Story: In Love and War


    The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other and think the other deserves the world. A strong friendship doesn't need only conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in heart, true friends never apart.
    Diana and Amy had been friends since high school. They attended the same school and both passed with good grades. Most people even thought that these two were twins. Amy's sister, Patricia envied their relationship and that she would give anything just to have one like that in her life. Amy supported Diana in everything. She even paid for her school fees.
    "You the best thing that ever happened to me, Amy. A true friend indeed," said Diana as she gave Amy a hug.
    They promised to stay friends forever and had developed a kind of sisterly affection for each other.
    "I love you Diana and I promise we will see each other very soon. It's just a matter of time," said Amy.
    "Make sure to communicate with me. I will be here waiting for you until you come back. I wish we were going together abroad. I will work very hard Amy as I promised you," said Diana.
    Amy's father, a Mayor had decided for his daughter that she should go and study abroad. She didn't like the idea just so because they had been friends with Diana for so long. It was not easy to just leave her all alone and not knowing who would help her.
    "No tears, Amy," said Diana wiping Amy's tears.
    "I never thought it could be so hard to say goodbye to you. You like a sister I ever had. How I wish dad would have agreed that I stay here and attend same University with you. Leaving you here feels like losing you forever, D," she said tears streaming down on her cheeks.
    "I will be here and you will never lose me. You my only friend and sister. I think your plane is about to take off," she went on. "Take good care of yourself. I will always love you, Amy," said Diana.
    "Mummy and Daddy!" said Amy holding both of her parents's hand. "Take good care of Diana. Help her with tuition fee and everything. You both know that she is like a sister to me."
    "I will my princess," said the Mayor. "I will take good care of her."
    "Yes, we will. She is also like my daughter. It's time to say goodbye now. I am going to miss you, my princess," said Sarah, Mayor's wife. "Study hard and make mummy proud," she kissed her on the cheek.
    "I will mummy," said Amy
    The two girls couldn't let go. After spending so many years together it was hard to say goodbye to each other. Amy kept turning and waved her hand to say goodbye to her best friend. Diana on the other side couldn't stop the tears from falling. She was going to miss her friend, her sister.
    "Daniel!" called out the Mayor
    "Sir!" responded Daniel, the driver.
    "Drive the young lady at her house. Make sure she arrives safe."
    "I will sir. Miss, this way," said  Daniel leading the way to where they had parked their car.
    "Thank you, sir!" said Diana.
    She had woken up early in the morning and left the house uncleaned . She didn't want to miss the chance of saying goodbye to her friend. She took a taxi to the airport.
    Daniel opened the car door for her. She sat at the back of the car remembering the good times that they shared together with Amy at high school. They were known as the brightest students at high school. She already missed her friend and wiped the tears  that had escaped. She dragged in a deep breath.
    The limo pulled up to Diana's gated 3 roomed house.
    "Thank you very much, sir," said Diana stepping out of the limo.
    "You welcome young lady. Take good care of yourself," said Daniel with a smile on his face.
    "I will sir!" she responded.
    She walked to her house which had no gate. If it was not for Amy who begged her father to pay for her tuition fee at University. She was not going to attend. She opened the door. Her mother was not around. She had woken up early in the morning to go at the market. There was nothing to eat and her two brothers we still sleeping. She sat down on the floor and the house looked empty. No television, no electricity, no sofa just a gas stove. She took the pot and lightened the gas stove to start cooking porridge for her brothers. She hoped that one day they will have a big house like Amy's, a mansion. She wondered a lot why their father chose to leave them. After few minutes later her mother walked in looking tired and with tears in her eyes.
    "Mum! What happened?"
    She helped her sit down and she started crying.
    "Mum! You scaring me. What is it?" she said patting her back.
    "My money is gone, everything. The shade was burnt down today. I lost everything. What are we going to eat today?. When will this suffering end. I am tired of being poor. I hate seeing my children suffer like this. I have failed you all. I am a bad mother," she said in between sobs.
    "Mum. Don't say that. It's going to be alright. I will find something to do. I will take care of you mum," she said embracing her.


    "Sisi Diana. We are having porridge again. When are we going to eat rice?. I am tired of eating porridge. Morning porridge, afternoon porridge and everning," shouted Admire loudly and angrily, the second born.
    "Admire. Just eat. Stop complaining," said Joyce, Diana's mother.
    "No! Mama. I am not going to eat the porridge," he shouted sitting up.
    "Admire!" called out Diana. "Come back here!"
    He ignored her and went straight to bed. Admire was 14 years old. He was a Grade 7 pupil and was about to write his final exams. He was a very bright student. He did not understand that his mother could not afford to buy them rice. He was very stubborn just like his father, Joyce thought.
    "It's all my fault. I am sorry, Diana," said Joyce.
    "Ohh mum. Don't be it's just Admire can be so stubborn sometimes. Don't mind him.  I will deal with him in the morning," said Diana sofly.
    "Sisi Diana!" called out Alex, the last born. "I want some water to drink."
    "You finished your porridge. Good kid. I am going to buy you jiggies tomorrow right," she said pinching him.
    "Yes and ice cream. I listen to mama. Admire always shouts at her. Mama if I grown old I will buy a car for you and a big house," said Alex smilingly.
    They both laughed.
    "What a kid! Already planning to buy a car for your mother. Now let's go to bed," said Diana sitting up. "Mum. You  should go and get some rest," she spoke looking at her.
    "No. I just want to wash dishes. You know cockroaches."
    "I will wash them mum. It's been a long a day. Go and get some rest."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Mum. I am 18 years old and you know I can do everything. Now take Alex and go to sleep."
    "Thank you my daughter. My legs are already hurting," said Joyce sitting up.
    She almost fell when Diana caught her hand.
    "Mum! Are you okay?"
    She helped her sit down. She poured a cup of water for her and took it all down.
    "Thank you!" she said handing her back the cup.
    "Are you okay?" asked Diana concerned.
    "My chest. I just felt dizzy maybe it's because I have been working too much."
    "You should get some rest. I will go and sell the tomatoes at the rank. I don't want anything bed to happen to you," said Diana. "Alex has already slept. Let me carry him to his bed."
    She carried Alex and laid him on the bed. She helped her mother to sleep before she started washing dishes. Tears steaming down on her cheeks. She wondered who was going to take care of her mother when she has gone to University. Only a month left for her to go. She finished washing dishes and went to sleep.
    She looked at her mother. She could not bear the pain of seeing her suffer because of her. She needed to find a part time job or be a maid. Thus she wanted to visit Amy's mother early in the morning. They had torned blankets. She could not sleep at night as she kept tossing and turning counting sheeps but she didn't seem to get any eye shut. She heard  Alex crying in his sleep. Her mother was about to get up since they both slept on the floor and stopped her.
    "Sleep mum. Let me," she whispered getting up.
    Her mother went back to sleep while she sat on the bed. She sat watching Alex's face. She shushed and patted and after no more than five minutes he had gone quiet. Looking at Alex she remembered how she used to rock him sleep while singing a song for him. She would wait untill he was in a deep sleep before putting him down. By the time Alex was 1 year old not only could he sleep comfortably out her arms and without feeding through his naps. He would have a quick feed when they went into the room then roll away and explore, play. After a while he would lay down and go to sleep. Diana would always lay next to him and sometimes he would come and cuddle with her. She wiped the tears that had escaped before kissing him on the cheek. She loved him very much and he looked just like her dad.
    "Poor thing. I love you, Alex. My little brother," she whispered looking at him.
    She went back to sleep but hardly slept that night. Alex was very unsettled overnight waking up most every 2 hours. She was about to go back to sleep again when Alex started crying.
    "What is it Alex?" she asked with a hint of panick in her voice.
    "My tummy hurts. Mama, my tummy," he cried out loud.
    "Mum! He is very hot. We need to go to the hospital," said Diana staring at Alex.
    Her mother did not respond.
    "Mum!" she shouted shaking her but still did not respond.
    She had no one to call. It was 2am in the morning. She got the strenght and decided to wake up Admire. He woke up.
    "What is it Sisi Diana?" asked Admire angrily.
    "It's mum and Alex. We need to take them to the hospital. Light up the candle. You will carry Alex on your back and I will carry mum," she said with tears in her eyes.
    She needed to be strong for Admire's sake. She carried her mother on her back while Admire carried Alex. They got out of the house and walked to the hospital. Diana's heart was pounding really fast. Praying that her mother was going to be alright.


    The air was very clear and the long morning shadows distinct. The sun shone briliantly. Diana kept pacing up and down the room after her mother was taken to the emergency room. It was around eight in the morning and she couldn't calm her nerves. She feared the worst might happen. She hadn't heard from the doctor about her mother and her little brother's condition.
    "Sisi Diana. Don't you know how to sit down? Stop pacing up and down the room like a mad person. You making me feel nervous," said Admire in a rude voice.
    Diana sat on the bench not wanting to fight with her brother.
    "Thank you!" he said
    After hours of sitting at the bench which felt like forever. The doctor walked inside the waiting room holding some papers. Diana quickly got up from the bench.
    "How is my mother?" asked Diana nervously
    "Sisi Diana!. Let him sit down first," said Admire with a serious look on his face.
    The doctor smiled looking at him.
    "He is right. Let's sit down first," he said softly.
    They both sat down and Admire paid attention to the doctor.
    "Your mother unfortunately  fell into a comma.  Her blood pressure is very high. We are going to keep her in the hospital under observation for days," he went on. "Alex is going to be alright. What have you been giving him?"
    "Porridge everyday," responded Admire.
    "Oh I see. He needs to change what he eats. He needs to eat something with balanced diet or he may suffer from ulcers later."
    Where was she going to find the money to buy food? She thought
    "Miss!" called out the doctor disrupting her thoughts
    "You can go and see your mother now. I must get back to work. Don't worry about hospital bills. I will take care of it," said the doctor.
    Diana was surprised. She had no idea where to get the money. She knelt down on the floor and the doctor helped her to get up.
    "A beautiful girl like you must not do that," said the doctor.
    "I don't know how to thank you. Thank you. God bless you, sir," said Diana.
    "It's okay. I will see you later young man. Here is some money. There is a shop outside. Go buy something to eat."
    "Thank you sir," said Admire smilingly.
    He immediately ran out of the hospital to buy some food. He was hungry after he went to bed in an empty stomach. The doctot walked with Diana as she headed to the room where her mother was being kept. She opened the door. Thinking that she could control her tears she walked to the bed. When she got close to her and held her hand she started crying. It's in that moment that she really felt like she needed a shoulder to lean on. She wished Amy was there to comfort her and tell her that everything was going to be alright.
    She held her hand and started praying.
    "Lord! Take me if you have to but please don't take my mother away from me. I need her in my life. You said you son Jesus will not leave us as orphans but would send us the Spirit who will protect us," she wiped her tears and went on. "I believe in you and that you can heal my mother. I believe that you can make her open her eyes again," she paused. "Way maker, miracle worker. Light in the darkness my God that is who you are. You touch every life, meet every need and wipe away all tears.," she stopped.
    The doctor was standing at the door watching Diana praying for her mother. He wiped the tear that had escaped his eyes before walking to his office. Diana got up and was about to walk to the door.
    "Diana!" said her mother with a low voice opening her eyes
    "Mum!" shouted Diana excitedly. "You are awake!" she exclaimed with tears in her eyes.
    She immediately stormed out of the room and went to call the doctor. The doctor walked fast to the room while Diana followed behind.
    "This is a miracle. Her blood has even dropped," he said after checking her. "You a miracle worker young lady. I have never seen nothing like this before."
    Dian smiled at him.
    "You should go to church doctor," she said silently.
    She later sat with her mother in the room and was happy she was alright. The hospital gave them some food to eat. Alex was doing well and things were now back to normal.
    "I need to go somewhere mum. I will be back," she said later that afternoon as they sat outside the hospital.
    "No problem. You will find us here since I am being discharged tomorrow," said Joyce.
    "Okay. I love you mum. You two behave. I will be back," she said sitting up.
    "And you too behave I am watching you. If you going to see your boyfriend tell him that you got a brother by the name Admir. If he ever do anything to hurt you I will kill him. I don't love you or like you but still you my sister," said Admire with a serious look on his face.
    He was a no nonsense man. Diana just looked at him.
    "Mum! Did you hear what he just said?" asked Diana shocked.
    "Off you go," said her mother laughingly.
    She got into a taxi and paid with the money doctor had gave her. The taxi driver parked the car outside a big house with a black gate. She got out of the taxi and walked to the gate. She rang the bell.


