Story: Innocent Virgin Tears Season 2

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     (Flaskback) before the the first season ended we read how Rita was left in a dilemma as to what exactly is happening to her peaceful life. She is having questions without answers as at now. Its all a matter of time for the mystery to unravel itself to her better understanding.
    Story continues..........
    Rita was now terrified, she knew something serious was in the pipeline but she was quick to down-play pregnancy. She confided in her best friend Rejoice and told her how she has not had her period since 14days after it was due.
    Rita: Rejoice, am going through something very strange. I have been trying my best to find out what exactly might be the cause but to no avail.
    Rejoice: 14days? And you are now telling me this? Are you sure you haven't done something you are yet to tell me?
    Rita: I am discussing this with you because I know only you know me very well and also understands me better.
    Rejoice: Well you are right on that one.
    Rita: I am confused and worried at the same time. I don't know what to do. Please help me Rejoice.
    Rejoice: Goes close to Rita and held her close to herself. "Don't tell me you are still a Virgin?".
    Rita: Ah! Rejoice how could you say a thing like that to me? That's why I began by saying only you know me well. Of course am still a virgin and you know that.
    Rejoice: Rita am also confused here.
    Rita: I have vowed to protect my virginity and nothing will prevent me from doing that and you know that.
    Rejoice: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Rita: I hope you are not suggesting that I have been keeping a boyfriend secretly behind you?.
    Rejoice: No, no Rita, thats not exactly what..............
    "Rejoice couldn't get the rest of her words".
    Rita: Listen Rejoice, for now we are best friends and if by chance I accidental loss my virginity, I will definitely discuss that with you. We are both virgins and so if I loss my under mysterious circumstances, I think I owe you a duty to tell you so you could learn from my mistakes to guide yourself. But for God sake nothing of that sort has happened and am very sure about that.
    Rejoice: Was silent for a while. You see, am a bit confused here with your narrations. What I know which you also know is that it is only pregnancy that normally stops the menstrual cycle of a lady. If not then this must be some.......... eh I don't even know how to exactly describe this but I think we should find out from a doctor to know exactly what is going on before its too late.


    The following day, Rejoice and Rita went to a private clinic located close to their school. They were careful not to go to the university hospital for fear that a course mate or just someone might break into their privacy. As soon as they got to the clinic, Rejoice took Linda to a female doctor who she described as a sister. She was Dr. Veronica Gogovi and immediately she conducted the necessary test on Rita and took the sample to the lab. Rita and Rejoice waited with baited breath what the outcome of the test would be.
    Eventually, Dr Veronica Gogovi came out and then dropped the bomb shell. Rita was pregnant! She has been 2weeks pregnant. The whole place was silent and everything came to a stand-still.
    Meanwhile Dr. Nii Duodo had also gotten a sea full of work to do at his office. He was threatened to find whoever the lady in question is or else, he risked been arrested and prosecuted. Nii Duodo had gone through all the hospital records to find out if Rita had been a regular visitor to the clinic. He search and searched through all the available records but he couldn't get any other supporting document. Rita has never previously visited the Women Care Medical Center. That was her very first time. Dr Nii Duodo's woes worsened. He has no clues as to where he was going to begin the search and where he was going to end. The risk of having his medical licence evoked and the possible closure of the medical center kept ringing in his head.
    What was even worse was that the available records on Rita did not come with her personal photograph(there were thousands of ladies with the same name on the Internet been it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the social media handles). This made the whole search completely difficult, if not impossible to undertake. The search was so complex that it needed the combined efforts of the state security apparatus and that of the interpool and other international experts. The name alone was not enough. In fact, it was almost completely irrelevant. This is because it was possible to get a different person altogether but with the same name.
    How will he(Dr. Bright Nii Duodo) identity that innocent lady when he had not even been meticulous enough to take a facial photograph of the lady who would have to live the rest of her life in a very traumatic manner?.
    How will I even explain if I find her?. The consequences, the professional ethics and even the legal implications. Oh! my God, what a terrible way to end one's career! To be candid, if Dr. Nii Duodo has had the option, he would have bolted away to an unknown island, but unfortunately, he hasn't gotten that option. Dominic Anko was keen to know who the hell the lady that was carrying his foetus or baby was. He has sworn to deal vigorously and rigidly with Dr. Duodo if he failed to produce the lady in a short time. "You couldn't have been so negligent. You just couldn't have been so callous and negligent. I understand you just wanted to help me but now see the damage you have caused?
    What follows next?


    How on earth can somebody be carrying my baby without me knowing who she is and she also not knowing who the father of the child is. No, oh no! Dr. Duodo, you just couldn't have behaved the way you did. I thought you were to experienced to commit such gravious mistake. Dr. Bright Nii Duodo, I am sorry but you have to produce the lady or else all hell will break loss on you. Trust me on that, Ray told Dr. Duodo. Nii Duodo was no doubt very hot. He was extremely hot and everything was just visible. One could read the signs on his face. But all that hotness was hotness for nothing. He has not started anything practical on the ground. He just did not know where to start from and where to end. He was simply confused.
    It has been 1week since the atomic bomb landed on Rita at the private clinic. Rita has not yet woken up from the shock and disgrace from that unfortunate issue.
    Her friend Rejoice Ajoo Afodoanyi has always been by her side through out this moment. But Rita would simply not talk to anyone or attend classes. She has kept herself indoor, she didn't trust anyone and she did not know who would believe her for whatever she could say. She did not trust her mother neither did she trust her good old friend Rejoice. She knew the issue involved was too complex, too difficult to comprehend. She knew that unless God himself come to tell the people how it all happened, nobody was going to believe her story. Even she herself did not understand what had happened to her. She could not tell how the whole thing has come about and how she was going to narrate it to anyone let alone defend herself.
    Am I going to be the second virgin Mary of our time?  This is ridiculous. Who would believe this.
    Only time will tell!!!!


    Even Mary was given a prior notice about what was going to happen to her and so she knew in advance. What was even worse was that the religious beliefs of Rita would not permit her to abort the pregnancy. Otherwise she would have terminated the pregnancy and kept it a secret between herself and Rejoice under the oath of secrecy. But alas! Her faith would not allow her to do that.
    Another week has passed and still Rita would not talk to anyone, her phone was off. No one else apart from Rejoice knew exactly what was going on. Rita had been thinking about where she was going to begin her story from, how she was going to put the whole story together and she wondered if she would not even receive slaps from her mother for telling such a ridiculous story.
    She was very much aware that her story, when broken to the public, was capable of drawing the attention of the international media. She believed even Oprah Winfrey could have immediately cancelled all her appointments and flew directly to her residence for an interview. And she wondered how the story will be head-lined in the press. "Hail the new Virgin Mary", "Behold another Jesus to hit the earth, Ghana to be precise", "Praise the second mother of Jesus", "Is Jesus coming back to the world again", "Who is the Joseph behind our new Mary" and what have you!!!!!!
    She nodded her head. What a humiliation and an embarrassment that will be to myself and my entire family who are well respected in our neighbourhood? She thought so deeply about it and eventually decided to start from a place.

