Story: The Imposter

By Rukky360(Ice Queen)

    Chapter 1

    “Catch me, Daddy!" Blaire, a ten
    year old girl, called to her father as they ran about in their mum run after you at the mall. What if you get hurt, or you hurt someone else? Promise me you will be good for Mummy the next time she takes you out."
    "I promise daddy." Blaire hugged her father.
    The beeping of the alarm at the side of the bed jotted Rachel awake. There were few tears in Rachel's eyes when she woke up.
    It was another dream, she thought to herself.
    It had been three years since the incidence. Life wasn't easy for Rachel after she lost her parents and uncle. 
    She was so caught up in her thoughts that she forgot she had an interview with the famous Markos Finn that day. 
    "Shit!" she cursed aloud. "I only have an hour before I get to the job interview! God, please let me pass this interview." She was rushing in her room to get ready quickly. 
    She rushed to get to the bus stop before the bus left. Fortunately, she didn't miss the stop, and she used the bus ride to catch her breath. 
    When she got to the other side of town where only the richest of people could afford to stay, she glance at her old wristwatch. She only had thirty minutes to get to the interview.
    She began to run down the streets until she arrived in front of a massive mansion that reminded her of her previous home. But this house had roses and daisies on both side of the path way—something hers never had.
    When Rachel rung the bell at the gate, a large security guard stepped over to her and looked her up and down before speaking. "Yes what do you want." His voice sounded tired and annoyed. 
    "I'm here for the interview," she told him. "I read in the news paper that Mr. Finn is looking for a nanny for his daughter, and I'm here to try my luck."
    "What your name?" the man asked disinterestedly. 
    "It's Rachel Olsen," she replied, adjusting her glasses. She hoped her voice wasn't too shaky when she lied. 
    The security guard looked at her again before heaving a quiet sigh. "Give me a minute." He excused himself and went to open the gates. 
    Calm down, Blaire, she told herself. You are no longer Blaire; you are Rachel. Blaire died in the fire three years ago. Don't forget that. 
    "Follow me," the security guard said without looking at her as he opened the door for her to follow him.
    They walked through the grounds of the mansion to the front door. "Right this way," he said, pointing to the doors of the mansion.
    Rachel rung the doorbell, and a woman in her late fifties opened the door for her. "You must be Rachel," the woman greeted. "Markos is waiting for you in his study. This way please." The woman smiled to her politely.
    The house was just like she thought—beautiful. The inside was beautiful as the outside, and she couldn't take her eyes off the expensive furniture and decor. 
    The woman lead her to the study and motioned for her to wait outside for a moment. The woman entered the room, and after a moment, she returned. 
    "You may go in... but be careful. He's angry," the woman whispered.
    "I'm Lucy by the way."
    Rachel told Lucy her name, then she knocked on the door. "Enter," someone said from the other side. Opening the study door, she noticed how orderly everything was arranged. 
    "You may sit," Markos said without glancing at her. She sat in silence for a moment until he finished whatever he was doing. Finally, he looked at her and sucked in a sharp breath.
    Her green eyes and ginger hair took him by surprise. To him, she looked just like his deceased wife.
    He shook his head. I was there when they buried her... so no, it's not her. I need to focus on the interview. He thought to himself.
    "How may I help you?" Markos asked in his business tone, clearing his throat. 
    "I'm here for the job interview," Rachel's told him. "I heard you where looking for a nanny for your daughter."
    "You seem too young to be a nanny," he observed. "How old are you?"
    "Seventeen, and I'll turn eighteen next month," she answered.
    "Seventeen? Shouldn't you be in school now?" Markos asked, narrowing his eyes at her.
    Rachel was squirming in her seat. She couldn't make eye contact with Markos. He was drumming his hand on his table, signaling to her that he had better things to do. 
    "I dropped out of school." Rachel told him, quietly fidgeting with her nails. She hoped for the best.
    "How can a school drop out be a good influence on my daughter?" Markos asked skeptically. 
    "I promise I will do my best. You won't regret employing me," Rachel said, looking at the brown eyes of Markos for the first time since she entered. 
    "If you say so," he said. "Be here tomorrow morning. There are some rules you have to follow, and if you can follow the rules, you get the job. If you can't, just walk out," Markos said. "Nice meeting you, Miss Olsen."

    Chapter 2

    When Rachel arrived back home, she called her best friend Regina and told her about the day's occurrences. She told Regina (who preferred being called Gina) about the people she met at the interview, making sure to talk about Lucy's kindness towards her. 
    Rachel met Gina at the rail way station a few years prior. Regina's purse was snatched by a pick pocket, and Rachel, being right around the corner, ran into the thief, stopping him long enough for Gina to grab her purse back give the man a swift kick before he ran off. They were friends ever since. 
    Over the phone, Gina suggested that Rachel should buy new clothes for her job. "No," Rachel told her. "I don't have the money for a new outfit, and even if I did, I don't know what rules I'm expected to follow. I'll wait and see what happens tomorrow before I hit the mall, Gina." 
    After the phone call, Rachel made a small dinner of noodles for herself. With all of her household expenses and bus fares, she didn't have much money left over for nice dinners. She went to sleep early that night to rest up for her first day of work at the mansion. 
    When she woke up, she made herself look presentable and went to the mansion. When she arrived, the security guard let her in after a brief exchange of words, and she rung the doorbell, waiting for Lucy to answer again. 
    Just as she expected, the older woman opened the door and welcomed her in with a motherly smile. "He's in his study again," the woman told Rachel. "Do you remember the way there?" 
    "Yes I do. Thank you, Aunty Lucy," Rachel replied. Only after she said it did she regret calling the woman "aunty". 
    "Oh, dear, don't call me Aunty," the woman said with a chuckle. "Just Lucy will do." Lucy smiled at Rachel and squeezed her shoulder. "Good luck today."
    Rachel walked down the hallways until she reached the study. She gently knocked on the door, and Markos called her in. When she entered she was awed—and slightly shocked—by the sight in front of her.
    Markos was holding a brunette baby in his hands. The child was fast asleep and wrapped in a pink shawl with the inscription, "I love my baby" on it. 
    When Markos looked at the person who entered the study he was relieved to see her. "Let me put her in her cradle so that we can continue where we ended yesterday," he said as he walked to the cradle. He set the little girl down gently, then continued addressing Rachel. "The rules are quite simple. You can go through them, and after you've read my terms and conditions, you can sign the empty space at the bottom." Markos handed her a piece of paper.
    Rules for Being My Baby's Nanny:
    1. Move in with us. There is a guest bedroom near the baby's room so you can tend to her at night if necessary. 
    2. No PDA or porn movies in front of the baby. These are grounds for immediate removal. 
    3. No abusing the baby. A single scratch on her, and youwill be sent to jail for child abuse and/or fired. 
    4. Stop whatever you are doing and attend to the baby when she is crying at all times of the day. 
    5. Let me know or tell Lucy where you are going with the baby if you leave the grounds of the house.
    After Rachel read the rules, it was simple for her to agree. She could do it... after all, she needed the money, and living in the mansion would be an added bonus. 
    Rachel signed her name on the line and handed the copy back to Markos.
    "I will move my things here this afternoon," she told him. He nodded. 
    "Nice doing business with you," he told her. 
    Rachel shook hands with Markos and made her way out