    "You can take a sit," offered Sarah.
    She poured a glass of champagne and sat on the leather sofa. She took a sip.
     "So what can I do for you?" she asked placing the glass on the glass table.
    Sarah watched her beautiful face as she scanned the room. Her eyes finally resting on hers.
    "Your house looks different," she said.
    She glowered at her and wondered what she was doing at her house. She was her daughter's friend but they were not relatives. Diana dragged in a sharp breath and looked around the room. She was scared of Sarah. It was her first time coming at the house alone and be in the sitting room. Everytime she came with Amy they would go to her room. She gazed at Sarah. Sarah had a serious look on her face that said "Get out of my house!". Diana, in her chest her heart was pounding, and a whole stream of butterflies had taken flight in her stomach. She took a deep breath forcing her racing heart to calm before slowly open her mouth. She had to remember her reason of even approaching this villian lady in the first place. She didn't know what was the matter with her. She had never experienced this before, not able to utter a word. Suddenly the Mayor walked from upstairs into the sitting room.
    "If it is not Miss Diana," he said smilingly.
    Diana was about to stand up when the mayor stopped her.
    "No! Take a sit young lady," he said with a hint of happiness in his voice.
    He sat beside his wife. He stared at Diana in a way that made her feel uncomfortable.  Her first reaction was to keep her eyes off him.
    "I am looking for a job," she finally spoke.
    "What kind of job?" said Sarah.
    "Anything even maid," she sounded so desperate.
    Sarah looked at her and didn't want her in her house. She could never accept her.
    "Oh, I was looking for a secretary or personal assistant to help me with my campaign," he said
    Sarah glared at him.
    "You can do that?" he asked.
    "Yes, sir I can. Is Ma okay with it? Isn't it too much. I have no experience," she spoke softly.
    Mayor looked at his wife. She knew that if she disagreed. She will be in big trouble with the Mayor. She quickly responded
    "It's okay I have no problem with it," she said faking a smile.
    "Thank you, sir. Thank you, Ma," she said excitedly.
    His gaze dropped from her eyes and lingered on her lips. She had sweet lips. He wanted to go over to her and kiss them until they hardened. Instead he focused his mind, because if one thing was true it was the fact that he was going to sleep with her. Yes, he was like a father to her but so what. Age was just a number to him. He wanted her the first time he set his eyes on her. He had been waiting for this opportunity to be close to her. She was just like any other girl at the night club, desperate for money. He picked up his drink and took a sip, all the while maintaining eye contact with her.
    "So you will come tomorrow at my office. Early in the morning. One of my man will teach you," he said his voice deep.
    "Okay. Thank you so much, sir."
    "You are welcome D."
    Was he flirting with her? Thought Sarah as she sat beside her husband. She feared for the worst since now Diana was going to be her personal assistant. She needed to keep a close eye on her.
    "I will send Daniel to come and pick you up tomorrow," he said.
    "It's okay sir. I will take a taxi," she disagreed when she noticed how much Sarah was looking at her.
    "No he will come."
    "Okay. I have to get going now. My mother is still at the hospital."
    "What happened to her?" he asked concerned.
    "She was sick but she is fine. Goodbye Ma!" she said sitting up.
    "Let me ask Daniel to take you at the hospital," he said sitting up.
    They got out of the house laughing while Sarah watched them. She felt jealous and needed to get rid of Diana very soon. She didn't trust her husband and knew that he would make her his second wife. There was no doubt about that.
    She got into the car and Daniel drove off. He went back inside the house and was about to walk to his study when she called out his name.
    "Sarah!" he responded facing aside.
    "She is very young. The way you were looking at her. If you think I will have another woman in my house. I won't say anything.... ," she spoke.
    He clenched his hands and drew in a deep breath.
    "You will do what?"
    He kept his voice controlled as he took his seat opposite her. She raised her brows at him suggestively. Damn, was the woman deliberately trying to provoke him?
    He stood
    "I didn't think so," he said heading to his study room.
    She swallowed hard and looked at him as he walked upstairs. He almost made her lose her nerves. For one tiny second she wanted to throw the glass at him and scream out his name. She had to have breathing space. She needed space and she needed it now. She grabbed her car keys walked out of the room. She got into her and drove off.
    The Mayor took his phone and dialled a number.
    "Sir!" responded the man on the otherline


    He was immaculately dressed in a dark suit and tie, the white of his shirt enhancing his attractive tan. The smile on his lips was warm and welcoming.
    "I know we need the money but I don't feel comfortable with you working for the Mayor. I don't trust him," said her mother the previous day.
    "Mum! He is a good man. Trust me and we need the money."
    "Just be careful around him Diana," said Joyce.
    She was discharged at the hospital but was not so happy to hear that her daughter was going to work for the Mayor. When Diana woke up early in the morning. Her mother hoped she had changed her mind. Instead Diana went to take a bath and walked out of the house in a black suit.
    "Welcome Miss Diana," he said extending his hand to great her.
    Her stomach did a strange flutter as those lips brushed sensuously over the back of her hand. She pulled back her hand. A sexy smile spread across his lips and she dragged in a ragged breath then swallowed hard. What was this old man trying to do? She thought as she made a step back. She cleared her throat.
    "I decided to take a taxi since Mr Daniel took long to come," she said nervously.
    His gaze was drawn to the way the skirt clung to her body. She was as desirable in the morning light as she had looked in his house. He wanted her more thaan he had ever wanted a woman.
    "Sir!" she called out disrupting his thoughts.
    "Okay. Ben will show you how it is done," he said softly.
    He was 50 years old but felt very young around her. Could it be that he was falling for this young lady? He looked at her lovely face. She was young more beautiful than his wife or daughter. Her lips set in a firm line of discontent and he couldn't help himself but wanting to kiss her. For a moment his gaze locked with hers, the dark depths of his eyes seeming to search hers as if looking into her soul.
    "Your phone is ringing," she said softly.
    He moved away from her and went outside the office to answer his call.
    "Talk to me."
    "So your wife went to meet up with a young man at a hotel," said the man on the other line.
    "How old?"
    "From what I have found out after researching about this guy. He is 25 years old."
    "Is she cheating on me with a boy?" he asked angrily.
    "I am still yet to investigate what she is up to with him."
    "Good! Do so I have some business to take care of," he spoke his eyes on Diana who was in the office going through some papers.
    He hanged up the phone call and walked back to the office.
    "I see you now working. Let me not disturb you. I am going at a meeting," he said opening his briefcase. "Here is the money for breakfast and lunch," he said handing her the money.
    "Sir! But I.."
    "Call me Mayor or rather Paul. And take the money. No buts"
    "Thank you so much, sir. God will surely bless you," she said.
    "There is more to come. Just do your job and you will see how sweet I can be," he said
    "I will do that sir."
    He walked out of the office. His driver was waiting for him outside. As soon as he saw the Mayor walking towards him. He opened the car door for him. He got inside the car and closed it.  
    "Where to sir?"
    "At the hotel. I need to make a reservation. I am taking someone out on a date," he said looking at Diana's picture that he had stolen from his daughter's photo album.
    The afternoon was going pretty well for Diana when Sarah burged in the Mayor's office and found Diana on the desktop. She quickly stood up.
    "Hello Ma!" she greeted.
    She didn't respond and clicked her tongue.
    "Where is my husband?" she asked with a serious look on her face.
    "At a meeting."
    "Okay! You are dismissed. You can pack your things and leave."
    She felt threatened by her. She was beautiful, young and obviously a virgin.
    "But Ma. I can't leave now because Mayor gave me job to do. I will get fired," she said.
    "If Mayor is your boss. So am I. Now leave," she shouted.
    She took her satchel and walked out of the office while the other workers looked at her. Whispering
    "She is very young. I hope he won't take advantage of her," said one of them
    "And beautiful. If only she knew who she dealing with. Did you see Madam Boss the look she gave her. We will just see where the drama ends," said another.
    Diana was about to get into a taxi when Daniel called out her name. She walked towards him.
    "The Mayor wants to see you in her car," he saud.
    She followed him and got inside the limo. She sat on the back seat opposite the Mayor. She thought maybe he wanted to talk about his campaign.
    "You going home already?" he asked.
    "Yes, sir!"
    "It's Paul. I brought you something," he said heading him a hand bag.
    She was about to open when Sarah, Mayor's wife opened the door.
    "What is going on here?" she asked her eyes on Diana.
    Diana just looked at her and the Mayor.
    Diana's first reaction was to get out of the limo but the Mayor held her hand.
    "Where are you going? Stay with me," said the Mayor not caring about his wife.
    Sarah clenched his fist. She felt defeated and that Diana had already won.


    "Daniel!" called out the Mayor.
    "Yes, sir!"
    "Drive the car to the hotel," he said staring at his wife.
    Diana just sat and didn't say anything. The last thing she wanted was to be enemies with Sarah. What she didn't know was that it was already too late. Sarah hated her more than ever. After getting embarassed because of Diana. She was going to make her pay. She just stood as the limo took off. She felt disrespected by his husband. She got into her car and drove off.
    "Sir! I think Ma hates me," said Diana.
    "Don't mind her. Let's just go and talk about the campaign at the hotel. She needs attention," said the mayor.
    Did she have any idea what he was up to? She saw him as a father and was very grateful for what he was doing. She sat comfortable in the limo but couldn't stop thinking about Sarah. They first passed by the saloon. She had her hair done.
    "We have to do something about your wardrobe," he said smilingly at they got out of the saloon.
    "Pardon, sir."
    "Let's go shopping!"
    People in the saloon stared at them as they walked. Adoring their relationship.
    "What a father, girl. He loves his daughter very much. I mean coming with her at the saloon and waiting until she was done," said one of the hair dresser.
    "I wish to have a father like him," said the other.
    She was happy to have to buy new clothes. She felt comfortable more than ever in her new hairstyle. He couldnt stop himself staring at her. They arrived at the hotel. Daniel opened the car door for Diana and the Mayor. They got into the hotel after she changed her shoes. Her heels tapped rhythmically as she walked behind him. He stopped outside a door, opened it and reached in to flick on the light. It was around 7pm.
    "I trust this will be comfortable for you. I will send Daniel at your house to let your mother know that you safe," he said.
    "Thank you, sir."
    The mayor stared at her and thought ordinarily. If he had taken a woman at a hotel he wouldn't be thinking of any kind of having a drink with her. He would be enjoying holding her, kissing her and thinking only satisfying his sexual needs. Their eyes met and for a moment it was as if everything hung in balance. She gazed at him. Did she know what he was going to do? He turned and broke the contact. He looked up to her and couldn't help himself as he reached up and kissed her lips. She slapped him hard on the cheek.
    "What is the meaning of this? You like a father to me," she said angrily.
    He ignored her and grabbed her waist. He wanted to kiss her and make love to her. He wanted her and could no longer control his feelings towards her.
    "Stop! You hurting me!" she shouted.
    He let her go and locked the door.
    "If you do anything to me. I will scream," she threatened.
    "No one will hear you, young lady. This is my hotel and it hasn't been opened yet. Come here!" he demanded.
    "No! I won't let you touch me. To even think that you gave me the job out of kindness. I should have listened to my mother,"she said.
    "Get undressed now!"
    He walked to her and pushed her against the wall. She screamed out loud but he didn't stop. He had more power than her. He pushed her on the bed. She couldn't, she couldn't let him touch her or rape her. She had to do it. She got up from the bed and kicked his genetials. He was about to fight with her when she hit him with a bottle of champagne. He fell on the floor. Her heart pounding really fast. Her emotional brain had already begun to respond along paths. She immediately took the keys, unlocked the door and got out of the room running. She ran out of the hotel. She didn't stop. It was dark but she didn't care less. She soon stopped and realised she was about to get her house. She couldn't stop the tears from falling. She walked at fast as she could bare footed.
    The house was on fire and she ran quickly. There were people outside her house.
    "Mum!" she shouted looking at the house which was burning. "Where is my mum? My brothers?" she asked looking like a mad person.
    "Where were you Diana? Poor child there was fire and your whole family have been taken to the hospital," said one of the neighbour.
    "Are they alright?"she asked with a hint of confusion in her voice.
    "Mr Mulema hasn't called yet. He is the one who drove them at the hospital. Let me take you at the hospital," said Solo.
    The house had been burnt down. People were standing outside. It was bad.
    "Poor child. They have lost everything. Do you think someone did this?" asked Besa
    "Maybe they left the candle on. Since there is no electricity. I hope they are going to be okay," said Faith.
    Solo drove the car at the hospital. Diana couldn't stop the tears from falling.
    "It is all my fault. I could have been there for them," she said thinking out loud.
    "They are going to be alright Diana. Such things happen in life," said Solo.
    He felt pity for her. They soon arrived at the hospital and found Mr Mulema sitting on the bench.
    "How is my mum?" asked Diana tears streaming down her cheeks.