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    She turned to Rejoice and held her hands. Sorry for keeping you in suspense throughout this difficult period. It's because I am confused myself. But please I need your help once again. I want you to take me back to the private clinic please. I know you will not understand but please take me to the clinic. Rejoice was confused at first but she kept quiet. She wondered what Rita wanted to go and do at the private clinic after the doctor had confirmed she was pregnant. But unable to ask her, she agreed to accompany her to the clinic thinking that Rita might probably ask for abortion under the circumstances.
    They got to the clinic and to Dr. Veronica Gogovi they went. Rita looked into the eye balls of Dr. Vero Gogovi for a while without uttering a word. As she gathered courage to speak this is what she told the doctor, "Doctor I want you to conduct a virginity test on me", Rita said.
    I want you to conduct the test for me here and now!. For a moment, silence engulfed the whole office and life came to a stand-still. How ridiculous could this be, Dr. Vero and Rejoice thought. Finally Dr. Vero broke the silence. "Do you want me to conduct a virginity test on you?" She asked.
    "Yes, that was exactly what I requested for and I want it now".
    Dr Vero Gogovi took a deep breath, apparently not knowing what to say.

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    "But you are pregnant, my dear how could you be a virgin? I suppose you know ever since you did that which has made you pregnant now you have broken the seal that makes you a virgin? Yes I know, doc. I know you will not understand. It is really difficult for the world to believe how it all happened. But that is why I am here. Still I know you will not believe me but the truth is that I, Rita Adjoa Yeboah am still a virgin. I have never known a man, never ever in my life. I know you will be of help and that is why I chose to come to you so that you will be my witness, so please let me take that test now and I want my good friend here to witness whatever happens or goes on during the test. Believe me Rejoice and I want you too Dr. Vero to believe me that I am still a virgin and I absolutely do not know where the pregnancy in my womb is coming from. The origin of the pregnancy is what I have been thinking about ever since you diagnosed me to be pregnant here and please doc, I urge you to get more of your colleagues to assist you in this all important assignment because the world would never believe whatever report you will write about me. Yes I know it, I could see it coming, no one will believe you if you conduct this test alone, I promise you.
    Hmmmmm this sounds like a rhythm of a music to the ears of everyone in Dr. Veronica Gogovi's office. She(Dr. Gogovi) was amazed at the persistent request of Rita. She in a way admired her faith and courage so she was left with no other option than to assemble some of her colleagues to assist her carry out the test.

    Faith is a virtue that yells positive results in most cases. Don't let people especially doctors and lecturers down-play your personality. If you know what you have in your possession then stand tall and demand for the right thing to be done for you.


    For her(Dr. Vero) first set back, she had a difficulty convincing her colleague doctors to assist her in conducting such a test. Who will believe in such a fairy tale? How can a pregnant person claim she is still a virgin? As was expected, none of them gave her any positive feedback but she had to persist with the faith and drive of the lady (Rita) back in her office. She had to even throw a gambling challenge to some of the doctors willing to take her on. Well she(Dr. Vero) got the audience of her colleagues at long last.
    Meanwhile Dr. Nii Duodo was also sweating under the intense pressure of heat given to him by Ray. The ultimatum given him was gradually catching up with him. He knew what Dominic Anko aka Ray was capable of doing. He has seen his fury before and knew he was capable of carrying out his threats without any mercy. He knew his profession, his career, his job and his integrity was on the line and at the verge of collapsing. He needed to do something fast before it was too late. He went and sought the services and assistance of a police detective and an award winning undercover journalist. That appeared to have been the only way out for him now.

    Will this new personalities help Dr. Bright Nii Duodo come out of the mud he is so stuck in?
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    During this difficult and hard times for Ray he wanted to open up to his wife Rebecca, about the whole escalating trouble looming up. He decided to call his wife with a private line this time around. He called the line on 3 consecutive times but there was no answer. He tried the fourth time and this time around someone answered the phone, strangely enough it was a male's voice who answered the phone in a rude manner. He requested to speak to the owner of the phone but the male was quick to start asking questions only your spouse or partner will ask on phone. At the background Ray could hear the sound of a reggae song been played loudly. The unknown guy started yelling on Ray to speak up or drop the call. Immediately after this rude utterance from the unknown guy, Ray heard the voice of his wife finally at the background and this was what he heard his wife say "Honey who is that on the phone disturbing our hot afternoon pleasure this way". With this comments Ray hanged up on the call immediately, he was trembling and frightened with what his ears heard.
    Ray started asking himself a thousand questions and within 3minutes, Ray was sweating as if he was running a 10000 kilometer milo marathon organised by Nestle Ghana. He called his mother in-law to check if his wife Rebecca had been at her end at all.
    On phone:
    Ray: Hello Mrs Mensah.
    Mrs Mensah: Hello my son. How are you and my daughter doing? You guys have decided not to visit me erh?

    Ray "finds himself puzzled with this question from his mother in-law". How can someone who is supposed to be at your end be added to a check up question?

    Mrs Mensah: Is everything alright my son?
    Ray: comes to his senses, "we are very fine mother" as a matter of fact your daughter left the house very early this morning to visit you. Her line isn't going through and I taught it wise to call your line to find out if she had arrived safely at your end.
    Mrs Mensah: This is good news!!!! My daughter is coming to visit me after all this long years of not coming home to check up on her ageing mother. She only calls and sends me money and provision but her personality is always not present here. I have to rush to the kitchen and prepare her favourite dish to surprise her. All the same I will ask her to call you immediately as she enters this compound.
    Ray: Am grateful mum. Please take good care of yourself for us and have a wonderful day.
    Mrs Mensah. Have a blissful day too my son.
    Rays drops the call raging with inner anger.............

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    Wow so my arrogant and jealous wife has made a fool out of me for the past days. She is cruising around somewhere with this idiot who could shout at me on a phone I bought for my wife just a day before she travelled. My father has been vindicated that women can never be trusted. He later called his wife again this time with his known and personal number.
    On phone:
    Rebecca: Hello boo. How are you? I miss you so much and I can't wait to come back home and kiss you.
    Ray: I have never been fine like that of today.
    Rebecca: sensing danger and trying to play smart. "What do you mean by that statement? ", you want to start a fight because you miss me right?
    Ray: laughs out loud on the phone close to a minute after which his tone changed on the phone. You pretentious evil harlot. Do you see me as a fool? You used your mother as an excuse only for you to run into the arms of another idiot to water a plant he didn't sow.
    Rebecca: Babe what are you saying?
    Ray: Shut the hell up before I curse you. If you care to know I just spoke with your mother who has confirmed that she hasn't set sight on you for a very long time.
    Rebecca: Starts to cry and plead for pardon.
    Ray: I am grateful to God for revealing to me who exactly you are? I know of the series of abortion you had in my absence when I traveled to further my education outside the country and I know your womb got damaged in one of your serial child killing abortions.
    Rebecca: still crying and begging for mercy, Babe I can explain please give me one chance.
    Ray: Don't worry my dear. Feel free to pass by my lawyer's office to sign your portion of my divorce documents. I will compensate you handsomely and my regards to the rude dude who is watering my flowers for me without my permission. Ray laughs again and hangs up.

