Story: Is it a Sin? Season 3

    Season 3

    Episode 1

    “Dad, please how do you manage to survive? Because after your fake dismissal I have been living
    in hell, there is no more joy for me in this house, I was transformed to a slave or let say a maid, I
    run errands, do all the house chores and I will still be blame and beaten for not doing it well, my
    mother beat me brutally if I does any slight mistake. Dad, I doubt she is my biological mother.”
    Obinna summarized and he broke down in tears.
    “She is not your biological mother Obinna…” Chief Nnamdi paused and all the listeners at the
    scene opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

    “Well, I know many of you are eager to know how I manage to survive (sigh), anyway God that has
    been doing his beautiful work haven’t stop and he can never stop. How I survive! {sigh}.” Chief
    Nnamdi took a deep breath, he looks into the eyes of all his listeners and it seems they are all
    eager to know, he adjusted himself; he drawled forward a little as he continued.
    My dear readers, this was how I survived.
    Chief Nnamdi started.
    “It started on that fateful night; around 11:30pm; all the dwellers had went to bed, I slept beside my
    wife, she was fast asleep, I woke up to use the toilet, I opt for the toilet, I came back in no time, no
    sooner had I came back from the toilet than I had the beep of her phone; behold it was a
    message, I checked the message and it was sent with an unregistered number, the message state
    “Good day darling, hope everything is quiet okay, I just want to inform you that I will be back in two
    days time and I also wanted to asked you how far about our plans, I hope Chief Nnamdi will be
    eliminated tomorrow latest next tomorrow, because I don’t want him to be burden to us anymore, I
    can’t wait to marry you legally. Reply this message if you had received and read it.”
    I was so shocked when I am through with the reading, I read over and over again to confirm if I am
    not in the dream land or I was imaging; I was muted for some time, I was just confused,
    dumbstruck and disbelieve of what I read, I later forwarded the message to my own cell phone, I
    tried to save the number that sent the message but I was shocked when I found out that the
    sender of the message was this ingrate (pointing to Chief Mattew).” Chief Nnamdi narrated as he
    “Ah! Mummy!” Chinendu and Chiamaka screamed in chorus.
    Chief Nnamdi continued.
    “I was unable to sleep throughout that night, I was just imagined how a friend of mine could be so
    wicked to kill me and my beloved wife will even have the mind to execute the plan. “What a life of
    betrayal!” I exclaimed. I tried to think of a way out, many thoughts were just bombarding and
    jumping into my mind but I just don’t know the best and suitable solution to my problem. “My days
    are numbered” I said with a low tone, I thought of running away but I had to think of the mouth I’m
    feeding, I thought confronting her but who knows her reply or reaction, who knows if she will stab
    me, someone who have the gut to plan on how to execute a beloved husband what else can’t
    such person do; I know if I confront her maybe that will even make my death faster and nearer
    than I expected, I thought of informing the police but I was just imaging if they could believe that a
    beloved wife wanted to kill her beloved husband; “that sound nasty and improper.” I thought. I later
    thought of messaging my lawyer and doctor at least that would help, who know the type of death
    they wanted to use to eliminate me; who knows if it was from hired killer, assassins, stabbing,
    poisoned or spiritual force, I thought of fetching water in reserve because of dry season. I later
    messaged my lawyer and I forward the secret and unbelievable message to him, I also messaged
    my own personal doctor and I explained how it all happened.” He paused as he was fighting the
    tears from dropping.
    “Hmmmmmm!” Nnena sighted as she looks into the eyes of Mrs. Chioma their eyes collided just
    then Chief Nnamdi continued his story line.
    “Early the next morning, I greeted my nefarious wife earnestly to avoid suspicion and she also
    replied my greeting solemnly, I was anxious to receive the reply of my message from my doctor
    and lawyer respectively; but the doctor in needs. It’s already past 8am the next morning and I
    haven’t receive any reply from neither the doctor nor my lawyer; this made me to fear more, I was
    so hungry but I fear I may be poisoned, the worms in my stomach has started to protest, I was to
    hard to hold such hunger just then I request for a cup of coffee from Nnena; at least that may help
    to neutralize the protesting worms, within a twinkle of an eye, she came back with a kettle of
    coffee and a tea cup, she served me the coffee and she head back to the kitchen, I was about to
    dipped down the coffee when…….

    Episode 2

    I was about to dipped down the coffee just then I heard the beep of my phone; I check the screen
    of the phone and it was my doctor, I looked at my wife (Mrs. Chioma) but it seems she was totally
    carried away by the TV show she was watching, I dropped the coffee and I excused myself to pick
    the call.
    “Hello Doctor.” I greeted as I was about to step out of the corridor.
    “Hello Chief.” The Doctor replied as he paused.
    “I received your message, but please if I may ask, are you sure of what you narrated in the text
    message?” The Doctor asked through phone.
    “Yes doctor, I saw the message myself and to avoid any mistake that is why I forwarded the
    message to you.” I replied as I look around to confirm that no one was spying.
    “Okay Chief, I advice you not to eat or take anything eatable in the house, who knows if they are
    going to attack with poison, if you want to eat, go to the eatery and fill your trunk (stomach) beside
    please visit me at my office for better conversation.” The doctor advised and concluded.
    “Okay, I will stick to your advises as a medical practitioner, I will take my bath now I will meet you
    there.” I replied.
    “Okay Chief, I will be expecting you.” The Doctor replied as he ended the call.
    I went back into the sitting room, I was so afraid of my wife, I sat down on this sofa (pointing to the
    sofa he was sitting in), I took my newspaper and continued reading; I don’t even understand what
    the newspaper was even saying again, I was just reading without understanding, I was looking at
    the coffee that was placed in front of me but I was just afraid to devour it, I was using one eye to
    look at my wife but she doesn’t even for once look at my direction; she was smiling and laughing
    to the boring TV show she was watching, I was just confused when I saw that she was actually
    watching a fashion show. “What is funny in this?” I asked myself emblematically. I went back to my
    reading, I was uncomfortable, I was just looking at the newspaper I was holding; I was just looking
    at the pictures and graphic acts, I was totally lost in thought.
    “Nnena!” I screamed.
    “Nne…na!” I recalled.
    “Oh, darling am sorry, I sent her on an errand.” Mrs. Chioma replied facing me; she turned back
    and continued watching her boring fashion show.
    it was now 9:15am; the angry and irritated worms in my stomach are now protesting incessantly; I
    could hear my stomach grumbling and peevishing, I was so hungry but I was afraid to take the
    coffee that was served for me, I concluded that I will quickly take my bath and head for the doctor
    office, I will branch at an eatery so that I can meet the need of those angry worms. I stood up to
    head for the bathroom just then my despicable wife stood up from her sit, she walked up to me.
    “Are you not taking your coffee?” She asked pointing to the coffee.
    “Am not, I need to go somewhere urgent now.” I replied with a disappointed looks.
    “It is still hot.” She replied as she bent down to pick up the Coffee, she sipped (drink) some
    quantity of the coffee and she dropped the coffee on the side stool.
    “This is tasty! {she exclaimed}, it is hot and it s good for the health especially this harmattan
    season, I think I have to take some hot coffee.” She paused.
    “Let me go and get a tea cup.” She concluded as she opted for the kitchen.
    I just stood still at the spot I was standing, I was a little bit confused and more surprised, I was
    wondering if she just drank from the coffee, that gave me a last grinned of hope that the coffee
    wasn’t poisoned, just then I feel dizzy from inside, all the objects in the house turn to two or more;
    some objects changed to be shadowy, I was a bit unconscious, I thought for a while to clear my
    “She just took the coffee; no doubt, she didn’t poison it, even if she does; that means we are both
    going to die.” I thought, I was about to drink the coffee when….

    Episode 4

    “Chief Nnamdi Richard! Rest in peace.” She concluded as she opted for the master bedroom.

    Lo and behold it was Nnena; she was holding a polythene bag which contains all the items Mrs.
    Chioma sent her to get, she tossed the polythene bag as she reluctantly run up to Chief Nnamdi
    who was lying unconsciously and he was also groaning in pain.
    “Chief, what’s wrong? Who did this to you?” She asked allegorically as she was trying to help the
    Chief up.
    The Chief was unable to utter a word, he looked at Nnena with pitiful looks, he held Nnena firmly
    as he burst out in tears just then Mrs. Chioma came back to the sitting room.
    “What happened to my husband?” She asked spuriously; she pretended as if she didn’t know
    anything about the incident.
    “I don’t know ma, I met him here lying unconscious.” Nnena replied as she was struggling with the
    unconscious chief.
    “Let take him to the hospital.” Mrs. Chioma commanded as she joined Nnena to convey the chief
    to the car.
    Few minutes after their arrival at the hospital; Obinna, Chinendu and Chiamaka barged into the
    hospital, they couldn’t believe their hears when their mother narrated to them that Nnena poisoned
    the Chief.
    “Hmmmm, that is life for all of you!” Chief Nnamdi exclaimed.
    “But dad, you were admitted into the mortuary we all witness that, how did you managed to survive
    after you were warded into the mortuary.” Obinna asked eagerly as he adjusted his position.
    “Hmmm!” Chief Nnamdi exclaimed as he continued.
    “Some nurses accompanied my lifeless body to the mortuary, they handed me over to the
    mortuary workers, A male mortuary worker was about to dressed me when he felt my pulse; he
    looked all over my body and he could see one of the left leg finger moving and shaking, he was
    shocked at first; but as a trained mortuary doctor he summoned some courage to examined my
    pulse a little and it seems this lifeless body is still half-alive, the mortuary doctor summoned the
    doctors-in-waiting but it seems they were all busy attending to one patient or the others, he
    thought for a while, he later opted for administering first aid on me, he brought out some office
    pins, he injected over fifty pins all over my body including my noses and ears; he was piercing and
    pinning my body with his fingers; he is doing this just to make my body to response to stimuli on
    time.” Chief Nnamdi paused.
    “After Nnena was arrested, Mrs. Chioma was summoned into the doctor’s office, the doctor
    consoled my wife, he impacted some moral on her and he sympathized with her.
    “Doctor, does that insinuate that I can never see my healthy and beloved husband alive?” She
    asked as she burst out in tears.
    “Just take heart Madam, God knows the reasons behind this, Chief Nnamdi was my good friend
    when he was alive, I’m his personal doctor; I tried all my best as a professional and well-trained
    doctor to rescue his life but it seems the poison has ingested his hearts and kidneys.” Doctor Akin
    (the doctor name) commiserated.
    “Ah! God what have I done to deserve this?” Mrs. Chioma screamed as she paved way for more
    tears from her eyes.
    “Just take heart Madam, hope the murderer has been arrested?” Doctor Akin asked.
    “Yes, some policemen had arrested her some minutes ago.” Mrs. Chioma replied sobbingly.
    “That’s good; I will make sure she rots in jail.” Doctor Akin retorted boastfully.
    “Ah! God what you have done for me this time is unfair.” Mrs. Chioma yelled as she was rolling on
    the well mopped powder blue tile.
    “Madam, what…” Doctor Akin was unable to finish with his statement when he heard a knock from
    the door.
    “Who’s that? Please come in, the door is not lock.” Doctor Akin asked, commanded and concluded
    at the same time.
    The door was unlocked; Alas! It was Ben (the mortuary man).
    “Good day, Dr. Akin.” Ben greeted.
    “Good day Mr. Ben, hope there is no problem, I see you here?” he expressed suspiciously.
    “Not at all Sir, I just want to let you know that the patient whom we warded into the mortuary some
    minutes ago is not dead; he is in coma and he is totally unconscious.” Ben voiced out as Mrs.
    Chioma raised her eyebrow in disbelief.