    "Diana! You are here child," said Mr Mulema giving her a hug.
    He had acted like their uncle and sometimes helped them with food and blankets. Since he had some of his children abroad. He was a rich man.
    "How are they? My mum and brothers."
    "The doctor hasn't come out yet. Come let's sit down."
    "I can't sit down. I am scared Uncle Mulema. I should have been there with them. I don't want anything bad to happen to my mother and brothers. It is all my fault," she said in between sobs.
    "Don't blame yourself child. They are going to be alright," said Mr Mulema patting her back.
    She didn't want anything bad to happen to her family. If only she had listened to her mother. She sat on the bench thinking of what had happened for the house to get burnt. She had so many questions running through her mind that only her mother could answer. She felt guilty of staying out late. Her heart was pounding really fast. She was feeling nervous. Her body was on high alert. It was a nervous wait.At one stage she could not take much more sitting in the room so she decided to go outside. It was around 10pm.  She was about to get up when the doctor walked in. It was the same doctor who had paid for her mother's hospital bills.
    "What happened?" she asked.
    The doctor stared at her. Wondered how he was going to tell her the news. He took a deep breath and looked at Mulema. He shook his head.
    "Your mother is in a comma. It's a matter of life and death. Your other brother, Admire is okay luckily your mother managed to get him out of the house," he paused.
    "Wh wh wh what about Alex?" she stammered.
    "Unfortunately Alex didn't make it. We tried all we could but he had inhaled lot of smoke in the room."
    She heard the news that no one ever wants to hear. Words so horrible that she couldn't process them.
    "No no that can't be. Not my Alex. Nooooo!" she shouted
    She cried hystericallly. It was hard for her to accept that Alex was gone. The doctor, Solo and Mr Mulema helped her to calm down. She was comforted by them.
    "Be strong child. We are here for you," said Mr Mulema.
    She sat on the bench feeling bad. Rehashing what she could have done to make things happen differently. Dealing with a bad situation she was in, was dealing with grief. She wiped the tears before facing the doctor.
    "Can I see my Alex?"
    "Yes you can," he responded.
    She got up and was about to fall when the doctor caught her hand.
    "Are you okay Diana?" asked Solo concerned.
    "Carry her. I will go and check  on her," said the doctor to Solo.
    Solo carried her and followed the doctor.
    People contributed at the funeral. They bought the coffin for Alex. Admire sat at the corner remembering his brother. He was a strong boy. He didn't cry but deep down he was hurt. Knowing the person who killed his brother and now his mother was in hospital. He was not going to tell Diana. He feared the person will kill her.
    "If you tell anyone that I set the fire. I will kill your sister," he remembered the voice before he collapsed when his mother was still stuck inside the house.
    She was wearing a black dress at his funeral. She was in a disarrayed state of mind. She loved her brother so much and couldn't believe that he was no more. She placed roses into his casket
    "Goodbye Alex. I will always love you."
    She looked at him for the last time. He looked cute in his black suit. A little boy so funny and made everyone laugh at home. A boy who loved singing at church. He was 4 years old but everyone loved him. He was adorable. A boy who greeted every neighbour early in the morning. She wished he could open his eyes so they can play hide and seek.
    "Sisi Diana. Come out ahh I am tired," he always shouted in the house.
    Sometimes it could be past Alex's bedtime when he could not fall asleep. They hanged out a bit. The funeral was held at the church. They were about to go out to the graveside when the police barged inside the church with the Mayor.
    "That is the girl who almost killed me yesterday. She even stole my money," said the Mayor pointing at Diana.
    "What!" exclaimed Diana with a hint of confusion in her voice.
    "Arrest her immediately. We don't want such people in out  community," said Mayor.
    The police officer took Diana. They twisted her arms forcefully behind the back and put her in handcuffs.
    "I didn't do anything. He is lying to you," cried Diana.
    "Diana!" called out Admire following the police officer.
    Luckily the doctor, had attended the funeral grabbed his hand.
    "Let me go! Where are they taking my sister?" shouted Admire.
    They put her in the police van and drove with her at the station. The Mayor couldn't help it but smile. The doctor saw him smiling and walked up to him.
    "You don't deserve to be called Mayor," he said and headed to his car with Admire. He got inside the car and drove off.
    The Mayor looked at the doctor and his face looked familiar to him.
    "Where have I seen that boy?" he asked himself.
    The Mayor got into his limo and Daniel drove off.


    They beat her all over the body until she no longer cried no more. What wrong had she done to the Mayor? She thought to herself as she sat in her cell. Her clothes had been ripped off and she was in pain.
    "Get up!" ordered the officer.
    She quickly got up and wiped her tears.
    "Someone is here to see you."
    She followed the police officer and was led in a office. The man was sitting on a chair and placed his legs on the table. She looked at him and felt hatred and anger. In all those years she had been friends with his daughter. She respected him and thought at him as her father.
    "I didn't know you were so cruel. How could you lie to the police officer that I stole your money?" she asked with a serious look on her face.
    He burst out laughing. He stood up from the chair walked towards her. He stood in front of her and smiled.
    "I loved you Diana. I wanted you to be mine," he went on. "Just come and be with me. I don't want to hurt you my love. I am not resorting torture yet if it's the last thing I do. You will rot in jail if you don't agree to my proposal."
    "You disguisting. To even think you were good. Amy will have to hear about this," she said angrily.
    He shook his head.
    "Amy! She doesn't want to see you ever again. She hates you. Let me call her."
    He took his phone out of his pocket and dialled her daughter's number.
    "Dad!" she answered. "I am about to go for a lecture. Did they catch that stupid girl Diana?"
    "Yes, my princess."
    "How could she seduce my own father and after that steal your money. Don't let her near our house again. She doesn't deserve to be my friend," shouted Amy on the phone.
    Diana was about to say something when the Mayor cut the call.
    "How could you?"
    "She is my daughter. She trust me and believe me. Daddy's little girl," he said. "I told her that you seduced me. My wife told her that you tried to seduce me."
    "You cruel! You disguist me."
    He walked to her. He slapped her on the cheek.
    "Watch your mouth young lady. You don't know who you messing with," he gawked. "Josh!" he called out.
    The police officer got inside.
    "Here is your money," he said handing him the envelope. "Beat her. Don't give her any food. She is very stubborn."
    He walked out of the office. The police officer took her back at her cell. Upon arrival he did what he was told to do by the Mayor. He beat Diana repeatedly. She lay on the floor tears streaming down her face. She couldnt sleep. Her whole body hurts. She was in pain. She wanted to know why God could let something so terrible happen to her. Hasn't she been a good child? She never disrespected anyone. He knew God wouldn't let her get hurt. He loved her and wanted what was best for her.
    "He allows trials and suffering to occur in our lives for one purpose only because it's sometimes through the difficulties. The pain that He can take and shape us into the best we can. If you hurting it's not because God has given up on you. He loves you. He is willing to be there everystep of the way if you let him in and believe in him," she remembered the Pastor's words.
    She got up and knelt down.
    " I know you won't let me endure extreme suffering seemingly on my own. You will not give up on me. I need you Lord," she prayed.
    She spent the one hour praying to God. The police officer came to her cell.
    "Hey!" he shouted.
    She stopped and looked at him. She was ready to face him. She was not afraid of him anymore. She was not going to feel the pain of being beaten by him anymore.
    "Go to sleep. You think your God will come and break the cell and save you. Keep on dreaming young lady," he said and went back to his office.
    It was around 7pm
    Early in the morning. She couldn't get up. She slept on the floor with no shoes or blankets. She woke up with a fever and cough. Suddenly a police officer opened the cell. It was not Josh.
    "Her temperature is high," said the doctor after checking up on her.
    "Doctor. Where is my brother?" she said with a low voice.
    "Shhhh it's okay. He is at my house with my wife and kids. How are you feeling?"
    "Tired. My body hurts. He beat me up. I am feeling cold,  headache and sore throat," she said laying on the floor.
    "Okay. I am getting you out of here," he said carrying her. "Dylan. Make sure you get the name of the police officer who did this. This girl is innocent," he said to the police officer.
    "I will sir. I will make sure we arrest him today," said Dylan
    The doctor walked out of the station carrying Diana. The driver opened the door at the back seat. He drove the car at the doctor's house. He parked the car at a big house. The doctor took Diana to a spare room. His wife had gone to the hospital with Admire. He laid her on the bed and checked her temperature. It was high. He injected her while she laid on the bed unconcious.
    "I will take care of you. You good girl. You may be poor but you don't deserve this," he said holding her hand.
    He walked out of the room and needed to talk to his father about the Mayor.


    "Diaaana Diaaana Diaaaana Diana!" whispered Admire.
    She opened her eyes only to realise that it was morning. She was feeling better and smiled at him. It was sunny outside when Admire opened the curtains opening way for the sun's rays to come flooding into the room. She was also greeted with a cup of coffee and 2 slices of bread with polony.
    "I didn't know you were romantic. Breakfast in bed," said Diana smilingly.
    "Romantic? Me. I am still young to be tomantic. I thought maybe you had fell into a comma. Since yesterday you didn't wake up," said Admire sitting on the bed.
    "Did you miss me?"
    "What?! You. Hell no. Why would I? I don't even like you. Imagine I was made to babysit you this morning. And you were busy snoring," said Admire with a serious look on his face.
    What was funny about Admire? Everytime he made jokes he would have a serious look on his face.
    "Right Sisi D. I have to go to school. Remember I am starting to write my final exams today."
    "But we didn't pay the school fees," said Diana with a worried look on her face.
    "Uncle Raphael gave me the money. He is the one taking me to school. Goodbye Sisi D. I will see you later," he said sitting up.
    "I love you Admire. Thank you."
    "I don't love you too and you welcome."
    Diana laughed. Admire walked out of the room. The doctor was waiting for him in the loudge.
    "I am sorry I am late. The lady is soo talkative. We can go now," said Admire grabbing his satchel which was on the sofa.
    The doctor laughed.
    "Is she awake?" he asked.
    "Yes. Now eating her breakfast."
    "We thank the Lord. I will come and see her later," he went on. "Miriam!" he called out.
    "Yes hubby," she responded from the kitchen.
    "We are going now. Take care of Diana," said the doctor
    "I will honey. Have a nice day Admire," she said and kissed him on the fore head. "Bye babe," he kissed the doctor on the cheek.
    They walked out of the house, got into the car and drove off. Miriam walked upstairs and headed to the room where Diana was sleeping. She knocked on the door.
    "Come in!" responded Diana.
    She opened the door while Diana was making her bed. She didn't know Miriam.
    "Good morning!" greeted Diana.
    "Morning! How are you?" replied Miriam.
    They looked at each other. Miriam smiled.
    "Come downstairs so we can have a chat," she said smilingly.
    They walked out of the room.  Her heels clicked on a marble floor. They sat on the leather sofa. The dining room was modernised with Industrial style lighting. She balanced their stream lined look by combining the lighting with natural furnishings with distressed wood tables and wicker chairs. On the wall they were wedding photos of Mariam and Raphael. Miriam got up from her seat. She went and sat beside Diana. She looked innocent and beautiful. Miriam looked at her pretty face, saw a moment of hurting in her eyes.
    "You are very beautiful," she complemented.
    "Thank you!"
    Diana's heart was pounding in her chest so hard she was sure she would hear it.
    "I heard your story from my husband. I am very sorry about your little brother," she paused. "He has a very good heart that's what I love about him," she paused. "We would like you to stay with us. If that is okay with you."
    For a moment she thought she was dreaming.
    "Are you serious?" she asked with tears in her eyes.
    "Yes! We also want you to go to school. I heard that you passed by Admire," she said holding her hand.
    She hugged her. She started crying. Tears of happiness and joy.
    "I am sorry," she said wiping the tears.
    "It's okay. I believe these are tears of joy."
    "Yes. God bless you Auntie. I have never met people like you before. You have a hood heart. You and your husband."
    "I was also poor. I was an orphan when Raphael saw me at the rank selling tomatoes. I was just 18 years old. He took me to his house. Send me to school and now look at me. I am a lecturer at a University. I am forever grateful for what he did. That is why I am doing the same to you," she said wiping tears that had escaped.
    "Thank you so much. I won't disappoint and I will pay you back."
    "No no. If you go to school. Work hard. I know you will pass. Anywhere go take a bath. Oh I have got two kids they are twins. A boy and a girl, 9 years old."
    "Where are they? I would love to meet them."
    "They slept at their grandma's house. You will meet them. Off you go. We will pass by the hospital. I am sure you miss your mother," said Miriam.
    "I do. Thank you. Let me go," she said sitting up.
    She watched her as she ran upstairs. She felt pity for her.
    After shopping, Miriam drove the car at the hospital. Upon arrival Raphael was just coming out of the room to check on Diana's mother.
    "My two beautiful ladies," he said
    "Hey hubby," said Miriam giving him a hug.
    "How is my mother?" she asked.
    "She hasn't changed but she going to be alright," assured the doctor.
    "Can I go see her?"
    She went inside the room and sat on the bed. She held her mother's hand and prayed.

