Story: Is it a Sin? Season 1


    Episode 1

    It was always a long journey from school to home. On that beautiful and lovely Tuesday afternoon,
    I was very tired and thirsty, so I sat down under a bamboo tree to rest a little. “What a beautiful
    and lovely day!” I exclaimed. The nature is dearly beautiful. The sun was so bright, shinning and
    sparkling. The breeze was so cool to the extent of defeating the sparkling sun. The leaves were
    dancing melodiously to the beats from the breeze. The ants were working happily on their anthills,
    same to the bees. The birds or the likes were chirping and singing beautifully. I prolonged my
    imagination by imagining how beautiful the word and its creatures are. “Life they say is touch and
    go”…………I remember my lovely grandmother who always narrates fairly tales and dawn stories
    to me. She once told me that ”Life they say is touch and go, some people you know may only be
    there for some time. Some may go away, but people who find you special will always find a way to
    stay”. That was one of her quote that stick to my brain before she became a ghost. “So my
    grandmother had a touch of life and passed on too, what a life of vanity”. I voiced out as I
    struggled to get back on my feet… “I pray my parent don’t go now” I conclude as I begin the
    second season of my journey home.
    (Few minute later)
    I got to my compound; I saw many strange and known faces. All faces were averting with teary
    eyes. I couldn’t fathom what had happened “What could have happened? Why all this strange
    faces with teary eyes in this compound” I thought, totally baffled. I mustered courage as I
    reluctantly barged into the house. I noticed my mother who was crying and weeping unceasingly,
    many sympathizers were with her, they were trying to console her “God knows why this had
    happened” my mother immediate sister said as she was trying to console her. “What may have
    happened here?” I thought, I still couldn’t fathom what was happening. “Please why is everyone
    crying and weeping?” I asked one of those sympathizers who was also sobbing.
    “Your father was bitten by a snake in his farm and this result to his death because it was too late
    before he was taken to the native doctor”. The sympathizer replied as she burst into tears.
    I couldn’t believe my ears, “What did you just say?” I asked the sympathizer again in disbelief. She
    narrates exactly what she just told me.“I can’t believe this” I said in a veragain tone. Father! I
    screamed. I was now the cynosure of all eyes in our compound. I slumped but graciously, some
    sympathizers were able to get hold of me. I was rushed to the village native doctor by some
    sympathizers. “The shock was too much for her age” the native doctor told the sympathizers that
    brought me to his house
    Four hours later. The day is now eclipsing to dawn. I regain consciousness. I was convey back
    home by the male sympathizers, as the females sympathizers who escorted me to the doctor
    house head for their respective house, so as to be able to cook the dinners on time.
    (Few minutes later)
    I got into the house. All thanks to those people that convoy me, I meet my mother still weeping on
    the mystery death of my father. My grandmother once told me that “Snakes doesn’t fight or bite
    without the conscious of those evils one”. “Does that mean that someone deliberately sent a snake
    to kill my father, God but what must my father have done to that person that such person cannot
    forgive him or give my father minor punishment than the punishment of death”. I thought as tears
    flow freely from my eyes without any obstructions through my cheeks as my mother also pave way
    for more tears from her eyes, when she sight that I was also crying.

    Episode 2

    The highly respected Chief Obiano Emeka Paul was my father; he was a highly respected chief in
    my village. During his life time he was loved by the children, youths and adults. He was a friend to
    everybody, he loved to crack jokes. He was very hard-working and never condones laziness.
    Despite the fact that he is a chief, he does work on his farm every weekday. My father is my best
    friend, he meant everything to me and my mother, he loved and care for me a lot, he equally loved
    my mother so dearly and he was financially okay, he vowed to send me to any level of education I
    wished to aim for, which is now at stake. My mother who should help now that my father is no
    more in financing my education is a full house wife and she doesn’t have any work she is doing.
    My father’s death caused the deepest wound in me.
    The head of the family with some members of my father’s family came into our house. My mother
    welcomes them earnestly. My mother who was in black (widow clothes) offered a glass of water to
    each of the visitors, they drank the water as they began their conversation.
    “One month is enough for you to mourn my late brother’s death”. The head of the family said as he
    looked in another direction. My mother’s mouth went wide in disbelieve. I wasn’t invited to the
    discussion, so I peeped through a hole from my room door.
    “What do y…you… mea……n? Your words seem to be a parable”. My mother replied stammering
    and confused.
    “What I mean is that you should gently pack your belongings out of this house, you yourself knew
    that your daughter is a bastard, so not even a tip of an iceberg of the chief properties will be in
    your possession……………….”. The head of the family said as he looked straight into my mother
    eyes. All the other members of the family nodded in approval.
    I was shocked to hear what the head of the family said, I felt depressed but I continued peeping.
    “…………. I beg your pardon, my husband has never caught me with a concubine, and he is the
    biological father of my daughter. I know what is coming on you, you want me to pack out of this
    house, you should just tell me gently instead of faking lies on me. I will leave if you want me to
    leave but I just want you to know that what goes around comes back backfired if mishandle and
    you (pointing to the other members of the family) you wish to eat my husband with
    mischievousness, I just want you to know that one day, you will get the repercussion. Sometimes
    tears mean unspoken happiness and smile mean silent pains” my mother said as she walked out
    from my father family’s midst.
    “Go! we don’t want you and your bastard daughter here in this house or in our family”. Some
    members of the family groaned with some kind of husky voices in chorus.
    “Who knows if she is not the one that killed my brother”. My father immediate brother voiced
    brusquely while trying to stress each word.
    I was a bit relieved to hear my mother reply to the intrigue family members.
    So this is what we call life! I exclaimed. During my father life time they are so caring and lovely,
    now that my father is gone. They now the wild fire, they are really hard to handle. “Why does my
    father have to go now?”my thoughts reacquainted. My grandmother once told me that “only I can
    change my life. No one can do it for me”. She is right. My father departs, his family members
    turned to something disgusting. Well we must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept
    the one that is waiting for us. I was totally heartbroken; I don’t know what my fate is calling for now
    and that of my innocent mother. Well we must focus on today and make use of the day well,
    because tomorrow is not guarantee………
    Light Out)

    Episode 3

     “Am very sorry my sister, I can’t allow you to stay with me… You know I love my privacy a lot and I
    can’t afford to jeopardize my lovely and happy life because of a family member. And beside I can’t
    afford to be feeding you and your daughter, and also shoulder your needs. I have pledged to take
    care of only myself and no one else. So please my sister, maybe you should look for your shelter
    elsewhere”. My mother immediate sister counterblast my mother pleading to provide us shelter for
    some time.
    My mother was shocked and embarrassed by her sister shocking reply, I was also dumbfounded.
    I knew Aunty Nneka (my mother’s immediate sister) to be very wicked and inhumane, she loved
    her privacy as she had said earlier, she is single, financially okay and she is living in a three bedroom
    flat, she works as a fashion designer and many people do patronize her shop because of her
    My mother portage her Ghana-Must-Go bag on her head, she told me to follow her, and I did as
    instructed as we shamble to another village.
    (30 minutes later)
    We got to another village, we pleaded for shelter from the villagers, but it seems they all don’t want
    to help.
    “That is how Nduke the palm wine tapper allows a stranger to dwell in his house; he was later
    bankrupted by that stranger”. One of the villager echoes.
    “Maybe this is the advanced method of kidnapping, am sorry o, I can’t allow you to live here o”.
    Another villager ripostes my mother begging.
    “We don’t know the agents of the devil, it’s not written on their faces but they always look rough
    like you look”. A male villager replied sassing my mother’s pleading for shelter.
    “You and Baba Eze have planned Right? He told me before he left this house today that he will
    make me to see what I won’t expect, so he told you to come here with his daughter and wait for
    him right? E no go better for you. Not in this house, before I count three and you are still here, I
    swear I will make you regret the day you were born into this world”. – A callous provision seller
    rejoined brutally.
    “My husband married me legally, so there is no need for second wife here”. Another woman
    “Wait, am coming, let me go and tell my husband about this”. The woman only went in to come
    backwith a pot full of pepper water, yahhhha, the eagerly running pepper water echo loudly as it
    landed on our body.
    All the villagers we beg for help from gave us annoying, pesky, bothersome, galling, vexatious,
    nettlesome, vexing, pestiferous, irritating replies, some even extend in stoning us, but what can we
    do? That is what we call life. Human beings are the greatest evils as my grandmother do tell me,
    but they are not to be blame, it is just that the bad people has influenced the good one.
    “After a lengthy and fruitless search for shelter , we sighted an uncompleted building; we decided
    to rest for the night inside the building, we were very tired and hungry, my mother was mewling, I
    tried to console her, she was so embarrassed that day, she has never been that embarrassed in
    her life. My father’s death has caused the greatest destruction, devastation, annihilation,
    Holocaust, disaster and ruin to our guiltless life. Imagine, just a month and we are suffering from
    one physical and emotional trauma to another. What a shame! See what death has caused. I
    didn’t know when I fell into a deep slumber because I was very tired and weak.
    (Light Out)

    Episode 4

    (Next day)
    Kidnapper! Kidnapper!! Kidnapper!!! Some villagers were chasing a kidnaper frantically and
    deucedly, many were chasing the kidnaper bare-footed. Children, youths and adults were after the
    irritating kidnapper. All the villagers were handing weapons like stones, sticks, cutlasses, swords
    and all different forms of weapon. I was on my way to the bush, I left in search for leftover fruit and
    viands, so as to quench our hunger and esurience.
    The kidnapper who was wearing a cloth similar to that of my mother ran into the uncompleted
    building we are sojourning. She ran past my mother who needed insistent.
    “Why is she running?” my mother asked rhetorically.
    The angry and hot-blooded villagers/chasers ran into the uncompleted building, they saw my
    mother lying down mewling.
    “This is a prank, she is the one, and she is wearing the same cloth”. One of those angry pursuers
    noted. “Yes, she is the one.” Some other chasers replicates in chorus.
    “You think you are wise (pointing to my mother).” The Youth Leader uttered.
    “What are you insinuating, I don’t un…” my mother never concludes her words before the youth
    leader barge into her words.
    “Stone her to death”. The youth leader commanded.
    In short, my mother was stoned to death by the hot-blooded villagers who were pursing the
    The chasers carry my mother lifeless body in front of the uncompleted building; they are ready to
    set her dead body ablaze.
    I came back from the bush with a bag full of different fruits like Guava, Cashew, Mango and
    Orange. I saw many villagers holding different type of weapon in front the uncompleted building. I
    drop the bag containing the fruits as I ran to the scene to see what is happening. Lo and behold,
    my dear mother is dead, she has been stoned to death by the angry villagers, and she was
    accused and killed for the crime she never commits, what a life of injustice. I weep bitterly, no one
    to console me, the wild, angry, raging, furious and tempestuous villagers were baffled, befuddled,
    bemused, at sea, lost and confused at my reactions on the death of my beloved and darling
    “Do you know her?” The village youth leaders asked confusing.
    “You had killed my mother.”I cried out loud as I punch my mother at her chest so as for her to
    notice me, but No, she is dead. The villagers were all surprised at the same time shocked.
    “So you are the daughter of this foul, loathe, disgusting, skanky and repelling kidnapper.” One of
    the wild villagers said inhumanely.
    “My mother is not a kidnapper, we were immigrants, and we couldn’t find shelter from your people,
    so we decided to sleep here (pointing to the uncompleted building) for a night before we continue
    our journey to nowhere. I went to the bush to look for something to eat and for my mother, but I
    met my mother lying here lifeless and she was killed by you callous”. I uttered weeping bitterly. All
    attentions were on me, the villagers did not know what to do, they were mixed-up, they looked at
    one another faces thinking they mistakes my mother for the genuine kidnapper.
    “I know they were kidnappers, they came to my house yesterday to beg for asylum, shelter and
    hideout in which I bluntly refused, thank God I did not allow them in, maybe my only son would
    have become their prey”. A female villager who’s we beg for shelter from yesterday uttered
    “You are also acting smart like your mother right? If you can fool some people, you can’t twat all of
    us, so you don’t deserve to live because if we leave you to live now, you will later took up your
    mother’s job (Kidnapping), so I think we should also stone her to death.” The village youth leader
    addressed at the same time commands the depressed villagers.
    “Don’t stone her, I will enslave her and I will pay her price this instant.” Behold it was the rich and
    popular slave trader/dealer from Lagos though he hail from that village.
    The Slave Dealer and The Village Youth Leader opt for a very serene part of the uncompleted
    building to have some privacy on negotiating on my price.
    The Village Youth Leader signaled with his hand to the other villagers to varnish from the scene.
    “Shackle her leg with this chain.” The Slave peddler commanded as he throws a chain to one of
    his guard.
    “My lord, please I have a last entreaty to make before we leave this locality and I will be glad if you
    can grant my request”. I said totally discouraged.
    “Okay am listening.” The slave trader said, giving out a fake smile.
    “Please let me bury my beloved dead mother before my leg will be shackled.” I said beseeching.
    “Is that all?” The slave dealer asked with approval expression from his face.
    “Yes, this will be my last entreaty here.” I responded crying.
    “You (signaling to one of his guard) dig a grave at the far end of this building; let her bury her
    yucky and disgusting mother, because we are leaving for Lagos tomorrow.”The slave trader
    approved, concludes at the same time command.
    (Light out)
    What do you think will happen next?
    Your opinions are highly welcomed.

