Story: If Loving You Is Wrong

Writer: Lilian Ibeade


       It all started when Jessica Donald, a beautiful, young, Rich, intelligent, and extraordinary sexy divorcé decided to come back to Nigeria after spending most of her life in Los Angeles California in the united States. After series of unsuccessful marriages, with different rich men of various caibre and carting away with huge percentages of their wealth, she decided that she would find her prince charming in Nigeria
    Yes! she did!! She found a rich fashion god; Jeremiah olaitan, popularly known as Jay
    Problem was, he was a married man! With two kids! Even worse, married to her step sister Juliet
     However, that didn't stop Jessica at all, in fact it boosted her moral, she. Was a woman who got anything she wanted and Jay was no exception! She was ready to be the perfect mistress Even if it meant the destruction of Juliet's marriage and happiness...................
    Its love, it's romance,


         Jeѕѕιca ѕaт down qυιeтly ιn нer large ѕιттιng room in her newly acquired large mansion in LA. She was glowing in pink and black nighties, she left her newly fixed Brazilian weave falling to her waist. She placed the wine glass on a small table beside her and used her long artificial fixed nails to run through the divorce papers which her ex-husband Charles Davidson had just signed that afternoon after much convιcтιon
    She picked up her laptop and scrolled through to. See her net worth.
    She smiled and sighed deeply, for  woman of 28, she was surely rich with more than $35,000, her account and she never really worked for it. All, she did was have a rich dad, be the best fashion designer in Los Angeles and get married to stinky rich white men, make his property conjugated. then suddenly,the marriage doesn't work,.She gets a divorce and gets a better percentage of their property, and that's it!!
     Charles Davidson was her third husband and she thought it was going to work but no! She filled a divorce the moment she caught him cheating with a client, perғecт eхcυѕe for the ғacт waѕ that she didn't love him.
     Charles had begged her with all he нad,вυт she had her eyes on something Else.
      Suddenly, the Info screen switched on and she saw her white friend Becky come ιnтo her house, Becky got to the door, she said to the screen outside the house
    Becky said jokingly “let me in bitch!!"
    Jessica raised her middle finger at her and said” Get in bitch!"
    She signaled a maid who was doing some cleaning beside her to go open the door and she obliged.
    Becky dropped her handbag on the floor as soon as she got into the room and slumped herself on the comfy chair.
    The little white Italian maid stood bedside her and asked politely” what can I offer you ma'am??"
    Becky” whiskey would be just great”
    The maid smiled and left, in a minute, she came back with a bottle of whiskey and a wine glass , Becky served herself and thanked the maid who went back to her duties.
    After filling her glass and taking a sip, she dropped it and tapped at Jessica.
    Becky” so Jessie, what the hell is going on with you!, I couldn't believe when I heard you got a divorce with Charles for the third time! girl you are a piece of work!"
    Jessica laughed” yeah whatever, I just wasn't feeling that dude! especially after her cheated on me!!"
    Becky raised her brows” ooh, but you are feeling his money aren't you??"
    Jessica laughed and made a face,
    " yeah that's why I'm a bad bitch!!!"
    They both laughed and Becky sipped her drink and continued” OK, so who are you going to dupe next??"
    Jessica frowned” hey! Don't say it like that! I'm not that bad you know” then she smiled” Anyways, I think I found someone, and that's why I'm finally going down to Nigeria to settle down”
    She hurried up with her laptop to Becky's side and showed her a picture of Jeremiah
    Jessica” his name is Jay”
    Becky gasped” Wow! He's so damn handsome!! and he's sexy too '
    Jessica licked her lips ," yeah, he's the CEO of the biggest fashion company in Nigeria and he wants me to work there as the head of designs, I'll get a huge pay. Plus I'll get to be with him!!"
    Becky scoffed” but girl, he's got a wedding ring on, meaning he's married”
    Jessica hissed” who cares??, she got up and did a little show of her elegant shape, then she turned to Becky” isn't this enough to make him mine??"
    Becky sighed in retirement “ whatever, just be careful” then she picked up her bag," I'm really sorry babe buh I gotta go now or I'll be late for court, see you”.
    Jessica smiled and walked Becky to the door then she went back inside, her phone bleeped, she picked it up and sighed, it was a message from her mum asking her when she was coming back to Nigeria when she would finally meet her ѕιѕтer; her step sister. She was disgusted, the thought of her mother leaving her and her all these years to a second marriage pained her, her sister whom she barely knew grow up with everything, a mother and a Father, while she grew up with nothing, except a rich father who was hardly home. She hissed and walked inside
    Jeremiah's residence in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria
     The door to Jay's master bedroom opened, he looked up and smiled when he saw his beautiful wife Juliet come in, she gently slipped in the king bed and lay right beside him.
    Jay played with her hair” are the kids asleep??"
    Juliet” yeah”, then she groaned” but pat, oh my gosh!, that daughter of yours!! It, was so hard to put her to sleep”
    Jay smiled” I guess she really takes after me, he leaned over and started to kiss her but she pushed him away when she saw he was headed somewhere.
    Juliet” I'm sorry honey, not this night, I'm so damn tired from working”
    Jay frowned” I told you to stop working”
    Jessica sighed” Jay please don't start, at least not this night”
    Jay sighed and looked deep into her eyes then he kissed her slightly on her cheeks." I love you Julie”
    Juliet smiled” Nice try, I love you too" then she kissed him” Good night” and turned to the other side, now he realized he had lost.
    He sat up.
    Jay” honey”
    Juliet” yes,”
    Jay”, uhm I wanted to talk about something"
    Juliet yawned”go ahead”
    Jay” it's about our business, uhm I invited the best designer in the whole of LA, would you believe she's a Nigerian! an she's coming down here to work for us, her name is......"
    He sighed when he realized he had been talking to himself, Juliet had long slept off and might even be in dreamland.
    He kissed her forehead and tiptoed to his study, he settled down and switched on his laptop, he smiled at his wall paper, s picture of his wife and two kids, Joshua who was 5 and Patricia 3.
    He decided to check on miss Jessica Donald's profile once more
    He licked his lips, for the man he was, she was surely classy, and extraordinary sexy, and attracted him” wow! Sexy,!” he heard himself say, and she was very attractive, perhaps, more than his wife.


    laтer ιn тнe nιgнт
    jeѕѕιca ѕмιrĸed wнen ѕнe. Looked up from her large pool and saw Charles staring at her and holding her towel, she wondereed what this blond dude wanted from her. She carefully swam to the bank, then she walked up to him elegantly in her green swimming trunk..
    Jessica turned her back to Charles and he helped her put the towel on, he suddenly held on to her like a child whose mother wanted to travel without him.
    Jessica withdrew from his touch and turned to face him, then she folded her arms
    Jessica” what are you doing in my House??"
    Charles frowned” what?? this is my damn house!! Everything you see and enjoy is mine!!...." Jessie cut him off.
    Jessica” OK, go ahead keep talking, I'm not gonna stop you, I'm just gonna leave” She tried to move but he held her back, she sighed
    Charles used a lower tone” it's not over for us , we might have got a divorce, but I still love you, and I know you love me too”
    Jessica” get over it honey, first thing tomorrow, I'm taking the first flight to Nigeria I think I've had enough of you” then she got closer and whispered” I think it's high time I had a good stck in my body hmm"
    She laughed in a nasty manner that angered him.he raised his voice
    Charles” I'm still your husband!!”
    Jessica” we got a divorce earlier today dummy”
    She laughed and pushed him off the way and went inside leaving him broken outside
    Jay's residence in Lekki
      The next morning, Jay, Juliet, and the children, were having breakfast, of tea, bread, and fried eggs.
    Juliet hurried the children up in order for them to meet up with the school bus.
     When they were done, the maid cleared the table, Jay who was already dressed for work brought out his laptop and was busy with It., Juliet was also ready for walk too, and she owned a fashion magazine company.
    Jay” hey”
    Juliet” yeah”
    Jay” you seem quiet, is there a problem??Something you'd like to talk about??"
    Juliet sighed” not really, it's just that my step sister, she's coming back to Nigeria, mum is hell bent on us meeting each other like, I barely know her, I've just seen a few pictures of her, it doesn't just feel right like what if she hates me??"
    Jay sighed and tapped on her back” chill babe, it's going to be alright okay??"
    She nodded and brushed a kiss on her cheeks.
    Jay continued” speaking of coming back to Nigeria, remember, the new stylist I just
    Employed, she's taking the first flight to Nigeria today, she should be in the office tomorrow”
    Juliet smiled” hmm, that's good, actually I was looking for a model for this season's magazine special”
    Jay raised his brows” oh! You know, you could use her, she has a really great physic too, in fact lemme show you a picture of her”
    Juliet leaned over to look, just then, the school bus arrived and horned, she quickly got up without looking and gathered the children, they got a goodbye kiss from their dad and left.

     Jessica's new Duplex in Banana
    After touring round the house, Jessica settled down in the King chair in the sitting room, she had decided to start a new life over here and she was determined to make the best of it. She had employed a cleaner, a gardener, a cook, a launder, a gateman, and driver, plus extra security at night., she played her favorite music on the speaker and danced with a. Glass filled with brandy in handy. Unfortunately, her iPhone 8 rang to ruin the moment.
    She lowered the volume and hissed when she saw it was her mum.
    Jessica” hello Lavina”
    Lavina( her mum)” I'm glad you're in Nigeria, and don't you dare call me that again”
    Jessica laughed” oh, you think you deserve to be called mum?? Seriously, what do you want??"
    Lavina scoffed” I want you to have dinner in my house on Tuesday, with your sister, her husband,and, your, niece, and nephew"
    Jessica hissed” sounds boring, what if I don't come??"
    Lavina” don't you dare Jessie, don't try me!!" Then she ended the call.
     Jessica grinned and threw the phone on the chair, now Lavina had succeeded in ruining her mood.

     J and J fashion headquarters Victoria island Lagos
    The next morning.
        The sat down anxiously waiting for in miss Jessica to arrive so they could conclude with the deal once and for.
    all., he was feeling really funny, he looked on the mirror, he was, handsome and young in his ash suit, he sat down a little more confident and almost immediately, the door opened..............,..., He was dumbfounded.., a Lady with, beautiful, fresh, long legs, walked In, she was endowed from head to toe, she wore a short cream skirt and a black net shirt which exposed her black bra and flat stomach., she was wearing a sunglass. With her weave falling to her waist, light make up with red lipstick, red bag and heels. He managed to get up and shook hands, OMG!! that was when he nearly fainted......


    After ғιnalιzιng, тнe deal, Jay waѕ leғт тo do ѕoмe ѕιgnιng, wнιle jeѕѕιca kept ѕтarιng aт нιм lυѕтғυlly, he sighed and handed the papers back to her, he couldn't resist the urge of shaking hands with her again.
    Jay made a cute face,” so, would you like to hang out some time??'
    Jessica smiled” of, course, why not??"
    Jay” forgive my manners, you're looking gorgeous miss Jessie”
    Jessica blushed” o come on, you can call me Jessie”.
    Jay smiled” I'd be glad, about our date??"
    Jessie” well, Tuesday evening sounds just great”
    Jay smiled a little but frowned when he remembered that he had dinner with Juliet, the kids, and his mother in-law.
    Jay” uhm, I'm sorry but I've got some lil plans that day, could you move a little??"
    Jessie pouted” too bad, I can't”
    then she eyed him in a flirty way.
    Suddenly, the door, opened and Jay's personal assistant Mary Jane came in, light skinned, beautiful. And decently dressed., she was wearing braids and smiled on seeing Jessie.
    Jay” uhm, hey, this is Mary. She's my personal assistant. She'll show you around and to your office., she'll also introduce you to your secretary”
    Jessie smiled” Hi”
    Mary smiled back and shook her hands” hey Jessie. It's really nice to meet you, I'd be glad to show you around”
    Mary headed out Immediately while Jessie turned back at Jay and winked. Then she said” my regards to your wife and kids" then she left. Leaving him startled.
      Mary and Jessie got along really well, Mary was the kind of girl that Jessie really liked. Mary was a 27 year old single mum. After introducing her to her workaholic of a secretary Monica, Jessie gathered the courage to ask Mary.
    Jessie” uhm. What about Jay's kids”
    Mary” oh they're wonderful angels! Especially his daughter pat!!”
    Jessie “ hmm. And what about his wife??”
    Mary hissed” hmm, at least she's manageable. Although. She's so boring and paranoid., runs a boring fashion magazine, blah blah blah, in fact, lemme show you a picture of J
    Mary brought out her phone and showed her a picture of Juliet.
    Juliet looked kind of familiar to Jessie. She smiled” she's not so boring after all”
    The both of them burst into laughter after which Mary went back to her office. Jessie smiled. She really liked Mary. Especially since she would serve as a shortcut to Jay's heart
    The next day.
      Jessie smiled as she got down from her white Porsche, she was wearing a white shirt which exposed parts of her curvy boobs.,black flay trousers, and a pair of brown and black polka dotted heels which matched her purse, she still left the dark long weave falling to her waist and applied nude makeup.
    She walked to the administrative section like a boss and signed in.
     Two staffs of the admin block popularly known as Kate and Jane for gossiping, were busy doing what they knew best.
    Kate” look at that one walking like queen of England, she's the new designer”
    Jane laughed” jeez, look at her breasts, they're not even fresh, see how she's exposing them, I'm sure she's trying to seduce Jay”
    Kate eyed her”and we all know Jay is,a typical womanizer, I just hope his crazy wife doesn't come unnoticed and catch them one day, this office will surely scatter, I can't wait!!"
    They both burst into laughter  unknown to them. Jessica had,stopped to listen to their conversation and they were,a little too loud.
    She turned back and approached them violently, then she folded her ams, they were both already trembling
    Jessica” why did you stop?? Your story was so interesting”
    They both stammered and she continued
    Jessie” anyways, I can't also wait, to see you guys pack all your trash, and evacuate this building, you're both fired!! I can't work with such nonentities!!" Then she whispered
    " I'm sure you wish you had my boobs” eyed them, and left..
    Jessica was done with designing later that afternoon and decided to show some samples of her designs,to Jay so shootings and mass production could begin.
    Monica walked to her table
    Monica” ma'am, would you like me to deliver the samples to Mr Jay??"
    Jessie smiled” no thanks Monica, I'd delver them myself, I have some things to tell him too”
    Monica nodded and went back to her desk.
    Jay's office
    When Jessie got to Jay's office, she was shocked when she met a long legged ebony dark girl looking more like a prostitute leaving his office and chewing gum. She eyed the girl and went into the office. She settled down in Jay's CEO chair and sighed, she was directly facing the mirror, looking like a queen, the room had just been sprayed, jay was surely a womanizer, Playboy, and bad bad boy!!
    The bathroom door suddenly opened and he came out looking all freshened up. He was shocked when he saw Jessie waiting, she must have seen Gina ( the prostitute )
    She smiled and sat down on the glass desk closer to her, then they began to flirt with each other.
    Jessie gave a dirty smile and held his tie” you're such a dirty man you know"
    He blushed and played with her hands” you know, I get lonely sometimes, so how was your day”
    Jessie sighed”well, I'm here if you get bored or lonely, anyways great except that, you've got gossips in here, I fired two of em today”
    Jay laughed” well, isn't that good news”
    She showed him the samples and positioned herself in such a way that he had to touch her breast each time he flipped the sketch pad..
    When he was done he nodded and  kissed her hands” those are really great, lunch??”
    Jessie” of course” they held hands and went to the eatery, she and Mary exchanged winks
    After a,great lunch together, Jay didn't feel like returning to the office so they went straight to watch a movie, by the time they were done, it was already 6pm. They went to a nearby bar Jessie discovered and had a couple of drinks until Jessie was fully drunk and couldn't move an inch, jay had no other choice than to drive her home.
      It was really hard for jay to resist her as, Jessica seduced him on and on as he drove her home. When they got to her house, he helped her in with her direction. He took her up to her room and carefully dropped her on the bed, he tried to let go but she held him back, she teased him and laughed  
    Jessie” the game is on”
    He let go and sighed” goodnight"
    Jessica laughed” Tuesday night, 9pm, we, both know you won't dare miss it” he smiled and left, while she kept laughing hysterically.


