Story: Is it a Sin? Season 2

    Season 2

    Episode 1

    The doctor came out from the ward; he told Mrs. Chioma and I the shocking but true news; “We
    are very sorry ma, we lost the chief but he dies from poison.” The doctor said pitifully as he tried to
    makes his way to his ward.
    Yes it was nothing but damm truth! I could witness the Chief death, I could see the Chief been
    dressed by the nurses like that of ghosts. Is he really dead? Yes he is no more breathing and he
    has given up to ghost; I could witness those professional nurses inserting cotton wool into Chief
    Nnamdi noses and ears. They place his lifeless body on the stretcher as they were ready to
    transport his breathless body to the mortuary. Now that means my only hope of surviving has
    gone, the only person that care and cherish me is gone, my father, mother, my best friend and
    counselor has gone, I could vividly remember that I served him the coffee he drank last and the
    doctor confirmed and announced that the chief dies from poison. My innocent heart struck like
    lightening when I recall this, I could feel my heart beating faster than a ringing bell. “Hope this
    would result to my doom? How am I going to defense this lies that looks very alluring to my
    personality? Hope I would end up rotting in jail?” Those are the rhetorical questions that are
    barging into my mind. Mrs. Chioma and Chiamaka were crying and vociferating incessantly, they
    were rolling on ground, they look innocent about the chief death, Chinendu and Obinna are manly
    as usual, they lean at a wall, they were both wearing averting and sad faces, but they were not
    crying. Mrs. Chioma couldn’t believes her beloved husband was been transported into the
    mortuary, she follows the stretcher with tears flowing freely from her eyes, the nurses were trying
    to console her but all their effort were to no avail, they try to console the new widow but that make
    her weeps more. Mrs. Chioma sight me crying and sobbing, she was so angry and irritated, she
    later opts for the hospital rest room, to do what? Who knows…
    A team of policemen drove into the hospital premises, they all jumped down from their Toyota
    Hilux car, they were all carrying gun as some of the policemen walked into the hospital.
    “Good day ma, we are very sorry for the loss, may God forgive all his sin.” An inspector who heads
    the team of police uttered sympathizing.
    “Thank you officer, you are welcome.” Mrs. Chioma replied sobbing.
    “Please ma, we are here to do our job, where is the criminal who murdered the chief?” The
    inspector asked as he readjusts his pistol gun.
    “She is leaning at the wall over there.” Mrs. Chioma announced as she was stretch her finger
    pointing directly to me.
    “Thank you very much ma.” The inspector appreciates as he and his colleagues opt for where I
    was leaning.
    I looks up to confirmed that Mrs. Chioma is directly pointing to me, I wasn’t surprise because I
    know that the crime was very alluring to my personality, even if the issue was broadcasted, 99% of
    the people will acknowledge that I killed the chief, I knew I am guilty for serving the chief the
    coffee, but I knew inside the innermost part of me that the crime may be very alluring to me but it
    was not genuine.
    “Arrest her!..” Mrs. Chioma yelled as she restrained her statement.
    “She murdered my darling husband, she makes me a widow.” Mrs. Chioma submits her words as
    she broke down in more tears.
    Obinna who could trust me now fear me like death, “yes, she serves the coffee, no one else.” That
    was the thought that keeps on circulating his heads. He has lost the trust and confidence he has in
    me, he looks me from head to toes but it seems he did not see me but he saw a poisonous snake
    ready to slay, he seems to acknowledge that I am more dangerous than devil itself, he fear me
    more than death.
    True to be talk, I was the only one in the kitchen on that very day, I didn’t leave the hot coffee in
    the kitchen, I stay glued to the kitchen, Mrs. Chioma on the other hand did not stand up from
    where she sit before I left for the kitchen, she was watching a program. The chief drank the tea
    and he started groaning in pains, I serves the coffee and no one is with me in the kitchen, how
    come is the coffee poisoned? I am as confused as you were.
    The policemen handcuffed me as they commands me to follow them, I looks into the eyes of Mrs.
    Chioma but all I could see was my hatred, I looks into that of Chinendu and Chiamaka but I saw
    the same hatred as that of their mother, lastly, I looks into the eyes of Obinna but all I could see
    there was a ranging disappointment, I burst out in tears as I gently follows the policemen into their
    Toyota Hilux Car.

    Episode 2

    The policemen handcuffed me as they commanded me to follow them, I looks into the eyes of Mrs.
    Chioma but all I could see was my hatred, I looks into that of Chinendu and Chiamaka but I saw
    the same hatred as that of their mother, lastly, I looks into the eyes of Obinna but all I could see
    there was a ranging disappointment, I burst out in tears as I gently follows the policemen into their
    Toyota Hilux Car.
    “That was how I ended up here as a prisoner and I was sentenced to life imprisonment.” Nnena
    narrated as she broke down in tears.
    “Hmmmmm, your story is quite emotional but it was very interesting, you really try o and you have
    really suffer, I pray you live to enjoy the fruit of your patient and suffering.” A prisoner who I knew
    her to be Clara by name sympathized with me as she cuddles me to console me.
    “My own storyline on how I ended up here as a prisoner is also quite interesting and emotional, my
    dear readers…“ Clara paused as she wiped out the tears that are circulating from her eyes with
    the edge of her prisoner cloth.
    “Here is my own storyline.” Clara begins
    “You dare resist and counteract my orders and commands; I bet you will lose your post and
    position as the governor of this state.” The senator echoed with some kind of husky voice as he
    moved horizontally with his pot-belle stomach clearing way for him, he moves toward the
    Governor’s chair as he was looking at the chair with some kind of wicked and disdainful looks on
    his face.
    “Am not hijacking your authority sir, what am just trying to insinuate is that we haven’t pay the
    State and Local Government workers their salary for the past six month, though am I just elected
    but I know the pains they are passing through, there are commotion in every outskirt of this state,
    weak people are starving, the civil servants are uproaring, the health workers had went on strike,
    the markets women are not selling because there is no money to buy their goods, many citizen are
    in debts, the teachers are threatening to go on strike, the power supply of this state is more than
    woeful, there is no water supply in every area of the outskirt of this state, the road is quite bad and
    it needs repair to suppress road accident and so many more things this State Government has to
    do but they turn blind eyes to it. Sir, the allocation this State received from the Federal
    Government last month, you and your co-senator embezzle the money into your own personal
    accounts, thank God that this month allocation came through the president himself, you would
    have embezzle it like you did in the last month, sir the allocation for this month is the money I
    planned to use to pay the worker’s salary and that is what am trying to explain to you that you
    should pity the poor people we were are governing…” Governor John was trying to explain when
    the senator barged in his statement.
    “What is your own problem with the poor citizens, they are meant to rot in poverty till death, are
    they not the one that sold their votes because of the little amount of money or other little things we
    do for them during campaign? Beside I see no reason why you must be worrying about those
    riffraff, ragtag and nuisance since you and your entire family are enjoying and you are living in
    merriment, what is your own with their woeful life?” Senator Jeff tagged as he sat on the visitor
    couch facing the governor’s chair.
    “The good citizen do not sold their votes because of just material things like money, food and
    clothes, we politician promised them that we would meet all their needs and we would be fair and
    incorrupt in ruling the affair of the state in which they believed us, they believe we can do it, they
    fall for our sugar-coasted mouth not knowing that most of the politician nowadays are just lies and
    animal in human flesh, that is why they votes for us as their leader and representative, so tell me
    sir, what is now the essence of the fake promises we made to the guiltless citizen that believe in
    us, the promises we are capable of fulfilling but we refuse to stick to our words. And as for the
    draft that you just stated that my family and I are enjoying what concerns me with the hungry
    citizens. Why must I enjoy my own life when the people am governing are in abject poverty, when
    the civil servants that are working diligently and loyally are sleeping at night without eating
    suppers. Sir, I think we that we called our self government we are already rich enough to life our
    own life, we shouldn’t be using our post and position to suppress the people we are governing. Sir
    we are in the world of democracy and democracy is the government of the people, by the people
    and for the people, we are also once citizen so we should also be considerate to those innocent
    citizens. Sir in conclusion this allocation that came into the pocket of this state government will be
    used settle the workers’ salaries and wages.” Governor John expressed with a relieved looks.
    “I bet you will not live to enjoy the rest of your life as you stated earlier. {hiss}, it seems you don’t
    know me.” Senator Jeff expressed as he stand up ready to leave.
    ” I know you. A animal in human flesh! A corrupt politician, an embezzler. Sir, must we be wicked
    to those people who are loyal to us? We are also human being, don’t let us be living like a fish, it is
    only a fish that kill its fellow fish to survive. Let be trustworthy and stop living a fake life to the
    citizen.” Governor John concluded.
    Senator Jeff was so irritated, he was so annoyed and upset, he feel embarrassed, he stood up
    from the couch as he angrily barge out from the governor’s office.