    Chapter 3

    Gina helped Rachel pack the small amount of things she had from her apartment. She folded her clothes and forced them into a tiny suitcase, and Gina rushed around the apartment, grabbing anything that could be of use to her friend in her new home. 
    After they packed everything, they spent the night watching Netflix. They both fell asleep on the couch with popcorn scattered on the floor around their feet. 
    She would donate the couch, television, bed, and tables because there was no need for them in the already furnished mansion. A room to sleep in, queen sized bed, walk-in closet, bathroom in the room, and a huge television were already going to be provided to her. 
    The alarm jolted them awake in the morning, and the two friends both rubbed their tired eyes and took a quick shower. They left the apartment, heading towards the mansion after they ate breakfast with all of Rachel's bags in tow. 
    When they arrived, Rachel introduced Gina as her best friend to Markos and Lucy, and Gina was welcomed to come back to the mansion any time. 
    After the introductions, Markos handed his daughter, Eva, to Rachel and left for work. Despite her adorable appearance, Eva was a handful. 
    The child made life for Rachel a living hell by crying all day long. She gave Eva a nice bath, changed her diaper, and put her in her cradle. Less than ten minutes later, baby Eva was asleep.
    Eva's room was in between Markos's and Rachel's rooms so each of them could hear her when she cried. Unfortunately, Markos was at work and all responsibility was placed on her.
    Rachel went back to her room to finish with her unpacking when the baby was fast asleep. When she finished, she checked the ivory clock by her bed. It 5:17 pm, and Eva had been sleeping for a couple of hours.
    Rachel took her bath and changed into sweat pants and a tank top. She still had her glasses on because without them, she won't be able to see well.
    She went to check on Eva before going downstairs to help Lucy cook. As a child, cooking was one of her favourite things to do.
    When it was around 5:40 pm, Eva started to cry, so Rachel had to rush to her room to check on her.
    She gave her the baby food and attention; she played with a few toys. Eva began to giggle as Rachel started tickling her.
    "She likes you, you know." Markos, who has been standing by his daughter's bedroom door, startled Rachel when he spoke.
    Rachel jumped a little, but she balanced her self before she embarrassed herself. "You think so?" she asked Markos as she continued playing with Eva.
    "I have never seen her this happy before. Thank you." Markos said to her.
    "Well, It's my job to make her happy, and thank you again for giving me this job. It means a lot," Rachel replied, slightly blushing in the process.

    Chapter 4

    It had been weeks since Rachel moved to the mansion, and she hardly saw Markos due to his busy schedule. All of her work taking care of Eva kept her busy as well, but she was happy to be there nonetheless. 
    It was a Friday night, and she promised to sit and wait for Markos's arrival. It was past nine in the evening, and she started to dose off on a leather couch.
    She didn't know the time she fell asleep, but she couldn't keep her promise—the day taking care of Eva left her too tired. When Markos came in late (as usual), he saw Rachel sleeping on the couch. Her glasses where off, she was only in a short pajamas pants and a long top that reached her mid thigh.
    He sighed and he carried her to her room, gently laying her on her bed. She clung to him tightly, pulling him on top of her, and mumbling things he couldn't hear properly. But she said one louder, and it made him stop in his tracks when he attempted to stand up.
    "Dad, don't go," she mumbled. "Stay with me." She pulled the man closer to herself again. 
    Markos's heart clenched at this. She misses her parents, he thought. Where could her parents have gone? His mind was buzzing with many questions about Rachel. 
    He moved some of the hair from her face and looked at the beauty sleeping underneath him. He traced the curve's and contours of her face, remembering how his wife had looked so similarly. 
    The man gave her a soft kiss on her forehead, and forced himself to stand up despite her still clinging to his shirt. He discreetly left her room to his room, not knowing someone was silently smiling at his retreating back.
    After taking a long shower he went to his daughter's room and gave her a goodnight kiss on her forehead before going back to his room. When he got to his room, he couldn't sleep. Memories of his deceased wife bombarded him. 
    Their happy times before she went to the labour ward that faithful day. They went to a friend's engagement party, and Heather had so much to drink and eat. They were having such a good time until her water broke that day.
    When they got to the hospital, she was immediately sent to the labour ward, and Markos followed behind to give his wife support. He couldn't let her do this all by herself. He held her hand as she gave birth to little Evangeline.
    That night they chatted until it was late, and Markos went home to tell his family about the baby. When he returned the following day, his wife was no more. It turned out, she had internal bleeding that killed her quickly.
    The whimpering from the other room beside his room brought him back to the present. He knocked on the door several times, and there was no answer, so he entered the room. Rachel was whimpering in her sleep and crying. He shook her gently, but she didn't wake up. He shook her a little harder, and that did the trick.
    She jotted awake with sweat covering her forehead and her clothes were wet with sweat like a second skin around her. Her eyes where puffy from crying, and it took her a few minutes before she calmed down because she was breathing heavily.

    Chapter 5

    When she jotted up, she saw Markos sitting beside her. The dream was still vivid in her memory, and she was shaking a little. 
    Markos pulled her close to him, wrapping his hands around her  body, and she melted when she made contact with his body. He was warm. 
    Markos was whispering sweet things into her ears to calm her down, but it was to no avail.
    So he laid down gently on her bed, and he brought her on top of him. She was so vulnerable that she didn't mind the position they where in. 
    As Markos was whispering sweet things in her ear, he kissed her red hair and forehead to calm her down. The sobs turned into a hiccup, and eventually, she stopped crying and came back to her senses. She realized what was happening, but she made no attempt to move from him.
    "Do you want to talk about the dream?" he asked her quietly, moving her hair from her face to look at her beautiful brown eyes.
    The mere thought of her reminded him of his wife; she had the same eyes as his wife. So he closed his own eyes tightly.
    Rachel moved her hands to his face and also brushed his hair from his face. Now she can look at the god in front of her.
    Damn he is so handsome and hot, Rachel thought to herself, and they were both only inches apart.
    "I know there is something bothering you. Do you also wanna share it?" Rachel asked, her breath fanning his face.
    "Not today, but someday," he replied, inching closer to her. They both fell into a comfortable silence,
    both starring at each other intensely. One move from the other, their lips would meet.
    Markos made the move and brushed his lips briefly with hers. Rachel gasped at the contact. She had never been with a man this close before. She always brushed them off, and she sometimes gave them harsher treatment if necessary. It made it difficult for guys who know her to approach her.
    Markos held Rachel's face in both of his hands and kissed her. He gave her time to get used to it since she was struggling to catch up.
    By the way she is kissing him, Markos knew Rachel had never been kissed before.
    When they broke apart, Rachel was panting pretty hard. When they regained their breath, they where both looking at each other.
    The second kiss was initiated by Rachel, who moved closer to him and wrapped her hands around his neck, bringing him closer to her, and kissed him.
    They kissed like tomorrow didn't exist, but they both broke apart when they heard the cry of a baby next door. They both sprang to their feet and moved to Eva's room. When they got there, the little  brunette was wailing at the top of her lungs.
    Rachel took her and fed her the baby milk. Soon little Eva was going back to sleep.
    The reality of what happened between them hit Markos pretty hard. He regretted kissing a girl he barely new, so he quietly walked out of the room and went to his room. 
    He had a sleepless night. Thank God tomorrow is Saturday, Markos thought to himself.
    After Rachel put the baby to bed. She went to her room and laid on her bed. She remembered the kiss that happened between she and her boss. For a minute she forgot who was and why she was in this situation. For once, she forgot she was the Imposter