    CHAPTER 10

    PRESENT DAY:::07/09/2016
    The plane landed on the ground. She walked out of the plane. She looked different, more beautiful than before. Her every step scrutinized by all men at the airport as she walked with her suitcase. The charcoal skirt and jacket, although professional and businesslike, did little to disguise her womanly figure. The tantalising hint of lace camisole beneath the jacket caught their eyes, but it was the heel she wore that stole the show. Her designer leopard print heels not only spoke volumes about the real woman, but show cased the most frantic pair of legs they had seen in ages. Her glorious body intrigued them. She just smiled as she passed through them.
    "There she is mum!" shouted Kiara. "Auntie Diana!"
    She ran towards her. She let the suitcase fall and gave her a hug.
    "Hello Kiara. I missed you so much," she said. "Auntie Miriam! Look at you expecting another child," she said and hugged her.
    "Wow! You look beautiful Diana. London has treated you well. You look different. I wonder why those men can't stop staring at you," said Miriam.
    They both laughed.
    "Is that Diana or maybe it's another Diana!" exclaimed the doctor.
    "Uncle Raphael. It is me Diana," she said and they hugged.
    "You look different. Look at you.. ," said the doctor.
    "Can we go now? Seems those men can't keep their eyes off me," she went on. "How is my brother?"
    "Working hard. A very intelligent young man," said Raphael as they headed where he heard parked the car.
    They all got inside the car. Kiara the other twin couldn't stop complementing Diana.
    "Mum. I want to go to London also. I will come back looking more beautiful," she said.
    "This kid. You know Kendrick won't let you go all alone."
    They all laughed.
    "Uncle Raphael. Drop me off in town. I need to go somewhere," said Diana.
    "I will!"
    They dropped her off in town. She had to follow them later. She bought flowers and took a taxi at Warren Park. She got off and headed to the grave side. She got and knelt down.
    She placed the flowers on the tombstone. After her mother fell in a comma. Her condition got worse and she later died. Diana fell in a depression. She could hardly eat and was admitted at the hospital several times. Raphael and his wife decided to send her to London where Raphael's uncle lived. It was hard to convince her because she did not want to leave her brother. Admire was the one who got through her until she agreed. She never heard about Amy. The Mayor stopped looking for her. He lost his campaign. Since then the Mayor until now he didn't know who Raphael was.
    She dropped a tear. She had become a very strong lady because of his brother. Her mother was her friend, sister, superwoman. She missed her very much. She had so many fond memories of her. The pain of losing her mother became a scar.
    "Mummy! It's Diana, your daughter. I am a graduatee now. I wish you were here. I am a big girl now mum. Have just been called for a job interview at a biggest company in the country," she sighed. "I miss you mum a lot. I promise to take good care of Admire. All thanks to Uncle Raphael and Auntie Miriam for taking good  care of me," she went on. "I haven't found any man yet to marry me. I don't need one not now," she said with a laugh. "But well maybe I may need one in the near future. I love you mum. You will always be in my heart."
    She said her last words and got up. She walked where the taxi parked and got inside. The driver drove at the park. He dropped her and she walked around. She had missed the City.
    A taxi parked in front of her as she waited. She was about to get inside when someone pushed her aside. She fell to the ground.
    "What the hell is wrong with you?"?!" she shouted at him.
    "This is my taxi," he responded softly.
    "Then why did you have to push me?"
    "That was just a mistake. Ooops," he said was about to get inside
    When she pulled him out and slapped him hard on the cheek.
    "You are very rude!" she yelled.
    She got inside the taxi, closed the door and locked it.
    "Let's go driver!" she said.
    The driver didn't say anything but drove off afraid to be beaten. They ran out of fuel along the way had to stop. They parked along side the road. The taxi driver called his friend to come with another taxi.
    He parked outside the gate. She got off and had forgot to pay the taxi fee. She went back.
    "I am sorry. Why didn't you remind me of the taxi fee?"
    "I was afraid you would beat me up."
    She laughed and walked to the gate. She opened the gate. She headed to the house and opened the door.
    "Can you believe it? She slapped me, bro. I am going to look for her and if I do find her. She will pay. How dare she slap me? She doesn't know who I am," shouted the man
    The voice sounded familiar to her.
    "Many people don't know who I am until now. I am living a simple life. Out of social media," said Raphael.
    She walked in the loudge and staredhim

    CHAPTER 11

    Their eyes met.
    "You!" they exclaimed at the same time.
    She stood by the sofa, her phone in her hand. He looked up at her as she stood in front of him. He wanted to shout at her but soon ran out of words, mesmerized by her beauty.
    "You two know each other," said Raphael who broke the silence.
    He dropped his gaze and paid attention to his brother.
    "Yes bro. He is the girl I was telling you about," he said facing down.
    She put her phone on the table, sat beside him and smiled at him. She looked different. Guilt shot through him, after remembering what he had done to her few hours ago. He had never seen such a beautiful woman his entire life. How could one woman make him forget his words? Refusing to explore the answer to that question, he faced his brother. Raphael just sat folding his arms admiring the couple. He cleared his throat.
    "Diana. This is my young brother, Ray. He just returned from Canada. Graduated with a Masters and Ray, that is Diana. She lives here."
    He looked very handsome too. His dark eyes. He fought to stop his mind imagining things. Her beautiful dark eyes widened slightly and she drew in a sharp breath. She looked at him for a moment, his brown eyes cool and emotionless. She swallowed hard giving away the fact that she was attracted to him. A knock on the door drew their attention. Two men walked in the house. Ray immediately stood up. His brother stood up as well. Diana had no idea what was going on so she remained seated looking at these two.
    He walked inside the loudge followed by three men. All five of them stood in the house. Diana was shocked as he looked at her and smiled. She was about to sit up when he said.
    "No! Sit down. No need to be scared. I can see from your facial expression. You didn't know that these two were my sons," he said sitting on the sofa. "I am their father. Sit down boys. Since you two don't want to visit me. I thought I should be the one to visit. Surprise," he said softly.
    She looked at him for a moment and could not believe that she was in the same room with him. Surprised that Uncle Raphael was his son.
    "I was about to come and see you old man. You know how I love my brother," said Ray.
    "I assume that is my daughter-in law," he said staring at Diana. "Which country is she from? Her skin and beauty from England."
    "Dad! Can't you see you making my fiancee feel uncomfortable," said Ray.
    "She is my daughter-in law. I am playing with her. You should come and have coffee with the First Lady very soon."
    "I will definitely do so, sir," she faked a smile but deeply she was feeling nervous. "If you will excuse me," she said sitting up.
    "It's okay my daughter-in law."
    She headed to her room and Ray couldn't stop staring at her.
    "Ray!" called out her father.
    "Sir!" he responded
    Suddenly one of the body guard came and whispered something in his ear.
    "I would have to go. The Ambassador of China has arrived. Dinner at my house. Your mother will call you two. Ray bring my daughter-in law and Raphael pass my greetings to your wife," he said
    He walked out of the room
    "Are you coming bro for dinner?" asked Ray as he sit up.
    "I am coming," said Raphael.
    "I have to go now. The old man came with my driver. Say bye to the Villian lady," he said.
    Raphael laughed as he watched his brother walking out of the house. Diana came back after she watched him drove off. She headed to the loudge and found Raphael watching TV. Miriam had gone out with Kiara at the market.
    "I guess you need to explain something to me. All those years you kept me in the dark . I must say I am still shocked," she said.
    "I am sorry about that. What happened is my father didn't want me to be a doctor but get into politics. When I refused he got mad at me. I chose to go my way. That is why people don't know who I am. I just want to be secretive. Don't tell anyone that. I am the President's first son," said Raphael.
    "Wait! What about the kids? Do they know?"
    "No! They don't. They have never seen him before. They always go and visit my mother's big sister. They think that's their grand ma but Miriam knows."
    "Oh I see. Let  me go and take a bath," she got up and headed to the bathroom.
    The driver drove the limo at his house. He sat at the back seat thinking about Diana. Her breath taking beauty. Deep in his thought his phone rang.
    "Hello!" he responded.
    "Babe! Finally you picked up. I know you back in the country. I miss you and I love you," she said softly sounding desperate.
    "You now desperate. Listen I want nothing to do with you. You broke my heart. Treated you like a queen. You cheated on me with my friendHow could you sleep with my best friend?!" he shouted on the phone angrily.
    "I am sorry babe. It was a mistake. Can we meet so we can talk about this?"
    "Listen Amy. I want nothing to do with you. Stop calling me or texting. Go. Be with Brendon. And Amy I am no longer interested in you. You don't deserve me after what you did," he said and switched off his phone.

    CHAPTER 12

    Diana entered the sleek luxury of the office and knew she was being watched. Every men in the office looked at her. She knocked on the door and he responded.
    "Come in!"
    He immediately stood up upon seeing the beautiful lady in his office. He quickly went by and pulled the chair for her. She sat down.
    "Thank you. Already treating me like a Boss," she said with a smile.
    His mouth was set in a firm of line that highlighted the harsh angles of his cheekbones, softened only slightly by his tanned complexion. His jaw was cleanshaven, but she didn't miss the way he clenched it, as if biting his words.
    "Where are my manners? Can I offer you something to drink."
    "No no it's eight in the morning. I had a cup of coffee on my way here. Let's just get into business," she said sounding formal.
    He took out some papers from his drawer.
    "I welcome you to the company Miss D. The Vice President of the company. I have had a lot about you from my friends in London. I guess I don't need to ask who Diana is."
    He smiled. An indolent smile that tugged at the corners of his mouth. Her breath caught in her throat and nervous almost swarmed over her.
    "I don't know what to say. Thank you so much. I was feeling nervous to meet you. I mean your company is the biggest company in the Country. You have already won so many awards," she spoke firmly, determined he should never know just how excited she was.
    "I guess I need to introduce you to the team," he said sitting up.
    He led the way while Diana followed behind him. He got inside the room where all of the share holders sat. He cleared his throat and everyone paid attention to him while Diana stood beside him.
    "The reason why I called for the board meeting is to introduce you all to our new Vice President of our company. Miss Diana Sakala," he spoke loudly.
    Everyone clapped their hands.
    "Make her feel welcome in our Company," he went on. "Miss Diana we welcome you to our Company. Make and feel yourself at home."
    "Thank you so much. Mr Walter Mafukidze," she said.
    They walked out of the room. Walter showed her the office and was immediately given a personal assistant. She was extremely happy and thanked the Lord for her life had changed. As she sat in her office, she thought about her mother. If only she was alife but Admire was there. She had missed him since he was at a boarding school. She poured herself a glass of water and drank it. After hours in her office. She felt tired and dozed off on the table. When she woke up it was around seven in the everning. Everyone had gone home.
    "I didn't realise I had slept that long," she said to herself.
    She immediately packed her things and was about to walk out of the office when she realised her person assistant was still in the office.
    "Jane! Why are you still here?"
    "I was waiting for you ma'am. Mr Walter said I shouldn't leave you all alone in the office," she said.
    "Ohh Rose. You can go now."
    "Really?" she said excitedly. "Thank you my boyfriend had been waiting for me outside. Goodbye Miss," she said running off.
    Diana got in the elevator. She walked out of the office. Since she had no car yet. She was about to call her taxi driver when he grabbed her waist from the back.
    "Hello my babe," he whispered.
    She turned to face him and their eyes met. She pushed him.
    "What are you doing?"
    "Why are you over reacting? Didn't you miss me? Won't it be so cool to date the son of The President," he said.
    "Oh please," she rolled her eyes. "Even if you were son of 200 Presidents I wouldn't date you."
    She looked up at him, her breath catching as he moved closer to her. He was immaculately dressed in a dark suit and tie, the white of his shirt enhancing his attractive can.
    The smile on his lips was warm and welcoming. That same warmth reached his eyes as he took her hand. The touch of his fingers as he lightly held hers made her shiver, as if a feather had been trailed down her spine.
    "Speak," she told herself. "Don't let his act of attraction distract you."
    "Good everning, Mr Ray," she said, injecting firmness into her voice. "It is a pleasure to meet you again. If you don't mind I want to go home."
    "Ouch! My heart. Am I being rejected?" he said. "Well my lady incase you forgot. It's dinner tonight with my family. Dad sent me to pick you up. I am sure you don't want to disappoint him. He had the dinner planned just for you," he said with a smile.
    She had forgotten about the dinner. At the same time she didn't want to disappoint the President and be in the same car with a Ray.
    "Let's go!" she said.
    "Hmmmm. We need to do something about your dress. I bought you something. What you wearing is too formal. Not a cocktail dress," he said looking at her body.
    "That's just an insult!" she snapped.
    "No, my lady. Let's go. Your dressmaker, hairstyle, shoe maker and make up artist they are waiting for you at the hotel."
    "You idiot!" she shouted heading to the limo.
    He opened the door for her and they drove off at the hotel.

