erica. They often visit each other.
    The END.

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