    Julιeт lay anxiously on the couch waiting for Jay to arrive from work, she was so worried, it was almost past 11pm and he still wasn't back. She got up and paced worriedly around the house, what if he had an accident?? She kept panicking and decided to call her mum when suddenly, she heard the gate man open the gate. She rushed to the window and sighed in relief when jay's black Benz drove in.
    Now, what she felt was not worry but anger, she felt he purposely kept late but still sat still to hear his excuse.
     Jay opened the door and sighed when he saw that Juliet was wide awake waiting for him, he knew a tug of war waited for him.
    Thinking of what to do to subside her anger, he walked to her and, pressed a kiss in her cheeks, unfortunately, that didn't work as she pushed him away coldly.
    He frowned” now what's the problem with you. After a long and hectic day at work. I come home to you to get this??"
    Juliet's eyes were red with anger, she got up and raised he voice” Oh Jay please don't gimme that shit! don't even dare! you come home smelling of alcohol and female perfume and you call that hard work huh??”
    Jay sighed” you know what, the kids are asleep and I don't want to wake them up, I am going to get some sleep, you should do the same”
    He headed upstairs but Juliet called him back admist tears
    Juliet” Jay!”
    he turned back and stared at he feeling somewhat guilty
    Juliet continued” what do I gotta do!!,what do I need to do to keep you away from those other women! You're killing me! You got me looking in the mirror, thinking I'm flawed because of your inconsistence, Jay why do you keep doing this to me??"
    Jay rolled his eyes obviously frustrated, he walked back to he and held her hands” look there is no other woman! a Friend of mine was just out drinking with his girlfriend, they got so drunk that they couldn't move, he called me over and begged, I literally had to carry them to their flat!"
    Juliet believed Jay's tale and sighed feeling guilty for suspecting him over nothing while Jay smiled inwardly, now he had turned tables around and made her feel guilty.
    Juliet” I'm sorry”
    Jay smiled” next time ask me what.happened before you start nagging on me” then he yawned” I'm feeling really sleepy, I'll go shower, you can join me in the room”
     them he hurried upstairs in triumph with crazy Jessie still in his mind
    Sunday afternoon, Jessie's
    Laughter echoed Jessie's large living room, she was having a little get together with her old friend Chloe and she also invited Mary who delighted in telling then how boring and annoying Jay's wife was and her numerous encounter with his side chicks.
    Chloe was choking to death as she laughed on a glass of orange juice and a,plate of barbecued chicken.
    Chloe”,I can't believe that!!"
    Jessie cleared her throat” you won't believe what happened between us on Friday night, like he didn't want to let go, we nearly made out!!”
    Chloe ' Awww, he,sure missed out, you're such a bad girl”
    The trio burst into laughter and Mary continued
    Mary” yeah, I'm sure he wishes he met you earlier, too bad you were abroad doing what??"
    Jessie” naa its not too bad, I was making my Doe!”
    Chloe cleared her throat” now, speaking of money, I was wondering, I need a solid business where I can invest before I dash it all out on cars, and weaves”
    Jessie chuckled” why not invest in Jay's company, I can vouch that you won't regret it,”
    Mary” yeah, so you'd know it's one of the biggest fashion company in the country”
    Chloe,sipped” hmm, I love the sound of that, I'd like to meet your Jay”.
    Mary” hmm, That's easy, I could set a meeting since I'm his PA”
    Jessie smiled” No dear, leave that to me, I know what to do”
    Then winked and Mary and they all burst into laughter
    Monday morning, J & J fashion head quarters Victoria island Lagos
    Jay had concluded a board meeting that morning and walked back to his office to proceed the day's work.
    The door suddenly opened and Jessica came in. She had change her weave into a short black Bob which was parted at the middle and reached her shoulder.
    She was wearing a low cut V necked swede red dress with sleeves, it stopped right above her knees, the dress was highly fitted and enhanced her figure 8, her cleavage was also exposed and she wore heavy makeup red lipstick , heel and purse .
     Jay looked up and smiled” Hey pretty”
    Jessie blushed” Hi”
    She smiled and sat done right opposite him then she sighed.
    Jessie” uhmm, I'm sorry about the other night, I was surely a mess”
    Jay chuckled” it's OK damsel, it happens”
    Jessie” I hope I didn't cause any trouble”
    Jay” hmm, not really”
    Jessie tapped her red gelled nails on the table.
    Jessie” a friend of my proposed an offer, she wants to invest, and requests an official meeting, trust me she's got more than enough. to boost this company through this season”
    Jay sighed deeply” it's a crucial matter, I'll think about it and get back to you”.
    Jessie smiled, she got up and went to peck him, then she walked to the door” don't forget tomorrow 9pm”, she gave him a sexy look and left.
    Tuesday night, Jay's house...
    Juliet was preparing the kids for dinner with her mum when Jay rushed downstairs wearing a,white suit with his car keys handy, Juliet was startled.
    Juliet” Hey, are you wearing that??”
    Jay sighed” I'm sorry Honey but I won't be able to make it tonight”.
    Juliet was disappointed”what!!,why??"
    Jay” I'm so sorry honey, remember my partners from Dubai?? they called an emergency meeting that I can't afford to miss, please tell mum to understand, I promise to make it up to her”
    Juliet sighed and kissed him” take care of yourself”
    With that, he rushed out of the house.
    . Classic club Lekki Lagos
    .Jay smiled as he walked into the VIP
    Section of the club where he was supposed to meet to with Jessica.
    His face lightened when he saw Jessica waiting Alone. She was wearing a pink short armless dress, made up like a diva and her cleavages were surely enticing.
    he settled down opposite her, she had already started sipping her drink
     Jessica” you're late”.
    Jay sighed” yeah I'm sorry, I was caught up in traffic”
    She gave him a charming smile, her phone kept buzzing but she refused to pick, it was her mum calling to remind her of the dinner.
    Jessica suddenly got up and held his hands” let's dance”
    Jay was not reluctant since it was just the two of them there.
    He got up and they went to the middle of the dance floor, the DJ played Work by Rhianna featuring drake.
     Soon, she was tweaking on him like Rhianna did and he was just standing there startled like Drake.

    EPISODE 5  

        After the crazy dance, Jay helped Jessie back to their table, they had several drinks and talked a whole lot, Jessie was a really interesting woman, she told him about her past life with her past husbands, the crazy divorces, and so on.
    He was really amazed, especially by the fact that she was still a young woman, he was just three years older than her.
    The night was going so smooth until the security man came to inform them that it was closing hour. That was when Jay picked out his phone and discovered that it was almost 12am, he also had several missed calls from Juliet, he was somewhat bothered, he wanted to call her back but decided to wait until he got home since she was supposed to spend the night at her mum's.
     Jay paid the bills although Jessie didn't pretty much fancy it, she had wanted to pay for her own bills.
     They said goodbye with a kiss, he let her go home since she had called her driver over.
    Jay drove back home happily with Jessie still in his mind.
    Even though he knew what he was doing was wrong, he didn't care much, after all they were just having fun, even though deep down, Jessie was more than a casual date, she was a woman he wanted to love.
     Jay's Duplex
    Jay was in outmost shock when he opened the door to his house and found Juliet seated in the sitting room, it was like she was crying or something like that, his heart began to beat faster, what if she found out or something !! He gathered some courage and took a few steps closer to her but she stopped him with a mini scream.
    Juliet” don't you dare move an inch closer to me”
    Now he was scared
    Jay” honey are you okay??"
    Juliet got up” I hate you so much!"
    Jay's voice was getting fainter”
    Juliet raised her voice” so you skipped dinner with me and my mum! Just because you wanted to be in a, club with a bitch!”.
    Jay's head began to spin, he had been caught
    Jay stammered” wh–what are you saying??".
    Juliet brought out her phone and quickly showed him a picture, a picture of him and Jessie dancing at the club, he was so shocked
    Juliet” some unknown number sent me this shit!!" With that, she hit the phone in the floor and shattered it.
    He wanted to get close to her and start apologizing but that seemed like a risky move as she threw the flower vase at him, he dodged and it landed in the TV giving it a huge scratch.
    He got scared whenever she got this
    Angry, he rushed upstairs and locked himself in his room. She ran after him and banged in the door crying heavily but he never opened the door scared for his life., Juliet had to cry herself to sleep in the children's room.
     Jessie's house, Victoria island Lagos
    Jessie sighed heavily as she got down from her car, she saw her mum's car and was sure she was inside waiting for her.
    " what are you doing here??" She said as soon as she got into the House
    Lavina looked up and eyed her. Lavina was wearing a red long weave, fair in. Complexion with a small stature.
    Lavina” where are you coming back from and why the hell did you miss the dinner??"
    Jessie hissed” I guess I forgot about your little charade, and please stop acting like my mother, it's useless now, just leave”
    Lavina was getting emotional” you don't have to push me away all the time my child, all i did was for you !".
    Jessie” awww that's so sweet of you! Thanks mommy for abandoning me when I war just two! Now go back to your golden daughter!”
    Lavina” your sister was disappointed, she really wanted to meet you”
    Jessie hissed and left.
    The next morning, Jessie woke up with a slight headache, she turned and saw Lavina sleeping right beside her, she kept staring at that beautiful woman, the woman she had loved and hated all her life, she soon started to let the tears flow and didn't realize when she opened her mouth to say” mummy”
    Lavinia's ringtone echoed the room, she got up and picked it quickly thinking that Jessie was still asleep, it was Juliet, and she was. Crying like hell, Lavina couldn't hear a thing she said.
    Lavina” honey, please just calm down I'll be there”.
    Then the call ended.
    Jessie was already angry that she was leaving , she got up angrily and said” its fine you can go, I don't need you anyway” then she got up and left angrily.
    Jay's house
     Juliet sat down crying in her bed, the wardrobe was empty, Jay had packed some things and left, maybe because he was scared that she was going to hurt him, the children weren't even going to school that day .
    As soon as Lavina got into the house, she rushed to her and hugged her tight, Lavina sighed and hugged her, if only she was like this with her other daughter Jessie. she made Juliet calm down and she explained all that happened to her.
    Later that afternoon, Juliet got a text from the unknown number that had sent her the picture in the first place.
      Her name is Jessica Donalds, your husband's new designer
     She sighed deeply, she didn't understand what was going but all she knew was that she was going to make the other woman's life hell.


     ιммedιaтely jυlιeт dropped нer phone, she ran upstairs and took her car keys. then she headed downstairs, the kids had gone shopping with their grandma to ease the tension of last night as Juliet felt that they must have noticed, especially her five year old son Joshua.
    Juliet stood for a while still thinking of where to go, she finally decided to go to Jay's office hoping she might find him there
    Jessie's house
    Jessie was already dressed for work, she was wearing a black low cut top and white palazzo trousers, she parked her hair and wore light makeup with a pink lipstick matching the pink designs in her black heels She was about to enter her white Porsche when her phone bleeped. she sighed as she removed it from her purse, she was surprised when she saw that it was a message from Jay which read
       Hey please can we meet, it's really urgent, Fiestas hotel I'll be waiting, please I'm counting on you
    Jessica laughed, she was flirty, but she was not stupid , she couldn't risk going to a hotel to meet a guy alone, she liked him, but she didn't know him so much, she decided to go with her driver, make him hang around, just in case
    J and J fashion
    Juliet slammed the door hard when she got down from her range Rover sports car 2017 model.
     She walked straight into the building, then to Jay's office, gossips around the building greeted hypocritically, and jeered at her as she went up, Juliet never came to the company unless something was wrong, most of the times, her husband was caught cheating, and it was usually a disaster, so the gossips and drama seekers clamored for that.
           Mary was having a day that was almost perfect until Juliet walked up on her desk. She cleared her throat and managed to greet.
    Mary” Good morning Mrs Olaitan”
    Juliet “morning”
    Mary” how do I help you ma??"
    Juliet” you can start by letting me see my husband”
    Mary was puzzled ” I don't understand ma, Mr jay hasn't been to work Today”
    Juliet was confused, she eyed her”you not lying to me”
    Mary got up and opened the door to Mr Jay's office
    Mary” go see,for yourself”
    Juliet sighed, the young lady was surely not lying” thanks” she muttered and left while Mary sighed and rolled her eyes in relief
      Just as Juliet was about to enter he car, a petite sized lady ran towards her, she turned very surprised, he face was so unfamiliar
    Juliet frowned” how may I help you??"
    The girl blushed”my name is Monica, I was employed newly as a Secretary although it am a real fan of yours, i love your magazine  PURΣ βΣΔTTΨ and I've always longed to model for it, I guess the opportunity is here!”
    Juliet raised her brows” Thanks but what do you mean??”
    Monica cleared her throat” I was the one who sent you those pictures, my boss who is the company's new designer is your husband's mistress and they are seriously going out!”.
    Juliet was seriously feeling hot” wait what are you saying and how did you find out??".
    Monica” well, almost everyone in the office knows, and the pictures, well my boyfriend works as a waiter in the club the went to, I went to see him that Tuesday night and he told me that my boss was in there, it was a VIP section so i couldn't see them, he went in to take in some bottles and took pictures of them as proof to me, I was shocked and decided to send them to you, because I like you”
    Juliet still couldn't believe her ears, her mouth was wide open until she finally managed to shut it.
    Juliet stammered” OK, thanks”, she catches her breath and continued” I'd need you not to mention this to anyone else, and you can delete the photos now, send me your account number, I'll think about the modelling issue”
    She got into the car and said finally”send me every single detail about that woman, like now!"
    then she drove off
     fiestas hotel
    Jessie walked straight to the reception as she got to the hotel which was quite close to the company. She asked of jay and the receptionist told her he was expecting her and gave her a key to the room he had lodged.
    As soon as Jessica got into the room, Jay rushed to her and hugged her  like a baby, she smiled feeling very important. After a while, he finally let go and she settled down
      After explaining all that transpired between him and Juliet, she sighed and mattered” I'm really sorry Jay, its my fault, I'll just talk to her myself”
    Jay held her hand” No need for that, it's not your fault at all. I guess i just got careless”
    Jessie sighed, she wasn't sorry at all in fact Juliet was just making things easy for her.
    She touched Jay's head” you must be hungry”
    " yea” Jay muttered”
    She got up” how about we go shopping, I'm sure what you need now is some homemade food”
    Jay scoffed” do you know how to cook?"
    Jessie frowned” why??"
    Jay” you grew up abroad!”
    Jessie” so?? I'm still a Nigerian boo, I'd kill you with my delicacies”
    They both laughed, he got up and they went out, they decided to go to a nearby shopping centre with her Porsche, her driver drove them there
    Juliet walked out of the shopping complex with two shopping bags in handy and a cup of cold give away beer on the other hand.
    She dropped the bags in shock when she saw Jay and a woman holding hands and approaching the supermarket, she was sure that was the bitch jay had been flirting with! The one Monica had told her about!,the one she was about to beat up right now!!
    It was too late before Jay could turn to notice his angry wife approaching, before he could, she had already emptied the cup of cold beer on Jessie and landed her a hot slap in her left cheek” You cheap bitch!!" She cursed at Jessie
    Even though Jessie was shocked, she didn't relax for a second, she returned the favour and buried her fingers in Juliet's right eye.