    CHAPTER 13

    She was confident, feminine, had a good sense of humour. Her beauty was from within. She walked in the room in strappy high heels. She wore a long glamorous in a long gown accessorised with clutches. They stared at each other for a long moment.
    "I would never date you."
    His mind replayed what she had said moments before. Purposefully he moved towards her. Silence stretched between them.
    "You look stunning!" he said softly.
    She blushed and it shocked him to realise how she had never blushed before. Did he have feelings for her? She no longer trusted a woman after what his fiancee did to him. He took in a deep breath and removed a small velvet box from his pocket.
    "Something is missing. Can I?"
    He helped her wear the necklace. She pulled her hair to the side, when she felt his hand on her neck a little shiver went down her spine.
    "You look gorgeous," he said.
    His voice was deep and incredibly seductive. Her heart jolted and her pulse as his fingers trailed on her neck. This man wanted her, desired her. He smiled at her.
    "Shall we?"
    They walked out of the hotel hand in hand. He opened the car door for her. She got inside and he sat beside her. He looked at her as the engine growled to life, his gaze so hot. When those dark and beautiful eyes met his. He knew it already that he had fallen for her. She sat silently looking out the window. The car sped along the road. The car stopped. He got out and opened the car door for her. They got inside the house and some of the bodyguards waited outside. Raphael and Miriam had already come.
    "If it isn't my daughter-in law," said the First Lady getting up from the chair.
    She gave Diana a hug and she was surprised. She didn't want to pretend anymore. Ray pulled out the chair for her. When her knees bend to sit, he gently pushed the chair in with both hands on the back rest. He sat beside her. A man stepped forward, offering a glass of champagne and Diana took it. She looked at him and he raised his glass to her.
    "To my beautiful fiancee," he said not minding his parents or brother.
    "To my husband to be," she flirted.
    She had to play the game well so she smiled as he smiled. But her words weren't lies. He was more handsome than she could ever have dreamed of, sitting on the chair in his designer suit, glass champagne in hand, passion for her sparking in his eyes. He was everything and more for her abandoned dream of the perfect man.
    "The food is delicious."
    He sipped his champagne and she watched him swallow, mesmerized by the movement of his throat. Food was the last thing she wanted right now, but maybe it would bring her back to her senses, dull the thud of desire in her veins and enable her to think rationally.
    "You look beautiful, my lady," he whispered.
    Diana took another sip of champagne anything to calm her nerves and then turned to face him
    "Could you just shut up!" she whispered.
    His hand reached out, his fingers lifting her chin so that she had no option but to look at him. He wiped her with a cloth.
    "There was something on your mouth," he said.
    Everyone paid their attention on them. The President and his wife couldn't stop smiling. They were happy for their son. After dinner the three ladies sat in the First lady jewelry room.
    "I am so proud of my sons. They have such beautiful ladies," she said smilingly. "Miriam. You such a good wife. I know Raphael doesn't want people to know that he is the President's son but he is well protected by you."
    "Thank you mother-in law," said Miriam.
    "I should be thanking you. Raphael is a happy man all because of you. I got worried when he left the house after fighting with his father. Look at you, you the one who brought him back. You even showed us my grandchildren even though they don't that. I am their real grandma," she went on. "Diana! We must prepare for your wedding. I was thinking a month from now."
    "What!" exclaimed Diana in shock.
    "You don't want to marry my son."
    "No no no. I mean I am so happy right now. I was so stressed about the wedding," she lied and faked a smile.
    "Okay then. Let's have our coffee."
    They talked and laughed. The first lady even gave Diana her favourite necklace. The President and his sons were watching soccer. Later on Raphael and Miriam left the house.
    "Thank you for dinner. It was lovely mum and dad," said Raphael before they drove off.
    While Diana and Ray had already left. Ray was the one driving the car.
    "This is not the road to my flat," said Diana since she had moved out of Raphael's mansion.
    "I know. We going to watch a movie at my house my lady," he said his eyes focused on the road.
    "At your house!" she shouted.
    "Relax. There are many rooms. The house is big. I won't do anything to you my future wife. Did you see how mum and dad were looking at us? We make the Best couple in the country," said Ray.
    Diana smiled.
    "Yah and she talked about the wedding. It's time we tell me that we not dating."
    "Wait! No! We can make it real," he said.

    CHAPTER 14

    Dropping his keys onto a table, he took off his jacket and tossed it over the back of a large black leather sofa. Unable to keep her eyes off him, she watched as he loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top of his shirt. Dark tanned skin drew her eyes and she had to force herself to look away.
    "You the second woman I have brought to my house," he said softly.
    "I should be honoured then," she replied in an attempt to hide her thoughts.
    Ray flicked on a light, wanting to see Diana's face better. In fact he wanted to see more than just her face. All evening her soft skin had teased his senses so much so that he had done the one thing he never did with any woman. He would kiss her publicly.
    "You want champagne?"
    He should just be showing her to her room as he had intended. Too tempting.
    "No, thanks."
    Her frosty tone made it clear the villain lady was back. He watched as she walked across the room to down on the hotel, at the city lights reflected.
    "No, thanks, she turned to face him. "We both know this isn't for real and there isn't anyone here to witness anything more, so can we just say goodnight and go to bed separately?"
    He raised his brows at that last word and was rewarded with a light flush to her cheeks, giving her an air of innocence. Their eyes met for a moment it was as if everything hung in the balance. Bodly she held his gaze. Did she have any idea how magnificent she looked? A glacial beauty with barely concealed simmering passion.
    "I will show you to your room."
    He turned and broke the contact but could feel her gaze flowing him. A sizzle of desire zipped through him and he gripped his hands into fists. If she could be so coldly in control then so could he. She walked behind him. He stopped outside a door, opened it and reached in to flick on the light.
    "This will be comfortable for you. If you need anything I will be here."
    "I won't need anything," she said lifting her chin.
    "I will see you in the morning then," he said and stepped away from her. Away from the temptation of her body, away from the seductive scent that wrapped itself around him. In that moment he realised he was a good man if he couldn't allow this woman to sleep alone. But she fired something deep within him. Something so powerful he didn't want to ignore it.
    "Goodnight," she whispered and moved into the room
    His voice was harsh as he battled with emotions long since packed away. Damn it all. They were not dating. He walked back to the sitting room. He was about to pour himself a glass of champagne when he heard a knock. He strode to the door and opened it. The last person he expected to see was standing right in front of him.
    "Amy! What the hell are you doing here?" he said with a low voice closing the door.
    "I missed you babe. Let's get inside and talk."
    "You are drunk! Have you been drinking?"
    "Yes my love. I miss you so much babe. I can't sleep at night thinking about you. I regret my actions with all of my heart," she said in tears. "The bottom line is I met Brendon. I found him attractive and I slept with him. I could go on..on..on.about how overwhelming my feelings were at the time and how I couldn't help myself succumbing to them. But I deceived myself," she said holding Ray.
    He pushed her aside.
    "Listen Amy. You need to leave my house. Go home. Take a shower and have a cup of coffee. Since when you drink. You looking miserable. I treated you well Amy but you disapponited me. Took me for granted," he said with a serious look.
    "Are you chasing me away babe? I will kill myself. I love you babe," she said her hand on his cheek. "You are mine babe. Mine alone," she said and passed out in his arms.
    Ray let her sleep on the verandah. He wanted to lock the door but he was not that type of a guy. Since he had a spare room. He opened the door and carried her to another room. He laid her on the bed.
    He stared at her and remembered how they met. She was a new student in Canada. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen his entire life.
    "Are you new here? My name is Ray and you are?"
    "Amy!" she responded with a most beautiful smile.
    It didnt take him long to propose her. She accepted his proposal and they started dating. Brendon always told Ray that he envied his relationship with Amy. He would give anything just to have one like that. He didn't want to rush things with her. She was a virgin and he wanted to marry her. He loved her with all his heart.
    One day his best friend was on top of his girlfriend. They were making out as if the world was going to end on that particular day. They were kissing and touching as if they were going to die the next minute. It was an image he would have wished to completely rub off his head.
    After about five minutes staring at her. He got up from  the bed and switched off the lights. He headed to the bathroom. Took a bath and later went to sleep..
    I am tired now. Let's meet tomorrow. Love you all. Goodnyt.

    CHAPTER 15

    Ray's pulse pounded in his head and a fire coursed through his veins which had little to do with the punishing early morning run he had just completed. He thought about Diana and how he was going to deal with Amy as well. How could Diana drive him to such distraction? Refusing to explore the answer to that question, he returned to his house.
    Diana woke up with a start. Her heart thumped in her chest like a hammer as she tried to blink away the images that had haunted her sleep. Images of Amy and her fighting. Images that had heated her body as surely as if she had been fighting with her. She dragged in a sharp breath and looked around the room, different now the calm light of dawn was casting it's glow. She pulled the sheet tighter against her, feeling suddenly naked in her underwear. Waking up in a man's bed, even if it was only the guest bed, was something she was not used to. She groaned the thought of going to work. She didn't want to face Ray but leave immediately. Could she make it outside? The thought raced into her head and quickly she flung back the sheet and grabbed her dress. At the bedroom door she paused, took a deep breath forcing her heart to calm before slowly opening it. Silence greeted her and she smiled, sure she was going to be able to slip away. With her bag in her hand and heels dangling from her fingers she closed the door and padded softly along the floor of the corridor, but as she got to the stairs. She bumped into Amy. They looked at each other. Diana froze in place. She raised her brows and her heart started pounding really fast. She recognised Amy but Amy didn't
    "Your face looks familiar. What are you doing here?" said Amy.
    Diana stared at her. She couldn't utter a word. Amy looked at her from head to toe. Trying to remember who she was. Diana stood firm, like a soldier on parade being inspected by a commanding officer. She walked slowly round behind her, admiring her looks. She didn't flinch, didn't move. Right at that moment she remembered her. Her ex best friend. The girl who seduced her father.
    "Diana!" she shouted angrily
    "Amy!" she said softly.
    "You bitch! What are you doing here in my fiancee's house. You seduced my father to sleep with you. Now you after my man."
    Diana looked at her not knowing what she was talking about.
    "Excuse me!"
    "Don't excuse me. You know what I am talking about," her gaze met hers.
    As she stood before her she was not only sculpted from ice but frozen to the core. A controversy indeed.
    "I don't know what you talking about and Ray is not my friend. I am late for work," she said. She was bout to go down the stairs when Amy grabbed her hand and pushed her against the wall.
    "You are not going anyway lady!" shouted Amy. "You tell me if you in love with Ray."
    "You hurting me Amy. I swear to you. We not dating. The last thing I want is to fight with you," pleaded Diana. "Your father lied to you. He is the one who tried to rape me. We had been friends Amy for long. How will I do such a thing."
    "Oh please Diana. Crocodile tears. You were always desperate because you were poor. I helped you at school and I wish I had never do that. Listen here Ray is mine and you not going to take him away from me," she threatened.
    "Are you threatening me?"
    "I will do more than that. I will bury you alive if I have too."
    Ray heard female voices coming from the house. Amy looked on the window and saw Ray coming inside the house. She pulled Amy.
    "What are you doing?" asked Diana.
    "Making him hate you," replied Amy with a smile on her face.
    Amy threw herself down the stairs. Diana stood and opened her mouth widely. As Amy landed on the floor. Ray stared at her body. He looked at Diana who stood
    "Diana!" he shouted. He clenched his hands into fists. "What have you done!"
    "I I I I di..." stammered Diana.
    "Amy! Amy!" called out Ray shooking her but she didn't respond.
    He immediately grabbed his car keys. He carried Amy.
    "You better pray that nothing happens to her or you will be charged with murder," he said before walking out of the house.
    He got into his car and drove off to the hospital leaving Diana all alone in his house. Diana walked slowly out of the house and took a taxi to his house. After few minutes the taxi driver dropped her at her house. She entered the house and sat on the couch. Tears streaming down on her cheeks. Her thoughts were disrupted by a phone call. She wiped her tears before answering the call.
    "Miss Diana. It's Walter. You didn't come in today. Are you okay?"
    "I am sorry. I was not feeling well. I am coming right away," said Diana with a low voice.
    "No no it's okay don't stress. If you not feeling well. You can work from home. I will send your personal assistant at your house. Give me the address," said Walter.
    "Thank you very much. God bless you. Let me give it to you."
    After she hanged up the call. She headed to the bathroom. She felt nervous as she sat on her bed wondering why Amy could do such a thing to her.

    CHAPTER 16

    Ray was sitting on the bench. He was feeling nervous and had so many questions
    "How is she?"
    "She is okay no internal injury," said the doctor
    "Are you sure doctor?"
    "Yes. She is even awake. You can go and see her."
    Ray followed the doctor. He walked behind him and was led in a room. The doctor opened the door and let him inside.
    "If you need anything I will be in my house," he said before closing the door.
    Ray made a step close to the bed. He sat on the bed and looked at Amy.
    "What happened between you and Diana?"
    He paid attention to the eye contact Amy maintained. He knew she was a good liar. She had lied to him several times. Amy needed to play the game rightly. She faked tears.
    "I was just coming from the bathroom. She asked me who I was and when I told her that. I was your girlfriend. She got mad at me and threw me down the stairs," she lied.
    It didn't make sense to Ray so he kept quiet for a while. He knew Amy was not telling him the truth. She and Diana knew each other.
    "You need to tell me everything or else! You threw yourself down those stairs. I know you did it so that I could hate Diana. You didn't really have a choice so you threw yourself down the stairs."
    Amy jumped in and corrected.
    "I don't want her to be with you. I wanted to get rid of her," she said not thinking.
    After realising that she had told the truth. She thought of another plan.
    "I am laying charges of assault. She pushed me down those stairs."
    "You won't dare. You crazy," said Ray getting up. "If you come after Diana again. I swear Amy..... You will hate me!" he said walking to the door.
    He stopped, turned and faced her.
    "I don't want to see you at my house," he said and slammed the door in her face.
    "Dammit Diana!" shouted Amy when Ray had closed the door. "This is far from over. Let the war begin."
    Ray got in his car and made a phone call to his brother before starting it.
    "Ray. I am at work what is it?"
    "Bro help me out. I need to see my lady. Can I have address to her house? Please bro I will buy you some sweets."
    "Man! I am not Kiara who loves sweets. We still need to talk about Diana. I know you guys are pretending but if it so happens that you have true feelings for her. I beg you to take good care of her. She has been through a lot in her life," advised Raphael.
    "I will bro. Now the address. The counselling save for later. Mr Marriage Counsellor"
    "Okay cool. Write it down."
    Ray wrote down the address. He started his car and drove off at Diana's house.
    "Miss!" called out Rose.
    "I can see you have a lot in your mind. For hours now I had been talking to myself. Let me leave you to rest," said Rose getting up.
    "Thank you Rose.I am sorry. I kinda wasted your time."
    "No need to. Guess I will see you tomorrow when you feeling better," said Rose.
    "Yes!" responded Diana walking her to the door. "Take care," she said before closing her door.
    She sat on her sofa. She wanted to see Ray and tell him the truth. Yes, they were not dating but she felt that he needed to explain to him what really happened.
    She got lost inside her own thought. She didn't pay attention on what was happening around her. She felt cut off from the world. She felt trapped. A knock on the door disrupted her thoughts. She was not expecting anyone. Who could it be? She thought to herself. She walked to the door and opened the door.
    He was standing at the door. His hands in his pocket. Her heart started pounding really fast.
    "Can I come inside?"
    "Yah sure," she said and closed the door when he got inside.
    He made himself comfortable on the sofa. She was shaking like a leaf and he noticed it. Different from Amy who used to hide her nerves.
    "I want to ap...."
    "Why did you push her down the stairs?!" he shouted at her pretending to be angry. He wanted to scare her and she was.
    "I did not push her. She pushed herself. I mean she threw herself down those stairs," she said with a innocent look on her face. "Why didn't you tell me that you had a fiancee? To even think that I would fall for a guy like you."
    "What! She is not my fiancee D. We broke up months ago."
    "Oh please Ray. I am not a twelve year old that you can lie to. Enough of the lies. I may have not pushed her. I know I am not guilty but the guilt one here is you," she paused.
    "No, Diana. Listen," he looked at her.
    She was beautiful but not that only. He had devoped some feelings for her. She had too,  but there was Amy between them. He was afraid to confess what he felt about her. She was afraid to be in love with him. Amy was a threat. They kept quiet for a while.
    "I think it will be best if you leave my house. I don't want to see you again," she said with tears.
    She didn't mean it but she was trying to protect him. He didn't want to leave. He didn't want to let her go. She was his soulmate and he felt it. He walked out of the house.
    I was in tears when I wrote this chapter. First time since I started writing. I was crying..