    Episode 5

    The door was unlocked; Alas! It was Ben (the mortuary man).
    “Good day, Dr. Akin.” Ben greeted.
    “Good day Mr. Ben, hope there is no problem, I see you here?” he expressed suspiciously.
    “Not at all Sir, I just want to let you know that the patient whom we warded into the mortuary some
    minutes ago is not dead; he is in still coma and he is totally unconscious.” Ben voiced out as Mrs.
    Chioma raised her eyebrow in disbelief.

    “You mean the patient I declared dead some minutes ago?” Doctor Akin asked in disbelief.
    “Yes the last patient we warded into the mortuary some minutes ago.” Mr. Ben riposted.
    Mrs. Chioma breathe a sigh of relieve, she recalled she saw some nurses transporting a lifeless
    body to the mortuary on her way to the Dr. Akin’s office. She was quite relieved because she knew
    it can’t be her ghost husband. Doctor Akin on the other hand couldn’t believe a ghost resurrected,
    he thought it was the last patient he declared death; he never considered the resurrected ghost to
    be Chief Nnamdi. Mr. Ben on the other hand doesn’t know that any dead body was warded into
    the mortuary after Chief Nnamdi; he was not inside the mortuary as at that time, he was searching
    for the doctors-in-waiting.
    “Madam, please excuse me; I will be right back.” Dr. Akin said as he held his stethoscope
    “I’m going doctor.” Mrs. Chioma rejoindered and she picked up her handbag; she walks out of the
    doctor office and Dr. Akin bid her farewell.
    “You mean this man?” Dr. Akin asked in disbelief as he pointed to the lifeless body of Chief
    “Yes Doctor; I felt his pulse.” Mr. Ben replied.
    Dr. Akin used his stethoscope on Chief Nnamdi lifeless body; he was able to detect that he was
    still animating.
    “Please alert some nurses to come with a stretcher.” Dr. Akin commanded Mr. Ben as he opted for
    the nurses’ office.
    Dr. Akin tried contacting Mrs. Chioma so as to inform her about the medical state of her
    unconscious husband but all his effort to contact her proved abortive.
    Shortly, some nurses came to the mortuary with a stretcher; they placed the unconscious chief on
    the stretcher and accompanied him to the Emergency Ward.
    Before long, a young man bustled into the hospital impatiently; he looked around the reception to
    authenticate that Mrs. Chioma and her crew are not in the hospital, after he had verified that the
    evil doers are not in the hospital, he walked up to a receptionist.
    “Good day madam.” He greeted solemnly.
    “Good day sir, how may I help you?” The beautiful receptionist replied smiling.
    “Ehmmm… please am probing for a patient that was brought here some minutes ago.” The young
    man solicited enthusiastically.
    “Patients that were brought here some minutes ago are outnumbered; I don’t think I know the
    exact patient you are talking about but what is the patient name?” The receptionist asked
    “Chief Nnamdi Richard.” The young man lashed.
    “Oh! I see he was warded some minutes ago.” She paused.
    “I think I had seen this face somewhere.” The Receptionist stated smiling.
    “Please we will sort that out later, I just have to see chief now, please can you take me to his
    ward?” He asked beseeching.
    “Please help me to look for File No 38.” Dr. Akin walked up to the receptionist.
    “Oh! Dr. this young man is looking for Chief Nnamdi Richard.” The receptionist addressed as she
    walked up to the file’s shelves.
    “Good day sir.” Dr. Akin greeted as he received the file from the receptionist.
    “Good day Dr.” The young man greeted the doctor fervently.
    “Please who are you to the chief?” Dr. Akin asked suspiciously.
    “e..e.mmm…. (He stammered)I’m the chief’s immediate brother.” The young man replied
    “Oh! Nice one, I have tried contacting the Chief’s wife but her numbers were not going through.”
    Dr. Akin paused.
    “Thank God one of his families is here; please can you help in contacting his wife?” Dr. Akin
    “Okay Doctor I will do that in a jiffy.” The young man replied as he brought out his phone.
    “Can I see him?” he asked.
    “Sister, we will continue our discussion when next we meet.” The young man directed his
    statement to the receptionist.
    “Okay sir.” The receptionist answered immediately.
    “Let’s go sir.” Dr. Akin replied as he led the way to the Emergency Ward where Chief Nnamdi is
    Chief Nnamdi was connected to life machine, he was placed on oxygen; pins were piercing his
    body just then Dr. Akin and the young man unlocked the door.
    “Chief!” The young man screamed. Guess who? Behold it was Collins

    Episode 6

    Chief Nnamdi was attached to life machine, oxygen was his source of breathing; pins were
    piercing his body just then Dr. Akin and the young man unlock the door.
    “Chief!” The young man screamed. Guess who? Behold it was Collins.
    “Sir, you are disallowed to scream or cry inside the hospital complex.” Dr. Akin cautioned.
    “Ah! Chief!” Collins uttered soberly.
    “Please, help us to contact his wife.” Dr. Akin pleaded.
    “Doctor please I have to explain something to you.” Collins requested.
    “Okay let’s go to my office.” Dr. Akin replied.
    “Thanks for understanding.” Collins replied, Dr. Akin lead the way to his office and they barged the
    door behind them.
    Shortly, they were both sited in Dr. Akin’s office; they were looking at each other without uttering a
    “What do you want to explain to me?” Dr. Akin asked while arranging the files on his table.
    “.. I .don’t think… I should tell you this.” Collins replied stammering.
    “Hmm! (Dr. Akin paused) but if it’s something that may help medically I rather advise you to tell
    me.” Dr. Akin explained.
    “Yes, it will help medically but if I may ask …. Did you receive any message from Chief yesterday
    or this morning?” Collins asked warily.
    “No I didn’t receive any message from him; I was alerted when he was admitted this morning. Any
    problem?” Dr. Akin replied and asked skeptically.
    “Not at all, please do you have the Chief mobile phone?” Collins asked.
    “It’s here with me; I forgot to hand it over to his wife before she left the hospital.” Dr. Akin replied
    “That’s good; please can I have the phone? I have to confirm something in it.” Collins riposted.
    “Hope no problem sir?” Dr. Akin asked uncomfortably.
    “Not at all, please I’m doing this for the Chief safety, I don’t want to unveil what was not meant to
    be revealed to you, please just grant me this chance I mean no harm.” Collins counter-blasted
    “Hmmm okay o, here it is.” Dr. Akin said as he handed over the phone to Collins.
    “Thank you sir.” Collins collected the phone. He clicked on the message folder; he scroll to sent
    messages and he confirmed that Chief Nnamdi sent a message to Dr. Akin, he looked at Dr. Akin
    with disappointment; but the Dr. seems innocent, he thought for a while and he reasoned that he
    has to confirm to the fullest before he takes any action.
    “Please can you give me your personal number?” Collins asked.
    “Okay sir, but I’m becoming uneasy o.” Dr. Akin replied and he called his number to Collins.
    Collins entered the number on the Chief’s phone but the number displayed “Dr. Akin” as saved in
    his phonebook. Collins was more confused and surprised, he ask the doctor if he had another no,
    the Dr. nodded in approval he called his second line but on viewing on the phone’s screen “Dr.
    Akin 2” was put on view.
    Collins inputs the number that sent the message on his own cell phone, he dialed the number, it
    rang for a moment and was later picked up by the owner.
    “Hello.” The answerer greeted.
    “Hello sir, please I was directed to you by a friend, are you Dr…. emm.” I stammered.
    I walked out of Dr. Akin’s office when I verified that the receiver of the message wasn’t Dr. Akin.
    “Dr. Lewis!” The answerer corrected.
    “Oh! Dr. Lewis, I almost forgot your name.” I replied falsely.
    “Please how may I help you?” Dr. Lewis asked.
    “Ehmm, please where is your hospital? We have to talk and it’s lengthy; it’s not a phone
    conversation.” I defended.
    “Oh! I understand (he paused) emmm…. I will forward the address and the name of my hospital to
    you in a minute.” Dr. Lewis replied.
    “Thank you sir, we have to talk, it’s an important issue and it must be within the two of us.” I
    “No problem sir.” Dr. Lewis answered.
    “Call you later.” I replied.
    “Okay sir, bye for now.” Dr. Lewis answered as he ended the call.
    I breathe a sigh of relief, I was able to confirm that there is a mixed-up and there is something
    fishy and dubious somewhere. I was about leaving the reception when I heard footsteps behind
    me, I turned back to know the ad, behold it was the receptionist.
    “Good day sir.” She greeted.
    “Good day madam.” I replied jovially.
    “Excuse me sir, am not madam am still a Miss, I’m as free as the air.” The receptionist replied
    “Okay Miss Receptionist, what about that?” I asked teasingly.
    “Miss receptionist?” The receptionist expressed.
    “You said that I looked familiar; if I could vividly remember, before I broke the conversation earlier
    this morning.” I asked putting on a mean face.
    “Yes, it seems I know this face.” She paused; she was deep in thought while trying to fathom
    where she had met me. Instantly she beamed.
    “You must be Collins Peter!” She expressed.
    “What a surprise!” I uttered.
    “You know my name together with my surname.” I replied out of the blue.
    “Yes I said it.” The receptionist uttered.
    This attracted so many attention in the reception; we are now the cynosure of all eyes, I felt like
    going underneath; I sighted some persons tickling each other to watch the ongoing drama played
    by the two love birds, I wanted to walk out of the scene but I was too mortified, I was shocked by
    the receptionist unexpected reaction, I wanted to run away from the scene but it seems my legs
    were too heavy for me to lift, I faked a smile to shade my fuming mood.
    “Collins!” The receptionist screamed as she hugged me firmly.
    “Jesus!” I yelled when I felt her smooth skin attached to my rough skin. People were now puck
    nosing and gisting one another about what is really indistinct to me, I was more than
    “Please I don’t know you.” I voiced out when we were trying to disengage.
    “You don’t know me at Balogun Mixed School?” The receptionist asked with disbelief.
    “She even know my secondary school.” I thought.
    “I went to Balogun Mixed School, but I don’t think I know this beautiful face.” I replied jokingly.
    “I’m Ololade Tessy.” She voiced out.
    “Wow! Unbelievable, Tessy?” I expressed happily.

    Episode 7

    “Please I don’t know you.” I voiced out when we are trying to disengage.
    “You don’t know me at Balogun Mixed School?” The receptionist asked in disbelief.
    “She even know my secondary school.” I thought.
    “I went to Balogun Mixed School, but I don’t think I know this beautiful face.” I replied jokingly.
    “I’m Ololade Tessy.” She voiced out.
    “Wow! Unbelievable Tessy?” I expressed happily.