     world war тнree alмoѕт ѕтarтed rιgнт тнere aѕ jeѕѕιca landed jυlιeт anoтнer two нoт ѕlapѕ added тo тнe lιттle damage ѕнe нad done тo jυlιeт'ѕ eye.
    jeѕѕιe'ѕ driver qυιcĸly rυѕнed over тo help Jay out in separating them and after much effort. They finally did leaving Juliet at the loosing end of the fight. The driver held onto Juliet who screamed on top of her voice while Jay held unto Jessica who played victim and started shedding crocodile tears to him.
    Jay apologized a whole lot to Jessica, then ordered the driver to drive her to her house quickly.
     Juliet stood in front of the shopping center still raining abuses, now on jay. He looked at Juliet obviously disgusted, and led her to her car, them he drove her straight home
    Juliet didn't stop talking even when they got to the house, she continued nagging and cursing on Jay and he stood at the door, silently staring at her, wondering how he had ended up with such a woman.
    When he got sick of her, he turned to leave, that was when he realized that she was already crying. he turned back and looked at her, not in disgust now, but In pity, he walked up to her, sat down beside her, and hugged her. Now, she cried on his shoulders.
    After a while, she sniffed
    " I'm sorry” Jay managed to say
    Juliet suddenly sat up” why'd you leave?
    Jay sighed” when last did you see your psychologist??".
    Juliet eyed him” what are you saying?? That doesn't explain why you had to chest on me”,
    Jay” I never cheated on you,"
    Juliet” liar”
    Jay” she's just a good friend of
    Juliet” you both went yo the club together!! How'd you expect me to feel”
    Jay” look, that day, really had a meeting with my partners. All of a sudden they didn't show up, I got mad! I was headed to your mum's house when i. saw her, she Was alone, and she insisted on having a chat so I stayed back, after all it would be late, and that would be disrespecting your mum."
     Juliet Stood up and folded her arms” and what about the dance”
    Jay” she was crazy drunk she insisted, it was just nothing entirely"
    Juliet” you came home so late”
    Jay was really tired of the questions, he was running out of lies” her car broke down on her way so she needed my help”
     Jay suddenly raised his brows” so how'd you get those pictures”
    Juliet fidgeted” forget it” she got up and suddenly went to hug him.
    Jay sighed, that meant that she had forgiven him
    Jay let go” but what you did today was not cool, you have to apologize to her”
    Juliet frowned” she attacked me too, look she scratched my eyes and look at my face too”
    Jay” I'm sorry but you started it”
    Juliet played with his chest” I'm sorry but I can't do that and I want to you stay away from her”
    Jay sighed and held her hands” I'm sorry but i can't do that, she works for and with me”
    Juliet” OK, please come back home”
    Jay” I can't also do that, until you come back to your self”
    he made her sit down to calm her down” I need you to visits the doctor, its been a long time”
    Juliet frowned” but I'm fine”
    Jay” at least do it because you want me to come back home”
    Juliet scoffed” OK fine, but please don't leave tonight, leave tomorrow, go to work from here, the kids need you”
    Just the, the door opened and the kids rushed in, they hugged him happily, now he had no other choice than to oblige
     Jessie's duplex
       Jessie walked into the duplex angrily and flung her bag on the couch” damn” she let out, Jay's wife was such a bitch, she went upstairs and took a look in the mirror, Juliet's slap hadn't done anything to it, she made a face, she really smelled of beer, she quickly pulled off her clothes and changed into shorts and a white house shirt.
     She hurried down the stairs only to notice that someone was in the. Kitchen, she went there and sighed as she stood by the wall, it was her mum probably making dinner for her  she was cooking white rice and pepper soup
    Jessie” how did you get into my house??"
    Lavina smiled ' I got a spare key from the house manager, he knows I'm your mum, so do you ever greet??”
    Jessie sighed” good evening, so would you keep cooking for me till I get to 40??"
    Lavina laughed” perhaps till you get married”
    Jessie laughed” I've been married thrice you know. All three marriages you missed”
    Lavina” you know I really wanted to come to LA for your wedding
    With Charles but my plane was delayed. Damn, I loved that boy, yet you got a divorce, girl you are such a piece of work “..
    Jessie laughed and went to the fridge and poured herself a glass of juice, then she sat down in the mini dining table
    Lavina washed her hands and sat down opposite Jessica.
    Jessica held her hands
    Jessie” why weren't you here for me since, just like this??”
    Lavina sighed, she wanted to answer but her phone suddenly rang.
    The food was ready, Lavina was on the phone when Jessie decided to help her, she switched off the gas and served the meal.
    Later that night, Jessica and Lavina were having a little drink in her garden, they were also having a chat
    Lavina” you know, it broke my heart to leave you. And your sister”
    Jessica frowned” what do you mean??  You left just me. All alone!!”
    Lavina “ No, Juliet's your elder sister, I had her first, her father Henry. He was a real monster. I was forced to get married to him by my greedy aunt, I was so young, even when she was a baby. He'd want to beat me to death. One day I tried to escape with her, he caught us, he beat me and threw me out of the house. He never let me see my baby again, I heard he moved abroad after a couple of months, I went in search of him and my baby too, that was when I met your father, I had for once not think about my daughter and moved on. We got married and I had you when she was six, and you were 2, I got a call that my daughter was in Nigeria. She had leukemia and was undergoing a major operation., I had to leave. Temporarily at first, but when she got well, I decided I couldn't leave her to henry, he was a lunatic, I had to sacrifice my marriage. I had to sacrifice being with you because your dad won't let me have you, worse, my  daughter had bipolar disorder, she needed me more than ever, there was never a day that I was with her that I never thought of you”
    Jessie sighed, she wiped her eyes
    " I'm sorry mum” she managed to say
    Lavina who was already emotional stood up and went to hug her daughter.
     Jay's house
    Jay was busy with his laptop in his room when the door suddenly opened and Juliet came in, he didn't notice she was dressed up different until she shifted his computer away.
    She was wearing a brown bikini , the one he loved most, she sat on his laps and started to kiss him, she was surely in the mood but unfortunately, he wasn't, the only woman he really wanted to screw for now was Jessie .
    He withdrew from the kiss and stood up, leaving Juliet confused.
    Juliet” just a few days ago you were so in the mood, now what's up with you, I wanted to make it up to you”
    Jay” I'm sorry but I'm not in the mood tonight,maybe some other time”
    He quickly laid on the bed and covered himself.
    Juliet scoffed” don't you think it's high time we had another baby??"
    Jay yawned” honestly I don't”
    Juliet hissed and walked out of the room, jay rolled his eyes and sneaked out his phone, he decided to call Jessie .
     Starlight hospital Ikeja Lagos
    Jay walked hand in hand with Juliet to the doctor's office..
    They settled down in the waiting room quiet for a while until jay got a real emergency call from the office, he kissed Juliet goodbye and left.
    Juliet sat down for a while in the waiting room felling kinda lonely, she looked around and saw that everyone present had their husbands or wives with them.
    She thought of the things Monica told her. She thought of Jessica! How beautiful, attractive and sexy she was, how jay had smiled with her down at the shopping centre, she was feeling hot, jealous, and angry, she brought out her phone and searched for the details that Monica had sent her about Jessica. she smiled when she saw her house address, she was going there to give the woman a warning of her life.
    She ignored the fact that it was almost her turn to see the doctor, she got up and walked away .
     she got a cab as soon as she got downstairs and headed to the address.
     Jessie's house
    Jessie and her mum laughed as the got out of the house, and Jessie made to lock the. door.
    Jessie was wearing a pitch skin tight dress while her mom was wearing a white jumpsuit.
    They headed to her Porsche, she was going to drop her mum at the spa and go straight to work.
    Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching, she looked up and saw Jay's wife! She frowned then she heard her mum said” Juliet!”
    Juliet was startled” mum! What are you doing her”
    Jessica was totally confused, No! It wasn't possible, how could jay's wife be..............her sister.


    Jeѕѕιe, Lavina, and jυlιeт ѕaт down ιn jeѕѕιe'ѕ lιvιng room. тнe room waѕ very silent, only few sniffs and sighs were heard.
    Lavina had just introduced her daughters to each other. Jessica was shocked, she was also upset, does this mean she was. going to give up on jay?? But what about her sister??she hissed” who cares??"
    She said to herself, jay was hers no matter whose husband she was.
       She suddenly got up and went up to her room, she decided to rest for a while then go to work later.
    When Jessica was gone, Juliet muttered” I can't believe this”
    Lavina” yeah, did you know her before”
    Juliet sighed” yeah, but our meeting was not really great, she works for jayLavina” so??"
    Juliet” I suspected they were going out, I mean she was the reason jay left the house! They were together in a Club that night!, we even got into a fight, look!”
    then she showed her the scar in her eyes.
    Lavina sighed” O gosh! That's so bad!! Look your sister could be a little crazy, but I promise to talk to her”
    Juliet sighed softly” so, do you live here”
    Lavina laughed” yes. Maybe. I just want to spend enough time with her for now” she smiled eagerly” I'm so happy that I'm finally with both my daughters after so many years "
    Juliet managed to smile at that.
     an hour later
    Jessie got up from her bed after trying to sleep on and on and failing to. She decided to just go to work. Maybe that would serve as a real great distraction. She got up and dressed up, she applied fresh makeup, then She picked up her purse and headed downstairs.
     Jessie went to the kitchen for a glass of water and found Juliet doing the dishes. Juliet turned and saw her. Juliet” hey”
    Jessie” hey”
    Juliet” uh mum cooked something so I decided to help out”
    Jessie” OK” she turned to leave when Juliet suddenly called out
    Juliet” so about the other day??”
    Jessie turned back” the other day”
    Juliet” I'm sorry about that”
    Jessie “ yea me too”
    Juliet was wide eyed” so, we won't be having any problems right”
    She was indirectly telling Jessie to stay away from her husband and Jessie knew it.,bad thing was that Jessie was a woman who loves to dare people.
    Jessie made a face and said” Well, I don't know maybe, but be rest assured that I have nothing with your husband, at least not now, but if I wanted to do something.." she laughed and continued” nothing can stop me” Then she winked and left.
     J & J fashion headquarters
    Jessie was busy in the studio with some models who were shooting for the upcoming fashion summer magazine, she went ahead giving several instructions as a boss would and Jay admired her as he stepped in.
    He stood anxiously for a while until he heard her say” OK girls, let's call it a day”.
    Soon, all the slim girls in the room left and it was only the both of them in the room.
    She looked at his handsome face and smiled to him invitingly.
    He walked towards her and held her face protectively, then he kissed her
    No way! there was no way she Was letting go of this man, not even her blood sister. she decided not to tell him about the discovery. after the long kiss, she sighed
    Jay” I'm sorry.."
    Jessie” it's okay”
    Jay”...For what my wife did the other day”
    Jessie” I said its okay, by the way how'd you meet her jeez”
    Jay held her hands” let's talk that over lunch”
    She laughed as they walked over to the eatery.
     Jessie's house
    Later in the evening,
      Jay pulled up and parked Jessie's car. She was seated beside him on the driver's seat. she had asked him to drop her off and he agreed not knowing what awaited, she just wanted to show him off to Juliet.
      They walked to the door holding hands and suddenly, the door opened, it was Juliet! Jay was totally surprised and almost angry, he felt Jessie had something to do with it. It all got worse when Lavina, his mother in-law came out too.
    Jessie smiled and walked inside the house, Lavina asked Juliet to excuse her and jay which Juliet gladly did.
    Few minutes later
     “oh my gosh!” Jay exclaimed
    Lavina had just dropped the bombshell.
    Lavina rolled her eyes and called him by his full name” Jerry do you really love my daughter” then she added” Juliet”
    Jay” of course I do”
    Lavina” then why would you cheat on her??"
    Jay” what! I never cheated on her!! “
     Lavina” how do you explain driving another woman home and holding hands”
    Jay” we're just really good friends and how was I supposed to know they were sisters”
    Lavina” that doesn't explain why you left the house” then she touched his chest” be a man, go back home to your family and your wife”
    Jay sighed, there was no way he could disobey Lavinia
    Jay” yes mum”
    Then they headed inside
     inside the house
    Juliet walked around the sitting room and admired Jessica's decorations.
    Juliet” these are really beautiful, must have cost you a fortune”
    Jessie” 400, 000”
    Juliet” naira?!"
    Jessie” No, dollars”
    Jessie was wide eyed, not only was her younger sister prettier than her, she was also far more richer than her, a sting of jealousy hit her.
    She was about to ask Jessie why she came home with jay when the door suddenly opened, Lavinia and Jay came in.
    Jay sighed and said” Juliet let's go home”
    Juliet smiled and picked up her bag, he left without even glancing at Jessica. That hurt her , they left slamming the door at her.


    One month later
       Things. goт a lιттle roυgн вeтween jeѕѕιca and jay. нe waѕ мad aт нer вecaυѕe нe ғelт ѕнe нad ѕeт нιм υp тнe oтнer day and ѕнe waѕ υpѕeт wιтн нιм вecaυѕe нe мoved вacĸ тo his hoυѕe, and нe ѕтarтed тo avoid нer after the incident.
    Jay had to cope with coming to work and going back home to his wife whom he was beginning to get tied of, without speaking to Jessie. worse of all , it seemed like nothing he did would ever be enough for Juliet, she was always nagging and complaining about one little thing or the other, she was so overprotective and even stopped him from going out with his friends. He was getting tired of the marriage but held on anyway, the more he stayed far away, the more he missed Jessica, and the more she missed him
    It was a bright Friday morning, Jessie was working with her laptop in her office. she was wearing a light pink round necked skin tight, long sleeved dress, pink heels, light makeup and a pink lipstick which matched her pink nail gel color.
     The door opened Monica walked in. She greeted her and informed her that a woman who identified herself as her sister wanted to see her.
    She sighed and asked her to let her in.
    Monica left and in a minute, Juliet arrived. She was wearing a black knee length skirt and a yellow shirt with a yellow fat heeled shoe," surely unfashionable”
    Jessie thought to herself.
    They exchanged greetings, that was when Juliet dropped the huge food flasks she was holding on the table and smiled..
    Juliet” I did a little too much cooking, I decided to bring some over”.
    Jessie smiled” aww that's nice of you”
    Juliet continued” actually, tomorrow's Patricia's birthday,
    You know. Jay's a little forgetful, maybe he didn't tell you”
    Jessie smiled, she knew Juliet was trying to play smart with her, trying to know If jay had actually invited her.
    Jessie” No he never told me”
    Juliet” oh, well I'm personally inviting you, the kids are anxious to meet their aunt”
    Jessica smiled” of course, I won't
    Miss it for the world”
    Juliet” tomorrow afternoon, 3pm, my house”
    Then she smiled and left.
    Jessie sighed and just then her phone rang, it was Chloe, she had arrived and wanted to meet with Jay.
    Jessie got up and opened the flask, she made a face, fried yam and eggs unfortunately, she was watching her weight, burning calories was the excuse, she gave the food to Monica who gladly accepted it and headed to Jay's office.
    After a successful meeting between, Chloe, jay and some other important board members, Chloe succeeded in buying 30% shares of the company.
    The meeting ended, and everyone left, Chloe went to wait for Jessie in her office.
    Jessie stood up and made to leave but Jay held on to her. She smiled. Then frowned and turned to him
    Jessie “would you please let me go?? “
    Jay got up and made a corny smile.” OK fine I know there's a little bad blood between us., let's talk about it”
    Jessie raised her brows” oh! So now you want to talk about it, well you started it”
    Jay held her hands” yeah I know and I'm ending it”.
    Jessie” so that's why you didn't want to tell me about your daughter's birthday”
    Jay sighed” I'm sorry I forgot”.
    The leaned down and kissed her, depositing flavour in her soul.
    Jessie “you know this is wrong. You are my brother in-law”
    Jay laughed” who cares” then he kissed her deeply and she laughed. She liked the sound of that
    Jessie “ one cares”
    They finally let go of each other, made faces, and she left
     Jessie's office
    Chloe” wow! Your Mr Jay is really handsome in person, no wonder you're head over hills”
    Jessica laughed” don't even go there, so how'd you like to sell your shares"
    Chloe frowned” what do you mean?!"
    Jessie” girl don't play dumb with me, how much are you willing to sell 25% of the shares you acquired today??"
    Chloe” 85,000,000 Naira”
    Jessie laughed” I'll spot you #100,000,000”
    Chloe smiled happily yah that's my girl! I'll arrange for the papers as soon as possible”
    Jessie” so we were talking??”
    Chloe” about Jay being your brother in-law, Jeez and so what?? If you like the guy go for him! I'm sure he's sick and tired of her”
    Jessie smiled” I'll do just that”
    There was a faint knock on the door, Mary came in.
    The trio exchanged pleasantries and Even talked about tomorrow's party
    Jessie cleared her throat” so Mary girl, tell me every single thing you know about Patty”
    Mary,cleared her throat and they all started to laugh.
    Saturday Afternoon, Jay's residence Lekki logos
    Jessie didn't go to Patricia's birthday party with her white Porsche, instead she went with her black Sienna so it could convey all the gifts she brought with her. Loud music took over the atmosphere., and lots of kids dressed for party took over the place.
    All eyes were turned to her when she got down from the car. She had changed her weave to full curly and shoulder length, parted at the side
    She was casually but classically dressed, black high waist jeans, black see through vest. And a brown leather jacket matching her leather sandals.
    Jay smiled when he saw her from a distance. And so did Juliet.
    Patricia who was celebrating her 4th birthday was dressed in a Barbie costume. She was really pretty, a feminine version of Jay, while Joshua who was dressed in a Superman costume was male version of Juliet..
    Jessie bent down in front of Patricia  “Happy Birthday honey”
    Patricia smiled” thanks aunt”
    Jessie was overwhelmed” you're welcome angel, you’re looking really gorgeous”
    Patricia smiled and Jessie made a sign, Monica came down from the car, a group of boys helped her and took the gifts Jessie had brought into the house”.
    Juliet was wide eyed and so was astonished. Jessie bough really large and expensive gifts, Patricia was also over excited and jumped about the place.
    The party proceeded and Jessie went In to meet her mother while Jay and Juliet continued In serving the guests.
     later in the party
    Jessie played a lot with the kids that Jay couldn't help but wish she was their mother instead of Juliet.
    After so much games. The children were exhausted and decided to go upstairs to rest. They went to pat's room where all the gifts were kept. Jessie had followed them since their parents were occupied.
    Jessie was quite bored, she turned to Patricia.
    Jessie” Patty, would you like me to open the gifts I brought for you??”
    " Yay!!” Patricia exclaimed.
    Jessie got up and anxiously opened the gifts, the first one was a huge life sized Barbie house., the second was a huge Barbie doll and a ken doll to match with it, next was a pink iPod and finally. An 18 karate gold coated pink dress with a cute little teddy bear with an inscription
           нαρρу вιятн∂αу ραтту. 
                    fяσм уσυя αυит
    Patricia jumped up happily and kissed Jessie in her cheeks, Joshua also joined her.
    Juliet who was standing by the door watching all these wasn't too pleased, she felt like Jessie was using her riches to entice her children and steal them away.
    She cleared her throat and walked into the room with a maid.
    Juliet” thanks a lot Jess, kids it's time to go have your baths”
    The kids walked out the room sadly without saying a word and the maid followed.
    Jessica plucked up her bag” well, I guess I gotta go now. It's getting late, see you some other time”
    Juliet smiled” thanks for the gifts”
    Jessie laughed “ oh please” then she waved and left.
          When Jessica got downstairs, she met Jay who offered to walk her to her car. When they got there, he held her hands since they were out of sight
    Jay” I guess I'll be seeing you on Monday”
    Jessie smiled “ yeah”
    Jay licked his lips” would it be a bad idea if I kissed you??”.
    Jessie laughed” well. it would be really bad if your wife shows up here”
    Jay shook his head” Naa., that's not gonna happen”
    He leaned over and kissed her, she accepted the kiss warmly and placed her hands above his head, and his hands on her waist
    Too bad, Juliet was approaching, she wanted to get some drinks from her car which was right next to Jessie's.