    Episode 5

     (Next day)
    We embarked on the journey to Lagos. The Slave Dealer rode on his beautiful white horse, we
    (slaves) were plodding heavily, and his guards were trampling professionally with a very long whip
    on each of the guards hand, they were beating us as if we stole something costly and expensive
    from our boss (the slave trader), despite the fact that we are plodding and leaden heavily, different
    goods were backpacked on our backs like that of a camel or donkey, the guards were still
    insinuating that we are not walking fast as expected despite the heavy loads they loaded on our
    backs. We (slaves) were walking bare-footed on the hot land. We (slaves) were sweating and
    panting intemperately, we (slaves) were very tired and hungry but we dare not jazz, cackle, talk or
    soliloquize, if anyone does, such person has meet his/her doom.
    (Fifteen days later)
    We got to Lagos; we are totally exhausted because of the long journey, during our journey we
    would trek for days without food and water, my body is full of marks from whips/cane from the
    guard’s. The riches parable that says “the God that create the riches is different from the God that
    create the poor/slaves.” Getting to Lagos is another dimension of my agony. There I believed that
    slaves are meant to be anguished and grieved. Slaves are meant to work for their master till
    death. Slaves work hard for their masters without acquiring any income rather suffering and
    agony. Slaves’ lessons class only taught all sorts of immoral attitudes like Killing, Stealing,
    Kidnapping, Drug Trafficking and all other sort of immoral attitudes. In conclusion, slavery must be
    conclude to be Human Trafficking, Child Abuse and I think this has to stop………
    (Two weeks later)
    I am working on a field, looking lean and malnutritious, I am now the image of my own self, I am
    very sick but Slave are not meant to be sick or weak, because their days are already numbered,
    this is according to one of their rules. On that very day, a slave’s distributor came to the slaves
    market; she bought me and pays my fee to the slave dealer. I was clothed, she commands me to
    enter her car and I did as instructed, she zooms out of the slave’s market. “God, what will be my
    fate now, where is she transporting me to, ah! God! Why is my life stumbling from one misfortune
    to another, maybe this one is a kidnapper or ritualist, will I be turned into money just like that?
    God, why does my life seem to be this traumatic? After the death of my parent, I don’t have peace
    any longer. God! If I have gone against your wishes, forgive me oh lord, and if it is my parent that
    has pique your laws that may be the cause of this my suffering, Oh lord! Please forgive their soul
    and also see me through all this nisus, pains and traumas. I cogitate/thought, wholly heartweeping.
    (Few minutes later)
    The slave distributor zoom into a mighty building, the building was very beautiful and well
    decorated; the building was surrounded by a monolithic coop big enough to be mistaken for the
    Presidential Villa/Aso Rock. The whole building was painted white and powder blue, from the gate
    toward the house laid a fully adorned field with a well cultivated and mowed grass on the right and
    left flank leaving a small passage but broad enough to contain a moving vehicle. The house was a
    duplex with twelve rooms on the upper floor and a wide sitting room down stair to greet any visitor.
    Also, the sitting room contained three toilets situated at the left side of the sitting room if turned
    300 with a dining big enough to build a bedroom, build in a corner somewhere in the sitting room.
    Hi-sense flat screen stayed glued to the wall facing the entrance with a well arranged set of home
    theatre sitting consciously on the floor below the flat screen. The building is extremely beautiful
    and can be said to be the perfect personification of mighty.
    We are warmly welcomed by a beautiful woman, dressed in an elegant pink gown, her
    appearance have shown that she is dwelling in money. The woman offers each of us (The slave
    distributor and I) a glass of 5 Alive juice. The slave trader addresses the rich woman to me as Mrs.
    Chioma by name and I will be her housemaid. I greeted Mrs. Chioma respectfully; she answered
    my greeting with utmost humility.
    “My friend, I will be traveling to Dubai tomorrow, and I will return in no specific date for now. And
    as for this one (pointing to me) you own her, you can kill her if you like, she is a slave, just pay her
    fee that is all” The slave distributor counterblasted.
    Mrs. Chioma sees off the slave distributor. I sat down in the sitting room watching a cartoon shown
    on the TV. Mrs. Chioma came back looking elegant and gorgeous as usual.
    “You what is your name?” Mrs. Chioma asked.
    “N….n.e…….na.” I replied stammering.
    “Welcome to my territory” Mrs. Chioma said laughing as she opts for her bedroom.
    I was baffled by her last statement, “welcome to my territory” that statement re-echoed in my ears,
    I don’t know what her reaction meant. Many thoughts ran through my innocent mind but I couldn’t
    fathom exactly what her sentence meant, but I prayed it mean good.
    What do you think will happen next?

    Episode 6

    Voom! A Venza 2017 Model, beautifully pimped, arch in colour whizzed into the compound swiftly,
    Mrs. Chioma went out to welcome the August visitors. Lo and behold they are Mrs. Chioma
    children, a young, cute and handsome boy, I guess his age can’t transcend 13-15 years old, and a
    beautiful young girl, she took after Mrs. Chioma in appearance and her age can’t exceed 16-18
    years old. They just came back from United State of America for vacation. They school in United
    State of America, and I learnt that they are three the second child of Mrs. Chioma is also a boy
    and he is also schooling in United State of America, but he didn’t come to Nigeria for vacation.
    Mrs. Chioma ushered her children in. She was quite happy to see her beloved children.
    “Nnena!……..Nnena!!..” Mrs. Chioma screamed my name.
    “Ma” I replied as I quickly opt for the sitting room.
    “How many times must I call you before you answered my call?” Mrs. Chioma uttered
    “Am sorry ma, I am washing the dirty dish, so I have to wash my hand from been soapy before I
    came here ma, am very sorry ma.” I responded beseeching.
    “Ok, meet my children, his name is Obinna (pointing to the boy) and her name is Chiamaka
    (signaling the girl), so therefore every respect I deserves from you should be given to my children.
    They are three my second child is also a boy and his name is Chinnedu.” Mrs. Chioma
    “Met our housemaid, her name is Nnena, she just resume here today and I think she must be a
    good girl.” Mrs. Chioma addressed, I greeted her children but they responded to my greeting
    “Go and prepare something for them to eat, they must be exhausted by now, check the food
    timetable on the kitchen wall and cook what is on the roster for today breakfast.” Mrs. Chioma
    commanded as I swiftly evanescent/vanished from the sitting room.
    “Mum, how can this dirty looking girl cook for me? She is too disgusting and irritating; I don’t think I
    can eat her meal” Chiamaka presented with a very bad expression showing on her face.
    “She is from the village but don’t worry my dear, I will blend her” Mrs. Chioma bridled.
    “My sister, she is also a human being, you do go to church in USA but it doesn’t shows on you that
    you are that religious……………………..” Obinna isolated.
    “Will you shut that gutter you call a mouth, I am talking, you are also talking, who invited you to this
    discussion? Don’t ever again in your life intervene in my dialogue. Understand?” Chiamaka
    Obinna soliloquized and opt for his bedroom.
    “Mummy I don’t like that girl, she is a foul. Gosh. I don’t even know what you like about her. Or is it
    because she is also beautiful?” Chiamaka retort.
    “Chiamaka, please change the topic.” Mrs. Chioma said with an implied command.
    Ehn! Ehn!! That reminds me mummy Chinedu said he is coming home next year October.”
    Chiamaka said quite happy.
    “Okay, he is always welcome.” Mrs. Chioma replied.
    “Mummy, My brothers and I have decided to finish our education here in Nigeria.” Chiamaka
    “You got your dad permission for that?” Mrs. Chioma replied.
    “Mummy, when last did you hear from daddy? He isn’t calling us more often as he usually do”
    Chiamaka pried Mrs. Chioma who was busy listening to the network news.
    “Yesterday, he travelled because an issue came up so he went to Abuja to settle it” Mrs. Chioma
    “What issue?” Chiamaka inquired.
    “Chiamaka you are too nosey, what concerns you with the issue that broke out?” Mrs. Chioma
    “Am sorry ma, when his he coming back?” Chiamaka apologized and quested.
    “Before Christmas he said.” Mrs. Chioma replied now uncomfortable.
    “Mummy, when……………………” Chiamaka unfinished with her words when Mrs. Chioma bangs
    “Chiamaka, go and eat. When you not a reporter!” Mrs. Chioma said as she opts for the dinning.
    What do you think will happen next?