    Ololade Tessy was my intimate friend, she was my best friend during our secondary school days,
    she was in Science class while I was in Art class, we live in the same street, she was very friendly
    and lovely, she was a damsel; a gem I mean a rare gem of its kind, she is beautiful but chocolate
    in colour, we are very close back then but we are just a mere friend, I had crush on her but I never
    told her till they relocated to their own house.
    “Tessy, long time no see.” I expressed happily.
    “Collins, I can’t believe you have grown so ample.” Tessy articulated happily.
    It was a lengthy conversation between Tessy and I, she asked about my wife and children, I
    replied negatively as in I’m single, she also narrated how she was used and dumped by her
    fiancée who has proposed marriage to her. In short, we exchanged contacts, chat for some
    minutes and we later departed to our various destinations.
    On getting to Dr. Akin’s office, I was informed that he went for wards routine, so I had to sit down
    waiting for him. He came back shortly afterward; he summoned into his office, I narrated how the
    incidents had happened, I narrated everything about the text message and I even show him the
    text message for his confirmation.
    “Am still confused sir o, you know everything about this message and how everything had
    happened in the Chief’s house but you told me earlier on that you are not living there anymore, but
    how did you know everything this much? Or is there an insider there?” Dr. Akin asked bemused.
    “God does everything the way he planned. {I paused} I have an appointment with the Chief earlier
    this morning; we concluded to meet at a bar, I got to the bar before the Chief, it was over 45
    minutes and the Chief was nowhere to be glimpsed, I was becoming impatient because I have
    some other important things to do, later on I called the Chief on phone but he ended the call; I
    keep my phone inside my pocket, because I concluded that he must be on his way that is why he
    is not answering my call because he has the habit of not picking calls while driving. Shortly, I
    heard the beep of my phone, I staggered a bit before I was able to elicit my phone from the
    pocket, on checking the phone screen it was the Chief calling, but on answered the call it changed
    the story, I could heard the sound of some kind of groaning and panting; I guess that was when
    the chief started groaning in pains, I tried to greet him through phone but I don’t got any response,
    I wanted to dropped the call but I though it will be wise if I waited a little, shortly, I heard all Mrs.
    Chioma narrated to the Chief, I also heard Nnena suggesting that the Chief should be conveyed to
    the family hospital when she came back from where she was sent and that is how I was able to
    get here.” I narrated to Dr. Akin; he felt pity for innocent Nnena.
    “This is really amazing.” Dr. Akin exclaimed.
    “What exactly can I do to help this situation?” Dr. Akin asked totally baffled.
    “Mrs. Chioma must not know that he is still alive, if she know she will double fold her plans and
    even counter-attack us and both of us will not be excluded; Dr. I am pleading for your assistance,
    Mrs. Chioma will ask for her husband corpse very soon; please am pleading with utmost humility
    that you should please render any help that is within your capability to save the Chief from his
    wicked wife.” I replied with parable beseeching.
    “Hmmm… I will try my best, and I’m ready to render any assistance as long as I am concerned.”
    Dr. Akin replied.
    “Thank you sir.” I expressed, we chatted for some minutes before I left the hospital for my resident.
    In summary, Mrs. Chioma asked for her husband corpse after a month, Dr. Akin lied that they had
    used her husband face to operate another patient who had a damaged face, Mrs. Chioma buy his
    lie, she requested for money as the payment of using her husband face in substitute for the
    damaged one, Dr. Akin pay her instantly. She collected the money and she transport the
    damaged-face corpse and she went on burying another person corpse. It was a successful and
    well-planned mission, few months later; Dr. Mattew Okafor (Chief Nnamdi friend) married Mrs.
    Chioma “Happy marriage life.”
    Chief Nnamdi on the other hand was unconscious for a year, he was placed on life machine, I was
    losing hope on his survival but Dr. Lewis never did; he do attended to the comatose patient more
    than any other patient in the hospital, he even invited some specialists that deals with patients in
    coma and really tried their best, he fund the Chief treatment throughout his stay in the hospital, he
    was so caring to him, Tessy (the receptionist) and I became more closer, we became intimate
    friend just like that of our secondary school days, I proposed dating to her and she accepted, I
    always spent most of my time with the Chief. It was an unexpected day that the Chief regain
    consciousness, my joy knew no bound, Dr. Lewis couldn’t hide his joy; he was just smiling at the
    just-awaked chief but what surprised me most is that the Chief never lost his memory, he could
    vividly recalled all what had happened, tears were flowing freely from his eyes when he was
    imaging he could have die if not for God, Dr. Lewis and I that came to his rescue, he couldn’t hide
    his joy, he was just shedding the tears of joy and ecstasy.
    “We had a tough time looking for Nnena but all thanks to God and Clara that brought her out of the
    prison unexpectedly.” Collins concluded.
    “Hmmm, congratulation sir, God had started this story well and he wished to end it superbly.”
    Clara (the avenger) spoken.
    “Dad, who is this man (pointing to the new gateman) and who is my mother? Where is she?”
    Obinna asked confusingly.

    Episode 8

    “Hmmm, congratulation sir, God had started this story well and he wished to end it superbly.”
    Clara (the avenger) spoken.
    “Dad, who is this man (pointing to the new gateman) and who is my mother? Where is she?”
    Obinna asked confusingly.

    “This man (pointing to the gateman sitting opposite to him) was a police officer, he was planted
    here by the Commissioner of Police and I, he is an inspector and he is inspector Jeff Olawale. It all
    happened that after I regained consciousness, I went to convene with the commissioner of police
    since he is my friend and I narrated everything that had happened to me, I pleaded to him to send
    his boys to my house to apprehend Chioma and Mattew; he told and cautioned me that Chief
    Mattew couldn’t be arrested just like that because there is no tangible and concrete evidences that
    he is guilty for the crimes he committed and beside he is into politics, he is now a Honorable
    Member of the House of Assembly. I appealed to the Commissioner of Police that I have the
    message sent by Mattew to Chioma; “Messages can be forged or faked, messages are not
    accredited as evidences in the court of law so I advice that we should think of other way of
    bringing out some evidences excluding this message.” The Commissioner of Police said not that
    The COP and I murmured and chatted for minutes, we were discussing of a way to fight for my
    justice, lately, we concluded about planting a police officer and the officer would serve as an
    insider and all thanks to God, you employed him without delays.” Chief Nnamdi concluded.
    “How did you do it? I don’t even for once think he may be an imposter or insider.” Mrs. Chioma
    said soberly directing her statement to Jeff (the gateman).
    “You employed me as the gate keeper of this house and I had been a gateman since then and that
    is how I started planning and executing my missions as directed by my boss, I was able to
    gathered some irrelevant evidences during the first three weeks of my appointment, I also
    succeeded in installing cameras wish I connected to my laptop, the cameras do send their
    recording directly to my laptop and I do cross-examine them. My boss keeps on disconcerting me
    for my non professionalism and that made me to risk the last trial and that gave me the concrete
    evidence that you are guilty for the charges, if you could vividly remember some days ago.” Jeff
    I (Jeff) was inside his cubicle, I was thinking about how he was going accompanied his
    assignment, I was concerned about his non professionalism because I had exceeded the days I
    am assigned to use in carrying out the truth and evidences and I haven’t be able to gather any
    genuine and concrete evidence for their crime.
    Mrs. Chioma and Chief Mattew sat on a daybed inside the sitting room, they were laughing
    ceaselessly at the comedy drama played by Mr. Ibu, Akin and Pawpaw on their DStv decoder,
    they laughed relentlessly at scenes played by the two troublesome but funny small boys (Akin and
    Pawpaw), just then they heard a knock from the door.
    “Come in the door is not locked.” Mrs. Chioma lashed angrily and her harsh vocals rent the air.
    I (Jeff) came in gently and he lightly closed the main entrance door behind me.
    “Good day madam, good day sir.” I greeted bowing down to show my respect for my bosses.
    “Hehe, what can I do for you or you are hungry?” Mrs. Chioma asked falsely but teasingly.
    “Not at all ma, I’m not hungry but I won’t mind if you can offered me little food.” I (Jeff) replied
    “Glutton!” Mrs. Chioma yelled.
    “Ma, someone is looking for you outside.” I explained.
    “Who is that? But I’m not expecting any visitor” Mrs. Chioma asked baffled.
    “Ma, he is a man, somehow old, he has a bushy teddy, he is somehow tall and he has round face
    with pinks lips.” I narrated
    “What did he call himself?” Mrs. Chioma asked boastfully.
    “He said he is one Chief Nnamdi Richard.” I voiced out brusquely.
    “Eh!” Mrs. Chioma and Chief Mattew screamed in chorus.

    Episode 9

    “Ma, someone is looking for you outside.” I explained.
    “Who is that? But I’m not expecting any visitor” Mrs. Chioma asked baffled.
    “Ma, he is a man, somehow old, he has a bushy teddy, he is somehow tall and he has round face
    with pinks lips.” I narrated
    “What did he call himself?” Mrs. Chioma asked boastfully.
    “He said he is one Chief Nnamdi Richard.” I {Jeff} voiced out brusquely.
    “Eh!” Mrs. Chioma and Chief Mattew screamed in chorus.

    “What happened ma?” I (Jeff) asked strikingly.
    “Nothing” Mrs. Chioma expressed.
    “Yes, should I send him in?” I (Jeff) asked motionlessly.
    “No… Noo o. no o…” Chief Mattew and Mrs. Chioma screamed in chorus, they were shaking,
    shivering, panting and sweating at a time despite the cool air that rent the house from the Air
    “Send him out, I don’t want to see him please” Chief Mattew screamed not audible at all, but I
    managed to read what he said from his moving and shaking lips.
    “Okay ma.” I (Jeff) responded as I walked out coherently. I head for my cubicle and I sat down
    watching the drama played by Mrs. Chioma and her husband on my laptop.
    “But you told me that you poisoned and he is dead.” Chief Mattew said with some kind of husky
    “Yes, I poisoned him and I confirmed that he is dead, we did his funeral and if I could remember
    you witness his funeral.” Mrs. Chioma defended herself from being guilty of her husband charges.
    “Does that mean the ghost wanted to fight back?” Chief Mattew vocalized.
    “Never, he is a ghost and he must remained a ghost, he has nothing to do with the living anymore,
    I just think we have to safeguard our self from been humiliated.” Mrs. Chioma explained.
    “Hmmm.” Chief Mattew paused.
    “Call Jeff for me.” Chief Mattew commanded Mrs. Chioma and she reluctantly head to my cubicle
    to meet me.
    “This is enough as an evidence.” I said to myself and I ejected the Flashdrive which I had used to
    copy the recorded video and I shut down my system. I quickly walk out from my cubicle, I went to
    the gate and I was closing the gate falsely.
    “Where are you coming from?” Mrs. Chioma asked looking elegant as usual in her dress but
    looking woeful in façade.
    “Ma, I didn’t meet the man (Chief Nnamdi Richard) you send me to deliver your message to, I
    search everywhere in this compound but I don’t even find his traces, so I went outside to see
    maybe he was waiting for me outside but he was nowhere to be found, I think the man is a ghost.”
    I finalized.
    On hearing the word “ghost”, Mrs. Chioma nearly collapsed, she looked dizzy and weak, fear
    griped her from head to toe, she was just shaking and shivering at the spot she was standing, I
    was just wondering that she feared Chief Nnamdi so much like this; I could see she was fighting
    the tears from dropping from her face.
    “Madam, should I come and collect the food?” I asked non-concerned, but she only turned back
    and opted for the sitting room. I stool still at the point I was standing, I was motionless, I knew I
    had did a well done job but I knew I am risking my life in doing this, I also fear I may became her
    prey but I was courageous that I won’t fall her prey since she doesn’t even suspect that I’m an
    imposter. “Well life its self is a risk, I just have to do this.” I thought. Lately that night, I send the
    video to my boss via Whatsapp because who knows if she will suspect of trapped me, shortly after
    the message was sent he replied thus: “A job well-done, be ready to leave that place and this
    video must be confidential, it must not leak also avoid been suspicious because you are their
    doom and you are there.” I smiled after reading the reply; I don’t even know when I later fall into
    “Ah!” All the listeners exclaimed surprisingly in chorus.
    “Ah! Mama so you are the one in darkness that had been shooting arrows into the lightness all this
    while.” Chiamaka yelled brusquely.
    “I said it!” Obinna screamed.
    “I knew my foster mother was a big and mighty witch. Weldon ma {he laughed}. Father please who
    is my original mother and where is she? And where did you meet this big and old fool (pointing to
    Chief Mattew who was looking down).” Obinna asked abruptly.
    “Obinna, I will answer all you question.” Chief Nnamdi cautioned.
    “He is a good in appearance but bad in behaviors and attitudes friend of mine, he is a childhood…