    Rebecca in tears and without saying anything to his unknown lover dashed out of the room to her car and drives out on a tough speed.
    Meanwhile, Dr. Veronica Gogovi and her assembled team of doctors were set to go to the theatre. They have also as a form of an additional witness, installed security cameras to take shots of the entire procedure. The test began in ernest and everybody was eager to see the outcome of that very test. The doctors took their time and recorded every single detail at each stage and at last, each one of them was taken by sudden shock.

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    EPISODE 10

    Rita Yeboah was still a virgin. She has never known a man and neither was there anything like a finger penetration through her legs. All the doctors became confused and stared at each other in awe disbelief. Without uttering a word, Rita got up from the bed and with heavy heart, she reached out for dress took her handkerchief to wipe her "INNOCENT VIRGIN TEARS". She left the theatre very weak but also happy within herself. She went to Rejoice and wept her heart out. Rejoice took her in the arms and questioned her as to what the outcome was? Dr. Vero Gogovi walked into her office with all her colleagues who were still in shock as to the out come of the test. A written medical document was handed over to Rita with all the other 7doctors who were present during the test having their names and signatures signed on it to affirm the whole truth of the documents. Dr. Gogovi then reviewed to them (Rita and Rejoice) that they secretly had to take footage of the test to make their test more credible enough to anyone who didn't believe the story when told. The phone of Dr. Vero started ringing, she checked and it was her husband Detective Supritendent Kelvin Gogovi calling. She answered and told her husband she will return the call later because she had an important section going on in her office.

    Back at Ray's residents he made a call to his personal lawyer to start with his divorce papers. Barrister Fredrick Dotse was amazed hearing this but had no option than to listen to his client's request. After the call ended Ray makes a different call to someone. He instructs the person to meet him at his office in an hours time.
    Back at Dr. Vero's office the confused doctors were still astonished with the lady sitting in front of them medical report. Dr. Vero promised to get the the video footage ready for them the next day so they should call it a day.
    Interesting time ahead.

    EPISODE 11

    Rejoice and Rita left de clinic without saying a word to each other. Rejoice decided to break the silence.
    Rejoice: Girlfriend am very happy with today's medical report.
    Rita: Why should you be? I know you didn't trust me in the first place when I confided in you as a very bosom friend of mine. All the same thanks for been there for me even when I was acting strange towards you.
    Rejoice: Don't worry am very okay with you and don't forget am a sister from another mother to you. Let's get a taxi and head back to the hostel, we have a lot of things to do ahead of us.

    On the other flip side Rebecca was driving on a tough speed to meet her husband and ask for forgiveness because she knew her end had already joined her. Her car hit a pothole in a sharp curve on a hill she was descending which made her to loss control of the steering. The car somersaultted like 5times before falling from the hill to the bushes down the hill.Her call caught fire and because it was a lonely road there was no one around to come to her aid. The car and Rebecca burnt to an unrecognisable feature.
    Meanwhile Ray had left the house to meet the unknown caller he called earlier on. Funny enough it was the same undercover journalist Dr. Nii Duodo contacted earlier on. He(Ray) briefed the journalist about the whole mistake Dr. Duodo did and the journalist on the other hand told him he had already been hired to do the same job, the award winning undercover journalist was with the Mathias Donkor.
    Ray gave him a fat envelope and told him that a lot awaits him if he is able to get him details of the lady in question (the pregnant lady). Before he could part company with Mathias Donkor a call came through from an unknown number. The caller said he was calling from the 37 military hospital and that he was needed to do an identification of someone at the hospital mortuary. Mathias got down from the car paving way for Ray to attend to the caller's request.
    Back at the hostel Rita and Rejoice were also in a serious thinking mood. Now the results of her (Rita) been a virgin is in, from 8 professional doctors who had confirmed to the test. But the issue remained that Rita is still pregnant. Was she going to be the mother of the second coming of JESUS? A question she couldn't ask Rita herself.

    Fast forward
    Ray was at the 37 military hospital  mortuary with Dr. Benjamin Martins, he was apparently the caller. Ray couldn't believe his eyes. What made him believe more was the rings on the fingers of the deceased. He confirmed to the doctor that yes that was his wife.

    Did God punish Rebecca for cheating on Ray after all the commitment Ray had done in their marriage for a decade?
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    EPISODE 12

    Ray after confirming to the doctor that, its his wife's body left the hospital feeling very light. He wasn't sad neither was he happy, he felt his divorce proceedings were no longer necessary at the long run. He sat in his car brought his phone out and placed a call. His first call was to his lawyer, Barrister Dotse, he told him everything and lastly asked him to cancel the divorce process because his wife is now late. Barrister Dotse felt sympathy for him and started consoling Ray. After the call Ray saw the important need to alert Rebecca's mum about the death of her daughter. The news nearly sent a heart attack to Rebecca's mum but God redeemed himself by not allowing any further deaths to occur. Ray told her he will come visiting because there was a lot to talk about.
    Dr. Gogovi had close for the day and was on her way home when the taught of Rita came into her mind. This girl's case is a mystery and I can't get the head and tail of all this happenings. How can a pregnant person still remain a virgin? Everything in between her legs remains untouched and intact. I need to speak to someone who can maybe explain further to me because this girl's issue is so by far strange. She calls her husband to ask for his location.
    Dr. Vero: Officer where are you at the moment?
    Supt. Gogovi: Doctor am home ooooooo, why anything the matter?
    Dr. Vero: Please can you cancel any appointment you have this evening? We need to talk because I have a case in my hand baffling me so much. I need someone who has an indicted mind to advice me on the whole matter.
    Supt Gogovi: Have you prescribed or administered a wrong medicine for someone?
    Dr. Vero: No my love I will explain further when I get home.
    Supt. Gogovi: Am waiting for you my Queen. Drive safe and see you later

    Someone's negligence and careless mistake has gotten another person to be thinking for him on a possible solution.
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    EPISODE 13

    Ray is seated at the balcony of his house with a bottle of Dry Gin and Coca Cola to match his thinking. For once he felt relived of a heavy burden from his neck. He smiled and said God I now know you are a prayer answering God. I asked for a cup of water and in return you gave me the whole sea. Baba God this drink is for you, he pour a little portion on the ground and all of a sudden tears started flowing down his cheeks, he has lost a woman he once cherished and adored like an idol. The very lady he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. The lady who all of a sudden had turned into a monster, beast and a tarantula spider. He stood up and walked into his bedroom to shower.
    Meanwhile Dr. Nii Duodo was eager to hear some news from his hired journalist & detective so he placed a call through to Mathias Donkor the award winning undercover journalist to see if there was any progress with his investigation so far, but the answer he(Dr. Duodo) got was not a positive one. He felt heartbroken but Mathias told him to remain calm because he was on top of his game. He assured him not to worry because he had undertaken more difficult task than what is before him now, he asked to be left alone for now because he was doing a research at the moment of the call and promised to get in touch with him (Dr Duodo) as soon as any new development occurs.
    Meanwhile Dr Vero had gotten home and was now in a serious conversation with her husband over what happened earlier today in her office. Supt. Kelvin Gogovi listened carefully to the story the wife narrated into details without asking any questions or interruptions. He was taking some notes on his small note pad lying on his lap. After his wife was done speaking he started with his questions. He showed keen interest in his wife's case and he asked if he could meet the said lady. The wife was surprised but Supt. Gogovi told the wife to be calm telling her that "knowing the problem is 50% part of solving the problem". They ended their long discussion around 1am and he promised to pass by the wife's office so she should alert him when Rita comes around for her video recording during her virginity test at the theatre the previous day.