    Episode 7

    (NEXT DAY)
    Mrs. Chioma sat in the sitting room reading the daily newspaper. Obinna was busy with a drawing
    using his drawing board, pencil, ruler and a sheet of A4 paper. Chiamaka is also busy watching a
    movie on the decoder. Nnena was in the kitchen cleaning the utensils. They whole house is as
    silent as a grave yard. Chiamaka broke the silent.
    “Mummy, I want to drink water.” Chiamaka demands.
    “How does that affect me? Go to the kitchen and fetch yourself something to drink.” Mrs. Chioma
    “Ok, I will, but I just want you to know that we got a house maid.” Chiamaka counter-blasted.
    “You are not serious.” Mrs. Chioma sassed.
    Chiamaka opts for the kitchen to get a cup of water. Nnena was out from the kitchen; she went to
    the backyard to dispose some dirty refuse and some leftover food into the dustbin.
    Chiamaka have been thinking on how to deal with Nnena. She has a sleepless night because of
    her hatred for Nnena at first sight; her dirty mind has been battling on how to deal with the dirty
    looking Nnena.
    “This is my chance to deal with this disgusting girl.” Chiamaka thought.
    Just then Nnena came back with the kitchen dustbin in her hand.
    “Aunty Chiamaka, what do you want? You should have called me.” Nnena said respectfully.
    “Don’t worry my dear, I can do this myself.” Chiamaka said nicely.
    “Ok ma.” Nnena replied as she return to her washing.
    Chiamaka fake a smile, she look around as she sight a glass cup sitting comfortably inside the
    cups board, she pick up the cup from its abode, her aim is to smash the cup on Nnena’s head,
    unfortunately for her and luckily for Nnena, she slip as a result of the water that pour on the tiles,
    she fall as the glass cup wounded her on her hand, they wound was so deep, she groaned in
    pains. Her alerting screaming aroused Nnena, Obinna and Mrs. Chioma. Nnena try to pick us the
    broken glass from the tiles, she also feel pity for her as she try to help her up from the tile. Mrs.
    Chioma and Obinna bang into the kitchen. They were shocked to see Chiamaka in her own pool of
    “What is happening here?” Mrs. Chiamaka asked impatient.
    “She (pointing to Nnena) tosses the glass cup and it hit me on my hand.” Chiamaka counterblasted
    shedding crocodile tears.
    “You mean Nnena toss this cup at you and this result to this injury?” Mrs. Chioma asked in
    “Yes mum, she wants to kill me.” Chiamaka retort with a bleeding hand.
    “You want to kill my only beloved daughter right? I will make you regret the day you were born
    today.” Mrs. Chioma yelled.
    “Call the doctor.” Mrs. Chioma commands Obinna.
    “Okay ma.” Obinna replied as he banged out from the kitchen.
    (Obinna inside the sitting room thinking)
    “But I can’t believe Chiamaka, she hates Nnena at first sight and beside I don’t see any reason
    why Nnena will injure Chiamaka to that extent, but wait, the broken glasses are lying on Nnena’s
    hand, do they engage in fight? No, that can’t be, that girl seem innocent, my mum won’t bother to
    hear from that poor girl, she love Chiamaka dearly, she is blinded by the love she has for
    Chiamaka, she will believes her words not knowing that she is a degree holder at lying. That is
    how she do fakes lies on impeccant peoples when we are in USA, this is not her first time of doing
    such, her behaviors haven’t leave her, I pray her fake lies won’t lead her astray or make her to
    meet her doom one day, ah! I pity that guiltless girl; my mother won’t make her regret the day she
    was born as she has already said.” These are the thoughts ranging through Obinna’s head.
    “Obinna!” Mrs. Chioma screamed from the kitchen as Obinna came back to life.
    “Ma, what do you say I should bring?” Obinna asked.
    “Haven’t you called the doctor?” Mrs. Chioma yelled
    “Yes, I have called him, he said he is coming.” Obinna lies as he quickly head for the bedroom to
    phone the doctor.
    In short, I wasn’t allowed to utter a word, I was guilty for the crime I can’t defend, and I was beaten
    by Mrs. Chioma for the crime I never commit. This world is full of injustice, an orphan for that
    matter, when sorrows come; they come not in spies, but in battalions, I was able to enjoy my life
    for just a day with Mrs. Chioma, her daughter came back from USA only to develop hatred for me
    at first sight. Now I know I am all alone in this wicked world.
    “Who goes there?” Chiamaka asked focused on her mobile phone.
    “Open the door, for me it is you Mum.” Mrs. Chioma echoed from outside.
    “Okay mum.” Chiamaka drop the phone on bed as she reluctantly head to unlock the door.
    “Mum, you are not sleeping?” Chiamaka asked totally baffled and bemused.
    “Yes, I came to talk to you.” Mrs. Chioma replied yawning.
    “Ok mum am sited.” Chiamaka uttered as she adjusts her pillow case that is supporting her head.
    “Concerning Nnena, we can’t send her packing.” Mrs. Chioma paused.
    “But why mum? We earlier agreed to send her packing out of this house tomorrow, why the
    change of plan now, mum I mean she wants to kill me, she hates me or don’t you understand?”
    Chiamaka rebutted her opinion.
    “Some days ago, I met two different pastors telling me that there is a house girl that is coming into
    this house, they told me that under no circumstance should I send her out of this house, because
    there are many blessings coming on our way but only through her. Hope you understand?” Mrs.
    Chioma confuted.
    “Okay, but how are we going to do it now? Her minds are focused.” Chiamaka replicates
    “Don’t worry my dear; I will be harsh on her from now on, so as to kill her temper or hatred on
    you.” Mrs. Chiamaka countered as she stood up from Chiamaka bed ready to head for her room.
    “Thank you mum, you are the best mum in this world, I love you mum, Good night mum.”
    Chiamaka retort happily.
    “You are also darling my dear.” Mrs. Chioma replied as she bangs the door behind her.
    Nnena! Welcome to my world, I already had my mummy supports, I don’t wish you should leave
    this house just like that, I wish you could die hundred times before your death.
    What do you think will happen next?

    Episode 8

    Nnena couldn’t sleep, she was having a sleepless night, she has been thinking about her ghosts’
    parent. She was sobbing incessantly. “This world is so scorn, contempt and disdainful for the poor,
    we are regards as nothing but ragtag, riffraff, trash and scum. We couldn’t be entitled to just a little
    respect. God, I hope you could see me through.” Nnena was thinking and sobbing at the same
    time, just then Mrs. Chioma bang into her room.
    “You are not sleeping? You are going to meeting right?” Mrs. Chioma counter-blasted Nnena.
    “Ma, I don’t understand what you are saying.” Nnena replied with a shaky voice.
    “You won’t understand! You want to go and plan the next strategy to kill Chiamaka right?” Mrs.
    Chioma explained.
    “Ma……………………..” Nnena drawled with a beseeching expression.
    “Let me tell you what you don’t understand; you are a slave and you remain a slave here, I wish to
    do you good but you remarked my good deed as misdeed, maybe because you are sleeping
    inside Air Condition (AC) that is why you think you have reach your destination but hell no, I will
    made you regret been born into this word.” Mrs. Chioma nasalized.
    “Ma……………………….” Nnena tries to defense as Mrs. Chioma bang in.
    “Shut up, am talking and you are also talking, what a gut! Now stand up and follow me.” Mrs.
    Chioma commanded.
    Mrs. Chioma drags Nnena outside the house, she command Nnena to sleep outside “and here will
    be your new room as from today.” Mrs. Chioma commended. Mrs. Chioma opts for her building as
    she left Nnena to sleep in the cold weather. It was the harmattan season in early November,
    everywhere was as cold as a snow, and the breeze was more than cool but iced. Nnena has no
    option than to sleep outside. She wept bitterly, she recalls all the nice and pleasure time she had
    with her lovely parent, she call back how this trauma all started, and she was weeping bitterly
    when she had her name called.
    “Nnena.” Lo and behold it was the gateman who has been watching the scene between Mrs.
    Chioma and Nnena. The gateman approach Nnena as he helps her up.
    “Sorry, I understand how you feel but don’t worry all is well.” The gateman uttered pitifully.
    “Thank you sir.” Nnena appreciate respectfully.
    “Why don’t you manage with me inside my cubicle at least that will be better than sleeping inside
    this harsh weather.” The gateman said kindly.
    Nnena bluntly refuse to sleep inside the gateman cubicle, she thoughts that anything could
    happen, she has had different tales about girls being raped by men who pledged to help them
    from her grandmother, she fear she could also be a victim of rape, many ungodly thoughts ran into
    her mind. The gateman was a young man in his early 20s, he is the comedian of the building, and
    he is naturally nice but sometimes serious.
    The weather was so harsh; she feels the bloods in her body refuse to flow through her veins
    because her body has been iced. After many pleading and persuasions from the gateman, Nnena
    agreed to sleep inside the gateman cubicle, she prays her ignorance would lead her astray and
    she would also become a victim of rape.
    “Nnena!” Mrs. Chioma was screaming and yelling her name throughout the building, she has
    searched the field where she commands Nnena to sleep, but she couldn’t hear any responds from
    anyone. She searched all the rooms in the house but she couldn’t find anyone that took after
    Nnena in appearance. She regrets sending Nnena out to sleep on the field. She fear Nnena could
    have sneaked out of the house. Mrs. Chioma opts for the gateman cubicle to ask him about
    Nnena’s where about. Mrs. Chioma sights Nnena coming out with the gateman from the
    gateman’s cubicle.
    “Nnena!” Mrs. Chioma screamed as she sight Nnena coming out with the gateman from the
    gateman’s cubicle.

    Episode 9

    “Nnena!” Mrs. Chioma screamed as she sight Nnena coming out with the gateman from the
    gateman’s cubicle.
    Nnena couldn’t believes her hears, she couldn’t believe Mrs. Chioma caught her coming out from
    the gateman’s cubicle, she was shocked and dumbfounded, she wish the land could just open up
    and swallow her, but the land refuse to pave way for her through its mouth. Her minds has fast
    forward with many thoughts; she knew that she has definitely meet her doom, she knew that if she
    was not dismiss that means she will be living in hell, she has equally thoughts about how she is
    going to survive if she was dismiss, she imaging walking on the street bare-footed, looking tattered
    and mal-nutritious, she thought about the innocent gateman whose job is now at stake, she regret
    accepting to sleep inside the gateman’s cubicle. She was totally heart-weeping.
    “Nnena!” Mrs. Chioma recalled her name in disbelieves.
    “Ewo! Chineke! So you are a whore, I mean a harlot! At your age you have already became a
    prostitute. God! Where are we going to in this world? Please how old are you?” Mrs. Chioma
    asked totally baffled.
    “Ma, I can explain….” Nnena try to rebuttal but Mrs. Chioma bang in.
    “I said how old are you? Are you deaf?” Mrs. Chioma asked shouting.
    “fo…u..rte…en ye…ars old ma.” Nnena replied stammering.
    “Jesus Christ! Fourteen years old and you have become a call girl. Ah! Nnena I will skin you alive
    today, you will regret been born into this world, now go inside am coming to meet you.” Mrs.
    Chioma uttered bitterly at the same time commands Nnena.
    Mrs. Chioma face the gateman who was looking the ground, he feel guilty for the punishment the
    innocent girl would receive from Mrs. Chioma, he blame the spirit that force him to persuade
    Nnena to sleep inside his cubicle, he knew his apex punishment can’t exceed been sack by Mrs.
    Chioma, but he don’t care, he was totally baffled by Nnena’s misfortune.
    “Hope you enjoy her service?” Mrs. Chioma asked as she approached the gateman, she wore a
    very wicked face; her eyes were as red like a burning fire, she mean no good for the gateman
    because the expression shows from her face.
    “Ma, I just try to help her from this harsh harmattan whether, when I saw that you ask her to sleep
    outside yesterday night, nothing more and nothing happen between us inside the cubicle.” The
    gateman try to defense Mrs. Chioma accused on him.
    “Will you shut that gutter you call a mouth, you think I will sack you? So that is why you have the
    courage to talk to me in such manner, you have already decide your fate whereas you decider
    haven’t proclaim you fate (laughing), I won’t sack you, you must be useful some other time.” Mrs.
    Chioma replied as she head for the building.
    “The gateman was quiet happy but at the same time mixed-up “I won’t sack you, you must be
    useful some other time” the statement re-echo in his ear, he knew Mrs. Chioma mean no good for
    Nnena “but what good won’t I be to Mrs. Chioma, if not to accomplish her with her wicked and bad
    doers.” The gateman said in a very low tone. “Well I pray I won’t fall a victim.” He conclude as he
    opts for his cubicle.
    “Please ma, I don’t do it, the gateman only offer to help me which I later accept after much
    persuasion by the gateman.” Nnena uttered bitterly as she feel a hot iron placed on her cheeks.
    “Ahhahha!” Nnena groaned in pains.
    “After persuasions that he will change your life for better? That he will free you from the bondage
    of slavery? That he will be paying you for the night service you are rendering to him? That he will
    make you his wife?” Mrs. Chioma Isolated.
    “No ma……………..” Nnena try to defense as she was wiped by Chiamaka.
    “But that is what he just told me outside.” Mrs. Chioma lies.
    “Ehn!” Nnena was shocked by Mrs. Chioma statement she doubt the gateman could said that she
    was confused “Does the gateman really say this?” she thought rhetorically.
    “Ma…………………….” Nnena was speechless.
    “Shut up.” Mrs. Chioma yelled as she brought out a newly brought cane, she wipe Nnena like
    never before, Nnena has never been beaten like this before, she thought she could die if Mrs.
    Chioma continue to beat her like this, she was crying, weeping at the same time screaming for
    help but all her yelling was to no avail. Chiamaka join her mother in beating the Innocent Nnena,
    just then Obinna arrives at the scene.
    “Mother!” He screamed will all the energy his body could gather.
    “Obinna, you are back?” Mrs. Chioma asked forming nice.
    “Mother!” Obinna called in a very low tone as tears flow freely from his eyes through his cheeks.
    Naturally, Obinna hate seeing another person been maltreat or punished unlawfully, he knew her
    mother can’t be beating Nnena because of a genuine reason, he knew her mother to be wicked
    but what can he do? She is his mother and she gave birth to him.