    CHAPTER 17

    He drove his car to his house. Upon arrival he parked the car at the garage and headed to his house. He opened the door and poured a glass of water. He sat down on the floor his hands on the head. Eversince he broke up with Amy he never felt so broken before. He felt as if someone so special had been taken away from him. His happiness and laughter. He thought he was going to get what a man could wish for. A good woman, beautiful with a good heart, adored by everyone and very funny. The tears that ran down his cheeks were filled with sadness and hurt. She crossed his mind every minute and hour ever since he met her. Forgetting about her was going to be so hard. He knew his heart was broken before but after meeting Diana. It healed, his heart beat for her.
    "Ray!" called out Raphael tapping his shoulder. "What are you doing sitting on the floor? You left the door open. What is happening? Talk to me."
    He sniffed.
    "I lost her brother. I lost a woman that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with."
    "What did you do to Diana? What do you mean you lost her? Isn't it you guys were pretending just to please mum and dad?" asked Raphael with a hint of confusion in his voice.
    He helped Ray to get up from the floor. They sat on the couch.
    "What happened?" asked Raphael concerned.
    "I had fallen in love with her bro. I could feel it in my heart that she was the girl I had been praying for. I wanted to be with her," he went on. "I wanted to wake up every morning with her in my bed. I wanted to love her, treat her like a queen but I can't now. She kicked me out of her life."
    Ray started telling his story. How he met Amy? And that for Diana to kick her out. She had met Amy.
    "Wait! Amy! You mean the ex Mayor's daughter?" asked Raphael surprised.
    "Yes, bro. She is exactly the one."
    "That family is bad news. I don't think I should be the one telling you this but Amy and Diana used to be best friends. The Mayor tried to rape Diana when she had just finished high school," he went on. "The Mayor got Diana arrested but I bailed her out. He lied saying she stole his money. That is the reason. If that girl is back Diana is not safe. To even think that you dated the girl. Wow. An applause for you."
    Ray scratched his head. He got up and poured himself a glass of wine. He took it all down and took a deep breath before going back to sit with his brother.
    "A hell of a story. What should I do? I made them sleep in my house last night. They met in the morning and Amy was pushed down the stairs by Diana," said Ray.
    "What!" exclaimed Raphael
    "Don't worry I didn't believe Amy's story. That one is a good liar. I think she threw herself down the stairs so that I could hate Diana. But that made me fall for her even deep. I can't stop thinking about her bro."
    "What kind of girl does that?"
    "She is obsessed with me. I need to go and see Diana. If I go at her house she won't open the door for me. Can you call her say Auntie Miriam wants to see her. Please bro," he begged.
    "You will pay me."
    "Yes! I will buy you sweets," he said with a serious look in his face.
    Raphael immediately called Diana and she agreed to come. Later the two men drove to Raphael's house.
    "Auntie Miriam, I am nervous," said Ray late that night.
    "You don't need to be. Be honest with your self. Tell her what you feel. She is a good girl," said Miriam as he sat beside her.
    They heard a knock on the door.
    "I think its her," said Raphael. "Come on wifey let's leave the two love birds."
    They walked hand in hand heading to their room. The twins were not around. They hardly spent the time with their parents. They found them so annoying and boring thus they prefered staying with their grandma. Their parents had gotten used to it.
    He took a deep breath before opening the door. His heart pounding really fast. He opened the door slowly. Their eyes met
    "Hie!" he said.
    "Hie!" she kept her voice bright, as if this scenario was one she was familiar with and met his gaze.
    "Come inside!"
    She walked inside the house and sat on the sofa. He sat beside her. He smiled at her and the butterflies in her stomach fluttered even more widly, but before she could speak he continued.
    "You look beautiful my lady."
    She didn't respond with words but he saw her expression change. She smiled back.
    "I believe you did not push Amy down those stairs. Amy is my ex fiancee. She slept with my best friend. I caught them. I know that she was your best friend," he said. "I love you Diana. I know we hardly know each but you the woman had been looking for. I can't stop thinking about you. Don't worry about that psycho Amy. She will never harm you as long I stay by your side."
    "But What if."
    Unable to control himself, he silenced her with a kiss so hard and deep he almost couldn't breath. It was as if bond was forming with the kiss. He pulled back.
    "This is what I feel about you. I am in love with you my lady," he smiled.
    She smiled back and held her tightly in his arms.

    CHAPTER 18

    "I hate her daddy!" shouted Amy throwing water glass on the wall. "How can she take him away from me?"
    "Calm down babe. Even if she is rich now. She is always poor because she was born poor," said Sarah patting her daughter's back.
    "No, mummy. Ray is mine. He loves me not her. I am going to make her pay. Help me daddy," she said staring at her father.
    "Alright I will help you. Come here my princess. I won't let that poor girl take my son-in law. She doesn't deserve him," said the Mayor.
    After a week there had been headlines that the second son was dating the most beautiful girl in the country. Miss World they said. It was all over social media, newspapers, magazines and television. They tried keeping it a secret but it was too late. Everytime they were seen together people would ask to take pictures with them. At work people called Diana their quuen. They respected her more than before. With a good heart everyone adored Diana. Diana had to accept Ray's propose of being his girlfriend. She did not care about Amy. She was willing to fight if it meant war. At weekends they used their time to visit the orphanage with Ray. And those places that had people with no shelter, food or blankets. They donated to those places. The President, himself  liked how Diana handled things.
    "If you become President one day. People will love you. You have a very good heart. An angel sent from heaven," said  the President when Diana had been invited to dinner.
    Raphael was happy for her. He knew how much Diana had suffered in her life and she deserves to be happy. He and his wife supported her.
    MONTHS passed and their love grew stronger. It was Diana's birthday and everyone had been invited at the mansion. The body guards stood outside the gate searching every person that entered inside the gate. Some were outside the house.
    "Why is it there is so much security?" asked Amy
    "I don't know but we can go in," said Sarah looking through the window as they parked their car.
    "I want her dead today! Not tomorrow but today. Not breathing dead!" shouted Amy.
    "Calm down, princess. We are here for you," said the Mayor.
    They got out of the car and headed to the mansion. They were let inside.
    "There she is. Slut!" said Amy and clicked her tongue
    He was dressed in a dark as they walked hand in hand. Everyone clapped their hands seeing the best couple in the country. When he looked his gaze met hers her breath caught in her throat. It wasn't that a man can be so sexy. The cloth of his suit had been cut with precision, emphasising his broad shoulders and strong thighs to perfection. She swallowed hard desperate to calm her racing heartbeat.
    "Babe so many people," she whispered.
    "Welcome to my world," he smiled. "You look beautiful," he said his deep voice.
    "Thank you!"
    The whole meal was, each course was divine. Amy couldn't get her off them. She hated her so much.
    Her attention swung back to Ray when she heard her name on his lips. He got up and took the mic.
    "Excuse me!" he said and cleared his throat. "Ahhh so forgive me I am feeling nervous."
    The guest laughed.
    "Yes really nervous. So hmm today is my lady's birthday. I haven't given her, her present. The lady you see, the one sitting beside my mum, your First lady is my lady. Ohhh I said that before,"  he said sending laughter in the room. "Okay okay."
    He walked to where she sat and took her hand. She stood up.
    "My lady for me. For the first time I set my eyes on you. I knew you were mine. I have never met someon like you before in my life," he paused.
    Amy clenched his fists and glared at Diana.
    "I love you my lady. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
    He knelt down. He reached for the box and opened it. He pulled out a glittering diamond ring.
    "Will you marry me?"
    "Yes!" her whole body quivered, but she couldn't lower her gaze. "Yes, I will marry you," she repeated with tears of joy.
    As he slid it into her fingers get the lights made it sparkle, bringing it to life. He lifted her hand to his lips, his gaze holding hers captive and kissed her fingers. Applause erupted around them, making her jump. She had forgot that they were being watched neither had Ray. Even he looked taken aback. She laughed, unable to help herself and the tension of the moment slipped away as the other guests returned their attention to their meals. Everyone congratulated them. Diana could not stop smiling.
    The President made a speech.
    "Let's go," he said.
    "Where?" she asked.
    "Another surprise!"
    They sneaked out of the house and got in the car. He drove off to his house. As he got out of the car. He opened the car door for her. They got inside the house. The house was set well with candles and roses spread on the couch. He played John Legend--All of me.
    "Shall we?"
    They started dancing. She looked up as him, then couldn't help herself as she reached up and kissed his lips.
    While they were busy making out, Amy was watching everything by the window .

    CHAPTER 19

    The next morning Ray planned to work, but all he wanted was to be with Diana. It was as if magic had been in the air last night on the couch and had weaved around them, bringing them closer in a way he had never been with a woman before. Was it because he felt for her deep? He went to his study. He tortured himself when he heard her in the pool, but it was more than desire that raced around his blood.
    Finally as the sun was setting, he could stand it no longer and went in search of the woman who would tomorrow be his wife. She was curled on the sofa her phone in her hand. She looked up at him as he stood in front of her.
    "Hey, I can't get Rose on the phone," her words were very rushed.
    "Ohh she will pick up."
    "I wanted to prepare breakfast but they are no eggs. I was hoping you would go and buy some," said Diana.
    She knew she was in danger of falling in love with him. She stood up from the chair. She looked up at him.
    "I am worried about Amy. What if she comes after me?"
    "Don't say anymore," he whispered, putting his fingers on his lips.
    He didn't want her to stress out. Before she knew it she was in his arms, her body pressed close to his. Fire tore through her as she kissed him, giving way to all the new enotions she had been battling with. She wanted him with a fierceness that shocked her. He deepened the kiss, his arms pressing her close against him, leaving  her in no doubt that she needed to stop things now. She pulled back from him,
    "I think you should go and buy the eggs," she said with a smile.
    "Okay my lady. I will be back."
    He grabbed his car keys, kissed her on the cheek before walking out of the house. He got inside his car and drove off.
    Diana finally managed to get through Rose. She was on leave and had to spend the day with Ray. She woke up not feeling well in the morning. She kept running up and down to the toilet. She was just coming from the bathroom when she realised that the door to the sitting room was opened.
    "Babe! How can you leave the door open? That was fast," she said walking down the stairs. "You already bac.." she stopped at midsentence.
    Her heart started pounding at an increase rate. How did she get inside the house? She stared at her unable to utter a word or move.
    "D or should I call you Madam President. Come sit next to me," she said. "Don't be afraid I won't bite."
    "What do you want Amy? How did you get inside?"
    "You still asking me that. How pathetic! Remember we share the same man."
    "Ray does not love you Amy. He is in love with me. Move on with your life and for once stop with this obsession."
    "No no Ray loves me. He must have asked you to marry him but he is mine. He is mine Diana!" she shouted angril stepping close to her.
    "He is not Amy. I suggest you get out of this house before I call the cops on you," threatened Diana.
    "By the time they get here you will be dead."
    Diana was about to grab her phone when Amy took it.
    "Don't even think about it!"
    She pushed her against the wall and the knife on her throat.
    "I will kill you Diana. I swear I will!" she shouted
    She dropped the knife on the floor and started strangling her. Diana managed to fight back. She kicked her on the stomach. Amy was about to grab her hand when Diana pulled her hair.
    "My hair!" shouted Amy.
    She was about to go after Diana. Diana immediately took the knife which was on the floor.
    "Get out of here. I swear to God. I will kill you Amy," said Diana pointing the knife at her.
    "You think you brave. Huh! You think you know how to use a knife?" said Amy getting close to her.
    Diana slight her on the arm. Amy let out a scream.
    "You trying to kill me Diana?" shouted Amy.
    "Get out of here! You think me growing up being poor. I don't know how to deal with people like you. I am not afraid of you. Bring your whole family. I don't care I have had enough of you and your family. If it is war let me tell you something," she faced her, so close with her. "Bring it on! This time I am ready for you OR My name isn't DIANA SAKALA."
    She smiled at her.
    This scared Amy and pissed her off. She thought Diana was scared of her. How did she gets the braveness in her, She thought still staring at her Diana showed her other side she didn't know. Amy felt she had already lost the game. She didn't say anything but got out of the house. Diana quickly shut the door when she was outside. She took a deep breath. She heard a knock at the door and it made her jump on her feet. It was Ray. She quickly opened the door and hugged him. She held him tightly.
    "What is it my lady?" asked Ray concerned.
    She felt shortness of breath and dizzy. She touched her head.
    "Amy was here. She She......"
    Everything seemed blur and darker and darker. She collapsed in Ray's arms. Ray tried shaking her but she didn't respond. He quickly carried her to his car. He put her at the back seat.
    "Hang in there my love," he said and started the car
    He drove off the car at the hospital. At a high speed feeling very nervous.