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    EPISODE 14

    It's 2:47am as Rita checked on her phone. She had been awoken by a nightmare of some people chasing her for the baby she was carrying in her womb and at least she remembered 2 faces out of the people chasing her. The first was the doctor at the Adult Care Medical Center and the other person been that young caring man she met some years back(Ray). She was in a dilemma as to why this 2 people were part of the mob chasing her and requesting to take away the baby she was carrying. She made up her mind to visit that clinic once again because she remembers her problems started shortly after visiting that health center. She went to shower because she sweating badly when she woke up from her sleep. After the shower she managed to sleep even though it took her several minutes to finally join the train to dream land. By 6am Rita was awake, she picked her phone to make a call only to see 12 missed calls from Rejoice. Apparently Rejoice wanted to pass a message across to her (Rita) but it seems she was far from the living beings by then. She called Rejoice only for the phone to be answered by voice mail. She left her voice message behind asking Rejoice to call her as soon as she gets the message. She prepared and left for the clinic which has brought all this unfortunate troubles to her peaceful and perfect life. She got there and requested to see the doctor in office at the extreme end of the hall. She was told the doctor at room has not been to work for sometime now and if she wanted she could be directed to the doctor on duty at that moment who was equally good as the doctor in question. Ahe told the nurse on duty not to worry but should tell the doctor that Rita Yeboah came to see him.
    All along the line something was pushing Dr. Nii Duodo to go to his clinic that morning, he followed his instincts and drove to the clinic without even bathing or dressing up properly, in fact he got to his clinic in his pyjamas and arriving at the doorway to the clinic all eyes were set on him because he looked shabbily dress and miserable. With a smile the nurse on duty greeted him and told him a lady with the name Rita Yeboah just left the health care centre insisting to see him. He asked the nurse what name she just mentioned. Did you just say "RITA YEBOAH" came looking for me? Did she leave any contact numbers behind? Why didn't you ask her to wait for me? Where did she pass?
    Dr. Duodo asked a series if questions without even standing there to listen to the nurse's answer. He dashed out of the clinic with the hope of seeing Rita but unfortunately he run into a speeding taxi passing by.

    I believe at this moment you might be thinking the impossible has happened right? Your guess might be wrong so wait for the rest of the story right from the source you're reading from because the story is about to take a new turn

    EPISODE 15

    The taxi driver didn't stop to check on the person he knocked down. He rather changed his direction so that should I case someone decided to follow him he could get hold on him. Luckily for Dr. Nii Duodo the clinic security saw everything as to how the accident happened he called for help from the clinic. Eventually Dr. Duodo was conveyed to his clinic to be attended to by the staffs on duty. Series of x-ray was shot all over his body to ascertain the level of injury he had incurred. 2 of the x-rays implied that Dr. Nii Duodo's spinal cord had shifted to a different location. That means his chance of walking again is on a scale, the negative is taking majority of the side so everyone was now left to help in a prayer for their senior doctor of the health centre. "Is that how my end is going to be like?". Dr. Duodo asked himself that question in his imagination world. As when I taught my problem was about to come to an end see what this son of Jezebel and Lucifer has done to me. This taxi God will punish you rigidly. Your car will spoil near cemetery or better still on the railway line late at night. In fact may you meet armed robbers on the road. May they take your sales, beat you and snatch your car away from you. Herh God will punish you oooooo!!!!!! You have ruined my day and life. Now where am I going to see this lady again now that I will be staying home for a very loooooooooong time.
    Is nemesis at work?
    The evil men do...........

    EPISODE 16

    Rita after leaving the Adult Care Medical Centre left to the private clinic where she was confirmed as a full virgin under a critical medical observation by 8 experienced doctors the previous day. Her purpose of going there was to pick up the video coverage which was shot during her virginity test at the theatre.
    She went to the front desk of the clinic to enquire if Dr. Vero Gogovi was at her office. The nurse smiled and replied her that Dr Vero was waiting for her for almost an hour now, she walked straight to the office of Dr. Vero and knocked at the door. She was asked to come in with a very broad smile on the face of Dr. Vero, after Rita made herself comfortable Dr. Vero asked her to wait a while because the one who was to compel the video is now on the way coming. She lied to Rita that she was checking on some of her patients at the wards but she would be with her soon. Immediately she left her office she called her husband to rush to the clinic because Rita is currently at her office, Supt. Gogovi told his wife that he will be there in a jiffy and that he has even left his office approaching the clinic.
    Meanwhile the news of Dr. Duodo's accident had spread across the city like the harmattan fire chasing the grasscutter. Ray heard the news so he called him(Dr. Nii Duodo) to confirm if the rumour speculation in town had any iota of truth in it.
    On phone.
    Ray: Hello Nii. Good day and how are you doing?
    Dr. Duodo: Hello Ray(in a very faint tone). I wish I could say am fine. I was knocked down by a hit and run taxi driver earlier this morning in front of my clinic.
    Ray: (Feeling pity for his friend but had to tell him his piece of mind). Oh! So bad my brother but yet still the time I gave you to fish out the lady carrying my baby is still running. My patience is really running out. Do everything you can to get me the lady, I don't care how bad your injuries are. Get to work.
    Dr. Duodo: (in a very faint and sick voice) oh Ray! So you mean you're not going to give me a little time to recuperate from my injuries. I have been a friend and a brother to you for a very long time, I have made countless sacrifices for you and your late wife. I went against my work ethics just to bring joy to you and your household. Is this how you get to pay me back?
    Ray: (cuts in) Nii don't even go there. Are you talking about sacrifices? Do you want me to also start counting my sacrifices and contribution towards you and your clinic? Please don't make matters much worse than you have already created. The time I gave you is still running so get your injured ass out of you bed and get to work. My anger usually has no boundaries to calm it down. You know my capability. Ray cuts the call without even saying bye to his doctor and good friend who is now wallowing in pain and misery.
    At the private clinic Supt. Gogovi had joined his wife at the entrance to the clinic. They walked together to the office of Dr. Vero without saying a word to each other. Dr. Vero opened the door to her office and there was another shock in the site of the people present...............