    Episode 10

     “Mother!” Obinna called in a very low tone why does she deserves all this tortures and
    maltreatment from you, she is trying hard to be loyal and faithful to you but you repay her kind
    attitudes with your evil doers. Do you want to kill her? Mother! I regret having you as a mother.”
    Obinna said weeping as he bangs out from the house.
    Mrs. Chioma was shocked and dumbfounded, she didn’t expect his own son to talk to her in that
    matter, she try to came back from the dreamland but it was a reality. Nnena beauty has been
    blemished by beatings and wounds from the hot iron. Mrs. Chioma and Chiamaka hatred for
    Nnena double-fold, Mrs. Chioma wish she could just kill her and opt her out from this innocent
    world but she remember the pastors’ warnings.
    Mrs. Chioma and Chiamaka never stops amercing, pillory, penalized and punishing Nnena in
    many vigorous ways, Obinna and the gateman can’t help her situation, she planned of running
    away but she was brothel to Mrs. Chioma. “She is a slave and she must remain a slave.”
    According to Mrs. Chioma’s statement and her statement is a nothing but truth. Her beauty has
    been spoiled, blemished and damaged by wounds from hot irons, hot water and cane. She was
    totally sick of living in the world, she has severally planned to poison herself or even commit
    suicides but her mother keep on appearing to her in her dreams telling her not to give up that she
    is always by her side. She would wept bitterly in dream and wake up with tears in her eyes, she
    wish she could have her mother embrace again and forever but her mother must remain a ghost.
    Days turn to weeks; weeks swiftly eclipsed to months; months also do same to turn to years.
    Chief Nnamdi (Mrs. Chioma husband) and Chinnedu (Mrs. Chioma first child) have all came back
    from their business trip and education trip respectively, they were warmly welcomed by Mrs.
    Chioma, Obinna, Nnena and the gateman, the immigrant were very happy to be back into their
    family, they have missed each other a lot, the gateman and Nnena imports the immigrants
    luggage’s into in house.
    “Nnena!” Mrs. Chioma screamed my name from the sitting room.
    “Ma!” I answered her calling. I rush to the sitting room as fast as lightening with a soapy hand, Mrs.
    Chioma has instructed me that whenever she called me and I can’t meet up with her call within
    five seconds, she promise she will make-up for me in a very remarkable ways.
    “Nnena.. This is my husband (pointing to Chief Nnamdi) and this is my son (pointing to Chinnedu),
    go and fetch them something to drink, they must be thirsty.” Mrs. Chioma said with a very cool
    Nnena rushed to the kitchen, she quickly washed her hand and head for the freezer, she rush to
    the sitting room with a tray of drink and two glass cup, she quickly serve Chinnedu who was busy
    chatting with his mother, Chinnedu doesn’t have time to look into the eyes of Nnena, he was totally
    carried away by the conversation he was having with his mother. Chinnedu was a young guy in his
    early 20s, he just completed his education in the United State of America as a Civil Engineer, and
    he took after Chief Nnamdi in appearance but vice-versa in behaviors.
    Nnena walks to a stool behind the sofa, she serve Chief Nnamdi the drink, Chief Nnamdi raise her
    head to thank Nnena but he was shocked to see the appearance of that innocent girl, the cup he
    was holding fall from his hand as the drinks from the cup pour on the tiles.
    “Who did this to you?” Chief Nnamdi screamed with anger and choler, his eyes were fury and rage
    with anger.

    Episode 11

    “Who did this to you?” Chief Nnamdi screamed with anger and choler, his eyes were fury and rage
    with anger.
    Mrs. Chioma look into my eyes, I could see the expression from her face that I must not told the
    chief that she does. Chiamaka on the other hand look away, she fear I may say that they are
    responsible for my blemished looks. I thought for a while, I knew if I say that Mrs. Chioma and
    Chiamaka does, I may not live to see the next day beside Chief Nnamdi was a very busy
    businessman, he do travel often, work is his first priority then other things follows, Chief Nnamdi is
    a no-nonsense man, he hate every forms of wicked acts.
    “It was a wound from hot water that mistakenly pours on my body sir.” I replied with a shaky voice.
    Mrs. Chioma and Chiamaka was a bit relieved, every member of Chief Nnamdi family hate to face
    the wrath of Chief Nnamdi.
    “Oh! Sorry dear, hope you have been treated by the doctor?” Chief Nnamdi asked pitifully.
    “Yes sir, Madam (Mrs. Chioma) has called the family doctor to treat me and he has came to treat
    me some days ago.” Nnena riposted shivering.
    “Ok sorry my dear.” Chief Nnamdi pitied her condition as he draws her near him, he cuddle her like
    a new born baby, Nnena wept silently, Mrs. Chioma and Chiamaka was so irritated, peeved,
    miffed, annoyed, stung and pissed off by the shocking reaction of the Chief to Nnena case. “My
    father never cuddles me like this?” Chiamaka said in a very low voice, her hatred for Nnena grow
    like stubborn grass, she hate ever seeing Nnena. Chinnedu was confused, he could see that his
    mother eyes were fury with anger; he was just keep mute; he was not expose to anything that is
    happening in the house. Obinna was happy for Nnena “at least she was liked by his father.”
    Obinna though.
    “Ah! Thank God the Chief likes me. “What a relieved!” she exclaimed, my grieves will suppress a
    little.” Nnena thoughts, joy mingle with sadness when she recalls her beloved parent. “Focus on
    today, use today well, don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow is not guarantee.” She
    recalls her grandmother favorite quote.
    Mrs. Chioma and Chiamaka inside Chiamaka’s room, they were sitting at the edge of the bed, they
    were so grieved about what happen in the sitting room early that day.
    “Mummy, can you see what happen this afternoon?” Chiamaka begin the conversation with a
    “Am also surprised, I have never seen your father so caring like that before.” Mrs. Chioma replied
    “Mummy, I suggest we should just kill her or what else is she doing in this house, she has spent
    almost four good years in this house.” Chiamaka concludes.
    “Don’t worry my dear; I have a better plan in substitute for killing her.” Mrs. Chioma responded with
    a wicked smile from her face.
    “Who is that girl?” Chinendu asked as he banged into Obinna’s room.
    “She is our maid.” Obinna replied as he focuses back on his book.
    “She is not likeable, she is irritating and she must be so careless to pour hot water on herself.”
    Chinendu said as he head for Obinna’s bed in substitute for chair.
    “She is very likeable, she is loyal and humble and she is not careless someone does that to her
    intentionally.” Obinna retort.
    “You are not serious.” Chinendu uttered as he banged out from Obinna’s bedroom.
    “Nnena! Nnena!! Nnena!!! Your next challenges may be severe more than the previous ones, be
    ready and win it all, am always with you in spirit. Nnena remember my warning if you got pregnant
    do not try to abort it, if you does I can’t say this will be the outcome. Nnena! Be warned.
    “Mother!” Nnena screamed in a very alarming tone from her dream.
    “So it is all a dream?” Nnena said in a very low tone.

    Episode 12

    The gateman, Chinendu and Nnena are the only one at home, Chief Nnamdi went to his office.
    Mrs. Chioma, Chiamaka and Obinna went out for shopping.
    Chinendu have been thinking of a way to rape Nnena from the first day he sight her. “This is my
    chance to ravish this girl.” He thought. Nnena was in her room, she was sleeping just then
    Chinendu banged into Nnena’s room, the gateman went into the main building, he want to drink
    water and that is all his aim, just then he heard the voice of Nnena screaming for help, he
    reluctantly run upstairs to rescue the innocent girl, he bangs at the door but he was surprised to
    see Nnena been raped by Chinnedu, Chinendu wasn’t aware that the gateman has made his way
    into the room, the gateman thought for a while then he arrives at an idea that force into his mind.
    He brought out his mobile phone, he quickly video little out of the scene between Nnena and
    Chinnedu, he save the recorded video then he keep his phone inside his pocket, he rush to the
    bed as he landed some blows on Chinendu’s cheeks, Chinendu groaned in pain, they were
    exchanging blows when they heard a horn from a car. The gateman rush outside to open the gate
    for the car. Behold it was Mrs. Chioma with her children who are just coming back from shopping.
    “Why are you late to open the gate for me?” Mrs. Chioma asked as she landed a thunderous slap
    on the gateman cheeks.
    “Ma………” the gateman try to defense.
    “And beside why are you sweating like this?” Mrs. Chioma asked suspiciously.
    “Mum.. I want to go and see a friend of mine down the street; I will be back in a jiffy.” Obinna
    asked for permission as he run to the gate.
    “Okay, don’t stay long.” Mrs. Chioma approved.
    “Let go inside and you (pointing to the gateman) park those goods in the boot inside.” Mrs. Chioma
    Mrs. Chioma enter the sitting room, she sight Nnena crying.
    “What’s wrong with you?” Mrs. Chioma asked with an angry face.
    “Brother Chinendu raped me.” She replied with a shaky voice.
    “So what is the problem about that?” Mrs. Chioma asked surprisingly.
    “Ma…………?” Nnena was speechless.
    “Now before I open my eyes, go and shower and change your cloth. Idiot.” Mrs. Chioma barked
    Nnena quickly vanished from the sitting room and opt for the bathroom.
    “Chinendu! Chinendu!!” Mrs. Chioma yelled.
    “Mum, you are back.” Chinendu welcome his mother.
    “Why did you rape that dirty girl?” Mrs. Chioma asked totally baffled.
    “Mum, you mean Nnena. Am sorry for that, what really happen is that I took a herbs when I went
    to a friend house early this morning, but on getting home, I was totally aroused, I try to call my
    girlfriend but her number is not going through, so I just decided to test the work of the herb on
    Nnena, since she is no more a small girl.” Chinendu said inhumane.
    “Well, you are not at fault, just go and shower we are going to a party in two hours time.” Mrs.
    Chioma concluded.
    “Mum, I must punish that girl, can you believe she is still a virgin at seventeen years, she gave me
    a hard time before I was able to enter her, I promise she will pay for that.” Chinendu uttered
    Just then the gateman enter the sitting room with some bags containing different items like wines,
    cloths, fruits and some beverages.
    “Mum, can you believe this dirty looking idiot fight me because of Nnena.” Chinendu said irritated.
    “You mean you two engage in a fight?” Mrs. Chioma asked in disbelieved.
    “Yes ma, we engage in fight, he rape an innocent girl and that made me to………………….” The
    gateman uttered courageously.
    Shut up, before I open my eye, go and park your belonging out of that cubicle and leave this
    house instantly. You are fired!” Mrs. Chioma counter-blasted angrily.
    “I will go but I just want you to know that I have my evidence on this (pointing to his phone) that
    Chinendu raped Nnena, and I am going to Chief’s office straightaway.
    Mrs. Chioma, Chiamaka and Chinendu were all shocked, they couldn’t believe their ear, they were
    “Wait, please don’t go, I will double your salary if you can help me to bury this.” Mrs. Chioma said