    EPISODE 10

    jυѕт aѕ, jυlιeт waѕ close тo тнe edge oғ нer car, нer мυм called υnтo нer and ιnғorмed нer тнaт тнere waѕ no need ғor тнe eхтra drιnĸѕ. ѕнe ѕιgнed and тυrned вacĸ, тнen went вacĸ ιnѕιde тнe нoυѕe.
    ғιnally, тнe long lιp lock ѕecтιon between Jay and Jessie ended without either of them realising that
    they had almost been caught .
    Jessie smiled and got into her car, Monica came there and apologized for supposedly delaying Jessica, then she got into the car. Jay waved them goodbye and left.
    Later In the night, Jay's house
    Juliet laid quietly In her bed beside Jay who was snoring soundly. Juliet sat up almost in tears , for the past few months, her marriage had been a mess, she had tried to hard to endure all the womanizing jay did, Even with her own blood sister, the marriage was not even consummate anymore, jay barely touched her and all she could do was complain, which was like worsening the case. She remembered how her friends had warmed her not to marry him, but she rebuked them, she felt they were jealous because of his looks, and although she was a year older than him, she felt it didn't matter . she went ahead and got married to a Playboy who didn't really care.
    She dried her eyes and got up to take a good look at herself on the mirror
    She was beautiful, she might not be all sexy,but she could satisfy a man surely.
    Suddenly, Jay's phone buzzed and a message popped in, soon it began to ring. She didn't want to wake him up so she quickly silenced it.
    She got an instinct to go through his messages, a temptation that she could not resist.
     She took the phone into the toilet and sat on the WC, it was quite easy for her to unlock the phone
    It was not up to five minutes when she began to sob,.she read several messages and chats of him and his prostitutes especially the one named Gina, the worst of the issue was that she couldn't approach him because she was trespassing, she just sat there crying on and on, maybe she would have fainted if she had read his chat with Jessica.
    Jessie's house banana island Lagos
    It was a Monday morning and Jessie was almost later for work. She walked out if her house abruptly and motioned to the gateman to open the gate. She brought of her remote Porsche car keys and turned it on. She was about to go in when Juliet's car suddenly drove In. She was surprised and a little startled, Juliet got out of the car Wearing a blue dress with swollen eyes like she had been crying throughout the night., her voice was also shaky.
    Jessie “ hey”
    Juliet “ uh, hi,, is mum here”
    Jessie “ no., she didn't sleep here”
    Juliet” Uh, OK”
    Jessie looked her through” are you okay, would you like to come in”
    Juliet nodded, Jessie closed her car back and went inside with Juliet.
     As soon as Juliet sat down., she began to tremble and soon, she was crying again. Jessie was confused and slightly embarrassed, she was not used to petting a fellow woman when crying. All Jessie could think of doing was going to the fridge and getting a glass of cold water for Juliet.
    Jessie “ here. Calm down”.
    Juliet sniffed” I'm so sorry”.
    Jessie” is there a problem??”.
    Juliet nodded
    Jessie rolled her eyes” is it Jay??”.
    Juliet laughed slightly” it's so stupid of me, I'll just talk to mum”
    Jessica picked up her bag Already impatient and sighed deeply “ well it's fine if you don't want to talk to me, and I know I'm quite the right person to give you womanly advises but, if a man treats you badly, it's either he doesn't deserve you or you don't deserve him, dump him before he dumps you” then she walked out of the house silently with a smile on her face, feeling accomplished.
     Jay's office
    Jay smiled when the door opened, he was Happy to see Jessie, he had been waiting for her for a long time.
    She was wearing a really short skimpy armless black dress with a white jacket and a huge gold chain encamped on her neck.she was Wearing little or no makeup, and looked seriously this time, Jay was sure something was up.
    He got up and went to lock the door behind her, then he walked back to her.
    Jay” hey babe, is there a problem??”
    Jessie” Juliet was in my house this morning, lookin all pale”
    Jay sighed and laughed slightly
    “well, I don't know why, I mean she was out before I even woke up, she never spoke a word of her problem to me”
    Jessie” neither did she to me, but I know for sure it has something to do with you”
    Jay was confused .
    Jessie made him sit and sat on his laps, turning him on in a,way.
    Jessica” I'm sorry honey but I'm a little tired of the little play, I want something really real and serious, I know you don't love your wife anymore”.
    Jay” I don't love my wife anymore”
    Jessica motioned to her thighs” I know you want this little girl over here"
    Jay” i don't only want her, I love you, I'm sincere”
    Juliet laughed” you said it, I didn't, all you need to do is to get a divorce”
    It was like jay was hypnotised,
    Jay” I will get a divorce as soon as possible” then he kissed her.

    EPISODE 11

     jeѕѕιe'ѕ нoυѕe вanana ιѕland Lagos
    It waѕ alмoѕт мιdnιgнт and jeѕѕιca waѕ ѕтιll υnaвle тo ѕleep. ѕнe goт υp and тιgнтened υp тнe rope oғ нer nιgнтy, тнen ѕнe walked steadily downstairs.
    After sitting in front of the TV for a long time and still being bored to death and unable to at least fall asleep, she,walked around the house and the light In her mother's room
    Caught her attention, Lavinia had forgotten to switch off the lights.
     She went into the room and was about to switch off the lights when she saw a photo album on the floor that caught her attention. She walked to it and picked it up, sat on the bed,then she began to go through it.
    There were pictures of Lavinia, mostly Juliet's, happy pictures of Lavinia and Juliet together
    She scoffed in jealousy, Lavina told her that there,was never a day that she didn't think of her but here she was, looking so happy.
    The one that offended Jessica more was a picture of Lavinia, Juliet, and her father, Henry, the picture was taken on the 18th of September, 2001
    , the exact night her father had an accident that nearly took his life!
    Lavina was here in Nigeria, happy with her other family!!.
    Jessie angrily threw the photo album and got up, she switched off the lights and headed upstairs.
    She slumped herself in bed and brought out her phone, she thought of calling Jay but decided not to, she was going to wait for him to make up his mind and do the divorce, and she didn't give a damn about Juliet.
     J & J fashion show federal palace hotel Lagos”
    Jay got down from his black Benz abruptly and walked to the other side of the front seat to open the door for Juliet. The camera began to flash at them as soon as they got down and walked on the Red carpet down to the place where they would be interviewed and take special pictures. Juliet was wearing a navy blue knee length off shoulder flay dress, a silver purse and silver heels, very light makeup and long Brazilian weave which Jay had forced and convinced her to wear. They had left the kids with their nanny at home..
    After a never ending interview, Juliet and Jay settled in the VIP section of the event. Everything was going smoothly, the fashion show was going well sales were rising steadily, Juliet couldn't help but admit Jessica was a really good designer.
    Juliet and Jay were having a little chat with some of their investor friends when Jessica walked up to them, she was looking glamorous and gorgeous in a lovely and expensive red dress.
    They greeted each other and she asked after the kids, then she left looking at Jay In a way that Juliet wasn't quite comfortable with.
    They sat together for a while and suddenly, jay's phone bleeped, he was reading a text and she pretended like she didn't see.
    Not quite long after, A fan had called on Jay to please take pictures and he left.
    Juliet quickly switched both their phone, it was the same brand, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge., they had bough both phones on the same day. She changed the wallpaper of her phone to his and dropped hers in his seat.
    She picked up his own and quickly went to the message box, it was a text from Jessie! It read
              hey there! I need yah to meet me in the men's room, I'm feeling naughty don't keep me waiting
    Juliet gasped for air trying not to start crying again, it was like
    It became difficult for her, she was shaking, she wanted to quickly call her mum but she was out of the country.
    He came back and picked up the phone horridly and said” honey, I'm needed in the power house, I'll be right back” she smiled and he kissed her on her cheeks and left.
    As soon as he was gone, she got up and followed him
       Jessie and Jay were pinned to the wall of the men's room, kissing and caressing each other when they suddenly heard footsteps approaching, it was like a nightmare when Juliet started banging the door and screaming on top of her voice
    Juliet” you're a useless man!!! Shameless people!!! Come out if you have some nerves!! Come out!!!”
    Jay rushed out and Jessie did not.
    Luckily for them, the security personnel were highly at alert, and the hall was sound proofed, the event wasn't ruined but the restroom area was on fire, Juliet rushed to Jessie's side and gave her a slap which Jessie retaliated, they were about to start a fight but the security blocked them, Juliet left the event angrily and had to go through the back door.
    Jay followed her and called her but but she didn't answer, she snatched his car keys, got into you Benz, and zoomed off.
    Jay was obviously confused. he turned and saw a group of reporters approaching him” no. Not now” he said to himself. Jessie's Porsche drove past and stopped in front of him” Let's go” she heard him say, he didn't realize when he got into the car and she zoomed off

     Jessie's house banana island Lagos
    Jay paced around Jessie's guest room sweating all over and confused.Jessie stood behind him and sighed”you gotta calm down you're making me dizzy”
    “shut up!!" Jay screamed.
    Jessica frowned and walked towards him” don't you dare say that to me, we both know that if you had simply said your mind to her and get a divorce, things wouldn't have turned out like this”
    Jay sighed” I'm sorry but it' not that easy, what about my kids”
    Jessica touched his face affectionately” what about them?? We both know they love me and I love them too, we could have a little beautiful family, with a child of our own too” then she kissed him
    Jessie” rest now love” then she patted on his shoulder, and left.
     The next morning
    A kiss on his lips from Jessie woke Jay up on the right side of the bed.
    Jessica” Good morning baby”.
    Jay smiled” Good morning”
    She was wearing a black bum shot and a white see through vest without no bra. He licked his lips   and she smiled.
    Jessie” there's hot water for you, you should freshen up” then she went downstairs.
    Jay was dressed in a black suit she had ordered for him earlier that morning via Jumia.
    They were having breakfast together,Jessie had prepared tea, fried eggs, and bread. Jessie was a really good cook, jay ate so much and Jessica was happy.
    Then they decided to drive over to his house, he wanted to see his children, pick up his car, and some of his things especially his phone which he discovered that Juliet had switched.
     Jay's house lekki Lagos
    Jay walled into His House anxiously, it was unusually very quiet, the children must have gone to school.
    He walked straight upstairs to his room and sighed In relief, Juliet was not there. He picked up his car keys which was on the table, saw his phone and quickly exchanged it back. he brought out his spare box from the wardrobe and began to pack his clothes, when he was done. He turned to leave, he was shocked when he saw Juliet standing by the door folding her arms. She must've been standing there for a long time.
    Jay sighed and dropped the bag he was holding.
    Juliet “no, I didn't stop you, go ahead, behave like the coward you are and leave. Go ahead!!! Shameless man!!”
    Jay frowned “don’t you talk to me that way”
    Juliet” the truth is bitter. You're nothing but a shameless flirt!!'
    Jay” how are my kids”
    Juliet shook her head” oops. They're so sad that their daddy is a failure, you're a failure!!” she screamed violently.
    Jay pushed her off the way and went downstairs shouting back at her” you should better go see your doctor. You're going crazy”
    Juliet pulled off her slippers and threw them angrily at him which he dodged.
    Juliet followed him angrily only to meet Jessie standing by the door, Jay had drove off with his car.
    Juliet folded her arms and smiled viciously Jessie smiled too sweetly and that annoyed Juliet, She raised up her hand to slap Jessie but Jessie quickly stopped her.
    Jessie scoffed” Awww, don't even dare, the outcome might not be good. You don't want us pulling our hairs and rolling all over the street, and I didn't come here to apologize” then she laughed” girl please”
    Juliet came closer” what do you want??"
    Jessie” give it up, all you need is a divorce, don't try to fight it, trust Me it wouldn't be easy” then she threw Juliet's slippers into the house
    Juliet smiled and laughed” well then, the battle line is drawn, you had three divorces but just remember, I'm not you I'll never get one my marriage with Jay is till death do us part”
    Then she shut the door at Jesse's face.

    EPISODE 12

    Later that evening,
    jeѕѕιe and jay cнaттed and laυgнed нappιly aѕ тнey ѕнopped ғor some things тнaт jeѕѕιe needed ιn нer нoυѕe.
    aғтer ѕнoppιng, тнey drove straight to her house and she made dinner.
    She was preparing Jellof rice aond fried chicken, in the kitchen while jay went inside to unpack his things in the room which she now considered theirs..
    When he was done, he dressed into a simple shirt and shorts
    He hurried downstairs. and went back straight to the kitchen, he sneaked in and tickled Jessie on her waist, she laughed in shock with a frypan in handy
    Jessie”,I swear will get you”
    He laughed and held onto her waist.
    Jessie” aww, that's sweet of you”
    Jay” hmm I'm so hungry I can't wait”
    Jessie” hmm so what exactly are you hungry for??"
    Jay laughed” you're a really dirty girl, both of them”
    Jessie laughed” hmm the food will be ready soon, after dinner, I'll think about the other”
    Jay smiled and poured himself a, glass of orange juice, then he left.
    After a wonderful dinner, jay and Jessie were having a little chat in the sitting room, jay sat playing with her hair while she rested her head on his laps
    Jay” you know what??"
    Jessie” what??"
    Jay” I was thinking of buying a little house, I mean its not so cool living here with you, if Juliet eventually gives me a divorce, we. Could easily move there with the kids.."
    Jessie” yeah that's a great idea, but you'll have to stick here for a while until then”
    Jay” yeah, and we'll probably get married”
    Jessie winked” probably” then she kissed him
    Jessie” now speaking of the divorce, have you contacted your lawyer??”.
    Jay” hmm, not really, I gotta think carefully I mean there has to be a reason for filing a divorce”
    Jessie thought for a while and sighed” yea, that's true, well she's got bipolar disorder right??”
    Jay” yeah”
    Jessie” you can use that, say she's threatening your life. Say the children are not safe with her, I could call my lawyer if you want, she's brilliant”
    Jay sighed” yeah, thanks”
    She got up and kissed him” she'll serve her papers by tomorrow Morning” then she walked upstairs
    Later that night

    Jay was busy with his laptop when a message suddenly popped Into his phone., it was from Jessie, she asked him to please. Come help her out with her zip. He smiled and closed the laptop, then he walked to her room
    “come in” he heard her say
    " wow” he said as soon as he got into the room, she had decorated it like heaven on earth, they were red roses everywhere and she was seated on the bed Wearing a pink flay dress that was slit by the side and exposed a good portion of her Laps.
    Jessie “would you help me with my zip, I wanna off this dress”
    Jay climbed on the bed eagerly and unzipped the dress. Then he kissed her back in pleasure and she giggled
    Jessie” you must be really turned on"
    Jay” I swear I am”
    Jessie turned and smiled” I'm afraid we'll have to take it slowly so it can last”
    Jay laughed slightly” OK “
    She kissed him slightly and electricity rushed through his system., then she helped him pull of his shirt and played with his chest. She got up and removed the dress completely. Exposing her black lingerie, then she made him lie down and sat on him breathing profusely, she started grinding on him and he lost control of himself, he tried to touch her but she slapped him erotically and said
    "don't touch me until I tell you to, I'm the boss”
    Jay sighed she was giving him what he has never felt before in his life
    Jay lost control again, he was climaxing, he tried to touch her again but she slapped him again” I said don't touch me!” soon she began to moan violently, she moaned” touch me!!”on and on, he did and that was when she fell off and he took over   
     Jay's house
     The next morning
    Juliet woke up with a resounding headache, she jumped up when she realised that it was already daybreak, she looked at her watch, it was almost 7am, the children were supposed to be ready for school, the bus! She got and looked around, jeez! The room was a mess, she had drank herself to sleep, she rushed to the children's room and was surprised to see that they had already dressed up and were ready for school.
    She was shocked to find Jay In the house, he took the kids downstairs without saying a word to her, and she felt of herself, jay must've found her asleep and drunk.
    She hurried to the kitchen and made a little breakfast of corn flakes for them, then she put some snacks in their lunch box since there was no time to cook, then the school bus arrived and jay took them out.
     Juliet hurried to her room and cleared the place, then she brushed her teeth and went back downstairs, jay was already picking up his bags to leave
    :" thank you for taking care of the kids" she heard herself say.
    Jay looked at her in pity, once upon a, time he had loved this woman with all his heart, but now, he didn't understand what happened
    Jay sighed” I guess we have to talk”
    Then they both sat down.
    Juliet” go ahead”
    Jay” look, we both can't keep on lying to ourselves, this marriage is dead, it lied a long time ago”
    Juliet” no! It died when you started cheating”
    Jay was defensive” what could I do?? We both know its your fault!!, you were hardly there, you punished me with what I loved most, sex!,you denied me sex for a whole year lying that you were undergoing a holy mission when in truth, you were punishing me for my mistakes, you tore me apart!”
    Juliet was on the peak on crying” I'm sorry, please don't leave”
    Jay got up” I'm sorry but I found someone who cherishes me, who doesn't end my days with quarrels and naggings” he shook his head and dropped the bombshell” I want a divorce”
    Juliet” I'm not giving you that!!”
    Jay picked up his bag” my lawyer would be here anytime” then he left.
      As soon as Jay's Benz left, the doorbell rang and Juliet went to open it, it was the lawyer, she handed Juliet with the divorce papers and left.
    Juliet sobbed as she went through them, especially the part that requested full custody for the kids.
    , claiming that she was a lunatic.
      The door opened and Lavina came in holding a suitcase, she stopped moving and dropped her bag when she saw her lovely daughter broken in the couch, she rushed to her and hugged her, now Juliet was crying profusely, she collected the papers from her hand and read it, she was really shocked
    Lavina” Julie, baby, calm down okay, you're not getting a divorce okay, let mommy handle this”
    Juliet” you don't even understand, the cause of all these is Jessie! Who's supposed to be my sister!!"
    Lavina calmed her down and assured her that everything was going to be all right.
    After a while when Juliet stopped crying, she went upstairs and freshened up, her mum prepared breakfast for her and she ate, then Lavina gave her some sleeping pills and called her doctor as soon as she was asleep.
    Then she picked up the divorce papers and zoomed off to Jessie's house
     Jessie's house
    Jessie walked downstairs abruptly from her room, she saw her mum drive In and went down to meet her.
    As soon as Jessie reached downstairs, Lavina, brought out the divorce papers from her bag and tore them into bits and pieces, Jessie was shocked.
    Jessie” mum! What the hell is wrong with you??”
    Lavina made quick steps towards her and gave her an hot slap that nearly got her off balance
    Jessie" how dare you!".
    Lavina” I rebuke you!! Devil incarnate, you want to ruin your sister's life right?? guess what it won't work!! They will get a divorce over my dead body!” then she spat on her and stormed out of the house.
    Jessie breathed heavily still holding her cheeks and laughed, then she muttered” then prepare to die mummy, it's me and Jay or no one else!!!”