    Episode 10

    “He is a good in appearance but bad in behaviors and attitudes friend of mine, he is one of my
    childhood friend, I know him to be greedy, callous and selfish but I always try my best to changed
    and cautioned him, he travelled out of the country after his graduation from the university as a
    business administrator. On his arrival, he lodged into my house, my newly wedded wife (Mrs.
    Chioma) greeted and offered him a glass of well chilled water but on seeing each other, they were
    shocked and happy at a time, I don’t care about this because of my non-challant attitude, I later
    heard from Mattew; he narrated to me that Chioma and him are once lover during their university
    school days, I was shocked at first but I was later calmed down by my callous friend.
    “That has gone friend, my friend’s wife is also my wife, I have no reason to react negatively
    because she had married one of my family.” That was the statement Chief Mattew uttered to
    consoled me.
    I was relieved but I never know that they still love each other, they were keeping a secret marital
    affairs; on that fateful day, I left home for office early that usual, I evoked that I have forgotten the
    file I was working on lately yesterday night, I turned back and headed home, but on getting home,
    the story changed I met my wife and my friend having s-x on our matrimonial bed; inside our
    matrimonial home, they were shocked seeing me standing motionlessly at the entrance of the
    master bedroom, I don’t even know what to do, I was confused, I couldn’t believe my eyes but this
    isn’t imagination it a true reality. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I turned back and leave for office
    without even intrigued what I came home to take, as at that time; Chinendu and Chiamaka were 3
    and 5 years respectively. On getting to my office, I heard the beep of my phone; I checked the
    caller and “My heart” was visibly displayed on the phone screen. I wanted to end the call but I
    mustered some courage to pick the call.
    “He..l…lo!” Chioma voice was shaking tremendously.
    “What again, should I come and watch the part two?” I asked heatedly.
    “Please am very sorry darling, it’s something I can explain.” She defended emotionally.
    To cut the long story short, I forgive my wife and Mattew after many pleading from Chioma’s family
    members. Some months later, I secretly went to the hospital with Chinendu and Chiamaka for a
    DNA test, the result was out and I confirmed that I’m not the biological father of neither Chiamaka
    nor Chinendu, I was shocked and dazed, I was traumatized, many confusing thoughts were
    running into my mind, I know my friend (Mattew) was their biological father.
    “Ehn? Daddy this can’t be true, this is far from the true, you are the only father I know, and how
    can disown us because of our wicked mother, father just uttered the words “You are our father and
    we will let go of everything.” Chiamaka riposted sharply.
    “Yes, I am your father for good twenty two (22) years, but I’m not your biological father but I am
    just a foster father to both of you (smile), your biological father is sitting here (pointing to Chief
    Mattew).” Chief Nnamdi concluded.
    “Eh!” Chinendu and Chiamaka screamed in chorus. They look at Mrs. Chioma and Chief Mattew
    who are looking down in shame.
    “Father, please continue.” Obinna stated impatiently.
    “Am I impotent?” No I wasn’t born impotent. “Does that mean I am nursing and funding children
    that are not mine?” That is extremely the truth.
    On getting home, I confronted my wife, I screamed, yelled and shouted at her, I charged her guilty
    for the crime, after much threatened, persuasion and menaced, she confessed that I wasn’t the
    biological father of the two children I have been funding and nurturing, I wasn’t shocked because I
    knew that DNA doesn’t lie.
    I wish I could send my wife packing but I was blinded by the love and affections I have for her, I
    keep on loving her every seconds, I keep on falling in love with her despite all the wrongdoing she
    is doing to me. A month later I was able to console myself, I stopped the over-thinking and drinking
    abused. “Life goes on.” I thought.
    I was driving home from office on that very sunny afternoon, I was singing along the melody song
    played from my car media desk, I was driving at 35km/h (not speedy at all), just then I saw the
    beautiful and neatly dressed chick (I mean fine and pretty lady) standing at the roadside, she
    looked disturbed and disorganized, I guess she has been waiting for a cab for a long time, I
    decided to gave her a ride, I packed close to her and whined the glass down.
    “Hello!” I greeted.
    “Hi Sir.” She replied smiling.
    “Why are you standing here in this shorn and skinny sun?” I asked falsely.
    “I was coming back from an interview but I had stayed here for the past one hour, I was unable to
    get a cab.” She replied soberly.
    “Oh! Sorry dear, where are you going?” I asked.
    “I wanted to see a friend at Mighty Estate.” She replied.
    “Wow! I live there.” I expressed.
    “Come in let me give you a ride.” I concluded.
    “Thank you sir.” She expressed.
    She entered the car, I offered her some tissue papers to wipe her sweat, she complied and I also
    increase the coolness of the car AC and I speed off.

    Episode 11

     “Wow! I live there.” I xpressed.
    “Come in let me give you a ride.” I concluded.
    “Thank you sir.” She expressed.
    She entered the car, I offered her some tissue papers to wipe her sweat, she complied and I also
    increase the coolness of the car AC and I speed off.

    “Please if I may ask, what is your name?” I asked while driving.
    “Sir, I’m Anita Chidiogo Paul.” She replied sharply.
    “Wow! What a nice name.” I exclaimed.
    “The name is as beautiful as you.” I said teasingly.
    “Thank you sir.” She appreciated smiling.
    “Where are you coming from that made you to stand in that unfriendly sun?” I asked falsely.
    “I’m coming back from AJ Company Limited; I went there for an interview but I don’t have to wait
    for such interview since I can’t give them what they were asking for.” She replied sadly.
    “What are your qualifications? Or what are they asking for?” I asked baffled.
    “I am qualified for the job and the tasks to be assigned, but the manager was demanding for s-x as
    his payment for the job and I can’t give him such payment, I can’t sell my body just for a job.” She
    narrated and concluded soberly.
    “That’s the new method of employing female workers…” I wasn’t allowed to finish statement when
    she interrupted.
    “Ehn…” She expressed shockingly.
    I looked into her eyes; I could see the shocks and disappointment expression fuming on her face, I
    feel guilty for making such utterance.
    “No… No… Anita, that’s not what I mean, I just brought out facts from my experience when I was
    a PA to a Manager, I mean no harm.” I defended my utterance.
    “Okay sir, am sorry I made you guilty of your utterance.” She said beseeching.
    “It’s okay, let go back to our discussion.” I said calmly.
    “What are your qualifications?” I asked serenely.
    “I’m a B.Sc holder in Accounting; I graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University with First Class
    Upper.” She replied softly.
    “Wow! That’s unbelievable, this country self, how can a graduate like you be searching for a job, a
    first class graduate for that matter.” I expressed forlornly.
    “This is the fifth year after my graduation and I wasn’t able to secure a job.” She expressed
    “My Accountant was arrested yesterday for embezzling the company Four Million Naira, he
    confessed this morning that he used the money to finalize the house he was building, though I let
    go of him with the money but I sacked him.” I paused.
    I step on the brake a little, I unzip my wallet and brought out two cards, I zipped the wallet and
    continued the conversation as I speed off.
    “Here is my personal card and here is my company card (I gave her the two cards), come to my
    office tomorrow for interview, if you’re qualified for the job, you got the job.” I concluded.
    “Sir, this is unbelievable and unexpected, thank you sir, I am very grateful sir, thanks you very
    much.” She uttered happily. The expression could be visibly see on her face, she was more than
    happy, she was so excited and delight, I could see that she really needs the job.
    “We have got to Mighty Estate, what is the building number you going?” I asked softly.
    “No 34.” She retort immediately.
    “Hmmm, that’s my house.” I replied amazed.
    “Your house?” She asked surprisingly.
    “Yes my house, check the address well, it might be a mistake.” I uttered baffled and befuddled.
    “Okay sir, I think this must be a misquoting or mis-addressing.” She retorted as she unzipped her
    bag, she brought out a small paper and cross-examine the content in the paper.
    “Yes, it’s No 34 sir.” She said after confirming it’s the no.
    “34! Who are you going there to see?” I asked tamely.
    “Chioma Nnamdi.” She replied in a jiffy.
    “Chioma?” I asked softly….

    Episode 12

     “Yes my house, check the address well, it might be a mistake.” I uttered baffled and befuddled.
    “Okay sir, I think this must be a misquoting or mis-addressing.” She retorted as she unzipped her
    bag, she brought out a small paper and cross-examine the content in the paper.
    “Yes, it’s No 34 sir.” She said after confirming it’s the no.
    “34! Who are you going there to see?” I asked tamely.
    “Chioma Nnamdi.” She replied in a jiffy.
    “Chioma?” I asked softly….