    Episode 3

    “I bet you will not live to enjoy the rest of your life as you stated earlier. {hiss}, it seems you don’t
    know me.” Senator Jeff bragged.
    “I knew you, you are an animal in human flesh, you are a corrupt politician, you are callous and
    wicked to those people that place their believed in you, must we politicians be wicked to those
    people that are loyal and diligent to us? Sir, please let us be reasoning like a human being and not
    an animal.” Governor John lashes.
    Senator Jeff was shocked, irritated and embarrassed, his annoyance boomed with a shocking
    expression showing on his face, he angrily walked out of the Governor’s Office
    Governor John was the biological father of Clara, he was just elected as the governor of the state,
    he was fair and incorrupt, he vow to make the state a great and remarkable one, he loves his
    masses and he which he could govern the state fairly and incorruptly. How long can he be fair and
    incorrupt? Let see in the other episode of Clara side of the story…
    Corruption can be clearly expressed and explained through his personality, corruption can be
    named his second name or nickname, you can never see him joining forces for good things in the
    state rather he prefer joining forces in embezzling the state wealth and properties, no criminal
    case can be lured against him by the Anti-Corruption organizations because he has bribed them
    all with a remarkable sum of money, beside they were bounded by oath or covenant, Senator Jeff
    only cares for his own personal account, he doesn’t believe in fair government, he believes in the
    Yoruba parable that state thus: “Bamu, bamu layo awa o mo pee bi po mo enikokan. (We are
    satisfied financially, we are satisfied nutritiously, we don’t know that some people are hungry and
    we don’t care).” Senator Jeff was once the governor of the state, during his tenure as the governor
    the masses are suffering in abject poverty, the civil servants can’t went on strike because he
    threaten them with dismissal, he can be regarding to one of the paramount agent of devil. He was
    elect as the senator representing the central district of the state through ridging the election and
    who deal jazz or soliloquize? He has bribed all the electoral commission officers. He was regarded
    as the state godfather.
    Few days later after the word of war between My father {Governor John} and Senator Jeff, some
    armed robbers or let say kidnappers broke into the Government house, all thanks goes to those
    insiders Senator Jeff has planted in the Government house after they broke into the Government
    House around 11:30pm on that dull night, they respectively took to their role in the mission as
    planned, some of those armed robbers broke into the Governor’s building, they eliminated all the
    securities securing the governor and his family, they gun down all the securities with the help of
    their silence pistols gun they are handling.
    I was with my father (Governor John) inside his room; we were chatting, gisting and discussing. I
    happen to be his first child and the only girl of my family, I love staying with my father and that
    inspired me those memorable days I had with my lovely family, I happen to be at the age of twelve
    years old then. The armed robbers or maybe I should addressed them as kidnappers; they
    reluctantly barged into the Governor’s bedroom, they were all masked and they were handling
    different types of gun like silence pistols, AK 47, Rocket and bazooka, they were five in number
    that were assigned to accomplished the mission in the governor’s bedroom.
    “All of you lie down flat.” A robber echoed as he pointed his gun directly to my head.
    “My Governor!” Don the head of the team of armed robbers uttered with a very serene voice as he
    was trying to unmasked himself.
    “Who are you please?” My father asked with a shaky voice.
    “I am you doom, am the destruction you caused on yourself, I am here to skin you alive, I am
    assigned to kill you hundred time before your death.” Don, the head of the armed robbers lashed
    with some kind of husky voice.
    “Please what can I do for you in specific, please spare my life and that of my family.” My father
    restated with a beseeching expression.
    “My Governor!” Don mentioned laughingly as he paused.
    “Si…r!” My father answered stammering.
    “My Governor!!” Don restated as he shows some wicked kind of expressions.
    “Am all hear sir.” My father retorted with a shaky voice.
    “Governor John Adewole!” Don named him fully as he drawled closely to him.
    “Yes sir.” My father drawled beseeching.
    “Don’t lie o, I hate lying o, you know anybody that is lying will later end up been a…” Don uttered
    as he faces his crew to complete his statement.
    “Thief!” his human dynamo replied in chorus.
    “So I advise you to be sincere with me and I will also be nice with you and I will acknowledge all
    the respect you deserve as this State Governor. The Federal Government paid this state its
    allocation for this month, the amount of the money is Eight Hundred and Fifty Nine Million, Eight
    Hundred and Ninety Two Thousand, Two hundred and Forty Four Naira and Thirty Kobo
    (#859,892,244.30K), the money was paid into this state account directly from the president on the
    20th of this month and that was last week. You received the alert on your mobile phone on that
    same 20th of this month and the alert time was 2:52:33pm, you can check your phone to
    confirmed if I am right or not, you planned to paid the worker their salaries with the money
    tomorrow, so that is the genuine reason why are here, we, the genuine owner of the money are
    here to collect what truly belongs to us.” Don narrated as he summarized his explanation.
    My father was baffled and bemused, he was so confused on how the veteran armed robbers got
    the information so genuine and correct like that, he was shocked and dumbfounded, even the
    robbers knew the figure of the amount in spoken even till the last kobo and the time he received
    the alert for the money this make him confused and more disturbed, he has no reason to lie or
    defense the robbers statement since he was already exposed.
    “You’re wholly correct sir, but what really happen now is that the money in spoken is not here in
    this government house, I planned to withdraw the money tomorrow and use it to settle the
    necessary debts this state is owning his masses and the money we owned the world bank…” My
    father replied shockingly with a sad expression.
    “I knew the money is not here, it was still lying comfortably in the state account, but my coming
    here is to acknowledge you that we the owner of the money are intact, because I knew that the
    money will be paid to different firms in order to settle the worker salaries and clearing of this state
    But I will keep this your beautiful and lovely girl in substitute for the money, when you pay us the
    cool cash we will release your only daughter to you.” Don lashes as he held my hand firmly.
    “Sir.. Please don’t do this.” My father uttered beseeching.
    “And if you don’t love your daughter you can inform the reporters and the policemen that your
    daughter was kidnapped that mean you can’t live to see your daughter alive but you will definitely
    see her corpse.” Don concluded as he dropped a note on my father bedroom, he dragged me to
    follow him as his animators follow him.
    The note he dropped informed my father the location he will amass me and the mobile number of
    the leader of the team.

    Episode 4

    The note he dropped informed my father the location he will amass me and where he will drop the
    Governor John was so panic and shocked, he was dumbfounded as he strangely develop an
    unimaginable illness in his body, he took his phone to inform the commissioner of police about
    what just happen but he recalled the armed robbers warning and that means if he inform the police
    that simply implies that he did not love his daughter and he cannot live to see his daughter alive
    anymore. “What can I do! What can I do!!” Governor John uttered panicked and confused, he was
    sweating profusely even when the Air Condition is on and it is working steadily. He rushed out
    from his bedroom as he opts for my mother’s bedroom.
    My mother was fast asleep; she did not even know anything about what just happen earlier in the
    house, she fall into a deep slumber after a stressful day work as the first lady of the state. My
    father swiftly hurried to my brothers bedroom, they were all asleep, he was relieved, he got back to
    his bedroom but he was just walking up and down thinking about the money, I, in the kidnappers
    custody, and the masses that will suffer for not collecting their salaries and wages. After a lengthy
    and restraining thinking, he later came to conclude that he will release the money to the armed
    robbers, and he after he amassed me, then he will plan for another way to pay the masses their
    salaries and wages.
    LOCATION: V™ Forest.
    TIME: 2:21PM
    “No police officer sir, ah! No soldier o sir, am the only one here, no one is with me.” My father
    “Okay sir, straight then I should turn left, okay sir, I should drop the money when I got to the
    mountain right, okay sir, am on my way going there.” My father replied as he dropped the call.
    “Hello Sir, am at the spot you told me to drop the money, yes sir, all the currency are in dollar
    domination, okay sir I have dropped the money, sir, I should turn back? What about my daughter?”
    My father asked as he was looking around the vicinity to look if he can sight me around the
    “When we check the money and it was intact we will told you where you could get your daughter.”
    Don uttered with some kind of husky voice.
    “Yes sir.” My father replied as turn back to leave.
    My father’s phone beep, he check the phone it was an unregistered number and it was different
    from the one he has been using to communicate with the kidnappers, he was confused and
    shocked, he doubt he knew the caller, he later mustered some courage to pick the call after he
    has had so many ungodly thoughts that has circulated his mind.
    “Hello, please who is this?” Governor John bubbled with a shaky voice.
    “Hey friend, long time no chat, no talk and no see how have you been?” The caller addressed with
    an Americana voice.
    “Am fine, but I don’t know you o, please who am I speaking with?” My father asked totally carried
    “Oh my God, you have forgotten me so easily? Am your friend from U.S.A and I just came back to
    this Country and am at the airport right now.” The caller narrated.
    “Which of my friend? I have a lot of friends in the United State of America o, name yourself
    please.” My father retorted as he looks around to confirm no one was seeing him.
    “Oh my gosh! Come on guy, guess and I know you will guess right, listen to my voice carefully.”
    The caller boasted.
    “Who could that be?” My father asked rhetorically. “Daniel!” My father screamed out loud.
    “Whao! Wonderful! Why are you sounding as if you have forgotten my voice?” The caller
    expressed as he use an American tone to crackle.
    “Am so sorry friend, please can you call later, am very busy for now.” My father uttered as he was
    trying to end the call.
    “Men, don’t do that now, what really happen is that, I lost my briefcase am bringing along from the
    United State of America and the briefcase contain only dollars and I don’t have any cash with me,
    am at the airport right now and I don’t have any amount to eat, transport, lodge and all other
    likeable things, can you please send me like Two Hundred Thousand Naira Only, I will pay back
    when I settle down in Abuja, maybe in two weeks time.” The caller concluded.
    “E no go better for you and your entire family, am in this trash, one Yahoo boy dey call me, e wan
    dupe me, I swear na Ogun (god of iron) go kill you, then Sango (god of fire) go backup the mission
    and Obatala (god of thunder) will conclude the mission, I swear u never go see joy…” My father
    was busy cursing the fraudster when he had the beep of his phone; the fraudster has cut the line.
    Few seconds later, my father receive a call from Don, he mustered some courage to pick the call.
    “Weldon sir, I can see that you have called the policemen, that means you don’t love your
    daughter and I don’t think you can live to see her alive again. Your selfishness has implicates you,
    now you will loss two things and that is the masses money and your beloved and only daughter.”
    Don concluded.
    “Gbooom!” My father heard a gunshot through his phone.
    “No!” My father screamed out loud…