    EPISODE 13

    You don't want to miss this episode, trust me it's delicious
    One week later
    Lavina parked carefully in front Juliet's house and got down from her car. She was wearing a blue, skin tight long dress and applied heavy makeup, she was holding a grocery bag and wearing sunglasses, she locked her car and walked into the house.
    Lavina,smiled as Patrica and Joshua rushed to hug her.
    “granny” they chorused
    She kissed them and looked around, the kids were in their swim clothes, and were playing with their toys, she admired pat's doll and said” its  pretty honey , so where's your mummy”
    Joshua” she's upstairs in her room”
    Pat” mommy doesn't want to play with me anymore”
    Joshua” and I miss my daddy, I don't see him anymore”
    Lavina smiled and hugged the kids again then she said” don't worry my darlings , everything is going to be alright okay??".
    They nodded and went back to playing while she walked upstairs
    Lavina sighed as she opened the door to Juliet and Jay's master bedroom.
    Juliet sat quietly on the bed wearing a black dress like she was morning, and her hair loose and packed to her back.
    Juliet” hi mum”
    Lavina sat down beside her” don't tell me you've been crying”
    Juliet sighed” I couldn't stop myself, I felt like I failed my children”
    Lavina” well, you didn't, Jay did, but if you follow his footsteps and ignore the children, you'll be doing just that”
    Juliet” it's really hard”
     Lavina” is that why you are dressed like a widow, what if jay walked in and met you like this “
    Juliet winked” so??"
    Lavina” he would feel pity for you”
    Juliet sighed” well, at least that'll make him come back”
    Lavina” no, there's two things in life, pity and envy, which do you choose for people to feel towards u “
    Juliet” envy"
    Lavina” now how's that gonna happen??"
    Juliet got up and looked at the mirror” maybe you're right, maybe I got to go ahead with my life, freshen up touch up etc etc, fuck jay and my whore of a sister”
    Lavina sighed” you know, it hurts me that it has to be her”
    Juliet” so, what about the divorce”
    Lavina” forget about it, its not happening”
    Juliet hugged her” thank you mum, I couldn't do anything without you”
    Lavina held her hand” you sure know this is a real war put up by the devil against your marriage right??"
    Juliet pouted” maybe??”
    Lavinia” do you ever pray??"
    Juliet” yea”
    Lavina” like really really pray”
    Juliet” Nope”
    Lavina sighed,”we'll start from there, I need you to get your bible, find a quiet place, go on your knees, pour your heart to him, that's all, after that, we'll go for a makeover and have fun with the kids.
    Juliet smiled, picked a bible and went into her dressing room.
     Jessie's house banana island Lagos
     Jay walked into the house happily and dropped his suit on the chair. Then he walked to Jessie's side who was fast asleep on the couch, he leaned over and kissed her.
    She smiled and woke up. You're home finally, what kept you??”
    Jay smiled” it's a surprise”
    Jessie” well, I have a surprise too”
    Then she brought out her phone and showed him a photo of Juliet, she had uploaded it on Instagram early that day. She was looking extremely beautiful and different and Jay couldn't help but admit it, she also seemed happy with the kids
    Jessie “ I guess she's moving on fine" then she frowned “ don't tell me you're suddenly attracted to her”
    Jay scoffed” of course not, she still can't be compared to you”.
    Jessie smiled “ now, back to your surprise “
    Jay smiled and brought out a golden ring., then he went on his knees to Jessie's delight and said” would you marry me??"
    Jessie screamed “yes!!" he hugged her and they kissed then carried her upstairs
    One month later
    Juliet finally decided to move on with her life happily with her kids although she still spent odd hours of the night praying for jay, praying for her marriage. She had learnt to work as a single mum and still satisfy her children, she went to work daily, beautified herself on weekends and spent time with the kids,. Lavina had ensured that  jay was only allowed to see the kids on weekends.
    They would go out together as a family, they were times when jay didn't want to leave, and she didn't want him to, but he had to, Jessie still had a strong influence on him
    Deep down, he still wanted that happy family, he still wanted his wife back, but he couldn't easily let go of Jessica.
     Jessie's house
    Jessie and jay were dressed up and ready to go out together to check out one of the houses he found. Jessie was dressed in an orange skimpy dress which exposed her cleavages, she had fixed a white coloured wave that enhanced her fair skin while Jay was dressed in a cream suit.
    They locked the door and head to her newly acquired SUV.
    As she was about to open the door , Jay's phone suddenly rang, next thing she heard was” pat!! Leukaemia!! What are you saying??”
    Jessie sighed and closed the door as Jay left, it was an emergency. Jay's daughter Patricia had collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, only for the doctor to diagnose Leukaemia .. She sat down in the house feeling a little lonely.

     Angel hospital Ikeja Lagos,
    Jay rushed to the place where he had been directed to. He found Juliet crying and panting around the waiting room, he rushed to her side and hugged her. She Was sweating and crying heavily, it took a while before she calmed down, now he was feeling guilty, maybe if he had been around it wouldn't have happened.
    He was showed to Patricia's room. He couldn't help but cry beside his little angel, after that. He met with the doctor and he briefed Jay on how the operation Was going to take place
    And he signed, Patricia was scheduled for operation the next day.
     Jessie's house
    The night was really lonely for Jessie and she didn't like it. As soon as it was morning, she got dressed and decided to visit jay at the hospital. She knew that Juliet would be there but she didn't care, she just wanted to see him..
    She got dressed into a short green v necked dress and took a basket full of fruits. She also bought some sweets and dolls on her way

     Angel hospital
    Jessie tip toed into Patricia's room and placed the basket carefully on the table beside her and sat beside sleeping pat.
    The girl was really beautiful and looks a lot like jay, she couldn't help but wish she was her daughter.
    Patricia suddenly opened her eyes in more like a painful way then she whispered” mummy”
    Jessie opened her mouth to say something but the door suddenly opened and Juliet came in, she was damn furious when she found Jessie there. She pushed her away immediately
    Juliet” get away from my daughter! don't you dare touch her with your filthy bitchy hands!!"
    Jessie got up in shock and just then, Jay walked in. He was not quite happy to see Jessica.
    He escorted her outside the building while she apologized, she said she just missed him and meant no harm, he promised to come back” home:" as soon as possible.
    Jay walked back inside and as she was about to get into her car, she heard someone call her name, it was Juliet.
    Juliet returned her basket and said” thanks honey but, I don't need your charity”
    Jessie” i brought it for her not you”
    Juliet turned to leave but Jessie called back.
    Jessie” have you seen this?"
    Juliet turned and saw the engagement ring on Jessie's finger
    Juliet was upset,,but controlled herself by smiling
    Juliet” well, that's good for you, but a little secret” then she got closer to Jessie and whispered” when Jay asked me to marry him, he gave me a diamond ring , I hope you know what that means” then she, walked away.
    Jessie's house
    Jessie slammed the door angrily as soon as she got into her house, she was so mad at jay for making her leave and the things Juliet said to her. She was surprised to find Lavina sitting down in her couch waiting for her
    Lavina” where are you coming from??”
    Jessie hissed” from the hospital, heard what happened to your grandchild??"
    Lavina sighed” yeah it's quite unfortunate, your sister is going through hell and you're part of the pain"
    Jessie scoffed” its not my fault she passed Leukaemia to her daughter”.
    Lavina got up” you didn't have to be her husband's whore”
    Jessie,” Well I guess I take after you a lot. We're both whores!”
    Lavina angrily gave Jessie a dirty slap. She was shocked to death when Jessie raised her hands and slapped her own mother!!!”
    Lavina was mad and by now, Juliet regretted her actions, but it was too late. the deed had been done
    Lavina quickly brought out her pen and marked the date on Jessie's calendar.
    Lavina and Jessie were already sobbing.
    Lavina” look at today's date! Today Wednesday 25th November 2018. You stopped being my daughter!! My daughter Jessica, she's dead! She died today!!” then she left the house angrily.
    Jessie slumped herself on the couch crying, she suddenly got a urge to puke. She was feeling really nauseous. She rushed up to the bathroom and made away with her breakfast, she flushed it and washed her face, then something hit her hard” what if she was pregnant??”

    EPISODE 14

    You don't want to miss this episode, trust me its delicious
    Angel hospital  Ikeja Lagos
    Later that day.
    The room was intensely quiet, all that made sounds, was Patricia's life aiding machine. The operation had been successful all thanks to God, but Patricia was yet to wake up, she was still unconscious.
    Juliet sighed, she was seating right opposite Jay
    Juliet” do you know, it hurts me to see her suffering like that”
    Jay” yea, it kills me too”
    Juliet” did you know, the kids missed you a lot, especially Joshua “
    Jay sighed” I missed them too”
    Juliet wiped a loose tear from her eyes” I missed you”
    Jay got up and went to hug her, she was at the brink of crying, he felt overprotective of her
    Jay” I missed you too”
    Juliet”, you know, it really hurts to see my baby suffering like that”
    Jay sighed” I guess there's nothing we can do than wait”
    Juliet cleared her eyes “ of,course there's something we,can do, we can pray”
    Jay smiled and held her hands,” well then, let's pray”
     Jessie's house banana island Lagos
    Jessie sang joyfully as she prepared dinner of rice, pepper soup and assorted beef. She sang happily and anxiously waited for Jay to arrive back home, she couldn't wait to tell him the good news!
    " No, I shouldn't tell him now. I'll wait till the problem is over” she said, then she smiled and happily continued her cooking.
    She heard Jay drive in and heard the door open, she was expecting him to walk into the kitchen any minute and hug her from behind of tickle her waist but he didn't, instead. He went straight upstairs.
    When Jessie was done with the food. She walked upstairs and was shocked when she saw Jay with a little briefcase packing some of his things
    Jessie frowned” what's going on??”
    Jay smiled and walked towards her, then he held her Shoulders
    Jay” I'm sorry honey, but my daughter really needs me by her side at all times”
    Jessie sighed” so how's she doing”
    Jay” well, the operation was successful, but she's yet to gain consciousnesses”.
    Jessie sighed” I just hope she gets well really soon, so would you like to eat dinner before you leave??”
    Jay” I'm sorry honey but I'm a little late, I have to beat traffic”
    Then he walked towards Jessie and kissed her, then he hugged her and left.
    Jessie sighed and laid on the bed, she couldn't believe she Was going to eat and sleep alone one more night, now she got a strong urge to cry
    Angel hospital
    When jay got to the hospital, he met Patricia still asleep and Joshua was asleep. Beside Patricia, Jay shook his head, Joshua must've really missed his little sister.
    Juliet sat beside the bed with a food flask close to her.
    Jay” Hey”
    Juliet” Hey”
    Jay” have you eaten??"
    Juliet” yeah, a little, are you hungry, I made yam and egg sauce”
    Jay smiled,” that sounds interesting”
    Juliet dished the food and served him, then she watched him eat hungrily.
    Jay” wow! It's been a really Long time, I miss this”
    Juliet sighed and yawned
    Jay” you must be feeling sleepy”
    Juliet smiled, got up and laid beside Patricia, it was a really Large king sized bed that could take the four of them and even an additional person
    Juliet covered herself and said” you can join us if you want to, Goodnight”
    Jay smiled ' Goodnight”
    The next day
    Jay woke up with a smile on his face, Juliet and the kids were still fast asleep and they were at the hospital.
    Suddenly, Patricia's eyes opened and she smiled as soon as she saw Jay.
    " daddy!!!" she screamed and woke the rest up. Jay smiled and poked her nose
    Jay” how are you doing my tiny little princess,??”
    Patricia” I'm feeling so good, because you're here!!"
    Juliet smiled and hugged her and Joshua, her beautiful kids. Jay smiled and played with Juliet's hair, forgetting that they were supposed to be separated  
    Patricia suddenly let out” but I'm fine. I don't want to be in a hospital, don't like it here!!".
    Juliet” honey!!"
    Patricia” no¡"
    Jay” perhaps she could continue treatment at home, I mean I can afford that, I'll just speak to the doctor”
    Then he got up and left the room.
        Jay went up to the doctor's office
    and had a chat with him, since the operation was successful, Patricia was allowed to go home but on a condition that she would be placed on bed rest for like a week, not be stressed in any way, and the nurse had to visit her everyday.
    They agreed and she was discharged, and they all went home  .
    Later in the evening
    Laughter echoed around the garden in backyard. They were having a little party for Patricia's recovery and Juliet had prepared lots of delicacies.
    The kids played until it was bed time, Juliet made the kids go to bed.
    Jay sat quietly in the garden, sipping wine, and so was Juliet it was obvious that both of them were getting drunk. jay couldn't stop but keep staring at this damsel in front of him, he couldn't believe it was his wife. She was wearing a V necked blue and black dress, she wore no makeup but was looking like an angel, like she had changed or maybe it was the wine deceiving him she had stretched her natural long dark hair into a Bob parted at the middle, in fact she was looking like Rhianna in” work” video. His inner conscience blamed him for ever thinking of divorcing her.
    Juliet snapped him off his thoughts and got up
    Juliet stretched” I'm sorry but I'm feeling really sleepy, I'll be in our room if you need anything” then she left
    Juliet smiled as she brushed her hair in the mirror, she had had a shower and wore a pink transparent night dress. The door suddenly opened and Juliet smiled when Jay walked in, with no shirt. Just his trousers. God those chests were killing Juliet, it had been a really Long time, she was feeling hot
    Juliet smiled like she had been expecting him
    Juliet” what do you want??”
    Jay closed the door and walked closer to her, then he touched her face
    Jay” I want you,”
    Juliet laughed and gave a dirty smile” but you left me”
    Jay” I'm sorry”
    Juliet” what do you want??”.
    Jay” let's play mummy and daddy '
    Juliet laughed” it was obvious he was drunk, but his eyes meant what they were saying”
    Juliet kissed his ears romantically” what do you want??”.
    Jay” I love you”..
    She touched his chest and teased him” who do you love??”
    Jay” you”.
    She kissed him.
    Juliet” say my name”
    Jay” Juliet May Olaitan, my wife, mother of my two kids”
    " Damn” Juliet heard herself say. She was turned on like hell 
    She pushed him to the bed and switched off the lights, then she banged him like hell