    To be continued...................

    I believe you want to know what the suprise is all about in the office of Dr. Vero?
    Is Ray being fair to his doctor friend?  Just relax get yourself a chilled bottle of Coke because the next episode is following soon!!!!!!

    EPISODE 17

    Supt. Gogovi screamed the name of Rita loudly, Rita stood up and jumped into the arms of Supt. Gogovi.
    Dr. Vero was at this moment motionless, she wasn't getting the whole concept taking place in her office.
    Apparently Rita Yeboah is the niece of Supt. Gogovi. Supt. Kelvin Gogovi is the younger brother of Rita's mum but because Rita's mum didn't like the idea of her younger brother joining the Police Service of Ghana with the notion that the Police was corrupt and that people who joined the service died untimely because of the curses people rain on them. This fell on deaf ears to Supt. Gogovi, he joined the Police Service without telling or informing her elder sister. This action of his made his elder sister very mad at him so eventually madam Tina (Rita's mum) turned cold towards his younger brother. She warned Supt. Kelvin Gogovi never to come an inch closer to anything of hers being it any member of her family, work place or even her house. This action and threats had made Kelvin Gogovi not to visit her sister and family even to check up on them.
    Supt. Gogovi explained everything to his wife and told her further that his sister(madam Tina) is the only family member he had in this world. He then told her that this is the reason why she had never met his sister ever before. Dr. Vero smiled and said "its a very small world", she told her husband that Rita and Rejoice her younger sister are very close friends.

    Hmmmmmmm we see the world to be very big but trust me the world is not that big, if you don't do the right thing the world will be too small for you to live in it. That was just by the way!

    Now that Supt. Kelvin Gogovi had seen that the "Pregnant Virgin" is his blood he had taken extra concern about the matter at hand. He promised and vowed to his niece that anyone who had a hand in her predicament must and will be brought to book. He said he will deal with that person vigorously & rigidly without mercy if only the pregnancy is not having any supernatural connection to it.
    Supt. Gogovi and his niece left the wife's office to the Accra shopping mall because there was a lot to talk about, Dr. Vero couldn't join them because she had a lot on her desk to work on. She gave a copy of the video to Rita to keep very safe in her closet because the importance of the video will be needed pretty soon. Rita and her uncle had a very long discussion about her life, school and the predicament she now finds herself in, she continued to tell her uncle about the nightmare she had and the faces she saw in the dream. Supt. Gogovi had a call from the office that his attention was needed so he and his niece left the mall. He drove his niece to her hostel, takes her contact details and promises to keep in touch with her very often and in return hands over his call card to Rita.
    On the way to the office Supt. Gogovi calls Mathias Donkor to meet him at their joint later in the evening because he had an assignment for him to do for him(if I forgot to tell you earlier, Mathias Donkor and Supt Gogovi are tight friends right from the secondary school right to the university, they do connect with each other in their respective fields for advice and assistance).
    Later in the night the 2 friends met (Mathias Donkor and Supt. Gogovi met to discuss about the plight have in their hands), Supt. Gogovi didn't bother to mention the name of Rita during the conservation he had with his friends because I believe the mystery to Rita's problem will have been resolved at that very moment. I believe destiny has it own way to unfold matters.......    

    This story is becoming more intense and interesting. Keep following it as you don't want to miss the very important part of the story. I don't even no what will happen next but trust me you are in for a big surprise.

    EPISODE 18

    Back in Rita's room she had found a little joy meeting her uncle and talking to him at length. She felt for once she had come to contact with someone who never doubted her pregnancy and had hope to solve the puzzle in her life. She went to her closet to search for her small childhood diary she keeps very memorable events and happenings in it.She wanted to add her current information to the diary and when she got hold of the diary, her phone vibrated and out of shock she dropped the diary, she bent down to take the diary and she saw this complementary card laying on the floor close to the diary. She had know idea who gave her that card and where it came from, she took the card all the same  and sat on her bed with the diary and complementary card in her hand trying to still recollect where that card came from and after several minutes of thinking, she remembered the owner of the card. The card belonged to that good guy who managed to break the protocol ethics of Rita some years back, she jumped on her feet when the picture of Ray flashed into her memory. Rita's face beamed with joy and happiness because she had yearned to hear the voice of that young man and if possible see his handsome face once again. Her joy at that very moment was unmeasurable, she felt the edge to call the numbers on the card but picking her phone she saw it was after 10pm. She was hearing a voice in her head telling her to go ahead and another voice ordering her not to do so, now she was in a cross road as to whether call the number now or later. She dropped the phone and decided to call the number the next day, she put the card and diary under her pillow to go and shower. In the bathroom Rita took a closer look at herself in the mirror in front of her, she saw the rapid changes that had taken place in and out of her body. The way her breast size had increased and how her tummy is also gradually increasing by the day. For the very first time she smiled after making this observation on her body, she opened the tap and took her bath. After she came back to her room the edge to call the numbers on the card came back to her again, this time she mastered courage took the card and her phone and started dialing the first number on the card. She called the number twice but was told the number is either switched off or out of coverage area. She felt sad and gave up, she then channelled her attention to the diary. She wrote into the diary all what was needed to be written in the diary and she decided to end the day's activities with a peaceful sleep but after she said her prayer she decided to call the number one more time, surprisingly the call went through this time around and Rita was very excited, the phone rang without any answer and that made her joy decrease but at least she was happy the number went through. She didn't bother calling again because she felt the person she was trying to call might be asleep by now. In less than a minute her phone started to ring and when she checked on de screen it was the number she had called earlier on. With much excitement she answered the call but kept her composure down for the caller not to see her excitement. She greeted the caller and asked if this was Mr Dominic Anko(Ray) that she was speaking with and in return she got the affirmative reply (yes), Rita screamed on top of her voice close to a minute.
    Ray kept calm till the person he was speaking with came back to her normal self after which he asked who he was speaking with on the phone? Rita mentioned her name but it didn't ring any bell for Ray to decode the answer. He asked if the lady could throw a little light of herself to him so he could try and remember the personality behind that voice he was hearing in on the phone.
    Is this going to be a repeat or revenge of an unfinished agenda. Stay glued to your handset or computer, the game is about to go to the next level.
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    EPISODE 19