    Episode 13A

     “Wait, please don’t go, I will double your salary if you can help me to bury this.” Mrs. Chioma said
    “I will bury this matter only on two conditions.” The gateman stated.
    “What condition?” Mrs. Chioma, Chinnedu and Chiamaka asked in chorus.
    “You will retain me as the permanent gateman in this house and you will stop been harsh on
    Nnena. If you can do this I will bury this matter.” The gateman bespeak.
    “Okay I will do as you just say.” Mrs. Chioma replied affirmatively.
    The gateman leave for his cubicle after showing the short video he recorded early to Mrs. Chioma,
    Mrs. Chioma was shocked, she was disappointed at Chinendu actions.
    Things was going rough as usual in the house, many attempts have been made by Mrs. Chioma
    and her crews (Chiamaka and Chinendu) to delete or bury the evidence showing Chinendu raping
    Nnena, but all was to no avail, some assassins has been sent by Mrs. Chioma to the gateman but
    unfortunately, the assassins always meet their doom, is either the gateman got them arrested or
    injured them brutally. The gateman was an average height young man in his early 25s, he was
    once a night guard at the cemetery (grave yard) and also a vigilante so he has some supernatural
    power. I learn that the father of the gateman was a great herbalist in their village, maybe his father
    imposed those supernatural power in him who knows and who care?
    Chief Nnamdi with the rest of his family, they were all gisting and chatting. Nnena was order to
    serve the whole family with a glass of wine each. Nnena rush and come back from a tray which
    include a bottle of red wine with five glass cup. Nnena was serving the family just then she rushed
    to the toilet to vomit; Mrs. Chioma and Chief Nnamdi went after Nnena, they were so suspicious
    because Nnena is now prone to be tired if she work a little and always dizzy like never before, she
    do split saliva everywhere in the house which is rare four weeks ago and this invites her to be
    more suspicious.
    “What is the problem my dear? Are you sick?” Chief Nnamdi questioned suspiciously but caringly.
    “Am sorry sir, I think it was malaria, I am always dizzy these days.” Nnena responded respectfully.
    “Okay let me call the doctor, so that he can come and check you.” Chief Nnamdi said as he opts
    for his bedroom to pick his phone.
    “Hope it is not what I am thinking?” Mrs. Chioma asked rhetorically.
    “My dear, I have called the doctor, he is on his way, but I also receive a call from the branch
    manager at Abuja, he told me I got a lot of meetings to attend and some discussion the company
    has to hold, so therefore I will be traveling to Abuja, I will be back in two months time.” Chief
    Nnamdi retorted.
    “When are you going?” Mrs. Chioma asked eagerly.
    “Now na.” Chief Nnamdi said as he hurried upstair.
    “That strange changes in that girl seems suspicious, Chioma, your behaviors are also rare and
    scanty this days, I don’t know the reason why you just hate that girl for goodness sake, I could
    observe from your behaviors and the bad and ugly expressions which always shows on your face
    whenever you sight that girl, well that is your own cup of tea, Chioma! Chioma!! Chioma!! I have
    called you three times; I am using this medium to beg you at the same time warned you that
    nothing must happen to that girl. I won’t like the situation whereas you will be begging me and I
    would even bother to listen, Chioma! Don’t toy with me and also run away from my wrath, you
    know what I can do, if anything happened to that girl even if the result from the test resulted to be
    positive, don’t took the law into your hand, am the head of this family, so I represents the Chief
    Judge of this family, when am back I will look into the matter myself. I know something must be
    fishy somewhere in this house. Phone me when the result for the test is out let me know the
    result.” Chief Nnamdi said with an astonished looks as he enter his car to zoom out from the
    Mrs. Chioma was dumbfounded, she opened her mouth wide, and she was totally speechless and
    shocked. “Why this sudden likeness for that girl?” Mrs. Chioma thought as she reluctantly opts for
    the building.

    Episode 13B

    The doctor zoom his car into the compound, Chief Nnamdi has also left for his trip to Abuja. The
    doctor walked majestically into the building with a brown box which contains his apparatus or
    instrument. After examining Nnena for some minutes, he concluded that;
    “Madam, She is……………………………..” The doctor was interrupted by Mrs. Chioma.
    “Doctor, let us have some private chat.” Mrs. Chioma said as she dragged the Doctor to the guest
    “Ehnehn Doctor, what is your result from the test you carried out on her?” Mrs. Chioma asked
    “She is four weeks pregnant.” The doctor replied.
    Mrs. Chioma was panic, she knew her son Chinendu was responsible for the pregnancy, she wish
    the land could just open up to swallow, she recalled that the gateman has the evidence that
    Chinendu is responsible for the pregnancy, and the gateman refuse to die also he refuse to delete
    the short video, she fear her fate in Chief Nnamdi house, “if the man (Chief Nnamdi) found out that
    his son is responsible for their maid pregnancy, hmmmmm. I rest my case.” Mrs. Chioma thoughts
    in disbelieves. Many ungodly and wicked thoughts ran into her mind.
    “Ma, let me go and break the news to that girl and guide her on how she should be doing in this
    her new condition.” The doctor said as he was ready to head for the sitting room.
    “Doctor wait please, don’t break the new to her, she must not know about this but as times goes
    on,… wait o, doctor please can you just help me to abort that pregnancy?” Mrs. Chioma requested
    as she look in another direction because she was very ashamed of herself.
    “I can’t do that o ma, am not a quack doctor, am a medical and trained doctor and don’t ever try to
    tell me this kind of rubbish again.” The doctor uttered as he angrily barged the door behind him.
    “Please, doctor I will pay you Five Hundred Thousand Naira if you can do this for me.” Mrs.
    Chioma echoed as she run after the doctor.
    The doctor was dragged back by the sum of money he heard.
    “You mean Five Hundred Thousand Naira.” The doctor asked with disbelieved.
    “Yes, Five Hundred Thousand Naira.” Mrs. Chioma replied with approval.
    “Okay ma, am ready to do it, bring her to the hospital tomorrow.” The doctor replied in a wheezing
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    Episode 14

     (NEXT DAY)
    Mrs. Chioma and Nnena came down from a Murano Jeep 2017 Model, Mrs. Chioma was looking
    elegant as usual, and they were ushered in by a nurse. The doctor was glad to see Mrs. Chioma;
    he knew his account figure (money) has triple-fold on sighting Mrs. Chioma and Nnena.
    “Please give us some privacy.” The doctor beseeched as Mrs. Chioma leaved for the reception.
    “Now lie down!” The doctor commanded.
    “To do what?” Nnena asked suspiciously.
    “To abort your unwanted pregnancy!” The doctor echoed.
    “Hmmmm……… yo….u m…..ean I…I. a….m pr……..nant?” Nnena asked stammering.
    “That is according to the result and not according to me.” The doctor replied.
    Nnena weep silently, she knew Chinendu was the one that raped and ravished her and he is
    definitely responsible for the pregnancy. Providence has warned her mother not to allow her abort
    any pregnancy; her mother has told her not to ever abort pregnancy. Her mother always warned
    her not to abort pregnancy even after she departed from her to remains a ghost. She wept bitterly.
    The doctor pitied her but he couldn’t help, money is involved and money is regarded to as
    everything by the riches.
    “You have to abort this, this is an unwanted pregnancy, and this will bring disgrace to you and
    Chief Nnamdi’s family at large.” The doctor said pitifully.
    “It’s better for me to live a disgraceful life that to disobey my parent and God warning. Doctor, I
    can’t abort this pregnancy, though it’s an unwanted pregnancy but I still couldn’t abort it. My
    mother had severally warned me not to abort any pregnancy, she even warned me in my dreams
    despite the fact that she has departed from me to remains a ghost and she has warned me that if I
    abort any pregnancy or disobey her warnings it will lead to my demise (death). Am afraid of dying
    at this tender age of mine, though I may be living in hell but I know God does everything he does
    with its reasons, I know one day God will send my savior to me.” Nnena narrates with a very
    serene tone.
    “If you don’t do this, does that guarantee you will live? Mrs. Chioma will only kill you but I think she
    has her reason to let you live even when she knew you were pregnant.” The doctor readdressed.
    Nnena was shocked; she knew her life is now totally at stake. “Why am I brothel to suffer?” she
    Nnena thought for some minutes, she was mute with some silent tears dropping from her eyes,
    the doctor just keep staring at her, he pitied the innocent girl.
    “Who impregnate you?” The doctor asked concerned.
    “Chinendu, madam (Mrs. Chioma) first son raped me and that unwanted s-x leads to this
    unwanted pregnancy.” Nnena replied as she paves way for more tears.
    “Now I understand why Mrs. Chioma doesn’t react wide when I told her that you were pregnant.”
    The doctor said agonized.
    “Doctor, you are the only one who could help me. My mother once told me that “When there is life
    there is hope” Mrs. Chioma as her reason why she haven’t murder me and I know that reason
    must be brothel to her. Doctor, just help me to tell her that the abortion was successful, I will face
    the wrath myself.” Nnena concluded as she broke down in tears.
    “You mean… I should lie that I did a successful job for the job I never did… no o, I can’t do that.”
    The doctor articulate as he was trying to gathered the saliva with he has use in substitute of water.
    “Please doctor, that is the only way out for me to survive, please just do this for me, doctor
    please.” Nnena was pleading incessantly, she drop on her kneels as she holds the doctor by his
    leg, she was weeping bitterly and unconsciously.
    “I can’t do this, I have to do my job, am very sorry I have to do this.” The Doctor appends as he
    head for his boxes which contains his apparatus.
    “Okay, do it, abort it but I just want you to know that if I die today, you are the one that directly
    killed me and that means Mrs. Chioma indirectly killed me and I am promising you that my spirit
    won’t forgive you, just do it at least I will meet my beloved parent.” Nnena enunciated as she lies
    down flat on the abortion bed.
    The doctor was bemused, baffled and he was totally at sea, he truly pitied for Nnena, but his love
    for money made him blind to see that other people are in agony and emotional pains. The doctor
    was shocked by Nnena’s shocking statement, his jaw drops and his eyes were swollen with tears
    when he imagine the emotional pains, trauma and grieves Nnena must be going through. He
    thought for a while as he later replied Nnena shocking comment.
    “I have agreed to help you, but hope it won’t backfire on me? Mrs. Chioma is very wicked, hope
    she won’t kill me and ruin my family joy? I am risking my life to safe your guiltless life hope I won’t
    regret this?” The doctor asked completely baffled.
    “I will face the wrath myself, my only hope is the chief and he will be back in two months time,
    when he is back all this matter will be shoved.” Nnena uttered courageously.
    “Okay let me go and announce the good but fake news to your boss (Mrs. Chioma).” The doctor
    retort as he signaled Nnena to follow him.
    “Thank you doctor, here is your payment.” Mrs. Chioma appreciated as she handed a check of
    Five Hundred Thousand Naira to the doctor.
    “You welcome ma and also it is my pleasure to serve your needs medically as your family doctor.”
    The doctor said as he fake a smile.
    “Okay doctor, we will be on our way now.” Mrs. Chioma rejoinder she reluctantly barged into the
    “Goodbye madam.” The doctor said as Mrs. Chioma zoom out of the hospital.
    Life is such a mystery! I was guilty for coming to this wicked world, why must I came to this world
    in first places, a world full of sorrow but no happiness, a world full of corruption but no honesty, a
    world full of ignorance but no loyalty, a world full of all such of murderous act but no fear of God
    the creator.
    I have to survive, I have to live, I have to obey my ghost parent wishes, I have to revenge my
    parent mystery death but keeping this unwanted pregnancy, will it be the