    CHAPTER 20

    She paced up and down the room.
    "I need a gun!" she shouted like a mad person.
    "Calm down babe."
    "Don't tell me to calm down Sarah. This is no time to calm down. I am losing him to her. I can't let that happen," she said shaking like a leaf. "I am feeling cold mummy."
    She took the cocaine out from her purse.
    "I need to take this mummy. I will be fine," she sniffed.
    "Amy. Don't do this to yourself. I beg you. These drugs will kill you," begged Sarah.
    Two months ago Amy got involved with the bad crew. She started drinking, coming home late and smoking. After to have failed her degree in Canada. She was jobless and only relied on her parents's money. For the past days she had been coughing non stop. She had become addicted to drugs. Sarah took the cocaine from her.
    "What are you doing Sarah?!" she shouted.
    "This is not good for your health."
    "Give it back!" she yelled.
    Sarah ignored her. She walked to the bathroom and flushed the cocaine. While Amy was following behind her.
    "What have you done Sarah? You threw my baby!" she shouted getting close to her. "I will kill you Sarah!" she said loudly strangling her.
    "Amy, stop. You hurting me!" she said her breath caught in her throat.
    She let her go and slapped her mother hard on the cheek.
    "Don't dare try me Sarah. I will kill you," said Amy walking out of the toilet slamming the door in her face.
    Sarah sat on the floor in the toilet her hand on her cheek tears streaming down on her cheeks. Never had her daughter talk back at her or slap her. She was shocked. Amy had changed and there was nothing she can do for her. She had failed her daughter.
    Amy got into her car and drove at a high speed. She needed the drugs. She needed them as soon as possible. She was losing her mind. She parked her car at an old warehouse. A place where a lot of girls had been found dead of taking drugs, overdosing. She got out of the car and started walking like a drunkard person. She just opened the door and the man was busy making love to one of his girlfriend.
    "You! Get out!" shouted Amy staring at the girl. "Now!"
    The girl quickly grabbed her clothes. Amy pushed her outside and locked the door.
    "Next time find some place nice to make love to your ugly chick. I need those stuff."
    "What! I gave you last night. You need to be careful with these stuff. They will kill you Amy. You beautiful and young. You still have time to change and go to a rehab," said the man.
    "Shut up! Give me what I want Luke. I also need a gun. I need to kill someone. She took my man."
    "I am sorry I can't help you on that. I am not a killer but drug dealer," he said.
    "Here is your money," she threw the money on the floor. "Give me my drugs."
    Luke didn't have any choice but to give Amy the drugs which he did. Amy walked out of the room and got in her car. She sniffed.
    Ray sat on the bench. His brother was taking long to come out of his office since he was the one taking care of Diana. He was scared that maybe his wife was dying. Raphael came out with a big smile on his face.
    "Bro!" exclaimed Ray sitting up. "What took you so long? Can't you see how worried I am right now. What is wrong with my wife-to be."
    "Congrats, bro. Nothing to worry about. You going to be a father," said Raphael excitedly tapping Ray's shoulders.
    "She is pregnant!"
    "What! Are you serious?"
    "Yes. I did some blood test. She is pregnant."
    Ray started screaming and jumping making the people in the hospital pay attention to him.
    "I am going to be a father!" he shouted.
    The Mayor who had just visited the hospital heard it. He wanted to tell Amy as soon as possible.
    "Can I see her?"
    "Thank you bro. I will buy you sweets," he said running to the room where Diana lay.
    He opened the door slowly and peeped.
    "Are you crazy? Come in," said Diana with a laugh. "What are you peeping at?"
    "I wanted to make sure it was you inside my lady," he said.
    He sat on the bed and held her hand. He put on a sad look on his face.
    "What is wrong? What happened?" asked Diana with a worried look on her face.
    "I am going to be a father!" he shouted excitedly.
    Diana just laughed at him.
    "I thought maybe something bad has happened. Silly man," she pinched him
    "Thank you Diana. I am a happy man right now. You know maybe we should name her Selena. If it's a boy Ray," he said.
    "Relax. The baby is not born yet. We still have Amy to worry about. She threatened to kill me today. She is coming back I can feel it."
    "She is not going to hurt you. Starting from today we having bodyguards at my house. I received a phone call from Auntie Miriam earlier. Your brother is back from school."
    "Admire is back. I can't wait to see him."
    "We will go over tonight. It had been long since we visited them. I want to take you home so that you can have some rest. I will stay by your side my lady," said Ray.
    He kissed her hand and held her tightly in his arms.
    "The baby kicked!" he exclaimed.
    "What! You insane!" said Diana laughingly.

    CHAPTER 21

    She stared at herself in the mirror. She couldn't let her beat her up again. They were broke and soon will lose their mansion. The last thing she wanted was to lose her daughter.
    "What do you mean she is pregnant?!" she heard her daughter shouting in the sitting room.
    "That is what I heard. You should just forget about him. Look at you. You look miserable and now taking drugs. Your father I am dying. We are broke," responded her husband.
    She listened to them standing by the passage.
    "I am not yet to give up daddy. You HIV positive because you were sleeping with many women. Does mummy know about your status?" asked Amy.
    All the while they thought Sarah was out. Since she always spend most of her night at her mother's
    "I found out today and you were the first person I have told so far. I am not planning on telling her. Let's keep it between us."
    "I will keep quiet if you only you help me get rid of Diana. Now I need to go and get some fresh air. I will come back then we talk. Being in this house makes me go crazy," she said and walked out of the house.
    After what she had heard. She needed to get out of the house as soon as possible.
    "What should I do?" she whispered to herself still standing.
    Her daughter had become dangerous and so is her husband. She waited for him to go to his study room like he always does. The Mayor walked to his study room as usual. A place where he felt at ease away from what was happening around him. Losing the campaign broke his heart. Now more than ever he felt useless. He used to have power but now he was powerless. After finding out about Raphael's identity he knew he would not do anything to him. He sat on his chair after pouring himself a glass of warm water, since  Amy had sold some of the furnitures in the house including the refrigerator. He was about to drink it when he heard sounds outside. He looked on the window and saw his wife running which surprised him.
    "Where the hell is she going?" he asked himself
    It was around 7pm
    Miriam and Raphael were happy to see Ray and Diana at their house.
    "It had been a while since we last saw each other," said Miriam as she sat down beside Diana.
    "So true I had missed you a lot. How is baby Keisha?"
    "She is okay and very naughty. I heard you expecting. Congrats."
    "Thank you so much!" said Diana.
    He walked in the sitting room. He looked different. A handsome man, almost looked like his mother. She stared at him in disbelief. It had been long since they last saw each other.
    "Admire!" she exclaimed and immediately stood up
    She held him tightly in her arms. Tears started falling down. She had missed him a lot. He reminded her of her mother.
    "Sister Diana. You squeezing me. Be gentle please," he said, funny as always. "I am not your lost lover."
    "You idiot!" she pinched him. "I missed you a lot more than you can ever imagine."
    "I am glad I didn't miss you. Can we sit down. There is something very important I need to tell you," said Admire with a serious look on his face
    They sat down and he started.
    "After so many years. I had been trying to protect a killer. Actually I was very scared that she was going to kill the only sister I had. Thou I didn't love my sister which is false deep down. I wanted to protect her. Be the man my father never was," he paused.
    "What is it Admire? You scaring me!" said Diana holding Admire's hand.
    "That night when our house was burnt. Mum got me out first before Alex. As I lay down on the grass. A woman walked up to me. She wanted to strangle me but because the neighbours were already coming to our house. She couldnt," he went on. "She threatened me saying that she was going to kill you if I let anyone know that she is the one who started the fire.".
    "What! So someone started the fire. I knew it. Who is she?"
    Admired kept quiet for a while  looked at her sister, tears already streaming down on her cheeks. He wiped away her tears and smiled.
    "I love you sis a lot. You the best thing that ever happened to me. I always wished I could bring mum to you when you fell into depression. I wanted to protect you even though I was young. People called us poor and I wished I wasn't. But from you I learnt something. Never mind what people say about you do your own thing. Knowing the person who killed our family hurt me a lot," he wiped a tear that had escaped.
    Everybody in the room got emotional staring at the two.
    "It was Amy's mother who sat that fire," said Admire.
    "No no no!" screamed Diana. "But why her. Why did she do that?"
    "Shhhhh don't cry sis. It's not good for the baby."
    Ray was about to get up when Raphael stopped him.
    "Let them be!" he whispered.
    Admired held her sister tightly in his arms as she cried. Suddenly they heard a bang on the door and it frightened them all. Ray slowly walked to the door and opened it. She immediately got inside the house.
    "What are you doing here? How did you find this place?" asked Ray.
    "I need your help. Please help," she begged on her knees

    CHAPTER 22

    "What is she doing here?!" shouted Diana.
    "D! Calm down!" said Admire.
    "She killed our mother and brother. I want her out or I will go. Uncle Raphael."
    "Diana, please. Hear what I have to say then I will leave," begged Sarah.
    "Nothing you would say will bring back my mother. What did she do to you? You deserve to be locked away with your husband and daughter. Get out of here!" shouted Diana.
    She felt a sudden pain in her stomach.
    "You need to calm down or you will miscarry," advised Raphael. "Let her talk and then after we can kick her out."
    "I can't stand seeing her face'" said Diana.
    "Calm down my lady," said Ray patting her back.
    He poured her a glass of water and they all sat down paying their attention on Sarah. She was feeling nervous unable to look Diana in the eye.
    "Are you gonna talk or what!" snapped Diana.
    Sarah got up from the sofa and knelt down on the floor.
    "Firstly of all I would like to say that I am sorry for what I did. I got hurt when I saw you with my husband. He chose you over me and that hurt me a lot."
    "Did you really think I was going to date him? He was like a father to me. You should had been the one protecting me but you were against me. Even lied to the police that I seduced him. Really?" said Diana with confidence. "Crocodile tears," she blurted
    Sarah sniffed and continued.
    "I just felt a hateful grudge towards you. I thought I could get away from what I did but I lied to myself. I couldn't sleep as I kept seeing your mother in my dreams. I am sorry Diana for all the hurt I have caused you and I really regret the things I have done," she went on. "I have lost my daughter all because I had never been a good mother to her. Teach her all about life and respect. She slapped me today and I was hurt. I feel so bad right now, cause I tored your world apart when I took your mother away from you. I wish I could turn back the time," she paused and wiped away the tears. "These tears that run down my cheek are filled with sadness and hurt. I know sorry is not enough for what I did but please. I beg you help me with my daughter. I will turn myself in to the police. I beg you," begged Sarah.
    Dian couldn't stop the tears from falling. There was silence in the room as if though someone had died.
    "Forgiveness is for those who are strong enough and smart enough to move on. After all, the best revenge is to be unlike the person who hurt you. The best revenge is living well in a way that creates peace in your heart," he went on. "As they say, forgiveness is the key to a peaceful heart and home. Diana I know it is very hard right now. The wounds have been opened but still time to heal them. I am not saying you should forgive her because I know what you have been through but look at her," said Raphael and Diana looked at Sarah. "She is kneeling down in front of you. She now regrets what she did way back. Follow your heart."
    The words touched Diana. Yes, Sarah killed her mother but who was she to judge? She had a good heart and it hurt that her mother was no longer with them. If she was alive she would have said the same thing that Raphael said.  Sarah needed help and she was desperate. Diana walked up to her and helped her get up.
    "I forgive you!" she said wiping her tears. "Though I am still hurt about what you did to my mum. It will take time for me to forget about it because I loved my mother very much."
    "Thank you very much. Right now I have to go back home. I will come back tomorrow. I have to tell you that my daughter knows that you pregnant. She has changed Diana. She is now taking drugs and drinking," said Sarah in between sobs.
    "We will help her Auntie," said Miriam.
    "Thank you very much all of you. I have to get going now," said Sarah.
    She walked out of the house.
    "She is not bad after all. She made me drop a tear. Poor woman. Life can be so hard sometimes," said Admire. "What!" he said when everybody was staring at him.
    They all laughed and had dinner later.
    Sarah opened the gate her heart pounding really fast. She felt ease now that Diana had forgiven her. Soon Amy will be taken to a rehab. She opened the door slowly. Walked in the house.
    "Where have you been Sarah?" asked Amy making Sarah jump to her feet.
    "I was I was I I...," stammered Sarah.
    "You were you were," she got up. "Daddy went out with his friends. It's just me and you. Funny I thought you were at grandma's house but she called me saying you didn't come in today," she poured herself glass off champagne and took it all down. "Damn! It's bitter. So tell me what have you been up to mum. Are you cheating on my daddy?"
    Amy took the gun out of her pocket.
    "I bought the weapon. I am going to shoot Diana today. I am going mummy," she said walking to the door.
    Sarah quickly grabbed her hand.
    "Don't do this please. I beg you."
    "Get out of my way," said Amy pushing her mother aside.
    She fell on the floor and quickly got up. They started fighting and suddenly the gun went off.