    Chapter 6

    The following day which was had Markos sleeping inn more than necessary.
    Rachel is already up bathed and dressed. She did the same to baby Eva. She fed her and now she is trying to make the baby sleep.
    After the baby was asleep she laid her in her down in her pink and white room with so many toys. Any kid's dream room.
    Immediately she placed the baby on the bed, Eva opened her eyes. Rachel had to sleep beside Eva for her to be in a deep slumber before she left.
    Sleep stole Rachel on Eva's bed so she slept with the baby. Her hand securely around the baby.
    The shouting of her name jotted her awake. She rubbed her face to see her surrounding.
    "What are you doing? Do you want to kill the baby." Markos asked angrily. Now Rachel was fully awake with no trace of sleep visible in her eyes.
    "Nothing I brought her here to sleep and when I was walking away she opened her eyes so I have to cuddle her before she slept and I didn't know the time I also fell asleep." Rachel tried explaining.
    "Well you are here to work and you get paid for it. You are not here to sleep or crush my daughter you low life." Markos said.
    Rachel's breath hitched in her throat when Markos insulted her. She dropped her gaze down and apologized.
    She silently closed the door as she made her way back to her room. In her room she let it all out. The hurt she felt when Markos insulted her. The loss of her parents and the hatred she has for her uncle.
    Markos felt guilty for insulting Rachel. It not her fault, after all he kissed her not the other way round.
    Eva has been sleeping for some couple of hours. And Rachel is in her reading a story book. Markos was in his study doing some works.
    The wailing of Eva shook the house hold for a second. Rachel quickly abandoned her book as she ran to the baby.
    Upon reaching there, Markos was also there. The tension and awkwardness in the room was so thick.
    "You can go back to your room. I will take care of her." Markos offered with a polite smile.
    " No Mr Finn, I will do that after all I'm paid to do this. So if you will allow me excuse me." Rachel said with a straight face.
    When Eva saw Rachel she was beaming and was anxious. She couldn't wait to be picked up.
    She stretched her small arms to be picked up. Rachel had other plan's. She tickled the baby, played with her chubby cheeks before picking her up.
    She fed her and they went out side to the big garden in the compound to play. They where playing with Bobble's.
    Rachel will blow the Bobble's and little Eva would try catching them. Rachel was happy with the little princess she has grown to love as her own that she forgot the insult she received this morning.
    Markos was standing in his study looking at his daughter and her nanny. They looked good together like a daughter and a mother.
    For the tenth time today he regretted putting his anger on her. But he couldn't take back his words for they have already done the damage.

    Chapter 7

    The guilt was eating Markos, but he doesn't know how to apologize to her.
    So goggled how to apologize to a woman and he got so many answers but he choose one. And that what he is going to do.
    The following day which was Sunday, when Rachel woke up there was a white rose with chocolates on her vanity table.
    She was confused at first and was wondering who could have sneak in her room to put it down. When she read the message attached to the flower she knew it was her arrogant boss.
    After bathing and dressing in a white tank top and a black jeans with flipflop she matched her self all the way to Markos room.
    He wasn't there so she went to his study. Knocked and entered. Markos at first was happy to see her but his happy face dropped immediately he saw that Rachel wasn't smiling back at him.
    " What the problem, why that gloomy face?" Markos innocently asked. Not knowing what he has done wrong.
    " Sir you made it clear that I work for you and nothing but strictly work so i keep my distance and I expect you to do so. I won't allow you to be sending me flowers and chocolates and there is nothing for you to apologize to. I know I'm a low life and that I accept it but I can't accept this gift because there is nothing you did wrong."  Rachel said as she adjusted her glasses and left the room.
    The words she said was blows to Markos. It was like a stitched wood been opened again.
    He know he has hurt badly with the words he told her. But he didn't mean to hurt her feeling's or make her cry.
    That day he went to the club and got drunk. Rachel was seating all night waiting for him. She couldn't help but feel bad about how she talked to him.
    When Markos got out of his car he was totally wasted. How he drove the car on this state, without any harm and  wasn't hurt was beyond her imagination.
    She helped him go to his room, changed him and left him in his briefs. He immediately fell asleep. Rachel gave him a kiss on his fore head before going to bed her self.
    The following day Rachel was waiting for him to come out but he didn't. So after bathing baby Eva she fed her and put her to sleep.
    She then made her way to Markos room. She knocked and heard a faint come inn.
    Markos was lying in bed just like she left him but this time he was sweating.
    She called him several times but no reply just a soft groan.
    She decided to go near him to check what wrong with him. He was sweating so she decided to check his temperature and she was burnt by the heat radiating off his body.
    She immediately went to his bath room took a towel and went down stair's for a small bowl and water.
    She wetted the towel and cleaned his burning body. When she got to his chest she was blushing for he was in nothing but his boxers.
    She cleaned the contours of his face gave him an aspirin and used a different towel on his fore head.
    He forbade her from calling the doctor gradually he fell asleep holding her hand unconsciously.
    Rachel was so tired that she didn't know the time she fell asleep. She woke up lying on a soft bed.
    When she looked around Markos was seating on the chair she sat and she rather was lying on the bed. The tables turning.
    He only gave her a polite smile and apologized for insulting her. He later joined her in bed against Rachel's wish but with little persuasion she agreed falling back to sleep