    Episode 15

    Mrs. Chioma, Chiamaka and Chinendu were sitting inside the building masters’ bedroom, they
    were all wearing averting, confused and mean faces, they all look sorrowful and they all seem to
    be ready to slay.
    “The doctor confirmed that she is still pregnant and the pregnancy couldn’t be aborted.” Mrs.
    Chioma started the conversation.
    “Does that mean Dr. John (the family doctor) dump us?” Chinendu asked bemused.
    “Dr. John doesn’t know me; I will make him regret what he has done.” Mrs. Chioma boosted with
    an angry showered face.
    “Leave Dr. John for now, let find a way deal with that little but old witch.” Chiamaka said with some
    kind of husky voice.
    “Mummy, the best thing we can do now is just to eliminate her.” Chinendu suggests with some
    kind of sorrow expressions showing on his face.
    “She can’t be killed now, but her days are already numbered.” Mrs. Chioma uttered boastfully.
    “Will you spare her because of material wealth? She is nothing but a slave and if she is still in this
    house with that pregnancy for the next one month. Mother, I fear the outcome of this, I can’t face
    the Chief’s wrath.” Chiamaka uttered seriously.
    “I am not sparing her because of any material wealth; it is just that I have my own personal reason
    for keeping her alive.” Mrs. Chioma screamed out loudly.
    “Just remember that the gateman as the evidence showing that Chinendu is responsible for the
    raping which result to this pregnancy.” Chiamaka uttered angrily.
    “hmmmmm…………. That is a fact but don’t worry I must find a way to destroy that evidence from
    the gateman.” Mrs. Chioma retorted.
    “Play the game well, the ball is in your court, don’t play any game that will backfire on us, reason
    like a mother and not like a woman, remorse every step of yours from appearing to the chief.”
    Chiamaka uttered as she walked out from the room.
    “Mummy, am sorry has caused you a lot of trouble, please forgive me.” Chinendu said with tears in
    his eyes as he dropped down on his kneel before his mother.
    “I know what to do, don’t worry.” Mrs. Chioma said as she walked out from the masters’ bedroom.
    Mrs. Chioma in her room, she looked disturbed and confused, she is totally at sea. “That strange
    changes in that girl seems suspicious, Chioma, your behaviors are also rare and scanty this days,
    I don’t know the reason why you just hate that girl for goodness sake, I could observe from your
    behaviors and the bad and ugly expressions which always shows on your face whenever you sight
    that girl, well that is your own cup of tea, Chioma! Chioma!! Chioma!! I have called you three
    times; I am using this medium to beg you at the same time warned you that nothing must happen
    to that girl. I won’t like the situation whereas you will be begging me and I would even bother to
    listen, Chioma! Don’t toy with me and also run away from my wrath, you know what I can do, if
    anything happened to that girl even if the result from the test resulted to be positive, don’t took the
    law into your hand, am the head of this family, so I represents the Chief Judge of this family, when
    am back I will look into the matter myself. I know something must be fishy somewhere in this
    house. Phone me when the result for the test is out let me know the result.” Chief Nnamdi
    statements reechoes inside her ears, her heart beats fast than normal when she recalls Chief
    Nnamdi statement. “Eliminating Nnena is no more a solution, sending her parking is also out of the
    equation. I have called the chief and I have told him that the result was malaria and she has been
    treated, her pregnancy can’t be abort, the doctor warned that if it is aborted it will definitely result
    to her death, and if she dies I will rot in jail, because the chief will definitely take this matter
    personal, and it is difficult for me to go back from my words, the chief is a no-nonsense man, he
    will know that something is fishy somewhere, he is a good researcher he will definitely find the root
    of this matter. Chinendu is responsible for the pregnancy, no one else, if the chief know that
    Chinendu is responsible for the pregnancy, he will face the punishment in which I will also share in
    receiving the punishment. I think the best thing for me to do is to divert this matter on Nnena’s
    head, she will face the wrath herself, I know what to do.” Mrs. Chioma was soliloquizing as she
    gave out a wicked smile.

    Episode 16

    Nnena was in a deep slumber, a strange hand was caressing her body but she couldn’t notice
    anything. Alas! She has been drugged. The young guy (the stranger) took pictures demonstrating
    they were having s-x. After the pictures the stranger dress-up and head to the sitting room.
    “Done!” he signal to Mrs. Chioma who was sitting inside a pouch.
    “Thank you very much, here is your payment.” Mrs. Chioma said smiling as she handed an
    envelope containing money to the young guy.
    “Thank you ma, am out.” The young guy said as he walked out from the building.
    “Mum, that guy must be professional, look at the pictures I took.” Chiamaka said as he handed the
    camera to Mrs. Chioma.
    After cross-checking the pictures Mrs. Chioma grinned with a happy expression showing on her
    “Nnena, this is the evidence, you will face the wrath yourself, and you can’t be forfeit from this.”
    Mrs. Chioma retorted laughing.
    Things was going rough as usual in the family of Chief Nnamdi, Nnena has been suspicious that
    Mrs. Chioma doesn’t do anything even after she knew that the pregnancy wasn’t abort. She has
    been nice to Nnena, she neither beat nor punish Nnena anymore.
    “I have some bad feelings toward Mrs. Chioma, why of all a sudden she just changes to be nice to
    me especially when she knew I am pregnant, I think she has something irritating to do, she didn’t
    even question me about the father of my unborn baby, God! I pray I am able to survive her wrath.”
    Nnena thoughts as she return to her sweeping.
    The Chief was back from his trip, he was warmly welcomed by his family, and Nnena swiftly head
    for the boot to import the loads the chief took along his trip. He was very happy to see his family
    again. He left the compound and opts for the sitting room.
    Nnena was very frightened to see Chief Nnamdi, but she has concluded her mind that she has to
    face the wrath herself.
    Nnena offer a glass of water to Chief Nnamdi, Chief Nnamdi collected the water from her and
    drank earnestly.
    “What happen to your stomach?” Chief Nnamdi asked jokingly as the whole house was rents with
    laughter but he was serious and suspicious.
    Nnena was very ashamed but she was determined to let the bird out from its cage.
    “I was raped by…” Nnena was unable to finish her statement as Mrs. Chioma barged into her
    “Chief, I don’t know I employed a harlot to work here as a housemaid, can you believe what
    Chiamaka caught Nnena’s doing with a strange man when we went shopping, Nnena brought a
    stranger into this house, they were having s-x, then Chiamaka caught them red-handed in the dirty
    act.” Mrs. Chioma paused.
    Mrs. Chioma continues “I just keep mute all this while because I know if I let her know she will plan
    something evil against me, so I keep this from her.” Mrs. Chioma narrates as she handed over
    Chiamaka’s phone to the chief.
    “What is this?” Chief Nnamdi screamed.

    Episode 17

    “What is this?” Chief Nnamdi screamed.
    Chief Nnamdi screamed, he seems totally heartbroken, I don’t know why he seems so wide and
    fury, I don’t know what he saw on Chiamaka’s phone.
    “What is this?” Chief Nnamdi re-echoed.
    “I don’t understand sir?” I replied totally confused.
    “You can’t understand because you don’t know you were caught in this dirty act, right?” Chief
    Nnamdi uttered with an angry looking reactions.
    “Sir, I don’t understand what you are insinuating, please sir, am totally in the dark side of this
    whole story.” Nnena tried to defend.
    “Okay, you don’t understand, look at this picture, and then defend yourself that it is not you.” Chief
    Nnamdi said as he handed over the phone to Nnena.
    Nnena was shocked, she was totally confused, as she opened her eyes wide to confirm if it is truly
    her, “yes it is you.” The pictures on Chiamaka’s phone talks. She saw herself having rehearsing sx
    with a man far known to her, “No this couldn’t be!” Nnena voiced out with extreme shocks. She
    notice the blood in her veins refuse to flow, she confirmed that her whole body has been freezes
    from the unimaginable breezes from shocks and tensions. She couldn’t think straight anymore just
    then she just collapses (fainted) in the air.
    Chief Nnamdi carries Nnena like an accident victim been rushed to the hospital, “Bring the car
    key” Chief Nnamdi screamed with all his strength.
    Obinna quickly rushed to the sitting room only to found out that the car key is no more at its usual
    “Where could the key be?” Obinna thoughts rhetorically.
    “Obinna, can’t you find the key?” Chief Nnamdi screamed as he tried to make his way to the sitting
    “Yes dad, I couldn’t find it at its usual spot.” Obinna retorted, still looking for the missing key
    “Where could the key be now? I left it here.” Chief Nnamdi thoughts for a moment.
    “Why are you looking for the key this earnestly? To import that whore to the hospital, right? I don’t
    know why you care for her this much, hope you don’t want to marry her. Hmmm. You dare not,
    you know me, if you try any nonsense with me, I will make you know the real me.” Mrs. Chioma
    concluded as she sat inside a pouch.
    “Please, borrow me your own car, this girl must not die.” Chief Nnamdi uttered beseeching.
    “Come and snatch it.” Mrs. Chioma echoed with a negative approval.
    “Chinendu, borrow me your car, I quickly want to use it.” Chief Nnamdi asked fascinated.
    “My car was faulty some days ago and it has not been fixed.” Chinendu replied with a sorry but
    fake expression in his eyes.
    After a lengthy and fruitless search for the missing key, Chief Nnamdi was very disappointed,
    Nnena was also at the point of death, he fear anything could happen to that innocent girl. So he
    thought of a substitution.
    “I think I have to board a taxi.” Chief Nnamdi echoes loudly as he was trying to make his way to
    the compound.
    “Come back darling, just collect your car key, the girl must be dead by now.” Mrs. Chioma uttered
    unkindly as she stretch her hand forward with the missing key on her hand.
    Chief Nnamdi was very fury with anger at the same time he was so disappointed at wicked
    Chioma, his eyes were as red as a burning fire, he was so fury with choler and ire, and he was so
    infuriated and enraged. “You mean the key is with you all this while and I have been looking for the
    key.” Chief Nnamdi uttered with some kind of husky voice.
    “Yes the car is with me.” Mrs. Chioma replied confidently as she was trying to stress the words.
    Ye…ye, help me, please, somebody help me, ah-ha-ha-ah-ye-ye. Behold Mrs. Chioma was
    screaming in pains as a result of the beating she was receiving from Chief Nnamdi.