    Episode 5

    “Gbooom!” My father heard a gunshot through his phone.
    “No!” My father screamed out loud…
    My father screamed, he knew they must have shot me, he try to call Don but the line has already
    been switched off, he tried to went back to the spot where he left the money but on getting there,
    the story has changed, he didn’t meet the money, there is not even a traces of any living habitant
    or indweller can be found in that vicinity only the likes of the trees that are dancing melodiously to
    the beats from the breeze and the chirping and singing birds could be heard singing happily. He
    screamed loudly as he broke down in tears. He heard a gunshot from nowhere, he knew shooter
    must be aiming him but he missed his target; my father took to his heel, he run as far as his leg
    could carry him, he run with all the energy his body could gather. After a lengthy and non-stop
    running, he reached where he parked his car as his reluctantly close the car door behind him, he
    zoomed off from the forest at a very high speed.
    “You mean you were unable to eliminate him?” Senator Jeff asked unbelievably.
    “Yes boss, this state has such a smart governor.” Don replicated through the phone.
    “Hmmmmm, that means we have to act fast, he is so smart, voguish and unpredictable as you had
    earlier stated, but he met me in this game we called politics and I will let him know that I have the
    experience as a professional politician.” Senator Jeff vocalized.
    “He can’t act now because I had caused him a huge grieved and the innermost wound I could use
    in weakens him.” Don restated as he laughed out loud through the phone.
    “What is that?” Senator Jeff asked curiously waiting for the answer.
    “I had killed his only and beloved daughter, he makes a call during the mission and I am 100%
    sure that he is contacting the policemen he has planted in the forest. I am so sure that he must be
    mourning his late daughter.” Don enunciated.
    “Wow! Bravo! I trust you g…. but wait Don, there hasn’t been any news broadcasting the death of
    the Governor’s daughter.” Senator Jeff announced confusingly and surprisingly.
    “The reporter couldn’t know, the governor himself couldn’t dare broke the ugly news out, the
    masses will asked him for the corpse of his late daughter, how will he present the corpse, he
    couldn’t find the corpse.” Don summarized as he broke down to laugh wickedly.
    “Don you are such an amazing goon, I know only you can do this, send me your account details let
    me forward some change to you, and as for the money leave it as for now, keep the cool cash
    safe and secured no other person must know about the money. Deal?” Senator Jeff crackled
    “Already deal boss.” Don replied as he frown his face.
    “Okay will we talk about the money later, let deal with this ignorant governor.” Senator Jeff
    “Okay sir, just let me know if I may help. Okay, Bye sir” Don uttered as he dropped the call.
    The family of Governor John Oyewole was mourning the death of the only female child of the
    family serenely, the people, even the reporter did not know the misfortune that had emerged in the
    family, they made the mourning a silence one to the extent that the securities didn’t know, Senator
    Jeff on the other hand has been planning for the ways to eject Governor John Oyewole as the
    Executive Governor of my state, he aimed to install a puppet that he will be able to control as the
    Governor. After many dirty looking thoughts Senator Jeff concludes to meet the Commissioner of
    Police of the state in furnishing his plan.
    “Are you sure of what you are saying sir?” The COP asked in disbelieved.
    “COP I can’t lie to you, I know all he was trying to do is to embezzle all the money in taking into his
    own personal account, the money meant to be shared by the politicians, this state only owned its
    workers 6-8 months’ salaries, I see no reason we must pay them now since it is not up to a year,
    Commissioner Governor John informed me that he will fight corruption and you know we are not
    pure and holy, he also vow that we will only be entitled to our salaries, all the allocations and the
    allowances of the civil servants we suppose to be sharing, he threatened to be sharing the money
    to their rightful owners (workers), COP, I tried to convince him that this is not the way we play the
    game but he turn deaf hears to my words and he seems not to ready to heeled to my words and
    that is why I am here to update you on the latest.” Senator Jeff uttered with a serious but fake
    expression glowing on his face.
    “Governor John! Hmmmmm! He is toying with a python tail, don’t worry my senator, I know what to
    do, give me some minutes, I will be right back.” COP said as he opts out from the scene.
    COP was visibly seen in the scene, Senator Jeff was busy dipping down the fruit juice he was
    served, the Commissioner of Police sat opposite Senator Jeff as the conversation begin.
    “Here is the strategy and the punishment of the governor for denying us.” COP uttered with some
    kind of husky voice as dropped a note on the table facing him.
    Senator Jeff cross-checked the note, he dropped the note after he had examined the note and it
    seem he has understand what the note was insinuating.
    “I pray this work.” Senator Jeff concluded as the stage light faded off gradually.

    Episode 6

    “Here is the strategy and the punishment of the governor for denying us.” COP uttered with some
    kind of husky voice as dropped a note on the table facing him.
    Senator Jeff cross-checked the note, he dropped the note after he had examined the note and it
    seem he has understand what the note was insinuating.
    “I pray this work.” Senator Jeff concluded as the stage light faded off gradually.
    “Your Excellency, please can you meet me at my office, an issue broke out, and if you can come
    the issue may be solved.” It was the COP calling my father.
    “Commissioner no problem, am on my way right away.” My father replied as he rushed out from
    the Governor’s office.
    All his thoughts were based on those kidnapper or let say armed robbers, he thought they may
    have been apprehended, he rush to the car garage, his driver jumped into the car, the escorting
    policemen and other forces rushed into their vans and cars.
    “Your Excellency, where is own destination?” The driver asked as he was trying to start the car.
    “Commissioner of Police Office and you has to be fast.” My father stated totally disturbed.
    The driver zoomed out from the government house; he was driving the car at the maximum agility
    of the well tinted G-Wagon as the escorting forces were all running after the G-Wagon.
    The governor sat down facing the Commissioner of Police, they were both speechless for some
    minutes, they were just looking at each other face just then the commissioner of police pick up his
    telephone as he made a call.
    “Bring those criminal into my office.” The commissioner of police declared as he dropped the
    The governor was looking into the eyes of the commissioner, he notice the commissioner was just
    shaking his head, the COP was looking at him with a disregarding looks, he wanted to confront
    him by asking him the problem but he opt to be patient and see the criminals he was talking about.
    Some policemen drag in two tattered looking young guys in their early 20s, my father looks into
    the eyes of the commissioner, he was like how was this one concern me, it seems he had never
    see the faces before, even the faces are exceptional from those armed robbers that broke into the
    Government House some days ago, he seems confused and disturbed just then one of the
    criminal broke the silence.
    “E godfather o, two hand raised for you only, I know you sure pass dead, I know we cannot sleep
    here again tonight, sebi I tell you {he tickled the second criminal}, baba (godfather), Your
    Excellency, the policemen caught us o, they caught us when we are transporting the money to
    another countries, godfather, I swear it remain only small to complete the mission, one sergeant
    Johnson, that officer na mad man o, he is the one that caught us, we try to give him some bribe as
    you have taught us but that officer craze pass those people at the psychiatric hospital, when I offer
    him the bribe, godfather, I swear na some thunderous slaps he landed on my face, I staggered a
    bit, you too dey surprise maybe the charm you gave us did not work, godfather I swear the charm
    work, I think that officer too get juju, because when he slap me, my eyes was blinded for some
    minutes, I regain my sight here at the police station, godfather, we have been here since
    yesterday, they have beat us like a kidnapper caught with a baby, godfather, when this beating
    was too much, we later gave them the information that you be our godfather…” The first criminal
    narrated in Nigeria-made English as the second criminal barged into his words.
    “godfather, two hand raised for you only, godfather, I swear god waste the sand he use to create
    us, he should have use the sand to create a shoe for you, godfather, you sure pass devil,
    godfather, we know say if we keep on suffering without your knowledge is like we are only wasting
    our time here, godfather, I know you must have been trying our calls, those policeman here they
    are very mad including the DPO and this state COP, can you believe they stole our international
    sim you bought for us for Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#500,000) what surprise me be say they
    leave the phone and only stole the sim card, I don’t know what they see in the sim, that is where
    corruption stated o, how can a police man that was a thief arrest his fellow thief, sebi they are into
    the same profession, godfather we later gave them your information and details, you dey wonder
    how we did it and we have not die, godfather, we two don dey craze {laugh}, we have meet with
    the herbalist that made the covenant for us, we have give him some change and he have help us
    to break the covenant, godfather I know your been here is only to release us, give this
    Commissioner of Police some change, I sure say he go bury the case, he go like money as I dey
    see him so.” The second criminal uttered in pidgin English.