    Rita finally disclosed her identity in the simplest way by telling Ray she was the stranded lady he helped some years back on that lonely road. Ray sprang to his feet from his bed with a surprised tone, he asked a million questions without waiting for an answer from Rita. Rita then narrated her long story of not being able to call him (Ray) after they had parted company to their respective homes. Ray on the other hand immediately requested they (Rita & him) have launch the following day at Marwako Restaurant close to Jokers Pub inside La, they had a quick conversation and ended the call. Rita never slept that night because she had developed this joy and excitement that only God could understand and explain to mankind. Also Ray was all full of smiles, he was again going to see that lady who for the first time of meeting her made him feel so special and happy, in fact he has had several dreams about this lady for so many months before trying his possible best to forget about her for good.
    Do you remember I told you its a small world somewhere in the story? You let's continue........
    Supt Gogovi and his buddy Mathias Donkor had a very long discussion concerning his niece and before they left their joint Supt Gogovi told Mathias that he will come along with his niece so Mathias could also interrogate her, you know they say 2 heads are better than 1. Finally they both left to their various homes very late, Supt Gogovi got home to meet his wife(Dr. Vero) sitted at the parlour very angry. She was angry because she didn't know where her husband was and he was not answering his phone also, upon hearing this from the wife, Supt. Gogovi fished out his phone from his pocket to see 72 missed calls on the screen. Apparently his phone had switched to the silent mode inside his pocket without his knowledge. He pleaded for mercy from his wife and told her the reason for him staying out of the house and returning home late.
    So soon it is day break and promises had to be fulfilled on everybody's part, Rita and her uncle had to meet in the morning and later in the afternoon she will be having a lunch appointment with Ray. Rita joined her uncle at his office and she told him how excited she was and what she intended to do in the afternoon. Supt. Gogovi was happy his niece for once is so excited even when there was a very big problem to be solved, he asked Rita of the secret behind her joy this morning and in return Rita opened up to him. He told Rita he would love to meet this young man and thank him for putting a smile on the face of his niece. As the pleasant conversation was going on, the secretary of Supt. Gogovi called to inform him of a visitor called Mathias Donkor who wanted to see him. Mathias was ushered in after permission was granted for him to join the already sitted uncle and niece. As he sat down Supt. Gogovi introduced his niece to Mathias and he was then asked to proceed with his questions and answers section. He asked vital and essential questions from Rita and he was also in return given answers to every single question he asked, he was secretly recording the conversation or questionnaire taking place with a small recorder that looked like key holder and also jotting down some point with his small writing pad on his laps. For close to 2 hours the conversation hadn't ended but someone called Mathias to meet him so the questionnaire section had to come to an end. Before he was about leaving he asked his final question and the question was; WHAT IS YOUR FULL NAME?................
    Rita replied him that she is RITA ADJOA YEBOAH, which he wrote down on his writing pad. He took permission and left the 2 people in the office to continue from where he stopped their conversation. Looking at the clock in the office the time was 15minutes pass 1pm, it was almost lunch time so Supt. Gogovi decided to go and drop his niece and take that opportunity to meet the young man his niece had almost wrote a full article about.

    Do you by chance know or can guess the caller who called Mathias Donkor?
    Did the name Rita mentioned ring a bell in the minds of Mathias Donkor at all?
    Stay glued again to your handset or computer because am about to tell you who called and what will happen next.


    EPISODE 20

    Ray had already taken a lead to Mawarko Restaurant to create a unique impression on his expected guest, "as the white man always says first impression counts much with the person you are going to meet on a date or a business appointment". Rita and her uncle got to the venue 5minutes to the appointed lunch time, she brought out her phone from her small hand bag to call Ray, after the call she smiled and told her uncle, my lunch date is already seated in the restaurant waiting for me. Supt. Kelvin Gogovi smiled back at his niece and said this guy has already started earning my respect and I hope he lives to my satisfactory accreditation. They both got down from the car and walked hand in hand to the table Ray was sitting, as they got close to Ray's table Supt. Gogovi screamed "Ray the smooth boy and in return Ray replied senior Kay Gee the Rough man". The 2 men gave themselves I hug and cheerful hand shake, all this while Rita was watching the 2 men very lost with herself and everyone in the restaurant's attention had shifted to this men making too much noise at this siren environment but no one had the temerity to utter a word (the uniform coupled with medals on the chest of Supt. Gogovi had silenced anyone who wanted to say a word).
    After the long hug and handshake, introduction had to follow shortly, Supt. Gogovi spoke first by introducing the young beautiful lady he was with as his lovely niece and in return told Rita that Ray happened to be his school son way back at secondary school and that they came to meet one affable young man her niece had painted a wonder portrait about only with her mouth.  Hmmmmmmm such a big but small world we find ourselves.
    Rita was still not talking neither was she moving her body because she hadn't recovery from her shock state of mind she saw herself. Her uncle had to tap her shoulder before she revived to her normal self once again, her uncle asked if everything was alright and where the young man in question is seated? She only pointed at Ray just to release the tension on her. Supt. Gogovi watched the 2 people seated in front of him with great astonishment all over his face, the only thing he could say is 'you mean the 2 of you know each other already, wow what a crazy world'.
    Apparently during the schooldays Supt. Gogovi use to tell Ray that he will give his niece (Rita) out to Ray if he passes his exams well, enters the university, graduate and find himself a very good job but unfortunately they lost contact shortly after Supt. Gogovi went to the university and in 15years later, they find themselves seated at a table in a unique restaurant.
    They ordered their food and as they were eating and catching up on matters a call came through to Ray's phone, he answered and told the caller to walk in into the restaurant....................

    I believe you are eager to know who the caller is?
    Should I continue now or wait till my next episode?

    Okay let's continue.
    The called entered the restaurant, walked to the table Ray was seated with his special guest. The caller also came in as another big surprise to the 2people seated at the table with Ray, Supt. Gogovi and Rita all mentioned the name of person who just joined them at the same time as if they rehearsed what to say next..........
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    EPISODE 21

    Rita together with his uncle Supt. Gogovi mentioned the name of Mathias Donkor in shock wondering what in God's name he was doing at the restaurant. Was he stocking Rita and his uncle? Or was there any information he wanted to pass by to any of the 3people seated in front of him?
    Ray asked if they knew each other and Supt. Gogovi answered in the affirmative way "YES", he told Ray that Mathias is his right hand man that helps him in most of his undercover investigation and also they were course mates back at the university.

    The tension of this story is getting hotter and a bit complicated here. What will follow next?  
    In fact why all this questions, let's continue with the story my loyal readers.