    EPISODE 15

    yoυ don'т want тo. miss this episode, trust me its delicious
    Jay's house Lekki Lagos
    The next morning, Jay woke up when he turned and noticed that the bed was empty, then he realized what had happened, he had made love to his wife,” damn” he heard himself say, he wondered where she was and how she was feeling, what if she was feeling used??,but his feelings were geniue, he realised that he never really stopped lovιng her, it was just like when they met in a seminar in London 7 years ago. Jay got up and went into the bathroom to freshen up, he got dressed and walked downstairs,. Joshua was dressed for school while Patricia was still asleep, Joshua was set to have breakfast.
    Jay walked to the kitchen, Juliet was serving breakfast
    Jay sighed” good morning”
    Juliet greeted him back without making eye contact.
    Jay” are you alright??”
    Juliet sighed” yea, I guess”
    Jay sighed deeply” about last night”
    Juliet cleared her throat” what about it??"
    Jay” I know how you feel, I'm so.."
    Jessie. Cut him “ No please don't say you know how I feel, or you're sorry because you're not, you left me! do you know how that felt??, do you know how many nights I cried, after last night, when i woke up, I felt worthless!"
    Jay was sad seeing her sad, she opened her mouth to say something but jay stopped her by kissing her, the kiss, was long and profound and didn't end until Patricia woke up and walked downstairs to the kitchen yelling” mummy! daddy!!”
    After breakfast, Juliet took Joshua to the bus and jay was left alone with his Patricia. suddenly, Patricia looked at him with in eyes
    Patricia” daddy, are you going to go again??"
    Jay looked her in the eyes” No, daddy's going to be here with you all the time”
    Patricia smiled and hugged him, Juliet came back. Jay thanked her for the meal and picked up his suit and his briefcase. he perked Patricia and walked to the door, then Juliet whispered to him” I hope you're not going to let her down”
    Jay smiled and kissed her, then he left.
     Jessie's house banana island
    Jay used his spare key and got into Jessie's house. It was later in the evening, he had intentionally ignored her and left the office before her, he couldn't bear the sight of packing out all his things out of the house in front of Jessie., she might go crazy. He felt guilty In a way” you are such a ruthless playboy” he said to himself. But he Was not too remorseful, after all she knew what she was In for, she knew he was married, to her sister! Yet she still went ahead, even engineered a divorce!!!. There was nothing he could do but please both his queens : Juliet and Patricia
    He hurried upstairs with his big box and emptied the wardrobe he kept all his clothes.
    After that, he brought out a pen and paper and wrote out a note explaining things and apologizing for leaving.
    He was already downstairs when the door opened., he was surprised to find Mary his PA. He wondered was she was doing in Jessie's house, but Mary was not quite surprised
    Mary” Hi, good evening sir”
    Jay” good evening, so what are you doing here??”
    Mary” Uhm, Miss Jessica begged me to get some things for her”
    Jay scoffed” what about Monica “Mary” she's off today, fever”.
    Jay sighed and picked up his bag then he gave her the spare keys
     Jay” when you get to the office., give this to her and I also need you to prepare a memo for the upcoming share holders meeting, I also need you you to book a flight for me, Juliet and the kids, to Barbados first thing tomorrow morning, , I'll be off for the weekend till Monday"
    Mary” yes sir”
    then he left.
     Later in the evening
    Jessie walked into the house and rushed upstairs abruptly, she couldn't bring herself to believe what Mary had told her in the office, No! It wasn't true, Jay hadn't. Left. her.
    She gasped In shock when she opened the wardrobe, he was gone!!
    She sat on the bed In a quest to cry, she ran downstairs and found a piece of paper on the table, she read what he wrote and tore it into shreds, then
    She threw the flower vase on the floor and screamed her heart out !!!
     Jay's house
    Jay stretched as he finished arranging all his clothes and shoes in their right positions, regretting why he had ever removed them in the first place.
    He laid on the bed and soon, Juliet came In and joined him, she had tucked the kids to bed.
    Jay” wow! You look great in bum shorts, turn around lemme see your fresh Laps”
    Juliet turned around In a playful way and they both laughed, she playfully threw a pillow at him and soon. They began a pillow fight which ended with loads of laughter, suddenly Juliet let out
    Juliet” so how are you going to break up with her??”
    Jay sighed, ashamed of himself” I'll do it” then he held her hands” I'm sorry for putting us through this, I promise to make it up to us”
    Juliet smiled” how??”
    Jay” first thing tomorrow morning, we're flying with the kids to Barbados"
    Juliet was wide eyed” you're lying”
    Jay smiled and brought out the flight tickets Mary had just sent to him
    Juliet screamed in happiness then he hugged her. From there he started to kiss her, when he stopped. She giggled and he kissed her neck
    Juliet” Jay. Don't be a dirty boy”
    Jay smiled” I want a third baby, another Beautiful girl like you, I'll call her queen” then he kissed her wedding ring” this is the only thing you'll be wearing tonight”
    Juliet laughed hard
    Juliet” wait lemme switch off the lights”
    Jay” no, I wanna see your sexy body"
    Juliet laughed even Harder, he grabbed her waist and pulled her close, she screamed in excitement
     Four days later
    Jay and his family had a successful trip to Barbados and came back on Sunday, jay set out to work on Monday, which was two days before the quarterly shareholders meeting.
     Jay had settled down in his office to start the day's work when Mary informed him that Jessie wanted to see him. Before he could say anything, Jessie walked in. she was wearing a white suit dress and looking a little different.
    Jessie folded her arms” hi jay, it's been a long time”.
    Jay sighed” Hi”
    Jessie laughed” hi, OK, so why haven't you been taking my call or even bother to call me?"
    Jay” I'm sorry I was busy”
    Jessie laughed in anger, then she brought out her phone and showed him a picture Juliet had posted on Instagram of them going out on a vacation” is this what you mean by busy??".
    Jay sighed” it was essential”
    Jessica scoffed and pointed to her ring” does this even mean anything to you??"
    Jay was silent, that obviously meant no, she sighed and pulled it off, then she dropped it on his table
    Jessie” you can't leave me like this”
    Jay” what do you mean??"
    Jessie rolled her eyes” I'm pregnant!"
    That sounded like atomic bomb to jay.
    Jay” what how??”
    Jessie” what do you mean how?? We had sex! How else??”
    Now jay was sweating” No, that can't happen, I'm still married, can't you just get rid to it??".
    Now Jessie was furious” don't you dare say that! Do you know the major cause of my first two divorces?? Childlessness!!! do you know how hard I tried, how frequently I visited the doctor's office??, how much I spent?? now finally I get this one, you want me to throw it away because of your selfishness?? Never!!"
    Jay sighed and muttered” whatever”
    Jessica eyed him and dropped a file on his desk
    Jay sighed and looked it over, he was shocked! Jessie's friend Chloe had transfered 25% of her shares to Jessica, now that meant trouble to him since Jessie was now a major share holder in the company, he shook his head, no wonder he never trusted that Chloe
    Jessie smiled when she saw the scared look on Jay's face, then she leaned over and touched his chest
    Jessie” the shareholders meeting is in two days and I can't wait, you know what I think, we need a new CEO, and a lot of people think same”
    Jay laughed” I have 51%, shares of this company you can't do anything”
    Jessie laughed” you never know, I could be dirty”
    Jay gave a coy smile” are you threatening me??”
    Jessie” no sweetheart, I'm just warning you not to mess with me”
    Then she left the office.
    Jay laughed in a dirty manner and said” OK then let's play dirty”

    EPISODE 16

    You don't want me to miss his episode Trust me it's delicious
    Jay's house Lekki Lagos  
         Jay smiled as soon as he opened the door, and his face met the beautiful smiles of his beautiful wife and children , they were having a little makeover. Juliet told the kids to go wash their faces and they Left, then she got up and went to hug him
    It was like she had an habit of wearing shorts
    Juliet” welcome home Honey”
    Jay kissed her” how was your day sweet??"
    She collected his suitcase and made him seat on the chair, then she massaged his,shoulders
    Jay sighed” thanks honey”
    Juliet” so, how was your day”
    Jay sighed” it was a little hectic”
    Juliet pouted” OK, go upstairs, have a shower, and come down for dinner, I'll handle the rest” then she got up and headed to the kitchen, jay playfully smacked her ass and she laughed, then he went upstairs with the kids.
    After dinner, jay and Juliet tucked the kids to bed together, then they went upstairs.
    Juliet got into the huge bed and covered herself with a duvet and sat up, Jay brought out a small jewelry box and gave them to Juliet
    Juliet screamed when she saw it and hugged him, he shook his head, she was acting like such an high school teenager.
    Jay cleared his throat,” honey, I'd like you to do something for me”
    Juliet winked” so this is a bribe”
    Jay”,come close lemme tell you something”
    Juliet leaned closer and he whispered some this to her, she smiled and also said some things  then they hi five   and settled down to sleep
     J & J fashion headquarters Victoria island Lagos,
    They next day, Jessie was trying hard to occupy herself with work and not think of the fact that Jay dumped her hmm. That sounded harsh.
    The models in the room noticed the change in Jessie, she shouted at them at random and fired people on set.
    The door suddenly opened and everyone stopped moving and greeted. She turned and saw Jay. A spring of light rushed into her soul.
    The girls excused them and they were left alone, Jessie folded her arms
    Jessie “ what do you want??”
    Jay sighed” I was wondering if you would like to have lunch together”
    Jessie” what If i say no”
    Jay sighed”,would you??"
    Of course he knew she wouldn't!!
    She went to her office to grab her purse and they went over to the eatery.
    Few minutes into lunch, Jessie had forgotten that Jay had just dumped her. She was all over him, talking dirty, talking about how she Missed him, and how she couldn't wait to have his baby, and he had to play along, all he wanted was for her to not do anything crazy in the upcoming shareholders meeting.
     After lunch, they went to watch a movie., then they went to have a drink in a bar.
    Jessie sighed” so. Would you tell me why you left the house, that really hurt me”
    Jay sighed and held her hands” my daughter really needed me, I didn't want to fail her”
    Jessie sighed” so how's she doing??"
    Jay” great I guess”
    Jessica suddenly smiled and stood up” I think my son needs something too”
    Jay laughed” what??”
    Jessie kissed him and made him get up” come on, let's go to a nice place and have some fun together, I know you can't wait to have me under you, then she kissed him again and moaned, Jay rolled his eyes, he wondered how he got himself into this situation. Jay looked at his wrist watch and sat down” honey, let's wait I little more, I want to finish my drink”.
    She pouted and sat down, Jay waited For like ten minutes until they left the place and headed to an hotel downtown.
     Starlight hotel
    As soon as they got into the room, Jessie threw herself on Jay and started kissing him, he was a little uncomfortable, she was about to loose his belts when Jay's phone suddenly rang. He sighed and picked it
    Jay” What?? She's running temperature!! Call the doctor I'll be there right now!!" then he ended the call
    Jessie” what!!"
    Jay” I'm so sorry but I have to go, it's an emergency, my daughter”
    Jessie sighed obviously disappointed
    " it's okay. You obviously love her so much”
    Jay signed as he picked up his bag and suit, then he perked her.
    Jay” yeah, don't worry I'll make it up to you” then he left.
    Jessie slumped herself on the bed and sighed, then she rubbed her stomach , she was going to be sleeping alone that night.
     Jay's house Lekki Lagos
    As jay drove into the compound, he smiled when she,saw Juliet standing outside wearing floral shorts and a white camisole.. He closed the car and they rushed to hug each other, then he carried her like a baby swirled her around and suddenly dropped her, then he kissed her.
    Juliet” so, how did I do”
    Jay” just great!,you're such a good girl, you called just the time I needed, something realty bad was about to go down”
    Juliet suddenly frowned” but you know this isn't right, you have to end things with her once and for all”
    Jay smoothed her hair” I promise, I will as soon as the shareholders meeting is over tomorrow”
    Juliet kissed him happily, jay touched her waist and his hands lowered down to her butt
    Jay” damn, are the kids asleep??"
    Juliet smiled” yes, why??”
    Jay” because, I'm turned on right now”
    then he carried her all the way inside and she laughed excitedly
     The next morning
    Jay and Juliet started their day by praying together in her dressing room, then she went ahead to prepared the kids for school and make breakfast.
    After breakfast, the kids went to school, Jay took one last look at himself. He Was looking smart In a fitted black suit.
    Juliet escorted him to the car and kissed him when they got there, then she wished him good luck, he got into the car, they waved each other goodbye and he drove off
     J & J fashion headquarters
    The general meeting with all the shareholders was more successful than Jay had imagined, Jessie had also been very supportive and Jay appreciated that, the meeting ended with majority still voting Jay as the CEO for the next year.
    After the meeting, Jay decided it was time to officially end things with Jessica.
    Jay” Hey”.
    Jessica smiled back at him happily”Hi Mr CEO”
    Jay” would you like to have lunch together”.
    Jessica” yeah sure, I'm starving”
    The walked to the eatery together and finally settled down.
    Jessie searched through the menu and finally ordered for spaghetti and meatballs while Jay went for rice and chicken nuggets.
    When they were done, Jay paid the bills cleared his throat, it was time to drop the bombshell.
    Jay “ Jess, there's something important I'd like to tell you”.
    Jessie sighed” go ahead”..
    Jay” look, this is kinda hard to say, I mean we both know we've done some things that are not to be heard of, and I'm really sorry”
    Jessica” don't say that, I love you, that's it, you love me too right”
    Jay sighed” Jessie, I love my wife”
    Jessie banged the table drawing attention and raised her voice in tears” Don't you dare say that!! What have I not done for you! What have I not given to you!! Why are you hurting me??”
    Jay made her sit down and tried to calm her down” I'm sorry but I can't continue like this, you need someone better, you deserve someone better”
    Jessie tried to calm down” okay, so what about my baby”
    Jay sighed” I would never force you to get rid of it, if you insist, keep it when he or she is born, I'll be a father, but please don't say anything to my wife, I'll tell her myself, I don't want to hurt her”
    Jessie suddenly held his hands and whispered” don't leave me”
    Jay got up and gently removed her hands” please take care of yourself”
    He turned to leave but she called him back
    Jessie” No you take care of yourself and watch your back, especially your daughter who just got well”
    Jay walked back to her in anger
    “ don't you dare threaten my daughter, I could be a good friend, but I'm a really deadly enemy “then he walked out on her, leaving her numb, trust me, the look on his eyes Were deadly

    EPISODE 17

    You don't want to miss this episode, trust me it's delicious  
    Saturday morning
    Juliet and her kids sang together in her range rovers as they drove to a shopping mall downtown, she wanted to do a little shopping with the kids, then drop them off at the park and go make  her hair and fix her nails
    Finally, she arrived and parked her car In a nice spot, then she opened the door for the kids,and helped them get down and held their hands then they went ahead.
    After shopping for all the essential things they needed, Juliet took them straight to the park which was just beside  the mall.
    She went into the park, straight to the fun centre, paid the fee and placed the kids in the care of one of the workers whom she trusted most, then she rushed to a nearby salon.
     Thirty minutes later
    Jessie walked into Villa park wearing a black dress with black lipsticks looking like Dracula's long Lost daughter, she walked around looking for traces of Jays kids, Mary had told her that they came here every weekend. She smiled when she finally sighted them and walked towards them.
    Patricia was the first to see her”Aunty!!” she yelled, then she ran with Joshua to hug her.
    Jessie laughed and carried Patricia up, then she said”Awww, my little Barbie. How are you doing”.
    Patricia” I'm fine thank you”
    She dropped Patricia down and Joshua greeted her, she smiled back at him, soon the girl whom Juliet Had placed them in custody of approached them a greeted her, Jessie smiled” don't worry, I'm not taking them anywhere, matter of fact I'm their aunt, we'll just sit here and wait”.
    The girl nodded and left, but she gave one of the guards a sign to watch them closely.
    The settled down on a table and Jessie smiled at them again.
    Jessie “ so, would you like to eat or drink anything?"
    Joshua” No thanks, we'll just wait for our mummy”
    Jessie pouted “ Awww. You hurt my feelings, come on, I'm your mummy's sister, I won't hurt you”
    Patricia” I want strawberry sherbet”
    Joshua was mute, he still didn't want anything, Jessie scoffed and said to herself” Not only does he look just like his mother, he thinks just like her, stupid people”
    Then she smiled and ordered for strawberry sherbet for two, her and Patricia.
    Patricia ate the desert happily with Jessie while Joshua engrossed himself by playing games with his iPod.
    Patricia” aunty, when are you coming to visit us again”
    Jessie smiled” when do you want me to come??”
    Patricia” tomorrow, we'll be having lunch with grandma”
    Jessie smoothed her hair and smiled” OK, I'll be there, but don't say anything to your mommy and daddy, I want it to be a surprise”
    Patricia nodded her head happily
    Jessie suddenly exclaimed” look it's a bouncing castle, go ahead and have fun a little!!"
    Without wasting a second, the kids ran off and Jessie smiled., then she dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a liquid substance in a little transparent bottle, actually it was a constipating drug.
    She carefully poured half of it into Patricia's sherbet, then she added some of hers to improve it's taste and quickly stirred it, then she smiled, it was a little way of saying” I hate you” to Jay and Juliet.
    The kids ran back when they were tried of playing and Patricia quickly drowned herself in her sherbet making Jessie even happier.