    CHAPTER 23

    "Mummy! Wake up!" shouted Amy. "I am sorry I didn't mean to shoot you. I was angry mummy but now I am not. You know mummy Diana made me this way. Can you hear me mummy?" said Amy shaking her mother.
    She was high after taking the cocaine. She had no idea what she had done.
    "I need to call daddy," she said pacing up and down the room.
    She sat on the sofa. She got up and walked to the door. She went back where the dead body was. She stared at her mother and started laughing. Tears streaming down on her cheeks. She took the gun and put it in her pockets.
    "You deserved it Sarah. I told you to stay away from me. The bullet was meant for Diana," she said lighting up a cigar.
    She sat on the floor beside her mother and puffed up smoke.
    "It feels so great that I killed you. I wanted to feel it. The feeling of being a muderer," she glared at the body.
    Suddenly the Mayor saw the body of his wife in pool of blood. He froze in place and felt terror. He felt paralysed and couldn't move.
    "Daddy. You are here. I am sorry I killed your wife," said pinching her mother. "She was making a lot of noise and I kept her quiet. It feels great dad," she said in tears.
    "Wh wha wha.," stammered the mayor.
    "I did daddy. I will go in the garage to take the plastic so that we can wrap the body. They don't need to know that  I killed her. I am coming daddy," she said and walked out of the house.
    His heart was pounding really fast. Even though they didn't get along very well with his wife. He loved her very much. After getting some counseling from one of his friend he wanted to make it right with his wife.
    "You know Paul. Life is too short but God always give us second chances. You can be a good man again. Ask for forgiveness from God before it's too late. About your daughter take her to a rehab centre she will be fine," said his friend early that night.
    He started analysising the situation the slower but more thoughful path caused him to feel afraid. He quickly grabbed his phone on the table and dialled the number at the police station.
    "Hello!" responded the man on the other line.
    "Yes yes it's the ex mayor. I want to report a crime scene. My da..." he was cut short when a bullet went through his chest making him drop the phone on the floor.
    She quickly took the phone and threw it on the wall in a loud scream.
    "A a a a," said the mayor in pain.
    "Wrong move daddy," she said shooting him on the head. "Idiots! You both go to hell!" she shouted.
    She grabbed the car keys and ran out of the house. She drove the car to the old ware house.
    "Diana!" she shouted.
    Diana woke up with a fright.
    "Hey hey. Were you having a nightmare?" asked Ray as he lay beside her.
    "Something has happened I can feel it. Something is wrong babe," she said shaking.
    "Shhhh nothing has happened. The bodyguards are outside. Let's go back to sleep."
    "You go back to sleep. I need a glass of water," she said getting off the bed.
    She headed to the kitchen. She poured her self a glass of water. She was about to drink the water when the water glass slipped from her hand and dropped on the floor, breaking into pieces. This waked Ray up. He quickly ran to the kitchen and saw Diana picking up the glasses.
    "What happened? Are you alright?" he asked with a worried look on his face.
    "I don't know I just felt weak. Something is wrong babe. I remember feeling way before my mum died. It's probably nothing. Let me go to sleep," she said heading to their room.
    Ray became worried. He spent the whole night looking at her. Finally she slept after making her a cup of coffee.
    Early in the morning Ray was watching news when Diana walked in the room. He looked at her with a sad look on his face.
    "What is it?"
    He switched off the television and took her hand. They sat down.
    "Amy killed her parents last night. They are looking for her," said Ray.
    "No no that can't be. I told you something was wrong. We should have let her stay Ray. Sarah, even though I hadn't forgiven her with all my heart. The last thing I wanted was for her to die," said Diana.
    "Don't blame yourself. My dad needs to see me. I am going over. I need you to come with me. Amy is out there and she is after you."
    "Noo! The body guards are here. She won't do anything to me. And I am not feeling well, morning sickness."
    "I see Selena is already making her mummy sick. My little Selena. Take care of mummy. I will be back," he said his hand on her tummy. "I will be back soon."
    He got out of the house. Diana got up and headed to the bathroom. She came out of the bathroom after minutes wrapped in a towel. She opened the bedroom door and saw her sitting on the bed.
    "You took long. I would have just killed you in the bathroom."
    "What are you doing here? How did you get inside?"
    "You call those fools, body guards. Look outside," said Amy.
    Diana looked outside the window. All the bodyguards had been shot including the one who was inside the house.

    CHAPTER 24

    "You killed them!" shouted Diana in terror
    "Who? Ohhh you mean the bodyguards. I did it was very easy. I am so tired Diana. I had been running away from the cops. You know I still can't believe that I killed my parents," she said looking at herself on the mirror. "Did you cook anything? I am so hungry," she smiled.
    Diana watched her, confusion racing through her. Just what kind of person Amy had turned into? Maybe it was her fault. She should have been there for her friend. She knew she needed time to think. She had to be sure of what to do next to get out of the house. Amy was not going to let Diana leave the house alive. She wanted her dead at that moment. She had nothing to lose. She stood, immovable and silent as she waited for Amy to say something. Finally she spoke.
    "I know you scared right now Diana but you don't need to be. I am not a killer," she said with a laugh. "Did I just say that? Oh my goodness, silly me," she pinched herself.
    Diana closed her eyes for a second then opened them. She looked at her, injecting as much firmness into her voice as possible.
    "What happened to you? You have changed and now you nothing but a murderer."
    "Diana! Stop reminding me about it. It's bad as it is. You made me do it Diana. I loved my parents so much but you killed them," said Amy in between sobs.
    "The drugs has got into you. The only way to come out of this is to stop this madness of yours Amy. Already people have been hurt all because of you," she said not afraid anymore.
    "You blaming me now? Huh!"
    "I am not but I still love you as a friend. Despite everything you have done. Amy, we were once friends. Remember?" she went on. "We used to study together, doing the same subjects at school. You were like a sister that I never had. Please let's just end this war."
    "No no no. Stop trying to make me a good person. I am noot a g..." she stopped at midsentence when she realised she was nose bleeding.
    "Are you okay?" asked Diana concerned.
    "I am fine!" snapped Amy.
    Diana took a deep breath. She raised her brows at her in question. That somewhere deep inside she felt pity for her friend. She handed her the tissue in shaking hands.
    "Thanks!" said Amy. "But does not mean I won't kill you. I will kill yo...."
    "What is it Amy?" asked Diana with a hint of panick in her voice.
    She ignored Diana. All of a sudden she started feeling dizzy and couldn't understand what was happening around her. Diana quickly held her hand. She helped her to sit down. Let me go and fetch you a glass of water.
    "Don't even think about calling the cops on me!" threatened Amy with a low voice.
    "I will never be like you. At least I have got a heart. Lay on the bed I will bring you the water," said Diana walking to the door.
    She quickly ran to the kitchen, poured a glass of water. Upon arrival Amy had already fell unconcious on the bed. Diana stood silent, gazing at her friend.
    "What is happening here?" asked Ray as he walked inside the room. "The body guards had been shot."
    "We need to take her to the hospital," said Diana.
    "What!" exclaimed Ray in surprise.
    "I can't let her die. She is my friend."
    "But she is a fugitive. Most wanted person at the moment. If we go with her at the hospital. They will think we the ones who were hiding her. Listen my lady I know you love your friend. Psychopath Amy but let's call the cops," he said dialling the number.
    Diana immediately grabbed the phone from him.
    "She will go to jail, yes. But not in this state. Can't you see she is bleeding. Something is wrong with her. We will take her to the hospital then call the cops later. Carry her and follow me," said Diana with a serious look on her face.
    "Don't just stand there like a statue. Do as I said."
    "Where did you get the good heart? She is a criminal!" said Ray carrying Amy.
    They walked out of the house  and put her in the car. He drove off at the hospital.
    "Guess who is here!" shouted Diana in the prison hospital.
    "I missed you so much, D. Look at that tummy. Growing big right."
    "Come on still small. How are you holding up?"
    After they took Amy to the hospital. She was arrested. In two months she was diagnosed with leukemia ( blood cancer). At first Amy never wanted to see Diana but having the church sessions and talking to her therapists. She finally opened up. Diana was surprised when the doctor at the prison hospital called her saying Amy had requested to see her. She was happy because she didn't want her to feel alone.
    "I am better," she responded.
    She had lost some weight and cut her hair. She was lying on the hospital bed as she talked to Diana.
    "Thank you Diana for everything. You were truly my sister. I messed up big time. It's not good to live with hate. Look at me now I am dying," she said in tears.
    "Shhhh you will be alright. I am here for you, besty. I love you Amy."
    "I love you too D, so much," said Amy.

    CHAPTER 25 (Final)

    She placed flowers on the tombstone.
    "Mummy! Is this were Auntie Amy was buried?" asked Ryan
    "Yes my baby. Before she died. I made her your God mother."
    "Daddy! What is a Godmother?" asked Ryan his eyes on his father
    The day Ryan was born became the happiest day of the beautiful couple. Ray couldn't stop shouting in the hospital. When his wife was discharged from the hospital. He used to help with the baby. He would lay watching his face and smiling up at him. Sometimes he would shush and patt him until he fell asleep. The next following he tried the shushing thing but it didn't work. Diana laughed at him, his effort. He wanted to give up but his wife told him that he would have to do it again.
    "A person!" responded Ray.
    "You don't just say a person. Try to explain it to me. I am six years old I can understand. Big brains but small engine. If you know what I mean," he said making his parents burst out laughing.
    Amy's condition became worse. She died soon after Ryan was baptised. Amy was also baptised. Before she died, she spent most of her time in the hospital preaching the word of God.
    "You know D. I am just happy that we ended this war before it gone even bigger. I must tell you something. I really needed you to pay. I was so mad at you that you stole Ray away from me. Forgetting that I am the one who messed up," she said at the ceremony.
    The day that Amy died a lot of people attended her funeral. She had inspired many people with her story. A story about her changing from being a killer, drug addict to a christian.
    "Mummy!" called out Ryan disrupting her mother from thoughts. "Seriously had I been talking to myself. You guys are so boring. I wish Uncle Admire was here. He is a cool dude."
    "Dude?" said Ryan.
    "Yah's another English that Uncle Admire taught me. Can we go now. We still have to go and watch soccer, daddy," said Ryan heading where they had parked their car.
    It had been fours years since Amy died.
    "How did he learn those words?" asked Diana with a laugh.
    "My lady I don't know. Ryan is a naughty kid. I need to pass by the office. Will you go with me?"
    "Yes sure but after we drove Ryan at your parents. Mr ex President wants to see him," said Diana laughingly.
    "Woman! We are talking about my dad," said Ray pinching his wife.
    They got into the car and drove off. They dropped Ryan at his grand parents. Raphael and his family had moved to London. Admire had come back to the country few months after graduating with a degree in engineering. Ray later turned back the car and drove at their house. He opened the car door for his lady after parking the car at the garage. They got inside the house.
    "No talkative Ryan today," said Diana throwing herself on the bed. "Hubby! I am so tired. Help me with the massage please."
    "Okay sweety. I have to go and watch soccer first. I called Admire over. He should be here," said Ray.
    "Are you joking!" exclaimed Diana. "I thought we were sending Ryan at your parents so that we can... You know do our thing. But why? Tell Admire that you can't watch soccer with him today," said Diana pissed off.
    Suddenly Admire shouted from the sitting room.
    "Mr Ray, sir. I am here. The game is about to start."
    "Wifey. I will see you later. Just sit on the bed do some make up. Rather go at the saloon and gossip," said Ray walking out of the room.
    Admire and Ray had become close than before. Ray treated Admire like his own brother. People even thought these two were real brothers.
    "Have they started playing?" said Ray as he sat beside Admire.
    "No! They haven't started yet.  By the way. Where is your wife?"
    "On the mirror," said Ray his eyes on the television.
    "Yah she really loves the mirror," said Admire his eyes on the television as well.
    "Where is he taking the ball? Come on man. Can't you see he was all alone. I made a bet with my workmates. If we lose Admire. I am doomed."
    "Rather pray we win. Where is he taking the ball? He is crazy. If he takes the ball there and come back there. He will definitely make it there," said Admire.
    Ray looked at him and his wife was standing behind them laughing
    "Whats with the there stuff?"
    "Huh! Nothing."
    "Is that Ronaldo? Oh my goodness! He is so damn cute!" exclaimed Diana excitedly.
    Ray glared at her.
    "Hey. You are married remember. I am the only one who is cute," he said.
    "You mean you are cute. A baboon like you," she said and Admire laughed. "Remember Admire you his twin. I wonder why you laughing if you baboon like him."
    "Diana!" they shouted at the same time.
    The stood up and chased after her. They were a happy big family and lived happily ever after.
    #LESSON::: Let's settle aside how we feel and focusing on life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology. Let's not be jealous and live happily ever after like Ray and Diana.

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