    Well Ray told Supt. Gogovi that a doctor friend of his made an unpardonable mistake by injecting his semen into another lady without the lady's concern and now they(Ray, Mathias Donkor and Dr. Nii Duodo) are in search of the lady who is by now months pregnant and might be suffering in pains and agony for something she isn't guilty of. All this while Rita was having the edge of vomiting but she tried controlling it but you know you can't cheat nature, because nature has its own way of doing things at the time it deems fit. Rita all of a sudden discharged a heavy chunk of vomit all over the table in front of her and every eye ball in the hall shifted to the table they were seated on. It was an embarrassing moment but with the help of the 3 men around her, she was taken to Ray's car to be rushed to the nearest hospital or clinic. La General Hospital was the closest hospital around so they drove to that hospital, upon arrival she was rushed to the female ward to be attended to. The 3 men who brought her had to wait outside the female ward for the medical team to attend to her. Ray asked if Rita was okay before coming to the restaurant or perhaps was it that the food was too spicy for her consumption? Supt. Gogovi knowing what was wrong with his niece told Ray everything was just okay and that he shouldn't worry too much about Rita. As they sat in the corridor opposite the female ward waiting for the doctor to come out with his report they saw someone been pushed in a wheelchair approaching them. Supt. Gogovi rose to his feet as the person in the wheelchair was getting closer to  them. The person in the wheelchair was no one but Dr. Nii Duodo, he came for a psychotherapy treatment at the La General Hospital. Supt. Gogovi asked him what happened to him that has rendered him a handicap now? Dr. Nii Duodo narrated his story to the very to point at which that spare hit and run driver knocked him down. All this time Ray was on phone so he had excused himself from the others as Supt. Gogovi and Dr. Duodo do a catch up on issues or matters. In no time Ray was done with his call so he joined Supt. Gogovi and the man in the wheelchair only to realise it was no one but Dr. Bright Nii Duodo.
    Ray mentioned the name of Dr. Duodo to the root which took Supt. Gogovi by surprise, he asked if they new each other? Ray disclosed to Supt. Gogovi that this was the same man who he spoke to him about giving a wrong injection to an innocent lady. This took Supt. Gogovi by surprise because he knew Dr. Duodo was a reputable and distinguished professional doctor who can't make sure callous mistake but coming from Ray and in front of Dr. Duodo himself he didn't have a course to doubt what he was hearing. All this while Mathias Donkor had excused himself to fetch something in his car parked outside, he walked in to meet Dr. Duodo and his friends busily ironing out their differences. He tapped on the shoulder of Dr. Nii Duodo to ask him what brought him to hospital at this time of the day? With this question Supt. Gogovi asked Mathias if he also new Dr. Duodo and he replied yes he knew him and that he was undertaking a crucial undercover assignment for the doctor seated in the wheelchair before them.

    EPISODE 22

    The doctor on duty Dr. Hannah Danquah came out of the female ward beaming with smiles, Supt. Gogovi knew the reason for the smile but he kept it to himself and waited for the doctor to break the news.
    Everyone was eager to hear what the female doctor had to say, Ray broke the silence with a question to Dr. Hannah Danquah. What is wrong with the lady we brought here some minutes ago? The doctor was quite for sometime but finally she spoke and her words brought broken heart to one of the men standing in front of her!!!!!.

    I believe you know the broken heart patient by now,and if you don't know also I will tell you in due time!!!!!

    Rita had now regained her consciousness and standing before her were her uncle, Ray, Mathias Donkor, Dr. Nii Duodo and Dr. Hannah Danquah. The room was filled with utmost silence that should a need drop on the ground, everyone could hear the sound of it. The serenity of the room kept Rita very nervous and in fact she was very much afraid, she was thinking whether she had contracted any deadly disease or even have had a miscarriage.
    Dr. Nii Duodo at this moment was really battling with his memory as to where he knew the lady laying on the bed. He fought really hard with himself that he couldn't even hear his name being mentioned in the room, it was a tap on his shoulder that brought him back from the wondering land. Ray was all this while wallowing in pain and jealousy, he was thinking he was at the verge of putting back his broken pieces together with Rita as his wife. In fact he was planning to ask Rita out if only she was still single and now look at the nuclear bomb that has being released to the general public.
    Mathias Donkor spoke last after the room was quite again and this time he chose his words very carefully. He spoke in plain but soft tone that everyone was listening to him with an undivided attention, this are what he said
    Before I continue I have someone who has being helping and assisting me with this very complicated assignment that was given to me some weeks back. He went to the door and opened it for his partner to enter before he proceeded with his rehearsed speech.

    EPISODE 23

    Mathias Donkor opened the door and someone walked in majestically. At this point all eyes were set to the doorway, the person in question made the jaws of some people tightly locked.
    The person was no other person than Rejoice Afodoanyi, Rita's bosom friend. Ray, Supt. Gogovi and Rita screamed out the name of Rejoice as if they had rehearsed together to mention her name as she entered. Mathias continued with his long speech and later told Rejoice to proceed from where he's going to stop. Rejoice for sometime had been working herself out just to put a smile back on her bestie's face one more time, so she also got in touch with Mathias Donkor knowing his undercover prowess. As they(Rejoice and Mathias) got in touch, Rejoice narrated everything that had taken place in Rita's life and that was how they started working together.
    Rejoice just went straight to the point without missing words and wasting time. She told everyone present that Ray standing over there is the father of Rita's unborn child. The room was engulfed with absolute silence at once, no one moved, spoke or even blinked his or her eyes for a very long time.

    *Was this some sort of joke?
    *Was this a dream that Ray was having?
    *Was Rejoice trying to play with the minds of everyone present?
    *Was this words that came out of Rejoice mouth a song lyrics or was it an April Fool's prunk?

    Hell no!!!!! We are in the month of July so I believe this was not an April Fool's prunk. I believe repeating the same words would make everyone now believe he or she didn't hear what Rejoice said wrongly. Supt. Gogovi asked for a rewind or better still a replay of what Rejoice said and she again repeated herself to the understanding of everyone present.
    Hmmmmmmm you can imagine the tension in the room by now. Everyone's eyeballs moved from Rita to Ray then from Ray to Rita, back and front. I believe someone had to buy words for those present so they could use to express themselves because everyone there was out of words. Mmmmmmmm the world is big but small at the same time?
    Ray mastered courage to speak but he was fumbling with words, the young man had lost lyrics and the rhythm to speak for the first time in his life. Dr. Nii Duodo wanted to speak but he knew trying to utter a word might land him in trouble so he kept anything he wanted to say to himself. At this moment Dr. Hannah Danquah walked in and he told everyone present that she wanted to run a DNA test on Ray and Rita, apparently she had been eavesdropping on the conversation going on in the room behind the door. No one opposed her opinion or countered her as to who invited her into the conversation. Supt. Gogovi called his wife Dr. Veronica Gogovi to join them at the La General Hospital because a miracle is about to take place so she should put to a stop anything she was doing and join them ASAP. He turned to Ray, tapped his shoulder and told him to be strong and that if the DNA proves out to be true that he's indeed the father of the unborn child he has his full support. He would see to it that her niece and her family accepts hims as an in-law to the whole family.

    Do you believe that Ray is the father of the unborn child in Rita's womb?
    Your guess might be wrong so please wait patiently for the ending part of the story. Some things are different when closer and others when distance away.
    An Akoto Alexander Mindset.