    Episode 18

    Ye…ye, help me, please, somebody help me, ah-ha-ha-ah-ye-ye. Behold Mrs. Chioma was
    screaming in pains as a result of the beating she was receiving from Chief Nnamdi.
    ******** .
    “You want to kill her right? You will never try any nonsense with me again in your life.” Chief
    Nnamdi screamed angrily as he lean on the wall to rest a little from beating Mrs. Chioma. He was
    very angry and irritated, he was so scorned and ever hate meeting Mrs. Chioma in first places, his
    eyes were fury with choler and anger, after the chief was through with the beating assignment on
    Mrs. Chioma, then Chief Nnamdi reluctantly barged out from the sitting room; he left Mrs. Chioma
    groaning in pains, he doesn’t even cares about their old ages and health’s, as he hurried to the car
    garage where he laid Nnena inside the car, Nnena was now in coma, her breathing has stopped
    but the chief could feel her pulse and that gave him the last grinned of hope. The Chief drives
    crazily out of the compound, he was speeding at the maximum agility of the car, the swiftly car lost
    its control (brake) as a result of over speeding just then he crushed on a moving trailer, Chief
    Nnamdi’s car stumble into a river. Some of the people who witness that scene opts for their
    cameras to video the incidents while the caring people head to the bank of the river. People who
    can swim and some fishermen steadily jumped into the river to rescue the accidents victim.
    “Hello am I speaking with Mrs. Chioma?” a strange voiced called and asked with the Chief
    “Yes, what can I do for you? But beside this is my husband number, hope all is well?” Mrs. Chioma
    replied and asked suspiciously and impatiently.
    “Your husband was involved in a gazed motor accident; he has been admitted to Pearls Hospital
    with a young girl.” The stranger uttered as he dropped the call.
    “Hello! Hello!!” Mrs. Chioma tried to confirm if it is truly her husband but the line as already been
    cut off by the stranger.
    Mrs. Chioma as totally baffled, she couldn’t believes her hears, she couldn’t think straight, she was
    shocked, speechless and dumbfounded, she pinch herself to confirmed if she was not in the
    dreamland but it was truly a reality, she was so disturbed and irritated.
    “Chinendu! Chiamaka! Obinna!” Mrs. Chioma screamed her children names in a very alarming
    The children reluctantly run to the sitting room from their respective bedroom, they were so
    bemused at their mother shocking screaming, they were all confused and disturbed.
    “I.. re.ceive a.a call now from an unknown caller now, the ca…ller told m.e that you..r father… had
    an..….nt and he has be..en admitted to Pe…arls Hosp..ital.” Mrs. Chioma narrates
    The Children couldn’t believes their hears, they was like “How will that happen?” they are so
    baffled, befuddled, confounded and bewildered.
    “Mummy can you please stop this expensive joke of yours.” Chinendu said with some kind of
    husky voice.
    “You better follow me to the car.” Mrs. Chioma commanded the children as she was trying to
    stress those words.
    Mrs. Chioma was ushered into the ward where the Chief was admitted, she saw that the chief was
    not badly injured, he was only plastered on his head and bandaged at his hand. She pitied for her
    unconscious husband.
    “Can I see the other girl?” Mrs. Chioma asked one of the Nurses who are incharge of conveying
    the family, friends and relatives of any patient who came visiting in the hospital into their different
    “Yes ma, she is in the Accident and Emergency Ward.” The Nurse replied as she signaled to Mrs.
    Chioma to follow her.
    Nnena was on life machine, only her pulse could be notice, her breathing was pumped with
    Oxygen, all her body has been plastered and bandage, she couldn’t notice anything, she was
    totally unconscious.
    “Why is she like this?” Mrs. Chioma asked with a sad but fake expression.
    “She was unconscious when the accident happened and I doubt if she could survive this.” The
    conveying nurse replied Mrs. Chioma caring but fake question.
    “I wish you could just die and leave my family forever.” Mrs. Chioma thoughts as she broke down
    to shed a crocodile tear.

    Episode 19

    “I wish you could just die and leave my family forever.” Mrs. Chioma thoughts as she broke down
    to shed a crocodile tear.
    The gateman swiftly open the gate when he heard the car horn, he was so worried about the
    entire family of Chief Nnamdi who are in commotion and uproar, though, he did not know anything
    about what is happening the house early, but he was so eager to know, he fear any member of the
    family might be in danger, many thoughts ran across his mind, but he couldn’t fathom the exact
    cause of the whole family who are in kerfuffle.
    Mrs. Chioma drove crazily into the compound as she wheeled the car steering longitudinal to the
    car garage, Obinna was very sad and concerned, he was so frighten his father and their innocent
    maid Nnena who are in comas may end up been a ghosts. “Nnena injuries was very bad and
    frighten, her guiltless life is supported with the life machine, she is in coma and she very
    unconscious, I pray she survive the trauma she was going through.” Obinna thoughts as he
    reluctantly head for the sitting room with his eyes socked with tears.
    “Ma, hope all is well? I can see that the entire family was totally disturbed and disrupted.” The
    gateman noted as he approached Mrs. Chioma.
    “All is well, just that the Chief Cousin had an accident and he is in coma, we just came back from
    the hospital, I pray he was able to survive the injuries.” Mrs. Chioma lies as she broke down to
    shed crocodile tears.
    “Acci..dent!! Where did that happen? How can that happen?” The gateman asked in disbelieved.
    “That is how we see it o.” Mrs. Chioma retorted as she was trying to get back on her feet.
    “God, hope it is not Bro. Richard?” The gateman asked with a very cool voice
    “No it is another Cousin of the Chief’s, he his named Chinwendu.” Mrs. Chioma reframed.
    “I don’t know any Chinwendu o.” The gateman replied suspiciously.
    “You can’t know him he just came back from abroad. Just forget that.” Mrs. Chioma paused.
    “The Chief sent me to you before he left this house this morning. Am coming” Mrs. Chioma
    enunciated as she was trying to make her way to the building.
    Mrs. Chioma came out with a brown envelope, she handed the brown envelope to the gateman.
    “What is this for?” The gateman asked with some kind of husky voice.
    “Before the Chief left home this morning, he told me that the entire family will be vacating this
    house, we will be leaving for the United State of America and that is where we will be living as
    from next week, he told me to give you this Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#500,000) for you to
    start a new life afresh, he assigned me to make you vacate your cubicle within the next twenty four
    hours (a day).” Mrs. Chioma narrates with so kind of seriousness expression showing on her face.
    “Hmmmm, you mean the Chief gave me this huge amount of money.” The gateman expressed
    “Yes, so spend the money wisely, this small amount of money can pave way for you to be
    wealthy.” Mrs. Chioma appended as she wanted to head for the building.
    “Wait o, madam, Where is the Chief now?” The gateman asked astonished.
    Mrs. Chioma was shocked by gateman shocking question, she doesn’t expect such question from
    him, many lies quickly started formulating in her head, she was busy scanning for the best lie to
    answer the gateman frighten question.
    “He is at the embassy; he went to process our documents for the trip and our unexpired passport.”
    Mrs. Chioma lied as she fake a smile.
    “Embassy? That is good news…” The gateman uttered suspiciously at the same time paused.
    The gateman continues with his statement. “Ma, What about Nnena?” The gateman asked with an
    alarming tone.
    “Collin (the gateman name) you are to nosey, anyway, she has went to their village and she has
    also been given the same amount of money to start her life afresh.” Mrs. Chioma narrates lying.
    “Okay, I will park my loads out of that cubicle with immediate effect.” The gateman responded as
    he steadily head for his cubicle.
    “That is nice, when you are going let me know.” Mrs. Chioma appended as she walk out from the
    Mrs. Chioma was sitting at the dinning, she handed a newspaper, she wore her recommended
    glasses on her eye just then Collins barged into the sitting room.
    “Ma, am ready to leave.” Collins uttered respectfully.
    “Okay safe journey, I will miss you.” Mrs. Chioma replied happily as she stands on her feet to walk
    him out.
    Collins close the gate behind him, Mrs. Chioma brought out her phone as she makes a call.
    “Trail him to some miles away from here, don’t kill him near here, you must make sure he is dead.”
    Mrs. Chioma drop the call as she reluctantly head for the sitting room.
    The gateman stop a bike outside the building, the bikeman and Collins (the gateman) negotiate on
    the price after they agreed on a certain amount, Collins mount on the bike as the bikeman speed
    off. A car started trailing the bike with Collins chartered, after driving some kilometers away from
    the building, the car double cross the bike, some gunmen came down from the sport car, the
    bikeman steadily press the leg brake wholly as he also heel the hand brake firmly to avoid
    crushing the well tinted car.
    Gboom! Gboom!! The gunmen release some bullets on the bikeman and Collins. The bikeman
    and Collins drop dead instantly as the gunmen quickly collected the money Mrs. Chioma gave to
    Collins, as they reluctantly barged into the sport car, the car gradually vanished from been seen as
    a result of the high agility and speed of the car.

    Episode 20

    Gboom! Gboom!! The gunmen release some bullets on the bikeman and Collins. The bikeman
    and Collins drop dead instantly as the gunmen quickly collected the money Mrs. Chioma gave to
    Collins, as they reluctantly barged into the sport car, the car gradually vanished from been seen as
    a result of the high agility and speed of the car.
    “Done deal ma.” A strange caller said on phone.
    “Are you sure?” Mrs. Chioma asked for proper confirmation.
    “Yes madam, confirmed, tested and trusted.” The stranger uttered confidently.
    Mrs. Chioma was very happy, her joy knew no bound; she was able to eliminated one of her
    strongest, stiffed and potent enemy.
    The Chief was discharged from the hospital, he was conveyed back home by Mrs. Chioma and
    her children, Nnena was now responding to treatment, she was now becoming quite medically
    okay though her life was still supported with the life machine and her breathing was still been
    pumped by Oxygen. Mrs. Chioma was astonished when she heard the Doctor telling a nurse that
    she can survive the injuries.
    Chief Nnamdi was now medically okay, he was accomplished by Obinna to the hospital, they went
    to check how far is Nnena’s health, they sat at the edge of the bed where Nnena was lying
    unconscious, Chief Nnamdi held Nnena’s hand firmly, he pitied the innocent girl, he imaging the
    pains the girl will be going through without her knowledge. All her body was pinned with many
    tailoring pins so as to call back her stimulus which are now dead.
    Chief Nnamdi and Obinna started praying earnestly, they were praying for Nnena’s quick
    recovering, they were panting and sweating while the prayer is going on, the ward was crowded by
    their alarming prayers.
    “In Jesus mighty name we pray.” Chief Nnamdi uttered as he concluded the prayer.
    “Amen.” Obinna replied to his father prayer.
    Just then they sight Nnena opening her eye gradually, she was also moving her bandaged hand,
    “Doctor, she is awake.” Chief Nnamdi screamed as he reluctantly barged out from the ward, he
    was running to the Doctors’ office, his joy knew no bound, he was extremely happy.
    “Doctor! Doctor!!” Chief Nnamdi barged into the Doctors’ office without the doctors’ permission.
    “You should have knocked!” The on-duty doctor yelled and cautioned.
    “Am so sorry sir, she is awake please come and check her.” Chief Nnamdi replied breathing
    heavily and tempestuous.
    “Who is that?” The Doctor asked totally disappointed.
    “N..nena! She is in the Accident and Emergency ward.” Chief Nnamdi responded as he was trying
    to restore his breathing formation.
    “Okay, follow me.” The Doctor on-duty commanded as he led the way while Chief Nnamdi walked
    behind him as they head from the ward.
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    The Doctor was totally surprised. “Now, I truly believed that God really cure, I can’t believe she
    could survive the injuries, God! You are truly wonderful o.” The Doctor said surprisingly as he used
    his stethoscope on Nnena.
    Chief Nnamdi settled the hospital bill; Chief Nnamdi and Obinna drove home happily and
    “She is back to life.” Chief Nnamdi yelled with a very happy expression showing on his face.
    “She is now conscious?” Mrs. Chioma asked completely baffled and bemused.
    “Yea, she is now responding to treatment.” Obinna replied as Mrs. Chioma angrily run upstair.
    This episode maybe short but I just have to post it tonight, I may not post earlier tomorrow but I
    can still guarantee two episodes tomorrow.