    Chapter 8

    The banging of the door woke the two up.  Marko's was wide awake when he heard the feminine voice. Rachel was rubbing her eyes off the little nap she had.
    "Woah! What do we have here. If not Markos and another trump in bed." Eloise Marko's secret girlfriend who they have been dating about a year now said.
    "It not what you think El, she means nothing to me a situation happened that why you found us here together." Markos tried to explain himself.
    " A situation you say, which situation could that be. And by the way who is she." El asked Markos glaring at Rachel in the process.
    " ERM she is the nanny of Evangeline. I wasn't well so she took care of me and when I woke up I saw her sleeping by my bed so I picked her up and made her comfortable in the bed." Markos for one's was nervous as he scratched the back of his neck.
    Rachel was hurt and furious. They where behaving as if she is not in the room.  She couldn't take much so she excused her self.
    Markos knew from the look in Rachel's face he has messed up the little trust she has for him. And he doesn't know if she will ever forgive him.
    El walked to Markos and kissed him on the lips. Telling him why she was in town.
    " Have you so soon forgotten the mask ball we will be going tomorrow. And at the ball I want you to introduce me as your girlfriend. I don't want to be that secret girlfriend again." El said straddling Markos.
    Rachel went to check on Eva and she was soundly sleeping then. So she decided to call her best friend.
    " Hey girl what sup with you. Regina asked her friend immediately she saw her call.
    " oh me nothing, just bored at home. " Rachel replied.
    " How is Mr hottie" Regina asked winking at no one in particular but her self.
    " That jerk. " Rachel unconsciously said. She was beyond mad with him she can't believe him.
    " what did you say. " Regina asked her friend. Isn't he treating you better. Is he a moron. " Regina continued firing her friend with question's.
    "He is a jerk and I don't think I can easily forgive him this time around." Rachel told her friend.
    " What do you mean this time round, and what did he do.?" A curious Regina asked.
    "Will tell you the day we meet." Rachel said when she heard foot steps heading her way.
    To her relief it was only Lucy the house help who waved at her and went to the kitchen.
    " That reminds me, my father you invited me to this mask ball and he said I could bring my friends so I thought of you." Regina nervously bite her lip waiting for Rachel's reply.
    " you know unless I ask my boss and Lucy if she will baby sit Eva for me." Rachel calmly said.
    Rachel went to Markos study because she saw him going there. She gently knocked the door but no reply so she entered.
    The sight that greeted her wasn't what she expected from the guy she is harbouring feeling's for.
    Eloise Marko's guest has straddled him and they are both lost in each others mouth.
    When she entered they didn't hear her enter so she cleared throat to get their attention.
    Her cheeks where red from embarrassment. She was fidgeting with her hands.
    " What do you want? And why are you interrupting our moments together trump." Eloise said to Rachel.
    " Sorry for interrupting your moment's, I will go and come back later." Rachel made a move to walk away but Markos who was silent all this while as he watched Rachel been degraded stopped her.
    " What do you want Rachel?" Marko's asked rubbing Eloise back.
    Rachel was lost of words, she didn't know what to say she kept on opening her mouth and closing it like a fish doped out of water.
    " I'm in the middle of something, Rachel so if you have nothing to say you know the way out. Marko's said emotionlessly.
    Rachel's heart was beating rapidly. She couldn't look at Markos as she made her request.
    " I want to take tomorrow off. I won't be working tomorrow so I came to tell you Lucy will look after Eva." Rachel said in one heart beat.

    Chapter 9

    "You can even leave and go, after all you are nuisance here any way." Eloise replied rolling her eye's.
    Rachael clenched and unclenched her hands. Her heart is boiling like a dark spell with rage.
    She briefly made eye contact with Markos who nodded to confirm what his trollop has said.
    When Rachel got to her room, all the anger vanished as she was jumping on the bed with joy.
    Rachel called Regina and she came to pick her up. They spent the rest of night catching up on things they've missed.
    " Tomorrow when we go for the dress shopping I will be going to dye my hair to brown color." Rachel told Regina as they where watching the Duff.
    " why change your hair color." Regina asked. Looking at Rachael from her position on the floor.
    " Nothing really, just want a change of look. But it will be temporary the next morning when I bath all the dye will wash away." Rachael further explained adjusting her self on the couch.
    " Alright let rock the party tomorrow then." Regina said squeezing Rachel's hands.
    The following day they went for shopping Rachel got her self a red bridal satin ball gown with black glove's to match her black mask.
    Regina got a peach plain chiffon ball gown also. Later they both went to the salon to have their body wax.
    Regina was the first to finish so she removed her wig and hid in her bag. And pretended she went for a dye.
    "Woah, the dye looks like your natural hair and it has made your hair a lot softer than the ginger one which is a little bit hard to tame." Regina said as she touched a so uncomfortable Rachael's hair.
    " I guess they used a good dye on my hair. Let hurry and go home we don't have much time." Rachael immediately changed the topic.
    " oh dear!! You are totally right we have less than 4hours to get ready. " Regina widened her eye's and smack her forehead as if she forgot something.
    Forty two minutes later they are in Rachel's apartment because of the traffic.
    They took a quick shower and Regina helped Rachael with her make up and hair.
    Soon they are on their way to the mask ball.
    When the girls entered the ball  room all eyes where on them. Damn they looked hot and classy.
    Rachael was a little nervous hoping she doesn't bump into someone she knew.
    Regina was  asked to dance so was Rachel but she politely declined it.
    She went to stand afar but could still see and hear people. The night breeze was calling her in soft whispers.
    It was luring her to the beautiful garden with a fountain in the middle just out side the back door.
    It was romancing and caressing her soft tan skin. Rachael couldn't take the torture  any more so she gave in to her edge's and went outside to breath in the fresh air and neatly trimmed lawns.
    She was so lost in her thought's that she didn't  see the tall muscular guy who has been watching her  every move since morning approach her.
    " What is a beautiful lady like you doing out  here alone." Immediately the words left his mouth Rachael recognized the voice of the fellow who approached her.

    Chapter 10

    When Rachael talk's Finn will recognize her voice so she took the saver part and acted mike she is mute.
    She shook her head to tell him him she is doing nothing here.
    " Oh!! The beautiful lady doesn't talk. Huh?" Finn continued looking at Rachael in the eye.
    " Damn that eyes looks so familiar. I wish I can remove this mask and look at the Hazel eyes hidden behind this mask." Finn thought to him self.
    " Do you want to dance with me." Finn asked her again. Rachael wanted to say no but Finn beat her to it.
    " Please don't say no, I would really appreciate it if you dance with me." Finn whispered in a husky voice in her eyes.
    Rachael shut her eyes tight and when she opened it, it was shinning like small cute little diamonds.
    She nodded at him agreeing to dance with him. She made a sign signalling it only one dance.
    Finn couldn't keep that stupid grin off his face as he took her small hands in his larger one's and pulled her flat against his hard chest.
    They where having a slow and peaceful dance. Both lost in each other's gaze. So many thoughts where running through Finn's head and was only admiring the goddess in front of him.
    After the dance they both went to sit under the moon light which was shinning directly on them. They looked good together.
    The silence they sat inn was comfortable and none wanted to break it. So Rachael began to hymn a song her mum used to hymn when she was busy or wants to put Rachael to sleep.
    " you have a nice, attracting and appealing voice." Finn broke the silence as he was looking at the masked face girl.
    " haven't heard your voice but you hymning shows you've got a nice voice." Finn continued trying to her hear say something.
    " I don't want to seem rude or something, where you born deaf or you just choose not to talk to me." Finn asked raising one eye brow at her.
    They both where lost in their thoughts until Rachael saw someone she never thought she would ever meet approaching them.
    So fortunately for Rachael she was in a mask but Finn has taken his off so has the man who is approaching them.
    She wanted to run away like she is used to but the only way she can go is where the man is coming from with a grin on his face.
    Rachel's heart was beating faster than it should. She was sweating and wasn't ready to meet him at least not now.
    " Woah!! Didn't know I will see you here with such a beautiful lady as your date. " the stranger said as he approached Finn and shook hands with him.
    " Actually she is not my date, I was attracted to her by her alluring personality but it such a pity she doesn't talk." Finn sadly said looking at the beauty before him.
    The stranger extended his hand to greet her but she was rescued by Regina who saw Finn standing there.
    She was surprised at first but played it cool. As she approached them.
    " it time to go." That the only thing her friend said to her as they silently left.