    Episode 8

    SUMMARY FROM THE NARRATOR: the case between Governor John and the two criminals has
    been the talk of the country, the news has spread like wife fire, people in the rural areas migrants
    to the city to join the protest against Governor John, while people who couldn’t afford to migrant
    are protesting in their respective villages and all forms of rural asylum, the issue has made the
    vendors business growing faster within that period, the case use to be in every front page of the
    daily newspapers, the presenters on radios and television base their news on that issue, there is
    different form of rumors everywhere, the masses are growing fury in anger and choler, the peoples
    don’t even bothered to find the root of the issue they all believes the news is nothing but true,
    every forms of organization in the state join the protest, some people in other states travel down to
    our state to join the protest. On the other hand, Senator Jeff and the Commissioner of Police are
    rejoicing about their victory, they were very happy that they are succeeding in ruling affairs of the
    state in their own benefits; they have been planning of installing a puppet as the new governor of
    the state, their joy knew no bound. “The hearing of his case is on Friday, I know that he will be
    hanged to death.” The Commissioner of Police said as he burst out laughing. “Yes, you know what
    amazed me are the notable lawyers that are volunteering to took up the case against him, only his
    friend, one Barrister Ayodele Samson was his counsel, I wonder how long he can defend the
    case.” Senator Jeff retorted mockingly. . LOCATION: SUPREME COURT, ABUJA. The Chief
    Justice sat down on his chair, he adjusted his sunglass as he was examining the documents
    placed on the table facing him, the Commissioner of Police and Senator Jeff were nowhere to be
    found in the Court, the plaintiff’s lawyers that are in the court are four in number minus the
    principal counsel, while Barrister Ayodele Samson was the only defendant lawyer, the reporters
    were outnumbered, the policemen were all well kitted and they were all at alert, the audiences; my
    mother {Her Excellency Cynthia John} and my siblings (Samuel John and Emmanuel John) and
    other audiences were all sited in the audiences sits just then the warders brought in My father
    (Governor John Adewole) and the two criminals, they were all handcuffed, my father look into the
    eyes of my siblings and that of my mother, tears flow freely from his eyes and my mother couldn’t
    help his condition as she also broke down in tears. . “Start the inquiring.” Chief Justice Babalola
    commanded. “This is the hearing of the case between the Federal Government and Governor
    John Adewole in case no 37/OYM/2017, the Chief Justice of this country; Justice Babalola Olaiya
    will be the Justice in-charge of this case, the defendant is accused of smuggling, corruption,
    bribery, kidnapping, killing and embezzling.” The Courtendant addressed. “Governor John
    Adewole are you guilty or not?” The courtendant asked. “Am not guilty.” My father replied as he
    was trying to stress the words. The courtendant sit down as the Chief Justice started the inquiry.
    “The principal counsel of the plaintiff’s.” Chief Justice Babalola mentioned as the principal counsel
    stand up to defend his opinions. “My lord, my name is SAN Taiye Ololade am the principal counsel
    of the plaintiff’s; with me are my colleagues; SAN Sam Micheal (the lawyer stand up for
    notification), Barrister Sola Omolara (the lawyer stand up for notification), Barrister Kehinde
    Ololade (the lawyer stand up for notification) and Barrister Toyin Seun. My lord, there is no need to
    be beating around the bush to search for something that is not missing, we all know that Governor
    John was guilty of this charges, person who can deny people he was sending dirty errand like
    kidnapping, killing, stealing and smuggling, what else can’t such person do? My lord, let take a
    look at this case in this direction, who which to die by hanging or by shooting? None! These two
    criminal (he pointed to the two criminals who claimed to be my father errand boys) knew the
    punishment of what they had reveal, they knew is either they were killed or they were sentenced to
    life imprisonment, they can’t claim to know the governor if not that they were into a dirty business,
    my lord, we asked the governor to provide the allocation his state received last month, he was
    unable to provide it, I personally asked him series of question but he was unable to answer my
    questions, this is enough as an evidence proving Governor John to be guilty. My lord, I would like
    this court to judge this case according to the law and custom of this our dear country” The
    Principal Counsel of the Plaintiff’s counter-blasted as he sit down to rest his opinions. “The
    defendant counsel.” Chief Justice Babalola mentioned as he readjusted his sunglass “My lord, my
    name is Barrister Ayodele Samson, am the counsel of the defendant, my lord, I know there are
    rumors everywhere concerning the lies and fake accusation this criminals bestow on my client, my
    lord, I know my client very well, he is honest, diligent, trustworthy and he has a respectable
    manner, my lord, my client told me some days after he was arrested, he told me that Senator Jeff
    Richard {senator representing the central district of his state} visited him in the Government
    House, he asked him to forgo the allocation he received so that he and his colleagues can
    embezzle the money, my client bluntly refused, some days after the war of words from the
    Governor and the Senator, Senator Jeff send some armed robbers to the Government house, they
    broke into the Government House, they killed the securities, they were able to make their way into
    the Governor’s Bedroom, they narrated how the money was processed before it bounce into the
    state account, my client defense that the money has not been withdrawed, so they kidnap my
    client children in substitute for the money, they told my client that if he really care for his children
    he should bring the money to V™ forest, my client later abide by their ransom, he planned to pay
    the salaries and wages of his workers with the money he planned to lend from the world bank with
    his name, the kidnappers succeeded in hijacking the money, they also succeeded in killing the
    only female daughter of my client and that caused him a great depression, he thought that if he
    announce that his daughter was killed, people will ask him for her corpse, where will he find the
    corpse? So he decided to keep the loss to himself and his family. Some days after the loss, the
    COP of his state called him and informed him about these two hardened criminal, the COP
    summoned him to his office in which my client went there in a jiffy, these criminal fake a lies that
    look alike to my client personality, they succeeded in sending my client to sleep in prison. My lord,
    with the little narration I had given out I think you should know that something is fishy somewhere.
    My lord, I suggest you should looks into this case very well before you gave out your judgment.
    “Now that the two counsels have defend my opinions, I think there is something fishy somewhere
    and as a court of law, it is our duty to gave out a fair and justice judgment, for this reasons, I
    hereby adjourn this case to the 19th of January, 2017 and Governor John can resume back to his
    work as the Governor of his state till further notice. “As your lordship pleases!” The counsels
    replied in chorus. “I rise.” Chief Justice Babalola enunciated as he stands up from his sit. “Court.”
    The Courtendant yelled in a alarming tone. .

    Episode 7

    My father just sat down watching the drama played by the two criminal, he was confused,
    bemused and mixed-up, he did not know what to say. “This lie took after his personality, truly,
    where is the allocation he received for this month? It is nowhere to be found.” This made him to be
    totally baffled.
    “Commissioner, I don’t know these nuisances they are faking this lies.” My father tried to defense.
    “He! Yepa! You godfather! Your Excellency. You don’t know us? Nice one, it seems that you want
    us to expose all the secrets we have been hiding, godfather, you don’t want to bail us out from
    here, nice one, I love that, that means it is high time we tell the world what we cooked that made
    the house to burn down. Commissioner, don’t mind him o, he think we are still bounded by the
    covenant but he don’t know we have broken the covenant.” The fist criminal lashed.
    “godfather make I no lie, you really disappoint me o, so because of the change you are going to
    give this hungry looking Commissioner of Police, that is why you deny us, no problem,
    Commissioner look here, before the election this wicked and greedy man do send us to bring him
    some day old babies, even sometimes we broke into the hospital to kidnap babies, we even
    kidnap twin one day. When we brought the babies to the herbalist he was using, the herbalist do
    assigned us to ground the babies alive and he will use the grounded babies to make concoction
    for the governor. This governor has even eat a human being, we roasted the boy, if I could
    remember the boy can’t exceed the age of 5, this man eat his body like an hungry man.
    Commissioner, how many dirty things that we have did for his Excellency that we can’t say; it is
    too much, he is just wicked.” The second kidnapper narrated.
    “My Governor.” The commissioner uttered laughingly.
    “Commissioner, I don’t know them, they are just lying, commissioner, I swear I haven’t set my
    eyes on them…” my father was trying to defense as the commissioner barged in.
    “Where is the herbalist now?” the commissioner asked facing the criminals.
    “The herbalist, he has die, even he dies of fire, who know maybe the innocent babies we have
    killed that send fire to him. Commissioner, if I tell you that since when we have started killing the
    babies, I have been having sleepless night, sometimes I will just be hearing the cries of babies…”
    The first criminal stated as the second criminal barged in.
    “And you no tell me, I am also having the same dreams, sometimes the babies do carry weapon in
    my dreams, all thank to the governor that has fortified me, maybe they may have killed me.” The
    second criminal concluded.
    “Your Excellency, I don’t expect you to be doing all this thing, just because you are looking for a
    material post you have destroy the sweet home, you have turn a lovely home to bitter one well as
    they use to say human beings are unpredictable. Officers.” The commissioner of police yelled as
    three police officers barged in.
    “Take these criminals back into the prison and arrest this disgraceful Governor.” The
    Commissioner of Police concluded.
    “Sir, he is the Governor of this state.” An Officer tried to explained.
    “Are you sick? Are you the one that will be teaching me my job? If you are not careful you will lose
    your job, arrest him and throw him inside cell no six.” The Commissioner of Police concluded.
    “Am sorry sir, Your Excellency, please stand up.” The officer pleaded and commanded as he
    handcuffed my father.
    “Hey! Your Excellency, don’t try to act smart, all what the criminals says has been recorded here.”
    The Commissioner of Police concluded as he signaled to the officer to take him away.

    Episode 9

    “Yes the lawyer defended the case excellently, he must be a professional.” The Principal Counsel
    of the plaintiff informs Senator Jeff on phone.
    “So what are you trying to tell me?” Senator Jeff retorted loudly.
    “I think we must act fast because it seems the Chief Judge is highly interested in the case, and I
    knew the defendant lawyer was able to convince him with his points and I knew the Chief Judge to
    be a seasonal judge.” The lawyer retorted.
    “Hmmm, the lawyer, he really tried. Bravo! I heard that the judge asked him to get back to his
    position as the Governor of this state?” Senator Jeff asked.
    “Yes, that nothing but a damm truth.” The lawyer replied.
    “Okay, I will call you later, see you soon, okay, bye.” Senator Jeff addressed and concluded as he
    dropped his phone on the table situated as the center of the vast sitting room.
    Some luxurious cars drove into the vast monolithic field, the policemen jumped down from their
    van, a bouncer open the door as a man who dressed elegantly came out from the luxurious BMW
    car, he dressed in Black Suit, a well polished black Italian shoes fitted his leg firmly. The corrupt
    politician walked majestically in the midst of the securities into the Chief Justice Office.
    {Chief Justice main Office}
    “August Visitor! August Visitor!!” Chief Judge Babalola welcomed him laughingly as he handed
    over a glass of Maukey wine to him.
    “My Judge” Senator Jeff replied as he gave the Chief Judge some kind of manly hugs.
    They both sat down on the sofa, they sipped the wine a little and they both dropped the glasses on
    the glass-made table sitting in front of them.
    “You are here. Hope no problem.” The Chief Judge asked as he was trying to adjust the side
    “Let me say no problem and I can equally address the issue as a minor problem, but the solution
    is only with you.”Senator Jeff replied as he looks into the eyes of the Chief Judge.
    “Solution? With me? Ah! As long as I am the only one to help why won’t I do it, I pledge to render
    any help I can render as long as the help is in my care.” The Chief Judge boasted.
    “hmmmmm, will you do it before I voice out my friend?” Senator Jeff warned as he was trying to
    re-adjust his pot-belle to ease him some comfort.
    “Why not, as long I could help.” The Chief Judge replied.
    “The case of Governor John of our state versus the Federal Government, sentence Governor John
    to death by hanging and that is all I need from you.” Senator Jeff narrated as he was trying to
    stress the words.
    “Is that all?
    “Yes, no other thing.” Senator Jeff nodded in approval
    “So now, how about the payment?” Chief Judge asked.
    “Forward your acct details to me, I will firstly settle you with Fifty Million Naira then after a well
    done job I will settle my balance.” Senator Jeff replied as he brought out his mobile phone to make
    the transaction.
    After gisting, chatting and discussing for like an hour, Senator Jeff left the Chief Judge office and
    he was escorted back home by his securities
    “Unbelievable, Governor John Adewole has cleared up all the state and local government salaries
    they are owned before he emerged as the governor of this state.” The newscaster broke the latest
    news on through the radio.
    “Governor John Adewole! You paid up all the workers’ salaries with your own personal money, you
    wish to win this case, we let just wait till the judgment case, be ready to let-go the hot sit as the
    Governor of this state on the 19th of January, 2017.” Senator Jeff stated rhetorically with some
    kind of husky voice.

