Story: Innocent Virgin Tears Season 1

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    The weather was dull, hazy & lifeless. The sun gave way to the multicoloured clouds of the skies and the world assumed a new form of beauty.
    The lines in the palm were gradually fading away. Rita was still standing along the highway. For the past 2hours or so, it appeared all the trotro and taxi drivers had gone on holiday. The weather was getting extremely bad and Rita had sensed danger. It may rain anytime soon,
    Rita waited with a baited breath and prayed that probably one car might decide to break his holiday and pass by. What am I going to do now? Where do I seek refuge if this rains decides to descend now?
    Rita had been caught up in a situation which was completely beyond her. She had been travelling on a bus earlier in the day from Apeguso of the Asuogyaman district to Tema but had to pick something from Koforidua. It was on a sunday and half way into the journey, the bus broke down. Unfortunately for Rita, unlike the other passengers, she had not been able to catch a new bus.
    Rita was a total stranger in the area and couldn't tell whether there was any immediate settlement around where she stood. Gradually, darkness started swallowing the earth and there was no doubt that Rita sensed the sudden explosion of a time bomb. Her eyes constantly changed from south to the north, she was desperate to see the head-light of any approaching car. Then from a distance, Rita spotted the head-light of an approaching car. She prayed this should be a passenger car. The lights drew nearer and nearer and within minutes she could fully identify what type of car it was. It was a Jeep Wrangled car. The car passed her before pulling a halt at a reasonable distance, the driver reversed the car and came back to where Rita was standing. Behind the steering wheel was a young man who appeared to be in his early thirties (30's).
    'Hi', he said as he rolled down the side glass. Certainly Rita was not comfortable at this, but she paused for a while, thinking deeply about what to do.
    To be continued.......................


    Hi, you must have been here for long waiting for a car possibly all day. Its not safe to be in the dark in this area by this time. I can offer you help to where you are going or perhaps to the next town, the young man said whiles he gave a little smile which displayed his well arranged white teeth in his mouth and even before Rita could say a word either to accept or reject the offer or give it a thought, the heavens let loose its grips on the rains.
    Rita was left with no option than to hop into the front seat of the car. She closed the door and rolled back the side glass in order to save herself from the torments of the rain.
    Rita: "Good evening sir", she said trying to make herself comfortable though........
    Young man: Good evening my dear. I am Dominic Anko but my friends call me "Ray" and you are?

    Rita paused for a while. She is not used to such introductions. But somehow, she struggled to introduce herself.
    "Rita Yeboah is my name".
    "Oh! I see that's a nice name. You must be coming from.......... oh that's okay but you don't appear cheerful at all". Ray said. "Is there anything the matter?". Rita shook her head indicating that she was alright. For her 21years of existence, Rita has always kept her distance from men. She has always avoided the company of the male sex for some reasons. The farthest she could go was to say Hi to a guy and that's all,it was therefore obvious that the conversation which Ray wanted to engage her in was nothing but complete nuisance. But all the same she was aware of the fact that she just cannot sit in the car like a log of wood.

    Ray: Are you alright? He asked her again.
    Rita: Yes am fine! I am alright, thank you for your concern.
    Ray: If I may ask, where were you coming from and where exactly are you going?
    Rita: Am from Apeguso. I was travelling to Tema to visit my auntie. Unfortunately the bus on which I was travelling broke down and all passengers but me have gotten buses to their various destination.
    Ray: Oh! Thats unfortunate, but have you been there before? I mean Tema?
    Rita: No this is my very first time.
    Ray: I see, am coming from Ho also. I live at Dansoman, what about you?
    Rita: I stay at Apeguso she replied and where are you also going, are you going to my direction?
    Ray: You mean to Tema?
    Rita: Yes
    Ray: Oh yes but sorry we cannot get to Tema today. We have to sleep in the next town Senchi(that was where they were getting to through their journey). Its very dangerous to travel in the night with poor lighting system and also the heavy  down pour was also rising by the second.


    Gradually, Rita warmed herself fully in the conversation and the two people talked heartedly about so many things. Ranging from Religion to Education to Sports and Politics, soon they were in the next town and Ray drove to a hotel where they could pass the night. Unlike Rita, Ray had been travelling along that route so he knew the terrain very well. Ray booked for 2 rooms, one at the ground floor and the other at the top floor. He then took Rita to the local resturant after which they came back to the hotel reception and everyone passed the night in his or her individual room.