    Chapter 11

    Rachael was bothered. She had a sleepless night. She knows he is back. And something tells her he is coming after her.
    The following morning Rachael had dark circle's under her eye's. She couldn't  let him see her. He will kill her just like he did to them.
    Regina noticed her friend acting strangely since they returned from the ball that so not like Rachael.
    " hey are you  alright there." Regina asked her friend who was packing her things now.
    " yeah I'm alright. It just that I told Finn I will be home  early to take care of Eva." She replied without looking at her friend. After packing she kissed her friend a good bye as she left in a rush to the mansion.
    She fixed her wig and put her spectacle back. She couldn't risk been seen by any one. Before calling a cab.
    When she got to the mansion the place was still quite so she crept to her room and locked it. She fell on her bed as memories she tried burying came flooding back.
    With difficulties she fell back to sleep only to he awoken by the banging at her door.
    She groaned and adjusted her glasses before opening her door. She wasn't prepared for the sight in front if her.
    A shirtless Finn was standing in front of her with a tear streaked eye Eva who when she saw Rachael stretched to be taken.
    " why is she crying." Rachael asked after adjusting the baby on her hips. Cleaning her face.
    " I actually don't know why she is crying, I heard her crying and thrashing in her crib when I saw her I think she had a bad dream." Finn tried explaining.
    " My poor baby had a bad dream." Rachael was at the verge of crying as she kissed and whispered sweet things to Eva.
    She took a towel and cleaned her sweaty body and changed her diapers, fed her again and laid her on her bed.
    Rachael was  at the right of Eva singing lullaby to her and Finn was sitting at the edge of the bed.
    Eva stretched her hands towards her father chanting Dada Dada!!
    Both Rachael and Finn where surprised cause that was her first word she spoke.
    " may be she wants you to sleep beside her." Rachael said scouting to make room for Finn with Eva in between them.
    They played and tickled her all around soon she was exhausted and fell asleep with a little pout on her lips.
    Rachael and Finn's head collided as they both attempted to kiss her on the fore head.
    " sorry, ERM you should go first you are her daddy." Rachael said. But Finn wasn't having that. He instead encouraged Rachael to go first.
    After she dropped the kiss on Eva's fore head Finn also did the same thing at the same place his lips lingering a little bit longer than necessary over there.
    They both where in comfortable silence looking at each other like they should rip each others clothes but they have to behave for there is a baby in between them.
    Soon Rachael followed Eva into a dream less sleep as Finn was looking at them wishing they where a family. He kissed Rachael on the fore head and brushed some hair off her face.
    As he used the duvet to cover her exposed body. Her dress has ridden up around her abdomen and he can clearly see her creamy stomach. He covered her and went out of the room.

    Chapter 12

    Rachael was awoken by the crying baby beside her. She took her and went down stairs Lucy the house help was preparing lunch she guess.
    " hello Lucy, how are you doing." Rachael asked her. Setting baby Eva on her high chair to  prepare her some spaghetti.
    " I'm good dear how about you." Lucy inquired. Pouring some small amount of water to what she is preparing on the fire.
    Rachael said she was okay. Baby Eva was busily playing with the food in front of her.
    " mama" Eva called. Both Rachael and Lucy where surprised. She called out mama again opening her hands towards Rachael.
    Rachael's eyes where over whelmed with tears that she didn't know the time she scooped the little bundle in her hands and kissed her all over her face.
    Lucy's eyes where dropping with happy tears her self. But she didn't let Rachael see it. She turned to clean her eyes.
    " woah, never knew a day will come that Eva will call someone mama. I guess you are a motherly figure to her. She loves you, you know." Lucy said to Rachael.
    "And I love her also. I love her like my own, and my heart is gonna break when Markos gets married and my service is no longer needed" Rachael was fully crying now.
    " I'm afraid her new mother won't allow me to see her if I want to. I won't be here when she goes to junior and senior high, I won't be here when she goes to college." Rachael was sniffing now. She came to her sense's when she heard the voice she doesn't want to hear.
    " yes I'm going to band you from coming closer to Eva one's I become her step mother. I will sack you from the house since have been dying to do so for a long time." Candice said from the door in her black short Lycra dress that barely covered her butt.
    " where is Markos by the way and get me some drink." She rudely said to Lucy as she made her self comfortable on the sofa.
    "Markos is not around and I'm not getting you any drink since you are not  the one who employed me." Lucy also rudely replied.
    Rachael has dried her eyes as she was laughing her ass off on the floor. Looking at Candice with one eye brow raised.
    " since you know the owner of the house is not inn can you please step out when he comes we will tell him you came by." Lucy said in a more serious tone.
    " when I come to this house I will fire you also you old bitch." Candice said as she made her way to the door glaring at the two.
    Lucy and Rachael had a silent lunch the only noise was the cluttering of the knife and fork and baby Eva making noise on her high chair.
    Rachael's mind keep playing on the man she saw yesterday. Her worst night mare, the demon that hunts her dreams.
    The demon she was trying to ran away from. The demon who wouldn't stop at anything until he gets hold of her and lock her securely in his prison.
    " hey are you alright?" Lucy brought her out of her thoughts.
    For one's Rachael wished she could tell Lucy she is the imposter but she will endanger her self and the one she love's.
    She only smiled at the old woman who she has come to love as a mother and gave her a gentle squeeze.
    "I'm alright, don't worry dear." Rachael assured a worried Lucy

    Chapter 13

    Markos Finn is busy with his new business partner Richard Wood's. Richard has managed to convince Markos to invest in one of his modeling agencies.
    This coming Saturday Markos will be hosting a dinner at his house for Richard and his business partners.
    Marko's has been so busy that he hasn't spoken to neither his daughter, Mrs Lucy or Rachael. He goes to work early and comes back late.
    Before he comes back everyone is asleep. So he also goes to bed and leave early for work the following morning.
    The masquerade ball they went has been a blast. And the Media can't stop talking about the mysterious girl.
    The girl he danced with, the girl who has unknowingly captured his attention. He can't get those brown eyes of his head no matter what.
    He can't help but to compare the girl with Rachael. She has the same features as Rachael just some slight difference.
    Rachael has red hair and brown eyes. The mysterious girl has rich brown hair and brown eyes just like Rachael's.
    Rachael wears glasses but the mysterious girl didn't wear glasses. Rachael is the shy type but the few hour's he spent with the mysterious girl he knew she wasn't.
    His thought where cut short when his secretary Steven came inn telling him Richard Wood's is here to see him.
    " let him inn." Markos Finn said to the blonde haired guy and blue eyes. Typical American guy.
    There is something unique about Steven that made Markos Finn hired him as his secretary.
    He was humble, serious and trust worthy. Steven is not only his secretary but a friend and a brother in addition.
    " hello Mr woods how are you doing."  Markos stood up to welcome him into his office.
    Ushering him into the chair in front if him. Something seems off about the man sitting in front of him. Markos thought.
    " what  brings you to my humble office today." Markos asked gesturing to his huge office. With a dark couch at the left corner of the room, and a marching coffee table.
    Far east of the office is glass and the blinds has been folded up. There are two doors one been the bath room and the other been a bedroom/ kitchen.
    Richard Wood's just looked at the paper's scattered on his partners mahogany table with his apple computer.
    An empty coffee cup on his right hand, a pen and pencil holder still in the right  hand side. A telephone on his left side and Markos suit draped on his chair.
    " just came to sign the last agreement before we meet for dinner. And seriously looking for my niece. It been years and the board of directors think I'm not putting an effort in finding her." Richard Wood's said opening the first three buttons of his turquoise blue shirt.
    Markos was silently looking at him AF if he has grown two heads. But he felt a little pity for the man for he doesn't know what he will do if his daughter gets missing.
    " sorry I'm mixing business with my personal issue's. Don't mind me, just sign here and I will be good to go." Richard Wood's pointed to a blank space on the white sheet he was holding.
    " nice doing business with you and I can't wait to see that little bundle of yours. Evangeline right." Richard Wood's asked a shocked Markos.
    " how  did you know about her." Marko's asked. He wasn't pleased but he put on a calm face.
    " I run a thorough back ground of my partner's before I enter into business with them so do you so don't be surprise." Richard Wood's said as he left the office.