    Episode 10

    19th of January, 2017
    “After the words of war from the counsels and according the evidence lying infront of me, it shows
    that Governor John Adewole; you were guilty for the charges against you, so therefore with the
    power bestow unto me, this court of law hereby sentence you to death by hanging as the rightful
    punishment for you crime since it involve murdering.
    All the people in the court couldn’t believes their hears, the lawyers were shocked and
    dumbstruck, my mother collapsed and that result to her mystery death because she is a
    hypertension patient before.
    In short my father was hanged to death and my mother dies of high blood pressure. My siblings
    opt to stay with my father immediate sister.
    You are all wondering how the narrator survive? Well truly I was shoot but thank God I wasn’t
    dead. It all happen that after I was shoot, A kidnapper targeted to killed my father but the he
    missed his target, my father run for his dear life and all the kidnappers including Don went after
    him, after they went after my father, a hunter was going to game, he found me lying down half
    dead, he point his gun towards me and he asked me whether am a human being or a evil spirit, I
    was lying in my own pool of blood and I was unable to utter a word. The kind hunter approached
    me and with the help of his supernatural power he was able to detect that I am a normal human
    being. He carried me and took me to his hut; there he took good care of me from then till now. The
    hunter clearly show me all the incidents and how it all happens, he fortified me and I have been
    taking revenge since then on those that join force in destroying my lovely family. My being here is
    to revenge on the warder captain because he also collected his share from the allocation that
    made my father meet his doom. My main and the last revenge is Senator Jeff; he is now the
    Senate President of this country and his mission maybe somehow difficult.
    “Thank your star because we are leaving here today and you will start revenging on all those
    people that contribute to send you to this rotten place.” Clara summarized, narrated and boasted
    to Nnena.
    “I just can’t believe the riches are also suffering from oppression, so the earth is rotational and its
    truly eclipsing, what is happening to the poor can also be part of the riches world.” Nnena
    “hmmmm, my dear friend that is nothing but a damm truth.” Clara consoled.
    “Oh, is okay my dear friend, I only have one revenge to make, and that is Mrs. Chioma and her
    crew, the head of the family of my father’s family and some members of my father’s family were
    stoned to death after they unknowingly confess that they truly sent a snake to kill my father
    because he refused to share a land with them and they also made us homeless. I can’t revenge
    on the neighboring villagers that stone my mother to death because they may have been suffering
    in the hand of those kidnappers and maybe that has made them wide and fury, true to be talk, my
    mother wore a cloth similar to that of the kidnapper and that make them mistaken her for the
    kidnapper, so I don’t think I have any business with them. If not for the Slave Dealer I won’t have
    live to tell this story, I think I suppose to be grateful to him and not to revenge on him, I will only
    revenge on Mrs. Chioma not because she sent me here, but because she killed her beloved
    husband, I am very sure she poisoned my best friend, my father and my counselor and the
    gateman who was always there for me whenever I need his help, I will avenge the two innocent
    soul that has been sacrificed on my behalf.” Nnena explained as she was trying to fight the tears
    from falling from here eyes.
    “Yes, where is that Mrs. Nnena and her Children now? How I wish I could just skin here alive.”
    Clara asked with some kind of rasping voice.
    “I can’t say, you know I have been in this prison for the past two years.” Nnena replied with a
    sadden expression.
    “Okay, just take heart; can you accompany me to the Warder Captain office?” Clara asked
    “Why not, but how are we going to get out of here?” Nnena asked childishly.
    Clara was laughing incessantly, the statement seems funny to her, she shockingly grip Nnena
    right palm and within a nanull seconds they are already standing in from of the Warder Captain.
    The Warder Captain was cross-examining some documents; he wasn’t looking up to see that he
    was having an uninvited guest. Nnena on the other hand was shivering when she knew that they
    had truly vanish from the cell, she was looking at the office to confirm if they landed inside a house
    or somewhere safe, she wanted to scream for joy but on seeing the warder captain she maintain
    muted as she looks into the eye of Clara, but Clara eyes went directly to the busy Warder captain,
    just then the warder looks up, but he was shocked on sighing the uninvited visitor, the Warder
    Captain look directly the door, but he has locked the door, how did they enter his office? That was
    the rhetorical question that first came to his mind.
    “What can I do for you? And beside how are you able to make your way here?” The Warder
    Captain asked totally perplexed.
    “How I get here is none of your business I only came here to send you on an errand, the task am
    sending you is a must and you must go.” Clara uttered in parable.
    “What am I doing? I will go.” The Warder Captain replied shivering.
    “I just want to send you to heaven; help to greet my parent that you join force to kill, then you can
    migrate to your home which is hell fire.” Clara narrated with a mean face.
    “I don’t know your parent, beside I don’t kill anyone.” The Warder Captain narrated.
    “Well you can’t know them, are you not the one that gave Senator Jeff those two notorious criminal
    that you train to frame some lies on my father, just because of the huge sum of money they gave
    you, well where is the money now? It has finish, I am just wasting my time to negotiate with you,
    just say your last prayer before your death.” Clara snapped with some kind of husky voice.
    Nnena was just watching the drama played by the Warder Captain and Clara, she was muted all
    through, the Warder on the other hand was dumbstruck, he don’t wish to die that easily so he was
    thinking of a way to survive, he draw the drawer of his table, he search thoroughly for his gun but
    the gun is nowhere to be found, he raise his head up only to see his gun was pointed to him by
    “I know you must try to act smart, but I am not just a human being as you thought, well I gave you
    the opportunity to ask for forgiveness but you are trying to act smart (laugh) good bye.” Clara
    shoot the warder captain in his head, shoulder and heart as she drop the gun on the table.
    She walked back to me and she held my hand firmly, unknowingly we meet our self in front of a
    small hut.

    Episode 11

    {CHAPTER 1}
    “I know you must try to act smart, but I am not just a human being as you thought, well I gave you
    the opportunity to ask for forgiveness but you are trying to act smart (laugh) good bye.” Clara
    shoot the warder captain at his head, shoulder and heart as she drop the gun on the table.
    She walked back to me and she held my hand firmly, unknowingly we meet our self in front of a
    small hut.
    {Nnena side of the story}
    I was traumatized when I meet myself with Clara in front of the small hut, the hut was located
    inside the V™ Forest, I try to call back how the episodes all happened but it seems my brain were
    blanked, I looks into the eyes of Clara; I could manifestly see that she was very happy to be back
    home. I try to ask her where we are but it seems that the statements struck at my oesophagus, I
    try to lift my leg but it became too heavy for me to lift. “What is really going on here? It has been
    here for over five minutes Clara hasn’t say a word.” I thought terrified.
    “Clara where are we?” I later voiced out when it seems I have been patient enough.
    “Oh sorry, Nnena, have your sit.” Clara replied smiling.
    I walked to the olden days bench as I sat on the bench, I look around the vicinity but I could only
    see the Irokos trees that surround all the vicinity, I could witness some bush animals running and
    seeking for hideout some small animals like bush rats, squirrels and porcupines and the singing
    and chirping different kinds of birds. Clara went inside the small hut without saying a word, she
    came back with a bow of water in her hand.
    “You must be thirty, drink this.” She said as she handed over the bow to me.
    I drank the water within a flicker of an eye, just when I was about to handing over the bow back to
    her, a old man I guess maybe in his early eighty, he came out from the hut, he wore a red, white
    and black cloth, he looks strong and healthy, I drop on my kneels and I greeted him respectfully,
    he respond to my greeting earnestly as he was trying to help me to get back on my feet.
    “She is the girl you were taking about right?” the old man asked directing the question to Clara.
    “Yes she is the girl that needs your help, she is the girl that also needs revenge just like me.” Clara
    expressed with a sadden looks.
    “Don’t worry my dear you will be fortified; you will sleep inside a coffin for seven days, during this
    seven days, you will not eat nor drink, inside the coffin you will embark on a journey to another
    world; in this journey you will see how the whole incidents happened and all those people you
    suppose to take revenge on, during this journey you will be enlighten on everything without any
    part been in the dark side to you; also in this journey you will meet a great herbalist, this herbalist
    is the greatest herbalist in this world and their world, this said herbalist will be the one to fortified
    you, but there is a warning during this journey you must not drink nor eat because if you does
    death is the result.” The old herbalist narrated.
    “Thank you very much sir, I promise to embark on the Journey and abide by the procedures and
    the rules.” Nnena replied as she bowed down courteously.
    Just then a young man in his early thirty could be seen perceptibly, he was holding a local gun and
    a sack containing the animals he has killed, he was in those hunters attire, behold he was the man
    that rescue Clara from dying. I was busy admiring the playing squirrels when the man came in.
    “Clara you are back.” The young man screamed with joy as he hug Clara tightly, I shift my
    attention to Clara and the young man, the old man was smiling, I on the older hand was bemused
    because if you see the way they hugged each other, ehm! I reserve my comment, they
    disengaged as Clara introduce me to the young man, I was looking at the ground because I was
    shy, I mustered some courage to look up behold what I say made me bemused.
    “Mr. Collins!” I said in a low and serene voice.
    “Nnena!” the young man replied shockingly.
    The Old man and Clara were mixed-up; they were totally confused because they don’t know how
    we got to know each other.
    Lo and behold it was the ghost gateman that I sense he was dead {hope you guys remember
    Collins?} “Mr. Collins!” I screamed with joy.