    Rita preferred the top and  that was where she slept for the night, while in her room, thoughts of Ray came to Rita's mind.  She was completely overwhelmed by the kind gesture of a young man she never new from Adam. They haven't seen each other before or met before. And just for their first time meeting, Ray was taking good care of her as if she was his sister.  
    U want to know what followed next try not to miss de next episodes.


    What she found more surprising about him was if it were to be some other guy, he would have suggested they(she & Ray) share the same room so that..........But Ray didn't behave that way, and that alone was good enough to convince Rita that Ray was a good friend. He was a real man. At a point, she thought that probably Ray might have been a virgin just like herself but do you think that was a true picture of Ray?
    Well, relax and read on
    The following day, the two newly found friends got themselves prepared and took off, they soon arrived in Koforidua and through the help of Ray, Rita was able to locate the place she will pick the said things with less difficulty.
    Rita was scheduled to spend the whole week at Koforidua when she got hold of the things and further wait for instructions from her auntie before heading to Tema finally. Ray had wanted to spend just 3 days in town but because of Rita, Ray changed his mind. He told Rita he would wait for her so that they could head to Tema together. Surprising indeed, while in Koforidua, the newly found friends spent a couple of times together, sharing on bottles of soft drinks and talking about life in general was what they did most often anytime they met.
    Although Rita had by then been warned about the company of men especially when handsome, gentle and caring whom she considered very drangerous, she vowed that should anything relationship come out of the mouth of Ray, she will call everything quit with him at that very second, brought up in a strict Christian home, Rita had been taught the importance and liberty of virginhood. Auntie Tina, Rita's mother spent a great deal of time reading to her all the biblical quotations that frown upon fornication and adultery. And it was just surprising that right at the age of 12, Rita could quote all the biblical quotations from Genesis to Revelation that frown upon fornication and adultery. She also had very great ambitions of becoming a successful woman in life, perphaps a role model. These two things were what guided her steps in everything she did. This things always remined her whenever she appeared to be going astray, that was why she had for saftey reasons, maintained a fair distance from anything called the male sex whether a day old or three hundred year old.

    To be continued...........

    Akoto Alexander Mindset


    But somehow, Ray had been able to break this strict rule that Rita had made for herself, this was not because Rita was gradually doing away with her own codes of conduct but because Ray had proven to her that he was a real brother. At the end of the week long stay, the two friends took off to Accra. They took off very early in the morning so that they could get to Accra still in the early hours of the day.  Once getting to Accra(Spanner junction opposite the Accra shopping mall), Ray hired the services of a taxi driver to drop Rita at her aunty's house at Tema. This was against the expectation that he will offer to drop her at her aunt's house. He paid the taxi driver off and bid bye-bye to Rita. But even before they parted company, he managed to convince Rita to take his complementary card.
    Ray drove off feeling very happy to have kept company with Rita, this was because at least for once he had forgotten completely about all his worries. The one week he spent in Koforidua in the company of Rita has been enjoyable for him, this was not because the two had done something, no that is far from the point. There was not even the mention of romance, left alone love. But because Ray had completely forgotten about the disturbances of his wife.
    Dominic Anko aka Ray had been married for the past 10years, however all his night labour had been in vain. There were times that Ray had to spend the whole month with the wife indoors day and night all in the attempt to make her pregnant. However, it always turned out that all the energy he had used was only in vain. Mrs Rebecca Anko is barren and could not bear a child. She had been declared 259% barren by a team of international doctors a day before Ray had travelled to Ho. As if her barrenness alone was not enough worry for Ray, Rebecca would just not let Ray have a peace of mind, she had successful succeeded in preventing all his friends from visiting him in the house and to add insult to injury,Rebecca could walk straight to Ray's office at any time and abuse any lady she meets in Ray's office without asking who the person was. She cared less what exactly brought the female to the husband's office and in no time through her arrogant and insolent behaviour, driven away thousands of Ray's clients, a situation which was having a great negative impact on Ray's business.