    Chapter 14

    Finn Markos didn't leave work early and he needs to report to work early tomorrow.
    But he needs to talk to Rachael because the dinner will take place in his house and she needs to get Evangeline herself good outfit.
    Guess you are wondering why he can't tell her tomorrow because he would leave the house before everybody wakes up.
    When he got home everybody was asleep as if there are people living in the house.
    It only him, the house cook and Rachael together with Evangeline. Some where in the day he remembered Candice calling him to tell him something about Rachael been rude to her.
    Although he and Candice are more like friends with benefits he wouldn't stand there for his nanny to walk all over his guests.
    " she is going to get it from me today. She must know her place as a nanny." Markos Finn thought to himself.
    After he showered he ate the dinner Lucy, the house cook left for him in the micro wave.
    Rachael was in the bath room feeling down. She was wondering if her parents hadn't had died will she have met Evangeline.
    Would she have been a nanny at this her young age. She couldn't pay for college, she barely passed through high school.
    She took student loan to get to college, I mean she takes online course. She is studying business management.
    Nobody knows about she taking an online course except for her friend Regina.
    11 years ago.
    " Blair come here dear." Her father pattered his thigh for her to seat. As he mother set three orange juice's on the coffee table in their living room.
    "What is it daddy.?" A 7 years old Blair skipped to her father to seat on his lap. Her mother who was sipping her juice was just looking at her lovely husband and lovely daughter.
    "Do you know what daddy wants from you dear?" Her Father asked her as he pattered her long brown hair.
    A 7 years old Blair shook her head as he big crystal clear eyes shone from the chandeliers shinning from above them.
    " I want you to study Business management or business administration in other for you to take over the business when I'm no more. You know your mother cannot have any more children right love." Her father asked her.
    "Yes daddy, I will do anything to make you and momma happy I love you daddy and momma." Blair hugged her father and her mother joined inn.
    Present day
    "Rachael are you asleep." Markos Finn has been knocking Rachael's door for about 10min but no reply.
    He panicked a little bit, may be something happened to her. So many wild guess where running through his head.
    He twisted the door knob and it opened. But the room was dark and there is no sign of Rachael any where.
    " Rachael are you in the bathroom." He tried again. But no answer so he decided to open the door.
    And he wasn't ready for the sight he saw. So he screamed so did Rachael who has removed her wig and glasses.
    She was now standing in the shower as Blair not Rachael. In all her glory in display for Markos Finn.

    Chapter 15

    After the initial shock, Markos turned his back same time Rachael or should I say Blair pulled the shower curtains to cover her modesty.
    " I want to have a talk with you in my study." Markos coldly said to Rachael as he made his way out of the room.
    Markos has been drinking his whisky for the past 10 min anxiously waiting for Rachael to make an appearance and she did.
    She looked good her hello kitty shorts and a matching vest. Her natural hair was left down to dry.
    Markos only nodded his head at her signalling her to take the seat in the front of him.
    He was playing with the glass his whisky has been poorer inn. Not making an eye contact with Rachael.
    His head was down, and Rachael was fidgeting with her fingers anxiously waiting for the out bust of Markos.
    The tension in the air was thick like the clouds and could be sliced like a cake. The clearing if throat made Rachael raise her head.
    "Why?" Markos asked trying to suppress his anger and his emotion's but some managed to slip through that one sentence.
    Rachael was quite and dusky know what to say. So she took the safer side avoiding eye contact.
    Markos took a sip of his drink waiting for her to reply his question but to no avail.
    "Why did you pretend to be someone you are not." Marko's asked again, his face clearly showing he has lost patient and will not accept silence as an answer.
    Rachael didn't make any plans on answering the question she was asked. She was too scared of the reaction of Markos.
    Markos threw the glass cup that contained the remains of  his whisky on the wall shuttering the glass into Peace's.
    Rachael jumped at the foreign sound and was startled by it, but did not get the time to come back to her sense's as Markos roughly shook her shoulders.
    "Answer me. Why did you pretend to be someone you are not." Markos asked. Tears where streaming down Rachael's face.
    But still she refused to tell him the reason why. She was only pleading with him with her puffy eyes.
    ". I can't force you to tell me the truth since I know you have your reasons. But please and please don't be a bad influence on my daughter." Markos said looking at her in the eye.
    "I know your uncle is looking for you and you been an imposter has got something to do with him. Don't worry your secret is safe with me. Tell me when you are ready." Marko's said to a surprised Rachael.
    " why are you giving me that look.?" Markos asked her raising one eye brow at her.
    " I didn't, I didn't... " Rachael started with her sentence but couldn't finish it. Because Markos did it for her.
    " you expected me to sack you didn't you?" Markos asked as Rachael nodded her head.
    " well I'm not that bad. So what should I call you lllllllllllllll2mj towards her.
    Every step he took Rachael took one back. So unfortunately Markos stepped on her slipper and that result on her stepping on the forgotten and abandoned whisky glass on the floor.
    Rachael hissed at the pain as she bent down to check her injured foot but Markos was quick in scooping her up in his hands bridal style.

    Chapter 16

    " I'm alright, please put me down. It just a minor injury." Rachael said trying to get Markos to put her down.
    "It my fault you are in this state so let me take care of you." Markos replied as he took her to his room.
    Rachael was blushing at the memories they shared here in his room. But reality really sucks.
    There is always good and bad times. She was remembering the good times and happy memories she and Markos had.
    But reality knocked on the door door when she remembered Candice, Markos girlfriend.
    " sorry I took long, i was looking for the first aid kit." Markos said as he dropped on one knee to clean the wound.
    " No thank you, I don't want to cause any complications in your relationship." Rachael stop up forgetting about the wound.
    She mistakenly stepped on the injured foot and hissed at the pain. She was jumping in pain trying not cry.
    Markos was perplex for a little bit, but he got over it when Rachael hissed at the pain and started jumping.
    "What is in that thick skull of yours. Just stay still." Markos said as he helped her back to sit on the bed.
    "Candice and I are no longer together if that what you are wondering and talking about. I'm sorry about how I treated you." Markos said as he removed a glass from Rachael's leg.
    That did the trick, the water works began to fall. Rachael bit her lower lip to prevent a sob from falling from the seams of her lips.
    " I'm sorry Rachael. If I could take the pains I will have taken it." Marko's said as he disinfected the wound.
    He helped her wrap the wound. As he took the first aid kit back into the bath room.
    Rachael was still seating at the edge of the bed. Trying to stop the tears from flowing.
    Markos came to kneel in  front of her as he took both her hands in his, she was staring at their intertwine hands.
    "Why?" Rachael asked Markos.
    "Why what?" Markos replied searching in her eyes for any clues to the question she asked.
    " why didn't you ask me why I was  hiding behind a mask. Ain't you curios to know why.?" Rachael asked him.
    " I didn't ask you because I know you have your reason's. We all have our reasons for doing something's in life." Markos replied freeing one hand from her hand to clean the fallen tears.
    " I'm so sorry I can't tell you why I'm hiding behind the mask, but I promise some day when I feel more secure I will tell you." Rachael replied the tears flowing freely now.
    " of course, I'm not in a hurry. Take your time, and do tell me when you feel more comfortable to tell." Markos said as he squeezed her hand.
    Rachael returned the smile. One thing lead to the other they where both leaning inn.
    Their lips brushed a little bit and Rachael gasp at the feel of Markos soft lips.
    Not that she hasn't kiss him before but this feels so right. Markos was about to close the small gap between their lips when Rachael stopped him.
    " will you ignore me after this." Rachael asked not looking at him in the eye.
    " look at me Rachael. " Markos softly and gently said. Rachael obeyed the command and made eye contact with him.
    I will never ignore you again. I'm sorry for how I treated you before and I'm sorry for how I will treat you in the future.
     I'm human and I'm not perfect so I will make mistakes I hope you take me for who I am." Marko's finished his little speech by kissing Rachael and closing the gap.