    Episode 12

    {CHAPTER 2}
    “Mr. Collins!” I said in a low and serene voice.
    “Nnena!” the young man replied shockingly.
    The Old man and Clara were mixed-up; they were totally confused because they don’t know how
    we got to know each other.
    Lo and behold it was the ghost gateman that I sense he was dead {hope you guys remember
    Collins?} “Mr. Collins!” I screamed with joy.
    Mr. Collins and Nnena hugged themselves firmly, they were so excited to see each other once
    again, Nnena couldn’t help, she just broke down in tears.
    “Nnena! You are really a big girl now, I really miss you.” Mr. Collins whispered and they
    “I really miss you sir, I learn that you were killed, my mother narrated everything to me in my
    dream and I know she can’t be fake, but how did you survive?” Nnena asked with a teary eye.
    “Your mother can’t be fake she is always there for you whenever you need her service, I know she
    doubt we could see each other maybe that is why she narrated everything to you, well how I
    survive was a long story… {sigh}… I was shoot by those assassins, I don’t know how their bullets
    penetrate into my body because I have the charm that restrained bullets from penetrating into my
    body, well this is how I survive…” Collins paused.
    “Many people were looking at the assassinated victims (the bikeman and Collins), the pedestrians
    all walks to the scene so as to witness what was really happening at the scene, the bikemen and
    some drivers all park their means of livelihood to puck nose on what was happening just then a
    well tinted BMW 2016 model just park ahead the scene, the rich man came down from his car as
    he walk to the scene, on getting to the scene the story change what he saw made him
    “Collins!” the rich man shouted.
    Lo and Behold it was Chief Nnamdi, he hurried to the scene as he cuddle me, he bang my chest
    for me to notice him, he hold my hand firmly then he realize my hands were still warm, he looks
    into my eyes and our eyes collided at the same time, he was quite happy, he begged some male
    sympathizers to help him to carry me into his car, they help him with the task mention ahead as he
    speed off to the hospital, all thanks to God that I was able to recover from the injuries and wounds
    after two months in the hospital, I was later discharged and the Chief was so happy for me and
    that was how Chief Nnamdi save me like a God from an unexpected peril. Later on he gave me his
    card and he told me I should meet him at a guest house, he warned him to live where I won’t be
    seen or notice by Mrs. Chioma. I got to the guest house early than imagine, I called the chief
    number but it wasn’t going through, I later found out that the chief is dead and he dies of poison,
    since then I have been living with my father {pointing to the old man}.” Collins narrated as he broke
    down in tears.
    Nnena was dumbstruck and shock when she heard that Collins knew that the chief is dead and he
    dies from poison, she wish the land could just ingest her, but it seems the land is not ready for the
    task, Nnena drop on her kneels beseeching.
    “I am the one that serve him the tea but I swear to almighty God, I can’t poison him, he really
    mean everything to me, why will I murder him, Mr. Collins please trust me am not the one that
    poison him.” Nnena replied beseeching.
    “I really trust you my dear, I know you can’t poison the chief, I know there is something fishy
    somewhere, I think am interested in this and I have to see by myself the true side of all the whole
    episodes of this story.” Collins concluded as he was unhooking his hunter’s attire.
    “When are you going on your journey so that I can make the necessary preparations?” Collins’s
    father (the old man asked).
    “I don’t that is necessary the wise one, I have Mr. Collins and Clara, I think I don’t to be fortified
    anymore.” Nnena replied the old man question.
    “Nnena!” Collins and Clara screamed in unison
    “Well I think that is the nice decision (directing his statement to Clara and Collins), when are you
    going for your revenge?”Collins’s father asked
    “After my last revenge we will go so that I can join her avengers.” Clara barged in.
    “When are you going on your last revenge?” Collins asked as he was examining the animals he
    has hunted.
    “Tomorrow!” Clara replied….

    Episode 13

    {CHAPTER 3}
    She dressed in Black-Black like those of Ninja Assassins; she was busy buckling her boots when
    Nnena came in to meet her.
    “You can’t be allowed to enter bus going to Abuja like this na, can’t you see how you dress?”
    Nnena whispered to Clara.
    Clara laughs at Nnena childish statement.
    “Am ready my dear {she hold Nnena on her two shoulders} be strong, I will be back in the next two
    hour and we will accomplish our whole mission.” Clara replied ironically.
    “Okay please take care, and do gently.” Nnena said as she was heading out of the hut, she looked
    back but Clara where to be found.
    “Safe Journey! Sweet Revenge!” Nnena said as she walked out from the hut.
    She landed in front of the Senate Building, she change to be shadowy, she look at the main gate
    of her mission residence and she saw the outnumbered securities guiding the gate only, she
    sense that there must be CCTV cameras planted as a means of securities the whole Senate
    President Building, she thought for a while; she knew if she vanished into thin air and no one see
    her, the CCTV cameras will definitely see her, since the cameras were technology and it can’t be
    blinded like people, she thought if she made any mistake in this mission she will definitely end up
    been apprehended and this mission is a don’t or die. “This must be a tough mission!” She
    exclaimed. She stood still for a while trying to figure out how she was going to execute her
    mission, lately she later end up coming up with an idea that was force into her mind.
    She dipped her hand inside the little bag she was backing, she brought out a small electric
    scissors; this scissors was attached to a tiny cable which could hardly be seen because of its
    transparent colour and his tiny weight, this electric scissors has a remote control which controlled
    its work. “This may work.” she though rhetorically. She brought out the remote control, she set the
    signal and she set the electric scissor to work, she directed the cable of the scissor toward the
    CCTV camera that was placed infront of the Senate Building, this CCTV was extra-powered; it do
    scan the whole body of anyone entering into Senate President Building to confirmed that such
    person doesn’t have any arsenal or weapon that may harm.
    Successfully, she was able to attached the scissor to the CCTV, she controlled the scissor she
    succeeded in cutting down the cable that is connecting the CCTV to the computer room, the CCTV
    was successfully disconnected, she controlled her apparatus back to herself, she kept the
    instrument inside her bag as she back her backpack. She was majestically into the Senate
    Building without been seen by any securities, she was able to enter the Senate Building
    successfully as she was planning how to execute her next mission into the Senate President
    Resident, she was still invincible as she was looking at the securities who were outnumbered, she
    looks at her left side and luckily for her she saw some Elect/Elect Engineering workers resuming to
    their duty, she invincibly straggle one of those workers to collapse and she dragged her to a
    corner, she change into the uniform of the Elect/Elect Engineering staff, she knew if she remain
    invisible and she was trying to make her way into the Elect/elect engineering department, though it
    may be successful but she knew she will be detected by the CCTV cameras and that will definitely
    alert the securities. She restore back to be visible and she join those Electrical Engineering
    Workers, she was able to made her way into the Elect/Elect Workers department, they were
    Seven inside the Department, she pretended as she was one of them so to avoid suspicious, she
    was query by one of the staff and she was able to defend that she was a new staff, she show her
    ID card to the staff, what surprise me is that her passport and the whole ID card contain her
    genuine information; don’t forget she was supernatural, she was thinking of a way to disconnect
    the whole senate building light, later on she saw some rare cables attached to a big box, the box
    was locked, her mind told her to disconnect the cables and that means she will be able to succeed
    in her mission. Luckily for her, it was break time, all the seven workers walk out from the office as
    they opts for the kitchen to eat, she swiftly execute her plan by disconnecting the rare cables and
    all the light in the whole building went off, she thought for some time as she came up with an idea
    to disconnect all the CCTVs in the whole senate building, she change to her normal assassin
    uniform as she transform back to be invisible, she walk into the computer room of the Senate
    Building, she was still invisible and no one could notice her, she could have opt for disappearing
    but she knew if she vanish at a spot she will be landed visibly and that won’t help but implicate her
    the most. All the workers of the computer room were grumbling and ranting, they were suspicious
    that something untold was about to happen, it is rare for light to went off in the Senate House and
    it is not restore within 20 sec, it is over 5 minutes now and the light hasn’t been restore. Clara
    enter the computer room without been notice by a single worker, she succeeded in disconnecting
    the whole CCTVs within a twinkle of an eye, now she her next mission is to execute her main

    Episode 14

    {CHAPTER 4}
    She thought for a while on how she will be able to execute her main mission, she thought for a
    while and it seems she can’t use her invisibility power to execute her main mission, she thought
    that if she disappear from the spot she stay and she landed inside the senate president main
    building that may be another problem because she doesn’t know the numbers of securities that
    may be with the senate president. Many thoughts ran into her mind, she later set free all the
    thoughts and she select the best thought for her mission; she use her invisible power to go into the
    weapons store of the Senate Building without been notice by anyone, light hasn’t been restored
    and everyone were quite surprise, the Elect/Elect Engineers themselves were panic and confused
    because they fear they may lose their job.
    She stole two silent pistols from the weapon store, she loaded the guns with bullets, and she
    walked out from the weapon store, she disappear from the weapons store and she landed inside
    the sitting where Senate President Jeff and his family were sitting; discussing and chatting, the
    numbers of securities were not much, she gun down every securities with the help of the silent
    pistols, she doesn’t allow any room for mistake, she doesn’t allow any of the security to shot, she
    knew if any of the security shots the sound from the gunshot will alert other securities and they will
    try to find their way to the Senate President Resident. Successfully, she killed all the securities
    without leaving any trace of suspicion; she directed the senate president and his family {his wife
    and two children} to the master bedroom, she shots all the securities she meets on her way to the
    master bedroom.
    “Welcome Mr. Senate Leader, you have really tried, I knew you are surprised that just a person
    was able to enter into the senate president building without been notice by any securities, well
    they can’t see me because no one can see the cool breeze and I can’t be apprehended me
    because no one dare to apprehend thunder, I know you are confused about the CCTV cameras;
    {laugh} no need to look at the cameras, I have disconnected all the light of the whole senate
    building and I have also disconnected the whole CCTVs cameras, I have been waiting for a day
    like this, but today was too long for me to wait for, but I just have to wait; today seems like
    hundreds of years to me; today is the longest day I have ever waited for; today was one of the day
    I have dreamed of; because today I see no reason why you must live to see the end of
    today.”Clara expressed as she pointed the silent pistols to the Senate President and His Wife.
    “What can I do for you? If you need money; money that is countable has been put to shame; just
    name you price I will definitely pay.” The Senate President boasted beseechingly.
    “Well I know that must be your next statement, I know you will definitely try to convince me with
    money, am not surprise! That is how you negotiate with the bad politicians like you, you now
    named politics a game; either you win or lose; you’re bankrupting this country wealth without fear
    and any human feeling, you have ruined the noble and the loyal politicians who have pledge to
    serve this country with all their strength and veins, you ruined most lovely and happy home
    because of just material wealth, well am not here to negotiate you life with you, I am here to take
    you life and that is my price.” Clara stated courageously.
    “Please young girl, who are you? You are too young for this kind of job; you still have a long and
    lengthy way to go. Who are you and who sent you here?” Senate Leader Jeff asked.
    “I am your doom!” she paused “I am the catastrophe you caused on yourself! I am the curse you
    bestow on yourself! And I was sent by Mr. Death himself. You’ve had enough time to re-construct
    your fate but you never did! Your myopic mind was already consumed with vanities. Now it’s
    unfortunate but inevitable you will die as a bereaved, with nobody to hold your hand. Well am
    Governor John Adewole daughter that you thought I was killed but thank God I was able to survive
    to revenge my parent death.” Clara concluded.
    The Senate President wife and her two beautiful children {a boy and a girl} were shivering; they
    were sweating profusely and panting, the Senate President on the other hand was still confidence
    that he still had a chance of survival; he thought for some time to figure out the best way to defend
    himself from this shameful and uninvited death. Luckily for him, he saw a pistol gun under the bed,
    he picked up the gun as he shot Clara.
    Gboom! The sound from the gun rented the air. He was surprise that the bullet doesn’t penetrate
    into Clara’s body. He released another bullet and the bullet doesn’t penetrate. Clara on the other
    hand wasn’t surprised by the bullet; she knew the bullet can’t penetrate into her body, but she was
    baffled; she knew the securities must be alerting and if they are able to make their way into the
    Senate President Resident that means she would be able to accomplish her mission. She stretch
    her silent pistols forward, she was about to pull the trigger when and intelligent thought ran into her
    “You disgrace my father publicly, I have no reason to dash you the public disgrace you cause on
    my father and my family at large, if I kill you will this gun it seems like I shield you from the shame
    of been a corrupt politicians, well we will embark on a journey now.” Clara concluded.
    “No workers must be charged, sacked or sentenced by any law enforcement agency, I plan and
    execute this mission myself without the help of anyone, if any worker is charge guilty for this
    misfortune; be ready to lost your remaining family.” Clara directed the statement to the Senate
    President Wife.
    “Ye…s…ss…ss m..a.” Senate president wife replied stammering.
    Clara grip Senate Leader Jeff left hand as they vanished into the thin air just then the Senate
    President Building light was restored and the securities of different forces and the reporters were
    able to make their way into the Senate Leader master bedroom…