    “Chioma?” I asked softly but totally confused and irritated.
    “You know her?” Anita asked suspiciously.
    “Very well, she’s my wife.” I replied faking a smile.
    “Wow! Unbelievable.” She expressed.
    “I can’t believe this, I have to see her, she married such a good husband.” Anita exclaimed.
    “Yes you will meet her, she is such a darling and loving wife, but I don’t pray no one emulated
    her.” I uttered disappointedly.
    “Ame…. “You pray none emulated her.” But why?” Anita asked surprisingly.
    “Yes o, when you got to my house you will know what am insinuating.” I replied not that audible.
    “Ah!” Anita exclaimed disbelief.
    Few minutes later, I am driving towards No 34 Mighty Estate, the gate was widely opened, I drove
    irrationally and unusual to the garage; I met Chioma yelling and screeching at the gateman
    (Collins), I parked inside the garage, I came down from the car irritably and I angrily walked into
    the building. Chioma doesn’t care about this, she base all her attention on the gateman (Collins)
    she was dealing with, she doesn’t even care about me anymore, and she just regarded me as her
    co-occupant not her husband. “Who care? Who tend?” {hisses}.
    “You made me wait for minutes before you opened the gate, you don’t hear the horns from the car
    right? By the time am through with you, you will regret been employed here.” Chioma riposted
    “Am so sorry ma, I was in the toilet when I heard the horn of your car…” Collins tried to defend
    “You must be very stupid for such excuse.” She counter-blasted angrily as she landed a
    thunderous slap on Collins.
    “Chioma baby!” Anita greeted teasingly from behind, Chioma turned to look at the greeter.
    “Anita! How did you enter this house?” Chioma asked bemused, baffled and mistruthful.
    “Oh! Don’t tell me you don’t see me when we drove in?” Anita replied womanly.
    “How did you enter this house that’s my question, answer me!” Chioma yelled stridently.
    “Take it easy babe, it’s not up to screaming and yelling, anyway, your husband gave me a ride…”
    Anita replied modestly but unfinished.
    “Ewo, Chineke! So the rumor is true, so you are Nnamdi’s concubine…” Chioma charged.
    “Excuse me please, I came here to visit and discuss some important issue with you, I don’t came
    here to be insulted, I never know your husband, I know him today, he only gave me a ride, nothing
    more…” Anita defended herself.
    “Will you shut that gutter you call a mouth? You even have the gut to abuse me in my house, well
    it’s not your fault, I caused it all, but I want you to understand one thing that no matter how long
    you stay, no matter how lengthy you be my husband concubine, I will made you regret knowing
    and dating my husband.” Chioma lashes as she opted for the main building.
    “There is nothing you will do, you are only barking, you are just an empty barren; and only empty
    barren make noises, there is nothing you will do, what am I even saying (she asked rhetorically),
    there is nothing you can do, you are only bragging, jealous woman, idiot and nuisance. Ah! People
    that have head doesn’t have cap o, how can a good and caring man like this (Chief Nnamdi) marry
    such a nuisance, God! I hope you crowned me with a good husband like this man.” Anita lashed,
    prayed and concluded and she walked out of the estate.

    Episode 13

    “There is nothing you will do, you are only barking, you are just an empty barren; and only empty
    barren make noises, there is nothing you will do, what am I even saying (she asked rhetorically),
    there is nothing you can do, you are only bragging, jealous woman, idiot and nuisance. Ah! People
    that have head doesn’t have cap o, how can a good and caring man like this (Chief Nnamdi) marry
    such a nuisance, God! I hope you crowned me with a good husband like this man.” Anita lashed,
    prayed and concluded and she walked out of the estate.

    An elegant dressed lady in her early 20 walked into the reception, she was beautiful to the extent
    that she can be mistaken for mermaid, she is a gem; a rare gem of its kind, she dressed in a pink
    ready-made gown, her beautiful rounded face could made you fall for her instantly especially if she
    is smiling; her unique dimples will leave you motionless and speechless, her big and seductive
    eyebrows are something to be talk about; who knows if that is the origin of her beauty, her pink lip
    is so inviting for kisses, her long nose was rare and strange, they made her more beautiful, her
    flawless skin was enviable, it’s smooth and velvet, she is a damsel, her beauty is out of this world,
    God really scheduled his time to create such a rare and outstanding damsel.
    “Good morning ma what can I do for you?” The receptionist greeted.
    “Good morning ma, please I am asking for Chief Nnamdi Richard.” Anita responded smiling.
    “Boss? Please can I know your name?” The receptionist asked warily.
    “I’m Anita Peter.” Anita replied jolly.
    “Oh! Miss Anita, boss has been waiting for you, please this way.”The receptionist expressed as
    she portray the way to the Chief’s office.
    “Thank you ma.” Anita expressed happily as she walked majestically to the Chief’s office.
    “Who’s there?” A voice echoed from inside.
    “Sir, it’s me Anita.” Anita responded from outside.
    “Oh! Anita please come in, the door is not locked.” I explained as she walked inside.
    On seeing the pretty damsel standing before me, I was motionless and speechless; I solely
    opened my mouth wide, I was just imaging playing with this angel before me at the beach with our
    son, many thought ran into my head but I just have to explain little, I was revived back by her
    “Good morning sir.” She greeted bending down a little as a sign of respect, but I never answered.
    “Good morning sir.” She greeted again but I was still unconscious.
    “Good morning sir.” She greeted and she increased the volume of her tone.
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    “Ehmmm… emm… Go..od morning dear, how was your night?” I responded to her greeting
    modestly but shocking.
    “Splendid sir, hope no problem sir?” She asked baffled.
    “No problem dear, why did you ask?” I asked lashed.
    “You’re lost in thought some minutes ago, I greeted you for minutes before you was revived, hope
    everything is okay?” She explained and questioned nervously.
    “Nothing is wrong, I was admiring your beauty.” I replied jokingly.
    “Are you the Anita that I gave a ride yesterday?” I asked teasingly. She raised her eyes in
    “Y.e…ss sir, I’m A..nita Chi..di….ogo Peter.” She replied stammering with a shaking voice.
    “Wonderful, you look different as in you’re more beautiful.” I explained beaming.
    “Thanks you sir.” She replied happily.
    “I’m sorry about what happened yesterday; hope you’re not angry at me?” I said beseeching.
    “Not at sir, I had known Chioma to be like that since our childhood days, we will still come back
    and reconciled.” She responded positively.
    “Thanks, now let go to the main discussion, where are your qualifications with your CV and
    application letter?” I asked as she handed a brown envelope to me. I cross-examine her document
    and I could see she must be a brilliant type.
    “You had a fantastic result, I think you are qualified for the job as for me, but other departmental
    managers have to interview you for my approval, if you fail the interview you lose the job so I wish
    ou best of luck.” I explained to her, I called my secretary to inform all the managers that there is
    meeting at the company conference.
    Anita was standing infront of 16 managers, I could see she was nervous and she fear she may fail.
    “I present to you this applicant as the chief accountant of this company; Miss Peter Anita (pointing
    to Anita), she had passed my own interview and it remain yours, here is her credentials.” I
    explained and I forwarded her credentials to a manager.
    “Let the interview start please.” I concluded.
    “Sir, I don’t think we need to interview this damsel, her results and certificate is enough as
    evidence of what she worth, she is very brilliant, smart and intelligent according to her result and
    appearance, I think she is in the best position for the job.” Mining department managers vocalized.
    “I think Mr. Seun (Mining manager) has said the fact, she is qualified for the job, beside her
    appearance has shown that.” Fishmeal department manager supported Mr. Seun opinion.
    “Her appearance has truly shows she’s qualified for the job sir, please appoint her, she is unique.”
    Engineering Department Manager; Mr. Ade supported.
    “I understand all of you, we are all men (all laugh in chorus). “Her appearance has shown she’s
    qualified for the job right?” Chief Nnamdi mimicked teasingly; all the managers laughed in unison,
    Anita was smiling motionlessly; she was holding a marker to write on the whiteboard.
    “You we all agreed she’s qualified for the job?” I asked smiling.
    “Yes.” All the departmental managers answered in unison.
    She’s qualified… She worth this…” Some managers were soliloquizing to one another.
    “Miss Peter Anita, congratulation you are employed as the Chief Accountant of Mallshaft
    companies limited.” Chief Nnamdi concluded.
    “Not this life, you can’t be employed…..

    Episode 14

    “I understand all of you, we are all men (all laugh in chorus). “Her appearance has shown she’s
    qualified for the job right?” Chief Nnamdi mimicked teasingly; all the managers laughed in unison,
    Anita gave out a smile motionlessly; she was holding a marker to write on the whiteboard.
    “You we all agreed she’s qualified for the job?” I asked smiling.
    “Yes.” All the departmental managers answered in unison.
    She’s qualified… She worth this…” Some managers were soliloquizing to one another.
    “Miss Peter Anita, congratulation you are employed as the Chief Accountant of Mallshaft
    companies limited.” Chief Nnamdi concluded.
    “Not this life, you can’t be employed…..

    “Not this life, you can’t be employed in my husband’s company, you don’t know we are now fire
    and water, we are born to be enemies, well yours is minor {she turned to her husband}, Mr.
    Nnamdi Richard, I advise you to terminate her appointment now or you face my wrath.” Chioma
    concluded with a heinous looks.
    All the departmental managers were shocked and confused. Anita on the other hand was sweating
    and panting restlessly, she wasn’t expecting the uninvited visitor in her interview, she fear she may
    lose her job and appointment, Chief Nnamdi just looks at Chioma from head to toe. “What a
    shameless woman” he thought, he was thoroughly disappointed in her.
    “What are doing here?”That was the statement the Chief gave out.
    “Ask me once again.” Chioma rebutted angrily.
    Chief Nnamdi picked up his phone, he informed some securities to come and throw out a
    nuisance, he also called his secretary to prepare the all the vouchers and documents for the new
    accountant, Chioma was shocked and dumbstruck; she was motionless and speechless, she was
    looking irritated and disappointed. Anita and the departmental managers breathe a sigh of relief;
    they were happy that her appointment wasn’t terminated because of a nuisance. She angrily walk
    out from the conference to avoid embarrassment from the securities, she looks at Anita with a
    devilish looks, “We will meet again.” That was what the look from her face narrated.
    In short, Anita was appointed as the Chief Accountant of MALLSHAFT COMPANIES LIMITED.
    It was a wonderful and interesting adventures and thrillers in Mallshaft Companies Limited
    between the departmental managers, Chief Nnamdi, Chioma and Anita, but I would just skip some
    scenes since you guys are no more patience with me.
    Mr. Ade; the engineering department manager was sitting in a plastic chair in the rich and mighty
    restaurant; Divine Meals Foods, he was dipping the wine he was consuming slowly, he looks at his
    wrist watch and he is becoming impatient.
    “Why is this woman doing like this? I have other things to do.” He soliloquized frustrated.
    He looks around and saw the pretty damsel that is coming his way; he dropped the wine glass he
    was holding on the table, he was so amazed and speechless at the unlamented beauty, he stood
    up and greet the rare beauty, behold it was Chioma.
    “Good day ma.” He greeted bending his head a little as a sign of respect.
    “Good morning Mr. Ade, how was your night?” She responded to his greeting.
    “Splendid ma, yours?” He replied and asked of hers.
    “Restless, disturbed and disappointed” Chioma replied sadly.
    “But why?” Mr. Ade asked concerned.
    “Can you believe Chief Nnamdi is beating me because of your new accountant?” Chioma replied
    with a crocodile tears dropping from her face.
    “What!” Mr. Ade yelled in disappointment.
    “He even denied not having an affair with Anita despite all the messages they sent to each other,
    he even told me directly that my days are numbered in his house and I don’t know my wrong
    doing.” Chioma falsely stated with the crocodile tears dropping from her eyes.
    “Oh! I see, I confirmed that Anita is single, all the single male workers including me had proposed
    dating to her but she turn down all the proposes, no wonder her closeness to the chief is
    something apprehensive, ma, what can I do because I really love Anita, I fall in love with her at
    first sight but my married boss is taking my love away from me, and I know you love your husband
    so dearly and he is cheating on you…” Mr. Ade explained but unfinished.
    “The fact that baffled me the most is because Anita is my best friend, she is my mutual and
    childhood friend, I don’t want to treat her fuck up because of the love I have for her but now that
    she has misbehaved, I think I will have to strike her.” Chioma lashed audibled.
    “Yes, that’s the best but please don’t kill and implicate her, I dearly love Anita, I wish she is my
    house wife but I won’t hesitate to help in any way to get back what is truly ours back to our self.”
    Mr. Ade gave his speech.
    “When are you throwing the company party?” Chioma asked brusquely.
    “In two weeks time ma.” Mr. Ade riposted instantaneously.
    “That’s the day we will execute our mission but we have to discuss some issues tomorrow, I would
    have love to conclude this discussion today but I have an important meeting to attend.” Mrs.
    Chioma excused and concluded.
    “This place?” Mr. Ade asked unrest.
    “No here.” Chioma concluded, she dropped a paper infront of Mr. Ade, she stood up and leaves
    the eatery. Mr. Ade cross-check the paper and he was astonished with the location.
    “Can I trust you?” Mr. Ade asked leery but rhetorically.