    Juliet walked into the park In a hurry to get her kids, she went to the young girl and asked of them, she pointed to the table where the kids and Jessie sat and trust me, Juliet was mad when she saw them. she walked over there angrily and grabbed her kids
    Juliet” what the hell are you doing here and how many times have I warned you to stay away from my kids??”.
    Jessie made a face” Awww sis must you be harsh??”
    Juliet hissed and made her kids get up, then she quickly threw Patricia's sherbet away. But it was too late.
    Then she eyed Jessie. Gave the worker a warning of her life and left, Jessie just sat there laughing sarcastically
     jays house Lekki Lagos
    Juliet paced around the living room in outmost confusion, ever since they got back from the park, Patricia had not been the same, she had been stooling on and on and Juliet couldn't help but call a Nurse who quickly fixed Patricia on a drip as soon as she arrived.. She told them that Patrica must've consumed a substance that was not good for her system and upset her stomach badly. Juliet wondered what it was., this had never happened before and Patricia had always loved strawberry sherbet for desert.
    Jay sat down quietly in one corner of the house still thinking of what must've happened when he decided to call Joshua to hear a full version of the story.
    Jay grinned and got up when he was done, now he was 97% sure that it was Jessie and he was going to make her regret it.
    He picked up his car keys and said to Juliet” I wanna go out real quick, I'll be right back promise”
    Juliet nodded and he left.
     Jessie's house
    Jessie was in the sitting room watching a movie and eating pizza for dinner since she felt too tired to. Cook.
    Suddenly, she heard a strange noise coming from the backyard, it was from her dog Lucy. she stood up and quickly rushed outside,but was,blocked,by the door way, she was shocked to find jay, he,angrily pushed her back inside, she was confused, before she knew what was happening, he pinned her to the wall and brought out a butter knife! She tried to scream but he coveted,her mouth.
    Jay was,breathing fiercely “ How dare,you lay a hand on my daughter!! do you want to die??"
    Jessie shook her head in protest, she was scared to death, she almost cried and begged him with her free hand. Jay pinned her even harder and pointed the knife to her throat
    Jay” the next time you lay your hands, or try to harm my children, or my wife, i will kill you”
    She,nodded and he brought the knife lower till it reached her breasts.
    He,sighed and left her, then he dropped it on the floor and moved away from her.
    Jay walked to the door and smirked, then he said”,better go check on your dog” then he left.
     After Jessie recovered from the shock, she rushed to the backyard and screamed with he hands on her mouth, he dog laid dead on the flood bleeding, jay had poisoned it.
     Jay's house
    It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon,
    Jay, the kids and Lavina were seated in the dining table having lunch, Juliet went ahead serving everyone, Jay was saying jokes, the atmosphere was pleasant until the door suddenly opened and Jessie walked in.
    Everyone was quiet, she walked up to them and smiled, she was wearing a see through white dress which exposed her Inner wear (black Bra and panties ) not quite a good sight.
    Jessie “wow! a family gathering, without me, aww I feel hurt”
    Lavina got up” how dare you come here, do you have no shame?”
    Juliet sighed and smiled” it's okay, you're here anyway settle down, what should I serve you, rice, pepper soup. Or semolina and egusi soup”
    Jessie smiled and sat down beside Jay, then she said” I'll have Pepper soup “
    Juliet went to the kitchen and within minutes, she was back with a plate of pepper soup, then she sat down,  said a prayer and Cleared her throat
    Juliet” so Jessie, i couldn't help but notice, your dress code, it's kinda inappropriate there are kids on the table, I won't want my daughter to start dressing like that and walking around the streets like that”
    Jay had a stupid urge to laugh and he couldn't hide it, that hurt Jessie, she
    Was definitely going to do something to pay back.
    Jessie laughed and said” well, I have a big announcement to make!
    I'm pregnant!!" then she laughed” I'm gonna be a mummy, you're going to be an aunt and she's going to be a grandma, and guess who's the baby daddy, it's Jay!”
    Everyone was silent again, Juliet looked at Jay's face, he looked guilty!! What was happening!! Her world began to spin, she was upset, she got up angrily and pointed to Jessie
    Juliet” Jay! get rid of this trash” then she rushed upstairs angrily.

    EPISODE 18

    You don't want to miss this episode, trust me, its delicious
    Jay's house
    With the,speed of light, Lavina got up angrily and dragged Jessie out of the house, while Jessie kept laughing sarcastically
    Lavina breathed heavily” Go away! You're a disgrace to whoever gave birth to you because you're definitely not my daughter! My daughter is dead! I have only one daughter! Stop trying to hurt her” then she hurried inside.
    Jessie slowly got into her car and started to sob, she didn't deserve this! She didn't deserve to lose her mum, she dried her eyes and started the car and drove off.
    Jay walked into the room with mixed feelings, Juliet sat down quietly facing the wall, obviously crying.
    "damn” everything was going just great until he met that Jessica. He had wanted to tell Juliet but was a little scared of how she'd react to it, now Jessie had gone ahead and do what she knew best,” ruin things”
    Jay slowly went on his knees beside her. He placed his hands on hers but she quickly pushed his hands away.
    Jay” Juliet, my love, would you please hear me out??”
    Juliet was silent, that wasn't a good sign.
    Jay” there was when I thought I was in love with Jessie, it just happened, when I left, I was tempted, I made a mistake, I'm sorry, we were separated at that time”
    Juliet sniffed”,so that's your excuse, we were separated!! OK, we were separated! I Was lonely, but I didn't go sleeping around! do you think I don't have clients who want to screw me?? Yet I never gave in! Because I respected our marriage!!”
    Jay wanted to say something but she stopped him” what have I not done or given up for you?? Why do you keep hurting me, what do I tell my kids when their cousin calls you dad?? didn't you even think?? My sister!! how do I face society??”
    Jay was at the point of crying” I'm sorry, If I could turn back time....."
    Juliet got up angrily “ I guess I'm the one who's going to be asking for a divorce this time”
    Jay held on to her” babe please”
    "Get out!!" she screamed
    He got up, very confused and numb, he walked out of the room and she shut the door angrily.
     The next day
    Juliet woke up with a draining headache, She had cried herself to sleep that the bed was soaked with tears. She sighed as she opened the cotton. It was a Monday morning., the kids were supposed to be ready to for school, she got up and opened the door, then she walked steadily downstairs.
    Jay had already prepared the kids for school, the maid had arrived early and had helped Jay to fix,breakfast for the kids.
    Juliet walked to the dining table, without even taking a glance at Jay.
    She just hugged and kissed,her kids, then she said” the bus is not coming today, please drop the kids at school"
    She turned to leave but he held her back, she sighed and gently removed his hands, breaking his heart, she just walked back upstairs and shut the door.

    As soon as Jay drove out of the house.
    Juliet went into the bathroom and had her bath, she quickly dressed up brought out one of her spare bags and packed some of her clothes inside it, she sobbed as she packed and looked for an handkerchief to dry her eyes when she was done.
    She combed her hair, picked up her car keys, and hurried with the bag downstairs, got into her car and zoomed off
     Lavinia's house ikoyi Lagos
    Lavina sat down quietly in her living room inside her three bedroom flat
    She was wearing a yellow,dress with her glasses on, a bible, and note in front of her , and a,pen in her hands, she was obviously studying the Bible.
      The door bell suddenly rang and Lavina slowly got up and went to the door. She was surprised to find Juliet there. Especially with the fact that she was holding what looked like a big bag.
    Lavina. Closed the door behind Juliet as she walked in. Next thing, Juliet hugged her, she stared crying again
    Juliet” I'm finished”
    Lavina sighed and smoothed her hair” don't say that, you're not. I know you've gone through a lot of hell but baby, it's going to be alright”
    Juliet withdrew from the hug and signed., then she sat down
    Lavina” what's with the bag”
    Juliet sighed” I wanna leave town for a week or two, I really wanna clear my head”
    Lavina sighed” my dear, that's not. Clearing your head that's running away”
    Juliet” No”
    Lavina “ yes it is!! I'm not saying that what he did was right, all I'm Saying is that you should at least listen to him, remember how hard you fought to keep your marriage, are you going to throw it all away just like that ??"
    Juliet nodded negative
    Lavina” i just Need you to go back Home and have a. Chat with him.
    Juliet” i don't want to”
    Lavina” would you rather I call him”
    Juliet nodded and Lavina picked up her phone to call Jay, then she informed him to meet with Juliet at her appointment.
    Lavina” so, would you like to join me in my dressing room, I want to pray”
    Juliet smiled, then she took her hand and joined her
    Jay sighed as soon as he got down from the car with a bouquet of flowers. He had gotten the shock of his life when he got home and saw that Juliet was gone with some of her things. Then Lavina had been his saviour, she had called him and informed him of the development, he had rushed over to her House.
    He walled into the house and his heart started beating a little more slowly.
    She was sitting down quietly in the living room, all alone. still looking hurt. He was a little confused,
    not knowing where to start from, he managed to open his mouth
    She,turned to him, looked at him for a,second and turned back.
    Jay” what do I have to do, to show you how truly sorry I am”.
    Juliet sighed”nothing i guess, it's done, we'll just have to live with it”
    Jay went on his knees” I love you a whole lot, and I swear! I'll never do anything to hurt you, you and the kids, are the best thing that happened to me”
    A tear dropped from Juliet's eyes.
    Juliet” get up, it's alright, I love you too”..
    He stood up and hugged her, he sighed in relief and kissed her forehead.
     Jessie's house banana island Lagos
    Jessie Was having a little party with her friend Chloe., they were dancing to a circular music and drinking lots of alcohol.
    Chloe laughed” girl! You are such s dancer. You know, you should be a stripper”.
    Jessie laughed” yah, maybe I would have ended up like Cardi b or Blac Chyna”
    Chloe laughed” you definitely are a Blac Chyna, rich baby mama"
    Jessie sit down and laughed, then she touched her stomach “ speaking of being a baby mama, I can't wait to have Jay's baby, boyl! as soon as he's born, Jay's gonna have to buy me a new house, probably with sea view , and a large swimming pool like that of my house In California, then he'd start paying me like #350,000 in a month, I'll also change my car, probably buy a Ferrari, Maserati, or a Lamborghini, then I'll finally become CEO of J & J fashion “.
    Chloe laughed” you sure have big dreams”
    Jessie took one last sip and finished her second bottle of Hennessey
    Chloe “ don't you think you've had enough alcohol”
    Jessie sighed” I guess” then she touched her head” please can you help me with my drug, it's on top the dining table, I've been a little down on Malaria”
    Chloe left and came back with a pill
    Chloe” wait, don't tell me you're taking Arthesonate, and you're pregnant and you just took alcohol”.
    Jessie hissed and grabbed the drug
    " and so what??”
    Chloe “ don't take it o”
    Jessie”watch me” she picked up a bottle of water
    Chloe” don't say I didn't warn you o” then she picked up her bag” I gotta go, I'm spending the night with boo today”
    Jessie laughed” whatever , bye bye”
     Chloe blew her a kiss and left...
    Jessica took the drug as soon as Chloe was done and headed upstairs.
     few hours later,
    It was midnight Jessie's sleep was ruined by a constant chumming pain in her stomach, she groaned in agony as she rolled around the bed
    She managed to get up only to realize that her bed has been stained with blood”Jesus!!!" She screamed, she was bleeding, even her white night gown was ruined, she laid on the flood crying in pain, she was having a miscarriage.

    EPISODE 19

    You don't want to miss this episode, trust me its delicious
    Angel hospital  
    Jessie cried slightly as she was carried with a stretcher into the hospital, she had cried and her maid was the only one at home, they had put a to Chloe and she rushed to the house as fast as she could and quickly took Jessie to the hospital.
    For the first time in a long time, Jessica really prayed, she wanted her baby to be safe. They finally got to her a room where she was placed, and treatments started the doctor also ran some tests on her
    Chloe stood worrying in the waiting room, Jessica had begged her to call jay and she was doing just that, problem was that jay wasn't picking.
     The next morning
    Chloe was wearing a white jacket, and a green jumpsuit. She had gone back to her house to freshen up and came back to the hospital with a bag of groceries and some of jessie's. Clothes.
    She walked into the room and dropped the groceries on the table and took a chair, then she sat beside Jessie who was facing the wall and had changed into the hospital wear.
    Chloe “ Hey, how are you doing??”
    Jessie didn't answer her
    Chloe leaned forward and touched Jessie's face it was moist, she must've been crying.
    Chloe sighed” Jess, don't you want to at least talk to me??”
    Jessie sniffed and passed a paper to
    Chloe. it was the test results and it showed” attempted abortion”
    Jessie was now crying” they had to fully abort him, my son! I tried to kill my baby, they killed my baby”
    Chloe sighed and held her hands” but I warned you, I warned you!!!".
    Jessie” I'm sorry”
    Chloe hugged her as she cried” I'm sorry too”
    Jessie “ I loved that baby. I wanted to be with him, this is all jays fault”
    Chloe” it's okay”
    Finally they withdrew from each other    Jessie” what about Jay, is he here?"
    Chloe sighed” he hasn't been returning my calls”
    Jessie” did you call my mum??"
    Chloe” did you ask me to??”
    Jessie sighed” do you know she actually disowned me?"
    Chloe pouted” now that's bad”
    Jessie” yeah, whatever, just please keep calling Jay, if possible go to his house”
    Chloe” Naa, I ain't doing that”
    Jessie” please”
     Chloe got up” just take care of yourself”
    Jessie nodded and she walked out of the room. just as she did, Lavina walked in.
     Later in the afternoon, Jay's house
    Jay and Juliet were having fun in their large swimming pool when his phone suddenly rang.
    Juliet gave him a slight push “ go ahead and pick it “
    Jay kissed her” just ignore it”
    She passed the ball to him and they played with it for a long time, she'd splash some water on him, then swim away he finally caught up with her and tickled her causing more splashes in the water.
    She finally managed to escape the water and jay joined her. he picked up a towel and helped her to towel her body
    Jay licked his lips “ damn, you're so sexy, you look 16, you know, you would make a great model”
    Juliet blushed” really??"
    Jay" yeah”
    Juliet laughed and made a pose” go ahead, let's have a shoot”
    Jay smiled and brought out his iPhone  then he took several photos of her as she gave different sexy poses on her swimsuit.
    His phone suddenly rang again and she sighed
    Juliet” look you're gonna have to answer this call so we can at least have Some spare time” then she walled into the house 
    Jay sighed and picked up the phone, it was, Chloe calling.
    Chloe sighed” finally he picks!! Praise God!!"
    Jay” what do you want??".
    Chloe”Aww that's a really nice way of greeting an investor”
    Jay sighed” yea, thank you for selling your shares to Jessie”
    Chloe laughed, then she got serious
    Chloe” speaking of Jessie, she needs you now more than ever”
    Jay” what??”
    Chloe” you know she's pregnant right"
    Jay sighed” yea, so??”
    Chloe” well, she lost the baby!"
    Jay” what??”
    Jay gasped although he wasn't shocked, God forgive him, he was happy
    Jay” where's she?? how's she doing??”
    Chloe” Angel hospital”
    Jay quickly ended the call and rushed upstairs.
    Juliet was lying on the bed with a novel in her hands, she sat up when she saw him getting dressed.
    Juliet “ hey what's up, where are you going??”
    Jay sighed” something happened to Jessie”.
    Juliet sighed softly” what??”
    Jay” she lost the baby”
    Juliet made a face and said got up, how trying not to laugh” OK, look it's not like I hate her, I'm sorry about it but I guess it's for the best “
    Jay hugged her, then he picked up his car keys and hurried downstairs.
     Angel hospital
    Jessie was trying to sleep after Lavina had left when the door suddenly opened. She turned and her heart gladdened when she saw Jay
    He came with a basket of fruits, drinks and a bouquet of flowers.
    He sighed softly and sat down beside her
    Jay” Hey, how are you doing??”
    Jessie started crying again” I lost my baby, our baby”
    Jay” I'm sorry”
    Jessie” it's all your fault”
    Jay” what?? '
    Jessie” you were never here for me, if you were here, this wouldn't have happened”
    Jay frowned” okay, I heard what happened and trust me, I didn't push you to taking that much alcohol and drugs”
    Jessie hit his chest” don't you even feel sad that you lost a child??”
    Jay sighed” to be honest I don't, I think this happened for the best, now we can just move on with her lives”
    Jay scoffed and got up, then he held her hands” you take care of yourself, I'll leave now, I don't want to add to your stress”
    She quickly held his hands” please don't leave me”
    Jay removed her hands gently and walked away
    Jessie screamed” I hate you, I promise I'll hunt you!!! I'll make your life hell!!"
     The next day
    Jessie had been discharged from the hospital the previous day, she sat down in her Porsche and Mary was with her.
    She was looking really different from normal, no makeup on, wearing a while turtle neck dress with her lips looking white and dry.
    Mary sighed” I'm so sorry dear, I sought to see you as soon as I heard'
    Jessie sighed” it's alright thank you”
    Mary soothed her hair” but you need to bounce back you know, start over, come on”.
    Jessie smiled” of course I will, after I've dealt with Jay and his family”.
    Mary scoffed” what?? like a revenge??”
    Jessie smiled” you said it, now it's all their fault, they have to pay”
    Mary was wide eyed” OK wait, fact is, it was an accident on your part”
    Jessie” I don't care!, I won't be on the loosing end”
    Mary sighed” please don't do anything crazy, okay??”
    Jessie” Whatever, so who was that calling earlier”.
    Mary” oh, it was just Kenna restaurants Jay and Juliet are going out for dinner tonight so he asked me to book dinner for two, they called to confirm the reservation”
    Jessie smiled and started the car and they zoomed off.
     Kenna restaurant Lekki Lagos
    Later in the evening,
    Jay and Juliet were having dinner In an exquisite restaurant. Juliet was dressed in an armless, knee length shiny black dress which was skin tight, revealing, and sensational. She was specially made up with a Jade red lipstick. She made a ponytail with silver heels.
    Jay was dressed in a matching silver suit. They had left the kids at home with their nanny, I they ought to be asleep by now.
    They were having desert since they were through with dinner. Juliet took one final slice of cake sipped her fruity wine.
    Juliet” wow! thanks honey, this place is wow!”
    Jay smiled and held her hands”anything for my queen, you know, I'm thinking of having dinner in an underwater restaurant in Saudi Arabia next week with the kids”
    Juliet laughed in excitement” well I can't wait!!!"
    After desert, they danced to a soft music for a while, then they headed back. home
    Jay sighed cruised his Benz gently into the estate until Juliet suddenly gasped as another car drove past them.
    Jay” what??”
    Juliet” I thought I heard my daughter's voice”
    Jay” you heard wrong, it's past 9pm they should be asleep by now, probably in dreamland.".
    Juliet sighed and tried to relax.
    " Jesus!!!" Juliet screamed as soon as they got down from the car, the security men had been shot and were unconscious. They rushed inside the house with the speed of light and she screamed even harder when she was that the maid had also been shot and was seriously bleeding.
    Juliet rushed upstairs to the children's room. Joshua was fast asleep, Patricia was gone!!
    Juliet screamed and Jay joined her
    Jay” what??”
    Juliet cried” my daughter!! She's gone!! I told you I heard her voice!!".
    " damn!!" Jay yelled” I'm calling the police”
    They both rushed downstairs with Juliet still crying, just as he was about to call the police, the house telephone rang.
    Juliet ran to pick it
    Soon she was screaming on top on her voice
    ",How dare you bitch!! Where's my daughter!!"
    Jessie” Aww she's with me, she's fine and she'll continue to be unless you call the police”.
    Juliet” what do you want??”
    Jessie” uhm let's see, how about Jay's dick”
    Juliet hissed” don't you dare do this with my baby!!!!”
    Jessie” I lost mine Juliet now it's yours for mine” then she laughed
    Juliet whispered” don't you touch my baby if you don't want to see the devil in me!!"
    Jessie” let's see then” she suddenly started to laugh hysterically and soon, Juliet could hear Patricia crying in the background, before she could say anything, Jessie ended the call.