    If you were in Ray's shoes what would you have done to bring a halt to this fraudulent frustration in his life and business.
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    As Ray drove towards home, thoughts of Rita came fresh in his mind, he has never for once felt comfortable in the company of any lady like Rita. He had seen in Rita what it takes to keep a man's heart at peace. Inwardly, he had developed some love for her. He was in love with her, he knew it was completely impossible for him to continue sharing the same roof with Rebecca. He knew he had to do something so fast and so quick before he developed a heart attack or stroke. And if he had his way, he would make no other choice than Rita. That girl, that lady is a real woman, she is completely different from all the ladies that I have seen or come across. But even before he could take a definite stand on Rita, he was already just 100meters away from home. His heart beat had already crossed the 150km per hour acceleration and his temperature was enough to fry a frozen pork. The lioness was waiting for him with baited breath in the house and he needed to be careful lest he be devoured by the angry lioness.
    Oh! No, not again,I am back to this hell again. I thought I was staying away from you forever and ever, shouted Dominic Anko to himself. That day, Rita got home and narrated how she had come across Ray and how good he had been to her. She had even wanted to suggest to her aunty that she (her aunty) should call Ray and thank him for what he had done for her but even before she could do so, she discovered that she had misplaced Ray's complementary card, that was very unfortunate for her. Within the next few days, thoughts about Ray kept ringing in the mind of Rita. She had kept on recollecting how kind Ray had been to her and occasionally saw him in her dreams. However, Rita was quick to erase him from her mind as she does not want to let thought of him cause her any change of mind. He had been good to me and I know it, I appreciate that as well but I must move on. My goal must be accomplished you know. I am still a virgin and I will like to remain as such. Rita reassured herself.

    Fast forward..............
    2years later, Rita was on the highway towards realizing her golden life dream. She had gained admission to read Medicine in the premium University of the nation. Her joy completely saw no bounds. Reading Medicine has always been her dream since her early days and so one can perfectly understand why a day like that called for real celebration. Sincerely speaking, Rita would have spent that night holding tight to her date and refusing to let her lips depart from hers, she would have laid on top of him and take maximum control over the whole game, she would have taken romance to a new level and prove to her date that she was good at it after all. But poor Rita, she was still a virgin, a status she was very proud of.


    That day, the entire Yeboah household was thrown in frenzy. Everyone was happy for her and their joy knew no boundaries. They partied very deep into the night before retiring to their beds. Eventually the day for Rita to report to school department or faculty came and right from day 1 that Rita set her feet into the lecture hall, the signs had been boldly written on the walls. Everybody knew the young lady had very great prospects, it was very clear that she would in no doubt become one of the greatest medical doctors that the world will ever witness and Rita knew about that also, she was prepared to take up the herculean challenge ahead of her without any prejudice. Everything went on well for her and she knew that as long as she lived, she would surely get to the top. The first 2 semesters passed the way Rita had expected them to do. She had been in top gear in these 2 semesters,she had even vowed to accelerate to even greater heights in the coming semesters.
    But alas! That fine dream had to be written off. The tragedy which was more powerful than the landing of an atomic bomb in a crowded refugee camp had just released its head. It was a tragedy which will forever remain a history through the 4 corners of the planet earth. The tragedy that will shake the very foundation of the earth and the news will spread like a wild fire in the harmattan desert.
    Rita had been experiencing very serious abdominal pains 10days after her monthly female ritual. She scientifically was getting close to ovulation, mindful of the fact that any pain in the abdomen when not treated early could lead to serious complications, she decided to seek treatment 2 days after it had started and that was the beginning of the story which will forever be told across the length and breath of this planet earth. Rita has just signed her death warrant unknowingly

    You might be wondering what mess Rita is about to get herself in, if she has gotten herself in it already?

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    Rita walked into the premises of Adults Care Medical Centre, a clinic of international standards. The Adults Care Medical Center has a lot of reputation when it comes to "women health problems" in the whole of West Africa and that was exactly what drove Rita to that particular clinic.
    Apparently, the Adults Care Medical Center has always been the second home for Ray and his wife. It was at that clinic that they have done all their exploits on the possibility of bearing a child, apart from the few hours that they spend in the 4 corners of their home during the nights, they virtually spent the rest of their time in that clinic. They have carried out thousand and one tests in that clinic and the remains of the unused sperm of Ray could be found almost everywhere in the clinic laboratory fridge. Some of them were used for research purposes, whiles others under-going testing and the rest awaiting the day a fertile egg would be discovered in the fallopian tube of Mrs Rebecca Anko for fertilization. Rita went straight into the gynaecology department, she narrated her story to one Dr. Bright Nii Duodo, the doctor immediately discovered what exactly was wrong with her and told her that she needed a treatment that if I remember well, he called it Virginal Therapy, Dr Duodo has been the doctor responsible for finding a lasting solution to Ray and his wife's problem for the past 10years. He was so deeply involved in carrying out a successful fertilization process for the couples that some have even said his medical box was covered wit nothing else except semen of Ray. Some also say, Dr. Duodo thinks of nothing else except how to solve Ray and Rebecca's problems and so with an already prefocused and confused mind, Dr Duodo mistook Rita Yeboah to that of Rebecca Anko. With Rita lying almost half naked waiting for Dr Nii Duodo to carry his so called virginal therapy, Dr. Duodo went to his fridge and took out one of the stored semen of Ray, rushed to the bed Rita was lying on and injected the semen into Rita's virgina. With the help of a microscope, Dr Nii Duodo watched the fertilization with great excitement. He then gave a real injection to Rita to alleviate the pain in her abdomen. "You may go now", he said. As soon as Rita left Dr. Nii Duodo's office, he shouted "yes I have done it! I have done it at last!"