    Episode 15

     “When are you throwing the companies parties?” Chioma asked brusquely.
    “In two weeks time.” Mr. Ade riposted instantaneously.
    “That’s the day we accompanies my mission but we have to discuss some issues with you
    tomorrow.” Mrs. Chioma concluded.
    “Can I trust you?” Mr. Ade asked leery.

    “Sure!” Chioma echoed back and she vanished from the vicinity.
    “No I can’t do that.” Mr. Ade screamed loudly.
    “You have to do it for the sake of Anita, for the love you have for her.” Chioma defended.
    “Forget Anita, I can’t do it…” Mr. Ade retorted.
    “Then say good bye to life.” Chioma said and she brought out a gun, she was about to pull the
    trigger when she sense that she’s inside a hotel.
    “I will do it, I will do it ma.” Mr. Ade replied, shaking, panting, sweating and stammering at a time.
    “Good, if you execute a well done job, you pay is Twenty Million Naira (#20,000,000).” Chioma
    riposted happily.
    “Twenty Million Naira, I have done it.” Mr. Ade replied immediately.
    “Don’t try to act smart, if you try to leak this, I will eliminate none but every members of your
    family.” Chioma threatened.
    “Not at all ma, as far as money is involved, I will do it, to hell with Anita, to hell with the love I have
    for her.” Mr. Ade expressed happily.
    “Now leave.” Chioma yelled and she kept her pistol gun inside her pose. Mr. Ade wanted to run
    but he could only walk because his legs seem too heavy for him to run.
    “Hey come back here.” Chioma riposted, she dropped a parcel of 1000 naira note on the bed.
    “Use this as your transport fare.” She concluded. Mr. Ade picked up the money in disbelief, he
    examined the money and he confirmed that they are truly real 1000 notes.
    “Thank you ma.” That was the word he could uttered, he leave the rest room for his house.
    “I will rather destroy your reputations and respects than to see you marry another wife after me, I
    won’t be the loser, my children and I own all your properties.” Chioma thought as she burst out
    It was the day, the companies party, all the branches workers were all sited, different companies
    named after Mallshaft Company Limited owned, managed, financed and directed by Chief Nnamdi
    Richard (Mallshaft) were all sited gaily, no workers is excluded, the lowest ranked workers working
    for Mallshaft Companies Limited were all cordially invited to the great party. Chief Nnamdi Richard
    sat with all Departmental Managers, Branches Managers and Directors, his Personal Secretary
    and Anita; the Chief Accountant; they all sit down merrily, gisting and laughing, on the table were
    different kinds of foods, assorted meats, wines, sea foods, different kind of breweries products, no
    kind of fruits is missing on the table, foreign foods were also made available in excess. Anita sat
    down by the right hand side of the chief, Mr. Ade sat down by the Chief’s left hand side. Mallshaft
    day used to be a memorable day for all the workers working for Mallshaft, an unforgettable day for
    all the workers; it was done once in a year, foods, drinks and all sort of assorted were made
    available in excess, no workers pray to miss such a wonderful and outstanding day, different
    upcoming artists on stage with the hope of getting sponsored by Mallshaft, comedians crack ribs,
    magicians play their worth, dancers were all invited and notable singers sing and merriment the
    day. Schools were invited for the debates and quiz competitions; brilliant, excellent and intelligent
    students got awards and scholarship from Chief Nnamdi Richard, and the DJs were the
    professional ones. An eventful day that is always remarkable by all workers.
    “Excuse me sir.” Mr. Ade excused.
    Mr. Ade walks out of hall, he went to his car and opened the boot, he brought out three wines, he
    examines the wines and he took the wines along and went back to the hall.
    “Sir, I specially get this wine for you and the Chief Accountant.” Mr. Ade uttered smiling.
    “For me, this wine is rare, I haven’t seen this before.” Chief Nnamdi replied smiling.
    “Wine from America, Wow! Thank you Mr. Ade I can’t wait to dip this down.” Anita expressed
    “Sure it’s all yours.” Mr. Ade replied happily.
    “Thank you Ade.” Chief Nnamdi appreciated as he was struggling to open the wine, he succeeded
    in opening the wine, he fetch himself some quantities and dipped down, Anita did the same.
    “This wine taste good.” Anita expressed and she fetch herself another cup full and dipped in, Chief
    Nnamdi also does same.
    “What of ours.” A manager asked Mr. Ade.
    “Here is my car key, they are in the boot.” He replied as he handed his car key to the manager.
    Shortly, most of the managers had left for the wine, some went to use the toilets, only six people
    were sitting down and that’s Anita, Chief Nnamdi, Secretary and Mr. Ade and two other managers.
    Anita and Chief Nnamdi were drunk, they are becoming unconscious.
    “Please take the Chief to his room and you take Anita to her room.” A manager begged and
    “Okay.” The secretary and Mr. Ade replied in chorus.
    Mr. Ade smirk at the secretary and it seems she understands what he means; she nodded in
    approval and they escorted the drunks….

    Episode 16

    Shortly, most of the managers had left for the wine, some went to use the toilets, only six people
    were sitting down and that’s Anita, Chief Nnamdi, Secretary and Mr. Ade and two other managers.
    Anita and Chief Nnamdi were drunk, they are becoming unconscious.
    “Please take the Chief to his room and you take Anita to her room.” A manager begged and
    “Okay.” The secretary and Mr. Ade replied in chorus.
    Mr. Ade smirk at the secretary and it seems she understands what he means; she nodded in
    approval and they escorted the drunks….

    The secretary lead the way to Anita’s rest room, she laid Anita on the bed, she heard a knock from
    the door, she is sure it must be Mr. Ade, she unlocked the door and Mr. Ade entered the room with
    Chief Nnamdi in his arm, he placed him on the same bed with Anita, he take some pictures of
    Anita and Chief Nnamdi sleeping on the same bed. He was about to escort the chief’s out of
    Anita’s rest room just then he had a knock from the door, he was shocked and dumbstruck, he
    wasn’t expecting any body, he look at both ends of the room and he couldn’t find the secretary, he
    thought it may be the secretary, he mustered some courage to open the door; he opened the door
    and he saw the secretary shivering and shaking.
    “What happened? Why are you shaking?” Mr. Ade asked uneasily.
    “They are coming, they are asking for the Chief.” The secretary replied shaking.
    “To where? Who?” Mr. Ade asked panting.
    “The Chief room, the chief room.” She replied twice sweating.
    “What! The chief room?” Mr. Ade asked disappointed.
    “Yes, what are we going to do?” The secretary asked baffled.
    “Firstly, let leave here, lock the door and go to the comfort station.” Mr. Ade replied as he hurried
    to the hall; few managers were sited chatting and discussing, some were drunk to stupor, Mr. Ade
    gently sat down, he was thinking on what may be the repercussion if they were found out. Shortly,
    the secretary came back from the wash room (comfort station/toilet/bathroom), she was concerned
    and fearful.
    “What will happen now?” She asked anxiously.
    “Nothing, but I fear the work of the wine, it make one horny and one thing may lead to another and
    it may lead to s-x.” Mr. Ade replied concerned.
    “What are we going to do now?” The secretary asked nervously.
    “We have to leave them there till morning, don’t worry I will give the other managers an excuse
    that the Chief went somewhere and he told me that the Chief Directors should continue the
    programs.” Mr. Ade replied boldly.
    “Okay sir, I pray this doesn’t not backfire, I am only working for a million naira…” The secretary
    replied sharply but unfinished.
    “Ade where is the Chief?” Chief Directors asked audibly.
    “Good evening sir…” Mr. Ade greeted but unfinished.
    “Where is the Chief? Answer me.” The Chief Director barked.
    “I don’t know about his whereabout he told…” Mr. Ade responded shivering.
    “I was informed that you escorted him to his rest room; I have been there but he was nowhere to
    be found where he is?” Chief Director yelled.
    “Some minutes ago, he received a call on our way to his restroom, after the call, he told me to tell
    you to continue with the programs, he said he will be back by 11pm.” Mr. Ade replied
    “Okay, no problem, I have even been trying his phones but they are all switch off.” Chief Director
    “What am I doing in your room?” Chief Nnamdi asked in an alarming tone, his disquieting voice
    woke sleeping Anita. Anita woke up, she noticed some changes in her body; she was braless and
    “What happened?” She asked rhetorically; just then she looked the edge of the bed, she saw the
    Chief sitting there sobbing and weeping.
    “Jesus!” She screamed, she was shocked and dumbstruck.
    “What have you done? How did I get here?” Chief Nnamdi asked soberly.
    “I don’t understand how you got here; this is my rest room sir. Sir! We had intercourse?” Anita
    asked in disbelief.
    “I don’t even understand the whole scene, it seems my brain is blank, I tried to recollect how it all
    happened but I couldn’t.” Chief Nnamdi vocalized baffled.
    “I got drunk yesterday… hmmmm… that’s all I could remember, God what has come upon me?”
    Anita asked sickly.
    “It’s 6:00am, we have to get back to the hall on time, let forget about this discussion for now, we
    will talk about it later please, please let go to the hall, please am very sorry I don’t know how it all
    happened.” Chief Nnamdi begged and concluded modestly.
    “Okay sir, this must not leak.” Anita replied as she hurried to the bathroom, Chief Nnamdi also
    went to his restroom to prepare for the day activities.
    TIME: 6:40AM
    “Sir, where are you yesterday night? I tried looking for you in your room and the whole hall but you
    were nowhere to be found, hope no problem sir?” Chief Directors asked respectfully.
    “Hemmm, I got a call from my in-law and it’s a family issue so I had to attend to it, I came back in
    the midnight, I was very tired so I just went to bed.” Chief Nnamdi replied falsely.
    “I was drunk to stupor that’s why I can’t check on you before I went to bed, my apology sir.” Chief
    Director replied smiling.
    “Apology accepted.” Chief Nnamdi concluded. The directors, departmental managers, secretary
    and the chief accountant all burst into laugh.
    “Done deal ma.” Mr. Ade alerted Chioma.
    “Wow well-done Ade, forward your account details and the pictures you captured via Whatsapp.”
    Chioma replied happily.
    “Okay ma but…” Mr. Ade paused.
    “But what?” Chioma busted restless.
    “They slept on the same bed overnight; I couldn’t help to convey the chief to his rest room
    because we (The secretary and I) almost got caught.” Mr. Ade uttered with a wobbly voice.
    “So?” Chioma asked unconcerned.
    “The wine they took made one feels horny; no matter how drunk one maybe, I fear they had
    sexual intercourse…” Mr. Ade explained stammering.
    “Don’t worry yourself Ade, they may had intercourse but it is just once, we called it ‘CHOP ND GO
    S-X’ so don’t worry she won’t got pregnant.” Chioma explained boldly.
    “Okay ma.” Mr. Ade replied and ended the call.
    “You received an alert?” Chioma asked warily.
    “Yes ma, just now.” Mr. Ade replied instantaneously.
    “Okay, see you some other time and well-done job, keep it up.” Chioma uttered and she ended the
    “What!” Chief Nnamdi exclaimed with some kind of husky voice.