    EPISODE 20

    You don't want to miss this episode, trust me it's delicious
    Jay's house
    The minute Jessie ended the call.
    Juliet turned fiery as a lion
    Jay” honey, are you okay”
    Juliet threw him an angry look” is that even a question??!!”.
    She walked closer to him and pointed a finger at him” Jeremiah Olaitan my daughter is in danger all because of your affair!! that miserable woman of a sister kidnapped my baby!! How can I be okay!!!" she screamed
    Jay walked towards her and held her close trying to calm her down but she kept pushing him away and screaming on top of her voice.
    She Finally kept Quiet when Jay hugged her and made her sit down
    Jay” please just calm down! I'll call the police '
    Juliet” No don't!!"
    Jay” what??"
    Juliet” don't!! She threatened to hurt my daughter if we do so”
    Jay sighed” OK, I won't but I'll do something just relax please, I'll call your mom”
    Then he walked out of the room but she was still crying.
    Jay walked into the sitting room and picked up his phone to call Jessie.
    He couldn't help but fidget, everything was turning out for the worst because if his little affair, he cursed the day he was introduced to Jessie as a fashion designer.
    After two rings, she finally picked
    Jessie” Hey lover boy”
    Jay” you've really got some nerve”
    Jessica laughed” yeah yeah I know”
    Jay” Bitch where's my daughter!!"
    Jessie” ugh watch your words, I might just do something to her, you should know her safety depends on my mood”
    Jay sighed” what the hell do you want??”
    Jessie laughed” Oh I swear I love the sound of that”
    Jay” this is the last time I'll be asking"
    Jessie” twelve million Naira tomorrow morning cash”
    Jay hissed “ you're not only a scam, you're also crazy! What bank would allow me withdraw such amount of money”
    Jessie scoffed over the phone
    "awww that's true okay, so mobile transfer, then Juliet should come pick up her daughter, I'll send you the address”
    Jay sighed” No I'll be coming myself"
    Jessica” unfortunately I don't need you,I want Juliet”
    Jay sighed” I swear you won't get away with this”.
    Jessie laughed” I love you”
    Then she ended the call.
    Jay stood motionless still thinking about what to do when he suddenly heard sirens approaching. Soon, the gate opened and a group of police men walked in. He wondered who had called them until her saw Mary with them. She was wearing blue pants, a white vest and an ash sweater. She must've been the one who called them, she must've heard gunshots since she lived right beside them.
    Officer” Good evening Mr Olaitan”.
    Jay sighed”Good evening officer”
    Mary” Good evening Jay, actually I called the police, I heard gunshots, I was scared, is everyone okay?"
    Jay shook his head
    Officer” sir, I'd like to hear your part of the story”
    Jay” I left the house at exactly 6pm with my wife, we went to eat dinner together in a restaurant downtown, everything was intact, security, I had a nanny with my kids and they were supposed to go to bed by 9pm.
    When we were coming back., a Car sped past us, I guess it belongs to the attacker, they took my daughter”
    The officer shook his head” I'm sorry Mr Olaitan, but do you have anyone in mind whom you suspect would want to do this to you??"
    Jay gathered courage” I just got a call from the person “
    The officer opened his mouth to say something but another stopped him.
    The ambulance just arrived and the other came to inform him that the medical people wanted to see him.
    The two police men left and Mary cleared her throat
    Mary” uhm so how's Juliet”
    Jay was mute and she continued” oh Dumb question, I'm sure she's not fine anyways I have something to tell you"
    Jay folded his hands”.go ahead”
    Mary” I think I know who did this”
    Jay scoffed”who?"
    Mary” Miss Jessie '
    Jay got interested” how would you know that?”
    Mary” I guess she told me”
    She went ahead and explained the little chat she had had with Jessica earlier that day.
    Jay” how could you be so loud??"
    Mary fidgeted” I'm sorry, it just slipped, I didn't know she meant her threats”
    Jay” well you've seen it haven't you?, you should just be grateful that no one died because of your loud mouth and guess what! She wants 12million Naira transferred to her account, and she wants Juliet to meet her in some place alone!!"
    Mary sniffed” I'm sorry, but please don't inform the police, Jessie is really obsessed, we can handle this the easy way”
    Jay eyed her and said” I'll also handle you the easy way once all this is over” then he walked away
     Jessie's resort house, Ogun state
    Jessica had managed to fall asleep when something suddenly woke her up. Crying!! Someone was crying it was a baby.
    Jessie got up from the bed and walked towards the direction of the child's cry.
    " my baby” she heard herself say, but alas it wasn't her baby it was Patricia, Jessica was out of her mind.
    She slowly opened the door to the room where she had tied Patricia.
    She bent down beside her and started smoothing her hair
    Jessica” my baby girl, please don't cry, mommy's here”
    Patricia” I want my mummy”
    Jessica” but I'm your mommy”
    Patricia” No!!! I want my mummy! You're not my mummy”
    Jessie angrily grabbed her neck” shut up!!"
    Patricia cried on” you're a bad aunty!!"
    Jessie slapped her and she screamed even louder, awakening Chloe who was asleep upstairs
    Jessie” stop screaming!!"
    Patricia didn't pay attention, she kept screaming and Jessie kept hitting her more and more In order to stop her, before Chloe arrived, she had already bruised little pat's face.
    Chloe pulled her away from the room and quickly called a maid to attend to Patricia
    "What the hell is wrong with you?!"
    Now Jessie was trembling
    Jessie” I didn't mean that, I just wanted her to stop crying”
    Chloe placed her hands on her head
    "I swear you're a big mess! How on earth did I end up with you??”
    Jessie quickly held on to her “No! Please stay with me, you're the only friend I have!!"
    Chloe sighed softly and held her hand, she knew her friend wasn't alright and needed psychological help, she didn't want to act violent but rather with common sense. She helped Jessie back to her room and stayed with her till she fell asleep, then she hurried back to her room and called the police.
     The next morning, Jessie's basketball court
    "Jessie!! you little bitch! Come out now!! Where's my daughter!!”
    Juliet screamed on top of her voice as she stood in the middle of a deserted basketball court where Jessie had asked her to meet for Patricia.
    She couldn't see Jessie but she could surely hear her voice from a distance
    Jessica” Chill out girl your baby is fine but where's my money??”
    Juliet” Jay sent the damn money where's my daughter??"
    Jessie's phone suddenly bleeped and she sighed” o alright it's here you can have your daughter”
    Then she pushed Patricia towards Juliet and stepped forward. Juliet hugged her daughter tight but the mother and daughter reunion was cut short when Jessie suddenly started laughing.
    Juliet dropped Patricia and eyed Jessie” what's so funny??”
    Jessica” it's a pity this is the last time she'll be hugging her mummy”
    Then she brought out a gun and pointed it to Juliet who nearly froze to death.
    She pulled the trigger!!
    " shit!!!” she yelled and dropped the gun on the floor, the gun was empty
    " I loaded the damn gun!! Who emptied it!!!" she cursed
    Suddenly, Chloe walked into the court with some police men
    Chloe” I did '
    Jessie was shocked” why the hell would you do this to me??”
    Chloe” because I know you're crazy! And you're my friend! I love you”
    " raise your hands up!!" the police officer yelled at her. she obeyed the police but suddenly began to laugh hysterically. Juliet didn't understand what was happening until she looked at Patricia's face!
    It was bruised!! her cheeks were really bruised!!!. Juliet lost it!
    Her head began to spin, she was beginning to get a relapse since she had bipolar disorder
    She was breathing hard, she had a strong urge to kill Jessie
    " what did you do to my daughter??"
    Juliet screamed
    Jessie” oh I'm sorry, a little accident" then she continued laughing.
    Juliet quickly picked up a basketball net and rushed towards Jessie, she pushed the police man away with devil's energy and grabbed Jessie hard. She pushed her to the ground and gave her several punches, then she continued to hit Jessie hard with the basketball net all over.
    Jessie screamed in pain but no One could separate them because Juliet suddenly become too strong. She hit and hit and hit, Jessie screamed and screamed, there was blood all over, before the police could separate, it was too late. Jessie had passed out.

    EPISODE 21 (Final)

    ʏσυ Ԁσŋ'т wѧŋт тσ.miss this episode. trust me it's Fantastic
    one week later, Angel hospital
    Lavina Sat down quietly beside Jessie who was asleep in the hospital bed. it was a week She got admitted since the incident with Juliet.
    Lavina couldn't help but go back memory lane on how difficult and tragic things went since the previous week. Juliet had beat her own sister into unconsciousness and had been put into a mental facility for a week.
    Jessie's condition was getting worse as she fell into a deep comma for days and refused to get up
    " is this what you came to Nigeria to do?? to ruin our lives and make all of us unhappy?”
    She sighed, it was like she was talking to herself, nevertheless she still continued
    Lavina” don't you want to ever be happy, do you want to spend the test of your life in jail??" Then she held on to her hand as more tears rolled down her eyes “ Honey I might have disowned you, but it doesn't change the fact that I can't just stop loving you, I was just hurt because.of the hurt you were causing for your sister”
    Lavina paused and continued,” believe me honey, I'm sorry if i must've hurt you, we can go back, to how we were, all I really wanted was to spend time with you until you settled down and got married, my child please !!stop these”
    She got up and dried her eyes, “ you should be grateful Jay and his family dropped all charges against you, that's a chance to move on”
    Lavina kissed Jessie's hand and turned to leave but gasped when a hand suddenly held her and grabbed her hand from behind.
    It was Jessie!! She was awake!!
    "Nurse!!, doctor!!” Lavina screamed excitedly but Jessie opened her mouth and quickly Stopped her
    Jessie” mummy!!”
    Lavina hugged her” my baby, are you okay?? How are you feeling??”
    Jessie sobbed” I'm fine., I thought I was going to die”
    Lavina leaned forward and kissed her forehead” No! Nothing's gonna happen to you”
    Jessie sighed” what about Juliet, how's she??”
    Lavina” she's okay I guess”
    Jessie looked into her eyes with all sincerity and held her closer, then she whispered” I'm really sorry for everything mummy, and if you give me a chance, I swear I'll change, I'll be a better daughter”
    Before Lavina could say anything, the nurse came in with a doctor. She just breathed heavily and whispered” I'll be back” then she kissed Jessie's cheeks and left
     one week later
    It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
    Juliet and Jay were seated beside each other in their large dining room with the table filled with different delicacies. They were having a little get together lunch with Lavina and Jessie. Juliet was wearing a graceful white dress while Jay wore a simple tee shirt and jeans. The children were busy in the playroom with their toys and their nanny.
    Jay raised his head up and glanced at Juliet whose head was down and sighed, then he held her hands
    Jay” you've gotta Calm down, everything is going to be alright”
    Juliet sighed” I Just hope all this is for real like I can't wait for all theses to end, I, can't even believe my daughter was a part of this mess” then she rested her head on his chest, jay sighed briefly”I'm really sorry about all these but I'm positive that today will bring about a new beginning”
    Just then, the door opened and Lavina walked in holding hands with Jessie.
    Jessie had really changed over the week. She wore an off shoulder black dress with a gold sandals. She wasn't wearing make-up and had just packed her natural hair into a doughnut.
    They greeted each other and settled down then Lavina cleared her throat” let's pray '
    Everyone closed their eyes and she said a short prayer, then they began eating silently with Jessie a little uncomfortable.
    After the meal
    "Thank you” Jessie muttered
    Juliet stood up and nodded her head, then she took the dishes to the kitchen, Lavina went with her
    Jessie cleared her throat and looked at Jay “ please can I have a moment with you??”
    Jay sighed and got up” of course, the balcony”
    They both got up and walked to the balcony, then they sat down together in a leather bench.
    Jessie sighed softly” well, I know that a lot has gone on and wrong between us, and I know that most of it is my fault..”
    She paused a little and continued” our families, they've been hurt because of us, we've gone too far – No I've gone too and I'm really sorry, right now, I just want all these drama to be over”
    Then she moved a little more closer and looked deep into his eyes, she couldn't resist touching his face, she was about to cry
    Jessie” look I love you a lot. But I want you to be happy, and I know that your happiness doesn't lie with me but with your family, so I'm going to let go because I want you to be happy, and I want to move on too” a tear escaped her eyes, she quickly wiped her eyes and forced a laugh”age really waits for no one”
    Jay was really touched, he couldn't even speak, he just smiled and hugged her closely.
    Juliet was rounding off with the dishes when the door to the kitchen suddenly opened and Jessie walked in. Juliet put in as much smile as she could and continued with what she was doing. Jessie went went to the freezer and took a bottle of water, drank to her full and dropped it on the table, then she walked towards Juliet and stood beside her
    Jessie” so, is there a way I can help??”
    Juliet nodded” No thanks, I'm already done” then she took a closer look at Jessie and sighed” how are you doing??”
    Jessie” I'm fine, really” she caught her breath and continued” thank you so much for dropping charges against me”
    She was getting teary again” I'm really sorry for all the hurt I've put you through, I wish that I could turn back the hands of time but I'm so sorry I can't, all I can do is make sure you are happy even if it means I have to....”
    "Sh!!!” Juliet stopped her, then she carefully dried her eyes and hugged her, then she kissed her on her forehead like an elder sister would.
    Jessie sighed” uhm, where is pat, I'd really like to talk to her”
    Juliet smiled” she's just upstairs playing with Joshua”
    Jessie smiled back at her and left the kitchen, she took a pink envelope from her bag and hurried upstairs
    "Aunty!!” Patricia screamed when she saw her coming. Jessie knelt in front her and hugged her happily, she was deeply touched by the fact that the girl she had intentionally hurt was so sweet to her
    Jessie” how are you doing honey”
    Patricia” I'm fine, how are you doing aunty"
    Jessie” great! Actually aunty came here to apologize for hurting you the other time, I'm so sorry”
    Patricia smiled and hugged her”its okay, I still love you so much”
    Jessie was forced to cry again”I love you too baby” then she handed over the envelope to her” a gift for you, come on, go show it to daddy”
    Patricia kissed her sweetly and rushed downstairs eagerly to Jay.
    Jay curiously took the envelope from her and couldn't help but smile when he opened it, Jessie had transfered all her shares to him without paying a dime, actually she gave them to Patricia, in Patricia s name
     Five years later, Dubai international airport
    Jessie smiled happily as she applied lip gloss to her lips, and took one last look at her face on her car's mirror. Charles got off the driver's seat and walked towards her, then he opened the door for her and she got down carrying their four year old son Luis with her ( Now I know y'all are kinda confused let's flash back)
    After making peace, Jessie felt like starting over, she flew back to Los Angeles for a little vacation, at least to start over again! She met Charles!! Her previously divorced husband, it appeared he never actually got over her, he wanted a chance with her again, he knew that she was his one, they started dating and she realized how a wonderful a man he really was, opened her heart to him and fell crazy in love with him. They had a comfy remarriage moved to Dubai, then had a son   Luis              
    (Back to the present)
    They got into the airport holding hands happily, Jessie was in search of Juliet, Jay, her mum, and the children. They were all supposed to celebrate Christmas and New Year together in Dubai
    Jessie and Juliet screamed at once when they saw each other and ran towards each Other, after a long hug, they finally let go of each other, then Jessie hugged her mum, the whole family had a big reunion and Jessie was really dazzled with the fact that jay and Juliet already had a third child she was about Luis's age, her name was queen and she looked exactly like Juliet.
     It was a fun day for the whole family, after having a little pool party that afternoon.
    On New Year’s Eve they want ahead to have dinner in one of the most exquisite restaurants, in Dubai, an underwater restaurant.
    And everyone yelled “Happy New year!!!”
    The cake was cut, beautiful fireworks everywhere, and they lived happily ever after.
    The End.

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