    Chapter 17

    " Wow! That was amazing." Markos said as he pecked Rachael on the fore head.
    " Rachael will you be my girlfriend." Marko's asked her again as they standing in the dim room looking at each other.
    A faint blush made it way to Rachael's neck, cheeks and tips of her eyes. She averted her gaze from him and turned it to the floor.
    "I know it early and everything but please give us a chance. Don't deny what growing between us." Markos pleaded as he took her hands in his.
    " I will do anything in my power to protect you from whom ever you are running from. And that reminds me, I have good news for you. Your uncle Richard is searching for you. He is really worried about you." Marko's felt her stiffen at the mention of her uncle's name.
    "Wha-- wha-- what do you mean by he was looking for me."  Rachael asked fear prominent in her big beautiful eye's.
    " What wrong? You look pale at the mention of your uncle's name. Tell me is something wrong, or wait don't tell me you are hiding from him." Markos pressed on.
    Rachael tried to step away from Markos but he had a firm grip on her hand indicating he is not letting her go until she tells  him the truth.
    "Please let me go Markos and yes I agree I will be your girlfriend." Rachael tried changing the topic.
    But Marko's would not have any of that. He wants to know the truth if  not all some of the truth today.
    " Don't worry, I know you will accept my proposal because when I asked you to be my girlfriend the way your eye's diluted showed me you harbour the same feeling's as I do." Marko's finished his speech daring her with his eyes to deny it.
    "So don't change the topic and tell me the truth. Are you running away from your uncle?" Marko's questioned her again.
    She was squirming under his gaze contemplating on whether she should tell him the truth or lie about it.
    But Rachael been Rachael took the safer side, truth is like pregnancy no matter how long it takes it gonna pop out one way or the other.
    " Yes I'm hiding away from my uncle for a reason and please don't ask me why I will tell you why when I  feel it the right time." Rachael said as she looked into his eyes.
    His eyes are hooded, he could only nod his head like a kid as he watch Rachael's luscious lips and captivating gaze.
    Rachael's train of thoughts are the same as that of Markos. She boldly took the first step by standing on the tips of her toes.
    She looped her slender arms around his neck since he is taller than her to shorten his height to hers.
    She then attached her hot lips to  his cold one's. Firework's and butter flies where exploding in her tummy.
    Markos kissed her back harder and more faster. He couldn't take it any more so he began to rub his erection on her abdomen.
    That earned a moan from Rachael. Markos took her to his bed and began to kiss her on the neck and collar bone.
    He took off her shirt to only find her without a bra and her nipples pink and erected.
    He took on bud inn and happily suck it like a baby. Rachael was a moaning mess encouraging him inn.
    But all things must come to an end. They heard the wailing of baby Eva across the room.

    Chapter 18

    Immediately the baby saw them enter her room, she shut her mouth up and began to play around.
    Throwing her hands and legs high up in her crib making it move slightly.
    Rachael made a move to pick her up but her hands where already up waiting to be picked.
    " Hungry are we." Rachael slowly whispered to her playing with her little fingers.
    Markos was standing not far from them looking at them with love and admiration.
    His fear of a step mother mistreating his daughter all vanish as the love and affection Rachael is bestowing on him and his daughter.
    She loves her just like a mother would love her own daughter. He is glad he found her and he regrets the way he mistreated her.
    " Are you going to continue looking at us or will you please get me her diaper's and a dress as I run a bath for her." Rachael brought Markos out of his daze.
    They both bath baby Eva and fed her. They later played with her and Rachael put her to bed.
    When the household was asleep the new couple Rachael and Markos where sitting on the love seat in the living room talking about general things.
    " Are you sure you want to meet your uncle this week end. I can postpone the date to an appropriate time and when you feel okay to meet him." Markos said as he brushed her hair out of her face and took both her palms in his.
    "Like I said earlier on, I will meet him and he will never notice me because of my wig and my contact." Rachael told Markos as she laid her head on his chest.
    Markos subconsciously began to play with her natural brown hair as they both  continued to talk away in the night.
    "Did you say he had something to do with the death of your parents." Markos intentionally asked Rachael.
    He knew she never said those words to him but he needs to find out if that rascal is responsible.
    Rachael immediately stood up. She was nervous pacing about in the room.
    "Well I never told you this but yes he has something to do with my parents death. After the dinner i will show you something." Rachael said as she made her way to bed leaving Markos alone on the love seat.
    Saturday came like a rush. Rachael was so nervous. But luckily she had the house keep she considers as a mother.
    She told her about her true identity and the older woman wasn't surprise at all.
    "I know who you are dear. I one's walked on you in your room and you had your contact and wig off but you didn't see me so I shut the door quietly behind me." The house help said as she was trying to his her smile.
    "Why didn't you say anything to me. Aunty you know you are a good actress. You never behaved like someone who knew I was an imposter. And weren't you worried that I might harm the baby or steal something." Rachael asked as she took a sip of her coffee that faithful morning she decided to tell her.
    "Well actually no. Deep down I knew you had your reason for hiding your identity and I know you ain't a bad person after all you love Eva like your own daughter." The house help said as Rachael hugged her.
    The next person to be surprised by the revelation was Regina. Rachael's best friend.
    She couldn't shut or keep her voice low. She began to scream and jump when Rachael revealed who she was to her.
    Rachael was lost in thought at the dinner. She was dressed in a turquoise blue satin tapered dress with a high low sleeve.
    She had a deep V neck line showing some of her smooth and attracting breast.
    The back of the dress has an opening to the waist showing her bare back. Her hair was braid in a French style with some diamond ear ring and necklace. Her red lips was the most alluring part.
    She didn't want to wear the dress Regina helped her find but she wanted to seduce Markos more.
    But she did not only get the attention of Markos but her uncle as well. He kept on glancing at her even when she picked baby Eva up to put her to bed before the dinner began.
    At first Markos and her Uncle where talking about business while Rachael was playing with Eva.
    "Rachael are you here with us." Marko's wave in the air to catch her attention.
    "Eerm sure what did you say." She asked a slight blush on her flushed face.
    "Well my partner here says you look stunning." Markos put on a fake smile as he emphasized on the word partner.
    "Well thank you Mr. Wood's." Rachael politely replied. Markos was beside himself with jealousy.
    He felt disgusted by his new partner flirting with his own niece. Who does that.
    Dinner went on smoothly as Rachael promised to show the three most trusted people in her life the video of how her parents died.
    Rachael knew deep down she wasn't supposed to trust but everybody is not like her uncle.
    And with the support of her new family if they even consider her as such she will bring justice to her parents death and gain her rightful inheritance.