    Episode 17

     “Good morning sir.” Anita greeted as she barged the office’s door behind her.
    “Good morning sunshine how was your night?” Chief Nnamdi asked smiling.
    “Thoughtful.” She replied in a jiffy.
    “Why?” Chief Nnamdi asked baffled.
    “Sir, the twenty minute unsuspectingly play has resulted to this [she touched her stomach]…” Anita
    replied astonished.
    “What!” Chief Nnamdi exclaimed with some kind of husky voice.
    “Yes sir, here is the result.” She replied as she dropped a paper on the Chief’s table.
    “Why me? Why this? What are we going to do?” Chief Nnamdi asked unrest.
    “Nothing, I can’t abort this pregnancy, I had been warned several time by different prophets,
    priests and even my mother; that I must not abort any pregnancy that I am destiny to gave birth to
    only a child and here is it (touched her stomach).” Anita blasted naively.
    “It’s not advisable for abortion, I am only scared about my wicked wife, she can do and undo.”
    Chief said concerned.
    “Hmmm.” Anita expressed.
    “Yes I also need a child of mine, I am tired of nurturing another person’s children, I can’t allow you
    to abort this pregnancy, please try to understand I’m only petrified of Chioma…” Chief Nnamdi
    retorted but unfinished.
    “You mean you are nurturing another person’s children, as in you are not the biological father of
    Chinendu and Chiamaka?” Anita asked baffled and surprised.
    “Did I just say that?” Chief Nnamdi asked in doubt and he opened his eyes wide.
    “Yes you narrated everything to me “Yes I also need a child of mine, I am tired of nurturing another
    person’s children, I can’t allow you to abort this pregnancy, please try to understand I’m only
    petrified of Chioma.” She mimicked.
    “Yes that’s nothing but the truth, I am not the biological father of Chinendu and Chiamaka, I’m only
    funding and nurturing bastards.” Chief Nnamdi lashes.
    “Who’s there?” Chief Nnamdi roared from inside.
    “It’s me Ade.” Ade responded outside.
    “Oh! Ade please come in.” Chief Nnamdi replied smiling.
    “Anita please go, I will get back to you.” Chief Nnamdi concluded as Anita was about to go out.
    “Please Anita don’t go.” Mr. Ade begged as Anita moved back a little.
    “Sir.. I have offended you and Anita; Anita please just forgives me, I have offended you and your
    spirit.” Mr. Ade begged as he dropped on his knee.
    “What did you do? Okay we have forgiven you.” Chief Nnamdi replied smiling; he was so happy
    that he is going to be a father in 7 months time.
    “Thank you sir, thank you Anita.” Mr. Ade replied prostrating.
    “Okay what did you do?” Chief Nnamdi asked suspiciously.
    “I mistakenly made both of you sleep on the same bed during Mallshaft day {he paused}, it was a
    plan work between me and Mrs. Chioma, we only planned to take pictures of you and Anita
    sleeping on the same bed but one thing leads to other I was almost caught, I have to leave you in
    Anita’s room and that’s how you both sleep in the room.” Mr. Ade narrated and submitted.
    “Thank you Ade.” Chief Nnamdi replied smiling.
    “Sir…” Mr. Ade was speechless and dumbstruck.
    “What you did the other day that you thought it was a misdeed and transgression was something
    to be happy about for me, for this reason I will not sack you but I will retain you as the mining
    department manger, I will increase your salary by 7%, thank you very much Ade.” Chief Nnamdi
    replied smiling.
    “Thank you sir, I will continue to be doing bad things toward you maybe that will aid my promotion
    on time.” Mr. Ade replied happily.
    “What!” Chief Nnamdi and Anita yelled in chorus.

    Episode 18

    “Thank you sir, I will continue to be doing bad things toward you maybe that will aid my promotion
    on time.” Mr. Ade replied happily.
    “What!” Chief Nnamdi and Anita yelled in chorus.

    “I’m kidding sir, I will always be loyal and obedient to you sir.” Mr. Ade replied smiling.
    “Okay you can leave but no one must hear about the increased in your salary and what happened
    between me and Anita.” Chief Nnamdi explained.
    “I promise sir, no one will hear about it.” Mr. Ade replied as he barged the door behind him.
    “Now, we have known the root of this pregnancy; that’s what I am telling you, Chioma is my wife,
    she can do and undo, I know her very well.” Chief Nnamdi paused.
    “What are we going to do now?” Anita asked shivering.
    “I suggest you leave this country for a while, when you are about to deliver, you will come back
    and deliver here.” Chief Nnamdi suggested.
    “Okay sir, but what about my family no one will take care of them…” Anita riposted sadly.
    “Don’t bother yourself about that my dear, I will take care of that.” Chief Nnamdi concluded. They
    chat for a while, they reveal the hidden feelings they had for each other, shortly, their lips collided
    and they engaged in a deep and romantic kiss (everything that happened inside Chief Nnamdi
    office should be left as imagination. Thanks).
    “Congratulation sir, your wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.” The doctor announced smiling.
    “Wow! Thank you very much doctor, please can I see my baby and my wife?” Chief Nnamdi asked
    “Sure.” The doctor replied as he led the way to the labor room.
    “Thank you my heart, you made me a father.” Chief Nnamdi said as he planted a romantic kiss on
    her cheek.
    “Thank you doctor, God will always be with you and your family.” Chief Nnamdi appreciated.
    “My pleasure sir, but we detected that the baby must not be far from your side because he had the
    same tract of blood with you, as in if he doesn’t see you for days or a long time, there is probability
    that he may fall sick for that period of time, this deficiency last long for 15 years in infant.” The
    doctor proclaimed.
    “Doctor!” Anita yelled shockingly.
    “Okay doctor that’s not a problem.” Chief Nnamdi replied.
    “Okay chief please when you are going see me in my office.” The Dr. concluded and he opted out
    of the ward.
    “What are we going to do? You must not leave the baby for a long time.” Anita said with some kind
    of sobbingly voice.
    “Don’t worry, that’s not a problem, I know what to do.” Chief Nnamdi replied in affirmation.
    “Okay I hear you darling, hope it won’t backfire.” Anita replied doubtfully.
    “Trust me.” Chief Nnamdi replied boldly.
    “Okay dear.” Anita replied happily.
    Anita was discharged from the hospital, she relocated to her now house built for her by Chief
    Nnamdi to welcome their new baby.
    “Ah!” Obinna expressed happily.
    “Where is my mother now? Is she dead and how did I got here?” Obinna asked earnestly.
    “Your mother is not dead, Anita is able and alive, she is living in the house I built for her at Ajah
    and she will be here in some minutes to now, I had informed her to meet me here.” Chief Nnamdi
    replied Obinna.
    “I am already here.” Anita voice echoed from main entrance of the sitting room. She dressed in her
    favorite colour; pink; a well garnished gown, on her hand is a well bejeweled pink handbag, her
    makeup is moderated and irresistible, she was just as beautiful as she was during her youth days.
    “Anita? Again?” Chioma expressed shockingly.
    “Is she my mother?” Obinna asked with some kind of elastic voice.
    “I am your mother Obinna; I am your biological mother.” Anita replied and Obinna walked up to
    her, he hugged her so tightly and firmly. “I felt my mother embrace once again.” He whispered to
    his mother. “I really miss you darling.” Anita replied as they were trying to disengage. Chief
    Nnamdi stood up and hugged his beloved wife; they disengaged after a long and romantic hug.
    Chioma was jealous and envious but she dare not jazzed or soliloquized, her fate has been
    destiny, she is just waiting for judgment to prevail.
    “Father, I suppose to be living with mother, how did I end up living here?” Obinna asked directing
    his question to Chief Nnamdi.
    “It happened that the constant illness of yours is becoming unbearable, it was more confirmed by
    another Dr. that you supposed to be living with me, it was very hard for Anita to believe and
    agreed such proclamation, I pleaded to your mother to allow you to be living with me, she later
    agreed after much pleading and persuasion, she wept bitterly for a long time before she let go of
    you. “My child will be living with a wicked and nefarious woman inside this crude and wicked
    world.” She exclaimed.
    When I got home with you, I lied to Chioma that the baby was brothel to me by my family
    members; I lied to Chioma that the baby parents died in a gazed mother accident and the family
    members felt I am the right person to take up the responsibility of the child since his falsely
    proclaimed late parents are Chief Nnamdi brother and his wife, you (Obinna) were two years old
    as at that time, after much persuasion and pleading, Chioma buy the lie, she didn’t agreed to
    accept you as her son but she agreed to proclaimed you as a maid or houseboy, I bluntly refused
    her statement, I pleaded to her to accept you as her son but she struck to her words. After a
    lengthy and fruitless pleading, I threatened Chioma that I will send her packing from my house if
    she didn’t agreed to my opinion thought that statement doesn’t came from my heart but I just have
    to risk it, she agreed to accept you as her son, I added to my condition that she must not be harsh
    and wicked to you and she gave in. I know I risked my life to threaten her with such condition. Who
    knows that is one of the reason why she want me dead?” Chief Nnamdi concluded.
    “Wow! What a wonderful secret unraveling I heard today, so I wasn’t the cause of all this
    misfortune.” Nnena expressed totally relieved.
    “Not at all.” Collins replied in affirmation.
    “What will be the punishments of these evil being?” Clara asked with some kind of gruff voice.
    “We are not acclaimed to take the laws in our own hands; I have the alternative of their
    punishment.” Chief Nnamdi replied brusquely.
    “Officers!” Jeff {gateman/insider/imposter/policeman} screamed, just then a team of policemen
    entered the sitting room.

    Episode 19

     “Wow! What a wonderful secret unraveling I heard today, so I wasn’t the cause of all this
    misfortune.” Nnena expressed totally relieved.
    “Not at all.” Collins replied in affirmation.
    “What will be the punishments of these evil being?” Clara asked with some kind of gruff voice.
    “We are not acclaimed to take the laws in our own hands; I have the alternative of their
    punishment.” Chief Nnamdi replied brusquely.
    “Officers!” Jeff {gateman/insider/imposter/policeman} screamed, just then a team of policemen
    entered the sitting room.