    EPISODE 24 (final)

    Nurse Edwina entered the room together with this handsome dude and at this moment all attention had been shifted to the two strangers now. To Rejoice and Rita the handsome young chap wasn't a stranger, he was once a classmate to them but travelled outside the country half way through their education. To Rita that fresh guy was also not just a classmate, he was his first love, in fact this handsome dude's departure brought broken heart to Rita and that was how she decided to stick to her mother's advice that all men were wicked.
    Nurse Edwina Thompson started with her confession immediately without wasting time.
    She told the people present that the young man was her nephew who travelled outside the country some years back but before he travelled he had an accident that made doctors pronounce the him impotent. With this bad news popping up nurse Edwina vowed to do everything in her capacity to make her nephew father a child one day, her nephew's family made arrangements for the young man to travel to the UK for better medical treatment and also to further his education as well. The young dude came back to the country about three (3) months ago and it was during this period that nurse Edwina masterminded and executed her evil plans if I can put it that way. When the young man by name DENNIS ANSAH came to town his aunt told him she wanted to run a test on him to see if the medical treatment he went through had yielded any positive results. Nurse Edwina took sperm samples of her nephew Dennis and exchanged it with that of Ray's sperm samples in the fridge of Dr. Duodo. Before Rita came to meet Dr. Duodo that faithful day her folder was exchanged with that of Ray's late wife Rebecca so Dr. Duodo didn't carelessly inject Rita, he only followed the instructions he read in the folder on his table. Little did he know it was a trap that had been set by his own nurse on duty that faithful day, hmmmmmmm the strength of a woman they say is very powerful. After the injection was given to Rita, Dr. Duodo went to the wash room to wash his hands and that was the time nurse Edwina came to swap the folder of Rita again this time with the original folder. Since Rita was not aware of what was going on or she taught it was a formality she kept mute on what she witness but unfortunately for her, that was the beginning of her sorrows and agony. Dr. Duodo at this moment couldn't hold back his tears as he was now weeping like a 10years old child who had been beaten by his parent or teacher, the only thing he could say was "Edwina why?".

    So now that the truth is out that Ray is by far not responsible for Rita's pregnancy then what happened to Ray's sperm sample?
    I will tell you that now so please let's continue with the story.

    The daughter of one of the richest moguls in town with the name Priscilla Dede Tetteh was the one who came to buy the sperm from nurse Edwina. Because of the pride this young beautiful lady had, she had managed to drive away all her potential suitors and now that she was in her mid 30's she just wanted a child of her own and because no man was coming her way she decided to buy a sperm for it to be injected into her for her to conceive. Luckily for her she is also over 2months old pregnant.
    Ray dashed out to attack nurse Edwina but with the timely intervention of Supt. Gogovi, nurse Edwina was rescued. Ray wanted the immediate arrest of nurse Edwina but, Dr. Hannah Danquah chipped in something that made everyone relax. She smiled and said the lady in question Priscilla Dede Tetteh is my patient that am taking care of, in fact I was the doctor who examined her and declared her pregnant. As a matter of fact she is supposed to be in this hospital any moment from now for a medical test with me this afternoon. With this statement tempers came down a bit, Ray excused himself to get water from the hospital canteen, on his way out he bumped into this gorgeous lady who had the physical accoutrement Ray wanted in his woman. He apologised with a broad smile and the lady also in return apologised back, she was not looking forward because she was trying to dial a number on her phone. Ray couldn't take his eyes off the lady as they all walked pass themselves and this lady was also doing same.

    Was this love at first sight or better still do you believe in love at first sight parole?

    As they both got out of sight of each other everyone of them had series of rhetorical questions to ask himself or herself. Dr. Hannah received a call from her cell phone and after showing the caller the exact location she was at the hospital she dropped the call and smiled, the next thing was a knock on the door, she walked to the door turned back to everyone in the room and with a broad smile again she said "I PRESENT TO YOU THE CARRIER OF MR DOMINIC ANKO'S UNBORN CHILD, MISS PRISCILLA DEDE TETTEH".

    Silence took hostage of the entire room again as this pretty,gorgeous, stunning, succulent, beauty goddess entered the room, she smiled and greeted everyone and as she set sight on nurse Edwina, she went forward to hug her and said a big thank you to her. Ray entered the room again only to see this same beautiful lady he bumped into a while ago, standing close to nurse Edwina. Dr. Hannah broke the news to Ray that this is the mother of her unborn child and in return Ray told the female doctor that if its a joke she should put a stop to it because in a matter of less than 3hours he has witness series of shocks that can lead to instant stroke, but Dr. Hannah stood to her words and even asked for another DNA to be carried out again.
    Priscilla Dede Tetteh at this point was confused but Dr. Hannah explained to her in the simplest form the truth of the whole matter. Ray this time was praying that the information that he was receiving would indeed be the truth because he had fallen for this beautiful damsel the very first time his eyes spotted her and on the part of Priscilla also she was having some sort of attraction for Ray. In fact Ray fell in the specification of her dream type man, should she get the chance to make a selection by herself. At this point Dennis had walked to Rita and they were ironing some sort of difference between them whiles preparation for the DNA test for Ray and Priscilla was also being conducted. By the time the results was out Dennis and Rita had a confession also to make to everyone present and the confession was that, the 2 of them (Rita and Dennis) were once love birds in the same senior high school before he left the shores of Ghana and in fact they had taken a blood covenant together to be with each other for the rest of their lives. This brought another surprise to everyone in the room and before any word could be said, Dr. Hannah was back in the room beaming with smiles. She confirmed that "YES" Ray was the father of the unborn child in the womb of Priscilla and the whole room was filled with joy and laughter.
    In the jubilation mood Ray went down on one feet dipped his hand in his pocket fished out a ring and asked Priscilla if she would marry him? Apparently Ray wanted to propose to Rita early on at the restaurant and before he tried executing his plans Rita started vomiting and that was how come they all ended up at the La General Hospital. Priscilla without thinking twice accepted the proposal from Ray and the ring was put on her finger, she gave Ray a passionate kiss that got Dennis and Rita to do same. Dr. Vero walked to her husband and also dropped a kiss on his lips. The was love in the air at that very moment.
    A mass wedding date was fixed in a weeks time between Dominic Anko and Priscilla Dede Tetteh / Dennis Ansah and Rita Adwoa Yeboah.
    It was a historic moment for everyone present because how it all started was just like a dream.

    At the honeymoon night both Ray and Dennis discover that they had both married PREGNANT VIRGIN's during the time of having their first ever sex in their different rooms. Tear followed down the checks of the ladies and indeed it was the "���INNOCENT VIRGIN'S TEARS���".
    They all lived happily ever after with their children in their separate homes.
    All characters in this story were imagined and created so if the names bear resemblance to your name or family member or friend please don't take it personal.

    My profound gratitude goes to the most high God for how far He has brought me and the wisdom he gave me from start to end.

    To my Mentor, First Love, Sugar Mummy, Inspiration,Number one Fan & Worse Critic Abena Martha who had the chance to listen & read my story first, I say am forever indebted to U & promise to buy U a car from this chosen venture.

    Now to my Cherished readers across the globe who took time to read, share and comment on every episode I posted or sent, I remain grateful to U. Ur calls, Facebook messages & WhatsApp messages kept inspiring me to  go on and on that I didn't even want to end the story.
    To every mistake that was seen or read in the story I promise to work & build upon it. This story is just a tip of the iceberg so watch out for more Intriguing, Rib cracking, Taught Provoking, Lesson learning & Captivating stories that are yet to drop soon. Ur comments and criticism are still needed by my team and I.

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