    What exactly is running through Dr. Nii Duodo's head? His direct or indirect act of insolence is about to make someone’s future sweet as heaven or bitter as hell.
    Watch this space for de continuation.


    I am so happy, after 10 years of so many try and errors, I have carried out a successful process today. Oh! I am so happy at long last, Dominic Anko aka Ray would finally be called a father. Oh! I can see it coming, Daddy Ray or Dad Dominic or Papa Dominic or better still Dada Ray! I just can't wait, I cannot wait to break this great news to Ray.
    Dr. Bright Nii Duodo dropped his lab coat on his desk and drove straight to Ray's office. He embraced Ray and said, the test has worked out, I am happy for you and I never knew I will be alive to see or to witness this historic day. Hasn't your wife broken the good news to you yet? Where is she? I thought by now you have already heard the good news and had started with a little drink up party. Ray was now startled. He could not make the head and tail of what Dr. Duodo was saying. "Please Nii Duodo, stop all this and go straight to the very point. What exactly are you talking about?".
    "Ah! Ray don't tell me you have not heard this, I have just successfully completed infusing your semen into your wife and this time I watched the fertilization take place with my own eyes. Your wife is now pregnant. Yes she is now carrying your baby".
    "No, you can't be serious, you can't just play pranks with such delicate issue. Stop this expensive joke because I don't have time for it. Or have you committed the most unthinkable mistake in the medical profession?"
    What have you done Dr. Duodu, what did you do? Have you infused my semen into an innocent lady?  My wife has been out of town for the past 5 days and she is not expected to be back here for the next 2weeks approximately from today. So what did you do Dr. Nii Duodo and who the hell is that innocent lady? Tell me! Dr Nii Duodu...............
    Hmmmmm just because of a simple mistake, a life is about to be transformed or destroyed? The story is about to begin, the best is our starting point.

    EPISODE 10

    Oh no! Dr. Duodo screamed, he has just realised his mistake. He has committed the most unpardonable mistake in the medical profession. "No Ray, give me a minute, I will be with you". Nii Duodo runs out of Ray's office into his car and straight to his clinic office. He went through the records expecting to see Rebecca Anko as the lady in question. But alas! He had the shock of his life. It wasn't the Rebecca Anko he knows but a complete strange name Rita Yeboah

    (Come to think of it, what was running through the mind of Dr. Bright Nii Duodo when Rita Yeboah walked into his office?

    ●Was there a resemblance between the 2 ladies above or was it the negligence of the doctor?

    ●Was there any change of folder when Rita walked into the office of Nii Duodo?

    ●How can this unprecedented mistake be corrected?

    ●Will you find it difficult to just forgive this malicious mistake if you are in the shoes of Rita?

    ●How do you face your partner to break such news to him if you are in a serious relationship with the code #No Marriage #No Sex?

    ●Isn't this mistake big enough to take a life of a person, thinking about how your Family, Partner, Friends, Society and your Religion will digest your story?

    ●Will you even get someone to believe your story?

    I believe you might be perplexed as I am here?)

    Well that was just by the way, lets continue.............

    It has been 2 weeks since Rita went to the clinic. She was expected to have her menses (monthly female ritual) for that month but that had not happened yet. She waited for her menses to come the whole day but nothing happened. A day had passed, then 2 days passed and then the third day, the fourth day passed, fifth day passed and then a week passed but still no show! Rita had never experienced any distortion in her menstrual cycle like this ever before. What could be happening to me this time around? She asked herself. Now its 2 whole weeks and Rita had still not seen her menses on the scheduled date of every month and she knew something is just not right somewhere. She knew there was a problem somewhere but she couldn't figure it out what exactly was the problem.
    End of Season 1.
    When the unexpected crisis knocks at ur door unknowingly where do you channel your problems to? Is it to your Family, Friends, Partner, Pastor, Mallam or the creator baba God?
    Time has solutions to it being it negative or positive.
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