    “Arrest her, handcuff her wicked husband (Chief Mattew) handcuff all of them, arrest their children
    {Chiamaka and Chinendu}.” Jeff yelled at the sluggish policemen.
    “Officers…” Chioma tried to talk but she was restrained by a policeman.
    “You have the right to remain silent because anything you say or utter here will be use against you
    at the court of law.” The policeman proclaimed.
    “What else can be use against me at the court of law? Answer me what again? I have no way of
    defending that I am not guilty of all this accusations, I’m completely guilty for all the charges and
    accusations, please I will just beg Chief Nnamdi and the member of his family to please set my
    children free, they are innocents in the case because if I had been a good mother they won’t end
    up in this mess, please I’m begging you set them free and let go of them.” Chioma concluded
    weeping and sobbing.
    “Chinendu is a rapist and Chiamaka is as devilish as you, the court will decide their fates.” Chief
    Nnamdi concluded facing another dimension.
    Chief Nnamdi statement leave Chioma to opened her mouth wide, she was dumbstruck and
    surprised; Chief Nnamdi has never acted in such manners.
    Chief Mattew, Chioma, Chiamaka and Chinendu were handcuffed by the policemen, they force
    them into their van and they sped off.
    Chief Nnamdi sat down on the chair facing the D.P.O; he was waiting for the D.P.O to finish with
    what he was doing.
    “Good day sir.” The D.P.O greeted stretching his hand forth for a handshake.
    “Good morning D.P.O, how was your night.” Chief Nnamdi replied as handshaking the D.P.O.
    “Splendid sir, hehem, Chioma and Mattew has been charged to court, their hearing and judgment
    will be in two weeks time.” The D.P.O replied smiling.
    “Thank you D.P.O, you did a weldone job, please I wanted to collect the bail of their two children, I
    think I should let go of them since there parent are the cause of their misfortune.” Chief Nnamdi
    appreciated and pleaded on behalf of Chinendu and Chiamaka.
    “That’s not a problem sir, since they have not been charged to court; I will assign a Sergeant to
    prepare their bail out for you now.” D.P.O replied.
    “Thank you sir.” Chief Nnamdi appreciated. They discussed on some other issue; politics, football,
    salaries, education, petroleum and so on. The bail out of Chinendu and Chiamaka was granted,
    they were bailed out and Chief Nnamdi, Chinendu and Chiamaka leave the police station for Chief
    Nnamdi’s resident.
    “Chiamaka, Chinendu, I deliberately bail you out from the police custody, I don’t want you to suffer
    from your parents ignorant and crimes; truly, if they had being a good parent such won’t have
    happened. Well, I will show both of you my last gratitude and generosity; I’m giving you 2 million
    naira each to start a new life and I won’t welcome seeing you again as long as I live.” Chief
    Nnamdi blasted and concluded.
    “Thank you father…” Chinendu appreciated overjoyed.
    “Father?” Chief Nnamdi expressed slowly.
    “I’m sorry sir; I was just thrilled and ecstatic by your generosity and bounteousness.” Chinendu
    corrected himself.
    “My pleasure.” Chief Nnamdi concluded; he brought out his check and hand over a check of 2
    million naira each to Chinendu and Chiamaka.
    Chinendu and Chiamaka couldn’t help their present situation, they are just wailing and bawling in
    tears, this is the last time they will be seeing this particular building at Mighty Estate, what a
    misfortune, bad luck and calamity that befallen them. Chief Nnamdi couldn’t help, he went to the
    master bedroom soberly, his eyes were shook with tears, he was very sad that the children he had
    nurtured and fostered for almost 25 years are leaving his harbor and vicinity “What a life of fate!”
    he exclaimed. After Chiamaka and Chinendu left Chief Nnamdi’s house, they opted for the garage,
    they planned to leave Lagos for an unknown village in the far eastern part of Nigeria, they has no
    option than to accept their fates. {Everything that happened about Chinendu and Chiamaka
    afterward should be left as imagination}.
    “This is Case No OSM/21/2017/ between the plaintiff’s Chief Nnamdi Richard and the Defendants
    Chief Okowkwo Mattew and Mrs. Chioma Mattew; the defendants charges and accusations are
    Child abuses, fornication, embezzlement, forgery, corruption, bribery and attempted murders. The
    hearing and the judgment will be proclaimed by the Justice Babatunde Olaoluwa.” The
    Courtendant announced and paused
    “Mrs. Chioma Mattew and Chief Okonkwo Mattew are you guilty of the charges and accusation or
    not?” She asked assigned.
    “We are guilty.” Chief Mattew and Mrs. Chioma replied in chorus.
    “After the words or war between the plaintiff and the defendant’s lawyers, this court of law has
    been able to confirm the truth of all this matter.” Justice Babalola paused.
    “It is a pity that people like you still exist in this country and this world at large.” Justice Babalola
    addressed, he adjusted his recommended glass and he continued with his statements.
    “With the evidences and the proofs placed here before me, it is obvious that you are guilty of all
    the charges and accusations, with the power bestow in me, this court of law hereby sentenced you
    Mr. Mattew Okonkwo and Mrs. Chioma Mattew to life imprisonment.
    “As your lordship pleases.” The lawyers concluded in chorus.
    “Arise!” Justice Babalola concluded.
    “Court!” the courtendant concluded and some warders handcuffed Chioma and Mattew.
    “So this is how I will end my life of merriment, all my dubious and evil acts backfire in just a day, so
    it’s obvious and palpable that no matter how long evil succeed and progressed; the truth will surely
    prevailed one day. Well I have no one to be blamed, because I am the architect of my own
    destruction, I use my own hands to dig my own grave, I am the doom of myself, God, I will only
    asking your forgiveness because I destroyed not only my life but that of my children’s life, had I
    know I would have listened to my parent, so disobedient leads to destructions and ruins, God I’m
    asking for your forgiveness, please forgive all my sins and I promise not to go back to my evil acts
    as long as I live. Good bye to the life of merriments, Good bye sweet life, Good bye life of gaiety,
    Good bye life of glee and welcome life of a slave, destruction, shame and disdain.” Chioma
    concluded and she gently entered into the warder’s black-maria and they sped off.

    Episode 20 (Final)

    “Their outcome’s are doomful, they truly pay for what they sow, that’s is the reason why we must
    always be good, loyal, kindhearted and devoted in whatever we are doing, how I wish they don’t
    play the dirty game, truth always prevails no matter what.” Chief Nnamdi gave his word of thoughts
    to his listening staff, he was grieved but what happened had happened nothing can be do to save
    their past, it is their result for the exam they sat for.
    “I am using this medium to announce to you the new Director General of these able companies
    Mr. Obinna Nnamdi.” Chief Nnamdi concluded. The whole hall was rented with a standing ovation,
    Obinna was high in spirit, he wasn’t expecting sure a wonderful support from the staffs of Mallshaft
    “Thank you very much, I really appreciate, my joy came as triplet because my beloved father is
    going on retirement from work; that’s the TAIWO of my joy, and as his heir, he assigned me as the
    new Director General of these great group of companies; that’s the KENNY of my joy, I promise to
    step in the same show my father had use, I am also using this medium announce two new
    Managing Directors; I present to you Mr. Jeff Ayodele (policeman/gateman/imposter) and Mr.
    Collins Samuel (both came on the stage); and this are the “Eta Oko” of my joy.” Obinna concluded
    smiling. A standing ovation rented the whole hall.
    “This is the best ever Mallshaft day.” Some staffs were whispering to each other.
    It was a wonderful Mallshaft day for all the staffs; they were so amazed and stunned because they
    weren’t expecting such a wonderful announcements and revelations. Foods, drinks, assorted,
    breweries, wines, beverages were all available in excess as usual.
    DATE: 14/2/2018
    Chief Nnamdi, Anita, Clara, Jeff (The policeman/insider), Tessy (the hospital receptionist), Collins,
    Obinna and Nnena were chatting and discussing at the bar beach, they were all enjoying the cool
    breeze from the sea. Behold it was valentine day.
    “Clara, please let me see you.” Jeff excused and he help Clara up, he and Clara walked to a far
    end of the beach.
    “Clara, a love at first sight is truly hard and difficult to defy, I admit it, I don’t know I could ever find
    a pretty damsel like you, you are rare my dear, you are like a gem; a rare gem of its kind, you are
    as precious to me as a gold, how I wish I had know you earlier maybe I would have marry at 16
    years old, but thank God it’s not too late and I couldn’t help any longer than to say it, I don’t know
    how to say this but I will just say the three words I LOVE YOU; this statement is not from my
    mouth but from the bottom of my heart, I don’t love you to date, use and dump you, am not asking
    for a boyfriend and girlfriend love from you, I really need a true love from you, Clara, I only love
    you to marry you as my wife.” Jeff paused; he dipped his hand inside the pocket of his jeans
    trouser and he brought out a gold engaged ring.
    “Will you marry me?” Jeff asked seriously.
    Clara was dumbstruck, she was so happy and bemused, she also love this handsome dude; Jeff,
    but it’s wrong for a lady to approach a guy; she would appear cheap.
    “Yes…. Yes… I will…. I must….” Clara replied loudly but happily. Jeff slot in the ring and he kissed
    his wife-to-be passionately.
    “My dear, please let leave this children for a while, it is cold outside and I am beginning to feel the
    other side of the breeze.” Chief Nnamdi said teasingly, he leaves with her wife for the restroom.
    “Nnena, I will say this once, and I want you to listen carefully, this statement is coming from my
    heart, listen to his heart and don’t listen to his sugar-coasted mouth, that’s how to love. I LOVE
    YOU is just a mere statement expressing and showing that someone really like you. My dear, I
    find it irresistible to forget your love, I don’t know how to love but you taught me, you made me
    understand what is mean by LOVE without a single word, I don’t know love made a wise man to
    became a fool; you taught me all, I don’t know love made a strong man to became powerless; you
    explained everything to me without a single word; God himself created this world because of love,
    the affection I had for you is more that I LOVE YOU.” Obinna paused; he brought out a diamond
    ring and proposed.
    “Will you marry me?” He asked waiting for her response.
    “Say yes please.” Collins joked smiling.
    “Yess….. yess…. I will marry you.” Nnena replied happily, her joy knew no bound, she is so happy
    and delighted, Obinna slot in the diamond ring and they engaged in a deep kiss.
    “I’m happy for you Nnena.” Tessy expressed happily.
    “Una weldone o.” Jeff greeted directing his statement to everyone. Obinna and Nnena disengaged
    “Tessy, Nnena… I’m engaged.” Clara expressed happily showing her index finger with ring.
    “I’m happy for you my friend.” Tessy expressed and she went to hugged Clara passionately, they
    disengaged and Nnena also hugged her friend passionately.
    “Won’t you propo…….. wow!” Tessy was happy and surprised; she wanted to confront Collins for
    not proposing to her while others had proposed to their lovers but she was amazed to see Collins
    kneeing down holding a gem ring.
    “Will you mar….” Tessy never allows Collins to finish with his statement when she replied.
    “Yes…. Yes…” She screamed of joy, she hurried and hugged Collins passionately.
    “Nice and interesting drama acted by six lovers.” Chief Nnamdi exclaimed happily.
    “Is that why you were whispering to me to leave before?” Chief Nnamdi asked directing his
    question to Obinna.
    “Sure…dad.” Obinna replied smiling.
    “When is the wedding holding?” Chief Nnamdi asked teasingly.
    Collins, Jeff, Obinna, Clara, Nnena and Tessy whispered for some seconds they later burst out the
    date they choose. “31st December…” The all replied in chorus.
    “On my birthday?” Chief Nnamdi asked in disbelieve.
    “Yes, on your birthday.” They replied in affirmation.
    What a wonderful and rare wedding ceremony between Clara and Jeff, Collins and Tessy and
    Obinna and Nnena. The wedding was the talk of the town; the unusual and rare wedding
    ceremony and Chief Nnamdi’s birthday was marked as the best wedding ceremony in the whole
    A surprised and fun-fill honeymoon holds in Paris for the newly wedded couples.

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