    Episode 15

    {CHAPTER 5}
    “Ye…s…ss…ss m..a.” Senate president wife replied stammering.
    Clara grip Senate Leader Jeff left hand as they vanished into the thin air just then the Senate
    President Building light was restored and the securities of different forces and the reporters were
    able to make their way into the Senate Leader master bedroom…
    Within a glimmer of an eye they landed in the middle of Karunga Market {A crowded market which
    is located in a Southern Nigeria State this market is close to the neighboring of Mali, Niger,
    Cameron and Ghana; here in the market people from the above countries stated do come and buy
    and sell; this market can be regarded as the biggest, broadest, busiest and widest market in the
    vast Nigeria}. It was the market day, all the people were into buying and selling, every people in
    the market were busy in one activities or the other, they were all engrossed in what they are
    selling and negotiating. Clara and Senator Jeff landed in the middle of the market, Clara dipped
    her hand inside her backpack, she brought out a rare cowry; she placed the cowry on the Senate
    President head and that make him to confessed all the bad doers he has done and how he
    teamed up with some late politicians, the late COP, the late Warder Captain, the late two criminals
    and the late Chief Justice to fake some lies on Governor John Adewole. Senator Jeff revealed all
    the bad doers he and some others corrupt politicians has done, people who doesn’t heard his
    beseeching Yoruba language, a young man volunteer to translate the language to them in English;
    most of the people who witness the incident all capture and recorded all what he said. Later on
    those angry marketers opt to stone him, when they were about to started stoning him, they just
    sense that he has vanished from the market. Behold Clara has transported him out of the market.
    Clara and the Senate Leader landed in a crowded and busy area of Lagos, Clara changed to be
    invisible, the Senate President started confessing all the evil doers he has done, how they killed
    day old babies when every they are looking for one post or the other, how they sent kidnappers
    out to kidnap living souls, how they crushes living babies inside mortal just for them to be fortified.
    Those angry and irritated listeners irately brought out different weapons, some people stoned him,
    some beat him with woods and logs of tree, and lastly they set him ablaze, he groaned in pained
    as he was fighting the fire, he was later burned to ach.
    Clara vanished from the scene when it seem she has accomplished her mission, she appear
    infront of the hut inside V™ forest, she was warmly welcome and praised for her job well done,
    she feel on top of the world and she was equally happy that she was able to avenge her parent
    death. Senate President Jeff doom, misfortune, surprised revelation has been the talk of the town,
    reporters were unable to gather any reasonable information on how the incident, they were mixedup
    since the incident occur in three different location (Abuja; Senate President Resident, East;
    Kagunga Market and Lagos). Though people who witness the incidents uploaded their evidence
    {video and recorded audio}, the Senate President misfortune has been the talk of town up till now
    and it is always on every front page of every daily newspaper and magazine.
    Clara was busy unhooking her boot in front of the hut, Collins was also busy fixing the fish net,
    Nnena sat down admiring the beautiful nature just then Clara started the conversation.
    “When are we going for Nnena revenge?” Clara asked unsettled
    “I don’t know o, when you are ready.” Nnena replied.
    “Let go and avenge your misfortune tomorrow.” Clara yelled.
    “I don’t think she needs revenge, we will only be going there to clear things up and to reveal the
    truth.” Collins replied laughing as he entered the hut.
    “What does he mean? What is he up to? He laughed! Collins!” Clara asked rhetorically as she
    follows Collins into the hut…

    Episode 16

    {CHAPTER 6}
    “When are we going for Nnena revenge?” Clara asked unsettled
    “I don’t know o, when you are ready.” Nnena replied.
    “Let go and avenge your misfortune tomorrow.” Clara yelled.
    “I don’t think she needs revenge, we will only be going there to clear things up and to reveal the
    truth.” Collins replied laughing as he entered the hut.
    “What does he mean? What is he up to? He laughed! Collins!” Clara asked rhetorically as she
    follows Collins into the hut…
    It was just a 30 minutes journey from V™ forest to Mrs. Chioma Resident; Collins, Clara and
    Nnena came down from the taxi they boarded, the taxi driver dropped them exactly in front of the
    building; the building looks extra-neat and beautiful than how it looks before; the house has been
    repainted to Powder Blue and Pink. Nnena could feel her heart beating fast, Clara remains as
    confidence as never before, her eyes was glooming with anger, and her heart was hungry for
    avenge, she wish she could just see Mrs. Chioma and skin her alive.
    “Am coming, I will be right back.” Collins said running eastward.
    “Where are you going?” Clara screamed completely baffled and befuddled.
    “Am coming just go in and continue settling the matter, I will be right back.” Collins said as he was
    out of sight.
    Nnena was shocked at Collins strange reaction, she though Collins run away because he fear the
    wrath of Mrs. Chioma, Clara on the other hand was fury with anger, who knows what she is
    thinking? She just looks at the direction that Collins take.
    “Don’t mind him, let go inside.” Clara paused as Nnena was about to follow her.
    “Wait, I think we need a change of plan since Collins has run away (Clara whispered some words
    to Nnena for some minutes), come inside after five minutes you see that I was able to make my
    way into the sitting room.” Clara concluded.
    “Okay, I pray this work.” Nnena replied as she jumped into an uncompleted building opposite the
    Clara knocked the gate for some minutes before the gateman unlock the door, the gateman came
    outside the building to attend to her.
    “Hehe! Who are you looking for?” The gateman asked.
    “Please Sir, am asking for the owner of this house.” Clara replied.
    “Na God own am, and you cannot see God, maybe you should go somewhere.” The gateman
    replied as he turned to leave.
    “Sir!” Clara said in a serene tone as she was trying to squish a thousand naira note into the pocket
    of the shirt of the uniform the gateman was wearing.
    “Okay, you know what you have to do before and you are doing like Jesus who doesn’t bribe.” The
    gateman said jokingly.
    “Ah! Am sorry sir.” Clara replied as she fake a smile.
    “Who you wan see? Chief or Madam?” The gateman questioned.
    “Emmm.. Madam.” Clara replied.
    “Do you have any appointment with her?” The gateman asked.
    “Not really, I am sent to deliver a message to her by one of her friend.” Clara replied.
    “Hmmm okay let go (he closed the door) stay here, {he commanded} let me go and inform her.”
    The gateman conclude as he turned to leave.
    “Hey!” Clara said as the gateman looks back; Clara was pointing a gun to the gateman.
    “Come back here.” Clara paused as the gateman walk to meet Clara shivering.
    “Now unlock the gate but don’t open it.” Clara commanded as the gateman was struggling to
    unlock the gate.
    After a while and the gateman was able to unlock the gate, Clara commanded him to take the lead
    as she follows him to the building, the gateman did as instructed; Mrs. Chioma with her three
    children {Chiamaka, Obinna and Chinendu} were chatting and gisting inside the vast sitting room;
    Obinna was looking quite unhappy; he was holding the picture of the Chief, Nnena and Collins,
    just then the gateman barged into the sitting room without knocking.
    “Are you crazy how can…” Mrs. Chioma yelled but stopped when she sight a lady holding a gun.
    “So you haven’t change, I know you can never change it is inborn. All of you lie down flat” Clara
    “Darli..” A man in his early 60 paused when he sight the whole family lying down, he look up only
    to saw Clara pointing a gun at him.
    “Lie down!” Clara yelled as the man was staggering to lie down.
    “Please what do you want from us? Please don’t kill us” The man asked beseeching.
    “Welcome boss.” Clara said.
    All the members of the family including the gateman were all confused and perplexed; they don’t
    know what Clara was insinuating by saying “Welcome boss”.
    “All of you kneel down and look up” Clara yelled.
    All the member of the family including the gateman went on their kneels; they look up but only to
    saw the shocking and unexpected August visitor.
    “Nnena!” All the member of the family yelled in unison…