    Episode 21

    SHORT NARRATION FROM THE NARRATOR: a month later, Nnena was discharged from the
    hospital, she suffered a miscarriage of the pregnancy she was carrying before the incident. Chief
    Nnamdi on the other hand has now stuck to home, he has employed a General Manager for his
    business and he has gave up traveling. Chief Nnamdi asked his wife (Mrs. Chioma) about the
    gateman whereabout but Mrs. Chioma replied thus; “He has secure a security job at an oil firm, so
    therefore he has resigned.” Nnena on the other hand has lost her memory as a result of the
    unknown accident to her, she hardly remember things, all she could recall was that she fainted
    when she was given a phone, she has even forgotten who owns the mobile phone she was
    handling that very day and she has totally forgotten what she saw on the phone that made her to
    faint. She doesn’t know how she got to the hospital and how she suffers so much injuries; that
    means she doesn’t know that she had an accident. She was unable to recall that she was
    pregnant; the entire incidents that happened recently had been totally formatted from her memory
    {brain}. She could only remember the last scene she witness {she fainted when she was handed a
    phone}, and the mystery death of her father and how her mother was stoned to death that was all
    she could remember thought the doctor assure the Chief that she may restore her memory maybe
    a year to more.
    Chief Nnamdi started showing some strange and rare attitudes to his whole family, he would chat
    with Nnena for the whole day, he has minimized the works Nnena was doing in the house, Obinna
    was very happy about the latest development but at the same time baffled and concerned, he
    thought about his wicked and callous mother, he knew she is up to everything and she could do
    anything to forsake her dreams or wishes. Mrs. Chioma on the other hand was always angry and
    irritated whenever she sight Nnena and Chief Nnamdi chatting, many dirty thoughts ran into her
    mind but she just maintain muted. Mrs. Chioma crews (Chinendu and Chiamaka) has keen to be
    disturbing their mother about the shocking and rare attitudes of their father recently, they were so
    jealous of Nnena, they were totally ashamed of themselves.
    The whole family of Nnamdi’s were all sited on the well arranged dinner chair of six, they are all
    waiting for their breakfast which Nnena was preparing in the kitchen.
    “Would you bring the soup on time?” Mrs. Chioma roared.
    “It’s almost ready ma.” Nnena boomed from the kitchen.
    “She is so sluggish, how can we eating the breakfast by this time, and this is almost 7:20am.”
    Chiamaka enunciated as she readjusts her chair.
    “7:30am is not late for the breakfast big sister.” Obinna tried to defense Nnena.
    “You have started again. Who invite you to this conversation now? Please o I don’t want trouble
    this morning o.” Chiamaka counterblasted angrily.
    “I just hate your gut, spoilt brat.” Chinendu concluded Chiamaka’s words.
    All this while the children were fighting in war of words, Chief Nnamdi and Mrs. Chioma were also
    fighting with war of expressions. The fighting couple were looking at each other with an averting
    faces, they were both ready to slay each other just then Chiamaka throw a remarkable question to
    the Chief.
    “Daddy, you didn’t even say anything about the picture Mummy shows to you about Nnena and a
    stranger having s-x, you didn’t even question her or find out about anything concerning that
    accusation or have you forgotten?” Chiamaka asked the shocking but reasonable question.
    “I did not forgot, my dear.” Chief Nnamdi paused
    “Just that I later found out that Nnena is innocent and she is not guilty of your accusations and to
    avoid further tormenting and commotion that is the reason why I have been muted on the issue.”
    Chief Nnamdi uttered as he looks straight into Mrs. Chioma eyes.
    Mrs. Chioma and her crews (Chinendu and Chiamaka) were shocked, bemused, baffled,
    dumbfounded and ashamed; they were all confused as they all look into the eyes of one another
    just then Nnena brought the breakfast she has prepared to the dinning. Nnena served the whole
    family the delicious meal of rice with snail stew as their breakfast and that is according to the food
    timetable of the house, after she finish serving the meal she held the serving tray as she was
    ready to storm out from the dinning just then Chief Nnamdi called her back.
    “Nnena!” Chief Nnamdi called her back as he was trying to mess a snail from the snail soup.
    “Sir.” Nnena responds to his calling respectfully.
    “Where is your food?” Chief Nnamdi asked as he was trying to stress the words.
    “It is in the kitchen.” Nnena replied positively.
    “Bring your food to the dinning, let us eat together.” Chief Nnamdi uttered as he was trying to
    devour in the delicious rice.
    Mrs. Chioma, Chinendu and Chiamaka open their eyes wide, they try to re-captivates the
    statement “Bring your food to the dinning, let us eat together.” But it seem they heard the Chief
    Statement right, Obinna on the other hand gave out a happy smile, he was very happy for their
    guiltless housemaid Nnena.
    “This is truly the INTERMISSION.” Certified Author Afolabi expressed as he paused.
    “They are now teamed up 3 VS 3 (Mrs. Chioma, Chinendu and Chiamaka VERSUS Chief Nnamdi,
    Obinna and Nnena), who’s team would win this war without weapon and fists?” Certified Author
    Afolabi continues and concludes as decided to end this episode here.

    Episode 22

    “Bring your food to the dinning, let us eat together.” But it seem they heard the Chief Statement
    right, Obinna on the other hand gave out a happy smile, he was very happy for their guiltless
    housemaid Nnena.
    Mrs. Chioma angrily left the dinning; she was so irritated at the last statement of Chief Nnamdi,
    she doesn’t care if the Chief mean the statement or not.
    “Dad!” Chinendu exclaimed with a sad expression
    “Son!” Chief Nnamdi said as he looks straight into Chinendu eyes.
    Chiamaka and Chinendu also angrily left their meal in the dining, they loathly head for their
    respective bedrooms, they were so angry and fury of ire, their hatred for Nnena was now growing
    like a stubborn grass.
    Nnena on the other hand has forgotten all the maltreatment Mrs. Chioma and her crew do gave to
    her, she has even forgotten how they use to gave her the beating of her life, she has forgotten her
    savior in the house “Collins”, all she saw on her body was marks of wipes and wound from hot iron
    and water but she has forgotten how they got there.
    Nnena swiftly run to the kitchen, she brought her food to the dinning, she feel honored to eat with
    the Chief and Obinna on the same table.
    Mrs. Chioma came back from a party around 4:30pm on that very beautiful day, she heard Chief
    Nnamdi and Nnena chatting and laughing inside the sitting room, she decided to spy and listen to
    a little about their conversation from outside where she was staying, she heard the chief saying
    “I will like to free you from this slavery, I should have let you go and start your own business but I
    fear anything might happen to you outside if I let you go, I fear my wicked wife, she has a very bad
    intention toward you, I can’t afford to lose you, if I am to help your condition now the only thing I
    can do is to announce you as my daughter to the whole occupant of this house and I promise I will
    announce you as my daughter tomorrow morning.” Chief Nnamdi said extremely happy, he
    thought that is the only way to help the poor orphan worsen condition.
    Mrs. Chioma almost fall down from where she leap to peep to hear their conversation, she couldn’t
    believe her hear, she try to play a music from her phone through her earphone so as to confirmed
    that her hears are working fine and properly but it seem she heard the Chief right and nothing was
    wrong with her hears.
    She reluctantly barged into the sitting room, but she didn’t greet the Chief, Nnena try to greet her
    but she turn deaf hears to her greeting. She run to her room upstairs, she angrily tosses her bag
    which she was handling against the wall. She laid down flat on the bed, she was totally befuddled,
    baffled, bemused and confounded about she heard earlier, she was confused and totally at sea.
    Many ungodly thoughts ran into her mind but she thought thus;
    “I am a mother and no more a lovely wife I use to be to my husband, Chief Nnamdi behaviors this
    days are rare and strange, I can’t believe I heard him right, he was trying to made Nnena his
    daughter over my dead body, I am living in this house not because of my husband but because of
    my children, if he succeed in making Nnena his daughter, I bet he will willed many of his property
    to Nnena, he is a no-nonsense man, he loves Nnena dearly like his own daughter, I think I have to
    find a way not to let this happen, beside am no more a wife here but a mother of my children, my
    staying here is for the chief to quickly die and my children should be able to posses is properties, if
    I made him to die on time does it have any fault or blemish?

    Episode 23 (Final)

    Chief Nnamdi sat opposite Mrs. Chioma in the sitting room, the children were fast asleep, and
    Nnena was in the kitchen preparing the breakfast, Chief Nnamdi was holding a sport newspaper
    just then he called Nnena from the sitting room.
    “Nne! Nnena!!” He screamed her name with some kind of manly vocals.
    “Sir!” Nnena responded from the kitchen as she was trying to make her way to the sitting room.
    “Nnena, please help to prepare a very hot coffee.” Chief Nnamdi demands
    “Okay sir, Nnena replied as she reluctantly vanished from the sitting room.
    Nnena came out from the kitchen with a tray on her hands, there she placed the kettle of coffee
    and a glass cup. She served Chief Nnamdi the coffee as Chief Nnamdi drank the coffee within a
    twinkle of an eye. Some minutes later; Chief Nnamdi feels that his stomach is ruminating, he feel
    some stomach pains but within a twinkle of an eye, he fall on the gold colored tile, he held his
    stomach tight, he was groaning in pains, some seconds later he started vomiting blood from his
    mouth, Mrs. Chioma and Nnena quickly help him up as they quickly rush him into the car, Mrs.
    Chioma drove the car, Nnena held the chief tight as she was pleading to the unconscious Chief
    not to gave up as a ghost, Mrs. Chioma drove slowly for some minutes, later she was struck into a
    traffic, the hold-up stay as long for like thirty minutes.
    Mrs. Chioma drove into the hospital, she came down from the car as she rushes into the hospital
    to acknowledge the nurses that there is an emergency victim.
    Some nurses came back with a stresher as they place the unconscious chief on the stresher, they
    push Chief Nnamdi on the stresher to the Emergency ward.
    The doctor came out from the ward; he told Mrs. Chioma and I the shocking but true news;
    “We are sorry ma, we lost the chief and he dies of poison.” The doctor said pitifully as he tried to
    makes his way to his ward.

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