    Chapter 19 (Final)

    Marko's was beyond ferrous when he first watched the video with Rachael. If he thinks losing his wife is my most painful thing then he is wrong.
    Videoing your parent's as they are been killed and you can't do anything about it is rather the most painful thing.
    It like your world is falling apart when the center can no longer hold it. You don't know of you should scream or cry.
    That night Rachael sobbed and cried like a baby on Marko's chest. He could feel the bleeding of her heart, the hollowness in her heart.
    Her heart felt like it was pierced with thorns. He heart is just like that of the thorn bird.
    Even if the thorn will bring it pain it will stand on it and make a beautiful song.
    But in this case Rachael's own is different. The thorn bird willing stand's on the thorns but Rachael is forced to do it.
    If she doesn't stand still, even if she hisses from the unbearable pain her  faith will be that of her parents. Their family will be wiped clean.
    Some pains are best taken in silent. It either to save your self or not to give your abuser to see that he/she has gotten to you.
    Marko's clenched and unclenched his fists as he thought about the pain the young girl went through and is still going through.
    He promised himself he will make her happy no matter what it takes. And he will help her bring justice to her parents and her self.
    Marko's was really thinking fast about how to expose that bustard and a pathetic of an accuse of an ankle.
    It good he doesn't know who Rachael is he would have sent for people to come and silence her forever.
    But Rachael's better days are ahead. She has reached the end of her tunnel and her light is shining down upon her.
    She doesn't know yet but that is the end of her suffering. Marko's kissed her head before going to bed with a wonderful plan and smile on his face.
     He can't wait to see the reaction of Richard Wood's tomorrow with that he drifted off to a dream less sleep.
    Another grey and wet day met Rachael and Marko's. Rachael was dull and unhappy.
    But Marko's on the other hand can't wait to go to the meeting with the board of directors.
    Richard his new partner will be there. The thought of Richard made Marko's want to fly to where ever he is and strangle him.
    But he remembered the words of his late wife, 'slowly slowly good thing's comes to those who wait' The thought of her made him sad but he remembered she is in a better place now.
    When Marko's came down for breakfast he saw Rachael feeding baby Eva who is happy and clapping her tiny fits.
    He kissed Rachael on the lips and Eva on the temple as he stole a toast and made his way to the office.
    It hasn't been an hour when Marko's secretary informed him that the meeting is starting in ten minute's time.
    Marko's proudly walked to the conference room, all attention on him but he is used to it. He shook hand's and nodded at some people.
    He went to seat at the head of the long oval table. With a projector right behind him.
    After some little discussion he stood up to demonstrate something which earn him some few clapping and wolf whistle's.
    Soon it was Richard's turn who was seating to the left of Markos in a black well tailed suit.
    No denying he is attractive and he has this boyish grin on his face. Like a lady smitten by guy.
    "Hey are you alright." Regina asked Rachael immediately she put Eva to sleep.
    Rachael gave her a strange look like she has grown two head's. She just shrugged off what Regina said and went to seat on the grey couch.
    As Richard was doing the presentation something unexpected happened.
    "Richard don't do this to us. What do you want is it money, I will sign off all my properties and assets to you.
    Just spare my wife and I. If you won't spare me just let her go. She won't tell any one."  The man on the screen look's scared not for himself but for his family obviously.
    Bead's of sweat where tickling down his neck as both his hands and leg's where tied to a chair, same faith as the pretty Lady bedside him.
    Gasps was filled in the room when the video popped up at the end of Richard's presentation.
    " somebody turn it off how did this happen, who did this. I will kill who ever did this." Richard frantically said.
    "Security " Marko's yelled, upon hearing security Richard was quick to leave the premises with luck on his side he was able to get away.
    The rest of the board members watched the video with tears in their eye's. She pitied and wished the heir if the Wood's cooperation was alive to see this.
    They where surprised Marko's told them she was alive. It been almost a week now and the news of how Richard murders his own brother and sister in-law in a cold blooded manner is all over the net.
    He has gone into hiding, the police are trying their best to catch him. He must pay for his crime.
    Now the whole world knows Rachael is the long  lost daughter and rightful owner of the Wood's cooperation.
    She has been receiving anonymous letter's which there is no doubt is from Richard about coming to get her.
    She will pay for what she did to him and humiliating him. The police has been informed about the threats and they have been guiding the house ever since.
    Today is the day Rachael will officially start her work as the CEO of the Wood's cooperation.
    Reporter's are every where taking pictures and asking her questions which she answers them as best as she can.
    Something unexpected happened, a fire was shot and Rachael was down with a scream.
    Markos was instantly by her side. Yelling at anyone to call 911 cause she was losing a lot if blood.
    The police followed the direction where the gun was fired. It was none other than Richard.
    This time around he wasn't lucky and was caught by the police. He was laughing when he was caught claiming finally justice has been made.
    Rachael has been out of consciousness for almost a week because of the blood she lost but luckily for her the target missed her heart instead it hit her shoulder.
    Markos wouldn't leave her side for a second not to even bath or eat. He does everything in the hospital.
    The moving of hand in his own stirred him. When he opened his eyes Rachael was starring at him.
    He didn't say anything as he connected his lips to hers. She didn't waste time kissing him back.
    She raised her injured hand to tangle in his hair but hiss at the pain. Markos immediately stop kissing her to inspect her but she assured him she was okay.
    Her lips found his again and she used her good hand to bring him more closer to her.
    After the breath taking kiss Markos dropped on one knee on at the hospital to propose to her.
    When she said yes Regina and the house help squealed like babies. How they got there was a mystery to Markos and Rachael.
    After Rachael was discharged she visited her uncle who was sentenced life imprisonment with hard later.
    Four year's time Rachael was expecting her second child with Marko's.
    Eva was busily playing with her kid sister. She doesn't even know that Rachael is not her real mum and things are running and going smoothly with Rachael and Markos.
    They've merged their companies and they are one of the most successful business owner's in the world.
    Lucy has refuse to retire despite her old age. She still works for Rachael and Markos and the kids call her Grandma.
    Regina has gotten her Mr perfect and she is finally happy. In two weeks time she will get married.
    Candice has been tired down by a baby she doesn't want to have and was planning of aborting it but was talked out by her baby's daddy.
    She is due anytime soon. She apologized to Rachael and they are good friends now.
    Everybody lived happily ever after. Rachael has stopped been the imposter and using her real name Blair instead of Rachael.
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