    Episode 17

    {CHAPTER 7}
    “Nnena!” All the member of the family yelled in unison…
    Mrs. Chioma, Chinendu and Chiamaka were all shocked, they wish the land should just open up
    and swallow them; they are all shocked to the extent that Chinendu collapse instantly. “What an
    August and unexpected Visitor!” Obinna exclaimed; his joy knew no bound, he was so happy to
    the extent that he smile infront of Nnena but he knew that Nnena was here for revenge, he knew
    that the end of his mother has come, her mother doom is here, Chief Nnamdi avengers are here,
    many disadvantage thought run into his mind.
    “An unexpected visitor right.” Nnena said; she wore a black jacket and a joggers trouser, she wore
    a jogging shoe; she pocket both her hand inside her trouser pocket’s, she was looking deadly and
    unfriendly, she walked to Late Chief Nnamdi’s favorite couch, she sat down as she drawled out a
    pistol gun from her pocket; she was using a handkerchief to clean the gun.
    “All I need here is your cooperation…” She paused “Am not here to kill you but am here to skin
    you alive {directing the words to Chiamaka and Mrs. Chioma} but…” She paused “Please Clara
    slap that idiot, he will wake up.” She commands just then Clara landed a thunderous slap on the
    cheek of Chinendu.
    “Jesus!” Chinendu groaned in pain as he was revived back to the scene.
    “As am saying, am not here to kill you guys, am here to skin you alive.” She repeated; she looks
    into the eyes of Chinendu, Chiamaka, Obinna, Mrs. Chioma, the gateman and the Man.
    “But let me say am here to negotiate your lives with every one of you.” Nnena continued with a
    deadly look on her face.
    “What do you want? If it is money there is money, just name your price ma.” The man barged in.
    “So there is money in this house, and you owning me three months salaries.” The gateman
    “Shut up!” Clara cried.
    “No one is excluded, am directing my questions to every one of you, if you can’t find me a sincere
    and true answer to my questions {sigh} I promise you will lose your lives.” She paused.
    “I know some of you know the reason why am here; am here to avenge the death of Chief
    Nnamdi, am here to clear my name, am here to know the root of all this misfortunes, am here to
    know who murdered Chief Nnamdi.” She snapped.
    “This is a silent pistol, it can killed every one of you without been notice and no one will know.” She
    “If you guys cooperate, I promise to spare your lives.” She concluded.
    “My first question goes like this, who is this man?” She asked directing the question to Mrs.
    Chioma as she use her gun to point to the man.
    “Hmmmmmmm.” Mrs. Chioma was customizing how to break the news, she was so ashamed of
    herself, and she was confused whether to tell Nnena or not. Nnena on the other hand angrily shot
    a bullet from the gun she was holding; she shot the frame of the man (the old man).
    “My new husband… my new husband!” She cried out loud.
    “I see I think this episode must be interesting.” Nnena exclaimed.
    “Well I will still come back to that…” She paused.
    “Who poisoned the Chief?” Nnena asked.
    Mrs. Chioma thought for a while, she knew if she say that she is the one; firstly, she will disgrace
    herself infront of her children and the gateman, secondly, her doom is here, if she confessed that
    she does, Nnena will still kill her, she remember the poor people’s parable that state thus: “Death
    is better than been embarrassed and been put to shame.”
    “Who poisoned the Chief?” Nnena asked her again.
    “You poisoned the Chief, everyone know that you did, and you yourself know that, so why are you
    asking me about the Chief dismissal? Or you think I will fake a lie on myself because of this toy
    you are holding. Never!” Mrs. Chioma retorted courageously.
    “Who poisoned the Chief?” Nnena asked again as she stretch forth her hand holding her gun.
    “You did no one else, you murder my late husband, you cause me the deepest wound in my heart,
    and you made me a widow at the early stage of my life.” Mrs. Chioma replied as she was shedding
    some crocodile tears.
    “Do you think am here for drama? For the last time who poisoned Chief Nnamdi.” Nnena asked
    “You did…” Nnena doesn’t allow her to finish her words, she shot her at her leg.
    Clara was shocked by Nnena shocking reaction, she doesn’t thought she could go to the extent of
    shooting Mrs. Chioma, she only thought she was only bragging and threatening with her words.
    Nnena looks at the spot Clara was standing; their eyes collided, Nnena quickly turn her eyes back
    to Mrs. Chioma; she was wailing and groaning in pains, she was bathing in her own pool of blood;
    her children and her new husband couldn’t help her unconscious situation because they don’t
    know their own respective fates.
    “Do you think I will just kill you? Never, I will firstly skin you alive; I promise you will die hundred
    times before your death, for the last time. Who poisoned Chief Nnamdi?” Nnena asked again.
    “She would answer, and I know she can never answer.” A voice echoed from the corridor into the
    sitting room.
    All eyes went to that direction, shadows of two men can be visibly seen, and the entire aspirant in
    the house looks at the men from toes straight to head. Lo and behold it was Collins and Chief

    Episode 18

    {CHAPTER 8}
    “Do you think I will just kill you? Never, I will firstly skin you alive; I promise you will die hundred
    times before your death, for the last time. Who poisoned Chief Nnamdi?” Nnena asked again.
    “She would answer, and I know she can never answer.” A voice echoed from the corridor into the
    sitting room.
    All eyes went to that direction, shadows of two men can be visibly seen, and the entire aspirant in
    the house looks at the men from toes straight to head. Lo and behold it was Collins and Chief
    Mrs. Chioma opened her mouth wide in surprised, she wasn’t expecting a ghost in her house, she
    confirmed that the chief was buried before she took the next step of her mission, how come? Or
    does Chief Nnamdi resurrected? No he isn’t Jesus; many confusing and dilapidated thoughts were
    running helter-sketer in her mind, Chief Nnamdi look to Mrs. Chioma direction; their eyes collided,
    Mrs. Chioma quickly look in another direction, she wish the land should just open up and swallow
    her, her secrets which she has been shielding all this while, now the man with the unlocking key is
    here, her doom is here and she knew he is ready to expose and reveal all the secret they has
    been shielding all this while. Nnena on the other hand was totally confused, bemused, happy and
    joyful at the same time, her joy knew no bound, she just drop on her knee shedding the tears of
    joy, she was too happy to show her joy with smile or rejoice. “Her father is here! Her counselor is
    here! This issue is no more concealed.” She thought, she went to Chief Nnamdi; she hugged him
    firmly, she was wailing and weeping incessantly. “What a happy reunion.” Chief Nnamdi
    exclaimed. The children on the other hand were very happy to see their ghost father; they all went
    to hug their father and Collins in unison, the old man {Mrs. Chioma new husband} was confused,
    he was so baffled because the whole episode was just like imagination or dream to him, he was so
    mixed-up as he faced Mrs. Chioma with a disappointed looks. The gateman just stood up and
    went to embrace Chief Nnamdi, everyone in the was just looking at the drama played by Chief
    Nnamdi and the gateman; they were gisting and embracing each other at a time.
    “Yes sir {forwarding the statement to Chief Nnamdi}, are you Chief Nnamdi Okonkwo?” Behold it
    was Clara asking.
    “Yes am Chief Nnamdi Okonkwo.” Chief Nnamdi replied confidently.
    Clara keep her gun inside her pistol pouch, then she continued her statement.
    “Sir, please have you by chance heard of John Adewole?” Clara asked for proper confirmation.
    “Yes, he is my good friend my dear [his look suddenly changed to be sadden], just that he was
    betrayed and murdered by some bad and corrupt politicians in power, I heard in the news some
    days ago that Senate President Jeff was set ablaze by some angry listeners when he was
    confessing all the evil and bad doers he has does, but am totally confused because even the
    reporters couldn’t find the root and the person who did such a wonderful work. {sigh} how I wish I
    could see that person, I own that person a lot.” Chief Nnamdi paused as he broke down in tears.
    All the members of the family were at stationary, they were confused and mixed-up, Nnena’s jaw
    dropped down when she was listening to Chief Nnamdi’s statements, she looks into the eyes of
    Clara but she could only see the tears she was fighting from dropping, Nnena looks back to Chief
    Nnamdi as Chief Nnamdi continued his statement.
    “Ah! I warned John, I warned him bitterly but he didn’t listen, I let him know that politics is a dirty
    and irritating game; it’s mostly played by set of heartless people, the good people in politics were
    ejected, eliminated or they may not be given the chance to prove their worth, he explained to me
    that he was only going to the Governor post to subdue the poverty and pains the citizens of this
    state are passing through, he was able to convince me, I later fall for his convincing, I gave him full
    support to become the Governor of this state, but since then we hardly talk, we miss contact and I
    myself hardly stay in Nigeria and I can say that is the reason we didn’t see or talk, I couldn’t help
    when those wicked politicians fake some lies on my brother, because I was not in Nigeria as at
    that time. I pray his innocent soul rest in perfect peace.” Chief Nnamdi concluded as he pave way
    for more tears from his eyes.
    “I am the doom of Senate President Jeff.” Clara paused.
    “I made him confess the bad and evil feat he has does, I make sure I don’t save him from the
    shames and disgraces he bestow upon my father, I made sure that he cleared my father name
    with his own mouth.” She paused as a drop of hot tear dropped from her eyes.
    “I am Late Governor John Adewole’s daughter.” She concluded.
    All the listeners in the house were so confused, Mrs. Chioma was the even more shocked by this
    time, she was just imaging how her end will be bitter. Chief Nnamdi on the other hand opened him
    eyes wide, he couldn’t believes his ears, and he was so surprised.
    “My father does talk about you every time, he always embraced and hugged your pictures before
    his death, he told me and my siblings that we should mingle with a friend like you, he narrated how
    you and him spent your youth days in University and as a bachelors, he narrated how you were
    able to secure job in an oil company and how you remove him from abject poverty, he told us that
    you support his education financially, morally and spiritually when his parents died in a gazed
    motor accident and none of his family both the father and mother side were there for him or were
    ready to help him. He narrated how you and him work as a laborers’ just to pay his fees, he told us
    how you embraces, consoles and advices him whenever he has anything that is bothering him. He
    do exclaimed whenever he is talking about you “What a friend you are.” He later concluded that
    you are no more a friend to him rather you are a brother to him. You missed contact right? Yes he
    do told us everything about, he told us what you like and dislike, he told us that you are a bit
    stubborn, he dreamed of you days and nights, he wish he could see you just once before his
    death.” Clara concluded as she burst out in tears. Chief Nnamdi embraced Clara for some times,
    they were both weeping relentlessly, they later disengage as Chief Nnamdi sat down on a sofa.
    “This is no more a matter of by-force or pointing gun to one another, please let seat down; this
    matter needs proper explanation.” Chief Nnamdi commanded.
    Mrs. Chioma stand from her knees, she could feel her heart beat, The man {Mrs. Chioma new
    husband} sluggishly stand on his feet, he was so ashamed of himself, all through he was looking
    at the gold-coloured tiles, he sat beside Mrs. Chioma as Chief Nnamdi begin the conversation.
    “Chief Okafor Mattew (directing the statement to Mrs. Chioma new husband), what a life of
    greediness, I called you my good friend, I share everything thing with you, we are in the same
    professional, yet, you only dream for my downfall, well you think you have succeed but no here I
    am.” Chief Nnamdi lashed.
    “Dad, please how do you manage to survive? Because after your fake dismissal I have been living
    in hell, there is no more joy for me in this house, I was transformed to a slave or let say a maid, I
    run errands, do all the house chores and I will still be blame and beaten for not doing it well, my
    mother beat me brutally if I does any slight mistake. Dad, I doubt she is my biological mother.”
    Obinna summarized and he broke down in tears.
    “She is not your biological mother Obinna…” Chief Nnamdi paused and all the listeners at the
    scene opened their eyes wide in disbelief.
    THE END…

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